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The Mail Herald Apr 1, 1911

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" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $G0^
Interior Publismng'Co., Ag's.
1 ■
'!A,  ;
Visiting Cards
Interior PuDlishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 24
$?.50 Per Year
Becomes Deputy Minister of
Public Works and i.ailways~
Will Leave Middle of Month
It is understood from what Ib considered to be n reliable source tlint
Mr. W. W. Foster has boon ofllcinlly
appointed Deputy Minister ol Public
Works and Railroads and will assume that position in Victoria about
thi' middle ol this month. Tho appointment lias not yet been gazetted
but it is exiwcted this formal notice
will be shortly set out in the British
Columbia Gazette.
Mr. Poster will leave lor Victoria
tomorrow in connection with the appointment and will return in the
course of a week or so before finally
leaving the city provided tho appointment is made.
Brigade 8couts. The regulation uniform will be adopted. Present
members who qualify can become
Scouts, but new members must Ire-
long t0 the Boys' Brigade as well as
the  Scouts.
The country around our city ia
ideal for scouting, and ft very pleasant time is anticipated for this summer. Boys an- wanted (rom 12 to
17 years of age, especially to become
members. The executive wishes it
to be made public, that they are not
trying to make soldiers out of the
boys, but rather to give the boys
goo.l practical training, which is to
be hoped will make better men of
Fort Vancouver,  Wash.,  March    IIO'.
-The oldest Apple tree iu the Pacific  stoke
Confreres Bid Farewell to S. Le-
feaux who has left for Coast
A spirit of goodfellowship prevad-
cd a meeting of No. 1 Fire Brigade,
which met in the lire ball on Tuesday
evening last to bid good-bye to S.
Lefeaui, who has been a member of
the brigade for a number of
and   an  old  time  citizen  of
Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoaii Otflca—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      - $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed            - 5,575,000.00
Capital Paid Up             .      . 5 S30.000.00
Reserve        ...       - 5,5Su,j00.00
Branches or Agents at all principal points m^ana-da.
Agents in Ore it Britain and United States—London, kngland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bauk. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, Sar Francisco— Wells Fargo Novada National Bunk. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department    v
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of d.jpusit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch- A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
northwest, planted 85 years ago, by
thc early officers of thc Hudson's
Bay Co., from seeds carried in their
pockets from England, has been discovered by A. A. Quarnberg, district horticultural inspector, and
postively idi ntilied. Thc tree is in
front of the chief commissary's office
in thc southoast part of his reservation.
Col. McGunneglc, commanding officer of this post, upon learning of
the history of thc tree, gave orders
to have a fence built around it, a I
tablet bearing a short history end
every precaution taken to preserve
it. Inspector ■yiiarnbeeg says the
tree mgl live to be 500 years old.
The record of the tree was written
by Mrs. Mary Whitman of Vancouver
Wash., Sept. 12, 1836.
I   Another record, it is thought     by
Historian Bancroft, is:
i    "At a lunch party in London about
11825,  given  in  honor  of  some  young
gentlemen who were about to     embark for Fort Vancouver in the   employ of the Hudson's Bay Co., seeds
of the fruit eaten were slyly slipped
by some young ladies into the waistcoat pockets of  tbe  young  men   and
upon their arrival at their     de-tina-
Members of Council have Divergent Opinions on Many
The two money bylaws wlilch were
given the approbation of the ratepayers on Monday last became law
on Wednesday evening nt a meeting
of the eity council when Ihey wero
given their Bnal reading and passed
and the signature of the Muyor and
corporate seal  attached.
In connection with the proposed
BUit of' Julius Cashato against the
city for rent and damages to his pump
during the time the same was in the
possession of tlie city, u motion was
passed as follows:
Moved  Alderman   MeKinnon,  seconded  by  Alderman   Abrahamson,    that
Ihe amount of money offered to    Mr.
years j Cashato as per previous motion plus
Revel-   costs be paid into court.—Carried.
I    Mr.  ('owan     moved    that the  pur-
rigade    felt   chasing of  road  machinery  be      left
The members of the
that it would not be worthy of them in the hands ot the Public Works
to let such a good citizen and ardent Committee and the mayor,
member of their fraternity pass from | No seconder eould he secured for
their midst without some slight me- this motion as Alderman MeKinnon
mento of their good will towards ' objected to this method of procedure
him, so a gathering of some twenty he believing that a matter of spend-
or thirty members collctted and pre-' inB the publio money should be one
sented Mr. Lefeaux with a tobacco jfor the consideration of the whole
pouch,   a  pipe  and  a  case  all  silver | council.     He did not wish his      ex-
mounted. After the presentation,
short eulogistic speeches were delivered by Chiel Needham, Captains
Jamicson and Steed, Becretary H.C.
Morris  and  various  other     members
pression of opinion to be construed
as an intimation on his part of any
lack of confidence in the Public Works
committee, but he believed the principal   was  wrong  and   therefore       he
Popular Member for That Riding
Tells of Bright Future
H. Q. Parson, M.L.A. for Golden,
tion the young men in overhauling B. C, was a visitor to Revelstoke
their  wardrobes  discovered  the seeds   on  Saturday last    on  business    bent
of  the  brigade,  and a dainty  supper ; objected to the motion going through
wound  up  the evening's proceedings.   Thc council aeling on  his suggestion
Mr. Lcfeaux left last night for Van   asked tbe Public Works committee to
couver,    where    he    will become      a   1,rinK '"   ft     recommendation     upon
partner with his brothers in a     real   which the council could act.
estate office. "^',e articles to bc purchased in con
nection with thc permanent road
movement will bc a roller, a rock
crusher, a street plow, a motor and
several street scrapers. The I'ublic
Works committee will immediately
get busy and hand their recommendation to the council.
Alderman MeKinnon called the attention of the council to the muddy
conditions of the street crossings and
suggested that a man should be put
on the job and kept at it as long as
necessary. Mayor Hamilton aequies-
and gave them to Bruce, the garden-   In  an  interview  thc popular  member , end in the view taken by     Alderman
for  Golden  held  out a  bright  future , MeKinnon,      saying      that the  work
for  thc constituency  thai is so close   would be attended  to and also    that
to his heart. he  would  notify  the   police     depart-
"The     prospects for    Goldm    this ! ment  to  see  that  all     yards      and
year," he said,   "are    very      bright,   lanes  were  cleaned  up  as  soon       as
and I look lor a big boom in     that j possible.
section this year.     Mr, Mcrriam, the ]    Moved  by  Alderman  MeKinnon,  se-
englneer in charge of the construct•
ion  work  on the  big hill,  is in Gol
den and has given out that the con
er nt thc lort."
Originally there were three trees
which grew from these seeds, but thc
two others have disappeared.
tract for the first 12 miles connecting
the main line of the C.P.R. with thc
Kootcnny Central with the big   tres-
p. ^urns & Company. £,td.
A   Shipment just arrived from the Kast.
Also Ladies' White Dresses.
Mrs. A* G, Crick, • First Street
i    Canada's  railways  arc  anion
big   transportation  alTairs    ol
world.      In  l'JIO  there  were     24,731
miles of railway track in operation
in the Dominion, according to a recent statement made in the House of
Commons by Railway Minister Graham. This was an increase in ono
year of 027 miles and for ten years,
ia»l-1910, of 6,591 miles,
The lines under construction on
June JUth last, totalled 4,500 miics,
and the recent news despatches indicate a big railway building programme for this year, probably over
a thousand miles in the west to be
under construction during 1911. Thc
total mileage will at the close ot the
year probably exceed thc estimate of
the Minister of Railways, which he
placed at 3-0,0C0 miles in the Dominion. The capital invested in railways in Canada Is $1,410,297,687. a
pretty sunstantlal sum for a rnuntry
of eight millions ot people. The gross
earnings for 1910 were $178,956,M/7
and net earnings $53,550,777. The
operating expenses for 19111 were
$120,105,840.      There  were on      June
, 30th,    last,    123,768    employees      on
Canadian railways, earning $67,167,-
703, and in addition there were $16,-
709 employees engaged in outside
operation! as steamers and      hotels,
! earning (5,169,923.       Thc    aggregate   tt-rvi-ewed on thc doings at the house
| would     tbUB be 510,477      employees,   In   Ottawa  believing  that  thc  public
eonded by Aid. Sibbald, that the ten
dels for debentures be received Up
I to Apri, 25th.—Carried.
Moved by MeKinnon, seconded by
Abrahamson, that the attention of
Smith,  Kerry  & Chace,  be drawn  to
tie  bridge over tho     Kicking Horse,   the fact that up to date    the      city
will  be  rushed  to  completion       this   council had not received the itemized
year, and this tirst 42 miles is to lie
followed by another similar contract to be let this year whieh will
ensure the completion of the whole
road during 1912. In addition to
this Mr. H. Bruce of Golden, who bas
just returned from a trip to the Old
Country assures thc citizens of Golden that Mr. Morgan, one of England's premier capitalists has left the
old land with a party ol 25 or 30
capitalists to invest in lhat section.
1 "Another evidence of thriving
times in Golden is lho fact thttt the
Canadian Club ol Now York has
made arrangements for the erection
of a handsome elub house on Wind-
mere lakes, which they will maintain as a permanent summer resort
lor  Canadian- in  Saltern States.
"Yos," said Mr. Parson in parting,
"Golden is going to be a very lively
place this summer."
Mr.  Parson  did  not caro to lie in-
Buy Groceries at Mclntyre s
Muiile Syrup, Eastern, in bulk, per quart jar  65c
Purofor hot cakes or puddings, etc., per packet    . 25c
White Beans, small, clear, per lb  7c
English Plum Pudding, per 1 lb. tin  25c
Orders delivered to all parts of City.   Phone 03
John Mclntyre Sr Son
with a total wage bill of $72,337,636,
a by no means inconsidergble industrial army. The minister calculates
that on the basis of each railway cm
ployee representing flve persons,
there is about one individual in ten
of tbe total population of the Dominion that finds a livelihood from
the railways ol Canada.
has had sufficient of that through
the newspapers already and are thoroughly conversant with thc topics of
the day which have come up for discussion there.
Boys arc requested to meet at tho
Government drill hall next week on
Wednesday evening al 7:15 sharp, in
uniform. Thc executive wish to announce thae there is room for new
members in th? Boys' Brigade, and
all boys of this city who arc not
now enrolled, nre urged to join now,
„n,l n't In with tlie others at tho
commencement ot the summer's work
A squad of Boys'  Scouts Is going
I to lie lormered very soon in connec
Hon with the Boys' Brigade, and will
be knows as tbe let Reveletoke Boys'
Detroit, Match 30.—A two and a
half million dollar lumbor merger
has been consummated ot Grand Rapids in thc combination of tho Michigan-Pacific and tlm Mlchignn-Pugot
Hound companies. The companies are
distinct organizations, each possessing extensive timber holdings in the
West and in British Columbia. The
Mlchlgan-P-ftclflo Company holds 32,'
CM acres, while the other compnny
controls 22,l)CO acres on Vancouver
Island. Thc former corporation Is
capitalized at $1,500,000 and the latter for 11,000,000.
nccount of work and force Trom thc
commencement of thc building of thc
dam as requesting per previous resolution of thc council, and to notitiy
them that they would bc much obliged to reoeive same at earliest possible date.
Moved by Alderman Sibbald, seconded by Alderman Oowan, that we
defer settlement with Newman and
Company until such time as we g-ct
n certificate from thc engineers that
the work has been completed ftccord-
ing to plans and specifications.
Alderman MeKinnon strenuously ob
ected to this motion going through
nnd being placed on tire minute books
on the ground that it would practically bind the council to a certain
line of nCtion which it might not be
in n position to carry out. Tho principle of the thing was all right, Alderman MeKinnon thought, as we
should have some assurance from the
engineers thnt the work was all
right, but whether thc council was
justified by thc contract in making
such a demand before settling with
Mr. Newman wns a question in his
Several special meetings of the cottn
cil have since been held In divers
places at which Mr. Newman
present, and of which thc press
not notified.
Moving Pictures tonight,
Miners Are On Strike
Unless some miracle prevented it,
seven thousand miners in thc Crow's
Nest Alberta coal fields went on
Htrlkc this morning ns there was little else could prevent, it. Doth sides
hold out tenaciously and probably
some stroiuious scenes will bi! witnessed during the struggle. The
despatch lielow shows indications of
which way thc wind blows:
You can get some <heap lots of
wall paper to clear at Macdottgld's
drug store.
A carload of Sherwin-Williams Paints jusi put into
stock. This includes everything in the painting line for
outside or inside work.    Stains, Varnishes, Enamels, etc.
Good paint costs little if any more than poor paint.
Wc carry the bcsi that is made, therefore be sure thai your
Paint comes from our Store.
A full assortment of Alabastinc, Furniture Polishes,
Paint Brushes, Step Ladders and everything necessary for
I louse-cleaning time.
Bourne Bros.
^Groceries,  Hardware, Steves, Plumbing ^
^■■—**^—■■——■^■■■■- *—■—*^—*^——m—iiTi~i«jm nwu f ■   i.w*»_»irn- i^iim am■■■*•'
Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Smelts.
Codlings, Whitefish, Finnan
Haddie, Pickled Mackerel, Lock-
iver Herring, Pickled Herring,
Fresh Olympia and Coast Sealed
Revelstoko Moat Marie!, lii.
High Ci ass Meai   Pcr\ eyors
Phone 251 p. o. Box 181
Housewife's Favorite
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O   Box 208 GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
i </>
1 n
1    =3
1    <"
C. M. FIKL1>
OJ     -
Lots in City of Vancouver
Gymnastic Exhibition Program, Monday, April 3
Swedish Clapping Dance. High School Girls Class
Mat Pyramids ... Leaders Corps
Tilting Battle Midgets
Gymnastic Burn Dance Hi n School Girls Class
Spring Board and Horse Work Picked Juniors
Human Ring Exhibition Mr. E. H. Bond
Clown Tumbling Snip. Snap, Snorum, The Three Twins
Fancy Diving (Through Hoops, Ringsof Fire, Over Chairs, •   :)
Picked Interm
Parallel Bars. Leaders Corps
Clown Duel. . Snip and Snap
Horizontal Bar Exhibition Picked Leaders
School Day Antics (Gymnastic Dance)       Tbe Unknown I
Piano Accompanists—-Miss Eva Thomson, Mr. W. Veith
Music by Kevelstoke City Band sATVKDAV.  API'.II.  1ST,   Wll,
Gbc ffl>aU-1beralfc
REVI.1.-110KE.  B.   C.
Jntcrtor Qubllsbing Company,
through the oity beautiful committee  cod by any American
Legal notices 10 ceuts per line first
insertion, 5 cents per line each
subsequent Insertion. Measurements Nonpariel tli lines make
one inch.j -Store and general
business announcements %'i.cM per
inch per month. Preferred positions, .'5 per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages aud Deaths, 50c
each insertion.
Land notices $7.50, All advertisements subject to tne approval ol
the management. Wanted and
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
Uations wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechuuics
Wanted, 25 words or less, 25c,
each udditioual hue lu ceuts.
Changes il standing advertisements must be in by il a. m.
Tuesday and Friday ot each week
lo  secure  good  display,
———■■—i nam———jm ii mini
For 30 Days Only
with Bat
First Sir
5-Efcomed House
$1,250   CASH
7-Roomed House
*2,100   CASH
miplcte ni
located *
let I'or
rally Located on Firsl
■i, modern plumbing, for
you are looking for
av la-lp you secure oi
a   house   c
• of these pi
and   we
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
tho 150,000' club, now b a I il by
c. Herbert Moore, formerly mayor
uf the city. It has b< eome an *'|!|' •-
al in ititulion in Spokane, and lms
i..**, n taken up by oth r cities lu the
United Suites and
r. orge Vi Iii i on fame . one ol tho
foremost mnn ipal ai' cril li a in Am-
ei lea, Bald all r examin n ; ih * Spokane  plan:
"l look upon Spokane as ono ol the
most—il   n it   ili *   moi l   * nil  li i "   l
ihe Dominion    of   aa(j  hopeful ui the younger cities in
^^^^^^^B regard  i,, general civic art Improvo-
Twcnty thousand men, women and mBnta that the I nlt:d il I * o
sch0ol children participated in the <jay| mi ■ , heartily commend its sptr-
first annual clearing day. live years j, ■*,, n„,sl, wll0 ,,,*,. seeking tha way
ago. The army ,,r volunteer workers, ,., e.luc.te and arouse publio sent!-
composed of people from all walks of nvnt |„ ,|,MI. own *.ju,.s 8S lu w|la1
life, was under the direction of City   Bhould and can be done."
Engineor Henry J.  Llllenthal,      who 	
was  marshal for tbe  day.     The mon
and  boys were armed     with sh
pruning Implements and
the     women nnd  girls  assisted
keep the  Institution  going  (or
benefit.     But  ll  al  any  time  I
future  thoy  .should  nsed  money
carry on tbe good work     just
i tb ■
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   |,,*,i i;  I Ilus swimmm- i-.iiiipnmn and
CORRESPONDENCE Invited on mat-  Uu.n mftko u|, yolu. ,„,,,.| aB t0 wheth
ters of public Interest. Cum-
muuications to Editor must he
accompanied by name of writer
not necessarily lor publication,
but as evidence ol good faith.
Correspondence Bhould be brief.
Including  postage  to  England,   United States and Canada.
By tbe year (through postoltice) i'i.'M
JOB PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
ei   you ought to give  thi
ten cents or Uu dollars.
instil ut nui
Gbe fl>atlt>eraU>
This is tbe ofl season for sport.
There is simply nothing dying. But
we had a good winter ol it uud we
want to have a good summer ol
Vie want everybody in
go ra2>- over sport,
bet yo tr bottom dollar when
see a real good sport thut he is a
real _• od bus a s> man too, and nu
honest man at that. Somehow or
other sport and honesty go band in
band. Perhaps the Bport will bet u
cool bundled aial lose it, and while
there may be cranks who call
gambling laml I guess it Is
somehow or other tin
admires  such  a  man
All hail to the noble city council
winch secured the cleaning oil ol all
the up town crossings this past lew
days! Now those crossings have a
real citified air and une can get
around with a certain degree of safely, At the last meeting ol the
council it was decided to Keep erodings like that. Here's hoping iby
do, and hare's hoping thai the chain
gang gels all  over the city and  .Iocs
he same thing.
Just one little kick this issue. Sny
aren't you gettuig lired yf this eternal snow? Somebody mentioned to
thc high monkey monk of this paper
lhat it would be a good idea to
get thc man with the hose to clean
the dirt from oil the snow banks along McKenzie avenue uud let the sun
get at it to melt ii away. Perhaps
it would bo u good idea. Think u
over Mr. Councillor)
danger from crop failure provided he
will lake the trouble to determine
ih * perci ntage of seed bulls capable
of germinating and Increase tho am
ount of see,i per acre accordingly, in
un.st cases it will be found that at
least one half moro mangel seed than
j usual will have to be sown Ibis yoar
to securo a reasonably good stun.I
of plants. Farmers Bhould give the
preference to mangel seels put up by
reliable firms and not hesitate to
procure seed of their favorite varieties from bags or packages oil which
the percentage ol vitality is branded
ovi n though that percentage would
seem to bo rather low.
Seed Commissioner
iOttawa,  March Huth.
  Calgary Daily  Heraid:
Revelstoke to  committee  in charge of
You  can  just
■The     civic
^^^^^^^^^^^ the , lean up
work iu the streets uud lanes toi Hus
spring is taking hold of its task with
ommendable spun. The decision
to hold a public meeting  a   week   be
ore thc work starts is also a ■. I
idea, nnd  it, is hoped  that  there will
be a good  attendance.        The  co-oP-
riition  of   the  forces  of  the  Calgary
tlml    Horticultural  society   Would  do a  lot
yet   of good to the clean up work, ,,ii,| it
clank.est crank   directly  conies  Into   their scope,      as
and  is inclined   one of tbe Btrong slogans of the so-
Might Get Some Lessons trom
Spokane, Where It is Regular Institution
.Should Revelstoke have a clean up
daj ' It is all vi ry well to leave
the matter to the authorities and
the people themselves lo do their
own clean.ng up at their leisure, but
would it not be belter to make a
systematic nnd wholesale clean up
and he none with it.' The idea is
not by any means a new one, Calgary adopts the system every year.
,, number ol other Canadian     cities,
planl ing trees nnd shrubs nn I Bower seeds. They worked from early
morning until the sun passed Irom
view behind thc western hills, and
the results were highly satisfactory.
Five hundred teams were provided
by the LSO.-WO dub, mill owners, business houses and residents generally,
to haul th" garbage to the munlcipal
inclnoi.-itin.' planti . und special lire
mi n were stai loned In various parts
of the city and ontsk rts to supi t\ Ise
the destt action ,,( red bo by bonfli es,
Business was BUspeudcd during the
boms tbo people were engaged m
cleaning the city.
The 150,000 club tin n,*d out it - entire membership ol 3,200 In command
o! Hon. II. Rice, ib i' ecrotary of
lb,* organization an.l the No-Now 10-
Nak-Ops; the women's auxiliary head
ed by Mis. P.P. Emory, assist,*',1 the
school girls with the planting of the
shrubs and flowering vinoB and seeding plots uf ground. Ten thousand
packets of Bower seeds were used.
Whin Spokane awakened ih' n *.\t
morning the city presmied the appearance  of ii new  pin.
Bcautification and ariistic improvements were noticeable In all parts ol
the city, and it wns generally conceded that the first cleaning lay campaign was one of ibe most slC'tsa-
ful ,-,'ini civic inovem ills currie I I,, a
successful conclusion In Spokvie ami
the Northwest. Then and there it was
decided to devote one d>y each year
to this work. Afterward t,-n <nni-
paiga was extend.* I i , cover srix days
closing wiih nn arbor daj celebration tbe last afternoon ol tne week.
Another movement n conn 11 Ion
with tho cleaning dny pl n wiij ho
organization of the .-■'■ il* ,* Tree
Planting association with i* .*' *i ac
live members among the »li.lt on
above tbe third grade in tho public
schools. Pupils worn - ig lo , t.ut
one or more trees or shrubs *t year
are eligible to free memoofshi.ii. ItP
certificates presented to lhe children
contain lull Instructions n taking up
and  transplanting  trees  ml s'iruls,
Have Learned the Lesson ol
Conserving the Natural Ion-
stitais ol tlie Soil
l 'h n i   Is   Ii putalily  i no nt    tbo
ra    i   .1 iiibcIj   pupttlal od  roi nl   ■     lr
ib,*  world.      In    !** a  nui
Ions nl  teem n .    inbal lta.nl      throng
tin   streets, and     man;   and  var ous
nre  th.'   precarious  liviu ;s eked  out.
Th ire is Bean el)   a poi   , u ol      > b
*:u al   ' b n i  co ml rj   i b ,i   *;* not  ov
erpopulal **: antFl I    mau    with     lh*'
il ieue is forced to re oi i   i" the ad
opl ion  of overy i spc ll-nl   to      I   * ■
greatest     possible production     from
tho soil.     Ages upon ages ih->  have
been living In a    tatc of Bemi ci\ iliz
ation, but their extremity has taught
thin  one le.-.son      which they      huve
learned well—and  that is that     tho
Boll must  be taken care of and     re-
ph nished  with  th i  natural ci u titu
cuts which Intense cultivation     take
from it.
: he little slanl eyed Caucasl m
kinovs full well that a depletion ol
the soil  means starvation to      bun-
Superiority in
Strength, Purity,
U. S. Government Reports,
Highest Award
World's Columbian Exposition.
Sixty Years the Standard,
lo   the   pii il   *   til     * "*ii *n;       .*    *
Oil   V.     No    Ol ll !J        ll'tll        :     **   * Opl    Bllch
:i one is n complete tertili: cr, an I
tin *; ■* ill ' . * -I ill Co. claim and
Justl;     ". tl cy  nre  * Ira      only
inin in i 'annd . :  ■■ *   hiii    a compli
animal   lerl Ulster in Brithh  Cul
*,       mer    (ii *l  over nnd  anon  thai
there nre diflerent soils    In different
to let  him alone.     He does no par
ticular harm bo long as he deals with
his  own  kind,  and  be  can  alwnys  be
depended upon to help out any  charitable  institution   thai   reall)     needi
helping out.     Thi   prea hei   who see.
ally     '.'n. is
this :.,......   .... I a    fellow
more ready to dig down and fork
over than h.s most staunch BUP1 irt
er     *. by him year in   and
year out.   We don't want  to    del u.i
ling -,*.; it.     So doubt tl ere
*o much ol •;. but at the - me
time  it  ... - he  po ni       chat
city  is "the eity   beautiful.''       which
it never can  be as long as thi
yards and  lanes are  in a  state      ol
disorder,     Th,   city officials can    do
a  whole lot  themselves,  but   without
ihe co-operation ol  tbe entire      com
niunity, the movement cannot
iii.ii   i no. : i  be.
The mayor and  commissioners  are
to be congratulated on keeping      up
the custom which has been   a opera
tion for  the pa I  *     pie * *      years,
and  for  which  The   Herald   modestly
claim-   the  credit   * itai te 1.
All   that   is   now   :■  i for   the
found ,t a spli n In! ill,'a aud one that
the citizens take to readily, The fol-
lowing despatch will clearly point
out the methods adopted by the tat
ter city and it would be well for Revelstoke to ta lessons from
it. Vic, ol course, cannot go into
the system In such an elaborate
manner, but Wi i 1st n-
Here i-  the
s,  ... March 2".—i in • of
the   in isl      n. , e   an I     '■•■ ■ ilesome
ed on I
will    be    the and
What a good fertilizer wil
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      also   hints  ,,n  earing   for  the   plun'.;.
nd Spokane, Wash., has long   since   xo  defray  the expense of the organ
isatiou     special     membership   cards
wei •■ sold to adul s at   51  ta'-l .
Tin* cuy beautiful committee isde-
clared to be on> of the best oi   lii
■Vmet lea.     In    addtti in
to  th    chairman  and  permam nt  bi c
rctary, vice chairman     in
captain in each  [irocin
ct and   , fnanl    n evei .      block
within ih * Inci i porated city     limits.
join   commit tee
lm as men making up
day. ; ub-   , ,       ,       ' ,        ". ,    ..    ,     .
,   I, ii mi they havi   I ai ■■* a  In  lh i land   i n
*. .iv*        and
iiii for growing vegetables and crops
rerely.      It   gives  from  twenty    to
thirty     per ci nl.   IncroaBB  m  garden
,   v.li le  for   poi itoes  It  has      no
, [iial.     With  l libers il gives an    inii  :*  *     fn in   IO   I   per  cent and
ensures a   well   matured and    meally
,*, *i*   \ ol n *   "i, bards  two  or    three
. .1  pounds at   planting will    ln
invarial,ly the soil   ■'     ll""   " ihow   "   l'-n'"1     h,'m'IU
ii*    t su     *n  innl ui II v of  lb,*  trceB,
I In i :u h i . of hotter color ami
flavor, w bile the same applies to all
belle*:    . n I      in.,11    H llltS,
iu     ll 't ler   Ihun  Swift's  Animal   Fertilizer     has ever  been devised
oi   i top dr,   si i -, Ior bay,    grass or
j law 'i.     Two oi   three hundred pounds
per acre will glvo a hotter an.l Btron-
i     i "■* i h   ol   'i'ass.      And  at.       the
time ii   gives timothy a firmer
' i    .1 even  in connection with
i..: n.iii.l   manure  al   the  ratio      ol
fi, in one-half to two-thirds it     will
give  a   much   linger  yield  ol   vegetation     than could otherwise be     obtained.
A  market   gardener ,•-,'    Armstrong,
ii :i *:i 1 almost  wholly in tho eulti-
val    n   of   celery,   altoi       using   from
to 600 lbs.  of     Swift's     Animal
Fertilizer,  declares  thai  the  use    erf
His     fertilizer on  his celery      beds
has    more  than  doubled    their    production.
iln ds of thousands of souls, and
look t,, u  that    year by     year
there is added . amo nt ol
J   i   ' in Ion to the soil to mnke up   for
[ther In nlti ogen,  phos -
phates oi  p* tai b, and tb
nny  one  ol   .In*-.*  I, ills   I
of the soil.     Swift's Fertilizer     ap-
n     *t    onu' choap lots
paper to clear at    Maodon
tbe sport  is  the     man
things jo.     We admire the
mai...- 'n preach i or
and   wr;t,: fiction  frequent ■     -et
re th.-ir rea ichei sports
man as tbe hero    of    theil    -to; ,*s. i
■   .   *     I
Well,  ih;s ,-iimmer  we  wanl  ev<  y -
body '    get  mt        ■:.*        irting line.
The   organization!    ar«  getting into
shape and your name should be idea-
ipi: i :..- aggrega
11   .    .  tiunk  ..ou a"
longer sta)    n     t
:   :.      ■* as   all   honorary
memtier,  aa •   ■ -'   *,
or perba; -      trophy •   •       sport
you 1 .K- It will all b *
11 .. ■        .    | tl Ull-
ii)'   i in    * ;   him
n tbi
i.t.*  .in,   . ,
. i develop h- an all round
.*,'i ■     ; 1*1 •
Let ■< all  .-■ • tiler tb
vki,^  citizens '.-in "i-n! * -      et oul      th.-ir
!  akes and in  to
be.-t advantagi \;,!-i   l'th.
or Wednesd
, that which it iin.< been  bed ol by plied t,, Uu:  soil re tores the ml sing
ivegotnhle nnd  market  gar   n ng. The ingredient.     To  vc otablcs  ii       will
  ire earli r  and  ijuicker  mai  rity,
,      i of extremity thes carrj with them to and    experienced    gardeners
1 countries which tbey emigrate to nml thai alter n i the fertilizer is nbsolv-
ilut is in a great measure respons-ven drought di is n. t take hold so
hie for the remarkable Bitccess which
TO      LET    Two  light  house  keeping
looms.      Apply   to Ibis Ollico.
Count  Zeppelin  Is now
new airship,  i
or soin. ttei
in order,
* ben t . it     i ommittee  meets
■        '■   ai                  ition     ,^    . , ...
,     ( h iiuii* n bus in market, garden u_r In
rough   the ;.....,_._  „ ,. ,_,
■     ■ .nils.
■ cam.
ch.ii association in  n*
tricts or lots thai  require
"■   •   - cap tai na  and lieu-
i       th ir
lee the work
7 "? y
.)   ■. cnurth
lh* (aUfPftl  ui.ii !iiuu;„
CUrCfl   , ,,IUs.    Inula
-    -    - 23   ■*!;.■
. tnaki
I   !.
. :   .
wbo   ll
* '   ■
■•       I iii*';
*   *
<  ,1 u- .     ■    "i -   papei   and   ,**,' h
. : tb .    recei red a
• ii 'i • ovei  th      ■ *,*■•• .ii
ib    *ater.     This In l
•   rears • our     I
ft* ..    n:.     ntlmelj    c n  I
ei.ii.s   ■   o  although   it   mu-'       h ive
••   a considerable - im      to
* •   Mt    '  .    -i tbe .s * iiiim ng     ex
Ti i; the Y.M.C.A. i
cnpt loot i    this     c -i"
but ,- tired to subscribe
*    IU ■      '    :.::  !   I ■        ■   'l,i*l.'
ly your b.,y *,vas taught free.       'Hie
Y.M.O \. .'.*••- n e I woik here, it
kfps the boya away Irom a place
whiTe th**.r mm Is might be contaminated by I a ,*nation'*'. and
hence la V rth) ■■! tbe mot' loyal
upp ,-t. The '■ ,M CA, la n t asking any fol nii ihing
jusi. now, nor would tbey at nny
time il it were not    necessary     to
Bditi :   M
Sit. pet mil ■     ■■>   '
■ i
ng what i
;  ■
I inn laid
Ioi   .-,.'• i  man        ■*'• I,  <h n  tb i
i ,    • bowing I in* ni i ial
and    f
* : fi ,n      tbe
deed.      vii  ii,,*    ,*,.ii  inspei i* *
.d Hi** Held havi    * n i   tiffed to pa|
particular attention to tha quality <A
ib*     mflfigel   ■   ! *-d lor    snle;
bui  the n..    Tiatiuii mul punlabtneDta
i *i     uu robnnM n   ill Ing then!
Irom will nol protect     ti ui mang
.*:    Bed tin- year.
There la Da noed lot any larirwr to
11* luce Hi-' mi'ti Intended i* . i lantln
to imiugels and bc     will Itlller     nu
The C> P. R« i» building another Wg stei  pvfeeal Nu
Scene shoving n,i:ii at rent during the noon hour
Uritish Columbia.	
I'erbaps tin average Chinam n does
not know the constituents ol oil
i  .ii   n lue * tbe growth ol vc station
but   he      * i e.l   by ll ng e.xperi-
at nu.mai refuse mn tc bis veg
11 ablea gi i«. and    rhql ,1   cn-
,1.     He applies ti      and
gets  results,  and  this lesson    which
I   with   blanks      to   he hi,s  l,;   "       °  W0"  ,niBh(   Wel1  ta
.„...!   to,  and   tal   n  n.l.an
bite broth ,.
.      hr,    ,   im
...,,,, '       ii     li
i       . lb   y   :,l
.in I      pi III .di.
■ m . ,|   I ,   Ih
n , ,   ,'ogotal Ion   Thi
I Witl
iii i   large
i* dies
lu i
* i have
:.ii .*.,,
• :       ii, ,i
i i
. i,y the
s    I hem
* i thai
* i, *
th i foci Ion
with th-e
'   ol   ib ilt    n '* I* .o*. ii *      thai
■ i       la .ii ih   Dora In ivei n
inenl   is  printed   upon even,   sack    ot
its product,     'ibis ln itself     ensures i
the  3^a.i:l-he:r^:l.:e>,  eevelstoke
SATl'RDAY, APRIL 1ST.  1911.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
With its large numlier of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Hank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of thc world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles orany other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
The Famous Leckie Loggers' Boots and our own
make a'ways in Stock. Soo our Pack Straps and
Pack Sacks.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Haulers Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - -    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in ali the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches     Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 1J4 Degree of ilea
Natural Hot Water in Baths.   O      All Year
Rates from $12 to $15 Per Week
Revelstoke, ij. c.
A Symposium of What is Happening in
All Parts of, the World
L%%/tv%/*Vtv%%*kt>%** «*W%**'*%.«^*fV*%'%%%«** *%•-•
The Scott Antarctic expedition hail |   The early morning mail  bags    -be-
cxcitlng times when thc ship carry -   tween Stirling and Alloa are to    be
ing the     party encountered      heavy  conveyed by motor instead of in    a
gales in thc south, and was      only   gig.
kept afloat   by the constant use     ot J
the pumps.
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
nvirlcet affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   rALBEET     STOISTE!      PROP.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
All modem convenience
Firflt-ClaaR in every repjiot't
Lai'fiP Sample KnouiK
a $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rate
Revelstoke. B.C.
Tinsmith Repairs, »Jo» Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Have you smoked the
If not you surely
never tried them at
McKinnon's Cigar Store
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying vour outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes. Pants,Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required inyoiir business.
Let me paint your house right. I do
nothing but first-class woik. Quality
considered uiv price is low. The best
materials used and work done when
promised. Try me on youi interior
decorating. My work is guaranteed to
SIGNS I can furnish you with any
kind you want. Class, brass, tin, clotll
or wood.   Get my prices.
Carriage and Wagon Painting at my
shop in alley hack of B. J. Bourne's
Store, First Street.
Resilience Cor. 8rd St. ami It, bsonave
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
For Sale
25 foot   Lot  and  House, Third Street
$llii 0.
Three Lots on Second Street, nenr the
new lJ..st Office, $1280.
House and Lot near Y.M.C.A , .SUM'
Two  lots  ami   House. Third   Street,
House and Lot, Firsl Street, ne ir the
new Poet Office, $2100.
.V) f«fet on Sixth Street, $7ihi.
60 feet on Victoria Hoad. $650,
12 H"otn House, Second Street, oil-foot
lot, $4500.
Ami oilier first-class values.
Call and investigate
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
Arriving dally our new and
fresh stock of Seeds, grown
under contract hy the hest
growers in all parte of tlie
w, ild. Seeds that will give
vou the best result's. One trial
will convince you. Also a lull
line of garden requisites, Implements of all kind-: Bee
■Supplies Sprayers,Spray, and
a full line of Chick Feeds and
Conke\ 's remedies. Press the
button, we will do the rest.
M. J. Henry Nurseries
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,    -   Manager
Vancouver, B. C.
Have your architect prepare your plans for
your new building early and get my figures on
your work.
KmijIiiI; I.i,i ws lini, lie will
li II yi n that the wliitki js in me
felling aie lbe list, (nil end hr
i dii> lured. No 1 illicit Id -l t uld
le wiili il n ni| | ly of i in Kar-
IfJ'l .'lull fuut V hltley; i ur
hi pin I miii En rdy, |.i i*n i I,. cl
BOjiBlf iiii t i 11 I 11' i I i, ri v
Ioi Mldlrll el 1 I i| i II *.    ( III fif i k
i*i i hold \\ 111 111 I i,i i if ol iill
I.il ih im  ni i xii Hi d.      Bold I ;  all
the li mlil y I < I'l-* il li li | I i i i
Special Attention given   to   comment!
men   and   tourists.    E-Mrst-clasi  litmpli
rooms. Kiiient scenrry in Uritish Colum
his, overlooking I'pper Arrow Lake,
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Fruit Lands r
(inlenii Hay lands in pcrepls of
10 or '10 acres or en bloc. Corrts-
|innili'tiie Invited,
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
Mn:mfactnr<(l for (ili cmi«« of   bolldtugi
For*  Ib in Unrft <tr Mnnl! qPantUln
nk t 'io lowest prloos for eaah
All kinds of huiMitiK hik! puttering
Foote & Pradolini.
Repairs ol nil kinds neatly done
Bicycle und Oun Kork imperially
QstlmaiM given on any riaHB,
of mirk
ront       Street.
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Dealers In Pure Wl r (i, I 11111, I 1111 t u Cigsuttn
John Lee
Manufacturer  of   Ladis'
Ladies Suits Madeto Order
Fit Guaranteed
All kinds of Silk. Gingham,
Muslin,   and   Fancy
things kept in stock
•Pric-M ricB.on.illl. P  0  Bo. 206
Front St . Lower Town, Revolstoke
And Take Mrs. Ripley's Advlo*
IMs of women are suffering tortures
with their hacks, when they need not
do so, Mrs. Ripley bad lUch frightful
pains in her hack that she could not do
her housework. She tells how she
cured herself.      WlI.I.lA.MSDAI.K KAST.
"I cannot refrain from writing you
i.limit thc lienefits I have received from
taking (UN PILI.S. I suffering dreadfully with my bark and have suffered
with it for twenty years, I tried everything but got no relief, until I bought
GIN PILLS. I have taken six boxes of
GIN PILLS and now I have not the
sign of sn ache or pain In my back. I
am now 48 years of age and feel as well
as I ever did in my life. There Is
nothing that csn hold a place with GIN
FILLS for curing Pain In The Back to
which women are subject."
Mrs. Mii.i.anor P. RlPM'.Y.
Try GIN PILI.S nt our expense.
Write for free sample box. Dealers
sell GIN PILI.S st 50c a box—6 for f 3.50
snd money refunded if they fail to cure.
National Drug and Chemical Co., Dept.
W.,    Toronto. tl
WANTED—Girl for    general      house
work.      Family of     three.       Apply
Mail-Herald Office.
WANTED — Capable Englishwoman
wants position of trust in Revelstoke or neighborhood. Good references.      J.   H.,   Mall-Hernld  Office.
LOST—Brown Spaniel Puppy, white
chest, white feet, white tip on tail,
answers to name ot "Buster." Any
one harboring this dog after today
will be punished by law.—Cliff Ur-
yuhart, H. J. Bews.
WANTED—We pay highest prices for
Furniture, Stoves, also men's cast
oft clothing. The Revelstoke Second Hand Store. F22 lm.
WANTED—Live man or woman, for
work at home paying $2.00 or ,13.0!)
per day with opportunity to advance. Spare time can be used.
Work not dillicult and requires ro
experience. Winston,        Limited
Spadina,  Ave., Toronto.      m.ll 5t.
KOR RENT—Large Front Bedroom
and Sittingroom, Bathroom on
same floor. Apply Mail-Herald
■"(Smraence flow!
We want ewtyondo him
ti|at we are paying ~
c-<r% Merest^
per annum credited in Ihlf
on. saving deposits (*1°-°
k upward) subject To Withdrawal br cheque & *
on time deposits of*
St^lnoiitb & over. *
Wc invest mux for clients
in first mortgages 8 do a
general financial business.
We want Yflur saving accnt
& iffou are not saving *
f^TcmalicaHY", * - - ■*■
Commence NOW WiM5.
Lkposita "by ma^ ^^^
■*■ + * easily handled —
>ou7anseuD by Draff,
Post Office * 6^press
Order or Re&isteretf^
better & withdrawals
can bemaiir* * •»"? ♦
--aiyw.Y you wish.
Ware Responsible
Refer fo - + * * *
or to anyone ta *
The Winnipeg Alpine club members '
held a reminiscent gathering at tbe 1
Royal Alexandra hotel, Winnipeg and j
heard a report from Director A. O. I
Wheeler. j
A  proclamation  issued by the lieu-
tenant-govcrnor-in-council     haa      increased thc area  ol      Regina,   Sask., >
from     three sipiare miles to thirteen
siiunre miles.
The opinion prevails in Winning
that the Manitoba government has
purchased the block on Portage avenue bounded by Vaughau and Colony
The suit  for  --lander  brought       by
Baron    Arnold    de    Forest    against
Lady Mary Gerard and Henry Milne r
I was terminated in the London court.
Tha celebration of Italian unity began with the formal opening by King
Victor Emmanuel of tbe National art
exhibition at Rome.
A lifty million dollar merger of
implement companies has practically
been consummated. It will be known
us Deere aud company.
CD. Sheldon, the missing Montreal
broker, has been arrested at Pitts -
burg ami will bc brought back to
Canada to stand trial.
Hon. Lewis Harcourt, in a speech
at Rosscndale, said that Canada bas
acted on lier own initiative in the
matter of reciprocity.
John S. Moore, a Winnipeg old-
timer of 1SS2, died suddenly at bis
The     Brandon police know nothing
of  the  victim  of      Friday  morning's
■ lutahty in the  C.P.R. yards of Winnipeg.
Sixteen thousand barrels of whiskey valued at $2,000,000 were burned
in a bond house at Bloomaburg, Pa.
An ordinance prohibiting operating
bucket shops was passed unanimously by San Francisco's board of Supervisors.
A commission of 17 Chicago busi -
ness men, city officials, anil railroad
men are making a eompletc investigation nt the ,-lectritication problem.
Thirteen children of Deer Creek,
III., have been kept at home by indignant parents because their school
teacher declared there was no hell.
During ,
ed with pig iron was blown from the
track  in the Greenwich,  Conn., yards
gale approaching cyclonic
a freight car partly  load-
Devoir  publishes a caustic  ar-
on thc Independent     Ruthenian
in the Canadian      uorth -
I The party of
passed through
received a cold
negro settlers  which
Winnipeg  yesterday
reception at  Edmon-
I The Cunard line has established a
fortnightly Bervice between Southampton  and  Montreal  and  Quebec.
The Fleming Grain Growers    at    a
meeting passed  a  resolution  endors -
! ing reciprocity.
The Lennox murder near Settler,
I Alta., is still unsolved although an
j other arrest has been made.
The three year old daughter of Andrew Clark, living near Verru.lion,
Alberta, was burned to death.
Earl Grey has cancelled his Arctic
trip pending the arrival of bis successor, the Duke of ConnaUght.
Thc trial of 1'rof. Ferrer is being
i discussed iu thc chamber of deputies
'ut Madrid.
An electrical st0rm did heavy damage at Philadelphia.
Glasgow Zoo closes for good      on
the Sth of April.
Some good catches of tlsh are being
landed at I'ortpatrick. •
It is computed ihut seventy people
will  leave  Beith  district  this
(or other shores.
Hiccoughing continuously for ten
days, with only momentary intervals
of rest, caused th-. ueuth today ot
Wm. Currie, UC years old, ol Miine -
Physicians have no hope tor Roy
Mitchell, of Evansville, IU., who lost
a bet that he .-ould eat thirty-two
bananas by gagging on his thirty-
On the imitation of the Duke of
Teck, hon. president ot toe Corona -
tion Exhibition at Shepherd's Bush,
Lord Northcote has consented to act
as president.
East Fife Radicals have appointed
an executive committee to arrange
lor the promotion of „ testimonial t0
Mi, As"juith, to mark his twenty-M-
th year as M.I'. for the constituency.
Prehistoric stone implements, weapons, and bumtu bonss wero found
yesterday in a cave at Stowen, Jersey.
The Surrey Education Committeo
bas decided to experiment with ■ cotton seed oil as a dust-allaycr for
school room  floors.
Records for cremation quoted by;
tbe British Medical Journal ehow
that there was a slight decrease in
this country during the year 1*10,
the total number having been 840,
as agaiast 805 in 1909.
It has been decidcj to proceed at
once with tbe rebuild.ng of Buskin
College, Orford, the institution lor
working class students.
One hundred and thirty-five pounds
was paid at Chri-tie's yesterday lor
a Trench silver-gilt dish, presented
to Napoleon by the Empress Marie
Louise and taken from his carriage
after Waterloo. It has been lor
some  u-me at Mme. Tussaud's.
! There is such a dearth ot housing
accommodation around Chelmsford
that cottages which formerly fetched
only i'2<> a year are now gladly rented at |S0, and in one district the
work house is taking in men as lodgers.
Mrs. Ann Speed, of Heighington,
near Lincoln, bas just celebrated ber
1101st birthday.  She travels by train
Dumbarton school bourd will erect
a new academy at Uruchcad at a
cost of neatly  Jl-5-0,000.
Old age pensioners in tbe Highland
district of Perthshire, number 4K>, ot
whom IS are paupers.
Paisley school board have got a
warrant to erect their proposed
school for defective children.
on foot to form   an
in  Glasgow in Conine-
it now
! T! !f
21 jjainbjj Street,
Vancouver B.C.^
CP.R. Timetable
No. 1, arrives     6:45 a.m., departs
7:06 a.m.
No.  97, arrives 6:55 p.m., departs,
7:15  p.m.
No. 2, arrives 12:30 midnight,     de-
arts 12:45 midnight.
No. 96, arrlvcB 8:45 n.m., departs,
H.i>.'i a. m.
South train leaves Revelstoke at 9
a. in., arrives Revelstoke 5:25 p.m.
A  proposal  i
Old  Hoys' club    	
tion  with Dollar  Academy.
A model yacht and power boat
club has been started m Troi.n, and
already   thirty   members   have   joined.
Greenock folk are agitating for a
graving dock. Lord Inverclydc is now
taking uu active  interest in It.
The Dnte farmers have applied for
a share (£50<>) of the Government
Agricultural  Development Grant.
About H.OOO persons left Greenock.
in nine special trains the other day
tn sec a tootball  match  in  Glasgow.
Malor W. M. Kay, Hamilton, has
Is-en appointed to the Council of the
West  ol  Scotland   Rifle  Association,
There  were  3J5  dewths  from
ni,,nm in New York last week.
Si hoonor Archie Crowell arrived nt
Portland, Mc.. from Bermuda, swept
rloan of tier sails.
Wall Street reports declare Henry
M. Flagler, tbe Florida millionaire.
Is rapidly becoming blind,
to Lincoln market every week, where
she disposes of a basket of eggs.
Valuable ochre deposits having
been discovered at Haverfordwest,
mining operations have been commenced.
The fruit growers of Jersey b»ve
had their imagination stirred by reports of gold discoveries on the Island.
There are 2,293 elementary scholars
in Surrey under tuition in practical
horticultural  in 126 schuul  dardens-
Memones of thc wi*ek of the troop
ship Uirkenbead are recalled by one
ot the survivors, William Tuck, ot
liinckhurst, Hants, a pensioner of
the Royal Marines, wbo has reeeive.1
several gifts on the occasion ot the
anniversary ol the disaster of February  M, 1*02.
A thrush's nest containing tine--
eggs was found thc other day in thc
garden of Mr. H. Corderoy, Theale,
Fifteen hundred guineas*— a record
price—was paid by Mr. Duthie, ot
Aberdeenshire, for a bull at Blngley
linii, Birmingham,
Tk« lo«t § iruit e
and lhc tmnlort ll
Slider olQnality
Toronto,    ClH-ll. HI Sattrdav, Ai'iui. 1st, nui,
Uu May  24th  the local Bports  will
be  all  agog.      Boarding thc     train
tbat morning will be the cricket eleven oil for Kamloops ami the football
eleven  ofl for Golden.     So it      has
been arranged,     Secretary North ot
the Cricket Club   has been in     constant communication  with  Kamloops
ever  since     the club     got down    to
iisinese  (or  the Beason and  the cul-
mination  ol    a,l  ih.s correspondence
been    that arrangements     have
been made for the cricket eleven    to
•    that place and cross bats with
I Ing  City  nl  lhe interior    <,u
May --ith.
Tbere are big things in store lor
tip i •. k<; ' : ib this yeur all rlghl
all right. The team has ambition J
t   get ;,* the coast ami try conclus
* .-,: fa teams there, Mr. Oarr
Hilton who lor a nine was manager
u Hank ui Commerce here, is
hi Iping a lot tu make arrangements
between tin* coast teams nnd Revelstoke. lie ie secretary of the Vancouver Cricket Club and whenever lie
gets a ehance he puts in a good word
fur the city of which he has many
pleasant recollections. Associated
with him in boosting along the game
on the coast is w. ll. Humphreys one
of the executive uf the Albion Cricket Club, and he also is trying to
make arrangements to let the int. r-
ior city in on some ol the good
things provided at the coast. So
far have negotiations gone in this respect that it bas been suggested that
a joint team be made with Uevelstoke and Kamloops, and a series of
matches will probably be played with
coast teams. There are four good
teams on the coast, tbe Burrards,
the Albious, the Victorias nnd the
Garrisons, so that should arrang<
ments be made it will probably mean
a full week of sport for the cricketers at the coast. It is quite probable tbat if the local team does well
tbere that a series of return matches
will  be  played In  Revelstoke.
So far ihere has been little doing
in baseball circles, but the boys are
moving nevertheless and getting de-
c.dedly restless. There will undoiibt
edly be a number of teams formed
and some good guuies tins season in
which almo.-t every person will participate to some degree. The Y. M.
C. A. is taking a hand in sport as it
always does, and on Thursday even
ihg next a joint meeting ol "11 those
Interested in either baseball, lacrosse or .'uotball is called in the
parlors ul the association and plans
will ue made for a good season's
Work. The practice grounds are BOW
getting in splendid shape, and It is
hoped and expected that arrangements will be made on Thursday
next to get right down to work. According to all reports there are some
excellent players fur all these sports
-a  the  city  and  it  is  only  a  matter
:' getting these to practice and of
•veed.nj out to secure the best players for au all-star team!
The     Brat note ot the approacl .n--
summer spurt has been sounded,  aid
it cornea     along In the form of      a
baseball      challenge.     The     baseball
team  ut  No.  2 Fire  Unmade  say
the team    which   will lie      mustered
from the Corley  House  "We can defeat you in a game   ...' baseball t,   ue
Ui od  Friday." The Corley
ii   ,?e .-:ay»  "You can't."      So there
game >s     ofl.     There
may be  ..ther games  pla ed
tnat  .' gn inda  d . t  the
-     . let    th* a,
-    ,i*: gel Cana
man game going Ioi   the summer.
'!.*• ed I
iJil   .■ .    l     :   ,
.aid before I
.-«!   :■*   ' It ■  •■
and  Nat	
tan aai Ipril 12. 1
-mai'.    .
Stat, ■ j,.. '       itlantic or
Api -• 6 an . ■   respectivel)   In *iuick
■; *
Easl ra, Mori ern an I     •'••  '   n
leug i« s  open,  with  the  ' enti al  leag
..   ty.. ng thi  le ;    I the big ier sec-
al leagues to get in mi tion,   \,
i.i _•.     The Mulligan     State lea juc
.. . . not  begin playing li,','i M"> -]
and it the last oi th. rt ■ *,-) *-'-'i lea
>• it *. to open,     Hy that time      tl* i
iti y over, there will be at least
thirty professional leagues In the
Held w.th schedule* culling for from
200 to b'n*1 games each.—Victoria
Chairman S. M. Butler, of the American Automobile Association Contest Board, after payment of a $1,WD
jiiue, and la now officially entered for
Lhe Beach meet of the Atlantic-Pablo Beach, 27 to 80*. Tlie LCO horsepower Darruiij, tha Prince Henry
Ben/., and the Giant Knox were also
included in th; lilting of the ollicial
A drop of Ink makes thousands think
As you have often  heard.
There is, of course, a lot ol force
in just one printed  word.
Aud ns they gauge the sporting page
And by the Uroslde dream,
A drop of Ink  makes thousands think
They'll have a winning team,
— Louisville Courier Journal.
' ed tendency to put it into American
or European enterprises, antl foreign
companies with Btocks or bonds to
sell here are finding a remarkably
ready market. The Lake Superior
Iron gild Chemical Company, for instance,   has just placed a  block       ol
, preferred stock on the Canadian nia1'
Ret, nnd Canadians have not been
a hit slow in taking il up, some,
tunes taking their money out of
staid old Canadian industrials to
buy. It may be reciprocity talk or
it may be merely that they see a
better investment and are determined  to take advantage of it.      Unlike
| many American offerings the Lake
Superior conies well recommended. It
is an old company reorganized and
turns out the largest amount ol pig
Iron, and its two by-products, Wood
alcohol and acetate of lune in the
world, It owns six huge charcoal
pig iron furnaces In Michigan, nearly i,",ii,iv*;i acres of hardwood forest,
forty-seven miles ol railway    alld thc
famous Yale iron mine.
BOYS   Willi   CAN   SWIM.
The y.m.c.a. swimming campaign
this week resulted in the teaching of
Hue hundred ami fifty men and buys
to swim. 'lhe following an' the
names of boys who will receive u
Y.M.C.A. button ior swimming the
required  distance, 36 feet:
I Harvey Robinson, Arthur Robinson
Leo Goodwin, Fred Hall W. Sault,
Thomas Lee, .Mark Goodwin,
Lloyd Williamson, Reg. Calder, W.
Milii nal,I, It. Evans, Hector Galli -
call", Garry Tomlinson, Donald McGregor, Tommy Morris, Arthur
Young, Tommy McRae, Douglas Hed-
stroni, W. M. Leslie, ll. Gibbons, d.
I.iii-i'.o. Jus, Murche.-ou, Henry J.
llaeln, Chas. Holten, Jas. Bourne,
Hun E. Jackson, Geo, E. MeKinnon,
Victor Robinson.
I Just once in all his career did A.l
Wolgast, champion lightweight of the
world, back out of „ light arranged
lor him. And in justice to the Mulligan Wildcat," It must bc admitted
that his refusal to go on with the
miii wns because his friends had play
ed a Juke on him. Uu,* ot these
friends, B New York man, tells the
story like this:
Ad was burling about thc metropolis of the country not long ago. Thc
lighting game was slow at that particular time. Ad hadn't had a bout
Ior several weeks.
Then came an acquaintance with a
tale of a native af the countryside
near Newburgh, up the Hudson, who
was spreading consternation among
his fellows by his boasts ,,| prowess
as a fighter. He had never been whip
pt .1 and lm,I put many an aspiring
rural and suburban resident out lor
the count.
"Just come up tomorrow aml put
him altay," pleaded the acquaintance
"lie's altogether too i h siy and
should  he taken down n  peg."
A.l pun,I,'led and then agreed to
what he thought would be a "ne
day's    outing in the c    nl He
nia.le the mistake ol not asking ta
what class tin Newburgh man tt
Th.* pi.n \  ma*,.   *
burgh in an   tuti
they   learned  lhat   "Blank'
er. live I  two miles Uorth
west,  in  a  big red  hi    -
tions  were
■ came is > i -g h t.
\i;oss the roa i
-  ui a man was
powerfully     b lit     ai
I was he. according
' that he was n..t Using
'■ ltke   *
countrysldi ,
was I
; *.,   n        efore h -
mot:-* e    ower
"Does   i nenr
j turns.-.- i lull
three  , .;•  '.      r.
th ■
■   *
■ -  .
" Wl
:   |
The et      the
• i, tgi ,   iii
■ .
to roll         tbat I
li m like the   nnd leg of an ele
ly.      I'm IIIank,"
a * .'-I
But   Ad ■; I .    ..',   In
friend ■ i • n „ \ anderbili cup
rate n thc road, tb i   "Wi) I
cat" in ,.:■*.  ps  il. *• ,i with astonish-
lie 1.1.
Bank   failures  have  been      Irequcal
enough ui  late in Canada. 'I'he slnii*
I ties     as fin lushed by     Mr. Edwards,
ilie  Conservative  member for Frout-
lonac,  are somewhat  Btartllng.        In
Ills speeeh in tlie House oil Thins.lay
I last he said: —
I "From 1SSII to l'.l*;;*(i there were IS
chartered banks established in Canada, und of thut number 12 or 35 per
cent. lulled, an.l others only saved
themselves from failure b.v amalgamation. In the neighborhood of
30 per cent, of all the bunks which
have been established since l&SO' have
lulled und one half of these failures
have occurred since lS'J'J during thc
nine the present Finance Minister has
held otlice. Surely, Sir, it is u sorry commentary on our linking system nnl on this government, that
the percentage of failures of chartered bunks in the Dominion of Canada
ha-- been greater since tins administration came to power iu 1896, and
under the cure of thc present minister of finance, than in any either country in the world. Mr. H. C. McLeod
former general manager of the Bank
of Nova Scotia, commenting on this
deplorable stute of affairs, used these
"Must, if not nil the above mentioned failures were fraudulent, and
it is now plainly evident that a few
hours examination by n skilled banker would have disclosed an insolvent
condition in nny one of these banks
years hefore it collapsed."
According tu cables, newspapers
an.l private letters received during
the past few days, tiie Bahama islands a part of Britain's possessions
iu the West liui.es, ate anxious to
to become B part ,,i the Dominion of
Canada, and ,i large delegation of
politicianu and ui mil i **• men will
shortly     leave     Nassau to officially
the   views   ,,:   the   ..-ian :.-ls     be-
fore tii-- Governor-General at uttawa
who know th**   Dauania.
-ay   tnat.   I ove   a
most b .   i     Cana
family.     Mi. T. B. Macauley, of
Mi a- wint
ers at
Fire Alarm Boxes
'   Signals aro given thus:    I str i^e-i,
nterval  5  seconds—4  strokes,       Bon
i 4.     No. ot box will also be   shown
|  n indicator at Fire Hall,
I   Box  No.  14—Corner    First    street
and    McKenzie    avenue,  C. B.  Hume
& Co.
Box  No.  15—Corner First      street
nd  Rokeby  avenue,  post office.
Box  No.   IG—Coruer   Second  street
and  Govurumeut  Road  nud       Opera
it use.
Box No. 17—Corner Third etl'uet
nl Campbell avenue, Glubo Luiu-
cr company.
Box No. 18—C.P.R.  station.
Box    No. 2*1—Corner    Fifth    street
nd     McKenzie      avenue,     Catholic
Box No.  2o—Corner    Sixth     b'.ieet
ml Orton avenue, W. A. Footn.
Box  No.   2li—Corner  Fourth  street
nd  Townley street,    corner      south
Box  No. 28—Corner  Second    street
nd Hobson avenue,  Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall No. 2.
Box  No,   30—Hospital.
Box No.  3G—School.
Box No. 44—Fire Hull No.  1.
Box     No.  45—Front street      wijt.
ear O.  P. R, bridge.
Box    No.    46—Corner    King      and
louglaa streets, Palace Meat Market,
Box  No.  47—Corner  Second       and
Vales  streets,  back of court house.
Box  No.    4S—Corner    Third       and
'.'has.  streets, Cowan  block.
Signnl  for  practice—not leas  than
ix  (6)  slow strokes.
Cno  (1)  indicates lino brok>o       or
ro out.
San.L..ia Cured Him, and He Helps
A man who bus been released from
lie awful erav iiks ul drink, und wiiusi
* s. moughi is to nelp uihers, shtiw'h
-M'ii'ii ol n ti i.i .ih, i in u I and
lillanthropy. Read hi.-* I tier;
' ,,. cumai ai I .-it. ,i, i ie. i ,,i unu
i. in   ymi   please   Bond   ine   book    ■
Uiul,,   also   en. ...... s   ii.ii i.i,,   ,,.   you
■   " d   rem ii      lut      ...    ... i ilt	
i   w isn  to hand  tn *.-.*  tu a  it toi d   w tin
IS   ..- .ag   tu   i un,   , ni-viUKll   di      i    u
• i.i renminbi r Uuu 1 inn*,* unu :■ your
■iin*. and i lind ii nil you euum il
" '"*. I never iii,.1.. ,,i .a ...; ,,*,
'si;.,, sliunu ilini,. ,,, mi, wuy, a- all
'lus.it** .'.'i* It has Uli tae. I eaiinc.i
s*.*uk loo highly "; inin* w ,.i,i|, i; u,
.,-li..ily. Vmi may us.* iii. uume >n uny
vay  \*i»ii wish ,n public,
■It.   Lllywlule,   ,,, i ,den, Onia.-lci."
Samaria     Prescription  is    tastei. sk
■mi odorless,     ii, i    ,ii boIvi s ii st tntly
ia tea or coffee, ur can be mixed with
 d*     Il  can   I,.*  given   wiib   ur   ivith-
•ni   lbe   patient's   knowledge.      It   removes the craving tor drink, builds up
a**   i.vM'iii   ,,n.I   restores   ib*    nerves
rl.'ik   becomes    dlBtnsti lul  r.n i   even
ausi ous.
Drink is a disease, nut a crime. One
li. tk   uf   whiskey   always   |n\ i: *.«   an-
I • ■■        The    Inllamed    nt t\ i a    and
ich   en .t.   a   ii ivlng   Uiu   must
• i   1"  satisfled by mure whiskey ur
1 .   in*..' rl    b.v    sen lltltli    le, at nun I    I ke
>   * . rlptlon      >* >ni. rla    l'i***-
:,        ;.:..*   ■ 1,   .11   re.it,:.it* and   SUC-
..   Phys i*ii   .- ..n.l   Hospital.'   for   ... *i    t, a   years.
iw of   nr   family needing
:■       I , Han,  lull th. in ,il t
If you have a   husbn nd,  fniher ur
Irlftln     Into Url    .,  help
Iiim s ive bun** if.    Wi Ite I .-dav,
A IHI I TRIAL I'Alkllli: of Samaria Prescription, wiih booklet, glv
I g full particulars, testimonials, price,
etc., win be siiu absolutels free and
postpaid in plain sealed package to
oiiyun.* n skin ir fur It and mentioning
thlr  paper    [Correspondence  sncredH
confidential.     Write to-day.   The Samaria Remedy Co., liept. 46-49, 0 1
.--t.. Toronto,    Oanada.     Also
'.a   Mii'*  by C. K.  Macdonald, Drug-
toke, B, 0.
•   *
ed,  a  .-liipni. nt ui Inter -
i   ..... .       *   ally      f,.o.is,
.ers, etc., at Macdonald's
Moving i .ctures tonight.
Shihffc Gure
quickly   *t..   i cnudhi.    riirri  coldi,   henla
lhc thrual .. id luntfs-       •   •   •       A.t ccota,
Assessment 1911
given that tin' Court of Revision
of ilie Assessment nf li'l i will be
held in the City lliill. Revelstoke,
B. C, <m Tuesday, April 18th,
liill, at 7 o'clock, p. ni.
BRUCE A. Lawson,
Citv Clerk.
Eggs for Hatching
Rhode Island Red.
Silver-laced Wyandotte and luilT Leghorn, per setting, £2.00.
Kiiulcn goose eggs, 50c. each.
1'eUiu duels (,11 cgus; <2.tifi.
Day old duckliugs,
Duy old chicks a specialty,
Write or l'boiic ili.
Now Grove Farm, Revelstoke,
Eggs for Hatching
White Leghorns No. 1 Pen, headed 1»
lirst  prize cock,   Vancouver l'Jll.
.Si lor IS; S.i lur 30.
No. iPen, headed by a large while bird
inini East. ,i<J.uu na- 15: iti.Sil
lur 30.
Bull Leghorns S. C. K. 1. Reds; SJ.*
Ioi 15; JS4.00 for 30.
John J. Devine
Revelstoke,   11, C.
Revelstoke  Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Clarence 11.
Bchock, of Mount doy, Pa., occupation coal merchant, intends tt, apply
lor permission to purchase the lollowing described lands: —
Commencing at a post planted 20
chains south of the south east corner of lot 7635; llieuce north 80
chains, thence east tu chains, more
en* less to the line of ihe Arrow
Lakes Lumber Company's timber
limit HijiU, thenco south CO chains
tbence west lio' Ohains, thence south
20 chains, thence west 2ts chains,
more or less to place of commencement.
Dated March 24th,  l'Jll.
Ed. McQaghran,  Agent.
lecki di,il",  Pla ,  March 80.—Bar-
* ddiii'i'lr it"i horse power "Hln
sen' Hen/, ivtiirli wns disqualified un
t,   June 8, 1 Hi, **en   Mdflold   waa
^i.tla»cd recently, wab ;riuBt»tcd by
Speaking of Canadians who invest
money outside o< Canada recalls thi
figures ..f the Hi imrtmcui uf finance
just, issued. Up i,, the flrat ol dim
mn> ol tin* yeai Cnnndlan* were
unite i-uiiieiii i,, put tiu-ii savings in
i,, iheii u« ii coiinti *,'« ,ii*diiHti a* ,,n i
undertakings,    Now there Is a mark-
iO you want
to know what
kind of spring
Overcoats will  be
Ry giving us a f»'W
minutes, we
-hall hf pleased to
urnisli the information and illustrate
vhat the new
ityles  are.
We have them at
prices which appeal
o tlie pocket  of
every man.
Scaled Tenders are  invited  for  thc
erection of  Six  Chalets oi  Swiss design at the C.  1'.  R.   Swiss   Village,
"c.delwciss"  near Golden,  li.  0.
i'laus and Specifications may be
obtained on application to the undersigned. All applications must be
accompanied by a certified cheque ior
$10.00, which will he returned on the
receipt of bona fide tender ami the
return of the plans and speculations
Tenders are to be delivered not
later than 'J a.m. on Saturday, April
1st, l'Jll, addressed to
Manager,     irrigation.      Alberta
and ii. C, Lauds, Canadian Pa
nia-  Hallway  (',itnpaiiy,  Calgary
'llu* lowest .a  any i. inii r not ueces
sai-iiy accepted,
'."-i i' a
It" inini  H, 'it ie uniii, deceased.— All
*, *   a -    anj  iin,in, ,*i      de
• j, i    ie   above     deceased,
r.   II. Ti teman,  lately em i ylng     on
i    pbotograpbei   at     True-
 *      . I idle,    <*.'i Ocoii ui   street,
o died ie  .it   Paul's hospital,
i  February,    l'Jll,
, I    Hie    pat I ,' nlul
thereof to us, nnd all persons in
ited oi Habit -.. il"* above dc-
ii *i, .ii* i' died i.. pay ihe amount ul tholt indebtodne ,.f liaWll
t*,, I,, uh tin* undersigned, on or belore 'la*  ii-*t   March,  r.n I.
The   Hum : I        i    Co.,   Ltd.
iiuiii.n un  ii u ,i  Building,
Vancouver, B.C,
KOOTlUNAY     LODGE,  No.  '.5 A.  F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hull
ou the Third Monday in each mouth
at S p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially   welcome.
W.  B.  HOUKRTSON,  Secrotary.
SELKIRK     LODOE  12.  1.  O.  O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at S o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K.  G,  M.-RAl-:, N. ('..
JAS.  MATHIB,  Secrotary.
COURT      MT.      BEGBIE,    No.  3*101.
Meets iu 1, O O. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially  welcomed.
tl. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   S.   CAMKRON,   Hee.-Sec.
Oiildl RANGE LODGE,      K.  ot    I'.,
NO.  ut,,   REVELSTOKE,  D.   C.
Meets  every   Wednesday   eicopt   tho
Third Wednesday ol each mouth     In
Oddiellows'   Hall al  H  o'clock.   Visiting Kuights are cordially  invited.
J.  Y.  SliMl'SON,  C.  O.
ti. 11. DHOCK, K.  of R. & S.
M. ot F.
C.  W. O.  W.
Mountain  View Camp, No. 229.
Meets  Second    and      Fourth   Woduea
days    in each  month  in    Selkirk
Hull.      Visiting   Woodmen  are
cordially  invited  to attend
H.   W.  KDWAHDS,  Con. Com.
JAMliS  MclNilitK,   Clerk.
Barristers,  Solicitors,   lite.
imperial   Bank  Building   Revel-
Btoke, B. C.
Money to Loun.
Offices—Revelstoke,   B.   C,    and
Cranbrook, B.  C.
Geo. S. MeCarter,
A. M. l'iukhaui, J. A.  Harvey,
lievelstoke, Cranlnook
l'roviueial Land  Suvcyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Teacher of Voice, Piano aud Organ
Pupils  prepared for Toronto  Conservatory  of    Music.       Local  examinations.
1 Dl-   ,). C   MonlbOll) I-il    lii'i'   11    ei.    ii
Vancouver and Suburban
Heal Estate
Coiiuiiluni Acreage and
Lots a specialty
.-.III*. Lil ,u li-Miii,    uiv,ll IO MUM i" n.l :■ or Iiiiiiiii ii*:*
4u7in,niiiiiuii I rust Uiii-s., vanoouwur,B.U.
Sole Aj-jcnU ia Rcvi:l*io!"'
Manchi  tei ; , ■   an  Ml-Brll
i "ta  March 27 tu
April  I, and a m" ting  to discuss th,,'
iubiei i  ^ii   la-id iii  Leeds oo March
\    l"X    Mil:*    lulled     II   till'   'Villi'' "f
ihe town at Gillingham, Dorset, during  a   rati   uf  thi'   Bouth  and      West
MilU i'uxhuuuds.
in   thu      Matter   of the     Estate   ol
Thomas McMahon,  deceased;
Notice is he.eliy given laat all
creditors and otheis having claims
against the Estate ol 'i bourns iVie-
Mahon, late of Revelstoke, B. C, deceased, wuo died at Revelstoke ou or
auout lbe lll'lh day ol November, l'JIO
are requested to send to tue undersigned Solicitors for Donald Aicin-
tosu, Executor ol the last will oi
said deceased, witliiu ou days from
date, full particulars of their claims,
duly veriiii-d, and that alter that
dare the said Executor will pruceed
to distribute the suid estate amougst
those entitled thereto, regard being
liad only to those claims ol wuicn
said Executor shall bave then received  notice.
Dated  March 15th,  l'Jll.
Solicitors of Donald Mclutush,
Executor of  the Last Win
Revelstoke Land District.
District  ot  West Kootenay.
Take notice that the Canadian i'a
.ilie Hailway Company intends tu
apply ioi permission to leu»e the
lollowing described luu.ls:
t ommenclng at a post planted on
llu liuie line oi Upiier Arrow Lake,
saiu post bearing South 41 degrees
West a distance ol 22*1 feet tiom the
South East coruer of Block 41) of the
>',;i' *l io«u site ol Nakusp, in
Lot d'j, G. 1 Arrowhead, and district; llieuce Westerly along saui
■bore line a distance oi -JtSOU leet to
a point said point bearing South 41
degrees, West a distance of 867 leet
luuu the Head block ot South leg
ol Nakusp Wye; tbence south into tbo
Waters ut Upper Arrow Lake a dls-
tanco "i Mii, (eat, thence Easterly and
Parallel to the Shore line of said
lake a distance ol 3S50 feet, thenoe
North  a  distance of t>0l) feet to true
point  u   commencement!    containing
70. H acres inure or less!
Hated  February 'Jth,  UU,
'III    t anadian Pacific Railway Company,     Per E. W. liatemaa,     Local
Right ol Way aud Lease Agent, Vau
Revelstoko Land District.
District of West Ko0tcnay.
Tako notice that B. M. Hicks, of
Greenwood, D. 0,, occupation laborer, Intends to apply tor permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted on
the north shore of Trout Lake, about
three and thrcc-ijiinrter miles west
from the town of Garrard, adjacent
to S.E. Corner of Lot 7UIJ6, thenco SO
chains cast, thenco 20 chains south,
or to lako shore, thence 80 chains
west, or following lake shoro to
Point of Commencement,
Dated February 4th,  l'Jll.
Revelstoko Luna District.
District ot West Kooteuay.
Take notico that Corecne Cornish
Kennedy oi Hevcistoko, occupation,
married woman, inteuds to apply lor
permission to purchase tho lollowing
described lauds.
Commencing ut. u post planted
iiiiotil 40 cha.ns in a southerly direction [rom the south west corner of
Lot olil, thooeo west IU chaius,
theuce south nl chains thence east
■ni chains to the west shore ol Upper
Arrow Lako, theuco north along the
Iuko shuro to point ol comineucemeut
containing about 1MJ acres.
Duted January l'Jth, mil. ...
i'er M. Grady, Ageut.
Oertiflcate of Improvements.
Glad Hand Mineral Claim, situated
,u ibe Trout Lake Miniug Divisiou of
ii est Kooceuay District. Where located:—At bead ol Seven Mile Creek
.nui adjoin.ng the Winsiow Mineral
im*.e Notice thut 1, O.B.N. Wilkie,
ucuug as agent ior Bruee White, 1''.
i-u.-L. tinawi'J, milium Bennett, F. iu.
c. Bilizi, uud Nettie Davcy, F. M.
U. No. B-iajoi, intend sixty duys fr0ui
dale nereoi, to apply to the Mining
necoider ior a Oertiflcate of im-
proieunUts, lur tbe purpose ol ou-
ui.niiig a Crown Grant ol the auove
And further take notice that action, under section 41, must be commenced beiore the Issuance ot such
certilicate ol Improvements.
DaieU Ninth day of March, l'Jll.
O. B. N.  WILKIE, B.C. L.S.
Trout Luke, B. C.
itevelstoke Laud District.
District of  West  Kooieiiay.
Take notice Hint ^uan R. Reynolds, of Revelstoke, B. C, occupation clerk, Intends to upply for permission to purchase the following
described  lands:
Commencing at a Post plunted at
tile south west coiner of Lot 7S18,
tlience  east  SU* chaius,   thence    soutu
0 ehuins to tbe north cast      corn-jr
01 Lot 704a, thence along line of
said Lot iu chains, west 40 chains
south and 2D chains west to line of
Lot 2112, thence ulong line ot said
Lot 40 chains uud 20 chains west to
the north west corner, thence about
0 chains uorth t0 place of commencement.
.Dated March 1st, l'Jll.
Agent  John  Sabw.
Revelstoko Land  District
District of  West Kooteuay.
Tako notice tbat 1, Mary Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intends to apply for permission to purohaso tho lollowing
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. E. Coruer of Lot 0140 G.I.,
and marked M. S.'s S. E. Corner,
theuce north l>0 chains, thence west
iu chaius, thenco south 40 chains,
thence cast 20 chaius, thence south
40 chaius, tbence east 00 chains
to poiut of commencement, containing 480 acres.
Dated January 9th, 1911,
I'er O. P. Smith. Agent.
Revelstoke Lind Dlstriot,
District ol Weal Kootenny.
Take notice tlml William Kennedy,
ol RevelBtoke, B. 0., occupation, Special Cm,.* ,ii i  i   iniciiiio to ii pii*, lor per-
IIIIBMOU  to  | ■ 11: i■ I.,..-.i    lhu lolloWlUg    til -
.ent" il lantlo.
Cuiun.ciH'iiii*, at a post planted at
tne south-east  corner   ol   Lot   fJOUU,
hence north 41) chains,   theuce   west
if) chains  to   pre-emption  No. !i62,
thence north 40 choins, thence eust SO
Dhslns, tbence >uutli Ii'i chains to Lot
.So i)'J4i'>, theice wt si 4U chums, thence
souib 16chain! to Lot No. llllll, thence
,\ioi 20 cuuiiid io point ol commencement.
Dated January 7:h, 1(111.
l'i i T  W. Bain, Agent.
Affords superior educational ndvan-
tnges, Handsome new brick building,
modern equipment, cxtenslvegrounds,
J. i liu-scs graded in accordance with ibe
J.eiiuoi-. throughout this Province,
Complete Music and An Departments.
Special iuiiim-*, in Shorthand, Typewriting and Hook-keening, Particular
attention givm 10 refinement ol manners and correct English.
For Proepeotua, Address The A01 domy. THE   ^r^IX.-ECER^.LID,    REVELSTOKE
SATt'RDAY.  APRIL  1ST,   Uli,
■ a
Watch   window   for   Big
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 3- /*um s Co- limited
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or eome yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Black Sateen Underskirts
Well made, durable skirts.
These are every seam welted
down in all the lengths. They
are a mixed lot, worth $2 to $3.
You can pick them up
Friday $1.50 each
Yardage Goods Bargain
300 yards of yardage goods,
Fancy Flannelettes, Prints,
Ginghams, Muslins, ele. You
will find them special out on a
table, gather what you want at
this bargain harvest at per yard
Friday only 10c.
New Japan Taffetta
Thirty colors, 27 inches wide at
50c a yard. Such a rainbow of
dazzlingly beautiful color has
rarely been seen on Revelstoke
counters for waists, for slip linings, for dresses, the price is
attractive at per yard
Kiddies Spring Coats
"Bench tailored goods" i'or
little girls and bovs, swell little
"toppers" in Tweeds, Cords,
and Shepherd's Checks, book
them up when in the drygoods
department- The prices are
moderate, around
Shepherd's Checks
Ulack and white shepherd's
checks, all serges, all kinds, all
prices. 10 patterns at 25c. a
yard; others at 50c. a yard; still
others at 75c*, and a dandy that
is full a yard and a half wide, all
wool, "old country goods" at
$1.50 per yard
Take the Elevator
Tis not the clothes that
proclaim the lady, but they
help, inasmuch as fine feathers
make fine birds, you cannot
help associating good clothes
with prosperity, and really now
we all want to look and feel
A woman who respects her
clothes and makes her clothes
respectable, is pretty sure to
command respect from the
We have often been asked
by different ladies: "Why
don't you have some of those
nice dresses we see in the city
stores." We have them now
and only await the opportunity
of showing them to you.
Dress $25
This smart frock is developed
in finest all wool black voile
elaborately trimmed with rat tail
braid, skirt round corner panier
effect, close fitted, modified hobble. There are fine touches on
these costumes that are foreign
to the local dressmaker.  See this
At $25
Shirt Waist Bargains
Friday Bargain-300 waists,
see the window, dainty muslin
waists, tucked mull waists, pretty
colored shirt waists, tailored shirt
waists in this lot. No need to
say anything about them, they
are a parallel to any Friday bargain we ever had. They will be
on sale
Friday at 90c. each
Take the Elevator
Ham Lais Tea
With our Ram bals Tea we get
action all along the line. This
tempting, fairy-like tea has a
charm wholly its own, and is so
delicious in flavor that it is fast
taking the place of other brands.
If you use it you will want no
other.   You wont forget the name
Ham   Lais
We have just received direct
from the old country a large shipment of crockery and are now in
a position to quote prices on all
white-ware to hotels and private
houses. White toilet sets, jugs,
platters, cups and saucers, bowls,
plates, vegetable dishes, and side
dishes, all at the lowest prices.
Selected Seeds
The few bare spots of earth
suggest to us the time of sowing
and planting. In a few days you
will all be digging and cultivating
whatever space you can spare in
your back yards for the season's
vegetables, and your front lawns
will soon be suggesting to you the
need of flowers. We are prepared
to fill all your orders for garden
and flower seeds. We buy the
best selected seeds on the market.
Garden and Flower Seeds in bulk
and packages. Timothy seed,
White and Red Clover Seed, Lawn
grass seed.   All pure seeds.
Spring House Cleaning
This is the time for special activity in household requirements.
There'll be the demand, see that
you have what you need. We
have the stock that's right, at
right prices. Brushes—stone,
scrub, shoe and hand. Brooms,
mops, clothes pins, washboards,
Cotton clothes lines, pails, tubs,
and a full stock of soaps, washing powders and silver polishes.
Ladies' Hose
Penman's Pen-Angle Hose for
ladies. "The Lady Fair" sold
across Canada at a standard
price, is all wool, absolutely
seamless. Your money back for
every pair that goes wrong.
Can be purchased at Hume's at
Ladies' Suits
Every procession must of necessity have a "leader" and all
in line bear a reflex of that
leadership. Our leadership in
ladies suits is recognized this
year, as is very well attested by
the great number of suits we
have sold. On Thursday we are
having a special show of ladies'
outer garments. You had better
have a look, the prices are from
$!5Ato   $2t>
Our stock of Olives is now
complete—80 oz. bottles $1.75;
quart sealers 85c., 12 oz bottles
50c, 8oz. bottles 35c, Stuffed
Olives in tomato, and peppers at
60c, and nut olives at 35c This
is the season of the year when
you want Olives, and we have
made our prices so low that you
cannot be without them.
Carpet and Drapery Department
Showing Many Hew Arrivals
During the past week we have been busy placing in stock
the finest assortment of new Spring house furnishings ever
offered to the Revelstoke public. Courteous salesmen to
show you through, whether you wish to buy now or later.
Lace Curtains and
Curtain Goods
We are showing a very
Dhoice range of these goods
in White, Ivory, Ecru and
Arab. Fine Battenberg and
Irish point curtains. Madras
muslin in creams and colored
effects suitable for curtains
or draperies. Choice Bim-
galoand Egyptian cluny nets.
plain and colored scrims.
Direct importation from the
Scotch mills.
See our Special Display
Carpet Squares
and Hugs
Our stock includes the very
newest, patterns, in Axmin-
ster, Wiltons, Brussels, Ta-
pestrys and Velvets. Seethe
new pro-Brussels rugs for
bedrooms and living rooms.
Can't be beat at the prices:
$12, $14, $16, $17.50
Floor Oil Cloths and
We are just taking in stock
our new spring assortment of
Floor Oilcloths, Printed and
Inlaid Linoleum, imported
direct from Scotland, in (>,
9, and 12ft. wide goods. A
choice range in the newest
Window Shades
If you are building or furnishing your home, the matter of Shades is a matter of
importance from a view of
artistic appearance and general utility. We carry in
stock the regular sizes, and
are prepared to make to order shades any size. Pee the
Lancaster shade cloth, plain
cream, green and combination colors, does not crack or
pinhole, A very desirable
shade at reasonable prices.
Christys Hats
We have the sole agency
for these celebrated hats,
and this season we can assure our customers their
wants will be better looked
after thnn ever.
A full line of up-to-date
STIFF HATS in black and
brown. All the latest blocks
in "Our Feather Weight"
quality. You can't go astray
on these, they are always up
to the  minute  in  style and
Soft hats, also Christys' in
all the latest shades of gray,
slate, bronze, brown, green,
and 1 lack. We have them in
Fedoras, Dips and telescopes
We telescope any hat to the
desired height crown while
you wait.
The Famous Lion Brand Boys Clothing
Let your boy respect his clothes
and make his clothes respect him.
At this season of the year every
boy commences to look for a new
suit. He feels like it. Put him into
a cheap ill-fitting suit and his pleasure in that suit vanishes. He feels
it. But put that same boy into a
swell-fitting, up-to-date Lion Brand
suit of the College type and his
spirits go up. He feels it, because
he knows it is right.
The College suit is two-piece,
double-breasted. Neat bloomer
knickers, with self belt. They come
in soft and hard finish worsteds, all
the new shades. Also in neat serviceable tweeds in gray and brown.
PRICES:   $6.50. $7. $7.50, $9
Don't forget our Lion Brand
odd knickeas:" double seats, double
knees.   Bloomers a specialty,
PRICES :    50c. to $1.50 per pair
Soft Collar Shirt Bargain
Just a shirt bargain, but it will make you
stop. Crepe shirts with soft collars attached,
blue, white and champagne, solid colors
Regular Price $1.50—Until the end of the week 80c. each SATCHDAV.  Al'ltll.  1ST,  1911.
"   ' ■ ■"■«»
In this season's distinctive designs.
Pretty wash fabrics that every woman
Lingerie, at <ioe.    each.    Pretty   patterns attractive styles.
Colored House Waists in good  washing Prints at 75c. each.
Woniens'  Black   Cashmere   Hose    4
pairs for $1.     Womens' Black Cotton
hose    5 pairs for $1.
All-wool Panamas in all shades.
..    -■_„._,.       ._,__„,.,.,._,,.
Eagle Shoe Co.'s Boots-—best value
This section was never hitter assorted
in   ilie  market;   Doctor's   Antiseptic
Shoes, every  pair guaranteed  waterproof.
than at present— all  the   best   patterns
and prices low.
Guaranteed fast colors, at i.:'..e pr. yd
This department   is   kepi   up-to-date
with a picked assortment of tlie latest
creations of Pattern Hals.
Tin* Bowman Lumber Co.'s mill
opened for tlie season mi Thursday,
:m 1 ih,- mill ut Three Valley will
commence  operations '■»  Monday,
hlbltlon Mi* Hows, n nnd Mr, Foster
briefly addressed the audience exhorting every man present to encourage
in every possible manner Uie work
of tlm  mi.C.A.
Business Locals
Second hand pinno at Howson'Bl
Co  Cart8ll        (io  Curls   !   !   I      At
At Reid Sr Young's Store
of      the
Ht   Ml'tll-
Apnl    14 — Concert    in
church  under auspices
April IT.—Easter  High Te
odist church.
April IS—Ladies' Auxiliary to thc B.
of B. T.   Dance in Opera House.
April  21—Musical entertainment      at
St.  Peter's church.
May 23.—Knights of Pythias Hall.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Ralph Simpson, ol C.„len:i Bay,
was in the ciiy yesterday.
Hear the l»est Anthems by the
MetluKli-t choir—Good   Friday night
Miss McPhalen, school teacher, is
laid up with an attack uf tonsllttiu.
Mr. A. N. Stevens, ol tbe Swift
Canadian Co., was m the city on
Mr. and Mrs. Barraclough retinn-d
from Kamloops where they spent the
winter, an.l will again take up their
residence here.
A meeting .'I the  Ladies  Auxiliary
to the \ .M.c.A.  will be held
Association building     Friday.
Tth.  at  T ii;  p.m.
earnestly  :« |nested
At the Sunday afternoon meetlni
at the V.M.C.A., Rev. Mr, Smith
pastor ol the Baptist church will address the nun.
* ug. All men
1 ome.
Pati ii It Webb, an "i 1 ollendei appeared belore Magistrate FoBtei on
Tl .i-day morning on 11 charge ol
jorderly, and was
sent down for three months. John
Roach for begging drew 11 days, and
J. Belden un promise ol good behavior was let ofl on suspended sentence.
We have just nee veil a shipment oi While Clover Honey put up in
live Hi. cans, whicli we will guarantee to bc absolutely Pure Honey,
and as tl is is the season for honey we would advise jou to try thia if
yoa wish tu get llie genuine article.
The name "Wagslall'e speaks for itself in regard toquality. We have
a full assortment ol ihis Pure Jam including Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach. Plum, Black Currant and Apiicot.
A. HOBSOiN,        Baker and Grocer.
I lowson's.
Just, opened, h shipment of International slock und poultry foods,
chicken powders, ele., at Macdonald's
drug store.
Howson's Removal Sale continues
for a tew more days. Some good
commissioners for taking affidavits bargains still left in carpet squares,
for the Supremo Court. and  parlor furniture.
Lust night the residents     of     the Ladles—why throw away yonr last
"Appy  'Omo" gathered  in full lorce summer's lints when Mrs.  W.   Robin
to pay their respects to Mr.     II. A. son     will     remodel    them to latest
McCannell      who  has  recently  joine 1 styles from 50c up.     Coiner of Sixth
thc  i.mks of the hen,'diets,  nnd      tu street, opposite new si'hool          3w,
John Lewis, ut Wigwam;
Rlordan, Thomas GlUlsph
Fordc, and William Ainsii
Uevelstoke,    have     been
nil    of
Upholstered chairs nnd couches,
from Pi* to iw per cent, reduction '»
prices to clear out our present stock
at  Howson's Removal Sale.
at the
All members arc
to be present.
Mrs.  Thorpe
interested    are
w   1-
Is one of the most import,
ant items in your business
V 'N
will  look -after  this branch
the business for you.
Kjootenay Agencies,
Successors lo hu.caid & Anderson
Public Schools AltBniSance
Thr a.l lei.dance at Hie Public sclio
I'm-   llie  month    ol    March    was
follows :
Central School. Div. I... 20   s7.-.s
 III... II   81)
 IV... la   85.81
 V.... 61   1)1.48
 VI  .,81   OOPS
 VII..80   87.12
 Vlll.3D   !>'» 70
Totals 2111   88.80
Sliiillicunii Sehl. Div. l...-lli   87 09
"    II... 17   00.08
 III., la   08 57
 IV.. Ill   01.37
present him with a handsome     eight ;
day cluck.      Cards anl dancing    were
indulged in and  n splendid     evenin :
spent by all present.
The Hoys' Brigade concert on Mon
dny evening w„s largely nl tended nnd
In every way was B complete success.
A splendid program was given by
local talent, the boys themselves participating in 1, Dumber of drills and
songs. The work ol the boys was
very entertaining and shows to the
credit oi the o,Peers of the brigade
who work so devotedly In such n
worthy cause.
Mr. R. H. Hooper, architect of
Vancouver, was iu the city yesterday
looking over the propoB&d site tor
the new Court house here and getting
an insight Into the amount of accommodation that will ho required in
such a building here. Two sets of
plans have already been prepared for
this building, naither of which ware
thoroughly satisfactory and n new
set will be prepared. It is anticipated that the building will be much
more elaborate than  lirst anticipated
Three thousand feet of that wonderful Iiim picture Uncle Tom's Cabin,
has been secured by the Kill-sun Theatre for Good Friday and the following  Saturday,  April Hth and      16th.
This     play    is   acted by tbe famous phy| ^ M mm sixty.flve yCa,.s     o[
VitagraPh Co. of New York, and has ^ /,    WftB mj.  mornlng taken      ,,,,,„
been  secured  by  the   Edison    theatre ]us [unm. jn HoBm(Jr ^  .mt ^   ^
management at an enormous expense hoBVim at cranbrook.    The old man
The scenes are all acted in thc open hag  „mR,  lngaM   fl.()m  br0tfdlng  over
thus ensuring a must realistic presen- ^ pre8(mt m,M troubtos,
tatiun of    the subject.     A     matinee Mm.phv ran n UMe st(),,(, ,n    I|()H
will  probably  be  given  on Good  Fri- mer ,u) , (i„. S(Mll(, ,*„,,, h])[.  ,„,, n    (1(,
day aflernoon. lng praotIcaUy n„thiiig. The old man
The city council held a special con- was weak and ill nnd tha      absolute
clave held in the club house yester - certainty of » failure to make n liv-
dny     decided to purchase a watering ing  during  the  strike so  worked  up-
cart     at a   cost of $486.     Alderman on  his mind that it became deranged
Abrahamson    objettedto the purchase Last  night  he  became  violent      mil
maintaining  that  the  purpose    of    a Was placed under restraint. Today he
watering cart could  be  fulfilled      by was  sent to  Cranbrook  and will    be
,hose  attached  to  the  various       hy- taken to New Westminster asylum as
drains along the streets.     However, soon as he is strong enough to make
bis objection was overruled and    the the trip,
cart is now on its way from Calgary j   Tony   Vlccuni,    an    Italian miner
The council  also  placed  orders    with   from  Michel,   was  today   brought    to
'1 lie Nelson Sliii-Ul in CentinlSchoi
was  won   (bis  month by   M'ss   Mi
t.'alluiii's Hi'i'iu'iiiiciu.     'Ili ie   i
Siriilhi-i.iiii buliool was WOU   by   Mis
Paget'* De|i*u;mini.
Miners Go Insane
Remember- M ith ■'.. t Choir
cert—Good Friday night in th:
idist church. Adralsi ion " ■<
( Oil
In the Baptist  1 burcb  the     i'ii tor
will speak   *n s inday morning
I ,>•    evening will b    ' The  Voice
Behind   V* Thi ■ r tbe
direction ol Mr. H   It. Sawyer,   will
•  nt'i ai • Ivi ii -*-   *: thi   ■ ■
... •   by lendei ug -1" 1 lal  "
,*:ay -* b ol at 2 ■','   p.m.;  Vi ing 1 ■ ■
iiieetin.-  at  S  p.m.   M
enlng;  I ray. 1  -. ,.    v
• ah
* ■
.1. Mclntyri 11
„ m.   subject "0 ' r
-n 'i at f   p.m.;
Pray ■' lj it I p.n,
- rt i"  ' '
join a... '
,. wel
1 ome « [iven atteii 1
Mr. and Mrs.  .1.  S.  Bennett
famtlj   left  yesterday   tor  Saskatoon*
During bis residence here Mi. Bi at
hns  hecn employe.',   with the C   P.   R.
aud will continue in 1
ms new borne,
en  TuesdaJ  evening a  mi
all football   '
requested,  wbei
made for the tr
Friday, an I
tion with ' 11
mi *   - -  *■
Mr, Wm,  Brown, at
or ol the city and   i *
Mr.   Browi
orles a       1
1 in
the posl    *    ■   ,  '■:
*;*■;   * ,
; tbe   * m i   a
1 Iw ing   to   Mon laj   night   being  01
the   V..M.C.A.      gyn D
dtion the  B . .11 he
I,  but will  reopen on     T u
- 1 .    . , , ••    v
:   other
has   re •
•   it
•   ni.nary  exam.
The    Watrous Co., for a road roller,
a crushed and other small machinery
Arrangements  have  been   innde    by
the  Kdison theatre management    fur
the presentation in Itevelstoke ol that
famous  picture  "Uullalo Jones." This
film   ,t   one of  tlie most realistic ever
pres,*nte,i an 1  has cost a  fortune    to
produce.      Scenes  in  South  Africa of
BuSalo Jones capturing wild animals
give a  wonderful conception    of    the
ild  valor ol the participants and
li   risks  they  run. The date
i  been arranged    but    will
ed later.
Penile and placed in the cells. He
j nlso is insane. Tlie cause is not
>• enjoyable dance in
-r-i-r - vi"!-
Dtnt H
■  •
i    ll
■  ■
kirk hall*
ei   we tcss   uf   a
onor ot the
i    lay evening,
Mrs     Lawn nee' - spacious
: ■ ,       * * * >
week   nt
of  V:                               and
being   won
McCartei     &nh     m
on Ha
'   '■■
i   i     Morris
*.* Lake
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 t>tr Ken,
nterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, lloi
4. No. of box will also bo shown
n indicator at Fire Hull.
Box  No.   14—Coruer    First    street
and    McKenzie    avenue, (J. 12. Hume
& Co.
Boi  No.   15—Corner  First      street
nd Rokeby  avenue,  post otlice
Box  No.   16—Coruer   Second  street
and Government Road aud
Box No. 17—Corner Third
n I   Campbell  avenue,  Globe
Bf company.
Box No.  18—C.t>.H.  station
Uox    No.  24—Coruer    Filth
nd     McKenzie
Box No. 25—Corner    Sixth     t>
nd Ortoa avenue,  W.  A.  Foote.
Box  No.   2C—Corner  Fourth  stroet
ml Townlcy street,    corner     south
Box No.  28—Corner  Second    Bttejt
nd Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall No. 2.
Box No.  35—Hospital.
Box No.  3C—School.
llllli  IIKIGADK  NO.  UNU.
Box No. 44—Firo Hall No.  1.
BOX     No.  4.7 -Front street      wcjt.
mr 0.  P.  H.  bridge.
liox    No.    46—Corner    King      und
louglas streets,  Palace Meat Market
Box   No.   47—Corner  Second       and
i "• ts,   hack  of cuiirt house.
Box   No.     U   Corner    Third       and
inin. streets, Cowan block.
hipial for practice—not less tnas
Ix  (Cj slow strokes.
Lno (I) Indicates line hi ok in or
ie out.
avenue,      CatuuiiC
m:\t   mi MB   Iii.uiK
SKxt     III   MK    III.< It   K
Hens Lay Better
Aftt:   ■ ou I'm  ' om i Iiii ken •
Watch   bow  ipu.'-l    Ua    i ii .
Up   Old how lllli'll 1 i Hi: thej  l.'l>
i        need a  Spring i mm .    n
Pow'k-t to tone them up.
35c. a Package
Not Too  Early
with    FISHING
TACKLE    (01    lhe   I
md   \n* hor Brawl   I'lie*
in   , .ud  to  heal    '"' ■ to I
per dozen,
* iai, TRUNK   RODI
$4 and $6 Each
Easter Cards
\ 1st
ii dozen.
r * *i
post   t mii
50c. to $2 Each
Nir.f; Kodaks
■ *
10   -i '
,ii..I Boho i- i* i    '
Goods at List Prices
M'.VI     lit  Ml      lll.lll  l\
si;\ l    in mi;   iii.hi u
CM. Timetable
No. l, arrives    i, is a.m., departs
7 Ofi a.m.
Nu. 07, arrives |;H p.m., Asparta,
v Li p a,
No. 't. arrives 12:10 midnight,     dc-
arts  12 II  midnlcht.
No '"*. Mirivm (|:4S a.in., departH,
» 06 a. m.
So.itli trmii liuu *i Ravi Istokl nt, ')
a   m ,  arrivn ItevelHtokn I it p.m.
H \-.-|-|*:n    \  i;,„,!  Wn.ii'*  i at <
lor lunch countei.     \ iply to   Mis.
Wilson.  ('.p.It.  KcHtaurant.       2t.
New Wash Goods
If vou have not seen our showing of Wash Goods
Jrou arc missing a treat. All tltc new nuumals, all
the new colorings are lic-ri*, and wc have been very
careful to get colors thai we can guarantee to stand
lhc tub.
The most wanted m iterials such as Voiles, Poplins, Shantungs, Foulards, etc., arc here in great
variety of the daintiest shades, and «c invite your
inspection.    The) arc worth seeing'.
Dress Skirts
Wc can show you some extra values in Skirls, in
Panama, Serge, Voiles, etc, Sou c have the popular
over-tunic effect, lun there is a large variety ol styles,
rang ing in price from $;, to $10.
Knit Underwear
We pin our faith to the garments made by the
Oxford Manufacturing Co. You cannot lind better.
Soft, perfee ly white, and finished with the greatest
care, they are the besl value you can buy. W e have
Vests in long, short and no sleeve styles, drawers and
(low About
Made to Order
Our Sluing' Samples for Suits and
Sining' Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, -style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
Kinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Rtlurm Chilling
Fool-Rile Shoe
Smart New Suits for Boys
(ior stcek of Boys' Suits is complete and
made up of a well assorted line. Mothers
v ill liml numerous styles and patterns for
all ages, from 2 to IT years, the largest
Bize worn in short pants. They show the
latest cut and (it, and our prices are the
lowest possible for iho quality. The best
sellers are double-breasted with Bloomer
IcRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
The Style Shop for Men and Hoys Who Know
3L—  .1 ...   .     11 ..---.-  m\y
WANT! 'i - Housemaid to io jomral WANTBD—Girl     fur    general   honsu
housework,     Apply to Mw.      W. |   wf"k-     A"l'ly Mnil-Hcral.l Ollico.
Bows. 2t.
Tu i.k 1 Two tm 111 in 1 rooms, ami
luith, in central part «l nly- Apply P. 0. Dox 7C5, Cltjr.
TO hknt might roomed modern
hoiiae. Pull tlM cellar and attlo-
Available April lit, at $:to.iK) per
month,      Apply  Itevelstoke  General
Agencies, Ltd,


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