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The Mail Herald 1906-05-19

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; *,     in
and Soda Drinks
Bews' Drug Store
The Mail-
The Ladies' Delight.
.lit-i received al
VoL 12.-No. 77
$2.50 Per Year
At this .Season ol the year ymi will appreciate this list of
TABLE DELICACIES The market Is destitute of Fresh Fruit and
Vegetables and you will be able to keep something nice and tasty
on the table by watching our offerings I—
Crosse k Blackwell's Jams of all kinds in GlasB Jars
Crosse k Blackwell's Jellies ol all kinds in Class Jars
Crosse <*. Blackwell's Fig and Ginger Marmalade in Glass Jars
Robertson's Pincapplo Marmalades in Glass Jars
Crosse k Blackwell's Jams, all kinds . .in 4 lb. and 7 Ib. tins
Crosse k Blackwell's Marmalade in 4 Ib. and 7 lb, tins
Keillor's Marmalade in 4 lb. and 7 lb. tins
Climax Jams ol all kinds in 5 Ib. Pails
Climax Jellies of all kinds in 51b. Pails
California Apricots, Peaches, Pears, Plums in 2J lb. tins
Rajah Brand ol Sliced, Grated and Whole Pineapple in tins
Tartar Brand ol Peaches, Pears, Raspberries, Strawberries
and Plums in 2 lb. tins
Usher's Brand ol all kinds of Fruit and Vegetables.. 2 lb. tins
Pie Fruits put up in Gallon Tins—fresh in.
Our Now Spring stock of
Are Here for You,   Conic
Here and See Them.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Lawn Mowers
Agate Wall Finish
Estimates on Plumbing Work
Netting for Poultry Yards
Electric Supplies
Assorted House Paints
Water Hose
Enamelled Graniteware
Cheap and
Out of Sight.
From our own corrasixindiul.
All the ranchers and farmers are in
excellent spirits over the useful and
plentiful showers ol last week. All
crops have made phenomenal progress
and Iruit is well forward.
Trout and salmon trout are rising
beautifully now and there is magnificent sport for the rod and Ily at Scotch
Creek and Adams River, while the
troll line will be kept busy in deep
Mr, Gautier will suffer from tha
train robbery considerably, having
sent a large sum iu registered letter to
Kamloops by that train. 0. G. Freeman ol Lee Creek was a passenger on
the train.
The annual picnio on the 24th will
take place as usual and many novel-
* 'lies in the way ol sports and amuse*
uieiits will be introduced.
The log drive on the Salmon River
is hung up, 20 miles from Salmon
Arm, owing to the lack ol water, and
the liiremau, W, Peacock, has paid all
tbe hands off,
(From Our (mn Correspondent).
On Saturday last, while trying to
break a jam of logs, which had formed
in the creek near Nakusp, Mr. A.
Fardis, an employee of the Y.C.L. Co..
was badly injured by an explosion ol
dynamite. The injured man was
taken to Nelson where he is reported
to be recovering.
F. W. Jordan's new launch has
arrived and is a beautiful little craft,
she is 18 feet long with a 11 h.p. engine and is capable of a speed of eight
miles an hour. She Ml built by the
Michigan Steel Hftt company of
The blowing of the train, boat and
mill whistles last Tuesday announced
the arrival ol Mr. Walter Robinson
and bride.
The many friends ot Mrs. Walter
Scott were pleased to sec her again
after a sojourn of nearly a year in
Scotland. Mrs. Scott is very much
improved in health,'
One of the train rubbers caught near
Douglas lake is supposed to be Shorty
Dunn, who was employed at the mill
lien somo years ago.
Preliminary Hearing of C. P.-
R. Hold-up Trio at Kamloops Before Magistrate
KAMLOOI'B, May 111.—The three
accused train robbers were committed
tor trial.
Kami.001'8, May IU.—The preliminary hearing nf the three prisoners,
Edwards, Dunn andOolqnhoun, begau
Thursday morning before Magistrate
Mayor Gordon, Attorney-General Ful
ton conducting the prosecution. Geo.
8, McCarter, of Revelstoke, looked
afler tbe inteiosls of tlie C. P. It.
A. D. Mnclntyie defended the accused.
Tbe, only witness examined up to
two o'clock was Sergeant Wilson of
tbe mounted police. Maclntyre attempted to secure an eight-day remand, probably with a view to holding
tlie case over until after the assizes,
which open here Monday next.
The examination of tlie witness
elicited no new facts of importance.
Defence evidently intends to dispute
the jurisdiction of the mounted police
to arrest. Counsel closely examined
Wilson as to instructions and elicited
tbe fact, that while tbey were sworn
in to come to B. C. to bunt for the
three men ns specials under the provincial police, they were not so sworn
in afler their arrival in the province.
Wilson also permitted Seavey, superintendent nf the Thicl Detective
Agency at Seattle, to put tbe prisoner in the sweat box in a private room, with just the three ol them
The prisoners Edwards andColqu-
liouii assert. Seavey represented himself as an attorney from Kamloops.
Wilson de-iied this, stating Seavey
told Colquhoun he was a detective.
The evidence showed that Wilson was
acting directly under the orders of
Commissioner Perry at the instigation
of Superintendent Marpole of the C.
The prisoners seem unconcerned,
Dunn laughing continually. He
laughed while being carried into the
court room, but during the proceedings was alert and took a lively interest, The others seem sell-possessed
and look quite icspectable now they
are cleaned up. Seavey was not in
court and is evidently keeping deliberately out of the way.
C. P. R. Detective Robt. Bullock,
interviewed at Vancouver said:—"I
have not the slightest doubt that the
old man in custody is Bill Miner. I
am well acquainted with Miner's sisters, andean recognise the family likeness even if I had no other proofs.
Last night I saw the man stripped.
He was lathering his hands, and I
asked him to turn them over, wishing
to identify a stencil mark on his arm,
He turned his hand over but not
enough lor me to see all of it. I asked him again when he was wiping his
face, and on his second refusal seized
hold of his arm and turned it over.
There was tbe 'dancing-girl' tattoo,
well known to be on Bill Miner's arm.
Other marks correspond also. He has
a scar on bis hand which corresponds
with the Pinkertons' description. His
eyes also are unmistakable."
Death of a Noted Divine.—
Disastrous Forest Fires.—
Rev. W, W. Baer Resigns
from the Methodist Church.
HALIFAX, May HI.—A wireless telegram reports the death in mid-ocean
ol the Rev, Hr. Benjamin Labaree,
who performed most remarkable work
iu Persia for tlm Presbyterian ohuroh,
Detroit, Mich., Mny 10,—Disastrous forest fires are devastating large
sections in Michigan and Wisconsin,
Wliole villages have been wiped out
nnd several persons incinerated.
Victoria, B. C, May 19.—The
Methodist Conference ended to-day.
Rev. W. W. Baer has resigned from
church and conference expressed profound regret that the later months of
liis ministry have been unpleasantly
clouded by a charge which lias been
found baseless.
St. Petersiidrg, May 111.—Shall it
be peace or war! The answer rests on
the Czar's reply to a message from
Douma, presented yesterday. It is
believed it will be of a temporizing
and soothing nature, though reactionists want tlie Emperor to light. Tho
President ol the Lower House will not
be given an audience till Monday
when an answer will be made.
Washington, May 19.—After seventy days deliberation the Senate has
passed the railroad rate bill by a vote
of 71 to 8.
Cobalt, Muy 19.—A dynamite explosion yesterday caused much loss ol
property and injured many people.
Fire which started in a small shack
spread to the power bouse wherein
was seven tuns of dynamite. The explosion wrecked scores of houses and
fifty were subsequently burned.
New York, May 19.—Yesterday
was almost tropical in the east. Several cases of prostration occurred.
The above-named company gave two
meritorious performances in the Opera
Hold Biennial Convention at
The seventh biennial  e.onvenlion ol
the Brotherhood of Locomotive En
gi liners opened last week at Memphis,
Tomi,    A  iiithlio reooption to the
hnilliei hm nl was given, and this grand
opening marks the beginning ol ut
least six weeks of routine work, which
will be interspersed by entertainments
at stated intervals to break the monotony of the business grind.
Tlie reception ut the Grand Opera
House was one long to be rcmenilieii d
by the "men nt the throttle," by their
wives, sweethearts and friends. Tlie
house wns crowded to overflowing and
men and women were forced to stunil
buck to tlm entrance in order to get n
glimpse ut the interior uml hear the
elaborate programme which wns rendered.
At tlie renr of the stage platform
wns inscribed in large letters tlie words
"Sobriety, Truthfulness, Justice und
Morality," the uttributes recommend,*
ed by the grand brotherhood to it/
thousands uf members.
Placed upon u table in the front of
tbe stage was a miniature locomotive,
emblematic of tlie order,
Seated upon the stage were the
grand ollicers, the ollicers of tbe Ladies' Auxiliary, the Indies' double
quartette, including the first four from
Cleveland, O,, and a number of prominent railroad ollieials nnd officers of
other railway labor organisations.
Long before the hour of opening tbe
crowds I og.iu to gather at tho opera
house. The Indies were ushered to the
choice seats and before 2 o'clock the
auditorium und galleries were filled.
Behind the scenes were gathered over
100 sweet-faced, Biuiling children, sons
and daughters ol local engineers.
These children joined in a chorus of
welcome and worn loudly applauded,
The songs of the children and the
Wdrk of the engineers' orchestra, and
the double quartette of tbe Lat.-ies'
Euterpian Chorus, were the musical
features of the receptiou.
Seated on the stage wus John P. St.
John, twice governor of Kansas, and
at one time a candidate for president
of tlie United States on the Prohibition ticket. He will address tbe engineers tonight at tlie Grand.
Mayor Miilone in a few well chosen
words welcomed tbe host of engineers,
their  wives, children  uud friends to
Groceries, Hardware. McClary's Stoves, Etc.
Onion Sets, Flower Seeds, Farm & Garden Seeds,
Garden Tools.   A Large Assortment.
Hollywood   and   Shcrwin   Williams'   Paints,   Oil*,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastine, Muralo, Etc.
ur   Stock of Groceries,  Fruits   and   Vegetables,
is always Fresh.
BOURNE   BROS.      Mackenzie Avenue
We have left a few 5-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within live minutes' easy walking of the
New Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Victoria, B. C, May 18.—The
echoes ol the bugles sounding " Last
Post," at seven o'clock yesterday
morning at Work Point barracks,
accentuated tbe severance ol Imperial
military control ol Canada, when the
royal engineers and garrison artillery
to the number of 260 embarked on the
steamer Charmer en route for Vancouver and Merrie England. Tbe
departing troops were given a cordial
farewell, hundreds of Victorians with
the Fifth Regiment of Canadian
Artillery turning out in the chill of
the morning to give a parting cheer.
The band played "Auld Lang Syne"
and "The Girl I Left Behind Mc" as
the steamer drew into the misty slraits
and the last sight of British troops in
Canada merged into a quivering
picture of waving caps and kerchiefs.
The special carrying the British
soldiers passed through Kevelstoke
yesterday morning at 7 o'clock.
If you want to sen with your own
eyes how a real live earthquake can
destroy 1450,000,000 worth of property
Iu If hours como to tbe opern house,
Wednesday night, May 211, at R:')0.
Admission 60c.
House on Thursday nud Friday nights, itbe  "ty  of  Memphis.   Mr. Malone
,,       j- 1 . 11 l . assured the brotherhood and auxiliary
the audiences being smal but appre- ,,,,,   ,, , ■ , , »i........r
,„ „ . ,, , , , 1 Ibat Memphis doors were opened to
ciativa. Miss Jessie Glover displayed j them and that ns tbey bud taken the
great elocutionary and dramatic city by storm the Memphians were
powers, her different numbers beiug willing subjects to the pilots of the
loudly applauded. Miss Glover is also mighty moguls. The mayor assured
',.,,. ,   .,, „    tbe delegates  and visitors that they
an accomplished singer and with Mi. were welcomed and lexpressed a hope
Mackenzie rendered some very pleaB- that everyone would be pleased with
ing duetts. Mr. Mackenzie with his Ibe treatment they nre to receive at
humurous stories and character songs 'J"3 bands of the local engineers and
, . ,.. j. . c, , , ,, the citizens of Memphis,
kept his audiences in fits of laughter, P v ,„ „,, . , , • , , .
m, , . ,,„.,,, „,. , fc-fc- Clark, grand clue! conductor
The dancing of the Highland Fling by „f ti,e Order of Railway Conductors,
Mr, Mackenzie and Miss Glover was addressed thc assemblage. It was de-
applauded to the echo, and the artists clare<i''}' many to bo the master piece
ol oratory of tho afternoon, omitting.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
were compelled to respond to a vigor-
Madame Claire Rosseau
ol course, the closing address by the
ous encore.   Madame Claire Kosseau grond ohief er.g|,|   stone.    Mr.
proved herself an  efficient pianiste, Wnrk reviewed the work of organized
rendering  some very fine selections, labor and pointed  out tho practical
Altogether the   company, although V'WWe* <<>' fw railway orders to
„ .        . ,   ... .,   ,   . follow if they hoped to wm recogm-
small,is a talented one, displaying ^    He spoke'0, the OODvenfion
great versatility, and were certainly wliicli will bo held by the conductors
deserving of better patronage.   Last j next  year, nnd   his closing remarks
evening a Bocial dance took place at! br"uKht furtl1 lmi(1 applause,
the conclusion ol tl.e entertainment!, M™* ,"'*,  A-Murdock, grand prcsi-
, .,     „ 1   j   V.   I dent  ol  tbe  Ladies' Auxiliary, was
to which  all present remained.   On 1 introduced and addressed the brother-
Sunday evening tho company will give j hood and tlie ladies'auxiliary.   Tho
a sacred concert iu the Opera House,
to which everybody is invited. There
will be no admission Ice but a collection will lie taken. Tbe concert will
comnieuco alter church service.
The Indian chiefs of British Columbia will leave for England abuut
July 1st, to visit King Edward.
Speaking to a Vancouver World
reporter, Chief Joe Capilano said: "It
is not yot settled bow many of tbe
chiefs would go on the pilgrimage to
see. the great white father, but they
will all gather at his place across the
inlet on June 24. They will romain
there discussing matters and arranging all details till July 1, 011 whioh
day they will start for London. Nothing ol a similar nature has  taken
place in the history of thc province."
——.»^»«.—— —~
J. G. Ullock and Capt. Cantley, ol
(lolden, are up tho Spillimachene
River on a bear-hunting expedition.
They are accompanied by Capt. Cant-
loy's piper who is expected to entrance
thu boars while the Capt. and Mr.
I'lloi'k take their aim ami pour lead
into thc bruins who aro fond of music.
work of the auxiliary was reviewed by
Mrs. Murdock in a general wny, and a
lucid explanation of its objects nnd its
affinity nnd relation to the brotherhood was given. Mrs, Murdock is 11
clear, forceful speaker und her magnetism holds the attention of her
Following Mrs. Murdock's niblicss,
Shandy McGuire, the brotherhood
poet, recited one ol bis creations to
the great amusement of all present.
Tbo closing address by Grand Chief
Engineer W, S. Stone was tlie feature
of the reception.
(irani) chief's address.
Mr. Stone opened his remarks by u
historical comparison ol the many
ages of tho world, the rise and fall ol
empires, und as a climax to bis introduction, he reviewed tlie progress of
the present age and its many in ven
lions, notably thut of the slenin engine. He spoke of the objects ol the
order and said iu his many trips
acrosB the American continent from
the Atlantic to tbe Pacific, und Irom
the. Great Lakes to the gulf, he was
often naked il the brotherhood really
stood for anything, and if su, what
were its objects and aims, Ily way ol
explanation of such queries Mr. Stum
snid ho told them that tbe brotherhood stood  for sobriety, truthfulness,
justice and morality; ibat it was opposed to cliilil labor, stood for better
labor conditions and the uplifting, the
educating and the inculcation oi home
..rinciples in the liimilies of the engineers.
He said: "More lias been accomplished in tbe pnst 100 yeurs for ilie
good of labor than during nil ages
jinst, uud we are hopeful enough to
believe that by clinging tenaciously
to the right, we will accomplish more.''
In speaking of the insurance feature
of the brotherhood, tbe speaker said
that an insurance fund of $88,000,000
is lieing curried by the order aud that
,$15,0(10,01111 bus been paid out to beue-
liciaries since the inoeption of the
brotherhood. He spoke at length on
the great good of the insurance
engineer's responsibility,
Turning from the insurance feature,
he spoke of the great responsibility
which the engineer has, and of bis
efficiency as a workman. "You may
n it believe it," he said, "but out of
, very Hill Bremen ou tlie road only
Seventeen get to be engineers, and out
i.l this seventeen only six ever become
passenger engineers." He explained
that thn work of the locomotive engineer is not n simple trade easily
picked up, but that it takes ability
and much experience ta become one,
and even then a good eye and quick
thought nre requisites necessary to
bold the position. An engineer, he
explained, must be a sober and attentive workman,
As a peroration lie closed with'un
apostrophe to the Women's Auxiliary,
and supplemented his eloquent re-
milks with a witticism that created
considerable applause. "It is true,"
In- said, "that these Indies do not run
engines, but some of them run the
engineers that do run the engines."
He spoke ol the hardship oi tin: en-
g neer's wife, the long hours ol wailing apprehension, tlie irregular hours
and tin- lotiesiinieiiess, mill said they
d -eiveil more credit even thun the
11 giueers for the part of tlie duly
assigned to their husbands, fathers
uml sweethearts,
The double quartette sung 'The
Men at the Throttle" at the conclusion of Mr. Stone's address, and the
I 'diction  wns suid  by tbe Rev. W.
T.  Boiling, pastor ol   the Central
.Methodist Church.
from our uivn i-orru'siMiinliitil.
Percy Soholes. .1.1'., of Comapllx,
went through to Calgary on Wednesday to meet llis father-in-law, who is
on his way out from the Old Country.
The Derosier Hunch is giving n
good account of itself in the hands of
P. Soholes und partner, who cleared
$2,000  from   last   season's    produce,
noludlng the potato crop, the last of
which has been sold at a good price to
Camborne buyers.
The line mill erected by the Bowman Lumber Company will be opened
next week, and things will be humming around here.
Views of Golden Gate Calamity on Wednesday Night.
The citizens of Revelstoke will be
presented with an opportunity to see
the destruction of Sun Francisco by
lire, niter the sesmic stroke had committed its destruction and left that
proud city of the Golden West in a
condition utterly helpless to resist the
aiviul holacaust that visited it immediately ufier the shuck.
Mr. H. M. Kcefer, who was in Oakland. Cal.,at the time of tlie calamity,
immediately proceeded to tbe stricken
city, and with the assistance of Mr. G.
IM, Weister, a photographer of note,
who wns formerly in the business nt
Portland, Ore., obtained nearly 300
views of San Francisco in the very
midst ol her misfortunes. Out of tbe
large number of views taken only 150
could be used when finished, the balance being of too cloudy an appearance, on accouut of the huge volumes
of smoke.
The photographs thnt were finished
and toned have been made into stere-
opticon slides. Mr. Keefer has the
entire eolleotion, which he showed in
Vancouver for tlie past three nights
to crowded houses, which highly appreciated the excellent lecture delivered
in uu intelligent manner by u man
capable of telling what thc pictures
represented, he having been ou the
spot when they were taken.
Mr. Keefer has in bis possession a
puss issued to liiin by Adjutant Cieu-
eralJ. B. Launch of the state militia
of California, permitting him to pass
within the confines ol the city while
it was under martial law, Without a
doubt this is the only one of its kind
in liritish Columbia, und only a few
are to bo seen in tin. United States, as
the number issued was limited to a
very lew, This curious piece of paste-
board will be on display at the box
office Wednesday night, neatly framed,
I'lii.-e pictures ure genuine reproductions, -i, sayetbone who witnessed
tho exhibition in Vanoouver, and wus
himsell 11 refugee from the strioken
llie lecture will lust for un hour
and a hall and will be given at the
njieru bouse Wednesday night next.
Every picture that is shown on tho
canvas ii copyrighted,
^ The ollicers und members of Crystal
Temple, No. 3, Rathbone Sisters, extend their thanks to all who responded
to the cull for clothing for the desti-
tule from the late disaster at FriBcu,
and especially to Supt. Kilpatrick of
the C.P.R., for procuring free transportation, also to C. B. Hume & Co.,
and McLennan and Co.. whose donations of children's  clothing, men's
shirts, etc,  were  brand new goods.
Mrs. H. A. Brown,
Supreme Keprcoeutative and
Cbe flfatUDeralb.
lllC-luilll", JJO-tHKt' tu  England, I'llill-d  Stilts
and Canada.
llrt1,e)Mr|th|sjui!li|ii,-i„ili,-t'|   $3.81
Il»l( "     1..VI
-Juaru-r "       " "   LHO
Legaliieti.-i- 10,,-tii- per lino Ur-i Inscrtlnu,
ft cents pur line oacn -uI,-,-,iii,-i,i iii-oi-ii„n.
MsAsursmtnli Konpnrlol [I. iu„ - mukoiiuo
Inelil Slur,- and goncra) liu-im-- un
iioiuii'iiiH-iit- $J.'.i t„-r Inch por liiiinlli.
Preferred positions, M nor conl, ml-
dlllitil. llirll,-. Mmi-i.iv,-- - mul Lii-nlli-.
Uv each iii-,-rii„n. All lulvcrtlsollinnu,
mhjeol to tho approval of llio inmiiixoinoiil,
Wunti-il unit Condoniod ...ln-ni-,- tils:
Ageou Wantod. Help Wanted, Hllimtl	
wanted, siiuntliiti* Vacant, 'I'onclion
Wanted, Moclmnloi Wanted, lo wordi or
less ..'.-.. ,-.„!, additional line 10 conU,
CiuiiiKi- in Handing advortUoinonti unlit
bi- in I,j a n. in. 'I iii-*iIii)- ninl I'rl,lay ul
6, ill week tO M-i'lire K'»",l (lUpln)'.
JUH PRINTING promptlyoxoontod nt mason'
atiiu rates.
IKRMs-1 ii-li. Subscription! payablo In wl!
I UKl'.Esl'OMiKNCi: Invited un lunllers nl
public interest. Communications to Kill-
tor must be aoconipanlod l,y mini,' uf
writer, not QooeBsarlly fnr publication, Iml
bs eviaence of good faith. L'orrespondoncc
should be brief.
'   Die NT I ST,
thk new lawhknck block,
McKenzie Avonuo,
Orricus:  Isji-kki.m. Hank  Hlock,  Uicvki.-
stokk, B, C.
Money to loan,
Offices: Revelstoke, B. 0,( Fori Slcclo, B. C.
Oto. S. McCarter,
Revelsloke, II. C. Fort Steele, B. C,
J. M. Scott 1.L.1I. W.I,Brings,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money tu Loan
solicitors fur molsons bank
First Street.
Revelstoke, Il.C.
Mining Engineer,
(Mem. American Institute Mining Kngtiilors]
Canadian Mining Institute,)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Examination of and reports on Mineral Properties a Specially.
Agent for Canadian Mclul Company,-buyers
of zinc and silver-lend ores.
Zinc and silver-lead mines piirclms    or operated under lease and bond
Financial Assistance given owners and pios-
pectors to operate and develop
approved properties.
jibe flhaifclbevalb
"I would . . . earnestly ndvlso thotn (pr
their good to order this paper In 1„- punctually
-ervid up.and to be looked upon ns n partol
die lea equipage."- Addison.
SATURDAY, MAY 19, 1906
The movement to establish a university lor the Province has uur hearty
sympathy. Such an institutiou could
be provided for by reserves from the
vast resources of the province without
becoming i burden on the taxpayer.
We have for some years urged this
course and it is a mutter of regret that
it was not adopted at nn earlier stage
However, it is never too late to mend.
The action taken by Magill University last session of tlie legislature
seems to have aroused all kinds ol
sectarian jealousy, without any justification for such. The University could
not be under better hands than
Magill. That University is better
equipped for tbe kind of educational
work required in this province than
any other, has had more experience,
and a world-wide reputation, whioh,
to a new institution, could not fail to
be ol tbe greatest value. In engineering, science, law, and medicine, Magill
leads, and it* graduates are everywhere in demand. Instead c-1 creating
counter interests then, which cannot
fail to be detrimental to the grand
aim in view, we urge that Magill be
encouraged in tlie good wnrk it lin -
begun and that the university which
it proposes to establish in this
province have tbe hearty support „l
the Government by substantial endowments on condition that thu interests ol the province In- suititl.-.
represented on the Board. Tlie action
taken by the sectarian bodies meeting
at Victoria lately was, lor a purely II.
C. University, we regret to -ay. apparently prompted largely by local jeal
ousy between Victoria and Vancouver
—a condition of things which the
province in general will denounce in
unmeasured terms. The work should
be placed on bigger nnd broader lilies,
and we are satisfied the course we suggest, of collaborating with Magill in
the organisation and maintcnanoe ol
the proposed university, will be the
best for the true (durational and development interests of the province.
tion of tlie imino so forest wealth ul
t'ne province, Foiest pteservatlon is
oneol tlie first nud mustiinportiuil
duties of govor cut, and there Bhould
In' no necessity tor boards ul trade and
other bodies continually hammering
at ihe Government tu doits duty in
tliis respect,     The  lorosts   represent
one of the greatest national sources uf
wealth, Inditl'oronce to which may
result in llieir wholesale destruction
within a short time, and tliooonso-
qiieiii crippling ot the lumbor industry, which is one of the blggoil
employer! Ol labor the province has.
The (lestruotivo lires two weeks ago in
various pints of the province show
ihere is no question ou whioh the
govornniont is more Indifferent, or
more urgently demanding their nl
We recently pointed out the untie-
suability ol allowing Canadian bunks
to follow the practice of rushing their
lunds to New York at high rales during panic times on the New York
stock exchange, The Montreal Slur
takes up the issue and a correspondent of that paper writes:—
"'Canada for tlie Canadians' is
whnt you often bear, but evidently
that does not apply to bunks. Tbey
take the deposits uf Canadians and
instead of helping to build up Canada,
tbey lend millions outside ul Canada.
If I were the Finance Minister I
would heavily tax nil bunks lending
money outside of Canada."
THE C. P. R.
Mountain & Shuswap Division
Peace hns ite victories ns well as
war, The Mountain und Shuswup
division of tbe C. P. It. is the must
costly nnd dillicult division to satisfactorily administer, yet i-; obtaining a
big record in the hands of Supt,
Kilpatrick, and conditions were never
better on thc division. Tlie power is
in better shape than on uny other
division ol the west, thanks to the
effective work done at the shops here
under the supervision of Messrs.
Phipps, MitBtur Mechanic, and R,
Anthony, shop foreman,
The train service cannot be beat for
punctuality and efficiency, and there
is not a liner lot of men to be lound
anywhere than the trainmen aid
olliciiil stall' on this division.
This division is setting a good example to the rest of the system by the
neat way in which tho rond is being
cleared up Irom end to end, making
the line look much cleaner mid attractive to passengers and tourists.
Then, again, the stern and deter-
ined way in which Supt. Kilpatrick
Stayed With the hunt for the bandits
who dared to hold up a train on his
division is a subject (or the best congratulation ot all bunds, as showing
such a determination was an incentive
to those who look part in the effort
to circumvent and capture thc robbers, and the superintendent's persistent watching over the work, and the
tact that he spared no step necessary
to success, had much to do with such
effective results.
osled in the bond: John Hamill, J P ;
F. N. |iani.-ls, lru Daniels, Will. T.
Holby, Geo, G, Wallace,.I.I'., and l
Sherry of Armstrong; ll. I'. Lee and
0, O'Keefe, Vernon; Tom Taylor, M.
P.P., Ilevelstoke; Mr. Irwin. Indian
Agent, Kamloops, and the original
discoverers, Johnny Nieliolus and
Private parties owning olninis on
the lead stale they  will (lovolop them
this SlllllllUT.
The district is well worthy ol the
prospectors' notice and ut many
points oil IheSpalliiinehiH'ii River und
on Shuswap and Mara Lakes aelive
hunt-building is going on with a view
to thoroughly prospecting all that
country this summer.
Eire insurance rules in Chicago, on
all less desirable risks, will be advanced 25 per cent, or more to reimburse cunipniiies that have suffered
loss in tlie San Francisco lire.
Cold Range lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
111 in lli|,ll,-ll,,ivs' Hall nt S
o'clock .Milling Kuliilits are
cordially mvlied.
K. W. II. PAGET, Cl*.
II. II. IIIIUI'K, K. nt It. iB.
H. A. IIHOWN, M. of F,
Pleases every smoker the " Maroa
Certificate  of   Improvements.
I'lnnoh Mineral Claim, situate lu tin- Revelitoke
Milting Division „f Wnsl Kootenny Diatrict,
Where located: -North „f b  Uill   Minora-!
Claim, stjiniliii',1 Basin, Ilia Bend.
Take notice Hint I, Jas. I. Woodrow, l-'.M.C. No.
1188170, acting ns uRinit for myself nml A. W. Me-
Ititn.h, l-'.M.C No. ItSHUHI, 11 lolinson, l-'.M.C,
Nn. lissu-27. Blliaheth McMalion, l-'.M.C No.
Ilss.viil, intend sixty tlnys from tin' iluti' lii-ranf. tn
apply to the Mining Recorder tor a CertlBcato ol
Improvements, lor Ilu- |iurpo«e ,,l obtaining a
(-iiinn Grant ot the above claim.
And further lake notice that ncti under soc-
tl„n 87, must lie common 1 before (In- Issuance „f
such Cortincnlo of Improvements,
Dated this Fourteenth day ol Mny, A.i)., 1006,
Hon- Ohlof Commissioner of Laudsuud Works
for permission to purchase thn following described lends, situate In tlio Revolstoko Division
nl Wost Kootenay District:
Comnieuciimutu post nlnnled Ot) tlio oust
bank of tlio Columbia River, ahuiil one-half
milo north of tho mouth of Carnes Greek, uml
marked "C.J.R'a South Wost Gornor Post,'
tlionco eastfiOolialnsj thenco uorth su chains!
thonco west 60 chains, ho tho.-unio more or loss,
to the oust liuni. of the Columbia Kivor; thonce
following tho moandorlnas of (ho Columbia
River in a Southerly direction to tho -point of
nimmiMifomtmt, containing *lw> acres moro or
Dated this twenty-ninth day of March, A.D.,
AH 2m. G. ,1. RUMENS.
Certificate of Improvements.
KooU'imv Lodge No. 15 A F, & A.M.
Tho regular meet'
Uiu- art; held in the
M-won to    Tumuli),
Mil I'Vllinvs Hull,nli
M.t-third Monday lh
'itch month ut ;*
|i.m, V isltliiK broth ■
ii'ii cordially wol
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 12,1. O. 0. F.
Moots ovoryThuradac
Hull at h o'clock
Visiting brcthron cor
dinlly invited to ut
It. MAODONALD, N.U.        J. MATHIE. Skc
I hnve started a permanent Wuod
Yard on Third street. Willi my past
experience I hope to be in a position
to satisfy nil requirements of customers, Dry cordwood kept ln stock and
supplied in uny lengths at, reduced
prices for cash.
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders lur Beet and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention.
ilolilrn Bugle Mineral Claim, situate in the Ar
ion l.nki- MiniiiR Division "I li nny l>i<tri,-l
Where located:- Adjoining Mineral City Town
TAKE NIHHT. Unit 1, Konnolh I.. Burnet,
agent lur Mr*. Kllcn Mel jalil, ,,( Nakiiiri
free Miner's Cortiflcate No. BOW, Inl end, slit
days from llio date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder lor n Certificate ol Improvement!, for
the purpose "f nlitnitilng a Crown (Irantol the
tvhtivo claim.
And fuiilu-r take notice thnt action, under sec-
tion -17, inii*i In- commenced before (In- issuance of
such (Jertiflcato of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day ot April, nm
J87 ' KKXNT.1II I. Ili'llNKT
N'ot withstanding the heavy pressure
that has been brought to hear, nnd
tbe itroug representations made to
the Provincial Oovernment on the
question ol forest tires, we regret to
notice that action has not yet Isjen
taken oompal ible with the prescrva-
Development of the Big Silver-
Lead Discovery.
The syndicate who bonded die leg
strike on Seymour Arm last lall for
|240,000 have agreed to begin work on
or before June 1st next, to Bpend
120,000 at a rateol not less than if 100
a day In such work and pay off the
l,ond beginning on October 1st $60
ism April l-i 1907, 160,000;October
1st, 1907, $60,000, and April 1st 1908,
'lh.- trend ol the ledge is north easl
and south-west, with a dip tothe - ist
and the width will average lour Ieet,
though in places it is said tn , ■
fallen OVer and be lull) sixteen feel
wide ,,n the surface, 'I here i-
mense water power available.
The loll,,wing gentlemen nre inter
Naticeisherohs uiv.ii that 8fl days afterdate I
intend l.i apply U\ the Chief Commissioner nl
Und* and Works for permission to purchase the
I illowinu le*crihed lands, situate near Tete Jaune
Cache. Caril listrlct, li. C
Commencing  it   i  post planted at the south
■west I'-onterofLol 1*0 md marked "fl, I'.. Nagle's
nortli weal corner post, them ■  Mint
thence easl ei ■'    lOcha *
thence west li nl      imnteneeraent,
containing (HO u res more or less.
Dated .r . :      I \-
0   B  M'iI.F.
Rerelil  -
Intend to ap]               Chill             iion«r ol
I. in i- ind Ivor                                  Inset-he
vHng >- ■■   erf lands
: -     ' '     :
ted at        .■'■-•
• i.- ■ -■ ■ ■ M H
ner post     bet        ml -   ■
■     ' ■ ■ - ■    '        I    ■   : "
Fi 1-.'.   i: rei   thence west
.-.*-,-        River Ut
■ -
thing the easl '■-  ndar;   I 1 ■' ■-   ■"''■■ point w
roinmencemi nt,
Dated th<   I
i   M BI IN
■ In   B f
Something Pure
If yon arc looking for Pure
Honey we have just opened up
a consignment of   Ontario
iu 1 lb, boxes, or iu !"> lb. cans
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned Goods are second
to none, und inure than that
wc "Guarantee every Can,"
Ice Cream Parlors
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bough b
Gash Prices Paid
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Storm Doors, ele
Third Street East, llevelsloki
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new inunngeini'iit|uf
Harry MoIntosh,  Hoffmah  House
i. eyon nre the musl. curative In the
world. A perfect, unliiiiil remedy for
nil Neivnus and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Slumnivh ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Speciul
rates on all boats and trams, Two
mails iiii-ive und depait every day,
Tele-grit h communication with all
marts of the world.
TERMS-112 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotv Lake. B. C
Mrs. H. J. Hit.ibury. Managress.
First-Class Table.|
Private Dining Boxes.
Largo Dinlngroom for
Iliinquets, Slippers, oto.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Ice Cream Supplied at  01.BO
per Gallon.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Complete; Mineral Claim,
Situate In the Arrow LakeMlnina Division of
West Kootenaj Diatrict,
Whew located:—Nearjthe Needles on the Lower
Ami* Lake,
Take notice that I. Kenneth!,. Burnet,agent
for Annie Kelliher (Ailralnlatratrl-* for th**1 ''state
of i'. li  Kelllher deceased). Special Ewe Miners
I'ertili it* So. 647S  Intend, alxty daw from the
late lei   I to apply to the Mining Etecorderfor
i Certificate of unproTementa, fur thn purpose nf
obtaining i Crown Oranl of the abore claim,
I   ■ intake notice that action, under Sec
it be c ramencoil before the issuance
of such Certificate of improvements.
Dated i   - fifteenth day of February, luufi.
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning und
washing are easy with its help.
And tin: money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells whnt we give lor
Royal Crown Wrappers. Send
Inr it—Free—Also try tin-
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
VTOTICE [9 HKl.Ki',   QJVKN ll
.\      ■     ,:'*.-r date  I Intel ;     nthi
orof Land* and M
■. i lal  .- -■: -. ■ i   it and ca
'■,.•■■'' ribed fends In Wesl
CommenolnK al n po t plante	
bank of tl e - i  ;:     i ibove    n
month n( Chuos River ami m irked ' W ' on u
mar posl    - 8m e west*   bo d
... -,      [in    ■ ,-■,,- a, ■ ■■ -
-. ,-.- W chain    ■   he ■■
, ,. . ,.., .
layof A
\\  i i iu l S
Per V,  M' n-1    I  ■
v*N,>.aCT,jPFO av
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
148, Cordova St.. W,
VANCOUVBR, -  •  B, C.
Certificate of Improvements.
Peiicocli Mluoral Claim, situate in llis Rovel-
stokn Miiiint Division ol Wosl Kooteuny
. Where located i-At   tiuularil Husin, iu the
llll! llninl.
TAKK NOTICE that I, It. Smith, Froe
Miner s Certificate No, 1111.123, ectins ns silent
tor C. J. Rumons, Froo Minor's Cortillcnle No.
11884*1; O. R. Robinson, Froo Miner's Cortjfl-
cnto No. HSKAI nnd Wm. M. Sailnn's Free
Minor's Cerlillcnto No, H SWUr., intend sixty
days (rum Untohoronl tu npnly to the Hiiiinc
Recorder for a Certificate iiflmiinivemonts for
the purpose of obtaining n Orowu Grant ol the
above claim.
( And further, tako notice, that nctiun under
Soctinn 37, mnsl lm commenced before the
.ssiinncfl uf such Cortillcato of Improvements
Pateil this Socond day ol April. A.D., lBOfl.
Dowswcll, (I'oi-ini'rly of l.elioiil Hotel, Vancouver) Proprietor.
.'. i
First Chiss House for Travcllctrs and Commercihl Mitn
Newly |I3uilt, Newly Furnished, and the most comfortable house in the City.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Drum-lies Iii the Provinces of Muuitnlm, Alberts, Bukstehswau,
llrltlili>, Oiitnrli,, tluebee,
Oapltal Subscribed ...       t4,ooo,ooo.oo
Oapltal Paid Up ....   t3,9oo,ooo.w
Reserve Fund ■    •   •       -       -       t3,9oo,000.00
I). R. Wii.kik, PresUlent i Hun. It, .Iaffray, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Havinuh- Dm'ARTMKNT—Deposits received and Interest allowed
nl highest eutTcnt rule from diite of opening account, nnd eoui-
pounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold iivniliilile in all parts nf Canada, United States and
Kurope.   Special ul tention given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
For nil kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Certificate of  Improvements.
Martha Jane Fraction and   Minto  Mineral
Claims, situate in the Revelstoke Mining
Division of West Kootenny District.
Where located :-Al Stnndnrd  Basin,   Big
TAKE NOTICE that I, R. Rmltli, Free
Minor's CertWcnte No. B 085,23, acting as agent
for the Prince Mining and Development Com-
pnny. Limited Liability! Freo Minor's Certlre
cute Nn. 8 88485, intend sixty days from date
horoiitto apply (n the Mining Recorder fur
Certificates uf Improvements for tho puriiose
nf obtaining Crown Grunts of tha above
And further, take nutico, that action umlor
Section :17, must bo commenced before tho
issuance of such Certificates of Improvements
Datod this Second day of April, A. D., IMS.
Incorporated by Aot of Parliament, 1855.
Wm. Molson Maciuikrson, Pres. 8. H. EwiNO, Vice-Pres.
Jambs Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
v Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything iu way ol banking bjiBiuess transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvelstokk, B. C.
Now that bright spring days are coming in, to be followed hy the heat
of summer yuu want tn keen your Sfines and houses conl and comfortable.
The Best Way to no Ihis is lo secure awnings for your windows, and
order llieni from
L.   A.  FRETZ,
First Street.
Aii. (-2m.
' R'. SMITH,
ifter date I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
rommisstoner »f Lauds nnd Works for a special
license to cut and curry away timber from the
following described lends, situute at or near
tho Stnndnrd Basin, Revelstoke district,
(.ommenclng utu iwst iduutedabuutl] mile.-
torthof .Stitntliird Mine, nnd marked " (!. J
R'sSnnth'VYest Comer Post"] theuce north 160
chains; thouce eust 40 chains; theuce south
160 chainsi thence west to chains in the place
of commencement,
Dated the Second day of April A.D., 1900.
Ap.42.rn, C.J. RilMENS.
Tender for Mineral Claim Forfeited to the Crown
pendei ■ II lie recol -i - the iindorslgneI n
to 12 o'clock noon, on Hattmlaj the Wth day if
M.-iy, iiH'i; lor the pnrchase of the undermsntlon
-■il mineral claim which was forfeited in
Crown al the Tax Sale held In tho Courl iloiwe,
al ftevnl toko, B r,. on tho 7th tlaj 'if November,
To in* connldered, ,ill tenders musl
equal to the upflet price as given Iwlow which li
equivalent to the amoun' for which mu h claim
conjdhavelieen purchased hy thoownnroi own
ers. on nr l«(oro the 30th 'by n June, IBM. to
Kotner with the taxos which liavoaci rueil mn
the Tax Halo, the posl nf advertising for tonden
and Crown Oranl fee,
uu fUU \\, imi ii regular!)
and ' on lime"' If not, kindly
n '     L - al once, either
'Phom 13 or by postal.
Name of Claim
" Brunswloh"
l,ol So
mmpanlod hy
i p«oi prli
harterod iunk fnr the full
Bach tender must I
iinlv cortlflflil lij   '
amount thereof, payable at par ni ((ovelslnke, In
favour nftho n mferslgned,
Therhcq f nil tinMiiccessfiil tenderers will
lm Immediately returned.
rn km I',
flovorntnontAfteiit at Rovelstoko,
.May lUtli, IBM,
:-' n ■■;,'■ . Greenhouses & Seed Houses
SEEDS. New crop now In itock and on tut
In our -greenhouses, A'-k ttmt merobftftt for
them in <ealed pukages. rfhedoeinottuCndli
thirin we'A-ill mall SO assorted. tV\M of
trogetuble nnd flower seeds (our owr, uleoUon.
suitable for B C, ffardons) for $1.00, Hpitcial
lirlwH on your bulk seod '.
MENTAL TKWi now rand/ tur spring
Kxtro nice *took <>t two and three yenr Apple
Troon al |20.00 por 100, $180,00 per [,000; May
mini Plnmi, $1.00 c'ni'ti, itniiaii Prune, two-
vi'iir, iiiin. im.'io jkt imi; rtn«itr Prune, two
yr-M, line, ■'r'i per I'm.
Full list of other stock at reifnlAr prlqoa, No
oxponsn, Iom or delay of fumigation or
fjCtme price y^ir iini. nofore iduflnK your
Oroonhouno Plants, Flor Work, Hi'iiHuppiifn.
Kruii I'lii'kiiKC'M, fCertlllxorii QtO.
M.   J,   HENRY
.mu,«issu.n ROAD, vahoi vi,«. H. C.
NOTICK h lu-reby given that W ilayn after dale
ui* int uml to apply tn the Hon. The Chief
misilimerofliftiius and Work* fur a Hpeclal
License lo cut and carry away limber from the
following described laniu In Hnnt Kootenny District:
I. Commencing at a pint plnnletl ou chains
n»rth from the south west corner of lot No, 014fi
and mnrked "A. I,. Co's, N. W. corner Boat,"
tl -e south 80 chains, 80 chains i>imt. 80 chains
north, 80 chains wesl in point ut ruuiiiieiii't'incnt.
Dated this surd day uf April, 1900.
Commencing at a pnst plunU'il 90 chains
north from the south weal corner of lot No, 0146
inl marked ' \. I. Co's, Southwest comer post,"
thence 80 chains north, 80 chains east, 80 chains
Kiuth, fi chaini wi-it ta point, nt commencement.
iiiImHIh. :':ii'i ilay of Aprll,ll900.
Arrowhead, B. C.
Charmingly situated on the shores
of Arrow Ijik.-.
(Inod Tiont fishing,
Boats always fnr hire,
Sample Rooms In connection.
l-'iisl cIium  hoiiHi-  for Tourists nnd
Commercial men.
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
Mill Property and Timber Limit
For Sale.
rpENDRHB will be reeelfed by tha tibderilgn*
I sd tip to noon on Tne-dny the litli Mny,
l«W. for tUpurpha-ieiif thn Saw mill and Shin-
Kin mill nt llreely Creek, Intoly Operated liy F.
■Jtillan, nnd for Tlm Imr Horth fi-l, adjnltilnR
inw mill, nod rntitalnin(tnn nren of about I'i
(iilllirn mlln-
Tnndersfnr mill property [HUlt he sops rate
from isndnr" fur Timber Berth
Jn the County Court of West Kootenay, hidden at
To Rrnesl Augustus linker, known us (tus Baker,
of Arrowhead, B.C.
Take notice thai a plaint has been uii.tertid and
a siitiinions Issued nLtulnst you In the nbove Coun-
iy I'niirt by neorgd Chapman Of Arrowhead, B.C.,
lor the hiiiii of f lfio.(Ni, belli)-, the amount of a eer-
lAln cnauue made and drawn by you upon the Im*
|n-rlnl Bunk of Canada, Arrowhead, B, O,, and
■I Vol .Inly ui-st, l(H)ir), which cheque was on presen-
tiitlon tlhli.mured for uoii-tmyiuciit und remains
impii Id snd of which the plaint 10 Is the holder and
nn order has Is-en inade that the publication "f a
notice of the entry of such plaint In the Mull-
llenild ncwapnper publlHhed nt Kevelstoke, B.C..
for four lusertlnim shall lie deemed to be good nnd
in HI ele nt service of the summons upon you.
You nre required to enter a dispute note within
eight days from the 'iini day of May. IBM. lieing
the date of the Insl publication nf this notice, at
llieBeglMrar's office at Revelstoke, B, C„ nml if
you do not so enter such dispute note, tudjrinent
may be signed nplnsl ymi and the plaintiff may
prtH-eedtn execution.
Dated thia 10th day of May, 1006,
Kevelslukn, Mny8th, Iimfi.
Deputy Registrar.
Bcott A Brlggs, Solicitors for l'lalntiff,        j2
Nothln-f bettor thin "Our ftptotal.'
nl days after date 1 intend to apply to tha
Chief Commissioner of Lands and works for a
special license to out and carry away timber
from tho following doscribod Intids near
Upper Arrow Lake, West Kootonay District,
Kosthall waters:*-
1, Commencing at a post about 6 chains south
of Bear Creek and about four miles from the
mouth, thence north wi chnlns, thence enst 80
chaius, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a imst on south side of Bear
Creek ninl about live in lies from the mouth, theuce
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 ohains, thence west 80 chains to point of
8. Commencing at No, 2 post north 80 chnlns,
tlience wost 80 chains, thence south 80 chnlns,
thence east 80chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post pn north side of Bear
Creek, about slit miles from thc mouth, tlience
north 80 chainsi thenco west 80 chains, tlionco
south 80 chains, thence east 8(1 chains to point of
Dated May 4th, 1906.
FOE SALE-A   Lady's   Bicycle,
practically  new.   Price  $80.00,
Apply at Brown's Uigur Sturu, THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE B. C.
"' .
ISptclll to tllll UtlL.llSBAI.lll
Ottawa, May 11—It is not always
within the lour corners of a debate
that the most interesting items are
lound iii the proceedings ol the House
of Commons. The returns that are
brought down Irom time to time otten
contain items ol interesting news,
whioh are only made public il the
wide-awake pressmen drop on Ihem
and make them known, ln this class
is the return whioh was brought down
one day this week, which gives some
insight into the relations ul thc immigration staff in England to one another, Mr. W. T. It. Preston, whose
name is not unfamiliar to renders ot
the publia press, has been having
quite a little trouble with his subordinates, snd more than one has found
it necessary, apparently, to appeal tu
head quarters here, before he was able
to get what he wanted. There is little
doubt that the men who are charged
with the developing of Canadian interests in the Old Country, are as a body,
capable, painstaking and hardworking,
it seems a pity that there should be
friction between them, lor such a condition ol affairs must militate against
the general efficiency ol the staff.
The attack on Hon. A. B. Ayles-
worth, the new Postmaster General,
veiled under a general resolution expressing disapproval ol ministers and
deputy heads ol departments practicing in the law courts, except in the
interests ol the country, did not produce very much ol value to its promoters. Almost without exception
the men who accept cabinet positions
do so at great personal sacrifice; they
are men with large commercial or professional interests, and in the case in
point, it is a well known fact tint for
years Mr, Aylesworth had declined to
give up the time from his lucrative
law practice to devote himself to the
service Dl his country. It is therefore
not surprising that where it can bo
done without sacrificing the interests
ot their department, any of them wish
to continue to retain a portion at
least ol their private business; and
there is nothing remarkable in the
(act that neither their constituents nor
the House can see any objections to
their so doing,      •     "
The case of the deputy heads is vastly different; they are engaged to devote their whole time to the duties of
their cilice, and anyone who has any
experience in the work of a department-need not be told that that will
leave little time for anything else.
is settled for this session at any rate,
and it may be safely added that Mr.
IV. F. Maclean, of South York, is also
settled, not only for this session, but
(cr all time, so far as any influence lie
may have in Parliament is concerned.
A more unmerciful, one ie al.nost
tempted to say brutal, roasting than
the honorable gentleman received at
the hands ol his own political friends,
has seldom il ever been heard within
tbe walls of the green chamber, and as
a result, not only was his repeal bill
knocked out by a vote of 167 to 9, but
Mr. Maclean himsell is lelt practically
without friend or associate in the
This ie the same man whose pretensions to the leadership of the Conservative party were seriously discussed
one short year ago,
A very excellent move ie that of
Dr. Stockton, the Conservative member for St. John City and County, who
has secured a special committee "to
inquire into and report upon the sale
ol fraudulent or deleterious medicines
in Canada," It is universally admitted that immense harm is done tlie
public health, to say nothing ol the
public morals, by the unrestricted sale
of tht tons of quack stuffs that art
yearly dispoied of in this country, aud
if the people should be protected in
the matter ol loud adulteration, they
certainly need equal protection in this
direction alio.
will also receive further attention
from the House. Mr. Ralph Smith,
ol Nanaimo, B. C, has called the
attention ol the Commons to the fact
that although our Parliament has
legislated against immigration (rauds,
they still find a happy hunting ground
in England, where, the Canadian law
cannot reach them, and he proposes
that otlicial representation in the
matter bo made to the Imperial
authorities. The debate is still under
way, but there is little doubt that
something ol this kind will be done.
Mr, Bole, the Liberal member lor
Winnipeg, has mado n kick against
ol the Chamber, nnd in this be has
tho cordial suppi rt nl every tiiemhar
The speiiker snid that every Indication
pointed to tbo reconstruction ol
society nnd thnt the future promises
much gnod.
In speaking ol the insurance feature
uf the brot lit rlinod, the spun ker snid
that an insurance fund nl $H8,00I),000
is lieing carried by the order mid that
$111,1)00,000 has been paid out to beneficiaries since tbo inception ol thc
brotherhood. He spoke at length on
tbe great good ol the insurance
Turning Irom tlie insurance feature,
lie spoke ol the great responsibility
which the engineer has, and ol bis
efficiency as a workman. "You may
not believe it," ho said, "but out ul
every 100 firemen on the road only
seventeen get to be engineers, and out
of tills seventeen only six uver become
passenger engineers," Ho explained
that tlm work ol the locomotive engineer is not a simple trade easily
picked up, but that it takes ability
and much experience to become one,
and even then a good eye and quick
thought are requisites necessary to
hold the position. An engineer, he
explained, limit be a sober and attentive workman.
As a peroration he closed with an
apostrophe to the Women's Auxiliary,
and supplemented his eloquent re-
maks with a witticism that created
considerable applause. "It is true,"
be said,- "that these ladies do not run
engines, but some of them run the
engineers that do run the engines."
He spoke ol the hardship ol the engineer's wife, tlie long hours of waiting
and apprehension, the irregular hours
and the lonesomeness, and said tbey
deserved more credit oven than the
engineers tor the part of the duty
assigned tu their husbands, lathers
and sweethearts.
The deublo quartette Bang "The
Men at the Throttle" at tho conclusion of Mr. Stone's address, and the
benediction was said by the Rev. W.
T. Boiling, pastor ol the Central
Methodist Church.
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Rapids, below Benveriiiouth, have
Messrs. Pope nnd Mulloney nt work
there und expect good returns.
M*r, Green, the Nelson surveyor, is
making ii survey of the proposed tramway line from the Columbia river lo
the Standard mine, with a view to
arrangements being made by the
Prince Company Iur the erection of a
Itiblet tramway so that ore can lie
B, A. Bradley and 0. D. Hoar lelt
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VANCOUVER,     B    C.
synopsis op regulations uov-
bkjMiNg the disposal of dominion LANDS WITHIN THE
A LICENSE to cut timber can be an-
quired  only  at public  coinpeUtion.    A
rental of 15 per square mile Is chained
for all timber berths except those situated west of Yale for which the rental is
at tlie rate of 5 cents per acre per annum.
Iu addition to the rental, dues ut iln
following rates are charged:—
Sawn  lumber,  50 cenls per thousand
feet B.M.
Railway ties, eight aud nine feet long,
I 1-2 and 1 'i-i cents each.
.Shingle bolts, 25 cents a cord.
All other products, » per cent on the
A license is issued so soou as a berth
is granted, but lu surveyed territory no
Umber can be cut on a berth uutll the
licensee bus made a survey thereof.
Permits to cut Umber are also granted
at public competition, except in tlie case
of actual settlers, who require the tlm-
,,,-r lor llieir own use.
Settlers and others may also obtain
permits lo cut up tu 111) cords of wood for
sale   without   competition.
The dues payable under a permit are
11.50 per thousand feet B.M., for square
Umber and sawlogs of any wood except oak; from 1-2 lo 11-2 cents per lineul
foot for building logs; from 12 1-2 to «
cents per cord for wood; 1 cent for fence
posts; 2 cents for railway ties; and 5U
cents per cord for shingle bolts.
Leases for grazing purposes ure issued
for a term of twenty-one years, at a
rental of two cents per acre per annum.
Coal lands may be purchased at ill)
per acre for soft coal and (20 for anthracite. Not more than 320 acres may be
acquired by one Individual or company.
Royalty at the rate of 10 cents per ton
uf .uui pounds is collected on tbe gross
Entries fur land for agricultural purposes may be made personally at the local land olliee for the dislricl In which
the land to be taken up Is situated, or
if the houiesieader desires, he may, on
upp,t,-aiioii to tbe Minister of the Interior
al Ottawa, the Commissioner of Immigia-
llon at Winnipeg, or the local again for
the District, within which the land is
situated, receive authority for some one
to make entry (or him.
A fee of 110 Is charged for Iiomesiead
A scaler wbo hu received an entry foi
a Iiomesiead, Is required to perform the
conditions connected therewith under one
of the following plans:-
(1) At least six months' residence upon
and cultivation of the land In each year
during the term of three years.
it Is the practice of the Department to
require a settler to bring 15 acres under
cultivaUou, but If he prefers he may substitute stock; and 20 head of cattle, to be
actually his own property, with buildings
for their accommodation, wUl be required
instead of cultivation.
(!) If the father (or mother, If toe father li deceased) ot any person who Is
eligible to make a homestead entry under
the provisions of the Act, resides upon
a farm In the vicinity of the land entered fur by such person as a homestead,
the requirements of the Act as to residence prior to obtaining patent may be
saUsded by such person residing with the
father or mother.
(3) If the settler hat his permanent
residence upon farming land owned by
him In the vicinity of his homestead, the
requirements of the Act as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon the
said land.
Application for patent should be made
at die end of throe years before the local
agent, sub-ngent or a homestead inspector.
Before making application for a patent,
Hn- settler must give six months' notice
In writing to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands al Ottawa, of his Intention to do so. _ „_,_
Deputy Minister of Ihe Interior
Ottawa, Keliruray llth. UK,
XLirj£!H*lM9.\t5*4ii-.<^ *A.0l ■!■■!—Ill
It Is not the prico you pay for a furnace that makos it cheap
or expensive, but tlio fuel it afterwards consumes.
A common furnaco may oost you $5 or $10 loss than a
Sunshine," hut if it oats this up tho first winter in extra luol,
what do you gain? Nothing, hut all the annoyauco und uxtra
work that go with a poor furnace.
Tho "Sunshine" inin use from Halifax to Vancouver,
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equals.  Ask for them at your dealers.
VTOTK'K is hereby glveu thai thirty days
i.1 aftor date I iuteud to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for a
special liconso Ui cut anil carry away timber
from the following described lamb in tin* ith-
trlct of West Kootenay i
Commencing at n post marked "J. Whitti-
combo's smith wosl, cornor post," planted at
Snowden's smith east corner, thonco mirth 80
clmins. thonco east 40 ehains, thonce smith 81)
clmins, thonco wesl, 4ii chains to point of commencement*
April 28th, 1906.
NOTICK is hereby given that go days after date
l inii'iid tn apply to ilif Chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works for permission to purchase
the following described lapils on the "itig f.ertgo"
wagon lund. Arrowhead Mining Division, West
Kootenay District:
Commencing at n post about ten chains soutli
f the B-mlle uost on the 'Uiu fa-edge" wagon mail
and marked "C. M. Byinons uortli west cornor."
tlience Bast 4ii chains, tlienco smith 4ti chains,
thenoo west 40 chains, tlionco north 10 chains to
(mini i.f c'liiiiiiioiiriMiii'iii.
Dated Mny 1st, num.
NOTICK Is herehv glvon Hint thirty days after
lUte 1 Intend hi apply to the linn. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a special
license t" cut and carry away timbor from tho
following described lands!
1. Commencing at a post planted on the east
lank nf lho nc.rth fork nf I'lfe Creek, at t r.
ibove tlio forks and markod "K.P. Henry's
north east cornor post," tlionco west 4i> chains,
theuco smith Lim elinlns, thence easl ui chains,
tlience norlli lOtlehalnslopolul of commencement.
2, Commencing at a post ntontodon tl ul
hunk nf the nnrtli fork "f Plfe Creek, alwnl 6
miles above tho finks and marked "K. P. Henry's
north wesl corner post," thence smith inn chaius,
tlionco east 4ti chains, liionco mirth llll) ehains,
tlienco west 40 chains to pulnt of commoncomont.,
8, Commencing ate posl planted on the easl
luiil, nf the nnrlh fork nf I'lfe Creek, al I 61
miles from the fork** and markod "B. P. Henry's
south oast comer post,' Ihwiee mirth Kin ehains.
thence wesU'i chains, tlience south  100 ehnitis,
tlience east 40 eliaiUft to point of coimneucomont.
4.  Commencing at a poBt nlantedon tho oast
ink «f thu mirth fork ol Info Creek.about6J
dies abovo the forks and markod "li- P. Henry's
iiith wost corner post," tlience nortli 8(1 chiiins
tlience easl 80 chains, thence smith 80 chains
thenoe went 80 chains to point of commencement
Commencing at a post nhuiteil on tin
NOTICE Is lioroby .glvon Uml sixty days aflor
I Intenil to apply to the; lilof Coi lisioner
„( Lands iiikI Wui-ks f,'i-|„„iit„ iiiiri-liiisc
the following il,,*,-i-il,,-,l Imiiis ,ni tin, Coliiraliln
RlVCr, N'Mlli-tt'i-.t K„,,t,-liny: ■
Commencing nt n unit ttitliin two ,-linins „! the
A. nnil K. railway lino, aboil! n >nilt'lli,r!li„(
Arrowhead, innrkoil -I). iv„„ls,)-'s soutli woit
uomor post," lli.-n,-, ill, loclinlns, tlionco eosi
10 chains, tlionco souihiu cltalns, tlionco west 10
[liniiis iii iilnco,,(cnmnioiiccmeiit.
lint,,,! March null. in.
Port,'. F,OkIIvIo, Agonl
vtoTli'K la lioroby given Hint sixty ilays
i>   iliilo 1 intenil to apply tot
si,iiu-i-„( l.iitiils mul Wuiii.s for ]
Queens /fofe/
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Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
1     ,-'
pplyto tin- chief Cominla
imi tn pur
(111, fi.ll.ill ill|! do.serilicil Imnl, im |||,. Culm,,
l.ia Itlvor, North-lvoat Kool iv:
Commenolng at a poal uithin tiro chains of (In
A. ami K. railway lino, about a lulls and ulinll
north „f Arrowhead irked "A. M. Plnkliam'f
s„iiili west cornor poat," (1 0north40chains,
thonce east 40 cltalns, tlionco south 40chains,
tlienco wosl 40 clialtu i„ placo of commencement,
Ontod Mnrcli mill, iiiiiii.
A. M. l'lNKUAM,
           1'erW, 1'. Ogllvlo, Agent,
OTICE is li
nt,< I inii
irehy given 11,1,1 ilxlyilaya aftor
ml loaiiplytotlioCliIof Cominla-
11,1 Works tor penntision to pnr-
base tin- Ing described lands on the Colum
bia river, North-west Kootenay
< 'oninienclng nl a poet within two ehains „[ (he
A, and K. railway lino, about throe miles north ol
Arrowhead, markod "K. A. tlaggon'i south weai
poil,"tlionco norlh 10chaini,them ait
10 chains, tlionco south 40 chains, tlionco weitIO
haillst.,, place o( eolllllielH'einenl.
Dated March lllth, mm.
OTICE is lioroby glvon thai sixty days after
lale I  inl
pureliaao tho following doscribod lands on tho Col
iiiiibia river. Norlli West kootonay;
Commencing nl a post within two,-ha ins of tbo
A. and K. railway lm,-, about iim mllui north ol
Arrowhead, marked "W. p. Oillvlo'i tl, »-«*i
corner poit," thonco north 411 chain*, thence easl
411 ehalus, tlience soulh.10 chnlns, tlionco nest in
bains loi,la, f eoinincnceiiienl.
Daled Mnieli nil, IIHIII.
W. I-'. OlilLVIH.
,.   ,',   ,*   ,,.-..-11,   „,,,-,1 ,1,111 .1111   o.n 1
ale I Intend to niinli tothe ridel Cornier,,! Lands nnd »,.,!,. for ncrnilsllon tn
N11TICH is hereby glvon ilmi illty
dale I Intend to apply to tho Chief Ci
sinner ,1 Llllllis and Works (or ponnlulon to p
eluiso the following deicrllieil I Is on tho Col- rivor, North-west ICootcnnyi-
Cotnillonclng nl. a post nilliin livo chains <>( the
a. nml k. railway Iim-. ali„ui two and ah;,11
miles north „( Arrowhead, mnrked "A. Johnson -
aouth woat corner poit," tbot north 40 chain.,
bank oTTlio norlli fork ol Fllo Crook, about 8l, thonco east 411 chains, thonco south in chain*,
ilea above tbe forks, and marked "K, P, Henry's - tlie , west 40 chains to place „f commencement.
north east corner post," thenoo wost nn ehains,     Dated March Huh, limo,
theuce aouth (m chains, thence dial 80 chaini. A. JOHNSON,
thence north no chaini t„ point „( commencement.
0. Commencing at a post planted „n llie woat
Lank nl the north fork ol l-'lfe Crook, about 8)
uiilea abovi, the (orks and mnrked "li. P. Henry's
south east, corner post," thonco nortli Illll chains,
tbeni-e woHt 40 chains, lliencu snulli Itm chains,
tlienco oast 4(1 elialna to point ol comment ont,
7, Commencing at apoatjilaliteil on tbe wost
liank ul Hie mirth („rk„f life Creek and»
miles above the lorks and markod "li. P. Henrys
aoulii eilHt comer post," llienee nnrtli Illll chains,
tlience weat 40 chains, I hence anlllll Illll ehains,
theuco mil III chains, tu point „l e„l enccineiil.
H.   Cnminonclllg at a poat plnntod Oil llie weat
auk „l tho nortli lork ut l-'i(„ Creek,
dies above tile fnrka and marked "li. P, Ueury'a
.outh wnsl corner poal," Ihence dial Ml c III III,
Ihenco iinrtli III chains, Ihence weat an ehains,
llienee soulh Hn ebalna to point of col 1 nienl.
Ij. l'.:il|,*,NllV.
Ilnlcil May 1st, 1000.
Por IV. I-'. ugllvlo, Ageni.
OTIOK 18 IIKHKHY GIVEN iimi thirty
\\S   days afler dato wo intend in apply lo I he
!ljlof Commissioner of Lands and \\ orks for a
special liconso to cut, and carry away tttnbur
from tlio following doscribod lands:
1, Commeneingat a post planted about two
milos west from llnnnnek Point on Uppor Arrow Lake and markod "H. H. L. Cu's smithon i
corner post," llionoo nnrlh 80chains, thenco
wostK0chains, thnnco smith 80clmiiis tlienco
oasl IK) chains lojpoint of commencement.
'£. Commouolug at a post olnntnd aboul
throo milos wost from Hnnnot'K Point nn I li
por Arrow Lnko and marliod "H.HL. Cos
Southeast cornor post," thence north 80 attain
thonco wosl K0 ohains, thenoe south 80 chalt
thonco oast SO chains to point of enmmone-
April mh. I!HK'>,
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intend shortly to re-open their Beaver
The Dixie Jubilee Singers arrived in
town this morning and are going to
appear in the Opera House tunight.
Oeo. S. McCarter went to Kamloops
on Wednesday night to act for the
C. P. R. in tlie case against the train
H. Perry Leake is an applicant lor
the position ol Dominion Engineer for
Kuoteiiay in place ul Hun. F, W.
W, C. Weils is un a tour through
his constituency u! .Northeast Kuote-
nay ascertaining tlie requirements of
his constituents.
Alderman Palmer is laid up at present with a crushed hand. The accident happened in the C. 1'. Ii. shops
uu Wednesday.
Rev. C. H. M. Sutherland returned
to the city this morning frum attending the Meth'idist Conference held
this week at Nanaimo.
Tlie queerest of strikes is that uf
1,500 undertakers in New York, with
the result that the people of that city
have been unable tu bury their dead.
Messrs. J, A. Darragh and R. K.
Floeter are in the city tuday. Ou
Monday they will leave for the Fish
River camp on a visit to properties in
which they are heavily interested,
Tom Martin, ol Field, aud the
Brewster Bns., of Bunll', ure acting us
guides and outfitters to bear-hunting
parties who are out at Middle River
on Kinbatket Lake in search ol bear,
See the reproduction ol the destruction of San Francisco by earthquake and lire, at the Opera House,
Wednesday nignt. Doors open at 8.
Projectroscope starts at 8:30 o'clock.
Admission 60o.
The Seattle P. I, hu- asked I-.. A.
Haggen, wlilor uf the M.iii.-11li:ai.Ij.
to supply that paper with un illustrated write-up ol tin l'eutschniau
Caves in view of the demand lur information concerning them by travellers and tourists.
• |
• I
• I
• I
• I
All goods at  the  RED
66 2-3
JM                S
BSsu i     i'i-1 ash
All of the burrow ul the Frisco
disaster will be fuithlully reproduced
by menus of u 5,01111 candle puwer
projeotrosoopo, Our artist was the
lirst photographer allowed by the
military tu enter the stricken city and
all the pictures shown on the screens
are copyright.
Social and Personal
Mis, Dura Smith Iott Thursday
evening for Vancouver.
Mrs. W. Cross, of Winnipeg, arrived
in the oity on a visit to her sun Dr. .1.
W. Cross,
Miss Foster, sister ol W. W. Foster,
enme in from the oast on n visit to
hor brother.
J. J. Garment, City Clerk ul Kamloops, went east Thursday to meet his
sister, who is on tlie way out on a
Mrs, Walter Scott. uf Nakusp, has
returned from n trip lu Scotlaud,
much bonelltted by tlie change. Mr.
Scott met her nud returned tu thoir
Inline nt Nakusp on Thursday.
Great compliments nn' being paid
Constable Fernie, ol Kamloops, for the
able part he took in tlie capture ,-f the
hold-up men and it is hoped he will
be suitably rewarded fur his work.
Frank Lang, the well known mining recorder, ul Golden, is ,,n a well
earned holiday at Fish Lakes, near
Spilliniiicliene. Frank is expected to
supplement his Deutschman cave
stories with sume good iisli stories.
Knox—J. R. Robertson, B.D., pastor,
usual Sunday services at 11 a. ni, ami
7,30 p. in., Sunday sohool at 2.30 p. m,
Morning subject:—-The Tragedy ol a
Conscience.'' At tlie evening service
will begin a series of sermons on "Tl -
Strange Sayings ol the Muster." The
subject iur Sunday evening will be:—
"Hnting Father and Mother." A
cordial invitation is given to tlio
■ ngn gation and (rionda to Fo)lo-n this
■••ii, *. The Prayer meeting is held on
Wednesday night at x o'clock,
St. Pkrut's— Filth Sunday after
Easter. Holy Communion H a.m..
Morning Prayer at 11 a.m.. Evening
Prayor at 7.30 p.m. Sermons by the
Suuvenir  Goods,
Leather, Note Book
Views, nil  ii|
Drug Store,
Spuonf    Burnt
and  Mountain
to-date nt the Canada
Business Locals.
All kinds uf sporting goods at W,
Do not miss  hearing the  Dixie
Jubilee Singers tunight.
Hiiiiiiiins, strawberries, cherries,
wanges, at C. U. Hume it Cu.
Hazed tu the giinindl the prices on
our razors—Lawrence Hardware Co.
Summer suite for men, youths und
buys at 0.13, Hume & Cu., Ltd.
Vuu cannot afford to miss hearing
the Dixie Jubilee Singers tonight.
Radishes, lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers nnd lemons at G. 11. Hume k Cu.
New Kodaks coining in all tho time,
yuu can get tlie latest improved at the
Canada Drug Store.
Get next to our Underwear, it is
guud advice lur any man tu follow,
C. B. Hume k Co., Ltd.
Lamp Shade and Fancy Work
Tissue Paper. Very large assortment
at the Canada Drug Store.
Fur all kinds of meats, salads nnd
other dolioaoies fur picnic lunches,
Call at 0, II. Hume A- Cu.
Get yuur prescriptions at the Canada Drug .Store. Their drugs are
always fresh and strung.
Bird's Custard Powder—the latest
powder for making oustard without
eggs.    CD. Hume & Co.
The fortnightly meeting of the City
Counoil was held last evening. Mayor
McLeod in the chair and the following
aldermen were present: — Messrs.
Palmer, Trimble, Caley, Abrahamson
and Tupping.
A letter of resignation was read
from IV. McDonald, power house operator, and the appointment olH. Walls.
of Vancouver, made to fill the vacancy.
A letter Irom Messrs. Sibbald and
Field stating that Mr. Mara wa-, willing to convey to the city 25 feet ot a
portion ol his land Irom Front street
to the steamboat wharf
The Council decided to purchase ior
No. 1 Fin- :.,- t, -,- rei-i. .',')(i
:'„• •   I hose and four hi oks,
A discussion took place re the tire
brigades attendance at Big Eddy mill
last July. It wa* decided to communicate with the Lumber Co. in
regard to the payment of firemen
ut tlie lire, and to notify the brigade
of the decision at tbe next meeting,
And also to insert a notice in the
paper as a guide to firemen in similar
eircunietani -
The Council decided lo purchase
from R. Dlai-kri.- re I port ion ol his
property to form a roadwa) to the
jteaml ■ il rinding,
\ petition loi street sprinkling wa.
presented  and  filed,     The counoil
deciding that they oould nol al present
- ,-.- to take up tin- nit i.i
It was decided to write the Teli
-1 pany in reference to the
holes on the streel thai the oompani
are making lor the improvemenl dI
the system. The Council l»-ing nl
th.- opinion that these opening uld
be closed up as soon as possible. The
Council then adjourned,
Peoplo in Vancouver, Victorii I
oil,,r ooasl oities were wonderfully
impressed by the vivid and realistic
reproduction ,,(the Hun Francisco disaster a- -liown by uur 5,000 candle
puwer projectoicope, See it lor yourself «t the opera house Wednesday
night at, 3:30,   Admission 50o,
Rev. W. J. Stone, ot Clayoquot
Instructs Lawyers to Secure
Retraction ot Article Published by Nelson News.
VlotoillA, B, C, May 17.—Rev. W.
,1. Stone, ul Clayoquot, has Instructed
his solicitors to secure from the Nelson
Daily News u full apology for and
retraction of an article dated May 12,
which appeared in that paper, The
article is characterised as a libelous
slander .Failing satisfactory action un
the part ul the paper complained of
legal proceedings will be taken lor
defamation of character. The Methodist conference is much incensed at
tho publicity that has been given this
matter and especially at the article
published in Nelson.
The stationing committee of the
Methodist conference is having
troubles uf its own, centering upon
thc difficulty ut satisfactorily filling
the Nelson pastorate, and was in session until -I o'eluck this morning—still
without agreement upon ils final
report, which is expected this evening.
This morning tlio cunlercnce crystallised its position in tho matter of
higher education by the unanimous
adoption of the following resolution i
"That this conference concurs most
heartily in the pulicy of the Methodist
church in (nvur ot a provincial university for Britisli Columbia as one of the
provinces ul the Dominion, with which
collegos established by the various de-
noniinations ur by other bodies may
affiliate and so promote the unification
of the oducatiiinal system uf the province; and wc would urge upon the government ol British Columbia tho
necessity tu this cud of establishing
such a university and the setting
apart of a sufficiency of public lauds
for the endowment of sanio and that a
cunimittec be appointed tu confer
with the provincial government on the
above subject."
The resolution was moved by Dr.
Ebenezer llobson and seconded by
Rev. T, H. Wright. The conlerence
was pledged to provide $4257 for the
support of the Sunday observance
committee, of which Rev. J. P. Hicks
is chairman, although materially
modified from its original contents, is,
as adopted, likely to excite considerable comment. A few oi ite salient
recommendations arc:
" That every minister be urged to
preach on the subject ol Sabbath observance at leust unce in every appointment every year.
" That the work of the Lord's Day
Alliance receive special commendation
and a subscription be taken iu its
behalf in every church throughout the
" That the conference notes with
much gratification the strong efforts
being made by the Lord's Day Alliance
in secure tlie passage ol the Dominion
Lord's Day Bill.
" That all uur people be urged to
retrain irom tlie use of Sunday trains,
boats and street cars.
" That we also recommend that all
our people be urged to refrain from
Sunday dinner parties, visiting, picnic', excursions ur ulher pleasure-
seeking which tends to destroy the
sac redness of the Sabbath day.
■■ That our peuple be requested to
prohibit hunting ur lishiug uu their
hinds (sicj on tlie the Sabbath day.
" That yuur committee's attention
lias l,een directed to the fact that in
some ol the cities und towns ol our
province, fruit, confectionery and
tobacco -'ores and kindred places ol
business are open fur ordinary business on tlie Sahbatli and suggest that
the ministers and laymen attending
this cond-rence be exhorted to do all
that may lie possible in the several
committees to lessen or prohibit this
great evil."
Tin. Finest Mm
Right Here'
Cigars,  Pipes and Tobaccos
ii Gear In Town
Prices and Stylos Correct.
l)i'o|i in and
examine lor yourself.
Tel. 96
P 0 Box 44
A number ol the friends ol Mr. J.H.
Robinson met at hli home last evening
li tendei nun a farewell before bis
departure lor Ins new home In the
east. During the evening an address
ami the presentation "I ,t handsome
gold beaded oaoe were given to Mr.
Robinson, to which he replied in feel-
. - Bneeobes and songs were
i hen miln ged in and alter the singing
"l -Auiil Lang Syne" the oompany
Mr and Mn Robinson and family
leave to rrow lor tbe east w ith tlie
besl wishes ol ■ iar^e circle ol friends
in which the M.iii.Hkkai.ii heartily
E, J. Coyle, tlie popular passenger
ageni il the C, I' If. arrived in Itevel
stoke Thursday and went south on a
business trip.
The popularity of tbe C. P. B. route
i- attracting big travel this season
and the trains are becoming crowded
though ii is a HI early lor the mountains,
I nder ii," management ol Mr and
Mrs. Flindl. the Glacier House is one
ol the most popular stopping off places
in the mountains,
Every little shaver (and every big
shaver) Is requested to look at uur
razor window-—Liiivri-iu-e Hardware Co
li,™ Hernia, Inltnnla, llinls, KM,, Klc..
Animal It".-- Mounted,
P.O. Hox SI,
Ntiullii:  iHTosllr, I' ii
llovtikukl, II. 0.
MCLZ!^Ivr^.ISr   & CO.'IT
New Belts
Just opened, the prettiest line yet shown
—the New Amason licit, nickel ,md
and it is unbreakable.
NEW GOLD BELTS-These nro the swell-
est things this season.
Collar Pins
Waist Sets ond Beauty Pins in the New
designs, nnd at lowest prices.
Dress Goods
Wo have the best line in town, and by all
mills the cheapest.
CREAM   GOODS, in  Cashmeres,   Hop-
sacking, Crepe de Chine, Mohairs, etc.
COSTUME CLOTHS, in   Myrtle, Navy,
Blnck, Cardinal, eto.
MOHAIRS, in plain colors, lancies, phantom chocks, otc,
TWEEDS, in all colors and all designs,
PLAIDS, in some ol the liest colorings,
—Just what you want lor children
Only 86c Per Yard
We are proud ol our stuck ul Hosiery and
know you can't get equal values elsewhere.
Cotton Hose 20c., 25c., 30c. and 35c. per
pair. Lislo Huse, 40c., 60c., fiC'c. and 76c.
per pair. S
Lace and Enibroideried Huso, tan and
black (rum 26c. per pair.
Children's Hose, in all sizes, tan and black.
Men's Wear f*
Wc liave put on salt
splendid line oi Sliirt s in
while, colored -mil blnck
Siili'i-ii— Only 75c. each
We can give yuu some
bargains in Keith's, Conqueror nnd Oxfords, in
tun or black, and some
very fine fancy lines,
Lacroeee Shoei
In while ur black,liigli
urluw eul.
Our stock is large and
prices low. Wc have
samples of C. N. A- R,
and Campbells made-lo-
mcasurr. (foods. You
ciin't heal these lines,
nor gel as low prices iu
You should tHki* h look al our Neckties,- all thc
Now Colorings, and, best of all, Our Now Prices.
The Latest Shapes.
2 FOR 25*
We arc lulling a   big
run on our  New Collars.
They arc as good as nny
and the price is
2 for 35c
A*    M CLE ITIN"-A. IDT & O O Ml P .A. IT T    if
From Our Own (lorrosnoinleiit.
Mrs. J. A. Patterson has gone to the
Banff Sanitarium to undergo an operation.
Mrs. Frank Tolten with her brother
and her little boy, have gone back to
Mr. and Mrs. J, H. Newctt have
gone to Nelson to spend a couple of
weeks with friends.
Rev. J. S. Short, ol De Winton,
Alberta, spent a day at the Manse
with Mr. and Mrs. Miller, on his way
home from the meeting of the Synod
in Vancouver.
The tourist season has opened and
there are already quite a number ol
guests at the Mount Stephen House .J
Mr. Cancelor has taken the management ul the hotel. Miss Molison
returns to Lake Louise to take charge
Trainmaster Carey Imb Bent up another crew to work on the hill, This
makes six crews, the largest number
that has ever been engaged on the
Rev. J. H. Miller has returned Irom
the meeting ol the Synod and Theological Conlerence at Vancouver and
reports having had a very enjoyable
O. D. Hoar, assistant superintendent
ol the National Park, and C. H.
Deutschman. were engaged this week
laying out the trail from Ross Peak
water tank to the Deutschman Caves.
They have obtained an excellent
grade. Twelve men will be started on
the work on Monday.
The Dominion Government will
build comfortable cabins at Ross Peak
water tank and at Cougar Basin for
the accommodation of tourists visiting
tlie caves this season, when a large
number are expected to visit theso
Mr. Deutschman, the care taker, is
to have the assistance of two men to
put in ladders and protective railings
at the dangerous places throughout
tlie caves so as to ensure the safety of
The electric light will not be put in
till next year.
The Dominion Government will
make very strict regulations against
forest lires, destruction uf trees and
shrubs and defacement nl the caves
with a view to fully preserving the
beauties uf Oougar Basin.
Muusejaw, May HI.—The business
men have deeided  tu  buck up the V.
M.C! A. movement,and will raise
W. B. Seaborn, « young barrister
lunula tbo list thus lar wilh $5,000, the
largest subscription evergivon by an
individual citizen to nny philanthropic
institution in the cily. John R.
Green, the real estate man, has subscribed $2,600.
That a young lawyer could come
horn college, open an olliee alter serv-
Ing his year with a practitioner, and in
lour years be in a position to give
|5,IKK> tu the Y.M.C.A., spcaka louder
lor the western possibilities than do
|uigrH of illustrative write-ups in the
daily press. The same is true in reference to the douiitinn ol ,1. It. Green, a
Moose ,law boy, president ol the board
ol trade, ex-alderman and a most substantial nnd successful citizen, whose
assessment In city reality alum, is near
six figures.
A f60,000 Yuiiiig Men's Christian
Association building for Moosejaw is|
WANTED-An energetic woman,
young or middle-aged, lo net as
agent. Liberal commission. Apply
ut. this Office.
WANTED-Kor the Hotel Revelstoke, a Waitress, also a Porter, must be steady and willing to
An open-laced silver watch—Owner
can have on applying, alter fi p. m., to
John Murker, at A. E. Kincaid's residence, Filth Street.
For Sale or Rent
A    FARM    ON    EA8V    TERM8
t'olltatolllR UUacrea, alailll tlirei'-iiuiirtera at't-il-
ml with Timothy. Unliable fur fruit ej-nivlnc,.
House ami outliuflillnt,a in Kuml I'lmilition. Situate
alCrniKt'llacllie, a (un- miles nest ,,( Kcvelatoke.
Apply tii K. TAl'I'INd, llcTelstnh'.
NOTICE is hereby given thut in case
either of the City Fire Brigade,
are railed to a Are occurring on property outside the City Limits, the
owners of such property will be called
upon to pay the charges of the Brigade
for such attendance.
By Order of the Council,
City Clerk.
May 10th, 11106.
Will sell Carrots at $ 1; Parsnips at
11.20; Turnips at 75c, free on cars at
L. E. Griffiths, Malakwa, B.! C.
Manufactured fur iill classes of Imi Minn*
All kind*: of building aud plastering
The Arnott Method is the
only logical method for the curo
of Stammering. It treat* the
CAUSE, not merely the HABIT,
and insures natural speech. Pamphlet, particulars and references
sent on request.   Address
The Arnott Institute,
Berlin, Ont., Canada.
Is always ready for express and baggage of
all kinds to all parts of
the city and to ail trains
Pay Week
Now that all our Spring Goods have arrived
and we know you are in need of
or anything a man or boy may need, can always
lind it here. Don't forget we are on Second
Street and   handle   FIT-REFORM Clothing,


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