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The Mail Herald Jul 11, 1914

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W+ + -f-f-f ♦ ♦♦ -f-f-f -f-f-f
W -f
♦                 REVELSTOKE ♦
4-                          -f
4- Chief     lumbering,     railway, +
•♦• mining,      agricultural      and -f
(♦• navigation    centre    between ♦
■♦■ Calgary and the Pacific ocean ♦
The Mail-Herald
<► >>> -t--»--f -f-f-f -f-f-f
Published twice weekly —
Read by everyone—The recognised advertising medium !o»
the  city  and  district.
•f-f-f -f-f-f  -f-f-f ♦ ♦♦ -f-f-f
♦  -*■-►    ->-4--f    -f-f>    "f-f-f    -f-f-f
Vol. 20—No 49
$2.50 Per Year
Revelstoke Fair This Year
Will Be Best on Record
Com mi. "%0/- to Meet on Tuesday in City Hall to  Re-
vise K "/-vst   Will  Ask Government to Change
Date of ">
Trophies at t.
be Secured
Determined  to  Capture  District
Exhibition   Free Attractions to
Roblin Administration Has Four
Majority   Three Elections
Are Deferred
Five Orange Lodges Officially
Represented at Celebration
at Arrowhead on Monday
Committees     wen'     appointed and   tare,   Mr.  Taylor    suggesting       day-
«ither preparations made fur the Rev
(tiHt.nkf annual fall fair and fur the
Revels' 'ke. district exhibits at the
Victoria uni Now Westminster fairs,
at an enthusiastic meeting of the
Revelstoke agricultural association,
held in the city hall on Wednesday
evening.   The  determination  was   ex-
light  lire  works :i#  among  the   possibilities,
Mr, Smith reported that seeds to
the value of ••<_-.ail bad heen distributed free among growers, all of whom
bad promised to exhibit the product
of the st't'ds at the fair.
T. Kilpatrick, who was appointed
chairman     until  the arrival of     A,.
Winnipeg, Man., July 10.—As a
result of the provincial elections held
today throughout Manitoba, tbe
Roblin government is sustained, tbe
standing being Conservatives 25, Liberals    21  setts.     Out of these  there
Orangemen  In hundreds from main
ime- ,e ts will attend the greal Or-
inge celebration at Arrowhead ou
Five lodges     Will take part, in the
Change in Route Will Add
to Attractiveness of Road
Chief Superintendent of Dominion Parks Coes Over
Road to Summit — Work of Road Construction
Commences Tents Will Accommodate Seventy-two
Men Superintendent Enthusiastic as to Beauties
of Scenery   Lower Road Improvements Planned
will iif six recounts, lour on Liberal j celebration and  there  will also     be
requests and two on Conservatives.    |representatives Irom many  points in
Brlti-b Columbia not included in the
live n, iln centres, Tho lodges that
will semi representatives are   Kam -
tressed  t.i  make  this year's  fair the   McRue,  the president of the associa -
t»eHt on record, and no ellort will be
spared to capture the tirst prize for
thc district exhibit at thc coast.
A meeting ol all tbe committees
will he held in the city hall on Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. when a final
revision of the prize list will be made
Special prizes will be uttered for exhibits suitably prepared fur inclusion
in the district exhibit for the coast
exhibiti.ms aud special attention will
be given this year to live stock.
It was decided to apply to the gov-
lion,   who  was  late  in  arriving    owing to having been away on a fishing
linn. Hugh Armstrong finance minister was defeated and Hon. Dr. Montague  only   won   by  a bare  four  ma -
jority, and  may  possibly  be defeated ;
on the recount,
The     fight     was the   keenest e\cr
known  in  the  province especially    in
„  .. ,   Winuipeeg   Where   the   Liberals   secured
trip, impressed  upon  the meeting the '
...      _.._,_ , both  seats m  'entre Winnipeg,    and
necessity of exhibiting every class in .,.,„,..
,,  .  ■ ,   ,.      , _  i . , i ,- toth   in   South   Winnipeg
the district if  Kevelstoke expected to
Winnipeg  the Conservatives  won both
Sir  Rodmond   Roblin
loops, Revelstoke, Notch Hill, Sal -
mon Ann antl Arrowhead, Altogether it is expected that aoo Orangemen
will  lie     present     at the celebration.
F °'n irtli   I'10 'elebration   is  under the  auspices
of the  Arrow   Lakes  Lodge,  and Main
I Line County lodge.   A Grand Orange
ttrlbuted his j procession     will form at  10:30 a.m.,
in company witb Samuel Edison,
who with 1'* Trimble was the origin
a I locator .'f the Mount Kevelstoke
automobile road, P. C. B. Harvey,
chief   superintendent     of     Dominion
parks,   Inspected  the   entire  route    of
the road yesterday and decided   upon
some changes at  the upper end which
Will  increase its scenic  attractions,     i
Work  on  construction  of  the road
! words "RevelBtoke Capital of Cana-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ tin's Selkirks." surrounded with Hag
eminent for a change in the dates of devices and with a shield showing the
the 'air from Thursday, Friday and arma „f Revelstoke. The painting
Saturday, September 17, 18 and 19 to will be flanked with sheaves and gras-
\y,      Thursday   and     Friday,   3eB and below on shelves will be   ar-
wln thc prize.
K. K. Copeland submitted an eflec
tive liesigti for displaying the Kevelstoke exhibit in Victoria. It shows TOl"cp'' majority to the education and will parade through Arrowhead
a striking painting of tvplOal moun- <-ue8tlon and tl.e defection of a con-j to the school ground, where address-
tain scenery beaming above the 8iderab>e Orange vote. The LlbernlB | es will be delivered Dy J. H. Armstrong, R.W. Grand Master of B. C,
Rev.  W.   C. Caldjr,  Hev.  M.  Philips
difficulty of 'tra::'-;. irting supplies tt
the summit
Improvements to the r.eaei already
constructed will be indertaken this
summer sj E. Trimble on behalf ol
the provincial government and nny
dangerous turns will be widened bo
that meeting automol lies will be visible to the occupants when approach
Ing curve's on tbe ro ■■■
Mr. Harvey returned from his tour
of the road yesterday more than ever
las already commenced from the impressed with the scenery and at
point where the present road ends, tractlveness if the Revelstoke park.
William Fleming lias been appointed He believes that it ,-,;. be .nude the
foreman, the cook tent has been er- most attractive resort of the Dorain-
ected and preparations made for star- ion for tourists. R. F. Qreen, mem-
ting a gang of some 50 men at the ber for Kootenay. has been impress -
beginning of the week. Eight tents ing upon the parks department, he
are being erected which will accom -  su\s, the necessity of the automobile
inodate nine men euch. road and of a general scheme of declaim that the result was the public strong, R.W. Grand Master of 13. C, The tirst quarter of a mile of road velopment. It is in consequence of
protest against machine politics. Rev. w. C. Caldjr, Hev. M. Philips, will probably be the most difficult of Mr. Green's action that Mr. Harvey
Three elections, those in the north- J. M. roorabs, Past Grand Master of the whole 10 miles that will bc built has come to Revelstoke personally to
land are deferred. Manitoba. to the summit this year as some rock inaugurate tlie work of road eon-
The new Manitoba House will have i In the afternoon there will be ath- work is required but niter that the structlon and to ensure the complet
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 3eB and below on shelves will be ar- M se,lts ap llK»il,st **- In the last leg-iletic and aquatic sports for whlcn work will be as a whole comparltlve- Ion of the road this tall and he has
September 10 17 and IS. It was ranged thc products entered in the isliltllre- The standing following the valuable prizes have been offered for ly easy. The whole road to the sum- been requested by Mr. Green to send
pointed out by W. E. Smith, W. H. district competition The plan pro- clectio" °* 191« WilB: Conservatives competition. The sports include a mlt will be roughed out and the a special report on tin- advantages of
Pottrufl and others that as the Vic-Lides for "DO feet of shelving On -*S' liberals 13, but the government life boat race, sculling and canoe working parties will then return over the park to Ottaws
toria exhibition opens on  the follow- ' motion of Mr   Smith seconded by Mr    str<?n«t" was Increased by the addit-   .aces,      foot  races and,,   log  rolling the    route    improving  the     road as      "Yesterday   1      beheld  the  greatest
Ing Mondal   it  would be impossible to   pottniff Mr    Copeland was instructed   ion  of  Dr*  0,'ok'  electe(1  l,y  »™Uim'^   contest.    From  Kevelstoke      and  Sal-   they   return.    It  has   1   found    im- profusion   of   wild  flowers  I  ever  saw
Helcct  and  pack the exhibits after the   to  prepare  the  painting     Mr    Smith   tion  for the  new  co»8tit»f"cy   of  Le   tnon  Ann brass bands will attend the practicable to start  work  from both in  my lif.'.*      said  Mr.   Harvey,      in
dosing  .ef  the  fair on  Saturday,      in   waa authorized to purchase four doz-   Pas*   The,e  nave  heen  sevt'n   by-elec* | Party and arrangements will he made ends of the road at the same time as speaking  of   his
time (or the district exhibit iu Victoria on Monday. If the government
cons"nts to advancing the date of
the fair b\ inn' day, the exhibit for
Victoria will be packed after the closing ..I th.- Kevelstoke fair on Friday
and will be shipped in time for display at the Victoria exhibition on
thc  following  Monday,
Th"   committees   appointed   on Wednesday   and   which   will   meet  iu      thc
city  hall on Tuesday evening,  are as
Add  Agricultural  Society  PlP(P(P((:
The list ..f Committees appointed,
was   is fe Hows:
Fruit—.V.  H.  Pottrufl (chair),  W.K.
Smith, Rev, c. a. Procunier, C. M.
Field. N. R. Brown.
V. tables—Vi. K. Smith (chair), D.
K. Campbell, George Laforme, H.
Hay,  C,  Haner.
Floral-J. Maley ichair), H. N.
Coursier, John Shaw, A.K. Miller, R.
Livestock   A.    i.   McDonell  (chair),'
F.   McCarty,      (i.   Math.'son,      W.  C
Buildings in.I Grounds—0. Vi. Ab
rahamson, ichair), J. Abrahamson
Qeorge D, Shaw.
finance—W.   \l.    Lawrence,   (chair)
tn small boxes in which to pack the
ti.iit for exhibition at the coast and
three large boxes for the transportation of grasses..
The necessity for having strawberries and other small fruits now fully
ripe suitably preserved for exhibition
at the coast was pointed out and H.
N. Coursier and Mr. Taylor were appointed to visit the ladies who usually exhibit and ask them to prepare
ihe preserves.
Among those present  were T.  Kii
tions  since  1910,   government   candi
dates in each case     being victorious.
Four of these by-elections were by acclamation.
for sightseers to  visit  Halcyon    Hot   was at  drst intended owing to
Springs Sanitorium, which is   about   ... 	
SO minutes     by  the C.P.R.  steamers
from Arrowhead.
the  park yesterday,
springs. The springs, which include he has heen re-engaged.
the mineral rights ami water powers The plan of the covernment is to
' of the canyon are situated on the east dredge an R-fOOt channel which will
side of the Columbia river, tin miles be confined within a certain width.
south of Goltlen and I.; miles north ol thus giving as far as practicable an
Windermere. even flow and at the same time pre-
Mr. Harmswortb it was who fust venting the formation of ice in win-
turned to profitable account the nvn- ter which has interfered with na
eral springs  in  France  from     which tion in  the  past    When  the  propos-
.; Organization of Fire Fighting W. A. Oakes of Redcliffe Takes V^'Z.J:U01 " derlved' The rt"er °d drediri,:- has !,POr comPleted jt i#
Patrick, A. McRae, R.R. Copeland, J.
,i. Iievine. Vi. H. 'Pottrufl, Vi. E.
Smith. C. Haner, F.W. Laing, Vi. H.
Pratt, F. B. Wells, X. R. Brown and
F.   Fleetham.
Service in Revelstoke District
Prevents Loss
In spite of the hot weather the Rev-
I elstoke district  has  been  remarkably
free from   forest  tires this     summer,
says T. J.  Wadman, chief tire ranger
for the district.
Several fires have broken  out     at
  various     points  but     all have  beeu
Presbyterian   and    Methodist f,eedil,y «tineuish(-d "it* practical-
' ly no loss.
Sunday SchOOlS Spend Joyflil     I    The Dominion  and provincial  gov-
Day at   Albert Canyon ernments are  this  year co-operating
Charge—Is Experienced
Hotel  Man
W. A. Oakes arrived in the city on
Wednesday from Redcliffe, and on
Thursday took charge of the Selkirk
Mr. Oakes has been in the hotel
business all his lift and at present is
owner of the Laurel hotel in Redcliffe
of which he intends to retain the ownership although he will remain in
Revelstoke to manage the Selkirk Government
hotel.    Before  going  to   Redcliffe  Mr
members of the syndicate are G.R.W. hoped tb tt it will be > ><_sible to na-
Stewart, owner of a large \ art of the ugate bit!:  Arrow lakes all the year
holdings at Sinclair springs since ISS8 around.
and for many years a  resident of Un- —:	
tish  Columbia,  Hon.   Dudley Carlton,
and Denys Stephenson.
One of the
W.  Hews,   A.  I'.   Levesque,  S.G.  Rob-   ,.Ver experienced  in  Kevelstoke,
bins, H.  .1.  McSorley,  K.  Howson, F
Oakes had a hotel in Daysland, Alta'.,
in the work of tire protection and the land afterwards moved to Plapot   ln
forestry     service  is better organized   Saskatchewan,   ,vhere he ran an hotel
most successful picnics   than ever     before.   Lookout statloiiB   which he sold Inst April.   Mrs. Oakes
was   have been     established at     Laforme land  two children  are  still  at      Ketl-
Survey Party Return to
City Next Week
,,   „. ________________ j enjoyed liy the joint Presbyterian and
it. Wells, H,   V Coursier, A. f). Mc.
Clcn.ee'lreii I Methodist Sunday schools on Wednes-
Prlntlng mil Advertising—W. Hews day, at Albert Canyon. Weather,
(chain. K G. Rooke, W. 11. Bohan-1numbers, arrangements, and all oth-
nan. ' er details were all that could be de-
Ma mfacturlng - .lames Mathie sired. Five cars full of happy young
(chain. H.  H. Stonex, o. vi. Abra -  f*t('rs *ind 'heir parents
hamson, S.  McMahon.
Decoration K R, Copeland ichair),
K. G. McRae, <*. K. Macdonald, K.
Bquarebrlgge, F. Tweedale,
Transportation T, Kilpatrick,
(chain,  T.E.L.  Taylor.
Klectrinty    ami    Power—T.   Kilpat-
lick (chain, w Cowan, w. M. Law-
ranee, Vi. A. Sturdy, A. (J. Duck, C.
Fancy Work—Mesdames S. Needham
(chain, 8.G. Robblns, F.H. Bourne,
(!. Holten   F.H.  Wells,  N.R. Brown.
and friends
represented   an     attendance of some
tive hundred.   The youngsters had    a ^^^^^^ ^^^^^
, ., , ,   ,. _   lumber companies to supply tire fight
great time, and the marching of   the   , .'        „  ,.,__.. B
Fresbyterian     school to the station,
creek, on Mount llegbie at Green
Slide, at Leanchoil and in other favorable spots. Telephones are being
used for notifying tire rangers of the
t.utbreak of tires. Trails arc being
tonstructed, cabins for the use of tire
lire rangers are being built ami arrangements have been made with the
Canadian  Pacilic  railway  and      with
I rovided a pretty feature.
I The first thing after arrival the
hoys went up to the swimming pool,
while the ladies were getting all
ready fur dinner. The two parsons
were to toss up for places in the
grove, for the two schools, hut finally it was banded over to the ladies
to decide.   The     Methodists     spread
ing  gangs  immediately  they  nre
In consequence of the organization
now p'-rfected in the Kevelstoke district the fire rangers are speedily notified of the outbreak of a fire und
the blaze is suppressed before it secures dangerous headway.
Fine Aits -Mesdames  J.W.  Steven -  <"'t  their  tables  nearest  the  station,
aon  (chain    H.    H.      McVity,  L.   W.
Wood. P.. Gordon, T. Kilpatrick.
and a few  yards farther on came the
Presbyterians.   The  tables  were      on
Bread  and   Preserves—Mesdames  F. the  ground—except  for  some Impro -
W.  Laing (chnir),     A.  McBae, Chas. vised  arrangements for stacking pro-
Abrahamson,   Vi.   Tomlinson,    G.    R. visions and doing the washing up, for
Lawrence,  .1.  H.  Hamilton. which purpose a few boards were tak-
The  secretary,  T.E.L,   Taylor,    re- en
Contract Signed For
Bitulithic Pavement
The Dominion government topogra
phieal sui'vy party m der I'". 8. Falconer, Dominion government engineer
which is now making a topographical
survey ol part nf Shuswap lake, ;.< expected to return to Revelstoke next
week.   Peter Defoe, hf.nl  packer   (nr
Member For Kootenay
in City on Monday
P.. F. Green, M.P., accompanied by
W.w. Foster,  M.P.P.,  passed through
'tin- city this morning, They w-.l!
gpei •    it   l'i  ■■',.   will   be      at
Golden i m Sund  ••  and  will return to
| Revelstoke nr. Monday. Mr. Green
'... Ul le ive ft •■ Selst i n Tuesday,
where he will attend the Chahko
Mika celebratlt
Officers are Instead
By Knights of Pythias
•, v ev«
elide  but are  expected   ii
on  Monday.
Mr. Oakes is very favorably im -
I ressed with the beauties of the
mountains ami with the climate of
Revelstoke, the absence of wind and
dust  being  much appreciated  by  him.
Speaking of the crops on the prairies the party, was in tlie city yesterday
Mr.  Oakes says that from  l.ethbridge on his Way to Golden.    He  will bring
to  Moose .law, the condition of crops lack  with him   In hmses  which    wen'   Knight       :     Pyt     ia        .;   Id
leaves much  to he desired  hut    that used  last slimmer by  Mr.  Falconer in   lodge   foi   the
east  of  Mouse  Jaw  the crops are    in the  Windermere country.
excellent   Condition   and   give   promise On  their return  from   Shuswap  |ak<    Iter.
.ef a  heavy  harvest.    In  Medicine Hat next   week   Mr.   Fair is  party   with       Vice  Chancellor—R.   Gordon
the people have heen  much  interested lhe   In horses will  get  up  tin   J.rdan
in the nil boom in Calgary.   A Medi- anil   Columbia  rivers  t.i  make a tra-
elne Hat milliner, who bought a tho- verse of the country as far north   as
iisand   shares in   the  Dingman   well  at Downie creek      antl  tn  survey  all  the
20 cents each afterwards sold  them at routes   into   the   district.    The    party
890  each   receiving  890,000  on   her  in- will  rover  l.'.un square  miles  of territory and will continue operations un-
,tll stopped by deep snow.
thi   follow-
el-cte.*! by  the
Ri inge
vestment of $200,
The contract between the city and
the Warren Construction company for
Swings had been put up in read- the laying of bitulithic pavement on
ported that he hail received many ap- iness and no time wus lost before ev- McKenzie avenue and First, street,
plications  from   various forms of en-   erybody was busy. was    signed  on     Wednesday,  and  W.
tertaineis offering to perform nt thc Despite numbers and hungry appe- Lynch, representative ol the company
fair. Among other applications I ites the stock of provisions proved left the city the same day. Muchin-
were those from a trick house, aero- sufficient, and hostB of ladies and try for the work will be shipped in-
plane, antl performing dog specialties gentlemen of the two churches were to the city Immediately and tbe work
Mr. Taylni said thnt hi' hail written kept busy attending to things. the of laying the pavement will corn-
asking if the performers could ar- two pastors and their wives taking mence next week. The contrnct calls
range a Circuit with other interior a Place in the leatl for their respect- for the commencement of the work
fairs so that a better price might bc ive Mocks. The sun was clouded a
obtained. He thought that a free fe'""'1 Part "' t,lp time, but much
attraction before the grand stand Sympathy was expressed for those
would be a drawing card and in this who kept the tires going for boiling
the meeting agreed with him and it watei It was observed that those
was decided to enquire as to    what j  i
within  10 days  of signing the     contract,
1    Miss Adrla P).  Pongrandle of North
Yakima, and Miss U. Kcsslcr of New
Windermere Radium
Springs to be Developed
To Make Arrow Lakes
navigable all Year
Among the    grants for     Kootenay
St. John Harmswiirth, a brother of
Lord Northclllle, is in British Colum-        	
bia in connection with the operations riding secured by R.F, Green. M. P.,
of a syndicate of London capitalists at the recent session of parliament,
Which intends developing the milium was one for llaO,1""! for dredging the
Fprings near Windermere. , Columbia river, particularly the nar-
The company,   called the     Radium  row channel between the upper     and
Natural   Springs  Syndicate,   Limited,   lower Arrow lakes. 6
Is capitalized at $125,000. It propos-1 In connection with this work Harry j[
is tn erect a large sanitarium and F Mucrllng hns left Nelson for Bur- W
bottling works, laying out grounds ton, where he will take ensr-'j i'ns (jf
and otherwise establishing a replica for guidance of the government cng'.- 8
of one of thc famous springs In Eur- neers in laying out their plan of oo W
ope.   Some 815 acres of lnnd, lnclud-  (ration.   Mr.   Muerling   was   engaged   ■
Pi     ••    r. Mai
Mast''  . •   ,-    -    \    E, Kn:.
Keepet    ■ il     I: rds    and Bi a*.   .'
Mastet  of Flnanct    fi   B
Mastet   •'!   Km ■ ■ .  ■ v.    Brad-
M.istit   ..f   >Y..r:>    It.   P,e.,Tr.
Innet    I H    •'•    tden.
Outer  in. ,;.'    F   \V.  Terry
Alter    ti,.-      erel ■■ '■'• ss
splendidl]  ".ti ed I I   ay Deputy
'Iran.I ( hancellor Terry, the members
of the lodge -•• •    sn enjoyajble
supper. \ • unb ol addresses were
delivered on th- work of the order.
■ «»« •»«»
■> st
Bee our windows for partlcu-    ■'
lar<  ..f     our     Free   Trip to
Vancouver   and    Gold   Watch
GF.T IT   \T
York,  were at the Hotel  Revelstoke | Ing mineral rights, have been secured   upon this work Inst senson and It Is  3
would   be'  the  best  attractions  to  hi-
( Continued on Page Four.)
.on Thursday,
jcomprlsing the Sinclair  radium    hot   to complete what he then started'.hat    ■■■"■- m ■■■ _r ■■■■■ * PAGE) TWO
CAMPERS'  SUPPLIES   Tents, Stoves, etc.
LAWN GOODS   Hose, Reels, Mowers.
PORCH REQUISITES—Hammocks, Netting.
HOUSE NEEDS—Screen Doors and Windows.
PASTIME WANTS -Fishing Supplies, Rifles, etc.
KITCHEN NECESSARIES -Refrigerators, Freezers.
DRIVING COMFORTS-Lap Robes and Dusters.
All to be had at
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing       Tinsmithing       Electric Supplies
_P I _R __] I
destroyed the old Trueman  Studio bul not
our abilit)   and willingness to serve; you.
May we have the pleasure of taking youi* photograph? Or
that of your family? We shall be pleased to arrange a sitting and guarantee satisfaction in style, quality, permanence
and price.
We hold a stock of Victor and Edison Machines and
Records, Discs and Cylinders and make a special point of
obtaining shipments every few days and with all possible
speed. Why send ord rs out of town? We supply at lowest
Note  New Address
A. Douglas Tourner, First Street
P. 0. Box 441 - • Revelstoke, B. C.
The World's Greatest Invention
The New  Edison Phonograph
No Needle Required
Disc Records
No Horn      -   ■
=  Diamond Point
All Cabinet Style
HOLVSOn Sr CO.     ::    Soli? Local Agency
From Maker to Wearer
Our six years'experience measuring, coupled with our
large num    roi  satisfied   :us1      irs,  is surely a testi-
mony   worthy  of   your  favorable   consideration.    We
fit.   The largest ass  ■ if samples in
the city to select from.    Ins]
John Mclntyre <®, Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Agents for Consumers' Tailoring Company, Toronto.
Dominion  Security Co.. Limited
:    ■■
A. McRae.
T.  Kilpatrick,
Get our price on Cement.
We carry a stock and
are the agents here
General Blackimith
Light and heavy W.itjr.r,',, light and heavy
Sleight, Buggies, Cutters, Plow. Harrows
Firm Implements. ww>« mncm antl r-„...r..i
Agent tor John Deere and Company and International Harvester Co.
Farm Implements
That I, J. !•'.. Hinml of Arrowhead,
B, <.'., Intend to apply to the Chief
t ommlssloner of Lands ol tho Province of British Columbia for a license
to prospeot for coul, petroleum and
gus on the following described lands
iii the West Kootenay District:
Commencing nt a post marked J.
B. nnd planted nt thc south west
corner of 440. Smith East corner
I list. Running 80 chains west, thence
Ml chains north, thence 81) chains
east, thence SO chains south to point
Of commencement. Containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated this 23rd day of May,  1014.
J1.18,n.p, JOHN   E.   BLAND.
Tin' mystery  of the tragic   disap -
pearanco of Col, R. K. Lindaell, C.B.,
In April last, from Duncan, lias been
Eolved hy the finding of his body on
the 1 :'.th inst., just olT the mouth of
the river at Bella Ooola by one o'
the cannery hands.
in an address to the nurserymen's
convention at Vancouver, Hon.
1-rlcc Ellison, minister of agriculture, says more effort should be made
to supply the old country market
with  fruit.
That I, David   Hall,   of  Halls  Land
Ing, B, C,  Intend     to apply to tho
Commissioner of Lands of the Prov
nice  of  Uritish      Columbia,  for a  license to prospect for ooal,   petroleum
i nd gas mi     the following described
lands iii the West Kootenay District:
Commencing  at   a post  marked   D.
II. north east corner post, ami planted  twenty  chains east of south  wesl
corner of Lot   140, running south   80
chains,  thence west SO chains, thonco
forth      30    chains,      thence    east  SO
: chains to     point of   commencement,
I Containing  lilil acres  more or less.
Dated  this 23rd  day  Ol   May,   101 I.
, .1.If..up.      Per  John B,  Bland,  Agent.
That 1, .1. ('. Kirkpatrick, of Arrowhead, B.C., intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands of
the Province of British Columbia for
a license to prospect for petroleum
and gas on the following described
hinds  in  the  West  Kootenay  district/.
Commencing nt. a post marked ij.
K. north east corner post) antl plan
ted un tho west bank of Cranberry
creek close to Government bridge following bank of said creek south fciO
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north so chains, thence cast si) chnins
to nnint of commencement. Containing 010 acres more or less.
Dated this _'lrd day of May,  1014.
J.  O.  Kirkpatrick,  Locator,
.11.22,p.     Per John E. Bland, A^ent.
Notice of Application for the
Approval of Works.
'Like' Notice that. W. A. /vQStle, i'g-
ftit for Forest Mills of British Columbia, Limited, will apply to the
Comptroller of Water Rights for tie
approval "f the plans of the woiles to
be constructed for the utilization of
the   water   from      Crazy   Creek,   '.'■.nCli
the applicant is, by     Water   Llc.'.se
.!  authorized to take, store .-.nd
use for  Industrial purposes,
The plans and  particulars required
sect i m 70 of the
as  amended  have heen
filed   with   the  i er  of   Water
• nd      with   the
ai ops.
the application   may
I  Wat-
[dlngs, Vic-
thls   _*ith day
W.   A.   VNSTIE,
The big plant of the Sidney Rubber
Flooding company was In full operation [or a short time last week and
several squares of builder's felt were
turned out. .Small alterations to the
|>ig machine, however, were found
necessary   and   the   plant   was    closed
down until these could  be effected.
K. Wilson, fm many years principal of tho Armstrong high school,
I.as resigned the position and left on
Sat in day for his old home in Pickering, imi. For years past Mr. Wilson
hits made deep research in botanical
subjects and has been a contributor
ol flora 'if the district to the provincial government's collections, and
last year discovered a new plant in
Hus district which was named In his
A despatch from Tooele, Utah, Jllllo
..i, says: Practically covered with
burning oil, which caught lire when
an ml tank under pressure in the lire
room of the International smelter exploded, Arthur A. Austin, head chemist  of  the  smelter,      was so  severely
burned tins morning at 10:80 that he
died at "i:'!0 in the afternoon, Mr.
\nstiii waB married In WOO at Grand
Forks, B.O. to Miss Marion Hodges
ol thai place, the daughter of A. B,
\V. Bodges, manager and builder ol
the Granby smelter at  Grand Forks.
The dead body of a man was recov-
e leil from the Eraser river about
eight miles down the river from Lil-
looet. Prom batik notes on the National Hank of Hay City, found m
the poeltet. of his shirt, il is supposed that his name was Joe Kishcr, of
that City. The hotly was seen by an
Indian,   floating  down   the  river.     He
Informed    the  police,    who obtained
Malison's auto and overtook the
body. Dr. I1.A. Christie was in attendance and after examination found
no marks of violence antl ordered the
immediate interment of the body. The
body was in a very decomposed state,
il evidently having been in the water
ior some considerable time.
The Summerland Telephone company continues to extend its business
Eighteen phones were added to tho
exchange last month alone. New
laterals are being put up, and it is
expected that the number of phones
In service will soon total *jfi0,
The plant of the Salmon Hlver
Lumber and Shingle company, ahout.
a mile from Sperling .Station on the
B.C.E.R, Kraser valley line was destroyed by lire. The loss is estimated
al about JIO.OOO, hut is covered hy
Insurance.    Mr.   Percy   Sills,   president
of the company, announced thai they
would probablj  rebuild,
Several   parties  are  down   the valley
from  Elko, stalling for ml on   both
sitles of   the   boundary   line.    A.   parly
Of   l'lureka   business  men   have    staked
a big^tretch of country around Flagstone.     Cranbrook anil Elko   people
have staked the  Scott  ranch at   Roos-
Vllle  anil   the   RoOBVllle   valley      from
the boundary line to Fruitlands farm,
Tho   Vernon   Jubilee hospital   has
to  face  the  problem  of  a   deficit      of
about   8300 each  month,  ami  the  directors at     a  recent   meeting    decided
to   press  the city  council  for a   main-,
tenance  grant,  and   to  urge  the   pro- |
vineial   government     to     Increase   its'
present   per   diem   allowance     per   patient.   Tiie   present   government    per
I diem   allowance     is   04   cents   per   patient,   and   the eost   to  the  hospital is
1*2.70   per   patient   per day.
Forest   tires  cause  an   immense  pro
pert}   loss   in  Canada   every   year, ami
this loss is till too frequently accompanied by loss of life. The great majority of tbe lires which leave such
awful destruction in their wake are
preventable. They are due to foolishness, or as it might hi' still more
truly expressed, to criminal negligence. Thev originate largely from the
burning over of cleared land In dry
weather, from Ores left uncxtlngulsh
id by campers ami from cigar and
cigarette butts and matches thrown
down alight.
Buy Your Plumbing
Supplies Direct From
Us and Save Money
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British Columbia aelMitr diroot to the
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heating   supplies
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A   Real    Lnvor   Simulation
ntrnldit for ward  wi-nimua
Irom   tin   rHtnl'lii-href]
We i»rt» rlvinr sway
nit ■he*   in   tboniondi
ii.< ii
[ill      HVIT
win Id
*tWe tl . 'in'tit.      Nfiwr
i» HI     i li'iiid'     to
Obtain  i mt      Write
now,    i ■
mil   for i ne i f  nui
Im  i :    i   nil, :
1-otiK      Quanli       er
Qmta'   A.I I
Wtl I       '   l.i   v    :,r
V .   .   |. «1    ,l!
m>.I    In i' ren    1'n*
til .  ,.
. . ■■ " . i.'/ii i,
uh  i.  I it iii     | j.
Vrinl.i,' ■ .1 .   ti   t      |   . |.
lom   ofTiT.     Wc   cxiii-el   rem   to   toll   ■" ■ r   I nnA»
abOUl     ih    ni   l    '.'i   '■•■    them     thr-     U-uiliiii]      ".uhli
I'.'t. t tiiml; thb offal loo sood  to
111   cenf*   tfrdai    '»'!     »"i    ii    I v
11 '■   i-  nmn - '     \V  i.t.l vM-    <    l.lOi ;.,   *
J.e«.'.r---lhi|l,l|-   I, K>. i wailli   l:.i'     	
Builds Up
This is the wtuk tif Aycr's Sarsaparilla.
Strength.    Power.    Reserve.
Suhl for (iO years.
Act,   Vrt..-  I\m|m        _:_(!*• by J. C. A.TCrCo.,
ASK   YOUr   Dill tlir. Minlrriil.C_n_.l_.
PHICF.    h  LB   IKON    $3 90
A. G.   DUCK
for garden ond farm ore best
for B.C soil See Cntolojjuep for
solid guarantee of purity
and ger min « 11 On
SoTtd now for Copy fro©
Sutton &Sons Th« Kind's..oodmem
R»«d.i._ Kr.^jl and
V . e. i o r i a.      t,       Vancouver
etl*   fell!    ST '.•   I  t.-r.'. ,.,!.  \,
fair AtmTi ro. •■titiim 'oteiMtiA
<zplatlng I'lli lor WomtD. (   > lioi ••!• threM.or
jii._Se.iri nt nil ('mi? Btoren, nt n illetl to any
elll'lri.'ll'll  Te e ,.i|,t,,f  ).rie •■ f* II « 8t (j IIKM.    D»DO
i'ii , -t. ( ithnrlnca, On! iri"
Ite.-te.r. I
Vim nml
Vitality; fof   Nervn ttti.t tlrnln; incniuwn "urey
rnnttiT" ;n Tonlr   will t.uliii tp, u n imx, or
two lor $;'■. nt ilriiK Kte.r.e". Of tiy i.e.ul . ., r-.-r'tf>t
of price*.   Tint Bcoiu 11. ime., t v.. st f.ittmrincfc
Public Hsalth Under
Care of Cammission
The work "f the commission on conservation for Canada  will be extend
.il  shortly along new and  Important
lines.   To the tusk of conserving the
natural     resources nf    the Dominion
will  be     added  the   conservation ol
i ubllc heali h  and t In- education     ot
the general public in matters pertain
i i:   i.e this,   on  August   I, the   flrsl
number of a publication dealing   with
[Hihlic health,  sanitation,  and  similar subjects win he issued.   Alter that
date it. >mI1  be  issued monthly,   and
copies distributed to .-ill on the mailing list of the commission, us well as
all doctors, teachers and others inter-,
ested in the wink.   By means of tlus(
publication It  is intended to carry on i
rt us campaign loi   the   educa-'
t um  .ef  the public  mi  i his ques! i"ie   .
mi imporl an!  t,   national pi ogress. \ j
campaign Ims     heen in    pro- |
. • he i niti'ii States lor s num- !
iifT nf v ■ i     undei t he i I roi ol the
ol health ul i he diflerenl st.it-
has been nttei ded «II li mark-
e   li|    ,|     11 | S t llll't      te.'ttl t till lit
 i pensal i in
11 ii made by .1 idge Pol In
il  as nn arbitrator
n»n      pi in ,et	
the case <.f Oherosler,   inini.ti-
•    [01    ef the estate ol    Domini 1111
..•',/i tbe Noble Plve mine.
\ latal iccldenl occurred on bt
c inadlai 1 icllii railway, a mile east
e.f K"i 1 le \ man named 11.it. Bob-
dell, nf Kl.it. Creek, Alta., was w.iik-
ini' along the ' rack lo tbe fnrf ol 8
'M..ni- wind, when be was suddenly
t be rear by the moi nl ig
. <|.i esu nnd Instant lv killed,
feel '       ' ee      ;;    ■   |(      (.,,1||   HilVCr
eoppei ore were lust week encounter-
i'l nn the 100 fi 1. rei ol tbi Gold
Hill mine, neai 1 lop| er mountain, »t
tba bead ol 10 creek, according to K.
I'el.erH nf  Nelson     The  vein,  which   |fl
1.1 ni t" lime faulted iinrinc tbeearlv
sfiit,''"t nf development work, was again picked up during tbe early part <>(
last winter and work wns then die-
continued on the property until about
lliree  weeks  ago,   when  It. W8I  resnin
(tl.   Upwards ol 823,000 hue been ex-
pended In developing the Gold Hill,
which is situated about IT miles
Bouthwest ol Nelson al the upper end
nf tli" 4!i creek automobile road,
Advertisement Brings
Quick Results
Here is another evid'nrc of the
quick nnd satisfactory results obtained
by using the advertising columns of
the Mail Herald
Penticton.B.C. July 2, I9H
Interior Publishing Co.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Dear Sir,   Please kill our nd. and send
our  account, results   having been so
satisfactory that we are all sold out of
early fruits.    Yours sincerely,
Co-operative Fruit Growers,
A. J. Finch, Sec.
(,u(»l) POLICE
It'syne nl |.nlii\ to t hi nk til't lie fill lire.
It's still better policy to pi-i" Ide a^ainm
the inisi'iii-iiuies ii may huve in eton
foi ymi The surest way of protecting
Venn self and (amity is a
with 11 reliable company.   Tin' in.^ii
Milan.'inl  standing  nml   lung Ini-ineKs
career of lhe Kootenay Agenci<ee
makes ii absolutely trustworthy.
Yum time mav lie near at liiiml.
Don't delay.   Take oul n policy now.
A. B, KiNCAin, Manager.
SAM NEEDHAM contractor a builder
Small Jobs a'Spccialty Free Estimates Given
Now is the time to gel n good wheel. We have a splendid
line in both Mens and Ladies' at ri^ht prices. Also full
Itock of Tyres, Tillies, Lamps, .Saddles, and Hepnirs.
Baseball Goods -we are leaders in
these. Come and inspect our line.
Also Lawn Tennis, Lacrosse, Foot-
hall, Cricket, Croquet, and all
[Sporting Goods.
Kootenay, Saskalta and Malleable Raafts, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22 SATURDAY, JULY ll, 11)11.
Lost Trade Secrets
Numerous ace the ti'ttdc secrets
handed down generation liy generation from lather to son, and vast iH
the capital made out ol some ot
then,  in  the commercial  world.
Particularly, perhaps, iH thiH tho
chhc among the numerous manufacturers of piquant sauces and the
countless vendors of patient medicines.
Hut there iH also, it niiiHt be remembered, another side, to the case,
Many, alas! are the priccliiHH trade
uecrctH burled lar down below the
molderiiu' dust of the misty past uud
loBt to the world, perchance never
again to b" recovered,
To cite the first example that occurs to the mind of the writer, says
Answers,  tor  instance,   what  would  a
Koyal Academician of the present
day give to lie possessed of the secret
Ueid by the old musters- Raphael,
Hubeiis, Corroglo, Vim Dyke, and
their compeers—tor mixing their colors so as to render then, imperishable
to the ravages of time?
The red colors, especially, of these
artists of a bygone epoch are every
whit us bright now as they were
three long centuries ugo. On the
contrary, the colors of pictures
painted only 100 years ago have lost
their  lustre.
Again, in the world of music, the
manufacturers ot violins old masters, as one muy justifiably term them
in another branch of art—treasured a
recipe for a varnish that sank into
thc wood of their incomparable Instruments and mellowed it as well as
preserved  it.
Rather more than one hundred
yeurs ago there lived in a ipiuint old
world village in Wales, a working
blacksmith, who had managed, by
some means or other, to bring the
welding of steel to such a pitch of
.perfection that the joint was absolutely invisible, and the temper of the
steel us fine us on the day it left the
tester's hands. By his process he
was aide to join the very finest of
sword blades, and after he had tiu-
iahed with them they were absolutely as good and as sound as when
they had  left the factory.
The   blacksmith's  fame    spread    far
and wide and naturally enough, he
attained a great reputation, but he
made it a point of invariably working
in solitude. He was oflered large and
tempting siiiiih to divulge his secret,
but he kept it obstinattly to himself
i.nd when his span of life had run Its
(ourHe he took it with him to another world.
I The ancient Greeks had a substance
which we call Greek lire and which
they  used  in  naval  wall.ire.
Their method of employing it was
simply thiB—to throw thc substance
upon the surface of the water,
where It tlamed up and Bet tire to
the ships of the enemy. What was
it? The only known substance of the
present day that would do this is the
metal potassium; but. to set tire to a
ship In the manner described would
necessitate the use of at least half a
ton of this metal. Where did the
Greeks obtain the substance which
they used with such elfect? Or how
tiitl they make if If Greek lire was
potassium, the secret of the process
is another that must be numbered
with  the  lost.
The man who could disinter the
hurled recipe tor Roman mortar
would be bowed down to und worshipped by the builders of the present day. How they made it iB a profound secret and bids fair to remain
The mortar is as tirni as it was
JIK)0 years ago. It has calmly scotled
al   the  ravages of time and  weather.
I A new telephone exchange with a
rapacity of 165 local lines and live
toll lines has been opened at Cumberland, B.C., by thc B.C. Telephone
company In a building of ltB own.
The present number of telephones in
Cumberland is 120 but. thiB is expected to bc increased shortly and it is
to take care of this increase that the
new exchange haB been opened.
»• a
i«: All   changes   of   advertiBe- V
(fl ments    must  positively      be g
S handed  into  this     office  by g
IB Monday evening in order that 3
[I] the    change  shall  appear   in *5j
8 Wednesday's issue,    and  any j£j
Ig changes  intended  for   Satur- (g
8 day's issue must be handed in ■
gj not  later     than       Thursday ig
*g evening of each week. g
» 1
When .Joseph told rhaioah that
there would be seven fat years to be
followed   by   seven   lean  years,      and
1 that he ought to strengthen his bank
reserves, so that there would he com
in  Egypt,  when there was u shortage
1 In other placeB, he was simply telling
1 im something he had found out
during the time he was becoming
skilled in "all the learning of thc
Egyptians," lor the old cuneiform
tablets of N'inevah and Babylon had
shown him that periods of seven
years each of prosperity and depression alternated with euch other. At
least, this is whut Mr. Hawthorne of
Seattle, says, and he claims be is
warranted by the facts of history in
saying s... His own researches have
only gone back to 1746, since which
time  he  says there have  been  twelve
'periods ..t prosperity and twelve pcr-
itnis nf depression, which works out
nt very nearly seven years for each
period, He has published a chart in
which he shows the trend of business
since 188"J, or during 82 years. He
does not deal with local changes     in
'conditions, but with the situation
iiom a world standpoint. Hence he
disregards the especially good times
existing m Western Canada a year or
I two ago, for at that time business the
world over was depressed. He Bhows
by his chart that in 1*^82 business
was at a low ebb and that the depression continued to grow more serious until the early part of 1885,
when it began to improve rapidly
reaching a high level at the close of
l^E, and continuing at that stage,
with a slight fluctuation until near
the close of 1890, when it fell rupidly,
I but  continued  above  average      until
I early In IS'l'i when it went down with
f, plunge to the lowest level reached
ir decades. Towards the end of 189"
il began to get a little better but the
upward tendency wub not noticeable
until about the middle of Has, and
did not really reach what might he
called activity until the middle of
IS99. The year 19i»0 was u good one,
but in the middle of June, 1907, business dropped like a plummet. That
was the time of the "haukers' panic" I
and since then there hns been no
real general change, although one is
due at  the present time. Brudstreet's
NELSON, B. C, July 13th to 18th, 1914
Six Days' Continuous Amusement
Hydro-Aeroplane Flights Daily
This is the first Hydro-Aeroplane to fly in the Dominion of Canada. IT STARTS! Runs along
the water at the rate of a hundred miles an hour and then rises from the water—up-up-up—thous-
anda of feet into the air.    THIS IS A BIRD !
Wild West Features
Including Broncho Busting, Roping, Bull-dogging Wild West Mexican Steers by men who competed and won titles at the Calgary Stampede, Winnipeg Stampede, Los Angeles. Cheyenne and
Pendleton Round-Up.
This is the Greatest Aggregation of Star Performers Ever Gotten Together.
Sixty Oarsmen from Toronto, Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, Coeur d'Alene and Nelson, competing
in International Rowing Events.
E. B. Butler, Champion Sculler of Canada, will meet A. M. Pfaender, Champion Sculler of Western
America;   W. N. Kennedy, British Columbia Champion: Frank Nott. Vancouver and T. D. Des
Brisay, of Nelson, for the DIAMOND SCULLS OF THE WEST.
Many are coming from all parts of the earth to the
Kootenay-Boundary Old-timers Re-union
which is to be held in a real Old-timers Log Cabin.    If you are an old-timer come in and register
during Chahko-Mika.
HORSE RACES   Big Purses Offered
First Prize, $400.00 Second Prize, $250.00 Third Prize, $100.00
FIREWORKS- The capture and burning of the Steamer Nelson by Kootenay Indians.
Leightweights-FRENCHY VAISE, Champion of Canada, vs. CHARLIE LUCCA for title.
Middleweights—FRANK BARRIEAU. vs. BILLY WEEKS, for Middleweifjht Championship
of Canada.
Something For The Kids- FREE STREET FAIR
Including Merry-Go-Round. Ferris Wheel, All Kinds of Side Shows.
Pathe Bros. Will Take Moving Pictures of the Vulnui Brants.   Those wishing to ehoott <nnme Inadvam io''
to R.O.TBVIOTDALB, P. 0. Box Ul, Nelson, B.O,      single ime from all point* in B.C.   BpMlal roduotd
rates from Htati' of Washington nml all prairie point*.
Kor OfHolal Program and Prunlun Uat write OB* I pati'K.soN, M maiter Nelson Carnival (ti., Limited,
.1. K ANNAHI.K, President, Nation, B. <*.
ami President WIIbod unite in thinking it is coming.
Mr. Hawthorne gives, uh the conditions preceding every period ot
prosperity, the following
"A luck ol confidence, u feeling of
despondency among business men, a
condition approaohlng commercial
"An accumulation of available
banking funds lar Ln excess of the
required reserves.
"A  low  price of pig Iron.
Man.t Idle men nnd factories, und
(since  1810)  many  Idle freight curs.
"An inactive market for Btocks in
New  York  nnd  London.
" Low stocks of merchandise in
stores and warehouses.
"A dead real estate market."
Mr. Hawthorne says: "All of the
above conditions exist today and
existed In l884-'86, before the boom
• if 1880; in 1808, before the boom of
1899 1900, and bave existed simultaneously Just before every period ol
prosperity since 1715. The reverse
conditions have existed before every
I anle."
Prom liis studies Mr. Hawthorne
bas reached the conclusion that from
now on times will begin to net better, and Wo think every rentier will
hope that   the  mantle ol  Joseph    has
fallen upon him In this respect     at
least.— Colonist
Cumberland Climbing
|      is Limited Sport
In its tirst few yeurs rock climbing
in the mountains of the lake district
was regarded by most Alpine experts
us u foolish local fancy, u gymnastic
traze which would rapidly wear itself
out, und one could meet with critics
hold enough to put a date to its tinui
i Itlnctlon. But lake district climh -
ing still remains the sport of hand -
reds, und the training school of
many excellent English mountaineers.
Critics still remain, of course, but
they ure too often people who hide
their lack of local knowledge and of
rock Climbing behind the reputation
of great continental experts. Perhaps it is too cruel to repeut that
one such critic, describing the failure
of his day's expedition, said tbut even So-and-so (of International fume )
could huve made nothing of such a
problem—nnd thut within hearing of
i> party of home trained climbers
Iresh from the conquest of thut very
There Was, however, a sound technique behind the maligned rock-craft
which duty (nnd without parade or
1 oast) made a revolution in mountaineering methods. The fnme of long
ladders of steps cut up perilous ice-
walls, of dangerous ascents up bad
snow slopes, began to suffer, and even on tbe most orthodox of orthodox
High Aljis safe and sound rock routes'
took precedence—and Buch rock routes have continued to be the object
of the pioneer and the climber.
The standard of rock climbing in
Cumberland is conceded to bo th
highest in the world. The chief reasons are that the area ot climbing
lock is very limited, thnt practically
three generations of skilled men bave
here put forth their full strength and
knowledge, and that the nearness of
the crags to the cities und the facility
with which they can he reached have
brought up a tremendous number   of
climbers. The hiirhcst peaks in Cum
brin scarcely exceed three thousand
leet, and the climbing rocks an practically    confined to    five    mountain
masses: Scafell, Cleat Cable, the Pillar, I,unci.tie Pikes and Collision Old
Man. Probably many a good Alpine
peak hus in itself me.re visible crag
than  the  whole areii.
Then, too, the sheer height of the
courses from base to summit rarely
exceeds six hundred feet, a fact which
tends to a multiplicity of short and
highly Involved Climbs. The short
distance Irom lieatfi|tiartcrs gives climbers every opportunity of arriving in
good condition, though, ol course the
multiplicity   and   luxury   ol   high-level
Alpine flub huts have rsduosd tht
time formerly occupied in getting to
grips with the summits there almost
to Vanishing point. The crags of
Bcafell and Great liable ure just over;
an hour from Wntdalf Head, dimmer
Crng and I'uvey Ark on Langdule
Pikes are ubotit the same distance
from the hotels in I.ungdalc, Doe j
Crag Ih an easy hour from Conlston,
antl t.he two hours' journey to the
Pillar Hock  is distant  from Wasdale
Head seems comparatively nuite a
walk to the Cumbrian t limber. And
the routrs are quite easy footpaths,
at places steep, hut so much trodden
by clinkered boots that even on the
srrees oOt walks easily.
The greut glory of Cumbrian c:imb-
ing in in  the     superb quality  of Its
Mrs. Good Housekeeper!
Have you tried
For sealing your jellies and preserve jars
DIRECTIONS Melt u stick of Cunt.wax in large cup. Pour over jelly
ul'ter same is hard in the glass. For preserves, dip top of jar in
liquid wax below the ring. A coating of pure white wax will form
making Jar air-tight. i
For the Laundry
Makes clothes white without rubbing
DIRECTIONS—Out one stick in small pieces antl put iii boiler.   Makes
clothes white as snow.
Price, only 20c a can
10 sticks in each can
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
to nature's bequest in this direction
the industry of ho many parties of
climbers. Loose blocks nre hurled
from the ledges, the accumulations of
smull screes nre painstakingly Bwcpt
aside, anil hold which savors of insecurity comes down (und such removal
is recorded in the climbers' books at
Wasdale and otherwhere), so that
finally one is climbing on the bare
The successful climber of the rocks
of Cumberland must be alert to the
use of the smallest hundholds—on the
more dirhcult courses thc turning of
a problem may depend on the best
use of a linger hold. The deep riven
ghylls, the clean, steep cracks, the
sequence of ledges and chimneys huve
long been explored nnd brought down
to the verge of commonplace; hut
there remain still to be climbed, with
due caution und respect, long slabs of
rock rising almost sheer nnd with
scurce a wrinkle for holding or friction. Accurate balance, a shrewd eye
for routes, a set of trained muscles
nre the need of everyone who would
tackle the ordinary courses on the
mountains. -
S10 ODD00
Cabled u Ivice wns received at the
South Vuncouver municipal hall of
the underwriting of all thc remaining
IJ per rent bonds in London. The
price is ut 91, with accrued interest.
The sale covered more than 81,000,-
"llO worth. A good deal of tbe money
will he used to retire treasury cer-
tilicates now out against the muni tile.ility
.   I   /\I\I\I     COMMISSION   ACENT
MART: Mckenzie Ave.   Phone866
Kveiy  Wrtlnesdvy und Saturday
at 2 p. in. of
STOVES, et.-.
Special     CROCKERY    Sales
from 7 till s;:(tj o'clook positively
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture ami   Pimm-moving  a
Phone ill—'rn>.   Night Phone 846
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
R-apalrs,   Hot Air and Fumnoi
work a Specialty
rock; lately on the ordinary routes ,
does one come across n rotten patch
"i a looae fragment,  one must   add
Oonrmught  Ava.   •    Ravaletoka
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
terta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of Uritish Columbia, muy be issued for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental of >1 am acre. Not more than
2,860 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
t.y the applicant in person to the
Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in which the rights applied for are
The lease Will include the coal min-
Ing rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
Iavailable surface rights may be con-
fidered necessary for the working of
! the mine at the rate of Jlu.oo ao
In surveyed territory the land must
te described by sections, or legal
■ sub-divisions of sections, und in un-
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by tbe applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of *?5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are-
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty Bhall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of rive cents pet loa.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish tbe Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity or
merchantable coal mined and pay the
loyalty thereon If the coal mining;
rights are not being operated, such
teturns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
SATURDAY, JULY II, 1914.      I
Che nDaiU1bcialc>
-All RDAV   AT
Local ReadlDg Notices and Business
1.iefais ie' cents per line each insertion
Minimum local ad charges 25 cents.
Display advertisements 25 cents per
itu'h each it.KiTti.en, Mingle column,
nt Revelstoke have expressed in well of the Increased    trade   by availing
leeiin.it'll,   it   is Indeed doubtlul whe- IuiiihoII ot the advertising columns ol
t lit-r Revelstoke appreciates nt itB
full worth tlif boon that the park
will  lit'  nut   only  to tlif ci ty,  but    to
tho whole Dominion, Its value can
hardly be overestimated, nor can too
much credit be given to Mr. R. p.
Green for the foresight which he ex-
blblted In conceiving the true .signiti-
cance of the projoct and for his   de-
the Mail Herald,
the paper that  gives
Tomorrows Services
Legal advertising ol any form, also termination to convince the govern-
Government and Municipal Notices 12 mant at ottaW;, of the -oundneBB llIld
cents per line first insertion and 8
. ruts  per  line subsequent   Insertions,
genuineness of tbe soheme which   ho
10 lines t.e the inch,
urging them to adopt,
St. Francis church, McKenzie Ave
and Fifth street, Pastor, Hev. J. c.
MaoKenaie, Sunday services:— Low
Mass at 8 a.m. anil High Mass ut
10:30 a.in. every Sunday. Sunday
Now thai we have individual drink-'school for the children at 2:80 p.m.,
ing cups, Individual towels and imli- benediction ami Rosary at 7:31) p.m.,
vidua! other things, let us hope that t ontossions Saturday •! to 6 and 7:3(1
the day may come that we shall have to '.' p.m. and Sunday morning V:30
Individual umbrellaB that will not he to 8, Weeks days:—Mass every morn-
used by anybody    except the lawful ing at 7 o'clook, Confessions    before
St.Peters Church Ladies
Hold Lawn Social
The ladies ol St.  Peter's church intend   holding   a   lawn   social   un      the
participate,  anil  they  got   over   their
timidity  in  the  presence  of  the array
uf beauty presented hy so many ladles,   The Canadian     Pacific   rnilwaj
gave every  consideration,  tbe otlieiulai
and trainmen vicing with one another to make it a pleasant time.
Recognition  is due  to  the indelat--
rectory grounds on the evening of i 'gable committee who worked on thai
Monday, July 20. Nothing is being arrangements, the three v. M. O. a.
left undone to make this event the1""'". Messrs. Thomson, Giflord and
success or the season. The hand will damson, to Mr. Chlsholin of tho Cube in attendance anil will furnish nadlftn Pacilic railway stall who did
miiBic. I great work in handling  the transpor-
The  following  committees have  the   tation     ami  to the  ladies of the re-
ret erlioro Times.
Applications f• .r Liquor Licenses 85, " There is nothing like it anywhere
Applications lor Transfer of Liquor in Canada,"     says    Mr.    Harvey in
"* "T "'"■ speaking   ol      the   park.    The   scenery
.ul prospecting notices $7.50. Qnd     nat()|
Land  Purcl isc Notices, $7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
\\  tei    .ppllcation Notices,    up   to Purposes he declares to be superb, and
8"..10,  'Vet   100  words in   '"'IS better qualified to judge, it
i.-  nc exaggeration  to say that   the
According     to    Investigation just
advantages  for  park   completed  at  Harvard,  oatmeal  pos-
.Vnss. Kirst Pridays —Mass at H a.
in. Benediction and Rosary at 7:30
p. m.
!MI|  L   ■
sesses tho highest food   value  of any st. Peter's, Second St.,  Rev. C.  A.
of the commoner restaurant oflerings, Procunier,   rector.    Fifth Sunday af-
considering tbe price as well ns   the tor   Trinity,   The   following are the
^^^^^^^                    quantify  ol nutrition.   Second comes services:   s a.m., Holy    Communion;
Revelstoke park is probably destined  pork ami beans. Riven pie   restaurant n  a.m.,  Matins ami Litany; 7:30 p.
ISvonsong,    Sermons   by   the   ree-
t" In '.eiiie the most appreciated of
all tourist resorts in the Dominion.
Ami win n thai is tlie case Revelstoke
will   be  tlie chief  tourist centre of  tho
pie   lias a high standing,   At the hot-  m..
torn "f tin' list  tomatoes are placed,  lor.
worth   less  at   their  price   than      any
other form of     restaurant  fodder, —,
Cleveland  Plain  Dealer.
interior publtsbtnfl Company Dominion,
::*":"" Mr.   Ct n   ba
E. c    ROOKE, Manager ami  Editor,  stoke the park
secured   for   Revel-
ami  bas  arranged  for
Methodlsl   Church,     McKenzie   Ave.,
I Pastor    Rev.   Lashley   Hall.     Subject
of   discourse. — 11 a. m., " He   not
Tbis appears to bea bail season for Conformed  but  Transformed."    With
arrangements in hand:
Reception committee Mrs. C. S.
McCarter, Mrs. ,1. II. Hamilton, Mrs.
Marshall,  Rev. C.A.  Procunier.
Advertising—Mrs. C. Ralph Lawrence, Mrs.  Ernest n.s. McLean,
Flowers—Mrs, 11. N. Coursier, Mrs.
Candy—Mrs, C, Holton, Mrs. w.
Lemonade Mrs McVity, Mrs. McCleneghan,  Mis.  Marshall.
ice Cream—Mrs, Tomllnson, Mrs.
t'ake.i    Mrs.   Purvis.
Tea ami i 'ollee Mrs. Hack, Mrs.
Woodland, Mrs. Hugh Smythe, Mrs.
dale,   Mrs.   Stokes,   Mrs.   Ainan.
I speotlve committees,
This picnic- makes up for the dimip—
pojutment of a year ago, when it wn».
in,possible to secure cars. A large*
number of persons took advantage oB)
the day  to have an  outing enabling
'the  schools  to  finance  tbe  day   n.il t« ■
A, small chilli's jacket was left on
the cars ami a basket containing various articles was pic-'etl up at thn>
station. These can be obtained by
owners applying to t.he Methodist,
title   accident    only  marred    what
otherwise war; a day tbat was pcr-
fect, Little Aura Corning, who whik
with Mrs. .lack  Hume, fell down with-
Lights,   chairs,   tables  anil  booths—   '■   bottle      which  cut  open   her  hand..
Tbe church committee.
- VTURDA"^ . JULY   11,  191 I.
the   sompletlon  ef     tbe road to the  steamship accidents.   Few  days  pass  Bvo minute address to Juniors:     7:30
summit  this  year.    Those nre for  the   tl'"t  the  PftPers      Q0  Ilot  record    at   p.m., Summer Vesper service, subject
time the   most   important   features   of
least one  monster  on  the  rocks,   call-   of  discourse,   "The  contribution
ing   by   "wireless"   [or  help.    We    ure   business to  the common  life
im-  project,  for  the  park   will be next   still  a  long  way  from  conquering the   day  ,cbool   meets  at 2:30
year  accessible  to  the  thousands      of   grey   old  s.'a,      with  her      wandering   wi I  be  welcomed,
The annual Revelstoke fair provides  tourlstB who will pass through     the  logs, her mountainous waves and her | 	
.....   daj   th„,   would  bB Badl,   city   on  their  way  to  the  San  Fran-   »<^^  ^rms.    When  to  this    we PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH
:   from  tbt   course  of  the  year's   l'isco exhibition
Five Hundred af Picnic
(Continued  from  Page One.)
she was plucky, Mr. Giflord rendered
lirst aid and No. 1 came in the nick
of time, so that she was soon at the-.
hospital anil the nasty cut stitched
up,  ten  stitches  being required.
But much more will
events, and there will be general sat-  undoubtedly be undertaken    In     the
tion   that   the   preparations      for   future.    No   other   national   park   has
tins yar's fair have made  an  auspic-   more  unique  features or      lends itself
beginning,   The   fair   furnishes   better to development.
entertainment  ami an opportunity for
,   delightful   holiday,   but    the     main
ibjecl   it     accomplishes is    of   even
.reater Importance, It is one ofthe
be<t advertisements of the agricultural possibilities e.f the Revelstoke district, it brings together city and
country and  makes each  more     ap
ireciatlvc of the requirements of the
other,  and  by  fostering  a  spirit    of
add  the peril of trying  to sail  across
ber in an iron pot, vulnerable to ev-
iry rock on tbe coast and every steel
prow on   the sea,
at   our  list    e.f      accidents.—Montreal
who    attended    to them,  kept  a  respectful distance from tbe mimes, and
lohn'B      Church,     Rev.     j*.   W.   ,,t i   the  pastors  was heard to    rest, 'v.inson,  pastor.    Tbe subject of the mark—of   course   sotto   voice—that   if
we need  not  marvel   addr08sea ;lt   the  morning service  will there  were any  risks as to the future
be  "Troubles,  a   Dane  or    Blessing"' j|   was  hardly   worth   undergoing    the
At 7 30 p.m. the members of the or- experience twice.
|angc lodge will attend, and the   ad- Many little groups strayed to snug
NEWSPAPERS  Ia THE SCHOOL      ,,r,'FS  wil1   '"' appropriate  to  the    uc- little  spots among  the  trees and  bad
,, .   ., caslon,   Sunday     school     and   Bible  refections   of     ii • own,   ami they
.    Small is the sum that is required to  -i.,__,.,, nr oin „ „,     ot .„,.„ ,
Tl,„   ,.,,.,      ,            „„„  ,   .                                                                  4                  Classes at   IMI  p.m.    Strangers      and weren't  a         young    folks  either.    It.
Ibe  large     sums  of      money being   patronize a newspaper and amply   re-   visitors
spent   m   Revelstoke  or   its  vicinity in   warded is its patron.    I  care  not how   vices.
connection with government and mun-   Uumble ■""'  unpretending the gazette 	
It is next to impossible to   CARGO OF LUMBER
will  be  welcome at all hit
If takes
till a sheet without putting something
into  it worth   the  subscription   price.	
Every  parent   whose son  Is away from      un shore  trade of  Vancouver is be-
government  which   i "'"<' at school    should  supply    him  ginning to     expand.   The  Vancouver
through  the good offices of   wlth "  "««*spaper.    I remember what   Lumber  company   has  contracted
icipal undertakings cannot fail to
ercise a beneficial effect upon business
The    Dominion
tbis  year
marked   difference  there  was  between
was just the kind of place where one
could cool ofl and enjoy a picnic on
just, that kind of day. While cities.
wore sweltering everybody was cool
and comfortable With the exception of
those who look part in the races, or
tbe big fellows ia the tug of war.
This came aflei dinner but tirst the
to   uttle ones inula free-for-all race aud
Fire blight, the orchard scourge,
which wiped out the peai' growing industry of California and wbich three-
atened to spread in some of the ir-
llgated districts of British Columbia
will he wiped out by the end of the
year  declared     Fruit.   Pest.--   Inspector
Cunningham,   lie  declares  that   tbe
okanagan fruit crop this Mason will
be of the tinest quality and fair in
emulation   it is  an   appreciable  factor   Mr,   R.   (.'.   Green,   M.    P..   is  building   """K''"   »»«»™»™   oiere   was   netween ship  a  cargo  of  lumber  to  Capetown   ,„n   of   them   won and   uot  an   orange
in Increasing the productiveness of the  Bome ten  miles ,,f road  to the sum-     >   °,"','"*' sc'*oolm'*tes who had a,ul ■'"'! the A.merican barquentine Koko-   ,.V1.„ tbe little toddle who went  roll-
•""trict.   It   deserves the hearty sup-  mil of Mount R .stoke, is expected ol^C ^^""STE !£,£ ^   ,t2?    * ""'   '"" °~ :l"" ^   " "" "" "*
were  always  superior  to  the  last   t*,in Australia  Will be shipped by the same
debate, in competition and general in- company   early   in   the  new   year.
-eei:.,. ten  mil
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ nut
port   of   the   people  ot   Revelstoke and to .expend  on  the  work  at leust 816,-
■ if the surrounding territory, and ibe "en   the amount   in the estimates for
officers ol the Revelstoke Agricultural that purpose.
association     and  others  who  devote      ["he  provincial government  is     im-
thelr time to the service of the     In- proving and extending many roads In
telligence,    Daniel   Webster.
■ •  tion  are  entitled  to  the  gratl -  the nelghborl I of     tbe city,     tor
tude of the community.
Ri 'pies. -nt. it iv.      committees     hav«
ppi dnted to sup' i vise the var-
: tments of the fair and     a
•    • .if all  the members
committees has been called for
g,   The chie I    I
■ • .- nrill be to revise the prize
■ at  preliminary   work
bi    it c m pllsl ed without
■ [bits at   the fair   are
■ ■  .       ti    ■
tl    Vast    vat   l
fcet      ind   It Is I
.'. bicti     the expendit u
•   loll irs is required.
Tl ■< Ing ol First street and Mc
Kenzie avet   will Involve an expel
diture of fully  -	
'his summer is estimated
<l   ■	
■ I side-
■   il
■ ■
I ruct iot
in the citj
sent from thi
tirelj *       ' the city's
■  •
I ■'ttimit-
True it is that the old man is not a
conspicuous figure any more, The ex-
I thousands planation is. not that be bas been
crowded ..tf tbe stare by the young
fellows, but that he bas insisted on
being a young fellow himself. Time
was when There was .-• distinctive
■ b for men wh.. j...,: passed the meridian   >f years.     Tbey ,,f-
t0    fected   gobei '       :t and
••>-•  accordingly.      Now
adays     tbi    vet.Tan    dons  'is  natty
ly along     with     the
i   • ear-old
'. ' -   -..If.
Pitt ■.■•••
Has No Use  For  Peddlers   Selling
Worthless Medicines
I „      e' \
Nakusp Houses are
Struck by Lightning
■■'■-•      luty
■ >f the
i grows as      I over
tural       entities of Revelstoke
tb    Mr.
I      I     i: tendent
of   I)
tot m    in
The expenditure "'
ttbat  road
*   *   ■ ■    ..f the      ■
High Cost of Living vs.
Low Cost of Insurance
Midst all the increasing cost of living there's one
thing that hasn't advanced that's the cost of Imperial Life policies. In fact, an Imperial policy, today requires no greater annual investment than a
similar policy taken at a corresponding age a dozen
years ago.
And the fact that the dividends to policy holders in the
Imperial Life have shown a gradual increase every year since
the Company's inception makes this investment more attractive now than ever before.
Would v.ni care tn know the proft' returns teeina made 'lii-- vent to
bolder* of Imperial po it-it- :- Oni booklet. "Tbe Voice of Experience"
gives 11 •   itif'.i illation.
\ copy n ill be lent to yon free if you ask for it.
Leonard W. Wood, District Manager, Revelstoke, B.C.
Office  Phone 32- OFFICE      TAYLOR  BLOCK (In..  Phono 303
rhi Imperii! I.iff tm- |i_l't In profito to jinliryh'>l.i«M alnoit ten time* ii" much m
tie !..!.,! p_i.i i.y _u otfaer oompAntes eMtahlfahed in canaii* in tine ia*t iti jm*
'.■ink   ■
lowing tl.'' ' e
linoleum it  run
.,  making its exit
'.ioom     window,   an.
some Wood ■.!  across a
vacant ;e.t    !   '•■■■•  av   ■
whb retiring nt the tin.",
escape in considered .1  miracle   .■
knobs were levered from t r,•
at another residence,     'lie.
of a tin th tub in another pari nl
town  hud 11  thrilling Hliork
cargo for   ,.sl Bor( ,,f ,-.,,.,.    Everyone got tothe
Winning      post,      even      tlie little  tot
whose face became ominous when she
thought she Would ' not net there..
Fust tlie little tots raced then the
next   size   H|i   to   nine,   and   they       all
got an orange apiece, children ol
both sehoois running together. After
this each sehool arranged its own
sports   except the tug of war and the
relay   rare,   school   against   sehool.
Hall playing of various kinds was
I oing on all day. As to the tug of-
war versions vary—some wag is said
1.. have Jumped on to the rope at the
critical  moment  ami  upset the    best
laid scheme. But in the third pull.
0 real pull on both sides, well maintained, Snally the Presbyterians pulled it oif. iionots were evened up latter, when four hoys from eaeh sehool
were matched in tlie relay rare. <)8-
tar   l.uinlell,      Ceril   Johnson,   Manuel
johnson and     Ear]  Donaldson took
the lieltl for the Methodists, an.l .laek
McKinnon, Clifford Moth, Ernie Me-
Kinnon  antl  Robert   I.awn nee for the
Presbyterians.   To offset   any differ
ence in boys the PreBbyterlans   were
given  a   start   .if  20  or  :'.il  feet;      hilt
notwithstanding the handicap the Methodist  hoys     won  the race,  though
the    it her     hoys  ran   well.   They   got
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       hasrball
scholars of the Presbyterian sehool,
among      themselves   ami    prizes  were
Crookstairs, On*
I was pestere.l last week with .1 tra
veiling agent who -.nei he bad heard
thai I wis troubled with Rheumatism.
1 told him I had heen ami he wanted tc
ieothermedlclne, [answered
that I was taking GIN TILLS, the
only nieiiicine  Mint di.l tne  any gootl,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I told him tli it 1 had tried various   ;1S „ prize a regulation Rea<
other medicines but none had done me
X  PILLS anil  that   I      HUH        ^^M
1 in the house.   «'.IN      An  *3orts "' r*'"'"s "''•"'•' '"" ,,y
PILLS have done me more good thai
any other tne.!:. me I have ever taken                 ,     ,,..„..,   „,,,
Don'tbetap. ,/upon'' W^;:; debuted" an"d the same thing   ap
[fyourdealerwon'tsupplj Piles to the     Methodist scbool,     al-
vith GIN   I'M.IS. at  the regulai though   in  tins  case  the  races     were
1    . box, fi for £2.50, .„,„,,.   .,,,,1 everyone     who took part
end direct to us. sample i».x to e if vou ' , .,    .,
Drug ami Chetnii .1 Co. '"' ;'     ;,n"'*     Meanwhile the lugger
■ad, Toronto, 'Iris had leen up    t.. the swimming
Mangs-Tone niood and Nerve Tablet! pool     \it    Gordon  of  Albert Canyon
vas suid  nut   of all  the  ire cream and
everything  else  before  the afternoon
1       I     The   last   thing     wiih   supper,
and tins   was enjoyed hy everybody.
Trainmen ami others were invited to
Rough Dry
Our Rough Div Department will
lie ready for business Julv l.'ith.
Itougli Dry constats <>t* washing,
starching and diving with the
Hat work (counterpanes, sheets,
etc.) ironed and all starch work
starched ami ready foi' Ironing.
Everything Goes Through
for Three Cents a  Piece
By tlie Hough Dry method yon
can have your washing dona
cheaper, and it does away with
tne wash tub ami the work.
worry anil steam of a wa-h .lay.
Out down vuiifucl liill liy send.
ing yonr Washing In tlie
Everyone Invited lo inspect out
tr? 'he le-st all round ti.iu. tt pale, thin
blornl-    pe , le     j "   .. 1 ox.
Bing and
Royal Ann
Ripe, luscious fruit
of highest quality
Grown by H.G. Garner
on liis ranch on Greely
Creek road, 1 '4 miles
from Kevelstoke, for
sale at Hobson's and
Hell's grocery stores or
at the ranch. Orders
received by mail to
P.O. Box 741
Kevelstoke, B.O.
The Tango Beads-
AVer's Sarsaparilla
Tonic and alterative. Increases strtnjrth
Restored healthy functions.  No alcohol.
Sold for 60 yean.
Asfc  Your  DeOCtor. Memlre.1. tteiSle" '
The Guaranteed "ONE DYE for'
1 All Kinds ..! 1
CtcM, Rlfflpl'tNoChinccofMutakH   try
J     I l   I    S-full-r I r-» «    -I.,. f   ,, ,i  , .„, HoofclM
IJ i.- j-i...••••'. i'.. (urdfon (,n j imli«d, MoMml
Also a new line of
Silver Deposit  Ware,
Clocks and Umbrellas SATURDAY,  JULY 11, l'JII.
pack riv_»
Connolly Winner of Splendid
Bout in Opera House
Last Night
One of the best exhibitions of
Wrestling  ever   seen    in       Kevelstoke.
was staged last nighl In the opera
House when I'nt Connolly of Vancouver won (rom Hob Sutherland ol Kelowna. Owing to tho hot weather
'here wus noi tbe iiiiinlifl of spectators present thai the bout warranted
The    match      was  for the  first  two
lulls out of three but aftei _i minutes of hard work Connolly got a Japanese lock ou Sutherland and stated
that unless Sutherland gave him the
match he would break his arm. The
referee gave the decision to Connolly
rhe wrestlers worked hard from start
to  tinish      and  although  they  deserve
credit for not disappointing the
crowd which was rather small the
spectators were rather misled by    the
referee announcing at the beginning
of the match that it would be two
fulls out of three and some were disappointed at Connolly getting the
mutch under these conditions, Sutherland claiming that Connolly should
only  have  t.een  given a  fall.
Both men were in tight places at
different times and their science in
breaking the holds brought applause
from an appreciative audience. After the match Connolly oflered to
throw any six men in the country in
one hour for a bet of 8500, giving
them  until  July   13 to accept.
Tom Hope of Revelstoke refereed
the match. From the remarks heard
titer the bout the spectators seemed
to think  thnt  the exhibit ion  wus well
worth the money,
Brilliant Fielding   Feature of
Wednesday's   Match   Nine
StrikeOuts to Each Pitcher
The game al   Vernon between  Rev
elstoke und Vernon on Wednesday, resulted In a win for Vernon by 0 runs
to   1.    There      were  u   few  triors  but
they     were  offset    by   some    splendid
field work. There waa only one stoi
en base in the whole gume. ft could
not be considered a pitchers battle.
Both pitchers were hit pretty badly
tbe hits being mostly bunched but
even at that they each bad 0 strike
outs to their credit, The fielding on
Ihe   whole   was   gootl.    O'Neil   of   tho
Revelstoke team made some tine stopp
and  bis  throwing  was brilliant.
AB. It. H. PO. A. E.
Meeting of Clubs to be Held at
Salmon; Arm to Arrange
New   Schedule
O'Neil, cf  5
Oldlield,  s.s  4
1 ulley, c  *-'
Barnfleld, l.f   I
Spranger,   lb.   ... 4
Dudley, 2b.    ...... 4
Byrnes,   r.f  4
.  R,
Fossas,   lb  2
Williams,   e.f.   ...   1
Clemenson,   l.f... 3
Dale,  c  5
Knapp, lb '.l
Eastman,  r.f.  ... 1
Smith,   B.  s   4
Gill,  2b  '■'
•Oil] ..nt. hit   by butted
The   Kelowna   team   has   withdrawn
from the    Uritish Columbia Interior
baseball  league  and     a  meeting    was
called       to   assemble   iu       Vernon   on
Thursday to arrange a new schedule.
Representatives ol every team     in
the  league  except      Kamloops,'   were
present,     Kamloops   declined to be
represented,      giving   as  their   reason
thai they were in it notified by registered letter.
A meeting ol the executives of   the
i Itibs      will   be  held   in    Salmon  Arm!
early next  week to decide how  many
more games shall be played this season, and i.e redraft the schedule.
Financial   reasons   have   caused   Kelowna's defection from the league.
Gold   Medals   and Revelstoke
Cup Will be Shot For-
Yale-Kootenay Meet
The lirst annual shooot of the Yale-
Kootenay trap shooting league Wf.ll
beheld at Kamloops on August 3 aud
4, under the interstate association.
•\n extensive series of competitions
hus been arranged with substantial
prizes including the Revelstoke cup
und ,i gold medal for both high ag •
gregate for amateurs and for professional. Man} shots from Kevelstoko
intend to take part in the competi -
On the first day, Monday, Aug. 3,
nine events at 15 targets, entrance
$l..Vi each with ■''■12 each added will
be held followed by pair doubles, entrant*' $•_  with  $15 added.
On the second day nine events sim-
ilur to those of thc first day will be
shot as well as four men team slioat
for the Kevelstoke cup, JO targets.
Teams must be four actual members
of the club they are shooting for. The
club winning thc cup to hold it till
the next annual shoot. $6.00 entrance each team, and 810.00 added.
Money divided 60 and .40 per cent.
Vernon, Armstrong, Kamloops and
Revelstoke nre members of the league
thc officers of which arc:—President,
*V. Evans, Armstrong, Vice-President
R. T. Meyers, Vernon; Secretary, A.
J. McDonell, Revelstoke.
The rules governing the shoot are
as follows:
Shooting commences at 9 a.m. cuch
Interstate  rules will  govern.
All competitors stand at IC yards
unless  otherwise specified.
No guns larger than IJ bore will be
Targets will bc thrown between 45
and  'ih yards.
Price of targets 3c.
Targets nt unknown angles.
When a broken target is thrown it
is no turget, hit or missed.
There will be no practice shooting
allowed before thc regular events are
shot at each day.
Anyone may shoot for targets only
and professionals must for targets
Thc Squires money back system being used, contestants must enter for
thc entire program.
Hold medal will be given to both
thc amateur and professional making
the high aggregate at the meeting.
// you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads
32     9   13   JT   17     3
Score by Innings—
: Revelstoke     ...     it 0 (1 I 3 ti 0 o 0—1.
Vernon    21000312   *—9.
Summary Stolen buses—Dule Pulley. Two base hits—Oldfield Spranger
Knapp (J). Willinms. Three base hits
-Killeen, Mclvor, Willinms. Struck
out.-   By   Killeen   '.>;     by Mclvor,
!>. Buses on hulls—Otf Killeen, 5; off
Mclvor 2. Hit by pitcher—By Killeen
Clemenson. Time ol Same—Two
hours. I'mpirt—Castner. Scorer—
The following is tin report ol tbe
game published in the Vernon News-
Vernon, by defeating Revelstoke,
raised to a 500 percentage in stand -
ing in the H C.I. league yesterday af-
itinoon. The came was well worth
seeing, the bone-head plays being amply compensated for by some classy.
fast  work   mil   brilliant   play,   und resulted  ilia  scon   ol 9-1   in  favor      of
Kan.loops,      St 11, at  tirst  place, did
not play     yesterday, tbe game with
Kelowna having failed to come ort.
Kelowna's team, which rumor has
had "on the rocks" for some weeks
past, has been definitely disbanded,
I nil Kelowna will not figure in the
league  for the  rest  of the season.
Definite word to this effect wns given tothe Vernon News yesterday afternoon by K.S. Co Kelowna.
Owing to the loss of their two pitchers and their catcher, and to lack of
support, Kelowna is finally out of tbq
running, Bald Mr. Coatee, the manager.
| A meeting of the executive of the
league is to be held in Vernon today
to consider a re-arrangement of the
schedule, necessitated by Kelowna's
retirement. A new series may be nr-.
ranged, a new town admitted, or the
present   series  merely  re-arranged.
From the point of view . f the spectators the game was the most worth
while thut has been played on the
home diamond for many weeks.
Killeen was apparently easy for the
Vernon  stickers,   hits  going  all  over
I the pasture, and a couple even Into
the cceek.    Mclvor was hit more free-
e ly than at any time since he has joined  the staff,  hut  he worked hard  on
I whut     was apparently   an  "off day"
| such us all pitchers have.     The way
| Knapp holds down  the  first sack recalls with regret the eames lost while
he was in outfield, and first was weak
Smith hud one put over on him by
the old gume of the man on first tak-
I ing a long lead and getting the man
on third over the plate with the ljall
In the hands of an infielder.
Williams played in better form In
the field than he has shown prerious-
I ly this year. Me averted a score by
Revelstoke in thc seventh inning by
a magnificent running catch, and,
coming to but u moment later, earned more applause by a smashing thrw
(till  sent a   walloper  to  right   field,
and  crossed   home   plate   while   Revel
Btoke wus still looking for tbe bull.
Schedule Drawn up For
New Baseball League
On Friday night iu the Y, thc captains of the teams met and decided
to form another league. The following is the schedule ami names of tbe
Wed. 15—Beavers vs. C. P.R.
Fri.  17—Baby Giants vs. Fire Hall.
Mon. 20—Baby Giants vs. C.P.R.
Wed. 22—Fire Hall vs. Heavers.
Fri. 21—C.P.R. vs. Fire Hall.
Mon. 27— Huby Giants vs. Beavers.
Wed. 29—Beavers vs. C.P.R.
Fri.   '.1 —Fire Hull vs. Reavers.
Mon. 3—Baby Giants vs. C.P.R.
Wed. 5—Fire Hull  vs.  Reavers.
Fri. 7—C.P.R. vs. Fire Hall.
Mon.  lo-Rabv  Giants vs. Beavers.
One Run Margin in Pinal Game
of  City   League
Last evening tbe Business Men and
Beavers me! In the last game of the
regular schedule. Tbe game was a
close one all through; the Business
Men winning by one run. In tbe beginning the Business Men got the toss
which sent the Beavers to bat first.
The game was a tie when thc Beavers bad finished butting, the Business
Men then went to bat with lire in
their eyes. By a stroke of good fortune three men got on bases, with
Goodwin up to bat. Manage! Bam -
son wns doing his best with one
strike and three bulls on the butter, '
another one came over, and Manager '
Sams, n and Umpire Gilford seemed to
disagree is to whether it was a;
strike or a bull but the umpire culled
it a ball which made a forced run,
making the score 9-8 in favor of the
Business Men.
Arrangements are being made to
send the Kamloops bnsebnll tenm for
a te.ur through Japan. Communlca.
tions bave been received from several
Japanese universities favoring the
scheme md every effort will be put
forward to secure the visit of the local players t.. tbe Flowery Kingdom.
— Kamloops Standard.
The star mine near Sandon. has
commenced shipping from its mill.
One hundred and seventy tons of zinc
ore from the mill is on hand for shipping and hauling began today. A 30
ton and n 4" ton car of silver-lead
ore goes out this week. It is the intention oi the Surprise mine to build
a mill on the old brewery tint beneath
the LaBt Chance tramhouse. S. .1.
Towgood has gone to Nakusp to buy
another team of horses to handle the
output from tbe Star mine.
It wns finally found in the creek about \n hour nfter thc game was over
Mclvor and Eastman also did some
timely hitting.
Kddy  O.Nelll,  whose  Iobb from the
Vernon team fans     still regret, was
nnlucky at bat vesterday, but   made
■   fine stops in centre field,     and
pulled ofl several magnlflccst throws.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke s Departmental Store
Dollar Specials—A lot of ladies' Wash Waists have come our way at a good
price reduction. You can benefit yourself here. Linen Waists, Sailor and
Mitldy Waists, girls' and misses' Waists all at      $1
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(.owns.     Lovely new snow- white garments really worth more you know all at     $1
Dollar   Specials—Ladies'  fine lisle  Hose in tan.  brown,  white,  sky,  pink,
black and cardinal, 3 pairs for      $1
Dollar Specials —Ladies' line while knit Vests and Drawers,   'Porous Knit"
all sizes at 3 for     $ 1
Dollar Specials —Mew   Tango  Beads.     French  Wax   Pearls, Ivory.  Amber,
Vegetable Ivory, Onyx, all at per string       $1
Dollar Specials—Tango (iirdles, the new wide Silk on elastic   belt in blacks
and fancy colors, each       $ I
Dollar Specials—Girls' Dresses in Ginghams, Chambrays, etc.. lit girls 4 to
12 years.   Also Koveralls for the kids in all colors, all si/es, each      $1
Men's Furn.skmg and Skoe Dept.
Men's Straw HatS -All the balance of our big stock ai prices which make it easy
lor anyone to keep comfortable. All the better grades on one table and at one
price— Boaters. Brazils, and Soft Straws, price, each      1.00
Straw Hats and heavier Brazils and Splits, real bargains, price,  each. . .     50c
Men's Neckties—Three big lots that afford you all the new shapes and coloring-
at genuine bargain prices*    Must be cleared out at once.
Lot No. I — Men's four-in-hands;     they include  many   Irish   Poplins,   heavy   cord
Silks, and wide end ties, price, each         50c
Lot No. 2—Men's  four-in-hand—splendid   wash   silks   in   light  and   dark  shades.
Medium end shapes and narrow ones for the close-fitting collars, price, each 35c
Lot No. 3—Men's four-in-hand and string bows, include many neat wash ties and
bows of light and dark shades, price, each      25c
Children's Shoes
Absolute snaps.    They run in size up to 10 but do not include S ..r v
them sold as high a;-: $2.50 a pair.    All on the table at one price, a pair .
Some ■.>!
Fruits for Preserving
We are getting STRAWBERRIES and RASPBERRIES from our own ranch now. These
Berries are extra fine quality and heavy crates.
AU our Berries are overweight. In CHERRIES we have the Okanagan
stock, Royal Ann and Black Cherries, you can't get any better for preserving.
SUGAR is cheaper now than it has been for some years. Now is the time
to stock up. In FRUIT JARS we carry the " Improved Gem" in pints,
quarts and half gallon sizes also the " Economy " jars in pints and quarts.
Leave your orders for berries as early as possible.    We will deliver them
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SATURDAY,  JULY 11, 1914.
^/Hivuays the   'Best
"ShamrocK' Butter
P. BURNS & CO., Limited
—      -_
Where  hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health
restorers on the continent.    Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among- Ihe best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon   Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
W.M. BOYD, Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.   .
Strictly First-Class
Rooms   Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Rates $1.00 a Day and Up Phone 1629
Furnished Rooms by the Day. Week or Month
Mrs. H. J. HANBURY,    -     Proprietress
Steam Heated Throughout.      Housekeeping Suites.
Corner View
md Douglas Streets.
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Police Thought Harmless
Launch Bore Robbers
Kaslo, B.C., July 10.—Lest any Impression disturbing to the equanimity
of the law-abiding ami peace-loving
citizens of Kaslo Bhould gain strength lollowlpg tint perusal ol a report
of attempted robbery of the Bunk of
British North Aiueiicu here, il. muy
be snil that iii tint opinion of many
cltizenB that no attempt was made to
nib I hi' bank on thn morning of Friday last, About •_' o'clock that morn-
ill's' a white gasoline launch wuh observed by thf vigilant police to start
out from thf waterfront not far from
Un' rear of tin' bank, 'P. 0. Wilson
was asked to go to thf bank ami
arouse  Ronald  Salmon,   who  guards
nml sleeps on the premises, Mr. Wilson pounded al the door Bnd tried
with his voice to arouse Mr. Salmon
and falling to elicit any response af
ter all the noise that was made, it
was concluded that the lethargy ol
tlie Bleepor must have been caused by
a drug Irom the hand of the cracksman if, Indeed,     the watchman lived
at. all. Thc truth was that Mr. Salman had been to Nakusp on Wednesday   ami   as the   train  ditl   not  get  in
until 2:15 Thursday morning, depleted
nature was claiming her own antl Mr.
Palmon was Bleeping the sleep of one
"having a conscience void of offence."
Mrs. Wilson had hy this time found
a heavy boot anil by an unwearied
pounding on the door directly above
the Bleeper's head succeeded in awakening Mr. Salmon.
By this time the bout hail sped on
its way to Kaslo point, where it stopped the police surmise, to receive two
of the crib-cracking desperadoes who
were left behind, but gasoline propelled boats often atop when motion
is anxiously desired and the cause of
the stop might have been too fat a
mixture, too lean a spark or a combination of both. At nny rate thc boat
soon started on her Journey currying
foui perfectly respectable looking men
who no doubt regarded bunk robbery
aa an'abstract proposition, if they ever thought of it. lit all.
As it is, the clear duty of the police
to t'ike no chance of allowing such
depredations as those suspected to be
carried ort with success, wires were
sent out advising of the suspicion nnd
asking that a lookout he kept for tho
white launch and Its occupants and
the business that took them abroad
tl  sucb an hour learned.
A y.iung man was questioned by the
police   in   the   morning,   but   was able
tablisb   i;i)eiil  character  and  cou-
duct  without any trouble.
This is  the  Btory Of the  Kaslo bank
.. The hallmarks of determined, organised crime; the tindine of a
mark on the door of the bank nnd of
a jimmle the exact width to make it,
lottei dark lantern or part of a
black mask to appear later nn "Exhibit a," ir" all missing from the
Orange Celebratioo
at Kaslo Today
Kaslo, B.C., July 10.—Members of
the l.oyal orange lodge will assemble
| in Kaslo on Saturday to commemorate tho two hundred and twenty-fifth
anniversary of the buttle of ine
Boyne. Nelson, Nakusp, New Denver
Sandon, silverton and Intermediate
points will send contingents uud the
celebration the tirst of ItH kind to bo
held here, is assured of success. Members of the Kaslo local are sparing no
puiiiH to provide comfort und entertainment for the visiting lodges. Addresses by Rev. U.J. Mclntyre, ind
Rev, O.W. Corey are on the program.
While driving down from her home
With a spirited horse Mrs. Ileor, witti
of Venerable   Archdeacon Beer,   wus
thrown from  tlie carriage,  receiving a
bail shaking up nnd bruises.
Mrs. 1.. Mrl.nuchliin, widow of 'lie
bite   \Y.   /,.   McLaiichlnn,    will   go    to
Coeur d'Alene, Ida,, shortly,    where
ahe will live with her daughter, Mrs.
A garden party was held on Batur-
day afternoon In aid of the funds ot
St. Mark's Kpiscopul church on the
lawn of Mrs. H. (liegerich, and was
attended hy many from the city and
outside  points.
A surprise was sprung at a luncheon
latt.be  (liegerich   residence on  Sunday
1 when  the engagement  of  Miss  Lillian
Ilodder.  eldest daughter of    the oity
clerk,  W.  K.  Hotltler, to  Reginald Mc-
Farland of Victoria, wus announced
j to take place on June 28, 1915, The
announcement   wns made   in a   very
novel manner, None of the 12 young
Indies present knew why the party
was given and before they nrose from
the table Mrs. (liegerich went to the
piano and played the wedding march
from Lohengrin. Miss Bllaabetb Qlog
erich took the bride-to-be by the hand
antl after marching around the room
presented ber to the guests. In '.ho
evening the young nun were invited
in to hear the announcement.
Good Accommodation.       Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Old Timers will Assemble
at Nelson Chaiiko Mika
Porto Rico Mine
ill be Reopened
W. B. DeWitt, who wub foreman of
the Queen mine mill for a number of
years, in partnership with H.H. McDonald, U. Q, Davies nnd CK. Johnson, all formerly employed at the
Queen mine and mill, has taken n
lease on the Porto Rico mine, near
Porto Rico siding, north of Ymir,
with a view to operating it. This
mine has not been worked for several
years and the machinery and plant
constating of a stamp mill, compressor, drills, etc., is in a bad state of
repair, but the lessees think they will
be able to put things in shape und
make a profit on the ore milled. There
is said to be about 200 tons of ore
broken now and this can bc milled at
a profit. George Meckle, working for
W.R. Salisbury of Salmo, is taking
in about three tons of supplies by
park   train.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
Firsl   last in ill respe I -
All Modern I onrei
Special Weekly Rates
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rates.
J.    ^__L__B_E3_RT     STOHSTIE. PEOP-
Union   Hotel
A. P. MtVBSQUB, Proprietor
'■-•--.- •    tain 11
from all  parts
try at 1 Mika
IS  Will
.'•nt  111
.mr..      The   official   title
lor ti.. which   *
rable In the an
I    Nell - . ibko   Mik.-t "
*  '
ire   i;
P H.H i.P.I e-
II!       l.f   B
I • '    I
'  -
a ef'. Bnrdlck, Frank
riddle,   1    \   *.
■■    Troop    Majoi   H
Dayid  Doig,     manager of the
Hunk   ■,!   Bl  I I,    A.
I      IlTriflC    VI;,' gi     - n
It I. 8 .   ami   Ii    (1    Lewis,   O.H
The event,   apart   fre.u, the
ihould pie.vn one ,,( the i ott
Important occasion! In thf hlsto pof
Nelson,   Very many of those irho #111
r«tiirn   t.,   taste  of   tlif   city's  litmplt -
allty nn- men  who laid  the f-
tiona -if the    prosperous elty  "inch
now stands on tbe Hheiri'H of K (intently lake, men who bore the in uni of
pioneer life al a time when the lutnri
ol the dlitriot uh ■ mining country,
wim 11 innttfr of ipeculatlon
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want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads
Ore running as hitrh as W0t> pet-
ton has been found in the mines owned by tbe     Lightning   Penk Mining
 npanv,  at  Edgewood,  B.O.     Thie
property is laid  to have a Bhowlng .if
in Inches of clean jralena at the bottom "f the shaft.
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A. HOBSON   ^ SATURDAY,  JULY  11, 1914.
tl ll H fcG
"Twelve Siori™of Solid Comfort"
In tlio contra of thing.'—thonlroi
and Ktorca on bnth aides. Dnlldlns
abolutcly fireproof—concrete,»tt;el
nml iiiitrlilc.
EUROPEAN PLAN—51 perd.j up
With Bathe—VI per day lip
B. C. Land Surveyor
Oflico, Room 1, Lawrence
Hardware Blcck
RblVELSTOKE,  B.C.     J.Slp
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
35 Second Street, Revelstoke,B.C.
and A. M.
Regular .Meetings arc held in
New MasoniO Hull on tho Third
Monday in each mouth at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren ure cordially
W w.tkk BBW8, w. M.
ROBT,    GORDON,    Secretary.
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp No. 2211
Meets Second antl Fourth
Monday in each month in
Selkirk Hall Visiting Woodmen are cordially invited to
H.   W.  EDWARDS, Clerk.
■>'       '  '  .11— 'e   .,.,.  ,,__..■.
OF I. 0. F.
Meets in St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth Monday
In   month.      Visiting  brethren aro
cordially  welcomed.
H. V. MORGAN', C. R.
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-Sec.
means  tbat you   miiBt investigate  as
you would any other business,"
It   is the concensus of opinion that
Uritish Columbia is on tbe eve of the
greatest mining revival the province
has    known,  and   that  the    province
The Canadian    Medical association     John   Krafchenko, convicted murd-  may have the lull benefit ol the prom-
has  chosen   Vancouver,   fi.  ('.,  ns  its   trer,  was banged  on Thursday ln the | jge(j r8newa] of minin» activity it bc-
nieetiug    place     next  year.   The date   provincial  jail  at  Winnipeg.  He made   )UH1VI,K .„-__  mftn   wlm hag t|'ie  m,u.
will he selected
Medical society,
by the   Vancouver
no     confession.
Deuth      wus  instan-
iinn. iii'iit",  it   Emmerson, n member of the Dominion parliament, and
for three years     minister "f railways   an  impiest
and  canals  in      Sir  Wilfrid   1,minor's   baronet
Liberal cabinet, tlied on Thursday
A   verdict   Ol  accidental   death  wus
returned  by the coroner's jury    after
chell,    i
into the deaths of     the
Sir Denis      Anson and Mit-
young    bandsman,   in the
crul Industry at heart to keep it
clean from unsound promotions.
There are enough resources for legitimate work that warrant the expenditure of capital for the development
of our mineral wealth, till British
Columbia takes its place among the
leading mining countries of the world
A remission of    the death sentence
has been ordered in tbe cast' ol John
I'eter   Hansen,   who  was   to   bang    at
Prince Albert on July 111, Hansen is
paralyzed on one side ol Ills body. In
the case ol Alex, Drewnlck, who is
under sentence to bang al Regius on
the saint- date, the law will lake iin
More    than    three antl  one-hiilf billion francs ($700,000,000)   was paid   OV-
it the counters of the French trens -
ury     by   the  subscribers   fo   the     new
government loan, according to tbe
complete figures Issued by tho minis
try of    finance,   The nominal capital
of  the   rentes  issued       was  884,41 1,1	
Irancs,      This   was   subscribed     for
more than  forty times over,  and  the
money paid In represented the first in
ptalmenl    ol    10 per cent,     Ol   tbis
great  Bum seven-eights wns in   hard
cash, and the rest in treasury notes
und bonds, The issue surpasses all
records, thc best previous issue bo-
Ing ol ■.'!.".,em:,min (nines in 1001 which
was covered   24  time's.
Meets every Second and Fourth
Tuesday in the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren cordially invited.
DR. McLKAN, Die.
H. L. HAUG, Secretary.
Civil Engineers
Dominion and B.  C.  Land
Surveyors and Contractors
F.  O.  Box  347,  Kamloops,  B.  O.
Branch  Oflice—Watson  Realty Co.
I.  O. O.  F.
Meets  every  Thursday  evening in
Selkirk  Hall  at   * o'clock.  Visiting brethren cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE,  Secretary.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at ^k., in Selkirk
Hall. Visiting brothers
cordially invited.
Mckenzie 1372
Court Meets in Foresters Hall,
C'ver Smytbe's Tool Room First
and    Third   Wednesdays   at   8:30
G.  D.  SHAW, C.  R.
A.   H.   MARCHANT,   Rec.-Sec.
The second of Britain s giant labor
combines came Into existence when a
conference ol representatives ol un
skilled     labor   approved a     scheme
".hereby  the general   laborers'   nation
al council and the national transport
workers* federation amalgamated into a national union. The laborers'
council represents eight unions, enrolling general laborers, while the
transport workers' federation has
meanwhile   joined   with   fusion   is    not.
combative, but such as the coal miners and  railway  men.   it   is     urged
thai the object ol the union is to
lessen the number of industrial conflicts. One chief consideration, however, is the formation ol central funds
With the commencing membership at
100,000 the proposal is that a levy
sliull be converted Into a first fund of
S200,000 to meet trade union liabili-
tiesl A minimum subscription of two
I ence per week is to furnish an annual Income of nearly a million dollars, and the establishment of a central fighting fund of half a million
dollars is contemplated, it is expect
i-tl  that  with  little eiT,,it   und   within
a short time, ibe 1110.01111 membership  der to avoid any possibility of
will lie doubled. tluenre from  Dublin.
The    HeellS.'   eef    Leeflls    is    deitlitlg   Witll
ibe bill amending the Home Rule bill
witb unusual expedition, ami is was
ting little time iu discussion. Three
important amendment have been adopted. The lirst provided for the elimination of the clause of the bill requiring that a vote shall be taken iu
Big Profits in Mining
in British Columbia
As showing the value of the mineral Industry as a  means ol profitable
employment  of capital Ibe Mining nml
Engineering     World  points out  that
the   mines and    t ullurgieiil   works of
Canada and the United states distributed in dividends for the year 1013,
KI08,04U,3liO, ns compared with dividends 'il $08,111(1,037 for 1012. These
same companies bave distributed in
dividends Btnce Incorporation 3951,-
C>80,00l ot I!:! per cent on their total
capitalization of !f830,480,80G. Copper companies Included in the above
lead as profit earners, having paid
In dividends since Incorporation $444-
00fi,097', or it'.i per cent on their com- '
lined capital of $270,035,515, Gold-
silver lead-zinc companies distributed I
since Incorporation <$3*50',O20,81] or
14-1 per cent on their capital.
The mines of  British  Columbia  are
now handing out dividend cake at the !
Pages   6   and    7    Are   of
Interest  to  Wholesalers
WHERE is the logical place for the Receiving Room
in a Wholesale Warehouse) This book tells you,
•nd backs up its statements with sound, logical reasons why.
Thi« one point alone has convinced many a busings man
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business leaks and increasing profits through add<ed efficieticy
in handling goods and  filling orders.
Live  merchants  and  manufacturers  instantly   recognize
the importance of keeping abreast of
the times.     To such thn Book will
prove  a   revelation.     It   |x>ints   the
way   to  greater  profits  through  efficient   management   and  thc  intelligent disejxisilion of
lime    snd    labor.
^fs/.f"    -"-Hffl       Sent kwt upon re-
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each county -if Ulster on the question   rate    of about $2011,000    per     month
whether it should     be excluded from   wJth chances decidedly  in favor of a
the operation ol the Home Rule bill.
The second provided for the totul exclusion ol Ulster, without time limit. The third which was accepted by
the government, places the excluded
Ulstei under a Secretary of State, instead  of  the  I.onl  Lieutenant, in or-
in -
Account of Deluge
on Ancient Tablet
An ancient Sumerian tablet
I een unearthed in the ruins of
1 ur, and ou it is Inscribed an
count "f the Deluge
— Dealer in
(Prettiest Dessigns)
DRES8MAKINC:     lit   Guaranteed
Front si nei Lower Town
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your out-
tit of working clothes
lor tbe bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
reaulred invonrhuiiinesi.
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42   -   Night Phone85
i c-
and among   .tber   things it is mentioned   tbat Neeah
was   the   person   who   was   unforttmitc
enough i" offend 'he Deity. This is
very likely to give rise to a great
deal of discussion am! to lead to a
fresh debate over tin Glini sis narrative. The discovery bears out the
suggestion tbat tbe Expulsion from
l'tlen  and  the story  of the  Flood  are
only variants of the s.-ui.i legend and
thai both relate to a catastrophe in
the history of mankind, that has beeu
almost universally remembered. Bc-
clesiasttcal authorities are noi by any
means as certain as they appear to he
of some ofthe things tbey teach, and
among the things, In regard to which
all but tbe veil Ignorant oi the very
conservative admit tiny are uncertain
is the historical value ol the Hook of
Genesis. Indeed, it may be saitl that,
;i( ecclesiastical authority did not feel
Obliged to insist upon the lit er,,In,-ss
of  tbis   book, in   order   to  sustain     a
theological theory, it would probably
be regarded as decplv Interesting but
not authoritative, in view ol the
.many discoveries of ancient records,
many of them long antedating the
suggested authorship "f Genesis, it
Is incumbent upon the church to re-
constder the viewpoint from which it
will regard all records purporting to
liven an  account   of the early  duvs of
The tablet in .|iiestieen is Snmeriau
and was fe und In the ruins of Nip-
1 ur. Sumerian is the term applied to
lhe oblest known civilization. The
Silinet inns Mere „ people whose re-
tords antedate those of Nmevuh nnd
Babylon, and are consequently much
mors ancient than the records ol the
.lews. Apparently they may be assigned t...i period 'ally in,000 years
ago. Nippiit seems to he the most ancient city of which anything at all is
known definitely. The Talmud identities it with Onlneh. one of the cities,
which Nimrod, a great-grandson of
Noah is said in Genesis (Chap. XV.
10), to have included in his kingdom
No less than .'lO.Oi'O commercial and
literary tablets have been found in
Nippur. It was a sacred city. and
here was tbe great temple of Bel, to
which pilgrims resorted long years
after Ninevab and Babylon hud de«-
I rived it of its political and commercial supremacy, in view of the
fact that the Hook of Genesis In its
present form does not probably ante- !
diite the return of the .lews from !
captivity in Babylon the bearing of
these .Sumerian records upon tbe sub-
Ject dealt with therein Will he seen
to ite of very gnat importance
Colon lit.
large increase before this time next
year, taking the present increase in
I development work into consideration.
As an anchor to windward these
stormy .lays the mines of British
Columbia are certainly having a
steadying influence. It. is to be sincerely hoped that thc legislators of
this [irovir.ee will do everything possible to encourage timid capital and
to aid the prospector. The State of
Colorado's action at-the present time
in announcing that they are about to
'^tablisli a * 1,000,000 bonded indebtedness against the state hy constructing and operating, milling, smelting,
and assaying plants for use on ores
A new publication has made its ap- °' t,,p state, is rather significant.
pearance In British Columbia, the British Columbia can well afford to
'British Columbia Financial Times," (,° something substantial to encour-
descrlbed In its own columns as "A aSe lier chipf industry—The Chalcop-
joiirnal of Finance, Commerce, lnsui- J'1''1*-'- Skeena Crossing, B.C.
ance, Heal     Estate, Timber and Min-
British Columbia on lu
of Mining Mai
ing." It is published at Vancouver,
semi-weekly, and the editor and publisher is Bradford W. Heyer.
In its second issue, an article contributed by F..1. Orossland, M.I.M.E.
..ii the mineral wealth ol British Columbia, contained the following:
it is now becoming more generally
realized the great heritage we possess
in tbe mineral deposits so generously
distributed over the greater portion
■ if British  Columbia.   Mining has been
the foundation e,f wealth from the
beginning of tune. Tbe governments
rich in minerals have always been
tbe richest and     strum . overn-
ments on earth. The mineral sections
of any country have always ruled
that     country.   Remember    that the
man   who  is      producing   gold,  silver,
coppw mil Iron is creating the raw
material "f monev and tin- mining of
the world's metal is tb'- life blood
■I modern Industry. A country of
great mines always I.e..ie.es a country  of   irreat   Industries,   wealth,       iu-
Lease is Taken
on Idaho-Alamo
The best WAX to buy is
It's real English.    Get a sample
Sole local agents -LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.. Ltd.
New Denver,  B.C.,  July  10.— Thorn- j
as Avison  has taken  up supplies    to I
the Idaho mine  uud  commenced    the1
season's work  this week on tbe lease
of  the      property.    J.  H.  Corey  and
Louis  Scaia  are  associated  with  bin.
in   tlie  lease-.
Morris Davis and J.A. McPhee have
completed the trail to their claims
near tbe head of the lake and will
commence development work next
week. The ore is gold bearing, and
1 ist year a crosscut tunnel was com-
menced to tap the vein at depth. The
work on this tunnel will be continued
this season. C S. Vanstone is inter- I
csted with them in the group of
t luims.
.Men   have  leen  put. to work ou    the
co_n»7 .
rtuence an.l power,    (ceil  Rhodes, thc   H,"tuey  Bro"I>  by   J- "•  Macmaster
man      who      built   Up   an   empire  for
Great   Britain,  and   who   made  riches
for hundreds ol bis followers, paid a
remarkable tribute  to  mining in  otic
of his speeches, which  briefly     sum-
marlzed,     was :,s follows:   "I   have
made   i  great  study of the question,
and   have   bad   statistics   not   only    of   ^Velopmenl   work   on
lii eat  Britain, but  ol the whole world
carefully   compiled,   so   that   1      may
not   be  m  error,   which  shows     that
mining     properly     conducted    oilers
greater  Inducements  than  any biiBi -
ness in the world.
"Tins Investigation that 1 have had
.nade further shows that even farming is more rltky than mining, that
.'._' per cent more peqple lose money
and  fail   in  the  mercantile      businesB
resident manager of the Queen's Head
Mining company. A Burvey is being
mudc wiih a view to continuing the
lower tunnel from which an upraise
will he made to tbe whiz, sunk for
about  20ft.  from  the No. *! level.
It  is tin' intention to use   power in
the Ruth-Hope
this season.
The crosscut tunnel on the Apex ia
iu about 500ft. and it is expected the
ore body «ill he reached within tbo
next IHO ft. The rock is very bard.
Two shifts arc  being  worked.
While ground sluicing a vein was
exposed on the Capella on Goat mountain, under lease to W.H. Will. The
vein is east of. the old workings from
which  the  rich  ore  was mined    some
Build Concrete
Crib Floors and Supports
"THKY keep thc rats, squirrels and other
rodents from carrj ingau ay your profits.
Millions of dollars-are lost to farmers each
year through the ravagei of rodents in
cribs and granaries. Part of this loss if
paid by every fanner whose crib floor
isn't built of concrete.
Concrete crib floors and support? Hop the  wittr kx-
tbiui in mining, that  17 pi r cent more , yi'urs ug0"
people lose money and fail in the The Standard company has ucquir-
banking business than in mining, and ed thc Alplm and A'nucortCB claims,
that more people lose money und fail Tha Alph"- WM <)Wned by McKenzie &
proportionately in any of the p,.0. --McNuugbt, and lies north of the
fessions than mining. Mining is the 'st,lI"1*ir<i. »«* the Surprise fraction-
backbone of all wealth, though of ol lyine *>**■" *™- Tho Anacortes was
tourse you can lose money in mining 'owned by James MoNaught and adit you put it Into a imposition that ^lnB thc stlind»rd and Surprise on
is worthless,  just as you  would lose
They Protect Your Grain
Concrete il strong (kuaNe and clean It neva wear>
out and needs practical^ no rrpairv It n thr cheapest of all materials (or crib* and granaries
Write for thi* free book "What thc Farmel can do
with Concrete." It tells all about the use- of con-
cr«e and will help erery farmer to havt better
huiledings aad «><* mofxy.
ParaMr'i  lofa_u_-_t_ari  Bar*»n
Cement Company LinateJ
the west.
money lf you
that  had     no
invested  it In a store
merchandise,    which
Out of nearly one hundred applications for thc position of principal of
the Kelowna Bchooi, the board of
trustees have finally selected the services of K.l\ Hichardson. For the
past ten years Mr. Hichardson has
held the position of principal of var«»
ions schools in the Uominiou chielly
in Nova Hcotia.
i iif st;ttu-* ■■' ft bnitMa bouM la
rtflecteti in it* fttnLlonery- It .'•■■-
to hftto the ->**t that'll going.  We
f;lfe you the highest r|uality *t it«i
nwfit price-   1 ri"f Htttimfttv*.
Mail. Herald
W« nfffr you expert service. Print
l« our buninem and OQff hobb) U 0
To the Wnt selection af pftper ftnil
tltctrlc Prftftft J t\p» «« ailil originality ami uninr.
ti» ~« of tlenign aud rapid deliver) PAGE EIGHT
I— —	
SATURDAY,  JULY 11, 191-
A. D. Tourner photographer, has
moved Into new [uajters on First
,i Fitzimmons of Arrowhead, was
B guesl 'l the Hotel Revelstoke yesterday
[ 3 Wright, New York, was registered at the Hotel Revelstoke on
V,- F Carter of Vancouver, was a
guest   ..I   the      Hotel    Kevelstoke    on
Harry   Hlnchcllfl      Ol     Claliwill.am.
,  , ,  guesl   it  the King  I3dward on
Th Jdaj
[.- vouug, postmastei   .1 Revelstoke,
wa ,  Vl!il,..r to theclty  this week.
\ on S'ews
.   Revelstoke • lt>  band    will ac-
,,.,   ,,,-,    the   Orangemen t,, Arrow
i„... | . :   Monday
,; g \1,-| alter left OH the mid-
night train last nigh! lor a short
si,,     to Calgarj
G Sutherland ol Comaplix, was In
the' city "" Thursday ind registered
at. the King Edward.
Mors   Hayden    bas   returned
..., extended v.sit to Kevelstoke
oops Standard.
Mr. ami  Mrs. W.B. Thompson   anil
family of Prince  Albert, were guests
.   Hotel   Kevelstoke  yesterday.
K    H.   Prlckleson,   V,    Vi.  Perry.   Vi.
!•',  Cartel   and 1).  Mam,     Vancouver,
guests at.  the  Hotel Revelstoke
on Thursday
The  Orange  lodge  will   attend service .it the Presbyterian rhurch    ou
Sundaj   evening.     Thc members   will
1 le  -it    then     lodge  rooms    at
'.    I p.m.
Excursionists to the Arrowhead
Orange celebration will leave on the
regular morning train at. ^:2H on
Monday and return by special train
leaving Arrowhead it 7 o'clock ia
the evening.
Some of the tourists registered nt
tbe Hotel Revelstoke on Friday were
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Drown ■ and
family. Los Angeles; Mr.. Mrs. and
Miss Hamilton Russell, London, Eng;
Miss LeO illal9, Vernon, B.C.
The following tourists registered at
the   Hotel     Revelstoke ■." Thursdaj
Mr. uiel Mrs James Kiefsein, Walker-
ville; Mr. ind Mrs. F. H. Brown, Edmonton, and Mr. and Mrs. Rupert
and daughter    3an Francisco
The    n len sidewalk    on   Third
btreet  from  McKenzie avenue to the
court bouse his been removed, and
the sidewalk has heen graded in preparation f'>r tin- laying of the cement sidewalk, the contract for which
bas been let   I ■    i    Pradolini.
Three freight   iars    'it the  -rack at
■    -1 mi •    ' ist   il    RevelBtoke,
delayed train  No.  i from     Toronto,
which   irrived  this    morning,      seven
-    late   .1 N   McKay, superintend-
wret   Ing train left for thc
if the     wreck at midnight last
nverting thi
hall inl        idqu irters for the
-    lodge, d  pro-
■   •  hand-
■ •-   ■ j      .   •       •     the  ''■■' i ■  •
branch    I  I rnment
feet that i wide
ntry i
hot   and   dry   with   a consequent     in-
a tl -inif threa-
ti       -  - ■   .    ■
ber ai       n the Fori
and      ilong 1      line of t
K.  ('illinium of Toronto,  was regis
tered   at   the   Hotel
Revelstoke    ou
Mrs. G. H. Howiesoa of Arrowhead
registered at the King Edward on
0, I!.. Simpson of Nelson, was among the guests at the King Edward
on Thursday.
E. ('. Roseand, J. W. Kilpatrick,
of (ilacier, were ut the King Edward
on Wednesday.
,T. Mcl.eod, Dominion fisheries in ■
Bpector <>f Nelson, was a guest at the
Hotel Revelstoke on Thursday.
The Misses Louise and Julia R.
Neppert of San Francisco, were guests
ed  the  Motel   Kevelstoke on  Thursday
Mrs. McRae nf Kevelstoke, and Miss
Aggie Thomas are here on a visit to
their parents, Mr. anil Mrs. .1. Thomas.   Vernon  News.
Among tbe tourists registered at
the Hotel Kevelstoke on Thursday,
were Oleanu Stone, New York; Olive
Todd, Calgary; Olena Holm Winnipeg
and Charlie Holm, Fort William.
A meeting of all committees connected with the Agricultural association will be held in the city hall on
Tuesday evening to revise the prize
list for the annual fair to be held in
Miss Delia Sweeney, daughter nl'
Thomas'Sweeney, formerly of RevelBtoke, was married in Kamloops last
i\ eek,
Hart Munro accompanied hy Provincial Police Constable Rothwell
went to Three Valley on Thursday
where they recovered Mr. Monro's
valuable airdale ilog which had been
Tbe Kevelstoke Poultry antl Pet
Stock Association will meet on Monday evening at eight o'clock in the
city ball to appoint a committee for
the poultry exhibit ofthe Fall Pair
ami to arrange matters relating to the
winter show to lie held at Nakusp.
Other business of importance will be
| taken up.
Owing to the importance of having
strawberries and other small fruits,
which are now almost over, preserved
In uniform style for exhibition al the
coast fairs, T. E. L. Tayloi and II. N.
Coursiei were appointted at 'hen t-
! ing of the Agricultural Society on
Wednesday evening to interview
ladies and  ask them t" prepare   the
ple-ell es.
Edited by  Mrs. Ralph Lawrence
Those having Items feer publl
In   the    Mall-Herald ind per-
to call
up  phone  i'-'
Mi    A   McRae     is spend
•    [.eon.
Mrs coast
V. ■■ have
Ttarei   1 'elii if>u_ Sepet lata
,ii the foul   i.
ut i;
lay Sundae
• nn
Baseball Frappe
and our
What Sundae
MI  Cuii'ii   in  out   window   i.-
25c per lb.
today only, at
Mrs,  G. rl *
A    , i
t   .    I    fe •     fr"::'!
gomery 6
Miss McSween   •! Prince Edward La-
la      visiting    be Mrs
Ferguso      '■!        Roj   \W)t,imld     and
Mrs,   Robert   Bquarebriggs,   She    intends leaving in a week's time I
SS, on an extended  trip.
Mrs    K If .-'.   McLean   wai   fhe  h"«
t.esH of a jollj  picnic party on Toes
day   last,   given   for  her house  gnett
Mrs.   Montgomery.    A  few friends  left
1 in automobiles, and  hud    supper    'ar
ruin  the  river,   afterwards  driving  to
leiatit.s of  Interest.
The picnic at Albert Canyon
ended rather disastrously for little
Aura Corning. While running out, of
the  way of some  ball  players,   with  a
bottle   of soda    watei  in ber band,
she fell,  breaking the bottle, and cut
I ting bet  hand very badly. Mr. Clifford
applied tirst aid- and she was taken
to the hospital where Dr. Hamilton:
put in ten stitches.
The Rev. Father McKenzie is at
Golden for a few days.
Mr. W. A. Gordon, city clerk, is
spending his vacation  In Victoria.
Mrs. .lames Donaldson and son, left
on Thursday for Victoria ou a weeks'
Mrs. Nicholson and Mrs. Miller left
for Victoria on Thursday for n short
Miss Edmonds, milliner for C. B.
Hume, left for Vancouver and Seattle
Mrs. .1. W. Dickie and her sister,
Mrs. Kelly, are in Victoria for a
month's visit.
Mrs. .lack Hume entertained a few
friends on Tiicsduy afternoon and ten
was served  on  the  lawn.
Mr. and Mrs. McGregor and family
of Kevelstoke, have taken up residence
in North Vancouver for six months-
Vancouver World,
Ruth  Llndmark  Bpeni  a couple   of
days at Albert Canyon this week,
I ringing home with her Lenta Carl-
sou for a short visit.
Gordon Sutherland, superintendent
of tho Forest Mills company plant at
Comaplix, made a Hying visit to Kevelstoke on  Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Moth ure
home again, having spent a vcry enjoyable three weeks at Vancouver,
Victoria, Portland and Seattle.
Miss McGregor secretary of the Woman's Missionary society, gave a
very interesting address at thc Presbyterian  church  on  Sunday  morning.
The W.C.T.U. presented Bibles to
the City police station yesterday. The
Bibles were written in four different
languages. English, German, Italian,
and French.
The  Ladies  aid  of      the    Methodist
church had    their     regular monthly
meeting on Thursday afternoon. At
the conclusion of the business, Mrs.
i ashly Hall served tea and cuke.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Howson are
visiting Mrs. Robert Howson, awaiting the completion of their new home
on  McKenzie avenue.   Mrs.  Ida  Max-
r.n  is also .a  guest  of Mis. Howson.
Douglas McCarter and Eric Rob-
bins are home again, after a trip of
nearly three months with Christie
ai e! Dawson's survey party. Mr. G.S.
McCarter met. them at Fight mile
Misses Yella .1. LaWBOn antl Donna
Eulalie [_awson, late of Strathroy,
•':.t. BOW of Armstrong. B.C., aie
the   guests   ^f   Mr.   and   Mrs.   H.     A.
:,r  their summer home Buena
.  ..•:  the Shuswap lake.
Coulthardt   received   for      the
t'rst   ". her   arrival   in   town
at   ber   home  on   Sixth   street.      Her
Mrs   'ir.--  ia-ii ■ serving
t.) he- many callers.  Mrs. Grey
to her 1   une  in  Vancouver on
Mr- children of
-.-n spending
■  old country, return-
Mr    N,.rth  wl
Niger   of  the
'   ted    Kir.
irks,  left  for    a
■    iota
of Donald, at a small lake, tbey pulled out two hundred and sixty lish in
two hours.
Edward  Hlllman of Beaton,  Ib    in
town renewing old acquaintances. He
came up on Friday's train from Ar-
Master Richard Lawreuce left on
Tuesday for the const, with his friend
Lemuel Briggs, being Mrs. Briggs'
guest for the summer.
Mrs. T. Vi. Bradshaw and family,
left on Tuesday to spend the Bummer .it Vancouver. Her mother Mrs.
Miller will follow in a few dnys.
Mrs, Douglas Knox of Three Valley
spent a day in town, on her return
from Banff, where she has been     en-
|oylng  the  hot   springs  for a   week.
Mrs. S. Riddel! of Salmon Arm, re-
' turned home on Saturday, having
'spent two weeks with Mrs. R. Howson  ■ '(  McKenzie  avenue.
Tells of Need of
Missionary Work
Miss   lv   t'.   McGregor,   tield   secre.
tary  of  the  Women's  Missionary  society of the Presbyterian church gave
gave an address in  St.   John's church
last   Sunday   at,   the  morning  service.
She told  of the need of     aggressive
missionary  work,  both at home   and
abroad, and of what was being    accomplished  at     present.   The church
was doing a great      work among the
' Indians in  Canada,     but it was not
reasi.liable to expect the Indians    to
• attain in 3(1 years what it has taken
several  hiindhretl  years  for the white
| men to attain.  The  preaching of thc
I gospel   has      produced   wonderful   re-
; suits in Indin and the outlook is ex-
I ceedingly bright.     In the tirst 10 yeurs
of missionary effort     In these lands
I the converts were gathered into     the
church  b)   twos  and  threes  now they
jure coming by thousands every year.
;Miss     McGregor    is an  able  speaker,
and deeply impressed her hearers witui
her earnestness and the lucidity     of
her appeal.
Three Hundred Climbers
To Attend Alpine Camp
At a meeting of the members of the
Victoria Branch of the Alpine club
held last wek at the residence of the
chairman, W.W. Foster, M.P.P., it
was announced that about ten members of the local branch would be attending the cun.p which opens in thc
Upper Yoho vallev on July 21, for
three weeks. Mr. Foster reported
that he bad had a letter from A. U.
Wheeler director of the club, who is
at present staying at thi' club house
in Banff after a sojourn in the Yoho
where he has gone over the ground
with some of his assistants, and has
found the camp site and the possibilities of the district to the climber to
be even better than he bad anticipated. About H00 Alpinists from nil
parts of the Dominion, the United
States ami Kuropc are expected to
join the camp this summer, which will
make the event unite one of the big-
•   the history of thc club.
Empress  Theatre
.MT  7  I'M
i .• , ib .   Mie.
,  i;.
■    ll   Un I
Mutual Week
for M'-i  Brothar's Sake   k .
Le.-   ill    . 11,   I
Tbe   spee del -     i sci   imlng
Ke) itons comedy.
Tin' Frame  i p  pai i on*
Rronobo di ams
The     Fm tne I  p       pai I     IWO;
Bronohn drama,
A Japanese (lotirtshlp   M i |i
tic nonieily 'It me '
A    Judge's    Son,     Bronohn
A i iepe Bonnet  Thanh
• 'itiieele.
Nil HIT AT 8i80
I.   0    I.   CHURCH   SERVICE.
L.  0.   I.    \'e,.   1858  will  attend ser-
'   thi   Presbyterian church    on
. evening.     Members requested
tee be at lodge room at 8:30.   Visit-
.. ilcomed
.11.11 ■ i    1'. HUME, W. M.
Holiday Specials
A Clearance of Summer Goods
at  the   Height  of   the  Season
75 Men's Suits
2- and 3-piece Tweeds Worsteds and Serges. Former
Prices up to $_:().oo now      $19.75
Men's Wash Vests
in everyjsize and pattern. Former prices up to 3. -,o, now 1.50
Men's White Canvas Shoes
Regular prices _. 75.    Now      1.75
A Big Special
in Men's and Hoys' Straw Hats. We have set aside an assortment of values up to ,v.=iO, youi* choice of any now
at     75v
McRae Mercantile Co.
Patent Button Boots    FQP [A[)|[$   Patent Button Boots
Ladies' Patent black toe button Boots, cloth tops          $4.50 to $6
"__^ plain pointed toe button Boots, cloth tops     $4.50 to $6
Ladies Patent Embossed Velvet tops button Boots, Cuban heels      $4.75
Ladies Patent 5th Avenue dark check top button Boots     $6
Ladies' Patent button Boots, dull kid tops in variety of lasts    $4.50 to $6
The Love of Tokiwa       The Pink Opera Cloak
A 2-reel Vitagraph Japanese drama. .s 1 • 1 i^ drama.
Cupid's Lariot Whose Champion Now?
A novel Kiilein comedy
Kleine-Oines farce-comedy
LADY MADCAP'S WAY—Pathe play in two parts antl three good
$10.00 Gold piece given away every Friday night.
Phone Your Orders to No. 28
Prompt Delivery
A. B. C. Seltzer   for a big head nr
sick stomach.. .25c, Wo ami $1.25
Kexall Liver Suits -a delightful and
Rig Rexall Talcums at
healthful effervescent, 85c, (Hie *1
Kim's Fruit Salt—For hot weather.
Dawn Lineti NbteHaper, a box.25c
2 box<ea inr 80c
ice Chamois given PRE
E with
stock about exhausted.
each Talcum purchase
'       ■ :' . .  . , - ' .■-■■•  .•'*    ■    • , .1
TAe IteAalll Store -,  - * v
m  ^-_-----B--___------.___Pi '.■■■'."•^ ?
Ing entering
Ugh     li hool Commen mi OUun,
• •   1 te, band In their name.
'  thi   Bi hool Hoard
It  Jl.lS.n.p,
. uve     pi' cenl  ni   headache.
.t-Hiilt   ,f     eyestrain.   If you ,
tli.it     K iv.  consult  Dr.
'Int.   at   Dlitrn
.i.'i  Hill.   Revelltoke, mi Thursday,
13rd .11 u n.p.
'!*•■! ei<TH will  be received t>y t.he hit
I   ■ "ml   '.(  Bchooi  Trim
tetg, np to and Including July 1Mb,
for the deliver} to tine leparate
schools im directed, of 10 cords of
■itv Ke or Hemlock .11.11 ,n.p.
i.'nt Hperiiil prlSM  .en   luttan  chair*
ti'1   .flip matting at   Howson's.
Nirp MMftment ol Bacb<tt powders
nnd toilet waters jimt in at Macdon-
aid's drug store.
(in to Mowson's for your carpet
squares, drnperira anil rtirtalns. It
will pay you to look over their large
Bmythe's Employment onicc, bold-
log    Government uremic, can supply
nil kinilH of help for farmers, railway
constructors, logging camps land
clearers, sawmills, and odd jobs
around the city. Send your applications to Hoy Smythe, Revelstoke.
111'. S.I.. Tallin', eyesight specialist
of Taube Optical company, Vancouver ami Calgary, will he at Diamond
Hall, Revelltoke, on Thuvsday, July
38, If there ia anything wrong with
your eyesight, do not fail to consult
him, All work absolutely guaranteed
as tested. J1.18.n.p.
Fifty sui's, your choice made to
order in oar own work rooms. July
■ale price $'Js and &SO a Buit, regular
*;)H and ><lo Now is your chance to
lave ymir suit made to fit you.—
1 reiiman & Co.,    Limited.  .11.29.n.p.
Look! Look!—yes you can if you
get those glasses fitted at J. Guy
Gait coal is handled exclusively
In Kevelstoke liy the Hevclstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Oo to Mr. H. Tapping for your
garden plantB.
WANTED—Clean cotton rags, 5c. per
Ib. paid at Mail-Herald Office.
FOR HAI.K—New four-hole cooking
stove with reservoir. WeBtern Green
Apply 9. Gale,   Rokeby At.    t.f.n.p.
FOR    RENT— Rooms   to rent   with
board    Near    post office,   excellent
cook,    moderute      terms.        Apply
S. Gale, Rokeby uvenue.        t.f.n.p.
WANTED — At once.   Clirl for light
household  work.      Apply  Box 205.
Jl.l.t.f.   n.p.
FOR SALK—Five roomed house on
Lot 11, Block ">G, Eighth street.
Price reasonable. Water und electric light. Apply H.F.S. Box C9,
Prince Rupert,   B.C J1.18 p.
WANTED—Agents for Windsor Oil
Fields Limited, un Oil Company
with splendid holdings of l'ISO acres
in the approved oil area. Apply to
Windsor Oils Limited, 32C-8th Avenue, West, Calgary, Alberta.    .
FOR SALE-Sanitary Couch, 2 burner oil stove, new perambulator and
other articles. Party leaving town.
Apply No. 3, McKinnon Block.     It
TO RENT—Furnished rooms, . with
board if required; also rooms for
light housekeeping. —39, Fourth
street, east. Jl.ll.lt. p.
FOR SALE—Rubber Tired Buggy. —
Apply to Hub driver, King Edward
Hotel. Jl.ll.l.t.n.p. ■
FOR RENT—One furnished house,'No.
S,  Seventh  street;  also three    nice
rooms furnished for     light    housekeeping.   Enquire  John  Beck.


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