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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-03-21

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or eirou
lauon    tl.
an   any
m    N
Beat ad-
v ertising
U.idil ii.
Lardeau Mining
of iht rfch Lardeau
country. Sent t'i
any address for 12
per an. in advanoe.
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B. C.  March 2k.    1907.
Notice is hereby given, in accordance w      th*   -' itm. -     i1. .t
pr viucial Revenue Tux,   und  nil
, a-M..-.-*1.'^Bxpb nnt^ 1",'*)'1"' ':IX-
a tweeted «•'■ '''v"'' uo'I.t ti .*
"Arsesamei.t   \* -,   !'■"'■  1       m .1
!»mendinei ■ '■>.  »ri* ii..w- due
and payab... 1 1 th.*  v.*.n   v." 7 1
me at the Government Office, Rev-
||B,lii!ccKl'liii> notioe,    in t.-rtiiHuf
^Hqiiiviil.mi to 11  personal
Jm    ^B>>' in"  iM"'"  all persons
' ■»»»''*■
Dated  ni   Revelatofce, B.C.,
'this 12th dav of February, 1007.
Deputy Assessor.
Jotice is hereby given that
within t«o months from tha first
publics i' n hereof in tba British
Columl ii Ga«et»e, I intend to sp-
■' ply Bhe Hon Chief Comtnission-
er ol Hnds & Works for specie
icenses < ' <
timber from tbe follow ins* defer ib
ed land-situate in West Kootenay:
N«jl'   Commencing nt  a  po*l
plantc       1
tbe »VevteHy boundary oi Loi
669-arith the Boutberly boundary
ol ■ 5093, niai'kitd "A. Gowing's
B Eo*t corner post," thenoe
160 cbaina, thenee weft 40
kn, thenee north IW atalM
1 en*t 40 chaina to tbe point
Loeutcd tho 28th day ol Feb-
A   Gowing,  Locator.
. 2. Commencing at a post
[ted at thc North West  corner
ol 5093, marked "A. Gowing'i
Itb Ksst corner post," thenoe
lb 80 chains, thenco west SO
Ins, thei co north SO chains,
lice ensl 80 chnins to thc point
Located the 28th. dny of Feb-
•Jrv 1907.
A. Gowing, Locator.
Notice is hereby given thnt within
two months frnm the first publics-
tion '. hereol in the British Columbia Gaiotte, I Inteud to apply to
tni* Hon. Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for ft. special I.i-
cance to cut and carry away limber from tin* (ollowing described
l.nul.- situated iii West Kouicniy.
Notice is hereby given tbat GO
dnyB after thc first publicbtiou
hereol in the British Columbia
Gazette, I Intend to apply to the
ll..n. Chief Commissioner of Lands
und Works, for a special license t„
cul and carry away timber from
tin* following described lands situ-
atcd in West Kootenay district.
No. 1.    Commencing at a post
planted  ub mt  4   miles   tip   Fish
Creek,marM"A.Gowlng'aSouth[^orthey'a limber limit about  8
iiiilcr- frnni Beaton on Pish River
No. 1.     Commencing at a post
planted nt  N   E. comer off"
West corner posl" thence noith 80
chnins; thenco east 80 cbtiiiie;
tbence south 80 cluiins; thence
w>Ht 80 cliiiins to tlie point oi
Located January 18th. 1907.
A. Gowing, Locator.
No. 2.    Commencing nt « post
planted about 4 miles up Fish
Creek, maikcd ''A. Gowing's South
East corner post," tuence nortii
R0-chains; thence west "80 chains;
tbence south 80 chains; thcnc-i
cast 80 chuftiH to the point of commencement.
Located January J8th. 1007.
A.   Gowing, Locator.
Newton W. Eniiii* is bas jusi
returued from the Silver Dollar
property at Camborne,
II.* reports the hir-t c.ir of ma*
chinery fnr the mill te have arrived at Beaton and bring lakeu
up to the mine by Brentford and
li -glass" snd "C.h.bc" niinersl ol.iin s
Beats in Tr. ul Cake Mining DtvWon.
IIxioRie.1 on Poplar e&sek,
Tuke Notice that I, Brnee WMte, art-
\f »*- sgant Ior Ihe Spyglass Mining Oo
be Miners' Certificate Ko BMJ8, ln«
Jid, tO days from tha date bersof, to
(fly to tiio Mining Hernnler lor 0 IVr
Jciitcnl Inipr..i.*ments Inr lbs purpose
Ii.i.iuiidug a Crown (irant .*! the sbovs
Iaii.1 further  Uke nmi.-e that action
ider Section37, must be eoasmei •!
ll.iru the Iseaanee ol roeb Ceniii.-atir
1 tn provaweats.
[haled January '.'2nd.  IW.
Usees   wiiits.
Notice in hereby  given lhal .'JO
an\t  after date hereof,   I Intend
lo    mnke    application     to   the
flon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
Works for 11 special license  lo
but and carry  away  timber  from
lm following described lands situ-
|i*cd in Ibe Lardeau district;
Commencing at u   p-*st  planted
■about one miln  nhoyo.  Canihori)<>
In j tho wist pid" oi Fish Creek, a-
Iii.,ill ono quiirter-nillo   from    its
Jliunks,   murkcii   "J.   C    south-
Icast   comer"    thence   noith   80
(chains;   thenco   west   80  chains;
thenco  FOUth  80 chnins;    thence
east 80 chains to the point of com-
Located March Kith. 1907.
John Croft.
Nolice is hereby given that GO
days after the first publication of
thia netice in iho BriiV.i Columbia Qatette, I intend to apply tithe" lion. Chief Oommisiioner of
Landa .md Works for a special license to cut and cany away tim
ber from the following describe!
land situated In Weet Kootenay
district. •
Ro, 1. Commencing at a poet
planted about -} of a mile northerl
from Scholea House, Fith Biver
West Kooleniiy. marked A. Gowing's Sonth West corner post.
thenee north 80 chains; thence
east 80 chain?; thenee south 80
chains; tlience west 8,* chains to
he polo t of commencement.
Located January 16th.  1907.
A. flowing, Locator.
No 2. Commencing at a poat
planted about j of a mile northerly
from Sjhnles Hou te Fish Kiver
Wist Kootenay, marked A. Gow
log'e South east corner po-t; thence
north 80 chains; ther.ee weet 80
chains; thence south 80 chains
thence cast 80 chains to tlie point
of coinmeiicrjnent.
Located January 1 ft 1 h. 1907
A. Gowing, Locator.
marked "A, Gowing's N. W. corner t*0    pru*.
post" thence east 80 chains; Ibence h*.ll(.g ,||Hl ln- mi
hotitli »J chains;    ibence  west 80
Locnted February llth, 1907.
Notwithstanding the predictions
"f the "pessimist" tl.e Ohio Mini s
Development Co.  have ma lo the
Bee nd payment "n tin* St.  Bl	
True Fbsure nnd Blue Bell groups
Mr,   Eimiiiriis '1"u'u"t'l,o'" 16 per  cut uf the
wiil he in op- Pu'cbuae prwa The two payments
eration by May l,i. . W^t" 26 per cent,
chains; tlience north 80 chains to     I» ij»0north driffof No.  1 vein      ^r'   Bn"U«na   Btated    to   the
tbo point of commencement. also iu the main cross-cut between j "Heriew" tbat tin re is no po*si-
1 Nos. 1 ami 2 v. in., s .tne fine gal- bility now of-tha property revert-
ena ore bas been uncoil-.tried. . >' -' Tlm   ownership   of   the?.*
. !     In the No. 1 vein ther.'is b'ock- rr Qpi   in  C njunctioh   with   the
Arthur Gowing,  Loaator. ^ m% approximaUly 80) qoq toI]S Broadview group, gives the Ohm
of nre which will give an average
No. 2.     Commencing v      post of 69.00 per ton.   The cost of mfn
pint.ted about 200 feet north   of ing ami milling tht ft ore will  not
Fish itiver and about4 miles from exceed jM 00 per ton,  which will
ita mouth, marked  "A.   Gowing's leave $5. 00per ton profit.   There
N. E. comer post, thence west 100 is also g) 000 tons (tacked  up on
chains;  thenoe   south 40 chains   the dump
ibence   east   160 Chains;   thence1.    Up to date Hia es'imated  that
♦ 150. OUO 00 has been spent by the
Elivood Tinworkers Co., in development and machinery nnd prob-
north  40 chains to the point of
Located Feb.   12th. 1907.
Arthur Gowing.   Locator.
Mines people co itrol of a large
area of ground, mil <>f which or.*
will H'ill he taken when our cliil.i-
r- n a:e grey-In adel.
It is the intention of the com.
paoy in the meantime, to devote
tbeir entire energies to Ihe development of thc Broadview group
Oii-\\Vduc*iil:iy, Mr. Emmens
started a crew uf men t*> open U]
at ihe 400 tout level. This, bow-
lahly $25, 000, 00 more will have J ever, will not mean the ceasing of
to go before the firat of May, when work at the 300, which -by th.*
the mill will atart grinding.    H is I way    is 'o-k-ng reiiiarkahly  or ell
From 1- io 20 men will be empl ;
cl stoadily.
BOAEU     OF   'UtADK.
li'ivev.r,   pleasing   to   tote   that
Iihere is suffioicnl o:e 111 sight-- the
net profit of which Will  cover  the
whole expoi diture.   8tick-to-itlv-
Notice is hereby  given  that (Ju ihss pays.
days after tho fira'i publication of:    The present forcei constat! of IC.
I tbis notioe in the British  Colum   men at the mine  and   10  at tho
bia Qasette linl eud   to apply to"111*   Six  mo'8  wi"  ,,e  Bdded
the    Hon,    Chief   Commissioner h0**wcek*
oi Lands and Works for  a  special	
nee to cut and carry away lim-1    The most p.v.ufar Bill the Mc
her from Uie following  deWibed] Bride government ever introduced pup.
Charlie Green came down Tues
day from th'*,S"*tar claim , situated
between 7 and 8 mile on tbe Lake
Charlie has been playing 11 loin-
hand all winter, his only c*omp*»n-
ions   !><ing   a  pet i hu j.iy
The tunnel ia now in about
iiuve lo record that 1908   has
iinni, ;r   _• . i|    _\ e»r.      TiiC
indtislriei of 8 utliern Yn!e
mid Southern   K'-otei ny,  iu;'
smelting   and    lumbering    have
ci.tn.* 1 hrmi-.'ii   many vicissitudes;
there has l.i.n iniicli uf disappoint
ment,, watte and loss.     Bul  we
can llO-n fee] t  at tin* cun'ry   I a* !
lived through its must trying lime,
that our mines, smelters and mills
me iio.v, generally speaking, pay-
ing their way, that we are n.> long-!
cr entirely dependent   upon  I
arrival  of  fies!i   capital   from  a-
broad for our survival, that we ore
able lo maintain unaided not only;
our present scale of production,
hm th it wo are   creating   wealth.
with which to extend our opera-
The price cf the mei.-ils in which '
we uin particularly inter, st. ■! h iv.-
been extraordinarily high.   BBv, r
has   1. en   sb ive  70 cents ami is
to.w .juotxl at 88 •") 8 ecu'-.   Coj -
per hu- hi*. 11   ..I   about   2">   .     ts
and is now 24 8-8.     Lea.', during
1906   reached   i'-0   and   is   nots
il!g illy above lhat li-.'uic.     Since
April lust Iho   price  .1"   lend  has;
beer, continuously   ibove the lig
■are nt  which   bounty  pay mints
erase. i
• ■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■
Write us a Post Card say-
mg you saw this advertisement, and we will mail
you FREE,   a 30 page
Showing lines of
of Interest to every
MAN who wears
J.Leckie Co
Local and General,    j!
lands situatedin West Kootonay.Iwa-t put through last week.
Ii was called an "Act to amend
Notice is hereby given that with
iu twn months from the Bret publication hereof la the ItritiMi Columbia Gatette, 1 intend to apply
lO the Hon   Chief Cominissil InT of j
Lands ami Works for special licenses to cut mil carry away timber
from tin- following described lands
situated in West Kootenay.
No. 1.   Commencing al n post
pisnled on Lexington Creek,nbout
■i miles from Fish Creek, marked
M. Ucainivs South West corner
post; thvocc cast SO chnins; thi nee
ii.nlli (I chains; thence west 80
ohabts; thence south 80 chains to
tho polul of commencement.
Located llth. duv of March. 1907
M. Benton, Locator.
No. 2. Commencing at a posl
planted on Lexington Creek, about
2 miles from Fisli Creek, niaike.l
M. ISeaton'.i North West comer
poHt; thenco east SO chains; tlience
south 80 chains; thenco west 80
(•hains; thenco norlh 80 chains lo
the poi nt of commencement.
Located Um. duy oi March, K.07
M. Beaton,   Locator.
Xo 1. Commencing nt a post set
about 20 chains nest fr> 111 tho N.
W. coiner of 1/it 611-t-) ihcnce cast
J GO chains, tlience south 40 chains
thenco west 160 chains, ihenee
north 40 chains to point of commencement.
No. '2.  Commencing  at a poal
planted on the S. W. corner of Xo.
1,  thence eaat J 60 chains,  thence
south 40 chains, thence weat 100
chains, thence norlh 40 chains to
lhe point of commencement.
No. 3. Commencing at a post
planted on the S. VV, corner of No.
2; thence enfct 100 chains, thence
emith 40 chaina, ihcnce west H',0
ohains, thence north 40 chains to
point of commencement,
Located December 27ih, 19of>.
W. Ogilvlo   Locator
the Assessment Act," nnd its purpart is to cut the tax rat.* from one
per Cent to three-fifths of on« per
cent, thereby cutting off $125. 000-
00 of the tax burden. "This is
one of the pre-chriin promises
and the government ha-j lost 110
time itt fulfilling their obligation.
The Bowman Lumber Co., 0!
Comaplix have purchased neatly
ull the tin.ber owned by the ranchers along the Trout Lake-Beaton
wagon road. Tho following are the
veudora: —
Adams Brothers—$60000 Wm |
Adama—f700.00; John Pullman-
1400. 00; Hurry Ungrell—1400.00
Arthur Evans und Andy Word—
$400  00.
TheC. P. B. warehouse it rapidly Oiling up with high-grade ore
fii'in the famous Silver Cup.
300 feet, an.l about CO feet more
has t-i bo driven, lo reach a poinl
nnder the shaft. At that point be
will be at about 100 f>oi depth.
In tin* shaft there is a good
showing r.f quartz and gal. na, iv.r-
rving ai-. gold and cejiper values.
All told, thero has been about 1200
feet of work done ..n the prop, i ly.
The claims aro well situated for
shipping facilities, being only n
-hort distance up the bill from
the Like.
.lames A.  Qriffilh,   hit*   tf   il s
I firm of Mustcrson. Griffith  .'c Oo.
We ow.-1. ..ur friends in   Fast  loft for tfie Ooart on'Monday morn
nay and in the Luil'-au and
•*. t'-at wt aid
in securing b-r th«in jis speedily ai
posiible the railway ex ten.-loos
from tinbleu to tlu* Crow's Nisi
railway, and from Gerrard lo
Arrowhead, or -ai least to Trout
Luke City.
iiiL'. where he will-fur the lime
ij ing—reside.
Vr. (irifSib was one of liio •old-
timers'' in tne LardeftU and for a
number of years—in run junction
with lCd. Ma.-tcr- n—kept n general rcerehnndi>e store in Trout
Lake, where many of lhe io.is fitted ..ut, before starting up the ! Ills
in tho seductive pursuit of looking
for precious metals
In any matter that pertained to
i!.c welfare of ihe town, Jim w.*s
always in it   "upto his caia" atui
The hotel men at Camborne arc
going lo give u dance ami supper
on Friday night 22nd. inst.
Everything tree. This is going
Notwithstanding opposition
Leader Macdonnld's cry of the
"red flag of licmlution" the two
Socialistic members of iho Legis'a
lure an- voting with him against
the government.
Tbe   indications   ■.:     that
cat hss cxi 11 ■•'. '1 Unit 1
last year by 50 per Dent and ti
marketing condiiioi-a hnv.*   beou |,u i»o-np««ration will be aodly ml*-
favorable.       The e >«t of mill Wl rl;
increases yearly cam-equcnl upon
the tU-ady rise in wages, and the
costs of logs increases for this
ri as 11 ai.d for the further reason
lhat annually the 1 -g- aie getting
further fnm tie mills.     For Uis
sed by those of i.s who ure left.
The Ueviow hopes, however,
that our loss, will lie his gain, and
tlmt prosperity will follow in hs
footsteps no matter where they
may lead.
Mrs   Griffith  and   1 olus  will
reason there is no prospect thai > remain in Troul Lake for a short
the picseut   comparitively   high   time,
prices oi lumber will  ever   bo  reduce.!,
;;iin  throughout our
Tbi re i
territory, as .1 consequence of the [on page 4
era of activity upon which will ive cull-red. a demand lor government expenditure upon roads)
probably in excess •>{ the misns
ini.i 1 iliuiily available,     1 do nol
know how we cm assist th -r
lirca'ly coiici nu -I i-Mipt by putting before the provincial gov. ri -
ment a Hat of tbe works required,
arranging tin tn somewhat in whir
we Ond to be the ordt r of then urgency.
s. me correspondence
tax oil   llacheiols.    will
folll d
M hum Huby an.l Ella Kennedy
left early in Ihe week for  Arrow-
In ol, where they wiil spend n few
11 lib friends,
.1. S. Mackenzie ami Miss Mac
kenaio left on Monday   iiimniiig
for a trip Ui Nelson.
Gents Furnishings
In his annual report Mr, Buchanan adds nn up] sn.lis iu which
he estimates the value of the mineral   an.l    lumber   produced   ii
Mr.-.  F.   C.    I'llifitt   and   Mill
Miriam   will leave on haiunl.iv
ittihern Kootenay and Yale .lur- <"1' » ,I-'P throttgh lhe Britiah Isles
They will olso tuke   a   short   trip
[through Frniic
The Review  wi-lies Un m
ihe year 10
The figures it re ... follows:
Gnl.l . 9l0,u83 ess. value M.2I
Bilver, 3.'-'.' BOO -1 , value 11 i'''\'Mo
1 * pper, »7,OiP,C00 lbs., raluo $".*1in,CI
■ istl   II.   '••.! 4 i.. n, T,.li c (1,
gin ,, ;fitu. 1 s. isl, e fir.tio.
Cosl,731 OOOtoai, value %\,*A
0.  v. I* ennfuv and .*' ;• \   1   *
gar fftine up from (b rtiird ilie 11.1
of hist wiehon l-miii.ss c. tin* fed
Frank T. Alny and wife,   cnmeLi,*, u,e Cannd'm, Pociflt   1
ovei fr.ni   Camborne   Fridoy   tfl,Company.
visit old oie il- iii Tf ui I ake. LAKDEAU MINING REVIEW, TROUT I.AKE CITY. B.C
i i
KnXt> C       |    ,   " SBS
I IU CnUl-MH trom Ia-Slaaa" an* -MotmUut
fOoutluued From Lasl Week.)
It Was an agile anil a ilarlng thlutf to
do, and the man wbo did It was might-
lly spplsuded. The chearlug bothered
blm, however, for be was trying tu
make them understand below wbat
would happen to tho engine company
la csss the wster was not sent through
the lines directly, and what be sai.l
* houlil be done to the engineers Included things that would have blanched tbe
chess; of the most Inveutive Spanish Inquisitor thst ever lived.
Miss Betty made a gesture as If to
a person within whispering distance.
"tour coat ls on are." she said ln an
ordinary conversational tone without
knowing ah* had spoken aloud, aud
.Mr. Voorevel. more than a hundred
reet away, seemed particularly con-
kclous of the pertinence of her remark.
He removed the garment with alacrity,
snd for the lai*k of tbe tardy water
l.egan to use It as a flail upon the Ure
brands snd Utile flames ahout blm,
tbe sheer desperate best of a man In a
rage doing wbat he could when others
failed him. Showers of sparks fell
upon blm. I'be smoke waa rising everywhere from the roof aud tbe walls
below snd. growing denser aud denser,
ahrouded him in heavy veils, ao that as
he rsn hither and thither, uow visible.
now unaesn. stamping and beating and
sweeping away the brands tbat fell, be
seemed but the red und ghostly caricature of a Xerxes Ineffectually lashing
the sea. They were calling te him lm
plorlngly to come down, In heaven's
nam* to com* down!
Tb* second man had followed to the
top of th* ladder against the wall, and
ther* he paused, waiting to pass up tbe
Un* of bos* wben the word should . - m.*
tbat the force pump hud been repaired,
but th* people thought that be waited
because be was afraid to trust himself
•jouifll Marsh Thfppbrteu the line be-
ueaii'i   It,   the   grent   stream   hurtling
forth made It a difficult thing to man-
j nit*, for It wriggled, recoiled and strug
i glad us if it had been alive.   Cralley
] made three attempts to draw himself
up, but the strain wus too much for his
grip, uml ou the third uttempt bis lingers  melted  from   the  rung,   and  he
I swung down fearfully, bunging I.y bis
' knee, but still clinging to the nozzle.
1    "Give it ui), i'railey.    It Isn't worth
It," Vaurevel called from overhead, uot
during lhe weight of both oo tbe light
I grappling ladder.
I    But though I'railey cared uo more fur
the saving of Robert Csrewe's property
thun for h butterfly's Wing in t'hlna, In*
could not give up now, any more than
' as.. in.l he could have forborne to turn
j Somersaults   when   the   prettiest   little
Ht strong hhttielt out Into the air
to the grappling ladder, lie was afraid,
exceedingly ufraid, though thai was uot
wby he walled, and be was still chuckling over the assuult of th* axes
His situation had nut nun I. the ad
vantage of that of tbe chief. Uis red
sblrt might have beeu set with orange
Jewels, so studded it wus with Ibe fly
lug sparks, and, a large brand drop
ping „|H>ii bis helmet, he threw up bis
band to dislodge It aud loot tlie helmet
The great light fell upon bis fulr balr
and smiling fn.-, un.l It was tlien tbal
Miss Hetty recognised the Incroyabl*
wf her garden.
|T was au Investigating negro
child of tender yean who.
i looed «>f u petty sense of
Causa iiu.) effect, brought an
Illuminative simplicity lo beiir upon
tie* problem nf lhe force pin.ip. and a
miiliiiiiiiiin.il- saltation greeted bis dis
eovery ilm ihs engineers hud forgo!
l.ii   tu  connect   it,, ir  pipes  with   ibe
111 er*
Iti a ii.iii e ntnl — i,.,, WSS falal lo th*
•■   • *i ..iir**: ,*. ..i    I In t< nil burst lute
f» as tifi'-w < i-alloy Oray, «iio <*iuug
i. ih,. top of ihe ladder, cbokiug, stlflsd
aud dlsslly lighting the spun., thut •<■•
tered nn. i,t -i i • inching ii,* nossl*
Um beee lias 11• • • > b.ni passed to hiu,
\\ neu ihe stream el leal leaped forth,
loath g the iui.*/,.* Qgbl iu his grasp, he
seen li *>na,giit up late 11,<* >,, uud
let ihe i'atii ru, I lull ba.k upon himself
. .1 i;|".n lhe in ii !..,'„ beneath Inm on
ll * Isddl
I lie.* cii,nc ., iii'inii'iii uf blessed re
I", sod ii>* looked out ovei Ihs brua.i
rosy blur of tu -es la the street, where
nou,,.' wondered note than be bow tb.*
.....ei was tu reach ti,* roof. Suddenly
be started, wiped bis eyes with bis wel
sleeve umi peered latently down from
under the shading arm. Ills roving
glum r crossed the smoke and flame to
rest upon a tall, white flgure that stood
full length above the heuila of tbe pco
pie upon a pedestal wrought witb Ibe
grotesque Images uf hoys; a girl's flg
ure. still as noon, etirapt, like the statue
of some young goddess for whom were
tusde these sserlflelal pyres. Mr. Ursy
recognized his opportunity.
A blackened and iiiire.ogulaable face
peered down from tbe eaves, aud the
tone belonging to 11 said angrily:
"Why didn't they send up tbst line
before they put the water through It?"
"Never mind, Tom." nuswered Cralley cheerfully, "I'll bring It up"
"Von can't. I'll come down for It.
Don't b* every kin*] of a fool!"
Vou want s monopoly, do you'*"
And I'railey, culling to Tupplngtiam
Marsh, usst below blm. lo come higher, left tb* writhing uo/ile In th* latter'* poSSeSSluO. SWUIIg I.unveil* out lip
ou tb* grappling ladder. Itullatiug lb*
chiefs gymusslle*. and immediately.
one hand grasping the second rung, on*
knee crooked over tbe lowest, leaned
bead dawn ond took tbe iiuir.le from
>Iarib     It. .was. 0* bea"  weight  as-*
girl looked out of tlie sehoulhouse win
*low. He passed the nozzle to lapping-
hum, Caught the second rung with his
left band, and, once more dangling
head downward, seised the nozzle;
then, with hla kne* hooked tight, as tbe
gushing wuter described u huge semicircle upon the smoke aud hot vapor,
he made a mad lurch through .the air.
while women shrieked, hut he lauded
Upright, half sitting oU the lowest rung,
lie climbed the grappling ladder swiftly, lo spite of the weight and contortions »f the iinuiauageable beust be curried With him, Ton, leaned fur down
uud took it fi'i'in him. and Cralley, puss-
lug the eaves, fell exhausted Upon the
roof.   Just as be readied this tempi*
racy Security a lady   was borne, fitiiil-
lug, out uf the acclaiming crowd. Kuu-
i-bon wss there.
Word had beeu passed to lhe g.-utle
i,re, uf Ihe engine company to shut off
tbe water It, order to ulluw the Hue to
be carried up the ladder, and they received tbe command at the moment
Tom lifted the nosale, so thut the
stream dried up in bia baud-.. This
was tbe lust straw, and tbe hluckeiied,
singed and scurred chief, setting the
trumpet to his lips, gave himself .*.,
11 rely to wrutb.
It struck i'railey, even as be lay
coughing uud weeping with smoke, that
there was something splendid uud large
In ihe other's rage. Vaurevel wus ur-
iluuirily ao steady aud cuol that this
wus worth seeing, this berserker gc
ture; worth bearing, this Wonderful
profanity, like Washington's one tit of
cursing, aud i'ruiley kuowiug Tu,,.
knew, too, that It nad not come upon
Inni because rare we hail u daughter
Into whose eyes Turn In,.I looked! nor
did he tuge because he believed (but
Cralley'a life and his were In the gr.-nt-
er hazard for the luck of every dru|> of
water (but ahutild bave Issued fruui the
empty n • ■■■■'■•.
Their luugs were burdened with
smoke, while the lutuleruble smarilug
of throat, eyes ainl nostrils wus like
ihe ineisiuti of a thousand needle* In
tbe membranes. Tbelr clothes were
luminous with glowing circles where
Ihe spin ks were eating. lhe blaze
widened ou the wall beiieuth them.
und Marsh was shouting hoarsely thut
be could uo longer buhl bis position on
the ladder, yet I'railey knew that none
of this was lu Tom's mind as be stood.
scorched, bliatered and h.iggaid. uu tin-
edge uf Ihe roof. sh.iWing Ins list ut the
world. II wns because his chance of
savlug the props-rty of a  m.i;. he tit
spiseii was being endangered
I'ruiley stretched forth a bond ami
touched his Mend's knee.     "Vour side
of the conversation is a mile loud.
Tun,." be suld. "Miss I'urewc Is flown
there across Ihe street on a pile of
Turn -lopped III tbe mid.lie of a word
for  which be  may  have re. vl veil   but
I,.,ir a black stroke rrou, the recording
angel, lie wheeled towuril Ibe street
and. shielding Ills iufluiucil eyes Willi
bis bund, fciiz.sl downward In a Stllck
en silence, From Uml moment Mr.
Vrmii-n'i's Instructions to his followers
were of u decorum lit Which not the
ni.*.*k.~.t Sunday school scholar dare
have caviled,
The three men now un Ibe long ladder Marsb. Kugciie Madrlllou aud Will
''winning", r.nin.I their position Ulltell
able, for the flames, reaching all sloug
the wall, were llcklug at tb* ladder 11
•elf between Mursb aud Kugeii*. *"1
can'l stand ibis uuy lougi-r." g.i.p..|
luppiiigbniii.     lull  I caul Iruv* thus*
two Up  lllele rllliei  "
"Not uloiic," shouted i'iiiniulugs frout
benemii Usdrllleo.  "kefs go up."
Thus ll happened lhat when lhe w.i.
ter ciime unit u slid Vaurevel Iel It full
lu a gruieful .ii-, sile upon Cralley uml
himself three muiily Voices w.-ic heanl
singing OS Hi!••• men tolled thruugb
the Inlluw s nf rust  gruy below th* bo-
leqgusied pair:
"Oh. the ii.i.i,- Duke of Vork.
Ho l'..*l ten t'lncit'iiirl men.
lie mar. lie.I lir. in up thi. slile nf a hous*
And mur.hnl them down ug^lfi''*
A bead appeared ulxive tho eaves,
nnd Marsb, then Kiigeue, then t'uui-
mlngs, i nine crawling over tbe cornice
lu turn to Join their cuiurades. They
were a gallunt baud, those young geu-
Heiuen of It'iu.-i, und tbey • .nne wllb
lhe Irouleul ."ing i.i, llieii lips and. look
Ing nt one another, rugged und seuri-
fled, burst inm beams bet Indomlta-
Ms laughter.
Two others made an atletupl lo ful
low uud would in.i i.e restrained,   it
was   i.oil. e,|  lli.it  purls  nf  ihe  lower
ladder hud been ehurrlng. find tbe lad
tier men were preparing lo remove II
to  u   less   dangerous   poinl   when   old
Oeneral Trumble and > .g Jefferson
lliireaud made a rush tn mount It and
were well u(*ou Iheir upward way Imi
fore Ihe ladder, weakened at tbe mid
die, sagged, splintered and broke,
Trumble and Hi* ren ml fulling wllh It.
Aiui there waa Ihe grappling ladder
dangling forty feet above the gruund,
Slid there were Ibe live upou the roof.
Tlu* department bad uo other ludder
of more ibau half tbe length of the
sbaltered one Nut ouly tbe department   but «veri  souk la   H.ntmt.   i.,t
thnV, anil there roie the thick, low sIr'i
.2 • multitude, a sound frightful to
hear, lt became a groan, then swelled
Into a deep cry of uluriu and laineiilii
And now almost simultaneously ihe
west wall of the building aud the south
wall and ull tbe southwestern portions
of the roof covered themselves wiih
voluminous mantles of flame, which increased so hugely uud with such savage rapidity tbat tbe oue stream ou tbe
roof was seen to bo but a ridiculous
and useless opposition.
Everybody begun to about advice to
bis neighbor, aud uohody listened even
to himself. The llrenieu were Iu as
great a turmoil as was tho crowd,
while women covered their eyes. Young
Trunk Chenowelh was subbing curses
upou the bruised aud shaking Trumble
snd Jefferson Bareaud, who could ouly
stand remorseful, luipoicntly groaning,
and made no answer.
The ivuiis or the southernmost ware
house followed Ihe roof, crushing lu
oue after the other, u suerUlce pyre
with Its purpose consummated, and In
Ihe seeth and flare of its passlug Tom
Vuurevel again shaded bis eyes with
his band and looked iluivu across the
upturued faces. Tbe pedestul with th*
grotesque carvings wus still there, but
the crowning figure hud disappeared
the young goddess was gjne. r'or sbe,
of ull that throng, hud uu Idea lu her
head, aud, after Screaming It to every
man wlthlu reach, only to discover the
impossibility of making herself under
stood lu that babel, she was struggling
to make her way toward the second
warehouse, through the swaying Jinn
of people, lt was u difficult tusk, us
the farther In she managed to gi I'i*
denser became the press nml the more
tightly (die fuiunl the people wedged,
until she received Involuntary uld from
the firemen. In turning their second
stream to play ineffectually upon the
lower strata of flame they accidentally
deflected It towurd the crowd, wbo
separated wildly, leaving;S big gap, of
which Miss Belt., took instant ad van
tuge. She dined across, uud the next
inomeut,   unnoticed,   bud   entered   thc
uiiling through the door which Cralley
• ray nad opened.
The live young men on the roof were
well aware thut there was little to do
but tO WOlt, un.l SOOU they would see
which was to win, tbey or the lire, so
liny shifted Iheir line of hose to the
eastern front of lhe building, out of
harm's way for a lime ut leust. uud
held the muzzle steady, watching lis
Work. And in truth il wus not lung lie
fore they uiidersluod which Would con
•pier. The southern inni western poi*
lions of tbe building hud flung out great
flames thut fluttered uud Hard on the
breeze like tltunlc Hugs, aud steadily,
slowly at tirst. then faster us the see
"mis dew, the tin,* were drlveu buck
iv.iid. up Ihe low slope uf the roof to
ward the gable ridge. Tom Vuurevel
held the first Joint of the nozzle, and he
retreated with u sulky face, lifting his
loot grudgingly at each step. They
were ull silent uow, ami uo one spoke
until Will Camming) faltered:
"Surely they'll get u rope up to u-
•OUIC wny'.'"
Will knew us well as did the others
that there wus no way, but his speech
struck the sulleu heart of the chief wllb
remorse,   lie turned.   "I h»|i« you'll
ull forgive tne for gelling you up here "
A sound, half sob. half giggle, came
from  the  par. I,e.l  lips nt Kugene  Mi,
drilluii us he patted  i'.m uu Ibe shoul
der without speaking, .-.mi Cralley nud
ded quietly, ihen ..ii the gi-uiip ami
went to the eiislern edge of Ihe roof
and looked out upon tlie crowd, cum
mlogs dropped tbe lino and sat duun
burying his hot face in his arms, t ••■
Ihey ull "aw thut Vaurevel though) "it
was un ns,,"* Imt a (|UeStton of a  lew
uiitiuies. uml they would retreat serosa
Ihe gable snd either Jump ur go down
With the l*..*l
(To lie ('until,,icd.)
The Voller ..i  ij..iii..i.
"Whoever," suys cb.iri.-s Darwin in
his "Voyage of ihe Beagle," "called
Vslparulso the valley of paradise
must have beeu thinking of QulUotu "
Quillotn Is s thriving town twenty -it
miles from Vulpuralso in u uorili.-ust
erly direction. Any person, be de
dares, who sees only the country
around Valparaiso, barren uf vegsta-
tlon, would never Imagine tbat there
were atich picturesque spots In Chile.
"As aoon as we reached the brow of
the sierra the valley of Quillotn was
immediately under our feet The prospect was one of remarkable natural
luxuriance. The valley is very bread
and quite flat and Is thus easily irrigated In all putts. The little square
gardens are crowded wllb OroogS uml
olive tn-es snd every aurt of lege
Ihe   Crlii.,...   Peril.
Just   eight   people  are  suld   lu  hare
been present ul u meeting held lu Lull
don ll ther duy for Iln* purpose Of
forming a "society fur keeping woman
111 ber proper place." Hut the ehulr
man   announced   thut   1-isi   letters   uf
sympathy   bad   been   received.   The
meeting wus culled b.v , rtiiln .loliii
N. Ml.. .n, and one Archibald QlbbO by
ii.im. acted us chairman. Ilofli seemed
to have taken uluriu ut the recent "suf
frugclte" uprising lu England, tbs Sin
uf wblcb. tbey aald, was tbe ultimata
sublectloii of mau.
A •'•iiiiuifcuclu.r says this sweeping
answer was made by , pupil In « hla
tory lesson:
"lloiv many wars." she asked Iht*
pupil, "did Englaud light with Bpaln,"
"HI*." (be pupil answered.
"Six?" said the teu. l„*r "Enumerate
them, please."
"One, two, three, four, dve. six," ssld
the Utile girl.
Yet Zam-Buk Has Completely Cured
So powerful me tin* healing essences In Zam-Buk that in some cases
j ivl.ii h luivo been pronounced beyond
roli'.-f they have worked complete
ours I Such an instance ia just re*
ported from (nvernay. Bask. Mrs. J.
M. McCormiok ..( lhat place,   says:
j "About     seven   years    ago   my     lace
broke out in rough• red blotches,
; which i.urned iiiiiI Itched un.l smarted In turn almost beyond endurance,
I cniiinii'iii-eil to try every known
remedy I oould i-'.'t (or face and -km
; troubles.    Si.lue Ol them (lave a  lillli
! relief, gome none, bill HO matter bull
. iiinc-lt  I  used them,   us 80011 as    l
j went   out   ilie trouble   started   all
over again,   I consulted doctors, and
they tul.I me there was absolutely no
i cm*.* tor iiie. but thai I .-I,..ul,I have
: t.i wail until  I outgrew the disease
"Finally my husband sent   foi   a
supply ot Zam-Buk      We applied a
[small  sample lo a  -iiiall  patch of the
disease    T r delight the portion
treated with Zam-Buk   very quickl}
healed. We then obtained fl pn pei
supply, ami   began   ths   Zam-Buk
1 treat,,,cut.      1    an,   HOW    .|.-li*ulil--'f   10
state that  otter having  used  n  leu
Iiu.ves,  I an, lice from the old trOUbll
uud completely cured, I will nevei
be without Zam-Buk in the bouse as
long „s I live, and lo all who sn
tn.ul.I.-.I iiitli skm dissases III an)
form, I would say, waste no Iimi
ni obtaining u supply .-t Zam-Buk.
Since proving it ,,, my own case, I
j have obtained  o  supply  Un   an  old
lady who had an ul     on het leg
inr thirty years Three boxes wer,
sufficient to close lh* wound "
Zam-Buk curea cuts, bums, bmiseB,
scalds, and nil -kin injuries, as well
':is skin di.-eii.scs. Applied to eczema
[scalp sores,pimples, poisoned wdunda
children's rushes, ulcers, boils, sb
scesses, Itch, sore back, festering ami
discharging wounds, etc., it ...'is like
a  charm.    It<  antiseptic  ingredient
'kill ull germs and prevent infls is
[tion and festering. Then its healinf
I powers come Into operation and build
I up new, healthy tissue All druggist-
sell Zam-Buk al 60c per box, or ob
[tainable from the Zam-Buk Co., Tu
route, tor price.   Six boxes f"i 12.50
A strung easl wind drove the lee
nut ol Kingston harbor, and navigation to Cape Vlncient, N V . has
again commenced
Death Has Removed a Distinguish*!'
Physician  and  a Man ol   Rare
In tin- death ol l»r. Lapponi, phi si
dan tc the Pope, a pen mage hai
been removed trom life's seem- wb,
w„s scarcely less known throughout
rhe-ui.rhl than the p..nllfT- whom  hi
ministered unto.   He was s wondei
.' ful man as well as u distlnguishoi
| physician    ' itiawa Kree Press
It  may be ud.le.l thai   l»i    l.nppwii
wu-  a  uian  .il   nil tirage      He lun!
Hu  I. ii   nl   inai  bugbear    known    as
professional etiquette When he lound
: something gu-sl in a medicine he did
nut hesitate to sny -" to the world
He proved this when hs wrote tbi
Iii William-' Medicine Co stronglj
endorsing theii oelebrated I'mk PilU
for Pale People ss a cute for an
semis (Uoodlosaneas) and certain
nervous disorders In the Interest!
..f the tl„..,su,,'l.s wbo s.ifle, fr.'in an
semis, nervous disorders ami kindred
troubles, it is worth while republish
ing Dr. Lapponi's 1,-rt>r. ss follows
• I certify thut I have tried in
William-' i'mk Till- in foui cases ol
tin* simple anaemia of development
tftOI n feu .'-"I". ■•' le'i'm-iit. 'lie
result entire fully up to n.v evpe.tr.
lions     |'"i   that  i,-a ..ii  |  ..hull    not
ml ui the future t*- extend tbe n»*
of this laudable preparation, not oulj
.ii the treatment ■>! otbei morbid
i"ini- of the category "f anaemia oi
chlorosis, bul also In cases >d neu
rasthenis an.l ths like.
(8igned)    Di   tim epic Lapponi,
Via del (iiacclu 338. Rome
The  "simple  anaemia  ol    develop
ment" referred t,. by I>r. Lapponi ,
.a oonrse tlmt tired, languid oondi
litjn ol young girls   whose   dgvelo]
ment p. womanhood   ,- lardy,   and
whose health, at the period ol thai
level..pru,'ut. j, su often imperilled
Hi    "pun..n of the value uf In    \\ il
Hams' Pink Tills nt that Urns is .<:
ihe highesl scientific autl ty. and
it cuiilli ins the many published ca i
in which anaemia and other diseases
•d ths blood .*,s well as nervoni di
eases hue been cure.I by these pills
.•.hull, u iie.,i hardly 1»* mentioned
me theii efficiency to then powei ••!
making new blood, am) thus acting
directly on ths digestive and nervn,
■vatem In ,,li ci ... .,( anaemia, dc
•lm.*. indigestion, snd Iroubls du<
-n l.ii.I blood, and „li affections >.i
In- nerves, ns Bl Vitus' donee, para-
i-i- and locomotor ataxia, thay an
■uii.men.leil t,, the nubile with nil tin
.-renter confidence because the) had
the strung endorsement ..' tie* greal
physician who has so ro'viitly passed
Mnny   (armors   an.uml   Saskatoon
ore miiing advantage .*i the menus
lilac ,1 at their disposal hv Iln- Salvation Army ugeiicy nt Winnipeg,end
hnve Bled ih"ir applications
Minard's Linimtnt Cures Diphtheria.
Olmlcrv  ot lolar ami  Foru'i  Common
Huong lna*ols.
.vn niii, ini of the National museum
ji Washington who has uiu.li- msoy
nips abroad lu the Interest of that Institution states thut In South American forests the butterflies aud the birds
are equally brilliant In their colors, bui
iiim the butterflies, being weaker, r«n
,i prey. lo tbe birds.  One very bright
|,H0.l species if butterfly, however. IS
nut dlsliirl.c.1 ly the birds nn iiciount
i.r the disagreeable odor tbst it smlts.
Singularly eaougb, lope other groups
of buttorflles, which resembls In color
ih.- species |usl described, also escape
persecution by Iho birds, although they
emit   UO odor.    It   is  evident  thut  the
similarity of color deceives tbs bird-..
ami Ihus serves as a shield tor the but
iciiiies. i'liis sort of mimicry of color
and form, which miluc;«lists call "pro
lecllve  resell, I. l.u ice."   ,-   BOl   very   un-
common smoug Insects,
Auother form ..f "protective resem
iilaiii .*" which exlilliiis uin, 1, ii.utrlv-
a,,ce  umi   skin   is  sometimes  found
iii ig birds   Bome birds bide their
eggs among stones thai resemble the
eggs u. form an-I color, Tbe little "bol
tie Ilt" In  England  weaves s  bottle
shaped   nest   ...,l   uf  muss,   lichens ami
■plders' wei.s, ami win*,, placed lu li
ii* • hush iin- iresi s.i closely r m
i,i,.s us surroundings that it can bordly
ba detected. The ...ior snd appearance
of  lhe nest  are ImltStfOU Of  th*  pre
railing color ami epi reace of tho
psrticalnr tree in which it is placed.
It Is Wise to keep the Nervous SystJ
Full Health and Vigor by using |
Dr. Chase's Nerve Fool
Bavaria's Paatoua  Hotel  ■• <'"  ■"■'
ek,   In   l.'„ru|*e.
Hi,* Ooldenes Kreus (Golden I'ross,
nt Regensburg (Rstlsbon), in Bavaria,
is ti,.- oiliest botel in Europe, King
Kerdlnand I   baited al it an his way
to his COrOnatltSl lU 1031, und no other
botel iu Ruropo paaseaM* records "f
such great  soihiulty  us  tbe Golden
Truss :it Rstlsbon .I'-es or Can Ismst of
iiuiiug bad so minii royal visitors as
inn.- enjoyed its hospitality.   The ex
Ming ilsltors' hooks, which date from
1810, contain tin* names uf more thun
GOD Imperial, royal ,,,,.1 princely per-
somites,    ihe room Is ibOWU where In
is,;.-, the lute Prince Blamarck, st that
Illllc I'mssliin premier, slept when he
ciilne    With    III,   s.urlelgll   tO   bOM    the
conference which wns tin- lust attempt
io prevent war between Austria and
Prussia ii,** negotiations wees t.ei.i In
tbe "small ball" o( tbe hotel, andar
the preeldeney of King U'llliuui ..f
Prussia.    The host Is equally proud of
the autographs -.r Bcblller un.l other
men    of    letters    which    he    |H«sesses
The author '*r "WllhaUn Ml" wrote
the  WOrds,  "1 ml cine  hcuiutb 1st es"
cit is Indeed u home"), In memory .>f
his stay there, and nu lun.Uord could
uisii fore betteradrertlsetnenl is,,,
don Telegraph.
li„. i,.,i,lim.- in list of n freat Ne«
Veil, newspsp.'i   committed   lulclde
recently becnuao on hii return I ie
|,g found his up*irtniejitu In disorder,
the pi,i,,tci- inul decoratoia   being '"
This is an illustration "t "-*'■'•
ivrouglil nerves leading to Inssnity,
and, whatever may l»- tlie last straw
to unbalance the mind, th  cm be
rn, iliuiiit that exhaustion nf the
nerves is always ii can-" "' mental
Diseases of the nerves nre common
to all walks of life, and tiie earlier
symptoms   are slci pie-sness,   tierv.,,,.*.
headaches, loss >.f memory, inability
to c titrate lhe mind, indigestion,
in,•■!, languid feelings, discouragement and despondency,
Hi chase's Nerve Kood cures 'li>-
cises oi the nsrvos in ths only natural way. l.v actually Increasing tha
amount of Oerva I  Ill the b.-'li
By ,ts regular and persistent use
the ni"-' severs I i   of nervous sx-
hrui-tK.n,   suell   as   partial     paialysis.
ition, snd locomotoi staxio, ars
thorough!)  and i oroplstelj  cue I
Mis   J    Hatcher,    SM   Sherbrooke
strcl.     r.'teil.oiu,   Out.,    nnd   whose
husband U a mn ii,|,.,
toll    l'ullll.Ill .      ti,'
"I had nn attii.-k „| lN|
rhi'iiiiiiiii in. which hn
rundown state m i. .,„*"
my whole norvu
hausted nnd worn     ■   ,
■sic. p, iiinl at  Inm*   *
hen.I   were  nlim. *    ''**§
.result ol .!,.....      .„'„1,::^
able to attend    ' , my hl '
ami full minorab
tin the a.l*.;
using   Dr.   t'lui '
eun   su>   ir   I, i „(|     '*
b I'1   lu  Uie      I
own  wink   nun ■
mul  hi'iillh.ci   ii I
I can liiilliiuln iluii J
lu the  ,, lh     ,
u liica      I     ,* ,,,     |
In I.'lei
II   lull   u mi.I   .
ami   SVoid   .i
si.    Clilllllloll
youi l.l." *l ami
by  the  use    ul   |i
Kood,  ■''" ■ ■ *.'
Jiir.ii.   i.i   sll   deal.
li.i*,     ,\   Co,   i
Wlmt wim only miraculously nol ■
(ntn! accident occurred ,.t the new
Noil hern bunk building in Keginii,
when a workman, nnnie.I Oompoell,
fell  the full rl^ith of three storeys.
A Brokea la,.
Hlguoru Veronelll (seekliig a aerrsnt)
—Why were you sent nway from your
Isat plnce?
"Beoanss I broke n coffee cup."
"Wan that the only reason?"
"Certaliily,   except   that  on   that occasion my mistress bad s little wound
on the bead."—II Rlso.
>>.v,.inrLrl    I r.l    ||,r    W»f.
itnce meetings are imiv slmost nun,
l-*rlesa, mul fi,,m Duglnml Ihey bine
•proud over BUTOpS and ivbererer elan
the Anglo 8nion bus gone. Tbo flrat
grent race meeting mny be suld lo hnve
been that held nt .Newmarket In 1640,
lu tb* reign of ('bnrlea I., who wss s
keen supporter of th* soerL
^KlDNEVi'   ,
H....I.I   Vat   <ell   Ilia   lirnlan.
A pliit.Hiuiic American af the lust
century arbo bad leeo the gris-u aeras
nini stately testis of sa Irish .-sij,..
sought ..ut its iiii|s-< iiniuiis owner
will, un uffer to bay. Lord Blank.
eager enough t.< trsnsmuts bis profit
le s lauds Into prsgnaut gold, named it
considerable, lun rcUsouuMe. price as
on,, he would be »llllng to tuke. "Verv
w.ll."   SOU   tha   American.   *'P1I   glv.i
that if ih<- pictures go with ibe bouse."
After a little reflection his lordship an
swered. *"l'es. y ai, bine the picture, except, of cunise. ii,,. family portraits."   "it's the portraits i want,"
suld the olher. "I Wouldn't give u
cent fur the rest uf em." •My proper
fy is not fur sale umler those on.I,
tions," saul his I irdsblp, turning ul, his
hci ami walking sway, to tbs sston
Ishment of the parvenu, wbo flung s
"Stuck up beggar!" sfter the retreal
Ing flgure,
l.lnnae„> ana Ilia  Vtorka.
Mow iiiuih sleep do men needl Jer
einy   i'uyiur   was   cootnl   wllb   thr.*,-
boors, Baxter with fu.ir. nreelej witb
sii. Bismarck ami Qhdstme needed
eight but Goethe, N'spoleon, Ulrabeeu
uud lliiini.oi.il profeeeed that tbey
could get along very well with Igai
l.lllliuells.   the   lliltllrilllst.    Was   ut t
those wim robbed themselves ..r sleep
during their earlier years  snd  Bade
Up for It later iu life. Iu his wakeful
periods during his old  age  he  Would
retire t. his library, i.ike down ", r
his own storks snd reed it with ■ ilgb
Of regret    "HOW  i.-ry line1" he wuuld
murmur "Whal would I nel have
glvea to be nl.le to write a Isaik like
...en.   lo   lh*  «n...
When Sterne waa In lore be sent bla
sweetheart. Mr* Draper, "a pot of
sweetmeats and « put of honey, net*
ther of which Contains half tb* sweat
oees p-H-ullar to yensself."
ll'.l   Hr,e«a».
"So yoll apurn me:'' lie cries la
wrathful WOO. "M it I nball have my
reieug, •'"
"Ilu, bu"' laughs tbe heartless
"Vo., may laugh now, but ivult! In
the fuiir yean I burr klinwu yull you
hnve gli. u me Oil photographs of
yourself      Ka.b  one   ol   Uiese   1   shall
hun- enlarged bj the cheap crayon
proeees and prsmnted to vour rariona
frieade ami relatives"
i.ciiiing the frightened gin in a
sii.Hiii   tbe cruel strain fleparts with
the uieliHlram:.lh* trend of uu* who
■rill at,,., st anthlne   twAm*
I'-fiil  ut   all iini. -     In  winter  01
in summer Psrmslee'a Vegetable iMls
will c,,|«- with mil 'Herein,* any ii-
legularrties ,,f the digsstivs organ,
which   change   "I  diet,  change  M   te-
sidenee, oi variation ,-! lemparaturs
muy bring alsmt Tbey should bs ul-
ways kept hi band, nnd once theii
beneficial action !«•...in-s known,   n.
"lie   Will   In.   Without   ll        Tll.-le   ||
iioiiiiiiK nanaeating in • leii itrneture,
and Ihe moat *i* use Ihem
.• nfldentl)
Tke ■Ok] War.
i'be milky way iu the hseieui Is
co.npos.il .,r myriads of Hied stars,
bill It Is nut true thai ihey have auy
lllllllell.e that SUybody knows uf nil the
direction et tbe ortnd «r ..ther clement
of th.* matter of the earth, Tbeir up
parent changes ,,r position me du,. only
to ths changes of poalthm i.y the earth
hi Its dully nn.l minimi revolutions.
The hlnrs In the milky way nre ao fsr
from the earth that ll takes tbouaands
of years for Ihe PgU from them to
reach ns.
Tlie   I.....I.    i,. i.i,,. ,
M li,. Is tbe rumuiis SMhltSd of whom
lhe following Is I,.1.1    Me hud got out
Ibe designs for a inugiilllccot church tu
,..si COO.OOQ, nu.i the committee orantod
'ilm iu reduce Ihe price to iio,t»nt.
"Bay .in shiiiiiiL-s more, gentlemen,"
he   w rule,  "un.l  hnve ..   nice  spire,"—
London Taller,
Bol li ts   I  ,<k   p. - ,*.-i  ii   of  tin*  pu-
lici anart in al !*• n . I in. we, alter
ti.< formation -f a polios onion
recently     Every policeman I.us be-en
•I im: ■ ,■•!
Minard's Linimtnt Cures Colds.  Etc.
Tin- Chinese   tmding quart*
liangkok have   been aevaetatad   i.y
tu--      It  is estimated lhal lha I
will amount to sbout 13.000,000
Urii.r Wllhsul a Stomach Ihsn -ailh
"lie lasl « g,,l a I'li.laiu hurl lo il
l,r Von Slana I'mrspvle Tal.lria a.unu
lal.* llir digratlir .ir.-au- I., I oas enj,,.
ihe goad 'blurs ol life ami Irate a., sad
rlTr.1.   rarry  ttlrni  «lt(i   y,.n  in ,,.ur  ,r,i
i..ski* to iu aea. ir saau   ia
11 i,-l,t I King , i • I,    ut
Sweden,  .'i"»s   continued   Impi
menl    He is noa sbla lo lit up thras
I."in. dail)
Pleaaani   ■*   yrnp   i • thing *qu.1-
ii „- ,, »■>,iii medicine; the nan
Moth*! Grot ,'  M in . l.v irmi   .*
The greatest  warm desire si  of ths
Tfca   Smrrl.s.   War.
How au American machinery ag-aal
secured au order In Japan Is related by
tbe commercial agent of New Bouth
MUSS In the far east a* follows: II
was a .pie-Hou nf suine lathee for a
large factory w til.-ti was being started.
They wer* resulted of a certain else.
The agent for the British firm aald.
"That It three Inches longer than tb*y
are made, and we can mak* no altera
Hon." Th* American said, "I will
make them to any nlr.e yoa Ilka." Tb*
American secured the order. - Unite*4,
Mates Consular Ileport.
Maaable   termory.
Mumble  SeeUOrj    wns   first   used   lu
theaters in 1MB it was invested i.y
Baldssssrs Peruasl mid diapiayed la
iioiio* before I. *•. .\
Rscoid Scntems For In,
A grammai *
grammatical -in
maanituda   uu
"i hare is one
"thst has In* d I
■ ui account *.' it
redness.   In ti.,-
eiel*.    lillgie   li'".
It'- hard to i
"ThS  sent' In ■
lie  fill   in   a
ni the il	
"'Is il.. m il
"Til's  r' I,', le
luiiect  bold   " ■ |
\      t'lcglU.ll        | |
thai  i beery w i
Ing I* al s ren,•
that  the  cieit   h   ;
Minister Spea
to Mothers!
Tells Bis Wif*'i Ixperissot I
Sole ef Other Safftrm
The followini; If ::•• r na t
to Dr. T. A. Slocum, Ltd.,
III. T *.8lorum I -.    -
lha last two yrar.  i.     ■
enlirl*. Illonl   haa  ha-   *        .">,,,
trtbo. bothotmtiUti  .i ~
ST lhe ,iar ol l*»i- I . ..     '•- -     • •
thi-leni , t,t )....! rrai^r   .     tlMSh
uariutothar    f.'f lor     «       .     -    •
b   ..i.t   ,un a„wri   "• .     .
lh* heart Slid Isnf* a   r a- . .i*m.h-rl
If.f '1's.a.  four  ta, if'
aaii. . peetlem     Y	
Sl Walker Avricir 1
Is a sciantifi*.   ,
wonderful   torn,
directly upon  tit Sl
and   weak   organs   of the
quickly   restoring  tbem W l
and healthy actio,,     ll is MP
adapted   for people  whj
down   from   any  • .        'I
Coughs, Colds, Catarrh, Ijkj
Pneumonia-,,  l.v
stomach   or   org*
ha* no substitute
(nommcio -si-wrt
is for ssle at all dealers, »i m
$1.00 per bottle, oi w riteil
Dr. T. A. Slocum, l-imitri
King St. VV., Toronto
There is no other
as Good" ss I'SVt H *^j_
Dr. Root's Ki.ltifv I -»" »',
nermauanl cur* brBb*uaistSSS,l
Pinase, Pain in the Ita . *-■■' »■
ot Kidney Trouble » I*' ■*«',•
ii* iear Salad.
Adam (returning fo dinner) te Kve—
flood heaven*.: Oh, thee women!
ihe, run'l leuii- anything alone. Vuii
hue gum.* nml iniule tl,.- Hiilad out of
m.v suii.hi.vi#iuiii.*H.   iini, VIrant
Ilia  tine...
"Whnt wuuld y.ni do If you had a
million dollars bunded yout"
"Well, of course I can't sny precisely,  bill  the probabilities  are  thnt  lit
become  mean  nmi  grouchy,   break
.way frum all m.v uld friends and put
In the rest of m.v life trying to akin
mm.Llmi oui of another minion."
tlanrierlnt  a  Salnl.
"fifteen   .veins  ug,,,"   h„i,|   ||,e   ag.il
brother, nddresslng the congregation
"I gladly gave m.v heart lo Ihe I^r.l."
"And Ibiil'H tbe only cheerful g.ft be
ever nni.le," whispered tiio deacon
whose hiixliicHa it wus to collect tb*
auuuul subscriptions.
in.   i araral  l.lbrarr.
Tin. largeet Dhrary in the world is
the \iiiionai Hbrory ..r i-runc.*. fmad
ed by l^illls Xl\, which cuutulus
i.-tsMi.iMMi books, HXMUO puiupbletH. 15o,.
'««, innuiis, i Ipis KOfiOO mups and
Shorts, UKMXn ...Ins and gold medals.
UaiXVOOO engravings uml IOCMU0 |*or-
The   l.ararM   !,.,....
In the liitlciin ut it mie Is the largest
topnr. in the world, ii weighs seven
pounds nud bus carvings open 11 lhat
occupied  thro* Neapolitan lupidariw
all I.-    illli )e,l'%-
Nurses'  and
Mothers' Treasure
—safest regulator for baby. Prevents
colic and vomiting—give* healthful rest
—cures diarrhoea without the harmful
effects of medicines containing opium
or other injurious drugs. ..A
■ClirOS        S5e.—sl.liug.lores.
VUI CO     n,t|on,| |,ruf a I'hsn
Vou cannol pogllMl -1>rt
a better Cocua this
* delicious drink ainl « ^'"•l^
food.    I'radranl, nuintious
ecciomlcal.   This eucllcfll <
•nalniains tbo system In f
health, and enable* i« to »
winter's ex"eme cola*
Sold by Grocers and SiureM**
ln 1-lb. and -i-lo Tiat.
< attl# -wui, horni *r« Aettt'i"
• n-i • ri>e*i*i,t men*. • l> i«*i »•■'
■ n-f   -nlher   r-attl-s        |r#li .tn   l'l*
^ttwklf ud •ItfcglltM M*m *■(>• *
#llov»r Ulnlnuw*.   s..t » ►»* ■'-
S-rUu-d. t+*.'***. \.mr, .■.*•*> l
•I f1*t morm Milk| el*wra ."»*•
tier beef. M-Xl forlrttbiMifclrt.
i i i.ihii. ntfM. ociiri*. c«k.
null. HY
Nr Internal anil li«lrtnal e"*
llrlir.re rlirittnallatn aii'l iii*"'.-'*
I im-a lam. iir a.'., lin.ailra. .''•"' '
atirama ,,r a,,rriiriui .tiiali,"*
111 ami .*,ii iniu   K..I.I i.r -i< "»*.>•'•-
I. I. JOHStOn A CO. InlM. Mill.
WWUttti« * r*. v. • f.eftfr*. *. f.
3        —        5
A Series of Articles Deacrlb-     .*•
ing their Lives, their Alms    Z
and their Influence.
tram • vr * * as t *.** * so. * *,*
Prime   Albert   Times
...  of tin*   l„- i   known of  the  nn
ing young in.*n   "i we inn   |..<n u.ili-ni
in the oubje.-i ,.t tin, -i,,.t,*ii \.. n
journalist un.l piiiii.i ,.i .*vi,.-1..-11.-.
he has a s. ■ >.. i ■ 1 ilmt i, .*,  '.,*. ,-.|iinl
He lias his nun  excellence  11 ■   piiutei
nnd editor t., thank for hi. pressnl
Mr. Laurie nn li'.iii ni Iiiiii''. i in
tario, uliout tliiity vein*, ugii, tb ■ *-..i
of Alcxund* i l.niii i-. in!' .1 llri'lding
ton, Scotland, and Franco,, ll I,run
ot Barrie, i mi lli* tii i .in. 1 vein
were spent ,,t Iturne, ami tin- balanc
of his educa'ioii nm iii'ipiiied iii Toronto. Tll'-llgll lie lefl .eh.'.'l ar tie
Tof fourteen nml -p.nl a cupl.
years with iln* crockery firm ol
Oowana, Kent ,\ .'".Iui 1:1! appli.-.I
himsell to night r-uulie. mul pushed
forward in tin- uny. heme Lionel*
inclined t" ]"iiiiinli-iii in n puictica.
__ WOT, he wisely w>t luiu-elf the tank
Of  leanilliL   the   mt   • •!   pniiim*.*.   that
it might i t  i ■ neht lo bun when
^ he should 11. h ths higher bronehe,
of the bu   i
,.       After   i-
) with the »<*ll known printing firm <>.
Jos. Murin> i'" ii cams west as f.n
as Bat l'ortage  in  the  mining  boom
''' days, an.l obtained employment with
the New*- under the lat» li A Chop
man, as n-poiier ami hii-iiic-,-. manager. Lii'*r b... ua*, Uh-.tM-ialeil Willi
Mr.   F.   A     I>e rent,   then   pul.h-lic,
of  the   K'*-wnun   Knterpriae     Aftei
this   he    nils    lor    three    \,.||-        '  ■
of the I'i
year wltli the Vir.l.*n Advance With
all these Mi I.aunc ua. occupying „
salaried pu-uiion, l.ut m \ *.,"ml. ■.
IW*. th-* i'pp,,rtutiitv oi getting mt,
tbe btasui"-!.-* I-u him».*ll * curred
and in - 11.i■ ■,,> with Mr. John \\
ToubB l„te of the Chatham Planet,
acquire.I   tlie     Prince     \!l.*n      lim
from til*   >' int.- "f  tbi, lute J    li    M,
veetrfaii.l they buvu made He* pupi
one of •
In ouly of tin- year a very inter-
toting .ni r> <i ai li' •.in-i
when M- 1.nni ie mei the lady tw bis
choice < hei return from an eaal
cm trii ii lm »a- nni rued to Mi -
le-iiuc-i. of Brandon,
ng except physical misfortune
i.•vent Mi Laurie from taking
a lutein.-t place among tin* journsl-
ists of ■     west, l"i Ins ability is un-
doublet   ami   Ik* thut     in
domita * Durage  which    haa char-
acteiix' '. ths j"... n ,l,-i-
of the . snd lis* plaj   I    >., h a
large-jimt In ths upbuilding of this
^pi.-tiu Weary fwtio was at.otu ts
(the yard aud ask for work when
Kd tie "hands" notice again and
Nl In timei -'ireat Jluimlnj! I
bt It Mild, "No hands wauted!"-
Itol   I ,'iai'lalalnl
by," asked the agitator, "shonld
rage earner be ut the lieek and
\t bis i"ii|.l".ier'r"
u< sold tlie auditor, who wai
king. * I've g.< my employer su
ihe munis every word 1 aay snd
I no questions I'm a chauffeur "-
til uttoti Star.
11   Abound.  In  <ir«r,  .lumt w<1-w   v»I
Ue Talerata* H»rV,
If there is uny man ou lliia earth,
white or black, wbo Insists that his
expenses la competitive sport must I..*
no drain on himself, thut iuuu Is tbe
Britisher. And be la quite light. An
nniateiir should be neither In uor out a
dollar, It Is eutlrely proper ihut htl
club, bis college, bis iissoelul Ion ur such
eollwtlou of IhkIU'S us be represents
uhoiild pny his legitimate ei|**uses
when he Is sent to compete tor that
college or ClUb or usaoelatlon or union,
England goes much farther nmi gives
I much  more latitude  In  the  matter of
i expenses thau we do,   lu cricket, fur
I example, "amateur" players In Bngland
WbOSO   services   nre   desired   for   the
county champlonahlp series ure liter-
ally "fouud" during the entire season.
No graft of this 1:1ml could exist In
America Without raising such a sturm
as would blow iin* whole thing to
kingdom come. Nor would we luler*
ate the conditions Hint obtain lu Kng
llsh track athletics sod "amateur" fuut-
i.all. b.ii, >.r which a..- steeped In <*uv
erf profosslousllsm, And us for junk
cling why, thai com** soar to being
tbe Bngllshman's niter ego it is u pun
of tlie Bngllah gum.*. You might us
well deprive blm of Ids dearest possession iiis prejndien, for Instance us
deprive him ur his Junket l.et the
stewards Bgnro up  bow  muny  guod
American dollars have gone to satisfy
this nan,imii predilection through the
medium uf cricketers, golfers ami other Bngllah athletes tbst here visited
us   Caspar Whitney it, iiutlng Muga-
Pa-ask l.rull.er af lhe s..uiL aad WHO
II....-   .Iniii   ul   l.uiu|,r.
I't-rhups tbs oddest ol ull jams (sum*
of ulinli is Imported into tins cuuutry)
is mad* from .1 red pulp obtulued from
the   SCImI    less.-Is   of    lhe   ' oilllUoll    Wild
rose iii Europe, it is brick red In color
and, us might be Imagined, Is ... flavor
eutlrely unlike anj  other known klud
ol  pi ive
In parts oi tin* south wbat is known
us "pemii leather" Is made from |ieucb
juice, which Is pul into bright pans and
Unci! lu the run. lu Ibe dry state lt
looks a good deal like leather uud la
eaten without flirt her prcpurutiun, keeping for au indeUuiie time.
There In commonly manufactured In
Turkey a similar product from grapes,
Ibe juice U-ing evupuruted tu tbe consistency of molasses. Some Dour ls
mixed with It, and tbe stuff Is spread
lu tblu sheets upou muslin, being then
exposed to suushlue for a couple of
lu the saute orieuiul couutry walnuts
are couiuiouly strung upou twine uud
after coating them with a mixture of
grape molasses and sugar are dried.
Travelers bound on loug Journeys frequently carry these strings of nuts,
w hl.-h afford much uuurlshmeut In concentrated shai-e.
lu t'allfurnla a delicious sirup Is
tiiude fruu, Onega Juice, which of
course Is quite rich lu sugar. And lu
Virginia watermelon sirup, which Is
said to be particularly delicious. Is nut
uuknovvn us a local product -l'hlladel*
pbla Tress.
I he   I ,.»>»• *.   ...... t.< .
Keneulj's speech lu lhe Kugllsh
Mirne Iiinl l.istiil Ilu days, but the
st continuous  talk Is inppoOOd to
been thut <>f a member ef ti.»
latino   n.'   British   tidiiinbin,   whu
|in the minority of on.-, ud sue
Nl In talking uul'' a bill by
king twenty six lieurs without In-
Prs.ldant   a   Slave    la  Oalsrrh    t.
luil'l...   in...ul,mi   of  r.i.iiu.i.  •   linusl
0 lam,   Wa.l.lustoli.   I's .   write.
rsara  I   waa  sllllri.,1 I   ..*.*
till       Iteiiieillr.     iiinl     Hi iiiiii, nl     l'l
hllata   onlv    SSI.'     llie   temporal)    re
until I used Dr. Agiiewa Catarrhal
tt gave aim.i.t li.riant i.iut
ll.*.     IS
.1  Sin.ill. nl Toronto, snnounocd
In* will  within it few weeks cum-1
Ce wnrk un tin* election ol n new
In- iu London.
, C^AKSUjp
s S^aHoncPSr1
It Is also a (pacific for
■uueli  Pill  taken   .n lonl-jncllon wllh
\HT) PILL--"Tha Great  iylfn,  Treat.
i" - It a i",.'. 'v. i" .v..,t.i i.r el and
curs for La Orlppa.
Sold by All Drugglilt or
wilsoh-mi  00.,  Limited
g* Help Far liar D, laa
The extreme callousness of tbe old
Knglish gamblers, or geutlemeu, as
tbey were then celled, is Illustrated by
tbe following account which Horace
Walpole, tbe celebrated letter writer,
gives of a curious mviirrenee at
White's coffee bouse lu London. In
one of his epistles to Sir lloruce Maun,
under date of Sept. 1. lT.'-O. he aaysr
Tbey have put Into the papers u good
StOTJ, mude at While's. A mau dropped
• town dead ut the door and was carried
lu. The dub Immediately made In-ls
whether he was dead or not. and when
tbey were going t" bleed him the wa-
gecers fur bis death Interpeoed uud
said It Would effect IbO fairness of ihe
bet, and they Stepped the.,* efforts"
H,,a.   s-amrl.rd   Ilia,
Tlie minister et u certain church was
greutty eier.is.sl I.y lhe drowsy bObltS
of his people,     1 akiug the,,, tu tusk on
this score on Sunday afternoon, he ro
marked "I see a grent luuuj of yuii
overcunie with -hvp. I .In not wunder
nt It, tor the weather Is nppiesslve,
yiiur Work Is hard and nuiiiy of you
tunc comS a long way. Therefore."
he "id..I "I um not surprised to see
many of you asleep, but whal surprisea
me Is to sis* many sleeping win, bave
hud such u comfortable sleep here  la
tbe morning." -Poareon'i weekly
You Mutt Agree in This:
That lieiuluche does not neCOlISO! ily
moon there is anything wrong with
your head I That being so, ynu iiunit
look to some other organ lor tba
trouble.   Is the eebs ln the lorahoad,
uml does it cense if you press it 'r
liuit is neuralgia headache,   Is ii on
utu- ride bi the head only P    That  is
whnt tho doctors cull "megrim."
Hull, these Inrtns nrise (run, luck uf
tune in the system, is your headache
general and accompanied by sickness
nr (oul breath or constipation f  Thut
•iiml nl headache is due to liver nn.l
stomach disorder. Nine headaches in
ten arise frum these causes. Thero
ure two methods of treatment one
is to tuke headaohe powders, This is
like trying  tu escupe  pain  hy  taking
chloroform, The other is tu correct
lhe nrgiuis whioh by theii derangement me causing the trouble. Thut
is the Bilean way ' Bileans curs
headache by their benofioialoperation
oil tlie digestive system, the liver mid
lhe  blood     Correcl    these  properly
md \".i will have ii" in.in• lii.iiliiiiie.
Mi-      tl      lt      llllick.       of    D8    Itlelllir-
Plnoe, Tm**it.,, nay-: "I suffered
acutely frnm headache Tne attacks
.leie most violent, and mads me su
ill l could hardly d<. anything. Tho
noadaabs was accompanied by digestive trouble, heartburn, and c..ii"tipii-
iuii, and it seemed us ii 1 wen* *.*..-
■ng limn 1....1 tu worse. Until 1 tried
Bilesns 1 wu- unable to gel anything
which gave ms relist. Bileana, however, acted like magic. They not only
cured the headache, Imt nlso relieved
me nf the indigestion, heartburn, snd
constipation      1   hnve   proved  thut   n
tew doses ni Bileans will remove the
most violent headache, and ns n cure
(or constipation tbey nn> absolutely
Ulieqiiiille.l. No family should Is*
without u box oi liileiuis on tbe
shell "
Bileans nre purely herbal iii their
composition and nre also free Iroin
alcohol. They nre n cure for all digestive and liver disorders, cnt-upa-
timi, piles, debility, anemia, blood
in.purines, cold and chills. rlieuiiiH-
tistn, wind spasms, lomals silments
and Irregularities, sallow complexions
(due to l.il.- in the blood), dissi s,
.•tc.    All druggists sell st We S  bojt,
,r mnv is? obtained poal tree Iron
-.he ltd. uu Co . Toronto,   on receipt
ol  price     Six boxes (or  $2.S0.
Tin* sloven   suffroghts wh
sent t., Hollowsy j*nl lust monl
reiusnl to pay a fine Imp I "i
toi inskina u disturbance In th*
by  of  the   House   uf   Com IS,
Im'*.*h released.   One *•! them re©
a magnificent flur-il trophy If""
Kev.   tiinrl.-s   F.   Aked.  ol   Lil   i
who bn- just accepted n esll i.
pn-t irship ..I the Filth avenue
tist church, N'-w York.   It bow
message    "With sympathy, nil
and admiration."
a -,..
h ..,,
th '.n
111 v.-
, the
, the
is. Kind. »i  ,■•*.	
It Iini Nun wns eiiguged to Jack sh*
didn't get enough sleep I,.*, nu.,- sba
hnd to lie SWOkO uud think how mucb
the loved hlin
' Well/"
"Aud uow theii <*ugugem*at la broken, and a, w sbe doesn't get enough
sleep heeilllse she lias to lie uwake lu
bale blm."
I .».!.'
"Well, well! I'm surprised to bear
of Miss Passuy Is-iug eugugeil to Mr.
(layman. Hi's su awfully fust, you
"Ob, I don't know!    Apparently be '
wasn't fast enough to get a way from
lie. "   I'liiliiilelphiii I'ress.
la a Cfano L' llaelt.
The Doctor You cull thut your "con-
s.len.e umbrella':" I dou't quite under- |
sluud. The ProfeeOOT It wns returned
to uie uuouyiimtisly I.y a iuuu wbo aald
he bad kept 11 for u year. Chicago
fUifClty oTtna" osaa.
"It It reallv a city ol the d«*d. for
•very grave lot litis a tious* built on
it and, bv looking through the wln-
ilmv nf this liniise, you seo whnt the
dooeooed loved best on earth.   It may '
In* it chair, or b table, a bench, or a
suit "I clothes, one houss had laid
out on n table nil the toilet articles
which the lady In the grnve beneath |
used while alive, even the tooth brush
being there. II is supposed the spirit I
ol tho lady will ooms buck and us*
Lhsss It mm West interesting to go I
In,in mie ho.isi. tu another and se* th* |
different things in them."
Bo writes \V. J. I.ukena, a traveler
(nun Chicago, who has been visiting
Control llritisb Columbia and who lu-
ipoeted ths Indian gruvoyard at Ha»-
Blton which, situated on tbe hlgheil
uoiul In Ui* town, is «uiU s ouxioslty.
Bawarr   <•(    OlnlmenU   lor   Catarrh    thai
Canlaln Marcury.
as meisury will aurely de-n*")' the sense
of -m.il and c.,uiplet*ly iterance Ine
v.h.,1.* ayrieia when iiuering it through
*h.' n.u.ou. surface. Huch articles should
niur lie used ri.ept on |,ii*srrlpiii-na
from   repniahle  phjsntans.   a«  the   dsnv
SCr the) will do Is len lolll lo lhe g.»>d
vou chii p..--il'l> del lie from Ihem
llsll- I'siarrh I'ure. tnaniifsctured B) I
J Cheney A IV... Toledo. ..hi.,, contain.)
no mereiirv. and is taken internally.
a.-.inc ilireeilv upon Ihe hlood »nd muc
>u« .urfa«si of the syslem. ln huving
Halls Csuirrh litre be riire you c«*i i»;
•cnninc It i» taken tntiriinllv nnd
•naitr in Toledo, Ohio, hy t .' Chi ney
A  C>.    T,s.timoniRls  free
Hold by I)riiggi-is. 1'rire. ?5e per hoi
Tske nulla Family Pills for cn-tlpa
Driven Into civilisation by hunger
enused by the heavy snow in the
woods, five wolves visited Iiuluth te-
i*iintlj Tbey w.-ie sighted on the lee
oi the i Ivor opposite on tl •• ore docks
imi chosed bv workmen, but escaped
Into the woods   on   tl-*   Wisconsin
So is.piilnr   is Bickle'a    Anti-Con-
■umptive Syrup ns n medicine in the
treatment of oolda and eoughs ur ml-
lllellts of thS throllt. due tu exposure,
to ilriiuu-hts, "I -ud*len chsngOS ol
tem|M-ratur.*. thnt druggists and nil
deslers In potent medicines keep supplies on hand to meet the demand
It i- ploaoant to take, and tha u I
it guarantee!   freedom   Irom   throol
and  lung diseases
Th.- Ib-ist.m board of lire underwriter., voted tO reduce t'ur in-ill nil.'.'
rates in Boston IS per cent, on tire-
preei snd sprinkled building* on po>
Ini written since Jan. 1. Shortly
alter th.* earthquake nn.l conflagration in Ban frauds.*o the rote sros
sdvanced 16 per .-ent
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
The northern Navigation oompany
hn™ purehaeod the steamer Tadoasse
|, ,     , •*....• on  th"   upper  lukes
Give ltoiinwny's Corn Curs a trial
It removed ton corns Irom one poll
.( feet w itliout nny puin What it
ms done once it will do again
The cii-l..in. returns for ill.- port "t
New Wt sin.nsler (or the yeur just
■Mi'led were to the value o( J-ll.lKsi. "s
compared >v-111 *".noo '« tl"<   v**
Some workmen employed 00 un
excavation in VonoDUW, umlcrlo>k
to timw out some dynamite with dry
heat, with the usual result, ii deafening explosion, but no damage resulted
Bslore  My  Lady's  Mirror.
The "Keflections" oJ a lor.king-glaBB
should  make interesting rending.
It's n wise shopper who knows her
own mind.
"Imitation on the (nee of it"—the
otber girl's  complexion.
There are women who will die lor
a man, bi.t then, nt.- more win, will
"A plague on my beau's jealousy I"
cried the pretty shnp-girl "Why
wasn't 1 hum plain like the Society
Heuutios' t"
The averags woman  would rathoi
own tO u "double life" thun a "double chin."—Walter Pulltset in the
February  Delineator.
Dear Mother
Your linla ons, tre a "injtant cart ia
Fall aad Wietct weslhsr. I'liay will
catch cold. Da you know sbout Shiloh*.
Consumption Gut, th* Lung Tonic, sad
whal a nat dons lot io many > ll ii uid
to be lhe oalv irliabls teawdy lor all
dtwaiea ol the air psHsgat in children,
il is aUolutrly harmless and pleasant to
lake, ll u giiai anti-ed to file- oi you, money
is relumed. Ths price ia ISc. per bottle,
aad all dealers in medu iw sell ,,
tm. rtrntiy should be ia sow household,
A baby tlmt di—H not sal wall and
sleep well, thnt is not cheerful, and
plnylul needs attention, ur the result mny bu serious Stomach nud
bowel troubles   make children orosi
llllll   sleepless,   but   tl   do e   ol      Baby's
Own Tablets soon cures the trouble,
the child sleeps hOUIuil'* snd Iillturul-
ly and wakes up bricn. ami smiling.
Mrs. J. E. Hurley, Worthlnglon, Out.,
siiys: "My little one has bad nu medicine '..it Baby's Own Tablets sin,*,,
die    whs  two months    uld   nml  they
have kept ber tho picture oi
health." Ynu enn get Baby's
Table) i from any druggist oi t'i
ul  'ii c.-nt*.  a   box  from  the  Dr.
ituiii-' Medic,ne Co., Brock*. Ills,
uu. il
The proposed plans ( .r the reorganization of the Hamilton police force
are beginning te take d-finite form
now, nnd it is expected that ns souu
ii, the municipal machinery iiet-
ilown to business again than will be
some radical ohonges in the present
Minard's Liniment Co . Limited
Gentlemen—Last winter I received
^reut benefit (rum the u^** *.i MIN-
villi's LINIMENT in s .-.ver- attack
oi LaQrippe, nnd 1 hnve frequently
proved it to be very effect ive iii osses
ul   lnlluiiiiiiiitn.il
W    A    HrTfHINSdV
The Slmard oil wall, discovered In
Tilbury, which had n naturul How oi
■30 barrels per liour, bus become practically useless. The flow was su strong
lhat it wore away the bottom of the
vein, and allowed the silt water to
mix with the oil,
Itch,  Mange, Prairie Scratches and ;
every lorm ol contagious Itch on hu-
■nan or animals cured  in 30 minutes
by Wolford't Sanitary Lotion.
There wss a big pow-pow ol Sioux
Indians nt the New York Hippodrome, when nine Sioux Indians
Ir. iu Husebud ag?ncy. app*.iring here
in a melodrama, lind a big dinner
nnd smoked the pipe of peace with
the Hippodrome band r.f fifty-seven
Sioux irr.tn Pine Ridge agency.
A I'ure (or Vever nnd Ague.
I'nrniele-'- Vegetable Pills ar.* com-
pounded for use in nny climnte nn.l
they will l«- found to preeerve then
powers In any latitude. In fever and
ague they u.t upon the secretions nnd
neutralise tha poison winch has found
its way into tin- t.i.«-l They correct
the Impurities whioh find entrance
iiii.. *ii" system through drinking
wuter ur I.Hid and ii used us u preventive level- on avoided
It ia  reported from    Malta,    that
Lord Charm Berosford nny return to
Engliind this month, as be wishes to
villi Allien.*, on private affairs. Hi-
I',"iini was recentlj killed in a railroad wreck nt Bnderiin, s D
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Gais.t
A music iiiH-tei was giving i small
boy a music lesson and saying, "One
two three,'' wioii he wu.-. interrupt-
,<l i.y the hoy's lather, who exclaimed     "My deal   sir, I pay >,,u     t..
tench   my   -on   muoio,     nOl    lew      10
cunt !"    11   Riao
•Reiular Praclltlener-Ne Resulls" Mrs
Annie 0 iheetiuii. of Whltl.y. was tor
ni..niti- a rh.'Uinnll.' rletlm. bul -South
American lilieiiuisiisiu inn* ■ hanteil lhe
aonir from deapnir' to >•>. ' Hhe savs
"1 auffered unl.ihl tiiis,.rv lioni rlu'iinu.
tlsm distors' n.eilii uu* illil ine no (noil -
i.n hettlsa ot Houth Aiinrr. .in irii. uii'ii
lie Cure cured me relief two hours attar
• be  first   float.*1   in
Judge -Prisoner, explain   hoa  tho|
fight I ui
Prisonei        Like  tin-,  sxccllenci
rd.ceo,  wim   wii- drunk,   luddenlj
spring up, exclaiming,   "You are nil
pigs, dirty nigs
Judge (interrupting) Pies • ad-
,lre-- luiseii p. the juiy II Mon.lo
a Benefactor t.. All The soldier,
the sailor, the fisherman, the miner.
the farmer, the mechanic, and nil who
live liv f toil uml  s|m*i,i1 their existence iu th.- dull routine ••( tedious
tusks  nnd     wim   me   exposed   t"     ,„-
Junes and silments that those who
ti.,1 pot do put know, will timi in Dr,
Thomas' Eclsctric ml un excellent
friend und benefactor in every tim
..( ii I
Used   Extensively   by   Chinese—Little
Goes   to   England;   hut   Considerable  Comes  This   Way.
Originally th.* only means ol . end
Ins a remittance in tin* form ol ai
order payable on demand was tlu..ugh
the post office, but, owing t" the (net
thai   tlu inters  cannot   lie  *
at all offices, the use "i the expres
money ordei haa l. ms ■ mon,
Al "tie tune tl sprest rompanio
were  aatiafled    i" carry    tl tua
ca-i. fiom one person lo another; thi
Involved much risk, extra labor, sn,
consequently highei ratei Gradual
ly, however, it dawned upon then
tlmt it would be nfei. cheaper, an.
more convenient i"i everybody con
conn"!, if, instead ol requiring tl"* n
n.ittei to pul lu- in one} Into sn en
velops and  -teal it, the agent  moult
tllke    ll.e    lll.'lic*     Ond   Iill*'    the    lelllll
•■ nn ordei on theexpresi sgsnl sl
destination, lo pay the money i" tb,
payee out "i fund .. inh had sc, um
ulated in Ilk,- ii.iuiiie,  n, the destin
nliuli   "Mice      The   -aim*   object      »a
attained;   the mono}    woi  iron mit
led  from  the  iciiiiii'i   lo the  pai'*'
but    Ullder      Condition        '.  hi. Ii      wel
much  in    letisfoctory   to  lhe  ou*
i.'tii.-i   and  i" the expresa cotupan>
Starting   thu-  ;n   n   -mall   way.     tin
convenience oi the plan  n realised
and ths business increased, and, e*
ii Increased, improvements In the
methods .-( handling it were modi
Irom time to tunc decreasing tin
cosl and increasing the effectivenetui
till nou the expresa money ordei
syatem ha- become one of the great
,-t   publit ivenieucea   evei   devit
ed, snd todsy there ,- ,.■• other -y-
tem ior transmitting money tha
givei more satisfactory service I
muny people, and at su.ii -mull cosl
The express companies claim that
by leiison of their large numbel o
ng. ncies throughout Canada, and 1*
theii connections irith the skpres
eompamei of tin* United States, th.-
nr.* nlile t" give the public s servii
thst ti" other inatitutinn, nol ive
the government itaelt, has been ahl
to give Tin* expreos companies ai
represented r.t every railroad itatioi
in Canada nnd tl..* United Btate
hundred- ,*i placet where ther* m
no banks, nor even post oflicea, an
they thus serve thoussnda of )H-,.pi
whi otherwise would nol I"* serve
n*. all. In the largo towns and eltie
.'„ sxpreaa companies !,„v,* appoint
.*.l druggiats ami storekeepers broreli
agent- in convenient localities, !">ti
iu the business snd residental di-
triets, where the public may bs
v.si   nl   iill   boum   "1   tin*   day.   whei*
"ii.- may buj s moiie; ..rier .■, *.■
one ci.-licl st limes wh.-n ,t woulri
l»- impossible to p I ace mmodation
snywbere elss, The convenience ti
the public in purchasing snd cashint
ni",icy '-rder- i- not the only benefii
derived iroin Ihe * -.pi tompani
ays tem.
i ine fi'iitiiie thai  app lah  I    lh, -
wbo have bud the experience
facility with which ■ refund m •
obtained   ulieii   an   ' m rdei   i*
loot Appli.-nt,",, loi refund m i
mode through nny expresa agent in
Canada and Uie united States The
application-* sre dealt with promptly,
snd refund will Ik* mods t,, lhe re-
mlttei **r the amount paid t■■ -In*
payee, without extra charge, al  any
expr-aM   "llie-      lim-.   il   au   older   is
is-iie.1 in Toronto, and is lost bj the
remitter, oi goes sstray in tbe mails
joi nil- Into the wrong nenions'
hands] thc remittal may appli for n
refund at Toronto, or, il he be in
some other porl oi the country, In*
may apply to an expresa agenl wher>
evei he is. and it will be srronged,
uml. ,1 he ,s traveling, ths amount
maj is* paid In hun through an expresa agent at -nil anothei pari "i
the country, or, II he prefers, payment will be made t" ths origins]
payee, whorevei hs maj  be
Curiously en".igh. th,< tim  are,
!,► ii clasa, the greatest remitters "t
money by tin- means The statement
n * made bj I prominent offiei .1 "i
the Dominion Express Company that
be did not believe there wni :, tingle
Chinese ,,, the country who did ,,"t
i nut mors "t less regularly through
tin- channel. "Whervvei we have ..,,
..gent snd a dunk Mtllei ,,, ths Mms
town "tu Instructions are to cultivate
hui. t"i   »■• know   that, sooner   .*,
Inter, hs Will be -ending in n. f,"
siii'l   he     "From   lima.la   oloiM   tin*
Chinese remil ol leosl $..in.,„.«.. (Chin.
e-c silver dollars) .*iei\   month      It
la all, or nenrly all, annt via Hong
Kong to whnt are called "People's
Agents' there, with Instructions sent
by letter as to whom payments are
to I"* mads In the various districts
of China proper, We ol?o send considerable amounts to Yokohama, It,
fact, u- you ..ill i.'iiiuiubi'i, wo unl
The Stor'i Japanese Famine I iiml
Pole . Russians, and Italian also
en, '.aii,ui- -uin. of monej to iheir
relative! in the old lain.I ,luring De-
comber, It la very nne Indeed (oi
any foreigners In Canada to u.-vu..'
money. Tne stream is almost invariably in the other direction.   On the
other I,aml there la coii-idcrnbly more
money  -cm  oul  ,n  this form  from
England to Canada thnn vice versa.
Toronto Star.
Tha Order Changeth.
There is a touch of sadness in the
announcement thai the Iturnardo
Farm Hum.* m Russsll, Manitoba, 'a
tu l.e permanently el i   For twenty
years the home has been a training
school to teach funning to the hoya
sent mit from England Conditions
huve «o changed, however, that tha
b.c- .nn be lent .lirect to ths homes
of farmers, nml ths Institution is no
longsi necessary Mi B. A, Btruth-
iii.. ha,< heen ,u charge of the
horns linee IU erection, will now man-
ago the rii-t...   • .a, ,.f Bernardo hoya
from the receiving home in Winnl-
I"';. Mr. Strut' rm, who ia n cousin of
Mi Irving Btrutbors, ths well-known
Montreal newspaperman, hss in.inng-
**<l th.* horns with ronspleuous suo-
cesa, ntnl i« iegar.1.*.! as n j^ist aud
kindly fi'sier i.rli.o by more men and
bo] , ihau probubli any other man iu
■ ■apoaalble Dlaaaoela.
"I'be boy has evidently beeu eating
too mu*!. between meals." aald tba
.lis tor.
'Nonsense:" replied tbe boy a father.
* V bo.i can'l eat lu his sleep."
"ii,iiv do you meoBl"
i u.euu tbut eucb of his meals be
gins when he gets up lu tbe morning
and euds when be g,,es to Ued"-I'hll-
sdelpfats Ledger.
For Coldsand   i   Finds it An
Excellent   jam.   Remedy.
'aiiie in SewtaaaOlaaa.
The Portuguese attempted to establish herds ef .-attic In Newfoundland In
tBTsi.  but  ail   I a,*.-  of  these animals
Save vanished.
Oh,   tiie  Stuffing.
We ate a duck or the h.'st part of
it. a iini!* that g'-s ".joack quaek"
on iwo bind lev- li *r had -aw-j a
■'•" e. we n.iyh: t..- accused ...f cai.ui-
■'. but »e ate ilie -luck, ami ive
arondert>d   u-   n.  au    regarding   ibe
feelings   ,ij   the   duck       WV    ,i,-ie      all
right, bui  vm   bad i pportunit)  of
dlUgll'lelilV   UtS   -    il    ill, 11-   "I   ll.e   u*l it
party to ths agreement   in onr iuno>
oence. -v<; likeiie.t it unin the ineviV
able throes ihnt thrill the poor prospector, when tie cornea in nontact with
a lawyer The beat pan of a duck ia
the "ittiffiii? " Tha re»l ia misery la
bad teeth, but, Oh the "-tufring"
a'ioi     the   ImvyC   .--'-    \\'.r   tttOTJ   jf
it niakes [ r um rieh, -vmi we ..fleu
wish thai we »e,u j ..ony:r tram
Ui*  iluilu-, buriau.
Capitol   Building.   Salem,   Or*.
State of Oregon,
Executive Department.
The Peruna Medicine Co.,
Columbua, ' ibio
Oear Sirs—I have had occasion to
use your Peruna medicine in my family tor colds, and it proved to be an
excellent remedy. I have not had
occasion to use It for other ailments.
Yours   very  truly.     W.   M    Lord.
Ii   mil  be   iioiii.'ii   thai   Um  Ooreruol
■ ni-  hi*  im-  let   imii    ... .,.i"ii  ...  aaa
Parana  tor olh, i   aUmeuta
'rin* i. n-"ii i..r .iu- .- thai  mo-, other
illlllnlt'.    begin    iritll    a      "l'l
I sing P, i una in'.,iii|itiv ... rellavi 1,1-
I). protect! Ins fiiniilv .igiiiii-t ,,ili,-r ail
Ihi- l- whal  i*.i.   irther famll]   in the
I nlted Btatei iho uin .., Keep Peruna in
the bonae
Mi - .i....-|.i.iin i ui, n. i, tforrla nt
PortlanU,  ur*-.  member   Palrooi  ol ilu>
I'lin-lr*. .   ii i ii. ■
Peruna tin- proven ItaeU ol aoeh un
t.,ld raise to oa iiiat «•• ara «iud to m.
II .In,, prai-.- We have had u in ihi.
lioni.    I.i   mora   rliati   enht   yeara
It i.*-..u. - health in a ten -hori week-
lake. i.«a\ beadaehea and backaches, In
i*r,*ii-,-- (be appetite and restore* lo.*
ne. ta force ll a 11 in. toi ooldi and
i ii.ar ih "
Mr. It in. in A *-!,!,. -.1 i.l.ll. i..n. Maw
»ho haa rea. hci the act "t K veai*.
v. ru.-
i have igkea several bottles nl Parana
»*uh good i, nli- i ehaerfnllj reeon-
mend   u   to  .ill   who  nr.*   afflii l. il
"At I eon for eaiarrh and a t"ni.- fr
Kcn.nl debility  ll  la aeUooi equallad
Ask   Your   Druggist   for   Free   Peruu.i
Almanac  for   1907
At a n.iv confrontation •■! lit   H
ber,   with   Madame  Qherin  tn  London, the woman was effusively af!,-.*-
tiennt*   and  lought   :■   ■ mbroes tin-
di ct*,.
M, Mean «as Thump.ni Mr Lilt oul'
Uu *av .Mr. K II Wright, ol Brc».
.'Hla, "ut JeM ril I*- her i.nfferiaga Ir.'iu
motherlns tliuteriug and palpitaie.u
m.i trying inonv i.m.-dies withoul
«-ii.*,,,.  -,i   i...ni,--  ,.i   Dr   acaaw*a  Cmr
f..l     tie     il.,,11    r,*-l..r, ,1      her    to    perl, cl
health i r.<* [.it d..-. gave almost m
slant -.-i:.*t. .-imt in ., ,t:11 .ulIaMiu
... • *,   altogether    St.
a   r.*p iiiaiii.-   conference    was
i" iu ii Ballins to ■*"ii-i<l"r tl.e con-
Btruction "i 100 miles ol railway Irom
Bligo to Mayo, :li- construction o( s
deep watei piei at Black Sod bay.
preliminary ta mmiing s (asi Iin
-ii-amei- i" Canada
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds.
Who Gets the Most
Out of Life?
Not the wealthiest, not the most learned nur the iillcr—but the
man -alio has -guod health and works for his living. This truth is
trite, but nut trivial
Every nun should guard his health as Ins must valuable p"--r«-
sioti     The inure su because health il easier to  retain than regain.
Keep your grip on health hy regtiur rirrcisr. reasonable care
in eating and requisite sleep. Take Ucrchatn's Pills occasionally,
to tone the sumach and keep the liver ami bonds in good working
order     And don't worry.
(ll.-rrsr these aimple rules ani you will agree that the one who
gets the most Irom life it
The Man Who Uses
Pr«t«r*4l unl> kf imt PrupfitUr, lho»ia» tirovbom.M   hrlcit., (.aiua-shlrc. -ting.
5-.IJ •v-try-whrra la Canada an«] I . H. Am*tKa     In bMM '5 v«nl«
Waaderlal  Hi,,, rellaea.
The moat wonderful wlue Collars tn
tbe World  III*.*  llil'lellieiltll  H   liolileiilllll'l
palace nt Wnrsuw. '1'hey huve bc-en
used for Storing wluos for over 400
years, aud tbe whole place In one uiaas
uf fungi and Stslsctlteo,
Keeps your body
,   warm,   yet   lets
your skin breathe
—knit, not
' woven,-- J.
-it fits,   / VCoaraateed
"doeal'EN- /     \Aaaiait   '
ANGLE /        \Shr,akaaja
• /ftrg
fTi ml«* nun ked in r.vl.   In a \
variety of styles, fabrics und
rprii en.   for women, men and
Arte Kaalaud Uo,>klaa Btraa.
The I'i..- honey enter la oue of tbo
cniiiiuoiieal and ut the snuie time hiui.I
sotneat of tbe New /..-iiiuml blrda. The
neck la urnaiioiiic'l with a frill of curly
feathera of u gneolab ...lor with white
CentOW, and the throat In adorned with
a tuft uf white feather--., wblcb hua
galued for it the popular m.m. of "pur-
sou  lilrd."  nu  ni'i'iil.iiloii   appiopiliir*
not unly because oi tbis dec iratlon, hut
because uf the resemblance of ita peculiar attitudes when singing to the
geetlralatlous indulged in hy exubor*
mit lecturers wheu iiuiiiug i . drive
bum.- their points,   ihe bird la nn ex
oellent nlnlc mul can i.e taught to repent abort SOflteucOS with cxtrHordliiu*
ry dsarnosa and slso to w-niatie abort
auiigH ,,nlie us well 00 u purrot.
Your Grandsons Will Be
Old Men Before This
"Oshawa"  Roof Wears Out
Send   for
FREE book
worth   your
KiH.f youi building-, with "Oohowo " Galvanised Steel ShinKleu
this yeur, and that will he u GOOD roof In Lim?. We will give
you a written guarantee, bucked by $260,000, thnt such a roof,
properly put on, will need no repairs and in. painting for nt leant
twenty live years.
5HAWA ,SBffd
make roofa water-tight, wind-proof, weather-proof, nisi proof,
lire-proof for a century, our plain guarantee keeps it so for
25 yeara  without  a   cent  of est   to the  man  wnobuys It.
U.    No. 820
Got the fa-Ma
you roof
ii thing.
of Oshawa
Made in ONE QUALITY ONLY,   of 28-guage.
semi-hardened   STEEL   double-galvanized
Thoy lock on all FOUR aides tha ONLY METAL
shingle that need NO CLEATS, Easy to put on a hammer ntnl it snips (tinners' shears) are t.xils enough. I lost
LESS and laat longer than any other roof. Teu us the
surface area of any roof on your place und we will
tell  you  exactly what it  will cost to roof it right
Montreal lnr.,„l„ Ottawa lonrion Winnipeg Vaniouirr
i*.'i - 11... si. u    ii i\,if..!i-<i> v     ISSttmnm   i. UuiN_iSt,   ,'• i..,iiii*i.isi.     SUFnotrSl, 1((, _*_>,.
•J* Prhilcrt nt Trout Lii-fcei'ltr, an" Ir*ubll»li*M
at F'.-riu wn uud Trout l.uS» «V»rt TtuiriKlay
•Mie Editor ilJen aot nold blmialt rnapon-
lOt-lt'for itu, upuiliiin ut eorrespiuicteiil*- cx-
)MSMd in Its coli.nma
All Inaalu will *ln ch.irsed itt  Uu* lulu oli.i
a-tiiu pciilnu, ila-ait Inaecfinn, and literal.* p.*.
Uli. .-ii'-li 'IU:*•,.*.piel.l   11.:..*! ll.lll
Ti-rin.ror 'I'raiwlent nnd nil er atar.rlii.liii!
will be made. Itimwn or. upplicutUh(Fiit otllci
OniisiMii.nmi Win. u rrun. In ii.ivunoe.
Editor, Iiir.leiiu Mining Review.)
Wishing to lako whiiccs ept'oiw
1n llie »ugge«ti|,ns ma<lu by the
secretory of the "SHv-or Cup Rnch-
elor dub'' 1 i-lwl* nsk permission
for a little Bj*nco in vuiii- valunblt
I' . -;•. h • stales thut "owing tu
climatic conditions somo 11" tht
iiici..ic rs In.'.' Iiecon o oxydlxt tl,"
(and I ni ght •• hi. "fossilised.")
'•but iv ih n liitlo -'.•■' lopraent. I
would prove ;h«*m lo b- of some
Vuill. I. '
Mu.,i > f ilu* baehel r prospectors
I have in't here nre idle "dnt
dreamers." Thay g . up tlie mour.- ;
tain Bid B. s'ake nut aome a'atms
for themselves; come t» town nml
tell tie i ewFpnpcr-mnn of th"!
thousand-* nf ions of ore thov have
found; Bit nrouu I Iheir cabins ami i
hotel porches and dream of sum*;
'tendeifuot' coming fr mi the Roir,
and paying them ;i n.i lion foi
their claims (or "wild cats," nf
BOme of tho iinm oil ihem); pic
ture themselves buying out fomt*|
brewery; then pointing Hit ti wn
the proverbial "rati" or i-akini.'
love to s'.nm "Fairy Vaudeville
True, there is a fascination ahout
these bun; hill", kites inul inoiin
tain streams iif British Columbia.
perhaps in thnir v tj' freodon
and I be'ievc iheie is a goldei
harvest t.i be re-iped by those wh.
are willing .to exert thiniselm
bat how few we see here thai an
willing to do BO,
One evening last week, wo vou
ttired to oil on one of the 'band
From tho door-way came an o'loiu
of fried bacon. We tow a vi -i i
of unwashed ilinh-s. pails and kei*
ties; n rutty stove nnd a tible, on
one corner of wh cli stood n plati
containing three boiled potatoes
and   an opt--?., ill
The 'lord .•:' Ihi  man •:' had just
dined !
The next room wns onriieted—
with ore psiup'ea and variou>
ContlemsnV *_*iiriii nt.>. We cou'd
distinguish hnse--with opening*
for vcntilat;uii nt lioe!s and Iocs-
soiled Collins; newspaper* ihrnwn
in tho comer-; bo its and ru
here, there n .1 e'v.-t-\ win r•■. am'
on the centre table waa contentedly curled ii I:, ni ,■ only r< -
deeming feature in tht; who'e
Imagine soma poor confidinj
girl induced lu enter that "hoini
nest," to wash dishes and mon'l
Imse for a honeymoon I Ko! 1
may besi-lli-.il. but I think I should
much prefar "paddling my ow.
A home— to me- is such a ki-
red thing, ilmt tu. should chonti
carefully onr parluor who ia eith*
er to mail* or lunr our 1 ap| ine.-s.
The discrimination may leave u-
"un>ppropriaicd blessings," but
t*etttr th ii ii,,i , va'ui regrets,
li-1 i hi ng, 1 uiU't lake ex
cc|itioii to ilm feci. tnry.K closing
paragraph, v s: "All lurrespond-
miee strictly confidential, .n.<l sd-
dressst-u H. the scorvtat v &e."
Who kllOWl Lur whal li ■ m iy be
jmbiiu.il h itli ci ltisli iiuiivis '.'
I would BOggigt thatsiiiiia moth
erly lady ..f in .turu yearn— whose
hoped of ever launching m the
Bea of cotiuubiil'blisi is lust—be
entrusiod with all correspondence'
I would   like  to  I'oni'S; otiil   with
smite ambitious young man, who
is not giicn to chuilng moon*
biiim-, but who is willn g In throw
off i.i.- jacket aiui pul his "ahould'
er 1*1 ilu- wheel.''
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of (Vllnin <j Supplies   Etc.
to any Point in the District.
S. DANEY, Prop.
Any Work
Undertaken MJ
Guaranteed   ffj
Satisfactory,   f^
Legal Notices.
Canadian mineral claim, lilUSle in the
rrout 1 .«ku mining division oi V\o»t
Kartells? district.
\\ hers located : On f->v«n wile crees
South Fork ol l-ardea'tt.
lake notica tltsl I. ■> •> -N Wilkie
ROtlng     lis    iigfnt  fur   Dnviil     Cowftll
I'' M C N*' H8SI03, mill.l.ii.n. II.
lljckmtin T.    M •   0, &°
n.-isiiie, inii'ii.l, sixty tlsri ti'.'in tl"'
ilote hereof, t" apply lo Uie
Miniug Uci'.ii'ier for ii Certificate ol
liii|.iuvriii*.'ii'i. lor the |.,iri"ni' ol obtaining u Crown lii'iuii oi the  al ove
Ami Fni-tlier lake notice tlist net ion,
iiii.lci* sectiuii 57 tatlSt be romnicni'cd
before the issusnee ol Certlllcste ol Iin-
Poplar Livery.
Freighting,   -     -     -   Packing
A Speciality.
Stables at Poplrr.
hilled lllll
UHluUvof Aug., A.i>. I'JUIl
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable 1!. oms.   Excellent Cuisine ami Attendance.
Zvout Xaftc
Supply <5o.
By usirtg Water su| plied by the
Company you aro assured ol aboo
luto purity. Government Analysis
tu back up statements. :;::;::
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   R
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
W. H, Jones,
I est     llimlvre,     Fine    Jul.
Hardwire, Miners' hi   • lit i, Bl ii i
mi 1 Kiii.,:*-*
& Co.
Ivass,   CIioojo,    Produce   mnl   Fruit
itouston Bk„foseriliine st. Nolion, B.C.
It  payi lo use the  Telephone.     A
lene'.liv trip ciui olten be loml. I ■
ni  I eruusoti: Cummins' Si.
I.iikc 1'i'i-t < lilicc : alio at Ueaton, Com-
aplis mnl Arrow!
Trout   Lake   City  Transfer
and Stage Line.
W -5*l*^Mlt *m*k*m*tttyt$>i "V
' Daily Stage will
leave  Fcrj:uion|
7 a.m.
! Trout Lake at fl!
WOOD  yard!
in t-Mtrdirin.
A.M. Craig   ' Wm. Crawford
Best Hotel in Town,
Headquarters fer Iiiiii arid Qwcial Mra.
j Watch-repairing,   etc.
., . ranked.
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
Hood Office
TOKOMO.   OM \R|o.
[ows Block, Till Lak B.O
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
B   C
^V\ No' ;;;i
■-..   Lt  -/ o  i   .i*i        i             i
. •.I'll       Illlllr-lll-.V    c.l.'ll
*   S/   N month.
Fmfo       V S r       -n n nrning Hrothreh enrdiollr ii
•  £#•  WCllS'''1 v M
BE6T 4 4:5,000
D   ll. Wil KI!*:, rrcM.lont. i!   1.    FtOBERT J I   I
BRANCHES    m  Uio   I*. .vul- ol   '. • ...
SAVINGS DEPARTiVENT.-!'-':''-!!' re.eucl ni.l Intl
curri*   t r-.tlc fiiun dote ol Sl
1 <ii". , ;•> 111  »'.r
l>»r   ,,r Hi.* niiriil
ll:>.I  I     1  \Ki:    l.OI'l.K
NO. -11
1   0.0. F
Sandy Laughton
III.N fixiling  Forgnsmi you
should Htnv nt ilu* La 1 ilea 11
Hnlol.    Here  lhe   lisitur
will   Ic*   stirrouiideil   with
li.*m.- comforts,    Exrellenl
cuiniiie,     well   vcniilate I
anil   warm   rooms,   wil
slocke'l bur,  and  cv. ryilii'-tr vi 1 • I<•!i
lm da towards making yonr vjr-it a
|.l.-.*Miint and inemoral.le uik-.
Rates fi.'iii ?1 day iipwnrds.
We etrive tn please imr patrons.
>,,!..ill   |   .«,   Ml   HlHlllll   ••  -
Review Job Dept.
For llieli-t'ln-- W
Arrow     , I
'0«'   *'u**JU4»t*-iKi
n. >  .;
cash prices i-Ain.p.Biarns&Co w
iffiafbci- Shop:
■:'    "
(iood Minve i>r Hair Cut
illiam Schnell, .
= i_!i>sa\>infl =
(iol.l ur Silver     .    .        t\ .,n
iini.! .uu! Bilver  i
-■iivei an.l I.«*».i	
 1 OQ
'uie       $iso
5   SHANNON.  Ks%aytr
Trout l.akf. li C.
l)**i*lrr.H in all kii.'lh of Fresh Mi i.i
Hot and Cold Daths
.'l*r. J    A. fl*..-..
•    CORf    i n
■-..imt.rt i". Ini|»'iii Ban I ofCai ...
Barber Shopl
•    i   a a ■■•     ■'tr«r&e*Mj<i;irr.«r.*^v
...  XLhc Botel Ueaton
BEATON, it. c.
YIRIT0R9 srriving at Ronton [tlm threshold oi tin* I ar.|».i,>
i   \i:.'« Ill-nil, nill iiml ihis Holt I l" be (nil* Cqtll|i|.   I
(or hish-ehiKS tindc    Kxecllem ncc.iuiuoiUtin'ti      Audi
S|i|>nii.i. i ... '! .|'iii*i'i.i- ilitiinj!   imil.     'I lie U-t-t o( Wines.FpiillS
an.l I'i'iiii n.   I'ui --..iiii! unpen ition ia siren lo Ihe re<|iiireineiils ol
pati  ni   \ illors lo lh* lH.ile.ui eon relvon comfurtol thishoiel,
: W, BOYD -:- -:- Prop.
»4 u«rii.itw>oMtf»«unu^-,'ji,iH*;  ■-....
I AM) NDI 1- i:
A Bachelor Maid.
(Not by chol -o I
Notice is"hereby given  tlmt (SO i    N'ntice Nhcreliv given thnt tlxty
days afterdate, [Intend lo make |dayg afterdate, J intend  in mak*;!
i|*l'li.*.'.ii'i. to lhe Clicif Coinmif- appliciiiinu to the Chiel   Commit
r-i"tici . f Lain!*, it Wm I,-f..r I'wn.ir. jskmerof kni <ls <& Works f"i ior.
fi'.in tu puroliflS' the f dlowing de- i mission io | un-hoo? iho foilowing
sriilii'd landn, nitiint.il In SVest described land situate at Capo
K* oteuay 'li«trict, on the east side Horn, Upper Arrow Lake,
of Kit-iU River: linotentiy Dis'ricl.
C.ninni'nrinp Iti  a post pl nn led
nt tin* S.W, corner of A. I *. Mat'ko)*«
I'rp-titniiiiuii; ihnnfceasl 20cl
i!ii>ncosott'h 40 chnins; l hence west jo. E,   Comer"
40chains; Ihenee south 20 chain*; chains;   thence
Provincial Land Snrvojur.
Mineral Claims .Surveyed
and Crown Oraots Ublsincd
pt.1 tiu-e • Nest Il.c.rd OlUct,
'I runt l.nk.'. II '
Ci 111111," .in.* iii  » |Mi-t planted
at the Noilh East corner  >f   I.i.r
7862  n.nrki-d "A  U. tt'ldtebrendvl
thonco iiorili -IO1
a-i-sl   HO chains;
thence south   40  chnins;   thence
• •*■! BO chains io ; oint of comim n-
320 acres.
i ihcnce treotSOahfthis; thence srituli
20chsina; wo»t 20 .-'•iis.   iIh*iut
south 'in  clu.iii-; (hence tvt I  la cement, and contulninf
James Burhridge'ocnsl line; tl i
-,nili lo I'lalt River; ihenco f dlow.
Mngrivorbankiopoliitofcommonc.     pealed IhlrlOth. day ol Mar, l,
line,,.. 11*07.
Doled, February 13th. JM7.
A.r^.  D Mapksy,  l.ocr.iur.
\ i:  wiiii-. i
ilIKUF. Imrp been furtnnes
mode hy judicious Investment in Reul Estate, ami
nu re f'Tluncf will be liuulc thun
eier tin' n. xt two or Ihree yenrs,
The one w|iu reaps t'." hurt est is
Hie original Investor, for lm has
hia money on a certainty.
Now let iih poinl out In ton lhat
theie \. no hi'ilcr spot .*n ihe I mi.
tn*.**..t   t»   Inv   Re.il   Estate   thun
Trout Lake is the prettiest spot
in ilii* Knoti'iuiy; ns n pleasure
i. 11 it Ini** no i ipiiil. Bon I Ing
nnd  fishing inny he  Indulged in
tint i.iir r. uiuI j while hig Uiiiiit-
iii aiuiir,lun.c i- ;.' i'ii* found on
ihe hills. Iir. climate is snporb,
there being no urcnt extremes, it
in Ing mil.I in winter and cool In
■•ntiimirr. Ii can hcasi nf some of
ilu- finest hotels and r< Btdenci
Iililir.li Coliiiuh'ii.     Il-f>tt. el*.   UTS
well lit'il iiiii and grndi tl. Tlii re
nr* two excellent ccm-rn] storiH,
nn.l n glance nl the nilvertisemeiiii
in tins joiiinnl  w ill r-l oiv   lhal ii!
irndes me fairly well r-pm-ciii. I
Wi ito with conndencn t" Agents,
it/ I A i     f '
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
Then call on
or   write to
 .; .j
T haa i.fT.r hod a   ' boom "    ii»
growtn bas boon steady    It •
tbe  head  >f  navigation,   ami
the tetii, i a' . I  ih*   Lardo I ra. N
of ihe C I'!'.     All rofcdi (i« l-»«
Lai dean)   lea.! t,, Tr- nl Uk*     •'
it   'he   .. innn. ml   renlrs   I
richest   mineral  .lii-trirt en  tN
conllnei t   ai H hna l.nnkit-r fssili
lies   |ti m.i, ti   by   ibe   In 11>»*
I'nnl. of Canada ; fi^i class ochoel
wi'iiiilii. .Irti ii i,   in ilcr ths   tliris
in.i. ,,f (j, Shannon, is A
wnh r sysU ni ; p>.i-eniinr<it t>ll«*» I
' * unlj Cuiiri  sittings; Mnh dist
! .   eopal ni ii Anglican chuNbes
and . utiagc hnsriital.
'1 liere  mi' ni!ii:il,le roneli Isi.di
on tin outskirts awaiting Sflllerr,
Lis lumber resoureetare n.sgi.ifi
•'< I. an.l ,i   |,«nil law nill   With a
capacity ol 60.000 ft, i rr dsv >s si
t1 0 I rod of th. lata. ThawnluSS
Hihulaiy srs proving nol lii-*p»r
irodurers eiet*» yttr, wiil. fit*
prosptcti r | inlng Uplich b«.-Jis« *f
lit I*
'II ere sill 1.,. u |,|g riiah thin
vrsr, s» if joU Would khpw
more, write nl once to I i'i ri uf
tin aceniM n<  (he «i!tliesK*s In low.
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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