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The Mail Herald Jul 3, 1912

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 Solitaire Diamond iKings to be Gi-Ven Abvay by Mail-Herald, JVobv on Exhibition at J. Guy *Barber'f
"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $00^
I Interior Publismng Co., Agts.
The Mail-Hepald
Vol. 18—No. ifl
REVELSTOKE. B. C. .HtlY 8, 1912
$2,50 Per Year
Wedding Gifts
New Goods, Stf   '■•,    ''"er Deposit Goods.
Many Handsome ^     •-.'.■,    Reasonable Prices
Sugar and Cream Sets. ' "hers.     Vases
Baskets, Liquor Sets, ^. ' «ses
Cut Glass
"Libby's," the world's best
Tea Sets, with Trays
Water Sets
Berry Sets
Soup Tureens
Butter Dishes. Candlesticks
Candleabras, 2 or 5 lights.
Wine Sets
Berry Dishes, Spoons
Bon Bon Dishes
Nappies, Knife Rests
Fish Sets
Knives and Forks
Cabinets of Tableware
Comports, Vases
Carving Sets in Pearl
Cake Plates.   Pitchers
Carvers in handsome eases
Jars, etc., etc.
 $4.00 and up
High Class China
Wedgewood Tea Sets,    Cups.     Saucers,     Plates,     Jugs
Royal Doulton Tea Sets.jCups, Saucers, Plates, Jugs.
Limoges Hand Painted Bowls, Plates, Biscuit Jars, etc.
A Few Suggestions
Electric Lamps, Irons, Stoves, Toasters, Chandeliers
Carpet Sweepers, Vacuum Cleaners, Motor Washing Machine, Steel Range, Line, Kitchen Utensils, Jardinieres,
Brass Vases, Candlesticks, Fern Pots, Clocks, Smokers'
Sets, Tea Gongs, Candleabras.
0 <MXM>0<><>CK><M><><XKKK>^^
<j> Imperial Bank of Canada
Q Head OHico   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches or Agents at all principal points inJCanada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First Nittimial Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seal il. Nm lonal Bank, San Francisco— Wells Fargo NeTada National Jiuim.. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposit*) of 81 and upward, received, and interest allowod at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited. U
Revelstoke Branch- A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.    I
"V v
0<XHKHKr^<>0<HX><HK><H>0<><>CH>0<> <>
Children's Sandals
Children's Romeo Sandals
SIZES, 4 to ioi
Three and Four Straps
Mrs. A, G, Crick, * First Street
will refresh ymi with its bright, Iplcy
n.iviir mul fragrancy, Snid in 1 Hi.
Uiul packages.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per lb.
P.[0. Box 208 GROCER & BAKER Phono No. 23
will iir given tlu'in to.see all the
glorious pageantry tbat marked the
crowning In India, lam December at
Delhi, of in k most Gracious Majesty
The Kini,' nnd Her Most. Gracious
Majesty the Queen, as special arrange
ments have been made tor exhibiting
in  ilus eity at the Empress theatre,
mi  duly   ii,  12,  08bh,  the  w lorlul
mutual pictures ol the great Coronation Durbar, taken Ln uatural culms by the Kinemacolor of Canada,
l.1 n111i'.i ami which huve created a
sciihiiliua  turuughtmil  tho  world.
Their majesties have seen the re-
miukalile pictures ut the Durbar In
Kinemacolor, many limes in Loudon
und huve marvelled ut tho wonder el
the Invention which not unly repro -
duces every scene and incident ul tho
Durbar in life-like motion but also
reproduces them In every tone and
shude ol the ungual  colors.
The Kinemacolor pictures of the
Durbar have drawn vast crowds in
Eastern    Canada and in the   United
Slat.M.s and were exhibited in ottuwu
Battle of Ballots Becomes More Exciting As End
Approaches—Candidates Are Collecting Their
Forces for the Last Grand Rally to Capture
the Prizes
True friendship is shown by actual hustling on thc pan of the
friends ofthe contestants to help them attain lhe end they hope for
Verbal assistance will do nothing, If you have promised a favorite candidate to help, do so in a material way. Call at the office
and pay for your subscription in her favor before Saturday night
at q o'clock.
Suppose young man that " She " is entered ami you are desirous of seeing her win. It would be but the work of a few minutes on the telephone before onu or two of your good friends would
enlist in her support, and they in turn secure a dozen more of their
friends who would rally together and secure enough votes to put
thc "one" vou desire to see win, far in the lead.
This is merely a suggestion that NOW is thc time to put forth ln thfl presence ot Their Royal High-
„..,,,,, , r .        tresses,   (Jovieimor-iGemsral,   tlm   liuku
that effort in her behalf and what a lew young men cannot uo in al   , ,.   ,,       ,,-,,,
.  ' ~ i ul  l.oimiiujilit  and   ins   DUcbess      and
few hours, when they make up their minds to it, is   not worth con- the Princess  Patricia,  eilolMng     the
sideration. most hearty  applause Irum the  Huy
All the candidates have received   good support during the last il
week and the race for the grand prize will be very   exciting.    The
leaders in the contest are running very close, and the newer candidates have made a rapid gain the last few days.
Each week ofthe contest has shown an increase in circulation
over the preceeding week and the aggregate means many hundreds
of new paid-in-advance subscriptions, to the satisfaction of the advertisers, whose message is carried to a larger number of homes
lhan ever before; to thc satisfaction ofthe readers who lind every
page of the preatly improved paper more appealing than ever; to
the satisfaction ofthe candidates who are working so hard for the
votes which will win the Si Soo in prizes; and to the satisfaction of
the Mail-Herald, which finds in all this, ample justification for the
nauguration ofthe great circulatinn camgaign.
Remember candidates your votes will tell the story. It is the
desire of your friends to see your work result in victory, so make
the most of every minute and show them that you apprec1 •;•■ the
support they have given you.
The contest will close promptly at 9 p. m. on July 0th, as
originally announced. There will be no extension under any
pretext. This means only three more days remain in which to
win the capital prize. Every day is an important one. Every
hour is an important one. Don't neglect a singe opportunity to
secure the winning votes, and that means you'll have to hustle.
Words fall to describe the grandeur uf the Durbar as shown by tho
Kinemacolor process, (or it outrivals
any scene  from  the  Arabian  Nights.
Uoth in Montreal, London, Toronto and Ottawa and other large clt
ies the Durbar 111 Kinemacolor drew
vust crowds for many weeks at a
scale of prices ranging fnnn twenty-
five cents to one dollar and a half
and thoy are still shown in Montreal
and  New  York.
Standing ol Candidates
Miss Blanche McCarty  532,400
Miss Olga Roman  503,200
Miss Edith Cooke  501,700
Miss Eva Hay  407,000
Miss Elsie Hooley  341,000
Miss Cyndrene Matz  330,000
Mrs. W. ti. Kile, Craigellache, B. C..... .. 242,000
Mrs. Alderton, Taft, 15. C  231,000
Miss Mable  I lenderson  04,000
Miss Jennie Wells, Golden, B.C  55,000
Mr. E. ti. Woodland  52,000
Miss Irene Genelle, Nakusp, 15.C  5,000
Miss Bertha Evans  5,000
*    "" t v >-«v     y »»>    ri
lh»    Br|iim|of    Hliiijin'l    Wearing
$2o.oooTooo w„r"tii"oii,,.i!^ii
At Empress Theatre Next Week
Minn     1'i'uii     Surma "(  Ponoka,
Altu., und Mr. K. ifi, I'nidy, ol Kam
loop! were in.,ted 111 Uie holy bunds
ul  in.,11 iim,ny   ut  tbe  hume   ul  T.   J.
Wadman, ut tour-thirty p.m,    Tim-
duy, tbe Hev. It.J. Mclntyre olliciut-
ing. The bride »u> on* ul the highly CHteemed young i,id.es ul i'unuka.
The groum is tlie .-tai na-el,ull player ol tlie Kamloopa team, and Won-
oilne  operator lur  the   Inland   Seal in
cl. Both the contracting partioa have
nan) trientli who Join with the Mall
Heruiil in extending congratulation!.
On Wednesday,  duly ard,  the wedding "i  .Mr.  w.  Lambert, ol Qolden,
'" \i i.i, Jemtna .loimeon, ol
ComapHi Kill take place al the Bng-
Imh Church,   Hev.   C,   A,   I'l"(iiiiiii   of
By Whacking Kamloops at Baseball on Their Own Grounds;
Teaching Kamloops How to Play Football ; Chasing Chase
All Round the Diamond at Revelstoke, and Seeing South
Africa Licked by B. C. at Night.
Sheet Music and all kinds of
Small cTWusical Goods
New  t ut   Ukirta ..1  s. «  Uut prices
ut  Mi U'inianV
Call and Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ave,
Kinemacolor at Empress
All   11.
an Northwi «t will be ih'.ki   dellgbti 1
tu leuiu  that  an earl)   opportunity
Dominion     Iluy opened    bright and
Clear,   but  there      wns      u uilty   wind
I blowing,   when   the   Brat   evenl,a (not.
j bull  match   between   ItevelHtnke      anil
Kamloopa, waa pulled oil on recreation park,
The limne teum lined up With goul,
Ogg; ImcliB, lliaui' and Kerr; hull
backa,     .1. Bell, a. Bell and Kocch;
(m war,Ik   Hoi,-);,  I 'iiniei on.   Miller,   Alien   and   Diinlop.
Kamloopa were represented i,y ^oai
Jonea; backa, McParlane nnd Dundaa
bull backa, Donaldaon, fateraon. Fair
baiiiiH; (orwarda, Rennlo, Muir, Cur
ter, p, i'i,,pins ami 11. Proving,
Revelatoke nod the toaa and eleol
ad  in play  with  the ul mentioned
Itj  wind to iheii   backa, am! with
1 tbu advantage    preeevd   throughout
I be   enl He   III Ht.   hall   ol   the   game, The
hull backa did good work In break
Ing up eeveral dangerous    combine
timiH  uu  the  part  ol   the  VlaitOK and
Beven mlnutea altei  the game mmi
nl  Revelatoke scored iheir hint goal
Centre Miller putting the ball    Into
the not with a low IhhI ahot. Within
hu mlnutea Revelatoke again arm-mi
and   at   ball   lime   llie  Heme  Ht,„„l
Revtfletond lour, Kamloopa ml, three
of the goala being credited to Millet
und one i" Mien.
aftCI   ii". .,!„•      1,ver    „l   hall tii	
nnd   with  the  wind  nuw  in their (uv-
ur,     Kamloopa opened up strongly,
i'i<• i.n.- in iu.' lelt    wing,   imi did
not appear In be very well support
ed   by   Iheii       halves.      DOWOVW  aftei
eome ragged plaj thej pcuelrati'd the
(Concluded on Piigo Two)
Oil and Gasoline Stoves
Meat Safes
See our window of these goods. .lust what you
want for the hot weather.
I'or the next two weeks we will sell these Meat
Safes at the low price of $3.75. Absolutely vermin proof.    Every one a bargain.
Our stock of Oil Stoves is complete. Just what
you want for a quick meal.     Call and See Them.
New Cheese, real fresh, per lb. 25c
Royal Anne Cherries in heavy syrup tin 40c
Orange Marmalade, 20 oz. glass      25c
Lemon Curd, Chiver's, per jar -10c
Lemonade Powder, per tin 25c
Green Vegetables, Fresh Fruits always arriving.
Lowest Prices.
John McIntyre *s* son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Revelstoke Meat Market Ltd.
Showing a splendid aaaortmenl oi fine
negligee coat uhlru in plain and pleated
boeom, plain while*, bine cbambraya
and many atripe effecta In  a galaxj ol
intttrtii'. 1l1.1t mil m.iki chooaing easy
Soma havi double toll collari mule
"I umi ■    • ■    .M popular
McRae Mercantile Co.
j> THE HOME 01 l.OOD C10THW6
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
E. G. Woodland
I P. McLean
Best   Strain of Brown  Leg
horns, single and Rose Comb,
and     Partridge    Wyandotte
P. O.  BOX   181 Wednesday  July, 3rd i9iz
WEDNESDAY, JULY, 8rd, 1912
Because it is a perishable property,
Then ill health may prevent you.
To-morrow never comes.
a I   onouij    m'i per cent,     Thia  figure represents  ilie
il management expenses to total income.
\ n i onsistency.      For user 45 years the Royal lias paid
in i ite "i profits to policy holders,
-A Reci ' ,'idends i"   I'olicj   Holders   .'.''.  per  cent,   The
surplus at the last valuation produced an average Cash Bonus
.■: .  , ent. ol lhe premiums paid,
ran    md policies Issued applj to the local agents
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Cbc ADaiUlberalb
Jntertot publisbtng Company.
J. K. JOHNSON,  Manager.
RALPH fi.  BCRUTON,  Editor.
Medii'toi   wiih   pul   "in   at   lirsl,    Imt.
•   j.,,1     i,,,,i, , the siicrillce,
Melutyre was oul nl third, mul M.
r.il,i.-i ,ii lirst, the Inning." cIoboiI
with  lievelstoke  scoring  I
i 'b i ,■ opened  up  Imdlj.     bul   with
two  men   mil.   one   nl      their   ruiiii.'i'H   Irvine   for    th
Hope.   T.   Lyttle  and   S.   l'i owe;   Lyttle scratched,  Hope  wns  winner witli
J3ft.  2in.,  Crowe  being  u good see
ond willi 32tt, 'Hu.
lun Yard Dash, .sen,or—This event
willi four entiies, brought out two
slnrtiTs. P. Mi'Mallon anil \V. 1'eters
both in™ mn tram scratch, Tho race
was very close, bul McMahon lead
lightly all the way an.l finished two
teet  ahead W. relets second.
Iimi Yards, junior This event.
brought oul eight contestants, neces
Hltatlng two liMats nml n final, the
lirsl lieal, with White, McRae, Du
punt mn! K. McMahon, was run ami
declared nn race, owing to mn' ol
Hie runners, White, jump'*: over the
lape Instead of breasting same White
was well in tlie lead and finished
strong, l>nl lie looked I" be a big lad
Inr his age, and u protest was enter
cl on tin' grounds thai be was nvrr
Mim age limit, 1om juniors, one of
his- competitors remarked that lie
would have been discovered at once
Imt Hie enii' chap shaved liis whiskers oil li.-f.-ro Hi' race began; tlie heat
was i,' nm, resulting in White lirst
ami lv MeMnlion second, qualifying
fm   Hie (Innl,
Second     heal    I nn  , nrds    junior —
Three runners,  P.  MeMnlion, Thompson and millions,  resulted  in K.  Me
Mahon tirsi mi,l Gibbons Becond, qua-
final.   Pinal result,
WEDNESDAY, JULY, 3rd   . '1-
gol  home as the resull  ol
ai   lsi, .md the Bcore Bl 1
all.   W. Calder opened    tlie
for   Revelstoke   in   Hi,'   see,,ml   innings
mude ainl  an.l  reached Becond,  Wat
kins followed,  took  one In Hie    neck
.'our starters, while, p, McMahon, til.
it nne McMahon an,l Thompson, resulted in
hatting ,, ii,],, dose race, White ran well hut
half way down Hie course P, McMa
Imn Link the lend and won liyn foot
with  White Becond,   13.   McMahon 3rd
.   mi ui tlie yeai when
eautil s  girls   and   more      or
.■ .-:    awl .       "\ B   III" 'lit    tiie
:.j.-;: >'ei   thej   graduating
. ;   cuUSl ItueUI ,    i.i
.it:'..,.- if oruate  Ui
; i lew yi ars aftei rvardB
iith   ' i    ■   to  in.-   wall   in
ttie roi ii..-.
ild not l he   ; irenl -     ." ■>
ruduating   eaei
:    -       . two ri asuus
r ..  '.      -,.,...-,-   i., ■   I'.ii.-iii   really     evei
Irom  h.s  job;  und  second,
;  i anudlun pai
--.-....;.   f.ur. an exam
»■...,;. ibsolve them
The    a ■ ■ tizens    starts    out
:..'    .•., ul     nci1uiring     enough
bis  children's  mde
pen,:-. I   . ■:;.   soun  lin,is      ihut
t:...-  takes     most    ■'.  bis time,     aud
ii.- realti -  :,.- children -
.vol- - care ol Hie
mothei   i:     may   ipend her time play
log    . ■ .- ■        tbe earc ol  the
.\   _•:•..:   in m ;,   parents   Hunk
make money    en
  |ei .'.ay   in
ting i hem.
.        ' ■ ■ ■ M
I'      >      l.lll
'.   -I.mii' less
•     I    every    g I
and   walked   I,,   nisi.      ('aider      Btole j     llll..lump,   junior—Five  entries.   II.
tn third mnl Watkms to Becond, Pal   Thompson, I':.  MeMnlion, n, Glbbona
mer took  Hie  bat and wns sti ink mil,  rj.   Dupont,   P.   MeMnlion,   I'l
■ "iiii     took    tin     bat, made n but   on scratched.
and rcachod first,  Watkins got safely  KOt
ime;   Mclntyre   took   the  Imt.   mad,'  :ift
nm,  in. MeMah-
Btarting  al  '1 feet, all
over the      heightening  hai'.   until
nume,   ..ninijie   iuui .-     on.   I'.in..   when   Dupont   failed  after 3
a clean hu and ran Bafely to second attempts: Thompson stayed with the
letting Calder and Corley home; Mc- leaders to 111. G., which height was
Iui \ rt- stole third, McOarter took the tm, much fnr him. leaving twomen
hat and was pul out on lirsl, Iml t,, compete for lirst and second place;
Mclntyre goi bome, Lyttle was Ribbons surmounted the Ift. Gin hut
caught ai nisi. Revelstoke having failed to clear the next raise ot lin.
scored tour. and at -irt. Tin. finished second, leav-
Chnsa mad e mn in ilnm second   ing  P.  McMahon  in clear  the jump,
leaving     Hie seore at  end of Becond  nndcarry off tirst   prize.   Their     wns
exhibition jump Iiy lhe winner who
Now is the time to take advantage of the
money-saving opportunities at our CLOSING OUT SALE. If you put it off, the
very article you need may be gone. Come
while the assortment is full. We can save
you money on everything you want.
For a few days we offer hest quality, guaranteed Kill Cloves at a big saving. At
present we have all si/.es and all colors, but
they will not last long.
Regular $1.50 Quality for $1.10
About 50 pairs of Classic Shoes for the
larger children. Oxfords and Bals. Reg.
$2.60 to $3.25.
Your Choice for $1.25
Soft sole shoes for the tots in black, white,
tan, blue, red, eft.
Only 50c. Per Pair
Children's Ribbed Cotton Hose in sizes up
to I)-'.   Two 1'airs for 25c.
niiings,  Revelstoke 5, Chase 2.
Revelstoke      opened   Ihe   third   inn
ngs Willi M. I'alder. win, wa- Btruck
nui. IV. Calder took llie I,at. and
reached first min bunt, Watkins followed ni the bai. made n mighty
swipe, found Hi" Imll. nnd galloped
nil  round  the diamond,  driving Cal
apparently   eould   have   made   another
four   inches.
Senior High Jump—Two entries,V.
McMahon and S. Crowe. McMahon
scratched, being apparently tired with
his past exertions in the preceedlng
events, s. Crowe mad,' mi exhibition
| McLennan SpCo. %
der home in Imin  nf lum, both men   jump and in the absence nf other com
i;nl  home,  witli  no men on  liases th.'   pent,,is was declared  Him winner,
next  two batters fanned,  and  the Rev I    2'2n)  yards   Mat,   p. —Six   entries,   all
elstoke  Innings     closed   putting  two   started in the 220 yards frnm serntch
ihe cied,I  of the  home- ! namely   ll.   Dupont,   11.   Ribbons,     I'l.
| McMahon, 0, Thompson. T. White. F.
a.l-1 McMahon; Hie whole bunch made    a
spread ont
more runs t
In   Hie  t ti. 1,1   innin..'s('li:,se  1m.k    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
vantage   "f     a sen -s    nf errors and   good  start, .ml  began t
slipped  Pails.
. i
getting im less    than! nt  once, in the     order nf     finishing,
tour men home, Bcore at  close     of   with K.  McMahon well in front
third,  seven  t,, six  m favor ,•;  Ilev
•chc u.
as     lr.
Hm ridge opened tic fourth fnr II. v
:i il   i ached  -i'm..n l.   Mm
Intyre  followed   and  walked  t,,  lirst.
Burridge  stole   third     mil    M  fntyre
running strong; Ribbons held liis
place well as Becond and K. McMahon was a close third; the men finished in th' nn" nrdi tin rest elng
among th    I
 _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ .     Sena,i   L';'ll   yards
 i :    M.i'miei  sacrificed  nnd   -   il  entru two  men  r.i:
Hnrridge  reached     home   l.yttlc was rest     having     scratched.   T      Hope
pllt    Up    I"    !,.il      Old    '.',., ' I   K.   C ilir I
I with "iim ii      ' "'hm     Three  \l  -   The  three  n.   -
Chase went I Revelstoke still th start
gol  . ,-. less     in the I -
men I
J.B.C wit
1 ''  i
te   made   .   • ■
and Winduor Willoughby, they     were' made aloud smack, but did noi seem
spotted  as soon as  the audience saw to  have a  great deal of Bteam     lie -
Hie  sizes of  their  boxing boots,    and lnnd them,   Manson kept, on  Hie      nt-
aini.l a tremendous eheer the     scrap tacg, ducked and brought the lefl  In
was ,,n.    Mclsaacs,  obviously  liud the neatly on  Hie body several  times, Uu
besl  ,..' Hie weights,  Imt  lie didn't ap val  seemed  to      be a trine enori      oi
pear to he iu     very good condition, wind and     stayed   on the defensive.
Willoughby  started  mu   io  faze  him Slightly  Manson's round,
with loot  work senile,'.    Hnl   Mac was! ROUND THRUSH.
there with the heavy followed up and Duval  began to feel tin- pace,   and
ilie     Windsor Wonder  leaned  several showed a tendency to ham; onin  the
nines     negligently     over the ropes, clinches,   .Manson  ducked  ami   neatly
[whilst  Mae wa- anxiously waiting for escaped several  left     swings,    Duval
htm  i"  Btraighten  np  so he     could tried Hie righi  and was Bbort,   Man
have  the     pleasure    ol   handing him son    made a imll     right  duok     and
something.   Both   lads   were   blowing brought  the lefl  a trine low   perhaps
I al  Hi.- 'ii! ,,: ihe lirst  rmm,I and lhe' in mi  the   body.   Africa collapsed [or
rail ol time was ,1 wile,.111,' respite, sixteen seconds and ihe referee made
In tlie second il.e  Wituisorite eoliee no sums as     in what  had  happened,
:.,-:i  ones,  through     no After a one  minute rest,  Duval     ex
fault                         The  Fiery   French- plained   that   lie  had   got  one a trllie
in.,:,  was anything Imt  polite, and us imi. but would endeavor io continue
ich   tn  give    Hie the referee  culled   time and   both  men
' Unlit.■!   m.,:.,,  chance t" -l,n.i   Mien commenced to spar for nine. Manson
ll" I;   men   were  ,,n their let   the   body   and   began  to use      his
second,   but   W. Idi   In  Hie  face,   Duval  met lum   with
had  only  apparent Hn- left  and got home bu       Manson
■ ting, countered  with  effect, still  iismj; bis
:;.'   aca.ust left         almost       entirely.        .Manson's
• i   mat and called tne     houi round.
ie regrel
I,,   K\ ENT.
A! run
■    ■
H,ah  men   sparred  lor  time,  Duval
wa- evidently  in difficulties with  ins
wind, and   a short   round      saved   lum
Imin   another   collapse,
Duval  seemed tn wake up and get
,n  In,,   n, at   honks  tn  the   body,   Man
son landed   twice on  the lace aud bad
particu    Duval  agatnat    tbe     mpes.   another
short   round.
ii,«.     'i'ii,' seconds     held    a consultation,
the referee announced tins would
•   :i,   exhibition;  MunsuD  started
ll     "i b   l.el     mixed it III
..;  the ring, Manson work
■   Duval rushed and got
' ■
game  bet l.-' ■
, •     '•!   !   • ie;   Mel
Cilder, cat
WatN.i ..      eft  i rvim i
IJ»W; fli
i'h.i adley,
■    •       z Ika,  catcfaei    \    stall
, t I      rlghl   Bel ',      l.!iiimi"i>.   sn nnd
'     I'.IPm;    ||.i
•    tre field; M   BUflord, third
i on,  left I i   : Iteber.
THK   I,A.Ml",
fir-. ,n ne w    h
I'll.-' '.,i:l,       Mr
•■  •■      and
k-.jil.cxi hift.  !■ iking third.
■    ' .
■ ■
irt ol
!      the
ran  for home     ind      i        I
•  •      .-,.   plate, iin- game en I
,d a noene "f   nnfm mi, on tie  gro iml
i nnd among the    pectal
n ,'.  -     rti  ,' toke II i" it
Thi   various "pen.  lunloi   nnd sen
i„r sporting ' 'ini" i;i,'i,    •   c   then
pulled  ofl
ii'lti,    ilmt     put, three entiles, T.
■    a
ll  '
1 tl af
di'M Hie      I.ox
,-l, and   the ' ,'     tin
ttie ropes, ii'i I'lii    ,i
■  : I, ihe left  in Mansan's
",k   I In    Clollt    and   slip
"ii ii.,   body,     Duval
,   in I  bung on In the
tl i'l'i'l        away.
■ i,    im uptly.
•   i     mi. m
loHal      mi i i,   nl
wti    re Ii.ui'hl     • i. nil
■   !!.<■ ov
|1     I I'lnw
, a., tted   thnl
Id' •  11
400 Cords of First-Class Hemlock and Cedar for
Summer   Delivery,   16-inch,   18-inch  and  4-foot
Order by Telephone No. b2.
Tonka Farm
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turnings
We are in the manufacturing business of
Sash. Doors, Mouldings. Turnings, Show
Cases, Office and Bar Fixtures, Screen
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cJTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295,  Revelstoke, B. C.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.I)., D.C.L., President
(.. ,,, , .,1 Mnnntfrr
\-."i"iuui General Mnnnser
CAPITAL, $1.5,000,000
REST, $12,500,000
Interest nt the current rate is allowed on all deposits ol' $1 and
upwards. Careful nttention is ^iven to every account Small accounts
ate welcomed.    Accounts may be opened nnil operated by mail.
Accounts may lv opened i'i tlie names of two or moro persons,
withdrawals to be made by any one of tbem or by tbe .survivor. e,
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
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Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoo Repairer*, Siulillore Harnobb Makers
' ■ ll"ll   llll'
f">   ihi' prellmtn
nrv lifi
i if   mi ni rr forgot I
li ' it    .    I,Ml    HI'   I I'M
"iTl"i"d    tWO      lid    IiH'II'Im      ii    11,       (,'■
ul Kil Metuari, 'li" PrenrI
,ii( book    i'
i,.,iii  niMii
' - I '       ll Llll     |l ■ ■        \i  'I
$10 Reward
ANb mLL new
I In- W.ill l\i|Vfs wi-   w.inl   you   10   WC
.m- mii. ;i\ iiiis m*mhoh n production!
I In i  .u.   iiii.|.iistii.M.il»i<\ superior  in
1>. J   .-I  Ji   i '.,.   .<n,I   III Hsl ii    i oloi   ivt;
U'i'   llHV*!    l*Vl*l    shown,    *»i    III*.
\ OU  I .hi mt L'ttCM In lill tlioulil uol l»- tliHirult  to Induce
\ ou i>> i*xamint! Ilium.     Will you ilo so
• i ,>   ... m;  ,.., i   •"     the
W    v.   Mi i.m iim,' .
ml   ll BVelll ' ,ir\e   in,
ll HI'. I'illl"      ,|l        I     .     ■        .  ,
M   i; .■   ii,-ini   i i.i.i,  in, i  !..-. ii  cloted
Dated  June  Ith. 1112.
J.   1'.   KtiJaLliY.
A New Short Order Kestaurunt and Eating House        B
?   *
Only   White   Cooks   Employed
Have had l"i years experience as a caterer
Regular $5.25 Mrdl llcket (or live Dollars.
- J. Pappus and J. Ghitsas,
Proprietors j
MacKomie Avenue, Rcvoletoko, B, O
■ WEDNESDAY, JULY, 3rd, 1912
IVEDNRSnAY, JTLY',  3rd,   l»U
Vote fop Youp Favopite
i-Herald's Ilil Contest
Next Saturday Night
Candidates and their friends should
leave nothing undone this week in
the "way of Vote-Getting. There are
several close contenders for the Capital Prize and the finish promises to
be one of the most exciting in the
history of circulation Contests. Get
every subscription you can this week.
One subscription may mean the difference between success and failure.
This is the Most Important Week of the
Campaign. It will pay you to do something
between now and the close. WEDNESDAY, JULY, 3rd, 1912
WEDNESDAY, JULY, 3rd,  1312
Parties desiring Information regarding the Valley ol the Garden ot
Eden, can obtain Bame free of charge
by writing to Mr. .'. H. Johnson,
Malakwa, B. 0,
Come to
The Valley of
The Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,   and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
f KararW nf  £n.l   Bench   Lands,   Clay    Loam   and  Vegetable
L.ld.dUtil   Ul   OUII   Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Mn  Ini/i .linn   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
llU  III lljtlllUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted lor Large and Small fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Climate   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C., Watch Ihis Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
. . It Mioht Be Cold. . .(oriental hotel
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hut meciicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent   Our record of cures „
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
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^rentes: scenen of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor. •        Halcyon. Arrow Lakes
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
I Meal Ticl
Laughton .&, Ta; y'.r.g. Props. First Street. Revelstoke. B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open JJav and Niyht. - Meal Tickets. $6   I
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cisj.irs.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
Cent rat Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
En.urged   md Improved      First-CUas in every respect,    All modern convenience!
Rat'.o S2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B. C.
; N  NIGHT /.:  .
White Help Only Employed
h-.ard by the Day or V\ •
Ni "  Order
H. J. KtSOFiLLr. Proprietor.
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
Rosedene Nurseries
U-: \', c
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Poor Support
iToasrs    .f;r.o:p.
Geological Congress
'I',,  lhe   hlditor;— I
li.'ai- Sn-.--1 mn Instructed by the
Executive Committee nl tbe Twelfth
lm i uai iiiinii Geological Congress to
request yuu to draw iln' attention of
your readers in Him meetings ot tin.1
Congress which arc  ,„ be held    next  ,nore monW for P^P'oWn*. develop  permission to     put bills   announcing
output  ol   Canada  lms  steadily      in -1
creased  year      iiy  year for  the      last I      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
thirty   years   and   is   now   over      uue      London,  Out.,     .lune 29—Thfl    lotlal
hundred  milllondollars.    Oonsrdoring,I ubere\ committee,  having in charge
however, the known resources and tlm   ,     ,,,   ,   ,    ,    ,.   ,.   ,
llic ■•Aliulish llic  liar     demonstration
enormous territory     wIiobc resources
are    unknown, this output  Is small, at «ueens i""k "" I""'"'""1' Day. can
and      Canada      needs more  men  and   vussed   the merchants  of  the cily   tor
year tor the first time in Canada.
The preliminary arrangements arc an
nounced in the first circular, a copy
ui  which  ..-• enclosed.
Since Uie first meeting nl the Congress in Carls in 1878, meetings have
been held In Italy, Germany, England, Uie United states ,,i America,
Switzerland, Russia, Austria, Mexico
and Sweden.   At the lust     Congress
ihe holding ol meeting In their windows. Duly two ul ill' merchants
complied  with the request. The oth -
ment and operation. This she can
besl secure by attracting, not the
general     public,     hut those   people
whose business it   is In engage in such ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Industries  and  who understand   iheir ers declined,   in both Instances where
management.   Geologists   and  mining the lulls were accepted they ui« giv-
englnecrs  are  obviously     those  best Bn os huu. prominence In the   show
aide t,, Inlluence opinion iu their own . „         .   . ,,,
■ windows as possible.
countries  on   the  subject   iu
they are recognized authorities
Im ne '
ii  Stockholm in 1910 the"re°waa  ""' ,'1'1"" t"""y aflorded 1,y  the mtet
ing  in  Cana.In ol so     many  em ill mt
an  alten,lance  ,,l   s',u  and   it is expeel
it  ilus Dumber will he exceeded
.ii  Canada  next yenr.
Vmi   will   notioe   thai      an intensive
•  of excursions are being arrang
Illustrate i he typical     geology
mineral     resource* nl Oanada,
Will   take   place   dur
st    ni I   September   and   will
I   fi   in   I lupe   Hnt n,l   Mali -
n ibe   Mi.iuiic in prince Ituperi
in.I       \ mi orb    lbe   I'acilic,      and
i- .ii« ,,n thc Southern
' , vsuii  I 'ity   nenr      tbc
in    . 11 -.   quarter     nl
i 'ongrese,
i .'    e tbeir ni i.t
11   |      ,,,ii  ,ui-iii,i..
',,  ib.   leading un Ivors!
■ boo)     ..Hi< •'       ni
mum nl   geologl al
lepai 'iicii'     1111,1
.M engineers     in
'      be   i in mi,il  mineral
r.rild Mrllll,
l.onrion. 1911
///'.// ■, pit tin /•*•
A Lilrerul worker confirmed the (act
that the committee hail been till uud
down by tlie merchants.
The  business  men  evidently do  not
Intend  in gel   mixed up in uur campaign,  lie surd.
Nanaimo will Bid
Tho best of tea—
from thc best of
land—for the best
of drinkers.
ARKOWHF \ im I'.  '
H|,wi«i Attention given  to  commercial
men   snd   tourists.    First-clasn  sample
rooms.  I meat Scenery in tlrllilh f'nlilt*
bia,overlooking Upper trrow i.akn.
I ransfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
W. J. Lightburne. Prop Phone 42 -   Night Phone Hr,
specialists should not be neglected.
Kvery effort should be nia.le to show
lu Him world that while uur known
mineral resources arc large, we have
an Immense undeveloped territory
awaiting  tlie     advent o( the trained
prospector. Nanaimo,     .lune     30—Nanaimo   is
Meetings nf  various geological and waiting  with eager anticipation    the
other scientific societies iiave     lien |„,ssibiiits   that tne great Vancouver
held  iu  Canada  in  the past,   but this [8lund   cal   camp   will   laud   lhe  con-
is  tbe  first uccasiui    which  the lu trad   lm   supplying coal  to   the  I'uil-
lernatlonal  Geological  Congress    hus ,.,| states transport si  vice,   in view
ii"'' here ami    the    opportunity will „t the splendid results [rom Nanaimo
nut   occur      again      tor   many   years, ,.,,,,1   ,„ the  testa made  by the United
cult  the meetings are  belli  triennial stales cruiser  West   Virginia last sum
.nil    jn s.i|.i|uiiu.>     111...MUIP oi|l   ui   A| „„.,    ,|„.   |„.|,...   ,„  Hrm   lhat   Nanaimo
world. will laud ilie contract. Nowhere    on
Canadian  geologists arc fully alive the     Pacific   coast   bus sucb  results
I,, de ini'ii honor paid     them     uud been obtained in steaming teats, and
thru  country     i>y the selection     nl ihis endorsement bus been given   out
i  mads fm  ibe meeting and tbey are not only in  the West  Virginia's test
being generously assisted in prepar - b"t in the cn-e uf the Famous battle
Ing fur ii  by ibe Dominion ami rm ship Oregon  in bor memorable   trip
uinial  governments and  I.y the rail- around  Oape  Horn,  when she
way mnl  mining corporations, as well Nanaimo coal.
ns   by   individual   business  and   prufos,
slonnl iiuii,  all  uf whom are contrib
New Time Table
it.nc  liberally   bulb money  and time.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Wold,     Marshall, His Royal Hlgh-|    On  June 2nd,  a new C.P.R.    timo
the Duke nf Connaught, the Gov  tahlo came into eflect for tho sum-
inini General ol Canada, has gacious  mer,     chnnglng tbe   hours ot arrival
ly consented in hoi  tin' Honorary  and departure ol  iho truiuu,     which
President uf the T woi Ith Congress.       are as follows:
I    hull bi' glad tu semi   ropy of the ,
circular to any  ol ymir readers   ap-
plying fill   il   nml lu rive  nm   further
Information abuut  the Congress.
H   .s hoped  th.it   you,  Mr.   HMltor,
•■■ I'  lie    o i.Ind  ,M   i  your    in -
1   ind     Interest in    making the
:i ..
l ..
13 ..
I .cavo
... 6.15
and   wurk  uf  thfl  Con-   fj0  Arrive
j kicsh known  t"  lbe  public.
youri   very   truly,
VV.   S.   I.Kl'KV,
,i .: :,t v to the Kxei ul Ive i lommlt
tei   ol the Twelfth International (Joy-
.logical Congress.
4    24:45
14     7:20
2    11:55
.... 7:40
Arrives 15.30, leaven 7:40 a.m,
I WEDNESDAY, JULY, 3rd, 1913
WEDNESDAY, JULY, 3rd, 1912
Winnipeg, Man, June 30—Approxitn I how mahj aro dead on this stdo ol the
ately  5U0  persons were  killed and ten  city. th
million dollars damage done by a A canoe was carried Irom Wascana
tornado which struck Regina, Bask, lake a distance ol three-quarters ol a
this     afternoon.    Several     business,mile,  to  Victoria park, and  dropped
and   resi-
at 4:16
0111 -
blocks,   apartment b mis
donees were wrecked.
Tbo     sturin  struck Regina
Tho Saskatchewan governmenl
phone building was blown down
relic! gangs are working taking
the  dead.   II.   is feared   15  girls
ployed there were killed.
The city   power  plant   is out ol   cmii
mission and there is no light. Prospects are poor tor publication ol thfl
two morning papers.
Two   bres   Started,   but   the   brigade
gut a stream working and appeared
to have the situation under control,
Evety  vehicle in   the city   is used  aa
un ambulance,
l.oss  110,000,000,
Late reports place the property loss
at ten millions.
In addition to the telephone ox -
change building, thfl Standard block,
the First Baptist church, and thfl
Baird and Battel buildings .ue among
thc structures  destroyed.
All   telephone   and   all   except      one
telegraph wire are down.
A special train left Winnipeg shortly alter nine o'clock with doctors
nurses and telegraph and telephone
repair  men.
The tornudo came frnm the south
and first struck tbe new parliament
building, just completed at a cost ot
$2,000,WHI. The building is of steel
and concrete, and while it stands, it I
is badly shaken. It then -wept northward, mowing a swath s.x blocks wide
through the most fashionable resi -
donee district, transforming it into a ,
mass ot wreckage.
Aloug Victoria street from Sixteenth to Eleventh streets 300 houses
were destroyed and many persons
killed. Automobiles till.J with per-
saUS were hurled high In the uir and
deposited  blocks away.
At Eleventh street tbe business
district, composed of wholesale ware-
bouses, banking institutions aud retail
stores were made a heap ol nuns,
while the air was filled with dying
wreckage. Past Eleventh street, Albert Smith, Cromwell, Scurth Ilumil
ton and Hose streets, the storm
reached the retuil section, which received the severest force.
Then the Oanadian Pacific tracks
were reached. Six big grain eleva -
tors toppled over, tbe timbers being
piled on tbe tracks.
Across the railway tracks several
oi tbe largest wholesale houses in tbe
city were uuroofed, tbeir heavily
laden lloors fulling us tbeir supports
were  loosened.
It was 5 o'clock in the alteruoon,
when the cyclone struck tbe city uud
in the history ot the west, no such
storm bas ever beeu known.
Coming Irom the soutb it drop -
ped just a few bloods nortll ot the
southern city limits, cutting a wide
-wnth several streets wide run down
into the centre ot the citv. Tho Methodist, Baptist and Knox churches,
nil magnificent structures, were the
tirst ot the larger buildings struck.
Tho greuter part ol the roof was removed from the latter structure, und
the storm moved across Victoria
square, removing tbe walls und root
from tho Y.W.C.A., kadly wrecking
tbe magnificent new public library,
and passing thence to the Presbyter
Ian church, which was but little better oil thnn the Methodist.
The V.M.C.A. wus next iu line und
half of the building wns demolished
in au instimt. A lew smaller buildings were removed Irom their locations, sonic being carried across the
Btreets and the Masonic Temple waB
next  attacked   and  razed.
In tho next block to the weat and
one farther nurth, the telephone ox-
change stood apart by itself except
fnr a lew smaller buildings. Upon
this the force of th.- storm hud instantaneous effect, laying tbc build -
ing a fiat muss ol wreckage, under
which tho girls were imprisoned Ior
over an hour.
Thc Musscy-Harris olllces and
Warehouses standing beside thc CIP.
R, yards were practically demolished
und ot the row oi grain elevators,
but one remains, and that much the
worse for wear.
Over on the north side ol the tracks
WarchouKos were destroyed right uud
Except wnere it is necessary    lor
the rescue of bodies, the. rubbi-h and
I'llibH  are   left   where   tlle   fell Cow
people   have  thought   to   out.
1.unking smith Irom Lome root
hardly a residence is le*l   stuml ng.
The 0 P.R, ynrils nic a Hnl es
pause uf ruined shops and trains,
liardly a car remaining whole,     Bov
crul   wore  piled   up  bodily  mil can ic,I
distances in th« air.     one was car
11 d through ibe freight sheds.
The whole north side ol tho city is
practically wiped out. No oue knows
there. Others, together witli dignbys
and   even   smnll   sailing   vessels,       lie
strewn over the southorn sect inn of
tho city at distances varying up to
hall  a mi'l'  frnm  the  :ako.
Thfl cupola nf thfl Baptist, church
was dropped In tha middle ol the
street, three  blocks away.
The electricians Iiave been wandering through the devastated Bectlou
cutiing live wires. Power oame on
about   9   o'oloek   alter   being   nil   since
the storm.
The must marvellous part of the
whole disaster was that not a single
! building  touk  fire,  though far  ball aii
hour after tbe storm struck the power
j cniiie mi aiid nil aiid wires were spluttering dangerously among thc ruins.
j    Husbands      are      bunting Ior    their
I wives, mothers for their children.
Men stop from time to time in their
wmk of rescue to ask thoso passing
lur friends and relatives.
j Many were .separated at tho time
■ o( the storm while others remained
at home. Numbers woro out on the
waters of Wascana lake. Five are
known to be drowned, tailing to reach
shore In ume. Every house in thc
city that is standing has been thrown
open  to  ilie  homeless.
One of the largo grain elevators was
picked up and thrown a distance of
fifty feet from its foundations, falling
on a freight train ol box aud cattle
(Ino house, barely on the edge of
the storm, was picked oil its foundations and next instant it was settled
squarely on tho vacated side. A root
curried three blocks, was poked coru-
erwlse through the roof of the resi-
lenceof one of   Reglna'B   business   men
and  remains  there.
Four livery stubles have lost every
thing. Hardly a horse has been saved and the buildings and contents ure
total  louses,
Early in the evening tbe mounted
police, ut their barraoda two and one
half miles west of the city, were up
prised ot tbe disaster and tbe whole
force of oue huudred and lifty mou
came Immediately to the city and su
pervised the work of rescue throughout  the uigbt.
Buildings but a block from the
scene ot devastation were lelt prac -
tically untouched, having a lew windows  broken ut the  worst
A relief party of some hull dozen
newspaper meu sturted out through
the storm of ruin and flying bricks
and glass and at ouce commenced the
work of rescue of the many girls
remaining in the buildings buried in
heaps of brick und t:mbers knotted
together with coils of lead and steel
I li ■ storm censed at ouce und soon
two hundred were on bund tearing
up the wreckage.
Meanwhile small parties were at
work on the Y.M.C.A., tho V.W.C.A.
anil ulher buildings iu the downtown
The residential was found to be
even more serious and here wus where
the majority of dead were found.
Mono of the girls in the telephone exchange were killed, although some
were seriously injured. lt is im-
poBSible to find as yet to what extent.
Six hundred families are homeless.
The muyor aud city council have
sturted a fund nnd are providing for
Rumors arc flying abroad in the
city of disasters elsewhere and many
who escaped hero ure almost hysterical through their ignorance of the
late of friends throughout the
Low pricos on Wicker furniture ut
Howson's next week. Watch tbo show
Don't torget, peaches and cream at
the   Savoy.
Seo our win,lnw ol Meat snaps and
Oil stoves. Hot weather sped Ulies,
Bourne   Bros.
Thfl "Sugar Bowl" Ice cream is
See tbo RevelBtoke Hurdware Co.'s
advertisement for bargains in screen
doors and  windows.
Try one of 1'iohyu's special dlshcB
of ioo croam called the "Carpathian"
Only a lew hummocks left at Howson's. We oiler these ut greatly reduced prices.
Dates for B. C. fall Fairs
British Columbia s fall fair dutes,
now compiled, show dates ranging
trom August iu-ii, the ween of me
Vaucouver exhibition, to October 30-
31, when thc bummerland exhiuitiou
will  l,e lield. Following ls lhu list:
Anuw  Lakes   October 4-5.
Alberni--September lii.
Armstrong—October 16-17.
Buryuitlam—September is.
Bella Coola—October 30.
Cowichan—September 2U-21.
Coiuox—October 3
Uoqultlam—September 20,
Chilli wuck—Sep tember  19-21,
Central Park—September 12-13.
Cranbrook—September  is-iu.
Delta—September 20-21.
Claud Forks—September 2ii-27
Greenwood— September 30.
Golden—September 24-25.
Islands—September 18.
Kent—September  12-13.
Kamloops—September. 1S-19-2U.
Kelowna—September  20-27.
Kaslo— October  15.
Langley—September 25.
Mission—September  24-25.
.Maple   Ridgt—September   25-20.
MatBqul—September 2G-27.
Nanaimo—September   17-1S-1'J.
N. and s. Saanich—October 4-5.
Nicola—September 25.
North   Vancouver—September  7.
New   Westminster—October 1-5.
Nelson—September  22-23-25.
New Denver—October 2.
Penticton—September 2').
Itevelstoke—October S-'J-IO.
Richmond—September 26 81.
Shawnlgan—September 18.
Salmon  Arm—September 27-28.
Summerlund—October 30-31.
Surrey—September 24.
Trail—September 25-2G.
Vernon—October 23-24.
Vancouvei—August  10-17.
Windermere—September  20-21.
Victoria—(Provincial exhibition)  ■
Beptember 24-2S.
Excels for
bold By~ Hobson CSb Co.
KK\ I'.LSl'UKli,  B.C.
Notice is hereby given that William
Biuir Robertson, oi itcvilsione, H.C.
will upply lor u license to time una
use ti.ij uiteeii Miners lucbes ot water
out ol Luriboo Creek, wuicu uows iu
u southerly direction through T. ii.
aH'At'6 and T. 11. ittl'iit, and empties
into Downie Creek, ubout two allies
Irom its mouth, uoluuiuiu Hiver. The
water will be uivcricu ut a point IJ
miles north of llowuie Croon, uud
will bo used for domestic purposes
ou the lund described as Lot lorn,
Kevelstoke  Luud  District.
This notice wus posted ou the
ground ou the 4th day of June, l'J12.
Tbu application will be bled ia tne
ollico of tbe Wuter Recorder at Kevelstoke,  li.  C.
Objections muy bo bled with thc
said Water Kecorder or with tue
Comptroller of Water Rights, 1'ar-
liumeut Buildings,   Victoria,  B.C.
Fer Andrew  Kitson, Agent.
Coal mining rights of Uiu llominion
in Mauiioun, Saskatchewan und Ai-
beriu, tbo Vukon Territory, lhe
Noi'iu-wusl Territories uuu in u portion ol tno ITovinco ot British Columbia, may bu leused lor a term ol
iwiuily-uut) yours ut an annual rental ol »i au uere. Not more thuu
i,ln,ti ucres will be leused to one uppucuut.
Application for louse must bo mude
by mo applicant in person to the
Ageul or Sub-Agent ol the district
in winch the rights uppliud for uro
lu surveyed territory tho luud musl
bo described by sections, or legal
sub divisions ol sections, uud iu uu-
surveyed territory tho truot applied
lot suull be siuked out by thu up -
plicant  himsolt.
Euch uppucuut must be accompanied by a lee ol {5 which will be ro-
lunded if tbe rights applied lor are
uot available, but uot otherwise, A
loyally shull ue puid ou thu uier-
chunluble output of lhu uiiuu ut tbe
rate ol  Uve renin per tou.
Tbu person operating ibo mine shull
furnish tue' Ageut wub sworn relums
mi'l' uni ini' tor iho lull quuutity ol
mercbuutuhlu coul uuued uud pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights ure uot beiug operated, sucb
returns should bo furnished at luasi
mi mm a year.
Tbe leaBO will include the coul inia-
ing rights ouly, but the Iubbco muy
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessury Ior tbe working ol
the mine at the rate ot Jin.no an
for full information application
should be mado to the Secretury of
the Department ot the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Ageut or bub-Ageut
ol  Dominion   Lands.
W. W.  OORY,
Deputy  Minister of the  Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
lu  lllo County  Court  of  West Kootenay  lloldeu at  Revelstoke.
Frank   MoAulay   vs.   Beatrice     Mines,
i.id., (Non-personal Liability.I
A. a.  Boman vs.     Beatrice     Mines,
Ltd., (Non-personal Liability.]
John i;undersoil  und others vs.  Beatrice   Miues, Ltd.,    iNon-persunal
I'ursuaut   to   the   judgements   in the
Sealed Tenders addressed tu the
undersigned, ami endorsed "Tondet
for Wharf at Boswell, B.C.," will tie
received at tins oUiee until 1 p, m.,
ou Tuesday, July 2, 1912, for tb.
construction of a 1'ile Bent Whart at
Boswell, l»ivision ol Nelson, Kootenuy  District,  B.C.
Plans, specilications and form ot
contract can be seou and tortus ol
tender obtained  at  tins    Depurinent
above  actions   beariug   dntu   tbe   30th,
u  and  .it   thfl offices  of    Q.   A.  Heeler
Esq., Bistrict Bngineer
New West
June l'Jll,  thu order  lor  »ule there!
contained   uud   Uiu    Directions    given ]     ^^^ ^^^^^^^
herein on tho 2nd May, 1012, tenders| minster, B.C., and on_apP»»«°n to
will  ho received   by   the      undersigned
Ior   thu      purchase   ol     lhe   following
mineral claims:
"Beutrico" Miuerul cluim being Lot
No. 4580, Uroup 1.
"Edmund" Miuerul cluim beiug Lol
No. 2034,  Croup  1.
"Folaom" Mlueral cluim being Lot
No. 4587, Uroup 1.
All situute near Oamborne iu the
Lardeau Mining Division     ol     West
Kooteuuy District, B.  C.
Considerable development work has
beeu dono ou the Beatrice cluim.
Tenders are to be mude In writing
uud sealed uud marked "Teuder Ior
Beutrice Mines property" aud ad-
dressed to the undersigned ut Revelstoke, B. C, on or belore the lath
duy  of  June,  1012.
The highest or uny tender not ncc-
casurily ucceptod. Further purticu -
lars ot the pioperty will be furnished
on application to W. I. Briggs,
1'laiutillB   Solicitor,   Revelstoke,   B.C.
Dated this 8th duy ot May, 1912.
w. e. Mclaughlin.
Deputy  Registrar  County  Court,
RevelBtoke,  B.  C.
First  issue  May  8,  4weekB.
Revelstoko  Land Distrijt.
District  of  West Kootenay.
Take  notice that     F.arJOSt     Adult
Mayer, of Mineapolis, MinntaCta, oc-j
cupatlon  Clerk,  intends  to apply  for i
permission  to  purchase  tbe loll iwiug
described  lands:
Commencing at a '.."ist planted at
the North-west Corner ot Lot XI15
thence north 40 chains, tbeice v.est i
40 chains, thence South If Chains,
thence east 40 cbains to point of
commencement and containing 160
acres more or less.
Dated  June  10th,  1912.
The time for receiving tenders herein has been exteuded to August 1st,
the Postmaster at Victoria, B.C.
Persona tendering are notihed that
ten,iers will nut be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with the.r actual b.gti"-
tures, stating tbe.r occupations und
places of residence. In the case of
lii ms, the actual signature, the na -
ti,iv ol the occupation, and pluce ol
i,s.,In,ce ol each member ol tho firm
must be given.
Each lender must be accompanied
by un accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to thc order of tho
Honourable the Minister ot Public
Works, einiul to ten per cent (10 p.
c.) ol thc amount of tbe tender,
which will be forfeited if tbe person
tendering decline to enter into a
contruct when i-ailed upon to do So,
or fail to complete the work contracted tor. If tbe tender be not accepted the cheque will lie returned.
Thc Department does not hind it-
sell to nccept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of  i'ublic Works,
Ottuwu,  May  30,  1012.
Newspapers will not bo     paid     for
this  advertisement  it  they insert    it
without   authority   from   thc   Department.
June  5th   1st   issue.
Meet mo at the Savoy.
Big reductions in baby carnages at
W. J. Curtis, pinno tuner, will be
at  RevelBtoko  about  July  5th.
Meut chests ut Howson's, Ior (3.00
aud $0.1)0.
For really choice Chocolates, drop
in at tho  Sugar Bowl.
Pure Maple Syrup, Lime Juice,
Washington strawberries ui Bourne
Bros.,  First street.
A Iresh supply ol Muores' noted
chocoluicB hus just arrived at tbe
Suvoy.—Try  them.
Your  losses assured,  rates  reason -
ble—W. B.  Robertson,  real  estate &
Victor Hornless Machines 6 Irnm
$20 upwards. Lfldlaon phonographs,
from $19,50 upwards.—Revelstoke
Music  Storo,  McKenzie Avenue.
The "Sugar Bowl ' Ice cream par
lms are now complete. Tbe Bent
nud most up-to-date soda fountain In
the city.   A v.sit will suiprisc you.
Beautiful is the
Job when Minerva
Paint is used.
Smooth and avtn ',. ihr Miner**
e-.irt.ii r.  I: rr ol bubble., cracka
•  .   i f.f,   -:t-' ...■■:  .
The color it poiitive and laating.
Minerva Painl enter* every crav-
i, a an J grain of lhe wood, inaur-
inr real protection aaainat
weather and decay.
It'a the high quality lhat counta--
the exacting aelcction of tha
fineat and pureit painl ingredi-
anta, tha aeientitia grinding and
mixing that aaakei Minerva raiat
la eaay to apply, ipraada evenly
Hidea all
For a License to luke und use Wuter
Notice is Uereby given thut James
A. Shields, of Revelstone, B.C., will
apply Ior a license to lane au.l use
Fifteen lib; Miuer b inches of wuter
out of Curibou Creek, which hows iu
a southerly direction through Tiin -
ber Limits 3a3i3 uud 43026, uud empties into Downie Creok ubout two
miles Irom the Columbia river. The
wuter will be diverted ut a poiut
ubout oue uud a hall miles uoriu o.
Downie Creek trail and will be used
ior domest.c purposes ou the luuu
described us Certificate of purchase
ill Revelstoke  Luud District.
This notice wus posted ou tbe
ground on the tin day of June, 1912
The application will be hied iu tue
ollice of the Water Recorder, Hovel -
stoke, B.C. Objections may bc Ulfl.l
with the said Water Recorder ur with
the Comptroller ot Water Rights,
parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
By Andrew  Kitsoii,  Ageut
• nd   dnri
Laud   Registry  Ollice,
Vuncouver, B.C.,
21st Muy, 1912.
In the mutter ol u certain agreement of sale uud purchuse ot Lots
14, 18, i), 2o and it in subdivision
"B", Lots ii) uud 21 in Subdivision
"C" uud Lots 27 uud 28 in Subdivision "D", Block 158, District Lot 2b4u
Oity ol Vancouver, duted Uth July,
1S92, entered into by uud between
William V. Van Antwerp, ol the oue
purl und Thomas hi. Wilsou of tho
other part;   uud   in   the  mailer  of    a
ccit.nu Agreement of Sufe uud Purobase of Lot 21, in SubdiviBlou "B",
Dlock 15S, DiBtrict Lot 2t,-lu, dated
21st October, 1VJ2, entered into by
und between William F, Vuu Antwerp
of the one part und Vuucl Curryer ol
the other purt.
WhereuB sutiBtuctory prool ol
breach ot conveuuuts und ol re-entry
und recovery ol possession by thc
registered  owner.
Cuthcriuc  1.   II.  Manson.
bus   beeu   produced   to   tho   Registrar
aud filed iu thiB ollice.
Notice is hereby given thut, ut th
expiration of thirty duys from the
duto of service hereof, 1 shall cancel
the registration ol the snid agreement upon tlie registers ol this ollice, iu pursuance ot section 150 ot
Ithe "Luud Registry Act" u reprint
of which section is endorsed hereon.
District Registrar.
To Thomas E. Wilson, Youel Curryer
The DiBtrict Registrar bun due, ted
that the above notice bo served by
publication thereof Ior one month iu
u Kuotcii.ij  uewspaper.
RevelBtuae Luud District.
District of  West Kooteuuy.
Tako notico tnat i, Elizabeth
Hannah, of Rossland, B.C, occupation Married Womeu,' mtoud to up-
idy for permissioa to pu.cu.ise t.*e
.n,inwing  described  lauds;
Commeuciug ut u post pluntou
about -- cUuius uorih ot tho Northwest Cornor ol Lot 6402, theuce Ku
chuius south, .M cnaius eact, SU
cbuius Bunin, uu Cua.ns ut,', cu
puiul ol , ,,11.11,,;., , in, -,i und i-,,ma.ti
lug 240 ucres more or less.
Luted  u,.i. -Min   ol  April,   1912.
Elizabeth haN.nah,
J onu   lv,   iiunuau,   Ageul.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that tue i an.wi.,n l'uc.Uc lf.uil.va>
couipuuy did uoposit in tue Luuu
iiegisiiy Oince in tue ouy ol i\uiu-
luups uu the 6th uuy oi i>o.cuiuer,
ilill, uuuer No. Dili i iuu, Tronic uuu
uoou. ul neiereuce of proposed spui
io ue constructed ny tue said Loui-
|,.iii) irom us m,,.i. liue a. Mae
i.m'.vi,: 4o,8 near tue town ul Sicamous, theuce running Northerly auu
North-westerly acrobs in,- South-oust
iNorih-cust and North-west Quarters,
Section 1, Township 22, K,u.,c 6,
west of the tth luiiiul Meridian,
ineuce Westerly across lots I■ ni., una
oiit, uroup 1, Kuruloops Division oi
i uie District near Sicamous in the
Province of British Columbia, to the
premises of the Columbia, River Lum-
uer Company, aud that thirty daya
alter this notice or aB soou thereafter us tho application cuu bo heurd
the i 'iuui,nan Pacific Ruilway Com -
puny iuteuds to apply to the Board
of Railway Commissioners tor Canada Ior authority to construct lhc
aloresuid spur.
Dated the 12th day of June, 11112.
Locui Right of Way
aud LeiiHM Ageut,
Canadian   I'acilic    Railway  Compauy,
Vancouver, B. c.
I£f 0,r r'
lOitiTi >CTiaL***ra wmtara
Soulcd Tenders uddecsscd lo the
uudcisigued, uud cudor.-ed ''Tendei
lor wuuri ul .Noodles, B.C.", will uc
received ut this otlice until 4 p. in.,
ou Thursday, July 4th, TJ12, lor the
construction of a Pile Beut  Whal'. ul
Needles,  Division  ol ^^^^^^^
Kooteuay, B.C.
ITuus, speciUcutiuus uud form uf
coutruct cuu ue seen uuu luruis ol
teuder obtained al this Department,
uud ut tue uiiu.e.i ol 0. 0. wui.-.; 1..
csii., District cugiueer, new v>csi-
uuusler, Ij.v-., ann ou uppliculioa to
tue  i OSitucvSier m ..ecdieo,   u J , aad
V ICtol'iU,   il. C
persons unueiti.g uie no.tiled ti.ai
teuueis win uO( ..c -on ,a . u aUleSN
uiaue ou lue ,.r,utcd r i .i.s s...p, u*d,
aud sigued Wilu lUeir aci'Ul rd6'-a ■
lines, siuung weir occupations nm
pluccs   ol   rdgivieuttO.    lu   Cttj   CoeW       ul
urins, tue actual signature, lue nature oi lue ocluj,ui1uu, uud pllCS ol
resideuce ol euvo uieuiuer ul tue Pi uj
must be given.
Eucu teuder must be ace Jpauiui
by uu uccepled cuequc uu ucaarta'ru
„uiii,, puyuble lo ibe order ot tue
Honour.une the Mn.o.ol of pLLiu.
Woras, equal to ten per cent vlo p.
e.) of tbe uiu,,;.nt ol tee teuuir,
wnich  will   be  ioneited if  the  person
The uext examination Ior tbe entry
ol Nuvul Cadets will bc held ut Ills
examination Centre ol the Civil Service Cummissiou .u Nuvember TJi2;
parents ur guardiuns ot .nteuding
candidates should apply to the Secretary, Civil Service i.',,u.iii .. r,
Ottuwu. lur entry papers belore 1st
October next.
Candidates must be between the
ages ol 14 and lb on 1st October, l'j 12
Cadets are trained lur appointment
us Officers in the Naval Service, ths
course at tbe College being twu years
followed by oue yeur in a Training
Cruiser, alter which Cadets ire luted Midshipmen.
Further details cau  lie obtained on
application tu  undersigned.
Deputy  Minister, Department
of  the Naval  Service.
Department of  the  Naval  Service,
Ottawa,  May tth,  1912.
The qualifying examinations (or
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Third-class Clerks, J amor Clerks and
tendering decline to enter into u con- Steuogruphers will be held at tue
tract when culled upou to do so, ur fulluwiug places, commencing ou
luil to complete tbe work contracted Tuesday, the 2nd July next.—Arm -
tor. if the tender be not accepted ' strong, Chilliwack, Cumberland, Dun
the cheque  will be returned. lean, Coldeu, Graud Forks, Kamloops
The  department does not  bind  itself   Kaslo,   Kelowua,   Ladysmith,   Nanai-
lo accept  the lowest or uny  tender.   | mo, Nelson, New Westminster, reach-
By  order,
Department ol Public Works,
Ottuwu, June 5, 1912,
Newspapers wiil nut bc puid lur
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority Irom the Depart -
Notice is hereby given that Willis
John Armstrong, ol RevelBtoke, B.
C, will apply Ior a license to take
and use six (lij miners inches ol water out of Mill Creek, which Hows in
a soutb-eustcrly diroctiou through
Section 2'J, Township 25, Range 2,
West ol tho dth Meridan, uud empties into Touca Watha river, near
Big Eddy, B.C.. Thc wuter will bo
diverted at 200 leet above C. P. R.
track and will bo UBod (or irrigation
purposes on the lund described aB U5
acres, purl section 2'J, township 28,
range 2, west ot  lith Mcriduu.
Tins notice waB posted ou tlie
grouud ou the Hth day of April, 1912
The application will bo Hied iii the
ollice ol the Water Recorder at Revelstoke,  Bt C.
Objections  may   be  liled   with     tho
said      Wator      Recorder  or  with the
Comptroller  ot  Water   Rights,    Pai -
liamcut Buildings,   Victoria,  B.  C.
Applicant, ...
ROVAL    .nAVAL    COLLEGE   ul"
The next examination (or tn« entrj
ot Nuvul Cadets will be b Id at the
exumiuation centres ol the Oivll Sei
vice Commission in November I ■'•-,
purents or guardians ol inuildiog
cuudidit'cn should apply to the bears
tury, livil Service Commission, Ottuwu, Ior entry pupers before 1st
October next.
Candidates must be between Il.e
uges ot 14 uud It, on 1st JANUARY,
Cudets aro trained lur appoinime.it
uh officers in the. Naval Berries, ih.-
i oursc ut the College being two years
followed by one year ln a Train,ng
Cruiser, after which Cadets ar, r.,l
id  Midshipmen.
Further details can be obtained on
upplicution  to uudcrslgniKl.
Deputy  Minister  ot  the  Naval Sei vice
Department ol the Naval beiwce,
Ottawa, May bth, Dli.
lust issue June 22
lund, l'rince Rupert, 1'eulictou, Revelstoke, Rossland, Salmon Arm,Summerland,   Vaucouver,   and   Victoria.
Cundidates must be British sub -
jecu between the uges ol 21 and 30,
it Ior Third-class Clerks, and be-
tweeu It aud 21, .1 (or Junior Clerks
or Stenographers.
Applications will not be accepted
il received later lhan the 15th June
next. Bi...
Section 7 ol the "Civil Service Aot"
provides thut temporary cler' a und
stenographers, who bave not beeu
regularly appointed by Order ln
Council, must pass this examination
Registrar, Civil Service,
1st issue May sth.
Revelstoke  Luud District.
DiBtrict uf  West Kooteuuy.
Tuke notice that 1 Alice Hillman,
ol (icrrard, B.C., occupation Married
Woman, intends to apply lor perini.--
Bion to purchase tbe lollowing described lands;
Commeuciug at a post planted on
tbe North shore of Trout Lake about
I" imulls west und 20 ehuins north
from the North West Corner ot Lot
7800,   thence  east   20  cbuius,      theuco
south    20    chains,    thence    West    30
Chains  or    less    to      shore   ul   Tin.-
Lake,  20   chains     more    or  less    to
point  ot commencement,  and     con -
taining about  4U acres more or Ic-Bi.
Dated i«th dny of May 1912.
1 er Lance  Hillman,  Agent, WEDNESDAY, JULY, 3rd, 1912
the 3VHa.il-:k:e:R-A.:il:d, eevulsto k:"E3
Sir Charles Tapper's Message to
the Canadian People
Van    avei        ! Phi    dele
gates   • •■■■■.    ,:. i   ij iei i c
..!  I •• i ...    i. .ii   ',-',!.    whose
the British  North
America ict, und all the pro  iproui   i.ak
to the Fa-   Bevelstoltc,
.    . the one groal
, ■ lated   by   mo
.. oul i  sccuio ibolr
rvitb  the  Inii
. •
ine illowed bj
, .  ■ ■ mtl SoUtii
,       .     . e pressing lm
I Word trom lerpsun
rea b on
v, h\   you  dou'1   toai
is we aro too busy
t he  country.
vve  .earned  that   tbi
Revolstoke Board of Trade have lak
en up llie ipiestiou ol c.\lending 111,'
railway In connect Willi
in litis thoy buvc our
most most heart) approval Slucely
hoping Umi theli I'ibiris will not be
,n vain, There Is uol one district lu
UritiBli Columbia hampered so much
i in ,mi. h luck nl i ml wuy trausporta
t,,,u .., iuu Lardeau dlsti id is. .\t
i ui    pi est in   i imo   wo   ni,-   forced      lo
WANTED—Row    Boat,    musl    he
i ii condition.   Write to K. II.
CiiTing,   arrowhead,   BIC.
,        , d i ., h  ii]	
tic Lino
lei lun   mat   the  groal
ITi    li d    i,,.i
nu tb    empire to
._ e tbeir nist consi
.-  .
ire       ial   groal
,.   -,-    • ...   result   Irom   union
. •   ::      have  been
c'i■',''-.- - -
,'ears ago
 ,-  all eaU)   boi a that
ft    . .  - population of I
greater  l I     I  Ureal   Britain,
i .-.-. •:,.., h sal oil t ion
::. it  :..•    ■ I Mr. Whiti. the able
an I accoi ter ol ttnani e,
it ii lormu
ive, has ex] ressi I  I hi
opinn :.  that  u u   ,   pul ition  will ,\
Ireal  Britain in iwenty
bvt   j   ii i
Signed—Charles Tupper.
Th«  ..     ■ ■    -   tbe greeting ol     Sii
Chai       . Ban .  the only    re
nia.:..:.-, Fathei   ol  Federation to the
■ • I i an i ...    •:.  the Natal Uuy
ol   ;:.•-■  I1  in.:..,. :h im    to
ng,   Sei;:  today al th ■
bome , Sir Chai les Hibbert
i .-,.,.
statesman    ...  thai   he   ,vas  fgaiuing
-' iis recenl    llness   and
11- still Bhows remark
able : enta gor, and In Ins clear,
courteous  n ol  the ilitt)
.-.  ha:  preceeded confedera
Untortunat "I am
il  those who
-   ■ • irlottetown,  al
ti: «rai   - ',-,■•,. and finally in
M      SlMtll      All!
erica  A t   was   p . —:    :,   1866,        All
'   ■     ' —      with
the eicej-i Macdonald,
ol i'r :. ■■     Edw ,; ;   Islnn I, who died
- • -    -.
It .- oincidi nl  th it  the
miii ell (alls
-   . ,.
that      ■    ol con
■ .:    tea tne
ety-Srsl Mreadv
■ ■ Is  lhat    ne
rears    to
•    - Hlment
WANTEIi Ono luiBinoss Ioi on McKenzie avonuc or UMbI Btreet; also
two residential lotB on Third uud
Fourth streets. Apply, stating
terms to P.O.  Bos  IDS), City.
Kill! SALE—House mnl Lot on l on
naught Avenue, one hall block (rom
First     Street,   Price,   $1600,    easy
Double house to rout an First St.,
thirty dollars ner month, Apply
Uevelstoko lieneral  Agoni les,   Ltd.
im   iini.li•
hotol  m
'osition  by   mall und wife,
a,   First class   funk,      iu
restaurant.   Seven years
Tn I.I'll'   Modern Iioubc ou McKenzio
Avenue,   v.unlit    .lune   l-lh.       Apply
The    lievelstoke    U-oueral  Agencies,
FOK   BALE   Bookcusc  Writing desk.
Apply     Miss     McKenzie,  at Mrs,
tjnlder's, Third Btreet.
MEN   WANTED -For  Sawmill, Yard,
Camps,  (2.30  to $3.1H)  per day. -
Vpply dill r ni person or by loiter
I,,   the  Aiiams  Hiver   Lumber Company,   Chase.   B.C.
Foil sack Several loads ,( I gin
kin.lliiiK wood. Apply to Le.«i-
stoKe aush and Door Factory.
FOR SALE— The lollowing Soli.i Oak
Dinning room furniture:—1 round
extension tunic, leather upholstered
chairs, Buffet, writing deBri; also
one bed sofa, 2 spring Couehes,
carpets, pictures, etc. Apply to Mrs
Ceo.   liluck,  oest door  to drill  hull
, MM,.-., ll I     MM,1,11    .1      ,, ii     h  , I ■ 11111111 tors.
.mv ■  looking  ni   ibe  map  can  see
i hai   ,\m, nu   Is  in"  bo   awa).      and
11,ni   lievcl imn-  is  our   iniiiiriil   sup
plj   i-.,nip.    ll   ,s  iiulle  Inn'  our  in.ii-
il  presenl  is not vol)   largo,  bin
..,-,  is i .ui1.. .md inai imt very
Uistani   wheu  oui   miucral  aud  other
i, ■ otiroes   " ill   be   worse.t.     and      tin
Lurdeuii   i itry   will   be   known   lar
.,., i  uud   wide.
Already the cyea ol tbc mining wo
i,i is t urned towarus ilus aecl ion ol
h.i inn- nt the largest miuiug hou
sm in London have secured an opt
mn mi a very valuable property on
the north fork. The owners ,,, tue
Broadview mine are contemplating I
a largo nun,uut ,,! development word
tins summer. The Ferguson Mines
Ltd.,   nave   imiis utile,1   operations   on
tbe   Old   illlllnll-    .S,'lt,e    I.   lilllli',    . In Hi
,,; tons ol high grade ore wore
shipped   lioin  this      mine  years  ago,
.nnl  there  is everj  rcasou to believe
thai,  she      will   he  every   bit   us  good
in future,   The Silver cup mine, our
old    standby     is shipping   regularly
Irom      bi-l   twelve huiiiire.i (oot  level
in,  ebuuee     mine and several other
Bmall mines     will ship  this summer
Mining companies from  Spokane and
othei   centres to  Uie   South    of     us NEXT
havo acquired mining properties her
ni  lute,  llii'ii   representatives are ex
pected  in  dally  to commence opera
turns.    While it  is title mining  Is our
principal  Industry, still  we have
large   area of  Umber   land.    The  lum
bei   mill at the  toot  ol Trout  Lake,	
i running day and uight io its full T0 RENT-House on Third Btreet.
capacityand expect to cut ten million leet Has season, obtaining tiieu
lngs (rom tbc shores ol Trout Lake,
where a number ol logging camps are
i uniiing. We have good Bitesand
lota ,,[ tunnel  lor oilier nulls.
In view nf the above tacts and sev
eral other it.-nis thai could be cited,
there is every reason to look .it the
Lardeau with an optimistic eye. Our
nun.-ral resources are unsurpassed any
where aud  n uiitiy  cun oflei   enpi
tai   lietter  inducement   than  the  Lai
dean.   So Mr,  Editor you se,-, ibe ex
lending ,,( the     Trout   Lake railway
would  be ol   v.isi   ,inpni ta
ol   Easl   Kooti
WANTED— Statiunnien and day laborers, at Bummerland, B.C., day
wages jm.T.J good station work. Apply to G. J. A. Carlson ,v- Co.,
Summer-laud.  B.C. lm.
Contest—A    good
nmn  and   wife.   House
nance (or   a
water    and
wood FREE, from duly lath to
April 2nd, 1913. No objection to
une or two children. Apply at thia
Office lor Information und reference.
Rent $20 per month. House on
Third Btreet, rent ilh per month.—
Apply Revelstoke General Agencies,
COWS Full BALE—Apply to   U.  S.
Mitchell,  Kuult,  I'.U., Tappen, B.C.
Full BALE—A modern ten-roomed
situated on Third street,
ltevelstuke, in best residential district. Inspection Invited. Apply
to Mr. W, sn. ler, 1 hii 0
Revelatoke, B, C,
Ml .-!   —Miss Johns
number ol pup-
•   -        •    -      k :   terms
n;;:y at     the     residence of J.    K.
■    (the hoe-
st   street.
Sottci        hen
duv s   ,
in   In  make  applic il
Bupei ■
(or thi    -   -   ■ ■     ■
y rei
premises known as the Sl    Leoi   ii
Dati I I
LAUNDRY Ite , i red  imn
Mai leer and  Sorti
ments        \
:   I   ,
AVilljyou be one of \hc 108
Farmers who will receive
i^*m our Prize Contest checks?
in th<
l       r   > -        ■    ■
:   '
Dl   i     il'
■  i
Herald Building Montreal
I'r-,   r       r OT    Of
en' Priie
a frtr . It " W
Fsrmei I u Do With Concrete."
.. : ■ i   "    '-1.       ■
.... i
-    ,...,,. - ■ , -, i ■
lhc I If «
ntilv IUI . '   ' '
but will loll I   is
...        , ..
.    ,,,,,■.,--	
Addreia Publicity Mmin^-r
Canada Cement  Company
501 Herald Bid*.     •     •      Montreal
FOR SALE—A Qood Transfer and
Teaming Business in Sapperton,
New Westminster; also a Kun,l
Wood anil Cuke business Included.
Includes teams, wagons, furniture
Van, plows, scrapers, etc, Terms
113.000 cash or #1,500 on time t, i
iiiiiek mile. Por particulars apply
Andrews and Ward, Sapperton
Transfer Co., i~~ Wilson Street,
New Westminster, B.C.
Kevelstoke   Laud  Dmtricl.
DiBtrict ot  West Kooteuay.
Take uulice lhal 1, Kli.'.anelli Hall
ah, of ltosaluud, 11. Li., occupation
Married Woman, Intends to apply toi'
permission to purchase thu lollowiug
described  lauds:
Commencing at a pust planted
about ni) chains north ol the NortU
West Coruer ol Lot 840U, llieuce SO
chants south, .ill chains eust, fcU
chains north and 30 chains west,, to
point o( commencement and contain
Ing 340 acres more or less.
Hated April  26th,   1912,
I'er  John,  VY,  Hannah,  Agent.
Hevelstoke  Land  DiBtrict.
District  ol   West   Kootonay.
Notice is hereby givcu that I, Adelard b. uioudiu, of Halcyon, D. i.,
occupation Shipwright, intend to apply for permission tu purchase the
[ollowing described laud:
Commencing at a poBt planted 2D
chains south aud 4U chains west from
the South Hast Coruer of Lot 71)12,
Croup Oue, Kooteuay District, and
marked "A' S' Ulon.lin's Norih h'ust
Corner l'ost" theuce south io chuini,
thencc west 20 chuius, theuce a. rth
40 chains, theuce east 20 chains more
or less to the point ol conimen.-.e -
ment, and containing 80 acres, more
or less.
Dated this 25th  June, 1912.
Sealed Tenders endorsed "Plumb-
Ing" will be received l>y the under -
signed until Saturday. July 6th, 12
o'clock noon, (or Plumbing Work to
the Queen Victoria Hospital additions,   lievelstnke,   B.C.
Specilications, etc., may bfl obtain
ed  upon  application.
A certified cheque lur Bve iter cent,
ot the amount to accompany each
tender. The lowest or any tender
not   necessarily   accepted.
I'll.  Uux   146,   ltevelstuke,     U.  0.
Sewing Machines
A nice new stuck of Sniffer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H.  MANNING.   Agent.
Animal     Rugs,   Game
Heads  and  Birds
P.O.Box 31. lievelstoke
Court of Revision
tnda in p»rcel« nl
III nr    'll   i I I,   inm <   nr!'-
pondem ■
John Shaw, Agent.
Boxbl6 Arrowhead
Now is the Time to
Get Your Flower
Garden in Shops
We grow the finest bedding-
out plants that can bo grown.
25 different varieties of ASTERS. Write fur our completp
price list of ROSES, SHRUBS,
plants now ready.
Florists, Columbia, B.C.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent   for   Flexitime   Electric
Shop in Cumming's Transfer
Building, Second Street
Corporation of Hie City
of Hevelstoke
i'ublic Notice iB hereby given that
lt is absolutely nccessury tbat dis
orders ol a suspicious uature be reported to Ur. McLean, City Medical
Health Ollicer or otber pbysiciuns,
as souu as known. Failure to do tbis
is a punisbalile ulleuce.
By  Ord'r,
City   Clerk.
No.    21,    ROYAL    TBIMPLABB    OF
Meets every 2nd and 4th Thursdays
in Oddlellows Hall, at 8 o'clock.
Visiting Templars are cordially in -
vited to attend.
VV. E. UON80N, S. U.
A.  D. TOURNER.  R.   S.
1'rovincial  Land   Buveyor,
Mining purveyor,
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  Bank   Building   Revelstoke, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Olrlcei—Reveletoke,    B.    0..     an.l
Cranbrook, B. O.
Ceo. 8. MeCarter,
A.  M.  i'lnkiiam, J. A.  Harvey
Reveletoke, Cranbrook
W.      H.      WALLACE
P. O. Boi UU,  Reveletoke. B.C.
KevelBtokc,   B.   C.
Dominion aud  U.  C.  Land  Surveyor.
KOOTENAY      LODOE,  No.   i5 A.  F.
and A.  M.
Regular     mi!Ktiiii4s are beld iu MAB
ONIC TBMPLB,     O'ldfullows'     Hall
un tbe Third  Muiiday  in eaeb montb
at 8 p.  in.      Visiting bretbren      are
cordially  welcome.
W.  B.   ROBERTSON.  Becretary.
COURT     MT.      IlKOUIE,    No.  MU.
OF I   0. F.
Meet* in  I. 0   0    V,  Hall  next    to
. . •     .    i I OU  I   evei y   second
,1 ,,i,,lay   m   hi,mil    Vint
a I,ally   welcomed.
.   a   BBLL, 0. H.
WM.   B.   CAMERON,   Rbc. Bee.
O.  W.  ll.   W.
i.tain  View OtUnp,   No.  U'i
• ,nl    .i.t     (fourth  Wellies
■ . ,  iu b   ,n    ciclkirk
Hall.      Visiting   e, ,,,,lnn n   are
■ ol Ually  in-, .t.i  in attend
A    J    WOODLAND,   i mi   Com
JAM i lark.
Smoker's Supplies
The old reliable now lias tlle largest nml besl line of Smokers'
Supplies ever in the City, anil our prices tire right, billy brands
ni ,ic.ais to choose frnin. Price [rom $1.(Hiper box up; not niiiilc
lisni setup either,
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
dur siock   ol   Calabash   Pipes  is  snuill  on  account  ol  the
crop beiug a failure this year and quality pour.
Briar Pipes in cases from $1.(10 up.
Ask for tbe famous II. B. B, brand, Every pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar aud Cigarelle Holders, I'.ises and Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Trays ainl Pipe Bucks. Tell us wind vnu want und we will
suit you, If you cannot call, phone 37 and goods will be sent to
youi home I'or approval.    Buy curly while slock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows him, he will
tell you ihut the whiskeys we are
Belling are the best. Oallandbe
convinced.    No household should
be without ii supply of   Harvey's Specii'.l Scotch Whiskey; cui'
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
HO yeai a ild or Blackberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled.     Snid by all
the lending hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Doalers In Puro Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Fresh Imported Groceries
D. GaUicano, Second Street
White-Star-Beminion ss
Montreal Quebec Liverpool
Largest & Finest SteamersfromCanada
New S.S. Ltaiirentic. 15,000 Tons Each
New S. S. Megantic
Sails June 22, July 20, Auf. 17. July 6, August 3, August 31
one-olass tl li Cabin service.
Twin-Screw S. S. Teutonic     Twin-Screw S. S. Canada
.■>sj feet lung. IS,umi horsepower 5M Feet loun
Sails July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 7. June 29, July 27, August 24
Coiupany's Offices, 619, Second Avo., Mr Cherry St., Seattle
,i-.,,KlliK      l.iilii.K   U.   1.   O.  O.  K.
i buratej •♦•ning   in
slklrk  Hall at n o'oloek.        • '  ■•
< Ually luviietl.
II       .UKI.KUIKIi,    N.   li.
Jah. Matiiik, BscreUry.
','il.H  IIAMiK  LODOB,       K.   ol    p.,
MO. n.,  R8VBL8T0KB,  ll. O.
M»»t»  tvrrr   Weilne«i|«y  eicept    tbs
I Iml   ■•• r.lne.l.y ut tacl,   month      In
OMMloWl'   Hall  at  »  o'clock,   Vielt.
m  Knlftftl at. 1'unlua.llr  united.
'.   w   OAKLAND, O, 0,
ti. ii. BROOK, k. oi k. * a.
U.  Uf Ca
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
lyun l'Jll
Capital                                          I 3,000,000 * 4,000,000
Reserve   -'-...      8,000.000 4,000,000
Deposits      ....        28,677,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments          -      27. I'm,0110 38,854,801
Total Assets        -       -       -        88,080,192 48,237,284
Has 8 3 Branches in Canada, and Agonls and Correspondents In all
the Principal Citios In thc World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rate.
Revelstoko Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Tinamith Repair*, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnaco work
Oannaught Avo.   -   Rovolstoke
New Lightning Method
• ill Painting, and Painted Walls
Cleaned like new.
Paper Hanging a Specialty
Estimates Given
Mirror Making and re-Silvering
GlaM Cutting and Muring
Glass Frosting and Staining
Picture Framing, etc.
Prices KcBerved.
Painter,'Paper Hanger, Decorator
RevslitoLW) li, c.
Dr. J. C. Morrison
Posl Graduate^ ltlcagoaUnlverslty
8pcciall)    All   Porcelain  and
.list Crown Bridge Work
Cor. Granville and Robson Sts.
Over Harrison's Drug Store
Phone Sey   5238
.    i.It will pay you to
' .. „ make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before»buylng yonr outfit oi .working clothes
for the.butb. I m»lcr ■
specialty nl Logging
Shoes, Pants. Sm, shuts
BlHitkrtsi anil everything
ic(,uircdiu>uui bubini'st,
» WEDNESDAY, JULY, 3rd, 1912
TH:E3::3^^tri-ia:Eis.^iLr), iR^viEiLSTa^ffi
WEDNESDAY, JOLT, 3rd, 1918
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 3- tfume Si Co.. limited
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
A List of Real Bargains for Friday, July 5
A Clean-Out of Corsets
Sizes 1!) and 23 to 26. They are Two Dollar Corsets
—All going at	
Five Hundred Ladies' Waists
A great assortment. All our ¥11.50 to $4.50 Waists
high and low neck, short and long sleeves, muslins
and linens, all going at	
A Job Lot of Middy Peter Pans
Gaby De Slay's and Muslin Blouses, all $2.00 goods,
going at	
A Table of Ladies' and Children's Drawers
Corset Covers, etc., all atone price	
50 Cents
Children's Wash Dresses and Middy Blouses
The greatest selection we have ever ollered, to lit any
girl from 1 to 18 years. All the improved models and
materials are here for the warm weather. We surely
have something cool and nice for the girls, from	
90c. to $9.00
See the New Blouses
Colored Rajah and Pongee Silks
30 inches wide, in  Tan,   Brown, Navy,  Black,  Green,
Apricot and Grey, at	
85c. Per Yard
New Summer Hosiery
A new idea in cool hose for ladies. Silk bout with lisle
top, line and cool, and they have the appearance, in
pink, blue, tan and black, at
75 Cents a Pair
FINE SILK FINISH LISLE HOSE, for Ladies, in tan.
Black, etc.    Good wearing hose at 3 pairs for $1.00 or
35 Cents a Pair
New Pongee Coating Silk
In heavy Cord,   natural color,  a perfect washer,  and
absolutely no wear out to it, at      	
$1.50 Per Yard
Groceries and Crockery Department
Fresh Strawberries and all other Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables arriving daily".
Some Specials in Groceries
New Potatoes 3 lb. for 25c
Jelly Powders     3 for 35c
Sunbeam Tea 40c. and 50c. per lb.
Pork and Beans in Tomato Sauce	
     10c, 15c. and 25c. per can
Corn Starch ioc. per 1 lb. package
Crosse & Blackwell's Pickles	
 Pints, 35c,  Quarts, 65c
Nabob Seeded Raisins IOC. per package
Fruits and Vegetables
Pineapples, Strawbcrrtes, Ripe Tomatoes,
New Cabbage, New Beets, New Carrots, New
Radishes, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Oranges,
Lemons and Bananas, always fresh in stock.
In this department wc are ready to serve
your wants. You will be looking around for
a suitable wedding gift for your friends who
are about to join the largest society in the
world, and you will find it here among
our Cut Glass, fancy China, Glassware, Tea
Sets, Dinner Sets, Toilet Sets and thc thousand and one pretty things in our stock.
Fruit Jars!  Fruit Jars!
We know—Do you know ? That its what
you get for what you pay, that counts. Vou
will notice it more than ever in thc price of our
Glass, Screw Top Fruit Jars in pints, quarts
and half gallons—the best and only brand that
gives satisfaction.
Trv a small quantity of our several varieties
Plain Canadian Cheese, McLaren's Imperial
Cheese, in 15c, 35c, 55c and $1.10 Jars;
Ingersol Cream Cheese, 20c. per package, and
the old familiar Limbcrgcr Cheese in 2 lb.
bricks, for 60c.
Quality is the "come before any" consideration
when Sealey's Kxtracts are asked for. Pure
goods in this line will save you money .uul
time in cooking ix/l oz. bottles for 25c.
Cool Summer Shirts
Let us cater to your comfort and convenience with the very latest stvles and patterns in Shirts.
We have the sole agency for the celebrated W. G. & R. Shirts and Collars in the City, and are
convinced that if you wear them once, you will always wear them. Dressy patterns, standard
sizes, full bodies and long arms are the great features which point to comfort and durability,
Neelipee Shirts *n p'a'n co'ors' ^ne str'Pe8,
mmmmmimammummm-. hair lines, pleated fronts.
All the fine prints, cambrics, chambrays and zephyrs
are here.
rices from $1.25 to $3.00 Each
Soft Collar Shirts In p!ain   white  linen-
^mmmm^mmmmmmmmm white crepe, white chambrays, and merceldas, stripes, solid colors and high
grade silks.
Prices, $1.25 to $3.00 Each
Silk Shirts In p'ain wll'te' k'ue- anc* Shantung.
MaBaraiBHaaFHa1T^a|   Prices
$3.50 and $4.00 Each
High Soft Collar Shirts with double
^mmmmmmam^mmmmmmmmum^ French cuff, in
all the new shapes and patterns	
Prices, $1.50 to $3.00 Each
Bargain Hats
To clear out a few odd lines, we have reduced
the price to as low a figure as could be wished
by anyone.   A whole table full at	
25 Cents Each
Bargain Shoes
Ladies' Oxfords which sold regularly from $3
to $4.00, now on the Bargain Counter at clearing prices.   You can't afford to pass them up.
$1.95 Per Pair
This Department has everything that you will require to make your home bright and cheerful for summer, and now is the time
to look over and make your selections, at prices that will suit your,wants, from a well assorted stock of Wall Paper from the
best manufacturers in the east, Rugs and Carpets from Germany, England and Eastern Canada at prices from $ for a 9x9 Union
Rug to the very best that can be had and in all sizes. 	
Lace and Lace Curtains
We have the largesl assortment in the city, most of wh ch
are Imported by ourselves direct from Kngland, enabling us to
sell al a priii' thai Baves vnu the middleman's profit.
Scrims—by the yard or make Into curtains, a good assortment
Madras—We have both colored and white in very dainty designs, from 'lliu per yard up.
Linoleums and Floor Cloths
A good assortment of Nairn's printed and inlaid in patterns
to suit every taste at prices that are lower than can be offered
again owing to the advance in raw material.
Beds and Bedding
We also stock a full line of beds, mattresses, blankets, comforts and pillows.
Bargains for This Week Only
We are offering a special reduction in Japanese Rugs 9x12
at $8.20; 2ix6ft $1.26' 8x6ft $1.95. Everything in that line
will go at bargain prices.
Anything not mentioned that you want call  in and
ask for it, we will be sure to^have it if in this line. frBDNE8DA\ . .n LY, 3rd,  IDiS
TT IE! 3^^lH.-fi:EK,^.rJlD,  ^EVEiLSTOKltLJ
WEDNESDAY, JULY, 3rd, 1912
All good washing cloths
Sale Price    65c
Trimmed with Lace and Insert inn
Regular 11.50 and ?2 lines
Stile Price    $1.00
Ladies'   White   Muslin    I piece
Dresses.    Regular $5 and $6.00.
Sale Price—$2.50
Regular   Price  25c.   and   Ullc.
Sale Price     15c
Regular $2.00 and  $2.50   Lines.
Sale Price    $1.25
Sale Price -12'.c
Ladies'   Summer   Knit    Untler-
Sale Price   25c
Ladies'   Tan  Oxfords.    Regular
$2.75 and $3.25 lines
Salt- Price    $1.50
Odd lines nl' Ladies' Pattern Leather Slippers
Keg. $4 and 14.50.       Sale I'rice   $2.00
Odd Lines of Children's Slippers and Oxfords    Sale Price to Clear.
ic (el*
New   Westminster
JULY 12, 1912
Revelstoke to New Westminster and return
Children half this fare—$6.40
Tickets good going July llth and 12th
returning July llth.
The Officers anil members ol I.. O, In No. 1658 will leave on the 0:15
imin on the hum iiiiii; ol the llth July uccompauicil by the Hand
All Orangemen intendintj  to visit  the celebration are rtquested to
leave theii nai • vs itli IheW, M, oi the Recording Secretary,
Recording Sei retary.
Woruhiplul Master.
K. ',    K     ;.        m I  deary  on  busi
i. k. Vi. 1. ne.i i m Tues
tt .    \.   -■ : ,iii.:>   spent    .■
■ m!  ,tt Mala ■
F   tt    i.,.. _•   eaves  toilnj    tor
i rip.
■ ri   reports
tbe   -■■ ' ■■       ■ i ■•■;   i ■ iuos    this
SI     :
.■ ,:  .mii   pal
until  further
Mrs    Uairii     .   \.,-.   iuvcr,   is  visit
s.stei Mrs
.    :     Mn     i     U    .-.'..:  'I      ,.i
....   ..    the |,inini     parents
ol .i  boy.
i .-  ... :  aud  i.unily. "I
Cum • .r.i hm home
ni Mrs.  Howard McRae.
 I  tbe
.,,. ,m. to-
taj   in  Vei iH'ii.
'.   - ■
.:i, ■•:  iii.-
A-- the iiiiii- li.is arrived when you musl do your seeding, we wish
l,i draw youi utleution to the lac! thai oui seeds are all Iresh nml
new siock uol .um old ones left to shift off. Our Onion sets are
the liesi, either the l)nt< li Set nr the Multipliers.
FLOUR AND FEED We have just unloaded one car ol Purity
P'lour, One Car of No. 1 Tiinotli) Hay, Oue Car feed, including Oats, whole or crushed, Wheat, Barley, Com, Bran, Shorts
and Chops. Ifyou require anj ol these, let us quote you priees.
We Can Save Vou Money.
MacKenzie Avenue
You Who Are Constantly Travelling
What Protection Huve You in Cuse of ACCIDENT By Gca  or Lar.d ?
Drop in and we will explain our Improved Gold Bond
Accident Policy, double liability, onlj costing f!30 a year,
fi,UUU on liie and ,-l' ,ubu double liability, paying f25.t)i)
weekl) indemnity,
hy two L'iunes vi ill I"' plnyeil earh
in,miii between lh vi-lstukc nnd Kam
loops, nne game I" hf pluywl at
each  place.
Kamloops bnd a hard time to gel
mi umpire to suit them on Mmi,lav.
Mi. Hunt attempted to do the Job
to suit their (aney I'll strikes, until
tlie seventh Inning when Ins roslgnn
tion was requested. They also bad
une ■ af the home guard umpiring
liases, but they abused liiin sn, he
quit tho job. From the seventh in
ning until the close of the gamo,
Mr. Wright ol Kevelstoke umpired the
game and Ills derisions suite,1 everyone.   Tin us follows:
Revelstoke Wilson, third base;
Wright, S.s.; Mclnerny, r.f.; Houser
1st buse; Hutchinson, second base;
Rice, l,.K.; Bruce, il.; Morris, R.F.;
ISstrtdge,   pitcher.
Kamloops McCarty, i'.i1'.; Munu,
I..!•'.;  Bacon, Becond  base; Ourdy, p.;
Mmin,  I .;  Kiuin,  third  liasi
O.F.;  O.Connell,   tirst   base;
mire.   S.S.
Three base hits- Wilson  1,
Two base  bits   Bstridge  I
Base  nn  balls—Purdy   I,   Bstridge U
Hit   by ball  -Purdy 0,  Bstridge I.
Slunk  out—Bstridge   15,   Purdy  16
Score   Revelstoke .",. Kamloops I.
Time—One hour and 45 minutes.
Hileli -
RICO   1.
R.   Smith,   D.L.S.,  ol      Revelstoke,
who i- sin \ ej Ing the i uw n>,i ■ ,,;
Mulukwu for .1. II. Johnson, repoi ts
llie job  almost,  completed.
Ill   liiil.lt,,.n    ol    uttll    I       ul    llie      Se!
klM     I.n Ite,     Il,.le|„'l,.1,1,1     HIM,' I
ii'il-' ,   « til   i.    behl   uexl      'I a n still)
e spent!-   nighl     A   luiuqiict   w.ll  [i
■    it St.  hi
,  inuntli s
il j-.        ■  -
gei      I   M
■ ■
 -         .  .   ,,i   St.
.   . . ■
, ■
Mm     II.    Hi u, e   uu       ......'       rX|
I,'    -I .,1 t    uli    .,11    I'VtMlMl, ,1    '.! ,,
e.Muei.   Kdtuuiiton   umi   •
>■   . . .     i<   m    it J
Ml     11     tl
. \, .. ted
t      l;    McUu
ron    th
to tbi
bonn   :■
:i"in i ., .
part   -ii '
blil wai .
J.   l\    J
The Second Prize Upright Grand
I'iunu t" be ffiven away Iree in the
M.i.I I leruld b greal prize vol ing ci n
test is uow mi exhibition al thc Rev
elstoke Music  Btore
Ralph   Seimeii   of      Ceilai    RapiUs,
1   ...,    uud   w bu   hus   -.,-■ I.   mil mg   Ins
parents    i ,1 K 11    '..
mn        I.umbel
Kamloopti ddseodli
. ■
Cement Sidewalks
Notice is hereby given that the
Municipal Council ol the Corpora
tiou of the Oity ol Revelstoke, in -
tends to undertake tn- construction
nl i ,,ii. i.i.- Sidewalks, Curbs and
Crossing-  on  and aloug
I'lie   Synth   Sole   ol   Kirst   SI I.
from  the    i-'ast   boundary  ol    Orton
■ Wes,   boundal y  of Robson   Vvenui     ogether with all neces-
Mi ■ .•  the   Noi in   Side ol  First
the   Bast   boundary     ol
to  tbe  West   boundary
ol   Me \: •        \. -in, .    together  with
North   Side ol    Sec
Basl  boundary
the  West liuiiinl-
igether with
.      ■     .. V  1st
adarj      ,,f
• .,■   Bast     i,un,l.o y
' .tli nil the
-   ng
■   Iron the
Slreol from tho IOubI boundary nl
MeKenzie   Avenue   to   the   West    houn
duty of    Railway     Avei   together
wiiti .ill necessary crossings,
10, ilong the Basl Sldo of Mc
Arthur Avenue from the Nortll houn
iluiy ol Becond Street iii Him S.iiiiii
boundary   of   Clrsl   street,    together
With   all   neeessaiv   Cl'OBSlngS.
AeCOI'ding   to   speeilieutinlis   nml   es
tiinaies propared by the City Engineer appointed for the purpose, and to
assess tlie expense nr cost thereof
upon the laml or real property abutting on tho purls of such Btreets as
above mentioned, and to bo benefitted thereby, and thai u statement
showing the laml or real property
liable to pay tho assessment therefor
and the names of tho owners cheroof
as far as they can be obtained, together wiih the specifications and en-
hlmntes of the City Engineer nnd the
proposed assessment and reporl tbere
mi of the City Clerk, nro now on file
in the office nl the Oity Clerk, and
open for Inspection by all persons
during ollice  hours.
The estimated cosl ol the work is
$11,498.13 nl which it is Intended thai
the City ai large shall hear the whole
of Uie cost of the work on street
crossings and necessary retaining
walls, ami one-third of the cost of
the concrete sidewalk, tho property
owners healing two thirds of the eust
of the saiil sidewalk, the total estimated amount lo be borne by the property owners being (6,81316 and by
the eity  nt  large $5,264.97,
Any objection to the proposed undertaking and assessment therefore
shall be made by lietition to tbe city
coim.il within fifteen days Irom the
Male hereof. The persons entitled to
petition, being tiie owners ol tbc
Inlid  affected  thereby.
Oity Olerk,
We have a tew Screens. Doors and Windows left
at Prices never before offered to the public. Owing
to large shipments of Hardware coming in daily,
we are obliged to sell these at a sacrifice to make
room, and, as well, it is a pleasure to us to give our
patrons a chance to buy at less than Eastern prices.
Screen Doors, Regular $3.00 Now $2.15
2.25 Now    1.65
" 2.00 Now    1.45
" •• "      1.75 Now    1.35
Screen Windows. Reg...30c Now...20c
35c Now.. .25c
45c Now... 35c
Complete with Springs, Hinges. Door Pull, Hooks and Eyes
Come Early. They Can't Last Long
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
Agents for Minerva^Paints and Chancellor
Ranges—the best on the market
July llth, 12th, 13th    Two Matinees
Direct frnin Seal;, Theatre, Uuidoli, ting.
cA Thrilling, Brilliant Reproduction in Nature's Own
Glowing Colors of the Scenes anil Incidents Attending
the Gorgeous Oriental Pageant at Delhi, when King
George and Queen Mary of England Were Recently
Proclaimed Emperor and Empress of India.
Shewn before their Royal Highnesbes the Duke ami Duchess of Connaught
ami Mucosa Patricia ol Connaught.
PRICES, - - $1.00, 75c and 50c
Seats Now on Snle.it Macdonald's Drug Store.
BOB FITZSIMMONS CO,, Monday, July 15th
i  In-
BIG    BOTTLE    FOR   50c.
Fruit Salts in all Sizes
Lime Fruit Juice
Grape Juice
Kodaks and Films
Thermos Bottles
Thermos Lunch Sets
Smart Clothing for Summer Months
• ;  'ip.
I )rop '      g  "i!
.i • lious,
Fit-Reform Clothing        Stehon  H.i Is Foot-Rite Shoe.i
Others Are Making Money!   Why Not You ?
|ust read of a few instances of how successful our clients have hcen in recent
investments recommended by us. We made for one Kevelstoke man in live
weeks on
A Cash Outlay of $375; A Net Profit of $475
Another client, investing i 20, made a net profit of $100 in four weeks, and
two oilier men in six weeks on an outlay of $285 each, made a net profit of $2(15
each.    We have made gcod money for t      Kevelstoke businessmen,
Lasl week we sold out the balance of our 175 dollar lots In Moose Jaw and
have secured a few more closer in at the original p ice 1 f $200 each, which our
s,ile-. manager, who has just returned from Moose Jaw, informs us is ai  leasl  $50
: market value. Two new railroads, locating in the east end, ate causing
big advances and we are expecting a big price advance ver}' shortly.
These Lots arc Only One and a Quarter of a Mile East of Post Office.
They Are Recommended By Us As a Bargain
AT   S'-£OC>   EACH
We Can Make Money for You if You Buy Here
Terms,-0ne Fifth Down, Balance Over 18 Months
Local Agency, Home Loan and Contract Co.
E. G  FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzio Avenue


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