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The Mail Herald Aug 9, 1913

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■hj [»] [if; >; i«| i«! a :hi [Hi ® |1 |mg i ;■; [*|
m m
M Railway    Junction and   Divis-
|m{ ional  Point.   Hoadqaarters  for
H Columbia    River     Navigation.
tw Hub of   Timber    Belt, Mineral
M Zone,  Agricultural    Lands and
Vast Water Powers of B. C.
"Revelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
Dili) liuin!!!! Id Hi
H THE MAIL-HERALD             *\
® Circulates twice per week am-  (g
IU ong the prosperous  citizens of   H
(Mj Canada's     Premier     Province.   H
[g The      recognised      advertising   B
g medium for Kootenay and In-   g
@ terior British Columbia.              g
1 s
Vol. 19   No 63
RKVElSTokE, R. C. AUG  !i   1913
$2.50 Per Year
Fire Inquest
Coroner, Dr. Hamilton, Will Hold Inquest-
Prominent Business Men on Jury.—Thorough Investigation  Will Be Held.
The city prisoners under the person-   deal  with thia  very  important  coron -
,,l direction of Chief of Police Parry,   en  investigation   are:-Alox.   Hobson,
, , ,       foreman,   J.E.   Dickson,  manager     of
•have   been   engaged for the   past      Jew _       ., .
P.   Burns  &  Co.,  Murray  Hume,      of
days searching tb.' ruins of   tha City  |ho c B   Humo Co _ A E, Kint.ai,i| of
hotel   properl as  was  previously  stat- tUl,  Kootenay  Agencies,  W.A.  Sturdy,
4jd in   these  columns  the  remains      of of  the  Revelstoke  Hardware   Co., and
cne body was discovered by the search K.G.  McRau af  tho McRae Mercantile
party on  Wednesday  morning, but al- Co.
though a v*eiy close search has!     been, It gives the Mail-Herald much ploas
made through   Beveral   feet of      debris, ure to   assure our  many   renders,   wbo
no signs of    any more human remains have become Bo intensely interested in
can be found. this City hotel lire case, tbat a most
searching  investigation  into   the whole'
THOROUGH  INVESTIGATION ,,„,lmstjincea  o[ the  iWe will bo ucld
Coroner Dr.  Hamilton who has been at the City Hall at 7:30 p.m.  Monday
wailing  to  ascertain just  how    many ovinia.*.   Tae business standing of the
bodies would be found before he would jurymen who are among the best    of
take ficti.iii has  officially started the our citizens will help to assure     all
investigation  by  swearing ih the cor- interested  that  uo stono  will   be    left
oner's jury tliis ollicial     acting being unturned   lo sift  this  fire  question  to
done at 5:15 .in Thursday evening. the bottom.
As  tbis oase Is  now licforo the au -
JURY OF BUSINESSMEN. thorltlee, we      withhold  further  com-
The names cf tbc jurymen who will ment.
Revelstoke Score Winning Run Ninth Innings
Witn Last Batter Up. White is H^ro of
Day.-Most Exciting Game Ever Witnessed
at Revelstoke.
Wedneaday     afternoon     the    second  ing moments of the  lat't   lievelstoke in
game of a baseball doible-header was
played oil at recreation park, when
Kelowna  and  Revel-toke C.P.R.    met
nings.   Alberts  stru. k  out;   Ca-ad  hit
to first; K.dly sacrificed Casad to second.   Casad to third on error iu field.
The li-i ■ up was identical for    both  A.  Henning  sacrificed scoring Casad.
teams as lu the morning game, Kid -
owna -being satisfied to trust the same
players as had won au 8 to nil victory
to  again  spoil the'     white    uniforms;
Revelstoke   "th.
rite her Henning replaced Daries.
O'Oonnell  out at  first;  Webb,  out at
flrst.  Wright hit  to first, White walk-
an-d the homesters made no alterations   ed ou  balls,   Wright   to  second;  Fisbei*
ln each case tin' pitchers were, switch-   struck oul.
'ed.   Batteries being:—Kelowna, Davies
'and Kelly. Reveldtoke, Webb ami Pulley. Tims Davies replacing Henning, njDg tiieti out
and Webb holding the box instead of struck out.
Bingham. Thj same competent umpires; Wi son of Revelstoke, balls and
Strikes,' Webb of Vernon, bases, officiated ai both games.   The full line up
|    Kelowna—F. Henning, JI).; Purdy b,
s.; Alberts, cf.; Casad,  lb.; Kelly, c.j
Kelowna 8lh.
Patton fled oui to Bingham; K. Hen
to     Bingham;    Purdy
Revelstoke Sth.
Dsrr out to first;    List struck   out;
Pulley hit .-afe to first, stole tbird ou
error, t,  bingLam Btruck oui.
Kelowna 9 th.
The  innings opened    wuh  the gamo
W. W. F03TI£R, Deputy Minister of Public Works,
WHO HAS Jl"ST MAIM.  \    l*e l l.-.-.l I !. ASCENT OF MT.  Ki): SON, 14,000 1 l-li.T HIGH
A. Henning r.f.; Davies, p.; Holgerson seore standing Revelstoke 4, Kelowna
I.f.; Button, i)b. 2.   Alberts  Up,  hit safe  io firs.**.;  Cus-
i    Revelsloke—Wright, s.s.i; Whit,',  lb.; ad hit safe to first, Alberts  io Second
Fisher,  JI).;  Derr,  ;Jb.;  List, ct.,  Oul- Keliy.-'acrificed, both men on buses ad-
' ley,  c;  Bingham,  I.f.; O'Conndl,  r.f.; vanced one, Theu the fireworks etart-
Premier McBride and Federal and
Provincial Ministers Expected
to Attend Function.
Cranbrook, B.C., Aug. •">—The Kooteuay Conservative banquet commit -
(ee, of whom A.B. Trites, Fernie, is
president; T.D. Caven, M.P.P., vioe-
president; A. Carney. Kaslo, treasurer,
an.l A.B. Waits, Watt-Hung, secretary
"has tendered invitations to a batniuei
and reception to be held in honor ol
R.F. Green, M.P. The premier of Bri-
ti-eb Columbia, Sir Richard McBride,
and most of the federal ami provinc -
ial ministers have expressed their intention of being present if possible.
The exn,'t date of the banquet i> not
yet decided as arrangements are being male to -mt the convenience of
the ministers.
Hon. Robert Rogers will visit the
coa-' in Augusl and will come to the
Kootenays in October for the purpose
of attending the banuuet when R. F.
Griin, M.I'.. and the ministers will bo
the gue-tsof the secretary at Watts-
If the time of ihe ministers wi:l permit, it is probable that they may be
induced to accept invitations to bun -
quel- to lie held nt diflerent points in
the Kootenays, aa several districts are
desirous of doing honor to their mem.
ber who has proved himself useful to
his constituents a man who is* doing
things, in place of attempting to satisfy bis constituents with flowery speech
cs Mr. Green's work in securing tho
continuance of the lead bounty for B.
C. alone entitles him to the thanks
of the mining community throughout
th' province. Mr. Oreen ie n tireless
and determined worker who produces
results in so many ways for those bo
represents in  parliament.
The objects of the K.iotenuy Conservative banquet committee, which
will be a permanent institution, are to
arrange or organize fitting receptions
in honor of eminent men who do their
-duty lo their country and tho empire,
»nd deserve the expressions of appreciation of their fellow countrymen. —
Nelson News.    @
Albert Anderson, one of Revelstoke's
old-timers, has returned to the city,
after havlngi lx>en absent four years at
the coast, He thinks the Capital of
Canada's Alps lias greatly improved
wince last be was here. He is now ono
of the employees of the Grant Smith
Construction company.
O. W. Abrahamson. the local con -
tractor, has bo--n award -d th ■ con -
tract for tho erection of the new high
The contract price is approximately
344,000, work has already been started on the building.
-      £;.*"« -.,-        |Pi ff-feB-tfil £*•*"'■
i i   ;
S A ft If IC
HDD Hd@ [!!@gSlll-[!!g
The Annual Meeting ofthe
Reveistioke HoS|)4ttil Hociety
will he held in the City Hnll,
Revelstoke, on Tuesday, Aug.
I9IH,  1018, nt R p.m.
w m
Sp.cial to Mail-Hcraldi—
Tappen Grove, Aug. *7—The campers
at the Tappen Beach arc certainly a
merry bunch und take great delight in
making everybody pt home. This
special delight was ou exhibition upon the arrival of thc late bride and
groom, Mr. Lon Howson at»l wife,
who speut the week-end in the camp
of Mr.  and Mrs. Robert Howson-
Ugoigo Camp ball team trimmed
thi' Salmon Arm team to the ttno ol
eleven to three. Some ball players.—
Miss Myr'.le Howson of RevuUtoke,
is staying with her parents in the
Beach Gamp.
Mrs. Maxon, who has been the guest
at Camp Howton for tho past few
days, left Saturday morning on an
ixtnded tour of thc Kustern States.
Mrs. Maxon's childhood wn9 spent in
Bradford, Pcnu., and while east Bbe
will visit many old friends.
.Mis. Robert Ingle, with her daughter, Miss Bertha M, Ingle, are spend -
ing a lew weeks with "Jack' after
having bad a most pleasant visit to
the coast citied.
Miss Nellie Phillips is one of tba
latest arrivals to the Tent City, and
hails from Revelstoke.
Mr. Duck and Mr. Dance are to be
seen swinging in their hammocks early and lnte.   Especially latd
Mr. Will Armstrong is spending a
few days in camp and seems to like
tho Idea well. i
Mrs. James and Mrs. Will Arm -
strong "oM-timers" at the Tappen
Beach, ent.-nain.-sl their friends at a
delightful water party last week, among thoso preseut from outlying districts were, Mrs. Waterson, Mr. and
Mrs. Percy Ruth, the Misses Munroe,
nnd  Miss McDermld, of Salmon Arm.
Mies Ida and Miss Rath Wilcox,
with a jolly bunch of young people
dom the W.X. Ranch, paid a visit to
thltr nwnv frieniW in the camp city
I.i i   Wednesday evening. |
W.W. Foster, Deputy Minister of Public Works, Has Honor
of At cjneing this Famous Mountain. -Press Dispatches
from Edmonton. Deputy Minister Also Visits Big
Government Pi r... Is Enthusiastic Over Northern
B. C. Scenery.
W.W. Foster. Deputy Minister oi
I-Ublic \V 'ik-1. arrived in the city last
evening from the east. Tho Deputy
Minister has just returned from Mount
hobson. where a governmenl park oi
|Uaro mile- including Mount
hobson the highest mountain iu the
Canadian Rockies was established last
eession. The Alpine Club oi Canada
bave piii'-d a camp thereat which
many prominent scientists including u
large number from Bingland and tbe
continent were present. Mr. Foster
took the opportunity of going over
Ihe park and at the -ame time meet -
ing th.'-e prominent people* The
Grand Trunk Pacific railway which is
building a large hotel -en*, in represent
ati ves. This big railway compnny al-
-o int. nds sp. nding a lot of money in
load building in view of th" tourist
traffic. It is expected that th" erection of ihe hoted will encourage tourist
traffic. Next yearth' G.T.P. will bo
complete to Prince Ru|>crt.
Mount Robson Pork is eighteen miles
fiom Tete Jaune Cache and possesses
grand scenery. Mr. Foster says there
is a very fair highway loading now
from Edmonton to Tote Jaune Cache,
ami the railway .-ontractor- have huilt
ihis lote- roa.I down the North Thomp
son to a specification provided by the
government ol B.C. with the object of
adding one mon. link to the mgbway
-.,-:.'tn of the provinc. Mr. Foster
previously went over mo-t of the
Deputy Minister of Public Works W.
W. Foster has the unique honor of bete • one ofa Party ol two with thc
guide who has just lomploted a sue -
Cestui ascent of Mount Robs en as tho
following dispatch to tho Bdmonton
Bulletin will show, Mount Robson is
140O0 feet high.
Py  Bulletin Leased Wire.
Mounl Robson, B.C. Aug. 2—Mount
Robson, king of thc Ro'kies, was
. limbed yesterday by W. W. Foster,
Vie toria: nnd Captain McCarthy, of
rtumit, N.J., led by the guide of tho
Canadian  Alpine Club,  Konrad  Kain.
The time from the bivouac at an al
titude of fi.liflO on the southeast side
of Lake Kinney, was 3*1 hours, incliul-
ing the hours ,,f sleep on the descent
nt an altitude of 0,000 feet.
It wa-  alOU stiff ;,nd difficult climb
Involving   at  least  six   hundred   steps
cut by Kain.
Mount Rob>on, Aug. 1—The climb
**as King, stiif aud difficult, involving
at least goo steps cut by Kain. The
party left camp on the evening of
July 30 and made a rock mattress- on
the ice under the piojectiouin hobs0u
Cirque where the night was spent. At
four o'clock Thursday morning the
trio crossed the glacier and the snow
lield aiiel ascended the dome, an out-
lier; thene hard climbing was met,
cutting for l^OO feet, getting up before the uvu'.aneh s began to fall; at
8 a. m. a bergshurst full of drifting
snow was encountered and in a bitter
wind 103 steps wero cut in on.' wall,
and at 12:30 a knife edge was rearhed
in the "Arete" at 10,500 feet, only to
bnd the real difficulties of the ascent
were yet to begin.
From the valley below, this urete
appeals to leud to the summit. The
party theu cut steps in the snow below thi edge to allow of travel, and
.it 2:80 reached the final dear Ice
dome below the summit, a steep pitch,
with an overhanging cornice. Two
I os-iljle routes, avoiding the over-
hun.'ing ice bad to be abandoned as
taking too mull time and the guide
decided to cut the final steps of as-
eint under the overhang. Progress
here wa-' very slow and the commit
teemed t" retreat as the i.e masses
were pas-ed. There was a biting wind,
and the wet ro|>e, gloves and -lothes
were fro/en stilT. The weather cleared
and at 530 p.m. lhi) guide turned and
"Gentlemen I can take you no further," and they stopped on tlie cloudless summit the npex of the mountain.
They stood for 15 minutes on the high
tower above the rocky mountain system and descended by the south-east
fai-e, one object being the choics of a
safer route. A stiff desi-ent and muoh
■tef i-ut.ting followed aud tho party
llep on a ledge Ued together by ropes
at il.OOtl feet. They had no blankets,
but were tolerably comfortable. They
started at 5:30 a. m. this morning
down chimneys and overhanging rocks
making slow progress and reached
iamp nt4:.10 p.m. Friday.
Mount Robson, B.C., Aug. 6— At
the camp fire nf the Canadian Alpine
Clubon Saturday night Dr. Walco:!.,
of tho Smithsonian Institute and ». >q-
ornry member of tho club, narrated
the geological  history of Mount  Rod-
(Continued on Page Bight.)
Webb, p.
Kelowna 1st.
F. Henning opens the game at bat
for Kelownu; out at first. Purdy, out
at first. Alberts safe to tirst on a
bad bouncer, which just escaped 1st.
base. Out at first, caught napping,
pitcher to  1st.
Revelstoke 1st.
Wright opened for homesters, lacing
south paw Davies1, made a BQe hit over fence, but fell, overrunning 3rd b.,
and was caught oil the base, Jnd to
Srd, given out a close but fair decision
White, base on bulls; Fisher flied out
to left field; Derr up, White stole 2ud,
error, got 3rd on wild pitch aivl passed ball. Derr struck out.
Kelowna 2nd.
ed. A, Henning at Lat. sacrificed, in
an attempt to bring oil a yuici play
and win the game for Kev. Istoke, a
throw some few inches wide wj3 missed ui the plate, Alue.ts and Casad
both got home, two runs tor Kelown^'
tying ihe game score. Davies out at
Revelstoke Sth.
O'Conn.dl out at first; Webb out, at
first; Wright came in at iwo uown;
made a tine two base hit. Wnite at
bat. Everyone thought the game was
over, all day White had bovu playing
under tlia handicap ofa weak n^bl
aim, di.-locaicd at pra tie the previous evening. There was just ono
chance in u hundred to win. Whiio
grasped the chance; be swung his bat
cn to hi> first pitched ball, for a aafe
three base hit, but he was soarcely in
Casad bats, safe to first 0n error by time to reach the bu.-e. As Wright
Derr, who fell with tho ball; Kelly crossed tho plate. The crowd rose en
bunted, safe to first, Casad safe on masse rushed a die iin; yelilng mob
third ou wild thiow (error) by Pulley onto tko field, aud carried the bats-
who put the ball high over third base  man who ha 1  won th.' match in tri .
W light
man), A. Henning up, sacrificed sCor -
ing Casad; Kelly safe on second Davies sacrificed, Kelly to third; Holgerson out at. first. One run for KeloWna
Revelstoke *Jn-.l.
List out at first: Pulley out at 1st;
Binghum sufe to first on pitcher's error, dropped the fly; O'Conuell up;
B.ngham out stealing so. ond. Score fy-ehsr
end of see ond, Kelowna 1.  Revelstoke  Derr
»n- List  	
Kclowna :'>rd. Pulley
Tatton tli.d out to centre; F. Hen-  Bingham
ning  flied out to left field; Purdy flied  o'Counell
out towards     second    baseman Fisher
who too'i the catch on the run.
Revelstoke 3rd.
O'Connell fouled out to third base;
Webb, struck out; Wright, baso on
bulls; White flied out to 3rd.
Kelowna 1th.
Alberts out at first;  Casad out
first; Kelly fliod out to left field.
liewlstoke 4th.
Fisher fouled out to 3rd;  Dorr   two  Holgerson
base hit;  List struck out, Derr out in   Patton   ...
atealing 3rd.
Kelowna 5th.
A.  Henning     out  at first;
umph with  them down to town,    the
most  exe-iting  finish ever  witnessed at
a baseball game in  this city.
Following is the summary:
A.B.  R
F.  Henning
at  Kelly    	
A. Henning
A.B. R.
H. PO. A
3     i     1
H. PO.
0    0
iut; Holgerson out at tii-t.
...  Revelstoke Sth.
Pulley  struck  out;  Bingham,   out at
first; O'Connell s'truck out.
Kelowna Cth.
I'atton  struck  out; F. Henning out
ut first;  Purdy  Btruck out.
Revelstoke Cth.
Three- base hits, Wright  *-', Pulley 1,
White I; iwo i.ase hit-, Derr and Li-1
Davies   sacrifice hit-, Kelly 2, A. Henning and
Webb ."
Stolen  buses,  White^truck hy
'*y Davies, ti;  by He.-,nin,; J.
That Premier Borden shotil I loan to
tho farmers of Alberta |10,t)lK),iiOO is
the -uggestion ot thu Calgary News-
Telegram (Conservative),   The conten*
tion i- made that the Po nin on gov-
criinunt enjoy* nn Income of hundreds
Webb outat first; Wright, ba*) ou 0f tl.ousands of dollars annually Irom
tails; White bit by pitched ball, took r,,oUIC,,se whi,,, ,)y li(,hl ^long to tho
first, Wright to second; Fisher hit safe pruvince. The industrial and co n-
to first, scoring Wright, White to eec- merciui |ife of the proV,n,.0 U in dil.0
ond; (first blood for Revelstoke) and liei,i o( money, and the lUggertlon U
tying the score. Derr struck out, List ma,|p lhal th„ j.10mil,r loan to Vm
safe two h«Bo hit, scored White and provfn « the millions that would tide
Fisher, amid tremendous cheers   from  her ovor this emergency.
tbo excited' fans.    Pulley then took the
slick  with blood in both eyes,  swiped ,-j'
his first  ball (or a safe three base bit,
bringing  the grand stand  to their feet ~
scoring List.   Bingham up, struck out
Pulley dying on third four home     in
ono innings for Revelstoke,   score end
of sixth, Revelstoke 4, Kelowna 1.
Kelowna Tth.
IS H S jC l». A m & a S il S M l Li
Chocolate,   Confectionery,   Ice
Cream,  Hot  nnd Cold Drinks
Kelowna commenced     their seventh 11    The Best ol Everything at the    S
innings after a fifteen minute Interval S Sugar Bowl. [«j
caused by a heavy     shower    ot    rain, g «
which had drifted up durng tbe excit- SHSBS BSD B ® 3 SSfflUH. TAGE TWO
Bews' Drug Store
15 different lines in Tost Card Albums 50c to $5.00 each
25 different lines of Photograph Albums.. .25c to $6.00 each
New Arrow Lakes View Rooks     25c Each
New Arrow Lakes and Mountain Post Cards.. .25c per dozen
Fishermen, Take A[ote :
KELSO DIVIDED WING FLIES at... $1.50 per dozen
Gut Hooks 15c per package of six
Split Bamboo Rods $1.75 to $6.00 each
Steel Rods $2.75 each
All Other Lines of Fishing Tackle.
Glycerine Soap
Another  large   stock   of   Rexall   Glycerine   Soap   (Rose or
Violet)  .$2.00 per do/.eu
many a golden opportunity for investors iu real estate. Chances to
make good money tbey would never
bear of come to our knowledge.
drop in and get acquainted. If we
haven't just what you want we'll
get it for you if it is to be bad.
A. E. Kincaid, Manager.
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Fly  Catchers
Viper Fly Catchers 5c and 10c ench
WILSON'S    Fly    Pads,     Tanglefoot   and   Insect   Powder.
Repairs,   Hot Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
Oonnausht Ave.   -   Revelstoko
Health Saline
Rexall Health Saline 50c a Bottle
Bews' Drug Store
FAe S©Xd£C Store
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELL
Fur Buyer and Exporter
* nn "■ "»*■»«'
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents^-*
and Storage      .    .    .
Old Town,    -   Reval3toke, P. C
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
lor the bush. I make a
specialty   of    Logirfng
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
reouirrd in vour busineHR
Doukhobors in Rondage (((  :•••:
To tho Editor of the Daily News:—
Sir,—Enclosed communication is a
(rue translation into English from
What P, UemolTsky bad dictated to
me in Russ'inn.
Caatlegar, B.C.,  July 24—
To the  Editor of thc Daily  News:—
Sir—1 call your attention to the
slavery which is practiced in this
beautiful province in the twentieth
1 had inst escaped from the so-
called Doukhobor " Fociety" where
over 7,nm mon, women and children
nre kept by tbc Peter Verigin in the
worst kind of bondage; 'where the
sick are denied any medical help;
where children  crow  in ignorance,  il-
literat ;      where   the   molality     of   ths
people is tin-lern in 'd; where the
"chief" calls himself an Incarnation
of  Jesus Christ.
Ther,' are hundreds of my friends
who would most gladly leave tho
"society" become Dritish BubjeMs,
and m o,- the liberty under your free
government, but reter Verigin does
not | a.' for tho wni it of his slaves
;eui my friends remain penniless
slaves in the "so i ty" which is
woieo lhan ao-called "peonage" in
I I am now :"'! yens of age. Since
1". years of au'e I worked for reter
\ Miii; n. wh i in .1 to s n.l tue with
oh rs t e tr: t i n money lor him. Tbe
lir-t year 1 brought into tbo "society's" treasury $7.r>: the Becond $150;
ihe third 81(10; the Fourth $22 and
•S3C-0 worth of i npl ■ aa ms. Besides
1 worl; ,1 'or Verigin all tbc time,
when I was not gaining money for
Iii Hiiiish Columbia I worked for
Verijin and the " soeiety " three
months -in tin; wood nnl clrnrii»K
stumps and so did the other :(00
riaves.' which be brough! here from
Saskatchewan this sprint;.
. Here, thank Cod, I and over 10 others saw at laBt thai we are nothine;
but slave3 of Peter Verijin, who exploited us worse- than a slave-holder
of olden time. I decided to free myself mil recently went to P. Verigin
nnd begged him to give me for my
work money rnoui;b to buy a railroad
ti.-k.-i to Saskatchewan, where I left
my wife nnd ihildien. Hut, as with
• e-b r-. he nent mi- to h—and did not
jrive' me a rent.
Asa pmniless man I cannot go to
lawyers and sue him foe money due
Thi' rovemment should interfere on
hi haft of us.
■ ii ———
Legal Forms
THE PLANS for good plumbing differ
from the ordinary kind.    Vou  may  not
ote the difference, but every
er   knows,   OUR   PLANS
.   in iteri iis that  will   gj e
m tion   and    w irktnansh:;.
——————^—^—^ ible.
No i t ot I
for even purpose are  printed b mav he   we   never
and stocked hv the Mail-Herald plumbing work.
..gi. copies sold.   R.a,onabi, Pr,c.    REVELSTOKE PLUM3IIG MO HEATING CO.
Special Summer Sale
Ladies' Coats
Ladies'    Long   Tweed   Coats,   to
clear at	
Ladies' Tweed Suits
This Spring's Styles.     Sizes 34 to
36.    Ohly   a   few  to   select   from.
To clear at
$12 and $15
House Waists
Ladies' Washing House Waists, to
Ladies' Hose
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose
50 Cents
Men's Boots
Regular  $4.50   and  $5.50   lines  to
clear at
$2.50 Per Pair
Ladies'Ox fords
Odd lines to clear out at a bargain .
$1.50 to $2.00
cTWillinery!  Millinery!
New Summer Felts just
arrived by express.
Misses' and Children's Boots
Odds and ends of stock sizes   from
10 to 2, to clear at
J+1leid SSL young <A
:■  ee in-i'il in et novel man-
• ci iy  [or .1  large e barital le en-
• -.   (Everybody   lm- grown tired
■ :. i ■        mi tt"   method,     and
.' i  cei*t ob now one of
;    to   end ,i
i. -  the  letter feels
.    i    and aggrieved,
* • r  may   be  passed along   nnd
led      ri'   is  much
likely    thai      ihe  letter  will   be
I be .mi '•■ paper
•ei   .ef fun Is
been     pul
1      e,
.    ||
:,,:■■   ,,'.   ,.
,  1, tnembei  of   ■
e ■       O    | !
•,. | undred
t li    ie miii. i   ol    feet
The    bags
.'e   nvrli
Ba b ba     ■ i
'Ml Hlllftll
. ,'■ I I nat
-■■ I In ,, row,
- .-I'.-f     |-ochoi
■    ■ .   Iifli-H
■ ■■•■■ ted    ni
i    .     .;        |ihil
I,-.'i jn m.' afoot in the low,,
■i -     pei
- i   in take one oi more
.'.■■in on, pei hap . lo other
Nobody  muni   putting
inutile     iii      ii   I.n,-    foi      swenl
lake, and it was a comparatively easy marl tei to gel i Id ofthe
flve i hou ninl. two liuridyd nnd eighty
Th<' mill' of pennies' brought  in  ow
■   "       i   lidy   Rum   lobe  fttnn-eseil  wllh
comparative ease.
Sherwin    "P o i n f a
Williams   i  dllltb
We carry a full range of colors in the above, both
for inside and outside work, also floor finishes,
Stains, Varnishes, Oil Turps, Johnson's Wood
Dyes, etc. For best results see that S. W. P. is
marked on the can. Everything in up-to-date
Paint Brushes.
STOVES—A Kootenay or Saskalta Kange made by the
largest firm in that business in tbe British Empire; will givo
more heat on less fuel, last longer, look and cook belter than
any stove on the market to-day, we can prove this to you.
Camp Stoves, Camp Outfits, Baseball, Lacrosse and Tennis
Goods, Bicycles, Fishing Tackle.
GROCERIES, Kmil nnd Vegetables, We do an ever
increasing trade in these; Quality Goods,Pair l'rices, Correct
We are headquarters for l'oultry Supplies, chick food, extra
Grade Wheat, Hay Peed, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Eil C
A Remarkable Expression
of Public Confidence . . .
is shown in the statement of this Company for the lise-al year
ending March 31st, 1913. Aa compared with ono year ago, the
following figures are exceptionally inte'restlng:
ASSKTS MARCH 3lst,    1913  $450,915.72
ASSETS MARCH 31st, 1912  $111,208.60
showing a net gain ol $345,C47.12
This remarkable gain is positive evidence of tho convenience and  practicability  of the C. H. I. C. plan.
If YOU Desire ft Home of Your Own—If you Would De Independent  o'  a Landlord—Investigate This plan—Now.
The Canadian Home Investment Co., Ltd.
"Canada's Old Reliable"
Home Ofllce:    PACIFIC BUILDING, Second Floor
Revelstoke Ollice : J. B. WATSON REALTY  CO.
P. BURNS & G0.r Limited
SH l«IW»l«|M|«l»lM|«l"l»r«T»W»l»i«lMMl«il<
A limited supply is being sent in
from the farm. If in need of
need of some, order a couple
of days ahead.        if* &*
John McIntyre «s* son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Beef, l'ork, Mutton, Lamb
nnd Veal, Chicken and
Fowl, Silver Leaf Lard,
Brookfield Butter, Banner
Brand Kggs.
All Meats Government Inspected.
Revelstoke Meat Market Ltd.
J. B. Watson Realty Co.
Snsh and Door Factory on 100 foot lot.
McKENZIE AVINUE-8-roo«ned house on 50-foot lot $7500 00
I8t 8TREET-5-roomed house on 50-foot lot... $4000 00
Snd. STREET- 8-roomed house on CO-foot lot J3000 00
Double house on 75-foot lot 13000 00
5-roomed house on 50-foot lot $3000 00
6-roomed house on $1500 00
3rd. STREET- 4   houses _   - $2100 to $3400 00
10-rootned bouse on 300-ft. lot - $8500 00
2 lots (the pair) _ _ $ 800 00
2 lots (the pair) _... $1500 00
4th. STREET - 6-roomed house, nearly new $2200 00
6-roomed house on 50-ft. lot $3000 00
Sth. Street-3 6-roomed bouses.    Kach $3200 00
9-roomed bouse ....! $3800 00
7th. STREET-4  lots,  each $ 300 00
8th. 8TREET   2 lots.   Tbe pnir $1600 00
5-roomed bouse near C.P R, Shops $ 650 00
3 Shops and rooms on McKenzie Ave    $ 15,000
Dominion Express Money Orders for Sale.
W. H. HOROBIN, Manager.       Local Agency American Casually Co.
Fin-, Uft and Accident Insurance    Government Lands      Money to Loan
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
1906 1911
Capital                                          * 3,000,000 $ 4,000,000
Reserve 3,000.000 4,600,000
Deposits      .---        23,677,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments         -      27.457,090 38,854,801
Total Assets        -      -      -        33,090,192 48.237,284
Has 83 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents In all
the Principal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoko Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Chicago, Aug. 9—"Skirts for mou
bathers, tights or close tltt.iug blooni-
ereers fm- girls if their figures will permit  it.''
This was the suHrag*ist plea of Miss
Rasalie Ladovn, young woman physician and suffragist, who was arraigned .in Hyde Park police court for de -
fying pjlie-e regulations and going
bathing at Jm-kson Park minus a
skirt and wearing tighl-titting bloomers   of   Illae'li   Batiu.
Patrolman Pat Straight, who arrest
ed Miss Ladovn, was in court as the
prosecuting witness. He 'brought with
him the out tit in which she disportod
herself to the entertainment of a big
crowd al   the beach.
"Women's can't b'wim in skirts and:
swim properly," said Miss Ladova,
who is an expert swimmer. "Any way
if their figures are sufficiently round -
cd, they do not ne -.1 us mtioh cover-
ing ai men. My costume wns incomparably more decent than that worn
by men bathers. I was covered from
bead to foot but all around me were
im n  naked  up to their tlliuhs.
"1 know mothers who will not allow their 'daughters logo to the beach
because men loll aroun 1 in such disgusting costumes. Men should be made
to wear skins and women allowed to
take theii- plun ye in tights or bloomers—just  as they see lit.''
A big crowd followed Miss Ladova
when she wa? ordered from the water
and taken to the Hyde Park police sta
tion. Bail was furnished for her by
Mrs. L, Brackett Bishop of tho Chicago Beach hotel, ., Buflragis! who entertained Mrs. Emmeline Pankhm-t
whin the English militant was touring America.
Miss I.adova is a graduate of Russian and  American  medical colleges.
Office: Lawn iou Hardware Block
Box 205
, Telephone 313. Revelstoke
Civil Engineers
Dominion and B.  0. Land
Surveyors  und  Contractors.
P. O. Box 317       Kamloops, B.O.
Branch  Ollice—Watson  Realty  Co.
Barristers,  Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  Bank  Building  Revelstoki, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revelstoks,    B.   0.,     asd
Cranbrook, B. O.
Geo. S. McOartsr,
\. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke. Cranbrook
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE,   No.  mi.
OF I. O. F.
Meets ln I. 0. O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera  Houso every second
mid fourth  Monday in  month.'Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-S.c
SELKIRK     LODGE  12, 1. O.  O. F.
Strictly Fist Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
A pathetic story of the poverty of
a descendant of one of England's heroes was told at the Islington coroner's court in London the ather day,
when Mr. Walter S. hroder held an inquest on Snrali Christina Addis, 01 of
Popliam read, Islington.
Evidence was given by a missionary
of the Female Aid Society that deceased a spinster, who had been a
milliner, had for the last three years
been in receipt of Ss. per week irom
the Female Aid Society. Witness stat
ed thnt -deceased came of a good stock
and was a dependant of Gen. Wolie.
Of late she had not dene any work.
She paid 3s- Dd. per week, rent, and
when questioned as to whether she
had sufficient food to live upon, she
replied that she had and that she did
not require anything.
Sh' had good health up till Sunday
evening, when she complained of
severe internal pa*ns. A fellow-lodger
gave her a little stimu'ant, which
seemed lo give her n little sleep. She
had a relapse, and expired before
medical aid could be obtained.
Di*. George Madden who had made
a post-mortem examination, said the
body was fairly well nounWhed. Death
was due to the rupture of an nneur -
ism of the aorta of the heart.
The jury returned fl verdict in ac-
cordan.-e  with  the  medical evi lence.
Union   Hotel
RATES,     .      $1.50 PER DAY
■Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for (6.00
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rates.
jr.  jk.r.BE3naT   stone    prop.
Read "Mail-Herald" SALES AND WANTS for Snaps
New fork, Aug. 5—The R'v. Dr.
J. Wilbur Chapman, evangelist, made
a scathing criticism of the present
women's fashions inu sermon before
a large audience in the Madison
Avenue Baptist church at Thirsty-flr.-'t
St., where lie is tho summer preacher.
He said that after an absence nf sev-
tnteen months in Australia and Ne*v
Zealand, where he was conducting
evangelistir campaigns, ho found on
Lis return to the United Starts .-on -
ditions which worried him. Among
these was women's clothes. He laid—
"I sat in an automobile the lnhur
afternoon and watchod the fn tea of
the passers-by. I saw the spirit of
recklessness nnd worldliness, if ;,ot
godliness. And as for the dress of
many of the women, there has lieen
nothing like it since the days of A-Ktn
nnd Eve.
"This  effects lh<'  morals  of thi  poo-
I pic,  particularly  of the youth and  lhe
i women  1 hems-elves."
Dr.  (lha jian  blamed    the     pr.iso.it
fashions i  i the fact that "th;  people
lin too many instances are losing faith
in the Bible ns the word of God."
Meete every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Vieiting
brethren cordially Invited.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Viiiting brethren are
cordially  welcome.
A. G. BROOKER, Secretary.
O. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. iii.
Meete Second    and     Fourth Wednesday!    in each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.     Viiiting Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Olerk.
MOOSE No.  1081
Meets     every first and third Tuesday   in  Oddfe.lows   Hall.      Vieiting
brethern cordially Invited to attend.
A. Grant, Dictator.
 H. L. Haug, Secretary.
i iT^~'\t^-!*sri*i 'rfvJt**: •
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Algeria, the Yukon Territory, the
Sorth-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Col-
imbia, may be leased ior a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more than
1,560 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
iy the applicant in porson to the
\gent or Sub-Agent of the district
n which the rights applied for are
Tbe lease will include the coal mia-
ng rights only, but the lessee may
ie permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an
In surveyed territory tho land must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divlsioni of sections, aud in un-
■urveyed territory tho tract applied
for shall be staked out by the ap -
plicant  hlmsolf.
Each applicant must be accompanied by a fee of Mi which will be refunded If tbe rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of flve cents per ton.
Tbo person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ot
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to th«i Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Landn.
Lipped Saucepans - 20, 25, 30 35c
Straight Saucepans - 25, 30, 40c
Pudding Dishes - 10, 15, 20, 25c
Rice or Double Boilers - 75c
Covered Pails - 25,35, 45, 50c
Dish Pans       - -     50, 65,75c
Preserving Kettles, 20, 25, 30, 40c
Pie Plates, - 10c and 15c
Wash Basins - -     20, 30, 35c
Watch this Space for Weekly Bargains
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Agents for GURNEY'S CHANCELLOR Rarges.
O 0
I  Snaps  Snaps
9  AT  —
I McRae's
Here aie a few broken lots left over from our Sale
Men's Combinations $1.00 and $1.45
Men's Shirts, reg. if 1.50 75c
Men's Work Shirts. 65c
Men's Oxfords.   Reg. $6.00  $3.95
Boys' Wash Suits _ 65c and up
I  McRae Mercantile Co.
6           HOBBERLIN              C. N. R.             SOCIETY BRAND 0
<S                     THE   HOME   OF   GOOD   CLOTHES 6
5kxk><><><kk><><>o<>o^ O
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
It Miqht Be Hot
It is always fine in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Spring,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonder*
fui health restorer on the Continent. Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Howson C&> Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C& Co., Ltd. PAGE FOUR
e . • —....... .
No hose is ever put into our stock unless it has been
thoroughly tested and guaranteed by reliable
manufacturers. You may therefore rely on getting
the best at the price, if it* if
50 feet of half-inch hose, complete $7 50
50 feet of three-quarter inch hose, complete. $8 50
Garden   Sprays  from 50c Up
Hose  Reels    $1.50 and $3.50
Lawn rJTViowers, high wheel $5.00 Up
Screen Doors and Windows at Bargains.
G^JiOA'S B£S i
R. Z. CRAWFORD, Contracting Painter
«.-». <%!%>+%* **. -WV-Wl *^*WV%^*%e^%^%^'» %%%>%%% <% V»
Watches and Clocks!
Where ?
Jit J. Guy Barber's   \
Expert Watch Repairing
Perfect Scale, Purity of Tone, Sine'epii-
biliiy ol Touch, Kcnutv eel finish, Woik-
tnanship nnd LJurnbility.
with human-Hire control i*o;nnins all thc
latest improvements and devices. They
are nerfcc1 In tone, artistic •" design
and capable nf (living life-long service.
The very bc-t material and the best
skill that money can Becure are employed in thi-ir construction,
irrrmt^.^ry..    riy—tfp»iiinwiy|iwma|
McKenzie Ave., Revelstoke, B, C.
Heail Office and Factory, Toronto, Out.
Phone. 262
C^e flDail-lfcenilfc
inferior (puiMtsbliiu ComiMnw
J,  K.  JOHNtHON    Manager
M M.i'ii   •;    -.i i'i  i ■ . \    KtlH
Get Your Eyes Tested and
Proper Glasses Fitted . . .
Locui Heading Notices and Business
locals 10 rents per line each insertion.
Minimum lo al ad charge 25 ecu's.
Display advertisementi 25 cents per
inch each insertion,  single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government an.l Municipal Notices 12
cents per line first insertion and 8
cents per line suhseuurnt insertions,
allowing 10 lines to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses Jo.
Applications for Transfer of liquor
Licenses $7.50.
Land purchas • notices, $7.00
Water Appli'-ation Noti e-, u;i to
100 words, il.*,0, over 1«0 words in
a I other class -    '                  * oi
o    e cl n-v-d l:
] rate to be arranged with n anager em
■ i ior..
SATURDAY,  AI GOST 9,  1013.
dust being compresM«d into a cylin -
diicnl ttiU' where it is cut into short
lengths by a revolving Unite, emerging
in the form of small round briquets.
These briquets are clean to handle,
easy to kindle, gml leave vory little
In Kngland, sugar is manufactured
on a commercial soale hy treating saw
dust in closed retorts with weak sulphurous add under high pressure. In
Austin, Texas, also a plant is being
built to manufacture stock food from
sawdust, by a somewhat similar process. The tar, pilch .and turpentine
are removed from the sawdust leaving
only sugar aud libre to which is added forty per cent of cottonseed meal.
The mixture is sold for fattening cattle.
Two and one-half parts of ck-an saw
dust mixed with two parts sand and
one pari cement make a warm long-
wearing ai.d sound-proof lloor, to
whicli carpets can be tacked with less
injury than to a, lioanl lloor, and which
has the advantage over a cement door
in being more elastic. These qualities
should win an extensive use for this
form i'f flooring, which hns the additional advantage that 11 can b.' stained to harmonize with interior Qnish -
lags by the' addition of oolor to the
mixture while in a Semi-liqluld s'tule.
lho eawtlurt of certain kinds of
wood is used in considerable quantities
by tho manufacturers for metal polish
for packing-, for mint curing, for mak-
ing safety explosives, and composition
novelties,; and for fibre and pulp manufacture. Patent cleaning powders for
use on carpets and rugs oonsist principally of sawdust, lightly moistened
by some cheap mineral oil.
Reports have b**en in circulation that
tbe Italian government is about to
turn over to Turkish officials several
battle-hips in return for fnll pos ^ess-
ion of Aegean Islands, which were
previously occupied by Italy. These
reports, however, arc denied in ollicial
quarters.   So far as can     be learned,
the Triple- Alliance is now in perfect
accord on thj suggestion of Itnly that
the Islands be' return -.1 to Turkey, in
accordance with ihe demands of the
Tnaty «.f Lausanne. Germany at ono
time lem nl towards their transference
to Greece.
Dr, Westbrook, president of thu University of British Columbia, is now
visiting universities in Eastern Canada and the United States, examining
the buildings and studying the physical organization. He has with him
Mr. Sharp, a member of the Brm of
architects, who designs for university
structures and layout received thu
fii at reward. Hon. Francis Carter-
Cotton, chancellor of the university,
was una'de to accompany the preside n* on thi- tour, a- th' president and
I'he board of governors desired. Dr.
Westbrook will probably reach Van -
couver couver atout t ■ end oi this
n onth.
All The Good Qualities
that can  tee crammed  Inl
their way into your Suit or Overcoat or anything   you
"nier here.
It's our plan to please our customers—to
can- to tike as little as we can .ifTor-1.
Take advantage of ever] advantage,     H .
. e-t   variety   'ef the   ::i'e-.t   fi-h:
pay not a cent more than yon   tight.
LADIES' AND Ot.s \ s
0 Imperial Bank of Canada $
Hoad Otfico—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed            - 7,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up             -      - 7.000,00u.00
Reserve        .... 7,000,000.00
Total Assets,       •      - $77,900,000.00
Branches or A fronts at all principal points In Canada
Agents in Grenl Britain and United Hiatal London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited, Chicago Flrel National Hank, Corn Bx«
change National Hank. Seattle Beattie National Bank, Ban Fran-
elsco Wells Fargo Nevada National Hank. Bpokane Bionange
N.ilie ii,il Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and Interest allowed al
current rate from date of dcposii,   Correspondence solicited,
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
.  use anyone had for     aa
*   war*    wb'n
y small.
waste     in
• ■ n .   i —-'il'.n •     ■ ■ e    .n      of
.!    frOttl     .' i
i,  i    end   ll
for fael  |e,r    ii
ionsiderable time in I
Imple process.  1
i <•
n .1 in the wood brine* thu i step
I ihi   e. m almost liquified
I trduil  i« 'hen under
heat int'e brlq«*ta of iho ds Irs i    Ise,
ib" contained re In acting at a i,ind<-r
I     I  In    ,,
HtTiiii.it   llm i f tnanufai mre,  th
.•:..    ''■■''■   ,v'*
West Ealmon Ann  School.
.1  Tenders,  supeiasrlbed   "Ten-
der for Weet Salmon    Arm    School,"
will    be     received by  the Honourable
ibe    Ministei of Puollo Works up   to
..   n  ol  Friday,   thj  2-n 1     day of of
,   11)13,     for    the erection and
tion  o' i  on -100.11  addition  to
■    •    i        West   Salmon  Arm,
Be,     ■ ontract,  and
■ I  i     ma/     be  seen  on and
*h"   Itli  ilay.it   August,  I'J I :i, at
C    ol   '■!     8.H.  I ii! rie,  Secretary ard.      West  Salmon
Mi    i-' T W.  r- are . Government
Kan      |     o     be  Department
e, ia,  B.C.
If]   nn •   e o,iy
Ira •  .I1 ions tor
dollars ($1(1) which
when plans
ned In good
- s    imparted
*   "•'!   leunk of
P Ibll     Works,
'i  per cent.     of
irfeited if the
0  ■ ie it   into
I    -ijeele   tO   do HO, Or
ihu work   ie,n-
f ,i tenderers will
■■■■ni  upon tie- axeeti'
■ bt i .ii i lered unlei s
■a on thi ' ppUed, «ikii-
, li .'him    ill       th«
. in tin invelop*
I    B, QRirFPl ll.
Public vVurks Bngineer.
'i i of Public  Works,
Vc toia. it I'.,   tngtttt Let, 1918
II      iSMIIC       Mil'       Llll.     'et.
COAL!      COAL!      COAL!
Sole Agents for the celebrated Gait Coal
The Best Soft Coal in Western Canada
IN ALL 3C5-3
We have over 600 tons of the above coal on hand and can gcarantee
prompt delivery. Now is the time to lay in your winter's fuel. Uon't
delay.    See ns for terms and prices.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
J. I). SIBBALD, JR., Skc.
Dominion Security Co., Limited
bee; to announce that they have opened up offices at tbe
corner of p'irst Street and Connaught Avenue for the purpose of handling real estate, timber, etc. It will pay you to
call and get particulars, and get ill on ground lloor prices.
We also make a specialty of listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
P. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. .121.
unnaoMMnuw aammxxoin
The Revelstoke'Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The stylo, the workmanslrp and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
Il^» ■ ■fl'OTIIII.I II
Hi     &9 '":■)
SSs&lW-W-l** iS.-r<
of fruit nr vegetables on our
shelves isa staii'l ird ol liin'i
qua'ity. The. newest bri le
can buy Jicr ffroce lies here
with the same confidence as
the most experienced housekeeper. .Make us ynur lto-
eers and vou can always
lul confident of having the
best thiugs to eat ou mur
Hobson's Grocery
Phone 41
Box 734
Look!!    Prices Cut!!
No. 2-2 x 4   2 x 6    $13
No.    1-2 x 8    $19
No.    1-2x10   2x12 _ _    $20
We are overstocked in No. 1 and Nn. I Cedar
il'inension and offer above priees as long as
material lasts.
Globe Lumber Company
We solicit a share of your patronage
Special attention given to children
We bave just opened
.1 shop in the    .
After Six Years Service
to the Revelstoke public we
scarcely need an introduction
With the idea of stWlyini; the lan-
i-ii.-ii;,' and habits of the Indians who
live in the northern part ofthe prov-
, Mi-es Mary I,. John of one ofthe
Normal Oollogoi of New York, is on
ler way to l'rince Ruiicrt, where she
wlll br joined by two Indian guides'.
Mi .1..li.' niienils exploring Homo of
lh"  lit 'To  known  parts  of tho province
i"S." POWDER 1
Alow is the time
to Order Your Fuel
We ean supply all requirements
in the best qualitv obtainable in
Furnace, Steam and Range
Coal. Place your order with us
and we will please uni.
H. A[. Coursier
■ilckly «t:p3  l c-:l"i,  turca eolil, ord  heali
ne throat mt-.l lur.gn.        ;:        J;       aa cenM. SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 1913.
taqb fivb
Free Public Telephones on Each Floor
Rest Room for the use of thc Public on the Second Floor,
New House Furnishing and Carpet
D3j>ir tment on Second Floor.
ilstoke's Department Store
C. 2. Hume & Co.. Aimited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During This Month
Look at Price Tickets.
Our Embroidery Sale Now On
A Table at IOc      A Table at 15c
A Table at 35c      A Table at 85c
The Goods Will Speak for Themselves,
See the Embroidery Bargains
Men's Wash Vests
Take a look at this one and ask yourself if you can afford
to pass it up. Over four dozen Wash Vests in plain and
fancy shades and patterns. Not one of them sold regularly
for less than $1.50. For the next few days only the price on
each and everyone will be G5C
AU shades   in   Fancy  Knitted Ties directly imported from
the New York Factory.   Others wonder at the price -loC
Panama Hats
We have still a few left and can give you any size.   The
prices make them well worth your attention  	
$10 Hats for $6.00
$7.50 Hats for $4.76
$6.00 Hats for $4.00
Slater Sh33  Sale
When you buy a Slater Shoe be sure you get what you pay
for. Look for the sign of the " Slate " stamped] on the sole
as well as the price. We are SOLE AGENTS for the City.
Just now we are clearing out our odd lines; over one hundred
pairs this week, and all at the one price	
$3.35 Per Pair
Oun Grocery and Crocker^ Department
WIDE    'OP—In   Pints,   Quarts   and   Half    Gallons.
SEALING   GLASSES—Quarter Pints and Half Pints.
Have a look and a taste of our Strawberries before buying
elsewhere.   Fresh from the Ranche every morning.
Why waste yc ar time and energy slicing ham and bacon with a knife
when you can come to our Grocery department and watch us do !t
with our V. B. P. Meat Slicer. It saves you time and worry and ensures satisfaction to your self and family. Every slice is the same
thickness, just as you like it, thin, medum or thick.
Try our Cooked Ham.   Every slice ready to serve.
Swift's Premium Bacon or Boned Ham sliced to suit your taste. Tell
us how you like it and we do the rest.
We have a large stock o*' Wilson's Fly Pads; Tanglefoot Fly Paper in sheets; Two-inch
Viper Ply Catcher, 50 to a box, $1.75; Four-inch Viper Fly Catcher, 50 to a box, $2.25.
Afl fl III fl ifr fl fl fl fl ijl fl ill fl fl fl .1, fl fl fl ,|, $Hft Q ,|, ,fr ,j, ,J, ,|, ,|, ,{, ,|, ,|, ,t, ,|, ^
| Specials for Friday and Saturday $
Post Tavern Special (breakfast food) per package....    I5c   $
Lowney's Ground Chocolate, per tin     IOc
Chicken Tamales  j5c
AAAAAA 't' A 'I' 'I' 'I' fl fl fl fl AAA fl fl fl fl fl fl AAA fl fl fl fl ,|, ,|, fl $ ^%
House Furnishing Department
Clearing a lot of Muslin Curtain Draperies in
our House Furnishings Department—White,
Creuin and Colored Window and Art Drapings
that sell at 35c to SOc.    On sale now at
All Our Carpet hv the vard are going on sale at
ONB-THIRD OFF the Regular Price. You
can huy
$1.50 Carpet for $1.00
JAP MATTING    Nice   for   Bedrooms   and
Summer Rooms, at
35c to 65c
CARPETS—A very   pretty   Urussels  Square
Carpet, ') x 9 feet, good design.     Special Price
$14.65 PAGE SIX
SATURDAY,  AUGUST 9,  191.1.
Large Doors-Easy Firing
Look at rhese roomy
Double Fe. J Doors.
You  can use a  bi^
/    -85 Tib,   2   ' r v*
jiifT49^55^ shovel — there  is
lm) |Ldanger of hittin
IL:: M
Ask our a.Tcnt to explain
its many advantage •*. or
write ojr nearest branch
fur booklet.
anger ot Jutting the
des and spilling coal
all   over    the   floor.
These doors will admit
a big chunk of wood too.
The   Sunshine   Furnace   is
easy to operate.
Sunshine Furnace
.ondon    Toronto     Montreal    Winnipeg   Vancouvei*    St. John, N.B.
Hamilton     Calgary     Saskatoon     Kdmonton 331
Sold by Bourne Bros., Ltd.
Write at Once fob Full Particulars to
T. II. DROSTE, Sbcrbtarv
Everybody Knows the Value
of a Combination Safe .   .   .
But there  are  Btill a   few  people  who ilon't
know whal a safe combination  Bell's  Bread
New Zealand Butter make	
P. O. Box 208     GROCER & BAKER     Phono No. 23
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.I
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Special  Slaughter
Governmenl officials in Saekatche -
wuu are looking forward to a s rious
labor shortage In the province this
year. Wiih a crop acreage Increased
i:', per e nt, over thai of 1912' the pros-
pi'd -' .nv that there will be no greater
available supply of harvest hands from
the east than there was last year,
when, with 25,000 laborers.'needed only
83,000 were obtainable.
There are at present four lepers gll
Orientals, at the lazaretto on D'Arcy
Island, lie, acconding to a report is-
sued by Dr. Monti/ambert, director-
general ot pulilic health today. At
Traoadle, in the' New Brunswick Uiza-
rctlie, there are -I patients', ll males
and 10 females. Seventeen of these
are Frenoh-Oanadians, two are Eng -
lis*h, one Icelandic and one Russian
Onn patient was recently discharged
Irom  the station as cured.
Allied Prico, lately general superintendent ofthe O.P.R. over the Calgary division, has been appointed assistant general manager of eastern
linos, say-: a Montreal dispatch. The
position of general superintendent, of
transportation has been aboUshed and
Oharles Murphy, who previously held
that post, leaves for Winnipeg im -
mediately to lake the position of gen-
eral superintendent of the Manitoba
American missionaries in. Japan affiliated with the American board of
foreign missions have forwarded to the
United States tltiouirh the federal
council of the churches of Christ, in
th,' American language, a resolution
recently adopted, asking ihe council
lo appoint ., commission looking to
amicable settlement of the Japanese
problem in this country. The resolution, made public terday, points out
that the spread of Christianity in
.Japan depends closely ou the maintenance of friendly relations with the
United States.
Plans for the proposed new Kooteuay Lake General Hospital at Nelson
have been approved by Hon. II. E.
Young, Provincial Secretary, and wero
recently submitted to au informal
meeting ol the directors by Alexander
Carrie, the architect. Seventy-eight
thousand dollars is the estimated cost
of the brick or -tone fireproof building
for which Mi. Carrie has prepared the
plnns. Provision is made for fifty-live
patients. 11 is proposed thnt tenders
be called sufficiently soon this year to
enable the successful contractoi to
make all arrangements (or commena -
ing woik next  spring.
Mi. U.K. Williams, of Telkwa, who
[a president of the Bulkley Valley Development A-so' lauon, is -pending u
few 'lay   In oast i itiei.  I [e stated
th bttlers were     going
:. iis yi .      d.1 that it
:. tited  for m red lai m-
.:k''t ior uil
I :or many .   irs
,,:'  ., tilers     were
ed.      Th"  crop
rt unity foi
.   :.
i    lesteion de-
>*'   •
Save One Ton of Coal
in Every Six
The  Economizer will  do it.
While the cost of living has undoubtedly been
growing greater, at the same time it is true
there are some inventions that will offset this
increased cost of living, and the careful housewife takes advantage of these inventions.
On every Gurney - Oxford range there is an
Economizer which controls not only the drafts
but also the entire combustion or burning of
fuel to create   heat.
This Economizer will save 1 ton of coal in
every 6 that you woulJ use with the ordinary range.
The Economizer is a simple device, absolute
in its control. By merely moving the lever you
can obtain any degree of even heat in the oven.
This insures the satisfaction of always having
light, delicately  crusted bread and biscuits.
The kitchen fire ceases to be a worry if the
Economizer is on your stove.
The   Gurney - Oxford is   the   final result   of
experimental   thought. Science  has   given   it
a Divided Flue, a   new Special  Grate,   and   a
Broiler attachment.
This Gurney-Oxford range is primarily a
a saver of money, time, and energy.
Hardware Co., Ltd.
@ A ^ @ ^ $$ €^^@<©l<^ @
Itevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Claude Watson
Cameron of Nakusp, B.C., occupation
Truit Rancher, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands.
Commencing at a P°*" planted at
North Enst Corner of Timber Limit
Number 5378, thonco south CO chains,
thenee cast 40 chains, thonce follow -
ing tbo meandering of the lake lo place-
of commencement, containing one hundred acros more or less.
Dated June 2nd, 1913.
1st issue June 7, GOd.
In  tho  Matter  of  tho  Land  Registry
Act, and in the Matter of Lot  17,
Block 21,     ReveWtoKe   Oity Map
To Whom it may concern:—
Whereas the following title deed ot
lhe above mentioned property has
been lost namely:—Conveyance datod
1st March, 11)05, from Frederick Wil -
liam Drown to Minnie A. Browu
This is to give notioe to anyono into
whose possession tho aforesaid title
deed may have como and who has any
knowledge of tho whereabouts of tho
said deed to deliver same to the undersigned Samuel R, Roe. Esq., District Registrar of Land Titles Nelson.
And further Take Notice that fall -
ing the production ol this deed within four weeks from tho dato of the;
first publication hereof that the said
Distiict Registrar will proceed to Is *
ue a Certificate of Title in the name
of Carrie firant Lawrence of Revel -
stoke, B.C.
Dated al ihe Land Registry Ollice,
Nels'on. B.C., this 24th day ol Juno,
S. R. ROE,
District Registrar.
June 28, One month.
riety will be known as the British Columbia and Yukon Church Aid Society
and will include within its sphere of
ae'tion the five dioceses) of British Columbia, Caledonia. New Westmonster,
Kootenay and Yukon, all of which lio
beyond  the  Rocky  Mountains.
Usual price 65c each.
8alc Price 40c Each
3 for $1    a
Revelstoke,   -   B.C.
Cash with
Mall Orders
to liftTt* thr lieal that'll goin^.  We
rlr« yoa tbt btfhul quwttF ftl Iti
The ittluoi ft bailntn botut li
reflect*)'! in in iUtl00ti7.lt PATH
en- jroa
lowest prlOt.    I'rcf utllOfcftl.
Wi- '.ff.ir yon expert NTVlCf    Print
ii 'uir bUlltlMM Mid '"ir tmbhy   too.
To tin- btflt HltCtlofl of pnpnr ami
iltctrio Prtti       l.)p» ITt add originality himI ifnftri
ntH of tlonign iimi rapid ilnlii «■ .
' ■
.  1   .     . idled t\t ,u
.  beat   Me- ..Xr.e f.
I any has  jtv-n i«   i   --nt
\: • r   . ie..fii   .     on    1. • Ing   ihu    re
bt     trobbiahop   .
land .in 1 lii bop ••    of tha   Vu-
kon, ■ n<i carry ■• ... negotiationi ei
tending over everal montb . t.ii« coun
cil of ihe Brlti ii * olum • • I Ibui h Aid
Society ha   denMed timt.it  in it.   doty
tO  Kid     'lie      heece, ■<•   ,,l   I |M.    YlllUIII   tO  t lie
n|.li.ee of its worl.. and now do nil it.
mn to help Hi hop Strlagei mi I bli
stniT.   in ihe inline, therefore,the   0
Comfort Your Stomach
We pay for this treatment if It
fails to promptly relieve Indigestion and Dyspepsia.
Rexall Dyspopsia Tablets remedy
Btomach troubles beoauso they contain the prop . pri portion ol Pepsin
and Bismuth and tno necessary car-
minatives thai h ilp nature' to supply
ihe elements the abseuoe of which
in the gastric juices causes indiges-
li'Ui and dys] ia. They aid the
atomaoh to digest food and to quickly
convert it Into rich red blood und
material necessary for overcoming
natural body wa
Carry a package of Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets in your vest pocket,
or keep them in your room. Tnko
one after each h"avy meal and prove
our assertion that they will keep indi-
miii from Ixithering you.
We know what Retail Dyspepsia
Tablet id what they will do.
We, guarai to relieve Indi-
. pai 1, or te, refund
youi a ney if I h iy fail to do so.
I loean't it nd to rea ion that we
wouldn't • in,ene.y risk wero
we   not   certaii Dyspepsia
Tai.i iu? Three sizes,
IT, cent 1 60 oenl i, and gl.00,
paia Tablets
in tin '' ■.... ■   .-..'■  only at our .store:
nnHMeilee- llrllMi Columbia
The y>*aSl Store
Ji.rrr id ft Iteiiill ,-ieeree in nearly avrrv town
f.y  111   lien   l,'i,i'«.el   Ktfttoee, Ofinmm Blel
flriuin.    Tli'-rn   in   ft   diHercnt   Itriall
HcniwJy for n«ftrly ovrry ordinftry humiin ill—
^[e^rmlly ilr.litino,  lt,r the pftrticuliir ill
1 tr whirle it u, reaOOllDI ie'lf'1.
Tb* Reull Stor» ire America'* Oreateit
Drug Store*
Come nml look ni our Triangle Sad
Irons   gnaranteed f<>r ever.
PRICK   b LB. IRON, $3.90
Katituates given free.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42   -    Night Phone 85
I, W. A. Anstie, a^cnt for tho Forest Mills of Dritish Columbia, Ltd., of
Revelstoke, B. C, by occupation a
Lumber Co. Manager, give notice lhat
I intend on the Bth day of September
next, at eleven o'clock ln tho forenoon
to apply to the Water Commissioner,
111 bia otlice at Kamloops, Ior a licens0
10 take and Use tine cubi'' Ieet ol Water per second from Crazy Creek, a
tributary ol Rftgls River.
The water will be used on N. J, Sec.
28, Tp. 23, R. 5, W. (ith M., B.C., for
Domestic  purposes.
Dated this :21st day of July, 1913.
1st iss.  July 23, ono month.
The Revelstoke Nurseries
Sweet Peas
Potted Plants
The Revelstoke Nurseries
so promptly and perfectly as you are
ut this restaurant. And the service is
only a foretaste of
It is said tbat the way to a man's
heart is through bis stomach. We are
sure to reach yours if you'll drop in
and try our bill of fare. If perfect victuals, perfectly cooked and perfectly
served, will gain your friendship, we
are absolutely sure of yours.
A. G. Tiiiakisdn Manager.
I, W.H.S. Horobin und C. R. Macdonald, of Revelstoke, B.C., by occupation a Broker and UiUt;gi8t, give
noli.e ihai we intend ou the 19th day
uf July, 1918, next, at eleven o'clock
in the forenoon, to apply to thoWnt-
er Commissioner at his ofllce ut Rovelstoke, B.C., for a licenso to take and
uso on-.* only cubic feet of water per
second from Mountain Creek, tt tributary of. No tributary, flows to Col -
umbia river.
The water will be used on Lot S.E.
J of S.E. 12, Sec. 34, Tp. 23, R. 2, W.ot
CethM., and on W. 1, L.S. 12, Sec. 35,
R. 2, Tp. 23, W. of tth M., and or. W.J.
L.S. 12, Sec. 3r>, R. 2, W. of Gtb M.,
for Irrigation purposes.
We intend to npply at the same time
for permission to store suflicienl water
to feed pipe only.
Dated this lilth day of July, 1913.
C. R. Macdonald.
W. H. S. Horobin.
1st iss.  July 30, Codys.
1, W. A. Anstie, agont Ior tno Forest Mills of British Columbia, Ltd., of
Revelstoke, B. C, hy occupation a
Lumber Co. Manager, givo notice that
1 intend on the 5th day of September
next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon
to apply to tho Water Commissioner
ct hia offlco nt Kamloops, B.C., lor a
licen-ee to take and Use Nine cubic feet
of water per second from Crazy Oreek
a tributary of Eagle River.
Thc Water will be used on N. }, Sec.
28, Tp. 23, R. 5, W. Gth M., B.C., for Industrial purposes.
I intend to apply at the same time
for permission to store (12) Twelve
acre-feet of the said water in a reservoir at Taft, B. C, about 300 feet
north of The Canadian Pacific Rail -
way and about 200 feet west ol Crazy
Datod this 21st day of July, 1913.
1st isa. July 23, one month.
The   family   remedy   for   Couiht   and  Coldn
Shilob cojta  to  little   and does   so much I' SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 1913.
A citizen ff the wcrld wishing to spend a holiday at
Banff, In t'e teart of the Western Canadian Rockies or to
make a lu n I journey ..lcnR tic lines of the Canadian
Pacific (tail* .*. rents his sleeping ca: bet th, boards tlie train,
lives and eats in hi* ur.ous surroundings while being whirled
across the continent snd has little idta of the vastness of the
enterprise upon which be bestows his patronage nor of the
tremendou tysten whi Trust 0e maintained in order that
he and others, likewise-minded, may travel in such safety,
comfort and luxury.
For in tance he sees to ted and dres net know that an
army cf * <:i feui thousand strong is en ployed hy that
Dining anl .'•'• p ng Car Department. He is not aware that
the sam •   eould, within five days, transport an army
of thirty thousand pecple from Vancouver to Halifax, giving
each a sl< pin) berth and supplying ninety thousand meals
a day, cr practically half a million on the five day journey
across the conl nvnt. Again, tc Joes not realize that, if the
dining and sleeping cais of the Canadian Pacific Railway
. : mad up into a sinple train with a locomotive stationed
at Intervals ten coaches apart, that that train would be
fourteei long,    To   man   this  city  on   wheels  would
require an arrry cf three thousand dining and sleeping car
attenda-,t~ with several hur.dud additional men at terminals
to handle supplies foi them. This is exclusive of the thousand men who would be operating the train in the capaci'.y
of biakcmen, conductors, firemen and engineers, a total
aboard in all of 34,000 people.
It would take a great deal of space to tell how the
Canadian Pacific Railway takes care of that public which
patronizes its lines and how also it takes care of those
employees whose duty t is to minister to the comfort of that
public. Yet the C. P. R. has t-.ken many steps in that direction and it is safe to say that in a dozen particulars it
stands ahead of any road on the continent when it comes to
treating It dining and sleeping car employees humanely and
sanely. Tl cse n'en are as desirable a class of public servant
as can be found in any privat house from the point of view
of efficiency, personal cleanliness and freedom from danger
of spreading disease. The company is as considerate of its
■..in as it is of the general public, and it is fully aware that
such a course is simple "good business."
Certai-iy thc most colossal task that presents itself
to the C. P. R. is that of provisioning its dining cars to
feed the I ungry multitudes who cross their thresholds each
meal hcut. It is estimated that in the summer season the
C. P. R. stives on an average twenty thousand n eals a day
on its cars. For many years the company has bein grappling with the problem of supplying this enormous demand
tn a way t.at would insure to the general public absolutely
clean and i crfectly wholesome meals and only now has the
company come to believe that it has thc situation completely in I   nd.
. Thc flrst problem that presented 'tself was to have
secure a real!) assured and permanent source of supply. To
attain this and, incidentally, to show farmers in various dis-
ti.cts the pOiilbllitlei of their lands when scientifically
worked, demonstration farms were sta:ted throughout the
Dominion. These supply absolutely fresh provisions to the
chain of cemtnissiary stores stretching cross the continent
and give the Canadian Pacific Railway thc assurance* of a
permanent supply It cost prices. In this an absolutely radical
departure vas made in that the C. P. R. actually owns
and operates the farms which supply it with provisions.
The advantage of this is not far to seek. Fresh milk
and cream will soon be secured in whatever quantities are
desired. A sufficiently large number of poultry can be kept
to supply all requirements for table fowl and eggs. To insure freshness in the egfis used on dining cars the product is
gathered fiom tie nest (all eggs are non-fertile by the way)
stamped with the date, and then packed in cartons and
sealed fot dcbvcty to commissary stores. Milk and cream
sre not handled in bulk. After being thoroughly pasteurised
the produit> ate placed in scaled bottles ar.d these are
opened in t'e preen e of the passenger with the day and
date of milking right on the bottle. Similar care is taken
to insure rise lute cleanliness in all other demonstration
farm produi ts. *
. Fruits ana vegetables ferm a large item on dining car
menu. The Canadian Pacific Railway Imports these from all
parts'nf lie world and oflcrs them on its tables before Jioy
ire available elsewhcie and then, when the Canadian products aie teady tie ptcflMnci is given tht.n In fact the
company ipeCttllm In tlrt fau-.eus ftultr nnd vegetables of
British Columbia and contracts fot these products for tha
entlro requirement* especially apples ind potitou, for this
service foi nU western lines t.nc year in advance. The quality
of these ftuits, kiicIi II apples, plums, cherries, rears, and
vegetables, such as celery and potatoes now stands highest
o the continent.
One really obstinate problem has confrcnted the Canadian
Pacific and that has been the supplying of fresh bread and
pastry to its patrons—bread and pastry of such a quality
that the shield and beaver trademark would be its guarantee.
Many experiments have been tried but that degree of success desired by the company is only now being attained.
Final upon all plans comes the announcement on this year's
appropriation list to the effect that the company will install a chain of modern bakeshops at such terminal points
between Balifax and Vancouver as would insure a complete
re-stocking of dining cars with fresh tread, cakes and pastry
every fifteen hours. Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Moose
Jaw, Calgary and Vancouver aie to have BUch railroad bakeshops as will several other points not yet definitely decided
The care of meats, milks, vegetables and perishable gooda
for the twenty thousand people who must be fed daily by
this one railway requires most elaborate lefriirerator plants.
All refrigeration is done artificially and the scientifically
perfect degree of coldness is maintained iu preserve the goods
and so to maintain highest quality.
Modern medical science, both pi ind curative, has
reduced itself to practically one or bacteriology—
with the allied a:t of preventing '...yo-, I u*,s from finding
lodgment in any pl ice that cc tei in contact with human
beings, more patticularly to keep all human fuod free from
exposure to these germs.
Recognizing this the Canadian Pat lie Railway han
worked out an elaborate system of Individual seivice, reduc
ing thc handling of food to a minimum All bread, cake*,
pastiy, pie, puddings, etc., arc prepared in individual orders;
in faU this system is extended to cover ill possible service;
even ice cream, which is made un.'.ir mt I e..in;taiy condition, is prcjared i.i individual portion!, t. i pirtion wrapped
in special case to prevent handi.ng.
a Pacific Railway
illy healthy and
•.itdient to estab-
lecping car men
tl e only railroad
One of  the flrst  c.-.res  if thc  C.n.id
ii to im thai        '   employe*! tri  phi
titan ,.al te thii    ','. It las been deemed
lish a chain I I  bomei for the dining an
ovei t'e entire continent.   The C. P. R.
.orporation   todiy   whieh   pruvides   this   i  tsa  of  employees
with (r« lodgment ind bed when away 1 om home.   At aU
i.irge   terrain all   such   as   lucnto,   V.*- ..   Moose   Jaw,
Calgary and Vin BV«I these d.nini, cai and sleeping car
employees are liu-ed hy thc cot.paay. In establishing this
system the i lagei ent had one main dea in view. It
would he able to give the general public  *le assurance that
retry employee l«d a physique fiee from disease, because
ili art subjected to a tenodic medical e an,nation, and it
Aould itself tl in be in a position to assume responsibility
toi   the  ili employees.    Undu   the  system   that
lUVaill  m   '.he   C    P.   R.   it   is  impossible    (ur  a   dining  or
Vi-img cil employee to go out on a run, as it is called,
vitlout   Bwl   having   taken   a   bath   and   ,.often  his   clothe*
rwly (lea. -& l*d ,etts..d, tree of any cost to tbe employee.
Not  is  the  Cjitid.an  Paciiic  Railway
unci  s motive! in t.is work.   The cor. j.
s corporation'  lo dialing with its m?
i    ttl   illU nations will show.
I   t ,.   ,,..   home   spirit.    Comfortable   i
et  Icilly  ventilate
, _ . . Libral e:-. tati n I
e   la lows e.i *' deed III '.he adv.
■ rytbl ig is spoi
.vi« a C        R. men li away from ;••
n       .   :t     And  so  it  Cor at  CM, g^.
Hon   t.   report for  duty
.  .   -,'.i.ii. If OSCtlion fot I arose.   The rcsn't
nil|j| ot all this care sr.ows ,n the I e».il. oi  i. • ,.,. ,,v ,,„ .,,,
out from the terminal rested, in  good  , iiltb  anj  ,„
way prepared to :a:c for the public.
nspired by solely
ny is not a "sotoJ.
Jn the contrary,
ie an embodiment
> iki  and  corners
ml managed  by
icludlng show-
e of the modern
ly clean.   Thus,
is under th* PAGE EIGHT
A. E. Noble ol Taft, ia in town.
Mrs.   Cooney
fj.W. Lawren
King hi.Iward.
-... ■   .11 town.
oi Oaigary, is ut the
of Taft  was shopping*     ■■    u0y8 01iiy TOlii/eti tna withering
onlenipt   with  which  Bome  girls    ro-
gard  them  thoy   would  probably      bu
rather unhappy.
Tho London dully     mirror recently
Mr. and Mrs. W, Smith of Winnipeg  published some   essays  by sohoolboya
in wbie-li ihey gave their opinions of
girls. With blunt candor the boys
ruthlessly described what thoy, regarded as the •faults of girls.
Now thu girls of a North London
school have boon criticising tho boys
Their observations of boys is evidently 0'iiiu.lly searching and their
strictures nre oiiually trenchant. For
was no-  in8tani-'e' With Jeukinson,    ag'11     IH,
1..M. Wayne of Vancouvei
i ii ness here today.
is doing
The Sugar Bowl will nol be open at
nny  hour mi Sundays.
A.L.   Mclutyre  and   11.   Walsh,     oi
Van ouvei, aie in the city.
(continued from page one)
At thc Trueman Studio, all portraits arc high grade and guarantcod.
—A. Douglas Tourner.
GALT COAL Is handled exclusively
in Rovelstoke by the Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Tho Trueman Studio is the house
for high i*lass finish for amateur work
nil  prints with while borders.
Coursier has contracted for a. large
supply of coal and cun supply your requirements for fall and winter with
tho best in the market.
Revelstoke's home of art—Tho True-
man     Studio.   Call and  see us,   when
s'on, conquered the day before by th ee Mrs.  E. Davis is spending a month,
members of     tho    club.   De.    Wai.* itt vlsttting friends noar Grand Forks,
paid a warm tribute to Mr. Wh.^l'i-'s Miss Lampard, deaeoueBs of Oaigary
topographical   genius,    doelnriag      b.s loft for the wost on Wednesday after -
map, the work of ono short ezpfl'UtU*!! noou'
discussing   portraits.   Prices   to
C.J. Mabli ty
\\ ,iili11
.   ,... 0n the    treets yesterday.
Ah i Hm ■ ol Taft, e aim   .iuu. ye
i i  aj ■   noon  train from  the west,
J.W,  Shepherd ol Glaclei   was
■imam   i llitors
noi -
Toronto, is in thc
, :,   Monday's  early
oi New  Westmin -
■,   A  guest  nt     the
W.  McClelland  ol  Halcyon, came In
■ day'     outh train.   He is   at
King  Bdward
ll. Sn
I Ii
ii i
il.   Man 1,
i ■
.  .a th
King Edward,
Boys are ihe most tanterllzing animals in the world. Tliey are absolute
ly useless at home, and like all their
food put imo their mouth. They can
alway lind fault, ami are more bother than  tbey  are worth.
11 is a haul job to keep tbem clean,
im they are always fighting and
climbing. They like to have see rets
nnd will not let us know anything.
,i does not take vory long to gol
their temper up, for one minute they
en- all serene antl the next minute:
tbe-y ai*'' giving you looks enough to
lull you.
This little writer concludes with
something like a.note oi warning: "lt
i dangerous to play with them, bc-
eause you uever know whether you-are
going bome witb a black eye."
They are: Saucy, quarrelsome, care -
less, lazy, proud, seliis'b, tormenting,
clumsy, fussy, fickle-minded, interfering, rude and cowardly.
Rachel Dennis, aged 12, seems to
have' probed the male mind, for she;
•ays hoys are influenced by pretty
girls.   She writes:
Lots of  boys  saysi    "1  shall  be    a
bachelor,"  but   when  ihey  grow    into
yoeiihs ami young men and spend holidays    and  e-ee  pretty  girls    al    these
J. Purvis of Toronto and R.  Koss-   places  which they     visit they banish
Winnipeg, are in town i„ -  bachelor   from their minds.
Hoys want Waiting ,ni hand and foot
aiul always want iho whole looking-
glas    to see to brush their hair.
Sept. 15—*' Officer 066 " at
Sept.   -
A.l i. Wil on of Cal -ary cam
i ■ the east on Thin -day. Ho
re main a few nays.
W.  Lewis  of      Vancouver,  is among
in business visitors to
i:     . ioki   this   ■
K. G. McRae and Miss a.
Th..inns left to lay ona three weeks'
i,,   lay a*  \ an 'ouver,
c. S. Wh ian ol Van ouver, end 0.
i rgl       C    '.■ s   a ii payl i| Re\
elstoke a shoi   visit   th.s week.
munson o*
•day, guests at ihe King Edward.
There was organized In our city no
longer than lusi Soptember, a little \ AuK"Rt 21!—Billy
company which has' done more for tho
pleasure of Rovelstoke than many a
more pretentious undertaking. This
was the Revelstoke orchestra. And
just a- tho Winnipeg oity baud which
passed through ber to the coast last; Qel ,, l(
weok is familiarly known as "Sam
I'ltriaeloiigh's Band" from tho name
ot lhe mau who has been its leading
sprit for uvenly years or more, so
tho Hovels loke orchestra is usually referred to as "Dave Orr's Orchestra."
The public of Rovelstoke aro greatly
indebted to Mr. On* and his little
company of players not aloae for tho
frequency with whieh they have been
in demand for dances and entertain -
ments, but also for the very excellent
quality of the music they, furnish.
On account  of    -othor engagements, |
Aug. 18—The Chicago Vaudeville Co.,
Empress theatre tor half week,
August 25—The Making of tho l'ana-
nia Canal and Balkan War, Kinemacolor Pictures, Empress tlvatre.
to be marked by a marked 'iccicucy
oi detail, Instead of attending tho
geological congress in Torouu Dr.
Waleott said he  had chosen to  follow
Miss Meinlyre of Vancouver's touching stall, is visiting her friend Miss
Matheson this month.
Mr.  and  Mrs. Leonard V.  Wood aru
this map into a uniquo Alpine •. on it ry  moving  today iuto tho  house recontly
Clifford,     Empress
The  Prank   Rich  Co.,  al   the
theatre, one week.
10—The  Versa tiles, at tlio
Empress theatre,
Oct. 13—"Thc Country Boy," nt the
Bmpress theatre.
Oet.  "Jane'' English Comedy Co.
Empress  theatre.
October — The Allen Players and Miss
Verna Felton in now plays at the
Opera House.
Barrier"  Empress  the-
two members of last year were obliged to resign and for the coming season Mr. Orr has selected a quartette of
players only, but eaeh one an artist,
on his or her particular instrument.
Miss  Francis    Lawson,  pianist,
Nov.   10—The
Nov.  17—"What  Happened to Mary,"
Empress theatre.
at tlie   Bm-
iil extreme interest to scientists,
W. W. Fosler, who is here, is a
representative of the British Columbia
government, told the story of the ascent and traverse ,,f Mounl Rohsou
by himself ami Captain McCarthy behind ihe brilliant guide Konrad Kain.
Mr. Foster gave in detail tho actual
route, showing wh re it. differed from
the apparent route as     n  at   Long
Range. The real summit he declared,
is unseen from the camp, and consists of a series of domes' ono above
the other. The pany stayed on the
top fifteen minutes In a freezing pule,
blowing powdered ice and snow, look,
ed down mountains thousands of loot
below and out  across ranges     north,
BOUth, east anl West, for a hundred
miles or more.
The traverse   ulld  descent   oi   RobSOU
was an chlovemonl thai added considerably to Rain's reputation, He
had out 000 steps in the ice and nearly
1,000 in hard snow, ami had maintained his courage after repeated disappointment, in     ronotiutiiiM    ledges,
occupied by Mr. Horobin.
Mr. O.M, Fioid went up Ml. Revel -
stoke today to stay there over Sunday
with bis1 family at tho uhalet.
Mr. Henry Charring ton of Derbyshire, England, has been tho guest
ol  Mr.  J.D.  Sibbald this weok.
Inspector Demon wus in tho i ity ou
Thursday supervising the shipping of
hiB hoiis'hold oflocts to Vancouver.
Many tenuis players of note ihru'-
otit the province ha*-o signified thoir
inleutiau oi unending thu tournament
here next week.
Tbo tenuis courts have boen closed
this Week while the grounds are being
put into lirsl class shape for lhu tour
iiaiiieni   next   week.
Mrs. w.ll. Butherland ut'compuniud
by her two children and maid went
Wednesday nun ning to St, Leon to
holiday for a couple of weeks. Dr-
Sutherland left this morning for tho
week-end  al  St,   Leon.
Mis,   Kiln   Sykes    who  iH  travelling
ll igh  Uritish Columbia in the    in-
tercsts of    ihe     Colonial Intelligence
Nov.  Ill—The  "Barrier"
press tht-atre.
Nov.  25—Lawrence Drough, at   the
Empress theatre.
is  Dec.    !")—Lawrence     Brough,  at      the
Empress theatre.
i Div.  S— 'Pink Lady'
,    the'aere.
at tho Empress
brimful of     music aud has    power to
make  tho  piano  respond   to  the     expression required.   Mr.  R.  H.  Sawyer
iri equally  ut home     with  the  trom -1
bone or cornet aad    plays the former  Dec.  23—Matheson,  Lang and Britton
Miss Lawson and Mi-s McKay will
sing a duel a* the evening serivce in
the Presbyterian ehurch tomorrow.
Winnie Na-h holds this view:
Hoys arc a little bit jealous because
i bey   cannot   powder   their  face.    They
have tm hair to     dies-, only a scrap
and very Bhort.
Laziness is tho chief fault of boys,
Mr.-.   I.   M Aon  leave:   tonight   on a   in ihe opinion of Mny  Simmons, aged
i  ■      months'   visit to Brad:ord,  ra..  thirteen.   She s-ays.
New,  Vork,   end other eastern cities.       Errands
most  boy
yond all.
•i     h    an li I    criticisms    of
oiher  school .-iris.   Emily  Overy,   aged
liikr, who for thc past' thirteen:
Eli  ib th   Capping   is    pending
!.e r  school   va ation with  her eousin-,
in'- ot  Vnncouver heights.
Mr, and Mrs.  J. B. .Mm iay oi Ohi-
: re among eastern visitors   to
sto ■ o:I  a;   Reveletoke this week-end.
: hi r   fatal duties   to
ideas,  while  minding  baby
been wotkine for Mr   Peppaa
H   Smith of  Vancouver, and E. S.
. oi Kelowr. . a:-- paying a visit
I O) a ., lie are -elfish aivl ii. Me-
niiiul d, and they think more of play
lhan  anyth'u in  some     cases
ire  thought   ihmi-c of  than
• • themselves
in the quartette. Mr. J. Boyle, up-
liohl-e a responsible lead as first violin
, Mr. Orr himself is cornet player and
conductor. He has' received many applications for membership but with his
present ensemble of capable musicians
he considers tho number sufficient. A
[.■ss number al-o mean-' that the or -
.-he tra will l>e self-supporting, which
is highly admirable.
At present these musicians are prao-
lluing assiduously for the coming
elance and concert season. These re -
hearsals are systematic and enthus •
asti., all following a definite plan
of action, with a definite object iu
Co., Bmpress  theatre.
Malakwa News
The Squatters dan'-e whieh was held
last Saturday night, was well attenl-
cd. The music was fine and tlooi in
good condition, and nrt enjoyable time
prevailed. The Malakwa hotel served
supper at 11 o'clock, whieh was liberally patroni/od and ia'ies this means
of thanking one and all, the hotel is
constantly  being improved  in the wav
chimneys and ledges on the way down League, will arrive in this city ou
Th.y bad slept eithoul blankets on Ten-day's noon train. She will meet
un exposed eight-foot ledge at 'J,000 the Women's Oanadian Club aud ills-
feot elutude. They had gone eight cubb with them what opportunities acq
boms without water and had been re- artorded by Rovelsto.ie ami the sin*-
din-ell io a half sandwich per man rounding district for employment for
for the last breakfast. educated and trained women from the
Owing  lo Kaiu's     prompt  decisions  old Land,
en  route,  there had  been no     delay.
Kain is modest concerning the climb Tl1** Revelstoke musical society havo
He said the mountain is not to be got down to Work "- "a™88* end aro
trilled with, and he would not take llold>nfe' regular rehearsals in prepara-
unskilh'd climbers up. Two men of t,oa for a W8 Cuucei * iu Beptember.
experienoe  is enough  for one guide.       **■*  Wednesday evening in  tho     Em-
  press theatro a number of glees, quar-
tettcs and choruses wore gone through
with capital effect. .Mr. R. H. Sawyer, conductor, would like to get a
few  more tcnor.s,to  balance  the uum -
"Olliei i.i.ii" is the mo-t popular Der of bn-s voices,
"cop" in America. He patrolled post
.duty at the Gaiety theatre in Now
York au.l i lie Grand opera house in
Chicago all lu-'l year, and while lii, pre
, seiii c in both these cities created u
veritable riot,    it was productive
Officer 666
of paint and all needs of anew build-
It is expected that during this inz> which H is 1)Ut -m now roady    ,o
winie,-  ,he Reveletoke orchestra   will a,,comrnodat,. (he     public,good beds
dartty     gained by,nnlJ ROoi, ni,.al, aspm,ld nt mo(,erale
week td the Capital <>f Canada's n*r    Th,,v do no, *ikt. gir's interfering
them.   They will of-
rty     .:eirtii,g of     Thos.  Mc-   *-« tell you to mind your own 1
id Miss Fraser,   all toe *"■''
of G arrived ii  tl last
excel . nt  worl   last year
■ hem every success.
nie.n   . r     ■ • Id   by
Ma ig   :   I.i,  who -ay-:
The fan.ily  of  Mr. Chai.  Field  an l     B j   are very  tormenting, theynev-
i   ,-   :  Harry Kelson, are camp
the chalet on the     summit  oi Moun are
The C.P.R. engineers are busy in
the vicinity;   also a working crew.
Farmers report tine crops all thru'
the Malakwa Valley and wc are rapidly coming to th- front, a focthall
team is anticipated in the near future
A  party  of  four left   on tho    south
train  last Thursday   morning  for  tho
Lardo district  where they will remain
about a week making a thorough ex-
tf ami-nation, imo the mining value     of
merriment  ouly, and you  can't arrest   **■*' Glengary  group of  mineB.       The
a person for Just laughing. P»rtJ '" composed of Mr. Blackwood,
"Officer 666" is now being Hent, out of lhe Unn of Wackwood Bros., Wiuui-
ou road duty, and that famous sleuth P** M'* Henr* ('hnn in-ton, .., eapit-
wlU be in evidence at the Bmpress the- ■*llsl "01" Derbyshire, England; Mr.
atre Monday, Sept. i:,ih, 1910, where M,Kl"°I,> on assayer ol Vancouver
local theatre goer- will have th.'ir
lirsi opportunity to see this farce that
i- -aid to be lunnier than "Charley's
, Aunt" and more thrilling than "Sherlock Holmes" or "Arsene l.upin."
IOc Iti.-
MieiiiULm 25t
istoke for the holidi.
Mr.  ;.n I  Mi -.   li.eiobin l.av .  o. ■
ktely va a'.ed I y Mr.
<    .  Mr-'.  J.D.  Kay.   ll is ..n Second
•    'he co -
The La!: .   0
i . bold 1
hurcb lawn, oa Th
i'.st,  afternoon and *>'• ather
Mi. and M.s   R.C. '•'•
j   nied        Ml son,
b    of Toronto, were among *
i ri. ■       fc-
at i: this    we- i end.     They
e-* guests at  t       i V. iwar I
:. • .      '
t n-
hcaft i« mini tei of 'he  Fo.'th  1'r-s-
bythten    chn     .   Spokane,  anl   will
,    a-h    in    St    John    Preebyterian
Oh on S>;n iav •   -n.n.-
W ,W. Foitei. Deputy Mini-ter .ti
Public "Works,  wh , i.i lrneel
frnm a trip to Mount Ho*, on govern-
ment park, will remain u Bi *odry in
i. .cl-tok" and will pro ■••I tomorrow
to the coast. Mr. Pouter will be pros-
en* at the meetlnu of the I'a -iflc High
way ''onirri■ = -- to be held at Vaneouv-
cr on   Tue«day   and   We-dn<"»day next.
It i- probable that ('nn.tda will twnd
n report to <h" International f'ongresi
on Navigation in Vienna In 3eptember
t>  co'isidei   n.ilormity  of  rulen       md
refutations to faciiitat life saving.
Thi> ronfeienne i- the outcome nf the
Titanic dNasW. Th" marine depart-
ment is fomtnutiicatie.' with ths Dritish Board of Trade on thc subjc t and
ih- Canadian repfewntatlve will eo-
operate with that body
':• •   ■-' ati   *efi-      i:        jn
othi r.     Som I i
hear  it  -aid.      * I  would ra
J. H.  Johnson has returned from a
iKS-i-t-aii  few days   stay in   the  Okanagan  couu-
:iy  this week.
WANTED—Bomesuc    Work by Super
ior person.   Good   oo,:,     needlewo ■
Apply  al,  Third  street,  city,
WANTED—Maten Superior,
-nguge: . • rful and re-
F.  Winte-nbeiL' is
short  business  trip.
in Golden on
w.  H,  Pratt, ma* i
to -*•*.  u-on.
Amon • ie . f ou-
' nament
B -"
.  '.   t r"
in   e/nn
scheme-   -x'
now-  ap-
• 1"       i , iom
t i.l'   n wnty
wh. :. --hi h
ma "  *he  run to llalifni in  thr ■•
Th"    *n   i    pea a congre       whieh
w.ll be ti.ld at The  Hague from
•   il   hold   the   frdlowln^'     nn
ionn     \ ..-. •   17.   mooting   e,f  the  international  committe-e of  the |,.'ar.    ,,.
reau in (fn IH and 10, meet
ings of thr preparatoiy committeea;
August M nt ', 10 a.m., official open
ins of the congress; in ihe afternoon,
lust   public   .entodOT*    Aiigilm   21
Am"i t 22, public msflOH; in
the nftfrnoon, mf^t.ng of th- delegates of thn Berne Flureau; Augr.ot 23
• losing of lhe rongreB . On the even
ing of AugiiBt 15, an olll'ial reception
will be held by the municipal eouneil
nf the Hague.
On the ewning  of the     22nd inst .,
the last day of the big tennis  tourna-
a   e     Apply ,   rn.-nt, there     will   be a dance.   Watch
and   Mr.   J.D.   Blbbald,   of  this  .iiy.
(in ihe evening of Friday, Au ual
•J.'nd, a lug dan 0 will be given iu iho
opera house. As it is given fo the
entertainment of tho vihitors who uro
expected io arrive in considerable num-
Iiitb for the tennis tournament, it ia
hoped thai everyone who ean danoe
will come and help make the allair a
Now Mr. Editor don't blamo me Ior big sucoossl Revelstoke has a teputa-
not reporting things'on time, thc sim- ''on 'or hospitality and thiB oceasion
pie fact is my summer residence is a Wl" PrMBnt a splendid opportunity to
•IxG tent at an altitude of aboui 10.- u'ld "'*'•' "l0lu 1" our laurels as on-
tioii feet gbove sea level. 1 am living tertalners and patrons of sports,
with the eagles, but deprived of the A |);l,,y „, Am„rioaQ
, eagles faculties, 1 have „o wings, con-   lmvu bcen ^
From Ferguson
Inly 16th 1st iss.
WANTB h      Bmploymei
Apply to Bmyths b
■ .
e   |
the  Mail-Herald  for  further announcements.
The  baseball  elub  will   bold a  Labor
Day celebration, and  are arranging for
am of   ;.orts and features. One
• -I   on the bill will l>c tho baseball   tnai'-h  between   ib"  fntmen     ami
tn.   Wateh for iuriher announcements       On this date  also tho  final
ntie.e Kamloops v. Revelatoke,
played at  reorsa*Uon park. The
Piremai and raees will     be
i,eld thl ■ ■   hably   in      tbe
sequently have to walk, so you see 1
ean't nlford to come to town every
night. On my arrival in town last
night I was told Unit William Shnell,
he-it.-r known as Bill the Barber, had
committed suicide by cutting the art-
tourists who
ii h i . Alta.
reached Revelstoke the miihile of this
week. On Thursday they made the as
cent of Mt. Itevelstoke in company
with Mr. McKay's party. Leaving tlio
eity about 8 a.m.. they went by hor*o
lack, reaching tlm summit before noon
 - oi his wrist with a razor and a- 1. ,...... „ .  ... i ,
, .        ., ,        '* Everyone   »ai    nn ph   enhanied  with
l0Wed   '1 IM ™U" 'k"h*  ":v"r> the    gnificent   view,  obtained  atev-
' "' »"*"-"» «Kr--' "'"" -->"« try  turn oft limb.   The    des-ent
1"  t a -   iha,   Bill ever done,  to their WM ,„„,,, |nU> ;„  ,„„ alu.^Qoa     Tbo
knowledge.   Coroner Dr   DeveUn came Amcri,u„ |)nrty Coml,riB^ tllu Mis80s
lip   i.   ,„   mi IO   an.l     held   an   Hi ,U,-I. Ma,,ory   n„d   Kn(<)   Uush(   ^   ^^
ibe- remain, weraourled ut TroutLtke. ,,n 0f ix-s
MISS   BORTE iaten
"   *■■      i''  ■   '   illard   opera   company
r      x' ***1  n>   the opera  house     at
dance      will   wind up   th"
home     Ho
lm.   J.16.
ami a
'i  Hie*.
rVANTBD  -Yoong Lady Sehool Tsaeh-
as      boar ler-    for a bome-liK*
if   rt n rally    lo-a*e-l
Parti • lr I apply to Bor
111,  Revelstoke, B.C.
to i" vested en the vneant lot at
rner .,f Ortr»n avenuo and Second itreet Where regular concerts
will be iflv.-n commen'-ing the 15th
of August.
Sui.-ide see'iim to Ih' n kind o'' an
epidemic hen-, in the lust six months
four lia\e tried and three have lUOOSed
iii, so that Is not a bad record. Say,
III Kditor, I helped a man to commit hiii -i'lod once, and for my efforts
I gol the  worst  licking of  my  life.      I
A   QfilOK  SALE  BARGAIN-$1(60.00
will buy n omfonable one and ono-
half storey dwelling, sir roorrn, modern OOnvonienrea. splendidly situate
J650 cash, hnl-
anee on eaHy  t'-rnu.   -H.  S. Courier
WANTEl' I Ave Nurnery Salesmen at
once, for fnll and winter Minting,
KT|ierienne not tti nf'mmmt.rf as wil ■
lingnefis to work nnd le«rn. Wrii-
at once for exclusive territory, and
free outfit, nn*\t weekly. Dominion
Nursery and Orehard Co., I'.»30 Yew
Street,  Vancouver, B.  O.
Moines, Iowa, and Miss
l.oren/ of Philadelphia, with ths McKay party wero, Miss Jessie McKay,
of Seattle, Mr. Alox. McKay of Calgary, Master Gordon McKay and Miss
Permart of DeB Moinerf,
guue ft large party made the climb
will  I.U you all about  it when I     got "p  Mt.  Revelstoke on Thursday last.
time. Mr. and  Mrs.   J.   W.   Stevenson,  Miss
SUBSCRIBER. McAuley  of     Edmonton,    Mr.    Hart
  Munro,  Mrs.  Hugh  Ross,    Miss Viola
A  eongresB of comparative religions Crowe, Misfe Matheson, Miss Mclntyre-
will   he held in  France,  probably     at of Vancouver, Mr. McFagyen, and Mr.
| ■■)>■■* llll HI ■ ■  |   l"lwi'».   I't'ing August, when     mis- Arrol    missionary     ol   Three Valley.
£] gj  -lotniries from all  parts of  the  world, They  mot at    eight  o'clock Thursday
li-iiVuei and      umivilized,  will gather morning and went on foot lift thc Lind
to  -tudy th.'  religions of the     world, mars  trail.   Tho chalet    was  reached
Cardinal  Mercler of the Roman, Catho by most ol the patty at noon.        On
he  church, will   preside at the congress Friday  afternoon  they all  walked    to
whie-h will devote special attention to Eva L*lte and lunched at Miller bakes,
ths religion of Islam.   Various myth0- Eva L*lte isa vision  ol beauty   Just
loglsts  will lx- in   tbe  syllabus for  dis- now, Biirrouudi>d by acres and acres of
cussion, however, and the reports   by brilliant    spring flowers.     After     thn
naries  from  heathen  lands     on return  to  tbe  chalet  for supper,    tbe
the natii" relii/ions they have studied descent was begun at   6 p.m.  and   tho
nre expected to develop world interest, city  reachod  ot 9  p.m.   Needless     to
Lantern illu-trations will be used    In say, the two days trip made a perfect
the various lai tures. ly enjoyable holiday from flrst to lent
-. ■
All changes of ads must positively be handed into this
office by Monday evening In
oider that the change xhall
appear ln Wednesday's Issue,
and any chinas intended Ior
Hat urday's issue must be
h.md-el in not 1 ater than
Thursday evi«nlng of each
week. Business men please
take note of the above.


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