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The Mail Herald Jun 11, 1910

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Full Text

 " Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $60.
Interior Publishing Co., Agts.
The fc iil-Herald
Visiting Cards
/c Interior Puolishing Company
° R ' '        '   ^PRINTERS  AND PUBLISHERS
Vol. 16-No. 45
$2.50 Per Year
Bargains in
Having sold the bulk of our
Sporting Goods at a fair profit, we have decided to clear
out the balance of our stock
in these lines at greatly reduced prices, including:
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and Gloves.
TENNIS GCODS-Racquels, Nets,
Racquet Bags and Presses,
and last year s Tennis Balls.
See cur Sporting Goods Window
Prices Marked on all Goods
A Work of Immense Value to
Tho new dam at tlio city power
plant lias been completed ns fur aa
possible till fall. Not n great deal re
innina to be done then, but the water
became loo high to allow the work
to Iw finished, and i1 ■• final toucheB
must remain till low water next fall.
The work has been one of the mosl
dillicu.lt attempted hero, mado so by
the nature of the work, requiring it
io bo done in mid-winter and lho In,
tensely folded and broken ohnrncler ot
lho rocks forming lho walls of tho
canyon of the lllocillowaet at tins
point. The latter conditions made
the woik exceedingly dangerous to the
workmen, and while ono had fatality
occurred, in which three mon lost
their lives, iho wonder is ihai there
were not more accidents.
There was loo much delay pi starting work in the first place. Had il
been gone ahead with immediately lhe
conlrai'1 was let it could havo been
completed before high water, and with
l< trouble and friction with il ity
council than has lien experienced.
The dam has li.'on completed lo au
elevation of Mtl fool above lho bod of
the lllecillownet, and only throe moro
feel have to be added to lho present
vrest lo complete the permanent dam.
: Vltove iho crest of tho main dam will
lbe piers built  to a height of (ifi.  I  iu.
Battleford and throe, govornmont
Ibridges at Saskatchewan, li. Gibson,
who has boon with Mr. Newman for a
number of years, was superintendent
of llie work, and Vi. Lea was timo-
keeper. Now that the dam 1ms been
carried lo such a successful issue, tho
oily is to bo congratulated ou tho result, as Itevelstoke will havo a power
plant that for ils slzo oannot lie beat
in in any city in lho province
in tho carrying    out of    whicli
New Water Supply System to be
A special meeeing of lho city counoil
was hold on Thursday    night     with
und I acting Mayor Trimble and full board
high jprosont, except Aid. MoKiunon,
'edit is due to the engineers, contractors, superintendent and tho former cily counoil who initialed and let
tho contract for tfio work, and tho
mayor and committees ol  tho prosont
ity council who have had the rospon-
ibility ol carrying it out.
other    i
whieh will rest
iso the water ii
ni  feet     above
the       stop
tie-    dam
ils present
Kootenay Central to be Started
at Once
I',, Foley, Welch & Stewart, con -
tractors lor all construction ol the
iii and Trunk Pacilla Uailway in Uritish Columbin eastward from I'rinco
Rupert, has been aw'ardod the work
of building    twenty-li\
line      of      Ihi'    Koolell.'l-
w'uy.      This contract
awarded      the  firm    !>
holders    of    the    Kootenay
i harter.  according   to  ad\ ie,
ihis morning by  tlie agents
contractors   iu   Vancouver,
lo  l,e stal'teil  jll-t   as  soon   a
tractors  .-nn col   their plant
on   ihe   ground.      The  conti
ins jus!
lhe   C.
of    lho
b i
I'.  It.,
■onl nil
The Mayor cxplui ed thai the chief
business of tho evening was tu decide
us iu whether Mr. Newman should bu
granted an extension uf lime on the
dam work, and return him his $10,01)0
Ahl. Cowan reported thai VV. Newman having requested a further extension of time on the power duni
contract, lie it resolved that Mr. Newman bo granted au extension until
February 1st, 1011, only on tho iuluw
inu  conditions:
A. Thut Mr. Now nmn ilo pay tlio
eity $001.-17 us ascertained and liquidated damage aerued to dale by reason
of breach of clause I- of ihe conti'aut
specification ou account of shut down
of power plain.
I'.. That ihe granling of ihis ex-
teusion shall uol lie considere I as
waiving or forfeiting on ihe pari ui
iho ,it\ any rights whatever ulroady
accrued  lo  the eity by  reason  of eon-
mus #
There's a satisfaction in
the purchase of a first class
article, especially when the
price is no more than you
have often paid for inferior
goods. We have everything
in the line of fine Kitchen-
ware—Stew Kettles, Tea
Kettles, Double Boilers,
Coffee and Tea Pots, etc.
We carry  a complete stock of Shelf and
Heavy  Hardware:   also   Refrigerators,   Lawn
Mowers, Garden Hose. Mire Fencing and Gates,
^3L Ice Cream Freezers.     Agents for Sherwin Williams Faints.     Kootenay and Sask-alta Ranges.
Bourne Bros.
I   I In
li   is
■epl  i
1,1   till
Lawrence Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
iincrcte work of tho dam      has
,  far completed  in  an oxeellent
the  i     ^^
lllueillewacl   111
'.I  inches  in   widiI
in  width  at   'ho
spans  ih
I-   fee:    '.
fool   ^^^^^^^^
present work, and from
the ihun the piers yel to
l,e tapered to cighl feel
lowever, built  -olid on
iiiiii    which
a  base    of
lapering   to
top     of        llle
tho     iop   of
be added  will
Tlie dam  is
ihe north side
rk    i.
io lop of piers to
of   the   foundation
which      will     be   o
dam  at   that  poini
form one wall
for th,- gatehouse,
instructed over the
Thi-.   will   give     a
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head OtFico -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Brooches nr Agents al all principal points in't'anudn.
Agents In Grenl Britain ami United States—London, England,
Lloydt Bank, [limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Ex-
ahangeNational Hunk. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nm-ndii National Bank, Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCieneghan, Mgr.
We Put Up
Choice Corned Beef
and Pickled Pork
In lOO lb. and
200 lb.  Barrels
P. Burns & Oo.
Ladies' Summer Underskirts
Sec tins shipment before making your Summer
Underskirt purchases,    lengths, 38, 40 ond U
Black Sateen, Moirette, English Silk
Gloria Taffeta
Mrs.  A. G> Crick
height of 10 feet above the gates.
There are two penstocks, each six-
foot in diameter, The sluice is 8ft. by
IJi't., of which lift, has been Idled Bnd
rook lin< been shot down on tho south
bank to close the sluices us far as
possible for the present. When Ihe
work is resumed in fall lhe sluice opening will be permanently filled,
A wing wall has been pul iu on tlio
north side lo protect the bank and
entrance lo the penstocks and pipe
line, mid the bank is further strengthened by a took lill above, while tho
r. I'. I!, have themselves buil I a re.
mining wall above. Tlie completion
of ihe inner gatehouse piers i- left
till low water. The two gales are in
plnoe, und a temporary gatehouse and
hoisting apparal i will lie pul in till
the permanent work can !»■ completed
in the fall. A concrete abutment has
vet io 1>. put in t,, strengthen the
dam on the south side.
The dam has a length of 131 feet.
li contains 3,000 cubic yards ol eon-
crete, anl 500 yards more will lie
required  to complete  tiie work.
The new dam is now 22 foot above
ihe iop of ilie old 'lam. mil when
completed will be '.I'.I feet higher,
The elTecl   of   lhe   new   dnlll   is   lobaek
iho water up lo the Illecillewuot canyon   giv ill.'   ;,   big   and       deep     body   of
water which will catch and hold baok
any frazil ice coming into tlie dam,
land also prevent the formation near
ihe penstocks of the frazil ieo which
I has hitherto given so much trouble
during the winter months, If this
result l»' achieved as anticipated, ii
will lie of Immense value to ihe city,
a- ii will entirely avoid the shutdown of ihe power plant through loo,
which has hitherto form,-I such n pro*
voking feature oi the operation of the
power  plain   in  winter.
\s ihowlng the strength ol ihe
lam we may poinl oul thai li holds
back a pressure of water equal to ono
nil'!    a    half   toll'    lo    I hcs,|ii,u ,.        fool.
It will -upply niii" hundred horse pow
or. w ho li will not only enable lhe
eiiy council to lighl the oity in first
class shape. Iml will provide power
for ih.' ('. I'. |(. nhopa and for all Industries now hero andllkely to be established for some years lo come. In
addition to ihi- fine power dam ilm
power and lighl plain- will I,,, considerably nltered nnd Improved. Two
pip.' lines will  he available    lo      iho
■power house. The two single phase
machines now In use will be -old. anil
instead ihere will !„• Installed Westing-
house IM' k, w. and 280 Ii. w. machines. \ l'i" li. p. spiral feed turbine
will also he Installed al ihe powerhouse.
The engineers for the work are
lie i -. Smith, Kerry and Chase, The
work ha- been in diroct charge of Mr.
llafTi.ii. il..' Vancouver partner of (he
firm, whose resident engineer was A.
l Foreman, C, I.. of Van- ouver, I he
' 0 i w.i- let to tt. Newman , ol
W d Ip.-, vlh, h.i- also iho contract!
I lot puttiug iu water supply at Cobalt
for     completion
mile  -'Mi f   ll
year  from  date.
The   coll-lrlleliol
rallied    oil    ul     llll
llie   projected   lino
tiolloWllJ    on   lhe
t:,>l,|,-ii   on   lhe   ll,
the   railway   follow
nay  and  the  uppei
traversing   die  fan
triii,   the  fruit   growing,
and    grazing    possibiliti
haie long been heralded
lain practically dormant
lack of transportation.
of llie I ppor * olumbin
'will mnke pcssible the
of a mineralized area which    has   for
over a    e of year.-   hold   the    utten.
lion ,,f mining men.
I   FromOalloway,  a   -mull  sl at ion    ou
'the line of ihe Crow's Nest Pass
branch of ihe ('. I1. |{., llic line will
inn lo Fori Steele and thence proceed northward twenty-five miles. It
is declared thai on the completion of
this short stretch, construction will
lie rapidly pushed,till lhu entire lino
is finished, G
I melius     delay      ii
under contract
as aforesaid.
I Iml   upon  Mr.
inline   a  proper  bond
$10,000  wiih  socuritie
approved  by   ihis  cot
days from dale,  and
Newman executing a
agreement, embodyin'
Ihis  resolution  ami  -
ilitions   and   terms   !„
lhe Citj   Solicitor,  and  upol
Mr.   Newman     satisfying   th
ill   lho   -un
-   and   i	
noil  within
Upon  said
prop:'!'   e\lell
ilio   tonus
l,h  other        eon
be  approve I   by
the snid
I ol
Ili, ,11-
-    lho   upper    Koole-
Columbia valleys ,
ed Windermere dis-
iwing,    agricultural
es    of    whioh
Iml      have
owing     lo
III  the valley
lhe    railway
The Overalls That Are As
Good As Their Name   >
Declared insane
The acting Deputy-Minister of Jus-
tice at Ottawa has notified ihe provincial authorities that tho surgeon of the
Uritish Columbia penitentiary at
New Westminster has reported Convicl
ttakji Fiiruya. sentenced on t »e 3rd
.May last by Mr. Justice Morrison al
ltevelstoko to ten years' imprisonment
for wounding wiih intent lo murder,
is insane and was inxane whon receiv,
od at ihe penitontiary, 'lhe (town authorities of Uritish Columbia ure accordingly asked lo make oilier provision for the euro, in custody, of the unfortunate Japancso, who will probably
be transferred to ihe hospital for the
mentally afflicted. Furuyn, ii will lie
romenilieied, ma le an entirely unprovoked and ino-l \ ioi,'ill assault upon
Mrs. .1. II. Sibbald here, Blabbing her
-onie iwenly limes wiih a pocket
knife.     She   had   never   seen    llilil   llelole
and ilio ni(iitlt was mado immodlatoly
upon her refusal to comply wiih a
demand for money,
School Trustee Election
ihai all outstanding liabilities of ihe
eouirn, lor, whother for wages, materials ,,r otherwise, have been paid and
satisfied, ihe mark is I cheque of Newman deposited under the eonll'uol as
Beeuri,ty for ihe due performance of the
contract, ihereof be returned to ilu;
contractors, bin nol otherwise. lhe
council wore favorable to this report
ami il  was adopted.
Ahl. Cowun stated lhal he bud submitted ihe proposition of co-operation
in the new water scheme to lhe C. 1'.
If. ai Vancouver, but had no reply.
The following report on the new wat.
or works scheme of taking water fro
Hovelstoke and tlrooly creeks by li.
Smith,  I'.  I.. S., wus read;
"1 have examined the following
sources of supply, vi/.: The Revelstoke
creek which descends from the eastern
slope of Mt. Victoria and reaching ihe
lllo'illewiiot river about three miles
ab ve the Revelstoke eity power dam,
i lively ei'oek mid a tributary of the
Jordon river. The river source of sup
ply oannot be considered us it is not
any closer than the others and the
dangers of breaks iu the section crossing the Columbia river is too serious a factor affecting the continuity
of the supply.
The supply iii Uevelstoke creek has
been estimated al Inn miners inches or
1,360,000 gallons per day. This supply will bu sufficient for 13,000 inhub-
ilants iu the oily mid when added to
the presenl supply will give ample
Water for 14,000 people and also for
Hushing sowers und watering lawn-.
If the oily attains more than ihis pop
ulaiioii ilie supply oun bo augmented
to meel the requirements of a popula,
tion of lii.niin by extonding ihe mains
lo (lively ci'ceY. Thi- extern ion will
be   two   miles   (flpprox)   which       Would
lie ,, very small expenditure for a oity
of I I,unu nml upward, lu \ lew of lho
considerations  afore mentionod   ii     i-
loKi-able,   in  olilor   lo provide  for   lhe
ultimata acquirements of iho city, that
a main should be laid from the pre -
-onl wilier supply dam following lhe
line of leasl COSt lip llle valley of llle
IlleoilleWllol live!'    from li'" ■ I   Oik'
McRae Mercantile Company, Ltd.
The Up-to-Datc Men's Furnishers
c I,   lo   provldo   slllhciinl   lUppl)      for
yours  and  consequently  providing
an "''
The rosull of ihe election
11a-no I,, iill ihe vaoanoy     on    the ■
board,  which   look place on Thursday,       " ^^h ^^^^^m   m^^h
I. „. follows: ilor 1" '""""'"cal extension' to riroelj
\ „     ,.„„! ,   nn  oioek for ihe ultimate supply,   \-  the
tt.   A.    Sturdy,'.......! '...'..'....'"!....!..,!. 70,'"I'P1'  "' "'""'' '""" l<ovol,loUn ° k
II   p    , i -m   will prove Inadequate In future years,
.•ii                                                  , ii  Is advisable  lo proceed  a-  follows;
•spoiled       I .     '
Mm,     ,             ,,      ,         i.ii Construe    a  main from      ihe    prosont
r.   Sturilv   was   therefore  oloolod   bv '           .     ,
I   .....        I    ...       .... Ill 'i     li'l"    20,000    feel    in    ]e„|.|h    lip    llle    Vlll-
ii  niiiioi'ilv of   I.l.    lho     sohool  hoard h '
now consists ,,f, ii. llowson, (chairman) IC. F.ilw.ird-, I'. Yoiiiil'. N. Abrahamson nnd tt'. A. Sturdy, The
ling  was  slow   and   IndilToi'OOl,
The   Ulgll   Sel I   Woll
lie School io n wnrmlj
Wednesday evening by   i
11  was anybody*'  game
over  lho   I'lll).
olllesled game
scorn  of   10-0
all   lhe       way
through, ami llie bosl game llmt has
lii-oii playisl in lhe iiilermodiuto l.oa,
gllo this season. The .1. li. ('. and
I'ublic School cross bills next Wed -
liesday evening.
Moving Pictures to-night.
Moving Pictures to-night.
Moving I'iotui'oi touight.
Inj   ,,f  ihe  Illecillowaol   river  IJ  inches
in   iluillielel',    lllonce   llllll    lo        llle     lefl
' I,nun fool   i"  nip     Revelstoke      orooli
for water supplj   f"i   lhe     immediate
Inline.     I I.i      In  nn li   line   would   be   III
Inches in diameter and will carry all
iho water in 11 ied, « hi' h will provldo wiiler fm I I,nun population.
\\ hen ihis supply prove inadeqtl .le,
iho extension oun U> made from iho
end of lhe I'J inch main n, ' Ircol;
erook „l a cosl of approximately •S'IJ,-
IIUII.     lhu-      olilainni"   ,,      mm    ■    sillli-
,'i,tii  lor  in.iinii people,      I'l       ml
dntn on Ibiilgo crook   should l«       >■■
placed by ii concrete slrucl  »«    the
'present  wooden structure    I     costing
more for repairs  I ban  llu
rd  lo provide interest   mnl    ii,l
on   a   permnnenl   dam,    It   will   Ik'   ll'
e-siiry  Ui construct  a blanch  liUc  bo
lie usod lo vva-io the water ii om
the proposed IJ imh main whenevei
il is necessary to close the main at
the lower end, This will necessitate
about30 feet more pipe Bnd two valves
The eost of ihe proposed changes vvill
Is' as follows:
20,400 ft. of IJ in. pipe  $19,176.00
4,300 fl.  ,,f  in in  pipe      3,354.00
Cost   of  dam 1,000.00
nst   of   road-        1,000.00
Cosl  of clearing right way...      500.00
Ry-law, surveying, el''     ] ,inni.ihi
Total c,,-t   $30,030.00
'I'he Mayor .-aid thai thi- wa- a
very important matter anl should be
proceeded with al once ami tic t'.l'.U.
will probably co-opcrnle. It was liir
iilly decided lo rcceivo the report and
adopt it. and ihe cily -,,li-it,,i was
instructed lo prepare ihe by-law to
place before lho people to raise the
money. The oil) clerk was also instructed to lake -op- in obtain , Dominion goVcrnmonl giant for pipe line
light of way and lo gel a ri rve pul
on llie head w.aiers on lho creek, nl.i
prevent anv homestead 1» n. taken
up  ihere.
RAISE OF tt \'.l'.s.
A. tt. Hi un,ui, ,|,  ii mu apprentice
uiul fm  a raise of sulary to ISO    a
i h.      Referred I ■ thi   Y   tv. &  I..
[commit too.
\l,l.  Cowau advocated  ii ireri
„f   lhe   e.l   i.i ii     , , li',,1   of   lhe   'ity.
Aid.  Hew-  would like to -••« an
mm.'  , >   ,. ,.|,    appointed,
pal,li,  Worlu   ommitMe wi n
od  lo  lake  the,   mailers up.
TAX    SAI.li.
I'lie  I'liianc Kiiiunitlc"  »,
cl   to   tads  up the  ma''
[     -,n   citj     lot ■    bought    a
,h- and pirn In
kel    lol
\   plan  ,.(  lhc  lew   proposed
i mi.I   w,i       uliliiilli-l,   but   tlie   mill
w.,     laid ovei,
r.\l;i. HF IIUl I.I'VMlllS.
\   liv   law   was   introduced    ni'l   pi    '-1
its   line,'   i.
and     'i.w.ilk  by law   No    7 ••(    1800,
which     ompell    p.'ople    liv mi;   op|„,  its
bnulovardi   lo keep them in good    re-
paii. aii'l cul th,  grass, etc,
lhc  meeting   llm   idjourntd,
Important Froject
A p.uly of :'t0 O.P.U. surveyors
started out on Thursday fioui Bi-aver-
ii oath to follow tbe Colombia Kiver
up nmlb and round lbe iiig Bend 10
lievelstoke. Il is the intention v.i the
O.P.K. to secure a route round tbe
Columbia and so tap tbe vast areas of
valuable timber in lhat district.
Tbe importance of the movement
CAnnol be overestimated, as a railroad
liuin lic.ivoi mouth, which would be
a continuation of the Kootenay C'en-
tial to Revelstoke via the Big H, u.i,
Hull open up the latge tract of
country directly uocili of lhe city.
The C. I'. H. would have a very
easy water grade all round, and could
utilize the route for their heavy freight
With the opening up of the Big
Bend Itevelstoke would at once become a big commercial centre. Apart
from  ih,- convenience to the CP.R,
and the development of the vu.-t mens
of timber lands up north, mining
would have a great impetus wu li
transportation seoured, and the likelihood i- thai smelters, would be established here as well as other industries. 'I be lesiilt of Uu survey will
be looked I or ward to with keen
--  of
\   gang  ol  'ity   prisoned  in  i-hnrgo
i Unu MU.,n dd ore 'ii ■ iged
ing   and  opening   up       Fourth    strict
from  McKenzie avenue lo the    BleatB '"I-1-
Laundry.  The work ii bring well done ."" ''"
and  the    men    in durance \llo    have ,""" "' "
worked hard ,viid have made a      good I*' Ouvei \
...„.,   ,w   . _.     .    job ol it.   Tho road will be levelled ofl \afh hlU'"'
low tbo dam on Bridge c'rooW,   which 'and mads to grade. }Columbia. &t£zz?*'
" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $60.
• Interior Publishing Co., Agts. i
UN 15
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
v_____ ■	
Vol, 16-No. 45
Bargains in
Sporting Goo
Having sold the bulk of our
Sporting Goods at a fair profit, we have decided to clear
out the balance of our stock
in these lines at greatly reduced prices, including:
Masks, Protect*, rs, Gloves.
and Gloves.
TENNIS GCODS-Racqueis, Neb,
Racquet Bags and Presses,
and last year's Tennis Balls.
A Work of Immense Value to
Tlie new dam at tho city power
planl lias I,,.,.,, completed ns far ns
possiblo iill fall. Not a great deal re
main- lo be done then, but the water
became loo liiglt to nllow lhe work
tn !»' finished, and the final touches
in ii -1 remain till low water next fall.
Tho w,,ik has been mii' ol ill" most till
difficult attempted hero, made so by
lho nature ol tin1 work, requiring it
in be done in mid winter and the in.
tenselj folded and broken character ol
lhe rocks forming tho walla of the
canyon of lhc lllecillewaet al this
point. The latter renditions made
lhe work exceedingly dangerous la the
workmen, aud while one had fatality
occurred, in which ihroe men hist,
; iheir liven, tho wonder i- that there
were not more accidents,
There was t»>,» much delay ui start-
! lug work In lhe lirsl place. Had it
been irouu ahead wiih immediately the
contract wus let it could huve been
completed before high water, and with
less trouble ami friction wiih the city
council ilian has been experienced,
The il;iltl has been completed lo all
elevation ,,f 50 feel ubovo lho b,sl ol
ihe III.', ill. w m'l. and only three more
leei ha\e t,» be added lo lhe present
vrest im complete ihe permanent dam.
Vbove lie' cresl ol the main dam will
he piers built to a height nf Oft. 1 in.
w liiih will rcsl ihe stop
ai-" the water in th" dam
leu  feet     above    its  present
T.atilefiii'd nml Ihroe governmoul
: bridges, at Saskatchewan. Ik Gibson,
win, has been with Mr. Newman lor a
number uf years, was superintendent
of the work, und Vi. Leo wns timu-
keopoi'. Now lhat llvo dam has been
lurried lo buoIi a BUocessful issue, the
ity is I,, be oongratulatod on ihe re-
illt, us Uevelstoke will have a power
plnnl lhal for its si/" cannot be bent
in iu any 'ily iu lho pw in"", nml
iu the currying uul of whicli high
credit is due to lhe engineers, contractors, superintendent and tho former cily council who initiatod ami let.
•olltl'nct   for   |Re  work,   ami       lhe
llayor   uiul   committees   of   the   presenl,
city council who havo had the respon-
ibility of carrying il mil.
Kootenay Central to be Started
at Once
New Water Supply System to be
A special meeeing of the city council
wus held un Thins,lay     night      willi
acting Mayor Trimble and  full  liourd |
prosont, except Aid. MeKinnon.
The Muyor explui ed thut the chief
business ol tho evening wus lo dooido
ns lo whether Mr. Newmun should bo
grunted an extension of time un the
dam work, nnd return him his 910,01)0
Aid. Cowan reported ihut Vi. Newman haling requested a further extension of time on the power dam
colili'ncl, be il resolved thnl Mr. Newman be granted un extension until
February 1st, I'.MI, only ou the lolow
i rim conditional
A. Thai   Mr.   Newman  do  pay       the
To Foley, Welch & Stewart,
Iraciors for all construction ,
i omul Trunk I'acilie Uailway ii
isl, Columbia eastward from
liuperl, has been awarded iln
of building Iwonty-live miles
lin.' of ih" Kiioieiii.i Central
w.i>. This contract has jnsl
awarded      tin-  linn    bj   lho I'.
I      lhe
i   I'.ril-
of   lhc
I'.   I,'..
holders    <
charter,  ,•
this mon
lhc km
ording tc
1  by   ihe
iu Vance
il, liny
u\ er.
tu b
started just
iim   call   Lrel   the
i  received
of lhe
Work   is
ir pin
See our Sporting Goods Window
Prices Marked on all Goods
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad OtFico-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Agents at all principal points In'Canadn.
Agents in Great Britain and United Slate:-- London, Kngliind,
Lloydt Bank, limited, Chicago—First National Hunk, Oorn Kx-
ebange National Hunk. Seattle—Seattle National Hunk, San Fran-
Cisco—Wells Forgo Nevada National Hank, Spokane—Exchange
Nitional Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, nnd Interest allowed at
OUrrenl rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoks Branch—A. B. McCieneghan, Mgr.
We Put Up
Choice Corned Beef
and Pickled Pork
In lOO lb. and
200 lb.  Barrels
P. Burns
Ladies' Summer Underskirts
See tins f-hi|>imii! before mnkliiK your Summer
Underskirt purchases.    Lengths, .<s,  i" .mil -U
Black Sateen, Moirette, English Silk
Gloria Taffeta
Mrs.  A. G. Crick
oik ul llie di,in
pliied iii nn excellent
The  great  monolith    whioh
spans  il"'  III," iil"«;ei  lias n base   of
1^ feel  11 inches  in  width, lapering  to
111   feel    in   width   nl    tlie   lu|i     ill        llle
present  work,  nnd from  tlie      top   ul
llle llnlll   llie  piers   yel   In  lie added   will
he tapered to ei<_'lit feel. The dam in
however, liitilt solid nn the north side
I,, t,,p ,>i piers u, f,uni nne wnll
,,i the foundation ini- lhe gnlehoiise,
which will In- constructed over the
dniii ni ilim point. This will give a
height of It! feet  above the eules.
There nre  two  penstoekR, each    six
feei in diameter,    The Bluice is "-It. by
12ft., ui which (ill. has been Idled ami
rock has been shot down on the
bank  to close the sluices as fnr
possible   for   the   presenl.   When
work  is  resumed  in (nil  lhe sluii
eiring will Ih.' permanently filled.
A win.' wnll In- been pul in on th''
north side to protect ilie bank and
entrance lo the penstocks and pipe
line, and the bank is Further strengthened hy a rock lill above, while tho
t'. 1'. I!, lime themselves buill a re.
taining wall abrve. The completion
of ili,- inner gatehouse piers i- left
till low water. The Iwo gales are in
place, ami a temporary gatehouse and
hoisting apparatus will he put in lill
the permanent work can he completed
in the full. A concrete abutment has
yet to be put in to strengthen the
dam on the south side.
'I'lie dam has n length of 131 feet,
It contains 3,060 cubic yards of con-
crete, anl 500 yards more will lie
required  to complete the work.
'i'he now dam is now -JI! feel above
ih,' lop of the oil ilniii. nnl when
completed will be 33 feel higher,
The effect ,,f lhe new ilnm is to back
ihe water up lo the lllecillewaet cun-
yon giying a ln._' and deep body ,,[
waier which will catch and hold back
nny (razil  ic ming into lho   dam,
and aUo prevent the Formation near
the penstocks of lho Frazil ieo which
lm-- hitherto given bo much trouble
during llie winter months. If Ihis
[result  I*'  achieved as anticipated,    it.
will lie ,,f immense value lo il iiy,
bi ii will entirely avoid lho shutdown of the power plnnl through ieo,
which has hitherto Formed such a pro-
coking Feature ol tho operation ol (ho
power plant in winter,
\     showbig    ihe strength    ol    tho
Lun W0 mav point onl lhal il holds
b.ek  n  pressure of water equal   In one
and n hall tons i" Ihenquare Foot,
It will -npply nine hundred horse pow
er, which will mil only enable (he
city council to lighl lhe oity in first
class shape, bui will pun ide power
For the (.'. I'. Fl. -hops and (.,:■ all In-
In-1ri,- now here andllkcly to be established for -oiiie years to come. In
addition to ibis Fine power dam lhe
power and lighl plain- will I,.' considerably altered and Improved, Two
pipe lines will be available lo the
power house. Tin' two single phase
machines imw in Use will lie -old. mid
in '''iii there will be Installed Westing-
houso   ISO   k,   w.   nnd  250  k.   w.   inncli
A   loll  h.  p.
will  also  be  Installed al   the     power
The engineei for the work are
Messrs, Smith, Kerry and Chase. The
word lia- been in direct charge of Mr.
i. ibe \ ancouver partner of the
firm, whose resident engineer wn- A.
I Foreman, t'. 15., ,,f Vancouver, The
i onu in i wai let to Vi, Newman , of
Winnipeg, who has also the contracts
|lot putting iu water supply st Cobalt
on llie
for ci
mile s,
year   fi
The i
lho pr
Illplelioll       ,
t',,,11   of    III,
nn  dale.
on   al   tlie
defied   line,
i.ii I iini calls
e Iwcnly-fivo
:,\      wilhin   a
iiiiii nm
end      ,.f
 ^^^^^^^^  .-lulls     al
I ialloway on llle south nnd ends al
ilolden on the north. The route of
the railway follows ihe upper Kootenay nnd the upper Columbia valleys ,
traversing ihe famed Windermere district, ihe fruit growing, agricultural
and grazing possibilities ol which
have lone been heralded but have
lain praftically dormant owing to
lad; of transportation. In the valley
of ibe I pper Columbia tlie railway
will mnke possible the development
mineralized .area which ba- for
a  score of year-   held  lhe    atten.
louth   ''""  °' '"I'd"!? nicn.
row's    Nest    Pass
!,'..   lhe   line     will
und   thence    pro-
lhe      lil f    the (
branch of the C.  P.
run   to   Fori   Steele
reed   northward   twenty-live    miles.    I(
is declared  ilml on  the completion of j
tins  short  stretch,    construction
be  rapidly   pushed,till  the entire
is Gnished, 0
■ iiy .•siiill.l" as ascertained nnd liquid'
aied damage ncrued lo dale l,\ reason
of breuch oi clause  12 of lhe contraut
-I ideation on account  of shut  down
oi power plain.
I',. That ibe granting of ibis ex -
tension shall uol lie considerc I as
waiving or forfeiting ou ihe purl of
ilie citj any rights whatever abends
accrued lo lhe 'iiy by reason of cm-
tractors delay in finishing tlie
work under contract or otherwise, ex-
cepi   a-  aforesaid.
('. lhal upon Mr, Newman siihsti-
tllliug u proper bond iu llie -inn of
fin.nun wiih securities nud conditions
approved by thi- council within 30
days irom dale, and upon said Mr.
\ew man executing a proper extension
agreement, embodying thu terms of
llii- resolution and such oilier con -
diii,,n- and terms to be upprovod by
lhe (ily Solicitor, and upon tlie said
Mr. Newman satisfying the council
ihai all outstanding Liabilities ol the
contractor, whether for vVugcs, materials or otherwise, lune been paid and
satisfied, lhe marked cheque of Newmun deposited under lhe contract us
security for lhe due performance of the
contract, thereof be returned lo the
contractors, bin mn otherwise. lhc
council were favorablo lo this report
uud il wus adopted.
Aid. t'ownit stilted lhal he had sllb-
mitted ihe proposition of co-operation
iu lhc new Water scheme lo ihe C. 1'.
li. at Vancouver, but had no reply,
'lhe following report on lho new wai.
cr works scheme of taking water fro
lievelstoke and Greely creeks by li.
Smith, I'. I.. S., was read;
lune   examined    ihe   follow ine
$2.50 Per Year
There's a satisfaction in
the purchase of a first class
article, especially when the
price is no more than you
have often paid for inferior
jroods. We have everything
in the line of fine Kitchen-
ware-Stew Kettles, Tea
Kettles, Double Boilers,
Coffee and Tea Pots, etc.
We carry  a  complete stock of Shelf and
Heavy  Hardware:   also   Refrigerators,   Lawn
Mowers, Garden Hose, Wire Fencing and Gates,
9£ Ice Cream Freezers.      Agents for Sherwin Williams Paints.    Kootenay and Sask-alta Ranges.
Bourne Bros.
The Overalls That Are As
Good As Their Name   i
v Wt '§. PETERS A
Declared Insane
'lhe Mctinu ^^^^^^^^
lice ;li Ottawa lias notified lhe proviu
cial authorities that lhe surgeon of the
British Columbia penitentiary at
New Westminster has reported Convict
Wnka Furuya, sentenced ou t'.<; 3rd
May Inst by Mr. Justice Morrison at
Itevelstoke to ten years' imprisonment
for wounding wiih intent to murder,
is insane and was inxune when reeciv.
ed ul the penitentiary. The I rown authorities nf Uriiisli Columbia are accordingly asked I,, make other provision for llie care, in custody, of the unfurl uiiutc Japanese, who will probably
be transferred lo ihe hospital for the
menially alDlcted. I'liruyu, il will lie
remembered, mn le an entirely unprovoked  and  mosl   violent  assault   ti|	
Mrs. -I. ll. Sibbald here, stabbing her
Mime twenty limes with n pocket
knife. She had nm-ci seen him before
nnd ihe attack was made immediately
upon   her refusal  to comply    with      u
demand f,,r money,
will BOUrces of supply, vi/.: The lievelstoke
line creek which descends from lhe eastern
slope of Jit. Victoria aud reaching the
lllecillewaet river about three miles
ub"ve the lievelstoke city [lower dam,
Greely creek and a tributary of the
.Jordon river. The river source of sup
Deputy-Minister of Jus- lp,y l.limi(|, ,„, considcred M it u not
any closer than the olhers und the
dangers of breaks iu the section crossing the Columbia river is too serious a factor affecting the continuity
of  the supply.
Tlie supply in Revelstoke creek has
been estimated at ino miners inches or
1,350,0(10 gallons per day. This supply will be sufficient for 13,000 Inhabitants in the cily and when added to
lhe present supply will give ample
water for 14,000 people and also for
Hushing sewers nnd watering lawns.
If the eiiy attains more than this pop
illation ihe -upply cun lie uugmentod
in meel the requirements ol a popula,
ilon nf in,unu l,y extending ihe mains
to (lively creek. This eUen-ion will
be   Iw,,   miles   (npprox)   which       Would
Iw ;l very small expenditure for a oity
of ll.nnn „nd upward, In view of ihe
considerations afore mentioned it i-
udvisnble, iu order to provide [or ihe
ultimate requirements of lhe cily. ilml
a main should be laid from the pre -
setii water supply dam following    ihe
line of leasl cosl up the Valley of lhe
lllocillowaol river from Uovolstoko
crook to provide sufficient supply    Ior
ten yeur-  and   isqtiontly  providing
lor nu economical extension lo flrocly
creek  for   lhe  ultimate supply.    \.   ihe
supply  ,.f wnier from   Revelstoke c k
inadequate iu future years,
McRae Mercantile Company, Ltd.
The Up-to-Date Men's Furnishers
nn In' used to waste the water from
lhe proposed I'J inch main whenever
it is necessary to close the main at
lhe lower end. 'this will necessitate
about30 feet more pipe and two valves
The cost ,,f the proposed changes will
be as follows:
20,400 ft.  of I-' in.  pipe  J19.176.00
■1,300 fi.  of  I" in pipe      3,354.00
(,,s(  of ilnm         1,000.00
Cosl   ,,f   road-         1,000.00
Cosl ,,f clearing right way...      500.00
By-law, surveying, etc     1,000.00
School Trustee Election
The result of the eleelion of Jt school
i in-lee lo lill the vacancy on lho
board, which took place on Thursday,
is   as   folloWSt
Soles      east    HO
Vi.   A.    Sturdy  Tii ,
,,     ..      i ,..,    will   j»ro\
II.   ( nolle      (>•)
Mr. Sturdy was therefore eleoled bv ,
•        ,       '   ,    ,.,       .,., ,1, ,     (nn    20,000    feel
a majority ,,f III.   lhe    school board   .       .   	
now   consist^ nf,     li.     llowson,   (chnir-
|man)  I'..  ICdwnrds, !•'.   Voung,  N. Ali-
.   I II     i-    :l.fi I   able    |i,    p,
" instruct   a  main from      ll
^^^^^^      length
lev     nf    ill-    I I leei 11,.» ae I     lil
linlllclel .        !|eh   e    I l|, ||     |
follow -:
lip    llle    Vlll-
>r  IJ Inches
I lhe      lefl
Total  e,,st   8*26,030.00
The Mayor said that this was a
very importanl mailer and should be
proceeded with al O11C0 and tho I I'ii.
will probably eo-opcrntc. li was Bn-
y decided to receive the report and
adopt it. and lhe city solicitor was
instructed to prepare the by-law to
pine,, before  i he  pei iplo the
money. The , iiy 'lerk was also iu-
structed lo lake steps lo obtain a Dominion government grant for pipe line
riL'hi of way and to gel a reserve put
on ihe heel  waters un  ihe creek,  and
prevent  any I icsteads  Inin.'    taken
up then,
RAISE id   « Mil's.
A. VV, lh uueit, el.    i   ian   ipprenlioo
asked  for  „  raise ,.f salary to $50    a
month.      Referred lo the Y. W. k Y.
■ iimmit l< i .
\l,l.   I   'wi,:.   advocated   ibe   - wi i
of ihe eastern sootlon o' the city.
Aid.  I'.ew- would like to s,« ni,
■ | ei i.,i ,.f .mwci-,    appointed,
I'ublic Works committee were
i  I   to   lake   ihe.e   m.liters  Up.
i ,,e '''inane., oommittse »,
ed     lo     lade     Up    ill.
price on citj   lots bought u.
lax   al- .1 ud placing th i
l.el   for
\   plan   of  the   new   proposed
Important Froject
A party of 1(0 C.I'.H. surveyors
started om on Tlnusdny from Beaver-
u o.ith to follow the Columbia ltiver
up north and round I lie IJig Bend io
Uevelstoke. It is the intenlion ci lhe
O.P.K. to secure n route round the
Columbia and so tap the vast areas of
valuable limber iu that district.
The importance of the movement
cannot be overestimated, as a railroad
from iicaci mouth, which would be
a continuation ol the Kootenay (,'en-
tial to Revelstoke via lhe Big Il.nl,
Would open up tbo huge tract of
country directly north of the city.
The 0. I'. K. would have a very
easy water grade all round, and could
utilize lhc route for their heavy freight
Willi lhu opening up of the Bis;
Bend KvvcUloke would at once become a big commercial centre. Apart
from the comeaieiice to the C.I'.It.
and lhe development uf the vast areas
of tin.Ihi lands up uorth, mining
would have a git'Hl impetus wiih
transportation secured, and the likelihood is that smelters, would Iw established line us well ae other iudus-
tries. Then-suit of lhe survey will
lie look,-.! lm ward io wiih keen
in U'i est.
tf UM--
rnhumson     and  Vi.  A.   Sturdy.
Voting  was  -low  and   iiidillereol.
The  High  School  won over  the  I'ublic School io a warmly contested gamo
ipii-ul feed linliine   Wednesday evening by   n scorn ,,( 10-0
11   was nuybodys'  gamo  all   the      way   ereo
through, nml the best game thai  1ms   nun
bit'ii pined in lho Intermediate Lea,
'.■ue  this  season,   The .1.  II.  ('. and
I'ublic   School   cross   bats  uexl Wed -
needay evening,
I,nun i,.,u   I,,  t;,p     Revelstoke      creek     land  Was   submitted,  but   the niai
for   wator  supply   foi    tho      immediate   was  laid over,
future.   This branch  line w,„,ld b„  lo CARK OF BOULEVARDS.
inches iu diameter nnl     will carry ,-dl       \ b> law was introd >l and pasted
the water in ihe , I.  which will pr,,-   ii- Ihne roadini    amending the
side    water    lm    11,000      population. Und  sidewalk  by-la*   No,   T  of     Is'.p.i,
When  ihis supply  proves    inadequate,   which  compels   people  living  opposite
ll Ktonsion enn lm mude from       lhe
end of lhe   IJ Inch  innin    io      (Irei I;
crook al n cosl ,,f approximately su,.
ihui     obtaining u    up| j -   sufil-
boulevards lo keep ihote in gocsi   ro- '
pair, and Ovtl  the gTttt, etc.
The meeting  tltcu adjourned.
Moving Pictures to-night.
Moving Picturot to-night.
Moving l'icluroi tonight.
for    111,1    people.        I
in Bridge creek    should be       "'
placed by n concrete slru< lure  ,«   lho
present  wooden itruoturo    I
more fnr repairs   than  lhe   mm   I    -
ed to provide interest and sinkinu fund
\   gkng  ol  'ily  prisoned  in   ^hnrge
oi llau  SI-Don dd no   engaged ineleiu-
ing  and  opening  up       fourth    street   '    ' '
from   MeKcii/ic  avenue   l<,   the    Steam   <»Par»t'
l.aiiadry.   The work is Isine well done ,"n
and  the    men    in  durance -vilo    hove j***" "'"
on  a pcrtimni'irl  dam.   It  will  l>i ncc-   worlojd hard  ,nd have mudo a      Koi«l   *■ ulnul
e--ur\   lo construct  i hi.     h  liiiu be-   job of it.   Tho road will be levelled off j"8'1 hllt'"
low the dam on Bridge creak,   which and made to grade. jColumbia, Tage 2
IATUHDAY, -UNI-  mil.  1010
Zbc fl&aU-lbevalb
P0BU8HKD wkhM'.siiay anii
-A I l" HI'l'i     A I
jntcriot publtsblnfl Company),
Subscription   R.-itcs
IncluiliiiK postage to Kngtand, t'l.iicil SUIhk
.imt Cauaaa,
Bj- the i'i: [through posWlHoo) fJ.S'
Qnarter "       " " - " 1-"°
J JB   RIN I INO proniptl) oxooutodat reason.
rF.RMsr't'.'i-ii.   Babsonptlois payable In ad
U.e, nolice. l :- l"'i "ne "r>l  Insertion,
".M-r-MiM-'i' -'";-;;i;;cni Insertion
M, ,  iremoiiti Sonpnrlel IB lines make one
.-nne   in 1,1   uoneral  business uu
nounccments tl.su  irar inch per mouth.
,.,1  i„, -ii mu-.   a    per    cent,    ad-
L,     |i    i,    Mi,in.ik>-  mnl  DealbB,
i*v   each Iiim i ! ion.
Lini     llOliCC     S"       .Ml    llilvelll.e.,,,',,..
. luuu, ,,,,„,a.,1,,1 ll,e inin,as'ei.ieiil.
V,  ,.,-..1  ami ' ullilOllsecl  A.Url ll-'-lil.-lll,-.:
J, '      Wanuil. Help  U.uile.l. Siiiialim,-
;>,„-,..I       sil il.,u.'li-       Viieillll,       leiicllel'.-.
D   M,     ii       Wantud, 1" words or
i..      ...       . Idltlonal  lino  1"   conls,
ChaiiKos i" »lamllii« advertlBoinonui must
,..,„  hv '.I   .1.   111.    Im-slu)   ami   f nihil'   ul
well week u>secure good display,
OORRESPONDKNCK Invlled  on matters pi
nubile iii'.eiv-i.   Uomniuuloalloiis to Kill;
lor  must   he aooompanlod   uy   namo  0
—      . . ...        . .. . I.l I .... I   11 III       lull
must   he aooonipanlod   by   naiue  ol
lar   nnl iiece-.inlj  lu   yuliliiiHtiuii. bill
videnoe uf j!<x»i Iftith. Dorrespoudenoo
uld be brief.
OrricK-i'   Iuhh'o Hank Buildino Rsviu
Money to loan.
Offices: UeveUloko. B 0.    ( rmibriiiik, H, l„
Geo. 3. McCaiitkk
Itevelstoke, ' raubrnok
HOUSE-Si*  rooms and bathroom,  modem plumbing.
Close to First Street and  McKenzie  Avenue.
HOUSZ-'Eight Rooms,  furnace and modern plumbing,
Fifth Street.-$30 PER MONTH.
HOUSE—Seven   rooms, Third Street, -$15.00 PER
FOR   SALE-Houses and Lots in different parts of City
at reasonable prices.
LOANS negotiated on improved property.    Fire, Life and
Accident Insurance.
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor for:—
Thk Canadian Bank ok Oommkhob,
Tuk Molsons Hank, Etc,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
i bingineerlng
McKbnzib Avknuk,
Box 1015, Rkvklhtokh
All communications addressed to Posl
otlice, Revelstoke, will have prompt
C.   W.   O   W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229
r Me iti  Second and   Fourth  Wodnosdars In
M-h mntith. in Selkirk Hull.   Vinitin   Wood
nniD cordially invitoJ to .i'.i 1.
W   K. OSIIOltSK Con. Com.
citizen i, Mental ulUiulion in iilioii
races i- n dungcrous tiling, uud wlieru
ns  thej   ure u class  lhal   isiludvsirabla
in   tlii-    |il*u\ iln e  alld   ale  not      lo       l'e
trusted   nl   llie  bust   oltiinos,lio\v   nun li !
inure  nre   lliuj   Inclllli'e   tu     lhe    pom's
liiul   ,|lliellle--   ni    llle   eoulluliniU
llli'lll.'llh     llernllcleil.     Slll'll    |,e,,|lle      call
never be alliliuled niili llie white
rnee- uiul cull nev,'i' really conforui lo
ilie civilized Inns ol lhe provini'i', coll
-.'"inenl l\ tho Iniiieiiie in ol litis class
is detrimental to tho bosl inleresls
and welfare morallj and physiei
 ' country.
In   ihe 'lei,in  ol  lh    (loldwin  Sum1
High Class Concert
line  ol   lhe   sl   delightful  nml  pll'lls
iim ,-niei iniuuietits ever given ill    liuv-
elstoko wn- held i  Minim Tlienlro
l!   on    M.iiilni   this  week,  when    Jiiiini)
1    l'.i\  .'in.l  his  higlilj   laleuted coinpuny
I ,,i  niii-i.-,  pluyed  lieiuie  n  largo  uud-
II ieiice.   The   chuligo   Irom   lhe   sle i\ -
pod -i.\ le "i drama, which hn- boon
seen in lieM'l-i.il.e .linine lho year,
was  most   refreshing  anil  il"'      entire
s 'progrituinio was  exclusivoli   liigh class
' '.-i,„l ourotullj   chosen.    No ci rl  com
|eui>   lm- ovei   appcalc I so much      i"
lhu  public  luslo  ns ilid  ilia   Mini
.Ini   night, aud  l-'.-ix  has h.-i       ol
his many friends who hud hoped for
ni   leasl   iwo  performances  in  llie cit,\
from  him  mi  hi.  visil.   Sell     have
wo enjoyed -m h liilenl ,-,- lho whole
,,,m|'.in,\  dis|iluyed  mnl every  item on
iln- progrun   was i hnnieiei i,.eil-   in
ii- nun particular merit. i\s u com-
e.li.oi   l'n\  i-   ihe  lii-I   mini in  Canada
ihe greut Cuuudiun ecoiioniisl author
anil historian, which occurred at I"
miiiu  la-t Tuesday, tit   tho uge ol Si
Canada  has lost one of her  -I laith
lul servants ami a man who worked
lor  hi-  country     unoblriisivolj       and
honestly.    In a  long  resume    ol      his .
lodav,  ami  he  hns   lost none ,,l       Im
lile anil  iinil   liie  Proline,' -a\s:                     ,',         .                   ... .. .   .
ohl charming  vursiiuililx « ni'n lin-urn
Ihere    are  lew  men   iu  I lunula  \i h"           ,.       ,        ,   .      .   ' ,    ,,    ,
nn him ihe admiration ,,l all Ihoalri
bettor  ,1,-erve   lhe  l»-i     thai
■ il.iek
Kootonay Lsdgo, No. 15, A. F. a\ A. Nl.
The roiniliir moot-
us nre hold in tlio
Oddtell.iws 11,.!: e,
lhe third Monday in
leach month st -
e in. Visitiusbreth-
reu    cordially   wel-
J  T. I'OLLO' K. Mister.
SELKlltK LODGE 12, I.O, O.F.
Meets every Thursday   eveniiiK   in   Sel-
kkirk HkIIhUo'cIiicL
IVlsltlOB brelhreii are
cordially invited to attend.
I.. PROBYS. N.n.       JAS. M\THIK;sf<'.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
M,.i.l* ..VhKY  WEUNE-I'IV,
SZOSpt illirJ Weillii-d. ) oi
eacti moutti. in     Idl.'l' ...
Hall    at    S   n'cl 'c*.     Malt n
Knytitiare c ir-lially   nvitcvl
goers   in   lhe   lloinini'
eollKI   -a\    ,.|   them   limn   I'rol.   Iloldwin ,      .. .      ,
.    . ,     ',    ,        ., featuru of    I'av  is  I
.-milli,    liiliappuv,  in  - ,•    iiiiurtors,     .... .
.  '    .       . ubililv, and  character  after cliurucler
alio   n\    .some   lew   in    lhe   eoinmnnil \ , .               . ,
,   ' i-   a —ill I   Willi   llgllllllllg   like   I'apldl
nol   ihe bosl  or am lliinu   like  ilie besl . , =
.                        , i\,  lhe make  iim  iii eaeh    case    lieing
lllilit'il,    solliellines     llle    WOl'Sl lltlS . ,
.,     ...        ..... perfool,        Auioiig     the    iiiaio     comic
Ihvii   -anl   ol   lum.    Iln-   porhnpa    wa- ,   .. ..,,■ ,
,    nirns  wa-  ihe lauglmblo -oul:     Mule r
ll lie ele-l       i iiiapllllielll        lhal    eolllil .,
'   .        . ami  I,     ilu- e,.|     im     causing endless
ne  I-ill   lo   ihe   I'rotossor s  command ....
, ,     . .        ,. aliin-eiileiil.       In    11 Ulio-I .l.-t      Bang    In
III-    Influence,    ainl    lhe   power   ol III-  . '    ,.
.,,..., . Mnlelal ill        I "I     was     ,     ol       In-
pen.    llut   ,,1   Mr.  Mniili -   I -u   anil   .
,     ,     , besl   pi -.   I'erhupa  ihe h.-i  .,i      all
sincerity   ihere  .oill.l   In-   luile  ,l,,ulii, „,
,, ,.     , .      ,.        wa-   th iu    "\Mlell   I    II-,il   lo   I lie
a-     llll'il'    eillll'l    lie    bill,'   ilolllll    ol       111- , ..
ol     ilie    boys,!      reinvseuliiig   an    ,,l,l
.-iL'ueii \'   nnil   alnlili .       I oi   \e.ir-     he . ,   .
-.■iL'ueiii    nun   amine.       lor   ceal'ri     lie
' |m ,M.   iln-  make   up  mnl  acting   O'
sen,"I   I   in.iila  .mil ( aiiii'lnui interests ... ,
cxcelli in.    l.o h   nn n   wa-   hearlllv  en
as    nw    limn   serve    Ihem. I holiell   mn ,,..'  ■
,,.,.,          ,     . , cored,  ihe -one  ,,i o,,.   i m Ah    lain-
in   pulilie   llle.   an'l   wilhoul    lhe re
,  . nv   tioarh   Iiiiiijiim  'lown  the  house,
ward and honor-  Ilml  Ik'Ioiio  i,, pub- >  '
lie olliee,  he .l,.i  Canada  laithl - I    Ml"  lcl" '""IJ"  '' "  U>~ " bt'uu"
well as eininen,   „ervi,v,  .,,,.1  »■«,   I  ,'""'   ">prano  i o  with  groul   range,
10 lh,'     be-,     llllele    I-        oi he,     p.,,p|e.    ,•""'    iWt    -""-'"-     WUS    """"    Ul'   ''' ''"'
11 is  to  It.- udmiltod   lhal   he ,l„     ''"'  Ik'" ' '   l'""1-   '"l'"sli'a  -L
alwuvs -|.e.,k    , I,  ,hi„e...  |„.    w.,s   ''J'1'-"     s" »    •'   '•'    •     "■<-"
i accrued   lo    p.-.,k   I    llii B '"   !" ",l       "  """'  "
nor did  he gush  .,...1      i (hen       lo '"  ''"' »",Ul '  " '"'  - r"  Nli      '
i n I,   mid  - ijole would   I,.,'..-    I , In "           l!'   al'I'l   ' '
him   lhe   applause   "i   lhe       I,,        I1- ul   llu       pr.igin	
I'.a-v   going,   ".,,,ph.,ni   natures        ire '"'" ''   v'"«
lain   io   _-.,  down   wiih   ih.-  Mi,-.,ii.     It siugii Mi.
i-   the   man     oi  ,-aiiie .-     pmpo o    uiul j Hartwell  Oe.M
-erioii-    mood      who   lllake-       Ill-        l   .
1,1   pillillg    Up    lhe   -1 lemn
I'.iii  i ioldw in  Smith was
e,i   l,v   oil,,.i   ,,,, 1      high.
l'i"iniiieiii    among  them
I'nfKT Mn   ■    r.Koini'.. oir,l
Meets in I. ('. ih I'. Hull uexl to
Tapping's i >| ■ , House, every fourth
Monday iu month,
Vi- ■    .; ii'.eii    cordially    wel
ill. l'i vrtENi K II lltTK.
lie. ,-Si'i ,   11.   \\'.   KUWAUDH
Zbc nDaiU1l3cva^
D.  A.  MoU 'Ml. '   '. f.
Q. H. KKOl'lv, K. nt  H. * !*.                 Ins   in.I.'I'. n hn .    ,,l   i,
T. P.   SMITH, .11. ot K     ,,,,,,| mii_     ,,}  ,li-.
■ — '      "   ■     ' i the-., days .-I ...im   uiorab
I ' happily it
political     iut,
an.l  anything  lik
pill,li.-   I if,       ||
edge  ilo-.   yel   ii   n
be   nne     in   I'...i
,.\ er   i rink,ed   io   pal
ailegi nice to li
Ioi    .  i.   imeiil    "        ■
I,,   io-       ideed   |a   :,.
lUiui   ih.- part;
in   iu ' 'uimd i  he   •'
iml 11. i ■     irlie
been  deeplj   rooted   in
61 'linen'       Hi
ever,    were   alWQVS    le-pe. I.«l
GoMwin Smith
ind I 11'...i In
lent   iii". Mon  •',.,   the ..i'l    lal
il if    iiiii a '  im- .•    m
iii hed pi nle add -,	
i ..f Briton,
•-><:> :«:>." I ■
I \i
II    I'.Mu
.1 k-
Li     in
in,.,  mnl
m oing
1 lllll
f ad lil to
^ut law  abiding
rovincial Cabinet Changes
loii.-i. June l"    Humor   ,.i
ir. le"    hei.     pl'llnl'-e.     ,n      e.n
'In-   pun in, ill   . iilunel in
asifie   i|„.  ipimhei   ,,f  uiini-le.     !	
iv   I"     .-• en,   ,i     niimei i. ai
lore    lhe    lasl    "lei h,,h.
1 h--   repot I      ■    th 'i        h
notii  let   Kin   I*'   Mi     William       i:-
lhe    I ' ,1,..., who .-    whip      anil      poplll illli.Inlsi    ior   I'Vime    M,     I;.
norrrltlg   lo  the  report,  ,-ntcr   thi
inei   ,i     iniin-ier  of   lands,   lhe   pr» enl
head  ■■!  the dspartment,   lion     I'rica
'Tli   "I.       lie   .mule'    mini 'l"l       ,1    lie He .-
and agriculture, portfolios which have
Is',,,  ,,'lmiin lernl 1,;.   lion    tt,   I   Uow
■-I, in addition to Iuk oth	
departmenl , lho*c of attorno} .-■ not "I
and Iiil«i"lll'l"   nl   li-hiMe
The ineiiibei for I'Vrnic lm. been
lumtnoned to thi - apHnl and ofl'n ml
iiiuonn.em,",i   ol hi   promotion     to
aluitet luuk in UApceted »t uu ouily
Mrs Hewoo McKinney
■ i | nti      i-.ui li   nnl   'I'"' hnlqne
Spei  i lion paid io be
in i , nnl Lm kwsril pupils.
I il' M8  M < H • I ■ I
Near Drill Hall
Corporation of the City ol' Rovolstoke
By-l^iw  No. 156
WH1SREAS it is deemed necessary
.uul expedient in ilu- Interest nf the
I'ily nl' Itevelstoke that the present
water supply system of tbe City
diould be iiiiproveil, augmented and
ANU W11 KI! I', AS lo defray the
cosl ihereof it will be necessary to
borrow the sum of Twenty-seven
thousand (IJ27,l)0l)) dollars which the
('(■illicit proposes to raise hy the Issue
if debentures secured upon the rales
md charges which are chargeable and
unforceaCle for the user of water and
electric liglu under the "Water and
Klectrir Lighl Regulation Uy-law
IIKKI," and llm Municipal Clauses Acl:
AND W'llKKKAs ibe estimated
.numiiit of the Bald rates and charges
chargeable  and  enforceable,  for  the
year in wbieb this by-law is passed is
AND WIIKKKAS Ihere is now
charged on the said rates and charges
llm sum ol ljiH.O0li.81;
AM) WIIKKKAS Uie debl herehj
created is ou the security of the said
Water and electric light rales and
charges and is further guaranteed by
ibe Municipality al huge:
AM) WIIKKKAS ioi lhe paynienl
of lbe snid principal money and Interest during the currency ol llic delii'll-
I 111 es to bo issued, it  is tlCCOSSiU y to sel
aside and withdraw fioin  the  annual!
■urreni   revenue  derived   from   snid
ivalei and clecliic   lutes  and charges
uiliiinlly   lbe   sum   of    $l,uiill.!lK   llie
specillc   annual   snni reipilred lor llic|
iiayinenl   of   intetesl   li ing $i:i3U.UU, '
nnil   lor   lhc    pay men i   of  lliu  debl
AM)    WIIKKKAS    ll -linialed
dellciency in s.dd rales and elm (,c-
reipliiidlo make up llle ainouiil of
tlio annual interest and sinking luiiil
iiiiiui ihe dent hereby created is nil:
by the Municipal Council of the fm-
poialion of lhe Cily of lievelstoke as
follows :
I. Tbe sum of Twenly-Sevi n
riiousiitid Dollars, or no much lh reol
is shall In* nei cs.-iii \, shall he ex| end
ed ui Improving, luignn nling ami  , \
iending ibe waler supply iv-lem ol
liie ''ily. ill d il shall he lawful lor iln-
llayor i f Il.e Cm point ii n of lh.- (iv
of li"Vei.-i. lv lo lioriovv in lhe credit
and security of lhu said uiles aim
cnaigis by way of debi nliires liciciii-
aiiei inenl iiuii'il from any person ur
persons, body oi bodies corporate who
nay be willing tu advance tin- sine-,
i sum mil exceeding in the whole
lie sum of IweUtJ Seven Thoils Onl
Doll os alld lo cause all -uch sum- so
raised lo lie paid into I he hand- ol : be
I'leasinei "i i he said ( i v Iiii i Ic pin-
poses and willi ilie (Ij ets h, ii-itilie-
fore teciled.
:'. h Inll I., lawful for Ihe said
il.iiei lo can e my uumli r ol ,1. In .,
ui      to lie in .de exi en', ,1  aial   i    ne,I
oI su, ll sum   in    slllns   as   mav      lie   le-
,■ .'•• 1    Pi     I la-    pill poses   llllll       I j   . Is
ilia, said mn eve, edilig bowel i i he
.nm of Tn 'iii \ Sev en Tie ii .nd
I loll.n - . ali ol said debl niuu li iuy
il i he deliouiiu il ion of (Ine 'lie ii and
I lobars Uni nl. -in li dolioiit ill, s -h ,||
,.- ..Ii.l u il Ii 1 he seal o|' |he t ," polll-
i 11,,- I il v ol Uevelsluke and
signed bv the Mayoi and Clerk thereof,
:;.   Tin- said ,1,1 ,ciniui -  shall  beai
le- .j   li day  ui July,   llllll,  nnd
-hall l.o   di    :   v.,Me  in  lift j   years
from lbe said date in law lul monev of
hi.ul.i ..!     In    olli, e   ot   llle    Molsons
li.mk ai  Itevelstoke aforesaid, which
ol In- designated
y 811 a-,   ami   -hall   have
... .1 io lie oupon- lm ihe pay.
.ml l li"   ligllil uie  lo
ii   i \    In-  eil le r   w ail len,
npi d oi lithographed.
od  debentures -Inll  hear
lhe    l.lle    uf    Fill- pe,
'lilllli    limn     lhe    dale
ntei.- i   -h.ill  he   pay.
"i   '-     .1  llie
il   lievelstoke ifore aid
Of (   a I.l ..||  I lie  2()l ||
md   the   Llllh   dav ol
Odf,   "li'l
.,        ll" V|l!" 1,1.   1,,   ||
.    ,1
'11 ■   -aid
I .linn of
' •    'im
7.    I he in
i ..."
mm     I,.11   lie from    Hn-
i- Mid
nto   '    DG(
pnrpn ■ r disbursed m lei. ind
as iln- Instalments "i nun
M.     Ilill lllg 11"' till ' ''lev of    laid   de
bentm'    ' hi   iftld rati     ind   liai
i in- exienl   aforesaid    h ill   nol   form
pari of  the   annual  revenue   of   the
II, II. shull be lawful Ioi I he Muniei
pal Council from Iiim Ii. lime
to re puieluise any of said delnii
lures at such price or prii os as may lie
lull1 imlly agreed upon with tlie legal
bolder o liohlei-. Ihereof and all
debentures so repurchased shall be
cancelled nud uo re Issue ot any such
debenture or debunturi'sshall he made
iu consequence of such re-purchase.
in, As additional security (be
ir dii of i lie Municipality al. large is
heieby pledged lor tiie paynienl of lbe
oiiiii,il iuli rest and sinking fund re-
quired fur tho extinguishment ot the
jcle created by ibis By-law and the
Municipality hereby guarantees pay
menl of (be same.
11. This By-law shall come into
force and lake elVecl. on lbe 80th dav
of June, inin.
Ki This By-law may bo oiled for all
purposes as the Water and Klecliir
Kighl Kales Kuan By-law, Nu. lad,
Head a lirsl lime lhe Kith dav ul
.lune, liiin.
Head a second lime lbe
June, llllll.
Ililli  day of
Read a third lime lbe Hub day of
Julie, llltl), and passed willi the
unanimous consent of lhe Council,
sseut of   lhe   Klcclols
day of
Heecived lbe
Reconsidered end  dually passed nml
adopted hy lhe Council ibe dav
of nun.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has;65^Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohcs.    Interest allowed at highest current rato.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
TAKE! NOTICE lhal lhe above la n
li ue copy ol i ne proposed Ity law upon
Wll ell    I ili'    1 "le   III'    I he    Mliniclpil  i'l
will be tak'li al th'l'ilj IMcrk's ollice
t ii v Hall, corner ol' s moiid Rlrei I anil
MeKci /.if Avenue, HrvclKlokc, 11. ('..
on Satin-day, June 2,*ith, llllll, between
ilm hours: ol Nine o'clock a,in, and
Seven o'clock, p.m.
t'lei k ol ibe Municipal t'uiiin 11,
'       How to get
a pure white
THE object of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure white loaf
And this object is attained
by the use of
Purity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whiteness. It bakes into a
pure white loaf. So, you
see, to get the really beautiful white loaf you must use
\ flour.
"More Bread
and better
Wcslern C»fi«(k Flour Milli Co.. Ltd.
Office. Winnipeg. Mtnitobft	
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly [Delivered
Baggage Transferred
Furniture and Piano Moving a Specialty
Leave Orders at Steam Laundry Office
Clearing Sale of Boys' Suits
4 ' uits, Size 22 $350 to $4 50 for $2 and $2 50
6 Suits, Size 23   4 03 to   4.75 for 2 and   2.50
4 Suits, Size 24   4.00 to   5.00 for 2 and   2.50
2 Suits, Sizo 25   3 50 io   5.00 for 2 and    2.50
2jSuits, Size 26   350 to   4.00 for 2 and   2.50
2 Suits, Sizo 27   3.50               for 2
i 2 3 piece Suit;, 2j in 33, $5 antl $6 fur $2.75 & $3.50
 ... —	
MC i)
nivelloliln Hood Flour
two fait trial* If sun
ion nut wilt,li'il willi li.
thru, your tfrooor will
tttVO     you     l"i  li    > our
money.   Whnl  IJ ho
fin. 11    Will >nii Iiy ill
Moosr jaw <ja. \
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Airon£ements hnve recently been completed under which lhe branches
of this lidiik oie nb1,' (o issue Drolls on lhe piliuipal points
In the following countries:
Auitria-Huncary    Finland Ireland Runsia
Belgium Formosa haly ServUh
Ilia/il France Jap.in Slam
Bulgaria Fr'ch Cochin-Chin*   Java South Africa
Ceylon Germany Manchuria Straii,, SettlemeXa
China Great Hritain Mexico Sweden
Crete Greece Norway Switzerland
Denmark Holland Persia Turkey
Ejjypt I,-I.,i 1 Phillipine Islamli West Indies          m
Faroe Islairia India Roumania                     and elscwher*
/?ei/.Ti.STOK£   BRAKOH--A.    H.    ALLEN,    MGR.
rotable and Flower
Ornamental anil Flowering
:;ii   I ■', 1J  B S
Bi il varieties nf
Send for Catalogue
, -,', Granville Si.   I'. 0, Dos ' l
\  aver, li. C,
You   Like  Music
Here is Your Opportunity I
Kdistin's Phonographs and Records,Graphophones,
Accordions, Banjos, Guitars, Flutes, Piccolos,
Violins, Fittings of :ill  kinds of Bnest quality.
Soli' A.u< nis for the Noted
New Scale Williams' Pianos
All kinds of Instruments tuned ami repaired,
Work Guaranteed
A fall at tlm music store on McKenzie Avenue,
adjoining the City Hall, will convince you of the
quality of tin1 goods.
.1. Bingham, mgr.
Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Co. Ltd
P»e« 8
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged ami Improved.    KiiNi-ciimc In every respect,    All modern convenience
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Import direct from country ol origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBEET     RTOTsTH]      JPIROT3.
V      ^ ■
R06INHOOD ■&$&■
11 i I IlrFt-n iiiiii
■ I
ill mm
p in
1111 jji| I  HI
!jii II
This is the Wonderful New Flour
that has made such a sensation throughout Western Canada.
Made of highest grade Saskatchewan wheat, in the newest, best-equipped,
largest mill on lhe prairies.
Made with the determination to  give users  better  flour-value, greater
certainty of   baking-success,  fuller satisfaction with the final   result,   whether
with biscuits, cake or bread.
Housewives throughout all the West admit that Robin Hood I-"lour gives all this.
Therefore, Madam, it is the flour for you.
This flour cannot be described in an advertisement.    We use this paper
merely to give the introduction—to say:
" Let us make you acquainted with Robin Hood l:lour."
It Is the guaranteed flour.    If you ni*e not satlstlod with It nl'tor two imp tr'ula,
ask  your grocer fop youp money buck.    He will give It to you.
Add more water than usual when  uslnrr Robin Hood Flour.    Mndo or such
hard, dry wheat. It absorbs mope molsturo- producing a larger, whiter lout'.
The difference between Robin Hood Flour and other flours
you have io find out for yourself.   That (here is a difference
every woman who now uses Robin Hood admits.
Moose Jaw, Sask.
Jobbing promptly attended to. Agent fnr all kinds of
Trees, Plants, Bulbs, etc. Lawns anil Gardens taken care
of for the Summer. Terms reasonable. Twenty years
Residence with F. G. Frisby.    Phone 80
flow is the time of year for SeeO flManttnfl
JSeauttfv? your (Sar&cns
A   large assortment of Fresh Garden and Field Seeds, including
AND BURPEE'S.   Fine Lawn Grass, Clover, Timothy, Alfalfa
The Paget Supply Coy.
June ffl to July ?, 1310
All   freight refunded on   exhibits originating
in Alberta.
Ovor $1,000 offered forgrain competition includ-
Acre Yield Competition.
Milking Machine demonstration and lectures.
Magnificent Art and China Display.
Best music and attractions, including
Grand Fireworks Display.
Albers' Ten Snow White Polar Bears.
Herzog's Six Trained Stallions.
The Six Abdallahs' Brothers marvellous acrobats.
Ramza and Arno, clever comedians.
Al. G. Barnes' trained wild animal shows.
Reproduction of the making of the Blackfect
Indian Treaty illuminated with Fireworks.
Fou Prize List and Entry Forms Write
1,8. G. Vlll WART
E. I. Rl
ruit Lands Near Revelstoke
We have for sale 80 acres of cleared
fertile lands ready for cultivation and
planting, half a mile from town, to be
divided into small blocks to suit purchasers
and $300 Per Acre
This is the best land in the district, being
very fertile and suitable for growing fruit
or vegetables— no irrigation needed. This
is a paying investment.
Apply to
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Late Rev. Dr. Herdman
lievelstoke pooplo will regrcl lo heal
,,( il>,' clonlli of tho Kev, J, C. Herd-
limn, nl Culgury, which look place
litis weok.     'I'lii'   doeeused    waa    well
known In this oily, aud was "i f
ihi' niusi ontliuuiastic members of lhe
Alpine Club ol Canada. Dr. Herd-
mau it may bo remembered was one
ol tlm lirsl paiiy who reached iln.*
summit of Mt, Begbie in compan)
with local men,
The deceased was formerly pastor of
Knox church, Calgary, and latterly
Buperintondenl of Presbyterian mi-s-
ions,boing aged "il yours, Ho is
Biu'vived by Mrs. Herdman aud a
family of two sons uud a daughter,
who will have the Bympatk) of a very
(urge circle of friends throughout tlio
entire west,
The lute Mr. Herdman was born in
I'ictoti, N. S., and lii~ odiii atipnal
ri,ins,' was varied nnd brilliant. Uo
oiimo to Calgarj na pastor ol Knox
church in ISSSuudho wua a man after
lho hearts  ol  the  people of  the  west,
Ilis  life „ui|  leaching  wns  ■ "i  lul
I'liiiM' an..! broad  minded chr'mtianity,
II" li.nI    h beds    of friend,  outside
uf Ihnse lor w >   h i»  inll)   min-
isU-reil,   Ilis li us (,ir i|„. positii i
siijN'rinl,'iiJrni   ni    mission      was   roc.
ugui/ed  by  Ins chiifch  gnd  I utcrcd
lipou the woll, willi a Koal which was
men' ihun lii- lioulih could -i.nnl nnd
for somo limn ho hnd bee if ac-
live Work.
lho Inter nt was mndo al  Banff.
Division Engineer
Mr.  II.  Kiudull  of     Winnipeg      1ms
h,','ii uppoinlud      engii r      ol      ili»'
Pnciiic Division ol the Id, Y, K., wiih
hi'iiilipini tors   in   Vancouver,  vice    Mi.
C.  li, Cartwright, who rosig I    that
ollico on May 31. Tho appointment
of Mr, Jiiiiil.ill lo iln- ollice was
prophesied' several days tigo in a
telegraph despatch lo the Province
Iroiu Winnipeg.
Mi. Kiudull has fur n number ol
yeurs been un assistant  t,, Mr,  J.  i".
Sohwltzer,  assistant chief engii t   of
tho C 1'. ll., whose hoadquurters mu
in Winnipeg, Prior to his appointment in the sini'i ,,i ihe Winnipeg office Mr. Kiiulnll was resident engineer
of the  railway   at  Fort  William.
JN THE MAI Til K of The Arrowhead
Lumber Company, Limited.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt all
persons having claims against The
I Arrowhead Lumber Company, Limited
whose registered office is at Arrowhead
in the Province of British Columbin,
aro requested to send, not later than
'the 7th day of July, 1910, by post
prepaid or delivered to Bodwell and
'I awson, sohcltoia for the liquidator
of the above company, at Wls Covern-
[ment Street, Victoiii, 11. C, their
names and addresses, lull particulars
in writing of their claims and statement of their account*, and 'lie nature and securities (if any) hJd by
ANU TAKE NOTICE lhal after the
7th day of July, 1911, the liquidator
will proceed to distrili'ite 'Ih- assets
of  tlio     Company    anion'.'   lhe   parties
mtitled  tlier , having regard    only
o the claims oi which li" shall havo
lad notice.
I)at",l the S7lh day of May, A. D-,
Liquidator of the Company.
Certificate of Improvements
" Harry'' mineral claim, situate in the
Trout Lake Milling Division oi West
Kootenay District.
Where locate I ; On Poplai Creek,
near Poplar Townsite.
TAKH NOTICH thai I. A.R.Heyland,
Pree Miner's Certificate No, 11. 25405,
Intend, sixt) days Irom date hereof, to
ipply to the Mining Recorder ior a Certificate ol Improvements, (or the purpose
of obtaining ■ Crown Grant nf the above
And furth r   take   notice   that action,
linger Section 37, must i,c commenced
before the issuance oi such Certificate of
Dated this 15th dav ol April, A. I).,
WANTED General Servant Girl
wanted in private home. Good wanes
Apply ai M mi. lliu u.n office,
POR   SALE OR  RENT—Ranch    at
Clanwilliam.   Apply     lo     Mrs.     Mary
Palmer,   Clauwilliain,   B.   C. tc
Tenders arc invited (or the concrete
walls, placing of all floor joists, setting
window   and  ,l<»ir   (tames  ami   laying
rough floors and sheeting Howson's
Hlock. Plans and specifications and all
particulars obtained at Architect Win.
King's ol
Accompanying said tender contractors
are requested to enclose lender for the
purchase of Lot* 22 and 23, Hlock In,
with buildings thereon.
i'lll! SALE Two high-grade Ayrshire
Cows, Iroshoniug, heavy milkers.—
\pply lo T.  Lewi.  Rovolstoko, B.C.
WANTED   Q I    Planer   man.   Apply
KcrDagHan Lumber Co, Ltd.,Salmon
Arm, B. C.
excavating for the llowson Block,
1 will have good   gardon   soil   for
sale at 50e. |nr load. Apply to lho
Cumming's Transfer Co.
WOMAN COOK'— Wants occasional
work in private families, Apply
ilin.' Joins west of Knox Church.
LOST-- A " Ladle* Lighl Blue
Jacket,   silk  | Anyone    lindiuc.
same   anil   ren lo   P,    II.   Weill
Store, Lower J   m, -, ill i,, rewarded,
FOU SALE—Tho most up-to-date portable typewriter on Iho market.
Docs tho Work aatna as $100 machine Price >2r> prepaid.—Smaill k
Cllosier, Vancouver,  B. B.
We olTor full quartan acres Imperial
'ark, beautiful location, oasy terms.
Write for particulars.I  Western   llroknr-
ge Co., 720 Pender jrit., Wost, Vancouver, B. C. a.l3-(l.
Wanted to Buy
A  Small   Sienin   Tug   Boat   in good
repair.   Apply, giving full particulars
us   lo  si/.e.   style  nt' in.'iebiiii'i'V, price
expected, „ in   .Ml'NIiV LUMBER
co„ three valley, B.o, masii
re pi
i   hei
,, J.l.'
As my wife has  lefl  my
board,   I will n,, longer In
for nnj debl    I onlracleil I
Dalfltl June lil,, 11)10,
F, F. i'l LLMEH,
Eggs for Hatching
Eggs for hatching from the follow ■
ing imported pure bred itOOOl
S. 0, Rhode Island Rodl.-93.00.
Silver Laced Wyandottes,—93.00
Barred Plymouth Rooks,-|2.00
S. C. Bull Leghorn«,-93.00
Cornish Indian Came,- t2.H0
While Crcsied  Black Polish,—|3.00
Kmden Gesso.   13.00.
Imperial Pokln Ducks.--~|l.7.r>.
Also stock Irom   the above lor sal*
MRS.  R, A.     UPPER.
Call mnl get prices and   see   samples nt
Siiulio.    Also m-i  particular! ol   our
special offer (or a short season only,
Connaught and Victoria $tt
Synapsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
ANY available Dominion Land* within tha
Hallway Holt ia British Columbia, t"M
bo home-Headed by nny twrsou who Is the .sole
head uf a family.it any mala ovor 18 yearsuf
age, to tho extent uf uue-'jaarter aaction uf 160
acres mora nr leas.
Entry mn>t be made personally at tha local
laud ollico for the district iu which tha laud ia
situate: Kntry hy proxy may. huwerar, bt
made on certain roDdltloBl by tba fathar,
3other, nm. daughter, brother or slstarofau
iutnuduiK hmne-'taader.
The homesteader is required to perform the
cumlitioii - connected therewith under una uf
the following plan- I
11) At least sii months' re-»iJ»oee upon and
cultivation of the land in unci, >ear for threa
i'l)    If the father mr in..il.-'. if  the father ii
deceased) of the   homattaadar raaidat   upon a
fnrin iu tin* vicinity of lhe land niit>red for. tl
requirement- a? to raaldaoM imj l»a Mtlar
ti)    Mi'h pattoii raaldlni with the '»tt *■
t:t)   If the settler hai bti ptnutttant **
ilpotirariiiMirfliOnliiMiin.il>)   ti  in   ill   It
ii> of to* bomaatead tha r*t|nlta4BM
roaldaoca maj ba lattiOad by reiidei
the ttald lai d.
Kix mni.ii,,   notice in wntiuff sbool
to  the   t'oniuii-iioiier  of   Poni'tiion
Ottawa of lotaotloa to apply for pat
(JOAI*.    Coal iniuintf rirfhU may b
liorinl   of   Iweutyctno   ywnr-   at
reiitnl   of, II   por   acre.    Not   more
:irrn-     .(ntll   lie   loased   10   04M   I    I
company.   A royalty at the rata of
per pin shall be I'oDocted Ot »**  "'er^
coal miued.
Deputy of the Uinister of tbe Iuu
N It.    rnatithnnred publicatinn   of   th.
Tertlueineut will not be naid for.
I.O.O.F. Grand Lodge
llu Grand Lodge, I. 0, 0. Y. ,,l fi.
('., held iheir annual sesaionin Kamloops ihi- week.   Eteports showed thai
tl dor hn>l made exoellent progress
during the year. Tlie following nre
the newly elected officers for the ensuing term:
O. CaValsky, grand patriarch; i".. I..
Webber, grand high priest; 1). E. Mackenzie* grand senior warden; l'Yeh i)a.
vev, grand Bcribe; <l. T. Weir, grand
treasurer; A. Clelland, grnmi junior
warden; J. Carroll, grand marshall;
It. J. Jackson, grand inskie nentinel.
J.  II.  Lemon, grand outside sentinel,
I lie following are the new olBoers of
tho Hi ami Hebeliah Assembly.
Past president—Miss Francis Bacon,
Kelson; presidentr-Mrs, S. B. Hon-
iinli, Vancouver; vice-president—Mrs.
Im 1 \ atis, Rossland, warden—Mrs. M.
Langhnn, Nanaimo; secretary— Mrs.
Y. A. Walker, Victoria; treasurer —
Mrs. A.  E. Parker, Cranbrook.
v.. \. Foote and A. Arman represented Ine looal lodge Selkirk No. 12,
and Hi-. J. Palmer and Mrs. P.
Hooley the looal Naomi Lodge ol
8. C. and Alaska Railway
1«" locating survey parties nre
now iu the field on the route of the
British Columbia fc Alaska Uailway
( ,,. between l.ytton, on the main line
ni ihe C. p. It. and FortGeorge. Each
ol ili,'-e parlies is composed <>( IT
ii. line is working north (nun l.yt-
i nml the other south [rom Fort
Ihereis   a   possibility   tli.it   the  main
ie   of   the   railway     may   run     north
from Ashcroft, instead of from l.ytton
Vnriout considerations may     influence
the ' ipany    to thus changing      the
mnin line.
ilie British Columbia fc Alaska
Railway will oi>en up a tremondously
rich agricultural uiel mineral country
lying between the Selkirks and the
Cascades. The furnishing of transpor
laiion facilities to the great valleys
paralleling and lying to the west of
the backbone of the continent hns
brought about the upbuilding of the
Pacific slope commercially, financially and in population. This has been
the history of the country to the south
of the boundary line in Washington.
Oregon and California, and there will
be a repetition of the experience of
ilio.-c states in British Columbia when
the valleys crossing the country from
north to south are oi"
I y    i ail-
w„ys..0ne  of  those   de
pi n   roads
will be the British Colin
■: I Alas
ku Knilway.
British   Columbia is bu
ihe eve
of  the great deveJopmei
h    the
richness  of  ie r  natui   '
command.     Sl,    is ear
iug a populatiou of '•?   '
Oh Wilt hou
Will   thoU   lake  h, ,i'l,
lor  better or  for wor*.    I i   have,    to
hold,   to fondly  guurtl,   (ill  Haul■•'
for better or for Woree; ti
in the heurae? Wilt thou li
her  wuy.   coimult  her  m
ake    the    fires up i
help  her   »ilh   ilw Oi-
give her all net
will pack, bui • uonke;
iiiuff,  a  littli     ,       «k,n  sac<iue''      Wi
thou com foi
mother, .Ann'.
thirteen sister-  aud  » ln«
Ilis face gn■»  pale and
too late in jilt, b» thi"
lloor he tank, he sadly
Shipping Butt: o
Missoula, M.,ii , Jul, I.— Alex
\yottc, siwrial - nt ol Canud; ,n
government, -n,. after vhc
shipment of buii.,:..  lion       I Flatl" > >
reservation  to the t .
i'ark  in  ARierta.   The
been purchased lust ye.,:
udian governmenl.
twenty   animftia  were
la)  and twenty-all moi.
i»l  Monday,  making  a  t
I forty-six.    I l.ia will
m    BuITi: i
• ie   hli'
Uai     (
ighty  to
Mr. Ay
of ■
' •» load
:.rd   •
I      hipped  in
e nays  i in    is
io ship thebuffali   '»»»
poeviah   ™d •
Our logs are stamped
on the end "E" and all
persons are warned
against taking them or
the driving of nails or
spikes therein. Do not
touch our logs.
Revelstoke Sawmill Co., Ltd,
, ai
llir' i
Willi   I
Moving i
Moving F. Pag* 4
look:     i
, O O Iv
R 13
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue
prices, freigl
t added, with
Winnipeg price   Weight
Freight   Total   Howson's Price delivered
Kitchen Chairs         50c.
it              i.
Kitchen Cabinet      $6.75
ii              i,
Dining Table          10.55
ii              ii
Dining Chairs           88c.
ii              ii
Dresser and Stand    8.95
ii              ii
ti              ii
Bed                        3.55
ii              ii
Bed                        5.3b
ii              ii
Dominion Spring      2.40
ii              ii
Child's Cot              5.10
ii               ii
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
ii               ii
We make mir profit by sh
ipping in car 1
oad lots,
thereby saving freight rates.
catalogue giving description
of othur goods
not  Hpe
lifted in this
list to our store
and we
will prove our statements.
Remember we
mods and sel
up free from b
is.  CO.
, B. C.
Calgary Exhibition
11 • • jlul'it!■ 'ii grounds nl > atgur)
ja ;. ,« , ,'otj bu y plw e, A small
army ol workmen aru milking lliu re-
pairs and preparing lho exhibits for
the I'roviiiual Exhibition to be held
Juoe 3Utl , i" J ilj Till. All uvuilable
spa ■• in  ihu building    Ior    industrial
ihibite  h ,-  bei n  secured    weelui
ugo, and a number "i exhibits have
i<j be coot'Jnt  with  tent  Bpnee,
Kui..      lose at Calgary Juno ISth,
I'he forestry plantation iui liutel}
iu from ui the main gate was pro,
pared and trees planted about the mid
die oi May, ond em !> succeeding yeur
will he a living demonstration ol
what can be done in tree planting on
the plains. While the exhibition directors are provindiug thai educational
features nnd exhibits shull be the meat
ui the meal ioi visitors, they also believe ihut the} lil"      '"i lesser!    in
the ioi m ol good music uud nttrucl-
ions, and tne lollowing lisl ni feut.
ures i»i lhe best ipiullt} cuuuol help
but cater to the various tastes and
fancies of our numerous visitors:
The Xoi'agsai Ladies' Bund, liuest in
the world, assisted bj lhe Calgary
Kille iiiiu.l uud iln- Calgary Litizeus'
A reproduction ol the making ui lhe
iuUiuii treaty of IS77 ULuniiuated
with magniQceul   lisplay ol iireworkd,
A ?~,UO0 i , [irogrammo,
A bertatl lei      uw • kite polui heal -
Ilex's Com,-'    i ircus.
1 i.c Si> *J*lal,ulis ltriv.iin -, marvel-
i        .irrobat-.
Hum,"  ami      "v,  clavei   comedians.
Ihe only I. ilie Shields, the Iuu
Demonstradj by lhe Calgary Fire
Department    v> specially    trained
l>o no)   '  ' -■      hnl  i*iiti ic-  11 ii
i Sth.
m'i   rates.   Sit      "i
to the exhibition,
to Danfi     on
'   ••     |ll'|v||U|,',|
■i,   regard
ui b)    u"
.'i"ll      to till'
pan.|J •
ii .  the '■■  io,
i   ■
li':)' Commission
iinpuuioH on sonic nf ilii'ir small en-
mi'    in  iibo at   Im'tnrieg vvotikl    havo
in liuilil n platform si\ fuel wido t»>
ommmliUe a  lol  ot mnnwho would
Imivb nothing (<• ilo but wntcli somo
hot mon (In iln- work."
Baseball Schedule
The following is ibe baseball schedule for the  Y.M.C.A.  league for this
7—Heavers v  lilteniieds,
in   Beavers v Corleys.
14   Hus. Men v intermed.
17- Corleys v Intermeds.
21    Heiivers v Hus. Men.
21   Corleys v Bus. Men,
28 -Beavers v Intermeds.
Friday .Inly    1   -Heiivers v Corleys.
Tuesday "
Fridny "
TueBtlay "
Friday "
Tuesday "
Friday "
Tuesday "
Friday "
Tin's. Ann
Friday "
Tuesday "
Hus. Men v Intermed,
s  Corleys v Intermeds.
12   Beavers v Hus. Men.
15   Corleys v Hus. Men.
Hi   Beavers v Intermeds,
22   Heavers v Corlevs.
211   Hus. Men v Intermed.
211  Corleys v Interineds.
2   Beavers v Hus. Men.
.",   tiirli-ys v Hus. Men.
II Heavers v Intermeds,
All league players must I e members
of the Y.M.C.A. No player can play
with more than one team. Captains
will please see that ibis ts enforced.
Games will be called promptly at 6:30
,ni scheduled nights, and T Innings
will be played.
Wed. Juiu' I   Public School v l.H.C.
" "   8—ftlbllc v Hi^b Sehonl,
" lo   High School v J.B.O.
" 22   Public School v J.B.C.
•' 2SI- Public v lligli School,
••     July II   High s,l„K.l v J.B.C,
■• 18   Public School v J.B.C.
"        •• an   Public v IHkIi Sohool.
•■ 27   High School v J.B.C.
■•   Aug. :i -Public School v J.B.C.
• Id   Public v High School.
•• 17   lliuh School v J.li.t
.II'NIOI!  M llllll  I I
Wed. .lune 1   Chums V 11 O.B.C
" ••   s 	
•'  I.', 	
Repairs of^all  kinds neatly  curried  ou
Bicycle ami Gun work a specialty
Estimates gfven on any class
of work.
Front    Street.
Mau a facta rid for all ciab»i of  building!
foOiiU iu large or small qoantitUt
I at th* Itiwtnt prlcus for cash.
Ml kindn;o! buildius aud:plastering
Foote & Pradolini,
' on
i-i ■   an)
lilway    li ii"i, hi ."
-"ii'.'u   ,.   put   In
-,     M.ilc  the
|»-.,. .
Ken   il
I, .  Sop
i t'.a an.i
.  i;. ri
I.    II.
i"  what
\ do ibl.;
ad I'nii
• ogtai
i tinted,
«^ com
'• 211          	
If   you  want  a sure  investment    mr in.
that will aland tha closeat mwction write
The Over-Lind Financiers Limited,
VANCOUVER.    •    C        mth
tfotice i- hi>ri*iv ..-,,. •        ...
cation will be made under  !', I
the  "Water Act,   1900,"   i t«u
, license in  the Uevelstoke li |
I West Kootenay Dintrn-t.
j    (a.)    the name, address  .,„,! occtlpa-
Ition of the applicant, Jacob 3   II
Nakusp, 11. <'., fruit grower and
table gardener,
'   (b.)   Ih,' name <,l the lake   .ikuh.
! or eourre (if unnamed, the
ia)   Little  atn>ain.     unnamed,   running
out of amall lake ■ ,.f mile • I    lid
(. .)   The point   nl   li  n
we^t ol ,«it end ,,t lot 2.  llll    li
pt  Inl   (974 Qroop  (I).
(d.)   The quantity ol »»i,t   ,.
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and Furnace Work
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Rovolstoke
One Car of Gait Coal
Will  arrive next week.
Semi in your orders for
early delivery.
W. B. Robertson
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
K- . ■    -   | ... Cigan,Tobacco.
Meali Ifi 'Hntf.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paio
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
• i
ll in.
Mil  I
Illi hiiif     . g ,
pn'/   engine*
ill,ml  n DOB'
i meet      tlio
»|ufrod     ai
1     Soma  "f
'i iiiuin-ii
M.Jk,   „9 ex-
im    !'«•
"tha railway
(in  ' ubli   feet per
'o.,t p.ir ■...,.,,1,1
I li,-      i
Taken »itk
'•' yurden.
1 I,,'   |,r"fi,'«*q   on   whl'Jl   lhe   warn to Im. Bead, Lol l, Subdiviaion
"'   I'"* 0 p  II,   Ko„ienny.
(ft)    lb" pnrpoaai lor whirl.
i«r i« t,, ba uad,   irriuHtin/ vagatebVa
(h.) II l„r irrigation, Jr^rril.e (he
land intended t,, Iw Irrigated, L'lvini;
ai-rnnxr.    \   nor« r)n w„,l  „n,|  ,,(  | ,,,   ]
ntwUvition ,,i 1^,1 4271 ,,i rjroop n,
(K) Thii notice «,»• poatad ,,n ihe
UH, day n| Mnrrh, |(nn, nnd nn ,i,
|,lir»l,„n will be mnde to Ihe C'.m
Bdaetonat on lhe 1 Iih d.iy '.( April, A
ID.,   HMO.
(1) Oive the name* „nr| addrtMM
of any rlpsrian prnpnelori or liren
an«» who or whose land* nre li|i,.|y to
be affected by lh" proposed worka,
•ither ahove or Mow the otttlst,
Buianall Ilro»., lloliei I I.a Uur, ffskosp
B. C, below outlet.
Iiiii-d Manh toll,.,  1910.
(.Mijfned) m.lfl.
Ntkvip, D. 0.
Union Hotel
i n'l'T .'"•« Manageo
Stewart Macdonald
All  kinrlH
f Painting and ,
Paper Hanging
•■   feci inteed
Cor. Third Sl.  and Robson Avnntic
ARHUWHt til   li. r.
Special ah, uh,,i, Kiren to commercial
men   antl  lonrlata     Kb it i la     lampli
room*, Pineal Keener; in British < olure
lim, overlooking Upper Anon Lake,
W. J.Lightburne, Prop.
Local Industry
'W-Wt! ^g V^^jjt-^'^ ^fca^Jn
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock tf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
oMenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cAccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash SATURDAY, JUNE HTM. I'.Hii
Pago S
If our methods suit you
tell others. If they don't
suit you lull us. Any criticism of our mode of
doing business will be
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the eitizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Boys Shirt Waists
A fui! llneof brand new pat-
ttrns huve just arrived; nil
prints nnd ssrphyrs. They nre
made with stiff cuffs and detachable sell-colored collars.
Sizes l'i lo \n\-
Price $1.00
Boys School Shoes
Tn procure a line uf hurd
wearing, neat school lion's for
boys  has  been  our aim for
some time und now we have
just lhat line in stock.
A heavy, pliable slock with
standard screwed soles. Ahso-
lu'ely solid nil lhe wuy thru'
We guarantee Ibis shoe to
stand hard wear.
Price $2.50
Just the Shoe for Summer.
Not too heavy, but re-info reed
in every seam. Standard
screwed sole. A good serviceable shoe.
Price $2.75
Neck Wear for Men
Have you seen the HAIR
STRIPE TIE 1 Just the
thing for low collars, and
right up to the minute. Neat
and classy. Comes in all the
new shades, each
75   cents
Panama Hats
We have just a few of those
nobby shapes at the extremely
low price. You have never
Been as good. They can't
last much longer at
$7.50 each
The Elevator is the most perfect type of passenger elevator
made. We spared no expense to
get the best and most reliable. All
the safety devices so far produced
you will find on it. The most
approved automatic safety brake.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders.
Send   the   children   to
the store.   Come yourself.
Have our city traveller
call at your home for
Soft Collar Shirts
Another line which has just
come to hand. They are all
manufactured by To ke's and
are all full-sized and perfectly
finished, Neat and nobby
stripes in tun, blue and
white. Plain colours in
while, tan, gray and blue.
Tbe collars are all reversible,
enabling the owner to wear a
white collar if he wishes.
$1.25 to $3.0O
Fancy Belt Buckles
Omamenlnl Belt Ruckles aro
in great demand a manufacturers assortment of samples
have come to us in all the
new and fascinating ideas:
Cameo Ruckles, Miniature
Buckles, Cut Sleel Buckles,
Inlaid Buckle-, Enamelled
buckles are exceedingly pretty
and novel, one is the Hand-
painted  Panel  Buckle, from
50c. to $3.00
New Hat Pins
With   extra    long     pins,   a
charming lot at 15c.
A new large Jet Head  Pin at
15 cents.
An assortment of Fancy Stone
Set Head Tins at 25c.
Other beauties  in  Hat Pins
up to $2 50
Pretty Parasols
New Parasols and Sunshades
A novelty in a Japan ParaBol
with 110 ribs, in White Muslin
at $l.i«l
New printed Sateen Top Parasols   to   wear    with    wash
dresses and suits in any color
al $1.05
New Pongee, Parasols edged
with color, a fine French
make,  all   Bruss, frames   al
Fancy White Waist
Special Sale
Thursday - Friday
A new lot of those beautiful
Sh rt Waists and Fancy Muslin Waists go on the tables
Thursday morning for selling
Thursday and Friday. Those
who have not picked up their
season's needs will have this
chance. You will appreciate
White Waists
95c. to $2.50
New Dutch Collars
In pretty pleated styles, send
some iu neat embroidered
muslins. Very cool and
comfy looking for warm day
wear.   Several styles at
25c, 35c, and 50c
Saturday Night
Hosiery Sales
Bed Spreads
Only a few left. Any persons
who have neglected getting
some of those " Old Country"
Bed Spreads, Quilts and Bed
Sheetings will have a chance
right now. We expect to
clear out the entire lot. If
you aro needing fresh, snowy
white Bed Li len and Coverings, come and see thcBe.
Take the Elevator
Choice Pickles
' In the  hot "summer weather
„^   when you go home lo dinner   C^
$fi   did  you ever   notice  how a   2JI
3Cpickle or two will cool you off    j*..
Get  our  prices  on   t'rosse &
Blaokwell'a     Mixed,     Chow
Chow, Walnut, Gerkins, and
White    Onion    Pickles;     or
Heinz. Sweet Mixed in bottles
or   bulk;   Sour   Pickles    in
bottles or bulk, and sweet or
sou.' Onions and Chow-Chow,
also the  famous   Dill pickle.
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Fruits are now arriving
daily and are in the pink of
condition; Strawberries are
coming in large quantities
and are Al, also Bananas,
Oranges, Crape Fruit, Lemons
Fresh Vegetables
Ripe Tomatoes, Cucumbers &
Green Onions arriving daily.
We lead in tbis line. Get
Our Prices on Vegetables.
We can guarantee that tbe
products are fresh from the
gardens and a fresh supply
comes to hand every morning.
Come in and look them over,
Everything in the line of
seasonable vegetables can be
obtained at this store.
Pork and Beans
Now that the',warm weather is
upon us, what better do you
want for lunch than a can of
nice Pork and Beans. We
carry the beet on the market
—Van Camp'?, Armour's,
lleinz's and Clark's. 'These
are packed from the choicest
picked lieans and specially
selected corn-fed pork. When
you get these brands you get
something above the average
Get It at Hume's
C. jB. Hume Sr Co. Ltd.
Revelstoke,   *   B. C.
You may find a mistake in
our accounting, let us know if you
do. We have installed the finest
office system possible and are doing
our utmost to keep apace with the
times. You can help us if youjlet
us know of any mistake thatjmight
occur. Tage C,
SA'I I'lillW,  .11 NT.   1ITII.   1'JIO
Sale of Summer Apparel
Sale of Undermuslins
Women's Night Gowns, 75c, 95c, $1.50 anil $2.50
each.   Women't gowns of fine muslins end Cambrics trimmed  with   Laces  and   Hmbroideriea  III
Slip-overs anil button front styles,
English Prints
1'ull wiilihs   warranted the lieatal l2Jc per yard,
fancy stripes, dots, floral designs,     Now selling
m Hi-.
Women's Skirts
Pi ce  ranging from ?5c, $l.uo,  $1,50,  $2.00 and
each.     Dainty  styles  in   fine  muslin  and
Cambrii skirts.
White Muslins and Dimities
Pliers (nun  15c, 20c, 25c and 40c  per yard.
Drawers for Women
and children from  50c  to $2.50 each,  trimmed
with German aud  V.d- l,wes  and   Dainty   Swiss
Mulls .nnl organdies iu Btripes and checks.
Wash Suitings
Repps,   Uiauibi.ivs.  Zephyrs,   Linen and   Indian
Princess Dresses
Price    •• 0,   -.""  nnd   $7.50,   in   white only,
■    imeil  with   Viil.   insertion     and   embroidery
The season's most fascinating Btyles,
Fancy Parasols
in all the leading colors and new deBlgus, Prices,
$1,00 to $5.00,
Summer Dress Fabrics
prices,    fancy Muslins   IV.,   20c   and
.u.i    These come In fancy  stripes and
■ il designs.
Millinery at Half Price
1             Our Table Pattern Hats al half price.   This Clear-
j              inu Sab-,,ti all llie.li Class Millinery will bring
this beautiful hat within the reach ol all.
Dr.Sulliorlniitl and Dr. lliimilton m
ngiiln nppointed iirgoon for lhe foi
lowing  l'.   I'.   II.  di Irii'ls,    Sii'iiiiuiii
lo Ueavermoulh, II. *   \.  I.. aiilxHvl*   CorroBpondeneo 1 oo nnnan
ion.   Dr.  Tnylor  oi HoHIimi    nnd   Dr. Uevolstolto, U. C, Juno 6, 1U1U
Gordon  of  Field,  hit sui'ijeons Ior  tho |Wil()l,  \|,,;| ||,.ra| |.
Field l,, Bonvornioulli dislrielB, ,   sir,—I  miw   a  verj   heroic  ucl   done
Mis.   Ib'iii..'in,,   Mi'Kinni.j   bus    com. b.\   ii  hoy  Umighl,  jusl   n  block    ensl
inenivi .'hiss,., j,, |,i„„n nnd  vinee eld-   "I  lhe ',' -n • '  hotel on  Second  street.
iui,' ai  her residence on  Soeond utrool Two horses wero coming alnni;      nl  a
weal,   Mrs. M0Klnno>  Ins received hor good dip, ridden l),\  young men, when
imi g from  lho be»l  miiHters      un I » littln child was seen  lo lonvo      lho
hus had conmdernblo     experience      in iduwnlk   willi  llie  intoulion  of ci-obi
leaching,  lier spminlily  being     Iwgin- '"'-   ll"'    elroel.      ISvorj-botlj      Blood
ners und bnckwiird pupils.   !'■> nrrniigo aglin"l, il  reninined for n cool bonded
nii'iii   with   lho  Toronlo   Cnnwrvalory li111'' '■">  ol some  I'J yours  to do  Ihe
ol Musi.', ,,,„. ol Iheir exiuniners    will noodful,      \a quick     ns n  Hush,      ho
bo oul  hero in .June,  IUU, nnd     eon- I sprung    from  a ugsl   hie plnymuleB,
duel examinations under lhe bi  con '"'" ll"' rond, boIzihI  lho child on  lho
tlitions ne it tho pupils wero nt lending run nnd Iniuleil her Bnfely     on      lho
the     Conservatory,    uud il successful, oilier side,   Tho nlmosi  rrenzied motif
cerllllculei      will '   bn  \af I  fr   lhe [or cunio und look  lhe child und grnlo-
('oiiBervnlorv,     Uiub savin:.,  the Inrno   '"">   ihnnked her I'esc • end      wenl
>\|ii'iis,. nf nltonding lho colle
I .    ream nnd »ofl drinks    nro     on
: ...  ihi     ■ "i  season ;,i I owie s
Ui -■ .. ., in      -•■   the ndvoi Lisomont,
•    . e loundutions ol the new
.  h ■■■.  . ■   viMn -I""■'  '"'•• being  rapidly put  in and the work n    making
pri igrese.
Mr   Ross, of \ ai ' • ', hns opened
I irtrail studio in 'I"' Tupping block
on      Vi, toria  street   nnd    t'unnmighl
Several sales oi lota in the wesl end
of the citj have been made ihi.s week
by the llull-Sftbald Land Syndicate.
The prices were well sustained.
.\s the result "i ilie development
work which has been done uu it dining the pust winter, the Big Lodge
ni;uc ut Kingston Creek is looking well
lite finance miuistei has nuuounced
that the Treasur) Department will redeem defaced und pun. bed "in' at lb
duein defaced and puni hod coins, at To
per ivut. oi their face value.
lhe death is announced uf 5>ii' Geo.
Kewnes, ol London, Eng., the millionaire publisher uud proprietor oi many
oeiiuUituio,   iui-ludiiig   lbe      Standard
lbe newly lormed bugle band attached to F Co., I!. M. It., in chni'gv
u' Sergt. liuglei Smythe, made its
; -. street parade on Thursday night,
i .• boys have made excellent progress
lhe band is haw guile an iuBtitu
tion in the cityf
m   of   ^ ictorin,     fi.   *'.
-  own   bonds   i-eii nllj
will ils      own       long
■   sins ing   ' .   Is  will  be muking     u
.     » .   i'.I'l'i>     received
from ■     will be refused, The
,\!  was  00.07,
tl  «  ut   llie  bospitu
^-iuuii'j= are I patrouisod ibis
year ai games are in    full
.-.,..■:_.   (J      ich c afti moon
 uged     and    the
lis  foi  partni rs.      Tow ards
the ernoon tho
lei igh t fill di vol
Im:i,,-i lib
' m   fol   .,  li._   toiirn
■  I        • om|
ed I several
I'he ouncil
M  !     i»-    gil •
I tl egulnti
a A ■■
I Kigl
usl Orton     aveiim
ip-to-d ite    in      evel
■    ■ ■   I
II     Li   '•'■■ I.UN
i be for n
• i ..... ible term i.   Foi
il u- applj  i" Im C, I mu,. ■
i"  elstoke, B. I .
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would susrp;est you doing so if you wish to procure tlie hest
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Your Insurance
Is one of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Nijw Books
The Untif'Mr.ihir QoverneUR
By Marlon Crawford
The   Fortune   Hunter  By  Vanes
A   Modern   Chronicle
By Winston  Churchtll
Kitmeny ot the Orchard
By Montgomery
The  Butterfly Man
The Green Mouse
White MatOc
Don Q'8 Love Story
Under the Thatch
By McCutcheon
By Chnmhers
By David Graham
By Prlchard
By Allen Raine
Bews' Drug Store
\11 provincial i,i\-- pjv imw pa> ahl*'
In oi'ftur lo secinv the -'* [mm* ■■•".-• il
i (umi on llic tnxM on itnpi ni wU mtl,
personalty, nnl income, an*' llie ion
I'.t cent, discount on tin* laws on
w ilil liui'l and i imber lainl,
.In.nl.i  I.,-  pniH  before  -1-":.     i
|    III.'  local   I ibci .     \    ■
' ;n i'.'iii-.'ii    1.1   hold   n    i.' ■ ;
\\ ili'ii-l   Lam iei.   ['ivmiei   oi
\\ lien      making     In-   lour \\<
tlii- summer,    I'lie L'retniei
companied by  II"'    M
ister  of  railways,   I      M      M
M.   1' .     and     I       Pur-lee
w ln|'.  atul  h ii!  iw in   Revel
few   liouin  mi   riiUfsday,    I
v\ lien  he w i'i deli1 ■
\ i   ..■'•■.    i
thai   in  ortlei   to ■
■     i
i-   ne< essnry    to   pr< dui i
lhal   you   have  &i ende<
ame  n  irni   .
tribute*!  al   lh«    i lose
Thii  amicabli
wa-   .'iirr ed    .'    ftfl
tweeu   ti	
ll ■•    :,
City A** CM '       ■
■ • ; ini'iM
■  .   . i   the   mm  of   WShH)
i xemptiona t\w\ from
IM)   |i i
■' '. i r.   and
I6fi       I i U11. _r
inn')   ■■   •    ' and    for
impi ovemen'    Sill ,220.
('.   |)(.iil-< I,mm . ,f   the
I ii     '. e*  lhal  Im'mi   In    i, nn.
in iiw> i ■ thin w eek from \ crncm, an
i otito foi ' hn ■ .1 ■■ Iffi tale ' ha I
n goo*l ''>>il will \n- limit tin i itimmer
from tho Cougar \ alley .• here i he
ava art iituated and nro ing he
lummil of Lhe mountain lo Flo ei
r Hn - will ni ible i leor i to
t ravel ' hrouijfh omi lol i he finet I
>'i> in I'.i inii i !olumbin and reai h
pai i oi lho mountaimi hilhei to prohibited bj   ili*   ,ii-i i. nature ol    the
climb. Mr. Deul i hman itaten that q
large numbei ol vi»itom are Bxpented
ni the caves tin. fjummer, bui the •©*•
ion "ill not commence" until tho and
of July,.
11   \\     \ , ntract
■ e n new \a\>   ni ■■ h
i    U.  .1.  i   . .,, ,      luui i.    ul
b • due       ftil 1>
■'■   :
$27,000 to be Raised for the
The By-law lav the borrowing of
$2T|000 un debenturos for il»' Impiiiv-
inn, augmenting and extending ofthe
wn!cr supply for llu' I'iiy nl' Ilevel-
Btnko wns intioduccd lasl niiiii al Die
City Council iniM'liiig and piissod I|b
three readings. Voting ou tli" By-law
will take place ou Saturday, June 25,
The debentures will run for 51) years
at l In' rate of ."> per cent, nnd must, not
be sold for less than 05, The Blnklng
fund per year on the borrowed
amount will he $239.88 and interest
per year, $1860'09. Aid. Oowan staled
that it was very probable that the
O.P.R. would co-operat3 with ilii'iii_\
and lake at least 150,000 gallons a daj
at a rate of 4 cents per 1,0011 gallons
which is an Income of Jjlll a day. The
new water supply tcheine lias been
passed with the nnauiuium consent ul
the Council who have recognized the
Importance il, is to the city.
If passed hy the people the By-law
ill come Into force on June 30th.
Ik,llir.     III   nl„nll   :,   luillUlu     lie   li'l ill n
I willi ilir child iii her min .uul i
brighl silver dollar, whicli Ilio child
un*. ,'l:is|iinu  in ln'i   hand, wn    olTerod
In    ill,'    liill,'   llPI'O,     II''    mmImI Imi
politely sni'l lie could not accopl il.
Tin, Hccno hroughl loai'H to my ryes,
ili.' boy's i,uni,' I Irani,-J wan Norman
Fl'OSt ami alu'iit l«,i iln/i'ii |i,',,|ilu
w i.tii,MM'ii it iiiiiiiii'.: t whom was „ lei*
egrapli hoy, I nm n strnngor horo so
my iiiiiii,' i-- of no nccoiint.
Agricultural Society
There will be a meeting of tbe lie\
ehtose Agricultural .Society on Tuesday, June 21st, in the (lily II ill at s
p.m. All members and those interested are requested to lie present. Tin
preliminary arrangements for tin
Annual Fall Fair will bu made. It is
particularly desired th ,t a good me, i-
ing be held so that new officers can he
elected and the work commenced at
Pictures To-Night
At the Edison Theatre to-night there
will !«'shown a first-class program of
moving pictures including the film
■Scale ni Justice." This picture is
well acted and shows I he wreck of the
.Sealing Schooner, The other subjects
on ibe progamme are all go,nl
Peters i mi ii I liiul Sunday uf-
ler Tiinm . - a.iii.. Holy i ommunion
; I ,i. in . Mat ins ami I.ilnm ; 7:I1U j,.
in.,    Im m j -I" p.   in..  Sunday
U.    VI
i.» ii. w.
■   i     Vi. U. Vi.,  ailenled
■    .
i good t       tbe
M Until    '
\    ■
'■',..,I     IN      K,,n
Julj   loth    by     VT,   J    O'Brien      Hi
I iT'.i , ■ \,.,
lion   .m'l   i.i .oini/fil   .,    ■
piril    omp ''
« In, h lal I.'i. lio" i ■ .,,. In- ha
. oii,i,„ i ion,      I iir   1,1,  ]n,. I    ., ill    |„        , ,
i iod on under the n imp of  VT.  J.    0!
Hi te Co., tn   li   .,i on h     ii   from
iln' Vernon i onrai n     I bore « ill  bi
'i     tnw nded   m l ,,i hei   ware
hou nn M„,l ,.,„ ,,(|,,,., which «ill be lo
■ "'"'I in the C   r   I;   mil    (tli under-
'"",| thai   \   Orant, i tagei ol   ths
Mevslsloks ttini; aii'l Bplril Co,,   will
join tho now coucsrn,
Business locals
Jlor..t to loan on real estate. II.
Y Coursior,
llend Howson's priei - of furniture
in comparison with eastern catalogue
prices,  frcighl  added.
A meeting of those Interested in
mountnin climbing h called for Wednesday night, June I.VIl, in the Cily
Hall, by Ihe Mountaineering Club.
All ate welcome. Trips will bn nr
ranged for climbing, and as the cha'ci
I. available on Mount Viclntian good
summer's  sporl   should   be  ei joyed.
Don't forget the date.
Card o? Thanks
I hereby desire to express my sin-
•erest thanks In all those who sup.
lorleil ine in I he School Truolcp l-.lei-
ion oi Thursday and gave me their
Po A i.i. Whom It M.w t oncbkni
l\i     o'lea that   wa, .Tulins Pnugnl
■ nd A. E. lliigh, of I lie low n of Nn-
(URPi in the Province of Hiiii-h Co!
imliia, intend to apply to the Chief oi
Provincial Police 80 days af.i-i tin
late hereof, for lh" transfer of licenc
held   by  11. J.   l.allrash. of  the Hoti t
■ rand.   Nakusp, lo   A.  !•',   II  igh an
Inlius Dougal
Dated   at   Nakusp. B,   0„ tlii- l"'il
lay of April.
.lit H's  DotlOAt.,
ap 211 lin A.  E.   H \KiII.
iVNorsia  OP   i:i:i;ri.ATioNs  oo^
I.N, i. OF lilllli rill  COLUMBIA.
A LICENSE io oul timber can be it
.juirrd only at pul,lie competition, A
rental of *j per square mile la eiiais*'.
fur nil timber bertha except those aim
ilrU wsl of Yule lor Wliiuli llie rial ll ll
,t the rate of 5 c-nts per acre per ai.uuin
lu addition in llir rental, dues al lie
.'ullowins; rates are chars;-*:—
Sawn lumber, 60 cenls per thousand
Let   H.M.
Hallway lies, eight and nlno feet long.
1 l-a and 1 3-1 cents each.
Shingle bolts, 26 cents a cord.
All oilier produeis,  o  per  cent on  th.
A  license Is Issued so soon  as a bertl.
granted, but  In surveyed territory  nr
inihor can  he cut   ,m  a  berlh   until  llu-
■  has made n survey thereof.
Permits to cut Umber are also granted
il  public competition, except In the cn*c
of actual settlers,  whu  require  the thn-
r fur 1 heir own use.
Settlers   and   o'r-»ra   may   als,,   ontaln
•nn'-. ',, out u>, :„ l"*r cords of wood fol
. ■ ••   without   i ompstlilnn,
'I'he   due*   puyalj'.i.   under   a   i„ rmlt   sr.
thousand  feet  B.M., for snuar,-
md   sawloga   of   any    wood   r»
rrnm I-! in 1 1-11 cnts per llne.il
hu Idlns   logs;   from   12  1-2 lo '&
,,,,, per ■',,' I for wood: 1 ent for fence
f,,--   rallwav    ties;   and   50
.   ,.,.-,]  r... «l;inrle bolts.
I easel 'nr grating purpoisa nre Issued
for    i    '"im   of   iw-nly-nne   years,   at   s
Iwo rents  err tirrr per annum
.....    Isndi   may   bo   purchased   at   •K'
inf ..<■>:  go f,,r antlini-
rot   in ,'e   ili.a   t'.'i,  snres   msv   he
, •■ individual or company
.   ut   the  rale  of  lu cents per Ion
I   un   lhe   gros>
ind    for   agrleulturnl   pur
Id on illv   ill   the  10-
for  'li"  dlstrlol  In whieli
,.  taken  un   -  iituated   oi
desires,   lie   mav.  on
\,      ,.'. ,   ,,f   Me   Inter (,'
.     ,i,,, ,, r of In,",!»:»
■ « it   nr  Hi* li» ,    „.■■•,'   foi
....   ir whioh   Ihe   land   I"
.„ fi..e   H,,lh"rtty   for   seme  one
■,.   in ik"   ei.l'v    f','    1,1-H
, obsrged foi   horn »'i I ■
a aettlar   ■ ed an ,-,"r,- rnt
ilred  to nerl
dlllon* i   .,..,'.,1 iherewlth undee one
»ii,g  pinna
,   n
,,t hs
|    A .,, '   '      I pint
linoleum     il   Ifov
l   •      ■ r,  fi i        ,,
Stick   at   Hews'  .li  i
j     Ifol ,     i.riU.i   nnil nil hn..    ol
i [1 ii,, ■   toro,
Moving I'i, linos tonight.
ration of Ihs inn.I In each y»ai
'Ljrlnic 'In- term of three
Ii i« the prsotl .- nf th,- Department 10
-",,,,ir,.  *   lettlM   (.  hrlii^  If, aeri'M  undei
-        ,1 ,f ra lie ma y aim
ind     "   be'lrt  of entile    In  he
,,,,.,   :..•(,v   win, bulldlnga
f...   "rlr   .,,'.„'•',, 'lH''',n.   will   be reg.ilrei
i tf Ihi   fat i" -  for  eiothec.  tf the fn
thei   ^   ,1 isedl   Of   Rill   per,.,.,,   Wl|„   i.
., ,ur ,, homentead ,ni-v unrte.
ivtffloni  of  Hi"   A'l    resides  upnr
,    vl, Ir,Ifv   of   lh-   lend   en
o.red  for t,y eurli  perenn  mi  hnmeete"^
 (•  ut th.-   Ael   ••  In reel
IOI   lo   Obtaining   pntenl   mnv   h'
bv aiinh p,-re,-n residing willi tic
' ,,ii,r nr  nvahrr
■       ,,.    netlll i     hn«    h'e    p, ,,«>n.r
*   ■,,   n   familns  lend  nwne,]  i,,
I,    lhe   Vicinity   nf  hi*   hnrnee.r-. 1    lhl
rat\ ilrements  nf  lhe   Acl   ne  10  re«ld,nr#
,i,,,   i.n aatlalled  bv  reeM-nce iinon  "*
H'npltcatton for patent ehnuM h* mat,-
•nld    land
I nf three  yenre hefnre »' .
asent,  enh igent   nr  n  homaeteert  Inepee
Bafnfa making nnnllenlln-i for a pdlen'
•m ...    ,.,,,.,   give   «1t   mnnlhe'   nolle
in writing to tn» r"inml«elnn"- nt fV
mlnlnn Txnde at Ottawa, of kta Inten
tion to do an
W    W    r v > n T
Daputr ICIniatar of tha Interlot
*v?' 'Tu\ ■ ■ i h'^V^-I-T^'^'4-1- ;i r  :-—^----—--<^-t>-! • ■ i'i" ■i-2-^r-^ir .«.. „.,iM^.-j7yi
After Supper Sale
No. 23
It is i'i for ilu'sc goods, too. Our lust Saturday
niiiii Sale was the besl we have had yet, but this one will
beat it, Whal the prices were does not matter to us! but
whal they are makes a lii.u' difference to you, and you can
save money, even if you did nol need the goods at present,
but they are till goods thai are required at this season.
Wash Silk
Aboul Lliiii yards of Black Japanese Sill<, a full yard
wide, which will cut to great advantage, It is a good
black and washes well. After Supper Sale
Price 50c. Per Yard.
Aboul L50yardsof Japanese IJabitui Silk with a
heavy cord, black and colored stripes   Only 25c, peryard.
Fine Insertions
Hi Pieces Embroidery Insertion, !• inches wide, in a
large variety of eyelet and shadow patterns. One of the
best lines shown. After Supper Sale Price
15c. Per Yard.
LO pieces Evelel Insertion,   1'   inches wide,  all new
patterns.   AFTER SUPPER SALE PRICE   LOc. per yd.
Floral Muslins
A lol o( ,1 lint) di sir.ii- in I'm1:, 1'liu' nml lielio, nil new goods,
ileal designs and good washing iiiulcriiil. After fruppcr Salo
Price 10c Per Ya-d.
Table Cloths
A purchase <•( a lot of Table l.iiu-n, in two yard ends, enables us
lo offer you ii pi ice lhal you cannot duplicate. Tliej come in three
qualities and the prices are 70c, 90c. aud Sl (K) per cloth. Do not fnil
to see these.
Good Bui:ad
and you should insist upon (rolling lho IipsI nt nil
timis--(jct our*. Out*reputation lov pood bn»ad is not
iln-ii'suit of chance. Our ettittoinins «r«* catiMt'ii < ii.it.
purs is ili" most satisfactory hrend they enn buy.
'1'ivii Mini V".u wi'l liecnttte n rrgulnr etutomor. Our
(iitii'i i its .iip nl ii in lu't'i ing wi:b our bi'cud.
O. W. Belt.
P. O. Box 208
Phone No  23
Those who have tried Victoria Cross
Ceylon Tea—the tea that is strong,
delicious,   rich and  flavory   use no
i it her.
Roasted Coffee in bean or ground.
Only 30c. per lb.
Orders I'romptly Delivered.
McIntyre  & son
L'p-to-date Styles in Photos and Mounts. Hand
Cameras which use everj kind of (ilin made. A
full line of the best lilms that are adapted to all
hinds of filin cameras and kodaks, Paper and
Post Cards in Gaslight and for Daylight use.
Everything needed for the Amateur. You want
in see the Ensign, the best film camera of the
McKenzie Ave., Ground Floor
Revelstoke, B, C.
Ice Creem a Soft Drinl
All  Kinds Furnished during
the Summer Season
Cowie's Restaurant


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