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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-08-16

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 _r / / *r '
'   '-    '
' '.'*•<      .''".'
•   -. .fit ._   ... ,
Has l iaraor olwrn
istion    than   an*/
Newspaper  in   IS
Kooteniiy. Bent ad
ycr tiling   medium
Lardeau Mining Review
VOL. 2
Tlie re^ioteVdUvo
of tbe rk* Laniest.
country. Sent to
any address ior 12
par au. in advance.
TROUT LAKH CITV, B.C., Aug. 16, iqo6
No. 42.
Miners and Loggers
A hoot that you take no
chance with. *_ Wc
guarantee every pair.
(J Made of French Kip
itock throughout. «_ Always keeps 10ft and
pliable. €J Made especially for us by Leckie
& Co.
Miners - $7.00
Loggers  $7.50
Notice ia hereby  given tlint  ■*_«.
ays Inm the flrit f.ubttn lir_
"l**.the British Ooumbls Que1 .  l
,   '««ndt.i apply I., lhe I Chief Com
i missloner ol  Lauda and Works fa? „
JWW   Icons* io cut   „,.£ y ,,
tt_i'nrZiih8*_'0lliwln8 -M2S
| isnassituated In Wssl Ko nay:
.    wo  l.  Commencing at s post ulsntad
pnthieastsidsofllsfty ,*, ,.k. ■_.,,.
'»K Into tl.o   Lardo river  „b. ,      „
mnei from ltl m0Bth. m^SdUfc.t%L°
Oopp i KiuthoMt corner pnt»'tl,ei si
chaini waat „„.,„,. no'rlh 'go ,.,,„„.
ttei.ee um 80 chaini, thence Hint I So
chain*- t.iii,,. ,.oi,,i „f oommencomenl
located June llth, 100.1.
c. l. core, locator,
No. 2.   Commencing at,, pott planted
*nil.ee*,t-.„|u  „,   Hui,.,  cck   ,il„,i„
. «H miles from lu mouth, marked,
coroi north-eail corner po-.t,"  h
ireii B0 cbaina. thence
R ANDREWS «. Co. I'.cp..
Boi 15. • NelsoD. B.C.
 • ••■    Mirth B0chaini
"•'"""ear,, hu cbaius, 80 chslns loth,
point oi commencement."
u.caied JoaeOth, lUOii."
c. L  core, loentnr
«tta_u&-l5^^aaSJ u;'n al th« Btrathconaon frtduat*
It WOS reported here yesterday
that ihe Aorotvhead Lumber Co.
operating tbe mill at Arrowhead,
tbe lurgert concern ol the kind in
lhe interior, hns disposed ol its pro
property, including ihe mill and
timber   limits,    to    nn   American
syndicate beaded bv 0 If. Lamb,,
of Minneapolis, who wiih John
Ptlabury  und a ptrty of tourists
Notice   in   hereby    given that
iti.in   two   lin.iilltb fri.iu  the I.r-!
i.  hereol in the British
■ te,    I    intend    to
the  hon- Chief Commit*
t   i.f   Lands  and   Worita lor
0 I.  (Oi-p »     north (rant    corner   .-.j-*."
tlience   KO    elmi,,*,     „-,,„!,    ,,,,.,„,.    fo
'■ iiii.i-i   Klllth,   llii-ncu   HO   chlim   .n-t
tl.ei.ee  B0 chain* bick   lo ll.,- point ol
Located JnneO, 1900.
c. l. core, locator
No. 4. Commends! at a post planted
on the west lidl ..I Haley creek, ahout
fl.. milea from ita mouth marked c i
wee's uorth-eaat corner pom," Ihenee
thence 80 chaini" wesl, then,*,. 80 , halm
-..uth, thence m-i B0 chiini, thenco
N chaina hack to ihe ponn ol eommen
. • ii.ni.
l.ocaled June 'J, lUM',.
c  i„ copp, locator.
Ko, 5,   Commenclngit a post planted
on 'I sat   Ids ..j Hn .*■,• , reek, atom
"X imi.a liiiinli. nc,nil,, marked ci
• ■ ■
lini >.. it. thei i >■ 80 i liaim -
rl,, :,, ■
to lhe point of coi nt.
Located lai•
i . i   COW, Itimtnr.
Ntti.c li bereb) jiven  that    ilxtv
days    from     the    t'u-*t   pablii
I txetie.
1 intend ta ipply to  the  Hon. Cbiel
Commissioner ol I.in.In ind Worki  loi
■i     -   lo cut ami carry  up •   tc  cm and carry sur,
umber  from   lhe   following  I1"'!'"   lnm, ,•*•• tolling daeciibed
iii       i        *.,„,.,    i    ;„    w     ,    laiHli Ml'inlcd in \\ ci-l kn>.ti-iiav:
b .1 Minis  sitti.il.-l   in  West,    N„ -    Commencingat. port planted
:-. IJ ..ii Um .H-.  - Ii ..I   Tenderfoot
No. 1.    1'omnicncing  at  a  poet | about 2 W mile* from Its I ith,.
planted on tho north lnnk of Smith  "- "' lhe urdo river, markedi i ..res
- i   . i.... „. _.   „. i  „i   ...  south-west  corner post,    tbeno
: l,i*,|.-..u creek, ai..   about M ,uill,   lh„M,,. w   ehilM  Iiiirt|
*       mile above  rive  NIK mill, thence M chsios west, thence M cbslt.i
iu. W. Abrabamaon*! N.E.  to lit* point of commencement
post, thenee south 80 obi
west HO chains, thence north
-  thenoe cast 80 chains to
j itt.-i.iiici.ft meat.
Located J one 2fUb,-190G. i   i   core's  *-,.uth-» .*•.*.   corner j..,e.,
u. W. Abrahamson. locator.!•■■«"*•■« _*'chaiea^osi,theeeeMehaibs
.       ,, .1 north, thence mo. SO cliaiiip, thenee 80
No. .'   Commencing^ a poat lchmiBM „,„„ .,„,,„ ,. ,.ulllllielIcl.ment.
planted   on   the   north  Link   of.   treated JuneM, m*
South fork oi Lard, an   creek and ; c. l. copp, locator.
• 100 Tarda (r_*n)8 mile hrideje|   Wo. >. Commencing at a post planted
i      I O. \V. Abrabamaon's north °_  '■»•oast side o rTanderfoot creel*,
i,-i lalini .I'i miles from it* mouth, msrkiil
rt.-rjK.rt, theneejouth 40[J  t mrrt   llur„,.,.„,   r,„,„.r ,.,bt
Ihenee wert SO chain*, thenee aouth SO
chsinl, Ihenee i-a*t HU chaini. thence
*>n   . h»in* t_ jioint ol eon.ii.eiiienie.it.
c .. copp, locator.
Ro -    Codtmeocingsts postplsnted
nn ihe e.tit me ol Tenderfoot creek.
ahout It Si u.ilci from il* mouth, marked
<   il .-    tb. DOS   weit   1_ I chains,
thence   north   40   chain-,  thence
i'.'i chaini.  to  tho point of
*..'!., .'lit
Located June '2<-ih. 1800
i). IV. Abrabamaon, locator.
Located Jane SO, 1908.
c. i. cpr, locator.
N.> i. Commeocing it s poin planted
nn the west shls ol Tonoerfboi creek,
sbout I'; i. iiiii. marked
0 l.  tfopp'i --.;::,-iit-t .ornei   post,
thenoe 80 chslui east, thence 80 chain*
' north,   the:,, t reel   B0 cl mn-.   r
Ml   cl,,i,I I   tO I "ll t ff • ■• nt.
Located Jane JOtb, I ■
t'   I. Copp, locator,
Nn. 5. Commeocing it ■ posl planted
on tic ■■ ill ilde ..I  renderfoot creek,
..  |.   Coi p'l   lonthweet   con er |   ••
Wit marked   K.   L.   Haalei   in     thence<0chah   east, theoee80.'
0 W    comer,     thence    south   20  north, thence 80 chaini weit, Ihenee
-ii, hainl lo |      '   '    'iiiiiiiiii'fiiii'iii.
Located June '.'"  lOOd
c. I.  Copp, 1... it. i
Notice   i*,   hereby    Riven  that   list]
I dayi     irnin   the   first     i
lur.-.if In ti ■ Britiah Colombia Oasette,
1 Intend  t..   apply   to   the    lion
. Chiel   Comminii iicr   "f   Landi   I
\\ .rks for a ipeclll lioenli to ■ •' ii
I carry away tluiosr fr..in the following
.le»c'iihiHl lantln uliiated in \Ve»i Koot-
. • iiimeni-ini.' at a poll planted on the
sooth  aide ot il.e I aidn rlvsr,sbonl
half a mils Irom lhe river and I1, milSS
..  .ierr.ird   ninrkcl   C.   L.   I'll  n
' ii linictte,   I   intend to npplv  nortbaoneornerposl thsnee 80chsini
to U.e hon. Oh el Commiailouor ol *est, ths N i bslnssouth. tbemce™
1 .. i i    „•     i . *   i   chain,  ea.i    I hence  Ml chain*  to   the
Uml*-  and   Works    for   racial   ,',;f,,;t';(;:M',;,1,,,„1,.,.I,,.
•es  t.. out  ami   carry   nway     uiestsdJunoJlst, 1908
timber from the following deacri* l. C Oepp, loeator.
•*d land*, liutated in   West  Koot-
ei ij ■ Notice li hereby giiaO thii ilxtydiyi
gl laic I Inland to ipj.lv to the lion.
Chiel   CoinniiPiioner of    Land*    IM
nr  ,h0   Work* for permlsiloa to  purchase the
Lardeau nvor, about one mil.'from following described Unda muste in ».
Gerrard,   marked   C.    L.   Coup'e Kootenay District: Oommenelng st an
Si 'i.e is hereby given that sixty
Iter data I Intend tu apply
t'iiief Commissioner of Landi
• tVorla for permission t.. pur*
•in* lollowing di ■ I. cl lands
I at Troul Luke. W.st K. ot
i   •    •. .ri..I oomraei cink at a
Olt   I.  ir_ei|     K.     1.      M:i-'i i
■V,   corner,   Ihenee   south  80
•   Ihonce   east   90   chains,
I'   M   r less lo shore of Trout Luke
■ northerly along lake shore
'•      ith eaal  comer  post "f Lot
■ vw-t along line ol Lot
poet of commencement, oon*
tan ing 10 icrel more ..r leu.
Daied and Auk., IW '■
L   I,  Masti:i:s..s.
'• Uoe is hereby given thatwitb*
■'  ' *• ■ months from the  first pub*
n hereof in   the British C..I-
duy last.
It ii added lhat when Mr
Avery wai .attending thu meeting
ol the Mnuiitain Lumbermen's
association lica* on Wednesday he
stated lhat thu Lamb Syndicate
hud had cruisers out estimating
the value oi the limits for some
time, th.u a price had ken quoted
but the deal hud not been eloiyid.
According to information* received here last night the deal has
since been chisel and while no
definite fignri wai iian,t d it ih
understood the property changed
hands at about ihree-ciUitrterB of a
million.—Nelson News.
Jake Kchniitt i' doing assessment n*.rk on tlie Fidelity group.
Pastor Scott accompanied him  to
help hun hold the drill.
Mis J. A. t'riflilh who haF
been seriousy ill for tbe past two
weeks is, we arc j.l.•used to say,
iimking good headway towards
Johnny Hickman came in on
Wednesday from faiiiborm*.
A decision of great interest to cm
ploycrs and employees has been
given hy the full court at Victoria
in Ihe appeal of tho Canadian
Timber Co. from a decision oi Mr.
Justice Mm-risoii.
In 1904 dolm 11 Henderson, of
Nelson, ii.O,, was employed by
the Cinnilian Timber Company to
manage one of their mills, al a
salary of $125 a month, and if
his services proved ganistaetory
on the completion of the mill he
wan to receive nn increase in salary.
The mill was 00m pie ted in July,
11)04, und on August 4, Henderson
was dissmisr-ed Without notice, notwithstanding the fint ilmt Henderson had been given to undersold that hi- services ind been
satisfactory. Henderson sued the
company for damages and Mr
Justice Morrison decided that he
was entitled to three months notice
and gave judgment awarding Hen*
erson $375. Tlie Canadian Timber Co. appealed to Ihe full court
and their appeal was dismissed,
Mr. Justice Irving, in bis judgment finds that Henderson wss entitled to notice snd says: " I'
seems such an extraordinary
thing that there should he any
dlfliculty in an everyday ca-< of
this kind, but the multitude and
diversity of deoutons makes it un
embarrassing one to deal with
The earlier cases proceeded on
the assumption tbat if a master
hired a servant without reention.ii a
tht time, that was a general hiring
and therefore a hiring for a v.ar;
but the modern method is to determine each caso as a <|'i* 1
tion of facts upon its nun circumstances, Mr _ P. Davins appealed far the Canadian Timber
Co. und Henderson was represented by S. S. Taylor of Nelson.
I    Oummenoing at a poal
I mi the  north lid.
ntnn of Saturday Cm nth daj   nf Ausbxt,
m*i. fr-in. .i.i.v   ix'pw.n   dMlrlni   t>  obtain
-l ..in' timber It. .*.)-<•. Ui c it i.i. I r.ir-t ii m hv
inni, i   fr,'... lit.   I'l.iiin*; iic-i nit. ,|   buida
"II   t te'     \,,llh    I- ..ik   "I    M <"■' lb.
. ik. in IL.   Am.io   Hi   Mlnins  Dlrl-donof
W , -i K.."i.i.iii* lmirici :-
l.ui i    Conimenelui .1 n ilatcc planladaa
llie .**..nii Fork ni iVt.u.it^.*i> cmek, ni.int
li*. ■• uu.'- Him. K'.-.-l. ",iy l-ikt , llicniy* t-.iuih
-,,|,;,.;.-     II.,' ICI     .'  -.ifiiiilll., 111*111*^ l|,Till
■.1,'lmii,-: Hi**,      ■*  -■ -     Imln*. to the |h»1ui
ul .'..in ii' iin. nl.
I ..! .' -i   ...nm im a .ink-'nt.intr.t nn
the Nnrlh Kor! •*! \t n-  rj  ....   Rboul
-l\ nni. .n. in Kootenai In*-.*; thenee aoui li
i- : .hrnce wi-l -.,i: ,i i-. tln'i,,*, iinrih
.: I hence eaal 111 ebalm to the |.>ini
 1    *■''-■-  j.'-,-..,. '   ....
II    N.tr.hi'.irk ni Woodborry oreak. abuul
H   .',   mil,"*  Irom    K,i"!ci,,i   Lake J   theiici-
v.utli   *-' ■*' rin-:   tli.i...*   i.t-i   nI   ehiiliia;
north 10ohaina: tbeoen >,i-r 80cbalaa
r . Hit- |>..,tit ,,1 .'.'nl ... nc ru.'.il.
I...I 1 | ata -',',■•   I'lnnlt'tl im
Sorth  Korfc -.1 Woodberry creek, aboul
111        - -   Ii.iii kit..I."ii,>    l..i„. .   '   ...
..mh 80 ohaina,  Ihenoa   nasi   .-".  chaina;
north W ebaiua; thenee eon tOcLalha
lotbopolnl i.t opmiueneomeol,
1 in* p. it...n "Hi 'inn ll.c hliil.c-i cnah bonaa
unl im* tDtllltd tn Ipeclal ncenaea ruverlng
Hi,'Innn-. r.'iii'ii-tiiih- f..r iivcnti-tun* aueoes-
ilra ii'in '■
ga b tender mini be accompanied byaccr*-
llfled cbeQue, made payable nt imr fn vic-
i„,:i i>, lhe untleralffoed. for tlieamonnt,
jn.i.-i ..nin ni-t it nr'« r.-f. for auchapeclal
. mil iln amount of thabonttatoo-
ler. I,and alao a ci*r.in,*,l cn< que f.ir|,ti0.)
(ur t.i.l i.tatlvrrt'iiliiK -hi,I limits.
M-lll. K. MACK AY,
Deputy, omroloilooir of Landa aad Works
I.Hii'l, nn.l Work. |i*-;,iirlini.iii.
\ l  imln, 11.'*., Juli ll.lll   IHM.
Man Drowned at Anowhead
Arrowhead, Atif*.   11.—Aboui  3
o'clock   this   afternoon  when  the
C. P.  rl.  river steamer  Rossland
■.vm half a mile from the dock here
a nian named Harry  Lake ol San*
EAi.EiiTF.MiKitN, nmrkfii ■• Tnidrr for don, jumped,   or   fell,  overboard
Tlni'.cr Mall*. *fVoodb«rry Urork,** will        , , ,      ,-,
bt rrreiit-ti bj in.; uaderalgned i.pio and was drowned.    Boati were nu
mediately lowered from thes'earner and a specially c'o-ie seacrh was
made but no tra.'e of the untor-
tunate man could Uo found'
Sandon, Aug 11.—Hairy Lake
Who was drowned Off the steanir-r
Rossland to-day near Arrowhead
dock, left here yesterday f »r
Seattle, tfestayed at Nakusp all
yesterday, lie was born in Orejj n
and beioiiK< u to tbe Miners union.
Luke did not take Up work here
but dressed well and appeared to
have plenty of ready money; In-
however seemed lo bu bothered
abmit some matters and it was
nolid here, and al Nakusp us well,
that the man appeared to be di -
Tho proprietor ol the (iraml hotel at Nakusp missed Lake lust
ninht after 7 o'clock and noted that
Luke did not take his breakfast or
dinner to-day.
The Miners' union here are
trying to locate Lake's friends.
Newton \V, Emmens, M. E. lelt
this morning for his bome in Pittsburg, Pa*, Mr EmnieiiB lias completed his exhaustive examination
of the Silver Dollar and f.'als more
than ever convinced that this property is destined to be a larnc producer. The values average well
all across the face of the big lead
in the drift and from the surfaco of
olher veins very encouraging results were obtained. He has laid
out an extensive plan of development for the future which will bo
commenced us s:oon as the air drills
are in ehape to oueritte. The
compressor is ready but the iiir-
pipe to complete the pipe line has
not yet arrived otherwise it is
it is likely the drills would now he
in commission, The aerial tram
is progressing as last as possible
nod everything else is advancing
proportionately. Mr Emmensspeaks
very highly ul the bilver Doll.r
and feels that it will amply repay
its owners for the large expenditure tbey arc put to in bringing it
it the producing i-tate.
Asked as to the Broadview situated iu thu Trout Lake district,
ii hich Mr. Euimeiis and associates
i.'iiil-rl U.-i we. k, he stated that
lie would be b.ck from Pittsburg
in about a month and would give
lhat property his personal attention. It being his ih in. tion to
take up bis residence in Trout
Lake. He' thinks welt of the
Broadyicw, and expects to prove it
to be one of t Je best properties in
this section.
Rambler ore body
The welome news was received
here last night that what is believed to be the looked for ore body
in the famous Humbler tunnel has
been definitely located.   The tun-
Thc developments of  tbo past1
iwo  weeks   is   indicative   of the I
coming prosperity of   tho   Trout!
Lake   mining   division,     During!
the carlv part of  the season   mat-1
ters seemed  to drag   along and!
many were prone  to  get dishear I
tened.    Much has been  said  and
written   concerning our  progress,
some blaming the  company promoter, otherti    tho claim   owner
others the  lack of transportation
4c, but all  seemed  to  be agreed
on  the fact that we  have  the ore'
and it was only a matter of getting
it out and turning it into current
coin of the realm.    Thc reiump-l
tion of work  by  the Reward  Co,1
has given an impetus to the faint-!
hearted in  tbe northern  part of
the division, and  with  the Silver
Cup shipping steadily 100 tons of
high grade t re per m >nlh the  out-;
look is very  favorable.   It   is also ;
a certainty  that  the Triune  will
reopen with a   full forse.    The
bonding of tne Broadview is looked
ou by  many  as one   of the best
deals ever made, as   far as the  de-
veloi ment of tbe country ia concerned.   It is a  well known  fact
that the Great Northern bill, on
which the last named  property is
located, has    immense bodies of
low grade ore and that it will lake
money  to put in   the   necessary
plant and do sufficient dead work
to work economically  and  profitably.    Mr.    Emmons    Mho    will
have charge of the  operations and
who aa a Mining  Engineer has  a
full idea of tho responeibiliiies of j
the work, informed a representative
of the *' Review '' that  he   would
spend at  least f200,0'JO 00 before
attempting to pay profits.     This
means tbe employment of a   large
number    of men as   well a? the
erection of a concentration   plant.
" A Leckie BootM
Are "Old Tin.en " of the Weifc.
They know to a nicety, tho
climatic, and geographical
conditions that call for a
■pcclal ohm of footwear to
meet Lbeie conditions.
Eastern ilmo men cannot
know these tilings liom inero
Tiny must live "out weit"
—get " ihe local color " as it
were—become steeped in
western experience and knowledge obtainable onlv by Jiving the life of a Westerner,
before they can hope to make
satisfactory footwear for the
etrcnuous life of the toiler
in western forests, fields and
iB a western product for
western people.
Look for tbe trade mark
upon the sole.
J. Leckie Co.
Local and General.
John Croft who in partn- .-Lip
with II. I. Mcdonald has been log
ging for thc Bowman Lumber Co*
at Beaton, met with a severe se*
cident a few days ago. White
putting the last log into tbe
boom it got away from him and
catching him, broke h's leg in two
places. Tho unfortunate mas
was hurried to the Arrowhead
hospital wbere hii injeriea were
attended to. He is now doing ag
' well as could be expected.
Doctor and Mrs. Robini->:i left
Wednesday morning for Toron'o.
While away tbe Doctor will attend
tbe Medical convintion.
J. J.  Atherton  lelt on  Friday
tramway Ac    It might be stated   morning ror a trip to Sandon.   We
here   that   the large fl . understand Joe is going to  resus-
quarti dike  has  been   tested  by citate thc Sandon Standard.    We
Mr 1-:  niai  wish him all kinds  of success and
good profits, can  congratulate   the citizens of
i. .-.*..;-..   oi *...    ...;  Fi'-s ci
nel In question is ovei a mile long galena ar.i   eo par-      At Trout
aud was commenced nearly three Lake tbe   Lucky    Boy  te
years ago.    When   it   was coin- .     rat   lal    g deve]
pleted early this year it was an* bt  ..... the
ma. ty   a:v
met wi
nounced that the expected ore
body had not been reached and a
i.atural slump in tlie stock followed. The dispatch appended
elates that   a  xcin tight f. et   v.   li
' hly mineralised and tarrying
high grade ore hai been reached in
an upraise from lhe tunnel but
that more work will have to be
done before the value of the discovery can be properly estimated.
The news has caused a sensation
and further developments are
eagerly awaited.
tbat burg in getting a good   ltve
man ut the editorial belm.
.va clean up
T! ■* monthly clean   up ft tht
Noah Abrahamson has been
laid up tnis week with bad hip
Ed Vipond left  Monday morning for Spokane on a business trip
Miss   Julia    Edwards  went  'o
Revelstoke en Tuesday morning to
'visit her relatives there.
;«r,» west corner post thenoe ,^t j-J^jBtS S flftH
*'chains, thence south 40 chains, rjy„ .bo,,, 0n« l.sll mile west ol the
•nanoi   west   80   ohaina,   thence, i,ri.lg'e acros! .ss|d river glt PoplM_»"'; •
■'"'Hi 40 chains to  point   of  coin*
l-iated July Ulth, 1906.
C   L COPP, Locator
Bixtj days after date I intend to
»"plv to the hon. Chid Conmiis-
•""'i   ol   Lands  and   Works  for
permission to pnrohau the follow*
inn  deio'rlbed   lands   situato  in
wi-ena Hay, Upper Arrow  Lake,
Kootenay district,   Oootnono*
£«»! a post markud T. Watson's
H-B, corner poBt, thence north 20
■hiiitiK, thence west 40 chains,
•Oenoe south twenty chains, thence
east forty chains to point of com-
T'nuement and containing eighty
•Mei more or less.
,   , KlIANK   L, I'ADDON.
•'■•■y 18th, 1<J0C.
marked   " Rhode BetWa nwti-west
omner post," '•hence sout. M chains,
thenee on»t 100 ebsins. thence
"Oiiisin*. ibence went 1_ I elinin:
point ol Bommencement, containing i
acres more or llll.
no. lh
to the
Let* us figure
On Your
 . ^
Labor Day Sports*
Eva mill took ;*lace on the firsl
the month a
to In. value of W I     The   t,,v>   Ak'"'
aud concentrates yielded uf an es- '
limatcl value ot 141X1
McLean  and
in  some
'work on the  Bali hot group,  up
! Gainer creek.
Mammoth looks good.
Tho vein of ore  that was discov-
Thc ladies of the Anglican
church v'rtvr. a yvTy enjoyable concert last Saturday evening-   The
E. A. Haggen
Stock. Share md FimncitlDroker
Hi.nl Estate »"d Insnrniuo.
timber Tnd mines
triM.tife. Aeolclant, Health,
Utisrsiiixi a'"1 l'."i|--">"or»
Liability lii»"'»ni'e*
Sola worMsnUUw Ior Non*
Trout I-sko, rtrguson, »e»l*">
nml Camborns. |
Corroirondenco PW«P|g_W ,0i J
Log Rolling Horse Racing
Drilling Contest
Caledonia Sports      Caledonia Sports
For further particulars see future announcements.
cred on the Mammoih (,'riiu|i a few program while ihort was excel*
week i ago by S K. Vermiioyle is lently rendered and well ruceived.
proving to he much more extensive After the concert an hour or eo of
and valuable than surface showings dancing was Indulged in, every
indicated. Theore has been gone'person enjoying themselves tho*
down on for several feet, tho ore roughly. A large number rarao
body increasing in alse with depth, up 'rota lierrard to participate.
audit i» now about two feet In .The following it tht program:
width. Tl.e ore is iilvoflead _*|p|Mwte|- Duot. Mig8 Mttrjorl,
ena carrying a large percentage of ^^ ^ MJm AUm u
per.   The values contain-
■. '     " , , Song. The Irish     Emigrant.   Mies
ed arc not known, bnt Horn appear*
ancc it in apparent   that the yield   ^ _._. ^ -.^   F_ E Qroff.
I per ton will be very large.    Throe (
| hundred sacks oi ore are now  ut ■ ^ ^ ^^ of ^ Rock.
the property ready for shipment,       ^ ^ Miss L. Bedell.
and the pack train brings down a  HmMU golo_    Ml„ L flrlfflUj>
full load at every trip. gong     Whcn lbo    Lhildron    „,
\V.  Baty  returned   Wednesday Asleep. Mrs. Murrsy
from hit claims at five mile on 8*>og.  Rocked in the Cradle of the
the Lake, where hc  hat. been do* j Deep. G. A. Uhceimai,.
ing asKtsment  work.   Bill   bivs Accompanist,
the property  is looking fine and
expects to make a   turn on  it
fore the treason is out.
„ Geo. NAlcxandor of tbe  Forgu-
eon  Mines  came up  Wednesday
R. B.  Wright, C. P. U. Auditor
ib iu. un.I on his musl trip of in*
spec tion.
Tho Hon. R..._■■ Grceu is ♦'X-
pnoted in a dsy or two.
memn *» _♦' . ^ , /V tARDEAU MINING BJEVtfeW, TROUT LAKE CITY, B. C
The Passing
Of Romance
■y W. Crawford Sherlock
Copurtght. JKW, I'll Beatrix Rcadt
Tzr^r^.-^nmrr. 'I
"John, I think it Is Just dreadful."
"Whnt Is thut, Mnry?" Mr. Atlilns
laid down hli paper with au 111 suppressed sigh nnd turned to his wife,
who was busily sewing on the opposite
aide of the table.
"There you nre ngnln, John," returned Mrs. Atkins impatiently. "Frowning like a thunder cloud Just because I
dared to Interrupt your rending that
evening paper. It's always tlie same
tiling. Yon have become as settled In
your ways ns if you were sixty. Now,
I think It is dreadful to let onrselvet
get thnt way when we've only been
married fifteen years."
"What would you suggest. dc:ir?"
asked tier huslinud, feeling that the
only possible hope be bad of resuming
his paper Iny ln mild methods. "1 have
been under the Impression that we
wen- rather a model couple."
•Why, we've lost nil tlie romance of
life," retorted his wife. "When we first
met, snd even nfter wc were married,
we used to take nice loug walks nud
drives or go to the theater often Now
we don't do nnythlng but sit around ln
the evenings, you rending your paper
and I sewing until bedtime. It is not
Mr. Atkins did not reply, neither did
he resume his paper. Ills wife's remarks had awakened memories of
pleasant dnys of long ago. yet, pleasant us those days bad been. Uie present
life suited him better, lie loved his
home. To him It wus the oasis where
he could come nfter a strenuous day In
the desert of business life. The quiet
smoke and the evening paper ufter
■upper, when the children were snug
ln bed. were sources of keen enjoyment. Being a Just man. however, he
began to consider tbe other Bide of the
questiou. His wife had strenuous dnys,
too. ln the home, yet evenings brought
no change to her, ss It did to him. No
wouder she yearned for the romaaee of
former dnys. She must have some relief from the dull monotony of home
life, nnd he resolved to see to it.
Accordingly the neit morning Mr.
Atkins purchased tickets for the night
performance at tbe theater. Mrs. Atkins Just bubbled over with joy ut the
SUE   r-T.nifl  TO   tlEll   nrsii.ivp's   Ann   AS
I nil w_i._r.n l.'Ws EBB hrBKET.
prospect nnd became quite girlish as
nlie prepared for the unusual occasion.
Bhe clung to her husbund's urin us they
walked down the street snd nestled
close to lilm ln the cur. Ths tlfteen ■
years of married llfo were forgotten.
The   four  llttl*.   Atktir—■    • berlng '
peacefully at home, faded away for the
lirst time In their short Uvea from
their mother's thoughts. Once again
was was u blushing girl seated by her
lover ■ • >!••
The lirsi act of the piny was finished,
and Mrs. Atkins Btill dreamed. Then
a horrible thought forced Itself upon
Her. In her hurry to dress ihe hud forgotten to give Tommy hln medicine.
The toy hud been sick, nml the doctor
hnd told her on no account in fail to
give the usual dose nt night. This was
en'.ugh. A crowd of thoughts of household cures surged upon her mind. Was
III tie Mnry covered up or hud the
thrown her covers off und the careless
muse fniied to replace tbem] Had
she placed the dough iii a wurtii spot
so thnt 11 would be light SOOUgh In the
morning t.. bakel   iimi the butcher
i.r..ught ti.e meat for breakfaal and the
gr : sent the eoBael  Bhe could not
remember anything pertaining to her
lii.ine, ihe Iiml liceu so Hurried lu pre-
paring f..r the tie .inr
Huliitinc lied for tl.e time being nt
least. Mrs. Atkins liecuiiic once more
the iimllier nnd the hniisewile.    l/pon
the plea of n headache sin- whispered
her with tO return home, m.d her bus-
bun.I   Wear*/ of tha piny nud hungry
for In. cigar nn.l n glsnci nt tl u-n-
in:- paper, willingly accompanied ler.
The following afternoon, in pursu-
Snei of his plan, Mr. Atkins hired a
horse nml buggy |„ take Ins Wife out
for u drive,    Mrs. Atliius. Inn ing  been
previously sdvlsed of the arrange t,
hnd so provided for ber household duties .md ths care of ii,,- children that
no perturbation of mind could possibly nriso on  Hums  i i,    with  a
buoyant lienrt she gut Into ll.e bug*
RT nn.l II,.*v drove to the park Mrs.
Atkins felt thai nothing could possibly
mur the enjoyment of tins ores	
but she sgnln reckoned wlthoul her
bout, TIiiip. those fifteen years, hud
mnotm* *m fram a slender girl to s
rather stout woman, and John had likewise developed Into i very corpulent
j.c ison.
The sent of the buggy wus too small
for the full enjoyment of the trip. In-
deed, it soot became simply torture to
Mrs Atl.lns us they Jolted over some
rough places.
"John, I cant Stand this any longer,"
she tret I ss tbe buggy went over n
boulder lying I.i the i.m.I iiii her husband's side, uud his weight pressed her
iigain-t the side bur of thu vehicle so
forcibly thnt she felt sure her hip wus
'If* urvtty rough," assented Mr. At
sin:., who was equally ns uncomfortable. "Let me Blip back, and you sit
ou the edge of the sent. That'll give
us more room."
This arrangement did fairly well for
a time until Mrs. Atkins, Bitting bolt
upright, without any support for her
buck, begun to feel the effects of her
strained position. Her husband, thinking ouly of the days of loug ago, placed
Ins disengaged arm around her must
to support her, but hlB wife decidedly
"it Is broad daylight, John," she de
murred. "What would people thluk If
they saw us driving In tbe park lu auch
a way ? You forget we are old married
"Thut's what I thought you wanted
to forget, Mnry," observed her bus-
band, rather relishing the turn affairs
bud taken.
"So I do," returned Mrs. AtklnB severely, "but you know I never allowed
you to put your arm around me wheu
any one was present. I think we had
better go home."
As they turned Into the road thnt led
homeward they noticed s mass of dark
clouds that had gathered ln the west.
Mr. Atkins applied the whip freely,
but the liveryman had selected a horse
suitable for the use of a middle aged
couple, and all tbe efforts at fast driving were in vain. The big drops began
to fall, and then the storm broke ln all
its fury. They were a mile away from
(.belter, and Mrs. Atkins would not let
ber husband drive beneath the overhanging branches of a tree for fear of
lightning. The rubber laprcbe nnd the
side and back curtains haJ been forgotten by the mnn who harnessed up
the team. The result was unpleasant.
A limp, disconsolate couple alighted at
the Atkins home Just as the storm
broke and the lun streamed forth
"Mary," uld Mr. Atklni the next
morning at the breakfast table, "we've
tried tbe theater and tbe driving, but
they didn't seem to bring as keen enjoyment as they did In years past.
This evening we'll take a nice, long
walk and see how that works."
"Indeed we won't" declared his wife
■titling a groan as a twinge of rheumatism made Its presence known.
"I've bad enough, thank you, and, ln
future. Intend to conduct myself as a
woman of forty should do. No more
playing I'm young snd giddy again for
"Thank God." returned Mr. Atkins,
fervently and piously.
"I'm pretty stiff myself from thnt
ducking I got last night, but I was determined to get romantic again if I
A Tra* Ghost Starr.
A lady I met iu Ireland related the
following facts to me Just as they occurred. She wns staying st s bouse
sear Bardon, County Cork. One evening she was WHlklng up the long enr-
riuge drive to the house—It was bright
moonlight nnd nearly es light as day—
when she saw s tail figure coming
down the narrow footpath beside tlie
"drive" toward her. On coming closer
she bow It-was a man dressed all ln
black, wearing a tall silk hat. and she
wondered who It could be. His head
wus bent forwnrd so that the face was
ln shudow, but ns they came close to
each other he raised his head and looked at her und showed the most horrible
face Imaginable. With a gasp of terror, Bhe stepped off the path, and at
the same moment he did the same and,
putting out a cluwllke hand, touched
her nrin, and as she shrieked out ln
feur be completely vanished. She did
not Bee him go, but he dissolved like
mist. His fuee was not like that of a
human being, nnd the horror of it was
quite indeBcribuble. Her arm thut the
specter touched wus paralyzed and remained bo for two weeks after. This
apparition hud been seen by other people, but only at a distance, und but
few believed tlie stories current about
the pluce being: "huunted."—Occult ite-
in. <_••_: uie.
The gold or silver blunk, carefully
weighed and roughly forged, wus heated to redness and laid by tongs on the
die. The top wus then adjusted and
thu Impression made by mighty blows
with a smith's hummer. As uo collar
wus used and ull register neglected,
tlie Bhupe, but uot the weight, of each
coin vurled. Purts of thc device were
often lost. SometimeB the edge of the
metal cracked, and very frequently the
Impression doubled. Later on a hinged
adjustment of the dies wus used. Greek
dlcB were not made of steel, but of
hardened bronze. They soon wore and
needed coutluual restoration and deep-
entng. The die sculptors were therefore constantly nt work on them. Careful examinations shows thut tlie dies
were mostly cut with s wheel, like
gems, not with graving tools. ThiB retouching of tbe matrices .'.plains tin
numerous minute variations ln duplicates of the biiiup coIiib. Very few are
found exactly alike. On the othei
hnn.I, It must not lie supposed thai
these exquisite works of art are nl
wnys much defaced. The hoarding Instinct   hai  cm nled  many  that  hud
Just left the mint nnd that preserve all
tbelr pristine exquisite sharpness. One
Of tl.e loveliest of the Syrncusun eolni
wns found under some lava lu Sicily
is pc-f.-ct as on the duy It was struck.
Stranger (In Vienna)—Then this Is
the hotel which Beethoven used to frequent: I suy, wulter, can you uot show
me tbe tabic at which Beethoven used
to Hit V Walter Beethoven) Stranger
-Why, be very often cams here! Walter (bethinking himself)* Ah, yes! The
g.'.illeiiinn Is out of towu.
."I'""".     o-.l.-r.
Oysters are hi. plentiful in the ti»-
land get of Japan tbat they are sold
iu th* restaurants of that country for
D cents per dozen,   	
An  (nlil..,   i„ Tiii-ii and !).«..■.
There Is one curious fuet respecting
tin* animal creation with which you
will never become acquainted If you
depend on your text books for li.foru.a-
thm. It 1b H.Ib: No living representative of tha niilii.nl kingdom has more
thnn five toes, digits or claws to each
foot, bund or limb. Tho horse Is the
type of one toed creation; the camel of
ll.e two toed: tho rhinoceros of tbe
three toed and the hippopotamus of
four toed animal life. The elephant
und hundreds of other uulmuls bolol)g-
lug to different orders belong.to the
great five toed tribe.
Called   "tl.e   Mont   ii.miiiii.hI   Gem  of
tin-  r.itri.r. scenery."
The Bambesl river, carrying n hugo
volume of water two miles in width, as
it reaches the western borders of Rho-
deslu precipitates Itself Into a cavern
ous gorge and thus traverses the northern plains of the country,
This great drop In the river bus produced "the most beautiful gem of the
earth's scenery," the Victoria falls. Almost twice as broad ns Niagara uud
two und n half times as high, nn Immense muss of water rolls over its edge
to precipitate Itself lu magnificent
splendor -HH.I sheer feet Into the narrow
canyon below.
Undeterred, the Rhodesian engineers.
without detracting from the natural
beauty of the surroundings, threw
across the canyon n splendid 600 foot
cantilever bridge and thus opened the
wuy to Tanganyika, to Uganda, to
This bridge, the greatest railway engineering triumph of Africa, deserves
more than passing notice, it consists
of a centra] span weighing approximately l.otio tons, r.iKi feet In length
and 30 feet wide. The steel work is of
rolled Itsel weighing 490 pounds to the
cubic foot. The end posts of the bridge
are over 100 feet lung. The pull on the
anchorage apparatus li ahout 400 tons.
The contract f»r the construction was
obtained by nn English firm of bridge
builders—the contract time flftj iin*
weeks. The work of erect ion was curried on from both bunks, the material
being tnkeu across tin* river by means
of an ncrial electric railway. The electrical couvcyor of this cable way was
capable of dealing with a ten ton loud
at a lifting speed of twenty feet per
minute nnd a traversing speed of :i.»i
feet a minute.
An Initial difficulty tu the construction of the bridge was tlie securing
of a firm foundation, nnd owing to the
crumbling niitnre of thc bank a much
greater quantity of concrete was necessary than estimated.
The construction was happily unattended by accidents of u serious nature,
though a few slight accidents to body
work and the replacing from England
of one piece of steel work were recorded. In spite of these delnys the bridge
was linked up at 7 a. m. on April 1.
I'JOS, or exactly forty-eight hours curlier than hnd been estimated it yeur before—Lieutenant Colonel Sir I'ercy
Glrouard ln Scribner's.
■ vail  the  Terrible   ..nil   (old  Uliiodrd
Notion.   Altolil   Jesting.
Ivan the Terrible forgot neither bis
devotions nor his diversions.    Ills pal
a.r alternately resounded with praying
! ami carousing,   For ih!s pastime bears
were brougbl from Novgorod, when
, from his window be perceived a group
I of citizens collected hc let slip two or
1 three of these ferocious animals, ami
his delight on beholding ths night of
the terrified creatures, und especially
mi hearing the cries of the victims, wns
unbounded, m* bursts of laughter
ivore loud and long continued, To
console those who were maimed for
I life he would sometimes send each of
, tin>iu a small piece of gold.
| Another of his chief amusement! was
i in the company of Jesters, ivin.se duty
lit was to divert htm, especially before
! and after any executions, but they of-
1 ten paid dearly for an unseasonable
Among these tiniie was more dlittn-
1 gtilshed than Prince Qvosdef, who held
: n high rank at court
lh,. esar, being nne day dissatisfied
I with a Jest, poured over the prince's
head the boiling contents of .. soup
i.asiu. The agonised wretch prepared
in retreat from the table, but the
tyrant struck inm with a knife, and he
fell senseless tn the lloor. Dr. Arnnlph
was Instantly called.
"Save my good servant I" cried tho
czar, "I have Jested with hltn n little
too l.nrd."
"So hard," replied the other, "that
only Qod and your majesty can restore him to life. Ile uo longer
Ivan expressed his contempt, called
the deceased favorite a dog nud continued his iimiiscmeiits.
Another day, while lie snt nt tnble,
the wnywode of Staritsa, Moris Tltof,
appeared, bowed to tbe ground and saluted blm after the customary manner.
"God save thee, my dear wnywode.
Thou deservest n proof of my favor."
He seized n knife nnd cut off nu car.
Titof thnnked the czar for his gracious
fuvor aud wished lilm a happy reign.
How   Any   Trail   May   lit-   I'Ued   In  a
[Sori.lltl    11 lllllllll    111* inn
There is not u single desirable attribute which, lacking lu u plant, uiuy not
be bred Into It. Choose whal Improvement you wish in u Bower, u fruit or s
tree, uud by crossing, selection, cultivation und persistence you cun III this
desirable trait Irrevocably. Pics <>nt
any trilt you want In your child, grunted that hs is a normal child, be It honesty, fairness, purity, lovahleness, industry, thrift, what not. By surround
Ing tills child with sunshine from the
sky nnd your own heart, by giving thu
closest  communion  with  nature,  by
feeding Iiiiii  well  balanced,  nutritious
food, by giving blm all tbat is Implied
in healthful environmental Influences
und by doing all In love you cm thus
cultivate In this child nnd llx there for
ull his life all of these traits naturally nut always to tha full In all cases
nt the beginning of the work, for be
reiiiiy win make itseir fell Ant, and.ni
in tho plant under improvement there
will iw certain strong tendencies to re
version to former ancestral t.-iuts, lun
in the main «Itb the normal child you
can   give   him   llll   these   trails   by   pa
ticutiy.   persistently  guiding  blm   in
these early I'.irinalii e years
And, mi the Other side, give him foul
nir u> breathe, keep blm lu a dusty factory or nu unwholesome schoolroom or
a crowded tenement up under the hot
foof; keep h iway from the sun
shine, take sway from hint music und
laughter und happy faces, cram his little brains with so called knowledge,
ail the more .1. ptlve and dangerous
because made so apparently adaptable
to his young mind, let hlfli have ISS0
i inics lu his hours out of school, nn.l nt
the iige of ten you have Used In lilm
the opposite traits Bs Is on bis way
to tbe gallowa v..u have perhaps seen
a prairie flrs sweep through the tall
grass across n plain. Nothing can
stand before It; It must burn llseir out
That Is what happens when you let the
weeds grow up In n child's life and
then set tire to them by wrong environment.   Luther Bnrbank In Century,
Cnrrd   Him
"I wish my husband would not stay
out at night." said tlie little woman.
"Cure blm," suld her companion, "ns
a woman 1 know cured her husband,
who used to stay out every night. I ine
night he came In very lute. or. rather,
very early, about 3 o'clock in the morning. He came home very quietly. In
fact, he took off his shoes on the front
doorstep. Then he unlocked the door
and went cautiously nnd slowly upstairs on tiptoe, in.l.ling his breath.
But light was streaming through the
keyhole of the door of thc bedroom.
With a sigh, he paused. Then he opened the door nnd entered. His wife
stood by the burcnu fully dressed
" 'I didn't expect you'd bo sitting up
for me, my dear.' be said.
" '1 haven't been," she said. 'I Just
came in myself.'"
Love Is kindly and deeeltless.—Yeats.
Love cun sun the reulma of night.—
They do not love that do not show
their love-Shakespeare.
Love's a thing that's never out of
season.—Harry Cornwall.
He thnt shuts out love In turn shall
be shut out by love.—Tennyson.
The greatest miracle of love Is tht
cure of coquetry.—La Rochefoucauld.
Love is master of the wisest; It Is
only fools that d-'fy him—Thackeray.
Love never dies ..f starvation, bnt
often of Indigestion.—Ninon de I'Sncloa,
Tl.e magic of lirst love Is the Ignorance that It can ever cud.-Ueucous-
Man's love Is of man's life n thing
spurt; 'tis woman's whole existence,—
It is Impossible to love a second time
when we have om-.- really censed to
love.   I.n llochcfoiicinild.
Presence ol  Mind.
Muic. Rachel, the great nctrcss, wns
resting alone ln her dressing room one
night preparatory to going on the stage
when a man suddenly entered nud,
drawing a dagger, said be wus going
to kill her If she did not nt once con-
Bent to marry blm. The actress saw ut
a glnt.ee thut thc man wns mud and
meant whnt he suld. So with the utmost coolness she replied: "Certainly I
will marry you. 1 wish nothing better.
Come with me to the priest at ..i.e. I
have had blm come here for the purpose." She took his arm, and they
went out together—to where there was
assistance, of course, and tl.e man wus
Immediately put under arrest
Hi, 1<>«*.   \l ,,i,,l. r.nt   Mrmorr.
Bulow hnd u wonderful memory, ns
was evidenced by his astonishing fent
of memorising Kiel's concerto*, winch
the mini who wrote It COUld lint accompany without notes. His accuracy was
almost Infallible,   Ha wns once rehenm-
inu' a composition »f Liszt's for orchse
tra in thai composer's presence without
notes, I.iszt interrupted to suy thut n
certain note should have lieen played
plana "So." replied Bulow, "it is
sforsando."   "Look nml sec." persisted
the composer. The scorn wiib produced.   Billow wus right.   How everybody
did applaud I in the excitement one of
the brass wind pluyers lost his place.
'Look for a b tint In your part." said
Bulow, still without his notes "Five
measures farther on I wish to begin."
(hansri  ln   I'lmnaBe  That   Are   I'm-
■ ling   lo   the   *otIcc.
Must   every   one   In   America   Is   nc
1 qnalnted with the goldfinch, l.ut many
people know the I.lid by tl.e name of
lettuce bird on account of its i.right
yellow color. Goldfinch Is a very sp
propflnte mime, us the bright yellow
of the male wiien In breeding plumage
Is like burnished gold. The female
goldfinch la more modestly drcssi-d
thun her mate. The changes In plum
uge of the male ure very Interesting
unit to the novice somewhat puullug.
Vi.tii the student becomes acquainted
with the bird lie may wonder why hc
sees no males during the winter. The
truth Is at this season the fl... L. nf
supposed female goldtlnchi-s arc really
of both scies. the male bird having in
sinned In the previous full, usually by
the end of October, a plumage closely
resembling thut of the female and
young bird of the yenr. The mule retains    this    Inconspicuous   dress   until
i int** in February, whan one can notice a gradual change taking place Iii
some of the birds This reuewul of
feathers l- actively continued through
March and April, nnd by tlie first of
May our resplendent bird Is with us
again. The song period with the mule
goldfinch coutlninea us long as he wears
his gold nnd blink livery, for It commences us early us U.e middle of Mar. I.
and ends lute In August. Goldfinches
nre very cleanly In their huhlti nn.l
bathe frequently. Their nests are exquisite pieces of bird architecture, the
1 inside being lined with the softest
plant down. The mother bird Is the
builder, her handsome consort during
tl.e nest building time devoting most
of bis efforts to singing to cheer bla Industrious mute.
Dedaetlon   by  Analna*r-
"Mamma, I's gut a stomach ache,"
said Nellie Bly, nix years old.
"That'B because you've been without
lunch. It's because your stomach is
empty. You would feel better If yon
had something In it."
That ufternonu the pastor called and
In the course of conversation remarked
that ho had been suffering till day wilh
a very severe headache.
"That'a because it Is empty," suld
Nallle. "You'd feel much better If jrou
had something in It."
Time  For Weanln*.
"I trust your honor will excuse me
this time," said a habitual drunkard
at the police court. "It Is my misfortune- I am n child of genius."
"And what is your uge'/" questioned
the magistrate.
"Forty-two years."
"Then It Is time you were weaned.
You'll have to do ten days away from
the bottle."
Baeh  a Temper,
Ills Wife-But I don't think, QtOTft,
thnt you ought to object to mumniii.
Why, Juat think, If It hudn't been for
her you would never have bud mei Her
Husband—Huh! llon't try to excuse
her by toying that. You mnke uie bite
her worse than ever.
In.Inn   Their Beat.
"IHdn't I understand you to any they
keep a servant girl'/"
"Certainly not. I said they try to.
As soon as one goes they get another."
Rpeeeh Is too often not, n* the
Frenchman defined It, the nrt of concealing thought, but nf quite Btlfllng
and suspending thought, SO that there
ll none to conceal.—Cnrlyle.
The   Word   "Aaphall."
Of deceitful utieestry is the word
"asphalt" Apparently It menus "uot
slippery."  The Creeks thcmaelves were
templed to derive "asphaltoa" from
"n," not, and "sphallo," make to fill
»r slip. However, tbe word is really of
unknown barbarian origin   rimcuicinn,
s.iiue lay, Asphalt was In use very
early In history. It Is sni.l to have been
the slime With which the Infant Moses'
nrk of bulrushes was daubed und
which thc builders of the tower of
linl.'I used Instead of mortur.
I.n.t ... r. In War.
In one of the l'u tJucsclln's victories
so mnny Ilngllsh were tnkoii captive
that even the humblest soldier mining
i In- French bad one or more prisoners.
Tho victors, however, fell tO quarreling, and, III feeling becoming rife tn
tbe French army in consequence of
these quarrels over ths prisoners,  Du
Uuescllu ordered ..ii tbs csptlvss to be
butchered,  uud  the  brtitul   order  wus
**.. rrieil nut
Grant's   l-renenre  al   Mind.
An   iustui.ee   of   gnat   presence   of
mind was narrated by join. RumH
Young, says a writer In the Criind
Magazine.    Once during the civil wnr,
when .irant wns in subordinate command, he was lecoiiiniiteriiig i.loiie near
the enemy's lines   Suddenly be found
bin.self ci.fronted by one of tin. < 'on*
federates* pickets, who wns for nrrc-it-
Ing blm. "Sl.o! Shol" snld .irniit. with
tl.e utmost coolness,   ".'..n't you see I
nm reconnolterlng in the enemy's uniform? Don't make n lmlsc. I shall be
buck directly."    And l.e walked i.wny
Quietly until out ..r the ptckefs sight,
th.u ran ns nimbly us he could.
A t.tiili...- I.nvrr.
A correspondent of the London Olobe
tells of u glided youth who left Instructions nt a Jeweler's shop for tbe In-
Bcrlptlon of an engagement ring be had
Just bought. Ilc wauled It inscribed.
"lioin llertle to Mniid " As be left he
turned back and added as nu after
thought, "I sl.o..l.lii'1-Hb cut 'Maud*
too deep, dou't you know."
Active Liver,
Good Digestion
And There is no More Prompt and  Certain
Means of Keeping The Liver Right Than
Farmer—Where hnve ynn been nil
this time? And Where's the old chestnut mare? Didn't you hnvo her Bhod,
as I told you? .Inrge- Shod! Law, ne,
muster! I bin n Inn vm' she. Didn't I
think thee said "shot'/"—Loudon Globs.
"Energy or Will ll the soul of 'very
great character. Where It li there !•
resolute character; where It Is not there
la falntness, with effcmluncy, despondency, neglect of du.y and failure. "Tbs
strong man and th* waterfall," says a
proverb, "ihauuel their own m__ '
in calling   your   attention   to   Dr,
CllfJSl i   Kldnoj I.nci   I'IIIh  It   In   only
necessary lo i n to their suooess in
Hi., past, "or thej arc known In near
ly every h.	
By means ol their direct nn.l spec-
Wc action on the liver muting a
healthful Mow of bile ihey regulate
mul enliven the action of the how.'Is
nnd ensure good ingestion lu IHS In
testlnei, ai the mime time they
Stimulate the l lilneyi In their work
..f filtering poti om innn the blood.
This ciciiiiHiiii* proceti set In action
in Dr. ("tins, h Kidney-Liver I'IIIh
nicimii a thorough cure for biliousness,
liit.'Htliial IndlgHBtlon, torpid liver,
Kiiiiiey derangements nn.l constipation
it moans n restoration of health,
strength ami comfort whore there hns
been pain, weakness nnd suffering, it
means n removal of ihe oondltlons
which lend io bacnaohe, rheumatism,
lumbago, Brlght's   diucubc,   appendi
citis uml diabetes,
.Mn.r, .luiie Langlols, Manor, Sunk.,
v i'i asi "For ii long time I suffered
in.in liver .nini.ii.nn ami could iimi
nothing io help me until i used i>>
UhBle's Kidney Liver I'llls. I have re
commended these pills to many of mv
Illinois ami they  Iui11   I ii well nulls
ti.*.i with remits, Ifou can use this
letter for •.•■ bonelll of won.en who
are suffering as i did."
Mr. Duncan MoPherson, Content,
Aiin., writes: "1 was i.n mnny rears
troubled «rtth Indigestion and hoad
iici.i* nn.l derived no honnni from tbs
in,nn ramedlei i used, a friend ml
vised Uie ns.. of lu dims, i Ktiinoy
Liver 1'iiis and after taking tour boxes
thc  r.'Biilt   Ih that   I  am  .inn* more |n
• iio  full onjoy ut   ol  the  IiIcbbIurb
ni good health"
i n Chase's Kidney Llvei Pills, om
p il ii dote. ::.'. cents a box, al all
dealers, or Bdmanton, Bates a* Co.,
„  i,  I',,,..    I "'   mi*   llimiiiii  H»oe
,,    A.ei.   It.Inc.lout
■n„. only eoucelvulile way lu which
u„. human lul illlgeuoe can ever sue
,.,,,.,, ,„ averting tho "proceiilou ol tbe
great rear" is not by postponing tht
fugue    but   by   reversing   the   process.
■■■„. queitlou is Uila While energy is
uoinj dissipated I" accordance with
the natural low, eun we bo manipulate
thluga as to accumulate energy, mulling the unavailable available notwtth*
standing tbe fad that coauilc processes
„ „  m  ;„. essentially   irreversible!
Noil    there   Is   assuredly   no   Inherent
j*,.„si„i why we should not accomplish
this,  it is true iimi hitherto all tot
atomic  evolution   that   bus   I D   0_
served is atomic disintegration,   vv.i
may speak now. Indeed, of the nniilyHls
0f   il letucnls    Hut   so  It   was.   we
may remember, tbat tha older cham*
1st ry began, and y.-t analytic chemls
trv nn- the precursor of synthetic
chemistry,   We began by breaking up
i*,uii|ii.uinls.   but   UOW   we   can   make
them can, indeed, make compounds
hitherto uukuown In nature   Similar
|v,  ll  Is more  Hum probable  thut  we
ih'all ere  long  lenrn  to achieve  tot
■yjlthesll  id   ths  cl.•incuts  us  well   US
tholr analysts   K srgy Is ever lost
Even when the rsdlum atom, itself tba
of  tba  uranium   atom,   breaks
down and dlaalpntci lis energy, ending.
ii it supposed, as the dull atom of lead.
the orlglual energ ss not deetroyed
wii.v should nni nni ne gathered op
again and thus again become avail
able? Arc matter and energy to go on
their way, ultimately destroying tot
human ra.*.'.• Kor myself, I Iodine to
the vi.1*1   Unit 11. to'V  » ill rest at last
with "man's  unconquerable mind."
C \V Snlc. Lv, I II S. Iii Harper's
Tlirr    Ian    llianai-    I olor    aad    limp
Their   Tall,   al   **> III.
The green taenia which smirm on
every tree certaluly nave toe hardest
life of any creatures In lliirliados, slui*
tbelr Beah l- so delicate that everything eats them Win. ll .1111 catch the.11.
. lata, f..ii is. birds, moal . > tmi suukes
nil devour lbs poor ii/.ur.ls, w. ' *1. have
only .no methods of defending U	
both  icy Inadequate for the
purpose   Oat i- tbelr power of .hung
big their color, wbersb) Ihey tan up
pear bright green nt OM iiitiinent ou
the leaf of au 11 im- and then dark .hoc
..late brown 01, a |,n*te of damp earth
If tin- .l.M-s noi toiiteiil ilieiu from
their enemy tbey drop their ti.iis The
caudal appoadags jumps from the
ground nmi makes a frantic dance ail
by Itself, nn.l If the pursuer 1* deluded luto seizing It the lizard BVSila It
sc'f nf tl.e i Inline lu SOCaps und grow
another tail.
lor   tl.e   rest   the   BOOT   llrurd*   ure
hannlees things, with pathetic eye-, iu
«1,nh lurks uu expression of wear!
nets umi iiisLiu-..*.   ... thoogn tb«-y
were ns old us lhe world Itself uud bsd
found   It   all   vanity   and   vexation   of
spirit.  They are f I of plaintive mu
sic uud will en'er ut the o|mmi WiadOWS
when a phuio Is playing and Hit h-i.t.
Ing und Bedding lie"i  .;!!••.*r Hut heads
..n.i looking out of tbeoe wtstfnl eyoa
at the player till he or hhe. If of nu 111.
ngiiiatiie temperament, might fancy
■to were pluying lo uu uiulicee of
tr.iiisiiiigrnied Houli <'liutiilicra' Jour
. im -M...L.   .,.<i Item,
In Slum the lighting of u cigar in.II
COtes a betrothal    la that country a
pt •-rn. wishing to become betrothed tn
the girl of his CtMlCS .."Tern hot a flower
or takes u light from n dgnr or a cigarette if i-l.,* happens to have one lu her
mottto, und  thereupon,  provided there
u no Impediment in the birth monthe
uml years of the rOOBOCtlve parties.
st.ps in,* nt tune taken to urn,..*.•.• for
ii.c payment of toe dowry. The families of lhe bride und bridegroom
.•...ii to provide ni least $1,000, in .*a-
h.l.riu. us In certain purls of India, a
lighted taper or a lighted pip.- betokens
U.e acceptance ot the softer t..r the
bund or u holy In marriage. In SIImtIb
It Is the custom that \i hen .. sudor has
boon accepted by n girl she piossuts
blm with n box of cigars nn.l a pair of
slippers as a sign ilmt he Is to be
muster In tin boose
Ask lor  MmarU, and take  no other.
$3,000 £**}_ -.»
!*     I*-...   U) t„T
IK-l-.K,       .,„,       „     ._     JJ
S '*'"S    '. U1MU1
: •■ *    . , .„
turn, ul «.!
is a perfect cleaner and will
not injure anything.
Best for all household purposes. Sunlight Soap's superiority is most conspicuous in
the washing of clothes
Common soaps destroy
the painted or varnished
surfaces of woodwork and
take the color out of clothes.
Even the daintiest linen
or lace, or the most dd_ate
colors may be safely w ashed
with Sunlight Soap in the
Sunlight way (follow directions).
Equally good with hard
or soft water.
Tour money refunded bi to I'-.'-r
from wtiom you buy Suuii|tii !> .,
find ■niy lautr for complain.
L«v.r S-rutlMri L.».>«.!   Toriati*
'l in* nnin . ilt) .it Bods li aboul in
add Instruction In Bngllah speech and
literature ... its curriculum, and too
professor In.s lo be chosen sfloi oom
i..*t.i.v.   examination,
Ven    man)    persona   .in- annually
Innn Cholera mul I.iu.I.e.I i.nnnnei
complaints, who mbjbl havs been
•.nii'i if the proper remedies h.ifl been
used, li attacks i do not deia) in
getting a bottle ..I in   .1   l>   K.
•n Cordial, the medlcin. thai
nevei tmi* to effect n eun Those
Kim have uaed .i sn> it sou prompt!]
ami thoroughly H.ih.i...*. the pain ind
How Is Thu Tor High?
Nt in.   in    .   1.  ■        .'   t   •
Intl. Hit*   ,i   i ii.ihlll 111 n
Uu  national < apltaJ whei
mi-ion Monument «ra
Vi inn do mn mini  ol
h abkfii the s-iiiiii'i
ill.   sltt.nl   ga«l*)|   in   lili
Bator," reopootloC  tb.
'In    <la	
■ rev  building I'vi   ■
Amort, an >-,
In   ilioiiHaiols o'   li.i  -
.       I,.!-
children     wim     i
.'■•I   and    sra   kepi   w.
ns.       nt      Main *      I mn I"
in.nn      homes
in       Hiiveil      a     pre
HI.      in    \   imnais. I.   D   B
ii l_np, Que . sm--     ai ue
II   ni i      v.   thought  oui   :
Hi'   lllll   loi    I,
hei   nn HI  we min*     her    D ■
Tablet *   nml null   . It..-,.- wl-   |
j bei can realise what a chan
I medicine has wrought In oui
Wm is not* iiiioiH eighteen
i l.l. eals well, sleeps well ni
lively, laughing child, sn i s ■
pound      W •  always keep tb.
in   'I.t    Inni ■   now  fin   w.   m "■'
Value ■    if moin, ■    i
iiii«i.iiit.*h*  safe ii.cv  shonld  .■
box    of     Halo |     imn  Ti,i.i.
boose always    Thoj onre all I
<>r mm..-i,i   or children snd   •■■
lutelj sale.   Sold i.i medlein.
• ■ i.i ...ail in ■_'.', eenti
writing Hn in. William.. Modi. In
ill.*, in ii
Ml   <inI.num. ,    I., gag    ths     | mini*
man,   "when   you   proposed   to roni
wlft   ... io ih.* estimable hi.lv who .
nnn  Mis  Utdamore   did Bin* toll you
io asi. bei imi... '
She   iliil    mi   hoy,"   iifTnlily   replied
Mr  Uldstnors
\ini .tni mu ni .o shirk ii,, j,,i,*.*
"Well,   com.*   lo  thluk   of  It,   |   .ini
i   i believe i tried to got bei t.. do toe
linking,   pin. my soul     Iln. ha!"
\inl     ii hen     nni     did   lotk  hlu.    ol
...iii*..*   um  had   lo speak   lo  hlu.  Iiu
all)    —
..i oourse i .n.i. • if Bourse."
Au.I    when    vou did ,...i.  mm, did
imii   knees     ShakS, ami    wan    your
toni ne dry, and did v....   have   stage
i ,* in general!) I"
"I wan soared tO death "
"Well, that's the way i feel    I told
lllll.l.l       I    kll.'ll    I   Could   (hill   Hllllle   mi.t
nni   bond   oi   lymuath) between ui
when i came io   teu   you   she   i.n
pi nn. ied in marry mo."
Large bodies of eseellenl h.o.
have been found In the hank.
...hewan .•nun.   nun   mil.
i.tllliouloli -
M.tnn.i i Liniment Oo. Limited
UontS    I   Inn.* used  vou.   Ml*
i.immkvi   I,, „,i rami!) and  *
hi.    i.n  years and oonsl.b*i "
tin- besl in. iin on  obtainable
i ours Irulv, ,
ALI'HKI. liin II \'
I'.1.1 toi itoMim   Pond   Hotel
■ •".•ii  Btables
insanity ih Infrequent it. India  <
cording lo a  blue    I k    laaued     '
week    in bengal in nun Uie rati
Insane w..h B.98 pei   1,000 populati.
mm...Hi in t m Bngland.
i be  superiority of Mother drat.
Worm I'l.vieiniiiiai.it  is shown to
good effects   on   toe   children,   I'
riiiiHo H bottle uml give it i. trial.
A prolific cans., of Piles Ih the USS ol
cm hail les nmi puis oi a drastic  viol
.•in nature, wffloh Ih always followed
by n ica.lliui.
nm no matter what the oauas or
what the iiinl or piles, ,. Leonhordi's
llfin Hold can in relied upon to
cm i'    to hIiiv cured.
It's  an   Internal   roi ly   that re
moves the oaiisoi >.t   itching,   niimi
Blending or Buppuratlng Pll
a guarantee gooi wuh eaoh pack
II ge
li.nn     All dealers,   or tbs Wilson
Kyle Ho.. Limited, Magma I'iiIIh. Onl
iioo.i news!"   cried   tot   la«
waving a paper above hiH head
secured a reprieve tor you "
*• reprieve"?" replied tl >"
miiiiii'iin Indifferent!)
"Why. yea;  iiiiii I  you see. y»n Ol
to in* happy
Mi!   ieplied tin. prisoner, f*loom
"iimi simply moans .. delay, nmi
slwnyi i ii i [hi iimi   delays
11 ternui      Catholic   Standard
. nn.
i *»
ine ii...i i i   memorial   boipitni
im* been olosed owing to luck of fin
uncial support, ami the town authori
ties me considering wnys nnd mean"
oi oarrylng on toe w.i.k »r the in
W     N     U     No.    501 & Purest I
rhe IS/lo»t, Healthful I
Tho Most Dolioiocii
*-,_, Too THo-t Outolassss nil Joponei
Packets    Only,    40c,    50c,     and    60c    per    Ib.      At    all    grocers
Hi_heBt  Award   St.   Louis  1904. '
Ottti in One's'Eras,
To "east dust In one's eyes" perfectly t'XpluliiB Itself. It Is. however, lullresting to know that Epnuiliiondns
at the buttle of Tegea defeated the
Bpartana by uuisklug his u.uvemeuti
With ti  large  body of cavalry.   Ue
Illrr,.. Inn.   For   I'ii*...Ink   ll.lll   .'urine
by U  "».-*-   lurk  l:»i,i-i i
I   Take u obeeie bandage to hi tbs hoop
aud long enough to project oue or two
cauied the horsemen to gallop to nud ! luchei  nt  eueh end.    Place  a  round
fro lu front of the enemy lu such a way
<.» in rain a cloud of dust and ao veiled the movements of his Infuutry nnd
eiinl.l.-d them to tuke up a new nnd
uioro ndvautugeoUH position.
he Hair
f Youth
Kmh hen j  heavy hair; long, lu_.
uriant hair, without a siugl, Vrny
lino in it 1 Huir that p-owi rapidly 1
and does not fall out.   Tbe kind of I
hair that sons with Hall's Vm-eu. I
bin B.ciliiin Huir Bonownr
A  Prrmli-r'a  Wit.
A woman ones told Lord rulmcrHton
that her lunld, who hnd been with hei
In the lHle of Wight, objected to going
thither again becanss ths cllmats was
not "en.Inn.'Ing" enough, "Whnt nm I
tn do with such n womanT1 nt>u asked.
"Vou IiiiiI Letter tali.* her to the Isle of
Man next lime," mild Lord l'alniurstim.
Pit    lit.   wl,i,k.,,   .1,4    in,»,i,Urlm
1.11. KINOIUM-H HTK     H*.,l,,_ . ,,,,   I
.......ii..I..**- .1 .* iiAi.i.ai'v:'*;.?-;.':.b^*""'■
11.11. .1 lt.1,1
piece of cotton cloth nl the bottom of
lhe hoop us u temporary cup or cover;
then put lu the bandage with the lower
edge turned In about an Inch ou top of
the bottom cup uud the upper edge
turned buck over the top of the hoop.
Kill In the curd, fold in the upper edge
of the bandage, put on uh a top cover
B place of cotton cloth similar to the
one ou the bottom und place lu the
press, Kor pressing use u one and one
half Inch screw sel lu a, frame nnd
provided with means for turning, If a
better press Ih not available.   The rind
win not form, und the whole operation
will be a failure, If sultleienl pressure
'-   tn.lt. I
he Man Who
1   ,-f,,    I.II   llillllf.,    .S|lltl|/ll(!
i III mis n town of 8,000
,,i   boosted n  fair hotel,
i,;,,i i ii arrivals ihere by train
ul they were what might
.,1  everyday  arrivals.     I.ruin
Ibe town u visit; men when
.„ nn opportunity to g« Into
would come that wnjri stran-
uii,, didn't always unburden ihem
I,* to the lniiuir.nlie landlord Would
.,,,,,! , In* li and every guest re-
,1 ii...!" or less public notice, but
h|„.,l out of mind when ba dropped
(uf light.
Dually arrived slipped
Unit be hud been n guest
four 'lays before It   was
i  that be was p recent
up from the depot Instead
I a   bnt   mid   paying  n
t lie dnln't iiiiike n rush
| .in as in- arilwd.  He
il earn tbe train for being late
I ■ *.m. on loeount of the
I streets.    Ile t.M.k the
Uord tnti : i tfldence at ones and
llsiu.'.l tl ll  he wus   in  p.H.r  health
■ nd a month in locuperat-
u; per und then sat down
i.ml smoked and dosed
r  I tit  few questions nnd
l ... mnl II was the
Ittrdl i before be went to bed that
dUE't in. in.t to shuvlugs compared
* als.
I i •■-  ns the mnn Who ar
f \ s name, moved ibout
lu fnr tlie next  wiik  wltlnitit  al
k rilur   notice   sad
)■ .   carina particularly
pot bla I •   Inn.Uord of tin-
inni Jusi t aad nf hli tlmt
i snft.i. Who had
• ondoring whj i
r mined to the right instead
was nskisl for ..
I* ii.- iiistntiri
} ' I till tO Stlllltl
I.   1 the trt*je
I .     RSI    I
I Jones  of   the   sleepy
feel l-e.nnie us alert
« loi Inowledged thai be
r.tler n  false name; he
' '   !,.    was   not   what   he
|m«l. bi     *■:.. .1 up that be was nt
detective  ngency  and
Mj to,.        Bees with in. host ou
i moit     eral terms.  Titers hadn't
in)(rime of any account around
' i several years, but this
COUld   ttOt   lust   inmh
.t,,iilil l.e ii crime wave
I prett)   soou.  snd bis
'..   in it and make
*i if 11 HIS and r.-.e.ie most
f '
&* , a.lvance of the wim*
I He wanted t.> make
.    detective    ii reul Old
fcntl. of t finit order—nnd he bud n
ftotsd pouuulsslon duly Sited tad
I . be exchanged for s
bill    The  landlord was
i.n.i murderers as fast
•t*J In    * I Up uud send In bis re
I ■   r the rwwasdi
I1' Id 1-        ike lhe proprietor of the
* minutes to decide on
1 I     Ihs  income   from   toe
[' ■    lliiulil   not   be   less
OHO a year and might run to
Hint, nnd bis opportunities
Mere Al.
I hi  mis told Hint  looking
0g v 1 wns the foin.da
J* tlvs work nnd given miiiiy
' mictions,  und bulf un hour
Jlcr li.  mm down In his bnr nnd sl?.
•  or four old to|M'rs be bud
"*M ' 't.-.'ii  yeurs nnd   wonder
I ol them wus plotting mar
evening he picked oat no
ren men to keep an eye on
I'1'11"!''* i,iiii It wns generally remark
•" Han in  leomed mon. alert thnt.
N"it day the mnn who nrrlvud snun-
pw-ii into iin* iivery stable,   Be bad
punteretj |„ _,er, _9fort| talked horse
For« '"« minutes nnd then sannterud
I"' »t«ln mn,*h t„ the disgust of ths
J!"""1    '' Ins time he didn't talk horse.
1 "reryman was all alone, but be
liken to lhe rear end of tot barn
J* ™tninunlcntsd wiih.   Mr. Junes
l'""! Imii. .-,|
|J..|,i't.  |,
I •' ||"' iiii eagle und a perspicacity
»' enabled him t„ tall n horse from
"" light   The liveryman wns
In i i      "" eon*-*n*l help but be. Be
If,'', .  '""  ,'"11'''1  'i   f.»il Often  enough
!« In Conduct It livery business
, ' ' " "■ where ihere were 804 Hep
ll,„i o 'lm'11"'1  ""'l sleep hills  und  to
■about i\ n" U'°' ,1''1""11 "'vn"
•wool o|
I. .
til,. „
* son
»li.l iln
counterfeit mom :,:. tnado In
tbe garret of tlie Clarion,
The mnn ni,., arrived took another
saunter that d i tie uuutered in to
see Mrs Bascomb, who kept n small
millinery   ami   i {],.   *,.,,)
not corns foi n fi :. b • oi p paper of
balrplna. What be bnd como foi he re-
Int.*.! lu whisper mlod by it
confidential demesuor Uis agency
needed women detoctlvei a word
caught up nnn and then ai ■ woman
cUHloiner wai trying on u hat or bny-
tng n yard of taps might lend to tbi na*
earthing of a great inyitery.
Mrs. Bascomb wai located next to
ti... postofflcc she could keep hei eye
on toe postmaster. There mis a blacksmith shop opposite, sl..- could have
tin* smith and nil till customers under
60 •   ,       ik'.'.    As   It   was   dull
times In the n. || '   tOOk
u full hour's talking to make Mn Hns-
comi. part v. Ith * iii exchange
iui a dcie. in. - ■ omnilsaloUi but shu
liually parted ami inn. advised to
"spot" iill crosseyed men mailing letters at Ulgbt afler the postofflcs laid
During the next week the man who
arrived was ou tba launtei moel of the
tl ii i.-. '1'he two dr.i goods merchants
nnd om* of the grocers refused to buy
commissions on sccounl of religious or
soine other scruples, bul everybody
else approached bad only to is. taikod
to lor i. Icii minutes to pay a pre e if
tbey wouldn't pay |30, th. price was
gradually reduced to |6 Tbe arrest of
a single murderer, they wern told,
would make them good a thousand
times over
Not lass than twenty women were
Included In Mr .lulus' lis!, and when
be could secure no n, m the
town in worked the un lundlng country Not n fanner or n farmer's hired
mnn turned bin; dawn.   It happened In
set era! • lb the termer uud
hi*, man took commissions nnd were
acted to watch each other.
When  Mr   Jonaa departed  be  left
im.it* than a hundred dete. I
him t» watch for tbe coming ot the
crime Wave    Tlni   "cr.- i..  in;
jK.ris to thi ■ tbey
struck u . lew.
wer.* they to -.  ii lim lh.   tact tbat
(bej wore wort ng for tb. r
. ■ ■   cun
ning nml alienee must !*• the onlcr of
luiring tbe next two months l'.ngga
viiie had iiii uncomfortable tin I it.
i rj one hnd a feeling thsl !.<• wns
under   * ••'.'ling was
right There was prowling sbout by
nd by nighl Men snd » ..men sit-
in tlnir .-liiir.h pews of a Sunday
glared around in a suspicious manner
uml forgot ill aboul tbe sermon
„,,,! | • ■..und tbem-
lowed snd went home te tell
lathers snd mothers « sdow-
llll! SOIlil    I-
it was sl s church social tbst ti.«
I | , \|„, '■ -iiired    M
i      :ht it aiH.ut by rbsnrtng the cross
 pei   ii tl   .'■ til M i letter »t
■ revenge foi b *
ng don n more th in
tbe Ice cie.uu.   In Bvc mluutes II came
out Umi there wore i ul tort) detec-
•    h •,11" nad
in,.I then a
free-for-all red  '".|! '
1    ..  i :|r**   '" **'■
out tlie "hole plot  mil laid In
,,,.r ,,r tbe i. in who irrlved. and
there waa weeping ami wailing and
gnashing of teeth
il waa len • h>" ""' l1""
l..,*!,...*   .*■  Bi II.   Iihvo ii r f..r-
cueii each othei   The crime wave has
not arrived, bul Ibe) glire nud
tl-ato tl cict ..Hi"'   and In
locality the man Who arrived  Is nrrlv-
lug again and roiieatioj bhi porfonn-
rm! nia.r«.
p, , :..       n ei ei  pli]   v Ith b»d
Utile boys, Jobnuj '* Johnn) Vea sir
Past.a* I in sunn »cdt Johnn) I win
don'l  you  I'lni   « Hi  I- "I Httle boysl
j.iimi.i Their mammas won'l let 'em
- London Til
I   I ,.miner. Oil    rrnn.in-llitn.
"My  deal   lad)     nmi   I   UBve  the  re
ru«ai of youi i' ind foi a we.
■•A weekl   W'bj '  >"" ■ rr-
fusnl   that   Will   laSl   :
hat he had n bend ou blm.
d nisi, noticed thut be bad an
pie hud been wrong
"" the li  was like pouring
on n hum.
n ii.iiir'H conversation the man
"nd buggies gave up |3fi and
" I'otnmlsslon t.. net ns dotec-
"as not to be confined to any
"' erlme, i.m could go nhood
'"""'•s wlib criniliiiils of all
r .1
": n'dlois of nge or sex.   Before
"""siiiui |etl thettables ths new-
''"'"'live  had  madt  lip
"'imi in i,,,,
| tl"' bote
•' en cv.. on the landlord of
He hud long HiiBiiecled that
Kind Lady—I have nothing but soma   '" "(,t tppUed.
lobster salad and mines pie,   You mire- !    After uii hour tuke out of the press.
Iv don't iva.it that for your breakfast?   ndJUBt nn.l Hinoottl the bandage, cover-
Weary Walker Oh, dis is me dinner.   Ing the sdgas nicely, nmi put on cap
mum.   I had nm breakfast day before   cloths i.r same material us tbe bandage,
yesler.lnv. With the cotton press cloths on the nill-
  I aide of these   Put the cheese back Into
Winged time glides on Insensibly snd   the hoop, with u strong round u len
deceives us. and there Is nothlug mors    "follower"    closely    lilting    Inside    tin*
Ceetliti; tlr.iu v.rarB.—Ovid. hoop ou  top of U.e cheese ami  press
again   until   tl.e   following  .ln.i      Thru
SUMMER   FAG. 'tuke out the cheese, remove the press
' cloths, but not th» bun.Inge and caps,
und place It  for curing on a  shelf In
Williams'    Pink    Pills    the
Tonic    tor    Summer
'i'h.*   long   in.,   sum i    thins the
hi I, nn i  leavei yon    weary,    worn
and ii ito bed    Nouung oan cure lhal
•umi  [ug except in   Wllllami   Pink
tin i    ...-1111.11}    make
a room having an even temperature of
about DO degrees I'. It should bo
cur u In three or four weeks,
Tbo foregoing Instructions In cheese
making ure credited to II. 1*1  look, In
lil I and thus strengthen ever) ■ structor at the New York experiment
"■■ini   and   ever> tissue in Lhe i... h   station.
: Ki.-ry dose Oils yon wiih new strength. • 	
mn energy, new life    Purgative puis! Be mat win, can.
..nil    weaken    you    more,   Common
.nil. stimulate foi tlie moment,
unions'  pun,   PHIi   :,i inoii..
ni.:!,.  in w blood, ami nothing bul good
l *. r Ich red blood can brace you lo
stand  >i    'in.,. ,   wb)  i..u
il  take lu   Williams   Pink Pills
now    ,\ii.   W    .1       Norfolk,   White
.    *i iiio'ii Territory, ssyi   "1 sm
aim  yeai   ol age and have i n
■ ■   ■■    ■ eel)    knew   Uu
meaning ol Illness      Leal year, how
*   ■      im   health  ir.tit   win      I  I..-,-,,ne
is, .ini noi   deep well and grow
a   I.n,nn      1.   s,*,*n
i   I ims completel)    w.n ii
.1 till "1.1.  , lllll  II
on ■    i ii.i-i.  ol  ini.in■}   nn  the)
•ii i m.   nn good    I'm..'u  I began  ua
III   U liiniins   l-ini   pills, :in,i lhe)
pui i ii mi feet again, and gavi  m<
; mn   health an i strength
i.i.   |   weak   and   easll)   'ned   man
i   n ;ii nn I Hen  ■
and  new  energy thro
..i   in    Will Pllla
, I In i   cine all l.l.hmI ami  in
i  .• lm.,,   let ihis   • (hi .
• ! •    nini backache*,   Indtg.
I must tell here of a woman who has
for a loug time tried t" get my butter,
but whom I wus unable to supply. She
was bound to get ll und adopted a novel way  for It.    A  regular customer, a
friend of the woman above mentioned,
one duy usked me to let her have two
pounds a Week more than Inr usual
supply I could hardly spare It. but, as
she Ih such a g.HHl customer, by scrimping u little ut home for a short time. I
made out to give ber the extra A
few weeks Inter, on delivering the but
ter. nlie suld: "After this y..u might us
well take this extra over to Mrs Knox.
for It Is she I hnve been getting It for.
You know she trl.sl for so long t.. get
It, snd you COUld never spare it, and
we thought that if you tried l.nrd you
could do It." And how those women
laughed:   <or. Sural  New Yorker.
Old   lime    i.iiiia.
The old time uctor Inul peculiar and
primitive views us to elocution uud its
uses.   i remember n certain old frieud
of mine, who, when he recited the opening speech in "Richard 111." and arrived
at the line, "in tbe deep bosom of the
ocean buried," suggested ths deep bosom of the ocean by sending his voice
Into  his   boots.     Yet   these   were   fine
u.'torn, to ivhimi certain young gentlemen who never saw them constantly
refer. The methods of the stage have
i impletely changed nnd with them the
tiisies of the people.   The probability
Is that son," of the old iietors of only
a   few   years   ago  would  ex.-lie   much
merriment in ti dr delineation ot tragedy, A very great tragedian Of n past
generation wns wont In tbe tent scene
lu "Itlchiird 111." to hold it piece of
soap In his mouth, so that, ufter the up-
pearance of the ghosts, tbe lather snd
froth might dribble down his chin, sud
he employed moreover u trick sword
which rattled hideously, and, what with
bis foam Becked face, his rolling eyes,
Ids Inarticulate groans and his rattling
blade,   the   siniill   boy   111   the   gallery
wuh scared int.. n frehay of vociferous
delight:   Richard Mansfleld In Atlautlc.
Oar ll. ii...i.  Kor a ('Iran Harn.
Hy forcing the stream of warm milk
Into the pail considerable an Is curried
with it uud forced with the incoming
streiim to tl..* bottom of the pull.   The
ml nts thai afflict mosl growing i-vl    result Is that a pall full of milk is a
an.l women ..t mature yean    Bold b)
ail in* . len oi hy in.ni in :...
i boxes foi |! ... in.in
thi   i"   Williams Medicine Co., Brocl
■ ini
it  is reported thai  thi   li.  ion Woi
imt   mil be open foi  traffic on
un   i
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
\    tight    .'tlii.i    »..    : \, n n    iii.ii'  ii..   death ol .h    ph  Benja
min  Mooring, in  tin* in.pn*.     <i   lini
The    man    w.is    at, mgled
The  World  is Pull ot  Pains   The
ami   pains  thai   allllct   hun.
an in.nn  ami constant, arlatng
a multitude ol Indlatlngulshable causes
bui in un  main owlni negll
m   taktni his health,
i hom        Eclectrl.    Ol   was thi
rn.   ot  a universal cr}   foi  som<
■ .   v.huh would speedily n
nml   u   has   tilled   Us   lii.ssnn,  to
iKllhle    ll'.
< i.ii.lllertllr.
•rsvll   Thai  .nl Mi    Hansom Insist
ad upon kissing nie last nlgbt   Hr le
Whv didn't youscresml   Nell   I dltln I
Wlint tO scare the 1 1' WlOW.
Mnvnte   Is Clara a.* 1 i-trl to t.-U n
secret to?   Maude   Oh, ii'*-* nol   WW
sbe'll never tell a toull Cbleaao Nowi
DODD'S ' •
_/, Pli****** ■'
i here are quite • number ol  d. 11
..I. iln   lulls in in.mi  p.nis
Uerla. ami  tin*}  seem '.. ■■
•imt   the}   at.   safe irom molea
and are ipui.   i.nm
loi  Violent in  Action --
when   iin*;    wish to
resort to Epsoni
in'name salts    Then.
action, but serii* uo
rn io good Theli use produc
enl chills, mid If persisted in
ii ;ii injure iin* itomsch Noi .1"
,, • upon il»* Intestines In i ben
wa)       Pa. rn.>•>■ s   Vegetabli
- r all  purposes lu this   r. I
.,,1   Inn.* no superior.
iin*    armored    orulsei     Minotaur
m  i i.m i,   has jusi boon launched
i .1,;,...      sn.  will inn.  ,i ere*
nd  a. nmi «.11 hai'
i     ,, mm when completed
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
■ W hat  makes the butter    bad."    lie
\i    |. ■" ,} the siiiiT
ii hen   It     was
r, i  ii hipped  enough "
Sunlight   Soap  is  heller than   other
soups.   Inn   is  hesl   when   use,I   m   the
simiiiriir  wi *       Buy  Sunlight  Boap
mnl inln."  directions
Ml ml"*'    "1 n lm* New *i oil, Inline, o
inm iiiiii been an..sled, charged with
violating nn   Internal  revenue   lim-
Krep Minard's Liniment in the House
in.  tiaekwar of Bands   the greal
■I,,    nm,in rajahs, arrived In
rm,mi h ii ith ins wife mui a retinue
Maklna a  Fell  Hal.
A felt but l» Hindi* by a pncmnntlc
pj. ms. a conical cup perforated with
holes Is provided. Xht air beneath Is
exbSUIted and I.y a curious device tl.e
OK |8 for I evenly to all parts of the
outside of tin* r. iver,  und  thus by
the strong pressure and rush of the ulr
i„ thrown up.." tht (rams nud distributed, thiiB forming the basis for tht
To prose one slgnllled to write In
prose rather than In verse, nnd I prosy
uian was one who preferred to clothe
his   Ideas   In   prosulc   rather  than  ln
metrical form-
I.uthi-r'a  Bible.
A museum la Bertta has Luther's m-
,,, -_|ch bs used In bis study. Its
'.reins nn* covered witb notes in ti.e
rofornier-e handwriting. It was print*
,,,, |„ Basel in IW" niul Is tn an en*^
lent BUte of preservation. ,  . ,   ,
mliture of milk and air. If tbe stable
eir is dusty or contaminated "ith had
odors, these objectionable features are
about as thoroughly mixed wuh toe
milk ns possible
When western [owa wiih newly settled the funnels In nn Isolated section
banded themselves together as a school
district nnd proceeded to choose one of
their number committeeman.    A  log
sdi.mil.'.us., was erected, uud soon a
young woman ciune Unit way seeking
ll chance to teach. The committeeman
wan designated to ascertain her dtUOSS
When tbe time for the ordeal arrived
the public official was at his wlt'B end.
He had heel, examined himself often
enough, but that was when be wns attending district school fifty yenrs before. Tbe very thought of conducting
uu examination himself, nnd for a
teacher at that, staggered hitu.    no
could not think of ■ question tn nsk.
The young woman snt waiting, nnd
the old man teetered nervously on bis
"Well, now. Miss rturden," he said
cautiously at hist, "klu you say Uie
alphabet bnck'nr.ls''"
Miss Burden could, nnd did.
"I'lnel" cried the coininltteeninn. "I'll
Just Indorse your certlficute." He
Wrote It thus:
"Kully profit-shunt."
According to tha Eaosaa experiment
station, soy beans haw tbe quality of
producing silliness in butter Cottonseed meal has the opposite effect from
the soy bean meal - It hardens butler.
With soy beans and cottonseed menl
available it is therefore peaalble for the
private dairyman i" s.t regulate tbe
ration of I.is c .ws thai be can produce
butter of nny desirable consistency.
Fa-rd and  l*rr Oat ut Fat.
Kiperimeiits show comparatively little Influence of feed In tbe percentage
of fut.   snys  an exchange     The  Ver
mont station, nrier live yean' tests, concluded   that   COWS   on   early   pi
make more end richer miiw than during the Inst months of their barn life
Profetaot Henry says thnt the milk
from pasture contains less water and
tlmt the higher Int content Is always
sccompanled bj higher percentage of
total solids.    Be states broadly that
succulent fe.sls have no deleterious effect upon the composition of milk, but
in many easse a beneficial Influence,
ii,«   ie  I •■■ .1   Allalla.
The cost Of producing mitt and butter can i*t* greatly reduced by replac
Ing part Of the ciinentriites In lhe
dully   rntlon   of   the  COW,   will,   some
roughness rich In protein, such as alfalfa or eowpea Lay
In substituting sttslfl bay for wheat
brim It will be best In pr...: *.- to allow one and one half pounds of alfalfa
tn each pound of wheat bran, and .r
the nlfiilfa Is fed lu a finely chopped
Condition  the  results  will prove more
satisfactory.- West Virginia Experiment Station.
Fet-dlna llf-llara.
No efforts are inn.le to secure lurge
in I lit yield during the yenrs of growth
In heifers, but ii.tber to develop .. bal.lt
of persistency in toe flow, says a cor-
isspiiiiilnnt iii Kimball's Dairy Parmer.
A grnin ration ranging fiom four to six
pounds daily will Biifllco for the llrst
jear i.f lactation. With each succeed
lug year a pound or tm. may lie added
to the dully rut Ion. This SOCUMC good
growth, together with normal develop
mint of milk functions.
Cows OB 1 -.-I. in...
When COWS coinc out of winter <|tinr-
tcrs lu rattier poor, (hlu condition and
their yield of milk bus been decreased
from lack of proper nourishment dur
Ing the winter nu>nibs the fresh grass
has  a  wonderfully   Invigorating  effect
on tbelr systamand tbe yield of milk win
undoubtedly !»• Increased But as the
qusntlty of milk Increases ths test fre
ipiciitiy decreases   Dr. n. Otis, Kan
BUS.  —	
Thr ll.arlnth.
The hyacinth i" Indicative of jealousy, lu the tired, legend tl.e plant
sprung from the blood o* one who
died for love     The .inuie wiih derived
from that of iiyu. Intbna, s iwy beloved
by Apollo. 	
Tbe  Vlrlors*   ........
The Creeks gave n crown of laurel to
the victor in the Pythian lames, bnt
the victor In the Olympian guinea had
a crown of Wild olives, the victor In
Uu-   Ncincin gl s n  clown of green
parsley tnd toe victor lu th<* isthmian
games'n iron ii of dry pnrnl.'y or green
pine lenves.
Onr First Barer.
Thc Drel sugnr mnnufnetured lu this
country wiih made lu New Orleans In
A   ..r.-nl    Btamp   1 ttrii-rv
The must colostal stamp forgery on
r ml entailed tl.e successful swindling of Collectors throughout Europe
lu 1 S*)*_. Ui.e day tbe licnch papers
announced thnt King Marie I. of Se-
dang, uu island In tbi vicinity of China, was coining tu I'urls. As It happened,  this self created monarch  was
an ex-offlcer of the French navy, nud
his uppenriince in l'aris created considerable sensation.    As booh us his
ry   had   been   duly   "advertised"
sets of seven different postage stamps
marked "Sedang" and beuriug three
half moons appeared, and bo great was
the demand for them that in less than
a month they reullzed l.tMU frnucs
each. Not until tl.e king nud bla ministers bad reaped fut fortunes In this
munuer was It discovered that the
whole thing wus a hoax and thc stntups
consequently worthless.
The   Deadly  Uruga   lime  a   Faaclua-
i.iiii   Fur   tbi.   Workman.
"Slip on this glass musk," suld the
foreman.    "You will need It"
The visitor donned the uucuuny musk
of gluss, uud the foreman led the way
to the cyanide of potassium department.
"We make 1,000 tons of cyanide a
year," he said. "A dose of five grains
Is a fatul oue. Thus our auuuul product Is enough to kill li.fiOO.OOO people."
He opened u door, and u room tilled
with writhing llniiies, deuse shadows,
spurks, iimoke und weird figures ln
gluHH luitskH wus revealed. In the center of the room, lu u great culdron, 100
pounds of u.olteu cyanide of potassium bubbled und seethed.    The llnnn*
glinted strangely ou the glass musks.
The forcmuu coughed.
"These fumeB," be suid, "are whole-
Bome. The men, you see, are ull robust. I haw known weukly cbnps,
working here uinong these strunge
funics, to pick up health aud strength."
In another clean, cool room the finished cyanide was stored. It looked
like crystallised white augur, good
enough to cut.
"Hood enough to eat," said tbe foreman gravely. "Well, we have hud
men ent It. Four men committed flui
tide in that way.
"The fumes seem to create In our
men u desire to taste the drug. They
light this desire, most of them, successfully, but they all feel It, the Bituie
us workers tn coffee planta want to
chew the coffee beans, und some feci
It bo strongly  as  to succumb."
Soma   Bltpa   ul  the   l.ngut-
Nover use the word "liable" when
you mean "likely." Do uot say. for
IUKtni.ce, that 'he Is liable to come In
ut uuy moment" "Liable" Implies misfortune aud menus -exposed to." *'hu1i-
Ject tu," "In danger of "
Why do most of us Bpcak of "uu-
rnvellug a mystery?" Any good dictionary shows thnt "ravel" means "to
unweave." Vou "ravel" a mystery,
therefore, when you Bolve It. lu "Ham*
let'' Bhakespeare says: "Make you to
ravel ull this matter out."
If you uud your friend Smith kuow a
man culled Jones, do not s|ie!ik to
Smith of "our mutual friend"—mean
lug Jones. Jones Is your common
friend. If you are friendly to Smith
and Smith Is friendly to you, you und
in*.* ••mutual friends," but that is
ths only seise In which the term may
lie rightly used.
ni*.'..i   « nn   Her.
After nu all ulgbt session with the
boys a husband wended bis way home,
arriving there at uhuut D a. m.   He
found his wife walling for blm lu thu
dining room, the confusion of furniture
Indicating tbat Bhe bad been having an
unhappy time.
••This Is a nice time for you to be
coming bome," snapped the Wlfe.
■ ■Yes." admitted the erring husband.
"It's a lovely morning."
•I haven't slept a wink this blessed
nigh " with a seven look.
"Neither have I," suld tiie hUBbaud.
Thr   Ural   Blmnn   1'nrr.
"The reul Simon pure" Is oue of those
phrases which  every  oue understands
und not one lu u hundred could account
for.    Simon I'uri- was a I'euusylvnnla
Quaker  In   Mrs   Ceutllvn's  "A   Bold
Stroke For a Wife." produced at Urury
I.......   theater,   London,   lu   February.
1718. tine (.'olonel l'clgnwell pusBca
himself off ns Simon nnd wlus Uie heart
of .1 Bristol heiress. Miss Lovely, ufter
which the real Simon l'ure turns up.
Wllllr Km-,..
Mr Bllggtns hu.l put In about an
oi.ur tin* previous evening explaining
in words of one syllable to his little
son the geological ti ry of the formation of coal veins turn ihey un- the result of thc decomposition of vnst forests that existed iu riotous profusion In
Ilu- prehistoric era.   This evening they
hn.i company, nnd Ur, Bllggtns turned
In Willie and asked, "Willie, how did
we get coal?*1
■•dn Mr .'.ike to trust us for It,"
Willie replied,  Judge,
Tun  nu»r.
Senior Partner The new mnn docs
not siKMii to bine developed auy good
points id
Junior Partner—NO, be hasn't had
Senior partner Baen't hud time?
Junior-Partner Na lie spends most
of his time explaining his mistakes.—
Philadelphia Ledger.
ni  ii--,.,.ol
Visitor (surveying a  canvas Bt the
portrait painter's)  What n queer get
up Shed have looked l.inl enough
WithOUl doing her hair lu that outlandish way.   win. is tbe frump, anywayl
The   Artist    My    wife. - Woman's
Home . iiiui.iti.nni
Hrmorliila  Id   un   I.ukU'I.   Church  tu
lilrU  Trur   to   Flral   I.ovtr.
There are seven "virgins' gurlands"
still iu existence in Miiisterley church
Salop, the first of them bearing the
dute t&M mid the luHt 171JL
Tbey couHist of Bilk ribbons and
paper, ball shaped, und ure covered
with rosettes, the Inside center of the
cane or wire fruine supporting a pair
of paper gloves. They represent a romantic custom of very ancient origin
uud are sacred to the memory of girls
who while betrothed lu their youth
lost tbelr Intended husbands by death,
yet remained true to their tirst loves.
Each uiaideu designed ber own garland, aud ut her death this simple em
bleffl was borne before ln*r by tbe village lasses, the white gloves being afterward added. After tbe obse.|Uies
these garlands were suspended in the
village church ou a rod beurliiB at its
extremity a heart lu tbe shape of au
escutcheon, upon which tbe lultials and
date were Inscribed. These were orlgl*
ually tlxed above the maiden's pew.
Bome of tbe earliest and forgotten
garlands Were composed of real How
eri, but later tbe covered hoops described were substituted.
There is a passing ullusion to thiB
"simple memorlul of tbe early deud"
lu "Hamlet" "Yet here she Ih allowed
ber virgin crunts," ".•runts" slgulfytng
garlands -London Graphic.
Come Now
Own   Up
You don't like those ersy
hairs, do you? And your husband certainly doesn't Uke
them. Then why not try a
bottle of Ayer's Hair Vigor?
It restores color to gray hair
every time, all the deep, rich
color of early life. And it
cures dandruff also.
" I eartalnlT ballan that A'«**i Hair VI«or
ll . ■tiltntdld prt,|-.r.tlttn for tl*i li.tr IM
•,•.![,, for I hav. umH tt mora or law for i.z
jtt.i. 1 cab cliaarf ally raauraniantl It to any
t-tit- to iitr.il of -null a arauaiaalaa."-Mas.
R_Tl BUTT, Mlniiaaitoll*. Blnn.
b* J.O. _r«rCo.,l._weli, Mam
t Ito tman ___tt_r*r» of
caeiRv per-raui.
Shortage of  Men.
"NOI for many years bus there I n
such a ihortage of labor thii season."
says ,i j. Qolden, Provincial Commissioner of Immigration. "There in.s
been so much railway construction In
progress and the roads ur.* s.. bard up
for men that  they are snatching up
*v.*i*i   available hand.    However, even
with the railways eliminated, li would
no impossiiiie this summei to supply
im demands throughout Manitoba and
.in* West for farm help to gather the
harvests. Bven now we cannot meet
the demon ., and as the summer advances the cry for help is going to be
■noriiioiis. My estimate mnv is that
ihere will he needed al least from
jn.nm.  to   _:, nin.   men   to   hnrvesi     the
XV.   offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
'or any case of  Catarrh that cannot  ba
•ured  by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F.J. t.'HKNEY & CO., Toledo, O.
\Vt    th,   uinl.MalKiit-d   have known F. J.
'In in v for tl.e last 15 years, and belleva
.im   perfectly   honorable   In   all  business
transactions, and tlnam-laHy able to carry
iut any obllKiitlona made by his Arm.
XValdlns. Rinnan A Marvin.
XVhiilcBul.* Druggists,  Toledo,  O.
II.ill h Catarrh Cure in taken Internally,
artli.K directly upon tin* lilittnl anil mucous -uirfincs uf the syst'-tii Testimonials sent fre. Price. 76c. per bottle.
-I ild bv all IiriiRKlsts.
lake Hulls Fumlly Pills for Constipation
In England Too.
ICven In Bingland they have their
'•■ci sc.iii.1h1b tlmt make vegetarians.
\ butcher In IParriugdoo Road, Urn-
i.m. advertises: "Wanted, a respectable buy for beef sausages."—New
hon,  Tribune.
Unit i. w .... a
"One duy last week 1 was Informed
by telephone of a tire iu my own office,
not Blx feet away from where I wus
BtuudiUK." said » prominent Wull street
broker. "A client witb whom 1 hud
been tulklug, ufter lluhtiug a cluur,
threw the btirulng match Into the
waatebaaket under my desk. As 1 weul
to the door with him I heurd the telephone bell ring violently. WIipu I un-
swered tbe call I wus surprised to be
told thut there was u lively bluzc under
my desk, which bad been seen Iiy o
lit-i^li! otlt'e boy in the opposite build
Ing, The tire "us bidden from me by
a high flllng cabinet, und might have
done serious damage before 1 discovered It myself. I am now hunting for
lhat boy," be added "Any one quick
wltt.il enough to think of telephoning
lu such an emergency 1 can use lu my
An  Km! io Bilious  Headache.—Blh
i.ii.sinss. which is caused bj excessive
>il.> iii the stomach,    has    ■    marked
■rfect upon ihe nerves, and often man
festa ns.-lf by sever.* headache.   This
s the moal distressing headache one
•nn  have.    There ure headaches from
•..Id.    Irom    lever,    nn.l    troni    other
nuses, inn the most  excruciating of
ill is the bilious headache. Turin*
Vegetable  Pllla  will  cure It—cure it
ilmoai Immediately, li  will disappear
i- soon a- ihe pills operate.   Th.
u.thing surer in —e treatment ol boons  headache.
Mrs Reginald De Koven hai denied
the story thai tbe composer is ill and
in u sanitarium.
Corns cause intolerable pain    Hoi
loway'8 Corn Cure removes the trouble.   Try  it, and  see  whal   amount  of
pain is  saved.
IMn.o'a  Hafrrtr  Valve.
A round, smooth hole in tbe side of a
grutiite monument uiHitit nine miles
out from the City of Mexico Is locally
known by a term which signifies "Pinto's safety vain" The hole Is ubout
nine inches In diameter nt the opening.
Which Is polished In a manner which
suggests human workmanship. That
man bad nothing to do with drilling
or polishing this bole will be readily
surmised when It is kuowu that It has
occasionally emitted hot air and smoke
during a i-erlod extending over 300
Thr  Mia  ol Foree.
There Is ulwuys room for a man of
force, nud be makes room for many.
Society ts a troop of thinkers, and the
liest heads among tbem take tlie best
pla.-eB. A feeble man cun see the
farms that are fenced and tilled, the
houses that are built. The strong mun
sees the possible houses snd farms.
His eye makes estates as fust as the
sun breeds ClOUdl   Emerson.
n.ili-* Familiar.
"There Is not much In a name, perhaps." said a young Sunday SCbOOl
teacher. "Still it did gl. cine a turn last
Sunday when 1 asked a boy lu my
class bOW many apostles there were
tn have him limit up and reply cue
h'BHly, Oh, n dozen or so!' "
i ...   and   I-"
Timre  is  no difference between a
mile square snd a square mile   Each
colituliiH (140 BCNe.    There Is, however
a difference between two miles sijuure
and two square miles.
W .......-rfni
Itrl.lcgrooni- What's tbe matter, driver'.' Coachman The horse has Just
tbroWD a shoe, sir Brldegroom-Orent
Bcott! Do even l.oroes kuow we are
Just married?
Bnd   For  Cranlltora.
Ill the faraway, benighted community of I'allien, In Africa, the old fnsh
loiitd method of throwing it debtor
into prison, where bo Is nafe from the
tormenting visits of bis creditors, Is
uot followed. Instead, he is practically turned over to the mercy of the
credit..rs In ll literal hciisc. A beuvy
tree log l» attached Iu his bare leg.
and thin he Is obliged to drug after
lilm wherever he goi'B. There la uo
cHcupIng Hie creditors now, nnd tbe
log remains bound to his ankle uutu
bis debts ire paid. . ,
A School for Cabmen.
Paris   Is  to   have  a   School   for   cal'
men    The  Anti-Cruelty   s   *    and
he .'nh Owner*' Association hav. de-
nletl on n plan for elevating the .le
lU'l calling.    There is to be  I  period
ii   Instruction  and  probation.     Tbe
,'outh wim aspires to be a "whip" will
ifui  elementary Instruction In the
ninloiii} and piiihology ol the horse.
ii harnessing, feeding, driving and in
■inln'.' regulations. With so much
ore. Jehu should lose the attribute
hat has won him Biblical tame,
PacKed at the
Oven's Mouth
We do things right at
the Mooney bakery.
Crackers are packed piping
hot from the ovens. The
moisture-proof paper and
aa-'tight tins retain all the
freshness and crispness.no
ptin e__so*as
, 1* rtOOMtv I    .an ■ i:.Nm   c:
sttiCTrrjiio   ciNftOf.
matter   where   or   when
you buy them.
They come to your table just as inviting and delicious as though you ate
them at the ovens in the
bakery. At all grocers in
air-tight packages.
■told by all Druggist* and Oeneral Stone
and by mall.
W    N    U    No.    591 TM£ LAHDEAU immct
|!s l'l*i  .-',,  "I f" * '
■ il 1 .|f4«IUl ril 1   I■'■
.!.«• i ii.v. mi*.. rrMUhcl
..I l.aUoaveri Thutitli)-*
Tn ■ 1*' lit .-  i -■ '.   '. »' a*
,nl.|.': i ■ lan '.   ■ii.t'i- uf
Jit*  r    ■
111   Uli.twt: .'^/n,-.;
iwiTn_> .ntti.its et
Alllti.t!   11*1 li." .irn.;.-,l   i»l   •Mv-.L  -M *.f«
*   lllll, *. * : 10   . i".l |*t.i
III- CM ' *      H 1
;.,,,.'      1 i MH     '   1   •*'!.'•.'   i
, ill l ,   i       '     I .•   I   *  I   ll| ,    H*ll'
S|il.....in llllll I. ■■.,*.<*. !:,     llV
tt* efliit
' ".li IC
Iii lie II . •-'■■■ .<>. llie Judgments let Slid
A mending i .'*. end
ill Hie Cjunty t'uiiil ol  .Volt  K .oli-uatr
I old  u  11     l'l ii l    I alto,    between
Oi . iiipj.ii,  ui S'situip,   li.C.
plaintiff   jud   nent .i redit'.i). anil
Krnesl An.-1 in • linker,  nt i itow
head,   H.i'., delen.lawt (J'.d^melit
d. htorj
1'iirsiiitnt to ihe order of  Iii*  Honor
Judge I*.niu, ilar.'il  20lh  day of June,
1900,  I dill o.OVr for solo and urli h)
public nil titui  nt the Court lloiire ai
i r. ul I aii... li r . mi I'riday the Wil.
ilai of August, 1110(1,  It   lhe   l.'.ui '•: 11
o'clock in the forenoon, all the Interest**1
oi   the iiUivi*-iiii:;i(-.|  judgment   del.   .r.
I'i  csi AugUHtlll   ll.iLcr   ill li.l   III] nl   i
Fit .* ;*:>) in Block iirinii.-i'i* Thr. •■ *     I.i
llie loivn of Arrow hi'iui. map II11.
I'.ii'Iiirt'ii'i'|i'.',ii!iii'.i ii apply lo F c
Elliott,    of   Troul   l..'li* .  IM' . Mt'i.'ili.i
for Judgmeni Crediioi
Il.lteil Iln* -ml .l.iv of AUBUll, 10OC.
l.lli)'  M. Vl'II.I..
De| uty Sheriff of North Woei
t'oin tit's entered into for puukius ol Mining Kupplluk, ,*i
to itu" piiini in tl." district
(l.iod, |ir.>mpti»rvlui), .ml a.i.i wor'.i un lortalcen guarsnte
H..!:s*j. t I.
5, DANEY, Prop.     Ferguson.
.Legal Notices.
ml nini.in-
CKimMOATiM oh' iMriioVKMiwr.
Ij.O.i Uklali, 1 una Ktsr miners
iltnutalii tho Trout I-«koMlnlng IMvl-|
!    iluu of West Kim onu*. illitriol
I    ivht-ro  lo.'iic'   ll.'Hil"' :.''''''";'
r.i, nr iimi I, '  '■' i"-".""i
I ,„„„.,', ... Illh-ittti tin. '   .*''■  f"1
-„.i: mil us iiitfiii I*   ■■   •'"'"; '
No IIKTiMMI,  Unl''"   -VldH'i  ' *:l
.*.., ,',':i;.-i   \. I) -dill, I lb ■'
, CO iln vi nff.ir it'll ■"'■■ ' ' '
to he MillingUiK-nriUu iiriJerllfli u
iinniov oiitMfortlioiuiri-oseoioliisiii*
in- irnnvii mm Hoi:!..' llwvii elllili *
Anil iiirtlno hike i'""1'" l1"*1 ""'"' ,
musl 1 c commenced I
.. 0| utich I'er.iliri'i' nl
Dated the 4th d»\ ol
E. R* VlPorjJ
Trout Lake Uv
nnili'.* BOVtioll   :!l"
•i rlOI'U rllll ISIUUIII*
A    IK,  10C0.
.1. VV, 0HI8M
A ih-,'       0
Alice mineral claim, iituate in (lie
Trout l.nke mining division of West
Kootenay district.
Where located r On summit ol Kilier
"Ciijt mountain at I.cad of Drown creek.
lake notice that I, Andrew Abraham-
•i-oii K.M.C. No. B88,188, agent for John
•O. Plpor, K.M.C. No. B88071, and
■Charles Abrahamson, K.M.C. No.
its.Sii?:', Intend, sixty dayi from tin.'
.Ink* hereof, la apply to llie
Mining Reeordor for a Certifltfate ..'
[mprovements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Giant of llie i.l.ov.
Anil further take notice that act ion,
under section 47, must lie commenced
before the issuance si Certificate of In
Dated lliie 5tli .lav of Juno, a.d. |1K>(
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Livrgc ComlnrUiblf Ronim,   Excellent Cuisine and Attendance.
Grout Xahe
Supply Oo.
I,.,- us ng Water supplied  lij
i ompany you .'ire assured nl il o*
Government anal'
Inii- purity
tn back up statotncntH
Hugh McPherson - -  Supt.
Greater Now Vork Mineral Claim ritua-
■ he I'roul Luke Mining Division oi
IVosi Kootenay District, Where located :
<in Loner Lardeau river, ono half mile
nortii of Teuderfool cneek.
Take Notice that I, F. C. Klliott,
Free Miners' CartiScate. No. is.ssio".
Acting ns sgi nt for I.tulger Ouere,
l*'r,*e Miners Certificate No. U88O0-J, in*
tend, slaty daye from the .lute hereof,
toapply to the Mining Recorder for n
Ooitincate of Improvements, (or lhe
purpose ol obtaining a Crown Uruntol
the above claim.
And further take notice tlmt action.
under section '■>', must be commenced
before the issuance of iuch Certiflcat.
_i I inprovementi,
Dated  this  23rd day of Jtiiv.,   a.i.
Notice is hereby given that fiixly ili.yr
after date I intend to »pply-4o (he Hon.
Chief Commiaalonerof Landi1 and Works
for permission tu pinches.- thefollowiu|i
described landi. liluslod ll. >V>lt Koot-
Commencing tit it popt pleated on llie
north there of Lardo river about half a
mile up from Poplar creek .unl marked
.T Ritlsimmoos' sll. corner pott, mu-
ninr* north in chaini, thence weet SO
cluiins, llienc*. ao-j'Ai PO chains, thence
along liver bank to thepdntol mm
mint. i. KlTZSIMMONS.
llnl.d June 90, HlfW.
Notice b herpby _iven lhat 60
••In vs after date I inti nd   to apply
in tin* lion. Chief Goramisaioner of
Lands m.d Works tor permission
to purchase tlie following described
land situated in West. Kootenay
Commencing   at  a )*.o_   plant. I
half  a  mile above   I'oplar   creek
on north Bide of Lard   river, mark
ed ' A. Sowing's S.W, corner posl,'
thence east 80 chains nlong river
l.unk,   thenoe nortii   -IU    chains,
tin nee   w<■-'    BO  i hail s,   thence
■south  40 chains to point of coin
June 27, 1906.       A. Gowiko.
Notica is hereby given that 60
days after date I intend to make
application to the Chief Conimii*.-
Bioner of Lands and \Vork< f.r
permission tn purchase the f.illn.t-
in_ d"scribed lands situate.I al
i laJena I>.iy. W'c-t Ifootenti •• dii
trict. and described ns f.iiio-.vs '
Commencing at a p*»l marked T.
Watson's N.E. corner post, planted
at the s \V. cor. of LC112 | Arrow-
bead Lumher Co 'b Umber limit),
thence weet 40 eliaini., tin nee
south CO chain?, tlience east 40
diains. thence nortii 20 chnins to
point of commencement, nnd containing 80 acre*.      1. Watson.
Dated June 22nd, iin .6.
Notice   in   hereby   given   that    tic
motitbn after dute ! intend to  apply  to
the I nn. f.hief Oommlitionerof l-ntuls
nnd Wurkn f..r n special licence to rnl
ind carry away limber from the following described landi iltusted in tho
u'e-i Kootenay distr  ■
Commencing sl n i».-t marked I. li.
Hill'slonth-weil .truer, net it *
west corner of Lul  IHT, ti,ence north
si) cliiim, ihenee »nsi NO .Inni -. tl ■ ■ ei
louth K0 chains, thonce well 80 chain*
point of ft,min. neemenl.
Helton tilth J i, 1900, i.i -l IB IIII.I.
Notice ii hereliy given lhal two
monthi nfter .Int.* I Intend lo ippl)
to the Hon. chief Cotnmlmioncr ol
Lantlnnii'1 IVorkl for u ipeclal liceni
to cut and carry swav timbei fi
following described hinds, iituate i in
i he Well Kootenay dlilrict:
Commencing sl :.|....t marked ]•-
Hill's south east corner, set ut uorili-
ci.sl coiner of Lot 771. tlience north 80
chilm, Ibence wesl SO chains, tlicnc.
MUth 80 chains, thenee east 80 chaini
10 poilll of collirni'.uiliielil.
Kelson, Uth June, 1000.    Lsslis lin.i..
Notice    IS     hereliy    iriven   thill   iii"
months afi'-i date I Intend to spply to
the Hon, Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works fora special lioensu to cm
mnl earn away limber from the fol-
lowing described hinds situated lu tin*
tt cm Kootenay din rlcl
Comiiieiicinii at a imst marked Leslie
l.l.iV   When   y-.u   hlVO   tested   «ndh|i||>a aoqUl-MBt   corner  post,   sot   ..1
Vi inn  yen  want an ii*.! north-east corner ol Lot 7M8, Ihenee
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mineral Claims Surveyed
end Crown QrsotS Obtained
ftcldcnre   *.ni I'.t.oril unit'.*.
I'rm.t L.ik''. II 0
FBBD    C.    ELL I O TT,
I'd'Lic, i;tc,
Trout Lake, B. C.     and Ferfrusnti.
• ' nnllinl.     ....
B. C,
Ool/ioc lomnanyi' imercHts
looked  after.
Ajjen. fn. Unuiliii'. I'luniil
PIANOS.   The famous Gourtaj*
Ib llie one to buy. It is not a
cheap piano when you buy, but
you find you Imve practised  cent)
W. H. Jones,
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   __
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
Best Hoteijn Town,
Hfltyuln for Mlnins a**-* Cmercial la.
leaf   Binders,    Fins   Job
II.ir.lw.ir--.  Miuers' Br  i lies, 8tJ»e
111-1    1-I.I   „"*!.
StarlsCv? iJ Co.
WHOLESALE l»i'M ER8 In Buttsr,
KjOtl,    Cliee.e,    Produce    mo\    Fruit
Iliui.it.>u Bk.,1 isophine St. Nelson, B.C.
It payi to o*o tho Telephone      A
thy trip can often be laved.   Olnei •
,ii  i t*i_          L'ui     ini' 81. ro I  11"1"
I..ike. Post . ill '••. .I" ii Beaton, Comaplix and Arrowhead.     	
Trout   Lake   City Transfi
er I
and Stage Lin
j Ferguson
i^   7s .
| Trout Lame
I Beat°n 1
d'W | ititjltrXi*! t$cWMhMff)
to***Aummtmit, ii
| Doily St«ga will *
!**'«v.   FeijiuioB
? I:.I*i,
Trout Lake »t 8 j
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Sandy Laughton
WI1KN' lisiiing Ferguson joa
sli'.iild ft ay at the Lardeau
Id.t.i.    Hera  the  lisii.r
will  be   surrounded  will.
Lome ■ .iii'fi.iin.   Hlxcellent
cuisine,     well   ventilated
nu I    iiurm    rooms,    well
i bar, and  ev. rything which
lei ds towards iiiiikiiig yonr visit »
|i'.* i-int ami memorable one.
Rates from $1 iltiy upwards.
We strive t.. please ..ur I'lilrons.
.-   *- - ■■■_ «:u*-«?_
XTbc Ibotcl Beaton
VISITORS arriiine at Boaton [the threshold of lhe Lardeau)
• 11 \rr,,u head, will i i I tl ■ Hotel lo bo folly equipped
forhbth-el !        snt seeotnmodalino.    A well
appointed and spaeimii dinii • ball The ben of Wines,Spl.lti
snd Ciftars. l'erronol supervision ii given t" tin* requirement! '<f
patrom  Visitors t. th. fa'deau csu rely on comfort at this I   t.
W. BOYD -:■  -:- Prop
7-n> •Er*i*^U*-C*-*P****>*>*i5     .     " ~   „*-*a-l**^*rV»3l€tHe>Ci«E* US -
Lithia Mineral Water
Thorpe (Sh Co.
Stolon,». <l.
strumenl t-"i tiie loeil agent,
Murray. He can fit yon <«it wilh
anv style, and at sny price and
U'rffit     ,1  P MvrriV, lotttl a-gent
north 40 ehaiiiR, theme went llWchaiiiu,
thsuee south 40 ehaiiiH, thenee ea«t KiO
rhainfl to p.iinl of counneiiccuxiiit.
.Nelbgn, lUtb Jiiue,1900.
Pay the Printer.
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
II, aU u'n. ,*
Wa'c!. rei
airing,   eto.
i .n.tr.u.i.,.*'l.
All  work
WJffiliflws Blocd Trail Lake, P.C
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
CAPITAL  PAID   UP     a3.B2r.T4t ,_r
nCSERVC   FUND 1.0?T.r4iao
D. R. WH RIB, President ROBERT J.VI'KRAY.P       -,
BRANCHES    i"   till   l'ro»    I .i'  "I   AlherLi i.  un.   III,   •        .-
Mi ii.'it.i, Ontario snd Qu.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT •'' I     •   •  -■ ■ ' r r_|**|
i tiir.M.r rat ■ fi '   late "I opeolr ■     i     iai
B   C
F. B. Wells
RKVl.l.STi'KK, B. 0
,     BOUGHT
cash  Pkicr:..   paid.
No. W
A V   & A U.
y-.      * /C   3rd   Tli'irr-il.:;.   eaeh
'   X/7   * mn .lh.
Pnjoiiruini! brethren cordially invited.
.,  t. i I.linl. 8ee   I.'. ,W M
lliuft- *^..i i .. ,' ibl« 'n nil parts ■.. ». -1«.
-<it,. and i ni  p.
,i nri.t.i .'i. ffVta . *    *. »n*l
g I., n.i..
Thi.i t I.aii. li; a' till   I . KllD,
NO, ll
I. ii.ii. K
Review Job Dept.
Kpr High-Clssi Work
■   .   -
^Sg^V' d
I •. .*
tr nii'i-.trr. Ii.lrt l.l
,"«'.    Hull    .v.rj
I  ..\ l.u   nllbl   nl    *
■k     I'UllIni   iiritti-
rdi»!ly wir.e.im«
I*. M.I. li> j bird, *
* Hssaging -
Barber Shop
— run a •—
Oood Shave or Hsir Cut
.ML ON —
P.Biarns &Co Wii''ai,#_^
.VIIOLESALE    AND    BKTAIL|*J        Hot and Cold Baths
i.ol.l .r Silver
.; .Id ind Silver
Hilvor and I
?! 50
s_ oc
2 50
'    ■
5   SHANNON,  -\ssaycr
Tronl Lake. B  i
Ocalersin all kinds of Fresh Meet
l -
....    -  M-i..r««r I   A. Il»r.rj
'-,11,   l.,r- lot In.l . • J. I ■     -     ' '   *
Barber Shop.
Ynr iioo-l ii»irr«'.Ung aod
Hhm.r >• go tn
rwotfi fcABBdii
Hot. an* <*u B»,K»
THERE have been fortnnea
innile I.y judicious inv. -i-
mi nt in Real Estat**, and
nn.re fniiunes «ill be made than
ever the rr xt t».. ..i three _\«*..r■-.
The one ivh i rt-nj.H the ban eat ii
the original Investor, for h. bas
his mouey ou :. ceriaintj.
N..W let un point out I.i Mm thai
there i*. no batter snot nn the Cuu*
tur.i.t I*, buy Real Katate tban
Trout Lake la tlm prettieal sp>»
in the Kiiotennys; as » pleasure
resort it  has no equal.    Boating
nnd fishing inny In Indulged in
the year round ; wl.ile big game
In ahundunce ia to the found on
the Is]11*«. Iik cliiiinie W superb,
b i ■• no great extiernes, ii
bi Ing mil.I in winter nml cool In
summer. Ii cun bnast of H'.ine.,f
iin iin.vi hotels mnl i«sidencos i..
l'riii.-li Columbia, Its itn eta are
well laid ..nt mill gradi .1. Thore
nr.' two excellent _.-*..>'nil stores,
and ii glai ce al the advi rtisements
in this journal will show that all
trades are fairly well represented.
Write with toi.li.li'iice to Agents.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
ii ♦♦
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
Then cp.".]
or   write
-»_ imr
'^/y'y - /
r hns never l.n.l u ' b< "in
groa Hi hns I*.... sii inly.
ii o hi nd if navigation, ,\nd
ilie t.i initial . f ilu- Lardo branch
ut lhe C.P.R, All roads (in the
Lardeau) lead to Tn ul Lake. It
ie ilm eommen iai <•. nt io ■ f Iho
richest iii iii ere I district <m tl.e
continent, and lut*- bai king laclli-
i loi | t.'Viil. .1 by the Im] ei isl
iiinik of Canada ; firni class school
in i. innn dal ii ii in del the direction if B. Sliiiniif.ii, II A ; ii good
are ter systi n>: government offloei;
County CoutI t-itiiig1-; Methodist
Episcopal ai.l Anglican cburubes
and cotloge hniniinl,
'I here nre i aiuttblc ranch lands
un the outskirts awaiting seitlers.
Ita lumber resources are magnifi'
«'ii. iin.I i.   Inn.il nnv mill   With u
capacity of 60,000 fi per duy la at
t'o lend .f the hike.   Tl.o mitiei
'lil'liliuy ine j roving nut '.il'!:. '
| i"(iiii*(iK i vi ry yi nr, wilh HVW
prospects opening tip uch bodiai nf
Tl ere ui|l I p h big in**h Ih'fi
year, no \f j0ii vnmld know
more, write nl ouce to cit hei of
Un' agents nt tho nddrcsiiCH bl low,
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
__ii' •


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