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The Nakusp Ledge 1894-10-25

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Vol. II. No. 4;
NAKUSP, B. C, OCTOBER  25, 1894
Pkice Ten Cents.
lagk'S   Hotel;
Rates:   $1.50 to  $2.00 Per Day:
Pofest drrdwth Gives Place to Smiling Fields".
■ E.verythhg first-class.
2 s a      \». &£ a*? g tit
TS now oreV'i'ia* the 'accommodation of .guests.
1   Kates, SH.50 to 92,50 rev cliay7 Baths
25  cents each, or 5 /or *■_.-  For further
particulars write to the jjrojjrietcrs. •
Naktisx?,   B.C.,
The Bar is stocked with the finest brands of
Wine A Liquors, and Cigars. 7.      .„
NAKUSP, B. C,   .
Corning & Kocld, Props.
The bar is stocked with the finest
brands of wines, liquors
and cigars. '••
JMKUSP, B. Gxp ■
Beautifully situated on tlie Lake shore at the entrance to the 'best/and shortest road to the Slocan
mines and New Denver. The best fishing and
hunting inTthe district, with grand boating and
sketching facilities foi* tourists and artists. The
bar is supplied with the best brands of wines
liquors and cigars. 7 The aeeoramodations of the
Hotel are the .best.
The location of this Hotel
is excellent, and commands '.
a gnu/* view oi the beautiful see   • ... that surrounds
the td ■■'■■■■
; ' The Bar  has  one of the
• "  | largest stocks of .Wines,
A   '-Liquors and Cigars in the
e Dining Room is up to    -
p. and Travelers should
ays give the.Leland a
F. W. Jordan has returned from a
trip into Fire Valley, whither he had
been accompanied by Mrs.  Jordan.
Mr. Jordan spoke enthusiastically of
tlie valley, the  change wrought in
two years having been ..surprising.
At tliat time the first settlers took up
lahel arid their example was speedily
followed by others, the present population being about 30. Almost all
the available land has been pre-empted, and several acres in each instanee
have been cleared and seeded down.
Two avenues of communication are
available, the one in from Vernon
and the otheiv from the Lower Arrow
hike. The latter is the principal one
used. A wharf had been, built" by
the Government for, the convenience
of the settlers; as also a wagon road,
but the spring freshets damaged both.
The creek changed its coarse to an
old bed that had been -marked ages
ago, and it is now believed to be a
permanency. . Through J. M. Kellie,
M^P.P., the settlers are asking the
Government for $100 a mile for 24
miles, to re-build the Wagon road to
thc lake and repair the wharf, and
they will doubtlessget it. '    '
Air. Jordan is interested with- his
two brothers in a rarich-and is well
pleased with the prospects. , He. has
laid'out a new' road, two miles long,
witli a bridge, into his plaee,- whiclv
will enable" him to get in supplies.
He has six acres seeded down with
■timothy,- that is now as hig-h as one's
head. 7Work in the valley is done
on. the co-operative system. Mr.
Jordan is getting iu a stuiiip-pulleiv
to be used by a 11,; while a hay press
is ta.l ked o£ The hay is c f first quality and next year enough can be
grown there to Supply lhe demand at
this place. Nearly all the settlers
liave put in fall wheat, some more
and others less, according to the
amount of ground cleared. Messrs.
Vail/and Bangs grew spring wheat
this year with success. The heads
were long, well filled and ripened,
capable of making capital flour." The
yield also was abundant. A flour
mill is one of the necessities for the
near future. Other cereals and roots
were grown with satisfactory results.
J. Robinson has the honor of being
the first exporter from the valley, he
having for i-rarded over four tons of
potatoes to Mr. Jordan for sale. They
are large, sound, and good keepers,
when boiled they are dry and mealy.
Others would ship too, but the trails
at present will not permit of heavy
The one thing needful is a supply
of good milch cows, other stock being"
on hand. The settlers are industrious
and contented with their lot. They
live on the best and are self-supporting, which, as a result ol two years'
labor, is good showing. Several will
move in their families in the spring.
Next season the settlers, in. the valley
together with those along the-Narrows, will be able to supply all de
mahds from town for farm and dairy
produce. '"\
High Grade Ore.
Yingling & McDougald have every
reason to feel proud of their claiih on
Cariboo creek. The Golden Eagle,
originally, located by T. Hardy, was
subsequently restaked by the former
arid rech listened the Golden Arrow.
Two or three weeks ago Mr. McDougald took 1,C00 pounds of the ore
with him to Revelstoke for a mill
test, and the figures have just been
received.' Tiie 10 sacks assayed from
VS6 in gwldfor the lowest to $216 per
ton for the highest, besides a,' lew
ounces of silver, and a., percentage of
copper. /'WitlVuiiliiiiited quantities of
ore in sight, the , property should
:prove valuable.
New Strike on the Alpha.
Alex. Mackenzie, who has obtained
considerable notoriety in ,connection
with the, All ha miney on .Four-Mile
creek, arrived over7 on Thursday
fVoin Silverton/ bound for Spokane,
Omaha and New York. Early next
■ morning1 he received a telegram announcing that rich bodies of ore had
been both the upper and
:lowcr turine's of the -mine. This with
what was a 1 ready in sight gives him
enough to work on for another year.
Of the $70,0^0 originally to be ' paid
for the mine, all has been covered
but the last payment of " £16,250,.and
that is amply secured. To meet the,
.•■last,.';- payment made, ■■; the Omaha
^Smelting- Go. advanced y20y!OGObn the
Outside Capital Becoming Interested
in Properties.
The Cariboo creek camp, both mineral and placer, took a decided forward step this week, several outside:-
capitalists having bought in, while
others are inspecting preparatory to
investing. News of the discoveries
has circulated widely and quickly,
and inquiries .have been,made about
the camp froni as.far east as Toronto
anddTew York. /Nearer home Portland, Spokane and Siccan men arc
investigating, and in several cases
have invested.
Chas. Vader has been, one.of, the
foremost pushers in the, camp,   and)
has been a silent  partner in several
locations, as will  be  seen  from the
On  the 18th he,
a half interest, in the,
Ora,   Grraiida",   situa ted   on   M ineral
creek, by A. Tassar, for ^Id  On the
20th Vailei\sold  this interest to M. S.
Anderson,  of   Spokane,   for . $'1,0C0.
Anderson is a retired  clergyman of
the/Methodist  Episcopal persuasion,;
and with; his  brother,   has  taken to
ni in ing. 7 Relatives of his liave made
fortunes at placer mining and  he  is -,
following tlieir example.v He and his
brother are   iicgotiating 7for placer .
Clainisalso on Gahboo creek and tliey:
•believe they7caii 7make niohey at itY
The niifieral claini. aviJI be forked in
a systematic manner in tlie spring.
trapsf e rs fol 1 owing
was assigned
for the whole mine. Mr. Mackenzie
is emiiiently satisfied with his purchase, a He took With him some specimens froiiia small vein in the main
lode tliat assays over 5, OX) ounces of
silver to the ton. ■-.-":
Impressed With Appearances.
ore^shipped  before-:it 7 reached7the
works.    The shipnieiits so  far made [
have averaged about $105 to the ton, I    On the same day Vader transferred
totaling more t ;an sufficient to pay  a half interest in the Pi omestora claini
to N. Deniars for $1.
P. E, Coulter and George, L. Cary
have disposed of their rights in the
Crown placer claini foiv^lOO each.
The latter also bought out Wv Mc-
Grogaii and P. H. Peterson in the
Sceptre for $1 each.
Though Vader has been an active
party in these   movements, he is ■■'■bo'
ii7)ved to be acting for outsiders, who
will showtlieir hands iii the spring.
,;.  The whole camp is fullof life and
vitality and more ta Ik of mineral  is
heard in town than ever before.    W.
'Briggs, one of tlie original owners of
tile (jrrady group, on Four-Mile, went
down Saturday  with Joe Darraugh.
He intends to thoroughly investigate
the discoveries and  Ayill'-fchen invest.
Alex. Mackenzie, of Alpha fame, will
be interested in the new camp inside
of a  month;   He has tried to secure
certain claims,1   but failed.    He proposes to send in two experts to e:-
amine some ledges staked out, and if
their reports be satisfactory  he will
purchase interests, and  in the spring
will put a gang oi men to work developing Che prorerties.    He proposes to
spend several thousand dollars there.:
As mentioned elsewhere, the Wha>
tons purpose investing on the creek
A S. M. Wharton, with his brother,
G. G. Wharton, J. Buckley, and S.
Ciesston, came in from Denver on
Thursday and went south to Trail
creek b}^ Saturday's- boat, and from
there will go on to Spokane. The
party were destined for the Cliff mine
bwncd by the Whartons, where preparations will be made for shipping a
carl pad'- of ore out for a m i 11 test.
Four men have been employed on the
- property all summer and they have
a; big showing. The Pilot Bay people
.are after the output of the Ci.itiy S.
M. Wharton is also part owner in the
Rico, one of the best mines in the
;Slocan, which he says has a. bigger
display of ore now than ever before,
and is getting daily more like a mine.
Between 5C0 and 6C0 tons of ore will
be shipped to Omaha this winter.
Messrs, Buckley and Cresston reported the Grady group looming up
While " "     ' "   ""
the   Gar
were strongly   nnpruoo^..    ..m.  «"v,,,r  , > KT .      .,       .       .
specimens  sliown  and the certirtedlJ^hoiV',°fY',:"couve^ ^^s tested eon-
assays. They were ofthe opinion the siderable of the rock and in no in-
,; , A7, ,.      *■ ,    •      «t.;viir>.p .h>i.s lift   frinnrl    loan t.ria
camp would  be a good one, and  in
stance has he found  less than -£80 in
the spring they will make atrip in to %?ldt° theton.    He found white iron
invARf. plentifully sprinkled,   and   the finer
the iron the more gold there was.
Taken all in all Nakusp's mineral
protege is very vigorous.
Six inches of snow fell at Summit
City on Tuesday. Page 2.
Second Year
Published every Thursday.
R.     T.    LOAVERY,    EDITOR    AND
ONE YKAIt  ............:'...  .$2.00
Transient Advertising, 25 cents per line first insertion, .10 cents per line subsequent insertions,
nonpareil measurement A  •
Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay
District and communications upon live topics
always acceptable.' Write on both sides of the
paper if you wish. "'Always ■send something good.
no matter how crude. Get 3rour copy in while it
is hot, and we will'do' tlie rest.
"~ THURSDAY,   OCT.   25^ 1894.
An unjust accusation was made
against the press of West Kootenay
last week by two prominent personages who happened to be tarrying in
this town for a day or two. No. 1
was a man proiinneilt in the Mmin-
istration of the affairs of this district,
while:No. 2 seeks to enrich himself
and ben^lit Slocan mine owners by
the establishment of works of considerable, .magnitude.-. These two worthies expressed themselves to the effect that ■•'.'.he; newspapers of the
country had done harm by publishing
glowing accounts of mineral finds in
various sections, and enticing in people under false pretences, as in many
fcases the alleged discoveries were of
no account. Published reports of the
discoveries on Cariboo and Mineral
creeks had doubtless enticed outsiders into the district seeking work and
investment, but the truth was there
„was nothing on the creeks, nor was it
likely there ever would be." No. 2
went farther and stated that ' 'papers
publishing such statements should be
punished by the criminal law, as the
.country.- was damaged rather than
, It does seem more than passing
strange that men of their calibre,
fully acquainted with all the facts,
should make such erroneous and un
just statements. West Kootenay has
suffered no harm through the columns of its press, but, on the contrary,
the gratuitous advertising disseminatedfrom week to week has been the
chief means of attracting capital and
aiding the development of its .mineral
resources.. . Taken col lectivel y the
press of this district lias ever been
scrupulous in telling the truth about
our vast resources, and the beneficial
results" are patent to -al 1—probably f o
none more so than to the individuals
in question. .
•Time was when discouraging remarks were made by.. officials of the
discoveries of mineral i:i the Big
Bend, Lardeau, Slocan and Trail
Creek districts, and yet these same
camps have .proven to be the wonders
ofthe mining world. Even so with
tne Cariboo and Mineral creek country, in which we a/emore closelv interested.    True,   no   ore   has   been
shipped therefrom, but the camp is
only two months old. Locations have
been made in abundance, some drifting has been done, and assays made
have shown the ore to be phenomena
ally rich. In three years' time we
venture to predict that there will not
be a more prosperous camp anywhere
than this same despised Cariboo
jcreek. What news we have published thereof can be verified quite
easily, and the attention 7 attracted
has been as much influenced, by the
j rock exhibited as by our reports. It,
Purely is poor policy for Government
officials to decry any section of the
district,'from which a big income has
been; and is being, derived. The
wealth of one section should be, and,
we trust, is, the pride of the whole
district, and the press of West Kootenay has been foremost in proclaiming
this principle. In future it is hoped
these individuals will be a little more
soaring in ^ .their accusations, and
that their remarks in general upon,
the country may be tempered with
truth and certainty rather than the
opposite.       -    .
Hon. G. B. Martin has been reelected for North Yale without opposition, this being due to his pronounced opposition to the British Pacific
Railway scheme.
Every other prisoner locked up in
our district gaols in some way manages to escape,'the latest refugee be:
ing Albert Littlejohn, ■ who fled the
local coop. Unless the Government
erects^ substantial cages they cannot
expect to retain their g'aol birds.
Certificate of Improvements.
of improvements.
Dated this 9th day of October, 1894. -
,.. ■ +-x    A. S. FARWELL.
Oct. 18,1891.' '"■""; -■*
Certificate of Improvements.
'    .'■'■ ..NOTICE.
•QTANDARD Minkral Claim.—Situate in the
10 Slocan Mining Division of West Kootenay Dis-
:triet.   Where located: About two miles'.north east
from Silverton.
1 Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell, as agent for
:Michael Grady, No. 49577; L.H. Briggs, No.51140,
land C. F. Laatz, No.49,i587,intend, sixty days irom
;date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for
ia certificate of improvements, for the purpose of
;obraining a Crown grant of the above claim.
'   And further  take  notice, that adverse claims
must he sent to the Gold Commissioner and action
i commenced before the issuance of •.such.'certificate
■of improvements.
;  , Dated this 8th day of October, 1894.
I    Oct: 18.1894.
SiiuNiEAW Minkral Claim.—Situate in' the
Slocan Mining Division of West; Kootenay District.. Where located:; Abouttwo miles north east
from'Silverton. v       '.'•■:   ■-.'■'• 7
Take notice that I. A. S. Farwell, as ageiitV for
Michael Grady, No. 49577; L. H. Briggs, No. 511 to,
and C F. Laatz. No. 49-387,: intend','sixty "days'
from the date hereof, to apply to the G/id
Commissioner for a certilieate of improvements,
lor tlie purpose of obtaining' a7 Crown grant ofthe
ab jvc claim. ^.•,,
'" And further take. notice, that adverse., claims
must be seiit to the Gold Commissioner and action
commenced before the issuance of such certificate
of improvements.  ' ,    "
Dated this 4th day of October, 1894. - •■-■•-; •■■'•'-
<     A. S- FARWELL.,i894.   •■-        .;.'■• 777"7"; a. '"'Asyxsyy;
Certificate of Improvements.
NOTICE., ;    ■     .7.'-...a'...7:
I7CHO Mineral Claim.—Situate in the Slocan
Iu Mining Division of. West Kootenay.District.
Where located: About two miles north east from
Silverton. - ...,  .    , .
Take notice thatl, A, S. Farwell, as agent for
Michael Grady, No 49,577; L. A. Briggs, No.51140,•
and C, F. Laatz, No. 49:387, intend, sixty days :rm
tiie (Lite hereof, to apply to' the Gold CommissLoh i*
i\ r a certificate of improvements for the purpose
of i,.l)t lining a Crown grant ofthe above claim.
And. fur ("her take • notice,- that .adverse claims
must be .--cut to he Gold Commissioner and action
c mnnenced before the issuance of such certificate
of im rovemeuts.      ' °
Dated this 8th dav of October,. 1894.      .     .
Oct. 18, 1891. ■■ '   ■' 7        ■■'-■■    ■
Certificate of Improvements.
Atlantic Express   arrives at 9:15 Daily
Pacific " " 16:2 5     "
Cheapest, most reliable and safe route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul, Chicago, New'Ycrk,
ra'id Boston. Rates 63 to $10 lower than any othtr
Specially- titled ColoiiH Cars, in charge of a
porter, .for the accommodation of passengers holding second-class tickets.
Passengers booked to and from all European
points at lowest rates.
L r.v freight rates. Quick despatch. Merchant-*
will save money by having their freight routed via
the C.P.R.
Full and reliable information given by applying
Asst Gen. Freight Agent,     Local Agent,
Vancouver..- Revelstoke
Sill II
Nelson & Fort Sheppard
.(■      ' -:r-A'7 ■ :■■'■ <    •'-•; ■■       •'' '        . ■.
CCJRI-R-TSE Mineral Claim.—Situate in the
O SI; c ih Mining Division of West kootenay Dis-
irie t. Where located: About two miles north east
irom Silverton.
Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell. as agent for
•Mh-hael Grady, No. 49577; L. H Briggs, No. 5iii0,
:ind.C. F. L-vatz,'No. 49387•, intend, sixty days
from (lie date hereof, to apply to' the Gold Commissi r.crfora certilieate of iih .rovements, for the
'■ur ore of obtaining a Grown-grant of the above
<-i.'..:m,   A
And further take not ice,.that adverse claims
mu-*=t be sent to tlie Gold Comm.sooner and action
commenced before the is uanee v.f such certificate
The only through route from Nelson, Kaslo,.
Kootenay Lake and all Slocan
■'■' '.; '. "■'' :' 'r' Points. ■_ .'..";. '
Through Trains Semi=Week8y.
Leave 7 a.m. NELSON. Arrive 5:40 p.m.
G. L. ESTABROOKS,      -      MASTER,
.'.'..■''.'■ . '■!■■■■ ■
Leave New Denver at 7 a.m. for Silverton.
Leave New Denver at 8:30 a.m. for Bonanza
City.    ■ ..,.;/ 7.   ,,'7 ■
Leave Bonanza 12 noon for New Denver.
Slogan Trading & Navigation Co., (Ltd.).
PACIFIC 7-.;,;
To take effect on Saturday, May 19th, 1894. r
Trains West. Station. Trains East.
IS 30      Depart NELSON Arrive      20 45
il'i 50 Kootenav Crossing 20 25;
J17 35 Slocan Crossing    " 19 40;
18 15       Arrive ROBSON De] art      19 00    •
Trains from Nelson will wait airival of beat
from Bonner's Ferry and Lake Points on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
X Flag Stations.
/ISTAbove Trains will run Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
The Company reserve the right to change this
Time Table without Notice.
Pacific Standard and 24 hour system adopted.
General Suiit.,- Trainmaster-& Agent,- -"
V.mi e uver. Nelson.
Steam Nav. Co., Ltd.
In Effect Wednesday, Aug. 29,1894.
.:'•: ■•STRa;LYT'TO]S:-.: ?;--:-7--.^-'
(Connecting with -the Canadiani Pacific Railway for all Eastern, and Coast Points.)
Leaves Robson on Wednesdays and  Sunday.*? at
0  p.m..       '   A ■   .1 .:...-.    .' :
Leaves Revelstoke on . Tuesdays and  Fridavs  at
4 a.m. ■,■'■■'
7:STR. iiyTTON.7. ..,-•
(Connecting at Northport ior points- north an d
south on the.Spokane ,FAiv& Northern
■■xy-!y:-.:.A-:,.  -■■■ -Railway.)       ■'"''.',■■"■.' ,■'"''■'.
Leaves Robson on Saturdays at. 4 a.m. 7
Leaves Northport on Saturdays at 1:30 p.m,
■ Leaves Nelson Mondays at 4 p.m.; Wednesday's,
at 5:40,'p.m.; Thursdays,at 4 [;.m.;SL; 5*:40-
p.m.   Connecting on «at(,rd.:'v.s and \\ edn'e days
with Nelson & Fort "Sheppard  Railway for Kaslo
and-Lake-!>oiuts. -,.-..—- --.-•■
Leaves*Kaslo"for Nelson, Sundays at 8 a.m.;
Tuesdays at 3 a.m.:•■ThmVd.-iys ;it 8 a.m.; Fi'idays
at 3 a.m. Connecting* on Tuesdays and Fridays
with Nelson & Fort tilieppard Railway, fcr Spokane and points .south.
:    STR.- NELSON. ,
(Connecting with the Great Northern Railway
for  all Eastern point's,' Sjjokane and
the Coast.) ;
A   On.Tuesdaj's rr.d Fjidrypj  irrij*p   v.ill   run
through to .-SpokaheVamving same day.- Returning
passengers will leaveS; okaneat 7 a.m.on Wednesdays and Saturdays, arriving at Nelson at 5:10 p.
m., same day, -making close ■ connection with the
steamer Nelson for Kaslo and all ..Kootenay .lake
.points: a7 7~7" 7  "... ■   ..'.":'   .■....■ .'.■■    -.-
Commencing Aug.   25.   passengers- for  Trail j.   Leaves Bonner's Ferry for  Nelson and Kaslo at
Ci*eek, Nakusp,: New* Denver, Revelstoke, and all [;_ a.m. on Wee"     "" ' -
noints on   the  Can adia,n   Pacific  Rail way, will ~
leave Spokane   on. Saturdays at     7.
7 a. m., connecting at Northport with steamer
(same day) at l pi m 7   . ■■"'■■"■'.
Leaves Nelson on Tue-days and Fridays at 7 a.
>•,'''. '• ■'■.-.   -; .' '
Leaves Kaslo on Tuesdays .and' Fridays at 3 a.m.
mner's Ferry for  Nelson ai
"ednesduys anu Saturdays.
Passengers tjiy steamer from above points arrive
in Spokane same evening. ;;.;
Passengers for   Kettle  River  and .Boundary
Creek connect at Marcus with stage on Mondays*
.old Tuesdays, Thursdays and  Fridays.
The company -reserves the right to change this
schedule at any time without notice.
For full information as to tickets, rates,.etc., apply at the Company's offices, Nelson,. B!G.
T, ALLAN, Sec'y. J. W.. TI^OUP,
Nelson   B,C. Manager.
$ iecond Year.
Pasre 3
Of By-Gone Days as Related by A.
Alex. Mackenzie, one of the owners of the Alpha mine, near Silverton;
was in town during* the"week.on his
way to Spokane. Mackenzie, is'/a
very large man and at one time was
sheriff ih Bismarck, Dakota. Trtjknig
about the grounding of the Lytton oh
Friday at the head of the lake, he
-said:-— .■'.'."' -7---x ■■-..■■ ■■'; :  -.  '■
; '.'Why, in .'cages'of' this kind, don't
.the captain ai.d crew 'spar the boat
off the bar,' instead of ■haying* to bring*
an'pther steamer to tow the groimded
boat into deep water? Some years
a^oWhen I. was marshal in Bismarck-
We had. a. great - deal of •frrpii ble with'
s tea m u^trtai i iiing; frpiri Fort; Ben ton
to New Orlealis.   The cm ptains would
Ready For Business.
Mi.rii.n_r men here during the week
^stated that the Pilot'Bay people would
'be ready to treat ore in less than two
weeks. -Notice had been sent to the
Slocan mine owners to the effect that
the smelting company would then be
in a position to compete with outsiders for the ore. Finishing touches
are being put upon-one "Stack, and
the hist furnace is expected to be
blown in a lew days.
Hung Up on a Sand Bar.
Str. Lytton ran her nose on a sand
bar at tlie mouth of the. upper river,
on her down trip on Friday. She was
-heavily freighted' 'at the. time, and
despite the efforts ofthe crew remained fast till next day, when she .was
Lulled off by the Kootenai, which'had
been telegraphed for from .Trail
creek. - The- heavy' floods of the past
take ^obd^oii.eliines without paving sf^01i have caused the sand bars to
M- itv;aiid7^ 31lfr'   ^Tsfc  bl?ckinff  UP.'. tI,e, (, d
in harmony cwita-lioiw^ channel, hence the grounding of the
I was, ordered oner:tiine7to./-arrest Bill   b°at-    J he sw>t has been marked by
Mmss y}-oiiO;or the toughek captains a buoy for future reference. No dam
- ■ •-'   ■ ■•■■■"■■    - - ae'e was done the
on   the   river.    I telegraphed ■■ to yyn-
YVni'-eohStLites post to ^top 'hini, and
when the steamer ca lire opposite ■ ■tlie
fbrt they 0} "en eel hreYqh Bill's craft
and"compelled; him to stop.    I took:
tiie boat in charge and turned  her
nose up; stream.    JDuring;the   night
Bill   ran   her aground, thin king,   no
doubt, to spar lier off aid run,; her
.down past the fort wl die I was asleep.
I''tumbled to Bill's racket and^putting
a j ilot"in the wiieelhouse, '■ eon.ductcd
7tjie hoisting operations   myself     f
noticed at that time and during; my
ex j erience On: the Missouri7that all
itliesteaiuera:carried spars, and.discd
theni to push themselves off of all the
bars they grounded on7'
•'This same Bill. Massey was the
man who* received the bullet in xthe
'arm thatkilfed Wild BilJ, in Yankton, in7L87(v It will be remembered
tliat they were7 playing cards at the
time in a saloon when an enemy or
Wild Bill's crept up behind him and
shot him in the back of the head, the
tail ] assing on and wounding Massey
in the arm. Wild Bill was a noted
r k ill er of men, and, ni ah y people
breathed easier when lie Was gone.
He was marshal in many tough towns
a d iiad kill(d;6ver '2J men. I did
n->t agree -with his metliod of enforcing the Jaw. For eight years I was
sheriff iii as .tough a 'district-' as the
L uited States ever; had and I never
found it necessary,to-;destroy life in
order to carry out:my duty,'although:
on three occasions I '-was wounded by
desperadoes; I generaIIy used strategy to corral hard characters: and
make them come to: time.7 During
one -year' I. arrested nine: men for
muider;. but the scene has: changed
in .Dakota,■and all,'or nearly all, of
the real bad men- have ceased to be
iii existence.     X-' '..'■'■.';'        7
;'But,"said Mackenzie,'as he put
his hands, H7- his pockets, tilted his
chair against the: wall and smiled,
"no talk of the present day, I think
that the Slocan country is /one ofthe
greatest on earth:' Wherever yon
rind lead on the surface, there you
will find mines "that, will hold out.
We have in the Alpha one of the best"
pr <] ooitions rknovy cf. ', We have already shipped &X, CGO worth of ore
a:id have enough in sight to keep its
working for one year. ■ We.lmye.just
strack n ore rich ore in bcth fie up-
pe7 and lower tunnels, and I am
sanguine of great ix suits 'from the Alpha.'      A- :"■'■■'   •.'- A   ;XJ-[-;yA:"" ;' ■•
Escaped From Gaol.
a Albert Littlejohn has escaped. Oii
Tuesday evening while P.O.Fauquier
was at dinner; friends pried off the
lock of the outer door, and then that
ofthe roll, liberating Littlejohn, who
immediately vanished and has not
been seen since. ^Officer Fauquier
• had but a fewTninutes before fed his
bird. WThile there are suspicions as
to tlie parties interested, yet there is
no sure clue to work upon. Commissioner Fitzstubbs, who was in town,
Was wrathv when he heard ofthe es-
cai e, but. admitted Officer Fauquier,
was in no way to blame.
:.■,...'NJELSPJST, B.C., .'■     a.    7
Landscape Photographers
Keep a large quantity of Architypes
and Steel Engrayings in stock'
Pictures framed to order.
Of Swansea" ana vvTigah, '■
Analytical Chemist and Assayer
The oldeso and most experienced
Assa.ver in the Province.     -
Accommodations for travellers. Good
stables. The bar is stocked -with
■choice -liquors- and cigars. Pack
train in.connection with.'t'h.e house,
Goods taken to 'any part, of the
■ "x^':   McDON'lLD BROS., Pro]s
JOHN W. GRAHAffl &   Go.,
Books, Stationery, Office Supplies,
and Wall Paper.    ,
Great Eastern Block. .
sfokane, \v__sir.
J: F. B. ROC
KASLO, B. C. '
Graduate of Trinity University, Toronto.    Member of college Physicians and Surgeons, Ontario.
mas or
TN addition to the Restaurant the Proprietor has
1. a number of Room- to rent to Travelers. The.
Rooms fire tastily furnished and (he beds clean and
well aired.
Stages leave Kaslo daily at. 8 a. 111.
• for New Denver.    Returning will,
leave New Denver for Kaslo at
same hour. '    •
Satisfaction is   Guaranteed.
from :
ft D. I Jisln isle ft
AAA -A'-        Dealers Jh
Pianos,  Organs,  Musicians'   Supplies; Sewing: Machines, and
Showing* the Bates and Flaces ot Courts
of Assize, Nisi Prlus, and Oyer and
TeiMnmer, ami General Gaol Delivery for the Year 2.894,
* Nelson	
Pall Assizes.
.Monday '...loth SevernIser,
. Monday 17th September.
. Thur.-dav 20th September.
 21th September.
 1st October.
. ..Monday..
Sew Westminster.-. Tuesday
' Vancouver Monday
Victoria— , Tuesday.
Nanaimo Tue-day..
^Special Assizes -..djourncrt from thc Spring by
Mr. Justice Walkem and now iixed for these
 8tli October.
..'..13th October.
"'...(5th November.
..12th November.
. .20th November.
..27th November.
LIQUOES/ "   7      -
.,    . '."■; ANft CIGARS ■
Revelstoke,   ,      - -;      ^.C
Foot of Hendryx Street,  Nelson.
A full stock of Lumber.
.■-.Tcug'h; s.tA dressed, latlis,
shingles, sash,doors,mouldings, etc. . Clear and dry
fii"flooring and cermg for
ale af lowest prices.  ;
.A gent>
1  [L.S.] E. DEWDNEV.
'■    - .  * -  •' ■'..(!'
'    O .   ■ *'• - ( • ' -. ...
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of tlie United
A ivhigdom   of  Great 'Britain  and  Ireland,'
; '.■'.■'Quken, Defender of the. Faith &c, &c,.'&c.
To Our faithful the Meir.bers elected to fcrvein
the^Legislative As-ombly of Our Province
of British Coh.rr.bia at Oui4 City of Victoria
—.GiiEE'riNG. ''.■■"•■ .7 7 ■■;.'
THEorjOKE Davie. VllTHEREAS We are de^fr-;
Attorney-General, j VI     ous  and Resolved, as-
soon as may be, to meet Our. people of Our Prov
iiice of British Columbia, and to have their advice
iihOur Legisluture:   .
NOW KN^OW YE, that for divers causes and
considerations, and taking into consideration the
ease and convenience of. Our loving subjects,: We "
have-thought tit, by' and with'the advice of Our
Executive Gouu.'ii of Britisli Columbia, to hereby
■'convoke, and by' ,lhcse presents enjoin you. and
each, that on, Monday, the Twe'ith day of
Novehilx-r, one thousand eight hundred and nine"
ty foa'r, -yon ■lnwt Us in Our said Legislature or.
Parliament of..Our s;\id Province, at Our City of
Victoria, FOR: THE DISPATCH OF BUSINESS, to treat, do, act, and conclude upon thoa*
things which in Our Legislature of the .Province
of British Columbia, by the Gonunon Council of
■Our said Province may, by the favor oi God, be
Ix Testimony WirKitEOK, We have caused
the'e Our Letters to be made [talent; and tlie
Great Seal of the said Province' to be here-
unt.wtfiixed; WnwE-s, the Honourable Ed-
oau Dkavikvey, Lieutenant-Governor Of Our
said Province of British Columbia, in Our
C.ty of Victorir, in Our said Province, this
Twenty -seventh day of SeptemR'r, in the
yet.]''of 0m* L.-rd one thousand eight luul-
cr^dand ninety-four, and in the fifty-eighth
year of Our reign.
By Comm md,
Provincial Secretary, Pag*e 4.
iSeeond Year
Maps of British Columbia for sale at
this office. t
■■'■■•■ The first snow storm of the season
occurred Tuesday.
';•■ West Kootenay pr 3d need $200,000
in gold last year.
Another week of fine weather will
see the wharf finished.
Str. Arrow has been hauled en the
ways near the mill for repairs.
November   1st   the  public school
commences its win er schedule.
' '"A      '        "' '   ', "■ ■
D. A. McDougald has improved in
he ilth since going to Kamloops
Game is reported in variety; and
abundance along the like and river.
Carloads of freight keejr passing
into tiie interior towns over the N.&
The..■machinery- for Capt. Moore's
concentrator is expected in in a few
'days!-":.. ...;■:' "
Two carloads of Ore from the "Silver
King- went up on Tuesday, bouml for
A    ■■'■''■'■ v- '■"   -
An electric light plant/ with a powerful search, is being* put- in. on the
Lvtton.  ■" -,:-
Str. Kootenai is assisting* in clearing
up the large quantities of freight now
offering*. ■[.     7
Eighteen carloads of produce are
expected at Revelstoke, consigned to
Nelson parties." ■■■<■.
The Northern Belle No. 2, in the
Slocan, shipped 20 tons,of ore to Omaha last week.     7
No ore went forward from here
this week, but,;several hundred tons
will move shortly.
House and furniture to sell, ver \
cheap, at Nakusp, Apply to II. N.
Coursier, Revelstoke. t
The Lytton.. has refused the Mountain Chief ore, because ofthe advance
charges not being arranged.
T. Abriel is g:fiering together
specimens for ah ore cabinet. It is
attracting considerable attention.
Thursday's trip of the Lytton was
the last of. the season to Revelstoke.
Henceforth she stops.-at the Wigwam.
When in Kaslo stop at the Great
Northern Hotel. Rates reasonable.
Headquarters for cool and delicious
beer. f
Tlie Mail has adopted cheap paper,
patent medicine ads, and boiler plate.
It even hints at its own untimely decease.
Rev. Mr. Gaebel, if fully recovered
from his recent illness, will hold divine service in the schoolhouse next
Captai'i Sanderson and crew will
do the piling at Revelstoke to protect
the river's bank, under Government
Postoffice Inspector Fletcher was a
passenger down .yesterday, making
.It's autumnal inspection of the Kootenay branches
Tiie snOw line is getting low down
on the neighboring hills, 'though the
■fleecy lias'riot-..yet reached th_-bottoms in quantity.
Contractor Clements returned from
Vancouver yesterday. T e'terminal
buildings at Three Forks will now
dema ad his attention.
Tuesday's  outward   bound   were:
Miss Gen el le; to Kamloops; Mr. and
Mrs. Reid and child, to Revelstoke;
the Misses Trodden, to Westminster
Amongst the cargo on the Kootenai
to Robs m vesterday were 48 tons of
machinery for the Pilot Biy smelter.
One ore crusher weighed close to 20
tons. o.
Hugh Madden and A. E. "Fauquier
came up from Cariboo creek on Tuesday, bringing some elegant samples
from   the Iron Crown and continua
E. Mahon, Vancouver, and H. L.
Mahon. Salt Spring Island, passed
t'n'push to their homes Monday from
Denver. Both men are heavily interested on Four-Mile. .,--.'■
Gold Commissioner Fitzstubbs and
Capt.XSioore were in town during the
week. The latter had come iu to
hurry forward the lumber for his
concentrator near the Forks
J. C. Whyte, superintendent 'of the
N.& S.R,, who went to Westminster
to obtain treatment for typhoid fever,
returned to town yesterday to resume
liis.duties.'   He is still very weak.
The Lytton again grounded at the
mouth of the river On her up trip on
Tuesday. She. was compelled to
leave half her cargo of ore on the
river's bank before she could proceed.
W. P. Hanks. Of the Times, went
south to Nelson by last boat, en route
to Montana, for a month or six weeks.
In flam ni/r. t ion came n ear clai m in g in
him a victim since his last visit to
.town.' 7, - .'--a,;..-'-
Andy McPherson was drowned in
the Columbia/ above Revelstoke, last
Wednesday, while packing in sup
plies to the Big Bend countrv. He-
leaves a wife and two children in
Seattle. --Y
A large shed and bunk house ha^
been erected, bv the Columbia &
Kootenay. Navigation■ Co., near .the
stock yards, for the accommodation
of the men who will be employed enlarging tjie Lytton. 7 ';
.■..When the lower river falls too low
to descend the Kootenay, rap?ds in
safety, the niecillewaet Avill probably
nlv between the boundary and
Snroatt's Land in»', there connecting
by train with Robson.
One of the largest cargoes ever
brought in here came down o^ the
Kootenai and scow Tuesday evening,
ao-^reg-ating in all. 180 tons. It was
composed mainly of railway sundries
and general merchandise;
Yesterday's b>at brought in an influential party of 0.P. R. officials and
personages, viz., Messrs. H. Abbott,
general superintendentA Marpole,
superintendent of Kamloons division:
Pnchesnay, assistant chief engineer;
Wileress, paymaster; Ferguson, 0.
Laewen and Piplock. An inspection
ofthe N.& S.R. will be made preparatory to its being taken over by the
R. S. Wilson, merchant tailor, Revelstoke Station, will make his next
trip to the Slocan about the 15th of
November. Ho will take in Na.kus-,
New Denver, SHverton, Throe Forks
and Sandon, carryiiisr a full line of
samples, and he will gaurantee satisfaction both in quality and price of
£*oods. The different mines of the
SI.ocan will be visited and miners
will have an opportunity of procurine;
clothing that will fit them without
lo9-'no* any time at their work. Don't
fail to see s imples before giving
your orders elsewhere. f ■'".
KASLO CITY,       -       -       - ;   B.C.
The only practical Watchmaker in
the Kootenay District. Orders by
mail receive prompt attention.
PlgAU£all»   UIjAIivXD.
ALL Placer Claim'---in this District, lesrally held,
miy be laid oyer froni'the loth October, 189'.
to the'1st June, i'895.;-
: Gold Commissioner
Dited, Nelson. B.C., 4th Oct ■.■bar. 1S0[, ;    d
"IMPERIAL"  Brand   of
Wholesale & Retail Dealers in
Write to u ? for Prices:
PHILO:;:& C0.'S
"O.K.s," and
■'Factory- and. Salesroom :
VANCOUVER.-   —    B.C.
AVING- placed some new.
Machinery in our Mill,
we are prepared to famish
all kinds; of Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shinoies at
greatly.reduced Prices.
Roucrh Lumber, narrow,
'. •■■sid-_o
'-"          "         wide,
•" "$11 00 to 812 00
Joist and Scantling*, sized up to
, 18 feet Iori^*,
' ■"   «   $11.00
IS 'to 24 '
■-"    $12;;0)
•2! 'to 30 '    .          ".-.■■■.-
--.-■■ $13 ..0')
Flooring:, T & G, 1."    ..
$20 0-)
•■■,-  ""       ».. ■ -7 y4 "    ■'"■    7 .'
&22 00
V joint Ceiling*, 4 "         ,-'••   ,...,
,.^A'XX' '•   $22 0»
'o '.'Rustic, :.
.819 Ot
$14 O.J
Surfaced Drcs-ed,
$13 0)
A liberal di count on large orders for Cash; ■ '
P,   H.-.C
9   .
Underwear, Hosiery,
Mens' Furnishings,
Mens' Ready Made
■ v Clothing-,
Gloves, Ribbons, Silks,
Satins, Cashmeres,
Melton & Serge Cloths,
Carpets, Blinds, Cottons, Hats and Caps,
House & Table Linens,
Boots and Shoes.
Hungarian Flour,
Sugars, Bacon, Hams
Coffees, Teas, Spices,
Jams,  Pickles, Oatmeal, Biscuits,
Canned Vegetables,
Canned Fruits,"
Dried    Fruits,   and
;   Fancy Toilet Soaps,
Cigars and Tobaccos,
'Grindstones & Fixtures
Crosscut & Rip Saws,
Axes and Handles,
Nails, Screws, Bolts,
Round, Flat, Square Iron .
Oils,  Paints,   Class,
Horse Shoes and Nails,
Miiiers can get a complete outfit here.


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