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The Mail Herald May 21, 1910

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Vol. 16-No. 39
OKE. B. C. MAY 21. 1910
$2.50 Per Year
Summer Goods
LAWN MOWERS-All the Best Makes,
from $4.50 to $10. They run like a
bicycle, cut like a razor. Grass
Catchers to fit.
REFRIGERATORS—White enamelled inside—$30 to $65. Cheaper Lines
from $12 Up.
the latest one out "The Wonder"
just a little better than anything yet
Garden Hose
We have the best ever sent to the
West. Ask to see our " Red Record" and
the "Green Peerless," every foot guaranteed. All the latest goods in Lawn
Shears, Garden Sprays, Pruning Shears.
Lawn Sprinklers.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd,
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Office    Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Agents at all principal pointB in.Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn fcx-
chance National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, Ban Fran-
Cisco—Wells Pargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Watch Revelstoke Grow
Fruit and Vegetables
When Everyone Uses
P. Burns & Co.'s Fertilizer
Try a Sack of It For Your Lawn
Large Gathering st Opera House
to Pay Tribute to late King
The opera house wn* packed to the
doors yesterday alternoon on il"' occasion ni the memorial service for
King ICdward VII, A parade «.,- hcl I
Bhortly after - p. in., bui wan disappointing in thai so i,'« nttcn led.
'I In.-.- iliut niuu. I oil were lhe Uev-
e'stok ■ I il\ Han.!, F. i .... |{. M, li..
a few Uruugrmen and So. I Fire Hriif
adi- rtli.i Innl, very -mail in their
n,-al lliii- uniform. All the other fra-
ternul organizations and Fire Brigade
No. '2 were conspicuous by their absence. The occasion deserved a better
turn "in. and tin' people are ti
criii/i'il for their in lilTerence in
nn: service
After the parade had entered
opera house. Mayor Hamilton opened
the proc lings. Present on th'' platform which was decorated with violet
colored streamers, crossed rifles and
flair*, were the members oi lhe church
choirs and the Kev. C. A. I'rocunier,
T. Vi. Hall. Vi. Y. Freeman anil M. G.
Melvin. The Rev. ('. A.  I'm, nine, read
I the opening prayers and sciiptual lessons. Ili- Worship then addressed the
congregation and in a few well chosen
Wolds paid a tribute to lhe late King
Edward   the  peacemaker.   It   is fitting
i he said that Canada should mourn
with Finland as -he ha- lost a good
riend. Vie have Buffered a greal loss,
and ii is only righl thai ihe nation
should  feel  it  keenly
'I'he Mayor quoted the King's last
words, "1 think I have done my duty"
Baying  thai   the  King's chiel  aim  was
I.l   iln   his   duty   til   his   people.      lie   wus
universally liked ami in close touch
with his people, 'lhe world was pay.
ing tribute to him. 'I'he Kino; aimed
at pea..' generally, which was his
greatest memorial. The Mayor expressed iini'li satisfaction in the large
turn out of children and hoped thai
the imprc-sioii of this sad event
would Ik- a  lasting one.
The;, followed the hymn "Now the
Laborers task i- o'er," sung with
fervor   and  feeling.
The Rev. M. ii. Melvin gave a masterly address, saying thai  he appreciated   llle   turn   nllt   ol"   lhe   people,   lie   e\-
pressed sorrow at the !<>>> oi the
King, saying that it was of national
Importance King Edward filled a
greal place in the world: he was the
friend ol Canada and humanity generally, lie was lilled wiih zeal i'ii his
accession to tlie throne and had done
much io unite the nations in peace,
He had cemented the Empire into a
great living whole anl did ii without
assertion, but quietly ami without
ostein a I ion, Me took m, part in public politics but did a great deal towards adjusting political factions and
pul .in en! to th.- in.uiil- uf national liie His manner and charm wus
brought about by breeding and education, and hi- incognito travelling did
much t" adjust the many European
difficulties which were rife at the time
h.. ascended the throne. The laie.Kinj
w.,- well i"jui|i|.eil in govern being in
touch with all hi* pe,.pie and bound
to us |,v his policy of democracy. IF'
mingled wiih all political parties and
won  theii  confidencel.
I ll WE DONE Ml Id I'Y,
The pea. e ni Europe was due to
him and the title of "Peacemaker''
was well earned. Hi- lasl words were
the key not! ui Ilis life nnd lhe Empire iii I" il a great monari hand i
great  friend.   Our prayers  should    l'"
forth   to   ih.-  widowed  Queen    ' liei.
and wc must renew  ou>* loyult;   lo I lio
lieW     Kil
I he beautiful hymn,  " Mj   Hod,    m>
F ilher.   while   |   stray."   w i     llll II      .1
THF  KIM,   l.l\ ES
1 "     Rev.    \v.  p. Freem in    pail    a
II ilm:■■ 1,1 1 he 'I, ,1 monarch in an eloquent id f 11 i' .1. hii.j , rmoB, Ml
nation mourn our I"-- and the Brit.
i-h      Empire      ha •   -tret, heil   forth     i I -
hand       ......     the sea   to mingle  in
-ymptithy with  ihe bereaved
family,   Tho     King la  nol    dead    he
li'l. 1 1:1-    life,   his    iiilluell'C      nml
mind - 'HI li'.,- wiih us, ami hi- liie
reinaiji- in all Ine- and llii Influel ■
1 m t a- greal now anl fresh in 'he
hearts of hi- subjects. King Edw ird
1 I'" ,'• iiiaF'i " Christ himself
lu- , i the peacemakers as Sons of
1..,il. \l\ natloni bowed before him,
mil never w 1 there such ponce before
than ol the present time ami all
brought about by King Edward,   and
III pnW.r Wafl     fell      CV el V W llel".       Ill-
v. . a king among statesmen and a
statesmen  umuiie;  kings, and he  guve
his life for hi- people. Peace was se-
eurcil by justice and righteousness an I
history will tell Imw he faced trouble
for the linpire's sake. Ili- parents
embued him with goo'l inlluences. The
siiimI,',' likened the late King to
Chrisl a- a prince ol peace, his Influence hciiiu ureal in dial he live I in
1 Mid. Kin: (Ieorge as yet i- unknown
Imi '.ml i- look ng after England. All
nations ate in 1 lull's hntids
"i .1, I ,,i uur  Father he wiih  11- yel,
Fe.l    we   forget,   le-l    vv e   lol'get."
Th,. I'M,,11  "() (hn! our h !,i in ages
past," ended   th •  address,
Th,- Rev.   I.  Vi.  11 •M pronounced the
Belli dii lion      and     lhe   servi losed
with ihe singing of the National Anthem.
Th,-  school      children   d I've    great
credit for lhc manner in which they
attended and wailed qutet ami -till
till lhe opera house was emptied. The
service was impressive and solmn and
vvill long.be remembered in  Revelstoke
Shaun Aroon
The Irish roinedy drama " Shnun
A it in 11," was produced by local talent
at tin- Edison Theatre on Thursday
night, under tin* auspices nf tin1 ladies
of thr Roman Catholic church. The
play is familiar to Revelstoke theatre
goers, being put on a short while njjo
with success. There i> but little change
in the caste, the individual parts being well sustained, the actors bei/ig
runii<l.-nt in themselves and having
their puns prepared carefully. On
this occasion W. A. Sturdy was taking the role of Dun O'Grady, which
he made tin* most of. A new actress
made her debut before the public on
this occasion in tlie person of Miss
('. Kraser, who made a charming
Molly O'Grady. The production de-'
nerved a far larger house than was
accorded it, ami thf company as a
whole  show.Mi  considerable  talent.
Th-1 moving pictures illustrating the
incidents in the life of "Conn the
Shnughraun" the Irish hero, were extremely interesting.
The principal holiday attraction for
Victoria Day, Mav 24th, will lx> the
performance in the New Edison Theatre by ihe lam.ni- Musical Eckhordts
the Swiss family of bell ringers aud
musicians. I'he Eckhardts come here
not as a stranger hut as well-known
and proved musical entertainers of
more than ordinary ability. Their
programme lor Victoria Day will be
unique, varied, wonderful and above
all. high grade and pure in character
and intliiciiiv. Wherever they have
pfi'fornii'd they have received the high
est testimony oi praise, each member
being a star. 'I'ho musical versatility
of the troupe has been demonstrated
on a previous occasion before a Rev.
elstoke audience and their return visit
will Ik' still more pleasing and interesting. The New .Edison is particularly adapted    for     such  a  performai	
when instruments of all kinds are
played  the sound heinc can ied along
tha metal ceiling and losing nm I
lit- rich tone.    This entertainment will
I make a fitting end to a pleasant holiday next Tuesday, and all who vi-ii
the Teatrc ace assured ot a first-class
evening's amusement.
Tlie last Requiem
London, May il.—With stately sorrow the I in|u'i i.il Edward wa» laid tn
rest yesterday in St. (ieorge's Chapel,
Windsor Castle. Tbc funeral procession was Qnparalleled in its solemn
nm ihiir.     Tiie   route ol proceuion
wns liiied by thousands, upon thousands
ol spectators nnd vv.tli every pageantry
nf grief, amid mourning tuouiandi
nud   surrounded   by  nil tbe outward
symbols of    kingly   pn   cr the body of
tbe dead monarch wns borne tbrougb
tbe streets of   bit capital yesterday en
mute to Windsor. Nine kings, a host
ol princes of all nations and a gilt let'
ing throng of high offlolall followed
the procession nml took pnrt in the
royal funeral. Tboutandl of troops
lined the route nnd every brunch of
the defence force was represented.
The Archbishop of Canterbury ainl
otber  Prelates conducted tbe funeral
service in tbe Obapel nnd tbe body wns
1 iwered to tbe crypt till the Anal rest«
ing plnrc h made   Iti the Roys! Tomb
in tbo Albert memorial obapel,
Don'l forget thi d im ■ in the Opera
House on Ti lay, Mav -Jlili, Vicuna Day. Revelstoke City Band iu
^BStV Kitchenware
There's a satisfaction in
the purchase of a first class
article, especially when the
price is no more than you
have often paid for inferior
goods. We have everything
in the line of fine Kitchen-
ware Stew Kettles, Tea
Kettles. Double Boilers,
Coffee and Tea Pols. etc.
We carry a complete stock of Shelf and
Heavy Hardware: also Refrigerators, Lawn
Mowers, Garden Hose, Wire Fencing and Gates,
Ice Cream Freezers. Agents for Sherwin Williams Paints.    Kootenay and Sask-alta Ranges.
Bourne Bros.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under which the  branches
of this Bank
are able to lbsue Drafts on
the principal points
In the following countries:
Finland                         Ireland
Formosa                       Italy
France                          Japan
Fr'ch Cochin-China   Java
South Africa
Germany                      Manchuria
Straits SettleaMaat
Great Britain               Mexico
Greece                          Norway
Holland                         Persia
Iceland                          Phrllipine Islands    West Indie*          m
Faroe hlxrra
India                              Rou mania
and el&ewhcr*
.    ALLEN.    MGR.
Summer Suits
We have a wide range of 1910 patterns, men's and
youths'; Light Grey, Brown, Green and dark mixtures. Every suit cut from imported cloth; style
strictly up-to-date, with fancy or plain cuffs.
This is a good snappy line that sells regularly at
$20.00 OUR   PRICE--S15.00
McRae Mercantile Co., Limited
Victoria DaySports
McKenzie Avenue Recreation Grounds
Baseball, Athletic Sports
Commencing at l:30 p.m. sharp
Revelstoke City Band in Attendance
Admission 25c.       Grand Stand lOc. extra Paue 2.
SATURDAY, MAV 21, 1010.
look:     look     and      read:
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue prices, freight added, with
Kitchen Chairs
Ki'chan Cabinet
Dining Table
Dininij Chairs
Drssser and Sland
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Winnipeg price   Weight   Freight   Total    Howson's Price delivered
50c."           101b. 23c. 73c.
$6.75 1501b. $3.53 $10.72
10.55 1651b. 3 87 14.42
88c.             121b. 28c. 1.16
8.95 1501b. 3 52 12.47
1.25 1601b. 3.76 15.01
3.55 601b. 1.41 4.96
5.3!> 681b. 1.59 6 94
2.40 601b. 1.41 3 81
5.10 751b. 1.76 6.86
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
\V« make our profil by shipping in oar load lnt=, thwhy caving freight nite*. Bring
ra' 11 igue ,: nng descril>'ion "f oilier goods not pppcifiwl in this list to our store and we
will nrove our   tatements,    Remember we deliver goods and sel up free from breakage.
I.   IIOM'SON   &   CO.    -    REVELSTOKK. B. C.
Victoria Cay Spirts
Clival interest is being aronscd over
lhe mining sports on Tuesday, May
2-1 th. Moth track teams are hard ut
work nnd training every evening, so
as in be in ilu- 1>'^I of form for the
meet. K. Mellne i< putting up a cup
tu he won iuu out of threeyears lor
o« nr: - lip. i.i the learn \\ inninc the
in.mi points, Captains Watson nnd
t'.-i ron both seem eonlid 'in of landing it.
The Assoiintion arc puttiliu up a
banner i" 1 li,' team winning the largest   numlwr of    points   in   Iho    junior
events.       The    I'ublic    Sel I,    High
School und Junior Bible Club "ill
compete for it. Prizes vvill also be
ulT.-iv i for first nml secon I in nil
pvcnls, both junior and senior.
Kollow ing are   tin   teams:- -
Harrier    Club.    K.    t'n ron, C'apt..
Vi.  I'ii..-. Vi.   Fr mn, T.  Hope,    II.
lUiilholiuml. 1'. Worley, It. Melvin, .1.
Moore, M. \nderson, 11. Durridire, I'.
Curdinal Clubf .1, Watson, Captain,
S.  Crowe,   K.   McRae,    fi.   MclCnelp'en,
V White, \. Lee, A. Ilillier, W. McDonald, S.  Sampson, >r.  Duncan,    A.
lie ■lllli'tt.
I'ublic     Sel If   IC.  I'.niic. Cnptnin,
V Mi I I,  Vi.   Mcl-eiin,   IC.   McLean.
• II fi. C. IC. i.nl ■>. capt., P. Samp-
Bon,  I'.   Mc.iloiin,   II   (iibbons.   H    Me-
High   Sel I.    Y.   Daniels,    Captain,
C. Pi'Mi-uiiier, I-'. f.yttle, !•'. Tapping,
I..  Coursier,  II.  flordon.
Ollinuls. Referee, .1. II. Lyons; Inspector, \. Mi'l.miiiii; Starter, Vi,
With. Timers, .1, finj Harbor, \. T.
Ilodley; I lerk of ' nurse, T. Hughes;
.IuiIl'. - nf I'inish. '! Knight, .). Pal-
luck, M Storiz Field Judges, J
Hume,     \    I'    K -    lid,   II    M Kil     i
S r,     II    i   ,. ■   m ' Mori Vn
i  i.:nier,   i;.   S pinreb
Programme,    I"  n    in.,
ioi    engue
termediali I   t
M. i     v     .   i    i   in •    .
Fie M  l\.
gro .■  ■      i
v*.  I
The   Revelstoke  I
ish  ihe inusi.   d
Tsach Fire Protection
I.in. oln. Neb., May 31, A.K. Johnson, slute fire warden, hus written ;i
letter to state superintendent IVishop,
suggesting thai n day or an hour of
some day eaeh month be sel aside for
the teachers to inslrurt iheir pupils
how it> prevent lires uiul whal lo do
in some emergencies.
li i< Mr. Johnson's idea that if the
children arc taughl the danger in 111«-
ii--' uf gasolene and kerosene and
what i'> do in ease of explosion, as
well as how to prevent fires by keeping refuse burned and the danger <>f
permitting old papers to lie stacked
in an attic or closet, the lessons now
learned will remain with them always.
Mr. Johnson gave oui tlii-- statement
whii h applies to other states us well
a-  Nebraska:
"The Nebraska fire commission,
whose business ii \< to do everything
possible for the prevention * if fire
waste, desires to direct public attention in the necessity of a general cleanup thi ring the spring time. Debris
that has accumulated during the winter months should be thoroughly
cleared uway,
"The reasons for this are obvious:
one which might be mentioned i- that
ihis debris i- often responsible for
spontaneous combustion, which, moro
prevalent during the hoi summer
months than during llu* cold period,
'- generally regarded by evperien ed
lire lighters us one of lhe i hi.-f ■ ■. i ■
nf what   are railed  "unknown  tires."
"Too     iii'ii-n   houses  are  buill   witl>-
out q\\ ing proper consideral iui    to at-
lie  vein ■     • he  hut   summer    *un
on  t In- roof i le- heal   in  l he    at-
it tir
■ .
ii ■
How to get
a pure white
T"HE object of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure white loaf
And this object is attained
by the use of
Purity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whiteness. It bakes into a
pure white loaf. So, you
see. to get the really beautiful white loaf you must use
hard - wheat
i flour.
"More Bread
and betttr "
Wctiern C»n»di Flour Mills Co., Lid
Office. WmntDCf. Mtnitob*
Repairs of all kimls neatly carried 01
bicycle nml linn work a specialty
l'.stiinaicH ufven ou any class
of work.
Front     Street.
A RltO vVHEAD, B, C.
Special Attention ciiven to commercial
men ami touiists. First-clttBH sample
rofiins. Kinesi scenery in Itritish Columbia, overlooking t'pper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Maunfactnred for till emi■■on of   build iugi
for'sile in   larRO or small qnautitiMJ
b at tha lowest prices for cash.
ft I! klmlH,of hnildiue audlplasteriiiR
Foote & Pradolini,
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
i                                               Hevi
U   i
Unrivalled Comedian
pair M«-s
Splendid residences.
Suitable Building Lots
Those interested will do well to call
and see us before deciding to buy.
You can obtain fair rates for Fire Insurance iu reliable companies with Dominion Charters.
Call and net figures.
Money to Loan OU Residential Property.
Cor. Secon 1 St. and Mackenzie Ayenue
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Fruit, Candies, CiRar?,Tol>acco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Vepretable and Flower
Ornamental  and Flowering
Best varieties of
Send for Catalogue
e St.   P. O. II"* 1063
Vancouver, It. C.
Jessie Maclachlan
'.Y lllll   i
('.tinting and
Paper Hanging
m mi mtei-I
R. '/.. < IKAWPORD
.j   lii,       i        Ili ih on Avenue
born    n    l!  i
..,  1011,
Union Hotel
r'i,    i rnnnl
Stewart Macdonald
See Its "Artistic Arch"
Of all the 20 improvements of lhe clever-looking
Napoleon Shoe the feature which best pleases the
eye of the buyer is the Artistic Arch. Special lasts
are made for every pair of Napoleons—foot-sculptured
lasts—and inside there is a stout steel arch which
snugly holds the instep.
That free, athletic stride which marks
the man of action is not possible when the
arch support of the shoe fails in its function.
Showing the Napoleon Shoe is a
pleasure—whether you come to see or
to buy.
Sold everywhere in Canada, the
United States and Great Britain at the
same price—$5, $5.50 and $6.
Scotch  Whisky
A Genuine Highland Whisky.
There are hundreds uf brands of so-called
"Scotch Whisky."
Many of these are not genuine.
For your health's sake, confine your choice
to standard brands; use a whisky of recognized
Watson 9 Whisky is one of these; distilled
in the Highlands of Scotland—the district
acknowledged to be the best in the world for
whisky distilling.
We age our Whisky in Sherry wood, and,
after careful blending, it is bottled in our warehouse and sealed with an adhesive capsule
bearing our name.
Every such bottle carne9 with it our unqualified guarantee of purity and quality.
insist     on
'THREE STAR"—A ntild. tkoToagMy maturtd Scolck.
"NO. 10"—A (ulHodi.J. ruMjr flavored ScotcL.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited - Dundee.
3 Superb Styles
The famous Fit-Reform designer
has created three models in 2
Button Sack Suits that surpass
anything of this style ever seen
in this country.
The combination of originality
and elegance will appeal
to every man who prizes
exclusiveness and good taste.
I^^&a      The patterns-
m-l '\V^AEngli8h
1 REFORMS? Worsteds— are
J$ equally   distino
1p4^ tive.                is
RevcKlokc,  B.C. T
SATURDAY, MAV 21, 1910.
?ag» ■
Notice is hereby givon tlint nn appli-
tation will be mado under 1'art V. of
the "Water Act, IW)!)," to obtain a
lieennc in the lievelstoke Division ol
West Kootenay District.
(a.) The name, address nnd occupation of the applicant, Jacob S. W'icns,
Nakusp, It. ('., fruit grower and vegetable gardener.
(b.) The name of the lake, stream,
or source (if unnamed, the description
is) Little stream, unnamed, running
out of small lake J of mile east of .said
(o.) The point of diversion, 20 rods
west of cast end of lot 2. sub-division
of lot 4274 Croup (1).
(d.) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second) one cubic foot  per secuiid.
(e,)   Tlie    character nf  the  proposed
works: Taken  with   tr<nu  trcv^iu irom
trenm to garden.
(f.) The premises on whieh the water is to be used, Lot '2, Subdivision
of Lot 4274 firoup (1)  Kootenay.
(g.) The purposes (or which the wa
t«r is to be used,—irrigating vegetable
(h.) Tf for irrigation, describe the
land intended to lie irrigated, giving
•creage,—1 acre on west end of Lot 2
sub-division of Lot  4274 of Group (1)
(k) This notice was posted on the
14th day of March, 1910, and nn application will be made to the Commissioner on the 14th day of April, A.
D.,   1910.
(1) Give the names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands are likely to
be affected by the proposed works,
either above or below the outlet,—
Buisnall Rros., Robert La Rue, Nakusp
B. C, below outlet.
Dated March 16th.,  1910.
(Signedl m.16.
Nakusp, R. C.
In the Goods of Thomas Beecber
Metheiall, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all persons liming claims agsinst the lute
Thomas Beecher Methentll, of Ping
ston Creek, deceased, who died on or
about the 4th day of September, 1909
are required to send hy post prepaid
or delivered to the undersigned, solicitors lor the Administrator, their
names, addresses and the full particulate of their claims in writing, nnd the
Dat ure of securities, if any, held by
And take notice that after June 1st,
1910 the Administrator will proceed
to distribute the assets of the deceased
amongst the persons entitled thereto,
having regsrd only to the claims ol
which he shall then have notice.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. t'., ibis 13th
April, A. D., 1910.
ReveUtoke B. C.
4ws Solicitors for Administrator
Without Stamps
talk of mail
Double Bodied Salmon
and contrary     to general    expectation
construction     will  be started  on    the ,
south end ol (he lino instead of iu the I     v new species 0( Sockeye sttlmon has
...   .....        ,   ,.    I I   ..       .    .1 .1 1      . i, , ,-        i     ..:
Baking triumphs are everyday occurrences with Purity
Highest  grade   in   the  world.
H rtrne - made broad
";x>     aw;*,Jed lirst prize
at  the   National
Exhibition. Toronto,  was
made from Purity   flour.
('  W'W9^ ''" [  •           '"'''" I      """' ' '■'''■     '  "w'd- •<""t'1 ,'1"1  "I  llic  line  instead  ol in llle I      i  ,„,„• „|„„.i,„ of S,„-k, •>.• -allium has
MPIBfelF' illg   lettel      wilhoul      postugi         '.nips, vicinity   of  Golden   at   the  norther I    been   di-cocrcd   at    V.,,.      ,■    m   having
5?!®%J       |h  appeal'" a machine has b  invent- Several  years  ago   ten  miles  ol  "fad-   ,„„. |,eu(| al„|  two bodies,
, h  ed which docs uway with the neeessi- '"-  U,|J done south from Golden    on      [t   ^    ;irj |    h>   ,|„. ,nnn  ..
•    every- lv "' "s""-  udheBive postage   stumps. lhlJ '"•'''"  ''' '  ,l"' <'■   ''•  "• '""  ''"'   possession    this  particular  and    most
ty of osiiiM  adhesive postage   stumpb.
The machine will  be Uomonsti'ated be-   Rtoel  iuc  novel'  laid  onthnt   section. remarkable lish  is  lhal  it   should  take
fore Canadian  postal  authorities    by      The  Kootennj    Central,      following   |( m(is|    jm|,0,.tttnl     |.!:,.■,. i,, th »•
-,, representative of the patentees ul an    ll"' ^alloys ol the upper Columbia and ,„,„,;,., ,,,' pls|,    ,.„|,,,,■,..     li,. contends
.early dale. Kootenay     rivers will link the    main   Um( ,,,„,,. is ,p||!>  so , ,, ,• i ;„ ,hl,
j    For the  pewt   two years  this  ingeni-   lino of  the  ('.  /..   It.   with  the Crow's Ken  fill.  SO|.|,eye  salmoi   and  the more
'mis device  h.is     I)   In  use In    New   ^esl  branch,  traversing    a valley    re-   „.,|m,in      ina|    c.an  \„.  strung   na
.Zealand.                                                           ,1'utetl   to  be  rich  in  mi al  and  agri- I,,,.,,, wil|,  .„„. moutn   ,|„.     ,.,.;,.,.  wiU
''"'""'''   '' irces. j,  i^, l(| populate  the waters with sal-
Al    ll"    southern    end the    railway   mon belliea such aa tl inner delights
will join   lhe Crow's   Ne-l   1'asa branch tQ   m„,  |ving   jn   lhi,  ().g  hin,     ,,,.     ,,,,.
point  some miles to tho enat    of llool. ,„■ tll,. |,a,.ki„._,  piBn,
IC. Methodist Church
Eggs for Hatching
Eggs  for hatching  from   the  follow -
ing imported pure bred stocn:
S. C. Rhode Island Reds.—(2.00.
Silver  Laced Wyandottes—K.IH)
Barred  Plymouth  Hocks,—82.00
S. C. Buff Leghorni,—12.00
Cornish Indian Came,—82.00
White  Crested  Black  l'olish,-$2.00
Emden Geese.—$3.00.
Imperial  Pckin  Ducks.—$1.75.
Also stock from   the above for sale.
MKS. R. A.    OPPER.
stern Canada Fl> .?. -Mills Co, Ltd.
at Si Ftavface,
Godcrich. L r..t don.
Ollice. Witvupei Kajmic. »
More bread and better bread
The following  is  the statistical    report   for  the   Methodist church  i
('. for  the year ending April III),     11
as pr tod  to  the     Methodist    Conference   leal   IllSt   Week   „|    S'olsO
Total      membership,    IISIMl,  increase
704.     Connei tional  fund, S2"i,77(l;    in
...,. ' llool    oi    liie    \'.V imii„    jnaio.
Cranbrook  near Calloway.      I.nst year i •    , , ,
It. i , ,.        I'l'actical     hntcherv   men   are,    how-
-,   rept'eseiUntions  woro  made  lo  iln-    ( . ' ,     .      .
'.(IU   i,,      , ■   . ,      ,. , ,       ever,    not    \er\     cli I hu-ia-1 I      •■,.,.    tiling
P.  li. In   ilie    eiti/en-. of   i ranbrook   .    .        ,    . ,
'oil-        .   , '. . , ,       lhe   I Illllltl.-      ol      II _       llle
with a view to having thai  town mnuc ... ,,
... . ,,., new    1,1   in   quantities   when   would
the uineiioii     I ii.        I he    company .    . ... ...     ....
,    ,       . made it   coliimeicialh   pro I n-v
caused  siirvovs  to be made Inn  it  was . ,-,■,,',
, have seen  the  two-bodied   <ingle  nead-
11,mud   that   ihe   route     to    I rnnhiooK , ... .
crease,  8 1.S20. . .    ,, ,  ,.  ,, .,, er and     Know     the conditions    under
,,.    . . i    i.       „       Was    impracticable and  Calloway  will .      ,
M ssinnnrv     fund,  not Including Uo-   , ,     .        .        ,. ,.   .'. which  H   is produced,  but   thej   declare
be   male   the   lllll-llon.   Y l'o, a   l.a!!owa\"       , .     . ,
man'-  Missionary  Society. X'J7.:!II;  in-1,, ,        ... „    ,     a     ,'     thai   il   is not   always  po   llili   to turn
I the  road     will   run     to     toil     Steele, . . ,    ,
crease, 87411. . ,,        .   ,     . oul  this  style becnine fiwpientlj   tome-
" Now Nature Hangs Her Garlands Green
On Every Blooming Tree:
And Spreads Her Sheets of Daisies White
Out O'er The Grassy Lea."
And Now The Wary Husbands
Will Wisely Disappear:
For Well They Know When Warm Winds Blow
House Cleaning Days Are Here :
Golden West Washing Powder
Will Make Home so Bright and Cheerful
That The Dear Men Won't Even Go Out Nights :
And The Premiums are Fine!
Save The Coupons
And Wrrite for Premium Catalogue
crease, 87411.  ',   ,,'       ',"','    ,"      '.   oul  this -
' -   llll'lll','   along    llle   VlllleV   ol    the    Kootei . , . ,
Lor circuit  purposes,     SI ,(I,9S3;    in- ,.       .     ...   ,          ,   „            ,. thing 'Joe- wrong in   lhe mi\er    and
'     '    ,,.  .      .  ,                  nu\   to ( anal    Hal,  past   I pier    I o-     ,              . . ,     ,
y^.llls.      Miiu-tcrial   siniiiort   ,   ',. ,    ,          ,   ,            .     ,.          ,, the     result i-   otten   two  heads   on     a
Mllnlua Lake  and   down   the  I pper  Co-             .     . .,., ,
,.       . ,.,   , , single boilv.   I li.\   also sa\   thai   sol	
umbi.'i river  to  < .olden.                                 . ' ,     '              ,
tune-  the product      i-   two  perfectly
formed     li-h hit, hed  together w ith    a
Siamese  joint.   "i   again   the   he id    is
where  lho tail  should !»•. or  lhe    fish
...       .      ,,       ._    v    ,   ,,          ,. i- twisted iill it  looks like an animat-
\ li'torin,  Mav   I,.--No better mdica-
,    i        ' ,.,.          .             . ed interrogation mark slipping through
ion of  the conditions ot general pros- ' '
.,. , , ,,   •   ■   i      lhe  wat.-l.
icrity     prevailing   throtighom   Priiish
'olumbin  could   possible be  asked  for       vMiinp
u- desired  than i- found  in  the roadi
ner\'  man   in   Vancouver.      lb- is    not
$80,311;   increase,   slu.777.
Total   raised  for  all   purposes,  S'Ji',1,-
071; increase,    84(1,51 I.     Nkmber      ol
preaching     places,    277;     increase 20,
J   New  churches  14; value. 814,41)5.    New
ages, li;  value, S10,550,
I pi
C. P. I Appointments
\n appointment has yel been made
of a successor to Mr. ('. E. Cart-
wright, division engineer of the C, P.
){., whose resignation will take effect
ai iht1 end <>f tin* present month, but
ie \< rumored that Mr. tlugh Walk,in,
assissant engineer of the Pacific division for a number of years, will receive Uu1 post. Report lias it that a
member of the company's engineering staff now stationed nt Calgary
will lie transferred to Vancouver to
tnke tl"' office of assistant engineer.
Resident Engineer ford of Revel-
Btoke lias resigned from the railway to
accept a position with the Provincial
Government, and i' is learned that his
position will be filled by one of ,the
engineers now on one of the prairie
division s of the road.
Kootenay Central
Winnipeg. May 20.—An early start
on the construction of the Kootenay
Central Railway i- indicated by tho
decision of the C, P. R. to immediately call for tenders of the work. It is
reported that the bids will he required
j to be in the hand- of the otlicials of
the company in this city by the end
of tin- present month. It is understood
that this means the starting of tlie
work ihis summer.
Al   the    outset      but  twenty-five    or
hilly  miles  of work  will  be  awarded   prompt attention
Cheerful Taxpayers
,■  17.—No better
iditions of general pros-
of   tlc-e   frenk   fl-n   arc   in
tess  with   which   provincial   taxes     are   '"'■    '"    '" ""''
his year being paid   even  long before *'«''>'  sanguine   thai   the desirable  two-
ihe  expiry    of     ilie  prompt  payment bodied    single-header     could  be    -a,-
period    entitling  the contributors    to   '.—fully  propagated   becau I    the
revenue  to enjoy   the  benefit    of    the uncertainty that  the efforts in that di-
twenty-five per cent,    discount    which reetion    would   not   result   in   the pro-
this    year    equalizes    the   1010  redtie- doction of the  undesirable and  useless
tions iii taxation. freak- before mentioned.
tions in taxation.
Almost n- soon as lax notices were
sent out this year, cheques iu liquidation began to come in to llle ntsessor
The secret of the frenks is declared
to lie in the failure of the liatchery
men   to   thoroughly   separate   lhe    sal
flicee.   Taxpayers have until the 30th   "'"" '"--~ ":,|"n ,hc.v are brought  into
oiuaet     with    the milt  of  the  male
of  .lune   in   which     to secure  the    di-
coiint, yet     almost   immediately  pay.
ment  upon receipt  of  the    assessment , 	
itices has been the policy of    niimer- 1 p      il.    r-,,!!   p.-,.,..
,-   large  corporations,    hank-,     and ] NT tlie    rTUlt  GrDV.EP
large   private   property  owners ! ^    ,    (.    ^^     .  ,,:vtM,:,..,, ,.  |(
As a    result,     l-cbriiniv -  vuliiiiturv    ,,     ,       , .    . ,
'     t .,  ha-   been      sent   bv   the   Provn  ial
tax  remittances  were  more  lliau    one-   ,.
,.   ,      . .    , l.overi.ineiu     mii,  the Northwest   in-.,-
Ilill'll       111  excess  of   those   of  the     cor-       . .    ,,
,,     ,  ,,  .   vinces on  similar  work  a-  that    con.
responding     month of  1000; tln.-e    of    ,        ,  ,     , .     ,
„      .    . . ,1,,, ducted   by   him   lasl   year,  I.  •• .   to  In-
March   last  more  than  doubled     llio-e , ,   ' .      .
.     .      ,     , . „      , , .,      quire   into   the   problem-     affecting  th;
of  the   last      previous     March;    while
.     .,    ,        , , , iraiisportuiion   ami   marketing   ,.i     B.
April snowed an almost eouullv hcavv   ,.   ,    .    ,      .
,-. , j.     ' ,'     i .  linn  in  lhe prairie provu   ....     ■ id
advance.   Uu    present     indications  ihe .. '
, .     generally  to do  all  h- can   lo  turther
prompt     pavHient     tax    l eipts     this      ,      . .     ,      .    .
. , „ the  interests  ot   the  fruit    rrowers    nl
vear—and     more      especially      duriii"     ,
, .,,  ,     - . .,     i the province.
June—will be lar and away ihe heavies! Iu any year in Uritish Columbia't
Certificate of Improvements
" Ilarrx" mineral claim, situate In the
Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Where located; <>n Poplar L'reck,
near poplar Townsite.
TAKE NOTICE thai I, A.R. Heyland,
Free Miner's Certificate So. II. 2S40S,
Intend, sixty days Irom date hereof, to
apph to the Miuirg Recorder foi a Certificate "I Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining .i Crown Craut of the above
And further take notice thai action,
under Section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance oi smh Certificate of
Dated this   ISth dav of   April,   A. D
Import direct from country of origin.
Mr.     Mete,ilfe    will    i--IM    lepolt-    ilnlll
time to  time a- to market  conditions
etc.. ai   ih,. different  centres,    both by
wire and letter.   This  inform itioa will
W. J. Curtis  piano tuner. wiM visit   ,„.  .i,..,,,,,!,,,,,.,,   ,,,   ,,     .	
the Clt.v about Mn v 31th, llllll.   (Iders   . ,       .
left   with   H.   Manning   will   receive  !""M   t»la department     immediatelj   it
i- received,  by all channels   ,■■
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ^XilBIEIRT     ST03STE      PROP.
To All Whom It Mav Gonokrhi
'I'll k olice thai we. .Illlius Doug.ll
and A. V.. Halgh, of. the town of Na-
kimp, in the Province of British Col
iiiiibia, intend loapuly to the Chid ol
Provincial Police 30 day- alter the
date hereof, for the transfer ol licence
held by II. .1. l.iHia ih. of the Hotel
Brand. Nakusp, to A. lv Halgn and
Julius lloiigal.
Dated at Nakusp, B. 0., Ibis loth
day of April.
.111. II'-   l>"l II W ,
up 311 Iiii A.  K.  H.MOU.
Crook, Dig llend. Apply '■ A. Brad-
Jobbing promptlj attended to, Agent for all kind- of
Tree-. Plant-. Bulbs, etc. Lawns and Gardens taken care
of (or the Slimmer. Terms reasonable. Tweut} years
Residence with F. G. Frisby.    Phone 80 y
1+m ^^^*^^^^^^^-^^^%^V^^
Fruit Lands Near Revelstoke
We have for sale 80 acres of cleared
fertile lands ready for cultivation and
planting, half a mile from town, to be
divided into small blocks to suit purchasers
This is the best land in the district, being
very fertile and suitable for growing fruit
or vegetables -no irrigation needed. This
is a paying investment.
Apply to
Revelstoke General Agencies, Li
Advertise in the Mail-Herald v^
W. 1 sws—
— mi in mtnjuMU.- Ffige 4.
SATURDAY, MAY 21, 1010.
- VI I  I'll IV    AT
3ntcnor flbubUsbing Company,
Su i„.riptMn   Kates
In.-hi lu.^ i-    rnse lu  I- M.rl.uiil, fiuu'il States
md i ,u..uli,.
By tho your [llirougli postoflko]	
11, ill
|3. SO
ni>; ly oxoouted ul loatiou'
J )H    KIN ITM.
ahl.   :  I'lll,,
TERMS   i ..-li.    Subsoriritll  .a pnynlili! in ad
i'.iiu r.
Glearview Addition
At prices one quarter of those asked
in other parts of Revelstoke
It is one of the most desirable locations in the city
for Residences and has a superb outlook, fresh air, no
wind or hot air.
Liberal Discount if Purchase Male During April
LcvalhimU'i'mIiiwills per lino ilr.-l InnorUnn,
      |ll'l     in    ■   ,   ■■     uu UlllU'llI   In ' ii uni
M, ,   ...    , . m Siiiipiii'iel 112 lim'- make ono
tii<-1.1     Stun        .     general  Ihi-iiiii- un
l  -i" i   nii'li   I"'"'   niinilli.
y    por   .miii.    iul-
iliin Ml.   Uir I'-.   'Imi.is ""I   Donths,
...  ...n.
I,in i   ,       .      - All  ml v. 'rii-.'iiu'iii-
.   ilui   lie iniiiimronioiil,
m | I'liiiili'ii-ud  Ulvurilii nionui
,   v. mluil, B
V.inml.      ToilOllOl'K
w . ' u lutod.  I" wordH or
I, ,  Ioi ill   UllO   111    i'llll-.
I       . „:• ortlKOUll .     m.i  ,   ■
i, "1 ui   'ii)   ->■ ■'i  I'i'i'i.i)   "I
,  .:. , ,      ■ I [Ui-play,
COKHKril ■ IN iKNI i Invltod on m itters ol
publ • ■ v plication* to Katun   mum   bo ■" .p.hum!   lij   nanu   ol   , ,, :,i   |i,„,ni  nnd  ili:n  our possibilities   n mnjostir I'onimiinit.)  ol  free    nntions
writ.)                           ■  fo  pumioatlon, bin   * ■        ,i i i
„.,,..i...,.-. .,ij.„„i m,:ii.  Correal) am      i    .,   i-oinmomnl  itiuit  I n   up  very   irovoniini:   lliemselvea,     nwine  its  hei
:   "   "■''■'■   large.      •' iieri'iul      li   enn   n-iinlly   in-   lo  \,i-i   sin-rilire,    eiilerpriso    an.l
~,X\K\','\    :i,l.\i;Ti:K '    ip n eity belter nnd ciui.-k.-rtlum   valor, on      il.e purl  of their    fathers
AND PINKHAM,   urn   one  else   and   lhu   inerensetl   inler-   nnd   predeeessoi"),   bound   lo.'ether    by
hakuikikks, SOLICITORS, KTO. est   In  im     laheii  by   these  m. n     H    n j •mt?  Kin- •  lint   nnd mi    i  ivy, e	
Ofviobsi   iMMMiiu. ii.wk iU".i.iiiso Revbl   forerunner  of  what   niu\   be  I'oiilideiH'   prising  more  than  n   liflli  pari   of  lhe
looked  for in   the neur future. human   ruee,   <iiM-upyino   more   I li.-m     a
  'li.'lli     pari   of   il.e   purill'       slll'fai'e.       a
\   reeelil   eop)   lo   liniiil   ni   the   [.on-   federation  iln-  like ni  whieh   lie' world
a.   tin-..   Moinint!   I.eailei',   in  ili-.-u--   lm*  never known before..
snys:      "Tlie      Our  I'liildren     should   i- ar   in     mind
.i   situation    thai   of  lhe nllied   people of   llle     f'.ni-
M.i'.'j I.' In.a.
(Hi:,in-: ll'-'   .-loko, II C.    Craiibriinli, H, I',
Oun. S. McC i .rill
a.  M     I'lNKH.i «'
J. A. Uai.vkv.
1'. muster
s .in. ii.,.i-, etc.
-nu      ( amnliali      lopii-s
'iiuii'  mu' examines   the  new   •
'na-  been  erented  by   lhe  reienl pire,  eneh  nn-  looks   in  '1 iher for
!■   nf   I 'aiia.lian     finm i-jra i inn     an- pnu'tieul     -ympailii,     pl'olei'lion     nnd
Snlii'itnr for: thorieies,  the elenfer il  beiomes    thai eo-npewtion,  and   llinl   nol   only     ihe
The Canadian Bank nF CoMM8ROK.j(.]ll]   u:.f   ;„,,,,,;,,„   ,.    ,,,   blir    ■ state to whirl, thev belomj;, but   also
Tuk Miu.S',ns  Hank,  Y'.ii: (]    ,m  ,h,.  ,,,.;,; .,,  „,.,;„.,„.       s„  „,, ,|„.  ]-:,,,,,;,-.. itsc|f i,„lk, , ,„   ,,, hl.
FIRST ST..    -    REVELSTOKE, H.C.       .,.  ,| *tniunliiiiii>   siUiation of a rendy  in  lime of i I  lo  ihink,  to lull roloni   v..,n  with  Uritish  lil I Inn-  and     bear   hard-hip  in   il-   behalf.
proteeted  by  Uritish   arms  and  Rriiish The  rhildivn   should   exeel   iu     prncliec
■ )iiiir.Ki SMITH
Provincial Land Surveyor    _|n       ii,MII,,,l In- British money   and ,,i faith, mumirr, dun. soli discipline
"""KnSfuK     "el„ '   ""   «   P™'   """"   ''     i;"- f«ir dealing, eve,,  .„-i,„. ,„.. |  .-U^n-
McKkn/ik AVENUE,                                  ji-0i  toil,  elosed   to   Uritish   men.j' hip.   loyally,   patriotism   and   sympa-
ln.\   Imi, Kkvklstokk                    —  ili).  und  thn-     by individual    tuition,
j    'I'll,' memorial   serviee  for    King  I'd- aid  in elevating  lhe  British  rharncter,
wiii'd   VII   yesterday drew larire  i-rowds strengthening      ICmpire      and  eoimoli-
l„   ihe iipci'ti   house  and   it   i<  rrrntify - dating  tin- British rare.
inn-   i    lhal   uni-  people   an-   50   1")- 	
al     Th,,     service     i I -.If   was   solemnly :             ,._
 Id   reverenllv eairied oul, nnd , « MNG   EDWARD VII.
All ■■ iiiiii'i-i'.Mi - uldresiHd to I'-i-i • .   .    .
otuce, i;.-v,is,,.k.'. »,d inivi'pr ,! .mi "i'i  d:i n.n imi ....I t ,.- T|)e suddenness with    which
nli.'ntion.                                                  inn a- uni' in In' ,onc remembered.    It ,     .,   ,. ,,         ,,,
death followed the announcement
i     to In-  regretted,  however,   tli it     the      ,,    .        .,, ,	
C'   W    °   W'                        ,        ,   „.ns   nol   better  attended     ,„d "'the   illness   ol    King   E'.hvard
Mountain Vio«. Carnp, No. 119          ,|,..,.,. wns  ,,,, reason why even   fratern Will make the shock of the event
rM,.,... M,i,,:,i_.Mi t ?•:;']]] v^ly:'w„.!"       oruanizatioii should'not     ave    put inure   severe.       His   people   had
Al.in.N .V   EVKLE10H,
\'ANl Ol"\ Kll    IM'   Yil:\ M..-THKK.    11.   ( I,
men oordi illv tnvlion in uttena,
«   i: M-i'.uuv i; Con, ''om
.' is. Mi-INTVIIK. Clark.
i>™   ■ ■    I     -      ""'   '''"  hardly come to look upon him as
:"1-"1      "^nni.'.iti'.n.     >".     had    ail old mail,  tholl-h he WIS  with-
-  there    beei      some praetiinl    methods    .      . ,        . .
a,    ,r a r .. a u i i i i   .    i,   ,   In Slx nifniths ol entering 011 his
Kootenay undue. No. 15, A r. & A. M.      utoptetl,   the parade should  have been
_ im.,   seventieth  year.   They were so
^*.-J^Zt -v    m^",m'■ accustomed to hear of hfim carry-
• ■>'<- v H hn- iheir ,. - I    inu- on ihe  routine  of  his  high
statio   in the quiel orderly way
.r^;.., ;  :. thai becomes the constitutional
-ii    r..r.n»iij   »»'     (i ....
e headoi an ancient realm and a
vasl .'iiiiiii'.' that his early passing from life hardly suggested
as within the possibilities.
Against tin.' will of Providence,
how. one may   complain.
And there was much in the brief
ard VII. from which
J   T   I'OI-l Ol K. M <
l 11 ',:■   .1   AM IN   Si ■ kki vki
in India and on the continent of
Europe, This prestige and this
popularity he used for the good
of his people and for the good of
He was Inlil in kindly regard
not only by tlio rulers, but In- tl,.'
people of oilier countries. Keen
the extremists who repinl nil tlint
spe.'.is of authority iih something
to l»- abhorred and con.pel elaborate pn cautions to ens.ire I he saicty
of ilm chief- of tnoir one countries,
seemed lo look upon lii.n us one
whose ie un offered no menace in
lhe people's cause. A- for tbe
rulers of Kiirope, president or king,
iniperor or czar, be was their welcome guest or t hey weir lii-; and
us ofieii us i here wa- :i Hireling
In live n I'lll ;: nil ntlV of I lie ut lin
liends nl K iropi-an stales ihere was
nil idea unit fneilillines" niii'-nig
lii" nations bad been increased ami
ibat ilre.it Hritaii.'s prestige bad
been helped. The man of w lu.ni
nil this ea n be tt uiv snid Whs II !
statesman ns well us a kin-.', none
ibe less influential because what he!
did was done without noise and |
wiil.out apparent effort. As for
his interest in ihe dominions beyond the seas, there wire many
evidences of ii. When great calamity In del   any of   t lll'l,1 Ills SVIU-
palhy was offered. When Ihey
had occasion for special rejoicing
bis congratulations were generously extended.    By  little  alti in st
attentions thai can in-tin su much
when shown in tie- right way at
the right time, he siring.In-neil the
traditions of unity mining th" people of the Umpire, lu this, too, he
was a stale-ne. ii It. nnoiher quality nlso he merited lhe approving
regard oi all men of goodwill.
Some of the messngen thai passed
between himself and members, of
and members of Ins family have
been made pnhlio. They showed
bin. to he n kindlv father beloved
by h.s children. I Ic firsl intimation bis people had nf the seriousness of his illness was when they
learned that he had been unable lo
ma^o a jonrnev to meel on Iut return from abroad iln- noble and
gentle woman who bad been his
wife for 17 years, and for nine
years bad sat by h.s side ns queen-
consort. To her, to their children
and kin there will go out wide und
deep sympathy fer that tbey lost
a dear and beloved head of their
family when tbe nation had takei
from it n sovereign who by bis
character and conduct strengthened
the institutions under which, century after cen ure, for the Bli ish
people is their home hind and in
lhe lands tbey have been called to
ordered freedom broadens and
Rlieugthens and In Ips the cause of
human advancement.  —  Montrea
8ELKIRK  l.'iluiK Y2  I.O. "  I'.
,  - .
- I rsii.r-:, %n
L.  PROBYN. S.'i. JAS   MtTHIK 8«e,
ColU Rnnge Lodge, K  ot P.
Ho.  26,   Revelstoke., B  C
X1J1    I'l   ...
li. U   BKOCK, K. nf H    k -
.i   - • ?
I'd;' ITAI.
Anniversary Services
ii.  K
Meets     .  I    "   "        H
I !
il.  W,  Ki-'
Zbc ilDail-lberalb
Tin'  anniversary   -upper  nf  the   bap-
hufi h mi Tuesday evening wns a
d      I -,(.--.    The  supper  was     -.-.--
'      -   '    -Hid   ail   people    . !  b;   ih.. Indies ni tl... ehureh in  ihe
may profit.       Il   was  his   fortune   ceslry.    Vt 5:30 over lifty children sat
n the throne during a time """" "' ll"' '""- "v" ''"'ened   table.
■    domestic l!' ' ':;">-"""" *»■     °' '•' ■
,,.. .   ,       „    ."iiiii   kind.    At   elill  aboul   the same
eoi    m.,„!s-i- ,„' adnlt-  partook of the good
lo    ent.   'lhe     exercises    aftor
Parliami ,vas     ippei    were of     nn  informal nature,
the    ' ihirtj-livo    respondod    to    tli"
0  '    :  ijil' """ responding by letter.
I or gave a  brief    review    of
tain I,.   .. ,    .,, ,
tin.  three venrs     work,    lhe member-
- of the church h,-„l duidiili'il in lhal
a   ■ me   md main- lives have Biven token
hi pi il     \   property    worth
.. I ', thousand four hundred had been
arrangement    of
1,, i In- Innldiig
-.-   :  lighl  burden.
.1. Took.      . .   -In- fore word.  II-
■ ;!,,- il  th,- church nm t hnve
. ,. .''mil--   hnihImi.'     and
'   lhe  I"   ■     nnil,
I he future loot    fall
-    -
Annual Meeting
- - i-  '    ■     of
.   'll'
■ '      if the  lij.  Y.
fourll     mnual
i i.-a
■  ■      IK, indhated     in.,i
ri ,1     helper    t,,
i .
for  the
'    ■
i'    i noun      it. .
1   ■
. ino   '.'nd.
n    clear
■  ■
'.,    er,
\ .
.   he
hnl.!- t, in iy    Ihi ,„,|
■ .      I     ada, ■ ' '   - !| bi   !-..■„.
A straight, honest,
healthful  cream of
tartar baking  powder.
Made from Grapes.
Contains not a grain
of injurious   ingredient
Fifty Years
the Standard
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohcs.     Interest allowed at highest current rata.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. N. PRATT, Manager.
Musical Event of the Season
Edison  Theatre
May 24th, (Victoria Day)
The Premier  Musical  Specialists
of   America
The Musical Eckhardts
The largest and most complete collection of Musical
Instruments and Novelties
ever assembled
Reserved Seats, /5c.   -   Admission, SDc.
Children, 25 Cents
Book Seats Early at Macdonald's Drug Store
Cummings Transfer Go. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly  Delivered
Baggage Transferred
Furniture and] Piano Moving a Specialty
J \ 11 Kii.w. mav 21, mm.
Vr.e. ■
If our methods suit you
tell others. If they don't
suit you tell us. Any criticism of our mode of
doing business will he
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders.
Send   the   children   to
the store.    Come yourself.
Have our city traveller
call nt your home for
Friday and Saturday
i >n Friday nnd Saturday
we will sell nt ii hargain,
20 oz luinles of pickles at
onlv 20 ■ cuts per bottle,
[tegular price 110 cents.
Order early and get some.
Jn this line we are at your
service. Just unloaded a
car of biscuits of the latest
makes. All fresh stock.
Graham Wafers in cartons
at 15c, and 21b, tins 40c.
(linger Snaps in packages
at 15c, aud bulk at '21b.
for 25c. Fancy Biscuits,
fifty different kinds, 25c.
per lh. Soda Biscuits in
lib., 21b., and 31b. packages, and ldlb. and 251b.
boxes, at prices that will
make you sit up and take
Lime Juice
AU the hoys on the water
wagon are drinking our
sparkling pure lime juice,
Montserrat in quart bottles at 50c, and Nabob at
35o. We handle the best
aud purest on the market.
Get It at Hume's
Can you enjoy your lunch
without Cheese. We help
you to enjoy your lunches
by selling you some of the
richest and* purest cheese
on the market. Canadian
Cheese, [ngersoll Cream
Cheese, McLaren's Cheese
in four different sizes, and
Stilton Cheese. Order a
wedge of your favorite kind
Get It at Humes
Muslin Dresses
l.tdies and Misses one-piece
ilresses in Fine M uslin, neat
and practical, Easy to slip
on. No separate lul' or collar. Each laundrying l>niu.'s
them back neat and crisp. So
ninny ladies have been delighted with these dresses.
Some in white, and some in
tbe new coloring-. See them.
The price
$6.75. 5.75. 4.75
The Klevator is tbe most perfect type of passenger elevator
made. We spared no expense to
get the best aud most reliable. AU
the safety devices so far produced
you will find on it. The most
approved automatic safety brake.
White Wear
Snowy White Lingerie that
delights the heart of the
dainty dresser. The .lune
Bride and the Summer Girl
will want these. Plenty of
Dainty White Petticoats, Corset Covers, Gowns, etc., selling
these days for the Bride's
Shower, and the personal gift.
Thoy are appreciated too.
You will be delighted with
the showing.
A Thing of Beauty is a Joy
for ever. Even in so common
place an article as the l'm-
brella there is artistic beauty
in this day of good dressing.
A whole hundred new ones on
the counters for present selling. A great many ladies
preier the useful umbrella as
a sunshade. They come in
Black in a variety of cloths
and the handles are something different :—The new
Mission Handle, the New Director Handle, the New Cold
Handles, the New Sterling
Handles.    From
$2 to $7.50
From England, as strong and
sturdy a? the proverbial Old
Country goods, Experience
has taught us the best colors
to buy in these Hammocks,
There are certain colors that
stand the exposure to sun
and weather. We have your
Hammock complete with
hooks and nails ready to
swing on your veranda or
under your trees, at 12 to $10
Very soon, perhaps to-day
you will be thinking of a
light cool suit for summer
Let us have the pleasure
of showing you our line in
nobby light weight goods,
Light gray and Slate worsted in the most up-to-
date styles. The trousers
art' all finished with buttons inside and belt straps
to enable the wearer to do
without a vest in the hot
weather. We guarantee
20th Century Clothing to
hold its shape. This suit
in light and dark gray
and slates, at
Curtains-Curtain Goods
i lur stock of these goods surpasses any previous
attempt. Choice Madras Muslin and Curtain Nets in
White Cream, Ivory and Aral). Also a nice assortment of heavy colored goods for drapery purposes.
We have the very newest in Lace and Net Curtains,
in ali shades.   A nice assortment of Fillet Net Goods.
Unexcelled for Quality and Fnce
—and so does every other well-dressed man here. They're the
smartest shoes that money can buy—exact reproductions of
expensive metropolitan custom models. They're nude in quarter-
sizzs, giving you an exact fit Regal Shoes are lhe greatest shoe
"allies in the world—that's why we sell them.
Let us show you the new Spring styles.
$5.00 and $6.00
With our 1 irge Btock of
( offi !■- now in we ar
to ■ U| ply ' he wai Is i f
anyone. We buy of ■ a
and our goods aTe fresh.
We spei in 11 v mak" mention nf .mr stock of Mocha
and .1 iva i' iffep, which we
buy iu the bean, and
grind it while you « I,
This is the besl coffee th tt
money can buy. Vou i nn
bave it grauulati I. | ul-
verized, or in the hean.
The aroma of this i
creates an appetite and
its taste Batislies it. Try
ii pound.
Oet uur prices on all kinds
of Oroceries. We know
we can save you money
if you will only give us a
chance. We buy right
therefore we can sell right.
Saving money for ourselves, we save money for
you. Dur aim is to give
our customers the right
goods at the right prices.
If we seul you in mistake
anything that's not right,
tell us and we will correct
it. To please is our ambition.
Fontella Swiss
A decided hit in colored
muslins. A line sheer muslin with a dainty over-
check and spot in colors
For Children's or Misses
Dresses they are particularly nice. Almost every
color represented in the
line. A special price per
Ian Lace Hose, Black
Lace Hose, White Lace
Hose, Tan Cause Lisle
Hose,  Black  < iause Lisle
Hose, Slik   Hose ail colors
ami a Bcore ni dainty and
desirable colote and styles
in Ladies' and Children's
Fancy 1 [osiery.
Take the Elevator
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
Revelstoke,   =   B. C.
You may lind a mistake in
our accounting, let u= know if you
do. We have installed the tinest
ollice system possible and ar" doing
our utmost to keep apace with the
times. You can help us if you'let
us know of any mistake that might
occur. Pact" 0.
mull) t'iini|ileled nl n cosl of aboul
$1(10,1101). Willi a local deputation lie
1 took up lhc question of lllo silo of
rthoiise  which  will  be huill   hcvl
What Hon. ta Taylor says of r^'^^J^TTil^utt
Conditions in the Kootenays
The police have  secured  the services
of a  scavenger.   Any  persons desirous
of  having  their     closets  or cesspools
iiild  leave word    at     the
Chief of Poll
Take notice that we intend to make
application  to  the  Superintendent    of
iinpletely  exploded.    Apples   Provincial Police for a renewal of our
new school bdildine to cost SoO.OOO,
lie wus  much  -imi, k  with   lhe  large
I'he   lion,   Thos,   Tnylor,   Minister  of   urea oi land  cleared   ami     places    un-
I'ubli       Words,    has    returned to the   der fruil      cultivation    in    Uevelstoke
,,,    ■   nfier :.n  extended  tour    oi    tlm   .md  viciniey.       The old   lheor>     that
Interior  ni   ihe   Province, fl"':i  mM '""  '"' Hnm« '" ,l"' val,e>'
PUOCUKSS   Wl)  PROSPKR1 IV        hu-  I
'i'n.,'iv--,    prosperit\     und develop-   uiul pen--  thrive nmazinirly well,    und   retail    liquor  license  for  the premi.-.,
)n,„ ■    ,,,.  (]„.   Oiiim words    which    de.    strawberries attain a  size nnd  quality    known   ns   the   I.elnnd   hotel,   Nakusp
..,.,.,„.  ,|„.  phenomenal  cnnlitions   pr,-   nnsurpn I  in  any  other part   of  the   I'.. <'.. ior the half-year from .lune 30,
luuu  the i am."  said   province, 1910 to December :Ust, 1910,
II,       ||„„.  Taylor,   Minister  of    Pub- IV.UiON   HOAD  HKyUKSTKI)
li,   Works,  in  siiituniiic.  up  the impres.      A   depuialion   (nun     the    board    of
irinis   his ollicial    tour   I rude enumerated   various  publi,     in,- j . ,	
I     .  f,„    ,.   ||„.    t row's   provemenls   that   were  deemed   urgent, I NOTICK
v,       |   ,   .   ,||    ,,,,   in   |m,m     Knoteiui\    nolabl.i   the liuildinu of »  wairon  road       Take notice thai   30 days after date
i, ,i,|,.i, ,,n  il,,. main  li i    the   around     Heath   liapids, on  the    upper    we intend    to apply     to  the Superin-
,     |,   |i Cobmibin,      forty-live      miles    nbovo   tendent ,,f Provincial Police for a   re-
Uevelsioke.      li   i-    propi I  in    con-   newnl   of   the   retail   liquor  lieense  fm
'in timi     with   the   steamboat   service    ihe Glacier II,
Mav 3rd'.  1910
o.ihie ,v   McKitrick.
\| \|\ THINK   IM'.IIU \\
Hin'.-tinn with   the   steaiiiboni service   the Glacier II,,us,.. Glacier, P.. C, f.
m.              i,«     months  n  will     ie   (() i|h .(N (|    ^ an,,the steam-   the half vear from  June 30, 1910-    to
I          ih    to   ride or drive    from     \ an-            ..   .,                ,         ,   ., .         ISSL....,    ' o,   .    ,„.„
iln- upper reaches of tli
nl operale it a- far as Canoe river,
tributary, thus nITordinu direct com-
niiinicalion «i th Grand Trunk Pacific at Tete .laune Cache! The wagon
road request i- likeli in re, eive favor-
ahlc consideration, as Mr. Taylor is
nu .inlui-i.i-i about openine up the
vast colintrv lying north of his home
ion n.
Will Tour Interior
,    Ic,    a   main   Hunk   highway      to
(|„        M,e ii   boiindan   of   Ihe   prnv ince
...   .ninniil   of   lhe   Rockies   in     the
i \, m   district.   Three  cap-   are
,, ... - j   i ,i-lie,|   io completion. They
lii-lv i     I reston    and  Gontfell,
I md   Morrissey  and     Michel     and
lh,      immit.    It   will  sunn  be  possible
l ,,     u     mi,,   trip   ol     over       foO
, Mr. Taylor has stated.
Si ee enterinu the government Mr.
'I ,.- has made il a point to \i-il
, i district iu the province in or.
ii,e ■.. k,-,-i■ in touch with the pro- Preparations are being made by
gress nf improveineiits being t-nrried Premiee McBride for a midsummer
«,u! m hi- department and to en- visit to the northern interior whieh
quire  into i I-. nt   th'1  present   time     i-  s,,    much    in
During  hi- itinerary Air. Taylor was    the  pul,lie  eye,    Hi-     intention    being
struck  wiih   the general   progress   that    to procecs    from      Ashcroft   to    Soda
I ,'     n   made  in  all  s,.,-ii,,ns  of    the    Creel; and  thence t,,  ascend  the Fraser
II , -im-. denating prosperity and ,1c- to lhe head of navigation in early
v, ipment, Agriculture is making July. The government intends to es-
•_,..,- strides while many new indu-- (nblisli a fully equipped agency at Fort
trie ..,.■ lieing opened up. \ largo George nbout that time, and since „
am.,nut of new haul ha- been put un- very heavy expenditure of provincial
il.- cultivation and lie- influx of set- funds i- anticipated, the prime minis-
tiers ha- had a good diet on the ler is dersirotis of securing nil possible
province generally. Fruit growing wne first-linnd in.ormation as to the neces-
parti iilai-lt prosperous and the crop sities and conditions o: the
for thi- vein i- anticipated to be w,-l|   country.
ale,'.-- lhe   ivernge.   In every .-it\   visil _—_ .
c I Mr. |'a\ hu- .-aid I hat optimism is
vuix high and everybody seemed busj
anl enjoyinc prosperity- Thousands
,,f i .... have ben planted tlii- year '"'"t Klliott, resident mamager oi
i, fruit. Mineral properties an- beinc the Turk theatre in Youngstown, 0.,
extensively developed in mining ecu- is aroused lo th" crying need ol Bome
tie- and ; mining revival ihi- year is decisive action lor the elimination of
looke i  in,. the  pn     e\ il.  and  ha- delved  into ihe
IIM U   IN   KOOTENAY.     ...      scriptures    Ior    authority     to      denj
"The   vnllev   of  lhc  Kootenay     river    courtesies     to      tlie  rani,    ami  tile    ,,i
i    mm   i, in'mj     ,,„,.    nf   the    great    threntricnl   "deadheads,"     Mr.   Elliott
1, . •_, .viii-  sections    ,,f British    Co-   submits  ihe following citations
liiinbia," said he   "Thousands of acres      "In      th       day-     there    were    no
have been plni 1 oul  i -chards nnd   Passes.:     Numbers,   w.   IS
also given to small fruits      "Th I not pass
which thrive     amazingl.i     well        He   M |,;- * >'• ::"
found   thn :  been  n,, damage "" :"- man t,
I'l mlrj   looked  perfi   I     Ji:
'I li i   tender, v     i-   to  cut   up   the     land
ini icr,   blocks.    Mr    I m lor feels   XN
conlidei I the vnll.
P, b'v. Cov
I),-, ember 31st,  lOlfl.
Mav- 3rd, 1910,
Take notice that 30 dav- after date
intend to apph to the Superintenden
of Provincial Police for al renewal o
the retail liquor licence for the Union
Hotel. Arrowhead, B. C. for the hall
year from June 30th, 1910, to Dec. 31st
Dated May Ith. 1910.
May 4 lm. \V.   |. LdGHTBURXE.
Shows Scriptural Authority
K001 I \ \\   CKNTRAI
V      Gnhlel
• i-
|,  . ... r rnnchii
i;t \ ii-
Take notice that I intend to apply t
the Superintendent of the Provincial
Police (or a renewal of tile relail liquor
license for the City Hotel. Arrowhead,
B C, (ortlic halt year from June 30th,
1910, to Dec 31st, 1910.
llatcd;May 7th, 1910.
mav 7 lm JOHN CALEY.
Take notice that 30 days atu-r date
we inlend io apply to the Superintendent oi the Provincial Police for a renewal
of the retail liquor license (or the Lake-
view Hotel, Arrowhead, B. C, for the
half year from June 30th, 1910, to Dec.
cist. 1910,
Dated May 4th, 1910.
Mav -t lm. Chapman & Irwin.
Notice is herein given that 30 days
after dale 1 intend to apply to (the
Superintendent ,,f the Provincial Police
for a renewal of the retail liquor license
[or tbe Queen's Hotel, Comaplix, B. C.
for tlie half vear from June 30th, 1910,
to lice. 31st,
Hate,! Mav 4th, 1910.
I lm :. H. YOUNG
rake not      that 1   intend  to
Su] i ri  •■•:'.,lent   of   the   Provincial
- ■ wai ol  the  retail
tena;   Hotel,   Burton
City, B. I half yeai   from June
Dec. -1st. 191
-   .
510 Reward
. iki iftei :
.   Hot
■ ■   the
QH>CK><KK>0-CK>0<>0<>-0-0 <>0<>0<K>0-CK>-0
Friday,   May   27 o
Jessie Maclachlan \
Ir, Music 0
antl Stoi z
Seats vvill hi on Sale .i! Macdonald' Dpi
Horning, Way 25th
rrxopsis of  regulations gc\
A LICENSE to cut timber can be »0
quired only at public competition. A
rental ol' £i per square milu In charged
for all timber bertha except thuac situated west ot Vale tor whicli tbe rental is
at the rate of 5 cents per acre per annum,
in uddllioii to lhu rental, dues at the
following rates are ohm-get:—
Sawn lumber, 50 cents per thousand
feet   H.M.
Hallway ties, eight and nine feet long,
I 1-L' and 1 3-4 cents each.
Shingle bolts, 26 cents a cord.
All other products, 5 per cent on the
A license Is Issued so soon as a berth
is granted, but lu surveyed territory no
timber call be cut nn a berth until tho
licensee has made u survey thereof.
Permits to cut timber are also granted
at public competition, except in the cilhg
of actual settlers, who reo.ull'0 tho tint-
In i- for their own use.
Settlers and others may also Obtain
permits to cut up to WO curds uf wood for
sale    without    competition.
The dues payable under a permit "re
S1.5U per thousand feet B.M., for squurs
limber and sawlogs of any wood "X-
eepl ,.ak: from 1-2 to 1 1-2 cents per lineal
foot for building lugs; from 12 1-2 to it
cents per cord for wood; I cent for fence
posts; 3 cents for railway ties; and 60
cents per cord for shingle bolts.
Leases for grazing purposes are Issued
for a term of tweniy-one years, nt a
rental of two eenis per acre per annum.
Coal lands may be purchased Rt 110
por acre for Boft coal and »20 for anthracite. Nol more than Wu acres may be
acquired  by  one  individual  or company.
Koyalty at the rale of lu cents per ton
of 2IHI0 pounds is collected on tho gross
Entries for land for agricultural purposes may be made personally at the local lund ollice for the district In which
the land to be taken un Is situated, or
if t'm homesteader desires, he may. on
application to the Minister ot the Interior
at Ottawa, the Commissioner of Immlgra-
tiot t Winnipeg, or the local agent for
th district, within whicli the land Ik
skuated. receive authority for some on*
lo make entry for him.
A fee of J10 is charged for homestead
entry. , #	
A settler who has received an entry for
a homestead, is reoutred to perform tne
conditions connected therewith under one
of   the  following plans:— 	
ili Al least six months' residence upon
and cultivation of the land In each year
during the term of three y«ars.
It Is the practice of the Department to
require a settler to bring 16 acres under
cultivation, but If he >>refen< he may substitute stock: nnd 20 head of cattle, to be
actually his own property, with building"
for their accommodation, will be required
Instead  of cultivation.
(2) If the father (or mother. If the rather is deceased) of any person who Is
eligible to make a homestead entry under
the provisions of the Act. reside* upon
B farm in the vicinity of the lend entered for by such person as a homestead,
the requirements of the Act as to residence prior to obtaining patent mav be
satisfied by such person residing with the
father or mother.
(31 Tf th* settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned hy
him In the vlelnltv of his homestead the
requirements o' the Acl as to residence
mav   he  sallsflM   hv  restd*»nei»  upon   ths
ADplles'ion for patent should be mads
said   land.
st ihe end cf three yea^s heforp the local
agent, .sub-agent or ft homestead Inspector.
Before making application for a patent
♦ he vt.",f.r must glvo six months' nottr*
In writing to the Commission" of D»
minion Lands at Ottawa, of his Intention  to do so
W    W.   CORT,
tVp-ltv  Minister  of  th» lnt«rW
Take notice thnt thirty days after
Hale T intend to npply to the Superintendent ul Provincial I'olico for a renewal of Liquor License for tho St.
Leon Hotel, St. T.eon. fi.C, for the
half yeur from Hay 31st., to December 31st., 1910.
Thirty days after date of this advertisement we intend to make application to the Superintendent of l'rovin-
i ial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of
Retail Lienor License for the flrnnd
Hotel, Nakusp, B.C., trom July 1st to
December 31st., 1910.
1)010Af. k 1IAIGH.
Take notice that thirty days after
date [ intend to make application to
the superintendent of provincial police
for a renewal of Metail Liquor License
for the Kootenay Hotel, Burton, B.C.,
for the half year ending December 31,
It) 10.
Ii.ted  Mav 1st.,  1910.
requested for the following
'a,day.    May 7th    on
Bank of   Commerce, Itevelstoke.
■ -   M i onry, Plumbing, Heat-
H irk.   Carpentry, I'nin-
ind     'ila/iiiL'.     Sand   nnd   flruvel
Plans     nnd   Specili-
een nt   llio    Bnnk    of
•r by applying to   W. n.
i ■ .,.   Hotel
Ini  not  i eisarl-
60-0-000000 o o o o-oooooooo-o-o-oo^)
•  ' -
'ark,   le      • '
.'"    CO ,1:
oflloe   Inc.     Apply
R      KNJ,   . t v. tf.
\D   III     I   ii Dish) d r.nin, Hiiitabli
■ or two gentlemen. Centrally located     \pply il,,- oflloe.
I II,     \   csrctali.r   for llic V.
I m  i    \     '.).j.;y to v   M c. A. Becre-
i   OK  KI  M    Ranch     nt
' Ui    Mrs.    Mary
B.    C I''
a ri-r,.
A mnn or rt boy to herd
cowi ijur(nj{ tho day. Apply
"Mow ts tbc Ciinc of year for 5ccC> planting
Bcanttfs your (BarDcns
A    large assortment of Fresh Garden and Field Sods, including
AND BURPEE'S.    Fine Lawn Grass, Clover, Timothy, Alfalfa
The Paget Supply Co'y.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Improved.     First-ClafR in every respect.     All modern convenience*.
laic Sample HoolllH.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Ratek-
Revelstoke, B.C.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on. Diamonds.
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
West Kootenay Steam Laundry
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Send your Blankets and have them
Properly and Promptly Cleaned.
Satisfaction guananteed in all lines
Phone 73.      Office Comer 2nd. St., and Mackenzie Ave.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
A NY Hvaihibln Dominion Limits within the
ii. HhjVwhv Hull im Uritish ColumhJH, may
be litnil' i.-nil.-,i by Hiiy person who is the sole
hend of h family,or any male over IS year^of
rko, to the extent of uue-'iiiHrter ^ectiou uf 140
acrou more or i» ■ ■.
Kmtry moit be iihkio personnlly nt the IochI
lend ollice for the district in which the Und is
situate: Kniry by proxy may. however, be
made on certain condition, ny the father,
3 other, .son. daughter, hrothor or lifter of aa
intetidiiit: hntne-teader.
Tho homer-leader i rejuirel to perform the
condition- connected therewith under one of
the following plans :
(1) At least six tnoDthl1 residence upon and
cultivation of tho land in each year for three
(2) If the father (or mother, if the father is
deOUied)of the home-tender re-ide- upon a
farm tn tho vicinity of the lind nnti-red for, the
rei.uirement- as to renideuce may lie Mtuflod
by   -uch   person   revldlog   with   the  father   or
(:i| If the settler Im.M- permanent residence
upon farm in k lend DWHOu iiy him   in  thn virin-
Ity of nil homoitoftd thi requirement! u i"
reildence may bi   atlafled b| re-ideuco upou
the said 111 d.
Hix mOnthl' notice in writihji should be Kiveu
to the  Oommlnloner of Dominion Landi at
Ottewi of Intention to epnly for patent.
GoALt   Coalmining rlgnti may be leased for
a period of twenty-one year- at au annual
rental of] fl per acre. Not more than 1,500
lorei  ihali be leaeed  to one Indirldtiai or
company, A myalty at the rate of fi ^ o cent.
pel '"ii  ihell be Collected on the nierchuuluble
coal mined.
Depntl of ili" U In lite f of the Interior,
s m,   unaatborited publication of this ad
v«r11 lemenl will nol Im paid for.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
UaBh Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
TO     WHOM     IT    .MAV    CONCERN.
This is to certify that I lost a cow
insured with the British Americnc
Live Stock Association, Ltd., for $40
and that I have this dnto received,
through W. B. Robertson, their local
representative nt lievelstoke, B. 0.,
settlement in full.
Dated at Revelstoke, B.C., this 10th
duy of May,  1910.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after dnto I intend to apply for a
retail liquor license in respect of the
premises at Downie Creek, Die Bund
district of West Kootenay, known no
the Downie Creek TTotel.
Dated May 10th, 1910.
nEonr,i-: c. HAWKER.
Our logs are stamped
on the end "E" and alt
persons are warned
against taking them or
the driving of nails or
spikes therein. Do not
touch our logs.
Revelstoke Sawmill Co.. Ltd. SATURDAY, MAY 21, 1910.
ifffif^iwi, .f,r
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock tf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cAccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
Garden Freshness of "SALADA"
Fresh and fragrant from the gardens of the finest tea-
producing country in the world. Ask your grocer for
a package to-day you'll like it.
 Black, Mixed and Natural Green, 40c, Otic, 60c and TOo per lb. ——•
Coming Events
May 24—The Swiss Bell Ringers. The
famous EckhardtB. New EJison
Tn   ih,-   Editor Mail Herald, city:
Dear Sir,    I      Irani  \,,,i will    excuse
my   intrusion   ,,n  your  valuable    time
bui   I  -1 Id  lii;,' lu know,  how much
lunger   lhe   eiti/cns   ot   Ihis   tnwn     nr,' May  27—The     Scottish   Prima   Donna,
I'n't.u i,, |„. content,  iii lie practically '         Miss  Jessie McT.achlan  and   Con-
speaking,  without   a   lleallh Ollicer  as »rt   Company,  ICilison Theatre.
Ihe hot   weather i- on  top of us, it   is jUM  fi-Cnnada's     famous   comedian,
up to n- to eel n move on, not    thai "Jimmy  Fax"  and  his Btar   ""o.,
I  wish  to see  lhe citizens  taking    the -m xow Kdison Theatre,
work of the city council nut of    their
hands,      (as   I   think  this  i- a  matter
thej   should   see   to)   nut   suppose,  ow n10     Vi.uoria      lim                             :i
'"-   '"  li"'  strenuous  times     they ure   s,   impertinent,    impiisitivi m
having with    cotilrncts,  school    sites,   l,ns | „ .-,,,»mi1 tin-_- the     original    re,
etc.,   they have nol   lind   time  to  look ,.,„., |< :,,„|  |„„|.   t|m,   ihi         ,,•:,.■     \.
into llii- item, c.ul,1 not  tl ity    up- n.  |>i].|,      \   m-dinu  lo th
poinl   ii   good   Medico,  resident   doctor ,|ar  therefore,  nm- nre  nil    liree
ut   tin-  hospital,  (thereby  relieving the ,,|,|,,,. ,|la„ „,■ thoughl  we were.
present   over-worked  doctors  ,,f    sonic
,,i their  trouble)      and  health  olficer,
surely   these  two  positions  should    be v- •'■  Uedriok, a     farmei 'ol Oxford,
able  to support a capable man. there-   v  v-- >>na developed a ' i    ,.;  bens
by leaving him independent of a priv. Kh'"h lil>'    black    ''-"-••   ,"'   !" ''     "'
ate  practice, which  would  allow    him thia result'    he    sa>'s> hj''ceding   tha
t,. do  his    duty without   the fear    of '""~ with l"""»e coal dust.      Vccoi
offending any uf hi- patient-. Trusting '"  Mr'   Dedriek, experiments are    i   ,w
to  sec    thi-    matter    cummented    on '"''"-  l"'"1'' "' determine  th- value of
further. ll"■ ''--■* :l" fl"'l-
Yours  truly. 	
In    anticipation     oi ilu- earlj'       "'
Politeness Pays
-tr,c tion ,,i the Hudson's Hay Rail"
way. th,- Forestry Branch of the Department of the Interior has sent out
Politeness and courtesy certainly iliis year four parti,- ivi th instru '-
pay and arc well woth the trouble of ions io make an inspection of the
carrying oui. a- instanced by the limber alone the proposed route of
following: ... th,' railway. The parti,-- aie compo8-
The devotion of a nurse and the ,sl of trained forest engineers :,!.,! ex-
politeness of a bank ,-lcrk were found pencilled timbernicn and tire r ii._-.-rs.
to have ben rewarded when the will They have already started their -our-
of   Mrs.   Annie  Preston      Lincoln    was ueys into tho wilds.
filed  for  probate    at   Boston    a    few 	
days ago. To Miss Nellie K. Mc- Dr. IC. XT. Keirstead, professor in
Isaacs, a nurse in lhc family for tic XU-Master I'niversitj*, Toronto, was
I some years, was left 850,000; to Oe- a visitor iu the ,ity on Thursday. Tha
to Zcrrahn, a clerk in the State Professor i- making a tour of British
Street Trust Company, was left 810,- Columbia. II" i- much pleased with
into, because of his politeness and his visit to Revelstoke and after visit-
kindness  in business dealings. im.  the  schools expressed
  faction at   the high  standard  ,.:' excel-
Science    has     determined    that    six lence    attained.    The     Profeesor     ilso
drinks of     whisky    produce as    much said  he was surprised that   the t     pie
Ifatique a-  a  day's    work.      However, their own interests, even in.,re so than
a   large    number    of persons show    a the people of ihe  East,    Dr.   Keirstead
preference    for the former method    of i- a college chum of the Rev.    \V.    P.
Igetiinir tired. IFreeman of this city. r»j»
New Showing of Summer Sunshades
Inspection alone will convince you that our
Dainty Parasols are easily the best value
ever shown in the City.
Lawn Waists
.im 1
awn Waists
at .$1.25
+ 1
50 1
awn Waists
al $1.00
te Lawn Waists, embroidered
fronts, Collars attached, trimmed
tucks   and   lace,   new
th sleeve.
Road a few of tlie bargains below
all   new.   stylish,   ihis   Spring's   latest
15 regular $5 and $6 trimmed hats on
Sale Table. Your choice for *8.00
10 Regular $7.50 and $9.00 trimmed
bats. ...On Sale Table for$5.00
Entirely new and exclusive designs.
Come   Early,   as at   These   Bargain   Prices
They Will  Not Last Long
The Musical treat of tlie season. The
Musical   Eckhardts at  the Edison    on
M ij   -'Ith.
Th,- Arrow Lake- Lumber Co. mill
at Kamloops had n narrow es, ape of
heii l lestroyed by fire on Saturday
free miners arc reminded thai their
licenses Inll duo on May 31st. It is
well to renew before the rush on that
date, td.
there will lie an eclipse of the moon
01 Honda; . but it will probably occur before sunset an'l mnj nol be
The Auxiliary of the II. of I.- 1 ■ are
giving n tea on XTonday, May 23rd,
afternoon nud evening, at the home
of Mi- Donald McKonzic, Third St,
Admission  25, ..  children   I" .
Th,- lax rate foi New Westminster
thi- yeai will If 21 mill- on the dol*
lull in the 2-1 mill- '.'.•-':'• is required
foi a -nihil,- fund, 11.20 for general
expenditure and 5.57 for -.hool pur-
p ■ I ne value of asses mblc
erty i- 87,249,110.
Me--i i, Foote aiei Pradolini ire
making eood progress wi  i'n.   . ■
tioi. work foi  th w  '  u ,-i in fi ink
f,F Commei       ,i   HrKi -,   .    \  .       and
have a   '_'..r.*   of men    it   w,,, i,   , ■-
site  he   ihi    new   ed lilhin       on
Mrs. •!,, el     W
New  York, fell  backn m  im-
|,[,,\ ised  pc iffol Y.'y "■ I
, eiling ,-' In r home -	
paled hei
lie    ti,Ml      foi    rlinrier.   '     .
of the
e    .     'ii. .
a member of the
class,  •■   ■   time i an-
and - -.
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price front $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for .$1 as a special.
Your Insurance
Is one of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
1  ,
memory ol   K i .
in rnii ; 'be da
5 i.m. work
Pacific bj
stopped ' i
wheel I
time correal
'     M     ItU      ■'■       '      ■
laua liday
will be -
Seats ■ -•       Macla
L'onci  - •     •
.-   -•
E. ares
\!  -
-    H
Consolidated City Debentures
W wuh
Spring Tonics!
Willr. Tl
awaj    tlu
, lean el li-m tl
$1.00 a Bottle
Pre ' ripHoni .,
Bews' Drug Store
.'■    VI
will r
■      '
of an unna
ed    Locally   th<   iky
in tha air.   Northern
in 'he noi
■'■ill.   • ■lul'tririly.
i,     and
M        :l  I     Mu        '   I    ,;
. 'Ucatro.
Mrs. Sine will not rective next
Fred, Forrest, ol Albert Canyon is
town to-day,
Dr. Sinliei 1.-111,1 lun- returned from a
x iii  to Victoria.!
0. Carlson, ol Albert Canyon, wus In
town un Thursday.
.Mr. mnl Mrs. K. 11. Wells left tbis
morning en a visit (o England.
.1. 1'. Kennedy, ol Illeeillewiiet, wns
ii visitor tn tlie city un Thursday,
Mr. N.il \l I'.a.lnvii returned Thura-
daj  i'ii,in    a   busi      trip    to   the
We ure pleased to report Unit H
llowson iu leooverlng fium bis leeenl
Mm. T, Kiljmtrick and family left
this morning on an extended visit to
Nova Scotia ami oilier points.
I''. VV. Hchb, manager ot the Revelstoke Sawmill Co., leaves on Monday
for JJ Imsiiie ■■■ vibit to Calgary.
Mis. 11. Truemon, of Vancouver, is
in tin- eity elm guest of her mother
nml father, .Mr. mid Mrs. Neil Mo-
Uai liieii.
tl. Stevens on, of Sieamous, is a
visitor in the city to day. lie is accompanied by his niece, Miss Steven
son, who has just arrived from Stoke
ou-Treut,   Kngland.
Kev. K. ,I. Mclntyre of the Metbo
ili'i church at Summerlaiid, will
arrive here iu the lirst week of June to
take up his duties as pastor of the
Methodist church. Kev. T. W. Hull
has been transferred to Chilliwack
Tbe young people were entertained
ou Thursday night by Mrs. A. Mcltae
ut a 'Kitchen Shower," iu honor ol
Dr. Hamilton nad his fiancee Miss
Mary Kdwaids. The young couple
were the recipients ol a large number
of useful urticles. Supper and dancing concluded the evening.
J, Taylor Webb, Winnipeg manager
for ihe T. Davis Manufacturing Co.,
of Montreal, was in the city on Wednesday. Mr. Webb apoke in enthusiastic terms about the valuable lands
situated to the south between Itevelstoke and Arrowhead and the grot
possibilities for rich settlement  there.
Stylish Costumes
ST. JOHN'S (Presbyterian)—Sunday May 22.—11 a.m. subject: "Cbai-
actcr of Eli." 7:30 p.m. "Lot's Fatal
BAPTIST—Preaching at 11 a.m.
and 7::iU p.m. Sunday School at 2:110
p.m. Young People's Meeting at 8 p.
m. Monday. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 8 p.m. Sunday morning
subject, "The Pure in Heart." Evening eubject. "The Closed Doors.'
Everybody is invited.
METHODIST—Services on Sunday
at UBual hours, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p m.
The pastor will speak at both services.
"Some things seen and heard at the
Methodist Conference" will be tbe subject at the morning service.' "What
ia Christian Religion," will be the
subject at tbe evening service. Sunday S;bool at 2:30 p.m. Epworth
League on Monday at 8 p.m. Prayer
meeting on Wednesday at 8 p.m. All
will be made welcome.
While tbey  last 2 lb. onion sets lor
-  mething  new—McVilic A Price's
l, 24 kinds at Bourne Bros,
i:  H. Trueman will be found at the
in Victoria   Day, May 2-lth.
■ ni Monday   can  offer a fow of tbe
itlng apples at lOo. per
FOB SALE—Early   and   late Cab-
. ianti Cauliflower nml  Tomato
,,,,,,-, to i   Reighley.
New California Oabbage, Tomatoes,
jtran berrtei    Letl uoe, On-
■ !;■ nine Bros.
ffaltreea lor thu
il   ,     ' akuap, wagea 130 pi i
'■:,,,   ,' Qrand Ilotnl.
FOI N li-  A   n 11 ii 11   mm ol money.
r oan have same by proving pro*
iinI   paying   for thin advertise-
Apply to A. I . Kincaid,
We have increaaed our ot»ti and an-
prepared to do "ll kinil«of plumbing
.ml   beating   in   Ural    i-.Iukh   »tyli—
Bourne Broe.
i .nm to fhe Edison I beati o on lhe
•_'tlh of May and hear thu Mnsical
Our Bhowing of Costumes for this
season is acknowledged by all to be the
best in the City made by the best tailors in Canada, perfectly finished to the
smallest details, cul in the latesl fashion and of the newest materials and
colorings, ihey compel the attention of
those in want of up-to-date garments,
There is Not a Last Season's
Garment in the Lot
A Pair of Shoes Free
With every Costume sold during the balance of
t Ii is month.     You can make your own selection
from our large stock of "Empress" and Vassal-
Special in Wash Goods
Come and soo the display we are making in
Linens, Muslins, Batistes, etc.—all at one price
15 Cents Per Yard.
Children's Straw Hats
We are showing a very large variety in Sailor
and Mushroom Shapes, plain and fancy straw,
from Twenty-Five Cents to $1.50 Each.
Summer Vests
We can give you any style, high neck or low
neck, long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves,
in Cotton, Lisle and Silk Mixed from lOc. Up
Seeding Time is Here
We have a full line of Garden anil KieTd Seeds in
stock. Onion Sets, Clover and Timothy, Sweet
Peas. Nasturtium |and other seeds in hulk, also a
quantity of Lawn Grass Seed.
G. W. Bell
P. O.  Box 208
Phone No. 23
Children's Wash Dresses
A nice range of these Suits for Children
from I year up to 13 yearsol a^e, pretty de
signs .uul patterns. Also infants clothes.
\ oui inspection im ;'<•*'•
Can offer good values in these lines
Two-Ounce Bottles of Kxtract, any flavor—15c. per
bottle, or 2 for 25c.
i Irdera Promptly Delivered.
McIntyre  «&  Son


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