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You cnn pny muri', bin . un i ul
buy piircrur U'lii-r MIN 15 HAL
WATER iiinn "liAi.rVu.N'
Vol. 13.-No 82
' t^tf%
nj>... is   |
, I I,, I 11  ,-• |
?«-%., r^s. ,| —I'nici: ♦fill IH) oih,
lerior^Pt/blishing Co, Agents i
OCT 22 ity
iSjORiA, S^$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
f»     * Thi Seal of Certainty "     .
Men !!   l'*oi' l-'tmi Comfort, Easy Walking niul Shoe
Economy, wear the Slatt'i' Shoe.
We lire exclusive ..gents for this Section of li. ('. for the
Sluler Shoe.
Men's ('(ii'onii Colt Patent, the none of enameled leather,
Fora Dressy shoe ihere is no Shoe tn equal this, Wo huve
theni ill the new culs, nil -sizes. .        .      $5.50
Men's Vici Kill, the linesi polishing lent her tn bo had
Balmorals, and Bluoher cuts, ..II widths und sizes at $5.00
Railroad Shoes.--Wc make u specialty of Moots nnd
Shoes for Railroad men. We have Oil Tun and Waterproof Hoot with viscilizcd sole, that cannot be beaten for
comfort and h.iril wear, Tbey come in both laced and
elastic sides.
Bargains in Jardinieres
A roundup of .'tbout thirty Beautiful Jardinieres, They
nic lieautiftil ware. Among them are the well known
designs Royal. Kent. Avon,Tiber, Iris, etc., in handsome
colorings and pattern. We are clearing tho lot at a sacrifice. The prices are very attractive now. They run down
frum $4,00 to 9BC.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Fall Hoods Arriving Dally.    Dressmaking and Millinery Rooms, Ind Floor
y ITI ijl lj) 111 Ijl I Jl Ijl I Jl Ijl Ijl Ijl tJl Ijl I J' I Jl 'J' Ifp '4,1 'J' If M- 4. V V ■
If \..ii want to get thei best
sen our stock.
0vcr50 Heating Stoves lo
select from and over 2"i Cook
Stoves lo make a choice from.
We hate over two carloads
of Stoves and Furnaces nn
mil' Floor niul In nur ware-
"W.- buy the best llllll cnn
„'ive you the.'id ViintUj... of oni'
i xtensive buying.
We only buy from lhe best
Stove makers iu Canada.
Wo uie showing Airtight
Healers frnm 8880 up, See
our lino before purchasing.
S Dealers in Hsrdwsre, Stovei snd Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's  9
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing. ty
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 37i x 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered—Cash $930, terms on balance.     PRICE—$2,450
Two-Storey   Dwelling,  plasteied  an.l stone basement, Lots
76 1100 on Second Strtet.     Cash $115(1 and terms on balance.
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 50x11X1, near Cowan Block
PRICE  $850
j?:ricig $eoo.oo
SOO   W,   Ha   HUMPHREYS   *' qMRWILL0t8T»TI OrrlCE
*";?C(t\VAN tll.ii.W,1""' ''^r,   'TlIIItlVsTltKKT
Work Train Hurled over a
Steep Bank at Rogers Pass
—Fireman Killed — Three
Others Injured,
An ncoido.it attended with latnl ie-
s.ills occurred at about 10 ..'cluck on
Thursday morning ..t Rogers Tubs,
when a work train of 14 cars leapt
over 11 Iill in that was being made al a
bridge 11 little eait ol tho depot, tin
engine and curs tailing in 11 man bl
tangled ..ml twisted scrap Iron. It
appe.ri tint a work train belonging
to McDonell A Gzowski, who nre contracting for the grade reduction at
tlio liig Hill, and also making 11 diversion at the I'nss, wus employed in
tilling in at a point a lew hundred
Ieet easl of Rogers I'nss depot, and
engine No. 1) with a full Irail. and
crew Ind bucked down tlie grade pic-
pa ntory to dumping the cars.
Whether the hand brakes failed to
work ur not is just it question, tlie
train not being liilnl with air brakes,
but as the last lew cars were being
emptied the train suddenly commenced moving t '.v..ids the idge ol
the Iill. The engineer, VV. R. Newman, who was stunding tear made a
jump lor his cub but missed his footing and fell unto the ties rolling down
the bunk a distance ol 12 leet sustaining n serious fracture of the left leg.
The fireman, Axel Johnston, ulso
jumped to the cab but not being able
to Btop the train endeavoured to leap
clear but before hc could get awny he
was huritd over the bank, tl.e engine
turning over on top of him. Hia
mangled body was picked up 11 lew
minutes Inter. Mike Moronchok, one
of the crew sustained a cut head and
other ii.juri-.s iu jumping from the
moving train, und Daniel Desbucy, a
laborer, met with an injurtd knee.
The wounded men were brought into
Revelstoke the same night ou No. 97,
and conveyed to the hospital where
their injuries were attended to. An
inquest waB held by Coroner Buckham
of Golden, on the body ol Johnston,
Detective Uses Revolver Fatally on Fleeing Man.
WlNXIPEG, Oct. 18.—Oscar Gans,
who is believed to hnve been a professional thief, was shut dead yesterday
in the yard ol Mrs. Walker, Francis
street, by Detective Smith while he
wus trying to escape arrest. The
police huve been on his truck for several di.) s, he being suspected of several ihelts. It wiib not, however,
until Monday., veiling that opportunity pH'ercd IQ trap him. Gnus then
c illt.il ut McFiirlane i Cairns' lailur
shop, 335 Notre Dame avenue Cans
was tiying to sell a pair of otter skins
lorf40, a pice considerably itelow
their value. This aroused the suspicions ol MoFarluhe, and be notified
the police, arranging an appointment
with Guns later.
Detective Smith arrived toawail his
man, and Guns arrived. He caught
sight of Smith and evidently knew
him, lor looking at his watch he said
to McFarlane: "f huve an appointment with a man. I'll come buck nnd
see you later."
He then left the Btore and ran as
fast as he could up Notre Dame
avenue. Smith called upon Gans to
stop, but he ran on, and the officer
began tiring his revolver, cornering
him in a yard where ho shot him in
the Lack ol the bend. Smith, alter
investigation by Chiel McRae, was
placed under arreit.
From our own eorrsi.onile.it.
Mr. and Mn. Arthur Matson, ol
Calgary, arc the guests of Mrs. G, B.
Miss Millie Wilson is visiting Mrs,
Rev. E. C. W. McColl has accepted
a call to Westminster aud will preach
his farewell sermon next Sunday
Mrs. Barnes left this week to spnid
the winter in England.
The City hotel and Imperial Bunk
are Icing repainted.
One evening recently, the members
ol the Presbyterian Ladies' Aid Society
visited tliP homo ol Mrs. Hurt and
presented her with a dainty   piece   ul
hand-painted chino as a recognition
ol her  services   ai  secretary  of  the
Tho Masons wili attend Divine service in All Saints' church, Sunday
Adjourned Session-Important
The adjourned sitting ol the
Supremo Court, Mr. Justice Clement
on the bench, was resumed on Wednesday morning.
Rex. V, Wharton—Deleulhint plead
til guilty to charge of indicting bodily
bill'.... but without intent to kill.
From the evidence it appealed that
Mrs. Wharton had been sul.jicted lo
indignities l.y her husband and Micalli
at Wigwam until tbe time ol lhc
shooting. Tlie judge alter the jury
Iuul brought in a verdict 1 f guilty,
sentenced the prisoner to two and one-
hull yeurs in the penitentiary. J. M,
Scott for tlie oroivu, G. S. McCarter
for the defend., nt.
Rex. v. Ki.iuiilniii—Prisoner was
cha.ged with stealing u letter and
forging a signature. Sentenced tu
ona year's im prison 111 etl t. J. M, Scott
lor crown, C. E, Gillan lor tl.e delonco,
Rex, v. Smith—Accusal charged
with incest. This case ante remanded
till the next assizes. .1. M\ Sc.lt (or
crown, C. E, Gillan for defence.
General Disapproval   of Increased Protection.
The tariff which the Australian
Treasurer recently introduced with
his budget was generally expected to
be protectionist and to provide higher
duties on u number of lines, but itB
provision amazed protectionists, manufacturers associations amongst others.
The old tiiriff wns high enough, with
some little adjustments to suit most
ol them, but this one has gone from
10 to 20 per cent, higher thun the lust.
In Bonie cases it is ridiculous, Inr
instance, the minimum duty on a
chair amounts tc nearly lour times
the cost ot one kind of chair. In harvest and other machinery, bootB and
shoes, rubbers, leather, bicye'es und
buggies and other lines the duty is
practically prohibitory. Opposition
to the new tariff is steadily growing
a. d there is a possibility that a combination of the labor and protectionist
elements may bo made, v, hich will pass
a high tariff but not in its present
shape. Meanwhile, the effect upon
Canadian tn.de, ns upon trade generally, bus been to suspend it. Orders
have been cancelled by cable, one
importer promptly cancelling one tor
70,000 chairs to it Canadian nianufuc
tnrer While on a number of lines
a preference is provided lor lhe products ol the United Kingdom thero is
no provision lorn preference to Cnnada.
There is, however, n possibility ol some
agreement being arrived ut between
the two given....outs which will
establish nutters upon a more satisfactory bnsis.
Letters ure being constantly received
by the Bureau of Provincial Inlorma
tion from persons desiring work ou
farms and orchards. Theso npplica
tiom are from tho Middle and Eastern
provinces of Canada, Britisli Isles and
Northern Europe, and are divided into
lour classes:
1 Young men inexperienced in farm
wo.k willing to learn practical farm
work nnd horticulture.
2 Experienced fnrm hands, unmarried.
3 Experienced larm hands, married
(with families or otherwise), whose
wives arc willing to lake service with
their husbands.
4 Women domestics.
Most ol the married men nro desirous nl having it dwelling separate from
that, ol the employers, on arrangement
which should commend itself to those
who look to securing permanent help,
Under an existing agreement between
the government und the Emigration
Braucli of the Salvation Army, a considerable immigration of larm hnnds
and dnmestic help is exacted frnm
Great Britain during the spring and
early summer of 1908. Tl.e government is desirous of securing immigration to British Culumbia ol a reliable
clnss of while labor and invites co-
operation of nil farmers and fruitgrowers, eto. Necessary forms lor
filling in may be obtained at the City
Hall, and also at the Maii.-Hkkai.ii
office, Revelstoke. The abovo is tl.o
substance ol a Idler sent to tho cily
council by Hon. It. Q, Tatlow.
S. S. Charmer and Tartar Col
lide Off the Mouth of the
Fraser—Both^the Steamers
Badly Damaged.
Vancouver,   Oct.   111.—Steam
Charmer und Tartar were in collision
lust nighl nt li ..'clock off tho Sand
heads light ut the mouth ol the
Fraser river.
Both vessels nre seriously damaged.
That ..i.e ur hntl. did not sink iinmi-
diniely is a wonder, for Ihey hit with
It lllllll smash.
The accident occurred iu a heavy
log.   The Tartar  lelt bore at 3:30
o'clock yesterday afternoon and by
o'clock was steaming slowly south t
the Fraser.    There  she  ran   into
heavy bank of fug.
Suddenly tho Charmer, bound froi
Victoriu, nnd running almost on ti me,
looinud out ot the log.   Shestruck the
Tartar sqiuuely on the port bow.
The Charmer's bo .s were crumpled
up Ijr fifteen or twenty feot. Her
forward compartment bulkheads saved
hei, however, from sinking, for the
water rushed into the passenger vesBel
in 11 big stream.
The Charmer's bws cut through
the plates ot the Tartar, which was
low in the water with a heavy load ol
freight. Tho Tartar began to Bink at
the bows, but she did not sink (ur,
her bulkheads, too, saved her from
going down.
A Inter report says the Tartar took
thirteen inches of water into her hold
during the lirat hour and a hull after
the accident.
A report at noon was current that
the Tartar had been beached in English Bay, near Kitsulnno. The Joan
has been sent oul to bring in tha
The steamers stayed by each other.
Captain Whitely cf the Charmer says
that very littlo excitement occurred.
All ol the terryboat's pa.aengen were
transferred to the Tartar, which was
considered to be in the saler condition.
3oth bo.ts immediately itartcd
back for Vancouver, but iu the darkness and log wero unable to reach the
moulh ot the Narrows. They stayed
in English Bay all night with the
pumps of both vessels going all the
time to keep down the water.
It was nearly 11 o'clock belore tlie
log lilted sufficiently to allow the
Charmer to come iu. She reached
lhe C.I'.R. wharf under her own steam.
Don't wait for the cold snnp, conic
in and sel.ct n stove, we have over
two hundred to choose from, and we
set thou, up ready to light—Lawrence
Hardware Co.
REFUSE $75,000,000
Mackenzie & Mann As.onish
Railway Circles,
Vancouver, Oct. 18—An oll'or of
if75,00O,O00 cash for the Canadian
Northern Railway has been turned
down by ita chief owners, Messrs Win
Mackenzie and Donald D. Mann. The
news leaked out a lew daya ago. The
proposition emanated (rom the banking houses of Messrs. J. Picrpont Morgan & Co., New York, Owing lo
intimate financial relations of thii
house with J.J. Hill, the offer is believed to have emanated Irom the
Great Northern Railway whose plans
tur un invasion ol thc Canadian wheat
Holds have had it great deal of publicity
and have been partially realized during the past two years.
Messrs. Mackenzie A Mann havo always cherished the ambition ol ultimately extending their mad to tho
Pacific coast; and leas than tw.
months ago .Mr. Man., while in Vancouver stated that tho project would
bo realized, adding that construction
work ou tho mountain section would
not bo undertaken until they had
lecured 11 government subsidy.
Vancouver, Oct. 18.—Forty-eight
thousand live hundred dollars head
tux money was paid ill by 97 Chinese
win. airivcd yesterday Irum the
Orient by the It. M. B, Empress ul
China, which reached port in the
alternoon, She brought a big list ol
puBHeugers, and one Japanese stowaway, and no Hindus. HI the Chinese
88 werc lauded at Voncoiivcr, 71 of thii
number paid the head tax, a hundred and fifty-four nre certificated to
return to Canada Iree; a hundred and
fi.ui'teen are in transit to United
States points, and a hundred and sixty-one nro bound through in bund to
the West Indies, and other countries.
Crnuberries, the first ut   tbe season
arrived today at C. B. Hume A Co's.
r.    *
\    <-
I-l    '
Don't Take
Your Groceries
with you, let us send
them home. It's just
as easy for us, and far
more convenient for
you. Or we will call
for the order and deliver the things, just as
if  you   selected them
yourself. Wc have everything worth keeping. Our reputation fur fair dealing is second to none and we can satisfy
you in every way.
Ol Stoves, Ranges and Heaters. These have just arrived; Ihey ire not
old stock, kept over, but NEW with all the lateit improvement! snd
they are McCLARY'S.
We hnve a lull line of Fishing Rods, Baits, Linei, Hooks, etc,  Shotguns, Rillus, Revolvers, and all kinds ol ammunition.
Bourne Bros.
Wc have a signed agreement permitting us to tell
a certain property on McKenzie Avenue at a figure
$400 below actual value, good until Oct, 26, 1907,
The property comprises one and a half lots, seven*
roomed plastered house, summer kitchen, woodshed,
stable, fencing, etc.
The price is $1800. $700 cash, balance on mortgage Will rent for $22 per month. A responsible
contractor has estimated the value of the buildings alone
at $2,000.   The land is worth $500.
Investigate the proposition at once as it is only
"ood for a short time.
Offices : —Mot.sq.vs Bank Builpino.     Telephone 31
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes. Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Hrst St. Op.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Ilrsuches in Um Prolines, ol Manitoba. Alberta, Saikattihmii,
liritish Colombia, Ontario, QaibM,
Capital Authorized $10,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   i4,i3»,o*»o.oo
Reserve Fund ....        M.Mtseeo-oe
D. It. Wii^ik, President; Hn.v. R. Jam-hat, Vic«-Pr*>«ldeDt.
A General Banking Business Transaoted. ,
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United Statu, sad
Europe.   Special attention given to Collection!. ''
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from dato of depolit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager. Zbc AMMberalb.
I'l i1.1-111-.;. WEDNESDAY 1XD FATUR
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mckphy,      Hakoi.i. Fisher
II.LAN A KI.I.lnT'i'.
I, -f.—-1* li ton, Etc.
nillOfl I.AKK It- U.
.1   ('. K..1..I..T.
i. 11 LUS
OrriCM    IM........  Mask  Ki-ock.  Ukvki.-
' STORK, H. ('.
y. it,tol an..
Offices RevelstOMi H.c
910, S   Mi'.'-.KTKH,
>,. M. i'fSK.l.ia,
Rsrelll .t.
.; Cranbrook, 11. ('.
J. A. Hakvky,
11..'.      Crniilirnok, II. i.
J. M.Scott I.I-.I.
con  AND
W, I. Brlggs,
The Fralori
hie f.dj met
■..rk .....I the
:il prc-s is fin indispons-
io puoccsbIuI Irnternal
societies could not gel
, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitor
Money to Loan
solicitors Foil Molsons Hank
First Street. Kevelstoke, B.C,
olsllOres   Samples by mall or express
receive prompt attention,
Terrai Moderate.
,     .     .    .    lei .32 Kaslo, B. C.
ncinl Lund Surveyor,
Mine Su.veying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box vv, Revelstoke.
Phone J     SEW DEKVER, B.C      P.O.Box 11
.Membei American Institute ot
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstokb, B, 0,
Mine Management, Examinations
ami Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Lund. Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospectiveinvestors
ot purchasers.
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations,
ETl'DIO-At  Sirs. J. C.   Hutciiison's Con-
Lfiueht Avenue.
Zbc flfoaiMberalb
' 1 woatd , - . earnestly advise thero Ior
tbeir sood lo order thi, paper lo be punctually
lerved up, and to be looked upon Rsf a purl of
the tel i-filpaie.'-AnD'SOX.
filling without it. Fraternal orders
hold a v;ry iniporlunt place in the
internal lile ol Kevelstoke and where
so many of us are so closely con ernid
aud benefitted we should do all ive can
11 support those who lire, by menus ol
.he Iiiiiernul press, materially aiding
tl.ee.use. It should be liberally supported and encouraged, lor .1. privet! ol
thii great factor in their upbuilding
the growth of Irutcrnul orders would
be immeaiurally retarded and their
usefulness us well us their good works
would be known only to the lev who
participate in them. Fraternity is a
marked feature in Kevelstoke and as
instanced in the pust yenr, when the
various orders huve extended the hund
..I charity nnd benevolence to thoir
uillictid brethren, the good work done
here has been noised abroad and In-
cidently the kindly spirit of our citi
/ens brought to the n .lice uf those in
distant parts Publicity even in
matters of this sort will bring its own
One ol the best methods to make a
nation strong is to instill into its
citizens the desire to develop and
maintain ut a high standard the financial institutions ol the country.
There is a positive .lunger in allowing
huge amounts ol Canadian money to
bc di.erled nt this junction tor the
supporting of speculation on the other
ssiile ol the line. There is ample scope
right in Canada, British Coluiii'.i i and
even in our own district hole today
for every dollar of this money nnd the
loyal Can.t.li.tn who bus the best interests ol his country at heart .mil .1. sires
to see its interests developed, will look
aller Canadian interests lirst un.l let
others come alter. The general public
could exercise it moat lielpltil influence
along this line by giving its assistance-
particularly to Dominion institutions
which in.ike a part ot their announced
policy, the conservation ot their financial interests. There nre no bettei
opportunities in the world today than
ure ottered within easy distance ol
Kevelstoke and it is certainly a question for comment that money for this
development of property and resources
is not being furnished as largely afi
seems to be desired.
Melrose Stock Company, in
Amusing Comedy,
The Melrose Stock Co. under the
personal direction ol Joo Melrose
played before it large audience on
Thursduy night in the Opera House.
By n clever nnd ingenious method ol
advertising by imitation telegr.Tin
forms and cheques Mr. Melrose drew a
large house to witness "Other People's
Money," a particularly amusing coined)'. Joe Melrose as tho pater [ami-
lias figures well ub the rathe.' looliih
old uvnricious man who in tho toheme
to obtain money, connives will, his
nephew, unknowingly, in aiding him
an extremely sinirp tongue, uuu
throughout lhe piece exhibits tho
snn-e highly ..cute temper to the ultimate si.l'jeciinn »l Inii■ sp .use. Mrs.
Chambers carried out her role in true
style imitating to perfection tl.o elderly old ndy, her make-up being
splendid. Mr. Chambers as the
nephew fulfilled it its part to the letter,
thi'iluet with his fiancee. Rose, (Mrs.
Melrose) being n feature. 0. Palmer
as Col. Blake docs some good work
and makes nn admirable peppery
..lliccr. Joe Melrose, na 11 null, was
funny, very funny, and ss the lather
curies out un excellent part, bis subjection to bis wife while in her presence being extremely amusing. Mrs,
Melrose, us Rose, is dainty and fetching md adduJ considerably to her list
of theatrical admireri on Thursday.
Tl.e company ub a whole work together without any hitch. Between
the nets, in order t. avoid long wj ita
which are olten auch a (future in Kev-
elstnke entertainments, Mr. Melrce
gave an exhibition ol moving picture.,
the Highway K.-bbery being particularly good. Illustrated songs are nlso
popular, the "Holy City" being rendered, The performance concluded
with a dance.
...'eel  lUHU   UKgUro     union   mum.     uut
Special, The Union, and Maroa Vuolta
ure iilicutl of all others.
Local Revelatoke
Socialist Party of Canada
Meets First .....
.i Selkirk 11,11,
Interested -re H'.-li-i
Tl.lr.1 Wt-.l.it..„iiij iiitliero.nii I
l|.Btnlra, nt S |.,m,    Snlijeatl' ■
.f Capitalism-    a
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp. No. 220.
Meet, Second and Fourth Wednesdays i
unch month, in Selkirk Hull.  Visiting Wood
men cordially Invited in attond.
ff. Ii. ARMSTRONG, Con, Com.
.1  MelNTYItE, Clerk.
F. 0. E.
Thn rsK.il.ir uiOOtibBS ars lis l.l in tbs Selkirk
Hull ovsry Tuesday •rsniiiu st 8 o'clooo. Vit.it-
ilui brethren nre cnrtiinlly invited.
H. A IlItOWN, Pbbsidskt.
Koottnav Lodge No. 15 A.F.Sc AM
.11 \
The regular moot-
. lugs are held In Uu
fll Musonli. Temple,
' I   J.I.! Fellows Hnlf.o.i
ttle third Monday I..
fict. ...out),   at
.i.iii. Vislllngbroth
ret.   cordially
rooms, furnace, two lots (one corner).
Convenient to business part of city.
A desirable home for anyone. Price
nn derate on easy terms..
Apply:—Mail Herald.
Lethbridge d Oh
Hew,re of yellow cilCnniS ".which
claim otheri have tho lethbridge
cnn! ! They lie I You cun get Lethbridge coal from one source only, and
that is from its agency,
PI .ce ynur orders with me and get
the real goods nt $8 50 pei ton lor fuur
ton orders, weigh where you ploase.
James Evans
Dealers in Beel, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish ami Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Tuko nolice tlmt I, GoorgoT, Newman, ot
-.nowhead, B. C., occupation Clerk, Intend to
npply for permission tn purchase the following
described lnmls:
Commencing nt, n nosl planled nt ll... N.K,
cornor of Clara MoQuarrto's Lot8106, thunce
north do chains, tlience west 60 chnlns, thonce
soutb *-t' chains, thenco oast 10 chains, thonco
south IQ chains, thence ens.. 10 chains to point
nl commencement,
Daled Sopt, lllli, UK.
...p 'Jl -nl        UKORQKT, NEWMAN.
DEAI.ED TENDERS  superscribed "Tenderi
n  lor Lock- ,.-." rill be receive I .1  be  tl ■
ol .be Public worki Engineer, si VI I' r a un
f     "■ re   --.ff,r f.t   ibe Mih   la;   '  ■   * ■
to elope with bis pretty daughter, wh..  ber,ita,,for ibcerec.lon andcomi elloi
.       . ■    ,   , .,,    l.iick-f!|i ai Revelatoke.
has  been  promised   to  an irascible    plM1  .:,   ,c,„0Mi  „„,„..,„     -
United   States   naval  ollicer, l.y ....    ■   - ; «• m ;"v   '     .*',
command of her mothor,   The mothei   men  itevei'sioke   ■ i >■ i ■' ••■
,,,     „•   ,,,,*,       ,    , epsr.men. V cb rls, B.C.
(Mrs. Vi. Chambers) rulei the house-
bold with a  rod of iron and also with
The tragic ending to the chase after
i supposed tiiiei at Winnipeg on Wed-
neiday hai turned the eyes ol Canada
toward! that city, and many and
varied are the commentson tbe action
of Detective Smith in the case. That
a man who has not been arrested, cr
who even if suspected and wanted by
the police, is a (ree man, ,iud again,
even ii under police surveillence lor a
petty theft, can be shot down and
killed i> a thing which will take some
explanation. In thia ose, Gineuz,
like any other thief, was only avoiding
capture and had been guiity of no
violence, and although it was the duty
o! tl.e police to exercise his authority I -Balance Sheet
Uill a police  ollicer should  exercise j RECEIPTS
judgment in bil execution ol the law. I Cash in hand, August Iat, 1906	
The Winnipeg Telegram lays; | Received 'ruin Puv Patients, Kev, ,-■ , ■
" The ihooting ol Oicai Gineuz by
Notice to Contractors,
11. A. I'l.llCUNIKH. HKCHKTAliv.
SEI.KIIIK LODG.E. NO   12, I, 0. 0. T.
evening   in    Selkirk
UI..11   tt   8   o'clock.
■ Visiting brethren cordially Invited u. it
Cold Range lodge, K. ef P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C,
ojpiipl Third Wednesday ol
each ifir.ntli, in the Od.lfell.iwH
llall at 8 d'elnrk. VlNltiug
Knights arc cordially invited,
0. H. HROl'K, K. of It. AS,
H. A. HROWN, M. ..I F
Deer Iiei.il.., Animals, Birds,, Fiah, .Etc.,
Animal   ltiies .Me....led.
P 0, B..1S1.
Studloi  Corner nf First st, and B...U Ave.
llovoMoke, 11 .!.
The b.".t Brick In the Province.
Well burnt Brick in huge or
small quantities at Reasonable
IMnce your orders for your
Harness..—Hand-make Boole
and Fancy Leather Goods. . .
Restaurant nnd Furnished Rooms
Meals from 25c. Up.
Second Street, - East End
KI H1*
Annual  Financial Statement for Year Ending July 31, 1907,
(Iiu Restaurant
White Help Only
depends greatly upon the relent Inn
of ll.e sense of sight. Olhcr farul-
lie» muy lt.se their vigor Irom the
|ii|ise of ye.ns, but if thr eyes cun
see, oltl nge is r.n. ill i regrel. For
Ibis reus. i. lhe y.inlhf.il and middle
aged should .use every endeavor to
preserve lho eyes. Many lose litem
ll.rnuth I'.ensi- of ini|i."ipiT Kinases,
If you huveeye t.-nuhle consult- Haul-
.. lis, D..yl«*Alln.n, Lid.
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
f.%'%%%%%%%%%%%%'V«V%%%%%%%%%%'%%%%%% I
For Agricultural Implements.
Carriages. Wagons   Ktc., Juhn
Deere Ploughs, Moliue Wagons, Cauada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planot Jr., Garden Seeders and ('ultiTntors, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended tu. noma Shooing a
L% %%%%%%%%%%%% <%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<
HELOW will be Inund the names ot loni! ol ll.e progreiiive firms in
Revelstoke who make this most popular and liberal offer: Thii elegant
library and handsome caie will be given by vote to ths Lodge, Society,
Church nr School in Revelitoke securing the largcit number of votes in
the following manner: The business men listed below will give with
EACH TEN CENT PURCHASE one vole. The cunteit begim Sept.
llth and ends Feb. 9th, 191)8. A ballot box has heen placed in the Canada
Drug 4 Book Store where the votei are to be deposited. At the close ol
the contest the church, school, mciety or ludge having the largest number of votes will be awarded the library. Current account! when promptly paid will be entitled to votes. Remember, votes can only be ..enured by
trading with the merchants listed below. Each week the Maii.-Hki.au)
will announce the standing of the contestant,
The lihrary and case are now on exhibition in the ihow window ol
C. B. Hume A Co.
Groceries,   Drygoods,    Crockery
Men's Furnishings, Boots snd Shoes
House FurniBhings.
Detective Smith will arouie very pain,
fui lee in.: sii.-.ng the citiieni of Winnipeg, '.incur, had come under the
supervision ..I the p..lice, but nothing
"«i  known  i r  proved ngainit him,
T: - ; :• f ipti .!. that he wa- guilty
P ueui ii I the lun is very strong,
but even idmitting the victlm'i guilt,
admitting alia that tbe detective was
Inspired wholly by zealoui devotion to
duty, is it eicueable, under any cir-
0'imilsucei, to make death tl.e penalty
ol pltty thelt ? In Cnnada we innst
ruiiiiti.il! tl.e highest reipcct f.r the
law, and we intend to maintain it, but
the law mint be equally evoked to
protect the citizen as to reinlorce tin
authorities. By this act, a most ap-
pulling breach muy have been made in
the foundations of social order. It
may have been u hasty act. It may
Ita.W; so lar as the killing goes, been
an unintentional net. but there it
stands—a very dsrk and ugly blot upon our social administration, affixed
by an officer of the peace in plain
-.slothes, who neither understood hii
duty nor realized the limitation ol hil
Public opinion has been roused
hecauec the victim wai only suspected
.. at tbe time ol shooting, there being
, no proof that he actually itole the
, lun. it ii also a question if Oineur.
understood the wortli ol the detective
-when told to stop,
" Arrowne.i'l
Contract 1'atients, Revelitoke and Arrowhead
"        "   Hospital Tickets
"        "   riulaicriptions .
B il sidy, Revelitoke
"     Arrowhead
"      Interest 	
I . i   I'..-.-.-
EXPENDI 1   - -
1:." eliti km
Ait  .     .
Property.         ,                * 1-18.22
1    81.25
Furnishings             14.30
■    ,
Uro.in.Is        99 l.i
II 75
Maintenance    3,242 Hi
1 218.57
Salaries         3,121.40
i 190.86
,1 16
Fuel mul Light      657.82
1--.ii 16
Extra Help             250.16
Intereat and diicount    .           ifiO
fixpeme      338.67
Petty Cash to Matron.
Overdraft, August 1,1908...,
20 'Ki
Ilu 1)0
:: 123
U (K)
Hi 1)0
l IfiO B2
.'.,112 2m
1,385 19
307 97
250 16
551 87
•i   .j
180 10
20 00
2,246 10
Total Expenditure    $24
Balance receipts over expenditure  i)89 16
;' "      -,, tguns,   Rpvnlvers.
i -ii ■.. Tackle,  Tenl -. il u
il.g n.ni Hilling -S.,11 -". I i.........
l: .1    ;'. pewi ••'   u I OW."
Ul  nl
'..     ■   .    ■
\,  ■ rami!  KB   ft  ul
Meat!, Etc.
Fine Confectionery, Ice Cnam, Eto.
Mi I'll A11, dl IIOKNE1.L
Coupon! given on Hardware only
First-Class Clover nnd Timothy Hay fur sale. Also al
kinds of Garden Produce
Cigars, Tobacco, eto.
I'rinlira an.l Publishers.
Central Hotel
/f-^.    RFVFI STOKF B. C.
N'..wl y built.     Kirsi-cliaa in every ren|icct.   All modern conveniens*!
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales 81,60 per Diy, Sped I Weekly Rslei,
Queen'B Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
■ 1     .   i . --I...U..  i .-L]_..,i. gggga
$24 396 10
Estimated amount due to Hospital, Inly 81, 1907, $5,387.22,
Revelitoke Arrowhead
$11,112.21 $ 2,93944        I1I.W (15
4,351 'i-l
....       1,483 11
  170 1)0
.... «8!i Ifi
I'roperty Account  $11,112,21 $ 2,93944
Furnishings     8,453.99 897.84
Grounds      1,08084 448,83
Petty Cash         150.00 20.00
Balance at Bank	
$20,975 71
$20,1175 71
All Kinds of Light and H avy
Hauling Undertaken
m-   PIANOS   f'.TC
Dea     in Wood, Cn    - id feed
Phone 71 House I'hone
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought.
Oash Prices Paici
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
suitably furnished with the choicest thc
market affords. Iiest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Ratts $! a day,   Monthly rate.
Queen's Hotel
ftcst brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish CrceK will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF YOUNG,        -       -       Proprietor
Front Strum*,    Rkvelstoke
Tlmi'• Ruyil Crown kind—
n.adi is Vinennvir- l.nrgeat
Soap rV.tnry wosi nt Winnipeg, Home cleaning and
washingnreeaiy will, iiihelp.
And the money saving ii the
Premium System
Booklet, tol In what we give Ior
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
fur it—Frss—Alio try tbs
Royal Soap Co. Ltd.
ViRCOiTer. B. C.
Fi Lands
I Imve insny enquiries fnr
Fruit Lands from Winnipeg,
Toronto/and Vancouver. Persons ri.'sirirtg t.. d'spope of
their holdings, Inrer or fin.II,
will do well In li<l llieni with
me. Cnrreapnndencf- solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
Miuiiifnolurtvl for all elissoa of building
All kiiidif.of ;buiMiiinnii(l plintorititf
In order In secure one nf pur
In the ceil.re of the Southernmost and Wannest valley in
B.C., West Koottnuy, for
$10 down   and |10 per
month for 10 acies.
To (.ui. sll year expfiniea am! refund
If our hind and whole proposition
is not. exactly as ive represent It.
Toil enn .nuke from $400 to $700
per acre annually urowhiK fruits
and innrket gnrdeniiiK. Kvery tract
is either level or nently ifoplnu;.
The soil is loam with clay iul.si.il.
Free from rock. Ample rainfall.
Fine healthy climate. Conl in summer. Zero weather in winter practically unknown. No early or late
frost, danger, Plenty of timber on
each tract for buildings, fences and
fuel, liiich tract fronts on a road,
and every tract within half-mile of
main line of ll.lt. Title is perfect.
We own one-filth nf the good land
in the whole Kootenay and make
these terms sn I but you will he able
to use your surplus funds improving
your lund. Wc refer lo three of the
strongest Banks in Cnnnda. Write
quick for maps, etc., and testimonials of settlers at Fruitvnle.
Nelson, B. 0.
From France, Holland and
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Sprsying Material, Cut Flowers, etc,
Oldest eitabliihfd nu.sery. on ths
mainland of B.C.   Catalogue (ree,
despair. "Don't He a
thlnr" till ji... smclusrly
wl.sU boat by aid. ol
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on lis nit)., dlsoaso, lovo, narrlaio and psi niiinio
Tells, what you'd «sk a dortor, but don't liko to
2111 piif.es, llluitratod, K cents: but ioii.lrodn.io
it wu sen! one only to any adult (or postage,
in cents.
M  HILL, PUB. 00. t
IH last ISih ttrmt, NIW YORK.
HiivfIhIoIco Und Diatrict.
Dlntrlct of Wont Kooicnay.
Taku notice thnt -Jnmex P. Kennedy, of Die-
ctllowact, D. 0, Mlnur, IntvndH to apply for a
tipucla] timber llcenne ovor the following du*
M-rllir'l liuni":
Commencing fit a pout planted on tho north
bankof tlio north-east forkof Downlo Crook,
almut ai* miln ubovo tlm Korku and markeil
JiinifH P. Kennedy'*1 S W, cornor," thonco iO
ehaiiiH nortli. thunce omL 16(1 chain-*., thenco
nmib 4'i chains, thonco west liV) rlmlii.i to
point uf commenoument, containing &M acrei
more or lew.
Dated Kopti-mber 24th, 1907.
Anv pcr-ion or pornoni lotind cutting or ear*
rylDg awav timber off thc Comaplix lownnlte,
without per m I si-: [on from the owner Hon.
Met-iilt Uoxtock, or till agent Chlel Yuuntf,
will bn proHeciited acoordlug to law.
Daled this loth day of Auguat, 19u7
wed tag 14 2m UK Win HOHTOIJK,
i Steel Range
h on f ur
fl V I'l  |.f
I .T.;! r.  j
llili  e   I
111.I Ili.' | ,,
..   lil,est    »
By inserting the poker in the
conveniently located door, shown
in illustration, you can loosen the
ashes in the bottom of the fire-pot
and stir up the fire in a jiffy.
the slide damper,
which is placed^
below the fire-pot
so as to secure a
strong direc
draft, you can
have a hot fir
very soon
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Your Purse
With You
to our store if ynu want to purchase
:i New Carpet, Fine Orient..1 or Wilton rug, matting or linoleum and see
how much further its contents will
tnke you in purchasing lhnn it will nt
any othei store iu the eily. Our
Spring styles are ready for your
select ion.
Incorporated by Ail (I Parliament, 1839,
Wm. Molson Macphbrsox, Prei. S. H, EwiNo,;Vice-Pree.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches In Canada and Agencies in all putts of the
Interest credited foul' times u year at current rates on Savings
Hunk deposits, until fui thei'notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
4 P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.   *
HKAD DKKICK. Caloakv, Ai.iikuta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'orkl'ifljr, i:.l Dnljr   Is Lln 31 Wt.   M rut, in ill tho principal   Cities snd
Town, ol Alb.rtf*., Brltllll uv.utubit ami the Yukon.   Packera uf the Colubr'itud Brand
Llm er or" .Itn. ill lulu, ul -ina o.< ll'lll, Uill I.irl
Rovulatoke Land District.
DlHirict tf Went Kootenay.
Tak« uotlco that Donald Downr.of Arrowhead, B.C., Limber cruiser. Intend* to apply
for spocial tlniker llccimes ovor tho following
ili'Si't ilinl lauili.:
1. Comniouclnv at a pont planted about OD
ehalim north went on a bluzcd trail from Hojd'n
utliin on I'iiiKxton Crook, and marked 'Donald
Dew-in. norih-oatd cornor pout," thunco wont
180 chains, (heiice nouth 10 clmins, thoneo east
Ifli ohalni, thenoo north id chains to point of
win men cement.
2. Communcing At a posl planted at lho
north-cunt corner of Location .No. I. and marked "Donald lU'wur'rt Houth-uiiMt cornor posl,"
thence went IOO ehuins, thence north Id chiiius,
thence cant 160 chains, llionce south il) ohnlna
tS DOlllt Of COtlHlH'.H'UIII.'ll!.
Dalod Hopteniber 2M, 1007.
3. i uiiimi'iiciiiif ut a post planted ;ii tho
■south* weat ctrncr of Timher Limit HlfUI. and
marked "Donald Dowar'H south-east cornor
port," thence north 100 chains, tlience went 10
ehaiiiH, thenc* aoulh ItiO chaina, thencu oofll pi
chain- to point of commencement.
i. Commencing at n post planted atthe
■oulh'uul corner of Timbor Limit No. 11170,
andmarked "Donald Dcwur'a aouth-wortcorner pont," thenca north 80 chain*, lhcnco caul
SOohains, thence south 80 ohaias, llienco west
80 chaius to point of commencement.
Dated Hupleinbei' 23rd, 11W:
Cariboo Land Dislricl.
District oi* Cariboo.
Take notice Ihui Harry Sawyer of Revelsloke, Il.C, inillm.in, Intends lo upply
for permission io purchasu ilia lolluwiug
described lnnds:
Comn.ci.u1.ig ..' a post plunted nbo.il
one mile ulit.v.' Mine River, nud marked
"II. Sawyer's N, VV, corner," (hence easl
Ni. .li.in.*, .l.i'ii..-s.'.itli'-... chains, Ihencu
wesi 8o iflinins, il..'...'.' north Ho chains lo
point ol i'i>tiii!i..|!i'.'iiii..ii, containing Ci.|u
acrus moru or less.
Dated July 30th, 1907.
we.l ug 11        Donald Mcintosh, Agonl
Hivelf.ti.ke Land Distriel.
1.iatri.it ol West K.uitei.ay.
Tuko notice Unit Elijiil. Mollo.ni ol Revol-
slt.ke. li.i'., occupation Minor, Iutond* to
apply fnr special liml.ar license, orar the fui-
lutein,;..,,.,.r.l.et. lunils:
1. ' i.ii.uii-iii'ii.tr nl 11 post pluuted two mi Ies
eaat of the . 'uliiiiilini rivor. near l in- roillh-ca.l
corner ui Timber Limit will, and marked "£.
Mi-llt-iiii* [nuiii wesl corner," Uience east I'M
I'lmin*. thuncu Htlillil III ..halns, tlience west I"
.•ino..,, thence nurth I.. chnlns to puint uf commencement, >u.d conlsinliiK WO it,:.',.-. ...or.: or
Dulod DU. Seiile.nl.cr, 10(17.
2. CoiniiifiH-iiiK at a l.osl planted on thc
north bank ul IltKniunl 1, Creek nlKi.it . mile
ubove the soulli fork, nml mnrkeil "K. Mc
iiean's south.weat corner,'' tliouce nnrlh 10
chains, thence caat Hi i chains, thenco sun I. in
chains, Ihence west lt:il to point of commencement, and cuutiiiniiiK Ci.. acres mure or le-a.
I III.I'll Mill September, 19.1m
3. L'olliniinoinR at a post planted on thi
south bank uf Hlkuiuiilh Creek nbout l.| mllea
ubove the south iorkaml unrkeil "K MoBean'i
nurtli-eiiKl curuer," lbence I" chains suuth,
tbence IIU) chains west, lbence ... chains north,
tbence llio chalna ca*t tu poinl oi commencement, and oontaining 01.. aoros more or less,
I,   .' ...'.ifiiiK al a pnst plantcil un the
auulh hank uf Bign.mill. Creek abu... -1|....lesi...ve ll.e so... I. folk and marked "K. McHi-.ii.'*
north-west curuer," thenco I'i ehnins cast,
tlitncu .il eliains north, thenoe 10 chains cast,
thenc. su chains south, thonoo 10 ohains woit,
thence... .-liains south, thonco 10 chains weal,
tlii-nce si. ohains norlli lo point ot communes-
inc.it, .....I containing iilu aores ruoro or loss,
,i. Ooirmonohigat a |...st planted on tl.e easl
hank o( liluniiiinh Crook, ..liuni  live milos
abovo Canyon Creek, ami uiarked  "ii. Sic
Bean's norLlewos. corner," tbence .u chuius
muhIi, ihence lu ehniiis oast, llionce Wchain.
suulh, lhcuce Ml ohaini east, tlience 1'. rli...iiii... ili, llii'iire In uliains wost, Lhcnco 10 chnlns
north. Iht'.i.'cSO .Iinins wesl t.t |.innt uf cum
menccme... and ......aitiiiiK '-I'   'tees mure or
Dnled lllli Se|..|.|iib..r,|.«.;.
fl   Cumiiioiiuiiig iii a poat planted 300 ynrdi
 Hull lllg ...I. Creek   utnl   flli">" llie 11....I.
fink auti marked' K. Mi-lieiui - ii..rlh wesl corner," ilieno- SO t-li.tins, i beii.-e 80 ohalni soulh,
il oo .su i huli'i weal, ihenco 80 oh nu- norlh in
puinl i.l eunimeiu.t'nielll, an.l OOOtAlltlttg IHO
acres ...n.e ur li's*.
Diiini .lm,:.i|,i,,i....i,um;
silt sup 'li KL1JAII McllliAN
Resume   oi   Advantages
Home Seekers in Revelstoke
-Glowing  Prospects-Natural Resources,
The ciiy of Kevelstoke, lho Gateway oi the Interior,and oneol tie
most promising cities of the province
on the main line ol ll.c I' P.R., bids
fair to become tlie metropolis and
trade centre of tlie extensive districts
of Kooicnay nnd the lands which must
in n very short time be opened up to
the north. Located on tl.e bunks ol
tlie navigable waters ol the Culumbia
Itiver, in a well litunted vadey, and
surrounilid with majestic mountains,
Revelitoke cun claim t, be one ol the
most prettily sHuutcd cities on the
continent. Few cities hnve belter
possibilities for the years belore it
than wc have here. It is not only nu
Men! locatiun Irom a pioturesque
point of view but also Irom a conimer-
cisl standpoint. It has all lho best
Incilitii'S that u growing city could
wisli lor in the wny ol resources ol all
descriptions, industries and transportation and it l.as been imply demonstrated within the past lew jeurs lhat
th*. city is destined to he one ol the
cliief industrial and coniineici..l centres ol the interior. Kevelstoke hns
had no boom, no frautic or absurd
ris-f. in huul prices, but she has slowly
aud surely hrged ahead, without (altering or hindrance, growing out ol u
lew log huts nway Lack in years and
from tint, mainly by lhc enterprise of
her people and the knowledge thut a
cily was bound to come, has a city
been i-mr. Wished, nn entrepot ol trans-
eoiitinent.il trade and a depot for
imii.Id lesources in mineral, forest
und iigricultuittl wealth. The names
ul ilm.e iniMi whu nre Revelstoke
piuueel'S, so well known now, should
never be allowed to die out, und
it is tlie duly ot the citizens to
perpetuate the r memory in boiiic fom
or nnolher in older that successive
geneiiitions mny know the founders
of uud pioneer settlers in Revelstoke
Although a western city, she hae
improved rnpidly and uow affords her
residents many modern conveniences
afforded to larger and older established
From an industrial stand point the
possibilities of Kevelstoke are surpris
ingly vivid. The resources of the
adjacent country varied and substantial, and transportation facilities lend
especial importance to her centruliz.i
tion cannot be over estimated. Lumbering nnd mining are, of course, the
most staple resources of Kevelstoke,
while Iruit growing and agriculture
are taking up considerable attention
Al.uuat every variety of produce known
to the agricultural world, with tl.e
exception of tropical Iruits, cm be
raised in the vicinity nnd realizing
this, many of our husiness men nre
engaged in clearing hind, nnd laying
out farms and ranches, orchards ni.d
pastures, Irom which even now sub
stautiiil leluiiis ure being mad.-. The
fruit of this district is becoming more
and more known nnd us this industry
is developed so will the orchnid lund
round us become fruit bearing. The
city is un important .'umbering centre
and immense quantities of lumber of
all kinds, (rom bridge limber to shingles and from rough planks to finely
polisl.td material Ior interior finish,
are manufactured. The local mills
compare with any in the province nnd
have most extensive timber limits in
all parte ol the country, from which
they will he able to draw on the forest
wealth of Britisli Columbia for many
years to come. Mining has contributed largely to the commercial ad.
vancement ol Revelsloke, for up in
the Rig Hend in particular nnd in ull
lhe adjacent territory there ore known
lobe rich minerals, and many valuable claims of low grade ore, which
will he worked very profitably as soon
us the means ol developing them bis
been obtained, Moreover there are
now several rich placer mining properties iu the Hend which are making
handsome returns at the present and
otherB again whersjpreparations arc
going on to commence development.
As an industrial centre Kevelstoke
can lake a prominent place, and during the last few years great strides
along these lines have been made.
There are now iu the city, a sa-h and
door factory, cigar factory, carriage
works, aerated water plant, twu breweries, besides several smaller concerns.
The merchants po.scss handsome and
attractive stores, nt which n large general supply business is carried ou.
Willi tlie installation of a new electric
power plant, tl.e establishment ol even
more industries will Is: the result und
cheap power (or sale in Kevelstoke
will l.e a great inducement Ior prospective capitalists to build and opcrut.
manufacturing maohinery,
Revelitoke is an Important divisions! [joint ..I ihe C.P.B., Pacific
division, nnd the ibopi operated bere
by the company employ a large niun-
s enery,  . scull   il   	
Iieadqini.teri  ol  some  m  urn
ex .unions lu he lound on thu it
fur em
As regards the oily itself, thc
ami private residences arc handsome
I....1 numerous, Accomniodilinii ior
visitors is found in nine lintels, while
amon; public institution Ihe V. M. O.
A., Opera House ..nil other hulls
afford ample pastime, The spiritual
side of the people is well end for by
six churches of various denominations.
Fraternal societies, MasonB, Knights
of Pythias, O.W.O.W., I.O.K., l.O.O.l'*.,
...OX., nnd others, hold a prominent
.lace. Municipal government plays u
ery important pnrt in lhe history ol
theoity. In addition to the lire do-
piirlinent, public works, olo., the
lighting system nnd water workB ure
also owned by thc city under direct,
upcriiitriidenec ol the council. Telephone communication throughout .he
city ns well us long distance line tu
Arrowhead, Trout Like nnd Ferguson
nre operated by private capital,
Kevelstoke is oneol the most im.
portanl Government centres in the
Interior) Some ol theprlncipnl offices
(or the Interior of lirilish Coluinbin,
both (or Federal and Provincial government! nre located bore. An efficient hospital looks niter the sick or
the district.
Like all other western cities Kevelstoke has engaged n steady and substantial growth in population, New
industries and the development of
resoufccs have brought men and litu.i-
ues (rom every quarter and provided
them with steady occupation and then
ihey have become pcriuuneut residents
Otlieis hnve lound ii a desirable place
lor healthy living, aud nut a few have
J > \ i 1  I \ / 11.
..n-i leslrlel.
.   aril, in
■filial WallerRlelnlmfl
cleat rl brills
I, I .llllllll'
Imnk i'l ...Hie
il.i.il. le...
iu-i.iI* nt apply fur
eli-c over Uie fnllinvii.il
« nl n posl I'l .ntcd I'll ritilit
r-'ukv Itiver, nbout 2i'l) »ur.l>
moult),  nuirkt"! "Walter Siniiihoff'8
orner I'osi," Ihenro wosl su  rhalns,
nurih mieimins, iiii'iiciM'iist mi chains,
iouth 80clmins to |nuiiiol ooiiimenco-
iittuitilug iilu acres moroor lefls,
•2.  < om men cl lift iu n pust planled on tbo
riiJit imnk ol the south fork ol lho Prastr
ri-. or, 'iliniit \i in iie  from  the imiiilh   nf  Ibe
Ultlo-Hinoky Itiver, marked "Walter Biolnhoff'«
B, W. Homer I'oat," thenre nnrlh su ehuins,
llionce easi 80 clmins, theuce south so cholns,
thenco west 80 rhnius ln the point of cuiu-
inencoraonti and conialnlug 810 ueres more nr
:!. Commonclng nt a pnst plunled on the
It'll l.imk of lhe south (nrk uf the Kroner river,
llboill liulf ii lulle above  Ibe  inoulli  of ibe
Utile Smoky river, worked "Walter Bteliiliolt'h
8 Ki Comer Post," Ihonca north in chains,
Ihonce west 160 chains, thenco soulh *10 ohains.
thenca east 160 clialus io ilic point of oom-
meuci-meiii. ami containing li-m aores more or
■I. Com m onel lie m a post planted on tho led
hunk ol lho south fork of the Kruser Kiver.
nboul hull u mile above (he mouth of tbo
l.llt'eSmokv nviT. iiiuiki'.l-duller-telnboff's
North eiiq ronirr i'osi," ihence no iiiii Hi eliains,
lhcnco wesl HMolialuB, thoneo north40 chains,
thenco east 100 ciiains, to the point of com*
inrnt-eiiietii, nnil coutallilugtMO ncres more or
5, I'ommonolng at n post plantod on the
rl«ht I k of ihe south fork of the Kruser
river, uh ullj miles ubove lhe mouth nf  Uir
l.ituo Smoky Uiver, innrkH "Walter stein-
bi"ff« N.W. corner I'ost" ihence souih iw
chains, (honco eust loohatus, thenco nonh 100
chiihis, iheuce west M chains, to the point of
ooHimoiiceinont nud cuuininlnKiilu nares more
fi Coinmoiioliig at n post plunted ou lho
right bnnk of tho soutli lork ol tbe Kruser
river, almul I1, miles above tne muuth uf the
Lii iie smoky luvor, marked "Walter Btelnhofl's
S W Comer Post" theuce ensl Hi) chains,
thouco north 80 ohains, thoneo wost hu ehaiiis
Ihoneo souih 80 chuius to point of commencement, containing640aoros moreor less.
Daled AugUBtiind, 1907,
7 Commonclng nt n poH planlcd on tho right
bnnk of tint Lillle Smoky Ilivor. ahoul one
mile frmn its mouth, marked "Walter Stall)'
hull'V- S K eurner post," Ihence west IliO chains,
theuco north HI elinins, tllOIICO ensl, llio clmins,
thenee soulli pi dinm* Lu point of commence-
ment and oonlalllliiK 010 aorB8, muro or Ions.
a Cotnmonointj at a post plantod on tho left
bnnli of the Little Smuky Kiver, ubout onu
mlleaboro iuinouih,marked ''Walter Stein-
hofTs S W corner post," theueu oast ioo chains,
Lhcnco norlh -10ehuins, theuce wesh lOOchains,
ihenco souih iu chiiius to pointof commoncomont) and containing 1110 ueres, more or loss,
0 UominonciiiKal a nosl planted nu tho right
bank ol lhc Utile Smoky Rivor,about one and
unt.' half miles above Ub mom h murked "Wnllor
Stollihoirs H K comer posl.," thence west IliO
chains, thouco north 10 uhalns. thouoe cast 100
ehuins, thenco south -lu elinins to puint nf com
inoiicement and cuntaining NO acreH, moro or
i   lu CommeiiciiiK at a posl plan Led on the lefl
Bet'lu! because they Imve nitm-stn in  bank of the Littlo Smoky Kivor, about one and
.   ,, | ono ha f mile- almve its moulh, inarked"Walter
the development ul the resources in | tjlululioirs a W corner pofl»." thouoe east too
., !«,•„, wiil, ,., .„■;,,,, ...ouHI, ■ chains, ihuiico north in uhnins, thonco wosl lliu
the district, \uili growing nealtl) chal)1lS# Ulclu.e south 40ohnlna to point of com
and population property values huvo jjajwomoiit und containing olu aorcsmoreor
naturally enjoyed a rapid increase.
During the pust yeur a large quantity
of ciiy property has changed hands at
continually increasing prices and the
home ^eeker and home builder have
been much in evidence, more so now
tlinn the hind speculator.
Real estate iu Revelstoke is valuable aiid will be more so as years roll
on and as the city grows, which
growth is visible on all sides by the
activity in buildingoperatijus. From
the foregoiug resume Revelstoke will
at once be recognised as one of the
most prospeious and progresswwen-
tresof the great west and We who
have studied the city's locution and
prospects declare that the near future
holds in store much greater things
for the 'Gateway of the Interior"
than she has yet enjoyed.
'A Texas Ranger" will be given at
the Opera Houae on next Tuesday
night. Without doubt this will be tbe
leading melodramatic attraction of
the entire season. It is a typical
fitor. of the panhandle and all who
want to see what real life on the great
plains of Texas really is, sntmld not
fail to see this performance.
In criliciiing "A Texas Ranger "
The Salt I.ike Herald of February 18,
says the following;
"The'S.R.O,1 sign was displayed
early last night at the Grand Theatre
when 'A Texas Range"' was put on for
an engagement of four nights and
Wednesday matinee. The piny is a
picturesque tale of the Texas plains
and handled as it is by a capable
company with the interest heightened
by adequate scenic effects, 'A Texas
Hanger' makes a strong bid for tho
approbation of lovers of startling situ*
utioiiB. Jack Dallam as played by Hay
P, IJranduii is a strong characleil.
May Roberts is au excellent Hose
Melford, the girl fur whose love two of
tbe cliief figures in tlie play are rivals.
The villan too is well portrayed and
the support generally is of high order.
The tragic and sensational do not
monopolize the movement of the
drama. A strain of tender sen I i men l
preVildefl the piece and tbe comedy is
excellent. 'A Texas Ranger'is well
worth seeing."
11 i lommenclng at a post planted on the left
bankof the Littlo Smoky Itiver, about two
milos from Its mouth, marked "Walter Stein*
lion's a \\* corner post*," thence east 8u chains,
ihunce nurth 80 chains, thenco west 80 ehuins,
thenco Bouth 80 chains to point of eoiiiinoncc-
ii) en i and containing Bio aoros, mure orless.
Yi Commencing ut a pust planled un tbe left
bank uf lhe Littlo Smoky Kiver, ahout two
miles irom ils mouth, mnrked "Walter Stein*
hoffa 8 K corner post, thouco west 8U chains,
theuce north tu chains, thence east 8t) chains,
tlience souih Ml chnius io poiut of commencement and coulaiuing (ill) acres, moroor less.
i:f Commencing ata post planted on the left
bauk of the Lillle rimuky River, ahout three
miles from its mouth, maiked "Walter Stain-
liuilV ti w cornor post," thencu cast Hii) chains,
lln nee north lu chains, thenco west lliu ciiains,
thence soulh 1<> chain-, Lo pointof commencement and coutaiuiug OP) acres, mure or less,
1> Commencing at a post planlcd on the right
bankof the Lillle timoky Hi ver, about throe
miles from ils mouLh, marked "Walter Sleinhuirs S K corner posi," thenee west 100 chains,
theuco north 10 chaius, llienee oast 100 clialns,
thenceHuuihlochains lo point of commencement and containing 010 acres, mure or loss.
15 Commonolng at a post planted on the left
bunk of lhc Little timoky Uiver, about throe
and one-half miles from its mouth, inarked
"Waller SteinhotTs S W comer post," thence
east hiu chains, thence nurth 10 chains, tlience
west tliu chains, Ihenee **oui h Pi eliains to point
of commencement and containing Olu acres,
mure or less.
Dnled August Oth, IOO",
10. Commencing nt a post planted on the
riuht bunk ul the Llltle niuuk)' Kiver, nbnut
8U miles j.um ils moutli, marked "Walter
is loin huff's 8, K. Uorn«r i'oBt," ihenco weat ltio
chains, theuco uonh -iuuliains, theuce cast liiu
chains, thence south in chaius tu the point uf
commeucemeut nud containing till) acren inure
or less,
it Commencing at a pottt planted on the right
bunk oithe Litile smuky Kiver, uhtnil lour
miles from its mouth, murked "Walter Sleln*
luff's8. li Coruor Posl," thenee west mchains
theuce nortn su chuius, (thOUCC oust su chums,
llienee hmitb su ehuins tu llie puiut ul cuin-
iiiuucuiiiciit aud contuiulng fliu acres moreor
KevclMnke Lund District,
District ui West Kootenay,
Tube notice Hint llfiiry Miuiiiumii ol
Poplar (reck, occupation Miner, iiilcinl-i
toapply for u special iniibur licenuaover the
following doscribod lands;
Commonolng ata posi planled on tha ohm
siile ol Poplar Creek, abuut 20 led fmni ihe
Creek, nud ftbOUt nix miles trom llie louti ol
Poplar, llieuce east mi chnius, thonco soutn su
chnlns, thence went 80 chains, Ihence north su
chaini lo point of commencement-nud containing till) acres, inoreor less,
Dated Ueiuber P Ib, 1IW7.
oct m sat i'er Krlo sirand, Agonl
KevebLokc Und District
Districl of We>l Koot -Hay.
Tnke notice ihui Krlo Strand, ul I'uplnr
Creek, li t: , occupation .Miner, intends to
upply lor n speeiul umber license uver tliu Jul-
lowing described lands;
Commonclng a! a post planted on the west
sitk't'l Poplar Creek, about Uuu b>ct Irom the
Creek, SUd nbnill seven liiilfH Irom lhe town ol
I'oplnr, theuce south J-wehnni-, Uii'im* west80
cuius, iheuce uortli « clialus, ihonoe east so
chains to point of commencement, -ml cnn-
tinmi!^ uiu acres more or less.
I'uteil Of tuber 10th, 1%1.
oct li/sut BlliC STKAND,
Notice li bon by given ihal the partnership
heretofore su bust inn between us, ihe under-
nlgnod,B. M Munich nml Kdwara C. I'aco. ufl
EJheot Metal Wort on. In the I njof Kevelstoke, iiniinii Col um hla. undortno shiior
lliiincli nnd face, bus tins duy been dissolved
by mutual co lis int, All debts or accounts
owiiiK to said Partnership ure in be p-nd i
hlilil hdwnrd I'- I'uec.
Dnted this llth duy of Del..ber. A.D„ HKJ7
II   M. IIINHlril.
uov iti KDWAKUOil'ACB,
is Commencing at b post planted mi ibe le.i
bauk oi mo i.iiiic smoky lllver, uuu ■■■ i miles
above ils mouth, marked "Wuliui . niuuit's
8, it, Coruer 1'ost/1 iheuce norm w ohaius,
thenee west Ml ehuins, ibeuce south su chuius.
theuco eusl 8U chains iu the point ol commeucemeut Ulld cuutttluiug 010 ueres inure or
pj. Commeueiug at a post plautod on the
left bnnk ui lhc Utile .Smoky Kiver, about fi
ui.les troiu its inoiiih, murked "Waller Stein-
huff's SW comer posl," ihence nortn su chains,
theuce east BO i haius, thenoe soulh su chains,
lbence wesi 8U clmins to the polut of cum*
uioiiceiueutand ooiitalnlugOii) acres mure or
!U. Commoucilig ut a post plnnted on the
left bauk oi the Little Kmoky Kivor, ubuut ti
cs from Its mouth, innrkeil "Wultoi fitein-
buffs.s.W, turner Poat," thence souili Su
chains, Ihunce uasl bu chuius, [bunco nonh tu
chuius, lhcuce wesi Ml t haius to the point ut
'uiniiieni'cuieiit und I'litniiiiiiun ti-tnacres mure
ur less,
21,  Coiamonclug al a posi plunted on the
lelt Imnk oi ine . ntle -urnky liner, ubout six
miles from lia mouth, marked " Waiter Stoiu-
buffs.-, w corner Post," t lenccnorthsuohaiiib,
Ihence eust Ml chitlliN, llienee soiilll  SU cbaius
thouce west so ohaius tu point uf commencement) und ..iii in i iii uk 040 acres moroor Iohh. ,
Daled August sib, m*7.
a. Commencing at a post pl.tnLc.i on the right
bud, ol the Lulle Mmt.ky nvur, ii..mi; miles from
aioiiih, murked "Walter StolnholPi N W
oornor pout," tlieuce aouth mi chum-,thenee easl su
lunils, thoncu uonh nu chains, llionce west su
chains tothe point ol eoiuuumceiuont und com
talning mu aercH, more or leas,
US, Couiinoiiolng ut u post planted on ihe right
hunk of Hit Lilili) Hmoky river, uboui 7 mllea from
ii... motitii, marked "Waltui BtoliiliofTs S w
corner post," llioiica uorlh mj chains, thencu east
801'hniih, llienee soutli So clialna, thence wesi. su
'haina to tho point nl commencement mid coil1
talning WO acres, re or loss,
'ii, Cuiiinienclng at a post plaiilod on lho righi
Imnk nl lh.' Litile .iniuk) iiu-r, .ibmit n mllea fioiu
IU muulli, marked "Walter Kleinliotl'a N W
corner poat," theuco aoutn BO chains, llienco mist
mi,'h.tms, ihi'iiic muili sinii.tnis, thonce hu*L MJ
.-hauls ioihi< point ol Bom mencenient and i
tabling WO aero*, moroor leaa.
25. Commencing at a posi planleil mi ihe right,
bunk of the Little Smoky river, ulmut M miles Irom
ita i ul irkod   ' Walter HIoIiiIiqIPb s W
corner post,"'tlionco north 80 clialna, tlience eaat
Mi chains, thonco -.oulh no chuius, Ihencu west bil
clialns to the point of commencement uud eon
iiiiiiiiii; wu aerea, moro or lean.
Uated August 0th, 1007;
20, Commoneliig nta post planted mi the right
bank of iim Liiih- m ky river, aboul it miles fr	
its month, marked "Walter MtoliihntTa NW
corner post," llienco smith 80 chums, lliance rust
Ml chums, tlieuce ninth so clmins, thoiiuo  wesl SU
cliuiua lu the point ul comiaoncemeiit uml eon*
talnlllg UIU acres, more or less.
i, Commencing at upn.it plantod on (he right
bunk nl Ihe Llltle Smoky ntn,nboul u miles from
ild moutli) tii.uUil "Waller Mnnhoils SW
enrner pnat," thonco north Hu clialna, llieuce eail
ni chums, thoncu smith SO chains, thonco wesi Ml
chains lu tho puiiil ul commoncomont and cnu-
tablingW0acres, moreor less.
i<   Cutiiineuehig ut a post planted on Hit* i i.-m
bunk oi il aat furk uf the Little -mmky n
about' -eighth mile abovo Hie forks, marked
"Uiiii.'isii'miiiiifs.NW cornor post," thunce Bouth
8U chains, tlienco east 80 chains, ihenco norlh 8U
chalna, Uience weat u0 chaina to the point of com*
menouinonl uml containing ilu acres, more or leaa,
'it, (lomuioiiolng ai a poit planted on the right
bunk fil Lhe rast lork of  lhu   Little  Mimky ntcr
abuul eight mile above ihe Turks,  marked
"Walter HI Ih.iUs  W corner nost," theme
north 8Ucbalni, ilmnco enst mi chains, thence
-ninth S'l chalna, thence weat^O chaina tu the polut
nf commencement ami containing wu ueres, mure
80, Commoneliig ata imst planted mi Um right
hank ol llie eaat fork of tho Littlo smoky river
ahuut one and uiie-eighth milea irom ilm forks,
marked"WalterSteiiiholf's N  W curuer   poal,*
ihopuint of commencement and containing Bin
acres, more orless.
81. ' niiuii -nc n^ ii a pnsl [.I mted "ii He* rlghl
Iniik'if Hie •Mil folk of the Littlu Mitoky rirer
■ih.mi nn- and uiie-elght uiili-s from Its forks,
inirked "Walter HtelnhoiTa S \V comer puai,"
Hi.'iiee imrtli bo chains ihencu e.i.-t SUi ii tins,
llieuceaoutb 80 chains, tlienco weat uu chuius t*
tin-pnint nf commencement ami contaiuiug WO
ueres, more i.r less.
'M. Commencing ut a pout planted on tlio right
buuk of th- east f..rk of the Little Smoky rlrer
al t',i miles from iis forks, markwl "Walwr
Meinhntl's N W corner posi," ihenee sontli 1(1
■hains, thence ensl Piu chums, tlieuce north 4"
chains, tiience west luu chains to the point ol
commencement and containing Wu acres, more or
83, Commenolng at a post planted on the right
hank of the eaat fork of the Little smoky river
about ii miles from its forks, marked "Walter
HtelnhoiTa S W corner post," thmiee north 40
chalna, thouce eaat Itfu ehains, tbeuce south 40
ohaina, thence west ion ehuins to the point of
commencement and containing wo aerea, more
Dated August 10th, 1907,
81, Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of tho eaat fork ol tin- Little Smoky river
■.iunu v., miles from its foiks, marked 'Walter
Htolnholfa N W corner poat," thenee south ibo
I'hiins. tlienco east 4U chains, thenco uorlh ISO
rlulni, thence w-e,,i 40 chains to the point of com-
luuncQineiit and containing Wo ueres, nuuu or less.
.'ii. Commoncing Bt a post planted on the right
hank of the east fork of the Little s uxy riw
.ilmni -i'-j mil.'s Inmi iu lurks, in rkt-1 "Walter
StalnhulfaS W eorner poat," tnenrc north bl)
chains,liienuo eust tu chains, thun u snuthho
chalna, llienco west no clmins to me (nj.nt of o rn-
nieiicemeiit and coiitalnliig wu m re^. mure or U-is
nil, CommeHClng nt a posl planted mi the right
bank of the east fork «f the Lut le Smoky rlw
about i'i uiili-s above its forks, marked "Waltei
HteiiihoirsN K corner poat," thenca swath lui
chalna, theuce weat 40 clialna, thenca north 1*1
chaina, tkonca eaat 4u cliains to the point of coin
muucemuiit und containing wu acroa, nmre or less
8? Commonclng at a post planted on the right
bank of the east fork ol the Litile smoky river
ubuut 5Vi mllei from iti forks, marked "Wulier
SteiuhoiPs ti w cornor posi" thince north mi
chains,tnoiicoeaat mi clialna, theme s.-uih sn
di lius. thunco weat -u clialna in the point of eoup
inuiiceiuont uml containing 040 acres, inure or lesi,
88. t 'ouimoncing ui a post planted mi the right
bank of ihe east fork of the Little smoky river
about &M mllea from its forka, marked "Waiter
HtelnhnU'a N W corner poat," them-e cast ni
ch,tins, i.i.'iu-u souih mj chalna, thenco west tu
chaina, theuce north an chains to the point of com-
iiiuncomout uml containing wu aciea, more or less.
Datod August 12th, I0u7.
80, (Jummenolngat a poat plunted on the right
bank of the east fork of ihu Little Smoky river
almut BU milea from ita forks, murked 'Walter
Slciiihotl's S   W   corner  post," Lbence   north   8U
di,mu. thunce caat BOcnahis, thenca soutb bu
chiiius, theuce wesl 80 chains to the puint of cam-
in.-in'cim:ut aud containing UlO ncres, moru or less.
40. Commencing at a post planted on the right
Innk of lho east lork of tlm biitle smoky rlrer
about B^ mllea from its forks, marked 'Walter
Stelllllolf'S N W conier post," thence east SU
chalna, thenco soutn 80 chains, tbence west»
chains lhcuce norlh so chains 10 the point of com
munceiiient and containing 8U acres mure orlsts.
Dated August 18th, IV07.
II. Cummencing at a. post plunted un the right
hunk of the eust fork of lhu Little Smoky met
iiho.il V/-t miles from its lurks, marked "Waller
Slu,11.mil s N W corner post," tbence east 88
chains, Ihunce south bu chnlns, theuce west 81.
ch ihis, llieuce north so chains to the point of can.
inciic.-iiif nt ami containing uiu acres, mure ur lesi.
ii. Commencing ut u puat planted on the ri*|hi
bank of lhe coat fork of the Litile smoky ruer
about 7 1*2 miles from Ita forks, niarked 'Waller
Steiuhuirs S W corner post." theuce north 80
chains, tbence cast &u chami, thence iouth bu
chains, thenee west Sochains tu the point of com-
uieiieeiuent ami containing wu acres, muru or less.
Dated Auguat llth. IU07,
13, Commencing at a post planted ou the
right hunk ol ibe east lork ol thc Lillle
Smoky ttlver; about8J^ miles from its forks,
marked -Wulier siciunufCs.-. Vt Corner Poat/
Uience east 80 cbaius, thence south 80 chains,
llieuce west 80 chuius. tbeuce uorth 80 cnains,
lu the point of eommencemeut aad containiug
040 •lores more or less,
44. Commencing at a post planted on the
right bank ol tbe east furk 01 the Little Smoky
Kiver, ubuuUK miles above Us lorks. marked
" Walter Steinhoff's S W Curuer Post," tlieuce
north 80 chains, thenoe east 80 chains, tbeuce
snutli 80 clialna, theuce west 80 cbaius tu the
point of commencement nnd containing 84u
acres mere or less.
Duted August loth, 1007,
iiy, Commencingat a post planted on the
right bank of tbe eust fork of the Little Smoky
Kiver, about 9,'j miles above ils forks, marked
" Walter SteluUoif'a N W Coruer Post," thence
eait 80 chains, thence south go cbaina, theuce
west 80 chains, iheuce north 80 ehains to the
point ol commencement, and containing 640
acres more or le-s,
40, Commencingat a noat planted on (be
right bauk of ibe east fork of the Litile Hmoky
iiver, about niue aud a half miles from Its
forks, marked "Walter Steiuhug'a S W uorner
Post," thenco norm 80 cliains, theuce eau be
chaius, thenee south 80 chuius. iheuce west 14
ctmlui-lo ibe point ol commeucemeut aud
containing040 acres moreor less,
tinted Auguat iwn, l!*v7.
47. t.'oiituiciicingijt n pust pluuicl on tbe
right buuk of the easi lurk uf the Little Smoky
Itiver, abuut ten aud u hall miles irum its
lorka, marked "WalterSteinhuff'i N W Corner
Post," lhcuce eust nu chuius, tlieuce smith a-.*
ebains, theuce west60 cbaius, iheuce uortu bu
lhaius tu the pmut of commencement uud
containing 0411 ueres more ur less.
4s Commonolug at a puat planted on the
right buuk of the cast furk uf the Little Smoky
Uiver, uboui ten and u hsil miles ubove lla
forks, marked "Walter Steinhoff's SW Corner
Vsi," tlieuce north 80 chains, thence east Bu
Imi us, iheuce south go ohaius, theace wea ttu
hums, [0 the puiui of euunuenceiueiit and
coutaiuiug 640 aoros L-oruur less.
pj Ctmmoncltig at a posi pluuted on the
right bunk ui ibe eust lorkol the Littlu smoky
luvur, ubout eleven aud a hail miles Irum in
lurks, marked 'Walter HtoiuhoR's SW corner
Post," thence north 80 chuius, thence cast go
.■ii,iin.i tbence Boutb 80 chains, iheuce west su
chains io tue pmut ol commencement and coo*
Lulling ' lu ucre.- moru or less.
Daled August Dili, P;07.
60. uiuincnclug at n post planted on tbe
right buuk ui tne cusi turn of tne Llltle Smuky
Kiver, about cloven aad a half miles from i t>
in'ki, marked "waltur Slew huff's N w uuruer
>■.. ," theuce cast bu cbnins, tbence south feci
cu.iiii- thenco west 60 chains, ihence nortusu
Ghuni' 1 tho puint ol ouuimeuceim.ntaud cuu-
tului. „   1   icres mure ur less.
61 Com.,,co. ingal a post planled un the
right bunk un.icyust fork ol tue Lillle Smok)
lliver ahoul i.iuhu mllea aud t half Irom it.*
lorks, mnrked" ou.i.-r siuiirhuff's .s iV Corner
Pust," uience cast 8U chains, thuuee south 8u
chnius, thenee westsu chums, thence nurth tn
chaius to pointof commencement and containing tilu acrvs mure or less,
east lOOehalna, theueo uurlh 4*i ibun*, Ui«i"*v
wv.-e lUOohalnn, thenre soutli !*»• halns in polul
uf coinmeii.riiM nt. uud iuin mg tAiMiiv*,
more or lesJ
1)1 Corameili log at a pot planted *n ih- left
bmk of the north lork of ibe Utile Smoky
Kiver, about fuur milei-from thc forks, maiked
"Walter Steinholfs N W oorner po-d. tbenct
east 160 cbami, thfnco ftiutii I" ehalaa, th-tifov
treat IW chains, thfncfl nortb 40 ehalfli t-- pulnl
ol commencement and containing lid S'icr
mure or itsu.
Duted Aug-i-t Ilth, 1I>-':.
WALTbil ETU5H0ry,
bv'AI.RX. LaTlMIR,
»*t sep 21  agent.
&1.   lo dicing nl a pust planlcd on thc
right bunk uf lhe cast furk uf thc Little Smoky
River, abuul twelve and a half miles frum its
folks, mnrkiil "Walter StolnholT* S W Cornei
Pusl,'lbence uurlh ni chains, rhence east 90
ohaius, thonco south 80 chains, iheuce wembu
ohaius lo tho puint of commencement, con*
1.uum*' Iilu ncres moreor lesn,
D.u cd Augin-tlilih, 1907,
63 Comincncing at a post planted 011 the
rigbi bank uf the oasl furk uf Lhe Little Smoky
Km i...ii,.„it Moi'tni and a half miles fruui
ihe lurks, "marked Waiter Steinhoff's N w
Corner Poat," thenco cast *J chains, thence
soulh BU challll, lbence went ni chains, theuce
uorlh bUohalm lo the point of commencement
nod containing 010 aoros more or le--.*.
61. Commonolng at a poet planted on the
lUlil  bank uf  thu   can fork of   thu  Litile
Hmoky lllver, about thlrtoon ami uue half
ml loa from iii forks, warki.ii "Walter
HielnhoiTsS W Corner t'oit," tbence north 80
ohalna, thonoo oaal bu ohalni, ihei.ee suuth so
ohaina, thonoo woal mi ohalm io the iwmi ol
euuiiiu'iicflmeiitunii coiiUuiniig 511 acros, murine hi.-*.
Daled Auguat 30th, 1007,
SI, ('ommeiieing at a poit planted on His right
bank of the eaat fork of ihe Little Smok} nrer
about it1! mllei frmn the forks  marked ' Waltet
NtolnllolTa >   VV   enrner  post,"  thencu  last   Mi
chalna, thorce south 80 chains, thence west w
haina, llionce north mi chums to the pomt of com
mi-iircmerit nml containing >>io acres, mon •* less.
till, i 'omnivnciiiK ut i post ul'Uited on the right
liank of the eaat forkol the .Little smoky river
about IIU milea from the forki marked "Waller
sti'inhoilss w oornor post," thenoe north M
olmllia, thenco out mi .-h-iins, then.-e south au
lhaius, thence wost hi chains to the pomt oi cna
mencomont uml containing Bin acres, m-are oi \t«
Dated AugustSUt, iuo7.
.'ji Commencingat a post planicii on the
right bunk of lhe nurlb fork of lhe Little
Smoky Kivor, about ono mile frum tbo forks,
marked "Walter Slolnh'elTu 8 K corner poet,"
thonco nori b 100 chain-, theoce wesi pj ohains,
llienco south IBM chalna, theace east io chains
to pointof cummcneeuicni and containing 840
KeveUtski Und OUlriot,
Ui.-trict of U'cel KuoLPiiaj-,
'ri.ke.iuti t lost Andrew Kin...., ..i
.level*-..>»t', B. Cm ..liner, inlei.Js It.
npply fur n opei ul tin.l.er licenis nve.
lln- Inili.wing described Un.l. :
1. Ciniiieiicng sl s p.ial pim.led
nne quaitfi mils sliovs ill* tii.i.hfurk
..f Flat Creek. ..n the miilh liank, and
tiittl'keu '-Andrew Kitann1! h. £. Coiner," ihenee north tu cbnins, theuct
iveil UUJi Imlni. thsncsiaiithsUchsini,
ihenee esst ldii chului to puinl nt
i nm.iieuteiiie.it,   mid  lunlMiiMiig  tHU
Hies .....ie III IrMi.
Dsted Aujusl UOlb, IW.
2. Gu.umsnci.il st • pull planted
one quarter mils sbovs the nonh furk
of Fist Creek nn the n.rlti b*i,k snd
mnrked "Andrew Kilson's B. Vt, Cur-
ner," thence norlh WJ chaina; thsnes
.n-i Niibiiiiia; thence south SO chsim,
theme »e,*i si ,-haiiih, to point of
i'..n>.iic.K-eineiit and containing OW
Hfrei iiinre ur less,
Dnled A,.g.i*i aiih, 1917.
3. Commencing at « post planted
ilbo.lt one i.iile and three-qi.arten
below ll.e ii... ih furk of Fist Creek, on
Cie north bank, and marked "Andrew
ksiisni.'s S.W, Corner," ihence nonh
SJ chains, thence ism 40 chaini. thence
.mill. 10 chains, thence east 40 chaina,
thence soulh SOch.iinf, thence west 411
chains, lbence north 40chaini, thence
wesl 40 chains in pi.iiH ,.f :uuinitnee-
ment and conlaining 840 acren inuri or
Dated SUh, 1907.
NOTICE     '
In the matter of an application for the
issue uf a duplicate of the certificate!
of title fur Lot 12. Block 18, in the
town of Rerelitoite,
NOTICK is hershjr given that it ii
my intention to issue at the eipiration
of one muuth from tbe llrsl publication
hereof, a duplicate of the cerliBcale sf
title for the above lot in the name of
Soren Uallegaard, which certificate ii
dated tl.e 14th day of January 1U01,
and numbered 4030k. and 4031k.
Land Registry Offlce, Nelson, B. C,
Utli September, 1007,
n. v. h>,cL/kod,
,  District Registrar.
lU.clslok. Lui I Diatric.
Dulricl «I H«m Ku.iUnij.
Itti notice Ihal I, A, Hradlijr, of kaislikik.,
B. t... occ,.paliun Mnn,,, ,,.,►]. .. ,..;, ,„,
.fecial tiul«rlic<nie,o,eT,S.I»U»wiu4aa,rlbial
1, Coamenjla, at a pan plank,, m Ui. wa
nilt nil ..luiuc,., ....rani una tnd a Lall aula.
*...-■! of Claatbia tn.r and to.aat. oa. kail mlIm
..tirll. uf Ui( Mvulk Curt, and auia.J " I 1.
Bradley'. >. W. corn., p.^,' mania, .euta n
cba.ni, ih.ac. .u. H .laiaa, Hi.um aortk H
clia.ua, in.Bt;. ».., bv chaia. k, pom ,, r...
1 Comaeaciai a, a poil pUat.d oa ih. .ul
..de oi I fi.an.kiamai as! <ut of ClambU rm,
an. and a h&li mi... and tw. and i ball atlM
nortb ol Hig Moulh Cr«.k, and aiarM " | k,
llradley', s. W, corner po,t," mania* aorth N
chaina, thenc. tail » ehalna, tb.Dt. ..all, st
cha...,, ihcaes .«,, sl .,>.-, „ ui., 0| aoB.
Haul thl, ath dajf ol iu,ail, IMT.
J. Comm.nclnka. a pn. plastsd as is. .aa.
side ol tolunbia r.,.r and .... of Colambl. rl'w
one and a half rail*, and on. otrl, aoutb of Slsbl
.Mil. Creak, an.l narked "S. A. Bradi.T. J I,
corner poil," muiis, aoull. SU chain. Ibaw.
wea. m cbaius. these, north l» Cainj, thu..
.-.,*. ft. chaiua u. point of c-.iu.BeLo.ii.Bt.
,- Uouuueucmialapoa. plaoUsd oa ths sail
<id« oKulowlii» river aid eait of (,'ol.uLna rim
on. and a half u.lv. and oa. nil. .oi.h ui Siibl
.Mile Ue«k, aid marked "K. A. Bradl.,', ». M.
timer pun,' runuln, nortb Ml rbaini tb.se. «..t
se chaius lut-m-e auutii SU clias,, tbcu-. tu. m
clia.ua lu pu.nl oi eon.u.ence<n«lit.
S. c'.jiuittt-ntiiij at a puit plt.it.tl .n tb. .ul
-i.k- of Columbia nr.r snd «s,t of C.lnsibla ri.ar
one and a lull ....Ir, and on. oil. i.ulh of Miibt
M.le creek, an.l mnraed "B. A Uradler'a S.W
turner pusl, ruuninj mutl. SO ahauu. Ibenc. su.
MJ Cains, Uient-e n«rth ss chains, ih.it-. «... 10
chain, lo point uf con.n.eicem«nt.
ii Cu.uiene.ne at. poit planted ,,. ,h. .ul
sl.le ..I Ciiluiubn river an.l une an.l a half miln
..■.isl ..I Columbia r.vrr aid une iLila.oath.f Sliht
.Mile Creek, and marked " K. A. hradla, . S. V.
c'..rnerpu..,"rniinsu]northlucbauu. Ih.uc. Ml.
91 cbalni, .bence .uuih w eba.ni kbeno. „.,, is
chains tu puint ul cuanaeucuielt.
Haled lhu !7lb day olAujuit, 1K17.
7. Couiu,,...ci.n»t»|K),ip|,nl«d.ia tha wus
ildeoi Columbia river and west of ta. Celunilui
r.vrr uue hundred eba.ni aad thre. all., loath of
.Ma.un-ycreek, and marked "B. A. Bradi.fi K.k.
corner pu.t," rnnain, iouth SC eba.ni. Ib.ac. will
.vtiuiiis, ...ence n.nhsochalu, thai., au. W
cliains t,. point of cuinmeuc.ui.nl.
Hated tins ssth day uf Augiat, leu;.
s. LVui.un.rini nt a poal planted .n Ih. ».rt
side.if ColUBlbls r.vcr aud on. .id a ball u.l*.
westuf ('..lumbia rirei aid on. mil. n.rth el
llu.ae creek, an-l narked " K. A. Sradlcya 8. E.
curuer post; tuun.ni) nurth so chaina, (hence wmI
SO chalna, lbence iouth SO cbaina, thence eul N
cha.... lu puiut of comnienr.nent.
.. Com.uenr.ne at a pull planted as tk. wu,
■Ids ofCelumbll r.n. and two aid a half mil.,
we,, of Columbia m.r anil on. hall ail. lorth ol
Home (reek, anil narked "I. A. Hradl.j. », S.
turner poll," rwii.in, north so chains, ...sue. wu.
SU Mi.tiu. tb.nce tuuth 10 chain., Ik.see rut It
chains tu point uf rt.mm.ncta.it,
KateJ tl.ii HSU. day of Ae,uil, INT.
10. Cuuiuianciu, al a puit planl.d on sh. nnrlh
i.de ol Home i'.e.k and una alia lleaa lie noalb,
anil marked "E. A. Bradl.y-.8i s. ..ra.r •oai,'
runn.n, nurlb s chain,, tbvuu west Is ebau>a,
thenc. iouth 80 cbalm, tbanc. .ul II eSalu so
point ot c iuiiu.uf-rm.ut.
Comment->u. al i poat rlanlrd an tb. sarth
■ ,, ...  ■—,\t-. ...
II, _     . r... >  ..,._
side of Home Creel tnd on. iii. f r.a U. mouth]
andmarkotl "g, A. BradleyaN. S. corn., Mat,
riinnmesullh lucbauu, Ib.uc. w».l !o .aarn,
thence north SScha.ni, thaai. tut tl .hti.it.
pullt ot i uuillfrtii-rufrol
U. .'uaimnicia, tl t po., planled oa tb. lorth
,..!< ..f Hurne Creak and lwo mil., frua IU stoatb,
a.-l .....rk.l   K A. Sradlo; is   >. <
it. r.
,, .....If. i
68 .'i.i.iia.f.i.fii.n; al a p.j.1 planted on lhc
rlRlil Imnk ul th! nurth fork of Ihr Little
Minokj Itiver, about oqs mllo fnnn the fork..
uiiiri.nl "Wulier Slrintiufl-* s W corner jks-i.'
Llioiica north 180 chains, thenoe eut 40 oaaini,
LiiOHOo south 100 ohains, thonee Wosl *'i chains
I., poinl of conttnonooDlon. and contain.Dg 040
aoros. muro or Iuhh.
Datod Augiirt 33th, IS*!.
lit. Commonolng at a post planted on the left
Innk uf lhc nortn furk of the Lltli. rin.oky
Hit... about .1..'.'.' ...ilo. from the fork., market
"Waller rJloiihofTi 8\V corner post," thenc.
nortli su ,-ij.ti.t-. tlieuce ,-a-t W chaina. thence
south 80 ohains. thenoo west 80 chain, torxjini
ni couimsnoomont snd co...a.u...d tii" mtvh,
...ore ur lor,.
00 (,'omiiieiicliLK ot a (Hjst planted ou the left
hank of tho north fork ol the Little Saiokf
let's s a. eoraar ami,"
runntni ., -. U cbtl.i, Ibeac. a.r.b K ibtiu,
l.ien.-e we.t lu chain., these. ...rth iv ckt.ua,
U.euteeutSu 1.1.in., thenoe mull »l ebslu,
the-u-e eut lu cha.ui, tb.nc. ..ulh 11 chtius
tu point -..' roRin,rt.c.i|,ut
l'lie 1 tl... .tfii.Ut ol AlfMt, IH>;
13, .'ulumeucilih- al t But iilaiited ta thl
a.-.. -1.1c nl Column,! nrer and oar Bile wes.
of I.,, u.n.,.„ r.vcr tnd ent mile aoutb ol lorns
Cnek, t.,.| mtrked " fc. A. Hrulliy'e N. I.
ct.rner |ul, ruaiiiBi wulh K chain., Ihenc.
wo-t Si chain., Ihcnos nor.h 10 ckaiu, thtsst
eaat SO t-ha.na lo point of comme.iifem.nl
IHM ihi. Sin da)- of August, IKJt,
►at ipl 1    BDWAIll) ACtfl'ST DKADUtY.
         KOOSIj Ayro Bltcktior., Agsn)
" notice:
BeTelitOkl Und District,
Dulnct of West Kooum*!1.
T-ike notice Ihui Robert K. (joodmu, of Mur
InetU, WI*t,,L\8.a*\.,Mcup»tlonlumh«nii«ii,ln*
leodj to apply for spi-cial timber lloeniwi ofer
lhe follow)ti*( detscribed landa;-
l. r..miiii-iiciiiK at a peat plaittd ea Ihe
ii-i braucb ul Hal; Creek, about three-ft-urtb
milea Imii forka, and 6 inllea fron mouthof
H1I7 (raak, narked "Rnkari F, Uoodnai'a
■nutb-vrtH corner poal," thenea M abatna
oartl, tbeucaW ckaloa tul, thenct 8fl ehalaa
■euth, thence 80 chulni treat to place of to**
nt 00*811801,
i'atcd Sib Sept. 1907,
: < "tiiraaiu'lii-f it a pott planiatl V+ ralloa
n]-'rmijuii Creak, marktd 'Hubert r. (»ood«
nuii's sonth-west corner poat," thtoce IM
cftuius aut, ihcRce tecbamt ntrlk. thtnet IM
cliaim wtst, tkeuce ill ohalni eotth tt plarttl
Dated ibih Saal. 1M7.
■lOfuftr r ooudmam,
aat ort 5 Cbirltt Cepp. i|tlt.
I, Aleiander Merrill, ol Salmon
Arm, declare tbst my will bn loll my
bed and board of btr own (rss will snd
without csuie snd thai I will nsl bs
responsible tur soy dsbti tbsl lbs or
my children may incur from lhii diss,
Oot. 2nd 1907.
itUXASMI Msssau,, Dress Goods Savings
Ladies' and Children's Coats
Onlv fi few lefl of these New Conts.    Regular $15, antl
Children's Conts from $2.30 to $8.00 eacli,
Attractive Values in Underwear
Cllilel Weill- -,'llil'.     f10111 HOC, 11 glirl.IO.lt  In S2..HI Clicll,
llll. now Sin, nndj$7.00,
I. tirade Kii
IU   pi'lc
Sateen Underskirts
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Comforters and Blankets
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Millinery Veilings nnd Hil.lions
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9 9
Sitl ird.iv, nei. 10, lor 'JI hours.
Fair und cloudy, frosty nights. Temp
max. 'il degrees; min, 35 degrees
Local and General.
It is believed thnt the Dominion
Parliament will be culled to nirct on
November 21st.
The regular meetiug of the Ladies'
Auxi'iary of the Y..M C.A,will be held
ir, the building on Monday, Oct 21,
at 3.30 p.m.
Vi. J. Curtii, piano timer, will be in
the ci'y I-•: a short time. Orders lelt
with K. Howion ..r Lewis Bros., will
receive prompt attention.
In the account of Conductor Hen-
derson'i accident in last Wednesday's
issue tbe word Fern'e, through innd-
vertance, crept in instead ol  Vernon.
President Shaughnessy was in the
city thie morning en route eait. During his short -lav here be took the
.: ] rtunity t i psy a visit to the
Y, M C. A. building,
The annual general meeting ol the
.' ii ii .- i*: il will ic-Ihm! iii the City
Hall on T .esday (-veiling at 8:30.
Eli :ti '.. I tflcera and "ther general
: i-ii ■ ■- will be transactrd,
Mr. and Mrs. Rodenbaugh are
i urning I e . ■- ol their little sou
'■ •. .. Uslie, aged one year, 'J monthi
and 13 d ys. whose death occurred on
Thursday, Oct. 17th, Irom an illness
contracted by infantile sickness, The
:'ineral I k place this alternoon from
the resider.ee on Second >t.
One ol the molt popular institutions
in Revelil ke t lay is the Swastika
Club, c n | sed I y ung ladies. It ia
the i:.•.-.... :. ol the club to held
dancei periodically as well us card
I nl -> and thi r - cial amusements,
which ihould pais the wintei evening'
,-.•;, enj yally.
The -aw mill »t Ai.ni;. neai Sics
mous. Lasc Shuiwap, will commence
cutting next spring. The new C nl-
I iny ii, i eraling campi at the head
I A neit) Arm where il holds eiten-
■iv. and valuable limits. Annii ii
no* a C F R. Hig itati m and a poit
:',--1,- uii been Bitsbliihed there
One I ihi :- it lemsrksl le tresk
newipip. never | tinted wn thi Lu.
minan, | il ih. i it Madrid. It was
printed with ink C H.taiiiii,.'  ph -| :.
. ii - thn I ■ | tpei c ild be read
in tbetlark Ai Ihi ( c trioaiiy wai
,. led Ihe Regsl ted with non-
p li -. ,- ii , m thin •■-•■ tiol m igh,
which could be eaten, ihni lurniihing
nourishn ent - n I I)' ii - • II u mind,
Le Bien Ktr- promiied ll. ■• wh sub-
scribed  I. r   I1) years s penii m and
Full Weight %
llllll fresh fwilll II..1 men, our
broad i.s served lo uur natrons
daily. Woclulin'lo bake thn best
braid from the best flour, und
uifiile by the best process, which
gives as iinii'il nutriment to lho
loaf ns I In- best home mndo
Our C.ikcs nre rich nm
our Pastry delicate nnd dollciuu
We nre thero with the goods,
unt only tho goods bul nlsti the
prices. A cull ftt our store will
c ...vince you Hint nur slock is
esl. ...id..f the vory best. Purity nn.1 quality nro twins. Trade
" i'h us ..u.l put your tnlii.' nn
lh.. pure fond l.nsis. Our name
i* nn absolute insurance against
fraud ..nil deception;
Customers cn
favorite brands
II  .uir   goods
at    lav..rile
Hobson 8p Ml
Social and Personal
Miss I'eiul Wind returned yesterday \
morning from Vancouver.
R. W. Haggen has returned from a
visit to the coast.
Conductor Harry Ferguson has
returned trom a trip to the east.
Mr. Dunlevey, a well known lumber
man ot Buffalo, was in the city this
A. '. eleo has lelt to reside in Suliiinii
An., where he intends opening tip
business in music .....1 organ teaching.
Vi. McKee, ol the local Imperii.
Bank staff, leaves .... Tuesday I i
Cranbrook, where he has been trans,
lerred as teller ol the branch theie
Mrs. T. II Dunne, ot Notch Hill
in- heen visitiug iu the city loi n i '
days this week en route lor Arr.«
head, where she will in tut in  n * le
Ed Edwards has received the appointment ol Deputy tssese in I
Collector lor the Reveistoke Vssess
ment district, in tlie place ol R 11
Gordon, resigned.
Mr.   E.  A-   Bradley   returned
Wednesday from a two week- trip I
the Eastern American cities, nnd Mrs
Bradley returned on Friday morning!
Irom a visit to her sister at Seattle
Mr. and  Mr-.  Ed,   Adu
remain lor the winter.    Mr. Adiir wi
asi i. in '.i.r Salvatl n Army ichen e
ol immigralion to Britiih Columbia,
\ ■■  m tj Fraier on hi. trasile
R. ■..■:■■ ke wsi nnde the recipient    i
a  hand k ng  iei   and   an
,t-1 ir--- by hii I   n li        the city
iayj the  Seln n Sewi    I ie , ren i
tation wai made  In  I e
Sup. rintei denl I   email   who i
Mit.-'l   i. the  .mi-.
Come and order
iu-i Conl ever
' rought
into Revelstoke.
Don't forget the ;  i
Kincaid mul Anderson
Frank McCarty
Business Locals
Potato sacks .i Bourne Bios,
Nothing better than Our "Speoial
"Kvur l'ie-li" puckngc biscuit.—jt.Bt
lhu ibing—-Mac's tin eery.
Patronizo Homo Industry. Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Uenire  tallies from  $1  up at The
Biscuits of  ull kinds in 1 lb. pack.
.s, two b.r 25t). at 0. II. Hume A Cu.
M ittresscs, Pillows and Bed Comforts at 0. 11. Hum... A- Co's.
New Daily Journals for 11108 now
ready at ihe Canada Drug Store.
special sale of tapestry enrpete at
The Ideal, 35c. per yard.
fluod selection black teas, India
and Ceylon, 25c. up at Mac's Grocery.
Cranberries, malnga grapes, apples,
pears, citrons, celery at Bourne Bros.
Bring your pictures to The Ideal to
have theni framed, that is our business.
Lace und Tapestry Curtains, curtain poles nnd llxturce at 0, li. llunie
,fc Co.
Trappers' oup, lies, all kinds of traps,
guns and ammunition at Lnwience
Hardware Cu's.
For window shades, wall paper,
linoleum and lloor nil cloth, go to C.
B. Iluinc A Co.
All kinds ot electric work promptly
and efficiently executed, bell wiring a
specialty—Lawrence Hardware Co.
Grillin's Premier Hums and Bacon
are the best you can buy, at C. B.
llunie tt Co's.
Don't risk danger ol lire with an
old stove, buy a new one (rom Lawrence Hard ware Co.
California grapes, bannna9, pineapples and musk melons at C. B.
Hume A Co.
Remember you can get drawing
sets, tracing pnpers, cloth, and all
necessary inks, etc., at the Canndii
Drug Stoic.
Just received a complete line of
Lad.es, Misses and Children's Shoes,
Miss A Muslin, opposite Climax
We will call for your airtight heater
nnd lit it with new sheet- iron linings
ready for the winter—Lawrence Hardware Co.
Picture [raining neatly and promptly done nt Tlie ideal Furniture Store,
our stock of m .u dings ino second to
nune, tiy us.
Ociober 31 is the Last Day for
Ot^ber 31st. is the last day on
whichi-.pplications may be made Ior
enrolment on the municipal voters
list with any h .pe ol the applicant
being allowed tu vote at the January
elections. Many would-be-voters are
filling in their statements at the city
clerks olliee every day now and tlie
list ia considerably bigger than last
year. In connection with tliis matter
it should be stated that this voters
list has no coniiection whatever with
the list governing tlie votes on money
by-laws, this 1st er being privileged
only to bona lide property owners.
C. 8. McAllister, ol  the  Nakusp
Fruit Lands Company, is ip the city.
Mr.   McAllister  Bpeuki glowingly ol
the tl velopment ol the Iruil  growing
along the  Arroiv   Lakes,    His own
f ham .w 29 settlers who will
i     ii.   ..;.'.. - in and around
Sakusp, A  I the sume story conies
ill  along   the    Arrow   Lakes.
I'ii      ..- ir or two both lidea of the
■   ■ . ited with fruit randies.
—Nell       tnsdian.
Now Ilu. cool nighis nre liun1 und wc uill soon I. ve .old
dnys, You will be wise tu gel, ynur New Ove.cnul curly in lho
season. You will get so much more good Out of il.';iii.T~p.ob;ihl\—
save yourself a bad cold. We have the very bites, s.yles.'hi the
'most Fashionable Chillis, and tiii'o.ed eipl.il to any clistun. iunde
nt n saving of at, least one-third,   Conic in and let ns HI you?
We think ive cnu show you some of the lie»l values and Iht,
best wearing Sox in the town, We have then in nil weigh.-,
from the light Cashmere to tho heaviest Lumber.nun's, We hnve
mint'lines imported direct from England In Black Cn-sluneie and
Kiincy Mixtures, thai will be found liulu. waini anil .Limbic.
We can show you just whnt yuu wanl whether Inr work ur
street Weill', It. lined und unllned, in Calf, ling, link and Horse
hid.1, for wurk, and Fine Kid,
Dug and Much,. I'ur Dress -und
Woolen Milts and Gloves thai
will keep uui the coldest ivontlior,
Wo lmvo i.lco assortment uf Gloves
nn.1 we can enter tn your WlU.ls
in this Iini',
You know the lino—or if you do not you should—there is
nothing belli .uie   than   STANFIELD'S   UNSHRINKABLE.
We guarantee every garment and will replace any thnt shrink.   We
run no risk ns ll.e maker gives us his guarantee.
Y. M. C. A, NEWS.
[he gymni" iieihs
)roing!or"England, where they wi -   •   ' "    "
Ai  Bews' Drug 81  vou
will lind many i ire nnd cxpen-
.-,, Porfu.nei, al*" n carefully
assorted collection nl Perfuinci
which are good and not ex pen-
...,      Perfumes of n delicate
. .*•,ri_'   fiflK.'ii.    BUcll   US
will pleasethe most particular,
W. BEWS,Phm. B
Druggist and .*titi ir.
Ncxi Hume Block,
Th.- competition ii getting   mor
ami  more keen   .11  the   number
-. ...  swells    The lollowing ii thi
result since Wednesday  up  till   mid
night, last night
Fire Hall No 2 B8M8
',   M.C, A	
Km - Church... 30086
St, Peter's Church l)30fi
Methodist Church 2016
Public School  2650
Catholic Church  1013
Mnsotiic Udgc 880
K.ot P  626
Locomotive Engineori .. 'i2U
K. II. E  (120
Hospital   631
1 O, F  630
1.0,11. F  'IMI
Machinist!  31(1
Drakomon    260
Fir.fi.i.fi. C  I'. It       Hill
t'edneidi    I
ligh S.
7 10 p.m
• -        .. 10 1. - li
p .fi     Wed     lay 1 10 - 30 p...
■   -    m
,-■-       ids ind
1 schedule ? I wh.
uiun ■      . - - .
*. to make
". the m
lor  physical   * irk ill. uld  m
early   -inr'.      I lici    direct. '
1 ,i hoi.   —Rev   Father R, Pecoul
-,    ces every Sunday
ihi .-        -     - t ;i, Com-
tsa    10 -i'i a....  High Mass
i |....  Baptiin •   2 10
'.01 ... Rosary,
ind Benediction.
:       IN—ReV
rV. C.Cald.   paitoi    Sundsj
- ces 11  - '11    7 30  ; m     lundaj
.,       ujtor'i I 111   . 30
p 1    M        ■ 13c  llv
Kev  U   <    m  . 0 ipy   tho
P 1 pit at lhe ev.    ig ■   > -
meeting    Vfonda)   ■
,'   ■ ,..   .'. ed ■ • 1.   • p n
practice 1 in meeting
Friday - p.m
,;.        . Rev Vi  P Fresmsn  I: A
pastor,   -- re held in the Mil-
- n Hall  F nl  itreel    Pr. 1      .■ il
li 1 ■    ,nd 7 30 p .if    -    di   - b
will be pleased ti imwera -  tt 2.30 p.m     Mr   Stuirt Muirhead,
-     tti   schools
,   ipesk sl lhe
i  ,- pastor   will pn u
,  1 e Abu idant lad-
Ail an- 1
"A Texas Ranger" which conies to
the Opera House for one night only
next Tuesday evening, is claimed to l.e
the greatest of all Western melodramas.
The characters aro all cloiiu cut
types ol men and women who count
in the world ol the strenuous lite. The
story centers around a typical cowboy
named Jack Dallam, and tho most
exciting escapades ol his wild career
are graphically told- While sensation
is a leatnre ol thc piece, thc comedy
element has not been overlooked, with
the result that ' Dalrymple" and
" Wildcat" are two as laughable characters as were ever conceived.
T1DUOATED WOMAN wauled w.th
ij small ciipiial for business Invest-
 nl,    Good opportunity  for rlghl
parly,   Apply  P. O.   H >x  llll  or In
T.-10R SALE- Pure bred Rough
J} coated Smith Collie P.ips, |tcii-
gived,' bull pai.-nls prize winners,
sf.ble and while, beauiifiillv uiniked.
Willie, B.C.
I.10R SALE- Set,..al tennis of good
F logging lU'i's.'s, sllll.(hie for any
kind of learning. Apply lo Kicll.Mtli
Davis. Uec.-lf-.oke Sawn.ill Co., Ltd.
Four small pigs, two sheep and one
red nnd white call, front the C.P. II.
coinil on Sunday night. Any per
son appropriating the same will be
prosecuted — Ji EVANS.
\,fEN WANTED-For It. lt. work
,\|    nt Field. H.C.   Pick and shovel
....... $2.50 per dny, axe men $3.IHI per
day.   Board $5,25 per week, medical
I.... $1,00 per month.    Cooks $00 to
$100 nnd board per month, according
to size of new. Cookies $111 and board
pe. month. -- Applv lo MiieDonell,
Oxowski A Co., Field. II. ('.
CUBING In private homes wnnted
l.y .1 woman ol experience, good
reference!,   Address Mrs, M. Overton, j
Revelstoke. oft 80
Great Slaughter Sale
THIS WEEK ONLY we will sill a number
of LADIES' COATS at a remarkable reduction in
YOUR CHOICE For $8, $10 and $12
These Coats are the Newest Gibson design. ■ We
have just 15 of the same left.     *     ■■•■---.
wit mm
are known fir their qiiiiliiy,
- Coinpelenl, ...ilhoiily  un the
candy question says the'con-   ■
feiitlonery made and sold l.y
Manning   Is   perfection,     lii
-;/ Hav.u:, jjj purily?,«i yai'icly,.in
"'   imifpiinily- of ip.iili'ty h.i im-
pi...vemi.|it'cu. l.tVsngg'esl«.|.
. tUii'c.i.nf(..tti......|'yis theSlaiiil-
llnl 01 excellence,
's Candy Palace
1     nlshed   house,  neat   lhe I'.llslern
s.-.n iphnre, on O, P. It.   Apply lo J.!
Hnrile ai the above residence,
WANTKD   A Dish Washer,
ply  ...I'll....IS Ilolel.
Sp'.iled votes—ilo.
Snow Shoes just in, special make
suitable I...' Britisli Columbia, favorite
shoe Inr trappers, hunters and timber cruisers—Lawrence llardwiuo Co,
,1* to classes
il,.-  Monday   morning  h
tarts '<■   10 m ■■.. i-:< mil lasts46
in- to 1 liable I  11 attend
get mny 111 time oliti oh. I here
will be an especially interesting topic
tomorrow and all the young men s\i •
can possibly attend should do in. It
is worth while.
Thn wise yo.ing man when starting
married lile.
Avoiding fear ..( nl! domestic strip.,
Came In and bought his cooking itovo
Iro... us,
Now wilcy bakes tl.e bread without n
nt oven turns out many a crispy pie
Without a cusa.
f Ilardwi.ro Ci
WANTED   Man   will.   expe. idlee to
inin fimi grade lumber, alio several
experienced ...ill... for Revelstoke
..Mil.   Bowman Lumber Company,
I ted, *e|. 'Hi 2.v
Marriage Licenses Issued
"    Ins 1 (ilj$5tX)..i
approved see.inly,   A
lliiggi-i.   It....I
.. k.   11 1
Money to loan
I upwards on
ly,   Apply lo  15, A.
..1 Ageni, Revel.
Open Day and
Special attention given to
Supper Partiei A banquets
Meals, 250.      Metl Tioksts, I5.se
from  iw..  I., six iliiiin*; i.ls.
-   Apply io K  A   II igg.
I -Ri 1   I W Hall, pastor
. lay 1- fe ■-- Class
neel / .1 i'f 10 ,... P 1 ic 10. .ice
..ll. the pastor ■• 1 I .nti
fjon.luol  l.e tervice i)   wb iol
rtnd I*-.■■'.-'« Bible Class at l:il1 p m
Re ti . irl Muirhead »ill preioh ..1
tii.- evening lervlce I ,- rth League
Literary Department, under direction
-.I Mill ' rake, on Monday evening al
8 o'clock, I'rny.-i ...eeting on vVcd
nesdny evening at H ..'.thick.
K'ft.-: I'm -su', i i-...in—.1. It. Robert-
B.   I>,
rn.ng se.
at 11 ..'.'look;   Evening semen at
eb.iol al 2:80 o'clock
\N I I'ill     Cn.  I ill-Ills      HlilMe* of
in-; .
., Mr
..2 21
WANTED  Third nr Fourth Clnii
Eug r,    Apply
Ki'iirJc Av.-i.ne, Itr-v.-lsioke.
K.-,..'i....if-, Bnlinnn Arm
Ul     J...IN
To Whom it Mav Conckiin :
Take notice that I, the undersigned
Iron, thia date, positively declare my,|
sell not responsible (ur any bills cun-
I raited l.y my wile, Mrs. Juhn Curlnw.
Dated at. Revdlitukc, B.C , Oct. llllll, I
we.l I m John Oahi.aw,
INTED      Hilling   It n   lliil,
Wage   $H0 per uionlii.   Apply
Hotel 1,1,,,nl. Nakusp, I), C, Sep? I...
AN I 1,0 Live w..le awake hnys
in every . iiy, In.vn and village
II W...-le..i C,llnllbl', ..ew weekly
i.ewsp..p..f, " The Westci n llo.i.u-
le id     Hustlers 1 in niilkc lllg ue.ney,
i, , , , , r *      I iiiiiii   nun unii|   |/irai.'i.v.j    ,...»..... w     ---rf
N" ' ip.I -.1 .. i|' I       Will.' fo.  le.Ills        ,, '   ,    , .   1,
immeill ilidy  Thu Western 11 stend I "''I1 ""' responsible (or any hills con-
New York's Latest Mclo-
Dramatic Success
A Picturesque Tale ul the
l'n Wlio.v it May C0KOEIIN1
Take notice llrnt l,the undersigned, I
from this date, positively declare my-
ll.ilgi.ry, Allu
ANTED Piolli..i.|e propoiltlnn
..pen tor reliable man acquaint-
I.Ollg finili growers anil with
■ii..l.iy a* stiiesin..... Full nt purl time,
Hlnli'age, expoi'lonre .....I referenrei
Ipecial   music at tin. iiv.it.ing service f uui,\\',S UltOS. (ill.,   NuRSBBYMEN,
Anthem, "Nuw tu the Lord.'
LTD,, Hiowt.'s Nurse.ies, Ont.
traded by my son, Frank  McMahon.
11, led It Revelstoke, B.C., Oct. lllth.
Mis. .1. MoQlNNiB.
Seven cases ol diphtheria have developed at Nelson (luting the past
[ PRICES, 500., 75o., and $1
Seats on sale nt Canada Drug
A Book Coihpany.
Tasteless Cod Liver Oil is one ol the
very best medicines for night cough
ind cold on the lungs, the Canada
Drug Co. have it in large bottles tor
fl,  Try it and prove it,
.1 ,


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