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Vol 1?.-No 33
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Now is the time for planting all kinds ol Flower and
(tarden See.l< nnd one glance over our stock will convince you ol
their quality and our variety.
All our seeds are bought from two of the largest growers in
Canada—Si. ele Briggs and D. M. Ferry.
The following are of the package and bulk Beeds we carry.
I). M. Ferry's Garden and Flower Seeds. Steele Briggs'
Gnrdin anil Flower Seeds.
Our Hulk Flower Seeds are :—Nasturtium and Sweet
Our Bulk Garden Seeds are Onion, Carrot, Turnip, Wax
Beans and Onion Setts.
Our Bulk Grass Seeds are Red Clover, White Clover,
Timothy, Lawn Grass and Mammoth Clover.
All these Seeds are fresh in and cnn bo relied on with
You need a new hat with your new suit. A man never
looks well dressed wearing an old' hat with his new suit. See
our new English, American and Canadian Hats,
Christie's Hale are our leaders—the world's standard hat.
If you wear a hard hat, you must buy the Christie to have the
In Soft Hats we have the latest Jim Cracks and Cracker
Jack American Blocks.
MEN'S COLLARS—One Hundre I Dozen Men's Linen
Collars we are selling at a Bargain—$1.00 a dozen, or any size
at 10c. each.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Men Assured That Work of
Conciliation Board be Expedited—Work to Resume on
Fkkxik, April 20.—After a closed
meeting lasting fr.uu 8:110 tu I o'clnck
this morning, during which vie ■
president Lewis tlie president lind
other district board officers talked
earnestly to the men and exhorted
them to return to work pending the
investigation, it wus linally decidtd
tln.t they would .1.. su on ihe personal
assurance ot Mackenzie Kim;, deputy
minister ol labor, thut the work of the
commission will be expedited as much
as possible.
The men nt lirst did uut seem tu
want to accept the teims at Hrst, but
were linally perauad.d to do so.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
♦ *V« ttt »T« .Ti it. it. .T. it. tTi *Tt aT« iTi »t. iTi .t. &% »^i »T, »Tt »Ti «T« »Ti »T> «T> ,'
, ix* *if "if "if 'X1 "X' 'X' 'J,' 'X X X ♦ X X X X X X X X ♦ + + + •
Tiie     nAIMT   Season
Has arrived again and we are prepared lor it, having just
received a full car of all kinds of Paints, Raw and Boiled Oil,
White Lead, Varnishes, Baplac, Alabastine, Agate Wall Finish
and Kalsomine.
*■ J We have also received two cars of Mixed Hardware, which
i r completes our stock and puts us in a position to supply all **
i jl your Spring requirements in the Hardware line. <j*
*: f       Mail Orders receive prompt attention.
Dealen in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, MinerV, Lumbermen'!
and Sawmill Snppllei, etc., Plumbing and Tiniaiithing.
Catholic—Rev. Father R. Peooul
O.M.I., pastor. Serviceseverv Sunday
at lhe lollowing hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mais; 10:30 a.m. High "..ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction,
METiioniST — J. 8. Woodaworth,
n.lniater, Sunday.April 28th, 11 a.m.,
morning service, "Strict with thyself;
Charitable toward! thy Brother." 2.30
p.m,, Sunday loh iol and I'astor'i
Bible class. 7,30 p.m., evening service,
"The flood, tl.e True, tl.o Beautilul."
St. ANDREW'S Prksiivtehiah—Rev.
W. O. Calder, pastor. Servicei 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m., Sunday school and
Pastor's Bible clasa 280. Morning
subject (Communion) "Abide In Me."
Evening subject, Romat.a VII. 13,
"The exceeding Sinfulness ol Sin."
I'rayor meeting Wednesday at 8 p.m,
Chuir practice and teachers' meeting
Friday at 8 p.m.
Knox (I'rcabytorian)—,1. II. Ilobort
lull II. A., B. I)., minister, Morning
ii.-rvi.:.- at  II o'clock.   Subject. "Ooil
With Us."  Sunday school and pus-
tor's bible -laee at 2:30 p in. Evening
8erv.ee at 7:30 o'clock, subject: " The
Union movement in the world and in
Canada." This will be the sermon on
the great problem of church union.
Special music at evening service. Solo
by Dr, Morriaon "The Gift of Beat," by
Frederick H Cowcn, and anthem by
the choir, " Lift Up Your Heuda O
Ye Gates," by W, A. Ogden. The
Young People's monthly social gathering at the church parlors Monday
night, tfrayer meeting on Wedncadsy
and choir practice on Friday.
Revelstoke Unanimous Choice
for Distributing Centre.
A meeting of delegatea of loci'
branchei of the B. C, Fruit Growers'
Association was held nt Armstrong on
April 24 25, and a large number of
Iruit growers attended.
Th" primary object of the meeting
was to lind means for the proper distribution of fruit and produce in Manitoba and other markets. The delegates present were: J. Johnson,
president, Nelson; H, E. R. Smythe,
Revelstoke; Dr. M S Wade, Kamloops;
P. E. Lazenl.y; J. W. McCallum, Salmon Arm; P. Wilson, Chilliwack; K.
J. Hogg, Peuchlund; T. Morley, Nelson; 0. Graham, Aimstrong; G. E.
Harwell, Hammond; Mr. Helme,
Supt. Dominion Express.
The president addiessed the meeting up. ing in strong terms the
necessity oi finding proper markets
and Iruit diatributing centrea Irom B,
C. points fur all B. C. f.uits, under
control of local associations; billing,
packing and handling,appoinlment ol
a resident manager and travelling
salesmen to canvas the country to see
that Iruit was evenly and properly
diatributed. He naked all local aaao-
ciations to give their hearty support
thoae mentioned being, Kaslo, Kamloops, Revelstoke, Vernon, Feachland,
Spallumcheen Pentieton, Kootenay,
Am strong, Maple Ridge, Kelowna,
Salmon Arm, Victoria, Nanaimo,
Chilliwack, i.elson and Mission. Hei
urged them to do their utmost in
making the movement a complete
success and unite in harmony. The
delegatea in turn addreseed the meeting pointing out the vastness of fruit
crops and o.chard areas, the meana of
disposing of same. Some stated that
many towns in the Northwest did not
get an ounce of fruit last yenr, while
others were glutted wilh it. The
choice ol a central distributing point;
il.tt'ennt express rates, and reducing
of same in carl-ad lots; the Lest man
uer of placing travelling salesmen in
territories to distribu.e fruit snil see
ibat all points were Mipp.ied, were all
discussej, The name of the asiiicia-
tion was thin discussed and it wns
resolved thut the name ol " Fruit
Growers Exchunge of B.C." be adopted.
The Exchange will handle nil fruit
shipped out ol the province (rom the
locai ass'cintions. It wns then proposed lo stock the u.wly formed
association with a capital of $5000.
The matter ol choosing a suitable
place as distributing headquarters wae
discussed. Revelstoke being unanimously chosen as the favored point
with a registered office.
The Revelstoke delegate pointed out
the suitability of bis city, Hating that
it was the terminus ol branch line,
where much Iruit come, in Iron, tl.e
south; that the Oovernment had a
cold storage Ior the keeping ol Iruit
while waiting for distribution; telegraphic cuininunnictttion day and
night, and accommodation for side
track and warehouses which could be
built lor storing fruit until orders
enme in from outside points. He said
that a suitable olliee could be lecured
for the general manager and his stall.
It was reiulved that three or lour
suitable men be got as Iruit diatribut
on on the markets, to lie under the
jurisdiction ol tl.e general manager in
Mr. Helme dUcuiied express rates
and promised hc would do what he
Other matters were taken up, and
the f ruining ol bylaws and constitution
..ere discussed, and other subjects
which will be published later. Several delegates, at the close of the meeting, drove to Coldstream ranoh, where
they were much impressed with the
general work.
The next meeting ol the executive
committee will lie held in Revelstoke
on Wednesday, May 22nd.
The new C P.R. steanrr, Okanagan,
on her trial trip made the run between
I'ontioton and Vernon's port, a distance ol 06 ...iles, in three hours and
fifteen minutes, or at the rale of over
21 miles per hour.
It has boon decided to run, during
the months of heavy tourist travel, a
last passenger train three times a
week each way, crossing the continent
in about 86 hours on the C.P.R, Thia
will bo in addition to tho two transcontinental paaionger trains eait and
weit, which will alio be in operation.
The Overseas Limited will also Ih* in
survici. in order to connect .villi ll.e
Atlantic and Pacific iteamcra.
Victoria, April 26.—The bill to
amend tbe Lund Act which hai been
before tbe provincial legislature for a
week or more has passed through
conimi'tee. During the discussion
member! of the opposition again pre
teated against the pasaagc of that sec
tion which provides tint tbe Government shall forego its reversionary
interest in the property. Having ad
vanced authcient reaaona why thia
shuuld be done in the ins mice referred
to all ul.je-.ti.in.iry amendment! were
voted down.
The measure providing lor a court
ol appeal passed its third reading,
while lhe members tor Victoria intro
duccd ionic Important amendments to
t..e Municipal Clauaei Act,
New York and Western Capitalists Purchase Mundy Lumber
Co.'s Holdings for $2,000,000
-Plant to be Enlarged.
E. E. Taylor, inspector and Calgary
agent for the Canadian Birheck Investment &. Savings Co. was in town
yesterday to look over the situation
ns part of a syndicate who are purchasing the property and limits of the
Mundy Lumber Co. at Three Valley.
Mr. Taylor states that New York an.l
Wes.em capilal are behind the deal
and have paid over the purchasing
The ow... rs have paid between one
million, and one and a half million
doll iis for the concern, which includes
140 square miles of limits, containing
neu.lytwo billion feet of high grade
cedar, while pine and hemlock, and
will take possession on August 1st.
The den I is one of the largest and
most important that hue tnken place
in this vicinity, and will interest all
those who are connected with the
lumbering industry.
The new owners have decided to
double tbe capacity ol the  mill and
hen two or three more band saws
are added, .he daily cut will average
over 200 000. On being asked as to
who were the principals in the deal,
Mr. Taylor guardedly stated that the
names were not to be disclosed, except
ih.it ol Mr. J..yne8 of Calgary. The
syndicate propose to carry on the
business on a far larger scale than
hitherto and Revelstoke will, we hope,
benelit by .he influx of Amelia...
capital. Negotiations have been
pending for this deal for some comiil-
erab e time and matters have only
ust reached a bead
Experiments Being Made to
-   Secure an Unbreakable
One of the greatest, problems facing
Canadian railways today is that of se
curing rails as nearly unbreakable as
possible. This matter has assumed an
unusually serious phase this year by
the number of I ad accidents that have
been caused by broken rails. Broken
rails are the bugbear cf railway
men, and despite the utmost precautions it seems inevitable that every
once in a while a paaeenger or freight
train ehould be wrecked from this
cause. And for every broken mil that
upsets a train there are probably a
hundred lhat are discovered belore
ihey have caused an nccidein, the fnct
that a rail is broken does not mct-s-
snrily mean tint it wi'l cause an accident. Hal! a dnz. u trains mny pass
snlely over it—and the next one b(
The problem facing tl.e Cu nail inn as
well as all ..ther railway men, is tu
get a rail that will stand the changes
of temperature nf this country without becoming brittle, suys the Montreal Gazette. K.xpe.ts say that il is
the rapid changes of teniperatuie that
lend to broken rails—more csp-ciully
in the early spring, when Iho Imst is
coming out of tl.e ground, unit tl.ee. I.I
below and warm air above cause s;ich
varieties -n temperature that the metal is peculiarly.)- liable to snap undei
the sharp pressure of a train Owing
to this, February, March und April
are the great months fur broken rails;
at other times of tbe year comparatively little danger iB caused from this
Experienced men state that the
present spring, owing tn tl.e depth of
frost in tiie ground, has proved one ul
the hardest on rails lhat they hnve
ever experienced and as a result they
point to the long list ol horrible rail,
way cnl.....ities that have occurred
during tl.e past lew months, the great
majority ol which have been attributed
to broken rails.
While tl.o weight ol the rails has
increased from forty tu eighty, ninety
and even a hundred pounds per yard,
the weight ol the trains has moro
than correspondingly increased, hundred ton engines und hundred thous-
and-piund cars becoming tbo recognized standard, nnd whether as a
result of this or not, tl.e number ol
broken rail, is said by exports to lm
proportionately greater today Ilu... in
pnst years,
At this time of the year the section
gangs and all other railway men are
on the qui vive for broken rails, ao
that aa a general rule they are discovered belore much damage results
It iB stated that a clean break across
is not dangerous as it is generally hold
in place as are the enda ol the raile,
hut it is the abutting split rail which
causes tho damage, the wheel llanges
catching in the angle and sliding out,
and then comes the upset, il the train
is going faet. On some of tl.e Amcri
can railways a bonus is offered every
man on or off the railway who discovers a broken rail.
Railway men fear the broken rail
more than anything else, The Iiest of
rilles can be made and lho moat competent employcea engaged, but there
in always the liability ol a rail going
wrong during changing seaiona. It
is the liability which tho C P.R. and
G.T.R, are at present trying to reduce, il money and science can do it.
Leather pust cards, leather eusl.ions,
leather pipe holders and novelties,
large assortment of newest styles just
opened at Canada Drug Store.
A. F. & A. M.
Masonic Lodge Initiated at
Arrowhead — Enthusiastic
Arrowhead, our enterprising nnd
progressive neighbor, bus been much
to the fore of late, in many ways, not
the least of which is in the interest
taken in fraternal societies. The
Knights ol I'ythii.s, only a while back
instituted a Pythian Lodge, which
lodge has progressed rapidly both in
numbers and in the interest taken in
the work. Tho growth of fraternal
societies will always bo a strong factor
iu the building up nnd prosperity ol n
tnvn or city.
The growth und public spirit ul lho
town ol Arrowhead was vory strongly
.....I Conspicuously demonstrated on
Wednesday night, when a moat en
juyabie evening win spent on the
occasion of ihe instiltitinn of a
Masonic lodge ut Arrowhead, under
ihe title ot "Arrow Lodge." Invlla-
liens were extended to Revelstoke and
other towns in close proximity to attend the ceremony. A special train
had been engaged io convey the local
members down, about 30 laking advantage of it and on ariival at Arrowhead, a warm and ready welcome was
exieiidul tu them all, and a general
move was made towards the new and
commodious ludge room. At the
sound of the gavel, R. W. Bro. MePherson, D. I). G. M , explained the
nature of the business which had
called the company on ihis occasion.
He aaid that the institution of every
lodge in the province did much to help
the older nut nnd lie was especially
pleased that it had fallen to bin lot to
organize the lodge at Arrowhead,
which was so rapidly b. coming a town
oi considerable importance. Aft r
some preliminary business the D.D.G.
M. iu regular lorm, accompanied by
the ceremonii.I., which are part of the
work of this greatest of all orders,
declared the ledge duly instituted.
Following this the ceremony of electing and installing ollicers was carried
out. in which die D. D. G. M. was
assisted by R. W. Bro. Fred Fraeer,
past D. D. G. M for Revelstoke The
officersinrtalli'd .v."ens follows:
W R. Reid, Master.
L. H. Fraaei, Senior .'ar.len.
J. Hugh, Junior Warden.
G Reid, Senior Deacon.
J. B. Land, Junior I'eacon,
11. A. M .fquellete, Senior Steward.
W. J. Lightburne, Junior Steward.
T. B. Baker, Treaurer.
J. R. Thomson, Secretary.
J. Bull, Chaplain.   -
W. G, Smith, Tyler.
At the close of the ceremony the
whole Company of brethren were in-
vitid to attend a banquet prepared at
Ligh.burn's hotel, which was certainly a credit to the to Ige committee and
the proprietor ol the hotel. The
viands wire such as would be a pleasure even to the most lasti.lious ol
ep.cures. The general anangenients
wee excellently carried out and the
company numbering nbout 80, did
uniple justice to the repust. Tl.e loast
list was necessarily somewhat cur
tailed owing to the hour of dep-irure
rapidly appro.ching nnd t lie company
broke up only when t1 e 4' ntle "tool"
(rom the locomotive of lhe speoial reminded Ihem thut Ine lion...wind
journey must In commenced, aud 'he
pleasing function brought to .. ..lose,
Arrowhond has every reason I.. .-.-
i.roud of her new lodge aim when
fraternity hus s ch a strong hold
among the penple, the town is.les'i. e.l
to go ahead, nnd with this seed of cn.
operation and with the spirit of polo .;
together firmly implanted in the ci.i
zens, a town or city will prosper and
Selkirk Lodge "At Home"  A
Brilliant Gathering.
Selkirk Lodge No. 12, I O.O.F., wns
at home last night to their many
Iriends and tbo opera house presented
a brilliant nnd festive scene. The hall
had been artistically decorated with
llnga and hunting, nnd the emblem ol
tho Lodge surmounting the word
"Wolcomo" was impended over the
stage. Dancing waa tho chief order of
the evening, although card tables had
been placed i.i secluded nooks whore
those who preferred thil lesa atrcnuous
amusement cuuld while away the
pleasant hours. A large number ol
dancere tuok the floor, which waa in
excellent shape, and judging by tl.e
universal smile mi the faces ol those
joining in it, it was evidont that all
wore having a good time.
The occasion was the 88th annivor-
aary ot tho Inundation of the Order,
and tl.u lodge determined tu du the
thing   in   the host style..     line ......l.l
enumerate tho many dainty and
charming creations iu ladies' gowns il
s|iaoe would permit, but aullico it to
any that ltovulatoke's youth and
beauty were well represented. Tho
committee had all arrangements |ier-
feot and the function ran witliuut a
hitch. An excellent auppor waa served
in tho hall, the brothers looking after
thoir gnosis in a manner leaving
nothing to bo desired. Tho Oddfellows
is one nf tho most ancient Internal
urders in existence and Selkirk Lodge
No. 12, one ol the strongest and moet
popular; last night's entortaluniont
demonstrating the abilities ol Ihe
boys in making and keeping friends.
Bluo Ribbon Jolly Powders in all
flavors, 10c. per package, at 0. I).
Hume & Co'i.
(Junker Brand Canned Goods, Ashcroft Potatoes
nnd Vegetables, Wheat, Barley, Bran, Shorts, Chop
Feed, Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness, etc.
Agents for the Celebrated Kootenay Range.
PRICE $600
Corner Lots are very scarce,
and to secure this site you musl
not delay.
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
mperial Bankof Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Ilrn..rl.es in the ProvineM of Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
British 1 '..Inn,t.in Ontario, guebec.
Capital Paid Up ....   »4,700,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       S4,7oo,ooo.oo
I). It. Wh.kik, Presldon!; Hon. H. Jaffhay, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United states and
Europe.  Special attention given t.. Collections.
Savings Department
Deposit! received und Inteiest allowed ai current rote from date
uf opening account, und compounded four lm.es .1 yenr,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Wonderful Discovery by a Cobbler—Useful Hint for Winter
Ai.iooNA, l'a., April 26,—Tbe re-
.....rUI.li' secret lor burning ashes
with ooal, discovered by John Elemore,
nn Altoona cobbler and which has
excited much attention all over tho
world is out. Here it is: Common
sail, one pound; oxalic r.cid, 2 ounces;
wator, one gallon Mix and moisten
a mixture contained in one put cual
and tliree parts ashes, an.l a heller
tuol than pure coal is obtained. Tbe
ashes ol anthracite coal burn as readily as do those ol bituminous, This
mixture will, upon being placed upon
a burning fire, luse inlo a coke like
mass and deposit but little residue
The cumpound is now being used iu
many large industrial and mercantile
plants hare and it is claimed for it
that it has reduced the luel item moro
than half.
— .      . <• *      —
All latest drinks and Iiest of ico
clean, at Manning's Candy Palace.
Wealthy New Yorker Engages
Revelstoke Hunter and an
Old Pioneer in New Scheme.
Y. A. Cruiksl.ank, ul New York, has
hit upon a novel method ol beautifying his already picturesque home at
Rivcrbank, Greenich, Conn.    Hc has
I decided to construct a log house 011
I his property which will be in keeping
I with the primeval wlldneis of the
scenery.    As an enthusiastic sports-
j man and traveler both in the United
States and Canada, M. Cruikshank ia
! thoroughly familiar with tho work.
During the recent Sportsmen's show
I at New York he arranged with Chas.
III, Deutschman, of Revelatoke, B. C,
one of the greateat grizzly bear hunters of tl.e continent and a builder of
many log cabins for tbo C. I'. R. in
Canada, to assist him in the work,
Another shipment of Patterson's
Cream Scdas, Oatmeal Wafers and
Graham Wafers, at C. B, Hume & Cu, I'UULlsllKl. WEDNESDAY AND SATU
7"hi*     rtftnlfsll^l'Jlth   "larket, and with proper developmenl
V.UC     illJllll-IIJlvUlllv'.   these lands cuuld be opened  up and
add considerably to  lbs  benuly  nnd
value ol I he city itself.
Much activity will take plnce frrm
now onward in Iruit growing In this*
seotion, and with n headqusrteis for
distributing Iruit nud produce, with
■ ki.led men in charge, Kevelstoke will
idd nnolher rung to the ladder of
ame, as the gateway ol the interior.
li.clu ling rs.-i.vBe io Kngland, United
.....I Camilla.
Bt fte yeu Itbroagh poatoffloo]	
iiuii ;     	
Quarter "        " " 	
. 1.0.
J 111 I'.INTING pron.ptlj- executed al rtturn
abl... rates. ,
rKHMS-t'ash. Subscriptions payable in ac
C iKKEtSPOSDEXCE invited on matters ...
public iinerest. Coniniiiniea'.io.is to Kdi
lor must be accomrsinied bv name o.
writer, not necessarily (o publication, bul
i- evidence ol good faith. Correspondence
should be brief.
s per
act. s
... -rli.it.
make one
Legal notices In cenls per line ilr«t In
5 cent* per line each rataequent ...-mm..-.
Meu.ijri-iiu-.it> Xooparicl |l. line
inch), Store an.1 general tm-.ni-.-
nouncemenl.- Sii" i«-r Inch per mon
Prelerred paaiiiona. » per cent. .
dii.it.al. Ilinl.-. Marrlagea an.1. DonU >.
ic. eu.-h in-.-r.iii.i. Timber nollcca'p.ai
Lund r.,,:;..- P.M All iulv.-rli*eiiienl.-
mhjecl tothe approvalolthe management.
Wauled and lo.i.l.-ii-cl,A.lH-rli-.-....-...*.-
Agenu Wanted, Help « mKid, Sltoatlotia
warned. Situation. Vacant, Teacher-
WuitSi, Mechanic Wa.ucl, p. word- or
lev- iie.. each additional Iim- lu conl*
Change- in Mandifff .idvcrt.-cin.uiis ...us.
be in by S a. in. 1iii-.1i.) anil Iralay ol
w eh week lo Hour! Hood dl-plaj".        •
Barristers, Solicitous, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.      Harold Fisher
Ilarri.ters. S.,l.< it„r*. Etc.
C B. rm.us. 1-- C Biuorr
isyicsa: bn-ERiAt, Bank Hlock, ltsvai.-
Money lo lou...
Ulllces: IlevcUuke, H. C
Cranbrook. II. C.
Oto. 3. MeClKTER,
Itcu-istoke, B. 0,
J. A. Hakvev,
Cranbrook ll. c.
J. M. Scott 1.L.1I W.
. llriKKt-.
With the approach of summer there
looms up belore us the inevitable dust
nuisance, which apart (rum being extremely unpleasant is also unhealthy
to the human body and damaging in
effect upon the merchant! and s.or. -
keeper.. There has never yet been
any systematic attempt to eliminate
this nuisitic In Rovelstoke, and as
lung ns the ronds are allowed to remain in their present condition, un-
lade nnd practically unrepaired, we
must resign ounelvei to the Inevitable
With macadamized ronds this troub'e
considerably lesie..od,btit even with
whnt we have got there is surely a
remedy. Petroleum or conl oil has
been used to advantage in many
places, but lor obvious rensons the use
of coal oil soon gave way to lhat of
ooal tur, which is a big produot of gas
niiin-Iacture. The idea suggests itself
of making use ot this product which
tho city can obtain Irom its own gas
producer plant when installed, if on a
small scale, the quantity will snon
mount up, and by this menus u clieap
and practical material [nr our streets
cnn he utilized Coal tar hns the advantage over oil, it hardens when exposed in a thin layer to the acti ui ol
the air, covering the surface of the
rond with -. practically air and water
tight akin which should not only
holds dovn the dust in dry weather
but prevents water from penetrating
the roadway in time of rain.
Barristkrs, Solicitors, Etc.
Money tu Loan
SOLICITORS fur Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Aa.av* ol all Orel, SamplM by mail or oxpreia
receive prompt aiteutlon.
Term. Moderate.
>M>RES!      •      •     ■     Box 182 KASUi, B. 0
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Sui veyiug
McKenzie Avence.
Box 106, Kevelstoke.
(Meuilwr   American   Institute
Mining Engineers).        .     ,   ..   ,
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
™"        Kevelstoke, B. O,
Mine Management, ExHir.inatie.11s
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land, Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to pi-ospectiveinvestoi-s
or purchasers.
Gbe fltaiMberalb
"lwoul . . . earnestly a vise then, lor
their good to order thi-paper to be punctually
served up. and lo bc looked upon as a part ol
the Ua e<i*up**ge."-ADM60N.
ment o! the headquarten ol lhe newly
formed Fruit Growers Exchange of
British Columbia, in Revelstoke, we
feel that the claims of the city as the press
center ol a large held ol commerce are
at least beiug realized. What the
import ol thia organisation iill
mean to our city and how she
will in every way fulfill the
duties that will be imposed on her
can be easily  determined.    One hat
Railroads Make Provision for
the Future
The must perishable ol the (actors
only to look at her geographical posi that enter into a railroad's mitinten
tion to see that as a fruit diitribtiting
centre, Revelstoke can have no equal,
and lor the rapid handling and transit ahead.    The  .Santa  Fe is the latest
ol Iruit tu almost every part of  the road to adopt the plan ol growing ita
Dominion it is sale  tu  .ay  that   no ow
other oily can carry  out  thia  work yea
with   mure   dispatch.     With   direct parl.ne.it will be cutting its own Iuin-
communication eait. weit and iouth, her
with roads and trails tapping even tlie In
north and with the probability ol i sl.
connecting line in the near luture to En
the   transcontinental  railroads now ge
under construction to  the  nnrth  o!
ui, no better spot could have been ll
choien by the committee and executive ol the new organisation as a headquarter! where iti work can lie speedily, economically and carefully handled
than our own city. And nut only is thc
choice a desirable one cn account of
distributing aud dispatching only, but
one has only to go through the big
Iruit growing sections to realize the
vaitness .-(the amount of fruit that
tlie Fruit Growers Exchange will
handle in our midst, and moreover, lo
get nearer hoiiic,tbat Revelstoke has as
good Iruit growing lauds as any in the
province, and compared even with the
Okanagan, where trees are planted i"
all kinds of soil, aome of a very r-0"r
and arid nature, our own rich alluvial
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain Viow Camp. No. 229.
Meets Second and Fourth Wednesdays in
i-iicli uioiiih. in Selkirk Hall. Vlailing Wood.
men cordially invited M> nitend.
w. ll. ARMSTRONG,Con.Com,
II. W. Kl.WAKDS, Clerk.
F. 0. E.
The regular melting! nre hold in the Selkirk
Hall every Tuo*.lny evening at 8 o'clocn. Visiting brethron ure cor.liully invited.
II. A. HROWN, I'.ucs.DliMT.
W. E. McLAU.'HUN.Sb.bbtabt.
Koote nav Lodare No. 15 AF, ft A.M.
Tho regular meet-
Ing, are held in tlu
Mai-onic Temple.
Jdd Fellows Hall,....
the third Monday il
-.ach nionlti al, i
p.m. Vl.ilingbreth-
ren eurdially wel
^.gi-^**-*^^. MeotHeveryThursday
jdFw B^^^. ovoning in Selkirk
r M^JL ^Hall at 8 o'olook.
(L^fjr ^^ ^^JVlsltlng brethren cor-
^^ ^■^diully Invited to ai-
II. ('. LAIKIIILIN, N.G.      J. MA'llIIli; Sh:
Cold Range Lodge, K. ol P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
cxnept Third Wodne>d«y...
each D.onth, in the Oddfellows'
Hall nl s o'clock, flatting
Knights are cordiitlly iivito.1.
J. A. LESLIE, 0.0,
Q. H. I1I10CK, K. ol lt. & S.
H. A. BROWN. M. ol F
Deot Head*, Animals, Birds, Fish, Kite,,
Animal  Huns .M mi uteri.
P.O. llnx SI.
Studio:  OoriitT of First Ht. ami Boyle Are.
Ui'v.'lMi.ki', B. G.
A Good Article Effectively Advertised finds Ready Sale
With this issue of the Mail-Herald
the McClnry Manufacturing Co., of
London, Ont., commence their advertising this year using a series of ten
attractively illustrated nds. The illustrating in these ads. is the wurk of an
artist, as can readily be seen, and
while the quality of the drawings is of
a very high order every ad. deals with
a praclic.l feature of the furnace
From glancing over the ten advertisements you are quickly impressed with
the many good featurea of the "Sun
shine." The reading part is nlso very
clear nnd forceful. The McClnry Cn
claim to* be the largest manufacturers
under the British Hug of stoves, ranges
and furnaces, employing over twelve
hundred people all the yenr round.
Their London lactories cover nearly
three city blocks and are considered
to be about tlio best equipped in the
The McClary busineBB was establish-
[ in 1852 aud has grown steadily
since the beginning. Branch ware
houses have been established in all the
leading Canadian cities and a large
force of travelling salesmen are constantly calling at every cily, town and
hamlet in the interests 'of this mammoth concern. The McClary Co.
GREAT DISTRIBUTING CENTRE freely admit that a large measure of
Apropos of the propose 1 establish- their growth is due to carefully plan
.ed and persistent newspaper advertis-
ig, whicli is a strong evidence of the
lluence and force of the Canadian
ii ties, whicli  means that about SO
rs Irum  now the construction de-
Inr i
provided ol course that in the
ervening generation ties ol steel or
t-|!ers ol atone or concrete after the
iglilh lasl.ion, have not come into
neral use.
Dispatches Irom the West announce
it the Santa Fe hna paid   ,-1100,000
a ranch in California containing
8,869acrei on whioh to grow eucaly-
ptus trees to supply the road with ties
It takes the tree, which ia a relatively
rapid grower, about twenty years to
arrive nt a diameter large enough for
the purpose, and each tree will then
furnish frum six to eight ties. In
order to give the road a continuoui
supply, about 480 acres will be planted
each year, and at the end nf twenty
years, when the lirst plantation ia
teady for the axe, the planting will lu.
gin all over again. The railroads of
the Middle West begun the planting
of the oucalyptiiB groves some yeara
ago, and there are now in Kanaas
several   such   plantation/*  of  a  fiiir
Manufactured for all classostof buildings
All kinds ol buildimr nnd plastorinpr
Furniture, Pianos, or Merchandise, stored in dry-well-built warehouse in convenient location.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent
Revelstoke, li. C.
■?<>o-o<><h><><>oo<^ LAJNJJ JNUT1AJ1
Hook Well! Feel Well!
1).. you enjoy that well diessed feeling? We nil know whul
it feels like to be hot, to be cold, nl' tu Iie tired, aud It ts
just ns Irue that we ..11 know wh.il il 1',-els like lo l.e well
llieasud, lt feels good, and il's good 10 feel good. You can
nover be'well dressed If youi'Tclotbes are nut ninde by lhe
right maker.
Get toknow we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
and you will lind what a pleasure and satisfaction it is to lie
well di-essed.
Suits and Overcoats  SIS, $18, and 120.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date   Prices: $13 and $20
Special Trousers 15 and $6.
Tailoring is uui- business. We make a man look well
and be knows it.
9 ..Cressman  and Morrison..
Notice ia hereby kIvi-ii tliat fill daya alter tl.tto I
inlu.i.i tn apply to (lin Chief ('......uissiiinni'...
han.lt. and \. orks (nr pertnisalun n. purchaHO tl...
i (<,il,>uii.u [lf.-tcril.cii lamia in the Wist Kootonay
Cuunncueing al, a posl plume! al the cii*t bank
nl tiie Columbia Rivi.r.(alnnit. the l.eail ol Ht>Mtlc
Itiflle anil miirk.'.l 'F. II. D's ...Ttll-a-ust conic."
thenco east fl. chuina, thunce ai.i.tn 8.1 chains,
tl.mu-e neat ill chains In lhe' olumbia Itiver,
thoneo In a ....rll.ctlv .lirci-tli.li lollowlng the
nie..nilerlni..«..I tl.e Cnl.. ibla lllver -0 rlnlns to
point of couuueuce.ne.lt, containing alHu.l 16.1
Uated Maroh SSr.l, A.n., 1907.
wedaplO t. R. DUTTON.
Incur [Hi ru tod by Acl :. I'nrlia.neut, lHr*5.
Wm. Mulw.n Maci'iiki.siin, Pies. S, II, Bwmo, Vice-Pres
Jamhh Elliot, (li-uei-.il Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000.
Sixty-two limnl.es in O.tnu-li ni.l   V;*i:'..n i'i  nil pti'ts  o   lhe
Interest ....edited foul' llines ..  yen...I  cur. I  rules nn K.iviiiKs
Uank deposits, lllllll III. tbe.' I.ntici*.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Cash Prices Paid
F.  B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Full line of Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices.
for .  .   .
John E. Wood's Furniture Stor-
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
Hakky McIntosii,  Hoffman   House
JL cyon me the most curative in ihe
world. A perfect, natutal remedy f...
nli Nervous and Muscular disease-,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach uilmenis
and Metallic Poisoning, A -ure cur.
for "That Tired Feeline." Special
rates on all boats nod trams. Tn.
mails ai rive and depait every day.
Telegra h communication with ai;
.units of lhe world.
TERMS-llS to *9*l"i per week.   F.r
further particulars apply to
Halcyon HotSpringi
Arroiv Lake. B. C
No Seedleai Plums; No Pities*
Apples; Nu Col.less Corn.—just old
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies, Bpray ru.npi
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, sti
(il.lest  estalilished   rui.eery  on    the
mainland of B.C.  Catalogue trse,
I'.S—if your local merchant! du
not handle my seeds semi direct
We prepay fifty packets, assorted
varieties of garden seeds in .'..- pgperi
(teat.-d stock), lo your nearest posl
..Mice fur II.IHI, twenty puckelsfnr .IOc,
trial colleotion.
Many are selecting thoir ranches mm, and, lor a small deposit,
aro having them reserved untii they can arrange payment, therehy
getting all the advantage ol early purchasing and at the some time
accommodating their lluances, Our properly is a seller, and when
buying if ymi fail to see us yuu may not buy to your beat advantage.
ol ravishing beiiuty, that rival
Nature in her choicest effects, you
can buy at HOWSON'S at very-
low and reisonuble prices, in spite
of tho fact that carpets cost more
elsewhere than ever before owing
to differences between textile workers and manufacturers. We have
new and novel designs and effects,
showing the best and happiest
thoughts of designers and makers.
Import direct from Country of origin.
Central Hotel
hi vll   uill.    First-ciass in every reelect,   All modem convi-ni'ncci
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Speci I Weekly Ratei.
Queen's  Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably  furnishd  with the choicest thc
market affords.    Beat Wines, Linnorn and
Cigars,   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate,
vroTlOI 's HKKKHV (ilVKN Dial thirty
j>|   day- after dnte £ Intend to apply to the
( lilnf Oumnii^ionerof Lands anil work* for ;*
Bpoclal llcoiwsto out and carryaway timber
fnnn iim tollowlnn dnorlbfid landi in ilm
" (jeriotof Went Koetenayi
Coiiinii'iir.liiK n> tt P'wt ■ilaiit'-d »l, |.lu* -ionth
BEWL corner pOBt of Timber Limit No. IW
marked ".).!' Kennedy'*) north*eaflt comer poil
iiifliiccioiii.ii hd chalna. thenco west 80chalnt*
thenoe north 80ohalni, thenco -'.wt *" ohaini to
point of conmienoemont,
Datod Maroh Uth, 100?,
wi-dapm        .1, I). KKNNKDY, locator,
ilnte I
filled soil should be capable ol raising growth, though none have yet W»»)icd
bull, ae will take highest plnce in any'an age aullicieut for cutting.
Notice U hereby glvon tlm' DO day
Intoml to apnli tothe llmi. ChM Comrauwiener
if Und" anil worka for jMrmliilon to miri'ii-n-i-
tha lnll'iwlii(( ili'Hcriiiml landi In weit Kootenay
(iimirafindin-j* at itppit planted on thfl eaitern
hank nt the Colombia Kivit nim-ut one-fourth <>f a
miln bfjiiw Prleat H-ipl-li and mnrki-d "P. K Vf,'n
lontti i-.i.ii. .;nrn'*r," thence imrih in chaini, Uience
wuNt Hi cnairiii flwoco smith 40 rhalm to tlm hank
.,f tin- Columbia Rlfcf- thonco in a smith-owUm
ijlrecllon fnllowmK tl ww^'fin* "1 LheOw
um hi :i Kiver to pmnt of i'iiiiimfmv;liiivi/.,,(!iiiitaln*
in-fRlmiit muarnm.
ftated March 80th, A.I)., llKff.
nd flp 10 I'. B> WKLL8,
Queens ftotel
Iiest brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creen will find excellent accommodation .it this
Notico Ih hereby kI ven that 30 daya after dato
I Intend to apply to the Ohlef dommirudonor of
LandH and Works for a spuria! licence to out
and carry away timher from the followinn
dewrthed lands si'.uate la Yale Di-Hriot.
2i), Commenc inu ut n pout planted 40 chain**
noith of the nortn-eaat corner of T L. lmes ami
marked "A, H. Hymiqw1 S. li. corner poit," thence
north 40 ebains, ihcnt-u west 160 chains, thence
Mfiuth 4D cbaliiH, tbeuce east 10(1 Hm ins to place of
tl, Coinineneilig at a pimt planted 10 chains
eust of the lmrlh-uaat cornerof No. 20. on the enst
hank of the Hhnswap lllver, and markod "A M.
Hym»iis'8. K comer mint, tin-lire north 40 cbaliiH,
thence wwit IW) chains, thence noU'.ll 40 chains,
thenceeast IflO chains to place of cominen.'omeut,
82, Commencing at a pnst planted 111 clmins
oast of the north-east corner of No. 21, on the east
liankof llie Hlmswap Kiver, and marked "AM.
Symons' 8,K, eorner post." thfliwo north 41) chains,
tlience west 160 chains, tlinnee south 40 chams.
thence east W chains tn plnce of commencement.
i't, Cnmmeni ing at a post planted at the north-
enst comer of Nn. 22. tnul marked "A. M. Hynmns'
8. K. coiner post," thence nortli ><) chains, theiieo
west 80 chains, llm. re mnitb Hi) rim Ins, thence east
in chains to phce of conii.enccmeiit.
24, Commencing at a pnst planted nt the southeast corner of No 21 iiu*I mnrkeil "A.M. Symons
8. K. corner post," ihence north iti chains, thence
west Ml chains thenee south 80 chains, thence east
Hm chains to pliee of ni"imeucement.
Datcil 2Sr.l March, 1W)7.
wnl ap 10 A. M. 8YMONS.
I lib    HlWUfc ■      vrtw ■■*■«(
That's lloynl Crown kind—
I ii.iido in V.iiiciiiiver—I.nrgO't
Heap Factory .vest of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with itshel|i,
And the in..ney saving is ll.e
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Koval Crown Wrapper!. Send
tor it—Free—Alao try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Notico Is horoby gIv.->. that«ilny« altor dale
I Intenil to iiudIv lo tl.o Ulilol ConimMonar ol
Umla nnrt Wwki Inr a special lloenae to out
antl carry awov linilmr Iro'.. the lollowliiK
ilcHcrlhnd lands alinalcd In Wet Kootonay
ilUtrlol: ,      ,  .     „
tliniiiiiuni'lni. at a post plantcil at nortli-weat
coram nf Ti ilmr Ilurtli No, tli7., anil maiked "M.
(iritily*. curuer pual," tlience in clialna nortli,
tlicncu ir... i-lii.1.18 w.-Ht, tlienco u. clialna mnitli,
ti.ence.in.. cliai... I'll *t I" pnint ut commencement,
Datoil Marcli ftSnl, Hi"',
aat moli all M. OKADY, locator.
Canada: .
■ruviiii-e nf Brit.-l. C.luml.iH. [
No. Will. /
THIS IS TO CEKTIF\ Unit tho "British
Columbia Timbers" Llmi ted) wl.iob ..n tl.o llth
.lay ol Dece.nl.or, mil, was authorised aud
li.-ousod t,. curry .... tiiisiiu ss within tl.o Province..! British Columbia, ia hereby authorised
and licensed to carry...itorolleclull or any.il
tho additional objects ..I tho Compuoy to
which the loinslativo authority ol toe Legislature nl British I 'niiuiiliin extends.
Tl.o hond i.HIco ol tho cinijuiiijy is situate .it
lho City ol Mon.nnl lu tho Province of Quebec.
The amount ..I the capital ol lho Crf.iniinuy is
by nu increase of ctpitnl of two hundred thousand dollars, now throe hundred thousand dol-
-r*.divideil int.. 'Ind. thousand shares of one
jl.drod dollars ench.
Tho heud olliee ol lie Compnuy ... this
I'roviuco is situate ou First Street, Hovelstolto,
nnd William Irving Brlggs, Harristor-ut-lnw
whoso address is the sume, ls tho attorney lor
the Company. ,    , _„
Given under my hand and Soal ol Olliee ut
VictorlB Province ol British Columbia, this
Nineteenth day ol March, ouo Ihousmd ...no
Lunched aud seven. 8v.woffm)Ni
Registrar of Joint 8to<*k Companies.
The ad Hioual objects for which the Coin*
pany ban beon established and liaeensed arej-
(1). ToflfQuiro by puhhase. lease o( otherwise ami own, buil I, maiutaiii nud utilne saw
mills.diims in nny si roams mul tfvore, booms
aud bourn priviieg-s ou nny sueh rivers or
vater-wnys oil tho nr.perti nf iho t'nmpany or
eluflwhoni, and tu i l..^a mrnin .liarKoa In eon*
uection i-horowitli, tu create conslruet, build
aud operato water-powers, hydraulic powers,
electric iwwers and iustal such plant and
machiuerj as may honeco.^iiry ior Llio genera,
tion, productiuu, ileyalupnioul. distributimi
and manufacturo of nlo-arieiiy and electrical
and other power, ami i route light, heal and
power, and to uso, soil or otherwise disimse of
electricity aud eleciric light, power and heat
fur the purposes of tlio Company uud tu buy,
sell or lease tbe said power at may bu iucideut-
al to the works ami objects uf tho Company ou
the lands of the Company :-pn>v ded always
that thu rights and privileges hereby conferred
upon the company to generate nloctncal energy
for light, lieut and power, when exercised outside ti.u property of the C«irpauy, shnll be subject louil provincial aud muuicipul laws aud
rejiulations in Lhat behalf.
(2|. To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise aud own, utilise mineral rights, mineral
licenses and operate and dispose of the same in
whatever v v mny be in the best interests uf
tbe Company and to quarry or work such mines
or minerals ou lnnds so acquired, or on lands
already acquired and on which same be found,
and develop the same aud to use. deal iu, sell,
barter, exchange or dispose of tbe aaid lands
and the products and oy-producta thereof fur
the benefit or tbe company. ,
(3) To construct, owu, utilise and maintain
on the lands of tbe Company sueh electrical
trains or railways or other menus of locomotion
for the purposes of transporting such timber,
minerals or other products derived from the
said lands of the Cumpauy and which may ba
necessary or useful for tbe purposes of carrying
out on the Company's lauds the objects of the
Company. wedaplO
Notice is heroby glvon thnt 00 day. nfter dale
I Inlcnd to apuly to tho Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for pormission Ui purchase
the following described lands in Weat Kootenay
Situatod In fi.lenn Bay, commenolng ata
post planlcd on the "nn shore of Upper Arrow
Lake close to ll......... point, and marked "B.
Simpson's south-cn.1 .'orac.' iioat," thonee west
10 chains, thouoe north 8(1 chains, thonoo east
10ohnlna moro or less lu lake shore thence
along lnko slioro to point of contniniicimont.
- - c fixr
iintcil April 12th. 1007.
aat up 13
Notice Is hereby glyen Hint LO dayi .. ' .-date I
inli'iid ti apply to the Hmurable Uiinf Oiniuis-
Kiiincfi'l Lands and Work's for pcrmls* on to pur
chase thn following <f'-iicri|ied lands:
Starting at a uimt ma'rkml "K- N. Heiulcrsnn,"
liin tiii'il iitl.lie ]iiiiili-ni'sl!'(.i-iu--rof Wit 808 on tho
nii.it -dmreiif Uiri-r *nnw  Uke, running vast till
I'lmiim, inntli ty chains, p'cst M) elm Iim, thenci!
along the l»^' "ff1"8 &1	
along the Uki   shuie »«atl| to pnlnt ef nun
Dated Feb, |2tb, l'i'»v.
sat inch 2
K. N. IlKNI^lllHON,
Under   New   Management)
Kiral-claa nccoiiim.iiliition lor travullurs.
Dent brands ot Wines, Spirits, an.l
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
NOTICK li hereby givin t,bat 60 days ofler
dale I Intend to apply to Llm Hon, tho
Chief Commissioner of W Is and Vorksfor
permission |o pnrcliaso tho lowing -P'sui'lbed
lauds, aituaM lu weat Ko ' . .J( on I, e west
shore of Upper Arrow Uke;
Comiimiiciiig at a post marked "J. C. H.'s
norlh-eaKt uirner," planted at the north-west
nn uci* uf IM fll, thence west fO clmln*- more
or less to lho north-enst comer of . .<i|. ■L'.iii,
iin-ill.■-nuiii lo chains, thuniao.mt (u chalna
more or less to tbesmjlb west corner of IM
Ul, tinmen nurlb pi chains U> point of com*
m mire mi'ii t. ,
Hated thin 23rd day uf Keb. 1007.
inch I) sat II)* bis ngi'M, S. J. Harlow.
NotICO Ik hereby ulvon Ibat ;;n days nftnr dale
I Intend toipplv toihetJhlef Coniinlc doner ol
landsaud noril lor a special Ibenoc to - ut
and curry awny timber from lhc following
described Uinls Kliuamit lu \\ cut Kootenay
Cnmmeti'-liig at a post planted on the cast
bank nl l/nig Cnek nnd one mllo nortli of
Imwnlo Greek, and marked "K. McDcaii's soutb
wc*l comer poi*t," thonee nnrth Id1 ehains,
thouce cast til chains, thonco soutb i'A chalna,
thence west 4(1 chalnn tu ibe polnti'fcnm
Dated this Oth day o April, I0n7.
iat ap 20 B, McfiKAN,
From 25 to 50 Per Cent
Saved on ycur Grocery Bills.
We sell at retail at lowest wholesale
pricea. Hotel and boarding house
keepera, farineri, miners and lumber-
men will Hnd it to their advantage to
i.ivealigato to
to any railway elation in Britiih
Columbia.   We enly handle tirst-claia
and    pure    g la.   We   guarantee
pronipt delivery. Ko order ton small,
none ioo largo. Write tor our price
Hat. IT IS FREE, lie convinced
that you can save money,
2511-2111 Stan! y St., WINNIPEG, Man.
Mra. II. J. Ilajbury. Managreas.
First-Class Table. |
Private    ining Boxes
Large DiuingnH.m (or
H.iniHiiit.*, Suppers, oto.
•'ii   i-l    ooms To Let
N'oticH is hereby given that 3D days after date f
intend to appiy to tlie Hon. the Chief reiimlaalon
er of Lands nnd Wnrk.; for a special llceine tn cut
antl carry away llinl-er from thu following described lands In Cnrlhoe dislrict:
1, Commencing ut a poat maikcd "W. J.
Otto's nurlh-west corner/' plantcil on Canoe
Kivor. ulmut 40 milea from moulh uf Ptarmigan Creek, thence 8(1 chains east, thence 80
ehnins south, tbeuce 80 chains wi* ,|, thenee m
chains north to point of cofiimonceinent.
Hat ;d March mh, 1007.
2. Commencing at n post, marked "\V, J.
Otto's Kouih-wiat corner, plantod on Ptarmigan Creok about i mile-nip iiom mouth, thenco
Hi chains ea-a, thenco Ml chains north, Lhcnco HO
chains west, thonce 8Ue.hn.hiH suuth to point of
:i. Commencing at a Post mnrked "W, J.
Otto's south-west cornor, planted on Ptarmigan Creek, about 7 miles f ■ uui mouth, thenco
8n chains cast, theuco 20 ohains souih, thenco
tU chains east, thonco Hi chains north, thenco bO
chains west, thenco 20 ohains north, thence 60
chains west, theuce lu ohains aouth to point of
4, Commencing at a poat marked "VV, J.
Otto's soiiih-wcsi, oorner," planted un Ptarmigan creek about tf miles from the niou h, thenoo
10(1 chains i ust, thence HU hums nurth. thenco
HU) chains wett, thonco 40 chains south to pulut
of con, uience mei it
Hated Maroh 28th, 1007.
o. Commencing at a poet markud "W, J,
Otto'a north-ea-t corner, planted on Canoe
Hivor. about 60 iniles from month, tliunce 160
ohains west, thence 40 chains south, thonce 160
chains east, thenoo 40 ohnins north to point of
Datod Maroh lllst, 1007.
0. Commoneli
Olto'fl north-east oornor." planted, on i anoe
River about tf.1 mllea from mouth, thenoo 80
chains south, thonce 80 chains west, thenco 80
ehuins north, thonce 80 ohains eaat to point of
7. Commencing at a jpost marked "W. J.
Otto's south-cast corner, plnnted on Canoo
Kiver. about 65 milos from the mouth, thence
80 chains north, thence 80 chains woat, thenoe
8u chains south, tboDco 80 ohains enst to point
ot commencement,
8. Commenolng nt a post marked "W, J.
Otto's north-eiiat corner, planted on Canoe
Itiver, about 70 miles fmm mouth, thence 80
chalna south, thencu 80 chains west, thence 80
chains north, thence 80 chains oast to point of
co m men cement.
9. Commencing at a post marked "W. J.
Otto's south-east corner," plantod on I'anoo
River, about 70 miles fmm its month, thenoe
IOO chaius west, thence 40 chains north, thenoo
100 chains oast, thonee 40 chains south to point
of commenoement
Dated Maroh 30th, 1007.
aatap27 W. J. OTTO.
iming at a post marked "W.J.
-east oornor.   planted on l anoe
Notice is hereby given that thirty daya after
date we Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissionerof Lands and Works for licenso
tocut aud carry awav timlier from the following described lands In the District of West
Kooteuay iu the Province of British Columbia,
about ?i mile south of Salmon Creek;
Commencing at a post planted at Thomas
Pearson's a, K, corner poet and marked "Bow
man Lumber Company s N, K, corner," thence
south 10 ohalna, thence west 120 ohaina, thenoe
north 80 chains, thonco east 40 chaius, thenoe
south 40 chalna, thenoo east 80 ohalna to point
of commencement.
Dated April 24th. 1907.
aat ap 27      Bowman Lvmhkk Co., Ltd,
Notice la boreby kI vou tba. 30 day. alter dale
1 Intend to apply tu the i blel (lonuilnioi.er of
Linda and Worka lor permls.lor. iopu,..haie
the lollowlng described land. In North-eut
Kooteniy Diatrict:
1. ('ommenclng at a poll marked "W. J.
Olio's norih-cHst ....ruer," planted ta the Col-
. Hlver. about nn chain, upstream lion.
KinU.kcl Lako. thence weat 160chilni, thence
Iouth Ml ehalm, thence eul USO chalna, Ihenee
north .0 ebatu. lo point ol commoucemeht,
Haled April Jib. Hall. '   7
■2, commetii-lng it » poit msrleJ "W.J.
Olio's south-wen corner,1' planted on Middle
Hlver, about ao chains Irom 104 uouth, lhcnco
north III chains, ibeuce tat. ap chuilia,
thenco south HI' chaina,' theuce west 811 ohaini
to i..,liit of commencement.'
l.ated April Uth, 1IMJ7.     '
«t ap a? W.'.PTTR
LIH.M.KI) TKNIIKIW will he reoclvod up to
* J May Bth, P D.m., fof *o parehaae qfT,fia
jUalncsa and plant of the Revolstoke Ste»tn
Laundry (lompani.. fluslnoas at'cragcs botween
KM) uiul SWIinoiithly. Plant comprises all machinery, horse and wajon, otc, an4 o lo-half d
building now owner) hy the Bcvjilstolfe Steam
Laundry Ho. The highest [opder not OBoea-
sarlly accepted.
Address all tenders to
p, I*. chick,
Hiic.-Trcfis. Itcvolatoko Steam Laundry Uo,
Notion ia hereby glvon that lho co partner.
ship heretofore subsisting bclwueu the under-
slKiiod na Barbara, uud r the llr... name of
Mi.rg.in k l'ni-sonu, at HovelsUikc, II, (.„ ha.
been this day dissolved by mutual consent, All
dobu due l.i thc wild partnership are to he pain
lo J. A. Morgan, formerly on., nl aaid llrm, ami
nil pi.,-1 ni-rslin. debu lo bo imiii by lilm, thp
said J A. Morgan continuing on the ouatnees,
Itcvelstolc, 11. C, April lth, lllfl.
wod op 10 A. PAltSONS.
FOR SALB-278 acres, iltuated nn
Salmon Arm near Nicainoim, $25
per aire. Apply E, A. Harris & Uo„
Victoria, B, C.
coughed the captain. "No, no, no, I
don't moan that, You can't go lighting
n puck of dlrtv. idle lazy ruffians, Phil."
"Can't I. father?" said Phil, clinching
his lists    "] think 1 could."
"Eh? Oh. yes, of course you could.
But vou can't, as a gentleman's son-
an officer's son. You are going to be a
soldier some day."
"Yes, but soldiers light."
"Only when ordered tu, my boy, and
In some good cause. I can't have you
coming home nil battered and bruised.
You wouldn't like to see Phil with a pair
of black eyes and his nose bleeding,
would you. Mny?"
"Oh, no, papal" cried the girl; then
she added, thoughtfully: "But I would
like lo see hlm bent those boys!"
"No, no; thero must be no fighting for
Phil except In a good cause," said l'ho
captain, "ll Is brnver to treat lt all
wllh the contempt It deserves. Don't
bo kept In for such il cause ns that,
Phil. Let's see, May, ymi nnd Phil are
going to colonel Mayland'e to tea, and
there's to lie a bit of a dance nfter*
ward, Isn't there?*
"Yes, papa, denr."
•■Then I shall drop In lute tn see how
Half an hour later the door was opened quickly by Phil, who stood slill,
while his sister, with her hood thrown
back and her hair flying, rushed inlo
her father's arms, sobbing passionately.
"Why. my darling," cried the astonished captain, drawing the troubled
face to his breast; "why, Phil! good
gracious, sir. what Is tho meaning of
this?   Surely, ynu haven't dared-"
"I couldn't help It, father," cried the
boy, pussionately.
"You couldn't help it! How dare you
sir? Look at your face In the glass-
eyes hnlf-closed, cheek scratched, lip
cut and bleeding, your uniform rugged
and muddled and one sleeve ripped up!"
"I couldn't help it, father!"
"Yes, father, nnd I did try not to
fight," faltered Ihe boy, nfter glancing
at bis face In the glass.
"But, papa, dear," cried May, "yuu
don't knuw. Pour Phil did just what
ynu said, and he set his teeth hard
when the boys followed us, and he hurried away to avoid them."
"Oh, he did, did he?" snid the captain,
using bis own handkerchief to the tearful little cheeks,
"Yes, papa, denr; and he said he
should love to go at them, but he knew
you wouldn't like It, and we hurried on.
But they kept on shouting at us, and
Phil took no notice till one of the boys
threw a nasty wet piece of seaweed at
us, and another threw u horrid piece of
;,i'«V tm ^nfflM"'/ "a-^i^.KV
Hi don't you gn out. Phil
The buy spoke, to lower-
ll.c book he had been
reading to his sister, who wna
some threo years younger than he,
...ul turned r..tl..-r red In the dice ns lie
met his tattler's eyes: but he mode no
reply, and Captain Linton, an Invalid
officer of the British army, went on:
"Of course, mv boy. I like to see you
kind and attentive to your itlter, and
It's nice lor you to read 8toriea to ner,
but she's ...l Idle puss ...id ought to read
herself.'* ,
It was May's torn lo look red now, ...in
she glanced at her brother with her
eves half tearful, as they seemed to
say. "Oh, Phil, why don't yuu tell
pni.il ?"
"You see. my boy." continued the cap-
lain, "mv army service haa crippled me
su lh... I am obliged to hang about by
lh.. tlr.-sifle, nml wiih nil my longing for
.....iloor life, i. nif.kis mr feel vexed to
see you molly-coddling Indoors reading
stories to girls, when you ought to be
inking .... Interest in vigorous games
and trvlng n. grow wfinly anil strong.
It's nil Very well trying to amuse your
alsler, but 1 want you to be able to
Inul. nfter ber nnd protect her."
"Yes, fiitbei." sold the boy, growing
redder, , „
"Then wl.v don*, you do as 1 say. sir?
Don't you like outdoor sports?"
.   "Yes, father, very much."
"Then, out of school hours. I should
like to see vou Indulge In them a little
mure. Hullo, .May, what does that
The lillle girl's face grew crimson
now   us she faltered, '-Minn, papa?"
•■Yes, mean. 1 s.iw you screwing up
your little mouth, telegraphing lo Philip.
What were you Baying?"
"Only.   "Why dun't you lell papa.' "
"Tell what? said the captain, sharply.   "What ls It. Phil?"
-■lis the boys here, father," said Phil,
throwing up his head ami speaking oul
in a frank, manly wny.
••What, your achoolfellows—teased you
n   till? Oh.   nonsense!   absurd I   Every
- boy has lo go  through something of
tliiii kind."
"But vou dun't understand, papa,
dear," said May going close up und
passing her mm under her father's.
■'It's the boys .... the beach—the n.iigli
hoys—and Ihey- tease him dreadfully."
"Oh, I Bee, cried the captain, drawing lhe girl closer to him. "Insolent
v....ng scoundrels! So that's it, is it,
"Yes, father," said the boy.
"What do they do?"
••They always shout 'Carrots!' at hlm,
pnp:.. dnar," cried May.
"Carrots?" said tl.e captain, sharply.
"Yes," aaid May. while her brother
stood flushed and Irowning. "And
•Red-hot Head!" and -Fireworks, and
I'm s;.re Ulii s hair isn't so red us
.'•And yours is a beautiful gulden auburn," said the captain, kissing her
tenderly, and .here was a huaklneas in
h's voice as he said softly: "Just like
your mother's—exactly like hers.'
Then Phil four..] hla tongue.
"1 don'! mind that." he cried, "not a
bit: but ihey throw stones at me nnd
lie In wait to shout and Jeer whenever
I'm going to school or coming buck.
They bate all Doctor Hurling's boys, and
they shunt niter us nil and make faces
and pretend to howl ur cry—and—and
"And  what?"
"! know, papa, dear," pu! in May
quickly; "one buy pulls another buy on
bis back, and then one 'of the others
pretends to be whipping him."
"To make out." explained Phil, "that
I'm being .logged l.y lhe doctor."
"Oh, pooh. pooh, pooh, Phil! Yuu must
be a man.  Take nu nolice, treat it wil*'
pr spi ij
"That's what I do do, father; but I
can't nelp Hs making me feel wild, and
I'd like to rush nt them, and the worst
Is they can see how cross It makes me,
and they do It fll the moro."
"Of course. Insolent ruffians! It
would dn them good If you gave nne of
them a good thrashing I wish ymi
would mv boy.   I—ahem, ahem, ahem!"
things are going on, and bring you
home. Take care of her, Phil, boy," he
ndded, as he looked proudly ut bis
bright, frank-looking son.
The door clos''<i, und. after watching
May trip by the window holding her
brother's hand, the captain took up a
hook, returned to his seat and was soon
deeply immersed in reading.
"You've been lighting one of those
young blackguards!"
"Please, father, there were two, and I
think there were three part of the
"Yes, papa, dear. One (lew at Phil behind," sobbed May.
"But didn't I tell you to take care of
your sistor?"
WHAT is winter without at least
one week of good coasting and
kuting and at least one jolly
snow (Ight or game?
Don't you pity the boys and girls of
the tropics and semi-tropics, who hive
never even so much as seen a Bnow-
For any form of snow game, remember this, boys und girls, that you
should not weight your snowballs
with stones or uny other heavy uu-
terlnl, That would make theni dangerous and hence spoil the pure fun
of your game.
Take a  duy  when   the   snow  has
packing the snow down solid.
Then with spades and boards you
cun slap the walls Into smooih shnpe.
Leave an entrance in the bnck wull
for the holders of the fort to use.
Then set up In tho centre of the fort
u mound, in tin* tun of which you can
insert your flagstaff. Set Up neat piles
of well-made snowballs in the corners
of the fort, and depend upon thc
mound nf snow In the centre as a
source nf extra snowballs if you tlnd
you need them.
One side occupies-the fort, thc other
side plays besiegers. At a given signal
the buttle leslns, nnd ihe besiegers try
lo rout tlu- enemy and take possession
of the fort.
An Angry Monkey
YOU know what clever tricks some
animals can do, don't you? But
they like to be praised just the
same as people do, and If they perform before 11 great many people they
expect to be clapped.
There was once a clever monkey who
could do lots of tricks, and he was
taken to Turkey lu perform before
the Sultan, who is as important there,
of course, as our President is here.
Now in Turkey it's bad manners to
clap or shuw in any way If you've enjoyed un entertainment, sn when the
monkey hud finished bis clever tricks
everybody was quite silent.
He was angry.   After looking round *
and  showing   his   teeth,   hi-  simply
seized   everything   he  could   lind  and
pelted the people—the Sultan us well!
You cun guess how his master hurried him uut of the way us quickly us
he eouid before he gut himself into
further trouble, hut he chattered with
rage the whole time he was being
carried off.
Useful Work for Loving Fingers
\ Brave Kangaroo
AS allowing llie strong maternal love
among nnimalB, the following
Btory is lull-resting, mn to say
pnlhetle: The owner of a country station in Australia, sluing one evening
nn lho balcony of l.ls liut.se, was surprised io nolle- a kangaroo lingering
nl...-,... alternately approaching and retiring from n.e house, as though in
doiiiii mi.  i.fii
Ai I..si she hurriedly hopped to tl.e
water-pall, nnd, taking   ..   young 	
from li.i- pouch, held n lo tho wnlo.
... drink. While her baby was sallsfy-
Ing Ils thirst lhe poor mother iinlveroil
nil ovei willi excitement, i'o. Bhe was
only n few yards from the balcony,
on which, watching luf- was one of her
greatest (oci.
The Mill.,   one   having   quenched lie
thirst,  li wiis replaced In ll.e punch,
ami .1 Id kangaroo itartcd off at a
rapid pin'.., noi walling herself lo take
.. drink. When ll.e milural ilmi.lity ol
tin- kangaroo Is remembered, it mini lie
...iniii'c.l llmi ibe affootlonale mother
.-xl.ll.il..I astonishing I..-..very So affected was lln- eyi-wllliess of this incident that he never shot u kangaroo
. h -
-..if /-,-'.-.-
vCi-.M f*M  /&?&&   ***'»,
■mm w&m^^m0 ~
1 v      W  A",    Vtl H
■ ■ ll
NO MATTER how much spending
money yuu may have ut your dis-
posul, boys nnd girls, yuu can
never buy any article that will please
the one ynu give It tu half so much us
will some article that yuu have made
with your own loving lingers.
What can yuu mnke?
Well, wl.;.t*s the mutter with a nice,
useful writing board?   Every one has
Burying- Beetles.
1 N MANY parts ot the world there
1 nre insects called "burying beollos,"
l.e.-.u.s-e Ihey will l.ui-y small ...ilm.-ils
for Iheir young ones lu feed ..... lt nno
of .Ins.- in.*..cis happens to 11 n.i, say, a
.l.v 1 mouse, in- will onil hla frlenda
Willi a peculiar chlrji, niul they will nil
Hei -.o work io dig n big hole under ll.e
body find ..uver It wilh eurth llll It la
fi-oahly fallen, un.I divide your player!
Inlo lwo ..ides, each aldo getting.lm-
t.i'-'iii.teiv to work making Biiowhalla.
At a certain signal all must leave
ofi* making snow-Lulls and prepare to
throw tl.em. The sl.le that has worked
fastest will, of courie, havo the
larger number of snowballs and consequently ll... greater ndvantage,
Wllli'llevet-  sl.le Slleeeeils  In   driving
II her sldo beyond  Its hack line-
Is the victor.
Another good game Is to l.ull.l n
lorl und light over II.
i-'irsi. .-..ii up ... number of hug..
snowballs, range theni in a square,
pile BtnaUer snowballs -.n !..;. of them,
until (be walls are ..:- -i ■.-;. 11 you ileum-, Ihen Iill In all chink. -.-[.I. anow,
and   linally  set  nil   hands  lu wurk
If ihe besieged tight valiantly till nil
their  ammunition   I.   ff    and   ll...
mound In lhs centre has ulso been ex-
li.-i-i-i-.l, then thoy will have to deiull
certain soldier.* u. rnsl. out of tin- fori,
secure snow ami rush back again,
ThlB Is il:e opportunity fur ihe he-
siegers iu make a rush f..r ibe entrance
ami force ll..:. wny In, If ihev can nil
g-t Inside, .'...- battle is considered won
ar' the ''.' thi Ira lo buhl.
When lie- picked soldlera rush nut of
ih.- ...i-i fi.-.-r more snow they ahould
have some nmniniMtlutl sleds with ll.ein.
If ihev ar- unprovided with these
sleds, ihey cnn .Mly bring in as much
snow ns they can stuff inlo pockets,
:.  ;    ind It .'-is.
A.. ammunition alcd Is a box nailed
.... tops ol a alcd. Hil lhe Lux Willi
snow, you sec.
need uf such a In...r.l lo place .... nn.-s
lap .....I write nn, nl times, when II Is
not convenient to use.. desk or inhle
It Is very easy lo make.  Take a l.i	
„f  iiiiii in bnard, about throe feel long
.....I four broad,  Cover It with nrl serge
...- some i.U.er material equally appropriate, which i-f... I"' ......tly lacked nt
ll... back willi brnaa-honded lacks..
Now cut uiu Hum  pieces of aorgi
pockets, one   i"   hold   envelopes,
paper, and lie- third loltors.  Ui
lacking He-.- iiu.l.eis tin io Hie hoard
(wllh brass-headed tacks) oversow the
Pioneer Speaks of Prin« Rupert    Balancing a Coffee Cup
dead fish—and-nnd—nnd they both hit
me, one on the neck and the other on
the face, nn.l-a.id-a.id then Phil flew
in—In—In a. terrible passion, and—and—
lought them, nnd—and—and oh, papa,
dear, dun! be cross wllh him—he was so
brave! uud is my face all dirty, too?' •
"No, my darling," said the captain,
gently now. "You seem to have wash"
ed it clean with those little tears. But,
son Phil, I told you not to fight, sir."
"Yuu said only In a goud cause,
father," pleaded the boy, and tho captain gazed In Ills boy's eyes in silence
for a few liiumentB.
"H'm!" l.e said, at last.    "Three to
one, eh, Phil?"
"Yes, father."
"Who won?"
"1 don't know, father, but 1 think 1
did, for they ran away."
"II "m—runted," sni.i the captain,
holding out his hand. "Here, take
hold, my boy. I'm not a bit cross.
But—er—" Ho hesitated and stopped
as poor bruised Phil darted to his
side. Then, after a cough; "Er—don't
du It again."
It was hard work, but I'hll strained
his eyelids to get the... well open to
gaze In his father's face. q
"Unless, 1 mean, It's In a very good
cause, my boy. Now go upstairs and
bathe your face."
-Ceurge M. Penn, tn Storylnnd.
Question Rhymes Game
GIVE each player two slips of paper, on one of which ho must
write a question, ami un   the
other u noun.
Then collect the papers, and place
tl.e questions In one- hut antl the
nuuns In another hat.
Each player nuw draws — first, a
question, Ihen a noun, lie must then
sit down and compose a rhyme In
which In- manages both tn answer the
question and to bring In tin- nuun.
Suppose lhe question Is, "lin y. ii like
pickles?" ami  tlio noun  is  "violet'
Perhaps your rhyme would l.o;
"Uo I like pickles?-- Yes, I do,
And I like violets, too.
'I'he lirst may In- sweet nr sour,
Hal tlie hitler's .. lovely llowei-.
top edge of each one will, deep initio
hole stitches (using crewel silk.
Now cut oul and tuck to lhe tioard
three narrow strips of lln- serge, ono-
half ineh witii- and live inches lung.
These ate In ltnlil pen nnd pencil Having dune this, glue n traveling ink lentil-, a serge rosette pen wiper unit a
slump l.iix in Hie board in lhe upper
i-igtit-liiiinl corner, and lack a couple uf
sheets of  thick   Molting   -...'.per  lo  the
Harbor Besl Thai Could Hive Been
Choien   Great Activity ia
Thc Districl
All thai immense sirctcli of country in
British Columbia, lying adjacent to tl:.
Portland Canal i.r anywhere in the neighborhood of Prince Rupert, the new terminus of lhc Grand Trunk Pacilic Kail-
way, is berni*' thoroughly prospected b)
speculators in agricultural lands and mining property. This statement was made
in Victoria iu a Colonist reporter by .1. M
Collinson, a pioneer of that district, who
is interested in the Maple Hay copper:; .1
goldmine. He affirms that, ever since ;:
was authoritatively announced that ti".
transcontinental railway terminus would
be at the poini selected, there has been .i
pronounced advance in land, mine, and
ulher values throughout t!..- sections any-
wherc within Reasonable distance ..1 thc
probable route ol ihe railway (ru... Hazel-
Ion in the coast.
Several years ago, Mr. Collinson states,
ii would have been possible to go fm...
one end of Hie Portland canal in ie other
wilhoul meeting any - i:i native people,
Tliis summer all was changed, Everywhere dormant mining elaims had sprun
into sudden activity, disi.-i.-ts wh 11 hod
been mere .trelcnes <>l waste had been
surveyed and converted into thriving town
siles, and, in fact, on all hands was apparent the commencemeni of a heavy influx
of settlers and a remarkable developmenl
in natural resources, Theso, Mr. Collinson
claims, cannot be estimated even by the
persons more or less conversant with the
topographical conditions and far less by
lhe individual who lias never visited thc
scene. From a sec.ion comparatively
unknown and certainly untouched a.* ycl
by those interested in mining, timber or
agriculture, it has become the centre of
attraction, "It would astonish you," said
Mr. Collinson, "had you been able lo witness thc sudden transition of an absolute
desert into a spot where the hum uf industry can be heard on all sides." He wenl
on lo say that il was a sinking illustration
of tlie inline..ee of a railway, especially
one honing communication with all the
great Canadian centres, as the Grand
Trunk Pacilic would have when completed, upon a country much of which has not
yet been visited, even liy the most enterprising explorer.
Thc sile selected for the terminus of
tlie Grand Trunk Pacific is the besl tha:
could have been chosen, in his opinion. It
combines everything that goes to make a
great commercial and residential city. In
Hie firsl place, ils harbor is lhc finest of
the many sheltered bays that are to be
found along the coast in that vicinity. Il
is capable of accommodating lhe biggest
vessels without inconvenience. The country which lias been surveyed for the town
site is comparatively level, and when
cleared, buildings constructed, and railway
depots, with trains arriving and departing
eacli day, completed, should become thc
ideal cily of the west, which the directors
of lhe Grand Trunk Pacific have in their
mind's eye. Moreover tlie climate is first-
class, rivalling lhat enjoyed in this favored
portion of Vancouver Island.
"Up on thai Portland canal," Mr. Collinson remarked, "we have a cold winter.
Tune was snow on the ground when I
lefi. But not so al Prince Rupert, For
;om' inexplicable reason the tempera...re-
is more equable there. When we have
cold weather wilh snow, al Prince Rupert
there is rain. Talcing il all lhe year round,
ll.e temperature experienced at the new
townsite is ideal, especially when it'is remembered how far norlh it is located.
The summer there is really lovely. From
May until September line, warm, sunshiny weather prevails, willi, of course, an
occasional shower,"
Mr. Collinson reports that there has
been considerable preliminary work done
at Prince Rupert this summer. The town-
site has been thoroughly surveyed. A
waler supply has been located which
would serve without difficulty as large a
population as lhe cily was ever likely lo
boast of. While coining soulh the steamer upon which he was a passenger had
passed a vessel which il was understood
had many thousands of feet of lumber for
use in the building of a number of large
structures.  One of these is the new hotel.
Questioned as to the character of the
country in the Immediate vicinity of Prince
Rupert, Mr. Collinson staled thai it was
hetler adapled for mining than anything
else. He asserted that Ilic wealth of its
mountains could not bc overestimated.
There was no doubt ihal when transportation was assured by rail and steamer
there would be mines opened up which
would yield enormous dividends. Bu:
back of the coast range of mountains the
conditions alter entirely. There waslo be
found mile upon mile of territory which,
he believed, would make lhe linesi agricultural land anywhere. Thc route of If.
railway would be through tliis distric'.,
and naturally it would not be long before-
large tracts would be taken up by settlers.
The possibilities of lhe couniry from an
agricultural standpoint could not b.
guaged by tlie mo.*t imaginative mind.
Winnipeg Free Press.
FOii this irl. k all you need are tin
lollowlng I'mple article!: A
dinner fork a-id an ordinary-size.!
Fix the cork firmly in th.- handle
of the- cup, then stick tiie fork into
the cork s<. that two prongs shall be
.... mo 1. side of it... cup handle.
At the same- time se.- that Hi. handle
of the fork slopes sufficiently to come
undei the bottom of Hi.- cup.
This brings the heaviest weigh. .11-
reetly underneath, a...I mak.-- ii easy
fur vou lu lu.l.l the eup ..n lhe point
of a knife 1.1..tie. If vou . infuHv Hnd
where the exact point ..! bala ,,
nnd alsu hold your hand steady.
Vanishing Coin
TAKE ft small bit of white wax
and stick It on 'he null of your
right middle linger    He sun  nu
...... *..s you do it
Now lake n coin (say, a .lini.-j lu
Hi.- palm of vour right hand and Inform your frlenda Ihal you will mak.
it disappear ».t yom' word ol command.
i'l..... your hand so .'..ii tl.e coin
■ ij k- to .in- waxed nail Blow airily
on your hand, make u few mystcrlou!
motion, and [-a-.*.-.- and mutter lome
such words as "Preilo! presto! |.,-
Then open your hand quickly, very
quieklv, -p.-filling your palm ..... ...
th.- view .f you. fii- .ui- The < i.in
being atuck to th. nail "I your middle linger will i.-.l  .." Vl.lbl.   lo Ho ii
When vui command lb- coin !.. reappear iill you tiff" i*. .i" la lo . lose
your hand and rut- Hi" coin into Hie.
palm of yuu. Land.
A Candle Trick
Full Ihls tri.-k you wanl a plec. of
candle and a nail lo w. igl.l it at
.he lower end. This nail sho..!.] bo
of just sufileie.il weight lo keep tin- to.)
. mi ..t 1,..- candle level wiih the surlac
.-I' Ihe water in a glass, wit!-., ii w.itinj
lhc wick.
Having placed lln- camlle in the glass,
light li.
Now  one  would   suppose   of course,
that the wick^miy would burn, and lhat
only for a few momenta,
Bu. in spile <.f Hu- surrounding w.-ter
the candle will burn down ... ihe very
end. Come to think about it. .. .s qullo
possible, yuu see. for although lb" . ;tn-
.11" seems to bring Hie wick nearer to
lhe water, il really ..ernes lighter and
rises ns it burns, thus keeping tin wick
continually above water.
.   What Bothered Him.
"You look awfully worried, Captain
"Yaas—I'm  fearfully   worried, don't
y know!"
'I... tell as whal I! Is"
"Well, that's what's so fearfully
worrying, don't you know. ! can't
.hink what It Is I'm so worried
about!"—Sketch.- Uiu
Tommy Cat
Bold Tommy Cat, "Upon n.v word,
Young Uunny really looks absurd
With that great big umbrella there.
if I walked wiih him folk would stare.
Bo when he came ... walk with me
1 Just pretended not to sec.
"Hallo, it's ralnlng*qulte a sterm,
I wish I'd put nn something warm,
1 think 11! better go and lharfl
liiitiiim ol Hie boiiiil. convenient le the
Anuih.-r very easy an.i very convenient glfl 1'OU can make Is ii big will.-
haiket, as follows: liny a cheap enmp
...mil and lake uut lln- canvas seal Thon
luck .. big silk ur creton   a a
wo.-kl.itg lo Hn- edge of lln- Hum-work
of lho s.ool; arrnngo a gathering siting,
nml vour workbag Is ready ... give,
For ibis glfl yuu win  l il ....a-
k.-I of num.. older head, .... .loul.., bul
your own loving lingers eau do ovory
ililcli uf lhe work.
I. Why nre weary people like car
?, An old woman In ;. rod . I  ■.  .
passing a  field, In  which  :.  .-    •
feeding.   What strange traniformttlloij
suddenly ...uk place?
:i. Why doei.-. .lu.-k g-. Into lh.
•I. .spoil "Wind pig" In ..v.. leiteri
r wi.i.'i. ,i.,| can liii lhe h. ivl. n
ii. VVhy Is a wise man !'k.- a ntn?
Why Is it Jew In a [evi i lis. a dla-
m if
'. Why may ■ fui - nli     ■■
llevi there Is nn such thing f. - -1" <■'
!.. whal Is il..-.. which .• mm on . e
table ami cut bul nee. r eaten?
lv Weil io.s upon It* i wn hubatnni --,
and -liis when it haa devoured l.seli
II. Why Is a .lu;:. Lliing Its own I ill,
like -i thrifty housekeeper?
I... Whal Is n Hi.it Is low.-, with fi hi ...I
than wiib...it one?
13, \\ hleli Is lhc lefl side of a plum
I •"'-"?
II. Whal letter .f tl"- :.l.'i ibet la i ■
ofM-firy io in.ilu- a .I...."
I.'i If all He- BOOS were .Lieu up w. :
would everybody Bay '.'
11 ..eg Munnj , lug umbrella there,"   '
Bald I: mny .if In- cnu* to me
1 b Ju-l I'f li ftil 1 do no. see."
Wn.mhsi tted Bootblack.
, J ','   "    :    tblaek, nrltl.'lun kii on
'- -    md .i  pnekag.  ol   icwa-
li     -       ' ■'      .1 ...  lho
1 •   i' ..-.   mim.   ...   m ...   ro,.     lie
'■  ■     ' •    '■        I   th       -mm ... jjy,
nne a i    .-.   .  hi i uld,
II'   "'-  n   • dow   n.e mini
I"   'i   II '■ Ing,   "Nu
:      in   ,-.i ,i  th,.,
• .
■    '  tl        i-  ■■ ;■ nd
'■in   bark hnlr lh,   nnme,
full  ol      , ,     ..,.'
• ■ ■   i <    Id ,,.-t mak       ney
1«*f lil
WHEN Pope wrote that "Falling
dews with spangles deek'd
the glade," he very fitly
compared these new, yet old,
ornaments with the dewdrops they most
closely resemble. But though the dew,
to him, was the prmclral idea, most of
us, living, aa we do, far from the real
dewdrops, must make the best nf these
excellent copies. Judging from the way
these sparkling Utile discs of steel are
being used thia season. In every imaginable manner, there ca* be no doubt of
their popularity, and when we fully
predate how very beautiful and effective
they are in every conceivable arrangement, we ate seized with a desire to
own some for ourselves. Of course, if ,
wo are blessed with a large amount of
this world's goods, all that is necessary
ls to choose and buy; but if. as Is the
case wilh most of us, our pennies for
extras are few and far between, we
car. still own some very dainty and
charming trifles for a mere song.
The spangles come In small packages,
containing about a gross, and can be
bought at a fancy goods shop, costing
from 1) to M cents a package, according
to the felze and slupe. Mosl of them
era perfectly round, and about an eighth
Of an Inch In diameter, though other
' shapes are liki stars, or snow crystals,
or are sharply pointed at the ends, and
■lightly diamond shaped. All are flat,
■ri as thick as a sheet of writing paper.
having a hole through the centre for
fastening, A tiny gii; or colored bead
may be used for this purpose by tying a
thread through the bead and making
knot, which should, however, show on
the right side of the work. In this case,
after the thread is fastened firmly to the
bead, a single stitch will be all that Is
necessary op. the right side, but the
thread must be carefully finished off on
th* wrong side before cutting.
If th« spar.gles are placed so close together that they touch, the thread or silk
usel to sew them on with must show a
■t-.-fl* unbroken Une through the spangle* on the right side. This Is done by
bringing the needle up close to the edge
of the spangle, down through the centre.
th*n up outside the opposite edge, down
through the next, and bo on until tha
line Is evenly covered, the -spangles Just
touching each other, and uavii.g an *ju-
broken Une though their centres of
► , it. now turn round, ar.d come bark to
the firs', spangle, In thc same way. so
tha*. the line Is as straight Thro igh the
centre of the pattern as though drawn
v lth a pencil Vse silk as near aa pos-
iloie to match the spangles for sowing
th-tn on, except when the leads an
Ultd as knots, or tlio spangles do not
t, -v. r..\ u en ll li etter t» match the
1--  i In * dor
ih-* materlali 11 I for thli t-uclnat-
1: n work   ire    hlff ■■    «nd * fine-
meshed i et   fit   tbe   accessories of
flreai      Velvet*(InIshed kid or leathw
are    the    fav Tliei    for    bags    end
, cases,    though    opera     bagi,     note
tn iki. nr 1    ases   tnd  I ags (or the
eld-j nn** ver;. beautiful made of moire
I or heavy brocade, having an elaborate
, design In the ipanglei   Eai h arti' ;■•
j must be ■ in fully line: wllh sHk and
[a stiffening  •• canvas befori  making
1 up, so that the sti' hi *  n  tht  wrong
«. 11 maj  not sh iw   ■• ien the arth le
i-   nlshed.  Of chiffon |auxe and vel-
•,. .   maj   be mad'*  many  hat  Towns,
fiii-, * ikes and undei ileeves; in fact,
whole gowns are ornamented in this
v ,      .   ng  llghi   -k- leton   designs,
v    ch are s iti red * ither far apart;
-    the effect will be ol a i oat-of-m ill
rather than the light gossamei  Idea
t, ilred
Ornemt   I   (or the hah   in  ■ ■•..■ for
x ,   , igini i  to make   Draw  a bulter*
fl;    lealgn  on  u  , I   of  whito  lis*
k .... | i;i.*:. and bnste m cither white
or black mousselii * fo >•■■■ ng the lines
t irafully Bew the spang ph ■•"■ thi tugh
the paper, which h u b<  i ill 1 out
The second butterfly Is made In the
same way, but each whig Is made of two
pieces of net fastened together after different designs have been sewn Into
place; the under sido of one wing being
thickly strewn wilh star-shaped spangle?, the oilier with round ones. The
third in very old-fashioned and quaint.
and will be especially beautiful when
the hair ls worn low. On this are
Used the diamond-shaped spangles as
well as the stars and round unes, and
after wiring carefully, the whole
thing Is to be fastened on a wide, old-
fashioned back comb.
Fans are always attractive, but
when covered wllh these lovely, glittering spangles they are irresistible. Plain gauze fans can be
bought now for a dollar, and either
of the designs may be followed by any
clever girl who wishes a very beautiful fan for her own. Arrange the
spangles so that they will not be directly on a fold of the fan, or it will
not close exactly. A covering of chiffon may be used on the wrong side If
the stitches are too obtrusive; but It
Is better in decorating fans not to use
any tissue paper, as it is sometimes
difficult to remove it from a stiff surface, though ft is very readily removed from gauze when there are no
sticks to interfere
In decorating leather, the d-sign
must be lightly drawn on with impression paper tirst, and lhe spangle*
sewn on with heavy silk. The tittle
coin purse shown is made of soft
finished brown leather, 6x9 Inches
when opened, an.l consists of three
pieces, the main part of purse, with flap,
the outside pocket and the strap. After
the purse li decorated, lay the places
together and itltch on the machine al!
round, through two thicknesses -'
leather. Now make a purse Just
like thn one. only a little smaller,
and slip Into place for a lining, hemming all around the Hap aboul one-
sixteenth Of an Ini li from til Ige
The small address book is of olive
green  moire,   6x5  Inches     fold  and
Btlb h down the hack a quarter of an
it.- h from the  fold,  making  a  holder
for  the   pencil,   line with  silk,  a"-1
fa ner the imall address book In pi
with a narrow ribbon.
Boxes for gloves, handkerchiefs . *
vela may easily bo made bj t u i
Ing pasteboard boxes of the desired
size and  shape   with sheet wadding
Is   ind   lut; lining the Inside wilh
plain Chine silk, and covering the outside with ii  silk, or brocade deco-
: ited with spangles in different colors
:.■ i hapea .*. , ■ dgca need bo turned
i:,, as iii'-- are all bound witii Inch-
v.. i ■ guid or sii."r galloon, basted
nn tightly,
Thc io are only n few 'if the man)
beautiful, all '■'■'; ■■ thing i seen In
tho shops, bui ii.** Ntiggostlon will doubtless hn 'if some n \t itanri to lhe xirl
with nothing ■■ year, who does nol care
altogether foi    ;■■ atity unadorned,"
Breaking Engagements
DON'T know why Clare- « joetn't
corn* H'-r-* I've waited an hour
for him and w'r* 'ate for the
play already" An-l Stella looked on
the verge of rears
"Oh my dear he'll rom* soon
enough." Aunt Dora reassured her,
"something's k-pt him. surelj
But Clarence did not come and Stella
waited al) the »v«nlng In vain Ir
the morn in*-; came n contrite note that
said; "Really I forgot -ill ab<
But not even the tea itlf il * >ses thai
a-'comparu* l the n isal ■ ould help
Ktella forget or forgive
Clarence la a verj usual young p*r-
aon He alwayi "forgets." He promises to - ome ■ • i dam e, »nd th*n
leaves hii Intended partner In lhe
lurch, Sometime* he "forK<*
answer the In dl ittoi snd then bin
hostess la forced to maks
pi eparatlona He telle Ned Collins to
meet lilm at the dub, nnd Med wan
den dlst in ■tola*■ i iu I for sn
hour and then phones to hear ''lar-
iu rprlsed
gagement   vll
Clarence, huwe i     -* the only
offendor   ■   - even worse,  She
promises i * oi ge Ms * * in to be home
in Mond i Igl i ' then goes to
Cella Dobaon ■ ifing lish party
sh" tella Mai --1 I ■ I thai In will
eal luni heon witii her at the Metro ■
pole, and then meets Mr E ans on her
way and goes with him, Instead, Bhe
iiii even been known to star! for nn
appointment al the doi tor i nnd spend
the afternoon ahopp ng be suae she
po ned Falrplay .no] Lowpi
her way.
Neither Clarence nor Clarissa
tentlonally rude Neither of them
means to make i nemlos whi ■ ■ -
or nne goes Bul slowl • theli i Ircle of
friends la growing smaller! lowly
they nre helm- invited less and lesa
And   when   Clarenee   nnd   Hln   i*a
hnve no one on whom tn        bul * n
other, thero will ho a climax indeed!
Keep Bedrooms Tidy
HOW dn you ever do II.  Betty?
Tour room always -looka aa if
It had  Jest  been cletned and
f.r-.if.K<-.i   for   my   arrival,   no   matter
whon I eome, while a. for mine—well,
.  would refuse to slrlko 11!"
"Nora-r.se,   I.aura;  my  neatness  1.
nothing  'umpired  with Mabel's,  for
lnstani"-      Why, when she wants lo
remem!,*-    an    engagement   in    the
morning she put. something a trifle
ll    '       - the night before."
t'l too much for me.   How
do Oth  manage*"
"I'm f.r-'  i  don't  know  about  her;
hul If I have any rules at all, It Is,
thing Lark as soon, as you're
Ihrougl   with   It'   That   is   lo  say,
when   I  go tu bed I don't leave my
things hanging around to bl pill away
-- .   ■ ..ruing,   but  I do   li   al   -.nc
■    when   I'm  through  writing at
....   i  .....  ...ai  evil .
I        , |   M.f.ir..  I  luve II
...   i,   ...  i.    iln -
 ■    ind
, [n ... ni..'    if you'll fo..
rlvi r i»ylng v you
....I. •     Igl -    ■	
it I ii   going lo, ev.
,...    ... - poinl ..iff - a pli
... ,. .,-,- me. and a pi. I .  -      .1
,   I   n       drive  mi   llmoit  Insane."
.leaf,   i   hop.       .i   -     ...
• ,...-:■■■      ■■ -   id. i hei
Home-Made Girdle
Lm... | i .. -.M. Oi i ii b. f
u.tic a smiiii plli - of the un-
if.riii.iiaiiie gold or  illver all-
,,..,!•     ....        moat fai
.   girdle  to  be  worn   win.  ■
. .ii...    ...     lack   ..
  iu ..
, -
I the Kmp
ii. i-  and      - .-I.I... iu
fronl  ii "lope "' six lm  -        .,....-
-,.-ilv nnd llm
all .IK..,, of ... ;
or green snlin If ll  ia io
1 In aimi
Bl     :-    "   I -        f       -
Putting Money in
the Mouth
THERE Is a woman In Parla who,
until q-ilte recently, made a good
living aa a "awallower." If she
snw a piece of money dropped ahe Immediately picked It up and asked permission of the owner to bite It "for luck."
When this was granted, ahe promptly
swallowed the coin.
Few of us would wish to follow her
example-even without the prison cell
In which she Is now reposing - hut
many of us do so Involuntarily. If you
put a coin sinnller than a half dollar In
your mouth, there Is, by statistics, Just
une chance In seven thnt you will not
swallow II. And. unless you agree with
the profllior who, when his wife excitedly cried that she had swallowed* a
.lime, merely replied, "Never mind, my
dear, here is ....other one," It Is un-
llkely ihnl yuu ore anxious for the experience
Bui, . ■•'•ti ii thi coin goes nu farther
•h.i.i your lips, you aro doing an un-
» ,e and dangiroui thing n i» ..imnst
unbelievable ilia! a woman ot rednc-
menl can place betweon her lips a pice..
.,! metal thai liai paiied ihrougl, as
many hands, sum.. Illiliy and diseased,
as hai an ordinary coin,
Yei everywhere Is Tumid the wuiiihii
win. habitually placei money between
her lips while cloilng h.-r bag, buttoning her coat, otc  Bometlmei Biie will
aol  ...ua  with change, Coming Iron,
hands Ihal It wnuld make I.e. slek to
to ,. i,    Bhe will even drop n coin I"
th. dirty pavement, pick .. .... and ro-
p u.  ii
Thi) told us onco lhat u.is atmoil
.     n.,1,11   WaB  on   lhe   ilei-reiine,
ii.,1 ,,iivi i again would "fair worn....
h .. rate liar ruby llpi."   And
., .    <,,,.,   ihi I-1.mi.  sn.iied, and
- -.- oi ..- rubj lip  ■• dark
and groaiy pleoa ..r su thing mure
li   dirty nli koi
if,- if mm ry coin wero accompanied
by a mlcroicopol
Shopping by Proxy
a EN yards of ducheaae, did you
eay?  Yea, madame.   And If
cannot match the bluo silk, I
em to get white. Very well."
"That will be all, I think. Miss De
Vere.   And how much do I owe you?"
"I*:t me see. Your bill ls J«J. Five per
cent, of that |8 12. Thank you, madame."
"Do you know, this la quite an experiment for mo. I have never shopped by
agent at all. Would you mind telling
me about your work?"
"There Is nothing to tell, madame. I
wns a modlsle; 1 cuuld nul make money
here. So I do this work. 1 get 5 per
cent, fmni my customers and 5 from the
•tore. Sun.etini.-s I have quite large
aales-last week I netted almost 1100. But
I had one sale then ot JJOO-lhat meant
170 for me.  Uaually I average about 125.
"Of course, that has taken years of
experience and liurdship. When 1 began
I could hardly earn 15.. week. Hut, you
see, I have good references, and my patrons are satlslled with my wurk. lt ia
hard work, too, hut I like it.
"What 1 like best, however, is choosing presents. Often at Christmas my
patrons give me
list of the persons
to whom ttiey wish to present glftB, with
their characteristics and the amount
they wish to spend on each. Of course,
ll roha Iheir gifts of spontaneity—but
me, I feel that 1 am providing for ao
many friends! I do well, too—last
Christmas my bills amounted to 1350.
"You will have a pair of black kid
gloves, too, you Bay ? Oul, madame.
That will he 12-10 cents for mo. 1 do
not. by the way, take any single Bales
of leBB than lii-*— you had already
ordered before,"
A Sanitary Bed
ALONG time ago, when rourposten
and curtains were things just of
the past, no one would have
dreamed of a bedstead not of wood.
Orudmlly thcae grew almpler and klm-
pler, nnd at hist Iron ond brase onel
took their plncea-all thia on lho ground
of hygiene.
As a mailer of facl, the matlrcaa
alone can he military or unsanitary. The
choice ot lhe bedstead may be governed
simply by personal lusle.
A felt mattress Is the very beat kind
to have, but If you cannot affoid It, got
u cotton one, making hair your laat
Choice, 11 Is. "f cuurao, hardly neccasnry
nny longer lu mention lho featherbed.
If your bedstead Is of wuud, especially,
see Hint It Is ofton nnd thoroughly
ile.ine.l. Yearly .he dreaded "red rovers" are becoming less nnd less coin-
in. ui. but- as nur fiieiid Shaw remarks
- "Yinl never enn tell!"
Vour pillow shuulil he light and admit
nf oaay airing, l-'ur ihls .ens...., ..Is..,
..void .. bolster or a largo pillow, The
bedclothes, too, hIkui.c be i.s light as
is compatible with warmth,
If you use a folding ur couch bed,
he   sine   ll.e   L.-ilelullles   lire   well   u.rifil
before Ihey   ..re   packed   nwny.   And,
opropoa ... tliis,   see   .hat   even   bath-
inbes nnd slippers gel a good airing. At
logular Interval, air the mattress uut
of .. b.iek window,
..im it m-.-k the springs .....I mattreia
sliunl.l  be  thoroughly he...en   nnd the
nm....».* turned. Ami, linally. If the bed-
Mend I.. ....nli Miiifiinenl'-.l. it great deul
of diisiliig will be noeeisury.
Public Manicuring
HE waa a gnod-looklng man, well-
dressed, and quiet In his appearance. He even rose to <;lve an
elderly woman his seat, nt which un-
asiiul exhibition of politeness the girl
ippoBlto looked admiringly at lilm. He
Jld not whistle, bo did not smoke, although It waa a Beat whero smoking waa
allowed, and thero was not a sign of a
toothpick nbuut him.
And then—he drew forth n pearl-handled penknife, and began lo manicure
his nails! Mure und mere absnrbed he
grew, qulle oblivious of tho Interest of
the girl opposiie. And aa lie diligently
pared and Bcruped, his lips formed In a
pucker, n.id lie began to whistle. Little by Utile tho marka of the gentleman
disappeared, ond those of thc boor Increased. A sudden motion lipped hie
hat back on hla forehead, and us he
drew out his handkerchief to polish tbe
newly manicured nulls the foreordained toothpick came out with It, and wae
promptly Inserted In his mouth.
The girl opposite, who was an ardent
type-hunter, took out the little note-
book she always carried, and wrote
therein: "Dr. Jeykll becomes Mr. HJ-de
through the agency of a nall-lllc!"
Terrifying Wallpaper
JUST as the guests were sitting down
to dinner a child's scream pierced
the air. The hostess hastily ex-
cused herself and left the room. A few
moments later she returned.
"I can't think what Is thc matter with
Robbie," she said, as Bhe reseated her-
eolf. "Ever, Blnec he has bad hla bedroom repapcred' he wakes up about this
time In a dreadful fright ond acreams
unlll I come. Then he tells me that he
sees things coming aut of the walls-
tonight It was monkeys, laat night It
waa spiders."
"Do you leave a light In hla room?"
asked the doctor.
"Oh! yes, Indeed; he couldn't sleep
without lt."
"Then I think I know what ails him.
What sort Is ihls new wallpaper?"
"It's a fancy flower design In red and
wbjte-very pretty, Fred and I thought,"
"DoubtlesB lt waa very pretty to you,
but to an Imaginative child lying there
tn the dusk those figured wultpupers ara
perfect torture. I should advise you to
repapcr the room In some plain or
striped paper.'
"It Isn't only children that arc tortured by B.ieh wall papen, either," remarked tl.e yonug girl next to thc doe-
tor. "When my aunt wub sick she aaid
the wallpaper drove her neifrly crasy.
Sho wnuld lry to make faces out nt It,
ond then they would come of their nwn
accord, until all the walls were full of
"Well, all this is news to me," Bald
Rubble's mother, "and Bobble's wallpaper will certainly be changed as soon ai
Care of Song Birds
NOT all women who possess canaries are aware that there is a
certain cayenne which, If fed to
the pet bird, will improve Its color.
Strictly speaking, however, this Is not
cayenne at all, but n substance greatly
resembling It In appearance, which has
the advantage of being non-heating. It
can be bought at uny seed store where '
bird food [s sold.
YoiuiK canaries should not be allowed
nny green food unless in extremely hot
weather, and then only In very small
quantities. Give plenty of aome approved
bird food and u little dried and pulverized eggshell.
o,    [my new latent)
■  I'l -AiV k>
i i*l n-rV  ;       %(
., ,.  , ,  ,.„      M*-"'"t>.1.2*l.^2'
'   i,
m fm.
■> ^:---/*>-..:ri'..,:%K
— f."—'— -■■- -AS*-**t!k	 'l'
j know that fear makes People sick mo
EVEN Kills.Jome WJtahtlY. Those* Who
LIVE IN fm ALL'TriE Time hST H (YKCHttl
cr Bankruptcy or. sont Thing mr Mely
Cil 'lm- If MV hav n't cot a pain they'll
jthrcugh Lire scmo snrr, putnevek
I- •. >^-
-■-j 1   !
-   .
[JUST A LlTru-
'  ^-:-.*-<?)—*.   >c^j DEAR-
■*■    •-•■-.        ;*4v--vOi
- \    -*' ■■'*    i
:■    -■:
.     ' it      . €, "';-*B5*S*V
■"-'."   *>
■   ■■
#.":-- • Sj0ci,ill\\
,  .       :yy<-r*f
fy. :■<>■■ kj   $«fe
:.J   •   ' nrS.
/C -^*
/.       \
pis     «/ *	
be solved
that Surprises Jhould alvayj be:
pleasant. 5ay a present, a bd0k,a nice
long letter or the like, it is saidluat
Ir You Would know a man, surprise wtf
ihthis Worlp Or Wonders, or dqd&t
AHYrHiKG. The Wonders offence and
wi can jtt? ihiats allthey believe
they domt Believe the important t«.
Greater Power or Love.    «-*,   B.B.
. e-        akJK
*=*  JSRx/t*.
*';'. il
*$■. ML
'-- -'-V  //    ^**':vir,"^M
ii I   VIWIH
Revelstoke Y.M.C.A. Boys Excel
in Gymnastic—A Splendid
Performance of Skill and
One ot the moit interesting cxl.ilii
lions and at the aamc time ii.atructive
tn old and joung was on the boards on
Thursday night at the opera house
The fi.lertiiiiiiii.int waa got up Ly the
Young Men's Christian Aaauciation,
and consisted nhiflly ol eil.iliitioh and
iliaplayi ..I pliysio.l culture in its
iiiiiiy brn.iol.es, Few people iu Uev
elatoke quite realize what manner ul
work ia canied on in the Y.M C A
and uli.it .Imt innitntion really doei
lor .he riiilnifiil* ami men for whom it
waa lijl'lt, IIes.id.-H beiug a place
wliere t.iiii.men and others can meet,
talk, i-lny billiards, read, etc., and
generally |lii<*> the lime while .iff duty,
aim. it ilie ul.-t important factor in
tl.e work ol the institution ii the
training ul men and buys in the science nf pllj'iloiil culture, thereby de-
volopiiij; Ibo IIUIlolM, bracing the
lyitem, and giving a healthy and vig-
(irom. x Toim Loth to body and mind.
The old . ,.ying "a change of work il
a. good as a spell," is demonstrated in
tl.e Y.MC.A. where d.ills, apparatni
work, calisthenics, and games of skill
lorm a refreshing and healthy ctiHiige
alter the strenuous work on the rail-
rond. Having seen the boys at nightly
g ..mastic a..d guinea, we knew that
tbe physical department would put on
a so il pi*rf..rni»ncef hnl. we were niuei
agreeably surprised to see the really
excellent andikilllul workol which
the leys are capable. IIany a professional athlete whu draws a huh salary
by doing a tew minutes stunt on tbo
vaudeville stage, could take points
Irom our boys, both in neatne-eot
action and ebeer stre gth, nerve and
The bouse wa. well lilted and we
are glad toaee that this the first exhibition of its kind in Kevelstoke
aroused so much interest. We are
nil anxious to see ou; boyi excel in
all their undertakings and in this exhibition the quality ol Revflitoko's
youth was lully denionetraled,
A capable on-beatra opened the entertainment, whioh was followed l.y a
series ol wund exercise! by students, who went throu.h their
exfrcises will, creditable p.ecision.
The tumbling b/ the Seuiori wai a
fine exhibition ul adroitness snd skill,
lotue ol the lumi King almost of a
nockbru.il.ing nature. The Seniors
gave a fi.ie display on the parallel bar*,
this allowing how everv n usele ol the
body is brought into play. The
Juniors in Galiithenic drill proved
the effect uf their good training, the
lew mistakes that occurred being
caused ouly by uervousnoii and an
over keennesi to plea.e.
W. Veith gave a pretty exhibition ol
Indian club swinging, aud Orner Jones
in a itep daiiie received a warm
ovation. Mis. R. Sqii.utb.igga, Mm
Borden an.l Mr. A. Annan con-
tributfd tbo vocal itemi on tl.e
program me. D.,n McDoi aid aa the
clown, cauied continual merriment in
his many ludicrous exhibitions ol
gymnastic, ibis being a decidedly
novel and amusing luatuie. J. D. McLennan and Thos. Hope gave an in-
tereiting wreitling exhibition bout, ol
two ten minute rounds, the skill and
science ol this form of sport being
well displayed, each securing a (all in
the second round.
Tl.e preientation ol the cup to the
Triangular Basket Ball League Champions: Messrs. B. Calder, M Calder,
Carn.ichael, Doyle and Howion, wai
made by C. 8a* er, International Y.M.
CA. secretary in charge ol the west
Heapoke a lew suitable worda, pointing
out that fair play in sport and Bquare
dealing wat tl.e, chief point in life.
He urged, the hoy to follow thit rule
in business, laying that the battles ot
life were olten won on playing fields
and alio by ipoft. the Y.M.C.A
makes good men and boya and he
hoped that tl.ey would fsnieiiiber
lha| sport and square play helped to
make the men ol Canada (cheers).
Hach hoy received an Association pin
as an emblem, W. Southern, Inter
pstiopal Secretary of the Christian
department presented the shield of tho
Junior Basket, Ha|l League phampion.
Menri. Tapping, Paniel, Lyttle, An
dereon and Calder. He referred to the
foreign work of the Y.M.C.A. as pro-
"dressing well and that pe.hapsBoon
even the Chinese would be playing
btsket ball, He hoped thnt the hoyi
would oontimie to carry out the lenti-
mont ol the Association and make good
men (cheers). An auoqiation button
wat also presented to lite winners.
' A line display ol pyramids by the
Benton*, brought a reaily novel, inter.
Citing and splendid performance to a
cioie. We congratulate the boyi on
their excellent work and their instructor. W. Maguiie, deserves the highest
praiao lor his effort! in teaching and
drilling hii pupils in luel. a ikillul
and efficient manner, and bringing to
a ilgnal lucceu one ol the best local
eutertaiuinenti ovor held in lhe oily.
The New
Sack Suits
Here they are—matchless
in their richness and
Superb colorings —
exclusive effects—the
choicest weaves of the best
mills in England and
Grays and Browns are
most in demand. Fit-
Reform, as usual, shows
complete assortments in both
these favorite shades.
$15, $18, $20 up.
McKinnon &
The lower portion of a fire-pot is usually nearly
or partly filled with dead ashes, leaving the live,
red-hot coals in the upper part. The result is that
the upper portion expands much more than the
This uneven expansion' causes a strain
too great for a one-piece lire-pot lo stand.
Sooner or later it will split, allowing precious
heat   and   sickening   gases   to
But the fire-pot of thc Sunshine
is constructed to meet this ton-
dition. lt is in two sections. The
upper half expands, as much as
necessaiy, independently of the_
lower. When cool, it contracts
back to its original size, fitting
to the lower half perfectly.
And this strong, unbreakable,
gas and heat-tight, two-piece
fire-pot is just one of the many
superior featuresof the Sunshine.
, If your local dealer does not handle the
"Sunshine," write direct to us for FREE
London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, N.B.
BOURNE BROS*, - Local Agents
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons'; Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Maline Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Boggles, Planet Jr., (Jurdei. Seeders and Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended tu. Horse Shoeing a
%%%%%%%%%*%%%*%%%%%% «%%%-*%%%%%*% 1
. tuMt%»tAHU«*m'tuMt*mut vi
*   Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Vork Packer, and Dealer   In Live Stack.  Markets in alt tl.e principal aqu*
Towns ol Alberta, Britiah M,.iu.nl.ia an.l tl.e Yukon.   Packers of the Celebrated (.rami
"Im enter" Hams and Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Leal I aril. j
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Pealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71, Home Phone 7
Hai a good itock of Groceries and
a fine aiiortment ol Japanese China.
Agent for Rovelitoke Farming
Company, growers of all kindi ol
Firm l'rodute, Hay and Wood.
Front Street, Revelsloke
Evans & Woodrow
Dealen in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fiih and Game in
Season. Orderi promptly attended to,
FirstSt. Revelstoke
Notice Ih hereby given that6Q days afterdate
I ii.tend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of IaikIs and World, for permhwlon to
purcha-e) the following described landa:
Sll uated about two miles nortb of the mouth
of McDonald Creek, on thc cant nhorc of Upper
Arrow Lake, joining T. L.6.91fion the^outh-
west corner: running cant 40 chains, uouth if)
chains, west 10 ohains, north 10 chains to place
of commencement,
Uated MurchKh, 1007.
sat moh 9 THOMAS WRIGHT.
.M.iifi' Mi n'Tpny ni ven mar mi mini altera ru
we intend tn iiv \ to the Hon. Chief Commis-
sion-Tiil Lauds end W'Tk-s for a -iiciul licence
to out aid carry uwuy timber From tbe follow*
iiu* ilesciibe i 1.1 ml.- si mul ml lu Lillooet ili--
1. Commencing at u post mnrkid "Lnmb-
Watsou Lumber Cn, south-east corner post,"
filanted at head of -until creek l\\ miles soulli
rom Smoke House Creek, thencu uorlh 80
chuius, thence wesl SO dm ins, tlience smith 80
clmins, th« nee "unst .vi chains to point of commencement.
?. Oommoncing at u oust marked "Lamb*
Watson lumber Co. north-west curuer posW1
planted at hend nf small creek about 'i]/2 miles
south from Smoka House Creek, tlience snutli
SO chain-, tbeuce east 80 chains tinmen imrth
80 chains, thence west 80 chains to pniutof
■'(. Commeueiug at a posl marked "Lamb*
Wutson Lumber Co. south-west coruer post,1
plauted ul linml of •.mull creek ubout -', milo**
f outh from Smoke House Creek, theuce imrlli 80
chains, theuce eust 80 ohains, thonce south 80
chaius, thence west mi chains l.n point ul cum
*. Commencing ut a post murki-d "Liimb
Watson Lumber Co. uurLlreast coruer post,1
planted at head nf smsill rronk iibotlt 2J.*S mile-
south of Smoke House Creek, Ihutice south Ml
chuius, thenc • wust 80 chuius, theuce north 80
chains, thence eust 80 chuius to pointof commencement
Datod this 25th duy of March, 1001.
Lamii-Wathon LlWBBB Co., Limitkii.
wed ap 8
Notice is hereby given thut 80 days afler dale
I Intend to applv to thu Hou. I'luef I'oiuinls-
sloner of Lands and Works for a special licence to uut und carryaway limber from llie
following described lauds lying about two and
a half miles nurih of Huluyun Hoi. fpr iigs on
Uiu I ]ip i* Anew Lake, and .n-oui um- n.it-
froui the shure, marked "J. Wallls Sherwliis
tiortb-east co. tier," running west 4<i eliains,
Ihmice sum li 80 chains, thunce cast I't chains,
ihence tmrlli 80 chain-* to point of commencement.
Dated March Hilli, 11M7.
wed ap 'i J, WALLIS SHKUW1N.
Nolice Is hereby given that 30 days Irom dnte
I Intend tu apply lo the Honourable lhe Chlel
Commissioner ui ' auds aud Works lor a special
license to eul and carry »\\ u> timber frum the
following described lunils situated ln .Vest
Kooteuay district:
Commencing at a post planted 60 chains eust of
the smith-Honl corner ut T. L. UOW), ami mnrkeil
"Thomas Kileen's nurth-east coiner," llienco west
40 chains, theuce souih It'll chains, ihence east in
ehains. thenee uorth liiu chains to place ol commencement,
Dated the-28th March, 1907.
wed ap a A. M Symuun, Audit,
Notice is hereby given lhat tlu days after ilutc 1
iiiti'inl tu apply iu tliu Chief C" mmi-sieiieruf
Lands ami iturka fnr peniiissioti tn pm chase tlie
following descrihed lnmls,situuto in Wesl 'unite-
nay ilisuU-t:
Cumuiuiiciiig at a pust planleil at the north-easl
corner of .1. K. John-ton's application and marked
"A McPhmldeu's south-easl coruer pust," tlienee
nurth 80 eliains, tnence west 8U cnains, thenee
smith 80 chains, thence east 80 chains io pnint uf
cuininenceinent.  Containing fliuacres.
Dated llth March, 1007.
wed meh 13 A.,MePA.J)DKN.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days afler date I
Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands ami Works for permission to purchase the
following descrihed lands in West Kootenay district:
Commeneing at a post planted at the smitli-west
eoruer of Lot Uf>S, un the east shore of Upper
Arrow Lakes, tlience smith 80 chains, thenct; eust
40 chains, tlience north 80 chains, thence west4li
chains to the point of cummencement. Containing
3 ju acres inure or less.
Dated March llth, Mi7.
wed inch 18 L. UAK.
NOTICK Is hereby given that 00 dayi alter dale
1 intend to apply to the Hon. Chief *. om
missioner of Lauds und Wurks for permission lu
purchase the following described lunils in the
Went Kootenay District, Qaleua Hay, eust side of
Upper Arrow Lake:
Commencing at a post planted at P. Muher's
south-east corner and marked "Uruce A. Lawsuit's
Bouth-east corner post," thence south 40 chains,
thenee west 40 chains, theuce nortli 20 chains,
thence east 2'i chains, thenee uorth 20 chains,
thence east siO chains to point of commencement,
and cun ..lining liii acres more or less.
Dated Galena Bay, this 27th February, 1007.
i   feb 27 wed BBL'CE A. LAWSON.
VTOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
1\ after date I intend to auply to tbe Chief
Commissioner of Landsaud Works for special
license to cut and carry away limber from the
following described lands situate in West
Knoteuay district:
Commencing at a post planted on the west shore
of Upper Arrow Lake, four iniles north-west uf
Nakusp, B.C., marked -'It. A,'-* N. E. comer"
thenee weat 40 chaius, thence south lOOchains,
thence east 40 chains more or less to the lake
shore, tlience northerly 100 chains following the
lake shore to point of commencement.
Dated the 2nd day of April, 1907.
snt apO H. Nelson. Agent.
Notice is liereliy given that 00 days afterdate I
intend to apply to the Honorable, the Chief jConi-
missioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purrhase the folluwtng descrilied lands, situated
on Upper Arrow Like and descrilied as follows;
Commenci rn: At a post planted 10 chains
uorth of the south-east cornier of Lot 6069, and
marked "J K. McLean's S. W, corner poBt,"
Ihence north 40 chaius, thence cut 40 cnains,
thence south 40 chains, Ihence west 40 chains
to place of commencement, containing ut
Dated April I3(h, 1907.
wed ip 17 J. K. McLLAN.
Notice ifi hereby given that 30 days aft or date
we Intend to apply to thuChief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for u --.pedal Bounce to cut
and carry away timber frum thc following described lauds lu West Kooteuay District:
1. • ommenclng at a post limited it* about
Il uii'esouth-easl from tho S.N corner post of
Lot 3503, maiked "D. Mcintosh aud Win
Boyd's N. R. corner post," tlience suuth 80
cbnins. thenco west 80 chaius, theuco north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains te iho point of
2. Commencing at a post planted od thu N.
E. corner of No. 1, inarked "1). Mcintosh and
Win, Boyd's N. W. eurner post," tlienco east 80
chains, tbenee south 80 chains, tlienco west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to the point of
3. Commencing at a post planted ou tbo N.
W, cornerof N >. 2, inarked "D. Mcintosh and
Wm. Bovd's S. E. corner post." Ihence west 80
chains, tnence north 80 chains, thencu east So
chains, thence south 80 chains lo the puint of
located March 16Lh, KK17.
sat meh 30
Notice is hereby given that .10 days aftor dale
LIntend to apply to the Chief ('ommlssiouor uf
ends and works for a special license lo out
and carry away timber from the following described lands sitnnted In the Lillooel, District,
13 Commencing at it post nlanlcd on the
west sideof small stream running south and
tributary to the north fork of Noilb Harrlero
Lake and about four miles north frum the
forka, marked "A. McCon nell's N. W, corner
Limit No. 13, Fisher Crock Blo.-k, running Ifi'l
ehnitis wiutU, 40 chains east. UIO ohains nurth,
to chains west to placu of oommeiieeinout
U. Commencing at a iiest planted ou tho
west side of small stream miming soutli and
tributary to north fork of Nurtli Harrluro ijike
and about fuur miles north from forks, marked
"A. McConncU'H B. W. corner Limit Na U,
Fisher Croek Block " running IU) chains north,
to chains east, ltio chains south, 10 chains west
to placo of commencement.
Hated March ffinl, 1007.
la. Commoncing at a post planleil one mile
south from creek runnings. W.frum head of
Fishor Creek and about three miles suuth-wust
from lake at head of Fisher Creek, marked "A.
MoCoiinell'H H, W. corner limit No. 1.5, Fisher
Creek Block," running 160 chains uurth, In
chaius east, ID ehains south, In chains west tu
place uf commencement.
16 Commencing at a post planted one mile
south from creek running S.W horn heud of
Fisher Creek, and about 3 miles 3. W, from
lake at bead of Fisher Creek, marked "A, McConnell's S, K. cornor Limit No. 10, Fisher
Creek Hlock,running 160 uhaius north,40 chains
west, 160 chaius south, 40 chnlns east to place of
17. Commencing at a post planted on the
north side of small stream running S W. from
head of Fisher Creek and about 3J miles S. W,
from Lake at head of Fisher Crook,marked "A.
McConnell's N. K- corner Limit No. 17, Fishor
Creek Block." running 10 chains soutb, 160
chains west, in chains north, 100 chains cast to
place of commencement.
Dated March 27th, 1907.
wed sp 24
Notice ts hereby given that 00 da) s after date I
Intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase the
following denei ibed lands in West Kootenay ills*
Commencing at a post planted at the snitth>wcst
corner of IM £11*1, about U mile, mure nr less,
from east shore of Upper Arrow Lake, thence
north 80 ehains, west 40 chains, south KO clialhs,
east 40 chains Ui point of confmencement, Con*
talnlng 320 acres more or less.
D«H*d 12th March,11907.
wed meh U '        f S. MyliUDi,
N.iiiceis nerony given tlmt manysafter mie
we intend to apply totlm Cliief' mnmliwhiiior 'if
Landsaud Wurks fur a -iiccial llooiiso In cui
nml curry uwuy timber from the fulUwiiiuiln-
scribed lauds in distriot uf Wust. Kuolmmy:
I, commend uk st u p»wi nlsntcil sbmii nne
mi e Irom Ihe iip-irh uf \icli.mnld creek, ninl
marked "A K Evans* N W comicr p- sl,"
ti'ciicesnuih 8t' oliaini, easi80chains.noith
Hit chains, vtesi hli ehuins In puint ol emu-
2 Commonolng nl a pust plsnted abuul one
mile Irom the mouth ut Meli'mald Creek, und
marked 'A E Evsns' S. W comer post "
I'H'iioc north 80 chuius. east 8H chnlns, suuth
80 chains, west 80 chains to pointol com*
3 (ominenclng at a post plained atthe
moutb Of McDonald Creek, and marked'* A K.
Evans' t\ fa!, eoruer posl." thence norlh 8t)
chains, west 80 chaius. south 80 ehalus, east 80
ehnins to pointof 'omiiieiieeinent.
4. Commencing at a post plsnted at the
mouth of McDonald Creek, snd marked "A E.
Evans' N.W, cornur posi," thenee smith 80
chains, eusi8o ehains, iu rib 80 chains, west80
clialns to i oint ul cumin ncemeiit
B, Commeneing at a post planted at the
mouth oi Silver Tip Creek. Hud marked "A. K.
Kviins' H, K. corner posl," thence north 81)
chains, west 80 chains, south 80 chains, eusl80
elinim* tu point of commencement.
ii. Commending at a post planted atthe
in >nih of silver Tip crenk, and maiked "\ E.
(-.vans' S. E eorner post," thenee south 80
.'liains, west 80chains, north 8uohains, cast 80
uuains te point of commencement
7, om-eneing at a posl planted nn the
west fnrk oj Dtiueaii River, between dclbinald
and Porcupine Creeks, and marked "A, E,
Evans' N. W, corner post," thuneu south 80
ehHiiis, east 80 chains, imrth 80 chains, west Ho
clialus to pnint of commencement,
Dnted April llth, 1007.
8 Coii'inriicltiK nt .1 pnst planted on ihe
Wi -t i-irk uf I'tiiiniii Itiver. between McDonald
and Porcupine Creeks und, marked "\Y, K,
Ogil-ife's N, E, corner post," thencu (math HO
elm I lis, west 80 chains, north 80 chains, east8u
chains to point of commencement.
ii. commencing at a post planted atthe
mouth of Porcupine Creek, and marked "W.
K. Ogilvie's 8, E. corner pout," thepim north 80
chains, west80 chillis, souih 80chains, east 80
chains tu pnint of cumniencement.
10. Cummencing at apost planled atthe
muuth ol Porcupine Creek, and marked "W.
K. Ogilvie's N. is. corner post," tbeuce south 8n
chains, west 80 ehains, north 80 chains, east 80
chains to puint of commencement.
II. Commencing at a post plauted at tho
mouth of Porcupine Creek and murked "\V F.
Ogilvie's South West Coruer Post," thonce
north 80 chaius, east 80.chains south stl chains
west 80 chaius to point of commencement.
12 ('ommeiieingat a post planted oue mile
from Porcupine ('reek und marked "W. F.
Ogilvie's South West Corner Post," theuce
mn th 80 chains, east 80 ■ bdins, south 80 chains,
west hi) cliains to poiut of commencement.
I mted April Oth  1907.
sup 13. W. F. OQILV1E.
ftsuco is iiereny mvmi nun -n nny- .mer <i;in*
I i*i.mul m upply lu the Him lho Chief Cum
inNsionor of L.mts and Wurk-. i. r special
lioe.isHs tn out and carry aw y timber from the
followiug described lauds sUuitedniiMcDimuld
Creek, I'pper Arrow Lake. West Kooteuay
1, i iitmneiiiliiK ut u pnst marked "VV. H.
Ili-iis smitli-wc-,1 eonmr pi-st,"' situated ujjai a
Beaver maudow, ubuut (7) seven miles frmn the
mniiili uf MuDonaldCreek thunce imrih80eimm*.
tlience   cast   Hil   ubllills, tlienee  sulllll   SOcitaUU
llieni-,' wust hu chains to pointof commencement
| 'I ( umiiieiiciiit; at a pust planted at thu si.uth
, wwl mnier of No. !, mark-id "VV, It Beld's north
.' weal c irner pnst," theuce smith 8n ebains, theme
, east ,M> chains, Ihoucu north 80 chains Iheuce » esl
| SP elm 'is tu pnint uf cmiimeiieenieut
j   8,   i nm luetic ini; nt a past planted at the north-
uasl * inter of No. u, marked "VV. K. Belli*"
i iimUi.ust eurner post," thenee suuth su chains,
llienee east 8U chains, thence imrth SU chains,
Iheuce went HO chains tu puint uf cmunieiicemeut.
Duted Marcli ttlll, 1007.
sat ap IJ VV, H. It KID.
Notice is hereby given thai ti" days after date I
intend tu apply to the Olllef Commissioner of
Lnmls and Works for permission to purchase t te
fullowhig described lands in Went Ki>»t< nay district:
Commencing ul a post planted about one mile
casli.f Lot 7016, on shore of S.E.Ann of Arrow
l.ithes, llienee luuth hu chains, east 80 chains,
nurth 8() chains, w at Su chains In pulnl uf cumin em-emeu t.   Cuntiiuing 610 acres.
Dated March li.li, im-7.
wed inch 13 H. MOItltlS.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days afler datu I
intend to apply to thu Chief Cotuiuissiuner of
L i in Is and Wnrks fnr permission tu purchase the
fu.l iwing descrihed lauds, situate fn West Kootenay di-itrict:
Coinmeneing at a post planted about lOchains
mlh from tlie smith-wesl corner of Lot No 0145
-id uiarked ".I. E, Johnson's smith-east corner
post," thence no'th 80 ehaiiis, thencu wes 80
hiihis, thence smith 80 chains, theuce e ist 80
'tiallls to puint uf counnunceiueut. Coat lining
tile actes,
Dated llth March, 1907.
wed meh 13 J. K. JOHNSON.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after date I
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lnmls ami V\nrks fur permission tn purchase the
flluwiiig described lands, situate In Vi est Kuuteiiay District:
Commencing at a post planted one chain east of
thu N W, conier of Lot 100, Group 1, and marked
* A. Johnson's S. VV. corner poat," thence east 80
chains, thenee uorth 80 chains, thence west 80
ehains, thence soutli 80 ehalus to the pointof
commencement.  Cuntaining 040 acres.
Pated 12th March, 1907.
wed melt 18 A. JOHNSON.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date 1
intend to apply to thuChief ».ammissfoiierof
Lauds and Works for permission to purchase the
fi din whig described lands, situate in west Kooleuay district:
Cmiiiiiem ing at a post plunted at the north-east
comer nf A. Jnhus«n'.s application and marked
' \V. J. Eraser's S. E. corner post" thence north 80
cliains, thence west 8u chains, thence south 8u
chaina, thenee eaat 80 chains to the puint of com
meneement.  Containing .;lo acies.
Dated 12th March. 19u7.
wed inch 13 VV. I, FIIASEK.
llotlce is hereby given thaui dnys after dite I
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Laud--, and Works for permission to purchase thu
following deacribed lands hi West Kuutonay district:
Comuiciimngut a pnst pluiiled at the suuth-wesl
cornerof Lot Sill, east side ni Uppcv Arrow i.ake
thence east KJ ehuins, sum t |i chains, west80
chains, north 40 chains tnp-un1 ■ I mineiiceiueiil.
Containing 'it'i acres mure ur lens,
Datud March 12th, 1007.
weJmelii8 Il.C MOKItlS,
Notice is hereby given lhat 60 diys after dale I
Intend to apply to the Chief Oommlsslotiei ol
Lands and Works* fur permission to purchase lhu
following described lands in West Kuuteiiay district*
Commencing ut a pnst planted at the N E.
cornerof Lot 7040, on N. E. Aim of Arrow Lnh-s
tlience south 80 ebains, east Hn chains, nm*"--
cliains, west 80 chains In pnlnl uf coiuuiencumci I
Containing 640 acres.
Dated March llth, 1007.
wed inch 13 D. MePHVDDEN.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days alter date I
Intend to apply t« the Chief Commissioner uf
Lauds uml Works for permission to mirchuse the
following described lands In West Kootenay district;
Commencing at a post planted al I une mile
south from the S. E. corner of Lot 811, on shore of
Upper Armw Lake, thenee west 80 ehuins, south
80 chains, east 80 chains, north 80 < liains to poiut
of coiiiiueiicemeiit.  Containing 040 acres.
Dated Marcli 12th, 1907.
wed inch 13 I, A. M, MOKHIS.
Notice In hereby given that 60 days Irom date
1 Intend toapply tothe Honourable the cnicl
Commissioner of Unds and Works lor permission to purchase the following descrilied
lands, situated at tlalena Bay, In nest Koote*
nay district:
Commencing nt n post marked "W, It. Itei-I's
Miuih-caii cornur posl," and planled 10 ehalus
south from tho norlh-weslcornerof C. Beck's
Lui 7m.*, theuce west 20 chains, Ihence north
-to chains, thenceeast 20 dial ns, thunce south
loehuiiis tu point of ci'iiimeiiceiiient. and coil'
tattling 80 ncres more or less.
Dated March 2211(1,11)07.
sat ap *.ii
Notice is horoby given that 30 dnys uftor date
1 Intend to apply to the Hou Cliief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a special licence
to eut nud carry away timber frum the following described lauds, situatod lu the Osoyuus
division uf Yale district:,
1. commencing at a post planted alwut 22
chains north or the uortli branch of Ireland
Creek aud about 2',-i miles east Irom tbe N. K.
corner of Section 26, Township Nu. 43, and on
the Sugar I ake trail, marked "II.Mclntosh'i
S.W,corner pust Nu, I," thence north 40 chains,
thence essi 160 clmins, thenee smith 40 chains,
thence west 160 chains to poim id commencement-,
Dated 19th March, 1907,
3, Cummeuciug at a post planted about
three ehalus north-eastof thc nortb-ea I curuer
of Sugar Lake and alwut 21 chains east wl
the mouth of Sugar Creek, marked "ll Mcintosh's north-west comer post Nu 3," thence
south 80 ohains, thence cast 80 chains, thenco
nurth 80 chains, thence wesl ho chains to point
Dated llth March, 1907.
wednp3 HyO. K. Brink, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner oj
Lands and Works fnr permission to purchase the
following descrilied lands in Weat Km^enay district:
Cummencing at a post plantei) on west shore of
I'pper Arrow Lake, at Shelter Buy. at the south*
east corner of Li-t 811, thence following the southern boundary of Lot 811 west 80 chains, thenco
sou'll'.80chains, east 80chains nnrth 80 clialns lu
I ninl of commencement. Containing 0(0 ucrus.
1 Dated March 12th, 1907.
wed meh 19 D. M. h,ae.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days alter date
I Intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner of
Landsaud rtorkS for a special license lu cut
utnl curry away timber frum the following
described lands In West Kuuteiiay district:
Commencing at a pust pliuied 40 chains smitli
nf a small creek emptying into Mosquito Creek
near tho north-west enrner of K. A B. Block No,
B70, mnrked "W. lt. Beld's south-west eurner
pust," Iheuce norlh 80 chains, thence west mi
chains, thunce south 80 chains, thenoe east 80
chains io pulnl of euinmcnceuuut.
Datud March 22nd, 1007,
sulapo VV. U. UKID.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days after dute 1
intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands in West
Kootenny districl:
Commenolng at n post planted nu the west ihore
uf Upper Arrow l-ake on the uurth side uf the
Lime Kiln pnsl, maiked "T. Ii, McKlm's S. K-
cnnier," running weat 10 chains, imrth 4') chains,
east 40 chains, a mtli 40 chains to point uf com*
Datud March 29th, 1907.
sat ap 0 T, H. McKIM.
Notice is hereby given that iiu days after date I
inlciul lo apply lo the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lnmls und Works for permission to our*
ohuso the fullowlmi described lauds iu West
Kuuteiiay district:
Conim-'iicingal a pnst planted tit the north-west
cornur uf Die Lime Kiln Lit. running west-to
chains, tlienee smith 40 chains, thence easl I'l
ohains, thence norlh 40 chaiua Induce of cotfl-
Dated March 29th, 1007.
Notice Is hereby given thai Oh days nftur date
I intend to niiiki'i'judical um tu (lie Hon. Chief
Commissioner of L,m-I.-, and Work- for permission luimr.din.-i! tin* ulluwing described lands
sii mil eil in VV est hiuiieiiay district, on the west
shore of Upper Anow Lake opposite Nakusp,
B. C.
Commencing at -i postmarked "H. Nelson's
north-east corner," thunce west JO ehalm-,
thenco suuth 80 chains, thencu east 10 chains
moru ur less to hike shure, theuce north 80
chains following lake shore to puint uf commencement, containing 320 ucrus more ur less.
Dated this 2nd day of April, 1007.
Norlco is hereby given Lhat 110 duys nfter date
1 intend to make applieatiun to the Hon, Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission te purchase the following doscribod lands
sit imt eil in West Kootunuy district:
Cummencing at a post planled ou the west
shore of Upper Arrow Lake opposite Nakusp,
B. C„ and marked "F Wilson* iiouth-east
corner," thence w est 40 chafns, thence uorth 40
ohains, theuco east 40 chains more or less to
lako shore, thnnco somh 40 chains following
lake shore lo poim of commenccmeiit.
Dated this 2nd d t,y of April, 1-907.
sat apt; Harding Nelson, Agent,
Notice is hereby given that30 days after date
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lauds aud Wurks for a special license to cut
and cany away timber from the following described lauds situate in West Kootenay district:
1. Commencing at a post planted U miles
north of the north-east corner of T. L. 9035, and
marked "A. M. Symons' 8. K. cornerpost,"
thunce west 160 chains, thence north 40 chains,
theuce east 10s chains; tlience south 10 chains
to point of commencement.
2. Coinmeneing ai a post planted 40 chainB
south and Id chains more or less eait of lho
south-east cornor uf No. Land marked "A. M.
Symuua'tS. K. corner,'' thencu west ltio chains,
theuce north 40 chains, thenco east 160 chain-,
tlience soutli 40 chains to place uf commencement,
3. Commencing at a post planted at thc
suuth-UHSi eurner uf Nu- 2, and marked "a. M.
Syiiioiis' N. K, cornur," thence west HJUehaliiN
thencu auuth 40chains, thunce easl lOOchains,
thencu nurth 4'J chains to puint uf commencement,
Dated April 3rd, 1907.
Batapfi A. M. SYMONS.
Nutlco is herebj niveii that ;io days alter ate
I intend io apply to the thief i oinmisHoticroi
Lamia and Wwrks iur a sieclal license to eul
anil carry away timber irum the lulluwlug
described lamis'in iln- Kootenay district:
u Colon curing at a pest planted alwut
four miles up the north-east fork uf Oold
creek, markud "Alex Veillette's suuth wesl
corner," tbeuce easi 80 eiiaius, thenee uorth
m- liains, ihence wesl so ehains, thence suulh
an  hains lu point Ol coiiiiueucement
ft Coin ui-mil UK at a post planted about
lour ui]b>, p tne north-east furs uf tiuld
Creek, in ar k*.d 'Alex. Veilletle's soulh-east
eoruei." im nee west &u chains, theuce nurih 80
chains, the cuetisl Ifil ehains, t ence south W
rnaliit, to point o i-ontmeueeliK'Ut,
J< Cuniineiieing at a pubt pluuted abuut one
i, ... 'ii(--quarter miles up (.iold Creek from the
in I, u <d the uurth'Oaul lurk, at ibe south-east
cun,*i ot Location No, i mi I markud -* Alex.
Vellieuc" .i..nh-e*si cut ner " then, u suuth so
chains, Hi.. c ieet 80 chains, ilium e iiurla so
chums, tiie ii.*c east 80 chains lu pet in ul commencement.
30. Commencing at a post planted nUiut cue
and one..|imrier miles up (.'uld Creek Iiom the
muuth o| ihu north-eaat furk,at thetuutliwist
cunier uf Location No. 6, and marked "Alex.
Veilletle's north-wesl curti.-r,'' ihence south
in chaius, Uience caat 160 ebains, thence nortb
-Hi chaius, iheuce wust 160 chains tu point ul
31. Cummeuciug ai a post planted ibout "-J-*
miles up thu nortb lork of Ould Creek ut the
imrth-west eurner uf Location No. 38, and
marked "Alex. Veillette's uurth-eaot corner,"
iheuce wesuu chains, iheuce south 160 chains,
tnence easl 40 chains, thetice uorth lOOchains
to point uf eumuieiieemuut,
3:. Cummencing at a |-esl plan ed about J|4
miles up the north fork of dold Creek atthe
south-west curuer uf Location No. iff, aud
marked 'Alex, Veillette's south-easl corner,1
• In-nee wesi su chaius, thence north IOO chalnr-
theuco east 40 chain-, tbenee south itiu chain
lu point of cummuueumuui.
33, Commeuelng at a post plained ibouttU
miles up the uorlh lurk of doM i,reek and
marked "Alex Vcllieltt's soiitb-eas; eurner,"
mence west80chains, thenee uurth sochains,
thunce easl bu chains, theuce souih so chains
io pulut ut commencement,
Da(ed 1907,
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply to tbe
Houorable lhu Chief Commissioner ui Lands
and Works f ir permission to purchai>c the lollowlng described lands, situated alwut three-
quarters of a mile up Mujquiiu Creek. Upper
Arrow Lake uu the easl aide, Joliitm* *K, & 8.
Block Nn, 870 on thesonih-east eoruer running
nurth 80 chains, ihencu eaat -to chains, suuth bu
chaius, west 40 chains tu puint ulcouiuicucc-
Dated March 22ud. 1907.
Nntlee v, hereby given tbat 3D days after date 1
inteud tn apply tu the Chief Comin Iks Inner of
Lauds and VVnrXs fora special licence lu cut and
earry away tlmlair fmni the foIlowtOf ducrftwi
landsln Weit Koutmiayi
Commencing nt a po-t planted at the uwth-
west comer of the C. I'. It. Block No m, nenr
mouth of Mosquito Creek, and running (ti
chains west, tbenee liin chains south, iheuce to
chains cast, thonce JWi cbi-Jiw north io placu of
Daled7th April, W>,
NOTICK Is hereby given thai (jo (by.i after date
I Intend toapply tu tbe Hot), l'h" chief
Commissioner of Land* and Works for pi-rmMon
lu purchase the following descril-ed land* in Weat
Kootenay District:
Commencing ,it a, post pl.int-d al-out Uu wilt-.
east of Le| 7W6 on slmre nf n. k, Arm of Vim*
Lake, thuti-ce suuth m chains, eant 80 cbAbw, tmrtfa
80cl«if*-s, west 80 cb-Mus* to, Dolstol aommence-
Dated March Uth, 1907.
weit witi U. A. MOR&tfl
Notice ia beivb) gi#fn that. 30 dn .
uiul  data  i  intend t«t apply lu l..u
i >>.it' t'wiiiui >i>iuiu*r nl Utiidn au.i
►V i*iks im ii speciul licence t" cui n ii
uHii'j HsVay iiiniK't* Irmn tlio fullmviu^
ilt'aciihcil hinds, BltUMtti in \V*Ba'
Kouteuuy UistHcL:
i. Commencing at a posi 30 chains,
more or less, soulli oi lhe soulb-Wesl coiner ol the southeast quarter of Section
241 Township 20, Range 1, west of ilu-
"sixlh Meridian, thence east 40 clmins
more or less to the intersection of the wesi
line ol' Loi tin, thence south along said
west line of said Loi 160 chains, thence
west 40 chains, thence uorth 1O0 chains to
point of' commencement.
2. Commencing at an iron post planted
on the .soutb-west corner ol Seclion 24,
Township 20, Range 1, wesl of the Sixth
Meridian, said post being situated un the
south line of lhe Railway Belt in the Province of British Columbia] thence south Ho
chains, thence west 80 chains, ihence
nonh .So chaius, thence east 80 chains to
the point of commencement,
3, Commencing at a post planted 80
chains west ol an iroii post cn lhe south-
wesl corner of Section 24, Township 20,
Range 1, wesl of lhe Sixth Meridian,
thence soulh 80 chains, Ihence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
easl So chains to the point of commence.
- 4. Commencing at a post planted 160
chains west and 80 chains soutli of the
south-west ctwerol Section 24, Township 20, Range 1, west of the Sixth Meridian, thence soulh 80 chains, thetice wesl
80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains to the point of commencement.
5. Commencing at a post planled 80
chains west and $0 chains soutli of the
south-west corner of Section 24, Township 20, Range 1, wesl of the Sixth Meridian, iheuce soutli 80 cliains, thence wesl
80 chains, thence north 80 chains, ihence
east 80 chains to the poinl ol commencement,
6. Com mencing at a post planted 80
chains south of the south-wesl corner ol
Seclion 24, Township 20, Range 1, west
of the Sixth Meridian, Ihence south 80
chains, thence wesl 80 chains, thence
■norlh 80 chains, thence east 80 chains lo
the point of commencement.
7. Commencing at a wooden |Wst
planted ou the south-west corner of the
south-east quarter ^ Seclion 24, marked
% in Township 20, Range I, west of Hie
Sixth Meridian, Ihence soutli 160 chains,
tlience west 40*chains, thence north 160
cliains, ihence east 40 chains to the poinl
of commencement, ll»   1
8.* Commencing al a post planted 160
cliains south of the south-west corner of
Section 24, Township 20, Range 1, wesl
of lhe Sixth Meridian, thence south So
chains, thence west 80 chains, ihence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to
lhe point of commencement.
9. Commencing at a post planted 160
chains south of the south-west corner of
Seclion 24, Township 20, Range 1, west
of the Sixth .Meridian, thence cast 40
chains, thence south 30 chains more or
less, thence east 40 chains more or less to
the intersection of Lot 811, thencesouth
50 chains, thence west 80 chains, thenco
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
10. Commencing at a post planted 160
chains south and 80 chains westof the
south-west corner ol' Section 24, Township
20, Range 1, west of the Sixth Meridian,
thencesouth 80 chains, thence ■ west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, ihence
east 80 chains to the point of commencement.
Dated this 9th April, 1907.
sat ap2o      D.J. McDonald, Locator.
Notice is hereby given thut 30 days afterdate
I inteud toapply to tho Chief Commissionerof
Lauds and Wurks for a special licence to cut
and curry nwuy timber from the following described lauds in the district of West Kootenay.
1. Commencing at a post plautod on the
north-east bran a of Dowuie Creek, alwut."!
miles lielow the Tangier Mine and marked 'O.
Sand berg's north-west coruer post." theuco
east 80 chuius, theuce south fco clonus thence
west HO chaius, theuce uorth BO chaius to point
of commencement.
Commencing at a post planted almut 20
chains uorth of tbe north-west corner jif No. 1
Limit, ^n the north-east branch of Dowuio
Creek, and marked "U. Suudberg's -outh-wo.-i
cornerpost." tbeuce uurth 80 clmins, thenco
east «Q ohains, thence mnth 80 chains, thonce
west SU cbuiu.- u» point of commencemeni.
3. Commeueiug at a post planted on north*
east branch of Dowuie Creek, at the north-east
cornerof No. 1 Limit,aud marked "O. Sand-
berg 3-outh-we-l corner post," theuce north iy)
Chains, theuce ou;*t so cnains. thouce south Ml
chains, tliouce west S) chaius to jhhih uf commeucemeut.
4. Commencing at a post planted on north
oust brunch of Dowuie Creok alwut S)chain8
from south-east coruer of No. 3 Limit toff,
marked "O. Sand berg's west post,"
thence north m chains, east to chaius, .-om h I0t>
chains west tOchuiu>. north Nl ebains lo point
of commencement.
Commoncing at a -mst planted ou tho
north-east branch of Downie Creek, about 1J0
chains east of No. 4 Limit, and inarked "O.
Babdbetfs south-west cumor post" thence
mirth 8u ehuins, theuco easl 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, ihence west SO chains lo point
of commencement.
Locutea Qtb March, 1007.
•at ap nn O. SANDBBHU, Locator.
Nu.ice .* li.r.b)- ifii-on ihal Sl dnj-* n.ier diilo
1 u.te...l tolDPlj u.llie.'liiel (,.....i.ii.*si.i..erul
Laud, mul Wotlqtqr a umili licence tocut
an.l carry away limbar Irum llie loUowbl do-
icnbtd lauds iu distrii-l.if Weil Kuulouay:
1. t'onnncciuB al a i«.*l .ilaule.1 .... tlio
uurtli eusl braucl. nl Uownie Creok, almul 8",
....li.* btlow Ull Tauiiior Mine, ...id marked "J.
1*. Kennedy * south-west comer |k>*i," and
about 3.X) leet norlh ol *..id crook, nuuku
uurll. .0 cha.ii... ihenceoh*i ...chain.., ihouco
uorlli :-. chains, Ihouco m-i... .-Iia.ns, theuco
*.nilh Ml cliaiu*, Ihenco Wwl ILM chains lo point
I. (JommaiK-inijat ft po-l ....:,:■■.. „Ihiu. Km
(eet from   llouu.u .'rook nu the oast side and
.1..... ...... t. mile south.wost of tlio -..in t,.,.,|...
erlyciiruor.il  No,   I l.iinl., and ...arko.1 "J. I*.
Kennedy'* uortb-MIt   corner   post," thouco
-outh si ch........ wc-. m chaius, .imiii, m chain.,
oast M. chains lo  ...nl ol ourum.ucoment.
II. I omiiienciui, nt a oust iilanled at the
"','",, "J-lt'oiiiiirolNo. I Limit, and marked
'J  I   Kei.no.ly - north-easl coruer iwst." run-
n.UB south .») chain., Ihenco west in chaius,
thence nor.h HI ihaiiu, thenct east Sl chains to
lioiut nl ..-onimoiicoiiio.it.
Located Sib March. li<Ji.
»ata|,-Jl        J, P. KKXXKllV.Ucalor,
Notice ll l,rn.-h) linn tl... Ul. rUntftordSttl
Inttod ... ippl) i., the ll.,n. tl.o.'hlcl foimiii..
■IMR ... Unil» an.l Work, lm |>or.n.s..li... to p,,,.
chas.. tbo i..ii....M.j ...... ni...i lands,.iniRitd.iii
t p|,or Arrow Uke, ami moro particularly de-
si-r.l*.l a. follows:
Commencliii al tii,. s..i.ll.»,wt c.morolL...
HI), thoni-e ea,. HI chains, thence aouth ».
chain., tlionco wm. I., .lore ol Uko, thence tol
lowing .ueatOeriut. nl sai.l lako north to point..(
cm tu.tfn.-nl.    ('uiilmtiino,  rm m-n-s more or
Hated Much /;.li. 1UIK.
aat iiicli Ilo I'er... .Snmni-r. Agenl.
Nutke is hembj ::in-n that S'lda>s afterdate I
intend tu appl) to thl Chief ('"iniui-nmnernf
Umli tod WOttS (ot Hi|»-cial lleelice tncntand
carry a wa) titul-er frmn tin* foUaWlflg dsflCttwd
landi, -tlttiate iu We-t KooteU) 'llntru-t:
I. Commeiiciii,: &t a iuhii planted on tbo
nurih tank of sam Hill Creek, running 40
chains north. f-MJeh/ilui eaul.wchains *4outb,
«*.n liain- a est, Ibeuce i) chains north I j placo
ul command?liieut.
Dated April 1Kb, 1907.
'„'. ComtninciDkE al apost plautuil lu clialna
south from ibi- twoilb-waai eorner of Lot 704,
running ear«i hi cbalu«, thenco wiitliMehilns,
thenco iiim ou cbiins i hence north BO clialna
to place uf comai- -ou-nwi-i.
Uated April luth, IW7,
sat ap jj
/ An Invitations
Wc cordially invite each lady in ilie City to be with us and examine tlie hundreds
of pretty things we have gotten together for her approval and criticism. It was the old
story: Goods delayed by the C.P.R., being unable to get freight here in time. But our
stock was purchased from the Iiest manufacturers in the Kast, before the last advance in some
lines, making our showing the best and cheapest in the City.
"       Embroideried Linen
Waist Lengths
"      Embroideried Linen Costumes
"       Embroideried Muslin Costumes
"       Summer Underwear
W     We are Agents for the
S famous     " International
Stock Food." #
*V    Large stock kept here. T?
S     Write   for circular or V
call and see it. W
f Canada Drug & Book Co. $
.f, tti .*. ■♦. ■*■ ■** 1T1 iTi 1*1*1 iti 1*1*1 it\ tti
tjMjt ipTB TT^y *X' '+1 *+''+ rV '4- *
Only n glance at out* stuck
nt* Ui-occi-los will encourage
you !.. try thorn.
A trial will convince vou
they in-.'tlu. purest ..ml best
on ll.e inai'kot. Try our
j Hobson & Bell j
■ Grocers, Bakers & Confectioners .
Saturday, April 27, Ior "21 hours —
Generally llrm, with strong oold east
wind; cloudy and unsettled. • Temp.
Max. 10; min. 32.
Local and General.
Tliero is one event that no
can afford to misi; that's tlie Cantata
Tuesday night.
The Dixie Jul.ilee Wingers will perform in Revelstoke, under the auspices ol the Y.M.C.A , on May 14th.
The authorities estimate the damage dune to tl.e Toulon, France,
arsenal bv lire, amounted to $1,000,.
T, A. Lewis has purchased the team
and outlit ,.f J. Henderson and is now
running an expra s and draying
A rehearsal lur the Cantata will be
held at tlie opera house on Monday
at 8 p.m. sharp. A lull attendance iB
There will be a meeting ol the tool-
ball club at the Y.M.C.A. to-night nt
8 o'olock. All interested in the gnme
are uivittd to attend.
The LadieV Guild ol Knox Church
will open their tea rooms in the Lawrence Hardware Store this alternoon,
Ice cream, tea, etc.
We jlearn that J. Hei.ilerson who
cudJi.-i.ly lelt tuwn this week, lias been
detained at Vancouver on charges laid
agaiunt him frum local causei.
The tea rooms will hc open thi-
alternoon and evening in the Lawrence
Hard ware Slore, Conic in and get a
i-iip ol tea thut's real refreshing.
The secretary of the local Fruit
Growers' Ass. ciati n hopes that every
..ne, even if they possess only one Iruit
tret*, will become a ...ember of the
local branch.
Because the Can tain Tuesday night
is Ior the benelit of  Miss Creighion
land the Hand, therefore it deserve, a
person bumper house.   Come and see one ol
To Buy a House.
To Rent it House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy
Splendid Fruit
coi-irc AND Sl
Prince Leopold, oi Saze Coburg, only
son ol the late Duke ol Albany, and
nephew to King Edward VII, will
shortly pass through Kevelstoke en
route for tbe coast.
Great consternation exists in Grand
Forks juit now among the city officials
owing t j the fact that the city council
bai; nt passed a strong resolution
loibidding any ol the city ollieials
iron, frequenting any saloon or
room during the hours they are work- i gsnillng
iug ior the city.
Bov, J. A, Ramplin, head manager
;. i the Dominion ul the C.W.O.W.,
hai been spending a day or two In
town. Mr. Kanipi.n is on an fficial
nsu to all the lodges in the Province
the bumpers
The s.s. Hevelslokc was launched
K.-day and will come up the Columbia to-morrow to Kevelstoke, where
she will be used on the Government
work at the dam.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Ladies' Hospital Guild will be held in
the City Hall at 3 o'clock in the
afternoon on Tuesday, April 30th. A
good attendance is particularly requested.
The Ptovinoial Legislature was prorogued on Thursday last l.y Lieut.-
Governor Dunsmuir, who gave his
assent to nil the bills passed, with the
exception ol   Bowser's immigration
Hon. Mr. Borden moved a resolution in the Federal House yesterday
asking that ihe Railway Commission
enquire into passenger rates on all
Canadian railways and see whether
tbey should be reduced to two cents.,
The pri.-.-s,.re right; here they are:
Adults, 50o, children. 26c. Reserved
seats only obtainable Irom the Canada
Drug i1. Hook Co., at 75c. All seats
not reserved belore 7 p.m. Tuesday
evening can be Obtained ior 60c. lor
the Cantata,
Rev. J. li. Robertson will be in
attendance at the meeting of the
synod of B.C., which ...eels nexl week
! at New Westminster. He will also
1 stay if possible lor the annual theological conference which meets the
following week.
Local sports hnve been actively
nr. engaged during the past week in .. •
cricket team and the
movement has been well patronized
A game is now in progress on the
Gun Club grounds. It is hoped thai
•ul int. rested in this king ol all games
mil lend tbeir support,
Hi,..n.e Bros, will commence rnov.
Kincaid Md Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
Tie regular fortnightly meeting ol
(In Council was held last night with
Mayor Hrown and Aids, lions..u,
Abrshamion and Stone present
The minutes of tiie las special
meet.hg were adopted
Communications were received from
J. \V. Oollls. ol Millions, Lid, asking
; ii tl.e city would purchase a second
i hand Austin Gj rater rock crusher for
I $1000; referred to public works com-
j iiiittce. From Police Commissioners,
protesting against the Council interfering with the work ol ll.e Commit-
sinners. Filed. This was brought
aliout by he withholding of the
salary of J. Shaw, police officer, while
recently off duly owing to sickness.
From Canada Pipe Company regarding the construction o! a new tank,
and asking that the grading and other
preliminary work be done. The com
jiauy will ereol the lank for $1,896,
Filed. From J Cane, tcndoiing his
resignation ai night operator at the
power house. It was resolv .1 to
accept tbe resignation and advertise
lut another man at $80 per month.
All applications to be in by M«y 10th.
The .eas..ns as to why the operator
in-.ei remain.d ... Ihal pusiliotl iii.ii'e
t ..ii .. mo..th ur lwo were discussed,
Aid. llowson urging that local men
might easily he attained to take the
I posi'.iun, From No. 2 Fire Brigade
'requesting supplies of rubber coats
anl boots, referred to Fire, Water and
Light committee,
In diro issing the question of
preliminary ,jvork and drawing up ol
plans lor the new power llin.se, it was
moved by Aid, Abrahamson and
seconded l.y Aid. Stone that M.C.
Goddard, ul .Winnipeg, civil engineer,
be instructed to get out plans and
give advice to the Council in installing the new power pl.t.,t at a charge
..I two pur cent of the total cost. R.
Guidon's leave ol nh ence from tbe
power house was granted; J. Cane
agreeing to take charge in his absence
Thc city solicitor Ins intormed the
Council that G. Watson has offered a
'permanent right-of-way thr..ugh his
land (or theoity pole line for a sum
of $20. It was resolved to accept the
oiler. The mayor brought Up the
subject of a poundkeeper and suggested that the appointment be made;
he also stated tlmt ll.e new tank w .uld
shortly l.e lure and that the necessary
grading should he done at once. The
accounts were passed and the meeting
Social and Personal
Murray Hume is making a visit at
F. Morgan lelt for the coast on
Wednesday night.
Miss Oreighton will not receive till
Monday, May Uth.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Woolsev have returned from a visit to Victoria.
Mrs. 1). McPhadden returned on
Thursday morning from Vici- ria,
where she had been on a montli'.* visit
to her mother,
Business Locals
Nothing better than Our "Snecial
Manning's 8. da Fountain i^ now
Health brand mattrasies .it C. H.
'lumi' & Co's.
Large stocks ol post card-a: Bows'
drug store.
First-class onion setts  for  planting
just in at C  H. Hume 4 Cu'l
Complete supply of sporting goods
at the Canada Drug Store
New ladies   purses and band bagi
at Bews' drug store
Patronize   Home   Industry.     Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Corrugated rubber cloth lor halls,
.j. f- ind stairs, tl 0. B. Hume&i   -
in lhc Spring lime Llm system
needs Ijpiiing up, Vour appetite is
poor itnd you don't fuel like you
used lo.
will clea,r the system and put the
body in condition for the Summer.
$1.00 Per Bottle ;ii the
Red Cross Drug Store
11. J. BliWS, Man...ikk.
He states that the order ii progrening Ing Into their new premises on M
rapidly and tbe financial standing oue day.     '
ol the best.   Mr. Ramplin left yester
day lur   Arrowhead,   where   ihere
...ine talk uf organizing a camp
When you
SEEDS you an
sure oi two Ihiiigi
*5T,   Thai they'll grow -ncv.
,-uiv failure.
2ND.   Thai lhe resull willi..-
wlu-llicr Howe, or vegetable   mor.
lhnn you hoped for,
soi.D BY
Druggist and Stationer.
their usual itock ol groceries    ud
hardware, carry every appliance lot
-i.-a... nml  bot  water litting. while a
..ail ..f .-ili dent plumbers will be employed i" .I-, plumbing ami iteam --1
ting g. i.erally,
Th.- Fraternal (Irder ol Eagles in-
leaving thi City by ipecial train for
Arrowhead al 7 p. m. to nig n I
organize a lodge -it thai poinl ind
returning ah-in 'I a.in to-morrow All
thoie desirous ol making the trip are
ll liberty to do so, and may return
either by the special to-morrow .....ruing or hy the regular train leaving
Arrowhead about II o'clock in the
Lumber i .ies to coast
taken another drop.    It
tlmt a v.-s-.-l was chartered In San
Francisco lal week to curry In...l.er
Irom the Bound to Ban Francisco >.t
$7.60 per thouiand, This is the loweil
price paid lor thii trip sine, the s..n
Pranolieodisaster,   The priceoannot
go much lowr without causing loss to
v.-.-.-i-l- engaged In thii trade is the
general Opinion ol shipping iiu-n.
Owing to ihe lact thai It leema
impossible to keep it night opl rator at
the power house for moru lhnn a month
or no at a time, without him tendering his resignation, It hns occurred 11
us that the billot might hu far better
lllled by local men among whom there
.ire several quite Capable of filling ilu.
position nnd give iietler satisfaction,
As the cily is now advertising for a
ni'lht operator Ht a salary of $1.(1 it
month, local n.on sliould lake this
i - —decorated back combi, ..
large selection, 75c. to -f-'i eai if al
Be. ■ -!. ig itore,
Moth !.. li -,. thi -eti lisinlecting
- len  ol all  kindi   iold al  tbe
Canada Drug Store,
Try a Bieiel - carpel iweeper, they
are the belt, iol I at C li Hume 4
I'm  -
yonr | reaci ipl   -       -  -
the Ireiheil -1 -'. - igi g - to the C inida
Dr     Store
Revelstoke Cigars Union Mado Our
Spocial, The Union, and Marca Vuelta
nro ahead ol all others
\v hen In need ot ■ carpel or rug, go
to C B n.u  Ci -, choii •
ind d. signs
For first-class Painting and
Papcrhanging, go to L. A. Mc-
Clanahan, one block cast of
the Qucen'9 hotel, in the
Loughccd Block,
Cuoumberi Lettnc.  Radishes, Wit-
ports   have, er Cress. Cauliflowi r- ami Rhubarb, at
is reported C, B, Hume .v Co's,
Tbe  City Council  require the eer-
-. -   I ■ nighl operator at the Fovier
ll aiie     Salary $H0.0() per  month.
Application, stating qualifications and
experience to reach the undersigned
by Friday, May 10th, 1907.
Aprii 27. 1U07. i ity Clerk.
im il moll require the services of
a Pound Keeper, at aialary.f $00 (Ki
per month Applications to reach the
undersigned by noon on Thursday
May 2nd 1007,
lpril27   907, City Clerk.
.  .1
Combined .villi good wear is what we look for in buying Shoes for this
Store, and this season we have succeeded in getting goods of this kind.
For Men, Women and Children
The new shapes h ml the new leathers are here in great variety.   11 you
want to know thn correct styles, conic in and see the best and most complete
lines in the citv, in lusts that will fit your feet and at prices that will lit
your pooketbook.   Leather is advancing rapidly and manufacturers keep
putting up their prices every little while, but our stock wns bought early
last year, and you cannot get better shoes for the money anywhere.
Beresford and McCready Shoes for Men
Made ol tho best leather, hy the best workmen, in the best style, and
evory pair guaranteed,   Wc have Oxfords, Hals and Congress styles, in Vici
Kid, Hox Calf, Valour Calf, Tan Call, Chocolate Vici and Patont Leather.
Empress Shoe for Women
* fl
Ther... may he it hotter Woman's Shoe at the price, hut wn d i not know ol
it,    Those who have  worn the   " EMPRESS "—nnd there arc triiiny—
know hmv good thoy are, nnd ho.v well they (it,    Wc have them in all styles
and the prices riinpi from $2.50 to $5P0.
Classic Shoes for Children •
Don'l make the misttk.t that Ins dimmed in my men and ivomni to tender
font, all their lives—the mistake of believing that all that is wanted in a
school ehoe is strength.   A uhild's foul! is tender and the ImntH ur.. soft and
easily deformed.   The shoe we carry for children fits tlie foot iinil will not
chafe or hurt.   They are not low-priced, shoe* with paper soles, but the best
wc can get and cheap shoes in the end.
>    I
Marriage Licenses Issued
Dwelling and Lot
Dwelling and Lot,
Dwelling nud Lot.
Lois on Second Nl.
Lots on Third St.,
Lots on Fourth Si.
L...8 on Fifth St., i
Second Street
Second St reel   .
, Third Street .     .
east of MeKcni'.ii. Av
east of McKenzie Ave,
east of McKenzie Av.
ast of McKenzie Ave.,
'., each   .
each   ,    ,
., each   .
each   ,    ,
.   1,700
.     250
.  am
.     175
.   150
1—2 and 5-acre lllocks suitable fin- fruit.
INSURANCE                NOTARIES PUBLIC                LOANS
Local Rovolstoko
Socialist Party of Canada
MeetH First und Third Wcliiei-diy in the month
in Selkirk II-Ul, upstairs, at 8 p.m. Stilijuct for
ilim-iisxinti"TiiuleN Unionism v Socialism," All
Tenders wanted fur the construction nf an
addition tn my residence on McKenzie Ave.
Tenders to be in liy Tuesday, April 'loth.
Plans ami speci Iini tions can he seen a' the
Lawrence Hunlware -storo.
Address all tenders to
April Uth, 1WI7.
W. M. Lawrence.
UILDKK will estimate for small
house  promptly,  and   provide
plans.   Applv this office,	
TjlOIl SALE-Hoiise and Lot $18.*)'
J; Lot SO feel,. House live rooms.
Part cash, balance lo suil. Apply this
Jewelers ..sn Opticians
Next to Imperial Ha.sk
POH SALE-278 seres,
y   Halm..n Aiiii near Si. a.nous, $2.-
per aere,
U. ll
situated on
(-anions, $25
I'l. A. Harris & Co.,
HASH   of    Furnished    Rooming
..use 112 room",) with furniture
*i....p--|...ying Investment,
to.  *..].
Apply Siium'.ii & Fim.n
Mil INK   Sh
sale cheap,
\pply lo.I. TlTtSF.U,
Macliineiy  for
plant If desired.
i'ense, Sask,
.lust received, a car of general hard-
wire— We on. supply  yonr   ..Mints   in
' poultry netting all sizes, screen wire,
screen doors and windows,  lawn moiv-
[ ers, garde.. tools ol all kiiul-, wheelbarrows etc
rei lir-t .•:.!•- Fi-.' ii L.im.
m Lake, 20 ..er. - .-.- -
Ifi .mm ■ -m.-.v ready tor crop —
l-.it..    Duelling   (live    rooms,;
licke   home and b.rn (holding
I,* , Plenty ol cord wood,
j.m I-.., milei bom to-,....    An
nl l.,r poullry and a good
■ ... lii re '< p prices are paid
ior ill kinds Ol  vsg.-t.ii-i.-s, fruit,
eggi, --tc—Price *J-t,0*X>
I have also large  and  imaller
acreage suitable lor Iruit eloie to
market,     For lull  particulars
apply !.,-
1,1,AIN nml Ornamental Plastering.
Artificial "(on.'of any design for
I...il.ling p...poses.    Cement and eon-
..-.•ie work  lake., l.y <* nnlra.it nt day
...uk.   Applv to .1.  Wai.kki. .....I J,
Haviiikst. Revelstoke, I', O.
Ilot.-I, Coinaplix,
Apply   to
$H0 per
ANTED Everyone having a
-,- io ,olI or rent to llm It
with n.e. I mn Hooded with enqulHei
fm nnme properties. I'hone, pall, or
drop n.e a card with full descilpllon
an.l purchaie price, or rent required,—
I'l. A. Raggett, Heal Kslale and IilBIII-
....... Agent. Revelstoke, II. 0,
Mis. Cuckburn, Imtruotor in Fancy
Work lor   Belding,   Paul A Co.   Ltd,
will take pupils, In ..11 bianohoi ..I sill
.....I limn embroidery at, McLennan A
Co.'s itore lor lo days, beginning
Wednesday, May 1st. Hours Irom in
In 12, and 2 In I, These l.-ssona are
entirely free md Miss C.ckb.in. will
have a nice exhibit of fancy work....
display. Come nnd on roll your names
at McLennan it Co'i,
[/(III HACK, on leased land Two
T mall houii'l, furiiMicd throughout, Sm.,11 nne Containing two rooms
renlml iiiiiii moulh. Also Ml laying
hem ..ml •! cockerels, chicken house
...ui wi.e fencing, only live minuies
j walk fi...iiHlalli.il on .-list track,   Will
UflTlf'f ! iies.iiii.il a bargain as owner Is leaving
l,ul,UL Revelstoke.    For further particular!
arn::;';x';!:;v!r;-|i'i'ivto *. <!a„..an,,,,.,, i , *
l.iin.l. »l„l «-.,-.. lot 'IJ'i.il    ll'-ll -■
I Inn ml
titmr nl
Dl al nii.l .iirry IWIJ H-tli'..' (re
lollowlngdeanrlbeil lutels. sii-i.t ■•! In Pl.lrli
m ...   i K-M'Mim-, II. I'.
(-iiiiiiiii.ii.liiK io .' post planted on tho soul I
side ..( Downlo Cnok .....I about three nilta
abovo ('in.)-.... rri-.'k, marked "ll. MoConnull*.
si.iiilew.'.i ..(iriii-i- DO .." tiionoo *'i i-linln* norlh
iliMii. i  Hi riniiii*. liionco "i.nili 10 chain.
thonoo tail in ohains, tiionoo imith 80 ohnln.
thonoo >-..". I" f'linlii". thonoo nortli l0ohaln»,
tli.-ltcn ivr-l III i-llllins ...   imi...   u(  'I'll ii.'. ■
liiite.i April mtli, iwii.
»ut.ur.i V, Mel'ONNKW
I, HI IN 11    A   ge
'     pi...    Owne.
Improperly filled glasses arc worse lhall
no glasses an.l neglected eyes often meads
Our Optical Department is in charge of
Mr. M. S. Ilasiings, Rcl*. D„ and positively guarantee satisfaction.
It lias been proven ihal yo per cent, of
beadacl.es are caused by defective eyes
and il does not follow ibat because yon
have good eyesight lhat your eyes are not
Have your eyes attended lo now and
save trouble and expense.
The King of all Cigars, for the
first time presented to you in
Revelstoke, is the KING EDWARD
7TH, Leader of Domestic Cigars
in Canada.
iii mme m mi
A.  '•  At III ill "' ill **' *** '" *^* '** *** "* *" "' '" "' *" *** '" *^» "' '^' ■^l* '*^* *'  i.
, * "X" *X" *X 4* * ♦ V * *r 41 ♦ + * 41 ♦ V * * * X * X X X * T
FOR HIRE—A comfortuble, fast, 4 h.p. Gasoline
Launch, which will seat eight comfortably, and will
accommodate the tents and outfit of a party of
three, for an extended hunting or fishing trip, Lake
Shuswap has unrivalled fishing, and from the shores
of its far reaching arms start many trails into some
of the finest big game country in B. C.
TO LET—A four-room furnished Cottage, on the
shore of Lake Shuswap.    For particulars address,
ul I.......u's   pearl   lie
inn  have ll.e s.in.e
by railing ftt Mrs, Willis Armstrong's |
residence and paying for (his adver-
1,11 .It. SALE  Sis  room house will.
'   cllar, and modern   plumbing,
Half an ...-. f garden, good [ence,-
#l7iiiiiiii.  Hnsy terms.    For further
particulars apply to W. B, Itobcttsou.
All in Eastern Costume, will be produced in the
Uencial Admission,—50c, Reserved Seats,—75rj


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