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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
The Mail-
Y rovi
t LibrarV
For ease of operation snd perfection
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Interior Publishing Co, Agents
VoL 14,-No 31
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd |
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Shoe Comfort
When your feet hurt, you can't work earnestly or
intelligently. Foot-pain makes your body tired and
tires your brain. There is a shoe for men that does not
hurt. It is the "PATRIOT." It is made over stylish
foot-conforming lasts and fits and feels good from the
start. There is no "breaking-in" necessary. PATRIOTS are Goodyear Welts, meaning no tacks, wax
or threads inside to hurt, burn and blister the feet.
Sale Price, $5.00
The Oxfords fit snug and close around the ankle
and there is no gaping at the sides. An innersole of
ground cork keeps out the dampness. To fully appreciate them you have to wear them. Many styles—all
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C. B. HUME & CO., Limited
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Spades and Shovels from $1.00" Up
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Garden Rakes -   50c. Up
Garden Hoes 50c. Up
We have the best assorted stock of Lawn Mowers ever shown in
B. C, ranging in prices from $4 to $10.
Rubber and Cotton Hose fully guaranteed.
Wheelbarrows, Lawn Rollers, Garden Sprays, Pruning Shears/Tree
Spray and Sprayers, Tree Pruners, Garden and Grass Shears.
rence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
H.ad <***__«*•—Toronto, Ontario.
Hraiich.i In tha Provlne**; of Manitoba, Alberta, Ba._at_h.wan,
BritUb (fclnnhla, Outarlo, C*utb_p.
Ostpltal Authorl-Md
Oapital Paid Up
RoMrvo Fund *
D. R. WlLKlR, President
_ * •    •4,l2B,ooo.oo
Hon. R. Jaxrhay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transaoted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
quarterly.  .
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.-H. T. Jaffray, Manager
Town Wiped Out.
Monthkal, April SS—News ol a
terrible disaster bss rescind here from
Notre Dame de U Sallette, a little
village some eight miles Irom Buck-
iiigham. Tbe village is situated at
the loot ol a big hill or mountain, aud
without a moment's warning ball tbe
mountain SUM tumbling down, tilling
Ihe river, whioh ran at its base, and
spread out Ian-like over ball the village. The people are panic stricken,
and lear that tbe remainder of tbe
mountain may slide. Man* ol them
an pnnts-io-j io leave Um pUoe.
Lumbermen Make no Profit on
Present Figures
Nelson, April 28.—A largely attended meeting ol the Mcuntain Lumber
men's association was held here yes
terday. A very lull discussion of the
general situation of the industry took
place and the matter of supply and
demand was fairly considered. It was
asserted by a large percentage of the
lumbermen that they did not intend
to start up their mills before the end
of next month or until the crop conditions in the north-west wi re very
further advanced, and some idea could
be had of the harvest.
In any event it was conceded that
the output would be considerably under that of last year, both as to logging and as to manufacture. The
stocks on hand were all produced
under conditions of high priced labor
and it was generally stated hy the
lumbermen as a well known fact that
there was no margin of profit in selling
this lumber at present prices, especially when together with the cost of
labor are considered the high rates of
interest and the fixed charges accumulating on stocks carried over from
I iet year. Hence tbere was no change
made in the present price list. Prices
are thought likely to be firm with a
probable advance in th, near future.
A strong delegation from the coast
mills atteuded the meeting of the
Mountain lumbermen in the afternoon
to discuss the action of tbe Dominion
government in regard to Clause 12 of
the Timber Regulations Act. This
insists on license holders erecting a
sawmill on their limits within six
months and cutting 100,000 feet yearly for every square mile of timber
land held under license. This was
felt to be an injustice as there was no
market opening of any extent in the
northwest and in all probability tbere
would not be nntil such time as the
harvest in those provinces had been
secured. Hence a strong resolution
was passed against the proposed action
and a petition memorialising tbe government, is being drawn up praying
that such sotion be deferred until the
conditions of tbe market warranted
such enforcement.
G. O. Buchanan, president of tbe
Associated Boards ol Trade, addressed
the meeting upon the subject of forest
preservation and kindrej topics, lis
remarks being listened to witb great
Gladiator Loss — Disastrous
Fire.—Out of Politics.—Ontario Elections.—Raisuli is
London-, April 29.—The total ol
dead ai.d missing of the Gladiator's
crew, aB a result of the collision between the American liner, St. Paul,
and the British cruiser, oil' the Isle ol
Wight, is 28.
Vancouvkk, April 29.—A disastrous
lire completely destroyed lhe Vancouver Sash and Door Factory on False
Creek,at the foot of Granville street,
last night, the loss being .$30,000 with
$10,000 insurance. The owners are
Messrs. Robertson A Hackett.
Ottawa, April 29,—The Government intends to take the Civil Service
out of politics, and to that end the
whole service will be brought under
the control of a permanent-commission, as suggested in the Civil Service
Commission's report to Parliament.
Tangier, April 29.—Reports are in
Winston Churchill Defeated at
Man-chested,, Eng, April 28—The
northwest division of Manchester, hy
the heaviest poll cast in 20 years, reversing its verdict of 1906 by a majority of 429 votes, unseated as its mem ■
ber of parliament, Winston Spencer
Churchill, liberal, who has been made
president of board of trade in the
Asquith cabinet.
The fight during the past ten days
bad never been equalled in the annals
of the politics of Great Britain.
Among the many influences and
cross-currents at work in this extraordinary contest, it is not wholly beyond
reason to suppose that Mr, Asquith
himself was partly responsible for the
defeat of his young colleague.
The defeat of Mr. Churchill is a
crushing blow to the prestige ol the
government Tbere will be no difficulty in finding for Mr. Churchill a
safe seat elsewhere.
Fire Shut of Nelson's Electric
NELSON, April, 28.—Part ol tbe city
power and light substation wss destroyed by lire ou Saturday. It is
supposed that the starting ol one ol
the street cars from the bsrn caused
s oola ee ol an overheated switch at
the substation. All the frame portion
ol tbe building was destroyed, nut the
brisk addition was saved by tbe l>ri
gads alter • bard fight.
dit, hss been assassinated,
Ottawa, April 29.—Premier Whitney said this morning Hint* lie boptd
to announce the date of i ho elections
this week, if they were not t i be postponed till the autumn.
Work of Supposed Incendiaries
—Coal Oil Freely Used
Nelson, April 28.—It was discovered
yesterday.that one of tbe transformers
at the oity power substation bad been
trifled with, and all tbe oil withdrawn,
Taken in conjunction with the partial
destruction by fire ot the city power
substation on Saturday, it has aroused
general suspicion that some evil disposed person t r persons caused the
series of disasters.      ,
There was an examination under
oath before the oity council last night
lasting till midnight of all officials
and outside parties, which resulted in
showing that so far as the car barn
fire was concerned, coal oil bad been
used extensively Some interesting
developments are expected to-day.
Prize Giving and Sporting Exhibition—Popular Event
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Y.M.C.
A held a most successful entertainment yesterday afternoon and evening
in the parlor of the Associttion buildings. The afternoon wae distinctly
the children's time, and the little ones
utter indulging in tea, ice cream and
candies, devoted their time, interest
and cash to the fish pond, where from
the depths of the gloomy recesses the
treasures secured by the youthful anglers caused the greatest deli bt. Appropriate snd pleasing music was provided and th large numbers of people
who kept coming and going during
the afternoon kept those in attendance busy. The oveuing's entertainment drew a large and interested
fathering, and the spacious gymnasium was filled from floor to gallery.
Ice cream and other refreshments
kept the visitors occupied for some
time, the former disappearing like
enow before the summer sun. The
basketball match created much enthusiasm, the competing teams being
the Gym and a C.P.R. piok-up team,
the latter winning by 15 to 10. Tbe
game, though a little rough, was fast
and keen. A feature of the entertainment waa the presentation of the
game and league trophies, wbioh have
been won during the past basketball
season.     His   Worship, Mayor Lind-
,   . , .    ,.    ,    ,        mark, presented the   handsome Lind-
circulation here that Raisuli, the ban- ^^^ trophy t0 lue c P R road tmm
Predetermination of Sex
I/un'imjn, April 29—Is there any
law which determines whether boys or
girls shall be born?
Dr. Roinine, a disciple ol Professor
Schenck, alter a statistical study ol
the problem ol predetermination ol
sex, reaches the conclusion in an article in Le Heme, tbat a boy is born
when tbe father is the weaker ol the
parents and gills when the mother is
the weaker.
Dr. Homme declares lhat by the
law of nature, a child resembies the
weaker and not the stronger ot the
parents. Dr. Komme points out tbat
in all countries with mathematical
regularity 105 cr 106 girls are born to
every hundred boys.
There is only one condition under
whieh this proportion is modified and
that ie after a great war.
Liberal Association
Notice is hereby given tbat a general meeting ot tbe Revelstoke Liberal
Association will be beld in Howson's
ball on Thursday, April 30th, at 8:30
p. in., at which delegates will le
elected to the Nelson Convention to be beld May 18th. A lull
attendance |ol the Association and
visiting Liberals is requested.
E. H. Lewis,
Charles   Drinkwater   Passes
Montreal, April 28.—The Canadian
Pacific has lost one of its oldest officials when Charles Drinkwater passed
away at his residence in this city after
an illness of only a few days, the result
uf pneumonia, *
Mr. Drinkwater's death will be a
distinct loss to the C.P.R. company
which he has faithfully served for so
many years.
Mr. Drinkwater was perhaps better
known in Ottawa than in Montreal,
as he had beeu in chaige'of the p rlia-
mentary work of the Canadian Pacific
railway from the very beginning.
Mr. Drinkwater was a veteran rail-'
way man, in fact had he lived he
would bave next year celebrated tbe
fiftieth year since he entered railway
Rule of the Wild Abolished
Kunonton, April 28.—Tlie credit
system that bas been iu vogue in the
North since trader and trapper invaded tlie country has been practically
abolished this yoar and all trading between tbe Indians and halfbreeds and
the white traders is conducted on a
spot cash basis.
The step was taken as a result of
the shortage in the supplies this year,
whioh made tlie traders shut down on
the practice ot giving trappers food
and clothing on tiok until the fall and
trusting to their bringing in a supply
of furs in the spring to settle up tbeir
bsok debts.
Keller Acquitted on First Charge
On the 18th inst. tbe first ol the
charges against Capt. D. L Keller ot
stealing checks Irom the United
States government was heard in Chicago and Capt. Keller acquitted.
Tbe judge withdrew the case from
tbe jury saying tbat no jury would
return a verdiot ol guilty in suob a
case, holding that blank obeeks were
not valuable property —wbioh wss
Mr. Maeintyre's contention before the
courts here.
Keller's counsel is Wm. A. Adams,
ol tbe Chicago bar.
Tbe Reno obarge of uttering forged
cbeoks bas yet to be disposed ol.
as winners of the senior league, mak
ing a few appropriate remarks in connection with tbe Y.M.C.A. and tbe
work of the physical department.
The mayor then presented tbe McCarter shield to the winners, E. Bruce
rece ring on behalf ol the School Boys
junior league. Each member of the
team also received a neat scarf pin.
An amusing incident followed when
the Shamrocks were tbe recipients ol
a handsome green shield, ot excellent
design and workmanship, made of tbe
finest tin, as a senior league trophy.
How are tne mighty fallen! R. N.
Doyle pre en ted tbe handsome silver
cup to tbe Working Boys, winners of
the intermediate league, each member
of tbis team will receive a neat watch
lob. The spectators enthusiastically
applauded tbe prise winnere.
Tbe swimming exhibition proved
highly interesting and amusing, and
made a popular event in the entertain
ment. Messrs. Hope, Mar.b, Bregel,
Hall, Alldritt, Veith, Burridge and
McDonald deserve much credit for
their work.
The interest taken by tbe publio in
tbe Y.M C A. is very gratifying and
encouraging, and the association are
pleased to know that tbeir efforts are
appreciated and recognized. "■ Tbe
handsome prises will be always treasured and those who made these gifts
io a public and sporting spirit should
give tne incentive to others to in like
manner assist in the games ot our
boys and encourage them both in
sport, as well as work
B. C. Left Bad Taste
I-Ondon, April 28 —In a letter to
the Morning Post, Riidyurd Kipling
has sonic complaints to ninke about
the parochialism of British t'lilumhia.
He says:
"Thinking things over I suspect 1
was uot intended to appreciate the
merits of British Columbia too highly.
Maybe I misjudged. Maybe she purposely misrepresented herself, but 1
seemed to hear more about problems,
crises, and the difficulties of the situ
ation there than anywhere else. So
far as ear and eye could gather the
one urgent problem was to find
enough men and women to do the
work in hand. I forgot those doleful,
unhuinorquB conspirators among the
people who firmly believed in the
place, but, afterwards their memory
left a bad taste in my mouth."
Teachers' Convention
Vancouver, April 2J.—The Provincial teachers'convention has elected
the following ollicers . President, J.
Gillis, Nelson; first vice president, ('.
Sissons, Revelstoke; second vice pres.,
W. May, Grand Forks; third vice-
president, L, llruce, Rossland;,secretary, Miss Thorn, NelBon; treasurer,
A. Sullivan, Nelson; executive committee, Miss McKay, Rossland; Miss
Atkinson, Revelstoke; C. Fulton,
Vernon; Brougham, Vancouver, and
S. Willis, Victoria.
A proposal by Inspector Wilson to
widen the field ol the organization by
obanging the name to the B. C. Educational Association, was defeated nn
ground that such action would allow
the trustees a voice at conventions,
which wss thought unwise.
A Rare Treat
"Peter McKenzie," one of the most
unique characters in his profession
tbat England bas produced, will appear on Thursday evening, April 30,
in the lecture ol Rev. J. P. Hicks,
ohaplain to H. M. S. and S. Esqui
mault. Mr. Gideon Hicks, Victoria's
greatest bass soloist, will sing in his
most attractive and. instructive style
The place will be the Methodist
Church; the hour 8 p.m.; and tbe admission 25 cents (or adults, and 15
cents lor children under 14 years.
JZo Yt>r/
You did if you dealt here,
liecause we keep none but the
choicest qualities in lhe greatest variety and our prices are
reasonable, We want to
have youn custom and to get
t we promise to tempt you
with the finest qualities of
That are offered,   We also make  a specialty  of  Fruits and Fresh
Vegetables as they come in.
Carpenters' Tools, Garden Tools, [__wn Mowers, Hose, Paints,
Refrigerators, Enamelware, Stoves, Ranges, etc. Our stock in these
is very complete and we invite inspection.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at $9.00 per ton Is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They start fire as eas!l- as dry wood and last aa long as hard coal.
Can be used in Fume oves. Heaters, Self Feeders and
'   open grates.|
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery and
will^flll your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
Swell Suits for Swell Dressers
■ ft . .,... ,....',•;,
'.. i ^ -. kA^IS 71* "
i.,..-,! t.r_»s«r
TT_* AW*.
McKJnnon   (<£L   Sutherland
Fit "Reform Clothing.
At 8 Per Cent.
Cbc  flT>au*t>evalfc.
r>A\   AT
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before.Railway
Chas. Murphy.
Harold Fisher
Barriit.rs, JSul 6 tors, Etc.
0. s oiuj-i J. c. Elliott,
Omen i   W 'khi.l   Bank  Block,   Kkvkl
•BTOKS, li. a
Mone. to loan.
Offloec K-vel.toke, B.C.; Cranbrook, U. 0,
Oca _. MoC_btkk,
«..  M    HlNKDAM,
Revolatoki). 11.
J. A. Harvkt.
t'r<inbrook ll.
J. M. Scoti  I.I..D
W. I. BrlgRa.
noon   ami   BRIGGS
Bahristerb, Solicitors, Etc
Money to Loan
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C
Ani;   o! all Ores,.   Sample, by mail or 'Xpreaa
receive prompt attention,
Term. Moderate.
ADDUSS        -        *       -       SOX 132 ivAssl. s.  B. 0.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 108, Revelstoke
teacher or PIANO, VOCAL
harmony counterpoint, itc.
Pupils prepared lor Conservatory
and University Examinations.
8TCDIO-At   Un.   J.   0.    Hntchlion'.    (on-
naatht At.dm.
Mining, Real Estate, Business, Financial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines, Land and Timber.
B. C.
wing Tcri-co
and -?;:'s   iriB
unci theory that can be brought
into play. What others have done
for their own livelihood can be
performed to-day by those willing
to work. They are in a great
measure architects of their own
futures. Upon themselves rests
the responsibility and they have it
in their power to make or unmake
both themselves and the country
in which they essay to live and
each one Bhould ask himself earnestly and seriyusly which it shall
be. Sound and preserving labor
will have its results in the long
run, whether times are good or
To the observant, round town, a
very significant fact can only too
frequently be noted in connection
with what may be termed "hard
times." At the express office there
is invariably to be seen the numerous packages bearing the elaborate
label of Eastern departmental
houses addressed to prominent people in the city, the result, no doubt
of many hours pondering of the
•'woman's bible." Millinery goods
dry goods, and other articles. Some
of these things would cost .$50, few
of them less than !. 10. Such shipments are of daily occurrence
which looks well for our local trade
in dull times. One of the people
to whom a parcel was addressed
has been heard previously complaining, a few days ago, lhat Revelstoke wa6 so dull, and money so
scarce, and a town altogether too
wretched to live in. Strange isn't
it. But then it is not to be expected that the eastern departmental
stores will send back any of the
thousands they get to help out one
of our circulating mediums here.
We might perhaps ask what they
would do to help out matters here.
Nothing like tryingl
VI- '•
P.O. O'Farrell Eulogizes Shores
of Columbia River Expansion-Its Surrounding are
Mr. P, 0 O'Farrel, of New York,
who is well known in Toronto and in
cities all across Canada, is perhaps
the most intimate friend in America
of T. P. O'Conor. When "Tuy Pay"
was iu Toronto last year Mr. O'Farrell
was his bodyguard and bis inseparable
companion on bis American tour. In
the latest issue ol T. P.'s Weekly appears a letter from Mr. O'Barrell describing the beauties ot Halcyon, B.C.,
and it will interest many ol our readers
who know—or Bhould know—the Arrow Lake country.   He writes:
Twenty years ago, when 1 lirst sailed
over the lonely waters ol the Arrow
Lakes, there was not a house, or a hut. I have trails cut through Ihu nestles np
deur o'its mountain scenery Mud no
parallel upon this globe ol ours. And
its climate mid soil arc all that are
desirable for men or women who love
open uir life and bracing mountain
air, and an oocusioi al hunt lor caribou
nnd elk. The apples grown on the
shores of these lakes are the finest I
have ever tasted, tiner even than those
I have sampled Irom Lord Aberdeen's
wnndisiful orchards almut 60 miles
further west. Tbere is something in
tlie sun. in the soil, in the serene atmosphere, in the t zone of these pure
woods and in the absence ol strong
winds that permit Ihe growth and
blossom, and bloom of the apple in
this country as nowhere else on earth.
One rancher told tne he realized $800
off one acre of Iruit.
Sometimes 1 thiuk of building a
chalet over tbere on the other side ol
the lake where slopes the Halcyon
Mountain. There you can now see
tbe dark woods rising one plateau
above another. I could have a thousand ai'i'es cleand away for II iwers and
fruit and meadow and lawn, ami c uld
Than h bo much bad ii tlie best nf ns,
And -ji en :  h good it tha worst nl ns,
That it hardly behooTen any of us,
Tn talk nl-.* -ut tho r*.!-t of o=.
Mr. F. W. Peters wbo has recently completed a  tour  of  tlie   Wes-t,
aHirrns that a revival of the lumber
industry i.- to U-expected owing io
the letter prairie outlook   ami   the
influx  "i  settlers  inlo]the country
and that everything indicated  nn
era   of   phenomenal   prosperity  in
Western (,'anaiia, owing to the outlook ol the record   breaking  crops.
The weather   is   perfect   and   tbis
year the acreage under   cultivation
will Ise vastly increased.    The fears
that there would lie  a  shortage   of
seed have  proved   unfounded,   the
supply of gix.id ijiiality lieing ample
for all purposes.     The pros|iectH of
a big grain crop   will  result  iu   a
bigger demand for building material.    Already reports have it that a
record amount of building will   be
done in every part of the West.   In
reference tu railway building, officials state   thai  everything   that is
needful   will  lie   attended   to.    As
regards labor conditions, there will
be   work for every   honest white
man who aims  to give an honest
day's work for an honest day's pay.
But,   better than  this,   there are
unlimited possibilities for the man
who is willing to forego the superficial  pleasures  of city   life, aad
taboo  booze,    late   nights,   green
cloth, snd  scarlet fabric and get
into business  on   his   own  hook.
The man who says he cannot succeed in this country is tbe poorest
kind of a stick.   Honest labor untrammelled   by   graft    and . disgruntled pessimism will do mote
good than all  the talk, argument
Advices from London, England,
state that the United Kingdom is
experiencing remarkable weather.
Snow has fallen in London every
day since last Monday and the
thermometer has been down to the
freezing point. Heavy falls of
snow in the north have caused
serious floods and the heaviest
blizzard in the annals of Sussex
and Hampshire has lefts its disastrous mark, the snow in places
being 5 to 6 feet deep. Traffic on
street and railway has been practically suspended in many parts and
trains have had to be dug out of
deep drifts. In spite of the proverbial cold and snows which are
always supposed to characterize
Canada, we think that after all our
climate, especially in the West, is
second to none. We have emerged
from a winter of comparative!
spring like conditions and are now I
enjoying weather which, compnn>d |
w Ui what is lieitifr experienced j
across th" herring pond, is ideal '
As f.ir as the i-linia;i- ol rtevelstoki'
is concerned we can safely ,av il at
wo are not very much doubled
with extraordinary conditions, yel
we do occasionally hnve a ginilo
hrci /.,■ which manages somehow tn
lifl a pebble or so. In Fpeakingof
the warm winter winds, il mny be
interesting to some to know ibat
these winds originate nl the Pacific
coa-t and sweep across Ihe land as
a warm damp air current, hut as it
ascends the Cascades and mast
ranges and as the barometric pressure lessens the wind grows colder
at the rate of one degree for every
three or four hundred leet, and it
gradually loses its moisture leaving it as clouds, rain and snow on
the mountain slopes. After crossing the mountains the wind Iuih
become cold anil dry air. It is a
scientific fact that air in coming
downward gets one degree warmer
for every 130 feet, so that tins air
very soon has gained warmth in
descending much more than it lost,
in its upward journey over the
mountains, and circling round Ihe
valleys, increasing in temperature
it expands over this Columbia
River valley in the strong though
mild breezes which temper our
or a log cabin, on either shore lor its
whole 150 miles. Not a hut or a hunter along its 300 miles of shoreline;
nil was strange, weird, wild, fascinating beauty. We did pass one canoe, in
which we recognized some Kootenay
Indians because of tbe uncanny and
most melancholy chant that fell upon
our esrs. A Corsican priest lived
among them and taught them this
chant, and this was their weird interpretation of it. But save these few
wandering savages the Arrow Lakes
were as lonely twenty years ago ns in
the dawn ol the world's existence.
Some of the old voyagsurs had seen
them, and some intrepid hunters had
climbed the passes ol the mountains
abuts the lakes, and had looked down
in wonder, akin to that which fi 11* d
tbe soul of Pizsrro st the first sight of
the Pacific, when all his men looked
at each other with "a wild surmise,
silent upon a peak in Darien."
And   I   have   seen   tbe  wilderness
transformed into fields of golden grain
yonder in the bosom of I Lose mountains. Just think what a place thit-
would be to esca,e from that species
of tiger bunt that prevails iu Wall
Street! It is only four miles across
the lake from these wonderful miners!
springs of Halcyon. Oter there blows
the softest zephyrs and from those
sloping hills you can watch the moonlit lake or see the dawn, rosy and
lovely as when the woild wns young,
skipping from peak to peak, till
chased away by the advent of the
glorious sun that smiles upon this
enchanted land.
and to provide tor them nicotic g
places in the cities of the Uritish
The activities of the Legion of
Frontiersmen are manifold. There 1«,
of course, a social side, but its chief
Hydration is embodied in its motto,
"Organize for sport: Prepare for war."
its ranks are open to all who bave
lived on the borders of civilization,
and in particular to soldiers, sailors,
explorers, prospectors, gold miners,
naturalists, missionaries!, mounted
police, officials and traders amongst
savages, packers, stage drivers, freighters, mail and transport riders, voyage-
urs, railroad makers, stockmen, cow
boys, horse breakers, planters, guides,
seouts, hunters, trappers, wolfers,
rangers, foresters, lumbermen, pearlers
aud sea-hunter.
The Legion is today makinf great
strides in Canada, where recruit who
are used to the woods iiioiiiit.ien and
the free life of the wilds, can b obtained, and where ekill and kiiuwi.dge
of thing, appertaining to life among
nature is horn in them.
L. O. T. M O. T. W.
It,.Ul their rniiuliir fiirtiilutltly Itisvinws tlie
Second anil Ktmrlli Tlmr-illiyss In each mouth,
ill ,1 p. in. iu the Mnsiniiu Hall, Soman! St root.
I.. McDON'Lt)   Lady Commander.
J. M. MOHAN, 11 1 li.i.-i..si-
I.   O.   F-
llonrt Miniiit lioKhii', No. MM, meet" 2ud ami
ltd M.su Iny.-. iu Oddfellows Hull, nssxl to Opera
House Visiring bretbreu cordially invited to
J.W. Oakland, C.B.
H. W. Edwards, R.S
c. w. o. w.
Mountain Vlaw Camp, No. 139.
Moot* Second and Fourth Wednet-days In
eaoh month. In Selkirk Hall. VlslUn Woodmen cordially Invited to attend.
w. D. ARMSTRONG. Con. Com.
J. McINTYIIK. Clerk.
F. O. E.
The regular meetings are held in thepselkirk
Hall every Tuesday evening at 8 o'cloca. Viait-
iug brolhren are cordially invited.
w. b. McLauchlin, secrbtabv.
Organized for Sport and Prepared for War.
Few organizations have been born
of finer and worthier ideals than those
which underlie the Legion ol Frontiersmen.     There iB s type of man for
whom the British race, with its pro-
and orchards, snd flowers,and gardens,! nounced individualism, hss but little
and lawns, where happy children \ use. It is the man who can't fit in.
pla>ed and sini_. and have seen men | Kiplin - calls this class "The Lost
sind women crow  young   and    happy,   Legion."      The   Legion   of Frontier*-
-•■5%' v-*-'  ••*-    £.-**■
Koatenav l>.d_se No. IJ A.F.St A.M
Tho regular meeting- aro hold in the
Mus-onlo Temple,
Jdd Follows Hall.on
the third Monday in
sach month at r-
i.m. Visitingbreth
i-on oordlally wo!
0. A, MlUOUNIKR. Secretary.
Meets everyThnredB.
evening In Selkirk
Hall at S o'olook
Visiting brethren oor
dlnlly Invited to attend
O.I.KMBKE, N.O. .1. MATHIK. 8w>
CoMRaega lodge, K. of  p.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
cx'iept Third Wednesday ol
each month, In the Oddfellows'
Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
Kntghts.sre cordially invited.
O- H. BROCK, K. of R. A S.
H, A. BROWN. H. of F
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Ms III-   sit    all   Hours
K    ry1 hii.'.  Up-to-Dn e
Stewart McDonald, ■ Mgr
being sharers in the creation  '.fatiew men, which wat   formed    in    London,
world of altars ami ol   happy   homes, a boat Christmas 1904, ia tt iscognition
Only yesterday   I    sailed    over   these that there is solid grant in this class o'
wonderful lakes again,   hut   this   time men, and it is at the   asms    Urn,'   an
East in Sympathy With West
Montreal, April 28—Mechanics ol
tbe C. P. R.have decided st a joint
meeting; that if the company lorced a
strike on the western section in con
nection wilh the abrogation of tl e
union schedule, the eastern section
would strike, not only in sympathy
but to secure another working schedule.
it wus not in a skiff, as    twenty    years
ago.      I   was in one of the excellently
appointed Canadian   Pacific   steamer.
that ply daily    between    Robsoii    ami
Arrowhead      Already along lhe shores
on either side the pioneer has done hii
work, nod the miadow and the orchard
and the   garden    have    displaced    the
wood.    The pear tree, ihe cherry,   the
apple, and the pencil   tree   have   -supplanted the pine, the tir, tlie tamarack
and    the   cedar.      Gilt   on every aide
by mighty  mountains, neither Ihe ty
phWitis that lash   the   Pacific  to  fury
nor   the tornados   that   scourge   the
plains can touch these shores.   Htorms
and tempests   are   utterly    unknown,
and as equally unknown are   the   extremes of   heat   and   cold,      1'iclnrr
Killsrney on a vast and far more beautiful scale, and free from tempo-its and
mists and rain, and you liogln to realize the Arrow Lukes, with their beauty
grandeur, and attraot.ive.nnas.
You are right in directing the attention of your readers to British Columbia. Tho picturesque beauty of its
lakes and rivers, and tho sublime gran-
efTurt lu organize that good f<.r iniper-
ial purposes. At all times these listless spirits, unable to la-ar the restrictions and limitations of ordinary humdrum hie, have found useful and congenial   work    on    the outskirts of our
civilization    Tboussnds of them have
died as heroes and have been buried in
remote frontier graves, and one e'.nld
say of all of them that they are brave,
large-hearted  and   self effacing.      The
Legion of   Frontiersmen   is   also   an
effort to band these men together, to
give them the strength ol association,
Not ■> >• t,„n.!,y ,'ivnfi thnt ih* (-_ly COUDOIJ
tiMve sppolaUd Mr William KlemiuK niyfiL ami
■ iny ■s.t.vnnunr   for   tlm   1'Aly, unit luivn rtiithor
-■■:  tht) tofiOWfOI   I'tin't-"!     to bo inndo hy hint,
For the removal of Nlffht Boll 13 por load
"     of Carbftvo $1       "
Any [Mfaon rw)ijiinii; thn Mcrvlcnx nf the
rtcav-jiiKor may (Md  nntlco thoroof  Ui him. to
t.iB ((.Mr o? PoUmi. nr to ih* city plerri offloe.
CltlHDi nr*) rw'tiftNt'wl   to  h«*8 Uialr a'nvmi"
s/intf Htlftrirlfvl Ul i-   *""n hh .lOHhfhln. mi thfil th»
worlc may riot hn prolong*! into tho nummor.
Hy Orriar,
H, FlsOVn,
RarAUtoLfo It ('., CityClork,
April Mth. IU* Zt
$5  TO   $10
High Grade Watches
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
Art and Beauty
are combined iu our new designs in carpets. Our stock is
cempiete, und the colors rich
and effective, thedesigns artistic, and tbe " tout ensemble "
is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and we
have neverfplaced such low
prlees ii|ion so niiirh high
quality before.
"^"*_r"*^\__** •*__**.-_.
**»%*-»*»*>*%»AWVt*i*.%»#**tA»»*t*»#* %f
For Aarloultnral Implements. Carriages, Wag-mis Eta., .lulu,
Deere Plough., Uoline Wagons, Canada, Carriage Company's
Buggies, Plenet Jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheol-
wrlght and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
i/% *_^%^%^.%%^%%%>%%%%^%><%'«^%%%%^^%^%%<m^ I
r*A««%«««%««%%«««%%«%%%«% '**■
#  P.   BUF.NS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. I
'      'iflliXD OKFIC1R :    CAtOABT,   AtRRRTA.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork Parkers, and Derflera in Live 8toek.    Markets in a'l the piinri    *)
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta. British ('olumbi i and the Yukon,  tf
Hams anil Baron,  2
Parkers rf  the Celebrated Brand  " Impsr.it r
ani '.'Shainnxk" Brand L»af bard
. % -V*»>>W*_. %^%^*%s%^%%^%.%^%^%'% %%'%. V**i«R «**"•)
Import direct from Country ot origin.
Newly built        First-class in every respect.    Al! modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.BO per Day, 8p«ci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's  Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   management
suitably   furnished   with the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and   '
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBERT,    STOITE3      PROP.
Queens Jfotel
llcsl Ifr.Hiuls ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers, to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Manufactured for nil cUssms nf  Ixiililin^
fiif ?Ale in l.iri,*M or small nitailttlioj
ut tlm lowest prices for rosh.
bui I til n tf and plastering
1    undertaken,
... sJonI
who i'iiit eat Manning's osndies
without having some little (eel-
ins* ol gratitude lor ths donor.
01 course you've got tn light your
own love hattlea, young man, but
our confefltions you'll find to be
a strong ally in your wooing.
Miniiifs Candy Palace
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Stjoln SAILIIKlS   Liv/i^ol
Hal., Meh. 28.  I_ikc Erie.
PH.,   Apl.   Bi  Kmp. Ireland
.Sni.,   "     II. Lk, Manitoba Mull.25
I'Yi.,    "     17. Kmii. Britain Apl.   8
Hal.,   "    25. Lk.Ohainplalii  "    8
Winter Season From St. John
|>|. Clans md. Class jrd. Class
|8o oo   $47 so $28 75
HI. Claw and. Class jrd, Class
$6.S 00       $4* 50       $27 50
Other Lakh boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $17 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points In connection with .team-
ship tickets
Piumengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, lliiinhurg arid
all other confine,  tal ports.
Por further Information apply to
T. W. Brad-haw,    E. J. Coyle,
Agent, A.O.P.A.
Kevelstoke. Vancouver.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the jFarm, |Garden,   Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties al. reasonable prices
No Borers. No Scale. No fumigation
to damage slock. No windy ngeiita to
annoy you. Buy direct and get trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of B. C.    Catalogue Tree.
-Greenhouses and Seed Houses
VANCOUVER,       -     •      .     B. C.
D raying
All Kinds of Light and H «vy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood,  Ooal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
D«t Head., Anlmsla, Binli, flab,
mount r.n
Animal  Bugs MoaaUd,
P 0. Bin Ih
Studio:  Cnnmr of FtntSt. aid Bovlt Avt. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B C.
Where Shaking
is Respectable
A Draft off furnace dome, with nn other
attlttanet. It powerless to oucrcnme the
dust nuisance In shaking tnw Only surplus
dust rltet of Itself tllio.-tt the pre, flsvuf
bulk descends Into ash-pit. and unless legitimate outlet It therein provided, dust wilt
eteape through ath-duor slits and Into
operator e fact
In "Sunshine" Furnace the
legitimate dust outlet is provided. It's a great big dust-
pipe running straight from
ash-pit to dome, thenee to chimney. When big pipe damper
is opened, all dust In ash-pit ascends to dome; then, when
direct drafts are opened, all dust passes up chimney.
Always the clean and quick
dust route in "Sunshine"
Furnace — uia grate, to pan,
to dust-pipe, to dome, to
chimney, to open air.
Write to us for
"Sunshine" testimonials
received from your own
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Best Local Qrown___^s€>
Fruit Trees for Spring Planting
.Most suitable varieties for this soil and climate. One and Two
Year-Olds. l'rii-es HU) and under 25c. each; over HKl 2llc. each/
Varieties are: Duchess, Gnivonstein, JelTety, Wealthy. .Mcintosh
Red, Whiter St. Lawrence, Laurence, Jonitli-m, King, Northern Spy,
New York Will., He/! Cheekssd Pippin, Spi(_.-nlierg, Salonit, Wayner,
Winesiip, Newtown, Pippin. York, Imperial Apples.
Hyslop and Transcendent Oralis.
Orders Received by
Incorporated by Aet cf Parliament, ISIS.
Wm. MolsoK Macphkkson, Pre». 8. H. EwiN8,;Vice-Pres.
. Jambs.ELLIOT) General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,372,500
Reserve, $3,372,500
Sixty-four branches in  Oanada and  Agencies In all parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Havings
Bank deposits, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
NOTICE     -
Take notice that I intend tu make
application to the Superintendent. of
provincial Police for n renewal i.f the
ii-uiil hqiier lu-ettsi' f.r Ih" Hliy'ti
II.ii .Spi-iii|.-s.lliiiei, ir lliileyssn, B. (!..
fur Ills- li li vi-tr 110:11 July 1st, JDOH.
I,• rW.Jflal. 1*1)118.
Wllp-U llAKHY   .Ml'lNTtlsll.      1
Take tiolice thnt I intend In make
implication 11 1 lib .Siiperinii'iiilent of
Provincial Police foi'a renewal of the
p'tnil lispior lieenis for tlie Toy Hotel
at Arrowhead, B.C. fin-1 Iih half vent
Ir Julv 1st, 1008, to Dee. 31st, 1008.
wttp20 _ J   CALBY.
Take notice thnt 1 Inleiid to make
application tn lhe Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of Ihe
retail liquor lliense fur lhe Hotel Hen-
ton, Beaton, B.O., for ihe half year
from July 1st, 1008, lo Dec. 81st, l'.KJtf.
w «p5(i Wm, Boyd.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, M. K. Lawson of
Revelstoke, occupation house-keeper,
intends to apply fur permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted nn
the line of Lot No. 7588, and marked
"M. K. Lnwson's N. E. corner post,"
Ihence south along said line40 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence north 20
chains, thence east 20 chains, therce
north 20 chains to P. Mailer's pre-emption, thence east 20 chains to point of
in i in mencement.
Minnik K. Lawson.
Dated April nth, 1008. w ap 20
TAKft NOTIC5R that the share,
lio'.ileis nl'I he nb ivs- named t'lillipaiiy
h ive by Special resolution resolved to
ch ng I he inline is! the Company lo
" Itcvflst ske Aiii-ii'iiliiiial Sssi-i.ii,
Li nil, il." nnd i Hsu.I In apply to lhe
Lieuti'tiaiit-flov -rnoi'-iii-tloiiiicil I'm- an
Older chiiiiglnts; the inline liccordiituly.
Dated Illli'.iiniiiry. iinis.
a. v. Anderson,
I'ehHHin Secretary.
.      NOTICE
N'lllci'Ir hereliy given Ihal lh"|i rt-
iii rship lieretofnie i-xi-t.iiijr hetw en
I lis- unili-rHtgit-.il mill i ai'l'ted on mulct
I he llt'lll llllllie ilinl st > le ol   Ills'  K   dr-
pt'lse Brewing Cpuipniiy has ibis .lay
been ilis-nlv il by unit mil cotiheiii,
Mr .1. P. Sin li. ilin,I nliliiil'iiwiiig
li'iiui ths- pUsuii-rshsp. The business
in fiilni.'wilf be i uriiil on under lhe
same Him name by Messrs. Thomas
Downs in il Charles llolten who will
assume ind p.iy all linhililies of lhe
lale pal tni'i'sliip linn, anil nil ih his
due lhe lute linn are payable to them.
.1. P Sutherland.
Charles Holten.
Thomas Downs,
per. E. Edwards, Attorney
Witnesrs: Geo. S. McCARTKK.       Hp2B
Liquor Licence Act, 1900
Notice is hereby given that at the
expiration ul one month Irum date the
"undersigned will apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor a
transfer to the " Canyon House " at
Albert Canyon, 11. C , ol the hotel
liquor lioeuce now held by me in
re-pect of the " Windsor Hotel " at
lllecillewaet, H. O.
Dated this -2nd day of April, 1008
0. V. Morris.
Manny, doctor or
■iMttwilr. "Don's de a
thins" till roil nee clem iy
wlml ii boat, by aid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
nn health, dlaeaau, Iqrp, marriage And par-mUgo
T«11e what, you'll Mk n dm-tor. b  *
Ziii pagea, illiiHtraled, 2AoenU; L...	
ll. we Nond one only Lo nny adult for pontage,
iSntiiiU; but Ui Introduce
10 oonte.
m hill, pua oo.
Columbia. In thu Matter of tlio "Winding
Up Act". lieing chapter 144 nf the Revised
.Statutes of Canada
In tlie Mutter nf Tin. Klwood Tin Workers Uold
Mining Company of I-anltjau, British Culutn-
bia, Limited, Non-personal Liability.
The creditors of the above named company ate
required on or before the First day of June, 19P8
to send their names and addrtjsr.es, and the particulars of their debts or claims, anil tbe names
and addresses of their solicitors, If any, to John
K Jones. I'. O HoxMS. llevelstnke. British Columbia, the Official Liquidator of tbe said Com-
puny, ami If so required by notice in writ inu from
ihe Niii'l Official l.l<| ablator, nru by tbeir Rifleltors
to come in ami prove their said debts o.- claims at
such time and place .in oliall be specified In such
notice, or In default thereof tbey will he excluded
from tlie benefit of any distribution made before
such tlebts are proved,
l»nifii -it    Kevelstoke,   British   Columbia,   Ills
Kith day of April, IMS.
Ncorr & BHiuus.
■at Apll 1* <»■■*      Holicitors for the naisl
John K. Jones, Official Liquidator
Certificate of Improv. merits
Ha) inlis Ma.-a, Mlna   K..  iron  Mail, and Una
rranlon  mineral i-lalraa,  altuate  In thr
Nrout' .an Mlnlni Ulvlalon ol Wail Kootr
nay Dl.trlot.
Will-™ located: -In Uoat Creek   IL.In, a.lj.ln
Ing Ibts H.alr!n"irnrt|i.
Tako  noilise tliat I, K   smith, r.H 0  No
HlHsflrj, URCUI lor J li  Mac.eii.lt, ,M.C  N-. II
SS7TC  am!   Archer Martin.  f.M II Nn. B1745J
Intend, al.ty day. Irom  .11.'   Iierenl, Ui epi!
to lho  MhiIiik   eiscoritcr  l»r a i'.-riii',r.it,. ol
Improvement*, (or tba   pimsneis ol obtatnlni: a
Crown urant ol lb. above claim*.
Ami InrlUcr  take nolle* tbat action, amfai
..cilon  H7.   must bo commenced  before ths<
l.auance of auob i.'orllflciie ol Improvement.
Dated thi. I0lb ilav o( April. A.D. IMS.
talstWSM ». SMITH.
The Story of the Growth of One
of British Columbia's Best
Known Manufacturing Concerns.
By c.mrtesy of the proprietor we
are ah'c to give our readeis a few
vii'Ws of one of the most interesting
industries being established in our
city. Just four years ago, Fred
Lynch enfired the commercial Held
in a small way in .New Westminster,
B. C , with which this article deals, as
will be seen by the 1'nst picture of the
•ooompanyiug   views,   with   no   one
else but Mr. Louis Witt and "Pat"
Feeney, of lacrosse fame, to comprise
the staff that were to make famous
the " Beaver." and " Fritz " brand of
After a year ol hard work the Beaver
factory was transferred tn Sixth street
and hero we see, along with our eld
friends, some seven of the best cigar
makers in B. C.' To work up to such
a number in  this  sin it   time   means,
dor which keeps the manufactured
;cii;iir again at the same temperature
il< efore manufacture. At the Beaver
I factory there is now in ilm neighbor
i h ml of one hundred bales ol Havana
which when made up will amount to
; two million cigars.
In selecting workmen Mr, Lynoh
exercises most particular care, ami it
h is now become a well know I fact
atiiongoigar .sen that one who has
w irkrd at the Beaver Cig ir factory is
i ligi de f's- any job in the business,
Tu-d-iy   thoro   it   working   at   lie
B    ver factory u s ufl' ol the very   best
ci.jar   niakeis   that   can   hu   had  in
I Uritish Columbia, and from this  la",
I i-iimbiiiid with the principle that good'
goods are I heir own best advertitemeut
1 it can be easily he   seen   by   lhe   phenomenal increase hi the s' IV of the
Heaver factory as shown  in  ihe last,
inline, lhat. Fred hss ' ecu   I'eliveting
goods.    Such energy on the part of the
joungest cigar manufacture! •   in   the
province is deserving of eiery support.
To give an idea of how much can be
accomplished hy hustling, we may
say that when the inland i even ne
inspector went over the books at this
ia, toi) be found that there b d bee1'
nine hundred tlo.isand Denver and
Fiiiz cigars turned out for last year
This nu nits that 11 fteen thousand
dollars was paiil in wages, whioh is,
without, doubt, in advance of any,
even the oldest established firms in
the province.
Mr. Lynch is at present, completing
a Une, up-to-date factory in Revelstoke, on a lot purchased some time
ago and intends to supply the Kootenays, Boundary and south trade Irom
Revelstoke, whioh he considers the
brat distributing centte iu the Interior.
Every  ci'iz n  will   ecli-s  the   wish
hat Fred   nay   make   the   '.'Beaver"
Bret ol ah, tbat the goods must be
right, for it must be remembered that
each one of these workmen make from
two hundred and fifty to three hundred and fifty cigars each day.
In this up-to date factory we have
every appliance (or the better handling nf tobaccos and cigars, as the raw
leaf comes in from Havana it is placid
and " Fritz '
famous from ocean  to
The famous Giant's Causeway in the
north ol Ireland, familiar to every one
who has studied geography, is about
to be removed to the United States,
according to a Belfast paper of a recent
date.    It  is  a  (urination  of  hasn't ir
___________ _____L\__k-:- •-■■ VH
■t ' ■ vjI
H V'i*i_liW^i:rti___l
______________________________________________■• ■        ' '-■'^^H
^B^H           R,' -      * v ■-________.
__J"*^_B_^^ ^^H
^^___j_S___*.' -' \\\\\m
^_H______l 'emtm \\\\\\\\\\\
* llll
pHS:liii>:iB?a            1 I
1      '  mJ3^,'" ~\r        ^^T^l
)i*1    i^.uw^W^evW./'W-'        mk
in bond. In this roo n the temperature is always the eamr, so that the
leal does not vary nor lose any ol its
fragrance. Then when the Havana is
taken out and put through the process ol nun ufacture which, by the
way, is a very interesting thing lb
witness, the made cigar is packed in
their Iwixes and put away in a  Iliiini
columns, and it is reported that these
are to be packed in cases and shipped
to Philadelphia.
This latest example of American enterprise is arousing considerable oppo*
sition in many quarters, and.it is quite
p issihle that this unique natural slrnc
lure may be preserved in its present
_________*! "-.'- -, -;'■,..:■.!•<. ■-' \■•■ ■/»,,■?'folfSl
'*. c____l__a__rf->ff- S>»___Kv**yfl^f'__»
.'A ^.fZtfSPflw*}\ 'KtfrW't____H
■*;■' ?;l.-                          ■ ^X
fn.'f'^A :' ■ . *M
ji$Sf, '?3&T*t(Birl&%!$'l
^m^^M £m >          ww_mK^:
m m ~  ■■: utiC'. ^l
"M . •      ..'V&.■■■•.;* ..:■•;. ■£•;,';'.::.'
*%  ..--y   ->f:._.A. ;, -:, *&;,.,: .:
*■'             -i- :,rr$AV '^ »S' -\:-  "•'" ':
:.;*._   ^-           _V^%     .
Imperial   Dcvelopmeiil     $4."ji) Oil
Hank of Hi it sh Columbia  Ill) (It)
Nlcolu Ooal and Coke  loo uu
Columbia Fruit mid Ijind  100 00
Hiiiish  Canadian  Wood  Pulp
and Paper  im ou
Royal Collieries  •£,
B. ('. (upper  i 75
Conanlldul ed M. * S  Tllil
Diainonil   Vulo I .'mil  10
International Ooal    su
SullJviiii    u'j
Glen  Hayes  dial  Mining and
Development  60 1)0
Veteran Placer Miners Devote
Time to Find
Vancouver, April 28.—A report
that has all the earmarks of authenticity has just been received by way of
Hazelton, and is the most encouraging yet heard regarding the Findlay
river district. The find was made on
the wordings of the three Condi;
b-oth' is. ThiSi men were working
last summer ou Mansou creek and
cleaned up seveml thousand dollars.
They weie anntig the li st to st.rl on
the stampede for ihe Fi. dlny river
country ai d bey a.ie so satisfied with
tlie risiilis so far that thiy will stay
witn the property ibis summer and
let lhu Manson creek property lay
i Ue. Thi y have not yet struck bed
r.iok, but they have plenty of showings
of rini'se gnld, black sand and iron
boulders. The m n who brought the
infosii iition states that on his way
out he ('minted b tween Copper river
and Hazelton thirty-five men mushing
alocg n ith packs on their backs,
which shows that the stampede is still
on. He says that the flatness ol tbe
Findlay tiver country makes it very
dillicult to work. The Gondii- brothers
have been in the .country (or several
years and are experienced and reliable
Anarchist Journalism
(From the Paterson, N.J., Anarchist
Journal, which has been barred irom
the mails.)
When we are ready, the first thing
to do is to break into the armory and
seize tbe rifles and ammunition. Tbe
n st thing to do is to get hold of the
poli-e station, and when the police see
t ml ileyitte ie I strong i in. gh, he
O ii, f of pol ('•• ai" asl; for -o1 tiers.
Even a! thnt. the dynamite iB easy
for ns to got. Twenty live cents worth
will bl.-w a big iron door down. We
don't want to h rg" Hint tho dynamite
Will lii-lp n^ to win I no in three of
us un ii defy ii ngimetil nl soldiers
lit hunt fear. Show iiii sympathy for
n\ Buldier. even ii ihvj hu the sons ol
the people.
As sunn as we g' t lloid "I tile p"l Ce
station it is our vidlory, I he thing in
to kill lhe ci.tiie force. Ii not tiny
wil' kill us. When weaie ready, we
must set Hie to three ur Iiiiii hou.es
in (lilVeicnt locations on the outskirts,
which will bring out the tire department and all the police. Then wc will
start a lire in the centre ol tlie eily.
Thii will bs an easy thing to do, ai the
police and Bremen will be on Ibe outskirts.
A Good Parody
Breathes there a man with soul so
dead tbat to himself has never said;
My trade of late is getting bad, I'll
try another ball-page Ad. If such
there be go mark him well, For bim
no bank account shall swell, No angels
watch the golden stair to welcome
home a millionaire. To such a man
the noisy din ol traffic may not enter
in, for bargain seekers by the score
shall paBS, nor heed bis dis.gy door
Tread lightly friends let no rude
sound disturb his .olittlile profound.
So let bun live in culm repose, unsought excei t hy men he owes And
when he dies ynu pi nt him deep,
that naught may break his dreaming
Bleep, where no rude clamor may dispel the quiet that he loves so well;
and that the world may know its less,
plant on his grave a wreath of moss,
and on the stone above: Here lies a
man who would not advertise.
and ciuefiil attention lo Rents.
Settlements of Rents made mom lily.
Cullectiona made everywhere by expert collectors and adjusters—Columbia Agencies, Limited, McKenzie Ave.
Revelstoke. B. C.
|.v(ili*i foi Hatching from a splendid
J2i strain of winter laying Rhode
Island Reds, $1.50 for 15.—Mrs. Drew.
Reliable Poultry Yards, Camborne,
B. C. ap 22-lmn
FOR SALE—Two small houses, on
three rooms, and the other two,
on east main line of C.P.R. about ten
minutes walk from Post Otlice. Uwn-
ers are leaving lhe city and .-tie desirous of selling quickly. Ill order to do
this they will sell cheaply. Apply
Owners nt Queen's Hotel.
FOtlND-Child's gnld (haiu anil
linker oi Fii-ki.jSi. Owner ran
Inivi" their properly by applying lo the
I*. i-i in i-1 era in I   i leu I ifying sum.,
I II In I si ,.r M iy at ll .I, vmi Hot
Hpr ng-, in t-i nn ii-isi.,ii.! h..i~,.. .-mil
milking: wages, $10, ., lb linard, t-o uu
a nl w i- Inn.s.
I   OS I     i.     .      ,. .,■,   Is,,,,,, I,   ,,,,,. |„..
I J    I  'P.i i lllllc   .mil II n   I Rev-
. .     k"-ii Thin ■<.!. i.i.i.    K i.d i will
III I    "l'"l "li ll-lill-niliK   Silllic In  t lull i it ,1 Reiclstoke.
Necessary Law
It is proposed in tho province of
Quebec to put the man iu prison who
is lound guilty of neglecting to provide
for his wife and helpless children and
force him lo work (or their benefit. If
it is possible to force such a man lo
do work that can be sold tu buy (nod
and clothing for those dependent upon hint, no more suitable punishment
could be devised. There has always
been a feai lest prison made articles
would come into competition with
honest labor. There sre, however,
some things, notably the prod not of
the (arm, whose market price would
not he affected by any quantity that
oonviclB could raise. Human nature
is weak and husbands as well as other
men, are liable to do wrong, but tho
man who wilfully deserts or neglects
the woman who bus entrusted herself
to his keeping and leaves his helpless
ohildreu to suffer, iB among tbe mean
est uf mankind. II there is a law that
oan compel such men to maintain
those dependent upon tbem, it should
be put into elleot.
iin i
ol. i I .:;. -"inn Hrat-class free-
li -i il -■■■ in ily. Apu v In I'. I ii si 11 sin
Agencies, liiiiulcil. Mi Kciizie Avenue,
ATERNITY Cases taken   at   my
home or  nlherwio*.     V.>i- pai-
fii'iilars apply Mm, A.  K   Bennison
Second St.. Wis  P.O.  Box 211.
Iiii. 12, lm
\t I ItslNti   ,\lis.   Allen  O.   Lee, nf
A\    Konrth Street, la prepared logo
nut musing.
I \, Two suitable rooms for people In
business. Modern house, piano, bath
room, cir.   Address P. 0, Bos 900,
mo   RENT   From  room,   with or
_|_ without board, use of piano-
Apply MAII.-lll-.ltAI.U.
riV) LET   Tan Houses, apply lo Col-
I     uniliiii Agencies, Limited.
mo    KENT— I'Yonl   loom,    with   m
I      withoul    hoard,—I'se   of   piano.
Apply Mail Hkkamj Office.
WANTED   At   the    Hotel   Revel-
stoke.   a  ('Iiniiiiiii in iiii, anil   a
woman to do plain setting.      Apply at
South African Scrip, Apply U
Columbia Agencies, Limited.
Apply to Couimiiia Aokncikh,
I.IMITKU,  Revelstoke.
7 11-11
WANTED TO  SELL-A   snap   in
fruit, lauds at   Galena  Buy. 1UU
acres,   Price for lnteiest|8U0.   Apply
Columbia Aokncikh. Ltd. Bevelstoke
WANTED KNOWN-You can gel
one of Ihe liesl snaps to he had
ui City house properly from us. Two
houses, and UKI ft. frontage to 2nd St.
ill fur $2,50U of which only $11100 cash
is required mil balance can remain on
mortgage.—Apply at once to Columbia
Agencies, Limited,	
General Store or Btraigh Grocery
Business Fruit growing district pre-
lered. Address Box 42, Gananoque,
Above subject to confirmation.
Particulars concerning any of these
0 panics mi application.
Mackenzie Avenue.
Advertisement of Sale of Mineral Property.
In pursuance of the Order of the
lliiniiin.ihli Mr. Justice Morrison
made in the matiei ol the Windhig-
I'pAil .uui iu ihe matter of The El-
wood Tin Workers (Inlil Mining Company of Lardeau, British Columbia!
Limited, Non-personal Liability, and
In pursuance oi directions thereunder
uf Robert Gordon, Esq., District Reft
istiai at Kevelstoke, British Columbia,
tenders will be received by the undersigned for the purchase (if the assets
ol the alaive named company consisting of the following property situated
in the Lardeau Mining Division of
West Kootenay, Hriiish Columbia:
Nine Crown Granted Mineral claims
to wit:
The Iron Dollar being lot 7059,
Group 1. Carbonate Hill being Lot
7060, Group 1. Carbonate Hill fraction being Lot 7081, Group 1. Little
Johnnie being Lot 7082, Group 1, Copper Dollar being Lot 3087, Group 1.
Western Star lieing Lot 7354, Group 1.
Western Stat fraction lieing Lot 7355,
Group 1, St. Kew being Lot 7383,
Group 1. And Oilman fractiou being
part of Lot -OHO, Group 1.
Millsite lieing Lot 6035. Group li
Tramway; Stamp Mill; Saw Mill; Com-
piessor plant aod pipe line; Assaying
plant; Water Recoid No. 48; about 70
tons of Concent rated; buildings; bunk
houses and all goods, machinery and
chattels on the company's properly.
Such lenders to be made in writing
and sealed and marked "Tender for
Elwood Company Property." addres. ■
sed to the iinileisigned Official Liquidator, P. ll. Box 2iS Revelstoke, British Columbia, on or before the Fourth
day of June, 1008.
The highest or any tender will not
necessarily lie accepted.
Further particulars of the property
will he furnished on application to the
Undersigned, or to Messrs. Scott A
Briggs, nis Solicitors, Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Dated this loth day of April, 1008.
sat ap 18 wit        Official Liquidator.
!'.iliiiul.ia.    In lhe ftlattn s,l the  "Winding
Up Act', being chapler 111 ol ths Ksuss.il
Statute, nl Canada
In the Mailer ot The Kluood Tin Workers Gold
Mining Company of Larileau, British Columbia, Limited, N'on-persisna! Liability,
NOTICE i. Lirel's in, en that by an order mad.
by tbe Honourable Mr, Junto-. Morrtaon In tlie
above matter dated the 27lh January. 180S,  John
E. .lone, .ii appointed official Liquidator of th.
above named Company.
Dated Una rth day of April, IMS.
aat Ap 11 lw  I.s Dlltnct Registrar.
it ia the ititenti.il. of tht B. (J. Qovtrnmsnt to
bring into force the following amendments to
the Act as cited below, at the next silting of
the Legislature.
iH.in. Chief Cotutissiosaa
No. &l I f UQfl
An   Act   to   amend  the   " Highway
Traffic Kt'f/ulrttion Act."
HIS M \J »'n . is>- itiid wul, tti« advice mil
'■un-ioul of   the   LogtfUlife   A---;,i.lilj  of
Knti-ti i ''iluuibia, on a > is us  ollnws:—
1. Ibis Aet may ba <ite<l ith ttie " Hinbwai
Trail)'  K.-.-.i.ii uu Act A_ueiHtum_it An.   iau*..
2. Btfuliou % of the M Bfgfawu Traffic RoKula*
timi A i.' Umuk »lia|itor vi of the Kenned
Stalutt;-, l&tfl, a? euu' twl hy -*•• imii '1 of chapter
U of tluj Si ,i it,-..-. uf )'<: i ■ hereby repealed and
the full wiiitf secliou i> substituted therefor:—
"8. It -i.ihi bu uuiawful fur any waKKUQ ur
nhicle carry tug a load of nmre thai, two
Utoimand pubodi to bv dm wo or driven nu arjy
iiublic in^iiwny unles* thu tires of such waggon
-r .i-i.  -i"   i.iiii i.-j .ti least fuur iucties iu width.
8. Bectiou 10 of Mid chapter 98 ll hereby re*
iwmIwl iiikI thu fnliuwiuK ■ tn-iiitii is --ub-.tiit.ted
"10. it shall be unlawful for atiy persou or
peraoni to drag U>k- or timber over or aloDg auy
,iubiic highway "
4. Thi- Act -hall not coiio- iiiii* force no far
ill that portion of the Province of UriiUh
i'oluoihia situate «ti.-t of the Caucade Hauge of
rnt.iiiiuiiii.- u ooooeniadi uutii the 1st day of
January, 1WV.
Certificate  of Improvements
l;..' Uopo Kfnt-iiou Miueral claim No. 2.
Situate in the Tmut Lake Miuitiu DWiaJUta uf
the kooteiiay District, Located ou Foplar
TAKK HOTICB that I, Q. J. A. N. I'adtoy.
Free Miuer si ariilicale Nu. K fm.no, iutead tit)
days from the date hereof to apply to the liiu*
nit- Recorder for a Certificate of ImprOTemeuin
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant of
tbe aboveclnim. Aud further take notice that
actiou uader Hectiou !t7 inunt be commenced
before the i- imui-o of -urh Cortitlcate of
Dated thia 4th day of April, ]'.«%.
Kevulnlnke Land Dlilrlot.
Dlatrict of WMt Kooteuav.
Take notice that 6i) days after dale I intend
to apply to the ('biof ikmiminsiouer of Lauds
aud Works for permisaiou Ut purchase the following described lands:
CommeuciiiK at a dpft planted at tbe north*
ea.tt coruer of Lot 7tHX. U. 1. ou Fish Hiver,
theuce east A chain!' mure or Iggg to west line
of A- A. UacKiniitHi'h .preemption, thence
south 00 chains, thenre west I chains more or
l«: - to earn line of Lot 76X, (J l, theuce north
♦si ■ f.inns to point uf coiiimouL-emeul.
Locale<l this Srd day of Feb. 1906.
sat feb 6 THOH. W   WILLIAMS. Loeater
Certificate of Improvements.
i j
Hevenue Uiaerei Claim, situate io tbe Lardego
Mining Division of West Kootenay Distrigt.
Where located:—On Pool Creek,  being an ex*
teuslon of  the Tariff  miuer.tl claim, aad
parallel with the Mmeow r-nd Mohawk on
the »oath*westerly side.
Take notice that   I,   R.  Smith,   F.M.C No.
"211.   agent   for  Otu Abeliug. Hpecial Free
ler1!  (ertiHrauNo, aWC, luuoe. sixty da/s
from the dale   hereof, to apply to  the   Mining
Recorder for a Certiorate of Improvements, fgr
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And  further   take   imtice that action, under
.-ecii-iB r.. imi-t be ooM«_fioad hoesre the is*m.
ance r>f Mich CertiftcaU, of Improvement*.      l
Dated ibis 16th day ot March. A.D. it**.
meh U wed K, SMITH*
Easter Costumes
Ladies' Costumes selling at less than
price to manufacture. This should interest
economical buyers.
Large Assortment of Skirts
Never before have we shown such a handsome
assortment of Voiles, Panamas, etc.
Kid Gloves for Easter
Wash Belts and Fancy Collars.    Easter novelties
Ladies' Waists
Lace and Net Waists, three-quartet' Sleeves, aie
lined with Japanese Silk. Indian Linen Waists,
handsomely embroidered, selling at $1,50.
Boots and Shoes
Ladies' Men's and Children's Spring und Summer
Styles  -our stock is complete in this line.
Men's Furnishings
Blaster Ties, Hats and Gloves,   Our showing in
these lilies comprise Ihe very latest Blaster styles.
Men's Suits
All-Wool Tweed Soils - our Blaster price $9.1X1.
Millinery ! Millinery !
Several shipments to  hand  thin week,  keeping
our stock fresh with the latest styles.
Throughout our entire stock you will  lind many
special offerings.    You will find our prices the lowest.
Social and Personal
\V. W. Foote has returned from  the
Mrs. F. B. Lewis will not receive
until further notice.
R, A. Upper, ol the Monarch hi tel,
Field, was in the city on Monday.
Mrs. J. ft   Robert-ion  will   not   r
j. ive to morrow,Thursday, April 30th.
It. Gordon, Government agent, paid
a visit this week to the south country.
J. 1). Silihulil returned on Monday
night Irom a trip to the United States
and the east.
Miss Frances Paget left on Sunday
evening for Vancouver after spending
tbe Easter holidays at her home
The members ol the bunks' stud's were
at home Saturday afternoon to a iniiii-
ol friends. Lawn tennis followed by,
refreshments passed a very pleasant
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Chambers paid
Calgary a visit thin week. Mrs
Chambers remained to visit friends
while Mr. Chambers returned last
Miss M McKinney, of Greenwood,
arrived by the south train yesterday.
She has accepted the position of book-
keeper uud stenographer iu the ollica
ol J. Hutchison.
.*>. ■*>. Ai .*K ■♦■ A. At At ."S-. A. it, iti i'T,
^Jr*****^l tTSJf 1^1 •J.1 U.1 M1 sp 'Ss 'Sy *ey "X1
Pure Drugs
Careful Compounding
Prompt Delivery
Cauda Drug 8-Book Co. Ltd.
Revelstoke, B. C.
A     Mail Orders Promptly Filled
.T. .Ti »Ti Jl a!
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, April 29.—Generally
fine, low temperature at night, moderate, variable winds. Temp, max.,
64-" ; min. 31°.
Local and General.
The Ladies' Guild of St. Peter's
are holding a side of work and alter-
noon tra at tbe home of Mre. A. Y.
A der*. n on Tuesday, May 19th.
The first motor cur  got   into  Jerusalem this month   It n-a« the greatest.
surprise   the ns'iies   had   had  sioce
"atiMin rode hi. a'ltj into that city in
..- es-riy .lays.
•"-. C„ MrG sk-n, pr-..:: i i':  inspector
.tstnlersa d ma'-hine.-;      tilted Bisv*
■  Its   'his   «eeV:   • ..*.   every
a  d -'. su- c;v\, the
-  , •    . .... '.   imtiefuc-
ight, Selkirk Lodge,
. '. ■ F. attended Divine
,- -. .. - -i-. si Andrew's. The Rev.
V. I ijald-r preached an interesting
n-id strong sermon appropriate for the
occasion.  .
P.- F. Gndanrsth and Stanley Boyi
have dios-nived partnership in the
"N irih Coast" at Port Simpson and
this journal is now the property ol the
latter. It ie Announced that the
North Coast will ceaise publication
for the present, but will shortly re-
ap;iear at Jedway, Q.C.I.
Joe Burns, captain of the lacrosse
team ia enthusiastic over the formation o! a lacrosse league through the
Kootenay, to play home and home
matches such as are being played at
the coast on the prairies or in the eaat.
Il only Kevelstoke. Boundary. Kaelo
and Cranbrook would join, a strong
league could easily be formed.—Nelson
After a vigilant hunt for one day and
a half for the Italian who assaulted a
Hindoo on Third street, on Friday
evening, and who had taken to the
bruah alter shaking off the dust of bis
feet against the city, tbe police, following the tracka made by tbe fugitive,
through brush and over log and
stump on the land eaat of the lllecillewaet river, succeeded in securing
their man and bringing him tu gaol.
The i*ilice organized the search on
.--aturday morning and succeeded in
getting on to the scent and traced
their prisoner over the lllecillewaet
bridge into the woods beyond. Chief
Bain followed the footprints and
finally came upon his man just as lie
was emerging on to the road near
Mrt. Moran's hone, and there wae no
n ore surprised individual than that
Italian when he found himself in the
secure custody of the law. The trial
will take place as soon as the Hind..
ia sble to give evidence.
helping himself from your
bread box if it contains our
bread. Ee couldn't satisfy
that boyish appetite with
anything more wholesome.
Wheat is a bone and muscle
builder, and we use flour
made from the best wheat
grown. The more of our
bread he eats the better it is
for him.
of our grade andtheordinary
kinds that there is a very
wide difference. Tea and
coffee are standards which
del esiiiine the character of a
grocery store. We are will-
ing, yes anxious, to be judged
I in that way. Try our teas
I and coffees and we are con-
I fident of all your grocery
I       trade.
*i  I WE   HAVE I  I*
Chloride Lime in tins.
Cleaning Ammonia — large
bottles, 25c.
Moth Ball8-25c. per Ib.
Moth Bags, (large) 75c.
Quinine  Iron Tonic—$1.00
a bottle.
Druggist & Stationer
The first uf the cup series of cricket
matches will be played on Saturday
Preparatory services will tie held in
Knox church tonight, Wednesday, at
eight o'clock.
Len Lentels Hippodrome Show will
appear at the Operi House on Friday.
May 8th and 9th.
The Provincial government are now
constructing a roud from the end of
tbe present Caniborne-Beaton road to
the deep water landing at Jeaton.
Rev. J. R. Robertson, returned from
Salmon Arm tbis morning, where he
has been consulting the Salmon Arm
congregation with a view to calling a
A sitting of the Supreme Court will
be held iu Revelstoke for civil and
criminal cases on Tuesday. May 6th,
at 11 o'clock iu the morning at the
Court house.
Liberals are requested to remember
the meeting tomorrow night for the
election of delegates lo the nominating convention at Nelson on May IH
The meeting is called for H 30 o'clock
in Howson's hall.     A  full attendance
is requested
The Vancouver  Trades and  Labor
Council ban taken over sole control
if the trades' Unionist monthly
journal. It I'arm Pettipiece has lieen
elected to take charge of the circulation, editorial, newn and correspondence col ii inns.
How can a man say that a woman
has nothing to do ? In one year she
gets dinner 366 times, washes the
dishes 1,095 times, gets the children
ready lor school twice a day for 180
days, puts the baby to sleep 1,460
times, makes about 300 calls, an she
wishes for something she hasn't every
minute, she wishes 60 things an hour
or 625,600 things in a year. Who
says tbat a woman has nothing to do,
Advices Irom Field state that Augustus Quillsn, a Frenchman met witb
a fatal accident while working on the
lace of tho cut on the construction ol
tbe 0. P. R. on the Field Hill. The
ground he wa. standing upon suddenly
gsve way and he slid down the slope,
a large boulder following him and
lodging on hia obest. He was at once
taken to tbe hospital, hat lived only
shout twenty hours. The body was
interred at Golden. The Rev Father
Coccola, ol this city, olliciated.
The Rocky Mountain Runners arc
ga/.etted as tbe 102nd regiment on tin
Canadian Militia eatablfshmei t. Thi
involves the formation of a second com
pany at Neeon aa the headquarters cer.
tre. It is not known vet whether
tbe regiment trill include the com
paniea at Revelstoke and Kamloops o-
only those of Nelson, Rossland an.
i Kaalo.
P.e the yarn that a Chinese gardene
na« invented a scentless onion. Mo
no' The average chink would never
be bothered to go to the trouble of ar.
j invention of that tir.d. Anyone whs-
has ever poked his nose inside tbe
habitation of a Chinese gaidener wi]
wonder how any Chink could tell
when an onion was scentless. Hi1
will also likely conclude that one
smell more or less would make little
The C.P.R. company hai taken a
large apace at the Franco-British Exposition, which is to lie held in Lot -
don, for the purpose ol advertising
Canada The company isaaking the
11.-operation of the various lioanla <>f
trade     throughout    the      I),minion.
Contributions of appropriate views or
other article! descriptive of Weat
FCooteoay's attractions hit settlers,
investors, capitalists and sportsm.n
are requested.
Ilai .' i ins in nursery stock    To clear
Up block of land.      Fine   two-year-old
stuff.     600    Relle    lie    Boskoop,   300
.Salome,   -100   Gano| :»IO     Peasirssods
Nonsuch,    200     Mann,     400     Htsrk,
300 Yellow   Belleflower,   BOO   Princess
Louise, 1000 Ontario,   1,000   Northen
Spy,   400    Yoik    Imperial,   400 IR   I
Greening,   200 Wolfe   River,  800   St.
Lawrence,  100 Hyslop Crab, 100 fjssn
Grant Crab,    f 12 per hundred      $100
per    thousand.      F. O. B,   cars here
First money takes them. M .1. Henry,
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver.
At the regular monthly drawing ot
the Pacific Ixjan Co. Ltd., held on tbe
20th Inst, at the head office in Vancouver, B. C, the fortunate contract,
holder was Mr. K.G.McRae, merchant,
of Revelstoke, Mr. McRae is now en
sitled to a loan of $1000 on approved
security, at a cost to him of about 2
per cent interest, or he can sell his
loan privileges for a handsome bonus.
Full particulars of this company's
methods of business can be had on
writing to the Company's Head Ollice,
629 Pender street, Vancouver, B. C.,
or lo W II. Robertson, First Street,
Revelstoke, B 0. St
Y. M. C. A. Athletic Notes
The proposed Y. M 0. A. athletic
meet ie well under way, and a good
programme of sports will be pulled off
on the 25th of May. Now ie the time
lor all who are going to enter to start
into training. Tbe meet will he open
for all comers. The programme will
be out iu a few days.
The Physical department committee
meets at 5 p. m. today, to discuss
important business.
Baseball tonight; Fotla'l Thursday night; Lacrosse Friday night.
Popular Social Event for Charitable Cause
' May we never have Irienda who
like shadows keep close to us in the
sunshine only to desert us on a cloudy
day or in the night." Selkirk Lodge
No. 12, I.O.O.F. and their friends got
together ou Monday night at the
opera house to hold a dance in aid of
the Aged Oddfellows Fund ol B C,
tbe event being the social part of tbeir
89th anniversary of tbeir Order. Tbe
I.O.O.F.'s turned out wearing the distinguishing red badges of their lodge
while the Rebekabs of Naomi Lodge
No. 26, wore neat pink and dark green
ribbons, which colors belong 'to this
sisterhood. The floor was in excellent
condition and the Independent Band
with tbeir usual taste supplied the
music and kept the company going
till the early hours of Tuesday. Although tbe movement was a popular
one the hull was not crowded and
there was ample room lor comfortable
dancing. At midnight an excellent
supper was served to which all did
good justice. Extra dances were
played by Miss Muriel Duck, whose
rendering ol Iho "Merry Widow
Waltzes," and other -popular airB was
a pleasure not only to lhe dancers but
also to the spectators. Mr. Peterson
also assisted at the piano. The funds
will be handed over to the treasurer of
tbe Aged Oddfellows Fund of B.C,
which is one of tbe most deserving of
institutions. The I.O.O.F as hosts
leave nothing to be desire I. R Gordon acted as master of ceremonies.
Limerick Contest.
All the winners of prizes in the
recent Cricket Club Limerick Contest,
are now known and their claims all
satisfied. The following is a list in
order of merit:
1st. prize—Vain. $20, Mrs. C. J,
2nd. prize—Value $15, D. Adams.
3rd. " — •' $1250, Mrs. W.
W. Foster.
4th prize—Value $10, Mrs. B. R.
5th prize—Value $9, H. Edwards.
6th prize—Value $8.50, Mrs. Keays,
7th prize—Value $8, C. J. Aman.
8th prize—Value $7.50, Mrs. G. W.
9th prize—Value $7, B. R. Black-
10th prize—Value $6.50, W. E.
11th prize—Value $6, Mrs R.Gordon.
12th prise—Value $5.60, B. R. Atkins.
13th prize—Value $5, H J. Haylock
Uth prise—Value $4.50, Miss Edns
15th prize—Value $4, B. R. Atkine.
16th prize—Value $3 50, W.IIornell.
17ht prize—Value $3, Mrs. G. 8
18th priz.-— Value $2.50, B.R.Atkins.
19th prize—Value $2, Master Stewart Simpson.
20th prize—Value $2, W.E. Stewart.
21st prize—Value $2, VV. W. Foster.
22nd prize—Value $2, Mra. H. Cunningham Morris
Special prize—Value $10, B. R.
W. H. Humphreys de erves tbe
greatest emmendation for tho business like and practital manner in
which he handled the undertaking,
the contest Iseing introduced and
carried through entirely by the aid of
his useful abilities in such matters
The complaints bave lieen nil, which
speak- volumes for the way the competition evidently pleased everyone.
Strenuous Journalism.
These be itrenuous days for newspaper men in every part ol Canada.
On looking over our exchanges we
find lhat we are not the only one who
hss lor some reas in got on the wrong
side uf the eily council, on one occae
ion recently and lieeti liauled ,,ver the
coals by them.
I'p in I .acorn be an alderman lambasted the editor's face at a council
meeting last week. Down in lethbridge the editor of the News, dsass
not openly charge graft but iu a nice
way insinuates that the alderman
receives patronages which savor* very
much of graft. In far Hsskatoon an
alderman has brought action against
the editor of the Phoenix, for libel,
while up in dear old Calgary, that
hotbed of political intriguea, bum
baseball and lake prize flgbta, the
Herald and Alhertan wage war over
their sworn circulations. Truly, tbo
life of an editor is not an i nvi ible one.
Hicks Bros. Entertainment
Rev. J. P. Hicks, chaplain to H. M.
S and S. at Ksquimslt, will give s hc-
turo on Thursday evening 30th Inst.,
in the Methodist Church, subject,
"Peter McKenzie." Gideon Hicks,
Victoria's la'st bass soloist, will ec-
company his brother, and will sing
several selections. Doors open at 7:30,
entertainment 8 p in.   Admission 25*.
Revelstoke Old Timer Passes in
His Last Cheque
There passed away on Saturday last
in the person of John Bourke, one ol
the old time residents of Revelstoke,
and one who has seen snd watched
the growth ol Revelstoke from the
time when the first clearing for a town
was hewn out of the forest. The de
ceased wae one of the earliest pioneers
of tbis district and was well acquainted
with the local conditions from the
time tbat any business was first carried on in the town. Mr. Bourke (or
some years wss partner witb G. M.
Field in the hotel business, but afterwards took up ranching in this vicin
ity, where he lived more or less till the
day of bis death which was due to
heart failure. Tbe deceased was well
on in years and had been suffering
considerably previous to his decease.
A large number ot old timers as well
aa friends followed the remains to the
cemetery on Monday afternoon, the
funeral service being conducted by tbe
Rev. Father Coccola.
Activity and Success in all
The.Dominion Exhibition to be held
in Calgary, June 29 to July 9, is being
rushed toward completion as rapidly
as manager Richardson and bis staff
can accomplish it.
There are over one hundred and
thirty-five exhibits already booked in
the various buildings; all the space in
there have been taken up, and applications are coming in by every mail as
well as by wire, The demand has be-
i-oinii so urgent that the manager has
bedded to erect three large tents 28x
56 feet each, and to form into one for
exhibition purposes to accommodate
those who were so unfortunate as to
have lulled to secure space in the
other buildings.
The work on the buildings and
grounds are progressing satisfactorily,
and everything promises to ho in readiness on opening day.
Krillur Mm. llKn_i.ii.
Hik : Will you kindly give me a
little space in your valuable paper
just to ask a few t|tieatioiis and for a
square deal. 1 im working in this
town to fry and make an honest living
and it is nearly H years since I commenced In wash and scrub lor my
living. Just three years and six
in..ni bs ago all I had was lost by my
house burning down, and I had to
start again with nothing. About two
years and 10 months ago I bought
a little one-roomed shack and bave
lived in it ever since working hard
ever since to lie able to add another
room to it and raise the roof so thst I
can take in washing to the end tbat I
get out of debt tbe sooner, but now
come along the authorities to make
me move tbe house because it is on
tbe end of a road out of the city limits
in nn one's way, and it has been tbere
for 10 years.
I have not tbe money nor osn I
borrow it to move the house and if
the authorities do not allow the carpenters to finish the roof the next rain
storm will dostroy everything I have
in the house. II it must be moved it
is only fair, I think, tbat   tbere be a
You should see the pretty lot of Oonts we ate showing
for Children. Made of Cashmere with embroidered
Capes and of Cream sSerge, trimmed with Silk Braid.
It will be hard to find anything as pretty and serviceable.
Childrens Dresses
White Duck. Cream Cashmere and Lawn. All made in
the Best Styles and sold at very low prices.
Seasonable Headwear
Straw Sailors, Muslin Hats und Bonnets, and  Silk   Huts
and Bonnets.   Some of these are very  new nnd rule.
, We know you will like tbem.
Shoes!   Shoes!
The Classic Shoe is perfection in Children's Shoes; made
to fit tbe foot without being clumsy, and wearing lietter
I him many of the course leathers. You will lind them
dressy und cheap.    We guarantee every pair we sell.
From bend to foot we cun fit out. the children at
Is Arriving Dally_^__>
Our Store is being filled up daily with new nnd up-to-date
stock. Our styles of made-to-fit Suits are in the front rank
and the prices are right.
$3.00 SPRING ROYALTY HATS—Now is the time for the new Spring
Hat.   Our stock is complete.
SHOES ! SHOES! We h,lve * large assortment of
shoes. Eveiy good leather, Patent, Vici Kid, Box Calf, Patent
Colt, Gun Metal, etc Every New Stylish Last is represented in
our New Stock.
subscription raised to move it, for it is
clear across tbe town where the lots
are situated, which I bsve already paid
part on before the piesent shack was
to let.
I remain, yours truly,
Mrs. Emma Skinnkh.
Who's Who!
The II M. S. Egeria arrived at
Prince Rupert last Tuesday after a
very favorable trip from Esquimalt,
says the "North Coast". The Egeria
upon entering tbe harbor saluted tbe
so-called luture terminus of tbe Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway, and uot a
single piece of bunting was hoisted in
return. 'It was quite a different story
though, the previous day wheri the
City of Seattle came into Prince
Rupert, when every flag ■ available
floated in honor of the American
steamer. The admiralty ship will
probably wonder as to who runs
Prince Rupert, Canadians or Americans, snd no doubt will conclude that
its residents are a lot ol farmers instead of ha i bur and railroad engineers.
Insanity and Religion     -
It bas been frequently asserted that
cases of insanity and other nieutal
alllictions are very often caused by religion, Dr. As B Richardson, lately
in charge of the hospital (or the insane at Washington, and now resident
in tbe state of Ohio, however, gives
evidence of a very different character.
In reply to a question by a. person interested in an affecting case ol insanity, he wrote:
"There are only two patients in this
hospital whose insanity has any rela
tion to religion, and I think, from
their predisposition to insanity, tbat
they probably would b»ve become insane on some other subject, il they
had not on religion. Now, if you had
asked me how many people in'Ohio
ar ■ kept by religion from insanity and
out of these hospitals, you would have
given me a question hard to answer,
for they are a multitude. The good
cheer, bright hopes rich consolations,
good tempers, regular habits, and glad
songs of religion are su.b an Antidote
for the causes of insanity tbat thousands of people in Ohio sru preserved
from insanity by them. But for tbe
beneficent inlluence of religion, Ohio
would have to double the capacity of
her hospitals in order to aaconimodate
her insane patients."
See our corner window for house
cleaning supplies.   C. B. Hume A Co.
A new lot of oranges, lemons snd
bananas just received at  C. B. Hume
A Co.'s.
Just received another lot ol Holland
herring in small kegs. C. B. Hume
A Co.
We have still a few dinner sets in all
the latest designs. You will save
money by seeing us before buying
elsewhere.   C. B. Hume A Co.
Any one found riding bicycles on
tbe sidewalk after this date will be
By Older,
T. W.  BAIN,
Chief of Police.
April 25th, 1908.
Pair of general purpose geldings,
six and seven years, weight twenty-
une hundred, well broken to work
single or double, good roadsters. Also
Bain wagoo, double box and brake,
nearly new; one J. B. Armstrong
Democrats, two seate'and brake; one
single open buggy; one set work harness; one set driving harness; one
single buggy harness. All as good as
new—at a bargain.
Salmon Ann, B 0.
$15 &: MS
Our tailoring organization is
so complete that you take absolutely NO RISK when ordering.
Your (raiments are cut from
your own individual measurements.
We guarantee tn please nnd
fit vou perfectly and at a price
far below what the ordinary
custom tailor would charge you,
while the fabrics used aie without equal for intrinsic worth or
If you have a fault in your
figure, please mention it and we
will hide it for you. Let us
prove this statement to your
Only union labor employed.
638 Hastings Street, Vancouver.
A Tramp and a Nickel
Old Lady (wbo bad given tbe tramp
a nickel)—Now, what will you do
witb it T
Hungry Hobc—Waal, ye see, mum,
ef I buy an auto, tbere ain't enough
left to hire a sbofur. So I guess I'll
get a schooner. I kin handle that
meself.—March Bohemian.


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