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 'ne iviau-neraiu^sE^^
$2.50 Per Year
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
We have a nice number of Hats in
Our Millinery Department that will
interest you. There arc a great
number too many for this timo ol yoar—this will result to
your benefit "is ive are going lo sacrifice ihem on
JUNE 26, 27, 28, 29.
We hope to see you among those to get a bargain. Don't
forget iht above dates us they nipun exactly whnt we say.
Tape (iirdle Corsets for wttrni weather,  any size,  good
heavy tape and extra good girdle for * 50C
In lho plain Silks, both black nnd
white, also lhe Long Lace Mitts ami
In   Black,   Navy,   Brown,  White,
Cream, for Summer Skirls and Dresses.
Lawn  Dresses
Beautiful Lawn Dresses in White.
Theie are Novi Modi Costumes. You
will surely need one for the hot
weal her, Several styles lo choose from
ami they are only 85.00
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc. Stanley's and Starrett's
Mechanics' Tools. SimohaV and Shurly nnd Dietrich High
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in great variely,
Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc,
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Convenient Offices for Rent Upstairs.
t Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, eto., Dumbing and Tinsmithing.
iTi its t'ti.x'tl 1*1*1 itt tti 1*1*1 1*1*1 l*tl 1*1*1 iti {tt ti'i its -tt I I'l i't I tti {tk l*tl i't l '"fr* '"fr' **fr' l^a
*xTtH!ftwi iff 'X* "X X X + * X 4*  +  X * 4* X "X"+" '4' "X *X""i' "X1 X"
Dwelling anil Ixit, Second Street     .     .     ,
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street   .     ,
Dwelling and Lota, Third Sheet .
Ixits on Second St., east of McKoiult Ave., each
bil* on Third St., caat of McKenzie Ave., each   .
LotB on P.....-il. St., ...iat of McKenzie Ave., each
Lols oil Fifth St., east of McKenzie Ave,, each   .
1—2 and 5-iic.e Mucks suitable for fruit.
.   200
.   150
The directorate ol tho B. C. Fruit A
Produce Exchange met. on Saturday
last and discussed general businesa (or
the arrangement ol pricea, In the
evening a meeting ot the local brunch
ot the B.C. Fruit Growers' Atancia'ion
was held in the City Hall, a lnrge
number ol citizens intereeted in fruit
growing heing present. Willis Arm
ttrong took tho chair as president ol
tlio society During the meeting 11.
Kipp, of Chilliwack gave nu excellent
nddreaa on pruning. J. Johnston on
co-opi-rutimi, showed that lor the bone-
lit and development ol the industry all
Bhould work in harmony. W. ,1.
llrtiiiilrith expounded apraying and
general Iruit planting, delecting and
growing, giving interesting and instructive domonatrations.
The temporary olliee of the Fruit A
Produce Exchange ol II. 0., Limited,
is Incited it. the Lawrence lllunk. I,.
M. llngur, sec-manager, linn commenced wurk and it nuw making
iirriingciuontl lor the handling ol tbe
year's apple and plum crop,
Tbo business of the country is
growing to such an extent that tl.e
G. P. R. Auda it neceaaary to nu. an
additional train between Montreal and
Vancouver, making three tripe a week
during July and August. This train,
whioh will be known ai the " Trnnt
Canada, Limited," will make the
luslesl time of any ti.iiu ncrnsa the
American continent. It will carry a
baggage car, dining car, and palace
Bleeping cars only ol the very lateat
deaign and with the moat modern
appnintmentt, unit only first-class
piias.-ng.-.t. will lm carried, she lelt
Mnnl..-..I on Ibe lirst trip, July 2nd.
Ilortha cm lie reserved in Toronto lor
passage Irom North Hay to pointt
Weat of Winnipeg at which tho Trant-
Cttiittd.i Limited atops. No passengers will Ihi carried Irom Toronto lor
Winnipeg nr points eaat thereof, as
Winnipeg pnaaongcrs arrive only one
hour later by taking the Imperial
Interesting Aquatic Sports at
Arrowhead-Baseball, Football, Lacrosse and Balloon
Ascension at Armstrong-
Other Events.
Monday bruke clear nnd fine with »
alight haze hovering round the mono
tains, portending another "scorcher "
Litileurni.ttttcn.pt hnd been made
in Kevelstoke lo celebrate, aid signs
ul hunting nnd lings were lew and far
Letwcen. Our citizens prelerre I lo go
further ttlield and taste of the delights
of other oommunitlee aid of other
scenery. A larger number ..I town folk
journeyed tn Arrowhead to take in the
cc ehrutiou there. A pleasant trail.
trip was sum-.-wl.at murred by the
dilliculties expciienced going up
grade, the freight pa-senger heing
extremely heavy which necessitated
the shortening ol the train and tbe
double run up the grade. Tliis oper-
tt'iun took a consider.il.le time, ..nd
not altogether appreciated by the
passengers who were wailing in the
hnt cars. A lnrge crowd awaited the
arrival ol the visitors at Arrowhead,
—a spirited march being played l.y the
Independent Bund as a welcome to
the rising little city. Dccouitiona
were pruluse on every building, the
lintels being especially guy, and
daintily el.id ladies rilled tlie balconies
while the explanade and water Iront
were lined with sightseers. The
hotels were t.ixed to the utmost at
the meal hours, but fulfilled the
wants of their guests in a manner that
proved the excellence of the respective
managements. Sports, ullyjit and
aebore was the chiciamusement, some
of the canoe and rowing events being
particularly exciting. Log rolling,
sawing and swimming events proved
very interesting and all entered into
sports with much zest, The Independent Baud discoursed lively music
all the afternoon, and in epite of the
heavy rain showers which came at
intervals, the Jumur ol the people was
never diminished.
Arrowhead did everything to please
ber guests and all who visited that
little city ou Monday last came away
alter having spent a delightful holiday. A grand ball in Lightburne's
hall wound up a good day's amuse-
Norris, for the winners, gave an ex
hibition of free bitting which mighily
pleased tl.e onlookers, and Coble's
patient and watchful innings was in
valuable, but for good cricket In well
judged strokes and mastery of bat
wielding, Derbyshire was most attractive Maley and Lnighl, bowling unchanged throughout the 0. P. lt.
i-i.lings and both trundling a good
length hall, accounted lor ull hut two
ol thc wickcls, und LeFeaux und Ruse
hehi..I the hntsn.cn, secured nearly
every hall that cnine their way.
Fnr the City, Taylor, Vivian, Duigbt
and F. Ilourne .veto top sc ireri,
Vivian's line stand, when the hups ol
the City side werc not very bright,
excited cl.ee.ing encouragement Irum
those watching, and although tl.e
gnme was new to many, yet interest
Irom them wna keen up lo lhe Inst
ball bowled.
Entwistle tok howling honors,
cap:mil)g (1 wickets, live ol them
clean I. iwle.l. His straight and lust
deliveries proving deadly. Thc tabu-
latrd score ia as follows :—
C. P. R.
Gobi.*, b Lnighl     1(1
Darbyshire, b Laight  20
llrouker, c Field, b L.tight     (i
Poster, b Muley    1
Entwistle,. c and b Ltight    0
Brier, run oot    5
Gnring, c Field, I. Maley.    I
Norris, c Brown, b Maley  29
Welwter, b Maley    1
Palmer, c Taylor, b Laight    4
Ch .mbers, not out    2
Extras    3
A very successful celel ration was
held ut Armstrong on Monday Inst,
lacrosse, baseball and loolb.ill being
the mtin leatures. A large number
ol people from outside points visited
tl.e town which waa decorated witii
Hags and bunting. Among the
features of lhe day's amusements were
two balloon ascensions by ProlesBor
Baldwin, of Chicago, lu tl.e lacrosse
match Ilevelstoke vs. Kamloops, the
hitter tCHin won by three goals, the
score being 3—G. Included in tbe
Kevelstoke  team  were   six  juniors.
Baseball—Armstrong vs. Enderby,
the scores stood at tl.e finish of the
game, A.-...strung 3, Enderby 1. In
the finals, baseball, Salmon Arm v.
Armstrong, Salmon Arm had the
game practically to themselves the
game resulting in a score lor Salmon
Ann of 15, Armstrong, 2,
The I. uil-u.ll championship ol the
Okanagan was played between Armstrong and Lumi.)-, a very exciting
game, rcBulling in Liimby 4, Arm-
strong 1. W. A. Smythe, ol Kevelstoke, acted aa referee in tl.e football
Total  88
LeFeaux, b Entwistle  4
Fieid, b Entwistle  3
Bourne, o Brier, b Entwistle	
Taylor, b Eutwietle  14
Brown, I. Curing  2
Smythe, b Entwistle  1
Laight, h Entwistle  i)
Vivian, run out  13
Maley, run out   2
North, 1 b w, b Uosing  2
Bote, not out  2
Extras  18
Total    78
Umpires—Humphreys and Page,
to the love ot n woman. His some-
wllttt dillicult part was well sustained,
und us a young lather showed that his
heart waB in the right place. R. II.
Snwyer as Stun Gerrldge, caused much
merriment and ns a comedian showed
murked ability, liiB part as lln busi.
ness liko lover of Polly being lull ol
Inn and vigor. E. \V. B. Paget came
up well as Dixon the orderly.
The stage setting and general management left nothing t'. hc desired
und went oft without u hitch. T. H.
Dunne having pctlected all arrange-
mi-ills Much credit is due to Mr.
Dunne under whose personal direction
Caste was produced, nnd the Revel
su.ke pooplo will I uk forward ..gain
to a.i..ther production bytheamateurs
ol which they have every right to be
justly proud. The Independent Bund
as i.atiul made un excellent orchestra
and nre nnoi her acquisition to our
city. Dancing was indulged in till
dawn by a h.rge. number of residents
und visitors. Tlie whole concert and
arrangements wen undei the auspices
ol the 0. W. O W.
The tootbnll match played at Nakusp on Domini..it Day between Nakusp and Revelstoke tennis resulted
in a win Inr the visitoiS, the score
being Nakusp 0, Kevel-toke 5. Thc
boys report that tbey weie right my-
ally enterta.ned during thoir visit and
peak iu high terms of their warm
welcome and tr, atment.
An exciting game ol bate ball took
place on Monday between the Hume,
Lawrence Co's stall- and tbe Dent
House, resulting in a win tur the latter.
The score alter seven innings was
Hume, Lawrence staff 10, Dent House
Eleven Lives Lost—Many Injured on C. P. R,
Winnipeg, July 2.—One white man
and ten Chinese dead, four white people injured beside a score of Chinese,
is the result of the tiain wreck which
occurred at Butler, Ont, last week
The dead white man is T. F. O'Connor, of St. John, N. B., a guard on the
Chinese were brought into the city-
through Winnipeg yesterday morning
with 200 Chinese in bond Ior the East,
Nine of the more seriously injured
Chinese weie brought inlo the cit this
Thc two trains, the Chinese special
and the Pacific Express Irom the East,
met in collision at the little station ot
Butler. As lar as can be learned at
present, the catastrophe is the result
of the engineer on the Chinese train,
M. Wrighlson, overrunning bisordeiB.
The engineer oo the other train is
named Lizettc, I ut no blame is attached to him. Ij.itlor is a station on
the C. P. R about 270 miles east ol
The ten Chinamen killed were en
route in bund for Montreal and pointB
east. The cornet names are unobtainable.
Revelstoke (ml Agencies, un.
Cricket has not been a feature included in Revelstoke sporte of recent
yeara, but after Ihe very interesting
game, witnessed by many spectators,
on Dominion Day, which took pluce
on the old Gun Club ground, and
which enabled ub to aee what material
is available lor playing matches with
neighboring clubs, it ia sale to say it
will be an attraction it included in
any programme ol ouUloor summer
tporta here
The match waa between a C.P.R.
eleven, and an eleven representing the
City, all ol the 22 players being men -
ben of the recently urganiscd lucal
club The C PR eleven have tl.e
honor ol winning thc first match, although hy a very small margin, and
the City team have the credit ol winning excellent opinions hy their smart
fielding. Indeed only three "byct"
were scored against them.
Creditable Production
and Dancing.
The Amateur Dramatic Club line
always been u popular institution in
Revelsloke, and whenever they have
played have invariably drawn goud
houses. When it was known that
"Cusle" had been chosen for production  on  Dominion  Day, Revelstoke
hook her head and looked doubtful of \
the result. The club, knowing what' " is u renl colored minstrel variely
it was up against worked hard and in show. It is thc real thing und haa set
spite of many Bet backs came up sniil- a standard tor Simon pure, old time
ing on Monday night and played as negro minstrelsy tint puts it mucins,
they have never played belore. There liy itself. It has no competitors for it
is no need to describe  the story  of is absolutely alone,  unequalled and
Caate," but eullicc it to say that the unrivaled, and this expression is
characters were well apportioned and shared by the Dramatio writers in all
each member worked hard and in per- the cities where the Dundy Dixie
Ieet cooperation with each other to Minstrels have thus far presented their
insure the success ot what wae gener-! inimitable performance, The New
ally aupposed to he a task a little hit York Herald lor instance, declares
beyond the capabilities ol the olub, that it is unquestionably the best
The house wns packed will, a gener- negro u iustrel ever seen in this conn-
out and appreciative audience who] try; the New Orleans Picauue declares
sce.i.cd to enjoy thc piece Iron, beginning to end,    As ll.e wile, widow and
All those who intend using this Celebrated
Coal next winter should not fail to purchase their
full requirements during June or July, as llie
quantity procurable from the mines after that
date will in all probability be very small. This
Coal is continually improving as the mines go
deeper and is now equally as good as thc best
Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal.
For Prices and Summer Terms, apply to the
Exclusive Agents.
Offices :—Molsons' Bank Building.     Telephone
wile oiiic again of the Hon. George
D'Alroy returned Iron, tl.e dead,
Mrs, W. M. Lawrence was excellent, her acting being sympathetic
yet powerful. Mrs. II. A. Brown ue
the Marchioness, wus iu truth a veritable "grand.: dame," and carried out a
dillicult part in lifelike reality, the
reconciliation with her son's tuiuily
being a touching limil, and a good
instance ol sentiment against pride.
Miss Alice Berger as Polly made herself at. once a favorite, her charming
appearance und sprightly action making for her many friends, sympathy,
a warn, heart and love of fun and
frivolity being nil portrayed in a
dainty and pleasing style, I). M. Rae
aa "Papa Ee.clea" carried out a dillicult character well, the weakness mid
traits ol a menu heart and ol a confirmed toper being beautifully realistic,
Ab Capt. Ilawliec, a silly conceited
rather vulgar dude, II. Cunningham
Morris made a good part, and put.
triiye.l without over doing it, a type ol
character not particularly desirable,
but frequently found itiLondon society,
W. J W. Brown as the Hon, George
D'Alroy showed just the opposite
stump ol man to Hawtreo. A deep
loving  heart thinking   nothing   ol
1 that it is the very beat colored mill-
sticl organization that bus ever appeared in thc Crescent city. Tl.o
Dallas Daily Times Herald in reviewing the first performance in that city
suid: "The house was packed, the
applause was vociferous from the
atari." All tlie old timo darky songs
were sung and ull tho old tunc darky
dunces with new time frills were given
hy thc light stepping suns of Africt.uus.
Burnt cork minstrelsy is all right, but
these minstrels werc tuu.lc black by
the brush ol nature, ure close to lirst
place i.b amusement and luu creators.
The Dandy Dixie Minstrels will appear at Tapping's Opera House on
Monday next, July 8th,
.«•   — —
London, July 2.—Tho list of King's
birthday honors, which arc mually
...interred aB a reward for political and
civil Bcrvice, is more interesting thun
usually is tl.e case because ol the recognition accorded art, science antl
literature. Four new peers have been
named hy the King, Sir .lames .1. Kitten, ex-Lord Mayor ol Leeds, Sir Jas,
Blaith, who bus devoted his wealth to
fighting tubereulnsis, Sir Samel Montague aud Alex. Beokover, bankers
Moro than thirty knighthoods have
been bestowed, tho receipiont including
Nathaniel Dunlop, chairman ot the
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G E N T  F O R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
First 1 Op.
Imperial Bankof Canada
I "caate," social standing as compared I Allan Steamship line, W. S, Gilbert,
Head Office Toronto, Ontario.
tlin I'n.vinrn- ..1 Manilnlia. Alrwrla, Ha-ltatrli.waii.
Hrili-lt I'nlun.l.ia. Unli.r.f., (Just-sc.
Capital Paid Up
Rescrvo Fund
li. ii, Wilkie, Pra
-     •4,700,000.00
ent; Hon. It. .Iaitk.w, Vice-President
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parti of Canada, United Statu and
Europe, special attention given t.. Collection*!.
Savings Department
Deposits received and Intelsat allowed al curronl rate from dale
of ..poning account, and compounded fuur tunes a ynu-.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
the playwright   and   Prof.  Hubert CUSTOMS   RETURNS
Herkomor, thu artist.
Among the promotions in the various (Inlets ol the Bath, ol St. Michne
und St. Gorge, etc., nre Sir William
MaoGrogOr, governor of Newfoundland;
Hon. Chas. Fitspatrick, chiel justice
o! Canada| Mortimer Chirk, lieutenant
governor ol Ontario; Captain R, H.
Anatrother, acnior naval ollicer in
Ncwloundland waters, and Sir Tbomat
ShailghnesBy, president of the C. P. R,
Hothins. tatter then our "Spselsl.
The lollowlng is a statement ol
returns tor montli ending Juno 30th,
1907 :
Revelatoke If 21144 67
Alhciult  92-1 50
Golden    1643 01
Kainl.iopa  1686 74
Vernon.  4150 38
Total  107411 30 Cbc flfoail4)eratt>,
l.idulir; pi-tags to Kjgland, United Stale*
ana I aiia.ia.
Pr the rear ilhroust. postotllccl J2.S0
H'ill                   P'
Quarter "        "   I.M.
J ifi   HINTING promptly executed al reason-
ftb.e rate.-.
TliKJlS—Ca.-h.   Subscriptions payable in ml
C IRRBBPONDKNCB invtwd on matters ol
public interest, t'ommunica'.ions to Kill
tor n.u-t bc accompanied by name ol
tvriter. not necessarily fo publication. Imt
u evidence of good faith. Correspondence
should be brief.
Legal notice, 10 centa per line f.r-t i..*c-rii'.n,
j cants pur line each subsequenl Insertion
Mt .- irement. Xonparlel 112 Itoea make ona
inch). M..n- ki,.1 general baali.es. an-
nounc«uier.l- |J..'. per Inch I" r ui.ni.ii.
l'rel.-rrod position., i*. per cent ad-
dltl, **_. Ii.rili-. Marriagea and DeaUn.
S-c. each laMrtlon.    I ....ber notice. !*..".
I.....'.   ..-.:;.-   I-.*.'    AH »J"*r'-' ""'-*1
to U,e ,;;■ rtl ol the management,
Wan:.*; and I ondensed Adtcrti-et....-...-:-
Agenu tt ■.:.•.-:. Help Wanted, Sini.tiiun*
wanted, Situation, vacant, reaonora
WtotM, Me. lianlca Wanted, 1" unrtl* nr
... . < ,. :, fi.l.iili.iiiitl line lu cent*.
. . .-.- Id .landing adverli-cnei.ts mint
oe in by 9 v m. 1 uesday and Friday nf
a. ch week to secure good di-play.	
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.      Haroiji Fisher
Barrisleta, Sola '.".-■ Elc.
i Mi.  GILUS. F. C.E..UOTT,
venture, Iruit transportation siiouto
be carefully attended to as «ell as the
packing and storing. Growers will
Innk to the exchange lur prices and
also to the quick disposal o! their
produce. Good honest shipments lo
consumers will do more to develop
our fruit industry than any other
method adopted and to further this
end all directly or indirectly connected or ioterestcd in the growing
md handling ol fruit,should endeavor
tu co-operate. It will be tbe duty of
tl.e directors of the exchange thus to
sec that shipments ure carried with
the least possible delay so that no
cause for grievance will be given
growers or consumers.
nui ive
Wc hnve now bought out the
premises of Charlie Ling, Lot No.
Five (5), Block One (1), nnd in
lend opening up u Generul
Chinese Store.
Arrowhead, June 10th, 1907.
Lee Box, Manager,
Local Revelstoke
Socialist Party of Canada
" Encoutagc   thc  Tress, "  is  tbe
caption ol a recent timely editoriul in
the Victoria Crlunist from  whicli the
lollowing excerpt is taken:
"Very few people realize whnt nn
Important factor in ibe life ol a community tbe newspaper is. Its existence
depends so vitally upon the progress
il the city, that day in and day out
all cuneeru.d in its production are
constantly engaged in djvising ways
and means tu advance the interests ol
thc community. The duty of the
newtpaper in this regard is an ever-
present one of the lirst magnitude;
and there are very few newspapers
which are nejleolful of it. If wc were
tnexaiuine closely into the history of
all communities, which have made
Buoh strides along tbe path ol progress us to huve achieved cuospicious,
success, we would undoubted lind th. t
its press has been responsible in no
snull measure for it.
In mosl instances there is prompt and
ready disp s.ii.n on the part of a coin-
Offloea:Re«Stoke,B.C.i Crai.br. ik II.C.   I ninnity to reOJgnilie the  value of its
Meets l-'irat iiiiiI Third Wedneaday In the month
in Selkirk Hall, upstairs, at a p.m. SnWoct or
.li.ii'i.»>i....-"Ar.-:iiin....t..t tti unpltalla.il. All
Interested am w. It-nina.
Umci:.-:  In -chal Hank Hi/jch,  Kbvei.-
'sioke, H.C.
Geo. 3. MlC-.lKTEH,
A. M.  l'lNKUAM.
I'.evel.-ioke, B. C.
J. A. Harvey,
(-ri.iuo.tk ll C.
J. M. Scott l.L.U tt*. 1. llriggs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
solicitors for Molsons Hank
Fit-t Street. Revelstoke, B.O.
AiMT! ol all ore-. Sample, by mail or express
receive |.r.ioi[.*. attention.
Term* Moderate.
Addmo!     •     •    •    Box is; Kaslo. B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
^Mine Su. veying
McKenzie Avenue.
Box 113, Revei.st.ikk,
(Member American Institute of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
anil Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Bljie
Prints of Limi, Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospective investors
or purchasers,
Cbe flftafMberalb
" 1 woul . • . ea. ,c*tly a vise then lor
their good to order thi* paper to be punctually
served up,and lobe looked upon as a partol
the tea eq.i.page.'-ADD.soN.
The B. C. Fruit 4 Produce Exchange
has now been fairly launched and the
directors have gut down to business.
One ol their tirst and foremost objects
ol benefit to iruit growers and farmers
will be that of tome arrangement uud
understanding with railway companies
for the rapid dispatch of all shipments
of Iruit and produce. This applies
especially to small Iruits for long
distances and to insure the success of
the crop each year, and the mutual
satisfaction ol boll, growers and consumers, which meant increased patronage to the railroads, and the railway
companies should lose no opportunity
tu co-cj-erate and thus aid in the
development ol thia new industry
already making such stride" in lhe
province. British Culumbia is spending a large amount of money to build
up the Imi. growing industry and it is
only fair to expect thai tbe railways
and exptesi companies shuulil also ex-
pend money to back this project
which is making such a name lor
itsell. Complaints have been numerous as to the manner in whioh trans.
portation companies handle shipment*
of Iruit and in u grt.it many case.
these complaints Imve been quite
justified. Yet il we believe that Iruit
ears stand all night on a junction lid.
ing, without any apparent reason and
without ice to keep the berries Irom
decaying in tiie warm air and tin*
eccuarly delayed, while consign-
n ita are inadequately cared lur i n
arrival, then the fruit farmer
lights in vain. He may plant and
tend the largest and lineal busliCB, and
he may pack the product with the
greatest care, but il those who convey
it Irom him to the consumer are not
equally carelul and watchful, hil labor
will lie in vain. Fruit growing gives
fair rcturna for the capital and labor
extended on it hut it it not nno in
which large prolita offset heavy boxes
To intute a real success ol  thii new
newspapers as factors ul progress
|There a eexceptions, but nothing is
tto be gained hy examining too cl. sely
into a situation which gives promise
oi improving to n (lc.ree which nil!
ultimately romovo any cause (or reproach. Enough has been said to
demonstrate the expediency ol "encouraging tl.e press." Believe in its
sincerity, in its loyalty to tbe community, in its endeavor to advauoe
every movement calculated to benelit
the city. Join bunds with it in securing lull - onsideration of specific projects fur development and progress,
Regard it seriously. Most ol what appears in the press, as an expression ol
opinion, at all eventB, is nut hastily
prepared, but the result of careful
deliberation. So, when the press feels
it incumbent to call lor united action
nn the part ot the people, it may be
taken as a ccrtainity that the wisest
course to sursue is to give a response
that will bc immediate, sympathetic
nnd generous. 01 course, In saying
this wc have no reference whatever to
questions ol a political character, If
is only by the cultivation ol the
pi iociplu ol co-operation between the
people and the press that any community can hope to accomplish those
ends which arc born Bolcly ol unity
and harmony."
O-'rntn Onr Own Correspondent)
Mr, and Mrs. Fiel is have moved into
Creek Cottage.
A fine specimen of black bear was
se.n a tew days ago ou the hanks nf
MacKenzie Creek, and Ihere is reason
to believe that unite a number are
roaming around in tbat vicinity am
olnae to the lake shure.
A. B. Wutson and T. B. Hodgson, of
the L, W. L. Co's. start', paid un ali
round  visit  here  on   Sunday   last.
C. VV. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
Meets Second and Fourth Wednesdays In
each .....nth. in Selkirk 11.11. Visiting wood-
muii cordially luvltod to attond,
W, ll. ARMSTRONG, Con. Co....
11. W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
K. 0. E.
Thn regular ...ootincs nro hold ... tl.o Solljlrl
Hall ovory Tuesday evening at 8 o cine, t isit-
iiiK liriillin... nro cordially invilod.
H. A. BROWN, I'hksuient.
Koot. nav Lotus No. 15 AF, & A.M.
Tho regular ine...
ing. nre held in thi
Mnt.nl.ie Temple,
Jdd Follows IInll.o.
the third Monday ii
3ach ninntli at 1
p.m. VlBltlng brethren cordially wel
SEiKIRK LODGE, NO 12. I. 0. 0. F.
Meets evcryThursdiiy
oventng in Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited U. at-
II. 0.1.AlfClll.IN', N.U.      -I. IIA THI I-*, Sic
Cold Range Lodge, K, of P.,
No. 26, Revels.ohe, B, C.
Meets eveiiy wkiinesday,
c.s -s..i Third ivi-iin.-ilii,- nl
each . ...ill), in the oddfellows'
Hall al a o'clock. Visiting
Kniyl.is.irc cordially .uvtled.
G. II. BROCK, K. of R. AS.
H. A. BROWN. Jl. of F
That's Rny.il Crown kind—
mnde in Vanoouver—Largest
Soup Factory west of Winnipeg, House cleaning and
waahingareeasy with itshelp.
And the money saving is (he
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give fot
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
lin'"rj''>riit«ii by Act cf Pari in nent, 1S55.
Wm. MOLBON MaW'HURSON, Pies. S. H. EwiN.l, Vice-Pres.
Jambs Ei.li.it, (I ml Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches in  Canada and Agencies in all parts of the
Interest credit.'.I foul' tiuiesa yeur.it cu.;—.l. rates on Savings
Hank depnsits, until further notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Houses, Husiness Blocks
Husiness &  Residential Lots
Suburban Lands
in Acreage Lots
Fine Farm anil Fruit Lands
in    Revelstoke,    Arrowhead
Galena Bay, Okanagan Lakes
Okanagan Valley and Salmon
Bring Your Purse
Alon With You
to our S'lire if you'want In purchase
a New Carpet, Flue Oriental or Wil-
tun vug, matting nv linoleum and see
huw much fi.rther its contents will
take *.... in pu.-chuslng thun it will ul
nny oilier store in the city. Onr
Spring styles are ready for your
To Buy Property in and Around
Never Again will It be so Low
I have lor sate the following:—
One Cottage, corner Charles and
Douglas St,—$8oO) easy terms,
Two Mouses, Third St.—$1,500
One House, eorner King and
Fronl Sis. -81,700.
Ono House on Douglas St.- $800.
Eight Acres just outside the City
Limits, suitable I'or fruit $100 per
acre. Together with larger lots
of Fruit Lands near lhe City,
Also one 15 toot Iol suitable tor
business site on First Street, close
to McKenzie Ave.
For lull particulars applv to; -■
Revelstoke, B. C.
Import direct from Country ol origin.
, P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. *
HEAD OFKICR: Calgary, Auikrta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'nrk !V*tt.rs ami Dealer   In Livo Stock.  Markets in nil tho principal Cillos and
".ntn*--I Alli.-rlft. liritish .....iiiiiliif, ft.nl II..-Yt.k.iii.   Packer, nf tits Celebrated Ilrmi.l
}   "Im or or" Hains an.1 Bacon, anil Shamrock llraml. Lent La, 1. g,
Buy L.Ms in "Beresford Place" and double your money in a short time.
This Subdivision is near the centre of the City, surrounded by subdivided
Property and is a good investment.—Prices $75, $8**;, $100, $125.—Terms,
ten per cent, cash, balance in $5 monthly payments,   Torrens tide.
Write lor Particulars io--^^aan__^
p.0. box, 118,    r-    \ /    OTA^O    REAL E8TATE AHD
BEVELSTOKE. B.C.   I".     V.    O I A\JVJ,     «HHAL BROKER
No. 5 Company. R. M. R.
The Company wiil parade lor company  drill   in   tlie   I'rill Hil
Ibnex-MMd' themselves delighted n-t- '■'• "
: commoncing Thuriday, till inspection
un July 6th.
Iiy Order,
H. A. BROWN 0  C
with the day's outing
\ H. Tupping, ol Revelatoke, who wae
here on bueinesaon the 21at, is very
optimistic uu the pueaibilitiea ol the
settlement. In his opinion juat the
right lort ol condition! exist lur successful apple growing.
Wurk has commenced on the tramway under oonstruotion hy the Lamb
Wutson Lumber Co., on the 111 of last
month and about 20 men arc at wurk
grading for the ruad bed,
Mr. and Mra. Gen. Boyd were the
guests ol Mra. J. Shaw on Baturday
A boom nl logl reported to contain
two ami a hall million leet, broke
away at the extremity ..( the hay lust
week, but with the combined efforts ol
tl.ree tugs the majority were rounded
up salely.
— MLDiY —
.0* per pMket, Sf S p-toluto f»f «••
will l-rtewKels ■•mob.
rV **%* V*. WWtt*WMtt»l%*»UMU Vt
i.i   \ t-1:   v/"iiin  noncoc  Hutu f
For Airrini'tnral [mploments, lamace-,. Wagons*! Ktc, Jnhn
De-art] Ploughs, Uolfue Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
BtiKsifis Planet jr., Garden Seeders aud Cultivators, Wheel-
(Fright and  Blaeksmlth Work attondnd to.   Horse Shooing a
• Uy.
<V»     \**W\V***%*»**V%%***»*%»%**%»*W
W A N T E I)
ANTED  A   dining runm «irl
Lelaml Hut.
Lelaml Hotel, Nakunp, 130 pei
Central Hotel
Newly i uilt,     Kirft-olttBH in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Ruomp.
Rales SI.60 per Day, Sped I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same mnmigt'ment
TX)R SALE   A   K.-.iui.L'i.'ii Type-
Y      IVI'tel.   I-Ml    0123.       Will   -eli fill
040,   Vpplj l.fnvi..ii.i. Hardware •'..
WANTED     Every.
liuuse   tO   sell in-
.!< s \i,K  i......I work in.. -.-* from
lm i. l.'s i Hi*., and a few genei
I purpose horses,  well broken, Ihal
would   im.'ie  g.i.irt delivery teams.
Please lei me know your requirements
E, A. Haggen, Revelstoke, B. 0,
......  having a
... .. it- rent, in ii*t it
with me.   I a... Hooded "iiii enquiries
fur h....-..■ properties.    Phone, call, nr
.Imp tne a curd with full desctiptinn
un.l purchase price, r.r rent, required.
K. A. Haggeu. Real Estate and [..--..•
.nice Agent, Revelstoke, li. C,
ANTED—ilen and  W... n
learn burlier trade.  Situations
nr IncnlinnH furnished,    Wiitfe*. while
learning,     Particulars  ft     Molei
limber doling.., 208 Onrrall St., Van-
....iivcr, IM*. -a:«.
muii sai.k tilt RENT a ilm-.-
]' it,,.ii. cottage, Apply to John
(Ji.rlnnd. Hohsnn* Bell'ss.orfi, 2U|3w
I) damp ill- .-'.smii'is.u-fi.i.i-.l. Ap
piv to Lnmb-Watson Lumber I n„
Arrnwhend, B.O, 3l
inci'd    dining
idrl at once. Wages Alio
pel month. Apply, ILilevm. Hnt
Springs, IL.I.ynu, II. d.       2iv wd J2H
WANTED -A Waitress, npplv al
II I lt.-v,.|..| .le,
I....... |
WAN IT*11   llu.1.1 i.ni.-i uf tlmi..'.
Well located,    Orown i/runl
8, A,
.1.   I'hel
Lihby, Inwn,
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate.
Aa otdiiury loot Aa iii montli'. wear.
Foot-riles are as tough and atubbom as mules, They'll resist as
much strenuous, arduous wear and tear as a mule; keep on steadily
resisting them and come up smiling every time. Why? Well, shoes
are about the worst adulterated things on the market and the Foot-
rite's not adulterated. It's a simple why.
Instead ol newfandangle, brittle, sieve-like, made-over-night hemlock
tanned sole leather, cut (rom lhe shoulders, neck and poorest places
in the hide, Foot-rile soles are made of tough, close-grained, wear-
lighting, watei-shedding, old-fashioned oak tanned cowhide, cut
from the "butt" or finest part of the skin.
Instead of uppers from among the thouiand varieties of cheap and
imitation calf that looks good, but don't wear, Foot-rites are made
of "Normal-Calf," a new and exclusively Foot-rite leather almost
as soft and supple as the live call's slan, and as unwearoutable as a
pine knot.
Instead of cloth trimmings, Foot-rites have leather; instead of scrap
insoles, which won't hold stitches, Foot-rites are oak tanned stock.
Instead of weak wood arch supports that don't support, Foot-rites
have steel; instead of cloth and paste box-toes, Foot-rite Un-
collapsable Box-Toes are made of stout, rebounding leather; instead
of cotton thread, silk is used in Foot-rites; and instead of saving
75 cents per pair on cheap labor, Foot-rites are made by the most
expensive and skilled artisans obtainable. *
Then there are a lot ol special devices about Fool-rile construction
that help their stubborn wearability, such as Tough Heels,Wrinkle-
less and Crackles? Vamps. Unwarpable Soles, etc
Not haid to understand why Foot-rites are the Longest lived
shoes, is it?
If you want $4.00 or $5.00 worth of sound, intrinsic shoe value
for $4.00 or $5.00 of your hard-gotten gold, call on the Foot-rite
retailer in your town. His name's below. You'll find him as honelt
and sincere as his shoe, and always obliging, His door swings
inward but never outward to find a more welcome store. i
Anywhere in America, Canada or Great Britain—$4.00 and
$5.00. Eveiy Pair Goodyear Welted.
THE Foot-rite SHOE
A Fool-rite alia dx month..' weir.
McKinnon & Sutherland mlSl
25c. to 50c. on the $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
Queens ftotel
Besl brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars,   Travellers to
Fish Creek will Find excellent accommodation at this
Under   New   Management)
Firsl-OlftB iii'eotnui'.dfilinii (or tn.velU.ru.
Keat brawl., ol Wines, Spirits, an.1
RATES   $1   AND   $160   PER   DAY
Wt PAY FREIGHT to any railway station
iu Western Ontario. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and liritish Columbia,
Writs lor our Latest Prioe List, ii Is
mailed Iree on request.
We only handle tbo Jbest goods money-
can buy, only goods of best mills, manufacturers and packers shipped,
Wo mako Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satlslsotlon
and Delivery-
All Coodt Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
II is a iluiy lo You, tn Your Family and
tn yuur Pocket Hook to investigate our
Wo do nul belong lo lho .lubbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or  any
lluforonccB:    Any Hunk, Railway or
Express Compuuy in tl.e  Cily,  or thc
it,......sol livei.lv (httusand snlisf.ed ens-
loners in ll.e lour provinces.
Write lor Our Prioe List To-day.
Northwestern  Supply  House
2.1.) and ifu Stanley Street
I.--.T lli-oil... Animok lllr.li, li-.lt, ;Kl.\,
Animal Hup. Mnuntetl.
P 0. BnjJl.
Ntudlo: Cornel ol Urit St. ond Boll. A...
Uo'tUtoke, I). C.
No .Seedless l'luuia; No Pitlual
Apples; No Cobleas Corn,—juat old
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest establiahed nuiecry ou tl.e
mainland ol B.C.   Catalogue free,
P.8—11 your local merchants do
not handle my seeds, send direct,
Wc prepay Illty packets, aaaortcd
varieties of garden reeds in 5c, papers
(tested stuck), to your nearest pnst
..dice for $1,00, twenty paokets lor fiOo.,
trial collection.
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Peed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Full line of Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Freeh stock always arriving at
lowest pricea.
FIRST STREET, • nn mitaumnt Jt»f
We have a few lots left at $100 each.   These are close in
and we guarantee them all perfectly level.
They will be on the market for30 days only.   Prices will
be advanced in the course of a few days.
Lethbridge is fast becoming on important city and its
future prosperity is assured.
Buy now and get in before the advance.
Three Railways,   vast  coal deposits, and best wheat
lands in Alberta.
The Sunshine is a good, " all
round" lumace. Burns, with equal
facility, either coal or wood. Coke,
too, if you prefer it.
And so perfect is the combustion
of the Sunshine that it extracts
every unit of heat from the fuel.
What's left in the ash-pan is n^t
worth sifting.
Sunshine consumes less fuel, too.
Because Its perfect system of
dampers prevent the escape of the
hot air up the chimney—compels
it to come out through the registers,
Vou pay for heating the inside—
not the outside—of your house
when you buy the Sunshine.
If your local dealer does not
handle this most economical
furnace write direct to us for
Free Booklet.
BOURNE BROS*, - Local Agents
First-CliiBB Loggingand Mining
Boots made to order.
Hf.nd-Se.vn Lodging and Team
llanness a speciality.
All kinds uf Tack Sirups and
Tic Lines stocked.
Opposite the Union Hotel
James Evans
Dealers in Beel, Tork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Qame in
Seaaon, Orders promptly at-
tended to. >
FirstSt. Revelstoke
All kinds of Green Vegetables ready for the Market.
Fresh local grown Strawberries $3.25 and $3.50 Per
Ripe Gooseberries ioc.
Per Lb.
Li mi tod
Registered Office -
Authorized Capital,  -
Enderby, B.C.
in Shares of $1.00 Eaoh.
In order to give Ihe publican
opportunity of Requiring an Interest in ihis Important local enterprise! tho Directors have decided
lo offer for sale a .small block—
10,000 only—of Treasury Shares.
This is the first time thai tho stock
ol this Company lias been placed
oi) the open market, The price
will be 50 cents per share, payable.
2$ cents on application, and 25
cenls in 60 davs. Forms of application) and all necessary In forma*
lion, can be obtained from the un-
ilersieneda Subscription list will
positively close July ist, 1907.
QRAHAM R080MAN, Sec-Troaa., Enderby, B.C.
Lillooet Land Diatrict.
District of Lillooet.
Take notice Hint John Manning Scott, of Hev-
eUtoke, It, 1:., Uiirist.r-iit-Liiw, Intend, to apply
for special licenses over the foiinwiiig descrlued
1. Commencing nt a pout planted about 400 feet
cast of tliu nortli fork of Colton Creek uml almul
lhu miles norlli of iln* eust fork of Seymour river.
Cotton creek being a trilmt ny nf tlie east fork ol
seymour river and marked ■ John Maiming Ncott'
N.B. corner," thence south |o cha)ns,|tlience wes
100 'liains, tlience nun li 4(1 chaitu, thence east tliu
iliaiiis to polrt of cniutneiu'enient, ami containing
Macros.  Dated June tOtli, \.vi.
i Commoncing at n post plantel almut Jiwfeei
ciiSt..,' Hii/ m"i'ili4'.J_i of Cotton i reek ami alumi
live miles north nfthtTef . .nv ,t, ,-ieftfSfcTr'y2£;
Cotton creok being a tributary nf the east forkm
Suyuiour Itiver, ami marked "John Manning
{Joult's S. K. cornor," tlience noith »u eliains
ilmueu west, su clmins, thouce south go cliains
tbence oast hii chains lo point nf coininencemeiil
ami containing olo acres more or less. Date
iiim: luili, uk.
;t. Commonclng nt a post plantod about om
milu west if iln. nortli f«'rk of Cot'on creek am,
,limit Hve miles north of tlie east furk of Seymom
river, Cotton Creek being a tributary of the easi
fork nf Suymoiu river, and raaiketl "John Man
ning fjuntt's S, K. corner," thence nortli sll elm ins
thence west mi obaitiB, tlience south 80 chains,
iheneeeast -o chains to point of commencement,
ami containing 6411 aerea more orless. Dateu
June llth, im 7.
4. Commeneing at n post planted about three,
miles up a -.mall creek fluffing from tlie east into
bhe north fm k of Seymour river almut ten miles
above the forks and marked "John Manning
Hcntfa N. B, corner,' thence south t60chains,
tlienee west in chain.*, Iheuce norlh ltio cliains,
th nee east lu chains to pointof commencement,
and containing 040 acres more or less. Dated
J nue llth, 1007,
fi. Commeuelng at a post planted about three
miles up a small creok flowing frum tlie eaat into
iho north fork ol Seymour river, about ten miles
alnive tbe forks and marked "John Manning
ScoU'h N.W. corner," tbence south \&i chains
tlience east In eliains, tlience north 100 chains,
thence west io chains to point of commencement,
mil containing tj-to acres more or lean. Dated
June llth. lll-iT.
fl. Commencing at a poat planted nliout three
miles up a small ereek flowing from tbe eaat into
tlie uortli fork of Seymour river about ten miles
above tlie forks and marked ''John Manning
Scott's 8, W, corner," th*mce north 8*'chains,
ihenco east 80 chains, tlience south so chains,
tlience west BO clialus to point of commencement,
ami containing 640 acres more or less. Dated
June Utli, low.
7. Commeneing at a post planted about i\
milea east of the norlh fork of Suvinnur river ami
alwut i of a mile south of a small creek flowing
from lhe enst into tbe nortli fork of Seymour river
iml about thirteen miles almve the forks ami
marked 'John Manning Bcotl'i N, V.. coiner,'
tlience aouth 80 clialna, thence west SO chaina,
thence north SU chains, thence eaat .80 chaina to
point of commencement and containing (•{> a:rea
more or lew.   Dated June llth. 1907.
8. Commenolng at a poat plain nl about 2l4
miles east uf the mirth fork of Seymour Itiver anil
ibout Jot a mile aouth of a small creek flowing
from the eaat into thu north fork of Seymour rivor
abnut thirteen miles above the forka and marked
*.Inbn Manning Scott's S. W. eorner," theuce
nortli 8U chains, tliouce cast 80 ehains, thence
thence south SO ehains. Ihenee west DO eliains tn
point of commencement, ami containing U4u acres
more or less.   Dated June llth, 1007.
u.  Commencing at a potlt planted almut :i|
miles east of tlie nnrlh link o[ Seymour rivei* ami
about y of a milo north nf a small creek flowing
irom i lie easl Into the norlli fork ot Seymour river,
aliout thirteen tulles above the forks ami marked
'.Inini Manning Scott's N. K. comer," llienee
auuth Hi ehains, Ihence west SO ehaiiis, thenee
north 80 chains, tbence east 80 chains to point of
commencement, and containing 010aires more or
leia.  Dated June Uth, 1007.
in. Commencing at a post planted about21
miles east of the north fork of Seymour river ami
a, nut t ol a mite north of a small crook flowing
frmn the east into lhe nnrlh tors of Seymour river,
almut thirteen miles almve tlie forks and marked
'.Iniin Manning Scott's S, \V. eorner," thence
mirth SU ehnins, thence east W) cliains, tlience
south 80 chains, thenee weat SO ehains to p.,hit uf
commencement, ami containing ttiOar more or
Ions.   Daled June llth, M07.
wedjun 111 JOHN ftUNNItft   WIT.
Rovelstoke Land Distriet.
Distriet of West Kootenay.
Tnke notice that John Manning Scott of Ilevelstoke, B.C., Barrister, intends toapnly for
special timbor licenses over ibe following described lands:
1. Commenolng tit a post planted abuul
llircc miles weal, of tho Columbia River nud
ibout \% miles soutb of Smith Creek and
marked "J.M.S. 'a S.W. corner," tbenee north 811
chaina, thenoe oast #) chains, thonoo Bouth80
chains, tbence west so ehnins to pointof commencement and Containing 04u acres more or
2, Co nmi ei iei nti at a post planted about
three miles West of tbo Columbia Hlver and
tbout l'-j milos suuth of Smith ('nek and
marked ".I.M.s'sN K, corner," thonco south 80
■Jjabjj;. thonee west 80 chains..thence north .su
-iuiiii-* tholioVuMi s" chains to pointof ooDi'
' ,„ i**,.'.,;..»?ft».r-.6._iu uorcs more or
lu'uceiiu'iii and ooutalmugSn,
CSfl. " -w*^.
:t. Commencing at a post planted about flvo
tilles westof tho Columbia ft i ver and i.j iniles
-uiilb of Smith ('ruck and marked "J.M.S.V
S.W. corner," thonco east sn chains, thouco
iui lb SO cbnins, th nee west SO chains, thence
•until SO chains to point of commencement ana
'Ont-ainingtUO acres moru or loss,
4. Commencing at a post planted about five
miles west of Lhu Columbia River and U nnlus
-outh or smith Creok and niaiked "J.M.S:'sS.
K corner," ihence north 8u chains, thence wust
SO ehains, tbence soulli SO chains, thencu caat Sl'
cliains to puiut of commencement, and con-
talnlng IHQacres more or leas.
Dated May 22nd, 11)07.
fi, Commenolng at a post planted about
miles west of the Culumbia Riverand 1} milo
outh of Smith Creek and marked ■'.IM.S.'s S
VV. eorner," thmce nortli 80 cliains, thunce eaat
80 elinins, ibenco south 8) chains, thunce west
su chains io point of commencement*, and con
l dning 010 acres morn or loss,
6, Commencing at a post planted ab Hit seven
miles weat of the Columbia lliver ami IH iniles
south of smitli Creek and marked "J.M.S.'s s li,
comer," thence west 80 chains, tlience nortn 81)
chains, theuce east 80 chains, thence smith 80
eliains to puint of commencement and containing
610 acres more nrless.
7. Cummencing at a pnst planted about eight
iniles west of tlie ('olumbia River and at the forks
of Smith (..reek, and marked "J.M,S,'s N.K. eorner," thence south 80 chains, thouce west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thenee east 80
chainB to point of commencement and containing
640 acres moro or less.
Dated May ami, 1907,
wedjun 12       JOHN MANNING SCOTT.
Cariboo land Distriet.
Distriet of Cariboo, B. 0.
Take notice that 1, W. T. Oke, of Kevelstoke,
tt. (J.t occupation Miner, inteml to apply tor
special timber licences over lhe following uoiorlb-
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat I, Angus McCallum, of
Revelsloke, occupation Logger, iniciul to
apply for a special limber licence over the
following described lands:
3. Commencing at a posl planled at
the uorth-west corner of T, L. No, 11209
and lhe soulb boundary of Railway Block
No. 365 and lying soulli of Tenderfoot
Creek and marked "A. McCallum's norlh-
easl corner posl," llienee south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, tlience norib 80
chains. Ihence easl 80 chains to point of
commencement, and containing (140 acres
more or less.
Daled June 51I1, 1907.
wed je 12       Per A. C, McE., Agent.
Vancouver Manufacturer needs good
men to reprent thc very latest novelty,
Agents coining money. Get wise, start
working for yourself. K\ "body buys on
sight. Profits over one hundred per cent.
Don't waste time asking foolish questions,
but send oue dollar for linesi samples in
Space 4, 435 Granville St.,
Vancouver, B. C.
Front Street
furniture, Pianos, or Merchsn-
dlBe.storeil i n dry-well-built wure-
limine in convenient locution.
E.  A.   HAQQEN,
Ileal K8t.ite nnd Insurance Agent
llevolBtoke, B, C.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new nmnnKetiient|of
Harry McIntobh,     oilman  House
THK MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natuial remedy for
all Ne.vo.is and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney und Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning A sure cure
for "That Tired Feelinft," Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails airive and d. a.t every day.
Telegra h conimtin ation with .ill
marts of the world.
TKRM8- $12 to $18 per week.   Fir
further particulars apply lo
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotv Lake. B. C
Manufactured for all clusseslof bui Idi litis
All kinds of building and plaster lug
Hovclsloko Land Diatrict.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat Jobn Mnnnlng Scott, of
Ilevelstoke, II. (\, Barrister, intends to apply
for special Umber licenses over tho following
described landa:
1. Commencing at a post plnnted at tbo
north-east corner ot Timber Limit 81111 and
being aboul :«i cbaina uortb of Goldstream and
lo eliains east of Cariboo Creek and mnrked
"J.M.$.'s S.K, comer," tlienco wett It) chains,
ilienre norlli Hii chaina, theneeeasHOclialna,
thence .-outli io chains to point of commencement* containing GU) acres more or less,
2. commencing nt a pout planted at (ho
north-easl eoruer of Timber Limit Will, and
being about ;W ehalna norib of Uoldstream and
in chains east of Cariboo Creek aud marked
"J.M-8/B B.W. corner," thonce oast 40 chains,
thenco north lot) cliain-, tbonco west 10 chains,
theuce soulh IO chains lo pointol commencement and containing tilO acres moru or loss,
Daled May 16th, 1907a
.1. Commencing at n poat plunted about 120
chains south from apo-iJ miles up the south
fork of Goldstream and niarked "J.M.a.'s N.K.
corner," theuce weal to chains, thence south si
chains, tbence east l." chains, thouco north il)
chains, tlience weal bU clialns, thenco norlli JO
chalna to point of commencement and containing Hill aires more or li^-.
4. Commencing at a post planted about flvo
miles up the uorth-easl fork of Goidstroam and
aboul 10 chains east of same and inarked ''J iM.
S.'n S.K. corner," ihenco west so ehnins, tlience
north Mt chains, thence oast 80 cliains, thenoe
south <S0 cbaina lo puint of commencement and
containing t>10 acres more or less.
.i. Commencing at a post plauted about ono
mile up the north fork uf Goidstroam and
marked "J.M.S.'s S K. corner," thenco nortb
IU chains, thence west 8') chains, thence south
YHi chains, thence east 10 chaini, thenco north
8o chains, theuce ea>t 40 chains to point of commencement and containing (110 acres more or
6- Commencing at a post planted about one
mile up the north fork of Goldstream and
marked "J.M,8.'s S.W eorner," thence norlh
40 chains, thenee easl 11)1 chains, Ihonce south
40 chains, thence wesi ill- chains to point uf
commencemeni and containing 040 acres more
or less.
Dated May 18th, 1907.
wod jun 18     JOHN MANNING SCOTT.
Notice ia hereby given that tliu undersigned lias
applied to Ilia Honour ihe Lieutenant-Governor
in Council under tlie provisions of the Hlvora ami
Streams Act, to clear and remove obstruction!
ftoin Frisby Creek In the Dlstrictof Went Kooteuay, Britiah Columbia, from a point where It
empties into lhe Columbia Kivor to a point on
said creek almut 4 milea ftum the Columhia Itiver
ami to construct and maintain hiioim at or about
the mouth of a&iil creek and lu liiu Columbia
Itiver adjacent thereto, and to attach boulils to
tbe shore of Friaby Creek and aaid Columhia
River at said points, for holding, sorting amide-
liver in l' Inns ami timher hmiiKht down said creek.
The lnnds lo be affected hy tlm said work are
Crown landa ami the lolls that are proposed to be
charged are auch as may he Hxuil by a Judge of
the County Court of Weal Kooteuay,
Dated this Hub duy of Juno, IIH1T.
wuljuuiwud U. DONNKM-Y.
Sixty days after dale I intend to apply to the
Honorable tlm Chief l.'ouunisshumr of Cauda and
Works for penuisaion lo purchasu tlm following
described lands situated on Upper Arrow Uko
and more particularly described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted ahout \\ mile
north of south-easl corner uf Timber I,imii- Vt'lii,
tliuuco north 80 chaius, tlience unst 80 cliains,
south 80 chaina, west su chains to point uf commencement.  Containing OlO acres more or luss.
Dated May 4th, \Wl.
wed mays L. II. Mel.KAN.
ed lunils
1, Coinmeneing at a post idauted about 85
inil.'s from the mouth of tJWIOO Itiver and aliout 2
miles auuth of Cranberry Uke, and marked "W.
T. nke's north-east comer." thuuee snutli 80 chains,
thenee west 80 chains, tlienee north 8t) chains,
thencu east 80 cliains to place of commencement,
containing HI" acres more or less.
2. Coinmeneing at a post planted about 2 miles
south of Mel-onuan Itiver ami joining No, I limit,
ami marked "W. T. tike's northeast corner,"
tlience soutli 80 chains, theuce west 80 chains,
thence north 80 uliains, thencu oust S1' cliains lu
point nf commencement, containing Oloucrcs more
8. I Iiuu uie nc inn at a pnst planted abuut i milei
frmn McLennan Biver ami Joining No. - limit uml
■m-All IVW". T. Oke's north-west corner,', tbence
1 , ','.,'' ?*%_ 'hence Bouth 40 chains tlience
eas   W eludifc !mrth 40 chains to place of
,-sl imi chains, then-.;.- ,. v,. lllTea ninreor less.
nn mencomont, containing iiio - . ()   ..
4. Commencing at a post planted almut „ ai.».
from McLennan River ami joining No. 2 and No. 5
limits and marked "W.T.dke's uorth-east corner,"
tlience south SO chains, thence wost 80 chains
theuce north 80 ehains, llienee east 80 chaina to
point of coinmencement, contalnlng$40 acres more
or less
5. Commencing at a poat planted ahout il miles
snutli of Cranberry Laku and joining No. 1 limit
nu the south and marked "W, T. Okes north-east
eorner," tlienee south 8(1 chains, thenee west uO
eliains, thence uortli Hu chains, thenuo east 80
ehains to place ef commencement, containing tlio
acres, moro or leas,
ll. Cimnneticing at a post planted about 4 miles
south of cranberry Lake and jolnlue No. 5 limit
on the west, and marked '*W. T. Oke's south-east
corner," thenee weat 80 chitiu*), tiience nnrtli 80
cliains, theuce east 80 cliains, tlience south 8u
clialns to point of commenuement, containing olu
acres moru or leas.
T. Communcing at a post planted about 4 miles
soutli ui Cranberry Lake and joining No. 8 limit
on tho ttorlb-cast and marked "W. T. Oku's south'
oast enrner." thunce west 80 chains, tlience north
81) cliains, theuce east i\ii cliains, tlience aouth 80
cliains;tu point of commencement, containing UlO
acres more or lesa.
Dated June Ttli, 1007.
8. Commencing at a pnat planted about 3 miles
south of McLennan Kiver ami joining No 7 limit,
and uiarked "W, T. Oke's south-east corner,"
thence north SO cliains, thunce west 80 chains,
thunce south 80 chains, theuce east 80 chains to
pnint of commencement, containing 640 acres
more or less,
si. Coinmeneing at a post planted alumi 2 miles
snutli of McLennan Kiver ami joining No. 8 limit,
and marked ''\V, T, Oke's north-east corner,"
theuce auuth 60 cliains, tlience west 80 chains,
tlienee north 60 chains, tlience east 80 chains to
puiut of commencement, containing 041)acres more
oi less.
10. ommeiieing at a pnat planted about 2 miles
iouth of McLennan Kiver ami joining No. llliinii,
mid marked "W. T. Oke's south-east corner,"
thenee west 100 cliains, thetice north 40 cliains,
tlienee east IliO clmins, thencu smitli -|u cliains to
imiut of commencement, containing n-iu acres mure
or less,
11. Commencing at a pust planleil about 1 mile
south of McLennan Kiver ami joining No. lu limil
nud maiked "W. T. oke's north-east corner,"
ihence south ,su chains, thenee west 8ii chaiua,
tlience north 8<> chains, theme east 80 chains to
place of commencement containing oil) acres more
or less.
Dated June 10th, 1907.
12. Communcing at a post pb'u'od about :i
miles from Canoe Kiver and ai-uiit K3 miles
from mouth of river ami markud "A.T.Oke's
south-east comer," tlience west so chains, thunce
nortli 8U chuius, tlience eusl SU chains, il.euee
south SO chains to point of commencement, uuu-
tabling (ilu acres more or less,
111.- Coinmeneing at a post planted ahoul i miles
westof Canoe River and joining No. 12 limit ami
marked "W. t. Oke's south-east comer," thenco
west tO chains, tlu-nce north HO cliains, tlienee east
mi chains, tlience snulli 60 cbaius to place of m in
moucemont, containing om ucrus more or less.
14. Commeneing at a pnsl planled almut 1 mile
west ol Canoe River and joining No, I't limit ami
marked "W. T. Oke's Boutll'WOst corner," tlience
uorth 80 chains, tlieiL-e cast SO chains, tlienee
smith 80 chains, ihencu west 81) chains 1.. point nf
commencement, containing eto acres more or less.
Dated  une 14th, 1007.
wedjlylt WILLIAM T. OKE.
Notice ls hereby giTBD thai sixly days after
date 1 Inlenil to apply lo the llonorahlc lhc
Chief CoinmissiiiHcr ol Lands and Wurks lor
permission tn purchase ihe ;ioliowing lands
situated on I'pper Arrow Uke and described
ai follows:
Commencing at a post punted on Half
Way ctecs, about one and a hall miles Irom
lake shore and marked "J K. McLean's 3, K.
corner pom," thenes west eo chains, ihence
north 40 chains, thence easl 80 chains, tlience
south 40 cualus to place ul commencement.
containing ■ .v seres more or loss,
Dated MayTtb, \w'.
w my g J. K. McUAN
Notice is hereby given that 00 davs afterdate I
intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works fnr periuisalon to purchaso the following described lumls, situated on
Oalena Kay. Weal Kootenay diatrict:
Commencing at a post planted 20 chains soutb
from the S. W. Cornur of Lot u,140. and uiarked
"Geo.T. Newman'sS. K. Coiner Post," tbenee
north 60 chains, thencu west 20 ehains, thuncu
south 40 chains, thunee west 20 ihahis, thunce
soutli 211 chains, thenee east 40 chains to 'place of
commencement, cunlainiun ttiO acres moru or leaa,
Dated at Arrowhead, June 1st, 11107.       wed j 6
I, Tbois Watson, acting as ageni for J. WfltSOII,
intend sixty days after date to apiily to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lnnds and
Works for permission to purchase tlie following
described lands, situated on Upper Arrow Uko
ami inure particularly described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted at tho s. K. corner of Timlier Limit 7WiS, from thunce south 10
chains, from tliouce went 100 cliains, from thencu
north 10 chains, frum tlienco east 100 ehains to
point of communcumeiit. (Oaluna Ray dislricl.)
Dated April 20tli, imr,*.
wud my 1 Agunlfor.1 Watson,
Certificate cf Improvements.
Mascot Mineral Claim, siiuate In llio Hovel
stoko Mining UivWon of West Kootenay
Where looatod.-At lho bead of tho Middlo
South Fork of Downio Croek, adjoining
tho Chief of tbo Hills Mineral Claim.
Tako notice Unit I, U, Smith, K.M.C.No.
BTffl2, acting as agonl for A.M. Clark, Free
Miner's Cortillcato No. 1188091, intond, sixty-
days from dato horeof, tu apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Cortillcato of Improvements,
or the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
ho abovo claim.
Aud furl her tako nol iie tbat action, under
.Miction :iT, must he  commenced boforo thu
iasuance ot such t'ertllleato of Improvements.
Datod this 23rd day of May, A,l)„ 1IK17.
wed my a) It. SMITH.
NOTICK Is hereby given that60 days after date
1 Intond to apply to the Hon. Chief Com
missioner of Lands and Works (or permission to
purchase the following described lands tn the
West Kootenay District:
Coinmeneing at a pust planted abuut'/i mile
north of south-east cornur of Timlier Limit 7016,
thetice north 80 chains, wust 80 chains, south B0
chains, cast 80 chains tu puiut of coinmencement.
Cuntaitiiug oil) acres more or less.
Datud May lth, 1007.
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo.
Tuku notico that 80 days ufler duto B,Corning
or Revolstoke, occupation hotel man, Intends
to apply for u special timbor license over the
following ilo:-crihe<l laiuls: -
1. Commonclng ut u post planted two miles
wosl of Ciinuu rivor ami aboul K miles Irom
tniuilli, near C rati ho rry laku. and markod *K.
Oornlug's northeast cornor post No l,"theiicu
south 80 ciniins, thouco wost Mi chains, thouce
north 80 chains, thonco oust 80 ehains to slart-
im* point, containing ill) acres moro or less,
Dated 7th of Juuo. 11*07.
2. Commencing at a ixist phmlml nu west
bank of C111100 rivor, 8*1 milos from mouth, and
marked "K. Coming's northwo>t rumor po'-l
Nu. 2," tliouce east 80 chains thouco south S'l
chuius, tlience west 1,1 chains, tlionco north 80
chains to starting point, containing 04) ncres
moro or loss.
Dulod !ith Juuo, 1007.
'A. t'oinuienciug ut a post planted three miles
wost of Cutiocl rivor, 8ii milea from moulh and
markod "E, Coming's northwest corner iwst
No. 8," llienco oast 80 chuius, tlionco south HI
cliains, tliuuco wost 80 chuius, theuco north 80
chaius tu starting point, eontai ning IliO ncres
more or loss.
'Vitod 7th June, 1907.
j-"*        i -'''bui ut 11 post planle.l uu we.-t
L Couiiiiu,. . •  n»«miles from mouth
baakofUnoeryer.atx}--.^ * cornerpost
uiul uiiirkiul h.i orning anorthBffoi ^ ■ 'i
No. I," thuncu soulli SO chains, Uience west *>,«
cliains, thenes north 80 cliains, ihoneo oast 80
chaius tu starling point, contaiuiug 640 acres
moru or luss.
Dated 5th June, 1007.
5. Commune ing ut u post plantod west uf
Canoo river and 87 milos frum muuth, marked
"E. Coming's northeast 'orner post No. 5,"
thenco south 80 ohnins, thouco wost 80 chains
thonco norlh NO chains, thouce east 80 chains tii
sinning point, containing (MO acrus more or loss
Dated uth Juno, 1007.
0. Cummeuciug nt a post plauted west of
Canoe river, 85 mims from mouth, and marked
"E Coming's uort oast corner post No. 0,"
tliouce south 80 chains, iheuce west Si chain-,
tbonco uurth 80 chains, thouce oaat 80 chains to
starting poim., containing 010 acres moro or
Dntod 1 lh Juno, 1007.
7. Commencing ut a post planted westof
Canoo, river and 85 milos from mouth, aud
marked "E. Comiug's northeast corner post
No. 7," theuco suuth 80 chaius, thouce west to
chains, theuce nortb 80 chains, theuce east 80
chains to starting point., cuntaining 040 acres
more or less.
Dated 7th Juno, 1007.
8. Commencing at a post plant d five milos
west of Canoe river uud alwut 85 iniles from
mouth and niarked "E. Coming's southwest
corner post No. 8," theuco uorth 80 cbaius,
thuuee oast 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 ehuins to starting poiut, containing t>40 acre-, mure or less,
Dated ith June, inmi.
9. Commeueiug at a post plantod west of
Canoo rivor aniT 85 miles from moutb, and
marked "E. Coruiug's south wost curuer post
No. 0," thouce uorth 100 chuius, thoucn east 40
chains, thouce south 100 chains, theuce west 40
chuius to Parting point, couiaming 040 ncres
or less.
Dated 7th Juno 1007.
10. Commouciug at a poat plunted on wost
bank of Canoe river und about 88 miles from
month uud markod 'E. Cuming's southwest
corner No. Ill," thenco uorth Ho cbaius, theuce
oast 80 chains, thonee suuth 80 chain-, thence
west HO chains to starting poinl, containing 640
acres moro or loss
Dated June 7th, 1907.
11. Lumiucuoing ata posl planted west of
Canoo Itiver and about Similes from mouth
and marked "E. Coming's south-oast corner
poat No. II," llienee wesl 80 chains, Ihence
norlh 80 ohains, tbcuco cast SO cliains, tbence
.south 80 chains lu starting point, contalng MO
acros more or less
Dated June Mh, 1907-
Yi. Commencing at a post planted westof
moi: River aboul 0 miles, aboul 8.5 miles from
muiii:i't murked "K. Coining's north-out corner
post No. li" thenco soutli 80ebains, thunce
west Wl chains, ihence norib so chains, tbence
cast su chums to Mailing puiiii, containing 010
uciea inure ui less.
13, Commencing at a post plnuted west of
1111GQ River aud 83 miles fr in u.h, maiked
*, . I'oniiiig's nonh east, corner post No. IU,'
inn. . souih 80 chnii.s, ihence west 80 chains,
tin-in. in ri h 80 clmins, ihencu east Hi chains to
star Ui g pi.ini, containing tilOiiei'us more or less.
11 Commencing at a post planted I mile
west of Canoe lover and about Similes (rom
month, and marked "K. Coming's north-»cM
cornor post No. II," tlience east 80 chains,
tbonco souih 80 chains, theuco wosl 80 chains,
tbence north 80 chains to starting point, containing 010 acres more or luss.
Dated June llth, 1907.
wcdjly3 ED, CORNING.
Furniture Stock and Premises
For Sale.
Tender- will lie received by the undersigned
up lo 19 o'olock noon 011 thc Mlh day of July,
Mu", for the purobaae of ihe stock tn trade ot
carpeU*, furniture, elc, belonging lo the estate
of the laic John K. Wood of Revelsloke, and
also for lhe purchase of the property lately
occupied by him as a furniture store and room-
ing bou-e. situate on Lot 25, Block U Plan 638A
Rovoh-toko, Separate tenders may be made for
Ihe slock in trade and for I he real estate, or
tenders may be made for the r-tock and real
estale logelher.
The highest ur any tender will not necessarily
Ih; accepted. Stock lists and thc properly to bo
sold may lie examined on application to thu
Dated Juno 12th, 1907.
jun 33 Ot
■?. McCAllTKIt.
OiHcial Administrator,
days utter data I Intend to apply tu tb^t
Uhlef ('oiiit.ilK.stoi.fr ot Landa an.l worK*fora
special liccine lo   ut fiiul carrj away timber
■mi. Hil folli.wi.r* described laniU f.tuuled in
u.,...    '          "' ■■'...•
West Kootenai  . .,„.
Commencing m > po.. Inscribed --R a.-I
ar....,.1. 8, .*,. w.r er puM." planU I >i « post
.nscriU'.l I.ul 7-.i. N .v., tbence nor.h IW
obaina, .,e.-i n obaina, .....ih i.-j, hains. west
10 cbaina to point of commencement,
Dated June 81b, Ism,
we.l jun 12
Certificate of Improvements.
Richmond Mineral Claim, situate iu thc Rov
elsloko Mining Division of West Kooicnay
Where located:-At Standa-d Basj
Kork of Dowuie Crock.
in. South
Take notice Hint 1, It. Smith, K.M.C, No
B8S712, acting as agent (or W. Et, Wlllcox,
Kree Miner's Certificate No. B88580, intend,
sixty days from date hereof, to applv to tho
Mining Recorder (or a Certificate ol Impiore-
ment*, for lhe purpose of obtaining a Crown
Gram of the above claim.
And further take nolice lhat action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate o( Improvements.
Dated this 23rd day of May, A-f). 1907,
wed my'J R. SMITH.
Notice ia hereby given that oo days after date 1
ntend to apply to the chief Commissioner of
l.aii'l« ini'i W-ifk- f'-r permission tn purchase the
following described lands, situate in Went Kootenay Dislrict:
Commencing at a post planted 40 chaius
uorlh of south easi corner uf T, L. 7U16, and
marked "Il.C.Morris's north-east corner posl,"
iheuce soutb tn chains, west 8ucIii1ur, north
80 chains, easi so chains to point of commencement,
Dated June 6th. 1907.
*edjunli H. c. M0RRI9,
Notice is hereby gtren that 00 days of ter date 1
iuteud to apply i«. ib.* chief Commissioner of
Lands and ttorki for permission to purchase the
following described lamh, situate in West Knntenay diatrict:
Commencing at a t-ost planleil 40 chain*
north ol (OUlh-eost comer of T.l.Tmcand
marked "J. E. Johnson's north-weBt corner
post," thencu ea-t so chains, south 80 chains,
west 80 clmins, nurlb 8u chains to point of
Dated June Oth, 1907.
wed Jun 12 J. R. JOHNSON.
Revclstolte Land District.
District of Wesl Kootenny,
Take nolice tbat I, A. McCallum, of
Revelstoket occupation Logger, Intend lo
apply for a spocial timber licence over lhe
following described laiulst
1, Commencing at a post planted at s.
E. corner of T, I.. No, 10191,,llu' marked
"A, McCallum'sN. \i, cornerpost," same
bi'irnj i'/i miles easl or lownsile ol Gerard
and aboul ij-; miles souih ol Lardo River,
tbence soutn 40 chains, thence west 100
chains, llienee norlh 40 cbaius, tbence
east 160 chains to pollll of emnineiueiuciit
and containing (140 acres, more or less.
Dated June qlh, 1907.
wed je )2 Per A. C, McE,, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given tbat 90 days aftor date
I iutond tu apply to ths Hon, Chief Commls*
sioner of Land? and Works for a spocial licenco
tocut aud curry away limber from tho following described lauds, situated in Wesl Kuowuuy
Commencing _t a noat Iplanted no chains mora or
lesa in a westerly direction from the north-west
corner of Timber Limit W)t theme so chains
east, theace 80 clialns nortb, thence west in lake
slmre, tbence south along ihe shore to place of
commweemtnt-. containing uio acrei mors nr less.
Dated June 17th, lb«7.
 J»«IJW         A. Redding, Agent.
RcveMiikrl-siml Di-liJcl.
District of WohI. Kootenay■
Tako Notico that Olo Sand berg, of Albert
Canyon, oooupAllon Miner, Intends toapnly for
a speciul timber licenco over tlio following
doscribod laiuls:
i. Commenolng at a post plantod 11 miles
north of tlio north-east fork of Downie Croek,
and marked "Olc Samtberg's north-went cornor
noat," tbence oaat 10 chaiiiFi, thencu south 100
chains, tbence west 40 chains, thence north lliu
chains to -point of commoncomont, und containing 010 acres, moro or lesa.
Date May Mlh, 1807. wjuuo
Revelsloko Land DUtriet.
Disirlci of Went Kooleuay.
Take notice lhat I, G, N. Dickenson ol Itev-
olstokc,occupation Farmer, inlend toapply
lor permission to purchase the [olluwiiigdt-
Kcrlbcd land:
Cntninciicing nt a poat planted at the S, K. j
corner 1.   7810,0, 1, theuce weal 10 chains, I
lhcnco south 80 chalna, thence enst in chains ,
thonce north 80 ebains to iioiiit of commence
ment ami containing B20 acres more or lens,
Daled May 10th, 1007.
Notice is horoby given that 00 daya aftor duto
I intend tu npply to tho Hon. tho Chlof Cmn
ink-inner of Lands and Works for por-
mission to purchaso tbo following lauds situatod ou Upper Arruw Lako ami duscribud an
follows t
Commonclng at a post plAtitod ou Half
Way Creek about three, mllen from lake shore
anu marked ' J. \). McLcau'H H, K. cornor nosl,"
Ihenco wost 80 chains, thenes north ho chains,
thunce east 80 chains, tbence south SOcbalnn
to place of commencement, Containing MO
acres mora or loss.
Dated May 7th, 1007,
we* may 8 J. D. McLKAN.
Revelsloke Land Dislricl.
District ol West Kootenny.
Take notice ihal I, Angus McCallum, of
RevolslokC) occupation Logger, inleml to
apply for a special limber licence over the
lollowing described lands:
j, Commencing al a post planted
aboul 1 mile east ol lownsile of Gerard
ami about 1 mile soulli oi Lardo River and
marked "A, McCallum's north-east corner
posl," tlience soulh 40 chains, thence west
160 chains, llienee north 40 chains, tlience
east 160 chains to point ol eommenceiiirut
and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated June tlhi 1907,
wed je 1 j       Per A. C, McE., Ageni.
In the Supremo Court of British Columbia.
[n the matter of the Estate of John K. Wood,
deceased, and in tho matter of tho "OiHcial
Administrators Act"
Take notice lhat by order of His Honor J. A.
Porto. U J„ made the 13th day o( May, M07, 1
WU appointed administrator of Ihu estate of
John  I'..  Wuod. deceased, and all partial having claim* agnuisi tliu .said estate are hereby
required to furnish same properly verified to
me  on  or Injure Iho  .t'thday of  Juuo, 1907,
And ail parties indebted to uid estate are re*
quired iu iuiy ihcuiuuiiui uf iheir Indebtedness
to 1111* forthwith.
OiHcial Administrator,
Hated the i'.th diy uf May. Mu7.     w my 20
NOTICK Is hereby given lhat 00 davs after
dnte I intend to apply to the Ifun, the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase tho following described
landa, situated in West Kooleuay:
Commencing at n post planted 20 ehalm
westof Hllnd Hay, marked D, M. Kae'siionh*
eastcorner pusl/' Ihence soulh 81 chains, weit
80ohAlus, norlh Su chains, cui eochaiuMo
pulnl ot commencement,
Dated June (th, 1007.    wjli     n. M Kay..
Ilevelstoke Und Dislricl,
District of Weil Kooleuay,
Take nolice that Die Handbcrg, of Albert
Canyon, occupation Miner, Intends to apply for
a special Umber licence over the following
described land*:
Com nu-neing al a i>o.st plantcil about 3)0
yards west of the north-east fork of Downlo
Creek and marked "Olc Saudlierg's north-east
cornor post,' adjoining "J. 1'. Kennedy's No. 3
Limit, thence south SO chains, Ihenco weal (JO
chains, tbance north BO chains, tbence oiwt 80
ilam- io point of commencement, and containing Gin acre, more or law.
Date May 2olh, KW. wjfi
Owners ot property on which thistles
or noxious wciila are growing are hereby notified to have samo cut belure
By order.
City Clerk.
ltev.-l.thk.., June 2U, 1907.       lit
Thirty .Injfs aller ilalo I intond It. iiiiplj to th.
Lir.nro rnmnfissitii.or* l.ir a transfer lk-ei.se ol
lli;(lra.nl H.itel, Nakusp, lo H. l,a Brash.
Rosobery, II. C., Jun. I, lWi.
wed je 12
m, McCarthy, is the time of year when   Ladies  are   at their wits end to know
Read onr list of Cool Wearing Apparel.
how to keep cool,
Shirt Waists
■-.ist to h.-ui.l
l.v .'\|..—.
I., k.i.i.i ench.
II...- stock is
Wash Skirts
This l-i urn
.veil assorted
from $2
White Wear
Ladies* (i
Drawers. Ch. i
ind I. k-i Sk
-i   Covei-s,   Um
Children's Draw
, Dresses
.1 -r
.1 v.
1.1 ...I, I.
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies'  Under Vests. L...lies' Under  D.awers
Fancy Parasols
have it well assorted slock In Parasi.ls both
rn and Children's
Tweed Skirts
Delivered l.y  inatiufncturcr Itite and bought ;.i
..I prices,   Only .-. few left.
.   Selling now at $'l,
Uegul.tr $5.00 and
Wr cordially invite you.
of llnl Weather (lends, \V,
thing in the v...-inns lines In
prices will suil the musl cure
II tu
uspect .....
re we hitvt
mt reqiiire
K UXI i -a^-KSWt*-."!-**
i|iiii (po) 'I''I' w##f
. -. i| -. ,... ..I. us        9
,,    .      ic Purest ..I  Drugs ty
f Y
ni.-.- nt
ies will
A trial will convince vou
they are the purest and best
nu lhe ....irket, Ti-v ..111'
'*":  i-  I       . HND PA8TRY.
To Buy :. 11 ..use.
To It. lit a House,
To Buy NT
close in,
•Jk.Ii.i-I ..iii.ilil.-nn
.' ...       pieseii|
| Canada Drag & Book to,
obson & Be
t  Grocers, linkers «^ Confectioners  «
f •
«•••«•« ijieiMiii«Mit««e*
Wednesday, July 3rd, f.-.r 2-1 ho-.irs-
Unsettl. ;      udv and showery, iuul
.   ....      -   *.^v,."s ..- ■'•*-
I      *  ,.  [Vi .-*     temperature,
.-. a  78 legreei, Min. 58 degrees.
Local and General.
L.O. L. 165S will Imve iheir animal
church parade on Sunday next and
a   -..-.-. in St. Andrew's Church,
1 . |i pendent Bawl wil- given
c ncert Irom the band Btand opposit.
the Central Hotel, tomorrow night,
iv. itl ei permitting.
; ■ .... last train over the main
lineolthe C.P.R. is t. be known ae
the Trans-Canada, Limited. The
service commenced on July 1.
Itev. W. C. Calder has received a
special invitation Irom tiie Kelowna
I/idge to speak at the Orange celebration there on the 12th inst.
A meeting of tbe Board ol Trade
will be held tomorrow night. The
power and light question will be one
■ i th< principal subjects lordiaouasion.
In the intermediate lacroBso between
New Westminster and Vanoouver,
playeil at Vernon on Monday, the
individual scores were New Westminster 6; Vancouver, 1.
All members ol Selkirk Lodge, Ko,
12, I.O.O.F., are requested to attend
-.:.st..:.,-.*.: ii I officers on Thursday
evening, July 6th. VisitingOddlel
Iowa | lease accept this invitation.
LOST—In ...r near Opera Houae, on
Monday night, July 1. Urge English
coin brooch.   Finder will be rewarded
,„ | mn       -.me to M.\ii. lli.iiAi.n
G   I Bang. L Ige, S . 26, Knights
I Pytbias, are b. Iding the ceremony
- night  ol  inst llati. n   .-1   ollicers,
:•:;.]. ■ .  nlerringol ranks.    A good
attendance is looked tur.
Jol:. H ustijn,ei-M.L.A., lor Nil-
* ' will start | .1 a news
paper in Prii.ce Rupert in ti -  nexl
ww day:.     H nst a haa  been   in
Goldfiel'd, Nevada, in tin  real - itat.
tsin -■ ti : csme back to Victoria a
short time age-.   He baa bought al
.   ,   , ,:,.. ,nd will go nonh in a     Mr- IL A. Brown, alter mu
..  ,f' .   ii,. ,.,.-- be will land at  work, lias      ...   ed  a  temple .:
Prince Rupert   n aa  neai  as he ia Pythian Sisters at An  rliead, to he
, | md will designate bii  n-    k» wi is Purity 1    pie So. 12    Che
reuiure the l'rince Rupert Empire.      new tem| e will be insta    I
' on arrival paraphei
"*" na ..    I'he i    -       n very
popular an.- ng tif A    ivhead   idi
While   i:i   tlie   net  "I  rescuing ..
drunken   hobo, who  w.ia  trying   it.
board the smith train  ..n Saturday
afternoon, a .1 who hnd liillen ugninst,
the tender and  in ,dv"w,   .   ,  •'
,,, . r .-'   "",.,.:.,,   nl   being
'!!",','-'-.,, mh-I i-i Police, T.W. Bai
tor hla trouble received Biindry l.l ws
nd kicks   The chiel niter downing
his ... .. ... ipiick time, nrrested him
(ur ..ss.iult, along with the man's mate
and landed them in gaol, A chn.ge
,.[ being drunk and disorderly was
ninde against them and Police Magistrate Pinkhnii) fixed n line ot $0 nnd
ci.Bts on ench.
H. N. Men-inn, in charge of the construction works on the Hig Hill, enme
int.. thc eity yesterday. The work
being carried out hy the C. P. B. on
Ihnl section will involve over a million
tlollara and will menu over a mile ol
tunneling, the grade being reduced to
I.nli. w.iile extensive improvements to
roadbed will be mnde. 'Ibis move on
tl..- part ol the C, P. It. is a very important one and will considerably reduce the difficulty ol hauling trains
up the steep grade and save both time
and money.
The Revelst..ke Turf Association
have suggested the formation of »
racing circuit to include tinkle..,
Revelst ke, Armstrong, Enderby,
Kelownn, Vernon, Kamloops. If the
proposal is approved >i meeting will be
held at anmecentral point t. arrange
dates ol meets,prizes, eto. It is hoped
by this new circuit to secure much
better racing then has hitherto been
possible al local meets. Once the
public has wit.'.eased some really good
racing, it will be easier to attain tht
provision ot purses ol satialacl .ry
amounts, nn.1 the quality ol the Bporl
may be expected to improve,
C, B, Paget carried the last load nl
mail Irom the depot, under the old
contract .m Sunday niglit. Many
local tenders for thai work bad bi - -
received by the postal authi rities, thai
ol T. A. Lewia being accepted, Mr.
Paget has Ior many yeara carried the
mail steadily and Faithfully in all
weathera and under all conditions in
.. manner thai haa given general
satisfaction. The work ia by no
means light ss it entails a. *
nil boura .lay nnd night and especia
in  winter wiih  delayed trains and
culd, long waits, the job is	
T Lewia will now .-.rry the mail iur
the time agreed   upon   in  the  ne*
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Kincaid ind Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agls.
I think [rum .. lung ivsi.lu.ioi! in the
city I can safely s-.y the llli.iquito pest
is getting less year by y nr, yet this is
the lirsi council to t-.k.- steps to lifji.t
the p..*..     I   may  he mistaken, but
consider  ibis is tl.o time tn do th'B
wo-k, not si:......;-, as tli-i-c . .ed- d
I., ie their I.r.-.ding liin".
N.-w regarding the pi«nr question
mil  the C. P. Ry. Co., I lliinl: if yen
w inld ...ke the trouble to ell nt the
Cby Hall and go through tl.u correspondence, yuu  would put the blame |
on tl.e railway company an.l not nn j
tl. city council.   We have passed the.
necessary    by-laws lor   Power and.
Sewerage, we are ...ot to blame that I
the money market is such we cannot j
sell tne debenture, and get tl.e money j
to e" on with tbe work.   A i present, j
we hnve .... power to s 11 to the C P i
Ity.  I'u. or  ... y  other persuu    The
debentures cntilil have been snid in lhe j
Bpri...:: il-.tt teey were nut then « .Id I
ynu ... *i I.......; ll.e knockers nud not
t -- e .... ch,
Yuura resp-c lully,
The   only    succci
remedy to rid these pests
from the house.     If not
ted with the
; r,  have ti
and the int. rests ol Pyl bis
; have lall.        -    : -       !     As ai
, -,:,.. i. Mra Br vn li ia pet to And
her equal, being a aupn me representa.
■.:.. an : a  itaunch  member  ol  the
rd. :...n.I .- M. E C. ol the i cal
ti n | ie .- nl safely launch the Arrowhead temple .... ite voyage of uae-
Social and Personal
M      .1   !*
other insect pests.
W. BEWS. Ph, b.
Druggist and Btationer.
Mail Orders prompt!) all. nded
-,- ,,i this Slore.
f ' f       |
Mm, I C,T I., "I i...iil'm. spnnl a
.: iiipl.' ot days iu tl.e ci'y Ibis week,
C, ll, Maedonald lelt laat nighl f.r
tho Al| ine Club camp at Paiadlae
Dan McDonald aud Ins bride were
in low.. ..n Mondny lo take In tbo
concert  ml dance.
Mrs, II..'.. Brown will cnti rtain the
■iitiiig people ihis evening In honor
.; M!u Edith Smith, ol Kolowim,
Contractors Busy ■- Buildings
and Improvements on
all Sides.
RSvelatoke as n city is steadily
iorgillg ahead and evidences of lliis
mny be aeen In almost every section.
Building operations have been very
notive ul late, both business and residential, which demonstrates that
Hevelsluke is.. desirable city in which
in live. Cl.iel among lhe improvements round the city are tho new
Mcl'li.iil, linn.ell building on McKenzie avenue, n large and commodious structure, in which nr? suitable
tea rooms, ice oream and relreshment
parlors. Many improvements in
private residences are going on. A.
McRae and IV. M. Lawrence have bad
extensive alterations and modern im-
pi... ; ei ■- ■:: ide -. theii It mi - the
w.n-k being near comp etion.
\ gt up I houses is being built lor
,\. E. Phipps ..ml F  li. Lewis, whi!.
several   minor  c    tracts iu
I . - - - . I - - ray,
i I Ior I
I   .     r
; - street west,I
Foote   is recei tra<
.■..-■'■    2 Fire 1
-ev .'.' i.. .-
I has buill
est little
Second j
■ .    -.   a   F ute -  ing ..
, lulling any ol
-    , • ■ npai y in ot hei
Rt -  a  "
,1  oily :- being
seen on  a    sides and i
being  kept busy as thev
..- in.
Revelstoke  lui; 2 11107.
four  is
; ■,   f
.. ei illy on the <[ > I
igo        '
the streets, snd
'      ■   M MM
i,i bocim :" thi ro ire a li - la'rg    I i -
lth ii     Wn hs
.0 eening lhe  material, and
ing then, raked off  as quickly  as  WO
could gut men tu do it. All nur ntreots
have been built up In the same manner, and we were lucky In get, BO in'i.-h
.lut... ..I. a  nominal cost     We are
aware   thai   broken   ruck   will  make
hotter streets, but, ban- you oomlder
.-.I tho coat? Is this ciiy In u position
I., purchase a iteam boiler and onglno,
rock crusher, screens and a large ro.nl
ll.e following are tlie prize winners
......ui" Miss 11 ill's pupils for music
thro.)* fur Ihe term just untied:
F.ancis Lnivson—Medal [or rending
.t sight.  .....I   pt-epn utinu   ..[   music
.ss gn.-.l without supervision,
Gertrude Dent—Medal present.il by
in ai.onymni.B Iriem', I... senior pitum-
forte playing.
'lid.. Hub's—Tin - nirdal presented
y Mr B A. Lawson for senior theory.
(i ndya Urquhart—Medal fur pin no-
fot li" playing in see-....I seni'.r class.
Annie Cots n—Medal for the ry in
second senior theory.
Beta Doyle and  L-ulse line were
. ....rtl.il badges tiirpiajjiijurtj jJiSVing
.vliilesUSakft^*^* "„mi Lnuie limok
#3u"tlie l..ui>.,es cunpeted (ur in the
primary theory classes.
Tie prir.es were distributed by T.
l'tiylor, M.P.P , who made appropriate
remarks on encli occasion, .'.ingrain
'nti..g both Miss Hull and her pupils
i.n the work done.
The pupils preset.led Miss Hull with
a hnnds...ue purse un.l hunk, as well ns
i. bouquet of lovely flowers. A gift ol
llowers for the children who had done
...id work tor llie term was received
anonymously. Tbe evening closed
with refreshments.
T. P. O'Connor's Tribute to
Canada and Canadians.
Mr. T. P. O'Connor, the brilliant
Irish member, alluding to a dinner ln
bond -n recently to Canada and Canadians, writes as follows in bis weekly:
" You may think that you have
exhausted the powerful personalities
f Canada when yuu have known Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, Sir Frederick Borden
and a lew others of whose names you
have beeu raiding in the newspapers,
Vuu ure quite mistaken, There are
many legislatures in Canada..in.I each
province n..s, besides its legislature, ils
uwu cabinet with a prime minister
and all the other great, ollicers we
have in . ur Cabinet ut home. Do not
run away with the idea that this
means theie are to., many parliaments
and tun many ullieials in Canada, Fur
Canada occupies a larger amount ol
-he space ot North America than tl.e
i'l.lle.l Matei.
I allude to this Canadian dinner be-
cause it brought home to me, even
.:. re than I realized already, what a
tremendous heritage ibis empire bus
:.. ii...t country,   l'lie   mind almost
- iggi •        re  tbe   gigantic possibilities ol Canada's luture.   I am next
., Mr. McBride, the prime minister oi
lumbia,    Here ynu hnve un
ex . i.i-n. -:■ cimeu ol the provincial
.. la.   They build  their
men   in   these  young  countries—at
-    ... fi.e.i who get to tl.e  t ip—uu
Mr Mc liride is, I shuuld
say, over six leet high     Hi- face still
-■ li ;..-:, in ite freahnesB,
io dark . yea the
. tl.e speaker ami the
.-   .->..-...uiu.led   by  white
li   mark  perhaps, of the
... through which l.e must
,..-.-- pa ted to I.ave gut sn high at bo
age    it wns when you lound
i    (a .   with embodied
-        imbia like thit that you
began lo   realize  what  ..  Canadian
.. ■ means, and what the .1 ities
... and responsibilities ul a provincial
later     Hav. ) u   in)  idc.
.   im.:,.-.,   - ■ , tint. .1
.'. ■         m ll    ll   .- ■ I
■   ...I. tteei
■ ......   .m-.mmI.-.i  square   mi - -  -
. ball I     -..- big at
K.iglat.d   -    Muni ami   "A ales,    Ol
, f   ff.-.,   -.1,   260,001 000
,    mmmUSI fin   ,,- yet   ocuu-
M   '     f
l ,  this  c,-- ny  .in-  i -;...-  nl the
iu thi        -    -
Another lot just to hand
with some of the swellest
Patent leather Hals.
Oxfords in Patent Leather,
Gun Metal and Dongola.
If you w mt tlie BEST
Women's Shoe io he had
in lhe town, made hv a hae-
tory that makes nothing hut
Women's Shoes. Buy the
Girls' Stockings
Eagt, Bb'.ek ".nc! spiciidiu '"
* wear-Gipsy and   Princess
You cannot find anything
like thc variety and values in
town like this Store shows
you. We can fit out any one
of the family. They were
bought before the heavy advances of thc past season and
you will find them cheap.
We have Lisle Hose, in
Plain, I.ace Boots and Full
Lace, in Black, Navy, Gre\
White, Pink and Blue.
White a ii
ll osc,
I Tan.
Missies' Hose
In While and Black Lace
Lisle, Black, White and Tan
We have a new line of
Children's Sox, in white,
cream, black and tan. Thev
are very pretty and cheap.
,* Soft   Cashmere
Ked, Tan, & White.
For men and women.
We can show you some
splendid values in these
goods. We have Balbriggan, Fine Wool, Silk
Mixed for men, Fine Wool
Balbriggan Lisle for ladies.
Ilo you want something
to wear — Hercules and
Rock Rib.
Marriage Licenses Issued
arc boundless t.acls ot virgin forest.
There art millions ol acres culling out
Ior tbe plow-8 and the strong British
arms behind ti.eni. And yet the
population is only a quarter ol a
milliun. Mr. McBride is here it.
connection with the business ol his
::ul..ny. He and the Dominion Government huve been currying on u very
polite hut a very resolute light tor
years, ub to the contribution ol Mr.
McBride'u province to the expenses ol
the Dominion, and I Bhould think
that even the subtle and suave Sir
Wilfrid Laurier—who, I tun told, con
ccals under bis beautiful eighteenth
century French exterior a will of iron
—I should think that even Sir Wilfrid Laurier would have all bis work
cut out (or him to beat thiu liritish
Columbian young giant with his will
ol iron beneath bis agreeable exterior.
Perhaps 1 look on the Btruggle with
some additional interest Irom the
fact that Mr. MoBride is tho son ol
lister parents, .....1 I recognize iu In...
.-nineul the sturdy qualities ul that
ubust antl sell-assertive race.
Business Locals
Jewelers and Opticians
Nf.xt to Imperial Bank
Improperly tilted glasses lire Horse ih,,..
no glasses and neglected eyes often means
Our Optical Department is In charge o
Mr. M, S. Ilnsiings, Kef. D., ami posi-
llvely guarantee satisfaction.
It has been proven Ihal 90 per cenl. of
headaches arc caused by defective eyes
and il docs not follow tlmt because you
have good eyesight that your eyes arc nol
Have your eyes attended lo now ...id
save trouble ...ul expense.
Will.   M
li end i with
Nut only smoothes tho ski..
but smithes the skin.
Nut inly bides roughness and
rawness, but heals  them
Red Cross Drug Store
Mail Ordure Rooelre Prompl Attention
Patron./..  Home  Industry.     Smoke
Rovelstoko Cigars.
A line el.nice ol  iinoleums and oil
cloths at C. B, II..me i*v Co's,
Screen doors and windows, wire not*
ting—Lawrenoe HardwareCo., Ltd,
Mattresses, pillows .....I bad c.iniln.'ti
it 0. II. Iliiiin: .">' la.'a,
A fine (election ol carpets and carpet iquarea at 0, I). Hume .V C..'a.
,-iiiiipi-ii yuur   lawn innwer? special
mi    i.r  ihis piirpi.BC-— Laivrii.ee
Hardware Co, Ltd,
I:, ol - and  1,ni- .vere... ver Intended
i'.,r luel.    Don'l  lrj to burn them,
Vuu can'l. do it. Ilny the oo-il that is
al. i-Miii. PI ■ mm,: orders Now Inr
the i-.-n.n g wintor'e supply, K, A
llngg. n, ag.-nt Inr the Crow's Nest
Paae Coal Company, Limited.
Don't forge! tu hnve a   Innk   at   nur
men'i airuw l.ala belore they nil go.
('.. II. H'-meACo., Ltd.
a Dandy Dixie
$10,000 invested in  magnificent Minstrel Mournings.
First Part Scenic Splendor--Artistically reproducing a
Enchanting Ensembles Slar Swingled Banner Salulallons
Songs of IVixii: Melodies of A.Ue-K.ill.i.n Days
'       Modern Musical Masterpieces       .   Vocal and Instrumental
The Show Hil of the New York Theatre, Wistaria Bool'Garden, and Mnn-
l.iilti... Beach Theatre, Coney Island, where
was the big-1'ciil...-c.l und |.r.:-e.u'...enily successful atlmctluil of those magnificent .....I multi-million dollar amusement palaces during the
Summer of 1906,
Seats on Sale at Canada Drug & Book Company
Dun't lry to make 11...ney too Inst.
1-.,111. 11.vest  in   uncertain things.
lluy real estate, rent producing hou-.-s
... business blocks, i.r shares in s'.lotlg,
well esiai.lisli.il Industrial or mhilii«
c. 1..|.a.lies al.ich nre paying .iB'titid
dividends.   For purticnlura..(tbe best!	
Investments offering apply lo E.A.! n,N1N(iKooM oua WANTliD
lluggen, Bevekuke. \)  Apply Victoria Hotel,
Still another shipment of Slater
hoots and shoes lor men nt C. B,
Hume & Co., Ltd,
Revelstoke Cigars Union Made Our
Special, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others.
Men's line underwear,—light wool,
silk wool aud balbriggan. C, B,
Hume k Co., Ltd,
Wauled for an Eastern client,
boarding house in Kevelstoke or other
British Columbia city, (iirnisbed or
unfurnished. Sliould have accom-
mnilaliun Inr 18 lo 20 boarders. Apply to E. A. Haggen, Jtevolstoko.
Dan.mocks, lawn mowers, croquet
nets, refrigerators, ice crenm tremors—
Lnwrci.ce Hardware Co., Ltd.
Hunks nml all snlin ol ricli corporations do not teelll.nl. they can alt'ord
to curry their own lire risks. Surely
then ll.e man ul nuulernlc means can-
nnl, nll'or.l In do so. You can get the
lowest rates with tl.o nin-cumbine
companies, together with unquestionable liiiiinciul stability nnd liberality
in s.'lllen.ei.t..(losses. Apply at once
to lhe agent, E,A.Haggen, Hovelatoko.
All members ..I L. u. L. 11158, nro
requested to meet at the lodge room
on Sunday evening next at 18:30
o'clock, (or the purpose ol attending
divine service ut St. Andrew's Church.
Visiting members are cordially invited.
By Older.
For Sale by the Crate    q
$2.75 and$3.00 A CRATE ty
il,iniii.i.l Llnliillty).
the annual meeting of llio shareholders of
The Prince Mining niltl Development
Company, Limited Liability, will he held
nt tin- Company's Olliees, First Street,
Kevelstoke, H. C, on Wednesday, the
Seve.1lee.1ll1 day of July, A. D,, .907, at
the hour of eight o'clock in llie afternoon,
for the purpose of electing officers lor lhc
ensuing year, and for all oilier purposes
relating lo ll.e management of lho Company.
AND TAKE NOTICK Ihal at thc said
meeting il is proposed to amend tbe
by-laws by reducing tl.e share qualification of the directors lo such number of
shares as ll.e meeting deems lil.
The Transfer Book of the Company will
be closed during the fourleyn ilny; imine-
diatelv preceding the meeting.
Dafcd at Revelsloke, IfiC, ihis 171I1
dav of June, 1907.
j. 'r. Lainu, W, B, Robertson
President.   3-17 Jy     Secretary,


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