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The Mail Herald Nov 13, 1912

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it ia
unsurpassed.     Price   $( 0
Interior Publiiinng Co., Ayis.,
"'Revelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps.'
iixA ^
'4u/ A
a sspSalty
Interior Pu[i%j,!,.;i« Com
Vol. 18 -No 78
REVELSTOKE. B. 0. NOV 13, 191-i
$2.P0 Per Year
Liecf Qiticers
When you uso a stove purchased here you have absolute Ruarantee that you will get MORE heat and use
LESS fuel.
Burn either soft or hard coal.   .Made into a Self-Feeder
in a minute.   Built on scientific principles—Taking the
cold air from lhc floor, drawing it  through  the stove
and discharging it through the heat duct.
TWO SIZES $25 and $27.50
$ Imperial Bank of Canada t
Hand f!ii-*ia«- Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches or Agents nt all principal points m^Canada,
Agents in Ureial Britain and United States—London, Kngland,
I.Iui do Bank, Limited. QhioagO— Ftwt National Bank, Coin Exchange National Bank. Seattle -beat lit' National Bank, Sun Pratt"
ciaco—WpIU Fargo Nerada National Bank. Spokane—Kxnhangp
National Bank,
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward,  revived, and Interest allowmi at
current ra'.* from date of deposit.    CiirrespondeucH solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
A Consignment just to hand
made of heavy dress material,
tor Fall and Winter wear.
MRS. A. 6. CRICK. = first Street
will refresh you with ils bright, spicy
flavor nml fragrant:)', Sold In 1 lb.
h-nil packages.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O. Box 208 GROCfcH & BAKER Phono No. 23
Sheet Music and all kinds ot
Small cTWusical Goods
Will Traverse Intensely Rich District. — Some Particulars
of Richness of Columbia Valley. —A Short Grain Route
to o^merican Markets.
The proposed railway down the Co- cimt scenery being a fine summer re-
luniliia river, recent announcements sort, also Downie Greek, La Porte,
auout which aro creating great inter-   Carnes  Creek  and  other  plaoes,     as
,, ,i , ,• ,    well a> Revelstoke and  Arrow lnko re
est all over th..   west,  is one of great
sorts, such as      Galena   Hav,  Ht'alou, I
possibilities   and   .!   fully   gone      into   H;,„ynlli  SL   ,,„„„  ,,ot spring8i     Nh.
.vill  be lound of vast Importance    to \tXloV.  Burton and other points would i
e.ery portion of British Columbia an-d also be direcUy     benefitted by    this;
open   up  a    valley   oi   vast  resources, """'•     The Big lend road would not
not found in other portions in    such t,nly ba » ,luilk'"d va"er lot its ow»-:
Call and Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ave
Trainmen, innkeyoui lieadqtmrteri here.   Quick twice.   Perfect CleanUneai
nml Kcusoiinlilf I'rlcci      Olvi  ' ■ a Trial.     "W.  ,Ni\ir Ship."
A. <;. tiiiakison,     -     Manager
varieties and while some sections mi
the west may be alile to produce
some of the diflerent classes of products, they cannot elsewhere be found
of such numerous kinds, it may now
be a>ued hy the enquiring public what
are the resources of the Columbia river \ alley and thu llig Bend district,
and in what way would a railway
benefit the district, in order to demonstrate this it ii. necessary to mention what road would be built to accomplish those benefits'.
A ro.,,1 built from Tete Jaime
Cache at the eutraace of the \ellow
Head i'ass on the G.T.P. railway
through to North Port in the state
ot Wa lun,ton would benelit tirst all
the tinnier interests on the Oolumbia
! river, making it possible to place
i mills at dinetent points with trans -
! portation, passing along side giving
I an opportunity to ship iuto the mid-
i die Canadian provinces over three different lines of railways, without an
expense of Homing all their products
of logs to points far away irom the
main railway avenues, in order to
bring hack tbe manufactured article
to ship on the line of railway to the
markets to the east of us. it has
been estimated tbat there is at least
ten billion feMt. of timber to be handled by this line of railway to the immense benelit ol the government and
the three railroads crossing the Columbia river. This new railroad
would assist materially iu the settlement of thousands of acres of land
along Canoe river and the Columbia
whore there is now an immense area
ready for settlement requiring only
transportation facilities to make it
available for settlers. This railway
would beyond doubt, make it quite
possible to open up a stretch of
country traversed by ledges containing copper, galeua, silver, gold, zinc
and some iron ore in which tbe possi
bllities nre quiet equal to those of
California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon,
Montana or other states.
In the big ilend district there are
also large areas of placer grounds,
which only reoulre to be made acces-
sable by easy means of access. Mica
beds are also lound in the Dig llend
section, the character of which is
good, clear and of marketable size.
Another source that the Columbia river valley railway ean he used for is
for tbe carrying of grain. In another
three years all the present railways
will be congested in hauling grain to
the markets aud owing to thc action
taken by the United States govern -
ment in regard to the Panama Canal
a toll will be imposed on all vessels
other than American Irom America
coast ports. By this railway down
tbe Columbia river each of the transcontinental roads woulu no dount
be pleased to deliver at least one-half
of the grain coming west in order to
save a coiijestion on their systems
through to the coast, aud thus be
able to deliver to tno railroud having
only a water grade to Portland, Ore.,
where shipments on American vessels
can be made to the Eastei n market*
without encountering the toll ol the
Panama i anal. The gram would also reach Kuropc at a lesser eo.,t. The
Big lieuil railway would also enable
the fruit growers aloug thc Columbia
rivei and district as well as ihose In
the Okanagan to ship their fruit into
tbo middle provlncea in the north,
south and centre of Alberta aud StW-
katchewan as this railway system
will have u connection Irom Fire valley or near there with the ukauagau
lakes. The coast papcm uppear to
think that now that Wilson is elected
president, he will get the Panama
bill passed by u Democratic majority
and signed by a Republican president
but it is Ior us to be ready to take
advantage of it by a line of railway
even if it has to go through say OUO
miles in bond to reach a port whero
it will avaoi I the toll on grain.
Today we have gol to go to the
state ol Ha.iu to reach the Atlantic
in wintar, an I a great deal of our
grain shipped to tlie Atlantic goes
through Port, .n.l main nnd other
Bastera porta and It would appear
that it tithed.i government
to give asmi.ii, •■• t i ■ ich a project
for the benefit o.' the n   It,
The Ulg Bend railway would also
draw thousands ol tourlsti who
would seek the many I Icaiure resorts
along the line, po,:r ol . asy iiccctw
up the Dig Bend, raiorti on Canoe
river, point! on thi Columbia river,
say Hold c)tr»am, which Litis magniil-
ers in a few years, but it would work
marvels towards the settlement of tho
districts  it  will  pass  through.
At a recent meeting of the ICxecu -
tlve Committee of the B.O. Poultry
Association held in Victoria, the Arrow Lakes Poultry Association was
granted affiliation with the Provincial Association and in future will be
entitled to representation on thc directorate ot the parent organization.
It is understood that Nukusp has
beeu chosen as the i-entre of the Arrow Lakes Association and that the
question of co-operation among tho
members in the matter of buying
feeds and marketing products ^-ill be
one of the chief aims of the Association. At the same meeting of the
executive of the U.C. Asuociation, it
was decided io have 1C-00 copies ot
bulletin on "Co-operative Methods ap
plied to the Poultry Business" printed and distributed. This was a paper
read at the annual convention of the
Association in January last by Mr.
P. 0. Drake. There was' such a de - The members of the Ladies' Auxil-
mand for the paper by rur.il members inry to the Y.M.C.A., wish to express
that it was decided to get a supply their thanks to till those who made
of the bulletin printed. The Arrow donutions and to those who assisted
Lakes Association would do well to at the bunqtiet held on October 24.
take advantage of the information to, Secretary Ladies' Auxiliary to Y.
be thus obtained. i M.  0.  A.
On Tuesday i-veniiug the Young
People's Soeiet} of Bt. John's church
held a business moating and election
of oilicers, after which a social hour
was spent. The following are thc of-
Hon. President—Uev. J.W. Steven
President—D. M, Cowan.
1st Vice President—A. ThumBon.
Mud  Vice President—Miss Oowan.
3rd V'ico President—Miss 0. Uttie.
Fourth Vice President-Miss M, M
Mai heson.
Secretary- Miss J,  R,  Munro.
Treasurer—Oliver Aiusiie.
Pianist— Misses V. Crowe and It.
The work of the society will he Car
ried on in four departments, each
under the supervision of a vlce-presl
dent. These departments are:—Devotional, Missionary, Educational and
Social. The meetings will he bold every Tuesday from eight to nine
o'clock and are open to all young
people. The society has been fortunate in securing Johu P. Clum to give
his famous illustrated talk on California next Monday in the church. In
addition to the beautiful colored slid
eB of the Canadian Rockies, coast
cities and California, he shows a num
her of interesting motion pictures,
Mr. Clum is accompanied by his own
electrician and the moving picture
machine is new, thus assuring a first
class exhibition and Interesting talk:.
There will be no charge for admission
but a collection will be taken during
■the evening.
First St, Kevelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Heating Stoves
" McClary's"  on Roods i          tm
comfort in using a McClar> Stove,   Simple  to  iver!
to clean, ami ecom mic il - n i
Sporting Goods
Rifles and Shol ' luns,  lingh barrel   Wini hes
tei. 1 emiui l Cui     ■-!.ot,
Shells and i iirti ■ a, I - ets,  >- sr-
tridgi   Bi  i  . Oun ( ovei .             . m.t-.
l'i,):   Kippsred   Herring   jusi  arrived,   Fresh   Fruil  and
\,   etables, Coffees,  Teai Flour and  Poultrj   Sup
Putter   Crocks,   Bean   Pots  and .       es.   Choice
Chlun and Olasswai e,
Special AUentli .. Paid to Mail Orders.
First St., Revelstoke. Telephone No, 22
Card of Thanks
At Semi-o4nnual cTWeeting Elects Officers.—Hears Reports of Committees.—Superintendent of C. P. R.
Dining Cars Wants Revelstoke Water for Use on
Diners.—Mt. Revelstoke Auto Road Discussed.
A choice assortment, per box
Gravenstein Apples, per box
Honey in half jrallon tins, reduced to
C. & B. 7 lb. tins Plum Jam
$1 35
1 35
1 00
1 10
John Mclntyre & Son
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
There was a large attendance last
evening at the City Hall, when at
.vnu President Dr. Hamilton, called tbe
meeting to order. After the reading
aud adoption of tbe minutes of the
previous meeting President Hamilton
staled, as this vv.is a semi-annual
meeting and it had been understood
lhat the new officers should be elected at this meeting, he would call upon Mr. Brooker, the treusurer, for his
report. The treasurer s report was
reud  and  received amid applause.
1 he electiou ol oilicers was next
proceeded with ny a motion ot !•'. fid,
umson, that Lir. j-iuiuiiton, the re-
firing president, Uuvu his name ad.i-
eJ to the nonary presidents.
ti. d. .\ict alter nominated Mr. At-
dlns as president.
Mr. Atkins In a brief address de
chined an,i in return nominated An-
b\ H. Gibson for thc ollico ol president; when A. it. McCleneghan moved
that tbe nominations close. This was
SeConueO uy Mr, It. Gordon aud uuaii I
Imously carried.
Mr, cjii,soli, the newly elected president took h.s seat as chairman ol
tue meeting, amid loud applause, an.l
in au brie! Speech manned the meet
ing ou the honor conferred on lum,
Mr, McCleneghan next nominated
0, ll. Macdonald as mat vice presl -
dent, but Mr, Macdonald gracefully
declined, R, Uordou was also Dominated as hist vice president, ou mo
nun i„ i;. ri. MeCarter and A. McRae, but Mr. (Jordon, alter explaining bis reasons, also declined.
Mr. il. Manning next nominated J.
ii.  Blbbald, jr., winch was seconded]
by  H.  MeKinnon,   when   the nonilnu-
tions closed ou motion ol A.  li. Kin '
caid.     Mr. Blbbald briefly    thanked]
the meeting (or honor conferred.
W. 11. Horobin was elected score •
lary by acclamation on inotioU ot
A. E. Kincuid, while Mr. Uiuoker re
eeived the same honor fur the ollice
ol ti-vuBurer on motion ol  A.  Mcltae.
Mr. Gordon moved that there bono
executive other thnn officers ol tin-
club, ihis was seconded hy A. 10.
Kincaid, A. li. McCleneghan movod
nn amendment that an executive ol
live be elected Irom the members pres
ent. Mr. Atkins seconded the amendment  and   thought   Hint  moW dlsoUB-
ini nt general moetln r. would bo involved if oxecutlve did not orlst. Ho
inti  thnt   ii  should.   A voto be-,
Ing  taken,   President OlbSOD declared
i in- amendment carried.
The lollowing v, ire then ,'lcctod to
the oxecutlve:—Mr. Lynns, K. O.l
McRae,   Hiililuns,   Wallace  and  Hobt.
Horion. '
Mr. C. R, Macdonald, on   behalf ot
the  Publicity committee,  read     the
following reports which was well received.
Gentlemen,—Your Publicity commit
tee beg to report on their work lor
last six  months.
We have met at various times an.l
finished the work we were asked to
do, aluo discussed various other improvements.
uur lirst duty was the descriptive
letter of the top of tne mountain
dealing with the ... i, .ar.ous ueuu-
lies, and advantages ol the pain,
which letter was used by several in
describing  tbe cRy and locality.
Also we piepared tiie description
and bOUttdries of men o. the park to
l,e asked for [rom the Dominion government. Maps were also secured aud
copies of ail sent to Department   ol
interior at Ottawa, ami a copy to
our member Mr. H. Green.
Your committee have at diflerent
times talked over Various schemes lor
various schemes ioi publicity, winch
would i.e. well ior future committees
to keep iu mind, Bome ol these are
tbe lighting ol the auto road when
same is Completed. The electric sign
at the railway end of McKenzie Ave.
"Capital Canada's Alps. ' Tho lighting of   thc  city   power  dam;  also  the
gathering together toi permaneol
keep diflerent blblti |, taining to
ttie district Mm ii . i. i ia) i ol nun
erals; displuy of our'timber umi ium
iiei iu diflerent   tagei ireparatlon;
display ot our iruit, suitably prtterv
ed and to ho augmented by the (nut
ami vegetables a, tbi  pi n see on
ol   the year.
We would niuu Suggest   Mint the se.
rotary   write  again to   Mr,   H.   Given.
Impressing on ins mind tho med   of
getting   the  park   reserved   Immediate
ly.     Wiui'H truly, committee,
it. Squarebriggs.
11.   McSetioy.
T. Kilpatrick.
11. N. Ooursler,
C.   R.   Mae.lun i.'i
Aftor tbis report wos read, it. Ool
don  moved  that  il  lie  pla.e.l  mi  nle
fur  tho future   ime  ol   Publlolt)   coin -
iiiittoen.  Seconded  ny  A.   Mcltae.
President Gibson made a report tor
the industrial committee, wbioh   was
only   brief,   lie  hoped   to   mnke  a  full
ei repoi i at next meeting,
Dn liehull of the' lliianie lommittce
Mr. llrudshuw bad nu report to
Mr. Olbson stated that (rom the
Treasurer's report moro funds must
he obtained,
Becretary w.ii. Horobin then made
biH report,  whieh  wan as  follows.
t,C i ui iiucl on  1'igi- Six/.
Hevelstoke Meat Market, Ltd,
For Increased Egg Production Use
Fresh Green Cut Bone
Swift's Lay-More Beef Scraps
Dry Gut Bone
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
A hundred fiilTcront styles,
from the Inns.'. Bwagprer
■ '. to the nobby
Chesterfield, for iln-ss occasions.
Prict's right for all pocket
We h ive Coppley, Noyes
& Randalls "snappiest"
models direct from the
"style centres."
Shirts. Underwear, Hats,
Gloves, Neckwear, Hosiery
and Jewelry. Vour Fail
needs selected from our
stock will Kivii you greatest
£*>%%%%%%%-%-%.% V%.«V *•>%%*% W»W%.% «.«.-%.-»-%-%. %r-f
C. P, H. WATCH INSPECTOR .  m    '
.,  „ gggggg -■   -■ ■: ■
iVEDNl-'.-iDAV,  N'fiVF.MBBr   13. 1'.)'i2.
House ard 75 feet frontage on Mackenzie Avenue
 $12(10 down, balance to be arranged
House and 37J feet Frontage on Fourth Street,
§2,900 ; 4>G0() down, balance to be arranged
Three Lots just oil' Mackenzie Ave., in all 116 feet
frontage facing on Connaught Avenue.
The Revelsloke Genera! Agencies, Ltd.
5I1I1IAI.D,   |R
further applications, one of them be-'
' lug that nil railway companies tliru-
! out Canada shall be called upon to
I supply small liox cars of about the
^ same capacity as thuBe supplied in
Burop? and Asia, that is to say, from
I six to teu tons. Thore is an urgent
  I necessity  for a large number ot small
•_,    ,., ,.  ...        , , r-,. ,-. 1   :„..   .„   curs of that kind, and there are muny I
E. Watts, ot Wattsburg, makes Strong Complaint toi wliy tue rullWiiy compafaJ
C^/tskS IOP OttaCial \ should be compelled to supply them,
I mul there is no reason why Oanada I
should not be supplied with small
cars when the same are in use in Bur
ops aiul Asia. Hallway companies aro
inclined to biiilil bigger cars than
ever thereby assisting huge corpora -
tions combines, trusts and largo wholesalers to the detriment of the small
retailors, the farmers and uianufuct -
urers.   This is the     principal   reason
Board ot Railway Commissioners
The following telegram was sent by
A. BJ. Watts, of Wattsburg to the
bourd of railway commissioners:
Kevelstoke, B.C., Oct. 25, 1312.
Board of Hallway Commissioners.
ollicial be appoiuU-d by ymir beard,
with full powei to make investigation
land to BUbocnca witnesses, anil to
examine them under ontu tor the purpose of ascertaining the reasons why
some  lirms arc supplied with an    an-
the price the producer gels
gnu.Is anil that which thfl
has lu pay for them.
or     Ins
She flDatUlbevalb
jntertoc flMibiBhttit] Company,
j. K. JOHNSON,  Manager.
RALPH ii   BORUTON,   Hditor,
SE8DAY,  .NOVEMBER 13,  1312
Engineer May Die
Grand Porks, Nov. 11—Hugh 0.
I.yall whu was stabbed in a hotol,
here Friday night., is the civil os -
glneei In charge ol the construction
wmk being undertaken by thc Canadian Pacific Railway In tbis city. Upon examination at thi- hospital it was
found that he had received live
wounds, ono ui which penetrated his
lungs and he Is now in a precarious
condition.        Sam  Roberts,    who is
Regarding charge of discrimination j uiulntice of cars auu some lirms
, railway company's defense absolutely piled witb very tew, aB we are
! false.     Neighboring     firms    supplied jibe only people suffering through the for the    extraordinary difference
! with W cms in 60 days, our linn -10 , unfair distribution ot cars during
cars; oily 12 cars this month, lust) times of shortage, tl your board will
six davs not one car, A spiteful ut-1 be good enough to appoint an ollicial
tempt is being made to nun us in re- with lull powers as suggested, it will     Further,  f wish to give notice that
membrnncc ol m< taining     ordors  have a very   beneficial effect on     the  I Bhu.ll call the board's attention to
(rom  your  board  [or  protection     of  lumber trade and will  be the means  the fact that the   Canadian     Pacific
public      Interests.    1   wish   to  present   ol  protecting many  ol the small man   Uailway company has uot tulflllod Us
this  uiid  other cases  to  tho     board. , ulucturors,  who arc not in a position   promises nor complied
Wire Wattsburg when board sits     in
the   west,   In the  meantime  ask board
with tlio coin-
to protect themselves, or to light maud of the board in tho matter of
such a ponderous corporation us the  the restoration of the     public roads
to issue orders fur
our protection.
A. li. WATTS.
also written the fol
the secretary ol the
.Mr.  Watts has
lowing  letter  to     	
A. 1). Cartwriglit, Esq.,
Secretary  Uuard  of   Uailway  Cam -
miss-loners,   uttawu,   Oanada,
Dear Sir:—1 am in receipt of your
favor dated October 31, with a copy
charged wltb stabbing l.yull appear- of Mr. Moduli's report to you. Ast..
ed before Mugistrato Cochrane Batur my charge oi discrimination in the
day afternoon and  was remanded for' matter of the distribution of cars to
A town of any size has had dlfflcul-
Its own witb the small boy
We nil know
whut 11 is and bow we operated it
. :■--:. - away iack easl or In the
I Country, when we wero boyB.
it   revei    tbe luct remains that
eight  days,   ponding  the  outcomo
the wounds inflicted upon Lyull.
[ye Sight
•I. the lumber manufacturers of liriUsh
Columbia, I wish to say that Mr. Me-
Caul'B report as to what 1 said is cor
rect with tho exception of his statement that i was on my way to attend
the lumbermen's association conven -
tion, which would be a matter ot very
small importance, aad had that been
the  case  1 would  have  returned  with
In getting your eyes suited demaud
ability, reliability an.l above all do-
mnnd   experience,    Iir.   S.   L.   Tauba,
who  has  had  forty two  years oxper -' Mr.  Mc0aul t0 Wattsburg.   1 was e»
n"   ienoe in the   profession    will     be at
Oanadian I'acilic Hallway coinpuny. and trails destroyed by the company
ln making thc application ior the ap- during and after the construction of
polntment of uu official for this pur- their railway; tho olllcers ol tbc rail-
pose, 1 am perfectly willing to ex - vvay company having made a solemn
plain the reasons why this is neces- pledge to thc late Mr, Justice Mabec,
sary, in writing, or if you prefer, I chairman of the board, to thc effect
will explain the reasons before your that they would comply with every
board  when  it sits iu the west. request 1 made to the  board in this
uu   October  25  1    sent a  telegram respect several  years since,
(copy of which is attached) from Rev- Further,  1 Bhall uBk thc  honrd    to
elsioke  to  your  board  touching    the duly  consider   whether  there  is    aay
matter  of  tho  discrimination of which possible method whereby they can pro
1 claim the Canadian I'acilic Railway teet ttie public interests in the way of
company is guilty.  Evidently this had compelling the railway    company    to
a salutary etlect upon that company, comply with the terms of their ngree-
because our Proctor mills was suppli- ""'nts with tbe Dominion and provin-
ed with more curs from     October 28 c'nl government, and to restrain the
to November 1 than it could possibly government ol the province of Uritish
get  by imploring,  begging or threat- Columbia  from  paying  the  Oanadian
tuing, because for eight <luys prior to >'licilic Railway company thc esum of
that wc could uot obtain a single car M.MW.OOU or any other    sum,     until
and      during the  month only 12cars, sllcli  tu"e aB  the     railway  compaay
whereas  after     thc appeal  to     your lms complied  with all the  termB  Bet
Talk About Making Money
Out of Revelstoke Property
One man who bought 13 lots in Begbie View
Addition a week ago from me has already re-sold
four of them for more than he paid me for the whole
It shows that my statement as to the low price
of these lots was correct. THEY ARE ALL SOLO
Next week 1 will have 30 more good lots near
the same place, facing on Eighth Street, at slightly
advanced prices.
If you want any of them speak at once, as they
too will gj quickly. All ate inside City Limits with
streets laid out and cement walk on Seventh Street,
within a few yards o( the pioperty.
A. McRae, Agent
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
REST, $12,500,000
matter what pleasure it gives the Ju
veoile   peratoi to handle one of these
weapons,  they are vory dangerous.
Tbe     Hevelstoke boy, ore carrying  t(, ?0MuW hjm      u|  ^
the pea >)iuuur practice ., trifle    too  |y guaranteed a- tested,
only  a snort tunc  ago
Diamond  Hull,  Revelstoke,
' Tuesday and     Wednesday,
rub mid 20th.   lt there is
wrong with your eye sight,
lt. ('. on
don't fail
land and subsidies or any other  kind
of grants, mure especially the pay
mint uf tbe     $1,600,000 to the     said
Seeks to Prevent War
Tom   Matin,   the
Loudon,     Nov
labor leader,   vvb
^^^^^^^^^^^ time ago one uf
these boyB struck a singer ,,f tbe lo
cal theatres .a the lace with ,1 well
directed sti.:, ,vlule Irequeutly at
t....:. time • ■■ n J.-- constitutes   back
9 we i.»> of- j Ior u s])C1.ch |,p made 8oma tlme ag0
ten showetv eas Irom an army   mivising soldiers not tu obey   orders
•■'•  -■■■'■ ;  *••*  u"     "ia ' when ,t came down to shootingitrlk
Umi and cral BUpply   L.rg| maae „ sensational Bpeecb at   a
of ammunition syndicalist  meeting In   London    lasi
The only remedy li to make .,11 ex-   u,eM.   h,. movefl  a  r(,s,,iution    ,le.
ample ol some ol these     boya unless j noUnclng international war a« calam
gaged in far more important business   »o«rd wo  wero simply     deluged  with  '«''<•» '■>  various-agreement, ami acts
than tbat. that is to say,  1 was the  cars, of which three were loaded   at Parliament  relating to tho grants of
delegate  representing a large aud very  ouce,     and     Immediately nfter these
important district at the unnuul Con   c>"'- vreve loaded a tire broke out and
servatlve convention,   winch was held   destroyed  the null and a great part
ui   Revelstoke, and   1   have  ouly    just
returned,  hence  ihe  deluy  In  replying
to yuur favor, and also to Mr.   Mc.
Caul's request fur further details
For   i li
1 enclose
of  the  lumber,  consequently   15    cars  r*Uway company, for the reason that
information  of  your board   supplied  tho curs
you a copy  of a list of tho   thci" uWUV "Sai"-
ta.s It   i? hoped
:_r ".t.  ;••'.,    .,...  p .1 a stu,, tu ,1.
W.th   thc it-s :.;  rosy  outlook  Hev-
..   Investor, This
:,- through what has
in- a -.1 algary, Bdmon-
roll .,- other
e ■   place*
bave had I timi     but now
.•■I   the      upward
.»   tb-    tiii.c  1
or never   again
With tlu- present railway prospects
ti.it nil start .
■   - hen at summer,     it
1 . tbat K-v
..A wiil
served time in )ail • number of cars \v,;. bed at Crows Nest
B.C., sotting forth tin- names uf tho
lil ins and tb,' number of cars weighed
for inib firm. This weighing station
is used bj tbc mills shown un lh, said
list. There iiim many oilier mills
whose cars are weighed at various
othor points, thc numlwrs of whicli I
Itous tu working men. and sn,.l the have been unable t., obtain. I wish
only war wblcb Bhould merit their at you would inako a demand uu the
tention waa a class war. The rcsolu- Canadian Pacillc Railway company
tion allirmod that ll Great Britain for them,to produce i I ot the cars
entered Into any war the workmen for July. August .md September, wel
would resort  to a general strike   to   ghed foi  the vs ir nulls at
prevent  supplies Irom  '.mum; forward    • i N'elson,
ed to to thi- armj and navy. if     permitted I shall also ask   your
Tins ii'i, lution w«n carried bj    sc      oard I      ctions that    an
clam it .ni .iimi.i ;■
Mann, in nd vising the res
be  was in,', ni. .1  t.. ., i
1 ■ ■   ■     •:•   .M   was    nn '■   * .is   i-iepar*'.
■    others t.
could not bo used. 1 merely ment ion
this fact, as 1 presume the railway
company will now claim that tbey
ami bad to tako
llow, ver, as we
Intend      constructing  more  mills,   wo
tm-    company    has tailed tu comply
with the terms ol the agreements and
did not earn the grant of 4,00il,(>00
acres of land, a great quantity of
which they bave sold and retaiuoj
the cush iu thoir coffers, never having
Drafts on the principal cities in the following countries issued without
Afrlci Cuba
ArubU Denmark
Argentine Republic      Egypt
Armenia Finland
Australia Formosa
Austria-Hungary France
Belgium Germany
Braiil Grrece
Bulgaria Holland
Ceylon Iceland
Chili India
China Italy
Crete Jaipur.
These drafts can be drawn In (sterling, francs, marks, lire, kronen, yen,
taels, roubles, etc., (according to the money of the country in which they
are payable.  This enables the payee to obtain the exact amount intended.
h. L. ROTHWELL,   Manager
New Zealand
Miiltpplne ltlindi
Pol ar.d
Ru .im it nia
Si am
South Africa
Stialtt Settlements
Turkey 8.7
United States
Went Indies, etc.
M. GIBSON, Manager.
shall bc in greater need than ever of  c,inw(1 the right to retain tbe     Buid
your board's protection in tho near
fm ure, besides which a thorough Investigation along the lines suggested
may lie lhc means of obtaining justice for sonic manufacturers who arc
not iu a position to engage in com -
nal with a mighty corporation, notorious for its good memory in never
Forgetting those who ever dare to
criticize the gross injustices of which
they are guilty iii many different
your  board will
also whether you
sit in the west, and
are prepared  to hear
Her time Was wrong,  her tune was
lho  Black   Kev   BtUdy   made  :
ltd good bye to uli the fuss,
Aad  bought tt GoUTlaj   Aug
\i  tbi   Revel t. ,..   \i .      Jtore
it NuTii'i-:
-    ■
: i
,,; Moati
to taki
.   li   i     -|
■   ,
■   ■
Ud   Watt nth t
Br 8   I'   l'
■ -
i     at  i
| lift
■   j-
ii ily,
, •   ■
-.  1
li i
li.  TM IMS'il
I II    lull
, i -, i lit Dr. S
, ■        I. .nn.ml
inii toke        i  . on Tussdaj
ir, I fr   1 Ith   nud
a    Ul.
Dress Making
A. F, s. Tailoring Sohool
y now •■ft un il suitable
i- -ill .-iui in  ihe
I AYI.uk Ul O K, ovei
Mi-K,i- Meicaiilile Co.'*
Store, Morula). Oi t iber -.
AH orders l^r dressmaking
promptly and skilfully ai-
tei.ded to.
Next Imperial Bank
Hellstrom and Myra
Greatest Swedish Comedy Act
Marie Campbell
English  Comedienne
TIIURK.     PitlDAY    HATl'RDA\
Brandon and Taylor
Coi Singing,   Taikim;  and Dancing Acts
Paissell Parker
Greate it ol All
Prices, children, 15c.
.■rd Seal i,
Admission, 25c.
I'   'i .'  le 1 v     Wi
I   I I,   I       I (fill I     ll'llll  ,
Iio  I:  III    IrOHI HI , I •    I to  1:30.
Cdthei ine Goodwin
Box 26 Revelstoke, B.C
futronizo your own ci of by feruling all your wai
to ihe WEST  KOOTENAY LAI    DRY.   Gel
your blankets in early to avoid tl e rush.
Bachelor    '<; o ir collars.
We ' died a m       11 ir machine w hich I -
bound to please.
Hume 80 BARL BARRAC I.OUGH, Manager.
moneys und uu right tu Iiave the cush
returned for the lands in question, ev
en should they return lhe remainder
oi the Huid lands to the government
ol British Columbia.
Further, I nhnll ask the hoard to
use its influence in preventing the Cu-
nadiuu I'acilic Uailway company from
■ ■■■in.ii.nr a further c.\tcnsiou of time
tor the completion ol the Uritish (Jo-
lunibia Southern railway, now known
us the Crows Kest i'ass railway; the
said company having obtained extensions of time from parliament iu the
past when they were nol entitled to
the same.
Whilst 1 criticize the many iujus-
ticus perpetrated hy ihis might}- corporation, 1 duly appreciate thc great
things they have accomplished iu the
development of the vast resources of
the Dominion of Cuuaiia, but at thc
same time they owe the people of
Canada a debt they never attempt to
repay lor the many fuvors showerud
upon them in tbe way ol hundreds of
millions ol dollars' worth of lauds
having lieen freely given to thom; lor
tbe hundreds of millions of cush tbey
have extorted from tbc people, that is
to say, Irom the toiling producers
throughout Canada, who are tho
means ol supplying ibe sinews of war
uiul from  whom all  the    moneys    are
attracted  to make tin- multluilUlon-
aires and railway magnates tbo princes ,,f frenzied Bnanoe, rolling in their
.n  affluence, luxury and urro
.Mir... whilst the poor producer,   thc
i, tho :,iiiu,-i, the fi int. growls I   Mm not least, tbo poor
sawyor .>f wood, ail contribute tbeir
i   itu   n  lupport uf iin: manipulator,
il   du mi      ,r..  QgttiBg    for
tence,   i.unu  nits os     the
apple*  and  other  [ruita    by
ibu million     i tons rot on the trees
ground   tin     lumbermen,
luous und im.ni loui    oflorti,
md the venal rail
i     sable to tiauii
lil|    product They
t. ■. ii Ious pal u es i ill" I lm
.. tbeli     paint al
and   ' porcl      .     li   I mi  roll  by
,ii the .   .ppotntod  pi.v
ste ■ ,i ivbilst tbt p.ivi it, ■ trlcken
producers, the toilers, me dl I nn to
desperation i.y the modern tuHknmst.-
.;■!. minioiiH .,'. financial sburks, the
witb tbe might. corporal loos tbe
cbloi ..iti "ir. ol wbli ti ui' llt.Ho aiiow
t tit   j i .im . oi any otbi i kind "f par-
i    ' ■    -. tai' li  mu ks  lliu  uli' i.  bli . I
tbe pool  imi'i   v.ii" e only bopi    m
,n .ni.  .if iii" fow Impartial tribunals
iii'l before whom thev can lay   tbolr
its with  ■ ti y bopi  uf redt i ■ i.
.'nui  board in tbi  past ha i    eat ned
ital "in ol '■■ ■     i .'■ to in"
imi i  the weak, the oppressed and tbe
nm,i,,i,. t, i   -| he I'li'Hi ition I "ii   b)
Mn   inti. ,ti ni  ph ■ Wi ul ■■'. tbi
should bi  ' awfully eherl hod uud cul
li    iu  ■       . then <'umi
.! i in i v i  i uf having " i .ii to be
proud ol al l*|H| one Impartial 'rit.-
nn-ii in wbioh the people have the
fullest ' oBfMence
Yours very truly,
Watllburg, B.C., Nov, i
Directed by
This Studio gives instruction on all brass and
stringed instruments, violin, etc., by the
very latest Italian and French methods, used
by the Royal Conservatory of Music of Milan,
(Italy) and Paris, I France i. We guarantee
by this method to put out a good performer
TERMS and further information
on application to
Corner of Victoria Road
MIh HelNtroiu "Frlorevalien"
Inn'  "ilv.,'1 i,i(j har f.nlvul del iiiiiii Jig India"
,-lAV.   N'mEMBEF   !»■  Mil
Rosedene Nurseries    I
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
Plenty of Gait Lump Coal arriving.    Orders will have
prompt attention.
Order at Kootenay Agencies
McKenzie Aveue
A. Davidson, PH2jjf
Record of Progress for Five Years-1906-1911
1 0( llS 17 s\ 1
Reserve   •
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
$ 3,000,000
$ 4,000,000
HM 83 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Cnrrespondents In all
the Prlnolpal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rate.
Revelatoke Branch, w. H. PRATT, Manager
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
beforelbujing yonr outfit of working clothes
for the'"bu«h. I make *
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
riMiuired in yonr business.
Revelatoke Land District.
District ot West Kootenay.
Take notice thut 1, Adelard B. j
Bloudin, of Halcyon, B. O., occupa -
tion Shipwight, intends to apply for
permission to purchase tne lollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted 20
chains south ol a point in the Bouth
boundary ol Lot 7-872, Group One,
Kootenay District, which point is
distant 40 chains West trom the
Bouth Bast Corner of said Lot l&Tl,
and marked "Adelard B. Blondin's
North-Bast Corner Post"; thence
south 40 chains, thence west 20 chains
thence north 40 chains, tbence east 20
chains to thc point ol commencement
containing SO acres more or less.
Dated tbe 23rd September, 1S12.
1st issue Sept. 25th
Mrs. Edward Kennedy, ot Meriden,
Conn., 40 years old, was advised by
ber Physician to try Dr. Martell's Female Pills, she did ao with wonderful
results. Thousands ol others would
Bay the same. 20 years the standard
ot your Druggist.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice that I, Samuel James
Harlow, occupation, Farmer, intendB
to apply lor permission to purchase
the following described lundB:
Commencing at a Post planted ai
the North West Comer ot Lot 9323,
thence west 40 chains, thence south
40 chains, theuco eaBt 40- choina,
tbence north 40 chains to point ol
commencement and containing UO
acres more or less.
Duted October 2Cth,   1912.
1st issue Nov.  G
It Might Be Gold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent- Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, •        Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,      .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.00
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
Laughton CB, Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6,00
RevelBtoke Land District.
District ol West Koot«nay.
Take notioe that I, Johu Albert
Lango, ol London, England, occupa -
tion, Traveller, intends to apply lor
permission to purchase tbe lolloping
described land:
Commencing at a post planted by
North East Oorner ol Lut 11004, on
tbe Upper Arrow Lake, and nm'ked
"J.A.L.S.E. Corner." themce uorth
40 chains along the shore ol Airow
Lake, thenoe west 20 chains, tb-u-o
south 44 chains, thence east -J i '...um
to point ot commencement, contain -
iug mi acres, more or leas.
Dated 19th September, 1912.
Per Fredrick W. Terry, Agent
lit issue Sept. 28th
Rovelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kooteuay.
Take notioe that I, James Sneddon
ot NakuBp. B.C., occupation, Oeutle-
iiuiii, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a POBt planted ut
the North EaBt Oorner ol Lot Haw,
thence north ID chains, thence west
20 chainB, thenco south 20 chains,
thence east 20 chains to place of com
mencement, containing 40 acres more
or less.
Dated October 3rd, 1912.
1st issue Nov.  Cth
Enormous Saving
Wi-thin,  .a   mo Ca   e.ilcnn i-c  ei-i-ri-
tuenta will be carried ou by Oity Elec
triciuu Fletcher to ascertain tbe prac
tical  vulue  Ior  street standard  lighting of     tbe     magnetic luminous arc
lumps. A triul shipment will arrive in
tlle city  in  about three  weeks    from
Schenectady, N.   Y., hu Baid     today.
Tbo arcs are to be installed ou Oran-
ville street,  between Broadway      and
Tenth,  the current  be,ng  supplied  by
tho B. C. Electric Railway Company,
Irom its subBtution on     tbe    Eburne
line.     The  use of    these  special  arc
lumps will  iu-ci:.iii.tut.o special station
aud  wiring  equipment.   The    current
will be direct.
The city electrician stated this
morning tbat be expected to be able
to Bhow a saving of from %2'l to Km
per year per standard for lighting
and maintenance by tbe use ol this
new type. He claims that these litm-
inoUB arcs use even less current than
the existing lamps on tbe street stand
ards, are loss expensive lor upkeep,
and give considerably more light.
They arc, however, more expensive in
The Btreet standards on Robson
Btreet between Oruuville aud Jarvis
will bo ready [or usu in about three
weeks' time, aaid tbe city electrician
today. Material has now been ordered by the contractors, who will instal
the standards on Oranville south,
Main south, Hastings east, between
Jackson and Campbell and Harris
street. These street Kections will re-
215      staudards.— Vancouver
i ciuire
i World.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, William BUlor,
of Spokane, Wash., occupation Meat-
cutter, intends to apply lor permis -
sion to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a poBt planted
about 40 chains east ol the Southwest Corner of Lot 7679 and southeast corner of Lot 10356, thence south
40 chains, west 40 chains, north 40
chains and east 40 chaini to point
Of commencement, and containing 1C0
acres, more or leu.
Dated August 20th, 1912.
James Fisher, algent.
| lat Issue Sept. 11
B. C. Won in Prizes
Barristers,  Solicitor!,  Etc.
Imperial  Bank Building Revelstoke. B. O.
Money to Loan.
Officii—Revelstoke,   B.   O
Cranbrook, B. 0.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham,
J. A. Harvey
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
Provincial LaDd  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
RevelBtoke Land District.
District of  West Kootenay.
'i'ase notioe that 1, Flora Georgiui,
Mossman, occupation Married wouiun
intends to upply lor pormission to
purcuase tbe lollowiug described lands
Commencing ut u post planted on
thc burvey bounuury oi Block 8W, ol
the Kaslo una o.ocuii  .my Grant
about ono mile irom the Arrow Lake
on the east siue aud about two miles
north of tbe Towu ot Nakusp, tbence
north 20 chains, thencc eust jm chains,
thence south 20 chains, tbence west
2U cbains to the poiut ol commencement and containing lorty acres more
or less.
Dated October 24th, 1912.
let  issue Nov.  S
fruit Packing Schools
The Department of Agriculture, in
accordant with its policy of the past
three years, will continue the Iruit
packing schools during tbe coming
winter. The packing schools proved
even more popular In 1912 than previously and we expect, Irom the number of applications already iu, that
tbere will be a gieat growth in the
wort this winter. It is hoped that
this year schools will be placed in
every Iruit district of the province,
where a sufficient number of pupils
can be secured.
Tbe class of instruction furnished
by tbe experts, employed by thw Department, in previous years has demonstrated its efficiency m meetiag tbo
competition of Oregon and Washing -
ton in fruit packing. Tbe experience
and standing of thc instructors secur
ed uad tbe confidence reposed In tbem
by the department, guarantee to the
fruit growers the highest class of instruction.
As in previous years tbe local ad-
! ministration of tbe packing schools
will bo placed in the bauds ol a re -
. ponsible local body, such as the Far
mere' Institute, the Fru.t Growers'
Association,  or tbe board of trade.
The Department of Agriculture provides the instructor and pays his expenses. The Department will also bear
the cost ot the packing paper, the
fruit and all other legitimate expenses, except that of the Secretarial
work, which it has been found most
satisfactory to leave to locui ar -
ruugeme-nt. ♦
The responsible organization iu
each case will be required to guarantee a minimum of twelve pupils, but
uot more than b.'U-en, with the proper (jualihcatious, at a fee of three
dollars each, to take the twelve lessons of two aud a half hours a le*seu
tht school extending over one week.
In a limited  number of  districts
Lethbridge, Alta., Nov. 10—British
Columbia was very largely represented at the International Dry-Farming
Congress and Exposition held here,
uud besides carrying away a provincial sweepstake for boxed Iruit and a ;
sweepstake prize for tbo beat potato-   do"t,le uackiD* *choul can  be arraaB
r, ..      i„    arV,,»h    trta    minimum    PUfll'  -
es, which was won by D. Matheson of
Armstrong, they carried thirty-nine
other  prizes,  comprising one    special
' .sixteen tusts, sixteen seconds, tlve
thirds nnd  oue  commendation    in    a
' class in which there were six awards.
The     handsome $400 Silvei   Trophy
, Oup,  donated by the Government    ol
' Manitoba, through Hou. George Lawrence, Minister of Agriculture, was
awarded to the British Columbia Pro
ed for, in which the minimum guar
antee will be twenty-four pupils, but
not more than thirty, 'or the same
numljer of lessons. Tbc guaranteeing
organization will also arrange tor
and bear the expenses of the hall, ils
beating  and   lighting.
The hall for nfteen pupils must be
at least 30ft. by 15<t., and well light
ed. lt must be heated sufficiently to
prevent chilling of the lingers of    tbe
! awarded to the BritlsD Columbia rro | -
ivincial  Exhibit  for tbe excellent  dis-   P-<*««.  aad  l° 'jreveut tre«in8
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, litoel Vcr.-na
Boyd, of Halcyon, B.C., occlpaiion,
Married Woman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase ths lollowing
described land:
Commencing at a post planted 60
chains in a westerly direct.uii linn
the South East Oorner ol Lol 7S<2.
Group 1, tbence 40 cuius south,
thence 40 chains west to lake shore,
thenco 40 chains north, thence 40
cbains east to point ol commence -
ment, containing 160 merit more , t
Dated September 24U>, 1912.
Per Wm. Boyd, Ageul,
Revelstoke Land District.
DiBtrict of West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat 1, William Boyd,
ol Halcyon, B.C., occupation, Hotel
Keeper, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowiug dteciib
ed land:
Commencing at a Post planted at
the North West Corner of Lot 100,
Group 1; theuce north no chains lollowing lake shore, thence east 40
chains, thence south au chains, thonce
west 40 chains to point ot coinui-nce-
Dated September 24tb, 1912,
1st Issue Sept. 26 Wm. BOYD.
the fruit at night.
The Departm<.-nt will as far as possible, use local fruit. At tbe time of
making appl.cation tor tbe packing
school, you are requested to reservo
Iruit at the rate ol 2-1 to 3 boxes per
pupil.   The hardier varieties, such as
suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Clgsfe     Ratr." "Si a day.    Monthly rate.
W.  H.   WALLACE,  M.B.O.S.A.
P. O. Box 146, Revelsteke, B.C.
play'of box fruit, and most favor
' able comment was made upon the !
manner in wbich Mr. W. J. Br audit h, I
Superintendent ot the British Columbia exhibit, installed ,, large display
of  fruit and     vegetables.   There was
no doubt that     many     more  prizes ,;   -
,. .        , . .    . „ ... . i Ben Davis,  ore preferred.   Fruit muBt
would have been captured had British i ,
Columbia entered in competition, the   be ln «ood CODdllion' but oeed not be
Provincial  Exhibit,  it being  a non -   graded and noDe should rua uttder 2i
,   ..      . ,   ,_     .   'inches   in   diameter.   Tbe   Department
competitive and tho  Jury of Awards i      , '
a,_ iaL    jj i will pay  the legitimate market price
in granting a special trophy did    so „
„.    ..j, , ... _.» , for   this   fruit.   It   local   fru.t   cannot
in recognition of its merit.
i_ .... .i    ..      a _.  v.,-,.      . j   be secured, the Department should be
In the classes of     vegetables     and
,,,..... expressly  notified  and  will  undertake
fruit whenever the entry  was      made
■ to secure same.
aiid A. M.
Regular meetings are held ln MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at i p, m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
W, B.  ROBERTBON, Becretary.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
Tinsmith R.palre, Hot Air, Pipe
and rurnsoe work
9»nn«Mfht Av-. •  B-v-Utofcta
Wpeelsl Attention given to commercial
men and tourlste. Flret-cleiw temple
rootus. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
O. W, 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. Ill
Meeta Becond    and     Fourth  Wednes
days    in each  month ln    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen are
cordially Invited to attend
A.  J.  WOODLAND.  Con. Com
COURT     MT.     BBOBia,   No. MU.
OF I. O. F.
Meets in I. a O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth  Monday in  month.  Visiting bretbren cordially welcomed.
U. W. BELL, C. H
WM.   8.   OAMBRON.   Rw -Her
SELKIRK      LODGE IS, 1. ll. U   K
Meets every     Thursday evening   It
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock.     Viaitlng
brethren cordially Invites.
JOHN LYON      N.  O.
JAS.  MATHIE.   8*C.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Lana A. Blondin, ot Halcyon, B. 0., occupation
Married Woman, intends lo apply lor
permission to put chase the lollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the South boundary ol and tit) chaius
West Irom thu South East Corner ol
Lot Iii'l, Uroup One, Kootenay District, and marked "Lana A. Blondin's
North-West Comer Post"; tbence
south 20 chains, tbence east 40
chains, tbence north 20 ohalnB to said
south boundary ol said Lot lull,
tbence west along said boundary 4U
cbains mors orlees to the point ot
commencement containing Ml acres
more or loss.
Dated September 23rd, 1912.
Per A. B. Blondln, Ageut.
1st issue Sept. 26.
by the British Columbia growers one
or more prizes were taken. The Iruit
prizes were given largely to Arm -
strong and Salmon Arm.
All subscribers not receiving the paper regularly are requested to com -
municate with the editor, Mail-Herald
Box 914, RevelBtoke B.C., in order
that their complaints may he rectified! Write your full name and ad -
dresB legibly, and your complaint will   school
to secure same.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Thc instructor will bring with him
the necessary packing tables and fruit
paper. The department expects that
he wiil be met on his arrival by some
responsible ; -rson, who should provide bim with ^ 11 necessary information, so as to get -he school under
way without loss ol time.
lt uas hardly necessary to    pre -
sent to you the     important advant -
ages to fas gained (rom the     packing
particularly in tbe  way    oi
OOLD RANQH LODQB,      K. of    P.
NO. K,   RBVBLSTOKB,  B.   0.
Meets every  Wednesday eictpt    tbe
Third Wedaeeday ol each month     lr
Oddfellows'  Hall at I o'eloek.  Visit
Ug Kalghta are cordially invited
F. W. TERRY, O, 0.
O. U. BROOK., K. of R  *- B
M, flat
Rcvclstok- Land District.
District Ol West Kooten.y.
Take notice that I, Juun Batlio S.
Blondin, ot Montreal, Que., oee ipa -
tion Mcrcbuut, Intends u apply Ioi
permission  to  purctaM  lho In.,, wing
II KITIIM-ll    1IItl. 1 a.
I'oniuicnciUK ut post planted 40
chaius south lioin n point in the
South boiintliiiy of Lot i872, i.t oup
One, Kootenay District, which ie dlt-
taut Ir.mi III- Bouth But orner ot
said Lot W'l tu chuius, and marked
" Jeau Batise S. Blmidln's North -
East Comer Polt"j thence south tl)
chalnL, theuce west 21) chains, thence
north M) chains, ihence east 20 ohains
to the point ol commencement, containing 120 acres more or less.
Dated September 23rd,  1912.
tlt IftM dipt. i'Ah
Notice is hereby given, that nn application will  be made to tbe Parliament ol  Canada at tbu  next seision
thereof, Ior an Act to incorporate   a
Company under tbo namo ol     "THE
KEVELSTOKE       RAILWAY      COMPANY," with power to couitruct and
operate tbe lollowing linen, namely:—
Commencing at or near LloydnMlfMI
in the Province of  Alluit.i;  tbence in
a  westerly  and  south-westerly  election  crossing tho Crand  Trunk I'at '■ ■
Railwuy  at or near  Viking,     thonco
continuing  in  a westerly  und av.utl.-
westerly direction dossing tne i una
dian     Pacillc     Railwuy  beiweo.'i the
towns ol Ohutou and Buwll; tbence ln
a  westerly   uud south-westerly  d.rec-
tion     to     the City ol     Wuiaek.wln;
thence iu u westerly   In '   ua to   th<
Saskatchewan river;    Mruie  wesUr.y
(ollowing     tho vulley nl tue Pruuii
river, or sucb other valley as may be
louud  pructicul,  to or near luo bead-
waters o( tbe Brazea river; x.I.• :-■    in
a uurtb-westoily direction down   the
Rocky river     valley, or sues     'ther
emu ii- as may be found feasible,    to
tbo Yellowhead  Pass or such     ..ther
pass     as     may    be found  practical;
thence in a westerly  and south-wct-t-
erly direction to the headwaters     of
tbe Canoe rivor la tho Province     ol
British   Oolumbia;   theuce   down    tbe
valley  of  tbe Cnnoo river,  or     euch
other valley as may lie louud practical, to tho junction ol the Canoe river
with the Columbia river; theme down
the Columbin river valley to tbe City
of Revelstoko ln thu Province of Hut-
tub Columbia.
Dated at Wetaskiwin In tbo i r.ivlnc
Dated at Wetaskiwin in the Province
ol Alberta, this 4tb dny ol November
A. D.,  1912.
01 Wctaaklwln,  Alberta, Solicitors
for Applicants.
li weeks, ltt Issue Nov. 9tb
be attended to promptly.
practical and thorough instruction in
_^__-_ actual commercial packing.
I    Pupils will learn in addition a good
WHISKY HOLDS ITS VICTIMS deal about the m«tno<ls   and equip -
  I ment used by the     most progressive
marla Prescription
Until Rslsased by Wondttflll Sa- I associations.  wtU  also  learn a  good
1 deal ol the interpretation of the Fruit
Marks Act. and will learn a great
deal of value about exhibition packing by attending tbe packing school
for instruction.
Pupils who gain a score of 75 percent for efliciency in tbo packing
school, and who put up a creditable
pack for the Department prizes, tbe
following year, may secure a diploma certifying tho same from the Department.
laiquer sets up laflaiamatien and
Irritation ef tbe etomach end weoltens
the nerves. The steady or periodical
(spree) arlnker le often forced to
drink even eieinei hi» will by hie
unnatural   phrtlea!   coadHlon.
Bamarla Preesrtptlon etope the
oraWaBa;, steaailee the nervee, bullde
av Ike general health end msket
srUak aetuaUlr ilMaatefs and neuee-
amm It Is tatweleee and odorless and
tut ba five* with ar without the
haarwUdse at tae patient
Tharaeeaaa ti Canadian homes have
htMO eaved tvwm Baser) asd dtagrsce
br saaae de*«M4 wife, mother or
eebUftatar threufti this wonderful
Canadian resne«v The money fer-
merlr WBaOta*! I* stink has reelorrd
liaaeK.M basse eotaferte. oducatlea
aad respool to the ramntee formerly
ta went aad despair
Head tbo fteUewlaf, one of tbe
b»eeTisteep wavsesaeited leetlmorrlale received
"I eoei awei repay yeu (er yeur
remedy ft lo worth aiere tke« life to
me. My beevend hes teen offered
Ht»e, eevtral limes, !<ut would n.>-
tcueh >t ft. owls It hed ne charm fer
him new May OeS'i cholne MeetlBf
ever roil o« yea ead r«ure ar* my
prayera ever Me see knowe tt but
thoee who nave tliei It Af toon ar 1
ess 1 will >ee othert thet I know
weal! five aariMnt le Itep llielr hue-
•aaade rrem ahmk. I win rive • • m
year  aaUeaee.
Mre  K r>ewmi-'i   Alta."
(Netae wiftheM oa rebaettv
Korw, If vou know nf any family
neodMf tble remedy, tell them about
It. If yeu have aas- IrlanA M relative
Who has termed or le formlnv ttie
drink hebtl help Mm te reiesne hlm-
Mlf from Ite awful clutches fa-
merle Freeerlytloe It seed by phyel-
etene and heepl'alt
A rnr.Vo tiuai, rACKtor ef ta
The "Sugar Bowl Fountain!', like
Charlies Aunt, ll still running. We
are still serving out to satisfied customers our delicious lee cream, todaa
upd Suudeei.
An Offer That   Involves   No   Risk
for Those Who Accept  Ii
We ure so positive our remedy will
relieve constipation, that we ofler to
furnish it free of nil cost if it (ails.
Constipation ,a caused by a weak
ness of the nerves and muscles of tbe
large intestines or descending colon.
To cxfiect relief you must therefore
tune up and strengthen those organ.,
and restore  them to healthier acttvt
lytic want you to ti y Rexall Order-
Iicb on oui guurnntii'. Tbey are eat-
i u like candy, ami ure particularly
ideal for children. Tbey act directK
on tbe nerves anl muscles of tht.
bowels. Tbey havi a noutrul action
on the otbtr organs pr glands. They
do not purge or Cause any Incoovea-
j ience whatever. Tbey act to over
come chroBi" ur hubituul re nstlpatior
.» _.__ .  'and the  myrtadl ol associate or dc-
marls Preeorlptlon with booklet, ftv- pendent chrome ailments. Try Rexall
SLA. tt'trmTB® Orders at our risk. Two sl^, 10c.
free aad peetyeld la 0(e|ft eaalen und Xo, Bold only at uur store —
pacbace to eayeae aatilat ter it and Tbe Rexall Btore, Bews' Drug Btore,
mentloalns   tMe  sapor     Oen-oor^nd-	
£2   TfmS.   ti-!Ur-tL ^Ca"       "  •■»  "»'d   ">•■•»>»-  chocolates'   sho
to-day       The tamarta  ftemnor co.
Deft   46 41 Oafbtrat street. Toronto,   means   "Sugar Bowl    chocolates.
Al.Tlor Sale by   C. R. Macdonald,     The "Sugar Bowl'    hot chocolate,
Drum*, Rcveawtoke, B. C, •»** "* tea, etc, » u^ftrrpagied., WEDNESDAY,  NOVEMBER  13,  1912,
bcenes in  the  London   Offices   of   the   Officials   Afford
Glimpses Interesting, Pathetic c.nd Amusing.—Methods
of Selection erupted.
London—A    v.su   to   the   various  lost l. nrt  In the unsuctessful struggle
i :.  emigration  offices   In   Lun   for a living,  is tbe   next   candidate,
don brings one into contact  with the
many types ol Britons     who ore con1
emplating MtUemem    n  the  Dominion and ..... rds uu interesting insight
,utu  tne methods  j.  s letti  a  adopted uy tbe officials,
.. one were not .......   oi tbe reason
which  brought   ihem  there,   it   migut
j   be buj poaed  that tuej  w«i ■   to
tne  ... ' m.  i a pnysician,  AU
the em :   ..-  ;. .i     a,   iace   cun    express are I i    .   tunc tl, the nu-
■ ■-■ are i i .    ilim . The doc-
tor   ...... nn., tht emigru
tion expert     advises on a condition
■i  in many  cases is ol equal    ii
■   great  importance.
What  i,.l: ,,: men und  women    are
-  ■   Can li ..,'" B lor a new life in    a
new   country     The   best  and perhaps
tbe worst types, It is the business of
ial tu .see  tbat only tbe best
go. Here is .. prematurely old   man.
rie says he Is 41 . hie lace speaks   ol
tbe privations and troubles of   three
score years.  With earnestness that is
pathetic, be pleads  ihut be is     able
nnd willing to tune     up tue arduous
wor* ol a Oanadian (arm,    Indeed it
s has only escape from starvation for
be cannot  work.  here.     This  "case"
can be .itcnied instantly, 'lo tbe discerning official h.s undeveloped phys-
and ■'■■■ee ted frame render   bun
unnt  for Canadian (arming,  He is a
The next  is of tbe right  type.     A
country lad la years old; a Blx-footor
with  tbe tbewt   and  muscles of    one
woo ua.- guided the plow from early
boynoodt He ,s ;iuni    Somersetshire,
"•■•  i   :.■   ' . Di :  »i .,  week uud    kept
lell and he is after that   ill)    a
rnoutn and  board in  Canada. Besides
bia Iriend who went out there years
has uow got a farm of ltin acres.
He  is  going  to  follow  his example.
Thie n...n is tecured right away.
Uong c lines a type which you don't
■: ■   ranch   In  I'uuadn,  at    leust
until he has , arned not to emphasize
bis opinions.   With  oil the asscrtivo-
•:   a Londoner,  he even at    ibis
Stage   tails  the  men  he  has  come to
for information, what he knows ubout
Canada. In „ mental vision one    can
see :..::. telling  the  (.'ana lun farmer
• It   ■■      to Jo it."   Such indc-
peodencv  is  ref« thing  aftei   listening
to u nnmbt fault Is that they
but he needs   to
spoken ;    plainly aud the official
insuring lum that
' I bo served H be
I .... tin  tray
■  them dune.     "EiCel-
lays the officiui, "he
"■••• it  after a few months
tbe man who commen-
I ;,. | .
I   ' - . i- read over
'    '     Tory
> ■ work
•'■ lC of on i ccount
of •' a   . ... nment
be fa ebo ta ding
Ie* r iasm ,.
•■■ ■
-r   the CO .
. ■
■ hai  ,»re^   ,i    • •
Hen       ,_
- •
■ '
i   son     '.
I •    ■  ,
•   .   a     y.
1 ru
n   ■ .
Itie fatal
Tb'n  Kl
lir  ,,       . i.      . k   '
r jTllerK      (    ft  In    hears
«   try born    robusl
tad healthy   on .u ■ mv rouo|it«rp(
'.; hn- tb- -.;■ ■       •  B U lu and  be ll
Vn-iitired to «ek-   tli'   '/.art *."• briad-
»v latbi •   i' j a    J< id.
next   iprlsj.
'aasot mill » ileome tbem,    Horo tu
•irt »h •    '   bi  bai Only
•   l i  an.l nl.'.-    will    find
1. search ol wives.
, t      Thr»s thnii"iind
1  ,n  laflMff"
. ■ ,, Ml ii n   "
, -i article.
.. ..avo wile vhott   bJil'aiOvi    luw
tfhe is prepared to mend tbc family
fortune.-, by tatting a place uh a domestic in Canada. Here <bv is a
charwoman, but tho wages are so
small and the insurance uct bus made
her employment   uncertain.
And so on m an i ndless procession,
One ls welcomed; another is warned
hot to go to Canada. In this way tbe
officials prevenl many undesirables
from reaching the Dominion, li is the
must valuable Oanaidlan wurk done m
tins country. 2
plaintiff,  is at his     office,    Imperial
Ilnnk nioek,  Itevelstoke, B.C.
To  the     above     named defendant,
Judgment Debtor. Nov.9, 2t.
WANTED—Nursing, apply to Mrs.
McDonald, corner of Third streot
nud Connaught avenue, or phone to
Number 365, lm.
WANTED—A small Furnished house,
by u careful tenant. Apply to A. 13.
.WANTED—(ine Furnished Houso for
Winter months. Apply Box til,
Rovelstoke, B. C.
In thc County Count of West Kootenay bidden at Revelstoko. ln tne
matter of the Execution Act,
Coal mining rights of tbe Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan aud Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North west Territories and in a portion of tbe Province of British Columbia, may bo leased lor a term ol
twenty-one yeurs at au unnuul reut-
ul of ?1 an aero. Nut more tbau
l.oitt) acres will be leased to one applicunt.
Application fur lease must be made
by tbe applicant in person to tbo
A(jent or Sub-Agent of tbe diBtrict
In which tbu rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the '.and must
be described by sections, or legal
BUb-diviBioii« of sections, and ln un-
BUrvoyeO territory the ti'act applied
for shall be stuked out by tbe ap -
plicant  himself.
Each applicant must be accompanied by a fee of (5 .vbich will be refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royally shall bo paid ou tbe merchantable output ol tho mine nt the
ru.te ol five cents per ton.
Thc person operating the mine shall
furnish the Ageut witb sworn returns
accounting for tho full quantity of
merchantable cuul mined ar.il pay tbc
royalty thereou. If the coal mining
rights are uut being opera ted, eucb
returns Bhould be furnished ut loast
once a year.
Tbe lease will Include the coal mia-
:ng rights only, but the lessee may
iie permitted to purchase whatever
available surface  rights  may  be con-
N'elBon land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take nutioe tbut Patrick J. Murphy
of West Demurs, B. C, occupation,
Rancher; iuteuds to apply ior permission io purchuse the following described lunds:
Commencing ut a post plunted at
tbe North Eust Corner of District
Lot No. 8504, theuco eust 20 chuius,
thence south 20 chains, theuce west
20 chains, thencc north 20 cbuins, to
poiut of commencement, containing
40 acres. Land situuted east of East
Demurs, B. C. Dato ol Location, December 3rd, 1911.
Dated October 17th,   1912.
LIQUOR  ACT,   1910.
Notice iB hereby given that, on tho
HrBt  dny   ol  December  next,   application    will  be    made  to  tbo  Superiu-
I tendent      of    Provincial    Police    for
'renewal  of  tbe  hotel   license  to    sell
'liiiuor   by  retail  iu  the  botel  known
us  tbe    Lakeview    hotel,  situate    at
Arrowhead, in the Province of    British Columbia.
Datod  this 15th day of Octoo^r, VJ12
1st iBS.  Oc,  10, 3ud. \|nni-.intu
In ibe matter of    un action between
D. Gaiiicano, l'Juiuuii, uud N. Tevan-
Sak, Deicndunt.
Take Notice that a Motion  will  be Bidered  necessary  lor the  working  ol
made   | before     the Local    Judge iu the mlno at the rate of     110.00     an
Chambers of tbis     Honourable Court acre.
on Wedncuday tbc Mth day oi Noveni jpor [Uu     information     application
ber,   A.D.,   1912 at  10:30  o'clock     iu should be made to the Secretary    of
the loronoon,  or so soon     thereafter the Department of the Interior,    Ot-
us Counsel can lie beard at the Court tawa, or to the Agent or 8ub-Agent
House at Itevelstoke, in the Province , 0[  Dominion Lands.
of British Columbia by Mr. Ueorge S. W.  Vi. CORY,
MeCarter, Couusel for tbe above nam- Deputy Minister of tbe Interior.
ed pluiutill  tJudgment  Creditor) call- .        ...    .. ,
' . , , N.B.—Unauthorized   publication    of
ing  upon  tin- ubove named  delenuunt      , .„       .   , ,»
,   ,' i this  advertisement   will   not   tie  paid
iJudgment   Debtor)     to     show   cause
why tbc laud hereinafter described, or
tbe interest therein, ol tbe suid Judgment Debtor, or a competent part of
the suid lunds should not be sold to
realize  tbe  sum  of  1117,48,  One  liuu-
Notice Concerning Tenders for
Timber   Supplies.
died and seventeen Dollars atij lorty-
eight cuts, payable under a Judg -
im nt pronounced by this Honour a ole
Court on the 21st Juue, 1912.
lands above referred to are mure
particularly described as tollotvs: —
Lot Four Id Block 104, according to
a plan of  part  ol the suul  City     <>!
Revelstoke. deposited ,n tbc Laud Sealed renders addressed to the un-
ReglBtry office at Nelson, B.C., and dersigned, endorsed "Tenders for Tlm-
uumbered tic. ■'       „■ received up to aoon on
AND   FURTHER    TAKE NOTICE Tuesday  -h"  12th ol November, 1912,1
that in support of this Motion leseripi ons of tim-l
be read tbe Judgment of this Hon- I - Pine, oak. ■
Durable Court   pronounced  herein, tbe   Fir, Tea r-      at j
21st duy ol June,  1912      the District  H.M. il   Halifax,  N.8.,
Registrur of  Titles'     Oertiflcate    ol Forms of tend-
Dncumbrances respecting lands,     an.i  er ma
the   affidavit   ol     Geo   3   McOartei Store
sworn and duly filed h< I
Date I this 9th day of IN ■ '    '
LIQUOR ACT,  .1910.
Notice is hereby given tbut, on tbo
lirst duy of December next, application will be made io the superintendent oi Provincial Police for renewal
of the hotel license to sell liquor by
retail in the hotel known as the
lilacier House hotel, situate at Glacier, in the Provinoe Ol BritiBh Columbia.
Dnted  thin  10th  nf October,  1912.
J. M. YOUNG, Applicaut.
1st issue Nov. C.
The well known Keen Kut Shoe and the Wellington solid leather Shoe. They are r both
leathers. We also carry a full lirte of Tan
Shoes.   Call and see them before purchasing.
LiQUOR  ACT,  1910.
Notice is hereby given tbut, on the
lirst day of December next, application will bo made to the Superintendent o( Provincial Police (or
renewal of tbe botel license to sell
liquor by retail iu the hotel known
as tho Kvu hotol, samite at Camborne, in the Province ol Uritiou ( c-
Dated this 15th day ol October, 1912
H,  G.  WARE,
1st iss. Oc. 16, 30d. Applicant.
LIQUOR ACT,  1910.
Notice ie hereby given thnt, on thfl
lirst day of December next, application will be made to tbe Superintendent of Provincial l'ollco for
renewal of tbe hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as tbo Beaton hotel, situate ut Deal
nn, in the Provinoe ol British Columbia.
Dated  thiB 15th day ol October, 1912
H. NF.LI.1H,
1st  iss.   Oc.  Ili,  aod. Applicant.
Boot and Shoe Ropalrors,
Harnoss Makers
LIQUOR  ACT,   1910.
Notico iB hereby given tbat, on the
lirst day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of tbe hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in tbc hotel known
us the Hnlcyon Hot Springs hotel,
situate at Halcyou, iu the Provlnco
of  British  Columbia,
Dated tbis 15th duy of October, 1912
1st  Iss.  Oc.  16,  30d. Applicant
LIQUOR ACT,  1910.
Notico is hereby given that, on the
first day ol December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Hotol Queens situate at Com-1
apllx, in the Province of British
Dated this 15th day ol October, 1912
1st iss.  Oc.  IC 30d. Applicant.'
LIQUOR ACT,   1910.
Notico is hereby given thut, on the
first day ol December next, application will bo made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police tor
renewal of tho hotel license lo sell
liquor by retuil iu tbc hotel known
as the Criterian hotel, Bituato at
Camborne, in the Province of BritiBh
Dated  tbis loth duy of October, 1912
W.  S.  RENNIkl,
1st iss. Oc. IC, 30d. Applicant.
LIQUOR  ACT,   1910.
Notico is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application will bo made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Lardeau hotel, situate at
Comaplix, in the Province of British
Dated this 15th dny of October, 1912
LIQUOR ACT,  1910.
Notice is hereby given that on the
1st duy of December next, appiica -
lion will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Polico for renewal
uf tho hotol license to sell liquor by
retuil iu the hotel known as tbc City
Hotel, situate in Arrowhead, prov -
iuce of British Columbia.
Dated this 19th day of Oclonor,
1st iiss.  Oc.19 30d. Applicant.
1st iss. Oc. 16, 30d.
It.,  l 112,  at   i. Bril
OEO   S   u      -
tw>P':' ervlce
■ tor lor the Pis
The -
..ce uf the Solicit ir foi t ill
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For S iie or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
•ds of machine needles
MANNING.   Agent.
LIQUOR ACT,  1910.
Notico is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
renewal ol the botel license to sell
liquor by retail in tbe hotel knowu
as tbe St. Leon hotel, situute at St.
Leon, in the Province of British
Dated this 15th day ol October, 1912
let iss, Oc. Iti, 30d. Applicant.
may be
paid $50
in Cash for
improving your
walk like this ■*>
Can   [jan farmi rs will
n . *ive cash  prizes   | twelve
'':■()'. ini e    in our big
Notice is hereby given that, on the
first day ol December next, application will be mude to thc Superintendent ot Provmciul Police Ior
renewal ol tbe hotel licenso to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as thc Union hotel, situate at Arrow-
bead in tbe proviuce of British Columbia.
Dated  this  15th duy ot October, 1912
ist  Ihk.  Oc.   16,  3od. Applicant.
I have opened uji a Restaurant in Lower Town
and will serve all Chi-
M dishes, such as chop
Suey, Noodles, etc.
Next in i Ire Hull
lil'MUNf    287
I I r:   hi d i . o ten lasi v it in
♦ »   ol ci   '       llu. ;■■ .ir thi ri  wi
which  l'i rnt/' <.  wete
' ■ I be three timi • u   many
im,/. i ... : then (ore thn a • m    •   m ui
tn uni om ol ili  ir
You do not h -
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comp;. ..' i ■ I) little  i em,
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. • ,. [   .,. . ,(. ,, tpi., i      i,.
'. •     o
\ ■     *'.'.■>
1 I
... ('.
■ •»-! •►*-- .. «t, pin
.,      (.,   ... i
Jj'CO   rS NOTHING. TO KNTP.R   i    n   r,,.-..,., .•,..„'-... -,■
,.. i ,.,-■!.,.,.,,. .■■.,..,,     • ptflai Im llii ■ i
.      lb)   .      ' Whnt/hr Farm." f .,-, It.,  W <', i .,.,, rvtf," -In' w-ii r   -
.'   mMilllii i " "' '" v ■'■' i" ""-t     It*     ' r>nttoya   Irse whenyvniitk at Ioi v
■ •  i ihi fr."- ■   . '■.'   * ' I-* pirtlcsUn ■ ■ In   Ian >'     end mi  Inn, r".'' •• isa* toll piitl
W I '•'■■" •"" xm€Miuimmio^a_f,   AfWr.it PuMfdtf M«n««r.
Canada Ce)racnt Company   Limited; 533 Herald Bldg ,   Montreal
t'^, \      ' ?"■"■■ ■-
fialnnn flay In ri (Ih in pnrcrlH (if
10 or '20 torn (if i-n Mix:. OOTTM*
pondflooc iii riu I,
John Shaw. Agent.
Uox 616 Arrowhead
Transfer     Drying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42 r   Ni^ht Phone )}
Howson (2& Co.
Are prepared to Sell Furniture, Carpets,
Linoleum and alll House Furnishings
at Eastern Prices.
Ask for Cash Discount.
Good Screened Lump Coal (semi hard)
from Lethbridge now in
Birch, Firand   Hemlock—dry—$6 to $7 a cord
Orders will receive prompt attention.    Phone No. Oo
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Revelstoke Plumbing CB,
Sheet   Metal Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
Phone 281
Night Phone 40
P. O. Uox 4»»
Montreal Quebec        Liverpool Portland, Maine, Halifax, Liverpool
ONLY FOUR DAYS AT SUA                                              l'rom From
_____                                                                  Portland     Halifax
New s.s. "Laurentic"..Dec   7   Dec.    8
Saturday, Nov. 16      "   s.s. Teulontic....   "   14       "   15
 Nov. 23      "   s.s. Canada    "   21       "    ll
s.s. Canada  ..
New s.s. MegaUatic.
New s.s. Megantieand Laurentic, 15,000 tons, Largest from Canada, all
classes carried.
S.S. Teutonic, 582 feet, 18,000 li. p. S. 8. Canada, 514 feet, 10,000 tons.
Carry only second and third class. Haggage checked througn to steamer iu
Ixjnd.    No hotel or Trausler Ivxpenses.
New York       Queemtown       Liverpool
"S.S. Cyrillic	
S. S. Baltic	
S. S. Celtic	
N. Y. Plymouth,-    Cherbourg,
Nov.  16    S.R. Majestic Nov. 16
'   2[    S.S. Oceauic  Nov. 23
5  "S.S.St. Louis Nov. 30
"S.S. Cyrillic carries passengers iu one cabin class (II) $52.50 aud third  class
$31.25.   American Line Steamer.
Company's Office, 619 Second Ave., Seattle, 3 doors from Cherry Street,
or A. G. Brooker, Agent, C.P.R. Ry., Revelstoke.
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turning*
W   are in the manufacturing business f
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turnings, Show
Cases,  Office and Bar   Fixtures,   Storm
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
rJ/Vletal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anVthing in the
Building Line. ,
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B.C.
Everyhody  knowii  him,  hi      '.
itli you iimi the whiskeys w.
■   Vint' mi'   the !"•!.!.     ('nil iuu.
convinced.    No household  slum.
he .without a aupply uf  mn• Kar-
wey's Iptolal Rootoh Whiskey; our
Frapht liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
80 yearn old or Blnokberry Brandy
for Medicinal purpoiee.   Our uluc.lt.
of choice Wlnei and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled; ■  Hold by all
the leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd,
imperteri M«P««tfr») In fere Klrae, Uaw», Cigar* and Clfarettei
i WEDNESDAY,  NOVEMBER  13,  1912.
THEi JMLA.TJs-JETT£Ti^.lsJD,   Tl    VEIfiTOJS1 t±!
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
Why not do some of your Xmas
Shopping early. You know the
usual crowds at the season's
'The Campbell Rids"
The greatest character doll ever put over.
Dutch boys and girls, Baseball Players, Football players, non-breakable heads, and all
hard Wash Cloths, and all making a big hit
with the cute dolls at each 	
Wools   Wools!
In   Fancy Colors,  double and single,  Berlin
and Eiderdown Wools and the knitting yarns.
Hair 0
New showing of fine Barrettes, Combs,  Hair
Ornaments and Comb Sets.   All Prices	
25c. to $5.00
Fancy Linens
Our Annual Sale of Fancy Linens is now on.
We have a great showing of Doylies, Tray
Cloths, Sideboard and Buffet Drapes in the
finest pure white linens; nice pieces from	
25c. to $10
The greatest line of Dressed Dollies we have
ever shown at 25c. 50c, 75c and $1.00 up to
We have a good Idea in Fancy Work. Each
piece and all the thread and material to complete them,    Towels, Bags, etc, at each	
35c. to $1.50
Groceries and Crockery Department
Take Elevator to Fancy Goods Department
A Table of Fancy Articles, pin cushions, photo
frames, sachet folders, Handkerchief Cases,
pin trays, etc.
Beautiful Furs
Some specially nice sets in Lamb, Beaver, Seal,
Alaska Sable, etc We have always demonstrated our ability to sell good Furs and can
point with pride to most of the good furs in
town having come from here.
Shop Early and get the Pick
of our well assorted stock in
our Fancy Goods Department.
Umbrellas    Umbrellas
(■reat stock of the new designs handles now in,
tops of the Gloria Silk, up to the finest pure
silk tops.
Pure H
We have just placed in stock a large shipment
of Pure Honey, fresh from Brussels, Ont., in
5 lh. and io lb. tins, and half lb. jjj Ib. and
l lb. jars; quart sealers.
See Our Corner Window for
Classy Biscuits
Huntley & Palmers are fresh from their
Factory in England. Christie's are also just
in from Ontario	
Prices from 2 lbs. for 25c. io 75 Cents Per Pound
Fruit and Chocolates
Fresh   G. B.  Chocolates  in  half and   i   lb.
Cape Cod Cranberries, Sweet  Potatoes,   California Grapes, Grapes, Bananas, Oranges and
New China, New Cut Glass, New Dinner Sets,
New Tea Sets.    All kinds Fancy China.
Bovril and Fluid Beef
This is the time of year for Bovril and Fiuid
Beef.    A shipment just arrived	
16 o/. bottles of Johnson's Fluid Beef.
20 oz. bottles Bovril Cordial.
4 oz. bottles Bovril.
2 oz. bottles Bovril.
Specials for Friday and Saturday Only
Ghenardeilis Ground Chocolate, half ib.  tins 15c.
Canada Corn Starch 3 packages for 35c
Nabob Custard  Puddings 10c. per package
Nabob Tapioca Puddings 10c. pcr package
Beef Loaf 10c. per tin
Condensed Cocoa 20c. per tin
Choice T
Sunbeam Tea, Red, good, pcr Ib       40c.
Sunbeam Tea, blue, best, per lb      50c.
New Fruits will bc in next week.
Let us assist you in the trying problem of keeping dry feet. We are prepared to fill
all and any orders for Rubber Footwear at once. Our stock is complete, and our
line, the famous "MALTESE CROSS BRAND,," has no superior. Rubbers for
Children, Men and Women; Overshoes and Cardigans from Children's sizes, 6. to
Women's sizes, 7 ... Men's Stub Proof Heavy Rubbers in all styles, weights and
sizes.   Call and let us show you that our goods and prices are right.
Now, when you are thinking of that present for the distant friend, let us help you
in deciding now when the lines are complete and sizes unbroken, we can offer you
a wider selecticn and better service than later when we are rushed.
A Few New Arrivals
Men's, Boys' and Misses' tTVIoccasins—
An ideal present for tlie friend in a foreign
Prices. $1.75 to $3.50
and metal devices. They make up into a
small, compact parcel	
Prices, 75c. to $2.00
FELT  SLIPPERS   for  Men,   Women
and Children.    An ideal present for send
ing away,
Prices, 50c. to $2.00
linen, excelda. all in plain borders, or initialed   	
Priees, lSe. to $1.50 Eaeh
MEN'S NECKTIES-All new shapes
and coloring,   either   in   fancy boxes  or
Prices, 50b. to $2.50
A wide range of Pipes, Cigar Holders, Tobacco Touches and Cases. Everything
fur the smoker at prices from	
25 Cents to $20.00
We are showing a few nice lines of Curtains, Screens and Madras by the
yard from 20c. to 50c, also many different patterns of Lace Curtains.
You will do well to see them before buying.
On Carpet and Oarpet Squares we are making a Special Discount of 20
per cent, on an already low price. There are some exceptional good
bargains in Tapestry and Brussels. We are mading this offer for 10
days only.
This week we have opened up our Fall consignment of the best Scotch
printed and inlaid linoleum, some very good designs in black and white,
green and white, tile, etc., also oak flooring and Parquet design. Now is
the time to make your selections while the stock is all here. Come and
see them anyway.
ia.msw.iw. inwi mina,
| hai \ '
.'■ ■■•    a "
:  '■'
««.   -.'».■    Yt   oi
Fresh Shipments Com      i® Hand Daily
Ow,.       . for Ladies and    ies
: fit girls I    IB,    14 years
La i     i   lists,   ladiee Ket Waists
allured Waists
. es s'Wool Ce i
Lai s Hand lags direct from Best American
Infants M Jackets at all prices.
"i    fi
iT .    .   ■tvt.wfl  *j_*,-o,i.±n-L:ifja*.r.smt.itiri'V%xwA--'*.
■  Bffl
Mrs.  v..  A.  i-' recel.'i    un
•    he     l'i
So      IS.     ol ection.
.       ;...,..     l>aj ■' ■
I .....
;....' 1 tills i ,-eniUg.
i',r<.   ft  ei.   I.■• ': '"'' '•'■  •''
.,     ..    How il I,   o!
.. iuort    viBlt
: city,
I to attend   :..■ Johu I'.Cluni
travel ta ' >"'u'"
J.  H.   Ji  :'   ■'' ■  '" "
.. :,  o short
?aslt       .        Creek.
.    i    '
y   , ,u to Hu' metrop-
,ri ..( thii* week.
Mr. K. 1 the Mi
ui l lor
^r.,yaa-.g.-].>rgj ty-.e.'.^.f.    ...   'T: ftlfr.l In;.   . f.f    ~t.::.\.*e2!K'it*.,tio        ' _     ■- .*CiaT»Ca»W»..3bta,aV.M jj
Pn . a u ,tixg Season
1 ,,. ; h lie beat.    II pro-
. .   ... nits    ■     n uot be bi either in •     , we
MM      \, , ,,. ,],..
till onl i-n.
FRl'lT .I.VItH  \> S) III '11! II US
This Reason i 1111 i Lul Mm lit- J irs in Pints,
j 0.unri - ...i.l hall Rail aire no c      in ut.    They -nc
;>.n exci Hence.
A. HOBSON,      -     MacKenzie Avenue
Revelstoke Inside Property
I e[i\ Kstate    si '■•      uul    .; :u before nil the most desir-
uble rcsitleiuiul lots arc '. iketi n|
L,asl week we nniile sevei lyera mil ll will ■■■
sin .'. linn I ire nil closed out.
, .    :        il   oiu   pro .  t;  can be sol I
ou easj tei nis.
Kootenay Agencies. Limited
R. V. Urcei    M-l
: urliamentui j ilutii     I li
ol  Kpokane nn.l  Ro
moth    smoker ll
Ml.    J.    II
. I
. n with ti..   bazaar   at
St    Francis     Hall,     th
I ■
i ui-i's every night. Thursday, Friday
ami Saturday and Baturday afternoon
matinee, Brandon and Taylor will be
seen in some very good singing, talking and dancing acts, with Russell
Parker tho great luggler. New motion
pictures everj night, Baturday after
noon will bo tor i.a.lies and children,
LOc., and -He, at 2:30 p.m.
Monday,  is,  \:t, 20, Noal and Neal,
ci ftiody singing, talking, novelty bai
. anclng acts. Max Shaull juvenile char
acl ir ii ipei-si nator,      1  il   22nd,  and
i I,     Southwlck an I  .i.i.1.1, in', loa
a    punchers; .hm r.i oy,  I; Ish coni-
i il nn.
(Continued Irom  Page Ono.)
li mi lemen,—I bag Lo submit my
reporl lor ihu ttali yeai ending this
day ol  tho Ravelstoke t'rogress Olub,
'.» May tho iiiii, iveral citizens ol
i lie Oity ol Revolstoke m ■■ I '■ neces
Bitj for an organization that would
further . he Internets ami bring belore
thn public the Importanco ol ltevc-l -
stoke; ninl nt 11., same time he entirely Iree Irom .my political rn- private Interests, and a public meeting
wus called and It was decidod to
form the Revelstoke Progress club;
it.^ membership was to bo male up ol
any persan who believed that Revel
stoke was ono ol i li i bi st, 11 nol I ...
besl city in tho Dominion tor ihe set
tier, Investor or capital! t. Btrong
11 teei were ioim. i. and irnmed-
... to work to make known
.'in aii i,ms ul mir city.
■in May lith, Him l'i ogress Oiu ■
look up wiih the lh.n. Minister ol
I'ublic WorkB the advisabllltj  ol re
'     Mounl   Revi iHtoko as ,i  Park
lor tho oity.
■■ en t.n y communicated with Wie
Portland Chamber ol Oommorco, re
i M.   i lolumbin  i in r route to I'orl land
    and   .a   reply   rei eh ed   lei i •,
. a ii  M.,.iy  was continually bring
.a    beloi ■   ; he i ,B. V. g rnment tbe
II J   Ol   I 111 ■   Illipol ..UU    .Vaterway
.    ...       up   t.i   III.' Iiomi
ilary; letl irs were also Bent to    the
O.l'.R. calling tbeir attention  to the
attractions ollered tho Tourist
nl  Revi Istoke, and particularly oo the
top ol Mount RevelBtoke,
ni a ti [it i  Beveral  mombera ol    the
ess i lub attended  the  Panama
Canal     convention  In Culgury     ami
brought    home     very forcibly to the
ui i.- ai. m pi. Bupciini advan
i.i.-..-  that   thia city  ollered  to    any
other tor the cheap transportation ol
grain nn.l merchandise Irom tbe 1'r.i
ol     i anada to the l .8, \.,  \ ia
the Columbia nvei. un Augusl  21st,
th    Mon. Thos. Taylor accompanied
i.y members ol tbe Dominion House.
and .'iini ai... rtant personages, turn
ed the first sod of tb Motor
roa I  up   •'•■    I   !■■  elstoke;  tbis Im-
nt wa» duly recorded    In
all i ii mt  paper, in tbe Un -
nam. Revi. toke 11 om
■ff under way
witb  ■ >'. i .ii   oi
is s  that  With  tbe  many seeitic     ut-
Lractlons that  will be brought before
the tourist by the new Alpine motor
roa i that hotel accommodation would
bo al  a premium and     nothing near]
ai. ..iai .  to  accommodate  the  tour-
.sts that   would slop oil at ibis lm-1
portant point and  It was the inten
tion ol thai company to erect a tirst'
class  hotol  at  I Ills eity.
Tho  Industrial  committee ol     this
Olub lune  bei i got luting  u Ith  Be\
i ral iir'u.. v. ith a view     to    getting '
\ Bkwh- drug Stoke
OCl'S    I
..... . 1 .
Il.e .    ,
I Ai 1 UlNDt HWtAR
uv   r    ppei   I" tl \ - i   <"'«   COMPLJLT*   HOLII
M :.ni.    1 ■•-■   	
3EVtT";m ■"  RI XALL STOKE div."? . g
them to locate here; aiml while tbey I
havo imi as yet met with tho success
that ili.'y deserve, they are not nog
looting any opportunity ol bringing
the advantages that this eity oilers
to manufacl urers, .. bo an desirous ol
local in. In  ilie  west.
We un li i'i tand i Imi. il ms the inten
tion ol the O.P.R.  to     double  trai ■•
their ma.n  line and  lb  view  ...     the ,
important       i osit'lon      that   this  citj
h ilds  . elng  ; iaet.ii ally   the best  lo -!
cal d city  from a dlstt ii nt In ; point
ol i lew  in Hi'itish Oolumbia, an I hav !
ing such Immense resources surrounding .i ami also the tact thai  recenl
!.. ,i iJorporalIon applied to tho gov
ernment lor a charter to open     tbe |
Big Bend country up by railroad and
that   the Dominion  government     has'
Men lit  to send out surveyors to report on the advisability ol the Ool-I
unibia river as a  means ol transpor-l
tation; and also  to the remarks    ofl
Sir Richard McBride on a visit     to
this     eity      some  time ago tbat      It
would  li.' only  a     short time  before
either the t'.l'.U. or the C.N.R. would
bave ,i railway     to     the north and
south of  this eity  and also to  I lie  re-]
marks made by  Mr.  Maber the representative ol tho Dominion government!
that  the lands In  this vicinity  would!
shortly   bo  avallablu  lor  the settler;
I  Ihink  that   this elub should look into tb. advisability nf raising   money
bj   asking that I be c ly  give an amount   largo enough  to enable an    ex-l
1 n    ■..   a Ivert Islng  campaign  to     bo
ii i li .1  mi  sii  that   Revelstoke  " The
i apil 'I "I Canada's   \lps ' could    he
. i "'.'.lii   moi •   ,:..,;..: ntly before thei
public ol Oanada and elsewhere.
I'.....re el,.soil; 1 would like to thank
all the   officers and members who so J
kindly gave ol their time tii     to
the elub and myself ami tor tbo many
tlom    that   have  made   the  sec-,
retary's  work  easier,  and  especially
to tho proprietors ofthe Mall-Herald
tor their able    Bupport In recording,]
printing and transmitting to tho citi j
ens not only oi this town,     but to
llflerent  newspapers ol     Canada, I
any Important event that would havo
a tendency to bring prominence     to
Revelstoke, all ol which is respectfully submitted.
W. H. HOROBIN, Secretury
We have just unpacked a complete line of Sporting
Goods of all kinds. Mr. Fisherman, tion't forget to
inspect our Btock of Fishing Tackle. When you see it
you will say. "BEST IN TOWN."
ilstoke iriiware Co., Ltd.
Dealers in all kinds of lho Best Hardware
Agents for Gurney Chancellor Ranges and Minerva Paints
Thursday, iiiieioiier 21 st, 1912
a m
rhe Red Rose
A meeting will be beld al the Oity
Hall on Thursday the ISth inst... al
v :30 p.m. Object, to lorm tbe local
branch ol tho league.
All those Interested are earnestly
requested to uttend, both women aud
men, i
Seats at Macdonald's Drug Stoie
11 tve you awakened yet to the fact that there are great, opportunities
profitable investment in Hevelstoke Real Estate at the present
time. Lost week we sold over $7,000.00 worth of local realty and are
having enquiries for "good buys" almost daily. Many are realizing
the i.ui several from outside points) that the great advantages com-
next year n;c;'.n large increases in realty values and are investing
now to be in on the ground lloor while prices are low.
Pi| Reform (     inj       Stetson H
and 75 Foot  Frontage on Mackenzie cAve.
In, only     $ 3,600 00
Icrn Si   Room House on Fourth Street  2,200 00
,  l [ouse "ii Lot 50x100, Fifth Street  2,550 00
Hou            i  irge Barnson 4 lots Third Street  3,200 00
i Lot, McKenzie revenue, on Corner.   A snap  2,100 00
Foui Lol        •            itreet    <■/. good buy at each  375 00
, ■: loo 'in Ninth Street, euch  025 00
',oo Os for Terms and Particular^
J. B. Watson Realty Company
I/i'ol Agency. American Casunlty Co.
! . '.    FOLEY, Manager, MauKcnzio Avenue


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