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 sjinlOU... tin
.»*EL\.    A.
g±l£8U  sffev^.
Vol. 12.-No 144
S2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume&Co.
Children's  Golfers   and   Jersey  Waists-$a.SO kind
foi $1.50.
Children's Coats worth $4.50 and up.   These are all
marked for quick selling at $2.95.
Several Ladier' Suits that were $20.00 and $25,   now
selling at $13.50.
Huntley & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A shipment ol these Famous Biscuits just arrived; here
are a low specials i-t'hilippines, Brazil, Rich Tea,Casino
Rural, Madiera, Smyrna, Fruit, Kindergarten, Charivari.
Plantation, Household, Nursery, Alaska Wafers, Ice
Cream, Chocolate and Cocoanut Creams, also utlicr varieties, whioh we wnuld be plena d lo show,
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
Something New in Preserves and Pickles :—
Heinze's Preserved Strawberries.
Heinze's Preserved Pineapple.
Heinze's Preserved Cherries.
Heinze's Apple Butter,
Heinze's Sweet Onions, Sweet Gherkins, Mandulay Sauce
and Tomato Cattup.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Premier McBride, W. J. Bowser.
Thos. Taylor and W. W.
Lefeaux Address a Large
Throng on Politics
I all
actions and the duty ol a public man
to discuss public affairs and usk lair
criticism ii ho expects to stand ur fall
ill the campaign. He appoaled us an
honest man to the Liboru's, but they
hud declined to meet the Premier and
himself on the public platform. Ho
referred to the socialists, but did nut
agree with them. He referred to the
increase in the finances ol tho province
and said that even il taxes were raised
it nas dune Ior heni-iicial onuses. Thc
.\ large gathiring ol citizoiiB ol all government would'ntoonlinuo to raise
political laelioiis lllled the Opera, tb. taxes, but since I be country needed
House on Thursday night to hear the| money to develop it, it was to the
f    E. J. BOURNE,
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
HALT COAL-The only
Satisfactory Domestic Coal,
for Cook Stove, Heater or
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay, Oats, Wheat and
Express and Draying to
anv part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Reson-
ahle Rates.
Office, McKenile Ave.
Next Burns'New Block
TELEPHONE       -       -        73.
There Are 3 Reasons
why you should use
Nairn's Emulsion
of Cod Liver Oil
l.-lt is guaranteed to be absolutely fresh.
2.—It contains 50 per cent, of
Pure Norway Cod Liver Oil,
which is claimed by no preparatory emulsion of Cud Llvei Oil
nn the market,
3,-It is put up in full pint bottles for $1, while in ordinary kinds the  $1   bottle
contain three-quarters of n
These nre the reasons whicli
any user nf Euiulsinn  of Coil
Liver Oil, can readily see isja
is a decided advantage.
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
See Our Prices on China, Etc., Etc. f
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithlng.
Premier and others in speeches un the
political Situation, During the preliminary pauses at the beginning ol
the meeting, Me-srs. Doyle and Veith
rendered musical selectiu.it. The
Premier and Mr, Bowser were heirtily
cheered at they appeared on the platform and were accompanied by Thus.
Taylor, M.P. I'., and W. W. Lefeaux
Chut. Holten took the chair and
opi ned the proceedings,
Thomas Taylor on being called upon
tu speak, said that hc was much gruti
lied in being mice moro allowed to
rcp.csent the riding in the lorthcoiu-
ing elections and thanked thc electors
Inr the honor given tu him. He hud
had seven years responsibility in
parliamentary work and Inul confidence of u unanimous election, lie
reviewed the past work of the MoBride
government in tl.e province in bringing it up to a lar higher standpoint
financially than ever attained belore
and the government lelt it in duty
bound to make it the banner province
ol lhe Dominion and the best colony
ol the British Empire, He said that
Borne people had denounced lhe McBride party and lie asked the audience
to give close attention te tlie Premier
and they ivould plainly seo how the
province bad prospered in spite the
opposition of the Liberals. He discussed lhe energy of the Premier in
visiting the province throughout and
reviewed its assets in minerals, timber
and Iruit growing toils, also the neces-
tity ol more adequate transportation,
He said that the L.inleau needed close
attention as well at the Revelitoke
district, and now that the province
was iu a lair way to prosperity, the
public works department would be
liberal in its dealings and also that
capital was getting morr and moro
settled in the province, He discussed
tho river bank question nnd aaid that
the chiel engineer reported that the
protection works will be begun at once.
He said that some people thought
that the prosperity ol B. C. was due to
the Liberal government at Ottawa,
but thit was quite wrong, it being
entirely due to the McBride administration that all the industries weio in
such a stable condition. He discussed
the mining laws and said that the
American government bad copied the
B. C. Mining Act in training their
laws ol mines. He thanked thc audience ior nominating him and said he
was a staunch supporter ol the McBride government, which had redeemed Britisli Columbia Irom the
drifting prooets.
W. W, Lefeaux, who on rising hud a
hearty reception, said that socialism
wus an international question nnd
contained revolutionary matter thnt
was in direct opposition to the course
adopted by either government. He
said that he did not wish to criticize
Mr. Taylor, but what the workingmen
supposed were lads, were nut so at ull.
He said that God made the earth but
had given the deeds to no one and the
earth belongs to all, he referred to tbe
commodities of life and tuid that profit! on such should not be taken by
those who have'nt worked for them;
il they want luxuries then let men
work lor them themselves. He referred
to tbe difference between rich and
poor and said that if a man creates
nothing lie should huve nothing and
that it was only right that a man
sliould receive the full value of his
labor. He questioned whether the
governments had done anything to
remedy the evil, and also why armies
and men should be made to tight and
suffer simply because a few men had
differences over matters that would
make no material difference either
way to (he individual lighters themselves. He did'nt expect to bring in
millennium, but said that the present
tysteni oi government doet'nt meet
the case. Dividends were tlie result
ol labor, but the labo.ers got nothing
out of them. He declared that thc
government must puck their blankets
if they could nut give what wss just. In
conclusion he said tlmt he loll no
anxiety lor the luture of socialism.
W. J. Bowser commenced hit speech
by complaining ol tbe cold weather
while travelling in the KootenayB. In
reviewing the present situation he said
it was his duty to justify Mr, McBride's
interests of the pei pie tu undergo the
taxation. Rovelstoke would receive
her share ol what was just and lair
uncording to the slate of lhe liiuiiices.
He said that tne government wus not
tied up to corporations and hml even
taxed the C.P.R. 500 per cent, higher,
He discussed the Culuinhiu Railroad
frum Trail to Pentieton, Baying that
the railroad hud done ub the government deniitudeil and hud paid dues it
section iu advance, and that tlie
government bad given them time to
extend thfl line to Christina Luke, and
how could lhe country Bay tlnit
government wus hound by the C.I'.R.
The Knien Island deal wus I hen fully
explained nnd ho snid thnt it was a
business ileal anil hud even heen up-
proved ul by many liberals and the
liberal press. The Liberal party hud
accused the MoBride government for
dealing with adventurers although
there wus no evidence to show it. He
suid that tlie Kaili Lland report was
true and that the government bad
forced the C.T. P. railway tu construct early lhe line Irom lhe west
coast. The province as a whole were
partners in tl.e bargain and the bi.om
when it cumes,
He regretted that no Liberals were
present lo critioi/,e him and referred
tu the remark-; and comments in the
grit papers, as saying that the deal
was better than had been expected.
He referred to the manifesto by Hie
McDonald party who had promised to
establish a bureau of labor and information, He defied the Liberals to say
that tlie Socialists had inlluenced the
government and soid also that Mc-
InneB would do anything to carry
favor, He asked why had Molnnes
giveu up $12,000 a year lor $800, that
is if he was sleeted, aad i hy Judge
Henderson had resigned the bench.
He reviewed tlie Labor und Natal
Act, saying that the Liberals objected
to the exclusion from voting nf Japs
and blnck naturalized British subjects.
He touched upon tlie request ol the
G. T. P. railway lor taxation exemption and concluded his speech by an
appeal to the electurs of the riding to
support the government.
Premier McBride, who was rcouived
witi. much cheering on rising, said he
lelt assured that the riding would
return Mr. Taylor to parliament and
reviewed the work u! the government
during their past term, He said that
the issue of the campaign shuuld not
be considered ub only a pti.-tii.aii atl'air
but as what was best for the province
uud he showed what the present
government had dono lor tbe lumber
Industry, mines and suil in B. C. lie
knew tlie wants of uill'urent communities and their high mindednets in saying that conmiorce was good and never
better, and the people werc not slow
to note  that the government were
Lynching in Iowa—Many Hang:
men Apply—C. N. R. Fined—
Reign of Terror—J. F, Hume
Liberal Candidate for Ymir,
Chari.EbJOity, In., Jun, 12.—James
Cullen, whu niiiiileroil biB wile and,15-
yeur-old step-on yesterib.y, wiib taken
Irom thu 1-lny.l County jail bore lust
night by a inob and hanged to the
Cedar Bridge.
W'innii'kii, .Ian, 12,—Sheriff Inkster
has received thi.teen applioatioiiB
Irom persona who are willing to act iu
the capacity nf hangman tin January
15, tho dale nn which Hulvatoro Maori,
the Italian murderer, Las heon Bon-
tenocd to. xplale hie crime.
Win Nil'no, Jan. 12 —For neglect to
take out a mail-car from Edmonton
on Tuesday morning's train, the Canadian Northern, it is rumored, will ho
asked iiy the Dominion Post-Ollico
Department to p..y u line of $1)03.
Nelson, Jan, 12.—Fred Hume lms
been nominated m Liberal candidate
in tlie election campaign, representing
The Caley House Suffers from
Overheated Flues.
An alarm was turned in to No. 2
Fire Hall Irom Box Nu. II ahout half-
past three nn Thursday nltornoon and
the brigade promptly responded to the
call and hurried to the scene of the
outbreak. Smoke was seen pouring
Irom the windows und curling up
round tlie crevices and joints of tlie
lower walls of lt. Caloy's City Hote
annex on First street. Entrance was
itl'ected through the upper windows
and the contents nf all the rooms
wore collected and thrown outside.
The fire was discovered in the cellar
near the furnace which bad just boon
replenished by a Chinaman, and the
dues getting red hot ignited the woodwork and joists and hud got a good
hold when the brigade arrived. A
good supply ol water well directed
through several apertures extinguished
the Haines, the damage being confined
to the cellar ouly. The close proximity of several other resuleucos had a
wind heen blowing rendered tlie possibility of a serious conflagration.
The regular meeting ol the city
council was held last ..'.gilt, it being
the limil session of the present civic
board tor the municipal; ear. Mayor
McLeod und Aid. Aural inisnn, llowson, Trimble uiul Palmer were present,
The minutes of the last meeting werc
read and adopted Very little buei-
ness came up before the council there
being no communications ol nny importance. A letter Irum A. Hutchison, Ontario, was received stating his
acceptance of the position as night
operator ut the power house at u Biliary of $80 per month,
The question oi city lighting was
discussed and the best methods of
having the  whole city lit siniultaiie-
I otisly instead o! in sections.   A resol-
resp.ii.sibh) lm it un.l he  appealed   toj ^ ^ ^ reque8tlng GXombkc
to report on tho beat methods ol mak-
all to uso impartial judgment. It wns
patriotism that culled men to parliament nnd he lelt that hit supporters
were loyal patriots. He reviewed the
province before bis ; overnment came
into power and said that capital was
shy, hut that now in 1007 this would
bo the banner year.
In touching on better terms, he
said he had nut intended to make it a
party issue, but ho must follow his
course and justify his stand. The
convention of premiers at Ottawa was
called only alter Dunsmuir and Prior
had appealed to Ottawa Ior bettor
terms, and at tbat convention the
(Quebec Resolution wiib used which
meant that subsidies to provinces
sliould ho increased respectively. Still
B.C,demanded a special treatment
owing to her permanent physical
conditions. The speciul treatment
proposed by the convention, only
meant that B, C. would getjustatrillo
more than the general provincial subsidies and taking Prince Edwards
Island, which is 165 times smaller
thun II, 0 , it meant tlmt B. C. would
only get $110,000 more than Princo
Edward Island. Since he could'nt
get bis rights he hud no further need
ol discussion and retired. Ho hod
behind him many Iriends and hnd
dono his best for Brithdi Columbia.
B. C. pays into the Dominion trciiBury
lju.iti..u.)il ou I'm.. 'I'ivi.
>ng satisfactory light currents throughout tbo city.
Touching on the sewerage question
tbe total cost including three aeptic
tanks and the necessary piping and
labor would bo approximately $81,000.
On bringing tlie meeting to a close
the mayor thanked the aldermen for
their kindness und uble assistance.
Ho said that as a council tbey bad
always been fair minded', the attendance had been good and keen iuteie.it
in ull civic matters had been evinced
and he hoped that tho next council
would huvo a successful year. He
thanked 11. Floyd lor his able assistance ob city clerk and referred to him
as a man whu has always the city's
interests at heurt, Ho announced bis
intention of running again Ior mayor
hut knew that his friend H. A. Brown
would give him u conteBt this year.
In concluding he complimented tlie
council on their harmonious and, at
tho same timo, Individually strong
action over tlio Important subjects ol
tho city'B administration and exhorted
them to attend the meeting on Saturday night and give an account ul
thoir Btowardthip. The aldermen each
made a suitable reply, stilting also
llieir intention ol contesting aguin, all
following in the strain that the council had  worked well and with bar-
I mony and forbearance.   The meeting
[then terminated,
High Class Groceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Two Kicks, stove size..
Tliree Ricks, ttuve size.
$3 75
,$r> so
Furnace uud Stove Conl $9 00
Nut  Size, suitable  for  Sell  Feeders,    Base
Burners and Ranges  8 60
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Molsons Bank Building.
Have made nust of their wealth investing in Ileal Estate, and it
would not be unwise ior the man having money at luw rate ol interest
to follow their lead by investing in tbe best buy on the market which
we have selected as our Special Snnp for the coming week.
LISTEN 1 Brand new seven room dwelling on Fourtli Street, two
lots, hot and cold water, electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, large
woodshed suitable Ior stable and in fact everything tbat goes to make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
Prico S2,3S0.  Torme »eoo Down, Balance on Time.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Dranohes iu tho Province* nl lUMtobs. Alberta. Baikatchawan,
liritish ('i.tumbiu. Ouii.r.ii. Quebec.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up -
Reserve Fund ....
I). It, Wilkie, President i Hon. lt. .I.u-ki.ay
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Depaiwmbnt—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at current rate from date ofj opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canadu, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A few good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
6. ht .SPROUT, Real Estate Office, Cowan Block.
Annual Congregational Meeting
The second annual meeting ol Knox
Church congregiitiuii was held in the
church on Wednesday night, when
roportB were presented Irom the differ.
ent departments uf the church, namely, the Session,Sunday School, Ladies'
Auxiliary, Young People's (iuiiii and
Board of Managers. The reports all
showed the church to be in a healtny
and progressive condition, the work
during the past year ol tlie Ladies'
Auxiliary lieing especially gratifying
und calling forth the hearty thanks
f the congregation, Tbe report from
the Session showed that thc congregation had Increased to about double
what it was a year ago. In presenting this report un behalf ol the Session tho pastor, Rev. J. R. Robertson,
gave a very encouraging and helpful
address reviewing the work ol tlie
church during the past year, inoi-
ntally thanking the managing board
lor the promptness with which the
pastor's salary Imd been paid, and
thanking the members of the congre
gation fur the many kindnesses shown
during the year to himsell and family.
'I'he managers' report was good, showing a substantial balance on hand
alter meeting all liabilities,
It was decided to iucrei.se the uum
1'i-r ol iiiuu.ig.-i s from six tu ten, and
the lollowing were elected to Iill the
vacancies on the board: .1. P. McLennan, lt. H. Urquhart, B. A, Lawson.
J. Murker, 1). Nairn, 1), M. Rse; the
other nieinberB ol the board being,
W. M. Lawrence, Q. M. Clark, T. A.
tewis and J. T. Teller. B. A. Lawson
was appointed superintendent of the
Sunday School.
Fighting the Lions.
A very interesting man it vititing
our city frum Bristol, England. Hi-
is making an extended tour ol Canada
and will give Revelstoke a write-up in
English papert.
Sunday alternoon at 3:30 he will
give an addrest to men in the Y. M,
C. A. on the above title. Evory man
thould hear this, The male quartette
will sing. cbc (DalMDeral&.
DAY **l
Including postage to England, United Statu
..mt Canada.
Bribe ,. a .-:.,. -• ■:".-! ii-M
Hall            I>
Vu.-iri.-r"       " "  1,00
-.H . R1NTINQ promptlyoiecutedal rea-o..
able [.'..-.
rRBUB-1 lath.  Subioriptloni pityulile iu mi;
ORRKSPONDENCK Invited .... ...utters ol
public i!.!.-rr*t. t'liiiii.iiin.i-ii'iiiii* in Editor lini*l be BOCompAllletl li)' inline ill
VM-.-.er. iiul 111-cr-s.irily fo publication, bill
u irmenci ol good fiiitii. Correipondence
.-. be brief.
Legal noUcet 10 cent, per line iir-t Insorllon,
Scent, per line each subiequenl Insertion.
Measurementi N'onparlcl [Is Unci mako ouo
InchJ. Store mn! genontl bualiitwa un
nonncemenU $2.50 per Ineli per month,
ITi!. .-ifi! |.n-iliuii*. ii |ii-|- i-i-nl. ..iiiiiii. nil.    Uiiiii-.   MlllTl.lL'i-    llllll    llllllll-.
-.. i -,. h insertion. Timber aotlcc. $5.00
L.i.u notlcet (*t.M All odvertlaomontji
subject to Ibe approval of tbo managomeut.
w „'..:• .1 ..i.-i Condensed Advorllsomoiits:
A.-,-...- Win.-' !. Hi'.:- ll i i. Siiiniiii.il-
tranted, Situation. Vacant, Toacl.era
V, inted, M. lunl. ■ Wanted. I" wollii rn-
I--- '.''.', nu li .i im: innii! iim- In i-i-nl*.
fliaiwr- io itandlng advertlscmonU mini
0..-... by '.. a. .... 'I '.i-iUy nml Fi-iiiny nl
«eii week toiec ire.- I display.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.      11akoi.ii Fisiibh
Barrlstera, Solli Itors, Etc.
:: .*    KL>ri. ind TROUT lake, ii. c.
r. i: onus. 1. ('■ lii.i.i'.cr.
Oi-ri'F.i: Imperial Hank  Block,  Itsvui.',
• stoke, H.C.
Money lolonn.
Offlce*: Revollloko, II. I".; Fori S.ecle, 11. O,
Om, 5. McCartbb,
A. M, I'IMiliA.M. J. A. HARVEY,
Revelitoke, B. C.        1'ortStoolo, B.O.
J. M. Sootl I.I..I. \l*. I. Brlggi.
Barribters, Solicitors, Etc.
1 Money to Loan
sol1citors|for mol80n6 bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C,
Provincial Lai ■' Stir* eyor,
Mine Sm .lying
HcKehzib Avenue.
Box 100, Revelstoke
"tCbe riDaiiSevalb
■-, woul i .  .  . i-ar.ii ill. .i  ■ i-  lii-in   mi
:-., li rood tn 'iril'-r .hi.paper to bu puucti.-ili)
.. ;. 1 ip, ind li ..--     :-,„'ii n- n  purl of
::..- .i ■-.,. page, odisos
SATURDAY, JAN, 11 l'-i'*7
In' lu.i p lii-loi-i- unyinini;   eiso   in I
spite ol tho needs .....I culls ni tin
representatives ui the respective
parties in tlie provincial elections now
Sl close nt I.niul.
Two citizens huvo heen mentioned
ns likely candidates ihi- year snd huve |
signified iheir intention ul running
lor aldermen, Ono is il. Knapp, u
popular in. inbor .-i Ihe lire l-rigade
and It. II. Sawyor, who bus been re.
sponsible fm- the close orgutii ntion ui
tin- Independent Band. Th1* former
will run Inr Wanl one nnd tho latter
(or Ward two I-'. Lewis lias decided
In oiler hinilelf again, ami having bail
iniieli experience in aldormanio work
in past years, will no .loiihl receive n
popular vole. Ward three has been
slow ill bringing nut a man and tlio
conte.-t in tlnit dirrotion will'be between .1. Abrahamson and W, D. Law.
B. Howson ami IC, Trimble Imve r-ivoii
ii to bo understood thai they will
uguin -nek election.
Regarding the oontotl lor tho mayoralty, II. A, Brown and the present
mayor, J, MoLoud, uro tho only candidates wh ■ luve publicly signified their
intention ul offering themselves. No
doubt at the public meeting tonight
we shall hear (ruin others who desil'O
iu head the municipal hoard. Communities gel lhe kind ..I govomnient
they (| serve, if   we   ill liln-l'illl'ly   put
our oivic business which touches our
lives, homes nnd prosperity at ...nuv
p utits, into hands that have not the
strength to adininist-r it. havevoi'
willing ihey muy be we ourselves will
induce niisgovorntnont and are entirely responsible for it when it comes.
There uio some perhaps, but their
number is low, who prefer amicable
mediocrity t.. aggnssive cfllcioncy ns
ii qunlication Iur position as mayor,
The plain citizen who is really interested in civic affairs und keeps his
mini! open, knows well thnl tlie municipal election Ihis coining week is an
opportunity to serve tho community
by voting fur tl.e best man. The ratepayers know tint Ihey need tho best
ability and businesslike mind that
oan he obtained at the city hull in
the present state of affairs ill Revelitoke, whicli as a city is growing su
fist,     I'm-  pluin  citizen s  name is
in i- - i"jty ,.- - : -■-. ry it". Ik in life.
Ail1: he bus s) ,: .. :.: ight, thoso
li. ■ ni of hu:l linj up . ;..i-i
in chin - '1 re ogni ie, alter all, : •■
■■ ,1 , ,.■■ e: is i! [lie lianas ... tin m.in
-A-   . ei.-l    .hi   l.i! nt
Profit and Loss Account
Corporation of the City of
Financial Statement for the Year 1906
j i.-i:,-;  II) \\ i'i-i liun-.	
.     -    " 1,1 III     "    	
,J iu    ■■ 'I'u.., :i.- M.iiu-	
mm ;-. >'  |i,  MM' :.ill., llllll FlxtUrOI,
ar, I,     ■ Hnier llonl       	
Ileal 1'roj.orly Taxw. 1SW
in l-iiij  f 1 nn;:::
Iti'iil I-.i,|.i-r.i raxes, l'.'"i r.'.sl.iiii)
Liuni mi taxi, fnnn liol.
miiis Hunk 	
7,000 w.
luli-1-i-i.l on .nxi-s	
IIS 70
'1 rmlo License.	
772 ill
Iniiiii.-    •'     	
.,:. -....
.Yolgl.lnj. '''oct	
Ill 118
itoni) Tax	
■JS to
Mile n! old Typcwrilcr ..
III llll
Itolumls, monej |.a!.l liy
111 JU
i'on'iiinu-'iil    .inin.   to
Sl Inmi 	
t.ssii nn
1'ollco Court Hnei	
2,180 11)
Accrue.! Interest, lie-linn-
lure **I"	
77 ID
! ii;; Tax 	
1-J.i 00
retnelery Luis	
289 ill
!m. mi Sinking Fundi...
209 -in
Wnlor nml Liiihi Rales,
Meter Rents,Installa
tions, and   Tupping
}83,60l BS
163,881 I*
18,1120 It
The freedom of the press does not
mean that any man has n right to
pun.ish in uny newspaper he may
select anything that he muy choose to
write. Tbe editor and the proprietor
have something to say ahout it. They
have freedom to say what they shall
and what they shall not publish and
when it shall be published. The
n.-w-paper is not a hoarding upon
Which any man can post up what he
chooses, hut a business enterprise
which those controlling it endeavor to
employ to the best advantage tu themselves and to the public. Every day
many excellent things are offered for
publication; every day editorial articles
are written anj destroyed; every day
hard work is done and discarded and
every now and then a general sweep
must he made of the editorial desk of
excellent clippings that have been
preserved iu the hope that they can
be published. Yet there are people
who think that tlie whole routine of n
new-paper must be asserted in order
to permit theni to say something ol
no importance to anyone hut themselves or to Euve themselves the expense -I u twi cent stamp, and to
send what tbey have to say to tome
particular individual.
Tl.e first act in the civic election
drama will i :.. ..- oce n Monday,
when tbe nominal! m :' i may it and
aldermen will take plac. and the
uncertainty it to the number and
personnel ol tbe candidates will be
cleared away. Even up till now civio
affairs in connection with the fight
for the aldenr.anic chairs have bun
somewhat slow in unfolding themj
eelvet. Although few* citizens have
really stated publicly their intentions
of coming forward a.- candidates l-.r
aldermanic honors, it it improbable
that there will be any shortage o"'
office seekirs. It would be not nut ol
the way to state lhat the interest in
municipal affairs has taken second
place to that of provincial electioi t
and when it is reinenil ered how important has the issue ol the annual
civic contest become in Revelstoke
and what depends on the judgment
and business ability nl tbe men who
are elected on the municipal hoard,
it will immediately be seen why tho
interest in city government, which
acts directly on ourselves and our
homes and tbe welfare of the Kevelstoke community as a whole, should
[I'luii liiin..,! fri-ni Pago Orel
$20,(100,000, ...ore thun slu takes out.
lie said lhat better terms inns!, be
agitated not as a party affuir but as
wholly provincial, lie reviewed the
Kaien Island bargain, lully explaining witn maps the extent ol ihe laud
which li*1 had gained lor the province
un.l snying that tho government hud
acted iu a businesslike uny and refused to accept the G, T. P. railway's
terms, thereby preventing them irum
owning all the nortli country. There
had been no intermediate work d. ni
but the money had heen paid lirst
liaiiil and the province wus richer by
several thousands of acre- and its
dues. In referring to the Columbian
Western deal, lie did'nt encourage
paper railways, but the C, W, railroad
had dune a lot for thc province. Regarding the Midway Vernon railroad,
he produced letters from J, J, Hill
and from Mr, Arthur to J. J, Hill re
the negotiations Ior railroads and 1!
C. grunt.-. He said that Hill refused
to have any dealings with them. How
cun the grits sny that he (Premie.)
was a C. P. R, muii even ii he had
refused to help out tlie Midway 4
Vernou, He pointed out that the
ii. T. P, are taking an active
tbe campaign and wanted to put out
ti.e pre-., nt government (or their nun
ends.   In touching on the 0 lumb	
Westi rn railroad lie repeated . h it 11 ■
Bowser had said an I conolude I lit
ipeecb exhorting the Ri velstoke electors to remember Britiih Columbia's
ip •■;.!.: pr j.---- im: nut hi
u stand still. On being | lesti n.
tbe civil tervice he aaid thai * -
guvi-ri menl intends to put it on n
Letter and sounder looting but that
ie uomy was necestary.
The meeting closed wi'h the
National Anthem, The Premier and
Mr, Bowser lelt iur Arrownead and
Nelson the tame night.
T . !'.  ' ninl   	
■ I'r .. •:
mc lie   .i	
■ V. ,   |lOl,.,   I       .      .   M.MI.'M
'■ Sll. li i-.-     	
" Ku.il    	
" Ellicll'ie i:-|.-.i   llll.l M.iiiiii-i.iiiii-i- 1,2". Ui.
- Sulnr -      ...in:: nu
■' -miiii)     :' HO
" Iii-iii.iiii'i.  :-"i>i
•' WatorRcnliil   J"'"
" Repair in Ham  I.iailB
" lii.iM.ii.ii.if M.-.i'i--  lis 50
818,891 IH
Hul....eot|.riilll|     11,591 I!
C-rtiiie.1 Correct—B, A. LAWSON, City Auditor.
January 12th 1007,
iiliitic -.In   1, IM!
|   *h il
livi*. und sidewalks, n* i
i'.,'"..' .j
.ci-alr*. i.**-iiv.'h	
IM 70
lire UrlgAdu i:<i  l|'   'til
1,-:■',' ■•■:
No.l Fire Hull	
i'u Ul
m n
Insurance, bulltltiiijfl	
M7 .'iti
"         FilOIIK-II	
IfiO un
lilocthm expenin.ii,,..
100 l u
sii-lt mul Destitute	
'Jl.T 47
letiuuls. Road Tax	
7.*' nu
Snow Service 	
I'ouml  .
■jsr. 81
Office Furniture....
HI   "
•Typewriting mul Ming bj
■Ji'. 7.1
lU'l'iiinls.moiH'y |i.ii.l loci
■>'       'JS fij
Healos, Inspection ice.. .
.; in
Commission cnl, It nu' Ti
\     105 (lb
Premiums,clerks' bonds
'.*."> no
Telephone itouUl 	
g;i 5i
Repayment on I'm I .mti
.   0.077 35
-.ntcresl mi Tux loans...
.   1 :.IJ In
Civic Salaries	
,   *J .7.' uu
Pollco Salaries	
.    L'.Ml.') I'll
Polloa General Expenses.
701 10
Ropalrfl nml malnli nam
of buildings	
170 ml
Health Department
b; i y i
Repair*, to tools and Imp
incuts ...	
7fi 7il
36 UU
Dumping ground	
S3 20
* li-rveys 	
roots ami «now pin -,....
L'jja M
10 16
I'aymeutH to I'iioniuii...,
ivjii 50
Printing nml -Stationery.
161 03
postage luidTolegraniJi
n;i no
Prisoners' Keep 	
'M 60
Snn ni)
Debenture lnteresl "A' .
1 -ii
2"J5 W
:i."iii no
■Illll (III
.   U.112-5U
1,nm) nu
Sinking Kuiid, Debon, "A
.i          .,(
"          "1.
ii          i(j
1      177 11
'     MS 13
'     *.'l 1 <H
Jll 11
'   1 >1J 7^
'.    559 66
roacliors|(|,8iitl DU
lanitor.   Mu i>'
Secretary   Co u<i
Int-ld'nt'l   I- i-
': | tirs    211B6
Fuel         651 .1 '
Uupplles    T:il 33
■umil're   IS*5 ■■'•
:    .:.'•    870 -l-
      Illll,!    ..J
Ib.li SCHOOl
,"i. .,-• . ■
lanitor          i
''urnH'rt   Hfil ID
-.'.':.-    ' .)
.' .:.:*-       201 6"i
■ ■
—-         ' 12
;,   : * i
. ■
i 780 63
.   .  *
. 180 '1
|30,1>9 IS
City Treasurer.
l-A.-i-piiuiiiilly busy Si ner and Fall selling hits placed
on our hands ii large number of sccund-hnnd pliinns and
...guns-, Inki-n in exchange un new styles of MASON &
llfsCH and PIANOLA PIANOS. Our "Uppor Country"
warehouses In Nelson and Ilevelstoke are now comfortably crowded we've winter shipments .... wny frnm
factory, too. These used cuils .....sl Iio snid, ive wish
lh..in in in,.v.- rapidly. You'll appreciate those iinusiil
Smilli I'.n-Wit "Ijid * Sum" "Simon * lllai'll" I'iiuin, luia.-
.liiiiin. i--..i-;li.!i nmki!. i: uiiii.-*.  rfi  OH    I'ftW 'in""l: J.oiauLlf nl li
Sfifj I  |ll Mill     IIIIIIIII.     I.lllllllllll    Illll-
ZU li'j.im-;,*,' Hi ni.. hU,em.
(,.-'■' sli-lill, liliilli-il   ii.l.i'l.iian   III..'
In-! lln.
- '„!e,'!','.'."i"n' ■ !,P'W.'-'..''J'.'.';-   *   ...     .-"iuiiii.... "|il".i-li'l  nm-.   Wn*   (POTK
,."l,.|,:'       '     "-I'mm   S  40     sll!-,.   ,i':-Mi   ,   :. T>ilO
-iK-ii ■ oi-bu.i. r. ft: i,Wl, mi.       ,;,:.M'ri:,i.':;i;i,i-!M,:';i'':i
'■'-"'  $ 40    wHlnm * -'- li -ii"-Hy new,
It'smSSlSXiS S400
i-.i- Satops, I..R..O.I Imi
'■Anil l-lniilr.   I |.rilil I'iii.iu v, i......:. -nil
;ii,-.iii-..*. lit, :, iii. I.!,!., Iiill .,„ ,,:'„, „
ln.nlni.ne, rollout value al rj.  gg    J^R,^,
*ul l-11-il..V    Imii*.   I"!    II
llllllll..I MIMl   l.lllll.l   MM
in ell.	
: $ 30
"Xnguut" I'iiini. \i-n Vn
..il:m.i,i-li.iiii.;...| mail, n Rnml
"Ilcll" I'iilin. ...inlpll, ;' nr- uaa... BCriilllrn.il, :la|.|sn(rM.|ls,
l.n,-   i.iii.iitin.i |-i,-ii,-Ii walnut in »ti.in,   Imtli an-olla,   V.n.'ll
i-M". rei i ..nr. inili i.ir mi,- mm  mir.n    inl lu, tills nl	
aiilliililnIorl.ullnrliulrjo  OI\»!J       ..|,„|„.rt,.- ,„„,„  |,t„V.k wi.l'
Jli .mi,',  lllael. ■■ Piano, Ti mi. eii.i- with firvi'illi'il I'renol.
m-liivca, I It. ,ilu, Iiiiii llnWn-il ,,1.,. ,.|.„, snrtai-i-a, Saotanl
in   -in"   llniiilns ■   ii'-li.i.-. ny, „,,|., Ill ,1,1115, I,,.,, .nil Irrlilo
-n-iluly.i.i-l Iml ;; I m new, CJOKO     cnuplcianmlkuroau-ella,allien-   fl*   Kf|
llll-.s.illll l.ll! Iinil s.-llil|;-,;il        <Bd9U       i|;,| Vili,,- ,t ||ii„ lijni,......... .      Hi    OU
We've also a iiumbi r uf nlliers,    l-'ull   li*l   sent  upun
l-eipii-st.   N'o.. ....iv In. it in nnv one ul* lht.se iiis'i-iuncnls
ni full value, ns'piti'tliil puvineiil nn .1 new MASON k
H1SCII PIANO, within two years nflcr purchase.
Kootenay LkIxo N •. 15 A.F.&A.M.
Tlie regular meet*
Inm. are held in tho
Mm-onlfl     Toraple,
hid Ki'll   it . H:tll,i.M
iln third Mondftyln
inch immh at I*
Mu, Vloitlnjtbreth'
ii'ii  cordtftily  wel
C. K, 1UIOCUXIKR, Seohktakv,
SELKIRK LODGE, KO 12, 1.0. 0. F.
iMPOlM'VI'l'J Tlmi MlllV
,-,.    » ctciiing   in    Selkii'H
(P      9X. Ju.      Xllall   ut   ft   o'ulook.
JnmmS^*W       %Hail     ill.    ft     OOlOOK.
^^JViKltiiig brethron ror-
J^€ dially invited to at
'ii ou
■:, ■ ."". 17
1 -
.-■   I ■
■ i7,aw
BALANCE   Current Revenue and Expenditure Account.
That's Royal Crown kind—
made In Vancouver—Largest
Boap I-'n'i- iy n*08l oi \\ iiini-
pog. House cleaning ..ml
washingarooasy with it. holp,
And tl..- money saving It the
Premium System
Booklet tolls what wo give for
Ki.v.il Crown Wrappers, H.m.l
lor it-r-Freo—Also try tl.e
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
■ ;
.. ■      ■      - ■      .    ■
. - .
Debenture  -'■"'     *
D ih ro
Debenture Bnr ■■ I
Debenture * ■■ ■■ E
Dobonturo   ■ *      P
Debenture     (.
Debenture Barlo M
Dobenl ire ^-: - I
Due "I. No, i fire Flail
Unpaid Dobentnrflt oupon
Deflcil lOOfl
!      i      ,
I !  Mi
k  Gold Rnnge Lodge, K. of P.,
%    Ho. 20, Rovelstoko, B. C.
c\ .'i't Tbtrd Wcdtio.-daj of
oncli t milli, In the DddfeUows'
Mall rtl • < 'clock, \l.-iiiiij;
KuighlH itrc cordially iilvfted.
\. .J. HOWE, cr.
G. II. BROCK, K. of R. & S.
II. A. BROWN, -M. (d V
C. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Mcdf Second and  fourth WedncudnrH In
i m li iiioii.li, in Selkirk Hall,   Visiting Woodmen cordially invited tonltend,
W, li. AUM3THOKG.Con.com.
II. \\, EDWAUDS, Clerk.
Tmtirs. Furniture!
jnim l, Wood's Furniture Stc;*e
Election Notice!
To the Ratepayers of the City
of Revelstoke:
LiniKs* ami Gentlemen:—At the
n mU'-1 ol a largo number ol .-iiizr.ns,
I   i..--.- decided   lo offer myself as a
■ for Mayor at the election.
I have to  thank yuu for the many
pn ■   ms of   appreciation  of  my
your bell til, when I had tbe
.1 presenting you before in
..i. 1   ii mire you. if  you
. n honor m . I will givo ihe
, ■   and   attention  to  your
I    re     -  ic i nil m liters of  vital
lo tl    it)   ..i Kuro now
pi idiug  .-.-. i- i   I   hope to   have the
diicutsing with you in
;      r l»   re the oli clion,
Election Notice
Un lance, Aaioti nvnr Liabilities
-'*"  Witi -n
I  . .1
I      ,,.!.■•  .
!•    M ' M
I! lil   -    '.   Mlllll
l Ity Hull
I...I  -. .ml - .;
l.tllen l-'ii.tiiin,..
Villa I.mI   -.
ll.iiii.iiii' '.r I
Trail   nnl lm.il.	
Illlllllll'll illll' III!  .   II,,...,.,.• I,,,|
IU, J,!! 'll
$19,1,637 lit
1   "<MM
I'M'       '
I        1    ||
I     1.,     i
1   1    i
'  '1
I'M',  ,
■I'M   .!,   -.
To the Municipal
No. One Wai
Electors  of
, City of
l i -.... men:—
: i   ■    ■    i     .United   by  ..   lure.
mm boi  -I tlecl i  nl Ward No, I, to
-,     i  n.    i   ; ! .- . li i I.....   ...   ulili'l lllllll
-,! iiiiii ward, I havo consented to
ii- i pi and .c-p ct/ully it-quest ynur
v le iiiiiI iulliieiiee. If eli-eli.I I rlmll
i1 .11 linn's .-iui-,.Ui r it n.y duly to
give my careful attention lo nil mat-
ti n [lortitinlng to the advancement
and wollitre nl tho cily.
yours iihoilieutly,
Election Notice!
Tothe Municipal Electors of No.
2 Ward, City of Revelstoke.
Laiues and Gentlemen:—I hove to
Intimate thut, at the request ol num
t-rous ratepayers, I am in the lield as
candidate for alderman for No 2
Ward, und beg to request the favor ol
ynur support on my behalf lit the poll
on Thursday, Jan. 17th. If returned
1 can assure you it will be my en
deiivor-tii ndvunco the best interests uf
the city,
Your obcdienl servant,
1!   II. SAWYER,
To the Municipal Electors
I.;iilirs and Gentlemen;
I Imve the honor ol ngain ofieriug my-
self as a candidate for llie impoi'lanl office
oi Mayer lor ihis city.
During my term ol office now expiring
the growlh of our city has neccusilalcd
considerable expenditure to provide slreel
ami sidewalk Accommodation for those
parts of lhe ciiy which are being built
up and settled in. Considerable expense
j was also entailed in repairing aud strong*
! ihening the (.lam on the Illcotllewael river.
This work was, carried out according lo
specifications by Col, Tracey and was
completed .11 ahout the original estimate
of cost for It- although during lho progress of lhe work it was discovered tha!
more repairs were necessary Hum were
ai lirst contemplated.
Theso expensive works have heen a
severe (ax on the annual current revenue
of the city| in fact they are more than
should have been financed in that manner,
bul lho work was urgant and had to bo
carried oul under any circumstances,
During the past year llie rate for electric lighl lias been so reduced as to he
bul very liltle more than ifi now charged
in ihe ciiy oF Vancouver, Notwithstanding His, the growth of Iho city has been
such thai Um revenue from lhe waler antl
li^hi department lias been 30 per ecu
moro than last year, I
Recognising lhe importance of a sewerage system for tho eily, llie council has
during ihe pnsl year had preliminary surveys made, and this mailer is now in such
a sh,ipe thai lho incoming council can proceed with tlie whole or any part of il wilhoul delay.
Additional reservoirs are needed for
ivalei storage; and ii'ie-elocled I uill give
ihis mailer mj serious attention.
'J lie (ju slion of the supply of electric
powei 10 ihe 1.', I\ K. has been before Ihe
n tiri"■. 1 until il for Home time. I am ol
opinion thai lhe city council should endeavor 10 enter into an arrangement of
muliiul benefii to both parlies. 'I In* advantage lo 111 iiy of having the good will
ol large corporations is evidenced by the
manner in which bonuses and lax exemptions are granted, and il in mj opinion a
inlisfai tory arm rig em en l between lhc C.
I', l\. nnl lhe Council oil ihis question
will iiii'.in much for lhc future prosperity
of ilie City.
I lie nei easily ol an auxiliary planl al
lhc powei house has heenlorclbl) broughl
home lo tin cilizen during Ilu lasl two
■ iwck.s. I ih.nk iln cil) has now reached
sm h a *i'.:« ihal sui lj .1 planl is tibso-
* liti'*U tie ■
Shi .ul wm ,1,1 n;.* lhc honor of re-
eleciing me as Mayor I will appreciate
1 - mfidi 111 i- bj giving the same care
I and attention'to tin* various 'mporlftht
civic mailer', ihal musl arise, as 1 have!
i\ow hitherto,
Vour Obcdienl Servant,
Jan. II, 1907.
C, ltl'l|.*|tJAI'i:.)l    IMK UK IISntVTIO.N lip
I'milMMI-tl   A* 1. i si?."
|„-,,l,.    ,-■'.;     ■ lln    ' IiiiiI [.uitilieiTii.'
, -    1. n.-.i'i 1      -in tutra-l'ntvln.
,*n| I'.mi   -   -  un.l 1 Hi. "t*'Hit|KUilM,Arl, 18*17,"
,.. . ;-- ... , ii 1 :l ..1 .. .- ,.l lh.* ul.jcH oi
ih,.f pal!,*, ii-uiu ll iii,-|.*!-i-l:iliv.    iii[',-.i:l. n|
,-i ,i  -1 i- 1   . L'lihnnlilii I'xlPinl!
Hi, i... 1,-iiu- ..i Hi. 1 iHiiiiaii) li iltiinlv nl thn
t ii; nl Smiktuut, Spnlfai 1' laiiuil) in lhu HI il« nl
U i-liiii,|,.|i.
 ml nl  Hn* I'lll'titnl nl   lhi'l'n|ii]i;inv H
im.,- lliiti.heil 'tlHiiidUinl Dulliim, divliludInto
ii,-.',* Inm Imi llimia-amlsluiremif ulollarsacli,
lliu huail lifllra uf tlna I'uiniiiiii) m 1 Hii- provlnca
ii hiiii.tlt i.i In.inmi Hunli -lock, UevoUtoke,
uml Uwimti Smitli .M.-rmUi, burrlntvr-al-1aw,
whiinuuililre6H I** tin* •uuu*. 'n Hioflttornoy fm the
Company, nol umjiuwured tu la-sue inul ti-imtvi--
TlieLimt-ui ilm exUUmce nt ibe Cumpaii*/ In
llliy ju&ii li'um Hit SUDil duy uf Oi'talipr, lm.
Hlu'ii uinlei hit iimid mul Haiti nf liiin,* mt Victoria, I'fl'TitlCj lif   |tllli*ll   I'lillllllljil. tills, tTf^lllv-
iilntli day uf .Niivemliir, uiiv Uiomand nine limi
(ImUnd stX,
Hfsi"*ii.n ui'Joint *»tnuk fJomp-ank'B,
Tin* nliji't-ti for which tlw Uompauj lifts boon
MlHlili-ilii'duml n-iiUtari-il uiw:
Tu luaiiuttit'Lur*, uport, Import, buy, Mil nml
iti'iiuuIlT iK'nl in Kiiuitu. warei, uiiii'liiuiilUi' kind
property of fun rim,, uml description ftltlilu Hn*
Mulf nf W-wUhi-tmi. tlie I'liiUd IJUtSS ul Aineri-
fii, tliu ProTlnos uf British ('clumlilii umlelsu-
wlurcmi ma* f»m Lime totluts b* fouiitt UCUOu-
■tiny ur con tti 11 i«nt for (lie pininiies uf tlm
Cuinpuiiy; lo carry on uml conduct » general
WllolUSSlS Sllll I'fluil Iiiiiiiii^, iiiuiiiifiti-t in in** mid
liiiiilieiiiiu bintltii'mi wttlini mitt Urritory; tnonii,
npsrste, buy, *ell, Issis, sisetor olliswlsusciiiilro
issr-uillts aii'i nny "Hii'i kiiuii. of mills ur factories
fur Hip iii'iinifi-ii tnif nf liuubor, either In tho
t-Hiipli in- lliiiiliril smtp, ainl for uianufsctill'llig or
DniBliIng all nitidt's ol trade mailo tlierofrom, mul
in own, iniy, still, Iubno or olIierwiBe anpili'-iall
nmcliiiiory ami appliances of every kind mut do-
Hcrlntloii Hml may bu nocoBsary cr usually Ind or
iHi'ilin connection tlierowltli; in purolisso, Uko on
icH.sc, or in oKchange, lilw or otherw Iro bi ijiilrji nr
Imldand null lauds, estates, l-iiildhifra. ilgliU-ol-
wax liglil nr w;iiit or Rnyotlierrijlitsoi'iirivl-
li-gff*. miiclilnory, buslnunso-1, good vllls, plants,
sio.k.i in Undo, or other real 01 porsonal propert)
uf any iialuvo ur kiml wliataooviit. «•* nmj bo
deomod neccsmiry to carry uui any iii thu (d-jocl*
.ii- purposes rn ihls C'ouiyaiiy; to miiluuiii, hu-
prove, manage, work, control nml superintend uny
liulli, roiitls, ways, tramways railways, bilduus,
ipservolrs natcr cournes, suwiullln, Bluiiglu nulU,
fsctorles, liviluuillc works, oluutrlcul wnrks »r
ullior works or coiivonleiiccs wlildi may scorn
conducive in any nf tlio oldocls or purposes of the
ijonipany, and to buy, sell ami ileal 111 the samu
to uso uli'Mii, water, oloctilcaloraiiy other power
fisamotlvopnwor, or otherwise, mul lo buy, wil
uml deal hi IhoaaimMomireliaso. acquire, soil,
liuld, 'i'fi, ami uperalo eleclrlc liglil ami oilier
pm-.ci plni'ts for milliiig and itiaiiumcliirliiK pur-
[iiisuH, .nnl fi. lhc purpoa - uf furnishing lights mul
bond, iV. mil, lease, locate and hold ditcllct,
iluiih",um water rights; to constnict, leaso, buy,
soil, build or openite mill t, ferrli * Iraniway*.
logs, liunlin or .H,.*i material m pasni-m
i.i*      Tn  own   laml,   hny  sell,    ItifibU   mul
 it*  Iicnvisi-  actiulru  Llmbwi  mid inn-
hur clahm in buy, awiulre, Imld, iinpiovc,
I,',..,*, md sell timber, farming, cmxlnu, minoiid
nml oilier lands, ami (lm proilucls tlicreof: lu
aconlre, pnrcliaso, lay out, plat and sell lowiuinil
iih hi-, ..ml lu plat and pul upon tliu mat koi
Iiiwii sites mid eructbulldiiigsaiullmpmvenieiitH
rn rM-,-. lilml and sell lots, ortilliunvUotllsptwoof
tbusnum, or any pari m imition thcrsof. ami gen-
umlly lu <ln a real utotu, roiilal, buying, solfliig,
Improvouicnl ami Invustuient IiuhIiioss; in carry on
agciioial murcliaudlsu mn! commltisioii bushicAH;
Loaci|iilre, sell and conduol stores.liolels or bottcl
lug Iioubos; tu snbscrlbolor, purcluwo or otlierwlso
acquire,sell,and hold willi thu same rlghUof
nwnerslilp therein as msv lie porniltted 1 tiiral
liersaiii, the shares, bomlnandohllgatioiihof any
other corporation wherever organised; tn | ure
tho Company to he registered, Incorporated, or
I'lTuiLitii/.rd in nny 0tll0l'sUte,or2couiitry, 01 pro
rlnce ami to do all and everything nocessnry
suitable, convenient orpropertor Hie accnmpllsli-
nii'iitof any uf tlieuurpoflfltf, or t Iiu al Latum- ut nf
any one or moro nf Hie objects heroin enumci ited
or Inolilonlal to tlm powers herein named, or
which »|ihI1 nt any time appear comluclro 01 ex
pedlent fur the protection ur iieimtit uf Hu* corporation, nml tin-illy to do everything consistent,
]in'in.i* ami iTijiiinii'? for tliB-oarrylng out of lhu
objects and imiposes tfurrsnid in llieir fullest ami
liimdfM di'iise witlnn n«id teirltory.
wwl die II wliu
NOT1C K Is hereby glron that 6U days after date
I Intond to apply to tlio Hon. Chief l nin-
mlsslonerof Lands antl Works for pormissi'in in
nurcbase the following described lands in t lie
west Kootenay District;
Com in cue ing at a post planlcd 20 chains o-utl
from the nontli-went corner of LotlM&Saiiil marked
"E. fj, TriUlnrd's iiorth-oasl eon ei* posi," thence
south 41) chains, tlience wost 1ft chains more or
less tn Uke slioro, tlienne north along shore to
south-west corner uf hot Wi, tlienee tv.-i Ji'
chains to puint uf comtiisiicomeui.
Itiiicit November uih, lumi,
dee8wod K. U. TJiAl-'ltmU.
Niitii-i- Is li.'leliy (.lv.-.. tlmi in- .Iir iiml-MiMu.!
inl.-iiil. lUhliiv., [mill il.tli'. .11 ;i)i|ilv In li.,. .ii,n.
.I.ii-i (......nimi ■ „f l.ii.ul* mul IVorka, In a
a|iuci.tl li.-i-nii- tn i-i.t nml ruri-v away timlier fnnn
Oulllluoiicfllg a.   11  poit |.laiili-i| 11! 1   nun-
i|iluil,i-iirii l.l.l,-i-ii-il nl trial) Ilii-f. nml mn-mill-
 in...liini.i-, .I.L...1 -i- ...nil. ko clialna, lln-	
.,;.*.. si.i-l.niii*. tlii-i.i-i-auuth bu i'linins, tliL-i.'-i, m-.st
:-.. cl.ai.ia in point nf i-iiiiiiiii-.ii'i-iiii'iii. slg.in.l,
11. It. NOllflllfV.
llllllll! Jn 11  lltll.l'.ll.r.
Nolice is hereby glvon that 30 days afler dato
I Intend to apply to tbe Honorable tho Uhluf
Coininlsslonor of LandBantl Works fora spooial
licenso to cui and earry nwny timbor from Hn-
followlnir described lands:
1. Situato in ihe Wesl Kootenay district nbnut
it; miles rroin liurtnn City, Uoiuiaeucliig nl u nosl
planted on the east sideof Cariboo Creek, tlionco
uouth 100 chains, thenco east to chains, theuco
north uio chains, tlience west 40 chains to pnint of
**. Situato In the Weat KooUnay dislricl about
14 iniles from Iturtou Ciiy. -Commencing atn
post plunted on lho west side of (Jariboc-un-ok,
tlionco south 100 chains, Ihence eitKt-jn chalna
thouce north lOOchains, theueo west *0 chains to
puim of commencement,
3, Commencing-nl a post njauted nu tho wost
side ol Cariboo Creek, ubout i*J miles from JJurl 111
City, thonco soulh 1011 cimliis, thonce east40
chaius, theuce north IliO t halns, theuco wesl JO
chains to puint of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted nn tbo south
side of Cni'il creek, about 12 miles from Hurtnn
City,tlience k.m 100 chains, tlienee north 40chains,
thouco west 160 chains, thence south 40 chains to
point of com meneement,
.v Cninmenciiig ntnunsl planted on the south
fiidi' of Cariboo Creek, about 7 miles from Burton
Ciiy, taenco snutli ioo clmins, thence wosl 40
eliains, thonce nnrtli Itl'i chains, tlienco cast 10
elm ins to puint of commencement,
0. CommendiiK at a post planted on llm ra4
bank of Cariboo (rook, about 6 miles from Burton
Cily, thence east 8(1 clialns, thenco nortli 81)
chains, thence wesl si) chniun, thence snutli H)
chains to pmni of commencement,
Dnted UHi day of September, 1000,
wed dee fi S.J, HARLUW.
VCouplo ot young liulles willing tn
sli.iri'ni.iiiB room, can procurii
Imiiril nnd roiiifc>i-Liil.li> lodging willi
smull family on McKenzie Avvnui*.
Apply Mail-Hkhald Offlce,
I.101.NI1--A Lilly's pni-.tsnl on First
' Street. Owner uiuy Imve sun...
hy paying fo. this iidvertlseu.enl .mil
proving property,—R, A. Uppuit,
l.-IOK SALE-Milglc Liiiitcin ami
I' Slides, ni 11 sucrlflci., lln.. plaiii—
W. M. Hilil.it.. Hl..n.-lii.i.l Street,
Vlitorln, B, O.
rpo RENT—Large coiiiuindiouslhiiiii-o
1 nn First Strt'.'t, g...j.l l.nuse for
roomers, Opposite ihe school, Apply
to W. M. Lawrence.
WANlll-(j..-I  for guiieml bonne
work for lamlly of ihreeigood
wages. -Mrs. Tl ,T, Lutlgaie, Arrow.
head, B, O, u
WANTED- \V,,ii,,.s-, iinii,,, ,,ly
light.   Wages SHU p... tuoitlli,
Apply to Chief V g, Q I'si-lot. I,
CuiuiipJIi, li. (!.
TTTANTKD-GIrl fnr general I.O.i.e.
tt   work,    0.....I iium-s ...iiii iq
light  Patty.    Apply   tn Mis,   F, ll,
LEWIS. Mn. konziii Avenue,
WANTED — Young   man iv.iuts
r.n in or room and Ihi.u.1 in city,
cheap,  Apply Nail-HuRALIJlolIlce, •
ONCE upon a time thero was an
appendicitis patient who refused
to ent, even though the after-
operation periods of strict dieting wore well past.
"Can't ent," she paid.
"Won't!" sternly paid lhc doctor.
,.o the buttle raged, with coaxing nnd
tempting delicacies on the part nf a distracted nurse and wearily reiterated refusals from the patient, till one evening, as happens with Invalids, a sudden
craving Btruck* her.
"I believe I could eat a beaten biscuit
and n piece of very nice ham."
"Crasilness!" snid the nurse. "You'd
"Bul I'll die if I don't eat, and I can't
ent anything but that, so why not die
As In the famous sauerkraut case,
the doctor snid: "Let her try It;" and
try lt she did, with immedlute resumption of the food habit.
"Folly," say you? That only goes to
show you have never tasted of the real
thing or you, too, would know that combination could make you decide not to
die and fort-go it.
For there are beaten biscuit nnd beaten biscuit, and some of them have a
striking similarity to well-seasoned
plaster-of-parls, hut those you mny be
sure never came out nf a 'Maryland or
Virginia oven, nor felt thc sounding
mallet of a beta' de wah dusky conk.
As for* the hnm, if Moses hnd ever
had one of the rich, deep garnet, Virginia cured and boiled and baked articles melt ln his mouth there would
have been a different version of the
Mosaic regulations.
Which is, after all, but an aside, as
this Is a story of lhe beaten biscuit, not
the much maligned pig.
Do you wanl to know how the genuine darky cook makes her traditional
biscuit, which, like the baked bean of
Huston, Is endeared to every son and
daughter of llie South: solely nnd entirely with her good right arm. Her
muscles are brawny and she uses them
to iheir limit lo get dough so light and
flaky lhat no rival kitchen could touch
For, nfter alt, lt is not In the mixing
that the real merit lies. The dough Is
not Intricate either in material or manufacture—just a quart of Hour, a table-
spoonful of lard, a cup of Ico water and
a little salt.
Put your salt In your flour, then mix
In well the shortening nnd add the Iro
water by degrees, as a wet dough will
be blistered Instead of flukey. Work
this dough until perfectly smooth, and
then get down to the real work.
If you nre to the manner born, you will
have a lino old hardwood block, on
which the beaten biscuits of tho family
havo been pounded for generatlons-but
if you are merely un appreciative outsider, you mny dn quite as well with an
ordinary hardwood board nliout two
Inches thick, or even an old marble-
tupped tabic.
For a pounder you must own a heavily loaded mallet, weighing six or Beven
pounds, but a well-scoured Iron brought
down again and again on tho sharp
edge, or oven a rolling-pin, will answer
quite no well.
There Ih much skill In thlfl beating
process; so much that It is Impossible to
give a definite length of time; for where
one cook will have her dough light and
flaky after ten minutes work, another
will take over half an hour. The best
test Is to stop when the dough cracks.
This will usually be in about twenty or
twenty-five minutes.
Then roll the dough into sheets half
an Inch thick, cut with a rather small
biscuit cutter, prick the centre of the
top with a fork and bake In a very
quick oven.
Beaten biscuit may be eaten hot or
cold. They keep well for Eevtral weeks,
and can then be made crisp by reheating ln a slow oven.
If the beating proves too onerous, the
dough may be made light by pulling
apart and working together again until
It blisters when rolled out.
Borne Southerners use milk instead of
water In these biscuit? An excellent
recipe Is one quart of flour one largo
teaspoonful of butter, a tnblesnoonfuj
of lard, one teaspoonful of salt, and
add by degrees nearly a half pint of
milk.    Beat till the dough cracks.
Maryland biscuit are excellent for
children and dyspeptics, as they contain
nothing to overwork the digestion, They
are h ss known however, on dietetic lists
than pulled breads and zweiback.
Pulled bread, which ls gaining in favor each year, Is very easy to make.
Take a well-baked loaf of bread, home-
mad*1 preferable remove lhe crusts with
a sharp knife, cut Into -strips and then
take a fork and lift it In a number of
places to make It rough and porous.
Fut ln a pan and brown ln a rather
quick oven.
The simplest zweiback Is prepared by
cutting a day-old loaf of bread into
pieces and baking again till an even
golden brown.
For bread sticks, use a well-risen
yeast dough that has been made with
milk. Shape into small balls, then roll
Into sticks ten or twelve inches long.
Fut them Into a pan, without touching,
to rise till very light.    Then bake tfi]
Less digestible, though very good, are
fried bread sticks. Well raised dough
should be shaped in small pipe-stem
Btlcks. Allow them to rise again till
very light and fry In boiling lard till a
golden brown.
* }
THe Housemothers'
WITH regard to a recent inquiry
as   to   neighbor's   yeast,   a
Kentucky     correspondent
Whenever I boll potatoes ipeeledi 1 save
tlie water In which ihey were co I* d, add*
Ing Mill and sugar In proportion, und while
lukewarm, add to the yeast.  In this way
oni always haa u supply,  if the yeast be-
comes llm. ad 1 sugar.
The bread is made in the same manner -aa
with - itipreBSwi yeast, Use a quart' of
i.-... r's yeast for [our h-aves, or less
yeast and add water or milk,
I li pe tin- will explain what "Inquirer"
(1 It-d'-atit Plains, llis.) wants iii itnuv.
Mrs. G, s, (Shirley, Ky.)
I copy thc recipe faithfully. Yet It
seems "a monstrous deal" of yeast, no
matter how m.id, for four loaves. Unless, ns 1 surmise, the neighborly compound takes tbe place of potato sponge
In home-made bread. And. by the way,
have we Improved upon the potato
Epunge bread dear to our childho'jd
days? It was dellelously soft, tooth-
some and wholesome. If neighbor's
yeast restores it to favor, we are dOU-
bly indebted to those who have brought
lt Into notice.
Gasoline for Washing
Oni of 'in big fan,Ily. '"Mrs. J.." would
like if learn from me h<*w I use gas.iilno
li. ivashlng. I mn writing this teller to
her, ii. particular. If others wuul.l like to
l„ inl rim d n the same subject, you
may print It, pro bono publico.
I b rt my cljibes and put the finer by
themselves. I soak all over night in warm
water, with a lablespoonful -of gasoline
stirred Inlo the water before they gu in.
Next morning they are wrung out, and ihe
real  work of washday begins.
I get up very cur./ Mon iay morning and
bell all tin* clothes (except; o( course,
colored things), rub out the firsl bollcrful
on ibe board, then throw them Into clean
wain, and take up tho S'-c-'iid bolleriul.
J  have but  two.  Then leave  the second In
the suds. At least, that Is my "way." You
niav, tf vou like wash all In one day. I
prefer io have .Nu. 2 unlll Tuesday morn-
Ing. rising early again to rub out the last
lot on the board, rinsing all together ln
two clear hul waters. .Next 1 blue them,
and they are all on ihe line before i
O'clock. 1 have had no hard, hot Wurk,
una my house Isn't "mussed" up all day,
and myself clean worn cui by night.
This is why l take two mornings—one for
the 1" I lings, while the day is cool. Then
the things are put inlo the tubs, the lids
shut close: the clothes are better fur tlie
additional bath, and I have n .lay in which
to recover frmn the stress and nwe.it. My
clothes are beautifully white, and with
lillle Dt-'Vi*re labm*.
II th .ne badly soiled, s.-ap the Bulled
places well, and you will have no lank-
Bt-Iie. I rub theni to make sure ihey are
clean, ami that the streaks are out, tut
tlmi is it"! hard work, because lliu dirt
stays In the boiler.
This method hns been such n great help
to 'ne llmi I hope 1 have succeeded in making it plain to "Mrs. J" and to uth.-r.-j
wh*, make a bugbear ,-f washday, or. mayoe,
1 uiikIu to say they find ll ready made.
I bed my clothes becausa I thlidt they ate
inner than when Just washed out.
I wash tlie color-id things ln the suds,
sad anything thai will not lade I dip into
cold water and drop inlo the boiler. Then
they ore clean.
If there is anything I have not mado
plain, or which you would like to kn.-w,
write nnd ask inc. I shall always be glad
lo help a sister womnn.
Mra. A  L. (Chicago).
Chicago, or uny other city, may #cll
be proud to own you as a resident, and
the Exchange Is glad and proud that
you aro in and of It. A woman who
can write a letter like that, ami who
takes ns much pains to tell how she
manages the family washing without
undue fatigue to herself and discomfort to her household, as a scientific
expert would take tu exploit a new discovery In his line of work, has a wonderfully well-balanced head and a heart
tn match it.
Vour division of washday's Inbor Into
two sections is novel and reasonable,
If wc women had n Juster sciibo of proportion and took longer, cooler views of
life nnd the relative value of duties,
thorn would be fewer second wives and
fewer stepiiiothorB,
Squab and Chicken Raisins
I rend, not Ions ngo. a communication In
the Kxrhnngo from "ff M 11," nbout a
cniinli rnriii Will ymi kindly lit mo have
hU aldri""*" I am thinking leit.iusly of
taking up tbe euuab   and   chicken-raising
*~t/?WBodex mattet rs £ te&ar- 6avmg tfewce
Puzzling Problems Solved by Contributors
business. I should also like tho address
of some successful chicken fanner. I want
to ask ono where Is the best place to buy
ground for that purpose, Some people
eeem to think th'Ty Is no place like New
Jersey tor raising chickens and sniub-.
Others advocate Norrlstown and Montgomery county, I know of three successful
squab raisers in New Jersey, but 1 know
of more who have failed in the business.
If I were to buy a few acres, and were
to lose on squabs, cmildn't I fall back on
health won't stand city
ik.' a ehnmrc.
M, E. (Philadelphia).
7. It will boll, roast, steam or stew better
than can be done on any stove.
S. Food cannot be burned nor overdone,
and the poorest of cooks must succeed.
9. By no means the least of Ub merltB,
Bnd  one  which  will   appeal   to all  house
wives, is that it can be 'used in jpre'ervlng
require long and slow choking
uuinu's and all such frufts
1 '   '     cwklng
A   W. t Berlin, N. J.).
n iv
life and I must make £ change.,
Before I had seen, for myself, such
egregious failures In each of the enterprises of which you speak, I should
have said that you would bc a wise
woman to go Into one or the other—
perhaps both. My belief in the ability
of any man or woman, who has common sense, to raise poultry and pigeons
for prollt has sutrercd severe shocks
within a few months, My counsel now
Is io luok well before you leap, or even
take one step. Tlie address of "F, M.
B," hus gone to you by mail. 1 hope to
Bend the mimes of those who can advise you more Intelligently than 1 cun
hope to do, after your letter Is published.
The Hay Stove Again
The woman who wrote to us enthusiastically some time ngo of the improvement her husband has made upon the
primitive "hay stove" sends In, nfter a
longer trial or the treasure, sumlrv reasons why we should all follow her example in discarding the coal and gns
range, ns In common use, and do our
rooking in a pretty chest on the kitchen or sitting room table.
1 It will save you fir, to 78 per ctnt of
lhe fuel used in cooking, be It cual, gus,
oil or wood.
2, It Ih a time and labor saver, and does
uwuy with all odors of conking.
3, It will cook VDUr food better than can
bfl done by the old method, ny there is no
cvupui nt Imi; all the natural Jul.-eg and
lluvir of meltm ami vegetables are re
4, if ibe conk wiiniH an afternoon out.
yuu can still huve a hot dinner. All she
has to do l« in ."pi n I a few minute.- preparing ih"' food before sh- gwn, place in
thn cooker, nnd when dinner tlma comes It
will   be   fnund  not,   savory   .ml   ready   to
t>. It does away with a hot and iinccm-
foitable kiii-hen In the summer tune
fl. Or-Min i.f all "kinds ran h it .ried th-'
nighl before nnd in the Banting "111 t*
found dellclouily ooukid.
Will the fortunate possessor of the
"hay stove" answer ibe query of another correspondent?
You extoll Uie virtues of the fireless
stove. Will It can fruit, turning It out,
after so many hiurs of cooking, hot enough
to Insure It a-iajusi fermentation. If It be
cantKd withuut further C -king?
R. E. M. (Minnesota).
Dry-cleaning Silk
Win Marion Harland please tell me how
to drj'clean a manM scarf of white India
silk, I. rdered with colored applique?
I think it would be well f.-r each of us
to name the State in which she lives. It
would  prevent confusion arn>.ng ourselves.
When does Murl.n Harland take hei*
mu h■:.'• led rest? ur has she helpers &o
wel| trained thai she goo--, and we do not
mlsa her? A. B, C, (Chicago. Ill,),
Were the mantel scarf mine, I should
clean It with gasoline, with due and
prudent regard to the danger of fire.
You mav dry-clean it by tbe following
method: Brush out all the dust. Spread
the scarf on a table covered with a clean
cloth and rub Into It all the boraclc talcum it will hold, bo this witn a soft
. brush, avoiding the colored border, unless this, too, be very dirty. Treat both
sides of the silk in ihis way, shake out
the loose powder and give the scarf un-
other coating of the talcum, Leave this
last on for two days, covering to exclude dust. Brush and shake In the
open air,
When do I take a vacation? I ask myself the question sometimes. Recognizing recreation as n sacred duty, I break
away from business bounds now and
then for a flight to the mountains In
summer, to the Southlands in winter.
But the mall follows me always, and I
keep my finger upon the pulse of the
constituency 1 have served so long and
so lovingly that I should miss them
sorely were communication broken off.
I nm never out of touch with those who
honor me with their confidence and by
peeking advice and sympathy In the
time nf need. [ thank fOu for asking a
question that betrays affectionate solicit jde for my welfare.
Bread for Dyspeptics
In your "Chats Around the Council
Table" a correspondent signing himself tor
herself) "H, M." asks concerning bread
for dyspeptics.
Soda biscuits made with butter instead
of lard tire easier to digest than yeast
triad. Suda biscuits made with sour
cream are still better. IJake the biscuits
Well: when culd. slice and re-bake. Do not
eut III! culd.
For acute Indigestion bran cakes nre excellent, Beat u yolk of egg ninl add to It
same quantity ot waler. Blft lhe bran
thro'ich u coarse Bleve; miu a love) teaspoonful of salt. Use enough of the bran
lo make a miff batter. Shape Int". small
flat cakes; take hard on buttered tins In
moderate oven. Eat cold, with plenty of
I uh lee cream,  frappe,  mousse and
cold and hot custards can be made by using
condensed milk instead uf sugar, bo not
use cornstarch in these dishcB,
1 cui"! not well lake more space to give
other recipes, but if "II. M," would give
me an address,   I would gladlv ainl freely
five recipes and other -suggestluim,   which
feel aure would be beneficial.
F. 13. w. (Oklahoma),
One who has suffered for forty years
from chronic dyspepsia gives, as his deliberate conviction, the assertion that a
confirmed dyspeptic Is not sane. An
eminent Judge once told mo that he
would recommend to murcy-and Strongly—any murderer oft whom It was proved
that he waa a hopeless dyspeptic. He
"did not consider such a ono morally responsible for his actions."
Any advice that promisee to assuage
the torments of the oflllcted, to whom
the stomach la a foe and not a friend, ls
a benefaction. A word from ono whoso
knowledge of tho disease is wholly impersonal, and yet the re alt of long and
close observation, may not bo amiss.
No stringency of diet will avail nny-
thing In the way or relief unless other
hygienic rules be also obeyed, Plenty
of sleep, gained by early retiring, regular exercise ln the open air, and punctilious regard for thc normal functions of
the body, slow and thorough mustica-
tlon. avoidance of fatigue and exciting
subjects at or near mealtime aro essentials to painless digestion. Thousands
court dyspepsia by eating fast, and as
many by eating when so tired and
"empty" that the stomach loathes the
offered food.
Keep on good term srfJi this Important organ If yon would be at peace witi
rtrarself and tbe rest of Uie wonldL
Jifter ikefiml taxing,
Various Recipes—Edited by Marion Harland
Mock Mince Pie, Without Brandy.
ONE cup of water, about three
ounces of butler, one-half cup
of vinegar, one cup nf whole
raisins, one and one-half cups
of sugar, one-half teaspoonful of
ground cloves, three soda, crackers,
rolled; two eggs, one teaspoonful of
Beat butter and sugar lo a cream,
first mixing tbo spices with the dry
sugar; beat all together, except thc
beaten eggs, which stir In last. This
will make three covered pies.
Some Ways of Cooking Potatoes.
Tare, wash und slice raw potatoes nn thin
us wafers, Thia can be done with a sharp
knife, although Hiero Is a little instrument
for lho purpose, to be hnd at tin. house-
furnishing storos, which (lutes prettily, as
well aa BllCei evenly. Lay In tec water for
half an hour, wlpo dry In lwo clotha,
spreading them upon one, and pressing the
othor upon them. Havo ready in tho frying
nan noma boiling fni, fry tho potatoes to a
light brown, sprinkle with salt and servo
In a napkin laid In a deep dish nnd folded
over them. To rid them of the fut, tako
from tho frying pan aa soon aa they aro
brown, with a perforated skimmer, put Into
i colander and ahako for an Instant.
Pare and lay In Ico water for an hour,
Choose tho largest and aoundest potatoes
you can get for this dish, At the end of '
the hour, pare with a -.mall knife, round
and round In one continuous PUrllhg strip.
There Is alao nn lnatrune.it for this t ur-
fioao, which costs mil .■. trlile. una v „i do
he work deftly i . expeditiously, Handle
wllh enre. f**: u few al a limo, for fear of
entanglement—'n derliM fnt drain and ar-
run neatn-* uuuti i« bui uiuLkui,
Take large, fair potato-?*, bake until soft
and rut a round piece off the top of each,
scrape out the Inside careful)/, so as not to
break the skin, and set aside the empty-
coses wllh the covcr-s. Mash thc Inside
very smoothly, working Into It while hot
bulter nnd cream-ab ul half a teaspoonful
of each for every potal i, Season with salt
nnil pepper, work It soft with milk and put
Into a saucepan to heat, stirring t* prevent
burning. When scalding hot, stir In one
well-beaten egg for six large nututoes. Poll
up once, fill tin* skins with the mixture, replacing the cups, return them tu the (-ven
for threo minutes; arrange upon a r.npkln
In n deep dlf.lt. the raps uppermost; cover
with a fold of the napkin and tat hot.
Italian Ravioli.
(Contributed by Request.)
Hash a beet and bolt until done, then
throw Into cold water a few minutes, drain,
chop and add to It four egg*-*. nne ounce of
grilled Parmesan cheese and one ounce cf
grnte.l f'heddnr. two and a halt ounces of
boiled cream er milk, a pinch of nutmeg
and a little salt,   Mix all well together Into
n smooth, flrm paste; roll Into talis about
the Blre of a walnut.  Hour them well, let_
them dry for half an hour, then drop tare-"
fully, ono by one. Into boiling sto< k. When
they float take out wllh a perforated ladle,
put Into a deep dUh, dust with l'armesan
cheese and pour a tood gravy over ihem.
Napoleon Cake.
Heat sixteen ounces of sugar with sixteen
yolks of e«B until creamy; add ilxteen
ounces of finely chnoped almonds, one
ounce each of citron and orange peel, a
littlo cinnamon, cloves and vanilla and
four ounces of fine breadcrumbs. At th*
last fold In the whipped whltea of six eggi.
Cake In greased cake torma,
Fruit Cake, Without Eggs.
Take  one  and  a  half cups  of brown
lUgar.  I ne-half cup of New Orleans mn-
lasses, '-ne and ene*half cups o( butter,
two tcaspoonfuls of cinnamon, one of
cloves, one-half of nutmeg, one-half of
allspice, two heaping t en-spoonfuls of
chocolate, two cups of sour milk, ona
pound of raisins, one pound of currants,
o- -fourth pound of citron, one teaspoonful of soda, two tcaspoonfuls of brandy;
flour, not too stiff.
Mrs. C. A. H. (Dundee, 111,).
Broiled Mushrooms.
Peel ihe finest and freshest you can
gel; score the underside and cut the
stems close, Put Into a deep dish and
anoint well, once and again, with melted
butter. Salt and pepper, anil let them lie
In the butter an hour and n half. Then
broil over a clear, h-M tire, using an oysior
gridiron, and turning It over as one side
browns. Servo hot, well buttered, pepper
and salt, and squeeze a few drops of
lemon Juice upon each.
'     Plain Rolled SpiAach.
Pick over the spinach, rejtotlu all yellow
or dried leaves. Wash ln f.wr waters, letting It soak In the lut oo) - balb (or three-
quarters of an hour. Put Into a large pot
over the lire, with bartly enough eold water
to cover lt. Cook foe* twenty mlautts, or
until tender. Drain Ip a colander, then turn
Into a wooden chopping bowl and chop very,
very fine. Return tHe spinach to tbe sauca-
pan. stir Into It a great spoonful of butter
and salt and pepper to taite. Hound tba
spinach cn a hot platter and fanUb wit*
slices of bard-tolled efga. j •SiyiWMliilW ir\i» w\y/MM\i
place the design over that. Then go
over the linos  with it  hard pencil,
ln embroidering, pad heavily, and set
your Miu-lieH as close together as they
will go-tbe beauty of such a dei-lgn
worked upon heavy linen Is only when
lt stands out In bold relief, and you
can't net llio effect without padding.
The many little dols may he embroidered solid-doing them one way for padding, and crossing ihe threads the scc-
tlme. iir se many tlm* eyelets mnko
a most effective piece of work. Tho
easiest way, of rourso-and n very pretty
way, ton-Is to use French knots.
NOT very main- of us, in these dayi
when fascinating lingerie anil
blouses are so popular n purl of
fancywork. Indulge in l..e elabo-
rale :;e*-dle-point!:.g of sofa-plliow topa.
And when you comlder tin- '.un! wear
EM u.r ninety-nine oul of u hundred
of those same plllow-topt get, such
elaborate affair! art rather stupid things
to have around. And they're a mighty
long Way from being works of art, and
meriting a place on account of Iheir
Arts and crafts Ideas have done much
to empbaalie tho charm of selling that
crash and linen homespun and a host
of olher crude, interesting stuffs i os-
i.si. A couple I M PPiet printed in red.
or ol red crash appllqued onto tlie foundation, are far more elective—(ar more
artistic-than the same red popplei . Jit
elaborately executed upon a white or
black satin -save the raarklj surface,
i-t-r:..!;* the most artistic of all are
-.;.. ;... a* f ..: .-:. . ! ,:. j:-.-. .ff
that . oka exactly like 11 to the non-
lrtt.tic eye) of one of the dull neutral
.hades, with "art nonvemetque figurel
cut out of deep Indian red crash ior
thit ,-ame double of crath r : . len
..r blue, and couched cn with -..a thi   11.
.*. h plllow-illpi, :'. y u i> them—
lh .,■'■■ - an- ir.- .y I.-irl t-j i.i 1 ■ Ihe
way-are pretty expenilvo, ana they're
r.< ther !.,.-; •    make r. ir ei.- ling In
their requirements of material or I ml
Some of them-not th.- real    ■
though-come  with dealgni  pi
color upon ii..- SMiiic ....  ......    mal,
which  nc Intended to be b i
lined in ia.rl) coarse silk.   The idea Is
simply lo llnlnh and einj     - -
ugn  nm to nil 1. oat with em       ■ I
The n-w thing about then - *
thin th- cun.,- deilgi - M   -:     *    -'   ■
favor with a bang, and only the pi
ones, or those that, at leasl. have i me
point to their attempted wit an  being
uted. .   ,       ., .
For dens the popularity of slips whim
can be removed and * I ll -. the
Increase    It'i m comfort to fe-1
thai every pillow can  :•-  :..-• le eli in
without having to maki
all ol them-that ihe pretties'
new ien-. .lth an ey-i
to their bei .1 . i " i- red I -. ■-" it!
An       - ■     .1 pillow
, „ mi  i white - le   mm. m- till
way the figures ln Oriental coverlngi
M,   ,- :   ..... i -
IN THESE da; a : refrlgera - t.*i
I. ;.:..*.,* is Callfi '.'■•■. ind k '■ (
ft ..\-. thi :•-.,.,..: ii ... ina -.. ■ ■.
Qverh;; ■■     ..- * *. a thing
I; thi ; ..-* Not so o- in) yearra ag.
; .-.* ipples were nly to be had I ■■■..<
J .:.*■ an I eai, ■ July, now there is
scarcely a mor.ib In the yeai when they
cam ■ ighi li an) I .* with even
. ., .;.., fall ::...,.'• :->:. strange
I   i...   i- tl.- i m i; ,.-    .. n
an Imp sail le . ,x irj  .:. the matter of
Bl :...-!.'.   - ■   ■ a,*'.ted.
While no i ne •■•■ tl: think of , ■■
Ing ir j irrlng ; In* ipples In v..-- tall n
winter, or even i; ia>ng them la -1 hly
on ihe family menu, they ire :;. i h I
demar.d for a fir.*-: i u i al ■■- I .:■ ■■- in
01   *.:.;.'■:
A ;.>asant change from the usual
shredded pieces, .<-rv l either plain or
mixed with Ma: i- ;..: :,- mes and
white grapes in sh, rbet glasses, la to
prepare the fruit in the way all Cuhana
eat It.
Heme-ve the outride of a ripe but not
soft plneappie.   Then with a very sharp
knife cut •.- -      es about ai   ->ighth of
an inch thl ... Is entirely
. .* ,.    .-■ ■  h< - ill
ai'.r until ready lu be 161
n thi a of a di plate ...i■ o
.,     .,      ,   |l*2l     '■        t    1 I
r- igar, and   *i i ind .;  . ■ ; ■■ ■
llcea as you wish I
fruit.    Eat   an   *, . .   H ■ .1*;   a   raw   to-
... il .'.:.,'. ■-.  ;,  a  foik
,ii., dij pin [each ,..■ i ■■ In the sugar.
it is betti i to , ie i mi d , .- |
pineapple, as o vise I -,. * i li e
... -.-,.,, -■ i.' i - I..- trull
lar^'* in" ro ii . * mn . bi i il i hh *• -,
.;.- h "" .it. lm .. -I-.: ■ h il( ind
h ningle allce sorved with thi in ■
moved, in Its p.''* a ma bi p
Hiji;ar, nr sugir ar.d Maraschino cher«
rlcs, The latter make a very prettv
,f one likes, the*--*, thlrk rounds of
pineapple, slightly powderen with
Bugar. may havo then* eontroB flllod
with Krcr.nh vanilla Ico aourn and ba
nerved hm a d-msert.
Marketing For Two
I\m ne ol thi
keeping .    ■   - ll the drat
rderlng    ' "nd  thi
-      -
uit   auch
■ ■ 1
I -.     ...  comes
... ■:    ,      ber
ind    .ii..      ....
• Ml       .     I        .....        M ■ tl
...        i :
j iu,   I:.-      f 1 need I whal
I,, I- ly m.i
Bhe   pri tented
that i
■'   ■ '
how  ii .' -.
..: Ivtttng   hei   ii'i'.-i
.    ,
-|hn!   J i and  ah.
mi   ; .i   leallng wi'h  '-
ighl   hei
gn... ner, -,.,:|.l-i,". In thi     tnd ll   ht
inings they .Ml'!, and their ii.
i       - 'ii tld
Probably, If -inn hml pretended "i
know all iilionl II. nelilur mnn could*
I, ......  r- -li.ii!  iho  tnrnplntl-in  to "do"
hot » nmi.
Getting Ready With the
Christmas Spirit
M.j; ...     .- who have any of the
nrlstmaa spirit in their
:•■  want  to do so.neth.ng
[or I hue.- who are less 1'orlun-
- ■    ■ Mi.- happy time.
I   uec.iuse  lho
I crowded ou
i nosy season; there
. ■    ingi.o buy; .". many
•     nm ny people to
.1 .-    ir« apl to say:
■ ■:  * -
.,,.-  .id Mrs   Urown
., busy, and
. »ill have to wall
Ing a lli'.ln
.....    aill -       irl.tma      plrll
.  [all dayi
ght       utilized [the
.        Ml
. idd much to
i   ,j<-  nn
.... r bottle ol home-
tmai treat,
that can be
.-   .null  will
... ,    ,   ,.  . ..  I ii  .ome
itmat m irnlng,
.... ,   ;, .riel   nr'j
ping      :.- ng II - .-•-   They
,.     il   p ■ ",rei,   of
.i   •    ' ,
' '     -     'I ■      ..'!.      ■'
-  . ,    in   nl,!
in. ■       '.,
M    .        ■I       '      I      MM
..., ' I lapted "'i -...,
•      *   .-   .■■ needt -in- gr.Mi
.... and whu art moat apt to l.e letlott-
Patterns From Spreads
THK Inspiration tor lhc embroidery
pattern worked upon an unusually
pretty shl.iwa.st cumu from an
old-laihloned bediprcad, The girl who
...aile It happened lo sec a i.ualnt, con-
vunlionallzod llower spray which wai
part of th-- rather complicated design of
.In- ipreud, n.ni strnlgliiway the Idea
ai-.z.-ii upon her tu transfer It.
A pencil and a hi. of prepared paper
in.uie  ilii- Hailing easy, and  Hm clever
III loilgn adapter laughed l" hjr
sleeve ovi-i the many compllmentt she
i-i ■-,■.■'!] upon lis iiilglnallty.
Borne wonderfully Iniereitlng deilgnt
ran lie Iraced Iron. Inl.le daninak al
well j ist parti «f the pattern traced
li -.-ni of I- - whole, usually elaborate,
li.-,. nn- nf design.
Protly "'-is ->! 'inlHns nre made "I M«
ol in. in.. ..i. the woven design picked
„it wi... wash iw.al silk, or with
mercerized cotton.
A Kitchen Pin Cushion
ATBA-BTIIA1NER formed tin- foundation foi It Just onw of tho plain,
, Unary ones of finely woven
vires in' polished nod shining aa
though "linie of sumo much finer metal.
ii wan lined with the ^>Uom ol Him
bi i o iffed with a tiny bag «f bran,
whli h, in ll - turn, wai neatly tucked
a*;iy under n coverlet "f «nk.
A nil of ribbon mndo a *mall bnw on
the handle md al the sams time fur-
niahed B loop to hang it up by. 'Ihen
the wire part was tbl'-kly seeded wi.a
r.lns and thl nOVSl niwhlon fit In olaeo.
SELFISHNESS, like greatness, la
inborn with some people, others
achieve It, and still utlu'i-a-uy
far ibe largest class - havo ll
thrust upon them.
Tboso of lho Hrst order rarely renllzo
their condition. It la so thoroughly ..
part of themselves; so absolutely essential   to  their   makeup.   Dial   they  go
through life absorbing all of their own
ami  most of the oilier fellows* rights,
with an air of such delicious Bang trold
that they bailie, uml sometimes disarm,
Persons who achieve selfishness usually carry chips on their shoulders. They
are imbued with tlio notion that they've
got to "do" others If tbey don'l want lo
be "done." They rejoice openly In every
advantage that comes their way, and
there Is little help for them, since tbey
don't want to be helped.
For Ihoso of the third class are reserved the heartaches and 'he lights.
Tbey don't mean lu bo selllsh. In nine
caaes out of ten it has come from suffering or misfortune, for which they
wero not ln tbe least to blame, nnd
which, while lt served to purify and
strengthen their characters, has left this
**tny canker behind.
lhe woman who waa frail as a child is
t to be physically selllsh. She will glvo
.ie beat of her heart aud mind in time
to others, but she Is apt to accept the
most comfortable chair, the most luxurious cushion, the choicest dainty, not
as a privilege, bui as her right.
Only children are proverbially selllsh,
and it enn scarcely oh called the fault
of the child. A young mother who was
lamenting this fact, said:
"I know my littlo girl is getting seltish,
but what can 1 do? It would be fuolinh
tn forbid many things In her case that
I would have to prohibit if I had a big
family. Dorothy is not only an only
child, but an only grandchild. All tho
favors that might be distributed among
many como her way, and she haa been
sick so much thnl she has very few
playmates. I hate to think of her growing up self-centred, but I see no help flir
That mother has a pretty serious problem, for sho has to contend with two
great sources of selllshucss—a superabundance of good things and louell-
People who live alone are bound to be
seltish. Mow can It be helped, when
there is no one else who must be considered?
In a quiet littlo New England village
there was a few years ago an old woman who lived entirely alone, In her
youth she bad won fume as a singer.
Hhe hud saved enough from her triumphs to yield her a fair Income; she
had relatives who would Kbioly have
tnken her to live wiih them, who were
constant m their proffers of com pan .unship, but she steadily refused them all.
"1 like to do my way," she said. "If I
went tu your nouses, or yuu came to
mine, I would have to change my ir.jue
of living,"
When death came It enmo at night and
found the woman alone, She had dla-
couraged nny attempts toward Intimacy
On tbnjiait of her neighbors, and ft wna
only after several dnys of a amokeleBB
chimney and burred ahuttcra that ar./
one ventured to investigate. Tho outside
world was loud In Its donunenrion of
tho relatives' selfishness, but it seems to
me tbat it was lhe woman herself '.-.ho
wns selllsh,   nol they.
Next on tho llsl to the woman who
Ives alone must come the women who
make un a household of themselves, and
look wiih disfavor, either real or assumed, upon any masculine who crosses
their inri'shobl,
From the beginning of time it lias been
conceded that men are selllsh. Adam he-
gan It when be tried to blame the apple-
eating episode on Eve, ami certain it is
that when you see a family composed of
an even division of the sexes vou may
rest assured that that establishment la
run principally from tho man's viewpoint.
Who ever heard of having dinner at
half past ti, when tbe man of the family said that It suited him tti have It at
seven? Who ever saw a housekeeper,
with men to cuter lo, serving the delicacies at luncheon, and the scraps
dinner? Whose particular brand of coffee or type of newspaper Unds sale I
that house—the man's favorite ur the
woman's? Why, the man's every time,
and not because he Is tyrannical, ur even
disagreeable, but simply because It's a
habit to let him have his way In small
Women who live alone get narrow, for
they are not brought into constant touch
With the outside world. Women who livo
alone gel cureless, it It su easy not to
dresB when there is no man tu criticise,
and the other women are only tou glad
to have encouragement for a klomna parade. Women, who live alone, sometimes
gel grouchy. Not that tbey mean to, but
It is so easy to let down barriers and
drop masks and pretenses when there
Isn't anybody that It Is necessary to
keep ln a good humor with a smiling
face; and narrowness and carelessness,
nnd grouchlness all play their part In
the development nf selfishness,
Ungreasy Frying
GREASY fried potatoes or cro*
iiuolies aro an abomination even
to the woman who has nut for-
bwuiu all fried things un general
health principles,
1'erHotially, 1 wnuld never serve potatoes, much us 1 like them, that must ba
fried In lard. No matter bow carefully
tbey are done, they are bound to taste,
The only exception to this is the
French fried potato, which, being done
In boiling Inrd, does not absorb greaaa,
as Is done by the slower process.
All food fried In deep lard ls much
nicer If a piece of broad Is dropped Into
the boiling fat to abso. j the lirst grease.
This Is also a good test of whether the
lard Is hot enough. If tbe bread at once
turns a clear golden brown, the proper
temperature Ib assured,
The use of brown paper unuer all
fried articles before nervine does much
to prevent them being greasy,
A frying basket Is more than a convenience, It frequently prevents bad
burns for tho rook, consequent to hnsty
llftliiR from boiling fat with a shullow
spoon. .
W'       ^<Lge-^*  I      II     IJ llllll     I,     JM.4
i*C8at r-0CKTTCr l.ra
Hand Tailored Garments, Completely Finished
■  ■ ■
Box Overcoat
There are deft
touches of elegance—
little differences in
style—that make
these Fit-Reform
Overcoats noticeably
McKinnon I
rich   Black
on and Beaver.
>p»wa ■, r
;-. ■u-C'::i-.*:.n-j^
Sweetheart about to Marry,
He Hurries East and Regains Her Affections.
A speciul despatch to the Toronto
Globe Irom Woodstock, N. B., dated
Dec. 31, siiy»: A romantic wedding
took place tliis afternoon nt tlie home
ol tho bride, when Miss Lena llurtt,
daughter of Mr. Wilmot llurtt of
Jacksonville, wns married to Mr,
Xnrval Brittain, and the couple lelt
thia eveiiingtfor tlieir Inline home in
Revelstoke, 11. C. Before the departure
t;f Mr, Brittain lor the West some
years ns.o, lie was engaged to marry
Miss Built. Their correspondence
continued until recently. In the
meantime Mitt llurtt became engaged
to ii prominent young I...sines, man
o! Woodstock, nnd the wedding wiib
arranged for tomorrow, An announce
ment curd wns sent to Mr. Brittain in
Revelstoke, lie promptly sent along
sume presents to the bride-elect, but
just ns promptly followed arriving hero
a lew days ago. He arranged another
dnte, one day prior to the proposed
wi diling with the Woodstock man,
nnd carried oil' his lady love to his
western home.
feature thai can not be duplicated—
the combination of sweater and coat
—the collar mav be fastened close to
the throat or rolled back as desired.
^7¥f- //,
iifescnt and Sty-eaters
come in nil sizes, weights a
with cluh em! Ictus or col
knitted to order. Beware ci imilitions ij
1 see mir trademark on each garment. |
\ Write for catalogue if jour dealer |
\ cannot supply you. y,
P. 0. BOX 2338, MONTREAL.
1 lm fust is impossible without the second.
" BEST" bread flour is milled in B, C,
■ *. p :ci illy selected washed hard wheat,
and   will  produce  more   loaves   of light,
ing   bread  to  lhe   sack   than
other flour i»n the market.
Don't accept our
■ iving ihem, Ordi
your Grocer today.
atements  without
a  trial sack from
(oil floiif Milh
Under   New   Management)
ROBT    LAUGHTON,   Prop.,    REVELSTOKE.   B    C.
Passing   Away of  Muzaffar
Unlikely to Cause International Difficulty.
Teheran, Jan. 9.—Ollicial announcement ot the death of the Shah
at 11 o'clock last night wns made this
morning. At 5 o'clock last evening
the heirnppnrent and the ministers
were summoned. The women ol the
palace also began preparations for
mourning. Soon alter sunset the
doors oi the harem were closed iir.d at
11 p.m. the Shah passed away. The
news ot the death of the Shah was received quietly by the people.
jV proclamation announcine the accession to the throne of Mohammed
Al Miewa is expected in the course of
tho day, after which the high clergy,
ministers and public functionaries will
immediately repair to the palace and
recognize the new ruler. The coronation of the new Shah will probably
take place shortly utter the funeral.
Preliminary funeral ceremonies
probably will be held at the loyal
palace where M.u.itV.ir died. The
body will lie in state tor eight or ten
days in the splindiil hall where the
miinole plays are ai nunlly perlormid.
For Development of Canadian
Mercantile Marine.
The lollowing is a copy of a resolution adopted by the executive committee ol the Xnvy league, Toronto
branch, on December I lth, 1006;
Thatitisnoteoosiste.it with tie
true interests of Canada, either from
.lit'.eal ot• i'r,.ni an economic point
view, that ive should continue to
neglect  all preparations  intake our
part in the navaldefi nsei I the llriti.-h
Km,i ire and thai il is n duty we owe
..,. iirs    .... to our ii lating comn erce
and to the Empire tl il we should lay
the foundations ol .i   broad   national
maritime policy, in which naval preparation band d with
; -    | menl   I a Can id in M. r
•untile Ma   - -    -        ■     -   i     ige-
Canadian   -
.  -■--.   ■      .    -■ ■ .-;  j lorl ■■:.•.■
her lair - ...       rU't "■ ■■ itin --
would he quite as much the gainer
from such a step as the gentlemen in
the "where is my wandering boy"
Any arrangement tor the reception
of mailed votes from commercial
travellers must be safeguarded with
tlie greatest care. We tuffer enough
from ballot frauds when we compel
every man to present himsell at the
polling booth to be seen and examined
and sworn, if necessary. The traveller
uway from home who votet by mail
ought to be required to deposit his
ballot in tlie place where he it before
some legal officer who would then
take oharge of it and forward it to tlie
returning ollicer ot his "home" constituency, Great caution in liis identification should also be exercised; nnd
this will intlict no hardship upon a
class ot men who nre known intimately throughout the area they cover.
Special pains must alto be taken to
guard these sealed ballots in the mails
and lo make sure that ihey reach their
destination, ln loot, whatever plan
be tried, il must he regarded as an
experiment until it has boon proven
to be reasonably sate Irom traud or
Frniii our own correspondent.
On tlio eve of Christmas a very
pleasing event took plane here in the
form ot a Christmas tree and entertainment, It wns the lirst thing ot
the kind that, hns ever taken place
here. The little church was nicely
decorated for the occasion. The programme was not long but it was ex
cellent. The children did their part
very nicely. Tlie readings by Mrs.
Finn nnd the songs by Mr. Ryan were
especially" eujoyed. Mr. MoAlpine
rendered a number of choice selections
on the gramaphono. The success ot
thc affair is due almost entirely to the
efforts of jMrs. McAlpin and Mrs.
Finn. Santa Clnus was very jovial
on this liis lirst public appearance at
Palliser. The children were doubt!ul
about hini at lirst but lie soon wou
their confidence.
Roy Hubly has gone to his home in
Mnrionett, Wis. He will also visit
Kansas City nud Mexico before his
return, Fred Balzer has also gone on
a visit to his homo at Mnrionett.
The Beitwick family have come
down from camp where Mr. Bestwiok
hns been cooking. Hc will have charge
ol tbe boarding house here. Mr. In
gram lms gone up to take his place in
Mr. Frank Estay, foreman in the
lumber camp reports that the work is
going on well. The cutting is finished.
The remainder of the winter will be
spent putting tlie logs in the stream.
!'.]>*  V'-'
Beauty Unfolded
Eye Delighting
has residence in our show rooms,
will have residence in youi' home
if you need a lloor covering. Appreciate the elegance of the designs spread out before you, and
have a thought of youi- pocket
book. Many real carpet bargains
are here ready for youi' choice.
Avail yourself of I hem.
R. Howson & Co.
I. you are looking for something nice in 8POON8 AND
SPECIAL" for Souvenirs, we Imve llieni here
Good, Bound, No. 3 Apples at
85c. por box, f. o. b. Vernon.
In small or large Lots,from 100
lbs. to a Carload.    For price
!.. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Import direct from Country of origin.
o-(><>o<><>o<><><><yo<><>o<i ooo o-ooo-o-cm
Look Well I Feel Well!
Do ynu enjoy that well diessed feeling? Wo all know what
it feels like to be bol, lo be cold, or to be lired, ami .I is
Justus true that WQ all know what it feels like lo be well
diesseil.   It feels good, und it's good to feel good.    5*011 .-nil
I        novel- he well dressed if youi'clothes are nol inadeliyt.be
.       right maker.
Set to know we handle the SEMI-BEADY GARMENTS
and you will Hnd whul a pleasure and satisfaction it is to be
l        well dressed.
i       Suits and Overcoats-SIS, SI8, and 820.'
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, 820, & 825
,       Right Overcoats, up-to-date- Prices: SIS and 820
Special Trousers $5 and $6. A
Tailoring is our business.   We make i. man look well        Q
and lie knows it. A
..Cressman  and Morrison.. S
Hns a good stock ot Groceries and
a Hue assortment ol .lupanese China.
Agent (or Ilevelstoke Farming
Company, growers ot all kinds of
Farm Produce, liny and Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
P.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Manufactured for all olnssestfof buildings
All lnnds of building nnd plastering
*   ■ - i mtnod iiinn for travellers,
m -   ni  Wines,   Spirits,   and
AND   S150   PER   DAY
entral Hotel
/ a_^. REVELSTOKE, B. C.
ABrtjV.-tAMiCIN   1,1105.,   PROPRIETORS.
Newly !•; ,      Kir-ii-cl      n every renpeot,    111 modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
R.1I.-S SI 30 per Dny Special Weekly R.|r-„
Queen'*-* Hotel, Trout Lake, under same manag-emem
suitably furnished wi*'- thn choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate,
\metis Hotel
Bet brands ji Wines, Liquors anil Cigars, Travellers to
Fish Creel, will lind excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - ■        Proprietoi
Caution Should be Observed
When Voting by Mail.
The i ■ ii 	
tion Is hm.i .- i prnpotal   which  will
petmitcnmi " rs to
by uiau in parliamentary and muni-
eel   . -   sayt  the   Mm.in-..!
Bi >r.    Anything  which  wi   -
- ■ .-,.-      o  • arger  per. entaj
thecomroi r ial travcll.
im,-..- get i- ii pi
with the most tympathetio lavor; inr
there It no class in tbo community In
n bettor potil on to oast an intelli - *
ballot, That this.- not mora "hot
air"bul tl <■ obvious truth, ■ i *
teen the ... imonl we remind - irti .-•
that it. is the daily busini -- ol be
commercial traveller to chat with all
torts and conditions ol merchant! in
every enrner uf ll.e .--iii..try Sow, no
one is better Informed upon looal ;>.-
torottt ninl opinions than tbe average
merchant, who does his chatting ove
tho co..ter; so that tl.e "courier ol
OOinmerce" gctt more side lights
thrown upon the Issues ol tho dny In
... week tl.no ...nil, voters receive in a
This very Itinerant life, however,
makes it difficult lor tho commercial
traveller to votOi His business mny
os.1l him I'.-'- hundred miles away
Iro... the polling-booth .... election
dny; and l.e inini. cither sacrifice his
bu iness nr l.ii f.ai.cl.iso. II it be |ms-
sibla to relieve l.i... Irom tho necessity
ol so hard a choice, that, reliet shuulil
certainly In. given; and  the country
(From Out- Own Cotreapondent)
Preparatory to moving into his new
store Mr. Smith gave a dance on Fri-
ilny night which was much enjoyed
by his guests, who bad gathered from
all parts of the district to wish pros
perity to the new venture. The building was brilliantly lit up, the music
mi- good, the new well waxed floor
waa ideal for dancing, the Indies of the
;... ■   ettlenient were present and we
■ imagine an entertainment
■ uetl wilh anything but suc-
■ -- ■'        tuoh conditions were pre-
y Mr. and Mrs Smith.
■ i.H'h evidently has 119j.il-
tl   -.-      er  a  higher lit:, bus been
roaming around tho Lake settlement
lately wandered into Mr. Goth's
■<■-    .1   dinner time the other day
and prepared to make itsell comfort-
.   ,      I the wood box     Mr. Goth
ii- y thi pi in I mind
nol I . • -iv the slop basin at it, but
-■ ,-, - nt vim gu. -' and put the
ho ne ■- -*. ;- - by going to live
n [hbortill tbe lodger thought
i - ;,. -. ii ite. rin ikunk stayed all
nighl bout tarl tig iff In tlw
i ol I - --I ll 'l-iy  in the
arded v'" ' '     '! "''"   "     *: ; *"*■
m th  I     his hospitality In a kind "[
im - il .my. by reli lining It m in-
.;, ■ -. (lalletl i-.-i-
m - .-. ni •!• r bii i-.i. Mi '-nlii
in hit "im fell to grateful for the
. id le ■ ii doni thai ho abstained Irom tpeeding Iho parting
g i-i .* -,, in .ni,'-- ol lead Tin- is
the si I time within tbe lasl I »o
months  thai  presumably  tho tarn.
skunk  haa gone into a I ■.<■ and
stayed ill night,
ON lhe goods be invoiced as "JAEGER'
Sr.i.i.ixr. Agents in Revelstoke
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, 1855,
[Jamus Elliot, General Manager. \
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Resem, $3,000,000
Everything in way of hanking business transacted wilhoul. unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates ou Savings Bank
W. IT. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvelstoke, B. C.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
llAititv MolNTnsu, Hoffman  House
mill!- MEDICAL WATERS of Hal-
JL cyon are the most, curative in the
world. A perfect, iinlui al remedy for
..i| Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney .....1 Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sun-cure
I*,.!- "That Tiled Feeling." Special
rates on llll bonis and trains, Two
lunils an-ive and depii.t, every day,
u-l.'gi-.i I, communication with all
marts of the world.
TERMS-$12 to $1B per week.   For
fill tiler particulars apply ....
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Arrotu Lake. 3. C
Henry's Nurseries
Hoadtinartors for Pacific I'niist grown
nnd Importod Garden. Field and
Flower Suoda.
TIioumihIb 'tf Fruit mul Ornamental
Trues Rhododendrons, Hoses find hardy
plunli nuw urowlng ou our own grounds fur
future planting.
No iixiioiisfi, loss or delay of fumigation ■
inspection uorouBtomadutlostopny,
Visitors nro alwuyswoloomo i" Inspect
our block.
Greenhouse Plants,
Cut Flowers and Floral Designs, PerttllttN
Hon II ivos nud Bupplloa, Spray Pumps und
Spraying material.
No agents—tuorofore you have no commission to pny. Our catalogue tolls! yoo
about it. Let mu price your list before
placiugjrour ordor.
Wu do businoss on our own grouiidn-no
rout to pny, nml uro proparod tn moot all
competition, Eastern prices or less. Whito
labor. Oatnlogues Froo.
P.O. Address uud Oreoiiliousos:- 8010 Wost-
mim-lor Road. Hraiich Nurseries I—South
9 9
Comox and New Wellington Coai
Hemlock    Wood    Hay, Grain, Feed
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
A    $§¥     Ss
...  ■ .  . Ji  A-   • „ ,-f  .lI.T.'^Vi
Who   Will    Succeed   Judge
0 Pur ,U-ri,!i.lt.iriil [mpltmont*. Currlagei, Wiib.....   Etc., John
\ I.iM-rn I'liii.tf!.*. Ifollno Wf.Bf.ii., (InmiflH (liirriiiiio Company'.!
i BiimIoi, I'liii.ni Jr.. Garden flumliira mul Cultivator!, Whwl-
' wrislii mul Blink.mlth Wnrk i.ito.nli.il to,   Bone Bhoilng a
[(, it expected that thfl appolntmoi.tH" **-V%^*%, t%M^%«UMl^««Mt%«%*iy(|1
ot.. BUCOOBSOt to .liulj'i. Ilemlersiii. will j '
ho made in a low dnys. Tin. vae.it.ion
just. en.led, has served lis a sort, ol
j.ul cial dam nnd theie in tomothlng
of a llond of   legal   business   prinsing
tor Immediate attention, Four names
are heard abovo all oil.ers for this appointment, these are A, I'!. Book, ll. I'',
('anu, li. Grant and W, 0, Hrown.
{ P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. \
H K AIJ (11-- KI. ■ I-',: ......Mnv. M.unnj,.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'urk Packet, ami Dmler 'in Livo Block,  Murkoii I., ill tin. prlnt-ipul .^itiea uml
T.iwna nl Alberta, llritial. ,„.i...nl.l., am! the Vuknn.   Pickeia nl tha ililebratwl Btai.il
'4 "Im orator" Kami and Baeon, and Shamnnk Brand, Led Laid. j
v -C
Municipal Elections
1\ Ihui the Annual Pre-Eleotlon
Pllhllo .Meeting will he held in the
Commencing at 8 p. m. Sharp
This meeting has to be held on
Saturday to obtain the use of the
Opera House, and in order to iu.com-
ir.odate the Business Men ol the City
ih.* meeting will begin Bharp on time,
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery,
Moving of Pianos, Safes and Furniture.
Ceneral Draylng,
Office: McKenzie Ave. S^'E
Ollloe Phone No. 71     Houae Phone Ne. 7.
i ■
PERHAPS it's duo to an excess In
civilization (or "dlvlligation," ns
one well-known scholar contemptuously puts It), ut any rule, tho
melancholy fact remains that every year
eees more and mure children who aro
compelled, because of Ill-health, to Bleep
In cold rooms—out of doors, if possible;
If not, in rooms made fresh by having
every window open to Its utmost.
Usually, at first, when such treatment
was resorted lo, it wns for Inherited tendency to consumption, or to asthma—
some lung or throat weakness. But,
lately, the great value of fresh air—no
matter how bitter cold it may be-as
medicine for almost any sort of Illness,
has come to be a recognized factor In
the medical world, As n consequence,
children who ure run down and nervous, who have grown too f.ist fm- their
slender strength, or who show signs of
breaking down fr>*m school work, are
often made to sleep in the coldest sort
of roijms.
When they do sleep under such conditions, it is of the utmost Importance
that the beds be made so that there
is no danger of draughts working
through, and the covers should bo
fastened securely—the risk of catching culd when u restless sleeper kicks
the covers off ls too great to run.
First of all,  look  to the  Bleeping
togs.   For very little children, sleeping lines ivory
travelers   use)
Uko those
made   of
that Arctic
flannel  ure
most satisfactory. They should bo
nvjda liko very long fiannel nightgowns, which button clear up to tho
throat, and at tho feet either button
over or draw up by means of a strong
tape. Be sure to got thim long
enough, though, to allow tho littlo
limbs full freedom of movement.
For larger children, night drawers
eut with feet to thorn aro best. Th'*y
may Lo made of flannel, of canton
flannel or of tho heavier grades of
flannelette. White flannelette comes
In u quality that Is, perhaps, n.oest ut
A screen placed at lho angle where
the draught BeemB to strike does awny
with tbo dangers which lurk in
Tho covers may be held In placo by
means of a great safety pin, deftly
stuck through undershoot nnd all.
For midwinter, blankets should bo
spread under, as well us over, the child.
Two, and even three, thtoknessea are
not too much when the weather U very
cold. Spread the blankets over the mattress, and make up the bed in the usual
What may bo Indulged in during u
particularly severe spell is a hot-water
bottle, slipped Into its eiderdown bag
and used as a foot wanner. Hut don't
let the child grow dependent upon It.
Like a woman's postscript, the most
Important ploce of advice comes at the
very end: Start in now, |( you expect
the child to stand a cold room this winter, Put It off, and a series of severe
colds, If not pneumonia, or even graver
ills, will result.
When the snow or rain comes, put
something on thc floor (under the open
windows) to absorb the moisture, and
sot the sen en so that the bedclothes
can't, by any possibility, get damp. But,
beyond that, let the air come In as freely as upen othei times and seasons.
lfoU§tt Kwt of <HupuQ Jogs
Patnin§ in a
Sestiess Tot
To Bleach a Switch
TJ OW w .uld peroxide of hydrogen do to
** whiten a imlr switch tint has a Unlit
yellow tinge? Pleaae give directions (or
UFlng. Th* switch Is ma.le <-.t combings
from mv own hair, and I iln.l It has a yellow tinge.   My hair ls silvery white.
Peroxide of hydrogen is an excellent
bleaching agent, and I advise you to try
lt on the switch. Apply the pure peroxide, undiluted, by means of a fine briiph
-a toothbrush Is good. Give the switch
these bleaching baths every day unlll
the yellow tinge hns disappeared.
Henna Hair Stain.
Take one ounce nf henna leaven, steep la
a pint cf bolllni*. water fur twenty minutes,
Let stand until It mli cold. Strain lhu
lidiild. Apply to the hair by the nld of a
small sponge. The henna will sometimes
stain the scalp, but the stain can easily bo
Olh Hair.
3ere?°al TJiLcJwessed tfMankdd
Qvw the, flatfK§§
A Hair Tonic
Job's Tears
Probably Due to Strain
WILL TOU kindly inform me at tho
earliest possible moment whera I
will be able to obtain Job's Tears?
I remember some time ago seeing in your
space In the paper that they were beneficial
to lee thing children. D. C.
"Job's Tears" may be obtained from
any large drug establishment, und often
from the smaller ones. Also, you may
be able to get them at a jeweler's. These
people make the "tears'- Into necklaces.
1 could not assure you of any special
value of Job's Tears other than making
something hard nnd smooth for baby to
rub his sore gums on.
Fat Across Shoulders
I'lense publish rules for reducing shoulders
and back. 1 ain very lat across lhe
shoulders and up around my neck. 1 tried
several rules you had In ono , ( the papers,
but they don't take any eflect. I am very
largo around lhe waist, though not In tlio
hips; but I dun't care to be any larger.
I'lease let me know If ihere Is any kind of
tnedlclns 1 could take that would not he
Injurious to the system,   I am very anxl.us
. got thin.   I dislike to be lold I am ""
been   troubled   wllh   my   eyes
lately, so ask you for a little
I advise you to try bathing your neck
and shoulders with clear alcohol or
warm vinegar. Do this every day. Also,
use tills pomade:
Pomade to Reduce Fat.
elide of potassium, 3 prams.
Vaseline, mi -grains
Tincture of benioln, no drops,
Make Into a pinnule and tub over the fat
parts twice a day.
Deep breathing will help to reduce tho
waist measure and enlarge the bust.
Tin* stretching exercises, too, are splendid as waist uepleters. liaise ihe arms
high above the head, then, holding
knees straight, try to touch iho lloor
with thc finger tips. Stand erect, placo
hands on hips, bend from waist as far
as possible to the right, then to the left.
To Enlarge the Legs
i what Is go*
l fur
i id u.
Win you please tell
fattening  the legs?  1  wea
kind of short, ami mv legs
Thank yuu for your advice, &i. u.
Rising on your tiptoes about twenty-
five times dally will develop ibe calves
of the legs and keep lln* ankles slight,
which Is most desirable. Rubbing In
!Ocoa butter nr a good skin food will
tld development,
i ha
great i
On awakening In lho morning my eyes
run aa ir ihey were sore, and whenever l
read they become watery and hurt. My
eyes have been In this cnnililion for about
two years, I have const!Hud an or-ullst. lie
said I needed classes, but they do not do
me any good, for I can see aa well as the
average person. Now if there is anything
you can do fur mo It will he appreciated.
A. F. W.
I wonder If you have been doing anything to abuse your eyes? Knowing so
tittle of the conditions under which tho
trouble has arisen. 1 cannot be of much
help to you. However, I would suggest
that vou bathe ihe eyes, using an eye-
cup, twice a day with ihls eye lotion:
Eye Wash.
nne teaspoonful of boric acid. 15 drops of
camphor, 2-3 of a cup of bulling waler. Cool,
strain through muslin and apply with an
eye cup.
Disordered Digestion
l have used lhe suli-bur and milk for
clearing  Uw  complexion,   but   U  doesn't
sui.'in to have dune any  g I.    Would you
kindlv tell me almut something that will
surelv dear It? Also what fvuits an- beat
for ihe complexion and blood? A. I..
I am sure lhat the difficulties with
your complexion are due to a disordered
dlgeslloir and Impure blood, All fruits
nre beneficial, If there Is no tendency to
diarrhoea.   Try this blood purifier.
Blood Purifier.
Solium sulphovlnate. 1 nv, ounce; c m-
piiund syrup of sarsai-arllla, 4 fluid cunees;
fluid extract of dandelion, 1 fluid unices;
avruii of oranpe. ii, fluid ounces   -iter,
enough to make PJ f-Julii ounces.     A *
Mix and niter. M
Consult a Specialhi    y
It there Is a remedy for lengthening the
legs will you pleuse publish an aitlcle In
your column lu thfl near future?
1 am sorry that 1 can suggest no
method by which you can lengthen your
legs. But I have heard that such
things huve been done by specialists.
I would advise you to consult one of
these people.
Try Massage
E. 8.—Try massage with orange-
flower cream, frequently published in
these columns.
SMOOTH PACE.—I suggest that you
try   thts  formula,   though   1  cannot
guarantee that lt will be efficacious
under these circumstances:
Hair Grower.
Bay rum. 7 ounces: distilled witch
har.el D ouncesi common salt, 1 dram: hy-
dr-t*hl'irl-.* aHd i5 per cent.), 1 drop; mag-
nesla, sufficient.
Mix the bav rum end distilled extract
of witch ba?.el and shiAe with a little
magnesia. Filter, and In tho filtrate dissolve lh« salt and add one drop of hydrochloric a- !d.
Th* magnesia will cause the preparation
to turn nutte yellow, but the yellow will
dlsapoeer  when   tho   hydrochloric   acid   Is
Apply at night to the roots, with friction,
Gm Hair
I wnuld like to have you (live me the
prescrlitl-.n for restoring gray hair. 1 hnve
looked "ver the rarer carefully, but could
not And the prescription. G. J.
To Restore the Natural Color of
the Hair.
fA physician's prescript Ion.)
Sugar of lead. H ounce: lac sulphur, U
ounce; essence of bergamot, 'j cun'-e;
alcohol. '3 gill: glycerine. 1 ounce; tincture of eanthartdes, H ounce; ammonia,
", ounce.
Mix all In on* pint of soft water. Apply to the roots of the hair, which must
be clean.
The dye should never be aprlled If thero
Is an**- Irritation or abrasion of tbe icalp.
Apply to the roots of the hair with a
small brush then spread It evenly downward through lhe trusses with an ordinary
Asks for Recipe
Please publish the doctor's recipe for restoring grav hair to Its natural color.
M.  S.
You will find your query answered
under head uf "Q. J."
Harmless Hair Stain.
The hair t;<nlc 1 wrote you about some
tlm- agi I wanted r>r thc coloring part.
You sale henna wna ft bunnies-* dye, pe'ng
purely vrg table My hair Is a rather light
shade "f brawn, and I do not wish to darken lt. Thiru Is o light streak on the tern-
pies, and I wanled to try your formula,
provided ii was Hot injurious.
The henna stain that you speak of
gives the- hair a reddish tinge, and
darkens lt somewhat. It depends
upon the exact shade of your hair
wheth-i* or not this Is suitable. The
walnut stain frequently published in
these columns gives a hrown color.
1 give you the henna formula to use
if you think best
Will you kindlv nrlnt a formula for keeping the hnlr lu curl? My hair la very
oily. H trouhlcs me greatly In not retaining the curl after it has been done up over
1 am troubled also by a scar on my neck.
It ls (he retiult of an ahsass ihnl was
lanccl last December. 11 Is a small scar,
but still lemalns ven* red. Can you suggest treatment which would restore that
place to Us natural color? H. C. B.
Try this lotion for oily hair, and If
the trouble is thus corrected 1 think
your hair will curl more easily:
Lotion for Oily, Damp Hair.
For greasy, moist hair lhe following la ill
excellent dry lotion. If "ted dnlly ll lends
to produce a crispy condition and an auburn
eii. t :
Powdered bicarbonate of soda, borate of
soda lalso powdered). *■,< ounce of each; eau
d*. cob gne, 1 fluid ounce; alcohol. 2 fluid
ounce.'; tincture nf cochineal, *** fluid ounce;
distilled water, ifi ounces.
Mix and agitate until solution la complete for general Usage.
Very often scars may be removed by
gentle massage with cold cream. Uut
if such should not prove effective, try
this formula;
To Remove Scare.
Lanolin. 2 drama: ointment of blnlodlde
of mercury, 1 dram. Hub in well once a
Hair Growing Thin
Kindly give me a good remedy for thin,
falling hair. It seems to Imve stopped growing. Also advise me If 1 should consult a
masseur. F. B.
lt is not necessary to consult a specialist, Try to correct ihe trouble yourself by applying this tonic with gentle
and regular massage of the scalp;
Por Falling Hair.
Cologne, 8 ouncea- tincture of cnntharldes,
1 ounce; oil of English lavender, oil of r so-
nmrv. »* drum each.
Appb* ti lho rods of the h'dr once rr
twice a day It ll positively nece rniy thrt
the scalp should be kept clean, Shampuu at
least i-nce a week.
Dandruff After Fever
Last April I wus very sick wllh Ihe
measles. I hud ft very high fever
(106 7-10), nnd now I am having a bad
time with my head, caused by the fever.
I expected to loso some of my hair, but
was not prepared for lhe dandruff Mv
scalp teemi to be dried and cuked with a
white scale. I never experienced anything like it before, and nm afrnld it
will prevent lhe young hnlr from growing  in  again.
I have been in town f"r tr»ntment, but
find ii expensive, as Ihey want me io buy
thli I hln-.,' and th-'; in I cooled one of
your formulas  for slul.b'iMi  ilniniriiff,   and
am  Urine  tlmt ut  the present   time,     I
have  ind  it  only three il'ivs.    Do you
Ihink thai Is all right   »r have ymi some-
thins better''   Mv h'dr comes oul lu big
hunilfuls m each combing      Mrs. S, C.
Continue the dandruff cure, but nller-
nnle It with this tonic   Th" latter is
especially good for a dry scalp.
Tonic for Fulling Hair.
^henic acid, 2 Bramii tlncti"*** "' nun
vomica, '"j. grams: tincture of red cinchona, 30 grams; tincture of eantharldes. 2
grams; cologne, 120 grams; sweet almond
oil, GO grams.
Anply to the roots of the hair wllh a
soft sponge once or twice a day.
Gentle massage at least twice a day
la very invigorating to the scalp.
Befoic Curling
Will you kindly publish at aa early n date
oa possible your formula for pie|.arailou to
keep hnlr In curl, the one containing sugar,
gun., etc.?
I have used It anil f ur.d jt good.    K M.
Solution to Keep Hnir Curled.
Take gum arable, 1 ounce; good moist
sugar, 'j ounce; pure hot water, *i pint.
Dissolve, When this solution Is cold add
alcohol, 2 fluid ounces; birhlorale of mercury and salammonlac <i grains each. The
last two sh'-uld he dissolved In lhe alcohol hefore admixture, Lastly, add enuugh
water to make lhe whole measure one
pint. I'erfume with eolngne or lavender
water. Moisten the hair with tho fluid before putting in papers or pins.
Tea Hair Tonic
I would like to know the recipe that wns
■published aome time ago, It consists of
boraclo acid, rose water nnd alcohol; but I
don't remember tho nm'unt of each,   J. R.
The recipe you mention Is as foi"
Blackheads of the Skin.
Horaclc acid, 2 drama; alcohol, 2 ounces;
rosewater, 4 ounces.
Use wllh friction twice a day on the skin
Superfluous Hair
I have lho most miserable growth cf su-
ferfli'ous hair on my arms and hands,
luve tried lhe pumice stone, peroxide ol hydrogen and a<tua ammonia. Now will 'oil
tell me something that will tnke it off beside iho olectrlc needle? I canmt afford
that, and if persistence Is alt that Is necessary, I do went to know. Will you phase
tell me Just, what to do? A. C.
I should next try this depilatory:
Cure the Blackheads First
1AM greatly troubled with blackheads and
largo pores, nlso pimples. I have never
tried anything (or ihem, but would like to
know what to use to gel rid of them. I
have ft good manv hairs on my arms and a
few on my upper Up. Would y..u kinoly ,
advise me what treatment to use?
Would vou please tell me what I' th« I
cans,* of my face turning red? It turns '
red at nnvthliig. especially wh>n any one ,
Bpi.-aka to me,    I am very hfalihv.
Cure the blackheads first, then consider the enlarged pores. If you treat
the latter before the blackheads are
eradicated troublesome complications
will result.
Green Soap Treatment for Blackhead a.
Tincture of green snap, 2 ounces; distilled witch hnif.fl, 2 ounces; lei ihls mixture smy on only a few moments, thea
wash off wllh hot water.
If th*; green soap Irritates the skin,
as it sometimes will, use it every
other day.   Apply a cold cream.
Green soap may be purchased at
any drug store. It Is not a regular
'•cake soap," but It is abuut the consistency of custard.
Try this method of removing the superfluous hair on your arms and lips:
Pumice Treatment for Superfluous
Het nn ordlrisry 5-cent cake of pumice
atone. Thia Is not pumice soap, but the
regular old-f.-isliioned pumice stone. To
remove the hair, rub the skin afflict nl
wiih lhe superfluous growth, and tho
pumice stone will wear ihe hair off. He
careful not to bo too hen lc and irritate
the skin. In case th» anus ate made red
by ihls treatment, use a Utile cold cream.
The pumice slono is Lest used at nlgnt
before retiring.
I regret that I cannot suggest some-
thing to correct this unpleasant tendency to blush, as 1 sliould call lt. The
usual redness of face that troubles
people can be cured, but I fear this is
a peculiar nervous disorder for which
I cannot prescribe.
Formula Repeated
WW you kindly give me the formula for
your orungj Iluwer skin (-uud?
Orange Flower Skin Food.
Oil of sweet almonds. 4 ounces'; white
Wax, fi drams: srennactl. « drams; lor.*x. 2
drams; glycerine. P, ounces; orange-flower
water, 2 ounces: oil of neroii, ifi drops: **ll
of bigaiade torange skin). 15 dropi; oil of
petit grain, 15 drops. Melt the nrst ihre*
fngn iiieniB, add th" glycerine to the orange-
flower water and dissolve the borax In lho
mixture, then pour It slowly into the
blended fats, stirring continuously.
Mislaid Recipe Repeated
Apply the former as you would a soatf
A Liquid Complexion Beautifief
Will you tie-ice publish th'- reclpa for »■
liquid complexion beautlfler that d'*< not
contain chalk Bine cr lead? I *r.ce ca d a
beiutlllrr that had lhe appeanu ce f deftT
water, and It wns exiellrnt for I enu'l >* nf
tbe skin. I applied it to the fa e, an i It
left mv skin soft and velvety. It nlso gavy
It a whitish appearand*, an th. *.igh I had
used powder, i have lost the reclffl, and
don't know where to get It.        U li. li.
The nearest that I can come to granting your request is to give :■* u the formula f"r "old fashioned skin b tion."
It Is perfectly harmless, and makes thr
skin soft and white.
Old-Fashioned Skin Lotion.
Spermaceti, 13 grains; white i»*ap. in pow-
de.*. \ dram; while wax ipuiverlit-d). \t
dram; aim ad oil nwi t), st uram; J i-'ftH"
ai:;. :. i 3 "Un-.es; pure *Ucohol, 3 ounceiji
dlstllle i wat r - ■>.: ■ s; attar *' rwee, t-
drops; dl at net ill. 6 Ci *-. ■ nee f .a»-*
ml.ie, H inm; essence of white rose. *^-
Blanch the almonds and !-nt them into m-
■mi ith ,.. -." .: II t - ne nai r gra-J io Y
to f,>rm a thin cream. Melt ihe wax, s- • r-
mateti ani aim id I t ge h r and to this
add lhe roap prtvl ily rubb d dowi w i.i
one-half ounce f water. To this add, :n
Email quxn:itlei, -..-■ lemali er of the
wai r sis ■ ily Irrl g Th n a I the
.st ai ■(! ain n I re *-.. a.. 1 final y t. e al o
h-i| ar-i ihe ■ erfun ■ i.
A little of this ml'k may be rubbed Into*
the skin reveral times dur ng the day. Thei
effect Is permanently benefl lal.
Roughened Shin
For -. .me time tast I ! . -   been
with ; : : *.-   which after they we... ,
would leave large I Ies In my akin. I tried
the lotion (or enlsiged pcrta re mmen led
i v j "j. but It lid nol seem to     any g 4.
Y*U   Will   .I'.' :   .,.■   me   ! v   -.-   Vig   ;;,..   what
'    lo for rougl    red skin y j think
the ranse-flower cream would ten* to
» "■■■ "■* A VICE.
Did you tamper with tbe p!mples hr.
any way? The holes you describe may
I e Bn ill bi :- s, i is< 1 I >' he plmplei*
having been Improperly opened. If that
were the rase I n uld b -: -.*st a remedy f..r them, but cannot unless I am
sure that lhat Is 'he trotil le.
The i range-flower cream is an excellent skin food; but before beginning Its
use try this lot*., n:
Lotion for Inflamed Skin.
1* re Ic   ai
I'so as a wash" t« > or three times a day.
dram,   dlstllle 1   wft«h
Muddy Skin
I hav
>   mislaid
■ream."    Will
Old Depilatory.
One of the oldest depilatories manufactured, ond which has a very large sule, Is
as follows:
Sulphate of soda, 100 grains; chalk, SOO
Mix thoroughly and keep dry in wb)1«
corknd bullies until mmled for uie. Take
enough to make a paste and aid warm
water to It until lhe Proper consistency Is
secured. Spread over tlie hairy surface nnd
allow to remain for from , ue to hve minutes, neconiitig to tin- nature of tho growth
nnd lhe BUBCOpllblllty of the *-klii, iln*n
scrape off with n blunt bind'- B ; ui ■ r ki If",
for example. It rlmuM lm removed, na In
every can with a depilatory, when the
burning sensation li produced, Too bug
contact with ihe skin should be avoided,
an | Immediately alter the hair has been
removed   the   denuded   surface    should     be
gently wtuhed wiih warm water and a cnbl
ereum  or u  bland ell   applied   to  prevent
Not Harmful in Any Way
My hnlr is turning gray premnluielv.
Kindly give me through ibe PngO lhe e.nl-
nut hnlr slain formula, Will It burn or
euiise. the Imlr to full oul" I.   D
This hair stain Is not harmful In
uny way:
Wnlnut Stain for the Hair.
Four ounces of walnut skins beaten lo a
pulp, to which U n.I ed puie alcohol, iti
ounces,    Ucl sian.l einhi dnys and ilrnln.
fle/ore using nny ii;,-.. the heir shoiilq be
freed from grease by u thorough shampoo,
The dyo hhnulil hn ntiplliul tn Ihe hnli bv
means of a toothbrush and ocenilnnol
eombli'it with n new enmnj contact with the
Hi-aiu should be avoided,
ledpe f.T ' urange-
j'uu  kin.ly  repeat
K. L. U.
Orange Flower Cream.
While wax, 1 ounce; spermaceti, I ounce;
lanolin, 2 ounces; cocoanut oil, 2 ounces;
orange flower water, 2 -ounces; oil of awe. t
almonds, 4 ounces; tlncturu of beiudr., jo
drop j.
Melt the fltst five Ingredirnta together.
Tako off tho fire and beat unlil nearly c 11,
adding   Utile   by   Mule   ibe   benxoln,   anj,
lastly, orange dower water.
Explicit Directions
Will you please le|| me how to use ammonia for removing hair fr. m lhu face*
Do you let tho solution dry oa the fa •?
\\iil ii Injure the skin'.' how I ing bef :e
it has any effect, and Is It permanent?
Also, can you uio li in connection with tbo
pi-ruxide of hydrogen? I.   Ii
Make a solution of ammonia of
about one tablespoonful to a glass of
water. Bathe the parts with it once
a day. It is destructive to the growth
of hair, though is not permanent,
since, In the course of time, new hair
will grow. However, ft is easy to
keep this in subjection. The length of
time required depends upon your individual case, A few weeks should
show results. Peroxide of hydrogen
Is excellent to use wiih It. though the
peroxide should be used mor-j frequently.
This Cream is Better
Have been using the Vaucilra system.
and um n-w on my third bottle, and am
ii!-. drinking ihe mall, but as yet havo
found no results
IV you  think  I should use   the   orange*
flower   cream,   pleas-,   give   the   re-dfe,   r
do you  think by perseverance I   will  fir, v
good results? Miss A.   -A.
The quantity of the Vaucalre remedy ^
depends upon tin* tndlvi lual using It.   t
would advise you to continue ih ■ treat*
mont faithfully for a while longer,
Have you followed 'he dlrertlonn
carefully (two soupspoonfuls with water
before each meal)7   Dr, Vuu aire also
advises   thfl   drinking   of   mult   extract
during meals,
Th"   i range-flower   cream   is   not   sj
beneficial In this Instance ss
Mnrwe Cream for the Bust
l.nn din, 'a ounces; sperms tti ''j tunes;
mutt'-n tallow (freshly tried', i luncei
coanut nil, i . ur •*-. oil I iweel ili • Is,
4 oum ei; tlm lure * f beni in. i dram; extract of I'oitugiil. 1 ounces; oil of nei N
dn pn.
Mix ni you would nny cream uf lhe sort
Hub on gently al nighl.
Would you k .*-. ly give me advice an to
h w • have a Utter complexion? My skin
is v. ry yell >■ . ■ I - -. king, and my
ni h i very br wn, wl h hi in, i i... is I
:■. io ha a g : many pimples. There isn't
s    ■   '    . r In my face
Iu uld be vi ry much obliged to you If vou
could heir. rr.e. J. H.
Very evidently  >   ;r bad complexion
I? due to some Internal disturbance,
probi I ly a disordered liver. Consult a
physician, and when these tr' ubles are
remedied your skin withe it doubt will
be in much better shape. The ■* Is little
f - me to prescribe external reme-
Ul this Is accomplished.
dies i
Face Paste
Almond Meal
Borne few weeks ntfo you tovlied me II
use nimond meal Instead f i .: 1 wi -
to aak -you tww I enn uie 11 |i ■ ■ ni • H n
Willi the completion brush,  hs l  uie  that
every night and d i not like i ■ dl	
doing so, Will l sprinkle poms on the
brush? H   II
The almond meal need not Interfere
In any way with the use ,,f the brush
I w-uld thank you very much if yru would
give ne a formula ', '. t as le-so net : L- to
Use ■ n the face Instead ot a powder or
:.-,*■■ I whltei or Kind y tell me h< w to
r- ki It ! k r fli •'■' '■ r Cat a paste of
thi.* kind be made wlth'.ut white lead?
M   K.
I   think  the  following  is  what  you
want. As you see. there is no white lead
In It,   All the ingredients are harmless.
Carmine is the coloring matter,
Sultana Cream  Make-Up.
Sweet Bin nd ill, 4 ounces: while wax,
:. ■ I   1 gralm; spermac-ti.  ZJi grains;
t-entoln (finely i iwdered). 1- i grains; tincture of ambergris. M gra'ns; rfce powder,
Z.i g      i, ] ..-   ..::..,-..-  it grains,
BWd the (cts in ihe Inside receptacle of
a cuMard boiler: ad) benxoln while they
ire hen;;ne. the rice powder nnd cannino
wl. - ling, and tincture last of all,
Spread 't n the fate ani thi--at, gently
acl carefully railing it Into the skin, and
a*. Id iti getting "t- the eyebrows or close*
to the <)•*. Powder with any flesh-colored powder or veh.utlne, applying freely
with .i puff, an) nMer a little while wipe
off with it bit .f chamois. This masks ss
effectually as a [luster of pastel nnd paints
all tdlfiht Imperfect! ns of lhe skin without
I:.-.-1 ■-..- rcpulslvi -i* artificial look wiu.-ii
(he) live, by a.-llficlal light It Is imper-
Stop Using the Flesh Brush
) n y a tell me how 1 could get my face
. a good ■ ndltlont Mv cheeks, chin and
/■ id ire covered with what lo ki '.ike
vh:te lumps. *>r a kind of a blackhead
v.-- ui ihe need. Borne fester, while others -■*'. t. multiply is there not b saivs
Hial ild '■• used lo make them nil c-.m*
lurfacel Then don'l j u think If
 ■—   I ■'.   ll■'.   B   1 ii n  used   1 »
dry Ihem w> ihev could be got Mi of?
li" v  jiiiiiif    :  •!. '!.-   needle"
H(.• || tad until I nm starved, use thit
flesh i rusk ind take all kit s of I ng
walk." Ii li moll embarrassing to have my
•. ••.''-•'! n ihis way,   If you give mi   nny
advice I win follow it ail. M   L
Try this simple treatment for the skin
ti   ible
Whiteheads (Acne Molluwum).
i';iri each seed n.ne with the point f a
r.       . - ,■    . - *■   hardei e I   noi-*
i .',..-.' r M. ked oul The empty
anc *if the eland should tin n be bathed
Kith a ■■•  * *  gar and water, or
- -. - n  of ' ;ir* olio ncl.t
si i n >*■ r Btei ei tle '■'•■"■■■■'efora using
I- '-. iir| nt in I dllng woter,
The electric needle Is good for somo
; irposes, i ul not ihk Discontinue
us t.t: the flesh brush, for with your skin
b a eondll on It only aggravates
matters, Continue your dieting and.
1 ng -.Milks, (hough lake plenty of iiopp*
Ishlng I od. There is no occasion to
starve yourself, *
>tw I
A f
.I'.MlM Al :.!-■■! 111. Ml, I,* I'l!   I'l"' HI V
KUTUK'K, llllll'ISH  COI.l'MMA,  I'l
. I..I.MI-H, 1X1 IWI'ATIJ.
Nu i..,. ,. l„i,.|,   . .1 ll Ilinl mi .li.--.l-: -1    "l
\„.,-nli,,-. IM .in..,..,-, nn i:,..ni,,l in -
ii.  mow smilli am ii.'i-i. nilliil
I,;.,,*,-„;.ii,. ll-i-.-l imI.i- I'l il I'i-i'   < nl
HI llll .Mill    il.Jill ll  IliO     '-.III.-Ht   llll-.-Hill llllfi-
lllll'. '
N.,.li'.-i*lii'.-.-lii ....-.li.-r.ii\,-..Il.ni iill .-..-il..
in,,mil   MllM-  li.ilii.i. .iuin* ll'.":ii..*l Hi'-I'll,!,-.il Ihr *.ii,l i.i i-ci.m-.l un-  ............I lino.
I, l,,i-,. Il„-Uill .I'll „[.liill.l.l|-...l*.ln;. .Ii-lnlli-
iinm M.-iiuiiiii .1- deliver ii, n ili-mlB	
Mii'lr. inMi mil SII.-.I...IHM. iuiiii' -'■- in 'l
ili- ...-Ipl in..-, I In- lull pari ii-iiliii-* ii! Ilu-ir 'Inili. ■
ili.li i,-iiiii-ii,:in! ni,i.,fi....-n. nf ll.ul.-ai-. -
uml ll..-..... li i-i- rn' lln- '"-iii ii I'-j. il any, livid I.)
Ami 1...-H..-I-.nl.,- ....In-i- ilm! ni'i-i- im.:. toil
uiiiiliun.-il 11 ilu Hu' .lillllill.* r.ilin- "ill I'l'in i-i'il
liiill.tiiliiitt-ilii-.\--il* ot llie miii! ilii-i::i*i.-'l
limo..ml Hit- pm-iiii. i.iiiiilu.1 il....-.'... limiLj
inn.-il only u. Hn- claims ol which hi*.liar
iinil have niiiii-ii mil llnl tin laid Admlnla
li-alur will mil In- 1U1.Wu.-iI.i- ..il.U-s.-.. ai
any pi.I tlmifiui toft.iy Biraonor pm-aiiu. »l
ii '.uhu nliln. nolice iliull .ml haYO been re-
n-ivi-.l by l.i... nl lln- dale o! moll il.-iriln.ilo...
Itn Wil Hi Vaiu-oiiror, Britiih Columoia, tlm
I!.-.! llll) of Dl-umber. A.D.. IBM].
Solicitor! for Ocu.-g*. Smith McCarter,
deof win) lm Administrator.
\-..T|i-|: l.-l HKI
.'. ..i :
>ul ice i. nsreoj .
Uie Idili da; of January. 1907. at SfKp.n.al
Ilia rsi;ii>Ured cilice of tbe RoveUtoil X McCullough Creek Hydraulic MiningCo., Limited,
Uevolsttike, 11.1'-, I will oiler for -.ale hi Public Auction io tbe highest bi der for Ci-uli, 3UXI
-diurtiS.cerlilicuU** uuti) bs red:
i'sriiilcnioNo. r,i   SOO   iu arrears IM!
."ll   IHU     ■•
11    IUI      "
lit    100     '"
IIS   100
nr,   no    "
!IS   2.-.0      "
HI    21.1     -
ia n>i    "
112   200     -
128    111.
it tal comprising tlie shares issued by the sold
Company in tlie aliove numbered certificates,
nnd that such sale fs advertised by ord"roftbe
Hoard nf Directors, by reason of said shan
hoiug in default on ncuount of noe-paymout of
('alls or Assessments thereon, emuuuiiuR to mo
minis placed upp*)>ilc each eertificiiioinnnbered
la tliljj uoiice duly mado uud domaudsrt and
in w unpaid.
Hated m Kevelstoke. December Mb. HKM,
wod dec I'i Becy.-Trea
Architectural Competition for Departmental ami Justice Buildings,
i 10MPETIT1VK drawing* nro Invited for
' Departmental nnd Juslieo Buildings to bo
creeled for the Dominion Government al
ni Ottawa, Ont
The author of the besl design will be award-
od a premium of JM**-. ibe second be-t 81,000,
lhe third best $2.000and the (otirlhboet $1,000.
Drawings will bc rocolvod not later than
A pill b'l.h, WOT, and are lobe addressed io tho
Seeroinrj oftho Departtnent of Public Works,
This -competition is open to Canadian Archl*
loots who Rare been resident in Canada for
one vear or more.
Conditions of competition stating requirements of buildings and imps showing site, &c,
may be had on application to the undersigned,
Hy order,
Iiipnrlnieiu of PublicWorks,
Ottawa, December 12,1906,
Newspapers will not be paid for this advor
llsmnonl if ihoy insert it without authority
from (his Department.
Revelstoke Licencing District.
N'otlcill hei-el.jii.tn thai 1 hue wilted
application lor ii i-oiail liquor lk-e.ioef.-on.
I rank Julian '•' lhe Ki.rops Hotel, ailiime.1
...-ar tbo oltj of Itr .elatoke.
And limh.r tike noili-e ihal • apeoll! meel
lug of Ihe Board ol Licence Comniliilonen of
the lU-i'cl.'Oke Licencing Diatrict uill be hold
In iho Provincial Police Offlce, lietcl.-toke, on
Tuotday, Jan. oth next, uw.
11, order,
!!. A. UPPER,
Chief liiapeotor.
lleveMuke. I l.i'., lice. 81,11106.
NollCe i- bercliv given Ihal fit) daya alter dale
I inlcn.1 lo appli 10 tin- llmi. i Iml Commit-
.toner of Landi- and Work, uu- permission to
pnrohaie tl.e fulli.uii.g described (and.;
t'oniliielk-ilig ... Ilu-N. K. corn.<vlift. L No,
Inl.; iiii tin-nl.ore ni Hliml Hay, L'vper Arrow
Lakes, llienco .Hulli In clmins, ll.ei.ee eait St
chalna, thence north aboul SO ehalm, tnence
westerly folloiii.i« the. soullu-i-nshore of lilnu!
11.ii- in' imiili in ci.iiiiiii-iiii-iiiM.i. con'altilng
fourhuiidred and eighty acn . more or leu,
Dated this Islli daj n December, 1U0O.
sat dec 22 .1  D. 8KSKKDY,
Notice li l.i-.-i-lii ji..-..tlmi il"iini- ifterdatel
Iutond to ai.pl) lo ihe ( hlel i ommlasiouor ol
Unils aud llnrka tor penniulnn to purchaie the
oll.nrli.jt deacribed lands I.. I .rlbno dlat.icti
|-oiiitii'ii.iti« "t a post iuarked"lV. II. Olives
■outh.eail corner post,' plunted on trail leadlnj
from North I'lionipaon lliver ." Yellowhead Pan
nn,! al...... .-. mi!.-.* mn northerly directiun Iron.
(.'ranbem-Uke, running norlh SO clialna, tlienco
ivoat 4Q chalna, thence aoiith >" chaina, Ihence eait
lu chaina... poiut of cou.menee.nent.
Dated .nli-In o!November, 1000.
iim-21 w. ii. i.i.ivi-;, l.-i-utiir.
VOTI0K is hereby glvon that 80 days utter date
j.\ l Iuieml toapply to the Hon. Uie Chief
Commissioner of Uiws ami Works for s Special
License to cut and cuny away timber from the
following described lands in West Kootenay District:
Commonolug nt a postmarked *T. Kii pat-
rick'.*! uorth-oast cornor post-, planleil on nortli
eas; arm of I'pper Arrow akd'about 2 chains
we-i oi ibo iiunb-wust corner of Lot No.MH,
theuce south 80 chains, west 80 chains, north 80
cbaius.ieaM 80 chains lo point of commeucenmul
Dated Nov. 1st, 1906,
Notice Is hereby given that (io (lays
after date 1 Intend to npply lo the" Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Works i'or permission to purchase ihe following described lands, situated in lhc West Kooleuay
district on lho wesl sideof Upper Arrow
Lflko In the Foslhall Valley:
Commencing nt a posl marked "T. S.
McPherson's BOuth»vyesl corner post/'
planted at the north-west corner of Loi
H(u; (hoilOO norlh Ho ehains, thence easl
8n ehnins, tlienee south So chains, ihence
west So eliains to point of commencement,
containing 040 acres, moro or loss.
Located 23rd day ol November, 1906,
nov 28 wed     T. S. McHHERSON.
Notice It hereby liven tint to ilnys Alter date I
ili.i-iiil In apply lu tliu I'liii.f Cuiiiliiitisinnoi' uf
I,mils niul ..inii* fur 11 -..im-i.iI llcenee lu cut uml
i-.ii-iviiiii.v Dinner lrn.ii ilu- f'i:u..ii.c liescrilwd
laml's un llltcliol Creek, tttbutari to Adaint Uk.-,
Lillooet Dlitrlut, It,('„.... eaitilde!
I, L'oiiimeiielng at a pott nlantcl uu the n-ait
bunk ol eaat fork Miohol Oreek about ci^l.t ...llm
fro... Ailintia Liiki-, uiiirkt'il "A. Mc.Iuiuii'H'h
M.iiil.-uest comer .Mi.-li.-l Oreok, Limil No. 1,"
 ing su chains oait. tu cliains nortli, m ohalm
.i.-at. su chain, smith tu point ol cuiuni'iu-i'iiii'iit.
■J,  t'o.iiiiieiicinn ut n jioal planted OH till' iiest
I k..( Hu- eati f...k Michel oreek about blihl
...Ilea Irom A-ii-.i-1. iln-. marked ".1. McOonnoll'i
iiorlli'iicat corner Mli-ln-l i-rucl., Limit No, 2,"
.......!..»- tn i-l.ai.is sail, su chains sou.1., Mchnhis
wesi, su i imiii.'- ....ill. lo puiui ul i oinuteucehituti
II. I'liliuil'lliii.'  "I   II   !'"■'' I'liiil''' I "li  llll'l'llsl
lu.nl.uf Mu inl iiu-i-li ..liun. ill null- f i Allium
I,..!. tkud"A.Mc uniifll • .uniun'*. cruel
.Mli-ln-lcook, 1,i.nii No,:i,'iiiiiiniii.suiliiilnsrail,
80 chains norlli to clialns wost, tn chains mulll to
plana 11 ciiiniiiciicoiiienl
.. Uniiiiiionclng at a pn.l plmlctl on tho oait
l.n ..I, ol Mi' In I '..i'l. i'l.uui ail imii', Iuiiii Ail'iiiu,
|,akJ mai-ki-il "A, Mel' Il"« .i.„il.-ut-ni	
Michel I,, l.hnli No. -I." running w.i-lu.l.u oait,
su riialnt sun. I., BOchalui a-oib, Ht, i-I,.l!,»h .,,,,-. I, lu
place ol luiii'.ii'iin.t-iii.
.i. Coin notiolng ul a pnst iilanled on llio wait
Inmi. ii  ,Mltrl.nl Crook   nl I  M-ii-li nilli'ii fmni
plains Uk.',. k.-'l "A  McC II', an... I..una.
..or ■ Miilii-I croek, I,imi.  Nn, t,"running Itti
c uiiiii imiili- in eliiiiii" »*esl, -1 i-liiiiii' -(.ulii, l><
olui In- i-nsi to place uf ciii...i.c..c...u.ii...
Paled Dec. mil, liwo.
Ian 2 wod a Hoi.'ii.n.nlli.
Municipal Elections 19G7.
l,ri!l,ll*NO'l'l(l-', Mii-i.-liVKii-i'iili;
| ihu lileetm-H ol Ilu* Municipality
uf l(i'v.-li-i.'li.', tlml I ii-qtilt-ellio |)i-i*s-
i-..i-..iil li.i.* snid Eli'ctiu-s nl Lhe City
(Jlcrk's Olilco, City Hull, McKenzie
\venue, Itiu'eistoke, B.C., on Monday
ilie I'mti-i.-i-ii111 ilny of Jiiiiuiiry, 111)7.
nt 12 ..'duck, mum, f.ii" llie purpose .-I
electing pet'tons to lepvesenl them in
tlie Municipal Council as Mayor anil
Aldermen, und ills., for the election i.f
Three persont to represent llieiu nn l lie
iiii.iid nf Ti-i.stt-.j-, of the Kevelstoke
Public School.
The upuie of nomination nf candidates i!u>ll he ... follimsi—
The candidates ghiill ho iiomiiiated
in writing! the writing slmll he suh-
Bcrihed by two voters of the Municipality ns proposer and seconder, and
shall' he delivered to tho Ketiirnlng
Officer at utiy time between tho date
of the notice and 2 p.m. of the day of
the nomination, and In the event of a
imii being nocessury, such p..11 will lie
i.peni'il mi Tluiriili.'y llm Seventeenth
duy nl* January, 1007, (from 0 o'clock
n.ni. in 7 o'clock p.m.I nl the City
Clerk's office, Ciiv Hull, McKenzie
Avenue, Rovelstoke, 13. C, of which
every person is hereby required In
tiikt* notice ninl govern himself accordingly,
Tin- personsqtittllfled in lioiiouiin.il-
ed fm- uiul elected ns Mayor shall he
such persona as are male liritish subjects nf tin' full ngo nl' twenty-one
years, nnd nre not ilis.|...illl.-.l under
any law, and have been for llie
sis months nexl preceding the day of
nomination the registered owner in
the Lumi Registry Office, of land nr
real property in the city nf the assessed valuo, on lho lost iiiiiiiini|iiil assessment mil, of uiu- thousand dollars or
moreover and nhnvo any regislerell
judgmi ..I rn- charge.
Tin- persons qualified In I"" nominated for and elected as Aldermeu shnll
be such |n-i*i'iis as tire mule British
subjects of tho full age uf twenty-one
y.ars, .-mil are iml disquiilifted uml. r
any law, and hnve been for lhe six
nuiii!lis next pieceiling lho day of
nomination the registered owner, in
Um Land Registry Office, of land or
real property in lhe cily nl Hi.' assessed value, mi lhe Inst municipal ..ss.-ss-
menl mil. nf live hundred dollars or
more, over nnil abuvo any registered
judgment or charge, uud win. are
otherwise qualified us >niii)ici|ial
'I'll., persons qualified In l.e nominated fnr iiiiii elected ns School Trustees
shnll be any person lieing a householder in the City Hchool District, and
being a British subject nf Hu* full nge
of twenty-one years, und otherwise
qualified in vou- ut an election nl
school Trustees iu tlie ....id .School
Given under my hand ai Revelstnkt,
B,0„ the fifth day of January, 1007,
5jun ilt Returning Officer.
ifler.lal. I i.ilcn.lte apply lu ll.e Hou. (!ldel
Couimlufoner ol Und. uml Work, for pimUaalou
to purchase ll.e following .lu*.-. il„-*( Isiuls in lln-
Wot Keuteiu.) dl.lricti
Uuuiuieuclna uiu p<>,t i-I-i,ite-.l ou ili« wesl atdi
uf north-eait ur... o! Ano.tlir.iil ..uko. I of :. ...ili-
Iron. Hock Bluff, marked -I'.. I-:. McK.'s south-eail
comei peat," theuce i'.-i chaiua iiurili, thouce SO
chatua weal, llienee iiu chains aouth, thence to
chaina eu.t iilim.it lake al.oro in jiolnt of com-
llated .\o.-. lull.,.»''».
nov It MHS. II.       McKlTUlflK,
-   ■'    ; i  .i • .
' - .-1 '   '  ■' ' " ""ri      *',,.,         i. inul-.l!
speciul I'"'-    ■ I ••',' Iinil"*' I ..loiiio.ii.il.il!	
fro... Ilu- I- i.  lnmls ll. V,,-.
Knoleuay dl
ii. i ..un n-i .. .v.i ".;...'
Lund's norlli ■        bolow    "■ ■'"'"
 -Hi fink ol 'ii- I-I -       ....'.      '   '-.
-iniin-.,. ■ '    :'■;;;'-
■. . 111. ■
then       m . .-■ i-lniiiii i" ]'.
I    ll   poll
I    um
I 1,1 ll" -
;■■.; minuimii m ii mil i ."i " P .1,-: mi i
oo. I'o... :. . i... i , i-irii-i nl '! ci
l..k... I .-..!..iu...   ■   ..    i mi ' .   -i- [•■    li
il. Ml     Ii.mI    IM     '      '     .".    IM,    '"    l!       -   'I    .1
Im  mi
i mi   m   .1;      m..   ;.' ... ... .!
i  i , 1,1.-1 '      WILLIAM HAMILTON,
l.ali.stopiil.il •-- ■
D.i.i-il.li l.ili. 1 •-.
,!,-,-., iv.,!
.,!> l.l.-Mi
a, i -..iiniii i.
M . I
ii .1    ii    posl   II
M   I.Ill ,    Hull ll-ll
......d on south lm
I   from eaal end,
i;  chaina.
i.f \,,. i
NOTiri: Is IIEBKBV niVEN Hint Ir ami   clip.
Her ilii- .Into and nu.il Inrlbcr notice, illlchaiuj  uiu.  «i I »0 cliains io pi
nccouut. due me in conut-cl   ..    ith um  l.t.tu   m n -I'liu-nt.
lu.-mm, .,1 i nmapll. ur-.-- M   paid t» L.H.     Dated '*
l.'onaravo, whom 1 hare ai:.M..nlod minaaer
diirinc my iili-i-iico. uiul ull iti-i-iuim* owing by
mu will lm jmiil l.v dim.
Uuieil Decombor 29lh, 1908.
' .1. II vol* Nli.
Proprietor QueBn'a Botol,
Kollce li herel) ylvi :i th il80dnj i lifter duto
(intend to apply to the llonorai.li the Chief
Commissioner o£ Lands nnd Work* ( ri'-'rims-
-Imi in i*HKim-*>' lhc Iullo*,\inK deticiilicu lr.ndn
iinhoyoo* o .'-: ;. nl V ilu UUtrici:
I Coin ni omiin-f al n po-l planti lain it Ion
feet from norlh-eu.it und of Keiifui Late,
marked "W.H, llnlllngswortn's S, W. corner/
thciiec north I0i liahn", ea*l I1 ehahiP, souih 20
chains, eiwt IL'" chains, son'.h In chi.lnu, west
IliUclmliu, mnth no chain*, wesl Id chalnsto
liin *c "f cotuiiienci'Uujtit.
-.' Cunimeiictug al a i»;-t marked "*tV,H.
HollinHWurth's Houthciuit corner." theuco
west sin chains, north liO chain**, wesl llochains
north iU ohnlns, easl l-KichainB, uouth -" chains,
oast 20 chains south 10 chains to place of com
'i Commencing at a po-t planted nliout 7,-i
md- south from the \\t---i end of KolfTor Land,
mnrked "\v, H. HoillnKSworth'« north-wesl
comer," thencu east v chains, soulh It'i chains
west SOohains, nurih 80ohains to placu of commencement.
Daled Oet. 21, 1000,
I Uommenclug at a post planted alumi'ut
mllo nortli of the mouth of Pooler Crock where
ii miii* Into IJarnes Creek, nmi marked "\V. 11
Dlolliugsworth's nonli-ea-t corner," tlience
Hjuili lu ih'dti.-, wot 10j chains, nortli m
chains, east H>i chains lo point of commencement.
.V Coinmeneing al a po-t iilanled about l-j ;-
mile norlli from the mouth of Pooler Cicok
where it runs into Humes Creok, and marked
"W, II. Holllngs worth's south-east corner,"
thenco uorth 10 chains, west 1WI chains, south
lu nhtthu*, cost nin chnlns in placo of com-
Dnled Oct. iiCth. 1006.
ii Conimeneing at a po-i planted aboul i of
a mile -otirli-i-a-i of oasl end of Unrah lake
marked "ff. H. Ilollliigsworth's norUi-casi
corner," tht'iicu south lu chains, wesl 100
chain*, norlh in chain**?, oasl 100 ohains io place
of cmiiniciicumcut.
7 i onimoucing at ii posl planted almul \ of a
milo o-isl of iu>i cud and near south sldo of
Marsh Lake, marked "W. II, Hollingsworth's
north-east comer," thence soulh 40 chains, wu--l
lOOchain*!, north 10 chains,cast IGOehaliiBio
place "f coiiimeneemcnt™
UnlwlOet, L'ith, lOuO.
,-i i omiiiuiiciiig ai ;i [insl planted uboui *Jihi
-jardsfroni Uk* iouihsldc ami aboul half-way
oi Keilfur Lai.'1, marked "W.H.Holllngsworthfi
north-.v.. t coruer," thonce >ouili IIucIijIus,
OO chains, north 00 chains, easl 2D ehnitis,
north 2o chains, wusl Do chains, north 00 chuius,
,vi'-i 20 chains io poinl oi commenc 'incut.
ii Commencingal a posl planted ubout'iGO
■ards .-ouili anil,tlioiit half-way of l-iclU'cr lake
mu marked "W. H, Hollingsworth's north-east
■orhcr." thunce south Hi" chain-, wo*I in
he Ins, north 100 chains, e*wl 10 chains to place
,*;. Cimiineiiciiu! at u post mnrked ' llrlllsli
Culuinliia 'limil r- Ltd., north-west corner post
\.,. u Limit, i'l mi-"! i-t the ith-woaL enrner ol
So - Limit, tlience .south hi cliahit, tlienco cast
80 chaini, Uience north au ehalus, Ihence west hi)
.Inin- lo point of commencement.
Dated Dcc.S-Jtli 11)00.
4. ConmieiK-'iiift at a post mnrked "liritish
Columbia 'limbers bid., north-easl eurner pout,
•y < \ ■ ...i |)liintc(i at thesoutli *-"--i cormn "I
Timber Limit Nu. - HO, thenco soiitlitf) ehains,
Ihenoi' vol b chains tbunco nortli80clialns,
thencecasl jjiieliaiUH to pi intof coinniencemuut.
...  I,,,,.,, ..... .i |n i   ii   kt-il "Britisli
rolmni -. Tin *'*i- Ltd., north-vest cnrnerposl.
>'o 5 Limit ' ili utnl ;it tbe south-went i-ornt-rot
Timber l.i*.: No. .'ilo, thenco suuth SO chains,
llionce cast -'• chains, thenco nuitli BOclmiiw,
tlienco ivesl tjd rlnvins tn point ofeotiiiueneoinent.
Dated Dec .mli, 1900
* Notifjls herub) > .*. in lhat :i0dii)'s aflor date
* | ii,'. ml tn 11<;.. to i: < i no-1 Commisaiuuer ol
Landsand .Vtirka fm a pecial licuiicetocut
audcarry nway limber fmni iln* followitiffde-
scribed lands;
< Commciiciiival a post planl cd al lhc norlh-
wcs'corni roi Llie oo ii »• dquurtcrof Section
;*:*,T  IdpftT,markod "W.ll Hollingsworth's
kjuili \ •■ i comer pust," ibenco cast SOclmliiB,
l honco uorth 80 ohains, thonce west su.-hains,
ilicin-c soiuh sn chains tn placu of commence-
Tne above locution Is the north half of Section 23iuid Lho soulh half of Section 20, Township 57.
Ii.ued Novomber .'mil, limo.
.sn duel;.     W, II   UOLLINGSWOTlTI-r.
Tenders V/an'.or!.
To Mini'ts Seuli-il Ti-nili n v.i.M.*
i rea'ivml up In January KUh, 11X17, L.v
| the undoi'siKiied, lot tiri   !    * '  ' . ■
:."u Feel loug iti the w il m nui-s id lhe
I Rnilei'by Coal   Mines.   Speeiil     -*
of the work and nil partii nlars willi ■■
t'unislicd nn application.
UXDEHDY,   i!. '-'■
Nutiro Is horol! glren I'.m 80 dan alter da'.o
tie Intend Irtpp.!. to I1 0 ClilcfCi.tninissloiieinl
! and,and « uks r r aspnclal license loci
uui! carry nivay llnibor Iroin .in- lolliuvliu
i'.-,-i'i.-i lm.is... Wesl Koiilenay district:
1 Commcnclm, a. " |io»l planlcd aboul 1
mile norlli Iiom lhc norlh-west corner of tin-
K. ;j .*, iiiock ton, mul marked "Big llcii'l
Lumber (jomnnuy'B Fouth-easi enrner noil,"
llieu-.e imr il. su chaini. them-e west 80 chains,
.hence aoiiilt su chains, thenci eusl 80 chaina
io piiiniof commencement,
■j   pi icnclng nl n post planlcd about 1
mllo nnrth Irom lho north-wesl corner ol II. i
s. Hlock -iiu, uui! marked • liic Bcud Lumber
('imii.inn's iinrlli-oasl corner post," ihence
west 811 chains, tlienco auuth gOchulns, thouce
cu*. Mi chnius, lliu...-ii -Ill -u i-liiiil.* lu .-niul
ui j,-mu.-iui meiit,
:;   Commencing at a post pliinttd nl i j*
inil*-,.-i frmn Baniioel. Poim, on Lippor Arrow Lake ami marked "B,ll.L.i:o.'8south-easi
i-iir..it ..i-i." lhci.ee .until *u chain*., Ihenco
»,•*. -ii ihalns, thenco smith 80chains, lb. o
easl Su elinins in point i.IcotnmcuccineiU
■I. Commencing nt a poai planled abonta
miles wesl Irom mm -k 1'olnl.oi. Upper Arrow I.I'm-, iiiu! mnrkeil "I1.II.I .Cu.'s tonlh-oast
oiiinur (n,*i," tlience uorlh 80chains, llieueo
-,v . -..ilm,ns .hencesnulli80chains, llienee
east 80 clialns to point ol coinmenccraciu.
lu.i.-il December I8ih. nun.
snt..... ."i      ll'.- li'.SI' I UHBGII CO., 1.1 li.
Niii.-i-i*i In i-i-i.y (riven Hint HO days
after .Inti. I intind tn apply In Ilu-
Chief Uonnuisslniier nl* Lunils ,-nnl
Wmks I'm-n special liiTi.sr iii.-ul niul
curry nwny llniliei- fi-nni 'In' fiilloivlni;
il.'sr.ilu-ii in.ills situiile ill Wesl K.i"t-
I. (Jniuineneini' ,-.i it posl |il.inle.l
l.| iniit'i nii-lli nl' 'I'inilii-i- Limit 7531
niul 2 miles ivesl nt* Upper Arrow Luke,
ii'.il innrkeil "A. ,M. Hyu.uns' norlh
ensl eurner," llienee wesl Sll ehuins,
Ilienre smilli Ml elinlns, llienee ensl Sll
..'iinins, thence norlh Sl) ehuins in pirn-
nl* con.ine. cement,
Noii'-i Is heroby given InuttfO days after date
I inii'iiit toapply .0 the Chief Commissioner of
Landsaud Works !,ni special llconse tu cut
and carry awav tlmhur irom Um following
described lands sltunic In the Yule District:
1. i ommeiicii g nt a post planted at the
north*ca*t oorner nf Timber Limit 01103 mid
marked "A. M. .*.vnio;i-i' south-west curiicr,'
thence north ill ehnins, thence eusl lOOchains,
thenco soutli 10 rhutiiB, ihouco west 100 chains
to plaoo of oommcncouiunt,
2. Coramoiiulng at n posi piaiited al llm
north-east oornor of ".I. Harry's No. il and at
lln- inoulli uf thy Noiuli fork of the east bruneli
of the Shuswap Itiver aud marked "A. M.
Bymotis1 soulli-wcit eornor," thencu iioiThlu
cliains, Ilieucc east IW chains, thence south W
chains, thuuee west IOO chains to place of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post planted about 21
miles south of llm nurih went cornerof Lot
2818 und marked "A. M. Symons north-east,
cornur," thenee west IC) cliiiins, thonce soulli
JO ehains, Ihenee wtst 40 chains, Oionce smith
0u ciniins, llienco easl (Hi chains more or Ies-* lo
boundary of Lot 2818, thenco northerly along
.-aid boundary Iiu uhaltis liioi'O or lens to plftOO
of coiiiiiieiicoincnl.
Dated Novomber Hot li 1000
A. M. SYMONS, Locator,
.-at dec II I'. Uibbeuil, iVgeut. *
S'ollco i- hereby given that ilo daya alter .late
woiuioud to apply ii.ihciitiioli.'omiiiiailoner ul
Lnmls uud Work* ur .. spocl..! lleousoto cnl
...ut carry nway limber ii-iuii lho lollowlng
described lunils .li.iu.cd ... Weal lCooleiiny
.'limine..i-ing at n post idauted m. mile norlli
u! ilic sou ili eas. corner ol Lot 7047 .i.ul marked
"I. .V.L.Co.'s Ml, -oriu i." ihence ItlUohaitia
cast, ilii-iii-- li - mini- s. u.iii, ufenoe lOOchains
west, tl.ci.ee in I'iiiiiu* n.'t.li lo plneo nf com-
Ilnlcil llo.'cinlii'r:ll.|,;:	
sal jun ■'!   HMIi-WWruiN ! I   llll-!! CO,, ITU
T il.ili'  I in.i-n.l  I       ,       ■' in.*
I hiel   i ■ inn .       -   nn.I
Wnrk ■ foi|   ni..- ii '■ Iii ' iii  .. ise llie
. -1
Wesl ':■'■       i   .    i-Uii'l:
Commencing nt  n  i - -: pliinteil mi
ii.li    ;   i' i« ii,- Creek   I
mm    .mm   -.;.:!. nl ilu- 2j milt i     •
I        ' - ..-   ■ - -.   I 'I':  .    ii    murk-
.; ■■!..   11. i-"i. s smith-ivesl corner,"
:1m-in - nortl  IS   m .-.-!:  -        -*1
chains, theno. south 10 ch tins, Ihence
ll.    .      MM   MM   !,       j   (I,    J     III.      Hi   HI... ...I'l.. -I-
tnent, contxiniug -i" - res more or less.
Dated Deceuibe. 18th, 188(1.
wed i.i,: Im  M-1H.AN.
"Compaxiiss* Act, imi.
north-west t
Notice i* lieroby glvon that60 days nller diito
Iluivii'l ii» makeappllcailon to lho Chlol Com*
missioner of Lands & Works for iiermisslon to
purchase ihe following deaorlbod Inmi Bituate
in Inrlbon district, H.C;
Coninifiii'lii;; al a poll iiiarked *J. M. Kellie's
Miiitli-uni cunier post," planted on tho soulh
bank of Kroser Klvet near Tele Jaune i ache,
ruiinii)*^ nnriii *i\i ohotuB,iheneeeast80 ('l-.iiiiiu,
thence south fi'.' chains, thouce wost 80 chains
m point of commoncement.
Datod in is mill day of Vivjiiber, llhHi.
nov 17 .'. M. KI1;' LLP, Loi-iitor,
M Coinmeneing at a po-t planleil on tho
bench aboul ^ mile casi ol west end ol ICuitl'or
l-jvke, marked "W, II, HolllngswoiTh'snorth-
-ii-i cornur," thence south 160 chains, wesiIU 1
hulns, north ion chains, thoneo oust iooluUns
in point of cut encoinont.
I ComineucitiK hi a post planted about I
le south of Kctllu Biver, aboul 2 mileswu.i
KoiifcrLake, marked "W.U Holllngswortirs     LJ.   ( niuini'iieing nt   n posl planleti
rnor," ihence east io chains, south  ^i,|min< s,.ulli nl' lhc iKiiih-wcst cor
*l lOchains,soulh8fl chain*., wesl
-vili 'in chains wesl 40 chains,
mn ih N't.iuiiii*. io poiiii oi coimncncemuut.
Dated Del,'-".llll, I'M,.
Vi Conimenclng ai a posl planted aboul ,
milt) east of Keltic Blvtir, nboul *! of « mile
toiuhuf Porcupine t reck, marked "u. II. Hollingsworth's north-east corner," Uience west I On
ihnms,souih 10 ohains,cost 10'Jchains,north
Uchaini tu puint of commencement,
13 Commencing at a post planted aboul l-i
miles eust jf Keltic Hlvcr on 1'rap Crtek, and
mnrkeil "W H. HollLigsworth's S K corner,"'
theuco north 8u chains, wesl bO chains,souili 80
chains, east su chaini. io poini ui commence'
14 Commencing nl a po-t plant ed about ,'iU
yards abovo ihe [orks on tlie north fork of Trap
Creek,about ; mi!*.*citsi of Kellie Kiver, mnrkeil "W H.Hollingsworth's S.W. coiner, ihence
north80chains,wi-i 80cholits,south SOchuins,
ml bo chnius, to puna or commencement,
Dated OctoberSllth, lOOfl. •
l.i Commencing ai a iiosl plhiuodabom !
mile south of the forks of trap I reek and aboul
Sue yards wesl ul i lie creek, marked "rt. II. Hoi-
liugsworth's uorth*wi>( comer." thonce south
bu chuius, easi bO eluuus, north 80 chnius, we^i
ui chains in polul ul eoinnifiiiCcniotit.
in Commencingat u po«t plantod about 100
yanls to tlm mtulh uf l*at-l Creek uboui 4 milo
casluf Kettle itiver, markod "W 11 Hollings-
north's north-wesl corner," theuco uouth JO
chains, cost lOuchulns, north in chains, ivesl Iim
ehuins io point ol coiiiuicuccuiei.
Dated Oci Hist, ll^'O-
K Coiumcticingat a post plnnlod nbout.V)
yanls wi -i oi Kettle Itlvur aboul ,'- iinlc in'
iii'iul'.Ni I ami mnrked "A. M. by-
inons'imrlh*pa.sl eornei'." Ihenoe wen'
Sn i-lmins, llienee snutli su chains,
thenee nasi sn ciniins, Ihence north 8U
ehnitis in place nl' rniiiineneementi
'X CoiiiiiieiiciDK ul ii posl planted
Rl the norlh-easl cornerof No, 2 nnd
ii inked "A. Mt Syiniiiis' smith-easl
cornor," theticy wesl wi chains, thence
north Sll chains, thenco ensl 80 clmins.
thence smitli Ml chnius lo place of
Diii-ed Novomher2Ulh. Mhiii.
1. t'luiiniciiciii^ ,-n ;i posl planled 1
mile nuiili of the soulh-wesl corner of
I.ul Slill and marked "A. M. Symons'
south eusl comer," Ihence tvesl I"
clmins Ihence north Mi" ehuins, Iheuce
e.i-1 In clmins lo the norlli-wesl corner
nf Loi siiti, ihunce south lOOchains to
place of commencement.
Daled Novonihci 2Hrd, 1001),
dccl.'isal A. M. SYMONS
.-j,-. I.-..'uu-.-
-I i.i
is nil, i
Nolice is hereby given lhat thirty daya after
.hue 1 Intend lo apply to tho Ohio! Commli
siouer oi l,unds nml Works mra special license
to cui and carry nway timher from the following ileseritjeil lauds sitnnted on Rock Creek
tributary In -idama I.ake in Lillooet Dlsirict:
1. Commencing nt a post planted on south-west
cornor marked "A McCunnell's soul Invest comer
[lock Creek, Limit No.l," Bltuatcd about seven
mill's from Un* month of Uock Creek, running 80
cliains norlli. 80 chains east, 80 chains Bouth, 80
eluiiii.s weBt to place of oominonceincu6,
?. Coinineneilig at a post planted on south-ens'-,
corner marked "A. McUonnell's south-east corner
Itnek Creek, Limit No. V gltuated abontseven
milis (rom inmi.li «f hock Crook, running nu
cliain* north, su chains west, 80 chains south. 80
chains cast to jiinrc uf ooininoucenieiit.
3. Cnminonclng at h posl planted o>i north-
wpst corner mnrkeil "A. McDonnell's north-west
corner flock creek, Limit No, ;t," siiuateil about
seven miles from nmuth of [lock Creek, ruimi.ij: hi
chains south, 80 clialns east, 80 clmins north-80
eliains weit tu place of commencement.
1. I'oiuiiiriii'iiiK al a pn«t planted Oil north-
oasl corner mnrked "A. MoConnoU's nOrtn-oAnt
eorner Dock Creeii, Limit No, I," Mlimlcil
about seven miles from mouth of Uock Creek,
running 80 Ohailii BOUth, ^i ohains we-t, ni
chains north, Wl chains east to place of coin-
s, Coininoticing at a poit planted on iouth-
wesl em ner marlied "A.MoConilOlll WUlh-wi -t
corner Kouk Creek, Limit Nu. fl.' Situatod
-.ilium live miles fi om nuiili li of Bock Crook,
running HO chains north, to chains en-i, mi
chains south, *-*<■ ohnlns west tu place of commencement,
0. Commencing at a posl ou lOUth-OOil eoruer marked "A. McCon noil'* south-en-**! corner
Rook Crock, Limil So, 5," situatod aboul livo
miles Irom inoulli of ftock Cnek, Limit No 0,'
liiiin'cd alioui livo mllofl fiom mouth of Rook
Crook, ruhiilng 80ohains north, sn phaloi we-t,
80 chains snutli, ,mj 'hum- caii to place of commencement.
7. Cimuneui'liig nl a post plnnted on north-
uoht eoruer nuirkoil "A, McConnell's north*
sv<>si conier Rock Creek, Limil So. 7," situsied
abuut llvu milos from mouth ol Uock < reek.
running 80 ehuins south, «o ehains east, fu
chains nortli, &) chains west to pi ice ol coin-
8, Commenolng at a posl planted on north-
oast ooruor marked "A. McConuoirs north-east
corner Kock Creek, Limit No. 8," ittufttcd
aljiuit live miles irum mouth of Rock Creek.
ruiinlnn fell ehnins souih, 80 clialns weit,80
chains norlh, nu ohalm cost lo place of com-
tnonoi noat.
u. Commuuolng at a post plunted on north-
wesl comer innrkeil "A. McConnell's norlli-
wesi comer Rook Creek, Limit So *.'," situated
on north Imnk of liui'k (reck itboutoue-h If
mile I rom creek mid aboul four mllea csit of
Alliums Luke, rniiuiiii; B0 chain- * mli Ju
chains eust, M)chains north,80ohains tvcit '.■<
plftOO ul coiiimi'ii.*eii'.i*nl,
Dulod Uecombor imh, itfOO,
wod Jan'J a. MocONl ri,.
t'oii'iliiiuc Creek, inarked  "W   II. Ilo.lings- j ami mry uw, >   timbci
worth a souib-wcul corner," thenee norlh W scrlbcl hinds in West KouUnny dlslriei:
Chun-, ensl 80 chains, south iiW clialns, wosl!   Cuuiiiicnclngntapost planted lo clmins west of
lu cliains. nurili 50 ehuins, south JO chains to i '.iu- soulh-wo4 ornerut Timbor Llmll OOtW ami
place oi cmnmeticcmeut. innrkeil "C. Skinner's nortli cast rurncr," thenoo
h CommeiiciiiK at a post plnuted on thfl  ItiO chains smith thonce Hi chains east, thenee IM
south bank of ilepseydam Creufe about K mile ehnins north, th-uico 4" cliiiins west toplaoonf
Ol Furniture, Real Eituto,
Livo    Stui'li    ninl    (ii'iii'i-nl
E. JOHN G00DARD, m,V*.Vto»
up inmi Kettle lover, marked "W.U Holliugi
worth's suu h-west comer," thenco east 100
chains, north I" chains, wesl 100 clmins souih
IU elm us lo plnce u! * omnieiiccmcnt.
10 Commencingal a p.-M plantod on south
oankol HcpscydnmCreek, ui-oui': milofrom
Kutllu Rivor, marked "W. H. Hollingsworth's
southonst corner," thence nortli **>u cliains,
west 80 chains, south bU clmins, east 80 chains
tu point of commoncemem.
'ji Commenolng al a pu-4 planted on th&
goulh bunk ui Hepseydam t reck about !a mile
lioin iveiiic River, marked "\V U.Hoilings-
worth's north-west corner," thonce eai M)
chains, south so chaius, west W ehalus, nurth
j i imams i" plato of commenci mont,
■Jl Commencing at a post pl.uitud mi the
suuth bank of Hcpscydam Creekaboul i mile
from Kctiie River, mailed "W. 11 Holllngs-
worth's >mi*iieit.-t eurner," thouce wesl iu
clirtius, north 30 chains, wc.it ly chains, nonh -u
chains, west 80 chains, north iO chuius cast mi
clialns, south'Al chains, easl lOchains, --uutli^i
chains, easl 10 ciinim tu poinl oi coinuiuncO'
Dated Nov. 1st, 1900.
wed dee 10      W. H. HOLL1NG8WOUTH
■.■■•miii em-em i
Located lh
nbei 1st,
A. M. Syiimiis, Agent,
Notice is hereby given that Oo days
after dato I intend to apply lo the Chief
Commissioner ot Lands St Works for permission io purchase six hundred uml ii**tty
acres of 1.uui iyiiitf in the Posihntl \'allcy
on the wesi side of Upper Arrow Lake,
described as follows!
Commencing at a post marked "Frederick Washburne's south-easl comer post,"
planted So  eliains   west of the north-wesl
corner d  Lot S')j, Group i, Kootenayt
Ihenco north So cliains, ihence wesl So
chains, ihenCfl SOUlll -So chains, thonco
east 8o chains lo the place ol cpmrneiico*
ment, containing 'mo acres- more or less.
Dated this 33rd day of November, 1900,
nov 28 wed      Per T. S, MePherson.
In ti.e in 1 tl'-r uf theil-lnlo of JoBOpll Dunn,
late of Hcvolsiukc, Britiih Columbia, deceased In testa io,
3rd d iv uf Jnmuiry, lsij';, nn Oruor wai granle 1
appointing Ueornt) s. MoCarter, OQlolul Ad-
miiii-ir.itur fm the Ilevelstoke electoral dli*
trictof thn Counts of Kootenay, to lm Administrator of all and Miirfular l!iee?*lutO(if thn .said
NOTICE 1- hereby further -riven Hint all
creditor- and other- having claim- iipiii-.! ihf
c-tatoof tho--in 1 deceased are rwuirod 00or
before the Iftth day of February, IWn tosood bi
pusl prepaid or deliver tu the uoderslgnod,
their Chi 1. in ami surnames, nddrosso ami
de«rlptlona,tlio full particulars of thoirotaims
duly verified, the Matemenl *'f their oocnunts
.onl tl.e nature of tin- socurllles, if any, hold hy
1 Inm
tuofa lasl inontiouod date the Administrator
wilt proceed to .li-tnli'ii" the -assets of the -aid
deceased amongst the partiei entitled thereto
having regard only lotho olsimsol which lm
-hull then have notice, and that tho sold Ad-
mlnlstratoi »*>iil md be liable fur the snid
n -ot-or aiij pan tboreot I" nay person or
pcrsoui >»f wii"-'i claim notice ahall nol nave
ueee race .ci b) him "t tho 'lain of --ucli df
Dniflil ni Revelitoke, British Columbia, this
ith dny of January, A-D. 1901
lauti^i Ollicial Adimuisttutor
Notice is lioi'uby Ki ven that (10 l'i|.vs
..ft...- .I..!..  I inl I I., apply tn ll..'
Ohief Coiiiinlssioni'i' nf Ij.ii.i1h nnil
Works I'm- permission !.. niu-chase sis
liniulri'i! i'liil fin!.'.* aces ni* land lj'lnj!
in the Kiistli.-ill Valley nn llie .vest side
uf Upper A.-.-.iu Lake, il.i.*.-i-iln-.l .is
('iiiiniii'iicin^-.-it a posl inu.k.'il "AVil-
II..1.1 IIbiIon's noi'th-ciul curuer post,"
planted HU chains ivesl of Loi 1570,
Group  I, Kootenai'! Ihence wesi Sll
chnlns, thonce south SO eliains, thence
east 80 .-I.,-.ins, thence north 80 chains
to ilie pi...... ..f coiniiieiicenieut, cun-
lainitiK liin urn-, un re or less,
Dated this *Jlili day of Novomber,
\V. I IA 11 LOW,
nov 2H wed   I'er T. S. MoPhorson,
Notice la hereby glvon that DO days
..tier ilnle I Intond lo apply lo the
Chief Commissioner of Lnmls nml
Works for n special llconoo In cut ami
carry away timlier Irum llie followinK
described lunils:
1. Commonolng nl a post planted
on the nortli imnk of Snow Greek
about olghl miles oasl of Button Oily,
ihence west 80 .•Iinins, llionoo south wi
chains, thence east 80 chains thonco
norlli mi i-lmins I., poini uf commencement,
2. Cominonoing nl a post planted
throe .•Imins norlli nf No. I noat,
Ihence easl 80 chains, llienco soulli sn
clialns, thonoo wesl 80 chains, thonce
north 80 ebains lo point ..I* commence-
8,  Commencing til n pnsl planted
HI!  rlinins  onel   nf Nu- 2 post, llionce
easl idi)chains, tlioncosoiith lOclialus,
thonce wesi UH) chains, llienee nnrth
III i-lniiiis iii in.in! of commencement.
Dated December HOlh, H««l.
wo.lj.in2 J,It,JAMIKSON,Locator,
Tl.o iiinliir.*iiiiiinl lii-ivii- fur t'liiliu slmitly l.n
-..inr..! iniiiilli..' lii.liilny
My prpntlltll nn l'*ir.*t Slrnut I I. fi vo ro.ilr.l ti
ijiviini: li™ lur .luu. y ', ...nl I..' I. UU0 will lin
r..*|ii>.i*ilili. In. ..II ili-lit- l.o mny ll.rj.llf ill the
iiiisliliua i.nil- r-iirriml i.ti liy lilm Hjwinii. Kim.
My Lui- II. is, IH, Hlm"!,- li, Hiivi-l-iiil... ..m
furaiilo Inlmnlinn |iliii-!ui*.»rs iniij- i.|i|ily In
llnrviiv. Mel iirlnr A I'inliliiiiii. wlini-iin i-nrry
.......li ooaoliAtloDi Inl itlo ..1 itmo,
H.ii.-iil.iM :,..., Itjui.
Notico Is lioroby ulvon .Im. HI days alter ditto
in- tiiii'int tn itujilj. IntboClilof tlommiisionor ol
Lnnds nnil works Inr n spocial license to oul
nml i-iii'iv nwny timbor Irum Llie following described lumli, in ili.-ni.-i nf Wosl Kootenayi
rnniiiii'iii'inti nt n [.nsl nliiuted 1 nillo wesl
.rum north-east cnrtifir uf Lo! No, Ol.n ninl
iiiarln-il "Ij.IV.L, t'o.'l S, W, i r post,"
llienee imr.I. liin chains,!bonne oast'Il) cliains,
thouoe sontli inn i-Iiiiiii*. tl. -iii-a ivesl 10 rlinins
tu placo ol noinniencotneiit.
llllleil l.i-i-.'..lll.T-.".l|ll, I'.'tfl.
tat Ian.'. !.AMU-W.\'l*SON LUMIIKH HO , LTD
Illll !!   St
MIKE I'ATHVIiib Weli|.
Notice is hereby given thai tin-.lays
after dale 1 inlend lo apply lo tbe Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Works Ibi- per*
mission lo purchase Ibree liiiiulrcd and
twenty uores ofland lying in the Fosthall
Valley on the west side vi Upper Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
lAHiuuencinj;* at a posi mnrkeil "Robert
Abbie's north-east conier post," planted
at lhe norlh-west eonier of Lot 862,
Group i, Kootenay; tbriice So chains
west, theuce 40 chains south, llienee 80
chains tail, thence 40 chains north to lhe
point of commencement, containing 320
acres, more or less,
Daled llie Jinl dav of November, igo6,
K. A11BIE,
nov :S wed        I'er T. S. Mc Person.
Nolice is hereby given thatflOdays
after .lute I Inlend to apply tu tlio
Chief Commissi..tier nl' Lnnds k
Works lor peruiission In purchase six
hundred and foriy acres nf land lying
iu llie l-'iislInili Vulley nn lhe west
sideof Upper Anow Lnke, described
us follows:
Commencing nl n posi marked "11.
Harlow s north-easl curlier pnst,"
plauted llll elinins wnsl nl* Loi 1570,
Group I, Knntenay; thencu wesi su
rli,lius, theuce soutli 80 chains, thence
easl 80 chains, llienee norlh Si) .-I...ins
in the place of enniuienceinonl', containing 010 acres, nmre or less.
Uuieil this illli dny 11' November,
nnv is wel   I'er'l'. .S. MePherson.
Notice is he. eby given lhat U0 days
ufler ilnle I intend lo make application in il..- Ohief Commissioner ui*
Lnnds and Works for a spocial licenso
to cut nnil curry away timber from
tl.e following described lands situate
in West Kootenay I list, i.'l:
1. Couunenciug al u posl planted nt
iln- north-wesl mer ..I'Timber Limit
7531 nnd marked "A. SI. Symons'
north-enst cornor," thenco soulb su
clmins. thonce west 80 chaina, thence
in.rlh SU elinins, thenco east 80 clmins
io place of cominencQuiouti
2, Commonclug at a posl planled
nl the south-west corner of limber
Limil. 763-1, and marked "A. M, Symons' unrlb-wesl eoruer," llienee
soulli SI) i'linins, llionoo ens! Sll elinins,
thonce north Si) i'linins, tliuuco west SU
elinins to place of oointnoticenient.
ll. Commencing at a pnst plnuled
nt lite not-lll-enst enrner nf Timber
Limit 11085 ..nil marked "A. M. Hy-
iniins' south-east eorner," Ihence wesl
1011 ohalna, tbeuce north 4!) ehnins,
thenceeast 160 ehnins, tlience south
Hi elinins lo place of commencement,
Dec, lllli, 1000.
I. Commonolng at a post planled
on tlie lake shore, three miles nurlb
of Nakusp. ou lhc west side nf Upper
Arrow Lake and marked "A, M. Symons' not'tll-eilSt eorner," thence wesl
-III eliains, theuce south 100 chains,
tinnte east 10 elinlns, tlience norlh
ioo elinins to plane of commencement
.'.. Commencing nt a post planted
nn the wesl side of Upper Al'1'OW Lake
nml one mile norlli of llie north-onat
eorner of Nn, I and uiarked "A, M.
Sy.nnna' north-oaat eorner," thenee
ivesl SO ehnins, llien.-e soulb 80 chains,
llienee ensl. 80chains, Ihenee mull. Sll
.-I...ins (.. placo nf commencement.
Her. Ifilll, 11)00,
wed jan 2 A. M, SYMONS,
Notiee is hereby glvon lliRlGodays
tiller dale 1 inlcnd io apply lo the Olifof
Coinnilstloncr of Landa .-un! Works for
permission in purchase six hundred ninl
forty acres of land lying in iln- Posthall
Vnlii-v on tlie west side of Upper Arroiv
Lake, described ns follows]
Commencing al a posl marked "Rut-
sell Nieliel's south-easl corner post,'
planlcd nl die nurlli-west eorner nt Lot
uiu, Group ., Kootonay, llienee north 8o
ehnins, llienee wesl Ho elinins, thence
suuth Iio clmins, thence ens! So elinins lo
Mi,- placo ol commencement, containing
(.4.1 ncres, more or less,
iinieil tliis 33rd day nl November, u)o6,
nov jiS wod      I'er T, 8, Mel'hersen,
I'i.ovince op BniTiBii Columbia i
No. 809,
THIS is to certify thai ii liiiii.-.li
Columbia Timbers, Limited," i* ...u!i-
orlscduud licensed in carry on business within tin- Province of liritish
Oohiuih..i, .'im! to carry out or effect
nil ni- nnv nl' tlie objects of the Com-
puny to which the legislative author.
Ity of the Legislature of British Columbia extends,
The head offlce of the Oompany is
Bituate nt the Cily of Montreal, in tbe
Province of Quebec,
The anu.uut of the capita] of the
Company is nue hundred thousand
dollars, divided into one thousand
shares of one hundred dollars each.
The head olliee of the Company In
ll.is Province is Bltuato on First Street
Itovolstolce, nnil William Irving
Brlggs, liiirrisier-iit-Liiiv, whoso ad-
dross is iln' BtimeJ Is the attorney foi
ilie Company.
(iiveit un.l.-i- my hand nml BOill of
olliee ill Victoria, Province of British
('..!.....Lin. Ibis I7lli dny nf December,
nne thousand nine hundred niul six.
|i..s.|     .s. V. WOOTTON,
Registrar ol Joint Slock l* mpnnies,
The objects I'm- which lln- Company
hits been'esliiblisbed and licensed are:
1. 'I'n i-.-iii y nn 1 Iii I,iiiii..... I ('iiu,-..!..
nnil elsewhere llie business of I borers, tin.I..-.- me.-..-liiiiils .-mil iniiuiifuc-
t ill til's of Umber nml nml Iniubci in nil
ils branches, ..nil nil other husiness
incidental thereto ...- connected there
with, Including lhe uinnnfactiiro of nil
pmtlucls nl tit.- furesl or luu.ber industry.
•I  To.
l.v pu.'cluiso, leas
it  mill, lllili-i-.
limil.-.. thither In
iini Iii..I.e.- berths, nml rights in such
limber lnmls, limber limits nml timber
iiorlhs, iicoueosur rights to cui I in.Ler.
lm..I.e.- v...-.Is, ...ill and factory sites,
wnter lots, docks, wharves, piervlnms,
slides, aqueducts, vi.iducLs,steamboats,
ninl nllioi' vessols, sawmills, pulp
mills, wnter nml stenin powers,
hydraulic powers, plants, lin-
pruvomonts in lakes, ilvei-s .-mil
creeks, and oti.or waterways for Inm-
berlng or tritusporllng logs, limber and
nil other rights nnd intoresls of every
kind appertaining tn any ... tlie almve
enumerated property so acquired, as
may lie necessary fm- tlie development nnd purposes of the Company,
ami the said property above specified
or any of it, lo improve and develop,
sell, mortgage, exchange, lease or dispose of for cash, or upon rentals, or
for any other consideration as may be
iu the Interests of Uie Company:
3, To construet.operate, charter and
employ vessels of all kinds for tlie purposes and business of the Company,
and for the purpose of transporting
products of Ihe mills and works or
other materials or manufacturers fnr
.my place within Canada or elsewhere,
anil tu.ln n transportation business in
Canada or elsewhere, lo lease or acquire all accessories necessary for tlie
pi'iiper wnrking nf I lie snid vessels, nnil
in lease, sell, or otherwise dispose of
said vessels, or accessories, or moveable clients in relation thereto as il
...ny lie advisable in Un- Interests of
Uu- Company:
•1. To construct,... .-.i.i. or subscribe
towards Hie construction, maintenance and improvements ni roads,
docks, piers, itaius, slides, aqueducts,
via.Incls...- other winks and buildings,
Including lliimes, bridges, ditches,
water, steam or othei hydraulic rights
ni- powers, ...nl nny other wo.ks necessary for Ibe purposes of ll.e Company
or for Hie cui eying out nf Uie Company's powers:
r..' 'I'., establish shops or stores mi
Ilu- property of ilu- Company, nnil in
sell merchiindise thereon, in so far as
it may l.e necessary for the Company
in carry mi ita said business:
U. Tn acquire, own, -ell, lease nml
tlispose of shares, debentures and securities in any other company similar
to this Company, ami  in acquir *
amalgamate wiib nny compan; lulling objects similar to the Company
hereby Incorporated, on such terms
nnl lor such considerations as lhe
directors may decide, .....I tn pny for
Uir acquisition ..1 any such company
In shares nf the Cumpauy lully paid
up and made non-assessable for culls:
Tn u.ake, allot nml use in payment or exchange in whole or in pari
I'm- any real or persoual property,
rights, licences nnil privileges which
may In- purchased, tiikou on lease, or
otherwise acquired by the Company,
-hares nf ibe unsubscribed capital
stock of Un- Campany as paid up and
uuiile noii-asse-snlile for calls in accordance with tbe terms of an agreement executed by and botween the
Oompany and any such vendor, lessor
or oilier grantor on or before the issue
of such paid-up shares, ami whioh
shares shall thereupon be deemed and
tnken to have been fully paid up, and
shnll not thereafter be liable for calls
nr future assessments:
8. To make, allot and issue ns paid
up stuck, shares of the .inscribed
capital stuck of the Company for services rendered to ibe Company or to
lhe promoters thereof, provided .1 bylaw of the directors is passed specifying liuit the value given tn tl.e Cum-
puny is equivalent to lho value uf the
shares su mndenaid up nml i sailed nml
1 for such services, uml sni.i l.v
law hns been pnss.-.l ..ml sanctioned l.i
lie 1.1*   not less than IWo-tl.il.ls nf
tile sl.n.ehiil.lets 1.1* Hie said Cu.upa.iy
presold   in pet-sun nr by proxy al ..
special  general meeliutfuf tho Company duly called I'm   lhe approval of
said by-law:
!l.   Tn sell nr dispose nl  ill.' .mil.'.-
inkiiiL'i.f the Company fm such consideration ns tbe Oompany mny lliiuk
III, nnd iii particular fm- shares, debentures and securities of any company
having objects similar, or In pari similar in llios.•..!' this Uompnny,provided
a by-law is passod liy Hi.- directors
specifying ihe consideration which lho
Company will receive for .1..- said tale,
nnil the -aid by-law shall hnve been
passed and siiui-tioiu-.i by a vole nf tin!
less H.nii 1 wntiiirils nl ilm shareholders of ibe Company, passed at a spocial
general meeting ul the Company called I'm tbeJpurpoBes uf considering nnd
1 approving uf snid by-law,     wen jun t
Notice is hereby given ili.it thirty
days after date 1 intend in apply in
tl ,• IL..un.ilili-1 hlef Commissioner of
Lund* ainl '.'.I uk-fnr.. special license
to rut nn.l carry awny timber Irom
the following described Inmi situated
in tbo Wesl Kootenay District.
Commencing nt apost planted j of
11 mile eusl of Boulder Creek and aboul
three-quarters nf a mil - norlh of
Hi,«ni.- O.-eek nml marked I-!. McBean's south-east oorner, thence nnrth
*i.i chains, thence west so ehnins, thence
south SU eh tins, Ihenee ens. so cliains
to tbe pnint nl commencemeut.
Dated thel8lhdayof December.lOOO
wj2, I-). MeBEAN.
Notice is hereby given lhat Oo tlay-)
from date I inlend lo apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works al
Victoria, B.C., I'or purchase oi lollowing
described lands in Lillooet district!
Commencing at a post planted aboul
Iwo nml a halt ihili-N from head ot' Adams
Lake on wesl side cl river, marked "J. A.
Knox's south-west comer," running Ho
chains east, 40 chains north, So chains
wesl, 40 -.hams soulh, containing nboul
3 *.'  iii •.
Dated .Wu. i.m.i, 1906.
no\ 14 J. A. KNOX.
S*. th o .- hereby given ihal 60 days
u, ;, date I intend i-< apply 10 the Chief
1 mmissioner ol Lands and Work1- ,-u
\,. loria, l>. C, for purchase of following
, ribed lauds in Lillooel dislrict!
'. nnme neing ai a posi planlcd near
■ .*!i sideol Oiler Creek, ', miles nonh of
Unas Like m,il.nl "\V. S. Burlon's
., lih-wesl corner,' running So chains
•.1 ,40 cliains norlh, 80 chains *west, 40
*h i'uih soulb, containing   ibout 3:0 acres.
ii . d Nov. uih, i.i'.'..
*.*. ,1 W. S. BURTON,
\ ii ce is   h.i.i1'-   given  Ihnl  'kj days
from dale I intend to apply tothe Chid'
nmissioner ol   Lands  and  Works a:
Vic ton 1, li.i.'., ior purchase of lollowing
iesertbed lands in Lillooel district:
Commencing  al   a  post planted neai
Liutli side of Oiler Creek, 3 miles north
I Adams Lake, marked "A. McConnell's
north-west   corner,    running  40  chain-.
outh, So chains easi, 40 chains north, Ho
hains west containing, about $:o acres.
Dated Nov. uth, 1906.
„ov 14 A. McCONNELL.
Notice i- hereby given that 60 days
from dale I intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works al
Victoria, H.C, for purchase of following
desciibed laiuls in Lillooet districl*.
Commencing at u post marked "T, Kil-
patricU-. norlh-west corner," situated
about 1 mile from we-t bank ot Cpper
Adams river and I wo and a half miles from
head ot Adams lake, running 40 chains
south, Ho chains east, 40 chains north. 80
chain- West, containing 320 .u re- mere or
Dated Nov. 12th, 1906.
Notice :- !ii rein given ilia; ihj days
In.ii! di 'e I intend to apply lo the Chiel
Cei."-/ ol   Lauds   and   Work- at
Yi,i ria, B.C., for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet district
Commencing ;u a post marked "J. I'.
Shaw - nortl wesi corner," planted m
. ■ * - * Vdams river, about 2
i;,', 1 , Ad ims lake, running
Su chains south, So chains east, 80 chains
nonh. 80 *•' tins west, containing about
640 at ■ --
Dab .I Nov, uih, 1906,
J. I'. SHAW.
voTi. ■: is lierebj pi      that,fi0dap attor
^N  di.c*. I   Inh : ■ I lothaChief Com*
missioner "I Lan 1 Works for permission
in purcl asfl ' Ing   doscribod   lami-i
situated in II trlct. !■ * -■
, . post marked "Alexander
McLaren's    uth-ewt corner poat," -planted
.    .- ,*i. halns ivesl * i trail running tnrough
southerlj direction from
],.*..   *,.- no 1 .1 a*. tunulng north B0ehalm,
..-■!.- ii.*- BOUth SO eliHlli-,
. : ■ ■ chains to i"*i:n   l commence*
Dated tblB9th day ot November. 1-806.
noi 1:        Ai! X INDER jlflLAREN,
NOTICK IS Mi 1:1 BY i.lVl.N ilul lixtydajs
afterdate] Intend i" apply t<> tiie Hon. Chief
Comn Issli nei ol I. n'l- and w,.rks im* permission
t ipurchaw thefolli wing described landa t-.iiu.ii.'
InCarll listrlcl U. ('.:
Commencing .0 a [."-1 i-iark*.*'l "OeorgeH.
Bluett's north-east corner post," i'i»ntfd
..j...1.1 ao ehalm hi-; t.f trail riMininn throiiRh
-lnr\flii.'ii Flats in R southerly direrliiui Irom
Tcic Jaune 1 ndi.", running west Hu ehalus,
ihenco south bo chains, thenoe ea**i$) chains,
theuce north to chains to point i»l commencement.
Dated 9th daj ot November, IM6.
nnv i;     Mo '.I. II. B18SKTT, Locator. _
Certificate of Improvements.
Biver i-.'b'ii Miiierui Claim, situate in the Ilk"
oillewaet Mining Divi-iun ■<( Kuntcinij .11.
Where located:-Ki«h Creek,
Take notiee thnl 1, John Albert Kirk uf lho
lown of Hevelhtoke, B.C., aoUDg BIQgOUtfor
J.S C. Kraner, K*|.. Kreu Miner* Cortlfloato
No. BjMMandMaijmret a. Ki-nn,Km- Miner'*
t.'ertifieatc No, Bs-sjys, inlend, -ixly days from
ihe date licrnif. tu apply io the Mining Ro
eorder for a Cortlfloato of Improvement*, for
the purttOM of ohlaiiiing a Crown Omul of tho
ftliove claim.
And further Lako nolloo that action, undor
•eclion T, mu-t lie 1 (iinmeneeil h-'fore lhe i--u-
nice of -mli Certifiofito of ImprovemonU,
Dated thUiillh da) of Soptembor, A.D., 1006,
nuv 21 -1. A. KIUK.
NOTICE Is hereby glvon that 60 days after
d.ite I Inlcnd <(> apply to (lie llnnoiiritlilo
Uio Chief t'liiinni-iiuii'i* of Undiand Works
fm* permMon lopurcliaao tlm folluwingdc*
scribed lands in ("arlboo rtiilrlot, It.''.:
(.iiinin'iniiii; al a poat iii!irkuil"-.VIllItuii Ke.-
li.-'. norih»wi -i eorni r poil," planted «i»out au
ehalus west of trail nininnii UirmiKli Btarva*.
lion Flits In u southerly direction fromivm
Jaune (,'ielio, ninninn east r-n chains, thenco
soulh so chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
nurih so chains i" polul oi eommoucemont.
inuc'iytii'1'.vi.i November, n***.
rn.vi:      ' WILLIAM KELLIE, Locator,
Notice Ishemhj givn that 00 days after date 1
im. i..| |.i;i]*j.h l" th.-  ll'.n. fhief ('.iinmi.nli'tii't
ni Lands ind Works to purchase the following
described lands illunlod in Uarilm-' district, D.Cd
( uiiiioem-iui; »t a poit inarked "O, A, Wulics'
setiili-wci-i oorner posi," planted a I-out 20
ouatni west ol null ruiniiiu; ihrough Starva*
tion FiHlKin a wuthorly direction from'lute
JitUMc Cache, riintiiiiK north so chains, tlience
$ut 80 chains, thence wulh -u hains. ihencu
west w chains t.i point ol oommeDoomoBt.
Dated -3th dav of November, im.
nov 17 ti. A, FOllBKii, Luealvr, *Bttk
We are clearing up our odds and ends regardless of Cost.
All Furs at less than manufacturing prices.
Men's Overcoats at your own price.
Boys' Reefers and Overcoats at less than Wholesale Prices.
Ladies' Jackets selling at just half price.
Children's Jackets-Prices ranging from $3 to $7 each.
Child's Jacket Now for $1.50 Each.
Trimmed Millinery at Half Price.
mmj0mmtmmw+0Bm mu
A Canada Drug and Book Co., Ltd.
We take tliis opportunity ol wishing
our many friends and patrons
• To Buy ii House.
To lieut ii I louse.
To Buy Nice Building Lols
close in.
To Buy Splendid
1 CsQiVJiDrui & Book (o., id., Revelstske, BC. |
St***********-******** *****i
i—»—agree-..—i'T II—MB—tt—B——M    I
MoLesnas—At their residence, first
St.,Kevelstoke, B.C., on December
22nd. To Conductor inul Mrs. J. D,
McLennan, a daughter,
Brown-Boyd - On Thursday, Jan,
10th, at the Knox church manse, by
the Rev. Mr. Robertson,F. Gardiner
Brown, of Revelstoke, B.C., toMiBS
Betty June Boyd, of Fort William,
Saturday, Jan. 12th, Ior 2-1 hours,
Strong westerly winds with continuance oi culd spell, line and clear.
Monday, Jan. Uth, there will be an
eclipse ol the sun, invisible in North
America. Temp.-M.ix. 10 degress,
Min. 5 degrees below zero.
Local and General.
A Basket Social will be held iu Hie
Selkirk Hall nn Tuesday, Feb. 19th,
under the auspices oi the Ladies' Aid
ol St. Andrew's Church.
A masquerade bull was lield in the
Selkirk Hall on Wednesday night
under the auspices ot the Forget-M
Not Club aud proved a very successful
The water tank at the depot burst
tlie other day and the waters gushed
out, but Iruze almost as rapidly. Tlie
tank had certainly an Arctic appearance that day.
A third daily paper will be established in Calgary on the 20th. Tin-
plant will cost i|26,000 and Dan Mc-
Gillicuddyof the department of the
interior will be the moving spirit. The
paper will be independent in politics.
The holding ol the tine-honored
line-up ol civic candidate,! at the
public meeting prior to municipal
elections will 1* observed to night,
AlUl.o hive declared themaelvea inr
the respective pottr uil' doubtlesl be
Never In-fore bus onr Block
been so complete in Fancy
Groceries*, including New
Nut?, London Layer Raisins, Figs, Dates, Oranges,
Bananas, 0 r n n berries.
Lettuce, Xmas Stockings,
Smith's Crackers, Mistletoe and Holly.
Kincaid & Anderson
Kii and Anderson
Heal Estate and Insurance Agts.
BMWtmwtmwammmmmmtmmtmam 1
Catholic—Rev, Father il Pccoul
pastor. Sei vicis every Sunday
it -In- loll.nving hours: N a.m. C
...union Mu-*, 10;!J0 n.ni. High
and r-'.-im.ii!-. i p.m. Bftptisi.it', 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m llii.ii.ry,
Instruction and Benediction,
K.-.-.is I hi-:siivti;ii!AX.—I. ii ltob-
orison, i'.. 1)., ...inii-li-r. Sunday morning Miviijt at 11 o'clock, subject,
"Man in Likeness to God." Evening
service at 7.30, uud in view ul the
cuniing inunioip.il and provincial
elections ibe pastor will preach un
'•Life in Relation to the Stale," Bun-
day School ut 2,30 p.m. The Young
Peoplo's Guild un Monday night at 8
o'clock, Prayer meeting on Wednes
duy night and Choir practice on Friday night.
St. Axmmw'i (1 ii-.-liytiiiaii)—Kev.
\V, •'. Cnldor, putt' r, "Services at 11
n.ni, uml 7.30 p.m Sunday School
nml Paiior'a Bible Oluss ot 2 30 pm,
Bible [tending, Wednesday ut8p.ni.
Choir praolice nnd Touchers' meeting,
Friday nt 7.30 and 8 p in, The annual
meeliugof the e ngregatinii will bo
held in the oh...el. ou Wednesday Iho
Illll. inst., in 8 p.m
Methodist.—Scrvici«, Sunday, Jan.
13th, morning i.nd evening, to be oon-
ductal liy Mr, 1! M.n-pliott, ol Bristol
l-'.ugl.inil. >* pi rial music in Ilic even-
in.!;. Anthem—" ,)e.-u' Word i f God
luciirnate," liy Gounod. Mixed Qtuir-
telle—" Lend Kindly Light," by P.A
Sel.nci lii-r, Mcsdnmes Dent, lii-ivs mn
Messrs. Allu... and Muguire.
«     at
11- I
i    "TST
Are every dav occurrences in this Store, but during our Stock-Taking Sale you can find
■treat money-savers.    Wc have sold a lot of them during lhe past week,  but every day
brines out something
new.    You should not fail to look into our offerings
Gowns, Skirts and Drawers for Women and Chil
'ink, While,   Blue,  Grey and   Striped.
haRneiette uno@rwear
You never were offered a better quality and we arc selling it at 20 per cent, discount.
of warm woolen material tbat sold at $3.50 and $4.   There are only
. few
Waist Lengths^
Fancy Flannelette
u'Z-e per yard.
Grey Flannelette Sheeting
ft and we are offering them at $1.50 each.
in many pretty designs, for Kimonas, Wrappers, etc.
are good washing materials and we are selling them now at
Just the thing for the cold weather.
35c. per yard.
Cotton filled, full size, covered with Pretty Sateens, at 20 per cent. off.
lt you want ihem you bad better buy now and take advantage of the
Health Brand,—nothing better made, but we have a lot or
small ones left to go at 25c.
Splendid Wearing Stockings for the children in sv.es 5 to 5^2
m- Only 35c. per pair.
I Colored Table DamaskRed and Wllife and Red aml Green' "so,d out a*
Infants' Wool Vests
Black Wo I Hose
Gold Rang
iustnllntiu-.i 1
i.i lit, lor t:
3 invention v
regret being
I'eauior bein
it. ui- i'.
Lodge Ne
i 1 llie. rs 1
.   limning
26 hold their
1 Wednesday
1.1 in.    Tiie
usmess Loca
The time to stop a Cough it
when il itarli—belore it
can gather headway. Hew-'
Senega ia a leincdy that
nipt a Cough in the bud,
Start to take it when tbe
tint tneeze or sign ol chilli-
nets gives the alarm, It is
bett ior ..Id cought. Don't
lur all kiudt ol Coughs,
Colds, Sore Throat, Hoarse-
nets, Bronchitis, etc. Price,
2,1c. and ,'iOc,
on hnnd nnd from tlie talk on the
streets there will be something ivolj
doing when some of them get talking
and to-night's nddres-ea aro likely to
bo remarkably pointed.
The news v..hie of u newspaper is not
decreased nt orroneonsly stated by
sume by a largo volume of advertisements nny more iiiiiii ils circulation
is decreased by it. In fact, both are
increased to a great extent, Th - rule
is that big circulations and big advertising patronage usually ..-   together,
Mr. Aylmer, the government engineer, was expected up this week to
look over ilie wing dam coustr
works and the new- channel. His
presence is looked for to dispel tl ■
rumor that is aboul town jusl now
that the works mny close d ivn
Holh.ik bettor tlm. Our "SjiDCial,
I ream   Bulls  today   at II bs 11 A-
1 the     N'airn's Cream of VioletB heals any
ivolj I irritated skin.   Splendid for chaps,
Got yuur Carpets and Linoleum
at Howson's Furniture Store.
liig Chamois skins for making
vests, etc, Sold at the Canada Drug
- . .
Druggitt and Stationer.
Mail ordert promptly attended
Feter  Ball, Canadian  governn
commercial  agent   ul   Biro
Eug., lm.- had hi- many letl   ■
Canada, the writers oi which wish to
get married to English girls, that be
is thinking ut opening a matrimonial
agency,   Mr. Ball says he hai n ai
orders, bin cannot delivi   I
A very quiet wedding 1 ok |   - a
Thuroday afternoon ,u the
ol Rev.  .1   U.   Robertaoi    !', D     n
Second Street, Frank (l. Br
Miss Betty J me Boyd being the con-
tracling'parties. Only the rei itivet ind
intimate Iriendt -! both we ■
The hippy couple pend
honeymoon in town,
Mr, R, Morpbett, ol Brist.     I'..
i-. spending a I. « days in R.
and will I e delighted   to  mi -     vil
any  fulks  Irom  the  Old Country il
lliey will eull and --I- Iiim al    -  . \\
C, A. building,  especially  B it.irtl
evening after 8 i'cIi ok,   Mr Morphctt
einis 1... addrcst!.. men at 3 30 p m.
Social and Personal
1 _
Mi.--. M. T...-..,,i., who ia home Irom
sol....I ..1, Knmloops, gave nn "at
home" at hor residence nt Throe Valley last on Tuesday night.
A, N, Goodeve, ol Rowland, will
it.imp ll.e interim- on behalf nl the
Conservatives, speaking at Nelson,
Kaslo, Rovelstoke and KamloopB,
I A new arrival hits come to the home
pi W. 0. (lirrard, ol Comnplix, in the
iniin ol a I. .eing nl' >   pu I baby
Ihoy. Bother mother and child nre
doing well mul lather and mother are
correspondingly happy,
Don't aulTer with your hands, lips
or lace. Tho Cuiiiidn Drug Store have
some elegant preparations for curing
and holding.    Come 111 and see them.
Patronize   Homo   Industry.
Hevolstolie Cigars.
Don'l forge! ive keep Limoges china.
Royal Crown Derby C , cu .. iss
oto   i*. !'.. Hume & C - have it.
-.I-il-" in i.i -.. . ,. i- i.iv iri.e,
11 -rn- ih- :. any 1 . I.—11 - n .
A   nli
i at R
Pocket ai ., [ull assort-
1    it the Cai     1 ,   .. .-. re
Atlverliso your home City. Send your
Iriend a box ol Ilevelstoke Cigars for
a Xmas Present.
1 • ..     its . il .
i - ■-., : Larson's, Mel
i. -  .-. .-.: ■   .    .
& Co.
; it the agency
M .       • -■
Miss M-. al
well niton led, much
ihnl  owing  io the
ground in the Arrow
ikes tlw Arrowhead ounli.igout were
unable toatlonil Tin- regular business 0! ilu: lodge wns lirst disposed ol
nnd the instillation c -remonies, which
ire imposing and at lie samo time
iiuprojsive, were e in.monced, Deputy
Grand Chancellor ,1. B. Scott, assisted
by Stewart McDonald, acting Grand
MaBtor at Arms, officiated ns installing olllcer, Tin- lollowing ollicers
were installed:
J, A, Leslie, C. 0.; T. W. Bradshaw,
.*. 1 ; A.J. Howe, I'l'el.; P. O. Ain-li
M. t-l W.; H.A. Brown, M. of F.; E.
G. Burridge, M.ol Ex ; G. U. llroel
K. ui It. it S.| II. CunuinghiimMorri
M. nt A.;T. P. Smith, I.G.; J. Mathie,
Alter the coremonies were concluded
the lodge ;.it down 11 a banquet, during which many toasts were honored
„inl speeches deli von d, and a most
sociable und enj .yablo evening was
65c. per yard, but it goes now at 45c.
Good Quality,  at 12 1-2  and  10c.  per yard.   This is genuine
good material.
Our Remnant Table has a lot of Big Bargains on it. All remnants must he got rid of at
once and we mark them at about half price.
We invite you to look into these offerings. Bring in your bargains from the East and
compare Ihem and you will find you will save money by buying at home.
ennan & Company
*"X"  pay.   im*ii
laves $10 a inoulli,
:- !i<   In ■  paid
renl   an .   I us
month rent und
A; tin ond of 7J
ii- landlord $1800
1 $111111 in the
-  - as ron! and lakes two
1 wi'li ['lie Pacific Loan Com
tnu*       ing H!> a nn mh.   In
ili months -     contracts mature and
.- ,1 borne,     lle then
....       -     nt bul rapuyt the Com
montli ol  which $28
;        ■ '-■ the repayment oi
months he
. li   111  1 , iar imiii niij'
- .-I cun br.ince, and
,-- whole tt his
its Irom 2 to3.301 , | , norentto pay,
every afteri
.. ic. •'.  - .
pail        I Bel
I j pic
ears paid $1800 rent and
lived, i- 1 montli, $000 in the
hit ..11.ill- rd .1 pretenl
i- only $000 ahead and
',   , • in $2000
dayi ivei
. 1 .  - the whole cott ol till
i- very clear. Canada Dru '     *
:      ':
ence Ilu ' wue, and
interior cities ot British Columbia
report lining well. Preparations nre
making lor un unusually heavy s; ring
l.iu.li-. Industry is very active all
over the west. Less coiuplainlct laud
speculation is heard and collections
uro good. Tho bunk clearings in lhe
Dominion compare very Invorably
with the corresponding period ol lust
yea. iinil the Dominion is Inking n
stonily rise whioh unguis woll Ior the
Oik of  the   best
exponents of Socialism
on tliis Continent,
Walter Thos. Mills
will give address on aliove
in   the
Thursday, Jan. 24th
8:30 Sharp
bolt, r consult us. You may need
n pair ot glasses or spectacles. Wo
know. II you don't need any we
will toll you so. But do not neglect your eyes—they may neglect
you Inter on. A reminder " an
.iiinc'j ol prevention" and what
follows. Everything optical here;
but spectacles to order a specialty.
'1 »T> iTi .*>*. i't*. At Ai i't, &, t'ft jfc. .fr, Jfc. A*. A. A. A. A. A. At ■'i'i ■♦« A uTi tTi t' V
J. A. DAYlDSOd mwuin i«« i
Carries the best Line of Goods to be had from
i A* Ax tf» Ax At At A* A* A* t-i*! A* A* A At At iih A» A At «Ti JTt A ■♦> At
* •X'"X' *3? "•4.* 'J.1 "X1 *J? *V *F*F*F*1?<\L? lX* 'X* 'A' X* X' i' i  * 4»  *  *
Crow's Nest
Soft Scrooncd Coal
Snckeil if Required
$9 per ton delivered
'Phone 65        McKenzie Ave.
1) E A I. E R S   IN
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first I Op. ion lie
l|. lie   -n eli      -11
|UU el! II
conilortn.il.-   irticlc  i
r.i;. l.l.*..    I!   Hun    -,
.to k on hand,
iimr strops, rn i
thing a ahnvi laii n't Drug
When -. ml ing hr.ni
havo'. l.i--.     I qt.seat      . -■       I pilot con
I  Bottle,  llllc;  thrc. rp.tirti r bottle     In l.radsti	
-.    .* B, liun    ' Co, in  Can iilis -   li :'-      -'-",l<
Jolinton's il ml Iiiii, $1  per  bottle   ' .king roi   in lmvo  been  fii m ilili
llovril, I h/.. botl 1   '---i    Ho' rll   *   1
1 .
IV,  B.  I cal
Outlook Very Brighl -A Steady
Increase  Throughout
JMIss MiKtt OeljbtM
Tcacl.i. ' I Piano Voc .1 and
S    — I.AW.UM I.    Hll.1 li.
I'i.pill prepared for  University  niul
Contorvalniy Kxnnit,
l,i,uh :i.'.i-. Nothing hotter to keep
oul. frott nml wind, C, I!. Hiitno iS
Nuw is tho liiin- to start, your sub-
soriptlons to inagnninit, llluttratod
paport, otc,   Tin. (..... rn I. Ding Btoro
 -    ihi id ire on Hie i k-. ol
the tvlioli     ul tin opening ol the
. mi i. awaited with
un  line hope,     Montreal   reports
,'uin.. innnulacturor's books lull (or the
i niun -en., nn output,    Tin- collections ..re gn.ui and the  try trade
will supply ymi with anything printed Is qulot, Toronto roporta untetiBon-
nt the regular ptico, Call antl loave nblo ivoalhpr affecting cniiitry trade,
your waiitH, I Retail trade la slow, although   tho
To the Municipal Electors ol No,
2 Ward, City ol Revelstoke.
i   ,,.,     .      imiii IIKN:—
I have lo Intimate llrnt. al llio ro-
i . i ol iiutnero.it ratepayert I am in
i in- field at candidate (or Alderman
'■,,r No 2 Ward, and beg i" request lhe
I ivui- ul ymir tupport .n my behalf al
ilie poll on Thursday, Jan, 17th. II
returned I can assure yon it will be
o.y endeavor to advance the best
intorotta ol the oily.
Your obedient servant,
11, J, MoSORLBY,
Dwelling nml Lot, Second Street
Dwelling uml Lot, .Second Sti-oel   .     .
Dwoiiing ami Lots, Third Street	
Dwelling anil Lols, (conier) Klflh Street
Double (ii.i-i.ei-, Second Street, near Y.M.C.A,
Lots on Second Sl„ enst of MoKOnzle Ave., each
Lols on Third SI,, oasl of .McKenzie Ave., each   .
Luis on Koiii'll. Sl„ enst of McKenzie Ave., each
Lots uu Kifll. Sl,, easl of McKenzie Ave., one).   ,
.   M
.  180
Having jusl. reoolved a largo shipment ui Pipes, Imported
Cigars, conleotlonory, stationery and Tobacco, wo aro now prepared to Iill your orders with the highest grade goods at the lowest
prices in the Cily.
Subscribe for Mail-Herald
i    4


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