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The Mail Herald Jun 8, 1910

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 VoL 16—No. 44
RK\ ...-STOKE, B. C. JUNrE 8, 1910
$2.50 Per Year
Bargains in
Sporting Goods
Having sold the bulk of our
Sporting Goods at a fair profit, we have decided to clear
out the balance of our stock
in these lines at greatly reduced prices, including:
Masks, Protectors, Gloves.
and Gloves.
TENNIS GOODS-Racquets, Nets,
Racquet Bags and Presses,
and last year's Tennis Balls.
See our Sporting Goods Window
Prices Marked on all Goods
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Off Ice—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Agents at all principal points inJCanada.
Agents in Oreat Britain anil United States—London, England,
LloydB Bank. Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn Ex-
change National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, San Fran-
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate trom date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
We  Put Up
Choice Corned Beef
and Pickled Pork
P. Burns & Co.
mm mm cap
Fp::;s This Sower July ISth
far lagan
| Tho nnnua1 camp ot the Alpine Club
will be held in Consolation Valley,
iiear l.aggnn from July I'.'ili to July
UIHh, mid accommodation will be
mado for 'Jim persons, Th : rate will
be 82.00 a day. The u-uinl conditions
lor intending members will govern the
'■amp ihi.- year.
The prin'ipal guest iiii- year will be
Dr. T. 11. I.ongslnlt of the Alpine Club
ol England, who hn* made tho high,
est nseent on record, iliai of Mount
Trisul in the Himalayas (2:1,1011 leet |.
The camp will te 13 miles irom Lag.
gan station and reached by a good
road and trails..
Mr. Hayter Heed, manager in chief
,,f llu' ('. I". It. hotels, has courteously given a rate ol 83 a day in the
mountain hotels toallclubmembers. Ue
has further loaned the club the two
well known Swiss guides II loiinrd and
Gottfried Fite/.. Guide Konrnd Ivnin
will again I"' ai the cntnp.
No lady climber who wear's skirts or
bloomers will be allowed to take     a
place on a rope,  but   skirts   are fashionable round the camp lire.
The camp will be pitehe 1 in a meadow near the lower end of the two exquisitely colored Utile lade- in l .nsolution Valley, at an altilu le of 0,400
feet above sea level,
i Consolation Valley is a most perl
feet type of a "hanging valley." perched above the glacial trough of
Moraine Lake, nn 1 the Valley ol the
Ten Peaks at it- northern extremity.
Directly at its entrance lines the
tower of liable, furnishing a pivotal
point for the il anai atii li of the two
valleys. In front are the sh ler precipices of Mt. Temple, rising from base
to summit, [ringed at sky-line by curving snow cornices. On the western
side, directly above the camp in fantastically weathered towers and minarets, ai'1' seen the outlying bastions ol
Mi. Babel. Further on tlie glaciers of
Mount Fay iXo. I of the Ten I'eaks)
overhanging the precipitous wa'l* of
the valley. At its head an elongated
spur from the double-peaked Mt. indent provides over Consolation Pass a
route lo the little know ti Doom I. ike.
ami a pass ocross the Great Divide by
way of the Bidenl Glacier. On the
eastern side are lower serrated ridgesi
from whose ere-ts ihe wiile sweep of
the Bow Valley, tli.- river, ihe railway
nml the distant snowy crests of tlie
Slate mountains reach in endless panorama. Prominent an- the castellated
heights of Mi. flectot (11,128 feet),
and even the distant towers' oi Mount
Murehison may he seen.
Numerous expeditions are possible
(mm ihi- -| I ll !'. Ily - ' lal 'd • nnl'.
an I will be nrrai
nil li IA I. CLIMBS.
The i.. owing "i'i be accepted a»
' h Climbs, vi,-.:  Mi. Pay (11,-
012),  Mi.  I'.i lent   (lO.lmi),   Mi. Temple
(11,020),    Mt.    Little    (10,2113),    I', a'.
N".   3   ii"."*-,.
Close by at ■ ihe high peaks of    ihe
Great    Dli Ide:     Hungabee, D iltaf i,
Biddle,     \ i i"'i i,    Lefroy,   Thej    are
[now      n     from  an entirely different
I.M llllt    of    til'1      'amps
,,i pr.'! i,,u- years.
Stll I in ih" vicinity i- Mm
licence mwmm
Jim 1st la iqfc! at The Uisoi
\'-       ,  I,ui.-  absence from   ihi- rit}
j, I'linidiun
i-liiin  will  "ie •■ more  np|>eiii'  before a
l;. the   Kdisoi
[inniiil  b)   hi*
now    i I i "i 1  from ..ne    en I
h OtilOl . an i
■     ni-. -   1"
i   I        al.o
fm..   r iv has 'li iwn i
,- ',- '   nadluu
,,.  lour     hi-
ti...   ,,,. .    ■ inco ili i
evening sho ild i- ■■ i'i"!   ind nmusit :
II .■ .,.I i-    been
populn    '    Fax id the
ureal.    \ii " l,i, want   i good evi    •
-uli.!   inin • ment   ihould   conn        nd
hear 1 'I  liaon Tie i
\ known Chi    go motoi
11 rd
1 .a.'   I,   I''"''  he li i -
I.                                           lentil of 2
p                                   ii.vl   in  iu''t"i "ar
ll  •
Three Wholesale Liquor Applications Turned Down
A meeting of tho License Commissioners was held last Saturtlny after-
noon, Mayor Kami Hon in lhe chair.
An application for a wholesale liquor license was made hy Kosai'io De
S'nnuni' tlii- signature "his mark."
being witnessed by  Rregolessi Tomas,
Tin1 application was refused.
Tin- applications of I1'. Julian anil
Dominic Gallicano, tor a whole sale
liquor license, which were laid over
from th.' last meeting, were brought
up.   I'tiih applications were    refused.
Thf meeting vvas adjourned till the
middle of Julv.
Sporting Notes
It nil happened in the lirst innings.
Before George Knieht bad bin mm
wirnifd up, the left-handed hea»y
bitters of the Busine-8 Men bud nmn-
B'jed to swat in two rmip. He tightened up nfter that and aiJeil by good
B'ippnrt kept the Business Men quiet
t 11 tbe fifth when tbey managed to
squeeze another across. The Cnrley's
■inly score came in the last innings
ivben Worth landed ou the pea for
three bags and was brought in by a
hit from Pione. White whowHsntX'
up pohd ou; a high one to Sturdy in
right, who stuck to it and got Stone
on a double piny at first. Corley
fanned ard it v ss all ove , score 3-1 in
tivor ol the Business Men.
Both   teams   played   gilt-edge hall
aid gave   tbe  pitchers   fine  suppoit,
the i timber   ol   errors   on  both sides
heinc   very   small.     Two faet double-'
plays were pulled   off, one   in the 1 st
iniimuis which put the final quietus to
the   hopes   of   the Corley House, aud
the i'I Iter '«lien Proulx   stabbed a fast
0ae from P.iole and   slapped it over to
Worth, who triid haid Ior a triple hut
Calder   hea'   tbo   throw back to first
ba it .     Hood  wiib a puzile to the C< r
1 y's, fanning six ol them, while three
Ol ilie   business   Men   succumbed to
Knight.      F. Lynch umpirid iu a sat-
i factory milliner:
The J B C. were defeated by the
I'ublic School in the Intermediate
League on Monday night by a score
of 14 6. The playing wbb poor, on
account of wet grounds. The Public
.uul High Sohoul meet for the fir.-1
time Ibis sens >n tonight at (i:30.
There's a satisfaction in
the purchase of a lirst class
article, especially when the
price is no more than you
have often paid for inferior
goods. We have everything
in the line of fine Kitchen-
ware Stew Kettles, Tea
Kettles, Double Boilers,
Coffee and Tea Pots, etc.
We carry a complete stuck of Shelf anil
Heavy Hardware: also Refrigerators, Lawn
Mowers, Garden Hose, Wire Fencing and Gates,
Ice Cream Freezers. Ajrents for Sherwin Williams Paints.    Kootenay and Sask-alta Ranges.
Bourne Bros.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hove recently been completed under which the  branches
of this l'..ink
are uble to issue; Drafts on ihe principal potnu
ln the following countries:
Finland                          Ireland                       Russia
Formosa                       Italy                           Servia
France                          Japan                         Siam
Fr'ch Cochin-Chin*   Java                           South Africa
Germany                      Manchuria                Strain '    iiu-meata
Greal Uritaio              Mexico                      Sweden
Greece                             Norway                       Switzerland
Holland                       Persia                      Turkey
IcelaiJ                          Philliplno Islands     Wesl lnd:e*           m
Faroe Islaiyjl
India                              Rouniania                      and cUcwhen
Prizes Awarded
Tlie prizes won in the Truck Meet
mi Mny -Iiii were awarded at tbe
V.M.C.A. social Friday eveniug.
Mayor Hamilton made the presentation srrrch nnil in » lew choice words
uf ri n^iatiiliitiiiti regarding the work
ol iln-Y.M.C.A. he proceeded to pre-
Bent the prizes to the successful competitors. The K. U. McKue cup wns
pn sented to Cspt. Cameron ot the
Harrier Clul—the team that won the
target I number ol points in the Meet.
The cup is a very line one, and the
t.'nni is very proud ol it. The Assi -
cmiim wish tc express, their grati-
tule to Mr. MiKae lor his generous
Tie Harrier Frock Club lovitl tbe
C ■ rditm 1 Club to join them in a cross
c nn.try run tu morriiw evening, start-
i ig lii.tii tho V.M.C.A. at 6.45, iifur
which both clubs will adjourn to
Manning'• fur refreibmeDti.
Kollowiog are tbe winners nt tin
V.M.O.A. sucial Fridny evening ol the
swimming events:—
Junior—'2   lengths — Arnold   Ma
Bunior—4 lengths — Aniulil    Me-
.lm iur Relay—Junior Kilile Club.
Benioi—'2 length—T. Hope,
Junioi—I lengths—T. Hope,
Plunge lur distance—T, Hopt
Diving lur weight—W. White.
The Overalls That Are As
Good As Their Name
k    UNION  MADi>   i
i ..I.  s.i'ji.     C.  Donald ami  Sorgt.
(lamer, ol I'. Co., It. \t. ll„ and    II.
\    Brown,  ol  Slrnmnui,    ropi
lii \.il ini ■   ,'  the fourth annual meet ■
Ing ol tho iII  nn lull" A   ,.■ Iation
nl \mi rong In I week, The lonal
loqull u.i liuin elvi well, 11. A.
Drown aecuring lho ullvoi cup, boing
the in i i'ii/1' in iln' rapid llro competition,
McRae Mercantile Company. Ltd.
The Up-to-Datc Mens Furnishers
You   Like   Mi sic
Here ia Your Opportunity !
lidison's Phoi •'      ds.G
Accordions,   Banjos,   Guitars,   I    les,   P
Violins, Fittings of a I  kirn a oi   lii esl qui   ty.
Sole Agents for the Ni I
New Scale Williams' Pianos
All kinds of instruments  tuned and i
Work Guaranteed
A call al the music Btore on McKei
adjoining the City Hall, will convino 11
quality of the goods. \\
J. Bin oh am, mgr. 1 Pngi
£/W*>ii*\yKmimm ratKyaraTBiigpaimniira^
look:       LOOK       AM)
li i <: a i):
Actual comparison of Easti-nt Catalogue priot'H, freight added, with
II O W S O N ' S     PRIC E S
Kitchen Chairs 50c,
KuciiBii Cabinet $3.75
Dining Table 10.55
Dining Chairs 88n.
Dresser and Stand 8.95
Brd 3.55
Bed 5.35
Dominion Spring 2.40
Child's Cot 5.10
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
Winnipeg price   Weight    freight   total    Howson's Price delivered
•' $9.60
" 14.40
•• 13.00
•■ 14.00
" 5.20
•• 7.20
•• 4.00
•• 7.20
"    16.50
1.50 b.
$3 >3
165 h.
3 87
3   2
12 47
.' 76
1 M
3 81
iteimim ul uh  Kinds neatly carried on
otcyele ami itun work aepeeialty
I'.stiiuuieH ittveii on Htty elnhfl
Ol mirk.
Front     Street
\\'.■ inuko our prnfii by slii|uiii'L' in cut loa i < >'-. ihiTohv Having freight rates.    Bring
rii'iilngne giving rlestiritition nf other eooils not   -v :'i■ ■ • I in this list to mir ^t.>r«- nnil we
will nrnvr mir   tatements.    Remember we deliver guoils and set up free from brenkace.
R.   HOWSON   «s*  CO.
33SSBE55533EEMI i
Scientific farsstr;
Arrowhead Excitemsnt
•^i'ct'ii! Attention pivon lo Komnoerolal
i"-ii iinil tin ictf*. Kirst*i:hi*»i Rumple
room*. HMpphI acpn^ry in Kritleh Coliim-
t>ia, ov«rluukitiK I'pper Arrow Laky.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Mro.nf>tctnr<H fur nil eittaaefl of   hniUiiiim
  !    Importntil      worli   ;n   t'.ie    Uomiiii in '    On   Mny  'J"ili   iltir'ivj   the  uflornoon,
railway  bell   betwjon   llovolsloke    un.l tli"  inliahitniils  of  llic quiet   lown    ol
'Hi" (bib   House  of  lhe  Alpine flub kamloops    will   !•■  undertaken       this Arrowhead   were  urmimo'l   from     their
t Canada           lx> open     fnim    .lune *umnu>r hy  the fore*try bran h  of I   • niouniin.' of the late Kini; by piereini!
lol     ti    Septembei   ISth,    but    il      i- mierior tlepn  .ment,       It  will  in-luili nnd  almost   npusmodie shrieks ol    one
1        llm    il   will be ilosetl   I'li'iuj lhe .   repori  on the  suitability of thai   re- of  the most   prominent   young eitizens , _                     _       _           ....
period   of   llu    Vnnunl   (let              uniii _„,.,    f,„.     ceneriil    airrieiilture      and of that  town, who, after spendinir   ho    rftATO     t\§     PpjJffftlin I
it fonsolalioi,   V.tlle;   horn Jul}    It'll     fr„h).o'owin..M, Ilasll Ilei'li.in d„y  in flnlena   Un,   with   his  brother, ' '   UUl°     **     6    "d""1'.'"'
I"   .lul>   -'"'i'.   The  Club   House     .vill of data as to the best pa'.nts for milk- was    returnins:    lo      \riowhead  in  a
havi    i    onin     Iation  I        II            - hi'j   forest   reserves  in order     to    ion- small sieve like structure enllod a boal
The    1'iiinp    on      lhe    flub     II.m-. s,,|-ve  lhe  timber nnd  water supply. and  which   started    to  leak  anywhere
-I"1"'!-   wili   be   i-M.i;   for    ii 'i;il .ii I'he  work  will  be  in  charge of    Mr. from  the keel  to the gunwale,
between   lbe  -.inu' dates,  and  will i;.   \.   Cronie  of   the  forestry  service.      There being no  <uilnbie article      in
for'sila in lMrire cr small nimutiti.i
. al tlie iiiw-ist iiricdh tor I'Hsh.
All eui'ls ot hnUdtna Rn0!pla»terlug
the  boat   with  which  lo  reini
in   oj   ralion  while  the  (    lb   il nise  is    ||,. «i]|  i>.. assistf-d hy three     forestry i
open,    li  will be available to till inein-   sfulcnts of lhe liiiversity ol Toronto, water,   ihis   undaunted    young       man   Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot   Air
I.,!     nf  the  Club. Mr.   Cronie   will   begin   iii-    labors     ."t seized   Ilis   hnl   willi   both   hands     mil
IjUAUTKHS lievelstoke.   He i-  a  graduate of    the started i antpulate ihem  in a num-
forestry   department   of   Yale   L*nivt>rsi- nei   that   would   have done credit   to a
I   ly,   Mr.  Cronie  leave's  for    lievelstoke Japan       jugglerulso      keeping   limn
this week. with  ;l stn'io* ,,f yells     txpiai   to      the j
  hoots of a  lire engines  whistle.   These i
were heard by a canoe party,    about   Connaueht Awe.   -   Revelstoke
two  miles     distant   who  immediately
. ,    . ,t ; ■ t, i ,,;,i, started in    hi>     direction, Iuu      were ■
   ""    *"•  ""J  '-,'''"  '   ;      '"      Th:-  i-   wl,:„   Chairman   Mab I ,„,,„.„     ,„,  lll(,    ,„.„,„  „„_,      ,,, ,„, ,
lw"    ""-   '"'"" -'   "","   """"-"-   ,|„.   Uailway   Commission  say-:   "If   I
'I here  will  be  n  "I.n lies'    (Quarters"
.nl   i   "' 'in i li im I,'- Quai iii-.'
lhe  Annual  i leneral Camps:   also  ivlial
may   he  rulled   ;:   "Married   tjuui'ii■!-."
wl    husbands   and      wifes  cull    tent
together.       Knell   umh   house  will     tic-
Pipe and   Furnace  Work
Berth Rates
^■H                   ,         I,   ,,i.i             ,...,.»... wliu-c laiuain   al-u  heard   llic nic-.
ments and    .hair-.   Occu pants    should                 .      ..          ..        ...      , . t
i  .i.i:,            ,i -                 in i.i i  onin   wua .. in my       \\ „.,,     , „.    unfortunate voting iinui
britu   iheir  "wn  camp  beodino       ainl ,.,..,   ..,   i B
- baiio   I  .an i   gel   nberth  because       a   »..,.  ,„.,. |  |1L, WU1I „;,,!„,,     ,,„      ,|„.
was  i escue
toilfi   articles,   such   a-   -nap.     towels, . .     . .    , .
" i       ' a miller  ul   people   have  telephoned     in   ^,,.,.   :,.  .,|
ele.    Meals  similar  I"  Qumo    at       the
Annual     Cnni|ii
will   lie   -i'iwi'1   in   a
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^_^^^^^^^    I   I   iiniii'-   ni   Water   all I
'"  have  n  berth   reserved,    I  huve        ,   ,,|m„st  ,.|,j||,,|  »ii|i  th,.  cold  from     it.
Auction Solo of  Timber Berth
Covering Dominion Lands
^^^^^^^^^^    ini;   saved  that   he never considered Ins   on  Berth  No. 532, comprising the fol-
«uni  to use his berth.   I  wain  to —•■   , ,,„ liti,,u   whatever,  but     immediately   lowing  lands  in  the  Province of Brit-
wait  round     ali  day   till    lb lock (foweber .he wns  so pleased with    be- The right  to cul   limber underlicon
lent   house.    Tin   Club   House   i-     two „lltji s„mi.iK,:|y decides thut he d n't
miles Irom  the  railwa\   station    nnd a ^^^^^^^^^^^
s|>erinl  livery   will 1 perated m con-     pi1,H.  ^.,.n,  whereby   nn>   man      who .,.;„.,! (nP ,..,, ,,,;,, aiuiunl th k and •„„ Columbia, will be offered at public
ncction ihercwith. _.,...  wj||,  hi,   n                   .■■'   ti  Ix-rth |)V  aniun-  a-  well   a-   words    showed auction at  the upsel price of 8162,203,
i IIM.'1'! - until  the;    in    i        •' !-    I'he sume ob- :...        , ,,   „f  .|„.  eaptain's  acl. includirig     the    cost  of survey, at    2
....        u,  f01.  ||on„rarv,   \i   ive    and    eivatioii  would   nlso  uppl;   lo  steam- \,, doubt  the   eitizens of Arrowhead ,,'cluck  P.  M. on Wednesday, the  10th
v_,',',,,,   members will  Im   mm.   lollars '"'I1  ,"'r:"     '                    ''    " "    pleased   to   know    lhal   h.i   serious ,,f   Anmist   nest,   at   the  office  ul    the
..,'|1M|         1|1(V thai    I  S2  wn-   enough  for    a     lower ,,.Mih-   have  followed   anl   all   sincere- Dominion    Timber     Agent,    at    New
'The rati-  foi   menibei         ■■              ■.. berth. *l.."iH Iio|m- that   Mr.   Klood    will      never Westminster,
,,,..„,. where gain Ire cnughl   in  such  a delimma. Timber Berth  N'o, 532, ailuate in the
,,;,.  i,
MM. •■■•      '
dav. ,  .
,,, ....
I   . From    : •
tin. .In-   '
Province of British Columbin,      Bast
of Adams Lake, anil   prisim..      ehe
North      three    and  one-half miles    of
id    Township   25,   llallLrc   II,   and   Sections
M ,i
What Hapmel to Jo^es"
Robin Hood Flour
"The Flour that is Different
I loncor I*.- responsiblo   13, 'JI nnd 25, <>f Township *-*■*>.  Itanga
I l>>   hfi. 12.   West  of tin- 'itli  Meridian,      eon-
||_        Dated  June   I"'.   I'-'l' iaininLr  an area of 'S\.^l2 riqHinre miles,
l     ;     |i | [ \]||;       more    or    less, as nhown on  plan nf
_^_^_^_______w^___^^___ survey Ihereof,    signed by  Krnest    W.
llobinson. D. L. H.. dated the 7th
January, 1910, and of record in the
Timber, Ci razing nn;l Irrigation Branch
nf the Department of the Interior.
\ license will not be issued until
the full amount of the purchase price
nud ilie ground rental for the first
ye ir lw •■ been paid.
The conditions of payment, rale ot
rental, etc , are contained in the
I'imlwr   Regulations,   a  copy  of which
I in<! on application to    tho
ui lersigned or in the Crown    Timber
,'   \.'v,  Westminster.     A    Blue
Print      howimi    lhe     location of lho
I      |   will if furnished on application.
P. <;. ki:vi:s,
' Man li  Ifilhj   1910.
3 Superb Styles
The famous Fit-Reform designer
has created three models in 2
Button Sack Suits that surpass
anything of this style ever seen
in this country.
The combination of originality
and elegance will appeal
to every man who prizes
exclusiveness and good taste.
The patterns—
in fine English
Worsteds — are
equally distinctive. IS
Revelsloke,   D. C.
mow is tbc ZTime of HJcar tor Seefc planting
Xeautifs )J?ouf (Barrens
A   large assorinicnl of Fresh Garden and Picld Seeds,  including
AND BURPEE'S.    Fine Lawn Grass, Clover, Timothy, Alfalfa
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Splendid residences.
Suitable Building Ivots
Those interested will  do  well   to call
and see us l>efore deciding to buy.
You can obtain fair  rates   for Fire Insurance iu reliable mm panics   with   Dominion Charters.
Call ami e;cl fiances.
Money to   I^oau   on   Residential   I*rop-
5<Jor. Seciinl St.and Mackenzie Ayenue
Rrn-.omr.cr J mmy F/xk at tho
Edison Theatre "fo-nijtht.
sust stand ready to prove
it and also prove that the difference- [narked, so worth
while, that you will feel this is
the flour you ought to u
That is exactly where we do
We ask you to tak
Buy a  ' >OD
and . If it
"It is really the
Will at   lhe ne tt fl
m MOOSK JAW, SASK. limited
■ i   mi in in ron :
V Till    MATT EH ol I'ho   \rrowhead
I   |1     pd
n IHI ,, ill
.   iln i    Tin.
' l 11,, i i. 11
\l I i,\\ lienil
i' r'olinnliin,
i   ili,i,
 • |M       I
I I    to   11
11 ■, n i l.il.ir
"    '   .    thoir
.1  .
I,     i    cl
. igtfiMi*.
i       '
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Fruit, Candiep, Cigars,Tobacco.
Menlf 35 centH.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
Ml kliitlH
| Reasonable Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging
I ifai tion Guaranteed
Cor. Third St. and Hobson Avenue
Synopsis of CiRadian Homestead Regulations
ANY iiviiilfihlo lh>iiit!ii.>i) Lmids within til*
KhMwhv Kelt in Uniisit ('olumhtH, mny
be ln'ii." ici'ilit.i hy any po^nu who is tlm sul*
head of h family,nr any male nv«r 18 years of
aire, to tho oxtfliiiuf uiie-tjtiarter section uf 1B0
acres more or less.
Kmry must he made ner^otially at the local
land onice for the district iu which the laud is
situate: Km try by proxy may, however, b*
ni h ii« ou certain mud it inns '">' the father,
3 other, .sou daughter, brother or sister of au
iuteudniK homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform th*
conditions connected therewith uuder oue of
the Collo* if.: p. i"   i
(1) At least sil months' residence upon and
cultivaiiou of the laud in each year for thre*
(2) If tho father {or mother, if the father is
deceased) of tho homesteader resides upon a
farm in the vicinity of the laud ent>'red for, th*
requirements as to residence may tm satisfied
by such i.n'., ji residing with tho father or
[Ht If the settler has his i>ermauent residence
upon farming loud owned by him iu the vicinity of iiis !,'■;■'.■ iim.i   tho requirement! as to
residence iray bo  satisfied   by   residence  ujkiu
the said Ihi d.
Si j. nuuitlis notice in writing should be Kiveu
io the Conimlieioner of Dominion Lauds at
Ottawa 'if Intention to apply for patent
I <iai.. Coal ininiiiK rights may be leased for
a period of twonty-ouo yoar> at au annual
rental of H pur acre. Not more than 2.W1Q
acres shall lie loased to one individual or
company. A royalty »t tho rate of five cents
por ton shall bo collected on lho merchantable
soal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N fi,    Dnanthorlud publication  of  this ad
ven: tiiueiii will not lie tiaid fur.
Our logs are stamped
on the end "E" and all
persons are warned
against taking them or
the driving of nails or
spikes therein. Do not
touch our logs.
Revelstoke Sawmill  Co., Ltd.
Egrjs for Hatching
Eggs for hatching (rom  the follow*
mn imported pure bred Htocn:
S. i . Rhode l-liiinl Rode.- 82.00.
Silver  Laced IVynndottei,   J-J.m»
Barred  Plymouth  Rooki.   12.00
S. 0. Buff LoghornB,- J2.0fl
1'. .i i.i li Indian Game,.  82,00
White Crested  Black   Polieb,   83.00
Emden 0 ie,   83.00.
Itn|i.'iini  Pekin Hn. ke.   ?l ifi
Also ni" I. Irom the above lot mile.
MUS. I!. A.    UPPER, WEDNESDAY, JUNE --'I'll. 1010
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged ami Impioved.    FirBt-Clasa in every reepoet.    All modern convenience
Large Sample Roome.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Send a message to Mars
Mv Dear Sirs, if You Please,
Flash The News to The Stars;
Let The Tidings Be These ;
Is The Best in The West,
Golden West Washing Powder
Cleanses—Purifies - Beautifies
And The Premiums are Fine!
Save The Coupons
And Write for Premium Catalogue
It is Free for The Asking
Import direct from country of origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Jobbing   promptly   attended to,   Agenl   tor  all kinds ol
Tree*, Plants, Bulba, etc.   I<awn» and Gardens taken care
„l  (or  the  Bummer.   Terme reasonable,    Twenty years
• experience.
Residence with F. G. Frisby.    Phone 80
See Its "Artistic Arch"
Of al! the 20 improvements of lhe clever-looking
Napoleon Shoe the feature which best pleases the
eye of the buyer is the Artistic Arch. Special lasts
are made for every pair ot Napoleons—foot-sculptured
lasts—and inside there is a stout steel arch which
snugly holds the instep.
That free, athletic stride which marks '
the man ol action is not possible when the
arch support of the shoe tails in its function.
Showing the Napoleon Shoe is a
pleasure—whether you come to see or
to buy.
Sold everywhere in Canada, the
United States and Great Britain at the
same price—$5, $5.50 and $6.
mbteu mmm :± i
iitni'  mi'l.
lifter     ;in
Dominion Lanils Li 8. C. Railway !icunl!
Belt—New Rules Pas.ed
Ottawa,    .Imi"      "i
llm   iidniiniKiriit'liiii
Dominion  Inti'ln  in  i
licit ish I 'olumbin liu
tha [roi cntot'-in .Mini' il.
Tliu hc'l   \-   d\v\ l.'il  l,j   in
ion- into  li\ e tniiiii div isiom
I'l      |l}        ll     '       II.IIM'I   ,.|,|    ■ ,,i      |||
lilllil    111-      lijl!    I
li ■ can cultivate
!llli>   nil.I ■!'   i i dinar}   I'oIV.li'.ii
fler     .-ui  entrant   lin*  «e   u
i     i ni ii'i cl    for,    h      mu;
mi     mm   nn I mi on
lip  hns   secure I   u   totnl   i f   I"1    a
Inu   no   pi i miii   « II   i'    nllovvi ■   to   se-
UegtilntioiiH   for    -lire under  liomeslcn I   pre-i it
I   disposal       of   conditional   purchase entry   n    i
railway- belt  of   n total of  KiO acres.
I n p»8sed by KKrtI I.l' OF .- I'l'UY.
.llllll IV.
l'i i  pi-esi in   regulnl ions ni
-uli  ui  careful      stud;
ini'iii   "I   the   Interio
tlie    ruilw a\     Ix'lt.       ' ill
1 ii  I  v. Iiii Ii  mil}   herenl
nihil*] ■  'in'        lli'mei
ost  part  of b. ttom n    II   i
ri ii .   from   I In1   li	
. -   -in-     nml      mstitiil '
friv i im,      of     ill'     Illi
Sui'li  i iiiiiv ni.ilil.-   land '
very nenrec and are verj*   pro 1';   i
and sil ■  . m m m m
i'i in indusl n   in  Rriti li ('nlu I
huve at tain.. I      I.i .li  values.      'I \
litres ni  such   Innl  pro| ite i
will yield lnri*er rei urns  I umi   . ■;
rr seelnm iii prniiie land, at, 1
i-  Minil it-\   propnrl ion He dilTeren ■■ in
ih i of  preparing  :i   for crop.
!i   In*   il' -refnre  I ■•   ime appareni   '
iln' department   thnl      the    I: wtestea i
law  whieh   i~  suitable  foi'  tli tl
lip ul   I hi'   t'l'ail'i '■ lv   is  nol
t"il  tu conditions -'ali  a-  obtu'n       in
tin'  railway   belt   of   Uritish  Columbia,
an 1   lli.it    iii •     successful   de' el
ainl  - -tt'emenl   of respective     rl j—-t fi
in proportion  i" their productive    cn-
pni ities i an  only  he effected  lv.
inu a  liomestend law   such  as   'li"  new
reirutations  provide,
Scotch  Whisky
A Genuine Highland Whisky.
There are hundreds of brands of so-called
"Scotch Whisky."
Many of these are not genuine.
For your health's sake, confine your choice
to standard brand* ; use a whisky of recognized
Watson's Whisky is one of these; distilled
in the Highlands of Scotland—the district
acknowledged to be the best in the world for
whisky distilling.
We age our Whisky in Sherry wood, and,
after careful blending, it is bottled in our warehouse and sealed with an adhesive capsule
bearing our name.
Every such bottle carries with it our unqualified guarantee of purity and quality.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"—A milJ. itoroujlily nnlurtJ Scold.
"NO. 10" —A lull.kodied. richly lUvottJ Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited -  Dundee.
compi i i'i.   i"   a   east   lo   wesl.   I ppei
Columbia    dlvlsl    l.ov   r    i 'olumbin
div ision,   Shu   ii'np  division,   kuiulonps
tlii : i   n  and  ' un       I    Won.
I h ■      i"   i provide   im'        llu'
clussilicatioll   ui    l;l"   m'i I iMilailutij
undisposed    of to      their
i I'm-, locntion ;u. 1 nllitude. I Ion
siilernble diverireuce ia i lima' ii , timli-
er anl ml conditions eNists in ilm
il lien ir isiou    of tl e b ill.
|     In   -;i. li division the disposal ni lands
wi,!   be  in   nccordn  with  conditions
prevni'ini!   therein.    In   the   Coast     di-
: \ isinii the settler will lm entitled  lu mi
ter iui forty  ncres ,,i bench  lands     ns
a  liomestend   an I   pr inption.      li ill I
..a lier i- prepared to ultivale ;l larir.
er area thai, is re-niired in connection
i n ball 1im"I siindtv i-i,,n i utered
a- a liomestend, im i- permiited to
pre-empt the adjoining twenty 'ncres
iu  llm legal  subdivision.
Tlm same provisions uiil apply to
bench lauds in tin' Lower Columbia
division iml llm Shuawap division. It
i- required in this case lhat the settler -huul.I rl.'ai' a lotal ui un acres
and cnltivnte a total oi -i\ acre* be.
luiv pai,an an I .I, ili!" thai amount
if pre-emption i-  nlso   taken.
In lhc Upper i il ■ : ; div '-mii, ua
account uf tlm very high nllitude of
tlm lands ami ilm character ui the
country, the area ni On' hoinestea I i-
fixed al fort} acres wiih pre-emption
privilege un  anv   . I   i  inu  forty n'res
ami ilm area to lm cultivated is Blight   board  room  wns crowded  wiih  re|	
ly  more.    In   ilm      Kamloops  division   sentutives of churches and civic organ-
ihe area of homesteads i- fixed at   l|in   [nations wno did not get  u
aei'c-. ur a quarter section. Mii..- their protests.
The laud, nre divided into llu,,.!,.I p,v ,|„.j,. al.tjon ,||,. board of super-
lands, bench lands and upland-. Flood visors removed the la-: ulii. ial pre-
cl lands are laud- siibjeel tu overflow ilm,uai} obstacle in ilm way of the
ai high water and are largely valuable   promoters, who will now  proceed with
for  liny  purpi -■-. und  will  be  admin-   t| r '„,,, ,,f  ,|„. arenn.
istorcd a- such, nnd vvh I r \- District Attorney Finkert anl lined for bay hy settleis will lm di-- , |,;,.f ,,f ,,,,11,,. n"Hve alrend} ilinoum-ad
posed of md}  on lease, t|u( they will not prevent the fight.
| I'plands are land- which arc for tlie
most pari ai '.'•■■ great an elevation
toadmit uf the successful cultivation
oi fruit, rbev ma} iie tlispos?(l uf as
homesteads of one quarter section oncb Cairo, dun.- 7. A N'utionalist news-
excepting in ilm Lower Columbia di- paper. IT I.am. ha- published an nr-
| vision, where on account of special tide by an annonymous contributor in
conditions     obtaining  in  that    valley  wliic-h ii   i< stated  that  former  I'resi-
they will be open as homesteads    and   den I      li veil    by    hi-      Cuildhall
pre-emptions    in  areas  of forty  acres   speech    committed       political  -un i le.
eaeh.   Uplands mny also lm leased  to  ,.,,,,| brought  ,,„ himself    the    censure
I actual settlers fur grazing purposes in  ,,f the  Liberals in Orent  Bi
areas uf one quarter section egeh.        i    |-.|   Lam   announces  that   a-  it    be.
I'.I'.M II   I.AMIS. lieves  thai   the    statements    of      Col.
I    I',,,uh   lands   are  deemed   lo   include   Itoosevelt  wero even  more puerile and
bun,an  lands  not  subject   lu overflow   worse     than     the    telegraphii    report
mil  vary  in altitude in differenl  divi-   shows,  it   postpones judgment   iill  th"
sions.   In ibe Upper Columbia division   receipt of ilm whole text, when it will
tbe}- comprise  binds   below   one  thrills-   lender  him   "an  example  anl   byword
and feel  above the Columbin river, in   among nations."
the  Lower Columbin  below eiirht   I -	
.bed   fee,   above   the   Columbia,   in   the   w,-,,,,,    ,-„„,,     pUv.r    ,„Mtl     Apply
'"""      h.ina.dian  Lumber Co,  Ltd.,S,,l,„„n
fioit Feriiit Issued
San pmncitK ". •'uiu* 7. -Milh bui
twu 'ii--- inin_r vuii*'- atul without
r ♦ i -' i r11" 11 r»j y discus?*! m, i \w [HTinil for
the l*Vround battle on July Ith be*
lu.'.'ii .It'fTries an 1 -Johnson ww irrant-
"I  In   i he  board  of nupen i-< *rs.
Roosevelt Censured
drotl  feel   nKlve  Sbu-«ap  lake,   in   the
Coast   division  below   twenty.live  bun- .
Idreil feet  above sen level.    Vlmvi* thew ■
| altitudes all laud i- i In I a-  npl i»d
The   liM'ins   nf   re-i lencfl   ill   nil   dii i--
ions for entries L'i mtn i undei   ili • nr.w
Mil iull-    i-    liVel    at    I'lVv   } ual'-,    ;.
. ii- i.li'ii ■■  of al   I   ■  'I'-   i-   re*
quire, I in each v > ai.
i ONDITION VI   I'l Id II V-l'..
'Harry" mineral claim, situatein the|   |.,.,. , ,,,,   ,. ,,,,!.   ,, ,
WANTED    V position an w, .'kIuk   KwVena^ Di.''ric't'.'"" """Il; ,"'''v,.'". !h"    "
land-  iii  all  iln i     '       ■      mi.     lhn
near Poplar Townaite. Kamlonp-  divi im IT
TAKK NOTICE that I, A.R. Heyland,  pim-l	
WANTED—At    onee.  Waitreai for lbe   Pree  Miner-   Certificate So.   B.  2.W ■   it  nn-n nl iwentj    I the
\nn. B. i'.
Uertiflcattj of Improvements
....ucnil clam .
rrout  Lake  Mining   Diviaion   of Weil '
Kootenaj Ids rict,
housekeepet  or 'k.   Apply Mr». t., |    where  located;   <in   Poplar   Creek,
Room it", Union Hotel.
WANTED- General Servant Girl
wanted in private home. Good wages
Apply ni Mail Herald ofllce.
A> 1 LU- At r,n,e.     iimiir"   m,    in.      ........ i.j           ,    , 	
„      , ,,     , .                        an, .       lutein), aixtv dnvs bum  .late liereol, to    .,       ,
Grand Hotel, Nakuip, «a."- f»0 pel             ,'„„,,. „,-, ,.,.,,„,,, ,,„ ;, Cel »
•                    .                 .                      •        f. I       Tl    . . -I                                                      ' .                .. I I I I I , • I     ,             M    I ; • .
el,      ill
month—Apply at Grand Hotel.
I'lie:,le ul   I llipi OVCIIlctlls.  lor till' pllrp,
"» ■AKOBBBsn r •■ «.!,7:;;:;;,;;;r1 ■.,,...
Clanwilliam.   Apply     to     Mi        Bai ■    I9n_
Advertise in the Mail- Herald
. ,    of obtaininii a i rown i Irani dI the above
TO LET—FurnUbed r.-nm, puitabie l.liiill| ,   ,.,
for either ut r two itentleinen. Cen-     And further t.ikc notlre llinl action.
trally located    Apply this office. under Section 37, inuat liec ineiiced (,    r, (fl of |ll)|n. , inl    ,
before the laauani e r.i audi i i iui" ate ot
reijiini I'    iiiiiI
,(   .\l 111,    A.  Do   ' '" '  '"i' ''   >" " i'    '
for land al  il.e i
Palmer,   Clanwilliam,   II.   C. te I A    |<.  nivi.VNU.      |    ror|ilired  im liomi
—————^—— — ' ■
WANTED! notice. ■''' i""'"
prlvlleffc do nnl
'in nib-
i r ilu i Ion    «here  end -    nl   Ifitl    . i.
nml A.E.HalKh,oi lhe town o    Nn          ,    .,.,
ku-p. in   llu- I'ioviiicc ol    Ki-ilisli bol i i
"   uiul,; i. inii-inl louptdy in llu-t'bi.'l   nl   ion    i    live     dollni    pei   acre, pnynblr
WANTED—A    irirl     lor     light   houso   p|,0«.|neinl   Pollcf  '.in  duv-  after the  ..    i   .   ,, ,,;
work.   Apply     Mi--    •'.  'I-    Teller,    da'e her ', for lhe transfer of lloenm; I ,,,„;.    .,',  „.„
.. ,. b-lil  bv  II. .1.   l.nHia-li. ol   the Hotel, . . . .   ,
" ■'" ' -   A" ' flrand.  Nakuap, to  A. E. Halgh and I   ' '"   '-"
...   ..-, i      Inline httiimii It'itlt    aiil nnl  h   iiomiitlcd,
J"n;:„.!;;:: Naku.,,1,... c,. ..,is,a„, ,	
li' i   lin til     ii >■ ilnfiiipd,    W I i
>of   I  ll   i'1
'111 lull   I1      I    llll     '
A  mon or   a   boy  to   ho»d  To All Whom It May Contkkn:
cows  during;   tho  oay.   App y      i"        otloe thai   we, Jullna Donunl
Il.l'eo      IO
n- for tli"  How on    Block,   day of Apt II,
, |     ;  inl,ai       "d     i a
60c. per load.   App!.,   !•■ tii-      up 23 lm
• Co. 	
A. K. Haii.ii.
lateil  iu Iwenl v or I
in II i    Front l'.edt n In t St,   WiiM VN     i nub     Wanl     occa lonal   en ,  n      be, il lo lim
lot ,.„,. ui two      work    in    private familial,     Apply   ll  lhe rluhl  ol anv,a,    , .,    ,
gentlemen   Apply M, I1. 0. Box 108      three doora wo i of Knos Church,     quire n  total area ,,i ICO n re ,   bui
How to get
a pure white
"THE object of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure white loaf
And this obiect is attained
by the use of
Purity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whiteness. It bakes into a
pure white loaf. So, you
see, to get the really beautiful white loaf you must use
hard - wheat
It flour.
"Marc  fir cad
and better
bread "
W«c-,n Ci-i'« Flour Milli Co . Lid.
Olf.rr   V.'.i- r»«   Mirvtob* I'll.-.' 1
Che flfeaiMbevalb
interior; flMibttsbiiiG Compang,
Subscription   Rates
Including pustagu id Kngland, [Jutted Si-aton
and l"..inula.
Hv Lho vtir [through poatoflloe] fi.W
Hall       "        " "     1.5ti
Quarter "        " "   ..<">
J j it    KIN TlNti pruiupti) l;xuuuLud ul ratwuU'
iiii.- i,. .-.
1'KKMs   t'usii.   Sutwonptic'(8 payable in ad
diaries   llollun,  became   the   bride    ui
A beautiful Dwelling House in a
desirablejjlocation, corner of Third
Street and McArthur Avenue.
For price and terms apply to
Legn notions io oentn per liuu flrat Insortlon,
,1.1-ni- pur line oaon subsequent Insertion
M   i-uii'iii ni. Mot) parte) [12 lines make one
Inch].    Slow   and   general  butiiuent) an*
nu in ■ in n\n 13.611   per  In oh  iut month.
Tn i in nl   1.1-11 inn-,   25   pur   oent     ad-
dlLh ml.   Ilirths,   MarrlagOB  and  Deaths,
Cf,o   eaeh  Insertion,
Laud   noticed   $7..»<i    All advertlsementd
Bubiucl tn i lir approval of tho tnanagotneut,
Wanted and Uondonsed Advertlsomonts:
A.c.tii~ Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
uMiii.-'l.    Situations    Vacant.    To ushers
WnuU'd, Meehanlos Wanted, lit words or
Ions J-'i'.. uaoh   additional  line  Hi   cunts.
Changes in standing advertisements muBt
bein ity ■' a. m.  Tuesday and Krlday of
eeon week to seoure good display,
CORRESPONDENCE Invited  on matters nf
public interest,   Communications io Edi  fui  lltght  ol nny  aviator yot  and    lho   from   his  own   people  and  with       lhe ^  (        -
tor  muni   bo nooompanied   by   name  of .
writ nr. mil tieoesHarlly fo publication, but 'en'     ot    1 apt.  i .  . .   nous,    in       in-,   ,_, u a
ajovWonoBof sood faith.  Comniioiidwioe ,]„„],],. jOUrnev over the  English i han-   world,  thnt   he  u
■rh'iiim In, lirlnf.
I       of      llu
if  ill,'  ublesl
lh-. ,1. II. Hamilton, llov. ('. A. I'ro-
,'iuiii'f olliuinting.
I'hi' bride wai led In ilu- allar hy
liar umi,' Mr, Mullen, and was
iniwi liet'timingly gowned in ex-
i|ui-iii- ivory satin  with an    overdress
of  iliili'iiu,    with  - I   i'i'iiiI   trim in ing
,ii I   Dnehesse  li   enrrj ing  n   showor
lioiii|iiel of lillies ni iin- vnlley and
ivhile roses, and weuring the eustoin-
ar\   veil  and orntige  blossoms.
Lii tie Umi- Mi-C-Hi-tet- mndo a pretty
ci inn' in a in a ii \ a i Iiiiii ui umpire
dress over iniiuve satin wiih a largo
rally \ ielnriiiii botniel ui i-hiH'oli tu
muli li. Iloth dress and boi i trimmed v, ii Ii purple pan -!'■ . She enr-
ii',1 a bnskel ut pnnsies which were
mi -ua ,,!,a,., il,„ uislo before the bride
She ua- followed by Mi-- I'.ail Hob-
insim and Mi-- M nut ll.vntl the
Ini,I.-inii I-. wliu wore pule green net
gowns over satin tin- same shade,
trimmed with hands of moss green
-alia. Their ptiuipndoiir lints wero
i-uughl up ai uiu' side with .-, larui-
n whieh streamers ut
'ii -..iin  fell  In  ilu-  I i      ni
their dresses.   The  h
Oimi;ir,« :
nei has proved that the British siill Presidents ilu- L'nited States ever had shn\ver bouquets
retain iln- mastery ni liie air as well as well a- willi the well earned repu- m„jQel, |,.,j,, fel...
as s,,.,.     The leal al  Rlcriot  wl.,-,,    he   Uitioii  a-  a  sportsman  anl  all   ,' i I       I,,,. Bm„m-a    •",,  ,,,  ,,„. I,,.;,,,. Wll9 „
Fifty Years
the Standard
ustkhs, solicitors, KTC. |lew the ehaimel last veal- wns marked   man,    a,,    iiii,      would hnve hud any   ,li„,„,„„l       I   ,.;„,    ,      ,,,    ,„,,,,.
lioosevcll   would
-d a well   merited   have   rested   ",,   hi-   laurels.  But   swell-
Mnuey Ur loan. null lira  and  he  received a wen ll, ,,,,„• ,,■;
OfaoeB:RevdBtok..BO.   Cranbrook, a L', ,.„„.„.,, m rf   ,„  , ,,,„,- ,.,,  „-„,   ,,„.        ■ ; „  „-,,„     ,,,,-.,     '      » j   " '   '
■BKn. S, MiiCaktkk ,        ,      , ., , , , , , pennntlt.        In    in--   lae.'l,     win
4.. M. I'iNKii.M1 J. A. Hakvkv. double llight  he  is -ael  to have  matte lie hu-  now  gone n  step too fur,    unu .,|livt,(|   lnt, lv,,(|,|ini!   niareh    u  ,-reseenl
""v"M"k" ''ri""'r""W  'li"    „.i-|in,;-,na„      like     remark  that is  now   reported   to  be getting   himself ,,f'|M,„.U   „,.    ||,llni|toll   „',„   s„ ,
'IL.LlA.tl I.  liivuiu^, "there  was  nothing sensational  ubout generally  disliked,  especially   in     V.i
H lt-lisl.ni-
Solicitor, etc.
S ilieii.ot- for:—
Tun t;.\NAiHAV Bank ok OOMMBROB,
Thk Molsons Mank, Etc.
I hy his ,',,ii-i,, Mr. in..,. I. ,,,' Vn„.
Capt. Rolls' Might." His success was land, by interfering in what dues not ,.,,n\,.,, tl, whom ho gave gold cull
due to a well behaved motor and per-   rant-em  lii'"-   The   Labor  leader      the   |jM|is,
feci  weather conditions.   So thing is so   weekly  Socinlisi   pniier in London, Kng      -r,,B  ,.,„„,.,,  „.„,   |K.n,,ltifull.v   tleeorat-
despicable as unsportsmanlike jealousy   shakes   ii-  lisl   at   Uoosovelt,  ilen inin-   ,.a  wi|h  rtpHltQ   ||I1WI,,.S|  ,,,„|   ,|te cliun-
i,id    if   a      111:1,1       has   tIri
elhing   in- hi- fliiildhnll  -|„ li a- i
nine   I lion
l„'i i,i' i han his  ril al, lei  him have ll
FIRST ST.,    -    RKVELSTOKE.  B.t:.   , ,.. Ul   .(j|. ;t
impertinent,   It   says:
'•'The -} h  must  have been iasplr
e I by  the vampires of the stock      ,-\
change and d u-lures  lhat  it  is inloler
el    wus   llnnkeil   with   lull,all:
iiii'ie,e,,1 shades..
Mrs.     II..hen     (mini   of      the  I,ride)
looked   remarkably   well   In   an   oyster
grey   crepe de chine  gown  with  bands
The   following   stutements   b.v   Kv'on-   able  thai   ihe  former presidenl   nf  the   ,,,-  |,|ll(.  a||,|  sj|vi,,. embroiderv       and
eeli-t     Charles     Scoville may  seem  at |United  States should  be allowetl  lo in    „,„,.  .,   |.,,m,. u|lih.  ,,.,,   i,jm„,,,|  „i,|,
the lirsi   rather  startling  and  yel    ,,n   lerfeiv in  British  politics, willow   plumes,  shading   from  white  to
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyur
i Engineering
McKkn/.ib Avenue,
Box KM. RrvblsTOKR'going  into it   there is some semblnnoo j    Atlvices  from   Egypl   state   that   Na-   .,,.,.,.,  :i„,|  ,.,|,-,,|  .,  ^„,.,f  ,,,'       „!,;,,,
,, W.li.N I  EVKLE1QH, "   !'" """' '" "l,;"  he '"'";    '"     '"'   """^ f*™ ;"'" """''"n"8  "','    ^"^'       ,lrs'      "»m,,ton  "f  N"ls""'
jj suggests   ihai   -real   j I   would     re-   veil     uul,      picturesque    Orientalism,    (mother of the groom) wore ,, peneock
ill   from  I,nil line  hull  Itres  ni super-   Sheik   Ali   I'nul'f denounces  him  in   his   ,,n.v  yv\^ (|,Vm    heavilv  brnitletl      and
nous churches. newspaper,      Al   Monyad,  us  .,   tyrant   embroidered  ia   the  siime  shade,    nnd
"In   loo  many   places,"     said        lhe   full   of  gall,  a   diabolical     man       and
A Guarantee of Light, Sweet,
Pure, Wholesome Food
A'AMiifvi-.K ANU RBVBL8TOKK, 11, (',
,i   with   llowei-s   In       lllulel
.                 ,.          ,       ,,      'evangelist,     ''the   number   of   churches blood-thirstv  butcher.   Al     Monviid   is tha tmvm
All enlllllllllllf.il.inns .t.lill'esseil  In l'nst ' -nun.
office, R-velsi.olte. will have prouipl '"' '"l '" """"l> lieyonil Un- need ol regai-ded ;.- a moderate papei among \fle,. ,|„, ,,.,,.„„„„■ ,|,, quests rathe community, u ,« und for a long Nationalists. Coptic newspapers wel- paired to tlie home uf Mr. mid Mrs.
time  lu  come.   They are  living   ai     a come  Roosevelt's dictum  as  a    golden Molten, whieh  wns  simplv   a  bower of
i|      dying     rate,    and  ii   would In text. Mowers,      ihe  color  scheme  of   mauve
Mountain viow Camp, mo. in         better  if  niaie.   ol  ilie  churches    wen;      It veil   should   be  politely       but nnt|  while being carried  out   ij,  every
Meow  Beopnd and .Fourth  Wedntadap In  burnud and  these  pi                   rod    to- firml>   informed  that   it  will  be  to hi- detail.     Hie  refreshment   table       ws
alii -11111111.
c. w   o  w.
■ear-h month, tn Sellttrk Hull.   Visii.in   Woodmen oordiallv i-,r-il,"1 In \l,nnil.
W   E ' i-iu >Uv i: rn„. t-oni
.1 \s. MelNTYRK, Clork.
B»ther  in  ol ir li,    and    the   own    interest     and  pence of mind    lo   centred     with  „  huge  bowl  of mnuvo
a,, the  gos-   keep  hi-  hand  out   of matters connect-   :1„,|     „.|,jlG     j,.jS|   ,,v,.l.   mulIve   ,hiiV„n.
-  I-I   mi"  lh not   ed  wiih   Uritish  polities,  whieh  c„nnol    with runners of cluny lue,- m each ond
Kootonay LoriKo, No. is, A. f. & a. M.     yel   been  heard. !"   Iwtlerwl   in  anv  wn)   by  his   inter-   ami ,.,   number ,,f clunv  dui lies  cover
ing ih,- polished table.
I The mngnilieenl wedding cake of
four tiers wns .in lu the bride whieh
was rlie signal for the company lo
ilrink the health of the happy pair.
>ei er.al addresses were mnde and u
,..il,„.   took  |.l»t-e   '«'"na«i«l.it«iy  adJrcss  frnm   Fire Bri-
.■    Si     Johns   I'r.-lnlerial,    L:;"'"   N"'    ''   '"   W,"ch   ,h"   b|-lde«'' »
.  I,     M,e Lie,    mu,.,'-      '""   ""   ' '">    ""•ml"'r   W"a   l"-'^"1"-
TIih   rnk-uliir rnntu-
Ino «r„ i„.ii m ih-   not .vet  h,
Mvs imi rBMPLK   Me   in   some
M  l|.•     IW9   II I   i. "II     '
■ be llnnl M"iiiliiy ,,i [tal nmi'i uni
HCll      lie llllll      HI       5
in. Vliltingbreth-   ,;' "   to   -,'\,-i
ran    cordially   wai-
■ „l
I  lie
Nl ttl'.h.i.INi;    MAi'Kli:
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
IfasJ(i5;Hranches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents]
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
W. H. PRATT, Manager.
j  T  rul.I.n, K. Master.
I'H\S. J. AM \N   S» a,., l«l
SELKIRK LOU',K \2. I.ii.'i !''■
IIhu „.--) that
t.■-. ii,
f\     -..iut brelhraD nrn
OOrdliltlf itive,^l i,, rttlemt.
I.    PBOB1 V Sal. IA8   MVTIIIK ■»'
Cold Ranne Lodge, K  of P.
No.  16,   Revelstoke, B  C.
Mum    >MiV  ••■ K. v.-. ,'i.
■u   I   ,'
Hall     "i     - ' '■"' "•
Knizni, arts a it i,*..,   ut. -•■'.
C   \. U'I' iv kLU
U. U. BBOCKi K     ■   ■:   t -
T   P    SMITH ' y
•| , i:
\|. „•.    a   I  ii. i,   I    Hull
"i   H
M ll  n'li.
V  ■ *'
of   Mr.   .1.   Mi kie,   Ktlin- 1  "   '""      ", '
,    ,, |       ,,     .    „ Ul-.   M,l alii-r   I'liinr I   li-a.   anil   Innk-
lllltl    Mr.     II.    \,-\l-
'I very handsome in an impnrtotl
•own ni robin's i-l'l- blue uiul while
oiilurtl with st,.,.| ii-iiiiniinirs, ehiHon
.ml finny Inee, ami ,., large picturo
a i nt Iim In,rn trimmed with sweel
• •a-. Mrs, Sutherland, win, pmirwl
he ,,,!',,', wore n mosl bet-oming
a,,mii eoi-Hod -ilk gown «iili ei-eatn
.i-i' \nke ami ilai,ny nnl I trimming,
\ pretty brown maline hut with cream
" •■- anil Inrge mil,- hows. Mrs, \.
I H te, w a,i .in th,, i,',.s, woi-e a lienu-
iiul reserln green satin gown will,
ink antl green trimmings, yoke ami
nf gol I   in-,,   lm ua  blank       lint
'it,ii'-   an I   lollt-hes   nf   goltl,
I he   new lv   married   couplo   lefl     fnr
'   i' " i'. in., iln' bride wearing
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels  Promptly [^Delivered
Baggage Transferred
Furniture and [Piano Moving a Specialty
Leave Orders at Steam Laundry Office
'  .      Hardware
of   i.  r.    N'ewbig-
i n-gh,     "li-o
il Mel   ii,   M    \.    per-
I'lll    ;    i,,'"i ,,,   nl
Mr .  Mc-
ii i-   that
h;    ilu;
,,w a  of
im  I
Zbc flfcaiUlbcralb
tl        '
Ilin    gov i,  nf  \ mli'i    pnnama
ind "im U   braidod  ami a  lev*
'    ■ li in'", li-i'i   Iml       li inn I will,
if     nili-l.
were     numorotit and
in I   i.   ' ilied in   ilu.
' I ui       of      llii'
I''   hon v moon
H. M. fi.
Rifle Shoot
I,,, i din
.    \\''l
■  Ina
e  ly
II,"   Nil,il       ,,|   "    |
r,' 11
lol til
i    ,1    ■ r>o,  ■
I...  1 flip,   lliill
'  ,
i    ,,,   Mi ,,
■     Mi
1 i
,' •
i    ■ Hutu
: '
.     1
Mi    1      1
i    \ ,
|'|        !      '1
Rnme-nbor t
ny Fax a
Clearing Sale of Boys' Suits
4 Suits, Size 22 $3.50 to $450 for $2 and $2.50
6 Suits, Size 23 4.00 to 4.75 for 2 and 2.50
4 Suits, Size 24 4.00 to 5.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 25 3.50 to 5.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 26 3.50 to 4.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 27   3.50 for    2
i 2 3-piece Suits, 27 to 33, $5 and $6 for $2.75 & $;,.5o
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Edison Thcnt'O To-night.
Ptf PCQCM w*-af Bell Style* (or l^iwiii, PtrkS, PiTWM nl (Ulln id*. 14,000 mll^i ot !'■(« j
IVncei afi'l 73,000 1'aptP (iatrs nfjw la um In Ctnada. Oui 1910 Peni « utr brit*r than ever. Ctl J
nur ittfii pried fend bookld a
m.      • E. G. PRIOR & CO.
VICTORIA AMD VANCOUVER Fance and Calaa In SUck I \\ KDXESDAT, -11 VE STH, I'.'in
ThK mail-herald revelstoke, b. c.
Pago 5
If our methods suit you
tell others.    If they don't
suit you tell us.    Any criticism   of    our   mode   of
doing   business   will   be
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders.
Send   the   children   to
tbe store.    Come yourself.
Have our city traveller
cull   at   your   home   for
Boys Shirt Waists
A full line of brand new patterns have just arrived; all
prints and zephyrs. They are
made with Stiff cuff-l and detachable self-colored collars.
Sizes 12 to 13.J,
Price $1.00
Boys' School Shoes
To prucure a line of hard
wearing, neat school hools for
boys has been our aim for
some time and now we have
just that line in stock.
A heavy, pliable stock with
standard screwed soles. Absolutely solid all the way thru'
We guarantee this shoe to
stand hard wear.
Price $2.50
Just the Shoe for Summer.
Not too heavy, but re-inforced
in every seam. Standard
screwed sole. A good serviceable shoe.
Price $2.75
Neck Wear for Men
Have you seen the HAIR
STRIPE TIE ? Just the
thing for low collars, and
right up to the minute. Neat
and classy. Comes in all tbe
new shades, each
75   cents
Panama Hats
We have just a few of those
nobby shapes at the extremely
low price. Vou have never
seen as good. They can't
last much longer at
$7.50 each
Soft Collar Shirts
Another line which has just
come to hand. Thev are all
manufactured by To ke'- and
are all full-sized and perfectly
finished. Neat and nobby
stripes in tan, blue and
white. Plain colours in
white, tan, gray and blue.
The collars are all reversible,
enabling the owner to wear a
white collar if he wishes.
$1.25 to $3.0O
Fancy Belt Buckles
Ornamental Kelt Buckles are
in great demand a manufacturers assortment of samples
have come to us in all the
new and fascinating ideas:
Cameo Buckles, Miniature
Buckles, Cut Steel Buckles,
Inlaid Buckles, Knamelled
buckles are exceedingly pretty
and novel, one is the Hand-
painted   Panel   Buckle, from
50c. to $3.0O J
New Hat Pins
With   extra    long     pins,   a
charming lot at loc.
A new large Jet Head Pin at
15 cents.
An assortment of Fancy Stone
Set Head Pins at Joe.
Other beauties  in   Hat Pins
up to 12.50
Pretty Parasols
New Parasols and Sunshades
A novelty in a Japan Parasol
with -'10 ribs, in White Muslin
at 11.00
New printed Sateen I op Parasols   to   wear    with    wash
dresses and suits in any color
al $1.65
New   Pongee, Parasols  edged
with   color,    a   line   French
make,  all   Brass   frames   at
Fancy White Waist
Special Sale
Thursday- Friday
A new lot of those beautiful
Shirt Waists and F'ancy Muslin Waists go on the tables
Thursday morning for selling
Thursday and Friday. Those
who have not picked up their
season's needs will have this
chance. Vou will appreciate
White Waists
95c. to $2.50
New Dutch Collars
In pretty pleated styles, and
some in neat embroidered
muslins. Very cool and
comfy looking for warm day-
wear.   Several styles at
25c, 35c,  and 50c
Saturday  Night
Hosiery Sales
Bed Spreads
i >nly a few left. Any persons
who have neglected getting
some of those " Old Country"
Bed Spreads, tjuilts and Bed
Sheetings will have a chance
right now. We expect to
, li.tr out the entire lot. If
you am needing fresh, snowy
white Bed I.i ten and Coverings, come and sen these,
Take the Elevator
Choice Pickles
in the hot summer weather
when you go bom l to dinner
did yoj ever nolice how a
pickle or two will cool you off
• let our prices on (Irosse iv
Black well's Mixed, Chow
Coow, Walnut, Gerkins, and
White Onion Pickles; or
Heinz. Sweet Mixed in bottles
or bulk: Sour Pickles in
bottles or bulk, and sweet or
sou.' Onions and Chow-Chow.
also the  famous  I'ill pickle.
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Fruits are now arriving
daily and are in the pink of
condition; Strawberries are
coming in large quantities
and are Al, also Bananas,
Oranges. Crape Fruit, Lemons
Fresh  Vegetables
Ripe Tomatoes, Cucumbers &
Green Onions arriving daily.
We lead in this line. Get
Our Prices on Vegetables.
We can guarantee that the
products are fresh from the
gardens and a fresh supply
comes to hand every morning.
Come in and look them over,
Everything in the line of
Reasonable vegetables can be
obtained at this store.
Pork and Beans
Now that tbe warm weather is
upon us, what better do you
want for lunch than a can ,>f
nice Pork and Beans. U e
carry the best on the market
—Van Camp's, Armour's,
lleinz's and « lark's. These
are packed from the choicest
picked beans and specially
selected corn-fed p.irk. Wh 11
you get these brands you gel
something above the average
Get It at Hume's
The Elevator i- the most perfect, type of passenger elevator
made. We spared no expense to
gi i the best and mosl reliable, \ll
the safety devices bo far produced
you will Umi on it. The
approved antomatic safety brake
C.S. Hume Sr Co. Ltd.
Revelstoke,   *   B. C.
You  may find a  mistake in
our accounting, let ih know if yon
tin.    We   have   installed the lim-st
office system possible and are doing
mu- utmosl to keep apace with the
times. Vou can help ui If youjlet
us know of any mistake thatjmight
occur. Tn.-
WEDNESDAY, JUNE vi'll, mn,
Ilis Fruit Markets
'I    .■     follow.
Raise Head lax
the   lir-i   report       The  revolt I   phonomenitll.\   boiivj     in-
i.   '     iln- It.  ('   Depai'l nl   uf A_,i.iil- Iluy „( Chinese, u  rush  lhal  is   nettit
,vhi,  ,  ihe   llont'il  of   I'm Ir      has lhe   Dominion   anil   I'l-oviueial
i i   i    ■.,  publish relative In  llle nienls      about  !<700,0(ll
Selkirk Centennial
Winnipeij,   Mini..   Juno  T.   ■   11)10.   W
The mosl   iiiiportiiul   aud decisive step
govern-   thai   has  I, ,   taken  ',,,  exhibition  al-
per  anii,,,,,.  is   rail's  in some months, oeeurred on  the
in   the   Northwest,   explulncl  b,\   the   reeeipt   ol    informn
a,mi   riot,ei      al1"    ' imi,   from   llonglvoiig ol  t
lo   .1,   I'.   Motealf
iliil   o(   .Iiiiii,.   wl,.',,   llle        Voters     nt
report       in j Winnipeg qualified to vote on a mono}
pi,]  ■,.' fm   iin. w.iil,    h\   ih,, guvern    I'ii'i'iilaliot   ili.'i.' ami     wiili'l\    nihi'i-^l,\ law  gave a ,'nii-iiii: tnajoi'ity fortlio
■ I in a quiet  way bj   agents of ihe Centennial   Exposition bylaw,    fly   ihis
I   have  '.I,,'  In.am'  in  it-purl    a-   lol-   trnnspoi'tation companies  to  the oU'oct vote,  the property   owners  of  the city
lows.    I,"    u'l-i   al    ii   (,'algiu-y.   i.  :    ,'     mm,   t'anailii   inleuils  eery   shortly     to authorized   il„-  issue nf  honils   for  halt
,. :   interview inu   wholesale]-     nil       ,'e     iiu-rease   the  eapilation   lii\     on     Chi- a   inilliou   dollars,   the   proeeetls   in   bo
i  .  "                                        opin-             froi    S."   lo ,s|.,,,„,      |-'or    the applied  in Exposition purposes.     The
i   ii,   mi-     that     il |' ,,f  miii   a            I   sevel   nr  pighl      weeks,     Custom vote   wa-   „   divisive one  and gave pofi-
l                                         Amet'ieni       oasl    olliciols   1mm-   been   run idcrubU      pun- ! ilive   prool   of   llle   ilispositioit   of     the
In       a.,,nn-     tor    ihe    marked people of Winnipeg   lowai'tl  ihe  Expos-
ri   mm   repoi'tn    in '                                             ,ii    Chinese ition projeel, vj.|  pel rent,  of iln- voto
I          ,       I mii   lm',.    \,   ih-' present   immigi-ani I  lioinij in favor ni the civic grant,
Wi        '      \           linn Conipnnj                      Uiati                  lii|     nrrivitiii ;     \   furllier  proof  ol  a  discriminating
i                                   III                ni    mixed    ,        hivcl ll   lull  eompletnienl   ni      OH- vole wa    shown   in  ,1," defeat     uf      a
i                          mncnl         I ,'iiil  Organ    enlnl   imiiiigrants,   ,':,■  allowmiee  liuin- j mtinei   bylaw   grunting  Slllll.llOO  to the
|                 Heating  ill     liei   beini   ill   alum      el   rj   ease  book- jeneral   hospital,                  union   whieh
rl  finai    i'i,     coasl  ports.         All had a strong bucking  ni    a      numbor
m   Japanese   linors   reachim:     Seattle of  lending eitizens lm;  which  ovitlently
iv.-  have   i1-"  been  brlng'tm;   Chinese       ,., 1'nilod ol the     popular    commondation
theii- capacity, ami aside from lhe few given  in  lhe   Exposition.
S .45   '              lioiin.l  foi   I nihil Slates porta i    The adoption of the Winnipeg  bylaw
prunes                                                   .10    lliese  arrivals   have      been   eoniing  in .puts not only  tho seal of approval on
Iion   No,   I                        .SO    V,-,, iv,r.    prineipally    in   tho    local the  S9II   Exposition,  but   ii   makes  it
;-'   ,, ,-.   Nn.   ■'   ti",   steamer;    iin,,,    Seattle.      Thr    news 'a certainty.
p                          ...    I                         I.lit)   from   Hongkong   i-  illuminative.    It   i- A  Dominion grant equal to lhe mon-
i           ;■ i   mm   l-'o. 'J    tin   ex|>e 'i'ii    lhal     every  steamer      com. ey  raised is expected
i .   per  box   In   lbs.   Stir,   in  'in.,    ing  during  tl,,'  next   few   months   I'm,,,
(        i'ii...      pel   box   I"   li,-.. OSth    Mai    Oriental  ports   "ill   I,.' londetl     to    ils
i,, inn  55e. Iiuii,  wiih chine-., f,,i   Canada.
i berries      from      I 'nlifoi, ia.   earlier
foi   fllllll'i
I fioiu  Wfiiiilt'l      I   ".  li.    llier
Pen-In        ",
To Electrify C. H. R.
i ■    ■    the     |sih     Mav.   .  i-iinu   jobbers
sl _'.-, per   lull,,   box.    Express ~w.
1".   iu.    Hi,  ,   :.' .   pel   'I,.   Total  £2.15,
,     ■ .       tail  tea !■   S-J.fiO
Aide de Camp to King
eleetrilieation   nf   th
Northern   Railway  company's  lin,'    tt
S,,.n\   Plain and  the completion nf tin
Con-   construction  uf  the  grade ui  ihi-  lin,'.
I .uiuInn.   -I une   ,.— I he   link,-   in   \ u, , ■"'  u>"'""  '-■   i,,,-   ".., ,
naughl   ha-   b    appointed     personal which  al   lbe  present  time  exiends  i„
i«'liei'rier Irom  Tel   V-   an,     .;,,,  ij(i  (;lm|i   (()   kl||_   ,;,„„.,,„       Thiil K.i.„  Wnbnmum,   -ivty   mil,-     west   of
,""1   ll'""1  Kivpl   h"V1'  '"'"  ■"" ;''-  '"    kill-  all   possibility  of  lu-      tjeeoming the city,  i- r,  possibility  within      lhe
nnd supplying  iniirke     here, bill other   ^,,,..,,,,,,..,.ni.l:,|   ,,,'  Canada. next   two years.    I!.  Brutinel promoter
"■       l'    ii   n b>    ex-  _ 0[ lhl. nadinl railway, whose franchise
r,v"   II»<"1  l;' rrnilluli   Clulnn   Dnnnnii '"    operate    in   connection   will,     the
English Flyinq Record ..■.,,■..,,.,,,.•„ n,.- ,„a„ i„'i„„.i «i„.
Dover,   Enc,   June  T.  -The   Iln,,.   ( . l»oje<t.   Tbe    t f  ,1,-    r.Uopayei
I'lfViT,     r.lli-..    .i'llll'     ,.    Mile     linn.    ,   .      '
- m   liolls,  captain  in  the  London   "iM  '"'  lake"  ""  Junc  2Uth  sa>'6  the
jdbltPI'S     Ml I     llll.Ml'i.n     I
Mi>.<.<iiirj    cm '•■■    tl   ! linmninii  <\, I.Y
'I'.    \l i   i .hi i   ben i-'-   wcrt'  hi'uuiilil   in
If I ll". I !
-'"   '   ■  tt»»ii|" nu I     >aska- Edmonton Bui etin.
,., , section   nt   tlm   aiinv      nu,lur   reserve,
'"'on  t"  Edmonton, In' al   lhe present . . s m„m|„  ,,,,<,   Mr.   Brut ael was
tlflVing    a    Wlluhl    I ri-1,1 :i tl,'.    \ llldli'.'lteil
"""'   -tiawberrie.-   a, ining   in  fii.m * ;       in conference with an em ment  electri-
.,.,, it-,,             ■           i \nglo-.Saxon  aertmauties    bv crossing
Milton anil     l-reewntor    regions       by •               '           engineer, who suggosted the seeur-
, iii                ii iui'   r.mglis h   I l,.".nn,'l   twice   last   even-
;'      ' i'B   l:><"  l!"'A"  '"  ' al.ary .                                                                      Ul,  ,,,- tl8  uranch ,,f  tl„,  C.X.R,   and
...,.,- ,|               ,,         r.i ,- ng   wiih mi     aligning-   Hi'   made     lhe
M.g.i, hei   ii e   III'-,i   Uu, 11., ulir    truni .         ,i... .,]..,., ,.;f..|,,,-, rtf It
.. a. round trip between Dover and Calais   the cleitufying ol it,
11 "'--. mi.                        ni   t algal,\   >■ i
in  I antes.   While two Frenchmen,1    N"'-""i-'"!""-   bave  already   pregre
.. -.    in   '.,,,  nn,,,,te-.    untie   iiiii   i-reneiimen,           .—--.. ■     .
'   Louis   I'.li .in,   and   Count   ll,-  1 ■-",,-. ed some distance in the matter.     Hi,
,  ..      ,         ,   ■                ' C.N.II,  in    is man line through       t,
I,a\M erosst, I  ih.' channel  ,n  an    ■
per ease
(■■■' , ii ,'.    I he varielii .,,
I ■   ■ ,m,   Clark Seething. M
I lol     I       \ i   i   ■ _■ i    I  till In
mould, il""     .          i i    ,-   ,    ti     j; , "'.'i-i f    il'-'     fo,t  that  the Grand
,     ,   ,    ;   ,       ,      ,,        ,   , ,1,.'  il,,nbl,•  lent.    Ilie   di-tan. e  across                                                ...
,.     ..ml  well  pai'keu. ,   . Trunk   I'-i.-ili.- erosscs  it   half n    dozen
,,     ,, , ,,    ,, ilie two points named  ,-    twentv-         "v    ,l        ciosscs u »   «o«i
M'      ""'■« ":-"   "'   "'"  0sour    ,„;,.._   ...   i .;     ,!;..,„  .., times whirl, makes it   nnsiti.able f(
liali'   erosst, I   Hi,-   .'li.anni'l   in   an     a",,,-
plan,, i,  ,-emained fur an   Englishman the L'oas1  ls '"" B!i "',l  1o us0    'hi'
mtl   ,.,   \.,!",i."„,  machine  to perform <-"'"1" l"''"•,",l her« and Wabftmu™ ''>
tlllit.ll.   a   '.i-v.      -Im.wiiij      mould, Hi,- • *     •    '*     '    '*      ri-       '
l'i !>\\ i,   l'i nil   < omjmm   .if   Kdmonti »n,
)     ["UIU-      II.'tMlt'U      ]- IWI']|I \ Mill*' ,
..•  ,       i   titn«*> whii-h makes ii   im^nitable for ,*.
io llmt  Ih- ovei -water    f«i^lit ot
... . ■ .    i:..
forty-two miles  without  a  utop estal
iritoi mi              i   I Hr.    ili ilTcn,  repre-
,i        v ,                .    j   Ushefl a new rei ""i
i   ■             lho   nlltpiM <if   -iv \\\ I'*
\ nslioti    I-'  ml    | .  ine   t.    ■- \\.  lbt»r.
Thf l.t-t   report   of  iln
May Appoint Roosevelt
main  lim
l,i- further stated lhal   lh,' C. N. 1!.
will !»• willing    in dispose    nf      this
branch, whieh, since  the opening     of
tho ' Irand Trunk Pacific, has nm been
' i',ii   i-  ., profit,
liifi        If  Mr.  Rl'lltinel i- successful  in  nego-
uiput nf lie-      u    hington,   June   7 -Presidi .
'-1""1    '   liiive    I,., I  i                   V '   ,-  likeh   I., appoint   I: relt  chief of tin,ing  ihi-   ncheme  i'l   will  mean    ilie
Salem,    (irei         ,        ■;.. ,„.,.,    ommission  to \i--it  foreign expenditure nf  a large  lam  of money
'""'i"'"'111"     sl""    i":     i '   '   a    b      ipitnl     n :   indu e   ,;      imitation  <>,' w,-i ,,f thi- city, and in addition will
•heiv.   but   ii,  provide   the   city   with   radial   eonneo-
l.ijii.i   from      :l
pi'ohibitiv,   to  bin I1(„,                  ,         .„   ,)„. con,ing sum
pr , '   lime.   A fi>< '   ■'"" anl   hear    Jimmy   Fax  in  hi-   ut_... |v_ir, ir ll|i; (.;(v_
Mission.  II u i.   and Ilium '   ■■:                     ; i   ■'                                         mentioned road      runs
bave                            points o,  China.                                                      Niil.,|,     jasner  Place,  n,™
tint-'    Ma>    .'-;,;.      \r,l |
III 1(11 -..iii. -iii-]--. •     .,»	
;   on   llle
«liti,,i,    but somen -■  ,--  i t>_        t ,:.
i .,
pel    11
1        ■     .
....      -   ,1 » I | M' <'-'      liiin      |',,,,.,<      ""       ...,
',|  I s ■.:.',.   Bros,   formerly
I  Rev,
June 311 to July ?, 1311
f ru i I
Remember Jimmy Fax at the
Edison Theatre Tf.-nixht.
Do n t 111
„t Pt   Join ■ I     i    ■■ ■'■
■   •
■ ll   I      Mil    l~        ~  " "
I. S. G. VAN WART    -    E, L
Fruit Lands
We have for sale 80 acres of cleared
fertile lands ready for cultivation and
planting, half a mile from town, to be
Divided into small blocks to suit purchasers
Per Acre
This is the best land in the district, being
very fertile and suitable for growing fruit
or vegetables—no irrigation needed. This
is a paying investment.
Apply to
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Take notice that 30 days after date
we intend to apply to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the retail liquor license for
the Glacier House, Glacier, B. C, for
the half year from June 30, 1910- to
December 31st, 1910.
C. P. Rjr. Coy.
May 3rd,  1910.
TO     WHOM     IT   MAY    CONTEHX.
This ia to certify that I lost a cow
insured with the British American
Live Stock Association, Ltd., for $40
and that I hnvo this date received,
through W. B. Robertson, their local
representative at Revelstoke, B. C,
settlement in full.
Dated at Revelstoke, B.C., this 10th
dav ot May, 1910.
We offer full quarter acres Imperial
'ark, beautiful location, easy terms.
Write for particulars. Western Broker-
ire Co., 720 Pender St., West, Vancouver, B.  C. a.13-0.
Wanted to Buy
A Stu.ill Steam Tuk Bon' in Rood
repair. Apply, giving full particulars
a. to siz.-, style of machinery, price
expected, etc,, to MUNDY LUMBER
in., THREE VALLEY, B.C.   m254t
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to make application to
the superintendent of provincial police
for n renewal of Retail Liquor License
for the Kootenay Hotel. Burton, B.C.,
for tho half year ending December 31,
Dated Mny 1st.,  1910.
Take notice that 30 days after date
1 intend to apply lo the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal
of the retail liquor license for the
Criterion Hotel nt Cnmborne, B. ('.,
for the half-year from June 30, 1910,
to December 31st,   1910.
Dated May 4th,  1910.
Notice is hereby given that 3n days
alter date 1| intend to apply to [till
Superintendent of the Provincial Police
for a renewal of the retail liquor licenst-
lor the Queen's Hotel. Comaplix, It. C,
for the half vear from June 30th, 1910.
to Dec. 31st. 1910.
Dated May -Ith, 1910.
May! lm J, HI Vlll'Nt,
Take notice that 30 dnys nfter dnte
I intend to npply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal
of the retail liquor license for the Eva
Hotel, Cnmborne, B. C, for tho halt-
year from June 30, 1910, to December
31st,  1910.
Dated May 4th, 1910.
$10 Reward
\   reward of ?10 is offered for    suoh
information ns  will lead  to the nrn'st
md  oonviction of the person or    per-
on  th" morning) of    April
23rd.  nnd   '' i ni" black oow
in   Ihe  stable
■i   ■ ■
i ii
mil .ill
!';M        I'll        '111'
I::,., I.   Ifi
: lllue
mc    liiullnu
I     11    ".
tore, 1,0 rewarded.
Kill '       t  up Ir.-'lal" I",,
lal,'-       '   p ''■'     ',i,     'he   mail ol
I, ,.-      lhl ' $100    mn-
iliir,,-    Price 1215 prepaid.-—Smaill  *
Gloiter,  '■','i , "i,  fi   B.
•villi home   keeping
lieges,   Apply foi  partloulan to
\t ill Herald Office.
Take notice that thirty days nfter
dnto I Intend to npply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of Liquor License for the St.
Leon Hotel, St. Leon. B.C., for the
half year from Mny 31st., to December 31st., 1910.
Tbe police have secured the services
-' i avenger. Any persons desirous
of having their closet! or cesspools
cleaned, should have word at the
n lice    '.ition.
Chief ol Police
I il, ii,.,ii.- that we intend to mnke
application to lhe Superintendent of
Provincial Police for n renewal of our
retail liquor license for ilm premises
known as the Loland hotel, N'akusp,
If. ''.. lor ihe half-yoar from June -lu,
1910 i„ December 31st, 1910.
tiL-ilvic A,-   MrKitrick.
May 3rd, 1910.
Take notice tl„it I intend to appl\ i,
tl,,' Superintendent ,,f tin- Provincial
Police for a renewal of the retail liquoi
license lm' ibe Kootenay Hotel, Burton
City, B. C, for the half year Irom Juni
50th, 1910 to Dee. 31st, 191H.
Dated May -Ith. 1910.
May 4 lm \VM, I.oYATT.
■Take notice that 30 days afterdate I
intend to apply to ibe Superintendent ol
Provincial Police for a renewal of Hit-
retail liquor license for lhe Halcyon Hot
Springs Hotel, Halcyon B C, for Hit
half year from June 30th, 191o, to Dec.
31st, 1910.
Dated May 4th, 1910.
May 4 lm. u. MclNToSH.
Take notice that 30 days  afterdate   I
intend io apply io the Superintendent
of Provincial Police for a' renewal ,.!
the retail liquor licence lor the t'liim
Hotel, Arrowhead, II. C, for the hall
year from June 30tb, 1910. lo Dec. 31st
Dated May -Itb, 1910.'
M''.v •• lm- \V. ,|. l.ii'.iinitiiNi;.
"',,' lhat 3d days idler date
I intend tt, apply fo the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal
of the retail liquor license for the Lar-
di'iiu Hotel, Comaplix, I'.. C, for the
half-year from June 80 1910, to December 31st, 1010.
Dated  May   tlh,   1:110.
ll. M, EVANS.
Take noli,,- ihai I intend t,, applj tt.
the Superintendent of iln- Provincia
Police lur ., renewal "f tin- retail liquoi
license f,,r th,- Tin Hotel, Arrowhead
11 <■'.. tot thr h.ill war Iron, June 30Ul
191n, t,, li,.,-. 318t, 1910,
Dated May 7th, 1910.
maj 1 lm JOHN CALKY.
Take noli,,- thai 'n ,|.,, - „fter ,).,(,
we Intend loapplj to iln- Superintend
ent ,.f ibe Provincial Police (or a renews
,.(tin retail liquor license for tit,- Lake
view Hotel, Arrowhead, B, t'., for tin
half year from June 3llth, 191H, to !)■
31 sl, 1 ill,,.
Dated May lib. 1910,
M.,i I lm. t'n tpMAX .Si IuwiN'.
Thirty days after date o! this advertisement we intend to mnke npplica-
ion to tho Superintendent of Provincial Poli-e, Victoria, (or a renewal of
Retail Lifpior License for the Crnr.,
lotol, Nakusp, B.C., Irom July 1st to
December Slit., 1910.
Page 7
/iT-^—«:.».''*'t-tfi^-~*3iM  i,x$>"fh%
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock tf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTHenus . Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c^lccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms -  Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
School Attendance
Police Court
TlieatteDdHiice.it the public sohools     The police report  u number of i     or
for tbe month ot Muy waa aa follows : oas!,g which have i,..,, 3U	
=       "u     jl  with.
I        llii    C  .1.  South, of 11 il-
= 5      £ c iln ii    at  ViuiMii n
Hindi school, Div. I,  ..   18 96 «6 IU  ' ""''   "'"'  ''
High Hohonl, liiv. II...  17 9897 !i eustodj   of  the  Chi -        ..lhe
Pohlio school,  Div. I ..   Ili !I7;(1 L'i  upplieiitipn   en    _      ted.
Publiosohool, Div.II..37 87.4H 101   J'.  Kuynold» \. m eharp !
Public school,  1) v. Ill   37 82 97 D  rMble means of su
Puhliosohool,  Div, I V. 20 79 01 -I  ,„,|,.,„| ,,, |eave (he eity.
Publiosohool, Div. V.. -18   ,N7.|l    ]
Puhliopohool, Div.VII .".1 8902 19
Publiosohool, Div.VlI] 40 93 30 'Jo
Public M-ii.iui.  |)iv.   IX   ii    Wi'lii    -JI
'     I-'.  I'epui - h i m
drunk  ai I   I     rdei-ly wan
leave  the eity,
: I
o soho .1, Di
\. 5(1
!i:i iw   :in
I       .1.      I'OI     "  ' .!!  I
■ i  .-'iu and  v- '■ '      sts
Pubiio eabool, Div, XI   40   ,s7 mi    [fi   "  '■*'  ''•■'
 R.   Duel 1
Tola's 4,Su    S!l(i;i  189  n    ■ nten.e.
Baseball Schedule
Tin- following
uie for  lhe   Y.M O.A.   I
M.   M.i. i~  nu 11
. I    ilisordi m,       ...
Ill   S'J .'."     'O
0 |    I-'.   Mm m   Irunk nnd d       ' • ia
Ihe baseball  Boiled- '" ''' ■'
ie tat this     •""-  '' ''" !'' n I
-t   him- -If fm- diiiikini
In. is.   "      :'  '   '-"■■■   i,,U'r,li  ""''
T.  .-..-!—I-,.  ehniifed  will
■    "
■-' !     -'-j jn
Tuesday   "   7—Beavers v  lute, ineds.
Friday     "   HI Reavers v Corleys.
Tuesday   ••   II Bus. Men v In'i-i cl.
Friday     "   I" Corleys v Inten Is.
Tuesday   "  21 Beavers v Bus. M  n.
Friday     -   L'I Corleys v Bus. Men.    !    *  ' '':' '  '"
Tuesday   "   28 Beavers v Inten Is.     ''
Friday July    I Beavers v Corleys.      !    "'  '    v
Tuesday -     5 Hus. Men v Intermed,  vvas     '
Fridny    "     s Corleys v Interineds,    '' - ■">•
Tuesday "    11' Beavers v Hus. Men.        The >-ii: •   a
Friday    "   16 Corleys v Bus, Men, ' - '       :it
Tuesday "   lit ll.-nvei-.sv Intermeds. ",,,"l'lai:"1' "   ,;" l»»H"e.
Friday    "   22 Beavers v Corleys.       [ - ■ —j_-_!_m-^t- 	
Tuesday "   2H Hus. .Men v Intermed,	
Friday    "   lilt dot-leys v Intermeds.
Tues.  An«.    2    H ■ iveis v Bus. M.-n.
Friday    "    .",   Corleys v Hus. Men.
Tuesday "    1)   Beavers v Intermeds.
All league players must I e members
oftheY.M.O.A.   No player can play
with more than one team.     Captains
will please   see   that this Is enforced,
Games will lie called promptly at 6:80
on scheduled nights,   and  7  Innings
will lie played.
Wed. .lune 1    Public School v J.B.C.
"   8—Public v High Sohool.
" 15—High School v J.B.C.
" 22   Public School v J.B.O.
•• 28   Puhllc v High School,
'•    July ti   High School v.I.B.C.
'• 13   PublicSchool v.I.B.C.
" 2n   Public v High School.
'• 27—High (ichool v J.B.O.
•'   Auk. 3—Public Sohool v J.B.O.
" 1(1   Public v High School.
" 17   Hitth School vJ.H.C.
Wi d. June 1—Chums v B.O.B.O.
■•   s 	
" i.".        	
Card of Thanks
We i\i-li to express our heartfelt
ihuukti for the kindness shown t.. ns
by our friends al the time niuu.' sad
bereavement and io the 1. 0. 0. F.
.-uul Kebeknh Lodges and members of
lh.- ihoir.
ud Mrs. K   G, Itfcllsc.
Wednesday, June 8th
Jimmy Fax
And His All-Star Company
JIMMY FAX is considered the greatest living
singing comedian on the
American Continent.
Reserved Seats will be . •)
Sale at Macdonald's Drug
Store, Saturday, June 4th
Reserved Seats, Si J
Admission, 75c. Children, 50c.
si©3 saac33tsc
We would not put our name on these shoes if we did
not know them hmw iust what i. in them -know
what is back oT them.
Our immense fact* ry equip
doue advantage in making these shoes,   [t red     i
factory expenses and enables m iterial
cheapl;. and to secure more skilled
And the labor counts for much in the naking of a per-
feci Bhoe.   After all il is pn ■ • aint
thai paints the wagon It"-: thai ma tist's mas
terpiece.   The difl es in 1 Kip -in
the use of the materials   and th
excel   excel in superiority of workmanship,   V
nob   ■      in their finish ■ 1 appears
in the perfeel fil
quality, and above all in thi II ilden
imi  onlj   fil
A    K   Kill
>:> Laullni Don
moil «V«rrwli«>re
■ ■ ~ ■jatmrnmrnimmmmm Page B
Hot Weather  Garments
Ladies' Summer Knit Vests
Ai liie. 25c. 83c. and 75c. pneh. Undoubtedly
t hi-se vests ore the best value ever presented
at i hese respective prices.
Princess Dresses
RpHiitifnlly   cool   .-.tul conifortnl.le for  warm
weather.    Pi eity dresses in line .Mulls. Lawns,
and Muslins,    Prices   $5. $11 and $8,
Smart Suits in Linen    Uepps.    Indian  Head
Pi Ices ranging from $5 up.
Bargains in Our Wash Goods
Values that every woman win. tends will wanl
White Crossbar Muslin
27 inches wide, nl 15c,  very pretty materials.
English Prints
The best made, warranted fust colors, at IJU-.
Anderson Scotch Gingham
nml Zephyrs, absolutely fast  colore, 25c, 80c,
and 85c.   Selling at 20c.
Scotch Gingham
Plain, rlii'.'ks nnd Stripes— Selling now at 12Jac
We want you to see ihis line.
Beautiful Soft finish   a large range of patterns,
81 Inches wide,    Regular 20c,    Now loo.
New Goods to hand at Special Sale
Prices. Now is your opportunity to buy your
Summer Hat at a reduction. Call in and see
our display, it is worth yourwhile.
at Sale Prices
A   Ai niuu   l.'fi   ..n   Monday  night     to I
attend the meeting <.( il.e Grand Lodge
I. ti.  ti.  I'.. us representative of    tne
local  lodge.
Mr.ami Mrs. -I. llu...ill..... of Nelson,
parents of l'i'. .1. II. Hamilton, win,
were in the .iiy lo attend their son's
wed ling yesterday, returned home
this morning,
.Miss Ethel Seilsou and Mr. Stewart
1'jiinii'i'iiiii. both of Sieamous, wero
quietly married at Si. Peters church
[by the ttev. C. A, Proeuniei- on Sunday last.
|   J.M.  Dudley,  Ii.l!.  V.  M. C.  A. sec-
I rotary  for (lanndti,  with  henduuurlcrs
at   Montreal,  lias just   retur I    from
I'riiiM  Hupei'l  where he has been looking over the ustfoeiation's work on the
1 line of eonstiiietipu on  tl"' ' '• T,    P.,
ami will visit lievelstoke either Friday
' or Saturday.
Dr. .1, Milton Jones nnd Mrs. Jones
of Hamilton, Out., are visiting Mr.
and Mr«. I. II. Armstrong on First
street, 'ni route Ior the .-..asi eitiies
ami California. Although coming
frnin ihe renin- ul Ontario's -real
fruil districts, the Doctor is greatly
impressed with the fruit growing possibilities ni Revelstoke land and
Ml ~~^Fm&*.   \
lt\\T?/■   ' f ■•»■   *W^r,   '
v nm
Remember Jimmy Faxatthc
Edison Theatre To-night.
Don'tforget the I Or. Social at St.
J, ihun h   i irrow   evening,
1 .1.   lleighly  will    ei   ■   i e    ream
i . .» malty fi lends ever) Sunday ai.
i ■    and  evening   for   the  rest     of
i .■
'i ■ Al,      K na)   Steam      l.niin In
I just   installed   their   new     forty-
I |iowi i   boiler,   purrlmsed       from
1|R. Vi Hero i Engine Works of Brunt-
I   -     ()i
li i- statod lhat Th as  A.  F.disnn
I | hieing  a   mo
pietun phi i"- aphing mn lune «hieh
wi pi. lures    iu    their     n i
;.. rili.elll-    dli - ing
i - ii- in    war.anl    llu      inventor
■ j   that  ulmost   any  da;
(■■■I ine'    perfection.
i .     !'   It,  train dei pal' her
,  • ,      i,                            ad  busi
j: ■ I .   i". ■   n    e   M          .  '   ;       • '1
i  '  on  rcci,■ ; ...  mi;     pre
divisio     I :
,1 ;.                ervi
. will l>" i unnin_            I
-       .
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest ymi doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from §1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Your Insurance
Is   one t>f   the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Smoky River Claims
Vancouver, June 7.—The litigation
pot \- beginning lo boil over uguin
tm the Little Smoky Uiver, where
forty-four timber claims have \»ti>n on
uneasj Btreot for several mouths past.
One-third of the forty-four claims .-tnin litigation, hut Ihere is a chance of
the remainder falling into the poi at
any i ime.
Mi. U. I.. Ibid. K. ( . appeared before Mi. -In-lit.■ Murphy to usk for
ih.- appointment of Mi. \V. II. Pratt,
the manager of llu* Multfon'n Rnnk at
Uevelstoke, as receiver in connection
with  ilu- claims  that  are in litigation.
Jn ilu- action an injunction hus been
issued preventing any dealing with the
nterests im olved until the action
comes up in 'ourt. Mr. Ueid in -
liinnted thai unless n reoeiver was ap*
pointed \\ iin would have power to
either mortage or sell the interests
in ihf claims involved, the interests
w i .nl 1 all expire.
Mi. S.s. Taylor, Iv.C, who appears
for certain of the litigants, objected to
i Uevelstoke nmn being appointed as
"We should have a Vancouver man
<ir ii.ni|Mny," he contended.
' Tlie application was adjourned, hnl
ii i- practically agreed thai the Dominion Trusi Company will be ap-
pointed receiver.
Remember Jimmy Fax at the
Edison Theatre To night
School Ir
Rocky Mountain Reserve
Ottawa, -Tune 7. An order-in-cotin-
fil lias been passed reserving from
-■•I 11,'iiii'iii the entire eastern slope of
the Hooky Mountains from tlte international boundary northward lo the
fifty-fourth  parallel  of latitude.
I'he     reserve     will  be  administered
■    i l'Ij     «iiii  ,,  v ie«   i,,    ih,. proper
ition  and   reproduction    uf    the
forest,   the proteetion    of  the     «liter
supply   i.i  the prairie provinces      and
relaeed objei i-.
I'he total area of the distriol  under
reserve Is aboul   I 1,400 squuro   miles,
e'pial to two-thirds thnt  of \',,\ i0 Sco
ind o   i     seven-eights    that     of
ouver Island.   The width of    the
isidi   vat ie     from    ten     to
miie*    from    tho    International
irj  up to lhe latitude   of   Onl-
• !  from  there northward    wid-
lo from   thirty to fifty miles.
i    ii   luded  in  the  tract  nro
1 ■   mosl   'mm  i.|e\ nted and rockj
unsuited (or agriculture.
■    '■■'! in o largo extent  by
.  -■ in' li i   of greal value for lhe
lumber    to       lh
ei led  In  withdi iw   tho
I   from   lllo,     nml
 inoral      otc,
illowed  imi  encour
i  trapping   It
i permit.
i'n ij, i
Rcimomhr."*  J
Kdlaon T
■ di   A ,i bin
1 mill
II i
Remember J.mmy Fax at the       Rrmomhcr Jimmy Fax attho
Edison Theatre To-night ' CllSOtl Theatre To-nitfht.
The Eastman
mi sues a? Kodakc.
Bews" Drug Store
I [and
di I to all
,r Dayliw
i film camera of  the
rla '"oil.
McKenzie Ave.  Ground Floor
Revelstoke. B. C.
New Styles
in Neckwear
Cmiip and sec our display
of the newest things in
Summer Neckwear.
Wash Suits
and Dresses
We are showing the very
newest ideas in Wash suits
i'1 White, tan, pink and
Fashionable Collars
Plain linen and embroidered  linen collars,   Dutch
collars in   linen,   embroidered and Lawn with line
lace insertions.   Jabots in
all styles and prices  from
25c.    Bows in silk lace and
Princess Dresses
Our showing in lawn and
mull dresses is b.v far the
largest and best ever
shown. Our designs are
exclusive,— no other store
shows similar styles. We
have them in white, pink,
blue and heliotrope. Our
prices are $4.50, $5.00,
7.00,  10.00 and up.
Fancy Collars
Fancy collars, wash collars,
stocks, etc.
Suit Sale
We are closing out the
balance  of  Our    Spring
Costumes at wonderfully
low prices. They are all
new and made by experts.
Come in and see how cheap
and how good we can lit
y6u out.
Embroidered Collars
See  our  newest   line of
embroidered collars at 25c
L. _                                          '
OC3C3D        GOOD
Good  Bread
—und you should insist upon ^'"'"l? Hie hast at all
tiines»gul ours. Our reputation for good bread is not
the result of chance. Our customers are satisfied that
ours is the most satisfactory bread they enn buy.
Try it and > on will become a regular customer. Our
Groceries nre nlso in keeping with our bread.
G. W. Bell
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
Ladies' Summer Underskirts
Bee Mus shipment before making yoitt Suinmei
t'nili'i-.kin purchases<     lengths,  is,  10 nnd 42.
Black Sateen, Moirette,  English Silk
Gloria Tatfeta
Mrs.  A.  G.  Crick
A Remedy fop the High Cost of Living
Use more Government inspected Roast and
Corned Beef, Cold Lunch Tongue, etc., in tins.
Special   in Sockeye Salmon   1 tins for 2.r>e.
Orders Promptly Delivered,
McIntyre   & Son


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