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The Nakusp Ledge 1894-10-11

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 xyy y\jl\xX--A.AXy. f7dx--d
X' X'"- ""■ ^JXxAA
i ^  0^a ->- a   //. ■ ■: ■ P^P'Yddx
Vol. H; No. £
NAKUSP, B., C, OCTOBER 11,  1894.
Price Ten Cents.
Nakusp,   B. C.,7
V7 -■^''-_7T.' NAUL.T,
The Bar is-'stocked'- with  the finest brand-3 of
Wihe«,'Liqii'oi*f, and Gig.th. ,,-y
Corning. & Rodd, Props.
Work Being Vigorously Prosecuted
. ,- on Thirty-Three Properties.>
The^ bar is stocked with the finest
brands of wines, liquors
-   '        and cigars.
Beautifully situated on the Lake shore at the en-
* - * *
trance to the beat and shortest road. to'the Slocan
mines and New Denver. The bet fishing and
hunting- in the district, with grand b.atjiig and
sketching-facilities for tourists and artists. The
bar is supilied with the best brands of wines
7i luors and cigar's. The accommodations of the
Hotel are the  best. X'■
[Proprietor^-; ..
Choice    location and   commands a beautiful view
of the surrounding
■'■■".;.•' country.
The Bar is supplied 'with the
best brands of all kinds of
wines, liquors and  cigars.
The Dining Room is supplied
with all the delicacies of
the season."
Charges Moderate.
Ar Call Solicited
Slocan Ave.
About thirty-three claims will-.work
and ship pre in the Slocan tl is win-
ter.    'Tinies promise to be inore pros-.
pe'rous thereilian in any other mining':
Section of the north westA-'TJjie'oufc-,'
put will probably reach 17,000 tons
by next spring*. The town of Three
Forks, in the centre of the mines, is
building*'up very fast and anticipates
a large amount of business.' It is being built of green lumber, and Tittle
comfort will be experienced by the
occupants this winter.-' ■ The N. & S.
railway will reach the Forks this
month, and its prospects are bright
for a good business, although 'many
people are of thc opinion that it will
not be able to "run all winter, and
that .pre and supjjlies will" come and
go via Kaslo. The railroad authorities state that the road, will run without interruption, and no doubt they
understand tlieir business. .s
,.The oiitput of tlie mines this winter
will be more* than double the'entire
oitjiput'of the Slocan up to date. The
Gr^y^.gjTOivp on Four Mile creek is
shipping 4'p-tons of-ore a day to the
railroad*at;R:oseber>\ This ore goes
.to Omaha1" .yla-Athe.. C.-F, R. ■■ It is reported to run abbtit'i'25 ounces of silver to the ton ahd kbputtfO per cent,
lead. The Fisher Maiden is also getting* ready to ship" a lot of high grade
dry ore.... " •-_'"'
A wagon road, is being built from
Three Forks to the .Idaho   basin.
-This will• serve the Idaho, Alamo,
jitv-John,    Cumberland,.7 Lemocratv':
Yomig ■.■Pomiriioii,   (jaeen 77Bess   and
:Otliei7 miriest   The output' bf this: one
basin this .winter should beaiot less
than-3,UO0tbns.   The Mountain Chief
:.Wili ship probably 700 .tons.    Finch
'■& Caiiipbell:.ai-e building a trail to
and erecting winter quarters * at the
7\fenderful and  will  ship 500 tons.:
liii che- south fork  of Sandon creek
tiieTiutli, wiii.eh has 'already-shipped
one carload,.' and the Wills group,
ownedby Moore, Humphreys & Black*-"
allei', -on Which 30 men: are at work
will also be -heavy, shippers.
The Slocan Star wiil commence
shipping when the snow conies, and
ali-eady 850 toils of ore irom-the mine
are stored at Three Forks. More
than 1,0A) tons will- be taken out of
the Star this winter. On tiie Noble
Five gi'biip they are inining and
sacking now and-will probably, ship
2, CO J tons. Tire Deadinan is being
opened tip and will make bigship-
ments, as-also tholtieo, which should
be good for l,tU0 tons or so. ..Tiie
bluebird has been worked ail summer and will have from 50J to 'i00
tons to ship:. S. S. .Bailey Las. put up
new cabins at ;the Payne and will
probably ship from 3uJ to 50J tons.
The Ida'ho No. 2 and Dunderberg will
make good-sized shipment's like their
iieigii)p: rs. ' The McDonald Bros, are
in shape from 500 to 7-0j ton's,, and tiie
Dardanelles and other-mines in that
vicmitywill be big-producer*:.
Contracts are. being let to various
1 acker i and teamsters to bring ore to
cije Forks.    The rates of hauling are
low in many Cases, some of the con
tractors not being - familiar with ' the
packing of ore down steep mountain
trails,'- filled with maiiy feet of snow.
The New School.
-■ The public meeting announced for
Saturday, to ratify the selection of a
school site made by the Board/ did
not materialize to any great extent,
nevertheless a minute was entered to
the effect tliat no objection was made
to the choice announced. Application will now be made to thc townsite
companies for clear deeds to the property. On receipt of these the Board
wiil call for tenders for the erection
of the new building, according to the
Government plans and specifications.
The site .selected is on the south side
of Lake street, just beyond Broadway.
Railroad for Trail Creek.
Mr. Gore, who has charge'of tiie
party surveying the S.F.& N.R.'s
land grant, a charter for which was
granted the company some eighteen
months ago to build a railroad eight
miles in length, from the international boundary line, at a point in the
Sheep creek pass, to Red Mountain,
in the Trail creek district, says the
News, commenced .operations'hi earnest last'week at a . point called Rigger Bar, eight or nine 'miles from the
town of .Northport, on the Columbia
river* ' This will be a railroad to the
.goKLriiincs, which will be buiit as
soon as'the company can get a right
of way through the reservation part
of the route.
Ore Shipments.
7 No ore lias come In this week, but
75 tons of the Alpha- product; stored
on the wharf; Were taken out by the
Kootenai Tuesday. There are 15
tons or more yet\ remaining. Over
300 tons of this ore is stored -.at'Silver-
toil awaiting a purchase'*, which wilt
no doubt be the Selby Smelting Co.,
San Francisco. It will come out th is
Way.; Byron Whyte has disposed of
the" 850 tons ofthe Slocan Star output,
now stored at'- Thr«e Forks, to the
Grant Omaha Co. Tliis also will be
shipped via Nakusp, so soon as. the
railway taps the Forks:". Geo.Hughes
is preparing a shipment of 250 tons.
'The shipping- list gradual I v lengthens:
DATE.          MINE.
So- t;l3         Alpha'
120,000 lbs.          '$ 07)00
Sept. 17-        -.   *•'.''
3S;).'K>0                       0,'MO
Sh*'L1:> a
. 22 ),000.                     Ij.OO:)
8e.tit.yJ')            "7
7S,j:j)    ''           :^:);.)J
S.-pl.-'l              V ..-.
1:J.3I?)    ■   .               I'.'K'K)
S^.t. 2'
mysi)       7  ...  'Alio
Sept. i»y      .     "      .
s ls.'/i-))                   • U,\il
O.-t. 1   77         *'   •
!.':,-»-;()                . -l,*i.i)
Oct. '■'                "
15 ),-)'0.»                     7,fi0)
The value is reckoned on the basis of
the releate mani
fest.of i^lCO per'ton,
butthis  will   be-
found  to  be below
rather than abov
e thc actual wor-h
0'.the ore.
..,-,..,'    . . ■ _ *
■ Gii\ t. Nesbitt came up .from Trail
creek on the'Lyttoii Monday and took
Put the Kootcna^ wfhioh' was.Laded
with TStonsof^jpIrpei'iretuni cargo
consisted of three carloads;pf ]pwder
A.nother Batch of  Locations From
Cariboo Creek.
Appended is a list of 0 more locations -.'froni tlie Cariboo creek country,
plainly showing'the interest taken ih
the new*camp. Snow has fallen to a
considerable .-"depth' on  the  higher
ranges, forcing the prospector to seek
winter quarters. There are yet a
few hardy spirits out, skirmishing for
traces of mineral 'through' tl le va I leys,
in every instance the mineral in
place shows a quartz formation, not
infrequently with inside lodes of .peacock 'ore. Galena in streaks also appears. It has been satisfactorily
proven that as the vein descends it
loses the surface character and devel-
opes into tlie peacock body, as shown
in tlie Golden Eagle and others. Next"
spring-there will be a great revival
in the new camp, and thorough development work will be performed on
the located claims,-wh i le the a d jacen t
territory will be minutely inspected
for; fresh ledges: —
Golden Gate- one nil le east of Mineral creek; located by, J. O'Leary
and recorded on Sept. 27. ■•■'■'
.Mh (>owh—adjoining tlie Golden,
Gate;;lpcritedt;.by^JPattick.^ Shea and
recbr^e^ Oct^l.    ■    X 7-7- xa;
Demer-^-on■ the 'left fork of Mmciix I
creek; located; by F. Fyton and re-
cordM Oct i. ;      7
Snowbird—on Mineral mountain-
and-ahexteiision of the. Trio group;'
located bv Robt. Williamson and recorded Oct. 5.;
.Legal '.render—one mile'from Trio".-
group oil Mineral; mountain; iocated,
by T. Abriel and i-ecorded; Oct. 5.
• Treadwell^Pn rirea.dwell 'hill; located by Robert Williamson and recorded Dct. 5.
Comstock—on Treadwell hill and
.air extension'of the Tread well; located by -T. Abriel and recorded Oct. 5.
Al nam bra— soutii of Cariboo creek:;
and opposite Blue Grouse canyon; Id-J
cated by R. S. Burton and recoi'ded
Oct. 5: ' .. ;. Xyy
Golden'5 Arrow—west of Caiibpo
creek, on Government trail; located
by -P. M. Yingling and recorded; on
Oct. 5. .-.>;'.-■
Tin's ILt brings the total up to 2J
claims staked in that vicinity.
Silver Won't Trouble Him Now.
Cliarles O. Parsons, a inining engineer of international.:repute, died a:,
the hospital -fh S])oivane last'*weeIc.-ol
typhoid lover. About six weeks ago
i 1 e was in TYai 1 ereek a 11 d the SIoea 1!.
lie was consulting engineer of the
Boston.& Montana Smelting Company
at Great la lis, and -constructed the
works there. He represented some
of the heaviest copter -investors in t. e
United States,and nad been operathw
in tlie vvest for inaiiy years.
A]i]>lication was made a week ago
by one owners of the placer el'ainn on
Cariboo creek known as the Leeds,
bangdon,Langdou| Extension, Nelson,
and Nakusp Mini jig Co. for leave or
absence. The leave has "been granted,
to expire in the spriiiA
x »*r-.
- <. <■
;*•- *
«?:' w,«i_*irti'*5M.'=l" *"-* *C
Second Year
Published^very T_njrs4ay. a
R.    T.   XtfWEittT 7EDITOR    AND
... AFIJ?ANCIER.   7
OKK \luAR •. • • • - •. •'• ;. v. v; -.-. .'.^-.....;....... .'* '. ......s&.OO
Transient Advertising, 25 cents per line first insertion, 10 cents ixjr line subsequent insertions,
nonpareil measurement.
Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay
District and communications upon live topics
always acceptable. Write on both sides of the
paper if you wish. Always send something; good.
no matter how crude. Get your copy in while it
\b hot, and we will do the rest. '      •
w  ■                    ■                ■                                                                 " '
■*■■—' * — —■■»■■ -—
:        PITY 'TIS 'TIS TRUE.
only as sure^a game^jwe .would not
bje/,.wondering* where our winter's
Wood was coming from,    a!
In a recent sermon preached py a
young divine in Kaslo, the editor of
this paper was classed along with
Renan, Voltaire and Prof. Huxle'y,in
regarp! to religious mat.teis.    As' we
did not hear the sermon we suppose
it   consisted   of  a   tirade   of abuse
against science in endeavoring to expose the many frauds that have been
fpisted upon a trusting and toying-
public by parsons and priests of every
sect, .color and creed,    It is natural
for preachers to oppose and denounce
all men who pour'tlie cold'water of
truth upon tjieirfrothy,emotional and
awe-inspiring   account   of a  future
state of existence,   about which no
man knows anything.    It is the business of sky pilots to denounce everything that is bad and injurious to the
human race.    We do the same, but
we do not believe  in  teaching men
that  they  can  steep themselves in
crime until the eleventh hour and by
repenting be enabled to wear white
'wings and sing through all eternity,
while the poor editor who does not.
repent works an: endless shift in a
place that is so hot that earthly fire
would seem like ice in it.    We believe in people living good lives, and
gettingall the joy jthey can on  this*
wMrjLing planet.    We believe in all
the good  things   spoken   of in the
Bible, Tbut we think the world is far
enougkadvanoed to do without   the
traditions,, febles, indecent and filthy
langhat^el^hat is still 'so plentifully
found in a book, yet reverenced by
thousands of people) most  of whom,
have never read it from cover to
cover. ;Tt is time people did   more
thinking for themselves,   and   paid
less attention to rabid sectarians, most
of whom preach because they are too
lazy to work, and prefer   to   shout
about something once or twice a week
rather than work the other six days
at some business of practical use   to
humanity.    The   parsons   have  the
best of every trade and profession. A
man has to die to find out more than
they know,   and   then   he   has   no
chance to come back, and take his
money off the collection plate, in case
things are not as represented by his
particular church.    The parson holds
the key in every land, and if we had
Thursday, November 22, has been
set apart as Thanksgiving day.
The thanks of Tee . Ledge are due
the civic authoiities of ^e^ Westminster for a kind' inyitation to at-
thg Royal City exhibition.
The clearings of the American
banks for the past we.ek increased by
11 percent. Trade the world over is
slowly improving. Bradstreet's predicts a good winter's business.
. The Democratic State Gonyention
of Ohio last week emphatically and
strongly pronounced in fatfprofthe
free coinage of silver pif a ,1 to 16.
parity, tjius^ endorsing the stand taken recently by the. Republicans bf
Washington.        - -  --
. The Church - of England Synod,
which met at New Westminster ch
Wednesday, to .elect a successor to
the late Bishop Sillitoe, finished by
selecting for the high office Rev. W.
Hibbert Binney, M.A., .vicar of Wilton, ..Cheshire, England, son of the
late Bishop Binney of Nova Scotia.
The Bishop-elect is Canadian born.
A LL Placer Claims in this District, legally held>,
JA   may be laid over from the 15th October, 1894,;
to the 1st June, 189$. -s. ':„...,..■■..... ..„.;..       .....->-
7' ,:r- XAsy^....... :;■'.,-.-:an;-fitzSTUBBS/''
7-7 •' .7->.- j a      - Gold Commissioner
'■" Dated j Nelson. B.C., 4th October, 1891.  , , -
? -i\
IS now open for the. accommodation of guests.
Rates, SI.50 to *2.50 per day. Baths
35  cents each/or '5"for S'l. 'For further
particulars write to the proprietors.      ' ' .
'     'RAILWAY.
i ' '   '
Atlantic Express  arrives at 9:15 Dajiy
pacific *' " 16:25     " "
W. R. Meredith, the leader of .the
.Ontario Opposition, has tconsente,d to
accept the position of Chief Justice of
the Court of Common Fleas for'- that
province, yice .Chief Jju^tice Gait, resigned- ' The .official appointment
will be announced at once. J. P.
Whitney, M.P.P. for Dundas, has
been  chosen   to  succeed  Hon. Mr.
*■   - -    - * :- A..*-
Meredith as leader of the Conservative forces.
From many sources comes the ru-
,mor that Gold Commissioner Fitzstubbs bas instituted a suit for criminal libel against the kelson Tribune;
;and, claiimng flO, 0*00 for liis harajsssecf
feelings. "We,''haye; been;J:iiria')&lei;.t0i
yerifyAtho repor^rbut ,we shouldn't:
wonder if it :Sve,re true, for stranger
things have happened, eyen io tfee;
editor of the Tribune. f If |rjie,7 Bre^r-
Houston may find this case more; em-i
barrassing than otiose which dogged
his career 7 iir 7 Ne^v Westminster.
Cease to do evil, Jolin, and learn to-
dp good. .' '•■'/■"' ...
A woman   was recently .fined at
New Denver for selling liquor without a license at Three Forks.    She
sold the liquor at a saloon and did not
have a red curtain in her house.    If
she had charged 25 cents a drink and
used red curtains at her windows not
a word would have been  said.    It
would  seem  that  the   demi-monde
have the best of respectable women
when it comes to the question of selling liquor without the usual .license
necessary   everywhere   else.     The
law is twisted strangely in this glori
ous section of British Columbia,   andC
the public can draw their own con-.
elusions therefrom.
Cheapest, most reliable and safe route to Montreal,  Toronto,   St.   Paul, Chicago,  New York,
and Boston.   Rates $3 to $10 lower than any other
oute. ' • ' '
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, in charge  of a
porter, for the accommodation of passengers hold
ing second-class tickets.  ""'""
Passengers booked to and from all European
points at lowest rates. '' '    '
Low freight rates. .Quick despatch. Merchants
will save money by haviug their freight routed via
the C.T.R.   ( ' • '     - •
.Full and reliable information given by applying
to '     *
Asst Gen. Freight Agent,     Local Agent,
Vancouver. ' Revelstoke
.  \c.' »-A - • '.-*t-fi ■'
A7G;"L. ESTASSbogsi "P     TtfASTER^
Leave New Denver at 7 a.m/for Silverton.
Leave New Denver at 8:30 a.m. for Bonanza
City. ■:■:.. ■   ....... - ./--.:■ 77-; ..,-■■•.'-
Leave Bonanza City at 12 noon for New Denver.
Slocan Trading & Navigation Co., (Ltd.)
w'. C. McKINNON."
Seeretar y
To take effect on Saturday, May 19th, 1891.
Trains West. Station. Trains East.
16 30      Depart NELSON Airive      20 45
X10 50 Koolena*/ Crossing 20 2b\
%11 35 Slocan Crossing 19 401
18 15       Arrive ROBSON Depart      19 00
Trains from Nelson will wait arrival of boat
from'Bonner's Ferry and Lake Points on. Wednesdays and Saturdays.
X Flag" Stations. -;
_3TAbove Trains will run Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
The"Company"reserve the right to change this
Time Table without Notice:
Pacific Standard and 24 hour system adopted.
General Supt.,
Vai;c -uver.
Trainmaster & Agent,
Steam Nav. Co., Ltd. *
In Effect Wednesday, Aug;. 2?, 1894.
NeLson & Fort Sheppard
**   ' v
(Connecting with, the Canadian Pacific Railway for all Eastern and Coast Points.)
j Leaves Robson on'Wedhesdayf and Sundays at
'*      6 p.m. ■'■■■'■" '  ■ '
'Leaves Revelstoke on Tuesdays and  Fridavs at
4 a.m. ■--.'• ■;.-.■ -:.Ay     ■■    ■•-: ■  ' . ■■■
(Connecting at Northport for points north and
south on the Spokane Falls & Northern A
A--'1 a;X.y 7ARailway.).-7..,: .^A7r-'Ax 77
Leaves Robson on Saturdays at 4 a.m.
Leaves Northport bii Saturdays at-iiSd p.m.
The only through route from Nelson, Kaslo,
Kootenay Lake and all Slocaii<
Through Trains Semi-Weekly.
Leave 7 a.m.
Arrive .5:40 p.m.
On Tuesdays and Fridays,  trains   will   run
through to Spokane,arriving same day. Returning
passengers will leave Spokane at 7 a.m.on Wednesdays and Saturdays, arriving at Nelson at 5:40 p.
m., same day,' making close connection with the
steamer Nelson for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
points. - .       ■..'••       ■■'■-., A    : •-..- .
. Commencing Aug. 25 passengers for Trail
Creek, Nakusp, New Denver, Revelstoke, and all
points on - the Canadian Pacific Railway, will
leave Spokane   on  '        Saturdays at
7 a.m., connecting at Northport with steamer
(same day) at 1 p.m. '    ' - ' "    -       -   v .
Leaves Nelson Mondays at 1.p.m.; Wednesdays,
at 5:40 p.m.; Thursdays.at 4 p.m.;Satufdavslat 5:40
p.m. Connecting on Saturdays and We'dnefdays
with Nelson & Foi-t Sheppard Railway-:for Kaslo
and Lake points.-•»       • ^...    ...
Leave's Kaslo for Nelson, Sundays at "8 a.m.;
Tuesdays at 3 a.m.;*Thursdays at 8 a.m.: Fridays
at 3 a.m. Connecting on Tuesdays and Fridays
with Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway, for Spokane and points south.
bonner's ferry route—
'"7" str'. nelson. ■
(Connecting with the Great Northern Railway
for all Eastern -points, Spokane and
the Coast.)
Leaves Nelson on Tuesdays' and Fridays at 7 a.
1 Leaves Kaslo on Tuesdays and Fridays at 3 a.m.
Leaves Bonner's'Ferry for ; Nelson'ahd Kaslo at
2 a.m. on Wednesdays anu Saturdays.  ...
Passengers by steamer from above points arrive
in Spokane sameevehingA    •-     :- ■■.■■-■''■■■
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
.Creek connect at. Marcus with stage oa Mondays
and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
The company reserves the right to change this
schedule at any time without notice.
For full information as to tickets, rates, etc., apply atthe Compattys offices, Nelson, B.C.
T. ALLAN, Sec'y- J. W. TROUP,
NelsoJ!IaB7C. -'* &A?AXX?'i Manager. Second Ueaiv
"the Mkxjsp . Ledge.;
Page 3
;-.'.TA^U-:K'_ilie,^M.5fK,-has- gone' up
to theBig.Bend. ; <v     7--       [
Thomson's Landing will henceforth
be knowiras Thomson. 'P'"'".':['[ 7' •-
Tlrirty men "are employed on the.
Blue Bell mine ■on Kootenay lake.
Two cents per pound is tlie freight
rate now from Kaslo to 1 he Forks.
'7,.. A money order department is to be
granted to the New Denver nostoffice.
Workmen are employing repairing
tlie big railway trestle at Revelstoke.
Hay is plentiful in Alberta. In
some places it can te bought for^l a
Seventy-five   -men   are .making
. wages placer   mining  on  Lardeau
creek -,  .
The Bluebird is rapidly developing
into a mine and: will' ship'ore this
• Saturday the Ih dy of-Robert Neely
was found on the beach, three miles
above.Nelson. *
Lane Gilliam has a contract to haul
100 tons of ore from the Fisher Maiden to Silverton.
Forty tons of ore from the Blue
Bird fuund its way to Great Falls on
Tuesday bv  way of Bonner's Ferry
Thc Josie mine, Trail creek, ship-..
1 ed 54 tons ef ore .to Tacoma last
week, and thc Le Roi 16 to East
J./Robillard has sold an interest in
the Humboldt and Sailor Boy claims,
s;tuatecVpp Crawford creek, to James
Dawson, '"of N els. n.
S. Shaw, tho popular operator of the
C.& K.R. at Nelson, raid a flying:
visit to, his brother,. W.rB. Shaw, of
the N. & S. R. at this place, Monday.
boat throughout on a good model, as
the Kooterai draws too*much water.
His advice willa probably be taken.
This' looks like77a; stir for tiik: winter"
'months, a a-V d\ ■"'""    '-'•'■■
t • ......
TN addition to the Restaurant the Proprietor J; as
a number of Rooms to rent to Travelers.
ns are tastily furnished and the beds clean i.nd
lOOIliF L018 Mill
Foot of Hendryx Street,   Nelson.
A full, stock • of Lumber,
rough and dressed, laths,
shingles, sash,doors,mould-
ings, etc. Clear and dry
fir flooring'and ceiling for
, sale at lowest prices.
Agent j
The output of the Slocan this season
will be five times greater than of any
previous .year in its history, and; the
ore is of a much higher grade than
Sam Hill has been acquitted by a
Kamloops-jury of -the- charge- of man-
slaughter, laid against him for shoot-'
ing Cnltus Jim at Hairs Landing, in
the spring."'--'-y-:- ■■ ■'[■[-'. ::-     a
They have ^mr feet of solid ore.at
the 300 feedevei-on the Be RqLniihe
at Trail creek," and' work is progressing satisfactorily .-An. air compressor^
for the 10-drill plant is tobe putiifat
Wilf Help,Tho' Town.
Geuelle & Go. have the contract for
sup]'lying the material to be used in
the lengthening and refitting of the
srea 111 er-Lytton, . An addition of' 29
feet is to be made to 'her length, and
she Will be''thoroughly overhauled
and strengthened.- .'.This work will
be done here just after the new year.
Upwards of 20 men' will be employed
and tlieir payroll will7greatly assist
the town.- The7 prospects are also
good for the building of a new boat,,
at this:point "during the winter to
take the place of the^ill-starred €61
umbia:- The niembers7;of .the; C,&1L7
N.Go. favor overhauling and refitting
thc Kootenai, replacing-" h.er boiler
with :that -of the . Columbia; JThis
would .enable- her'to safely navigate
t he lower river on time. At present
the s-rain is rather hard, on the Lytton. On.tlie other hand, Capt.Troup,
the manager, favors buildhig a new
' . '.  QANADA,    y .
VICTORi A-, by the Grace dot God, of the United
Kingdom . of Great Britain and Ireland,
Quee'st;''Defender- of' the - Faith &e,7&e., &c
To Our faithful the Members elected to eexvein
tlie Legislatim-Asanibly cf Our Province
cf British Columbia at Cur City of Victoria
A'      7 A'PIJ0CLAMATION.7      ,'-'■"
Theodore- Davie. V U7HEREAS We are desir-
Attorney-General./ VV uus and ltesoivea, as
soon as may be, to meet Our people of Our Prov-
incd cf British Columbia, and to have their advice
in Our Legislature: '.'•■•--y
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes.and
cpnsid.erativns,and taking into considerationthe
ease and convenience of. Our loving subjects, We
have thought lit, by and witli-tue advice of Our
Executive Coun.dl of  British Columbia 7to hereby
convoke, and.by; these presents' enjoin you, and'
each of you, that on MoLiday, the Twelith day oi
November, one thousand eight hundred and nine
zj-i jar,./M '1n.iAz.U3 in *^ai' 7^-4 ^..-gr^lvit'ure or.
Parliament of Our said Province, at Our City oi
Vict*jria, FOR   THE   DISPATCH   OF   BUSINESS, to'treat, do, act, and. conclude upon those
ihing.i Wiiicaii.rO^rjLjgisidturcJ Of-tlie .Province
of British Columbia, by.'the Cjmmpn. Council ol
Uur-iaidl'rjviiK'e. may, by  the favor oi' God,be-
ordained..   . ,  .   -
In   Tiatimonv. Whekeop, ,We have catted:
-  those. Our Letters to. bi made patent and tha.:
Great;Seal ot the said Province, to \>s> here-
■ -....■■ .-ui;iJA''ifi-xod; Wit7e-&-• trie Honourable Ed--'
'        gak Dkavdney, Lieutenant;GoveriH.r of Ol;i-
said Province of Briti-ili'Columbia, in- Our
C'sty of.yictcri;;,. in.Our: madProvince,-this
Twenty-seventh day of September, ni the
ye.c;r:.i Our7Lji*d, .one thousand eight hun-'
7 ,.cr7dand ninety-four, and in the n iy-iijTnh
year ofOur reg:i.
By Cju.m aid,
PrjVinc.'Ll Secretary.
i &RGf>ERIES and PROVISIONS at very low prices
FRESH CANNED: &0OD8 always in stock.
A full assortment of Choice CIGARS and TOBACCO
KrA-KXJSI3,   B.O.
lie B. C. Joslyn li Go,
- Dealers in
Pianos,  Organs,  Musicians'   Supplies, Sewing Machines, and
SPOKANE,     .,.-,,       - WASH.
Boo£s, Stationery, Office Supplies;
and Wall Paper.
Great Eastern Block.
NELSON;, '■'E.G.;,'
Keep' a large Quantity of Arcliity pes:
aiid    Steel ^Engravirig's   in   stock
Pictures framed' to order.
: ;   y.pp\7'tABLEy.,7~~~~^'.
Sliowing* tlie Dates and Places oJ Courts
of Assize. Nisi rius, and yer and
Termiiier, and General GaorDelivery for tlie Year 1894.
x Donald. .7
KASLO, B. 0..
Graduate of Trinity University, Toronto.    Member of college Physicians and Surgeons, Ontario.
Of ttwansea ana v'vlg-an,
Analytical Chemist and Assayer
The oldeso and most experienced
Assayer iii the Province.
REVELSTOKE.    ■■   B.C.
Blue. Ridge. Hotel,
Accommodations for travellers. Good-
stables. ': The bar is stocked with-
7choice liquors and cigars. Pack
train in •connection with- the house.
Goods taken to any part of the
Stages leave Kaslo jdaily at 8 a.m.
for New Denver. •Returning will
leave New Denver -for Kaslo at
same hour.
Satisfaction is   Guaranteed.
Fall Ass'izks;
.Monday 10th  September.
..17th S?.])tcir)ljer.
..20th September.
.'..'...! 1st October.
... 7.: $X October •
.■•■.xllUh- October.
.... .6th.-Nc-veinticVr.'.'
. :12th Njvcniber.
. .2)th November
. .27th November-
.v7-. • Friday...;-. ••
New Westminster.. Tuesda}^...,-.
Vancouyer......... .Monday...
Victoria,..'. ..*,'.. .Tuesday7.-.•'.
Nanaimo. .7..... Tuesday	
ASoe^'ial Assizes adjourned from tlie Spring- by
Mr. Justice Walkem'''and now "fixed for these
dates. -
B.C ^.^■.m:^.^'f....~
re 4.
Second Yes
Poi'J oi;f.—In Ni kusj-, on Oct. A, Mrs. J. P:. u:*ore
xf'a son;
• was
M;-jcrShelton has returned to
. couver, inking with him whau.
jJefc of his furmture stock. 7 W7ith the
___^—:_—.—_-^=—..——- ^rr-j removal of the h'g tent, a  familiar
LEDGE OROPPINGS I jai;dmar,k in-to^-to lor the past year
! or more lias disappeared.
Maps of Br itisl i Col urn bia for sa le a t
this office, t
Str. Iliecillcwaet is doing good
Work on the iower river.       ,■
Game of t\lh descriptions  and  in
abundance is  being .'brought in by
.: Siwa-ilies. „ . '   ^1    ■
Gene!le & Go. expect in 203 tons of
supplies for their camps in the next
two weeks.
Supt. Wilson, of C.P.R. telegraphs,
Vancouver, is ill the district oh a tour
ot inspection.
Mrs. Langrel and her daughter
Allie left the Hot Springs onFriday
for Spokane.
Jill's. D. McGillivray returned to
V.m neouver Monday, after a pleasant
vacation in town.   .
When in Kaslo stop at the Great
North crn Hotel. Rates reason able.;
Headquarters for cool and''delicious
beer. f
Divine services were held in the
schoolhouse Sunday by Rev.; Mi*.,
Gaebel. There .-were good congregations.
A train, wcl 1 laden with passengers,
came in Friday in time catch the
down boat. A transfer was made at
the his: trestle. ■'■■■-■ y.:
Manager G.V. Holt, of the Bank
of British Columbia, kelson, came up
'J1.!iursday, intending to go to Three
Forks. "Owing to tlie break in the
track lie was compelled to return to
ithe silent burg whence'lie came.
Five thousand feet of lumber went
south from here to Trail creek on
Frid a y's boat, con s igned by Gene 1 le
& Co. to Col, Peyton, af the Le Roi
mine. Tliis makes 50,000, feet shipped to that camp from here this season.- , '; ■;;'",   , ',..■":, ' ^ ; '.'.;"'..
"On the* 19th of September the Rising San placer claim was abandoned.
Oil Sept. 28,it was res'taked and recorded by the following: P. McDonald, E. McDougald, W. Brack,   J. T*i.
The only practical Watchmaker in
the Kootenay District .Orders by
mail, receive orompt attention.
RS ,      S
.',-'-.- "IMPERIAL'-- Brand   of
Wholesale & Retail 'Der.lor*} in'-
Write to us for Prices:
SPOKANE,:    .7.
■ The '.Lytton '...had a -leavy cargo
aboard Friday, most of it being for
Spokane. Her passenger list was exceptionally large. 7
All placer claims legally held in
the district have been laid oyer by
Gold Commissioner Fitzstubbs till-the
first of next June.    ."
P. Genelle & Co. have shipped into
New. .Denver upwards of 150,000 feet
of lumber since the railroad reached
tlie head of,Slocan,Jake. .'      '
A half interest in the Golden. Arrow mineral 'claim.1 on Cariboo creek
has been transferred by P. M.-Ying-
ling to D. A. McDougaid.
It is given out that Byron White
has 'relinquished the idea of a concentrator for the Slocan Suarfor a smelter;
to be erected atPew Denver.
Chief Engineer McMillan, of thepro
posed Kaslo &.' Slocan Railway/with
h is  wife, was  a passenger to New
Westminster by Monday's boat.
Congratulations are pouring in on
J. Poupore. It was a boy; time,
Thursday Jast. Mother a rid child are
doing well. Another census is required.
B. White passed "through town to
the Slocan Monday from Spokane,
whither he had gone to dispose ofthe
output of the Slocan "Star'now. stored
at the Forks.    ,
'A.-Littlejohn,. committed for trial
'Wednesday for purloining' another
person's property, is confined in the
cooler here, awaiting the' fixture of a
higher court.
Invitations are out for a smoker at
the Hotel Nakusp on Friday evening.
Mrs. M. E Whyte, the lessee, has
adopted this plan of publicly opening
the premises.
Messrs. Serson and Ferguson .have
transferred their placer claim on
Cariboo creek to the Tottenham Co.,
who will work it in connection with
their .own-property...
Erieson, H. N. Thomas,  J. H. Nolan
and-S. Parker.   , a   ,:-   :
The heavy rains of last week can- J
ed a portion of the track, just beyond
the first crossing, to settle several
feet, interrupting traffic for two or
three days. It took a great deal of
ballast to trim the grade lip to its
former good share: .a:
The test well for oil that'is being
drilled by the Dominion Government
at Athabaska Landing, 90-miles from
Fort Edmonton, is clown 700 feet. No
oil has yet been struck, though gas is
very plentiful, a second flow-having'
justbeen tapped.
.Dr.- Hendryx, of Pilot Bay fame,
was a passenger on the Lytton Monday. He was bound for California by
the roundabout -'way of Montreal and
New Orleans, whither business called
him. He left orders to have a large
sample of Cariboo creek ore forwarded to him.
A'survey was made a few days ago
or-tbe ore -in sight On the Slocan Star.
The mineral was computed at the astounding figure of. 232, 000<tons, and
that, too, without further drifting.
Reckon that at the low value of $100
a ton and some idea bf the richness of
the property may be obtained!
In Kaslo it is said that Goldie is
thoroughly posted fn the best way to
catch chickens.i._,'*rPhe'boys all call for
chicken broth cocktails,' and Goldie
serves them with or without "feathers,
although he is compelled sometimes
to take ^chicken teed'' for drinks.
There are no. feathers On Goldie, even
if he does advocate the idea that the
early riser catches the bird.
R. S. Wilson, mercbant tailor, Revelstoke Station, will visit Nakusp,
New Denver, Three Forks, Silverton
and other points in the Slocan every
six weeks. He will carry on each
trip a line of samples of all kinds of
suitings,and is prepared to guarantee
satisfaction both in price and workmanship, to all who grant him orders;
The leading mines will be visited and
miners can give their orders for new
clothing without losing any time,   f
Frank Harper, who has recently
returned from Fort Edmonton, says
that 200 men are placer mining
within about 20 miles of that town,
but with poor success, most of them
averaging only £1 per da v. On the
Peace river no gold at all is being
taken out. On the Mackenzie river,
1,000 miles north of Edmonton, 15
men are averaging $10 a day. Flour
is 25c. a pound, sugar 50c, tobacco
|1 a piugy and other articles eq.ua 11 y
Everything new about the house except the whisky and landlord.
Everybody gets a hearty
welcome and plentv
7 *•
;■' : • ■ to- eat.
Gorman West,,   -     -    Proprietor.
Factory and Salesroom:
.-'■ 522J!OORDOVA
VANCOUVER. . -    -
J Ayi-NG- placed soine-new
Machinei'y in our Mill,
we are prepared to furnish
all lands of Rough and pressed Lumber and Shingles at
oTeatlv reduced Prices.
Rough Lumbei;, narrow,
■''■ d-x 7ao 00
■"   - -. .!''" ' ... wide, ,,
".  -?11 00 to. $12 00
Joist and Scantling, sized un to
18 'feet long-,       '
m oo
18'.to 21 '    7  ...
.''■.••. --§12 00
■■ "7. '■' ' $13 00
Flooring, T& G, G ."■;   '
A               '§20 00
. "     ■'<      ..'   ■' 4 "
■'."■■   &22 00
V joint Ceiling, -4 "
422 00
(5 " Rustic,
X710 0O
A  Ull (X)
Surfaced Dressed,   '
"■§13 CO
A liberal,-di. count on large orders for Cash,        •
X- T
BK&3 '
as high
DRY 0000S   DEPT.
Underwear. Hosiery,
Mens' Furnishings,
Mens'Ready Made
Gloves, Ribbons.. Silks,
Satins, Cashmeres,
Melton & Serge Cloths,
Carpets, Blinds, Cottons, Hats an d Caps,
House & Table Linens,
Boots and Shoes.
Hungarian Flour,
Sugars, Bacon, Hams
Coffees, Teas, Spices,
Jams,   Pickles, Oatmeal, Biscuits,
Canned Vegetables,
Canned Fruits,
Dried    Fruits,   and
Fancy Toilet Soaps,
Cigars and Tobaccos,
Grindstones &■.Fixtures
Crosscut & Rip Saws,
Axes, and Handles,
Nails, Screws, Bolts,
Round, Flat, Square Iron
Oils,   Paints,   Glass,
Horse Shoes and Nails,
Miners can "get, a complete-.outfit here.


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