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Nakusp Ledge 1894-08-09

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* . /   w   i,        .    ■■
j   V
\«..jjJ    LZTJ
* /    M
1 r E&t^*
Vol. L.No. 45.
Price Ten Cents.
B. C.
M »
The Bar is .icvVi ^.M«   f.
Wines , Lirju'j"-, ..-•!•' '.I-::, i -•
AULT,  ■
-ilnest braiirts of
- NAKUSP, J3. T3.,      ■
Corning &, Rodd, Props,
The Prize   Steamer   of the Arrow
Lakes a Total Less.
" The steamer Columbia,' running between Kevclstoke and . Northport
was burned at 1.30 a. m., last jChurs-
day. At the time of the, disaster she
was tied up for the .night,* 'at the
wood-pile, across the river jfixmi Say-
ward. All hands, except tlie-watchman were in bed at the time. The
fire broke out from what cause couldjnot
be learned,' in one of the aft cabins on
the engine room floor, generally occupied by deck hands. The watch
man had visited that part of the boat
The bar is stocked with the .finest a few minutes before the flames made
brands of wines, liquors ■ ! their appearance and noticed nothing
and ci°f»»v '    ' wrong.   Ben Edington, the cook, was
_ !/ aroused by the fire in - his room-.    He
LilOiaJ^Jl'     (endeavored to   smother- It with a
! blanket but his efforts; -were - of no
NAKUSP B. C. "   [aYail-    The alarm sounded through
j the steamer, and everybody had :all
W. S. Jones, tlie customs officer,
lost a watch and oUv- ,"iV : /^.., but
saved his red' hat, /r v/ek he is
truly  thankful.
Captain Troup, who is quite an enthusiast on photography,'lost a //;•
camera. When last seen alive. -.'-
was trying to make a snap-she/!, w.
the local and thrilling surreiv:.'.ia«;.,
Capt. Gore, -Pursei Ander- .-:- , v
Steward Tompkins have been •;
ferred to the Lytton. This hon ha-<
been the bread-winner of the line.
and will, no daubt, keep up her record, this season..
Will he a Heavy Producer Some Day.
Or the Ups and Downs of the Yellow
Metal Hunters.
Beautifully situated on the Lnko <->hore .>• ■ thVs en ■ »   lScI ; filglltv
sketching facilities for tourists sii'l f.Hifi
bar is supplied Avith the bef-t \\\\ • <I •  f
•iio 11.-:  of
■ >r managed to pick up; ih their hur-
■El ve- passengers    were
trance to the best and shortest road to iho Sloc-.-n ' -boaTdy ahd One bf them^.a lady,:;had
mines and New Denver.' Tl* bo=i fiMuy: ^l\ j0 Carry;her, clothes dllvher armS,^S0
^    .     .   „    ,_ . .    ... ..    ..        /speedily did the fire^■consume 'the
hunting m the district, wjih pml li rt:\\^ an.'i s   t .   v ■:'.^_. : .   '. '   -,   •>
: sinp. There; was; no; panic,; and if
\ {.here had been the g-host^of a chance
\ :he officers and crew/ could have
j saved the beautiful Cblumbiav In
  j oen minutes; the boat; was destroyed,
Lr-j|      a  K^y/^, Sand nothing left but the boiler :and
JtlLA.1^ b.y ' 1 engine,; One sackrof mail ^^
! kaiie for Nelson, and; one from Wan-
i/J 1 eta were lost,   as-well as, ail t-ie; ex-
li-^ ! press matter.    "I-he;freight was light
j consisting principally of hay and produce tor Nakusp.:   All   the officers
! and crew lost what they had in their
j room's, money, witches, wearing ap-
| parel and other articles   The Lytton
came down from  Revelstoke,   with
_,    . , . , j lion. J. A. Mara on board, and trans-
Choice     location   and    com- fe^ed the passon-ers, only oneround
liquors 9nd cigars.   The :vcon
Hotel are tlie best.
D. A. McDo"*ig"aid
mands a beantifal
of the surroiiiicliixg
The Dining Room is supplied
with all the delicacies of
the season.
Charges "Moderate.. •■/'. ■'■..■
A Call Solicited.
Slocan Ave.
trip being lost.    The loss is |45,000,
and the insurance, '?15,000.
Pete Wilson,   has   charge of the
——— "[wreck.,;:;./.'
THE'BAH is supplied witil tlie |    The Columbia will  be re-built, in
tf^st brands OI   all kinds of jail probability, if her machinery can
wines, liquors and .cigars: be utilized-
Steward Tompkins, had to borrow
Engineer Hatherley's coat until he
reached his wardrobe at Revelstoke.
Purser Anderson, lost his sleep, besides nearly everything he had on
Ben Edington, the brunette cook,
lost about $4C0 worth of clothes and
other valuables, including currency.
About 75 men are working at tiro
Billy Pyer is packing lumber to
the diggings. He receives in the
neighborhood of §60 a thousand feet
;/The mbsquit^
at Burton City/ and it is possible to
take;a; <i™k out of the creek, without having them shove you in the
.stream1.' .V •■;■//' ;
The Bridge company, are very
plucky to tackle the many boulders
they have on their property.
Thefire lias made it unpleasant
along the trad, and in some places
fallen trees slightly■• hinder travel.
It is reported that the Waneta Co.,
made a clean-up and got an ounce of
yellow dust a day Out of the gravel.
bed-rock not being in sight yet.
S. S^ '■'. Fowler,   a mining engineer
fronL(jolden has^spenr several days
upon the grounds of the Calgary :Gp.\
haying been engaged by Geo, Al e £:
ander to examine the 17 claims this.
company propose working.    His report was favorable.   He states that
the mountains are not   precipitous.
which is a good sign for rich-placer.
grounds.    The colors found  are evidently this year's wash.    As far as
Blue Grouse canyon it looks as though
there would have to be .considerable
deep digging   to    read]   bec/rock.
There is quite a large, amount of
wide ground  above Mineral  creek.
The formation iscuppy and syenitic.
A miner  is liable  to be on bed-rock
one hour, and off it the nexr..' ■ There
are traces of platinum here and there-
and some irridium.    After receiving
Mr.  Fowler's report, Mr   Alexander
returned  to Calgary,   where he will
make arrangements with  his part
ners for the  thorough development
of their .property.»
John D. Macdonald, who lias been
Mr??voting iii the Kootenay district
''■•  i've  years,   was in Nakusp this
-. •'/•;.   /Macdonald is one of the men
\v'-.()  ioe.-i ted  the town of Bear Lake,'"-
mi., i jilt  misled hnding the, Lucky.
,th> .    i/x io interested in five claims;
in the  i ifirdeau,   known as   the Sir
.h,ii,j ar.d  Glengarv groups, and has
cwiu/h.i'-d  tlie assessment work  on
tlie i.:u:ir.:,uTy.   ,11c has two tons of
o>v, on r.he liuinp, and expects to make
a slirpjneui" as souu as the wagon road .
reaclies Ttout lake.    The ledge from -
which the/ere is taken is 15feet wide,
carrying a .-.J inch vein of ore.    The.
as.say,4ru.H  as  high  as 1003 ounces/
;,i.e fve.rago for silver being 315 ozs.,
v/ijli a sl-roug tracing of gold and
^s'av i:opper.    Those claims arc on
t!ic o])positc divide, from the Black
Prince, where ab >nt a dozen men are
working.    The f) ~i\iation in that sec-'
■tioii ;J:s,contact.osl^ii,e,-and lime,--^bluish
:white/:;gmhite;^and- ;;pcrphyrry.-.  It
seeni/tod3e;a cornitry :of.large;bodies
of ore,' with -numerous, stringers lead-
ing'irom tlie leau'rer lodes.
The;wagon i\)ne ;s. being pushed to
Trot/:;! a-ke. as fVist as possible:   About
75-'meii. divideik /to fivev,ga,ngs a,rc
■wovking ov> it. 'I' be cost will be about;
f20,COCt and;?fif:\n  fiuished willbe a.
first ''cla?sVti.ior*oiighfare.; ■ 'If.no delays
occur the ■voacl..;s.h!ocld,i be 'completed'
by Se/tjeinber. ; '/ will end at Trout
iiiiKc'.City,  a,Uihoagh";the city would
be of uiore advantage" to miners if it
' \va a'.ieciit-e d. w 1;ere".the'■ trail turns to-
■ward.;rid.]3ie forks: bf the Lardeau river.
.; Tiui men working .on the:road are
pa/i,;S2.5Q. a day. .;/ /,
k /ssesssnient work is being done on
al JOlit CO cla inis in the Lardeau.    On
the north.and  south  fork of the.-Lar
dean fiver about 50 men are placer
mining,   although  high   water still
bothers /'them.;   Some are   working
fcr wages, £3' 50 a day, but  most ot
them are hoisting the gravel entirely
in their own interests.'
Siocn-a Easily Reached. .
Since t.iie .Nakasp & Slocan railway
reached Slocan lake, nearly all the
travel that formerly went to the Slocan via Nelson and Kaslo is nowdi
veiled to the new route. An average
of four- people leave Bon ners Ferry,
and two from Nelson every time the
str. Nelson runs to Kaslo. They are
principally strangers, who have not
heard of the new, fast, easy and
cheap route to the Slocan. T"^
ore. will fee brought to NaJaisi
steamer for Revelstoke,
Gold and Silver'JLeclges -have
The town -.already contains.- Si
a capacity of '30^000' feet per
Slocan Railroad,  Thousandsof tons of
mines of the Slocan, and loMect oh the
»/  ^-^   ^>- Q    t^> %_f ^J
Shop and many other buil
Sd^-p» '-^H-
> a;
welling ij
miles of
onses, Stores
aqksxnith ••*,;
The l 0. .'Jin
disease auo xieatn;.
It takes a long time for a well-known
fact to pass from the tahles and statistics
of a board of health through the imagination to the conscience of the people.
But, when it is clearly understood thai;,
in a city say of one hundred thousand
people, at least three unnecessary deaths
in a thousand occur each year, some- «
thing will   happen.    That  means   the j ai'OKANE,
unnecessary deaths of three  hundred  V^r-.^T i *rn
people each year.    If such deaths are
unnecessary,  they are preventable.    If
they are preventable, somebody is responsible for their occurrence.*  Three
hundred deaths of persons, the majority
B^a'icrs in
Pianos,  Organs,  Musicians'   Supplies, Sewing- Machines, and
NEW DENVER,       -       -      -       -      B. C,
Is one of the best in the Slocan'district.    Call in.
K ^ U i.
of whom are children under five years.       Plenty oi accommodations for trav-
of age, produced by tlie intentional ad-'
ministration  of  sewer   gas,   malaria,
Good beds and good meals.
impurT dunking water, the g^rT'of I Hav stockcd with  wines, liquors and
disease,   or   any  of   the    well-known I cigars.
John Madden, Prop.
poisons    which    are    as    deadly     as
arsenic, would excite such horror that
the civilized world would ring with the
news.    The difference between the intentional production of the causes of
diseases and the li'eglect of them after
they are known to exist is small.   When
the imagination fairly realizes the fact, j
the neglect will no longer be unconscious j
or unintentional.    The happy,  prosper- j
ous and healthy numbers of society will ! rr i , ~  *.•*.     ^ a    t,-...     v
be compelled to know the facts, to know   KeeP a larSe entity of Architypes
ITovx.it i ;I   Street,
T" T> V
i x-.it
the causes of disease and death, to know
how they may be prevented, and choose
whether they will or will not apply the
remedies. Then, the diiforence between
the intentional production of disease and
the intentional neglect of that which
causes disease will be too small to satisfy
the conscience of those who allow the
process to go on.—Christian Register.
Cause and Effect.
Tom.—It was trouble that drove
Lushley to drink.
Jerry.—Yes; but the trouble was
whiskey   ■
A Double Action Well.
A flowing well at Isabella, Mich., produces wrigglers in great numbers.
These little animals are constantly
bursting in the water in the, barrel, and,
coming to the top, unfold wings and fly
away. The atmosphere, however, is so
cold that fchey do,not get far before they
fall into the snow.
Almost Human,
Dew is a great respecter of colors. To
prove this take pieces of glass or boards
and paint them red, yellow, green oi
black. Expose therh at night and yon
will find that the yellow will be covered
with moisture; tha,t the green will be
damp, but that the red and the blacls
will be left perfectly dry.
Enormous Passenger Traffic.
Within a six mile radius of Charing
Cross, London, there are 270 miles of
railway and 255 stations, and within, a
twelve mile radius over 400 miles of line
and 301 stations. The average number
of passengers carried on a week day by
the public conveyances of London, including omnibuses, is 2,500*000. The total for last year is 777,000,000.
A Valuable Consignment.
A consignment lately passed through
Berlin on its way from Paris to Russia.
It consisted of valuables amounting to
280,000,000 of francs' worth, packed in
wooden cases, and distributed among
three passenger carriages in the charge
of thirty attendants.    V
and    Steel  Engravings
Pictures framed to order.
in    stock
Graduate, of Trinity University, Toronto.   Member of college Physicians and Surgeons, Ontario.
G. L. EST A BROOKS,      -      MASTER.
Leave New Denver at 7 a.m. for Silvertoii.
5 Leave. New Denver at 8:30 a.m. for Honun.a
Leave Bonanza City at 12 noon for New Dl-siver.
Slogan Trading & Navigation Co...(Ltd.)
CANADIAN ■ •    ,
AthmtU* KxpivsK arrives at 10:10 Daily
;3a<'ilie " ** 17:10      «•
""% "9"
A. Piece of Literary News.
The Critic announces an interesting
piece of literary news nothing less than
the purchase by Dodd, Mead & Co. of
New York ofthe manuscript of "The
Poems of Two Brothers," the first pub-
Ushed volume of Lord Tennyson and his
brother Charles. Four thousand dollars
was the price paid for this coveted manuscript, and whoever buys it now will
have to pay more than that, for the present owners bought it to sell at a profit. I
don't suppose that they will have it long,
for the more a collector has to pay for
this sort of thing the more he wants it
The only practical Watchmaker in
the Kootenay District. Orders- by
mail receive prompt attention.
To take effect on Saturday, May 19th, 1894.
Trains We4. Station. Trains East.
10 SO      Depart NELSON Arrive      20 45
Ufi 50 Kootenay Crossing 20 251:
U7 85 Slocan "Crossing 19 40;
18 15        Arrive ROBSON Depart      19 00
Trains from. Nelson will wait arrival of boat
from Bonner's Ferry and Lake Points on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
; Flag Stations.
iJSTAbove Trains will run Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
The Company reserve the right to change this
Time Table without Notice.
Pacific Standard and 24 hour system adopted.
GeneralS rt.,
Vane uver.
Trainmaster & Agent,
Stages leave Kaslo daily at 8 a.m.
for New Denver. Returning- will
leave New Denver for Kaslo at
same hour.
Satisfaction is  Guaranteed.
'■'■ Manager.
Special Attention to Mining
Over Byer's Hardware Store.
i-.FbDs. k I
Nelson  & Fort Sheppard
The only, through route from Nelson, Kaslo,
iootenay Lake and all Slocan
Through Trains Semi-Weekly.
Leave 7 a.m.
Arrive 5:40 p.m.
passeng- .
davs and Saturday?, arriving at Nelson at 5:40 n.
m.", same day, making close connection with the.
steamer Nelson for Kaslo and all K ootenay lake
Commencing May 2nd passengers for Trail
Creek, Nakusn. New Denver.'Revelstoke, and ail
points on the Canadian Haci/ic ■Railway, will
leaveSr>okane on Wednesdays -and Saturday? at
7 a.m.,' connecting at Northport with sk-ivhar.
(same day) at 1 p.m.
, Passengers by steamer from above .points.arrive
in Spokane same evening.
Passengers for Kettle River avid Boundary
Creek connect at Marcus with .stage on Mondays
and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
. r]:i'api.»i, mo-! ivliahlc and safe route toMon-
isv.ii, TVrouto, St. Paul, Chicago, New York,
. i:d Boston.   Kales & (o *1<) lower than any olhor
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, .in charge of a
porter, for the accommodation of passengers holding •■ccond-claas tickets.
Passengers booked to and from all European
points at lowest rates.
Low freight rates. Quick despatch. Merchants
will save money by haviug their freight routed via
■tlie C.P.R.
Full and reliable information given by applying
Asst Gen. Freight Agent,     Local Agent,
Vancouver. Revelstoke.
Steam Nav. Co., Ltd,
In Effect Thursday, July 12th, 1894.
(Connecting with the Canadian Pacific Railway for all Eastern and Coast Points.)
Leaves Robson on Wednesdays and Saturdays at
8 p.m.
Leaves Revelstoke on Tuesdays and  Fridays at
o a.m.
(Connecting at Northport for points north and
south on the Spokane Falls & Northern
Loaves Robson Wednesdays and Saturdays at 4
L aves Noithport Wednesdays and Saturdays at
1 p.m.
Leaves Nelson Tuesdays at 3.p.m.; Wednesdays,
..••: 5:40 p.m.; Fridays, at3 p.m.;, Saturdays, at 5:40
i».m. Connecting on Saturdays and Wednesdays
with Nelson & Fort Sheppard" Railway for Kaslo
and Lake points.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson, connecting, with Nelson &. Fort Sheppard Railway, for Spokane and
noints south,'-'on 'Wednesdays and Saturdays at
2:30 a.m. :'
(Connectn<g with tin-. Great Northern Railway
.-for  ail Ei'-ii'rn  points, Spokane and
the Coast.)
Lv':,ve- N.'Uoh for Bonner's Ferry, via Kaslo, on
SUr.rduys ;>t *»: U) p'.'m., and Wednesdays at 5:40 p.
Leai es Kaslo for Bonner's Ferry direct on Mon-
days at <» a.m. and Thursdays at 0 a.m.
Leaves' Bonner's Ferry for Kaslo, via Nelson, at
2 .a.m.'on Tuesdays anu'Fridays.
Tiv,> vomrany x-e:ci:v«;s the right to change.this
schediiiij at any 'time without notice.
For full information as to tickets, rates, etc., apply at the Company's offices, Nelson, B.C.
T. ALLAN, Sec'y- J- W. TROUP,
Nelson, B. C. Manager. ^mammsatiaaaassi^^
Published every Thursday.
li .    T .    L O \V i: il i'.    EDI T O R    A X D
BSCiill'l i<>>:  RATES.
O.Vr) V::.\i:  ?-;.'.O'.i
1'r.i i-i .i' A.uvrii i i^-. - > iviu- ner iiue iir-.i i:j-
.-h-*Iimi. j' ••u!^ ..it :i.j..- '.iiiv*iiu* ii ijj-ertions,
n-•  p t: c.; i".<-. ;i: ,-:w •;:,.
T.) CiJi; 1 lilBL'TORS.
C^rro* > -iidcmv Jr.*::: .<\vvy partoitli<' KooU.nay
Districi .ni'l ,"<»ui.:i'i:ii.-..li.ui> upon live topics
ahray-< .U'iv..t,;li!c. Write on both sides of the
paper if you v.-:-ii. Always .-end .-omelhingg^od.
no inalter iiow ( rode. Get your copy in while it
i   li >t. mm \w will d" the iv.4.
TilCRSDAY,   AUG.'J,   1894
W.   B.   Capi-S Jives--in Tennessee,
and   is   an Adventisfc in   religion.
Members oi this religious sect believe
in keeping Saturday instead of Sunday as a holy  day.    Some time ago,
Capps, who is a poor man was arrested for working 011 Sunday and fined.
He appealed his case to the .Supreme
Cfo.urt, but the judgment of the lower
court was  affirmed,  and   in consequence,   as lie  did  not, or could not
pay his fine he will have to serve
about fifteen months in prison.   Religious Liberty    Associations in the
United States are making a loud cry
"":: the matter, claiming that Capps is
a martyr to a tyrannical law.    We
do not think so.    He has no right to
break the law of the State he livesin.
I'd his religious scruples aro such that
he considers it a sin to work on Saturday lie should keep the two days
sacred and not defy   the law of the
land.    There are too many pleas and
pretexts in the United States for disobeying the law with impunity. The
sooner the courts over the line deal
out justice with a  sterner hand then
they have djne in the past, the sooner will the constant turmoil and strife
that is ever present disappear, and
other nations will not sneer as much
as they do now at their judicial ad-
While we  think the laws ofanv
country   should  be   upheld by the
citizens, we feel sorry for poor Capps.
Fifteen months in prison tor working
on one Sunday is  too much. ' Capps
should, come to this Province, where
the clutch ot religious superstiution is
not very strong, and law is dealt out
with a more modern tinge to it, then
they have down in Tennessee.
election followed by a drouth, and as
a grand finale the forest fires furnish
a brilliant but mighty expensive illumination. Today the ozone is permeated with a smoke that is not thin
and the sun looks like a ball of red
fire at a melodramatic entertainment
in. a small town, while the air is
filled with white cinders, gently
dropping on the burning sands of Nakusp as gracefully as the Beautiful
does in January, when the sands are
not burning.
What is next on tlie programme of
events, no one can tell. It might be
an earthquake, or perhaps an era of
good times might set in. Anything
but the latter for us, We could not
stand it. We are too conservative.
We have become so accustomed to
every stage of adversity, from wet
feet to waiting for a pass on the Kaslo
& Slocan railway, that we could not
possibly bear-to have our pockets
lined with yellow.coin, and oitr cheque
good at any bank.
If such a thing should come to pass
we would go out to some sylvan glade,
lie down on the fern-covered terra
firma, turn our optics towards the
starry firmament, take off our boots,
swallow Brown's press, muzzle and
go up, or down the golden stairs to
another sphere in our stockinged feet.
Force of habit is very strong, and to
lose the hard times we have cherished so long would be too much to bear.
We could not do without the excitement of dodging the sheriff, and
sleeping on the lowly but virtuous
floor. We do not want quail for dinner
or a leather bed to slumber in. They
would ruin our health. ■ Still we are
nof- afraid to bet a Cariboo' creek
placer against the Bank of Montrerl,
that it would be our luck to wake up
some morning and find an excited
mob waiting to pay a years sub., in
frigid cash, to the only paper on the
great   Arrow lakes.
The Kaslo Times is deceased. It
whined a. little before its death, and
as the ( -. jzens did not come to. the
rescue i. ad to peter out. It was'
run priiK , ily as a campaign sheet
in the •, >i of the Opposition can
didate . . robably caused him the
loss of .■■■'- . i votes. The proprietors
were i - .'-.■ ihir in the community,
and e^ '.■*..■!■.* were ashamed of the
rag, in iK..-.ies never appeared
in coiii . with it.
It would seem that Providence had
a special spite at British Columbia,
and more particularly the Kootenay
section, this year. Trouble has been
dealt out in wholesale quantities.
■Last- summer it was the break in the
silver market; in the spring aqua.:
pura got the best of us: then came the •
;Would »t not be as well for Canada
to become more progressive, and cut
the political string that binds us to
England? Is the connection worth
anything to us? It would, surely
make us more independent to stand
,alone, and be called a nation instead
of a colony:- We are old enough to
walk now, without the assistance of
the Motherland, and we think that
ir would not take much persuasion to
be allowed to step out, and put on
our long pants. Countries are like
men.    When they have some one to.
lean upon, and run to with their
troubles, they are not as strong or
self-reliant, as when they have to
fight their own battles, and live or
die on their own merits.
The destruction by fire of the str.
Columbia, the best and most popular
boat of the fleet owned by the C. &
K. S. N. Co., is a severe loss to the
district, and more particularly to her
owners. The company haa met with
several small losses aireadv, and
this calamity coming in the dullest
season, that they have ever had is
very trying to those.interested.
We miss the Columbia as though
some friend had left us. We have
enjoyed many pleasant trips on the
cremated steamer, and often from
the lofty pilot-house have we . feasted
our ideality upon the matchless monn-
tain scenery- as it seemed to glide
past in panoramic procession. It was
always delightful to travel on this
palace steamer, and her destruction
will be regretted by the travelling
On Wednesday last Nelson was visited by Misslmandt and Miss Maxwell
who, representing the Dundee Courier
a paper of standing in Scotland, are
travelling throughout Ganada as
guests of the Dominion Goverment.
Their .stay in Nelson was short, but
the few hours they had to spend here
were absolutely wasted. Mr. Bigelow
as (we suppose) a leading J. P. and probably in the (fortunately) very \ dim
future, a Mayor, of Nelson undertook
to convoy the party'round,  Arid what
did he show them? The Hospital, the.
Canyon and (great heavens) the. RESERVOIR !!! What were you thinking
ot. George? We have one of the finest'
silver mines in the'world here. You
should haye got an express wagon
and four .horses and- you should have
sent those ladies away marvelling at
the riches of the Silver King. Remember that they are amongst us
takin notes, and faith they'll prent '
em." And they will say of Nelson that
it has a neat hospital, a picturesque
waterfall and a dirty mudhole called
a Reservoir* We cannot hear that
they made the accquantance of a single representative man in the place.
Nelson Miner.
j. E. BROUSE, M.D.
irber and
Your Goods
Revelstoke, - -      B.C.
AVING- placed some new
Machinery in our Mill,
we are prepared to furnish
all kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber and . Shingles at
greatly reduced Prices.
NOTICE is hereby given that, 30
days after date, I intend to apply, to
the Chief Commissioner Lands and
Works for authority to take and convey and divert one hundred inches
of water from creek, located on J.
Robinson's pre-emption. To divert
water in a southerly direction through
a ditch to cross J. Robinson's pre-emption, the same ditch to cross a portion
of J. Cooper's pre-emption;- ditch to
end on applicant's pre-emption. Water to be used for irrigating purposes-
Fire Valley, B.C.; July 30th, 1894,
Rough Lumber, narrow,
$10 oO
" ""   wide.
§11 00 to $12 00
Joist and Scantling:, sized up to
18 feet long,
$11 00
18 ' to 24 '
$12 00
21 'to 30 '
$13 00
Flooring, T & G, 6 "
- $20 00
U                                 .     .(               A     )>,
$22 00
V joint Ceiling, 4 "
•$22 00
C "Rustic,
$19 00
$14 00
Surfaced Dressed,
$13 00
A liberal discount on large orders for Cash,
Watchmaker and Jeweller.
Repairing Neatly and Promptly Executed.
Maps of British Columbia for sale a
this office. f
When in Kaslo stop at the Great
Northern Hotel. Rates reasonable
Headquarters for cool and delicious
beer. f
The blackest thing on earth is a
printing-office towel. The ace of
spades is a blonde in comparsion to
A cyclone was here on Monday,
and raised the dust. It should have
visited Cariboo creek.
A social dance was given at the
, Columbia House last Thursday evening-
Nelson expects to have the electric
light turned on this month.
F. W. Jordan & Co., are doing
quite a business with the interior.
The low prices cannot fail to always
secure them a large share of the Slocan trade.
During the past week, for a brief
period, Nakusp has had telegraphic
communication with the outside, but
fires did not allow it to exist very
Curly Robinson, is boiling the nutritious bean, and flipping' the bannock at the Mountain Chief mine..
Mrs. Foster> a colored woman,
well-known in Nelson, died a few
days ago.. She was the first woman
to settle in that town.
The Public School is timed to open
next Monday.
The new school building, will be
erected oh, Block 10, not far from the
site of the present one. A lot whs do-
noted by one branch of the townsite
company this week.
People in this town desiring to haye
letters reach Spokane in quick time,
put American stamps on them, and
send them out with some of the passengers going south on the Lytton.
... Miningjnatters are very quiet in
East Kootenay at present, and will
continue; so,   until better facilities, for
transportation are effected.
Twice a week, Spokane, papers
reach Nakusp the day after publication. Tetters take from three to four
days, as they have to gp to Nelson
before being sent here.
The Cassiar election took place- ves-
terday.    The result is sure to be in
favor of the Government, as both can
didates were on that side.
The Lytton, discharged 30 tons of
freight at Nakusp on Tuesday.
Berry-picking and fishing are the
two principal amusements of our citizens this month. ■/.
About forty Russians iwere aboard
the'Lytton on Sunday. Tliev were
going to settle near Calgary, having
grown tired trying to make a living
in Idaho.
Cummings & Richardson have se.
cured a large trade with the hotels of
the district, and their business will
continue io increase as the country is
Chas. Van Ness stood on the wharf
a few minutes, last Sunday. He was
on his way to the coast, and says it
beats creation how business keeps up
in Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. Reid. have the sympathy of many friends, in the sad bereavement they have recently sustained in the death of their infant
daughter. The funeral, took place
on Sunday.
Commission Merchants
& Wholesale Importers
OnThe Yukon.
Placer mining on the Yukon river,
in Alaska is attracting a great deal
of attention at present, and a number
of miners are making for the Yukon
valley. It is estimated that 1,000
miners and traders are now in that
section. Those w-ho enter by way of
the Chilicat pass generally take a
small outfit of tools and p. ovisions
weighing 500 to 700 pounds,. and expect to reach the diggings after five
or six weeks of climbing of mountains
sailing across lakes, gliding down
the current of the river,, shooting, one
or two rapids and making a few portages.. Forty Mile Creek is the largest town" at the diggings. * A charge
of $5 a hundred "on all freight is required by the-boats plying on the
river. Flour costs $17 a hundred,
bacon$40, beans $20, sugar $33, dried
fruit $25 and butter $75.
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Railroad News.
D. McGillivray, went to Vancouver
on Sunday.
The C. & K. road, between Nelson
and Robson ;is in operation again.
The present speed on the 5T. & S.
is 12 miles an hour. , :.
The I. C. Ci. has. moved their
supplies from the Green Slide to Na-
Fire, done $6,000 worth of damage
to the railroad ■, 1 >ridges near Wilson-
creek last week.
The N.& S. twk is laid to W^1 son
creek. New Denver station will be
reached in less than 15 days.
A train leaves Nakusp every day
for the end of tlie track, at 10 a. ni.
W.C. Fraser, is handling the commercial lightning at the end of the
track. ;•; v .-.  ■...}■..■   :,''
A number of men arrived this week
from Revelstoke, to work on the grade
near Threei..Eork$,.''->;>•" ..    r
. - Trackrlaying was delayed considerable on the N.& &, last week by
the men having  to fight bush fires.
Twelve car-loads of bridge timber
will be taken to end ©f the track this
OROOERIES and PROVISIONS at very low prices
FRESH CANNED OOODS always in stock:
A full assortment of Choice CIGARS and TOBACCOS,
i >
•  i
i  >
: O :
Underwear. Hosiery,
Mens' Furnishings,
Mens' Ready Made
Gloves, Ribbons, Silks,
Satins, Cashmeres,
Melton & Serge Cloths,
Carpets, Blinds, Cottons, Hats and Caps,
House & Table Linens,
Boots and Shoes.
Hungarian Flour,
Sugars, Bacon, Hams
Coffees, Teas, Spices,
Jams,   Pickles, Oatmeal, Biscuits,
Canned Vegetables,
Canned Fruits,
Dried    Fruits,   and
Fancy Toilet Soaps,
Cigars and Tobaccos,
Grindstones, '& K' ■, • k;-.iv,:-
Crosscut &.. Rip Saws,
Axes and Handles,
Nails, Screws, Bolts,
Round, Flat, Square Iron
Oils,  Paints,   Glass,
Horse $hoes and Nails,
,    Cutlery,/  :'(-(\"
o :
Miners can get a complete outfit Were.
'. ? ntnmiaimmtimtiaAumAJIIU'arwrfi
Why Drunkards See Doublo^
In answer to the question; -"Why
ioes a drunken man stagger in. his gait
and see double?" Dr. J. W. Crosswhite
said vesterday: "Double vision is due to
a want of haririony in the muscles which
control the movements of the eyeball.
This is owing to; a change effected in the
nerves or nerve centers by the alcoholic
poison. Inflammation of the nerves and
also a lack of energy in the centers of
the brain are produced by overdoses of
alcohol, and to this disturbance in the
center is due the double vision, as also
Via staggering gait produced by the loss
of harmony in the muscles of the limbs.
Should the muscles of each eyeball not
act exactly as one then a different part
of the visual field is exposed to tlie two
roii-aa. Each retina,';-acting independ-
tVutly, sees the object, and the impressions
conveved to the brain
(1 o able instead of ■ single
are   therefore
Were the hi us
cles acting exactly ..similarly the 'object
would be seen by the same, part of-each
retina and thft.impressions,therefore conveyed to the brain would be single, ex-
'■diujiry vision resulting.''—Kansas .City
Opportunity vs. Importunity.    -
v•'■•:   The century of missions' ■ jlist";. closrd
has witnessed a revolutioii in morals; and
manners more.surprising than that bthbr
revolution "wrought   in '.the    material
sphere by'the inventions and discoveriua
r o) the Nineteenth Century.    A hundred
,-: vcav;] back there were but two or threo
■  missionary societies in all Christendom';
to-day, there are oyer 100 such societies,
,; a new one for each year in' the century,
whose representatives are '.preaching the
'gospel to/every nation under heaven.-
Then there were less than; .fifty versions-
6f the Bible-~the entire result of biblical
'■■;■?v-\WfiLitioii 'since the da,yis; of;the^Apos-"
' jies.;-.;how there are  280. languages^ into.
^viiich the  word of- God. is translated.;
and; the   Whole Bible; inaccessible, to
'; nme-teiit'hs of the population of the globe.
' £heh there wereno women's missionary-
"agencies; now there are,30 such;brgani-
.: zntioiis- inAmericai; alone, which contri-;'
bute nearly $2,000,000 per'amium .for, the
.', spread "of the gospel.    Then most of.■the'';
1 heathen nations were, inaccessible- now:
. p.Imost every door stands,open,    v
,The ,watchwoj^d of the century just,
.past has been Orjffartuhity; that: of the -
v-^itury just o]>ening should, be.impor-
tur.ity,   ■ ■■'..'' ..,■:'V  ." ' ■ ;. ' •'■  .'■' ,'
.A   Y'crsr>t:<« •f^"in^-!.  ili/ir'hGiv ';.■■••■
..The following prosp,ecins  of a giff ed i
barber  oi: .!•■ iireiit.jerg, who  .flouri-dred;'■
in the yearvl040, is published by a Gar-,
man newspaper :
"Isaac    Makerl,   barber,    maker   of '
...ber.ruques. surgeon; dyer, schoolmaster,
blacksmith and accoucheur, shaves for
a kruetzer, cuts;hair i'or two: iirrietzers,'.■,
includii g pomade for pretty gii'ls, cleans I
stoyes,instructs noble young'- persons, ;
without. difiiculty, in the  principles  of
grammar and teaches them fin enianriers \
as well as thea]pb:ibet. He, puts on heels
in a masterly fashion, repairs boots avid i
shoes, teaches the hautboy and the uui:o, ■!
lets.blood, lends on wages, ;gives'lesabns ';
in the cotillon. and other  dances,  sells .
cosmetics of all kinds, paper,   wax, 's'alr. .
herrings, brushes,  mousetraps,   various ]
preserves, strengthening herbs,'potatoes', \
sausages aiid vegetables. |
\"N; B.—Traches also-chograpliy (?) j
and forei.p) 'pn.-ducts- every; Wednesday  •
A Tale-Bearing-Sliark. |
A British  ship  bound  for  the West j
Indies   once fell in with a suspicious- ;
looking craft having the appearance   of :
a slave-trader, and gave chase.    During
the pursuit somethi g.was thrown over- i
board from the  pursued  vessel,   which ;
was captured and taken into Port Roy-  I
al to be examined.    The  ship's papers ;
were .not   forthcoming, and  the  vessel  ;
was in a fair way to  escape condemnation, when a ship came into port which
had caught,a shark, in whose  stomach
was a. tin box containing the missing
paper.;.    These clearly showed that the
captured craft was engaged in the slave
trade, and proper punishment was meted out to   her officers.      The   tin box
which the sliark swallowed is now in
the    museum   at    Whitehall    Yard,
The Gateway to. tlie   Capital  of England's
■    Oldest Colony.
Although comparatively little is known
of Newfoundland by the outside world,
two things belonging to it have a worldwide celebrity—Newfoundland dogs and
lbo/Narrows? of St. John's harbor. The
former are too well known to require any
description, but perhaps it may not be uninteresting to spend a little time in noting
a few points of the; latter. No one who
has ever seen ''The Narrows" can ever for
get them, and as St, John's is a port of call
for the ocean steamers between England
and America, they have been seen by many.
In no other part of the world is there a
work of nature like this.
W hen we call to mind  the vast number
of   shipwrecks  that  occur off the   New-
foimdland coast and on the   "Banks," we
realize how important   it is that   there
Bhpnld.be; somewhere in this rocky and inhospitable shore a refuge for the innumerable, vessels which ply these waters.-    Such
is found in St. John's harbor,   one of the
safest in  the   world.     When .the wildest
storms are raging outside, and the billows
; are dashing themselves in fury against the
; adamantine rocks, scarce a ripple disturbs
the vjlacid waters of the  harbor, for it is
securely guarded from the stormy Atlantic
by gigantic rocky hills rising perpendicularly froin the'water.    Nature has left only
: .one narrow inlet for vessels to pass through,
so quite appropriately and naturally this ia
called "The Narrows." ;
'■■■■,,   To   us it was a   surprise,   not having
known   anything of   it before we   were
; called up on the deck of the boat to see
it as; we were passing through.    The  first
impression was one of awe at its.-grandeur
and sublimity,- its  strength and massive-
ncss,,as we beheld  it in  the driving rain
; storm of an,autumn day.    After that we
behold it in every variety of the  sunshine
and   storm,   moonlight  and  starlight,   in
'■every' season bfsthe year, and never wearied
^of.'dt-j-V'when-',.sailing'..away,    out on the
; billowy Atlantic, were still to be seen those
' trim cliffs towering iip  like*- giants,   as if
the-guardians of thej laud.
I-;-; The more important cliff is on the  right
' going in; let us ascend it and find what we
can bee, for it is accessible by a long and
. circuitous road, which requires plenty of
strength and en durance. One is repaid for the
necessity of stopping, to rest  by the view
with which one  is,: rewarded by looking
"back,'; and if it' is at the time of  sunset, as
■ when-we;first'saw it,   one  is  particularly
forUinate.    ,On the horizon,   bounding the
view, lie1 the rock v. hills  for  which New-
foundland is proverbial ; these are projected
against the sky in all possible shapes, jagged. and broken,; looking as if some fierce
battle had been fought in which  they had
been worsted before they took their present
form.    Seen in the distance, they seem.to
possess  a purple-tinted  mist  peculiar to
themselves,    foiwjuo i'oliatre . but stunted
shrubs protect their sides from the stormy
. blasts which sweep them.
. From there our  gaze; falls on the far-
spreading valley below, and to those who
think Newfoundland is all barren rock thia
would  be a pleasant  surprise.    A  fairer
sight one need not  wish  to see than  the
suburbs- of St. John's, with its undulating
plain:-., containing  lakes   and ponds, trees
and    streams  and   well cultivated  farms,
dotted over with pretty  summer cottages
of  the town  people,   being   conveniently
near tlie city and yet far enough away.
Then the-city'itself looks, fair and comely., situated, or..'the side of the hill, with its.
handsome prforie buildings showing to ad-
iyd these are two magnifi-
one.of them being consid-
!: i-'-eimen of  Gothic archi-
Supply You
with any
-Vl^SL'O'j^L^j-a.i^ au
West's Hotel
Everything ne^v about the house except the whisky and landlord.
Evcrybodygets a hearty
welcome and plenty
to eat.
Gorman West,     -     -    Proprietor.
Blue Ridge Hotel,
Accommodations lor travellers. Good
stables. The bar is stocked with
cboice Liquors and cigars. Pack
train in connection with the house.
Goods taken to any part of the
Send to us for the N'ewest |
01/ /s
Mail Orders receive j
promr.) t and careful!
attention. I
Ail Publications forwarded on receipt of
Publishcr's Price.
Parties having good Min=
log Claims to dis=
pose of should apply
the     history   of   British
h:ivo    wondered,    perhaps,
■vantage'; Am
cent cathedral:
ejvd .tlielLn^st
teetiire in A.n;(:
In studyiu
"America    we
"svhy..     Newfonxuliand      never       changed
hands,   but remained undisturbed '"Eug?
land's Oldest Col-nr/d'' particularly  as  the
fisheries were participated in by several-dif- 1
ferent nations.     To one standing on-Signal
Hill,'this..question 'is  answered—No   foe J
could bo rash  enough   to  attempt an en-, |
trance here.. -They, could  expect nothing
but certain destruction.
; .Looking.'down-'the dizzy heights, the vessels below seem but toy boats and the rneD
are  hardly perceptible.    We  can see the-'
places in the rocks  where   chains can  be
placed and streU'hed across the "Narrows,-" \
thus, effectually barriner out all intruders
We respectfully solicit your
' trade. Write to us about
anything    in     the
Book Line.
Orders for Blank Books carefully filled. Prices quoted
and samples of Paper sent, if  so
-   desired.
; y-i;.
■^ \ ■
■i   -»
8   ,.■!-■£*>
Wholesale aM Retail
Booksellers.- Stationers,
■and Tobacconists*
60 Kain Street:
PETEOLIA,  Ontario. *',
c r o w f-: s a * j n t i r •_ e s.
A Stamp licking Machine.
A cleverly constructed little machine has
been designed for the purpose of affixing
stamps to letters and circulars, and by. its
means' the procpss can be carried out .with
extraordinary' rapidity.;, The motions of
, . j detaching,   dampening and fixing are all
,   ,,  r.   .,   ,.,,.   r,.,.vf!30";-,Ti  ' fa f'U''ST : pcvribrmedbv  ono  revolution  of'a: small
or  Oxmru.. Washington,   attracts  general * l _■• .    ■
attention on  ac
avoirdn^oii-. . i
The bones of  the whales  that the  Ger-
m?u kaiser slaughtered in the  North  sea
last 'summer'..are -to be  turned  into furnK
kire for the.Norwegian boathouso at Pots-,
'dam...       ■.■'.'   .   '. ■:■'■„■•
■'i   ->
'  cu. -=■ vi. X" y&
K   i\j
asmugcun ■ auracts general■. ^hey attached to the machine; From
aqcov.r^of' ms ..statmie and ijm to 5)000 letters an hour enn be
le stands'six reet live inches   . ;... ^   „,,,n ;,,,— * -«.«  ,.,~^  :m^^hi
. £"* -* '•*.
" Bii'..;;^ *.-., v:.i
• <?*
>** *
c..:..   '.     o
■■".''vj'.>"'"!!  Oi :'1 vVi-va'
■ v i?   vi    '.'",'    •:'; ■■■'< ■.& 'W ' g
. c>  '•; !.• ft,  Vij   ,; ,k' to ^
"&•*?   '1''   "'■■'■■■    -"S ■      ■!
frm a ■&« -/^' ^ ■**$.■ i^nr
in his wtoekingr, and weighs three hundred.
•and. iifLy ■.pV-'.tiuls.-.'. ■-;: •' ..'■'• n\  ■■    .'■"■'
The carl'of Ava, who has recently come
■across 'the"' Atlantic to   ' ;do -the."states.
a fon specimen o
'stamped,'arid one of the most important
advantages of -the-■machine ia that it; will
.regi-ttte'r the'-.number of letters thus treated.
;/,"fc>tre't-ton arid ins pretty wU'e-—ror, indeed, Edith was pretty, though I have
never mention eel, it before—-have never,
.vJiC-o^t'ivJ   1
-l .;.
British'' manhood,
;11> is a sohoer ana jas_ ror .adong time, wag when he wanted the cScene,!from
B^how:d i-l:icna.with tiis regiment., •; .. Mao0etlr;'hvajgin'thedrawing-roomand'
■:-, ,;K'ing George,;.-of'Tpnga,;.; in tne .friendly s'she wOnld;not have it becaiiseit was;too
■He.'-'-.was\i •'abominably ^ad."—Kansas City Times.
;Hnd-:all-kii.ids. c*
XT'      I ■'' /"V •    T ■•       •     '" -i
N vi'*~r4 '? hWsf \"-j    ■■■■
.a. ;:Ofanp'c^ ^Lero'ons,."'Aoples,-. Ba-nanas,
H,'i;Br0;,;":.--^h-o jai'gest,-■Bh.i.ppers •-'•ih-..tm
! >
1(:.S. ,(.iie'<<
a; centeiuuio/uAand nndoubtftdly the ,pldest"
lie   embraced
ago,  fend , gTe^fly ■ j
•among; the?;inlands of |
'■'■■'■■■ '■ ■'■'■  -   ;''''-,:■"' -■-.I.
monarcJt;. in.
assisted in it
the Pacihc.  .
The enipt-ror 6;: Germany hasijoined: the
army,of..(\iw,l<--1:v puli:-'ers,.,-a*nd the profes-
aL::people;, will pay
y'o  for  rank's sake
;ake^;. rWilliam.Jh"
has painted a pietn*\;- i-.>t n 'si
high seas, and■'•.t.h.i'a will b6-raliied:for.
..eionala may cil;';oo.y..<.;.-
far higher -price-;: for
than for artiiav -.-'aH'*
inr* Bailing;the
X 'J ;'r   >■""•; A V
'■■>, A Cincmha;ti stamp" colJ^ctora"; society
just Organized has eighteen m^inbars, :'; :
Ait: old  oak  tree
tfiC« •■ ■" 1
■Il.Ye';, centuries
■•ai'. :-GV-.3fci.cibh,-.
Old  .was  recenL./  i-ei
d-dd:: .'■Tnd.;.;;"    '"'"V.;- '</;.     '•.■■;';■''' ■ "■;,»;.' ^'\.:, .■
;■»'■''   :';' ;   A,.movement is on fop'v -an  New York' to
obtain ehea-oev bread ahd to ha-Ve the bread
■■^    sold' bv weight. '.:'•' '      .:'
■  It is'said that'alaive'hAf'?-*-iV>r tlje aoconi-
;   modatibn of  colored people ia to :.be built
;':';■■;  \ ih. Salter, Mo./ by 'colored, capitalists.   ;;: ,,?';.
: ■ Certain, sophomores
raided; the quarters o
That, to be great is to be .misunderstood.
rnhat ladiespay no attention to the bal-
<J     ■• a-'i'.:;.:
£ ii c; t a y UiUU  ^--yUiidiiW■■■: .-H ddiii
.'"'.-- C-. .■'-,,        ■'■''.-  -'J* * " '"■■ ■ I.
■&Mv ,,,
' V .i*   '■■'    ***■' - "vS«»v A'.d    ;-■«"-.  -''i- -s "'     . ■
That a warm heart is better' than all
riches.:' -    :;';,.: ".'••■ /-'.7  ■■■■ ''■■;'.;■';';.;';".'.' i.".'.'^^:.;:;..-^'/;/
That a poet cannot appreciate, a lobster-
salad.      ;.;';;;■;..;, '.■ ■■'-■_. ..;'
' That rhubarb is never eaten by the elect
of-'.men. ;   .-' .:   ;'■/;■■' ddh'd'~:;-::],: ■.-        ;■;:■:•;:'•■;"::-::-.. .;■.'.:'
That the freedunoh fiend does not pay
'for.his fuh. "■'■.' ;-'■;,'■■?;,;■;■.'';■-.;,■-..'■
That lovers of the beautiful never-wear
false teeth...-'.; . '■■■'lj';dd:^d\'':.d, ■'"'.;£'■■..Vr'-\';\
T h at pink ri n ger- nails are : indicative of
g00dd)reeding.■■yd.--:':.";.:;'.,. :.v ' '■;'.' "-id:;.-<>:. '''
That the tranip doesn't, enjoy his sleep
in tlie open air.:    ; S"  '   :^
That the millionaire isn't bothered when
he has the'tbotliache.    '  ;    '■■;,. ;''."'" /'■v;'';-'
That near-sighted men never know when
■a. pretty, girl passes them. ■■■■.-, V,;;--;'^- dvd''d, ,.-"
That the back-fence cat tuifi mosf tribu-
t'■'•.'"Ithaca "recently '; lations thaih my lady's lab-dog;
thti'rir^s'hihoh -'{and
a.   '■■■;■■ '.■'■' :_■■. ■'"''■ ■■' ■,,:s:':
■ •.tT'yr.-m,
^"H- .;-
■•■; '=.':' ^■■■'"•■ ''--'The diropr:oto::
"■' . .V1   ■'".'. ';'!Jt''    . '' 'Ji.- ■ ■ ■■ :■
l-'--.r-'-I:..r?a,'Li''L«: 'iVl i:L«L«l'.'fc' l'\
:^:>™>-B Vi^
■or vlia-iid
.'If-*?'.   -w
w" 3, K
■h-    /'' -S
■ '^s^^ ; S3-
;; In lena'tLs. of from 12
y/Oi.; ta«;,,;f r%phoh^ ^
'forced milk:do\vn'th^'p%fe
A Bible bee is\the latest form of amuse- |
, rqont at Cuthbert, Ga.    'Bribes are..'awarded'|
t<-   the/ persons, proving   themselves most
familiar With Bible history.  ; -
The Florida Times-Union call attention
tothefaat that there is a letter' held for
postage at the Lake Maitland oinee because
the writer put on a. Florida,. 'fertilizer' in*
spection stamp in place of the :iiQvr Columbian postage stamp, which is about the
same size and color.
One of the largest islands on the Australian coasts disappeared recently.
There are no native kangaroos except on
the continent of Australia. That country
contains about 11,000,000 of them. Over.
1,000,000 skins a year are shipped to the
United States for use in bjotuiaking. Eaofe
skin will make about four pairs of ordinary sized shoes: V
While some members of the British parliament are proposing to abolish courtesy
"title's in the house of commons, the Sydney Bulletin has already decided to abolish
all titles conferred by her majesty upon
Australians. Sir George Dibbs will in' future be known in the columns of that public-spirited journal as Mr. Dibbs.
. Flying foxes are distressing the agriculturists in some pal ts of Australia, and a
local paper says that at the present rate of
increase it is greatly feared , they will soon
become almost as great, a menace as the
rabbit pest. A-camp of the foxes, -about
four miles from Erina, New South Wales,
contains fn:lv 100,000 of the posts, "and
when disturbed they rise like a cloud obscuring the. sun."
!km3 urn.
"LT rifui t,iiM ed&U
'of bill stiiif call-h
Any .■ kiiicl^
ii vd [dCt'.' slior & notice.'..: '*".'■
iv-sv^istvjiie- .iva.ti;;ij,
RTI8TIGW'ovk.'cxer-utocl' on slviru^-t po^ible
;V     ii:>il-:H
■ ;'Sasli"■  and -Doors;d ■ !'£$® ^Qtirioads■ y:fey.'■ ;Mi" '
■ ■•'■■Clear:,'Floormg,.;^^
;.'-;-'01e^ry.Gei]i^ .'■
ibr JTmis'li.; One G^diocia Gdiimd,Paints, Oils,.■ ■.;, ;v
etc., including Fancv' GkimMood'Stains, etc. •.:
GL   O;  BUG
Daakr  in  Moissehald   Furniture.
;-:v^ A^e it f;.'r Singer ScAving Machines.
&   A *
Of Swansea "ana v'fig'an,
A-naSytJ-ca! Chemist and Assayer.
T h o ol d08«.and most experienced
Assayer in the Province.
Worth has stopp'od making empire
The law has been laid down: Short skirts,
and only short skirts, are to be worn in the
New skirts for the street do not touch
the ground, but bouse skirts are almost all
made with short trains.
One of the new ideas is a black satin
bodice and a skirt of some dark, rich cloth.
Indeed, bl ac k satin as a waist , material is
anit.e to the f ore. ;
Assaying an
Mining: Engineering.'
Assay & Mining Offices?
717-710 Pender Street,,Vancouver, B.C.
ALL  kinds of■■Atmlytical,■'Away  and Mining
xi.   ^.V'orku.uicr {'.:. Icon"
Siv ovintenrkcit (V iUc Cassci G -Id Extracting
Co., ■:.«!.. of Gl=».%* •-. v.-hosaExtiiirliio:itfd Vi orlc>
are ;'t YiMi'.-ouvcr, B.G.
A;, .dads ut Ores , urcluv-od on a Ca?n Pnymwit
Is issued at NakuspvRC., every Thursday.
Wet weather, snow slides, hard times, or the
sheriff never hinders its publication. It
comes out iust the 8ame.     • -
I   'I'  ..
1    I
Poes not dream of making a. miin^.;■■•«,'n;- of it,,
but he expects to; <>;et a'h:Lx;;riov;^ -jlv:: g.-' In
order to do. this it-is nocossa-'y i:o ;ij?:vo cashable material,' and the \vOiid a| .!:-ts'?'v:--,l'i cor-.
dially invited to dig ,un eiioug]). nioiioy t'o [>ay
for ah annual interesr. Toacccnomoclate the
public we do
\ f   -.tudrt-icj   ;'d-. ■■
spoiiueiic jji'ico ui'"' sliver.
vlo  not discord with the de- LOCAL ASSAYS.
T. A, Garland, went to lim-e-hfcoke
t*n Sunday.
Neil Gethinsr, was in fcuw;i om Sit-
urday,    He has no stock in the iNew
Denver Comique,   n.s lie considers lie
is sf,ill  j-ational  i:i   his mental ajarfc-
Tlios. Abriel, the smiling <ind
complacent real estate man returned
from a trip to the Slocan on Friday.
Provisions, miner's supplies and
square meals at Parkers, Burton City.
W. Beack, of Seattle, arrived at
the Golden Gate Julv olstrand is in
charge of Barker's liestaurant.
S. M. Wharton has gone to Trail to
• have a look at the Cliff, a claim he
owns at that camp.
There is no truth in the rumor that
Kaslo would have its name changed
to .Kane's Landing.
Hugh Madden has returned from a
trip to Bonanza City.
A cut of the Columbia, as she was
before the tire appears in another column;
The Terminus of  the Nakusp & Slocan Railway,
V    5   ^  *»■*>,   <feb
i ri
3 $
Real  Est^|^:;>a|i4^^ininS;
605 HASTINGS STREET^!-': -¥;d;^d :
>    B»    0«
Arsenic has been found in the Big-
iiend. Asbestos, exists, but not in
paying quantities in   the Lardeau.
H. i\l. .Martin, ever smilimy; and
polite, allowed Ids cigarette smoke to
mingle'with the atmosphere of our
city for a short time this week.
A shipment of 20 , tons of ore from,
the Josie and 0. K. mines at Trail
went to Tacoma today via iu-vestoke
and C. P. Q.
J. B. Wilson, of Kaslo, is racier- tine-
'at the Springs.
U. I). Malioney, and tnmib; are in
town today.
J. Fred Hume 31. P. P. was in jvfa
kusp today.-
W. F. Teetzel, looking fat and
hearty, arrived up today. "
The Lytton took a load of lumber
today from Nakusp for a port up the
We want a bank in Nakusp, so that business will be
made easier.
We want a smelter at Nakusp. It is the. best point,
for that business.
We want our letters from
Spokane at Nakusp, before
the moss grows on them.
We want Canad's mint, at
Nakusp.   Just,   the spot  fcr
We want a Registry office
Mr.Almoure, of New Denver is at
coast on business.
A half interest in the water power
at Spokane Fails,   has  been sold by
Cannon and others for the snna- sum
of 0100,0 X).
Two cargoes of flour were shipped
from Spokane to China recently.
.... A 1000barrel-a- day flouring mill
is to.be built in Spokane.
Kev. Mr. Martin and wife have
Kaslo for the East.
The Lytton will take the scow to
Say ward to-morrow, and bring back
the machinery of the Columbia.   .
It is reported that another paper
will start in New Denver.
at  Nakusp,- to accommodate
,he Kootenay folks. ,
We want to hear J. Fred
Hume's first speech in the
Local Legislature.
\V e want to know where
the New Denver Comique
will get its license.
Wo v/ant io know how
many chappies there are in
We want to know how
large the city of Three Forks
will be next Xmas.
We want to know when
the Arrow Lake Railway
will be finished.
We want everybody who
owes us anything'to ante up
HOTICE is hwc1>y given that 30 days after date
.1 intend air, .lying' to Mq Gold Commissioner;''
for a retail; lieeiiso to , :?el 1 beer, wine, spirits, and
■/other, intoxicating liquor v and beverages at the
in outlr of Trout Creek, W est Kootenay District.
:.:...'■   HUGH MADDEN.
'.: M;.ku«ivJuly 2nd, lf®-i, '};-;fd'dd'-:dy-'d-'-"/d'-d;:,-:,
mm: ^5?aM;;|:i|
d.-<;d- v :''■„-.':\/: '':-'''-'wiioLESALE'.;'/-;' ■"■;'■: ■ dd:-.;d ;"■ '
;BoGk^>;Stationery,:: Office Supplies,
and^yall Paper.:   T
•' G;rc>'fit''.Ea.sterii:--Bi'c>ck.--: ■'".-': '■:'■-'C;:>:d;:c:--:;y ■;;.-:'
•;.-:■;..:;;,;:, fj; -V:!SPOKANB, /WASET. .■
gg»:..... {J-^-ifx
Mm® M<om
Application for   Liquor    License.
NOTICE is hereby given that 30 days after date
I intend applying- to Ihe Gold Commissioner for a
retail license to sell beer, : wine, spirits, and other
intoxicating liquors and b.eyera'ges.rie'ar;.tUe mouth
of Goat creek, on Cariboo creek, West Kootenay
District.    .
Nakusp, July 28th, 189-1/
-■'■ i^A'K^h"'
R csident A gent, ■ Tlir eo -'Forks i,
All Work on Placer Claims
[ in .West Kootenay   is laid
or pass the buc&Tor in words|Pver Lintil  the 15th  of Aug
more refined; PLEASE PAY lust, 1894.
UP, and we will give you a w J GOEPEL
tender place in our .memory. / ' ^UJLi^^
■ Grold Commissioner.
,   "Terminals."
Factory and Salesroom:
VANCOUVER.    «    -    BX


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