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The Nakusp Ledge 1894-11-15

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 Vol a II. No. 7.
NAKUSP, B. C, NOVEMBER io, 1894.
Price Tex Cents.
Rates:   $150 to   $2.00 Per Day.
Ever\- thug■ first-class. ■-. .•
;   ISA W. ELACK,Proy>.
HI     5__U_*_«^    fi B *?a!?   H-.Us-B-.-j
IS now open for the ac'commDelation of guefK
i Rates, SI.50 toJ?2.50 per day.-'Baths'
2.5 cents, each, oi* 5 for SSI. For further
; tarticiilars-write;to-the proprietors. 'i-.
Nakusp,   B. C,
The Bar is stocked with the finest hrands cf
Wine?"; Lrifjtiiors, and Cigar.-?. .
nakusp, b. a,
Corningv&:7Rodd, Props.
■The bar is stocked with the finest
brands of wines, liquors    .
and cigars.
Beautifully situated on the Lake shore at the entrance to the best and shortest road to the Slocan
mines and New Denver. The best fishing and
hunting in the district, with grand b.ating and
.sketching facilities for tourists and artists. The
bar is supplied with the best brands of wines
iquors and cigars. The accommodations of tlie
Hotel are the best.
What   is   Being  Done  Among   the
Treasure Vaults.
' bm> !
The location of thi 5.Httel
is excellent, and commands
a grand view of the beauti-
f ii scenery that surrounds A
the town.
The Bar. has one of the
largest stocks of Wines,
'Liquors and; Cigars .in the
The Dining up to
date, and Travelers should
always, give the Leland a
A fourth interest in the Scotland
'Yet mineral claim, on Cariboo Creek,
was disposed of during- tlie Week bv
J. Devlin to S. W. Hoagy for a con-
sideratien of, "value received 'to tlie
amount of about $100.
The Pilot Bay people are alter the
Northern Belle ore.        ;v       ,,
A concentrator, is being' put in at
the 0. K.,;Trail creek.
i Burl ei g h drilIs are to be,placed in
,the Centre Star at Trail.
•■The''- War Eagle, on Trail creek,
will put in a machine drill.
All the ore from the Alamo is being-treated at Howson creek.
The Mamie, at Ainsworth, is showing two feet ot good clean ore^  ■-.;■
, It is reported that a deaf is on in
the east tor the purchase of the Slocan
Bov. .' '■-■" .■■■■' "7    '
: Tlie ore from Trail creek costs f 16
a ton to have it freighted and treated
at Tacoriia. "'■;" ;      .
Forp6,000 two-thirds of; the View
claim, at Trail, has;,been bonded
Finch; &;Clark..,7       -ddp ]:s:d.d-..". ■'."■.
J. A. Finchlias 13 men wof kingoii
tile Silver,Beil, ^i;prbpet't y bondea by■
hiiii last month. yx:x v-7'-v:---■
At the Boiicinza King there are 350
tons of ore and 40 at the Deadinan
waiting.shipment. . ;    ssXax
Ten men.are working on the Mountain Chief A shipment;;: of fifty tons
will be made in a lew days.
Considerable quantities of dynamite
[and : detonators have   been passing
I in for Slocan mines during the past
C. K. Brown, one of the discoverers ofthe Reco. is in New Orleans,
enjoying the balmy breezes of the
land ot .sunshine and flowers.
Trail creek ores average in gold to
the ton as follows: Le Roi, $42; Josie,
$36 to |40; War Easle,■ .24'' to $33:
Nickel Plate, $70 tot&0) Cliff, $12.  7
A small-sized placer fewer has
broken out on Kaslo creek, several
locations having been made near
Kemp's Springs. The showings are
fairly good.    , .
For the past fortnight or so ore has
been coming into Silverton at the rate
of 10 tons per day, being equally divided between the Alpha and Fisher
Maiden. . The ore will be shipped
out about January.
At a general meeting ofthe shareholders of the Kootenay Hydraulic
Co., held at Nelson, J.'-F." Ritchie was
elected president, R. J. Bealey vice-
president, G. W. Richardson secretary treasurer, and J. Elliott and F.
M. McLeod directors.
Indications point to small shipments
ol ore from tlie Slocan during December, but a heavy export for January.
The method adopted by the larger
mine owners is to bulk their ship -
inents, rather,: than to'despatch the
ore in straggling carloads.
Some elegant samples of mica from
the claims recently lecated across the
lake are being ex h Lbifced. in to wn, ahd
are exciting much comment. Quite
large blocks are shown, with: tlie
crystals pure and clear, and of a
beautiful white. The samples were,
taken: from the surface,: the veins
leading direct into the rock.
The C.&.Iv.N.Co., presumably' acting with' the C.P.R., have made a
proposition to the Trail creek mil e.-s
to carry "their■" ore out during the
■winter. 7 Tlie rate quoted is believed
to be amply sufficient to cut out the
S.F.:&;N.R.'s rate by way of the
Norihpof t wagon-road. Col. Peyton,
of the Le Roi, is considering the
imatter.7a      7 e^c. d -y\\■'■''"' Y-v-a'
Fifteen men- are working" on the
Reco, three of this: number being em*:
ploy ed on the new lead that runs into the Reco ground' froni the Good-
enough.. The ore from,w.lead
is very rich,a n^e^ an
average of 1.185 ounces of silver..The
ore house at tlie7 Reco is filled awaiting the downfall of the beautiful on
the lower trails. •-.,.
Slocan Float.
^Thursday next is   Thanksgiving
jday.  ■ .-'■'■ '■'■-'.;- 7 ■•■:■'.:
-"-•-■ 7. - i :: - ,   ■■■- .. ■-:•■■.■-,- -. *'•'■-.-; ■.--.  ,.: A ■•
: John Winters, of New: Denver,
Theruinor that Danny" McPherson
: had lost his voice is entirely without
foundation, ;        :
7 The snow is three feet deep at the
Reco, while, strange to say, there is
none at Cody'creek.;     ■'''"'•___,
The entertainment m New Denver
on Monday evening- was a derided
success. The proceeds; were divided
between the church and the sleigh
road.. 'v..    7 ;-'7:7. a
Tiie .sleigh road between New Denver and Three Forks is nearly completed, and if Denver is not entirely
out" of luck there will be snow on it
this winter.
7 On the wagon road from tho Idaho
to the concentrator 100 men are at
work. The work will be done in 30
days at a cost of ${i,C00. The road
will be five miles long and has a 12
per cent, grade. 7
There are many brunette stumps
in the streets of Three Forks. They
are too short for shade trees, and too
long for a man to, step over without
hurting hfs corns. Not being required for bric-a-brac, and haying lived
past their 'days' .of usefulness they
should be kicked to pieces by a band
of mules and consigned to the cold
cruel waves of Carpenter creek.
The postmaster at Three Forks is
the personification of generosity. He
puts all the newspaper mail" on a
counter and the public help themselves, in this Way he saves much
physical exertion and his method is
highly appreciated by that portion of
the community who never subscribe
for any paper, but have no scruples
in helping' themselves to .literary
productions when an opportunity presents itself.
The Week's Figures Break the Rec-
■''..' •<> ord for Slocan.
This week's shipments of ore from
the Slocan via Nakusp establishes a
record Avhicli will not be  broken for
K.ome time.    The ore  has been fran
the storehouse of the Slocan Star at
Three Forks and has been forwarded
to Omaha. Both the Lytton and the
Kootenai have been handling the article, the latter having the aid ol the
scow. Three hundred and eighty- «
four tons in all, or 26 carloads, have
been-sent out since, last reporting, at
a release value of |38,400, TJu's
week's hauling will finish the Slocan
Star contract, but 1,0.^0 tons more
Will be shipped out ".in"January, II.
Mann securing the job..of getting it
out to the 'Forks.- The Noble Five'
people have.', concluded to export 500
tons at once, followed by several hundred more: from the Mountain Chief.
The Alpha is piling dp WO tons at'
Silverton, to be handled probably at
the end of the month, with heavier
lists in January. The Fisher Maiden
is also stacking five tons daily at Silverton, as the nucleus of a big shipment. It is estimated that over iu,
000 tons of hlgii7grade ore is on the
dumps of,;the various Slocan mines,
awaiting the advent of snowto rawhide £md ship, to say nothing Of the
Immense bodies; df7 concentrates or
second-class matter, in which Captain
Moore's ;.establishment will figure.
..From the Le Roi, on Trail creek, />■_■
tons, vail tied at $2, TOO, were forwarded
to East Helena." The Silver King
sent out 108 tons of ore to Denver,
Col., at a valuation of £10,8UJ. Na-
kusp's list shows:-—
Se^t. 13
.-120,000 ib ?,7
$ 0,000
*Se_)t. 17
■  'Ti	
Sept. 19
Sept. 20
■  .'(i
' .'■7«,'i:i:>.--
:    3,000
Sept, zl
■ •. 7 ."   .  ■
7; 9,000
■ (i .
Sept. 23
' ' -        n '■   ■
180,000- •-■'■
: 9,000
Oct. 1
',   K   ■
7     4,500
' Oet;9
■    150,000   .,.
.'.''-..'    7,500
Oct. 15
k i
Oct. 25
Mountain Chief   122,150
JSfov. 3
Slocan Star
Nov. 5
,..   -10,000
.'   2,000
Nov. 7
" ■
210,000    ,
' 13,000
Nov. H -
Nov. 10
102,000     "
Nov 12
■   ' H
:   ug,ooo
Nov 13
The v;
due is reckoned on the basis of
the release manifest of ^100 per ton,
■ but tliis will  be
found  to
be below
rather than above the actual worth
of the c
men will
work all winter on
the St.
a claim
near the
At the Idaho 300. tons of ore are
stacked waiting to be shipped when
the Avagon road is finished. Gne
thousand tons of concentrating ore are
on the dump, which will be milled
when the concentrator at Howson
creek is in operation. Fifty men will
work on the Idaho this winter and the
output promises to be thousands of
tons. Page 2.
Second Year
Published every Thursday.
R.     T.    LOWERY,    EDITOR    AND
ONE YEAR ....   .$2.00
Transient Advertising, 25 cents per line first insertion, 10 cents per line subsequent insertions,
nonpareil measurement.
Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay
District and communications upon live topics
always acceptable. AVrite on both sides "of the
paper if you wish. Always send something good,
no matter how crude. Get your copy in while it
is hot, and we will do the rest.
THURSDAY,  NOV.   15,   1894/ -
quality ofthe ledges, as well as the
size of the crystals.   The veins are
extensive and the. working of them
will doubtless prove as profitable to
the owners will be advantageous
to the town's prosperity • With mica
and gold propositions ^working- on a
good paying basis so near at hand,-
our citizens could the more complacently await the" restoration*o£ silver
to.its former standing.
Owing to
the extensive and Overuse; of "mica in" various
electrical appliances,   the   value   of
that serviceable mineral is becoming
more pronounced.    The attention of
mining men is' being" turned to the
profits to be made from its working,
and' enquiries* are constantly  being
made for-available properties.    Canada and the United States each have
large 'deposits' of the' mineral,   the"
former principally  in the provinces
<. Ontario and Quebec.    In the United
States it is being' mined in the Caro-
lihas, NeW Hampshire, Connecticut;
Nevada and Alabama, investigations
in the latter state showing that the
lodes had been worked in prehistoric
a/es.    Africa also enters the mart' as'
a competitor in this article, the deposits being scattered  here and  there
throughout the" dark continent,  but
the mica is not of good quality.-   Tlie
peculiar advantage of the mineral to
electricians is in its superior insulating properties, and as such readily
meets with a brisk demand at paying
prices.    The value varies  from five
to 50 cents per pound, according to
size and quality;  even the tailings
being made use of    " "-7.
Many companies, foreign and domestic, have been organized of late,,
with large capital stocks, to acquire
aiid work mica lands, the mere suspicion of its presence being sufficient
to treble ana quadruple the price of
wild realty, -particularly north of
Ottawa. Experts admit tlie superiority of the Canadian article over that
from the States, its principal rival, in
size, clearness, and general commercial value. . in 'tliis province deposits,
have been discovered in various localities, the district surrounding
Kamloops having -shovfn. some first-
class specimens, indicating the existence of large bodies. But drawing
nearer' home, Nakuspites may find an
object lesson to guide their town to
future "prosperity' in the discoveries
made two'*-weeks' ago in the hills to
the west of the lake and within-sight
of their own thresholds. The discoverers and loca tors of the claims on■
Mica creek, there being four locations,
'"have a good thing and thev know it-
The'specimens shown in town this'
week demonstrate the character and
Alas, alas, the vicissitudes of journalism1 in this fair province! Two
iiiore papers—the^ Steveston Enterprise and the Wellington News—have
succumbed to an attack of' non-support and weak ■ exchequers: We feel
for .our unfortunate brethren, but they
may take comfort from', the' fact tliat
tlieir editorial skeletons are not left
unaccompanied • to .bleach in the.
provincial boneyard. Many have,
gone before and' the' end is not yet.
' The monthly treasury statement of
the-United States shows the totaf receipts during the month of October
to 'iave been $19,139;240:and the disbursements * $32,713,033,.' leaving _ a
.deficit for the month, of $13,£73,799.
I '   , r
JWill the free trade organs'-of th,e> province" kindly paste" this1 little4 statement in • 'their' editorial; hats'! If the
United States makes such a shocking
showing under partial free trade,
what sort of a spectacle would Canada
present- were adopt the whole
hog? There's a nut for you, gentlemen. ''        *
Hi a c. Josiyii li ci.
Dealers in
Pianos,  Organs, Musicians'   Supplies, Sewing: Machines, and
SPOKANE, -■'"'■    - WASH.
'      G. L. ESTABROOKS,      -      MASTER,
Leave New Denver at 7 a.tjn. for Silverton.'
Leave New- Denver at 8:30 a.m. for Bonanza
City.    '
Leave Bonanza City at 12 noon for New Denver.
Slogan Trading & Navigation Co., (Ltd.)
1 DRAINS leave Nelson for Robson and Points
. - north every/Wednesday and Sunday at 15
o'clock.- For Point-3 south the train leaves .every
Friday'at 13:30 o'clock.      ' A
General Supt,,
Trainmaster & Agent,
>, • . -   - Nelson.
A Voice From Fire Valley.
Editor of Ledge:
Sir, —My attention ,has been called
to an article "that appeared in a recent* issue of your paper,-in which-it
was said a petition hadjbeen forward-
-ed'to" Mr. Kellie from-here; asking for
a grant of $2; 509 for repairs1 to the
wharf and' building a road' of 24
miles. If sucli a : petition- has been
isent, it is without the knowledge of
feight out- of 10! Kofdthe7 is^ettlersr aiid
1 therefore should hot Be/re^ognized Tby
him^as money is badly"needed for
improvements at -home; i Not W miles
from the settlement, at .Kettte^river
bar, where there, isa one tra,pper and
a petered "out placer claira, improper
meht^ai'e; ^beihg effected^ whiclj^^ ^^
present is a useless expenditure of
GoVerhnient money/   ^ursjtr
OTICE is hereby given that application will
be made to the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of Bi'itish Columbia, at its next session,
foi*"an Act to revive the "'Columbia and Kootenay
Railway., and Navigation Company   Act, 1890,"
and the "Columbia and Kootenay Railway Exten
sion Act, 1892," and to amend the said Acts by ex-
tending thc time fpr the commencement and com
pletion of the undertaking.) authorized by the said
Acts and otherwise.
Dated- at Vancouver this 30th day of October,
1891.. .   ''" .:•;...■;....,,
'''[:d[''''d''''xy'd:''r''':Ad^'j^oT^ ....
C-lt. Solicitors for Applicants
*I6hn B.IOld.
Fire Valley, Nov. 4,' 1894:   '"■ PP*"
-.'rTABLE :'   7
Showinff.the Dates and Places ot Courts
t    .... . i •   ,< ,r..,fJ -■;.'.'-   ■: *v-. ■ *,'-. ■ - -.        •<.;■.■-' ■■    • -   .,       ■
'..-. -     ■'■■'', .--■.•- "  •       '  S. ■. ■ ... ::X ..'-■. ..  ,
of Assize, Nisi Prius, and Oyer and
Terminer, and General Gaol Delivery for the Year 1S94.
Fatx Assizep.
..10th  September
...17th September
.. .20th September
...2-4th September
......,1st "October
.... 7..t'8Vli 6;ciolier
.....12th October
New Westminster..Tuesday. A.... .6th November
Vancouver......'. .Monday—/.12th November
Victoria:'...-...A A Tuesday....... 20th November
Nauajmo.". Tuesday .27th. November
-*SpeciaL^A.ssiz;es adjourned from ..the Spring by
Mr. Justice. Walkem and now fixed, for these
dates.      a
. 7.-Monday..
SpW Falls & i
Nelson & Fort Sheppard
The only through route from Nel=on, Kaslo,
Kootenay Lake and all Slocan
Through Trains Semi-Weekly.
Leave 7 a.m.
Arrive 5:40 p.m.
-    On Trerdrys f nd Fudryp,  trains   will  run
through to Spokane,arrivirig Same day. Returning
nassengers will leave Spokane at 7 a.m.on Wednesdays and Saturdays, arriving at Nelson at 5:4,0 p.
m., same day, making close connection with the
steamer Nelson for Kaslo and all'Kootenay lake
uoints. .     . ,
Commencing Aug._ 25   passengers for
Creek,-Nakusp, New Denver, Revelstoke, and all
noints on the Canadian Pacific Railway, will
leave Spokane    on  *    - Saturdays at
7 a. m., connecting at Northport with steamer
(same day) at 1 p.m.
- Passengers by steamer from? above points arrive
in Spokane same evening:. •    *
Passengers foi*' Kettle River and Boundary
Creek connect at Marcus-with- stage on Mondays
and Tuesdays, Thursdays and  Fridays.
Steam Nav. Ctf., Ltd.
In Effect Wednesday, Aug:. 29,1894.
(Connecting with the 'Canadian Pacific Railway for all Eastern and Coast Points.)
Leaves Robson on Wednesdays and" Sundays at
I" p.m	
Leaves Revelstoke on Tuesdays and Fridays at
4 a.m.
STR. LYTTON.       -
(Connecting at Northport foi- points north and
south on the Spokane Falls & Northern.
/-.-. a7,.a a- A-.- --.:'-Rayway.)A/./7A7-A7A'"''
Leaves Robson on Saturdays at 4 a,m/ :
Leases Nor thport on Saturdays at 1:30 p;m-.
Leaves Nelson Mondays at 4 p.m.; Wednesday.0,
at; 5:40/p.m,;. Thur.sday.s,at .4p.m^Saturdays,at 5:40
.p.m.   Connecting on Saturdays £md Wednesdays
' with Nelson & Fort Sheppard . Railway' fpr Kaslo
land Lake-points:—---     - - ■■■■■■■,- ■-A ; --•-
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson,   Sundays at *8   a.m.;,
Tuesdays at 3 a.m.j-Thursdays at 8 a.m.; Fridays
at 3 a.m.   Connecting.on Tuesdays and ^Fridays
with Nelson & Fort Sheppard, Railwayr for Spokane and pointssouth.
(Connecting with the Great Northern Railway
for all Eastern points, Spokane and
the Gpast:). _' 7
Leaves Nelson on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 ,i.
Leaves Kaslo on Tuesdays and Fridays at 3 a.m.
Leaves Bonner's Ferry for  Nelson and Kaslo at
2 a.m. on Wednesdays anu Saturdays.
The company reserves the right to" change this
schedule at any time without notice.
For full information as to tickets, rates,- etc., apply at the Company's offices, Nelson,^B.C.
T. ALLAN,. Sec'y. 7 J. W. TROUPr
Nelson  B.C. Manager Second Year^
Pag-e 3
The Colonel Says It's Good.
,..   After several davs' inspection Col.
Peyton, manager of the Le Eoi mine
< n Trail creek,   has returned, to tlie
}*.■ wer.epuntryrfronr the7Cariboo-creek;
cAriip.   He -had   met"  C.   Vader  at
l.oitliport  the week previous/while
tiie latter was on^lieAvayioutto winter in Seattle; and hearing of the
Cari boo creek  d iscoyeries r ersuaded
Vader to return to the camp in order
to look at some of the locations, particularly those  in   which  Vader, N.
Deniars aud B.C.Rodd are.interested.
They took ■iri.-wit.Ii them an assaying
outfit, but could not get animals1 to
pack it *up -the  creek.-,-  i he Colonel
visited a number of the claims and
secured specimens ..from each fur outside assay.   -Before  leaving town he
expressed himself much pleased with
the   prospects   and   believed   there.-
would be a good  camp on tlie creek.
He said he would he among tlie first
c mtingent to go.into .when,
the spring-opens out. .-•.-.
^Narrowly Escaped.Death.
edfdNor. Xaa ■;.■■■.■'
Tilly—adjoining the Lady Grace;
located and recorded by F. Fauquier
on same date. '.";'-*..       -
Eabbit's Paw—on north side of the
Mascot, an extension of the Iron
Drown;--located and recorded -by M.
Madden on same date;; p'py xx^dy'.'d
Lady Florence—an extension ofthe
Iron Crown; located and recorded by?
F. Fau9uier oh same,date.; Pdd  7 J;
Mascot—extension of Trbri Crowii;
located and recorded, on7saine date,
by J. E. Brouse.       ,
Hattie—on Avalanche creek, about
one and a half -miles of Cariboo creek;
located by J".Devlin on Oct. 25 and
recorded Nov. .9. ,
Glasgow—northwest of Golden Arrow, on Government trail; located on
Oct. 27 by J. O'Leary and recorded
Nov. 12..
Royal George—to the west of the
Glasgow; located on Oct. 21 by H. B.
Boie, and recorded Nov. 12.
Frank ,McGcwan, fireman on, the
big locomotive/ had" an exceedingly
narrow csca] e from a horrible death
Saturday: even ing. - He was stand iug
in the gangway between the cab and
tender, looking towards the mill yard
signal from
the brake-
a "fly,"
contact with  Lhe
leading from the
bwitch for , a ■ o-8
man'as they were
when he came in
end ofthe runway
stocks yard. Tliis he had not observed in-the dark,*and as the engine was
going at a rapid rate at thc time, he
was hurled violently and "quickly out
of thc calf. In falling his head struck
the bolts of the  water tank,
. '.'An Imperial'Tragedy" is the title
.of an article in the Argonaut of November 12, which' is made up.from
John M. Taylor's new historical 11101 -
ograph, "Maximilian and Carlotfca: a
Story of Imperialism.". It tells in- a
few selected paragraphs the sad tale
of Najoleon" the Thiid's attempt to
found an empire' in thc New World
and ofthe double tragedy that ensued upon his desertion of Maximilian
and Carlotfca.
W. GRAHAM  &   Co.,
him away from the wheels, and to
■"this fyrtuliate- circumstance McGowan
'■ bwes his fife.; When 111 issed from, his
'pdot a moment... afterwards, .the engine backed down to the stock yard,
and the fireniaii was discovered in a
S7mi-cpnscious fitate lying beside the
track, a He was7at price put aboard
and takemto Dr^Brouse's'ofiieev where
liis i n j u lues,., w ere- attended to. Be vera 1•
stitches were required ..for a cut oil
;Vi cGowa ri's; ft\ ee, '. beJides stra ps for
his right side,-which was7severely
bruised. No ribs were broken, but
he receivedva rough shaking.
Books, Stationery, Office Supplies,
and Wall Paper. .■
Great .Eastern Block.
f -FOK AXE,- • WASH/
Best House
at tlie
■Trail' Mines.
STEWART'   &,.7.LYNCfi,7 :Props'
More Locations;
Madden> and -liis -pai'tnei^
have Ynade; soine.good locations in the
Ciriboo creek country during the
week, and from specimens shown,
■'have evidently struck ■-it.riel-i.--v- Wire if
KASLO. &%$ffi:pE$%m
" 'stage aWe&
silver is'shown 'in. the sanities from,
oneclaim, while from the ofners gold
is shownv/'The formatipiis: are: of the.
general Character of the camp, slate
and porphyry. The ledges average
from six to nine feet in width. One
] eculiarifey of ■the claims is. that a
second ledge is found cross-cutting
the parent lode. Tlie Rabbit's Paw
came by its name in an odd manner.
One oi the party was on a ridge
■searching for mineral, when lie found
together.  -EeloSv
discovered" some'
decayed   quartz   by., a ..stump,...ami,
Stages leave Kaslo daily at 8 a.m.
■: for New Denver:'   Returning will
leave New Denver for Kaslo at
7.- same hour. ' ■"■:'■    '•
is   Guaranteed.
two rabbit's paws
him Hugh Madden
; Manager.
'- ©
And All'Mining Supplies.
Full  Stock on Hand.
'    Of-Swansea-ana Wigan,
Analytical Chemist and Assayer
The oldeso'and most experienced
Assayer in.the.-Province.
e 9
Landscape Photographers
Keep a large quantity of Architypes
and-   Steel   Engravings    in    stock
Pictures framed .to order.
doctor     "~~
Certificate of Improvements.
J. F. B.
' KASLO, B. C.
Graduate of Trinity University, To-
'roiito. ; Member of college Physi-
, cians arid Surgeons, Ontario.7
, SiirxTK.-uv Mini:hal Claim.—-Situate in the
Slocan Mining* Division ol' We.-t Kootenay District. Where located: About two miles noilh east
from Silverton.
." Take ixtico that J. A. S. Far well, as assent for
Michael Grady. No. -!!«f>77: L. U. Brlggr-. No. fill-iO,'
and C. F. I/iatz. No. lfW, intend; sixty days
from (he date hereof, to apply to the' Goid;
Coimnissiouer for a ceifilk-ate bf improvements,
for the ] nriiote of obtaining- a Crown grant ol the
above claim.
.■ And fiather take notice, that adverse  claims '
must be sent to the Gold Cunmisf-ioner and action *
commenced bofoiethe issuance cf such ceitiileate
of hnprov'e'Snentr.
Dated,this.-Hh day of October, 18JM.
'  ' A. S. FARWELL.
" Oct. 18, 189!.
Certificate .^Improvements-. -
A ■'..';.-      ..   NOTICE.    7,
TrCHO Mixkkat, Cr,Am.—Situate in (he Slocan
IV Miiiii'.g- Division of West. Kootenay "District.
Where located: About two miles north east from
Silverton'. a   ■■■''■■■..
Take'notieethatI, A, S. Farwell, as
Michael Grady, No -!!),.'»77: L. A. Brig
agent for
arid 0, F. Laatz, No-; l!).j87-,in'tei!d,.fixt:y days'lj-om
thc dr. te hereof, to ajajy to tlie'Gold Comiiiiwjoncr
for a.certilieate of inijj'rovc-menfe, for the iau*j.-0fe
of obtaining- a'Cn.wii grant of the. above' claim.
-And further take, notice, that adverse claims
must be ..sent to he Gold CciTii'riis.-:ion'er and action
commenced before the issuance, of such certilieate
of im,'i»roveniehts.-■ ,.'-.'
Dated this 8th day of October, 1891. -
-' Oct. i8,:iS&i.'r.::    - ;.-' ''•-."■" -'•■■■ 7!"7 d-'Xx :'■" ;
t » *" A '   ■'   ■    - ■ ^___1_
Certificate'of Improvements.'
L1QU0PS, :
- - BC
Foot of :Hendryx Street,   Nelson.
; . ■     ' NOTICE, ■;-.
OURFRISE iMiNKi*AT- CLaim.—.Sltuaio-fn (he
U. Slocan Mining Division ofAX'estlvpotenay UiV-
friet.. Wlier-c located: About two miJes ncrtJi ea..9t
from Silverton.    -,-'
Take notice that 1, A. S. Farwell. as agent for
Michael Graclv.«No..-!J)„77; L.-ll Drigg-=, No. olliO,
and C. F. Laata, No. -i!):;87, inteial. -r.ixty days
from the datc'.-hcreof. to apjly'to the Goid.Comn'ns-
sioner for a certilieate of improvements,, for the
pinT'Ose of ol)tainiiig a Crown grant of the .above
claim.   '
And further-take -notice, that adverse claims
must be'•'"cut to the Gold Comnii^ioiic-r ai;d ju'tloii
conimeneed i:efore the issuance of .sueli certilieate
of iuuirovement.--.
Dated this nth day of October. i«M.
Oct. 18, 18!)!. :'.-..
Certificate of Improvemeiits,
: craping away the  earth  uncovered
tiie lead.- :TliW location" was at once
inade/HvMf tlle^-iianie suggested7 by;]-
the axiim'al's -jaws.    J. Deylii
O'Leary and H. Boie liaye also struck
it 'good/-.-particularly  in the Hattie.
c'aims are: d-J.        / ;	
Lady    (-xl'ace—Oil    Cariboo    creek,    TN addition to the Restaurant the Proprietor has
about half a r m;ie 7above Canyon
creek, on-riglu side of stream; located
by H. Madden on God 31 ai.d re. jrcl-
iumber.ol Room- to- rent to Travelers; The
Rooms are tastily furnished and the beds clean and
well aired.
A full stock of dumber,
rough and dressed, laths,
shingles, sash,doors,mould-
ings, etc. Clear and dry
fir^flooriilg and ceiling for
sale at loAvest prices.
QTANDA-RI) Minkhal Claim.—Situate in. me
0   Slocan Minina-Divi ion of We.-t Kootenay District.   Where located: About two niikA.norfh east.
from Silverton.
Take noiice.that I. A. S. Farwell. as"ajjent for
Michael-Gradv,,'No7lJ)")77:'L. H. Briggr-, ^o..")ll-t(».
and C. F. Laatz, No.-iJJ/KS?.intend, sixty days from
date hereof, to apnly"to the Gold Commissioner for
a cert ticate of improvement-?.'for tlie- uiirpotre of
obtaininir a Crown trrant of the above; claim.
And .i'urther take notice, that adverse claims
must be.sent to the Gold Commissioner and acn'fii
commenced before the issuance of such certificate
of iniprovemen ts.
Dated this <)th day of October. 1P.Q-I.
Oct.. 18,1804. Page 4.
Chas. Laatz Will spend the winter
in Chicago.
Maps of British Columbia for sale at
this office. t
L. H. Briggs will winter with h is
brother in Texas.
The Leland House lias chicken dinner every Sunday. /
Hay   is  a  scarce   article in and
around Three Forks.
Str. Lytton makes but more trip to
Northport this season.
W. H. Smith will spend the winter,
in the Okanagan valley.       :
On the 23rd a sitting of the County
will be held at Revelstoke. 7
Old-timers predict an open and
mild winter for this-section.
■ -.'i ■■ . "  ' :' ■A> - '.■ ■   '7      ■' ". .'■■''■■'■-.■    ■ • ' :
A large store is to be built at the
Howsoiv creek concentrator.
'Billy Freeman will open a "restaur-'
ant at the Forks in a short time.
W. Hunter, of Silverton, spent-several, days here during the week.
LL R. Hammond has removed his
news and fruit store to Three Forks.
A meeting of the I.  C.   & ,D:. Co.
, held in Nakusvj on Saturday.
Clements & Shannon are building
a store and public hall in New Denver,". ■-. 7'..,,"7 7'':':; 7   ' 7-
The .contract*, for building the bas-
tile at Three Forks i.-was.'-let-yester*-'
dzy;Pp[,.[.   a "'d-y-  ■- d:[p [     ' ■■'.'.'
Divine service will be held in the
school 'house next Sunday by Rev. A.
J. Gaebel.   .-"       7
There are sufficient'.orders-■into
keep the: sawmill running into the
new year.
Hugh Madden has leased an interest in the' bar of the Pacific at
Three Forks.
Hordes of eastern and western
drummers, are crowding into the Slocan country.
House and, furniture to sell, ver\
cheap, at Nakusp, Apply to H. N.
Coursier, Revelstoke.       ■'. t
• Contractor Clements; is making rapid headway with the railway buildings at the Pronged City.
When in Kaslo stop at the Great
Northern Hotel. Rates reasonable.
Headquarters for cool- and delicious
beer. f
The Lytton has-of late been doing
a big business on the lower river, not
infrequently having to refuse offered
freight.    ■;'■"':.
R. II. Kemp's, house, near Kaslo,
has had a close shave from lire, which
'caught in'the roof froni soarks from
the chimney.
Hunter & MeKinnon have removed
their general stock from New Denver
to Silverton, having disposed of the
building and lot.
Str. Lytton, both on her up and
down trips, reaches here during the
night, making it the reverse to pleasant for travelers.
A car loaded with ore jumped the
track near the second trestle on the
way in Saturday evening,due chiefly
to a broken brake.
The heavy grades of the railway
are exceedingly hard on the brakes
of the cars, the constant friction-wearing them out in short order.
Too vigorous stoking prove! tlie
means whereby the roof of the Leland
House bar took fire Friday evening.
Little damage was sustained.
The steamer Dora, plying on tlie
Pend d'Oreille river, was totally destroyed by fire, 20 miles above Met
alline, on Wednesday evening.
When the wire arrives, Three
Forks and Tiew Denver will be in
touch by telephone. The switchboard has been removed from Kaslo
to New Denver.
T. Abriel. left for the pronged City
Saturday, where he has opened out
in business under the name of the
Three Forks. News Co. '.'.He will retain his real estate office here.
Many workmen have gone out during the past few days, heading for
California, where there is some tracks
laying being dbne. Most of them will
return for the Nicola Valley-Rail way
in the spring;.    ,
P. 0. Hackleman, of Kaslo, was
married to Miss M. E. Fitzgerald, of
Chicago, on Saturday. The ceremony
took place on the steamer Nelson, before the ship's officers, Rev. Mr. Akehurst tying the knot.
„■ The crow of the Kootenai '-.'.had an
amusing and exci ting encounter -.with
a large wood rat in one of the state-:
rooms of the, boat Saturday morning.
The Chinese cook made "the-welkin
ringAvith his shrill cries.
Th e construction com pan y 'find it a
difficult task to-, get men to7finish;;bal-
lasting up the rail way. Fifty or GO
hands are employed, but ~" there \is
room tor 250. With the present small will be a month yet ere the
job is ended. 7
A session of the County Court under
the Speedy Trials Act -"will be held
at Nelson-on the 23rd, Judge Spinks
probably presiding. ' A. Littlejohn
has elected to be tried then, summonses tor witnesses in whose; case havo
been served.
Genelle & Co. shipped 110,000 feet
of lumber, per steamer Kootenai and
scow, Sunday,' to the Kootenay Hydraulic Co., operating on Forty-nine
creek. It is to be used for sluice
boxes and flumes. The freight on it
was about $5.50 per thousand deliver-
edA '..- ■    '.-. a ,.',.■■ .-..'■"■'. 7
It was impossible, early last week
to hire men in Nakusp to load ore on
the steamboats and Nelson had to be
visited ror that -purpose. In that
town the necessary help was speedily
obtaiand. The wages paid for this
class of,work are $30 a month ind
Tlie C.P.R. are now figuring upon
building a large steam barge, to ply
between this port and the foot of the
Arrow Lake Rail wav. That would
obviate the double handling of the
ore here, as the cars would be run on
to the barge and conveyed to the
upper railway, and soon direct to the
smelter. The barge would be built
here and capable of transporting a
dozen cars.
The only practical Watchmaker in
the Kootenay District. Orders by
mail receive prompt attention.
placer: claims.
A LL' Placer Claims in this Dhtrlct, -' held.
A. ' m'iy he laid'oyer from tha loth'■ .October,' l.8ai.
to the 1st June, 18957 ' ■"■'    '7      7 ':
• Gold Commissioner
Dated, Nclson7B.C, 4th October, 18!) 1.
-"IMPERIAL"   Brand   of;
Wholesale & Retail Dealers, in
Write to us for Prices:
PHILO & Co.'s
,LJ AyiNG- placed some new
r^'.'.■•'Machinery vIn our Mill,
we are prepared to Tfurnish
all kinds of Rougli and Dressed Lnmlberapd Shingles at
greatly-reduced Prices.
Factory and Salesroom:
VANCOUVER.    -    -
• j
R,oua*a Lnmber, narrow, $10 oO
'"     " wide/ a-     -.$11 00 to $12 -00
Joist and Scantling, sized up to-     ;
7 18 fec;t long, '■'■=-■' 7'      $n 00..:
18' to 24 ' • '■- ■■■'•.;'-' $12 oo
U 'to30 '   7v ;..-. .,:■ ■■;;/. ..-,-.,. yyy^,- y'..., >.A $13 CO
Plooring,T&G,8 "  7 A        $20 00
A   7'  .:- '•'" ' 4 "■■■■■■ '  ' '..o  " 77  •'   $22. 00-'
V joint Coiling, 4 " $22 00
">■" Rustic,'."'- -■ ■■ $19 00
Shi;)lai'>,'.- . :J   ;; . A ,    $14 oo
Surfaced Dressed,'1 a$13 00
• A liberal di cjunt on ku'ge orders'fpr Caslit'l.
: O :
The lower end of Kootenay lake
was the. scene of a fatal gunning accident Thursday. Gas Adams and J.
Keppler were out hunting,and a;stray
si lot from the form er's. rifl e struck
Keppler above the knee and glanced
into his bod v. Adams started with
the wounded man in a boat for assistance. The steamer Nelson was met
and Keppler was taken to Bonner's
Ferry, where the wound was pronounced fatal.
Underwear. Hosiery,
Mens' Furnishings,
Mens'-Ready. Made
Gloves, Ribbons, Silks,
Satins, Cashmeres,
Melton .& Serge Cloths,
Carpets, Blinds, Cottons, Hats and Caps,
House & Table Linens,
Boots and Shoes.
Hungarian Flour,
Sugars, Bacon, Hams
Coffees, Teas, Spices,
Jams, Pickles, Oatmeal, Biscuits,
Canned Vegetables,
Canned Fruits,
Dried Fruits, and
Fancy Toilet Soaps,
Cigars and Tobaccos,
Grindstones & Fix tures
Crosses '& Rip Saws,
Axes and Handles,
Nails, Screws, Bolts,
Round, Flat, Square Iron
Oils,   Paints,    Glass,
Horse Shoes  and Nails,
Cutlery, 7
: 0 :
Miners can get a complete outfit here.


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