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 Vol. 12.-No 138
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume & Co.
Gift Giving
Season ...
The most universally observed season ul gilt giving
—" CHRISTMAS "—will soon be here. Our stocks in
nil Departments nre complete wo would advise you to do
your shopping snon us possible while we have the
assortment. Come und pick out whal you need, wo will
put theni away Ior you.
Here is a bargain in Children's Headwcar. A big lot ol
Ladies' and Childrens' Hats at Hall Price.
Huntley & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A shipment ol these Famous Biscuits just arrived; here
are a lew specials:—Philippines, Brazil, Rich Ten,Casino
Rural, Madiera, Smyrna, Fruit, Kindergarten, Charivari.
Plantation, Household, Nursery, Alaska Wulers, Ice
Cream, Chocolate aud Cocoanut Creams, also other varieties, which we would be pleas.d to show.
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
So.netliiug New in Preserves and Pickles :—
Heinze's Preserved Strawberries.
Heinze's Preserved Pineapple.
Heinze's Preserved Cherries.
Heinze's Apple Butter.
Heinze's Sweet OnionB, Sweet Gherkins, Mandnlay Same
a d To .,:.to Catsup.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
GALT COAL-Tho only
Satisfactory Domestic Conl,
for Conk Stove, Heater or
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay, Oats, Wheat and
Express and Denying to
any part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Reson-
able Rates.
Office, McKenzie Ave.
Next Burnt' New Block
TELEPHONE       -       -        73.
Notice is hereby given that Co days
from dnte 1 intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for pnrchnsc of following
described lands In Lillooet district 1
Commencing at a post marked "J. P.
Shaw's norlh-west corner," planled on
wesl side of Upper Adams river, about 2
miles from head of Adams lake, running
80 cliains soulh, Ho cliains east, 80 chains
north, 80 chains wesl, containing about
640 acres,
Dated Nov. uth, 1906.
nov 14     J. P. SHAW.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
alter dale I Intend to apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works I'or
permission to purchase six hundred and
forty acres of land lying in the Fosthall
Valley on the west side of Upper Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "Russell Nichol's south-east corner post,'
planted at the north-west corner 01 Lot
862, Group >, Koolenay, Ihence norlh 80
chains, ihence west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, ihence east 80 chains lo
the place of commencement, containing
640 acres, more or less.
Dated this 23rd day of November, 1906.
nov 28 wed      Per T. S. MePherson.
.-K M. .9. ..fr. .^. .♦. .^. .^. .▼. JT. .T. .T. .T. .T. .T. .T. .T. .-K .T. .-I*. .T. .->. «T.
**X-*F ^n**  ♦  X   *   +   ♦   »   *   +   w   *   4-   X  w   V X   V ♦
i t
*.}    Do Not Overlook Our Dainty Store of Novelties.
i 1       Prices to Suit all Pockett,   Pretty Presents at low   prices.
,!,       What it more suitable lor a Xmas Gift than a selection ol
Limoges, Coalpoii or Wedgewood China.  All genuine stamped
If yon 011II and look at our stock ol Xmas Preionts,  you will
loon tlnd whnt you want, and at the right price.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Mineri', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing tnd Tintmithing.
Important Meeting of Board of
Trade and City Council-
Premier Speaks at Smoker
in Selkirk Hall.
A special meeting ot the Revelstoke
Board 0! Trade was called on Saturday
alternoon to meet tlie Hon Richard
McBride and to lay before him several
ol the most important questions that
are ol vital moment to the city.
Every member ol tlie board was present, and C. F. Lindmark taking the
chair said that he was very pleased to
welcome Mr. McBride to Revelstoke,
and wiib glad that the city bad now
got an opportunity ol laying their
requests belore the premier in person.
He stated briefly the nature ot the
city's demands, the first being the
protection of the river bank.
The premier said that it was the
duty ol the federal authorities to
undertake river work but that they
had not assumed the responsibility,
although tlie province too, should conserve the bankB and adjacent properties. But tlie situation was too serious
to allow the matter to be dropped
while both governments haggled over
it with ill feeling, nnd that it was his
Intention to send a reliable man to report to Iiim personally on the bank
and to olilniu a special grant Irom the
provincial treasury to protect the bank
and to perfect the work at the most
seasonable time. He recognised that
we were asking for what wus our right
and the government would always do
their iiest to help Revelstoke out.
llegar.li.ig the I rathe bridge over
the Columbia, he suid that the government had always shown a friendly
spirit mid disposition to do this work
and l.e promised that he would take
up tl.e matter with the C. P. R. and
that l.e was already in communication
witi. them. He recognized that the
bridge would ho a very important
feature lor the city and also lor tlie
province, and he promised that the
government will do ite best to bring
bout the request.
H. A. Brown atked it the government had made provision lor a new
provincial goal, as the old one was an
eye sore. The premier replied lhat
the question was au old one and that
it hud been frequently brought home
to him. He h-id made investigation
and found that there was no immediate need of a new goal and as a matter
ol fact lie had closed down many goals
in the province for economy's sake,
and that our population hardly warranted yet a new building. But he
said that ns this was a growing town
and a very important centre lie might
arrange estimates this coming year Ior
a new goal. He saw the need of larger
government offices and it was up to
the government to erect larger buildings. He knew that Kevelstoke was
asking for a right and he would
that the government would try and
co-operate with the civic authorities
and have a new goal erected.
F. Lewis requetted that a road
constructed to the lands where settling
and building is proceeding at the south
east end of the city, the old road
having been washed away by tlie river.
He suggested that Connaught Ave. be
opened up outside tbe city limits.
Tlie premier said that the public works
had many more calls ol far greater
importance than that and tbat their
money was nearly exhausted. But he
promised that a road should be made
as soon at the money could be granted
and a special warrant obtained for tbe
work. He could see very plainly that
the development in the province was
ten (old in excess of what was thought
consequently the demands for money
on public works hat been very heavy,
B. R. Atkins pressed the need for
an itolation hospital tnd said that a
year or so ago negotiations had been
made with the government for the
erection of a building, but certain dis
agreements creeping in, the matter
wai dropped, and as it was impossible
Ior the Hospital Board to carry out
the work he asked il the government
could'nt do something to help, The
premier said that when a city was incorporated, it was its duty to look
after health matters, especially local
ones, but seeing the need of a place to
put patients who were transient and a
caute of expense to tl.e city, he said
that he would see that tl.e government ivould help the matter out. He
said that B, C. looked altur her health
affairs tetter than any other province
in the Dominion and alto that Revelitoke i< second to none in her hospital
tyiteni.    He laid that ho would per
sonally endeavor lo eet ihe work done
and now lhat the province's finances
werc better the outlook -,vm very
hopeful. The government were very
friendly and took keen interest in
health affairs,
A vote ol thanks was passed to tho
premier who replied that he was very
pleased to ho in Revelstoke and would
certainly do nil he could to help the
city in every possible way. The meeting then terminated.
Revelstoke   Steam   Laundry
Nearly Gutted-Machinery
Mostly Saved.
A fire alarm was turned in from No.
9 box at about hall pnst seven on
Sunday evening. Tho c.ll was re
sponded to smartly by No. 2 Fiio
Brigade who quickly reaohed the
scene ol the fire. Volume, ol smoke
and sparks were seen issuing from the
windows and roof ol the Revelstoke
Steam Laundry, aud by the time the
first jet of water was playing on tlie
burning building the flames had
gained considerable headway,
Tbc-outbreak occurred In tlie cellar
underneath, where the stove was
placed and rapidly spread consuming
all tlie partitions Hnd destroyi* g 11
largeportiunol the roof Much of
the machinery was severely damaged
and a'cotiBiderable quantity of slock.
The flames spread over to the boiler
and engine room, doing milch iliiniiij:e
to Ihe plant in that part ol the build
ing, the main body ill tin; machinery
however being saved.
The brigade succeeded in confining
the lire to the one end of lhe building
and after a severe tussel got the flames
under control. The Interior nl the
building is practically ruined, while
the main part ol the root mul walls are
intact. Tlie cause ol the outbreak is
ts yet unknown, but is supposed to
have been caused by ipm-ks or but
ashes from tl.e stove, igniting the
woodwork, although then had been
no fire in tlie building for lofty-eight
The premises are lolly coveiedby
insurance iu the Western (Assurance
Oo. ol Toronto, the policies being
issued by H. N, Coursier, local ngenl.
The company have already made
arrangements Ior a new building and
expect to be in shape iu six weeks to
do business as heretofore.
German Parliament Refuses to
Vote South African Estimates
-Beginning of a Revolt.
IIeuun, Dec. 18.—It is believed in
many circles here tlmt a contest between the kaiser and the people overshadowing the Russian convulsions,
will result (rom the dispute between
Emperor William and the Reichstag.
It is not too much to say tlmt there
are many Indications tlmt Germany
will in all probability be face to lace
with the greatest crisis in her imperial
history, by tlie revolt ol the Reichstag,
and the reiusal of that body tu p,.ss
the Southwest African military budget
Thc rapid growth of progressive
sentiment in Germany uf recent years
has been no lesa remarkable than in
Rus'ia. Tho reaction fnnn the rigid
spirit ol militarism has been deep
rather than violent, but it has been all
tbe mure real on that account. Tl.e
Te.iton, like the Anglo-Saxon, is seldom carried away on sudden bursts uf
feeling, but thoughtful ubservers are
for the most part agreed that "the
moiled fist" will not much longer be a
lilting symbol of government in Germany. Action and reactiun are equal
and opposite, and in this instance tlie
reaction from militarism lias brought
the progressive forces ol Germany to a
great extent under the banner ot socialism.
High Class Croceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Classware, Etc.
Revelstoke Conservatives Getting into Line.
A meeting ol tiie executive of the
Revelstoke Conserativc Association
was held on- Monday night, when it
was decided that an election of delegates for the convention for the Revelstoke district should be held on Friday, December 28th and that neon
vention lor tlie nomination nf tlie Conservatives candidate for tin- iipuroaoh-
ing provincial election be held on
Monday, December 31st.
The Roscian Opera Company
Tlie coming engagement ol tlie Roscian Opora Company, which iB for
three nights commencing Wednesday,
January 3, is announced Ior thoir final
appeurance in Revelatoke Ior two yen..-
This is matter uf genuine regret, aB
tlie Roscians are the only opera com
pany ol importance with a list of pro
ductions sufliciently large to enable
them to play the best theatrical towns
in Wi stern Canada, at regular intervals, staging a new opera tt eaoh appearance. In "Said Pasha," which ii
scheduled lor tho opening night, the
management, |lro.n all reports, have
ditcovered an opera which pleases
their patrons lor beyond the most
optimistic on sanguine hopes, The
company fairly revels in its ludicrous
comedy situations, and the music it of
tlie p ipular order, jingling and tuneful, The Nelson News states that
"The Rosioans in 'Slid Pasha' have
hit tlie popular taste accurately tnd
decisively. The "Bohemian Girl" will
be given Friday evening, January 4th.
Local and General.
Dr. E. Itobson, ol Vancouver, the
pioneer preacher ol the province, hue
been conducting sorvices in the Methodist church this week, Dr. Robson
has been lor 49 years travelling in
British Columbia, and has preaohed in
every tuwn and city. Ou Sunday
last he preached his 70011 sermons.
The service last Sunday was well
attended and excellent music wai
rendered by tlie choir! tlio duet by
Mn. Dent and Mrs. Oreelman being
especially impressive.
G. R. Nortl.oy, former editor uf the
Kootenay  Mail, passed through to ,.». »...,..,„  ....  ,,...  .,„„.,,..,«.  ...„
Spokane on a Christinas visit tu his adjustment mado tt the end ul the
fneuda, I year,
H. Tapping lias a int ol good celery
for sale,
A meeting ol tlie Liberal association
has been called for Wednesday,Decem-
2iith to discuss party matters.
Large number uf visitors are coining
into ilie city lor the Christmas holiday s and the seasuu promises to be
very brisk.
The Xiiiiis social will take place
tomorrow evening iu the Selkirk hall
and a good musical aud sociable programme has been arranged,
Tl.e Board ol License Commissioners
I'or the Revelstoke Licensing district,
met on Saturday. All the renewal
license applications being granted.
Tlie carnival to be held under the
auspices ol the Ladies' Auxiliary ol
Knox church will be held immediately
alter the New Year, weather permitting. .
Knox Chinch Sunday School will
hold their annual Xmas tree aud
entertainment in the church, Thursday night, Dec. 27th. An interesting
programme will be rendered by juveniles und adults,
Tlie nomination of officers for the
ensuing term of Temple No, 3 Pythian
Sisters, will be held this evening, to
be followed by a supper. A curdial
invitation to all Knights of Pythias in
Revelstoke has been extended and a
plei.sant lime is anticipated.
Duriug ihe past three years Winnipeg has nut experienced anything like
lhe uinoii.it ol snow whicli has fallen
tin.- winter since tlie first snow fall in
October. Altogether 22 inches have
liilieu during that time constituting a
record before Christmas and almoBt
equalling tlie record (or the winter.
Court Mount Bcgbie, No, 34011. 0.
F,, has made arrangements with the
I'alinatier Sisters Concert Company to
give an entertainment iu thc opera
house on Jan. 11. Those that had
the pleasure ol hearing the company
last year «peak very highly of it and
already there is every Indication ol a
greut success.
The closing exercises ol tlie high
and public schools will be held on Friday morning next. The classes will
go through their regular morning's
work, and samples ol the pupils' worn
will be on exhibition. Somo of the
rooms are gaily decorated Ior the event
Parents and Iriends are cordially invited to be present and see the working of the different classes.
Tho convention called Ior Saturday
in Golden by the Liberal-Conservatives ol Columbia district to nominate
a candidate to contest their riding in
the interests ol tl.e Conservative party
at the provincial elections, was large
and enthusiastic. As tl.e result of the
ballot H. G. Parsout was declared
elected as the nominated candidate,
which was made unaniinout.
W. A, Foote has reooived tl.e sad
intelligence ol tho death ol his father,
D, W. Foote, at Piotou, Nova Sootia.
The deceased gentleman, who was 84
years of ago, had been in moderate
health prior tu his death whicli came
«ncxpeotedly,and was generally knuwn
and retpeoted throughout the I'ictuu
district. Milt Footo has left for
Pictuti tu be with the family.
Appropos ol the report on the auxiliary plant by Col. Tracy whicli was
published in our last issue tl.e sliding
scale referred to |Ior power rates and
tl.e cost ol supplying same to tlio
C.P.R. it should be road 1 " I think
tlie best way would he to lix tl.e rate
on a sliding scale, say: Up to 200,000
k.w.h, por annum, 3c. por k.w.h,;
209,000 to 300,000 k.w.h. per annum,
2*o. per k.w.h.! over 300,000 k.w.h.
per annum  2c. per k.w.h., tnd  the
Two RickB, stove size 13 75
Three Ricks, stove Bize |B 50
Furnace and Stove Coal *|9 00
Nut  Size, suitable (or Self Feeders,    Base
Burners and Ranges  8 50
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Molsons Bank Building.
Have made mstol their wealth investing in Real Estate, and it
would not be unwise for tlie man having money at low rale ol interest
to follow their lead by investing in the best buy on the market which
we have selected as uur Special Snap for the coming week.
LISTEN ! Brand new seven room dwelling on Fourth Street, two
Iott, hot and cold water, electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, Urge
woodshed suitable for stable and in fact everything that goes to make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
Prlco;»2,360.   Terms J.OOO Down, Balance on Time,
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Brauclies io the Provinces of Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec
Oapltal Subscribed
Oapltal Paid Up
Reserve Fund
D. R, Wilkie, President;
-   •4,28o,ooo.oo
Hon. R. Jafkhay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savin.ih DEPARTMENT—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at current - rate from date of; opening account, and compounded half-yearly,
Drafts aold available in all parts of Canada, United States nnd
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
• *■»•
When t/ou /feed
A £ond-
Dominion tnd Proslnolal Covsrnmenti
Admlnlitratore, Cutrdlam
liquidators, Mnnlolpal [mployeei, rrattmsl loobtlae
Banks, loss, Imurtnoe tnd Trust Comptnlet
Meroantlle Housss
Manager!,     leoretarlei,     TrtaMirtn,     CaiMsrt
Bookkeeper!,    Saleimen,     CollMtort,       Hymtstsrs
Agent*,      Warthousemen,        Exolie Bonds
And for all PoUUoni of Trutt Where tsoutity It Beoulred.
imperial Quarantte and Accident Co. of Canada
Capital, $1,000,000.
Revelstoke Insurance Agroy limited,   -
H. K. McKiknon, Sfki.ai. Railway Agent,
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A few good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
fi. M. SPRMT, Farmll Estatt\Offiic$, Cowan Block. SUBSCRIPTION   RATES,
Including postage to Knglnnd, t'niinl SUiU
.ni.l ratiada,
Bi thi M'.tr [through posloftlcel J-'-"1
Hall      •* l.fil)
LJnarter "       " "   l.Wi
-ur-    hlS riN'O prompt!) expcuUnUl rea- ■,.-
..  raic»,
rERttS-Ciuh.   Subscriptions payable in nil;
COKRBiPONDKNCK Invited mi mattera oi
public tutored Communication!, to Edl
tor must bi- accompanied by name ol
writer, not necessarily fo publication, Iml
t- r. Idence of good faith, Correspondence
Utould be brief.
Legal notices I cents per line iir.-t Insertion,
S centi per line eacli subsequent insertion.
Mi-rt**.!'! raeoti N'onpariel [lUllnea mako one
inch]. Store and general business announcement ■• $2.30 per inch per montli.
Preferred position-. 25 per cent, ad*
ditit nil. Births, Marriages and Deaths,
SPc each insertion, Timber noticcs$5,U0
Land notices IT.fiQ All adverthmmcnU
■subject tothe approval ol the manag i lent,
Wauled and Condensed Advertisements;
Agenu Wanted. Help Wanted, Situations
wanted. Situations Vacant, Teachcra
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, 1" words or
:■-- !&., eacli additional lino 10 cenls.
Change- in standing advertisement* must
be in oy 9 a. in. Tuesday and Priduy uf
ei eh week to tfrire Kwid display,
Barristers, Solicitous, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
a' il complete
general pro,,
The stores ol Revelstoke hnve never looked hotter for llie Christinas Uml * displ lycd .*nch I .-go
sinks a- Ihey do ihis year, nnd ii speaks very highly Inr the nierehanls lor their enterprise and for iln
polity uf ili - city,   The supply nl ml ules Ior holiday giits is unusually largo nnd wel I selected m d ii prices li su i
all while the supply ol household nnd tabic requisites for Xinns season is ample lo supply even the mosl fastidious.
The hotels all report excellent business nnd have arranged fur speeiul menus Ior Xinns ilny nml will also hnve
evening nninson.ents lor their guests, The restaurants hnve alto arranged (m spi ninl menus on Xn.i.s tl.iy and luve
prepared several speciul attractions.
huve perhaps the linest window display in town and the artistic and
excellent ability shown in dressing the
windows deserves great credit. In the
McKenzie avenue window is a perfect
imitation ol n real little r inn, daintly
furnished with a real lire place, tables
ami chairs, and a baby t-le- ping in a
cut. while close at hand isa Christmas
tree gorgeously decorated; S ntn
Clnu.'o is just entering llie door .villi
hit sleigh and pair loaded with toys
The whole effect is vety pleasing. The
oorner window is .veil laid out with
all the Xmas dainties for cooking ..ml
table use, this window too being
dressed 111 n skilful! milliner. The
general display in this Btorc has never
been liner. There is a line stock ol
fresh tigs in pickets, jars, baskets nnd
boxes, raisins in  layers, choice sr-.loc
Ba.rri.tera, Solicitors, En-.
. B. Ciu.u.v F. 0. Kule.
JPFICSS:  hn-iitu.u. Hank Hlock.  Kkvki,;
Idone; to loan.
Offices: Rovelstoke, Il.C; Kort Steele, 11. 0.
Uno. S. McCartkb,
A. M. 1'iNKiiAM,
Revelstoke, B, 0,
J. A, Harvey,
Kort Steele, II..'
w. I. Brims.
1. M. Scott LL.H
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
SoncrroRSjtfOR Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.U
Provincial Ijiiiid Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKbnzib Avenue,
Box 11)0, Revelstokw,
the AaiUDetalb
" I woiil-l . . . earnestly a vise Uiein for
their koo.1 to order this paper to be punctually
terred up. nnd to tie looked upon n* a pari uf
he tea equipage."—ADDISON.
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 19, 1900
The Hun. Richard McBride has
come and gone, and although his visit
here was brief, yet it is very satisfactory to be able to note that the citizeiiB
took advantage ol his presence in
Revelstoke to once more urge their
claims and this time to the highest
power in authority, It is on occasions
such as this, that unanimity and cooperation, is necessary throughout tlie
city and when the needs o! the ciiy
are at stake there should be no
thought of party jealousy and no
political indifference among us il we
ever hope to accomplish those ends
lor which we have been continually
striving. The premier when met by
delegations nnd deputations oi Revel-
stoke's commercial and municipal
representatives, might be said to have
come down irom the pedestal of leadership nf the Conservative party and
to have listened to and discussed the
needs and requests that were put to
him. lor the city's benelit, rather ns
one, who has the authority to act and
looks at the questions in a light thnt
will be oi benefit to both parties, to
the city itself and to the province in
general, than one who by granting tin
demands will to strengthen his posi-
tion in the eyes ol his supporter! nnd
perchance win over a few admirers
from tbe other tide.
Tlie premier hat promised that he
will do his level beet to obtain for us
the tilings we to sorely need and lie
hat further promised that, in many
cases where the wllhed (or resull cjml.l
hardly l«-expected, he will endeavor
to obtain a special g-a.il ni lunils  Iol
the preservation and development ol
Revelitoke. In making these promises
Mr. MoBride recognised that he was
not granting us a favor, hut was doing
only what we were entitled toby
right, and no matter to what party-
each and all ol Ul may belong we lire
thoroughly alive to the fact that the
premier has made these promises for
the benefit of the province as a province, irrespective of part) ism, and we
have every reason to believe lhat the
promises will be carried out.
Botn the Liberal nnd  Conservative
(actions in Revelitoke will plainly see
tions of nuts ol all sorts and Xmas
dinner deiicacies, Iruit, jellies and
mince meat, besides an   enormous
Chas. Murphy,      Haroli. Fisher   Btoek ol general groceries, Inncy ohooo
lnles and seasonable articles ol every
n ILLAN & ELLIOTT, description.  In the ladies department
nre Inncy boxes ot bon buns, Inncy
collars in boxes, dainty waists, em
broidcred    handkerchiefs,    ribbons,
I I ARVEY, McCARTER gloves, hosiery, a line line ot rich l.'.rs,
II AN" PINKHAM' 0per., bags, golf jacket*,  fancy card
albums, handsome manicure sets,
photo frames, mounted in silver and
ivory, wrist hags, a full assortment ol
dressing gowns, kiiiioiuiB, ball and
opera Inns, Inncy slippers and boots
silver and glass inkstands, toilet  sels
SC01T  AND  BRIGGS in leather cases richly mounted, suit
cases, a splendid assortment ol gown
silk .vaitts, dainty belts, novel'ies ol
every description, silk umbrellap, bend
purses, work bnskets and bags, ties
and collars ol new and pretty designi
in Inncy boxes nnd a general assortment ul notions, ln the men's de
pirtment there is a grand selection in
smoker's sels, boxes of cigars, silver
mounted holders, tobacco pouches
handsome umbrellas, shaving sets in
cases and shaving minors nud outfit
in nickel and silver, a fine line ol
knives and razors, inkstands, writing
and dressing cases, with silver futings,
a complete selection of ties, lancy
vests and mufflers, handkerchiefs,
overcoats, travelling sets, n general
liue ol suitings, lints and caps, For
the children are a general assortment
ol toys, fancy goods, bon bona, candies,
game., doll carriages, go-enrte, winter
coats and furs, booties and infants
clothing, jackets nud caps, a good
selection oi bonnets, hoods, fancy
slippers and little handkerchiefs,
Much attention has been paid to the
crockery department and the lines
shown this year beat all previous
reoords, the prices too will suit every
purse. Limoge, Clinton. Coalport,
Beyrouth and Japanese dinner and
tea sets of every design, gold engraved
bowls, bon bun dishes and plates, deli
cale hnnd painted trays, cups and
saucers, vases, jardinieres, inncy lemonade and water sets in dainty glass
designs; fruit bowls, salt and peppers
souvenir cream and sugars, genuine
English toilet sets, fancy parlor lamps
a fine stoek oi cut g'ass and general
dinner, tea. breakfast and fancy china
Residents and visitors will do well to
examine the stuck ol tliis store in all
departments and we have no hesitation in saying that the goods and
display are one ol the linest in llie
BOURNE linn-.
hnve a line showing of glass, oroekerj
and China ol all  kinds,  including
Havilland, l-'rench Limoges, Germany
and   Austrian,   in   sets ami piecet ol
new design. Dinner and tea tett - i al
patterns at low pric-s, qnainl D'ltch
china, handsome glas.wan- uml general household tuppliei] a line tuort-
ment of general groceries, preserved
fruits, jellies, mince meat, fruit and
nuts, Malum nnl Calilornia grapes,
datet, Smyrna figs and dried ralaont
A ipeoial stock ui odd china bowlt,
jardinieres, platers, berry bowl* and
Iruit iiand.1. a hands ime line of silver
plated goods, oak and silver biscuit
jars, salad bowlt, butter plates and
spirit stands, out glass and china sets,
criiita, jam jars, orearn and sugar
basins, plated spunm and lorks, tOalt
racks and sugar shells, pickle jars,
serviette rings, salts und peppers nud
general silverware. Hanging lamps
of new and handtome detign, table
lamps, china vases and jardinieres,
that  Mr. MoBride hadI the welfare ol water and lomonado sett in Venetian
our city at heart, and, as the head of
the government thinks only ol whnt
is just aud right (or individual cities
throughout the province and lur
British Columbia as a whole. There-
lore it is only in justice to thepreinier
to have confidence In him, and both
Conservatives and Liberals will share
that confidence when it su cIob.1
glass, a large seihctiun ol mind ies,
crackers and Xmas dolloaoiei and a
good stock ol cigars, tobacco nnd
smoking supplies. A large and well
assorted stock of seasonable groceries
make up a large and well equipped
description, For the men are long
lines of gloves, collars, fancy vests,
suspenders, silver mounted umbrellas,
bunts, shoes nnd slippers; new lines ol
hands-Mine nulllcr*. shirts, ties ol all
kinds, silk scarves, nnd handkerchiefs;
ii swell stock ot house coats, nobby
dressing and smoking coats, (ur caps,
and i. general line ol useful und dainty
Xmas gilts. For Uie Indies arc silk,
satin, lustre, cashmere und lawn
wniiits nnd blouses, ivnist lengths,
dies lengths in nil the linest nnd
best material; hnudsoine plaid nnd
silks, evening blouses ol dsintyli.ee;
lur neck pieces; a large stock o( kiln-
on is, dressing gowns, slippers, shop
ping bags, art needle! work,table linen,
(ancy collars in a hundred designs,
smart furs and gloves, overcoats, and
Inns, dainty h indkerchiols in Irish
and silk, rich Brussels and Maltese
lace, leather lings, purses, ;i anicure
sets and writing cases, Inncy hosiery
dressing sacques and notions, decor
ated comliB, belts and collarettes; 8
large stock of high class millinery,
dress material, warm jackets and n
general Btock of articles for Christmas
lms made a magnificent display this
year, their windows being one of tlie
finest in the city. Santa Clans in an
automobile loaded up wilh silver gifts
of every description is the central exhibition. Among their holiday gilts
is a line ssock of hand painted china,
cups, saucers, bowls, tea sets, plates
and jars; a full line of oak goods in
trays, biscuit jars, sninii bowls, butler
dishes, ivory handled knivs and forks
in oak cases, pearl handled knives and
forks in oak cases handsomely mounted in silver, A large assortment of
high clnss cut gluss goods, including
caraffes, pitchers, sugur bowls, oream
pitchers, berry bowls, tumblers, bon
bon dishes, vases witi. silver tops. A
splendid stock of Standard quadruple
plated ware including tea nnd coll'ce
sets, berry fowls, butter dishes, cake
dishes, biscuit juis, jardinieres, fern
pots, salt nud peppers, ill cases, pickle
cruets, trays, toast racks, egg etunds,
choping dishes, button boxes, jewel
boxes, hairpin boxes, shaving, brush
and toilet bets, candelnhras, etc. A
line selection ol wedgowood ware is
shown, in plates, vases, tea pots, butter
and sugar dishes, pitchers nnd dainty
ornaments. A speciality has been
made in sterling silver goods, mani-
ceu-'s.'ts, razors, curling irons, nail
files, spoons and forks in eases, sugar
sifters, tea bells, soap cases, jars and
powder boxes, Many novelties are
shown at low prices, including ash
trays, ink.tands, jewel luxe.-, copper,
nickel and gill clocks, chin i and glass
lancy thermometer.', nut crack' rs,
I- iys* lools, children!' banks, toy iroiiB
anil toy cash 'mixes. In tl.'- heavy
hardware lines are stoves, ranges,
kilclien utensils and general house
hold supplies electric i i -. elcclrie
heaters, bras- kettles, I rass, c ,| per
and silver plated candlesticks, nickel
tinys and tpii -* lam h aging
lamps, elcctri i lighl - dei and gl i- -
hand and table   lamps {tassel
and a  hundred  ami one  things
seasonable and an I.   interi
sture is without doul I thi linesi   [it!
kind in the |
tre stoi —i  complete leparl
nd   carry „   .--  ■  ■  i. -■ u -'
splendid  stuck, all  goods beinf    -
nml up-to-date,    In thl
ment are  a , tbe lateil novelties snd
nink-nacki, lancy ties, toarve
sliiri',  handkerchiefs, smol. ng   tnd
dressing jackets slippers, initi il hand-
kerchieft, the oreme de la on me "I
hosiery,  neckties,  nil  in  (ancj tnd
dainty colors, fancy rests, suil eases,
dun bags, and iweateri In t
handsome gold ouff link* and studs,
loots, ihoet and rubbert ol ail kinds
a d n   large  stock of  men and boyl'
emits and winter woollen  uncei vear
In  the  ladies' department   .!!•■ silk
wear, fancy goods, born', leather arti
cles  and  a  fine stock ol embroidery
linens  and   lawns.    The kid  glove
stock   is  complete and a full   line of
l'i-rriii  nnd  Townes  guaranteed are
sold   at   low   pric-s.     New styles ol
blouses oi lustres, i a ,hmi ret, flannel-
i-ttcH etc., silk and lace ovei Brussels
and Baby Irish, a swoll line of plaid
and   fancy  silks,  ami  crepe silk In
cream and blnck, fancy slippers, bat
kiiti and all the novelties in notions,
a large selection of collars uml bei s of
all   kinds;  children's bonnets in -ilk
velvet and  bearskin; hand painted
novelties,   pincushions,   veils   and
handkerchiefs, spoon and fall cases,
cushion tops, drawn linens (or sideboards; a large mid well sclented Itook
-en-coti our homes and our city's wel-1 have a better stock than  every and »■   ribbons, belt  pins, combs, leather
(arc and development, 'carry  a (ull list of  ovory conceivable'cases,  etc.,  handsome furs, costumes
mid coals, h.itsnnd general trimmings.
A specialty in handkerchiefs, as dainty
gifts, real Irish, Maltese, etc.
hue this Christinas a particularly line
and general stock ol Xnnu cards,
calenders, nnd other novelties, n full
line of Eaton & Hurlbut stationary,
leather letter folios, Ideal Waterman
fountain pens, boudoir vases uud ink
stands, derk fittings, ebony and silver
hand mirrors, fancy chinn ornaments;
a nice selection of Harris, Fisher nnd
Cristie's art calenders, ladies ihe -rated
combs, a full stock of perfumes iu
boxes, glove and handkerchief cases,
perfume atomizers, dainty glass and
gold vnses, mantel figures, leather
purses, wallets, hand bugs, music
fulios, chatelaines and shaving mirrors,
cut glass sets; a largo assortment ol
toilet requisites, brtiBl.es and house
goods, ebony and silver military
brushes, handsome travelling cases,
manicure sets, brush and shaving sets
in silver and lenllier cases, writing
setB, sewing, etc., glass and silver inkwells, jewel boxes, china shaving sets,
silver whisks, silver souvenir spoons,
pii.B and general jewelry, a large sit ck
ot smoking sels and smokers supplies
in wood, ebony, chinn and lenih
handsomely mounted in ysilver, letter
weights, hund bags, silver soup cases,
powder pots; n speciality in 25 cent
aiticles in burnt leather and Wood,
books, chinn, li.i-.kcts und geucr
novelties, A largo UMttnvint of
juvetii'c boys nnd girlibooks, in new
lines, games, book sets in dainty
leather and cull binding, a full selec
tion ol poets in padded lenllier cover
plaid bound novels, handsome wooden
frames, silver snd gilt photo frame?
wnter nnd lemoniide sets in Venetian
gilt gluss, bowls, vases nnd jugs; a
complete line ol hnnds ine leather
bourn! bibles, religious books and
prayer books ot at! denominations
annuals, magazines and Xmas mini
hers, lancy chocolates and lion bon
boxes, a lull line ot popular works,
wooden and enamel plaques, hangers
and mutch Holders, a general sto "k o.
Xmas season decorations nnd novelties to pick from.
are exhibiting a beautiful lotol thousands oi Christmas cards, calenders
and picture calenders, ot all kinds
both Xmas and New Year, fancy
China Limoges, Beyreuth and Japanese, dainty souvenir pieces, a handsome stock of leather bags, purses,
wallets, music rolls, manicure sets,
glove sets, writing cu.es nnd dressing
enses, handsomely mounted in ivory,
ebony and silver, serving sets, t,ble
cutlery in solid silver and plate, cases
of pipes, cigar holders, smoking sets in
lealher, oak and silver gilt, ash trays,
jewel cases, mirrors, ivory ai.,1 silver
goods, military brushes, shaving
requisites in cases' handsomely
mounted, desk'and boudoir fittings,
jardinieres, candlesticks in brass, silver
aud gilt, oak cabinets of Stirling silver
spoons and forks, a large assortment
ol lainty vases if many designs, glass
trays and mirrors, a tine assortment
souvi uir jewellery, ivory carvings, a
line if burnt leather work Stirling
silver ornaments, cut glass and silver
■ ild tabli requisites, cluck.-, a fresh
-' ok ol perfumes, cabinets of chinn,
ienther bound books, novels nnd poets,
te assortment of leather pint-
- . I all the last, pictorial cards
... , views, handsome fountain pens in
,-■ - nkwi - --iiitelaiue bags and
iski ts, i tses ol fish silver and Iruit
- ■ ... ine ol the : .test novels,
,-    , ,... ui--  ami   children's
uik-, -lo md  wri'ing mater
i di     \ . irgi   i-ii'-i- .- devoted to toyt
ratine - ippliei, k daks,
: i; - ii- materials and music  A
.,-.-    assortment ol gemes, framed
i .ii- home nick-knaoki, religious
book! handsomely bound in leather,
snd i I-." - 0k ol general mer-
0| i- '1   '
tinued on Page 6)
Tnni - I; iyal Orown kind— j
itiii'li in Vancouver—Largest
-oap Fa. lory wesl ol W'inni- j
peg     House cleaning and
..,,. ingnreeaty with Itsbelp,
Ind the money saving n the
Premium System
Booklet *' lis what wo give for
Ro i-i'u '■»' ippers, Bend
for   it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C
Dwelling mul Lot, S mil Slieel  i.Tisi
Dwelling mul Lots, Third Rlrn I  l:Mi
Dwillh.g and jjots, (c.ii.ie.') Flllli Slieel      .     . .   Il.aKi
Double Corner, Seeonil Slrei-1. nr.-ii- Y.M.O.A.         . (IUI)
Lots on Second St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   . .     2.111
Lots nn Third St., cast of McKenzie A■ i*., each   .    . .   2011
l.olsi.11 l-'oiH-'h.Sl., east. of.Mi-1-. .i/,ie.\-,i'.,i'ui-h    . .      I7o
Lots on Fifth St,, east of McKomslo Ave,, each   .    . .   160
I wish  to  notify  Ilu:  public that I
will not in- responsible lor any debts
CO itractnl   by   my   Wile,  Mis. I,. M.
wed den 12 lm I-   M. Hi i.mki.
*i (ti Uh iti i*t, ,"t, it", d*, ii*, it*! ,t> ,Ti ,"t, i*"**, ii*, .ti ,*!*, i*t"i ,1*, fi iTi .I*, i't, .T, ,**f, il*,
Comox and New Wellington Coai
Hemlock   Wood    Hay, Grain, Feed
'l i"t*i it'i it'i i*tl iti tti iTi ti'i tti ti'i it'i ti'i ti'i tti it'i itt iti ti'i ti'i it'i i*ti it'i itt iti tl
7 W W •r 4* + 4* * 4* 4* 4» 4* ■** * 4* + X -l X' "X" X V + X + n
ft% JL
Every Day.    ^
Fit-Reform is  the fastest
growing business in Canada,
The great purchasing public
long ago found out the perfection
of Fit-Reform Suits and Overcoats.
Every season sees more and more men
coming where they get style and
VALUE beyond compare—to Fit-
Reform, founders in Canada of
hand tailored garments.
Suits and Overcoats, ^15 up.
Trousers, $3.50 up.
McKinnon & Sutherland  -  Revelstoke
McKinnon & »flH %
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
1 Op. IN
Ph| C-jmpiui) iiiuliT tlio "(.'-ouipEiii-u' Act 1897,"
t.. liiiiviiiiiin cliwiiill ..j* unyul tin* objecUof
klitiC puny to which the leplnlatlvo mitliorlty of
Hu* UgM-Miiru nl British Columbin uxWiiUu
Tho ImiiiI oilier of th 1 * mnuaiiy i« altuntn al lhu
City ol Hiioknue, H|iokii -a i;ouiitytii lhe Statu of
Tho amount of lliu cuplltnl nf lho Company In
Three Humlml Thousand Dollara, dlviiloil into
tin ne hiituliTil tliouBuiul nlinruN of una dollar each.
ili I* hi'inl oilier of thu Cinii|iaiiY in this province
III situate nt Ininriiiil Hunk   .lock, UuveUtoke,
iini George Smith McCarter, bnrrlatBr*at*lftW|
tthoBe -address in thu -same, Is the attorney fur thu
Company,,not empowoved to Issuu nnd transfer
Thu time uf the existence uf the Company is
Illty yutim from the 2811(1 day of October, tlKHJ.
(liven under my linml and benl of Office at Victoria, Province of liritish Columbia, thin twenty-
ninth dny of November, one thorn-uiud nine lion-
dretl and six,
Hegintiat* of Joint Stock CompanieH,
The nlijecls for which the Company lias been
ftitalilislieil and reghiterod are:—
To manufacture, export, import, buy, null ami
Kent-rally ileal in good-H, wares, merchandise and
properly of every ulut-m ami duMeriptlon within the
Slate of Washington, the United Status of Amerl-
i*D, the Province of liritish Columbia mul elsewhere as mav from timo to timo be found neces-
suiy or conveiilunt for the puruoiiug of the
Company; to carry on and conduct a general
wholesale ami retail milling, manufacturing and
lumbering bmlness within laid territory; to own,
operate, Guy, suil, loasu, erector otherwise ncquiro
sawmills and any other kinds of mills or (uctonuH
for thu mamifai-turu of lumber, either iu tho
rough or lliiishe.l statu, and for manufacturing or
finishing all articles of trade made thurefrom, and
to uwu, liny, suil, lease or otherwise an-uir.i all
machinery and appliances of every kind and description that may ho nueussary or usually hail or
iisi'il in conned ion thuruwlth; to purchase, take 011
lease, or iu uxchaugu, hlie or otherwisu acijuiru or
hold and sell luuils, estates, buildings, rights-of-
way, light or water or any other rights or privileges, machinery, businesses, good wills, plants,
stocks iu trade, or other real or personal property
of any uaturu or kind whntsouver as may be
deemed necessary to carry out any of tho objects
or purposes of this t'tuiiyany; to maintain, Improve, manage, work, coutr<d and superintend any
trails, roads, ways, tramways railways, bridges,
reservoirs, water courses, sawmills, sh ngle mills,
factories, hydraulic works, electrical works »r
other works or conveniences which may seem
conducive to any of the objects or purposes of tho
Company, uml to buy, sell and deal in the same;
to usu steam, water, electrical or any other power
as a motive power, or otherwise, anil to buy, sell
and deal iu thu same; to purohasu, acquire, soil,
hold, erect, and operate electric light ami other
power plants for milling and manufacturing pur*
poses, antl for the purpose of furnishing lights ami
creating power for uny and all other purposes; to
imiiil, buy. sell, loasu, locate ami hold ditches,
flumes ami water rights; to construct, lease, buy,
sell, build or operate railroads, ferries, tramways
or oilier means of transportation, for tratiKporting
logs, lumber or other material ur passengers. To own land, buy, sell, lease ami
locate or otherwise awiulro timber and timber claims; to buy, ac'tuire, hold, Improve,
lease ami sell Limber, farming, glutting, mliioml
and other lands, and the products thereof; to
acquire, purchase, layout, plat ami sell town nnd
City lots, and In plat and pm upon the markel
toi't n situs and erect buildings ami Improvements
of every kind and sell lots, or otherw ise dispose of
the antllc, or any pint or portion thereof, and generally to tlo 11 real ustate, rental, buying, selling,
Improvement and Investment business; to carry on
agenetal merchandise and commission husiness;
to acquire, sell and conduct stores,liotels or boarding hiuisi's; to subscribe for, purchase or otherwise
acquire, sell, ami hold with the suae rights of
ownership therein as may be permitted to natural
persons, the shares, bonds and obligations of any
other corporation wherever organised; to procure
lhe Company to be registered, incorporated, or
recognised in uny other state, or-country, or pro
vince and to do all and everything necussuiy
suitable, convenient or proper for thu accomplish'
ment of any of the purposes, or the attainment of
any one or inure of the objects herein enumerated
or incidental io the.powers herein named, m*
which shall at any time appu'ir conducive or expedient for the protection or bemjtll of the corporation, ami Htm Ily to do everything consistent,
proper and requisite for the carrying out of the
objects ami purposes aforesaid iu their fullest nud
broadest sense within said teirltory,
wctl dec 18 h -Im
-NOTICK IH lIl'.RIillY OlVKll that sixty days
alter date 1 intend to apply to the Hon. chief
Commissioner of Lands and Woiks (or permission
to purchase the following desciibed Uutls In the
West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted on the west side
of north-east arm of Arrowhead Lake, J of a mile
from Hock Hluft, marked "It, K. McK.'s south-east
cornet post," thence V) chains nortb, thence W
chains west, thence ao chains south, theuce mi
ehains east along lake shore to point of commencement.
Dated Not. loth, 1QO0.
nov 14 Mlts. lt. K. McKlTKlCK.
Exceptionally busy Summer and Pall selling lias plnci'd
nn our hands a large Dumber- nl second-hand pianos and
iiig.ins, taken Iu oxohatlgo on new styles nf MASON &
ItlSOH and PIANOLA PIANOS, Our "Upper (Jnuntry'*
wni-eliiiiises -in Nelson and Ilevelstoke -are mnv comfort-
ably iTowded- We've winter shipment! oil way from
factory, loo.   These lined  guilds  must he sold,   ive wish
tin-in in niiivii rapidly, you'll appreciate these imiisai
sninii Upright "laiil ,.- s,,ii.,"
piano Ktinllsii ttiaki-. ll octavoi,
Miilntil CAM 	
"I.'lmrli-* lliivji. 1 |irl|,lil Piiinu
IwU.n, 1 11  .-, in. In height,
French waltitil oaso, ai-i„ll front
11,-1!  ilriittn, .'Ll, !ii,|!i, will-
mil (-i-i-, 5 'iiititvi-,. v; wi..* nl
rt'i-.i* Satopa, In good Inns  ,.
'*, .III A Smart" Uiirlchl Piano
■--I.m-i. in  1, in. high, lull
Iron Iuiiii-  excellent value nt
1100 -M.iit. Inr 	
Nu- to   I'luini, N'uvr Vnik, 1
,,'-tnn.., |-I.llli/,,>|]   |.|i*i.,  a  (jrM.ll
day nt
- Bell" Pi.
I" ill-i'iiii li.ni'li
awe, 1 -1 imn mil. mi
mm.,,!,!,. (1.1 Iiallnrlmlgo
"Mi,«iiii,l Ili l-li Pi,,,,,,.;!
n'-li,™, III (, ill high. Iliil.lii-.i
in   Siiii   Hrimtngri   innhtigAiiy,
-lliihily n.i-ii hut « 1 1, till,
... -j.i imt not, ,i-]lillKiil	
"Mason tV Itii.eh" Piano, large
I'prighl i.Mii'l. beautiful mahogany case, 4 fl u In. high, case
-lit'liil, marred, otherwise fine
condition, splendid luu*. Was
sold for 1560, tako It for	
"Mason<V Itisdi" Piano, lp-
light (Iramllu Art finished hurl
walnut cum', praotically now,
mime condition, perfect tone.
Wiih awl, extraordinary value at
" Dominion" Organ, witluut
case, fi ft, high, n octaves, -i\\
nets of roods,? stops, Vox Ilo
iimiiii, (ireat, and (Iraiul organ
"Hull ■ (irgaii. tniutlve walm't
oiue, suroll fronl, :i sets of reeds.
10 stops,   Iiiiiii swells,    Vim H
not lose on thli at	
Iiubi'iiy" Drgaii, black walnut case "hli bevelled French
plate mirror, Tioctaves, 8 nets of
roods, 10stops, Ki-.- and treble
couplers inul kin*.* swells, splendid value at this figure	
loa number of others,    l-'ull  list sent  upon
1 '1 1.   Vin. may turn in any one of theie Instrument*
ai lull value, us partial pnyraenl on a new MASON A
III80U I'lA.N'o, within two yearsaftoppurehaso,
NOTICK is hereby given that 60 days after date
I Intend to apply to Lhu lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands In the
West Kootenay District;
Commencing at a post plauted sin chains 0 ist
from the south-west corner of Lot 24fi3 ami marked
"K, C- Tratiord's north-east correr post," thence
south 40 chains, thence west 80 chains more or
less to Lake shore, thence north along shore to
south-west corner of Lot 2-153, thence east 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated November 13th, lDUO.
dee & wed K. C. TUaKPOKD.
Nolice is hereby given that 30 days after dato
we Intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license
to mil ami carry away timber from the follow*
fug described lands, situate In West Kooteuav
Commencing at a post planted at the north-west
corner of It. (ilendhmiiig 8 homestead, about three
miles below thu foot of Upper Arrow Lake, and
marked "ll.B.L.Co.'s north-east corner post,"
thence south hi) chains, theuce west w cliains,
theuce north 80 chains, thencu east Sll chains to
point of commeiieeuiuut.
Dated Nov. Will, IIHHI.
deefl wed     Din Bend LUMlWIl Co., Ltd.
Nolice is hereby Riven .Int. 60 days
Irani dale I Intend .0 apply to lhu Chiel
Commissioner of Unds anil Works nl
Victoria, B.C., for purchaie of lollowing
described lands in Lillooel distrlctl
Commencing nt a post planted about
two and a half miles from hend of Adams
Lake on wesl side of river, marked "J, A.
Knox's south-wesl corner," running 80
chains easl, 40 cliains north, 80 chains
west, 40 chains south, containing about
po acres,
Daled Nov. i.-th, 1906,
novi4    J, A. KNOX.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
from dale 1 intend to apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works al
Victoria, I), &, for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooel dislricti
Commencing at a posl planlcd near
soulh side of Otter Creek, .1 miles north of
Adams Lake marked "W. S. Burton's
south-west corner," running 80 chains
cast, 40 chains norlh, 80 chains west, 40
chains south, containing about 3,0 acres.
Dated Nov. 13th, 190b,
nov 14 W. S. HUSTON,
Nolice is hereby given Ilia! 60 days
I alter date I intend to apply lu llie Chief
Commissioner of Lands it Works for permission io purchase the following described lands, situated in lhc Wesl Kootenay
district on llie wesl side of Upper Arrow
Lake in the Fosthall Valley:
Commencing nl a posi marked "T, S.
1 Mcl'herson's soulh-wesl   corner    post,"
planleil at lhe norlh-wesl corner of Loi
8dj-i Ihence  north 80 chains, Ihence east
80ilinins, Ihence soulh 80 chains, Ihence
I we-,1 80 chains to point of commencemeni,
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located 2.1nl day ol November, 100O,
nov 28 wed      T. S, McPHERSON,
For Sale
One teim ol  Heavy Draft Honou
WW.   Apply to R, TAPPING,
* (
Successful Smoker to Premier
- Mr. McBride Touches, at
Length, on Civic and Political
A large and enthusiastic gathering
assembled in tl.e Selkirk Hall on Saturday night to welcome Premier
McBride and to tender hin. a smoker
and reception. Tho hall was well
lilled witii the premier's friends and
supporters, and as lie took his seat on
tlie platform, was loudly cheered.
Chas. Holten, pr sident uf the association, opened the proceedings, a very
good musical programme being carried
out by tlie Independent Band and
Messrs. Humphreys, Gait and  Veith,
The mayor in welcoming tlie prim ier
said that llis visit wnuld bc materially
felt and that the matters discussed by
the city council and Board of Trade
were of vital importance to tlio city;
that he had promistd that all the requests aud needs of Kevelstoke would
be grunted and that the city hud confidence in hin. and would welcome
him again on liis return visit.
Thos. Taylor, M.P.P., said that the
people would highly appreciate tlie
premier's anxiety to help in the city's
development and had madeassuranees
that the people's requests would be
granted. As member Ior tlie riding
he welcomed the premier and gave
him the hand ol good fellowship, that
the presence of Mr. McBride in Rovelstoke showed his willingness to grasp
the situation and needs of tlie city.
On rising Mr. McBride said that he
was pleased to meet the Conservatives
and to renew his personal connections
here. He said that hospitality was
very prevalent in the Kootenays and
that the gathering tonight was both
political and sociable, since tlie government ivould soon come to lhe
electorates for endorsement or condemnation. He said that he had always
done his best for the riding to bring
nbout our development and no man
was more ready to meet our demands
than he. He knew of the serious
problem facing us in the river bank
and had promised that all further
danger should be eliminated; he would
make himself responsible in bringing
about the work.
In speaking of the traffic bridge he
stated that he waB in communication
now with the 0. P. R. and. assured us
that tbe gov.rnment would co-operate
with them and spare no effort to help
in the construction oi this bridge,
since thousands of acres would be
opened up and make a tine asset, it
was very necessary that total eo-opera
tion should be aroused for tlie good of
city and province,
Regarding the isolation hospital
he recognised our necessity and gave
his best assurance that he would endeavor to get something done and if
possible arrange with tlie government
for the necessary appropriation.
In speaking of political affairs the
premier gave a long and powerful ad-
• dress, saying that the government's
record was good, but if the people
were'nt satisfied then let them put
them out ol office. The government
had always looked after the prosperity
of the province and that the present
good timeB were not due to the administration at Ottawa, but to that of
Victoria. He reviewed the situation
at the time when the present government came into office saying that the
province was unpopular and capital
unwilling to aid in the development,
and then when taking over the reins
of government they saw how things
were and explained to the people the
possibilities of British Columbia He
economized on all tides, cut down expenses in all departments, taxed more
heavily the railway companies and
after a short while the province bogan
to improve and today stands at tl.e
at the head of all others in prosperity.
Ho touched upon the assessment and
ichool act, laying that he had Endeavored to lay this burden equally on all
shoulders. Tl.e business of the province had more than doubled during
tbe last four years, and that tl.e government tried to be consistent in every
way and hud economized as much as
possible. The banks realize tlie
stability of B. C. and he felt that he
had done his duty conscientiously and
would do his best, il returned, to follow
in tlie same lines,
He discussed at length on the Kaien
Island deal, saying that it was a big
and valuable business like bargain and
one which would be of utmost importance to the province. In conclusion
l.e laid tlmt ho would du what was
right and knew what a valuable support ltevolstuko hod given him, thai
he was a friend ul the city and would
do what ho could personally to accomplish our requests.
A hearty vote ol thanks was moved
nud passed to thu premier who ' was
loudly cheered while rising to respond.
The proceedings Ihen terminated.
 . .»*. .—
Nothing better than Our " Speoial.
Meet as Deputation to Mr, McBride—City's Needs Urged
to the Premier-Promises ol
Speedy Fulfilment.
The mayor uud city council mot as
a deputation on Saturday alternoon,
shortly after tho Hoard of Trade
session, to wait on Premier McBride
to discuss several important features
of civic importance. The mayor, on
behalf of the city, welcomed Mr. McBride to Revelstoke and said thut lie
was pleas-.d to hive the premier hear,
personally the requests wisiied to place
belore him.
In regard to police ootii't lin-.-s, he
an ill that lit velstoke was the only city
out of live who piy these lines to tl.e
government; that whon J. D. Sibb Id
was police magistrate lhe linos went
to tiie city, after his rslgnation the J.
P's. paid all lines inlo tlw provincial
treasury, lhe criminal code act having
been incorrectly read. The premier
said Unit there was no reason why
Kevelstoke should not have tho sniiic
rights us other cities, and thn j probably there had boon an erro- sonic*
Whore, but that he would personally
take the matte.- in hand and endeavor
to adjust it.
As to tlie river bank question tbe
premier reiterated his views and opin
ions given to the Board of Trade a lew
minutes belore and said tlmt lie had
arranged for a competent man to see
what could bo done and promised that
the government would carry out the
work at the lirst seasonable opportunity, and lie would recommend the
special grant for the same.
Regarding the sewage outlet into
the river it was pointed out to the
premier that tliree septic tanks were
necessary Ior tlie city if the sewage
was not allowed to be run into the
river, and this extra expense would be
very heavy. It was a long distance to
Arrowhead and owing to tl.e swiftness
of the current, Arrowhead would not
in tlie least be affected. Rossland,
Nelson and Fernie, run their sewage
into the rivers and why should not
Revelstoke. Mr. McBride said that
Revelstoke should have tlio same
privileges as other cities and although
he could'nt break the law in this respect, he promised to look into the
matter and see if he could adjust it.
He was quite aware that the Columbia
was a swift river and that sewage
would all disappear very soon after it
was put into it.   •
On the traffic bridge question Mr.
McBride said that he was in communication with the C. P. R. and would
do his best to bring about a satisfactory arrangement.
A vote of thanks waB passed to the
premier, who expressed his pleasure at
meeting the council and the meeting
01  Furniture, Real  Estate,
Live   Stock   and    General
Manufactured for all classesfof building
All kinda'of building and plastering
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, Safes and Furniture,
Consral Draylng.
Office: McKenzie Ave. fiftSKTR
OftlM Phone No. 71     House Phone No. 7,
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Under the new management of
Harry MoImtobb, Hoffman  House
i. cyon aro the most curative in the
World. A perfect, natin.il remedy fnr
all Nomina nud Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney nnd Stomach ailments
and Metallic Pnisnning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." .Special
rates on all boats and trams, Two
mails a. rive and depmt every dny.
Telegru h communication with iill
marts of the world.
Terms-$12 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Arroiv LaXt, 8, C
Owners ol imlltllnu* uml contracton nr,- htnb,
imIiii.,i tliul In fiiluii. im ('[]iuii>t-tlnti. will i..
ininll' niili >lu> nuiili trim uu iiu- in.i iii.itiMi in
luiililliijilm*boonix.nuiili.i .uui i|.|-i..,..1 <i( lu
tlm Cily Klect.lell.tl.
Ui-i|iii-.,.a lur Inapui-Unn sh..idd l»- lefl It 111.
CllyCli'ikiilllllri'. and »!r,m,etc., .luuda* mil In'
i-iivi-i-i'il In til! iucI. In-j Unit j, maili-.
...v oritur ul lliv (!!tjr Cuiincl!,
iii-r. s, num. st city Clerk.
Ladies delight In the cozy warmth—the perfect
fit—tbe luxurious ease and comfort—of
Combination Suits
They are the most perfect garments that experience,
skill anil money can produce. Knitted all in oue
piece from neck to ankle. Fit like another skin.
.Made in all sizes—and all fabrics from silk to cotton.
Send for catalogue if your dealer cannot supply you,
P. 0. BOX 2339, MONTREAL.
lou Can't Scour Wheat Itauif
By the Dry Process in Vogue in most
Mills. Wheat to be made absolutely clean
must be washed, as the Western Hnrd
Wheat that goes into " MOFFET'S BEST
FLOUR" is washed.
Order "MOFFET'S BEST" the
certain raising Flour from your Grocers,
and take no Substitute.
Columbia Flouring Mills (o„ ltd.
4W% u
mm ■  mi .;•
pi] \0W'Mx-
.ill.ny bl.lg.ti   pieces   "I  Sll,it*lii eie-
t-nnee .-mil usefulness,    We have
,i i| I ,iiy selected stock nf Rock-
i'i-.u, He-option ..hairs, Munis
Cii iir*. t- -.. .-is well as desks, hook
cues, i-l iim closets, writing des s
, . I ull ; suitable articles thai nre
sure to be appreciated nnd add an
I'li-guiiee ninl refinement to the
furnishing of any room.
R. Howson & Co.
In .mal   or lar.-e 1/118,1 Oil   I""
in-, tu a Cirli ll I.     Fi r   p ice
L. E. GRIFFITHS, « 1-,'alakwa
I, you arc looking for something nice in SPOONS AND
SPECIAL" Ior Souvenirs, wo have ihem here,
Has n tind stoek ol Groceries and
a line assortment of Japanese China.
.Agent fur Revelstoke Farming
Company, growers of nil kinds of
Farm Produce, Hay and Wood.
Look Well! Feel Well!
Do you enjoy that well diessed feeling? We all know what
it feels like to be hot, to he cold, oi- to be tired, and it is
just ns true thnt we all know what it feels like to be well
dressed. It feels good, and it's good to feel good. You can
never be well dressed if your clothes are not made by the
right maker.
Get to know we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
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well dressed.
. Suit* and Overcoats  SIS, $18, and S20.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, S20, & S25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date-Prices: SI8 and $20
Special Troueers $5 and $6.
Tailoring is our business. Wc make a man look well
and he knows it.
..Cressman  and Morrison..
P«- 'JAEGER' Woo.
To checkmate lhc dishonest use of
he name of " JAEGER/1 look for lhe
label on each article, and insist Ihal
lhe goods be invoiced as " JAEGER'
Skixini; Agents in Rkvelstokr
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
Now thai the strike is sullied, full supplies of Ihis eelehralcil Coal will
a^aiii be available afler this week.
PRICES—Special Hand-pieked coal—bell in lhe market- 19 Per ton
SCREENED COAl  $8.50 per ton
RUN OF MINE  7.50 per ton
Having taken over I'. McCarly's Coal Warehouse, fill! stocks of this
coal will lie kepi and orders promptly filled.
E. A. HAQQEN, AQT.   Revelstoke, B. C.
Office—Mackenzie Avenue, Next 0, I'. lt. Tol.ign.ph Olliee.
Under   New   Management)
First-clas accommodation lor travellers.
ReBt brands ol Wines, Spirit*, nnd
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Import direct from Country of origin.
Bj-EVJiLSTOKlil, B. C.
Incorporated by Act cf I'nrl'i nonl, 1355.
Wm. Molson Macpherbiin, Pies. S. H. Kwino,'Vice-Pies.
[James Elliot, Gem   i Manager. I
Capital paid up, $3,000,200
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of bunking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice 11 yenrnt current rates on Savings Hank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
For A&riculturat Implements. OarriaKen, Wagons Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Milium Wagous, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., Garden Seeders aud Cultivators, Wheelwright nud Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
HEAD Ofl'ICK: Caloarv, Auihkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork Packers anil Dealer 'In Live Stock. .Markets In all the principal Cities and
Towns nt Alberta, Britiali i,.,iiiin!iiii and the Yukon. Packers ol the Celebrated Brand
"Im orator " llama and Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Loal 1 nnl.
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience?
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens Hotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprieto.
Henry's Nurseries
Rsadquartoifl for Pacific Const grown
and inipiTiml Uardon, Flold mid Flower
TliousnuilH of Fruit and Ornamental
Trees, KlnKlotUindrons Rosen nml hnnly
iilmii'i now growing uu our own grounds for
future pluntiiig.
Nuiix-ioii****. lo*-**!or(tolayof fiiinigiition,
limited ion nor customs duties to pay, Hond-
i|iiiirUir< fur Pacific Coast Hrown nnd Imported (inrdon, Field and Flowur Seeds.
Visitor1* are nlwnys welcome to in.-tpoct
our Hlock.
Qroonhouio Planti,
Cut Flowers ami Flora! DoilgUB, Fertilizer's
Hon Ili vos and HupplIflK, Spray Pump!-, and
Spravlug material,
No agents tlinrofure you have no rom-
mission tin pay. Our CdtBlOgUfi tells you
nlnnit It, Let mo price your list before
placing your order.
We do business on our own grounds -nn
rout to nny, uml are priiparod to meet all
I'liiiipcii:imi, Eastern prlcui or loss. Whito
labor,  Catuluguos Free.
P. 0, Address und Groouliousos--WloWnst-
mhwlor Hond.   Branch  Nursorios:  South
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Gash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
TT. Furniture I
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
The tti Ht sitting ol tho Court ol Revision to revise the Voters' List for the
City nl Revelitoke lor the year 11107
will be held at the Council Chanihcr
City Hall, Kevelstoke, B.C,on Friday
Decciiiher 21st, 1906, at 7:30 p.m.
City Clerk.
Doc. lllth, lilllfi. dec 12-8
Revelstoke Assessment District.
Nottri-i, licroliy iilv.-ti t!i..t Ooutttol l..,!*i"ii
and Appeal, illiiI'-T tin- prorjllon, nf Hie "Attest;
men. Act," mul "Public School. An." »III l» held
at lhc Court Bouse, BettUtoke, on *frld»*», IM
Wli da, nl DotMinber, I*m. »l .1 m l"'k am
Datod al Iteiel.toke, lal December, mot.
C. M. FIKI.li.
Judge nl tit. Court ol Hevii'iin .mil Appeal.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Evans & Woodrow
I'e.i'ers iu Beef, Pork, Multnii,
Poultry, Fish and Qainc in
Senton, Onlcrt promptly nt
tended t '
First St. Revelstoke
Wing Chung's newly imported stock "I Cliiliri-e
and l,i|iant*se goods
Thu best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services '. flower Pot«
Plates Umbrella Stands
llaskete Lunch Bn-keta
CaneChalre Smokine Jackets
Handkerchlels 1811k Goods.
HincFl stock ol candles and IrulUi in town.
Front Street, Revelsloke
Stock, Share
and Financial Broker.
Mining. Real Estate, Butinest Brokerage, Insurance and General
Commission Agent.
London Mutual Fire Insurnce
Company ol Canada.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Co.
Montreal-Canada  Fire   Insurance Company.
Traders' Fire Inturance Co.
Hudton Bay Fire Inturance Co,
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
Equity Fire Inturance Co.
Colonial Fire Insurance Co.
Dominion Fire Inturance Co.
Dominion   Pltte  Glass Insurance Co.
Pioneer Live Stock Inturance
North American Life Inturance
London Guarantee and Accident
Insurance Co.
Employers' Liability Insurance
General Accident Inturance Co.
of Canada.
Dominion Trust Co.
Canadian Loan and Securities
Crow's Nc.-t Pats Coal Co., Ltd.
B.C Agency Corporation, Ltd.
Bankers and Brokers, New York,
Houses ol from lour to 10 roonit.
City Lots, Houses, Farm Lands
Timher Limits, Mineral Claims.
Hotels, Livery Sublet, General
Stores, Blacksmith Shop, Restaurants, Barber Shops, Bakeries,
Hardware Stores, Butcher Shops,
Groceries, Gent's Furnishings,
Boarding Houses, in all parts of
British Columbia and Northwest.
Money to Loan
Cobalt,  Nevada,  and   British
Columbia Mining Stocks
for Sals
Sound investments only   recommended to ell'ills.
Next C, P. R. Telegraph Office.
IH, i II.Mil., .Iiiiiiiii!*. Ilinl., l-'lili,  Klc,
Allium!  Hull. MiiunU'tl.
I', ll llm SI.
Slii'Mn:   llnmiTof l-'ir.t St. ion! [lojli-Ave
llatet.toke. II. 0.
Mrs. H. J. Hu.ihury Managrcss.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Law Dinlnitrnom lur
Ilantjuets Suppers, olc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
WAlit UU
The Home of Choice Gifts.
Hand Painted China
Cup? and Saucers 50c., 75c., $1.00,1.25, 2.25
Salad Bowl, 60c., 75c., 85c, ,$2.00, 2.25, 2.50, 3.00
Sugar Bowl and Cream Pitcher $1.50,1.75, 2.00, 2.50
Tea Sets  $4.00
Plate?  $8.50 to fl.00 per dozen
Chocolate I'.ot? $2.25,2.50, 3.00
Biscuit Jar? $1.00, 2.00, 2 50
Roll Plates 60c, $1.50, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00
•1 LISTEN §1
Oak Goods
Oblong Trays $8.50
Biscuit Jars $-4.00, $4.25
Salad Bowls $7.50
Butter Dishes $3.50,4.50
Ivory Handled Knifes and Forks,
in Oak Cases $18.50
Pearl handled Knives and Forks,
in Oak CaseB $20.00
Cut Glass Ware
Sugar Bowl and Cream Pitcher .
Berry Bowl, largo size	
Bon Bon Dishes   	
Vases, sterling silver lops	
 $8.00 and 10.00 a pair
 75c, $1.00,1.25,1.50,1.75, 2.011
Quadruple Plated Ware
These good? nre of the latest designs nnd are sold al prices easily
within the reach of all:—Ten and Coffee Sets, Berry Bowls, Butter
Dishes, Cake Dishes, Nut Bowls, Bon Bun Dishes, Biscuit Jar?. Jardinieres, Fern Pots, Salts und Peppers in Cases, Pickle Cruets, Trays,
Toast RackB, Egg Stands, Chafing Dishes, Button Boxes, Jewel Boxes,
Hairpin Boxer, Shaving Sets, Candelabras, etc.
Skates! Skates!
Spring Skates
11 sokey Skates
$1.5u. 2.00. 2.50. 3.0
,.$1.00 to $2.50
,3.50, 1.00, I mh
Electric Curling Iron Heater $5.   Electric Smooth Iron $8.50
E is-.-,!   Yi ••   I*. •*  H i 0 and 10.00.   Brass   Kettles 3.00 Brass
Candlesticks 1.00.   Sickle Plated Trays 50c, 75c, 1.00,1*25,   N'i	
Plated Spirit Stove and Kettle 3.00.     Pen  Knives Irom 50c lo 2.50,
Silver Tea Spoons 1.00 to 4.50 per dozen,    Desserl  Spoons $2 to $6   ■
dozen.   Table Spoons 3.50 to 7.00 per dozen.   Field Glasses 11.50 12 0
15 .uid $20,   Boys'Watches $2.50,   Child's Carpet Sweeper, nol  n ln\
hut a genuine Sweeper—25 cenls.
Merry Xmas to Our Many Friends
Ami while extending Ihis Xmas Greeting wo would also extend a hearty invitation
to VISIT Ol'R STORE and take a look at what we have provided to catch the eye,
please the taste and suit the pocket of everyone.
CARVING SETS—in three antl s-pieceCases.—$4.50, $6.00, $7.50*8.50 and $10
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A Peep Into the
Home of Plenty
\-$.,v IE IS
A useful gift is a sensible gift and gives more pleasure to the
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Is it not time to discard the old Stove and bring a smile to your
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Moffat's National
Walker's Pilots
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A handy Article lor Getting Ready
Xmas Cakes and Puddings.
Sterling Silver Goods
Manicure Scissors	
Ladies' Embroidery Scissors...
Curling Irons	
Nnil Files	
Six Spoons in Case	
Sugar Sifters	
Tea Bells 	
Soap Boxes	
Pomade Jars	
Salts and Spoons	
Pen Knives	
 $1.50, 1.75, 2.25
 $1.75; 2.50
.$1.25, 1.75, 2.00, 2.50
 $1.00, 1.25, 1.60
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 $3.25 and 4.00
Wedgewood Ware
The Best Values Ever Offered in the City.
Pitchers $1,1.28,1.60,1.76,2.00
Sugar Bowls $1.60, 12.00, 2.60
Butter Dishes  W.26
Tea Puts $2,2.60,8.00
Jardinieres $2.25, 2.60, 3.00, 3.60
Vases 90c. $1.26,1.60,6.00, 8.60 and 9.00
Cake Plali-8.-l3.00.   AbIi TravB, 90c.   Jewel Boxes—$1.25,
Of Housekeeping
feiB   I
.'•■ 4
.;■■:. I
*-■' -
m m j w
«8M ! !
\h RED I'llOSS 11KUU niuso
has a large anil well assorted stock ol
leather goods, dressing cases, travelling
cases, manicure Bets, music rolls,
writing folios, purses, hand bags, wai
letB, handsomely mounted in silver
anil ilii.ny; standard poems In padded
leather, high grade stationery, lino
porlun.es, out glass ornaments, inkwells in glass, onyx anil silver, cbocn
lates in fancy boxes, dainty perfume
sprayers, garter nurses, jewel bags and
cases, Doulton, Crescent and Beyrouth china, book covers, fountain
pens, bridge sets, Bwell opera and bull
fane; military brushes, silver mounted;
pipes, cigar holders, presentation Bets,
smokers requisites, including a line
stock of cigars, leather wallets, shaving
and toilet sets; mirrors, wine sets,
mail peckets, cuff and collar boxse,
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of every description in cases, a fine
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photo frames, souvenir spoons, pins,
brooches, hnt pins, buckles, etc., the
latest novels anil gift books, bibles,
hymn bunks, children's books, a complete set i ( Holy's boys' books, garnet
gift candies, work eases and painting
t"ts, n largo assortment of high cIiibi
stationery and writing paper, tlious
ands of Xmas cards, calender., art
calenders n-.1 nnveltiis; nent picture
calenders, lost curds mid souvenir
bo k-, el.ilds brush and uiilet sett;
dainty jewel cases, glass trays, vates,
candlesticks and paper weights; a
complete line ol soaps and toilet powder is show, besides a general stock of
fancy pictures, plaques and photographs.
presents a nice appearance. Since
last Christmas this store has changed
bands and is now doing a splendid
business. There is a tine stock o!
umbrellas, silk handkerchiefs in cartons, silk scarves, talent lashious in
tics, shifts, collars, hats and i aps. A
line line of warm underwear, socks and
gloves, fancy braces, gents notions,
cuff links, studs and pins, a full selection oi boots and shoes, a good stock
of trunks nnil valises, blankets neat
purees, luuth sets, walletB and glove
cases, n large assortment of dress
shirts, kid gloves and muis' furnishings, High class lines in boys nnil
mens' suitings are carried, overcoats a
speciality. This firm is agent lor tbe
famous Fit lieform clothing Thc
store is tastefully fitted up and is one
of the bett in mens furnishing in the
has a line showing this year ol mens
furnishing?, in fancy and staple materia!; mens'and boy's olothing, a large
stock of boots, shoes, rubbers and
woolen go ids. There is a line line ol
silk neck ties, scarves, shirts and
handkerchiefs, overcoats, raincoats and
general clothing; leather goods,
brushes in cusei, purses, wallets and
bags, trunk? and valises, bats and
caps, gold sleive links anil stud sits,
and a general assortment ol seasonable
giits Ior nun and boys.
I'. B. WKI.I.S
has an unusually liue stock ol general
med's goods, including a large sssirt-
ment of tics nl fancy design and color.
tilk tcarve., f.mey shirts and collars,
a good stock ol warm underwear, tine
lines of the I test suitings, overc-a'.s,
Iur collars and winter goeds, a general
line ol brushes in cases, leather wallets, purses, and dressing cases, trunks
and valises; lancy goods ol ali kinds
in collars, lies, gold studs, cuff links,
hats and caps, boots nnd shoes, silk
silver inoualed umbrellas, fancy siik
hose, night robes and negligee dress
ing gowns. The store has a line
appearance anil tbe windows make an
attractive showing.
as usual have a very line and carefully
selected stock of general groceries, including Christie & Brown's biscuits,
canned goods, jars .f fruit and a fine
stock of fresh iigs, grapes, oranges,
nuts and Xmas table delicacies.
Special lines of pastry, c.eiini puffs,
Xrnat cake and general pastry goods
are being offered and plum pudding
will be a speciality this your, made
from the famous recipe used by tho
Royal Family. The plum pudding"
range from 75 cents Upwards, ine
window display is neat and attractive;
a large stock of oandles, chocolates,
crackers, and W r»,8on8 »nJ a'-
monils ha"1,M" °Pened UP llnci Xmas
novelties in bon bons, stockings, at-*..,
nt low (jricea. Christmas cakes at
reasonable prices are being made to
order as well as a good assortment lor
immediate delivery. The general appearance of the store is attractive and
tl.e firm report bus.nets excellent.
has mado arrangements to take sittings in all styles ol the latest art
photography and has redecorated aud
furnished his ttudio. A specialty it
made in children's portraits and tome
very dainty lines of mounts for special
Xmas greetings and cards have been
P, Bums it Co., and Evans and
Woodrow have arranged for full stocks
of the season's delicacies in meats,
poultry, fish and oysters and havo
made special prooision lor fine, tender
Xmas turkeys and geese; speoial fat
stock has been coming in and arrangements have been made Ior all the
finest stock possible. E. Fleming it
prepared to receive orders for fatted
poultry, turkeys, etc.
is the headquarters for Santa Olaus
this year and has a fine and general
stoek ol high class goods. There is a
larger assortment of toys thisyeur
than ever before in Kevelstoke, and
something to please children of all
ages, A large and varied stock of
these toys is carried and the prices are
ridiculously low for the excellent
value obtained. Magic lanterns, steam
engines, faction toys, tools, games,
dolls, rocking horses, etc., .Xmas tree
novelties and decorations, sleighs, etc ,
a fine lino ol silver plated nml silver
mounted inunicure tots, brush silts,
d.ossing and travelling cases, jewel
boxes, work box.is, n lurgo assorinieut
of silver mounted pipes, tobacco
pouches, smoking sots,  mirrors aud
j. E. woon
has got iu an exceptionally line uml
general stock of furniture, carpets and
wallpaper. Several handsome leil-
i-o.im suites and parlor bi t* are shown
and a large selection ol cabinets, occn
sionnl chairs, what-tints, fern am
palm stands and brackets, Some
splendid lines of rugs anil carpets and
mats are shown at speoial low prieis,
sideboards, wardrobes, toilet stands
clielfoniers, and a general line ol
liandtonte and elegant pictures and
picture frames. Everything that wi"
lieautily the home can lie obtained ut
tliis store at prices that will suit the
most exacting.
are offering many attractions for this
Christmas. They ore showing elegant
lines ol suitings in all the latest
fashiouB and material Die linn
states that they have us much busi
ness on hand as they can handle and
are prepared to cot und lit in the
latest styles in tweeds, serges and
considering tlie short time that- they
have been established have done remarkably well, [here is a line stuck
ol mens supplies, blankets, boots an-l
(hoes and warm clothing. A large
isBiitment of cuuned goods and general groceries, tobacco and cigars,
candies in hulk and in boxes, leather
goods, iu purses aud bigs, watches and
clocks, a fresh supply of Xmas seasonable dried Iruit, nuts and preserved
fruit, a general assortment of bund-
kerchiefs, fancy braces, ties and linen
shirts, as well as staple goods, elc.
have made speciul preparation for the
Xmas season. There is a fine and
choice lot ol cut glassware suitable tor
gilts, sterling silver art ware, brush
sets in ebony and silver, a large sei :c-
tion of watches and clocks In fancy
designs, sterling silver manicure sets,
toilet requisites and photo frames,
table silver, cruets, bowls, epergnes,
vuses, candlesticks, fruit und llower
stands nnd smoking sots all in stoiling
silver and quadruple pi ite; there is a
particularly line and perfect Block ol
diamonds Iiom $5 to $i')UO besides
rings, broodies, pins, und jewellery ol
every description and dfsltrns, particular attention has been paid lo wedding
rings and pearl and amethyst brooches
anil bracelets, silver tea and coffee
sets, French grey silver bowls nud tea
services, entree dishes, dainty charms,
lobs, fraternal badges, ladies umbrellas,
jewel cases, sterling silver mirrors ni.d
dressing eases, a lull line of silver
spoons, forks, carvers, lish nnd Iruit
sels, handsome trays nnd a speoinl
line of fancy clocks and jewelry.
the City Bakery ia prepared tr, supply
Christmas cakes, mince pies and nil
other lines ol general pastry and
have an excellent stock of all the
latest goods in black and blue clay
worsteds, tweeds in new and fashionable patterns. The Iim are agents
for the Semi-ready Clothing Co, _ol
Vancouver, and huve received a line
new selection of these goods in all patterns and grades, including cheek
weeds, tteel grey, blue and black
A speciality is being made this year in
fancy vetts of which there is a large
and choice selection. A large line ol
gents suitings at all prices. The
Benson haa been very busy and new-
goods are arriving daily,
it. howson
has a magnificent display of high class
and handsome furniture of all kinds;
parlor, dining room, and bed room
suites, fancy chairs, what uots, cabin-
its, handsome sideboards, bouffets,
occasional chairs, brackets, tables and
grilles. A lurgo Bteck ol leather padded arm chairs, rockers, glass fronted
wardrobes, dressing tables and general
household furniture; there is a tine
line of rich and new carpet squares,
rug*, mats and linoleum; u specialty
is made in children's furniture; bedstead . in all tbo best and choicest
woods, a lar!*'" and well selected stock
of wall paper, matting, etc , art paper,
pictures,, plaques and wall hangings
nre well assorted, while picture trames
of every description tire in stock. General nick nacks for drawing room and
parlor use are carried and tlie display
and stock are first class.
has got in a full line of high class
goods for gents' suiting in all the
latest stylet and patterns; a fine
assortment of tweeds and material
Iron. London, Hudderslie'.d, Manohc-
ter, Jedburgh, Galashiels, Hawick and
Glasgow, as well us superior cloth lor
evening suits and frock coats. Fancy
vests are a specially and the work-
manship is excellent.
as usual htt a magnificent display of
handsome and rich goods, there are
elegant silver and gold mounted brush
sets, fruit and fish sets, solid silver
spoons and forks in cases; quadruple
plated silver and French grey silver
ten and coffeo sets, trays, bowls, and
berry sets; a swell line ol clocks of
handsome design; dainty china in sets
and odd pieces; a high grade assortment of the latest jewelry, pins,
brooches, rings, pendants and bracelets; a large and fine Block ol diamonds
ot special grade; sterling silver art
ware, heavily plated cruets, toaBt
racks, cream and milk jugs, salvers
and general articlet of table ware suitable for Xmas gilts! A specialty it
made ol cut glats bcwls, vases, dishes
and other handsome gifts; a large
assortment of pearl and amethyst
brooches and pins, gold bracelets,
silver mid gold mounted ladies' umbrellas, jewel cases, etc., etc.
WAll C'lltlNfl
has a line and up-to-date stuck ol
Christmas supplies, including general
groceries, biscuits, dried Iigs. dates
raisins, fruit of all kind?, nuts
nnd almonds, Jap and Christmas
novelties and candies are a specialty
this year, and a large stock ol decoration novelties, fancy ciiinn, silk
handkerchiefs, Chinese novelties, baskets ul leather goods and metal ware.
(Continued un Page (i)
(|l         Carries lhe best Line of Goods to Ik had from .$.
Assurance Company of Canada.
Cms. Cocksiictt, Kin., President. D. R. Wu.Kiii, En-., Vlce-l'Mlil-uit,
Amwi-iiiti'il .vitli Hem-mi Accident, Fire ami Lite Assurance Corporation,
Limited, Perth, Scotland, ivhoat Assets Exceed Five Million Dollars,
E. A. HAGGEN, Agent for Revelstoke and District,
Personal Accident. Empliiyeia' Liability, Hcnltli
Public and Uciitirnl Liability,     Industrial, Accident and Henllli Monthly I'liyment.
Elevator and Theatre.     Vessels Team. Mid Contingent..     Workmen'. Culleotlre.
ammm     Automobile and Motor Boat.     «^^
Kootenay Lodtre No. 15 A.F, * A.M.
Tho rogalar meot-
Inge are held in the
Mae-nit' Temple,
jdd Fellows Hall.on
the third Monday In
■inch month at li
p.m. Vttdtlngbrc th-
rcn cordially wel
11. A. 1'ltUCUNIEIt. SKl'HKTAllV.
Meets evory Thuratht*,
evening in Sclkirl
kHall at 8 o'clook
(Visiting brethren col
dlally Tnvll«l to at
It. J.TAllllAHT, N.U.
Cold Range Ledge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except Third Wednesday nl
eacli uiiinili.in llie (iddlelluivs*
Hall ul 8 o'clock. Vltlllug
Knights nre cordially tuvlted.
U. H. HKOt'K, K. ol K. 4 8,
H. A. BROWN. M. ul K
F. 0. E.
Tlie regular meetings nre hold iu the Selkirk
Hull every Tue*day evening at 8 o'olocic. Visit-
ine brethren are cordially invited.
E. G. liURRlDaE, Pmssnim.
H. COOK. Becbbtaet,
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meet, Second and Fourth Wednesdays In
ouch month, in Selkirk Hall.  Visiting Woodmen cordially invited in uitrtui.
w. Ii. ARMSTRONG, Con, Coin.
II. W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
Would make about the
most acceptable GIFT
you could send to your
people at home for the
New Year. We will
make your pictures and
mail them for you.
Mackenzie Avenue
Revelstoke, B. C.
A Couple of young ladies willing to
share same room, can procure
board and comfortable lodging with
small family on McKenzie Avenue
Applv Mail-Herald Offlce.
FOB SALE- Magic Lantern and
Slides, at a sacrifice, fine plant—
VV. M. llilchie, Blanchard Street.
Victoriu, B, C.
WANTD-Glrl for general house
woik forlamilyof three; good
wages-Mrs. Theo.T, Ludgate, Arrowhead, 11. C. tl
W ANTED-Wuilress, duties very
light. Wages $30 pel month.
Apply to Chief Young, Queen's Hnlel,
(niniiplix, II. C.
WANTED-Girl for general housework"! flood wage? paid to
right parly. Apply to j\Iis. F. B.
LEWIS, Mackenzie Avenue.
TTTANTED - Young man want!
W room or room and board in city,
cheap, Apply Mail-Herald office,
Now Is youe opportunity! 8ubsorlbe
ler the MAIL-HERALD and the NEW
IDEA ia.50, lor a whole year for the
Nol lue is hereby given thai CO days after date
i intend to apply to the Houurahle the Chief
Commissioner Landa and Works tor permission to purchase tlie following described lands
in Osoyoos division of Yale Distrioti
1 Commoneliig at a po-t planted aliout. mo
feet from north-enst end of Kcill'er Uke,
marked "\V»H. Holliiigswurlh's S, VV. oornor,"
thence norlli -Id chains, east 4f■ elinins, south 20
chuius,cnsl 120 ehuins, sontli lu ohr.lns, west
120clialiiK. norlh 20 ehuins, west pj clmins to
pluce of commencement,
2 Commenci nn at ii post murked "vV, H,
Hullingsworlh's south-east corner." llionce
wesl 2n clmins, north 20 ohains, west 1 Indiums,
north 40 clmins, eust- HO chains, soul h iio chains,
cost 20 chuina south JO chains to placo of commencement,
,' Commenci UK ut n posl pliinlnd about <*>
yard** south from tlie western! of He Iter Ivilid,
uiarked "W. It. Holllngaworl li's north wesl
corner," thence caat 80 chains, south &i ohnlns,
west80chains, nurth 80chains in plane of oorn-
Iluled Oct. 24, URHl.
4 Commenolng at a posi nluulcd aboul \i u
mile north of tlie mouth of Pooler ('m>1* whern
It run* Into Barnes Creek, un.l iu*rl.*d"W. ij
llolliiigswoi-iirs north-easl eni'iicr," ihenee
uouth in ehuins, wrst, pjn chains, norlli -m
eliuiiis, en>t llio chains to poinl of cnuuiieiiee-
.i. Commencing al» post nluulcd about hi a
mllo north from the mouth of Pooler Creek
where it runs into Barnea Creek, and marked
"\V. il. Holllugsworth's fionlhcisl eni'iici',"
tbenee north 40 chuius, wiM Hill ehuins, south
Iii chains, east nm clmins l„ place or commencement.
Daled Oot. 20th, 1901).
il Commencing at- a posl plunted about \ of
a mile south-easl, of east end of -tlar-sh Lako,
murk oil "\V, H, llolllngaworlb's north-easl
corner," thence south III chains, west lliil
chains, nonh 4n elinins, east 10'J el mi us io place
of commoncomont.
commencing ut a post plnnted about 1 of a
mile east of west end und near soulh side of
Marsh Uke. marked "W, H, Rolling worth's
north-eait cornet'," thenoe South lu chain*, west
UU chains, norlli 10 chains', cast pit) chains to
place of commencement,
Dated Oct. Will, l!Wi.
8 Commencing at u |)6sl planted uhoul .'ihi
jards from the soutli side antl tiluut hallway
of Keltler Uke, murked ••\Y.ll.lli.!liiig<wortli s
north-west corner," theuce south 11 ■ uti ins,
east UO chuius, norlli On cliains, easl 'JO chains,
north 20 chains, west tin chuius, north tin chuius,
west 20 chuius to point of commencement*
0 Commencingat a posl planted about 2on
yards soutli und about half-way of K.-iffer lake
ana marked "W, II. UoiUHMnvorth'siiurbh-tust
coriier." tbenee south ltw chain-, west PI
chains, north 100 chains, enst 10 ebains lo place
of commencement.
10 Commencing at a post plauted ou the
beach aboul % mile east of went eud of Keltler
Lake, marked "W. H, Holllugswurth'N northeast corner," theuco south Itin ehuins, weaL lo
■chains, north IMI chains, thence past 40 ehuins
to point of cuinniuneemenl.
11 Commencing u* a posl iilanled about. J
mile south of Kettle RlverjHmotit i miles wesi
of Keitler Luke, marked "tt.ll liolliugswortb's
north-west corner," thenco east 40 chains, soul li
20 chains, cast 1U chains, soulb su clmins, west
40 chains, north '20 chains, west Pi iinins,
north sn cliains to point of commencemeni.
Daled Oct, 2!lih, 1900.
12 Commencing at u posl planted about I
mile eustof Keltic Elver, about J of a mile
soutli of Porcupine Creok, murked "W. H. Hoi-
liugsworth's north-east corner." thenco west tou
chains, south iu chains, east 100 chaius, north
40 chnius to point of commeucemeut.
l.t Commencing ut u post plunted about, li
miles oust of Kettle Kh'ur on Trap Crt,ek, and
marked "W. H. Hoillugsworth's S K comer,"
thtinco norlh «u chains, west :*n chuhis.soul I. 80
chuius, east >" clmins to point of commencement-
14 Commeueiug nt u post planted ahout .10
yards above the lorks on the north fork of Trap
Creok, ubout. J mile oust of Kettle Kivor, murked "VV H.Hollingeworth's BAV, corner," thouce
north 8o chains,w est so chain**, south bOJchuins,
oast80chains, to pointof commencement..
Daled October 2SJth.l!KNi.
15 Commencing at a post pl.uclabou l.
mile south of tho forks of Trap Crick and uboui
BUG yards west ol the crock, marked " iV. H. Hoi-
liugsworth's north-west corner," tbonco souih
bo chains, cast ho chains, north aO chains, west
**u clmins to point of eummencemuiit.
Ki Commencing at a post planted about 100
yards lo the south of Kau Creek about' ■ mile
east of Kettle Kivor, marked "'iV H Hollings-
wortb's north-west corner," theuce soutli iu
chains, east 100 chains, uortli 10 cliains, wed 100
chains lo poinl of couiuioncemct,.
Dated Oct. liUl, IIM.
n Commencing nl a posl planted ubout 50
yards west of Kellie Kiver about U mile below
Porcupine Creek, marked "W H. Rollings-
worths south-west corner," tlience north 40
chains, easl 80 clmins, south 100 chains, west
10 clmins. north 80 chains, south 40 chains to
placo of commoncomont.
Id Commouciug at a post planted on the
Bouth bankof Hepsoydam Creok ahout U mile
up Iiom Kotlle lliver, marked "W.H, Hofllngs
worths soulb-west corner," thenco east 100
chains, north 40 chains, west 100 chains, uouth
40 clmins to pluce of commencement.
ill Commencing nt a post plauted on south
bunk of Hupscydam Creek, about-1/! milo from
Koiilo Itiver, marked "W. H. Hollhigsworlh's
souiheust corner," thencu north 80 chains,
wesl 80 clialns, south ni chaini, cast h0 chains
to point of commencement.
20 Commencing at a post planted on thu
-until hiink of Hepseydiun Creek about % mile
from Kettle ltlvur, marked "W H. Huillugs-
worth'ti north-wesl corner," thence cant m
chains, soulh 80 chains, west 80 chains, north
8o chums lo place of commencement,
21 CummoNclnif at a post planted on the
souih bank of Hcpsoyditm Creek about 4 milo
from Kellie Itiver, marked "W, H Hofllngs-
worth's sninii mini comer," theuce went 40
chains, north 20 chuius, west 10 chains, nortli 20
chains, west 80 chains, north 40 chains, cast 80
chains, south 20 chains, cast Pi chains, south 20
chains, uasl 40 chains to point of commenoement.
Dated Nov. 1st, itm
wed flee 10      W. H. HOLLINQSWOKTH.
Starvation Kluta in a southed) direction from
Tete iiiune Cache, running north SUehains,
thence west 80 chains, llionce south wi ehnins,
thenceeast so chaius i" point ol commenec*
Daled Ihls 9lh day of November. lOOfi.
UOV 17 ALKX.VSIiKIt *IC \''l*.N,
.NOTICK IS IIKHKIIY QlVlfiN tliat sixty ila>.
nfter date 1 Intend to apply in tho lion, ('hi-1
Commissioner of Laiuls an.I Wnrks for permission
tn purchase the follnwiui* described lands situato
In Cariboo district, It. C;
Commencing nt a post innrk'-ii "George H.
HisM'it's norih-eiist eoruer post," iilanled
abuut 20 cnains west of trail running tunniuh
Starvation Flats in a southerly direction from
Tete Jaune Cache, running west 80 cliains,
ihence south HO chains. Ihence oast 8 chnlns,
thencu uorlh-sochains to point of oommenoe*
Dated Olh day of November, 1006.
iniv li      lii.t)   UK II. Hl.v-KI I, Loi'iilor.
Certificate of Improvements.
Itiver Kden Mineral Claiin, situate iu tho Illecillewaet Mining Division of Kootenay districl.
Where located:  Pish Creek,
Take notice that 1, John Albert Kirk of the
town of Kevelstoke, H.C, acting as agent for
J, S, p. Fraser, Esq., Kroo Miners Cortillcato
No. H'o'40 and MniguroL A, Klson, Free MIncr's
Cenltlcalu No. U88.VJ8, intend, sixty days from
the dale hereof, lo apply to tho Mining Recorder for a Certittcntc of Improvements, for
the puniosi* of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
abovo claim.
And further lake nolice that action, under
section 17, mu»t be commenced before lhu issuance uf such Cerlllicate of Improvements.
Dated this 24th day of September, A.D., 1900.
nov2i _J._A. KIRK.
Certificate of Improvements.
Silver Dell uud Laurel Mineral Claims, situato
in Ihelllecilliwnot Minion Division nf Koot*
oiiay Distriet.
Where located i—Throe-quartern of a milo east
of Illocillowaet
Take notice that I, J. A. Kirk, acting as utfoul
for John Newell, Froo Miner's Certified to No.
li. 885941 0. Rohert Dalil, Freo Miner's Certificate No. It. 88506; and George W. Joffs, Free
Minor's Cortiflcate No. B, 88593. iutond, sixty
days from lho dule heroof, lo upply tothe Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Itnprovemeuts,
fnr the iiurooso of obtaining a Crown Grantor
the above claim.
And further luko notice that uctiou, under
sect-inn 'il, must be commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Datod this 80th day of September, A.D., 1900
oct 20 J. A. KIKK.
Certificate of Improvements
Silver Bill Mineral Claim, situate.iu lho Revel-toko Mining Division or Wesl Kooteuay
Whom located:   hoysloue Mountaiu.
Take notice that I, James I. Woodrow, F.M.C.
N... H58I140, ageni Tur Alex. W. Mcintosh, P.M.
0, 88011) Geo. Juimsou, P.M.C. U881V4, and
Kliziibelh McMahun, F.M.C. No. IMI, inlend,
sixiy day*- from lhe date hereof, to apply to lhe
Mining Recorder for a Cortiflcate of improve-
ments, for the purpose ur obtaining a Crown
Urant of lhe above cluiiu.
And  furl her lake notice thut action, under
suction 37, must be commenced before tbe issuance of such Certilioato ol Improvements.
Dated this20th day of Oclobar, A.D., I9U0.
eet 21 JAS. 1  WOODROW.
Notice is hereby given thnl (>o days
from dale 1 inlenil lo apply lo llie Cliief
Commissioner of Lands and Work-, al
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of following;
described landi, in Lillooel district:
Commencing at a posl inarked "T. Kilpntrick's north-wesl corner," situated
about i mile from wesl buuk ol Upper
j\dains river and I wo and a half miles irom
head ol jUlanis lake, running 40 chains
soulli, So ebains easl, 4a eliains uortli, So
elinins wesl, containing 3J0 acres more 01-
Daled Nov. 11.I1, 190O.
Nut ico Is hereby given that on Wednesday
the I'ith duy of January, 1007. at 'i:'V* \>.m- at
tlio registered olliee of the Rovolstoko it, McCullough Crack Hydraulic Mining Co., Limited,
Revelstoke, H. C, 1 will otl'or for mile by Pub*
lie Auction to thu highest bi tder for Cusu, 8000
shares, certillcutos uum bared:
CortillcutoNo.iil   :>U0   in arreurs|2l)1
 ' ,'iH  1001       200
"     "     " 40    100     >»       "        11)
 114    100     "       " 10
"     "     "115   100     "      " 10
"     »     "Utl   IUI     "      "        10
 98   250     "      "        25
 114   250     '*       "        50
 153   Hill     "        '        10
2500 $522
undcomprisiug tho stiaros issued by the suid
Company lu tlio utwvonumhored certificates,
ami thut such salo Is advertised by order of the
Board of Directors, hy reason of suid shares
being iu default ou account of non-payment of
('nils or Assossineul-1 thereon, amounting to ttio
-uiio- placod opposite oach cerlllicate numbered
in this notice duly mado and demanded and
now unpaid,
Datod al Rovelstoke, December 17th, HtOti,
wed dec 19 Secy.-Treas.
Nnl ice is hereby given that 80 days after dnte 1
intenil to apply to the Honourable the Chief Com-
misiiouerof Landn and Wurks for permission to
purchase the following described lands iu lhe district nf West Kooteuay, Ubvelutuke division:—
(ommeiieing at a post plauted ou tho west bank
uf the Columbia Kiver about half a mile below
Priest llapids and marked "W. 11. Sutherland's
norlli-weat corner post," tlience south 20 chains,
thence east 40 eliains inoru orless to the west hank
of thu Columbia River; tlienee iu a north-westerly
direction and followiug tlio west hank of the Col-
umbi.'i River to the point of enimnonceuieut-
Dated Ihls 19th dav of October, 1900.
_oct21^  W. It. SUTHERLAND.
Notice is hereby given that liO days after dsto
we Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commls-
sinner of I nuds aud Works for a special license
to out and carry away timber from ibe following described lands on Halfway Creek iu Wesl
Kootenay distriet:
I. UuniUKMH'iug at a post planted ut the
soutb-west oorner of T L. No. 7100, and inarked
"I W.L Co. i-.L.C". thence 80 chains north,
thenee 80chains west, thence 80 chains south,
thence east 80chains lo placoof commencement.
'2. commencing al a post planted at the
norlh-west cornerof T.L. i\o 7ti'J,2, mid marked
■I. .\V.L.co N.Kc", tlienc*- 80 chains souih,
tin uee 80 chains west, ihence 80 ohalna north,
Iheuce 80 ehnins east to place of commencement,
;i. Commencing at a post planted at the
soulh-east cornerof T, L. No. 7100, and marked
"LU.I.Cu. BtW.C", Inenee nonh 80 chains,
ti ence ens; 80 chains, thence soutn 80 ebains,
thenee west 80 chains to placo of commence*
4. Commencing at a post planted at the
north-enst corner of T.L. No. 7032, und marked
"L.W.L.Co. BjW.U.", thence uorth 80 eh tins,
thenceeast 80 chains, thence south 80 chaius,
thenco wesl 80 ehains to [dace of commencement.
5 (Mnmenctng at a post planted at thc
south-east comer of Location No, 4 and marked
"L,W,l..Co. B.W.C," theuce eaat 100 chains,
thonce north n. chains, thonce west lOOchains.
tbenee south 40 chains to place of commencemeni.
ti commencing at a post planted at the
north-east comer of T.L. No. 7632, aud marked
"L W.L.Co. N.W.C ", thence cast 10uchains.
ihence smith "M chains, thence west lOOchains,
Iheuce north 40 chains to place of commeticc-
Dated this 24th dsy of November, 1000,
7. Commonclug at a post planted about 40
vbalns north of the south-west cornerof Location No. 2, about 300 feet from west bank of n
small creek and merited, "L.w.h.co, S.K.C.",
Ihence north 80 chains, Iheuce west «0 chaina,
thonce south 80 chains, thouce east 80 chains
to place of commencement.
8. Commencing ut a post planted at thc
BQUt|pweflt cornerof T.L.No.7830and marked
"L. W.L.Co. S.K.C.", tlionco north HO chains,
thence wesl 80 chains, thence south 80 ehalm.
thenco east 80 chains to placo of commence
Datod this 26th day of November, 100B.
Lamii-Wathon Lcmhkh Co,, LtMITED,
deo 3 wed ,
Nutlet ia liurnliy gl.un Mint to day. (nun ilniu 1
intenil to apply to llie Honorftblt .lie t'Mlni (!uiii-
mils ontr of Landa ami Worka lor perralMlon i«
iiii-i-Iimi- tlio lollowlng iliimiriliml laml. In tlm
Wual Kootonay Dl.trlct: .....
UiimmolMlui! al » l»wt mtrkcil "L, T. Me-
lioiigalil'a aun.h-wiiat ,-j>riier." |i!.nliiil un lhc
i-iisul'iiMil Upper Arroiv Like,«mllea north ol
Nakiw.i, ll.e.. tlienee north 'lu cliuiua, thenc.
cm. 411 clialna, .hence imiili 'iu chain., theuce
I'Sit-ln chslua, thenco aoiltu So ohalna, more or
less, lo Arrow Lake, thenoe westward sll chslim
more or leas, along the Arrow Lake lo polul ol
commencement, nonuliilnif 'Jim screa more or
Nniii'i' in heroby glvon that 00 dayn from date 1
Inteud to apply to tlie Hon. tlm Chief Comuiis-
aioncr of Lands and Wurks for permission to pur-
chase the following described funds, In tbe Wosl
Wlonteuiiy dislrict, went shore of Upper Armw
"Cimuumiclug al a pent maiked "J. L. Ulrseh'H
soiilh west cunier," ulthe south east corner ol
Lot *fi70; and about I \ miles smith of Fosthall
Creek; lhonc<t nortli 80 chains, thunce cant 4h
rhains. theuce h.hi.Ii 80 chains, thonco west li
chains Lo point of coimenucemeiiL, contulninK 3'^0
aores more or loss,
Dated this 21st day of May, 1000.
oct 18 Per Ralph Slye, A^eni.
norlh-weai corner," tiience eaal Bti i-liihw
ilicni*esouib;sii chain-,, thonco weal SO chain*
more or leas to lhe easl shun* of Uppor Arrow
Luko, tlienco north following Lhc ihore of said
lui-e 8(i ebains io the point of cunuiiciici-niciii.
Daled Oct. Hilb. I'M
.,ct*>4 L. A. DEWAR
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days after date I
.-!- nd iu apply to th.< Honourable Un* Chief Com-
uiliwloner ol Lands and Wurks for permission to
purchase the following ile-acribed lauds in the dis
irlcl of West Knutcnaj. Revelstoke dlrlslon:-
Coinmencing at a pust planted on the west bank
i the Columbia River opposite 18-MOe Kaplds
inl iniirki'd ■*!(. C. McCarter's south-east corner
lost," thence west 20 chains, iheuce north 20
lialllS, tlienee east 20 chains more nr less In tiniest hank uf the Culumbia River, thence south
following lhe west bank of i o Culumbia River 20
hains more or less to the point of commencement,
Dated October lllth, IDOti-
ucl2l K. C. McCAUTKR
Notice is hereby given Ibat 60 days afler date
1 intend to applv to lhe Chief Commissioner of
Lauds und Worka for permission to purchase
the following described lands in West Kootenay, on the east shore of Upper Arrow Lake:
Commencing at a posl adjoining T. L 51U8
on lhc soulh-wesl. comer and marked "D.
Dewai's norlh-west coruer post," thencecasl
80 chains, thenco south 80 chains, ihence west
HO chains more or less lo lhe ahore of said lake
thence norlh along the east shore of said lake
ho chains to thc point uf commencement.
Dated Oct, 10th, 1008.
oct 21 1). DEW AH,
Notice is hereby given that 00 daya .ifi«r date I
intend to apply to the Chiof Commissioner uf
Lands and Works for permission to purchase lhe
illowlng described laiuls hi Cariboo district:
commencing ut a post marked "W. 11. olive's
aoath-eastcorner pusl,' planted on trail leading
frmn Nnrth Ihotnpaoa River to Vellowhaad Pans
and about 5iuiluslnu northerly directiun from
Cranberry Lake, running north 80 chnius, thence
west 40 chains, iheuce south rfu cliains, ihence east
40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated lUh day of November, mod.
nov 21 W. II  UL1VB, Locator.
\T OTICK is liereliy given tbat B0 days after date
JM l intend to apply tn the Hou. IV Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
License to eut and carry away timber from tlie
following described lands iu West Kootenay District:
Commencing tti a [mst marked ' T, Kilpatrlok's uorth-oast coruor post." planted on north
uassurm or Upper Arrow * ako,;about ^ chains
west of Lhu nortb*west curuer uf Loi Nu. 509,
thenco south 80 chains, west 8U chain-, north SO
ehuiir-.|o:i-t sochaiii- tu puintufcummuueameiii
Duled Nov. 1st, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that so day-, after date I
Inteud toapply tothelloii. Lhe Chief Commission
er nf hands and Works lor a special license to eul
and carry away timber from ihe followiug de*
acribed lands in Wesl Kooteiui) district:
Cummenclllg at a post planted lu chains westof
Llm south-west ciruerof Timber Limit UitsJ and
marked ''('.skinner's north-east eurner."thenee
180 chains aotllh, thence !<J chain-, cast, theme lt}o
ehains nnrlh, Ihenee |u chaina west to place ol
Located December lit, i'."*...
dec 12 sal A. M. -Symons. Agent,
Notice is hereby given thut 30 day-, after date
. inlcnd toapply to the Honorable lhu Chief
Commissioner of Landsaud Work-* f»ra special
license Lo cut and carry away timber from the
following described lauds:
i, Situate In lhe Went Kooleuay district about
10 miles frum lluituii City. Commencing ul a post
planted mi ihe oast sideof Uarllwu creek, theuce
south lou chains, iheuce easl io chaiua, tbenee
liuiLh ino ehains, iheuce west 40 chains to point nf
2, Siluale in llie Wesl Kuotenay dislricl about
14 miles from Burton City. Commencing ata
pusl plauted nn the west side of Cariboo Creek,
Ihenee south   100 chains,  thence  easi 40 ehain.*,
theuce north Ml)chains, theuco west -to chaina tu
puiui of commencement.
*i. Commencing at a poal plunledoii tin* weil
aid-* of Caribou Creek, about. 13 miles from Bui I ju
City, thence smith UW chain*-., theuce easl 40
chains, theuce north ltki (hains, thence Kent 40
chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at u pnat plauted ou the suulh
side of Caribou Cu-ck, about u miles from Button
City, thence oastlOO chains, thenee north 40chaina,
thence west 10o chaina, ihence soulh 40 cliains tu
point of commencement,
6, Commencing at a post pluuted on Lhe south
sideof Cariboo Creek, about 7 miles from Burton
City, tacnee south too eliains, thence west 40
chains, theuce north 100 chains, tbenee east 40
cliains to point uf commeucemeut.
o. Commeuelng at a post planted ou the east
bank of Caribou Creek, about 5 miles tmm Burton
City, thenee east 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thunce west 80 chains, tlience >oulh MI
'Iinins to point of commencement.
Dated Uth day of September, 1900.
wed dee U S. J. HARLOW
I. William Iliiiiiillon. hereby give notice Hint
it Is my Intention to iijiply to lhe Boanl of Li-
consc Commissioners forlliclli.-trict o( Revelstoke, for a I runnier ol my liquor License fur llie
Hotel Lanlcnii ut Comaplix, to ltu.-scll M,
Uomupllx, B.O., Dec. l.tli, 1D06,
sat doc lolttl     WILLIAM HAMILTON.
Tho Pingston Creok Lumber Company, Limited, lms gone into voluntary liquidation under the above Aot
uiul has appointed John H, Jackson,
nf tho city of Kevelstoke, I). 0„ accountant, Ite liquidato. for the purpose
of sueh winding-up.
The oi-eilitiii-siif the above Company,
whioh has Us bead office in suid city of
ilevelstoke, and all others having any
nliiiins against said Company are required, on or before ibe 1st duy of
January, 11X17, to send to Harvey, Mc-
Carter k Pinkhain, solicitors for suid
liquidator, at their office First Street.
Kevnlstoke, li. (.'., their names and
addresses and descriptions, and tbe
full particulars of their claims or debts
verified by oath and tbe nature and
amount of lhe securities, if nny, held
by them und the specified viilue nf
sin-li securities, and, if so required by
nolii-e in writing from said liquidator
in- his solicitors, Ui enme iu and prove
their suid debts or claims In the usual
any, at such time and place us shall
lie specified in such notice.
After the Hint dny of January, iw>7,
tho said liquidator will proceed to dis-
.tibiile the assets of the Company
tmongst the parties entitled thereto,
niving regard only to the claims nf
vliii-h he then hu* hail notice, and the
Iqiildator will not then be liable for
he assets or any part, thereof so dis-
ri tinted, tn any person ol whose claim
io hnd nut notice al the time of the
ii-iii-ibuiiun thereof,
I luted this ilth day of November,
nuv 'M sat mid Liquidator.
Notice is hereby given that lilt] dnja alter
dale I Intend to apply to ihe thief Com-
missioner of hands ana Work- for»rmU>lon
lo purchase tbe following described landi iu
the district ol West Kooteimy:
C-fiinmnuciuKiit a pur-t marked   'lierlwrl Red'
fom's uorth-west oorner poit, 'and planted nn
tho oa-l bnnk of tlie Columbia nver. about four
niiltw'-oulh of Naku-p; ihenco«tt 40cham*.
thenee south p. chains thence we.-t 40 elm na,
thenoo nortn tt ohilni t«» i^imof rommniice*
menl, cuutaiuinit 160 aetM more or lew*
I>Htecl tlia aotli Heptnmber. A.U-, IW
nruur uum   k"*'s--    •   •-.•    	
motive powerfrom ajwint on Upper Arrow
Lake, West Kootenay, near Arrowhead,
thence following the Columbia River
northerly on either side to a point at or
near the confluence of Canoe River wiih
the Columbia River ami tlience following
along* Cnnoe River on either side, to a
point at or near Tele Jaime Cache, on
Fr.iatT River, with power to construct,
operate and maintain branch lines to any
point within twenty mile-, from tin* main
line of railway; and wiih power to construct, operate and maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and terries; and Lo
construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and Jocks in connection therewith; and lo construct, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and other vessels anil boats and operate the same on
any navigable waters, and to construct,
operate and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along the routes of the said
railway and its branches, or in connection
therewith, and to transmit messages for
commercial purposes] lo generate electricity snd supply light, heat and power,
and erect, construct, build and maintain
the necessary buildings and works, and to
generate any kind of power for the purposes aforesaid,or in connection therewith,
tor reward; and lo acquire and receive
from any Government, corporation or persons, grants of land, money, bonuses,
privileges or other assistance in aid of the
construction of the Company's undertaking; and to connect with and enter into
trallic or other arrangements wilh railway,
steamboat or other companies, and to
exercise such powers as are granted by
parts 4 and 5 of llie "Water Clauses
Consolidation Act"* and for all rights,
powers and privileges necessary in or
incidental to lhe premises, and for oilier
Dated at Revelsloke, B.C, this 31st day
of August, 1906.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after dnte I intend tn npply to the
Chief Commissioner uf Lands and
Winks fm permission to put-chase six
hundred ami forty ncres ot land lying
iu the l-'usiliiill Vulley nn the west side
of Upper Arrow Lake, described as
('iiiiiiiii-in-ingiii n pust marked "William IlaiInn's north-east corner post,"
■dallied IW chains wesi of Uit 15'tl,
Group I, Kootenayt Ihence west 80
eliuiiis. thence Bouth SO chains, thence
en*.! sn chains, thence north 80 chains
lu the plnce nf commencement, containing lliu acres, more or less,
Dated ibis ilth dnv nf November,
nuv !2S wed   Per T. s. MePherson.
Notice is hereby given thai Oo days
after dale 1 inlend lo apply to the Cliief
Commissioner of Lands & Works for per*
mission to purchase three hundred and
twenty acres of land lying in the Fosthall
Valley on thc west side ol Upper Arrow
Lake', desciibed as follows;
Coinnieiiciiig at a post marked "Robert
Abbie's north-east corner posl," planled
at the norlh-west corner of Loi Hb2,
Group I, Kooleuay; thence 80 chains
wesi, ihence 40 chains south, tlience fio
cliains east, ihence 40 chains north to the
point of commencement, containing 320
acres, more or les->.
Daled ihe 23rd day of November, 1906.
uov jS wed Per T, S. McPerson,
Notice is hereby given that 8(1 dnys
after dule I intend t<i apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands &
Works for permission to purchase six
hundred and forty acres of land lying
in the Posthall Valley on the west
side uf I'pper Arrow Uike, descrilied
as follows!
Commencing at a post marked "11.
Harlow s north-east corner post,"
planted 140 cbnins west of Ijot 1578,
Group I. Knoteuay. thence west 80
elinins, tiience smith Sll cbnins, thence
eust sn cbnins, llienee nurth 80 chains
lo the place of commencement, containing 810 acres, more or less.
Dated this 21th day of November,
•nuv *is wed  Per T. H. MePherson,
Nolice is herein given lhat 60 days
afler date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Landa & Works for permission to purchase six hundred and forty
acres of land lying in the Fosthall Valley
on the wesl side oi L'pper Arrow Lake,
described as follows:
Commencing at a post marked " Frederick Washburne's south-east corner posl,"
planted Ko chains west of the uorth-west
corner of Lot K02T Group I, Kootenay;
thence north 80 chains, thence west Ho
chains, ihence south 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains to the place ol commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated this 2yd day of November. 1906,
nov j8 wed       Per T. S. MePherson.
Notice is hereby given thai 00 days
from date I intend to apply lo the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands ami Works at
Victoria, B.C., lor purchase of following
described lauds in Lillooel dislrict:
Commencing at a post planted near
soulh side of Otter Creek, 3 miles north
ol Adams Lake, marked "A. McConnell'l
north-wesl cornur," running 40 chaini
south, 80 chains east, 40 chains norlh, 80
chain* west containing- about 310 acres.
Dated Nov. uth, 1906,
nm 14 A. McCONNKLL.
Notice in hereby riven that on the 21st day of
November, 1000, an Order WU grunted amioiiit*
IngOcorgo Smith McCarter, Official Administrator for ihe Revelitoke Klectoral Dlstrictof
the County of Kootenay, to bs Administrator
of all and singular tbo utateof the aaid intestate
Notice in hereby further riven that all credit*
rn-,in.! others having claim*-, against thc m\
lite of the nld dooeoied arc required unor
before the llihday of Jmiunry, ltf>»«. toseudbv
|XMl prepaid or deliver lo the undeMtfnea.
tholr i-linstlaii and Buruaiuoa, addrottQf and
iir-1 riplions, the full particulars of their claims
dnl-* verified, tho itaWuent of their account*
and the nature of Iho Mcuritloa, If any, held by
An' further lake notice that after such last
meutlonod dale the Administrator will proceed
to distribute the Anots of the wild deceased
nmongil ihe partloi entitled Lherelo having
regard only to the claims of which he shall
then have nolice and ihal the said Administrator will not In* lia.jl.-f". Un* -aid h-h*.* or
an) part thereof to any pen-on or person*-: of
Whose claim notion Bball not huve boon ro-
oelved by him at lhe date of |U0h distribution,
iui. dai vanoouver, British Columbia, this
,lrd day of liccetubor, A.U.. VHii.
TlPPKlt A; (iltlKKIN,
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Social and Personal
Dr. Elliot has been the gueBt of Dr.
Sutherland fur a few duys
Ed Hillman, ol Beaton, is visiting
iu '.own.
Mr. and   Mrs.  Sam   Sliai n,  of
Trout Lake, has left fur Toronto.
lleo. Lux, the well-known ranoher
eral smokers' outfit, us well as candy
nnd stationery; there ia a general
stock of Heuver, I'lmrouh, Interior,
La Morenn and Henry Clay cigars
and n full line ol imported cigarettes
and tobaccos. Pool and billiard tables
will shortly bo installed.
is as usual up-to-date this Christmas
and is artistically and attractively
decorated. There is a fine stock of all
the best brands of cigars, cigarettes
and tobacco, including English and
American manufacture, a large assortment of I). B. briar pipes in cases
mounted in silver, and pipes of all
descriptions and prices; cigar and
o.ga.elte cases in leather aid silver
are a specialty, and tobacco jars of
various designs, pipe racks, cigar cutters, match holdeis and lighters, oriental hookahs, smokers' requisites in
many lines form a most alluring attraction. A general slock of candieB
in boxes and cabinets iB included und
also a full selection ol pictorial postcards and Xmus novelties. Presentation pipes mounted in silver and gold
are particularly handsome. A big
turkey drawing will be held shortly
belore Christ mas.
1\ days iifk-i- iliiln I intend to npply to Hie
Chief Commissioner of Lands unit Woi-kh Ior u
I spi'iiUI liconso lo out and carry uway t.linlioi-
froni tho folluwiiiK dosorlbed lnmls in West
Kootonay distriot:
11. Goiiinionolng at u post ninrki'il '"(lus
Lund's noi-lli-iiusl, cornor," nliiuii, !l null's bolow
i north fork uf lloldslri-nni. .Imiicii soulli SI
I'linins, wost Ml chains, north 811 chnlns, nasi SO
ohnlns to jiolnl of commoncottiont,
I lilted. Inili' L'lli, 111111.
ili-n S will GUSLUNII.
Holly, mistletoe, cut llowers, and
evergreen decorations lor Christinas at
Henry's nurseries, SO Hi Westminster
Road, Vancouver, H. C,
When yuu wisli to see an assortment ol the very best nf Xmas goods.
Step into the Canada Drug Store.
Tbey have everythin.
Miss Francis Paget bus returned
home Irom a visit to Dean Puget al
il   Mrs. McCarter huve re
visit   to  tin-   1  ..!■ -:
Mr, i
Frank   Fulmer,   manager ol    ibe
Beatrice mine, spent a few days last
Webb's, Lowney'B,   Cadbury's and week iu the city.
MoCormiok'8 ohoooiates, burnt   al- a. H. Gracey, managet   i the Eva
nionils. maple creams, butter scutch, ruine, Camborne, is pendin" - - - layt
in   fancy  packages  or  in  bulk,  at |n t„sn
13uuru,!'b* Mrs .1. Anders ■..      * -  Beatrice
Always look into the window oi llie ,,,„,,, Camborne, lelt thit m r ling :'
Canada  Drug Sture.    Vou will tee tt visit to Spokane.
something new every time, and ii you Mp  ,  M,.,,. rl .. , .,tll|., ,,,.. ]a
nn;-. Mr and M - v iLean  al Kam-
Lots „l nice presents in silverware m ,_  v  Kr„t2 arid fonghte,   .-*
cutlery, Curving   sets, pocket thj9 rocrning for a three        *  •    -
iets, skates dinner t0 her friends in the East
ml tea sets, Ian ps. vases, etc.   Call
Yes, wo have loads of beautiful and artistic and desirable
piii'istniiis goods heir at your disposal and wc want you to
come and see nnd buy them, If you choose un article from
our Holiday Stock as a gift for u friend or relative, ive
know that you will be pleased with your selection, for tbo
stuck which ive are now olfei-ing is ii splendid one in every
Although we hnve loads of goods, yet we expect to sell
every Christmas article in stock before Christinas Eve, so
we urge you to come and buy early before the Christmas
line becomes reduced too much. The early purchasers
always have mi advantage over the late buyers, Right
nnw the stock is hig and complete, Right now is the time
to buy.
Don't overlook the fact that presents can be had for
young , oiks and for old folks; for men and women; for
boys and girls. All goods have been carefully selected and
nre being offered at as low prices as it is possible tu sell the
same quality of minds for.
Gifts for Everybody
'"■'.' m
-xfi    • '.-- •'*■***&->
want to  see  the  new  books, come
knives, scissors, in I
ml see our stock,
Fanoycri I..-, I
Bourne Bros.
ll.I-,  bridge see,
Ii'-i-imi*. croktnole, oarfom boards,
parcheti, cheat 600 pit, Hindi, und
iu/i-n- ol other games. You will
limi Ihem al ran ids 1'r'ig 4 Buuk
Messrs. Alvin snd Fred. I'rquhart
lelt yesterday morning for an exti
trip through tbe east, vititing Portland,   Maine,  and  other   Amei
ciiies.    They  were accon panietl
Mi- Trueman, who -.'ill tlso visit a
number ol eastern points.
Jewelry und Silverware have a
charm nnd distinction unattainable liy any other objectsof beauty
and utility, and when the stock
offered for you tocbuose from is so
carefully selected und of such ole-
guul workmanship as tlnit shown
Hastings, Doyle & Allum's
yuu cannot fail  to indulge your
tnste nnd fancy to the utmost.
Next Imperial Bank
Cigar Holders    Eg
Cigarette Holders ^
Cigar Cases       _.
Cigarette Cases
Cigars |
Christmas Showing!
Headquarters |
Holiday Goods  in   liberal
Early and Avoid the Rush,
abundance,   Pick
f     -,     '   '   '   ' "      „ #
v Santa
Z Claus i  - -    - a>
* 4
to POR nils XMAS, 1906, IS AT ,*!»
*<> i*
% Manning's Candy Palace |
I'   4
jf* Insist on Having Fresh Candies for-i>
fj      Xmas  Get Some of Manning's      %
Tbe  iur;.  '  liaortmenl   in   Toys.   Tbe latest   In   Toys.
Everything Sew,
Magic I.ii.iitii- 35i tollfj    8team Engines, 50o, to f 10.
Friction Toya, Spring Toys, Stuffed Animals flargo and
tmsll); Tooll, Gimet, Toy Planot, Blackboards, Rooking
11   iet B ireau   Sleighs otc
Walter Bews. Phm.B..
Druggist &
*• Home-Made Candies. 4
m   4
-fi. 4
X>,      ah mill is (i i- Santa Olaui should ba addrauad i" Box i''<1     a
to _ -j*
v-iiiiduiiad uuid
Whether it be for man, woman or child, ourTioliday
display is so varied that it is easy to select suitable
gifts for everybody. It's a good thing to come as early
as you can, for while we have been able to telegraph
and duplicate some lines, we will not be able to do so
any longer, and nice things are being picked up every
day, If you shop in the morning you will find it
much more comfortable. Come in and look around
and see what pretty things we have to select from and
how low they are priced.
Lady's Blouses
New stylos
They aro the sea
son's latest. They
come in Lustres,
Cashmeres, Flannelette, otc, for
warm waists from
$1 to $5
' Fancy silk Blouses
mostly in  white,
from $2,50 to $15
Luce Blouses, made over silk in
Brussels and Baby Irish. Tbo
swell fall waist..   $8.60 and $10.
Blouse Materials
make u nice gift and  ive  have
some swell good.s.
Plaid and Fancy Silks from $2.50
to $0 each.
Crepe Silk,   in  cream  and  black
$3.50 each.
for ladies and children, lu kid,
felt, carpet und many other linos,
from 50c to $400 per pair.
Fancy Baskets
suitablu for sewing or catch-alls,
When trimmed with ribbon they
arc pretty, inexpensive gifts
Fancy Hose Supporters
with the u. m. (j, C]aspi with
frilled Dresden Ribbon, and tlie
pad supporters in all colon,, f,.om
35c to $1.50,
Collars anil Belts
Any lady would
be pleased with
one of our pretty
belts in silk, elan.
tic or leather, We
have them in nil
colors and in all
styles. Our line
is the nobbiest to
he seen anywhere
and our prices are
away down.
Children's Bonnets
In Silks, Velvet and Bearskin,
from flOe. to $2.50,
Felt Sailor Huts in Hrown,
Navy, Cardinal and Grey $1,00
and $125 each,
Hand Painted Hovelties
Our llrsl lot sold out and we
Wired for a new lot that have
arrived today,    Pincushions In
nil shapes. Veil cases, Handkerchief ciiNt's, Spniin eases, Fans
etc, etc.
Cushion Tops,
Cords, Frills, eto.
A now lot just, to hund, including
Souvenir., and anew Iol of designs iu center pieces and Doylies
Drawn Linens
is a line in which we excel. No
other store can show half the
vuiiety we have nor meet our
prices, What can be more acceptable thun a pretty linen table
cover or sideboard scarf for a gift
Wo havo these goods in nil sizes
nnd a pretty assortment of Bat-
tenherg and Teneiitfo Luce pieces
I'eri-ius and Towi.es—noun bol ter
made—and every pair guaranteed
If size you get is not correct we
will exchange them,
We always have
the best and newest, and have just
received a new lot,
of Dresden and
Plaids that are so
fashionable, and
those pretty Holly
and Violet Rib-
lions that you can
not procure elsewhere. At prices
to suit the purse.
Such as Bell pins, Blouse sets,
Collars, supporters, Buck combs,
Side combs, Pearl necklaces, etc,
etc., in great variety.
Neck Furs
We have a line lot in all the
lute shapes. Nothing more acceptable for a useful gift. Wo
have them at prices from $2.50
to $a5.00.
We have a great
show-Half a doz.
Handkerchiefs is
a   nice   present.
Lace Edge from
10c.  up.     Hem-
Rlicbed from 10;,
'"'■ Embroidered
from 15c. m,
These are .*„,
Irish Linen and
many of them are hand embroidered. Real Mal teso Lace, genuine
hand made.   T hese are beauties.
For the Men
We can solve the problem of
what to get for tho men or hoys.
Here is a list of a few things,
any of which wil! be acceptable-
Cuff Links, 50c. t. $2.00
Initial Handkerchiefs, only 25c.
Silk   Handkerchiefs,   50c.   to
Slippers of all kinds, $1.00 to
$2.50 per pair.
Necklies--we huve thu cream
of half a dozen makers.   All the
new colors, at taking prices.
Gloves—Wool and Kid,  lined
and unllned.
Fancy Vest, $3.00 to $7,00
Smoking Jackets,
Suil. Gases-$8,00 to $15.00
Club Bags-$2.50 to $0,00
Sweaters in all colors,


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