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The Mail Herald 1907-10-02

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 i nu cuii pay more, inn can nut
huv purer or better MINERAL
VV'ATI'.K than " HALCYON."
Il's Bottled at the Sp
rings. J
.,   UJfclSIBUVI ia, ->t*u ts produced
Vol. 13.-No 77
"Axfcnty, sstd—1'KICK:$01100ca«l<.
0€T 5,t80lln,erior Publishing Co, Agents
$2.50 Per Year
New Fall Goods
White Bear
For the baby and little children. We have a lovely lot
of new coals iu linesi Bear
ISkin, plain cnl effect,
Some are very handsomely
trimmed, the most comfortable and durable coat you
...... buy.
$4.00 to $6.50
White Bear Hoods
and Mitts
Forth., little ones to went'
with the Coats: they make a
pretty sett, comfortable and
w.nill. Some .ne nicely
trimmed and are very cute.
White Bear Bobes
For the baby's carriage and
sleigh.    These come in nil
tht> qualities of While Bear
Skin.   You cnn buy llieni to
match nny cat.   Some of
Ihen. .ue......le with a pocket
that you can fasten the
baby in. The beamy of
I hein is tlmt they wash perfectly.
$3.25 to 6.00.
Bargains in
Children's Dresses
A bargain for Saturday
night and Monday in Children's dresses from 2 lo 0
years. Cashmere and Chilli
dresses iu it variety of colors. Thoy are hall' price,
The price now is
$1.90, $1,50, $1,25,95c,
In "Christie's" makes.
There are no belli... hats
iiiiiiiii lhnn Christie's for
years. Tbey ate always the
same The' Reliable llnl,
We have litem in tlie new
season's shape in both stilf
and soft.
Cue nn.1 soft Jaeger, natural wool, cold and damp
resisting—it sine protection
ngainsl chill. Why buy any
other when you can get
Jaeger the perfect underwear here at tin- price of lhe
commoner lints.
We have a full line of fleece
lined, union, heavy wove,
extra heavy, puce wool. Pec
50c. to $4.50
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Fall Goods Arriving Dally.    Dres3m,kir.g and Millinery Roonu, 2nd Floor
tiV» .fi iT. At |TiiTi .Ts .Ti iTs .Tn .Ti iT> At iT. At A. A. A. «T. A. .T. .T. *Ti .T.
I J,1 "X" "X" "X1 ,X**X* 'X   +   X   +   *   +   ♦   +   X   ♦   <l   4»   4"   *   V *r   4*   ♦
It jou Irani lo get Ibe besl
see our stock.
"Over50 Healing Stoves to
select from and over 'Hi Cook
Stoves to make a choice from.
We have over two carloads
of Stoves and Furnaces on
..ur Floor and in out' warehouse.
We buy the best and can
give you thu advantage of our
extensive buying.
We only buy from the best
Stove makers in Canada.
Wu are showing Airtight
Heaters from $li 60 up, See
our line before purchasing.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves aud Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
■Ta »♦* .*♦*» ■♦» ■♦. «T» ■♦■ »T. .Ti .Ti sT, At .T. At ,T. .T* At «T. .'fr. .Ti »T. At .T. .Ti .T. A,
IJHWljJl 111 HI HI III 111 111 1*1 \jf 111 1^11^1 1^11^1 HI TjJT?t| 1^1 111 IJJI Ml 1*1 IH Wl
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 117*. x 100, on M.tcken/.ie Avenue,
plastered—Oash $950, terms on balance.     PRICE—$2,450
Two-Storey  Dwelling, plasteied and stone basement, l-sits
75 x HKI on Second Street.     (lash $960 and terms on balance,
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 60x100, near Oowan Block
PRICE   $850
At Cl.  M, Sproal's  Karwell  Estate Olliee,
COWAN BLOCK.       ■      -      -       THIRD STREET
A special meeting ol the City Council w.ib held lust night with al1
Minutes ol list meeting were adopted as read.
Communications were received Irum
C. O, Wheeler from Nelson, stating
that he hud received ,i position in the
Nelson police force and would not
return to the city.—Filed.
lhe p...-iii..ii us foreman of the city
waterworks nuw being, the
Council resolved that ten lers be
culled for the position. Applications
to bo in by noon on Friday, October
From C. Holden, ol Winnipeg,
acknowledging his appointment us
superintendent ol the power plant,
and slating that be would leave for
Kevelstoke on Nov. 1, and, if possible,
From J. M. Doyle, T. Burns A Co.,
handing a cheque ol $'228,00 for
amount for impounding of sheep on
Sept. 0, payment being made under
protest und stating that the firm
would take legal action in the matter.
Referred to the city solicitor.
From T. A. Page applying lor a
position as foreman of city waterworks.   Filed.
A tender for grading McKenzie
avenue at Second street was opened
from J. C. Hutchison and was accepted.
Several representatives from various
firms tendering tor tho installation of
the new power plant, were present and
each lepresented their respective sp-
piiriitus by diagrams and illustrations.
The Loomis-l'ettibone Company, of
Milwaukee, stated that they had 18
years expsrience and had an apparatus
to burn lignite, anthracite and bituminous coal economically and with
simple operation. Tbe firm claimed
lull elliciency ol the switchboard and
also safety Irom explosion, the down
draft method b ing used. Quick
starting was alto a feature.
Mr. Daniels of the Minneapolis
Steel A Machinery Co, explained hi.
apparatus as being economical, efficient snd easy in operation. Tlie pro
ducer needs little attention and the
engine simple and easy to operate.
He also claimed that the comparatively close proximity of manufacture
to Revelstoke should weigh in their
favor. A feature of the plant wus ihe
compressed uir starting apparatus.
Hnrd coal only gave the best results.
Mr. Marshall ol the Canadian General Electric Co. and the Canadian
Foundry Co., said that theii apparatus
could he used with all kinds ol fuel,
eke, und charcoal, eto. All muohin-
ery wus made in England and us such
enteral Canada with a 15 per cent
duty ugninst 27,1 in the States, He
introduced Mr. Chapman a producer
expert who explained apparatus made
by their firm. He said that thc
Monad system with lour cycle engine
was the best, with U'ltomatic cleaner
alter each explosion. Their engines
were heavy and reliable, and the work
and material guaranteed, and results
bave been proved satisfactory.
Tenders lor construction of the auxiliary power plant were opened and
read, the proposals and plans of each
being carefully diseus-ed.
The council adjourned till Wednesday night, Oct. 2nd,
From uur own corra|»otuteiil.
Mrs. Kennedy, ol Trout Lake, is the
guest ol Mrs. Gibson.
Mr. and Mrs. Lightburne are taking
in the Westminster exhibition.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Moffatt have returned Irom Toronto where tbey were
visit ing his parents.
Mrs. Whitebread and MiBS White-
bread left Friday on a trip to Victoria
and Seattle.
Miss II. Johnston returned to ber
home in Tucomu.
Mr. H. Hefferon is away on a holiday.
Mr, and Mrs. ''onovan are visiting
friends at the Coast.
Important Subjects Discussed
at Convention.
Nuw Westminster, Oct. 1.—The
annual convention of school trustees
ol British Columbia, which bus heen
iu session in this city since yesterday
morning is proving an important
educational gathering.
The freedom ol the city ex
tended to the delegates by Mayor
Scary, nnd Delegate Maxwell Smith
of Central i'.irk, delivered an address
in reply.
A number ul resolutions were adopted asking the Provincial Government
to supply school libraries and Union
Jacks to the schools, nlso that a
proper medical inspection of all
schools be made regularly.
A resolution favoring the holding of
I High School entrance examinations at the same time in this pro-
vine. Another proposal lhat the
same set of questions be used at tucli,
was lost, as was also a resolution
favoring the opening by private
schools of their attendance rolls to tbe
educational department once or twice
a year.
Passenger and Freight Collide
on Siding.   ,
Wuekunu, W. Va., Oct. 1.—Eight
men were killed, [our fatally injured
and seventeen more or less seriously
hurt lute today when tbe Chicago A
Wheeling express on the Baltimore it-
Ohio railway was wrecked in the yard
at Belluire, O., a few miles below this
city. A freight train was just taking
a siding for the express. The latter
however, failed to pass over the switch
and crashed into the freight.
The wreck is said to be the failure
of an operator to throw the switch.
Engineer H. A. Lipscomb, of the
passenger train, underwent probably
the most heroic surgical operation in
modern times. Caught beneath his
engine, it was lound impossible to
remove the broken iron Irom his body
on account of the way iti which one of
his legs was entangled. Escaping
steam across his face made it impossible to administer an anesthetic, and
as a result his physicians amputated
liis leg as he lay there conscious. Despite the burning steam and the pain
ot tlie opeintion, lie bore it bravely.
It is (eared, however, that the mnn
will die.
 -. ^ *	
Trade Treaty Interests Weigh
Heavy with Association.
ToilONTO, Out., Sept. 30.—One of
the last uml most significant acts of
the convention of the Canadian Mun
tilacturers' association, which has jusi
closed, was to place itself on record as
opposed to any precipitate action in
regard to the Asiatic problem in British Columbia, which might result in
the abrogation of the trade treaty
between Great Britain and Japan
The pronouncement took the lorm of
.. ies.. Hi t ii ui which declared that Ihe
treaty had already done a great deal
towards the drvelopment ol trade
with Japan, and its abrogation would
be disastrous not only to existing
trnde but to the hope ol future extended relations, and urged upon the government the iiiidesirubility ol taking
too hurried action.
A Win for the "Pioneers."
Again Revelstoke bus lind the pleasure ol watching a first cla, came, us
Satuidny's mutch wns even more pro
ductive of good cricket and in every
respect as interesting and enjoyable to
players and onlookers as thc lirst ol
the cup iuul.'lies.
Weather conditions and state of thc
ground lelt little to he desired. The
New Chums" won the loss and went
inlo bat, but the deadly bowling of
Maley and Bourne, coupled witii good
fielding made runs hard to seme.
Davis played u strong innings. Hull
and (lol.le made a brave effort to equal
the free bitting of Davis but evory
other man failed, and ut a few minutes before 4 o'clock the side were all
out tor 64.
The bowling analysis shows sime
remarkable figures, Maley taking 7
wickets lor 22; Bourne 1 for 38, und
W, Mi. Foster taking 3 wickets for no
runs, off seven balls only.
For tbe "Pioneers" Atkins, Field,
Foster and Brier reached double figures.
It is always a pleasure to see a good
cricketer make a good score, and this
leeling prompted the hearty cheers
aud many congratulations given to
Field when he carried his bat for 24
not out. It wus Foster's day too, in
bis score of 17 there were only 4 singles.
T. E. L, Taylor gave sn excellent dis-
pl.iy ol smart fielding, but iu batting
came to grief over Entwistle's bowling.
The bowling analysis of the "New
Chums" does not read so good as in
the first match. Entwistle again was
the man witii the best result, taking 8
nickels lor 41); Davis 1 lor 23, and
Darbyshire 1 for 27,
Darbyshire, c Bourne, b Maley.... 3
Davis.b Maley  20
Brooker  0
Goring, b Bourne  0
Hall, b Maley  18
Entwistle, b Maley  0
Goble, c Brier, b Foster  10
Sissons, lbw h Maley  0
Jones, not out '  1
S. Leteaux, b Foster  0
Blacklock, b Maley  0
Carter, b Foster  0
Extras  12
We regret to announce the sad intelligence ut the dentb of F. W. Stewart, youngest son ol (i. A. Stewart,
and brother-in-law of W, W, Foster of
this city.whicb took place at the Holy
Cross hospital at Calgary, on Monday,
Sept. .'10, Typhoid fever wns the cause
ol .tenth, ..lib..ugh it was thought
that lhe deceased had got over the
worst ol it. The remains will be interred here. Deceased wss well knnwn
in Revelsloke and only till a year ago
was s member ol the local C. P, R.
office stuff.
— -    , ^ ,     —
nothing bstttr than Our "Sptolal.
The attend at the public schools
lor September was as Iol low
High School-
-Div. I.
" II..
Public Scboo
-Div. I.
,.      I.
- "II.
112 811
,.      ,.
-  "Ill
..      ..
- "IV.
ii      i,
- " V.
ii       ,.
- " VI
ti       ii
- "VII. 51
a       i.
"      "
- "IX.
—— -
811.36 177
Tho school attendance in thc city
for September breakt all previous
records. The enrolment lor September
in the public school is exactly 100
greatorthan the enrolment for October
cl last year.
Window shades, regular or made to
order,   C. B. Hume A Co,
I    New  lall   books arriving at Bews
I drug store,
^^^^^^^     64
Atkins, c and b Entwistle  26
Brier, b_Entwistle  15
Bourne, b Davis  0
Taylor, b Entwistle  0
Foster, b Entwistle  17
Norris, b Entwistle  3
Maley, b Darbyshire  8
Vi. Lefeaux, b Entwistle  0
Field, not out  24
Armau, b Entwistle  0
Aman, b Entwistle       0
Skinner, run out  2
Extras  12
The Amateur Dramatic Club have
always been favorites with a Revelstoke audience and it will he welcome
news to the public to know that the
club purpose giving another ol their
popular an eurlydate
Tne Dramatic Club has now been in
existence a little over three years and
during that time have given u number
of splendid productions of a most
varied character. Hy careful attention
to details and faithful rehearsing the
Revelstoke Amateurs have attained a
marked degree ol excellence, each
succeeding performance showing improvement on the preceding effort
In the coining production the Dramatic Club promise the public something particularly good, Tl.o play is
that well known three act comedy
"Jane." The casto is a strong one
mid includes eomo of Revelstokc's
most popular favorites. Further par
ticulsrs ol this coming treat will be
given later. Watch tor the date when
"Jane" makes her appearance in Rev
The parents, Iriends and children of
St. Andrew's Sunday school turned
out in lorce on Sunday morning last
to the annual Children's Day service.
The plutlorm, coin...union table and
pulpit wero well covered with llowers,
terns and autumn loaves. The service
arranged by tl.o General Assembly's
Sithbull. school com in ill no, wna carried
through in an interesting manner by
the children, Mr. A. E. Miller, tho
superintendent, giving a practical
address on the main thought ol the
service, J"(io Work." Tho service
closed with tlie benediction by the
pastor, tbe congregation separating
witii Iho feeling that this was the
most siiocesBlul celobrntiun ol "Children's Day" in Bt. Andrew's Sunday
school. The collection amounted to
-*&&*- Don't Take
Your Groceries
with you, let us send
them home. It's just
as easy for us, and far
more convenient for
you. Or we will call
for the order and deliver the things, just as
I   if  you   selected  them
yourself. We have everything worth keeping, Our reputation for fair dealing is second to none and we can satisfy
you in every way.
01 Stoves, Ranges und Healers. These huve just arrived; tbey are not
old stock, kept over, but NEW v,ith all tbe latest improvements and
they are McOLARTS,
We have a full line ol Fishing Rods, Baits, Lines, Hooks, etc.   Shotguns, Rilles, Revolvers, and ull kinds of ammunition.
Bourne Bros.
For domestic purposes it is the most suitable
Coal and the
Cheapest on the Market
It lights easily, holds a hot lire for many hours
and leaves only a small quantity ol" light ash.
Revelstoke General Agencies, ltd.
Offices- : —Molsons Bank Building,     Telephone ,31
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario, iu the Pro.inew r>f Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
llrltlah Columbia, Ontario, (Quebec.
Capital Authorised        -        ■        -       •10,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   g4,83o,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       S4,83o,ooo.oo
D. It. Wii.kik, President; Hon. K. Jakkkay, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United Statei and
Europe,   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager. \tbc nDaii^TDeraiD,
huuushkii wki.xksi.ay anu satuil
hay at
i.ievelstoke. b.c.,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mdbp'hy,       Harold Fisher
to live, in true an.l plain light, Willi-
out exaggerating or unduly enlarging
upon any one a'traction, the results
will be lar more tu onr credit and
newcomers will themselves Inrther
testily to the conditions and chances
ol making a good living us demonstrated to then, in a true light.
barrialen.1 Solicitor*, Ki''-
.' K. Onus • C. i:.......n.
BAitmsrif'iia, B0L1CIT0R8, ktc.
Orr.ess I   Im 'Kkui  Ham  Block,  Hkvki.
>stoki, IJ. C.
llouy id loan.
Offlce: Rsvelstokt, H.C; Cranbrook, ll. (..
Bto, S. McCarter,
A. M   l'lNKUAM. J. A. BARVIY.
Revelatoke, B. C,       Cru.iru i.k, H.   .
J. M. Scott I.L.D W. I. HriKK..
Babbistebs, Solicitors, Etc.
M.inky to Loan
SOLICITOR8Jpor;Molsons Hank
First Street. Revelsloke, B.C
Amy ol all Orei. Samples by mall or expren
rc'Pive prompt attention,
Terrni Moderate.
Addrksi      ■      •     ■     B*)X 432 KABLO, B. 0.
Provincial Land .Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKkn/.ik Avenue,
Box ioo, Revelstoke,
Provincial Assaybb .*■ Chemist,
Notary Pvbi.ic, tTc,
fboneJ     NEW DENVER, B.C      P.O.Box 10
i.Meiulier American Institute of
Mining Engineers),
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Kkvki.sti.kk, B. C.
Mine Man igement, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land, Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospective investors
or purchasers,
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations,
TCDIO-At   Mrs,   J.  C.   Hutchison's  Con-
*.".-■: f A.anue.
Cbe iHtefMberalb
" 1 would - - . earnestly ad vine Ihem Ior
their good to order this paper to be punctually
etrvea up, and to be looked upon aa t partol
the tea - j'.lpase."—Aodison,
Tie Vancouver Tourist Association
has adopted a progressive policy in its
methods of advertising tbe resources
of tl.e province and particularly the
business and industrial opportunities
ol Vancouver the commercial capital
Requests lor descriptive matter ol an
entertaining character have been received Iron, all parts of the empire.
In response to these requests the
association has piepared artistic stere-
opticon slides of local views and scenes,
including business sections, residences
ind other interesting descriptive
ttudies along with specially prepared
circulars for distribution.
The Revelstoke Tourist Auociation
his done very much the same thing
only tbey Hopped short after
their first effort and have practically
dune nc business thit seasun past.
While we doubt that circulars or even
illustrated pictures ol local scenes and
industries have the direct results that
sre geoertlly looked d.r still they go t
long '.i*y to advertise the district and
give (bote who are looking lor desirable locations tome idea as to what
we can .tier them. The Kevelstoke
book was a highly creditable publication in every respect and ai descriptive as couid be made, yet there is no
reason why tbe T.urist Association
should stop there. They could very
well emulate the scheme adopted by
Um Vancoiiverites with advantage
and the geographical position ol our
city particularly lends iuell to this.
Jn the lost two years Revelstoke has
made marked development and it
should I* the aim ol the Tourist Association to study the 1-est methods ol
attracting immigrants and settlers,
even mure than transient tourists
who are here May and gone tomorrow, perhaps forgetting in tbe many
tcenes they pass through, individual
attractions of any one spot. It is to
tbe permanent home maker that we
should look, in our etforts in advertising our district, and we ihould demonstrate tbe resources and advantages
that can be gained hy settling in this
rection, in agricultural, commercial,
mineral and timber pursuits. Above
all il we aim in representing our
claims as a desirable district in which
As lunching the present embarrassed
financial situation iu C.inada und the
condition of thc lumbor industry with
the closing down of mills and logging
camps, The Canadian Lumbermen has
the following to say:
Up to June un abundance of orders
were received from the Northwest Territories; the only serious drawbacks at
that time were the scarcity ol labor
and luck of transportation facilities
owing to the Canadian Pacific being
short ot cars and motive power. Then
came the tightening of the purse
strings l.y the banks; the retailers held
fur sized stocks, but when it became
impossible lor them to discount the
farmers' paper, business slopped like a
clock willi the spring knocked out:
orders held l.y the mills were cancelled
"A month sinoa'all travellers were
taken oil' the road hy thc Mountain
and Coast mills. At that time many
mills closed down; now all have stopped operation! with the exception ol a
lew that hold contracts lor railway
ties and timbers. Nearly every logging camp is closed, and it is expected
that no logging will be done this
winter. At tlie same time tlie stocks
of lumber in the interior ol British
Columbia ure not much above the
normal amount carried; therefore with
the total cessation ol production a lall
in prices is not anticipated, Tbe
tightness ol the money market will
have a salutary effect in maintaining
prices by limiting production, and
cheap lumber cannot be expected until it is made so by act of parliament.
It would not be surprising il the government charged the banks with criminal conspiracy Ior acting in collusion
with the manufacturers to restrict the
output for tbe purpose ol unduly enhancing the price of lumber and lor
restraints of trade.
A peculiar feature ol the lumber
trade is the tact that retail dealers
have to ask for extensions of time
and would be on the verge of bankruptcy il compelled to pay up. And
yet at the same time a wise grandmotherly government is prosecuting
the poor dealer for getting rich too
quickly,—this paradox is explained by
the fact that the present government
wish to secure tbe tanners' votes at
any price.
To be able to understand a country
one must live in it and conform to the
rules laid down by the heads ol admin.
istrution. Yet even the visitor who
spends only a few weeks in British
Columbia learns to understand something of the fascination of life in the
only country on the globe where man
has all the advantages of European
civilization and yet can regain touch
whenever he wishes with the old simple lile of the unlenced wilderness.
(From Our Own CorreapondentJ
Our district was awarded three first
prizes in the Salmon Arm Fair held
on Thursday and Friday lust:—T.
Aitken, first prize in potatoes; C,
Baines, two first prizes in apples. The
Notch Hill exhibits were much
Development is going on all around
and land clearing is being extensively
carried on.
Settlers continue to arrive and locale
The government Lave spent considerable money ol late on loads and the
lake settlement section is being rapidly opened up.
The Adams Kiver Lumber company
ire making great -trules wilh their
new mill.
The Alligator Warping l.g. the
property of the Shuswap Lumber Co .
will te shortly on its way up to Adsmi
Uk.- for logging operations.
Mr, and Mrs. II, Cunningham
Morris, ol Revelsloke, were the week
end guests ul Mr. and Mrs, F. Barnard
Tbe young people are busy making
preparations for a basket social.
Mr. Keidman cm...enced the
erection ol his new lake stoie.
Mrs. T. Dunne and family leave this
week (or Arrowhead where they will
C. Haines and L. T, Morris have left
for an extended bunting tour In the
Adams Lake country.
Mr. Smith's " Caribou Lodge, "
Adams Lako, is iu course ol construction,
Mi. Dunne and H. lelt on
Monday for the lime workings, the
property of Messrs. Mitchell and Perry.
The lime looks very promising.
NotNns hsttsr mm Our "tptolal,
B. C. is not as Well Known as
il Should be.
It. II, Court, manager ol "Canada"
the Anglo-Canadian weekly thut is
published ut London, England, is at
the const, lie hits come to Cu.nida
to personally acquaint himsell with
conditions existing in the Domiuiou,
anil nlso to place seveinl agencies ol
liritish bouses. These are principally
engineering and hardware, and the
fact thut l.e has this commission in
band is au indication of the willingness tu do business in the west. The
Hnunoial situation I- being luoked into p by Mr. Court, and in
that connection be finds things in
Vancouver looking very gold.
"British Columbia, us well as other
provinces in the Dominion ure not they sliould.
One cause of this is the large amount
ol advertising given to the northwest
hy the C.I'.ll. In the British papers
every dny aim ist ure items rtlerrilig
to tl.e northwest, Imt British Columbia is hardly .-ecu. It is becuuse ol
this condition of ull'airs that Ontario
bus decided to undertake a speciul
campaign to bring before tlie people ol
the old country the advantages it lias
in lhe way ol settlement and investment.
"Just now, too, a number uf British
people are coming to Canada, who
have Iiom $5,000 to $10,000 capital,
but they never reach Vancouver. I
advise all of that kind I meet to come
out here, but tbey are persuaded to
remain in the northwest. It's nothing,
hardly, but lhe northwest. Since
coining to this city I have bid u large
number of propositions for
put before me which I shall tuko lo
Great Britain with the ohj.ct ul enlisting capital.
' Debentures nre not going particularly high just now, but ufter the lirst
ol the year,say iu the spring, 4J per
ceuls will bring 115 easily in London.
Brokers have been over there asking
100, but this is too much, and lhe
result is that no one will buy at par,
If such men had been satisfied with a
moderate profit, buying at HO or thereabouts, and selling at'.In, sales might
have been easily made. Yis, it would
pay a city like Vancouver having a
arge debenture issue of a million or
more, to send a man direct to London.
Winnipeg did it with great success.
"What British Columbia requires in
the old country is advertising, on a
systematic tnd thorough basis. There
are great opportunities out here, but
little is known ol them.*'
Mr. Court is a young Yorkshire-
man who has won u place in London
journalism. "Canada" has a circulation of 70,000 weekly aud is one of
the foremost papers, lle states that
during last spring between 3,000 and
6,000 letters were received in the
inquiry olliee nl "Canada" asking lor
Handsome Type of Cars to be
Built for Next Season.
That the experiment with the nev
"Trans-Canada" train given greal
satisfaction Irom oi nd    1 tlie line
to the other, and th.t next year the
service will be made a daily one. making ilfree through iruins > day leaving
Montreal and Vancouver on the transcontinental journey wai the .nn ince-
ment made at Montres , 5Ir Robert
Kerr, the general passenger traffic
manager of the C. P, K . on hil rei IM
from a lengthy inspect n trip over
the western lines ol the company.
Mr Kerr made th" lurtherannouncement tnat thr oompany will immediately set about building st its Angus
shops an entirely new type ol ca- Ior
use nn the transcontinental train.
Thil cir will be modelled somewhat....
the lines ol a new type on the 8. uth
em Pacific Railway. One ..real feature
will be windowi 64 inch.a wide reselling to the rool in !..ct the whole .idea
ol Hie cars will lie practically made up
ol plate glass, to II to give the kal
possible opportunity to travellers ol
teeing the ligbtl along the railway.
There wili in addition be I big observation platform where people oan til
in the open   in   en./   cl.air"   ...   line
The interior ol ibe car will be divided into three compartments, At
one end it will be furnished with esty
cl.nirs very much alter tl.e style if the
present, pallor cars. In the middle
will lies library, with all the latest
books, magazines and newspapers, an.l
also a counter where light refreshments oan be obtained; at the other
end will Is. a Very large, niry, and comfortable smoking cur, ol tl.e same size
and fitted up in very rnncli thn same
way, observation windows and all, as
tho parlor end of tho car. Theie ers
will be known as "Library Club and
Observation Cars," and enough ol
them are to l.e built this winter to
put on one through trnin a day ench
way next season.
Noat patterns ol linoleums, 60o. a
yard, at the Ideal.
Revelstoke Men are Appointed
Heads of Police.
Nelson, Oct. 1.—At i. meeting ol
tl.o police c..iiiiiii;si..ncis held on Silt
iir.h.y morning between 1202and 12.11'.
o'cl. ck, ll.e resignations ol the lormei
chief nnd s< rgcuit ol police wcro nc
ceptcd nnd P. O'Cnrroll and O. G
Wheeler appointed to their places,
with J. Ellis as patrolman.
The new chiel, directly niter the
meeting stated to the Daily News man
that ho was now 38 yearn of age and
bad been a police ollicers lor 21 years.
He is trom l'ictou, N. B. and still in
the employ ol the l.C.R, there, on two
months' leave at Revelstoke. He had
been in Klondyke for a couple ol yeum
but the rest ol bis life li.'il beeu spent
in l'ictou. lle had numeruu1 references but none with llllll and had been
noted tor tl.e capture ol mure than
one notorious criminal.
C. G. Wheeler is u sergeant major of
the Canadian militia, lias been in the
country lor 18 months in the employ ol
the C.P It., but lately as superintendent ol the Revelstoke waterworks acting occasionally us a special ollicer.
He had been in the royal navy as t
young man serving Irom liis first year
in the Immortnlite, and in many
famous ships, bad seen service in
Egypt. Bui mu nnd South Africa, and
had been .'or years in the imperial
intelligence service and is a govern-
ment pensioner.
First-Class Clover and Timothy Hay for sale. Also all
kinds of Garden Produce.
Couches from $1150 up, piclures
Irom 50c. up, Extension tables lor
$7.00.—At the Ideal. £
Ivory pack.t
will kill
mer. fli.. than
SOO «h«.t.
of itloky stupor
— SOLD »V —
.0* p«p*ck«t,.rS pack.!. f*rtSo.
will hut • wk.1. HMM
Local Rovolstoko
Socialist Party of Canada
Meet. First anil Third Wednesday In the month
in Selkirk 1. ill. upstairs, at 8 Subject Inr
diacuttsliin-"Arraingment of Capitalism. All
Interested are welcome.
c. w. o. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Menu Second an.1 Fourth Wednesday, tn
cacl. month, in Selkirk Ilnll. Visiting Woodmen cordially invited to attend.
IV, II. Alt.MSTItONG, Con. Com.
.1. McINTYRK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Tho regular meetings nre lield in the Selkirk
Hall overy Tuesday evening at So'cluc*. Visit-
Ids brethren are cordially invited.
W. K. McLAlYHLIN. Secretary.
Front Street,    Revelstoke
That's Royal Crown kind—
mnde in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
wnshii'.giirecasy with its help.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tclis what we give lor
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
lor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver. B. C.
Timber, Mines,
fruit Lnnds
I have ninny enquiries fnr
Fruit Lands Irom Winnipeg,
Toronto,an.l Vancouver. Persons desiring to dispose of
their holdings, large or small,
will do well lo list them with
me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
Mnuiiftioliirnd (or all olflssealof buildings
All kiuda'of ^building and plastering
Full line ol Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices.
FIRST STREET, ■ city reit»ur»kt
Place your orders for your
Harness..—Hand-make Boots
and Fancy Leather Goods. . .
Koottnnv Lodge No. 15 A F,& A.M.
The regular meet-
ing> arc hold in the
Mat-onic Temple,
Jdd FellflWfl Hall.on
the third Monday in
inch month at S
■j.iii. Vleltlngbreth
ri'ii cordially wel
r a. HKut'UNIKR, Secretary.
Meet* everyThurmiav
pvcninK   in    Selkirk
kHall    at   8   o'clock.
lViMitinK brethren cordially invited to attend
r.   HUMBLE N'i. J. MA1HIE. Sec
Cold Range Lodge, K. of  P.,
No. 28, Revelstoke, a. C.
■■:-. Dpi Third Wednesday of
each month m the Oddfellows'
Hi I at 8 o clock Visiting
. ■ ;-.,>. ire cordially invited,
G   H  IWH K. K   nl K  A B
HM   BHOWN   M, '.f F
Restaurai' ami Kurnished Roomi
M-:. - Iron. 26c. Up
Seoond Street, • East End
liwr IImkU  Ai, n ..    ,-,  ,Klc,
Mill M Kll
Amnif.:   .: Igl   •'
p II ll.ll Jl.
Studio:   Corner o. hr-i*.  mrl Bojila A,a.
It.,.' i„k.   II  I!
Storaf e
All Kinds of Light and H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone
BELOW will be lound the names of some ol lhc prusr-ssi o linns in
Revelstoke who mnke this most popular nnd liberal ofler: Thi» elegant
library nnd handsome case will be given by vote to the Lulge, Society,
Church or School in Revelstoko securing tlie largest number ol voles in
the lollowing manner: Tl.e business men listed below will pivo with
EACH TEN CENT PURCHASE one vote. The contest begins Sept.
Oth and ends Feb. Oth, 1908, A ballot box has been placed in the Camilla
Drug A Book Store where the votes are to bs deposited. At the close ol
the contest the church, school, society or lodge hsviug ths largest number ..I volet will be awarded the library. Current secoiiiitt whu. promptly paid will l.e entitled to rotes. Remember, votei can only In leeured hy
trading with thc merchants listed below, Each week ths .Mail
will announce the standing ol the contestant.
The library and case are now on exhibition In the show window of
C. B. Hume itt Co.
Groceries,   Drygoods,    Crockery
Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
House Furnishings.
Meals, Etc.
Fine Confectionery, Ice Crenm, Etc.
('.. ,p....s given on Hardware only
Cigars, Tobacco, etc.
Printers snd Publishers,
Central Hotel
Newly built.     Kirst-clasu in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same  management
suitably furnished with thc choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $ i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens Hotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, -        -        Proprietor
25c. to 50c. on the fi
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
The besl llrb-k in the Province
Well burnl Brick Irl large nr
small quantities at Reasonable
James Evans
Dealers in Heel, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and (Innin in
Beaton, Orders promptly attended to
First St. Revelstoke
WE PAY FREICHT lo nnv railway Million
tf. Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia,
Writs for our latest Prlos list, ii is
mailed Iree on request.
We only handle the besl goods money
can buy, only goods of besl mills, manu-
i,t. liners ami packers shipped.
Wt make Prompt Shipments.
Wt absolutely guarantes sallslaotlon
and Delivery.
All Coodt Cuarantssd or Money Re-
I. is i, duly in V in Vour Family Arid
in your I'... kel l(.)..k io investigate our
We do nol belong lo Ihe Jobbers' or
Retailers' Board ... Association ."' nnv
Reftrtnotl i Any Hunk, Railway or
Kxpresi I ompany in 'lie lily, or the
names ..1* twenty thousand Satlslled customers fii .in- lour provinces.
Write lor Our Prlos list To-day.
Northwestern   Supply   House
)... and .'in Stanley Stroel
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Futb.
In order to secure one of our
In the centre of the Southernmost and Wannest valley in
B.C., West Kootenay, for
$10 down   and  $!U per
month for IU acres.
To pay all your expenses nml refund
If our land and whole proposition
is not exactly an we represent it.
Ynu can make from $11X1 to $700
per acre annually growing fruits
and market gardening. Every tract
is either level or gently sloping.
The soil is loam with clay subsoil..
Free from rock. Ample rainfall.
Fine healthy climate, Cool in summer. Zen. weather in winter practically unknown, No early or late
frost (lunger, Plenty of timber on
each Intel for buildings, fences and
fuel. Eaeh tract fronts on it road,
and every tract within half-mile of
main line of R.R. Title is perfect.
We own one-llfth of the good land
in the whole Kootenay and make
these terms sn that you will be able
to use your surplus funds improving
your land. Wc refer to three of the
strongest Hanks in Canada. Write
ipiick for maps, etc, and testimonials uf settlers at
Ntlton, B, C.
From France, Holland and
reliable varieties nt reasonable prices,
F'ertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc,
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of B.C.   Catalogue free.
m»;bsv, DOOTOR Or
.1. *...,i! " Don't do •
thine-" till ynu in- rl.-mly n IichI l.y ni.l of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on hciltli, rllHun-H,-. love. iiuirilnKt- iiiiiI imrrnUige
'lulls what you'd n*li a il...-i(jr, lint don't like to
U0pn.[es, ill.iatratffl, '.''.cuntn; bin io Introduce
It *u -end one to any adult for iiostaKe.
1.1 c ..I/,
US l».t 38th tlrstt, NIW YORK.
Rilles, Shotguns, Revolvers,
Fishing Tackle, Tents, Hunt-
ing and Outing Suits, Canoes,
Boats, Typewriters and Office
Di sk, Field and Opera Glasses,
All at less than hull' price,
Write at once for hig list,
Nautfljewauk, N. B., Canada.
Cariboo Lnnil Distriet.
Dislriei of Cariboo.
Take notice thai Donald Mcltilosh of
Revelsloke, H. C, prospeclor, intends lo
apply for permission lo purchase .he following described land:
Coniiuencing al n posl planled about 2J
miles above Hlue River, marked "D. Mclnlosh's S. E. corner," Ihence norlh 120
chains, tlience west 40 clmins, llienee
south 120 chains, tlience ens. 40 chains lo
point of commencement, conlaining 480
ncres more or less,
Dated July 31st, 1907.
wed aug a. D. McINTOSH.
Wait Kaotenay Land District,   Dlalricl..( lie..
ala.oke, Il.C.   Taka notlca .Iml tiime-t, William
Hainan, ul ltl.eli.oka,  B.C., nccupntlnn l.isi.r-
a..c« A.ent, inlands to >|.|.ly (nr iwrnilaal,... to
p..rcl.a«a the follimuq-   ilearrllm!
nianrlii). at a put planted .111 tlir western allure ol
Uliper Arrow Uke, al llaniiuek Point, and marked "H. W. llai|en'a auulli-eaat corner poal,"
altuuti. ..I.....I SO chalna Iri.iutin- ■ rulreaj-
Ity of Iliiiin.H k Point, tlience nortl. ll. clialna to
tin. Houtlmrn Imundary of (leorve lluyd'a pre-emption, thenca weat ,u clialna .0 .lie eaateru boundary ol Lot 811, thenre aouth SU chaina... .hi abort
ol Upper Arrow Lake, thence eaa. lollnwlni the
shore ol Upper Arrow Lake to place ol commence-
inral, an area ..(.60 acrei, more or leaa.
listen July «)l>, jWT,   Hupoit William., Hamen,
Tako notico Ihal I, Qoortfe T. N#imi*n, of
Anowlicud, 11. (;., occupation ('lurk, lnt owl to
apply for porniliiHion to purchano tlio fallowing
doHorlboit UiiiIh:
Communcing at a pout planl ml atthe N.K,
cornor of Clara McQuarrlc's Lot 8106, thonc*
norl li Gn duilim, tlienci: went M clmln.i, tlionco
Mouth 2ti I'lmiiiH, thonco cant ll) ehaiiiH, Ihoneo
smitli-III chiiiim, llienee out 10 uhaius topoint
of comnioncomonU
Dnted Sept. llth, 1007.
top21 >»t        OKOROK T. NKWMAN.
Ilevelstoke Land District,
Ti;I<i) notice that llowniiui l-mnlicr Cm.pany,
Ltd., ol, 11. Ci occupation Lumber
Manutuctnrors, Intends to apply for. special
timber licence ovor tho following dcacribod
Commenolng Ita post planted on the south
aide ol northeast nrm Upper Arrow Uko nnd
nmrki-d ''Jtowinnn Lumber Company's N, K,
corner |ifi,t," thonce enatstl chuina,llienee aouth
80 chains, lhcnco west 80 clialna, thnnco nortl.
80 chains lo oolnt of commencement, andcon-
ti.iiiluK Gin aores, more or lesa,
Duted July Jl, IIH7.
wiik'    Ily I heir Anon'. Mn O. McCarthy.
Anypcraoo or peraom found cutting or car-
rylnu, aivav timber nil the Comaplix townalto,
.ilthnut permlnlon Irom lhe owner Hon,
llenlll lloilock, or hla acenl Chlel Voung,
will be proaeculed according to law,
Dated thl. 10th day ol August, 1907
wed aug 11 im HlWin BOITOCK. n Diiiuni  IU.U..L
Keep Revelstoke up with the
It would lc dillicult to lind many
wlio in visiting Ilevelstoke cannot
express profound Admiration lor the
nntiiril scenic and climiilic beauties
ol the eity siirrouudingr; but there
are oiliers who again Imve niitintaim d
that prosperity of a substantiul character is bound to come and (but tbe
city, il judiciously h milled and lur
alTairs conducted in a manner thnt
will benelil tbe community ss s whole,
tho present active progressive movement is an indication that Revelitoke
is on its way to fur more development
that will take place during lhe next
two years. Our geographical position
on tlie great highway cannot be excelled. With ordinary enterprise on
llie psrt ol our merchants and citi-
tens generally, we cannot (ail to reap
the be..eli.s of the increased development ol the whole province snd our
own district in purticuhr, which i<
being carried on in earliest. British
Culumbia has not jes been exploited
even to a small (ruction, and the bulk
ol ber retources, ol which we have a
vast proporlion iu this vicinity are yet
lying dormant. In this very district
there is room lor s tremendous ad
vsneo industrially and otherwise and
Revelstoke will naturally expect to
benefit directly and indirectly from
thi. forward movement. Immigration
ol a belter class is gradually drifting
over the Rockies and the west will
soon be invaded by large numbers ol
new comers, The general movement
has ken in this direction and th. se
seeking farm and fruit lands will have
the very best ol choice in this district,
convenient io the best markets and
tbe distributing centre of practically
the whole province. The dawn ol a
new, a bright nnd prosperous era is
spreading and let it not be said that
that Revelstoke is behind the times,
weighed in the balances and lound
Steel Range
From the Victoria Week we take
the following:
"Ottawa loses to the west again in
the mar.inge of one of its daughters,
Miss Lilian Margaret O'Douahue tu
Dr. William H. Sutherland of Revelstoke, B. C, the wedding ceremony
being performed ou tbe llth Sept.
by tbe Rev. Father Whelan oi St.
Patrick'i church.
"The bride wore a beautiful gown ol
white voile de soie, trimmed profusely
with Duchess Point lace and carried a
huge bouquet ol bridal roses and
maiden hair ler... The only orutn.ent
worn wai a diamond and amethyst
bracelet, ibe gilt ol the groom. Miss
Josephine O'Douahue, the bride's only
attendant, wore a dainty tulle embroidered gown with touches ol pale
"The best man was Dr, O'Brien of
Ottawa. Alter a recherche breakfast
at the home ol the bride's mother,
O'Connor Street, Dr. and Mrs. Sutherland lelt lor Montreal, Quebec, and
Prince Edward Island, where the
honeymoon wiil be speut,
"Her going-sway gown was ol Parma violet broadcloth with rhiln.n
blouse and hat ol the same shades,
which was linished oil' with a mart out
"The host ot Iriends ol the b.ide in
the Capital bestow their congratulations and beet wishes ai she leaves to
make her luture home in Revelsloke,
where Dr. Sutherland .8 so well and
favorably known."
Tbe doctor's many Iriends snd aJ-
mireri in Revelstoke will extend a
hearty welcome to himself and bride
on their arrival at their luture home.
Ntusox, Oct. l.-W. A. Galliher, M.
P., returned Iron, tl.e East, and in
an interview he expressed himtell ss
thoroughly satisfied that the Dominion Oovernment wuuld do everything
possible to restrict Japanese immigra
tion and tbat he though that the
action reported to have been just
taken by Mr, Scott, the superintendent of immigration, to confine all
landing ol Japaiiesc.tu those individuals who possessed imperial passports,
would test the bona tides of the Japanese lioveriiiiii.ut as tothe restricting
ol emigration Iro... their own country
to Canada under the previous arrangement,
The lollowing are tlie revenues collected by Canadian customs lor inland
ports during the month ol So plumber
Revelstoke  $7,100 41
Ashcrolt       617 40
Golden    1,478 52
Kamloops       780 £7
Vernon      2,8011 ,11
112,855 llll
The '...crease uver the corresponding
month ol llllll) is $5,608.48, Tbo blltl
ness done in itcvelsloke thii month
was greater than all the other cities
put together.
Fresh air is introduced into
the Kootenay oven through a
series of vents at the bottom
of the oven door, and the
cooking1 fumes carried out
through another series of
vents at the back of the oven.
(Arrows in
show method^ ;
'of ventilation.)
'The air in tha
oven is always
kept pure. The
natural flavor
of every
artiole i s
tastes most
on request
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
In the Matter ol Duncan McEschran
TAKE NOTICE tbat by order of
His Honor J. A. Forin, made on the
2(ilb day of August, 1907, I wss appointed Administrator of the estate
of said Duncan McEachren, deceased,
and all parties having claims against
the said estate are hereby required to
furnish same properly verilied lo me
on or belore the 1st. day ol Octobc,,
And al   parties  indebted to said
estate arc required to pay the amount
of their indebtedness to me forthwith
OiHcial Administrator.
Dated this 31st day ol Aug., 1907.
In the matter of  William Thomas,
In the matter uf lhe Ollicial Administrator's Act."
TAKE NOTICE that by order of
Ills Honor J. A. Forin made the loll)
dny of August, 11)07, I wus appointed
administrator of the estate of said
William Thomas, defeased, and all
parties having ciniins against the said
estate are hereby required to furnish
same p.operiy verilied to me on or
before the 1st. dav of October, 19(17.
Ami all parties indebted lo said estate
are required to pny tl.e amount uf
Iheir Indebtedness to me forthuiib.
Ollicial Adn.'nisttutor.
Datedtho27lhdiyof Aug, 1007.
In (bo matter of Archibald Squair,
In the milter of the "OMcinl Administrator's Act."
TAKE NOTICE   by order of His
Mull.... J, A. Forin, made lhe 15th day
of   August,   1907,   I   was   appointed
administrator of the estute of said
Anbibald Brechin Squair, deceased,
and nil parlies having against
Ibe suid estate are hereby requited to
furbish same properly verilied lo me
on or before the 1st. dav of October.
1907.    And all parties indebted lu said
estate are required lo pay the
of llieir indebtedness to me I'm lb .villi.
OiHcial Administrator,
Dated the27th day of Augiisi,lU()7.
In the matter of Lewis Eyra Sleeves,
In the matter of the "Ollicial Administrator's Acl."
TAKE NOTICE that by order of
llis Aonnr .1. A. Fotiu, made the 15th
day of August, 1907, I was appointed
Administinliir of Lewis Eyra Sleeves,
deceased, mul all parties having claims the said estate are hereby
required tu furnish nam., properly ven-
II. dlo me on or before Ibe 1st, dayof
October, 1907. And all parlies indebted
tosuld estate are required to pay the
amount ol indebtedness tu me forthwith,
oiii.if.i Administrator,
Dnled the U7th day of August, ll«)7,
In the matter of an application for the
issue of a duplicate of the COrtKlcate i
of title for Lit 12. Block IS, in the
town of Revelsloke,
NOTICE is hereby given that il is
my intention to Issue ui. the expiration
of...... I....Ill I. frum the Hrst publication
hereof, a duplicate of tlie certificate of
title for lho uln.vo lut In the lliiiili1 of
Huron Ikllogiuird. which cerlllicate is
ilutt'il the llth day ul January um,
and .lumbered 4ii:«ik. ami li.ilk'.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, II, c,
01 h September, 1007,
II. F. Mai Lkiui,
Dlttt'llt Registrar.
Lillooet Lam! District.
Dislrict of Lillooel.
Take nolice that Andrew Kitson, of
Revelsloke, B. 0„ Miner, inlends to
applv for a special timber license over
lhe following described lands;
1. Commencing at a post planled
cu lhe east hunk of ihe north forkof
Seymour River, about lj miles above
Ibe fork of the sume and aboul 81
miles up flllli. Sbuswap Lake, and
mai ked "Andrew Kitson's S. W. Corner," tbenee norlh 100 chains, tbeuce
eusl lOchains, thenee south lOOchains,
llienee west 411 ehnins to point of coin, and containiug H40 ncres
more or less.
Daled July 31st, 1907.
2. Commencing at a post planled
on lhe east bun k of Ihr north forkof
Seymour River about lj miles shove
lhe fork of the same and about 31
miles up fnnn Shnstvup Lake and
markeil "Audiew Kitson's S. E, Cor
ner," thence norlh 100 chains, thenee
west 40 chains, tbence sou.h 100
chains, thence east 40 chains lo point
of I'l.inmenceiiieiil and containing 640
airesino.e or less.
Dated July 31st, 1907,
3. Commencing at a pnst planted
on the eust hunk ot lhe nnrth fork ol
Seymour River, about 4J miles above
the fork ol the same and about 84
miles above Shuswap Lake, snd
murked "Audiew Kitson's N.W. Cor
ner," lbence south 80 chains, theme
.-.-isl .SOi hfiins. theme north 80 chains,
tbence west S) chains to point of commencement ami coutnining 010 aires
more or less.
Dated July 81st, 1907.
4. Co........... ing at a pnst planted
on the east bank of lhe north fork of
Seymour Ri vol', nboul 4J miles above
lhe folks of Ihe same nnd about 34
miles up fun.. Shuswup Lake, and
murked "Andrew Kitson's S.W. Corner, lbence norlh 80 chains, lbence
eusl 80 chains, tlieuce somh 80 chains)
thenee tvesl 80 chains to point of commencement and conlaining 010 acres
more or less.
Dated July Hist, 1907.
5. Cummencing at a post plunted
ou theeast bunk nf the north lork nf
Seymour River, about one half mile
below ll.e fork of the sume, and ubout
29 miles up from Shuswup Luke and
maiked "Andrew Kilsons S. E. Cornel'," I hence norlh 811 chains, thence
ivesl 80 chains, lbence south 80 chains,
thenee east SOchains to point of commencement and containing 040 acres
more ur less,
Dated August 3rd, 1907.
0. Oommenclng nt a post, planted on
the Onnk of the north fork of Seymour River, about one half mile below
the folk of the same and about 29
miles above Shuswap Lake, and
inarked "Andrew Kitson's N. K Cur
ner," lbence soulh 40 chains, tnence
west lOOchains, lbence north lOchains,
thence east 100 ehains lo point of commencement containing 040 acres
inoreor less.
Dated August 3rd, 1907.
7. Commencing a. a post planted
on ll.e wesl batik of the north fork of
Seymour River, nboul three miles
below llie forkof the snnie and about
2(1} miles above Shuswup Lake and
marked "Andrew Kitson I S. K. Curlier," thence ....ith 80 chaini, thence
west80 chaini, ihence south SOchains,
thence eust 80 ehuins, to puint of com.
nieiicemeiit and containing 010 acres
inure, ir less.
Dated August 3rd. 1908.
8. Coniiuencing at a post planted
i lhe wesl bankof the north fork nf
Seymour River, 21 nud a half
miles above Shuswup Lake, and
mai ked "Andrew Ki sou's S. E, Corner." thence nnrth 80 chains, thenes
west SOchains, Ihenie soulh 80chains,
Iheneeeast SOchains. to point of commencement and containing 010 ncres
more orless.
Dated August 3rd, 1907.
0. Commencing ai a post planted
nbout one mile east ol the uurth furk
of Seymour Kiver, on a tilbiitnry of
.be ►..mi' nboul lil miles up from
Shuswap Lake and marked "Audiew
Kitson's S.W. Coiner," lbence north
40 chains, ihem.- easl 100 ehnins,
.1........ south in iIinins. thenee west
Illll11.uins tr, point of .....ll...'...-.•...!'..t,
■(ud containing 0|u m res mere or less,
Dated August Oth, 1907.
lu. Commencingat a post plnuted
about one mile east of the nnrth fork
I Seymour lliver, on a tributary of
lhe -same, 21 miles up from
Shnstvup Lake, nud marked "Andrew
Kils.u.'s N W, I'l.riirr," lbence south
III thalllt. Ihence enst 100 chains,
ihence nnrlh I" chains, thence west
lOOchains lo poinl of commencement,
un.I conlaining 910 arret more or less,
Dated August6th. Wi.
■vcdniig.Hi Anubkw Kitson,
I!  vi-Uluke I..0.1 II   In".
ll -Illll "I  We.-l KxnllMlilV,   N .'...-    Illll     I.   Uhicles  L.
Hyde, ..I Revelstok", B C. ...-.-..p..	
Timber C.-iiis.-r, iui.' lor n
spici il lo in.   lin.hei   .,l.  ll.e
following lund:
1 Coinnieiiciiig ill posi planlcd aboul
3 ...des up .he norlh-easl fink of Gold
stream, .narked "Cha*. L. Hyde's
N. W. Cornet Posl," thence souih 80
iliains. I hence easl 80 chains,
nnrlh 80chains, ibeuce west 811 chums
Io point of c niiiienceinenl, uud con-
Iniuiug 010 ncres, inure or less,
Dnled August8lb, 1907.
ll ted
it Sll
2. ('....iinei.eing at it post ph.
about 3 miles up the norlh-easl foi,
Goldstream, niul markeil "Clins,
Hyde's N. K. Corner Posl," the
-south 80 chains, ihence west 80 thn
ihence north 80 cunins, thence .....
chains lo point of commencemeni,
I'Oi.luinii.gOiOacres mote or less,
Dated August Slh, 1007.
3, Commencing a. n post plant n half miles up I he north fork
Uoldstream, and 1 mile west of i
nullh fmk, murked "Chas. I., llyd
N. W. Corner Posl," thenci. east
cbnins, lbence soulh 80 cbnins, Ihei
west SO cbnins, theme nuiili 80 chni
to point of coinmeiicemeiit, and c.
(.lining (140 ncres, more or less.
Dated Augusl Uth. 11)117.
4, Cnmincni'ing nl » post, plant 3 uud a half miles up lhe mn
fork of Uoldstream and aboul, 1 n.
west of lhe norib fork, marked "Chas.
L. Hyde's Nurth-east Cornei  Post,"
ihence south lOOchains, Ihence v
40 chuius.  thence  norlh  100 cha
tbence east 40 chainslo point, of commencement, and containing Oil) acres,
moreor less,
Dated August Oth, 11)07.
5. Commencing al a posl, planted
ahoul 3 and a ball* miles up the norlli
fork of Gnldstre-.ui unit ubout 1 mil.
west of Ihe north fork llllllke.l "Chas.
L. Hyde'sS E. Conier Posl," llienei
norlli 100 ehuins, thence wesl40chains,
thence snulli 100 chains Iheuce e'ist 41
chains tn poinl. of commencement, nml
coutnining640 acres, more or less.
Dated August 9th, 1907.
0.  Cummencing nt a post plunled
about 1 mile up Camp Creek nnd aboul
half u mile enst of creek, Cainp Ciee'
being a  tributary    of   Gnl.lslrean
marked    " Chas.   L.   Hyde's   S. V
Corner,"  Ihunce   noith   80   chain..
Iheneeeast, .heiue suuth 80
.bains, lbence west 80 chains In  lhe
poinl of coinnieiicemeiit, mul contain
Inn 010 ncres, more ur less.
Dated August )2th. 1007.
7 Commencing at a pnst plnnl ed ahull
half.i mile I'min Columbia River un
about. 10 cliains   south of   Dmv.ii
Creek,   marked   " Chas.    L.   Hyde
S. W. Cornei'," thence north 00chains,
Ihence east 40chains, Ihence ninth 40
cbnins, thence east, 40 chains.  Ihence
south RIO chains, theuce west 80 chains
tn point of commencement, nnd con
t.lining (IIO ueres more or less.
Dated August 13lh, 1007.
wedaugSl Chab, L. Hydk.
KevclsUtko Land District.
District ol wcst Kootenny.
Tnke noti e tnal Andrew Kitson, of
Revelstn.c, B. O., miner, intends to
upply for a special timber license over
the lullnwing described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted
oiiequartei mile ..hnve the norlh fork
uf Flat Oreek, on the north hank, and
nnukeu "Andrew Kitson's S. E. Our
nee." thence north 40 chains, thence
west 100 ehnins, thence smith 40 chains,
theuce enst 100 chains to point of
commencement, nud containing 010
ueres more or less.
Dated August 20-h, 1907.
2. Commencing ata post planted
one quarter mile ubove the north furk
of Flat Creek oil the north bank and
mai ked "Andrew Kitson's S. W. Corner," thence north 80 chains; theuce
east 80 < In.ins; ihence soulh 80 chains.
Ihence west 80 chains, to poinl of
commencement and containing 010
acres more or less.
Dated August 20lh, 1907.
3. Commencing ut a post pluuted
about out' mile und three-quarters
lielow the noith fork of Flat Creek, on
lhe .iiiiiii bank, and niarked "Andrew
Kitson's S.W. Corner," Iheuce north
SOchaius; lbence east 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, theuce east 40 chain
thence soulb SOchains, thenee west 40
chains, ihence norlh 40cliiiins, Iheuce
west 40 chains to poinl of join uience-
menl and conlaining 010acres more ur
Dated August 20th, 1907.
Anki.ew Kitsov.
Revelstoke bind Dislricl.
District of West Kootenny.
Tnke notice thnt I, Robert Sim, of
Revelstoke, B. 0., occupation, Lumberman, inlends to apply for a speciul
timber licence over the followll.t described lauds:
Commencing ut a post planted annul
20 chains from the southwest eorner of
Timber Limit 1082 ami 10127, and abuut
21liaii.s west uf the west boundary
uud inarked "Robert Sim's N. E. Oorner Posl," running west 80 chnius,
lbence south 80 chains, thenee eusl 80
chains, Ihence nortb 80 chnius tu pluce
of beginning, containing SK) ueres
more or less,
Dnled this 8th dny ol August 11107.
In the matte, of  William .1,  Elliot,
In the matter of the 'Ollicial Administrator's Acl."
TAKE NOTICE that by ordel of
His Honor J, A, Forin, made or, the
loll, day of August, 1907, I wns appointed uiliiiinisliutoi' of the eslnle ol
sni.i Willi .in .1 Elliott, decensed, ami
ull parlies having claims ngninsi the
said estute are hereby required lo
furnish same properly verilied to ine
on or before the 1st. day of October,
1907. And all parties indebted to snid
eslate are hereliy required to pay the
amount of their indebtedness to me
oillcinl Administrator.
Dated ll..- 271 h day of August, 11)07.
Ib-wdnciki- Und Dlatriut,
iJlMtrioluf Wo« Kooloiiny.
Take notice Lhat we. Lamb- Watson Lumber
Co., I.Id , uf Anow hi'inl, ui-ciipiil inn Mlllown-
era, In'.und tn tilth fur (in mini-inn tu purchase
llm InlluwiiiK ilusorlbod land;
1' nnHieing nt a  post plunled ntthoB. K
eurner uf ltalph Himpson'a application, (lalena
Uny, llienco imiili (to chains, thonou oast in
chains, Ibenco north 20 chains, thnnco cast 20
cliiiiiiH, tbenoe smith ft) clialns muro ur loss iu
(lalena Hu), thencu soulhwualerly along north
-liuri'df (iuii'ini Idi)- tu point.of uuiiimeiicuiuent,
Dated 2,'lrd July, 1007.
Umh-WaikosV LiMliKltCu., Ltd,,
wod aug'» O. ll. N, Wilkin, Agent,
rnrUmn'Ninl I'lslrK
[ij-in In" -trlliin iimi Waller Stelnhnff.ofUoMen,
H. ('.. n I'li'i'iinii, cruiser, Intends lu apply for
11 «pe« hI liniiit-r license over tlie following
den ri bed lands;
i. Commeneing At a p<w pl-vniod nn right
hunk id utile Smoky fiver, uh<>ut 2H) varda
from 111 mi-mli, mnrked "Walter StcinoofT's
s k Corner I'oat," ilienre west 80 chains,
thence nnrlh BOdmlns, ihence east80 ohaina,
ihenee soulh 80 chnlns lo poim oi commence*
menl, containing tiio acres nmre or less.
2. Commeneing ri a imst planted nn Die
right I'imk ol thu soulli lork ol the Fiastr
rher, nbout j^ mile Irom the mouth uf the
LlttleSmoky Kiver, marked "Waller steinhoff's
S.W.Curuer Post," tbence north 60 chains,
Ihenee east 80 ebains, tbence south 80 chi1 Ins,
tbence wesl KO chains to the point of commencement, and containing010 acres moreor
8, Commencing at a posl planted on the
left Innk of the smith fork ol the Kraaer river,
ulmut half a mile aliove the moulh of thc
Little Hmoky rher, marked "Waller steinhoff's
H K. Corner Host," thonce north 40 chaius,
thenee wesl ltio clialus, ihence soulb 40ehains,
thenceeast UH)chains lo thc point ol commencement, and containing 040 acres more or
4. (oinineneiiitfal a post planted on tho left
Imnk ot ihe suuth tori of the Fraser Kiver.
about half a mile above lhc mouth of the
Little Smoky river, marked "Waller Htelnhoff's
North■eii-*t corner post," ihonce south 40 chains,
thence went IW obaina, tlience north40 chains
thence east 160 chains, lo lhe point ol commencement, nnd coutaiUlngMO acres more or
5, Commeneing al a post plnuted ou the
right bank ol the suulh lork ol tht Fraser
river, a limit lj miles ahovc the mouth of lhc
Lillle Hmoky Kiver, marked "Walter Stein-
ben's N.W, Corner 1'ost" thence souih i6o
chains, thence etui 4U chains, thouce norlh ion
chains, tbenco wusi-tu chains, lo the point ul
commcuccmciil and containing MO acres more
ur less
r> Commenoingat a pust planted on the
right hitnk of the south fork ol the Fraser
river, about 111 miles above tne mouth of ihe
Utile Smoky Kiver, marked "Walter Steinhoff's
8 Vi. Corner I'oat1' thencu east 80 clialns,
thonce north 80 chains, tnence west bo chains'
thence south 88 chains to point of commencement, containing ti-io acres more or Ichn.
Dated August 2nd, 11)07,
7 Commencing at a post planted on thc right
bnnk nf the Little Smoky Ilivor, about one
milo from its mouth, marked "Walter Stein-
bolf h S K comer post," thence west 100 chains,
thenco north 10 chains, ihenco oast Iol) chalna.
thoneo f-outh 40 chains to poinl of commence-
ment aud conlaining Iill) acres, more or less.
8 Commencing at a post plaated on tbo loft
bank of the Littlo Hmoky Hlver, about one
mile above Its mouth, marked 'Walter Stein*
holt"* S W corner post," ihence easl 16U chains,
thonco north 40 chains, thenoe wea*; 160 chains,
thenco nouth id chains to point of commence*
mont and containing 010 acres, more or less,
9 Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of tho Little Smoky Kiver, aboul one aud
one-half miles above ils moulh marked "Walter
Steinholfs S E corner post," thonce west 160
chains, thence north 40 chains, Ihenco east 160
cliains, thence south 40 ehalus to point uf com
uiuneoment and containing 640 acres, moro or
id Commenoingat a poat plantod on thc left
bank of the Little Smoky River, about onu and
one half miles above Its mouth, marked "Walter
StcinbofTfl 8 W corner post," thenco east 160
chains, ihence nortb 40 chain-., thonce wost 160
chains, tbeuce south 4(1 chains lo point of com
meneement and containing bin acres more or
11 Comincncing nt a post planted on tho loft
bank of thc Littlo Smoky Kivor, about two
miles from its moulh, marked "Walter Stein-
hon'a 8 W corner post," thence cast S'l chains,
thenee north 80 ehnins, thenoo west 80 ehains,
thence south 80 chains to point of commencement and containing 610 acres, more or lesa,
12 Commencing at a post planlcd on the left
bankof thc Little Smoky Itiver, about two
miles from its moulh, marked "Walter Stein*
holts SK corner post," thonce wesl 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thonee east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to point of commencement and containing iilu acros, more or loss.
13 Commencing at a post planted on tbe left
bank of tlie Little Smoky River, about three
miles from its mouth, marked "Walter Steinholfs S W corner post," thence cost 160 chains,
thence north 10 chains, tbence west KiO chains,
thence soutb 40 chains lo point of commencement nnd conlaining 640 acres, more or less.
14 Commencing at a post planted on thc right
bank of the Little Smoky Kiver, about three
miles from its moulh, marked "Walter SteinhofTs S K corner poat, thence west 160 chains,
thunce north 40 chains, theuce east 160 ohains,
thence Bouth 40 chains to point of commencement and containiug MO acres, more or less.
15 Commencing at a post planted on the left
bank of tho Little Smoky Kiver, about three
and ono-half miles from ita mouth, marked
"Walter SteinhotTs SW cornerpost," thence
east 160 chains, thence nortb 40 chains, thenco
west 160 ehains, thence soutb 40 chains to poinl
of commencement and containing MO acres,
more or loss.
Dated August 6th, 1007.
16, Commencing at a post planted on (he
right bank of the Little Smoky Kiver, about
:!', miles i;um Its mouth, marked "Walter
Bielnhoff'eS, E. Corner rust," thence west 160
chains, ihenee north 40chalus, thence east KiO
chaius, theuce souih 40 chains tothe point ol
commencement and containing 640 acres mure
ur less.
17 Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank uf the Litile smoky Kiver, about four
miles from Us mouth, marked "Walter Steinhoff's S.E. Corner Fust," theuce weit 80 chains
thence nortn 80 chains, |thence east 80 chains,
theuco south so chaius to tbo point ul nmi-
meucemeut and containing Mu acres moreor
18 Commencing ut a post planled <>u ihe le.t
bank of tho Lillle Smuky Kivor, nb«n ■> miles
above ils mOUth, marked "Walter .Mutilioft's
S.l*..Curuer 1'ost," iheuce uurth bu chains,
ihence west N) ehalus, theuce south 80 chains,
theuce east 80 ehuins io the poiut uf commencement and containing 640 acres inoreor
19. Commencing ni a post planted uu tbe
left bank uf the Utile Smoky Kiver, abuut 5
m.les Irom its munih, uiarked "Walter stein*
huff's SW coruer posl." thence north 80 chains,
lbence east 80ihalns, theuco suulh 80 chains,
theuce wesi 80 chaius io ihe point of commencement uud coutaiuiug M0 acres more ur
20, Cummencing nt a post planted on tbe
lefl bauk ul tho Litile Smoky Kiver, abuiitij
miles Irom ils mouth, marked "Wullei Stein*
bolt's N.W. cor uur 1'ost," ihenee south so
ehains, tlieuce oast ku chaius, thenee nurth 80
chaius, ihenee wesi mi chains tu lhe puiut ol
commencement and containing 640acres more
ur lens.
21, Commencing at a post planlcd on the
left bank ol the llltle-moky Kiver, about six
miles from its mouth, marked " Walter Stein*
boll's s W Coruer I'ost," t icnee north 80 ciial us,
ihence eusl 80 ehnins, thence south 80 ehains
theuce west 80 ehuins to puiut ul commence*
meut, and cuntiilulug (340 acres uiureor less,
Hated August 8th, 1007.
22. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Littlu Smoky mur, abuut? miles from
itn iimiiili, markud "Walter Stulnhufla N W
corner post," iliuncu south 8t) cli-iiuir.thunce east 80
chains, tlieuce north 80 cliains, thunce wesl 80
uhaius to the point of commencement and containing U40 acres, more or less,
t'i. Commencing at a post planled on the right
bauk of tlit Little Smoky river, aliout 7 miles from
its mouth, murked " Wulter Slelnholl * s W
corner pust." theuce north 80 ehains, thenct easi
Nl chains, thtmce afnith Ity chains, llienee west 80
chains lo thn pnlnl uf euiiiiiieiiL'emenl and containing 640 acres, muru ur less.
24. Commencing at a post planted on the right
liank uf the Little Smuky river, aliuitt 8 miloa frum
its mouth, mark.'.I "Walter Sluiiibull's N W
Corner post." Ihence soul n Hn chains, thuuee east
80 chains, tlieuce nurih U0 cliaim, thence west at)
chains to lhe |iulul of L-ummencument aud containing M0 acres, muro or less.
2... Commencing at a poit planted on the right
bank uf thu Littlu Huniky river, about 8 miles from
its muuth, marked • Walter HLeinliutl's s w
corner-pnui,' 11n-ill■■* niiitli mi clinics, Ihenco east
8(1 chains, thence south 80 chains, theuce wenl mi
iliains tu the poinl u( cnmiueiiccuicnt and containing U40 acres, mure or luss.
Dated August llth, um/.
20. Cnmmeucing at a punt planted on tlie right
bunk uf the Lillle Smuky river, abuut 0 miles frnm
its moulh, markud "Walter Nleinhoil's N W
eornerpost/'lliuiiciiHuuth no chains, thenee east
HO chaini, thencu imrlli 80 chains, thunce west 80
chains to the point uf euwmwicemeut and cuntaining 04U acres, mure ur less,
t, Cm n nic wing al a pusl planted nn the right
bnnk of thu Litile Smoky river, about \t miles from
its month, marked " Walter StelnhutT's H W
enrner pnst." Ihencu imrlli 80 ebains, thenee end
HII chains, tliouce nnuthW) chains, thence wust 80
chains tu the point uf cnuiiiiuiireuieiit and containing 040 acres, mure or luss.
IS Cuuitiieiicliig at a posl planted on the right
bauk ul lhu uasl fork u( thu Utile smoky river,
the a'i-iglnli mile almve lhu furks, markeil
"Walter Stuuilmlt n N W corner post," thence south
SO chaltiH, ihunce east no chains, tneuce nurth 80
chiiius, thuuee west so chains tu the pnlnl of cam-
mi'iiccini'iit and cuntaining M0 acres, inure or less.
•il. Commenolng at a pust planted on the tight
bank o( thu east fork of the Lillle Smoky river
aboulouiiulglit mile above lhe lurks, marked
"Wall"r SluinhuiTsH  W cmrur poat," thenee
 11» su i'l aim, theuce easl 8ti chains,  thencu
■ 80 clialus, Iliuncu weal 80 chains lo thu poinl
of commencement and containing -am acres, mure
or less,
80. Ciimiiieni'lng nta pust. planted nn thu right
hank Ol the enst fork of the Litile Smoky river,
almut nne antl nnu-iiighth miles fnnn thu Inrka,
marked "Walter Slelnholl's N   W corner post,'
uitin'i'iionn ou .ii.tin-', nn n-i- kqh >" mams i"
lhu point of comUMict-ineHt ainl containing fli"
acres, more orless.
ill. i ominenomg nt a pu»t pi miuil mi the right
hank of the east fork of the Littlu snmk) river
al i one ami nue-tdgbt m-l- frnui iu (nu*.
innrkeil "Walter SteiuliorTs S W corner piwi,"
tlience nnrth 80 chains, tlience east 80 cnalun,
Ihi-iice south 80 chains, tlienci west m) ehains to
the pnint of commencement an-l conlaining 610
acres, mure nr less.
8t Commencing at a pait planted on tlw right
hank nf the east fork of the Little Smoky river
about S miles from its forks, marked -Walter
btelnbofTa N tt' eorner pnst,'' ihence souih in
chains, ihence east ltio chains, theuce north 40
chains, tbenee wesl 1U0 chains to the point of
cummencement and conlaining 810 acres, more or
33. Commenolng at a pout planted nn the right
bank of the cant fork of the Llltle Smoky river
about i iniles frmn its forks, marked "Walter
Stt'inhiitf's S W curuer post," theuce north 40
chains, thence east 180 chains, thenre south 4U
chains, Ihence west 100 chaius to the point of
commencement and containing oio acres, more
or lens.
Dated August 10th, 1007.
-U Commencing at apost plunled on the right
hank nf the east fork of the Little Suiuky river
nlnnit iti miles from its furkn, marked 'Walter
Sieiiihoti's N W corner," thence south 160
ch tins, thuncu east pi cliains, thence imrth IW
chi itn, (hence wust 40 clmins to the point of com-
meneement and containing 840 acrei, moieor less.
B3. Commencing ita pust planted on the right
bank uf ilm cast fork of tin* Little Su-i.y mer
about 4U mllea from Ita furks, mnrked "Walter
Steiiilmhss W corner puit," n. ncu nnrtli so
chnius, theuoe cast HO chains, then ■■ nuutliMi
chains, Iheuce went go chains to the pomt of cm-
meneement and containing 640 .»■ res, mure or leu,
36, Commencing m a pont planted <>n the rigid
bank of the cast fork uf the Lllth- smoky mer
about 414 mllea above It* forks, marked '-Walter
Nteltitiolri N K corner nost," tlienco smith leO
ehains, tlience west 40 clialns, thenee nnrth 16"
chains, thenee eait 4U chains to tin- point o| emu
mencenient ami containing MU acres, more or leas.
3; Commencing at a post plautod mi the right
hank ul the east fork of tlm Little Smoky river
about ,v, miles from Its forka, marked "Walter
Bteinbulra S W corner post" thence mirth bu
ehains, uience oast go cliains, thence smith tju
chains, thence wust bn chaini lo the point of commencement 'tn.-1 containing M0 acres, aure or less.
88. Commencing ul a pust planted nn the right
bank of lhe east fnrk of the Lui I.- Smoky river
about6W miles from its forks, marked "Walter
Steiiilmtt's N W corner pnsl,'thenee east 80
cluiiM, ttu-nce smith mi cliains, thence west S'l
cliains. theuce norlh sn chaini lu thc point of commencement ami conlaining 040 acies, more or less,
Dated August Uth, 1907,
80. Communcing al & post planted on the right
bank of theeast fnrk of the Little Smoky river
about ii1, miles from its  forka,  marked  'Walter
Stoinhotra 8 W comer post," thence imrth au
clmins, thenco east 80 ciiains, Ihence south bU
clmins, theuce went 80 chains tn lhe point of rem-
meneement ami cuntaiuing tiio acres, muru or less.
40. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of tho east turk of the Little .stunky river
about til miles from its forka, marked Walter
SteinliolF's N W eorner post," thence east BU
chains, thence soutu sO cliains, Ihence west 80
chains iheuce north 80 chains lo the point uf cummeucemeut and cnutainiug Uio acres more or less.
Dated August 18th, Km:.
41. Cmumeiii'iiig al a pust plauted un the right
hank of the east fork of the Little Smoky river
aboiit7J.j iniles fmm its furks, marked "Waller
Stoiuhoil h N W eorner pust," ihence east 80
chains, Ihunce south 80 ehains, theuce west 80
eh ilm, tiience ionth an chains to thepnim of commencement and containing MO ncres, more or less.
42. Commencing at a punt planted on tlie right
bank of the east lork of the Little Smoky river
about? 1-2milea from Us forks, marked "Walter
Stuiuhutf's a W corner pust," thence north 8u
chains, ihence east 80 cliains, thenc* aoutb v
chains, thunce v.o-4,8U chains to lhu point of commencement and containing 640 aerea, more nr less.
Dated August Uth, iwo;,
•Cl. Coniiuencing at a poat plauted on the
right bank o( the east furk ol the Little
Smoky uiver, aboul blj miles from its forks,
maraud -Walter Steluuoff'B .> W Coruer 1'ost,"
thunce east 80 chaius, tbeuce soulb 80 chaiis,
theuce west 80 cbaius, iheuce lorth 80 ciiains,
to tbe point of commencement and contaiuiug
•»4u acres more or Jes*,
44, Commencing at a post nlanted on the
right bankof the eait (orkot (he Little Smuky
Kiver, about SH miles above Ils lorks. marked
" Waller Stelnbolt's S W Corner Posl," theuce
norlh 80 chaius, thence east so ubaius, tbeuce
south 80 chaina, thenee west 80 chains lu tbe
point uf commencement and contaiuiug MO
aerea more or lesa,
Dated August loth, 1907,
45, Commeueiug at a poat plnnted on the
right bank of tbe oast fork of tbe Little Smoky
Kiver, about w^ miles abuve its forks, marked
" Waller Htelnbofl'i N W Corner 1'ost," thence
east 80 chains, thenee soutb 80 chains, tbence
west W) ehains, thence north 80 chaina to the
poiat ol commencement, and containing mo
acres more or lcis.
46. Commencingat a poat planted on tbe
right bank of tbe east fork of the Little Smoky
XIver, about nine and a half miles from lis
forks, marked "Waller Steinhoff's dW Coruer
I'ost," tbence uortb 80 chains, thence easl tw
chains, tbence south 80 chains, tbeuce west 80
ebalus to lhe point of commeucemeut aud
containing Mo acres mure or less.
Dated August 16th, ltluT.
47. Commeuelng at a post planled on the
right bauk of tbe east lork of the Utile Smoky
Kiver, abuut ten and a half milea from us
lorks, inarkud"WalterMelnboff'i NW Corner
1'ost," iheuce east 80 chaina thence loulh 80
clmiuc iiieuce we-tau chains, theuce norm KJ
chains tu ibe puint ol commenoement and
containing 610 acres more or less.
48, Commeueiug at a nuat plauted on tbe
right bank of tbe easi fort of lhe Little Smoky
Uiver, about ten and a ball inil-js abuve 111
forks, marked "Walter Steinhoff's SW Comer
I'oat," tbeuce north au chains, tbeuce cl
uliains, ibenco suulh su chaiua, thence weslsu
uhaius, to tbe point ol cummeucement and
coulaiuing MO aoros uoreor less,
49. Commeueiug at a pust planted on the
right bnnk ul the easl lork ol the Littlu *?mok
Kiver. abuut eleven aud 1 ball milea Irom Iti
loras. marked 'Walter steinhoff's sw Coruer
I'osi," thciit-e norlh so chains, Ibeuce east 50
. h.iiiiii ihence south SO chains, lbence went su
eiiauis to the point uf coinmencement am! containing i4u ncit-- morour less,
Dnled ilUgUal I7lll, 1.07.
60. ommenclng al a post planted on lhc
right buuk ut tne uml lorn of tne Little Smokv
Hlver, about eleven Hiid a half miles from its
M k«, marked "-- alter Steluboff'i N tt' Corner
I'u...," Ihenee cast ou chains, ihence south 80
chum- ihouco west so chuina, ihence nurtu eu
Chun,- in ihe pointof commencement aud con-
uluiiig   1 ... res more or less,
ol Com,i.uii iug at a post planted on the
right bank ol lue uan lurk ut tue Litile Smoky
Kiver about incite allies aud a ball from iis
forks, inarked " »aiur Sieinhoff's N W Corner
iVst," tnence east »u ebsius, tbenee south 80
chains, lbence wust au chains, thence north su
ubuiiin to poiuiof commcnccmciiiaml containing MO aerea more or leaa.
62, Commencing at a post planted on Uie
right bank uf tho east fork uf the Litile Smoky
Uiver, abont twelve aud a half mile's frum Itn
fork-, murked "Walter SLelnhotTi S ff Corner
1'ost," tbenco north 80 chains, tbenee east SO
chains, tbence Miutli 80 chains, tlience wesl Si
ebains to thu poiul of commencement, con
t,iimug 1.Pi acre*, mure 01 leas,
HaleI Angn.-i p.iih, ii*--;.
63 Commonolng at a post plauicd on the
right buuk uf tbo easl fork of the Lillle Smoky
Uiver, about thirteen aud a half milea from
lhu forks, "marked Waller StciuhofTa N ff
Corner I'ost," thonco cast ao chains, thence
suulh M chains, thenee went BO chains, thunce
north SU chains to the point uf commence 1110in
and containing 040 acres mureur lest,
M. Commencing nl a post planled ou the
right bank of lhu easi fork of thu Little
•Smoky Uiver, alwut tlurluen und one hall
miles    from    ita    fork-,   marked    "Walter
sieitihuirs 8 W Oornor I'ost," tbenco north80
clialns, thuncu easl so chains. Ihence aoutb 80
chaini, Ihencu west 80 chains to the point of
wijimeucomciit and continuing (>4a acres, more
or lea-,
Daled August 20th, IIM.
60, Commencing nl apost planted un the right
hank of thu enst fork of the Lilt!** smoky m*>*t
about H'-i 111 ibis from lhe furk* marked Walter
SteinhofTs N W corner post,'' thence anal W
i'linins, thunce auuth BU chairs, Ihenra west Bu
. hains, thence nurth 80 chaina tn lhe point of com-
meneement and containing MO acres, muru or less.
.V), Commencing al 1 post planted an the right
bank ol the east lurk rd tin* Little smuky river
about It'i mi Us Irom the (ark*, marked "Waltt-r
Steliilmtl a S W corner post," thence north SO
ehalna, llionce east ao cnains, thence snutli so
■h.i ms, thence treat so chaina to the point of run.
meneement and containing 640 acres, more oilaiSi
Dated AugustBUt, 'ow.
lil fummenclngal a poat planted on the
right bank of tho north fork of the Little
Smoky Hlver, about onu mile from the forks,
markod "Waltor HteiiiholTs H K corner po*i.
thuncu north 160 chains, thence west 10 clmins,
lhcnco soulli 160 chains, Ihi-nce ua-u to chains
topoint of commencement and containingm
acres, moro or leas.
.11 Commencing at a post planted on the
right bauk of lho north fork of the Little
Smuky Uiver, about oue mile from the forks,
marked "Walter BtilnboiTa 8 W comer poat,'
tbeuce north KW chains, thenee a-uit 41J chaina,
thunce aoutb 160 chains, thence went 10 chalna
10 puiut of oommenoement and containing mo
aores, moru or leaa.
Dated August 23th, Iim.
Ml 1 "inincm iug at a po-l planted on ths left
Imnk nf the nortb fork of the Littlo Smoky
Uiver, alwut throe miles from the forks, marked
"Waller Su-iiihoU'a SW corner pott,"thunce
north HU chains, theuce ea4 00 chains, thence
south so chains, lbence vroat H chains topoint
of coinmencement aud containing 610 aores,
muru ur le--.
611 Commencing ot a po-t planled on the lefl
bank of lhe north fork of tho Little Smoky
uauir omiiiiiiuii ■ .- >■> 1 uiiiii * [iiim, iiiciieu
oaSt lO'clliina, Hicii'.'e norlli   1" tluin*. theme
wi-sl llll chains Ihenee i-outh I'lcbaun in point
of   L'uiiiilli-mTiiii Id   aud   lUUUUlll'g   _4-i.-ui.ef,
01 ire  1 lu -
ui ('.-nniicni iiigal n po-t il.iutt-d on Ilu lefl
btiik nf the nonh fork ol llie Litile Smoky
Uiver, about four mile*from the Imk-*-., maiked
"Waluji SlelahufTi .* W cmncr |w*t.' tliuiite
easl lOOchains, ihence south 4u chaiua, thetice
wt-i-t bin ■■ham-, thence north 40 chsins to pon r
of commencement ami containing Mj a-r..«.
mure or let,-. ,
Dated August 2Kb, 1907,
by Al.Kt. LAT1MKR,
sat sep 21 Agenf.
Hevelsluke Land Duma
District of West Kooteasy.
lake notice thai E, A. Bradley, of KeveUtaka,
K. C, uccup-ition Minor, imeiidi to applv for
special timlwr licenses uver the fallowiUKdaainbad
1, Commencing at a poat  planud ua the aail
side uf Columbia riverand one and a 1..,' utiai
eaal of Culumbia mer and twu and uue hall milei
north of Kig Muuth Creek, and marked " h A.
HradleyaY Vi. corner post,' ruuning auulh BV
chaina, thenca east 80 chaini. ih-tuce utrlti M
Chains, theuce weak ou chana tu poiat vf COM-
iu 1-lice ment.
2. Commencing at s post pl-uled en tht east
■-nli* ul Culumbia river and aaal uf Columbia rnur
uiie and a half milea and two aud a half miles
north n[ Jiig M..inn 1 rt-rk. nnd markad "Jf. A.
bradley'i s. W. corner poat. ruuning north ss
.hams, lhcuce eaal bu chains, thence aoulh B4
chains, thence weFiw chaina to puiut uf commencement.
lJ-l«d Llili 24lh -!,tj of August, 1907,
il.   <   ii.ii.i-in .I*-..; ii .1 j".-: jFoiuti-l on tho east
side of Ciduiuiua nrer and "-i oj Calumlna river
one and a half miles ami one mile aoulh ol  Klght
Mile Creek, and m.rked "K, A, bradley'i N. IC
cornet post," running sonth .*•■ chains theuct
»eit SU chains, tbence nnrth 88 stasias, thenct
easl 00 chaiua to puiut ul cuuimeiueuient.
I. Cuiumetii-iug al a pusl planted un lhs tatt
side nf Columbia uver and ■■.*.-! nl Olumbia river
uuu and a lull milea and uu« mile south of Kighl
Milo i.reek, and marked *'K. A- Lr*.lleji > i-;.
Comer pu»l, running north 9U chains theuce west
su chains tlieuce smiin •* chain, thouce oaat bO
cbaius t<" puint ol commencement-
6. Commencing at a pust plauted on lhe tast
side uf t'liiini'.ri nvtr -<nd oialcf Culumbia rivor
une and a hall miles ani ..i,» mile auulh of Kighi
Mile Creek, and maraed "K, A Hradley'a N. W.
curuer post, ruuning auulh BU cbaina, thence eait
m chains, thence north --0 chains, ihence west 80
cbalni to p'liiitnf comnieiii-'omenl.
0. Commencing at a post planted on the tut
side of Columbia nter and one and a half milea
east uf Columbia river and "Ue uilloauu.huf tight
Mil* Creek, andmarked" K. A. Bradley a s, W,
corner poal,' running north 80 chaiua, thence eaat
.60cbaius, ihence suulh bO chaws  thence west 80
'chains to puiut of cummencement.
Dated UrnI7tb day ol August, iiac
7. Cummeneing ala puat plautod on  the   west
ildeof Coliimbia river and weat of tue Columbia
river one hundred chains and three milei south u(
Maloney Creek, and marked "K. A. Bradley a YM.
corner pust,'1 running south b chaiua, theueo woit
ao chains, thenee north w chaina, thence eaat M
chaiua to point of cumineiicement.
Dated tins Ulh day *( august, lia-;.
8. Cummencing ala pust planted uu Ike wett
side uf Culumbia nver and unt and a half milea
west of Columbia mer and une mile north of Creek, and marked " K. A. Bradley'i S. _.
eorner poat," running nnrth bu chalas, thtuco woit
so chaiua, theuce south so chaini, thtnet east so
chaini t<> point of cnmmrnceiaeut.
i*. Commencing at apost planted on tbe wtst
sideof Columbia river and twu and a half milai
west of Columbia river and une half mile qortb uf
Home Creek, and markeil' K. A. Bradley's S. K.
corner post." running imrth au ctiaini, thane-* weit
80 chains, tbenee aouth 80 chains, thtnet oaat 80
chaius to point ol cumiuencemeni,
Dated this »th da; uf Augiiat, lv07.
10. Cuuiwancing at a puil planted on the uurth
tide uf Hurne Creek and una milt frum in moulh,
and marked "K. A, Bradley'i S. K, eurner pnat,"
running nortb DOcbalui, thence west »■.■ chalna,
Ihenee suuth *<u chaina, iheuce eaat Su chains te
point of commencement,
II, Commencing at a post planted uu tha nnrth
aide ol Home Creeii and one mile frum ita moutb,
and marked ''K, A. Kradlty'a.N. L curoer poat,
running south 80 Chains, thtnet wnl So cLam*
iheuce north ae chaina, lbence tatt *o chain* to
puiut of cum ii eiice nienl.
12. Coniaencing nt a pust planted on the nurtk
side of Hurne *'rt-»K ami two milea (run iti muuth,
and marked "K. A, Bradlei'i H, k curuar poit,"
running ««*-t 8" cbams, thenc* nortk *>■ euaini,
ihenco weal 80 chains, linnet north ift cbaina,
thouce eaat Bu chains, thauc* south 3J chain,
thenceeast BO chains, thane* auulh 40 chains
to puist nf eoBsaencetient.
Dated thn Mb day <s Augmt, ;un;.
13. Commencing at a poal plnuted on the
wesl aide ut Columbia rivor and one mile west
of ('slum ina river and one mile south tf Horns
Cruea. sud marked " k. A. Bradley's N. st.
cornor post, running aoulh 80 chains, theuct
weat 80 chains, thunce north aO shams, thtnet
eaat 8U chains to point of commencement
iifiiwt this 31st day ot August, 1W7.
 Itobert Ayre Blackniore, Agent
Revelstoke Land Diatrict.
District uf West KuotsLay.
Take nutico that Elijah McBssnuf Hsvsl*
-stoke. B.C., occupation Miner, intends to
apply for special timber licenses over tbo following described laudi:
1, Commencingat a po-d plauted two miles
eust of tbe Culumbia river, near the Kiuth-tast
corner uf Timber Limit tailtf, and marked 'k,
McBean's northwest corner," Iheuce east 16"
Chalna, Iheuce ?outh PJ.cbains, thence wesl 160
chains, thence north lo cbaius to poiut of commencement, and containing 640 acres moreor
Daled 9th September, 1907.
2. tommeucing at a post plnuled ou the
nurth bank of Higmoulh Creek ubout j mile
above tlie -011:1, fork, aud marked "h. Mc
Bean's south*we*i corner,' lbence north 10
chain-, tbenee east Kiu chains, t io.*m •» i>ou h f 1
chains, tbence west lliu to pomlof couimeuce
menl, aud conUining Olu acres mgre or leas,
Dated Uth September. US/7.
X Commencing at a posi planted on the
auulh bauk uf Higmoutb Creek aboul ,.| miles
above the south fork and nnrkod "k. McBean'*
north ea-t comer," lbence Y flour,- soulb.
tbenee Uiu chains west, lbence 10 cbsint- norlli,
ihence 16001111111- ea-t to poinl uf commence
niLiit, and cntaining 610 acre- more or len,
4 Commencing at a \ml planted on lhc
soulb bauk uf Bigiuuulb Creek about .'it miles
abuve tbusuutb furk undmiarked "k. McBeanV
norlh-west corner," lbence 10 cliains eaat,
thtnet- (■' cbaina nurlb. Uience 4U cbaius cast,
llieuce BU chains aoulh, thence iu chains wsit.
lhcuce i" chains south, Ihunce 4 chain- west.
Ibeuce 80 cbaius north to point of cuintnvoue
ment, and cuntaining 6P1 acre* more or lesa,
.'). Cummencing ai a post planted ou the east
bank -•( Higmoutb Creek, nboul live miles
above Canyon Creek, and marked "K. Mc-
J lean's northwest comer,'' Ihence 40 cbaina
-outh, tbence M chains east, tbence ib chaini
auuth, Ihence BU cbaius eaal, lbence to cbsiss
uorlh, theueu lu ckains wtat, tbence 40 cbaina
uorlh. thence Bu cbaius wesl to pointof com
iiienceinenl.and containing Mo acrei mors or
ljai«l 14t b September. 1907,
8. (.'ommeiieing at a pont planted .*« yards
aoulh of MiginuuUi Creek aud -above thc uorlh
fork ami marked "k. McBean s uorlb-weat corner,' theuce BU chains, thenre 80 cbaina nouth,
thenco Di chaiua woat, tbence 80 ohaina uortb to
point of commencement, and containiug Mo
acres mure or Ies-.
Dated Itith September, IIU'.
wti sup 2o M.LI AM McBkAN.
In   tin-  iiuUci
of Janei Orawfnttli
hi tbe matter of the "Official Admin*
iHrator'i Act."
TAKK NOT10B that bjr order of
His Hnniu J. A, Forin, in.uD- on the
15th day of August, 1W7, I wan »p«
pointed adiuinisiraioi of the estate of
said James Urawford, deceased, and
all parties having claims aKaiuai the
r-aiil estate art' hereby required Ui
furnish same [iroiieily verified to mo
on or before tne 1st. day of October.
11NJ7. And (ill parlies indebted to s ml
estate are hereoy n^uired to pay the
iiniMini uf their imletiledntiM lo uie
(iniiml Admlnlstratoi'i
Dated the27th day of August, 1007
" TandVoti'ck." ~
Cariboo Land Districl.
Plslricl of Cariboo.
Take notice that Harry Sawyer of Revel-duke, H.C, mill man, intends to apply
for permission to purchase tbe following
described lands;
Commencing a( a post planted sb.uK
one mile above Hlue River, and mat ked
"II. Sawyer's N, \V, corner," thence eaat
Bo chains, thence south $o chains, (hence
west Bo chaini, Ihence norlh 8o chaini to
point ol commencemeni, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated July 30th, 1907.
wed a% n   I'er Donald Mcintosh, Agent Great Showing of Fall Goods
Dress Goods
In this 1 >■■),.i i.i we im> making
special prices on nil Dress Goods.
Call in anil see whul we cun .1" for
you in values,
Ladies' Coats
See our $10, $12 und  $15 Conts.
Special p. ices mnke quick selling.
Look lhe.u over before you buy.
Furs!   Furs!
See our Fill's  everyone like lues
nothing so dressy nnd coinfortiilile
ns furs,   If you wnnl n good Fur,
something you know is right nml
.,,,.,1 ,-alue  this we giiiiiiinteo In
Mi.-.- you,   We huve ..11 lhe new
shapes to select  f.......   We never
had .!- nice stock us now,
Misses' Tweed Coats
nod Children's Fancy Coals.   All
new, ibis sen*i.o's gi.ii.N.
Millinery Department
Our Mllliiierydupurlinenl Isslncked
with  new   (1 Is  from    Ensli-in
bouses   whicli    arrive    dally  by
Ladies' Costumes
ll...- lii*.   i.f   Ladies'
Costumes to hand.   These are the
right styles ami mnrked nl prices
below market value,
Reid & Young
••I". t__ ifri At A, .ir. 1^1 A, Ai ill ii*i iTi iti
TjTtJTVjrtJt tJl ITI IJ! ij,' 'J,' !X' '+' ,+l '*'
I     WHY?      I
*F Vou should leave your Pre-  T
ty - Ttption wilh us ty
♦     BECAUSE     f
ty We use the Puresl nf Drugs ty
-y. und Chen.icnls
Every Prescription is checked
HI ii .. pri are reasonable und
Swe will deliver ymir prescription if you wish it.
ty Canada Drug & Book Co.
iti _ti iti _ti i'f i _ti _ti _fa iti iti iti iti iti
Stewart—At Calgary, on Sept. 30th.
Fredirick Williniii, youngest son ol A Stewart, and brulher-in-law
ot Vi. Mi. Foster, of Revelitoke.
Only .. glance nl uur stock
of Groceries will encourage
yon tn try them.
A trial will convince vuu
Ihey are tl.e purest nnd best
on the murket, Try nur
j Hobson & Bell;
Grocers, linkers A Ciinfectioiieis
Wednesday, Oct, 2nd, lor 24 hours.
—Moderate winds, cloudy, probable
ihowers.   Temp. max. 66; iuin. 42.
Local and General.
The Citizens' League Meeting did
not eventuate last night.
Preparatory services will he held in
Knox church to-night ut 8 o'clock.
In the exhibition lacrosse match
playtd yesterday at New Westminster,
the Tecumsebi won Irom Vancouver
IT _• ala to 6,
Vi. M. Rochester, western secretary
oi the Lord's Day Alliance, will shortly
visit the city in connection with the
wi rk
There will be a special meeting of
th- Ladies' Auxiliary ol the Y.M.C.A.
in the building on Saturday, Oct. 5th,
at 3:30 pm,
The ri gulsr meeting ol the lluard ol
Trade wili be held tn-raorrow night in
the City Hall at 8 o'clock, A lull
attendance ii requested.
The Revelstoke Amateur Dramatic
Club have arranged tu present the
Ian ;• three-act comedy "Jane," at
an early date this month.
Mist Smith, ol Kelowns, who has
been visiting in Luckiiuw. Ont., spent
a few days this week visiting her
cousin, Miss Campbell, u! tbis city, en
r ule |. r ber home.
Tbe "Salmon Ann Observer," late
Enderby Progress, will commence
| ■:; licsti n next week at Salmon Ann
where ..very success should attend the
institution ol a lively newtpaper, Vi.
and II. Fi iter are pr. prietort,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has informed
Iir. Munro that a y attempt to limit
:•.    ■  ;: .-   ' .pan.---   tu ti, ■'• pr vide.!
with psis| its specifically directed to
Ottawa» . d he s'violation ol Cans.
iia- treaty siib Jspan,
.'.! irried, tt -| ii n K p Caicade, Ii.
C. at the tetidence I E, Bsngi, m
Wedneidty, Sept 25, l-y Re. John
i einie J.. n Henry Bhrapr.el C.P R.
i con olive enginei r, I Aneta Catherine Tingley, youngetl - iter -:' Mrs
Baugs, and daughter ol John Vi,
Tingley, -1 Amhersi N B.—Nelson
The s. s. Revelstoke did not make i
her usual Friday and Saturday trip up
the river owing lo the fact that dipt.
Forsltuid wns ill in the hospital, The
captain hns now recovered sufficiently
to enable the vessel to run yesterday.
Announcement has been made that
n squadron of liritish warships was
SHOD to return to Esquimalt and thut
the former nnviil village would be re-
occupied is confirmed, The fleet of
live warships will arrive early next
Tl.e public school teachers lire
making iirrnngrin nts to form a local
"Esperanto Club" this winter. Esperanto is lhe new universal language,
simple in arrangement and especially
adapted for easy translations rl other
foreign languages and cn lie used lo
commercial advantage.
.1 Jl. Kellie, of Revelstoke, formerly une ..( tl.e Kuuteiiay members in
the provincial liuuse, is paying a visit
to Victoria, Mr. Kellie says that
times huve been very prosperous in
Revelstoke the Inst two years. The
(' I'.R. payroll there amount! now to
about $70,000 per month, the lumber
industry is doing well snd Ihe district
ia ulso coining to the front ns.. Iruil
griming centre.—Colonist.
Kootenay Lndge No. 15, A. F, A A.
M and the Scarlet Chapter attonded
divine service last Sunday evening sl
St, Peter's, Ther.' «..s a laigi congregation, special music and servicei
being introduced. The Kev C A
Proeunier delivered an impressivi -■■
mon on the tenets of Masonry and
Masonic wurk. We will endeav. t t-
publish the sermon in lull in i >
An exhibition of human  atr. ngtl
waa given at the City Hot. I last M i
day  evening by    Mr. T.   Hart,    ol
Chicago, whu is on a tour through
the  province.    Some ol   tl.e  most
dillicult [eats, tar instance   Btich aa
smashing huge pieces  I r rjk with hia
flit, bending of iron, ol ,i remarkable
thickness, and ten Ing a a   i
out ol the corner of a deck ol  cards,
were watohed with amszemenl
crowd who were present,
To Buy ti 1 louse.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
Business Locals
New ciui.ic posl Is ill lie as' drug
Patronize Homo Industry, Smolo
Revelstoke Cigars,
Plums an I prunes Ior |.rjsom.ig u*
MnC's Grocery.
Lace and tnpe.i.y curtains, curtain
poles i nil lixlurea nl C. B. llunie &
Revelstoke Cigars Union Mndo Our
Special, The Union, and Marca Vuelta
arc ahead of all others.
Feirnled Emulsion ol Cud Liver Oil
$1 und 50.'. buttles at Dews'drug
Carpels, linoleum, nnd llior oil
cloth, a splendid assortment, at O. 11
llunii. A Co.
Large cucumbers, guud lur sweet
pickles, 30 ceula per dnzen. Muc's
Musical instruments—violins, guitars, mandolins, banjos, etc., ut Hews'
drug store,
The Ideal Furnituio Slore nre selling
carpets and carpet iquarc! cheap, It
will pay you lo tnke a look nt their
I. Alexander M.iinll, of Sni.i on
Arm,(leclare that my wife Ih.b left my
bed in d boatd ol her own free will und
ivi.bout cause and tlmt I will not, he
responsible Ior nny debts that she or
inv children may injur frmn tliis dule.
Oct. 2nd 1007.
Alexander Mehrai.1,.
The City Council require the services
nf a Superintendent ol City Waterworks. Salary, $75110 per month.
ipplic.ti.uis with references to reach
the undersigned by Noon on Friday,
October 4, 1007.
lin Cily Clerk.
Will Facilitate Poslal Arrangements.
Business is now in lull bwing iu the
new post olliee at tlie intersection of
First Street au.l Government It ad,
the building being nearly out ul the
hands..( tin workmen, The public
luve lung fell the need ol a post olliee
more suitable for the requirements oi
growing Revelstoko, and Postmastoi
Mcltae bus certainly given them
something which will be a credit to
the city, l'l.e new edifice stands in >.
very convenient site nnd is n bu ling
ol plain yet proportions .1
neat, yet bold di sign I e ng 31x50 ; el
and 11 leel high inside Tl - -.■ i
ui decoration ia art itiot j i
.i.n and the internal arranger, enta
the rapid handling - i mail ha ■    -■■
t attended I .. re v-
•■: .1   :..Mf   innoi'i.       - .-    ...
etter deliver ■■
boxes.    Specie has
; and hi
pu      •       I n..w be sa tia
spector Greens
- ... .
rnsell big
ts snd siti
He a lew pi st
liters  had
. has
Mem! ers   are   lequlred   to   return
llieir Rilles to the Armoury at n: ce.
By nrder
11 A. BROWN, O.Ct
Revelstoke Hospital Society.
The adjourned General Annual
Meeting ol the subscribers to the Revolstoke Society will l.e held
;.; the City Hull, Kevelstoke, B. C.
fi Tuesday, October 15, 1907, at 8
o'clock p.m.
Sept. 25, I'.IOt.      t.l       Secretary.
Notice of Change in Sailings.
j ihe       .    ler -if the season
Kll   the  steamer  " Ilevelstoke"
D m,i>- nnd return
■  * lea. ing Revelstoke or.
11 ■ u 9 a ii.., reach-
i  pm.  and   lenving
.-ii.,.-and Saturdays
-   ke   ..i  II
.... to make this
ite ... tl.e
. icoomm idation
parties ol
Pi m-i ...
Mm .
ilm ?\*
We are showing the first of our Fall Furs an'cj you
^ will lind them excellent value. They comprise Stoles, lions,
!;' Caperines, Ruffs, etc., in the new shapes,  prettily  trimmed
|> with heads and tails, and not the least attractive point ahout
them i.s the very reasonable prices at which they are sold.
They also include a nice line of Children's Furs in Sets and separate pieces. Very cozy
and comfortable looking.
Our showing in these lines will bc found very good.   They comprise Cashmere, Lustre,
Fli.nnel, Flannelette Sateen, etc., in plain and fancy patterns.
Every season sees an advance in thc styles of Waist Goods, and this
season wc are showing some very neat designs in both wool and cotton
goods. The Heavy White Ycstings are being used very largely and we
have some very pretty designs in these goods.
Wc arc now prepared to lit out your boy for winter. We have a
jot of splendid serviceable Tweeds in both two and three-piece suits, and
:n the larger sizes have both long and short trousers. Separate short
.rousers from 65c up.
 AT ■
Marriage Licenses Issued
15c. to $1
Druggist and Stationer.
Nexl Hume Block,
Tbe lep. I was an animated scene
on Saturday nighl nsl .bout tie. time
when the west tn und train No 07 ■' >-
: m , For the last day or two pass,
gei tr,.:!.-' has been abm rtnal and c«
have '. en packed tl .1 eyond
-tan.ling  room.    Large era
people ar.' trave li . 1        '••■1 *>• oil
minster lair bene, thi cr vded atato  I
the  train-     Ni irly  lorty 1
guests it thi II tel Revelst  11
the weit ..ii  Saturday and  ill
hotels   report   heavy   busii    with
transient visil ri     Mai .-    eal peo|
, ave I. ll  I     thc 1 iir during tho past
lew days., while delegatea lor the ....
oral  conventi .n  al Vancouver,  and
local   representatives  ol  the   Schoi
Board l r the Trustees Convention al
New Wettmimter have all left.
E.  C. 1
■    1    ,   .        itatei ihftl
Social and Personal
■     :
The Rev, C, A. Procun er sustained
11 very serious injury yesterdny   after-
11....... while ....t f.u bis rani I. ..   little
nortli ..I the city, It appears thnt thc
Lev. wm cl.uppii.g wood
at lhc lime ami lus axe striking 11
knot, glanced nit and out deeply int..
llis righi ankle, severing anartory nnd
damaging tl.e joint, Mr, Proeunier
very pluckily bound his wound up
himsell, l..r he was nlono labor
iously walked homo and was assisted
Iron, there to tho hospital where lus
woundi were attended to, a portion ..I
tho hulli. having to lie ii'iiiuv-.l, lli-
injuries nre of n rather serious nature,
although tho doctors have put tilings
in g>. ..I shape and bis recovery will be
.1 matter <.( time, Mr. Proounior
lUlTeiOll much pain last night, but wa-.
easier this  morning,    Wi! sinoerely
hope Ihnt th..' Hev. gentleman will
soon be un his led again.
Mra «
M .Sl
C, li Humo  .'*'
Mr snd Mrs. Roy M 11
Saturday for a visit, to the <
Miss Hofi  -.■■',   ■
., yisii ... New Westminster
Miss Siasons snd  Misa I	
Friday Insl lor a visit to the bob
C, Al.r.ili.iiiisu.i   lell   nn   ftiturd
1 1 ink.- in the New Westminster F ii
Mrs ,1. Lnughton, neenmpanied bj
Miss Cora Lie,  rotumod   Insl
Irom n trip tn tho Old Country.
A, W. Mcintosh lms returned nflei
.1 visit to l'..rl, Simpson. He -..,,t, .
thai the Portland cannl distriot l....ks
rich in paying OIO,
Deaconess Adair, fur...erl) ..I Revel, spent, last week visiting relative
nml Iriends in tho oity, nml lelt on
Saturday night lm Winnipeg to ..gnu.
resume her studies,
■    -
. 1
M     ..■
,,     ■  ■
.        ' f
. I
I -
,   M ,
-,               .
1 ,M       * >      ■       -  ■         '
I..I--  I    ...   Ml.'.'    .   I
[etiii d (ul
White Help Only
in our profession il skill liiul ability
as opticians litis brought relief ll)
hundreds of sufferers from eye strain
ami nervous disorders resulting from
eye troubles. Why nol follow their
wise example? Know, please, Ihal we
charge nothing whatever lor eye examination, only fairly lor whal glasses
or spectacles may be needed.
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
to our store If you wnnl to purchase
11 New Carpet, Fine Orienlnl or Wilton rug, matting or linoleum uud see
how uuieil Further ils eotil.-iils will
tnke you in pui'ch.ising thun it will ul
uny othei store In ihe city. Our
Spring styles are re..dy for your
MEN WANTED   K..I- ll. II. work
..1 field, li. 0,   Pick nnd shovel
men J2.VI pel' dny, uxe men $3.00per
duy, $.-..2.". per week, n.e.I leal
fee 81HO per ...uuth.    Cooks $110 In
8IIKI mil braird per .......Hi, according
... si/... i.f craw. Cookies 810 and Iwn
pel ...<>..ih. Apply In iMi.cDonell,
(i»iw»ki A Ho., Field, ll.c.
H* INTI! I) KNOWN   Money lo limn
in siini* ..I |$n00iiu il upwards un
iiipri m.i   .>. mm.-,     Vp.ily In  hi. A.
1   [I        Renl   Estate Ag.-nl,  Revel-
11 1 1\
\\ A.N I'HI)   Mm.  will, expo'lnncn to
h im .nnl grade Ininll 'I', nlsn several
experienced lllilllliell, for Hevelsluke
11'  M 111 ui    I I.r.    I'll.m|.i.ny,
Limit. .1 sep2o 2w
r.lOH  • ILK   Hevenil tennis ul guud
I' .■ mu .'  I    Miilf.l.le   f.u-  ..ny
.111   ,-     tpply in Kirn win
...   .    Ri m-i [uke Sawmill Ou,,  Ltd.
(Mi. Ill-.VI       Imi,1
1     1,   li
Iim!   .,>     iiiiliii-
lied   I se,    mm.   Ibe  I'M-Imii
■ in ipliure, .... (   I'. II.    Apply to ,1.
11.111 le il I In- I, -.iiii-me.
Hi 1 .     ,:   /ellow 'ImnlsN tt iini.
claim  ..ih. is  have   bt   Ls hbridgc
uiu     1 boy lie '    V-.ii can gel l,i th
bridge. ni  Irom mc    uroo only, nnd
ihni. is frum its agenoy
I'l...'.. youi iiril.-rs with ine    nnil   get
the real goods i.l .Px 60 lur ton orders,
weigh 1, hern yuu please.
W *.,**'I Kii   Km . imiiis.   Houses of
Ilniu  mm,  ...  iix 1  : aim
i.n.      Ippl) loll   A   Haggen, Mr-
Kd.7.1.. Ave. ui-, Revelsiukii,        i,22l
I'     Apply ,\l ill. Ill nil,11 Ulllee.
Inyoiio   wishing   fancy   wurk   hr
tllirisimas ihould lesve ib.-ir ....leis
1 nv   lluttotlblirg tea olotlll,
....I centre pieces, cushions ol all
kinds,drawn thfojd w..rk, hardaugor,
. I.f.    All wurk giiiii'anle.'.l.
Anyone wishing tu i.eo samples ..I
work c-1111 null ... r.-si.h....'.-,
Mils, lt. A. Upper
IncriKiratod by Act c( l'arll»;nent, 1855.
Wm. MOLSON MaOPHEIISON, -Pics. H. H. EWING, Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Mannger.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
•Sixty-two  brunches In  Onnildi. nnd  Agencies  iii  iill  parts nf thc
Interest credited four times « year at current rules on Suvings
Hunk deposits, until farther notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Import direct from Country ot origin,
IIKAI) (II'KICK : CauuilV, Al.llKIITi.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
IMrk Packora a...I Oaalor   In Livo sjt(.ck.  Markets in all tho principal Uitlca an.l
'f.u ns nl All.mi,i, British . ■ iifinlili. f.iul tl.o Viik.,,..   Pfii-kifrs... lln. Uelol.rato.1 Bland
a   • Iiii it  ..r" llfini, ftal lliicii.., ii.kI HI.iiioriiifk IJrniul, Lout l.anl. A
For liiuiloinonts. Carrlsuss, Wsgona Utc.,1 Join,
l.n.'r., Ploughs, Miillno Wssoos, Cauada Carriage Gompaey'a
Uuggios, 1'l.ii.oljr. Qsrdoi) Hoodors nm! Cultivators, Wheel-
wriubl Blacksmith Work ..laudwl lo. Horso Shoeiug a
Upeelnlty, f
r.   vtt»itvuu^wunwuuuuw %**)
WANTKD   I'n.ll.ui.le  proposition
up.... for lelinble ....... n..|..f.ii.l-
...I fruit    giuwi-i's  un.l   wilh
abiliiy us siilesiii.iil. Pull in piiilliuie.
StnleiiKB, experience and references,
L*ru„ Brown's Nurse.ies, Onl.
WANTED-Thlrd or Fourth Class
Engineer.    Apply   In   .Ii.iin
KiiiiNAiiiiAN, Salmon Ann, H.C.
WANTED - Dining  Room  Girl,
Wages ISO per month.   Apply
Hotel Uraud, NakuFp, B, 0. Sep 7 in.


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