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Agents iu Great Britain and United States—London, England,
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Of B. C. School Trustees Association-Important Addresses
by School Superintendents-
Valuable Resolutions Passed
The convention ol B. C. School
Trustees' Association resumed ita
sesBion on Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock with a full attendance.
F. W. Flunimerfelt brought up the
question of boulevards around schools
and the necessity oi having the same
placed under control and jurisdiction
of the school boards.
H. N. Coursier spoke along the same
lines: "Resolved that the case o!
boulevards round school sites be
placed under tbe control of the School
Boards who shall be empowered to
expend money on tbe same. (F. W,
Flunimerfelt,Vancouver; C. E.Hope,
Vancouver.   Carried.
Regarding tbe resolution offered by
Vancouver City Board re striking of
rate for school purposes, W.P. Argue,
(Vancouver City Supt.) moved the
adoption, seconded by W. E. Buckingham, ol Richmond, "that school
boards be allowed to strike a rate ior
school purposes.   Carried.
Full discussion arose on the question of school monies and by whom
Inspector A. C. Stewart, Vancouver,
gave a full explanation o( the matter
corroborated by other speakers as
being in favor of the plan, "Resolved
that Bchool monies collected by the
Council be placed to the credit of the
school board to be discussed by them.
(Flunimerfelt, Hope).   Carried.
Revelstoke Board introduced the
followiug resolution which was carried
"lhat in publishing the names of
pupils passing examinations, that
they be in alphabetical order witb
total marks obtained by each, and
that publishing the number writing,
from any one centre (or acluol) be
discontinued; and also that wbeu tbe
questions are published in the Annual
Report the marks for each question,
or part there d, be shown (Revelstoke
Board)." (H.N.Coursier, Revelstoke;
R.   6.    Joy, Nelson.)   Carried.
A lengthy discussion then took
plsce on "how the school, particularly
the High school curriculum can be
made more practical."
J. Peck, of New Westminster, said
tbat High school work should be
made to consider the 95 per cent, of
pupils who will, after leaving school,
earn tlieir liviug by manual labor.
The working classes should be helped.
Drawing, etc., takes up too much
E. B. Paul claimed that the High
schools were doing work aa practical
as possible, but frequently too much
regulated by Universities.
H. Manning claimed tbat big cities
can handle the matter but smaller
ones cannot and strongly asserted
that the High school ia not doing any
practical good for children in later
life and cited many cases ol its bad
Dr. Scott ol Calgary, said that leaders came from the public schools, and
facilities must he provided to place
children into professions with broad
learning for the struggle ol life. The
high school is keeping alive th: refinement culture and Btudy of children
which are essentials in the work and
success of all great men  snd   women.
Inspector Stewart said thst high
schools cannot teach (or all professions
but aim to make true aod intelligent
citizens. Canadian high schoola are
doing all tbey can to give tbe children
a general broad training. He urged
tbst tbe teaching sulfa be well paid
and good work would follow. XI
teaehera knew what each pupil intended to do when of age it would be
easier (or them to study what training
is beat and be pointed out tbat tbe
curriculum should be elastic and intelligent, teachers can put pupils along
any lines they like.
J. X. Muir, Keelera, claimed tbat
memory work, drawing, eto., was
useless and waste of time.
C. E. Hope said that the high
school was doing a good work and he
brought out many suggestions as to
how a more practical currioulum can
be arranged, suggesting that Spanish
and German be included, more euclid
and arithmetic, eto.
W. McBride, Surry, claimed that a
great deal depended on the teachers
and aa Vancouver supplied moat ol
the teaehera, it waa up to that city to
give them the best training they
could. In regard to French he asserted
that 67 per cent, of  members  ol  the
Ottawa parliament make speeches in
F. VV. Flunimerlelt aaid that the B.
C. school system was good, hut if
high schools were not doing satisfactory work then it was best to get at
the cause ol the trouble.
W. P. Argue aaid that our school
system compsrea very well with other
countries, but there was room Ior improvement. He explained that teachers do no: always apply the principles
right, and that a teacher's worth be
Lund be! ie he or aha is allowed to
take a class room. He showed how
memory lessons train tbe mind, and
painting aud drawing the bands and
eyes. He urged that no alphabet be
taught until after a child had been a
year at school, but rather teach the
sounds of letters.
J. J. Dougan, Vancouver, pointed
out that good teachers made good
pupils and explained that all teachers
cannot teach alike. He said that the
discussion bad done much to help
rural schools.
The debate was i.djoumed till the
next day in order to give those wbo
had not yet arrived a chance to sin ak.
F. J. Bourne then invited the delegates to a recept. n that evening at
tbe Y.M.C.A which was adopted.
A. E. Atkins, C.quitlam, explained
how in his district where two schools
adjoin, that the parents ol children
from one district, who go to school in
the other, should bave a vote io the
other district.
Insp. Stewart pointed out that this
was impossible and would mean two
votes to one person.
"Resolved, that the School Act be
amended so that people in a municipality can vote for trustee in another
municipality where there children go
to school. (Atkins-Martin.) The
motion lost.
A. E. Miller, principal of the public
school invited the delegates to inspect
tbe schools on the lollowing morning.
Tbe meeting then adjourned.
Sessions were resumed on Thursday
morning at 9 o'clock. The delegates
who had been delayed at west points
were present. The full number of
delegates ia aa follows:
Wm. McBride, Surrey.
J. Baillie, Maple Ridge District.
W. E. Buckingham, Richmond.
Chas. E Hope, (chairman,) W. P.
Argue (city superintendent,) A. C.
Stuart, Vancouver.
A. C. Scott, (city superintendent,)
Calgary, Alta.
Ed. B. Paul, (city superintendent,)
John Peck, (vice-chairman,) P Peebles, New Westminster.
Wm. Irvine, R. G. Joy, Nelaon.
J. C. Robertson, J. C. Lucaa, J, S.
Mercer, Chilliwack rural.
H. J. Barber, A. L. Coote, Chilliwack city.
E. J. OfterhauB, J. M. Wright, Spal-
J. N. Muir, Keelers.
T. A. Shackleton, Kamloops.
E. A. Atkins, Coquitlam.
T.   W.   Bradshaw, H. Manning, H.
N. Coursier, Revelstoke.
H. P. McCraney, Rossland.
F. W. Flunimerfelt, J. J. Dougan,
R. C. Hodgson, South Vancouver,
Maxwell Smith, Burnaby.
A. C. I'linta, Nanaimo.
T. Lawson, Kelowna.
S. Sproule, Rutland.
Dr. Robinson, Supt. of Education.
Inepector Deane.
J. F. Fowler, Wetaskiwin, Alts.
A. Patterson, Kelowna.
C. H. Strutt, Kamloops.
J. Highman, Vernon.
W. Boyd, Saimon Arm.
Capt. J. T. Stewart, Point Grey.
W. R. Blanchard, Winlaw.
J. J. Porter, Revelstoke.
M. Hereron, Okanagan Mission.
C. Christian, I.umhy.
The adjourned discussion of High
School curriculum was continued and
passed on to the resolution committee
Dr. Scott, of Calgary, Alberta,
addressed the Convention expressing
pleasure at being welcomed to B.C.
He said the work done here bad im
pressed him greatly. The responsibilities of the Trustees are very great
and oannot be too lrghly considered.
He relerred to the efficiency ol the
teaehera and how to determine it. He
explained that it ia really impoasible
to tell how much energy ol a teacher
is put into useful work. Some teaehera
possess more than others. In explaining how this might be determined
he pointed out that the undertaking
ol subjects fully is necessary for good
reaulta. Inaccuracy Is fatal. Teachers
will increase in efficiency for four or
five years, but probably no longer
unlesa tbey Btudy. The power ol
control over others  is essential, and
(Continued on I'agc Three),
A Winnipeg Theater Collapsed
The Closure—Unusual Death
Laurier's 67th Birthday—Fatal Explosion.
Winnipeg, Nov. 21 —Ateighto'clock
Thursday evening tbe Grand theater,
corner of J.srvis and Main streets, collapsed, covering tbe sidewalk with
debris. The building was receiving
the finishing touches and had been
built at a cost ot $30,000. No one was
injured, though several bad narrow escapes. The theater waB built by a
company promoted by W. J. Gillinan
of New York.
Ottawa, Nov. 21.—It is understood
here tbat legislation will be proposed
by tbe government at the next session
of the Dominion parliament to amend
tbe present rules of debate in the
house of commons with a view to expediting wblic business and preventing useless prolongation of debates.
In other words, a modified form ol the
British closure will be adopted.
Chicago, Nov. 21.—Death irom
glanders, rare in human beings, overtook Dr. Thus. M. Wilson oi Atwood,
Ontaiio, at the Presbyterian hoBpitul
in this city today. Dr. Wilson absorbed the germs ul the disease while
conducting experiments at Ashwell
Ottawa, Nov. 21.—Sir Wilfrid Laurier was in receipt of many congratulatory cables ond telegrams yesterday
morning being hia 07th birthday. All
tbe members of tbe cabinet iu the
capital waited on the premier in bis
office and extended their felicitations.
Sir V ilfrid leaves tbis afternoon via
New York for tbe Southern states,
where be will take a fortnight's rest.
Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 21.—Thirteen men are believed to have been
killed in the explosion of a gas main
bere today that buried over 30 workmen who were working beneath tlie
Burlace of the street in a man-hole.
One. man was immediately burned to
a crisp and twelve iii-. supposed to
have been covered with debris. The
otherB were rescued after a baid Hght,
Principal Points in Interview
With Kaiser.
London, Nov. 21.—England, traitor
to white man's cause, will loae colonies
through Japan.
Invitation to U.S. fleet by Australia
and New Zealand was notice that
colonies were with white man, not
with renegade mother
Japan is fomenting insurrection  in
India,   which   may   break out in six
i months,
Germany and United States are prepared to stand hy China against Japan,
i     United Stutes aud Japan must light
within ten years.
Kaiser ie supplying arms to and will
i lite Mohammedans as t.ll'set against
j Japanese aggression.
These are lhe silliest points o! which
| is supposed to he the Biibstance  ol an
' interview between the Kaiser and   Dr.
i Willi uu    lisle,     the     distinguished
clergyman   on    board   the    Imperial
yacht     Hobenyollem,     at     Berger,
Immigrants for B. C.
London, Nov. 20. — Hon. R. G.
Tatlow and W. E. Scott visited tbe
offices of the Liverpoal Post yeaterday
with the object of bringing more
prominently under notice the claims
of British Columbia tu preferential
selection by prospective emigrants,
especially those who may have heen
influenced by tbo bugbear of Canadian
suows and long drawn out cold winter
whioh may be correct to aome extent
somewhere, but which conditiona do
not prevail in British Columbia.
Eft'ortB will be made by Hon. Mr
Tatlow thia winter to direol the tide
ol immigration coustward.
C. P. R. Mechanics.
Winnipeg, Nov. 21.—The C. P. R.
mechanica union leadera have lieen
depoacd. P. Kennedy, of the machinists, succeeds Bell Hardy as president;
A. K. Mowatt, of the carmen, is vice-
president; James Somerville succeeds
McVety aa aecretary-treasurer. The
oompany has given assurances to the
union that no more new men will be
engaged until such time as all their
lormer employes have been given a
preference. The hcadquartera ol the
federation will be in Montreal for the
Rifles, Shot Guns, Ammunition, Good Hunting
Knives, Axes, Fishing
Tackle and other sporting goods.
We are showing the best line of Heaters, Ranges, etc., that
has heen seen in Etevelstnke and our increasing sales prove that
we have the right goods und prices.
Our Plumbing department Is up-to-date and we are doing
the best work lhal i- done In the city.
Bourne   Bros.
You certainly
do look Warm
Mr Swell Dresser
You know it is not a crime to feel real
warm. It isn't a pleasant thing, is it, to have
chills chasing each other over you ?
And while you are keeping warm you
might as well have an overcoat that will "look
good," too.
" Our Overcoats will make you feel good,
and look good, and make good."
Let us coat you over with an overcoat."
Our Foot-rite Shoes we sell have good
bottoms on them and also good tops, although,
you wear shoes at the bottom. Our s-tyles are
toppy. A pair will keep your feet in good
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-Up Capital,$1 0,000.000
alex. laird, Den. MBr.       Reserve Fund,   -   5.000,000
Branches thrpughout Canada, and in United Stales and England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits of $1 and upwards are received and interest
allowed at current rates, and is paid lour times a year. Accounts
may be opened in the names oi two or more persons, withdrawals to he made by any one of the number or hy the survivor.
Zbc fl&a-Mbcralb.
Barristers, Solicitous,   Etc.
Parliament-iv,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railw -y
Hon, Charles Murphy, M.P.
Harold Fisher.
Bsrrlatera, Solicitor., etc.
X. lilLUN . ''. Klmii-it
AND PI    KllAM,
OrncES :   IiiriKiAL I'.iv:: BUILDING IUvkl
Money to loan.
Offices: Ilaveliloke, II l
Geo. 3. McCabtkb
A.  M.   l'INKHAM,
Cranbrook, B C.
J. A. Harvky,
Cranbrook, B, 0,
1. M. Scott LL W. 1. BriSK"-
u'orr  A   BRIGGS
Harristkrs, Solicitors, Ei
Money to Loan
■solicitors for Molson" Bank
First Street.
Reve -,oke,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
McKexzik Avknck,
Box 1U0, Revelstoke
Certificated Teacher of
Piano. Vocal Theory.
Musical Kindergarten
Classes tor young children.
Studio over
Banff Hard Coal
We are now receiving a full supply of the
different sizes of this Coal, the best domestic fuel on the market.
All orders will be promptly and satisfactorily attended to.
Try some BRIQUETTES in your Range or
Open Grate.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
ing the school grounds, which has
called forth so much favorable
comment. Mr. Steed has devoted
time and lahor to this particular
work and can therefore be well
proud of what is in reality the
linest example of school grounds in
British Columbia.
Zbc iH>a.l*1beratt>
There i« BO much bad in ths best of ns.
Aud io much gixK. iu tho worst of us,
That it hardly behooves any uf us,
To talk about the rest of ns.
The visit of the delegates to the
fifth annual convelion of the B. C.
School Trustees Association has
been one ol the most important of
any such gathering held in our city.
What has been accomplished by
this convention cannot be stated in
a few words and the interchange of
broad views and wise suggestions
cannot but lead to great and far
reaching results for the benefit of
education in general. The trustee
of a school has a great responsibility, and in his hands lie the keys
of the doors of success of the coming generation in Canada. Our
future lies in our children and in
the class room are sown the seeds
of what in years to come will be
great leaders of men and women.
One pleasing feature of the convention was the keen interest taken
in the local schools and their
equipment. Revelstoke schools are
well kept, well conducted, both in
the class room as well as in the
matter of cleanliness and outward
beauty. In reference to the latter
we quote from the presidents opening address as printed in our last
To illustrate the value one locality
may receive from another, and the
energy shown by one locality in particular, I would refer tu the eicelicnt
nb t graph that the Revelstoke .School
Buard presented to us in New Westminster, in Octot-er, I'M".
The result tu New Westminster
alune hss been the beautifying and
arranging of the Central School
grounds, an enterprise that we approached with fear and trembling because of the expense, which lias been
in the neighborhood ol ll.&'X), but I
cau assure you tbat during the time
the work waa under construction, we
received nothing but encouragement
frr m every citizen wbo spoke to us
upon the subject during the time tho
work wae lieing done.
I believe it ia the duty of every
aclinol board to make the conditions
anrrounding their schools as beautiful
aa possible, aa it ia in itself an education to our young.
In regard to this it may be said
that great credit is due the last as
well as the present board   of   local
trustees, who have  so   successfully
tarried out what is in every way a
credit to   Reveletoke.     To   Thus.
Bleed   ie   due   the   real credit for
doing the actual work of   beautify-
What some of the Trustee Delegates Think of Our City.
Dr. A. C. Scott, city superintendent
of scboolB, Calgary, Alta., who has
heen visiting Revelstoke, attending
the School Trustees convention, when
asked his opinion of our city made the
following statement:
"One's lirst impression ol RevelBtoke is associated with the mountains
which encircle ir, with their towering
peaks ul" white reaching up iuto the
clouda. Nestling in the valley at the
gateway tu the Kootenays, it lies within reach ol the fruit land on one side
and uf the mines on all sides, and the
character ol the city and ita people is
evidently itilluenced by the situation
and environments, and the opportunities surrounding them.
"One of the first evidences of tbe
progressiveneea ol Revelstoke is seen
in the splendid Y.M.C.A. building
with its complete equipment, its instructors, and enthusiastic claases of
h.iys and men,
'* That a city ol 3,500 should erect
and equip such a building at a cost of
$35,000 and be able to report it all
provided for except a trifling balance,
and that, as well, they have erected a
beautiful school building Biirrouuded,
as it ie, by grounds which might well
be a pattern for larger places, shows
the real interest taken in the future
welfare of the rising generation, and
augurs well for the development of
the higher life of the city, intellectually, morally and socially.
" Certaiuly the atmosphere o! the
city is in fullest sympathy with the
objects of the Trustees' Association
which has been holding ita annual
convention here.
" Personally, I am glad tu express
the pleasure it has beeu to me to visit
the city and the province for the first
time. My visit has beeu fuli of profit
from meeting men from all parta of
Uritish Columbia, who are interested
in educational matters from the standpoint of the citizen and the trustee.
I could only wish that a picture of the
city and her encircling mountains, lit
up by sunahine had been granted us
1 shall, however, look forword with
pleaaurable anticipation to another
visit to the province in the near
J. J. Dougan, secretary of the B. C.
School Trustees  Association, said:
" between the bucy spacea at the
leoretary'a desk I have found a atray
thought bringing into comparison
places and events. One moment I
asked .uysel! what might one think uf
Kevelstoke? Thia, aa in the cane uf
nn American couain, led me to wonder
what the educators, and citizens generally, would think uf us and our defects. It had been our fortune to
uur visit the splendid public achmil
under the efficient management of rny
old Iriend Mr. Miller.
" It was not only fortune it was incident. I must eay (now, wa were
philosophically taught by one of the
city's future great men. Three boys
iu turn were asked what they thought
of the visiting trustees. Two were
very modeat and ao did not venture a
reply, while the third said, "Oh, I
suppose they are all right, but they
ought to look after the teachers and
not alter ua boys." The hint waa
paused around and moat practically
did some of the trustees pay great
atteution, especially tu aome uf the
lady   teachers.     The   lirst   idea one
gathered was to smile at a trustee
marching up to a teacherfand askii g
if her services might be obtainable for
Surrey or some other board.
" Professional insight assured that
the schools were so well conducted as
to cause entire admiration ou the pari
of those interested in school administration.
" But, here is the crux of my opinion of Revelstoke: The citizens, the
institutions and those who are intrusted with such administration need
not feir comparison with any like
place. Not one hut ali, I need uut
say, were delight,d with ourtwodnys'
stay in your progressiva city."
Old Timers' Meeting
Editor .MAii.-Iir.tiAi.n.
Dear Sir: As 1 read with interest
the letter of "Trail Blazer'1 in the last
issue of the Mah.-H_k.ald and as I
believe the idea ol a re-uuiuu uf all
the old-timers, men and women, for a
social evening would be of very much
interest, I might suggest a meeting of
nil old-timers be held in the City Hall,
Revelatoke, on Wednesday evening
next at 8 o'clock to make arrangements Ior an annual reunion.
Yours truly,
Chad. F. Lindmark,
Card of Thanks
On behalf of myaelf and family 1
beg to sincerely thank the many
friends lor their tokens of friendship
and heartfelt sympathy shown to ue
in our recent sad bereavement.
Mks. Whitehouse.
Don't lurget the entertainment,
bazaar, etc.. at Mrs. .1. .1. Porter's
home on MoKenzie Avenue by the St.
Peter's Guild, Tuesday, Nuv. 24th.
A.  H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meal* 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Cui Flowers
Chrysanthemums,   Carnationa  snd
other Cut Flowers  supplied   by  J. T.
Bealby, Nelson. B.C..  (P.O. Box 897.,
Nov, 11 Jan. 11
I,   O.   F.
1'iinrt Mount Begbie, Ki . 3461, rooolsi 2ud aud
Ith Muu'Iays in Oddfellows Hull, noxt to Opera
lliui.16 Vlalttug brethren oordlally invited to
J.W. Qabland. CH.
11. VV. Edwabdb, R.S
C.   W.   O   W.
Mountain View Camp, No, 229
Meek Second nnd Fourth WeduetsdayB In
ench month, in s..|liirk Hall. Visilin Wood
unu cordialfy invited to attend.
W. I). AltMSTHONG.Con.Com.
J. Ml-INTYRK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The regular meetings are held in the Selkirk
Salt every Tuesday evening at 8 o'cloek
Visitiug brothron are cordially invited.
w. g. McLauchlin, seorktabt.
Kootonay Lodge, No. 15, A. F. & A. IM.
The regular meetings nre held in the
Oddfellows Hull, ou
tho third Monday in
isiu-Ii mouth nt K
p in. Visiting brethren cordially wul-
Moots every Thursday oveniiw   in   Sel
kirk Hall al S   'clock
Visitiug brothron aro
cordially invited to attend.
G. H. KNIGHT, N.ti,
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
Ho, 26,  Revelstoke, B. C.
ex tspt 1'u ul l'i ednesd.ty
each mouth, in '.'to     ddlollnvs'
Hall    at    S    I'clict.     Visum
Knights 'I'" 0 sr Unity   nvtti.it.
G. H. BROCK  K. of B. & 8.
J. B. SCOT!', .U. of F.
Revelstoke Assessment District
TAKE NOTICE that 1 shall hold a
Court of Revision and Appeal, under
the provisions of the "Assessment
Act.' respecting the Assessment Rolls
for 1009, for the Revelstoke Assessment
District, on MONDAY, the 21st day of
December, 1008, at the hour of eleven
o'clock in the forenoon, at the Court
House, Revelsluke.
Dated  at.  Revelsluke  this 17lll day of
Novtmihe-, 1.K18.
Judge of the Court of Revision and
Appeal,  Revelsluke Assessment
Dlstriot of Wesi Kootenay.
Nov 18 Dec. 9.
Take notice that 1 intend to make
applieation to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Windsor
Hotel at lllecillewaet, B.C., for the
half year from Jan. 1st, 1909, to June
30th, 1909.
Dated Nov. 7th, 1908.
nov 7 lm C, D. MOKBIS.
Take notice that we intend to make
application tu the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Lakeview
Hotel at Arrowhead, B.C., for the half
vear from Jan. Ist, 1909, to June 30th,
Dated Nov, 7lh, 1908.
nov 7 lm        PLUMTON A Chapman.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Lardeau
Hotel at Comaplix, B.C., for the hal
year from Jan. 1st, lltufl, to June 30th
Duted Nuv. 6lh, If 108.
nuv7 lm Joseph Dumont,
Take notice thai we, Messrs. Ogilvie
,_ .McKitriek of Nakusp, intend applying to the Superintendent of Provincial Police fur a renewal of ratail
liquor license for theLeland Hotel at
Nakuap, B.C., for the balfyeai from
January 1st, 1900 to June 80th, 1909.
Dated Nov. 7th, 1908.
n -. 7 lm     Ogilvie iV McKitkick.
Take notice thai I intend to rnaki'
application to the Superintendent of
of Provincial Police for a renewal of
the retail liquor licence for the Recep
tiun Hotel ni Oamborne, H.i'., for toe
half venr from Jan. 1st, 1909, to Jane
noth, 1909
Dated Nov 7th, 1908.
nov 7 lm CORV Mevhknk k.
Notice is hereby given that we Intend to uiaku application to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
renewal of the retail liquor licence for
the I,lacier House, al Olacter,B.O., for
the half vein- from Jan. 1st, 1909, to
.Lm. 30th, 1900.
Dated Nov, 7-h. 1908,
nuv 7 lm 0, P. Ry. Co.
Take notice thai I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for thn transfer of
the retail liquor licence of l ha Lardeau
Hotel, now held iiy me, to Joseph
Dated Nov, 8th, inon.
nov 7 I m R.  M.   Kv s -. -
Take notice thai I intend to
application tn lhe Superintend
Provincial Police foi a renewal i
retail liquor licence for the frit
Hotel at (lam borne, li ('.. .or th
year from Jan, lit, 1909, to Jans
"lis m
Dated Nov, llth, 1908,
nuv II I in I-'. T. AitKY.
"til of
if the
In the Supreme Oourt of British Col
Betwenn Grace Westfall, Plaintiff;
James L- Stewart, /"issi^nise in,- i,,.,,,-.
flt uf creditors, under "Creditors
Trust Deeds Aot, 1831,"  of .lames
A. OrilTIth, and James A. Griffith,
Notice is hereby given thnt pursuant
tu tbe Order made herein, of the Honourable Mi*. Justice Clemi m, Mn.y the
i:nh, 1007, and to the directions of the
Registrar of this Oourt nt Nelson, l-uts
22, 28, 12, and [8 In Block 61, in Troul
Lake  city  Townsite, registered plan
680, will be   iilfcretl   for sabs al. public
auction on the premises in Trout Lake
on December the 18th, 1908, al the
hour of 2 o'clook In tbe afternoon by
George M. Yuiil as Auctioneer, The
said premises will be offered for sale
subjeot to a reserved bid,
l''nr   furl her  particulars  and cundi-
l.iniiH uf siilu apply lo Taylur it O'Shcii.,
Nelson, I), C„ solicitors for the plaintiff,
Dated al Nelson, B.C., this   I7l.h day
of November, A.I.., i«08.     nov 21 aw
Take notice  that  I  intend to make
application to tbe Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of  the
retail liquor licence for the Camborne
Hotel al Oamborne, II.('.. for the half
year from Jan 1st, 1906, toJuneSOtb,
Dated Nov. 5th, 1908,
nov 7 lm
Dave Orb.
In the County Court of West Koote*
In tin- matter "f tbe KeUtte ol Peter
Mel lat rain; and
In the mattei of lhe "Official Admin-
Istrator'a Aet."
Take notice thnt' by Order of Uin
Honour .1. A. fforln, Local Judge,
mud'' Mm 21 st. day of October, A.D.,
liKiK, 1 was appointed Administrator
of tlm Estate of suid Peter Mellstraln,
deceased, and nil parties having clalma
against the said estate ere hereby required to furnish sume properly verified in me on or before tbe 90th nay of
November, 1908, antl all parties Indebted in snid rotate are required to pay
the amount of their Indebtedness to
mu forthwith,
Dated the llth day or Nov., num.
GflOlWB S, Mi Cahti'h,
Ollicial Adminlsl.ra.tnr.
Bracelets .
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Dining llituni Furniture is pa tic
tihirly issenlisil, and in view ol
this fuel we have selected a very
deslr.iblfl line of elegant aud
artistic dining tables, chairs and
Bidchnari B. An early Inspection
all itild lie made, aa the pre. we
are asking fur such su pei inr furniture makes them a iim.t di siruble
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Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stuck.   Markets in all the pritici
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ackers cf the Celebrated Brand  " Imperatur" Hams and Bacon,
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Large Sample Rooms.
Rates 81.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   management
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Wreaths, Bouquets
If you want Wreaths, Bouquets,
Crosses, etc., made up Irom the
choicest flowers, by a fully qualified artiste at reasonable prices
send to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't torget the name of the firm.
They took lat Specisl Prize at the
Vernon Show on the 16th Sept.
(or the best Floral and Horticultural  Display.
Manufactured for       classes of buildings
for sale in large or small quantities
at the lowest prices for cash.
All kinds of building and plastering
All   kinds   oi  new
Dealers in
Wah Chung, - Front St.
P. 0. Box, 200.
Phone 26
ToTra)3 r s
Raw Purs Bought
clash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Notice is hereby «lven thai I, II. Mcintosh, uf Il'ilcyun Hut Springs, B.C.,
Intend to apply to tbe Superintendent
of Provlnolal Police, at the expiration
of one uiiuiili from date hereof, for a
renewal of my retail liquor license for
ihe premises known as the Halcyon
Hut, Springs Hotel al Halcyon, H.C.
Dated nt Halcyon, B.C., Nuv. *_, loos.
nuv I hn
Reveletoke Land District.
West Kootenay, B. C.
Take Notice that 00 days after date
1 R. W. Lindsay of Camborne, B. C,
occupation, merchant, intend to a
jor permission to purchase the follow
ing described lands situated on Fish
River, West Kootenay district.
Commencing at the north east corner of A. D. MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,805 and marked '• R. W. Lindsay's North-West Corner Post;" thence
8 chains to west line of McKinnon'a
pre-emption; thence SO chuins south;
thence ;8 chains east to MacKay's;
thence north 60 chains to point of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or leas:
Located Oct. 15th, 1908.
K. W. Lindbat, Locator.
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Star, Eastern Star, Grand
View, Flora Bell and Eureka mineral
claims situate in the Kevelstoke Mining
Division of West Kootenay District. Located on the Norlh sidt- uf the North-east
branch of Laforme Creek.
Take notice that I, Guy L, Williams,
Free Miner's Certificate B13265, as agent
for Charles Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate B9426C; for Ed. Adait, Free Miner's
Certificate B94251; Samuel McMurty, Free
Miner's Certificate B94262; Walter Walsh,
Free Miner's Certificate B94265; F, G.
Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate B94264;
Gilberl Wilson, Free Miner's Cerlificale
B94261, and R. F. Greer, Free Miner's
Certificate B94263, intend 60 days from
dale hereof to apply to the Mining Re-
corder for a certificate of improvements
for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants
ol the above claims.
And further take notice that action under Section 37 must be commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Dated this 17th day of September, 1908,
sep 23-nov 23 Guv L. Williams.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for thu Cily Hotel
at Arrowhead, B, ()., for the half year
from Jan. 1st, 11)00, to June 86, 1000.
Dated Nov. 4 th, 1908.
nov 4 lm John Oaley.
hereby given, that thirty
after date, 1 intend  tu apply to
ilm Buperlntendenl of Provtndli-l'Pp
lice for a renewal Of the retail liquor
license fnr the Queen's Hotel, Comaplix, B.C.
Dated Nov. Hid, 1008.
nov 4 lm J. H. Yovno,
In the matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to North 4 of Villa Lot 29,
Town uf Hevelstoke.
Notice is hereby given that it is my
Intention to isNiiu at thu expiration of
one inonlh after tho lirst publication
hereof, duplicate Certificate of Title to
the above mentioned lands in tha name
ol John Larson, which Certificate of
l'i tie ia dated the 1st day of September
HHJ8, and numbered 271 IA.
District Registrar.
Land Ren        Office, Nelson, B.C.
7th October 1008. oct 101m
Notice is hereby given that the copartnership, heretofore existing between the undersigned an Real Estate
and   Commission  Agents,  under  the
Unu name of .Sib-alt! * Field, atrRevelatoke, B. C.| has been this day dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts, due to the said partnership, are to he paid at the Imperial
Hank, Hevelstoke, B.C., and all partnership debts to he paid in equal pio-
pnrtions hy snid John D. Sihhald and
Charles M, Field.
Dated at Revelatoke, B.C., 81st Oc-
totter, 1808.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the farm, Gtu-d.n Lawn
or Gonaervatory
Reliable vartatiea al reason
able prices, No borers, Scale
or fumigation to damage slock.
No windy agentv to annoy you.
Buy direct and get trees and
seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies.Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,  Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established nursery on the mainland
of B, C.    Catalogue free.
Green Houses and Seed Houses
Meals, 25o.
MEAL TICKETS. •   $.500
K. Company, R.M.R., will drill every
Thursday evening until further notice.
By Order.
oct 21 30d R. SMITH, OC.
St. John
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
•Fri. Nov. 27, Emp. of Brit.
•Sat. Dec. 6, Lake Erie,       Nov. 11
•Fri. Dec. 11 Emp. of Irel'd Nov. 27
Fri. Dec. 25 Ep. of Brit. Fri Dec 11
•Special Christinas ships
lat. Class and. Claoa jrd. Ctaaa
leooo   $4875 M?S
IS!. Class snd. Claas 3rd. Claas
$72 50       $42 5_       $27 5»
Othir Lakk Boat*—
2nd. Claaa 3rd. Class
$45 00       927 50
Cheap rates to Atlantis Seaboard
points  in connection with steamship tickets.
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other contine tal ports.
For further information apply to
T. W.Bradskw,   CB. Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Certificate of Improvements
Winslnw Mineral Olaim, situate In thu
Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where  located;—At head of Seven
Mile Creek, Trout Lake.
Take notice that I, O. B. N. Wilkie,
acting as agent  for  Neil O'Donnell,
Special F.M.C. 3703; William Bennett,
F.M.C. No.  B95877; Bruce White, F.
M.C. B14524; and P. H. Murphy, F.M.
C. B22987; intend, sixty days from the
date hereof,  to apply to'the Mining
 incateof Improve-
Recorder for a Certifl
J. D. SiniiAi.ii,
Char. M. Field.
inents, for tbe purpose of  obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under Section 37, must lie commenced
befure the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 29th day of October, A.
D„ 1908.
oct-l-UOd O. B. N. WILKIE.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial police lor a renewal of the
retail liquor licence lor the Kootenay
hotel, Burton City, B. 0.
Dated Oct. 24,1908.
Wm. Lovatt.
In the Suprehb Coort of Burnett
In the Matter of the Winding-up
And in the Matter of The Elwood Tin
Workers Gold Mining Company of
Lardeau, British Columbia, Limited, Non-Personal Liability.
TAKE   NOTICE  that   the under-
signed has appointed Friday, the 80th
day of October, 1908, at the  hour of
eleven o'clock in the forenoon at the.
Court House in the City of Revelstoke,
B. C, for the purpose of hearing nnd
confirming the Report of  the Official
Liquidator upon the claims of  credit
'us, and of settling, determining and
finally  pausing  the  Dividend Sheet,
and of passing the Official Liquidator's
accounts, and settling his remuneration,
And let all parties attend.
Dated this twelfth day of October,
a j)   long
District Registrar at Revelstoke, B. 0 _-___
Steel        Range
One way produces evenly broiled meat and
evenly toasted bread without taxing the
patienoe of the housewife. This way is represented by "Sask-alta" Range. The reason:
"Sask-alta" Range has an Automatic Lift Top
(Patented) in addition to regular
Broiler Door; and this team works
for the operator instead of making
her work.
Tht "SasJk+lta" Way
Another way produces
unevenly broiled meat and
unevenly toasted bread
and taxes the patience of
the housewife. This way
is represented by most
Ranges. The reason:
Some Ranges have "only"
a Broiler Door, others have
a contrivance like that
illustrated in top small
drawing; both of which enjoy the distinction
of tiring the arm that holds the broiler and
tiring the eye that directs the arm.
lew-en. T ef ant's, M entreel. Wlnnlpe_,Va__ ewer, SUehn, NaaH-Ua, Calgary
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:r,_3ve_c_sto___::e.' _a. a.
Continued (rom Page One.
-»-_.___. __■._..
Queens Jtotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF    YOU NO, - - Proprietor I ehenge
failures in teachers are often due to
their being unahle to bold tbeir
classes. The remedy is difficult. The
power to teach ia important and to
give ■ clear explanation, and impress
children, be tbey alow or quick, A
good teacher will bold every child
and ahould ask himself or herself if
tbe class really baa caught tbe thought
and if the pupil did the best for himself. A teacher muat not loae the eye
of one pupil and must bold tbe attention of all. Resulti in pupila examination are not a, good teat of a
teacher's efficiency, but the lact that
unruly children bave relormed and
become attentive scholars is far more
conclusive. A teacher's popularity is
a good test, but aa a true measure
must be carefully conaidered. Tbe
power uf inspiration is the most valu
able thing in a teacher's possession
and leads to higher and better results
in children. It is wonderlul and fills
students' lives. All teaehera should
try and acquire it to be really efficient.
It is a difficult problem for trustees to
determine how efficient a teacher is,
and il inspiration is there, to be fair to
child as well as to teacher. Tbe percentage system is wrong aad influential friends often help teachers to
get promotion as do also faked marks.
Boards often lay down reading courses
and teachers must pass examinations
in tbese before promotion can be
given. It is a bad policy to discharge
a . .a teacher in a burry, but it is
beat to keep them and endeavor to
strengthen tbem ii possible, but if a
teacher bas no control over tbe class
it is best to get rid of tbat teacher.
Tbe sound judgment ol superintendents and principals often
bas to decide and bere is when a good
conscience is necessary. Tbe question
can be asked, is the Normal sohool
putting a definite stamps on students
as good teachers, if not, then attention
must be paid to it. Trustees must
keep in touch with tbe children and
see how tbey act out of tbe olasa room;
if tbey behave well then much ol it
comes out of tbe good training in their
class room. In conclusion, be urged
tbat trustees should get a look at their
teachers belore engaging them and
pay attention to the fibre of a teacher's
character, for character reflects
A resolution was passed expressing
tbe thanks of the Convention to Dr
Scott Ior the splendid address. Tbe
appointment of an auditing committee
was made, A. C Planta and F. Bourne
being chosen. Tbe Convention then
adjourned in order to visit the local
At the afternoon session Dr. Robinson, Supt. of Edueation for B.C., waa
introduced to the delegates. Tbe
Nelson Board then brought in a resolution establishing a Model school in
tbe Kootenays.
W. Irvine said that tbe Interior waB
isolated from tbe Coast Normal schools
and tbat being so it was almost impossible that inteiior people can afford
to send their children down to tbem
thereby losing the training. A model
school in tbe Kootenays would solve
tbe problem of teaehera which could
be got rigbt in tbe Kootenays, instead
of paying extra expense in bringing
them from Vancouver. " Resolved
that tbe Government be urged to
establish a model school in the Kootenays. W. Irvine, Nelson; H. P. Mc-
Craney, Rossland.   Carried.
A long snd interesting discussion
arose regarding tbe medical inspection
of schools, tbe trustees feeling tbat
tbis waa necessary. Mr. Hodgson, of
South Vancouver, spoke supporting it
and suggesting a grant from the
J. F. Fowler.'of Wetaskiwin, Alta.,
cited instances where medfosl inspeo-
tion has been found necessary in
Alberts schools.
Othor speakers made remarks io
line with the suggestion tu rural
schools in particular and it was 'Re
solved thst rural school districts be
assisted by tbe government to provide
lor medical inspection and tbat nicdi-
oal examination ol all school children
and teachers be made compulsory."
T. Lawson, Kelowna; A. Patterson,
Mission Creek. Carried.
A record resolution was passed endorsing tbe resolution of the Medical
Association of B. C. re sanitation, etc ,
in schools.
The Richmond board brought in
the following resolution: "That attention be called to tbe growing tendency
to (as in telephone calls) substitute
ought, or wbat is still worse, tbe name
of the letter "O" tor naught." Carried.
The Revelstoke Board brought in
tbe following resolution: "Resolved,
that Principals and Secretaries of
School Boards be notified by ciroular
ol any proposed change in the course
ol study or in the text books (Publio
Schools at lraat six months and High
Schools a year) (Revelstoke Board).
U. N. Coursier   explained tbat tbe
trustee and teacher had no notice ol
iu  course ol studies or text
book except through newspapers which
were olten incurred. He suggested
that the B. C. Gazette aent to the
trustees notifying them of these
things.   The resolution oarried.
A discussion arose as to where the
next Convention will be held, Kamloops, Vancouver and Chilliwack delegates offering their respective cities. A
resolution deciding on Chilliwack as
the next meeting point ol the Convention was passed.
H. J. Barber, of Chilliwack, brought
in tho fohowing  resolution :
"That, injthe opinion of this Convention, in lieu ol Free Text Books, all
text books required by tbe pupils ol
public schools should be supplied by
the Department at cost price,
Mr, Barber explained that it was
better to spend the money on additional Bchools, etc., than on (ree text
books and did not think that the free
text book i.i  'I'm a good one
C. H. Strutt, Kamloops, pointed out
that tbe convention could not make
resolutions asking the Government to
do certain things and then upset them
all again.
Tbe general opinion ol the convention waa tbat the act on the part oi
tbe Government was received popularly in most places and cannot be
condemned. The resolution was withdrawn.
Tbe secretary then produced samples
ol rulers, compasses, etc., aa being
specially adapted to achool use and
obtainable from Vancouver,
H. N. Coursier then gave prices and
lists oi desks as used in the local
schools and where obtainable.
J. F. Fowler, ol Wetaskiwin, was introduced and addressed the delegates
saying tbat owing to the mixed population of tbe North West, the problem
ol education waa getting very complex.
It was necessary to educate the lowest
type ol foreigners and a difficult matter to make them good citizens. Pub
lie schools will do tbe work. He
reviewed tbe growth of education in
Alberta as rapid and instanced tbe
high interest shown by the Government in achool matters. He then
welcomed all the delegates present to
tbe Alberta School Trustees' Convention next January. It was a great
mistake, he said, (or trustees to try
and run sohools too cheaply, and
urged that handsome buildings, etc.,
be erected, witb ventilation, .light and
other facilities for healthy study. He
touched on administration and suggested that school boards be not
inconsistent in demands to tbe gov.
ernment. He explained how the
Trustees' Convention was inspiring in
its influence and concluded by
saying that the future of Canada lies
in the ohildren and tbat tbe position
of school trustee is as important as
mayor of any city and it was import,
ant that tbe very best men fill the
A resolution  was   passed thanking
Mr. Fowler for his eloquent address.
(Continued in Our Next Issue).
complimenting her un  her  excellei t
and faithful work.
D L. McLaurin, Principal of the
High Bchuul.pn seiited the High school
entranco certilicatoB to the following:
Preliminary Juniors.—C. A. Procunier, Agnes Blaokherg, F. W. Daniels, C. W, Gordon, S. Robbins, Kathleen Frazer, Eva Thompson, F.
Tapping, Edna Bruce. H. Hooley, S.
Frazer, It, G. Lawrence, Krio CourBier.
Advanced Grade—Maud Beck, Clar-
ibel Crawford, Blanch DaviB, Mary
Bell, Olive Bell, Edward Hyatt.
He referred to Miss Hyatt's work in
the matriculation for McGill as being
faithful and honest.
InBp. A. C Stewart, of Vancouver,
called to the platform where he pre-
aonted the Governor General's bronze
medal to Miss Frances I awson who
had attained the highest marks at
the High school entrance examination.
Mr. Stewart testified to the capabilities of the RevelBtoke teaching
stiil.' and congratulated the city on
tbe firm physical development ol her
youth aa oirried on by the Y.M.C.A.
In presenting the medal he congratulated Miss Lawson on her success
aa being attained by steady work. He
then presented the certificates from
the education department for entrance
into the high school, the following
being the recipients.
Misses F. Lawson, D. Bennett, R.
Berger, C. Fraaer, M. Manning, E.
McCarty, and Ed. Corley, G. Woodland, J. Abrahamson, A. McRae, Jt
McRury, J. Lawrence, L. Calder.
Mr. Stewart said that these certificates meant a great deal to the pupils.
The Rev. J. R. Robertson presented
a medal to Miss E. Bell aB a prize lor
general proficiency for pupils passing
from 2nd division into 1st division.
He said that he wished to encourage
the juniors by giving this prize and
urged tbem to tiy and make rapid
progress upward.
Principals Miller and McLaurin,
and Mr. Long uf the high school, gave
short addresses on the work of the
schools and the relationship of the
trustee to teacher and child. Mr.
Miller pointed out that tbe local
trustees had done excellent work.
Musical numbers were rendered by
the orchestra, Mrs. Bews, Mrs. Cameron, Miss Buck, Miss Lawson and the
high school choir, and were much appreciated.
The delegates evinced considerable
interest in tbe Y.M.C.A., stating that
Revelatoke was certainly doing excellent work physically, mentally and
morally. The Y. M. C. A. was a great
institution and w.jrthy of our city.
For Sale
Dry cedar  cord   wood—Revelstoke
General Agencies Ltd.
School   Trustees  Entertained
at Y. M. C. A.
The visiting delegates of the B. C.
School Trustees' Association attended
en masse at the Y. M. C. A. on Wednesday night whero a program ol
music, speechmaking and other things
was provided. A large number of
citizens, tbe fair sex predominating,
were present, the entertainment being
held in the gymnasium.
B. R. Atkins took the chair. In
opening tbe proceedings tbe chairin n
in a lew well chosen remarks reviewed
tbe value ol the trustee's work.
Mayor Lindmark welcomed tbe
delegates to the city touching on the
far reaching effects of the Convention.
He pointed out that Revelstoke bad
been very successful in scholastic
work naming those who had passed
out of the High achool and Baying
tbat their records were good. The
local school staff was all it should be
which was mainly due to good trustees.
The junior gymnastio class than
gave a scries ol drills, with dumbbells,
etc, followed by game exercises of an
amusing nature, having at tbe same
time a beneficial effect on the physical training of the boys. Messrs.
Woodland, Lee, Williamson and
Turnross gave a clever exhibition of
tumbling and other leats. Tbe delegates evidently appreciated tbeir
entertainment judging by tbe visible
excitement as the games were contested.
Tbe chairman then explained that
he had on the table the medal presented by C. B. Sissons, late Principal
ol the High school to Miss J. Hyatt
lor being first in matriculation. Miss
Hyatt was not present, but tbe chairman said that be wished this to be
the public presentation of tbe medal
The design was unique, baring the
provincial coat of arms on one side
and a pioture ol Mt. Begbie on the
Mayor Lindmark then presented
the Lindmark medal for general
proficiency in the second grade ol the
High  sohool   to   Miss   Maud   Beck,
Reotlficatlon of Crown Grant
Whereas nu tho 20th day of November, 1907. a
Crown (.rant was issued iu the uame of Frederick Washbourne for Lot 8147, Group 1, Kootonay District. That evidence has since beeu
been produced showing that the said Frederick
Washbourne died ou the 7th of August, 1907,
some time prior to the issuance of the said
Grown Grant. That by agreement, dated 29th
Aafjust, 1906, the snid Frederick Washbourue
assigned all bis estate, right, title, interest
claim aud demand whatsoever iu the said land
to Thomas Shanks McPhersou.
Notice is therefore hereby given, in pursuance of Section 98 of the "Luud Act,'' that it is
the intention to caucol the said Crown Qrant
Issued in the uame of Frederick Washbourne
aud to issue one in its stead iu the name of
Thomas Shanks McPhersou three montls from
the date hereof nuless good cause is showu to
the contrary.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands aud Works Department,
Victoria, B. C . Uth October, 1008.     net 21-3m
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Norman T. MacLeod of
Lethbridge, Alta., oooupatlon Broker, intends
to applv For permiaaion to purchase tbe follow
ing described lands:
Commencing at a post plauted at the southwest corner of Lot 8148 In .01 tha II Valley
about.Hii miloa West of the west abore of Arrow Lake and marked "N. T. Mac'. N.W.
Corner," thence 40 chalna aouth, tbenee 20
ehains eaat, thence 40 chains north, thence 30
chalna west, containing 80 acrea, more or leas.
Date Sept. 4,1908.
Hep 12 wul By John K, Taylor, hia agent.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days alter date I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of the Provincial
Police for a renewal of my retail liquoi
licence for the premises known as the
Hotel Beaton, at Beaton, B. 0,, fur the
half year Irom Jan. lat, I'.KI'.I, tu June
30th, 1909.
Dated Nov. 14th, 1908.
nov 18 lm Wm. Bovn.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Kva Hotel
at Oamborne, B. C , for the half year
from Jan. 1st, I mm. to June :«>lh, 1000.
Dated Nov. llth. 1008.
nov 11 lm John A. Thkw.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Coronation
Hotel at Camborne, B.C., for tho half
year from Jan. 1st, 1000, to June 80th,
D_ted Nov. 7th, 1008.
nov 7 lm Coky Mknhknick.
Take  notice that  I intend to make
nppl cation tu the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal uf the
retail liquor licence for the Union
Hotel at Arrowhead, H.C, for the half
year from Jan. 1st, 1909, lo June 80th,
Dated Nov. Uth, 1008.
ov 14 lm W, J, LlOBXBUBMi
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease of operation and
pen'ection in the results produced the " EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The "EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs lees
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to tbe
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" Frenoh Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial  Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Winter Snaps in
Ladies' Tailored  Long
Coats--$20 Now $15
This season's newest styles in Beavers.
Handsome seven eighths length, semi or
close titling. Five Tweed Coats at prices
ranging from $15 ''" to $18 KJ,    Now $10.00.
Silk, Moire and
Sateen  Under Skirts
Trices from 75c. to $11.00 each, Plain colors
wide width, well made skirts with deep
Hounoes and dirt  frilis.
Dress Goods
All lines in l'i ■ Hoods at 20 pur cent,
discount. These speolal prices every
woman  should  see.
Hosiery Values
Ladies'  lull  lashuiu, black  cashmere  hose
ut  25o.  per pair.
Boots and Shoes
Large    stock — New    goods—'Low   prices,
Men's Furnishings
Men's Serge Suits, regular $18 now $11 60,
Men's Heavy Tweed Pants selling at $1.60,
Men's  Overcoats,   regular $12 00 now $7.00.
Men's Underclothing
(luud   heavy   winter  suits selling at $1,25,
Men's Cardigan
Jackets and Sweaters
lluod coloring, best of  styles,   all  new  ibis
season's goods.
Millinery!    Millinery!!
Keeping   our   styles   right  by   new   goods
coming to hand and selling at special prices
We have just  opened   up our   Christmas
Umbrellas—both f ir ladies and  gentlemen.
H. ill Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First St,, Opposite the Club
Notary Public
O     Bents Collected,
| Cod |
I Liver I
We have all kinds ol it'
Sweet tasting, had tasting and the pure Emulsion in $1.00 bottle
made by a nuw pr' i "ss
Rkvelstoke, 11. C.
tIes,   ,*,
Karn is King
The right I'iano at the right price.
Cull and see us before you buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Setato, insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan,
■$ $ $ $ '3' ■ fr $$M> W4*
- — -i	
I.K BODTEIJjlEB—At  Kevelstoke. ll.IV,
on   Monday,  Nuv. 16, to Mr. und
Mrs. Le Boutelller, a sun.
jir.i'V-At   Revelstoke,    B.   0.,   on
Friday, November, _0th, to Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Stmdy, a daughter.
tocal and General.
New programme ou Monday and
Tuesday at the Edison Parlor Theatre.
Prepare your fancy costumes for the
Masquerade Carnival, Thursday, Nov.
28th, nt the Roller Kink.
The regular monthly meeting of the
ladits' hospital guild will he held in
the city hall on Thursday. Nov. 20th
at 3 iiUp.m.
Something new, interesting, pretty
and well worth seeing at St. Peter's
church bazaar at Mrs. J. J. Porters'
home, McKeuiie avenue, Tuesday,
Nov. 24th.
Keserve your sittings for ynur Xmaa
photos until Nuv. 2.th, aud have the
nest. One enlargement given with
each dozen cabinet photos.—True-
man's Studio. to
The Reveistoke Quadrille Club will
hold their dance on Wednesday, Nov.
26th, in Selkirk Hall. These dauce.
are very successful functions aud any
one wanting a good time should certainly atteud.
Special music in Kuux church lur
the anniversary services uu Sunday
evening, will Ite rendered as fulluws;
Antbem by choir, "Sun of my Soul:"
"Put not your trust in Princes;"
Soio. Mrs. Pews.
Tbe programme for the Scottiih
concert on St. Andrew's nigbt, Nov.
30th, is about complete and will be
published in Wednesday's issue lt
will be found in nowise inferior to
:bos_e oi furmer years-.
The city olerk bas ratjuested us to
announce' that the real property tax
notices b<ive been mailed and any person nut receiving same sli'.uld call at
the city bill where tbey can pay them
and take advantage oi the discount,
John Arthur Leslie and Marguerite
Beatrice   Home, both  ol Bevelstoke,
were united in marriage on Tuesday,
Sov. lTtb The ceremooy war per
f lined iy Kev. J. K. Robertson, at his
residenoe The newly married couple
■I. i reside in ike city.
a - at Lil overalls carelessly placed
:■> toms workman to dry on ths furnace pipes ol the city ball r,n 'I hnra-
tl*) evening, nearly caused what might
bave i'Ctu a disastrous lire. Forton-
■t''y assistant citv clerk 0. J. Aman
noticed tbe smoke, and tracing it to
tl furnace room removed the cause
of tne trouble.
Xmas Cards
and Calendars
'■ larger and more varied
• t"i k than ever before.
'   .special Rocky Mountain
View Cards.
Christmas Posl Cards in
Tasty Calendar!
Kdison Theatre tonight — lluod
All persuns kindly donating articles
fur the St. Peter's Sale of Work at
Mrs. J. J. Porter's residence on Tuesday, Nov. 21, an' rn-nested to leave
same on Monday iilternonu at the
residence ol Mum McCarter, McKenzie
1). Mac-Kay. Principal of the new
Presbyterian college in Vancouver, is
tlie .-speaker at the Ky. V.M.0,A. on
Sunday afternoon at i o'clock. His
address is sure to be worth hearing,
There is to be special music. Every
man invited.
The well known and charming
operetta "Tabascoland" will be staged
by local talent in tbe opera house, on
December 18th. A chorus of forty live
voices will render the pretty music of
ibis production snd the attractii n
Bhould he a popular dramatic event
this winter.
A Fancy Dress Masquerade Carnival
will be buhl nl the Roller Kink on
Thursday, Nov. aith. Prizes will be
given In the best, fancy costumes,
ladies and gentlemen, and heal gents
com'c costumes, and best girl and boy
costumes. Admission '2.', i-.-nis, no
extra charge for skates.
The funeral service ol the late Mrs.
Hodges, who, with ber family, came to
Revelstoke just une year ago, and died
at Salmon Arm on Friil.iy afternoon,
will be held in the Methodist church
un Monday morning after arrival ol
train No.'-ib. Mr.- Hodges was a moet
patient, unassuming Christian woman.
Those intending going in fancy
dress to the masquerade carniva
Thursday, Nuv. 26, arc requested to
baud in theirnameBand name of their
character at the door of the roller rink.
Skates will be reserved until 9 IS
for those going in fancy costume, after
which they will be st the disposal I
the public.
A. O. WbeeIer.jF.R.G.8., President
of the Alpine Club oi Canada was in
the city thi*' week, lt will lie good
news t" the local ulpine member- as
well as to many others interested in
iiiutiutaineeriug, to learn tnat Mr,
Wheeler is planning to visit Bsvelsti ke
during the Christinas holidays and
will probably deliver a public lecture
The congregational   thank    0
locial of the Methodist Cbureb wi
held   in   the   audience roon     f  thi
church on   Tuesday evening, Nov 24.
ii tors will I s ipen at 7.10 o'oli ok.   A
splendid   programme   consisting    oi
vocal   ami  instrumental   rausio, snd
several very  ihorl   uldresses luited lo
tbe oeoasii n will I"- given     I'he lad ss
will   serve    refresh ment   during   tbe
'evening.    A plate contributi in will _•
j received at   the iL.nr  Ir m those who
'tin nut   contributi'   by  lope      Ml
Any man who  ia exempt Irom tbe
payment uf the ruad tax bis tbe liberty s,i voting in  municipal elections if
1 lie ponsessea the other necessary ipiali
Host ions,   Tlmt is tin- effeel   (.i judgment banded nut by His Honor Judge
.-pinks   at   tin-curt bouse yesterday
I morning. Incidentally ins decision
runs-, counter to that ol  Obiel Jaitioe
Hunter, for it, was uii tiie strength ol
tlie lattcr's  judgment nf  October last,
i that a number "f names were itrioken
from the list in tbis city.—Kamlimps
l-'ire Brigade N I, I are making   pre-
parationa f"r ,-i masquerade dance early
in December,   Tins promises to be one
of the great events 01 the Winter season
and nothing will be lelt undone to
Insure its success, The tickets will be
Ion sale next week at a very moderate
figure, and Kevelsloke is requested to
patronise this affair as heartily as
possible, A masquerade dance is a
mre event iii thia city and all who
will come are asked to got bun',    early
tmi prepares good oostume, Further
details on Wednesday.
Three good comedies at the Edison
Parlor Theatre tonight.
ti. Pell, of P. Burns A Co. stuff, lias
been appointed to the chaige o' the
stable und barns of that firm nl Vancouver.      Mr.   and Mrs. Bell le.tve to
morrow for the coast.
E. M. Cook and a number uf railroad men froin here attended tbe funeral uf Engineer U. Brown, who Iobi
his life in the train wreck this week
near Lytton, at Kamloops on Thursday.
Owing to pressure on space in this
issue several items have been held
over till Wednesday. The Trustees'
convention banquet, Rehekahs' dance,
Trustees' visit tu the schools, etc., are
Mayor Lindmark has called a meet
ing on Wednesday next, Nuv. 25th, for
lhe purpose uf making arrangements'
fur an annual re-union of Bevelstoke
iildtitiiera. Tlie meeting will be bold
in the city hall. A good attendance
is requested.
Advices from Winnipeg stste that
members of the O. 1'. K. mechanical
unions have decided to extend linan
cisil assistance to their brethren on
the eastern divisions of tbe ruad who
have not been taken back to their
former employment following tl e
ftriks-. Kvery union man in the local
shops when he drew bis pn;- cheque
tin- week handed iver $1 as the nucleus ;' a fund tu be contribu ed to the
needy mechanics in tbe ea-'
1 ii la Iii - il St.Peter's ch irch lime
arranged the Bnal detail- f r their
baxaa lertainment on Tuesday
next, Nuv. 24th. at    tli-   rc-sidei :
Mrs, J   :   P  *ti ' McKenzie   Avi
sals     f   work   I
home cookery candy, etc.,   besid -
in thi   .    -       i will be In e and   23 •
. ged in the   evening.
• sting progr I        I :u ......    s
lered, I • ddi - i novel   gin---    _
n.     This   promia - •
delightful function   with   si. um	
fur all.
■ ui Sunday snd Monday K tn ;
Church people are to observe tbeir
third snni ■-,- tbe dedication ol
the church ami tbe induction of their
pastor, Bev, .1. K. Robertson. Kev.
Iir. .Viackay, Principal ol Westminster
ll i I Presbyterian Theological College
will preach tne anniversary sermon on
Bundav evening. Following tbi -
day   services  will be a ■•■     ,..,, .,,.,_
• ring   ,(  the   congregation   and
.   da on Monday  night,     tn in
eating   program will   be rendered ths
• a' iri rbioh   will bi  i
address   by    Principal    Mar-KH>     P.-
isnta viil be set   d     '•   sdmis-
■rill be   barged      tt   ia ipi.
delured   that   tbe I I   8    ongrsgal
will be  present to sn oy all tbeanni*
rersary sen Ices
Social and Personal
C.O.WO.W. Social
The C.O.W.O.W. entertainment and
dunce held at Selkirk Hall, Nov. 17th,
was a success beyond all the expcctn-
tiuno of the oommittee, Tbo ladies
who contributed to the supper and su
graciously supplied all pussihle needs
iu tbat line need nu comment as the
ladies oi Bevelstoke are known to be
equal to any and all emergem ies. Tho
whist party went off pleasa' I'v and
deepest Interest prevailed throughout
the games. Mrs. Shaver captured
ladles' lirst, Mrs. Cormier, ladies' 2nd.;
Miss Miller, ladies' coiiBolation. Mr.
Chapman captured gent's. firBt, A.
Woodland, 2nd., Mr. Norbery, gents,
The chairman of the committee, E.
F. Tucker, on behalf of the Order and
their members desires to exprcsB
sincere thanks to all who helped
financially or otherwise to make this
their "season's opening,"Biich a grand
success.       «
Tho Gym basketball team beat the
Alerts on Monday night in a league
game. Tha Alerts put up a strong
light but cuiild nut lind the basket,
while the Gym Irani had a fast combination ami were good shuts. Score:
Gym Hi; Alerts 6,
Last night Doyle's team defeated
the public sehunl at basketball, by the
score of 211-10. Tbeganu was fast and
clean throughout. Calder did most
of the scoring for the winners, getting
22 out of 26.
Charlie Palmer ha. gone into training again and will compete in the Y.
M. C. A. New Year's road race at
Vancouver. The best crack runners
of the coast enter this race, so Charlie
will have an opportunity of showing
bis speed along with the good ones.
His showing will be watched with
great interest hy his many friends
here, and some of them predict that
they will hive to run faster than they
usually d) to show our local runner
wbat heels look like in a race.
The local Y.M.C.A. gymnasts are
getting into shaue fur the exhibition
to be put uu New Year's night. Already some bard work is being dune
anil during the nex nix weeks it will
be a constant practice to be in the
liest of shape for tbe exhibition
Hockey dues not seem to be very
popular here, judging by tho amount
uf men who turn xmt to a meeting,
however, next Friday night a meeting
will be called and a three team league
Lust Wednesday nigbt tbe Y. M. C.
a  gymnasium   was   filled   with   the
learned   profession,    aud   the junior
department of the association had  an
rtunity   t"   show   strangers   the
.  : n tbey get at our local  assu-
Peace Union to Meet in Canada
I.i,:. N IV 20—The Canadian
Associated Press learns that a meet-
ing ol ihe British group oi the interparliamentary us.em fur peace, at
Westminster tbe holding of a congress
in Canada wss discussed. A meeting
of tbe council ol tbe union will be
held in January, and tbe delegates
from all tbe European parliaments
will be able to state what time the
prorogati m of their respective parlia-
menta will i»K" place, which would
tbem   I   .■   '   Canada.    The
Hrilian -i.imi.' rs "1 iii" union are very
anxi'. he li minion,
May Travel on Warsnip
iwj  S iv, 2i) — It u proposed to
I ship   British   Columbia's   Hindus to
H indorss on   one  '>!   the British war-
i ahips now .n West Indian waters. Tbe
government ia now ic communication
with the imperial   authorities regard-
ing tbe matter.      Speed   is necessary
Business Locals
Coal cars arc now coming to Coursier's.
Coursier will cart ooal to your
cellars next. week.
Celery, fresh from the riinche
every morning, green, crisp and
sweet.    C   B, Hume A Co,
Ever ready Safety Razors with 12
blades, fully warranted—Saturday
night piices $1.00 per set. Lawrence
Hardware Oo.
You will prolit by your patience
waiting for Coursier's coal.
Watch tho line of china, crockery
und glassware we are opening up.
Weciiu show you some neat designs
and patterns, and price—well, leave
that to us.    C. B. Hume A Co.
Special utter of gentlemen's visiting
cards neatly printed, 00 fur $1 25, aud
100 for $1.75. Ladies' cards in newest
styles, 50 for $1.25 and 100 for $1.70
Linen finish cards aro tha latest importations.
We have a few tubs of the finest
dairy butter just in, also government
treasury butter in I lb. prints, 14,28
and 50 lb. boxes.   C. B. Hume & Co.
Get our prices on ham and bacon
by the pound or by the sack before
buying elsewhere. Quality is what
we aim for and what we have. C. li.
Hume & Co.
Engineer Brown's Body Found
The body of Engineer lirown uf
Kamloops, who waa one of the three
members of the train crew killed Monday morning, when a westbound C. P.
R. freight plunged down the embankment towards the Fraser river at a
point about one mile west ol Lytton,
was found on Wednesday. It was not
under the engine, aa expected hut waB
lying a hundred feet further down the
bank, eitirely covered with sand and
gravel which had heen washed over it
hy the torrent which undermined the
track and permitted the engine and
several cars to drop through. Not far
from the bu ly was the tender of the
locomotive which had become detached
from the engine in the fall The tender waB not very far above the actual
bank of the. river.
Mr. Mclntyre, ol Goose lake, Sask.,
brothi r of Mrs. R. Davis, is visiting in
the city.
Mayor Lindmark returned Thursday
from the Hig Bend where he lias been
Inspecting the camps ol the Revelat'.ke
Saw Mill Company.
Mrs It. N. Doyle and Mrs, .1. Purvis
were "at home" Wednesday afternoon
at the residence of the latter to a
number ul friends. Progressive whist
made up the ohiei amusements while
dainty    refreshments   wiled     away   it
pleasant hour,    The prized were won
by Mrs. 0 Holten, Mra. It. N. Smythe
and Mrs. Vim  llorne.
Come and see the cowboys and ths'ir
burses at. the Kdison Parlor Theatre
both for tbe reason that it is advisable
to   get tin- Hindus   Ottt uf   Canada as
soon as possible, and also because
plantation owners in British Honduras make their labor   contract! on D_0,
15 of each year and want, to know
tbeir position us soon as possible.
Noted Musicians
Tbis /rent popularity ul Ibis Schubert
Lady Quartette is not only their grand
voices, hut. also heeniiae they study tu
please the people. All their encores
are either amusing, or artistic arrangements ol those sweet old   melodies so
dear to nil Canadian hearts. Hear
them at tbe Y.M.C.A. on Loo. lird,
Fat Baby Contest
The guessing contest nn the "Fat
Baby" at the Prison Parlor Theatre
lust night was very interesting and
about 50 children made guesses averaging from 10 lbs. to 120 lbs. The
following girls won the prizes: Lydia
Piokard, 50 lbs.; Myrtle Lindmark,
60 lbs ; Lucy Smith, 45 lbs. The boy
winners were Hazen Gibbons, 125 lbs.;
Willie Fleming, 75 lbs.; Chas. Cormier, (S3 lbs. The weight of the baby
is 191J lbs. The Fat Baby will be at
the Edison Parlor Theatre to-night
fur the la it time.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Servicea are held on tbe First
and Third Sundays in every month
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. RoBary
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Aniiukw's PRESBYTERIAN—Rev
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Nov. 22.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p.m.
St. Petkr'8 (Anglican)—Rev. O. A.
Proounier, M.A., Rector. Sunday
next befure Advent. Servicea, 8 a.m.
Huly Communion, 11 a.m. Matins.
Evensong, 7.80 p.m. Sunday School,
2J0 p.m.
Knox PbeSBTTERIAN—.1. II. Robert-
sun, B.D., minister. Sunday services
at 11 a in and 7.30 p. m, Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class at 230
Morning subject, "The Making ol
Kingly Ch racter. ' Special anniversary services will be held in the evening when Rev. Dr.   Mackay,  Principal
ol Westminster Hall will preach,
Special music. Prayer meeting on
Wednesday night Irom 8 tu 9,    Choir
practice on Friday night. A cordial
welcome tu all and strangers B, (dally
Methodist—Bev T.w. Hall,pastor,
Services   on     Sunday   na   fulluws :—
Morning servioi at 11 o'clock, Bun.
day Sohool and Bible Glass at 2:80 p,
in. Evening service at 7:.'I0 p.in.
Morning subject, "I'astur and People."
Evening,    "Thn   Kingdom   uf   Und,"
Epworth Lesguo, Monday at 8 p.m.
Congregational  social, Tuesday, 7.30
[i.m, see advertisement in ibis issue.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 8 p.m.
A hearty welcome extended to all.
BAPTIST—Kev. W. P. Freeman, U.A.
pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday achool and Bible class at
2.30 p. m. II. Y. P. U. Monday at 8
p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m.   All arc invited to these services.
Don't delay gulling your
warm underwear, We hive
a splendid assortment in all
makes and all sizes.
Stanlield's Unshrinkable is
loo well known to need description. We guarantee every
garment we sell to be perfectly
Penman's Natural fflool
Is warm, soft nnd comfortable and comets in till sizes,
Hygiene Brand comes in pure wool, anil in wool and
cotton mixtures, nntl in both grey and white and will be
found u guutl wearing uml washing line.
Children's Underwear
We oan fit any of them from the smallest lo the full
grown girl. Wo have till grades in both groy and white
Roller Vests, Iniants' Rands, Nazareth Waists, etc.
Capital ■ $3,374,000
Rest Fund $3,374,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Snowshoeing and Skiing Club
A general meeting ol the Revelstoke
Snowshoeing and Skiing Club, is called
lor Wednesday evening at eight o'clo-k
in the City Hall.
Any ladies or gentlemen who are
desiriuus ol joining are c irdially invited to attend.
These twn winter sports and the
formation of the club should afford an
amount of good healthy enjoyment
through the winter months. Saturday afternoon will be most enjoyable
spent in a run to the club house where
it is prupused that the ladies will serve
tea, cocoa and cake.
Skii runs are being blazed nut, and
snow-shoe trails will he located. It is
also proposed to have " hare and
bounds " expeditions to some near hy
points, and " lunar tramps " to the
club house.
This club, curling, skating sud tbe
many enjoyable house parties usually
held, holds out a very pleasing itinerary for winter amusements.
Card of Thanks.
The Bevelstoke Hoard of School
Trustees wish to thank the Y. M. C. A
authorities and all those participating
on Thursday evening for their assistance in making the entertainment a
Buccesa. F. H. Batumi!, Chairman.
T. W. Bradshaw, Sec'y.
Special to the Public.
Not that I am needing the work had
enough to cut prices, yet willing to do
the right thing by those who have
stum! loyally hy me aB a Reveletoke
citizen, I will make Irom now until
New Year a beautiful photograph
mounted handeomely, with every order
for cabinet photos or larger, and prom
ise you, as iu the past, to leave a little
of your money in RevelBtoke where
each of my customers may at least
have another luok at their money.
Thanking   you  very much for past
patronage, I am very sincerely,
E F. TUCKER, Photographer.
Dainty Cut Glass and Brie
a-Bran do wonders "in making
a room look attractive. We
chi aliuw you a lino ol glass
Irom which any taste' and any
pocket book can be satisfied.
BERRY BOWLS, rich and
deeply cut, in many different
styles and patterns. Vases,
Nappies, Decanters, etc.
I. Guy Mer
Ollicial,Issuer of Marriage
PHONE No. 51
^ lORIilB
Snowshoeing and Skiing Club.
A general meeting is called for Wednesday evening, Nuv. i">th, at 8 o'clock
in the City Hall. Memhers are requested to invite I'l-ii'iiils, who may
desire to join, to this meeting as a
tioud attendance is desired. All are
extended a cordial invitation.
1J.OR SALE—One bedroom suite,
' also one thiee-ipiarti-i' iron bed.
All in fli'M. class condition, Can be
teen bel ween 10 it.m. and 5 p.m. Ad
dress P.O. Mux 791.
nOB  BENT ..Residence   nf J.  M.
I?    Scott.   Apply to Hiolt ABrigg*-.
SAFE in good condition, for Sale al
bargain,   Adih-
Mail Oflln
hesH al once, Sake.
WANTED Bedroom* to let fnr-
11 i-hnl, luu,i,l il required, terms
uoderate< Apply A, Gain, Ith aire t,
corner of McKensie Ave.       net 24 lm
WANTED- Life   and   incident   In
sdrance canvassers.   Apply it
E. A. Iliiggen, Bevelstoke,
Apples For Sale
J. L. Wehstor, of Vernon, bas ior
sale an excellent lot of sound apples,
No. 2, and cooking, at 85c. per box,
F.O.B., Vernon, B.C.       Nov. ll-_t
What ? The advantages of
Life Insurance. Come to my
cilice and let us convince you
that yon need it, Don't leave
your iamily without protection. My rates and benefits
are worthy ol your consideration.
I represent tbe London A
Lancashire Lite, which offers
the hest family life insurance
offered to-day.
Real {Estate, Insurance*
Commission Agent
Revelstoke, B. C.
Fur the first number of
Subscriptions and advertisements
received at the office of
E. A. HAGGEN, MoKenzie Ave.


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