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The Lillooet Advance 1911-08-19

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 Vol. 2 No. 5
S. E. Rae of Vanconver, arrived in town this week en route
for the Cadwallader vicinity.
Lee Harrison, freighter, who
has been freighting on the Lyt-
ton-Lillooet road, has sold his
outfit to H. McKibber.
The local Civilian Rifle club
v ' l*o out on the range this week.
I (n.e very good shots are reported to have been made.
W. S. Smith, mining man from
Porcupine, who has been spending the past few weeks in the
hills around Lillooet, left this
week for the coast on business.
Captain Palmer of the 150-mile
house, Cariboo road, paid a visit
to Lillooet this week, and left
for Seton lake in company with
George Hurley.
James Dickey, sr., rancher of
the 14-mile ranch, Texas creek,
and one of Lillooet's oldest pioneers, spent the major of this
week in town.
LOST.-A gold ring, with initials J.W. engraved on top.
Finder will be liberally rewarded
by returning same to Eagleson
J. Smith, surveyor from Ashcroft arrived in town Monday by
auto in company with Dave Yule.
He is getting a party together to
survey points up the Fraser river
and expects to be busy till the
snow flies.
Sunday services will be held
in the Methodist church next
Sunday: in the morning, Sunday
school at 11; and in the evening
Rev. H. W. Bromwich will con-
due (lie service at 7.30. Everybody heartily welcome.
Paul Santini, rancher of Fountain, spent a few days in town
this week. Paul seems to be
having some trouble over some
person or persons shooting and
wounding some of his cows with-
22 shot. The police are investigating the case.
J. Williams of Chilli wack arrived in town this week en route
for McGillivary creek. It is reported that he has secured an option on the Anderson Lake Milling Co's property. He was accompanied by A. Phair and A.
Brett of Lillooet.
Gold Strike
We hear by Friday's mail that
a good strike has been made on
Watson Bar creek, near Dougal
Two cases of scarletina are reported in Ashcroft, both are
doing well.
Jack Arthurs had the misfortune to crush his hand, early in
week, but it is doing fine.
H. W. Bromwich has disposed
of his horse and buggy to Mr.
Phillips of Ashcroft for the sum
of $180.
Walker's cut on the Ashcroft
road, the scene of the recent
freight accident is being filled in,
and the road generally improved.
The installation of a new fire
hose hall took place this week.
Little by little we are getting
the needed.
News comes from Salmon Arm
that the fruit crop is one of the
best in years. The early frosts
apparently did no damage in
that section.
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart of Pavilion mountain, accompanied by
Dr. W. J. Hocking, and A. F.
Baker, both of New Westminster
arrived in town yesterday by
auto, and after a short stay returned to Pavilion.
Misses Hillier and McDonald,
who have been working on the
Victoria hotel staff, left this week
for the coast. Although having
been here a short while, they
have made many friends who
will miss them very much.
Mr. Hindle, principal of Golden, B. C. high school, arrived
in town Friday, accompanied by
Mrs. Hindle, Mrs. McGillivary
and family, from the McGillivary
estate, Lytton road. Mr. Hindle
appreciates the beautiful scenery
and climatical conditions of Lillooet and vicinity, very much indeed, he says he has become fully
restored to health, since he came
to our district, also that while
Vancouver Island, Victoria, and
etc. were very desirable places
to live, he though that Lillooet
was just a shade better for persons recuperating their health.
We are of the same opinion.
The Methodist Sunday School
picnic is to held on Tuesday August 27, at the Hoey estate. The
children will meet at the Methodist church at 1 p.m. sharp. A
hearty invitation is extended to
all.    Come, and bring a friend.
Some "smart alex" started a
rumor to the effect that a certain
woman had passed away, with
the result that great sorrow and
inconvenience was caused the
relatives. These reports are of
hellish origin, and if the originators are caught, they should be
dealt with accordingly.
Hunting Party
With the arrival of R. B.
Slaughter of Chicago, the second
hunting party this season entered the hills. The party is in
charge of W. Manson, there being nine pack horses. They will
fish until the shooting season
opens. The game is reported to
be plentiful, and anyone that can
use a gun should be able to se-
a good bag.
C. N. R.
The Canadian Northern Railway are still undecided as to
which side of the Thompson they
will build at Ashcroft. Several
towns people along the bank
have been--approached with a
view as to what they will take
for their property. The contracts have been however let,
and work must be begun in the
near future. Several car loads
of provisions are already waiting
ownership, and dozens of men
are looking for work.
T. W. Strange, representing
the well-known firm of Mahon,
McFarland and Procter, real estate agents of Vancouver, arrived Tuesday, and during the
week has been interviewing a
number of local property owners.
Mr. Strange thinks we have a
very pretty locality with splendid climatical conditions.
Miss M. Hurley is now a raem-
of the Victoria hotel staff.
Chris Brown of Dog creek was
a visitor to Lillooet this week.
Rev. Seale of Lytton, held services in St. Mary's Church last
A Wolfender, traveller from
Victoria, was in town this, visiting the local merchants.
John Meyers, fur luyer of Lytton was in town this week and
from all reports did a good biz.
F. J. Crosslands, mining man
of Vancouver, arrived in our
midst en route for the Seton
lake vicinity.
Miss Eva Arthurs arrived in
town from the coast, and will
remain here for an indefinite
time, visiting her people.
It is rumored that the localites
are waking up to the possibilities
of our district. What do you
know about that.
Messrs. Roy Burkholder and
Miller, arrived in town this week
from Bridge river, on business;
they came in over the mountain
by way of the old trail.
Rev. Bromwich and family-
have decided to stay in Lillooet
for the winter. They have rented the Parsonage in Ashcroft to
Mr. J. D. Moore and family.
Harry Spaw, special representative of the British Columbia
Life Assurance Co. with head
office in Vancouver, is in town
this week interviewing the Lil-
Messrs Bietzins, Mike Kane,
Chris Nelson, and C. Matheson,
miners and prospectors, who have
been suming up different propositions in the vicinity of Cayoosh
creek and Seton lake, leave for
Bridge river section the latter
part of the week.
I, John Beer McPhail of Lillooot,
farmer, give notice that on the 13th day
of September, 191.1, I intend to apply
to the Water Commissioner at his office
in Clinton, B.C. for a licence to take
and use 30 miners inches of water per
second from Eleven mile creek in the
I.illooet Division of the Lillooet Water
district. The water is to be taken from
the creek about half a mile from its
entry into the Fraser river and is to be
used' on I .ot 1304 for arrigating purposes
JOHN BEER McPHAII, The  Lillooet Advance
The Lillooet Advance
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D. W. ROWLANDS. Editor
A. E. LUDWIG, Manager
6 00
Extracts from the report
of W. Fleet Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist, for 1910
Lome continued
The old arrastra formerly
used on the porperty is still
standing beside a pile of tailings of from 500 to 800 tons.
Samples from this old dump
were taken for assay, and
the arrayer reports only a
trace of gold remaining in
them, which speaks well for
the efficiency of the homemade plant. This old plant
consists of an overshot water
wheel 28 feet in diameter,
with a 2-foot breast, hung on
a large timber axle supported by four bearings. On
either side of the water-
wheel is adriving-pully, each
of which was connected by a
crossed belt with vertical
shaft of an arrastra, 12 feet
in diameter. The crushing
capacity of these two arras-
tras is said to have been from
3,000 to 4,0001b. of ore a
The stamp mill erected by
the new company is a 5-stamp
battery, built by the Union
Iron Works of San Francisco,
and has stamps weighing
750 lbs. dropping from 7 to
7 1-2 inches, at the rate of
85 drops to the minute, and
having a crushing-capacity
of from 2 to 2 1-4 tons to the
stamp a day. The ore from
the tramway is deposited into a bin, from which it is fed
to a Blake crusher, and thence into the crushed-ore bin,
from which the stamp-mill
is fed by an automatic feed.
There is a single battery-
plate, without any appliance
to save concentrates. The
amount of water being used
in the battery and over the
plate was excessive, and it
is more than probable unnecessary losses were being-
The power plant consists
of an 18-inch Pelton wheel
driving the stamp-mill, both
under a head of 270 feet.
The Blackbird mineral elm.
is situated about half a mile
to the south-east from the
Lome workings, and was being developed under a working bond by Messrs Ferguson
and Holten, et al, who were
having a tunnel driven on
contract by Leach and Williams. In September, 1910,
this tunnel had been driven
in 37 feet in an easterly di-
dection along a quartz vein.
At the portal of the tunnel
the quartz was 4 feet wide,
diminisning as the tunnel
proceeded, until at the face
it wus 8 inches. The quartz
carried small values in gold.
Later in the year the bonders reported having stopped
The Ben d'Or group of five
claims, owned by the Ben
d'Or Mining Company, an
incorporated company, has
been taken over by the bondholders, and was being worked under lease and bond by
A. F. Noel, assisted by three
men; the work being done,
however, by the lease, limited to development workings. The property is on
the east bank of the Cadwallader creek, about a mile
and a half up the creek from
the Lome workings.
The east and west series
of quartz veins, already described as being developed
farther down the creek, is
here again seen, and appears
to be very regular in both
strike and dip. There are
probably a number of veins
on the property, but the present workings are all on the
same vein, which as exposed
on the surface, has a width
of about 6 feet. These workings consist of four adit tunnels, connected by raises, as
No. 1 tunnel. —The highest, or No 1, tunnel was
found to be caved and could
not be entered, but was said
to be stoped out pretty well
to the surface.
No 2 tunnel. —This tunnel
is 100 feet lower than No 1,
and follows in the quartz
vein in a nearly easterly direction for from 500 to 600
feet. The vein in the tunnel appears to be very regular and permanent, with
good walls, and having an
average width of between 3
and 4 feet.
No 3 tunnel.-This tunnel
is 100 feet lower than No 2.
At this level the vein did not
outcrop conveniently, and
consequently, was reached
by a crosscut tunnel, driven
through a diorite country-
rock for a distance of 270
feet, at which distance the
vein was cut and drifts made
along it, both to the east
and west. In the east drift
the vein was continuous to
the   face,   maintaining   its
width, but dipping nearly
vertically. In the west drift
the vein maintains its width
for 225 feet, but becomes
thinner for the further length of the tunnel, some 100
No 4 tunnel. —This tunnel,
210 feet lower than No 3. is
a crosscut driven for about
480 feet, but had not been
continued far enouge to cut
the ledge, the lessee claims
that a survey showed it had
still 30 feet to go bef -re the
ledge might be expected.
The vein varies from 3 to 4
feet in width, and the ore
from each of the tunnels
shows visible free gold in
considerable quantities.
The workings of No 2 and
No 3 tunnels were practically all development workings,
and all were found in exceptionally good condition as
regards timbering, etc.
The average gold-tenure of
the vein could not be learned
—it was not to the interest
of the lessee to make it
known—but ore in the mill-
bins, some 75 tons, said to
be taken in about equal
quantities from each level,
was certainly quite rich in
free gold, and also carried
some iron-sulphides containing gold.
Mill.-The Ben d'Or mill
is erected in the flat at the
edge of Cadwallader creek,
about 1,000 feet from the
portal of No 3 tunnel, with
which it is connected by a
back-balance tramway, an
incline built on high trestle,
of somewhat tempory construction, as it is expected
as soon as the connection is
made underground, that a
more permanent tram would
be laid for No 4 tunnel, a
much shorter distance and on
a more moderate incline.
The ore from the tramway
dumps into receiving-bins
capable of holding from 50
to 75 tons of ore; from there
it is fed over a grizzly with a
2 inch opening to a 10 x 12
inch jaw-crusher, the crushed
ore and screenings passing
into a crushed-ore bin. The
crushed ore is fed automatically to two 5-stamp batteries
made by the Hamilton Manufacturing Company, Peterborough, Ont. The stamps
weigh 850 lb. and drop 7 1-2
inches at 102 drops to the
minute, crushing the ore to
pass a 35-mesh screen.
The amalgamating-plates
are 4 feet wide by 8 1-2 long
set on a 7 1-2 degree slope,
and are provided at the end
with mercury - traps. The
tailings are passed over crude
Notice is hereby gi\en that tno
reserve existing upon Ci'pwn hinds
in the Lillooet District and in tic
Kamloops Division of Vale District,
notice of which was published in tho
British Columbia Gazette, date.)
May 5th, 1010, is cancelled in to far
as the same relates to the lands in
Lillooet District surveyed as Lots
numbered 1,833, 1,832, 1,831, 1,8"0,
1.820, 1,821, 1,822, 1,823, 181 ;,
1,819, 1,809, 1,806, 1,810, 1,811, !,'••
817. 1.810. 1,813. 1,(55, 1,'5I, 1,
040., 1,030, 1,038, 1,011, 1,^53. 1,
652. 1.051. 1,643, 1.012, 1,791, 1,^4
1.015, 1,040, 1,fi47, 1048, 1, f4r>, V
829, 1,828, 1.830, 1,820, 1,824, 1,
125A. 1.430A, l,K2r., l,«3l, 1.01".
1.022. 1 037, 1.03R. 1,035, 1,«34 1,
014.   1.015.   and  1.610.
lYm-ty  Mi":*ter of Land*
nfinnrtmpnt nf Land".
Victoria. B. P.. May 2«th. 1*1.1 •
Notice is hereby given that the re
sen a existing    over    vacant  Crown
lands in Cariboo    District,    situated
on  the South  Fork    of    the Fra ei
River, notice of which, bear ng date
of June 26th, 1907, was published ir,
tl.e  Brit sh Columbia Gazette dated
August 2.1th, 1907, is cancelled in so
far as the same lilates to lands sur
\eyed as   Lots    numbered 3,0iO, 3,
040a,  3,039,  3,049,  3,042,  3,051,  3,-
052.  3.04:)  3,041,  3045,  3,044, 3,077,
3.07li,  3,082,  3,078,   3,079,  3,080,  3,
081,  3,083,  3,088,   3,085,   3,086, 3.-
f'87a,  3.087,    3,0 >1,    3,099,  3,100,  3.
•0-9.'3,108. 3,112. 3,129, 3,130, 3,132.
3.133,  4.135,    3,134, 3,035,  3,03V,  3,-
030.  3.038,  3,040,    3,047,  3,054a,  8(-
054, 3,057, 3,053, 3,084, 3,097, 3,105,
3,101, 3,095,  3,096.  3,098,  3,106, 3,
102, 3,103. 3,090a, 3,090, 3,111, 3,115
3,124, 3,125  3,126,  3,119a. 3,119, 3,
3,109,  3,110,    3,104,    3,107,  3,
3,059,    3,048,  3,055,  3,056,  3,
3,065a.   3,063,   3,062,  3,061,   3,
3,058,    3,065,    3,067,  3,064,   3,
3,070,   3.071,   3,073,  3,068,  3,
3,075.    3.074,    3,092,  3,094,  3,
3,093a,  3,113.    3,117,  3,120, 3,.
3,127, 3,131, 3,128. 3,122, 3.121,
3.118, and 3,114.
Deputy Minister of Lards.
rtment  of Lands,
ctoria.   B.C.,   May   26th,   1911.
tables covered with blanket,
where some attempt was being made to save sulphides.
A quantity of these concentrates has been saved and
was lying sacked in the mill,
from which a general sample
was taken which assayed
$180 in gold to the ton.
Power is generated ly a
large turbine water-wheel
working under a head of 30
feet, the water,supply for
which is taken from Cadwallader creek about 200
yards above the mill, and
brought in by a wood en
flume. There is a large surplus of water at most seasons.
The name of this group
has been changed since this
report was made, and is now
known as the Coronation
group, with C. L. Copp as
manager.    Ed.
August, 11. — At yesterday's
meeting of the Cabinet Council
the contract for the construction
of the first section of the Hudson
Bay railway from the Pas to
Thicket Portage a distance of 185
miles, was awarded to J. D. Mc-
Arthur, Winnipeg, whose tender
amounted to a little less than
$3,000,000 and was well within
the estimate of the probable cost
according to the government's
Mr. McArthur is prepared to
start active construction work at
once and considerable progress
will be made this fall. He has
practically completed his contract
for the section of the National
Transcontinental from Superior
Junction to Winnipeg and has
his equipment and men all ready
to undertake the new contract.
The balance of the road will be
placed under contract during next
Mr. McArthur, in reference to
the award of the contract, said
that he was prepared to begin
work immediately, and as he had
plans and staff all in readines,
no time would be lost.
"Hello, —, who hit you in the
"Nobody hit me-I was rubbering at the bathers in the lake
through an eye-glass and the sun
tanned it, that's all."
T^OTICE is hereby given that the reserve es-
*' tablished over certain lands in the Cariboo
and Lillooet Districts, notice of which bearing
date June 30th, 1908, was published in the British
Columbia Gazette on July 2nd, 1908, is cancelled
in so far as the same relates to the following surveyed lands in Townships 52 and 54, Lillooet District, viz: Sections 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. 15.
Fractional Sections 16. 17, Sections 18, 19, 20. 2 .
22. 23, 24, Fractional Section 25. Sections 26, 27. 28.
Fractional Section 29, Sections 30, 3), 32, 33, 31:
Fractional Section s 35 and 36, all in Township 52,
and Sections 3, 10, Fractional Section II, Section
13. Fractional Section 14, Sections 24 and 25, all in
Township 64, and that all the aforementioned
lands not already alienated by pre-emption have
been set aside for the endowment of the University of British Columbia.
Deputy Minister of La
Lands Department
Victoria, B.C.
April 10th, 1911
We Ewen Edwin I ell and Mark Robert Eagleson, farmers at i linton, B.C.
give notice that, on the 31st day of
August, 1911, we intend toapply to the
Water Commissioner at his office at
("linton, B.''. for a license to take and
use (3) cubic feet per second or KM)
miners inches of water from Cut Off
Valley Creek, in the Lillooet water district. The water to be taken from the
stream about the line between Lots 270
and 271, for irrigation purposes.
Clinton, B.C.
NOTICE is hereby (riven that the reserve estab
lished over certain lands in the Cariboo and
Lillooet Districts, notice of which bearing date
June 30th, 1908, was published in the British Co-
lu Bbio Gazette on July 2nd, 1908, is cancelled in
so far as the same relates to the following- survey
ed lands in Township 48 and 50, Lillooet District,
namely. Fractional Sections 2, 3, Section 4, Fractional Section 5, Fractional E. 1-2 of Section 6,
Fractional Section 7. Sections 8, 9. 10. Fractional
Sections 11, 12 13; Sections 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
21, 22, 23. Fractional W, 1-2 of Section 24, Fractional W. 1-2 Section 26, Fractional Section 26.
Sections 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, Fraccional Section 35 and Fractional West 1-2 of Section 36. all
in Township 48: Fractional Sections 2, 3, 6, 7, 10.
11.12, Section* 13, 14, Fractional Sections 16. 16.
17, 18, 19, 20, 21, Sections 22, 23, 24, 26, 26, 27, 28.
29 and Fractional Sections 30, 81. 32. 33, 34. 36 and
36, all in Township 50, to permit of the said lands
being located by pre-emption entry only.
Deputy Minister of Lauds,
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C..
April 7th. 1911
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Lillooet 13 Years Ago
Lillooet Prospector, Sept. 9, '98
Delivered    When    Promised
and Correct When Delivered
The Lillooet Advance
Lillooet, B.C.
Province of British Columbia
TJOT1CE is hereby given that all
Public Highways in unorganized.
Districts, and all Main Trunk Roads in
organized Districts are sixty-six feet
wide, and have a width of thirty-three
feet on each side of the mean straight
centre line of the travelled road.
Minister of Public Works.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B. C, July 7th, 1911      1-12
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given thai, under
the authority contained in section 131 of the
"Land Act," a regulation has been approved by
the Leiutenant-Governor in Council fixing the
minimum sale prices of first- and second-class
lands at $10 and $5 per acre, respectively.
This regulation further provides that the prices
fixed therein shall apply to all lands with respect
to which the application to purchase iB given favourable consideration after this date, notwithstanding the date of such opplication or any delay that may hove occurred in the consideration
of the same.
Further notice is hereby given that all persons
who have pending applications to purchase lands
under the provisions of sections 34 or 36 of tho
"Land Act" Bnd who are not willing ui complete
such purchases under the prices fixed by the
aforesaid regulotion shall be at liberty to withdraw such applications and receive refund of the
moneys deposited on account of such applications
Minister of Lauds
Department of Lands
vVu-ii. H J. A,>-il:t.-l   111 1 39-57
I, Alexander McEwenof Empire valley, H. C, rancher, give notice that, on
the 5th day of August, 1911, I intend to
apply to the Water < ommissioner at
his office in Clinton, B.C. for a license
to take up and use 5.6 cubic feet per
second or 200 miners inches of water
from Ch nacreek in the Clinton Division of hjllooi t Water District. The
wa er is to be taken from the stream
about one hudred and fifty yards above
the junction ofChina eree c and Grinders creek and is to be used on lots 154
and 155 for irrigation purposes.
I, Alexander McEwenof Empire Valley, '.<'., rancher, give notice that, on
the 5th day of August, 1911, I intendto
apply lo the Water Commissioner at
his office in Clinton, H.C., for a license
lo take and use 5.6 cubic feet pet-
second of water from Grinder creek in
the Clinton Division of I.illooet Water
District. The water is to be taken from
the stream near the falls situate about
three hundred yards above the junction
of China creek and Grinder creek, and
is to be used on lots 154 and 155 for
irrigation purposes.
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T. A. Brett returned last Friday evening from a three week's
trip through the district on government business.
Mrs. J. M. Yorston has been
unwell for the past week but
will soon be able to be around
Geo., Lasher came down from
Cadwallader Thursday bringing
good reports from the Poodle
dog claim.
T. P. Reed arrived down from
Bridge river this afternoon after
an absence of a couple of months.
He has been doing work on his
George Hurley returned last;
Sunday evening from a few days
visit to Ashcroft and attended
the great circus which showed
there last Saturday.
Wm. Cummings, sr. spent several days at the Pavilion mill
owned by his two sons, and Wm.
Cummings, jr, visited the town
Thomas Pettet is building a
small residence near the house
lately owned by Harry Brett. It
is rumored that Tom will take
unto himself a wife.
The arrastra at the Pioneer is
working fine ever simce the start
on the first. It is running day
and night and at an estimate are
putting through over two tons of
rock a day.
H. Atwood and Mrs. Atwood
left the first of the week for
Cadwallader creek and will take
up their headquarters at the
Pioneer claim in which Mr. Atwood is interested.
Fine rock has been brought
in from McGillivary creek and
the reports of this whole section
are good. Brett Brothers are
doing a little work on their group
which is showing up very satisfactory.
John Marshall has on exhibition in town several large apples
grown at his place a few miles
from town. The apples are largo
ones and very nice and are as
fine a quality as can be found in
the province. Mr. Marshall's
trees are all heavily laden with
M. P. Stewart rode over from
Ashcroft last Tuesday and spent
a few days in town before going
to Tyaughton. He will be absent for a few weeks as he intends doing assessment on claims
several miles from Tyaughton
owned by Ashcroft parties and
from which very good assays
have been received.
J. Cullum, of Sucker creek,
came down Friday and left again
Wednesday after having shipped
up a ton of goods to his place.
He expects to have business going in a few weeks and is at present cutting timber to be used for
building the scow for the ferry
across Bridge river. The cable
is at present in Lillooet and will
be taken up as soon as it is needed. The Lillooet Advance
Her    Fncounter    With    the    Mentone
Road  Mender.
Xavier Paoli, whose duty for a
luarter of a century was the safeguarding of royal visitors to France,
Uund the late Queen Elizabeth of
Austria a recalcitrant charge. He
"I was never easy so long as she
obstinately refused to permit one ol
uiy men to follow her, even at a distance. Once, however, having learned that the Italian laborers who were
mending the road to Mentone had
spoken in a threatening way of the
sovereigns who were alwajs coming
to the country, 1 begged the emnress
10 ba kind enough not to walk in
their direction. She was mueli ,:;s-
pleased. ^
" 'Always afraid!' she exclaimed. 'I
say again that I have no fear oi them
—and I will promise nothing.' I was
us determined as she. I doubled mv
watchfulness and took it upon mysell
to send over the Mentone road one
oi my Corsican agents, dressed like a
ro:.d mender, but thoroughly armed
b.'neath his clothes, with directions
to mingle with the Italian laborers.
Wearing a pair of velveteen trousers
and a cottom jumped and 'made up'
to look old and wrinkled, he wis
ya.'tj unrecognizable. As he sno.ko
It .lii.n fluently, he disarmed all sua
picion, his companions taking him
lor a uewly-hired connade.
"He was breaking s'.onea us we.'
as he could when suddenly a well-
ki.oun figure appeared i.t the ....
oi tne roud. Darkness had begun to
tail, anu tlie empress, with her reader, was returning to Cape lViaitn.
'iiie i..lse ro;.d mender waited tru-
iousiy. When she came opposite ni.
group soe s.opped, hesitated a moment then singling him out. no doubt
b'Ci-xs.' he seenieu to be the olaest
».:e  ixppioucheu   him,   saying  geuu   .
"'inat is a hard trade oi your.,
my  gooa iellow.'
•']\o; di.rmg tu raisj his heti.i. h •
s.unimereu a iew words in Ite'isri.
" 'You do not speak French?'
" 'ho, sigrora.'
.   "  You   have  cilildren?' .?
" 'Yes, sig.iora.'
" "tuen    here    is    something    t ,,■
them,'  i.na sne  shppeo.  a gold  in .
into hb hand,   'iell them it is iron,
a    lady    who    loves    chilul'en    v .
"And the empress walked on.
"That evening at the hotel site
ci.me to me with  laughing eves.
" 'Well, M. Paoli, scolo me!   1 hav
t'isobeyea  you.    I  hi.ve  been  on  tn.
Mentone road.   1 have talked with a
roi.u   mender,   and   I   tun   still   i.nve
you see!'
"I never cared to coniess to hoi
that the woitiiy road mender wa.-
my faiaiul Corsicn."
His   Portrait.
One o; ihe members of a certai.i
subuib;;.' |J.ioiograp.iic societv r -
centiy (..eiivered a lecture, iiiustr^td .
by 1..litem views. Another me.i.b:.
thinking to have a joke at the expense o. the lecturer, sapped i.i
among the slides a lantern portrai.
of himseli. 'the joke would come in.
oi couise, by tae portrait appearing
on the screen immediately aiter the
lecturer hud unnounced the appearing of something quite uifterent. Fate
and chance were unluckily t.g.in. i
ihe humorist, for when his poi trait
was presented the lecturer, witnout
knowing what was on the screen,
gravely read from his list:
"The next slide, ladies and gentle-
«»en, is the picture of a reiractorv
donkey I"
U      A   Primitive   Clock.
A naturalist while visiting jireat
Sangir, one of those islands of tne
Indian ocean known as the Celebes or
Spice Islands, found a curious time
recorder lodge at the house of a
rajah. Two bottles were tiriiuv iasn-
ed together and fixed in a wooden
frame. A quantity of black sand ran
from one bottle into the other i,i
just hali an hour, and when the upper bott.e was empty the frame waa
reversed. Twelve short sticks marK-
ed with notches from one to twelve
were hung upon a string. A hook
was placed between the stick bearing
the number of notches corresponding
to the hour last struck and the one
to be struck next. The sentrv announced the time by. striking the
hours on a large gong. ^
A number of tourists were recently looking down the crater
of a volcano. An American said
to his companion—That looks like
the infernal regions. An English
lady hearing the remark, said-
How these Americans do travel.
Victoria Hotel
M. R. Eagleson, Prop.
Finest Liquors & Cigars Good Stabling
Lillooet,   -    =   B. C.
Excelsior  Hotel
First Class Table and Good
Liquors and Cigars.
B. C.
We have just added McCALLS to our long list
of First Class Agencies, and carry a full stock
Patterns.   Our stock is most complete in all
departments, and our prices right.
General Merchant
General Merchant
Forwarding Agent
Ship Goods To Lillooet in my Care
Prompt   Attention   Guaranteed
Natural Resources
Security Co., Ltd.
Masset Townsite, B.C.
Cresent Bay Orchards, Naksup, B.C.
Basque Fruit Farms, Basquet,
near Ashcroft, B.C.
Head Office:
Bower Building
Vancouver, B.C.
Branch! Offices:
Fort George,
London, Aug. 12.— London is
almost itself again today. A few
hours after the official announcement that the strike had been
settled last last night supplies
were rushed out to replemish the
empty markets and stores. It is
estimated that the week's strike
of the dockmen and carriers has
cost the metropolis at least
The car men employed by two
railroad companies claim to have
private grievances and refuse to
return to work until the general
The strike of dockmen, lighter
men, coal porters and car men
was ended with the settlement
of the lighters' dispute. The
men were conceded a ten-hour
day and an increase of about
twenty-five per cent, in wages.
It is now expected that all the
men will return to work on Monday.
The strike leaders last night
issued a manifesto declaring their
determination to enforce the demand that every man concerned
in the strike shall be reinstated
to his former position.
Subscribe for The Advance and
get the home news.
DOM. and B. C. LAND
Victoria   .   .   B. C.
Represented by Samuel Gibbs
Livery and
Feed Stables
Horses and Riga  for Hire.
Express Delivery
Light and Heavy Draying.
B. C
ASHCROFT       -      -    B.C.
Lillooet Meat Market
Fresh Killed Beef, Pork & Mutton
Large and small orders ■
given our   personal attention.       Satisfaction
Fresh    Vegetables    in    Season


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