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The Mail Herald 1906-09-19

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"Empire Typewriter"
APPLY 'in run
legislative A^
SEP 221906       J
The i&ail-Herald
Empire Typewriter
Vol. 12.-No. 112
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hue & Co.
This is the Western Depot Ior Dr. Jarger's Sanitary System
ol Woolen Clothing.
We can put yon on the eanie basis as the Eastern Cities with
these celebrated specialties.
The highest grade ol Underclothing Ior Children, Ladies and
Men. Dressing Jackets, Dressing Clowns, Men's Fancy Vests, Ladies'
Goiters, Children's Tain '0 Shanters, Gloves, Hosiery, Woolen Boots,
Infanta' Booties.
These goods are all catalogued at standard price—the same
price here as in any other town in Canada
See the Big Window Display on .Mackenzie Avenue.
Ask at the Counter for Booklet. j
We cany the largest and best assorted stock of Groceries in the
City We can supply you fully with anything you may require in thi„
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Near Grand Forks by Expert
GgiNii Fokks, B. C, Sept. 18.—Great
excitement prevails at Eholt over an
audacious burglary that happened at
the Union hotel in thct place. The
sale waa quietly opened and over $650
in cold cash was stolen. Ni. damage
was dono to the premises and net the
slightest clew to tbe tracks of the robber can be found. It is generally believed that he was an expert sale
cracker, a- no marks oi violence were
lelt on lhe safe.
No Cough can linger
if you use    ....
Nairn's Famous Black
Cherry Cough Balsam
This remedy bus been sold lor the
last 1:1 years and gives universal satisfaction.
It cures coughs and colds speedily
and is equally good for old and young.
Keep 11 bottle in the house. This is
the season lor colds.
Red Cross Drug Store
D, NAIRN, Phm, B,
»»««*■?■«•>:>;?';- ■.**¥*»##***
1 Ndi full Fi I
I   Sept. 19-20-21,1906   |
I Biggest and Best Ever I
Horse Knees, Lacrosse Tour- #
iiiiiueiitiindiilhei-iitti'iictions J
The largest Fruit, Vegetable S
mid Mining Exhibits in the &
Province. f
mm* *
mm |
| Il.C McMobbib, J.J.Malonk, I
*             Secretary.      President. #
w id
Turtm. Furniture!
Jobn E. Wood's Furniture Store
't »Vt. fa »♦» .if. .9t t9, .9. .♦. nlK «♦. ."K ttt1. .*♦*. .j*-1. .Tt *9. <*•***. .♦» .*f»»♦» .T. 1T1 iT a«T* .
7 '.J.''+' *!.>' 'X "X   X   X   Z   X" "X" "X" X   X   X   X   X vl   X   X   X   X   X   w '4*'
Large Size wm »27 60    Now   $19 00 O
4 *■*•
Medium Size was 20 00    Now    14 00 J [
IB yp
jg Small Size was 16 50    Now    11 00 X
4, 4 Tennii Racquets From  fl.Sfi and up. 4 4
O   O
9    _.    . . .  9
A Dealen in Hardware, Slovu and Tinware, Mineri, Lumber
JL Z£?l. »ncl Bawmill Supplies, eto., Plumbing and Tinsmithing,
** A!<WML*'JB'% •kjSSSBm*!*!
, The new steamship service from
Belfast to Canada has beeu inaugurated by the C. P. R. steamer Lake
Erie, on which a large number ol emigrants embarked. It is understood
that ex-Minister Smart is making arrangements to send a large number of
Swedes, Norwegians and Hungarians
to Canada to work on lhe Grand
Trunk l'ucilic.
Taco.MjI, Sept. 17.—B. Frank Allison
nineteen years old, who had his neck
broken Wednesday morning last in
the logging camp of his father at
Allison, on the Tacoma Eastern Railroad, died Saturday That the boy
was able to live in his condition for
tliree days the physicians consider
extraordinary, and though they were
prophesying iiis death hour after hour
from the time he was brought to a
hospital here, the boy clung to existence until Saturday.
Allison was a hooktender. He was
standing near a big cedar log on
iVednesday which a crew of men were
getting in position for u donkey engine to pull to a skid rond. The log
rolled over and snapped a small tree
off by the butt. The tiee Hew through
the air and struck Allison on the
bend crushing him io the earth. The
bloiv dislocated and smashed the
vertebrae of the neck. Alli-on soon
regained consciousness, and kept his
wits almost to the moment oi death.
At the Opera House, Tuesday, Sept.
26th, will be found tin ideal type of
thrillingand sensational melodramatic
art in "The Convict's Daughter." It
is said to be original in conception,
plot and development, and is described
us a high-trade melodrama with a
scenic production and containing
those elements that always insure
success—realism, love, passion, comedy, heroism and self-sacrificing devotion. The author, J. A, Fraser, jr.,
has constructed his live-act play on
original lines, avoiding the old worn-
out love story and in this and other
respects it is a radical departure from
the well-beaten path ol melodramatic
productions. He has given to the
stage u play that appeals in many
ways to the hearts and minds of all
theatre-goers who delight in sensations
and scenes ol startling realism.
Two horses attached to a dray lie-
longing to the Kevelstoke Wine &
Spirit Company, took fright this
morning while at the watering tank,
and dashed off down the road, causing
the driver, J. Leslie, to be violently
thrown out. The horses continued
their mad career and after some difficulty were stopped before very much
damage had been done. Leslie was
picked up, having sustained several
nasty cuts, and taken to the hospital
where his injuries, whioh are fortunately not of a seiious nature, were
attended to.
Devastated by Typhoon-Liners Washed Ashore- Serious
Losses of Life and Property
—Fatal Train Wreck.
Hong Rons, Sept, 19.—A coin-
plote estimate of the damage done
by yesterday's typhoon will not be
obtainable for weeks but the loss uf
life among the natives is placed at
not less than one hundred and the
monetary damage at over a million.
The Empress of Japan managed to
ride out the gale with the help of a
tug boat. The C, P. R. liner .Mont-
eagle was driven ashore and had
her stern post broken. .Attempts
are being made to re-float her. A
dozen steamers in the harbor were
sunk and others are in a sinking
condition or were driven ashore.
The harbor is literally strewn with
wreckage and lhe streets of the city
are blocked with debris. Some
ocean liners were piled up in the
streets. It is reported that twenty
French marines were killed when a
tramp sleamer wns thrown against
a French torpedo boat.
Latum— It is now learned that a
thousand persons lost their lives in
the Hong Kong typhoon.
Cin'HMiK. Oklahoma, Sept. 19.—
Eight persons dead, twenty injured
and twenty missing, is the result
of the wrecking of the Rock Island
passenger train yesterday. The
accident was due to driftwood piling against the bridge and swerving it out of line. The train leil
the high bridge which spans Cimarron River and plunged into the
stream. The first reports said that
two hundred were dead.
Vancouver, Sept. 19.—Sir Thos.
Shaughnessy suys that the passenger trallic is increasing *-n rapidly
that the C.P.R. may place a steamer, larger than the Princess Victoria, on the Gulf.
Chicago, Sept. 19—Wilbur Glenn
Voliva was chosen yesterday as
leader of 7aoh by an overwhelming
vote. Only six votes were cast for
his opponent, M. E. Bulds.
HavAjNA, Sept. 19.—No decisive
progress was made in the peace
negotiations yesterday.
As with all other goods, we try to handle nothing but (he best,
and judging by the quantity we Bell Jit is evident lhat people are
a ware of this fact. Butter will be much higher in price later on and
you will save money by buying one or inure boxes al present.
Hard and Dry
A large supply of this wood has been received at our
yards and is now ready Ior delivery at
S4—Four  Dollars   Per  Cord   $4
The best nnd cheapest ceal for all purposes. Ii i-,'ree
Irom dust and does imt clinker. We guarantee satisfaction
or will refund money    Leave your orders for luel at our office
Molsons'  Bank  Building
E. j. bourneT^
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings. Ready-made Clothing
Read the special ad. re Dr. Jarger's
sanitary woolen system on Front page
of thit issue. C. B. Hum* A Co.'s
department store.
Mrs. W. M. Lawrence entertained a
large pert*/ ol guests at alternoon tee
on Saturday lut, to meet her siller,
Kite Grant, ol Winnipeg.
This latest and most up-to-date
invention is fast beooming popular all
over Canada. It is certainly one of
the most pleasing forms of limeligh'
pictures and the scenes portrayed are
most realistic and true to. life. Tlie
last two nights in the Opera House
have been most enjoyable, the pictures
wereofa decidedly flrst'Olass nature
und included scenes before nnd after
the great 'Frlsooearthquake, and other
highly interesting scenes. The comic
section of the programme was perhaps appreciated most and the
audienee was convulsed from lirst to
last. R. Martin, who is a well known
moving picture expert, has, among
other qualities a good tenor voice and
gave several charming ballads accompanied by beautiful piotures illustrating the story of the song, Not
least in the whole performance was
the marvellous, untiling pianoforte
playing by Miss Crewman, who almost
without a pause manipulated the keys
on both evenings; her eomplete
mastery ol the piano was a diitinct
H, McKissock wishes to thank
in the most sincere manner, all the
kind friends who aiaieted him in
the sad hourwhieh has fallen upon
NeSSu better tfcaa Bur" Initial
Say, Wifey
What the deuce is the matter with this
bread ? I was at mother's last night,
and she had the most lovely bread.
Well, no wonder, your mother bakes
with RISING SUN and if the grocer
sends any more of that stuff he sent
last, I'll send it back.   You get
and I'll make just as good bread asjyour
mother ever made.
Manufactured^atid "Guaranteed ^by
The Western {Milling^Co.,; [Ltd.
Over Four Billion Packets
Carried by British Post
Office a Year.
London, Sopt' IB.—Few people have
any conception ol the enormous work
carried on by the post office In this
country, and to theni tho nnniziug
ligun - sei forth in the post master
gom ml'- report will come ns nn eye
ppem r. For instance, il is estimated
that the niiiuber ol postal packets delivered in iln- United Kingdom during
ihe your I'.iu.'i-i! ivas tin pleasanl littlo
!,iii,l, i 1,080,200,0011, ol which 2707,-
200,«00 were letters, Tin- whole total
gives ;,: ivi i mm ,.i 108.2 packets to
each poison for ihe year. The increase i-i lh,- number of letters is sub-
Btantii I, being an advance of one per
cent, on the increase of last year, It
is nlsn interesting to nole thai the
letters delivered in London slum- an
increase ol 3.G per com, instead ol an
decrease, ns in lhe pnsl two years.
Strangely enough—thestrnngei .-■ is
surely obvious—the increase in tin
number of posl cards is u uch small i
this department is the adoption ol a
policy tn replace worn out rolling
stock hy curs and engines purchased
under the item oi "working expenses"
ami tn replnco them car for car and
engine tor engine regardless ot the
greater cost and greater capacity of
the new equipment, This is surely
a triumph in the Held ol inventive
Y. M.C. A.
New Attractions For Winter
The advent of winter has been
heralded nenr and afar, and already
tin- need of stoves has been felt. Out-
door games will Boon he sidotraoked,
and ihe long winter evening' will
have to be tilled in somehow, To
those who have homes and families
the home fireside with the merry table
gatherings are very pleasant, but how
will those who have no home in town
to ,',, in lar.'.' How wi', lhe railroad
ii an, win n hi.- turn for a few hours or
pci'lmp- days 11 leisure conies, how
will he spend these winter evenings';
Tin answei is not I r; what more
I li mmiim   or  homely  u  place can he
liuni in recent years
limn, nln-i all, toih
tmv I .os l cu
r ii there boa I in 'I in ' wn man ti
iali , i tin   ; ic-1 V. M. t' A. building!
I8,i     ' .:'■ and a
■iim .- ,,', nciei ol tin
111 •■*      M     '.', - .*     '
c inimred with I -Iim 0
. . i. tne Imst- - And ihen
- agi   thi llllll bei , - rs.      'Ilu
nple ro
•: year,
lu-ys, (swimming poo
: and uncial ball, in eac
plied with all the nee
Cc   n   ,-rr tor their respective [onus of in
* K ';* M'*'li'*' mem     The  latest  feature no
il the C I' II. i.i-
l-i,  i .:,, ti,,     |,
till       I'il li
now ,, led om In
..     >
M ,
. :     111
...   '.     .
i   I- J
I ■ ■-   ■
parlors of the
There cun he
-!' amusement
,il to any mail.
i for all com-
I,!,*, howling
rending  room
case well sup-
sary  material
ow in
stinies  is the
ball,   already
I ,-■ iphernalia
and m piiriitus ti. the development ot
physical  energy,  has been   further
-  witi   '>'    appliances for the
- cui ii   -: .        era I  indoor games
ii,  - and ski!!.     Basket   ball nnd
ind ball (tie 1     I tn ductions
'lm! and v ;      . •       shortly.
II    dar classes ji      I'liinnstics  will
.--;    ■       : ,- ce on Monday night i ext.iind
i liii i a times
- •§.■ wc- L
.. , ■ '  -  inn itti'
i,.,  -|      ,    ,     ■ ....     enilier being
,   ■ , |   ■-,-■ lar
i each sport,    This
tit movement has beei
I by \\ tl
id will
,1'ithont a il . ■ '     .
not, in ly | .  .     i
Iheh        . ■ .
I winter
.  suite,
. .  ■.
u, ,. v <rr\ -ri/* ,   .
in. -::.;. :..,•:-.:."-.-";:-■ ii": -'-.' tsaassssxc ItXtt. "g3asngR^^TOaTOe^!M|^gglBlMBB*tragW
set the standard throughout the Dominion—for faultless
tailoring—exclusive  styles—and absolutely perfect fit.
ro Wardrobes from tlie Atlantic to the Pacific.
&Afi   '     ' '-•■
yj,-y       - !5iffiH.
-     :
if); ' ..*-
ii l'-v
■ 1
^5V''\ ;■"   ■ -' ■ "■ .      ',>*
-   -
.;        -..-.Ill
Ra Oti   Vl
..-*.. ■' '      '    „i I Jl    '
j, M*,
" b j dLI
There is only one Fit-Reform
Wardrobe in each city.
Look out for the imitations.
est) ■
-     .    ,
of I
g    till
'J he   first
I     '
-,    : lion.e l
ai   mm ■
tht* i
,: .li, il ■'
lhat a
lie found
bu 11 he
greater I
earlier  md ..
lome nn i ir
velfare of i
bon ■■■: ■      .       ed tl
int,    i .«.
Import direct from Country of origin.
by Act of Parliament, 1855.
.- MacPH    *,m. Pies. S. II. EWINO, Vice-Pres.
J   tKfi Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up. $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
:.,- . .    way   [banking business transacted without un-
■m -..., yearal current on Savings Hunk
TT, Manager, - RBVKMTOKK, B. C.
A5CV i'5,a /p
W. II.
, perate rai mm,   . itioned
il doess onlj ■..        ; ■      	
its Iii- i- threatened by (hi y ol
sh I    mil     -., -'
its competitors, Had thoc mpany's Free Press should - - - '- man's
policy towards it patrons been Iramed pr vince,a province il --, lal liberties,I
by the larsighti In, aracter-
i/.es the executive I ranch of tl e onti -
,-rise it would not hnve induced an
emergency which den inds the exercise
of its resources in soll-delence, That
the company has imintenti Ily contributed to its own discomfiture in this
manner it not, howeyer, likely to be
regretted by the public upon whom it
has preyed.
The ability of its ollieials is not
however limited to the construction
department and despite annually increasing earnings the dividends are
prevented Irom approaching thc 10 p.c.
mark which would give the Oovernment power to control the rates
charged.    The latest development in
-,, here whit, c u i in .'quel
- to live without lea I i i petition from th y il w *ace«, a - ompe-
tition unfair and unjust and, il
allowed treo rein, would soon drag
down tho laborers to snob an extent
that, lite would not be worth living.
Oreal liritnin's experience with the
Chinese in the Transvaal should be
lesson enough for the advocates of
Chinese labor!
Miss Betty McLennan
(Pupil of Dr. A. S. Vogt, of
Toronto University)
is prepared to tako pupils in 1'iano
Instruction.   Residence— Fourth St,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
., U in tobo, 1,,-tu. SatkatohtWan,
i    imtili Ontario, (Quebec.
Capital Subscribed -        -        -        tS|00o,ooo.oo
Capital Paid Up ....    $4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....        S4,280,000.00
D, li. Wii.kik, Presldenl   Hon, K. .Iw-i-hay, Vice-President,
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Bavwos Dbpabtsh.-.-i   Deposit! received and Interest allowed
- 1      irrenl rate Irom date of opening account, ami com-
■ -I half-yearly.
Drafts sold available In all pints of Canada, United .Stales and
Europe.  Special attention given tn Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons, Etc., John
Daorfl Ploughs, Molluo Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggios, Planet jr., flanloii Seeders and Cultivators, Wheelwright I Blaultsmlth Work attended   to.   Bono Shoeing a
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-clans in every reaped.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Booms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
(Under  New  Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rate.
First-das accommodation for travellers.
Best brands   of Wines,   Spirits,   and
RATES  $1  AND   $150  PER   DAY
Queen's flotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF YOUNG,        -        -        Proprleto. ■"I
A Hygienic and Scientific Fabric for Winter Wear.
Now that the winter is approaching
and the need tor warm clothing is beginning to bo telt, we naturally look
around and consider as to what can
be obtained III the way of warm yet,
at the same time, goud wearing articles ol apparel. Many and varied are
the goods held out to us by linns both
near and Iur, each having a special
advantage and economic distinction,
and it is indeed very dillicult to decide what is best for us. The human
skin is extremely sensitive, and iu the
majority of people unable to stand the
contact ol thick, bristly, woolley material. To remedy this Dr. Jaeger
has como to the rescue, and his world-
renowned pure wool fabric, which
bears hie name, is now universally acknowledged to be in every way most
suitable and adapted Ior the human
akin. Dr. Jaeger's reforms of cbthing
are based on 'the scientific adaptation
ot the covering of the body by day and
by night, to the nature ot the skin
and its exhaling or perspiring function, which is of such paramount importance to the body's well being.
The skin is pierced by millions of
pores through which is constantly exhaled a watery vapor, whereby the
body is relieved of much motter that
would be deleterious if suppressed or
retarded. This vapor, known as perspiration, which may be condensed into
sweat or may escape as uncoudensed
vapor. The Bkin should always exhale
sb any check is injurious and possibly
fatal. Thus the body's covering should
impede' as little as possible the jkin's
function of exhaling. So then the
covering must be permeable throughout to permit the exhalation to escape
and the skin must be maintained at
an equable warmth, as any chill diminishes its activity, driving away the
blood from the surface vessels to the
internal organs and suspending tbe
perspiring function. These conditions
werc found by Dr. Jaeger to be fulfilled
only by porous fabrics of animal wool,
while plant fabrics (linen and cotton)
are directly antagonistic to them.
Animal wool is devised by nature for
animal covering, aud does not attract
or retain the noxious, malodorous matter which lhe body exhales. If wool
retained these matters the whole race
oi sheep would long ago have been
poisoned. Being a non-conductor of
heat, animal wool does not chill even
when damp. Again, without being
heavy. Dr. Jaeger's material ensures
complete warmth, and is a flexible
and pliable covering for the body. So
it will be seen that the Jaeger woollen
clothing is iu every way adapted to
warmth, comfort and health. The
window display ot Messrs. C. B. Hume
i Co. is particularly exemplary of the
various iorms of clothing manufactured by Dr. Jaeger, and we lind from
this firm, who are the sole agents for
this district, that the prices compare
very well with other materials which
have not the same beneficial results,
Taking it all round the Jaeger wool
clothing is the most desirable form of
body covering that can be found and,
manufactured in England and exported direct to the local agents in Revelstoke, the goods are new and fresh,
every form of wearing apparel of Jaeger wool being kept in stock,
Will Be Total Loss.
Seattle, Sopt. 18th.—A despatch
from Valiie/, Bays that the steamer
Oregon hit the rocks on the beach of
Hinchinbrook Island at the entrance
to Prince William Sound at 12 o'clook
Thursday night. She was trying to
find the entrance in the darkness
when the headland loomed, up and although she reversed engines she struck
hard enough to tear her bottom out.
The Oregon struck at low tide and
the rising water soon filled her engine-
room to the second grating.
A orew of five men lelt immediately
for Valdez to get assistance.
The revenue cutters Bush and McCullough left Valdez to take off the
passengers. There was no sea running
at the time of the wreck, but the position ol the steamer is such that she is
exposed to the (ull forco ol the swell,
tnd if the wind rises she is in a pre-
Mriout position.
The wreck occurred seventy mllei
irom Valdei and thirty-five miles from
Hutshek.  The pamugtn are all (tie
Spec'al despatches received here of
the wreck of the steamer Oregon al
tlie entrance to Prince William Sound
on Thursday say that she lies in a
very dangerous position.
She is commanded by Captain U.K.
Soule and sailed from Seattle September 8, with about fifty passengers aud
900 tons of freight. When the news
of the wreck was brought to Valdei
by Chief Mate Kennedy and by sailors, after a long row ot fifty or sixty
miles, thc revenue cutters Rush and
McCullough were Immediately dispatched to the scene of the disaster to
rescue the passengers. The steamers
would have arrived alongside the Oregon at 2 o'clock this morning. II the
cutters reach tho Oregon belore she
breaks up thoy will doubtless have no
difficulty in taking oil those on board.
Should the veB-iel go to pieces however before relief arrives the passengers will have some difficulty in making
the shore under the most favorable
But few people in Revelstoke have
any personal acquaintance with Mr.
William Whyte, who has just been
appointed general superintendent of
the western division ol the C.P.R., but
all those who do know him speak in
the highest terms ol his ability and
general character. Mr. Whyte, like
mosl railroaders, was not born to thc
purple, but has reached his present
position after many years of toilsome
climbing. He started on the Grand
Trunk about twenty years ago aa a
freight clerk in Toronto, and for some
years was encouraged in miscellaneous
work. Subsequently he was station
agent at Stratford and then he became
freight agent for the Grand Trunk at
Toronto. A few years later buw him
en the Credit Valley road aB general-
superintendent, and when that road
was absorbed by the C.P.R. he still
retained the position for awhile. He
was then removed to Torouto and
given charge of the leased lines in
Western Ontario aud performed the
duties so well that when Mr. Archer
Baker resigned the general superin-
tendency to represent the road in
England, he went back to Montreal
and took his place. His duties there
were numerous and responsible. He
had to look alter the C.P.R. main line
from Quebec to Port Arthur; the
Ontario and Quebec, from Perth to
Toronto; the Toronto, Grey and
Bruce, the Brockville & Ottawa, and
the numerous other lines controlled
by tbe C.P.R. He did the work to the
satisfaction of everyone, but it impaired his health, and he has been in
Europe for some time recuperating.
He is only comparatively a young
man, but he knows more about railroading than most men twice his
Dr. C. J. Pagan, provincial medical
health officer, has returned to Vancouver from his trip of inspection in
search oi a site for a provincial sanitarium for consumptives. He stated
that the sanitarium would probably
be erected on Kamloops Lake, and
that he was in favor of building a
smaller sanitarium at a point higher
up, probably on tbe Shuswap Lake
where it would not be so hot and
where patients could be removed from
Kamloops. In order to take advantage of the Hon. James Dunsmuir's
offer it was necessary for the citizens
of the province to rai-e iHO.OOU in a
month, A committee of business men
in New Westminster is already working to raise Westminster's share of the
contribution, and Dr. Fagan hopes
before he leaves Vancouver to have a
committee of local business men busily
engaged in raising money in Vancouver
A permanent income will be
had from small investments in
British Columbia Amalgamated
Coal Company.
£ A. HA66EN,
Agent for A. L. Wiener & Co.
Bankers and Brokers,
Revelstoke, B. C.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prioes Paid
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
days after dale I intend to apply to tin
Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for u
special license to cut and carry away limbei
from the following described lauds situated
in he Hig Bond district of West Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Hedstrom's soutfi-west coiner post," planted
about 2 miles above montli of Canoe River and
I miles cast and one-half mile nurth of T. L.
3845corner poM." thence oast 100 ehains, north
KJchaiuK, west lilO chains, south io chains,
2. CommeiiciiiK at a post planted at south-
went corner of location Nu. 1 aud marked 'Uus
Hedstrom's north-west enrner post." thenee
east IliU cliains, south 40 chains, WOBtlOO chains,
north 40 chains.
3. Commenolng at a posl planted one-half
milo south of north-west corner po*-! of No. 2
location aud marked "Uus Jkilf-trom's northwest corner poet." llienee east 160 cliains, south
in ohalni, west uiu chains, north pi chains.
4. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Hodstrom's south-WOSt corner post,"planled
suuth 4(1 chrins, oast It) chaius, thence south 40
ohains from north-wost oornor post of Na 8
locution, thonce east ltm chains, north 40 chaius,
west 16U chainn, muii 1,40 chains.
5. Commencing at a punt planted at southwest corner post of No. 4 location and marked
"Gui Hedstrom's iiortli-wesl corner post."
thenco east ltio chains, south 40 chains, west 100
chains, north 40 cijains.
Dated September 4th, 1000.  ^
(I. Commencing at a pust planted nbout
miles above mouth of Canoe Kiver and 1 mile
south of T, L, 00111 and niarked "Gus lied*
Strom's north-west oornor post," thonco south
so chains, nut 80 clmiiis, north 80 chains, west
Ki) chains.
7. Commencing at a post planted at north
west corner post of Nu- 6 location and marked
"Gus Hedstrom's north-east corner post,"
thenco south Mi cliains, west 80 chains, uorth
8» chains, east 80 chains.
8. Commencing at a post planted 2 miles
west of north-east coiner post of location No. 1
and marked "Uus Hedstrom's north-west corner post," thence south 80 chain*1;, cast 80 chains,
north 80 chains, west 80 chains.
9. Coinmeneing at a pust planted at northwest corner of location No. 8 and marked "Gus
Hedstrom's uurth-eaot corner post," thenco
west 100 chains, soulh 4(Jchaius, oast lOOchains
north 40 chains.
Dated Sept. Mh, IWO.
sep 19
Notice is hereby given lhat 30 days after date
I intend to apply io the Chief Commissioner of
hands and Works fur a special license to out
and carry away timber from the following
described lauds situate in the Yale District:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
west side of Shuswap river, about 20 chains
north of Umber limit 5391 and marked "CM.
Symons' north-east eorner post," thence west
40 chains, tlience south 80 chains, thonce west
20 chains, thence sout h 80 chains, theuce east 30
chains more or less to boundary of Lot 2818,
tlience north-easterly along said boundary lo
north-west coruer of said Lot 1818,110 ehains
more or less, theuce north 100 chains to point of
J. Barry, I/irator.
2. Commencing at a post plantod on the
west side of Shuswap Kiver and abuut 2J iniles
south from tlie north-west corner ot Lot2818,
and marked "J. Barry'H north-oast coiner
post," thenco westSlOO chains, thence west lu
chains, ihenco south ti'i chains, thence east till
chains.iuore or Ies- to boundary of said Lot 2818,
thence iiortd-eaeterly following said boundary
120 chains more or less to point of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post plantod ahout 20
chains norlli ot Rainbow Creek, a tributary of
Shuswap river and about 1 miles from its
mouth, marked ' v.. M, Symons' north-east corner post," thenee west loOchaius, thence south
in ch tins, thence east 1-30 chains, thence north
40 chains tu point of commencement
Dated Sept. utli, 1906,
,-ep 19 J. Harry, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days afterdate
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and \\ orks tor n special license lo cut
and carry away tinnier from the following do
eribod lund-- in Iii},' Bend district of West
1. Commencing at a post plantod 2) miles
north-ensi nf Columbia River and about 2 miles
east of Downie i reek and marked "J. Larson's
north-west corner post," ihence east 80 chains,
south SO chains, west sO chains, north SO chains,
2. Commencing at a post planted at thc
north-west corner of location No. 1 and marked
"John Larson's south-west corner post," thenco
east .so chains, north Mi chains, west 80 chains,
■iiniii 8o chains,
3. Commencing ai a post planted at-southwest corner of location No, 2 and marked
•John Larson's north-east corner post." thence
west 80 ohains, south 80 chains, east 80 chains,
north SOohains,
4. Commencing at a post planted at northeast coiner uf location Nu. 3 and marked "John
Larsonjs souttfeast corner post," ihenco west 80
chains, uorth io chains, east 80 chains, soulh 80
Dated September 7th, 10G0.
Notice Is hereby Riven that HO days after date
ft*e, the undersigned, intend to make application
tn the Hon, Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works foi a special licence to cut and carry away
timber frmn ilie following ileserllieil land situated
in tde West Kootenay ilistrirt, on tin-east side of
Lower Arrow Lake, iiml about two miles frum the
lake shore: f
1. Commencing at a post planted on the north
ide of Heart Creek, thence east so chaini, tlience
outh Bfl chains, thencs west BO ohains, thenca
north BO chains to puint of commencement,
2, Commencing at a pnst planted about 80
hains, east of post No, 1, thence enst 8u ■•haiim.
tlience south BO chains, thence west 80 ohains,
thence nortli B0 chains t** point ofcommencemoet.
:t. Commencing at a posl planted BO chains
iiith nf  Heart Creek, tlience east  8<i chains,
thence south BO chains, thence west 80 chaius,
thence nnrth 60 chains to puint of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted 80 chnlrif oast
f pmi No, :i. thence east B0 chains, thence smith
0 chains, thence west B0 chains, thonce north 80
chains to puint nf commencement,
6. Commencing at a pnst planted mi the uorth
side of Tait Creek, un the smith strike of application No- 4, thence east 80 clmins, tlience smith 80
chains, thence wesl 80 chains, ilium* north 80
chains tn point of commencement.
Located this 12th day of Sept., 1906.
sep 19
Notice is hereby given that thirty days aftor
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works (or a speoial
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands in Big Bend district
of West Kootenay:
1, Commencing at a post marked "Adolf
Olson's ■orth-eail comer post," and planted
about -500 yards south of Columbia River and
about 1) miles above head of Kinbasket Lake,
thence south 80 chains, west 80 chains, nortb 80
chains, eaat 80 chains.
% Commencing at a post planted at northeast corner of location No. 1 and marked
"Adolf Olson's north'West oornor post," thence
south 80 ohains, east SO chains, north SO chains,
west 80 chains,
1 Commencing at i poet marked "Adolf
Olson's north-east corner poet," aud plantod on
■outh side of Columbia River and about 3J
mllea above Kinbasket Lake, thence south 80
ohalni, west 80 chains, north 80 chains, east 80
Datod thli M to! Ol September, iflOA,
L     i
ii iii dpi!
Including po-iage to England, United States
and Canada.
By the yoar (through postofiice] 82.60
Half      "       " "     1.50
■Quarter "       " "   UK)
Legal notices 10 conts nor lino first Insertion,
5 cento per Uno each subsequent Insertion,
Meaauremenl i Nonparlel 11- lines make one
ineh), More and genera) business announcements $-•;>" per inch per monthi
Preferred positions, 25 per cent, nd-
ditii .il. Hirtlis, Marriages and Deaths,
fifo, each Insertion, Timbor notices JilUXJ
l.inii notices *'.-'*> AH advertisements
Milijeei tothe approval ol thc iiionagotnont.
Wai ed .md Condensed Advertisements:-
Agent* Wanted, Help Wauled, Situations
wau * d, Situations Vacant, Teachers
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, I" words utli— 25c., each -additional line 10 cents.
Changes In standing advertisements must
ne in by II a. m, lupsday and Friday of
i" en week to --cure good display,
j ji    HINTING promptly executed at reason*
iiii- rates.
TERMS  ' -.-li,  Subsonptlgns payable In ad
vii tie-.
KKMPONUKN'-H Invited un matters ol
uliio in lor..*:.Hfoiiiiminlcatlona to Kill-
r     i-i  !.,-  ,e*S -- |,,M,M  by  1..1IMI- of
vnl.,, „y( noci-sjni-ily fu I'Uliiii.-iitioi,. but
-,--,-.i,-mm ,,' ,,-oJd In!'I,. Correspondence
liininl lu brief.
!-,.»: I.Mi'Hiiui. Bank Block. i:,.vm;
■STOKS, B, I'.
iney to loan.
i mi,-,-*: 1 lorolstoke. B. C: I- on Steele. It. C.
-. SIcOakteh,.
. :
..  l'lNKUAM,                ..'. .'.. MaIIVKY,
Revolsloke, 11. ('.          K„rl S'o.-le, B.C
\I. Scott l.L.l)                 W, I. BrlKRs.
Bahbisters, Solicitors, Etc.
Moice\ to Loan
-oi.icri-oi-s !■ :.' .Yiii.suns Ham;
. Street,              Revelstoke, B.C.
Pi-.iviniinl Liu.d Surveyor,
."'ii,-- Sin v, -. ing
Kn.ii ting
VKN/.IK Avksue.
!l,,X  Mi.   HEVELSTDKI!.
i\V ill!, *.. M \i:-,i-:\,
,. American In- -. tutu Mining Engineers!
Mm :., :..:. Milling   J1,-*;t-lr.-.|
REVKL.ii ,i>::. B.C.
"in.tii,,n ,i in ,1 report- ,,i, Miu,..- 1 io
pertlos» Specialty.
I,. U'lSXEH ,*. i'u.
j! 1
Bankers a- Bhukeks.
•ilhc .flDnil^lbciHlb itllB -vo""ger member6 °! her larse
•pubushkd Wednesday and s.vruit-1 fftmil>'"   But;-and there is always
IMV Aa' a but, unfortunately Tfor it is round
this "Imt" that the whole question
hangsj it in time now for us to
show what we are made of, nnd
ask or rather demand that our
requests be granted, and to take
steps tojpush our necessities into
the very hub of the parliamentary
wheel and, taking up the cogs,
draw our needs right into the
centre of the administrative machinery, anil it necessary, apply
the brakes when our individual
spoke is on the top. Without exaggerating in the smallest degree,
Revelstoke is being threatened with
a very grave and imminent disaster
this can be only seen to be thoroughly realized. Where once lay
broad acres and nourishing fields,
prosperous industries and smiling
homes, now is a rushing turbulent,
resistless flood, relentless- in its
powerful grip, and increasing iu
violence and magnitude month by
month, surely and rapidly eating
inlo the vitals of our fine city, and
carrying nil before it. Are we to
stand by quietly and see this work
of destruction going on without
making any effort to allay the
cause '.' During the year past our
I twenty-five acres have been engulfed, swallowed up, our very eyes
being capable of detecting yard by
yard the destruction of our properly. With all due respect to the
Government tbey have been and
are doing a little towards coping
with ihe danger; but ibe work has
beeu totally inadequate, and to put
il in plain unvarnished words, a
waste of money and labor, 'llie
Government hardly realizes the
importance or lhe significance of
is endeavoring to move, and continually filling up again with what
has been taken out. Without any
suspicion of a doubt the outlook is
serious, and already property owners are refusing to pay their taxes
on lands which will go or practically have gone now. Year by
year the lands destroyed are more
valuable as the river eats its way
into the heart of the townsite. A
prominent Conservative states that
over one hundred Socialist votes
had been made in Revelstoke by
the negligence of the Government
in not taking steps to cope with the
river bank destruction, but without
commenting on this, we certainly
think that the Dominion Government should install more dredges
with more capacity which will be
able to do the work and do it
effectually, and by having these
more powerful appliances in working order now, they could if sufficient money was appropriated, finish
the dam and open up a good, deep
wide channel this winter. It is
pleasing to note that the government engineer is coming up to
personally size up the situation and
perhaps the machinery of the Government will be set in motion.
i'.i-i-,i ptiyii:: mil ,  .      llio* Inl
- imm,,-.  Illulicsl  • ' itiv  -M-. in,
; with   bnnk   - eurity; <'..--     dividend
nn* mulled ever) :,„,, tb to ell ills.   I'ull
. 1IAOGEN.        i:i-:v!'i.*'i i,k!-. Re., the damage which is  threatening
Agent for Ivooumiiy. ...
Ilevelstoke today .   As il is, after
She ilDaiMberalb
i ,-.:,i . .
,|„M ... d -.,. ,i,l, ■
-,-:■,' I,. , ! to lieiuok,
.   . ■
■.VED.NEsSDAY, .-i:1 'I   I!1, W li
Mosl   of uur citizens 1
doubt, made 'u- n.~ Ives  j
with llie works "*' Rudyai '  K p-
:i:;.. and one i    pari
repeated petition- and continual
( :.-■ they have done, what
■ been carrie 1 [i ut lor the
;.im.. i tion - i this lestruction, The
! lam i:"« engaged in dredging the
chauni I is practically useless as
- - :. lei un ■' .'i
water swi e] ing I ' n sill tnd sai
niei gravel lib- up the channel
aln  st as fasl   - il can ;
I,,- di ■  , eil -.      _, --M    ti        will lh
serve as    par   .
whi ■!:   applies    very
ii- M-i-',.; - i this ■ ■ I,   1
refi ri'" 1 to is one whi
lh  - iru s of clev,    - - :   ■
th, name" Days' Work "   i    tha
one is" Th-- Shi]
-*:-. ,n
Some steps should be taken to
put a stop to eliminate in some
way or another the exasperating
and exceedingly annoying turmoil
of sounds that C.P.R. engines and
freight trains emit when directly opposite to or in the near
vicinity of the hospital. Built
unfortunately, too near the track,
the clatter of passing trains of
course, is unavoidable, but what
could and should be stopped is the
ceaseless shunting backwards and
forwards of freight trains, whose
engines seem io lake a fiendish
delight in either blowing off steam,
booting with it very umnclodious
whistle and ejecting noisy jets of
steam from the cylinder cocks. Why
thev should g" -.,., near the hospital
to do all these things is inconceiv
able and it can be well understood
how the hffeous -omuls must worry
.   , atients almost to death, and
.  --. whom  perfect
rest and absolute -mi": i- essential.
"*...   il -   ■   -  ,e  -    ie-'-' ■  . -y to
ling   ...-- ii-.'. iiiiii,-ring,
. .- ..   ■: ..'. ■    surrounded by
louds ol    earn   directly opposite
ive -ibout a mile
of :'•- : '       I ii ked on to it, all
sell." Let us do*   .--.-    -,.,-«.- '■- i'™1" an,]
"-' i " with Revelstok   re     >* '!'"m tmlkin!i   an5'
th -.  ' li »   Revelstol      Found jl lecided move eithei way. is truly
Herself."    Thus   I                      - enti mi    .       :    :*'  ] '"     '    '- '' n&xmxy to
ition is, has she 1      I h<          ig '   protei          -   '  '            ""   •»• in tbis on"
or.- lln  : -.1.: Ii .   ltm -■ - the t
tbei      il object, ?   Ai .       -       ii      iception and  bad  in
, ,,!,-•   ■ •   -    ein-j ['i'i-' ■
::,i *-,,« ,i
bei ■ h",,---1
iffeotually repaired the
breai h m iboul $200, but the
Provincial Government refuse I
grant our Government Agent ibis
small amount; and now we see the
consequences,— thousands of dollars worth ,,( property have been
swept away, houses have been
moved back, times without number,
and gardens totally obliterated A
great mistake was made when lhe
dam was constructed, ft, would
have been far better bad the channel been cut lirst, thereby letting
the  dredge  have    comparatively
Kipling's -'or} :• hm- proved
in. -• i   parts - i '!,••
•\:. tion   «-,rk'-,l in   ui is, i
whi le fabric would ii
to final ruin.   Also unless  proper
ly handled  by her  captain, tbe
tesull   WOUld   lie   the    same.      Ill
our case in Revelstoke, ibe Dominion Government,- 'le- captain,
who must in duty bound ! n i-- after
the ship, whioh is our fair eity, and
it is up to them to see that all
parts work in unison for the protection of our rightB ami for the
safeguard of our property, We art
all loyal citizens to tbe Government, and will put up with a great
many of the customary mistakes
which are somehow unavoidable in
large communities, and suffer with
grim silence the neglect whioh
seems {part of   the inheritance of
quiet, water to work in, where as
now the swirl of the partially
deflected current shoots right
against the bank, which the dredge
pi      -        ;■•'■■     eing ex
• i   , - . j ■     u   pal --nt.-
,   ,    |a     .   .'. . extremely
wearisome to tb  wbo wish to
past and * must be made up
but the lormer might wail till ihey
i reasonable distance
ol the    - eli ,**'     '.*iiiiiencing
.,,- in-- ig  . ; - ell - ■ mging without, whii -     - seemingly impost!
ble for ,i train to arrive oi .- ive
anywhere; and the latter might
find a new place to carry on their
spasmodic movements, which are
at all times accompanied by a
brazen-tongued bell and a great
amount of brake grinding.
In small or large Lots, from 100
lbs. to a Carload. For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Kootena   Lodge No. 15 A.P. ft A.M.
The regular meetings are held in the
Masonic Temple,
jddKellows Hall,ou
the third Monday in
ench month at 8
p.m. Vin! ting brethren cordially wel
fkucunier, Secretary.
Meets every Thursday
evening inOddFellowH
Hall at 8 o'clock
Visiting brethren cor
dially invited to at
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders for Beef and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention.;
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
148, Cordova St., W.
VANCOUVER, -   -   B. C.
Fresh Hay     New Potatoes
All Kinds of Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
Cold Range Lodge, K. ol P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
In il,|,l!,-!l„,vs- Hull ut .*
o'eloi-k Visiting Knights ure
cordially invited.
Q. H. BROCK, K. ot R. & S.
H. A. BROWN. M. nf F
Mrs. H. J. Ha.ibury, Managress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Large Dlnlngroom [or
Banquets, Suppers, etc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
Stock, Share and Financial Broker
Mining, Real Estate, Insurance
and General Commission Agent.
Agent For
The Non-Combine Insurance Coin
pnnies who give the MOST KATES
OF PREMIUM, combined with ABSOLUTE PROTECTION against loss
to amount of Policy.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Co
ot Canada.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company,
Montreal-Canada Fire Insurance
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
Equity Fire Insurance Company.
Colonial Fire Insurance Company
Domini,in Fij-e Insurance Company
Wing* Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
mid Japanese goods
Thc best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services
-Flowor 1'ois
Umorolla. Stands
Lunch Baskots
Smoking Jaakets
Silk UooiU.
Kino! stock ol candies and Iruits in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery,
Moving of Pianos, Safes and Furniture,
Ceneral Draylng.
Office: McKenzie Ave. Sl^Bik!
Office Phone No. 71.     House Phone No, 7.
li,-,-,,!-, Anini.ik llir,ls, l-'lsli,   KU.-.,
Animal Ungi Mounted.
Studio!   (ll'I'OSITi: I'. II.
Rovolitoke, I). (i.
That's Royal Crown kind—,
mwli* in Vanlionvnr—Larxiist
Soap Faotory west of Wlnnl*
peg lions.' oleaning and
waibing ate easy with Its help,
Ami the money saving is tlie
Premium System
Booklet tells what we givi' (or
Roval Orown Wrappors. Send
tor It—Free—AMD try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Private Sale of Household
I intend leaving Kevelstoke and
have decided on selling my household
iiiniiiiii-,- by private auotlon, Parties
-.i-i-hing to purchase mny call at my
residence on Second Street, east ol the
IJueen's Hotel, nt any time.
Notice h hereby given that BO-layi after date
is Intend to applj tn the linn, the Chief (loinralH*
, mer of Lamb and Worki for a ipeclal license to
nl iti'i earn a*ay ilm In frnm Ilii'Tulliming
kierlbed lan<M In Wmi Kootenaj Dlitrict!
Commenclni al i j'"«i marked "flowiean l-nm-
ijerCo.'i nortli-eut corner poit," planted on the
nut ilde of Htautier Lake, at tlie north-weit oor<
ner of IM No. Uffi llitmce noulli BO eha|m, went
M chain*, nortli M cl ilin.eantWoliarh*** to point
,,! eonutfloeraent
Dated thlJ IZthdAyofflepterober, 10-r-j.
Notice h henby |l»en tlm' A»<Uyi aftu 'late l
Intend to tiiply to the Chief f'ommUMl'in'-r uf
Until M<\   ■V"-ki (*-i i-riniMi'.ii !'• Jiiiri'li'i.i' llm
foljowlfiK deicrjb-ed land in Wait Kimicnay, two
mlki loutl of NukiHp
1 'iiiun'iMi'iiia it. t pout murk-id 'J. It, J.'i north-
Miwt rnrnnr,    thnnci' •*) chuinn eaut, 4'ichalnN
j"!iiii,-"I'-Imuii ireit, iin*ii,iiin ii'i'iii t" jii*.ii* i,(
conmmeffllinti 'imtnlnlnK JV-tO-tcrei mor-i oi l«i«.
I,..** iti-.i,N«|H  Ulh. \9"H.
London Guarantee and Acojjlent
tnsuranoe Company.
Dominion ot Canada Guarantee and
Accident Insurance Company,
North  American  Lite   Insurance
Cunipany, solid as the Continent.
Employer's   Liability
Maryland Casualty Oompany issues
policies to Lumber nnd Mining Com
pnnies and Contractors.
Agont for the Pioneer Live Stock
Indemnity Company, which insures
agaiiiBt Iobs by accident or death ol
Farm Stock, Dairy Herds, Logging,
Livery, Teaming and Pack Horses.
Mining Promoters
A. L. Wiener & Co.,
Brokers, New York.
Bankers and
Agent Ior Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
International Cual and Coke Co.
Those companies supply the best
and cheapest heating and steam coal
on the market. Prices in Rovelstoko
from -RM to $8.50 per ton.
City lots, Rural Lands, Farm and
Stock Ranches, Real Estate, Mining
"'ropertics, Timber Limits, bought and
Houses and Business Premises Ior
Sale and to Let.
All active mining and industrial
stocks bought and sold.
Money to Loan on City snd Rural
Purchasers lound for Hotels, Stores,
Liveries, Bakeries, Restaurants, etc.
Agents in principal centres el Canada and United States.
Revelitoke, B. C.
Nut Office to C.F.R. Telegraphs.
Court of Revision, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that the lirst sitting of
Uio Court of Itevi.ion tn hear eonipliiints
amiinst the Asso-seiaiit It,,1!. as pronared by
the Assessor for the City for il,„ yi-ur l!<otl. will
1„, lield nt tin, Counoil Clillinlier. Citv Hall.
Rovelstoko, 11. Gi, on Monthly, October 1st, 1906,
at 1:1101. in.
'    . '   ,  I
Rovelstoke, II. C „ Aug. -8th, liuni.    nun 21 td
Of Concrete. Uollow Blocks, Stmio, Brick or
Ijitnii' Hnililinu"!. DIALER in (Vnicnl, Uinu,
Concrete Hollow Blocks, and othor Imlldlng ma-
tt'iiiili., All i ni mi* nml Materials first-class.
Plastering and Plastering Supplies a Specialty,
Manufactured for all olasaes of bnlldlngB
All kinds of Iniililiiij: nnd pln&terintt
I am prepared to undertake nil kinds oi"
freighting and teaming.
My Stage connecting between tbe
steamer and the eity leaves the Oily
atl a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays, connecting with lhe Steamer Revelstoke
for the Big Bend, and also meets the
steiiuiei'oii the return trip snniedays.
Leave word at Navigation Company's offlce ol- my SI allies when: lo
Henry's Nurseries
imixirlnliiHi <if
Dill DC  to arrive from Holland, Franco
DULDO  .Im| Jopan in Boptombor
For Fall Planting:
Thousands uf Fruit mill Orimmniiiiil
■Trees, RJiodotl-oii-d-roua, Bona nud hnrdy
plants now (trowing on our own grounds for
Future planting.
No expense loss ordolnyot fumigation,
Inspoctlon nor customs dutlos to pay, Head-
nunrtors for Pacific Ooosl grown nml lm-
pnrtod Qntdou, Field nnd FloworSoods.
Visitors nro always welcome lo inspect
our stock.
Grcr/houne Plants.
Oul Flowers and Floral Designs, Fertilizers
Boo Hives nml SupjiHes, Spray Pumps nnd
Spraying mntorinl.
No agou-U therofore you nave no commission to pny. Our catalogue lulls you
about it, Lot mo price your list before
plaoiugvoiir ordor,
Wo do business on our own grouuds—no
ront to nny, and are proparod to moot nil
compotitbu. Eastern prices oi loss Whito
In Imr.  Catalogues Froe
1. J. HENRY    |
Grflonhon'sos!— 801(1   Wostmlnstor   Hoiul.j
Branch Nurseries*- South Vancouver.   |
1 1
Arrowhead, B. C.
Charmingly situated on lhe shores
of Arrow Lake.
Good Trout Fishing,
Bonis always I'm- lure.
Sample Rooms in connection.
First-class house for Tourists and
Commercial men.
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
are manufactured by Western
men to meet Western requirements, In the language of the
West -"They're tough as they
make 'em." Every pah- is Union
made and guaranteed as nearly
perfect in cut, (It and finish as
human skill can make them.
For  sale   retail  hy
all   telintile  dealers,
WmJ Master* Sons
V,  «        'EE,    B.   C. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE B. C.
Steel Ran^e
grates are made
* extra heavy rtsfaMgj
London* Toronto-Honri*t1
Winnipeg *Vanc©MW*SWolwJA
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
AfK for Pure Malt
•when buying Scotch Whisky.
Pure Malt contains medicinal properties.
It conduces to health and economy, Leading
physicians recommend it. It is tiie best value
money can buy. The price is the same as that
of "blended" Whiskies.
Spey Royal
Pure Malt Scotch Whiskies
are distilled from the linest malted barley,
thoroughly   matured  and guaranteed by
Sole Propricto™ ol "-—'—**' and Glen Spey
Dfelillerle-., Sco,lan*t.  Purveyor* ol
WUes and Spirits to H. M. Uie King.
Zetfebtoke inline and Spirit
Company, limited.
•»-* t*-*&-v'i*i."%"'%**t/%-v%*-^^
{ P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED, t
HEAD OFFICE:  CAMJAttV, Ai,hi:hta. #
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants J
Pork Pickers and Daaler   in L;vi> Stock.   Hirket*-*. in all the principal (.in--, ind J
:■- nf Alberta. iiri-isli  uiumhla and the Yukon.  Packers of the Celebrated Brand J
"Imperator" Haws an i 9 icon, and Shamro '1; Brand, Loaf Lard. *
i %%%%%*+*<b*%%>/%%*%A^%+%%*^Vi*%W^W
it you are looking tor something nice in SPOONS AND
SPECIAL" ior Souvenirs, we have llieni here,
d.   GUY   BARBER,  -    «"™»
For all kinds of up-to-date nnd reliable furniture
and house tin nlshlngs, go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Found in a Cubic Centimeter
of Montreal Milk.
An astonishing sample ol milk wns
analyzed at the Montreal City Hall by
Dr. J, E. Lnberge. The sample was
found to contain no less than eleven
million and eighty thousand bacteria
per cubic centimeter. How excessive
such a number is will be realized when
it is said that in the new milk bylaw
about to be submitted to the Montreal City Council itjis laid down that
there shall not be over one million
bacteria per cubic centimeter.
The second meeting of the young
people of Knox Church was held in
the church parlors on Tuesday evening, when the organization ot a Presbyterian Guild wns completed.   The
nominations for the several olliees ol
the  Guild,  as  recommended    by  a
special  committee  appointed at the
previous meeting, were received and
the several  appointments  made hy
unanimous vote, as follows:
Hon. Pres.—Rev. J. R. Robertson.
President-J. Murker.
Secretary—J. T. Telfer.
Treasurer—\V. W,McDonald,
Devotional Department—1st T. A.
Lewis, 2nd H. W. Naylor,
Mission Dept.—1st Miss Gillies, 2nd
Miss McKinnon.
Social Dept.—1st Miss Grant. 2nd
Miss Redell.
Library Dept.—1st Miss Lennox,
2ml Miss Foote.
A social evening will be spent iu
the churcll parlors next Tuesday evening tinder the special direction of the
social department ot the Guild.
A good lane/h is as lieneticial to the
body as u dose of medicine, and those
who visited the Opera Hosue on Saturday night last, bad every excuse for
breaking out into loud uproarious
laughter. From beginning to end the
mirth ot the audience wns constant
aud the trials and tribulations of the
unfortunate Hooligan were well
worked upon. Hooligan himself being tlie essence ot dry wit and humor,
His banjo playing was excellent and
the spontaneous applause of the audience .-liowe'l their thorough appreciation ,,( the performance.
230,000,000 feel of Fir, Cedar nnd White Pine
250,000,000 feel of Spruce nnd Hemlock,
Three miles to C, P. Railway,  For particulars write to
Trout Lake City, B. C.
NOTH'K is IIKHKIIY UIVKN tlmt sixty days
aftei datfl I Intend in apply to tin- Hon. Cliief
Commissioner <>( Landi anil Works f"t- permission
to pin, i mi' tln< ii.ll.iHini; described landa sltunts
in tin- U'imi Rootenaj district.
OonitDenclii| at a posl plnnted at the north-east
mi im ol Lut -'i i; ami mnrked "J, Pnxton's nnrtli
west corner." thence salt to chains, thence south
Ni., ilinn,■ u<--i ji) i'liains, thence north80
-*li.i iiii in place nf cuiuuit-ncemeiit and cuntaining
B80 acres more or luii
Dated this 10th day ol September, 1900.
Wm. Toye, Agent.
«"p U
Notice I. hereby given Ihal (0 diyi niter data
1 Intenil In inaku »ii|,|i,nil„n tu Ibe Chlel Com-
mlialuner ol l.iinfi & Works for iiermliilon to
pnrchnie llie liilinwiim ileinrlbe,! Inmi situate
In the Went Kenlouay illitrlet:
Ciinineili'llii nl a iinit pliiitirt it the uortli
nnl corner T. 0, 7613, »n,l marked "Cliiri Mc
Qtllrrlri south-weit corner," Ihenc. north SO
Chun.., tlienc, eut tu chnlni, tlnnce tenth to
chains, Mi.ii.-i west 10 i-bllmi to place of com-
ni„,i,-,,|ii,-iit, and containing, su acrm mere nr leu,
n nloeitlog of Snnjilor'i preemption.
Dateil iIimioUi da, ol Septemlur, ni«
CI.A1U MrlJtlAltKIK.
"I'll 11 R. Mo-ju.rrk Ai«t.
VTOTICE Is hereby given that, 60 dayi after
]y date, I intend to upply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for permission
to purchase the following described lands
situated in West Kootenay distriot:
Commeneing nt a post planted on the Lake
shore ahnnt 2(J ehnins Irom the north-west eorner
of Let 2111 and marked "Jas. McQuarrie's southeast corner post," thence north 2u chains, tothe
north-west corner ol Lot 2111, thence west 20
chains, theuce soulh ti. Lake shore, thence along
the lake ihore to place of commencement, and
containing 10 acres more or less.
Dated this loth day of September, 1808,
sep 15 .1. I-: Taylor, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that slity days after
date we Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following described lands tn
tbe dlstrictof Weit Kootenay:
Commencing at a pnat planted at tbe north-west
corner of T.C. 758.1, and marked "0.11. Playle's
north-east-corner," thonce went 10 chains, thence
south flo chains, thence east to chains, thenee
north flu chains to place uf commencement and
containing IM acres more ur leu-
Dated tbls 10th day of September, 1906.
tep 16 M It McfJoarrU, Agent.
Notico 1-* hereby given llmi SOdayi nfter date
I Intend toapply tothe Chief Commissioner of
Landsaud Works for a spocial licenso to out
and carry nwny Umber from tbe following/to
scribed lands in Hig Hend distriot of West
1, Commencing nt n post planted 2| miles
north-enst of Columbia River and aboul % miles
eaat of Downlo Creek nnd marked "J. Larson's
north-west corner post," thenco east SO ohains,
•with SO chains, west 60 chains, north Michnins.
3, Commenolng m a post plantod at the
north-welt conier uf locution No, 1 and mnrked
•■John Larson's south-west oorner post," thonce
east 80 chains, north 80 chains, west 80 chains,
south SOohains,
,s. Commencing at a post planted at wuth*
west corner ol location No, 2 and mnrked
"John Larson's north-east corner post," thenco
west so chain*, south Bo chains, oaat 80 ohalne,
north mi chain-,
4. Coinmeneing nt n post planted at north-
east comer of location No. 3 and maiked "John
Larsonls south-east corner post," thonce wesi so
chain*-, north BO chains, east 30 chain**, -outh 8o
Dated September 7th, I'M
sep 19
Notice \i hereby given that 30 days after date I
intend tu apply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fnr a special license to
cut and carry away timber from the following tie-
scribed lands situated in the Osoyoos district uf
British Columbia:
Commencing at a post marked "George ll.
Campbell's north-east corner post," about half a
mile from the east bank of north fork of Cherry
Creek and about 7 mlle-i above the mouth of the
north fork, running south 80 chains, west 80 chains,
nortb 80 chains, east 80 to point of commencement.
Located 23rd August 1908.
sep 19
O. It CAMPBELL, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days after date
wc intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a speoial licenso
to cut and carry aw»y timber from the following described lands situate on Upper Arrow
Lake in West Kootenay District:
Cnmrncncini--* at a post plantod at the first
-south-east angle of K. k S. Hlock 811, nnd
narked "Big Bend Lumber Company's north-
eut corner poet," thenoe west 10 chains, thenco
south !*) chains, thenoe east 40 ehains, thonce
north 100 ehains <o point of commencement.
Sept 15th, IMS.
ti fiii dp
Life Buoy of H. M. S. Condor
Found—First Message From
III Fated Ship.
Vancouver, Sept. 18.—Liko a voice
from nn ncenn grave blown landward
on tlie driving spindrilt, comes word of
the ill-tuitd Condor, which wus swept
from mortal ken in the gnlo that
wrought such havoc along these coasts
curly in December of 1001.
Purser Alex. Ferguson of tht: steamer
Amur, which bus just arrived from the
north, brings the message down Irom
J-Ieriot bay which calls to mind cue ot
those stories of tlie sen which are so
often 11 nine dnys' wonder while they
last and are then swallowed up in
that lorgetfulness which is a characteristic of ii busy world. This message iB
in the shape ol a lite-buoy picked up
by some miners on tbe shore ot Heriot
liay und which upon inspection proved
to be one ot tbe life-saving belts from
the ill-starred sloop ot war.
It will be remembered that tbe
Condor sailed from Esquimalt in company with the Warspite on the morning of December 2nd, 1001, en route
to Honolulu and bus never been seen
or heard of since. Oil the following
night a terrific- gale blew off tbe coast
and tbe two ships parted oompany. It
was not until January 12th, 1002,that
fears began to be entertained as to
the war-ship's safety, and although
the authorities were optimistic and
thought everything would turnout nil
right and that she wnuld report at
Honolulu in time, there were those
who were sure that she hud gone down
in the terrible storm which had caused
many wrecks and which hnd been
general nil over (he coast.
Tbe Condor was a brand new ship
and this was her initial coininission
so that no detinite idea could be
formed as to her ability to weather n
big storm. She was ot the type of
•well-decked sloops, veiy high lorward
and aft, and very low amidships, thus
making it impossible to throw off
seas breaking ovei her as readily as ii
she were ol the Hush decked style.
She carried a eon,),lenient ul nbout
On January 23rd word was brought
by the United Stales cutter Grant,
that Barkley Sound Indians had lonud
a boat which wn.- thought to be one
of the ship's lifeboats, but this was
afterwards found to belong to n sailing
vessel thnt was wrecked on the beach
two miles east of Cape Beale. On
January 21st the schooner Manila
roported having seen wreckage about
200 miles out from .Honolulu. Vpoti
several occasions during the following
three months, wreckage supposed to be
from the missing ship, was found, but
no definite Burety thai any, f it really
was, and this relic picked up at Hei *
bay is the tirst direct uiesBag,
the disaster.
Strang,,  to say another buoy was
found at the same place , nd almost
at the same time which comes as another call from the dead.   This one is
from the Bristol, one of thi -.:.-:    .
colliers, which was wrecked on
off Port  Simpson during the
And thus the sen gives up the dead
thai i- in it.
Notice is hereto rivoti, that I. Sam Walker
make appllcaUon to tho llon',1 of Uconco Commission,-i- for tlie Rovolstoko Llconclng Dis-
n-icl for n transfer of my liquor lloonoo for llie
Lclnnil Hotel, Nakusp, lu 1,. 1-*. Mclluunuld, of
Dated Sopt. 3rd, 1000.
sopt 1*1 SAMl'El. WALKER
Notice is heroby K'ivi'ii I lint Hn days after dale
I intend to upply to tlie I'liief Commissioner of
Lends nnd WorKs for u special license to ent
nnd carry away timbor from the following described laiuls on Upper Arrow Lakes, West
Kootenny: .,.,,.
CoiiiniciciiiK nt n post plnntod about one
mile north of the soulli west corner of Lot 0115
thence HI cliiiins well. Ihence 100 i'liains nortli,
llnmee HI chnlns east, thonco 100 chains soutli
l,i the point of .'oiuinenecincnt,
Dated Aiiaiiet Uth, 1000.
NOTICK IH HEEBBY GIVEN that sixty days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works (or permission
to purchase the following deaeiibed lands in the
Wesl Kootenay district, mi west side of the Columbia river, about three miles from Arm wl mild:
Commencing at a post plantod at William Grep-
son's north-west coniBr, tlience west 40 chains tn
1, Lurtls' north-east comer, thonce smitli 4u
chains to Wyne's north-west comer, thence least
40 cliains to Day's South-west corner, thencu
north 40 chains in point of commencement, and
containing 180 acres more of less.
Located Sept. -ith, Woo.
.1. C. HARLOW,   *
sep 8 By his Agent, S.J. Uarlow
jA dnys after dato I intend to npply to the
Cliief Com minion i-i' of Lands and Works for u
special liconso to cut and curry nwny limber
from the [ollowiuft descrilied lands situated
OU tho Norlli Must Ann of Arrow Lake in West
Kootenay dislricl:-
1. Commencing al a post planted about 131
miles west of Beaton, on south shore of Lnko
uml mnrked "W. G.Schulzo's norl h-wost corner
post," thenco enst 80 chains, tlionco smith 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thenco nortli 80
ehnins to puint of commeiicomont,
2. Commencing at a post plnntod about IK
miles we-t of Boulou ou south shoreof Lnko
ninl mnrked "\Y. G. Schulze's north-east corner
-post," thenco south KO chains, tbenee west 80
chains, thence imrtli 80 chains, thence oast 80
eliniii-- in poiut of commencement,
Dated Aug. 24th, lflOll.
aug 20
Per W. K. Ogllvio, Ageut,
VTOTICE is heroby given that 60 days aftor
A> (-i'iu-1 iiilftiil to apply to llm lion, the
t. liii f Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following described
hinds, situated In West Kootonay-. wost side
Columbia rivor, Fire Valley:
Commencing at a posl 10 chains north of
I.[inner*- nortli west corner post and marked
"Harry Mcintosh's north cast cornor post,"
thence west 80 chains, thence .-outh 80 chains,
thonco cast SU chains, ihence north-SO chains to
placo of commencement
Dated June lath, 1906,
Notice is hereby given that30days afterdate
I intend to apply tothe Honorable the Chief
Commissioner oi Lauds and Works fur a special
license to cut and carry away timber from tho
following described lands situated in the
Osoyoos Division of Yale District i
l. Commencing at u post marked "S. Hill's
north west corner," planted on the south bank of
UieeiiM fork ol tho uerth fork nf Cherry Creek
about 11 miles above the forks of the nortb fork,
running cast 160 chains, thence snutli 40 chains,
thunce wl ',- I chains, thencu north 40 vhalna to
polul nf cnnmieiicement.
■:. Coimnein in it ■ mnrked "S. Hill's
smith west enrner.'* planted * n the smith hank of
ili." ensl fork nl tbe north fork nl Cherry t reek
about 4t mil.- above the forks uf the imrth fnrk,
running -.-. 1*8 - liains, thenci nlfrth lo chains,
thence west Ifl chains, thence muuIi-lOchainslo
point nf commencement,
1 Coinmeiicii . il i pnsl marked **-. Hill's
im  ■ .* -■ i ' planted nn tbe smith bank of
thi   , ■ -  ■ , .-; i herr) - eek
ivi the forks o( the i rtl I rh
■*;■■*. i. * ■ ;: line, tin nee wesl , eli *.
thence nm thence east-40 ch kins to
.   , -   -. ■   ■ ■
;.  Comn Hieing ■ ki l||"S. Uill I
th wesi mi  I on the inkol
* I herrj Creek
ore thit I rksuf tbe north fnrk,
in?      :,.*..*., i.. - is,
.    ■ ith 40 chains ti
i ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ i  imm ■   .■
*-     ■   ■     - "    -    !j  '
ith wesi n the west bank ol
the norl of I
..... i, thence
■ i-- ;        .
■ ■ . i..-   ■. ■ nt,
■ ■!    H, UUI -
■    ■ ■ ■ ' ' :        ■
■ : ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
■ -■ *       ■-,*■■
. i* ■
■ ■
I Lal ■■!.■■■
t|  ■ . ■ ......
■ ■   -
-   i!
-   ■
-  llli.i.
Wa&HIKGTON,    Sept.    17,—h.   thi
manufael in   I., ho from c ti o
and cornstalks al a small cost,
department ol agriculture is deve
ing a new industry that the department sayn i- likely to be ol large -
nn-rcial value. Investigations wl ii h
the department ii making at Hoop-
ston, ills., have proved that the large
quantities ol corncobs, which every
year heretofore have gone to waste can
be converted into alcohol in sufficient
quantities to justify the erection of a
distilling plant in connection with u
corn eanneiy. The department, ot
•gricultnre sent twu chemists to Hoop
•ton to make'-uprrimcnts st a larg,
cannery there, 'ihey have succeeded
limply by methods ol (ermentation
in getting a yield ot eleven gallons of
alcohol Irom a ton ol green coin, and
■it gallons ol alcohol Irom a ton nt
green cornstalks.
i'rescriptioiie compounded with accuracy and pure drugs st Bews' drug
•ton.  Let us dispense yours.
" KBBffiOi irnolww-liir'" ~Mim
■      ■ ■      M       .      .
iti  I intend to apply to the
I lands   and
, rk« fo  ■ ipecia lici nsi to i I at
i ay timber iron; Uie lollowing
described  lands situated   in   Wen
,\   -,,t,-l. ::■ 'li   I, .I-    li.i
So, 1.   Commencing at   a   nosl
Ml    sin! E      Ml     iWil  Mm'-   -'.   lth-i
Corner Post," planted n Halfway
creek, about 13 miles Irom its m uth,
and adjoining Arrowhead Lumber
i ',.'* claim, So, on map 7109  thi nee
•i. is, *i,' no wi sl j0
',.-• nth -'i chains, them -   nl
cliains to point ■:' tn mmi ucement,
N'o. 2. Adjoining Arro bead Lui
ber Co.'l claim, So. 7109, east side,
thence "ast 80 cliains. thenee north 8fj
chains, thence west HO chains, thence
-outh B0 chains to point ol commencement.
N'o. 8, Adjoining No. 2 on enst tide,
thence east 80 ohains,thenoe north 80
rlinins, thence w<",( 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains to pointol commencement.
.No. 4. Adjoining No. 3 on east side,
thence eaat 110 chains, thence north
40 chains, thence west 160 chains
thence south 40 chains to point ot
Nn. 6. Adjoining No. 1 on south
side, ihence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chainfl,thence north SOohains,
thence eaat 80 chains to point ol
I). Commencing south of No. .'I,
thence east UM chains, thenee south III
chaina, thence west Iim chains, thence
north 40 chains to poinl of conimence-
ai Mo*TT,viKmr.r,,
Notice is hereby given that thirty days
afler dale I intend to'apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special licence to cut nnd curry away limber from the following described lands,
situated in the Vale District:
9. Commencing at a post marked "J.
Barry's north-east corner post," planted
uliuut three miles imrlli of the ensl fork ol
Shuswap river nnd about one-half mile
easl of Main river, tlienci- soulli 80 cliains,
tlience west 80 chains, llienee north 80
chains, (hence easl 80 chains to poinl of
10. Commencingat a post inarked "J.
Harry's south-easl corner posi," planted
aboul three milos norlli of lhe .'ast fork of
Shuswap river, and aboul one-half mile
easl of lliu main river, llienee north 80
chains, tlience wesl So chains, llienee
suuth 80 chains, tlience east 80 chains to
point of commencement.
11. Commencing at a post marked "J.
Rnrrs's north-west corner post," planled
aliout tliree miles norlh of the oust fork ot
Shuswap river, and aboul one-half mile
east of the main river, tlience soutli 40
chains, llienee east 160 chains, tlience
north 40 cliains, tlience west 160 chains to
point of commencement.
12. Commencing at a posl marked "J.
Barry's south-west corner post," planted
about tliree miles norlh o! die east fork of
Shuswap river, and about one-hall mile
easl of the main river, thence east 80
cliains, thence north 80 chains, tlience
west 80 cliains. tlience soush 80 chains to
point of commencement,
13. Commencing at a post niarked "J.
Barry's north-east corner post," planled
aboul four miles norlli of the east lork of
Shuswap river, Ihence south 80 cliains,
tlience west 80 chains, llienee norlli 80
chains, tlience casi 80 chains, lo point of
14. Commencing at a posl marked "J.
Barry's south-east corner post," planled
about lour miles nortli of the easl fork ol
Shuswap river, tlience norlh 80 chains,
thence west 80 cliains, thence soulli 80
chains, Ihence easl So cliains lo poinl of
15. Commencing.,!! a posl niarked "J.
Barry's south-west corner post," planled
about four miles nortli of die easl fork of
Shuswap river, thence north 80 clmins,
Ihence easl So chains, thence south So
cliains, llienee west 80 cliains to poinl ol
16. Commencing at a post marked "J.
Barry's north-west corner post,*' planled
aboul six miles norlli of the easl fork of
Shuswap river, tlience south 80 chains,
thence cast 80 chains, Ihence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to poinl of
17. Commencingat a posl marked "J.
Barry's north-east corner posl," planled
about six miles norlli of the east fork of
Shuswap river, llienee soulli So chains,
thence west So ehains, llienee norlli 80
cliains, Ihence east So cliains lo point of
iS. Commencing al a post marked "J.
Barry's north-east corner posl," planted
on the south fork of Shuswap river, and
aboul one mile from Hie mouth, thence
west So chains, Ihence south 80 cliains,
thence east So cliains, llienee norlli 80
j cliains to point of commencement.
: 1,,. Commencing at a posl marked "J.
Barry's north-west corner posl," planled
on the -oiiili fork ol Shuswap river and
aboul   one   mile  from  ils mouth, tlience
\ ,-;,*! So chains, tlience south So chains,
[thence west So chains, llienee norlli 80
ehnins 10 poinl of commencement.
-o. Commencing at a post market! "J
Barry's south-west corner." planted on
the south fork of Shuswap river and nboul
one mile from its mouth, thence north So
chains, tlience easl So chains, then
south 80 chains, thence west So chains to
point of commencement.
ai, Commencingal ,i post marked "J
Barry's north-wesl corner post," planted
,-:, the south fork oi Shuswap river aboul
iwo miles from its mouth, tnence east 80
chains, ihenee south So cliains, thence
■ it. : Mies, thence north So ehains to
point of commencement,
... Commem ing at a posl inarked "J.
Ba ■ south-easl corner posi," plained
on the north branch of the easl fork of
Shuswap river, and aboul four miles from
. norlh 40 chains, thence
wesl 160 chains, thence south 40 cliains.
easl    -    , halns to point of coni-
.   •: mencing al a posl marked "J.
mer posl, ' planled
-rih hrniicli of the east fork of
river, and about four miles from
.   soulh (0 chums, thence
11,nil im chains,
easl   160 chain* ic  poim 11   1 om-
...   Commencing al , posl marked "J.
: orth-wesl     rnei post," planted
•  rtl   '".-' -     f lhe ■-.,■- fork of
'. ur miles from
lins, 1I1,-ne,-
  point of 1 om-
Dated  I  .;    I        .   ,-'.
Notice is hereby given thai application
will be Hindu lo lhe Legislative Assembly
ol the Province of British Columbia al Ihe
next session, for an Act, Incorporating a
Company lo build, equip, maintain and
operate a line or lines of railway of standard or other guage, with any kind of
motive power from a poinl on tipper Arrow
I.ake, Wesl Kootenay, near Arrowhead,
thence following the Columbia River
northerly on either side lo a point at or
near the confluence of Canoe Kiver willi
the Columbia Kiver and theuce following
along Canoe River on either side, to a
point at or near Tele Jaune Cache, on
Fraser Kiver, with power to construct,
operate and maintain branch lines lo any
point within twenty iniles from the main
line of railway; and with power 10 construct, operate and maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and ferries] and lo
construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith! and lo construct, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and oilier vessels and boats and operate the same on
any navigable waters, and to construct,
operate and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along the routes of Ihe said
railway and its branches, or in connection
therewith, and to transmit messages for
commercial purposes; lo generate electricity and supply light, heal and power,
and erect, construct, build and maintain
the necessary buildings and works, and lo
generate any kind of power for the purposes aforesaid.or in connection therewith,
tor reward; and to acquire and receive
Irom any Government, corporation or persons, grants of land, money, bonuses,
privileges or other assistance in aid ol the
construction of the Company's undertaking! and lo connect with and enter into
traffic or other arrangements with railway,
steamboat or other companies, and to
exercise such powers as are granted by
parts 4 and 5 of the "Waler Clauses
Consolidation Acl": and for all rights,
pewers and privileges necessary in or
incidental lo lhe premises, and I'or oilier
Dated at Kevelstoke, B.C., Ihis 31st day
of August, ioo6.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
- ,       the ex-
la; I inti..-' '
the I    <   ,  • •       ner 0! Lands
...   ■ .      en --1(
and eai bei irom thai
:) strit t  of
'.'     ■  K. ■,,,■[.,,;,. , -.-.-.
• -,.,.< at I j:.,-,!-,! a! the
north-east corner of limber license No.
'..-•-, snd mark,-,! ' ll. Mclntl ■' -, South-
Easi Corner Poi ence -■- - loi haini;
,,ih (o , hainti Ihence htm 40
, hains, tbeflce north Ba chains, ihence
i'.'isi 120 chains, ihenee ,011th \o 1 hains to
ihe poinl of commencement ,„ntaining
fj.1 acres.
Dale,! August  l6th, IJ06,
I).  Mf.lNTOHH,
XriiTli:iti.i by Hi
n   I Intend to ,ipj,ly I
it? l.aod. snd  Work. I.» f„!!f,w1n|, .|p.,-rlls'1
slmre ,,f A rr.,w Lake, np
SOribsd as lollows:
i:.,tr,insnrlni( it a p'.si
cmnr nf Lot 7'*»6 and
nnrtliweit. corner poll,
Hi.-n,.. ..,,.,, SO ■ I,.,im,
tbonco west SO chain, to
Hid cuntalhlni (Ml acrei.
Dated the aith,,
h> Chlel f.-'.imiil..Inner
l„TinlMl„n :.n'p,i.rt,M,-
1 ,„,|.,itt«ate ,,n the eait
I It, anus head and de.
plnntj,.! al the sonthwest
marked ""0e„. Newman'!
" tlietie, .nnil, SO rhalnl,
llienee nnrll, SO chalna,
place ,,l cnoimin, emoat,
mo. r. iuwiiaii
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
Harry MoIntosh, Hoffman House
THE MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon are the most curative in the
world. jV perfect, nntiiial remedy for
nli Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomaoh ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trams. Two
mails ail'lve and depait every day,
Telegt-n h communication with all
marts of the world.
TERMS—$12 to $18 per week.  For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroto Lake. 23. C
Notico is hereby given that 30 dnys aflor dato
i intend to upply to the Chiof Commissioner of
Lauds and Works fur a special licencotocut
and curry away timber from the following do*
scribed lauds situato in East Kootonay district.
1. I'nmmeuciiift nt a post planted on the
south-east bank of Wood Hivor about 2 miles
bolow tho wost fork and inarked 'VE. McHcan 3
south-west corner," thouco nortli 80 ohnins,
theuce oast 8n chains, theuce soutn 80 cliains,
thencu wost 80 chains to the poiut of oorn*
2. Commencing at a post plnntod on lhe
south-east bank of Wood Riwir about 2 milos
below the west fork and marked "K. McBean s
north-west corner," ihenco east 80 chaps,
thence smith 8n chains, thenco wesl 80 chains.
theuce uorth 8U chains to the point of commencement.
3. Commenolng at a I'ost planted on tho
south-east bank of Won't River, opposite the
mouth uf tbe west fork mid marked "E. McBean'- north-west oornor.1 thonce souih ltffl
chains, thence east I" cbnins, thenco north KM
chains, thence west 10 chains to tlio point
of commenconiouh
Doled this 1Mb day of August, 1908.
1. Commencing nt a post planted on the
north-west bank nf Wood River just abovo the
mouth of tho west fork and marked "E. flic-
Bean's south-oast corner," thence north 80
chains, ihence west 80 chains, thenoo south SO
chains,thence eio-t 80 chains to the pointof
Dated this 20th day of August, 1908.
5, Commencing at a post plauted pu tlie
south-onst bank of Wood River opposite the
mouth of ihe west fork and markod UE. Mo-
Bean's south-won corner." tnence north 80
chains, tlience oast 80 chains, thonco south 80
chaius,thence west 150 chains tuthe pointof
ii. Commencing at a twist plauted on th
north-wesl bnnk of Wood River about 1 mil
below ihe mouth of the wost fork ami marke
•i:. McBeau's south-east corner," theuco uorth
10 chains, east 4'i obalus, uorth 10 chains.west
Nl chains south 10 chains, wost 40 chains, south
to chain*-, oust 80 obainsto the point nf commencement,
',. Commencing at a post planted on tlio
north-west bank of Wood River aliout 1 mile
below the we>t furk and mnrkeil ''E. MeBonns
north-east cornor," thence south 40 chains,
tbince wost 40 chains, thence south lOoluins.
thenco west 80 chaius, thouco north 40 chains
thencoeast 10 chains, thnnco north40chains,
thence east So chains to the puint of commence
S, Commencing nt n post planted on tho
south-east bank of Wood River nbout 4 miles
below the west fork and marked "K. McBean's
south-west corner," thonco north Wo chains.
thenco east 4*0 chains, ihenco .-outh bin chnius,
thenco west 40 chains to the point uf commencement.
Dated this 2l3t day of August, 1000.
0. Commenolng at a post planted 011 tho
north-west bank of Wuud Rivor and 2 mile!
below Jump-up Creek and marked "E, HcHouu'.
Boutb-easl corner," thence east 100 chains,
tlienc* nnrlh |o chain-, thouce we-t bin chain--.
thence -outh 10 chnius to the point of com"
10, Commonolng at a post plauted on the
North-west bunk of Wood Rivet' about 2 mllei
below Jump-up Crook nnd mnrked "K. Mo
Mean -   'Otlth-cnsl   nirni'l*,"  thenco    \VC3t   80
chain«, thenco north 80 ohains, thonco east80
chain-, thenco Bouth 80 chains to tho point of
Dated this22nd du) of Augu-t, limo,
-,"■ .1 B, MeBEAN.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days alter date
I intend tn apply to the Chief Commissioner
of bands and Works for a special license to cut
aud eurrv awav limber from the following
deseribed'lantts in West Kootenay district:
1. Conimencintp' at n post marked "J. II.
White's north-west comer post," planted at
the northeast comer uf Let 8414 and running
south 40 ohains, thence east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to pnlnt
01 commencement.
•1, Commencing at a post marked "J. II,
White's south-west corner post, planted al the
north-east comer of but 8414, and running
norlh SO chains thenee east Hi ehains, thence
south 80 ehains. thence west 80 chains to point
of commencement.
8, Commencing at a post marked "J, II.
White's south-east corner post, plnnted atthe
north-east enmer of Lot 8414 and running
north 80 chains, theuce wesi 80 chains, ibenco
south SO chaius, thencu1 cast 8U ehains to point
of comineni-ement.
■t. Commpiieiiig at a post marked "J.H.
Whlte'ssouth-west corner post," plauted about
2 miles up Five Mile Creek, on east sideof Five
Mile trail, thence nortb 80 chnlns, thenee cast
80 chains thence soulb SO chains, thence west
so chains to point of commencement.
fi, Commenolng ni a post marked "J. II.
White's south-east corner post," planted about
'j iniles up I'ive Mile croek on east side of
trail and running north 80 ehains, thence west
80 chains, thenco south 80 chains, thence enst
iii eliuiiis to point of commencement.
ti. Commencing at a imst marked "J, H.
White's BOUth-west comer posi," planted about
li iniles uu Five Mile creek 011 cast side of trail
nnil runnine north SO chains, thence east hi
chains, thenco soutu w ehau*s, theuce nest So
cliains to point ol commencement,
7. Commencing at a post marked "J, II.
White's south-east eurner post," planted about.
8miles up Five Mile creek on east sideof trail
and running north so chains, thenco west80
chains, clmins, tlience east 80
chains to pointof commencement.
8 Commencing »t a post marked "J, II.
White's south-west corner poBt." plantod about
4 miles up Five Mile Creek on east side ol trail
and running north 80 clmins, thenee east 8(1
chain-, thenoe soulli 80 chains, thence west 80
ohains to point oi commencement,
',*. Commenolng at a post marked "J, II
While's south-easl cornor post," planted about
4 miles up Five Mllo Creok ou east sido of trail
and running nonh SO chains, thenoe west80
cliains, ilieucc souih 8ltchains, thence east SO
cliains to puini ql commencement,
Muled August filth. 1000,
augL'-'i J. H. WHITE.
fi it        hereby given that 30 days nfter date
i inteud to -apply to thol hlef Commissioner of
;,-       ,,i works for n special lieeiioetoent
and oarry awny timber from tlie followini(de-
ud situnto In Easl KooteDAy district 1
t 1 om mencing al n posl plauted on tha Oltl
Wood H rer trail about -'i mflo-4 onst of lbs Col*
un U.. River nud marked "T. Kilnutrlqk's
Mintli-eii-i corner." thenco west SO ehnins,
thenee north SO chains, thence east BO chains,
lb-mice -outh 8i) chains to ilm puint uf com-
2. ''nmmnnciiiK at a poit planted un thn Old
Wood Hivor irail about *j miles oast nftho Colombia Rivor and mnrked "T. Kilpntrick's
north-east cnnier." thenoe woit  80  chains,
■ii oe 'nnd Michnins, thunce east Wl chains,
tbenee north -So chaius to the point of cum-
g ( ommoiiciiijf at n post planted on the OM
Wmi'I River trail about fi mile- eustof the Colombia River and marked T. KilpHtrick's
north-veil corner." thenco enst 80 chains,
tbenee ionth M ebaloi, thenoe west 80 chiini-
thenee north Wi rhnius to ihniHimtof com-
4.   (Vimniniiciiiif at ii |.n *  planted on the Old
Wood River trail about6 nlieieaitof the Cob
umill 11 River, in.'! mnrked "T, Kilpatrlck'n
■touth*went corner," thence enf-l -SO chains,
thence nnrth 80 chaiiiH, thonce west BO chains,
theiirr ,'nith Wi ohalni to the point of com*
Dated this I'-ih day of Angnst, 1006.
Nd'll' V. Is hersby |t*fn lhat m <Uj» after dttc
I int-jml to apply to Ae Hon. Chief Com*
ml"-o!.ii-r of 1 jimln end W'irkH fnr pc-rmlMlnn |o
purchase the following described lends In the
Weet k'■'■■*-<■ n.u District, flrlenn Bay, «ut ild* of
Upper Arrow lAk*:—
('ommenclng st» pnst planted at the north east
eorner nf  l,nt No,  III1', thrm-e eaat 40chains,
wilh tOchilni, wut 40chains, north 10 rkalni tn
place nf corn mincemeat
tKtrCl A. UWKMI.
VTOTICE is hereby given lhat M days
i.\ afterdate we int'ind tu apply tn the Honorable tho Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud
Works for a snectnl license to cut and carry
away timber from the following described
lands i
1, Commencing at a post marked "G. B.
Campbell's and C, B* Kirk's north-west corner
post, planled on the east bank of tlie north
forn of Fifo Creek, ■.'■, mile-, almvo the lurks,
thence 40 cliains euBt, 100 chain- south, lochaiu.-
west, IOO chains north lo placo of commencement.
2 Commenolng at a post marked "U. B,
Ciiiiiiiboil'.-aiid C. B- Kirk's north-oast corner
post, plauted nn the en-t sideof tho north
fork of Fife Creek, a% miles abo.vo the forks,
tlionco 10 chains west, 100 clmins south, 40
clmins east, Pili cliiiins north to place of commencement.
;;. Commencing nt a post mnrked "li. B,
Campbell's and C. U. Kirk'- south-east corner
post, pluutod on tho east sideof the north
fork uf File Creek. V,. miles above the forks,
tlionco 40 chain- west, IM chains imrth. 40
chains enst, 100 chaius south to plnce of com*
1. Commencing at a post marked "(i. B
Campbell's uudC. B. Kirk's south-west coruer
post, [limited nu the oust bank of the north
fork uf Fife Creek, 5J milos nhovo tho forks,
thenco 80 chains onst, Ml ehains north, 80
chains wost, 80 cliains south to place of ooin-
,1. Commencing at a post inarkod "Q. B.
Campbell's and 0. B. Kirk's nurth west enrner
nosl. planted on iim west bank of lhe nurth
lork of Fife Creok S miles nhovo tho fork
thence 80 chain-- oast, 80 chains soulli. I
chains west, Wl chains north toplucoof com*
ii. Commencing at n post marked "<i. B.
Campbell's and C H- Kirk's north-east corner
post." planted nn the wost sido uf tho nnrlh
fnrk of Fife Creok. 8 miles nlmve tho forks,
thouco 80 ehuins west 80 cliains nurih, SO
chains east, 80 chains soulh toplucoof com
7. Commeueiug nt n post mnrkod "0. H.
Campbell's and u. B, Kirk's south-west corner
jio-t,' plnntod nn llio west side uf tho north
fnrk uf Fife Creek, Smiles nlmve tho forks,
theuco 80 chains east, 120 chains north, 40
cliains west. 80 chains wnith, 40 chains w«*t, 10
chains Bouth to place of commencement.
8. Commeueiug at a post marked "tl. B.
Cnmpbeil's and 0. H Kirk b soutb-eaet corner
poBt, planted on ihe west side of the north
fork of Fife Crook, HI miles above the forks,
thonce mi ehuins wost, 80 chuius south, SO
ehains enst,-SO ehains north to placo nf cum-
9. Commencing at fl DOBt mnrkod "fl, B.
Campbell's and c. 1;. Kirks south-west oornor
post," plunted ou the West sido of tho nurth
Turk of Fife Creek, in miles nbovo the forks,
theuco 80 chain-; west, so chains north, 80
chnius oust, 80 chains ionth toplucoof commencement.
Dated Aug. 28rd, iw».
aug 20 fl. B. CAMPBELL,
Notico li hereby given tint 30 diiys altor (Into
I Intenil io apply to ilK-ijIiii-ftiiuiimiisluiicr o!
Land.ami Murks for iisiiei-liillli-orme tueiit
and ,-arry awav timlior from tlie folliuvintr
i!,..rriliMl laiuls Iii llm nn Iloliil ili.lrlri ol
West ainl Kast Kootenay:
1. Cnniineneliig a! a jiohI marked "hrneit E,
a,lair's north-oust corner post," planted on the
ivoatside i,I !he Columbia rivor, about! mile
wem from the liomliifon post near Carnei
Crook, tlience wost Sl) rhalm, thonce south 80
ehains, llienee cast so ehains, thence north 81)
chains tn pnlnt ol eommcnct-nioiit
U, Commencing al u post marked "Ernest £.
Adair's north-eait corner post," planled on tbe
nest side ol the Columbia river, ahout 8) miles
weit ol tho Dominion post mar Carnes Creek,
thence south 80 chains, thonce west to chains'
thenee north BO ohalm, thence cast 80 chains
to liolnt of i-oiiilioiieeliieiit.
Dated August 8th. 1906.
8. CnmineneliiK at a pott marked "8, K.
Adair's soutb-iveit oorner post." planted on
tho north side ol Columbia river, about 11
miles wesl ol thc mouth of Cummlngs Creek
and about 1 mile north ol river, thenoe oast 160
chains, thence norlh 10 chains, thenco west
16" chains, thence south 10 ohalni to point ol
4. commencing at a post marked "E. £
•outb side ol the Columbia river, about 1 miles
back from river and about 2 mlleiweitol
Cedar creek, thence wail 160 chaini, thenoe
■outh to ehalm, thenoe tut 160 ohalni, thence
north to chaini to poinl ol commencement,
Dated iini Ull, MM.
;i. Commend--
Adair*! north.
sonili-fMi ilde	
mtlelrom rim and about tin*, aad a hall miles
below Cane, Bivti ami about ou Bill above Pot-
laih Creek, theieeiotthn ebalaa, thenoe weit N
chain, thenn, north 10 alula, tMatt eaal N
chaini to point tl tcnataeintti.
mount at a poit maiked "E. I
teean comei poat,'' planted on the
Id* ol Column* ilm, aboit kail a
>P«      =
1,1, ADAM-
Nofice is hereby given tlmt Iill days
after date I intend to apply to tlie
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works fur a speeiul licence to cut and
carry awny timber from the following
described laiuls situated in West
Kootenny distriot, west side of Upper
Arrow Lake:
1.   Coiiimenciiie; at a post marked
S. Carlson's north-west corner post,"
planted on the west bnnk of Pingston
Creek, about 14 iniles from mouth of
creek, and in a Westerly direct inn from
lianniick Point, thence soulli HU chains,
thence east 811 chuius, thenee tioilhSO
ehains, thence west SI) ehnins to point
of commencement,
i.  Commencing at a post marked
-S. Oni-lsim's north-east corner post,"
planted on west bunk of Piugslon
('reek, iiiiiiiii II miles from mouth and
in it westerly direction from Biiniiook
Poinl, theuce suulh Sll ehains. tlience
west 811 eliuiiis, thence north 80chains,
thence cast 8tl chnius to point of commencement:,
:1.   Commencing at a post niarked
-S. Onrlson's north-west corner post,"
planted on the west hank ot* Pingston
Creek, nliout 14i iniles from mouth
nnil in a westerly direction from linn-
iiock Point, thence south 411 chains,
theuce enst. 1(10 chains, thence nortli
4(1 ehniiis, thence west 160 ehuins to
point of commencement,
4. Commencing at a post marked
8. Onrlson's nurtlw-ust corner post,"
planted on the west hank of Pingston
Creek, about  14J  iniles  from mouth
ind in a westerly direction from Pnn-
itock Puint, thence south 40
ehnins, Ihenco west HKI chains,
tlience north 40 cliains, thenee east 100
hains to point of commencement.
5, Commencing at a post marked
'S. Carlson's south-west corner post,"
planted on the west hank of Pingston
Creek, about 1-IJ iniles from mouth
iml in a westerly iliiection from Han-
nock Point, thence north 1(1 chains,
Ihenee enst 160 chains, thence south III
hains, thence west UK) ehnins to point
of commencement,
(I. Commencing at a post marked
"S. Onrlson's south-east corner post."
plnnted ou uie west Imiik of Pingston
Creek, about 1 lj, illiles from mouth
and in n westerly iliiection Irom Bun-
imck Point, ihence north 40 chuius,
thence west 100 chains, thence south
•HI chains, thence east HKI chains to
point of commencement. .
Dated August 25tb, 1IKHI.
7. Commencing at n |msi murked
"S. Carlson's north-west coruer post,"
planted on the east bunk of Pingston
Creek, about 16 miles from mouth nud
in ti westerly direction from Bannock
Point, Ihence south SO chains, Ihence
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west SO chains to poinl of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post, marked
"S. Carlson's north-east comer post."
nlantedon the east bank of Pingston
Creek, about 111 miles Irom mouth and
in a westerly direction from Bannock
Point, thenee south 80 ehains, llienee
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains lo point of commencement.
ii, Commencing at u pnsl marked
"S. Carlsnn's south-east cot net-pust,
planted one |tni!e*east of Pingston
(.'reek and abuut 11! miles from mouth
antl in a westerly direction from llannock Point, thenee uorth 80 cliains,
thenee west SO chains, thence south SO
chains, thence enst SO chains to point
of commencement,
10. Commencing at a pusl marked
"S, Carlson's uorth-eiist corner post,"
planted about three miles eustof Pingston (,'iei-k nnd uiu ul 10 miles from lhc
mouth and in it westerly direction
from Bannock Puint, theme suuth SO
chains, thence west SO chains, thence
norlli SO chains, thenee east SO chains
to point of commencement.
11. Commencing at a post marked
"S. Carlson's south-east corner pnst,"
planted !1 miles east of Pingston Creek
ami nl,mil 10 tulles from mouth and in
a westerly iliiection from Bannook
Puint, thence north Sll chains, tlience
west 80 clmins, Ihence soutli Sll ehuins,
thence eust so chains to pointof com-
12. Commencing at a post marked
"3, Carlson's north-east corner post,"
planted I iniles east uf Pingston Creek
and ahout 1(1 iniles from mouth, in a
westerly direction from Bannock Poiut
thenco south 80 chains, thence wesi 80
chains, tbenee north SO chains, thence
oust so cliiiins lo point of commence
111. Commencing tit a postmarked
"S, Carlson's south-east comer post,"
planted I miles east of Pingston Greek
and about 1(1 miles from mouth and in
a westerly direction from Bannook
Point, thence norlh 80 ehnins, thence
west 80 ehnins, thence soulh Sll chains,
thence east so chains to point of commencement,
Dated Angus! 27th, lllllll,
14. Commencing at a posl mnrked
"8, Carlson's north-cast corner post,"
planted on the west side of K. k 8,
line, about half a mile north of Timber
Limit No. IHfill, in il westerly direction
from the bead nf Upper Arrow Lake,
thence west Illll ehains, Ihence south
10 cliains, theuce east UIO chains,
thenci, north40ohains to point of commencement.
15. Commencing at a post niarked
"8. Carlson's south-east corner post,"
planted on the west side of K. & 8,
line, about half a mile north of Timber
Limit No. OflcO, in a westerly direction
from the head of Upper Anow Lake,
thence west 160 chaius, thence north
40 chains, thence east 160 chains,
thence south 40 chains to pointof
16. Commencing at a post marked
"8, Carlson's north-east corner post,"
planted on the west Bide of K, & 8.
line and about li miles north of Timber Limit 6960, in a westerly directioh
from the head of Upper Arrow Lake,
thence west 160 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence east 100 chains,
thence north 40 chains to pointof
17. Commencing at a post marked
"8. Carlson's south-east corner post,"
J ..anted on the west Bide of K. k 8.
Ine, and about 1) miles north of Timber Limit 6960, in a westerly direction
from the bead of Upper Arrow Lake,
thence west 100 chains, thence north
40 chains, thence east 160 chains,
thence touth (0 chains to point, of
Dated August 29th, 190ft
A Newspaper Man Applies for
Twenty-Five Thousand Acres
of Forest.
Vakcouveh, Sept. 19.—"Commenolng nt it pust niarked it. S. Williams'
S. E. post, thence 80 chains north,
thence 8(1 cliains east," etc., etc.
So with wearisome reiteration rends
a series of notices in the current number ot thc B. C. Gazette. Again and
again dues R. 8. Williams " commence
ntn pnst mnrkeil R. S. Williams,'"
nnd uguin and again, even unto the
thirty-sixth time does he go his untiring round : 80 cbnins north, thence
80 chains east nnd so on, buck to tl.e
tirst point. The circuit, or rather the
succession ot circuits, is quite worth
while, however, tor each lime Mr.
Williams gathers unto himself 040
acres ol line timber land on the Klnn-
awa river, which empties itself into
the Pacilic ocean, on the west Coast of
Vancouver Island. Incidentally Mr.
Williams touches on Grapmer Luke
und another lake of the name of
which he is not quite sure, and so,
giving it lhe benelit of the doubt,
calls it indifferently, Hoburtz or Hob-
Mr. Williams is not alone in his
hunger for timber. In the siime issue
ot the Gazette are scores of similar
applications for licenses to "cut nnd
curry away from the following descrilied lands."
Few. however, exhibit the wholesale
desire lor square mile niter square
mile of forest, most contenting themselves with sonic tliree, cr tour, or half
dozen sections apiece Swimming
with Mr Williams,like tritonsamong
the minnows over the creamy pages
ot the Gazette, nevi rthi less, ore one
or two of his own calibre, Mr. William Sh ii ' ■ ■-,.. who takes 39 sections
and Mr. W. F.llis who is content with
a modest 26,
Or: il; * - dvertisi mi ntsin the
'- . .-• . : the dulli ■! - tdr-11 reading,
I ul ci li - I iie something sen- j
- tn this c      it is
the applications of Mr. Williams,
:::-: licati ms - numerous .* to denote
,ii 'Ation on a large scale, large
I ,- : siderable capital, For Mr. Williams is not it mill
owner or tii, ber speculator, but n
v, rkil . : ws] -r man. who bums
thi   -   - - , ctrio light as te'e-
; ■ lit • tl i News-Advert'tor,
the j aper ,:' wl!,-',. the Hun. I-'. L
('. rl : Cotton is pr iprieti r. It is well
known thnl newspaper men do not
earn salaries which enable them to
:':: ...-, $10,000 deals and tu become
It rds of 25,000 acres of tin,ber off their
own bats, And yet Mr. Williams has
apparently done just this thing since
each ol those sections hns eust him
$140 for the licence, $10 tor advertising and anything from $100 to $150
for surveying, to say nothing of the
expenses of cruising.
lt i . of course, possible that llr.
Williams is not alone in the deal, hut
even so, he must he a financier among
financiers and as stioh, u notable exception in the ranks of n profession in
which more bruins ure combined with
more impeotiniosity than in any other
field of activity, Mr, Williams' further progress as a timber baron will
be watched with interest, while not a
little curiosity will he felt us to who is
" in " with him on the deal which is
calculated in thousands ot acres of
Island forest.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days
after date we, the undersigned, intend
to make application to thc Hon.
Chief Commissioner o! Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry awny timber from the following
described lands situated in the West
Kootenay district, about Ki miles from
Burton City:
1. Commencing nt a post planted
on tlie east side of Cariboo Creek,
thence south Kill chains thence enst
40 chains, tlience north 100 chains,
tlience west 40 chains to puint of commenoement,
2. Situate in the West Kootenay
district about 14 miles Irom Burton
City. Commencing ut a post plnnted
30 cliains from the Creek and on the
west sido thence suuth Kill chains,
theuce east 40 chains, thence north
1(10 cbnins, thence west40 chains to
point of ooinmeneement,
3. Commencing at a post planted
on the west side uf Cariboo Creek
ubout 13 ii.iles Irom Burton City,
thenoe south 1C0 chains, thouce eust
40 chains, thence north KiO chains,
thence west 40 chains to point ot
4. Commencing at a post planted
about 35 chains on ihe south side of
Caribou Creek ubout 12 miles from
Burton City, thence east 160 chains,
thence north 40 chains, thence west
KiO chuius, thence south 40 chains to
point of commencement.
5. Coinmeneing tit it post planted
ubout (10 chains on thc south side of
OuribooOreek about 7 miles from Burton City, thence south 100 ehuins,
thence west 40 ehuins,tlience liutth 1(50
ehnins, thence east 40 chains (o point
of commencement,
6. Commencing at u post plnnted
about 8 chains on the east Imnk of
Cariboo Creek, about 6 miles from
Burton City, thence enst 80 chains,
theuce north 80 chains, the*ce west
80 clmins, thence south 80 chains to
point of oommoucement.
Located this 15th Sept., 1906.
.1. A, DOUGAL.
Notice H hereby given that thirty dav* after
date I Iutond toapply to the Hon. Chlel Com-
mi??b>neri[ bands and Works for a BpeclnJ
license to i-nt ant) curry away timber -from the
following described lands,
1, Com m end nt; at a post planted nboul V/i
miles from thc east bulk of Columbia rivor
nnd about 1 milo north of the Thirteen Mllo
Troo on Big Bend trail and inarkod 'It. A,
Lund's north east enrner," theuce soutli 80
chains, thonce west 80 chains, thonco north 80
ohains, ihenco cast go chains to point of commencement,
2, Commencing at a post planted about Ili
miles from the eastern bank nf Columbia rivet
and about 1 mile north of tho Thirteen Milo
Tree on Uitj Bend iretl and markod "R. A,
Lund's north west conier." thonoo south 80
chains, thenoo oaat hn chain-, thenoo north8Q
chains, thonce weet B0 ciifln- to point uf com-
8, Commencing at a poat planted uliuui i}.t
miles (i-uiii tin: eastern bank of Columbia rivor
and about l milo north nf the Thirteen Mile
Tree on Bin Bend trail ami marked "ILJA,
Lund'- south wosl corner." Ihence north Sn
chain*, tlience easl 80 chains, thenco south 80
cnains, thouco west mi ehuins io poinl of com*
Daud Augiiht 12th, 1000.
\. ComruonotnRnl a post plantod about Ify
mile*from Qoldstream on the Big Bend trail
in McCnllough Crook mid marked "It. A.
Lund's north oast corner." ihence west ni
chains, tin nee south BO chains, thonoo oast 80
chain-., thenco north 80chains to pointof com*
,i. Commencing at a post planted -thorn
one mile from Coldstream nnd marked "R, A,
Lund's nnrth wosl corner," tlience east Hi
chnlns, tlience south Su chains, thenco west 80
chains, thenca north 80 chains to point of commencement
i). Commencing at a post plnnted nbout
one mile frnm Coldstream and marked "H. A,
Lund's nonh oast conier," tbonco west So
chains, thenco south 80 chains, thonce east (iti
Ohains, thenee 80 chains lo point of com*
7, Commencing at a post planted about
one milt* from Coldstream ami marked "ft, A.
Lund's north west cornor,' thence cast 80
cliains, tlienco south 80 cliains. Ihence west fell
clialns, theuce north So chains to poim of commencement
8, Commencing at a poat planted about half
n mile from tbo south cast- comer of Berth 6706
ami marked "!! A. Lui.d's north wost corner.'
ibeiiee-eiisl. in chain-, llienei- south 180 chains,
thenee west 10 ohnllit*, tbenee north 100 chains
to point of commencement,
il. Commencing at a post planted about half
n milo frnm tho southeast corner of Berth 570(1
and marked "It. A, Lund'- nnrth east corner."
thence we-l 10chains, thence south lOOchalnB,
thence easl 10 chains, tin nco north lOOchains
to point of coinmcncemont
Dated August 13th, 1008.
li. A. U'N'1>._
Thos. Taylor, our local member ot
the Provincial Purliament is in Victoria in company with others Irom the
constituency, to confer with the gov
eminent ou matters affecting the
lands nnd works department. The
immediate object in view is to urge
the task ot replacing bridges swept
away a month ago by the Hoods which
followed the excessive rains. The
Fish and Pool rivers rose so rapidly
that practically all the bridges over
the streams have been destroyed. At
Camborne the largest of these structures was lifted completely off the
buttresses and carried some distance
away. Business, Mr. Taylor, explains,
has been seriously interfered with in
consequence ol this, and it is necessary to Immediately begin their reconstruction. Let ue hope that uur
river bank question will not be
forgotten I
Nothing bettor thin Our " Ip-Mlil.
im,-ii   I,
I., ml - -
ut ol Big Beliil ti
.    •    .     MM      .    ■'       1'
Dated thill
I - muii
utile I'.lsl nl
soutli ,;f II-,1
form,'- soutli
-liuii - i
Vilnius tu tiotlll
Notico is hereby given that ai) daya n11,-r ,inte
wo Intotidio apply i„ tlio lion. Chief r>,iiiniis-
sloner of Lands ai'nl Works for a Bperlal license
to cut 1111,1 ,-„ri-y iiway timber from lhe following described lands, situate lu Weat Kuotenay
'.. tiomraeni [ng al s post planted about „ne
otic ii- :-'h Irom ;„■■ north-west, ,,rner ol K. ,*
-. i'.;.„'k-,;,, and marked ••li'n; Bend Lumber
'oinpany'a south-east i-oruv-r pnsl." them-e
oi h 80 ehains, tl, ence west 80 chains, thenco
, then    easl -   chains to point
ol commencoi :.
2. ,.i:m at „ post planted about one
mlletio Hi li m the north-west nornerot K ,*
-, i:,., 'mm nud mark, I "1 Ig Demi I imber
Com any'   nortl •< ist i ortiet post," tlience
.. - ...      .:.;■:    south -achatm, thence
- ..... th nice norlh SO chains lo : oh -
..-■!'.       mh. 1906.
I'll, I.
is, Kill elinlns. tl
., .     ilOdftys,
■ ",',, iiuunla-
: ■ Vol - - - --. license
irr, awny tltiii,,.r from the follow-
ihis, heneo
Notice Is hereby given that an days after date
1 intend toapply tothe Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following
described land? in Big Hend dlstrictof West
and taut Kootenay:
1, Commencing at a post marked "Ed.
Adair's south-cant corner onst," planled on
the Wesl sldo of Columbia river, about -I miles
west of the Dominion pnst near llie mouth of
Cornea Creek-thonce north 80 chains, thenoe
west SO chains, llienee BOUth 80 chnius, thenee
east su cliains tn point of commencement,
2. Commencing at a post marked "Kd.
Adair's nortb-ofcst corner post," planted on
lhe wot sideof Culumbia river, about 8 miles
west nf the Dominion post nt-arlhe month nl
Carnes Greek, thence south so chains,, theuce
west sn <'hains, Ihenee nnrth 80chains, ihenee
cast 8u chains to pointol commencement
a. Commencing at a post marked ■ Kd
Adair's north-east corner post," plnnted ot
the west sideof Columbia river, about -t miles
woBtof tho Dominion post near the mouth of
carnes creek, thenee west 160chains, thenoo
south HI chains, thenee east 100 chains, thence
north in clmins to point of commencement,
I. Commencing at a post mnrked "Ed,
Adair's Bouth-easl corner post, planted on the
we-t eldo of Columbia river,about I miles
wesl nf the Dominion pnsl near tbe mouth of
Carnes rreek, tlience west 100 ohains, tbonco
north 40 Chains, thenee east 1(H) chains, theuce
south -in elinlns to pnlnt ol commoncement,
Daled August 8th, 1006.
ft commencing at a post marked "Kd.
Adair's north-west comer post," planted
ahout ij miles north nl T.L, 05511 and aboul ■.
mile cn-*i of tin1 Columbia river, thonco south
B0 ehains, thunce east mi chains, tbenee north
B0 chains, thenco west 80 chains to pointof
5, Commencing at a post mnrkeil "Ed.
Adair's north eastcorner post planted on the
east lank of Columbia river, nbout it mile
south ot Potlash Creek, thenco weat 80 chains,
Ihoneo south sn ohains, thenee east80 Chains,
thenee north 80 ehains to point of commoncement,
Dated August llth, 11X10.
7. Commencing at \ post marked "Ed,
Adair's north-west enrner post," planted OU
lhe south-east side of Columbia rivor, about'/S
mile from river, and about 8W miles from
Canoe river.aml ahout one mllo above I'otlash
ureek, thenoe east 80 chaius, thenee souih su
ehnins, thenee west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point nf commenoement
8. Commencing at a post inarked "Ed.
Adair's north-wesl corner post," planted on
the south-cast side of Columbia river,about
one mile frnm river, about 21,**-. miles below
Canoe river, and about 2 miles above I'otlash
Creek, theuce east 8U chains, thence soulli 80
chains, thenee west 80 chains, thence north 80
ehains to poiut of commencement.
atcd August 18th, 1900,
o. Commencing at a   pos
Adair's south-east corner post,
north-east side of Columbia ri
from river, nnd nbout
i-i| "Ei
Notice is hereby given that 30 days nfter
date I inli'iid to npply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works I'or spocial
license to cut and carry away timber from
the following; descrilied laiuls situated In
North Kast Kootenay district, B, C,:
(n) Commencing ul a post planled
about one-half mile Norlh Kast of the
Columbia river ami one and one-halt' miles
south-easl  of Sullivan river and marked
E, McHean's south-west corner," thence
norlh 80 cliains, thence easl So chains,
theuce south Ho chains, tlience wesl So
chains to point of commencement*
Daled this 71I1 day of August, 1906,
(b) Commencing al a post planted on
the norlh-easl bank of lhe Columbia river,
about i'(' miles above Sullivan river
and niarked "E. McBean's south-wesi
corner," thence easl 1 fin clmins, ihence
north 40 ciiains, thence wesl 160 chains,
tbenee south 40 chains lo the poinl of
Daled this 8th day of August, 1906,
(c) Commencing al a post planted
alongside of lhe pack trail one and one-
half miles south-easl of Sullivan river and
marked "K. McBean's north-weal c
theuce east t6o cliains, ihence south 40
cliiiins, tlience west 160 clmins, thence
north 40 chains lo the point of commencement
Haled this 8lh day of August, 1906,
(d) Commencing al 11 post planted on
the north-easl bank of lho Columbia River,
al the fool ol Kinbasket Lake, and marked "I*", McBean's south-east corner,"
tlience wesl 80 chains, thence norlli 8,0
chains, I hence east So cliains, llienee
south Hn chains to the poinl of commence-
Dated this 9U1 day o\' August, 190b.
(i*-)   Commencing al
tbout  one mile west ol
. t hence norm Hu
nt h Pi
in ll l* r
>d ■ Ed.
nu thi
chains the 	
chain : to point ol com:
iu Commencing at a post mar:
Adair's south-west corner post, plain
north-east Bideof Columbia river, abo
from river and ahout ::'.. mile- uhi
river, thenee north 160 chains, then
chains, tbeneesouth IGOciiains, In m
chains to poiut of commencement
U.  Commencing  at a ji
dair's south-east eorner post," .
north-easl sidoof Columbia rivor, nb il ■ mile
[rom river, and about li miles above uanoo
river, tbenee north 160 ohaius, thenee west-lu
chains, thence south 160 chaius, theuce east 10
ehains tn point of commencement
12 Commencing nt a post marked "Ed.
Adair's south-west corfier post," planted on
the north-east side of Columbia river.tibout \
mile frnm river, and about 5 miles above Cnnoe
river, thenco nortb SO ehains, them- east 80
chains, thence soulb 80 chains, tnen - wesl
chaius to point ou-omin m ci ment
13. Commencing at n post   mnrked "Ed
Adalr'a south-west corner post," planled 011
the no th- nsl il h  if Column! 1 rl
100 yards from rivor, nud aboul il ovi
Canoe river, thenee nnrth sn chains, thence
easl 80 chains, hem e south Bfl eh :-- ! onco
v,. •    -i hains to jiolnl oi commencement
Dated -mgust IStb, VM>,
U,      niMGnctn-* nl a post marked "Ed.
baskel   Lake, and
oi ihe  Columbia
McBean's south-cas
Ho chains, thence n
east 80 chains, lh *
the poinl ol conn 1
Dated this lolh i
[I,   Comnn 11 * I*.,
ilie nortli bank oi'li
iwo and one-third
Kinbasket   take   1
Mean's south-easl
il.   ■lii-ins, thence '
- mlh t'n chnius, lh
the poinl ofcomim-i
Dated ihis lolhd
(g)   Commeuciiij
River and aboul tv
from the fool of
marked "E, M s8  1
ilieucc   1101
chains,   [ii   .
wesl 80 ch* ins lo I
Da ed ti     1    -
a   posi   punned
the fool ol* Kin*
33 chains soulli
ier," ihence wesl
■ .   .       ■; ■■!   "}'■   B i-  Co'l
eor n ;*  1 ost.'    th u 0
■ '- ,--     ,-.  ■. ■■,,-,' south 80
.....          lint 01 c m-
.     '
Ufyrir -
l.uilUt *
clmins to point oi commencement
hated August 10th, 1000,
15. Commenting at a post   tnu
idair's soi 1     *-■   01 * m r post. p.anu
ui-rtli side of Columbia river, al out , m .
from river, and nboul ■"> miles ea«l of 1 lm
Crebk, thence north80 ehui.-. thenee west *
. hains, thenr i so ith 80 ehnins. ti* m ■ mast >■
. 1 ins b 1 lencera ui
16, 1, i-:n:,- i'1-iii.: ni a post   marked "Ed
dair's 50111 li-east  corner post," plauted 01
ol Hig llend trail
Seven Milo Creek an
north-wesl corner p
south 10 chaius, wenl
poiul .i"  .
■ i* - I., on
... ■
i irth-iOcliaii a ti
,!.,'.,- I
Notice Is heroby given that W days alte
iitcnd to apply tn llio ll 11, 1 III . 1
f Lands and M'orksto iitimliasothelolloiviiig
t'acrlbed lauds sitiint.>d m tlie district ofWeat
Commeiiclng m 11 pnsl [
lorner of Loi l.,li*:. i.-.i
Dntod the 1Mb day
,„p 111
iced nt the north-nest
,-,l '-J. II. lliickelilio'l
,..-:.,. wesl I,- chnlns, thence
, t 'Uciuiins toaliore of
ol [.like to starting
,1 Sept, IBM.
ll,-.i..l. Jl. ■--,-..;.- igenl
Notice Is herebvgli
Intend to apply t„ thi
of Lands ninl  Worki,
.ion to piircsL' Ilu- 1
iioni- Uiiii,,11 City In W
. :i.
,-l K
ii. .
„ lor no
■rl!,,-.! 1
:ate I
Commencing nl n post i
A. Uaganilotisdes' sontli-ive
running tlience .outh 11) c
chnius, thunce north to ,-
,-liiliis I,, commencement |
-t   CO
. tl
i pi st,"
lence wi
,,„! Mill
ol C.
st   l„
g 190
Dated Slit ilaynlAn
■ap lo
Notice Is hiM-ehv given that OOdaya from date I
intend tn apply fothcHoii.theClilef Commissioner of Landsaud Works for permission to pur*
chtuo the following described lands, in the West
hjootenay district, west uf Cpper Artow
"Coiuineiiehig at a post marked "J. L, Htneh'i
snulli west corner," atthe south east comer of
Lot 4878* and almnt U mllea south of Fosthall
Creek; thence imrth 80 cliains, thence east 40
chains, thence south 8') chalin, thence west 10
cliains to polul of commencement, cuntaining 3-20
acres mure or less.
Dated this 21st day of May, tone.
net 18 I'er Kalph Slye, Agent.
VTOTICE Is horoby giveu that 60 days after
ll date I Intend to apply to the Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Lind- and Works
for permission to purchase the following described lands in the West Kootenay district,
Galena Bay, east aide of Upper A rrow Lake:
Commencing at opo^t planted at P, Maher's
southeast cornor and marked 'JBruoe A. Law-
son's north-oa-t cornor post," thence south 40
chains, thenee west 40 chains, thenee norlh "JO
elinlns, theuco cast 2fi chains, thence north 20
chains, thence east 80 chaini to place of commoncomont and containing 120 acres more or
Dated Galena Bay, this 10th day of Sept 1906
For Sale ot Rent
Containing 140 am***, about time-quarters need*
od with Tunothy- Suitable for fruit growing,
House aud outbuildings la good condition. HtlQtM
at Craigellachie, a few mllen west of Kcvstitoke.
Apply to K. TAPPING, Berelitoke,
rk of '*-!!,■-*-'■ ■■ rivei  ill in *
..,-.-   -: :■'    ll   11       [iei .■
nortl * 'orner pi »t, plnnu I on ;..- -, ith
i ■■*.:,-• •■*, .- ' -,i ,;-.
. iii .thence 1  st Iflfl chains, thence
11011 - ,    .   iti, ■' en ■: wesl I60  li Inl   ;
3. Ci |  ■: m trki I ".I Barry's
nnrth *        nn    post," planted on tl     outli
t of i '*':-',  1)1  llivi i. Uiiiii*''
-,*;■     u di in-, thence west BOch dns, ihence
i is, th m ■* east 80 chair-1 ip int i f
I Comraencin-g nl n post marked "J. Barry's
south-east cornel post," planted nn the nontli
i-i*. ndi *■■" the east i irk ■ f Shuswap river, thence
uortli ■-'' ehains, tj - nee west SO elinlns, thenee
..: li liains, 1 lenre east B0 1 liains lo puint 1 f
- nm ..- * i-eini nl
.,.  Ccimin .1 n post n nrkedMJ, Barrj -
south-west ennui post,4 planted about throe
miles from the month of the east fork uf Shuswap
0, Commencing at n post marked "J, Harry's
north-west corner post," planted ahum ouumlie
(rom the montli of the east fork of Shuswap River,
thence east 160 chains, thence south I" chains,
Ihence wesl 160 chains, thence north 10 chains,
to the point of commencement
7. Commencingat a post inarked ".1. Barry's
south-west eorner post," plauted almnt mi mile
fumi the mouth nf the east fork nf Shuswap lllver,
thenee north i1' chains, e ■-'. 100 chains, ■ uth 10
chains, west 160 clialns to point of comiuonce
S, Commencingal a pnst marked **.i. Harry's
outh-onst corner post," planted on thowwi Bido
-f shuswap rirer, about one and one-liall miles
ibuve the month ol the east fork, thence 11 mli m
liains, thence west 160 chains, thence imutliio
chains, the) ast lOOchains i-* puim of coin
-,    ■
Dated August 20th, luoo.
-.■li IH .1. BAR11V,
Adai.. 1^^^^^^^^—
tl ■ •*-.     sideof Co   mbin river, b
from  rive . an I abmu 6 miles above
irth    1 halns, th -.
!■-.   ■'chains, then
hi .1  ; ■  ■ ....   - e<   : aencemotit.
17.  coniuiencluB ai  .1  posi niarked    .....
:.-'.*    -...-■ ■* post, planted on the
11 rth iidi   I - ol imbia rivor, ueai tn   , ■■■'■i.'
111 .        lipids, 1 .''..-.  ■ ence
-. mh bu chains, thi it80eh     -.     mce
irl 1 ■■■ chains to poinl  1 commencement,
1 ated Utgust 17th, 1906,
aug25 ED. VDAHt^
\TOTI0H li hereby given that so days after date
JM 1 intend toapplj to the llmi. Tha Chief
Commlnloner of Lands and Works for a Ipeeial
License to out and carry away timbor from iho
following described land! in West Kootenay District:
(a) CommeiiciiiK at a po*t planted 11 miles
west of tho Columhin Kiver, on tho north bank
of a large creek emptying into the Columbia
Rivor aboul 2 miles abovo Gordon Rapids and
marked "E. McBean's couth-cast corner,"
theuce west 100 chains, thence nortli 40 chains,
thence cast 100 chains, thenco south 40 chnlns
to tbe point of commencement
(b) Commencing at a pest plantod about 11
miles west of the Columbia lllver on tho north
bank of a Iii-tko creek emptying Into the (-olumbia River about 2 miles above Gordon Rapids and marked "K. MoBean's north-east
comer," thence south lOOchains, thence wost
40 chains, thonco north 100 ohains, thenco cast
lu chain- to the point of commencement
Dated this 24th day of August 190(5*
sep 8 E. MoBEAN.
Notice Is hereby riven that 60 days after dato I
intend to apply to the Honourable tbe Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for permission to
purchase tlm following described lauds in tin- district of West Kootenay, Kevelstoke dlvlslon:-
Commenclng at a post planted on tbe west bank
of the Columbia Hirer about half a mile below
Priest RftpUs and marked "(I H. McCarter's
north west enrner post," thence ionth 20 chains,
thr Mi* eut 40 ehaiiis more or less to the west bank
of the Columbia Biter; thence In a north-westerly
direction md followiur the west bank uf thl Columbia Bltet to Ue puint of commencement
Dated ttrts Uth day of Aogoat, 1000
■oct II 0. H. HcCAKTEIl.
Notion is hereby given 30 lIuj-h
i'i,-I iluii• I Intend tu apply to the
Chief Commissioner nf. Lnmls nnil
Works for n license to eul anil curry
iiwnv timber from thu following
described lands, situnteil in West
Kootenny district of B, O.
1. Commencing ut a post niarked
"M. Oi'iuly's smitli enst corner post,"
planted about one mile nortb of Half-
svay Oreek and about four iniles oust
from Arrow Luke and adjoining Hi"
Arrowhead Lumber Co's claim, Nn.
lillT'l, mnrked on mup and adjoining ou
nortb siile, thenee 80 ehuins north,
Ihenee Sll ehains west, llienee Sl) chains
soutli, thence 80 ehnins ensl to pointol
2. Commencing nbout one mllo
north ot Xo. 1, tlience soutli 80chains,
tlience v.-est SO clmins, tlieneo norlli
80 ehuins, theuce east 80 chains tu
point of commencement,
3. Commencing ut post, ot No, i,
tlience north 80 clmins, thenee west
80 chains, thonce south 81) cliains,
thence cast 80 chains to point ot eoin-
4. Commonolng at post ol No. 2,
thence east 80 chuius, tlience north
80 chains, thence west 8(1 chains,
tlience south 80 cliains to point ol
Dated Sept. 4th, 1006.
sep 12 M. GRADY.
Notico Is hereby given that HOdnys ufl-cr date
I intend to apply to Lho Chief CommisHloner of
Lands and wonts for a speeiul licence to cut
and carry away timber from lho following doscribod lands situated In the Big Bend diatrict
of Woet Kootenay:—
Ommenclng at a postmarked "W, J. Manning's
north-oast corner post," planted ahout n mllo and
a half from Big Mouth {'reek, ou the west side of
the Columbia lllver, and ono-half mile west from
the river, tbenee west ftd chains, Ihenco south Hil
ehains, thence oust 80 chains. Uiuiieu nortli no
chains to puint of commencement.
Dated 4tb September, 1006.
sep 12 W. J. MANNINfl, Locator.
Notico Is hereby given that80 day, after <lat
1 Intend to apply totlio CliliilCmnmlsilonor
ol Lands and Worka for a special lloenso to cut
and carry away timber Irom tho loll,,wing
nacrlhcd landi iltualo ln tha Big Hand district of Went Kootonay:
Commencing tt a post marked "Swan
Carlaon'K inutli-wcm eorner post," planled
about II mllei norlli ol T, I. ml, tnd about I
mile eul of Olumbia river, thenee north 80
chalna, thoneo enat il chain,, thence aouth 80
rhalna, theuce noil su ehalm to pointol com-
Daled AU|tullllb, UN.
•*I 1> SWAN 0-.HUO*.
■:,--i   *'!•:. Mc-
lli nee north
.1 i
hains, Ihence
.;., eliuiiis ti*
;■.:■.     iMMll.
,1,. (Jnlunibia
ie-third miles
el   Luke and
;   ■     ■■    M.I.I  80
,   ns, th nice
Notice is hereby given that llnduy-ufti-r date
[iutond to apply to tbo Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission in cut and
carry away timbor frum the following describ*
od lands situate In West Kootenay distrli t:
1, Commencing at a post planted almut two
hundred yard.---outh of Downie oreek, nliout 6
milos abovo the nnrth fork and mnrked "O. B.
Naglo's north-west cornor post thencosouth
8li clmins, thence eust BO chains, thence nortb .SO
ihalns,thenco west SO chains to the pointof
2, Commencing at a posi planted on the
south side of Downlo Creek, about (our and
three-quarter miles above the north fork and
marked "<■*, H, Naglo's north-west cornnr Mat,"
thonco soutli su chains, thonce easl 80 chaini,
ihence north so chains,thence westSOchnini
to ihe point of commoncement
:*. Commencingal a post planted almut four
hundred yards south of Downie Creok. about
three aud a half milos aboro tho north fork,
and marked 'U, B, Naglo's north*w<nt cornor
pust," tlienco snutli mi chains, theuco east80
chains, thonco north SOohains, thencowestSO
ehnins to the point of commencement
Hated this mh day of July, 11)06.
I, Commencing at n posl planted on the
north bank of Daw nlo Creek, al onl two miles
up from tho mouth of Long Crook and marked
"(l. H. Nngloa north-cast corner port,"tlionco
south >o ohains, thonco we-t SO chaina, thouco
norlli sn chains, thoneo easl SO chains to tho
point of commencement
Dated thia 30th day of July, 100a
scpl a, H. N'AiiLK.
Notice is hereby given that thirty day- after
'hue I Intend to apply to the Chief Commls*
sinner ul Lands nnd Works lorn special license
to cut and curry away timber from the follow*
Ingdescrlbed lands iii East Kootenay District:
i. Commencing at a post marked "A, Kit-
son's south-west corner post" and planted on
enst bank of Columbia river and ahniit 2J-J
miles above Cedar Creek, thence north yj
ehnins, thenco east 30 chains, thence south 80
cbnins, thenee west 80 chaius to ihe place of
2. Commeneing at a post marked "A, Kit-
son's north-west corner \>o^" and planted at
Cedarcreekand about 1 chains below Canoe
river trail, tbenee east B0 ehains, then -c Ionth
ROnhnlns, tbei - ve ■ I 'I tins, tl ■ nee north
mi •■huins om lie pliu-eni pommenc *:n* '!*,
;t, ■ ommotu'Ing at it [mst marked 'A, Kit
son's south-west eoruer post" and planted a
.\, Kitson'a norlh-west corner |>ost, tlience eaa
SOohains, thonce north80chains,th neewes
mi ehuins, tlience south 80 chains to tboplao
of commoncement.
Dated this Uth daj of Auzast.1906,
Km, -
Inyi alter date
nn norol
1 license to cut
.  '   i; «...
nt,    then .,...«,,
iimbia i
ol  ilu-
Dated I
li:    I'm,
the m
ill*-. Ell
I s I
■ i on
ni ol  ' >' n li ice-
lh dn\
asl bn
sl  s.
. 1906.
t a 1    1   |"l ititoil on
f the 1
Ibe 1     l    of I is Cieek
■■,.    Mi . irth-easi
■„ thenco
lains,  llieni'i'
thenco oasl Ijo chains lo thi poinl of commencement
Daled this 13II1 da) ol August, 1906,
1!.    i!.     nenoing at  u posl planted
tb ■..., th-i -    bank ul  h   *" ■'■■.■o'i\-' vh er,
about om- and ont-thlrd milea below ihe
mouth of Cummins < !rei kan I "K,
Mi i" . 1. - norl I --'-i*' '■' I--*. ■ hence south
160 chains, ihence ,vesi   \o chains, ihenee
tin- poinl of commencement
Dated ihis i;,lh da) ol Vugust, ig 16,
(1)   Commeiu in>j pesi planted on
the norlh-easl bank of the Columbii river
about two and three-quarter miles below
tlie mouth ol (',.uimiiis Creek and m irked
"E, McBean's soulh-wesl corner," Ihence
north Su chains, liionco east So chains,
■SOchaiiis, thenci      ■--.-.. I       .   ...
80 chains, thenca  ivest W       ns 1 itof
Datod this 7th day of August 1 ■ '
'J.  Commenoin r at n posl I on the
north oasl bank of ...
ono milo hnl iw tbe n    ■r       *■    -.'■--    md
■*■ n-li id ■;*; M ■-'          , .:-■:'
111.         ■   ■ 1 ■■   ins, them ns,
il- net   .   t   ■■   ■     .        mcewt linsto
tho n -iui of com   '■ icon
Dale I thi  ; *:-.... ,
111« 20 .  ■■'
NOT  i
'■'■■'  !.- ito
Lands \nd  \V irks - ao*. to cut
- I    ■
of 0 mmum ■
2, Common I "K A.
■:,*.. Hoy's :
I-   :
; ..  ■
cnmniei n
:i. i ninmcti i
:'    ■ ;
aboul 11 miles so :. - uwirtl
* i ; -
*     .
uoii  -ki*1'-'
soutli '■"'*' lil
■    ■ mm :.
Dated  , 1 -
aug 2ii
.   . ..
tlience south 80
chains lo the point
H   .
tVugusI, 1906.
:i posi planled on
c Columbia river,
Hated tliis 14th day 0
(ni) Coinniencing til
the norlh-i-asi imnkol'i ,^^_^^^^__
nboul two and thrce-quarlcr miles below
iim mouth of Cummins Creek and niarked
"I1.. McBean's north-easl corner," ihence
west So chains, Ihence soulh Bo chains,
llnmee easl Su chains, lliuiicc north So
chains to tin- poinl ol 1 ommencenient
Daletl ihis 141I1 dayol Vugusi, 1906,
In) Commencing ai a posi planled on
tin* Boulh-wosl btuiK of lho Columbia river
aboul one mile below lho month of Yellow
Oreek and marked li, klcBenn's north*
coat corner," Ihence souih 160 chains,
thenco wesl 40 clmins, Ihenco north 160
chains, theuce cftttl [o chainij to lite poinl
of commencement
Dated this 15C1 ihiy ol August, 19061
(0} Commencing ni u post planted on
thc south-west bank of the Columbia river
aboul two miles above the mouth of Canoe
river and marked "E, McBean's nortii-
east corner," tlience soulb So chains,
thenci' wesl So chains, thence north 80
chains, thenco eail Ho chains to Iho point
of commencement,
Dated this 23rd day ol August, 1906,
sep 5 K. MoBEAN,
-. 1
Intenil t„ ' in
: -, i-n I
■ , : th.-llii-
Went Ko,
,     . i -1:
lliil Itild-
, . ■ , M
.. . -  :        11, ■   the
i-Iiaiu      -. -       .■-.-....        ■ .1.. nt
I,   . 1
,,-th Q. S. McCABTEB.
Certificate of Improvements.
-. ; i -   1    leil ' - .1
l.-i   '■  11 ,i< DI       nnf Knot
Wii-:   located-Almoin      'i - it*, Town-
TAKK I! I       1   .-        1  I- Burnet,
flin.iitfi.rMni  Kll '< '■  ■        I
Miner'- Certifli al   Sn 110 201) days
from the iliite Hi ni - K<
. ,-t ■ I,'; for 1 Cm til f lniprm aieuls, for the
puriiuse"' obl ilul 'gal   - - l    11  11 1    hove
And furthei tal 1  I
lluu '"'■ imi-' ' ■ ■ ■ ■■■ ■
nf mich Cortm   I      In
Daled this 20tl daj il tpril 1906,
llUgl KIANI.ill l.. H HM.l
Certificate of Improvements.
NOTICE is hereby mvou that thirty dnys
after dntol iiitend In apnly to lho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for special
licenso to out ami carry nwuy limber from tho
follnwiuK described landn ullnatud iu West
Kootenay district, Il.C.-.
I. CnmmeuclnK at a pust marked "A. MoRae'i
-uiiiii we4 corner punt," planted aboul one mile
eiint of Columbia river and about nppordtii IIoh-
kliiH croek, tnence north HOchain-i, oast 80 dialiiH,
Houthwi chains, went IK) elm ins to point of com-
'l Conimenclng at a pint marked "A, Mi*U.u-'h
northwest eorur post," planted about one mile
oast of Columbia river and alwut iippimlu Hos-
kins creek, them-e soutli HO chnlni, ent-t SO chains,
nortli80chains, wost KO chains to pointof coin-
Datfd July 18th, 1MB.
,, *   ,   iron i> tke, rt'atchn 111 Outlook md
■   1   in          del        iitti iti In the Arrow
Uke Hlning Dlvlsl I w-   \   ■       Dislricl
win iv located   On ihe nortli itdi nl Plnpton
Creekiabuul iinil ■ »os| of 1   iw Lake
Toku notice thai I, John Dnimmond AndeCMin*
IM..B., of Trail, B C, iflanl r»i rhmoM Abriel,
F ,\|r, N-. 1105244; Richard Hmltti, P.M.O. No.
\mm, and Blisalwth Scott, K.M.C. No. B968W|
intend, ilxtj days from tlie date hereof, toapply
to tho Miningltecorder for Cerllflcatosof Unprete'
menu, fm tho purpose of obtaining Crown urnnts
if the above clalmi.
And further Uki tlce thai tctlon, under section -17. limit i ommeuced bef tlie Iwuance 11
hucIi (Jurtlflcates of tmprovementj.
Dated this 88th day of June, ns*.
—.10 t    II     IV
lap ia
7. dTaxdrbsom
Notico Is hereby ttven that 60 dayi from dab 1
ititeml to apply to the Honorable the Clilal Com
misslonerof Lands and Works for permission to
purchaie tho lidlnwiiig describtd laodj In tbe
Wi'-jt Kootenay Dlstrirt, cast inon ol Dppei
Arrow lAk«:—
Commencingat a poit marked "j D-Coplan'i
Hiuitlt west comer," at Uie north west corner*©!
Lot H63 and atmut )i| mtlvsnnrtb 1 Naknrt,
theoce last Ru chains mon or lesi, Uiente notib
8n chains monmr leii-i, tlience wost M chains mon
or l*--ii io the l*ake share, thonce Inaieneral
smitlierlydirei'lloti along the Lake *<hori -So chains
mom or lc* in point of comDincemitit, Mntain-
Ing M0acres more or lens.
DatH this Wnd dny of May, WK.
.1. d. corrts,
Per Ralph sly.-. Agent.
PieuM tvery 8moh»r tht
Warm Goods for the Cold Fall Nights
White Ill-.nk.tt8, 6 to 10 lbs., from one ol the
beat makers in the Eaat. These are beantifnl goods,
ami wc invite you to inspect theni before buying.
Grey Blankets, mado from line wool, game as the
white.   This Ior a good useful Blanket has no equal.
Flannelette Sheets, Grey and White, all sizes.
Our delayed shipment of Skirts to hand. They
are well worth waiting Ior, being of the latest cut in
Tweeds, J'aiianiit, Alexandra and Broadcloth.
Good,  heavy,  large-sized ComforterB,
with Art Sateen, selling from 1(1.75 up.
Eiderdown    Comforters—A
Large Comforter at $10.
Beautiful    Extra
Mantlfcs and Jackets
Another shipment of Coats in the Latest Greys
and Broken Check Designs, added to our much
admired Coat Department.
In this shipment we have just the Coat for
you Ladies. It costs nothing to try them on. Just
the right styles for Fall 1906.
The Store
that never
The Store
that never
du du eti itt dEt A ti'i du ti'i du tti c
IA Tonic!
If ynu want nn excellent
Tonic uiul i-iisy to take, gel n
$1.00 bottle of mn-Pun, Wine
—bottled especially for ourselves.
Canada Drug & Book t
Company, Limited.    <!
The Preserving
As the preserving season is now
here we invite you to call and
inspect our fruits, Including
Peaches, Pears, Plums, Crabs,
always in stock.
Fruit Jars, nil sizes.
Hai:—At Bevo'stoko on Monday, Sept.
17th, 1900. to Mr. and Mrs" J). M.
line, a son.
Ciiltisilt-KinvAitiis—At St. Andrew's
Church, mi the 8th inst, by Rev.
W. C. Calder, Herbert Geo. Christie
toMabel .1. Edwards, both of Trout
Lake, II. C.
Ciiii,ton-Si!m.mi:i;s—Ai the residence
of Clarence 11. Harte, Fifth Street,
on the 18th inst., by the Rev. V,'. C
Calder, John W. Chilton, ui Oaan-
agan, to Annie Gertrude Summers,
oINottingh in, England.
Local and General.
Wanted—An experienced waitress,
apply Hotel Revelstoke. f
II, McRae has been appointed constable on night duly pro teni.
In thc absence of Chief Bain, W. A.
Sturdy will be acting Chief of Police.
T. Taylor is buildings fine resid	
on Sixth street, the contract being in
tho hands oi I.. A. Fretz
Mr, Duljuis i- getting tl i   n rtars
on the Silver Dollar mi and
will he running by  the  time snow
Judge- Sproat has settled down in
his new offlce and has already put
through n large number of property
J. Lade is making go. d  ; i gn -■
with tlie long tunn,: al Fergnsoi    !:
intends mi ring his .. mily from i am-
borne to Trout Lak      Ferg
Bii I". m s - ■ -.>•• - ,i> -.-
ol the i' I* Et. m
company pai sei saturds
by special ti
Messrs, Bil I aid *  I i i
all their interest i:. the i .,
to E, W I,. Pagel
the local agen
Has proven itself a sure cure
for Coughs and Golds,
" you have tried the rest,
Now try the best."
n.-it Hi.. Hum,, block,
. Hull Oriloti HtmivnPrompt Attention.
The Ladies' Auxiliary have decided
to hold the Hospital Ball in the last
week of October,
The Lamb-Watson Lumber Co., of
Arrowhead, are making very extensive
additions to their mill and u considerable sum will be spent in making the
mill one of tlie linest in the country.
We have received the Manufacturers
number oi tho "Commercial," which
i from over to cover, is full of interest
and reflects much credit ou the publishers, The illustrations are exceptionally line,
I Sousa, the eminent bandmaster
[culled the phonograph''canned music."
The niere suggestion causes one to
shudder, more especially as some well-
j meaning people will immediately de-
I iiiand government inspection.
Messrs. liillman aud Beaton have
jusl closed n deal with W. A,lams and
H. Langiell for the purchase oi the
tin bei i n their ranch, on the Trout
Lake mud. , ney have also located
new limits on the north side of the
Local sportsmen missed some good
: hunting ou Sundaj  afternoi n,    Ihe
iresh tracks and marks, nol hall an
hour old, of » large ea and two
; smaller ones wen , iii   -.- . nt  :: the
road and in th, I, ish .-... Fred It, b-
inson's old li gging cump.
A young ladj > xplained *. i printer
the other day the differ. .. ein printing and pu       ng a -   ision
•imm \ - may | .." a kiss i ;.
my cheek    ... nol  | . lis
it.'     With that he locked this Is
typt   :   ea it; ... -   ind wenl
Ihe Cam bi      .        ■ repoi
i ver;
: considerably undei the ... u ..
V Leigl .        ...     I on
being  strucl
: the pro-
mag (
thi ....
,,  ... m
idows of pedes! |
M  -
Several eenraadi
. [ting dong tbe - id, I- Inches
tgin    as beei      tailed   ,.
the , roperty.
li, connection * ii '
minister Exhil iti n the Canadian
Pacific Railway will make reduced
rates from all point- in Britisli I - um-
bin tickets to be on sale September
211th to October 4th, good to return
till October  11th.    The   rate  from
ao to
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Best
Kind I Anderson
Is not as easy as it is to prevent taking one.   We have an unfailing
prescription to prevent colds.    Buy  a  couple  of Suits  of our
Unshrinkable Underwear for Men
We have both Stitnficld's and Penman's, and there are no better goods made. We
guarantee to replace any garment that bIiiinks, and the makers stand behind us.
Made ol the best grade ot wool, re-iiiforced where the wear comes, and every garment
"R5J5 *UW. $3. U and 4.30 Per Suit.
ll you want something cheaper we can give you the lleece lined and several qualities
ol wool at $1.60 and $2.00 and tip Good gooda that will be warm and wear well, but
not guaranteed unshrinkable.
Ladies' Warm Fail Underwear
We have in all quilities. We have Stanfield'e Unshrinkable in two-pieoe Suits and
combinations, natural wool, unshrinkable and Health Brand in the same styles, aud
Heavy Cotton and Cotton and Wool mixed at all prices.
Children's and Misses' Underwear
We carry in Health and Hygene Brands. They are both good. Health is pure wool,
but Hygene hits it little Cotton in it, preventing it from washing up, and having a
soft- finish on the iuside that will not irritate the tenderest skin. We have all sues
from 1 year to ll years. You will find our prices low, but the qualiry is high.
snrnnmmfnll • w
distance, finally turning into McKenzie Ave., and crossing the track, where
they were eventually stopped by Dun
McDonald, who very pluckily jumped
into the dray and reached for the
reins trailing on the ground, pulling
them round just in time to clear the
osaing sign post.
L. T. Morris, ol Notch Hill, brother
to H. Cunningham  Morris of the
Maii.-Hkrai.h, is  in  the  Kamloops
Revelstoke lor the round trip will be hospital, having undergone an oper
41-1  'Im ...I  .....I.......1   1.
ation necessitated by internal injuries
sustained while on their ranch on
Lake Shuswap. The patient, we are
glad to hear, is progressing favorably.
John   D.  Rockfeller   pleaded   not
guilty to all charges brought against
The private car "Plymouth Rock"
has anived at Banff from Vanoouver,
having on board Sir Arthur and Lady
James Henry James, the well known
novelist, an,. Lord Lawther, the elder g„,,v l(J „„ u,„L,sto u,„,.6... ..6...
brother of James Lawther, speaker of the Standard Oil Company by Pn
ihe British House of Commons.    The , Cutor David in the local courts.     The
party have toured the United States, delendanta in the cases against the
,    , ... pipe lines demanded separate trials by
Yesterday the depot platform  was r :       ,,      _. ...n. i .m .....
inundated  with  a  dusky  horde  of
Hindoos, BOriie in native garb and
others iu the most approved European
clothes, one and all carrying the
bookar pipe, without which the
Ilin,!.,,, cant:,.* live. These somewlint
fierce and savage looking men are on
their way to Arrowhead mostly under
contract with the lumber mills.
j    A copy oi the prize list and  genera!
;. grammeofthe Kamloops Indust-
r al Exhibition, on Sept, 26-27-28, has
,- veil here.    The .-how  will
last three lays a id besides the  usual
.  , di   ,.       li   iti     .-- -■  v.iM   be
:  rae i icii g, po - matches, etc., with
. an iti, perl   mances and dancing.
|6,000 i    ' ■■■'■ ■  and  premiums  has
, en hung out and the show bids fair
- mi si attractive and successful.
Thi    -■ fi :i, the fin   in  the Gil-
.   - ■:..,,  .- ah ut $91,000,
, :  by   m.-urance.     The
h •. -    iavi   traced all their
. .. , ■   they are safe,    Lizzie
-   ■       ebead wai  missing,
.; d bet family, who live in
Ottaws     ievi that Bhe perished in
the fin     Chi  fire oaught at the foot
I tht minutes
-.;,.     ,.   in   i   bii /■      Justice
Regini    -
• n:,!,,-.-.     The i tests I, -t
. tl ,y had.
. ractice i- on.
.;.!■--■        Meai
ghow        ohed I ixtyi
. •■■ led
I up, proi Im ious!)
en the least una.    il    ed
no*   .,   os .-■ ,.- rbaps
I serious accident.   Something of this
..,-:    .,-. : red   yesterday altern -
when   •      h rses attached -  a dray
took it into their heads to take a  run
on their own aocount.   Starting near
First street tbey ambled merrily along
turning  com/*l  and keeping to the
middle ol the road, for a considerable
jury. The court adjourned till the
lirst Monday in October.
Tho following members oi the Revelstoke lacrosse club left this nn mini;
for Nelson to cross sticks with the
stalwarts of that city to-morrow niter
noon: Messrs. Knight, Woodland,
Kerfoot, Barber, Spring, Edwards,
Hillier, MoCorvie, Dunne, Dickey,
Lee, Buck. Unfortunately, owing to
sickness, C Latham was unable to
accompany the team.
All lovers of music will _ appreciate
ti;,,- aggregation of musical talent
which is to appear at the Opera
House to-night. Prof, Stramaglia is
a master of no small repute and has
brought his band up to a fine pitch ot
excellence, The programme contains
English and Italian classic and popular music, both vocal and instrumental.
Miss Cameron, of Detroit, -Mich.,
sang two boIos in Knox Ohuroh on
Sunday evening. Her voice, which is
u ricli contralto, was heard to advantage in the building, which lends itself
partii darly to the carrying of sound.
'I ongs, which   were ot  a -acred
nature, were beautifully and feelingly
rendi red, and were thoroughly appro-
elated by the-large congregation, It
may e added that the choir has
greatly improved ol late under the
direction of Mr. Doyle, who has been
most energetic in his work in bringing 11,- i-ii-ii !,, their present ol per-
leotl i ringing now is tlistii.otly
good ind tne congregation may be
congratulated on the excellence of the
abilities ol their choir
Social and Personal
T, Bain left yesterday for the mountains,
B. Henrleob has been visiting at
P. L. Donaldson, foreman ol the
C.I'.R. aiiopi, is visiting in Kamloops.
(1. W. M,:K in nun has entered jupon
his duties as teacher at the High
Mr. and Mrs. Atkins and Mr. and
Mrs. Pratt will leave lor Ireland, in a
lew months lor a visit.
Mr. Gates left this morning Ior
Trout Lake, where he wm tranalerrsd
to the branch uf the Imperial Bank.
Mrs. J. Morris, and ber ion, F.
Morris, came in Irom flolden Sunday.
Morris has sn appointment at Ntltoii.
Try "Bews cold in the head tablets."
Nothing-equal to the Kootenny
Range.   Bourne Bros, Agents.
New lot of Fountain pens at Bews'
drug store.
Loivney's, Webb's, McCormick's nnd
Robertson's chocolates at Bourne's.
See the big window display of "larger .Sanitary Woolens " in C B. Hume
j; Co.'s window, Mackenzie Avenue.
Opera House
Tuesday, Sept 25th
The most powerful uiolodi-iitnn
of lhe ilny
An extra-provinoial mining company to operate in the Big Bend district- has been registered. It is the
Smith Creek Mining and Development Company of Phoenix, Arizona,
with J. M. Scott, barrister, as attorney
in the province. The capital is approximately $500,000. Notices ol the
same class is thc American Bay Mining Company, capital $150,000, in 10c
shares with W. E. Zllioko, nl Kaslo, as
Suits from  Ten  Dollars   up  by  a
Toronto Dressmaker.
The Metropolitan production. .V
play that touches tho heart. Presented by n specially selected company. A
wealth 6!
Beautiful Scenery and Effects
cuntaining many new and novel sensational anil mechanical effects and
situations. Reserved Seat* will be on
sale at Canada Drug anil Hook Store.
Prices   $1,   75c.   SOc.
D  cheap.  Apply to W. Pike, City
uu-aiit. sept 5
Skilled uml Cumm,ui laboi can obtain
employment at all limes In sawmills nnd woods by applying lo Ibis
offlce. Highest wages paid. Mountain
Lumber Manufacturers' Association.
Ni'lsuii, 11. C.Geo, P. Wells, Secretary.
JOST- (Inld Watch, between lower
J and upper Revelstoke. Finder
return to Hotel Revelstoke nnd receive
WANTED-A Stenographer and
Typewriter, Apply to E. A.
HAGGEN', Rent Estate and Insurance
We Will Make Good
Every Word of Our Ad.
A quiet investigation into tho extravagant statements
and bubble advertisements thut are thrown broadcast to thc public, sooner or later, results in the
finding out the difference between
The former we deal with—the latter we don't.
Our Clothing, Our Prices and Our Statements always
match our ads. Itt a (act, when we say we have the
Bast Clothing [in town lor men and boys' wear.
It's a (act, when we say we have the best Hats and all
sorts of Toggery for men and boys, It's a fact when
we say our Prioes ar* the lowest thaft can be named on
our qualitits.
Gome in and let us" make good " our statements.
J. G. Maedonald
Fit Reform Wardrobe.


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