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 APPLY TO Till',
j   ine lviaii
.^lafcveAss^f   E
'   jf  li V- TT I  ILUI
*      OCT 87 P6
Vol. 12,-No. 122
CB. Hume&Co.
We have the Ladies' Home Journal Patterns. At present the
stock is full.
FOR SATURDAY we have about 10 or 12 Coats that would be
nice Ior school girls. The price runs from If5 to $10. You can buy
them for $195
a Few Ideas od What to Buy and Where tu Buy Them 11
A carload ol Coldstream AppleB just in. Some good Ior eating
and others for cooking: Such as Northern Spys, Kings, Pewaukees,
Greenings and Russets.
Five carloads of Aslicroft Potatoes ordered, three carloads of which
are pow in. Ab these are the best potatoes for family use, housekeepers should see that they get no othcr.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
f. J.  BOURNE,
Boots and Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Ease the Tickle
Tickling throats nnd Coughs
that disturb your rest may he
ol little consequence new, but
if allowed to endure tbey
will give you trouble at this
time ol the year.  Try our
Black Cherry Cough Balsam
Red Cross Drug Store
II. NAIRN, I'iim. B,
Activity in Prince Rupert.
It is reported that Mr. E. G. Russel,
who is prominently connected with
tlio l'acilic const affairs nl the Grand
Trunk Paoilic Railway, is lo be appointed collector ol customs and port
master ol the port and city of Prince
Rupert, respectively. It is likely that
the appointment will be made at an
early date. Mr. Russol will probably
receive the piistmnstership first, ns
Prince Rupert mny not. be gazetted as
a port ol entry for some weeks.
Mr. E, S. Bushy, inspector ol customs for tlie coast, is now on his way
north to Prince Rupert to mako preparations Ior tlio establishment oi a
custom house there. Further evidence
of the future importance and value oi
land in that directiun is shown by the
establishment of a large general store,
and by February next the stnek
carried will be the largest on the coa.t
of Northern British Col.lir.bift, M, .1.
Carrutl.ers, ol Montreal, is president
ol the new firm, The directors include
several well known men, including
Mr. C. M Hays, brother ol tho president ul thc Grand Trunk.
fytytytytytytytytytytyi* it' 't' 'i' *$- if *t' fr 'i' »t' 'I1 ^ $ *$■
Plumbing Work—Estimates Given.
Tinsmith Work,—Estimates Given.
Repair Work a Specialty,
Electric Wiring for Houses.
Eleotric Bell Fitting.
Electrio Supplies, Shades and Globes*
We OBrry a complete stock ol Tilden-Gurney Stovcsjand Ranges
Wc invite you lo look nt our beautiful selection  ol Chipa,
including Coalport China and Limoges China.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
an il Sawmill Siipplira, etc., Plumbing and Tininilthing,
Featherstone Sentenced to
Death-Ontario Bank Disclosures-Fearful Hurricane
in Utah.
Nanaimo, Oct. 24.—Robert Styles
Featherstone has been sentenced to
death lur the murder nl Mary Jane
Dalton, at Suuth Wellington. The
execution will lake place on Decern'
her 12th.
Denver, Colo,, Oot, 24: —A severe
snowstorm has been ruging for three
days. Passenger trains are several
hours lute nml all freight trallic
Toronto, Oct."24.—Startling results
are shown from tlie investigation of
the books of the Ontario Bank.
Alleged assets which had actually no
existence were carried on tbe books,
giving the impression that the bank
was in a much stronger financial position than waB really the case.
Salt Lake City, U-.ah, Oct. 24.—
A severe hurricane lias utterly disorganized the train service. Thousands
of trees are uprooted and enormous
damage done to buildings. Many lives
have been tost.
$2.50 Per Year
Valuable Find Made in the
Rocky Mountains.
Very valuable discoveries of bitumin-
iiioua conl have lately been made on
the first stream about halt a mile west
of the limestone of tlie Bighorn range
in tlie Canadian Rockies. The find
was made by the geological survey, in
tbe person of their chief coal representative, Mr. D. B Dowling. Ex ctly
how valuable these discoveries may
prove tu be it is at present impossible
to sny, and Mr. Dowling is naturally
reticent on Ihe subject, but there is no
doubt thut he has been able to trace
bituminouB deposits for some distance
further north. Mr. Dowling knowa
the geology ol the foothills perhaps
lietter than any livitig person, nnd
has been long under the impression
that tbe coul deposits arc by no means
confined to the Costigau basin. The
Rocky Mountain cual fields are ac-
k now ledged to be one ol the chief assets
of the Dominion, but until complete
analyses have beeu made of the seams
discovered by Mr. Dowling no one can
have any idea how valuable thia asset
mny prove to be. Situated as these
deposits are in a nurth and south belt,
they are available lor the wants of
railway power production. The liclts
already crossed by botli branches ol
the C P. R are producing a large tonnage uf coal. The geological survey
has been busily mapping and tracing
oul these areas and will shortly issue
a scries of four map sheets, illustrating
thut purl ion cross..I by thc main line.
The suggested building ol a railway ur
railways through the Ycllotvliend pass
bus.'-,. I lid Ior a coal supply ol a bettor
grade than tho lignites to he obtained
iu the Edmonton district, and for Ihis
reason Mr. Dowling was commissioned
to truce tlio formation beuriug tho
better grade of coal ns fur northward j
as possible. It was previously believed i
that Ibo Koolii.iie formation in which
the coal seams of Fernie, Canmore
and Ili.nkhead nre lound, did not reach
the Saskatchewan, but Mr. Dowling j
has now traced these formations past
the Braieau river to within 70 miles
of thc Yellowhcad pass, Our next
issue will contain a full description of
the find.
Harriman Would Control 30.000
Miles—Wants lo Own Four
Great Lines.
CliK'AUo, Oct. 23.—The Illinois
Central struggle discloses finally llnr-
rim iii's supreme ambition, which sup
crceiles in magnitude anything since
the construction of tlie pyramids, llis
plans point to a system connecting
tlie Atlantic seaboard, San Francisco
Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle and
possibly Vancouver by way ol Chicago
and St, Louis and pussibly New Orleans. Thus l.e would have two east-
west transcontinental linca, and two
north-south lines with 30,000 miles ol
trsokuge. In addition the scheme
con-prises steamship lines between
the cities ol the Pacific coast and also
to Honolulu and tl.e Orient. The
capitalization of the roads involved is
from two and three quarters o! a billion, but Harriman is able to control
it with the richest bankers in the
world behind him.
Revelstoke Scores Again -
$500,000 Capital-Mill at
Arrowhead — 100 Square
Miles of Timber in Big Bend.
Incorporation papers arc out for Iho
Columhin River Timber and Transportation Co., I.'il., with u nominal
capilnl of $500,000. The heud olliee
ol the company will be at Revelslnko
and the company will acquire uu excellent mill sile ot Arrowhead, wilh
rail connections and about 100 sip.are
...ilea of timber in the Hig llend on
the Columbia river and its tributaries,
and on Arrow Lakes. They will construct a tram way or wagon road
around Death Rapids and put u
steamer on the upper river to work in
conjunction with the steamer Revelstoke, between the head of the rapids
and the Canoe river country.
The company propose to begin ot
an early date tbe construction of nn
up-to-date band mill nt Arrowhead
with a large capacity. Thc properties
to be acquired are owned by local men
who will be interested in the new
company and the neoessary capital
for tbe mill and other improvements
is being provided by Eastern Canadian i, who, as well as some others, are
now waking up to the fact that
timher on the Columbia rivor is a
valuable asset, and will rapidly advance in price, as next year the
demand on the prairie will be fir beyond the Bupply.
The men behind this company have
made a success of everything else tbey
have tackled and we have no doubt of
their success in this new venture,
London, Oct. 22.—P, MaoFadyen,
head of MacFadyen & Co., whose suspension waB announced Saturday
committed suicide within an hour
after posting the notice ol the failure
on the door ol Ihe Link, by throwing
hin.h.'ll before a train in a tunnel
about hall a milo away from his place
ol business. It is rumored thnt tl.e
failure ul P. MicFudyeu .. Co., tl.e
l.uiiili,n Hi,use ol Arhuthnot it Co.,
hunkers at Madras, was conncoted
with the cotton market, but as Mr.
MucFndyen waa the sole partner in
Europe, it is dillicult to obtain correct information.
Director of Geological Survey
Much Impressed With
Mineral Production.
Mr. A. P. Low, director of the Geological Survey, bus returned to Ottawa
from a visit to British Columbia. In
the brief .space ol time tint the
director was able to devote to personal
inspection of the mining areas and iu
making and renewing acquaintances
with the prominent mine managers,
he was able to do a considerable
amount of work, and be bus returned
more than ever impressed with ..lie
capabilities ol British Columbin as a
mineral province. When it is remembered that only a few yea^s ago
one of the survey ollicers commenced
a purl ion of bis report with. "There
being nn cpper works in Canada,"
and thut lust year the copper production of British Columbia alone
was 48,000,0(11) pounds, tl.e progress
has indeed been astonishing.
The result ol Mr. Low's visit, to
Southern Britiih Columbia showed a
renewed and iuorenscil activity in
mining and at, ull nfning centres, and
he came away wi'h tho feeling that
the operations are now being conducted thrnngho.it those districts in a
solid and legitimate manner with the
object in view ol making money, not
fro... a speculative dealings in shares
but from thfl aotual output ot the
The following from the Calgary
Allicrtan of Oct. 11th, tells what the
Calgary people think of tl.e Claude
Amsden Co., who appear at the Revol-
stoke Opera House on Friday nud
Saturday next:
"The popular Claude Amsden Co.
played (nr lhe first time in Calgary
insl night, tc probably thc laigest
crowd which has visited the Lyric
Theatre during the Inst year, "The
Governor's Wile" wns productive ol
enjoyment and laughter (or a guud
two hours to the appreciative audience,
but the honor ol success is due almost
solely In Mr. Amsden ami bis supporters, nnd in .... great incisure to the
ability displayed in the three-act
et nu ily itself. As waa expected, Claude
Amsd. ii was tho heart and soul ..1
every net as The Governor. He had
but to sit and twiddle his thumbs to
make you laugh, and tu see the humor
ol the veriest oomn.iinph.ee. Many
are the ni-.hta of entertainment which
Mr. Amnion liaa afforded tbe people
n( Calgary, but it is inipi'uhiible that
Ihey uver gut mure entertainment
(rom his aoting thun last night. Miss
llaz.il Davenport, ulso popular with
Calgary theatre-goers, ns Mrs. Jolly-
man, showed that their energy and
vim still retained thcii wanted inor-
clianslability. John Harvey was a
whole entertainment as Morosco Ore-
Bondo, tlie extraordinary music master
The snging ol Miss Bessie Tacon as
Tholma, and Walter C.Wilson aB Fred
Bell, was highly appreciated as evidenced by the repeated encores."
This will be tl.e society ovent of the
year and our people should turn out-
Friday and Saturday, Oct, 20-27.
TORONTO, Oct. 22.—Tom Lewis, the
London hotelkeopor, who was a witness in tho London election case, was
this, morning committed lor trial,
charged witii perjury. Magistrate
Kingslord relused hail.
Finnan buddies, kippered herring
and halibut arrives twice a week. C,
B, Hume & Co.
Freight Crew Overran thoir
Orders and Met Passenger
Train on a Curve—Freight
Conductor Arrested.
EVERETT, Oct. 24.—Three men were
killed, tliree seriously injured, aud a
score lndly bruised and cut iu a head-
un collisuu on tho Great Northern
Huilroad between an extra east-bound
freight train nnd a wcstlinund passen-
K0r train, Nn, 227, ut whnt in known
ns Fern Bluff, three miles east ol
Monroe yesterli.y morning.
The dead are: .1. E, Hudson, engineer of the freight, Everett; Albert E,
liidilcll, fireman til tl.e freight, Everett,, and Patrick Sheridan, fireman ot
the passenger, Seattle.
Tho injured are: George Lawrence,
engineer of the passenger train: Geo.
V. Wetzel, conductor of the passongor
train, and John Boyle, brakesman of
the passenger train.
Passengers and other trainmen were
cut and bruised by Hying glass and
The crew of the Ireight train overran theii orders and ...et tl.e passenger train on a curve. The conductor
of the freight train is under arrest.
Chas. Kerry Injured at .the
Bowman Lumber Co's'.
While engaged in rolling logs at the
Bowman Lumber Co's. mill, on Monday morning, Chas. Kerry hud the
misfortune to break his right leg. He
was endeavoring to roll a log that hud
become jambed, up an incline, when
his cant hook slipped, and the log
falling buck suddenly, fell heavy
against his leg fracturing the bone.
Theaml.ulance was quickly summoned
unit the injured man conveyed tu thc
hospital, where his leg was set. The
break was a simple fracture, and
Kerry is resting as easily us can be
Powerful Concern Formed in
Europe lo Oppose U. S.
The European Petroleum Union,
which has been organised at Bremen
to light, thn Standard Oil Company,
has an initial capital nl $5,000,000. It
is backed by the Rothschild company
and Nobol Brothers, both Russian
concerns; the Deutsche hunk aud
other pretroleum interests. Tlie union
is designated as a selling agency. The
existing selling agencies in the various
countries of Europe will be an.nlga-
mated and reorganized as sub-coin-
panics of the union.
R. Anthony Leaves Revelstoke
for Cranbrook.
A very pleasing event, took place last
night at the Victoria hotel, when the
school trustees met iu order tu mnke
a pi dentation to It. Anthony and to
give l.i... a goud send -off to his new
field of industry, Mr. Anthony is well
known in Revelstoke, and has for a
considerable period been a member ol
the llonrd ul Trustees, and as such
lias won tlie admiration and esteem
ul his e.nlleagues, llis worship the
Mayor was present. Alex. McRae
tunk tho chair and alter a lew words
regarding tl.e past good work, which
Mr. Anthony bus done while io Revelstoke lor the schools, he presented him
on behalf ui thn trusteos with a handsome diamond nud emerald scarf pin
as a mark ol esteem ami as a remem-
liranco ul his friends ill Hevelslokc.
Mr. Anthony is a thoroughly practical
man und as a member of tl.e school
trustees has shuw.i marked ability,
und his absence will be much fell by
those with  whom   he  hud dealings.
He will make his new hi.n.u iu
Ni.w York, Oct. 28,—The two (oat-
urcs in the Cubi.lt stockB are Nipissing
and Silver Lent. Tho former showed
strength at New York on thu groat
earnhur power uuw being shown by
Hie property, and wns heavily bought
(or a lui ther rise.
The statement of tho net output of
the Nipissing mines for the mouth of
Soptembor, showing that oven with
the present development, the total
capitalization could bo returned inside
six in nl.hu, had considerable inlkience
on the stock. Heavy profit-taking
has occurred in the issue since tl.e
prico touched 25, throe woeks ago, and
this wus readily dropped on thn latest
news trim, the property. Tho Insldon
aro moro than over impressed with thc
value ol the mines, and were confidently predicting yesterday that tl.e stuck
will soli at $50 a share before the end
of thc year. The Wall-street curb
market was quite excited yesterday
over the shares, and a short interest
which has boon built up, is getting
vory nervous.
High Class Groceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Hard and Dry
A large supply of this wood has been received at our
yards and is uow ready for delivery at
$4   Four  Dollars   Per  Cord -$4
The best and cheapest seal for all purposes. It is Iree
fro.s dust and dues nut clinker. We guarantee satisfaction
or will refund money.   Leave your orders (or fuel at our office
Molsons'  Bank   Building
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
i Manitoba. Alberta, Si
n,iu, Ontario. Quebec.
Brandies in Uio l'r,,vi.,co* <i Manitoba, Albert... Saskatchewan,
llrillsli Coluifroii
Capital Subscribed -        -        •        »5,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $4,280,000.00
I). R. Wii.kik, President: Hon. R. JAFFHAY, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Dhpaiitsiicxt—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at highest current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available In oil porta of Canada, United states and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons Etc, Join,
Dui-n, I'I,„m-I, . M.,! in., Wagona, Cauiulu .Carriage fCompaQjr'i
Hngiries, Plf.ii.it jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivator.*, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work (attended lo. Hor-e Shooing a
Specially. 9
1 -%, t,-»*t,V%*l»%«\%"»*»*%"***t,,*»Viti.*% tvs)
Import direct from Country of origin.
&Oct 26-27
•avokite COMEDIAN
Hazel Davenport
Favorite  Song  Bird
Always look ior the newest editions
ol bunks and magazines at Tl.e Canada Drug "store.
All who In,-,- ».. turn,,! il„- .ul,.,ripi « II..  Inl llckiti vithur rail ,„ uhon.-
juut nan. l*t,. thi oasaua rmuu and BOOK 00., u by  ■   dolus no nf tti.i
uhoirp ,,. Sunt,,
\ RIVILSTOKK, .1,,-, .
l'..rri-u-!-   Solli it.-t- Etc.
C k tiiLux, f 0. Elliott,
tlrFiosa:  Imperial B,vnk  iii.ick,  Rkvk.{
-ST-.K.:. H. i*.
Money to loan.
Office,-: Revelstoke, 11..'.: For! Steelo, II. C
'.Ieo. S. McC.iktf.1i.
A. M. I'.nki.im. J. A. H.1I1VIIV.
Revelstoke, II. C.        Fori Steele, 11. C.
J.M.S00U I.L.I. NV.LBrlKga.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Monk*, to Loan
Fit-1 Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suivuylng
McKenzie Avenue,
Box lm!. Revelstoke.
Mining Engineer,
Mem. American Institute Mining JEniftaeorB)
Canadian Mining Tin-lit tile.)
Revelbtokb, B. 0.
Exaniir.aiion ot nnd report* on Mineral Pro
pertloa a Specialty,
L. WISM-It & CO.
Bankers & Brokers.
Dividend paytoft, mining, oil and industrial
Investments. High.-!**! speculative nrofits com
bined with bank security; B,00d dividend
cheque*- mailed every month to clients, Call
on uit*or write f'jr particulars,
Agent far Kootonay.
Gbe ril>ail4)eralb
"I would . . . BarncflUj"advise them for
their good to order thi* paper in lu- punctually
served ii},, and to bu looked upon as n purl of
the tea equipage."—Addmon,
WEDNESDAY, OOT. 24. 19(111
The above caption may he a hint to
the city authorities to be less sparing
in their use ol electric lamps and be
more liberal in giving the city the
benelit of tl.e hundreds of horse power
that is harnessed at the Illeoillewaet
dam. Many remarks huve been made
not only by residents, but also by
visitors to Revelstoke, on the dim and
dreary looking streets, with a littlo
glimmer here and there. A well
lighted city is a thing of beauty and
a joy forever," and goes 11 lung way to
make transient visitors speak in its
praise to their Iriends. The installation oi a few mure lights will not he
noticed iu the finances ol the city—
and— tlie election will soon be onl
There is no halt in Ihe influx to the
Canadian West. Lund is being tnken
up more rapidly than ever, In July
there were -1,174 homestead entries,
Of these 4,174. 1,212 came from tl.e
south side of the international boundary. Other non British countries contributed 1,236 of the July homesteaders. The United Kingdom sent SOS
It ii gratifying to see genuine farmers
ihus thronging into our western
interior. That vast truck of arable
territory has room for millions who
have come prepared to clear and till
the -oil. anil assume the obligations of
Canadian citizenships. Most of those
who come fro... the other side of tho
border ure in every way fitted to satisfy the conditions on our siile. Many
have bseu brought up in the very best
agricultur.il districts, where scientific
methods arc u.eil fur successful farming. Besides their training they bring
with them the capital necessary Ior
succemful farming also, in their new-
homes. It is true that men frum the
other side of the Atlantic have not,
as a rule, so readily accommodated
themselves to the conditions in the
west a- have the immigrants Irom the
United States, but these conditions
are by no means now so onorouB as
they were when we depended almost
wholly ou trans-Atlantic countries for
the peopling ol the we<t. Branch lines
are now lar extended from many
point- on the trunks of tbe great
railway systems und settlement is becoming leu and less sparce. Nearly
everybody now live* in a neighborhood
and within a reasonable distance ol a
railway line Nearly everywhere there
is a social life und c,. operation, whereas many of tl.-early settlers lived in
absolute isolatii a. In short, new
immigrants an- ipan-d many ol the
trials whioh made up so large a part
of the experience ol their predecessors.
The piogresi of tho country, ami West
Kootenai- in psrtic ilar, hns greatly
increased tin- chani •■■ -it - tccess, even
on the part ol po pie i |x rfectly prepared lor (arming ut all. industrious,
self-denying people with moderate
means, an- ,-■ ruin to di well on a
Canadian larm.
The eiodoui ol young Ontario
farmers to llriiirii C ilun bia has undoubtedly begun lo tell on that province. While regretting that,Ontario
is alive to the fact thut it ivould not
be a wise policy to have the west lilled
up with people drawn wholly Iron,
other countries. We must huve an
infusion ol stalwart Canidiam to
leaven the rapidly growing mass ol
immigration, and the Canadian blood
miiBt be tl.e binding element in the
west, whose magnificent opportunities
have focussed tho eyes ol   the
civilised world.
Diplomatic Relationship Between the United States and
Japan are Seriously Endangered.
Advice- Irom Tokio, Japan, state
llm. it would he dillicult to overestimate tho gravity oi llm situation
caused by the anti-Japanese feeling
against tho United .States. During
thc last twenty years tho Japanese
press has never been so agitated
against the Americans, ns at tlie
present time.
At .1 recent banquet, at the Imperial
hotel, Tokio, attended by 150 prominent hunkers uud I usiness men, the
ieelini: was expressed that A...eric,
should not regard with indilVc.ci.ee
acts that uro tantamount to a declare
tion ol.1 racial war. Lillle was s.iid
re. iriliug tlie Amerloan protest
against Japan's pr gram iu Manchuria
tbe killing ol J11 panose scalers the
tnurder of lhe Japanese bank | resided
in Sun Francisco, t!.e Hawaiian exclusion policy, the public ottaoksupon
I'.uf. On..-ri uml Congressman Kiihu's
sthenic, all ol which incidents hav.
oocurrid within three months, but the
exclusion of Japanese children Irom
the public schools ot California cuts
Ihe Jnpaneie, ,1 child-loving nation to
the quick. There is evidence that tl.e
government regards tlio situation us
extremely serious. It bus taken
n.ensures tu culm the press und to dis
c-iiiiiige muss meetings that huve been
culled tn adopt retaliatory 11.ensures
The Imperial govornme.it recognizes
that American opposition tu the Japanese ia now local, but the opposition
politicians hold that the Amerloan
authorities huvo taken decisive steps
to define relations between the two
countries. A promp repudiation of
the anti-Japanese sentiment by the
United States at large is absolutely
necessary to avoid a crisis.'
Terrific Hurricane Sweeps Cuba
Spreading Wreck and Ruin -
Serious Loss of Life and
New York, Oct. 22.—A special
despatch from Havana, reports 100
dead us the result nf a cyclone. The
cruiser Brooklyn was torn frum its
moorings and thrown on tlie shore
A speciul cablegram Irom Havana
says: "Over one hundred are dead
Iron, the worst cyclone which bus ever
visited tbiscily. The whole American
lleet wns menaced nnd the cruiser
Brooklyn torn Irom her moorings and
thrown upon the short-.
"Ninety-four of tlie fatalities are
confined to natives while sixteen fow-
ign residents ure reported killed. Mure
thun 1,000 tents in Gamp Columbia
have been blown to atoms, houses unroofed and one trooper probably fatally hurt.
"Fortunately the storm gave everybody uhoiil hull nn hour's warning
nnil when the blast arrived tl.e marines
..shore had sought- shelter in the warships. All hut the Brooklyn rude out
thc storm. These ship included the
Minneapolis, Texas, Denver and
"When the tempest reached its
height., buildings were shaken ns with
nn earthquake, street cars were washed
from their tracks, windows wee blown
ill like paper and roofs and .lours
wept awny.
"Several of the smaller frame houses
were blown from their foundations and
were wrecked. These were silua ed in
the poorer districts and were thecatiBO
of so ninny deaths among the natives.
One hundred nnd fifty tobacco
barns in Ihe Alquizar district hnvcj
been destroyed, The recently planted
tobacco crop hns been seriously damaged, In Havana city the buildings
of the University ol Havana sustained
damage amounting to many thousands
ol dollars. The principal losaof life
occurred in n tenement house iu
Inquisidor street, occupied by many
poor families. The projecting upper
portion Collapsed lirst und then three
Hoots lell. Eight uf the inhabitants
were killed und live others injured.
The utlicr fatalities resulted irom fulling signs and cornices, contact with
live wires or by drowning.
-■The l'inur Del Rio provinces suffered considerably, ...uny deaths and
serious injuries occurring. The damage is estimated ut over 12,000,000,
"It is estimated that the loss ul life
and damage would hnve been greater
had it not been for the timely warn-
ing given by Father I.eve, at Gunoita,
He is a noted wentl.er observer ol
Berlin college, He telephoned to
Columbia camp at 7,!10 o'clock, one
hour before the si.,rm descended, that
.1 cyclone was coming unit bis warning wm Immediately hooded,"
The Kootenay
safe,sure baker
London - Toronho
M on Y rea I • Winnipeg
Vancouver* ShJohnJL B,
BOURNS BROS., Sole Agents.
i. you are looking for something nice in SPOON8 AND
SPECIAL" for Souvenirs, we imve llieni here.
J.   GUY   BARBER,  -    gH
For ail kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and liuuse furnishings #(> In
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Voters' List, 1907.
HOLDERS ...-., hereby nutilli'd. that,
in order lo have their names placed ....
Ihe Voters' List I'm- ll.e 1907 Municipal
Elections, Ihey ure required to make
the statutory declaration, and deliver
the same to the City Oie.k during
the month of October
Forms cun he obtained at my olliee
. nud niter October 1st.
City Clerk.
Revelstoke, Sept, 25, I'M It
uu iiiii-iui 111 upid, iini,,. ii,,,, duel i* uil*-
si.'iti-r uf: uiiii* uiul Works fur uspo.-l.il licenso
.,'iu. ii iirry awn, liinljur from lln- folio.,-
ills ili-si-iilu.,.! Iuiiii--, ..iiiiittu in Wost Kootenay
1   i- ini-n.-liitr ut u poit planted abuul ono
mlli- iiiii-ili Irom iln- norlh-west corner ol K .*.
s. 1.1.it'k m;u ninl  tkt',1 "Hii. Hum! Lumber
I'li.uiuin's ttouih-ea-t eorner poat." llienee
iu,i il, su .-liains,tlionco ivi-.*tsiii-iiiiiiiM, tl.enee
soulli 8U,,liains, ihouco east su ohalna to poinl
ol commencement.
-j*. Commencing ala post planted about one
...lli-imrili frmn Uie norlh-west oornor o! K &
H. Blook SK, and mnrked "lllg Hend Lumber
Company's nori'-eus. corner pust," tiience
il'i-stsil chain., llii-ni-i-south 80 chains, thenee
east su chains, ihenco mirth sn .iliulns to point
uf i-oiiiinuni'i'iiiuiil,
billed i.e. IS. li, IW,.
lic.W        111(1 HLNIl l.l'-.llllill CO., LTH.
Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1851).
Wm, Mi.lsi.n Mai'I'iikhson, Pics. 8. II. EwiNi), Vice-Pres.
,Iam.,:s Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in wny of blinking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a. year nt current rates on Savings Hank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, It. C.
r!» «^%%%%-V%'VV%%*V-V-VV»*V%%%**s^%'>«^%%%%'Vt
a P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. <
HKADOt'FIOK: Oaloaky, Ammhta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Puckers ami Denier in Live Stock. Markets in all tbo principal Cities and
Towns of Alberta, Uriti.-tli uuiumblaami tho Vufcmt. Packers of tho Celebrated Brand
"Imporator" Hums and Bacon, anil Shamrock Braml, Loaf Lard, a
Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B    C.
Firat-claa accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wine-, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Central Hotel
jmm-»_ revelstoke, b. c.
Newly built.     Kir-t-,■! is in every respect.    Ml modern conveniences
Large Han .-,- Rooms.
Rates $1 50 oer Da/, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake,  inder  ame management
Queens flotel
Iiest brands oi W'mcs, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
!*'isli Creek will find excelk'i.t .., Mtiinioilatimi at this
"Too many people," says James ,i.
Hill, "do not wai.i to work Inr a fortune; thoy want to speculate, Possibly this may SCCOUCt iui-the so.ri-ity
nf labor. .Never before m my recollection have I known laborers of till
classes to bo so freely employed nnd so
highly |iaid ns nl present,'
In New York the socialists an- growing unbearable, Meeting two .lows In
the street they tied them by their
beards and hands, and, filling their
mouths with pork sausage meat, set
them at liberty. The Jews rallied
their Iriends to the number of 7,0011,
who attacked a socialist meeting with
clubs and stones and put them to
High! alter injuring over, forty of
their number.
That's Royal drown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soup Factory west of Winnipeg, House cleaning nnd
waBhingarecasy with its help.
\iul Un- money saving is the
Premium System
liookl.-t lulls what wo kivc for
Rovnl Crown Wrappers, Hend
for it—Free—Also try the
Son p.
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
suitably furnished with th>- choicest he
market affords. Iiest Wines, Liquors and
i igars,   i'-ii -. m a day.   Monthly rai *
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding nn.l Distributing Agont.
Express nnd Baggago Dolivory.
Moving ol Pianos, Safes nnd Furniture.
Ceneral Drnying.
Office: McKenzie Ave. Sffi-JSTE
ijilii.-" Phono Ho. 71.      Hoii'to Phntic Ho. 7.
!)„'•. Ilim,l«, Animals, Ilinl.,, Ids!., Kir.,
Mill NTI'.I..
Aninuil   ll'iK* M„unl«,l.
I' r, li,,. .ii.
Rtiullii:   OPPOSITE !'■ 0
l..-v..lilu|..,. II i:
In flinall Dr l.i'.'>   I  il    fl       100
[li-. i-i ,i Carload.    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Fresh Hay     New Polatoes
All Kinds of Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
No. 28:1.
"Companies' Act, ltii'7."
"Smilli Oreek Mining nnd Development Company' bus this dny I n
registered as an Extra-Provincial
Company under the "Companies' Act.
18H7,*' lo carry out or effect all or any
of lhe objects of the Oompany to
which lhe legislative authority of ll.e
Legislature nf British Columbia cx-
The head offlce of the linn.puny is
situate nl Phoenix, In the Territory of
The .......mil  of thc capital of the
Company is five hundred Lhuitsand
dollars, divided into live bundled
thousand shares of one dollar ench.
The head olliee of tho Cumpany in
this Province is situate on First Street,
Rovelstoke, and John Manning Scot.,
hiu-i-ist.'.'-ut .].t.v, whose nddt-css is the
same, is the attorney for the Company
(not empowered lo issue nnd transfer
The time of the existence uf the
Company Is t.wonty-five years from
lhe lllth day of July, IfXK).
The Company is limited.
Given under my hnnd and seal of
office ul Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, Ibis loth day of September,
nne thousand nine hundred and six.
Reglsl.-...' nf Joint Hlock Companies.
The objects for which the Company
bus been established and registered
To ope.-ale nnd carry on the business
uf ph.ee.- and quartz gold mining in
the Province of British Columbia,
Canada nnd elsewhere; to transport
goods and merchandise hy vessels or
otherwise! to pin-chase and hold timber
hinds and engage in the manufacture
and sale of lumber* to own and conduct stores and trading posts, nnd
generally to hnve the right of engaging in any and all kinds of business
that a natural person might ur could
in the United Statesoc any part nf the
world. sep 22 tiv
puhsuant   to   thk    " creditors
Trust Deeds Act, iooi."
John Gc.-gc Mncdi.nnld of the City ol
Revelsloke in the Province of British
Columbia, Merchant, has by deed dated ll.e 2Slh duy of September, A. I).,
Hind, assigned nil his personal property, real estate, credits nud effects,
which may bo seized nnd sold under
execution to Allan V. Anderson of the
said City of Revelstoke, Accountant,
in l.-us! for lhe benefit of liis creditors,
Tbe snid deed wus executed by tho
snid John George Mi.c.lonnld and Allan
V. Anderson on tho 28th day of September, A.D., Intnl.
All |..'.s..nshavipg claimsngainst tho
snltl .lohn (leorge. Maedonald are re-
quired .......- before the 1st day of November, A.D„ 10011, to send to tho
trustee full particulars of the same
duly verified, together with the particulars of ll.e security, if nny, held
by them,
Notice is horoby further given that
after lhe suid 1st day of November,
A.I),, MOD, ll.e trustee will proceed to
distribute the assets among those
creditors whoso claims have been
lodged with him, nnd tlllll he will not
be responsible aflor suid dale for the
assets bo distributed, or uny part
thereof to nny person or tiers....s, firm
ur corporation, of whose debl or claim
he shall nol thon huve received notice,
A meeting of tho creditors of the
s.-.id .lohn George Maedonald will he
held ill the offices of Burns k. Wnlkein,
Barristers, Room I, Flack Block, Vancouver, B. (',..,.. Friday, the I2thdny
of October, A.I)., IIHHI, al the hour of
font ..'clock In ll.e afternoon.
linled nl   Rovolstoko, li. 0„ this Ist
day of October, A, li., Hum.
Rovolstoko, ll. C,
Solicitors lo.- the above Trustee,
NOTICK ll llfreb) giron lljut firi iIuvh itftar tlaitt
I intend lo apply to Uio Hon Chief Com-
mi .ii.ii.t .ii i,!imh mul vV'.rk* for pflrmlmlon In
pnrrhua tha following itesorlbod lumiit Intlia
WmI Rootem* Dlitrlot, on tlio eut niiiiiof U|i**--r
Arrow Uke, aunt fl mllen nortli rt Nattnipi—
('.immt-iirini! at a poit planted Horn tlio take,
tbenee nortli io >l huh tnonce wosl 20elialm*,
benre nortli 80 elialm, tlienco woat SOclialna,
henre with 60 ohalna, mora nr leu, to Mm Arum
l.f.ki' thence nud no obalna alonB tliohko to
poinl - f oraineneeniont, containing imi aeroa
i,. ,
DatedtbUmhdajfofHopl ,1000
• i**' I, J. KPWAIIDH, Locator,
'„"',.'i<i,r,.ii,n-i,,r,.,i,,r ..mi wi.it,,i'i,..,
IViflWJtMfoci „l -1„.„,. nnil ll-ii.lii.-k.
'1'liii.o mllM lolt I*. Railway,  Kor particular, wrll.- If,
Trout Lako Oity, B. C.
?,"5i Furniture I
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Notice Is hereby i;ivpn tlmt !H) dnvs niter date
we intend to apply lo tlie lion Cliief t'ommls-
sloner of Landa ami Works for n speoial license
to eut ami carry away limber from the follow-
luu described lands, situato in Woat Kootonay
1. Commencing nt, a pnst plnuled about two
miles wesi Irom Bannock Point on cpper Arrow Uko and mm ked "H. H h. Co's south-east
enrner post," thence norlh ti) chains, ihence
west Wl chains, tlienc*; south 80 chains, thenee
eaat 8U chaius to point of commencement
2, Uoiiimoiielug at n post planted about
tliree miles west from llannock point on Upper Arrow Lnke and marked "IJ, II. L. Co.'s
south-east corner post." theiieo north Sll
chnlns, thenco west 80 chains, tlience souih Bu
chnlns, thence cast 80 clialns to pointol com*
linled Out. 18th, ltW6.
tbe third Monday in
-jiioh inniii'n ai ii
--.m. VUlt lug brethren coidhtily wel
^ como
.SELKIRK LOD JE, NO 12,1. O. O. F.
Moots every Thursxhv
OVuUlng InOddKellowH
\HiOI    at   .-    o'clock
BV-UltlnK bnthron cor
dla'ily invilud to at
Cold Rango Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
In Oddfellows' Hull at 8
o'clock Visiting Knights arc
cordially invited.
A. J. HOWE. 0.0.
G. H. BROCK, K. of R. A 8.
H. A. BROWN, tt. of F
\J (.rich Is liuroliy Rivuti tlmt 311 daya after dato
il    I   lulllllil to apply tn thu linn. Tilt! Ulllut
i:.,......lHsi,]iiuriill,.iiiJs mul Wurkt. (ur n ri|iuulul
l.it'oliBu tn uut unit uitrrv away limber Iron, thu
tullnivliii;ilusftiiieillii.iiiu in West Kootenay Ills-
1, Commencing nt n post mnrkod "E. li.
Si-liiiiiiniiukur a liorlli-west corner i»ust," ..lunt-
0.1 21 miles loath ol Qiililstroiim, .....I ..bout I'.i
mllra oust ul Big llond trull, tlionco oust HKI
cliiiins, south 10 clmins, wost mi clmins, mirth
in clmins to point of comnioncoitiont.
!. Commonolng ut it imst innrkoil "'E.II.
bohoo.imiikur s north.nnst cornor ,Mist," planted 2J inilus BOUth ol (lolilstroiim, und about 1",
miles o...*t ot lllg llond trail, thonco wost llio
chains, south 10 clmiiis, east Illll clmins, north
10 chains to point o! ciimniouconiout.
8, ('ooiiiio.i.-ini; nl a post marked "IS. R.
hchoo.in...kor's norl.li-wost cnrtior post," pl.u.1-
oil ..J ...llos smith of (loldstrciim, ind about 1!
miles oust 0! lllg lioml trail, tliuuco oast KiO
chu us, soutli 40 chains, wost mil chains, north
111 clmiiis to point otctin.uin.icomont.
1. I'l.nimo.icing nt u ihisI innrkoil "13. H.
Schooiimiikpi-'s north-east cornor imst," plnntod
about 81 milos south of Uoldstream, and ubout
1. nulcs eusl of Dig Uond trail, thonco west ICO
chuius, south 10 chains, oust 100 clmins, north 10
chinos .0 po...1 o[ commencement,
Dated Oetobor 12th, UKI).
5, Commenolng ut n jiost marked "K. K.
r-chiioiimnkor's uorth-wost coruor pnst," plant-
oil about 8K miles south of Unldstroam, and
nliout... milos onsl of Hig Hnnd trail, thouco
nnst Illll chains, soulli lu ehuins, wost lliu chains,
north In ohains to point of cintiaionconio.il.
.1. Commonolug nt 0 post innrkoil '1!. lt.
Sulioiiiioiakor's iiurth-onsl corner post," planled
iliiiin I. S!i milos south of .lolilstroiim, ami about
31 milos cnsl of Big Heud .rail, liionco wost llili
ohnilis, south 1(1 ehuins, oust IliO clmins, nortli
10 chains lo point of co.n.niincomont.
1, Coillllioill'lng nt 0 imst tnurkod "1-.. It.
Kcliooniiiukei-'s uortli-wost cornor post," plant-
oil about 4 utiles sunlit of Qoldstream, ond
about 1. miles 0,1st of Hig ll.i.i.l trail, ll.ouuo
o.i.t IOO chnlns, sooth III clmins, wost llio clmins,
north 10clmins ... pointof cotnniouuomont.
Dated October lllth, 1.100.
8. Commencing nt it post innrkoil "K. R.
Schoonmii tors sou tl. uuslco. nor pi .st," planted
ubout I iuiiii soutli of lS-inilo tree, nt the southwest coruor ol It. A. Lund's Timhur Limit No. 1,
thonco wost 10 chains, nortli Ml clialns, oust 10
ohnins, soutli 100 clmins to point of commencement.
Dated October Uth, l!H.i.
oet20 E. 11. SCHOONMAKER.
Tenders will bo received by tbe undersigned for thc painting of the
Queen's Hotel, Golden, containing
1320 square yards of surface, the same
to bo given two coats in white, witii
deep green trimmings. Tendcru to he
in not later than October 20th inst
,1. C. GREENE,
Golden, B. C, Proprietor.
Oct. 12th, 1906.        oot 13
I have clieuts who wish to
obtain houses, rooms and lots
for building purposes, snd shall
be glad if parties having such
will advise me ol same.
Ki ul Estate and inturinoe Ai-.o.it.
itevolstoke, II. 0
Notice is hereby given thai sixty days after
dale 1 intend to apply to the Chief Com*
missioner of Lands and Works lor permission
lo purchase tho following described lauds In
the district of West Kootenay:
Cominoneing at n post, markod "Herbort Hod-
forn's north-west corner post," and plauted on
the oust bank of tlio Ciilumhia rivor, about four
milos suuth of Nakusp; thonco easi 10 chuina,
thonco south 10 chains, thonce west 10 chains,
theuco nortli 40 chains to point of cmnmouco*
mont. cnnUiitiiug itin ncres more or lens,
Datod lho20tb September, A.D., llNMI.
For Sale or Rent
Containing 1,0 acres, about Ihree-quarton seeded with 'I.uu,.!,>-, Suitable Iur Iruit growing,
IIou.ii and uialtaildliigs in goud condition. Situate
ut Umigellacluo, a lew iul.ua woit of lluvtd.lulo.
Apply lo It. TAI'i'IN.I, JU.vel.tuke,
Of Concrete. Hollow Blocks, -Stone. Brick or
Krame Building--. DEALER in Cement, Lime,
Concrete Hollow Mucks and other building ina-
torlnlH.   All hil'iir and u-aterials llrst-closs.
Plastering and Plastering Suppllera Specialty.
PRICKS  111(11 IT.
goud potatoes, onions, carrots,
sn nei I.- niul, homo made pickles,
jam, etc., chicken er eggs, or
// there is anyihing wrong
About Your House
lhat wants fixing, from opening yo.ir safe to cleaning yuur
'/-VlOHf? to
Satisfaction Guaranteed,
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Pleases essry.' smoker the " Maroa
F. 0. E.
Tho rogul.tr mootings uro hold in tho Sulkirk
Hull on the 2nd. nnd lib Tuesdays of tho montli
nt 8 n. in. Visiting brethren uro cordially
E. fl. III1RRIDUE, I'iiesidbnt.
The Revelstoke Hospital Society
A special generul meeting of the
Rcvelstuke Hospital Society will be
held at thc Oily Hull, Kevelstoke, un
the 21st dny ol November, 19Uli, nt 8
p.m., lur the purpose of electing directors and receiving and c-nsidoring
the financial s iitenii.ut lor the year
ending 31st July, lflllli, and ior tbo
transaction of such other business as
is usually transacted at tlio annual
general meeting.
Dated Oct. 17th, 11106.
JM days after date I intend to apply to lho
Chief Commissioner of Ijinds and Work.* for a
special license lo cut and carry away timbor
from the following described lands in Wost
Kootenay dislHcl:
CoinineuciiiB at a post marked "II, II. Banks'
north-west oornor," and planled at I ho south-
wesi, eorner of Tim bin- Limit No. DM:), at Cal-
ona Bay, running south io cbnins or to post
No. TiUll, thenco west 20 ohains or to post No,
7018, thonce south lo olitiliis, thenco tasl, SO
ehnins, tlienco north 80 chainf, thence west GO
clmins to place of commencement,
Dated this lllth October, liHlli.
oot *21 IL II. BANKB,
Notico It hereby Riven thai thirty days after
date I intend lo apply to the Hen. Cliief Com
missioner ol Lnnds and Works for a special
license to eul and carry wvay limber from the
following described lauds lu Ilic West-Koole-
nay district.
I. Commciicitiu at n post planted about 2
miles south of P, It, 68 and about IJ mllea west
of tho Upper Arrow Lake, marked "C. Skinner's north-west conier," tlionco south HO
chains, tlionco cast 80 elm-ins, thonoo north HO
chains, theuce west 80 chains to placo of com
t Commencing at n post plantcil about 2
miles south of I1, it. 53 and il miles westof the
Upper Arrow jjtiku, marked "C. Skinner's
north-east corner post," theuco south 8H ohains.
tlienco west Wl chains, thonco north -SOohains,
thenco east 80 chuius to place of commencement.
II, Cuiiiiinni-iiiL** at a post pluuted I mllo
south of No. l and marked "C, Skinner's northwest corner post." thenco south 80 ohains,
thenco east BO ehuins, tlienco north 80 chains,
thouce west. 80 clmins lu place or commence-
Dated October 17th, lOUtf.
A. M. Symons, A gent.
I. Commencing nt a post planted l.J miles
north of T. 1* 7AM and 1 mile w-att of Upper
Arrow ijiko, marked "A. M. Symons' northeast corner post," theuco wust 80 chains, tlience
snutli Wi chains, thencu east 80 ehuins, thence
north 80 chains lo place or commencement.
Dated October Will, WOti.
oct 21 A. M, SYMONS.
NOTICK Is horoby given that60days nfter
duto I Intend to npply Io tlw Hon. the
Ol.iof Commissioner of hands mid VV orks for
permission to purchase thu following duscrlbi d
lauds, situatod In West Koolenuy, on the east
shore of Upper Arrow Lake:
CommeiiciiiK nt a post adjoining 1,1.. 1180 on
the north sine and markod "L. A. Dewur's
norl h-wust corner," thenco east 80 clialns.
thonco soulli JBO clulblu, thonco west SO chains
more or less.to the oust shure ol Upper Arrow
Lnke, thonco no.lb following the slioro of said
hike Kll clmins to llio point oi commencement.
Dated Oot. 10th. IW.
oct 21 I,. A. ni«WAR.
Notico is hereby glvon thnt 30 days nfter date
I intond to apply to tho Chiof Commissioner of
Lauds und Works for a spocial licence to cut
and carry away timber from tho following described lnnds situnto In West Kootonay district:
Comineuclngnt a post markod "L. H. Frasor's
north-west corner" and plnntod about H'i miles
uortli of ('ape Home on tho oust sido of Upper
Arrow Lnko, about one half milo from the
shore; thonco eust 40 chains, tlionco south 160
ehuins, thenco west 40 otiains, thenoo north 160
chnius lo the point of cominoneemont,
Dnted this 9th dny of October, 11XX1.
oct 20a L. H. FRASER.
Henry's Nurseries
Extra large Importation of
Dill RQ   *" lirrivo ,rnNI Holland, Franco
DULDO  ut|,| Jupnn in September
For Fall Planting
Thousuuds of Fruit uud Ornamental
Trees, Rbododondroiis, Roses and hardy
plants now growing ou our own grounds for
Future planting.
Noexpouse, lossordoluyof fumigation,
inspection nor customs duties to pay. Heud-
i|iiurlnrs for Puolfic Const grown nnd im
]>.n led Warden, Field and Flower Seeds.
Visitors aro always wolcomo to Inspect
our stock.
QroonhouBO Plants,
Cut Flowers and Florul Designs, Fertilizors
Him Hives uud Supplies, Spray Fumps und
Sprnying mutoriul.
No UKcnts -therefore you hnvo no commission to pny. Our citulogtio tolls vou
about it. Let mo juice your list boforo
placing your order.
Wo do business on our own grounds-no
rout to nay, aud nro prepared to moot all
competition. Kastern prices or less. White
labor.  Catalogues Froo.
Oroonliousos: — 3010  Westminster   Road.
Branch Nurseries; South Vancouver.
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Business will be oonducted on
a CA8H BASIS after Oot 15th.
Croat Reduction In Prioes after
this date.
Orders Promptly Attended to.
W. Fleming
y "I'l"}*
llliei- iiuie t iiiii'in
Chief Olilllllllssinnei' nf l.-tiuls und
Works I...- n special licnnse lu oul .....I
niii-ry luvay litiiher From lhe following
descrilied lands.
1. Commencing ul a pusl planted
un the nnrlh Imnk nf Sum." Creek
about 8miles eust ..f Biu-tnn City, ..ml
marked "J. II. Jamiesop's nurtli-enst
cornel-." thenci* west 80chains, thenee
snulli 80 clmins. thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chain-* to pninl of
2, Commencing at "J. 11. Jamie-
son's north-west oornor post," planted
on the north hank of Snmv Orook
ahout 8 miles cast of Burton Oity,
thence east 80 chains, thence south Sll
chains, thencu nest 8(1 chains, thence
norlh 811 chains t.. point of commencement.
8. • Commencing at "J. It. Jamie-
son's north-west post," planted on the
norlh hunk of Snow Crenk ahout 0
miles cast of Burton City, thence east
100 chains, thence soulh III chains,
thence west 100 chains, thence north
lOchii'iisto point uf commencement,
Dated Sept, 18th, HKX1.
N.'ii--- i- hereby glvon that thirty
day- ftei- I-.c wi'intend lo apply lo
the Ciiief Commissioner of Lands and
Win lis I'...- a .-pecini licence In cut und
carry away limber from lhe following
described iiimls situate in West Knot
I'liay ilisli-i, I: '
Ooiniuenoing at a post planted at
the south-west cornerof Lot 7687 and
niarked "Lamb-Watson Lumber Co.'s
north-west corner," thence 80 chains
east. 80 chains south, 80 chains west,
80 chains north to place nf commencement.
Dated at Arrowhead, B. 0., this 20th
day of September, 1000.
Lamb-Watson Lumber Co., Ltd.
sep 211
Notice Is hercDy given thnt 30 dnys niter dnlc
I Intend toapply lo the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works Ior a speciul licence to cm
and carry uivuy timber from tho following
described lands in tho Big Bend district of
West Kootenay:
1. (Joiimii'ii.-iug at a post planted nn tin' snutli
side o( t'j-stonc trail nt Hall-Way Oreek and
inarked ".I. II. White's south-west corner post,'
unit running nnrtli SU i'liains, tlience cast 50 cliiiins,
tju-nce sntiilt So cltatus. thence west so chains tu
jilace ut cuniineni'i-iueiil.
2. Ci'iiiiiiencing at it post plantod on the ionth"
side nl Keystone Iran, I nille eisl o! llnlfmiy
Cruek and marked "J.H. IVIilte'snortli-wetitcorner poat," am. running smilli iwl chains, tnence
oast iu clialns, thence north 160 chains,tlience
west io chains to place of commencement.
3. llomineni-ing at a pust planted on the south
sideof Keystone irail, l mile east of Hall-way
Creek and marked "J. ll. White's north-west corner post," and running s.nttli 100 cltalns, tl.ei.ee
east .1. chains, tlienco tiu.-tlt ICO cnains, tlience
west lo cliains to place uf commencement.
Dated October 1st, lot*.
Notico Is hereby given thai within I
iKlihiys from date wo intond tn apply
to Ihe Honorable TheOhief Commissioner of Lands mul Works for a
special license lu cut and carry away
limber from the following described
binds in West Kootenny Ilistiicl:
1. Commencing nl P, V. Pullmei-'s
north-west corner post of Lot No.
711)1; Ihence niit-lli 80 chains, east 8(1
chains, south 80 chains, west 811 chains
lo point of commencement.
2. Commencing at P. P, Fullmer's
south-west corner post of Lot 7401
about 20 chains suuth of the east end
of Armstrong Lake; thence east 40
chains, south 40 chains, west. 120
chuius, nnrth 00 chains, east 80 chains,
south 20 chains to point of commence
3. Commeueiug at T. J. Pearson's
north-east coiner post of Lot 8092 on
Salmon Creek; thence east 00 chains,
south 80 ehnins, west 100 chains, nortli
40 chains, east 40 chains, north 40
chains to point of coinmencement.
Sept. 10th, 1000.
sep 20     Bowman Lumber Co., Ltd.
out 11
NOTICE IS Ht'.UKBY GIVEN thnt thirty
daye after date 1 intend to apply toth:
Chief Coin mission cr of Lands and Works for a
special license io cui and carry away timboi
from the folio vimj described lands situated
In he Big Bend district of West Kootenay:
1. Commenting at a po>t marked "(lus
Iledstpoin's -south west cornor posl," planted
about 2 miles abovo montli of Cnnoe Kiver and
If miles cast und one-halt mile north of T. L.
5845conier post." thenceeast 160chains, nortli
iOJchalus, west llio chains, south lo cliains,
a. Commencing at. a post plunted at southwest corner of location No, 1 and marked 'Uus
Hedstrom's north wesl corner post." llienee
east 100chains, soutli 10 chains, west 100 clmins,
north lOchains.
3. Commencing at a post planted one lull*
mile south of north-west corner po-tof No. 2
location ami markiil "Uus Hed-lrom's north*
west comer post," theuce east li'-n chains, south
lOchains, west ISO chains, nortli lOchains.
4. Commencing at a post marked "Ous
Hedstrom's south .vest oornor post." planted
south 40 ehrins.ca-.t io chains, thence soutli lu
chains from mirth-west comer post of No. 8
location, tlience east Ui-J chains, north Hi ehains,
west lOOchains, so.Mb 10cliains.
.">. Commencing at a post, plantod at southwest comei- post.of No. 4 loo'iiiou and marked
"Gus Hedslroiiis noitli wusi corner posl,'
thenceeast ItJO chains, south io chains, westltiil
chains, uorth 4o chains.
Dated September lth, 1906
0. Commencing at a post plantod about
miles above montli of Canoe Itiver audi mile
south of T. L. tSGXt aiid marked "Uus Hedstrom's northwest corner post." thence south
IW chains, east 80 chains, north 80 chains, west
80 chains. i
T. Commencing nt a past planted at northwest corner posl of No- 6 location and marked
"Gus Hedstrom's north-east comer post,"
thence south tin chains, west 80 chains, north
80 chains, east 80 ehains.
8, Commencing at a post planted . miles
west of north-east corner post of location No, 7
and marked "Gus Hedstrom's north-west corner post." thence south 80 chains, east 80 chains,
nortli 80 chains, west 80 ohains.
fl. Commencing nt a post planted nl northwest corner of location No. 8 and marked "Ous
Hedstrom's north-east comer piat," thouce
west 100 chains, south lOchains, emit Hi.)chains
nurth 40 chains.
Dated Sept. 5th, IIM
sop 29 GUS HEDSntOM,
Notice is hereby glvon that 30 days after dato
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the followiug described lands iu Uiu Bend district, of West
1, Commencing nt a post planted about li milo
from east hank of Columbia river, abuut l! -j miles
liolow Rocky Point, marked "C. V. landmark's
luuth-west corner post," thence east 1(W chahm,
north 40 chains, west 100 chains, south 40 chains
to paint of commencement,
2, Commencing at a post planted about J mllu
from east hank of Columbia river, and about p/.
miles iwlow Rocky Point, marked "C, F. Liudmark's northwest corner pout," tlience east lis)
hains, south 40 chains, west itjo chains, nurth lo
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Oct. Hlh, 1000.
3, Coiiimeiiceingnt« post planted alwut J milo
from eaM bank of Columbia river, and about',
mile below Itocky Point, "markod "C. K. Llml-
mark's south-west corner pout." thence inntli too
ohaiiiH, east 40 chains, south 100 chains, went 40
chains tn point of commencement.
4, Commencing at a post plauted about 1 mile
from east bank oj Columbia river, and about \i
mile Iwlow Rocky Point, marked "0. F.LImf-
mark's smith-west corner post," thence nnrth Kill
cliiiins, cast 40 chains, smith 100 chains, wust 40
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Oct, ■ith, 1000.
f>. Commencing at a post planted about 1%
miles from east hank of Columbia river, and about
\i mile below Jtocky Point, marked "C. V. Liudmark's south-west corner post," thenee north 160
chains, enst 4tl chains; south 100 chains, west 4()
chains to puint of commencement.
6, Commencing at a post planted almut 2 miles
from east Imnk oi Columbia river aliout j mile
below Rocky Point, marked "C. !■'. Liiidmark'H
south-west corner post," thunce north lOOchains,
east 10 cliains, sunlit loo chains, west 40 chains to
point of commencement.
7, Commencing at a post plunted aboutZU
iniles from enst bank of Columbia river and about
\\ mile lielow Rocky Point, marked "0. K. Lind-
mark's south-west corner post," tbenee imrth 100
chains, east lo chains, south 100 chains, west ill
ohains to point of commencement.
8, Commencing at a post planted about 3
miles from nisi bank of Columbia river and
about !a mile below Rocky Point, markod "(;,
t, Liudmark's south-west corner post," thonce
north 100 chains, cost 40 chains, south Kit)
chains, wost 10 chains to point ol commotio
0, Commonclug at a post planted about DM
miles Irom east bank of ('olumbia river, and
about 1 mile below Itocky Point, marked "C.
K. Liudmark's south-west eorner post," thonoo
north bid chains, uml 40 chains, south 160
chains, west In chnlns to pointof commence-
Dated Oct, 0th, 1000.
oct 14
VTOTICE is hereby given that thirty dnys
l.\ uftor duto I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds und Works for special
licenso to cut nnd curry away timber from the
following doscribod lands situated in West
Kootonay district, B. C.:
I. Commencing at a post marked "Ous
' und's south east corner post," about six
miles up French Creek, thence uorth 80 chains,
west NO chains, south >o chains, qhsI 80 chains
to point of commencement,
2 Commencing at a post marked "(ius
Lund's south west corner posl," about six
miles up French Creek, tlience north80chnlns.
east So chains, south 80 chains, west 80 chains
lo point of commencement.
3. Commencing nt a post marked "Ous
Lund's north west corner post," about six
miles up French creek thenceeast 40 chains,
south inn chains, west 40 chains, north 160
chains lo point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post marked "Ous
Lund's north-east corner post," about six
miles up French Creek, thenee west 10 chains,
south Uio chains, east 40 ohnins, north 100
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept, IGth, 1900.
5. commencing at a post marked "Ous
Lund's uorth-wost corner post," about four
miles up French Creek, thence east 40 chains,
soutli 100 chains, west 40 chains, north 160
eliains to pointol commencement.
0 Commencing at a post marked "(ins
Lund's south-east eorner post," about one
mile up Coldstream irom mouth of French
('reek, thence north 80 ohains, west 80 chains,
soutli 80 chains, east80 chaius to pointof commencement-
7. Commencing at a pnst marked "Ous
Lund's south-west corner post," about one
milo up Coldstream from mouth of French
Creek, thence north lOchains. cant 100 chains,
souih 40 chaius, west ltio chains to pointol
8. Commencing at a post marked ''Ous
Lund's south-east corner post," plnnted al the
north-east corner of Timber Limit 0201, thence
north 40 chains, east 100 chains, south 40
chaius, west KiO chains to pointol commencement.
9. Commencing at a post marked "Ous
Lund's snuth-wesi comer post," planted at tliu
north" west corner ol Timber Limit 7550, tlience
uorth 40 chains, easl llio cliains, soulh 40
chains, went li-w chains to point of commencement.
10. Coinmeneing at u post inarkod " us
Lund's south-west comer post," about one
mile From montli id reneli 'Creek, thence
norlh hi chains, eustati chains, soul It 80 ehains,
west 80 chains to pnint oi commencement.
Dated Sopt. 18th, 1900.
11. Coinnieiiciiig ni a post marked "Ous
Lund's Horth-west corner post," abont 10
cnains norlli from norlh-easl corner ol Timlier
Limit 7658, thence south h ehuins, cost 80
chains, north 80 chnlns. wesl 80 chains to
point of coiuiueuceiucui.
Dated sopt. lllth, 1900,
12. Commencing at a post marked '■Ous
Lund's norlh-we-t corner post," planted at tbe
north-east cornerof Timber Limi' "073, tn nee
smith SO elinins, va*t SOohains, north 80 cliains.
west so chnlns to point of commencement
18, Coinnieiiciiig nl a posl marked "GtlS
Lund's uorth*weat corner posl," planted at tbe
south-west eorner of Timber Liralt6208, thenoe
souih 8tl elinins, casiHOclinius, north SOchalns,
west sii chains to poiut of commencement.
14. Commencing nl a post marked "Ous
Lund's norih-ive-i comer posl," planled nl lhe
south-west eoruer of Timber Limit 0204, thenee
south SoclininirL easiSOchnliis, norlli 80ch..ius,
vest ho chains fo poini of commencement.
15 Commencing at a post inarked "tins
Lund's north-west corner post" planlcd at tlm
soulh-wesl. vomer of Timber Limit 7510, thence
south so chains, east so chains, north HOchnlu'',
west so rhnius to point oi commencement,
Dated Sept. 26th, iiwfi.
Ki. Commencing at a post mnrkeil "Ous
Lund's nsrth-wcst comer post," plauted at the
south-west oo ner of Timber Limit7617, Uience
south 80 chains, easlHO chains, norlh 8t) eliaiis,
west so chains to point of commencement.
17. Commencing al a post marked "Qua
Lund's northwest oorner post," plained at tbo
south-wesl comer of Timber Limit 7651, theuce
south 80 chains,east Hi)ehaiiis uorlh 80 clialns,
west SO chains to point oi commencement,
18. Commencing al a post marked "Ous
Lund's north-west comer post." planted at lhc
north-east corner of Timber Limit 7651, thenee
south 30 ehnins, castSOcuaius, norlh SO chains,
west 80 ehalus to point ol commencement.
Dated Sept. 21st. 1906.
19. Coinmeneing at a post marked "Ous
Lund's north-west comer post," plantod at thc
south-west cornor of Timher Limit 7673, Ihenco
south 80 chains, oast SO chains, north so chains,
west80 chains to pointof commeucemeut.
20. Commencing at a post marked "Ous
Lund's north-west comer posl," planted at the
south-east corner of Timber Limit 7673, thenco
south 80chains, east 80chains, north 80 chains,
west 80 chains to point of commencement,
21. Commencing at a post marked "Ous
Lund's northwest corner post," atthe southwest corner of No. 13, thenceeast 80chains,
south 80 chains, went so chains, north 80 chaius
to pointol commencement.
Dated Sept. 22nd, 1906.
22. Commencing at a post marked 'Ous
Lund's north-west corner post," planted at tho
south-west corner of No, 14, thonce cast80
chains, south 80 ohains, west 80 chains, north
80 chains to point of commencement.
23. (ommenclng at a post marked "Gus
Lund's norlh-west corner post," plantod at the
south-west comer of No, 15. thence east80
ehains, soulh 80 chnlns, west 80 chains, north
80 chains lo point oi commencement,
24. Commencing at a post marked "Ous
Lund's north-west coruor post," at the southwest corner of No, 10, theuce east 80 chains,
south 80 chains, west so ciniins, nortn 80 ehalus
to' point of commencement.
25. Commencing at a post marked "Ous
Lund's north-east cornor post," at the northwest eorner of Timber Limit 7073, thence soutn
80 clialns, west 80 chains, north 80 chaius, east
80 chains to point of commencement.
26. Commencing at a post marked ' (ins
Lund's north-east corner post,"atthe north
west comer of Timber Limit 6206, thenee south
80 chains, west 40 chains, Bouth SO chains, west
40ehains, north 80chains,east IocIikIiis, north
80 chains, east 40 chains to point of commence-
Dated Kept. 28td, 1906.
oct 10 GUS LUND
Notice is hereby glvon that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Commls.
slonor of Lands and Works fora special license
to cut aud carry away timber from the following described lands In Wost Kootenay District:
1. Commencing at a post planted About two
miles south of Cape Horn, on east side nf Upper
Arrow Lake und marked "Philip King's northwest corner." tlience 80 chnlns east, theme SO
chains south, thence SO chains west thence 80
chains north to point of emmnencemont.
2. Commencing at Philip King's south-west
corner, one mile from the Lake, tlience 80 chains
north, theuce 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
south, thunce 80 chains west to point nf commencement,
Datud Octo bur Oth, 10^6
oct 10 *        PHILIP KINO.
Notice Is lum-liy civo.i .I.ul on day. alter .lute I
iuii-iiii to apply to tlio cliief Coratnisilonor of
Limits uml Wi,ik* f,,r i„,riui*,i,,ii I,, pitr,-lm*i»- tho
lollowliiK iliiscfilifiil I.....! In Wo.,. Kootenay, two
mill-* Hiintti of Nukllsp:
Coiiinioni'lna ul u post tnnrk.il ''J,... J,*l nortli-
wont enrner, thence 80 ohalna eait, ,0 chain.
hi,ulii, Sll ili.iiii* went, ID chain, notth to pUce of
(loniiuoiicenu'iit, mintalnlnp; Hi-Oai-ri's more or le.-.
I,i„nt,„lH |i, llili, IM
mt Hi
'""   —•-■     *-""  '" "i'P-j  *" "■■■
Hon. Chief Commissioner oi Lands
uml Works lor a s; i -ial license In cut
■■ nd cany atrny limber Irom the following descrilied lands situate un llie
east tide nl Upper Arrow Lake, West
Knoteuay District:
1. Cummencing nt a post plunted
about 1 mile east of Arrow Lake un
tl.e hank ol a small creek emptying
into Arroiv Luke about J mile nurth
of the mouth of McDonald Creek und
murked "J McClay's norlh-west corner," thence east 80 chains, Ihence
south 80chuins, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to the point oi
2. Commencing at a po6t planted
..bout 'I miles east of Arrow Lake on
the bank of a small creek emptying
inty Arroiv Lake, aliout lj miles north
of the mouth ol McDonald Creek, and
niarked "J. McClay's north-west corner post," thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
lho point of commencement.
3. Coinmeneing nt a post planted
about 3 miles east of Arrow Lake on
the bank ot a small creek emptying
into Arrow Lake, ubuut 1} miles north
ol the mouth of McDonald Creek and
mnrked "J. McClay's south-west corner post," thence cast 80 chains,
thence north 80chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to lhe
point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted
about 2 miles east of Arrow Lnke on
tl.e hank ol a small creek emptying
into Arrow Lake, about lj miles north
of the mouth of McDonald Creek and
mnrked "J. McClny's south-west cor
ner post," thence eust 80 chains,
thence nonh 80 chains, thence west 80
ehuins, thence south 80 chains to the
point of commencement.
5. Commencing at a post planted
on the enBt bank of the north lork of
McDonald Creek, about lj miles above
the ...outh of snid north fork and
marked",). McClay's north-west nor-
ner post," thence enst 160 cliains,
thence south 40 chains, thence west
1(10 chains, thence north 40 chains to
tho point of commencement,
(1. Commencing nt a post planted
on tbe west side of the north lork of
McDonald Creek,.tbout 21 miles above
lho mouth of snid nurti. fnrk and
marked ".I. McClay's north-west corner post," Ihenee east 80 chains,
ihence south 80 chains, thence west
80 ehuins, thence nnrlh 8!! chains lo
the point ol con.meneement.
7. Oumnidlicing nt a post planted
nne mile east from a point on the
nnrth fork ol McDonald Creek, about
21 miles above tl.e mouth of said
north fi.rk and marked "J. McClay1
north-west corner poBt," thence enst
80 elinins, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north
80 cliains to the point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted
one mile east from a point on the
north fork of McDonald Creek situate
about 2J miles above the mouth ol
snid north fork and mnrked "J. Mc
Clay's south-west corner post," thence
e.ist 80 cliains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south
80 chains to tlie point ot commencement,
!). Commencing nt a post planted
bn .he east sido ol the north lork of
McDonald Creek, about 3J miles above
mouth ot said nortb fork and inarked
"J,McClay's north-west corner,"thence
cast 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thenee west 80 chuius, theuce north
80 chains to the pointol commencement.
10. Commencing at a post plnnted
on the west side of the north fork of
McDonald Creek about 2J miles above
.he ...uuth ol said north fork and
murked "J. McClay's south-cast corner," thence north 80 ehnins, thenco
wesl SOchains, tlience south 80 chains,
thenee east 80 chains tn the point ol
11. Coinmeneing at a post planted
on thc east side ol  the  nortl. fork of
notick is nmtmiv mi i;n ii
niter ilnto I ItiUitiil to apply i„ thu
L'„ii,iiii.,*i.iin.| i,f Liiluis nnil ..'.irk. 1,
to pun-lime tlio following dtwrllwl lu
in ilu- Hi.*. Kouteiiity ilfilrlti.
Cmiioiii in.: ill .. pnsl planted nl tin- linl-lliellsl
i-oiiieiol l.„l :'II7 1 l.mrki-il -J I'.iMmi.* Hi
m-*t corner." tliencoeu-l In ihiiins. thi-iii-i-Hiuiili
8U vliuliiri, tiionoo weet 4i> cliulint, tlitun-e iioi-iIihu
cliajtu In place of eoininuncenii'iil ami cnulalnl..,
:lij acre, more „r lemi.
Dotal llll. 10th .lay ol September, 1000.
wp li Win. T
,, Afjunt.
Nutlco is hereby given that do davs alter dale
1 intend lo make application to the Chief Commissioner ol 1.mills .V Works (or permission to
purchase the lollowliiK described lund situate
in lhe West Kootenay districl:
Commencing ul a post planted at the northwest corner T. C. 7&S3, and marked "Clara Mc-
Quarries south-west corner," thence imrlli io
cliains, theme east 4u chains, Uience smith wi
elinins, thence west '0 clmins to plnce ol commencement, and ci iitahllng sn acres more or less,
a relocation of Sangstcr's piceniplion,
Dated IhlslOth day of September, IWJfl.
sep 13
 M It. Mct'iitirrie, Agent.
alter iIh.o 1 intenil to npply lo tin, lion. Chlel
Coiiiinlm.i„ner of Lands nml Worki for perntliilon
lo jinn-hue the following iIoiciI1k.iI hi.nli. !.. .lie
well Kootenay .llairli-t,.... trail utile ol the Columbia river, nliout three Illiles fr,,ni Arr.iifheiiil:
(luiiiiiiinii'inu; ut n |n„.i planted nt Wllliiuu Qrea.
lon'i north-west comor, llionce tu-Ht.0 i-liiiiin. fo
T. < nni*' nnrtli eiiitt corner, tbenee  uouth ,11
chain, to Wyne'l norlh-ivcl enrner, lliei ensl
.0 chiiliiH to Day's louUi-weit cornor, tlienc
imrlli lu i-hiiiim io point ol commoncomont, nml
i-i,nlainine Iiii, hitch more «f Ies.
Locnton Sept, itti, num.
.1. (', IIA1II.OW,
»ep8 By Iiii Agent, S, J. Harlow.
the mouth of snid north fork and
inarked "J. McClay's south-west corner posl," thence norlh 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south
89 chuius, thence west 80 chains to
the point o! commencement.
Lucited September 25th, 1900.
Dated this 8th day ol October, 1906,
oct 14 J. McCLAY.
Notice Is hereby given Hint 'Mi dnysuflcr dale
I intend to apply lo the Chief Commlaalonor of
Lands and Works for permission to cut und
carry away timber from the following described lnnds situate in West Kootenay district;
1. Commenolng at, a post plunted on the
north bank of Downie Creek, nliout three
miles above Canyon Creek nud marked
"O, H, Nngle's north-easl conier posl," thence
west 80 ohains, Uience south Su chuius, l lienci
east 80 chains, thence nortli 80 chains to the
point of commencement.
Dated this 21st day of Sept., IIKiO.
2. Coinnieiiciiig at n post, planted on lhc
soulh-wesl bank of Downie Creel.', nboul 200
yards below the mouth of Puss Creek and
mnrked "C. II. Nngle's -south-east oornor post,"
thence norlh 80 chains.thence west 80 chains,
thenco soutli 80 chains, thonco east SOehaiiH
lo the point of commencement,
3. Commencing at a post planted on the
south-west bnnk of Downie Creek, about,
150 yards abovo the iiioulh of Pass Creek
and marked ''G. B. Nngle's norlh-enst corner
posi," thonoo wesi, 80 chains, thonce south so
Iinins, thence east 80 chains, theuce north 80
ehnins lo Uie point of commencement.
4. Commonolng at a post planted on Ibo
southwest bank of Downie Creek nhoiiume
and a half miles above the mouth of Puss Creek
uud mnrked "(J. H. Naglo's north-cast corner
post," tlience west Sll elinins Uience suulh Ml
chains, thence eastSO chains, Ihence north SO
chains to the point ofcommcuccmcnt.
5. Commencing at a posl planlcd on the
south-west bank of Downie Creek, about one
and a half miles above the montli of Puss
(.-reek and marked "ll. II. Nngle's north-wesl
coruor posl," thence south 80 chuius, theuce
cast so chains, Uience north 80 ohains, thence
west 80 chains to I he point of coinmencement.
Dated this 22th day of Sept., 1900.
sop 29
Nol ice is hereby given that 80 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lunils and
Wot Its for ii special license to cot nnd
curry away timber from the following
descrilied lnnds in West Kontei-ay
Commencing at a post, planled on
the norlh-west, corner of Lot 3499,
thence 80 chains east, llienee 80 chains
north, thenee 81) chains west, thence
8() ehains sotithto plane of connnenee-
Dated September 20th, 1905,
will In* made lo the- Legislative Assembly
ol (he Province of British Columbia al the
nexl session, for an Acl- incorporating n
Company lo build, equip, maintain ami
operate a line or lines of railway ol standard or other gunge, with any kind ol
motive power from a point on Upper Arrow
Lake, Wost Kootenay, near Arrowhead,
thence following lhe Columbia River
northerly on eilher side to a point al or
near the confluence of Canoe Kiver with
lhe Columbia River and thence following
aliing Canoe Kiver on either side, lo a
point al or near Tete Jaune Cache, on
Fraser Kiver, with power to construct,
operate and maintain branch lines to any
point within twenty miles from the main
line of railway; and with power to construct, operate anil maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and ferries; and to
construct, acquire, own aud maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith; and to construct, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and other vessels and boats and operate the same on
any navigable waters, and to construct,
operate and maintain telegraph and tel
phone lines along the routes of the said
railway and ils branches, or in connection
therewith, and to transmit messages for
commercial purposes; to generate elt*c-
tricily and supply light, heat and power
and erect, construct, build and maintain
the necessary buildings and works, and to
generate any kind of power for thc purposes aforesaid,or in connection therewith,
lor reward; ami to acquire and receive
Irom any Government, corporation or persons, grants of land, money, bonuses,
privileges or oilier assistance in aid ot the
construction of the Company's undertaking; and to conned with and enter into
traffic or oilier arrangements with railway,
steamboat or oilier companies, and to
exercise such powers as are granted hy
purls 4 and 5 of lhe "Water Clauses
Consolidation Act"; and for all rights,
powers and privilege necessary in 01
incidental lo lhe premises, and for other
Dated at Revelsloke, B.C., this 31st day
of August, 190O.
iioHcilors for the Applicants.
OTICE Is hereby glren that, 60 dayi after
uie, 1 intend toopplyto the Chief Com
missiuuer of Landsaud Woilcs for permission
in purchase ibe followlu** described lands
sltunted in West Kooteuay districl!
Commencing at a poat planted outbeLaki
shure about 80 cliains fnnn tlie north-west enrner
nf I...I su land marked "Jos. McQuarrie'i souther! i-iiruer post," lln-iici* north ^"ehuins, to tin
north-west corner of Lot 8111, Llieueo wy*. %
chnius, tlience soutli to Lake short-, thence bwds
ih.'lake shore tu placeof commencement, and
containing lu acres more nr less.
Dated this Kith day ol September, 1906.
j, K. Taylor, Agent.
<op ir.
Nul ice is horoby Riven that IHI days
aftor dato I intend to apply tothe
Chief Coin missioner of Caiuls and
Works for permission to purchase tlio
following described lands situated in
West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a posl, planted on
the nurih side uf Do.vnle Orook, about
one-fourth of a mile south of the
Downlo creek trail, iii'iir ll.e 2\ mile
post and mnrked "Ernest McBean's
south-wesl oorner," thonco north II)
elinins. thenee east IHI chains, thonco
suulh-111 eliains, thonco west 60 chnlns
to point ..f commencement, containing 210 acres more or less.
Dated this lltli day of Sept,, 1000,
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
niter date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lando
and Works for a special licence to cut
and carry away timber from the following described lands situated in
West Kootenny distriot:
I. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's south-west corner post,"
about \ mile up north lork ol Uoldstream, thence north 40 chains, east
Kin chains, south 40 chains, west 160
chains to poiut of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's south-west comer post,"
nliout \ mile below the mouth ol the
north lork ol Goldstream, thence
north 40 chains, east 160 chains,
south 40 chains, west 160 cliains to
point o! commencment.
II. Commencing at a poet marked
"Gus Lund's eoutb-west corner post,*'
planted about 9 miles below the north
fork ol Goldstream, thence north 80
chains, east 80 chains, south 80 chains,
west Ml chainB to point ol commencement.
13. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's north-west corner poBt,"
planted ..bout i! miles below tho north
fork of Goldstream, tlience south 80
chains, cast 80 chains, north 80
cliains, west 80 chains to tlie point of
24. Commencing at a post marked
"Gut Lund's south-east corner post,"
planted about 2J miles up Camp
creek, thenco west 160 chains, north
40 chains, east 160 chains, south 40
chains to thc point ol commencement.
Dated June 12th, 1906.
Ot 17 Gub Lund.
Certificate ol Improvements.
Silver Hell und Laurel Mineral Claims, situate
iu tho Illecillewaet bluing Division of Kootenny District.
Whero located i—Threo-qiinrtor-i of a mllo onst
of lllcoillownot
Take notice that I, J. A. Kirlt, actum as agent
for John Newell. Froo Minor's Curtiflcnti No,
B.8&.II; O. Robert Dalil. Free Minor's CortiH
cnte No. H. W; and George W. Jell's, Freo
Miner's Certificate  No. II. 88595. intend, sixty
days from tho date hereof, to apply to tho Mining Kecorderfor n Certificate of Improvement!),
for the purposo nf obtaining a Crown Urantof
the almvo claim.
And further tako notice that action, under
section 'M, must be commenced   before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 30th day of Septomber, A.D., 190.1
oct 20 J. A. KIRK.
Notice is hereby given that 30 dnys
aflor date I intenil to apply tn tin
Chief Commissioner of Lunils and
Works, for n speei.il license to cut and
carry nwny timher frum tlie following
described lnnds, situated in We
Kootenay District!
1. Commencing at. a jiosl planted
ahoul j of n mile ensl, of S mile tree on
Dig llend Trail, and uiniked "Geo,
Liiforiiie's souih-west corner,'' thence
ensl 100 chains, thenco norlh-10 chains,
llienee wesl UK) chains, thence, south"
■KI elinins to the puint of commencement,
2. Oomnisiiolng at a pusl. plantsd
about i of a utile ensl uf the S mile posl
on Big Bend Trail aud marked "Geo.
Ijitfornie's norlh-west eorner," thouco
ensl KK) chains, thencosouth III ehnins,
Ihenco wsst HKI ehnins, Ihenee norlh
10 chaius lo tin* puiui. of commencement,
Dated this 19th day of Sept, 1900,
3. Commencing at a post planted
j of a mile east of !) mile tree on Big
Bend Trail and marked "Geo. Laforme's south-west corner," thence
t.nsl UK) ehnins, Ihenee norlh -III ehains,
Ihence west Illll ehnins, thenee soulh
411 ehains lo the pninl; of commence
4. Commencing at a post plantsd .V
ofn mile enst of !) mile tree on Big
Bend Trail nnd inarked "Geo, La-
forii.e's north-west cornor," llienee
ensl KK) ehnins, ihence soulh-llleliains,
Ihence west KK)chnius, llienei' norlh
40 chains to the pninl of commencement.
6. Commencing ai n pnst planted
ahout!. mile ensl of lhe 111 mile tree
on the Big Hend Trail, and ....irked
"Geo. Laforme's south-west eorner."
Ihence ensl Kill ehnins, Ihence nnrlh
■II) cbnins, Ihenee wesl 1IKI ohains,
Ihence soulh IU ehnins to the point nl*
(I. Commencing .-.I, a post plnuled
about J a mile ensl (if ll.e III utile lice
nn lhe Big llend Trail and marked
"Gen, Laforinc's north-west corner,"
llionce enst KM chainB, llienee snulli
III ehnins, llienro wesl KKI chains,
thence north40chains In Ihe pointof
Daled this 2lllh dny of Sepl,, 1900.
sep 211 GEO. LAl-'OK.Ml..
Notico Ik hereby given Hint mi days nfter dale
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner uf
Lumi-uml Works for a special lleoiiHotocul
and carry away Limber from the following described lauds on Upper Arrow Lukes, McKeu
zle Creek, Galena Day district, Wost Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at tho north
east corner of Timbor Limit No. (il IH, mnrked
"H. IL Banks' north-west, coruor post,' running soutli Hu chains, tlienco oast 80 chains,
thence norlh 80 chains, thenco west michnins
to point of commencement.
Dated this 18lh day of October, 1IKNI.
oct i'l H. II. PANICS.
Notice in hereby given thai (10 days after date I
iiiti'inl to apply to tlie Honourable the Chief Commissioner uf Lands and Works for permisNion lo
nurchasi! the following described lauds in the district of West Kootenay, Revelstoke division:—
Commencing at a \msl plnnted on the wust bank
of the Columbia Kiver nppn.Hitu I'i-.Mile Itapiiln
and marked "K. 0. MoCatier'B south-east corner
pnst," thunce wost -Hi chains, thunce uortli '..u
chains, tlience east -un chains more or Iusk to the
west bank of the Columbia Itiver, tlience south
following tho west hunk of the Columbia Ulvur'^|
chains inoro or less to the pohilof roiiuiieiiceiuent.
Dated October lllth, ItKW,
oct-it K.C. McCAHTKIt
Notice Ih hereby given that 00 days after date 1
intend tu apply to Lhe lion.nimble the Chief Com-
missioner of Lands and Works for permission tn
purchase tlie following described lands In the district of West Kootenay, Kevelstoke division;—
Commencing at a imst planted on the wust bank
of the Columbia Kiver about half a mile below
Priest Rapids and inarked "W, H. Hutlierland's
north-west corner post," theuce south '.>{) chains,
thence east II) chains more ur less to the weat bank
of the Coluinbin Kiver; llienee in a north-westerly
direction and following the west bank of the Columbia Kiver tu Lio point of commencement.
Dated this lll.h day of October, 1906.
Notice Is hereby given that B0days after dale
1 intend to apply tn the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for ti special license lireut
ami carry away timber from the following
desert hod landu situate In lhe Yale district:
i, Commenolng at a post marked "B. Hill's
north-east corner post,'1 planled about one
inijeeaHtof the Khuswan rivor, about Smiles
ndrth ul Cherry Creek, thenee soulh 80 chains,
thenee west 80 elinlns, thenee norlh Ml chftllH,
thenee east 80 ehuins topolniof commencement.
Dated Sept. Iiith, 19UU.
2, commeneing at a post marked "6. Hill's
south-east corner past, planted ou the west
bank of tho Shuswap river, about 4 miles south
of Sugar Lake, thenco west 8(1 chains, Uience
uorlh 80 ehaiiis, thence east riO ehuins, llienee
soutli 8u chains to point of commencement,
:i. Commenolng at a post marked "H, Hill's
south-east corner post,'' planted on the west
btink of the Shuswap river, ahout ft miles south
of Sugar Lake, theuce wchi 8(1 chains, nonh Ml
chains, east 80 ehains, thenue south 80 ehaiiis
to point of commcncciiieiil,
4, Commonclug at a post marked "S, Hill's
north-east corner post," planted on lliewoit
bank of tbe Hliuswtip Itiver aboul 5 miles south
of Sugar Lake, thencu west 80 chains, thenee
south 80 chains, ihenee east 80 chains, tbenee
north 80 chains tu pulnl of commencement.
5. Commenolng at a postmarked "S, Hill's
norlh east corner post,'1 planled tu llm wesl
bank of thu Shuswap Itiver, about.i miles
south of Sugar Lake, thenee wesl 41) chains,
thence south 100 chains, thencu east m chain*,
thunce north KiO chains lo polul of commencement,
Dated Sept, 17th. ItXHi,
0013 S. HILL.
Notice la hereby given llmi 'Jo ilny. aflor Late
I inlenil to aiiuly lo .tie chlel Oommlailoner
o[ I.iiiiilsitn.l \\i,.k*
Hon. Cbiel Commis.iouer of Lands
nud Works f-,r a special licence to cut
ni.d carry away limber from the fol-
lowii g described landa Bttuated in
West Kootenay district, Ii. i .
1. Commencing at a pest marked
"J. M. Kellie's north-east corner post,"
planted aliout GO chains nurih of Boyd
creek, nnd about 2J miles Irom Fish
croek, running south 8H chi.ins, thence
west SO chains.thence north SOchains,
thence . tt.-t 80 chains to the point of
2. Commencing at a p st marked
J. M. Kellie's north-west corner post,"
and earr, awav ll'mtaVC ftS-ftl.", planted about 60 chains north of Boyd
described lands In the district of Wesl Kootenay, ItevelBtoke Division;
Commencing at u post planted on the east
sideof the Columbia river, and about 2mtl6l
from river on tlie nortli side of u small creek,
and about 2 miles above Camel Creek, theuce
iiniili sn cbnins thenee east &o ehains, thence
south 80 chains, theuce west B0 clmiiis t» polul
Dated '22nd day of September, lMjfi.
Oct 8 A. F. J0HN80HJ
Ni il ice is hereby given that tin i hy - after date
we intond to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds und Works for permission to
purchase the following described Ihu-Jh in the
district of West Kootonay:
Commenolng at a post plauted SOohains west
from the north-easl coruer of Lot i,W, aud
marked "Hig Hold Lumber Cumoauv's southwest corner post," thence north SJ chain*
thenco oast 40 chaius; thouco south ifi chain*
moro or less, to the lnke shore; thouce weit long shore to south-east cornerof Lot 1,949:
thnnco north 1 chains to north-east cornerof
Lot 4,949i theuco west 20 chuius to point of
Datod October Hud, 190H.
oct 15
Bio Bend Li*mber Co,, Ltd.
Notice is hereby given that 30 dayi
afterdate I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner uf Lnnds nud
Works font special license to cut nnd
carry away timber from the following
described lauds situatod oil the west
side of the north-east arm of Arrow
Lnke, Wust Kooicnay:
Commencing at a post planted abuut
4U uhnins west from shore an tin
suuth side uf survey lino of the M.C
Young Canuck, ihenee wesl 160 chains,
suuth -lOchains, enst KKI ehnins, uorth
III chains to plnce of commencement,
Dated 10th Sept. 1906.
sep 22     WILLIAM CARTON.
Notice is hereby given Unit id) dnys
after date I intend toapply tothe Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a speeiul license to cut nnd
oil11*y nwny timber from the following
described lnmls in West Kootenay
Commencing at a post marked "J,
Porter's north-easl corner post," at
the south-east corner nf Thomas Pearson's pre-emption, Ihence south 81)
cbnins, thence wesl Sll chains, thence
nnrth Sll ehnins, thenco enst Sll cbnins
to point, of commencement,
Located Sept. 17th, 1908.
sep 211 J.PORTER,
Noi ice is hereby given that 60 days niter date I
Intend lo apply to ike Ilnn. chief Commissioner
of Lnmls and Works to purchase the following
described luinfe silualeil m the district of West
Ceiuroenclng at a wost placed al the north-we
corner of Lot L4493,marked '.1. It. Maikenzie's,
south-east corner," theme wust 40chains, thenca
north 40 chains, thence east lo chains to shore of
Lake, theace following shore of Lake t* starting
point, Containing idOncres,
Dated the 16th day of Sept 1906,       ,-
sep ill By .1. A. Magee, Ids agent.
In tho matter ol James Hitch, deceased, and in the matter ol tho
"Ollicial Administrators' Aot."
Notico is hereby given that by order
ol  His  Honor .1. A. florin, County
Judge, dated the 10th day ol October,
1906, George Smith McCarter, Ollicial
Administrator lor that part ol Kootonay County comprised   within  tlw
Re vol Ht uke   1* lector.. I    District,  has
been granted letters ..[administration,
to administer all and singular the
estate ol James  Hitch, deceased, intestate.
And further take notice that all
claims upon thc said estate must be
sent into tho said Administrator at
his olliee, Impo.ial Bank Block, Kevelstoke, lt. C, within 80 days Iron, the
date hereol, after which time all proceeds will bo distributed among the
parties lawfully thereunto entitled.
Dated the 10th day of October, 1906.
George Smith MoCai.teu,
oct 14-ilt      Official Administrator.
Nutlco Is lioroby given that60t)ayi alter ilate
I lull-in! lo apply lo tlio Honorable tho Chlel
Conunlislonor of Lauds anil Works f,,r r-errals-
ij.in to imrobaso Ll.e following deacrlbcd lands
In West Kootenay liislriel:
Bcklnnlng at a [ins. innrkeil "Margaret Ham-
iniiiiil's loutli-weat corner." ami i>!aiiit>,l on
lite i-ast shore ol Upper Arrow Lake, nlnnit one
mile smilli of ('a|,i- Horn: thenca north *.)
liains, U.onee well 10 (chain., mon, ,,r less, io
.he short- nl Arrow Lake llionce lollowlng the
Ink.shore inagoiioral soldierly win! easterly
llraotion mi chains, more or leu, to point ol
■iniiiiieiii'eiiieti!; containing H-n acrei, more or
inueil ihla lit (lay ol Oolobor, 1000,
Iiy K.!., Hammond, Agent
Notice i. hereby siren that 00 'lius Irom date 1
Intel III   l" apply  l„ tin-llmi. tln-llili-I  IMmmi.-
w ol Lnmls ami Work* fm iHiiiitissiiiti:,, imr-
i-lnisi-(In- lollowlng described lamia, ii -.!.,- iv,,,
Uootenay illiirlct, west shure ol Upper atiow
Lake •
"Commencing .tiajn,*. marked ",J, l„ Hirsoh".
inili weat comer," at tbo aouth east corner ol
Lit. ..Wl: ..ml about 1| mllei lOtllll ot Kostllall
Creek; llienee m.rtli St. chaini, thencu eaal e,
ohalna, thence aouth sn eliains, Uience west .0
li.tl.iM to point ol commencement, containing ss)
,eli-M more or lea.,.
Ilali-il this ilul ilnj ,i( May, l«,«.
.1. I, iiiusrii.
net IS I'er Kulph Slye, At.i-.il
creek and  about  2J miles from Fish
creek, running south 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, theuce north 80 chains,
thence  west  80 chains  to point of
Daled 12th October, 1906.
J. M. Kru.it, Locator,
By his agent (leorge Edge.
3. Commencing at a post marked
"J. M. Kellie's north-cast corner post,"
plauted abuut 60chaius nortl. ol Boyd
creek and about 4J miles from Fish
creek, running west 80 chains, thence
suuth 80 chains, Ihence east SOchains,
theuce north 80 chains to thc point ol
co.s meneement.
4. Commencing at a post marked
"J, M, Kellie's north-west corner post,"
planted about 60 chains north ol Boyd
creek and abuut 4} miles Irom Fish
creek, running east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
tlience nortli 80 chains to point ol
5. Commencing at a post marked
"J. M. Kellie's north-west corner post,"
planted about 25 cliains nortli ol Boyd
creek and about oj miles from Fish
creek, running east 160 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 160
chains, tlience north 40 chains to
poiut ol commencement.
Dated 12th October, 1906.
J. M. Kellie, Locator,
oct 17    By his agent J. B. McKenme.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hun. Chief Commissioner uf Lands
and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following described lands situated in
West Kootenay district, B. C.
Commencing at a post marked "A.
Payne's suuth-west corner post,"
planted on the north-east corner of
Berth 7112, on the Big Bend trail,
thence north 40 chains, east 160
chains, south 40 chainB, west 160
chains to point of commencement.
Dated October 10th, 1906.
oct 14
NOTICK Is heroby tfvonthalQOdaysaft-er
date I intend toapply to lhe HqnournWc
lliet hlef COIUmissioner of LamlMtuii Works
for pornihttion topureluw Ihu following described lumU In the Wat Kootenay district,
(luleiiii Hay, out "hie of Upper Arrow Lake:
CoiiiiiiciK'ltignl -ip""1 planted at P. Maher's
south-caul corner and marked "Hruce A. I.iw
son's nortn*oail oorner post, thence south 40
chains, Ihenco west 1" ehnins, theuce north 'JO
elmlii", tlience ea»t IM clmins, theuce north 20
chain*-, thence uit 41 chains to placeof com*
nieiicemeiit ami containing 12" acre- more or
Datod Galena B.y.lbliMUnUf ofBept. iwe
Notice ll Imieb) given (hat 'todays after date
l intend to apply to tlm ciiief Commissioner of
Und* and Work* for pcmiisslon to purchase
lho follow lug described land- in W.--I Kootfl*
uu), no the cuhI slime of Upper Arrow Uke:
Commonolng at a put adjoining T. L 6108
Milli-wcitfe eoruer ami markod "D.
loith-we'-l comer po»l," ihenco caM
thonce south BO ohalni thenee weit
imn- or leas lo the »hure of ..ml lake.
rth iiltim, tin* *-i i 'Win- of «id lnke
W cbiiiiif lo tlm iwltil of commencement.
Dated i let. Iflth.lWJ,
o«i _M I), DKWAIL
nil   Ilu*
lii-Hat -
lllllll V
Noiiee i» heroby given lhat lhe Canadian Pacific Railway Company bus
ihi-, ilny Hied iu the Distriot Land
Registry Offlce at Kniulunps, ll. ('., a
Iiinn, profile and l....<k of reference
showing ihe proposed location of a
branch line to tlie Mundy Lumber
Company's sawmill aen.-'l'lsve Valley
Lake, Province of British Columbia,
and ihal four weeks after this date
ihe said Canadian Pacific  Railway
Oompany intends Iii apply lo the
Board of Railway Comrafisloners for
Canada under Section 176 ol tbe Railway Act, fur authority to construot
the snid H.-anch.
Daled this 22nd day of September,
sep 211 (ier      Superintendent.
Notice is hereby given that within
30 dnys from date we intend to apply
lo the Hon. the Chief Commissioner
of LantU k Works for a speoial license
to cut and cany awny timber from
the following described lands, situated
in Weit Kootenay district:
Commencing nt a post planted at
the north-east corner ol Lot UbiU,
about 10 chaius north ol the Trout
Lake wagon road, marked "Bowman
Lumber Company's south-east corner
post," thence north SO chains, west
160 chains, south 20 ehnins, east 80
chains, south 20 chains, east 50 chains,
south in chains, east 30 chains to
point of coiiinii.-iii-i-iiR-.it.
Dated this 10th day ol October, 1906.
oct 13      Bowman Lumhek Co.
VOTICB is heroby given that SO days
i> afterdate 1 iutond to apply to tbo Honor-
bio the Cliief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a speoial license to cut aud carry
away timber from lho following described
binds in Ea>t Kooteuay District:
1. Commencing ut a post mnrked "Otto
Lachmund's north-east coruor post,'1 planted
mi the right bank of Windy Itiver ut noad of
Kinbasket Luke, and '-'-, milos from lake,
tlienco south 160ehains, we.-l 40 chains, north
lrii) chains, eu.ii 40 chains to place or cum-
(ommenctng ut n post marked "Otto
Laohmund's north-west corner post," planted
mi the right bank of Windy Hiver, at he-ad of
Kinbasket Lake, and i:1-, -liilc- from Lake,
thencu south 160 chain:,, east 40 cliains, uorth
Pit chains, west 40 chains to place of com-
Dated Sept. Ijth, im.»».
5, Cummencing at a post marked "Otto
Lachmund'i souCo*west coruer post," planted
ou the right bank of Windy River, 2^ miles
from Kinbasket Lake, thonce north 80 chains,
east So chains. Ninth 8(1 chains, west 80 chains
to placeof commeucemont.
4. Commoucmrf at a post marked "Otto
Laclimuiid'- imrtl.-wivt comer poat," planted
on right side of Windy Biver, 4U miles from
Kii.b.i-k.'i Lake and half a mile west from
river, tbe&ce -south sO chains, east 80 ohalna,
iii.rji. bo chains, west*.) chaius to place of com*
,".. Commencing at a post marked "Otto
Lachmund's south-east corner post," plauted
on the right bank Of Windy Bifer, 2 miles from
hoad of Kinbasket Lake, thence north 80
chains-west 80 chains, south do ohains, east 80
chains lo place of commencement.
Dated Sept. inth. WW.
6. Commencing at a poat marked "Otto
Lachmund s south-west corner post," planted
on uorth bank of Kiubaskot Lake anal mile
from foot of lake, theuce north 80 chains, east
sn chaius, south 80 chaius, west 80 chaius to
place of commeucemeut.
Dated Sept. 12th, 1906.
ki i
Certificate of Improvements.
Ailrinturer, Iron Dulrw Watchman, Outlook and
Sunshine mineral elaim-,, situate in the Arrow
Uke Mining Division of West Kooteuay Dli-
Where loeaUfjV-On the nortli aide of Piagiton
Creek, about 5 miles west of Arrow Lake.
Take notice that I, John DrummondAfldenon,
-P.L.S., of Trail, B. C, agent for Tfaomai Abriel
F.M.C. No. HK244; Uiehanl Hmith, F.M.C. No.
BMttt. and Kliubetb Scott, F.M.C No. BOQtt.
ii trial, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
io the Mining KeconlerfiirCertiflctttea of Improve-
menu, for the purpose of obtaining Crown GranU
4 ihe abora claims,
And further Uke notice that action, under »«•
tion Ht, must l>e commenced before the issuance of
u-li Certificates of tmproreaienta.
D.it. 1 thi* *>ili day of June, 1900.
"P 13 J. D. ANDKR80N.
nilri-1, lit-rnliy Bi.eti Umi on day. (mm ilau I
Iii.rtn.i.. apply tu lite Honorable the Chief Com.
ini-.iMii,,. „f Und* iin,I Work, (nr prrraluion to
lain In,,,- tin- foiiuwiiu dawrlMd Ia.nl. In the
Wat Kni'k-nay l.l.tnct:
1 ..iiiinnifiiii! a. a |».l markod "L. F. lie-
Doagald'l "o'.ih-weBt corner," planted on tha
eutilleol lipper Arrow l.akr,emllci nonh ol
Nakn.p. p.c, thenco north 20 chains, thenoe
tail f> chain., ihence norlh a chalna, thence
cui I- chains, thenoe south to chain., more or
lew. la Arrow l.ake, thenot weiiward SO chaftii
mon- or lorn, alonn Ihe Arrow Lake lo point ol
i,,niiiii-iii.:.ii-iii. conlalnini m aerea more or
haled thli loth day ol OoWbu, IM.
Ij. I. M.DOUUAH-.. FOUND—Our shipment of Skirts, lost somewhere all
has just been received and put into stock. They are beauties
waiting lor. .These show exclusiveness ol design as well as tin
and Colorings,
ig the C. P.R.
and well worth
latest in Cloths
10 Cases of the Popular" Smarden Shoes."
pair of these   the latest out in lhe Shoe line.
To In: up tn  date  you want a
Never have we shown such a large assortment of novelties along with our
Staple lines Parcels continually arriving regularly by express keeps our stock in
touch .with the latest in Millinery Fashion.
$A Tonic!I
^ li you wanl  nn cxcellenl i
ty Tonic and - nsv to take, i*',-i n ty
fc $1.00 bottle ol -.ii. I',,i-l Wine A
T -bottled especially for mn- T
7 Canada Drug & Book X
%    Company, Limited,    4.
Wednesday, Oct, 24.—For 24 hours—
.Southerly and easterly winds, very
unsettled, rain, milder, Barometer
Local and General.
The tines! bean feast ever seen
Is Wednesday next, on Hallowe'en,
The Hospital Ball! Now, please
remenilier! Thc fourteenth evening
oi November!
Forget-me-not Club will bold their
dance in Selkirk Hall to-night instead
of Friday night.
R. Tapping and Mr. Powers were
initiated lust night into lhe mysleriea
of tbe Fraternal Order ol Eagles
Some line specimens oi luenl grown
apples are exhibited in Messrs. Hoi:
son 4 Bell's window, from the orchard
ol J.Maley.
Wheal receipts ,,n the C. P. R. at
Winnipeg are 20,000,000 bushels,
6,000,000 bushels in excess ol the same
period lasl year.
There is inure sunshine in sunny
British Columbia than in any province
iu Canada. There is more sunshine
in Revelst"ke than in any spot in
Briti-h Columbia,
'Word has been received Irom Scotland oi the death ol ex-Provost
Mackay, oi Kilmarnock. Mr. Mackay
was:, relation ol Mrs. W, Morris and
Mis- McLean ol .his ciiy.
Please take notice that the b:.1o of
work i take i Inc.- in tbe Mel In,(list
church on Thursday, Oot. 2') (tomorrow) has been changed to the Opera
House    Everybody welcome!
Considerably over $300 were taken
at the Thanksgiving Supper on Thursday I,.-:. S in ol the items were:
Fancy .... Ie*$84, Candy stall $22.10,
Fish pond $18.40, Fl iwer stall $14,
There is a movement on loot in the
city i ' ; n iml dance classes where
tbe "first aid" can be taught and
ordinary rk necessary in emergency
casts, where.-. surgeon is not on the
We .v.-re much pleased to receive
yesterdaj a charming pictorial postal
irom Mrs. H. A. Brown now at New
Orleans, an-' in gratified to know
lhat our Irien '.- and subscribers ihink
ol us while on their travels.
An err--; occurred in our last issue
in the article "Activity in Real I-'s-
tii.e.'* A paragraph reading: "lour
townsite lots at Mara wtre sold to the
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co."
should have read, "lour lots in the
Mara tow..sit*-, Revelstoke, were sold"
We have some of the very
newest things in writing papers.
They must surely interest
l>eoplc who are particular as to
their correspondence.
All the latest weights,shapes
and te.vturcs.—Prices low.
SEE Ol'R 60 cent pound
package of  LINEN   PAPER.
Druggist and Stationer,
-I'm tii. Ilame block.
M,   ' i- i-r- Receive Prompt Attention
All those who nre interested should
nili'iid tho it ecting nt llie Y.M.C.A.
on Friday night ut r, o'olock Ior tlio
purpose nl discussing tlio proposed
formation ol a Literary and Debating
The  Ladies'  Auxiliary   nf   Knox
Churcll wish to thank nil thus.'who
assisted in nnd made donations towards the Thanksgiving Suppor an
look pari iu n.nking tlio evening BO
Outsiders whu expect tn head this
way next, summer might as well engage their rooms in the city hotels
several months in advance as the in.li
cations are that nur aooomniodatioiiB
dining the coming scasun will he
taxed tu tl.e limit by the influx nf
tuui-ists, land seekers, mining moil
and capitalists.
The Vancouver and Const Kootonay
Railway Cunipany will apply next
scsoiin fur an act extending the time
for Ibeoommencomentnnd completion
of ils railway and for power to extend
its line from a point near Nicol.. Luke
northerly by the most feasible route
to Veil....head Pass.
The very unusual sight oi blossoms,
ripe fruit and autumn coloured leaves
on strawberry plants can be seen oil
Ed. Adair's Grand View Ranch.
Strawberries in the fall are rare luxuries and nre evidences nf the wonderful productiveness ol the anil round
The Oourt of Revision of the lievel-
Btolio Electoral District will be held
in lhc Court home, Rcvelstuke nt
...in,.... Monday, Nov. fi, for the purpose ul hearing and determining any
ol nil objections against the retention
of any names on lhe Register ol
.1. Henderson is putting up a new
residence and commodious stahIes and
out-buildings un First street, west of
Pearson street. E, 0. Fromey has lhe
contract. Mr. Fin.ney ia also erecting
a fine residence on the corner ol Third
street and Rubson avenue. The
building has a cement block base and
frame top which gives the bouse a
snli.l yet handsome appearance.
There passed away last night one of
the oldest residents of the city and one
of the first pioneer prospectors in
Revelstoke and the district, in the
person of Joe Dunn. Mr. Dunn has
been ill Inr some little time, but alter
a turn for the worse last nigh, he was
unable to rally, The decensed has
done some goud work in developing
the adjacent country.
Tbe Buffalo (X. V.) Times says
"The assisting artist was Mr. Wallace
Graham, a talented young Canadian
reader, llis uumbers were, the beautilul poem 'Lasca,' ami as nn encore
'The Usual Way;''The Volunteer Organist,' and encore, 'The Auction'
Mr, Graham's readings were especially
well received hy bis audience, eaoh
selection receiving enthusiastic applause." At St. Andrew's Church
will. Harold Jarvis on Monday, Nov.
5th, Secure your tickets early to
ai-,,id disappointment.
Mr. Hunt, the advance agent ol the
ever popular Claude Amsden and his
company ol opera Bingers, reports be
funis his two stars. Miss Ha/el Davenport .md Claud Amsden are very pop-
ular in Revelstoke, and the subscription
list for tin- besl scats is going on fine.
Every oi e who lias their name on the
list secures tin- lirst choice ol -eats 21
hours in advance ol tlie regular sale.
Thi.- system ha grown to be the fid
all over in- country with the opera)
orgiiM/aiioiis Everybodj knows Claud
Amsden and Hazel Davenport Iron
seeing then: with the Rosoian8 Opera
Company so many times Thev will
sing Gilbert and - il an - e er p ipn-
,pera tbe  M iscott and Clauds
AniBden'a up-to-date  sical oomady
ipera, The Governi r- Wile, (lot, 26
and 27 The company c mea by a
guarantee and everyone that desires to
enjoy a first-class comic opera, will
please send, call or phone nam,- to the
Canada Drug.an.I Book -ton- ami
have your name nn the subscription
list—as by bo doing you hav.- first
choice "I geats Thursday at ID a.m
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Best
Kincaid & Anderson
Social and Personal
W, 11. Robertson bus returned lor a
short, vi -it to Gulden.
Clove Hall ot Nelson, was in the
cily yesterday on business.
G. M. Sproat returned from a visit
to Nelson on Sunday Inst.
Mr. and Mra. J. M. Scott have returned (rom a visit lo Ihe ci ast.
Premier McBride will pass through
Revelstoke this evening en route for
J. I). Sibbald bus roturned from a
visit to the mining properties up the
Big Bend.
D. JenningB, uf tho C.I'.R. stores,
has been transferred to Field to lake a
similar p sitiun there.
G. Robertson late of II. N, Coursier s
office has been engaged as extra assistant clerk in the city bull olliees.
Mrs.   I). A.   Lawson   will   he   "at
home" on Thursday ami Friday in
this  week Instead of   the  First  ol
.Miss F. Fraser will take up a s|ccial
course ol commercial study at Vancouver lor six months and will be the
guest ol Mrs. Wilkes.
Conductor J. A. Agnew and Mr*.
Agnew  leave on Saturday   .1  rning
i-,r Calgary anil Ed nto.l on  a  two
weeks' visil to Iriends,
Mr*. Matson, who was visiting her
mother, Mrs. McKitrick, Ior the ;,-
three months, lelt lor h.-r home in
Indianapolis yesterday morning.
nothing belter than I ur' Special
Fresh Ohocoiatcs at Canada Dn g
Toilet, Soaps—nil kinds, all price ,
at Nairn's.
Will pape ' Wall paper! nt Hon-
son's Furniture Store.
Pure Ciiscai-a in 2Sc. bottles sold i.t
Canada Drug Store.
High quality drug slore goods nl
low prices—Bews' drug slore.
Choice celery, lettuce and swee'
potatoes . O. II. Hume & Co.
A new line ol guaranteed hot wale."
bottles just, arrived ut Nairn's.
Howson's furniture sture is thc
place tn see a large stock nf carpels.
Beyrouth, Coalport und Orescent
China, a nice variety at Nairn's.
Hot water hags and fountain
syringes, a complelc assortment nt
Bews'drug store.
Eastern honey just arrived in a!
conihs, J lb. jars, I Ib, jars, (juur
sealers anil f. lh. pails. C. 11. Hiillii
it Co.
Tulip, crocus, snowdrops, hyacinth
bulhs, etc., for the garden and liuuse
at Hews' drug store.
Got an Ostermoiir mat-trass. You
will never regret it. Solid comfort
une third ol ynur life. Howson's furniture store inia theni.
English vegetables marrows, in any
quantities, only 15c, each. C. 1).
Hume & Co.
Caledonia, Ont ,Oet. 22 —1 wo p. r-
so.is ire dead and eigbty-fivi  -
less s, verely iii. as the outcome ,f a
least l.elil at tbe home ol Mr and Mill.   Fosti ti   brat,   thei   silvei
wedding.    Among  the dishei  srved
were chickens dressed with gelatine
ami boiled in copper pots.   Ol the 90
guests, -, wi re taken ill and the five
who dill not, eat .-liickt-i. enjoj -
health.   The two who luccumbed »-, re
Mrs. Ferguson, wife ol the ll, v Pel
gus,.it    ,  d    Mr-    Foster,   mother of
llei-lo:' K 111 :-,     ill those critically ill
the  Rev   Ferguson  is  in the worst
_..   «.     —
Ai, tl.e regular monthly meeting ol
the contract holders ,,l tbe Pacific
I.nan Company, Limited, hold at tholr
hend office, 63(1 Hasting' Street,   *veSl
Vancouver, Contract   No. HI    was]
drawn.  The owner is W, ll. Brown
with the real estate firm ol Mm/in &
Brown, Vancouvi r.j
If ymi want bargains in sheel music
uml songs ol all kinds, we are selling
out hundreds ol sheets at •■ cents a
copy. Come early and get a choice,
Canada Drug k Book Store,
l-'miii our own Con-eipontlent.
On the evening of Thanksgivin
day a concert and sale of work was
held under the auspices of tl.e Ladies1
Aid Society, in the Buokham hall.
Tlie affair wus a success in every respect, It is said that it was thc
largest crowd over collected nt a con
cert in Field. The hull was tilled to
the doors. One thing that can un
doubtcdly he claimed lor the people ol
Field is, thnt tbey are exceeding!
appreciative. It takes a good deal of
patience and work on the part of
those who provide these nlliiirs. and it
is encouraging when the people show
their appreciation as tbey did last
Thursday evening, hntl. hy their attendance and attention. Every number was well received. Tl.e people
were especially pleased with thc partB
taken by Messrs. Hooley and Annan
of Revelstoke, who were at Field on a
visit. The iittle comedy that was
given was perhaps the most interesting number on tbe programme. As
far as ive know this is the first time
this iiiueli has been attempted in
Field. Manager Pati "and his company nre to be congratulated on their
success in the , lay. Wo hope they
may favor us ngain. Tlie sale ot
work alsu came nil' well, practically
everything being sold. The refreshments were excellent. None know
better than do the ladies of Field how
to look after this part.
We are sorry to lose from our village Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Martin who
have gone to live at Sicamous.
Mrs. Wm, McPherson has gone tn
visit friends at North Hend and the
Mrs. Burns anil ber little (laughter,
of Moosejaw, are visiting with Mrs.
McGillivary. Mrs. Burns is Mrs. Mc-
Glllivary's mother.
Mis.- Johnston, of Chicago, is visiting at the Manse. Mi-s Johnston was
a class mate anil room male with Mrs
Miller through llieir course in llie
Illinois Training School for Nurses.
Some important changes in the administrative stall' ol the 0. P. tt.
mechanical department have been
made on tlie Western division, W. E,
Woodhouse, district master-mechanic
al Moueejaw, has been appointed
master-mechanic over western lines
Irom Bwilt Current to Laggan and
south to Kootenny Landing, succeeding John Cardell, who is being trans-
[i :.-il. bul whose lutnre position has
nol ■ •  ui ,-,-il. His headquarter! will be at Calgary. li. A Pyne,
li, ,,.., at Brandon, has
been a i,; ^.i n t <-<l district master-
with headquarters at
M    • - ic. ■ -I Woodhouse,
The  management ol the  Branny
announces thai is copper is 21 cents
pound thi highest it has been in
hall a century it will  not  dose down
the smelting planl 11 the price ol
eopp. i ■ il -.-,!,, 12 cents like ii
yeai ago, the planl would
'.•■.. - ...I-, |>ration, si I - uld
not, under tl.e ciroumiUnoes, nay the
Increased cnsl ol ooke, Hut the
company canni t afford to i as. .per
itioni when there are such good
opportunities lor profits a, ,1 > gee
has determined to get Its - cks - ipply
during the time th.- strike is
on from Duluth to Chic .- Ihit i*
a commendable mov* on the part of
the lira..hy co...puny, as the   ll   "ing
down olio large a concern, with iti
hundreds ol employees at both mine
ami smelter, would Lave a decidedly
had effect on lhe Boundary - Miry
it is sincerely Imped that the strike,
which is in its fiitli -.w-,-k, will shortly
enme to an end.
Thn Clothing end flentleinen'fl Fornl hlng
B«sln«Ri>f .1 0. Mflcdftnilttnf Re ■ I - H
(    Mr Maodollflld    >- ■islffii'Jd but tho btul
USSR i - -iti1!  being c iri'.-vl mi     StOflll    ml-
to aboul 117.000.00and la w and In r.r t alius
condition Pall stool* Is on ordor nnrl straatot
part now in (leretalokO ready for delivery,
Piirohtwor buying at owe ran wcore fall trade.
Tendon aro aaltoi nnd will be roeef?ed by tha
Assignee, A, Y. Anderson, Hnvohtiikn, n (], n-,,
tn tho lit N.iv.-mi-iT 1006, For further par*
Honiara n|>piy to tho A nol-en nn or Muni ,-v
Walkmn. BollcltON fur Katnte, V-incmivAr, 11.(1,
iwun ikun uuk mrimim
Probabilities for November, December and January
Shivers and Warm Clothing.
We cure shivers.
Come and see our Warm
We have one of the swell-
est lines of Clothing [you
have ever seen.
We have prepared extensively for your Clothing
wants this winter, and our
assortment will be hard to
We can fit you in size and
We sell Coppley, Noycs,
Randall's and  Campbell's.
If you have worn them you
know what they are. If
you have not- come in and
get introduced.
Satisfaction is our trade
mark, and we are careful
when buyingourgoods lhat
they suit all purchasers.
If your stock of Clothing
has run short we ask you
to look over our Winter
stock We have just what
you want for Winter wear.
The regular meeting cl the city
council was held on Friday evening
last, with Mayor McLeod in tbe chair
and all the aldermen present. Minutes ol last regular meeting were read
and adopted.
From Chief Bain reporting lire
alarms O. K.
From Supt. Kilpatrick re crossing
on Garden Avenue in front of C.
Turnross' livery stables, stating that
repairs should be made.—Laid over.
From H. A. Brown re tho lane run
ning frum Victoria Road to First St.,
behind tbe Club, stating that it was in
a bad oondltion and required thoroughly cleaning and re-making. It was
resolved that a letter should be setit
to the RevelBtoke Club requesting
that something should be done to put
thc lane in a fit condition,
From the Secretary of the Police
Association of RoBsland, requesting
that T. Bain should be made a ...ember of the association, which had been
formed lo prevent crime; to establish
standard methods of police administration and other schemes for furthering the prevention und increase of
crime in the interior.—Laid over.
From the Secretary of the Municipalities Association at Westminster
requesting that a strong delegation
should be sent fro... Rovolstoko to represent the city at lho Municipal Con-
ventinn to be held nl Knmloops. Also
that Kevelstoke should join the Association.—Laid over.
In general business it was resolved
that 11. A. Brown shuuld draw the
attention ol the militia authorities to
the dangerous results that might
iccur froni snow sliding off the drill
hull roof on to the sidewalk and that
the .lunger should l.e eliminated,
A deputation from tbe C. P. R. con-
listing ol Supt. Kilpatrick, Mr, Boyd,
J, P. Forde and S. Phipps, making a
proposition for special rates for light
uiul power. (Allusion was made to
this question in Saturday's issue.) On
studying tbe figures shown, thc council made their offer ol 3j oonts per
k.w. for power and I! cents per k.w. for
ight, and the offer made by the 0. P.
It. was 2c, per k. w. lor power aud 4Jc.
per k. w. lor light, As neither party
accepted the other's terms then, a
special meeting of the council was
called for this evening when the matter will be settled.
E, M. Cook, of the V, M. O. A.,
waited on the council, giving them an
invitation tn visit, the Intiis and Inspect the gymnasium classes at exercise.
Mr. Elder, representing the Oregon
Nursery Co. nl Salem, made offers ..I
trees and shrubs to the oounoll shuuld
they desire tn purchase.
A petition signed hy n number uf
ratepayers was laid belore the counoil
requesting tlnit the McKenzie avenue
grounds should be taken over by the
council for public uso for games,
sports, cycling, eto. It was decided
that the petition was not signed by
enough ol the citizens, also that the
lease had been too recently granted
and tin. petition was laid ovor.
I In- city clerk requested that an
assistant clerk be engaged to help in
finishing the clerical work ol the city
in-fore thc year and it was decided to
comply with his request.
An appropriation wns made tu purchase '12 new cells for the lire alarms,
the new cells being lar a.id away
Superior to the old ones and having a
life ol over three years.
The usual discussions re ll.e gravel
pit and sidewalks brought tl.e session
to a close,
Houses and Lots
WANTED-A position as Housekeeper, for bachelors or widower. For particulars apply to P. O,
Box 714, Revelstoke, B. (5,
LOST- Collie Pup .ilinul. 3 months
old.   Hinder will please return lo
J. M, Doyle .mil receive reward,
WANTED-- Young gill, to lake
charge of two children from 8
to 8 p.m. Apply to Mm. Schwerdftiger
Kuu.-ih Street.
I" OST- Yesterday on the Hig Hend
J road, between city and cemetery,
n hiinil hag containing a small purse,
iu which was uu amount ol money and
I. calling cud. Finder will please re-
turn i... the office of tl.e Mah.-Hkhai.ii.
Miss Betty McLennan
(Pupil of Dr. A. S. Vogl, ol
Toronto University)
is prepared to take pupils in Piano
Instruction.   Residence—Fourth St
G.   M.  SPROAT,
Offlco - Cowan Block
Manufactured for iill clanseslof buildings
Why do you hake your own bread
when we cun deliver it to you fresh
from tl.e oven every day. There is
none bctti , il any as good.
Cakes and Pastry
A large assortment oi Cakes and
Pastry on hand.
Quality and workmanship A 1.
All kinds of building nnd plastoring
ti nd or taken.
Thn  annual  opening  oxorciM-g in
connection wi. h tlie High Hchool will
bo hold in 'Selkirk I lull toinowoff
evontog- to begin promptly nt 8:16.
MhUIr, riflzej nmi Gerti|i08tyi will be
promntea fcoBiicoeflflful ettutonu. All
frit-lulu of the sohooli are welcome.
Nnl.ice U horoby Ki ven Unit He duy* nfter dnl •
i iuieml In apply id llm Cliief Commissioner of
Lnmls,*iuii Works foi-a special license to cut
mul curry awny timbor from tbo following
described bind" situate iui Iio Yalo IHsl-rlot:
l. Commencing nt n poat planted tit the north-
i-nsi. I'l.riiciiif linilicrli'-ciiHi' No mo, on Cliorry
Creak and inarked "I). Won|,ioy's niirtb-ivbst
corner post,' tbenee kohiIi inn di-iiim, thence eust
10 obaniB, tiience nortb 160 clialns, Uience weat 40
clialna in i"'int of t'oimnonconient.
tocnted Wth 8eptomber, loot).
E. Commencing al, a post planted at tlie uoiitli-
weat corner of itbnber llcenao Nu, Wi, nn'main
Cherry Oreok and nmrkcil" D. Wm-lHpy'H south-
eaal cornor,"thonce imi'llittucliuliiH. tlience west
H'lcliiihw, tiii'iin- mult li hii rli'iiii**, theuco east go
rli.iin.-. iniin- point nf i-iiiuini'iiceiueiil.
r-wated Lat October, nine.
8, Commencing at a poat plantod at the north-
weal curuer nf timber license No. H287 and mnrkeil
"li, IVnolaov'a aoutlHYeat corner,'* thenco mntli
I'M chalna* tlionce oasl 4ii ehnins, theuce south
iCO cbalnat thonco weit 40 chalna tn tlm point of
Located ami dey at October, 1006.
i. Commencing at h poat planted nl tbe
northwest corner of timbor liconso No, 8i87
nml mnrked "li. Wniilsey's Houtli-o-aat corner
pom," Ibenco north 100 onaliia, thonce west 40
i'IiaIux, Ibenco soutli ii.ii chiiin-, thence oust 10
obainato <\o Hut ot commencement.
Located -nd Ootobor, 100*1,
0, Commencing at a post plnnted about IW
mllei ii'Tili in 1 of tho soulh-CBSi corner of
timlier lu-emo No. B-J7B and marked " I), Wool-
iiy'a north-well comer post," thonee east 80
onilni. iiMtiH'H.i'iiii Mj-r.iiiiti", ibence wost 80
1 Iii .11 . llii'liic imrlli Mlrlii.inMo the point of
beetled nth Oolobori nuw.
fi. Commonolng at a post plantod at the
lOlltll'fiael enrnor or limber lleeimO No.MiB
and inarkod "1), Wook-y* B0iitn*west comer
post, thonee oaet in chaini thenoe north HO
chains, 1 hence enst in eluiiiiK, (hence norlli in
chain**, ihoneo we-i 80 ohalna, thenoo soulh ISO
eluiins tn ihr |iiiiiii of ooniinciici-motit.
Located I'llji October, IJKII,
Hated this20th October. lUUB.
oci n l), WOOLSEY.
Mra. Jl. .1. lla.ibury. Munagreas.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Lint,'!' Diniuftroom for
llam-uots, Hu|i|ioi*s, otc,
Furnished Rooms To Let
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under Ibe nt-.v maiiiiReuie.it of
llA.-KY M.iIntohii,  llotfim...  House
. KoM'hinil.
THU MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon un- the ...oat curative in tbe
world. A perfect, natuial remedy for
nil Nervous and Muscular tliaeaaea,
Liver, Kidney and Wo.ninth ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
fur "That Tired Keeling." Special
rates on all hunts and trains, Two
mails in i-i ve and depaib every day,
Tel -['rn h communication with ali
mails of the world,
Tf.iims- $12 to $1S per week.   Fcr
further particulars apply to
harry' Mcintosh; __
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrolo Lake. B, C
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
itiid Japanese goods
The bc*ct assortment ever
lanaed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
'1',-n HOrviCtiH
''anu (lli.ilr.
jyiowcr Pol*
Utiitirtillii Standi
Lunch ItaHkoU.
S...old.it! .luck.itB
; 811k Hood,,.
'"gold nsif"
Pliant stock of candles and frails In town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Arrowhead, B. C.
Ohurmlmrly situated on the shores
of Arrow Luke.
Good Ti.uit, Kiahlnu.
Boats always foe hire.
Sample Rooms in connection.
Kirst-closs linns., for Tourists and
Commercial men,
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor


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