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 I -
Bews Drug Store
The Mail-
Bews Drug Store
Vol. 12.-No. 65
$2.50 Per Year
For a dainty tioisli to your Ltincheuu or Tea you need some
ol these Lovely Biscuits:—Macaroons, Fig Bar, Raspberry
Bur, Wheat Meal, ProUll's Assorted Ices, Reading Crackers,
Walnut Gems, Mecca Wafers, Pcrcellias, OTiurcs, Cheese
Wafers, etc. We have an immense showing A look at them
will do you good.
Men's New Spring Hats. Soft. 'Hard
and Novelty Hats.
We have 11 Hat for you. f I you will only dome in and let us show
you some of the New Styles wc cun easily settle the Spring lint question for you.   Never showed a larger range
Box Calf Shoes
The Leather which is in
the uppec of this Shoe is
recognized to-day as being
the Ideal Leather for Shoes.
Tanned by tho Oi'nine pro-
Cess, cleaving Hie skin Iiinn
all Impurities, making it sanitary and swciil proof:and Ihe
most, water resisting of all
other leathers manufactured.
Ou every pair of Slitter
Slioes you will liiul a tag such
as above.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Regular meeting latt night.   Prei-
ent '-"-Mayor, Aid. Palmer, Tapping,
Trimble, and Abrthamsou.
Chief Bain, reporting Iilie alarm by
telephone wire dropping on alarm
wire. The Mayor said it woi up to
the Telephone Co. tnd it was understood the bill be sent to them.
Fire Brigade, applying for payment
for servicei at lire at Eddy mill.—Referred to mill company.
Telephone Co., asking approval
wire conduits to new central olliee. Is
approved subject to by-law.
Revelitoke Land Co., asking the
city to clear and grade Eighth street
and Connaught Avenue, as the Government were doing their share of the
former. Referred to Public Works
committee to confer with Lund Co.
and Government Agent on matter.
R. Gordon, requesting valve.—PriceB
to be obtained.
J. Nicol, P. A. Lttnili and H. Shard-
low, applying for position as pound-
keeper. I.unil, to tie employed, and
notified he must do his duty strictly.
R. Sainton, applying for position nf
city foreman,
N. T. Edwards, Bsking for sidewalk.
Revelitoke Wine mid Spirit Co.,
asking that Fourth street be opened
to give access to cold storage warehouse.
Mnnipieal Union, suggesting the
amending ol the Municipal Bil).
Geo. 8. McCarter waited on the
Council on behalf ol the hospital und
stated the Government hnd voted
$1,000 tor an isolation hospital for
Revelitoke at tho instance ol Mr. T.
Taj lor. It wai Understood il this
were done, thc city should give a
similar amount, and il this were dune
the hospital would raise thu balance
and unlet the building and look after
The Mayor supported the request.
Aid, AbriihiiiiiBon   considered  pro
vision should also be made for smallpox coses.
The matter was referred to bylaw
committee to report.
Aid. Palmer considered the police
should take action about bicycles on
sidewalks, and suggested making an
example ol offenders. Police to be
instructed to take action,
At the Opera House in "Way
Out West"
The Melrose Stock Co. played to a
bumper bouse 011 Wednesday night.
This was the Company's Bccond appearance, and there was a grcut improvement on their lirst appearance.
Thc part were iill well taken, and the
pretty costumes of tlie Indies were
much admired. Miss Macniven as
Itctto Scgura neice ol dose Segura the
rich Mexican wns 11 decided success.
Mrs. It. S. T'eague as Grace Law-ton
was the star ol thc pcrforin-ince, and
looked charming iu her dlll'uieul
costumes. Mrs. Melrose took the
part ol Miiniiuic Bunks mid made the
very best purtrayiil of the part possible.
Her oostlltnos were very beautiful.
Mrs McKitriek as Mrs, Biggl was exceptionally good and added strength
to the excellency ol the performance.
W. .I. Chambers very cleverly ployed thc part of Jose Segura, the rich
Mexican, who was so fond of revenge.
Robert Talluo in the part'of Col.
Ltiwton was splendid, this wub Mr.
Talloo's lirst appearance, und he will
be 11 great assistance to the company.
Fred. Burke ub dipt. Paul Wybert,
who was in love with Miss Lawton
uud who won out in the end, was
well played. Carl Kidd ub Judge
Jeremiah Biggs took Ida part well.
Thus. Hudson us Lieut. Cadtvallader
Blurred us the chappy and on each
appearance was heartily applauded.
Chas. Palmer us Corporal CiiBsey, and
Joe. Melrose as Johnnie Banks were
very bright parts and were well played.
The company appeared at Arrow-
head lust nighl tu iinjiininense hiiisc.
Simidiiig riiotn was at a premium before tho oompany reached town and
many were unable tn get into the
theatre at all, ami were content to
too tlio show through the windows Irom
the top ol dry goods boxes. 1
Its Successful Organisation.
Canada has, in her mountain regions, one of tho most valuable ol her
ninny resources and assets. In these
mountains mil ure presents her grandest forms—nl forest, ol stream, of lake,
of oiivo, of crag, ol glacier, uf high
snow white mountain peaks which
afford to humanity n world's playground nnd promote the grandest and
noblest and most health-giving of
human aspirations, These mountains
are not known or visited to the extent
they should be. Eastern Canadians
and Americans go to Switzerland to
seo inferior mountain scenery to what
they hnve in their own country uud
yet ilu nut know it.
It waa with n view to spreading information about these mountains,
attracting to them tourists and mountaineers from all parts, studying the
scientific phases oi mountains mid
glaciers that the idea of organising a
Canadian Alpine Club was born.
The Alpine Clubs uf Switzerland and
America have done much to popularise
mountain resorts, and distribute iufcr-
rrjation concerning them, It was felt
that Canada, with a grander Alpine
lield than all thc rest, should show a
patriotic interest in her own mountains, and hence the moveniont to
organise 11 national club making the
mountains ol Canada its special lield.
Thc credit oi the conception is probably due to A. 0. Wheeler, who bus
been in charge of the topographical
survey of the mountains lor some
years, and bus come to be one of tho
greatest Alflinc enthusiasts ol Canada,
lu Rev. Dr. Herdmun and Rev. Dean
Paget, lie met kindred spirits,who have
made several Important ascents.and arc
true lovers of the mountains. Tom
Wilson, of limilf, the pioneer of our
mountaineers, touk op the idea. Mrs.
Parker of Winnipeg, another enthusiast was found. Professor Coleman, of
Toronto University, who mndo one of
the most important expeditions into
the Rocky Mountains some years ago.
lent bin aid, and thc result was the
meeting at Winnipeg, on March 27tl
and 28th, of the mountaineers who
of Canada.
By way of lending a practical interest to tlie scheme the walls of the
assembly room in the Y. M. C. A.
building at Winnipeg were covered
with enlarged magnificent photographs of the Selkirk and Rocky
Mountains taken by -Mr. Wheeler.
Prominent in the exhibition was 11
complete series of views of
The series embraced several beautiful
photographs of the interior. Mr.
Wheeler's picture of Lookout Point at
the caves particularly attracted attention and was generally admitted to be
one ot the linest scenic photographs
ever shown in Canada. E, A. Hug-
gen, of Rcvelstuke, wus told off to look
after this feature of the exhibit.
was held on Tuesday afternoon, 27ih
March, when the room was woll tilled
with delegates, representing Canadu
from Halifax to Revelstoke. Mr. Dal-
ton had been appointed delegate from
Vancouver, but was unable to utte ud
The delegates included Rev. Dr. Herd-
man, Dean Paget and Mr. Mc'i'uvisli
ol Calgary, .Messrs. A, O. Wheeler, T.
Wilson and Campbell Bros, from
Bund', T. Martin from Field, S. Baker
from   Glacier,  J. A. Kirk iindE. A.
Haggen from Revelstoke, 1.0. Armstrong from Montreal, Rev. Mr. Gordon from Leth bridge, Itev. .Mr.
Eraser from Portage la Prairie, Mr.
Coleman from Morley, Professor Coleman from Toronto, R. H. Murray
from Halifax, N. S., uud Professor
Will, Mrs. Parker, Rev. C. W. Gordon
("Ralph Connor") frum Winnipeg, Mr,
Taylor from Woodstock.
The club was fortunate io securing
as its chairman Professor Copcland,
who conducted the business with
clearness and despatch, and whose
experience and personality wus a
strong feature of the Club's inaugural
Mi. Wheeler then narrated the his-
tory ol the movement, t work whioh
hn,I involved nn immense amount of
time and labor on bii part, Valuable
suggestion! were made by L. 0. Armstrong, of  Montreal, and C. K, Moo-
pherson, C. P. R. Trallic Manager ol
Winnipeg. Interesting letters were
received from Sir Sandford Fleming,
nml a telegram ot congratulation from
Kt-v. Jus. Outriini, both heroes ol the
Rookies, The new club wns designated as "The Alpine Club of Canada,"
and iirrangoiiionts were made to hold
the lirst camp at Yoho Valley in July
next. The idea of forming a library
,,[ special value to Alpine climbers nnd
scientists was also ventilated,
A committee wiib appointed to revise the constitution and submit their
recommendations to the general meeting next day,
.1 A. Kirk, of Revolstoko was appointed acting secretary nnd rendered
valuable service.
The lirst day'B proceedings were
closed in the evening hy a lecture on
"The Wonderland of Canada," by A
0. Wheeler and Rev. Dr. Herdman.
The lecture was illustrated by lime
light views which were among the
linest ever shown in Canada nnd
elicited the enthusiasm ol tho audience as their associations were effectively described by the speakers.
Prominent among thc views were
colored pictures ol the Deutschman
Caves from plates kindly lent by L. 0.
Armstrong of the C. P. R. There was
a large und appreciative audience to
whom the scenic views iveie a revelation ol beauties of Canada never
dreamed of,
Next day the delegates were invited
to join the Canadian Clubat luncheon,
when Mr. Wheeler rose to the occasion
in n magnificent address in which he
depicted the beauties ol the mountains and their value to Canada from
a commercial, a moral, and a patriotic
point of view. The great audience
cheered thc speaker to the echo, nnd
011 the motion of Mr. Whyte, second
vice-president of the 0. P. R, a hearty
v,te ol thanks was accorded Mr.
Wheeler, Mr. Whyte referring in
highly complimentary 'terms tothe
magnificent address to which tbey
hud listened.
Tlie committee having prepared the
constitution submitted it for adoption
to the general meeting and the following ollicers were elected for the nexl
two years.'—
Patron—Sir Sandford Fleming.
President—A. 0. Wheeler.
Vice-Presidents-Rev. Dr. Herdman
and Professor Coleman.
Secretary—Mrs. Parker.
Treasurer—D. H. Laird.
Executive—T. Wilson, E. A. Haggen, J. j\. Kirk.
Mrs. Parker and W. Whyte, Winni
peg; Prol. Fay, President American
Alpine Club; Rev. W. S. Green of Dublin, and Dr. Collie, oi London, Eng.,
woro elected honorary members.
Votes of I hunks were tendered to
Mr. Whyte and the C.P.R. for their cooperation and transportation, to Mrs
Parker, for services at Winnipeg, A.
0. Wheeler for the organisation work
he bad done, Prof. Coleman us chairman, the Canadian Club, Y. M. C. A.
for use of hall, IhclWinnipcg committee and the Free Press.
Aii inaugural dinner wiib held at the
Manitoba Hall, Mr. Wheeler presiding.
Included in the work of the Club
will be the opening ol trails to Alpine
resorts, the ereotion ol cabins where
necessary, investigation ul mountains,
their glaciers, fuiiiiu uud Horn. One
nf the first works which Dr. Ilcrilu-un
strongly urges Bhould be undertaken
is the opening ol it trail to Mount
Bcgbic mid llie building ol a cabin
there Iur accommodation ol mountaineers,
Attendance for March.
High Hchool
Public School—
Div.l     27
,1      „     _
" II   38
'•',    "     —
11      „     _
" IV   12
11      ,,     _
"  V   -18
„      11     _
" VI 46
11      11     _
" VII 41
Pleases every
"VJI141J   78.05   18
357 85.74 137
mokor  tho "Maroa
The Winnipeg Strike—Eruption
of Mt, Vesuvius -Another
Zulu Raid.
Winnipeg, April 7—A letter has
beon received by the polico commissioner! to the effect that the constables will he promptly shut if they
attempt to quell the street, car riots.
Two scabs under the Influence ol
liquor Hashed revolvers on six strikers
on the street last night. Beluro they
could liie they were disarmed, The
oompany has abandoned the attempt-
to run tho cars at night for the
London, April 7—Lord Curzoo was
bnnqiietled by tho Pilgrim's Club Ins!
night in honor of his services to the
Empire while Viceroy of India.
The Premier speaking yesterday on
a motion looking tu the removal of the
embargo on Canadian cattle, said he
was opposed to do anything that
might savor as a slight 011 the great
colony (rum which it is thought the
embargo will be removed,
A cable from Naples suys the eruption of Vesuvius ia now most violent.
Lava streams threaten several towns.
Casper, Wyo., April 7.—Melting
snow caused Hoods in central Wyoming, resulting in unprecedented damage.
Queued, April 7.—The C. P. R. has
decided to adopt Port Quebec as the
terminus of its whole Atlantic steamship service.
OTTAWA, April 7.—Forces are at
work io parliamentary circles to oppose Jim Hill's invasion of the
Canadian West.
Greytown, Natal, April 7.—The
insurgent /uiu Chief Bambuata and a
handful of fanatic followers are advancing on this town. A punitive
expedition is sent to meet him.
The colonial lield force which was
concentrating at Impanseu, 12 miles
northwest of Greytown for operations
against tlie insurgent chief Biuiihnsto,
the deposed regent of the Greytown
district, lias been compelled to abandon its laager after heavily lighting
and has retired to Greytown.
A. portion of the furce sent to rescue
the women and children isolated at
Keitte's Drift, succeeded in doing so,
but while returning was attacked by
rebellions natives.
Berlin, April 7.—Advices from
German East Africa Bays the Watug-
oro natives have been repulsed with
loss of 2!l.ri killed.
VANCOUVER, April 7.—Yesterday's
parade, organized hy the Hundred
Thousand Club in honor of Vancouver's twentieth birthday, was the
largest Been in the Canadian West.
The proceition Link an hour to pass a
given point.
Ottawa, April 7.—The Aslicroft,
Barkerville and Fort George Railway
Bill passed its lirst rending yesterday.
Groceries. Hardware. McClary's Stoves, Etc.
Onion Sets, Flower Seeds,  Farm & Garden Seeds,
Garden Tools.  A Large Assortment
Hollywood   and   Sherwin   Williams'   Paints,   Oils,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastine, Muralo, Etc.
Our Stock of Groceries,  Fruits  and  Vegetables,
is always Fresh.
BOURNE   BROS.      Mackenzie Avenue
Real Estate for Sale.
$2350.   Fine 2 story dwelling on McKenzie Avenue, must he sold this week
The first real snap of the season.
$300o.   New 2 story dwelling, 8 rooms, stone foundation, every modern
$3000.   Fin- 2 story dwelling, all modern improvements, good lawn, shade
trees, fencing, stabling, etc.. Second Street.
$28oo.  New 2 stoi y dwelling, all modern conveniences including furnace,
Lotand a half, fencing, Second Street,
$26oo.  Same us the lust mentioned, Iml 110 furnace,
$2350.   l-'ur 2 story house nn Second Street, all conveniences.   This is a
goud buy.
$85o.   Five-room Cottage, "ill foot corner lot, wood shed, fencing, etc.
$55o.  One-room Cottage on Eighth Street, fid foot lot.
We have niniicy to loan on any of the above properties and good terms
can be arranged.
We represent the Revelstoke Land Company, having for sale residential
lets ill the besl part of the City. Lota cun lie purchased on easy terms of
payment, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.
Boots & Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
(..iliilnl Authorized, $,,000 000   Capital Paid Up, |3900,000.   Rest,$3900,000,
Head Office, Tokonto,'Ontario.
Branches in tlie Northwest Tern to He.-, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
Aud tlio following point? iu Britiih Columbia: Cranbrook, Golden,
Nolsun Revelstoke, Tront Lake, Arrowhead, Vancouver and Victoria.
D. R. WiLKIE. President. Robkbt J.utbay, Vice-President,
E- Ray, Assistant General Manager.   W. Moffat, (Lief Inspector.
Wm. Ramsay, Eu.'s RoQBBfl, Wil, Hknukik. J. K   Osboknk, Chah. CoOKSHOTT,
Pboeq Howlantj, Directors.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.—A General Banking Business Transacted
Hu vim,'- Department-Deposits Received aud Interest Allowed.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada. Cuited States and Europe.
Special attention given to collections. A. E. Phippb, Manager
At Winnipeg. Men and Company
| IIY TI-il.KllKAI'll |
WiNMi'Kii, April 7.—The street railway strike is over, the men and the
company compromising. The men
gut an advance iu wages ol n cent an
hour. They asked two cents/ No
clause 1'COOgnlf.lng the union is inserted in tlie iigreemcnt, neither is there
an arbitration clause
Defeat Oxlord by Three and
One-half Lengths.
[hy tbleobaph]
London, April 7,—The sixty-third
bout race between Oxlord und Cambridge wiib w«n by Cambridge today
liy three and onu-hiill lengths, alter an
exciting contest. Time 111 nuns., Ill
seconds, Cambridge took the lead
Irom the start and was never in danger ot being overhauled.
!i_^__Ci ________________________ ___________________!________j___ ________ j*
7 'X' 'X' 'Ir X-1 '■v "X1 'X' lV 'X' 'X1 "X 'X' "X* "X1 "X* 'X' *X' "X' \
t   o
;        THK LAWRENOE HABDWARE CO. have just opened up   '
',   two Carloads of Paints, Oils, and White Lead,  the largest ship"  ,,
',  menl to any one dealer in B. ('. J l
t it
■>   o
I House Paints in 41 Different Shades t
S      AGATE WALL FINISH (a cold water Kaltomlne) which
such satisfaction Inst year,
BAPLAC Varnish Stain, a preparation similar to Jup-u-lac, for
following Furniture, Floors, etc., (will not scratch white) made in
ti'onowlng euro
Seven Shinies.
9 Mall Ordort Promptly attended to.       P.O. Box 181. V
Now that bright spring days are coming in, to lie followed by the heat
of summer ynu wanl to keen your stores and houses cool und comfortable,
The Best Way to do tin* i* to secure awnings for your windows, and
older them from
L.   A.  FRETZ,
First Street.
Incorporated by Act of Parliament, ISM.
WM. Mulkiin MA0PHER80N, Pies. H. H. EwiNO, Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, (ieneral Manuger.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way ol banking business transacted without unnecessary delay,
Interest credited twice ayear at current rates un Savings Bank
W, H. PRATT, Manager, Revelstoke, B. C. HE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE. B.C
Cbc fltafMbcrafo.
i'i l'.l.l-HKli WEDNESDAY AND 8ATU
laclu liny postage to Knglnnil, United StnU
nnd i',,i,:„l,,.
Br tbe rear (through iiostofllce] ?-'-'"
Halt      M.
Quarter"       " in.
Legal notices 1, .-»nt - per line tlr-t Insertion,
■,.,.-.-i.m ,.-.. -.. : -.s—in.-tit Insertion,
Measurements Nonpartel [12 Ihu - make out
inclil.   Store   awl   general business nu
:   il cmont. -- •   per inch por  itli,
Pretnrred nosillona. M per ecnL nil-
dilli ill. Births, Marriages nnil Uealbs,
50c ea, I, In-crtlon. All lulverll-oineiils
. ible, ■ ■■ in ip| rovalol llie inanAgeiiiunt,
Wanted and Condon-cd AdvorlNi-ineiils:
Agent* Wanted Help « inlud, -
n.,:i..,-.|. Situations Vacant, ', iplu '-
\\ it ted, Mi : .„,,. - IVanlod, i„ word, or
1, - 2i , , 1.1, nddltlonnl line 1"   rani*
I :..: .-■  111 -■ Illlg ,l,lvel-ll-,-ll,,',,'- IllUlt
win lo i, ii. iii. Tuesday und h-lduj ol
e.i. t. ., -K :,,->■' ,ie k,,,>I ,li-|,!ii.v,
juit ■ ItlNTlNQ promptly cxwulcdal rci-non
able rate*.
l'ERSIs ■' Mb,  Subsenplloui payable in nd!
COBRESPONDE.NI B Ini-lUal on mattore ol
public iiucrcsi. Couununtcationi n, Kill-
tor most be a« panlod  by  natno ol
wriii-r. not in-,.--.—iii-ily tor publication, but
a-evidence of good lalth. Correspondence
should bo brief.
11.      0 IMIII SON.
McKenzie Avenue,
Omens: Imi-i.iiiai. Bank Block, Rkvel
STOKC, 11. ('.
.Money lo loan. _ ,,
Ollte: Revelstoke, B.C.: I-, rlbtcclc, 11, L.
Uko, *'. McCarter,
A, M.  I'tXKII.IM. I. A. llAUVt.V,
Revelstoke, B. C,        Eon Stoolo, 11. C
J. M. *.-,,u 1.I..U. W. LBrlggs,
ll RRisrERs, Solicitous, I-.tc
Money to Loan
First Street.
Rcvelstuke, li.C
Mining Engineer,
(Mem. American lnslltutc Mining Engineers)
Canadian Mining In.-tiiuti-.l
Revelstoke, B. C.
Examination ot and report- on Mineral Pi 3
perlics a Specialty.
Agent for Canadian Metal Company, buyers
of /im- nud silver-lead ore*
Zinc and silver-lead mine- purcliii*    or operated under lease and bond,
Financial Assistance given  owners and pros
pectors t„ operate and develop
approved properties,
Gbe flfcaiUlberalb
■•I would . . . earnendy advlBO thorn lot
their good to order this paper lo bo punctually
-erved up. und lo be looked upon n* a pari of
the tea equipage."—Addison.
The Winnipeg street car strike
was a forcible instance of tlie necessity of the adoption by the Dominion Parliament of a measure of
compulsory arbitration in labor
disputes. Sir William Mulock, Ibe
late Minister of Labor, introduced
such legislation, but it was opposed
by the labor unions, and, as we
believe, most unju-titialy. Strikes
an-.i lock-out* affect the community
as a whole, and the public interest
is entitled to the due protection of
the Government. Strikes and lockouts make for lawlessness, national
waste, and productive loss. They
are unnecessary, and a relic of
industrial barbarism. In the i ase
of the Winnipeg street ear strike,
President McKenzie, sitting in his
office at Toronto, hundreds of miles
distant from the scene of the trouble
was responsible lor the most disgraceful acts ever win, -,1 in it
Canadian city. We ki I ng
of the merits of the matti r- in
dispute, but we do know tl il the
strikin-.' employes offered lo refer
their en-,- entirely lo arbitratioi
President McKenzie and the Street
Railway Company refused such a
fair prop isition, and hem • I -
the cause uf the trouble.
Tbe Street Railway Company
exist; by reason ol a franchise conferred, on it by the citizens of
Winnipeg^.'! franchise so valuable
that tbe company's Bbares ha*e
risen in value from pur of ^ 1.00 to
$3.00 or fl.Oi. The Streot Railway
C,,ii,puny has prospered as the
result of the growth of the city and
the owners have had the value of
their investment- enormously increased. Un the other hand the
fame growth has increased tin-
value ol house properly, and rei *.-
arc-steadily increasing. Trices for
products arc increasing also, ami
the company's employes as a body
felt that on current wages Umy
could barely keep their families,
They asked to share in the corn-
pan j's prosperity by an increase
in their pay. The sympathy shown I
by the citizens of Winnipeg ivllli
the striking employes showed they
believed tlie men to he right and
tin- fact Ihnl the company refused
arbitration was n protly strong indication that they knew ihey wci
getting away will, something that
did nol belong lo tin-in, and that
they mighl have to forego, in tbe
event oi a hearing before u fair
tribunal, With compulsory arbitration Ihere could have been no
strike accompanied by public in
convenience, the calling out of the
militia, and thy outrage on public
decency thai accompanied it.
Until the principle ol compulsory
arbitration of labor disputes is
recognised the same scenes muy be
re-enacted in any city in Canada,
Ralph Connor Speaks Wholesome Truths.
Referring to strike troubles Rev. C.
W. Gordon (Ralph Connor) said :
" Is this the result ol twenty centuries ol Christian teaching that men
will fall upon each other like beasts
and club and butter each otlioi until
the city is plunged into n c ndilion so
alarming that it has to bo placed under martial law?
" Sell-preservation may lie the lirst
law of nature, but Ihe attitude of the
other man must always be respected.
When selfishness and greed assort
themselves in the hearts of men, it is
our duty to tukc an active interest in
tho matter, and it is now lime for all
true men to rise superior to the claims
ot mere partisanship and do their
utmost to restore tranquility."
(By nn Onlookor.l
A person looking on the Winnipeg
street car strike, and reading the
accounts of it sent out by the Assuci-
uted Press, cmild not recognise that
the scenes were one and tho sume.
The telegraphed reports ol the Aaso-
atod l'resi were grossly exaggerated.
There was no rowdyism or lawlessness
that should ,not have been perfectly
controlled by nn efficient police force,
headed by n cool-headed and unprejudiced mayor. Thero was not the
slightest necessity for calling out the
militia, ordering them to load with
bull cartridge to lire on the citizens of
Winnipeg, fixing havonets to transfix
them, or placing a loaded Maxim gun
on tlie streets oi Canada's great central metropolis. These scenes were a
lasting disgrace to the administration
of Winnipeg's chief magistrate, Mayor
Sharpe, uud a gross abuse of tlie law.
What are the (acts? The city ol
Winnipeg is unfortunately crowded
with unemployed whole curiosity was
naturally aroused by such an even! as
a street car strike, aid who congregated on the streets for want of something better to do. With a few exceptions these people took no band in
auy trouble. In a crowd ol this kind
there are always a lew who lose their
heads and these lew made what trouble there washy cutting the tiolley
ropes, throwing some stones and mud,
and in one case trying to set lire to a
ear left on the streets. These men
could easily have been gathered in by
the police. As [or the striker-, they
were   most   orderly.     They  Iliad"
demonstration!,reiorted to no violence
r interference, nnd  ior the most part
kept out ol the way,    On tl ther
hand the street car company were re-
ipontible lor icti winch at-,,used pubic indignation. They imported thugs
Irom Chiotgo and nther loreign pans
under the name 11 jtrike-breaki rs.
11.- uen were armed with bludgeons
an I • m e - Although alieni thej
•ere Bven ■■'-■ rn In u police to main-
..i.i ler in a Canadian city,
Heaven sav,- the mark',
Privileged in this way, loreign to
the country, responsible to no author-
Itj lave tht itreel rail i,, company,
tiny brandiihed their bludgeons, attacked peaceful cititeni ami even
assaulted the Mayor ol the city, Tliii
conduct resulted in Mitl-demonttra
tionfl on tho pari ol the citizens, the
Mayor  Iott hli  head, called out the
militia, had them urine ! and ready to
lire on Ihe citizens he whi elected
to protect. He placed tho city in ii
ferment ol indignation which well
lind.- oiprsiiion in tlie words nl the
celebrated author ami preacher "Ralph
Connor" reported in another column,
These soenoi have properly 1,rough!.
the city nl Winnipeg and its civic administration into contempt. When
corporation! enjoying public franchises nnd privileges, becotno flo disloyal to this country ns to im por I
oreign thugs to bully the citizi ns ol
Canada, und that the militia ol Canada should bo tiled to protect these
thugs iu iheir outrages on peaceful
uud law-abiding citizens, it is lime the
people demanded ol their legislators
measures which will prevent the re-
peii imi of this kind ol thing. In the
hi.tels, the streets, the Irains, there
was only one opinion expressed, and
thut wns that the exhibition was Irom
beginning to end a disgrace tu the
civic authorities ol Winnipeg and to
tin-Street Railway Company, whioh
hnlds its (riiucliise Irom them. The
upshot will probably he n den nod Ior
the niunioipalisiition ol lho Btreet
railway system ol that ci y. Tho
orowds who walked and refused to
patronise tlie curs by whioh they had
travelled lor years, showed a deep-
seated sympathy with the strikera
which time will not readily efface
A correspondent writes I "In the
interests of the Spurting Club, I think
it. nly right to mention that the season for lifting traps slinuld be mentioned, 1 believe it oloses on the 1st
April, 1 know that there wns n party
who lelt their traps out ad Inst summer as the weather got too Bolt for
travelling, and of course tbey must
have killed a lot of marten which bad
young, 1 can say that I got one marten with live young on 2(itli March,
nud 1 lifted my traps. This is an exceptional case but trappers should be
made to lift their traps on the stated
time nr be lined. 1 know there nre a
lot who think they are at liberty to
leave their traps inter, as it is in tho
mountains, but this should he stopped.
It is necessary to lake this iiji nnd let
them know that there arc people
watohing them."
The International Coal and Coke
Company, Limited, which operates a
colliery on the Crow's Nest railway in
Alberta, made profits for the year 1906,
lifter paying all operating expenses ol
Alexander Sharp, M. B, ol Nelson,
and I. Riokort, Calgary, representing
P, Hums the cattle nnd mining magnate, have been making an examination ol gold dredging ground on the
Fraser River. Mr. Hums is understood to be considering gold dredging
on tlie Kraser as a profitable venture.
The clean-up of the liritish Empire
mine, at Vernon, gave a return of
about ifi") a ton.
The long tunnel at the Rambler
mine is in over 4860 feet nnd from the
engineer's estimate the trend ot the
lend as determined in the upper workings should be tapped before the
middle of the coming month.
The B. C. Copper Co. have bonded
the Oro Denoro at Phoenix.
1). It. Voting write, as follows to
Vernon News with regard to tbe British Empire mines—"I nave put the
British Empire mine* n a paying
basis with the preient plant .md hand
drills. My mill is running steadily
and 1 have plenty   :' •   d   re in sight
- th, next six montbi  it   eatl
now intend •    ine r: rate   i   str ng
A molybdenum mine . • . per-
ated north of Pitl   •-.- icellenl
four-foot ledge iias been exposi     ind
.   .    - certiflcttei ire   i   evidence
to show thai  the     n -  I ,'•■-  ■ 11
_. *   ..     ■ , - ...   plot
have  ihown  the startling ■•-turns of
$1600 per ton.
■ ,,,-r brakeman James "■- ibltl
■ - -id , irrenl on Monday while on duty He i w ihunling
and lumped out ol the waj ol ono
engine only to get in the track I in
Incoming engine, which ran -■-
and cut Ins body in two '-. I I I
storm was raging at. tie- time iml one
could scai,-el-. <ec.
Deceased wai -I yean ol age i tl
wis to i,*»t: i n married.
Threatened  Retaliation From
Great Indignation ia expressed in
the cily nf Calgary at the tax imposed
mi commercial travellers In liritish
Columbia, uml no agitation iB ou loot
to get the governmenti ol Alberta and
Saskatchewan to tmpoBC a retaliating
tax ul $800 to $600 on travellers from
other provinces, with a view to hitting
hack at British Columbia, nnd especially at the travellers employed by the
ll. C, lumbermen.
The liirgcstanil must cuniplcte stock
, i Single Harness In the province,
ranging in price Irom $ll).ri0, $16 01)
"FKi.fill $lr!,00 por sett and upwards,
Also Team Harness Irom $28.00$80,00,
$82,00, $86,00, $88,00 and up, Complete per Bot.—1). C, McLaren, thc
Saddler ol Kamloops.
Tenders fop a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands In the Province of British Columbia.
QBJU.BD TENDERS addressed to the Timber
ij and Minos Branch, DoiinrtiiioiiL of the
Intoriur, nail marked on tho envelope "Tender
(ur Timber Berth Nu, nil," will be received ut
tliis Department until noon on Wednesday, the
Dili day tif Mny, (HOB, (ur a license to cut
timbor un Berth No. Hli, cinnprisinirSocliolis
13, 111, 11, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, SB, 32, It! nud ,11, ill
Township 20; also Socti'in* II, I, 5,1,9,10,13, IB,
17,20,21 nnd 22, In Township 21, all in Range ,H,
West of the Rth Meridian, containing an area
ul 21 situaro miles, inure ur loss.
Tlio successful tendorer will bo required to
have a survey mado of tliis berth wttliiu line
year frum tbe dato on whicli llie tenders are to
be opened,
Tbn rouultitions nailer wliich n licenso will bo
issued, also prititod form* of louder and on-
volono, may bo iibtiiiunil at tliis Department, nr
at tan olilco o( the Crown Timbor Agent nt.
Now Vt'estniinstor, B, (',
Eitcli tender must bo iicctiniliiiniod by an
ncceptod cheque ou n chartered bunk hi favour
of tlio Dotaity of tbo Minister ol lbs Interior,
!,„■ ih,- am,„ml of llie bonus which the appli
cant w-proparod Ui pay for a licenso.
No tender hy telogrnph will bo entortiiiiiod.
Doiinrlmoiit uf the Interior,
Ottawa, March 2fit.lt, 1IKI1.
_N days after dato I intend to apmy to tlio
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for ii
special license to out and carry away timber
from Uiu following described lands;-
1, Commencing nt h post about 17 chains
north ami about 81 i miles frum the mouth of St-
Loon crook, marked "II. G. Robbius1 north
west corner, thence south 1U0 chains, thonce
east W chaius, thonco north UK) chains, thence
west 10chains to point of commencement,
2. futninonciiip at n IH>st about 50 chain:
north and 7 milos [nun month of St. Lewi
creek, markod "H. G Robblns1 north west corner," thenco south m clmins, oast 80 chains,
Iheuco uorth 81) chains, thence wost 80 chains to
IKiintiif ccimmencomont.
8. Commencing nt a imst about 15 chains
south and 6 miles frum month of 8t. Loon
crook, thonco west <HI) chains, thonce north 80
chains, thence oast.80 chains, thenco south 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated this 27th day of March, 1906.
Per T. H.Shelp. Agent.
Repairs to Hunts and Shoes, Harness,
Helling, etc., promptly made.
Next Allura's Jewelry Store McKen
/ic Avenue, Revelstoke.
Arrowhead, B. C.
Charmingly situated on the shores
f Arrow Lake,
Good Trotil Pishing,
Boats always for hire,
Sample li,„,ui* in connection.
i-   it-i lass  lion*,, for Tourists and
Commercial men.
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
That'i Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Snap factory Mit of Winnipeg, Homo cleaning and
washing arc caty with its help.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tolls whnt we give for
Royal drown Wrappers, Send
for   It—Free—Alto try tlm
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B, C.
Buck Brand
ionic in many stylet
Plain Pant Shapes
Bib Overalls
Swell Bottoms, Etc,
Those who hive worn ihem ay
thai   for durability, slyle,  III.
-iml finish, they can nol l x
celled .ti any price,
Wm. J. McMaster & Sons
VANCOUVKK,     n.    c
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt, delivery of parcels, baggage
etc, to any part of tho City,
Any Kind of Transferring
Wing Chung's newly im
ported stock of Chinesi
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services 'Flower Poll
1'ltiUm Umbrella SUillds
Itiiski-is laiiiob ilnskoU
Citiii't-ti.ilri SinnkliiB Jackets
Handkerobiofs Silk (loads,
Finest slock of canilles nnd (mils In town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
days after date I intend to apply to tho
Hou. Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works
for permission to purchase tho following doscribod lands, situate in tho Hovolstoko Division
of West Kootenay District!
Commencing at a post planted on the en.it
bank of the Columbia Ritor, about one-half
mile north of tho month of Curnes ('reek, and
markod "O.J.R's Smith Wost Corner Post,"
thonco onst itOcliuiiis; theuce uorth 80 chains;
tlience west GO chains, be the same moro or less,
to tho oast, bank of the Columbia River; thonco
following tho moiiudoriiiKs of tho Columbia
Rivor in a Southerly direction to the point of
commencement, containing 180 neros moro or
Dated this twenty-ninth day of March, A.u.
Ap.l2m. 0. J. RUMENS.
NOTICK is hereby given that sixty days after
dull' I Intend lo apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner nf Lands ami Works fur permission
to purchase the following described lands for
pastoral purpose's, same nolng situated nerr
Galena Hay, adjoining lots 2445, ?m ami 7M,
described ns follows:
('ominemdng at the lnoutb-east corner (of !M
a-i-tfi. thence nortli tn north-past corner nf lid
2,14s, then-, e uftat-40uhahlflt'thenca south 80]{chalns
to Lot "nit, thence] west 40 chains tn point of
Felmiary126,t.l00(), 142 ap 28
_ . days after date 1 intend to apply Ui the
Chief Commissioner of LandH nnd Works for n
special license to cut and carry aw-ty timbor
from the following described lands in West
kootenay District:—
i, Commencing at a post marked "11. Myth
and 0, It. Kirk's smith west Corner post," planted
about 100 yards west of Mosquito Greek, thence
uortli 80 chains, thence east gii elinlns, theuce
south 80 chains, tlience wont no chains U point of
2, Commencing at a postmarked "H. Blyth
andC, H. Kirk's smith east corner post," planted
iilmiit 18(11) yards west of Mosquito Creek, thenco
north HO ehains, tlience west gn chains, thence
south SO chains, thence east 80 chains tn point of
Dated March 3rd, lOOO.
C. B. KIltK.
V[OTI('E is hereby givon that, 80 days nfter
1\ date, I intend t-n apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license to out und carry away timber from the
following described lauds situated on west
slope of Halfway ('reek running into Arrow
Lake in West Kootonay district :--
l. Commencing about i of a mile north from K,
G, Burrldge's smith west comer post and uinrkeil
"A. Kilpr's north east corner post," theuce smith
8ii chums, St* chains west, hu chains north, 80
chains east to point of commencement,
t Commencing nt a post planted aliout 18
chains smith of ft, (I. Ilurridge's north west corner and marked "A. Edgars south east corner
post," thence north SO chains, west 8ii chains,
thence smith 80 clmins, thence east HU chains tn
point of commencement,
8. Commencing at a post planted about J of a
mile west from If. Mcl'ormacK'sstnitli west corner
ami marked "A. Edgar's," running north 80 chains,
west sn chains, thence smith 8ii chains, thence
east 8o chains to point nf commencement.
P ' d t b 6th day of March, 1006.
A. RDGAB, Locator.
The Prince Mining and
Development Company,
Limited Liarility.
imi Dbvrlopmkkt Company, Limited Liability.
Kevelstoke, It, C„ M», 10th, 11)00,
Notice h hereby given that the Annual Meeting
af i he Hharoliolders of the Prince Mining nml I)e-
velopmenl Company Limited Liability, will Ihi
held nl the Company's office, First Street, Bevel-
itok", ll. C, on 'Wi'ihiHmtoy, the 14th day of
Maidi. A, 1'., HM, at the hoiirof two o'clock iu
tbe afternoon, for tlie purpose of electing officers
for  tl niulng  year, and for all other purposes
■elatingtn iln* management of the Company.
i iieTransfer Book of the Company will be closed
luring the fourteen days im mediately preceding
inch meeting.
nit»ii u Revelstoke, B.C.,this mth duy of
February, A. I).. 1900.
President. secictaiy.
Die linn meeting has been adjourned till
-;.iiii.i,i. April iiiii I' I pm-
N'OTH R It Imrnliy given llrnt 80 days
nfinr 'lute in iiiloiid fa apply tothe Honor
ihlfl the < im'f Commissioner of Lands and
Worki fur a  ipeolal llcouio to cut and carry
BW1I   timlwir   from   the   following   ilnwribcvl
lendi iltoated In Wn-t Kniiteiiay DlstriQti
Commencing al -i posl marked "ll. myth nnd
l . it Kirk i - iiith easl cnrnni poll,' planted on
..   i rem MmqnltoUke,thenco mttNchains,
hence north 80 chains, tlience cast m clmim
Lhenca ninili along Ink''
"■in i-nr,
Deled I7lli M> 1008
lo point of ■
I   ll   KIBK,
in iij„ii n,r,-r werli. I nn taklnioverttio
ni.!,,,., rtltill Mnsi-ol l,„i„»lrj anil I "111 ,„.t'»'■
r,,.)i„n.lt,l,' l„r mv ,1.1,1- ,„ntr,trt„,l t,y Wall I'liln
hit 11' ('Ill-Nil.
NllTICI--. Is t„-r,-!,i- given Hint sl-lydav. tftfll
-III,. | Inleiul f„;,|,|,lvl„ll„.l'lil,'ll'„llltili*
itrtnci nl Und' ind »'•')" Inr |»,rtiii.<i„n !„ |„ir
li i to till Mliuvliur ,li"« lll,,',l 1,111,1 i III" C.lutll-
bin river, Nmtli will Knntcnt-fl •
Commencing a! n poll «ltlilii two chains ,,l the
A nnd li. railway Into, iil,,,nl llii lib-, "'Ull' ol
Ur,„il„'i„l. iiiiirkril "B, A. iliiieniiniithweil
„rn"r li„i»t," tli'Utr" Iturlli 10ctlllni, thonco Mil
0 rliilni, tlience smith 10 clialiin, thonce mitCO
lm ins I „ nl,,,,-„( ,-,„lllil"llr"lll"n(.
Piled,,lnrch iiith, in*
V, rl. IM0OEN.
Gold Range lodge, K, of P.,
No. 26, Revelttoko, B. C.
In   ii,l-l 1,-11 ,m*■   Iinil   it  8
o'clock     VMllitg Knii-lns ire
|.„l',ll„llv IIIVlU'll,
K. W. II. PAUK1', UU,
(1. II. Hltoi'K. E. ot H. IS.
H. A. RIIOWN, M. nil'.
Kootenny LodKO No. 11 A Fit A.M.
Tin- ii'itular meet-
inn- tin, lield In tin
Mn-iiiilo    Tninrlli.
lit,I r-'i-llown HitII.„,
Uu i.ili-d Mnndtiy li
moll  iiiniilb  al
|i,ill, VisltliiKbreil,
run   iiurdliilly   tl-l
SKLKIRK LODOB. NO 11,1.0.0, I*.
Moots every Thurnda'
evening hiOddfellows
Hall nt 8 o'nliMik
Visiting brethren oor
dlally invllod lo at
II. MACDONAl I), N.ll. J. MATIIIK, 810
I hnve atarti'il a pprniuiicnt. Wnnil
Yard nn Tlliril street. Willi mv |in»l
experience I hope tn he in n position
to satisfy nil requirement! nf customers. Dry eni'tiwiuxl kept in stuck anil
supplied In any Ii-hkiIih nt reduced
prices fnr rash.
______ •»
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Order! Inr Heel and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish nnd small goods
will receive prompt attention.
Something Pure
II you are looking lor Pure
Honey wc have juit opened up
a consignment ol   Ontario
in 1 Hi. hnxes, or in li lh. cans
"Oiiiirnntced Pure."
Our Canned Goods nre second
to none, und more thun that
we "Guarantee every Can."
Best Firewood in the City.
Shipment of Chinese Canaries Juit received  Prloet from $2 to $5 tioh ,
Front Street, Revelstoke
Completer Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Arrow Lake Mining Dlvlllunnf
West Kootenay District,
Where located!—Near.tlie Needlegonthe Lower
Arrow Luke.
Take notice thut I, Kenneth L. Burnet, agent
for Annie Kelllher (Adiuiuiutratrix fur the estate
of I'. II. Kellitier deceuued), Special Free Miner's
Certlflcale No, IVb intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Uecorderfor
nCertlIic-.de of Improvements, for the purpimc of
obtaining a t'ruvMiiiiaiil of the above claim,
Aud furthei take notice tliataetiuu, under Sec
tion 87, must In' commenced before the Issuance
of sueh Certificate of Improvement*.
Dated this Fifteenth day of February, 1W0.
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
148, Cordova St., W,
VANCOUVER, -  •  B. C.
Do You Tive your N.A'!'"
II B ii a i, i) regularly
and "on lime?"   II not, kindly
notify  tlie olliee at once, either
loiio 13 or by postal,
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Slnrin   Dnui'l, do
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street Edit, Revelstoke
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new miiiiii«eiiient|nf
llAIIHY   McIntiihii,   Hoffumtl   II,,use
J. eyon are the most, curative in the
world. A perfect, iiatuuil remedy fnr
all Nei toiis and Muscular dieeaaei,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Keeling," Special
rates nu all hunts and trams. Two
mails nirive and depait, every day.
Tel.-gi-a h communication with all
marts of the world.
TKUMH-IJ12 to $18 per week.   For
fmther purlictiliii's apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotu Lake. H. C
Mrt. II. ,1. Ha.ihiiry Manngress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Lnriii DlnliiRrootii for
Uiitiuunts, Sutniers, ctj-
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Peacuok Hineul Claim, sitrmu in tin, R..,l
;loke Mluiuii Dliision ol Wisl Kooteuei
Where located:-At Slauilirrl llisia, in the
llll' lleml.
TAKE NOTICK that 1, It. Hmilli, File
Miner's ( ertifli-nte Nn, 11 It'iM, aetilw ns ment
(ur ('. J. Rumens, Free Minor's ('ertlfloato Nu,
1118116: O, K. Robinson, Free Miner's (Jerli.-
cnlo No. (111555 and Wm. M. Sailtin'a Frei
Minor's I'orlilli-nto No. II Mill, Intend slit,
ilays Irom date liereol to «i>i>l,r to the Miuiutt
Itecnrder lor a Certificate oflmprovemtuts for
the luirixise ol olitalnlus a Crown Grant of Ihe
above claim.
Ami further, take notice, that action under
8octir.ii 17, must bo commenced bod,re Ihe
issuniu-,, of such Certificate u( Improvements.
Dated this Second da, of April, A.D., ISOt.
Ap.C-2m R.SMITH.
Certificate of Improvements.
Martha Jnue Fraction anil   Mini,, Mineral
Claims, situate in the Revelstuke Miniiiit
Division ul West Kouteuuy District.
Where located: At Standard  Rasin,   Bit
T4KK NOTICE that I, H. Bmith, Frae
Minor's Certitlciite No. R 115,23, actios as neent
for the Prince Mioluir aud Development ('milium-. Limited Liability: Free Miner's Certlil-
cat* No. niM.',, intend siily ilars Irom dale
hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for
I'ertilli-uies of Impro.einents for the purixne
of 'uhtainhiK- Crown (irnnls uf the abovo
And further, take notice, tbal action under
Section .-11, must be commenced before the
iisuance u( such ('oriilli-iitos of Improvements.
Dated thil Second day of April, A. D., 1KH.
Ap.C-Jin. R.SMITH.
after date I intend to apply tn the Hon. Chief
('iiniuiissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license to cut aud carry nway timber from tbe
following described lauds, situate at or near
tbe Standard Basin, Revelstoke district,
(.ommenclng nt a wist planted about 1) mllei
north nf Standard Mine, and marked " 0, J,
K's Soutli-West Corner Post": thence north 100
chains: tbenee east 40 ohnlns; theuce south
lt'-O chains; theuce west -10 chains to the place
of commencement,
Dated the Second day of April A,D„ 1900.
Ap. i Mn. 0, J. RUMENS.
OTICK ie hereby given that 30 days after dale
_,, we Intend tn apply to the Hon. The Chief
Ciinimissloner of Lands aud Worki for'a Special
License to cut und carry away timber from the
following ileserllieil lands.
1, (-ommenclng at a post planted 90 chains
north from the smith west corner of lot Nu. 614A
and marked "A. L. Co's. N. W. corner post,"
tlience south 80 chaine, 80 ebaine east, so chains
north, 80 chains west to point of cninmem-eiuent.
Dated this ttrdday of March, MOO.
'.'■■ Coiiimi'iiiiiiK at a post planted 00chains
north frum the smith west corner of lot NmOKs
und marked "A. L. Co'b. Smith west corner poet,"
thence HO elinlns north, 80 clmins eaet, 80 chains
south. 80 ehains west to point of roinuiencement.
Dated this :»:ird clny of March, IlKHI.
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
BKkDS, New crop now In slock and on tost
in our greenhoiiNrs. A"k vour merchant for
Ihem In Healed -|inckaK0K- I'he done not handle
Ihem wo will mall N hssorted. lie pnckole of
vegetable nnd flower enedi lourowi. nelectlon,
Hiiitahlufor II. 0, gardnns) for 11.00, Spe-cial
prices on jour bulk eowlft.
MKNTAL 'I'HKKS now ready for uprlng
Kxlni n(00utooV of two nnd Ihrce-yenr Apple
Trees at |20.00 per HID, |lHI,no per 1,000 ; May
nurd I'luiii*. $l,no ooisli; Italian Prune, two-
year, line, |/'i.'»i per Pm: Sugar Prune, two-
year, line, (».'«| or ion.
Full Met of other sUiek nt regtdar price*, No
DXponM lo*s or delay of fumigation or
Letmn pi'.re your ll«l ocforu.placing your
OretnhOUnfl Plants. Hor Work, Ben Supplier,
Krult Package-. Kertlllxora, et-c,
M.   J,   HENRY
OTICK is hereby given thnt thirty dnys
after dnto we intend to apply to the Hon.
 Comminaionerof Land* and Works for a
pnrial license to cut nnd carry away timber
from thn following described lands in the District of West Kcmtonay:
1. Commeneinc at a post marked "Arrowhead
Lumber Co., Ltd. Norl h- west corner poet" planted
near tbe mouth of Deep Crook near the slmm of
Upper Arrow Lake; thence south 801 halns: thence
cast wn chains; thence north 80 chains; Ihence west
80 chains to tlie point of commencement,
3, Commencing at a post marked '" Arrowhead
LumlwrCo., Ltd, North-went corner post' planted
About ion chains smith from the mouth nf Deep
Creek where it empties Into Upper Arrow Lake;
thence south 80 chains; thence cast ho chains;
thence north 80chains; thence went B0 ehaiiis tn
the point of commencement,
Dated ihin 7th day of March, A. D,, loon.
■nd Copyright!
obtained in all countries.
I obtained In all a
Regiitered Pttsnl Attornty
Mechanical Altiirtn,)- and KnKlnoer.
Room 3. Kalrlleld.llliK-k, Oranvllle st„ ni-nr I'.IJ
A poslcnrd will secure an evenlnt anpotnt
mint lor now who cannot oall during the da-/ THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C,
" DR. DAY"
Who Sold Armenian Orphans
to Revelsloke People.
Ezmt David hns givon tho authorities.! Westminster some important
tnd valuable information, lays the
Columbian, concerning the operations
of Peter Allow, alias Rev. J, A, Duy,
1). D,, who is now being sought nn
account ol alleged Iratidi perpetrated
upon the charitable public.
Mr. David who is at present a student ol Ihe Columbian college, is the
ion ol the Turkish consul in Perils
He ii a graduate ol the Orooiniah col
lege, Persia, and a young man ol
irreproachable character.
When he first met Peter Allow in
Orooiniah, the latter win a rug merchant. He persuaded him to acconi
pany him to America under the
pretence ol obtaining a free university
education tor him in one of the
American colleges. He also brought
Mr. David's nephew, a boy of 12,under
thc same pretext. Upon their arrival
in New York, Mr. Allow and his
brother, who was known in British
Columbia as an orphan named Mirza,
unfolded their plan of railing money
Irom thc charitable by representing
the three young men as destitute
Armenian orphans, etc., and used
threats ol murder il Mr. David did not
fall in line and act his part. Mr.
David claims that Day's brother,
Mirza, has a murderer's record in
Botli Day and Mirza threa'cned Mr
David with a dagger il he dared lo
frustrate or disclose their scheme.
Since Day lelt British Columbia lie
got Mirzn and Mr. David's nephew to
join him in California and, as far as
Mr. David has been able to ascertain,
he placed the hoy in the home of a Mr.
McCoon, an American millionaire, in
Jackson, California.
Later particulars ol Peter Allow, the
Persian rug denier, alius, Rev, .1. A.
Day, D. 1)., alias Rev. Peter Solyman,
D. D., show during the time lie wns at
college be speedily proved he was nior
ally'bid and ol a particularly violent
disposition, During this time a relative and great friend of Allow's killed
a Presbyterian preacher and was com
pelled to flee lor his life. Allow wns
soon alter expelled Irom college on
account ol his bad behavior and
It wai nut lung alter that Allow
started upon his life ol trawl and
crime. He went to the United Slitti.s,
and landed in Seattle in the year 1903
and commenced work as Rev. Peter
Solyman, D. D., alleging he had an
orphanage lor which be was collecting
He traveled east gathering in hundreds of dollars in various places
where he stopped for awhile and everything ran smoothly till he struck the
town ol Pella, Iowa. There while
doing a thriving business his methods
aroused the suspicion ol the Rev. W.
J. Van Kersen, a Presbyterian pastor,
who started an enquiry as to the origin and standing o! Solyman with the
result that the following was received
by him and forwarded to the governor
cl the state ol Iowa who gave it general publicity:
"The young man ol whom you write
is a fraud and an impoiter. In 1903,
Mr. Shedd, whom he mentioned to
you, wrote to me Irom Urumia as
"In a letter "yssterday I received
word ol a man who. has started on a
tour ol the world, regarding whom
you ought to be on your guard. His
name is Petros (Peter) E. M. Shilinion
(Solyman). Ha it from Baz and a
graduate ol the college. His behavior
tince graduation has been such at to
thow that hit character is thoroughly
bad. Unfortunately, he managed, at
some time, to stamp some sheets of
paper with the college seal, and no
doubt he will make use ol them. He
is a Neitorian and not an Armenian.
"Two daya before your letter was
received I received a postal card from
Mr. Shedd, who has just returned
Irom Urumia for a furlough in the
United ttatei, in which he says:
"II you ahould have any inquiries
regarding a Syrian whose present
name it Peter Allow, Council Bluffs,
Iowa, he ii the lame as Petros E. D.
Melik Shiliinon (Petros of Baz) and is
thoroughly unprincipled.
"1 may lay in a word that ho is one
ol many who aro preying on the
churches, and the tidings nl whole
success ill duping Christians ill
AniuriilA do omllcst harm in I'ertia."
The Miner lays:—Early lust November Rev. ,1. A. Day,  who  represented
himself as  a   Methodist   missionary
from Macedonia, arrived here, und he
hnd letters Irom Principal Sipprell, of
the Methntllst Columbian college at
New Westminster, and from a number
ul Methodist mlnisteis throughout
the province, lie was warmly received
by Itev. J. I). P. Knox, pastor nl the
Methodist church, its well as by the
members nf the oougregation. Ilo
represented that lie was from Macedonia and lhat. hiV special million wns
tn provide honi s Ior the orphaned
children nl murdered Christians nl
that country who were housed in Ihe
Macedonia orphanage at Ashatn
Hogeu, Macedonia, The greatest de.
tire that he had wus to lind homes fur
the Macedonian nrphuns among Christian peoplo 111 this country so that they
might be brought up among proper
surroundings and good Influences and
grow up into gond men and women
and devout Methodists.
Day was u dark conipluxioned mn ii
ul 35, with an earnest and impressive
manlier, and when arrayed in a durk
suit with a white necktie he looked
the part he wus playing. One Sunday ho preached in the Methodist pulpit, nnd bis description of the wrongs
nl the Christians and how ruthlessly
they hud been slaughtered by the infidel Turks, and the awful condition
nl llie orphans, lelt scarcely u dry eye
niniing his auditors, lle explained
thut tho children ranged Irom mere
infants to those who were 11 years of
ago. Those who adopted children under 10 years of age could huvo them
without paying anything, but those
who desired them fr.jiii 10 to 14 years
of age imiBt pay down $50 to provide
Inr transporting theni front Macedonia
to tliis city. In return lor this the
children were to be woll cared for, sent
to Sunday school and chinch regularly, but would perform such service ns
might be desired by those who adopted
theni in the way of bouse and other
rk.    The result wns that n wave uf
Byinpalby swept through the city tor
the unfortunate Macedonian orphan
and Mr. Day lor a time fairly cuined
In a few days he had $500 in Ins
A receipt, which is worded as follows
is all enuh ol  the victims  have  to
show lor the money which   they  ml
To tlie Macedonian Orphanago:
Riw-lnud, Nov. 7, 19011.
This is to certify that 1 have paid
to Rev. J. A. Day, 1). D., the sum of
$50 Iur the purpose o! bringing Serena
Zatotvskl, a Macedonian girl, to my
home, and I promise to be good to her
and send her to the Methodist church
and Sinid-iy school.
This is to certify that I am acquainted with John Doo, who is a
member iu good standing of the Methodist church, and well able to carry
out the above promise.
City Clerk William McQueen, who
hud contributed $50 to the cause ol
the orphans, finally became suspicions
that all was not well in Macedonia,
and he wrote to the authorities of (he
Macedonian orphanage. A reply was
received Irom Salunica, stating that
there was no such institution ns the
Macedonian orphanage, and as lar as
Rev. J. A. Day, D. ])., was concerned,
no individual of that name was known
in all of Macedonia.
Here is the card ho handed round
for the benefit of his intended victims:
"He that giveth to the poor lcndeth
to the Lord"-Prov. 19-17.
In the Kurdistan Orphanage we
have now 342 children from 3 to 15
yean of age who are being educated in
the English language nud Anglo-
Saxon hubits of life, preparatory to
adoption in good Christian homes in
this country.
Subscribe $50 to cover the travelling
expenses of one o! these children or
$25 to support one in the Orphanage
for a whole year. Smaller sunn contributed will be devoted to bring nut
little ones for adoption by kind Christian people. Do something to bring
blessing and happiness to children
who live in daily fear of the Sultan's
"Insomuch aw ye have done it unto
one ol the least ol these yo have dune
it unto inc."—Matthew 25-40.
Amount contributed $
P. H.—I help to save the children."
NOTICE li hereby given that -ixi; daraaflei
1 iitU'iKl t<> ,|,-I, to the i liii-fc inlisirini-i
„f l.amls and IVnrki for permission to luircbase
Uio follon-Ina ileicribeil lamia on the Columbia
River, Xortn-IVeit Knoteuay: - I
Cotniiienclngnt a auit ivlthln two chains ,,ftl„-
.1,  I K   rail" ,, lin,-. aboul ;. tulle mirth ul
Arrowhead, marked "D, Wnoliey'i south »,-t
comer |ioit." tlience north IU chains, Ihent-ecasl
toenail)!, tiiunce -cuth 10 chaius. tlience ivesl 10
chaini t,, place,,(I'liinmonceniont-
Dated March lltli, iwo.
Per IV, I', Qgllvle, Agent,
VOTICK I- hirebv given that ilily ilny. ifttii
1>    lit,-1 i ut tn a|itili tn the i'Iik-i Uiinunli-
sinner of l.;i,i,l-;,ii,| IViirk-(,,t nemilulall tupur-
cliuu the follnn-lniilmcribod lands on the Cui	
bla River, North. Weil Kootenai-:
Cnmiiiuiichigntaru»i ivlthln livo clialniot the
A.antlK. railway line, about a mile and a half
north ,( Arrowhead, marked "A. M. l'liikhnui'i
south insl ,-,,iii,>i pint," Ihence north lOcltalni,
thence easl ID chains, thence louth luclinlm.,
thenco weil m chaini In piat 1 , , mumiunt,
linii',1 March mill, nisi.
A, SI, l'lNKUAM,
IVllV. P. Oullvli-, Agi-lll.
Noil, I-; Is hereby given that ilxt) ilavi allet
.Int.- I Intenil to apph tothoChlel Coin-
mission,-, ot Unile mul wurks for ponnlnlnn to
purclioio the following daicrlbotl Inmliun tbe Cui
nitilii.-i river, Sortli IVoil Kontenay:
C i icing al .i ii„-i niil,in in,, chains of ll,,-
A. nml K riilii.ii Inn-, aboul Hi II,' Iml
Arrowhead marked "IV. I'.OgllvIo' hivo-l
cornerpuit,"thence n,,nli in clialm,thei ,i*i
10 i-hniih, tlience ■ IHO clialui, the weiHO
,-i,.un.. n, nlneo -■( commencement.
Dated March 10th, tooo.
W. C. Olill.VII-',.
NOTICK Ii hereby given thnt ilxty dnys after
ilitt-l Intenil to apply to the Chief Uoinmls-
snuii-r ,-f Isiii'l- nml Works for porinlulon t„ pttr-
i-lutse Uu- following- doiorlbcil Inluls oiilboCol-
ti-iililii river, North-West Kootenay:—
Commencing al n noil ivlthln tin, chaini >•( the
A. anil K. raflivny line, „l,„ul two and a half
utiles north ol Arrowhead, marked "A. Join -
nontli woit corner p,,si," theuce north lOchalns,
tlionco rasi 10 chains, thonco south 10 ehalus,
thenco wost 10 chains to placo,.( commencement.
Dated March itiili, 1000,
I'ur W. 1-'. opiliii-, Agent.
I havo an excellent variety ol g I,
hard preserving and shipping strawberries of my own development on my
grounds. Orders lor spring planting
promptly filled in season. Price $ii
per 100 plants. Special rates lor large
orders. Try a lew grafting scions
Irom my "Garden ol Etlon" Qoldrn
apple at 50 cents each. Thos.Skiniii t,
Revelstoke, I). C.
A LlCcsSL lu cui timber can be ai-
iinireU ulliy al -mulio coinpeUliOll. -'
iclilal ol j-j pel- ailiialc lliuu i* unalt-o
Iur all tinnier berins cxm-yi ui„*tj aim-
uii-u west ul lain iur which uiu iviu.n )3
at uiu rnlu ot o cuius pur uuru pur lUiuulu.
In aduiuun lu uiu luiilai, uaus al uu
luiiowuiK rales are ohttt'ged!—
SttWll lumuui, on cuius pur wuusaini
iuel B.At.
Kaiiway lies, eigiit and ume luui lone,
I i-ii and 1 a-4 ceuls eauii.
oninyiu uuils, no uelils a cord.
Ail otlici- prouuois, ii per cent ou Uiu
A ilueusu is issued so suuii us a Uui in
is eraiitud, uiu in surveyed teirliory uu
tlniuur uan ue cut un a Ourlu unlll um
licensee lias uiadu a survey iliuruoi.
I'uiioiis iu cut uinuur ui'u aisu grained
ut puuiic competition, exuupi in tne uasu
ui actual suiuois, uuu require tue uin-
.,., iur tneir own use.
Selllers aad uiliura may also oblain
permiis io uui up iu loo cords ol wuod wi
saio   without   uouiiiullliun.
Tlie dues payable uudur a puiiniL arc
jl.au pur UiuuSuud leel B.M., Iur oiiuuiu
tlrolier and sawlogs ol any wood except uaki iruui 1-2 lu 11-2 uuuls per lineal
lout tur building logs; irom in 1-2 tu -J
cuius pur cord tor wuod; 1 cent ior iui.ct
pusls; 2 uuins lor railway tius; and jo
cents per cord Iur slnngie polls.
Luasus Ior giajuiig purpusus are issuud
(ur tt term ul' tweiiiy-uue yeuis, ni a
ruiilal ol iwo ceuls pur acre pur annum.
Coal lamia Ultty be puruliased at lie
pur acre lor suil uual and -20 Iur allium-
ulie. Nui muio man w acres may uu
acquired uy one uiuividual ur uoiupai.i.
Loyally al llie rale ol lu cents per lun
ul -ism puuuds is culiuuluu ou lue gluss
Liuriea iur laud lor agricultural pm-
pusu» may bu made uuisuually tti uie -u-
cal land oiliue iur Uiu dislricl lu wmuit
tlie laud lu be laliell up is situated, ul
il the buiuusieadur desires, Ue may, un
application iu tlie Miiusier ul me Intei-ioi
al Ottawa, Uiu Cummisslouer ol luiiiugia-
tiun al Winnipeg, ur the lucal ageni iur
llio District, williin wUicii tlie laud is
siiuated, receive authority iur some one
lo make entry lor uuu.
A luu ul »lu is uittiged Iur humtsaad
A settler who htts received nu eulry Iol
tt Homestead, Is required lu puiiurm me
coudiuuus cuuuccied tnurcwiih uuder one
ul' the luiluwihg plana:—
iL jii iuasi six iiiuiiiiis' residence upon
and cultivation ul tin- ianu in cacti j.ui
during llie lerui ut liiiee years.
11 is llie plautiue ul lho Dupaltluelil lu
reyuiiu tt sutuei lu oruig ia acres unuer
cultlvaliun, bul ii lie prererB lie may suu-
sliline stuck; and 20 Head ol caltlu, iu uu
aciualiy ins own property, wilh buildings
lor thun- accommudttiioh, wUl bu required
Instead ut cuiuvutiuii.
12; 11 Uiu Ittllier (or molher, II ine Hither Is deceasuUj ul auy persuu Who is
eligible tu mako a liuinuslcad eulry under
Ihe provisions ol the .let. resides upon
a iarni lu ihe vicinity oi the land entered i'ur by such puisou as a iiomusu-uU,
uiu requirements oi the Aa as to residence pnur to obtaining parent may ou
sailslled by such persuu residing wiUi tlie
iaihur or mother.
l3j if the settler has his permanent
rusidenue upun lurmiug laud owned oy
lilm in Uie vicinity of his nomesiead, tue
requirement!! oi llie Aci tts lo residence
may be satislicd by residence upon lue
said land.
jlpplicalion ior pateni should be made
at me end uf iliree years before ihe lucal
ageni, sub-agent or a homestead inspector.
Before making application for a patent,
the settler musl give six months' notice
tn wriUng to the Commissioner ot Dominion Lands at Ottawa, of his intention to do so.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa. Februray 11th. 11X16.
luthircu, * .
I't-ut,l.. rone. v., 7.E0
lor heavy butd.   "
"Caibo-Mantietic" Bias-
lie Cuahlon Simps, $1.00.
I nt boolilet "Hints lo Shavers."
Madeol "liritroii ItnlOf Sled. Thoy
liolil an edge longer tlinn any llilli-
iiiiuli-. fiill attortmont. All styles,
Lawrence Hardware Co.
The Burrard Sanitarium Limited
And Second Report for thc Institution.
rjP WARDS of ono hundred surgical operations wero popforined, nil willi
(i complote success, nnd only one death out nf over iwo hundred patients
treated, buvcii patients were in lho Siinltiit-luin al tho opening of tho yoar,
205 wcio niliniitcil iliuiii!,' ilu- year, making a total of 212 twilled, Of theso99
wore males aud ItBfomales, 11^ wore surgical, 81 modleai and 19 obsteti-loal.
I'i patlonts ii-iiinini'il in nl the close of Ihe year,
The loinl days treatment wore 8100, uivavei'iigo nf 111. Ill days por patient.
Oul of the 212 patients treated unly one donth occurred being less than
! per ccni. This one death wns dim to suppurativa) pyelitis complicated with
heart iliscnsc.
Patients were admitted from lln- following localities:
lis   Lad '
I   New Westminster
I   Oolllugwood
I   lli-anil,ni
I   Barnaul
I   West ham Island
■I   Rock lluy
1 Sal Ann
2 Poll Hammond
1 .Mi. Lehman
2 Calgary
I llhlsbill'V. Allu.
I Ohllllwnck
I Miami, .Man.
II While Horse, Yukon 1
The Haihs ,-mil Massage Department have been eminently successful
under the management of .Miss Mllllngton,1 During tho yoai'i Uui treatments
were given, uml as Hit' patronage has gradually Increased, il has become necessary to engage an assistant, Early in lho yenr n souvenir prospectus was
published und copies mailed In tho many I'l-h'-nds of tin- institution.
The ntli,-cs, reception rooms, halls, and most of the private wards have
been neatly painted ami decorated, adding greatly lo their appearance, The
increase ot our work in tlie Baal liiul has necessitated the opening of branch
offices in that, part of the city for lite convenience of our patrons.
Vnniindii Hay
K,mill nips
Van (inini
Washington Stati
Nm 111" Vancouver
Central I'm-k
Rock Bay
2 Port Hanoy
2 Alder Grove
I Llllooot
I iMiitiilnw, Man.
I Harriot Hnv
1 Seattle, Wash.
1 Dawson
I I,Ml,,II
I Loduo, Alta.
1 Rovelstoko
U ICeofor Station
I Ki,iti-is, .Man.
II Nans River
I Khiirne
.i*. i'i-. .-l-i .-1*. .-tr. .si'. .-I*. .-I-..-!-. ."t. .-1*. .-I-..-
.T. .T. .•¥. .T. .T. .T.
'J.1 lX 'X' l4.' 'J.' '4.'-
The Leading Merchant Tailors
Don't order a Suit because it is cheap. Order it
because it will be becoming, fashionable, durable and
comfortable. The best is the cheapest. We make the
best. In making a Suit we give advice when wanted and
we accept advice when a customer desires to give it.
Every now and then you are confronted with the
question, " Who's Your Tailor "—Cresssman & Morrison,
of course.
Cressman & Morrison
-. ,-f. .i*. .i*. .i\ .-t-. .i*. .1-. .-1*. .j*. .-1*. .-r. .-r. .-
? <v 9'+ +''+''+' '4,''+' '* + + + "
Union /fofe/ Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Manageress,
Open ;il all hours.
Meal Tickets Issued
Short Orders tastefully served,
Rates Moderate
If You Are Not Able
To attend to the writing of Advertisements yourself, send in your
ideas to us. We will put the matter in shape for you, and we think
we can please you.
Revelstoke, B. C. )
A large variety
of Glasses always
kepi in slock here
Try a pair  on
—we guarantee a
perfeii fil.
If you require
anything injewolry
il is here for you,
A complete,slock
of the right class
of goods.
J. GUY BARBER,   - Jeweller, Optician
*-^jVYV1*-<,-«'W><'V-/-jW**'**V* r\rWrWrWWWrVW^^VSr1M
"sibbald & field"
Houses and Lots
Hack Service to any part of the City at all
hours. Rigs equipped for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs. Express
draying and Transferring. Saddle and Pack
horses for hire. All kinds of job work undertaken.    Wood for sale.
STABLE and  Residence   Ppone 41
Hack Stand "    27
.   Prop.
Import direct from Country of origin.
(Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   0
Pirst-olas accommodation lor travellers.
Best brands nf Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Gloves Shirts Underwear
Socks Smocks      Blankets
Hose, y2 Hose     Overalls     Dry Goods, etc.
Makers of "BUCK BRAND" Goods
Central Hotel
/aa—   REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.   All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.SO per Day, Special.Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens Hotel
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, • -        Proprloto.
""SufrrDiutriwids'OT nude from ftitfaeSugf grown on ourown (tontolionj,
and crysfoM It) resemble Rock (nniiy.llie groins s^lo like uncurdiamondsi
If isltie mojl delicious Sugar (Mie Iir Tea or Coffee -. 5old Ever/where...
Wholaiale and Retail Moat Merchants
Pork l'lii'lnirs and Man in Lire Blook. Market! In all tho principal CIIIm aad
Towns of Alberta, Brlltsh Columbia and !*• Yukon. Packer, nl the (>lebr»t«1 Bnwl
- linpiT-it'-r" Ham. and Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Leaf Urrl.
|,-V%^%%%%%VVV%^%%«%V»%%%%%'V»%V%%%,C ni
Vou will
rE—Never have wo boen
iml our prices right and
tuti'i' to your
your money
Millinery Department.
Vou can depend upon seeing tin
to get parcels hy Expres
he Newest
going as iv
ling niir .*!>
ik hr
made ari'iingemonl
hi anil New.
Big sliipmenl ol
p,,pular Tweeds
The Mi---   N'oi
clli-cls ill llll
Womens' Skirts.
W,,t,ions'  Skirts  tu hnnd—the  latest   novelty
111(1   ClotllB,
Our Dressmaking Parlors.
dell  hm,- tiikin over Ilii.*  Department.   All work guaranteed,
FOR NEW STYLES 0»-      '
Wall   Paper
Canada Drug & Book:
Company. j
Special Notice,
A special service ior parents will Le
held in the Methodist Church Sunday
at 11 a. in. Subject: "A Mother's Influence"; evening subject: "The Hopelessness oi Hell." Mr. Pace will sing
a solo at the evening service.
Local and General.
Tht d-,g poisoner is ngain abroad in
the city.
jl Gorman firm proposes building a
light railway up the Duncan.
Next meeting ol the Band Association will be held in Revelstoke on
Labor Day.
The Imperial Bank uf Canada has
opened a branch at Bann" and will
also open one at Ke,l Deer.
Major Burnett, lather ui Mrs..I. P.
Forde, wus seized with a fainting lit
while at supper at Enderby, but is
As showing the necessity of reserve
buildings in Kevelstoke a party travelled the city yesterday and culd not
get a house to rent.
The City Council intend going out
to the power house this afternoon to
see for themselves the extensive work
done there on the dam, etc.. of late.
The Revelstoke Sawmill Co. have
now got the new plant in position
and made a trial run on Thursday,
when everything went splendidly.
Rev. \Y. I.. Mcltae gave an interesting lecture iu Knux church Wednesday night on Trinidad, illustrated
with stereopticon views. Mr. McRae
has been 18 years in Trinidad and
speaki with first hand knowledge.
While L. S. Haines was blowing up
stumps at Salmon  Arm. a tin  he
near Armstrong, the tank caught lire
and the woodwork was burning when
noticed, They narrowly escaped a
severe burning,
Social and Personal
C. 11, Skene was in the city Iron
Kamloops ou Thursday.
Mrs. and Miss Dudgeon : re u:i i
visit to the city.
W, K. Held, J, P., ol ArrowheadiWii
iu the city yostorday,
Wills and Kennedy, two Camb-jriu
miners, are now in Cobault, Out,
J, A, Darragh and ll, K. Floetc
intend visiting Cobault, Out,,tdiurtly
Mr. uud Mrs. Morns,,,! Notch Hill,
were visitors tu Kevelstoke Thursday
.1. II, llobinson has made a good
recovery Iroiu his recent illness, and
is keeping in good health since his
return Irom Banff.
C. Deutschman lelt yesterday lor
Ottawa in connection with the transfer
of his interest in the caves to the
Dominion Government,
.1. Lyons, Nortli Bond, H, Mcintosh
Halcyon; W. W. Foster, Revclstoki
,1. Shaw, Arrowhead, have been appointed Justices of the Peace,
Rev, David Allan aud family, lately
of Nakusp, have been guests al the
.Manse for a lew day*. Mr. Allan
loaves for his new Held of labor in the
Nicola Valley.
(in Thursday night Stewart Mc-
MacDonald received the sad news ol
his brother's death at Vancouver an I
he lei) at once on the late train for
that place,
The children ,-i St, Peter's Sui -
school are practicing lor their nove
carried, containing 20 sticks ol dyna-! entertainment for the   19th   instant
mite went off, bl wing him 40 It, and which is to be  held   in  the  Opera
demolishing a barn near by,    Haines House,
was terribly injured but is expected to     Rev.  .1.   R.   Robertson,  ol   Knox
recover. 'church, has received intimation thai
The   Manson-Campbe     C    pany ho has successfully passed bis examin-
have arranged with the Ontari - Accident Insurance C   :  give I
(uii.ee baying  ne of tbeirin      I   ■
br   fori  ici e   i  lam ing i   lis .,-
.,,,. lent . liej  I     *'■■•" -    : I
y,-.ir.   A 1  Willi imson ii
i ,r tl,ei>- ■ lachines,
While Mr. and Mr- J. P. 1  ■    and
their young • n wen riding mi ag
line motor over tin .-   ,'- " track
of   Bachelor ol
.iiion for
I C. P. R. I rakem in in  Kill.,- thi- week advised of  hi
■ r ti   i iluable  properl
.   ,   . ii
■    • e caal and    curb      Ki
I aa liii wile lo taki vith him and
ihare his good I 'I ine
W. A, McLaughlin li- - toko ,-
appointed Acting liuvernmonl Agent,
Co . iuiuner of Lands and Works:
Ri.-,-!:.,: nl Birth* D ith and Marriages, Assessor and Cullecti - - i-i
Commissioner mil Recording Ollieor,
doling tlm absence nl leavi I Fred.
Business Locals.
Nothing: better than " our Special,"
Gordon, Ironside and Fares hum
and lard, at C. II. Hume k Co's.
Miss .Inini, teacher ul violin, piano
mil slop dancing, apply at residence
if Mrs. Kimberley, Fourth Street.
For the newest designs in American
and Canadian wall papers see R,
lluwsun ix Co's new stock.
Pleases every smoker the "Maroa
Call and Bee our line of Carpets,
Linoleums and Hour Oilcloths, n choice
selection—C. B. Hume & Ou.
For a good lit and stylish appear-
once there is nothing like getting a
suit that suits you ut Knight &
We are now showing a choice lot ol
thu newest patterns in Lace curtains,
also n bargain lot at Ifi per pair—CIS.
Hume & Co,
W. ,1. Curtis, Piano Tuner, will be
in town a few days. Orders loft at
Lewi* Urns, or U. Howsou's furniture
store will receive prompt attention,
A complete lino ol Wall paper, Curtain rods and fixtures, at C. B, Hume
& Cu.
If yuu want to see somo swell
8iimple8 ol the newest things in suitings, vcsiings and over-coatings, just
onil un the (ashionablc tailors-
Knight A Ill-vine.
Try our Crescent Butter—one pound
prints, at C. II. Hume & Co's.
R, Howson and Co. are now showing now and exclusive designs in
carpet squares nnd linoleums for the
coming season. Call and see their
large stock before making y ,ur selection. All carpets sewn anil laid without additional charge. Cash or credit.
Speoial discount lor cash.
Ashcrolt potatoes, Califomi i cabbage, cauliflower and celery, il I B,
Hume k Co's
The Board of Trade held un important meeting Thursday, the President,
0. F. Lindmark in tlie chair. A resolution was passed placing on record
lho high appreciation ,,( the Board uf
the excellent work dune by Mr. Ayl-
mer ns Assistant Public Works Engineer, regretting his being called on
tn reside outside the province, and
expressing tlie opinion thut tho bus!-
nessnl the Public Works Department
in Eastern British Columbia as to
justify in the public interest tho up,
|.ointment of u public works engineer
to hnve sole ohill'ge of the work in the
eastern part of the province; and thut
tho Board was nl the opinion the appointment ol Mr, Aylmer as public
works engineer lor eastern British
Columbia, with headquarters at Rev-
elstuke, would be in the public interest; that a oopy ol resolution bo sent
lu Hon, Minister ol Public Works,
Hun. Mr, Teinpleniau, Mr. Oalliber,
M,P.P., and the secretin1) ol the local
Liberal Associiition with a request
that the matter receive tholr ondorsa.
In view of the demand for the hind
in Canoe river valley lor settlement
purposes and the notable demand ul
tourists and sportsmen tor access to
that country during the coining
seiison, it was decided to urge the
government to complete the Big Bend
trail to Canoe river immediately and
the ohalrman and Messrs. MoCarter
and Kilpatrick were appointed a committee to wait on the Government
agent, in the matter.
The opening of this trail would
provide the access required and make
Revelstoke an outfitting point tor
intending settlers, tourists and hunting parties.
It is understood the committee have
been succeBslul in their elTurts tu get
the government to put the work in
bund immediately.
From Our Own Correspondent.
The ladies o! the Presbyterian
church tendered Rev. D. K. Allan nnd
Mrs, Allan u farewell at the hunie of
Mr. and Mrs. R. Abbie, on Monday
evening. After a pleasant evening of
music and games, Walter Scott, on
lieliull of the congregation, presented
Mr. Allan with a purse of money, In
reply Mr. Allan spoko of the pleasant
sojourn Mrs. Allan and himself had
spent with the people of Nakusp nud
regretted very much that they hud to
say farewell, Mr. and Mrs. Allan,
during their stay ol nearly two years
in Nakusp, have made many Iriends
who all wiali them every success in
their now Held ol labor,
Burn—At Nelson, on April '2nd, to
the wile of Mr. 1! Glondinning, a
Johnny, the little luur yenr uld sun
ol Nir. E, Hud^iii, inn witii a serious
accident on t'uesday last. While
playing willi so ne children In, had the
misfortune to full, I,miking his arm.
Tlie fracture was set ut tho Arrowhead
A big shipment of fruit lives arrived
here from an Oregon i.iusery for
ranchers along tbe lake.
The Dramatic Club will present the
eonn-ilv "Snowball," on Friday evening
Apni 20th.
Tlio dredge Nakusp arrived here on
Saturday frum ilium the lake, where
she ha* finished hor work tor iho
present. Al Two-Beacon bar they cut
a channel 100 feet wide by 1,500 leet
ind a I Swan Island they cut out
65 leet wide and one-quarter mile
During iheir stay down the
, - - averaged 1,200 yards a week.
Capt. Bacher has taken her to Arrow-
then ibe will lie laid up tor
llcGrath, formerly in charge
I' R   extra gang,  has  been
m •-     -     R .,-:- taster in place ol
P Wade wh     ,- been transferred to
St, Akori i —- , ■:,.  services  11
a.m      Tl   ',-: -'.  .     thi Sabbath."
■ :...-,, it
Romas CatIio     —A  Missi
be preai bed 1 perienci    Re-
demptionist,  Rei
Catholic i
-   East
ively    Mornings,
evening ie      at"
i:    -    . ■-
- '
,-,,i ihe  ij_H	
- ball entered beneath  the
pastor w ■''' 'h",!",'r''
track walki        ihe C.P.R
I  1 t„ be
cialmtisii - .    ,   . I,    His  family
hired and M tin       eptim wl
r-rvici■    i  - »«l*eii with him until last lal
. oi    md  ■.
An Italian Watchman Commits
Pn  indent,
It Glenoglt - iturday, March
;!•!   ,' iho tl I p tn,   Luigi Scarpilli
ting himself in the head with u revolver    I he
chill    an,I
He was a
i       •  . .    -      bis   have
'  ■      .   '   i    - - . ,   .,,,  riKi,t    II,-
at 8 >    l  card       >    is, tried        et the ion I        e back and
it lo no | irpose,   Hi
METiioniST-At   11  a. in . ,, ... ,.„„,, ,„
■m. io    for   parents,    Sul -        I ,    im bis
Mothci'■  I- luonci.      1 III) p   in.—  return       ild sum      Hie men that
lln-   Hopelessness  of   Hell."    Mr.  when down   there  he attempted   If
Miss Ik-lini' is ui the Old Stand Ready for Work.
$5.00 SILK SKIRTS!!   $5.00 SILK SKIRTS!!
Guaranteed by the makers not to split or crack for three months. If they
do, bring them back and you can get another.    We have the Agency.
Wc have a lot of Single Pairs and of some there arc three or four pairs, but
we want to get them out of our way. You can get a.snap just when you want
New Curtains.
In Tweeds, Homespuns, Oravonettes,
Sioillians, etc, Tlie very latest style nud
soiling Irom $5,1)0 up,
Childs Tarns and Sailors
White Duck. Blue Cloth and Colored nnd
White Straw,
Cushion Tops
w Designs—Only il5c.
Anothor Lot in N
and 50c. per pair,
Neck Ribbons
Dresden, Plaid, Eitibroidcried k Taffeta
delioiite shinies and new patterns for
25c. per yard.
We carry by far the prettiest line ol Neckwear in town. Turnovers,
Stocks, Plastrims, Chemisettes, etc., in great variety. New ones to hand this
Miss Helme is at the Old Stand Ready (or Work.
Visit of Prince of Connaught.
From niiriiM'ii ciirrosimiidont.
D, J. Carlin bus returned Irom Minneapolis where he has been visiting
his invalid mother.
Mrs. Win. Sutherland bus returned
to her home in Golden, afler spending
a in, nil li at the nniiiso.
Rev. W, L. McKae's lecture on
Trinidad, given in tlie ohuroh last
Wednesday evening, was much appreciated, Twenty years uf experience
in the life uf Trinidad has made Mr.
MoRae very familiar with the conditions there. The people ol Field will
he pleased to have him come again,
Rev. C. C. Whiting, B.D., who has
been dning mission work under the
Hume Mission ot tho Presbyterian
church nt Pentieton und vicinity,
spent Thursday at the manse, visiting
Mr. Miller a fellow graduate. Mr.
Whiting is on his way to the prairie
to look lor a settled charge.
Careful preparations were made for
receiving and taking cure of our royal
visitor, who spent Monday night at
Field. Tlie C. P. 11. grounds were, all
nice'iy cleaned up (or the occasion.
When the royal train was run in on
the side track, nod the rails spiked
down, su there would be no possibility
of other curs lieing tliro.vn in on that
line to strike tbe train. The loyal
citizens uf Field turned out en masse
tn meet tlie train when it pulled in at
6.80 p.m. Some disappointment was
evident in tlio crowd, when it was
learned that the Prince, with some of
his party, lind left the train two miles
west of the town to Bee the Natural
bridge, and would walk in later. When
he did come most ol the people had
gone to their homes, This was tbe
lirst long stop tlie train made since it
left Vancouver. Tbey left at 7.30 on
Tuesday morning.
Hnpi li
nei- wili
A few New Sung
Books and Dance folios
have been put in stock.
Anything you want in
the music line we will
-ret it for you il not in
to -
M to M G-
tl          .',, ell   n tin   Bow rivei but
evented ■ ,,
pei.wl to lie i	
He wa   - il     ci    .--•   returning
,:u - - id appeared more than
,-- ,-r worried  with In- trouble    It is
believed that bs wenl over Ins beat
si before 1)6 came along on -Jaturdaj
evening and then went up to his shack
and did the deed    He wai lound soon
aflor lying on lie lloor with his flog
in his lull, hand and tbeempty revolver
in his right.
Coronei lluckhain and Constable
Aston   clime   from   Hold,-o anil look
urge nl the dead 1».<Iy.
Peanut Buttor— this is something
new lor sandwiches, sold in bottles loi
IOc. ill C, II. Hume. Co's.
Notice li hereby given that thirty dayi alter
date I Intend to ,i|,i,ly to lho Clitol C'l is-
-..i,i,-r ni '..iiim!-; ,111,1 Work-i for ,l S|i,'t'iitl llconiu
toelll 11 „rrv „nny liinl„-r Irian tin- follinv
inn deicrltied  lands, iltnauj In tlio Oioyoon
lllvlil I Vale lii-irl'-i:
Commencing at a im-i. iilatii,-,! on lite
west I k„f ilu nortli fork or Uiiorry ('rook,
uiu,,,i uui,i mil,-- n|, ti„, rruuk, running east
ik, . i,.in-, nortli si, chains, wosl im nluiiim,
- i   linin i, „,!-; in ohains, south in olinlni
-. mi i   ,i n, onooiuonl,
n,r.h nxtii, inon.
I, II, MACKI-.N/Jl-:.
i inning nl i |,„-i aboul onoiqunrtar
I   ,  hill,   10,111 III,' ll'l-t llllllk III   III,- hull!, lull,
,11 inn y i rintli ninl aboul nine mllei up the
■ i nasi -ji ulinliiri, nortli Wl ulialtu,
',   '  'I,!,;,,,,-   -,„,lli SH liinilis III lillllil „f ,<„|||.
Ill .,111,1,
.1 i. i  Mill, IW,.
 I   ,:  , AMI'IIKI.L
:.   ''„,,, nolng al   a  |»n*l  iilaail  taic-liiilf
uui" from ii-" nnil  :,;,,,! ol n„- ii,„-iiil„rki,(
- . .1 .111,1 ;il„„il lu, mil,-,i|,ll„,i-i a,
running northK.1 nhnlns, m-si su ,-l,uiii-, -mill,
■ In -niii.ii,,- to [„»ini uf oommoiioo-
I   , <„,,»„■„, na:  ,i ii posl about ono Imlf
•    from the north i„wk,,( lin, north fork,,(
- hurry i k mid nliotil Lwotvo miles iipilit
tiri-ck.  plug mud HI' elinlns, south III chnlna.
-i ' Ion ,,     I. In , iiitin- Ui point <>f
- oniiiienceini nt,
MoM, mu   lutm
.1. it. MAI KRN/.IB,
about otn, hull
    III fink„l
Cherry Crook and ,,l,„ni twolve mil iuIiii
creek, runiiitiKMiHi Ion chain*, north lOolialiia,
m i   an chain ,   i.nii, in chaini lo poinl i,f
-, a,-,,' omi nl
Hard Wh, uift
(11 i,i:oi- n CAMI'IIKIJj,
'.     tJOl ,,' ,„K   „l    -,    fKl||   „!„,,,I l„,i- lltlll
mill (,-, „,iiiii,,ink „l north lorl „f Cherry
nnl imi ihuni (,„,,-,,■,',i mill,- up the crook,
'   ^ ., ,•:<-, -,,, iml -<>,,,I, nit-linn,-,
,' iiim, ,„nolnl,,('I'l'iiiiiiiiiii'tiiiail.
il in I. mill, 1000.
OKI ! ll CAMI'IU-.I.I,
.    ' ninl,,,'in.iiiK al ii |,„-l iiliuul unit ,|iiiirl.'i
nl ii null from iii,',-i,i,(l,ii'ii'-i'„f Hi,- "„uli (,
id l.ni ,„„ll, fork and lln-iiiu-lli fork nf Hi
i ,,-i-k loll tin--mill, lunik nf-iild .milli li
nl ii it, fork, runninglonlliHchains.nail
■a i-jiiilin, nortli sn ohalm, wwl sn chain- in
[mill!  i,(.-,,„,,I,in,,'III,-,,I
lllli'li  Mil   Illll.
Ill-iUIUil! II. UAMI'llr.l.l,.
For all kinds uf up-lo-date und reliable furniture
and house furnishings go lo
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
From imr own corrosponilunt,
Miss Short is leaving Saturday  lor
II. B.Gihnouiof Vanoouver,agent
for the Watormis Engine Works, was
in town this week.
Rev. Mr. Johnson is spending n fortnight down the lakes.
T. Ludgate made a trip tu Kovel-
stoke Wednesday.
S. IIurd has sold out his horses and
delivery wagons to S. Irvine.
Supt. Kilpatrick visited Arrowhead
L. E. Mncbougnld, of Nakusp, was
in town Thursday,
Mr. and Mrs. Booth and Miss Gertrude Booth are the guests of Mrs.
Duncan Fraser is spending a few
days in town.
Preparations arc being mado Ior a
concert noxt Thursday evening in aid
of the Arrowhead hospital.
On account ol the Hospital Concert
on Thursday evening next, the Ladies
Bowling Club have decided to meet on
Wednesday evening at tho usual hour,
7.30 p. m.
A very interesting lecture was given
here by Captain Crosby on his lorty
years   experience   as  a   missionary
among the Indians in British Columbia,   Many views ol Indian lifo added
greatly to tbe entertainment.    Capt.'
Crosby was assisted by Rev. Mr. Scot t.
is hereby given of meeting to bo called
In the City Hall of the Fish and Game
Association oil Wednesday next, lltli.
WANTED—An I'tiergeiic woman,
young or middle-aged, to act us
iigent. Liberal commission. Apply
at this Office.
WANTED-A young lady for
general house work.    Apply at
this Office.
ANTED—Ohemlst nnd Assuyer
fin- large gold proposition in
British Columbia where Dytinidiug is
main d.'jiuituii'iil, Slate age, experience and salary expected. Send refer-
I'tices with application. Musl have
B, 0. Oi-tlHcate. Addiess 'Conglomerate," Mall-Herald office.
ANTED--A  second band
Stove at the Y. M. O. A.
WANTED-A girl foi geneial
house work, good plain cook,
no washing, three in family, wuges
$20.00 per month. Apply nt Ibis
WANTED-A  girl to attend
baby, either during day nr
afternoon onlv.
Hkhai.ii Office
Apply  ul
,    I minimi, INK   III   -, |,"»l
tile from the north bank of tlio nu
Its none too curly for a man to select his
Spring and Summer Toggery, The picking
is better now than it ever will be again,
Everything's Fresh! Ideas New!!
The careful dresser can lind things to
please him here. Flannel Suits, Tweed
Suits in all the Latest Styles, Shirts, Hats,
Hoots and Shoes, all New, and just arrived.


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