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The Mail Herald Apr 13, 1910

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Vol. 16 -No. 28
252.5C Per Year
If^V-'r'':'''   'vfttT'■'.;'■   '    VV."-' '   ^j****1^
i j
So simple Is Alabastine to
handle ilml anyone mn decorate his
or lier own lioine with il.     By following the simple direction given on every
piu-lcnge vou, yourislii cun reproduce any tint combination*!, nnl only in
tho plain tints, Imt olio in tin* wnlls decorated with stencils, W(* wuulil
tike to trlt you moro about whal Alabastine will do for your home, huw
euy it b to apply, ond how beautiful are ii* results.    Ask ua lo show you
■ tint card and copy ol "Homes, ileslthlul and Licuulilul."
We carry a full line of all shades made
also the principal colors in Frescoes
Recognized the world over as the  Best
Varnish Made
Try Liquid Granite on Your Floors
Full lines of Paints and Varnishes in stock.
Ready Mixed Paints $2.00 per Gallon.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points in/Canada.
Agent6 in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Liiniled. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate fiom date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Capt. Tatlow Oies From Injyries
Received April 9
Vii-toria, IV <'.. April it ('upturn K.
' I, Tu.1 low. lute minister of finunt ■■ unci
agriculture in the M 'Bride ' lo .ern
mont, wns yesterduy nfteruoon bimioiu-
ly injured, when ho was thrown from
hi- Hap as his horse slued at u \h\*#
in- automobile, At 0 n'clopk this
morning * apt,   l ■i: I■ i«  had not  n   uiu
I'.I       '     .   'II-!     ||   lU    -tl'       •-   .
t 'api. I allow was throw n out upon
lii- left side liea\ il>. The injur) ap
pears to have been lo the lefl side
an.)  head.
Vpril 11. Knn. C'ajilain It, ii. Tat-
low died at tho .luhilee hospital this
morninej at l'J:M0 nYlork from roneus-
sitiii of the brain, when he fell from
his trap on Vancouver street on Friday afternoon. The body has been removed in his residence, Rockland Ave.
preparatory to shipment to Vaimmver
tomorrow, where bitermenl will take
The news of lus untimely demise wilder --ni I sad circumsti -  lias 1 asi  ;i
«_l'i.»ni over the community where he
vvas -■> weJl known not only because
.>;' his prominent position in the political lit'" of the country. but through
Ins winning social qualities.
King* are al half-mast at iln- legislative buildings, the L'nion < 'lub and
the other prominent buildings in tbe
city, and on all sides the sin eresl
sorrow i- manifesl at the fatal results
attendant mi his injuries, In a- number of the lending churches of tlie cily
yesterday referenee was made to the
distressing occurrence an.l prayers
were offered for his recovery, coupled
with expressions of sympathy, for his
family and  friends.
Y. M. C. A. Exhibition
The public arc asked to bear in mind
the Gymnastic Inhibition io be given
by the Physicals Culture department of
the YVM.C.A. for the benefit of Bummer athletics, in ili,' Edison Tin .•uiv.
Monday night April IS, boginnir • at
S.HIi.   A  carefully  arranged  programme
lias been     worked oul isisting     of
various     form-     of    gymnastic*  and
s| laities,  lasting  two hours. Remi'tn-
her the date, Monday, April Is. I'riees
25i ■ 50c. 75c. Reserved seats on sale
itt  Macdonald's Drug Store.
The Royal Chef
1 A larf?e audience witnessed the production last night at the opera house
of tht* Uoyal Chef, a breezy and vigorous musical corned)  in '■'• acts. The play
Choice Strawberries
Tomatoes and Apples
Improve  Your  Lawn
was perhaps the best of it- kind that
has ever been seen in Itevelstoke, as
the musical number* were catchy and
bright, tin- songs and choruses well
rendered, while the comedy which
characterized the whole kept the audience in n ripple i>f mirth during lhe
entire evening. Uthough the plot was
very light yel the tout ensemble of
the whole was decidedl> attractive and
pleasant. . The costumes of lhe chorus
wore especially dainty, and the numerous .ii.i'i-"- made ;i delightful attraction.      Many  of  tlie  musical   numbers
were  ver;    pretty,   while   ili rubina-
,ti«.n of color thrown bj ir lamps on
to the stage made a most pleasing
effect. The company U an exceptionally
good oi ■ unci 11 ied ■ i I the] i pari -
wit h      ppKrkI ins   rigoi :   winsome
1 | i ible ji        were
pari iculai l>   fine,   A  ii"\ pll>   ul
al drop of  tin      ii ; am  w u«
phower of man\    'olon d papei      lilxn
tii.it  ■■ Hei  e,
.■ i  here
Nero and Burnino of lioine
n,    Frid .      md Patunln     ll  i
i      i d thai   thi   splendid '! ul    I       irl
Ilim   "\ei n. or the lturnii
progrn      t   lhu
[•"diso     rheatn     I'hi    pi
!'■• i il ifull;        (aged
worth    eeinc        Ponigl      IW
Regular Monthly Meeting-financial Statement tor March
The regular monthly meeting ol the
Board ol Directors ol the Revelstoke
Hospital Soolety lOOO-lo, wan held iu
City Hull un Monday.
Present; Meiers, Cook (ohairman)
M.-i nny, Hooley, Gtoidon, LeleauM
D.'. Sutherland mnl Armstrong, lecre'
Mail Hiuai.h asking to in- ooiifleii
ol iiii meetings ol tbe Hospital i>.,,ni
Moved hy Mr. Gordon, Beoonded Mi,
Uooley, That this mutter he lurtbei
laid over.    Curried.
Miss. Ci runt, ie hospital trude ut Ar-
r \viiend. Moved Mr. Gordon, seconded Mr. McCarty, That the secretary be
instructed to write Miss Umnt, thai
us closely as possible the purcuaeu ul
uuapltal supplies he divided atnoni;
tne dilVereut hnsiness lirma.   Carried.
Miss Grant re kitlsuniining balls uf
the Arrowhead hospital. Secretary
stilted that Miss Grant had seut tenders (rum two ditl'erent parties, oue ol
$12 and the other lor $12 fit), and that
he had instructed Miss Grant to have
the work done, and to employ the
hest workman. Moved by Mr Gord.m
md Beoonded hy Mr. Htoley, tnat the
secretary's action he approved. Carried.
S.cn tary asktd lur instructions as
to the hospital ^garden and the employment of b gmiiener. Left iu the
hands of the secretary.
Secretary asked lor instructions as
to placing further insurance on the
new hospital wing stating that there
were now polities fur $0,11(11) issued.
Moved hy Mr. Gordon, seconded by
Mr. Leftaux, that this be U'.u ever fur
one month.   Carried.
Application from the Lawn Tennis
Chili, askiug lur the use of the huep -
.ai giouuu lor a couple of mouths iiu-
til they could s.cure uther grounds.
Moved hy Mr Gordon, seconded by
Hooley, that this he granted, but the
Sooiety could not undertake to guarantee that the Tennis Court he kept
free from driviug over it or other damage resulting.   Carried.
Ke arrangement of old hospital building. Moved by Gordon, seconded Le-
feaux, that this be left to the Building
Committee with power to act. Carneu
Messrs. Cook and Lefeaux were appointed visiting committee to the hospital for April.
The accounts lur March were pre
sented, and on motion of Mr.McCarty.
seconded by Mr. Hoolej, were order, d
Expenditure for March 1910:—Revelstoke $1,879 ,"i3; Arrowhead, $287 115;
Total $1,666.88.
Financial statement:—
Balance'on hand March 1st, 1910
$11,891.05; Receipts for Match 1910
$1,653.96; Total $5,545,01.
Expenditure lur   March   $l,(ifi(i.Sfe
Balance on hand April lBt.!|>3,8S6 18
Lacrosse and I. iwn Tennis
G 'Mils in all the best makes,
Slozenger, etc.
Rubber Hose and  Law i
Mowers, • larden Sets, < lar-
den Seeds, Flower Seeds.
In Hardware Paints,
Stoves, Harness or any of
the numerous lines we carry,
our stock and prices will be
found up-to-date.
Groceries,   Hurdwnro    Paints
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under  which  the   branches
of this b*ink are able to Issue Drafts on ihe principal points
In the following countries:
Austria-Hungary    Finland Ireland
Belgium Formosa Italy
France japan
Fr'ch Cochin-Chin* Java
Germany Manchuria
Great l'i it am Mexico
Ccv loo
Faroe Island
lec tar. i
South Africa
Straits Settk
NO   DHLAV   '11   I6SUIN0.
Phillipine Islands    West Indiea rrs
Roumania and eUcwfajcra
R£V.   ,.&TOM£    &RA.*'.H--a.
ALLtLN,     MGR,
Coming Events
A I"
M ,.
il  I*   V.M.C.A.    Aililvli.  I'litertain-
. m.m - m, i:::-,    Tin
il I'.i. .ii. 21, -2-2, id- Th.' fc-khnftlt
Tli.-alii'al t'wmpanj  ol * lucago al
ih" N,'«  I ili-mi, Tli,mii.'.
il   -J.-i-Ji".   Thi-   -In..nil.'   IWtonians,
:.i ili • New  I', ii-cui Thcalr...
il  2."i   "St.      1-Tiiin."  at  Tapping1!.
Opi'ia House.
il J^-'Jli—"Shaun     Aroon"     under
n .m ices of     ih.'   Konian  Cntholi.'
Church, New  Kdison Theatre.
-■'■'.   m.  r,i.T> Churrh  Kn'fi lan-
ii< ui   nut! i 'antala,   Sew      Edison
24—The  S\vi«*   Hell   Uingers.   The
fanious    lu'khardts.     \.*w   Rdinon
27   The    SiMiii-li   Prima   Doni  ..
Miss Jessie M.-I.a.hlan nnd   Con-
i'erl  Compam .  Kdisun Theatre.
■  ii   Canada's     famou?   comedinn,
".liliiiny   l-':t\"   am!   his   star  Co.,
in  New  Edison Theutre.
T. K. L Taylor, who left EUvelitoke
• i.i Mutida) i • tan- ui' Ilia i..- i.'.t :ic>.- ac
Vancouver, «.n the recipient of a
linudfonie bull seal drositig case, with
silver fittings, a^ili fr. in the members
of the Lawrence Hardware Company
start'. The presentation wai made at
the store mi !?»tu dsy night.
VV, \|. La«ren'e rend the address
testifying the high esteem with which
Mr. Taylor «at held by the Lawrence
Hnr.lwar.> nt iff, and expressing keen
regret at hi)  departure  fr.'in tin i
Mr. Taylor was also presented with
a cheipie for iflOU hy the directors of
the Lawrence Hardwire Co. Mr.
Taylor has been a faithful member of
the staff for runny wars and the
directors In making their presentation
expressed great appreciation oi his
valuable s. rvices.
Found Dead
I'c ■     lei - knowi     round
il ity, was found dead  ii
b ml ten mile wesl of llu. Hi. Eddy
mill mi Mon lav. Death s n pi ibalily
m ed ii-. hear! failure, The lv i :v' was
found h hi p tner n ho had In n oul
■ i nnd rolurnii found
i linnel dead. 'I! ■ remains are al Howson''   n lertnl  ng parloi .    ending Iho
i y*
County Court
.In,' _.   I'orin '.' Id n    il lin?      "i   llu
'initilj   Court   11.is-   niiiiinii      111
>w  i ,i i     'i-i .■ brought  'i|».
Vi,  llibsoli,      i   with     muni It it.i;
mnl   i)IT. I foi
trial,  which  will  pr.
ihi    e' eniu .     .,-'-:'      ei      wijl
enml In
1 mnl). r Co   v.  .1. ('    "■ •■
on; nnd Banting v. ,1. 0. II iti llii on.
ml  h ul been allowed el
cmpl 01     "i 8600 in lieu of goods by
nr,, . as provided for by law.
',. S. McCartor, lor 'he plaintiffs, gar-
ttnottnl and  'l»imed it.
Tl.., court gave judgement fnr defend
in  thu    upholding his claims to   'tho
exemption   oi 8500.     W. I. Briggs aP-
peun '1 for ili" d.'f.'ndunt.
n im ni,, ,   \,   ident insurance Co., v.
August      ■lulin-rin, claim  for premium
ii an accident policy. This was anot-
her   uit  on a similar claim dismissed
B'unc   months    ago. Tho action    was
gain dismissed,    O. S. McCartor ap-
c.-uvd  for pluintiff  and  C. 13, Gillan
or defendant.
Ill uh irli
i   M
Sec ' ' " "'' •"! ■■ ■ ' ■       ntcd
during  the  engagement  of the   I     hardt Co.
at the Edi >on   I licatrc d
i 1'age 2.
MMIM'SIIU.    M'li'll.
k!  Look and Read!
Actual Comparison of Eastern  Catalogue
Prices, Freight Added, with
Howson's Prices
Winnipeg price   Weight   Freight   Total   Howson's Price delivered
Military Funeral
I'l. I.l
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
ii               ii               t•
1.2 5
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
We make our profit by shipping in car load lots,thereby
saving freight rates. Bring catalogue giving description of other
goods not specified in this list to our store and we will prove our
statements. Remember we deliver goods and^set up free from
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Police Commissioners
ilml  n  mililai'j  funeral
pln.'O   in      |{ovt<lntiiko,  and  those
I tended  llinl  of  lho late fl ■,.,•
un nn  Sunday   wi I'll "ii'iilly im-
I li.   iln' >|inrl,  yi'l   imposing ru«
ver ,. thai I'hat'iiclerisetl lho List ob-
e.ptiei of ili.' deceased who was a
member of l'\ Compnnj   K.M.U..
Tin'  , pan.    inustol'ocl   al    lh.    .lull
liall i.. il..' number ..1 thirty six, < !npl.
Smith ln'iiiu in chin gn;  Lieuts.     Mario
I (Irani .uul Sawyer beinu also present.
II..'     I nil   erviee     »•«    held al  the
h.ime of .1 I ;,i..jlii..n. brnlheriiilnw of
Ilia deeeii ed, and was .'ondlli'led In
He.. \l. (1, Mi>l\ in. Th,' funeral mr-
tejji^ in lhe . emelerj   wan letl bj      lhe
 i ade   "i  ' he 'I anod  .. ii li     arnii.
i.'.i'i-.'.I, and a lai'ixo iiumher of
in. a i loll....iin: ili.' hoarse, Th.' I.'.'..
tt      i . ('aider road  I lie Inn ial win ieo
III    lllo  IfraVO.   Ill   a, ...l.lall.','       ..llll     lho
iixiiiil , ikii.ih ai llu' funeral ol a mil'
dier, ihreo volley* were lired ..iiii blank
I'lirlridues over lhe grave, while Ihe
"Lasl Post, ' llu. siirinil lhal lh.' da,\
i- done, ...'ll known lo all soldjors
bolh in pete o an.I war .. a - sounded on
ilir I.....a.- bj I i.mi. K. II, Saw.Mir, and
ilie la i riles over a -..I Her'n (jravo
woro ai'.'omplished,
Tlir M.'in' ai ihe irrnvo side ..a- ono
of pathos an.I ilitrnih, beinu deeply
impressive in, i lie maunei' in u hi. li I he
lasl ri'||iiiem lo n .l.'a.l fnuii'iide was
held  I.,   lhe  military   intl lit"   heiv,
The     .,illin     was  e»v rl  ..ilh   lho
I in,.a .lack, .ni .vhieh wt'ro placed the
h.'lin.'i  ami  side arms  of  lhe doi'ensod.
The pall bearers wore all prival.iH of
I' <',, . I'tos. I'ii-ln. Mason, Leslie,
Uobbin .  Parkins  and   Furqnhar.
Mr,      Kobertson      ...a-    a    native of
Sir a-..   i„   il„.      ii,l \       MhiiiIh,
ami Innl boon a residonl of lievelstoke
for nearly li..' years. During In- staj
here the do.-eased had been a elerk of
llir ('in Hall olliee ami ha,I erealod a
wide circle of friends, hr-ini; popular
.. i.ih all. mnl a keen anl faithful monv
ben ,,f ihe llocky Mountain Rangers,
ami hi- ilea ill i- great I.i regretted by
lievelstoke generally.
Ml ihai coiiUI I." done for th" de-
eeased during his illness w:,. carried
out, uiul     in   hi-    lasl    moments      his
1    lh.. Tribune publishes    ilm  followinc,   friends wer nl  him,  including A.
'   ie-     aboul   ih,-  Fori  George district   Miller .nnl   .1.  Wilson,   who  had    come
•   i.n  ihe benelil  of  I'orl (1 ••) ttlors,   up from  Vancouver I   their friond
al     I'orl   before he died.
id    il    i- 	
Fort George
plans .uul il -t ol  the addition ai
oral i.e.- be - red.
\  mw.tini!  »f  ih"  police eoi l«H K   I'll I    I lii: \ I M I'.YI'.
ers  ..a-  held  yesterduj   alien.......  with       ''"'   ' hief   -aid   ihere   was   always
Mayor      Hamilton  and  ('omuiis-doi  i-of men in  tin   gaol doing iim
Im,,m..I ami   I'rimble present. '""   lll"lv ""■   no parti   liar work   for      |1„.  ruilnmd  will  nol
I'lil H I    SI MMI ll   ri ulTllS'i:.        them lo do    \ rock pile would     be     i    ve     earlier  than   li'l
The matter of letlinij  lhe  londei   lot "'   ' '  :   ""   """»   '"  •'"i>""   more     than   likel>   ii  ..ill  nol   be I
the summer clothes for lhe poli.-n   wn       "l""1     '       ' " '""' >      '"  hei   1913.
discussed.     Tenders wore iwelved from   '""'   lmv"  ,l'"   , ' I'ho   townsite   ha.   nol   been   loealed,      Ottawa,     Vpril  -   T Ifieial   state.
...  II.  Knight,     MeKinnon    ,\   Su hul  additionsi have I n surveyed, and   ,,„,„,   „|  ,|„.  revenue  of   lho  Dominion
land.    Meline     Mercantile Co. and J. '"      "   I'.t-    '"    "• f thi-ni   (('.'iitrnl     Fori   fat .the past liscal venr shows the rev
Hull. ial result,    _,.  sale in Vancouver     at  cnue was »IS,(Hi2.97-i.     Thi-  -urn   ..ill
Uuu-    considerint!    the ''.'"" ;"'"   '■"■'   lol
. loth submitted ii « . m .ed bj \
I Kim a-'l. seconded In I I'tiiiible.
ilml   ih.-  lender of  Mi Kinnoi   ...   >utli
Doiifiin'j Eiq Revenue
n- sum   ..i
be increased  b.\   al   lenst  S-J.i .nun by
i" surveyed    route  collections  during   lhe  uexl   few   weeks
line.       ..i (he i., ,i..l  Trunk   I'..iii,    i: ,11..,,,  ;,.   . , ,        ,■      i
■'" '   ''uiik  i unu   i,.nu..i\ iii   for ,.,.V|.  accruing  diinnu the     hseal
I   .   . .
ctland      be nc. opted,      and- thai
-nn-  be  oixlered oi  >J- IHI
each.  The  motioi
(J. H.     Kniirhi '       ' •
i ijlor  w Im    , in  it
beiug      -si"    I hi        in '
ilml  84U was   i ligh a |
for the suits,  mid •K
tl thei .'■■ .
ui-.   themseh •■-.      w.i.        ' hasin
i   ii-  to      i.i ■!' er H.i
....   ■
ed   a   "i
passed  to ii
POI I. I    H'.\ \[ a
'     ".I.
Eckhardt Company.
Loose Tea Loses Flavour
It not only loses flavour, but worse than this, loose
tea takes on new odors, such as coal oil, molasses,
onions, coffee, soap, etc.,—to say nothing of
its exposure to the sun, dust, dirt and
air.    Therefore for your protection
is told only in sealed lead packets—never ia bulk.
•  Black, Mixed and Natural Green, 40c, Bile, 60c and 70c per lb. —'
Scotch  Whisky
A Brand to Depend on.
Is there ;mythinj* mote annoying tliun to
lind. alter acquiring a liking lor a certain (<md
ur beverage, that while occasionally (J.mxJ. it
is not uniformly good.
1 hat often happens in the case <>( whisky.
It cannot happen with Watson s whisky.
I ir'.irm nign quality is ensured for tins
brand, by tlie most rtjjid care in distilling,
blending, ageing and bottling,
I lie flavor and the mellowness that commend Watson 8 to you when first you try it,
never ari.- allowed to deteriorate or I > vary in
tin' slightest degree.
Continued use of Watson s Scotch confirms
old friends in their liking for it. und the
expressed opinion of theso old friends of the
brand is continually helping to make new
Iricnds  for it,   the world over.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"    A milJ. tkoranfUy rn.tut.-J Scotch.
"NO.   10" - A lull-UJifd, richly ll.vornl Scad,.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited  -   Dundee.
Halley's Comet
In regard i<> tho eomet, Foster says:
i"1"' f|r. -I'm"'  imi .in,«u ,,f si:,.:,r,->,no.
1'   "'    '",'   '"' I'ard    i"      ■||„. expenditure ..n
..ill    1)0    ' illlllel-       f.H
ind in.'!  t,,i- vears t.
I . isei   ■ i   er   ind   S'eclmco   . alle\ -
•'•':    ' ""'-  i"  nil),  may   lie      Usumini;  1I1..1      the delayed returns
"la 1 I.   rather    limn   wj||  ,.e(lc|,  -<•_•. ,tu 111.   il„.  revenue   for
1   nitons.   There   are  X900-10 will     exceed  lite hundred mij- The solid bod> ol thn romet will   pass
'" '-  "'  Prairie or meadow,   on   |j,,„      ln„,.i,  |„   sjnii. 1.      t'ompnrine very  .lose  to the earth's orbil    aliout
' ■■'"  h" ''Ut:   hill   il."    poi    ,|„.  revermp ,,,  v.w.UiiJ.'.iT I   as   ro turned Bigi,t   day- alter  liie carlli  ..ill     have
","""1   «'i«l'  •'•»•   .,11 March 81, with the total revenue ol pRS80tj  ,|„. point „f crossing and, as I
883,100,525 for   I'.'n-n'.'.  an   increase  i- Bee it   lho poisonous gases thnl     may
bu  throws .ill from  tho cornel  willM-
nsolidaled fund |ow  Lhe earth along  the path ol   the
.' .-.1.1111 for ordinary expenditure    was earth's orbit.        1  cannot  say      that
--'m".-.iiT."i less than    in the preceding these gasoa will reach tho earth     bui
year,   the    llgures   being:   For   lil0S-0t), jf ,(„,v ,j,, i, „j|| i„,  :,i,„1Lr i|„,     path
-  ''    sTI..•.::.■..Ti'.n.   for   IU0SM0,  J(W,S57,785. mentioned,     and      may     causo   Rome
i"*1 fll"-|                   'strange diseasoi during the spring and
 ■""■  I                        lahnnB Pall summer.
LaUU a ball ,  ,., ... .. .. ,,. ....
Liek Obsowntoryi April 10—lho com-
■ ■
i.        .1 1
lhe Western Federation of Miners head-   eclipse .villi the -un yesterday,     when
quarters     in Denver of     lho favorable   ii  was     sighted by astronomers     for
vote taken    by  tli" bituminius   minors'  bout  15 minules.
of  the federation  makes  ii  certain,  ii |    rhe celestial wnndcrer i- npproxlmo-
id, thai  the movement     for     the   i,.|v  ,„„.     hundred  and    fifty  million
AFFILIATION  OF   MINE WORKERS,  ot  is now    -ecu through  lho  telescope
Denver,   Vpril 7   Receipt ..i news   nl   shortly befora sunrise, li emerged from
010  ■, '.
d >t I
iliation     of  lho western  Federation   mj|,,s ftWay, Between now and May IH
of Miners ..ilh the t'nitod Mine Wink-   wnen n„, onrth passes through ilstail
,(  North   Vmerica  will bo suceoss-   [t  wi||  approach  until only  11,000,000
milos from  il mih.
  I    Speaking of     the comet,     Professor
lOllCB    UllmlfjC j   ■■! ntil    May 18 ffalley'i cornel  will
.        , .     ., , ,, ,, lie  fl   iiioriiiiiij  object,  lit'coinine-  visiblo
\riil   -    .1 mi. •   Hill.    Ion ,     „ ,   , ,    ,
■ 1 before the firsl rays of dawn, and al-
I.i-      playmate -anl.
I 1 ler   llmt   lime   il   ..ill   he   an  cvellllie/  oh.
1.11".'    I.■III.ill,    ..hell a *
■    1 loci and ..ill he fairly conspicuous dur-
.   ....      iwav fr..ti
HolfJ-Up at Vancouver
I he  1 i.i. I .
On 1
oci    ed   le      \,       I'     K
.     ■■         . !
1 lal
1 ,       ....
m     lieu'    Island
ll; i":'   ..I   lhe    VI-
im ' nl   '-. nigh! f	
I        I he    l.o.
Michael Fi ioi, fired
e been 0
Fatal Accident
r,  A| ■■: ; .r./   hn< k
f 1 "Ml   u'liicli
I ■ 1   l 11 ■ ■
lho  ln»1   half ..f   Mnv.
Child Burned to Death
\\ p. -j.   Vpril  s   Albert   U.  Tontw,
lho iln ai  old   «hi ol II. J. June*,
ri P.P.If omployooi wnc burned in
ih'ftth In 1 111 if hi while ptnying «iili
Operator Imprisoned
a,     \piil    a   Sigh!
\ oyet. of lhe 1 .I'.lf. train oOleo,    was
I     I     P     M lorday morning     1 onl  '" gnol    for
broker,   llu." inonlhn lor doserting his key on
ho   1      iVislnosdn       •  • ning.  II" was iutoxica.
.  lordn;    ' 2   md gave lhn 'I" pal. hei  lhe "good
feel    mi!,   night,  1 i""   iigiial.  Fortunatoly
■  horl    i-.l1 nl wn   'im I,'.   ...ued and dan-
,1     ,'      r of train      wns avoided by a new
man tnki.ng tho key.
1'     ■<   v .■   ,    Uo. Ing Pictures  to-night.
I    ''I." ing  P   ■  "    tonight,
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
A viicnncy having itcciirrttd on the liourd of
SphiMil Trnstoo^. jinhtir notice is hereby «ivn»
to thn electors of the Muniriuality of H**»«l-
stokr, that I re<|iiire ttie iirosenee of the *-*i(l
electors nt tho City Clark'h Ollice. City Hall.
&lrKoi./ie Avenue in the Kiiid city on the 20th,
'In v of April, MHO, at 1? o'clock uikhi, for the
pnr|Mi-n ..I .'!.-■[;n.- u School Triistor.
The mode of nomination of oiudidates shall
Iw as follows:
Tlm candidates shall ho oomiiiHtod id writ—
ine, tho writing shall l>e tabtCnbed hy two
voters of ili" municipality as proitoser and
-ocondor. and shall he ilelivered to the Ketnni-
im(* i Ulif.'t at any timo ln-iu  the dnte of tbift
notice and 8 p ni of tho day of the nomination;
and in the event of a |->U lieiiiK DMMMty *-ucb
poll will Ih< opened on Saturday, the " .ni day
of April. 1910, in the Cily Clerk's otlica, iu
tho City of HiuttUtnke, and kept open hntweau
the hour of nino o'clock in tho foroiiiam aud
tlio hour of MSV60 o'clock in thn  nd'ti,   for
taking and raonrdtoi the rotm of tha olectors
of tin* >aid City, of which ovary pwou (a i me
hy ni|itin»d to tnkn notice and   IjOTerll   himself
Tli" pertODl ,'.''■! to ho nominated for
and elocled a- Bohool 'I'm lm» shall Ite snch
peraoill KI aro hoOMholdtn and Ih'Uik Hritish
lUbJMti of llm full auo of twonty-oim rears and
otherwise i|inililled  to  vole at   au  eWlitiii of
Bohool TruaUet
Kvory oandldatfl imniiriatod shall signify hy
a Writing accompany log tlm nomination paper
hts cou-uni iu nrl. Domination. ox<'apt in ca->e
roofa paraon bo abaant from the municipaliiy
wlmu such abaance ihall ho stated iu the nomw
uat inn paper.
(liven under my hand at Itevolstoko this ISth
day ot  Vpril, 1910.
(HAS   J   AMAN.
L't wed, «»at. Hntiiniiim Officer.
For Sale or Rent
Eighty acre ranchi1, about
five miles pouth of the
City, about loncref under
Cultivation, < ine team of
hones, mower, boiler, ruke,
plow, sli'inli and wagOD
and other farm Implements. Term? can he furnished on application to
Revelstoke, B.C.
D. LOZZI, - WEDNESDAY,  Al'lill.  13,  I'.uo.
Patio 8
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
any aval I able Domlnimi Lands within tha
J\     Uailway   Halt,   in   British  Columbia,  may
be lirtiii«*ionilrtd by any per*OU who Id the lule
head ol a famiiy.or  anj amlo OVOT '« yuaraofi
into, t.i tho oxteuiof ouo-quartot seotluu ol 100
acreH mora nr loss,
Kntrv 'Mi-' ba 'utolo iiar-onally   at llm  lorn I
land "'lino Lu dm illxtriot lU which tho land is ,
altnata:   Eutry  by  proxy  may,  hnwovar, ha i
made on oertalD '■oiiuiliims hy thu fitUitir,
Bother, sou. dHUfflUpr, brother or sUttir of an
intondni« hoine-'iiadar.
Tlm homaaioariar li raqulretl to perform Mm
ooodltltim connected therewith uuder ono or,
the following p\aui i
il\ At l«a>t. ~>i x mon thf1 reatuoooe upon aud
rultivatiou nt the laud IU BBOU year for thrOft
(2) If the failutr ior mollmr. if tha father la
deooaaed) of tin* homeitender retiring1 upon a
form In tno vicinity nf the laud anturnd f-r, Urn
requirement* ai to roaldenoo may lie natlifted
Sy  mob peraou residing with  tbo father or
(Si if th" tottlei i,it.iii permanent roaldenoo
upon farnilua land owned by lum in lhe vioiu-
itj of ins homa*teod the ro*iuIromentn as to
realdonfo maj bo  tati Red by resldouoo upou
lim -.aid la  d.
Six moot hi' untie*1 in writ in it khould ha given
an the  Conamlaetouer o|  Dominion Lands  ut
Ollnwit of Intention to apply for palem,,
inu. i "nl miulug rtghli may bo leased for
« period of twenty •one years at an annual
rautal of fi per aore. Sot moro than 8,BW
urea  shall be leased tu uue Indlfldnal or
eontpmiy     A royally   at the   rata nf live QOUtl
i>«*r ton ihall bo collected on lho merchantable
coal niiund,
Deputy of the Minister ol the Interior.
N H.   un author lied pnbllL'atton of ihis ad
vartUementwill not hn oaid for.
(2?/,..,   tMfc£&
- ■'■•■■ -'AA
■■••■: -»
.    .      :.'i'k-t   :/
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
BY-LAW NO. ll!>.
111 in K^ NO. 60 &  Nil. 53.
Whoren* ll  is deemed expedient     to
Mop   ii|.   portions   t.f   ill"   lam's   as hereinafter 'I"- ' ibed.i
th.- Muni.'ipn Council of the Corporation ol i itj ol Rovolstoke, in
open in.'"    ._ ii--"tnlil.m1 as follows:
1.    I ■ it  portion ol tli" lino
in Block number Fifty (80) lying between let ly boundary of Rob-
on Avenue and the easterly boundary
f M. Vrtl Vvenit ns shown on a
plan ol ; the Citj ..i lievelstoke
and niimbet ' IfcSG L \N|i all thai portion                 uve u   Block number  Kif-
ty-thr *>■   lying    between the wea-
terlj i Wynn  streel      and
the ■ .nlu. of Pearson St.,
,,-  shew n ot    i pi ni ol pari  of     the
City ' I  \' :." mi'I numbored 630,
be and the same nre hereby under the
ntlioiii.    ..:'    Section 60  Bub-section
142 of     the    "Municipal Clauses Act"
topped up,
Read a Brst time tli" 8th day of
larch, I'.'l".
Re id • leeon 1 time the 8th day
of March, 1910.
Ri id o ■ bird time and passed
lh,. 8th i'.' of March, 1910 with the
unnniii nsent ol the Counoil,
R ,m.i.'i.-1    and   finally passed
an | a lopted  l>,   the Counoil  the  18th
.ia. ol SI ii h, 1910.
(Sig ied)     J. II. HAMILTON",
City Clerk.
I ."iiii'   this is a true copy of    tho
By-Law passed by the Council of   the
City ol Revelstoke, BC, March ISth.,
Citv Clerk.
City of Revelstoke
Property owners are requested
to notify either the (.'ity Clerk or
the City Assessor of any sales in
the City and vicinity for 1910
Assessment Roll.
City Clerk.
Union Hotel
Under New Mtmupement
Stewart Macdonald
Notice is hore|by glvon that an nppli-
cation will li" iiiml" iiinl.'i' I'lui V. ol
ilm "Water Aot, 11)00," lo obtain a
license in th" Rovolstoko Division ol
West Kootenay District.
(a.) The name, address and occupation of ili" applicant, Jacob S, Wieus,
Nukusp, B, C„ fruit grower and vege-
inlil" gnrdenor,
(li.) Tli" nam.' of ih" lal.". stream,
or source (if unnamod, tli" description
in) Little siivain. unnamed, running
oul ol small Ink" i ol mil" onst of said
(".I The poinl ol diversion, 20 rods
won ol "H-t ond oi lot '-'. sub-division
Ol lol   l-'TI Croup (1).
(il.) Tho qunntity ol wator applied
for (in "ulii.- feel por ioi ond) one cubic, fi.ui per soc I.
I...i   Tho   character ol tl." pro] I
works: Takon ..iti i«ktu urvoghstrom
i renin to garden.
(f.) Tho promises on whioh tha water is to li" used, l.ni 9, Subdivision
of Lot 4274 Group ll) Kootenay,
lu'.) The purposes for whioh the wn
tor is to li" used,- irrigating vogotable
(h.) " for Irrigation, describe the
land iutendod to be irrigated, giving
acreage,—1 acre on west end ol Lol -
siili-ilivision of Lol 4274 ol Group (1)
(U) This notice was posted on the
1 itli day of March, 1910, and an application ..ill b" made to the Commissioner on th" llth day ol April, A.
1).,  1010.
(1) f'.iv" lh" nam"* nnd Btldrossea
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands aro Hkoly to
be affected by tho proposed works,
either above or I."low the outlet,—
Bulsnall Bros.. Robert I.n Hue, Nukusp
B.  C,  below outlet.
Dated March tilth., 1910.
(Signed) m.10.
Nakusp, B.  C.
For Sale or To Rent
Two 6-roomed houses and I acres ol
and.  Been cultivated Ior years.     All
iml j of small fruit. A good location
ust outside "f city limit..—84,000.00,
Half "ash. Will -"11 or rent any por ■
tion ol this property.
A ltooiI investment, now is yonr
Eggs tor Hatch-in
Eggs  for hatching from  the  follow
inu' imported pure brc.l stoen:
s. C. Rhode Island Reds.-$2.00.
Silver Laced Wyandoltes,—82.00
Barred  Plymouth Rocks,-82.00
s. C. r.mi Leghorns,—82.00
Cornish Indian Game,—82.00
White Crested  Black Polish,-$2.00
Ian I.n Geese.—83.00.
Imperial  Peliin Ducks.—81.75.
Also  stock from   the above for sale.
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned under the linn
name and style ot Tbe Paget Supply
Oo., has this day been dissolved by
unit ual consent and the business ill
future will be carried on under the
same name by E. \V. H Paget.
All accounts owing hy the firm will
be paid by. and all accounts owing to
llu- linn will be collected bv B. W, B,
Dated at Revelstoke, B.C., this ITub
.lav of April, llliu. 4t
" (Signed)      !•:. W. B. PAGET,
where we aro not now represented.
New Bicycles for $2n, and up.
1110 Government St.,
Victoria,   B.   C.
J. I'. Sutherl.nnl, having purchased the
Express Business "t E. W. B. P get,
begs to advise the public that for the
present he is Using Mr. Pagi t's i ::"■ Bl I
phone nuntlier and  that  orders   sent in
there ..ill ha, tion.
E. W. 1>. Paget thanks the public for
th ■ oatroi i - dui ing the time lie has
been running the Express Buslni ss, ..•'.
asks l.-r his successor, .'. P. Sutherland,
a continuance of the favors hitherto ac-
d to him.
Palace Restaurant
McKcnzie  Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars.Tobacco.
Menl? 35 cent?.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
WANTED—To sell a practically new
Eastman Folding Kodak. Por particulars apply al M.ii'.-ll.
Why Napoleon Shoe Vamp
Js Crackless!
1 he vamp is theleather between ilir l>ox toe scam ami the inslep snun.
'1 Ins is why Napoleon (Foot-rile) Shoes have crackleii vamps:
They'te made ol "Normal Call," ,i leathei almost as sod and sur<pi»
as lhe live call's skin.    You never heard ol a live call's skin cracking.
1 lie linen canvas linings are cut on pattema which fit the inside*
willi watch-like accuracy. Poor linings cause permanent diagonal
vamp wrinkles, win. Ii split the leatltet.
Normal Call is almost waterproof, hence soaks up little water.   The
repented drying ol water-ioaked Loots eventually brings cracked vamps.
I he toe-freedom box toe, being uncollapiible, holds the vanuj.
Icatliet arched and smooth, and prevents splitting nt tlie vamp toe scatr..
1 he wrinklelesa vnmp improvement keeps out vamp wrinkles which
Undermine and crick the vamp leather.
1!(in<t shaped over loot-sculptured tails, Napoleon insides are precisely
the s.iine shape and size as the feet lhat inhabit them, whicli compels
ili ■ leather to crease ulraiglil inflead of diagonally across lhe vamp.
Diagonal creases wear in cracks.    Straight creases don't,
Anywhere in America, Canada or Great Britain, $5.00 and $6.00.
Every  pair  Goodyear  Welled—gives  flexibility.     Canadian   Head
Offices; Foot-rito Shoe Company, Montreal.
Foot nto
For Sale Only at This Store
MeKinnon and Sutherla
It is Easy Enough to Be Pleasant
When Monday Goes By Like a Dream,
When the Labor is Lin'ht.
The Linen is White.
And You're Not Choked to Death
B.v The Steam.
It is Easy to Banish Your Troubles
With Royal Crown Soap for a Friend,
Tis The Best in The West :
And We Beg to Suggest
You Can Also, at All Times   Depend
Golden West Washing Powder
It Cleanse?    Purifies   Beautifies :
And The Premiums are Fine.
Tiie Dines
Ki'l'i'l'lillU    1"    tllO    lll'llllle    ilepn   il      111
l.iinleiiu nn en-tern paper «tnl(«i I horn
nr,, I,ilh,,n ■      nl  ,-ulii.' I'.'i'i      ,.i  innrlile
lluire, nnil,     judging fr   whal      I' i
lieeli iiii.M.eivil, nf lliu liiu-i iptnlilj.
Tin' .. Iiuii. niouiiliiin nppeni'H to Im
i,| in:,,lil,..   Ulii.i,.  innrlile,  liliui  innrlile,   (
nml . arii'giiiiiil innrlilu hnvn nil I n os
I I  li.   ilir    preliniinnrj   ipiiii rv ing,
Here mill   llii'l'e  Hi' Im.i' iniliiil  I'm lum
... I ii it I  in ilie     line i Cnrrnrn    ' itiinrj
Ill  \l..-   \ I    II \/l I TON.
Il»l,.< II;.ri i- Im- Ilnnileil il." Ilnrlier
liill group, adjoining the Silver Cup,
in  Hnl,in,', lo 11,   I'.  Mellnii .V   i "    I",
x:i7.iiiin.  .villi  n   S'J,   en«h   p ij n	
Tlir I ilei     .. ill    inn   ili vel.ipnn III on
1,1  l,ei  -Ini.   I.
llu  li      llm      Im     il n   I T.i   lhe
Sunt i '■ urnup ul.' Im rn imi- i" ih'1
Ilml.,',   Ilill  i.n   siiii.nun. with
|m. ni   nf 8.1,11(111,  lo ,1,   I'i.'I   Kill hie
mnl   lii-   n-mi. inii"-.   \.li"  linii'jlil       iln'
Silver     Cup lor st-..",  !., i  Fall      ll
vim..- ii -Jn i'i . li"lL'.'. uiili iiiii " [eel
ul'   -uliil   -il.i'l'li'nil   mi'   I Iml    avi i
in.ne limn Slim n Ion, Win I, .rn    thnl
propel i.   .. Ill  -imi earlj   in  -lul,..
Mr,  llm r',-  -n|.l llinl   llir    i"     in nl
Ki. i< '!"■- in i !.' up iii.. rloi K.'l nl llm
I   lis     I'.illi ,'    I   nlil 1        till '."'■■1,.
I ',    Mel   ,.ul i\     \. ;i ■    ' llll ..'ii    ..ill,    1-    ll
.li iiiiIi  un  ilie |.iil)l        i ■•■■   an I     filled
'       ||i|   >.'.".l'   . ..   I    ,   Ol     ll:   Jl I ul'l    I'1
(I.   Itontl ii   -imi-
ii- flim '  o*t»
rn-   on  '! i
P,   llm le, '        •■      \. .i*
'     . Ill        i 8'J "'"    n
Tlir e|         inei l reltii ned
[nun ' Inlilei ne   to
. i,|   U"i',     Pile mil I'llll"  Win ,i"l Olelll
I    linat   loilfil
• ii     .1, iii i.   iiiii  iiiuk ii. nm .ii: • ■      "i
iin.i,,.,'U,'- in ihe |i il
Vi.  11 iirriw nl wi t li h
:  ... .    fined
."          i.i i. ..I 7 'it. •.
|>,  Murp         miii .ii ruuiul
.,      ,   '     ,     V   !: I with
  Ill I .. I- I'"
I'l.'V  \S   \l    I ll' llltl Wl IIV.
\            .   .  ,         ,.   . .I     . "   ■    il."
h ii ..■  nl   iinlnwl . Illnu   Uobt.
I'lemii      " '     "' fr lii^
I            , I'.',     '   'TV           .111
Iho     fool    Mn.iiu,   -I       riu'hl     fool    "'""'"J       ' :"-   "'   """
ol Bnlon«,  ;,.,',:„„„  Ell pe,       „„,l     !' "  '""'    I      ''   L"'"  ':
III!   „,„,'■ i   silver   ,„   lho   ,,"       The       ,"l'"'i''   "!"'   • '       '"-
1, lor,   ..,11 -imi   n   new   ,„ I,  Ki,      V' ' """ '   l''"""lwl   "",       "''
inu 5(111 loo lepth,  richl   n„«v,     ;~"v", '! v ' ' ''
ro as     lo bo able lo    pro.lu   „       ri'"""-   •'""'l '"' '    '     '"     '"   ,'"'
I„m"-,mI, „ i a-     ih,.  rnilruail   '""V'"M   '"   ''   '      "    " ' '"x',"-'
r he-  lluzolton,  from  ivhielt   lho inin-   ■
i'-   nre Mini'  mill'- ili-lnnl.
Midi \ rn\l
Tho ,l."i-i i iho i'.I'.I,'.  In     ml
nil   lhe   . ...il   llinl   111"   Sil oln   in
uskell   lh.. ilofl n Mi '   foi   it,    in I   KOI it.
h       ■ ,- inlil li, "put  up" (paj  fm   il i
...       "   ,     ; the   (ro il,'.-    In-
 Im.  iii iln. ili (en.I oil threaten-
'   in  ..   ill nil .i\...
i iilnreli  'aiil   Klt»mini!  Innl boon hnn-
i..un,I  ihe  in '     mil,-
II   uni-.ni"'  '•(  him elf  nml
- I'llll
I I.ne ..ill  revolutionize  tho eonl  in-
ilii-tr.   im thai  district,   li   .. ill i,.'     n
|.l.inli.i   -iiiinilii-  ..iiii   lhe  re-nil llinl
properties  „m\   opei'iitiiu;   ..ill  Ineron •■
nil   ihe  lupior  I      ma Iinil  Ihh-ii
,ory iiliii-i.e.     II.- iliil nol   .
pliiintilT, l.ui  hn :     i a   ••'  tho axo     in
sell it'iV       iiii" i   eviil n •■  won!    lo
,i i oborntc   ii i        ho   '"urt    I.--
eiileil thnl  iini.- « ii- n -iil.-
iheir  outputs   while   those   -lill    in   lho
|.|'ii-|i.'.iilM    -Inee-        ..ill    Ilk"I.     ill-lnll
|.Innl- iiiiiI enter to lho ilemnnil,
\ ii ii.rin.   April   In   A   thii I   -ir,.nl,  nl
free iiiiiiiii:.'  uolil  Imt been  -innl,      in
1 i'ii,it"    iho    ' i.'i' .-■ and  lhat   tho
plaintiff  lini  In- n In
. .i (or in tun. ■ ' -  ".mi'm  Th"
........     i '■ >". "•"
|„   be   |.      '   - :
Iiiii Ml i ll  IIOOZ18.
.1. .1 ' ■ i
...      |rni
ll"   !'.    II
]       C. P. K. SHOP EXTENSIUS ,,,.,.:   .     v . K
i    hi-    Intcd that tin   ■   ■   i.'ii.   . •   lhe s.j •,,,    ,
C.l'.l:.   shops  n,   i;,..,l  i,    -   wi'l -hi.lt- -    .
Ij   he ie i.M-'.l     to SIHI men m I thai       p      •,, ■   '   •   -•   rem
'''•' "  "'■   id'litions     to ih- build- :,„i ,•,,,,„    \\... \
im.'- lo iu,'ei  the crowinir requiivments liars*, wm   ol
..ill shortlj  be     put     i., I n.,.I.       The .
lho live-fool   ore voin "i  Ihe 21111 level
.it  ih" * i l<.  I'..  mine,  uo ir  Ste„ :ni.
mi 1'inilniiil ennui. Tho iliweoverj lm-
.■mi-".! M.n-i.|i-rnli!i\ ex.'iti'inont ami
|iiii-|i".i.ii - are ttuniperliiifl Irom
l'i ii" e Uupoi I, Juneau, Ivi. hiknn anil
other ii«.ii li.'iii . ,■ iiiii--.
Rail aid Steamer
I       I'     II:-
Kevelstohe shops  linve ne, or ulvi n
ii' i,nut i.f themselves thnn ■,.'...   . '.....,       \ ■ -
""'"'"-    n  l:it'i:..i     proportion     ol i;, n si    PO Wi
if" lum. i! work, ami in belter   ulinpe     .1,  ,| rl T.  II
tlm,. ever.     Grenl cred I  .- eon ins  lo .   i
lhc looal  Master Mechanie,  Mr.  I«vi I
IRHOWHEAD  AMI  KOOI IA \\   KY.      in   iheir     lime
We hem- i.n (food mull.ni:.   that  lho   lhe lin—.  ...■>.■ b
C.   P,   It,   will   -imi   ill  "mil"-'   thin fail    i-irnt"       i.    n
with  lhe  , ..n-iriiiii.iii      ,,!  the   lin..'     istrato
li.i.l and  Koi,i,.nny railway  to       on-   there was
licet lho i.i• iiti  lino nl   Revelstoke wiih   deiiline    witl el      if
the Crows Seal rond via lho l.urdeau.   •' -,     .
li  i    tinted tho «.irk .. ill be rusheil lo  tiers, tin
completion   in  order  lo  hnve It l»v
able n- - i ii- possible as  an all       I"- n lopti        i j    rein
miii... imiiii'  In en i  the  i"
boinu; bloeked by snow   slideit   o	
freight  and pnsscngcr ii.ii'-   shall  i          Moving Pictures tonight.
uiu'.iin li,. dUorgnnised nt  it   ho. 	
RaiiW!'; RatBS
ni Iiii.ui-  espei iin pel.
New Financial Company
If you want a suro invoatmcnl. and one
that will Btandthe closest Inspection.write
The Over-Land Financiers Limited,
VANCOUVER,   8  C.      inch 12-28
S|iei'inl Attention given to commercial
men and tourists, First-elnBa sample
rooiiip. Finest Bcenery In BrillBU Colum*
bla,ovdrlookingUpper Arrow l-nk".
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
House for Sale
Coiner fifth Slr.ii  .mil
McAithut  \,.'.
For linn, mnl particulars  apply al
residence tu
A good   Horse suitable for, r,   McCALL
Saddle.  Harness.  Packing  or
any  Class   Of  WOrk.    Apply to    MINERS    WANTED   I   ■       French
Creek, Big Bi nd, Apply E, A.    Bra
J. CARLSON. First St.      :.,
■■      ■
l'i,.,,,. ill   ihimiv-   il,    llritMl   ''"'i.n-       " '
bill i    further in.li.-nteil b,  lit	
,„,, i  the  I'rovlt      I II -.
I'm i  i i.mpuny,   «itl     i     ipitnl     ol  '
JUKI,  full)   pnltl up.     Tl ■  ■
lit i    i.-il   .. it It   i:
the pro, in-. . men w Im 1   i iw    I
III        ,l:'l    l.lll    po   il , Mi     11,-,     K
r  ii
!: I.,.   ■ .
, i.,' pi, -,,l. nl i    Hi    \        M II
i ., " I
1., Taylor, «i
II ,i,i. ' . ■• - '      .  ■ -.,
I    II   I ■
ll".' '.
<i ||
i .,. i  . ,". i|
'lh,. nlli
|| - \|.
I,"U' ■.,.
Ill'l. I
I id,, ml \;       '     -
M i nt ler, li if- ler,  Hi ' -■■ T.
i -    -    I ■ v
Hi • -
Kiiied by Dynamite
• Pace -I.
WEDNESDAY,  AI'llll.  13,  llllll.
Zhc ni>aiL-'(bcvalt)
lilll.lSIIICIl Wli'M-liAV   .Ml
HATUIll! i\   ai
Sutcnor ipubltsbtiifl Company,
Subsirip    in   Kates
llll'lll UnK   (111   IM'    1"    I   I'KllllIll,   I ilill'll   Sli.l.
uul I iiuitilui
lij tilt) .."iii|lliriiii|;li im-liillli-i'l	
II..11 " " "      I..V
Qui.li.i' " " "     I ,"
,1'HI     li'lN'I'IMi 1'nniii       .-Mi ulii nl nm.uu-
uiil.- nil"-.
IKIIMS    I .i.li.    Mul,MMi|il|i' ,s  imyi.l.le ill ii.l
I,. . i| ui'iii'i--' pn"hi    hei'  lino  lli"l   in .iiii.ii
 1      I'M   I llll  ll   Sill
m. . ..I iiii iii - Ni.iii'inii ua i iiiiii i"
.11.1.1.    1-1.II"   llllll   ,.''' I'lll  	
  Ill     llll'il   l"T   Ill
I'nn   ni   im IIlull ■     i'i i     "' in       i'l-
ilitn ml.   llll'lll .   Man in"    .uul   l'i .ii
.' "    .-..' li   ui ' i	
Uiiinl    ■    ...     Ul   ulvortl "ii"i.i
.      M|||    ||t    ,1  ..I   ■ ||l<   III.II.  i     ,   till  |1
■\      cil, Iiiiii Wniili'il, Sunn    n
llllllllllll .   '    llll,       I'l   ', 1" '
.....  til ,       I. '  I'
... ■      no  I -
i        ,        . .i . .i"       n
ii" in I... :i ii, iu, I il    - "    I l'ii'1'i.i   rn
luin   W, Ilk   10  IOC M '   .: '■ il   |.In) .
UOltllK  lii'-'i'i \' :■  Invltotl  on manors ul
i :.:     ..    I   ii.,-- i-    i
Iut-   im,i-i    I,"    „..-.i,.i|.i I    lo    nu    ut
w i  iii,   ...I  ." . .■   .iiilj  li.   .lit'lii'i  Iml
a-1". ii" i.i .i 1 faith,   riiii"--ii.,ii'i"iiii'
-I I-I     ." nr "'
OrriOKS t   i.ni in.i' Hank Huiluing ttEvat,
HIOltK,   It. 0.
Money In loan.
Olttoom Itovolsloko, ll U.   Craubrooli, ll, r,
\. XI.   PlMCIIAM1 J. A.  Il.it. lv.
It.., "i i,Li. rrnubrook
Solicitor, eie.
8 ilitii.ii fors-
Thk Canadian h.,nk of Commerce,
Tin.: MtiLsuNS Mam;,  Etc.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sui veyor
McKbnzib Avknuk,
Mux phi. Revelstoke
i vAl.lti.N &  EVELEIGH,
AltllllTKl TS
Yam orvKit ami REVELSTOKE, H, C.
All riiiiittiitiiiriii ions nildressed lo Post
olllti',  Revelstoke, will bave prompt
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain  View Camp. No. 329
■Moot* Beooud innl Kmirili Wednesdays In
bh.-Ii in,,,,ih. in Selkirk Hull. Wuin Wood-
niuu coi-tlu.ily Invited lo attend.
,\   E 03RORNE run. i om.
J as. MoINTVRK, Clerk.
Kootonay Lodico. No. 16, A  F. Ml a. M.
Saf. 2) .   _ Tl," remilsr moot,
•l^mV^k  w)   M^SONIfTEUPLE
mm   -iia-iW -   L*jm\*:,cii   nn'iitli   in
J   T. lill.I.n. k. M i-i . .:
I'll .S, .1   AM IN   si.- Hi 1 IB,
Meet* ->m.m -
in    ■■  ■"     .*     ■     Sot,
I .   -'-   H ■
I '.     ting hr«thr«n urn
cordially uivttetl tn Hllsud.
1.    r I: ■ ,! i, V N.li. IAS   XI ITH'.K. 31
Cold RnnRe Lodge, K  ol p.
No. 26,   Revelstoke, B  C.
■     MKKTs ...KBV   ., EHXE-:   'V.
mmm    .'I   ,.-.
mi'ii moot     -i ■ " ■
Rtll    «i    -       ilock
K;n:ll> , M   ■■   "     -
l.   ,   ii ■;. .-,.'.. ' .'.
li. H. BBOCK   K   ol  H   a 3
T   P    SMITH.   .1 .   il ".
U.   1'.
Mi "■ .    -.  I .ii. 11        ll
\ :  g]    i.l..'ill "'.
co metl.
('. 1: . i H
l:." .See   ll.  W
Che fl>ail«1focral&
Clearview Addition
Ai prices one quarter of those asked
in other parts of Revelstoke
Ii is one of the mosl desirable locations in tlie city
for Residences and has a superb outlook, fresh air, no
wind or liol air.
Liberal Discount If Purchase Matie During April
MM     I - I'ATK,    III I ,    ! Il'l     AM.    M i Il'l N I'   INSUH W I
V»ihi»—i—■ awammwmmmmmarmmmmmmmmmrmmmwawmmmmrmjmmwm.
have any n ason to fear a reporter
attending their meetings. On
the contrary they should welcome
il ns preventing misunderstandings with the public and avoiding attention so often paid i<»
sir i i reports ni what is done al
such meetings where the press is
nol represented. The Mail-
11 r.i: M.n's desire is to do its duly
in ■ he public by furnishing them
with reliable reports of public
meetings news and suggestions
for furthering the interests of
i he citj nnd disl rict. This is our
pulicj. nnd il will I"' carried out
In ihe best of our ability. The
. dil of the press at meet
in" . uf public bodies arc well
established and we shall insist on
their recognition.
TheRi       tr.
ine i
intf i"  right  and
i     '  .
'"«-.-   anil   place public
req tire   ladies     ■  remo
and th" rule i i a '."."'I o
applj  to the .-li in
altho ./li a cannon of thi '
'it' England forbids ladies to ap
pear in church  with  heads uncovered.
The citizens would like to have
a statement from the Finance
Committee of the City Council as
soon as possible as to the extent
the new school on Sixth Street
will affect the city finances, li
is siai.il one of th i commiltee
has gone into the matter and
figures il means an increase of
seven mills on the dollar in the
civic taxation. As the rate this
.war will alreadj be 85 mills, the
threatened increase to II' mills by
another year is a serious matter
and il is not too soon to look
ahead and face the issue.
ers nf course, who participated in
the watering of this stock will
still iiuiiinue in draw dividends
ui' L5 to mi percent on the monej
they actually pul in. li is a
question whether legislation
should nol be devised to limit
company capitalization to bona
fide and actual values.
Revelstoke appreciates the
manner in which Mr. (i J. Bury,
General Manager of western lines
of the C.P.R., is keeping the
pledge he gave the Revelstoke
Board nf Trade last fall to operate the railway shops here to full
capacity and handle here all the
repair work of the Mountain and
Shuswap division. The shops
have steadily been filled since
Mr. Bury gave the Hoard of
Trade that undertaking, and now
it is stated these shops are to be
enlarged to accommodate 500
workmen. It' ihis is correct.
Revelstoke will have much for
which i" thank the enterprise of
ihe o.im:.
i Ine of tl •• greatest scandals in
British   Columbia has   been  re-
veale iria, where  it was
shown !.;, a recenl  investigation
that the Chinese were
running dives filled with white
■:.   the
ess in wh I ave
these       ■   ■•'..
ss thai   -   ■
: an.
.  -
- .
■ -   V
about .    - re
ceived on bi
ual hold-
We hope the report is true that
the (MM:, will start active work
on the construction of the Arrowhead and Kootenay Railway.
This is one of the must important
sections of unfinished railway
work in Uritish Columbia, It will
open up a country rich in timber,
minerals, hay, fruit and farming
lands and add immensely to the
wealth and prosperity of the
Province. It will provide the
short route by direct line so much
needed between the Crow's Nest
Pass and the Coast, and the
thousands of people who now
travel to and from the Coast by
the Great Northern Railway will
use this route over the C.P.R.
instead, as, by its means, they
can be landed as quickly, if not
nmre so. at the Coast, and with
less transfer and inconvenience.
The C P.R. certainly gives the
banner passenger service across
the continent and people would
rather travel by that line than
any other if they can do so with
the same saving of time and the
atldetl comfort. Not the least
important feature to  Revelstoke
the completion of this railway-
is the fact that it will make this
city the jrreat railway junction
of the interior of the I'rovince,
and when the Canadian Northern
and Grand Trunk also come in,
as promised, from Vellowhead,
there is no city and district in
the province that will provide
ir transportation and busi-
• -.
the Hospital
find it necessary to
ad\ ic of
eeting.   Thi
ition,  rep-
B the
tenance on
"u of
a Moi oline mai
undei   -
had hithei e to do.
No bod j      ....
to 'I" iare,
j mu mm, nn: \mii n cm s i in
I .   i:       •    .1   I n,il,   . i .        iiKi-.i
I ii  lli'll   llll         Ill I I ilill'll    ill I'. - I
i i ii .   i"', .nu       - ippiiin -  11 .in I'm ■ .
tin in Hi" \..nil I'tiiiiiir:   i In. .i lii
lliii"!  Iiii    Iiiiii pounding iiwh} in ili"
llll|llH   I'll I Hi   ll      11 lt'|>     i'l       II      lull'.'
I ill!!'.        I ...'lll'l I 111 Ilk      I'lll iln     I .ill.. :i\
' nil -1 I iii liill    .. ill       llnli !.     In      ill      IMI. <
-!i;i|i<.       ill        I iii.        .In  i 'tit-lip.
llii-             |ili-il          «ah iln-
furl iiiiii           IJ.'..-     . ki tlio
i.'-ii" I  .i. .niiiii" point   in ih" i,liinil
'Mill''       I'll'  III"    nt,     till       hi.Ml       llll"     nl'     ill"
.'.      I'        II.     ill      I      ll     ['ill hi' UU
III    .IM-il-i      Iht'iiMl     i||     |l ["Ilill'' ■'!'
lliillsiiiiiiiilii.il      lii-m       (In-..   lines,
lii-\,.I- ini,.- imiI'lmntH .uiil bunkers
v- milt! ili'i'i... L'liiii benefit from I he
l'.i"l Ilml parties .mill ..iillil lii'ii- l"i
iln'  north  nr  reitrlt   here  .villiht      llvo
,1m,. - fr   ili" i iiflii',
I'l      we Imvp  llu. iissiirn f   lllo
M'l'.irl"   I in., iiiiii,ill        llllll    llir   CilO.ll-
illlll Villi,",!' |h..I     Ill    lllliltl .',
Iirnm-li lino from  Vollowhpiul IW    tu
II,'. "I- Illli".     „lll|     ilml      llll'.      ..ill     -lllfi
Ui/i' iln- ...nl,.     Wo luivo further,   lho
UHHtiiiinrp    nf  ilie    Dominion  llovorn
uniii     iiiiii     ili".    will Mili-iili/r  iho
lirn'ii.l  Trunk   I'nrific   linilun.   lo  upon
up 11 mnlr.  in  tin. north of Kovol-
sloke, so ilml within n short lime
tlit'iv i- ".i'i'. |irobability tlml lho llii;
llend nn,I <;ui..i' Uiver ..ill hnvo ns
.rund i riiti-jnii i iii iuu fni-ilitios n~ ntvy
other I'.iii ..' lho provint-o.
I    \.n.   is tho time for Kovolsloke to  L'.'t
I n  .iml ilrill.     Tl M.il.li-liin.iii      uf
tiiuiMiuii.itiuii to the north i un li'1
nrhii'voil if ili" lui-im- —= in.il of this
rtli will pull together For whal ii uf-
ter nil their own l'"<>'1.
II i- iilsn n hopeful -Ilui ol ih" times
I.. -.... the    tiiinii-iii- ..i    public works
realising the iluiy  of  lite  govern nl
in iiii- "it. mnl ii< outlying territory.
Only ,-i i".. months .ml'", when lho
Hoard of li.nl.' asked to have u wagon road provided between Downio
Creek .iml (loldstream, the Hon. Mr.
Taylor turned down the request ns
sunn' wiltl nnil titu-onsidorod Bchemo
.-nnl was bn.-ked up in this attitude by
tin- Conservative committee. Wc are
L'li.l in see lhe minister and committee
._...ttittLr ;t little bigger thun party, and
looking ahead t., tho welfare of tho
. i.nii!i'niit_\ ns i whole, li is a hupc-
f ii I sign,
li Uevelstoko would pull together
mnl forget ii- parties and it- schisms,
ii .milli forge ahead by loaps nnd
bounds. I.i u- hope this move on
the part ,.i the Board of Trade ..ill
'expand iIm- minds nnd breadth <>t" view
.' ir -ili/.-ii-' antl public iiuii. nnil
enable them in havo a bettor and \.i.l-
.1 'itluiik uf ill., position mnl ilfstiny
-ir .ii.   mnl ili-i rict.
In Memoriam.
There died on Saturday morning
last at the home of his piirents at
Nutch Hill, Irom a severe attack of
pleurisy, l/iiiii.'l Mclntyre, aged 111
liie deceased was   well ntul favorably known in Revelstoke, baviog attended at ilir public school   bare, and Inter at the high sclmcl, at both nf which
" • i iiii'iii" lir  wk>   known  as a dill-
nnl Buooessful   iholar,
Daniel Molntyre was a dutiful sun,
k kind brother and a true mid cun-
genial friend, admired nml loved by
all f..r In' manly oharaoter, ami for
ni- even-tempered cheerful disposition,
I nt. sudden taking off ..( tins young
. full uf Itir protnist—Is eepeoi
a'ly sad, ami tin. deep sympathy of all
iut i" i he bereaved.   Beaidea tbe
iiiii; |iiir"n's are   fmir   brothers
j nd tbrei slsti i   h fi to i irn.
I he liii'i.ii ti i.k place today when
the remaina wero laid uway in tbe
family plol nt Notch Hill
' I here Is a world above
a i..." pari uu' is unknown;
,\ wiih''. I." mil v "i love,
i   i -.."il I r ' '.I- / ■ "I ' "in.,
\ nil (.nth I."li.mii I li ili ing 1.1 rt
dated to i be happier sphere."
N . .1.-1. Hill, April  II, L910
Miss JOSKPIUNK DKKFERY, Hie brllllanl actress of the Kckhardl
(i puny,  which cornea to the Kdlson Theatre lot-five nights and a
Sat ui Hi y Matinee, commencing next Tuesday night, April Hit Ii.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
West Kootenay Steam Laundry
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Your White Curtains properly and promptly
cleaned. Satisfaction guaranteed in all lines.
Woollens a Specialty.
Phone 73.      Office Corner 2nd. St., and Mackenzie Ave.
Go Carts al Howson's. Ciet ensb
FOR SALE—Early Rochester Rose
Seed l'otaloes, on tbe old plantation—
R. Tapping.
Eastern catalogue price (io Cart
$5.65; express $2-Jf7.75. HowBon's
price 1J8.00.
P. Burns A Co. bave received in
their local market a consignment ol
beet which was on exhibition at the
Calgary Fat Stock 8how.
Howson's furniture and carpet store
are making Bpecial effort to compete
in prices with eastern catalogue houses.   Come and compare prices.
FOB SALE—Horse, Saddle, Harness,
Cutter and Cart.—Apply at Mail-
Herald Ollice.
In the lliniils nl Thomas Beecher
Metberall, deceased.
Nutict ih hereby given that all persons hsviiig clainm agiiin»t the lute
Thomas Beecher Metberall, of 1'ing-
"Inn (Ireek, deceived, who died on or
about the Itli day ol September, 1006
are required to nend by post prepaid
or delivered to the undersigned, solici-
tum lur the Administrator, their
names, addresses and the lull purticu-
lurf ul their claims in writing, and the
nature ol securities, if any, held by
Anil take notice that after June 1st,
1010 the Administrator will proceed
in distribute Ihe assets of the deceased
nn. Dgst tbe |iiTHiiiis entitled   thereto,
having   regard   only to tbe olaimi oi
wbiob he shall then have notice.
Dated al Revelstoke, B. C, this Kith
April, A. I). 1010.
• Wl.l.AN  i   ELLIOTT,
Revelstoke B. C.
Iff! Solicitors fur Administrator.
Tenders for School Building at
Sealed Tenders, Bupersorlbed "Tender  for School Uiiililini'  Revelstoke",
will !«■ received  by  the  undersigned
up to and Including   the Ninth day of
May, lino, for the erection and com-
, pletlon of an   eight   room   brick   and
■ concrete school-building   (exclusive of
heating and ventilating] tn  the City
: of Revelstoke, B. C.
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tend-
i er for Heating .md ventilating School
| Building" will also be received by Ihe
I undersigned up to and Including said
I date for the beating and ventilating
1 of said seliiinl building,
Separate lenders are requested for
tbe above works.
Plane, specifications, contract, and
fronts of tenders may be seen on and
after the 16th day of April 1010 at the
offices of the secretary of the School
Board  at Vancouver, B, 0 the secre
tarv of the School Board at Kamloops,
ll. i'., tbe secretary of the School Board
at Calgary, Alia, and at the office of
the Architect, William King, at Revelstoke, B, C.
Bach proposal most be be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or
certificate "f deposit onaebartered
bunk of Canada made payable to the
Board of School Trustees, Revelstoke,
for a sum equivalent to lhn per rent.
of the amount of lhe tender, which
shall lie forfeited If the parly tendering decline to enter Into contract when
lulled upon tn do so. The obeques or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful
tenderers will be returned to them
upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on tbe fm ins supplied,
signed by the actual signature of the
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated this 12th day of April, l!)](j, uh
Itevelstoke,  K.C.
Secretary, Board of School Trustees,
up 12-iny ll Revelstoke, B. 0.
Moving Pictures to-night.
Moving Pictures tonight. 1
Vast ■
If our methods suit you
tell others. If they don't
suit you tell ns. Any cri-
tleism ol our mode of
doing business will be
A news sheet devoted to tho interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and s ittlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
2D Black Silk Taffeta
Your choice on Thursday and Friday of
-Dwell made, carefully shaped and finished,
Black Silk Tiil'l'In Petticoat;. \ variety of
pretty styles, some with deep Hare flounce,
and finished with rvillle trimmed with hemstitch, All are $ii 50 pkirts. Yourchoiceon
Thursday and Friday for
Did Country Cottons
Stirring cotton goods uews for those who
need practical inexpensive wash dresses.
Several bales of Old Country Cotlons just in
from England and Scotland. Anderson
Ginghams, Gibson Zephyrs, Anderson Cham-
brays. "Old Country Hoods" are the last
words in line cotton wash fabrics. You will
appreciate these at
10c. to 50c
Rugs and CarpetSquares
We take pardoaable pride in our Btock of
Hugs and Carpet Squares. The new arrivals
afford a selection that for design, color and
gonuine carpet worth has never been equalled
in RevelBtoke; Squares and Rugs in a
wide assortment of choice designs, in medallion, Oriental and Conventional. Trices from
$6 to $50
Dainty Lace Curtains
Just opened up choice Nottingham I.ace
Curtains in White, Ivory, Kcru and Arab.
Seme very choice patterns in Filet Net effect.
Battenbergs, etc.    Prices from
$1 to $10 per pair
The Elevator is the most perfect type of passenger elevator
made. We spared no expense to
get the best and most reliable. All
tho safety devices so far produced
you will find on it. The must
approved automatic safety brake.
,-.<*-•   ... ,|     /
'« J>JI>\\ 7 f? »s     iV     •    -
■x&rTW   i    ;
v/  I     \ V ^1
. '/      i- - -•"     •? ''■ ...—>
This Spring with the added rooms
and quick elevator service the inflow of New Goods is likethespring
freshets in the mountain streams,
and the out flow is steady and
strong carrying satisfactory goods
and good service to almost every
home in the community.
The new goods are wonderfully
interesting, always something new.
we have been doing business here
near 20 years and expect to be here
a few more twenties A safe store
to shop in.
Men's Coat Shirts
The newest and most np-to-
fabrics made into the full sizod,
perfect fitting W. G. it R. coat
6hirts. These are what we are
offering for the Spring and Summer trade. Every man wants a
shirt wbich fits and no man
wantB a short-sleeved skimpy
shirt. W. G. & It. shirts have
more goods to the dozen than
any other fine shirt on the Canadian market. Neck Eizes are
absolutely correct.
Cambrics, Zephyrs, and * >x-
fords, in all the newest colors
and patterns. Either plain or
pleated frontB, and every one a
coat shirt.    Prices
$1.25 to $191
Have a look at our First
Street window.
Japanese Mats
Japanese Matting Mats, lize
:Hix7^ inches, in Btencilled designs, assorted colors, Helling
this week ot
50c each
liuu Brand Clothing
for Boys
Dress the boy well, make him
respect his clothes and he will
take care of them. Any lad
who pute on a suit of I.ion
Brand clothing will take care of
them. Every garment is perfectly finished, shoulders which
are unbreakable, lapels and collars staid with hair cloth and
canvas. The cut of these garments is up-to-date and all the
fabrics are the newest.
The present season will be the
biggest season we have ever had
with Boys' Clothing. Already
our Lion Brand sales exceed any
past season, and the boy who
wears one of these suits will
want another. What is more
bin mother will want him to
have that brand antl no other.
OUB SPECIAL two piece
Norfolk Suit of Light or dark
tweed. Sixes25to30. Prioe$2.50
OUR BEST two piece double
lireaHted with bloomer knickers,
Light and dark worsteds, full
shoulders and finished with the
beet of linings. Iiouble seats,
double knees, double elbows.
Prices—SS and 10,
Mail < Irders.
Telephone i irders.
Send   the   children   to
the store,   I lome youi •
Have our city travi   •
cull   at   your   hmin   for
Ladies' Spring Costumes
SlippOSe   the   liens   Were   III    Wl 11 r     luSt    Vl 111 V
clothing, the   world   would   be oul of tune.
Vet those were g I   leaves   lasl   Spring and
the trees gol good wear out of them too.
You do ti.it want to be out of tune with the
Season. Toe selection of Spring ( istumes
for l.ndies at the price- we nre quoting prohibits the necessity of wearing last year's fig
leaves.   Ladies' Spring "-nil-
$15 to $35
New Bed Sheeting
!'ure Snowy White Iled Linen—the Glory
of the Good Housekeeper. A lot of those
"Old Country Sheetings" for your choosing.
A special 72 inch, full '2 yards wide, line
twill, bast quality of family sheeting at
35c. per yard
New Laces
A practical education is here for you. We
have Laces from St. Gall, Switzerland; St.
Ettine, France; Plauen, Germany; Nottingham, England: St. Augustine, Ela.. Kobe,
Japan.    Come and get acquainted with them
Crockery and Glassware
We are still to the front with tbe newest and lateit designs in Dinner Sets,
Toilet Sets, odd Cups and Saucers, Water Jugs, Glass Sets of six pieces,
Salad Bowls, Bread and Putter Plates, Cream and Sugars, Vases, Candlesticks
Tobacco Jars, Biscuits Jars and other articles too numerous to mention.
Canned Fruits
Now that the Housewife has used up nearly all her preserved fruits,what are you going
to use? Well, we can tell you. For table
fruit we carry all kinds—Peaches. Pears.
Plums, Apricot0, Greengages. Strawberries,
Raspberries, Pineapple, I'lierry. Apple, lied
Currant and Black Currant Jams and Jellies
in lib. glass jars and lib. and 71b.cans. For
pie fruits we have the same in 1 gallon cans.
Let us quote you prices in these lines.
Flour and Meal
We are unloading today a full car of llour
and meal made up of Royal Household Flour
Ogilvies  Polled Oats in 801b.,   101b., 201b.,
and Mb. sucks; also Standard and tiranulated
Oatmeal in 101b. sacks. Corn Meal in 101b.
sacks; Graham Flour in 101b. and oOlb. sacks
in fact we are in the best positson to quote
you prices on anything in the Hour and meal
Hay and Feed
Two carloads liny and Feed arrived this
week. Prairie and Timothy Hay, Oats, Bran,
shorts, Chops, When' nnd Cracked Corn,
new goods, new prices. dime in and get
them.    Money saved is money earned.
Choice Teas
Wo are kept busy juil now storing away
the large shipments of tea that are daily
arriving, Shipment-nf our famous brand
Ram Lais; also Saladn. 5 o'clock, Pen Hur
■nnl Liptons, and three qualities of bulk tea
have arrive.1 llu- week. We nre going to
make n tea trude for ourselves by giving mir
customers the best Ten- at the lowest prices.
Tasting is believing,
Vou may find a mistake in
our accounting, let ua know if vou
do. We have Installed the finest
office system possible and are doing
nr Utmost to keep apace with the
times. Vou can help us if yon let
n- know of nny mistake that might
* — *.Lr* Ke fi
WEDNESDAY    M'l.'ll.   If),   1010
K13ISON Theatre
Including the brilliant young actress
Miss   Josephine   Deffery
In ll Hplviulii
lection of high class plays an.l.
Iinnge ol plii)  i-.u li nlglil
OPENING BILL Tuesday,  Ap. 19      ii
Thai Inleiiseb [nt stingCoineily-Druiun
PRICES: 25c. for Children.      General Admission. 50c.
Reserved Seats, 75c.
United States Congress Hears
Interesting Report
Wasiiinuti" , April 2.—A report
was submitted to Congress yesterday
by Senator Dillingham, chairman of
the joint immigration commission, in
tegard tc the immigration situation
iti Canada.
Frobably Ihe most Important statement mndo in the report is that Canada wants immigrants whose purp se
is to enter agricultural pursuits, either
«B owners, tenants ui laborers, and
desires to exclude those immigrants
whose present e would lend to the congestion of towns nml cities.
Anothei' striking feature ol the
report is the comparison of immigration into Canada during the past
decade with that into the United
States. This shows that while 70 per
cent, of Canada's immigrants during
that period came from Northern and
Western Europe and only 30 per cent,
from Sunt lern and Eastern Europe,
the reverse was true in regard to the
immigrants entering the United
The report Bays: "That no effort
is made to secure immigrants from
Southern and Eastern Europe, and
unless it is the purpose of such immigrants to niter agricultural pursuits
their admitsion to Canada is doubtful."
Canada's i    ■ ■ . i
On i other 1 and, i: i- pointed out,
etlort is made through salaried agents
of tin Canadian immigration department, aided by sul -agents, to whom a
bonus or commission is paid and by
means of advertising I secu immigrant! from the I'niti ii King .
France, Belgium. Holland, Germany,
Denmark. Iceland, Finland, Norway.
Sweden. Switzerland and the United
uf the t- tui nu ■ bei . grants
goim.: fn ti  the : nitt d Stab -       i  i
ada during the past three years
than  seven-eighths   were   classc
farmers   - ; u      laborers.     Pr
no i tl vement   oi
population from one country I
other, says the report, at thf i
time is So large Ij .   -■
tural people.
From 1900 to 1909 in Western Can-
ads 235,690 homesteads «'?re entered
' ir, :. re tban 68 per cent I tbe en-
11   - being by   immigrs
Bcotcli.        i't-i J9  per
cent    i   .
per  cent mi-    19
Cl 1  t.
New Power Dam
l'wing to the accident to tbe pump
which supplies water to the gas producer anil (he fact that lhe Hume iH
cut out to allow the contractors to go
on with the few power iluni on the
north side of the river, the city has
been in ilnrkness during the past
week. Aid. Cowan, chairman of tho
Eire, Water & Light committee, Iihb
been untiring in bis etlorts to secure
the running of the plant and the re-
Sumption of tbe eleotric light. Tho
well which was dog last year to provide water lor tlm producer in case of
accident happening to the Hume, is
Btoue dry, and therefore useless.
Aid. Cowan secured a double way
band force pump manned by four
men with reliefs, hut although the
light was kept going, the pump could
scarcely supply * ie plant. Toward
the early hours of the mornings the
men were knocked off. A small Hume
around the old one has been constructed, and with the help of a small
motor and pump, the light will be
kept going until the Hume can be
The excavation of the bed and hunk
on the north side of thi river has becu
heavier than anticipated, but concrete
is now being laid for tbe extension of
tbe dam in that direction.
The King's Health
Biarritz, April 8—Alarming rum ire
concerning    King    Edward's   health
were circulated tcday,   following a report that Ins proposed  Mediterranean
trip Innl been called of)     One version
Innl it tli • tin- King's health was that
Innl   be   could ni   tne   trip,
which ... ....   ..n the
20th. An itber declari d that Unpolitical situation ir, England was
suoh that Pr< mil r Asquith   bad  inti-
mitiil   that   the pi ice of tbe King
would be i i ■ .-.it...-
Conl " m .iiada
tr. •
ii. iti i.     All   pe
Noon ii
onu-..   I pn
for securingei -
ion main ta
ployment bureau!
tn-. .
of labor and   of   in teekin
employment ai - h Ori
ental immigrati i
a policy    winch    pr ic     a    ,
Asiatic labor.
Hon, Eric  Ellison has i (Tared   100
acrcH of land In the Oka lagan
us .i siti tor the   pn p .-. .1   pr -
in Ivi     ■ ■ I
The Eckhardt Co.
■   -     -
ts first a]
.   Sat-
I gbt,
i what «
; to tr.
1'aid ii,
rnin       \-   on   tbe
Ladies of the Maccabees of the
Mrs. Janet C. Kemp, Provincial
Commander for I) C, ia in the city
from Vancouver making arrangements
with the local oflicers for the rally and
c'ass initiation to be held iu May
when Miss Bina M. West, supreme record keeper will be present.
The Order ol the Ladies of the Maccabees of tbe World is a fraternal beneficial suciety, giving life protection to
women only. It waa organised in
iu\ii and lias already over 100,000
members, having been established
during that time in 54 states, territories and proviuceeof the United States and Canada.
The Bterliug nualily of the protec
tion, or life insurance, afforded by this
women's society, is vouched for by the
i nsuriuice departments, who univer-
vally commend the stability of its
plans and the careful investment ol
its funds. In iuliliji.ni to the amounts
ou hand for current expenses and
death claims, the Order has accumulated an emergency fund amounting
to over four millions of dollars. This
is invested in government aud municipal houds aud draws over $100,000
This Order, though  organised when
the iraternal beneliciary   system   was
.-till in the formative stage,  has con-
sistently advanced eince its lirst year,
and each successive   step which it has
taken lias been iu thedirectiou ol permanence and stability for tbe institution. Changes and improvements have
been made in the pi ins until In 1904a
Bchedule of rate  payments  was adopts! which enables the  society  to give
absolutely safe  protection  at the low-1
est 11 ssible cost and to asaure ita mem-
I the permanence of their protection no matter bow   long   they   may
live, without additional cost   as  they
Besides the   high   claps   insurance
features, tin.-  Order   of  women offers
unexcelled social and iraternal advantages.    It has  hives   in   nearly every
city and town in the  I'.S.A. and Canada and these afford to   the   members
most delightful  opportunities for en-
• nt as  well as  education in par-
■ .-.    pr cedure   and   business
practices    To mem ben who are sick
i bo   may be sojourning
•iiige places, the truest fraternity
Practical, substantial aid
■  r. where  needed, or sympathy,
and  cordial,  sisterly wel-
■•-rs of  tbe   I irder are
Mich.,    in the world's
-lern in use
ml to
ost scienl ■  md
■> ecity
pn H e l.'e-
' the
I the
- i>
Noliie is hereby (riven thnt the part-
orship liorntoforo existing between tho
undorsigucd undor lho linn niune and
Btylo "The Maundrell Menl Market"
and da I ing Irom the 12th day of February 1901) lias this day been dissolved hy mutual consent iiiiii the business
in ihe Inline will be carried oil by
llovolstoke Ment  Market, Llmltedl
^11  accounts  owing   to   the  firm   nre
to bn paid by  the Baid company   and
nil  iiivonnls      owing  to   the  s.'.iil    firm
will be inll,.. ted by the Bald company.
Dated ni  Rovolstoke. British Columbin this -'Mii day of March, 1910.
(Sg-ii.) ii. li. M.\r\i)i:iii.i..
Wanted Known
Ejjfffi or <lny nit] ohiolca from white
Leghorns* brown Leghorns; also
Rhode Inland KoHh nnd White Crest
Hlnck PoIIbU; also a fow rlnzon Leghorn Fulletsi at reasonable prices.
Eggs per Betting, $2 nnri up.
| P.O. Box 227, Revelstoke, B.C.-S
Shingle Mill for Sale
A small Shingle Mill For Sale. Engine, boiler, Jointer, Perkins Shingle
hand ninehine bolters etc. Capacity
36,000 per day.    Apply to
Wigwam, 1!. C.
Splendid residences.
Suitable lUtildltiR Lots
Those interested will do well to call
ami see us before deciding to bm -
You can obtain fair rates for Eire In
sin.line in reliable companies with Do
minii 11 Charters,
Call .onl Ret (inures.
Moin\ to I,onu mi Residential Property .
|  Cor. Second St. and Mackenzie Avenue
Vegetable and Flower
Ornamental and Flowering
Best varieties of
Send for Catalogue
786 Granville St.   P.O. Box 1063
Vancouver, B. C.
Mauofactorad fur ati cut:,--f- of  baildiugi
fur'siU iti  In run ur smftll tjuantitidlJ
I at th* luwaut prices fnr cash.
411 klndn.of bnUdlujc nudfrlaiterlnR
Foote & Pradolini.
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipo and  Furnace Work
Connausrht Ave.   -   Revelstoke
i rsof?all kiwi- neatly carried on
i don work a specialty
Y utitnalM L'fven on snj i  i
of work.
Front     Street.
i'i icea
Painting and
Papei   Hanging
i nr. Third Bt, anil Robson Avenut
"THE PALACE" is the Shoe for well dressed
nu'ii and women. The brains and skill of Canada's besl
workmen have helped to make it sn.
By years of careful experimenting by crucial tests
which eliminated every weakness whether of material or
workmanship, we have pretty nearly worked perfectioi
inin the shoe.
Ami back of all this are the largest and besl equipped
factories in Canada guaranteeing Ames-Holden workmanship Ames-Holden quality Ames-Holden service
every time.
Your Dealer Handles These Shoes
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Coy.
'"* m-    ,»£i;i~ir-* —1 - *
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged ami Imptoved.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern conveniences*.
Large Sample Koums.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special4Weekly|Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBEET      STONE      PROP..
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds.
Jewelry,  Cut   Glass,  Silverware,   Watcher
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Import direct from country of origin.
REVELSTOKE    j=S.  C. WEDNESDAY,   M'IMI.   13,   I'.uo.
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock tf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVlenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c/lccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
Muscular Christanity
A rather regrettable in. i.l,ml occurred ni Si. .Inluis Church <.n Sunday
evening  when,  lho  pustnr,   llev.   \l.  fi,
Melvin,  luul  nsion  lu  inllicl  ,-,  »ev-
ore reprimand on some mUguided
yiiinli- who woro making n disturbanee
In ilio i Inn.-li <111, i■ i!_;  lho sermon.     Tho
pastor  icing     lhc  noise, tried       to
draw   lhe ai lonli I llic offenders by
tipinling n slory where a bin was mail
ing n  uiiisniicc ul' himself in  a    public
plan-. i-\| iluinillg 1 llll 1 iln . .11'" \l Ilo
cllil    llii      Wl|,     WCIlll    ill     llir    I.IMill.        Til.'
Lini howci er « a- mil Inkcli, mid Mi -
Mob in, « ho by   i Ids  I ime  wns grenllj
n !.      uiil      ilml   ll   llu-)   .In!    n,.t
1,U,■ his preiichinu' ihere ua- lho door
|o gel mil (po nl iny lo il) Mi Moi -
viu also, in plan. En li Ii mill ilml
unless iln' in,I e wn lopped lie would
imii.. down nnd eliucli lhe oll'i mii
'I In    i uiu- i lie  liiul   w i    ' il.i-n.
Daring Md-Up
Scnl Up, \|inl\ fl Four 111011 wore nr-
i-okUkI +:111>   to(lii>   fnr thu hold-up   of
M   rrnwdi'il    Alki    I'..'ml   . It" I j   ■    '■ il        til
midnight,   lho boldunf   t*obber,\   here  in
An tiki Poinl par Mlrd with rplurn-
mil:' tlif;,i rr crowd*, \vnn bronchi lo a
stop al Kii'Ki Avenue and Mnnford St,
by an obstruction uernsw lho Imrk, ao-
ponipaaipd In n i'od lantern al exaotly
!■_' o'clock,
Threatening death In anyone who re-
-i-icl, three masked men boarded the
ear, covered tin- [mssenirer* and crew,
and robbed them of all thpir money
and jewels.
A spectjieular |ii-t<>l duel betwaen T.
fiilVord, ii watchman, employed at n
nearby rrossiiitr, aad the hold-up men,
followed, tlie three desperadoes run-
ruiiLT down Wan ford street towards tho
water front, liring behind them a- ihey
French Canadians Comings
Montreal, April 0—Vive hundred
French Caaadiau settlers left for Saskatchewan yesterday over ilu- ' Irund
ri'iinU railway. They go via Chicago
and will settle in the French-Canadian
lony established by Rev. Father
Re rube near Saskatoon. The party ts
well provided with money.
G. I. R Brings Immigrants
Kdmonton. April 9—The Grand Trunk
Pacific brought il* first quota ol huul
Beckers to the Bdinontpn districl last
evening when a Bpecial train arrived
frnin Winnipeg with 150 land seekers,
most ol whom will take up land in
this district. This marks the firsl result ,,i the G. T., I'. immigration campaign to, settle all lands along the G.
T. P.
Both feet Frozen
Uifina, April 8—G. Coimoly, all Ellg
lishman, was brought to Hegtna today in a serious condition. f.n>t winter he had his feet fro/en and siace
that time he has never had hia cloth*
ing or shoes off. The result was thai
hi? feet were in a horrible condition.
II.- will lose both feet above tie* ankles
Terrible Accident
Calgary, April 8—The five year old
sun of Rev. Frank Pratt was instantly killed here yesterday, lie ran -ifter
a delivery dray and was climbing up
on the tail board when a heavy iron
truck fell backwards from the dray.
striking him on tlio head and fracturing liis skull. His father is at present in Winnipeg.
The Rogers Pass Disaster
Filey Square, 85 Clapton Square,
London Kngland, March 26, 1910
Kilitnr M ill. Ml.ii M n
air,—Will you kindly convey
through your paper, to your bereaved
people, our keen and heartfelt sorrow
and sympathy, In tbe overwhelming
catastrophe that Iihh conn- upon them
through the terrible avalanche at
Rogers Pass. SVe n -. extend uur
sympathies nml appreciation to lhc
C. 1'. It. officials, men nnd oitixens
who no heroically wenl to the relief
ami reicuc ol their fell n-. not daring
to slacken In the event ol the appalling circumstances that surrounded
and awaited them at every minute.
May (onl bless ami sustain them in
thin, their  need.
We nn- sincerely yours,
Edward and Flora .1. Adair.
On Thursday and Friday, April '.'8
and 29, the well known Irish drama
" Shaun JAroon " will be again produced at the New Edison under the
auspices ol the ladies of tho Reman
Catholic church. The play was put
on last week with uniitialilied eucceea
in spite ol the inconvenience caused
by the electric lights being cut off.
The " Shaun Ar.ioii" phased the
audience who witnessed lhe performance and a large number have signi-
lied tlicir intention of heing present
when it in produced again.
llll- li'V > Ns   . IIMIMI
Nelson. B c, News nays:—1 lie
Juvenile Bostoniaus ..iore than made
cood in their production of "Berta's
liilliiuiM" at the Auditorium, Ilalw
Mason was the star performer and
right clever did thip clever little leading lady perform her part. Several ol
the solus and choruses that make up
this musical sketch were charmingly
rendered, evoking storms ol applause
and repented encores. This evening
a complete change of programme will
ne given and the Juvenile Bostoniane
should he greeted by a bumper house.
Tlicir performance is most enjoyable
in every respect and merits the heartiest support of all theatre-coers. The
Bostouians will he at the New Kdison
Theatre on Monday and Tuesday,
April i.'ith and 215th.
The fourth annual summer athletic
exhibition hy the Gymnasium department of the Y.M.C.A. will be held
at the New Edison Theatre on Monday
night next, April ISth. The program
will include singing and moving pictures, etc., the whole making a fine
evening's entertainment. These exhibitions are very pupular among local
theatre-goersj and a good show is
guaranteed again this time.
MOVING 1'lcnilES
A lirst claKs^prugiamme of moving
pictures will be shown at the New
Edison on Friday aud Saturday this
Premier McBride says of the proposed bianch lines to  be constructed
by the Canadian Northern:
" The ambitious programme of these
master railway-builders has yet scarce
ly been outlined. Their eyes are now
being directed to other portions of
British Columbia, and once|tbe main
line shall have been completed we
shall witness the constitution of a
network of branch lines connecting
widely-separated districts."
Tbe CP.R. today placed an order
with tbe Canada Car & Foundry Co.
for a thousand SO.OOO pound steel
frame to.x carB, following a similar
order given the same firm a few weeks
ago. The cars are to be ready for the
fall grain move.
Tbe CP.R. will  build one or more
large lin.Ts for the Atlantic trade that
will surpass anything in the Canadian
service for speed and size
The C. P. K. bave decided to double
the capacity uf its machine shops at
Fort William, adding a structure 12S
by 70 feet. An order for f"0,UOU worth
of new machinery has been given and
it will be the headquarters for tbe
mechanical department on the line
between   Winnipeg and Chalk River.
Big B. C. Timber Deal
Announcement is made of the sale
ol a large tract ol timber land on
Vancouver Island by the Cbemainus
Mills Company to the Frsier Hirer
Lumber Company, of New Westminster. The Chemainus C mpanjr, which
is a British C lumbiajbrsnch ol Wey«
erhaiiners will receive 14.000,000 lor
the timber, which ; - iventv*
live thousand acn.- :;. ing north of
ComOX. There are estimated ;
6,000,000,000 feet of timber on the
property. The deal ia the largest ever
made in British Columbia, The entire holdings ol tin Fr i-i r river mills
on Vancouver Island nre now valued
at |0,000,000,
A section of thi ei vative
Tho     Bureau   il Provincial  fntorma-  pn       till     koca I
lion ha    i nuod       •                I   booklet   Premiei   M R   li to  replo -• R,      1.
■ei  lhe  Fi hor i  British Columbi      Bordi ■        leader of the S Ion,Con.
also .in 'Hn i rated folder on htinl ini       . > ■ ,
4 SPage ^
WEDNESDAY, Al'lill.   13,   1910.
Millinery! Millinery!
VEAZIE—A good sensible Misses Hat, combining the
Roll Brim and Mushroom effect.   Selling at $2.25 each
COLORED   PONGEE   SILK All the New Shades at 50
Cents Per Yard.
NEW    RUGS    New    Imported Rugs,   Good,   Large   Size
for $1.25  Each.
Spring Lines and get prices before buying.
Thomas King, of Golden, has opened
» Btore at Brooks, Altn.
The Dominion mini proposes to add
sliver dollars to the coinage.
By  Private   Bali—The   Household
Effects ol James  Hay, Third  Street,!
Commencing today.
A. s. (ioodeve, M.I'., is mentioned
aunong tbe candidates for Conserva-
•vative whip at Ottawa.
At St. John's Church on Sunday,
liev, Mr.   Melvin requested the  Indies
,,l   Ui, ngregation lo remove their
lints during service.
Lord Kitchem i was banquetted in
San Francisco on his arrival from Australia. He goes din cl to England
-without visiting Canada,
W.   H.   l'ratt,    manager the
. Poisons Bunk, intends building a
residence on the east side ol MoKenzie
Ave . where he has purchased a site.
The Household Furniture and effects
ol James liny. Third Street, nre being
disposed ol by private sale. Everything new ami of first class quality.
An attempt to  plaoe in the Liberal
platform   lor   Manitoba, the plank oi
total prohibition ol the  liquor   I
■was   voted   down  after a lengthy dia-
The many fi end;, ol Alex Mcliregor
air? delighted   to   see him bIki il
sifter being   laid   up -  Ions from llu
accident be   bus       • I -I' H.
round house.
The C P.B will this -ens n expi nd
»sum appi ■ r"
un the road between Fii d
U'ass,   including terminal
iacihties nt both pi ints
A real estate agent   nai
■Richard Oockeri • need
to two yen:
couver Y-.
nection with a land di
l-'i n \ 11    \
owner run Inu
Iiy desci iptio   an I , ■
odvei \
"kin-, i
N'. mil ■'
the SO
nation of 11  M u
by C. ;    "•-
Gi -
IMS'    I
To those who have nol yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not jusi what we represent it to be.
Wo have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market.
ranging in price from .$1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Y.  Edwards, collector ol voles,    has
li\,.il   llm   '-'nil  fm- revision of  the voters  lists.'
LOST il..1.1 plated wnleli .luntn. engraved "Winning team  01  May  IRHH."
l.'u.n'il  of     s-j ;,ii by owner, ('tins,  M.
Field. I'.I.
Mr. Teinplelon, Dominion (lovernnient nlei-l i'i.- melor inspector, i- in I lie
iil\ inspei-titm ilie entire meter system
here, Ild- inspection is mnde every
a years.
\ In,il.ni rail wa- the .-nllse uf llir
itching of freight ears "f a lV.-ie.lu
rain    ou      Sundin   near  Ducks,        Nu
real   'I ge   n a -   done  and  no cnsii-
nl lie,  ..- iirrcd.
Tlie     I'.i -   Eddj      mill  "ill roi.in	
operation iiii- week for lho senson's
en.      I ii.-  ivork of -ii iniring  ili.1 boom
vi       ■ -.1  ..in   yestellltl.l .   nnd       logs
an, nliv i U   , oniiiig dow n llic i i\ er,
S. M, Huh a, Im- ,,|„.,„..| i, iMu.l	
ni   Salnioii  Arm  with  a  inll   -I...I-.    of
nrming   ual ngrietilturnl iniplenients.
. * well   i - operul inu' a  full  htiieUsmi i h
shop.   .'■  iliinili   i-  In  thai-go ol   il.,.
horse ■ lioeing department. Mr- Mc -
j M.iluni v\ ill nlso inn a nn.on boa! uu
I late   Shuswnp.    Then,   i-   cousiderablo
business      to lie     dune in   thr Salmon
Ann fai mill.; ili-l net,
I.un-.- I   In    lhe   incessant   rain       "l
ihe pits I fortnight, a huge mud nnd
roek -Ii.l.- ovor 2(10 feel long and :-"
feel deep, swepl down .>n Sunday
night over lho C.l'.lH 1 racks in th.'
Kicking Horse Cnnyiiu uenr flolden,
completely blocking frnlllc ami doing
considerable damage to the permanent
May. A i iln- lime of iln' -lul.. nu trains
were in th.. vicinity.  A largo I'linir    of
i  wns     immediate!}  dispalched     lo
th.. secno of thr blockade ami a temporary track was constructed round
the -li.i-. in unler lo allow ihe resumption of trnllic. I'he Irack Im- since
been cleared.
fl .,    "■'" ■ winwinMW
. ftp A Wmh -•,"A   ^T%
•. W& i
/A   ■'
rl-f .. f
- ■
JmtW     .  A
*.'..~*, J*
/ ■*.        fl'-.       ..*r
-a*.- hb-v--. .unt>.
Str ^•i- «.**i
Hair Goods
Your Insurance
Is   one of   the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid 4 Anderson
...   ten lei        foi
ire   - i in tho
ten lei
■ i
11 -.       - tiding of
m ■!•   from   maudlin
Tom Downs bus returned from an
extended visit to t he coast.
Mrs. ft. S. MeCarter hns returned
from nn extended visit to eastern
C. K. Macdonald is on a visit to
Chnsc this week, having yesterday
opened n branch store there.
Mi-. ('. Ili.li.-a yesterday afternoon
entertained at „ social lea in honor ol
hor u t. Mrs. Temple.
The Inst rites of th.. Church have
been administered to Bishop Dart,
win.-., death i- onlj  a mnlter of hours,
Mr. and Alt-. T. E. L. Taylor and
family left on Monday lor Vancouver
where they will take up their residence.
We     an.     pleased  to be able t.. an-
ounce ihat  Mr-. -I. T. Telfer i-- mak-
ng good recovery after her illness   in
Mrs. \V. H. Pratt and MisR Brown
left today for 'heir family lioine in
Eastern Ontario. Mrs. Piatt expects
to he nway about 3 months.
Hold  Itange Companions I.. S. B. of
1..   I'. iSj I'.., and  their friends at      lhe
hon     ..i Mrs.  I'.  It.  Mitchell, 3rd.  Si..
lay evening, April   1 Ith.
Mr.  and     Mrs.  I..  M.  Hagar intend
from Revelstoke to the Coast,
n       departure will  be regretted     by
mai ■   friend- whom   they have      mad..
We are now showing the latest
and  mosl   approved accessories
for   hair   dressing.    The    only
style in hair dcessing is the Turban 1'il'i'iT and we have a full line of all that is necessary.
Etc., Ete.
New Madras Muslins
We have just received a new lol of Ma.lias. Serira
and other Curtain Muslins. We can show you the largest
assortment and quote the lowest prices in town. We
have Madras in White. Cream. Ecru and Cathedral Class
and Moral effects at prices ranging from
25c. Per Yard
Swiss and Nottingham Muslins  from 10 cents per
their residence here.
inv will pre-     \| . .     Brown  wns on     Monday  the
--i-i-' engage ...|  juest     al a farewell     bridge
given by  Mr-.  J, D, Sibb i d.
. April   | ;,.   [ablc   were  three in number   nnd
nnjo; able evening wns spent
■   ienl   Mi  . II mm i- and     Mr,
re re thi   hn ' -.  prize w inner-.
Oranges,    weel
M ■■    per dozen
Moving Pic! ires b i   I he v--v-   Edi ion
Theatre tonight.
Our Trade is Increasing
Because we study our Customers
and   supply the   best Roods   obtainable.
G. W. Bell
P. O. Box 208
GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
Bews' Drug Store
i I MM      I
I     i     •    10 I   'i'     -Mill
I ll  i:i u. I - i \ I I
iVi Impel i .
i                              ntion, ■ ■■
VI ti
■ .  \\. v  ,,
II.  I i.lll-i
A Full Range of Shoes
For Ladies, Misses and Child]       n Blacl   Tl    and
Canvas.    All six.es. and latest styles.    Broad ami
narrow lasts.   Mosl durable sh< n the market
Mrs. A. G. Crick.
First Street
McIntyre <S* Son
Invite your patronage ol their Stock ol Groceries
and Farm Produce.    Always fresh.
All Orders Promptly Deliven
McIntyre   &  SON


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