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^ffee Mail-Mepaia
Vol. 13.-NO 54
Jl! -Iij-L4fi90f-
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke,
Bargain List
Monday, July 15th,   wu   will  place on
Bargains thai are sure to interest you:—
the Tables
r» i a, t . A line of Men's White
nflfPain NO. l.asDuok Wllsh Suits,
Uaigttl" IWl »• coat and pimls. Skeleton Soils, thoroughly well made, nice striped Ducks, nice
and cool for present wear. They were. $11.50 per Suit,
going at »2-00
Bargain No. 2.=
A basket  of  Oxford
sShoes in White   and
__                                     Colored   Canvas,   for
ladies, also Tan Leather, and some Blacks, In sizes 2J, 3,
Bi and 0.   $2,60 to $3.50 Shoes for $1.98
Bargain No. 3»s
Glghains, 1 pieces, in
-new fancy stripes, some
_ "silk mixed goods and
others in neat patterns and chec'.8. Goods we have been
selling at 25c, 30c. and 35c. Tbey will make nice Blouses
and Wash Dresses.   Price now per yard ISC
Bargain No. 4=
A lot of Children's Mus-
slin and Silk Dresses,
_ beautiful goods tn Ht
infants and children from 4 to 8 years of age. These are
lovely little affairs, no two alike, Tbey are a set of manufacturers' samples. You never saw such pretty goods
exposed for sale in town before. Thev are selling here at
 Half Price
Bargain No. 5-
Lace and Embroidery trimmed,
selling at	
Lawn Blouses, a lot of
■good every day Muslin
and Organdie Blouses,
$1.01)  to   $1.50 Blouses
 TB Cents
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
At .V« . tt .♦« ■♦■ ■♦« ■'tt iT. «Ti »T>. iT■ *T» aT. «Ti At At .♦* »♦. »♦. ttt »♦« A% «♦. At »♦. .♦.
*TI IJ! TT I «■ tfl Ml IA' 'J,1 *4>  W W 'J,1 *V '+1 '+* 'X1 *+' 'X1 '4' 'V *V 'V *V "1? "X* * f
9 mmmmmmmmmmwmmm
wummmmmmmmmmmm J
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc.   Stanley's and Starrett's.
Mechanics' Tools.   Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich High
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in greatvariely.
Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Convenient Offices for Rent Upstairs.
f Dealers in Hardware, Stove, and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
rTi Am. _£____. _t_ *** *^* _n *^« *^* _B _■_ -tl _a _a _u **^* _a »*fr» *^* *^* **» ^* &* ___,___.
*« ttf ijt ix" 'X' U." *x X X + + V ■** + 4- * * * V + X * ♦ t»  X +
Dwelling nnd Lot, Second Street     .... $2,100
Dwelling and Lot, Second Sheet  1,81X1
Dwelling and Lots, Third Street  4,200
Lots on Second St., east of McKenzie Ave,, each  , ,     250
Lots on Third St., east of McKenzie Ave., each  .    . .   200
Lols on Fourth St., east uf McKenzie Ave., each   . ,     175
Lots on Fifth St., easl. of McKenzie Ave., each   ,    . .150
1—2 and 5-acro Blocks suitable for fruit.
A Notable Increase in the Last
Six Years.
Ottawa, July 12—The cemus and
statistic! department hai figured nut
tl.e population ol Canada to he (1,60-1,-
IHKI. This wai on April 1 of tho
present year. At the last Decennial
wmsos the populatlor J Canada wai
6,871,316.  Ho tbat „i tl.e six yttri
there has been an increase ol 1,138,-
685, If the present growth is kept up
thc population of Canada will be over
seven and a hall million ..hen the
next census is recorded,
Prescriptions receive prompt attention at Hews' drug store.
Saturday night, specials at C. B.
Humo A Co.'s—10 dozen ladies' tan
laoe ho .u soiling at 26c. a pair,
Tapcitry and art serge curtains,
choice selection st 0.1). Humo A Co's.
Revelstoke Visits Kelowna on
Orange Day.—Music and
Sport, Please Orangemen-
A Large Turnout,
The membei! o! L. 0.1,., No 1658,
and their friends, accompanied by the
Independent Band, lelt by special
train yesterday morning lor the celebration at Kelowna. A comfortable
train was placed at the disposal ot the
excursionists and left at 3:30 in the
morning. Large crowds of Orange
men and holiday makers joined at
Enderby, Armstrong and Vernon and
levcral bands discoursed lively music
at intervals down the line, One
noticeable feature was the myriad ol
mosquitoes at the junction which
kept tbe people bu6y for quite a time.
Tlie crops of Iruit and hay all down
the valley look most promising, hay
making being well under way and the
orchards having a clean, healthy
appearance. The s.s. Aberdeen conveyed the visitors down Ihe lake, an
otherwise pleasant trip being marred
by the strong, cold winds that swept
over the water accompanied by
showers ol rain. The steamer was
uncomfortably crowded, but all kept
up a good natured spirit in spite ol
the contrary elements. On arrival at
Kelowna, the "'orchard city," a large
and enthusiastic crowd greeted and
welcomed the visitors, who straightway hied themselves to hotels and
restaurauts to fill tbe inner man. The
hotels were taxed to their limit to
accommodate the visitors, and
Kelowua can certainly take a lesson
in catering Ior and handling a large
hungry crowd trom Revelstoke and
her neighbor, Arrowhead, for the
meals supplied were by no means up
to tbe mark. Nature being satisfied,
and the sun having come out and
scattered the rain clouds, the visitors
thronged the streets to wituess the
Oiaiigemen parade.
The procession was a good one,
beaded by the marshal!, the Revelstoke Independent Band and L. O. L
1058, and composed of representatives
(rom Salmon Arm, Enderby, Vernon,
Armstrong and other cities, and several
bands. Alter the parade the crowd
wended their way to the grove, where
speeches by notable orangenien were
delivered, that ol Rev. W. C. Calder,
Revelstoke, being particularly striking.
Music was reudered all the afternoon
by the Revelstoke, Armstrong, Sum-
merland aud Kelowna bands.
Baseball, Armstrong v. Siimmerland
and lacrosse, Kelowua v. Armstrong,
attracted the cbiel interest, Armstrong
being the winners in both games.
Kamloops orangenien arrived during
the afternoon on tbe s.s. Okanagan,
and were marched in hy llie Revelstoke band. Thc celebration went off
smoothly and well, all having thoroughly enjoyed themselves and being
pleased with their reception. The
crowd lelt at 8pm and afler a pleas,
ant run up to the landing, entrained
for their respective homes. After
several annoying delays on the road
Revelstoke reached home at seven
o'clock this morning, cold and tired
but satisfied with their holiday.
On Tuesday last July Bth, President
A, O. Wheeler ol llie Alpine Club sent
out a party of experienced mountain
climbers to scale the virgin peak of
Mount Pinnacle. The party consisted
ol Rev. Dr. Herdman and P. D. Mc-
Tavish ol Calgary, Rev. J. R. Robertson ot Revelstoke, and Rev. G. R. B.
Kinney ol Phoenix, under the leadership ol Ed, Fen/., Swiss guide.
Mount Pinnacle hiover 10,000 Ieet
high and is a peculiar and dillicult
mountain to climb. The party left
camp at G a.m. and in less than tlVO
hours were well up thc eastern flank,
Tho dilliculties ol the climb wero soon
realized, and consisted of very steep
inclines, numberless large and small
pinnacles, numerous and deceptive
precipices, many narrow and dangerous looking ledgrs and, worse than all,
much loose and rotten rock which
relueeu sure support for hands and
Ieet. In ipite of all dilliculties and
adverse conditions the party toiled on
and up step by step, till tbey came to
the base of a high tower within 300 It.
from the summit. To get around this
tower was an impossibi.ity, aud the
lew email ledges up the tower refused
safety for hands and Ieet. The only
hope wae to climb up through a very
narrow chimney which ran, up through
the tower. A heroic struggle wns
mado for over two hours to ascend this
chimney, but at last guide and all had
to ntlmit defeat. It was the first time
the guide had ever heen defeated in a
mountain climb and be with his party
were somewhat blue in turning to
retreat home.
Only one hope remained, viz: to
descend by another route with the
hope ol finding another route by which
the summit might be reached. The
descent, however, in some ways proved
more dillicult and dangerous than the
ascent, and finding no other route
downwards except over great precipices
the party were compelled to descend
by the ascent route, and to return to
camp without making the summit.
The trip proved rather a strenuous
one Ior the whole party. They were
roped together tor over ten hours
during whicli time eyes were kept
keenly alert, hands and feet were
clinging to narrow ledges and loose
rock, and all this time the ne. ves
were strung to high tension. Twice
during the day tl.e party had to be
un roped and each let down singly by
the rope over precipices. When the
party got back to camp after dark
and alter fifteen hours o! critical
mountaineering, tbey found the president and camp waiting somewhat
anxiously lor llieir return, and when
all walked into camp sale and well,
there was a royal and hearty welcome.
The President immediately proposed
three rousing cheers to the [.arty Ior
their plucky though unsuccessful
attempt to scale tlie su limit of
Pinnacle Mount.
List of Successful Candidates
at the Midsummer Examinations in Order of Merit.
The lollowing is a list ot successful
candidates. Pupils whose names are
bracketed arc equal In rank. Pupils
who were absent Irom the examinations owing to illness will be properly
classified on the re-opening ol school
Junior Leaving Class to Senior
Leaving Class—K. Lawson, M. Manning, A. Doyle, B.McCarty, A. Mcltae,
M. Armstrong, J, MaoRurry.
High Fourth Header to Juniur
Leaving Class—J. Lawrence, C. Fraser,
O. Woodland, I). Mclntyre, Cl. Mc-
Mahon, B, Corley, E, Doyle.
Low Fourth Reader to High Fourth
Reader—A. Tapping, D. McCarter, B.
Hobbs, M. Porter, ti. Urquhart, 8.
Samson, L. Coursier, M. held, F.
Fraser, V. To.nlineon, M. Jamieson,
II. Cordon, 0. Hanson, L. Johnson,
E. Allen, E. Dickey.
High Third Reader to Low Fourth
Reader—P. Samson, J. Byrd, K. Sibbald, (H. TnrnroBs, B. Brown), I. Proeunier, J. Hay.
Luw Third Reader to High Third
Reader—L Steed, V. Collins, L. Mornii,
L. Lee, C. Field, N. McLeod, E. Robbins, 1). Calder, C. Anderson, O Fe,e,
E. Clay.
High Second Render to Low Third
Reader—M. Paget, S. Dickey, L. Brook,
11. Johnston, lt. Haggen, O. Roman,
P. Moran, It. Doyle, J. McEachern,
W. McRae.
Low Second Reader to High Second
Reader—J.Mclntyre, E. McCarthy, E.
Hanson, (G. Burridge, T. Gallicano),
A McCarter, M. Parsons, M. Colarcb,
A Ciawtord, E, Fletcher, G. Fromey,
J. McEachern, 11. Granat, (A. Watson,
L. Picard), H. Gibbons, I, Brown, M,
Henderson, R. Miller, E. McMahon, A.
Johnson, E. Gallicano.
High First Reader to Low Second
Reader—L. Blackberg, M, Proeunier,
M. McMahon, J. Camozzi, F. Jackson,
G. Cook, B. Daniels, S. Simpson, R.
Frisby, A. Young, C. Corson, V.
Jollitl'e, I Henderson, H. Gallicano, J.
Maley, F. Turnross.
Low First Reader to High First
Reader—S. Gallicano, A. MacBryde,
(M. Brock, O. Coursier), K. Field, A.
Olsen, E. Johnson, V. Bell, M. Robin-
sou, (T. Lee, E. Picard), R. Calder, E.
Broghcolzie, (L. Daniels, M. Ringer,
F. Bourne), H. Armstrong, (H. Jones,
W. Leslie), G. Cocorochio, W. Smythe,
H. Cousins, C. Lovett, (P. Stacey, W.
MacBride), V. Robinson, J. Henderson,
E. LarBon, A PugBley, H. Hack.
High Second Primer to Low First
Reoder-^O. Brault, E. Lovett, S, Pi
card, G. Turnross, G, Fletcher, R.
Wheeler, A. Camozzi, P. Camozzi.
Low Second Primer to High Second
Primer—J. Creelman, (E. Bradshaw,
J. Fromey, L. Rae), W. Cook, L.
Campbell, O. McLean, J. Bourreau, C.
Moran, (A, Robinson, T. Taylor), M.
Smythe, L. Smith, G. Urquhart, G.
Cocorochio, E. Guthrie, T. McRae, T
High First Primer to Low Second
Piimer—A. Manning, II. Lyttle, A.
McLean, (I. Tomlinson, I. Williams,
R. Woodrow, M. Armstrong, I). Abrahamson, W. Fleming, ll Tipping, L.
Morgan, A. Jackson, D Mndda'onl,
W. Hciideiso , E Moscrop, L. Williamson.
Low First Primer to High Firsl
Primer, (Section A)—A. Fraser, (J.
MacBryde, .1. Robbins), IJ. Gorring, S.
Manning, F. Terry, M, Jolliffe, D, McGregor, W. Kelson, J. Frisby, F. Btepl).
ei.son,  M,  Cougblin, C. Garland, P
Headquarters for   Tetley's Teas
Will Improve Western Canadian
Stage and Attractions.
The Western Canada Theatrical
Association and Booking Bureau
convened st tho Lyric Theatre, Calgary, on Monday, July 8th, President
R. Tapping, ol Revelitoke, in tl.e
chair, tor the tramaction of general
business. Amongst other important
matters the question aroie ae to the
ways and means ol improving the
Western Canadian stage by the engagement of better attractions A
."solution wai passed that the association be incorporated with a capital
ol $10,000. It waB decided to hold
the next convention at Banff in July
1908. The lollowing officers wore
elected :— President, H. Eidentrom,
Lethbridge; vice-president, R. Tapping, Revelstoke; eec.-treasurer, E.
Willis, Calgary.
,,,,,,,,.,      Hansen, W. Smith, A. Leslie, C. Hol-
VinoiiiA.July 12.—Dr. McArthur ,eil( w  Loug|lcl,,,   (8eolion B)_M.
of Ottawa is on the CoaBt ascertaining' Hughes, M. Hyland, (B. Laiighton, D,
the number of mineral spring points McCarter), L. Hosseltou, A. Fuliuii,
in the West and making analysis of &2»W«. ■'; Woodrow,L Edwards.
., .„      .    .e        ', M. Boin, (M. Ilowjun, N. McCarthy)
the waters with a view to reporting on! „ -^^ fj ^ (J McCiirty;
desirable sites lor health resorts.    Dr. (j, Jackson),  lt. Stone, It. Calder, B.
Tullia, J. Pugsley, B. McMahon, H.
Clonal. D, lledslronic, ,1. Fletcher,
H. Gallicano, S, Do Simon, L. Maley,
M, Marccsan, T. Maley.
Ottawa, July 9.—At a Cabinet
meeting to-day is the case cl Dale, ol
Carmi, British Columbia, convicted ol
murder and ientence.1 to be hanged,
the law was allowed to take its course
and the same action waa alio taken
regarding a Chinaman who fatally
stabbed a mm in a mining camp at
Peaches, pears, plums aud bananas,
(ree.li today afC, B, Hume- Go's,
McArthur is an expert and ha! visited
all big spaB and health resorts on the
continent as well as in America.
At the present time Canada lias
practically no fully equipped sanitarium and the nei d for iliese is hemming more pressing every day. lij
modern appliances ordinary springs
are converted into excellent health
resorts, but nearly all tl.o big resorts
are situated amid bum.tilul surroundings. There aro soveral placos in
British Columbia that oll'or a most
attractive lield lor this work.
KmoWNA,July8,-Mr, H.N. Hoi-
man, brother of Mr. L. Holms.., arrived on Monday's boat and will stay
a couple of days looking over the
valley, Mr. 11oln.au is engaged in
tobacco culture in Wisconsin, besides
boiug editor of tliu Deerlield Newi in
that atate. Alter examining tho tobacco grown here, and the soil Mr,
Holman frankly states lhat this
country has Wisconsin beaten on the
quality ol product, and he says there
should he a great luture lor tho industry iu the Okanagan valley.
Tho statistical branch ol tho Department of Railways has decided to
adopt the new United Statei rules
respecting railway accounting and
make them applicable to all Canadian
railways so that railway statistics all
over the continent will bo on the same
baiii for comparative purposes, The I Raspberries, strawberries and Logan
ohange is operative Irom July 1,        | berries just in at 0. B, Humo A Co'i.
I'VTIIIAN hiott.rk
Crystal Temple No. 3 held their installation ot ollicers for tho ensuing
term, on Tuesday lasl. Soveral Knights
ol Pythias wero present. The installation cc.-emony was performed by Past
Chiel Sisters F. Homes, J. A. Agnew,
and 11. Cook. The following ollicers
elect wore installed:
I'ast Chiel, Lilian Van Home.
M. E. C, Elizabeth Brown.
Ex. St, Lizzie Armstrong..
Ex. Jr., Minnie Bain.
Mgr. ol Temple, Grace Somei.
M. ol F., Maggie Gordon,
M. ol R. and 0., Elsie Bennett.
P. ol T., Daisy Grimes.
0. G., Florence Some!.
At the conclusion of thc ceremony
Knight! A. Hillier, S. Lefeaux and lt.
Armstrong wero initiated into tlie
niysterios of Pythian Sisterhood, the
impressive and beautilul ritual being
carried out to tbo lull. At tbe close
ol tho Temple tho Sisters provided
ice cream and lolrcshmonto; Tho report ol the term shows that the financial standing of tho Temple is in good
and strong condition.
K. OJ i'.
Gold Range Lodge, No. 26, conferred
tl.e third rank on Wednesday night.
Capt. Kirby ol Arrowhead visited the
lodge. Committees for the term woro
elected and appointed,
Headquarters   for Tetley's Teas
Dwelling for Sale
Valu    $1650 00
Sale Price. $1300 00
The above is a Six-Roomed House in good locality
wirli Fifty feet frontage, Good Fencing, Sheds, etc.
Tlie owner does not live in Revelstoke and consequently needs money.
The actual cash value is as stated above and §350
cannot be made easier than by buying this property.
We will loan yt.u money to assist in the purchase.
We have for sale 110 acres of clroico land on Cran-
licrry Creek, rear Arrowhead, suitable for Fruit and
Horticulture. A man of enterprise can make a line bomo
and a splendid independence for himself and family on
this properly.
Price-830 per acre -
in good tel ms.
Officks :—Molsons
Building,     Telephone
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first 1 Or. Union Ite
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office Toronto, Ontario.
Ilrfii.rli.t* il. tlm 1'rovi.icas i.f M;,.,. 1,,..;,. AU...rtii. Ba»lfatcll«»Bli.
llritisl. Colombia, Ontario, Wmbw.
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
I), lt. Wii.kik, President;
-    «4,7oo,ooo.oo
llnx. lt, Jakkhav, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe,   Special attention given lo Collections.
Savings Department
Deposits received and Interest allowed at current rate from date
of opening account, and compounded four times a year,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C. A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Cleveland Bicycles, best grade,
cushion Iramo and coaster brake-
Lawrence Hardware Co., agents.
Saturday night specials at C. B,
Hume A Co.'s—6 dozen ladies' wash
belts at 26c, each. Che flfoatl*1beralb,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy,       Harolii Fished
BEVBLSTOKI .si. rl.01 I I IKK B. (*.
,- B.OILU.V ' ■' ■ " •
UrncRs: I-*i -i:ai.ii.  Baxs Hlock,  Hkvkl
'gross, H.C.
''* '*   f '•■"•I"'    ,      ,,,.,.      ,     ',    „ r.
Offlce. Iterelstoke, lu.; Cranbrook, B. 0.
Ui . 5. McCarter,
\. M   PntlHAM,
1. ■   .--.Mki-. II. ('.
J, A, Barvky,
C iiinri,(jk 11. C,
J. M. Scott l.L.U
con* AND
\V. I. Brings,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Hovers to Loan
solicitors for Molsons Bank
Ki.*' Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
»S-AYI£I   -0   i '■ -I
:      .    ..  in : ittet.ti f..
. ■
Pr.      *v
!   .   , .-■ :,\ i.m'k.
BOX   IHI,   lil-VKL!
(Memliei    A rican    Institute   of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land, TimherXiiiiits, Mines,
Mills and Buildiugs prepared in shape
for submission to prospective in vesturs
or purchasers.
'Cbe Matl4)eral&
" 1 would .  .  . eftiaegtlyndvleothem fur
their goud to order thLpapor io l.e punctual!!"
served up. and to Ih> luoked tlpon tis a purl of
the tvA equipage."—Addison,
Much agitation has taken place oi
late for thc establishment of a fumigating and impeotion station lor fruit
trees on tbe C.P.R. main line in the
eastern portion oi the province. Thc
Mail-Herald has frequently voiced
it! opinion on this matter and ex
pressed its opinion ol tbe necessity ol
luch a move. Tbe Kamloops Sentinel
has supported us along this line and
the Canadian Horticultuialist, tbe
ollicial organ ol the B. C. Fruit
Growers' Assooiation has made the
following strong plea :
" Fruit growers in Britisli Columbia
should contiuue to protest to tbeir
provincial government iu regard to
the discrimination against eastern
nursery stock tbat is practised by the
officials ot lhat province. The matter
should not be allowed to drop until
there is an inspection station at
Revelstoke or Golden. The present
inspection and fumigation station is
located at Vancouver. Growers in
tbe fruit districts ol tl.e eastern side
oi the province surfer many disadvantage, when they buy trees from
Ontario or elsewhere in Listen.
First of all. the Britiib Columbia
government, by compelling eaitein
nursery concern! to ihip .stoek
through to Vancouver ior inspection,
make, it almi st imp llible I. r eail
concerns to ban tbeir stock delivered
to tl.e grower! in perfect condition,
Tbo uonecemry delay cauied by the
itock having to crou the province to
ton and Oregon concerns are crown
under largely different conditions. In i
the interior parts of liritisb Columbia
they have some winter and must have
trees thoroughly hardened and matured in order to stand the climatic
changes. Trees at the coast, however
are grown where there is uo winter.
Trees grown under these conditions
make a soft and pithy growth, and
often winter-kill or become blackhearted, and ai best are but shortlived. It is, therefore, lhe British
Columbia Iruit growers wish that
eastern stock be allowed to come into
their province under the some conditions as slock Iron. Washington and
Oregon concerns, whicli would be ilic
case wore a station established at tbe
eastern border of the province.
We cu: show .....ncrous letters from
the most prominent fruit men of
British Columbia showing that eastern
trees are wonted, In (act Iho orchaids
that are now in bearing and are
bringing profitable results to tho
growers, and that are producing fruit
that is nuiking a naine for British
Columbia, are grown Irom eastern
trees; they have proved in every respect
better. The grown, s are able lc
secure a much larger list ol varieties
fro-n the east and, also, larger and
older trees. Under present conditions
however, tbey aro almost compelled
..y lhe provincial government laws to
buy their trees frum a foreign country;
trees which, in ninny cases, arc utterly
.ii.-,,1, ;. r lie ir own districts. There
, it i i tic sou o * ...ill c nice us in
■-;. i .iluinb a that have prob lily
excellent stoek, imt nnly a small list
ul varieties to choose trom.
Indignation meetings have been
held in various ...arts ol the province
and this spring resolutions were
pasied by different local association',
as well as by tho British Columbia
Fruit (in..vers' Associiition, petitioning Ior the establishment ol a station
at Revelstoke. The Board ol Horticulture at Victoria, while agreeing
that i: would be a most desirable
thing lor these growers to have a
station in the east, claimed that ill
recent years the imports trom the
east have lallen off fully seventy-five
per cent., and that it would not pay
them to establish a st.ilion in the
east. A poorer excuse could not lie
given. Thu only reason for the fulling
off of eastern importations is due to
the passing of this unjust law discriminating against eastern concerns.
Were conditions reversed and the
inspection station established at Revelstoke o. Golden, and tbe Washington
aud Oregon concerns compelled to
to ship their stock to Revelstoke. Io
b." examined, it is sate to predict that
the Washington and Oregon concerns
trade would fall off fully seventy-live
per cent, and the trade from the east
increase several bundled percent. As
a lew hundred dollars would erect a
shed sullicient to serve the puiposo of
an inspection and fumigation station
in lhe meantime, the excuses given do
not hold water. In view ol the repeated requests made by the Iruit
growers of British Coluinbin, it is to
be hoped tbat tl.e provincial government will see its way clear to establish
an eastern inspection and fumigation
station at au early date.
Kill than. nil.
lying about
whon UBOd a.
too. por packot, or 8 packoto for Mo.
will laat a wholo oaaaon.
Incorporated by Act cf Parlinneut, 1855.
James Ei.li.it, General M.ui..ger.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches in  Cuniidii and  Agencies  in  all parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at cuire-tt, rales on Savings
Hank deposits, until further nntlcp.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,        -        Rkvelstoke, B. C.
Local Revelstoke
Socialist Party of Canada
Meets Flnl sail Tl.lr.1 Wc.lnra.lay la tlio montli
ll, Rolklrk Hall, npstaln. nt 8 ...ni. .*"'."*- "*:
discission "Armlnwiictil ol Capitalism. Ail
Interested uro welcome.
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain Viow Camp No. IM.
Me.-., Socond and Fourth Wednesdays in
onch month.in Selkirk Hull.  VisiiiiiKWui.d
mon cordially Invited to attend.
W. 1). AllM8TRONO,Con.Com.
II. W, EDWARDS, Clork.
F. 0. E.
-lield in Ilu-
mil Su'cl.u-i
Tlie recnlur moouutTS:.
Boll ovory Tuesday evo...
Ina brotbren are cordial.;,.--
H. A. UUOWN. I'l..:sll).:x-.-.
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
to our Sl...e if you want lo | urchase
a N . \ arpet. Fine Oriental or Wilton rug, matting or linoleum and see
how much lur*ber iis contents will
lake you in purchasing than it wl'l al
any othei s'oiti iu the city. Our
Spring styles are ready for your
Koote ll.iv LcllKO No. 16 AF. It AM
.., „    -.'-.. The regular  hum.■
it.n- ai-.- liold in ilu
<-.; '■    MasOlllo      Tell.pic,
I   j.l.l Fellows Hall.....
lln third Monda) it
.   ::.iell   ll...lllli    at
■   . p..., Vi.*iiiii„-lii-.ili-
■     -    : .:■ ren   cordial!)   wol
' . ... I'  i.l'I'M Kll. ?kc..i.-,t.uiv,	
bEuKIilK LOJ-.L. I* 0  ii. I. 0. ...!-.
Moots every'I'l.ui-sdfiv
evening   in   Selkirk
4Hf.ll    at   S   o'clock.
^5*_- J Visit i.i|- bretliron cor-
dinlly invited to tit-
sirrh.   Cold Range Lodge, It. of  P.,
r?if%    No" "6> Kevelstoke, S. C.
I'l omopt Third Wednesday ..I
eaeh couth, lu the Oddielluws:
Hull ai s o'clock. \'i*i!il.u
Kiii.li.!. are cordially invited.
li. II. IlltOi'K, K. uf 1!. it S.
II. ... UUOWN. M. .if F
We have now bought out the
premises ol Charlie Ling, Lot No.
Five (5), Block One (1), und intend opening up a General
Chinese Store.
Arrowhead, June 10th, 11)07,
Lee Bon*, Manager.
Co-operation—the word has a
world of moaning in its eleven I- it. r!
and a hyphen. It means to work
together: to concur in attaining one
great aim; to assist, to aid, to help
aud to contribute towards its attainment; to abet und conspire in tbe
interests of a common struggle for a
ooveted prize. The prize is none other
than success when ii is applied to the
co-operation that should obtain in a
growing city like Revelstoke. All
:.. nt p i.i t gether, We all n -..
1, .1 ,1 shell - Brew must pull
even itrokei to win tin. race. II one
loses lime be may work ever -,, hard,
but ho not onl) '1- ea..- 1 .-: th. most
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with its help.
And the 111..ney saving is. tl.e
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Royal Crown Wrappers. Send
Ior it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C
To Buy Property in awl Around
Never Again will a b9 so Low
0 .,
Two .   .
One Sf,—$8oo,
\ I ski i
■   ■ •
: ■
Revelstoke. B, C
Import direct from Country ol origin,
.1 IH ■—J—
HEAD OFFICIO: Cai.oaiiy, Ai.i.i-u.ta. #
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants \
.'.■rk I'-Mhm ami Dealer   in Live Stuck.   ..UrkoU In all tl.o principal Chios and J
Towns of Alberta. Britisli ...miuliii. and llio Viikuu.  Pi.i-1.to ..I tl.o Celebrated llraml f
U'i: er  ur" Hiusfi-i i ik->:i,.iul Slii.ui.>t.''i Itrni-l, EmMar-l. Ji
*».%*%%*%%%♦**■'»*/*%%'%%%<%%'».«'» */*•/%%•**»•» *vi
For Agricultural Implements. Cum unes, Wagons'", Etc, Join,
Deere Ploughs, Moliue Wagons, Cauada CarriitKo Comiiany's
Buggies, Planet jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Whoel-
wrlght and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
St-ootfllty. f
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every reFpect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Sped I Weekly Rator,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same manaj-rcment
suitably furnished with the choicest thc
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Ratss $i a day,   Monthly rate.
J.   .ALB^^T    STOHSTE    PROP.
Quern's J^otel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprietor
Under   New   Management)
another. It not only redncei Iti own   I.
value, b it alio retard tbe progrosi
the city as a whole.
Interior Crops and Fruit Are
Tbo general outlook in tbe Interior
- Mr, .'. ndi mi., deputy minister ol
1 eon touring
the I.it.-norj i< of the beet, tl.e yield
oi lall wheal I.e...;.' imioh bettor than
anything ever boloro known, while
there aro many iplondid Heidi ol
nlfi.li.i. Faith In the Iruil growing
|i iiiibilitioi ol Hi- Intori r i being
demonstrated through the Blocan
district nt Nakusp and at other point!
on tho Arrow Lokei up to Revolstoke,
whore large acreage! arc being planted
With trees. There hai been inul.: rain
iii tlie upper country than in the
Coait (liltrlotB and growth nl all kind-
bui been well Advanced    The nngri
nre all green and  stock  misers arc
hipped in by the coaet and Washing-1 highly pleased with the outlook.
o ii. I i;;- own stroke, but Iio reduc. i
■        :-;   '     '■'•'-''  lnt" bM,° the pr polling power ol all I	
be ,1,1pp.   btck almoit to tbe original U |, (h, ,arne in Revelitoke. If,	
point «t which tbe goodi entered tl.e a busit)eU merchant is pulllng>galns1
provinc.   ;■ tonal li   and any-   *
thing but g  .1 loi the itock.   In
tbe ca>e ol perishable goodi the delay
olten  pmvei  diiastroue.    Owing to
tl.eeiorbira.it freight   rat. i.  in  the
wesl, the freight on goods (hipped in
thii way is almoit  double what it
would be were they shipped direol to
tbe grower, do tbat instead ol being n
benelil to the liritisb Columbia Iruil
grower, tbe lack -.;' a itatl in on the
. ».,ern I .rd.. - ! ll.e   pr .iii.ee   l.andi-
,, - . ,, . -. astern el ck Is . (eluded
almost entirely Irom t..e province, foi
it is almoit   imp. llible  lor him  to
irt un.ii-r anything like reai    tl li
Mn.t Britiih Columbia fruit growers of tho interior parts ol tbe pr. v-
:.... inch r.s the Ukanagnn Valley,
Kamloops and Nelson district, and
aleoin the Columbian Valley, want
eastern grown stock, Much ol the
itock in tbe eaet, particularly that
Irom tbe Niagara district, is grown
under climatic conditions almost
identical with that til their own
districts, whereas tlie trees that are
W A N T K I)
IMM.louiM   '. I f: 1.   Vi \ ■* I,-. 11
App    . . toi - il .tel.
Fir-wi:.- accommodation for travellers.
:•      brand-,   of   Win.'H,   Spirits,   and
KATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
An ordinary Jioe after ut month*, wear.
Foot-rites are as tough snd stubborn as mules. They'll resist ai
much strenuous, arduous wear and tear as a mule; keep on steadily
resisting them and come up smiling every time. Why? Well, shoes
are about the worst adulterated things on the market and the Foot-
rite's not adulterated. It's a simple why.
Instead of newfandangle, brittle, sieve-like, made-over-nigbt hemlock
tanned sole leather, cut from the shoulders, neck and poorest places
in the hide, Foot-rile soles are made ol tough, close-grained, wear-
lighting, water-shedding, old-fashioned oak tanned cowhide, cut
from the "butt" or finest part of the skin.
Instead of uppers from among the thousand varieties of cheap and
imitation calf that looks good, but don't wear, Foot-rites are made
of "Normal-Calf," a new and exclusively Foot-rite leather almost
as soft and supple at the hve calf s skin, and as unwearoutable ai a
pine knot.
Instead of cloth trimmings, Foot-rites have leather; instead of scrap
insoles, which won't hold stitches, Foot-rites are oak tanned stock.
Instead of weak wood arch supports that don't support, Foot-ritei
have steel; instead of cloth and paste box-toes, Foot-rite Un-
collapsable Box-Toes are made of stout, rebounding leather; instead
of cotton thread, silk is used in Foot-rites; and instead of saving
75 cents per pair on cheap labor, Foot-rites are made by the most
expensive and skilled artisans obtainable. >
Then there are a lot of special devices about Foot-rite construction
that help their stubborn wcarability, such as Tough Heels,Wrinkle-
less and Crackless Vamps. Unwaipable Soles, etc
Not hard to understand why Foot-rites are the Longest Lived
shoes, is it ?
If you want $4.00 or $5.00 worth of sound, intrinsic shoe value
(or $4.00 or $5.00 of your hard-gotten gold, call on lhe Foot-rite
retailer in your town. Hii name': below. You'D And him as honeft
and sincere as his shoe, and always obliging. His door swings
inward but never outward to find a more welcome itore. .1
Anywhere in America, Canada or Great Britain—$4.00 snd
$5.00.  Every Pair Goodyear Welted.
THE Foot-rite SHOE
Boston   THE Foot-rlts SHOE CO., MAKERS   MONTUAL
A Fool-rile Ae a month.' wear.
McKinnon & Sutherland •"Wfflf"
\\    l.-l.io.l ll. i.-i.  ViIm. -.. -... pei
i ih.
v.|(  MI.K  Thi*  .-   Mm im..
ing to Mn, Uutl i Ic   f li il
el West, will  l o sale
nexl two fvi-.-k-
A|.|.lv   ll I      0	
,1.111. S.\l,|.;--r,.f.l nil   I*....I   Stove,
three in !■- burner, fnr »ale cheapi
Applv  Mrs,  McKitrick,   Union It"*-
V.K   s\|,l-.   ,\   It.-,,...,-....,,   rype
nr .-.-. cosl  W23.     Wil] sell I*...
Ijl-IO,     .pply fiiiwren. ■■  *
i -nil: HAM.  i I Ivorl - -
Y    1400 to l.v.-. 1 iw., iiiiiI i
il purpose I oriel   well broken,  Ihal
..unlil   mi.'<,-   good  delivery  i-.m-.
PI  i ,■ |el ..... know your requirements
R, A. Haggen, Revelatoke, Il.C
WANTKD Everyone having n
hoi.*.- I" sell or .' ot. i.. II - ll
uiiii un-, I..... II ....led with pnqulrles
f ii .,..,, i. properliea. Phone, rail, o.
drop in., a .-...-.I with full deic.ipllon
find purchaie price, or rent required,
I.. A, rlaggeu, ileal Estate and Ins...-
ii nee Agent, Itevel rtoke, II. <*.
/ANTI.Ii   A Wnltreis, apply  al
II I It.-v.-I.Hiok...
Halcyon Hot Spring i
Mniiiil..r.t...r...l lot nil rli.i.-rolf.f l.iiiMnuM
All klti-li'if 1'iiil'limt and pluHtorlflg
. man igeuienl ol
II mikv   \l- I .: .-f.i.      iilfoitn   IbiiiM
..j-.... .- moil . uratlve In ths
world,   A perfect, natu.al remedy fm
ul   \.m -...-.-   in il   Mo*, ui a   diiwa .-■
I.m ,-.. K- :■        id -"oi .--li ailmenl
md Mel ,111.   I' Imnlli ■
im- "Tl nl   i i-d  Keeling.'     ipn s
,i- and 'i.fi..-.   'I -.
mmm    if,    ■ md d. ail u ■-    d
[elfgra h  eommun stlon  with  ah
marl • nl  he world,
Tkbmh   |12 tn |1fl |.'-r week,   Foi
i ..'.,. i parti, ii irs apply to
iiAiuiy M0INTO8H
James Evans
Dealers ill Heel, I'ork, Mutlon,
Poultry, r'i»h and (ian.o il.
.-.-.son. Orders promptly at-
tended to,
First St. Revelstoke
herclij .*..■ q thai 0Od*iri from dale
I lotai -I Ui npply i" 'hi- Hnn.Hiniiiiif ilm n.li-i
inner ul ' Midi Rnd fforlii inr \
ml  li n In nuri h« i* lho fniimviiin deinrlMi
' - .'-I ..1 i.iili'iiii H«y, III Wi!*l Knnti'
Ha ley on Hot Sprt ng 1
A rrorn Lake. ». C
Notice li lioroby .Iter, tleii..»..!:.)-«-,fi-r-i I
Intoml to nppl). l.« tlw HonoralilH,l[.»el.lol[i	
iiil».l..i...r..l Un.l, uml Work, lor perrniM	
inifi-liiMi- the Inlluwlng il..«if"lii-.| li,...i«. h.i., 1,,..1
on Upper Arro* Uko, Dlsttletol W--I ......'mm,
. iiiiiiiii-iii-iii.. ni 1. post plantotl at tliofl K.
cornerol l.nii.1. Blmpson'ianplloatlon, tlience
in;, chain. iiin-ilieii.i.Tly li.llnwli.K ll.e l«k..
inn., in iifiii'iiu l...y: 11 -.- north HO chnln-i
thonoo *..... love... rly 109 uluilm* parallolhiK
Uke-l....-..; thonoo -''.nlli HOohnlni to point nl
[fiiiiiiii'iii'i'iiiciil, .....I i.inita.i.li.i. Ill aerea, in.....
nr loss,
llllleil An'...vl.ea.l. II..'...I...... I, lllli.
junnsat        a, w. ihckInhi.n,
Akoi.1 lor l.nmil wm ..nn Lumber ■ '.•, Ud.
IliK al n pott rnftrk'-.l "W, l{. Ilel'l'.
'm'iim. t onrnor nosl," ini |.ian..-il niciiain
in.ith Irom tha nnrlii-wmionrnrrol c. n.-.-k".
I... ...... ll,..|ii'i.  ffos. .'.. fliail... lli.tii'i. ....rtl.
I  . Iirtin., tlH'iii.'.'.-. ,'i I'liill.i,,lln'ii. nlli
in chains to point o) nnrnmoticomont, '.mi i-'.n-
Lalnlni so a.-.. - moro... I.
No Hecdlesi Pliinn; No Pitless
Apples; No Coblcss Corn,—just old
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Out Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nuriery on the
mainland ol Il.C.   Calalogne Iroe.
I'.S—II your local merchant! do
not handle my seeds, send direct.
We prepay lilty packets, aasorted
varietiei of gardon seeds iu fn:. papers
(toiled stock), In your nearest poit
olliee for $1,110, twenty packets lor f)0o,,
trial collection.
ni mac,
M-... .ii,., una, ISM,
W, 11   I.KIIi
NOTIOK I- lii-i-i-lij-«lvi-ii .Iml Mili.-'arii-r
.1.0-1 in....ul n, apply ii. Un. lln... lln-
i liii. Commlsslonor ... hand, and Worki lor
llf.-lllls.lOII tO pitri-lllMMll ||||. fullllwltlK il.'-.l llllll
Ii.miIs, .lliml.-.llii West K.iolmiayi
.-Miniiii-inliu' nt t *poi| |.li...l...l .n. rlmln-
-,...*.nt lllind Hav, ...ark...| I), M ilea's nor.h-
cejtcorner posl,'1 tlieneusmitl. H-rlialni., west
HI. I'll...ns.   ii....li SI. Minim, eas.   nii'liiflli. If.
IKiilll lit i Miiitiii-iHi-iiiiiit,
I.......I Juuo .HI., IM.     wjll     D.M. US,
|.'irsl-(H..si Logging and Mining
Hoots ninde lo order.
Hand-Sown Logging and Team
limitless a speciality.
All kinds of i'ack Straps and
Tie Lines stocked.
Oppoilto lhe Union Hotel
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.  B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs,
i l.iiiMinil liability),
il... annual meeting of the shareholders of
The Prince Mining and Development
Company, Limited Liability, will be held
..i ll.e Company's Offices, Firsl Slroot,
Kevelstoke, H, C, on Wednesday, the
SeventeenlhdayofJi.lv. A. D,, 1907, at
the hour of eight o'cto. k iu the afternoon,
for tin. purpose nt cli'i'lillg oliieers for lhe
ensuing yenr, and I'or ull oilier purposes
relating lo Ihe ma.iagomeni of ihe Company,
AND TAKE NOTICE thai al the said
meeting  it   is   proposed   IO amend the
by-laws by reducing Iho share qualification of tho dlroclora 10 such .......ber of
shares as llie meeting deems lit.
The Transfer Hook of ll.e Company will
bo closed during lhe fourloen days Immediately preceding .he meeting.
Daie.l at Revelstoke, B. C„ ihis 171b
day of June, 1907,
President,   3-17 Jy     Secretary.
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
/ Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed,
Phone 71. House Phone 7
licer Head., Animals, Mnls, Kish, |KU-.,
Animal mis" Mounted.
P 0. BoxII, ._   ,   .
Htudlo: Cower ol Klrat St. anil Boyle A.e.
Uo.-Link.. B. U,
i- •»
We have a few lots left at $100 each.   These are close, in
and we guarantee them all perfectly level.
They will be on the market for 30 days only.   Prices will
be advanced in the course of a few days.
Lethbridge is fast becoming on important city and its
future prosperity is assured.
Buy now and get in before the advance.
Three Railways,   vast  coal deposits, and best wheat
lands in Alberta.
DEVELOP A rmu.ic SPI.'.T
We have always   ndvcoated  lhe
Intro-lining and eneotirnging ol home
industries and home trade. Wc believe
if. hoping an.l oncouragii g meralmiita
ul our own t .wn and -in dojog what
wo cn lo  put as  n nch  profitable
li.sinoss ..s possible i. the way ol our
tradesmen, but evidences o' the lici
that oitineni deal out nl 'own at tbe
catalogue bonis, may bei en al-nost
daily at the express iltico.   Wliat is
tl.e .....Bon ol ihis and what bus made
tbo people take tliis slop,  instead ol
supporting llieir In.in.■ ni . h ills,    lt
cannot be denied that the est of
living in   Itevelsl.ke  is   high,   very
high; general entninnditieaarc retailed
a', figures which to the new-con.er a- d
stranger eccni almoit outrageous, but
it is hardly to l.o believed that our
merchants   are   pocketing  all ll
profits.. Revelstoke is  placed in an
unfortunate position ss regards treighi
rates, which will in a measure exj liin
the high cost  ol  most  commodities.
The    latest   trouble     haa     arisen
over   the   report   by    tlie    expert
employed    by    Ilk   railway    coininission who gives it as his opinion
■ that  Vancouver and  Winnipeg ar*=
each entitled lo this te.riioryanl that
the dividing  line  between  tho two
should be Macleod on lhe main line
If thie were to go into eflect then all
parts between Winnipeg and  Macleod
could only get freight, even in carload
lots at the same rate a! the combined
tarill' between the east and Winnipeg,
plus the arbitrary rate from Winnipeg
outward.    Similarly all points nest of
Winnipeg could only get carload lots
at the  rate to  Vancouver  plus the
arbitrary rate imposed from Vane iu-
ver back to the  point in  iiuestion
That is to say, Revelstoke.'Jor example,
under such a rule, although 300 milea
east ot  Vancouver,  would  gain no
advantage Irom its geographical position with regard (o  lhe east, and
would   not only  have  to pav the
through rate to Vancouver but the
local rate back;  that  is  to say the
railway would charge for 600 miles of
road over which it did not carry tbe
goods.   Uuder auch conditions, something of which prevails now, the cost
of everything    would advance and
evory  wholesaler driven out of  the
city.   In spite of heavy freight tariff
our merchants ihould   consider ai
much as possible the customers.   The
only way to make a town grow outside
ol any great industry or industries, is
for all hands to spend their money at
home, wherever possible',  to give ai
much encouragement and patronage
aa wo can  to our merchants and
tradesmen and those who help,  in
their own sphere, to build up our city;
to agitate and  keep   agitating for
municipal improvement, to encourage
and employ home talent to ipeak well
ol ou. town abroad—in a word, to help
one another, to deitroy  petty animosities and any  peace disturbing
clement, to encourage strangers who
may will, to cast in their lot for  the
welfare of the community,  to give
every lione.it man a fair show and a
lair field, and to let "brotherly  love
continue" II everybody would do that,
life would be worth living, and Revelitoke would socially and commercially
bo the gainer and our community be
nearer a Utopia than it is to-day.
'!' j •rwsr.'mrrwW'Xr,
<s ii «•» .iMn™»»T,l...iiits#iii>irn
DAMPER. -,. .    _..  j     .
There is no dust
nuisance in connection with the Sunshine.    .^ySi:
Because the Sunshine is fitted with   ,.>;ijfpJ§£S
..!-Mfi?.'-' iO".-:**-'.**"
* rf$&a\Zofc""' across
ii^'io- %'■'•''''    "le firc-pot to
{ijvi tififp'-'      thc smoke-pipe,
yA& -.-*:•?*''      as s'lown 'n illustra-
t$0fi'   tion, where it immediately
*§ ascends to the outer air.
Only two things to remember |
in connection with this operation :--
both the dust and direct draft
Sunshine is just the cleanest, simplest, easiest managed, greatest labor
saving furnace that you can buy
,-»• ««.     If vour local dealer docs not
W^     '     	
a dust flue (see illustration.)
When you rock down the
ashes (no back-breaking
shaking with the Sun-    ,.v|i
shine) what dust
arises is drawn
froih the ash-
pan up the
handle thc "Sunshine" write
direct to us for
.'•.".V ''\'*iCS*vJ*..i*
\ ■ ymi,
....  '" .'■*I
Free Booklet
London, Toronto,  Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver,
Sit John, Hamilton, Calgary.
BOURNE BROS*, - Local Agents
By-Law No.
An exchange puts thc editor's char
HctcriuticH into poetry (?) thus: Who
weeps when you ure mul, wml laughs
with you when you are glad, and
smiles with you when you are mad—
the editor. Who has to bo both kind
aud wise, and nover (hardly ever) Hos,
and when he does, creates surprise-
the editor, Who owns a heart as woll
aB cheek, poesesscd of spirit, yet is
meek, and lives on 40 cents a week—
the editor.
Rovelstoke Liuni District.
District of WeBt Kootenay,
Take notice that Henry Ambrose Morris, of
Revelstoke, B.C.. occupation Free Miner, intends to apply for special timber licences over
thc following described lands:
1. Commonclng at a post planted \\{ miles
(rum the mouth ot the south fork of Dowuie
(Jwek, innrkeil "Henry Ambrose Morris'S. K> corner post," thenee wtat 100 chains, tlience north in
chains, thence east 161 chains, tlienee south in
chains to point of commencement, containing uie
acres more or less.
2. Commend ig ut a post plantcil 1% miles
from thu mouth uf the south fnrk uf Downio
Creek, mnrkeil "Henry Ambrose Morris' N. K
ner post," thence west tflU chain i, tlience south 40
■Imins, theiieo east 100 rhaiiis, tlienee north V
hains to point of commencement, containing MO
acres nmre or less,
3. Commencing at a post planted 2% miles from
the mouth of the soutli fork of DoAiiiu Creek,
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris'S.K. cornerpost,"
thenee west IBO cliains, theme nortli 10 eliains,
tlience east 10H chains, tlience south -lu chains to
point of conimencemeu^containing an acres more
or less.
4. Commencing at a post planted 2% miles from
the mouth of the suuth fork of Downie Creuk,
mnrkeil "Henry \iubrose Morris' N.B.Cortier poit,
thencu west ltio chains, thenee south 40 clmins,
tlience east 160 chaius, thenco mutu 40 cliains to
point of commencement, containing (HO acres
nmre or less.
fi. Commencing at a post plantotl 8H miles up
from the mouth ot the south fork nf Duwnie creek,
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris s. ({.corner post,"
thence west 100 chains, thence north -10 clmins,
theuce eiut 160 chains, thenco south 40 chains to
point of commencement, containing 6)0 acres more
or less,
Dated June 21st, 1007.
6, Com noncing at a post plauted U!, miles up
from the mouth of the iouth fork of Downie creek,
marked' Henry Ambrose Morris's.K.comer post,'
thence weet 166 chains, tlienee south 40 chains,
Iheneeeast 160 chains, thunce north 46 chnlns to
point of commencement, containing 610 acres mure
or less,
7, Commencing at a post phnted on the south
fork of Downie Oreek about 4ft miles from the
mouth, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.E- corner post," thenee west 160 chains, tlience north 40
clmins, tbence east 160 chains, theuce south lu
chains tu point of commencement, containing 640
aiTus more or less,
8, Commencing at n post planted on the soutli
fork of Downie Creek ahout 4} miles from the
mouth, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris" N.K, enrner post," tlience west 16(1 chains, tlience south lo
chaius, theuce east 160 chains, thence north 46
chains to pointof commenoement, containing flio
acres more or less.
Commencing at a pest plautod on the south
fork of Downie ('reek, almut 6 miles from the
outh, uiarked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.K, cor-	
ner post," thence weBt 80 ehuins, thence north so | io chain
IWvclstoko Land District,
District ol Went Kf.ote.mj-.
Tnke notice thnt To... Sundt of Ilevelstoke.
occupntiou Timlier Cruiser, intend! to apply for
n special timber licence over tho lollowing
ili-sn-.tfi-il lands:
1 CoiiiinenciiiK nt n pnst plnnted 1. mile*
south of the montli of Smith Crook, n.fd It"-,
cl.nit.s ivest of tlu- Coluinbii. lliv.-r.iit.l mnrked
"'I*. Sunrlt's S. K. eorner." thenco SU chains
west, ll.e.u-e 81! clmins nortli, Ihence SU chains
oaat,thonoo80cbaina.outh to point of com-
lucucemont. containing i'.l" aerea more or loss.
-.'. I'omuiei.ciiiK at apost plnntod I'.inile.-
siHilhof the nniulh of "-mill. .'reek, and ."*.
eliuiiis west of Columbia River aud inarkod
"T, Stin.lt'* N* K. corner.'" tlionco Wl chain*
soulh,'.hence sn chains west, thenee 8(1 ehains
north, thence 8.1 chains ea.*! lo poinl of commencement, cuntaiiiiii[: HI', acres moro or less.
a. .-.ii.iiii.'iii'iii^ ni u p... planted 111 miles
smith ol ll.e iniuilll i.f Smilli I'l-rek. find lf.1l
chains west ol the Columbia River ami mnrked
"T. Bundt'a S. K corner." thence west 100
elinins, llienee north .tl ohalna, thonoo easl lliu
chains, tl.cncc south i.l chuius io point of commencement, containing ill" acres ...ore or less.
i. Corroionotng at .. post plantod;".' mllea
south ol thc ...onil. of Smill. Creek un.l Ui.
citt.ii.s west of the Columbia Hlver un.l niarked
"T. Siintlt's N. B. comer," the ice south 1(1
cbuin.s, thenee west 10-1 chains. Ihence north In
ciiains, thence cast 1I1U chains to point of commencement, containing 1*10 acres more or less   j
ii. Commeneing nt a post planlcd IP, ...lies ..ft
south of tl.e ...outh of Smith Creek, and 2','
miles west of Columbia Hlver. and niarked
"T. Suudt's S. E. corner." tlmi.ee we.t 1111
ehains, tbenee north 1.) ehuins, Ihence east 100
chains, theuce soulh 4.) chains to point of com
meneement, containing (IIU acres ...ore or less.
WHRRBAS it is deemed necessary
Hi... expedient In the interest of the
Oity of Revelstnk'e that the present
electrical plant of the Oity should he
improved nnd extended hy the addition
ol* nn electric power dynamo and
equipment including necesaaiy auxiliary plant:
ANI) WHEREAS to defray the cost
thereof it will lie necessary to borrow
the sum of Thirty thousand ($30,000,00)
Dollars which the Council proposes to
raise hy the issue of debentures secured
upon the rates and charges which are
chargeable and enforceable for the
user of water and electric light under
the "Water and Electric Light Regulation By-Law 1903, ami the Municipal
Clauses Act;"
AND WHEREAS the estimated
iiiiioiint of the said rates and charges
chargeable and enforceable for lhe
year in which this By-Law is passed
is $82,000.00i
AND WHEREAS no amount of
money is now charged upon the said
rales and charges;
AND WHEREAS Hie debt hereby
created is on the security nf the said
water and electric light rates and
.•barges and is further guaranteed by
ihe Municipality at large:
AND WHEREAS for the payment
of tin. said principal money and interest during the currency of the said
debentures it is necessary to set aside
and withdraw from the annual current
revenue derived from said water and
electiiclight I'litesandcliarges.-inniially
the sum of $2322.81; the specific annual
sum required for Ihe payment of interest being $1600.00 anil for the payment
of the debt the sum of $822.81;
AND WHEREAS the estimated
deficiency in the said rates and charges
required to make up the amount of tlie
mini.nl inl.-rest and sinking fund upon
lliedehl hereby created is nil:
lie ii therefore enacted by tho iMuni-
ipal Council of lhe Corporation of the
City of Revelsloke :.s follows:
negotiating and sale, brokerage and
other necessary expenses.
(1.   For the payment of lhe said debt
there shall he sei .t-ide and withdrawn
each year dining the currency of said
debentures from the ..........I current
revenue of llio municipality ..s derived
from the said water and electric lighl
rates nud charges (he sun. of $K22.S(
nn.1 such sun. sin.11 be transferred from
tlie annual .'.u-i-ent revenue account
and paid into a special account to form
.. sinking fund for the purpose mentioned herein,
7, for lhe purpose of paying the
internal upon the suid debentures as
.timebecomes due and payable there
ihal) he set aside and withdrawn each
year from llie -annual current revenue
of Iho municipality us derived from
..i.l water and electric light rales and
harges Ihe sun. of $1500:00 which sum
shall l.e transferred from the annual
current revenue account and paid into
iv special account for such purpose and
to be disbursed as and when the instalments of Interest become due.
S. During the currency of said
debentures the said rates and charges
to the extent aforesaid shall not form
part of the annual revenue of the
fl. It shall he lawful for the Municipal Council from time to time to
.-.'purchase any of the said debentures
at. such price or prices as may be
mutually agreed upon and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith
be cancelled and no re-issue of any
such debenture or debentures shall be
made in consequence of such repurchase.
10. As additional security the credit
of the Municipality at large is hereby
pledged for the payinent of lhe annual
interest and sinking fund required for
the extinguishment of the debt
created by this By-Law and the
Municipality hereby guarantees payment of the same.
11. This By-law shall come into
force and take effect on the Thirtieth
dayof July. 11107.
12. This By-Law may he cited for
all purposes as the "Water and Electric Light Rates Loan By-Law 11)07."
Rend a first time the 8th day of
July, 1007.
Read a second time the 8th day of
July, 1907.
Read a third time and passed the 8th
day of July. 1(107, with the unanimous
consent of the Council.
Received lhe assent of the electors
the day of ,1907.
Reconsidered and finally passed and
adopted l.v the Council lhu day
of , 1007,
Cariboo Und District,
District of Cariboo, li, C.
Tako notice that I, W. T, (Ike, of Kevelstoke
II. C, occupation Miner, Intend to apply fo
special timher licences over the following dnicrib
cl lands;
1. Commencing at a post planted ahnnt K
miles from the mouth of Cairns Kiver and alumi
miles Bouth nf Cranberry Uko, and marked "W
T. oke's north-east oornor." tlience uouth hi chains,
thenee west Wl clmins, tlienco imrth 80 chains,
thenco east 80 chains lo place of 'commencement
containing Olo acres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted aliout 2 miles
suuth nf Mel.ennnii Kiver and joining No. 1 limit,
ami maiked "W. T. Oke's uorth-east corner,"
(hen. e soutli sll chain/ thence west 80 chains,
thouce nortli 811 chains, theuce east80 chains to
point of commencement, containing610acres more
. Commencing ata po-t plantedH%miles
south of the mouth of Smith (reck find 2 mill's
west of Columbia Kiver. and marked "T,
Sundt's N. K, corner," thencosouth lo clmins,
thenco west llio chain-, Ihence north 40chains,
oust ltio chains in pointof commencement,
.'ul lining010 acres more or loss.
I, l omnicnciiig at a po-i plantod 7 miles
BOUth of the moulh of Smith Creok, and 81
miles west of Columbia Kiver, and marked
T, Bundle N. K> corner." theuco went BO
chains, thoncu soulh 80 chains, thenco cast HO
chain-, thence north 80 cha'ni to point of commencement , containing Wu acres more or less.
Dated Juno Wth, 1907.
sal jly ii TOM Sl'NDT.
Notice is lierehy given that COdays after date we
Intend tr apply t'n the llmi* ruble Chief Cnumls-
sioner uf laml - and Wurks fnr permission to pur
 -  Wf '
Kootenay district
chose the fulluwing descril-ed   lands in
"ooteiiay district;
Com mencing nt a imst plautod mi tho 8, B,
chafns, thonee oast 80 chains, thence suuth 80
chains to pnlnt of commencement, containing 640
acres mure or lees,
10, Commencing at a post planted on Lho south
(..rk of Downlfl Creek" ahout six miles Irom the
muuth. maiked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.I',. corner post," theuco wost 40 chains, tlienee suuth 16u
ehaliis, thence oast 46 chains, thence north 160
ehalus tu point of commencement, containing 64U
acres more or less,
Dated June 22nd, 100".*
sat jun K        HKNHY AMBROSE MOBBIS,
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Fresh local grown Strawberries $3.25 and $3,50 Per
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Per Lb.
Front Street, Revelstoke
cornerof Thompson preemption MB, marked
"Evans tfcOgilvies N. W. coruer pnst," theuco
10 chaius east, 40 chains south, w chains west,
lOchains north to potato! c-nmuieucuinout.cnii'
tuiitiiiK 1*1 ncres umro or loss,
Dated May Eth, Ilii'i.
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Furniture, Pianos, or Merchan-
dise,8torcd in dry-well-built warehouse in convenient location,
Real Estate and Insurance Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
1. The sum i.f $H0,00(1.(K> shall lie
expended in improving and extending
the electrical planl uf tho City as
aforesaid and it. shall lie lawful tin- the
Mayor of the, Corporation of the Oity
of Itevelstnke I.. llO.'l'OW nn the credit
and security ..I' the said rates and
charges hy way ..I dohontures heroin-
mentioned from any person or
persons, li.aly or bodies corporate who
...ay lie willing to advance the same, a
sum not exceeding in the whole the
sum of Thirty thousand dollars and tn
cause all such sums so raised and
received to ho paid inlo the -hands of
the Treasurer of the said Oity for Ilu*
purposes and with the object hereiu-
bofore .-.'cited.
2. It ahull he lawful for the said
Mayor to cans.' any number of debentures tola: made, executed and issued
for sueh sum or sums aa may lie
required [or thu purposes and object*
aforementioned mil exceeding however tl.e sum of $30,000,00, oach of said
debentures being ..I* ibe denomination
of One thousand dollars ami nil sueh
debentures shall l.e sealed wilh thi
seal of tho Corporal Ion of I ho City of
Itev.'lsloke an.l signed l.y the. Mayor
and Olerk thereof.
3. Tlie said debentures shall hoar
dale lhe Pint day i.i* Augusl, 1IHI7, and
shall be made payable in Twenty-live
years from ll.e sai.l date in lawful
money of Canada al lhe office of the
Molsons Hank at U.'velstokc aforesaid,
which place of payment shall bo designated l.y said debentures and shall
have attached lo Ihem coupons for tbe
payment of Interest and the signature
to the coupons mny he eilher written,
printed, stamped.... lithographed.
4. The said dohontures sb.tll bear
Interest al the rate ol Five (5) per
centum per annum from tbe dale
thereof which interest shall be payable
seini-aniiii.tllv at the olliee of thc
MfllsoiiH Umili at Ilevelstoke aforesaid
in lawful money ..f Canada on tl.e
first day of February and the First
day of August respectively in each and
every year during the oiii-renc*" thereof
and it shall be expressed in said debentures and coupons to bo so payable.
5. It ahull bu lawful  for tin. said
Mayor to negotiate and sell the said
debentures or any of them for less
than par but in no ease shall the
debonturei or any of them be sold lor
less than ninety-llvo por centum of
their face value including the cost of
TAKE N0TI3E that the aliove is.'
true copy of the proposed By-Law
upon which ll.e vole of tl.e Municipality will be taken ill the Cily Hall, corner nf McKenzie Avenue and Second
Slreel, Kevclsliike, 11. 0„ on Tuesday,
.Inly SI, IHU", between the hours of I)
o'clock a, in. and T o'clock, p. 111.
Clerk of the Municipal Council.
25c. to 50c. on ihe $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
3. Commencing at a post planti-il about 2 mile)
frum McLennan River ami joining No. 2 limit ami
marked "\\\ T. Oke's north-west corner,', thence
east 160 chains, thence south 46 chains thence
west lliu chnius, thenee north 40 clmins to place of
commencement, containing Clu acres mure or less.
4. Commencing at a post plauted almut 2 miles
from McLennan Hlver and Joining No. 2 and No. 8
limits ami um rked "W.T.uw's north-east corner,"
thence smitli su chains, thence west80 chains,
thouce north 80 ch.jns, thenee east80 chains tc
point of commencement, contatning'tHQ acres more
or lesa
fi. Commencing at a post planted about 3 miles
smith of Cranberry I-ake ami joining No. llimit
on the soutli ami uiarked "\V. T. Oke's nurth-east
comer," thenco smith ill ehains, thence west 80
cliains, theuco north 80 chains, theuce eastfeU
chains to place of commencement, containing 6io
acres, moro orless.
6. Commonolng at a post plauted about 1 miles
south of Cmilberry Lake ami joinini; No. h limit
on the west, and marked "W. T. Oke's south-east
cornei," thenco west 'ifi chain*-, thence nurth 80
chains, theuce east KU chains, thence south 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 610
acres more or less.
7. Commencing at a post planted about 4 miles
south of Cranberry Lake and joining No. 6 limit
ou the north-enst and marked "W. T. oke's southeast coiner." thence west 80 chains, thence north
m chains, tlienee east H) cliains. thenee south 80
elmins.to point of commencement, cuntaining 640
acres move or less.
Dated June 7th, 11)07.
B. Commencing at a post planted about 8 miles
soutli of McLennan Itiver and joining Nn ; limit,
and uiarked "W. T, oke's south-east corner,''
tlience north 80 chains, tlience west 86 chains,
thenee south 86 chains, thence east 80 chains to
point of commoncement, containing 646 acres
more or lei-s,
li. Commencing at a post planted ahout 2 miles
south of .McLennan Kiver ami joining No. 8 limit,
and marked "MV. T. Oke's norllieast comer,"
theuce soutli 80 chains, theuce west 80 chains,
thencu north 80 chains, theuce east 86 chains to
point of commencement, containing 610 acres more
oi less.
16. i ommeiieing nt a post planted about 2 miles
south of McLennan Hlver aud joining No. P limit,
.and marked "W. T. Oke's south-east corner,"
theuco west 100 chains, thenco north 40 chains,
thenceeast 160chaius, tlienee soutli 46 chains to
puiut of commencement, containing 646 acres more
or less. ,
11. Commencing at a post planted about 1 mile
aouth of McLennan Itiver ami joining No. lu limit
tiiid maiked "\\\ T. oke's north-east comer,"
ihence smith 80 chains, tbence west B0 chains,
thence north 80 eliains, thence east 86 chains to
place of commencement, containing uio acres more
or less.
Dated June 10th, 1007.
12. Commencing at a post plantod about 3
miles frmn Canoe Hlver ami about 8-^ mllea
from mouth of river and marked ".V. T. Oke's
south-east corner," theuce west, 80 chains, tlience
nuiili 80 chains, thenco east 8U cliains, tlience
sun Hi 8(i clmins to point uf commencement, containing QIO acres more ur leas,
lii. Commencing at a post planted about 2 miles
west of Canoe Hivur ami joining No, 12 limit tnd
maiked "W. T, Oke's south-east corner," Uience
west HI chains, thenee uortli SO chains, theuce east
80 chains, tiience smitli 80 chains to place of commencement, en ni,tin iii*.' 040 acres more or less.
n. Commencingat a poit planted about 1 mile'
.H-M of Canoe Kiver and joliilhg No, Y.l limit and j
Uinikod "W, T. Oke's souih-wost cumer," theuce I
nortn sn chains, tlieil.*e east ?0 chains, tiience
south M) i liains, thence west 80 chains to point of ]
commencement! containing 040 acres mure urlei
Dated luu" 1Kb, 16U7.
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Northwestern  Supply  House
239 and 2G1 Stanley Street
Certificate of Improvements.
Kichmotid Mineral Claim, situate lu tlie itcv
oUtoke Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located!—At Standard Basin, youth
Korkof Duwnie Creek.
Tako notice tlmt I. it. Smith, K..M.C. No
IWtfl-, aollng as ujrent for W, II   Willcox,
Free Miner's Certificate No. HlftV-M. intend,
Hixly davs from date hereof, lo applj* to the
Mining Recorder for a CerUfloato ol Improve*
Iimnts, for the purposo of obtaiuiug a Crown
Grant of tho abovo claiin.
And further take notico thnt notion, under
section  Tt, musl   be commenced  U'furo lh
Issuance of su< h Cerlilleate uf ImprovomonUi
Dated thl* '.'.'Inl day of May, A.D. 1007,
wed my'.J It. SMITH.
Revelsloke Laud DUlrtct.
Dlstrlol Of West Kooleuay,
Take notice that Karlslorcni of How-or,
H, 0,i occupation Lumberman, Intends i« apply
for special timbur licence-over the following
described lands:
1, CommeiiciiiK at a post planted on the
norlli sido »f Drift Creek, about four miles
frum the Lardeau Kiver; thence east Pi cbnins,
thencu north 100 chains, thence weet 40 ohalni,
thunce suuth llio chains,
t Commencing at a put planted on the
nnrlh side of Drift Creek, about \Y i mllei- from
tlio Lardeau Itiver. thence north io chains,
thenceeast 100 chains, thencewouth lOchains,
thenco west 100 chains.
Dated June LIU), 100".
wit Jly 13 EA1U8TBVRN8.
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo.
Tnke notice thai 30 days after date E.Combg
of Kevelstoke, occupation hotel man, intends
to apply for a-ipecial timber license over the
following de-cribed landst—
1. Commencing at a post planted two miles
west of ('ami,) riverand about H-l mile- from
mouth, near Cranberry lake, and marked 'K.
Corulug'fl northeast corner post No l.'1 ihoneo
south Mi chain.-, thence wost SO chains, thence
north So chains, thenco oast Sn chains to start-
in*/ itoint, containing 540 acres more or less.
Dated lib uf June, lWfi.
2. Commencing at'a post plauted on wost
bank of Canoe rivor, S-'i miles from mouth,and
marked "K. Cuming's northwest comer iiu.-t
No. 2," thenceeast Su chains, thouce south 80
chains, tlience west 80 chains, thence north 80
chaius tu starting point, containing 640 acres
mure or less.
Dated •ith Juno, 1907.
3. Commencing at a post planted three miles
west of ('auoej rivor, 8>i miles from moulh nud
marked "K. Coming's northwest corner posi
No. 3," thenee east so chains, theuco south 80
chains, thonco west 80 chains, theuce north SO
chains to startitiK puint, containing OtO acres
more or less.
Dated ?ih June, 1007, *
1. Comment-in*: at n post plnntod on west
bank uf Canoe river, about S.1 milos frum mouth
nud inarkod "K I lomlng's northeast corner imst
No. 1." thenco suuth SO chains, thouce west SO
chains, theuce uurth 8o chains, theuce east 80
cliains tu starling point, containing 610 acres
more or less.
Dated 5th June, 1907.
5. CommenciuK at a post plauted west uf
Canoo river and 87 miles from muuth, marked
5. Cornlng'fl northeast comer post No. 5,"
ihenco south 80 chaius, theuce west 80 chains,
thenco north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to
starting puint,coouiuiiiK Oil) ucres more or less
Dated oth June, l',KJi.
6. Commencing at a post planted west of
Canoe river, 85 mflps from mouth, and marked
"B. Coming's uort oasl corner post No. 6,"
theuce south 80 cbaius, thenco west So chains,
theuco uurth M) chains, thence oast 80 chains to
Starting -jiuint, containing OtO acres mure or
D-fUe'i III. .im-i;, 1,07.
7. Commouciug ut a post plauted west uf
Cuimo, river ami Si miles frum muuth, and
niarked "K. Coming's northeast corner post
No. i," theuco suuth SOchains, thonce west fcO
chains, thence uurth SO chu'ns, thence oast 80
chains to startiug poim, containing 640 acres
mure or less.
Dated 7th Juno, 1907.
8. Commouciug at a post plant d t;v>< milos
west uf I anoe river and abuut B5 milos frum
mouth aud ir.arked "K. Coming's southwest
cumer *m>-i No. s." theuce uurth 80 chaius,
tbeuce east SO chains, thencesouth80chains,
thouce west tii chains to starting point, contaiuiug 640 ucros more or less.
Dated ith June, !.••'.
0. Commencing at a post planted west of
Cauoo river and 85 miles frum mouth, and
marked "E. Coming's southwest corner post
No -**>,''theuce uorth 160 chains, theuce east 40
chains, thence south 16U chaius, theuce wost 40
ebains tu -starting poiut, contaiuiug 040 acres
or less.
Dated 7th June, 1907.
10. Commeueiug at a post plauted ou west
bank of Canoe river and about 83 miles frum
muuth aud marked "E. Cuming's soulhwost
cumer No, 10." Ihence north 80 chains, theuce
east80chains, theuco south 80 chains.thence
west 80 chains tu starting point, containing 640
acre? more or less
Dated June 7th. 13)7.
11. Commencing at a post planted west of
Canoe Itiver and about to miles from mouth
and marked "K. Coming's suuth-easl corner
pu-t No. 11." Ihence west So chains, thenco
nurih su chains, thence cast B0chains, llienco
suuth yi chains to surting point, contalng ■■!"
acre- more or less,
Dated J uno 8th, W07.
Yi. Commencing al a t>ost planted westof
(anoe Hiver alwut 5 miles, about 85miles from
mouth, marked "K. Coming's nort h-cast cornor
pust No. 12," tlience south 80 chains, lhcnco
West m chains, ihence north 80 chains, thencu
east S'l chains to nturtiug poiul, contaiuiug 010
acres more or less.
Canoo Kiver and & miles
"fi. Corning*.! north-east eurner post Nu. 13,'
theuce south gn chains, theuce west SOchains,
thence nurth si chains, Iheneeeast 80 chains to
Starting iHiint.conUiiningtHOacrcs more or loss.
II. CommeiiciiiK nt a post planted I mile
west of Canoe Itiver and uboui 85 miles fmm
mouth, and marked "K. Coming's north-west
comer posl No. II." thenco east 80 chains,
thencesouth 8n chains, thonco west so chains,
theuco north 80 chains io Hurting point, con*
unit ni,' M acres more or lens.
Dated Juno Uth, 1907,
wed Jly 3 ED. COBNING.
Commencing at a post planted westof
Ies from mouth, murked
Kevelstoke Land District.
District uf West Kootenay.
lake nolice that I, G, N. Ulckennonof Kev*
elstoke, occupation Farmer, inicnd toappiy
for perminion to purchase the folluwingde*
icrioed land:
Commencing at a j... m planted nt tbo h, k.
comer I W1V,Q, 1, thence wesl lOchains,
liieiu-e suuth socliHint, theme cant lOchains,
theoce north bu chains tu point of oomminot*
menl utnl euiitainltig BSD acres mure or loin,
Dlled Maj-16lh,lW7.
Keudsloke Luu I DUlrlCt,
District of West Kootenay.
Tnke notice thai I, anion Htnnen ol Poplar,
B.C., occupation Miner, Intoml to apply for
permission to purobise tbo following described
coinnieiiciiig at a post planted on the north
lide ol tbe Urdu Kiver, opposite the town of
Poplar, marked "A. Hansen'* N.W. corner,"
tbonco east 40 chains, thenoe south io chaini,
thencu \«ost to chains, theuce norlh 10 cbaius
i" P'-iu: «.i comracmeiucui, nml coutainlug 40
lores, more or leim.
Datc-i Jnd Julv, 1007,
wed Jly 10 ANTON HANHKN.
Furniture Stock and Premises
For Sale,
HovcUoke Und District.
Distriet uf West Kootonay,
Take notice UmtC, A. Freeman uf Ka-lu, H.
,, occupation Miner, Intends to apply for
spocial Umber licences over the following do-     Tenders will bo received by tbo undersigned
■ribril limil-:   , I Up to lj o'clock noon on tho 19th day of July,
1.  Commonclng ut a post planted on the I IM.'urllhe purchase uf the stock in trade of
north sido of Drift Crook, about I mlloe from | OTA.'rt"!0'!?^-^0^
 Iiolonglng to tho oiUto
tliu Lardeau Kiver. thonce west 10 chains. I of tbe late John K. Wood of KT'velHtokc, and
thonco north 180 ohains, thonoo east 40 ohalni
titmice south 100 chains.
i Commencing at a pool planted on the
north Hide of Drift Creek, about 3 mile" from
llie Lardeau Kiver, thenco north lo chains,
thenco enst 100 cliains, thenco south 10 chain*,
thenoe wesl 100 chains,
3. Commencing at a post planted on the
north Hide of Drift Crook, alwut'.'} mhos from
tlio Lalxloau Itivor. thonce west 10 chains,
thoncu nurth ltio cliains, thence out to chains,
thencosouth lOOchains.
Dated Juno 15th, 1007.
sat Jly 13 C A. FHEKMAN.
also for the purchase of the property lately
occupied by him as a furniture store and rooming huu-c. -itualeon Lot86, Hlock 23,Plan 636A
HcvoUtoko. .Separate tenders may tw mado for
the stock iu trade and for lho real elate, or
tenders may bc made for the Htock and real
citato together.
The hlgbott ur any tender will not nccosoarlly
bc accepted. Slock Hits and tho property to bo
sold may bo examined on application to the
Dated June 12th, 1907.
jun WW . OUlcial AduilnlsUator, BARGAiiS
This ia the time of year when   La
how to keep cool.       Read our
lies are at iheir wits end to know
list of Cool Wearing Apparel.
Shirt Waists
Selling from Too. to 85.00 e cli.    This let are
just to band by expess,   Our stoek is well assorted
Ladies' Underwear
Ladles1  Under V. .-is Ltulies' Under  Diawerp,
Sutiiiiu-r weight.
both in ,.. i--.- and sizes,
Fancy Parasols
Wo havo a woll assorted stock in Parasuls both
in Ladies and Children's
Wash Skirts
. olored and White,   The price ranges Iron. $2
to $4.50,
Tweed Skirts
Delivered l.y manufacturer late .-.nil houglil at
special prices.   Only a few left.    Regular $-'..00 nml
$11,00,  Seliiug now al SI.
White Wear
Ladies' Gowns,  C'orsel   Covers,   1'n.l.i- Skirts,
Im          .     !..;-,-.,-!:-.   Children's Drawers, Dresses
We cordlallj invite yon nil t.> Inspect nur Block
H    ng al Special Prices 1     1.....I: for Bargains !
..f II..I Weather Goods,   We aro sure we have something in ll.e various lii.es in stock you require,   Our
prices will Bi.il tl..' mosl careful buyer,
your Pre-
- ■ . .
:   : :■.   I.:
and Chemicals
;.- ' '       " ;        ed
■   it goes i'i!'-
Hi   J
9 '.
9 5
nl nur slock
To Buy t
To Kent
und besl
Buy Nice
:■ ill.
t        ; im ii | . Hobson & Beil •
9        tion if vou wish it. ±   t  ,luuou"     >*    *"'""  •
Canada Dm &
Grooers, Bakers A- Confectioner!
To Buy
Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Satmday, July 13, lor 21 hours.—
Unsettled and showery, cloudy, with
bright intervals.   Moderato  variable
wilidff.   Temp. in;..\. 77J mill. 48.
. _ •
Local and General.
E.irl Gibbons an.l l'at Higgins were
drowned  in  the Kootenay river near
Wanker on Tuesday laat,
lhe Tourist Asiociation is keeping
veryquietl Isn't it about lonesome-
thing was being done for tin! B'cason?
The ladies ol the Maccabes ivill
h ild a lawn social at tbe residence of
Mrs. A. C. Lee on July 23rd, Everybody invited and all will bc welcome.
We regret to annuunce the satl
intelligence oi tbe death oi Mrs. Olds,
oi Fire Valley, sister o! Capt. Kirby ol
Arrowhead, which took placo early
Thursduy at the hospital.
Ladies' Aid of St. Andrew's Church
will huld their annual lawn sociable
on the Manse grounds on Thursday
evening next. July lcth, the Independent Land will be in attendance.
"La Patrie" of Montreal is authority
for the statement that Henri li.......**..
is to resign his Seat in the Common!
Ior the purpose of forming an independent political party.
Revelstoke has challenged Nelson
ior at home and away cricket matches.
The tirst ol theie two will be played at
Revelitoke on Aug 17, and the Kevelstoke eleven will play at Nelson on
;ept. 2nd.
Ihi ; -. .pie ol Ki I .wna seem. .1 to
appreciate very much the iact that
Kevelstoke  sent  d wn   such a large
eting.:.'. I - th. ir c li bration yest. r-
day,seeing  thai  tiie distance  is bo
Revels   ... rs  will be glad ot
ie8a ...   ■ .   ::.--  pari ol  tin . II ;,
pli Laboi Day celebration in
mis city—Sept. 3 4.
l he VI|,:.-  cl ib which .
Idi ..- .*- nd annua i up I n
ing the p reek in lise Vallej
. •-:.:•-.-., i . ..- lay ol mi*
week. 1be ci. ip wai i iucci ss ii
i .< ry way Al out 150 wire in
attends.ice and some 75 wen ... .
..-- I .!.:.- ... tive membership by
climbing M iunt« Temple snd ib. r-
deen. No accident ii reported to
have.. ip| i tied; the weather wat good
aad an exceedingly .-- od time « ..
. ij ;..-. l.y all.
K. Tapping, who has been in Calgary this week attending the convention ol the Westeii. Theatrical Association, reports that crowds ol settlers
are coining west, and that tlie tourist
traffic in O.lg.ry and Banff is particularly heavy, lie states alsu tiiat the
crops are looking in excelltnt condition.
King Edward and Queen Alexandra
who arrived al Dublin It..in Kingston,
on Wednesday visited the exhibition,
Subsequently Their .Majesties passed
in procession through the streets of
Dublin to tlin Vice Regal Lodge. The
.lense crowds o! people everywhere
accorded the King and (Jiieen the
heartiest reception.
The "ut- home' by thc ollicers, noncommissioned officers nnd men ol E
Co., K. M. R., at the Drill Hall, was a
brilliant success last night. Unfortunately many who hud received
invitations were away at the Kelowna
celebration, but the gathering was
nevertheless brilliant and sociable.
The decorations were tastefully and
handsomely carried out,
P, Swanson, purser ol the steamer
Hevelslokc, who is in town,states that
he saw three bears on tlie road in the
vicinity of the landing while coming
into town yesterday, lie il 1 bo stales
that bear track! arc to lie seen on the
road between Maley's ranch and the
entrance of the canyon, lt is evidi nl
that these animal! are plentiful here.
Local spurts should take note ot this.
The Independent Hand seem! to
have won general esteem and golden
..pinions at. the Kelt.wna ihow, nol
ui.ly ior tbeir playing bul als. foi
their decidedly neat, smart app. irance
and orderly marching. Prone tu be
carried away with anxiety t - be heard
in best advantage, tbe boys are a little
too much inch..e.l to "brass' tb. ir
instrum. ms and so destroy torn a. d
unison, yet at the sum.. :. -,.
Imve ii vigi r and wing al
playing that wa! certainly lacking in
all other ban.is yesterday, and make
the most ol their music.
Real Estate and Insurance Agts,
An interesting Match Between
Revelstoke and Vernon.
lii* i. .. open  i   .:
Mr*. II. a. Brown will not receive
until the end ot S pti
Edward  Adair  Irom Vancouver is
p. f ling . I. a dsyi ii; the i
Mrs. IV, M. ms and Min McLean
mm- •  i. irrov i. tail to the d iet,
Mra. J. i*.. Cremnan lefl eiti I.-
morning - n a vis i to her parent ■ n
IV.  Smith   and  F, VV, Atkins.,.. -;
Winnipeg are in town   n a •
inspection nl Iruit laml-. in the district
VV. M   Lawrence, accompanii
Mfi*ti r  .I,,..,.:.-,  and  Miss Eileen, lelt
.h.i   i...-ruing  on
TbeRevelstoke cricket loam took
advantage ofthc excursion yesterday
and journeyed to Vernon, where a
mutch hnd been arranged with the
Vernon eleven. The visiting team
won Hie loss, but put tlie home men
into bat; ibe objeel being to ascertain
the condition of batting on the
oocoanut matting with which the
pitch had been covered. The superiority ..I the Vernon eleven uver our
boys was easily stcn, tilth..ugh the
fielding, bowling and batting of Revelitoke evoked much praise from tho
spectators. Tbe match resulted in a
victory fnr Vernon by an inuings, but
our boy! are thoroughly laiisfi id with
the game and are pleased ti . ive been
ai le to meet sucb a iplendid team as
Vernon poiBessei. li K.uwist!.-.
Revelst .ke,    . nr    beil   I  wler, was
■::.    M . . .:.-   . -. .Ugh     to    -
severe Hot        - .  i :
ibe Geld
IV.     I...      I'M
.art   ;
lirection     Whil.
f tho Vci      I     -
pally  and  om
i. ptic i there    It tl e clot.   I
the matoh    u tl  alt. r  a  ■ ibil tnllal
a ovor to Lord
Aberdeen1! Colditream ranche   an.l
iol   ■, -   - . ilth wl.ut they
law in   tb
.--. i.       i   .
.ten   : thi ir trip   ind th.
• i,   md theii   rea ption by   the
kimlly people of Vernon.     I
holiday visit to their Hrst away match and . ■ ■
organised team aro ' n arkablj
Social and Personal
i .
i cts.
lp.     <
Mediterranean, r.
and Velvel Sp mi.
A great range
,  i.
..f prlcei and
Thomas Taylor, M P.P., wenl south "'Und  "hould, with praot is, pnl
thi! if. rning  to atti nd  tbe annual m   * thi line * tean - :
genera meeting olthe Kootenay Con- cricketing   circle!    Fi ink
1  * ',t'"" ids the high, ticor    i  - .   .
Mr.  ... d M      A   :    Villi     -   .      rip    I the  team:- -R.
rrive .   .. .   „ u.   Bri     |
I    - Iney will sp- ndada ,
ro with Mrs. G. At. i | '"•    '   >" M- ''-l:"
o Feaux,  .1  Vfaley    it  I
Mr    II. A. Drown leaves to nigh '* '"'""■    W* "  ' Phl
■   thcona and I i. th. - - •
. .vltation ol Judge  I iptoii and wi
Two Day Trip To Lake 0'Hara
The special feature of the Alpine
oamp this year is tl.e two day trip hy
way of LakeO'H.ira, Tbe lirat party
to make tliis trip was in oharge ol Kd
Feins, Swiss guide, and consisted ol
Messrs Ballantine of Calgary, l.nlly of
Banff, R, W. Haggen nnd itev. J. R.
Robertson of Kevelstoke, The trip
was made Friday and Saturday, July
5th and Oth.
At 0:15 a. m. the party left e.in.p
with high hopes and keen anticipation
of the grandeur before us. We followed up the Paradise valley towards the
Horseshoe glacier till we came to the
base ol Mt. Mitre. We cast our eyes
to ktbc heights of Mitre pass, which
rises in a steep ascent to over 8,000
leet and which con nests Mt. Aberdeen
to the north with Mt. Mitre to the
south. Here wo are roped with the
guide as lend an.l Kev. Robertson as
anchor and immediately begin tho
ascent. Good time is made and soon
wc nre on the summit with the beautiful Paradise valley at our hack and
the wild walls ol Mounts Lefroy and
Victoriu bef .re us, while the great
glaoi is of Lefroy and Victoria lay far
beneath us. This is a glorious sight.
At the base lie the great lields ol ico
and snow while lar up lhe precipitous
walls lie great strata of ice and snow
which arc being continually pushed
..ver tl.e walls and coming down in
frightful avalanches.
VV arc soon down from the pass and
i.....-.-liing over the glacier at a good
pace. On reaching Hie Victoria glacier
another great sight ..pons to our eyes.
At our right and to the northeast the
glacier Btretohes gradually down to-
waul* tl.e emerald waters of beautiful
Lako Louise, beyond which the pleas
ing grounds and buildings of the Chalet are see to good advantage, while at
. ur left at the southwest thc awful
sight of Abbots pass is lull in view.
Tnis puss lies between Mounts Lefroy
and Victoria and rises to a height ot
'.158(1 leet, the highest, or one of the
highest, on the continent. Great
huge rock walls rise perlectly perpen
ilicular, facing each other and oi'owned
will, glacial strata. The avalanches
that huve recently co:i e down are
lying in mighty confusion down the
pass, while we know that oilier great
avalanches are preparing for their
mad tumble from the heights above.
The .iBcent up to the summit ol this
pass lies in the shadows ol those great
walls and glaciers, and over the ava
lunches that lie below. The light is
so frightful that it is known as "Death
Trap," and while no life has ever been
lost iu this place it surely looks like a
veritable death trap. The sight is
truly wild and terrible.
Through this pass we must go so
hurriedly we tramp over the Victoria
glacier with eyes to the summit. All
is going splendidly when like a Hash
Mr. Haggen drops out of sight into a
crevasse which was hidden under thc
Bnow, The ropes, however, catch him
up ai suddenly as he went down and
in a moment he bobs up out of the
cievnsse like a jaok-in-the-box, and all
have a good laugh over this amusing
diversion. The guide gives us a n.o
ment. to rest, and then says that we
...id better do the best we can by a
foroed climb till we get out ot this
dangerous place. For ball an hour we
pushed up f..r .ill that we were worth,
our eyes keenly watching and our enrs
keenly ..pen iur every sight or sound
ol avalanchea, A sigh of relief nnd
gratitude is breathed when we see that
we have safely passed through this
Death Trap, and in a few more minute! we are on the summit of tlie pass
9588 leel
We e*il  a small  lunch here, but a
tierce cold wind is blowing up from
: sideof the pass and wc hurry
■ we get benumbed with
- -: Her ■ we meet with h disappoint-
-. ■    wi   were expecting an easy
■ a number ol guud glissades,
■ -  ■ d had so covered the mow
ce  : i it  glissading was
:   we  bad  to endure a
■ .- -'- - p,    inl il .- d slow descent
-  • -.. it80degrees grad.
.   - -.-   down backwards
pi ■      igh the crust of ice
- a   n ifii'.iiii side i
tecs lor ..li weare worth
.-. .-.I"..';-, by any
... hour ur mere nl this
-.-I M we are again on
.-!•    and we wind our way
. though Interesting descents, till tin-  beautiful Lake 0 11.ir.l
■ reaki inl   full viev
Uke O'Hara  i- a beautilul ipot
ahoul nim      - - ic ith ol II- itor on
the C I* It   To the north and satl
In oudJMdi ..I   . ■     .
il w Iwssj rite abruptly Ir n.
'ii.- water'. .dgc, while to the iouth
1    ■   .   beautiful   vaili-y will.
■ff-re.-.-.-., '.:., - uui ,. .i orelii i: edged
reen  and  yellow mnu    I lie
n iM,,- mill * in.: rcuml.
. nee in.I      lestln. i to be one ..I the
: ipoti lor tu.irists in mc neat
..   ii llara we in. welcomed
by  Hr   C, B, riiwuw, who    -   thii
camp in -:. irge,and here we ipent the
night.   VV. ,-..-..-.io..s y partake  . thi
ire d.        - provided, a...I loundly
slumber   if th nt so comfortably
i proceed next mon
11   kindly mi
We have some lines that we want to move quickly, and you will find seme good
Snaps tn the Bargain Tables.
Your choice of any
'These Bold at prices ranging
from $1 In $10,
A nice assortment of Colored
Muslins that sold for 12J to 25c
Now only
10c per yd.
In While will, colored spi.Is,
figured muslins, inercpiiaeii
vestinus, etc. Regular Prices
from 35c. 1... 50c,|
25c. per yd.
Pretty Whit.
Luce insertion.
Regular *
85 IH).
Now $3.75
Blue, Tan and Grey (Ti.iinb.-.iy
Regular $11.00 „
Now $4.50
Black and White, and  Blue
and White  Check Mercerized
Ginghams.   Regular $5,00
Now $3.75
We still have a few left and
as we want to clear them out
at once we offer them at
25 p. c. Disc't.
We have just received a new
Iol and have some very pretty
ones.   Prices range from
25c. to $1.50
We have lhe best assoi'linent
in town. Have just received a
lot of Children's Hox in while,
Cream, Tan and Black Lace,
They arc pretty and cheap
20c. and 25c. per pair
In nil sizes, ribbed or plain,
tan and black, also somo pretty
lll.ick I lust, with Laco ankle.
Pretty Chocolate Shoes, Coo'
Canvass Oxfords, comfortable
Just what you n. cd this hot
weather. They sold at $4.50
and $5.00.    Ynur choice now
.u.d   Noi,   reversible
I    and    While.    All
Call be kept cool it yoli buy
some of our Now Straw and
Linen Hats.
We have some nice, ones made
of good Homespun nnd we can
give you a bargain of them.
Oxfords 2 25
Bills 2 50
.... i. good wide last.
Marriage Licenses Issued
!) and 10. Here is a niagnilicent view
of the whole range ol tl.e Ten Peaks,
with tl.e valley Blrelching away to the
..ist, and the Wenkchenma glacier
lying at thc base. By a few good glissades ami some interesting rock
.'.limbing along the side ol Mt. Huny-
abee we Boon reacli Wastach pass,
which bringB the Paradise valley again
into lull view. We again have a lew
splendid glissades in the descent of
liis pass, and in another half hour we
are back to the Alpine camp, all safe
and snund, conscious that wc hnve
had some experiences ot splendid
mountaineering and gratilied that we
have visited some ol the most niagnilicent on the continent of America.
Alpine Camp, July 8th. J. R.
Next to Imperial Bank
Improperly fnu-.l glasses arc worse Ulan
no glasses and neglected eyes often means
Onr Optical Department is in charge o
Mr. M. S. Hastings, Ref, D., and positively guarantee satisfaction,
I. has been proven lhat oo per cent, of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
and il does not follow-' lhat because you
have good eyesight thai your eyes are not
Have your eyes attended lo now and
save(rouble and expense.
I'Voit. our|own corrspondont,
Miss Johnston uf T..c-m»i is visiting
ior sister Mrs. Kyle.
.1. Ilfi.ld.in is spending his vaoatiun
fit thn coast.
On Tuesday evening Mrs. Stevens
entertained .. number ol young people
in honor ol Mr. Asson wliu left tliis
week for Vanoouver.
Mr, and Mra, K'crby were in Fire
Valley a lew days attending tl.u Inner-
i, ot Ins sister.
If there is such an official as Health
Oflioer ... this town, it might  lie a
... ...I .ilea fur I.mi lo  lake a walk past
the meat murk, t occasionally. The
..dors Irom waste meat that in scatter-
-.1 along the street there arc anything
bul wholosome.
Phm. B.
Druggist and Stationer,
Mail Orders promptly attended
. robably install Pythian Ti i iplas In
n .in towns,
Mrs, Dudgei n gavi . i.   si | aitj in
I, .I....- ol hor gucits, iln: Misies Gar-
llilh ol Ashland, Wis., at In r I........ at
Comaplix on .Monday. Miss McRaeand
Miss Hey were guests Imn. Rev. Istoke.
Abuut twenty live wen: preient and a
very enjoyable time was given which
c ...clu.led willi a pleasant i ...light
..veinsi.... on the Arrow Lake in the
staunch steamer "Pipot"ol the Bowman Lumber Cu.
Nothing bettir than Our "special,
The annual genera mi eting ol il
Kootenay Conservative Association li
being held at Haloyon  Hot 8| -.-
today, when member! of the association
from all puns ol the southeastern
i.-..,ti..n of thc Interior will be present.
Ilcsiilen tl... discussion ol llie political
situation In the Interior and tho work
..I perleoting the party organization.
tin. broad outlook ol il... np| oiling
Dominion campaign will l.o disonsted
and tlu. organizes in the different
localities posted on tin. details ol
their work.
New Westminster, July 12.—A
diioovery whioh may prove ono of lhc
most important deposits yet lound in
Uritilh  Columbia,   has been  located
recently. It Is sand for making glass,
.u.d it is believed to he of flrst-olass
i -i comfort providi-l bj -. -'-.",
i'l... locstof ol the properly has not
wlgcd tho place whero Hie deposits
,|.   ire situated, nnd docs not c.irc to
        ... come tn a make  it  known  until ho liable to
....,                 In the lide of a pr.       re tbe sand tested, which  willi...
cipiton  mil   IV( view thli loi .lew il ijuitai sm... as the furnaces aro
Catholic.—Rov. Father R. Pecoul,
O.M.I., pastor. Scrvicescvery Sunday
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Com
nun.inn Mass; 111:1111 a.m. High .V ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:110
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andrew's Pkksbytkhun—Rev.
W. C. Calder, pastor. Services at 11
a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday School
and Pastor's Bible Clans 2.311 p in.
Moininp subject, "The Prophet's Call."
Evening subject, "Worship." Young
People's meeting Monday at 8 p.m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday nt 8 p.m.
Choir practice and Teachers' Meeting
Friday at 8 p.m.
Knox PrebBYTKRIAM.—.1. R. Robertson, B.A., II.IL, minister. Morning
service at 11 o'clock, subject, "Thc
First Table of the Law," Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class at 2:30
p.m. Evening service at. 7:30, subject,
"Holiness in Worship." Special music,
Invocation anthem, "Our Father."
Solo hy Mr. Foreman, "The Choir
Boy." llisniission anthem, "Bow
Down Thine Ear." A cordial welcome
is given to all and strangers are cordially invited.
st. Peter's (Anglican) — Trinity
VIL Holy Communion at 8 a.....,
matins and Litany at 11 and Even
long at 7:30 p.m. Sunday school at
2:30 p. m.
Baptist—Rev, Mr. Padley will hold
Baptist service in the home ol Mr.
Clay at 11 o'clock to morrow morning.
Methodist - Rov. T. w.  Hall,
pastor. Services at 11 o'clock a.m.
and 7:30 p.m. Prayor meeting and
Epworth League united for summer
months, on Wednesday at 8 p. m,
Sunday morning, address to young
people, Evening—"A Religion ot
Principle," based upon conduct ot
three Hebrew cl.il.lie.i.
Saturday night specials at C. 11.
Hume A Co.'s—Boys wash suits nt
K.ll.-s, ammunition, orthoptics,
.pecial sights, and all equipments for
I rappers and hunters — Lawrence
Hardware Co.
Revelitoke Cigars- Union; Made-Our
Special, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead ol all others.
Call nnd soo our Block of hrown
earthen..arc teapots, pudding dishes
and mixing bowls at C.B.Humc A Co's
Revelstoke Hospital Soeiety.
The Directors invite tenders lor
painting the interior ol thc Revelstoke
Further particulars may lie obtained
from the undersigned to whom tenders
should bo scot bv Noon on Tuesday,
July 10th, 1307.
td Secretary,
: in it. * pick a li-w crystals f-.r sou.
v.-niis, and pusb on for Opabln pi -
f . -1 an c i-y pasi betweon Mounts
Diddle snd \o. Hfof the Ton I'oaki,
but the view fro... the summit ol I hli
pass leads down to ths southeast and
opening lip the wild region ol Proi.
p.-i-.tor's vnllny.    In  the very coin-olj ported   Irom   England   Slid Belgium
this vnll.-y ilii-ri. ..rinds an  iiitiirenti.igj ami should 'lhe  local  factory mice..-.I
1.1...v..   in   at   ll... new glass works in
I'.in city,
nhould tlm deposit provo suitable
for making glass, it will bu the only
One ol lln. kind oi! this continent, for
up to the present timo all Bind re
p.irid (nr innkinii glass lms been un
lock  tower, which  is proh.il.ly nbout
100 Ieet high.   Before long wo are on
IliO summit ol Wonkel.on.i.n pass,
which in 8521 tout high nnd which
leads over the rang., of the wonderlul
Ten Peak Range, botwoon Mounts No,
in getting ll.e supply uf raw material
I.e., il will ho able to mniiiiliictiir..
goods much ch. apur than any other
cuncur... It will only be a i|H.-sll.hi
of lime till it will be ono ol the largest
glass lactones in the world,
Business Locals
Read C. II. Hume A Co.'s bargain
list nn lirst page of this issue.
Special compasses lor timbor cruisers—Lnwrence Hardware Co.
A large asnnrimcnt ot toilet soaps
jusl. opened up at 0, B. Hume A Co's.
Bummer tnilut waters—violet ammonia—and line Talcums at Bows'
drug si-Mi-
Patronize Homo Industry. Smoke
Revelitoke Cigars.
R. II. Trueman hns arrived at tbe
studio and will bo hero lor ten days.
Carpets, linoleums and wall paper
at C. I). Hume A Co's.
Fresh to-day—red and white cur-
runts, goosclHirrics, piuncs, plums,
peaches, raspB.BtrawberrieB.cantaloupo,
tomatoes, cuoumbcri snd pears at
Bourne Broi,
fruit ink
I have .....ny enquiries Ior
Fruit Lands frnm Winnipeg,
Toronto, snd Vancouver. Persons desiring to d'spore of
thoir holdings, large or small,
will do well io IU them with
me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
Full lino ot Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Eto,
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices.
FIRST STREET, ■ o.t» restaurant
For Sale by the Crate
$2.75 and $3.00 ACHATE


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