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The Mail Herald Nov 12, 1910

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Array I
'Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $(i0.
Interior Pubi.aiung Co., Agts
e Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
Interior PuDlishing Company
Vol  16 -No. 89
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      -      ■ $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed            - 5.575,000.00
Capital Paid Up 5 S30,000.00
Reserve        .... 5,h.v>,„ 00.00
Branches or Apents at all principal points ln'0ana.la.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago— First National Bank, Oorn Exchange National Hank. S'attle—Seat tie National B.vnk, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Depomta of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Rovelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Creamery gutter
Eastern Townships
Alberta Government
Independent Creamery
City to Buy Team-Raise Magistrate's Salary
Thf regular meeting of the city
council was held last night with acting Mayor Trimble and Aid. Cowan,
MeKinnon, McCarty and Bews, present.
A letter was received from the
Local Option League, Vancouver, cn-
lorslng a circular letter asking for
i reduction of thc auinber of liquor
licenses in municipalities l.y hy-law,
and public vote. That the license
commissioners and police commissioners be elected by the citizens in
thc same manner as mayor or school
trustees. That     moving     picture
shows should not be allowed to exhibit fight scenes or scenes of crime,
tc. That all persons be prosecut-
d who have in their possession all
obscene pictures and literature, and
that children under IG be not permitted to attend picture shows with
out being accompanied by their par-
onts. That the white slave traffic
in the red light district be suppressed. That persons be penalized who
allow their property to be used for
.mmoral purposes. That licentiousness be an offence and punishable by
The communication was received
:ind tiled.
Several items on a bill from W. I.
Briggs, city solicitor, against the
city were taken exception to, the
council feeling that the solicitor hav
iug a retaining fee, the charges were
It was decided to pay part ot the
account and refuse the balance.
H. Needham, J. H. Dallas nnd J.
Palmer, of the power house, each
requested a raise in snlnry, pointing
out the difficulty in reaching the
power house. Thc request wns referred to the Fire, Water an.l Light
R.  Smith,  city  engineer,  submitted
Plans (or the conservation    of      the
city  water supply sources.
The council will take ui> the matter with the Board of Trade.
T. F. Sinclair asked tbat he might
he permitted to .lose down the work
on the sewers till next spring, saying thnt tbe cement pipe was too
green to use und that the weather
was against good and satisfactory
woik. Permission was giv.n.
W, W. Poster, police magistrate,
asked for a raise in salary, pointing
out that tbe police court work had
been exceptionally heavy this year,
and the position ahould carry a larg
er salary. The request was backed
up by the police Commissioners. A
table was submitted showing the police records sin.e June, 1910.
June, SS; July, 41; August, B7 nnd
September, 60. An average per
month ol 50. This wns nn Increase
if 103 per cent, over last year.
Fines collected for tbc past tour
months amounted to $2,011.46. Thc
salary was only $41.60 per month,
while Nelson had only IT. cases per
month with a salary of $70. Leth-
hridge 25 cases, with $1(0 per month
Rossland lii cases, with $7!i a month
Revelstoke thus compared very amnll
In salary paid to its police magistrate  with other cities.
Thc recommendation ..( the Police
Commissioners and Mi. Pouter, was
nccepte.l and adopted.
The matter ol erecting the incrs
on the crest ol the power ,1am, us
advised   by   the  engineer-,   was  again
referred to the Fire, Water and Light
committee. ...
.M.i.  Cowan  repotted on the Kire,
Water anl  Light  committee     recom
cost. He did not like to risk any
more engineer's estimates.
It was finally decided to go ahead
mid try and arrange for money to
carry the work along until some
definite decision  wns arrived at.
Thc following account? were passed
General  $6,055.48
Water    and     Light
Debenture     U    	
Debenture T 	
Debenture   K   	
The name ui Dr, William Patterson
s well known in Canada. His long
and successful ministry in Cooke's
church, Toronto, and later in Bethel
church, Philadelphia, has won , for
Iiim an assured place in thc     affect-
■as of Canadian Presbyterians. His
tine Christian character, natural eloquence and spontaneous and irrepressible Irish wit, make him a very
,.ovular as well as a helpful preacher
Dr. PatterBon, assisted by Mr.
A'caver, director of song, will conduct services as lollows:
St. John's church, 11 a.m.; Edison theatre, 7:30 p.m.; and every
night during the week, except Satur-
lay, in St. John's church. Special
music.     Everyone welcome.
Rush Kootenay Central
Spokane, Wash., Nov. 11.—C. Hun-
gcrford Plolen, president of the Kootenay Central Railroad company,
.vhile in Spokane, announced that
.\ork on the line needed in thc development of the headwaters of the
Kootenay and Columbia rivers, will
he rushed to completion. Steel has
..een laid for 25 miles north of Fort
.■i-teele, and work will be continued
.intii ■the construction gangs meet.
Ten miles of line have been laid up
the Columbia river from Golden, ou
lhc main line of the Canadian Pacilic railroad.
The total length of thc line is 175
miles from Golden to Fort      Steele,
the latter town being on  the Crow's
Nest branch of the Canadian Pacific,
lot far north of the     International
One of the difficult feats of engin-
ering on  the  new  line  is  the divcr-
.ion  ol the   course    ot     Wild Horse
reek, that [anions honau'/.a    ot    the
Cootenay     gold     rush ol the 'Cfl's.
This will  be  undertaken  at once and
liter its completion  the   contractors
lo not anticipate any further serious
The completion of the line will not
.nly  help  out  a  good      mining  dis-
rict,  but   will  also  throw  open      a
.■itile  valley  to settlers.   It  will nl.i  afford  a  direct  route  from  Spok-
inc to the     Canadian national park
it Bnnff.
Man Severely Handled and Relieved of Large Sum
What looks very much like n suspicious case of robbery and attempted murder, took place on Thursday
night at the bank leading down from
the 0. P. R. tracks nt tho railway
bridge,   Front  street.
A man known hy the name of Dad,
who has been a resident, of Revelstoke ..IT nnd on for some time past,
was brutally, attacked hy three men
nnd robbed of a considerable sum of
money on Thursday night and only
saved himself from being murdered
by shouting loudly for help. The
victim was severely handled, receiving deep gashes in the head and face
It seems that he had with him a
large sum of money from a cheque
which he had received the day before
for work at Galena Bay. In company with two men he came up to
Revelstoke nud after having a few
drinks was persuo.ded hy his friends
to walk down along the CP.R. track
Coming to the bridge he was sudden
ly nttacked, the assailants being assisted by two more men, who evidently were waiting in the darkness
for a signal to help in carrying out
tlie plot. Dad was relieved of all
his money nnd left bleeding on the
hank, when the men tried to make
tlicir escape.
The injured man managed to reach
one of the hotels, when medical attendance wns procured and his
wounds dressed.
The police shortly afterwards arrested three men on suspicion of being mixed up in the affair, their
names being A. Grieff, J. Palies and
A. Genuk.
Thc case came up before the police
magistrate yesterday, but was remanded till tonight. Although the
suspects are only charged with creat
ing a disturbance, a more serious
charge will probably be laid against
P.    BlJUNH   &   CO.
Welsh Choir fo-Np
The following from the Kamloops
lentlnel speaks well of the BUccess oi
he Welsh Choir In that city:
Th,' concert hy the Royal Welsh
.a.lies' choir in the opera house last
light wns a delightful treat to lovers of concerted vocal music. The
choi'UB work was admirable, precision
tl nttack and careful shading in expression betokening training nn.l
leadership  of  a   high  order. The
boir is very rich in soloists and
ontraltos and aopranos divided th,'
honors about oqually.    The   attend
lire  was large and  the  hearty      np-
Intiso th.it io,',|,.I eaoh number ol
.he well-selected program was sufflc-
nt evidence ol the keen apprecia ii
lion ot the attentive audience, Kn
cores were demanded utter each num
■cr and were graciously responded t"
Madam Hughes-Thomas bus ber
choir under complete control.     The
iiitct tninmi'iit      was  one  ul   the  hrsl
given iii Kamloops In years.
The choir consists of lbe following
Mme, Hughes-Thomas,   Miss Harlan
nr s.piirc. Hiss Oertls Gronow, Miss
water ami ui-sm. *.*.■»_._     .Beatrice   Langlord,    Mihs   Mylanwy
mend ng lights to l.c Installed on thc   Rowlands,  Mihh  Nnnsl   Langdon, Mihs
Victoria bridge   II  »..   decided that --      •■ -   ■-■>< >-
the city will lumlsfa light lor the
bridge if the,government will mpplj
the installation, etc.
Aid. McCarty,     on behalf of     tho,
Public   Works  committee,  recommend   HapsoB
ed that the city purchase a team    ol   '''lackc.
horBOB  which  Would  he  used  in      all j    This  wonderful  aggregation  ol mus
city work, snow service, lire purpose,   "',l1  Wenl   will be seen at the     EMI
etc.,  and  thc city  would  gum  by the   ■ "n   tl»atr«   tonight,   and   It   Is    sale
investment.      This   wus  adopted  and   '" »«y  •'>»• never belore has IUI
the matter ..! the purchase   ol   tha engagement been offered to
team will be toft in the bands of the ' *t"kc music-lovers.
B. C. Municipalities
Mayor Hamilton returned last
night from attending th,' convention
of the Union of U. C. Municipalities
at Salmon Arm. Hi- Worship reports a well attended and successful
meeting, fifty  delegates being present
line important matter that Mayor
Hamilton brought up nnl which was
unanimously carried, was a proposal
lo amend th.' Municipal Clans, s Act.
to permit of tlie consolidation of the
debenture debt. This recommendation
will bc made to tiie government nnd
will  no doubt  he sanction, d.
The  following  are  thc new officers:
Pros.—Mayor Planta,   Nnniiimo.
Vlce-Pres.—Mayor Robinson, Knm-
Sec. Trens.—Reeve  Iloso,  Surrey.
Executive Committee-Mayor l.ee,
Sew Westminster; Aid. Bnright, Van
cotivcr; Reeve Byrne, llurnaby; Reeve
Sutherland, Kelnwna; Mayor Hamilton, Revelstoke; Mayor llann.rman,
$1,000,(1 Deal
Uritish capitalists have taken nn
ptlon on the Dominion Trust Sky-
scraper building at the corn r ot
Hastings and Gamble streets, Vancouver, involving n purchase price of
approximately $1,000,000. The option
given   II,.'  old  country   interests    was
confirmed at a meeting of tbe     dlr
rotors  yesterday
'Phis deal marks a high wator point
In the history of Vancouver realty,
and ii  is believed to be ihe largest
individual      I inn act mn      over       put
through in tiio city. Tlio identity ..i
tho Intending purobasers has not yo.
been divulged, but it is Hinted that
it is theii Intention to invesl vasl
hums in Vancouver property,
Ladles'Furs! Ladies' Furs!
A   nice    assortment   to   choose   from   at
Reasonable Prices
A rtico range of sizes,   Good Materials,
Mrs. A. G. Crick, - First St.
PloStie   11..will,   Miss   Mill I     Kdwnrds.
Mi     Megan Harries, mihs Alice   M.
Lewis,   Mish   Susie   Phillips,   Miss   Ida
Owen,  Mis- Kathleen     Bird,     Miss
Jennie Dnunanuel, Mism Mabel Boott,
Miss    Flossie    i ,   Miss Blanche
accompanist   Mis*.   Qrace
We arc showing a large stock
of Heating Stoves at prices
that cannot be beaten. Base
Burners, combination wood
and coal stoves, Blazers, Box
Stoves, Air Tight Heaters,
Oil Heaters, etc. S t K-Alta
Kootenay and Hote' Ranges
always on hand.
Bourne B
ourne Dros.
Look! What's Doing
in Boys' Clothing
It is not a question of "can you afford to buy
your son a suit just  now,"   but,   rather,   "can
you afford not to."
Boys' Suits that were from *4.50 up to cG.OO.
NOW  82.-0
They are a few odd lines which we are clearing
out and there is everv size  in  the assortment,
McRae Mercantile Co., Limited
Men's and Boys' Outfitters
and Meats
We're nol crow ini,' idly- we're just assuring
the public that our present .Mock of Meats and
Poultry is the best we ever offered. The Poultry is dry-picked, young and tender. The
meats are the choicest — every portion is cut
from young stock, Leave us an order and you
will come ..g.'iin.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Public Works ' ommlttse.
The Public Woik*, committee   nlso
recommended that arrangements   be
made  to  purchase a  rock crusher lor
nest vent  -   i ",'i*l   work.
Thc city  . lork reminded  the counoil
that all th,. money ol Debenture   T.
. power plant, dam, etc,.  bad   been
t nn.l asked what was going   to
be .! im aboul pa) log tba cul rent ac-
t,*i   tin.  work,
\ii   MeKinnon did nol  leei Incltn
. i to ask tbe people i"t a sum    ol
monej  uni 11 the ca I n iwi tactly
what tbe work Iui  loiupK'lion  would
Yes, Yes
Tills  is  the  soil   of  weathor  which
nwplred      J.   Took   MiioHwnln.     |.not
i bllosopher printer to grasp ■ piece
ol pencil and a i i shoot and dash
.fl the Following touohlng verse:
'nn* melancholy .lays an here,
Baddest ..( ail the ftu
Not   ool.I   enough   lor   whiskey,
Au.i a   iiii.' too cold i..i bier.
Cnminion Wins    ■
i ittawa, Nov.  11    'i be   department
..t Justice has i  notified by cable
thai the appeal ol the Durrard Poi
er oompany hns been dismissed     by
the jUdldal   commit i I   tin*     I'livy
This appeal affects tha righl ..( jur
Isdlotlon ..vor water rights In the
railway bell In British Columbia and
therefore the provincial governmenl
was Interested In It. The company
disputed iin- right ol the Dominion
government to make regulations al
toot ini; water powers m the twenty
mile bell on eaeb side ..t lhe 0. i'.il.
main lino, contending thai the pro
.in.mi water ael governed, This on
t.'nimn was not tntertatned by tha
trial fudge and tha decision has now
been upheld by tha Privy Council,
This tinaily decides the Dominion's
right to deal noi only with t.hc iim
l.oi. iino.'iiils iiiii wntor nn.l other re
ourea   In tha bait.
Under New Management,
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Tin ' In ■••    ii. dth Resort on the Continent
Natural   Hot Water,   124   Degree  r.i   Hea
: il il"'. Water in Baths,   O,  -. All War
Rates from $12 to «] 15 Fer Week
ITUNISHKII Rooms to lot, Willi    nr
with "it board,    aii    modern con-
vi'iiienucb.     Apply Dux »06.        It.
WAKTHD  <; I live Balesman,     to
soli Camrose property,    Dasy     o
er. good column  ton,     Addrcsu, I',
U. Uox 1365, Calgary.
Doors, Windows, Moorings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Co. Ltd
SATURDAY,  NOV.  12TI1,  1911.
Zbc flDail-lbevalb
Jnteriot publisbing Company,
Subscription   Rates
Including postage to England, L'utteil Slatcn
aud OauaUa.
Uy the year [through postoflloo] 12.511
".'I.'!"".'. i!uo
JJB  . HINTING promptly exueutud at reason
abk* rate.,
TEKMS-.'a^h.   Subscrl   ,ic ll payable In ad
Lega i i-"in
' 6oenuparllne each subsequent Insertion
v., isuremenUSou irlol llillneamake one
inch]. Store and nenoral bui-ine-a an
nounoemenui *2.50 per Inoh por moo ,
Preferred positions, H por opntj. ad
dtuiu&l. Hnti.-. Marriages and Den ha
60c   eaoh  Insertion.
Land notices 17.30 All ailvcrtisoiiienu.
Buhlect to lhe ..i provalol lho managi mont.
Wanted and C-undensod AdTorilaomonts: -
Agents W'anted, Help Wanlod, BUuatlons
wanted, Situations Vaeaut, roaohors
Wanu-d. Mechanics Wanlod. lu word*, oi
leas Uo., each additional line lo tonti.
Changed in standing advertisements rousl
bo In t.y '■' a. in. Tuesday .md Friday ol
etch week to -«'c.iru good di-pluy.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters ol
public Interest. Coniuiiiiiicaiioin- to Kdi
tor mu*.! bu ac.-.nnpaniod by naino ol
writer, not neoessarily to publicition. bin
as evidence ot good (aith. (.'orrespondonc.
should be brier.
is something every one should have.    We make
a specialty of all branches.
Fire, Life, Aecident and Health Insurance
Banff Hard Coal.
Wellington Soft Coal
Mixed Cordvvood.
hi ,L  . ANK  BU LOINS   UK\ KL
•aioai, b. ^.
Money to loan. ,   „   ,
Offioei-Bovelaiolce,   .C, Cranbroolt, B.l .
lito. S. AlCt'AKTltB
4_  M.   I'lSKHAM
J. A. Hakvk.y,
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitors for:—
The Oamadiaa Bank of Commerce,
Thk Molsonh Bank, Krc
potltRl' SMITH
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mining Sin veyi.r
McKenzie Avkni k
Box llltl, Rkvelrtokk
c. w  o  vv.
Mountain Vlow Camn. No. 218
,*,til!£*> SjlkirkH.ll.     \lSl«ug   Wood-
men eordially milteJ io attend,
\v  K OPBORSK, Onn. Pom.
JAS. 1MSTYKK, Clork.
Kootona    Lodgo, No. 15, A. f. * A. M.
?*-f 'I lio rognlni meet-
%,».   "7t   -, Ings are held Ui the
if-rrj?\       >i\ MASONIC    TEM-
i'*?jJ<Za   \*    7i Pt,B,   Uddfelli.ws'
I    **^L>^     ' ".':i'"" ln0 ll'inl
"i Monday   lu   eaoh
f in,,nth  ut  B  .* in.
J Visiting   brethren
W-yj^n, ate cm lially wot-
e~£** c»me.
J T POLLOi K. Uastek.
I HAS. J   AM VN.Su iiti.vttv
Rents Collected   Houses to Let  Money to Loan
real estate, life, fire and accident insurance
cannot well avoid treading <>n someone's toes annually and must expect t.. be censured olten tor unintentional Failures; must expect hard
work nn.l little thanks; must, ex-
pecl tn be called a coward because
he does not "pitch Into" everything
thai somebody think**, is wrong, and
n fi,i.l if he Bpeaks out too plainly
whal he thinks on the public evils;
he must expect to grind ..ther people's axes nn,l turn the grind Btone
himself. Still we Until, it Is i ne ol
the noblest proIesslonB ou earth; the
one in which the earnest man run .in
the most good to his Fellow mnn nnil
in which an honorable man cun wield
much power for good,
needed to build up the Canadian
nice nnd this will only be brought
ubout by physical exctcise, clean
living nn.l a Iiiiii sense ol moral life.
We would condemn thos.. prudes who
would raise objections to this new
scheme of ladies gymnasium classes,
as being too narrow minded to look
at their own f^at, and we are heartily In accord with the movement as
being one of the best that has ever
h,--cn organized in Revelstoke.
The Royal Commission on Industrial Training and Technical Education, whicli is touring the West at
this season, would do well to stop
ofl at Revelstoke and study the advantages of this district Irom a prac
tical point of view. The Commission will give pai ticulni-nlti'iit uni to
manufacturing industries, agriculture
mining and lumbering, all ol which
wo can practically demonstrate in
the      vicinity  of  Revelstoke. We
think that, the Board of Trade should
endeavor to secure a sitting of the
Commission in this city.
Moat- everj Thurs-
day   pvnuii'p   in   Bel-
Iklrk Hull »i 8 o'clock
 -0| Visiting brethrMi me
j Invited t" ntttiid.
K ~ ~ JO IBEBB1 103, S.Q.    i. MATHIK RKC
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 16, Revelstoke, B. C.
•.' ...  ov„rr    Wednea' y  ex.
■ rhlrd \Ve li ■■ .Ur ol each
month, in tin   l>.llf**.i "' - Hu'l
»t B ..Vi i-h     \ isltiiitf Kuighta
ere Cur liftllj invited.
d a. McDonald, i  t.
0. B   UR «' .   K. ol K. 4 S  and 'I   o! F,
In regard to the new Liquor Act
the Slocan Recocd has the following
paragraph, which we most heartily
"It is about time the new Liquor
Act hud n rest. Newspapers hnve
given too much pronlnence to it lar
itoly dur to the efforts «.f a press
correspondent in Victoria, doubtless
hired to t.'ive publicity to every oul
rage perpetrated in its alleged enforcement. The aim of nil legislation should be to proi icl the citizen
in his lawful undertakings, and not
to persecute him. A law thnt does
not give the sume privileges to all Is
class legislation nn.l is an infringe
ment of the liberties ol a portion ol
the community."
Mt. Begbie
Meeta In I. 0.0. 1'. Hall next to
Tappinft'» ii era il ise, every Bccontl
nml fourth Monday in month.
Visiting   brethren    cotdially    wel-
c* mi d,
C   !'...  CLARES! B  II IRTK,
!:•  ,-Sec  II. W. Edwards
( ■  '.■:■::; \ c VMi So, 15 ;i.
M'.:.;::;v> *  AMERICA
night  in
.   .   -   . *.**   st,
All visiting neig
A. T. Akti    sv.       A ■:. S. S
C Clerk,
Mrs, Hermann McKinney
Teach   of Voice, Piano a ' Organ
Pat   ■ ■   '    . .*.,**
1/ i
Studio:   Second Street
Che flfcaiUTberalfc
BATl Ri \V. NOV. UTH,  i 111
U |  tii   .:..,:  that  the  city    I
a         en In
all thi
time  and   that   tiny   havi
selves  to blame in tbe  way the es
timates     at     the power bouse bave
eomeout,     Wt are still more glad
• •• that  they hnve n.nl.    .; tbe
..     ,   |      *:  I     * *    :i
.        * .-•    '   "ll    Ol    Ul'lk
Int; sure that when they come I    tbi
|.   pie  nirnin  for  money  •'.  ."ini bt
"-.e pia-.t they are asking Ioi enough
Ioi • •.••ry contingency, will be follow
I l out.
Y.   M    C.  A.   CAMP VIGN.
Next   Week  thc  Y.   M.   C,   A.      will
commence     a    vigorous      campaign
throughout     the     city to raise     its
membership to lourhundred,  and    we
Bincerely     hope     tbat  the mi
«111  be  fraught  with  i i
ticipated.      The  \    M    C.  A. i
and deservedly so,  the goodwill      ol
the public t.. Biich an unlimite
gree  that   it  would
any reasonable     demand  whn
tt v
.'ii*   t,. ovei   *  ' mal
the  Ass , [ation  to  Re *
the  influences for  w
its gymnasium
■   I   ■
and highest citizens      ll
ia!     w rrk  ol
- ■
'      1'    R
It is difficult for the ardent Imperialist to comprehend why all these
changeB in old and time honored cus
tutus that have been such a feature
of the Uritish Empire, are lieing <lis-
cussed with tho idea of adopting
n iw schemes whereby the colonies
v.-ill have distinct marks of the re
spectlve individuality. It rather
savors of the children of a generous
parent who nre continually asking
for little odds and cuds to adorn
themselves and make them conspicuous, quite putting into the background the personality distinction of
their family name and old timed din
nity. The latest movement now is
the subject of the creation of nn
Empire Flag. what is the matter
with the grand old Union Jack, the
flag undo which heroes bave fought
'and died for their country'' Isn't
,. good enough tor the new children
to live under and see in it tho om-
1. (dimeni of all the magnitude nnd
g'ory of the British Empire. To
change the Union .lack would be to
cast insult upon the hundreds and
thousands who hnve served under it
nnd snci'ilicd everything for it. If
tfie dear old Union duck wns good
. lough for the past hundreds of
y 'ins for our ancestors who made
Kngland's name and who through its
medium placed Oreat Britain in the
fore front "f the world's mightiest
l owers, surely ,t is good enough :or
i i at the pi*,*s,uii time to live under
i . peace and prosperity, and shame
, i those who woiil l try and change
i even io satisfy the whims of the
■ illdren colonies who n em to ■•■
:  ns to put  the in* th. it ry      in
i *..* hack  er uind and     extol     them-
B Ives  as tli
just awakening to the fact that the
lower mainland of the Pacific coast
is the most prolific garden of promise and tulhlment that exists in
The more active business mind of
the American has been realizing thia
for years past; hundreds of American
farmers bave sold out their belongings and migrated to British Colum
hia—acted vigorously ns usual—with
the result that, whilst Uritish capitalists have been considering where
to utilize their capital (at a small
percentage of profit), their cousins,
from the United States, Iiave been
acquiring control of utilities and
binds which produce profits of from
ID per cent, to M) per cent. todny,
and give evidence of rising Into cut
per cent.
Uritish merchants, particularly,
ihould wake up nnd keep their eyes
ui the Pacific coast of Canada, nnl
especially on West Kootenay and
Uevelstoke  in  particular.
Remember Prince Cupert Sale
Do you want another chance.' We
are selling the closest iu lots at
Port Mann the new C. N. R. town
on the Fraser across from Westminster. Wharves "now being constructed and the Townsite is being cleared
hundreds of men at work. Our lots
are In Section :), only 100 yards
from the water, and across the road
from the proposed car shops. The
C. N. R. townsit? sale is in March
and our lots will then fetch the
highest prices. Get in now. Terms
only $15 monthly. This is the subdivision which is causing the excitement at Port Mann. Write us to
day for maps. The Port Mann
Land and Investment Co., 808 Dominion Trust Buildings, Vancouver,
B. C. t.c.
Home yiiiiny
Now that the year is fast drawing
to a close it will he pleasant to look
Imck upon the growth of our eity
and the rapid spread of tha resident
ial sections of Revelstoke. We are
distinctly a city af homes. Descriptions are very often alluring an.l
tlowery language frequently tend.
to exaggerate the advantages of a
place; but what writer is there but
will, if enthusiastic over his subject and knowing it to he a good
one, enlarge, unconsciously, on its
merits? No more eloquent demon
strnlioti of the evident satisfaction
of those coming to Revelstoke, ran
be seen thnn in the number of new
houses springing up on all Bides.
Not only is the apparent desirability of living here shown, but those
who are building, are erecting houses
ol nu mean prportion and Judging by
the plans ln the hands of several local architects and contractors, the
genera] Inclination tends to design
ol n high clas nal ir ■ Look where
you will, you may s.e our homes
springing up, homes that would do
1 istice t.i a city far larger nn.l
ir than Revelstoke
*.v comer is please.l with
onment      has
been     ; .    ed 1       • ar, and     when
home life is demon ti ati i so largely,
!•*  I,,  live  here  will   be even
i.     By     the
i *     and the eleva-
. i  city,    ''"
;*      , ill be corres
And not     only
a whole,        It
neral mii-
eacl   e   : all of ue to do
ition    of   the
The   man     who odlte the averagi
tountr>' di     ,   ,      layi an cxcbuni"
VI.I    ',
t the it ni *e
n     this
iv      Everj .i.    ■
en l    '  *   mi n as I
e ti inlth
..■i.n, and there
■ i "ii     why    '
**   Id       not     be     "ller.-l     tin
.        • i  *■ .. i.i.i  In
trong   healt
It ,'.l,  and  especially  do  I h   ie    girl *
* nil    dny nrt - j  da .   n offli i ■
b ling    i ■ li n't v  lives require    • ■• it
Ise in muscle and limb to keep I hem
"" |  health      Phj steal  pi i feci ion
an only In- obtained     by conl Intioti
ise of    all      the      pai ts  of  tho  body
idiirh will lune the effect ol can In -
he glow ..( health to Bpread through
ill   the  whole system.      Full  blooded
icn and strong healthy women   are
.   ■
ke Op!
lh :   Mn esl v     King      ■       ■   ,< ■
this advice   *rhcn  Prince of
an I   It   i :    ll   Irablc,   nny,   it,   .
lately  nei •■   at ;.   thai   Mi *   pco
'•''  tern     i la, an I especially tho
residents ol  thi i  womlorlul I ol imb i
Valley, wake up, nnd keop awake, to
tho great  lul iro     thnl  li   opon      to
thorn lor exploitation
The people ol Oreat Britain     are
Ladies' Hair Cheaper
ued by     the
■ **;* i* enta
it    ofl
■    take,     im
ol     the
::,* d
-.     *
.  the  Em
Strike of CP.R. Engineers
P    Hi
in  Wll
ShHob's Gure
'I'.I. 1* I V    -.loll •   ' ".'ill,'..
Hi.  il,, *,'.( aad luafl-i.
t ii^c*. ti,I.li, I,. .,1*.
•   •    •       UO irulj.
You judge a pair of shoes
somewhat by the way they
look pei haps you jutlge them
more by thc way they feel, but
rest assured that if they do not
feel comfortable, the chances
are ten to one that they will
not look well. You cannot be
at peace with a shoe unless it
feels comfortable, and no shoe
can be comfortable unless it
fits. If it fails to fit it will
;.oon lo.o shape, for you cannot be comfortable in a vice—
(he foot or thc shoe must yield.
Now Ames-Holden Royal
Purple shoes for women embody just these features-
perfect fit, perfect style, and
with it the maximum measure
of full comfort, and that is
why so many women ask for
It costs money to insure your
life or property, but il costs you
nothing to insure your shirts,
Buckskin CSeth Slml
RIPPING. IF IT EIP3 you gi t
another shirt absolutely free of
charge to you. This shirt insurance policy is attached '
vour dealer to show vou THU
In it you'll find a heap of
ROOM, a heap of QUALITY,
and a heap of COMFORT, making three heaps of sliirt SATISFACTION.
H. B, K BUTTONS sewed nn
by band  -Cannol eon IT
1 .iii11>it break,
H. B. K   SEAMS all double
'I and anclion 'I    ('tuinut
,;,'!-.'   large   body   ond
For Sale by the Leading llraleri
Throunhout Canada.
Minlr nn.I guaranteed Ky th-"*.
i u
Shirtmakera to
The Workingman.
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund •    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World,
, At all Branoh-aa.    Inloreet allowed at highest current rate
UEVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager"
^ .US. RYRIE, Prcsidcnl.
XS made very easy by a •'RYRIE" Catalogue. C. You
can purchase from this just as satisfactorily as by visiting
our storo in person. C, We guarantee sale delivery—prepay
nil postal and express charges—and refund the money ii the
goods arc not perfectly satisfactory.
will he mailed upon request. This contains 132 pages, in
colors, of Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware, China, Novelties,
Diamond  Merchants, Jewelers  and Silversmiths
li.l-i.iiM.m  VOINGE ST..  TORONTO
Hay, Oats, Wheat,Bran
and Shorts
On ui*;:   t'.>r.   McKenzie Ave,
ANI. Sl'l'l.NI. Striskt
I'ltiiNi: 7.'..
'I'll I It li STREET
B:,!:d Hay
Send Your Orders
To tbe underBiRtieil for
Famous Gait Coal
'ire, life and Accident Insurance
Full particulars »>f select building
lots given upon application
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent [*oan
Company Agency
Special Attention Ki't'n to commercial
men ami toiiiint8. First-claBs sample
lxjuib. Finest scenery in British Columbia, ovetlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
onnaught Ave.   -    Revolstoke
Still Dei r Business
Headquarters for Bulbs.
Two tons just arrived.
Also a full line of seeds,
ornamental stock, fertilizers, Hoc supplies,
spray pumps, implements and all garden
SOU Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,   -    Manager
Phone 276
Repairs Promptly
attended to
Work Shop
.Imt back ol
Skating Rink
)mmi blocks
MnnnfbC'.tir&ri for nli cmtavt- of   buildiagi
|i.i mis In lsrao or small ip'untitios
at the lowest prlroi for cash
ill Icil 'I   nf l>n 1 liuu aud plastering
in dertakau
Foote & Pradolini.
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigara,Tobacco,
Mi-iiIf 85 cents,
*.  H. Sing, Proprietor
Carriage and Sign
Shop In alley hack ..I E. J. Bourne's I
store, I'lf-i Btreet,
First   Class   Work  Guaranteed.
Prices Reasonable
UekidvuceC'or. Shd bt. und Uobsuoar '
©hnnaoan Colic c
Summerlnnb, .is.c.
COURSES   FOR   1910-11
Preparatory; IHh'i School; Two
Years University; Business, Including Stenography ami Typewriting; Piano; Vocal.
Separate resiliences for young
men and young women.
Well epuipped gymnasium.
i'ai.i. Tkkm Opens Skpt. 21,
For Calendar ar-d further particulars aililu-ss ihe Principal
Fire Wood
For Sale
Tii l». iut ami delivered as
ordered ilm ing ilm winter
(booths, In carload lotn, two
tier to the cord, (lr or lum-
ii i ue, green, $:t.7,"> per cord,
dry, 84.26, f. o. h. cars,
Qi'indrod Hiding and Kii-
ilei hy.    Apply
Bernard Roxoman
SATURDAY,  NOV, 12TH, 1910.
ToProtEct B. C, Fruit
The determination of the provincial authorities to allow nothing into
British Columbia in the fruit line,
except the very hest wns never better
illustrated than yesterday, when
Mr. Thomas Cunningham, inspector
of fruit pests, condemned a car of
Yellow Newton Pippins from California, making the second car of
this fruit from the south refused
within a week. These apples arc
infected with codlin moth, an insect
said to be the dread of all apple
growers and a pest most dillicult to
eradicate when once it has obtained
a foothold in an orchard.
Mr. Cunningham states that an erroneous idea has prevailed that the
codlin moth cannot become a serious menace on account of the comparatively .old climate in this north
era country. Such is not the case
at all, lie maintains,
in accordance with the settled policy of the provincial horticultural <>f
ticers special instructions hnve been
issued to the inspectors to increase
their vigilance ami tako DO chanc'.'s
whatever with foreign fruit. Five
thousand cloth posters with full instructions relative to thc use of n
lime sulphur solution for spraying
havo been printed and are to be distributed by the farmers' institutes
and provincial constables. These post
ers also give instructions on pruning
and the burning of all debris from
orchards. Furthermore, they contain the pointed reminder that under
the British Columbia Horticultural
Act the orchards of all persons not
complying with these regulations
may be destroyed at the owners'
Newspaper Advertising
The world generally is waking up
to the fact ct the value of newspaper advertising and prominent business men have been recently speaking on this subject. Sir Thomns
Dewcr says: 6
"Advertising should he done consistently and persistently for at
least three years before a return
thould be expected. Of course there
must be value. More money could
be spent in pushing a bad article
than in anything else; value must
be combined with a judicious display  of advertising.
Sir Thomas told a story against
his own countrymen, who were, he
said, "sometimes afraid that when
an article was largely advertised
they had to pay for the advertise
ment. That was of course, a mistake, for the increased turnover created by the advertisement enabled
the proprietor of the article to sell
it at a lower price."
The value of the newspaper as an
advertising medium was also referred to by Mr. H. Gordon Selfridge.
In London, he said, the opportunities for the department store to appeal to the public were almost without limit, but, in his judgment, the
best and surest results were to be
obtained through the columns of
widely circulated journals. He added, however, that this medium did
not produce results commensurate
with the enormous number of papers
printed and distributed. Papers he
thought, owed it to their advertising
clients to help to make the advetise-
ments read, to publish only clenn
news and to refuse advertising matter of a low or sensational nature.
Mr. Stewart Dawson nlso emphasized this point The editors of news
papers should, he thought, publish
articles explaining to the public why
thoy should buy advertised articles.
The foregoing despatch, giving the
views of some of the greatest ndver-
tisezs in London, will be read with
interest by the advertising public of
The Optimistic Citizen
The man with a grouch is one of
the difficulties confronting tho build
ing up of a town. The community
kicker is a depressing, discouraged
individual who reads hluo ruin and
failure in thc brightest of sunrises,
and prediction of disaster in thc
most glowing and beautiful of snn-
Bets. With fault-finding and criticism he throws a damper on the spirits of those who are making elTorts
to improve the community and scoff
at any evidence of enthusiasm.
"This town's good enough for mc
juBt as it is," he grudgingly ejaculates when approached to support pro
posed improvements. As a matter
of fact this remark hns been made
by supposedly public-spirited men as
well as by chronic kickers, men who
had some influence with people in
their community. But it is a grtim
py, grouchy remark, nevertheless, indicative of the standstill citizen who
Is in a stagnant pool of pessimism.
Tbc optimistic citizen!     Fortunate
A Larger Warming Closet
than ever, in the Kootenay Steel Range, because the
improvement in the operation of thu door adds nearly
five hundred cubic inches to its capacity, livery inch
inside can be used -and you can always depend upon it
for keeping your food piping hot while you wait for some
special dish to finish cooking. Made of heavy polished
sheet steel, durable and easily cleaned. Besides this
important feature, there are many exclusive advantages
lor yuii in thc
and thc nearest McClary agent will point them nut to
you. He will show you why your money will be best
spent for a
K iotenay.     Write today to the nearest
McClary branch for Ko< tenay booklet.
Lit, I IR ACT,  1910.
iSictlon 42.)
NOTICE i.;  iiere.y  given  that,    on
the first ua;    A Lecember next,    application will be made to the  Super-
ntenduit of Provincial Police for   a
enewal  of  the betel license  to    sell
iiiuor  by  retail  in  the  hotel  known
s the Glacier House hotel,  situated
sh Columbia.
Dated this lCth day of Oct.,  1911).
at  Glacier,  in  the Province  oi  Brit-
C. P. B.
ct 15 Ncv 17; Applicant
(Section i'l.)
NOTICE is  hereby  given  that,    on
he lirst day of December next,      ap-
licution will be made to the Super-
ntondtnt of Provincial Police for   a
renewal of the hotel licenso to     Bell
i'liior by retail  in  the  hotel knowii
as the    Queen's hotel, situated     at
omaplix,  in tlie Province of British
Dated this llth day of Oct., 1910.
J. 11.  YOUNG,
let.  15  Nov.  17 Applicant.
■\n-air     Pronto.    MonWal,    Whm'—.    N  '•'<".   c'   '-"■»"     Mmuren.   <-■"
ly optimism is stronger than pessimal or there would be a little tendency towards lii'un.lir.tr ideals erf citizenship. The optimistic citizen is
the salvation of the community, the
it rung supporter of its best intcr-
sts. Every movement tending to
.letter tho town from the sanitary to
he aesthetic, he cheerfully assists.
He and his neighbor may not agree
as to the best kind of a sidewalk
for community use, but if thc town
agrees with his neighbor, ho falls
into line without grumbling. He has
.pinions, but he does not make a
'-.arbe.l wire fence uf thorn, by which
fellow citizens may be scratched and
tormented. He is willing to bc thc
most insignificant in n long line of
workers if the work is for a good
cause,  uphill and  not downhill.
We want in this city more optimistic citizens, willing to labor in n
good rnuse without pay, to prearh
a gospel of civic cheerfulness, and
to give a helping hand wherever
the construction of the high tension
transmission line and the various dis
tribiiting stations, are for the first
time reviewed nt length in one publication. There is also a biographical sketch of the chief engineer, Mr.
P. \V. Botham, this being the fifth
in the series "The Makers of Electrical   Canada."
Hugh C. MacLean, limited, Toronto,  are the publishers,
(Section 42.)
NOTICE is hereby given  thnt,    ou
he lirst day of December next,      application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police fur    a
enewul  of  the hotel  license  to    sell
liquor  by  retail  in  thc  hotel  knowii
s the City hotel, situated at Arrow
head,    in the     Province of      Britisu
Dated this lCth day of Oct., 1910.
Oct. 15 Nov 16 Applicant.
(Section 42.)
NOTICE  is hereby given  that,    on
he  first day ol December next,    ap
lieation will be made to the  Super
intendent of Provincial Pcl.ce f r   .,
enewal  of   the  hotel license  to    sel.
liiiuor  by  retail  iu  the  ho-el  , uo.vi,
as the Lakeview hotel, situated      a.
Arrowhead,  in  the  Province  of Bi'.t
ish Columbia.
Dated this 10tb day of Oct.,  1910.
Oct. 15 Nov 17 Applicant.
OR SALE—278 acres facing Eugle
River, Sicamous, $'M per acre. For
terms apply to E. A. Harris, 1109
Laugley,  Victoria, li. C.
'ATURNITY NURSE—The undersigned is prepared to take Maturn-
ity Cases at her home or at the
home of the patient.—Mrs. W. G.
Watson, Dox 38. Oct 5 1 mf
/ANTED — Scotchman, married,
wants position on farm or ranch,
nineteen years experience in Montana and Suskutchcwun. Disengaged alter October llih. Address
Dox  103,   Oxbow,   Saskatchewan.
ROOM AND  BOARD—Apply   to
1.  Morgan, Fifth street, east
Notice is hereby ni\cn that, on the
hist duy  ut December next, upplicu-
iou wul  lie made  to  ihe     Superintendent of Provincial  iul.ee tur    re*
ewul of   lue uotel ncuise      to      sell
iquor   by  relatl  in   tbe  hulel  known
as the  Union hotel,  situate ut      Arrowhead, in the Province of     British
Daled this 10th day of Oct. 1910.
Oct 12 Nov 12 Applicant.
(Section 42.)
NOTICE  is hereby  given  that,    on
he  first day of December next,    up-
iltculiou wnl  be made to the Supcr-
ntendont ui Provincial Polite ior a
enewal  of  lue  holel license to    sell
iquor  by  retail  in  the  hotel  knowii
as  the Halcyon hotel,  situated      ui
lalcyon,  in  ine Province oi Dritish
Dated  ihis 10th day of Oct.,  1910.
Oct.  1*5 Nov 17. Applicunt.
(Section 42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, un
the first day oi December next ap
p.icatiun will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for u
renewal of the hotel l.cmse to sen
liquor by retail in the hotel known
us lhe Lardeau hottl, situattd at
I'omaplix, in tbe Province of Britisu
Dated this llth day af Oct.  1910
Oct. 15 Nov. 1/ Appiicunt.
Hydro-Eiactric Kumfcor
The publishers of the Canadian El-
ectorical News have issued an Hydro
Electric number which is particularly interesting at this time. It contains a forty page Illustrated de-
gcription of the 110,000 volt transmission system constructed by the
Ontario government for the purpo
of listribtitiiiL- Niagara rower to the
municipalities throughout south-west
•rn Ontario. The history.if thi pro
ei't, the agreements between the
lommlssion, The Ontario Power Co.
and the municipalities, and the many
interesting features     pertaining      t i
Every lox of GIN PILLS is sold with
a positive guarantee of money back ii
they fail to give prompt relief and I ,
eflect a cure it properly used.
We know just what GIN PILLS hove
done ior others and v. ill do for you.
We know that GIN PILI.S h.ive been
sold in all parts of Canada tor years ami
lo-dav are the most popular and most
effective kidney ri-ine.lv in the world.
We know that GIN TILLS will
promptly soothe the irrita'ed Bladder,
relieve congestion ni the Kidneys, take
away the soreness in the Rack au 1
through the hips, and completely cure
Kidney Trouble and Rheumatism. We
positively guarantee tbat GIN PILLS
will do this and we pledge ourselves
to return yonr money should GIN
PILLS not do all that we claim forthem.
Buy GIN PILLS on this guarantee,
backed by the largest wholesale drug
house iu the Uritish Empire.
5uc a box—6 for 52.50—nt dealers cr
from us direct. Sample b'>x free on
request. National Drug and Chemical
Co., Dept. \V.,     Toronto. 54
LIQUOI;   ACT,  1910.
(Seci.cn 42.)
NOTICE is here, y given  that,    0:1
the first duy of December next,     application Will be nuoe to  thc  Superintend, ut of Provincial Police  tor    u
renewal of ihe hotel license to    sc.l
liquor  by  retail  in  the  hotel  known
as the Criterion hotel,  situated      at
Camborne, in the Province of Britisu
Daud this 10th   "?y ol Oct.,  1910.
Oct 15 Nov 17 Applicant.
LIGATION  tor  tbe  issue  of a
icate  Certificate  of    Title    to    Loi
2,      Block  0,   Town  of     Re/els'.i/lie
(Map  030).
t is my intention  to  issue il      ib.
xplration of one  monlh dftir      lhe
Lrst      publication  hereof  a  duplic.itj
I  tbe  Certificate  of Title    :>      ui:
hove  mentioned lot in the name  ol
homus    J.    Graham,  which Certili.
ate     is  dated  tbe  2otb  of   January,
■i98,  aud  numbered 50-1K.
District Registrar.
jand Registry Ollice, Nelson,    u. 1 .,
October 15th, 1910.
Messrs.  Harvey,  MeCarter  &  Co.,
Barristers,    Revelstoke.    li, 0.
Underwear is $$bi
value because
;> .'f'*3&*£i;$ttii
]u[$$£$$**; so.
'.'*. in; i^cThOS'-e
reasons should make you%
f eVjuest the brand* and
look for the trademark.
HaVet you . fried Penman's
Nb: JsifFo* the children
as  wjBll-'asVgrown   ups.
'Underwear & Hosiery
(Section i'i.)
NOTICE  is hereby  given  that,    on
he first day of December next,    np
lieation will be made to the buper-
ntendeut oi Provincial  Police    for a
enewal  of  the  hotel  license  to    sell
iquor  by  retail  in  the  hotel  knuwn
ns  the  Eva  hotel,  situated  at  Cam
borne, in the Province of Dritish Co
Dated this loth day of Oct.,  1910.
H. g. \vari.;,
Oct 15 Nv 17 Applicant.
n    thc    Matter of    the  Estate      ol
Thomas  Harvey,   deceased:
NOTICE is hereby given    thut   all
reditors and others  having     e.aim^
gainst  the  Estate  of  Tuomas  Hur-
Vey,  late of Revelstoke,  D. C,      de-
eased  who  died  at  Revelstoke      ou
or  about  the 3Sst  duy  oi  December,
1909, are required to send     to     the
ndersigued       Soliriturs  lur 'ihomas
Kilpatrick, Executor of the Last Will
of said deceased, within 00 duys from
ate full particulars  of  their c.a,ms,
duly verified, aud that
iter  that date the    said     Executor
ill proceed to distribute    tbe   said
state  amongst  those  entitled  thereto regard  being hud only    to    thuse
laims of  which said Executor    shull
huve- then received notice.
Duted October 12tb, lslO.
Solicitors for suid Executor.
)ct.  15,  Doc. 17.
Revelstoko Lund District.
District  of  West  Kootenay.
Take notice that 11. W. Crawford,
ol Qerrard, D. C, occupation engine
er, intends to apply for permission
to purchase tho following described
Commencing nt a post planted ten
chains from the south east corner
of Kullmcr's pre-emption, Lot 7491,
thence west '10 chains along thc
south boundary ol Lot 7491, tlienci
KUth lill chains, thence enst 41
hains, thenco north 20 chains to
oint or commenoement, containing
80 acres, moro or less.
Dated August 27th, 1910.
Located hy W. E. Glenn, Agent.
E. V. Tucker, the local pit ito
,-i*iiplin*, vvill mnke liberal reductions
un nil photographs taken by him
until January 1st, 1911, Come curly
111 tbe day fur best results. tc.
In the matter of an application for
the issue uf a duplicate Certificate of
Title to an undivided 1 of lot 4949,
Group  1, except 19 4-lu acres.
Notico  is  hereby   given     that  it    i-
my Intention to issue ut the expiration of one iiiniitli after the first pub
lieation hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate uf Title to the above nun
tinned lands in the nam.' nf Thomas
Kilpatrick, which Certificate Is dated
the 26th February, 1907, and number
ed  0012A.
Samuel   11.  Rue,
District Registrai.
Lund   Registry  otlice,   Nelson,   B.C.,
November 3rd, 1910.
Repairs of all kin Is  niaily done
Bicycle nnd Gun work asjiecfalty
Estimates given on any class
of work.
Front     Street.
NOTICE is hereby given    tbat    tbe
eserve  existing  upon  the  lands  embraced in Special Timber License ,No.
5848,  situate in    Kootenay District,
cancelled, and that the said lauds
.will be open for location under     the
provisions of tbe  "Land     Act"      at
niduight  on  December 22nd,  1910.
Deputy  Commissioner  of  Lands.
Lands  Department,   Victoria,   B.C.,
Uth September, 1010. td
In tbe matter uf au Application
ur tbe issue ul a Duplicate Certificate uf Title tu Lut 8, Block 4, be-
ug part of Sections 27 and ii,
Township 28, Range 2, West of the
th Meridiun, Town ut Revelstoke,
li. C,  Mup  036.
Notice is hereby given  that    it    ii
my intention  to issue at tbe expira-
ion    of  one  muntb after  the     first
ubltcutiou hereof a duplicate of the
.ertilicate      of  Title  to  the     above
ueutiuued  lot in the name of  Bevel*
toke Lund Company, Limited, wmch
ertifieate is  dated the 9th  day      of
April,  1907,  and  numbered  0774A.
District Registrar,
Land  Registry Otlice, Nelson, B.O.,
September  13th,  191u. S17015
Revelstoke  Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that W.  B.  Robertson,
f  Revelstoke,   occupation,  Insurance
gent,  intends   to  upply  fur   permis-
lou to purchase tbe following      de-
cribed lauds.
Commencing at a post planted at
the ne.rth east corner of Lot 2772,
uuning north 4u cuaius, ihence west
0 chains, thence south -io cna.ns,
hence east 4u chaius to the poiut
f commencement.
lated  Sept.   0,   1910. S.17-N16.
Notice in hereby given that tha
artnership heretofore'exist.ng Le-
ween the undersigned and earned on
mJer the firm nume and style uf the
Vest Kootenay Steam Laundry Com
any, uus tins day been dissolved by
mutual consent, Mr. VV. B. Robertson
vithdrawing Hum the partnership.
'he business in future will ue carried
in under the same trni name by
lessrs, Euil Barraclough und w. G.
ibeurer, who will assume und pay
11 liabilities u. ...e late partnership
rm aud all debts due the late firm
re payable to them
Vi. li. Robertson.
Earl Barraclough.
Wmf G.  Shearer.
Fitness,  Geo.   S.  AlcCarter.
Ill  the Matter of the Estate of
J oun .McLennan, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors and others ha>.ng claims
against the Estate ui auau McLen-
lan, late of Revelstoke, B. C, detuned, wh,. died atRogers Pass ou
or about tne 4th day ul -March, 19le,
are required to ssui tu the undersigned Solicitors fur John B. Mc-
tienzle, Administrator uf the Estate
uf the su.d ueceusen, w.tinu 60 (iMyd
from date full particulars of their
claims, duly verified, and that aiter
tnat date the said Administrator
will proceed to distribute the said
estate amongst those entitled thereto regard being hud only to those
claims of .vbich Baid Administrator
shull have then received notice.
Dated  October 27th,  1910.
Harvey,  MeCarter tk P.ukham,
Solicitors  for said  Administrator.
Llyl'oR ACT, l.ilu
l Section 42.)
NOTICE  Is  hereby  given  that,    on
the  first  day  of December  next,    application will  be made to the  Buper-
ntendent ol Provincial Police fur   a
enewal  of  the  hutel  license  to    sell
I       r  by  retail  In the hotel known
as the St.  Lei D   hot ■', Bituated      at
St.  Leon,  m the Province ot British
Dated this I th day ol Oct., 1910.
Oct  15  Nov  17 Applicant.
1 Section i'ii
Nn'l'Ii a is hereby given that, on
he first day of December next, ap-
licatiun will be made to the Super-
ntendenl ol Provincial Police for a
enewal of the hotel license to Bell
Iquor by retail In the hotel known
s thc Hotel Ilentun, situated at
'eat ii, .n thc Province ol Dritish
Dated this llth day of Oct, 1910.
ct. 15 Nov. 17 Applicant,
■on SATURDAY,   NOV.   12TH,   1910,
Page 8
look:     look      and      read
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue prices, freight added, with
H O \V S O
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
Winnipeg price
Weight Freight Total Howson's Price delivered
101b.       23c. 73c. " " 70c.
1501b. $3.53 $10.72 "          " $9.60
1651b. 3.87 14.42 "          " J4.40
121b. 28c. 1.16 "          " 1.20
1501b.       3.52 12.47 " " 13.00
1601b.      3.76 15.01 " " 14.00
601b. 1.41 4.96 "          " 5.20
681b. 1.59 6 94 "          " 7.20
601b.        1.41 3.81 " " 4.00
751b.        1.76 6.86 " " 7.20
" 16.50
We make our profit by Bbipping in cur load lots, thereby saving freight rates, tiring
catalogue giving description of other goods not specified in this lint to our store nnd we
will prove our statements.    Remember wc deliver goods and net up free from breakage.
li.   HOWSON   .V.   CO      -     REVELSTOKE, B. C.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O.,  LL. D.   D. C. L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD,  General Manaqer
LONDON. ENC: 2 Lcmbard Street, E.G.        NEW YORK: 15 Exchange Place
MEXICO CITV: Avcnlda S:n Francisco, No. 50
In addition to the offices named above the Bank has branches
in every Province of Canada (including e;!l th smost important cities)
and in the principal Pacilic Coa I seaports of the United States.
211II is thoroughly equipped for the handling of collections and j
other banking business in llie territory covered by these branches.
REVEL STOKE    BRANO'i--*.    H.     ALLEN.    MGR.
New Line
Stirrup  Attached
F.   B.   WELL
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B. C.
Import direct from country of origin.
WEAR A     $ j
It is guaranteed to keep /] I
you dry in lhe hardest tf j    (
storm. ""''Tl
sow eviRmmRi ($* I
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the-
market affords.     Best Wii • and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate
■J.    ALBERT     KTOJSTTi]      PROP
Central Hole I
Abrahamson Bros., Pr
EuUrged and ' a  *■ *■ • '
Urge i
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rate'
Revelstoke, B.C.
Bowiifin Schedule
Fri., Nov.  11—C.P.R. v Y. M.C.A.
Mon., Nov. 14—Dents v Corleys.
Tub.. Sov. 15—J. B. C. v Business-
Kri.. Nov.IS—Businessmen v Dents.
•*.. *.. 21—C.P.R. v Corleys,
Wed .  Nov.  22—Y.M.C.A.  v  Dents.
25—J.B.C. v C.P.R.
_■    B :-.!■• Minn v Cor-
■ J.  D.  C.
—C.P.R.   v   Y.M.C.A.
men *   H.*nts.
i   .1    li. C,
■        . ■      *.   \  Corleys.
ntlng      the
B   .   .
Fire Alarm Boxe
Dox  No.   14—Corner    First
and    McKenzie    avenue,  C. D.
& Co.
Box  No.   15—Corner  First
nd Rokeby avenue,  post ollice.
Box   No.   IC—Corner   Second
and  Government  Road  and
Box  No.  17—Corner Third
n 1   Campbell   avenue,   Globo
fir company.
Box No.  IS—C.P.R.  station.
Box    No.  24—Corner    Filth
nd McKenzie avenue, Oaluohc
Box No. 25—Corner    Sixth     street
nd Ortou avenue,  W.  A.  Foot...
Box  No.   26—Corner  Fourth  stroet
nd Townley street,    corner      so'iUi
Box No.  28—Corner  Second    strojft
nd Robson aveuue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Firo Hall No. 2.
Box  No.   35—Hospital.
Box No.  3G—School.
Box No. 44—Firo Hall No. 1.
Box No. 45—Front street west,
ear C.  P. R.  bridge.
Box No. 46—Corner King und
louglas streets, Palace Meat Market*
Box No. 47—Corner Second and
Vales  streets,  back  of court house.
Box No. 48—Corner Third t.i.d
Ohas.  streets,  Cowan block.
blgnal for practice—not less than
ix (6) slow strokes.
Cne (1) indicates line brokm or
re out.
Signals are given thus: 2 str ike*,
nterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Box
4. No. of box will also be tihown
n indicator at Fire Hall.
In view of the overwhelming
mass of evidence antsgunistic to alum,
it is recommended that its use in baking powders
be prohibited by law.—tlnili'-J Stales Senute Committee Report,
Coming [vents
■low 12—Ladies' Roynl Welsh Choir,
23 ladies from Cardiff, Waled.
Seats $1.50, $1.00 and 75c, at
Edi: on Theatre.
lovcml r Is.—St. Rotor's Ladles'
Guild entertainment, afternoon
nn.l  evening.     Opera House.
Dec. 3—Opera Singers in "Managing
Mill red," direction of C.P. Walker.     Edison Theatre
)ecembcr 7.—Third Annual MliS-
queiade Ball by Fire Brigade N...
One. Opera House,
an. 4--The Merry Musicians, direction of C. P Walkei Edisou
'eb. 10—Th» Lyceum Players and
Sign ,r llo'nanlUi, nn Italian
har| ist, direction of C.P. Walker
Bdli .n Theatre.
B/latlo from drapes
Approved by physicians and food
officials, both Eia-Je and National.
Awarded hignest honors by the
feat World's Expositions, and
proved ol superior strength
and purity by the
^ official tests.
Spirit o. Dopj DdtermiRation
Will Win Out
Within the pnst few years a wonderful development has been witnessed in British Columbia, particularly
,n Vancouver nod those parts i.f thc
province which are immediately subject to the Influence of thc national consciously directed into the main
transcontinental railway now under channel from whence the tide of gen-
constructlon through thc north.         ; oral development is to come.
In  what  bus  taken  place  ln-rc Con- Now,  ns our judgment has It,  this
sldernble support enn be found      for spirit  is living  in  Revelstoke.         It
the  philosophy  that  material       pro- began  hero  with  the  men  who    first
gre-s  is  occasioned,      not  altogether pitched  their tents  in  the  wilderness
by  the  natural  possibilities      of      a some  thirty  odd  years  ago  and  has
country,  but ns well by certan gal- been growing in  those who followed
vanizlng forces op rating  in the poo- them with the enterprises of civiliza-
jKcnzio (explorers say) might havo
found an easier nnd more natural
course to the sea. So, material
progress, we opine, is occasioned by
certain galvanizing forces, which
raise the moo,Is of men to an en-
deavor and disposition, capable of
extraordinary enterprise, or sustain shem in a lixed and living faith
in themselves and in their country.
Effort is, Iiy this force, kindled in
various directions and in a multiplicity al ways, all consciously or un
an. 21—"Stubborn
the Opera House.
Cenderella." In
.:., and He Helps
C.P.:\ Timetable
No.   1.
arrives     6:45  a.m.,
No.   97
.   arrives  6:55   p.m.,
7 15  p.i'
S...  2
arrives 12:30 midnight,    de-
45  midnight.
No.   9i
arrives 8 IS a.m.,
i   in.
train leaves  Revelstoke at 9
.i   in., irni's Revelstoke .1:25 p.m.
An il her car of V. e Coa
I."';.: ri Ige Lu
in stock. < Irdera pn
S.   G-.    EOBEIITS
AN!)  Al i M.I* > i
PHONE    fil
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly Collected and Delivered
Baggage Transferred and General Draying
Furniture and Piano  Moving a Specialty
Arrow LaiEs fruit
he heading ..[ "Nakusp nn.l
....; •    Pi    >   D   ti let" thc
t i   imphlet la ui'il by
.in itoe ihut  prepared
*   1 li.'   Nnl ion
■:   has ih.-
'   text
■   .   ■ ,     :n oi able
fertility  of    tho
n.n,' ii '• area  ol cultl
It I   difficult   to
;   trlel for
ind pro luctive
points nl
ten mile   ..(   Na
1 contral  town   ol
■   ■ in- innl
I   n thc pi ovlncc n -vatl Ing
•   ,  toi
,    i,. .• . in. hi
tho "ii'- case nnd abuti
' Lhl     >*"'.*:
Offbe   Corner Connaufjhl Avenue and Second Street
Phone ave REVELSTOKE, B.C.       Ni(ihtcaii7i
\   I III i    hum   i\. I. M.I
ll  V   full   I*
thi r.'ill
*** .*   ■
I I,ni*    * "mi,
AiK.,  foi   iiiii I       ,i i   loimld,
I I'l inglm,   llf. i:l*l"lif
.In ItOI    "I   1    i'.il*"      lin |
*  in* ii  have
p to trai ul nt   ii
•  til   i*...I     tbftn
"i i mr,  rci .lent or
pie who inhabit it. In fact wc are
of opinion that the one influence is
just as much responsible for progress as the olher. The determination of the precise mom* nt at which
this forwald movement shall begin,
and the extent to which its influence shall be extended is dillicult to
determine being entangled in o
confusion of causes and consequences.
This may be true of all places and
of all times, to some extent. Tho
same speculations whicli are heard,
In these unsettle.! regions, as to
their future possibilities and probabilities, might have been heard in
the lirst co.onies, which the Pilgrim
Fathers planted, on the shores of
the American continent. Nobody
could then foresee that, from the activity set afoot there, when the axes
were busy in making the Brst clearings In the forest, thnt within a few
generations nearly one hundred million people would occupy the great
continent, on which they were thus
primitively employed. Nor can nny-
body say ns to the exact causes
which brought in the tide of advancement In its lull force. The only
tangible reason which the mind is
capable ol coming at In connection
with tbo subject is that ihe pro-
groBB was set. iifoi.t mid Bttst'aioed by
the native courage and optimism of
the early colonists themselves.
The same style ..: reasoning is ap
pllcable to British Columbia. Van
couver's wonderful progress wns noth
Ing but a 'hope' only a few years
ago, mi I the awakening ol the
ih Innt north was only a frontiersman'.. ,lienin. Nobody can say with
exactitude Jusl whero this progress
began or where Its root wns llxcd.
lint in* can find no hotter exp-ana-
11..n lor ii ihun timi it was planted
in tho hearts ol tho colonists them-
,*i *, i 'i'he movement came; con-
Qdenco an i Btrength accumulated until tho     advance acquire I a momen-
ii'in ,,i iis.it.     Courage ... led     by
and ii":"* Is led by hope
*        ol  u ■  i|iiniiti.'S    grow
.hey 'ii ...*. i Inspire!Ion to
in. I upon, li Is ufflclenl i" sny
iii. i  i" lay     Vancouver bus become,
i,llll.,   ■    im. "ii   ei"*    ly,    ii      "'iiee of
tion. Do we not see tbe pioneers
clearing farms in the Columbia valley? Are our forests deaf to the
ring of the woodsman's axe? Can
we not discern the music ot the
handsaws nnd pinners in thc mills
which inhabit the city? Is the turn
ii.tui.iis lllecillewaet not contributing its quota of power to the development of the place? Are there
not some new enterprises growing
amongst us all  thc time? Every
strong nnd optimistic lieart which
makes its home here is a new force
planted in our midst, be he employed m mill or workshop, otlico or
store. Nor arc the loggers and
prospectors, the hunters and trappers, nnd the men of various rugged
employments, who make their home
or their headquarters in Revelstoke,
without their quota of strength to
inl.l to the general store. Every
Individual who nourishes a love of
country and a pride of place is a
contributing element to the tide of
progress which is gathering for tbe
Look now at Boise, Idaho, planted
in n desert. Optimism and enterprise have converted it into a garden, thriving with verdure nnd palpitating with hope nnd life. Kamloops
is holding up its head toward tho
claim to precedence among the citios
ol central Dritish ('olumbin, Calgary is animate and optimistic
among the wastes that surround it.-
And yet Revelstoke possesses greater
potentialities than any of these.
Ctiaffeur Imprisoned
Montreal, Nov. 11.—Six months in
jnil with hard labor was tho scnt-
. nee passed upon Louis A. Dionne,
owner und Qean Louis Keiifer, chauffeur, of the automobile which killed
Miss Bessie Smith, on Victoria
Bridge,   the  night  of  April 24th.
The Iwo men had been found gull-
as  ty ol manslaughter at the     Septem
ber Bession of the Court of King's
Bernh, nud hnd been allowed out on
bnii pending sentence. This is     tho
lirst caso in the history of the criminal annals of the Dominion in which
(l .„.,   onormous power In II elf,  nhoso   in   ,•, chauffeur has been sentenced     for
111   throughout   the  length   killing a  pedestrlnn  while  in charge
.   . i '  ,i■,. no' "ii  i be   pari
■I ihe firemen mftkoi th-* municipal!
ii.       Legislation will    be
nl   I mini: leilloD      of
* *   ilii'in     tbc
'  of way,
of n cnr.
■md bi ii Ith ol thi  province.
\   trang. *  al t all ihis is
t tin t progn i etlmea seemingly 'compelled' rathei thnn 'drawn'
Into eel tain dl trlcl    through natur-
.in!, 1,1,
ul advantages. The     mighty     Mc-   (b« '
ShHoh's Gure
My   alipa cotfdhs,   cures  colt's,   hrali
throat and luogj*      t   •   •      *.0 cunts. SATURDAY,   NOV.  12TH,  1910.
Page I
Mail or Telephone your orders.     Have  our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order   too large or too
small for us to handle.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- Jtume & Co.. limited
Mining.Contractors, Campers  and  Tourist    Supplies.
All orders put up and parcelled by experts to insure
safe carrying and packing.
You don't need a ladder to
reach our prices. We are
just putting on sale a full
line of white wool blankets,
price per pair from
$3.75 to 7.50
Examine our King Edward,
Queen Alexandra and Saxony qualities, they cannot
be excelled at the price.
Buying opportunities which
merit prompt action.
Our new line of pure Lambs
Wool Comforts in fancy bordered and Paisley patterns,
a strictly high-grade article.
The finish of your home declares its value. Doors, windows and general finish
n ems to a home what a collar, hat and shoes do to a man
Our new Curtain Nets, a-
dras Muslin and Drapery
Goods give you the finish desired.   Ask to see them.
Iron Beds
Springs and Mattresses
We carry a full line of these
goods. Dainty designs in
I run Beds- The famous
Health Brand Mattress, the
best medium antl low-priced
mattress on the market.
Guaranteed absolutely sanitary.
With Christmas only Six Weeks away
it is none too early to begin to think of
Christmas Shopping. Lots of the Useful
Articles that make Acceptable Gifts are
now in stock and can be laid aside for you
till wanted.
"An ounce of precaution is
worth a pound of cure," and
the wise buyer is particularly
cautious in the brands of
canned fish he buys. We
buy only the best brands on
the market. Purely sweet
and well packed—Sardines.
Lobsters. Shrimps, Clams,
Oysters, Herrings, Haddocks
and Salmon. All make a
quick meal and a delicious
flinty (ia
Have you see our Table of
25 cent China in Cups and
Saucers, Hat Pin Holders,
Plates. Jewel Boxes, Pin
Trays. Cream Jugs, Pepper
Shakers. Teapot Stands, and
other articles too numerous
to mention. Every article is
a bargain at 50 cents, our
Only   25c,
How about your winter feed?
If you have not bought already let us quote you prices
and save you money. The
best quality of Timothy Hay,
Oats. Bran, Shorts, Oat
Chops, Wheat and Cracked
One Quality
One Price
To-day and Monday we are
offering our customers a real
Sliced   Pineapple
lOc.   per tin
This is not any cheap goods
because the price is low, but
when offering bargains we
don't consider cost.
hns (tnil Jellies
How is your stock of Jams
and Jellies? If they are getting low let us fill up your
shelves with some of the best
brands: Wagstaft'e's in lib.
and 21b. glass jars, and 51b.
pails. Kootenay Jams in 51b
pails: Crosse & Blackwell's
in lib. and 21b. glass jars and
41b and 71b. cans; and Climax
in 51b pails. These lines are
some of the best put up and
we can guarantee our stock
fresh and new.
See our table display of Puritan Self Raising Klour; Peacock brand of Buckwheat
Flour, Puro Self Rising flour.
Pride of Canada Syrup in
bottles, Snowshoe Syrup, Imperial Syrup in quarts, i gal.
and 1 gal. cans., Java Cane
syrup in quarts, J gal. and 1
gal, Lyle's Golden syrup in
quarts, and "Lilly While,"
Corn syrup in 21b., 61b. and
101b. cans, One of the nicest meals for the fall weather—Pancakes and Syrup.
Hand Bags
A new* lot of American hand
bags and satchels for Ladies
including the   Cordelias and
Jane Hampton Bags in fine
grain Seal and Bull Walrus,
with the filligree gilt and silver trimmings, at from
$2 to $10
What a lot of them "are selling this Season, very few
suits, mostly separate coats
ind skirts. Look over our
lot at from
$5 to $10
Paisley Waists
The dressiest shown this year
in such a variety of styles,
including the Peasant Waist
$5 to $10
We are headquarters for rubber footweer of all kinds-
This year you will undoubtedly notice the high price of
all kinds of rubber goods.
Let us give you the advantage of our extra large stock
to give you the best for your
money and the benefit in
price of our heavy buying.
We can give you any shape
in any size: in other words
we can fit your boot exactly
in either Men's, Women's or
Children's rubber foot wear
—any variety. We are in a
position to give extra value
on Men's High Overshoes—
Manitobas — three buckles,
extra heavy sole, neat fitting
sizes 6 to 11, the same price
as three years ago
$3 per pair
Ihe Muto Collar
Have you see our overcoats
with the new "Muto" convertible collar? It gives you
practically two coats in one
—the stormy weather coat.as
shown in jcut, or the collar
can be taken down in an instant and made into a neat,
attractive, fair weather coat.
The device is the most ingenuous, neat and attractive
that we have ever seen. This
collar collies either on heavy
coats or rain coats, made
only with lhc 20th Century
brand.   Price
(i.t our booklet "Dress" a
magazine for men. It will
interest you.
For the convenience of shoppers in the Dry Goods, Millinery
and House Furnishing Departments,   Second  Floor, we   have
the best  nud  safest passenger
elevator that money could buy.
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke «*<* Arrowhead
Ladies' and Children's Ready-
to-wear Department 2nd Floor.
This season we have a magnifi.
cent line of Ladies' Long Coats,
the new "Princess" coats with
long roll shawl collars. Prices
are around f 15 and ?20. I
Page i
SATURDAY,  NOV. 12TH, 1910.
Read These Special Values
Dress Goods
At 25c. per yard,   heavy cloth,   double
width, selling at 25c. per yard.
Ladies' Jap Silk Gowns
Warm mul comfortable for winter wear.
Warm Underwear
At 75c. per Suit-Ladies' winter weight
See this underwear before purchasing
Womens' Sweater Coats
Prices mnging from $2,-50 lo $7.00 rach.
Men's Underwear
Heavy wool, mat lining garments,  now
telling ut $1.50 per suit.
Ladies' Black Cashmere Hose, reg. 40c.
Selling at 25c. per pair.
Men's Heather Hose!
A uie > line,   three pairs for One[ Dollar.
Ladies' Cloth Coats
Ladies' Black  Cloth   Coats,   selling at
Youths' Overcoats
A oboica lino nf 'I'm e.l Overcoat!-', I'll boys
from ilim' years lo 1(1 years,
Misses' Dresses
Exceptionally nice styles, (it girls from
10 to 16 years.
Howson     &     Co. are calling     lor
tenders Ior finishing their new block,
To-night the  tamoUB     Welsh  choli-
give their entertainment at the  Edison  theatre  and  judging  from       tlio
i Large advance sale the great reports
of this excellent organization's   work
! in    the   coast     towns, hus  preceded
| them.       It is sometime since Revelstoke has been treated to     anything
j as fine as tlio Welsh singers nre    reputed to be, and there being    many
j of the musically Inclined In town, a
! banner house  will  undoubtedly  greet
them this evening.      tn  ilie      coast
.ities the price of admission   for the
Welsh Singers lune been i'i and -$2.50
hut the prevailing prices     In    Revelstoke  will be $1  nn.l $1.50.     The cur
tain  will  not rise until  nine o'clock
to-night  to  allow  ol  tho  usual  Saturday night shopping.
GARLAND-At Itevelstoke, 1). (.'., on
Saturday, November ".th, 1910, Ada
the beloved daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Vi, Garland, agod five
years and ten months,
Tiie Canadian Hank of c oiuuierce
a.; opening a new branch at Chilli
Wednesday lust,     November     '.'th,
was tiie anniversary  of  the  birth of
ate King Edward vn.
A Boston Ufaii Supper will be given .i. the Methodist church parlor
un Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, from ii.'SD to
6 p. m.
Thn rl  liie Monarch    nil. i,
ii'i." Field, will nest souio.i erect ..
I 'ton concentrator and a <.::•.: sip
aiuting plant.
Grand opening at the Opera house,
M a .....  ..      i ies laj,   '•-•".   14    ami
16.      Advanced   vaudeville.     Prices,
-      .   ,iji.   ai.vi  0' ■:.
The Dtnt bouse trimmed the C. i'.
R. at bowling on Thursday night in
the V. M. C. A. with agood margin
to spare, the scores being -.iu iu
David Spencer, Limited, who su!
ler. . heai ily in tin* recu it dis
Uiiic us :.*, at \ ictoria, m . Hi-
i *. tbi    Driard     hotel ,, . erc>
an -  . v Victoi .. ,:..,..:,■ for j..l.ilt.
.". *   i.     land  Miner li is .*....-, . itj
dli. .i
fleri ,i     Eastern    lepai i nn
stoie an. similai  uu. ert.i   .. i..
future il l ...
..        t themselves advi
A     ... at        .'.....'iny  ,n      n>.
makei I ad      air
Is, churches
L...-S   . ol
::.'.* evils ol
..:   .   :■
lievee   Irink, ci|
an II portion ol
.:.::*.. »   manage
lay,  Novem
th, Grand I ipenlng by |
... Ivan . •    ■ .ark's      P.ig
tar artiste,      <tc
i.  . . ol
•  •  ol   Ian
*        *   ■
motto, "I oflend
the i.   .
.   ■     ...ii.-
, a* ....
I a ..
(Jreat Brlta
Statei    nd i
... . .,.        -ll,.
Alderman 1 a I
ma]  : en gn
advanced I pei   .nality
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Mayor Hamilton     rei nine,1
night from Salmon Ann.
W. M. Lawrence hns returned from
a visit to Winnipeg,
Hairy Mcintosh, of Vaucouver, is
n visitor in tho city today.
A. li. l'liipps, Imperial Hank Inspector, is in the city today.
Fred Fulton, the Kamloops barrister, is In the oity today.
Miss J. Wells, of Goldon, lias ac-
c.pte.l a position as assistant in the
Revelstoke Music Btore.
Mr. nnd Mrs. s. Churchill, of
Hburne, are in the city the guests of
Mr, and Mrs. A. Johnson. Mr.
Churchill has been attending the
convention of representatives of It.
C. Municipalities recently held at
Salmon Arm, and will also represent
the Eburue Conservative Association
at tlie Conservative Convention to
lie held at Nelson next week.
Is one of the most import,
ant items in yonr busintss
will  look  after this  branch   of
the business I'or you.
I^ootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Succ.ess.ii-s to Kincaid & Anderson
Mi     Thomas is thi   laughtei   ol   n- ■
Rev.     Richard     Hughes,  om
ni"st   noted  and  eminei I
: thc \v,'Mi pulpit,
Dr.  Pi.t t i oi
mi n's me ting M.I".A
• i
See  Clark's M^^^^
*   nd ins ine cli
We  regret   I
thc river.     T
Henry   \
.*■    1
I re| ii ition and   Ion   iln   Ioi
, rtaii       i ■ •     '
. |y. (nu     Sti ri
ed lo tak.   . .."■ "I an'
-.,..'. lliattl          me III.
lie ,, .],.*, lalt)   oi iln-*
Bews  Drug Store
Neil H„„.   BloiK
'    "II   I ll ,1 • I.l.  .     .1
:   nl   >*"    i'.   .     '     i
i. iii,. a     rii<  iti       i     \
.    fiCllllll
lli-li        Wii hold        a     III"
*    Ii' .'   of   A,       \ i nn I
HM wll                       .i lew
11 mate li lend        'l h *  i,i   l    room
; is bra n rn   ,* a.       lhl   . ii v   foi
.a.   | •. Delated      with
, i'  |,i"**i■ ,,:   ||   . | i,,i,.   a      tin*
il ly     ilay  ,    in. ,     llu    innliv   0 fan I *
i. ill  wl h Mi. and  Mi     Pork *     nil
(UtllCC  uai';'.i .     *
ai  the   i  Ma    \
.ni   n iml *     * . i   i"    i *
Revel itoke     towai In     . . na i lum
, in  . foi   In IU    an I *        hal  ll hn
matured  to Its pres-mil      Lato    lh u
,   no i' " on wh,  ll oann il     In
ci'HH'iiliy carried on, and made       a
ii.'iii  in ii.-ii!  to tire in Hi i, . ipi' ially
in young ladli    ".. upyln •     posit lom
in Mule,*,   "lla i*j anl   Bl In.ijlu.
Black iiinil inspect
That the dei th of the Italian Fnr-
foro on the i....ivny track near Mission the other .lay is the result of
tiie unrelentless vengeance of the
mysterious "Mack Hand" is thc
theory whioh has been practically
forced on the police after investigating the record's of the parties con-
Fnrforo'sbody was discovered beside the tracks with a bullet in the
brain, but where the man was who
had lire,! the shot, or who ho was
were puzzles to be worked out.
Tlie Italian Nick, who is suspected
ot having a hand in the affair, und
the man who wns lust seen with his
dead countryman, "Farforo, hns disappeared as though the earth lull
swallowed him, nnd though the provincial polioe and thu forces of tho
cities on both sides ol tlio boundary
have been keeping n sharp look-out
for dim, liis tracks seem to havo
lie, ii perfectly covered.
Nick may or may not have been
the one who Irom the darkness pump
i.l lead into Farforo and his iml last
December, but the wounding and kill
Ing of tho same mnn within a year
under such mysterious circumstances
would appear to Justify the theory
now advanced that the police have
another Dlack Hand problem on
Iheir books.
The jury nt tlie Inquest returned a
verdict of "death caused by a bullet
in the brain" adding a rider directing suspicion on L, Nick, who was
the last man seen in the deceased's
tftrick attention given to recovering  parlor  furniture  at Howson's
Old parlor furniture make like
new  by  being recovered at  Howson's
Go to Howson's for a nice carpet
or linoleums.
K. P. Tucker, the local photographer, will make liberal reductions
on all photographs taken by him
until January 1st, 1911. Come early
in the day  for best results. tc.
K  * lospita will      hold
an :
Hotelkeepers Observing law
Victoria,      Nov.    11.—Mr.    C.      S.
Campbell, formerly chief of     provincial police ai this city, and now pro
vincial license inspector,  has returned from a trip of Inspection through
. a,* Kootenays.     He finds that     the
new  provincial liquor act is  working
..ut well, and is effecting an improve
mont in the liquor traffic, tm.* thing
noticeable is that there has been     a
* ai     more "siwashing"      in
country districts, and this has worked out i" the i..'i,.'lit ol the communities that have thus been able to get
rid ol their bur room loafers.    Generally,     In pector Campbell      found
quite  willing to comply
litioui  of the now    act,
* ;   rate  in ite obsi rvance.
Criticize Naval Program
London, Nov, 11.—The board of ad
miralty, according to newspaper tore
east, has deckled to Include tlie following in the naval program for
next  year:
Five  additional  Dreadnoughts.
Addition of 10,too men to thi
strength of the fleet.
The board submitted the program
to the cabinet this week.
The Unionist press and followers
of Mr. Balfour declare that if the
cabinet adopts suggestions of ilio
board of admiralty it will show it-
I sell utterly incapable of dealing with
naval affairs.
"Kvery year," declares ono Conscr
vative newspaper, "as the pre Dreadnought battleship become less au.1
bss effective the danger is growing
j greater and the margin of superiority on which tireat Britain depends
for her supremacy of the sea becomes
more slender, lint the government
prefers to spend nil its time in liber
ally dispensing the 'sleep quietly' se-
datlve, preferring to lull the nacion
into a false sense of security 1 ather
than to tackle boldly the grave prob
■ lem now facing it."
Card of Thanks
I  hereby u-;*.h t,, express my sincer
t tl he K nights of Pythias
I... P, and all the
many friends who extended sympathy
to myself   and   Mrs.
* i* •   * id ii t
Provincial Do Paid
Victoria, Nov. ll.--Tlit provincial
government lias received from the
Dominion fisheries department $46,-
900, being arrears of duos for lishiiii;
licenses on the Fraser river from l'JOl
to 1007.
The payment of this money shows
how tlie Dominion government re
i-ar.ls the question of who is entitled
to collect licence fees Irom fishermen.
Until 1907 these licenso fees were
collected by the in.minion, but in
that year the province started . cal-
lecting them under the Fisheries act
i The $4(1,000 is the amount collected
by tho Dominion prior to that date,
und now acknowledged to belong t.i
the province,
Seed fruit to England
*i    from
* *'    *:.;.:     Ippll
ed to     En   a . I
I'l o
*    i* i *,:
^^^^^^^1 c- inmiHsionflf^^^H
Recognize Republic
Lisbon, Nov, Ll.—The British, Italian, French and Spanish ministers
ill I n the foreign office yesterday
nfternoon and announced that thoy
wero authorized to resume negotiations 'iHi the Portuguese government
n cum nl  aflairs.
lenders Wantad
Poi Finishing Howson Block, Bet-
ate glass, et'. Plans and
ii.  ne al  W.  King's architect
i" i.i   ui by    Wednesday,
Movomboi   15th
ShHob's Gure
^^^ Ida,  li. .la
23 canii,
ntiiiMv atopa loudlia,  curaa t.il.l*.
* imn!*.
tl'<- il,",..i  nud I
Royal Welsh Ladies' Choir
Kdison Theatre To-Night
Follow the crowd any Saturday night anil you will find
yourself in Mcl.cnnan's. Naturally they come bore, for
Ihis is the store whore they got the most floods for the least
monev, and our Saturday uiulit offerings are always worth
looking for. Come iu to-night aud got your share of them,
Sale begins at 7 p.m. anil lasts till closing.
Madras Muslins
Kvcryoue knows that we carry the largest ami must attractive stock of Madras in the city, We have about 250
yards that we will put ou sale to-night. There are lots of
pull, colored ones as woll as white anil cream. The regular prices aro up to 65c.    'l'o night only 35c. per yard.
Children's Tarns
A Tain is the most .satisfactory cap for school children.
To-night wo offer a very large variety in cloth, sorge,
glazed ami leather. They are worth up to 75c. but thoy
go to-night at 50c, each.
Prints and Ginghams
650 yards best Knglish Prints nnd Ginnhams, Everyone
knows the quality we carry—the best wo can buy. Thoy
come in all tho usual colors, light and dark, Regular 15c.
anil 18c.    To-night 11 yards for One Dollar.
Warm Coats
15 Fine, warm tweed coats, light ami datk color.-., sizes 3*1
to -10.   Price to-night $5,00 oaeh.
Ladies' and Children's Shoes
We are offering some wonderful values in "Empress**
Shoos for Women ami "Classic1' shoos for children. They
are on tlie tables, sizes ami  prices  plainly marked.    $3.50
an.l S4.IHI shoes (or $2.50.
•TMf-.    OOD5GOOD.S.
Good  Bread
—and you should insist upon (jetting tin1 boat at all
times—Ret ourrtt Our reputation for good bread in not
Lhu result of chance. Our cubtomera are PatUfled that
outs is tIim most BaUnfaotoiy bread they nm huy.
Try It and you will become a regular customer. Our
Groceries are also in keeping wiih our bread*
G. W. Bell
P. O.  Box 208
Phone No. 23
Christie's Fruit Biscuits, per lb  25c.
Kippers and Halibut, 2 lbs. for  25c.
Brown Windsor Soap, per doz.  35c.
Eating Apples, best in town, per box  i?2.00
John Mclntyre & Son - PS
Men's Fall Hats
We have just put in .slock a large assortment
of Stetson, Carter, Redmond, Pitt and
I lead for m Mats in .Mill's and softs. To see
liuin is in buy one, that is why we want
you lu look our stock over.
We have prepared ourselves to meet the
growing demand for Shirts with soft, double
cuffs and separate I'eter ['an collars, suitable
patterns, in rich,  lustrous cloths, to sell 'at
popular prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland


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