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The Mail Herald Sep 9, 1911

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $601
i Interior Pubhsnmg Co., Agfs.,
Troviacia*. Library '"■B    tST ©  *fl
ne Mail
Visiting Cards
nterior Publishing Company
$2.50 Per Year
Vol. 17-No. 71
Lawrence Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada %
^^^^^^      Head Otfica
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
-Toronto, Ontario.
5 793,000.00
iche"i ttt Averts at all principal pi
Us in Great Britaiu and United
ninta in'Canoda.
Branch?- -.. >u.>u_. , _.,.... _ ...
Agents in Great Britaiu and United States — London, England,
Lloydj Bunk, Limited. Chicago—First National Hank, Corn Exchange National Bauk. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Francisco— Weill Fargo Nevada National Bunk. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits nf $1 and upward, receivial, -aial interest allowed at
current rate ft om date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch —A. it. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Fashionable Fall Millinery
Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats
A shipment of Ladies' Headgear direct from Eastern
Canada just to hand. We invite you to see the
display.   All the latest shapes.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, t First Street
Hevelstoke and District will Participate Next Week io Most
Successful Fair Vet Held
Everything is ready for the Exlii-
bl'tlon on Monday anil Tuesday. The
officers nl the Association have put
forth strenuous efforts to make the
Fourth Annual Fair far in advance
of 'former ones ami there Is ••very indication that their efforts will be
crownod with success. Thfl business
men's visit south two weeks ago on
the s.s. Hevelstoke to tire Arrow
Lukes district, was a splendid advertisement, for the Fair and tor the
••ity. It menus that the 'district will
lm well represented at Revelstoke's
annual exhibition for the lirst time.
Tho Arrow Lakes district- will have a
special exhibit of fruit, vegetables,
etc., for which special prizes are
offered. The exhibits from Malakwa
of fruit, vegetables, poultry, etc.,
promises to be an exceptionally good
one, for which there are also special
prices offered.
It is expected that the showing of
exhibits will far exceed those of
former years, and in fact the officials
are extending the work to the end
that there may be ample accommo -
dation for them all.
In the Poultry Class alone, up to
10 o'clock this morning, there have
been upwards of 'J75 entries. At the
grounds a force of men have been
working for the last ten days preparing for the accommodation of the
visitors. The men have done their
work well and the grounds are now
n first class condition*. W. H. Cow-
in has put in a telephone system for
the use of the patrons of the exhibition and the city have put in a permanent electric sign light and power
line to the buildings for the use of
The attractions at the fair are first
class and a good deal of money baa
been spent in acquiring these for the
amusement and entertainment of
those who will attend. There will
be a balloon nscention and parachute drop each day. The Chapman
Amusement Ob. will be on the
grounds too, with a merry-go-round,
and other interesting features.
The horse racing is probably the
most interesting part of the program and the committee in charge
have done their work especially well
in this respect. On the first day,
(Monday) there are four racing events, and the second day (Tuesday)
five events. There are thirty of the
fastest horses of the western circuit
in the city to compete for the purses
That there will be close and exciting
races there is not the least doubt,
and the thoroughbreds are all trained ready for the call of the starter.
It only remain-* for the citizens of
Revelstoke to do their duty and help
the biggest Fair that has ever been
held in the interior by their presence
at the  grounds  both  days.
shipped from Lethbridge to Revelstoke for .f.i.70 per ton, the Fort
William rate provides for h charge
from Calgary to Revelstoke ol $4.20
per ton. Express rates mid Sleeping
car rates will lie looked into by a
A committee was appointed to ce-
cure the co-operation of the Conservative Association in waiting upon
Hou. Richard McBrlde upon bis next
visit to urge upon him the necessity
of having a Land Registry ollice established nt lievelstoke to fuei'litute
the registration of local documents,
lhe question of the Experimental
Orchard will also lw taken up at. tbis
interview, as the Hon. Thos. Taylor
had intimated 'last spring that, the
ex perl tnin Lal station would lie arranged  for  this  year.
The plnein.', of mail clerks upon the
Arrow Lakes steamers was again taken up and ns the government has
written that tits clerks would be put
on as soon as the C.r.R. supplied
the accommodation it was decided
to get, after the C.P.R. officials as it
is understood that some of them are
blocking  the  matter.
A committee of Messrs. Gibson,
McClemvhan and McSorlcy, was appointed to arrange for a reception in
tha form of a smoker for the enter-,
tainmciit of the visiting ranchers
Irom the outlying districts at tbe
time  of the Fair.
Big String of Horses and first
Class Program
The horse racing attractions at
the Revelstoke Fall Fair next Monday anl Tuesday, promise to be the
most interesting that have ever tak-
eu place on the Exhibition track. Al-
reudy there are in the stables a dozen of tiie fastest horses on the western circuit, which are having their
training tryouts every morning from
now till race day. All of thase horses have been right through the circuit from Winnipeg west. There are
three stables of running hprses who
have just come in from the E lmon -
ton races and hy tonight there will
be a number more which will Include
Ed. McAbee's strong strinj.
Amon*   the  horses  are  some    fast
People of Kelson are Greatly
Wrought Up Over the Incendiary Fires
Nelson, Sept. S—Steps nre being
taken by Hun. vv. ,i. Bowser, attorney-general, for the apprehension of
the lireb-ug who by a series dl outrages culminating in the destruction
of the smelter on Saturday, und by.
a determined attempt, on the Yul-e
Oolumbia Lumber yards on Sunday,
has struck terror Into the hearts ol
the eltinons. Information is conveyed
in tlle following telegram from the
minister received this morning by
Mayor Selous, in reply to the Urgent entreaty from the mass meeting
of Citizens on Sunday that the government would take the matter in
'•'Impossible to send superintendent
Can not undertake to take charge of
situation. Am making other arrangements, and working on case."
Many women In the city have become prostrated with fear while almost every business block and residence is under guard by armed Watchmen. The police force of the city is
small and the chief feels that the
■danger of his men being shot while
patrolling dark alleys under the impression that they may bc lirebtigs
is so great that he h*as ordered them
to don the uniforms which were discarded  when   tlie  trouble  first  arose.
So suspicious are people becoming,
even of their fellow-citizens, that it
is almost Impossible to walk along
the quieter slreets without being followed and watched until one's residence is reached and entered, while
twice watchmen have been held up at
the point ol a gun under the belief
fchatthey  might be incendiaries.
New Westminster Exhibition
The date of the big mutual provincial fair at New Westminster is
October J to 7—still ,,' let" ■.vci-ka oil
yet, but very little line to ;"'ciare
a first class exhibit, l-.me.ftoke
should be well represented at the fair
^^_^__ and those in charge if lhe n.;r.iul-
trotters,  including  "T-opsy  M" owued  ,      ,    ,  *        ,   ,      , ,, ,„     ,,    ,,
. _ ..   F * __   .   "_""•* tural    fairs  at  local    po.i.'ii,  pht uld
hy Mwtheson and Duller of High River, and    'Red Ball" owned by Foster
take this matter up loams llateiv.
, ,^^^^^^_       ^_^ The    annual  fair at    New      West-
or    Calgary,   Alberta.       Both    these ,      , ,    A        .v.
minster is  recognized ns  the  premier
We extent! you an invitation to call on us. We
might be able to interest you in the way of
general groceries. Phone No. 93 about fresh
fruit   delivered to any part of the city.
JOHN McINTYRE & SON.    Ph. %Y.\
First Street East of Imperial Bank
Will ENTiffl V151TGHS
Special Prizes
We are offering 100 pounds of ROBIN HOOD FLOUR
for the best and 50 pounds of ROBIN HOOD FLOUR
for the second best loaf made from ROBIN HOOD
FLOUR at the Revelstoke Fall Fair Sept. llth and
12th, 1911.
P. O   Box 208
Phone No.'23
Board of Trade to Give Complimentary Smoker
Ti.e Revelstoke Board ol Trade
met on Thursday evening at the city
hall ami transacted considerable
business. The meeting was one ol
the hest attended lor some months,
and the discussions were lull of optimism and  energy.
The question of the Crown Timber
Oflloe was again taken up and it was
decided to again approach the Hon.
Prank Oliver with a view to placing
tbe timber business back to the
Jurisdiction Ol an ortlcc at Revelstoke. At present the scope ol the
Revelstoke ofllce is limited to being
n forwarding ollice for the Kamloops
The     discrimination uyulhst -Revelstoko  in  telegraph  rates  was referred j
to a committee  to gather data    and
again  take tbe  matter up     with the
O.P.R.  and  if  necessary    with      tbe'
Railway Commission.
The action  ot  the advertising com-'
mlttee  In  contracting   with   Heaton's
horses have a mark of 2.Hi. Topsy
M just received hrr mark ol 14 J nt
thc Edmonton circuit track last
month. Another trotting horse to
attract attention is the stallion "H.
M.C." owned by Mr. Ireland of
Brandon, Man. This horse has a
sple.idid record and will make an in-
tetv'stin< race in the trotting events
on Monday and Tuesday. His record
ia reported to be under 2.14.
With about thirty splendid tb iron ha red race horBes to'face the
starter in the ra'-ing events of Monday and Tuesday there should be
some very interesting and attractive
race* at the fnir.
Since the above has been written,
the following horses have arrived in
the city and are ready for the great
meeton  Monday and Tuesday:
My Bouquet, Cranberry, Toe Ilance
Obarmian, Fast Flight, Exchequer,
David norland. Ed. McAhec is in
this morning with Traftlc nnd Fortune's Plume. V. W. (IralTord, Vancouver, also arrived this morning
with Lord Provost, Ool, Ilrady and
Firm Foot. Haloott, ol Vancouver,
is here with Arbondule, Swilt McNeil |
l.ecnrd and one other. Eli. Johnson
arrived tbis morning with Bessy R,
two other pacers anl three runners.
Mr. Hall, ol Hall's Landing, will lie
here tomorrow with two racers.
'I here is also live local horses in
training, making in all thirty-five
horses for the meet.
agricultural and horticultural show
of thc province and for a district not
to be represented there means that a
chnnce for advertising the merits o!
the district to between seventy-live
and one hundred and fifty thousand
visitors has been missed. Preparations have hecn going on since tha
beginning of the yenr to make the
1911 show better than ever in all departments. The dates are from Octf
3 to 7, inclusive.
The farmers and fruit growers ol
the distiict should not lose sight of
tbe importance of making a good
showing at the annual provincial fail-
to be held In New Westminster, on
tlctolier 3 to 7. Duly a few weeks remain and it is necessary to get all
applications early for inhibiting
space. It is unwise to leave this im-
portattt matter until the last week
and then have to rush mi exhibit
through. Do it now, is sound advice
Fifty thousand dollars in prizes will
bo distributed during tbc week, the
greater portion of this sum going
lo the agricultural exhibits. The
amusement enterprises on the grounds
will lie many nnd varied.
Arrow Lakes Fruit fair
Agency for space in Heaton's Annual I Uevelstoke, it is exacted, will he
and other of their publications was 'u re,)re9CI,tD(i nt thl8 fa.|r. The
confirmed. ! manager ol bhe fair Ib Mr.    Thomas
The city council will  lie asked    to Abrlel   from whom ftl,     ,nfflrmatton
have electric signs placed    at      the' may bo oXiU).IihA on application,
city   hnll,   power  dam  and  Columbia'
Tho Mail-Herald is in receipt of a
copy of the prize list for the Arrow
Lakes Fruit Fair to bc hold at Nakusp on October 5th nnd fith next.
Tbe prizes offered Ior competition in
fruit, agricultural products, poultry
live stock,  etc.,  nre very  lilieral  and
the citizens of     Nakusp and district ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
arc    sparing    no  pains to make this lmm™ through the machines la given
year's fair a big sucoess.
Revelstoke,   it   is  exiweted
Pari Mutue! Machines
At the request ol judges and utile
ials ol the Revelstoke Agricultural
Association, Pari Mutucl machines
havo lieen brought from VenCOUUer.
In the Pari Mutuel system, ah entirely   new  mode  nl      wagering  docs
away entirely with the book maker*,
whicli have, no doubt, been tic
cause nf reducing the sport ol kingM
In audi a degrading state. All tlie
largo and most SUcoeasfUl race tracks
in the world today arc luring npcrut
ed under the Pari Mutucl system,
Where everything Is clear and above
board.   One   groat   advantage   ol   tbis
new Bystem is that    motley     which
Stoves! Ranges:
McClary's Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Enamel ami Tinware
We   can   supply    your
wants in the above  line
with the best Goods made
in Canada.
Sherwin Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes, etc. It
pays to use good Paints.    We sell them
Fishing Tackle, Rifles, Shot Guns.' Ammunition and
other Sporting Goods. We are leaders in these, and also
carry a very largestock of General Hardu arc. Tools of all
kinds, etc.
Harness, Whips, Horse Blankets, Li u Robes.
Crockery antl Glassware.
Take a Round Steak, fait ami pepper lu taste, dredge with
flour ami cover with finely chopped onii ns, ti rl thm slices of
Imperator bacon. Pul in frying pan will) some water, cover
tightly ami let cook slowly on back nf ••tne.
Use BURNS' Special Hams and Bacon
Imperator Brands
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors tor Swift's  Products
All our choice fresh killed
Reef, Pork, Mutton, Veal,
Lsnib and Poultry are kept
in our new Cold Storage
Cooling rooms and displayed
in the shop for sale in Refrigerating Glass Counters
and Window, We handle
nothing but Swift's Government inspected moats, silver
leaf lord, Premium hams &
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
limn Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
river traffic bridge, advertising possibilities ot Revelstoke. The C.P.R.
will also he asked to have a niir"
paintel  nti  thi> cement  wall    at   tho
Hack attain to the pubMc leu* flic 11)
per curt, which ih deducted for expenses. Another gnat feature ol the
inutili'l, is that the miirliiucs art n.n
trolled frnm the Judges stand Iiy an
electric appliance which locks the
machines at any time the judges
may desire. The officials of the Rev
elstoke Agricultural Association cordially Invite the public In general
In      Imp-SOt      at   any   time   the   new
Notes From Field
Rev. Mr. llartly arrived ia town oo
Monday to take Charge ... the I'res
hytorian causes here, lie hus lieen
y.M.C.A,   secretary   for  :i  number  ol
years ami hopes to start one here.
This has licen a long Icil want uud
it is hoped in this iiolde enterprise
he   will   Ihi  encouraged   and   helped  in
everything pertaining to church work
Mr. V. Tomlinson arrived bome on
Thursday  evening   last  with   hi.- bride
mnl on the following Wednesday was
given a very noisy serenade. " The
town hoys turned out en mass. Fred
got all that wus Coming to him. lt
doesn't always pay to be popular.
Mr.  O.   B.   Billot,   who  has  beet)  0.
I'.It. operator here l.u tlie la-t year.
lelt  lust  wei'k  for roast   cities.
Mrs.   Robert   Kidney,   who   lias   been
on a vint to ber husband and son
h.*i*e, lelt ,,n Wednesday for bM
home in Toronto.
Mr. Williams, n. IrevelUog seere
tury  of   the   S.   rt.   Association   of   11.
• '., gave a very belpful    address m
hi. Stephen's church on September
Ird, ins discourse on the Boy Prob
lem was belpful und Int resting and
It ls a pity tbat theft were not
many more out to bear this very
able address. We hope that Mr.
WIlliatnRon  may  favor  us utruin  soon
Kev. H. J. Mclntyre, paBtor. Services on Sunday at 11 a.mf und 7:30
p.m.; rtunduy school li:3o p.m. Tbe
rtacrament of the Lord's Supper will
lie administered at the close of the
eveuinK's servioe. Wednesday evening
at eight o'clock, prayer meeting;
Friday evening, choir practice. A
r.irslial invitation is extemlenl to the
public to attend the services of tbe
Services in the Dnptist church for
tbe Coming week are us follows: Sunday, preaching ll a.m. and ~:'.'.v p.
m.. Sunday school at 2:30 p.m. Pastor's theme lor the mornlag, "The
Son of Man, and his Uartbly Failure," an.l for the evening, " what
Think v.* ul I'hn-t." Monday even-
log Veiling Peoples meeting, subject,
"Daniel.'' time ei|:ht o'clock; Wed-
aevdsj       prayer      meeting at  X   p.m.,
theme    The Blind Man's Lesson." A
i.ii-.l.al   invitation   is  citende.l   to   all
these  mectiujrs*
  ^^^^^^^^   The President and members ol thc    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
station directing  passengers to mount Board  of Trade are giving a smoker ' system  to bc installed and  wi'
stepB to secure a view  ol the city.    | in Belkirk Hall,  on Tuosdny evening men  there  to answer  any  questions
Ths    question     ol     discriminatory commencing nt H:30 o'clock,  iti bon-   which may he nsked In the workim;
freight     rates    on coal irom      Fort or of the visitors to thc Rcvclstnko  of the mutuel machine,
I William to Uevelstoke will also bo Exhibition. All members of tbe
taken up with the CP.R. It was Board arc reirucsted to be present on
pointed out tbat whilst coal cau   be Tuesday evening.
K.M.H. Shoot
fallowing  are  the scores  for
week  ending  September 3rd:
Pickling  vinegar  at  lowest  prices,
at Mclq tyre's,
Sergt,   Smythe
Corp.   Allan
Serct.  darner
l'te.  Hheatvr    .
Pte. Spice 	
Pte. Nelsoo  ....
200 BOO 600 T.
::<i N -Il ')'i
.26 31 M 81
30 26 23 79
20 M 22 66
...13 12 23 M
...12 Iti 10 38
Rev. B. Af Smith is not sure whether he shall go cast or went, or go
down in the States. He has no de-
Unite destination If nothing develops between this and the first of Oct.
he will go to Vancouver and wait
until he finds some opening.
Dur,iv the exhibition next week,
two n*-n will be stationed nt the ('.
P.R. bridge to prevent congestion at
that point and prevent any possibility  of  nn  accident.
Mr. R. H. Robbie, of the Imperial
Hank staff, has lieen transferred to
tlie Vancouver branch, his place being  taken  by  Mr.  Routled^e ol  Cal- SATL'RDAY.  SEPT.  9, 1911.
3ritertor pubttabfhfl Company,
Legal n.'i.ee., lu cents per lino lirst
insertion, 5 ceuts per lino each
eubBequeut insertion. Measurements Nuiii'iu u*l {12 lines make
one inch.; Store aud general
business announcements $2.51) pel
inch per mouth. Preferred positions, 25 per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages aud Doatbs, 50c
each  insertion.
IjuhJ notices i'.itD. All advertise-
uieuts eubject tu tho appioval of
the uiuutitfcuicut. Wanted and
Condensed      Advertisements I —
Agents ttuuted, liolp Wuuted, Sit
uai.,*:.M wanted, Situations Vacant, Toacbers Wantod, Mccbaulcs
V, anted, 2it words or less,
each n : lii.i.uui liue lu ceuts.
L'bi.UhCs U. st.ainliiig advertise
meuts must be in by 9 a. m.
Tuesday and Friday ol each week
to secure good display.
CORRESPONDENCE! invited on matters ol public interest. Communications to hhlitor must be
accompanied by name ol writer
not necessarily for publication,
but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence  should   be  brief.
Including postage to England,  United States nnd Canada.
By the year (through postollice) i'2.T,ll
Sbe flDaUUeralb
McKenzie Avenue
ad it and were, very largely,      sup
porting  it.—Premier  Scott.
The issue is Reciprocity. It will
give the worker the power to buy all
natural products without duty. Tho
cost of living has increased moro
than wages has, and more rapidly.
There is no question o! loyalty involved.—J.  H.  Ashdown.
Our Country—Canada
Sir William Whyte, then vico-pt'esi-
.Icivt of the Oanadian Pacific Railway
Co., and a mun who is held ln high
esteem In the West, gave an article
to the Toronto Globe in January
1910, illuslratiive of the wheat production of Candida's prairie provinces, He said, there, that the urea
under cultivation in Saskatchewan,
ihe previous year P.I09, was equal
only to the road allowances or the
25c, Provincial government, yet that,
within a short time Saskatchewan
would produce more wheat than any
State in tbe American Union— that,
within ten years Saskatchewan alone
would produce more wheat than is
produced in tbe whole ol the United
In l'.llll, we exported uboul twenty-
right per cent, ol our total production of wheat, nml Hour; in 1909 wc
exported about forty per cent of our
production;  and,   this year,    if      the
in  the  Uuitwl  States—it  would bo a
crime,  indeed, if  wc failed to open it |
when tbey give us the cbauee.       Opponents of reciprocity say ii* will do
no  good—the  U.S.   itself is an      exporter  of   agricultural   products.     At I
the worst,   tlien,  it can do no barm, j
but,   there  is  a  great,   very       great
hope of  its      meaning  business      ainl
We all know the oharucier, tbe superior character, of our Northern
wheat, nud tbat the II. S. miller
needs it for Ms milling. We all know
lhat our wheat fields are as close in-
closer to U.S. centres of trade us
much of its own producing lands—
and we know that while the yield on
the U.S. is now at an average max- ]
imum with an every growing urban
population, ours is only beginning.
Unless there is truth iu this argument, why all the cry of east and
west, diversion  of    traltlc    into Chan-
ish capital to Oanada is now to this
year half a billion and growing.
| A workinginan in favor of protection—n system that protects everything but labor—is hard to find.
Don't he  found easy.
It is an impossibility to keep up a
Ohinese wall of exclusion along our
U.S. boundary—tarifl dosn't. The
reciprocal pressuie of human conveniences and human wnnta between
two peoples speaking one language
forbids it—it only makes consumers,
both skies, pay more. The map
makes reciprocity natural—tls only
prejudice and greed that would prevent  it.    Vote  for  it.
wheat crop  goes  to  two  hundred and   ncls north  and south'        There  must
SATURDAY,  SEPT. 9, 1911,
No one who ,s closely In touch
with business conditions   us at presenl
■ ning throughout Uritish Colum
bin, and more especially in the great*
coast cities of     Victoria,  Vancouver
iorty million bushels, which is expected, we will export seveii'ty-tive
per cent. What are we to do with
ihe surplus. Sell to (lre.it Britain
our natural mark et—the world's
market for food, you will say, at
Uut stop—think—you've said llrit-
;,in,, the world's market for food.
'Chat's just it—there we are In competition with a world's surplus.
What is Britain's need of wheat and
Hour—ubout two hundred nnd lifty
million bushels a year. It Sir William Whyte is correct, and be Is a
conservative business man, the pro- ter times to him
ot Saskatchewan, alone, will be pro- ness, therefore, fi
during inside of ten years, more than
Milli'-ie-nt to supply the Uritish market three times over, and enough lelt
and New Westminster,  of Washington over for the  Dominion of Canada.
and Oregon with their cities of Seat If this is the probability from one
tie, Tacoma and Portland,     requires province of Canada,  what about  the
to  I,e told that there is a  vast differ- possibilities of the rest?     What must
ence  to  be  noted  by  even  the    most we do to sell the surplus? Let    well
casual observer, enough alone and stop  growing—sure
In this favored Canadian  province, ly that wont do—It wont do Ior busi
.   times  prevail.   Prosperity    anil ness  In  any  branch  of  work or    iu-
progress  are  in   evidence   on       every .lustry.   With  such  a  collosal  future
band. The pabple are contented an.l
comfortable and tbe spirit ol sangu
ine optimism prevades the country.
Thc financial position not only of
the province as a province but ol the
country generally is exceptionally
strong. Tbe sterling worth of Urit -
:sh Columbia's natural resources is
everywhere recognized, and on then
account and because the discriminating business world approves tbe pol-
Icy on the lines of which and under
which provincial development is now
going forward, moneyed men are
i a ly and eager to Invest their cap
■I  Uritish Columbia enterprises
.u connection with  whieh it is noteworthy that,  ,n Comparison with  tbe
i.head ot us, it is sutvly the duty of
our stntesmen, ot our farmers themselves (and tbey are now trying I to
provide nnd open new markets for
Ihe great agricultural interests of
our     country.    Such a  market, exists
ho  thought   that  trade  Will   be  good
under     reciprocity    or its opponents
would  not. cry   out so
its  possibilities.   It is
he hoped thut north and south trade ,
will he as good as they fear;      but, I
tbey are entirely wrong in their conclusion  In saying that if good north
and  south,  it must  he  bad east and
II reciprocity makes possible a
north and south trade (there is one
now, chiefly north) it means a bigger .
market for the farmer and an increase to bis worth and means, bet-
means more busi-
the eastern and
coastal manufacturers. The men who
say our east and west lines will ive
but ribbons of rust if the reciprocity
agreement carries are but poor pro- |
phcts ol the potentialities of Canada
—of its ability to feed great Britain
with the best Hour in the world, ami
tlvn some to sell to Uncle Sam, to ,
balance the big margin he has now
got on us in the north and south
trade, they are poor purveyors ol
poliey for a country like this, ol
millions ol acres untouched for human wants, and they are, indeed,
poor patriots who, at this early
state in its history would say to us
—lift  well  enough  alone!
Only the oxpendioncy ul politics, ot
poor politics, could explain Mr. Borden's co-operation or acceptance of
Mr. Bourassa as a co-worker, as the
only thing they havo in common,
now, is—"anything to beat Lmurler"
Borden and liourassa sentiments on
our destiny as a nation—as part of
the Empire—are as wide as the poles
What prospect of unity, progress, or
Imperial ideal does such a partnership imply if victorious? Vote for
Laurier and save Imperialism—save
Nationality. Sir Wiltrid Laurier baa
but one policy throughout—Canada
nnd British loyalty! Vote lor KINti
—Laurier and Reciprocity, on the
21st of September.
Headlines  from  the  Montreal Gazette:—"Bourassa    Routs  Government
Candidate.''   Editorial   from       same
paper—same  date:—"There  was  often
though, a lack  of enthusiasm,  which
spoke of a weakening Influence of the
Liberal  Obief  over his  old  followers,
and admirers"  * ♦ •   "In this he is
in contrast with  Mr.  Bourassa" etc.
The Gazette  is a Quebec     Conservative paper, it too, would like to see
Laurier  defeated  even  il  it set    Mr.
Bourassa (i'n contrast) up.     There is
no weakening Influence iti  Sir Wilfrid
| Laurler's  leadership amongst  his nid-
Oanadian   duties  average  25       per   mirers out     West and, though      we
cent—American duties i.'i percent al   don't believe there is in Quebec cith-
valorcm,  and  the  balance of tra'de is   rr, wc  ask  you  to vote on  the 21   for
against us. Is it bettor to raise ours   tlie best* Canadian leader of tbe time
to  theirs  and    have  two  taiills,    or   and age, by voting ior     Dr.  King—
wipe out both and have none. j Laurier   candidate   in   Kootenay.   We
  . nre not in  (he Bourassa     conspiracy
If Oreat  Britain is    Canada's  best ' 0Ut hc" at aU evcnls'
market,  why has    Canada     exported
seven times the value of horses, and * Better terms Ior B. 0. By voting
a 'hundred times the value of sheep for Reciprocity tbc Federal govern-
to the* U. S. above the value shipped ment will rebate millions ol taxes to
to   England?—Hon.   Sydney   Fisher.      u,  o. people.
Did you ever hear of the removal
of taxation on food Increasing the
cost of living? — Hon. George
If  the  farmers aie  to  bc benefitted
all sections of Uie community      will
be  benefitted,   because  agriculture  is
hard against   the  foundation  of  Canada's   prosper-
Incerely      to  Ity.—Bir Wilfrid Laurier.
Reciprocity should  help thc maim- There is to bc no Reciprocity      in
facturers  by  making  their  customers Lemons.   Mr.      Goodeve  please    take
more      prosperous1.   The reason      (or notice.
opposition lies in  the     motto— any- 	
thing   to   beat  Laurier.—Sir    Wilfrid _    ,                                   ....
.       . Reciprocitys  strong and  solid  argu
menl Is the dinner table.
Reciprocity will change Nova Scotia's exports from men to natural
products.—Dr.   Blackadar.
U. S Reciprocity—British Preference
All Canada's trade treaties are bat
leeders for British Praferenue. They
U.I. contain tbe clause—"NOTHINC
herein contained shall lie held to
the United Kingdom and British Col
nines and   Possessions now   enjoy, an
Investments ol  United states capital tier  the  British  Preferential  Tariff.
i'i'.  British  Investments  i*
, ■■ - at I I...-, n i.'i and T.'i per cent.
"f the total through the Dominian,
.■n.l upwards of mi pet cent, as near
iy as i.iii be estimated,  in  th.s  Paoi
tic province.
li.i.way      construction      activitj
marks     every    part  and     section  ,.
I.-  • *•!]   Columbia,    ltnnieuse   coal an.l
metalliferous   mines   are   being   open
ind the   apaclty and output    ol
ting mines     Increased.    Q-igantit
timbei   mills ar.- operating  full time
and  ovei I tne  to  keep  pace  with    a
demand upon them.   Oreat pulp
* making establishments are
,,n  tlie  eve  of  opening,   as  well       as
many     '     *       Important     nidu-trit-s.
■xti-.i-ti will aid m no small degree th.'
locement and prosperity of   th"
So with   reciprocity.    The   lent   ;,i .*
posed      provided      thai -In   no   e..s ■
-hall  the    Duty  on    American Goods
he   lees  than  on  British  goods
ThUS,       take       SggS.     I'M *
Irom U.S.  is now. three cents
dozen—from Cre.a Britain, two cents
Under reciprocity they would be free
nml so. too. automatically, would
they lie free from Great Britain.
Now   where do   you   Inly   eggs—   where
fruit, vegetablea and poultry. Oei
t.unly not from England. Tbe-fresb
:,,*ss is a larg-e consideration. These
n say you may if
you Iik. buy free ol luty from the
U.S.. and if people don't like the \
flavor i when free) tbey may buy
them—staler   and   dearer
Ontario Common Sense
The  Soutb  Slmcoe  Situation While  af
This   resolution   was   carried -Tbat firming      tb*      principle  of  placing a
as the only question at   Issue hi  bbe pari                       In  the  Held  ::,      afll
ieeiioii  is  that  ..i reciprocity,    .,"1 ordinary cases,  yet. ag tbis is not. a
as a candidate advocating *     it is
ty  is already  m  ihe lield. ti,,- eflect leemed   nexpedienl   '    nominate     a
,,f  Dominating one  would  be t*   div .iwiidat*.
Reciprocity Briefs
Ue.cipn.eit        , .n.n, t       afleel     yoot ihmg   jbouM   lend   them   into   im
*  imt—it will lo. mention of Its  very  .. av tendei
;nnt, . and other ar a  thing  Is  ln,'b   nuance  and  modern
Udgj | .... * in ii' commercial  -Ht™,    Reason  foi
,ii,,..;     ,   ,,; .■   ■:.■        Nothing   bul forward-marob ■      ,*
i ii.,     flag.   Liberals Love it as mm Q ve
as   Tones   trade   **n   11 ' "'•   :"'   KING
il,,-y  ...iy   ie I *' '"   Is    omp 	
Forty-Five Minutesfrom Bioauw?y
"Fort) Kiv.   Minutes Prom   Broad
', orgs M, Cohan's    gn
.', COmedj . will be the attrnr
t.oti it -he up"ru House on Batur
day,  s.■;*t mber 16th.
This Is tbe n.'th sen.- :. thai this
bill has been on tbe toad, nml tbe
company bas bi D ilscted from among the :*■ thai bai * ever
appeared In it. The scenery and cos
tumes arc bright anl new. everything   bring  reproduced    Irom      tbe
ii Sew v.iti: production, winch 	
ran in  that  city  for  nearly two yeai s       (,f| >t     )lri|,1|n   (lwH     tw,,|v.    *
A    special feature of tins season's moro Uumnl.HH W1,:i *■„,„*,„ eoontriss I
■bow is th- famous     "Blue    Ribbon thnn Wlth lf(,r own     Dominions,     a :   But     for
I'ony Ballet."   All «I the songs  will  ^^   yery lorpe pnrt „, thlH iti w*,h   brought on
be sung and danced ami several    new
musical novelties will be Introduced.
,,,ii  about   reclprocll >    you   m ■•.    oi
may n,,'   trade  with tla*  I .tl      ii* lei
,t,   just   as  you   like      lloli'l       lie   bun
coed; imt. ii the argument   tht
tion appeals to your    good     |udg
mont,  vote Ior  KINO.
i"     ;n    New    York,   :,t    a   lou-h'-l     *  >'•
.nterest   than   at   I  * died     a
('manner- a   farmer      who srl'ls.       r,r
wants   io  sell   Ins *
or   Ii       *■ m       all
nexatfonlst,  ., tralter,     and     i.tiwr
mi |   pei   names.
hy   thc     manufacturers,
lhe   United   States.    Is  she      disloyal .tbe   West  Would,   m   tl»e  next   partis
to the Empire of which  ibe Ii     the   menl   bave bad     about     iwtes     as
Mo'bet because ol tins' And, il not many members \n opposition bai
why should Canada be called so i* nothing to lose -it will have nothing
cause  Hhe  sees,  and   tries   to  make   a   to nun either,   by  sm-h      poor pohti
cbanoe of doing good business? Cive cal    tacMcs,     But bhe manufacture)
Toronto.       Sept.    i,—Two   thousand
follarl   lam.ure   was done  by  a   blaze   n up—ll  tbe  only  answer  to theC,,n   fears  the,  farmer
in   the  provincial   laboratory  tent at  wr vat Ive  conundrum.   Vote  lot KINU
the   exhibition tins afternoon.       it 'nn^ ,h, y,au duty by Kootenay,
gave the Bremen their hist run     in ,
the  grounds,  and  though  they  made
a dash     through    Ihe crowded thi.r- I   Canadian     stocks    are all rising
ouirhfnrrs.   the  crowds  scattered very  immigrants  continue  to  come-trad-
■quickly  and    no    one wan hurt,    nl
though  there  wa-  much excitement.
There stands the splendid
Scotian who is alike the father of
the British Preference and of Reciprocity with the United States —
(pointing to Hon. Mr. Fielding). —
Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
To yon, fellow countrymen of New
Brunswick. I now appeal. I appeal
to you to support a policy of moder-
A protective tarifl is designed to
keep things out. If things keep com-
I ing despite the tarifl, 'tis a sign,
proof, that they arc needed. Re-
Nova ciprocity is the essence of this logic.
Vou sell what in needed to the other
without duty, and, if you dont need
anything you need not buy it. B.C.
Is importing millions ol dollars
worth from the U.S.—and paying
dirties. Under Reciprocity thut duty
will lie saved.
Sir  Wilfrid's   appreciation  of    New
ation   and conciliation   in developing   Brunswick's  greeting:—"Good  peoph
of New  Brunswick,
i ny thing like it.'
I have never seen
a united Canadian nationhood. I
appeal to you agains-t the unholy
alliance of the Nationalists in Quebec and tbe Jingoes in other provinces. In Quebec I am cnlleda traitor
to the French race; in other provinces, a traitor to the Empiie. What
I have sought to be is a true Canadian and a true British subject. —
Sir  Wilfrid  Laurier.
Reciprocity is not a party battle—
but   a measure     designed to increase
ami   reduce  taxation;  and  I am
not   prepared, through it, to     strike
down   any   legitimate  Canadian       in-
We   must   be   guided   hy    the   now lie thrice as disloyal as in 1890,
Interest! of     Oanada a- a whole. —  ior our  trade has trebled since then
P el.In,*.'. ! wi-fclx   the   United  States.   I)o   you  be-
  lieve it?
This is the position of thousands
of Tories who are now waving the
King and shouting beware ol annexa
linn. They arc burning American
coal, sleeping in American cotton
i.heets, wearing American clothes and
underclothes, smoking cigars made
of American tobacco, and if they
drive an ntito—ten to one it is American made.
If our disloyalty is dependant on
our trade with  America wc should by
Rec pn 'ity is not,  so much  a mat-
•  getting higher prices from tbe
for  natural  products;  but,      of
riving   the  people  the   privilege      to
bn.   fit'.   ,,-||  there when  presented to  liiv''  t,,,'m  heans!
io tiu-ir advantage only
-Premier Slfton.
"My Itean crop, if reciprocity is
adopted, will be worth $2*1)0 more
to  me"—nn  Ontario    bean   grower.-
I   have  bought  my  brother,
The      *  'i**  issue   n.   tins      rampaii'ti
Reciprocity.   To extend  our trade ,,s'>"n«''  "H**. 9° he llos no Interest
1 '.in.'udians Wish, and it is
• •' thai if the pact goes into
'.  tbat it  will  do this.        In
swan    Conservatives accept-
i;   my of my property,    or    in   any
others  dealings.
Moving pictures tonight.
Why   is  Clifford   Sifton nol   stump
ing  tho  Went,     against. roclprootty,
Ilk* be  iH in   bbe      East? The      West
snys It will be  good for it-and the
and  rovonut)  are all   increasing.  Tbis   Kast Hays-Good  for  you must mean
soctns Htramge  with the shadow      of   jood for uh.
that awful menace to  the country —
Moving  pictures at Bdison  theatre Hcclprocity-stBlking  so  near  us.  By
totrig-ht. oil rules ot stock and markets     the
Reciprocity  is going to scare  Iliil
fsb capital away Irom Canada. Brit-
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rhone No.-
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.^.-•"'■•., SATURDAY,  SEPT. 9, 1911.
SATURDAY,  BBPT, 9,  I'll.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
        REST' -   $8,000,000
Issued by The Canadian Bank of Commerce are the most convenient
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everywhere, self-identifying, and the exuct amount payable in the principal foreign countries is printed oil the face of every cheque. The
cheques are issued in denominations of
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In connection with its Travellers' Cheques The Canadian Bank of
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Dr. Gordon French Warns Against
Indiscriminate Investment before Investigation is Made
N'elson. B. 0., Sept. 7—Dr. Gordon
French, who discovered the 1'.at.uum
inetnls while experimenting with Nei
sou gold slimes, has l»sue.l a warning against indiscriminate investment In platinum claims before in-
kestiwition Is made, and ths D.iily
News hns oautione.l Mie mining fraternity to avoid ewn the appearance
of wild-cnttinK platinum properties.
These warnings huve heen called
forth hy the frenzy ol claim-staking
ol the last six weeks. Everything for
miles nrotiml that could he thought
to he R platinum dyke has hcen local
ed upon, ami the enthusiastic prospectors are carrying the new will-o'-
the-wisp Far afield. The reports of
ranchers along the river helow Nelson making armed guard against encroachments wire perfectly true. So
exaggerated are some of the idens
that have got abroad that injury
will be done if the public is not on
its guard, and for the protection of
all concerned a plain statement ol
the facts seems to lie required.
After a lifetime spent in English
nnd Australian laboratories iu devis
ing processes for the reduction of
refractory ores, Dr. French, the eminent metallurgist, last autumn organized the French Complex Ore
Reduction Company at Vancouver,
and at Nelson erected a small plant
where lie attacked the problem of
the refractory zinc ores of the Koo
tenays. If the zinc of this district is
once placed on the commercial foot-
ins of lead, Kootenay mining will
develop another great branch, a goal
toward which the Dominion Depart,
ment of Mines is alBO working. Dr.
French has already produced plates
of pure zinc here, but that is another story.
One of the constant problems of a
mining country is that of "increasing the recovery"—in other words, of
reducing to a minimum the loss of
values in the waste, in tailings and
slimes. About last January Dr.
French, contemporaneously with his
zinc . ore experimentation, turned his
attention to the slimes from tha
stamp mill of the Granite-Poorman
gold mine, at the request of the own
ers, the Kootenay Gold Mines, Ltd.,
and commenced a search for a re-agent that wouki precipitate the fine
particles of gold suspended in the
waste water from the tables, particles that would take WMeks to precipitate by gravity, and which consti -
tube a large percentage ol loss in every stamp-mill in the country. Storage tanks were constructed, and in
the residue a foreign substance was
found which Dr. French was not long
in identifying as osmiridium. Tracing this find to its source, the osmir
idium crystals were found to be contained in roMk from a dyke—avein of
igneous origin—that intersected the
various quartz-bearing ledges ol the
Granite-Poorman group at right ang
les. Separating this compound into
its components, and thoroughly test
ing tbe rock of the dyke, Dr. French
found platinum, palladium and iridium, the three valuable plutinum
metals, "in satisfactory quantities"
and also osmium, and traces of rhodium. The two latter, and ruthenium, which was not found, are members of the platinum, but are not
especially valuable. Commercial platinum is worth from $43 to $44 an
ounce, palladium is worth $74, nnd
iridium $74, all ot them being^morc
valuable than gold. Negotiations
are now in progress !>etween thc
Kootenay Gold Mines, Limited, and
Dr. French, for a commercial progress lor treating the rock of thc
Granite-Poorman dyke.
Dr. French's discovery was known
in inner circles lor months before it
was finally given out, after having
ln-en fully and authoritatively confirmed. Tbe result is that every dyke
in the vicinity of the city Is being
assayed for platinum. In one other
dyke than tlie original one the platinum metals hnve been found "in Hat
isfactory quantities," while traces
have been found in quite a numlier.
There is a big step from the present
discovery to actual platinum mining
On tlie other hand, tlie discovery mer
its the world's attention.
The cheque which the comeiy young
German woman handed in ut thc win
dow ol a Walnut street savings fund
bank the other duy was made payable to Gretcben H. Schmidt, nnd
she had endorsed it simply Gretchon
Schmidt. The man at thc receiving
teller's window called her back to
rectify the mistake iust as she was
turning away.
"You don't deposit this quite this
way," be explained. "See, you have
forgotten tbe H."
The young woman looked at her
cheque nnd  then  blushed  a rosy  red.
"Ach, so I hal," sh3 murmured,
and wrote.
"Age 23f"
Stability ot Marriage Status
Toronto, Sept. 7—"Are the people
| of Canada to ue humiliated by dictation from oiiy outside power lay or
ecclesiastical upon the question of
their marriage laws/ Are they prepared to admit in a laud, where religious equality is one of mir constitutional rights, that such a caii.ui
as the a4tn of thc Gth session of tin:
council of Trent should he allowed to
be operative  ui  our Dominion?"
The above question in the report
of a committee appointed by the
synod of  the diocese of Toronto    to
| Ueuii wvi.ii ■...*.: .--ie 'iciii-ji.- U.de... 'ii.*.:
report is just published, lt says:
I "The recent events make it imperative  thut   the  present doubts      and
I uncertainties connected with tue
question  of  marriage  should   l.c    But
! at rest,  that the actual  position  of
'citizens of mir Dominion Bhould be
clearly defined as declared by the
legislature, and that so far as possible there should bo* one uniform
marriage law for the whole Dominion
The committee recommends the up
pointment of committees to co-operate with all persons throughout tbe
Dominion   desirous   of  securing       the
absolute stability of tho marriage
status of the Dominion and the legislation necessary in order to give
eflect to this recommendation. Also
that legislation may be passed to
prevent any community or its members from attempting to interfere
with the status of any person or per
sons duly married under the statutory laws of the Dominion and its
provinces. The report which is published in a pamphlet of lill pages is
a thorough digest of the history of
laws as regards marriage in Oanada
it is signed by Bishop Sweeny who
wnb chairman of the committee.
General Rule No. 16 and notice on
genernl Entry Form of the Fall Fair
Prize Liet, does not apph to Section A, Poultry and Pet Stock. Also
that boys and girls under 16 years
making entries in Section A, will bc
allowed free entrance to the grounds
Ladies of Culture and Refinement Use Salvia Hair
Tonic. It Makes the Hah
At last a remedy has licen discovered that will positively destroy this
That Dandruff is caused by germs
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taste and culture, who know the social value ot beautiful hair. A large
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The word "SALVIA" (Latin for
sage)  is on every  bottle.
Moving pictures at Edison theatre
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf and two Approaches nt
Prince Rupert, B. ('.," will be received ut this office until 4.1)0 P. M., on
Monduy, September 25, 1911, for the
Moiistruction of a Wharf and two Approaches ut Prince Rupert, Qiiurnn
tine Station,  Digby  Island,  B. C.
Plans, specification and form of
contract can bc seen and forms of
lender obtained at this Department
and at the offices ol G. A. Kcefoi,
Esq., District Engineer, New Westminster, B.C., and on application to
the Postmasters at Prince Rupert
nnd Victoria,  B.  O.
Persons tendering nro notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed lorms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, statiug their occupations ai.d
places of residence. In the case tit
firms, the actual signature, the nature ol the occupation, nnd place of
residence of each member of thc firm
must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a charter,
ed Imnk, payable to the ordor of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
ol thc amount of tender, which: will
to forfeited if the person tendering
decline to enter into n contract when
called upon to do so, or fall to complete the oontract. II the tender l>o
not accepted the cheque will lie returned.
The Department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, AngUBt 2C, 1911.
Newspapers will not bo paid for
this advertisement if they Insert it
without authority from thc Dopart -
meat. St.
We carry a complete stock of ■
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Juvenile Bostonians at Edison Theatre
September 19th and .'oth
Rovolstbfce   Land   District.
District  of  West   Kootenay.
Take notice that Ed. McGaghran,
of Arrowhead, B. 0., occupation
Lumberman, inten.Is to apply lor por
mission to lease the following described lands for marble and lime
quarrying purposes.
Oommenelng at, a post planted
about two miles south of Pingston
('reek Mill and marked "10. McGagh-
ran's South East ('orner", thence
west 40 chnins, thence north 40
chains, thenee east 40 chains, more
or less to the lake shore, thence
south along the lake shore 4tl chains
more or less to thc point of commencement, containing 100 acres
more or less.
Dated   Aug.   22,   1911, s.O-N.S
Packed in
60 *  a pound
In commemoration of thc coronation of
King (Jcorue V," kidgways" h:ive put on tlie
i.i.hIm i a coronation tin of a most ptcturaqufl
andexquisite design, bearing excellent portraits
of King tieorRe V, Queen Mary anil ttie l'rince
of Wales. Special panels have been designed
representing Canada, India, Africa, Australia
an.l New • *'•■'
(Inly alirnitecl number have been impoltcd.
l'ricc 00c. (or one pi und tins.
Al   |t! t»l tll4l|lB.
nm uiu »»«• •*•« *
"AI IT HERE SmCE 1900'.'
aw nonets remii-
0111 CARRY IT.
mW\i> PLEA5EP,,
OUR Hll.SiriP.YS H
a poam.eiviriG
W, flRB PbMSiriG iM
321 Cambie Street,
^Vancouver B.C.oj
Shaw's Sash and Door Factory
Manufacturers of Sash ami Doors, Mouldings
and all kinds of Woodwork.
Get your Screen Doors and Windows made to
C. D. Shaba,   -    Proprietor
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged  and Improved.    Ki rut-Claw*: in even' respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Kounm.
Ratts $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Special Attention given to commercial
men ami irUiists. First-class sample
room*. Fii.est scenery in British Colum*
bia, oveiloukinif Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Moving pictures at Edison theatre
Satisfaction  guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexlume   Electric
Residence Cor. Hnl St. and Riib-mn a»e
Shop in Alley l>ack of K. J. Uourne's
Store, Firsl Street
Five Acre Lot
Suitable for subdivision
Close to City  Limits
PRICE $800
Half Cash        Balance on Terms
Real Fstate and Insurance
Corner McKenzie Ave. and 2nd St.
Repairs of ail  kin*!-   neatly d ne
Bicycle anil Gun work a specialty
Kotimates gfveo on sny class
of work
Front       Street.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bash. I make a
specialty oi Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required layout business.
Mannf&otartd for sh cinmi of  batldluft
Fur In la in hrga or small <irantillon
in ili- luwrttt  prico.H for cash
All ItiirfU.Of huiUiiiK and plastering
Foote & Pradolini.
Fruit Lands
(lilena Iky lurid" in parcele of
10 nr 20 ncrep or tn bloc. Corrcp-
pundeuce invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Corductc-d by the Jc-uit Fathers as a
boanlinK ftud day school, cu;ers upon its
Jubilee year, wiih a well known record of
stendy prnaroH nnd succphh. In it* present
-!«■»• of development, with its complete
•■tfifTof competent profeHnors and it* Up-to-
dale equipment, it offer* today the best
cdtirutiiinBl fociiitie* of any institution iu
the tiori Invest Full collegiate li'Kh heoool
and commercial course*, also prejiaiatory
department toi yntinxer Ktudeott Last
ycarV enrolment >M6 Fall torm opens ob
Sent. 0, mil (,'itaiogiiM on application.
Addlffoi ('resident, (ion/.t«ft Colli kc, Spokane. Wash, jly 15
Si'okank, Wash.
Catalogue mid Kates on Application,
AddreeH :     Sis i Kit St I'l-iiiim.
The Dominion Elections
will soon be on
so also will be
The Shooting Season
—'-— ♦ ' ' --
Game Heads Mounted by
P  O. Box 31
j Electric Restorer for Men
t Phosphonol restores every nerve in the body
: K i. to iti proper tension ; restores
vim and vitality. PremstuiedecAy and .ill sexual
■ weakness avtrted at once. Fhosphoaol will
i make vou t new man.   Price 18 a box, or two for
|5.   Mailed to any addreM.   The ScobeU Drag
Co.. St. Catharines. Ont.
Bold at Macdonald's Drug Store,
A    -K SATl'RTUY.  SEPT.  9,  1911.
SATURDAY, SEPT. 9, 1911.
Sir te Shaughnessy Announces
Temporary Postponement of
the Project
Vancouver, B, ('., Sept. 7—Tho extension ol our lines in British i'ui
umbia will be governed by the par
ticuliir ne,. .1- nf such communities as
do uut .a present enjoy transport.fi
tion tacilitles and we shall make
these extensions without the guaranteeing ol anj bonds, sal-d Sir Thos.
Shaughnessy who with his party left
f"r Victoria .nil returns here to
morrow, leaving lur Montreal on
Nm, appointment has yet been made
to succei 1 Sir William Whyte. Plans
fnr the electrification nt tbe moun
t i.!. Bection of British Oolumbia arc
laid aside tor the present, If the
Empress ui Oblna is salved con
siderable time must eiai>-c before thc
lar nm ami the company will
rhartet some ship tn take ber place
till the new Pacific liners now building . i. 'In* Clyde arc ready. He
I i'ks ;■*! great development as a result nf the Coquitlam plans. He
promised a new depot tn Vane uiver
to compare favorably with any in
the Dominion in size. Thc cost is not
ye;  definitely decided.
funds tn gel a raw term nn a paying
basis. At least one year is required
before any returns can lie nlitaiii.'.l.
an.l Iwo nf three year*.: are necessary
before lie. can ;;• t ali liis Ian.I broken and yielding an income. lie anil
his family must live during that per
iod, the most trying In a settler's experience. The prospect of hardship
and even failure embodied in those
lirst year- has kept many from making the attempt that would have re*
sulked in independence and a competence,
•The plan uf oilorl'Bg to settlers
lily -made farms on easy terms
should prove advantage uis not only
to the newcomer hut to ;ho new coun
try also."
lij Cessation of Work by Uiiioi.5
of American Railway Employees
Chicago, Sept. 7—After members oi
the international committee represen
ting the unions involved in the ilis
put* wah thc Illinois Centra) Rail
road Co. bad refused today to sane
tion a Btrike of tbe Federated Shop
Employees of the road, definite action ol any character wus dt?ferre.i
until members ol the executive boar***!
of the  International Association     i.l
Machinists .-I td  meet In this   city
next Sin..lay.
The   International   committee  ileeiil
, i   ,i   ..**..!   lie  unwise   to sanction  a
stnke ..n.l     agreed to  turn  respon-si
i,.lity over lo the committee of    the
Federation ol     Illinois Central Shop
Later, however, J. P. Conlln, vice
preeid nt , I tbe International Asso
ciation ol Machinists and a member
ol t.. conference committee, protest
, l a.-a a.-t ihe turning over o! re
.   . ty  to  the  Federation repre
But itives   until   the  i xecutive  board
,,; h.s organization could bo c.nistilt
James O'Oonnell,     president of the
r: | , ih. ■     board   mem
. rapb ,1 tor and    will
.,::..      Sun lay.        Meantime      little
 n  .*    :,   th *  - rik-o  s.iuation  is ex
; ct. l  an 1  li lieation *  pi inl   t iward
Th    International   committee    w.w
.   n ,i .. ti ton,-lit. seeking    lo
.*!_-.*   ■      me   ■'*   •   t • adjust mat! i
:     .;       itrik     At the t lose ol th ■
W F.   Ki.,ni i,
* . •*.   of  the   International   Associa
lion • I Blacksmiths and  Helpers an.l
a,   :.   ul    the   International  com
;   Ii: iv   Was   It"     new I
: iliC
It   ' ted thai maris of   the
'     ;   .   after   a    Car
i *   of the  industrial  situ il
ml   •- •     thai a strike ,,f the shop
•   -h.s   time   would   In*   in
■     i       -Minus.
S, ne o! the Illinois Central Fi I *
Mi.:.:.: te        men    would   tali;
tUfltiOl     t,,liiL-llt.   hill    Ilt
a late hour it was certain rn   Btrike
rder ha I * *■* For the UUn
**- Central shopmen tn attempt   tbe
I .-!,* without tbe support  ol tbe
Ii •* rn it lonal  unions  would  be  folly.
Ready Dade farms
In .-un et,,,i, with the visit ,,f the
■  3uth rland to Western Cana
*.*.***iiii;    from  "Bon I
■ ■I inl
• •'n,i* ic I,    i*: Sutherland Is ■■
taking  f '    :'  I'f'Kct In  the
i'.mn lum North* I thai should be
of real result He has
. i irge tract ol land naai
Clyde i. tj a, les ioi th ■•'■ Bdm
„„.! is :.., Un* it mto ready tna I
farms lo 11 ; - ■: "•' "• ''■' • '''"""
lo settle) •'* * '  "'■'■'    ,",ni
K tht   plan  ■•* *'■    *     ■' II
us h.* expecl l< then   In  Bng
land will . * :|' '■""'
bushi   - ■ n a ■ ■*■ -    i ""     ''''"• i"'"
igriculturist what buy
ome on the inatalmenl plan Is
rnsi   *n tbe  cltyf    Th
., , .;»   atteti led the   ea *
- urban  property aboul I
* alii <l on the prairies
: g bis land  Into suit-
,    ets tha t.n Mings need
H and does the preliminary  work nc-
cesaary to place the prairie farm into
rfcadlDf-s   for  cultivation.      Hi!   plan
sh Mihl     prove n   ■"' *   B«»l  ; " " ' ■
many  thi n>-  jo«ng  m n  who woulJ
make good  settlers and  citizens,  bul
b n • nol  bhe moans of getting staii
, I.    It   is  an  up'nill  ta^k for  n home-
etfa ler without  a  food supply      of
Child Shot in Wheat field
Saskatoon, Saslt., Sept. 7—Th-'
death occurred on Saturday at Tes-
iler of Flossie Hudson. A young man
iml girl were practicing with a 22
ilie an I while the rille was changing
hands it was ncci'dentally dlscbai'ge.1.
.'list which ol thi' two pillle I the
trigger is not known an.l *.*ach party
Lcoepts the blame. The bullet travelled over n distance of llifl yards and
tore ils way through no l.ss than
ix sheave- of wheat, filtering the
.curt nf the little tot as sic Bat
playing in the wheat, field, dho did
not  live  live   minutes.
NOT  'IT li'l   MAN   WANTED.
Nn. 3 arrives at U a.m., leaves at
6:20 a.m.
No. 1 arrives at 3:15 p.m., leave;
at 3:35 p.m.
No.  13,  Seattle train,  arrives      at
4:35 p.m., leaves at 4:45 p.m.
No. 14, Seattle traiu, arrives at
7:15 a.m., leaver 7:35 a.m.
No. 2 arrives at 11:40 a.m., leaves
at 12 o'clock noon.
No. 4 arrives at 12:45 a.m., leaves
at 12.55 a.m.
South train leaves Revelstoke al
7:35 a.m., arriving hack at 4:15 p.m.,
connecting here with No. 13.
Nelson, Se rt. li—Although the tir.*
ug ceased Ins operations last n is lit
lhe litizi ns are still nun li alarm. ,1.
Today .lames McDonald, a former alderman, unaided, affected the arrest
if a suspicious character." He noticed
iim walking on lhe lake sh i■_• und
inally light a fire. When fc.estione.l
hy McDonald tiro mnn slunk away
without answering. McDonald, after
i long chase through the. streets,
jelaed him and handed him over to
the police. Investigation showed that
tbe mall, who gave the n nne of
Urowiison, had just arrived, and the
police released him on condition that
he Immediately started back to the
Inland   Empire.
\   BEGGAR  AT  11)1.
Winnipeg, Sept. 6—Bent beneath
a burden of live score and four years
Andrea   K.iwronka   faced   the       police
magistrate this morning charged
with vagrancy, llll years of age and
unable t" secuie a living, friendless
and a foreigner, he was driven to
beg alms in tlie street. His artist
followed. Ity the magistrate he was
commit ted to the Ul'tl Folks Home,
where he will be cared lor. He im-
niieiate.l to Canada seven years ago
and for a time eaencl hit own livelihood. Advancing years studied out
his health until he became a mendicant.
Sept, ll and 12 -RevelBtoke Fnll Fair
.i  ricultural   exhibits,   live      stock,
poultry, horse  racing and  other at
'i actions.
Sept.  19-20.—The    Famous    Juvenil
Bostonians at the Bdison theatre,
Sept.  26-27—The    Musical    Eckhardts
in vaudeville at the K.lis in theatre,
i let. 2- i'. I!, li. no's     ' 'ompany     in
"Human   Henrts"      at  the    E
October U>—Royal  Welsh  Choir,      al
tbe Bdison  theatre.
i let,   I i  to  28.   Tbe the
popular   Company,   the   Allen   i
et -  and  Miss  \ **t n i  I*'* Itcn
Bdison theatre,    -
Nov. ;ie  Mark   Hamburg    the
Russian     Pianist,   at  the    K
Dec'. 18—C.P. Walker preseuts tlie Wm
Vuli- company In the iti * al . ■' th
Bdison theatre.
Ian.  10—Return ol Wm.  V lie A Co
in Dombey A  Son,  Edison  theatre
'Jan. 26—The famous i-  ■ In
ilce Singers considered tbe best col
ored conceit company on the
Edison theatre.
Feb.    26—The    Castles |u ire  Bl iter
tamers  in  lo.-l.   cla is COBCal t  ,it  the
EMI ion theatre.
The Chance We Told
You Of
last week. The person whn writes
l.KCI-; " the greatest number of lim s
on n p"st card mul mails it toOItanuf{aii
f'ollege Siitniuei'liinil, B. I'., by Sept.
.'nth will he given free TU1 HON in any
or all ot tin* subjects taught ill the
t'ouiin. class.
Students taking rourses in Music or
Matriculation have the advantage of sel
study hours,   nnd  thnn ugh   instruction,
I'or particulars, write the Principal.
A Pair You Know and
So You Go
Nelson Fruit Fi
N-Mscn, B. C.
SEPTEMBER 26-27-28
$3000 in FreeAttractions
Runislatl's Wild West Show
Jnmes !•:. Hardy, lhc High Wire King
Dorothy tie Vontla, Queen ol the Air
Happy and his Trill: .Mule 'Dynamite'
Marie McD.umltl, the Scottish Dancer
Inter-City BnntI Tournament. Rock
Drilling Contest. Log Saving
snd Chcpp.nT Contests Tie
Making Co-tes's
Single l'aie Kates on all
'1 lanspor ation Lines
The Biggest fair Yet and Then
Sonif.   Don't Miss It
I.   !■'..   Annahi.h,   President
l",. IIousTt .in, Secy, mid  Mauuger
I', il. Uox KV2, Nelson. H.C.
Rovelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenuy.
Take notice, that I, Laura A. Ral j
ston, of Harrisonburg, Virginia, oc-1
eiipntion married woman, int. n.l to |
ii|iply for permission to purchaSJ tha'
following described lends:
Commnnciiij-c at a posi planted ad■
jiieent to lhe North Blast corn.r of]
Lot 9323, being the North West Coiner; thence south Ml chains, rust SU
chains, north SI) chains and west BJ
chains to point of commencement and
containing b40 acres,  more or h-ss.
Dated August "th,  1911.
.lames Fisher, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenuy.
Take notice Unit I, John Kyle, of
Ymir, B.C., occupation Lumberman,
intend to apply for permission to
puri'luiso the following described
Oommenelng at a post planted adjacent to the Ninth West corner of
Lot 11323, being the North East corner; thence running south SO chains,
west 80 chains, north SO chains and
east 80 chains to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres more
or less.
Dated Augusl  Hth, 1911.
JOHN   KYLE,   Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,.
Tako notico that I, Emma Foster,
of RossL.nd, IJ. C, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the lollowing described lands:
Commencing at u post planted at
or near the South Eust corner of
Lot 8178, thenee south t-'O chains,
west 80 chains, north 80 chains and
east. 80 chains to point of commence,
ment and oontaining 6-10 acres, more
or less,
Dated August llth, 1911.
EMMA   FOSTER,   Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of  West Kootenay.
Pake   notice that  1,   William  Rumley,
of I'.ittei'son,  It. C,  occupation  Lum
.,enn,iu,   intend  to apply  for  permis
-ion   to  purchase  the  following       ile-
-i*i 1   lauds:
Commencing at a  post planted adjacent   : *  the North  Blast coiner   of
Lot   1323,   being the South  Kast Cor
ner,  then e running north  mi chains
. uns, south  In chains, east
hains and   easi
..t   ol  ciniii    '
ment and containit .-  110 ai i   i, more
Da ed  August   Ith,   1911.
wii.LIAM  RUMLEY,  ApplicaW
James Fiefa-ar,
tl .ct.
i   ol   W(  t Kootenay.
T.it* that i    'i'
ii Han ,*"
meii i io apply 'or
Coram at     a    l"'»:  pl
.in i a half*2. | in  I ,
***■ t  "inei   ol   i."t   ''-:*■,    i*
ing   the   North hence
inning south I      ■"
m .a.n an I
west  ■ i,: ..! i ommence
mont t iniiir  6IU   •*
lu, * :     \ 1911.
OTHO   KM.ST, iM     Ippl m .nt
Jam vent
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, William It Mc-
Wliirter, of Ymir, ll. C, nccipulion
Lumberman, intend to apply :.r permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a pnst planted on
thc East shore of Mosquito Lu.it ut
or near the North-west corner of Lot
8402, lieing the South West Coiner,
thence running north .SO c.lrtins tJrng
the shore of said lake, thenee erst
40 chains, south 811 chains uud w,ot
40 chains to point of commencement,
and containing 320 acres, « ore or
Dated August llth,  1911.
WILLIAM R. McWtllHTFIt, AppiieaM
JameB Fisher, Agent.
Revelstoke Laml District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take uotice that 1, Amie Treglowu
,,f Patterson, B. C, occupation, married woman, intend to apply (or permission to purchase the following de-
scrilied lauds:
Commencing at a post planted
aboul Ten (I0j chains East ol the
South West corner of Lot 817(1, being the North East corner; theuce
south su ehains, west 80 'hains,
north 80 chains and eaet 80' c'na.ns,
to point of commencement and con
taining 540 acres more or less.
Dated  August  llth,  1911,
AMIE TRBOLOWN,   Applicant.
James Fisher,  Agent.
in a :* i w  i Fr ictlonal]  I..   II. an
.a  Mineral   llaims,  situate      in
•   Lake  Mining  Division    ol
West  Koote     *   ll   nict.
*-at-d -On   Oreat   Northern
. ,' K llmt I. 0. II. N.
Wnk.i, acting as agent for th* Ohio
Hines     Development     Co.,  Limited,
I'll- *       H *.   I I II tlllMnti:    Nutniibcr
B26697,   intend,   suty      days       from
to apply to  the  Mining
rder for a ' -  ot   Im-
;*l ovei '    oh-
I   Or.ml   oi  On'  above
\nl  furtbel   take  notice llmt action
, must bt commenoed
nice of such I'eri*
of Improvments.
I>u- ! 7th   day  of      August,
u.   H.   N    WILKIK.
Trout Lake   ll. C.
Juvenile I'so iii.ins at Kdison Theatre
Septein' er 19th him! 2 nh
,. i i L. tnct.
M I     I    *
t  I,  .'*'.i ■    R
I I • *, ,l.-,i,;e      OCCUPS
ply riot   to   purefaaM     the
following   b* crlbtd la
WI  W      6T>   <T\.   Vi,ff  J  (TU ■'    '   I""1   i'1"''
1 LiO iJ Vi   O "■ '•"' '"'"•■|  "'
Lol •   thn  South   V ail   ''or
i,,a.'    nop lh    M   ilililliH
rust  K<:  ehains,   south   80 nhaifll    innl
,i   ii dp una lo point of comma ice
pii.nt   nnd  i ..pit'iiiiin:  MO act n more
or less.
Dated   Augum    ith.   1911.
MABEL   RALSTON.   Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
     ,,,iru - |
i-i fifth.    Scietitiili i ■■. I I       :   .' < -
largely responuble foi i^<- ipread ol
Typhoid, Diphtheria, Dyientery, lofanlile I h*'atr%
of (iir Bowf Is, r.\c.    Evry pat lc-i >.f
Fly Fads
will kill more (li<t» than 300 sheets
of iticky paper,
Local Industry
i >
type and printing machinery. Our
stock gf  printing papers is large
and  well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c/4.ccount Forms Ball Frograms
Wedding Stationery Mc moriam
Cards - Lumber Forms     Tags, Etc.
Agents f r the famous
$60.00 Cash
-**-,.. *,
* 4
SATURDAY,  S15rT.  9,  1911.
SATURDAY,  SEPT.  9, 1911.
of the
and others of the splendid  line
I of durable, economical, reliable and attractive
I     I
%%'%%'%'%.*%%%%% ^%^%^%^%^*^/»M%.%*%^'^,*%^ "V*
Sport Qkv'k Oprt Sport Sport Spo
After a successlul tour in Hasten]
Canada on the hunt for hockey play
ers, Frank Patrick, who. returned to
Vancouver on Sunday, mude the announcement that all preparations
would he complete when the gong
Bounded      the  opening  of  the  season
Minto Cup matches with the Tecuiii-
sehs, Imt it is doubtful whether he
wi'il extend his visit any longer than
Sept. 16, which is the dnte for thc
final matoh bStwren Vancouver ami
New  Westminster.
Gurney-Oxford Stoves
and Ranges
now on display at our store—a demonstration that marks the 20th Century
achievement in stove-making.   Come and examine the Special points of
The Oxford
of     the
that  it
"—a marvellous device for the control of the heat. It gives a saving of 20%
in fuel, besides economy of time and labor. A patent authorized only on
this line.
The Divided Oven Flue Strip is a great economy of food. All
danger of failure in baking is minimized with this clever arrangement for
even distribution of heat. There is no better test of practical stove-
work than this perfect oven control.
Another advantage lies in the Reversible Grate equipped with strong
interlocking teeth that save waste, maximum heat with less fuel.
The Broiler Top—the strong oven door, are excellent features—
and these all combine with attractive designs in wide variety of size
and price.
You are earnestly invited to come and inspect the Gurney-Oxford
line—for the good of your purse, your health, and "all the comforts
of home."
Lawrence Hardware Company, LU.
Most assuredly they are.
Better values, to begin with,
at every price from fl J. to $3;.
Better tailoring, with another
year's experience to guide us.
As  to styles, you  must  see
them lor yourself.
We can  only   say  they are
the \lteii anj are absolutely correct.
Sole. Agents in Revelslolf"
iSl,. Sept ISM
Rose of Blandeen"
Tickets, $1.00,75c, 50c.
Plun ut Macdonald's Drug Store
New    York, Sept. 5—Bob Barman,
west. He further remarked "sing  liis :■))■     horsepower      Dlitzen
had definitely  been  settled Ben?, car, lowered  the  world's record
that the  four teams,  Calgary,      Ed- for the ona mile  circular track      at
monton,      Vancouver  and    Victoria, the  Brighton  peach   motor.home yes-
wouhl  furm the league, and that tha terrlay.  With  a  Hying  start  he  made
greatest stars of the game would lie tlie mile in '18:02 seconds. The old iv
seen on the ice in these parts. cord,   whicli  ho  made  over  the.  same
Vancouver and Victoria rugby unions will co-operate in sending an
all-star team to California for the
annual matches with the* Universities
of California and Stanford next
month. The invitations (rom the
southerners came to the Victoria
club as champions of the province,
but as it was impossible -for the
Capitals to send a complete team
down they decided to invito the local
rugby men of Vancouver to co-operate with them in sending a strong
team to California. The Vnncouver
Rugby Union appointed a committee
to confer with Victoria regarding tha
selection of a team and other matters pertaining to the tour.
lt is proposed to have tha team
leave about tbe middle of October,
playing two matches at the Univeia-
ity of California and two at Stanford University. If possible the tour
may be extended to includa the University of Nevada.
William Burgess,  a  Yorkshire man,
track  on July  4,  was 48:711
The fifty mile race was won
Hligh'38, driving a Mercer,
was 19:5c.Of,.
Iiy Hugh
Hi* time
A Mi/ntnal dispatch siys that
Henry Scott, the Montreal player,
was charged in the police court yesterday with having assaulted Dr.
IJoiviu, a spectator at the Montreal-
National match last Monday. He was
admitted to bail and the hearing has
been fixed for Sept. 13.
Lacrosse may be the future attraction nt the New Westminster ex-
hihition next month. It is proposed
to arrange a series of mutches bc-
iween thc Vancouver, New Westminster and Tecumseh teams for cash
prices aggregating $8,UOI). Wells
Cray is handling the lacrosse arrangements for  the fair people.
Mr. W. J. Fimllay, spoiling editor
of The Winnipeg Free Press, is spend
ing a holiday on the coast. He was
present at the Labor Day match and
Tuesday swam  the English     channel  wiU remain over for  tbe next flxtuM
from Dover  to  Cape Grisnez
RE  Fit-Reform  Suits
better than ever I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The
swimmer landed at Cape Grisuez at
10:30 Wednesday morning, almost exactly 21 hours after leaving Dover.
Burgess bas been trying for years
to emulate the feat of Captain Webb
in 1*7*5, and several times he got
within a mile of the goal only to 'be
swept away by the receding tide. On
this occasion, whiih Burgess declared would lie his last attempt, ho
started from South Foreland-at ten-
thirty o'clock in the morning, a
strong tide was flowing and tha
swimmer hud a tough tu-k to pass
the Goodwin sands. Four hours alter
his departure the swimmer was only
six  miles  on  his  way.
This was the last heard of him until news of his success in reaching the
French shore reached here and considerable anxiety wns being felt as
to his fate.
Sam Langford won his ten round
bout with Joe Jeannette in the Mad
ison Square Gardens Tuesday night,
but every minute of the thirty in
which blows ware exchanged, tba
Boston man knew he had a still problem to solve, Jeannette fought game
ly nnd cleverly. The Hoboken negro
was .it no time afraid ol the Boston
terror and Frequently Bent hack better than he got.
It was a gruelling mill from start
to finish and while it was fast and
clever, the bout was somewhat ot n
disappointment to the follow.rs of
pugllismf L.ingfnr.l was expect:.! to
finish o(T his opponent within s:vfn
rounds, and the hot that Jenr.nrita
stayed the limit seat Lam lord's
stock, as a likely oppun nt for Jo' n-
Torcnto, Sept. 6—The Fisher Cup
stays here. The Patricia, the Oanadian defender, got what she wanted
today, a good wholesale Lreoze, and
sho won. She defeated the much-tear
ed Seneca on every leg of the course
today except one, the second thceh
to windward, where the Seneca, cast
ing looso n reef she oarric.l on the
tirst round, gained four seconds ou
lhe three and a  third miles run. ...
Two cups successfully d.'Ln;le*d in
less than ten days is the proud record o! the Royal Oanadian Yacht
Club. Today's race was sailed in a
twelve-mile breeze from oil shore with
, .i   goad wind  outside.
! The Vancouver Athletic Club la-
crossa team, senior amateur champions of t'.ie I'acilic Coast*, will play
[for tha Mann cup, emblematic of the
Canadian amateur championship,
■ Sept. 30 and Oct. 7. In a telegram
I to Mr. James Kuv.IIay, president of
|tba local team, Mr. J. Ross Robinson, of Toronto, one of the trtisteas,
Mays thai the challenge has been accepted and that the trusties will
"require holders of the cup to defend
it against your team tn Beptamber
30 and October 7. Two gam.s Will
be plnye.l, total number of goals to
son, away down.
tl.^ir,..' McDonald, mnnn.'ar i*." Matt
Wells, champion Knglish lightw.i^l.t,
says he has received by cable an of-
ler oi 180,000 for a 1 out In London
between either Wells and McFarlaad,
or Wells  and Wolgast.
McDonald .-a r.i he h.i.l tak.-ii th:
oiler under advisement, but would.P.
nothing until altar thi McKarlatid-
Wolgast tight iu Milwaukee. Th.n be
would begin negotiations looking to
putting Wells in the rin-: in London
or In Mime Western city in this country, where it would be staged by
Tev Rickard. It is understood that
Rii knrd stands rrady to outbid any
offer from across tba Water.
Boston, Mass., Hept. 5— Alfred
Slirttbb, the Kngliih runner. defeat-
Tom Longboat, the Canadian Iii.li.ui
In a ten-mile race yesterday, hy (our
yards. His time was 53 minutes, 2-'
Toronto, Ont., Sept. 5—The poiles
yesterday stopped a tan round light
l.-twien "Knockout" Brown and
Johnnie Moran of New York, in thc
seventh round. The police Interfered
to save Moran (rom a knockout.
"Kid" McCoy knock il out Hob Day,
Canadian heavyweight, in the first
round of n six-rotiml contest.
Joe Lally will referee the remaining matches between Vancouver an!
N v.' Westminntrr. Joe wanted to get
back e.iPt right away but nn DO otlin
officials were iiva.lnlile the Cornwall
mnn was prevailed upon to officiate
uiNiln. Ths will he go, d news for
1 ,rr.'-*K ■ followers in l>oth fill •«, »«
Jo* deni' nitrate.! by his P. rfortn.un *
on  I.n! or   Day  that  he  Is  in a clans
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 *,'i • ■■■,■•
nterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Iks
4. No. of box will ulso be 'shown
n  indicator  at Firo  Hall.
Box  No.   14—Corner    First    street
ml    McKeuzio    uvenue,  C.   It.  Iluiiu
& Co.
Box No. 15—Corner First Btreet
nd  llokeby  aveuuo,   post  office.
Box   No.   1(1—Corner   Second  street
and   Government   Road  and
It use.
Box No. 17-Cornor Third
n I   Campbell  avenuo,  Globe
er company.
Box No. 18—C.P.R.  station.
Box    No. 24—Corner    Fifth
avenue,     Catholic
Sixth     bUoet
A. Foote.
Fourth  stroet
corner      t.ri'.h
nd     McKenzie
Box No. 25—Coruer
nd  tu ton aveuuo,  W.
Uox   No.   26—Corner
nd  Townley street,
Box No.  28—Corner  Socond    sited
nd itoliiioti avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34-Flre Hall No. 2.
Box  No.  35—Hospital.
Box No. 36—School.
Box No. 44-Flre Hall No.  1.
Box     No.  45—Front slroot      wcjt.
car C. P. n. bridge.
Box    No.    46—Corner    King      und
'oiiglns streets, Palace Meat Market.
Box  No.   47—Comer  Second       anJ
Vales streets, back ol court house.
Box  No.    48—Corner    Third       and
'has.  Btreets.  Cowan  hlock.
Signal   for   practice-not   less   Ir.an
ix  (tl)  slow strokes.
'■ne  (1)  liidlcntea line broken       v
re out.
IFOR SALK--1110 acr.s of land in tin
Hitler Hoot.   Valley, Montana,   Cheap
for cash or trade for vacant lots.—
Box 2*7, Revelstoke, B. 0, (t,
HOUSE TO LOT—Reveletoke General
|    Agencies.
hy hlmsell In the relerertng line. It TOR BALK PluBo, Mai n Sr Ri; h
ll ftltOf«th«r likely that ha will be i Apply Mrs. W. A. Sturdy, corner
named ni ml ci thi referees lor the     Fifth »tr«et and  McKnMa a^enue.
,_ Sealed Tendets, superscribed "Tender tor Court House, Vernon," will
be received by the Hoi.ournl,!.; the
Minister of Public Works up to 12
o'clock noon of Thursday, the 2lnt
day of September, lull, for tha erection and completion of a Court-house
at Vernon, 11. ('., in the Okanagan
Electoral District.
Plans, specilicatious, bills of quantities, contract and forms of tender
may be seen on or after the 31st day
of August*, l'Jll, at the offices of the
Government Agents, Vernon, RevelBtoke, New Westminster, Nelson; the
Provincial Timber Inspector, Vancouver; und the Department of Public
Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
Intending tenderers can, by applying to the undersigned, obtain one
copy o*f* the drawings und one copy
of the specifications     and     hills   of
[iiar.tities for the sum of twenty-live
dollars C$25).
Bach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted hank cheque or certificate of* deposit on a chartered
,;ank of Canada, made payable to
the Ikn titrable the Minister of Public Works, for a sum equal to five
1,5) per cent, of his tender, which
shall be forfeited if the party tender.
ing declina to enter in'o contract
when called upon to do so. The
■heques or certificates of deposit of
'insuccc. sful tenderers will he re-
turnc.l to them upon the execution of
the  contract.
The successful tenderer shall furn-
»h a bond of a guarantee company
satisfactory to the Minister of Public Works, equal to tan (10) per
lent, of the contract amount, for
the  due  fulfilment  of  the  con.ract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms sttppl el
signed with tbe actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the
anvelopes furnished.
Thc lowest or any tpntler not neceS
-ai ily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C.. August 24, 1911.
Tax Sale Notice
On Saturday, September 15th, the
big musical show "Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway" will be hare
ind play in the opera house. This
ihow is one of the best on theroad
'oday and, should get a bumper
NOTI' E is hereby given that I shall sell at public auction on Saturday the 9th day of September, A.D., 1911, at the
(-'ity Hall. Revelstoke, B. C, at ONE o'clock in the afternoon,
the lands, or improvements, or real property, as described, for
unpaid delinquent Municipal taxes, special rates, (except sewer tax,) interests, costs and expenses due thereon, unless in
the meantime the arrears of Municipal taxes, special rates,
interest, costs and expenses, as set forth in the schedule hereunder, be sooner paid.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, this 2Gth day of August, A.
D., 1911.
Collector for the Corporation of the City of Revelstoke.
Ilclh ijllt'llt
i'.l\M- 1111,1 IllU
innl,* ana
Assessed Owner                     Lot     Hlli. k
to III ■ .11, "I
, \| .inscn
Cameron, F. W. 10-1142, Villa
lot 0, Sec. 2, Tp. 23            02
n si
2 15
11 SO
('alien, Lnigi              7A
1 SS
2 in
■1 28
Doyle, Mr*. M. (). Villa lot 38, Sec. 'Ml
8 70
2 L'O
5 I'll
Falsetto. Giiiseppe                           .'!li
1 ot>
2 10
3 70
fill well Estate of A. S. 5 0. 7. Hlk 17. |
in it
Sec. 24. Tp. 23: pal  Ser. 27,'Ip
* 2:1;
Sec. 2, Villa lm LM
35 11
3 7,-.
:ts wi
Julian, Mrs, Annie, Lot--.!) 10, ll'o.'k 10
8 12
2 16
5 27
.Million, James II. Lol 1. S \V.'4 So,*. 2
7, Tp. 2*1
8 12
'2 15
6 L'7
Mclntyre, James         IDA
1 SS
•2  HI
4 28
liingcr, John       Lot 1       I'lork (i
5 35
2 25
Sliiauui, Dominic      Lol 2      Block 7
1 25
2 IU
:t x>
Allan, Win,                          Lol II       A.M D
S 7.',
2 10
il Ifi
Bradley, K. A.                       "12
I    ■'-*
2 so
18 48
Bradley, .Mrs. Map, Lois 1 211 1. >■ k I'.I
1 i o 11)
,M 72
1 20
5S 02
Ot icbael, .1 -s              i "■- 1 ' 11
l',!k    is
il, 11;
\i 18
ii; S4
Cowie, A. and Lhl*.. JI   1. Ik IS f.l Lti. I;
k   ::
so 37
II 35
:•*:! 22
Gi-tiiit, A. ainl HilltiiMii, A. Eiisi  lull '.'-
:o i i. :,
80  II
5 Mo
II t;l
Doll, L. II.                              " :t
■      ~
ii -1
■2 30
n n
Elson, Mrs. Win.                    " 0
"   ll
1 08
2 L'O
il 83
Lane, Boi lla                              " 1
„   ,2
17 III
2 85
17 ns
Lefeanx, Stanley                     " ~i
•   21
8 •"*",
2 In
8 96
Lewis, Frank B.                    " Jo-It;
"     LS
.,         ..                           • ■ .*,
■    10
i-f, i;-j
6 ''»
71 t'2
Mar Etilie                                 " 1")
•    is
an f2
8 UO
2.1 52
Moi lis, Mrs. Alice                    " u
•    1".
ai in
3 oo
2fl no
MrCarty, Miss Julia                 "   1
•    I.'i
2u .2
:i oo
lit 52
Mclntvi'p, John anil Jnmes
C*,)V„'. A,. Ldv, Si.       " 17
52 CD
1 50
57 40
McLeod, John                       " n 10
,   07
,',l (12
t .'ii
.Ml 12
Nelaou, John               Villa " :: 1
72 27
5 50
77 77
fallen. Thos.                           " -I 5
■   40
63 IS
1 50
57 UK
Poole, Win. It.   hoi in. 1! k 17; 1 ol 3,»l
Ik 2
2" 52
8 no
23 :.2
Rev. Sash k Door Facto y    '• 3 1
■   bs
13 16
1 15
17 til
Ross, Mrs, Jane                      '   -1 L'j
•    17
1 20
Sawyer, R. uiul Hem y
'    1
1" 58
2 60
13 C8
Sam, Henry
'         1
17 lu
■2 S5
lil i'5
Skinner, Mrs. 15.                   " 7
•   60
11 !«l
2 55
11 -15
Stacey, Mrs. Kathleen       " 2
•'    11
1<i BH
2 »5
22 7s
Stonex. II. li.                        " .'>
"    7
1" LU
2 50
12 7ti SATURDAY.   SEPT. 9,  1911.
SATURDAY,  SEPT. 9, 1911.
met by cm
Gej.'afi K .nnedy. Old Timer in
itiiMnton District Shakes
Hand if Brother trom B. C.
By the merest accident Ueorge Ken
nedy, who has lived In Bdmonton for
twenty-one years, this week met bis
brother J.F. Kennedy ol Kamloops,
B. C, whom he had not Been Ior
forty-live years, and who was on a
ris:t to th s city, says the Bdmonton Bulletin. Neither brother knew
where the other lived, and they had
newr correspond; .1.
George Kennedy, who Is tlie older,
lelt St. Andrews, Man,, where the
family was born in 186*6 and proceed
ed tu the .'.it north for tne Hudson's
Bay company. Ha was stationed successively al Kort Ohipewyan on the
Athabasca river, st. John's and Hud
son's Hope I n the Peace River, and
in tba Grande Prairie. He was for 25
years in the Athabasca and Peace
River country, and for ten years was
connected with the company in the
Bdmonton district. Eleven-years ago
he retir* 1 and has sfnet been living
in  Edmonton.
J.F. Kennedy, the other party to
this remarkable re-union, left St.
Andrews. .Man., in 18-7-3. He first went
to Prince Albert, Sask., where he re-
raainrd for fourteen year-. He then
went to Winnipeg, when' be became
connected with the CP.R. and where
he spent two years. He was later
transferred to Uritish Oolumbia, and
in that province he has lived in the
towns ol Kalso. Grand Forks, and
Three sisters and two brothers of
the original Kennedy family at St.
Andrews are still alive. They are:
Mr?. Taylor, .iving at Onowa'y, Alta;
Mrs. Ross, living at St. Andrews
Man.; Mrs. Watts, living in Nelson,
B. C. Tae brothers are: Albert at
Springfield. Man., and William a1
IVingard,  Sask.
It was by the strangest kind of an
nci-ideot that the two brothers met
tnthe city this week. J, F. Kennedy
happened to be in the city on a visit
and while here learned that acertain
Ueorg*' Kennedy who had lieen in the
north tor many years was a resident
Ol Bdmonton, being one of the old
timers. On looking him up, he discover:*! thai he was a brother. The
two men have spent the intervening
time in telling each other how the
world ha- used them since they parted  fortytive years ago.
merchants he r'ailmel lb it the result
would have he-en that money would
hive been saved in more charnels
than one.
li. 1). Dinning, the secretary, read
hii report, In which he advocated
that a greater interest should be
taken in tlie allairs oi the association.
,\le-;sis. Walsh, Mackenzie and McDowell were appoint;';! a committee
to formulate plans tor the extension
of tiie work to restrict the activities
of the  absconding debtors.
Little Mabel's mother was expecting Mabel's auntie on a visit. Just
as she was almost due to arrive a
telegram came, which rend: "Missed
train, will start at same time tomorrow."
Mabel      hurried   home  from  school,
expecting   to  greet   her  auntie,       instead  of   which  she  was  shown       the
telegram.   She read  it through    carefully and  laboriously, anil  then    she
"How silly of auntie,  mamma!"
"Why,   dear?"   Inquired   her  mother
"Well,     don't  yon  s.e   that   if    sh:
starts ut  the same time      tomorrow
Bhe  will   missthc  train  ngainl"
As the result of measures taken by
the business nn n of Saskatoon to
ensure an accurate census enutnera -
tion, over 2,(100 sent in tbeir names
to bhe hoard of trade, nearly all of
these claiming that they were missed by the regular enumerators,
Retail Merchants'  Association
Discuss Plans ot Action
That there are a number ol peopl;
who find it cheaper to move than
pay their honest debts was a Mt.it.*
nieut made by several members ,,.
the Retail Merchants' Association in
the annual convention at the Orange
hall in  Vancouvei   last week.
F. Vi. Welsh, tlie president, submitted a rep,,; t winch was approved
It was out , f this that the discussion grew es to the desirability ol
increasing the range of the associations undertakings, it being Btated
that if this was lone it would mean
tbe curtailing oi the activities oi the
wandering debtors. He remarked ihat
tbe members ol the association lost
thousands annually through the
"dead neat.-,'' and he advocated a
free interchange with the provinces
ui Canada and the States to the
south, remarking that the states oi
Washington and Uregon had already
decided upon taking the step.
Strange as .t may seem, he declar
ed that there were people who travel
led around the country and Bimply
lived by obtaining credit fur gooils.
When mutters got too hot lor them
they moved on and continued the
-ume 'game" in every city in which
tbey took up their abode.
The president further declared that
the merchants by holding aloof from
competitors were following a bad Pol
icy and be maintained that thorough organization should take place
so tbat tbe hest interests of the
retail,rs could   he  protected.
R. Cope, of Lethbridge, Alberta,
commended  the   ' black   list,"    which
was  prepared  hy  the associal ind
which served to put the members on
their guard against debtors, H'.'-r-
ring to tlie work being accomplished
by the retail merchants In Alberta,
he said that the fact that Calgary
had not bad a merchants' protective
association was probably the groat
est handicap, but he was now pleased
to say that a central otlice was bein*;  opened  there.
.,! ,. ,.,. .:• ol KJov.-na also spoke
on the subject and said that the need
ui organization was never felt more
thin at 'h' pr-s* n,'. He w s pleased
to say thnt be would do bis utmost
to further the work and he believed
that thia would mean the hurried de
parture of some of bhe debtors from
the Okanagan country, "One man in
Kclowna." lie said, "touched the mer
chants for about |2,000." K that
.un nut had been put into organization  wi rk  lor the protection    of  the
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Monday-Tuesday, September 11-12,1911
S5.000  IN
Agricultural and Fruit Exhibits, Live Stock, Poultry, Ladies' Work
Home Made Cooking and Preserves Manufacturers' Exhibits
Special Railway Rates -One-and-One-Third Fare
for the Round Trip to the Revelstoke Exhibition
Music by the City Band
yj. A. McRAE. Pres.     F. B. WELLS. Treas.   W. B. ROBERTSON, Sec. .
Itevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Nettie II. Piatt
oi Rossland, B. ('., occupation
Housekeeper, intend to apply for
permission to purchase tbe lollowing
described  Inn Is:
Commencing at. a post planted at
or ii",'ir l.he South Kast ('orner of
Lot 7!100; thence south 4f) chains,
west. 40 chains, north 40 chains and
east 40 chains to point of commencement, and containing ICO acres more
or less.
Dated August 10th,  1911.
NETTIE  II.   PI.ATT,   Applicant.
dames Fisher, Agent.
Moving pictures at the Kdison theatre  tonight.
Keep Sept. 1Mb and 20t.h f*r the.
J ii ven i lie Bostonians nt the ,'dl*on
Revelstoke I .om1 I listrict
. *   ■ I Wesl  Kooti no
T \ki    -.". K *    that   i   Samuel W.
Ralston nt i
patlon Photogt i a, pl,
lor pertnisai, n to
described lauds :
i ominencing ■■< a po *
ccni to iln* mo, ■ |nv, ■*• * ornei
thence north 10 * hains; »*  I  10 chains,
south 80 chains; * nsl 4(J i hains  to  poini
of commencement   and   contuining  iit)
acres moi e or les-*.
[antes Kinder Agent
Dated June Uth, 1911,
Som"    desirable   acerage and resl
dent.ial   (>ro|wrt.y   adjacent to town   on
easy terms.--II.  N.  Coursier. I.f.
Moving   pictures  at   Kdi ion   thefttl
SMM's Gure
quickly *•!,.,.*■ , „„,l|,*.,   mm , „l,l,,   I,. „',,
Ital throat anil lionl,.       ...       a 3 couH.
i .ami District
A.-t Kootenay,
Tata 'tiat sixty   days aftei
date Domini *  Sawmills   ami   Lnm
•'      Reveletoke,     11.    0., a
I.uni:, :,y   intend   to  H|,ply to
of   Lands  for   pai mission
i'l;   Two   hinidrld    ami
lorty acres    f land  described aa foi
lows- j
Comment.   ; at a po rt  planted   2 j
chains  south  from  tbt  Booth    Kast
i'    i   OM   Pre Kmpt.toTi, Lot
*:'!'I2,   Group   One,    Kootenay    Ili.1i.i-t
and     marked    "li. H. M.  A. L,  Ltd.,
South west. Corner Pott,"     thonce'
north      i.n      i lm nn,     thence    east   40
thence south  Ml chains, thenee
west,   lo ObatDI  tO the  point of com
nn nMi'iri.'iit. ■»
Dated  this -'th  day of  August, lllll.
Dominion Sawmills & Lumbei, Ltd.
Ag.ID-CO     By  James  Kn,'lund,  Agent
in the Matter of the Estate of James
I'"..  Long,  deceased.
Notice    is    hereby    given   that  all
crsditors and  others navlng    claims
.1 fatnst   the     Estate ol     dames h.
Long, late of Itevelstoke, II. ('.., de
ceas«d, who died at lievelstoke on or
ahout the 12th day of dune, 1911,
are requested to send to the under-
Ignsd, Solicitors for Uev. C. a.
Proouoiar, Executor of the last will
of Haid  deOSaaed, within SO days from
date, full particulars of their claims,
duly verified, and that lifter that
dnte th. ,«id Kxcedtor will proceed
to distribute the said I'Btute. unioni'st
those entitled thereto, rognrd lieing
hud only to those claims of which
said Executor shall have then received  notice.
Dated  August 16th,  1911.
iiahvky, McCARTER & PINKHAM,
Solicitor for  Itev. C. A. Procunler,
Executor ol the last will of
St. Leon
Hot Springs
Hot mineral baths especially recommended for invalids ami those in need oi
toning up.
Exclusive ballty provided for ladies. 26
Private Rooms handsomely lilted up,
Rates $1.5(1 to $2 per day, or $10 per
H   COUSINS, Prop.
Fruit and Vegetable
Boxes and Grates
Our liox Factory is now running and
we are in a position to supply all kinds
of fruit and vegetable boxes and crates.
Those who have not already sent us
their orders should do sc at once as they
are coming in fast, and we would like to
deliver all orders in good time' Our
boxes are ecpial to any on the market
and prices can be had on application to
S. McMahon, Revelstoke, or to
Salmon Arm, B. C.
Rebate on Taxes Far 1911
A discount of twenty per cent, wiil
be allowed upon the General and
School Rate lor current year, upon
all Taxes paid on or before September 20th  prox.
By Order,
Aug.2, Sept. 20 City Olerk
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for East Wing Addition, I'rovincinl Home, Kamloops," will be received by the Honourable the Minister of l'uhiic Works up to 12 o'clock
noon of Wednesday, thc 20th day of
September, 8911, for the erection and
completion of an east wing addition
to thc Provincial Home, Kamloops
li. C.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen at the
otlices of the Provincial Timber Inspector, Vancouver, B. ('.; tho Government Agents, Kamloops, New
Westminster, and Revelstoke; ninl at
the Department of Public Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. 0.
Intending tenderers can, by npply -
ing to the undersigned, obtuin one
copy of the drawings and one copy of
the spei-ifications tor the sum of
twenty dollars  ($20).
Each tender must he accompanied
hy an accepted hank cheque or certilicate of deposit on a, chartered
hank of Canada, made payable to the
Honourable the Minister of l'uhiic
Works, for tlie sum of $5,000, which
shall he forfeited it the party tendering decline to enter into contract
when called upon to do so, or i{ be
fail to complete the work contracted
for. Tlie cheques or certificates of
deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
be returned to them upon the exectt
tion oi the contract.
The successful tenderer shall furnish a bond of a guarantee company
satisfactory to the Minister of Pub -
lie Works, equal to ton (10) per cent,
ol the contract amount, for the due
fulfilment of the contract.
Tenders will not he considered un
lass made out ou the forms supplied
signed with the actual signature ol
the tenderer, and enclosed in the en
velopes furnished,
The lowest or any tender not necessarily nccopted.
Public Works Engineer.
Public Works Department,
Victoria,   B.C.,  August 24th,  191*1.
KOOTENAY     LODGE, No. -.5 A.  P.
and A. M.
Regular meetings arc held in MLkd-
ONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
W. B. ROBERTSON, Becretary.
SELKIRK     LODGE 12, 1. O. O.  P.
Meets every Thursday evening In
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
J.   S. HOOLEY,  N.  G.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secrotary.
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE,   No. 3461.
OF I. O. P.
Meets in I. a O. P, Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday in month. ViBiting brethren cordially welcomed.
O. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   B.   CAMERON,  Rec.-Sec.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K. of    P.,
NO.  26,  REVELSTOKE, B.  0.
MeetB every  Wednesday except   the
Third Wednesday of each month     in
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially invited.
J. Y. SIMPSON, 0. 0.
Q. H. BROCK, K. ol R. * B.
M. of F.
C. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meets Becond    and     Fourth Wednos-
days    in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.     ViBiting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Co». Com.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Revelstoke, B. 0.
Money to Loan.
Offlcea—Revelstoke,   B.   O.,    and
Cranbrook, B. 0.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial Land Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Box. 282, RevelBtoke.
Plans and     Specifications prepared
for     all    classes     of buildings, Etc,
Draughting and Blue Printing.
Revelstoko  Laud  District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Tako notice that I, Harry John -
stou, oi Arrowhead, B. C, occupu -
tion Merchant, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the lollowiug
described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
ahout three hundred yards south of
Creek on sand point about two miles
uorth of Cape Horn on Upper Arrow
Lake, running twenty chains north,
thenoe eighty chuius east, thence
twenty chuius south, thence eighty
chains west along the luke shore to
point oi commencement and containing one hundred and Bixty acres more
or loss.
Dated July 10th, 1911.
Revelstoko  Lnnd  Distrlot.
District of West Kootonay.
Take notice that 1, Josiah Hack,
of Itevelstoke, B. C, occupation hair
dresser, iutouds to upply for permission to purchuse the following described  lauds.
Commouciug nt a post planted at
about the south-east corner of Harry,
Johnston's application to purchase,
and rtiuuing north lorty chains,
theuce eaBt sixty ehains, thence south
lorty chains, thenoe west sixty chains
along the Lake shure to point of
commencement and contuining three
hundred und twenty acres more or
Dated July 17th, lull.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West kootenay.
Tako notico thut I, J. C. Elliot, ol
Arrowhead, B. C, occupation, physician, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Oommenelng at a poBt planted near
N.W. corner post of Lot 7058 and run
ning 60 chains ninth, tbence 60
chains east, thence 60 cbuins south,
thence 00 chains west to the point oi
commencement and marked " J. C.
Elliot's S. W. Corner Post, containing some 400 acres more or less.
Duted August 7th,  l'Jll.
Per R. Armstrong, Agent.
Under instructions the undersigned
Solicitors for the Executor of tbe
lust Will oi the late Jumes E. Long,
of Revelstoke, B. C, a brewer, deeensed, invite tenders for the pure-huso of the business and property
known as "Long's Brewery" at Revelstoko. The area of tbe land is between five and six acres with a good
stream of water running through it.
The buildingB and improvements consist of a brewery and dwelling and a
profitable brewing business has been
carried on there during several years
Tenders will be received 'by the undersigned up to and including
September 15th, 19H, for thfl pur.
chaBe of the property.
Further particulars, tf desired, may.
be obtained from the undersigned.
Solicitor Ior the Executor,
^ :\ SATURDAY,  SEPT. 0, 1911.
the T&j±TZi-J3:ttJEiJLJL,-r>, riet^ielstoikie
SATURDAY,   SEPT. 9,  l'Jll.
See special window displays.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. B- JtuiM S Co.. £imited
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
The Six Footer and The Five Footer
Ladies Wash Dresses
One and two-piece styles. Neatly
made of excellent material, only
Extra Special Bargain
in Ladies Waists
These stylish waists are made of
excellent lawn, in various embroidery effects.   All must go at
Half  Price
New Fall Coats
In Latest Styles
Made in Broad Cloths, Mixed, Diagonal and Basket Weave Tweeds, with
Military and Shawl Collars; man tailored
and lined with best mercerised lining,
finished with velvet, silk and heavy
fancy buttons.
$5 Hammocks for $2
Very brst of quality, strongly
woven in attractive colors with
valance and tassels, selling at a
price that necessitates prompt
Can both be fitted perfectly with the 20th Century Brand type and model
system. It ensures not only perfect fit but perfect style. It is a marvellous
achievment in fine tailoring and worth knowing about.   We are Sole Agents
Prices $22 to $35
We are headquarters for high class sweater coats that will
appeal to all.    Coats with the "Hewson" label, made from
""" pure Nova Scotia wool; coats made from fine imported
wools- All the new shades, made either with the low vest neck or with the high military or
reversible collars; light, medium or heavy weights. Also the heavy hunting sweaters with
extra high reversible collars, either plain or in the pineapple weaves.—Prices $2.50 to $6.00
Sweater Coats
Showing of New Linens
They are all the finest pure linen
Damask eloths and napkins,
bleached snowy white, in beautiful assorted designs, and handsome borders.
Cloths from $3.50 Up
Napkins $1.25 Up
Call and Look Them Over
Collars and Jabots
At a Special Price
To Clear at   10 Cents
$i House Furnishings 2£
Wall Papers
WALL PAPERS- Why have your room
look dingy when you can brighten it up with
a pretty wall paper at so little cost. We have
a choice line of this season's papers in dainty
shades of Blues, Fawns, and Greys, Crossbar
Linens, as well as the heavier shades of
Greens, Reds and Browns, suitable for dining
rooms, living rooms and kitchens. Call and
look them over. We don't blame the cus"
tomer who is hard to satisfy, but show them
-something that is suie to plaase.
Call and See Them
Ready-to-wear Department
Second Floor
X High Class Groceries A
Iron Beds
Mattresses and Pillows
A nice range of cheap and medium
priced Beds carried in stock at our warehouse.
A splendid line of Feather Pillows. See
our Special at $1.75 PER PAIR.
Blankets, Bed Comforts
We have a splendid line of Blanket*,
heavy weight, for Fall and Winter use, in
White, Red and Silver Grey, also a choice
new lot of Children's Crib Blankets and Cora-
forts in Blues and Pinks, exceptionally dainty
and splendid value -90c. to $175 each.
Regular size Bed Comforts in Eiderdown"
Lambs wool and Maish Laminated Cotton.
All Choice Goods
Window Shades
Curtain Poles and Fixtures
We make window shades to measure, any
size, an exceptionally fine line of Shade
Goods which do not crack or pinhole. Brass
and wood Curtain Poles, all sizes, with fittings
to suit.
Venbnte Venoil
The Magic Furniture Polish
Havve you tried Veribrite, if not, do so.
You will be surprised at the ease with which
you can keep your furniture looking like a
Try It for Dusting
Seasonable Fruits
We can always assure you of the
best quality of fresh fruits. We are
now receiving daily Peaches, Pears,
Hums, Canteloups, Oranges, Bananas, Lemons, Watermelons, Ripe Tomatoes and Cucumbers- Place a
standing order with us to be filled
from fresh arrivals each morning.
Get Hume's Prices
Baking Powders
We arc just opening up a new
shipment of Price's Baking Powder
inGoz., 12oz., 2}lbs. and 51b. cans.
The constant and rapid increase in
the demand for this Baking Powder,
shows the public's appreciation of a
medium priced baking powder that
can be relied upon as being pure and
wholesome. In PRICE'S you have
Quality. Quantity and Price.
Hume's for Choice Groceries
Condensed Coffee and Cocoa
Reindeer brand condensed Coffee
and Cocoa is made from the best
grades of Coffee and Cocoa, pure
granulated sugar and cream. It is
rich, and always ready by simply
adding boiling water. One can makes
twenty-five cupfuls. It will keep in
the same can after lieing opened. A
choice article for the campers and ^J
', "■'. summer widowers.J
Breakfast Foods
Quality is the main consideration
in the manufacture of food-stuffs.
We handle only the best and purest
goods on the market and consequently our Breakfast Foods are in big demand. We handle them all and can
always give the best to be had. ABk
us for prices per dozen packages.
We  are   headquarters for Hay,
Oats, Bran. Shorts, etc   Ask prices. E -vTBRDAT,  BBPT. 9, 1911.
THE   !Vn.A_IIJ-H:E!K,.A.rJIZ),K..R,E'VElXJSTOI?:2i]
SATItniUY,  BBPT. 9, 19U.
Ladies' Fall Wear
Gcod showing of New Fall Coats
Fall showing of Womens1 Suits.
l\Tew Gull   Coats  for  Women  and
Dress  Goods.  Tweeds.  54 in. wide,
French Novelties.
New Millinery for Autu nn wear.
Men's Fall Wear
New Suits. Fancy Worsteds, for $12
New Sweater Coats.
Boys'   New    Sweater   Coats    and
Jersey Sweaters,
Men's and Boys' Felt Hats.
'^- v
New laid eggs 50c.  per dozen — at
Moving  pictures  Monday  night    a1
K.I'.-m i; theatre.
.. ■   c.iati  i'i ices  of  lurniture      nn I
it       |l.M.....,.Il'.M.
Mrs.  11.  II.   Mi Vity returned    (rom
the coast tliis  morning.
Tl *   excavat li n      lor  B ne  Broi
■ be        * ,.  on  First      sl i * el
will lie completed this week.
Mis.   S:imin-1   Hunter  returned   lhl
■ ■ [rom  Seal '• le,  where she has
...   ■       ir.il  months  visiting.
■ I-.* i lhe dates lor thc Juvenil
Boston ins in "The Rose ol Blnn
.Iwn"   Si ;*ii in1 *i    L'.'th  nml 20th.
AC* ; *   ,*,,;,,.,,.-!•   v* .,*
'*      *iil   nil'   al    i:*    111
;. :   * .    . '   tin   six   men  in It    » r
LBIfl qjgS DilC. rBF ISO
In order to get the best results from your chickens
you must provide the best foods available, ns without those egg producing foods you certainly do not
get thf best results. Try our Beef Scrap, Oyster
Shell Grit, Crushed Bone or Alfalfa Meal.
FEED—-We also carry a full stock of Hay, Oats,
Wheal, Barley, Corn, Chop, Bran and Shorts.
A. HOBSON,        Bakor and G ocer.
p   li  i-tl  nd  oi  the Mi I * *
lol ii lin ■
lay in  the I
♦he  Oarlton. -Vani ou\,,   New    Vdvei
• Isei.
All n. mbei i of I lie Board • ; Ti ad
are requested t" bo present on Tnes
.■ ning  *ii   .-'• 'Utii k   I l.ill.   to len
dii a welcome to the » * Itors to thc
Fall Fair,
■ hib *' *     Seetii
I    Floral, t. la     1--Best colli
of S.       I   .i .    Exhibitors plcari
note that it will  n  '  be n< i * *. a
I   n ime the varieties.
The Allen P lyers liav *.  11 unged tli ■
: ■    l    * . *■      at      tli
n tlieal m   Ni i.   13  to one
i.   Thes   will appe n   In
two agem nl   i on mi nc
Oct.  17-th.
At  t! .    i      '    .
wi re  up    I
I'h roe    fm
:.-.'■ rth of   the
i, :   *. *.      *.  I     I. ., i
; : Il'l, ,1   I.
In   I!.   M .*, ia low     : *
. !;..  thai   are
Poultry Cl
*    *   ■    ".   ind 'i'
.  very handsome      I
.*. .1   very  keenly  i
pett-J men.
'        Ml*     'I
.,' .,! t mge '.  «ith  Messi
M.t ait'.. ' ummin ;a   in I  Tumi
.*■ •     *'   m    i   ■
■   .
for adults an Ioi   cl
t\ ■
H.  Cooke.   Mi .  Kiy    waa a  I
. •     . Dt.u durii
"0 acres first class land close to city, suitable
for either fruit or mixed farming. Will sell in
lots from 5 acres up, $8o an acre. Easy terms.
Firsl  class program ol moving pic
"i '■*    it I hi   i*:* l   on nn Monday ni .-lit
1 • ■ t  your iiii-i'
it   Mclntyre's.
*« ■* i   Malngn  l'i ipi
There  will  bo s i  program    of
moving  pictures at   the  Bdison  then
; * i* "ii Monday night.
irs  to  thi   t.
.1    al
ed   to
pr  Hoi
... -
.1 1
n Ileal ■
it   the
*   tl
.ni ever before,
*  havi
trict   ii
Corporation ol' the City of
'•I i -ouncil ,,i  the Corpor
tn ;m i ,,. ■     ,-
'    RETE 8IDEWALKH  on and
*■   \.
the  Ho« ion  block.
• i
• *
• i,
l nbl
*    .Im
Ighl  (rom
$4.00 ai ks
,.   at    2.00 for
a ■* '
■r Do Well
Bea -li
1 '
'I *,n
I i'lnmltl fly I ado !<o.   Each
V.lson n f.\i ,"nd8, IOc Enr.li
T " lai  -  ' nt of
local Ponl < lards to choose
25c, ; **i' iit zen.
Tn5; UexaLL Dure STORK
U   tin*
days ft*'
:•       the
nm i R  A    LAW
Hnl * !
I'lll. If i'i.
i tOH
BAM1 BL Ml i.i.ktt BAW7BH   m
'ami of John  Sawyer,  f,,rm
erly  nf   A.Ma'.l'*  |'|*,,*,*    (,,„, I,.i,.   * |.;,,m
i hi*! , i Ihai ten i  \c ountnmt   dei
the above name i   It    mrMtleri   lo   n
■ I.a!   •      '  ,'       ll* , I*',' I   * tc A Opl V tl,
Janet  RoMnion,  Solicitor,  23  I'bil
pot   I.nni'.   r.otnliin.   Yi.   C.
Conservative Committee Rooms
Selkirk Hall
Harvey J. Hall, in an interview with the Toronto
News, shows in a convincing manner what
the railway employes have to fear from
Until his retirement from active work, Mr. Hall, was the
legislative representative ofthe Order of Railway Conductors
and watched all legislation at Ottawa of interest to railway
employes. Kor 22 years lie was a conductor on the Grand
Trunk Railway ainl for two years was an alderman representing Ward six in the Council of ihe City of Toronto.
"In the event of reciprocity passing," said Mr. Hall,
"the effect, in my opinion, on transportation in this city will
be this :
" Bearing in mind the faei that there is in the neighborhood of 200,000 people employed on railroads and navigation
within llie Dominion, those 200,000 are directly or indirectly
maintaining one-tenth ofthe population of Canada.
Will Reduce Number of Employes
in Railway Service
" If reciprocity means what its supporters say it does,
thai is changing lhe avenue of trade from north to south,
in-lead of east lowest, as at present, it must necessarily reduce the •number of employes in the railway service and also
in navigation.
" That means that there will he fewer engineers, fewer
firemen, fewer conductors, fewer trainmen, and ultimately
fewer engines and less necessity for ears.
" Following along th'S line, it will mean that there will
be fewer boilermakers, fewer machinists, fewer blacksmiths,
fewer carpenters, fewer car-builders and repairers requited to
do the work for thc railway companies of Canada.
This is a Critical Time for the Railroad Men of Canada
" In discussing this question with persons who are pretty
well in touch with these conditions I find the general opinion
i-- th -t ii will nn an a great difference to no less than joo.ooo
I e >plc employed in this country.
" In uiv opinion it was a very grave mistake in lhe part
,' ih ■ •* eminent that before entering on a deal o( lh* nature
ol th • ii' sent reciprocal agreement they did not consult the
interests that have important investments in this country. I
,1 iim ill i .!:li* is a very serious lime for working men in Canada, for if reciprocity will reduce the number of railway em-
00,000 these people must find employment elsewhere. Consequently the t'ades must suffer owing to the
great surplus thnt would be thrown on the market.
'■ The supporters of the pact  may claim that  the railways
are nol m iking an\ serious objiciions or putting up anv great
to it.     I he majority of the   intelligent   electors of
rv,    however,   understand  the  relationship  existing
Ljovernmcnls and railroad companies.      it   is usually
1 ihem lo pursue a neutral course rather iban demon-
afdly their opposition to any  measure  that  a gov-
m.iv attempt to put upon the statute books."
Canadian  Employes  Will   Lose    if
Freight is Driven South to Wisconsin Central Railroad
■   jnt, in discu sing the question   with   a  promi-
,|' K. official, he cla im I thai the C P.R.  were largely
iu || ni ; ,1 the > * 'i.tliiiotr owing to the absorbing of the
Central  Railway,   which   give   them   an   entrance
_•.,.    They also have their road into St.   Paul   from
t and west.      I Ins will give them  a   large   propor-
e business, bui  ii  musl  he  remembered that  if the
thai ■■'* '   thai many of ihe Canadian railway em-
-.1  lose.
A Word to  Captains,  Mates,  Engineers, Watchmen and Freight
Handlers on the Great Lakes
"The Canadian Boafown rs on thc Great Lakes must
lose, while the employes 011 ihi u boats will certainly lose, and
thi lo ■ 1 labor thai will he entailed through the change in
transportation will ultimately be a serious loss to the farmer."
rMMWl   *MII*^tf»,l*.i*»W,  „i*»W  ■^■■■■•■llfl—     I    -'      ~l    TT,    ■! ■ »' 
No. 64
See what splendid bargains we are offering
to-night at our weekly evening sale. Everything
is something that you will need for the present
time of year, and everything is cut away below
regular selling. Sale begins at 7 p. m. and lasts
till closing.
I'm* Children. A lot of the best
ICnglish Cashmere hose, in Muck,
1,111 mnl white. Sizes up to8 inch.
Regular Prices up to 49c. Wr are
clearing llie lot to-night at 25c.
per pnir.
Jockey caps lot the little fellows.
Tweed, Serge and Velvet. Tonight only 15c. each,
A lot of Hie celebrated  Vassar
Shoes, ill box calf, viii kid uud
box cull. All sizes trom 2 to 7.
Regular Price, $-UH> and $4,90.
On SaU' to-niKlit at $3 00per pnir.
No lmlv nui have loo much nice
neckwear, To-night we are putting on Bale a lot of the new .styles
that sell regularly at 39c to -ISc. at
!>ur After Supper Sale at 25c. each.
They are bargains,
cTWcLennan C& Co.
Half the Summer is still ahead. We have
provided for it by keeping our stock well
assorted in sizes.
Just received our Fall Samples for made-to-
order Suits.    Let   us  show  them   to   you.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Foot-Rite Shoes.
Fit-Reform Clothing
ounnvilli.cmi.       mrrkin. n.y.
Wc have just opened up our
Fall Stock of Men's and Hoys'
Sweaters and Sweater Coats, which
consists of a large assortment of
different colors and qualities. They
come in the plain and fancy
Prices from $1 to $9
McRae Mercantile Co.
One Night Only
Saturday, September 16th, 1911
(ieo. M. (lohon's Greatest Musical Comedy
45 Mi
With a Star Caste and the "Blue
Ribbon Ponies"
Prices, $1.50 - $1.00 - 75c.
Seats at Macdonald's Drugstore


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