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Lardeau Mining Review Apr 11, 1907

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■ge.  circu
ni>*i<)    an?
m. Best ad-
■h   n idnn:
 ■      ...I—
Lardeau Mining
Tin*  re; * wnla'l e
...' I!,'   : c!i  !.* ;•''••,.n
tr   ".i y.      Sent   i
any a.,du<* for $2
|. r an. in : .in. .. ■ ■
TROUT LAKE CITV,   B.C.  April 1 lib. 1997.
nfclt  JTOTIOBS.
*.,,*.,... Kei'ei.v given thai with
„ |W0 Hit- from ihn lirst pub-
;*..!i.*ji    Bo' In lhe British  f'ol-
 v i.iHtc. 1 intend   t.. apply
H'l.i.l' ('oinmissioiier of
I*. iiiriB'ori. - for special lieen
1   Bui .* irry away  limber
the ■owingdescribe!I  lands
•ni iBft'.-l Kootenay,
initnenciiij: at a pokt
•Miii'ti.ji I'reek, about
■ Fi-li Creek,    marked
■ South   West   corntr
-he 'Br-ast Ud chain?; I hi nee
PHtd11'-     tin-nee  weal Ml
is;  tlBce south 80 chaiiiB to
* point He iiiiiiicn.i iii'ii*.
r^»i*.-d i-K   day of March, litOto
NB Ileal 1 u, l.o.Mtor.
J     ^fclllllleil.■..,*.'    ilt    .1    |K)S|
lilted    H>* 1 ing'".. (.'nek. about
i*s froni Kiah Oreek, marked
B  North   West  corner
laat SO chains; tl»enee
lilts;  Ihenee  weet SO
e lulllll 80  chains  In
Notice ib hereby gis-cn that ivilhin
two |UOntlil fr<uii llie first publication hereof in tlie British Columbia Oswttfl, 1 Inteud to apply to
lue   Hon. Chiel   Commissi ir   of j'' '.V*J aft<''' the lint'   piihiicilion   of
l.atidsand Works for a speeial Li-j,,'i'i ll",i(''' '" •■"' British Coluuj-
eence (..cut nii.U-arry away I im-',,i:l (;»»z<*tti-, I intend lo apply tm
her from th.* loi lowing described '''•' -U-m. Chief Commla*tioner ol
lands situated in West Kootenay
ti. day * .* March, 1907
pea ten,   Locator.
Bien-bv given   that  *8 '
s after
■te,   1 intend to spply
the Hen
thief Coiuraisa'oner of
■ orks for a sj*cinl li-
land carry  away tim-
from t
m  following   described
t of. ll
Id   situste   on   OftO-ar
■utiirv <*f Lardeau Kiv-
ll.ako Mining Division
it Koo
pt'.rii    t'.istrict,    liegin-
feat up
It  ui»rk-*l "A. E.F-.w
1 North
Bst coiner pos',-claim
■i< ground on the nor-
I block
■57-5.   ii.ei.ee  running
180 ch
Iti-;    thence   south   80
ina;   ll
Itiic   cast    80 chains;
ice nor
li *-ii chains lo place of
■: maiked A.   E.   1'* •■
Wi uorttrp'       roerpott, thenee
s.i  chain!.;     lliei.ee
sns;     theliee   west 80
north  80 chains;
|>^^B|.. J71 i. of March
|K. Fowler, Locator.
"Globe" miners) el.iitna
in I ute Dining Division.
uplar > 11. •>.
imt I. Brace White, m-t-
|t ih.* Ppyglass Mining Oe
ert.li.nte \» IMJO, in-
J fr.ni. the date liorjerf, to
|ii.n.g I'ei'iiih i lot a t'rr
mei... Ills io' the imrpoM'
(.'run n iiirjii oi tin above
tuke notice  tint IM tMMI
men be uiui-aieneed
mui*  of  siieli (erlilii'ale
:-2n.l. 1 *.m >7.
I'.at-es      wuira.
li.r.hy   gii en th it 30
lute hereof,  I intend
ipplicntion      to    the
pmmlnlonerof Lands
a special   lionise  lo
.•mav   tin.Uer   from
ilcsi-1 il.ed hinds situ-
irdeaii district:
iig at a   p"Hl   planted
jil.-  nl'iiyi'  Camborne
kitl.* of Fish Creek, a*
|iirtrr-inilo    from    lit
ted    "J.   ('.    south-
thence    norlh   80
e   west   80   cluiins;
80 chains;    llienci*
bs lu the point o< coin-
March 16th. 1907.
N'o. 1. Comnv■iicing at n post
planted 1-1 miles above Tin Mi'e,
on the ninth fork of Lard, iu
Creek, adjoining I.i»t 7017 on the
north, maiked ''A. Cowing's B. !•'.
corner post " ll.ei.ee north 80
chains; thence west 80 il-jtin-;
tbence sonlh 80 chains
eaat 80 chnins, to point of coin-
No. 2.   Commencing at a post
plau'td li miiis a'oo v.- Ten Mi'e,
■ui the south fork of Lardeau
Crack, adjoining- Lot 7.1*47. on the
X E.  marked * A. Gowing's B. W
corner poal," thence nortii
M'lciitti:- t -U'-'1 cast 80 chains;
tiictice south 80 chain-; thenoe
net 80 chains to the point of commencement.
No. 3. C.initneiicing at a post
planted ]•} miles above Ten Mile.
on thu south fork ol Lardean
Creek, marked 'A. Gowing'i N.W.
corner p 'st,-' thence south SU
chains; tlience east SO chains;
thence noJth R0 chains; llienc*
west 80 chains; to poiut of com-
Located  March 27ih.    I9-J7.
A. Cowing, Locator.
No   4    Commencing   at a post
planted 1\ miles ubnc Ten Mile
on tbe etulh fork cf LaiJ.„t;
Creek, aud iiiarkwi -'A. Qowing's
8. W. corner |«>sl,'' Ihenc..* north.
80 chains, iheuce cast 80 chains.
ihenceeouth Ho chains, thence west-
80 chains; to the point of commencement.
No. 5 Commencing at a i>ost
plaiilcd IJ miles above Ten Mile,
on thc south fork of Laideau
("rc.k, marked "A. (iowiig's N.
W corner poet," tbence south *-0
chains; thence east SO chains;
ibence north 80 cnains; thence
we.-l Ml chains; lo j.oint of cnn
No. i>. Commencing at a post
planted 3-j mlh* above Ten Mile.
on tin- aouth fork of Lardeau
Greek, marked "A. (rowing's S.
W. '.orMer |M)S|,'. ihenee north 80
chains; thence east 80 chains:
thence south 80 chains; I hence
west 80 chains; to point of
N i. 7. Commencing al a po«i
I'lanle.l 3-J miles above Ten Mile,
on the s*.uth foik of La nl.,hi
I're-k. marked "A. Gowing'i N
W. corner post;'1 thenc- south 8.1
chnins;     thenee  easl   80   chai   .-;
tinner norih 80 chain*; tlience
west 80 chnins lo point of coin-
niiU'-) tnenl
located Mn i el, .'tmli   1007,
A. Gowing, Locator.
CKi'TincATi*: or impkovi*mknts
N'o'ce is hereby given lhat 00
.A group ot claimi on the  south
folk of Canyon Crctk  which has a
w iv promiiing future is the Li    -
.view group.     On  this property
which consists of five claim.-, tin re
tire three well delinefl   ledgei   lun-
iciibi'ii n'"K "ith the formation.
lionteiiav     Derelopmeut  work    hn  been
practically confined  to the No 1
Commencing at a  post   planted  lead and shows  it to be  between
on the north shore of Trout Lake,  Ihree und six (eel tide witb a pay
an ii about 7 miles from  its head, streak of nine to twenty inches, A
marked   '0.   W.   Abarahmsou'i cross-cut tunnel haa  b.en  driven,
,,.,.> mh Went eornei poet," ibence tupping the lead at 85 foot depth
north 80 chains;    lhei.ee  weet 40 from which   point   a   winze  wai
chain-;   Ihenee  north  40 chalrfij  sunk for 35 feet,    at which  depth
Lands ami Work-   for a special li
cen*e to cut and carry awav  timber from  the following
land situated   in   Wett
tin ne east 80 ohains; thence sou- the pay streak is 20 inches wide.
tb 120 chains; Ihcnce wist 40 - At another point a shaft is sunk
chains lo the point of commence-If or-tt feet, showing ore continuoa
mietil. for 22 feet.   From this a test ship-
Located April 3rd.   1907.       jment was niB<le of about half a tou
O. W. Abrahamson, Locator.   *J* gav,e lhe following values:
■ 2(il oii. silver; 4* per cent copper;
.-     n      /*. • . ' 12 percent lead and  65  per'cent
H". 2.     Commencing at n post.  .,. ,    .
„,  , ,   .   „„  ,.     „    ,.      , . silica,  approxiniaiely 118200 per
]iante«l   ou  the nortii   shore   of '' '
Trout Lake, marked   "O     W.   A-      ..     ,       „       ,   1
brahamao..'.   booth  West  corner  ,  """f*""?  ?"d, i   W1°' h*M
north  100 chain**  ^"/'''T    .'* d,!&*r"ni pluC''8'
....   . ,,   „ , the first showing a pav  streak 3
post,"   thence
thence east 40 chain-; thenee ninth ItK) chains; Ihenea west 40
chasns to pnint of eoiuineiicciin DC
inches wide of gray copper, the second a  Ihree foot Vein carrying
'Not only would I predict that
the satisfactory conditions will
coiiiii'tie. hut." added the Minister
iu a flight of eloquence bi d justified optimism, "I win predict thai
thev will be ipeedily aurpaeaed by
agrett and lasting development
which will raise our piovhice tithe position she muit -sooner or
later occupy as the w-altliest poi-
tion of thu whole Dominion."
Companies oVgani ed and oper.
ating at Cobalt are cepital.ied al
thu ciinriuoiis sum ..f 8372,500,000
This means that if the inv.*.-1. r
is to break even, there wiii hati
surely t * be pr -dueed ut leaal
1700, 000,000 00ol ore.
I iii re ii going to be trouble
someday, and those (Wio are wito
will "g.-t from under.''
T tal revenue 111*.fj-f 1.511.10800
Do. 11*04-f'1,014,442.00
steel galena and iron pyrites.
Located  April 3rd. 1907. *pi10 property is  easy of acceis.
O. \V. Abrahamion, Locator., has plenty of timber and a mag-
I nlBaaai water power. The owners
No. 3. Commencing at a post D. A. Lindgren and Martin Nel-
pi.mted li miles eouth of Fergu- son are preparing for a big sum-
son, marked "O. W. Abrahamson's . mers' work and if th* appropriA-
Xoith Wett corner poet," Ihenee tion is granted for tbe trail up
thence east ltJO chains; theme from Gerrard will—after it is
sonth 40 chaini; thenee west JC0 built—ship some ore.
chain-; thence north 40  choiul  to ,.
the point of commencement,
,      ,  i ,     , i,   i    ,um An emetic  should imnwllately
Located April 2nd.   1907. ,       ,   .  . ,
, be administered to a  miner over-
0. tV. Abrahamson,   Locator  icoule b.v 9*mmk     A P"od emetic is
 ,       _ a solution of zinc sulphate contain
iiiL* 30 grains to the ounce,   to he
g ven every ten minutes until em-
'esis is produced.    After this treat-
mint, it is well to give the patient
Notice ia hereby given  that    CO a couple of teaspoonfuls of aroma-
days after the   first   publication  tic spirits of ammonia in a cup of
hereof iu   the   British   Columbia
$25, 000. 00 set aside   for   fi^ht*
ing forest fires.
Nd    reduction    of
Debt-J2C6,433. 00.
Half a mill inn d dlars more   for
pubiic wurks than la-t year.
The last election coat $81, COi'.OO
water. In such cases, ammonia i>
a mucn better stimulant than alcohol.
The discovery ol a new   tdluri-
Ascrepate product ion frotn Min
es, Fisheries. Forests, Agriculture and other sources— Sixty
Milium Dodars.
Kulo   riding   gels  118, OCO.for
roada and 'rails,
'Not enough. Ed.)
In a recent   parliamentary
uni mineral—ferro-tung state of! cusnioii it was stated that lasl
tellurium — is reported. It wasi year's investigation of the iniuer-
fouiid iu the vicinity of the (-iranl' a' resources of lhe Canadian Yu-
Canyon of Arirona.    The partieu- -k°n by goreroment engineers an
Gasetto, I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Comiiiissioiier of Lands
and Works, for a special license to
cut and carry awav timber fr mi
lhe followiuif deaoribed lands situated in West Kootenay distriit.
Commencing at a  pott planted
en the east fork of   Deep Creek,  ,ar   e{,ecimen    .in(livzcj   carrjed |geologists proved that there is upon the Arrow Lake,  marked "A.   high diver Toluesend from 25 toi"*"*** <* ♦76,000,000 gold contain-
1*2. & A. W's S. E. corner pott: »peroeuttellurium. I"1 ■'■ ■""•  recoverable from  the
thence nortii  40   chains,   thence known    auriferoii,    .   ,.    -.   also
Uiat the region undoubtedly contained additional workable placer
ground in anas "hich hav* been
but Utile prospected. The gold
yield of tbeKiondyke or Canadian
Yui- • country for 'the pi-.r-i T.
wars   bai lm. i ur   li.tt. .hi
N  aily 1,700 patent-   liuvr   ii-en
granted since 1833 on  toller and
ball bearings.
Tbo original one was an  applj-
citi ion f■ >r a grindstone. It is gen-
euilli beiievod that Uie must of
tliein .ue aot worth the piper they
aw printed on.
The production of gold in llie
United States Increased from 8,910
729 ounce.-, value I at 180,836 048. j
in 1904, to 4 265,742 ounoes, rained nt 188,180,711 in 1905. an1
Increase of 355 013 ounces in qusn
.i.y and of $7,:il*J Ud-.J in value.
In the Cobalt, Ontario, district
I ro-peciing is carried on in one if
two ways, either in (retching tl.e
gronnd tu bedrock or in re at ril g
tbe wash overburden by hydraulic
ing. The fir.-t method ii not u.-u.
ally difficult, ii asmuch as the
soil covering the bedrock is of a
thickness not greater than three
feet,   The removal oJ ti.e soil
.ulic streams is expensive
only iv'ien Were i- a large ninoi.i:'
of boulders in -i...* ord iu .iry loos,,
sand ai.d gravel
ll.at iv.inlii hava the tree ring to
it, tbe author «rod1 I, ol necessity .
require to live tliere tor n time ;ii
li'i.-t. il,* w ml I hare le .*>tiiili- t bs
.■!,:...ii*ieri-iii*- if di,. rettero |,.-<.
|i!c—luivi* to become run* nf tliein.
living llieir dully I ilc ami ibarbts
tlnir JOJ-I iiiiiI sn.luivs. lie-would
have u. mis withtheni socially
nml in :i baainen wav,   in sli.irt,
I*   ri ' Wi HiBiner''     ll- n i|ii,*stioii
ol knoiiim- local uaaditloiis.
The same reasoning applies
to llie •'Leckie Boot" for the
Western Miner, the Prospector and the Lumberman.
The makers of the "Leckie
li'ot" are Wes'ernen with
Western experience, Th-y
Icincv what to make and how
io nuike it. Its not so iini' h a
question of price as ofqualitv.
Their sole aim is to u ake
"a I.citer boot tut the same
money"—-and the LECKIE
LOOT'is it.
\— i
Local and General.
Tch-phone pole* of concrete arc
now being put on the market. It
is staled that they are serviceable for to Indefinite period, ex'
cept as affected by soil conditions
.1. D. Moore,    road pupi i/i.tei d-
t..l >•; 'i'i.- distri.-l, taJAtf la-Oil
Satuid iy to anance for the c i, -
jletion of the river bank imjwove-
ii.' nt it w u di rided to . xtetid
ti..* work some 100 feel below tin*
I resent termleal.
George Porddred left on Kan-
day morning for a short holiday
'rip to the tmtsid.- world.
"Billy"Glen dropped jn,  ■
day? a*_'o. to renew a   few   old
i ».*ciatioiis.
f iv
a -
west 180 chains; thenc- south 40
-hains; thence east lO't chains to
point of commencement.
Ucatcd  March  29th.   1007.
"f aui I" miiiertl claim, siiua
l*»in llie rr..ul like Mining Division
of Wpst Koolnii.iv Dlltrlet,
Where loi-aled :    lit At   hfs.l of Silver Cop Creek
TAKI-} NOTICI that I, A. K.
Jowell, Free Miner's Certificate No.
11881 L'0, intend, sixty <Ja*.s (rem
date hereof, to apply to llieMiuing
Recorder for u Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of ol.
tabling a Crown (iranl of the above
And further take iio'ico that action, undcrseclion 37, must he
commenced before the issuance of
such Certificate of Improvements.
Ward. Locators
It li stated that a Chicago firm
of timber men nre buying all the
timber in sight down tne Lardo
river and tributaries,
Rumor has it that tiny have
purchased Ihe Cook mill nt Kaslo.
The meeting called lo discuss
.I the appropriations for toads and
trails, on Saturday nigh', u**
largely attended. Hugh McPberson was appointed chairman, and
•k C, Murray secretory.
The following resolution* were
P is.-ed reoommending expendturc--
$r>n<n)io clean   out  Gainer    [ceive thsm.
|75 1.0 1 lor t'u* extension of
the summit tmil an und by
the Wil slow and Main I.
1600 00 f..r tin* improvement
of the South Fork trail and
t1"* planking  oi   the bridge
John and Lars Larson, wilh
their respective wives ami (amilhe
arrived in town on Friday fn n.
North Daknta, to try their f'*r-
Innea iu the Lardeau.
Andrew Bowman -their uncle—-
came down from tbe Cup to r.-
by th.-  Triune
over (i.iii.i i* Click.
I>nii M.I.ciinati i> having bin
billiard and sitting room newly
painted at d decorated by Artist
A. VV. E
Dated tb
A.D. 1907.
il fltb.  day  ci  March
A.  To.  JOWK'IT.
'I he Silver <'nj> shut down for n
short time until nil danger t'i. in
simwlidrs is pt st.
Gents Furnishings
('apt. Pil|>mmoni li expected
in about iho 16th. to open navi-
.ii  on en iln- Lake.
aw i
1250.00 lor tbe buildingnf a
netv trail up Bheeon * r.i k
to the siiiiuuit.
JT'i')...) tor a new trail np
Healey in ek.
18.000 00 for the maintenance
of lhe   waggon   road   between
Nni** Mile and Adams's ranch,
divided  thus:- -      f2.000. 00
from Five Mile   to Nine Mile,
11,000. Oi from TrOUl I.'ike ir.
Five Mile and $1,000. 00 from
Trout I. ike to Adam's ranch.
1600, 00 for Iho   general   repair nii'l   brushing   oul    i f
tr.ii's aiicailv built.  |     .
li was also unanimously decided'
to mak   itrong reprcsentn tions for
a special grant of 83,000,00 foi ,\ ,ien I Hindoo was brough.
building a troll   ou n wagon road down {mm   Itevo'stoke   o Coma-.
gradl    lip  Canyon   Creek,     from jirfix a few deyS ago ami ciein i id
Gerrard to the Forks. It wasjTiic cctemony was witneiied by it
pointed out'the urgent nerd of 'uuml-er of "loeth" innny of eb> ni
ilu-'   Worl    B'ld   iiniiiidi.'il.   -t.*|.   I  | il. .! Il.nl ti.cy | ail |1(,   p(at   de*
'will be tak.u to put tin' matter   fre to ntn     areiltUlou.
before lbs "powers thai b
Pred Elliott !• at Victoria this
ivci k on n bush tit trip. Ho is
• x|" cted home net) wi ek. LARDEAUMINiNG itEVlfiW, TKOUT LAKE CiTV, B.C.
at TW CMMtaaaa fr*— Uaiaaa" unl "M-mmIwh*
fOoutiuueil  From  Last Week.)
"I am to stay here alone?"
"Law1, no, ii.ir.sy: Dat lilg Mix run
berry, dasa ile bea' frleu' we all got,
■bu home iig'ln, an' yo' pu goln' Invite
ber vli.il at de house wlilies In* gone, unto stay a uiout' uftuti Iiu glt buck, too,
tot* sin, Lin go to ull do il..Hi's uii'
Junketiu'* wld you uud tulk ivld de
young incus dut you don' liko wulleu
/ou tiilkn wld ilum um doea like"
"Whut tllu» will futher come bouieV"
"HouieV He lie gone two week,
"No; 1 mean today."
"Law', be niu . uiiiiii' buck! Hid me
pack do trunk au' eu'y um down to de
bout «t tiiiuii. lieu he bid me say
rue' ye well an' a line goo-lliy fo' bim.
bouey. Suy be thluki you ain't reellu'
too wall, soze he won't 'tturb ye bis-
■elf, uu' dut he uueitly do hope you
(Oln' have splen'ld time whiles be tral.
bllu'." (Nelsou'i Imugluutlon covered
many deficit* In his muster's courtesy.i
"Say hs reckon you an' oi* Ml/. Tan-
berry goln' glt 'long mighty nice wld
one'nurr. An' daw wbut me an' Mumle
reckon 'spccbually botin' to take place,
'case dat a mighty guy lady, dut big
Ills Tanberry, su' -ale frleu' 'er owub
faultily Sbs 'u/. a frleu' er yo' nnn..
_■'■, honey."
Miss Betty had begun by making ■
preteuae to eat only to please the old
mm, but the ruin woman's cookery
had aot been unduly extolled, and Nelson luughed with pleasure to see the
fluffy biscuits aad the chicken wing not
nibbled at, but actually eaten. He was
an old bouse servuut; therefore he hud
seen many young Indies go through unhappy hours, and be admired Miss Betty tbs more because sbe was tbe lirst
•who had Indulged iu strong weeping
and did not snuffle at Intervals afterward. He understood perfectly everything that had pussed between futber
and daughter that morning.
When her breakfast was finished she
turned slowly to the window, and,
while her eyes did not retlll, a slight
twitching of the upper lids made him
believe that she wus going over tbe
whole scene agulu lu her mind, whereupon he begun to move briskly about
the room with u busy air, picking up
her napkin, dusting a chair with his
hand, exchanging tbe position of the
andirons ln tbo nreplace, and, apparently discovering that ths portrait of
Georges Meilhuc was out of line, be set
It awry, then straight again, the while
be hummed an old "spiritual" of which
only the words "Chain de lion down"
were allowed to be quite audible. They
were repeated often, and at each repetition of them be seeinad profoundly,
though decorously, amused ln a way
which might bave led to a conjecture
that the refrain bore soma distant reference to bis master's eccentricity of
temper. At first be chuckled softly,
but at tbe final lterution of "Chain da
llou down" burst luto outright laughter.
"Honey, my Law'," be exclaimed, "hut
yo' pa de 'eelvln'dest man! He mighty
proud er you!"
"Proud of me!" She turned to him
tn astoulsbment.
Nelson's luugbter increased. "Hulu't
bo Jin.- de 'celvlu'dest mun? Yessub.
hs de sot uppest mun lu dis town
'count wbut you done lust ulgbt. What
be say dig muwu', dut Juss bis wuy!"
"Ah, no!" suld Miss Betty sudly.
"Yes'm! He proud er you, but he
teabbul mud at dut uiuu. He hulu't
mad ut you, but be gutter cuss somebody. Juss reueb put fo' de nlgties' be
kin lay ban's on. ub' dis muwu' lt bap-
pen soxe lt were you, honey. I'huh!
You ougbter beuru blm lus' night wben
he come home, lien It were me. Bless
l!od, I slut keerlu". lie weren't mud
at me, no uio'u be were at you. He
juss mud."
Miss Betty looked at the old fellow
keenly. He remained, however, up-
pureiitiy unconscious of her scrutiny
and occupied himself with prepuratluni
for removing the truy.
"Nelson. Whst Is tbe quarrel between
m.v futber und Mr. Vuurevel?"
He bud lifted the truy, but set It
down precipitately, beudlug upon her
a surprised uud Mobered couutcuauce.
"Missy." he snid gravely, "dey big
trouble 'twlx dem two."
"I know " sbe returned quietly.
"What i* it.'"
"Wbu' fo' you hi me. missy?"
'lie.nils, you're the only oue I can
ask. 1 dou't know uuy one ber* well
enough except you,"
Nelson's lips puckered solemnly.
"Mist' \ iinr.-i .-I vote Whig, but be
Bg'lu Texus "
"Well, wbut If be Is?"
"Yo' pu mighty strong fo' Texas."
"Is thut all?"
"No'm, dm uln't bnrdly de begluuln*.
Mbit' Vuurevel be u ab'lltloulst."
•'Well?   Won't you tell me?"
"Honey, folks rutin' heuh inos' on 'em
Ilk* Mist' VHiirevel so well dey ain't
bol* It up sg'iu' hlin; but, missy, ef
dey oue thing (opper Cod's worl' yo'
pa do desp'ltly uud contestubly deipise,
bate, cuss an' outrugeously 'bomlnnle
wuss'n a yuller August spldub it ur* 1
a ab'litlouist. He waut stomple '.-in
•v*'y las' oue under he boot heel
•cep'n dut one Mist' Cralley Gray.
Dey's a consldabul iprlnklln' er dem
ab'lltlonist 'bout de kentry, bouey. ,
Dey's mo' dut don' know w'ich dey is,
an' dey'i mo' still dat don' kcer. Box*
dat why dey go glt up a quo'l 'twix yof
pa an' dat man, an' 'rang* ts huve 'rt |
on a platfawm de yeah 'fo' de las'
eampslgn, an', sub. dey ci.K tie quo'l a I
debate, an' all de folks come In f'um
de kentry, un' all de folks In town com*
too. De whole possetucky on 'em sit
an' listen.
"l*'us' yo' pa talk. Deo Mist' Van-
revel, bofe ou 'em mighty cole uu' civilised. Den yo' pa glt wo'ui up, missy,
like be do, 'case be to useter huve bl*
own way. 'Taln't hi* fuult, be Jas*
calu't help bollerlu' un' cushIh' If uuy-
body   'posl. blm.    But   ttlsti  Vaurautl
be Juss us sffvvlge, but be stuy cole,
W'lOh make yo' p» ull ile hotter.    Ho
"Honey, but vo'pad* 'otlvtn'destman I"
boiler mighty strong, missy, uu' souis
de back ranks 'gnu sulekeiiu' ut blm,
I'huh' He fa'r Jump, he did. Au' den
bluiel.y Mist' Vuurevel be say dut no
mnn ougbter be given de pllverlge to
sell .in..lie*i- uer to wollop lilm wiil a
blucksiiuke, whether be 'liuse ilut pllverlge er uot. 'My bonubul 'pouent,'
s's he, 'Mist' Carewe, rep'seut iu bis-
self de 'rlstocratlc slave ownln' elnss
er de souf, do' be live lu de nnwf uu'
'ploy free labor. Ylt It sea'sely to bo
b'llevs dut uuy er you would willln'ly
iiu-' linn wid ilc poiviih er life uu'
deutb oi :ili yo' own ebllluu. w'ich is
i iivli.iiii.ly whut de uluve ow null p'scs-t.'
"Missy, you Juss ougbter see yo' pa
den! He blue lu de fine an' dance du
quadrille ou de bou'ds. He leuve bis
eliii'li. glt up uu' run 'cross tu de odder
Bide de pliitfuwtu uu' shake be lis'
ovuh dut man's beud un' screech out
how it ull lies dat de slaves evnb ' ve
sieh treatments. 'Dst ull lies, yo' pu'-
juli." he holler. 'All lies, you mlsuliul
thief!' be boiler. "All lies, un' yo' know
It, yo' low buwn slutidair uu' scolin'le"
"Au' wid dat Mist' Vuurevel be luff
lu yo' pu face uu' ttibii to de crowd, he
did, un' suy. 'Yuu reckon dut if dish
yub mun a slave owiiuli un' a sieve hud
aiiguhcd blm as I huve augubed hint
tonight, docs any er you b'llevc tl.it
dut Slavs "'uiiiin' be tied up au' whipped tell de blood run an' den sole
dowu de rivub tomorrer?'
"Well, suh, Vo'se mos' on 'em b'lieve
sume as yo' pa, but dut sutnev fotch
'em, un' win de debute, 'case dey Juss
nntcbully luy buck uu' roub, dey did,
missy. Dey luff an' stomp uu' boiler
tell you could 'a' beuru 'em a mild awuy.
An', bouey, yo' pu'd a mlllyum times
itrulher Mist' Vuurevel a kilt l.lm dun
tuhu de luff ou lilm He'd shout a
man, bouey, ef be Jass s'pleiuu blm to
grin out de coruder bis eye ut bim. uu'
to stun' up dub wld de whole county
fa'r ii.iiluu' at him it's de God's
mussy be dldn' huve uo uhuis wld blm
dut ulgbt. Ole Mist' Cben'eth done
lining blm bome, un' yo' pa reach out
uu' kick uie squirti out'u' de liberry
winder soou's be ketch si.-'it er me."
The old muu's gravity guve wuy to
bis eujuymeut of tbe recollection, uud
he threw back bis beud to luugb. "Ue
-li"' did, bouey! I'bub! Ho, bo. bo!
He sho' did, honey; he sbo' did!"
Nevertheless, as be lifted tbe truy
again and crossed tbe room to go. hi*
solemnity returned. "Missy," be suld
euruestty, "ef dut young geliuuu full
lu love wld you, w'ich I knows be will
ef be ketch sight er you, lemme suy
dis, an' pleuse fo' to bu'b lu mine-better huve tiuttln' do wld blm 'tall fo' be
own suke, uu' 'bove all keep him fur
'way f'uiu dese p'emlses. Don' let blm
come in :i mild er dis bouse."
"Nelson, was tbut all tbe quarrel between them?"
"Blessed mussy, *ln' d*t 'ueugb? Et
dey's any mo' I alu' heurn wbat dut
purt were." he answered qu'ckly. but
wltb a dogged tlgbteulug of tbe lip*
which convinced Mis* Betty tbut be
knew very well.
"Nelson, what wu* tbe rest of II?"
"Please, tnlssy, I got pack jo' |>*
trunk, an' It time long ago fer u.e to
M at my wu'k." He was huir *ut of
lh* door
"What was the rest of It?" she ra-
p*at*d quietly.
"N*w, honey. ' lie returned, wltb a
deprecatory Shake of his head, "1 got
my own wu'k 'lend to, uu' I uln't
ntvub ax uobody wbut 'twas, an' I
ain't gola' ax 'em. Au' lemme Jsas beg
you toiler d* ole uiau's advice. You
da de same, 'case nobody alu't goln'
tell you. All I know Is dat It com*
lat*r and were SOmep'n 'Lout dat rip
rarln i'railey tiray. Yo' pa be sent a
rhannelgt te Mist' Vaurevel, an' Mist'
Vanrtvel 'fuse lo fight him 'case be
luy he den' h'lleve shootln' yo' pn goln'
do yo' pa any good, an' he still got
hope mekkln' good citizen outer bim.
Dat brutig d» luff ou yo' pu ng'ln, an'
he 'clar* to Uod ef be ketch Vaurevel
on any groun' vr Ihau be shoot blm Ilk*
a mad dog. Ton my liv in' soul, b*
mean dtm wuds, missy! Dey hud hard
'nougb tlm* las' ulgbt keeplu' blm f .nu
teuhin' dal man lo pieces nt d* flub.
Vou mu*' keep dut young gelmuu 'way
fum b*ub!"
"He came home wltb m* last night.
Nelson.   I told father ao."
"Y*s'm. To' pu tole tne you say dat,
hut b* reckon you done It to mek blui
madder, 'case you mad too. He any
be don* ae* dal Cralley Oruy comlu'
'loug de badge wld you."
";!e was mistaken. It wua Mr. Van
Nelson rolled bis eyes ftrreutly to
heaven. "lien dut young nan ruu
plutedly vo he death! Kf you waut
keep us ull dis Mde er d« Juwdan rlrub
Jun'  lit, bim sel  fwt  lu.ills ludcbho'*
tiood when'yo* pn court; IntciT An',
boney"—hli voice sunk to n penetrating
whisper—" 'fo' 1 do a lick er wu'k 1 go-
In' out In d* stable an' git down on my
kueos an' retu'n tbauksgivln' to do
good God 'esse be hole Carewe street
iu de dabkaess lus' ulgbt!"
This was lb* speech be chose for Ids
exit, but ufter closing tbe door behind
blm ho opened it agulu and suld cheerfully:
"Soon's I glt de truuk fix f y*' pa I
bring 'roun' dut buy colt wld d* »id*-
taildle. Yo' better set 'bout glum'
on yo' ii.Hu' bublt, missy. De roads ls
mighty good dis sunshiny wedduh."
"Do you tli;iil. sucb an attack as father hnd this inuiiilug- Is—dungerous?"
He bad hoped for uuuther chuuee to
luugh violently before be left ber, uud
this completely fitted his desire. "Ho,
ho, ho!" he shunted. "No'm: no, uo,
honey! lie Juss git sn mud it un-k blui
sick! Yull couldn't kill dut mun wld
a broiidux, missy!''
And be went dowu the hull leuvlug
the reverberations of bis hiiurity be
hind Iiiiii Tbe purpose of bis visit hud
been effected, for when Miss Betty up
I'c.'.ivil upuu the bona block lu her
given liiiliit and guuutlets she wus smiling, so tbut only u n.iiinui ur a wise
old mun could huve guessed tbut she
hud wvpt bitterly thut morning.
she cantered uut to the ti.u. opeu
Country to the eust, where sbo found
soft dirt roads Unit were good for tb*
buy colt's feat, und she reached a
crossroad several miles from town be-
] fore she was overcome by the eonvle-
j tion that she wus a wicked uud UU-
I grateful girl. She could not place the
I exact spot of her guilt, but sbe kuew
lit wus there, somewhere, siuce she fe!t
i herself u guilty thing.
Tor tbe picture which Nelson bud
drawn rosn before her-the utie uiuu
Btiin.llng uh.in* In his ruge on the |>lut-.
form, overwhelmed by his cniiii young
adversary, beaten nu.i mude the butt
of laughter for u thousuud. Her futber hud beeu In the wrong iu thut
quarrel, and somehow she wns sure,
too, he must huve beeu wroug iu the
"personal" one us well the uiyster,
ous dllH.ulty over function's Mr. Gray,
who hud looked so ushuined last night.
Whut feud could they muke over blm,
of ull people In tbe world? He loo..ed
strong enough to tuke cure of bis owu
quarrels, even If be was so rlgnr ..: -'y
l'.iuii.l I.y ruuebou'-j apron striug wheu
it came to a word with uuotber girl.
But Ihe eoucluslou thut her father
bud been lu error did uot lessen tbe
pathetic appeal of tbe solitary figure
facing the ridicule of the crowd. Sbe
felt thut he always bouestly belltved
himself lu the right. She knew tbat
he wus vain; thut b* bud au almost
monstrous conception of bl* dignity,
and reallziug the hltternea* of tbat pub
lie httinlliutiou which h* bad under
g un- she understood tbe wrath, the uu
speuknlile puiu nnd sense of outrage
which must hnve possessed him.
Aud uow ibe wus letting blm go
forth ujion n Journey, bla way beset
with the * Inni' .-i of illness and accident, whence be might never return.
She wus letting bitn go wltbout seeing
bim again, letting blm go witb uo word
of farewell from bis daughter. In
brief, sbe wns a wicked girl. Sbe
turned the colt'* bead abruptly to th*
west uud touched h's flanks wltb ber
So It fell out tbut as tbe packet
fori mill Its passage backwurd from
Centre's wharf luto the current th*
owner of the boat, staudlng upon the
hurricane deck, benrd a cry from the
shore and turned lo behold bis daughter dash down to the very end of tbe
whriif on tbe well lathered colt. Miss
Betty's huir was blown about ber face,
her cheeks were rosy, ber eager eyes
spurkliug from mor* tbuu the burd riding
"I'upu." she cried. "I'm *orry!"
She leaned forward oul of tbe saddle.
extending ber arms to blm appealing
tu u Charming gesture uud, absolutely
Ignoring the Idlers ou tbe wharf und
the pusseugvrs on tbe steamer, wus
singly Intent upou tbv tall figure on
the hurricane deck. "1'upa. guodhy.
Please forgive me!"
"By tbe Almighty, but thut's a flue
Woman!" suld tht- euptulu of the bout
to u passenger from Kouvo. "I* sh*
bis daughter?"
"Please forgive rner* the clear voice
came aguln. wtth lis quuver of eu-
trealy, across tbe widening water, nud
then us Mr Cure we made no sigu by
word or movement of hearing bar an.l
aiuml without tbe alightest alteration
of bis attltuda she cried to blui one*
Tbe puddle wheels reversed, th* boat
swung down the river. Mr. Carew* lllll
standing lmmovuble on tb* hurricane
deck, while to the gu/.o of those *a tb*
ateamer the figure ou th* bay colt at
tbv end of tbe wim if l.egau to grow
smaller and smaller, fhe was waring
her handkerchltr In farewell, snd they
could aee tbe little wh!!a speck la tb*
distant**, dimmer und dimmer. y*t Out
terlng still ns they passed out of sight
round the beud nearly three quarters of
• mil* below.
. lo   IU-   I'.'iillrineil I
lil.■• in.i,   in  llir   .In.l   Kiclatltr  Ones
Is ■ Serli.ti-. llutlitraa.
i:ii"li"ii tu Uie exclusive clubs of
Paris is n rerj serious business. The
proposer uml  sis* mi er   must   not  only
know iiii about ti.eir candidates, but
in- able to bear witness to their oats
cedents und eun to tbeir forefather*
They mast Wilts to nil tbelr friends
uud risk them to support their ...mil
date.*.. When the election lnl.es piece,
they must not only In* In the room, but
approach each member Individually ns
he comes up to the ballot Ikix nnd ns*.
hm. for his support
When the nieinliir bus heen elected
he iirrlves tin* lirst day ns a kind of
stranger un.l wltb hi* bal In band, litis then forinniiy Introduced by one of
ids proposers lo each member m|m<
lately who bsppens to ts- in the room
'it the time. (In the second ueeuslou
l.e bus censed to lie u stranger and mny
tears his hut In tin. Iinll. bul he la still
SSpSetsd to go round tlie room with
one of Ids proposers Mini be forinniiy
Introduced.   This lasts for a week, bv
whlih lime he Is assumed to know nil
I.is collengnes. though n foreigner who
Is extra pODCtlllotl* nml Insists ou l.e
ing Introduced to every member of the
(lull gains considerably  In popularity
London Nulurdii.i   llevlew.
Now   Ha   ha*    Dyspepsia   no   More.
Strange why people should not
try the very thing wliicli would do
them good until Inni! Mr. Geo, La
Portwln, ol 30 St. I'aiil Ht.. Toronto, tried six different remedies f.»'
dyspepsia, haadaohe, and heartburn
before be tried Bileana, The sis
did him mi good. Hie ins have
cured him I He says: "l had
heartburn, dyspspsia and wind afler (nod.   The nourishment l   took
deemed to do mo no good, and the
pain 1 Buffered wuh very acute 1
tried six different remedial before
Bileana, but thev did me no good
Wuh Hileiuitt it was quite different
1 found they relieved the flatu-
Dr.  l.eoiilii'uilt'n  Hem-Roid ia a tab
cue*    and    the   pain     within   u   low
hours, nu.i a .slu.it course   resulted
in   :i  complete  cure."
In every country whore they
have been introduced, Ulcus hava
quickly taken Ilmt place because
of their rapid nnd Us ing cures
of Indigestion, liver un.l kidney
complaints, anemia, lei.Iridic debility, constipation, piles, femu e ailments  and    Irregularitl -a,    rheuma-
Usui,  liver  chill, etc.    Purely  I e l.il
nn.l containing no nloohol they an
an Ideal family medicine. All s'or.-i
uml druggist* 'sell at Mo a b ix, o
trom   the   Nile n   Co.,   To ..nt".    foi
price.    0   boxes   >enl   for   $'2.lib.
Jo eph     Deny,     aged     ahout     .'10
v.**n i, was kill.-1 b) i Q. T K* express near Chatham. Chiokena, said
•n hnve been stolen, and *i whisky
bottle, were found beside bis  bodj
Dr.  Leonard's H m-Rold  cures any
form of Piles. Internal, External,
Bleidlng, Blind, Itching. S ppunl
inf etc., arc simply i ii'iie- of tin
stages through which every case will
n.is- ii it continues,
!'i!es nre cruised   hy  congestion    Of
bio   I   in    the   lower     bowel,    and   ll
•   n . *.-   an   inteiliiil   remedy  to   i."no\v
| the curse.
Dr. seonhaiili's  Hem-Roid  is a tab-
1*1   taken  internally,  nnd  lli east> of
'iles has ever been found it failed
,o cine.    Money  back  if i; dOM fail
$1.00 at any dealers, or The Wil-
gon-Fyle Co., Limited, Niagara Kail .
Ont.   14.
Old Time London   n.iiii.u Clubs aad
Their Members.
There were three principal clubs-
White's, Brookes'aud Boodles'. White's
was orlgiuully a "ci.ocolute house" In
William Ill's time, but beeunie u private club early lu the eighteenth century and wus used hy the Tories. II
wus a club always noted for high piny
nud betting, uud very curious some of
their bets were, the old wnger hook
living still preserved. Brookes' wus
Ibe Whig club nnd wus then conducted by that
Liberal  Brookes, whoso speculutlve skill
la hasty credit unit u Ulstunt 1.111:
Who, nursed In Clubs, disdained « vulgar
Exults to trust und blushes lu he paid.
Among tbe members of this club
were tho Prince of Wales, und, of
course, his lldus Achates, Sheridan, besides ilu- great chnries James i*'ox,
who here played deeply nnd wlu.se
uiiine ls oft recorded in tlie wager
hook, which, however, Is of older dute
uud wus kept w hen the chll. wus held
ut Almnck'a. "Lord Nnrthlugtou bets
Mr. C. I'ox. June 4, 1771. tbat lie (Mr.
C. I'.I Is nol culled lo (he bur before
(bis dny four years." "March 11. ITT&
Lmd Bollngbroke gives a guinea t»
Mr. Charles Ko* Bud Is to receive u
thousand from blm  whenever tbe debt
or this county  amounts  to £171,000,-
(Km. Mr. I'ox is iiiii to pay the tl.UUl)
till he ls one of bis majesty's cuhlnel."
"April 7.  1701, Mr  Shell.Inn bets Lord
Lauderdale aud lord Tbanet 96
guineas each that parliament will not
consent to nuy more lotteries nfter the
present one voted to be drawn iu February next"—From "The Dawn of the
Nineteenth Century." by John Ashtoli.
in Montreal during liHir. four end
thu*.* quarter millions of dollarawas
expended on buildings, as compared
to $7,748,083 in  unto
Or. Agna*'t Catarrhal Powdtr. — Itev
ll II. Main, pastor uf thr I i.i>.. • Km
iinuel Church, buffalo, gives strong tes
rniio.iy tur and Is a tl*... D*U**_r in Dr.
tgiirw's Catarrhal Powder. He has tried
.tinny   kinds  of   ., iin-.lo *,   without   a.ail
After using Hr. Ague* a Catarrhal I'uw-
I.r 1 was benefited at uncc." are hit.
fords. It is a wonderful remedy, ht
■enls.   «i
ll.inv Hnllett, agei 1ft years, wai-
iilled by im- overturning of a
.uigoii ai st   Catharines
-Jintrd's   Li...ment   Cur**   Gargit   in
The   Manchester     Guardian   says
'Canada pri.s|iers   greatly under or
ii   bpile   ul   protection."
II is e.isi  .,, convince ii woman that
on I ue her. but it Is uot so en«y to
iie up to it for e lifetime.  New Zea-
luud Cmpblc.
A    I   ...rf„l     ll.lrl
The most terrible duel fought at suy
time Iu Puns was Ihe oue Let ween
Colonel D„ uu old Bonapurtlst officer,
lud M de l>. of the (i.-.rdes du Corps,
u mere youth, hut or bereuleuu
Strength. The two men. lashed togeth
er no aa tu leuve tbelr right arras
free, were armed with short knives,
i>i need In a buck ney conch and driven
at a tearing gallop arouud tbe Place
de la Concorde. Tbey were tukeu out
of the coach dead. Tbe colouel had
eighteen stab*, tbe youth ouly four,
but one or these hud pierced bia heart.
I'rlniT     Inula     \..|...|..,n     Wai
Killed  I.y  llie Zulu..
HOW Prince Louis Niipoleon wus killed  by tlie Zulus June 1.   1870. Is told
graphically In the book by sir Bvelyo
Woo.1. who took purl iu thut war. The
little party which tbe prime accompanied wus surprised ami attacked,   uir
Bvelyn writes: "The Zulus iu pursuit
run tirst nfler tlie two whlto soldiers
who were on tl.e Hanks, three or four
men. headed by Lat.Uliga, following
tho prince. Ills boras had Jumped Just
us he wus mounting, nud his sword fell
out of its BCSbbard. He was very ue-
live un.l wus .in,lung on his horse In
motion when the wallet ou the front
of the saddle broke nivuy, nnd be fell
to the ground, being nt this lime only
sixty yards behind the (British) fugitives. There were seven uieu wbo nc-
tun 1 ly fought tin* prince. Wheu Iain
gOlobelS, pursuing tbe fugitive*, first
saw Lnl.nngn. he was running nway
from llie prince, who was rushing nt
lilm. I.iitn.ngii. crouching lu the grass,
throw an nssagiil ut bim. The first us-
sugnl stink In tl.e prince's thigh, aud,
withdrawing It from the wound, he
kept l.ls foes ut buy for sonic minutes,
lu the native's words: 'He fought like
a lion He tired two *hoK but without effect, m.d I threw nn uaaagnt at
blm. which struck him. as I snld at tbe
time, but 1 nIwuys ullowed '-Hlmngn's
claim to hnve killed blm. for bis asaa
gnl hit the prince lu the left sl.uulder.
a niorinl wound.' "
Same (Md   -Mills.
One or the o.Mc-t documents of tb*
will kind known wns that of (Jueen
Auatrlglldn. consort or Klug Goutram
or Burgundy. The dying prince** ea-
Jolued upon ber husband to alay aud
bury lu the same grave wltb ber tbe
pbyslcluns who hud int.-n.led ber. Another will was thut of n husband wbo
forbade his wife's tnurry'ug ou pain of
his returning lo hiuint ber. This I*
•tult«- different froni that of a woman
who Instructed her • m. iit'iis to seek
out 'sotiie nice, good, pretty girl" wbo
would i.uike an uffectiuuute second
wife to ber spouse. It Is a ract Interesting In this connection tbat tbe first
Napoleon actually IxMuentbed 10.000
francs to a fellow uauied Cantlllon.
wbo had beeu tried for nttemptlug th*
usaaaslnatlon of Ihe Huke of Welling.
Maatrree  lha u.
Hundreds of people bave cured them.
solve* of Impedimenta lu apeech. One
*>f Inat year's mayors as a young mun
used to Dud It utmost Impossible to pro
aouiice words beginning with a ".| "
K'.ery dny for mouths he used lo wulk
across st Juiues' park practicing this
lenience aloud. "A i|unutlly of quick*
silver quietly ipiartereil In a ipiug
nlre." until he cou.|i..*r.*d the Impedl
iiient today he Is one of the most
itiieut apeuker* lu Kngliiiul London
lit Bit*.
A   lr..l,l. ,„   |a  no.
Tbey had met In the aubway and lu
tbe Interval of pusslng a few* station*
had fiilleu tu talking or a lovely wo
man Mend who bnd died.
"How did sbe dle'r Mo you knowl"
he usked.
"Hhe nuraei' a Utile niece through an
Infections disease, then took It he;self
aud died of It." said she.
"A strange Providence!' be mused
aadly. "She. lovely, gracious, charming, everything to live for and a blessing lo her friends, to die lu order tbat
a child might live a strange and unaccountable   Provldeui**.'*'
>U'i   H*   "»    aa   Aalotraaa.
A yoin.f; innn once wrote to William
Henn llowella fur hla Holograph.   'Ilie
...velist replied III ll typewritten line
"Hnve you nought my Inst book'/"
The young mini answered.
"I have uot.   I want to sell your ntito
graph   III order  to get   money enough
to buy IL"
lleaaimalile   llri|u.,i.
"The trouble." anld the dentist na he
probed SWaj nt the aching molnr with
n long, slender Instrument "la evident
!.i due to n dying uerve.."
"Well." groaned the victim. "It's
o-k-ii lo you to treat the dylug with n
mile mora respect"
i.ooU aad n.tomt
Tb* subject of uncvitora Is often an
Interesting topic of conversation. A
lady extremely proud ef her mother'*
family created a aeuaatlon and mad*
her listeners wonder a llttl* wben she
remarked: "My father filled many re-
■ sponsible positions. We all bar* tb*
greateat reapect for  blm.    My  father
; waa a good mau. but"-and a certain
i atltTenlug of tb* shoulder* and an
added expression of flrmuess In tb*
good lady'* face added Importance to
i her cnhoiusiun -"my mother wss en
The  I Inailoii
M*-s Milium one cm. he very hup
ny In tills world with henlth and mon*
•*i llenilbroke—Then let's he iniide
one. I hnve the health uml you have
Ibe money     illustrated Bits.
M.n |* Mara*.
Women are more prone to deceit than
men. I'n.m the time wben Bcbebera
rade told her lord 1,001 lies to keep tb*
noun, It bas been tb* accepted way.
And the men. not tbe women, are tb*
most to bin me. It I* what they like,
snd they get It-Good Words.
Love I* Intoxicating. It ta said What
■ good thing It Is tbat marriage bas
a tendency to sober s wan. -Terr-all
(Tex.) Transcript.
Th* lir.i Dsann.
People bave danced for thousands 0f
year* aud will probably continue to
do ao for age* lo come. Thi* custom
I* of ancient orlglu. The first peopl*
to dnnce were thu Curetc*. who adopted dauclng a* a mark of rejoicing lo
15-13 ti. C. lu early time* tha Greek*
combined dancing with the drama, and
In 2a B. C. pantomimic daucea wer*
Introduced on lhe Itoman stage. At
Ibe dlteovery of America thc America,,
Indian* wer* holding tbelr rellglou*.
mnrtlal and social daucea
, ,.,,.,i.ei.  tli* Ele-ralor Mat*.
New York elevator opcrutors hav* I
dislike of tbe word "uext."
**lt Is too confusing." said oner maa
-Tor example, two men stepped Into
my car tb* otber iluy. On* snld, 'Flftt
floor.' The otber suld, 'Next.' 1 stop
ped nt the second floor and waited und
waited for the uiuu wbo bad ordered
•uext' to get oft. He flew Into n rug*
'1 dou't wuut this floor,' be said. 'I
■aid the sixth flour. Didn't the othei
fellow say "l-'lftli," and didu't I saj
"Next," aud Isn't slith next nfter flfthl
"Tbe following day one pnaaengei
culled out, "lhUd Moor,' nud the othei
suld 'Next' nt the same time. I thought
1 knew my busluess tbut time. 1 bu*
tied the third floor iiuiu right up to lib
binding und took Ibe chup who Wanted
'uext' ou to the fourth floor. He win
ungiy n!so 'Whut did you bring uu
up here fur wheu I wusu't looking'/' bi
thundered. 'Didn't you beur me suj
next?' 'Ves,' suld I. 'but tbo other mm
snld third'-- 'I dou't give a tup,' suld
be, 'wbat tlie other uiuu **ld. Wt
were thou ou lhe lirst floor, uud whet
1  suld next didn't tbut mean secondl
rn report you for Inattention, thut'i
whut I'll do.'
"And thut Is whut be did do," sighed
tbe operator,   "Clearly the word 'next
ought tu be ubullsbed."
Your Doctor
Can cure your Couph or r-j*
no question about thut k3
why go to all the trou'bl.T;
inconvenience of looking him
and then of having his pr**.""*
filled, when you can men -J"**
drug store in Cnnailn and I?
a bottle of SHILoil's cffll
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five doll.
when a twenty.fiv«
bottle of SHILOll w
CUt Ml
i quickly ?
Why not do it hundred, j
thousands pf Canadian, J,!
done for the pust tliirtv rl
yeara: let SHILOH |„. ^
tor whenever a Cough or Su
appeura. ""■
Shiloh will cure v»,i htliA
druggist* back up thi, ,„;,   "
with a positive guaraniw
The next    time   ;,„, (,'»»,,a
Cough or t old cure it »,!(,
Nothing Reached tha Root of ths
Trouble Until Dr. Williams' Pi ik
Pills   Ware   Used.
"I suffered almoal untold agonj
In.m rheumatism, Kor several
weary u>..mh~ I was confined lo bed
I  had  the  best  ol  nie.ticril  I real menl
l.ut nothing teemed to reach the ."ot
"i iht diaeaac until I used I'i William-' I'mk Pills    These hsv an-
p'e'elv  restored mj   health "     Tin
.iiong eii'plii.'ic i-tii'eii ent  la mada
I.y Mi- I: in i Morrill, Woodstock.N
s . n lady «ii" Ienl practically been
given    up   :,.-   iucu,ali!c     li\    tfoCtOIS
sin* luitliei  -ity -  "I suffered for ovei
in" i mi - snd rheumatism -•■• i I t
i.e Dimly Implanted i- my system  \t
the   OUttiel   I    WSS   able   to   nlleiul   lo
iiii household duties, bul sl night I
-off *i'*'l  ihe gres .-1   pain       I    .it
i.in*,, began to ink.* medicine hut mj
■i.n.iit in., net un ii\ gen worse    l »:i
attended by a .-mIiuI doetoi bul a i
ultimate y force I i" remain In bed
-iiiteiin*.* iinioii   agon)    «.-ii every
movement.     Finally the doctors told
in.* tin   li-naMe was incurable    One
day  I   wee advised t-i lr|  Di    William*'   •'.ilk  I'lll- ru„l   | dec .led  I" .lo
P.* ^-ntly  the  paint   "ele  not (•••
■  ■ ■>-   and  I  began  m bei  mysell
g.i.'.ig Shortly after I met able
'•• lo about, and in less than tin.*.
■ '"■nili-    I    Ml   perfectly   well       Km
- lis condition my thanks me giui.*
fully   .In.-   lo   Hi      Williams'    I'mk
I'llls  "
Ki Williams' Pmk Pills ouie.l
Mrt Morrill I.y driving the rheumatic poison out ol hei bio.si Thei
in-tin,lly make DM blood Thei
don't bother wiih me.e Min* *
They   go   nght    to     tbe    r. id   of   the
trouble n tl.e blood Thai is **in
tli.v hive cured the »or-t case., ,u
anaa.-ria   (bloodlssi e*..   hen.la.- e-
uinl    lucks.-.us    kidney    Iroul.l *.    i
digestion, neuralgia nervouaneee huh
the tpeciol ailments ol girl, ami
noiiieii «boas blood supply beeomei
iieiik.   scu.ity   or   irregular'    Bold   hi
all  medicine deoleri <u  l.v* moil at
.'Sic a bol 01 -u Im.j,.. lot $-2 M.Ii,an
the    III       Williams     Melicitie      i
Brockville, nut
Charged «Ith bignm     n,|  ..
ii nh   having   Uml    ii ,
'••■II     ll'd'tcil     |'|.   l.l    I
li il".     Illllii.     Ill,'I      U   ,
i\  yeai -  in the pot
\lil*l   In   The.i    \. |        ■
Vegetable Pills sre i... uuiii ,„>
action.    I hey do m.i
llie   -loiiiacl i
there as "-> mant   p      i.   |j
due, tl.e in.i-t delicate I
iiiiiunit  fern  "i  ui.|' *    ml  -■
rhey   can.   loo.   be   .i.linini.ternj 1
children without imp        ti.c |-
nes which follow lhe I
... carefully prepared
lie*  neu  ordnance
diiioiy   on   tlie     poi'. MWl
|."i iliiill   of   Jel-i'l      i r^
ieaia   ioi   even     *..
'*.! I -
I he  Nova Bcotia
-a\ -
•| o nsi lei Mis vi: I
lhe hl-.M  linlmem m
I   gilt   IIIv   loot   liioli
I   I.allied   ll     well     mil.     MlMki
I.INIMKNT and ii   an
•\.*i nest do)
YOIUS     ll'
T      ti       M     Ml   I:       ■
Toiiv Bain, a loreigm
coke  "ie.,  m    I'm..
iiberatelj  undi I   i
tell intu Hm- l»-«l ol
inn net lo death
A   Oa>t«l     «l   Paar.i     I.r      I  l
I'mrapple   TatdrU   wt.ul.t
•"llo*       t«>       111*       lll.h*.MI'<
hr   Would   hut   trst   thru    .
-/•HlObt*   urm.   io   1'iri.i. tli
uf stomach disorders   I'i   .  !    ,
iilating   digr-tion At)     I
prarls '   In   t   Ih.i.   and    .1.*.
.111.      Kisommriidrd     I.i
^bi.ui»ii.    *4
*•*«,<-» WmMhmee mum iUismot_p
OWM,  I-' l'U.«  and   Nrur.l.l.
Ir |....|.le »"iil.l take lea* nulrltloo
and drink mure water, (here would l.e
lean rheuiniitisiu. gout, eexeuin uud
neuralgia lu Ibe world Tbe luuit rre
i|llenl cause or llu-s.. ileruiigeiueul* I*
an eici-aa or uulrltlrc uialerlula Tbe
blood la aunburgnl with aulta that
ure nut ueeile.1 iu Ibe listen.
The doclora are trying to remedy
these diaea-Mr* by glvlug *ouielblllg to
eh.i....ilt.- tl.e aulla. auch u* purgatlvw,
dluretlca ntnl solvent* or various
kinda The rational wuy, however, to
cur* aim, nlTi-i'lloui I* to (top the
cause lirink more water; eut leaa
meat and co.uentrutiil fooda. Thi*
abut* off tbe aupply or urate*. In lb*
Tboae wbo lake active eienlae In
U PO* air every day require a greater amount of nutrition Not only do
they uae up lhe nutritive material* lu
muscular exercise, bat the sooal of
migeii Inhaled beeaaoo ef their scfJv-
Ills* tlioriiiighly OfldlSSS lb* urate* nnd
(hiingea thi-ui lu uren. If lhe blood la
leaded with urate* they nre \rry likely to cryatulllie. mix-i-lnUy In thoaa
portion* of the body Where Ibe circulation la tbe least and lhe temperature
I* the lowest, auch ■* tbe elbow*, au
klea. U.e loes and anger*.
I'link more wuler; eat leaa food.
Thia I* a prescription thai I* worth
more io stub people tbuu ull ll.e drug*
In lhe world. Mliul off lb* »oiin-B of
urate   poisoning   and   the   effect*   of
unite  |. "."mug  win disappear,- i.i
, c	
III-   majesty    th.-
pointed loose Henn  \t
Hit    ie. eller-gei.ei ,
B , io represent Canail.
ning ring '".lim
Itch.  Mang*, Prairi* Scratchtll
•vary lorm ol contagion.  Itch >
man or  animal, cur*d  in 30 m"
by  Woltord', Sanitary Lotion.
William UeKerroll     .
lied  .1 OUaws    II*
>arly  Millers   in    lh*    '
ti ll t    ■.■••inr   there   in   l-i
K ilieiimi.i
ig>*    while   tiling   '
train   .-   ■ ei * -mg m
hS I   h "tl.   Ins   lei--   . Ut
lieii.i'di'iu-e la the tramiull hablta*
linn nt man. and rlgtitcoiianeaa ia his
■'.might path —Menl *ua.
t lady writei    "I was enabled to
leiiu.ve ilu* coins, loot nnd branch,
by tin* use oi Holloway'i Com Curs
Other,  who Imve tried  ||  hnv.* the
-aiiu* expsrlsncs,
A  PaaalrS Aalbar.
Wheu Alplioiisc I iuu.lei   brought out
"Sappho''    uu    Anicrl.iii,    ptibllahltiR
bouae llut laaiied rellgioua lamka.  not
knowing Ita character, offered M   l.ui.   i
del a large auui for advauce IbeetS of
the work,    lie accepted the offer, nnd
the advance aheeta nere aeul.    When
the publliber* recelvi*d Ibeiu they  ile
id*,:  that  ihey could  not  Imuo lbo
liook. and ihey cabled to lb* author.
"Huppbo' will nol do."   Thi* dispatch
pnaded   Daudet.    II* eomulled  with
nuuilier* of friends, and thi* wn* the
conclusion   nt   which  they   eventually
"Hived: "Hnppho" In French I* (pelled
wltu one "p"-"Hspho." after lhe Greek
laahluu.   lu ICngllili It |* spelled wllh
two    An um.Niiaiiy acute friend |ioliil
ed this out to Duudel. which much ru-
lleved tbe novellal, and be cabled buck I
lo the publlabera.  "Hpell  It  will.  tin. '
P's."   It la uewllea* to atate i.o.i the I
publlabera   wera  more  astoolabed   at
UnuiiuiH reply tban h* bad been at
tbelr cable dispatch. *
Or. Slocum's Brut Tori
md Disease Destroyer]
i     A      iraoaouaciD ai a,,*
Used in Thousand!
of Homes in Canad]
TH08K WHO don't know what
la and what il doe* are wking
THOSP. Will) do know whal
I* and what it •! •• are uaing t
regard 11 as their beat phi»i. .•••• |
Inend. , ,
THOHK WHO um- it are  bring .pi '
and permaiientltr cured ol all I"' •■'
llin-at,   rbe»»,   lung   an*l   ni      '
trouble*       It  la  a •.ienuOc     tu* m
lion. dcalroTing all .liseaae gen. • '
Mood and ay-Kern    It i* » » '
uuiii* and •ysiei.t huihluii '* ■  ;
la a certain cur* lor
Bronchial Cat
Chills and Ft
Dlfflcal' IrralkJj
Ceoera Wr«kw--^H
r*_*i*   "roabl"m
rickl* sypriit*
Klgkl Swcaii.
Catarrh of ts*
Weak V.ii..
All thee* diaeaMU ara terloat in <
mltta, and II not promptly t utel t
•arly ttagta are th* rrruin l<"
t'ii.iauri.ptmn in ita moat tern* •• I
I'av In ae compien and .-ure* ' ""'
lion, but It  U much eiuilrr and  W
prevent IU devalopinant hr ""'"'
chin*. Here ia a sample ol th.".-*1
Toiunlarv and una..In ited atair. ■■"•»
all over Canada:
Ur T A Slorum. l.tmllrS'
(lenllanirii   -I  Ienl II m*» diilf l" *"""
et iht rrnarkabla eu'r iSw-uwl I'. •    ' '*'
aad DiumuUI'.n   wlits-h hart rotat 'itttt
frtott.) 'ibmei .ftli'in     ll.f.sii""   -'*'," j
■■ llbtrt Tuwuariul, Haiti ini*»*   •"'',
MrSa*/. all   ol Shrlburat  Couni'   "*'*
aoun.'M   lif   iht   l«l   inrdhtl   m". '"J.
ttu>....iiiUna and lalMln.'..rlbl->s»l "VTli
lttil.nl   ll"-ll,«    -.1*1      Thsf   11 —I    I"
(>intoiil.l"ii ti a rli-r ara now In foe"
I (mi It a 'tun I owt to tiifftrlii, > *
-Sal* llirt* ti.u lor tha btiitll al ttAt
trua tkli i*riiiiii dlnaaa
Vuur, ftrr trait.
in I
rtrf Ir.ilf. .,_ ,i I
LSAnPIR llrgSN/l« >\{
Ottmn Hum*."
Psychine, pronounced Hi-kreu- -*
sals al all up-to-date dealrra " .
drugglat or general itora i-aiu.-'t •Jn.
tou, write Dr T. A. Blocuui, Liiuils*
ing Htiu*t Wwt, loronW.
nlil,:, I
c-t-da i
■ liii||
and ij I
■>vo 11
I a   few   install.*.-«  ol  Zniii-
■iiiK   power:
I'lii     Kihlir'n    iii  one  family    in
^Bh have been cured uf Berl-
,i| '■jit.e.'iHi'H   b.v   Zitiu-ltiil,
■linn*   I'.lliff.    of   Sl.   John's
^■lini'l County), saysi "My
Hi Kind of rush ou hiMheiiil
■bt of small nil ipoti nml
I   I   npplied   Znin-Hiik   end
Blli* I   with   the   I, suit."
(ring,     of     l.otiKfor.l   Mil k
[am-Buk    >     n wonderful
ingworm,    I   tried every-
0 I.I   he   Ihouglll   Of,   hill
pa able tu cure  until Zittii-
i   II Ih a tim* remedy."
Hgei of South  Cole,  Sank.,
jl used Zam-Buk mi baby'i
I,   they   ip>l   eliille.l.   will.
Jesuits.        It   is   Ibe     h <st
Imw    lor   l.uiii.s.   inul   hIihII
Znin-Hiik   in  lhe  house."
Kmu Hk   iu  particularly    adapted
Hr   ami   lender   skiiiH.     ll   i
I ull  mineral soloring mat-
^■l.iu       al   Iill.   I.en.l*   pi,i
h irbal       It    licnl      ' nt *       l.uriiH   I
Bbl"'1      ciiiipp.-.l   plan.
I'Hhoiiii.         i, ,i
Hri'c'l      veins,    piles,    senliii'
Au   im embrocation i. !
hi..i*ii.-m. .-,'1 iuch.    neural-
fobbed  »ell  on  in the ('lies
kd   col.l   eases   tlie   tightnesi
|g(tiMS      uml    stoies    se'.l      l.l
pout free  from    the
for »2.rsi.
(er    price
■ema,governor ol the polit-
.   on   Vasili   ()-tion   illu.-il
In...   killed     in     ii ,*   main
Iln-    Island
Bget li.*,- passed the cham-
eptiiie.s ol    Pranoa aftei   a
to u'lv » .. cove I from
rvernoi  liala turprised a
lies]  meeting     Qovemor
evelri!   otli.M.   weic   killed.
i'- greats*) pleasure [a u,
het      little one-     bright  '
ml healthy; TU<* well child
ln|   to   the   l.o.ue.     hm   tl.e |
I- a regular little tyrant
*es  of   llahy's  Own   Tablets
I the  sickly   child  well,   ■..
oi.hI .lose mil prevent sick-
here    in   nothing    to  equal {
lets   us   a  cu.e   fur  stomach
i I troubles. Tbey make
easy, break no oolda, sxpel
..ml cute -simple fevers
wn   Tablets   an*   sold   under
uitee of n government an*
It io contain nn.. particle -.1
lliey     never     do     haim   nj
Mrs      (i     M.   Kernel.
'Iiu*.*. Out .  say-       "I  hnve
Own   Tablet* to my
-line   he      m,  h   week   old.
I 'ini'i     lii"iri   a   -pleii'liil
At      eleven   tnOOths    he
om i      tweiity-rn     pounds
■t»    are    sold   I.y   •Irucci -'s
II at  'St cents  a box  (rotn
William*    Medicine   I ■■.
le. Ont.
liar,I.l.l,,, of Hliou  A..I«Ibi,1« |„  !••„„..
iiaii iin.!...«» Uoaaea,
"Shop assistants" nud clerks In re
lull and wholesale bouses and slmlla.
eitabllsbineuts iu Bngland often en
dure great hurdshlp on account of the
aurvlviil of the medluevul "living lu"
rules by which they cut, sleep uml
work ull under the suniu roof.  \ deter
mined effort is uow being n.u.ie to do
uwuy wltb the evils of the system. J.
Mnephersoii, general  Moratory  of tlie
Union of shop Assistants, quotea Dr,
Norman Ken* uh fuiiowH: "it is itupot
Hibie for me lo iind language atrong
enough to convey u hundredth part of
lhe mlaehlef which 1 huve seen nrlse
from tbe excessive hours of labor or
shop aaaiatantl who have been under
my prolesslomil care. The greut length
of tlie h nils in work I have seen break
down Html.*,, constitutions, seriously
aggravated us the evil tins been by the
dyspeptic   misery  und  dlseuse  Induced
by tbe necessary bolting of rood
through the rtir too short period allow*
ed lor meals."
Secretary Uacpherson writes: "The
following   house   rules   Indicate   the
'ho like'   iiiili.ro   of   the  ikvoiiiiiiiuIii-
tion priivldi-d. not only for young people, but eqoslly for adult men ..ml
women: Wo pictures or photos ure to
dtatlK'lire the Walls,    Any one au doing
win i barged with ths repaint,   All
bedrooms must be cleared by 8 a. ill.
On Sundays heilrooius to be cleared by
10:80 a. in. nnd not entered nguln tlil
12:80 p. in.   Assistant! must not leun
out of the Window or loiter lu the pus
suges or doorsteps or pavements neiir
the   house   ..ml   nre  on   no   necouut   to
bring strange* < int.. the house.    No
flowers Ii) be put It, water glusses or
bottles. House door Is closed lit 11
p. m. fius turned off fifteen minutes
Inter.     Any  one  Inning  i,   light  nfter
thut time will be discharged.'
"TbHt the employers will not relinquish auch u profitable source of revenue without a itTUgglB Is obvious." the
aunie ottlclltr continues,    "lake the fob
lowtng iitusirniion. An employer
imhimi- nmi feeds a sinir of BOO assist-
nnts. lie decides to reduce tl.e 00*1
of brenkfnsls to the extent nf 1 penny
a head per diem. This economy In
housekeeping gives him uu sddltttmsl
pmfll of CT0O i*.".,800) i. yeur on Ihe
(_*Seep*ling of one meal ulone. The
iniforl.liii.tc ass-lKln.it, 'Wbo cun leave
If he doesn't like the foist provided.'
must deplete his uicuger WOg* lo buy
extra final to satisfy hunger or toteui|it
the pnlnte tu swiillow the uni.ppeil/.lni;
fare provided by tlo* nnn"
'n i
•   Hughes  ul  Toronto,  has
letter  Irom   Alfred   |foeO>
tiy  that   be   hns  ii.-ruly   cun-
irrangsmsnts    (<•■     i   return
the   I'mtwd  Stales   und  Ca-
U-ilchers    to   Itntl-h   tehoola
POShO,    chiel    id    the    seclct
n! tl.e palace ol tbs aultanol
has   ••••lue   lilt"   selloiis   c .11-
Itli   the   Herman   StlllllSS]
fl Linimtnt Cur*i  Diphtheria
i   Pergvsoa    ol    Port   Rope,
id    ll'ijeil     to      dentil    ill    tils
ii.iserii.i.* ihack which w.-
lhi   a companion  named  Hill
■j.i i
| meeting  >*(   lepre ent-itive.    .|
final.   Valley     railway     ti uk-
nrltchmen mul  gota tenders,
i.sidveil in mnke a demand
company f"i nn Inersa • oi
\l|.|-('i.l,sllllip'IVe Svlllp Is
lo'.' ul eX|H*lt clielnic.ll ex-
Ill-, i,mleit ikeii lo discovei ii
l.itiv.. of Inflammation <J Ihs
i.i consumption, by destroying
thnt    develop    these    dis-
|l,iul   IHI   the   world   with   pill
lil.jec's      hnpeiessh      -liicken
• •I tins Syrup will prevent
i nnse>|iienfea  ol  neglected
A   trial,   which   COStl  onlv   i'i
iill convince vou that  this i«
4   Madera  Samson.
I'oaseoaeil of Kuinsoullke strength.
Albert Fisher of Quebec snved Ills life
by h i* ii.ink.1* •* exhibition of his pow
er. Fisher whs employed nt a stmie
crusher, and hla duties consisted In
feeding rocks Into the Inure machine
To aid this he stood on u platform Jii'l
above the crusher. He had Just drop
isl n Ilfly |M>und bowlder Into the machine when bis foot -ilppisi nn.l he fell
headlong Ind ween the steel Jnws
No person was near to stop tl.e en
glne. Itrii'Iiik his shoulders against
the steel crusher*, which were slowly
closlna. :hc sturdy workman exerted
ull his greal strength lu one powerrul
effoit For a nioineiit tbe niueblue
stopped, then the massive aides drew
npiirt. aud llnally there wa* a reudlng
of the steel Joints, und the cnisher fell
to p'.-ei- I'ln! utelphla North A inert
Ir.aal Klae LmhM.
A few yenrs ago Klug Iysopold of
tbe Belgian* made a Norwegian tour
aud lu due course drove overland In a
cbalae to Stavauger. where one of tbe
large hotels waa stirred by tbe uewa
that It wa* about to be favored by roy
al patronage Tbe dinner hour of tbe
other guests wus puatpuued In order
lhat tbe king might bare tbe huge din
lug room for bl* sole uae, and other
preparation* werv made for tbe ade
q-OStS entertatnuieut or bla majesty
Tbe auiiiptuoiia rvpaat wa* *erved lu
style, npparently to tbe king's complete
satisfaction. At the eud of tbe repaat
he l.iN-k.iiied to the inaltre d'hotel and
without a won) handeil blm In settlement I tourist's ciiii|)ou Kveu when
ou pleasure bent Klug I.euiwM ba* a
frugnl uilii.l
t tr
a Wara br IS* Thr** laalaa
•I tb*   I,In.l.,.,.
ond thread of ibe Urahman* la
rn.     II   I*   *   .lisle  dlstlii. lion
at  an   early   age  aud  never
wltb.    It must  i.i. made by a
u  aud abould coualat of  Hire*
each or „ different color, for
yard* lu  length, doubled  nud
together   twice,   the  end*   lied
It  must   be   worn  next  tlie
er  the  left  shoulder.  hanging
the thigh  on the  right  side.
.*.- caatea of lhe  Hindoos are
^il-lied by lhe material of these
cotton    for    the    llinhiiinus.
r the warrior* and wool for Ibe
Tho  I'ursee* nlso  wenr the
Mucin!,  and   hoys nt seven nr
imi.si.si win. it. the threads
iiik iiiuiie always or niiers or
i tree. Monler Wllliama de
tbe aacrc-d girdle of lhe I'nr
iiiinle of seventy-two wisilcn
fori,iini: n tint tin nil. which Is
three times ii round the body
In two peeflllar knots. Ibe *e
which  I*  known  only  to th*
ee ot "medicine cord*" la coin-
long Nortb American Indians
fluke deseriiies those worn hy
Idles, These coualst of one,
re* and four atraud*. tu which
io Ind slu'iis. feather*, beud*.
>sinl, sin red green atonea and
Hides, doubtlesa employed tyin
did ah* suy  wben lb* heart
Bead lu love with bar'/"
Iwanted to kaew If b* carrM
I luauranoe."
H..I  Mra af Ibe Weat.
Henrcher* for real weatern color
with which to Illuminate their tales of
Ihe frontier have tor some time Iwen
eoiiiplnliilng Hint ull the snap aud gin
Ker of tl.e old life In the west bnd ib-
put led. To a certain extent till* I*
true The genuine Indiana have near
I, all followed the buffalo over III* ill
vide into the happy hunting grounds
of the (ireat Spirit The tiiinlern cow
I. <r U less careless wllh his shooting
Ir.m sud his branding Iron thnn he was
In llie old days, but It la an error to In*
lleve Ihut all of the plcturesi'iie del
lllry which asi* color lo early days
In the west hss Iss'ti eliminated. The
had mini wltb Hie gun out ou the
frlni;.* of clvlllaallon ls rnlly aa bad ns
hla predecessor of i-Hrller yeur*.—Port
inn.I iiregoniun.
That Tells
Trad* natkad thui in .
tai-Mir of *,[.,, ULn naaa
VtvmtttA mum... u*n tail
childna. Fora I iltsd.
Detlcn sr* kutiion/.d to
It,i... iiul.iilly and .t oui
am. aay Pfa-Aagle g.i
aMQl faulty ta autarial
«r   ai a k 1 a *. SOI
Pen-Angle trademark (in red) on
every Pen-Angle
garment, tells you
it will lit and won't
ahrink, —your
own dealer so
guaranteea it.
Underwear thu*
trodemarked ia
softer, warmer,
more flexible,
better wearing.
LB    JE7     TTmmml
William Whiioiey bequeathed *■''..-
nou mm  in provid*    almahouse*  and
lion,...  |,,i |i„.  U|,t,j    .,„,|  deserving
A si Psteraourg dispatch t the
London Times says ii is reported
Llmi here are prosneete ol a matrimonial union between the Imperial
fniuili.'s ..I Qermany and  Russia
Son ething Thai Should be Rubbed
In    Whenevei   pain   ih  f.-lt   in   tic*
Iiml.-    rn    back.     take    Dr.   Thomas'
Rlectric nil; pout ,i little in iho
lun il, inul appli ini- it io ilu- lurfnee
leiieitii which the pain Hsa, tub
briskly. If tin* tirst applicationdoeg
not iiffonl relief, which is not umi illy   the   case,   keep   lulilllli;'       Tin*   nil
will gradually penetrate to the affected   pari   and   reliei   will   come,
Tin*   H-iiiiiiiiiii   railroads  un*   buying  coal   in   Australia   ami  thipping
ihe  United  Btatei  i"i   uae in
it  t.
locomotives  on  line* of the tystem
W'« i.n.r Oi« Huudrad Dollars Raward for ..r
.•a ol Catarrh tha. eaunot ba curad bj Ball'* Oat-
arrk (Vr.    I. J. CHKNEY I ...    l.■«■!.. "
W>, lha .oi.Ui. a-n. I.  ha.a knows I   J.  Cianar
for tha laat 1ft .aara. ..4 baltaia hla parfactlr hoa-
oral.la    i.  all   baalnaaa  traoaa t.oni ... flnan^lail;
al.la lo ,-arrr out an obllgalloaa toads by hit tin,.
Waldiso,  Kissas A naaria.
Wbolaaala llruulau. lolado, 0.
Ilall'a I alanh Cats i* t*«an lataraallr. aotina
lirocllr upon tho blood au 1 aucoaa aurtacoa of tha
•jataa. Taatlaoolala aaal fraa. Priae Ue. mr
tmitlo.   Sold  br all DruMlata.
Tata Ball . latullr I- 11a tor ssilKla.
Pttrthei isrioui ronsequeneea ire
expected In the Chlneac famine dis-
trieta utiles. Immediate m.i la forthcoming,   oi i.tnif   to   atste  depart.
menl sdvioea
Minard's   Liniment   Curei   Distemper.
\\ I...   I.rl.   lu.l    Volef
"Iio you aee thnt uiau tliere';" r.**
maiked n burlier to a customer lu In
chair. "Well, be has bud one und the
-....,<• Job fur the pnst forty-seven yenrs
ami hns been married ull thst time
Slid   his  wife  has  never ut   any   time
•luriiiK that period known whut salary
her husband was getting. The wife
-*ts so much h week nud uo uiure ami
baa neier been able to lenrn whut
'.nnnnl of BMMtay ber liusbuud bus
i*is*n rvcelvlnn in exchange f»r his I.i
bar.    Now,  wh.it both'-rs me Is which
ibould iiH'e the diamond dtsdal—I say
'liun.ond. na lu Ibis case the llne-i
would teem to be needed—tbi* uiau for
being able to so long i'in!!,* a woman's
curiosity or the woman for surviving
so long au  unsatisfied curiosity."
Kidney   E.uorlniant Then* a  no  linir
for . »,s-niii. min* *b»„ m'n di-r..>ri,.|
lhal you are a lictlni nf i«.iiii* ..ue frn.
or  another nl   kidnev   dia.a<«<     Lav  hold
• ■( the irratment that ilioimands hate
piii,i.-.l Ih.ir fatrh to and hsa .ure.,
<|iii.l.li    tin.!   periiianell.lv      S«,iith   A.iiori
• an Kidnev Car* stand, prt-riniiiciit m
-lie »,,rld of ini.li.iiM a. tha kldotrv auf
f*r*r*i  truest   fm n.i    it
'. be a*atl*aiaBlr LruparS.
Th* chet-tab bu* a repututlou as on*
of tbe most geotltuiuuly uf beOOtS, A
■tory from Uotacaumud ihowa whut
fine Maimers tbe aulinal his. Thr**
Calcutta visitors to tbs bill tuition
were out on a tramp when they were
overtaken by a thunderstorm, iccotfl
nanled by ibeeta of rain. They spied u
cave ln tbe aide of Ibe bill, and into It
tbey ruibed. Wben tbe rain stopped
tbey cam* out aad, to tbelr aurprtsa
found s cheetah lifting licking the
heavy wet off bia waistcoat and Ids
paws. It waa bla enve, but rather than
deprive hla visitors of tbelr shelter the
polite creature had sut outside In tb*
driving tempest With u friendly mew
and gracefully wugglug his lull, the
cheetah bade adieu to bis guests nnd
walked with dignity Int* his bouse.
The "Hake" *f Aaaeiir*.
A lamdoli writer calls C.enernl Mlh-s
lhe "llubs" of Anierlcn. lu describing
Ibe famous soldier this writer suy«
"Despite his valorous record mid bis
sixty seven years Ile Is a lleiin Hrnm
met' With his perfectly fittliia frisk
■■oat, gray tie. gray suede glovea. Inn
spats. Inn wntstcnnl and gleaming put
ent  leathers,  this grlxxled canipnlgner
 ild  give  points  to  any   lliirlincton
Bertie. He la remarkably bnnilaonie
too Wllh hla Itomnn nose and pulnlcd
chin, hla upturned eyebrow* nnd inns
techs nnd hla piercing eyes, he re
iiluds one of au engle scenting Ita
nrey from afar.    It la a soldier's fuce
mul tl inn's wbule aipect I* mlllta
rlsui n laonlflmL***'   ,
11 i-i. Flnanc*.
"Pny."  Is'gi„,   Hui loughs,  "lend  me
a live, will you-"
"s*e here,   replied   ktorkley    "it
you'd onlv ■••• >'l'ni  "M" ' "'>  >'""
wouldn't  hnve  lo  borrow   Irom  your
Intnl. "
"Hut by hollowing lion, my In Is
\ du save my own mom >
Profitable Municipal Ownership
The   report   ol   the   Wnteil.si,  (Int.
Wuter   Con.mission   shows   Hint   Ihut j
body closes the year Willi  h prohl ol
ll.Ml, (liter allowance has been mad* ,
(or interest, sinking fund, lepims mnl
depreciation   Ths plant repiaaaiil* au
UaVuatUiS.il   ul   llB.UOO '
Haw te -»  aaiS tm l.lleralare.
The t|uali(les which I consltler most
conducive to success In literature are
imagination,   coupled    with   ti    great
knowledge of the world, concentration.
Ihe wlllingneis and ability to work
In.r.l. a considerable knowledge of
business nnd a llrm determination to
Ignoro the Instructions of literary and
other agents with regard tn whut tho
reading public may I* supposed to require. If any author once loses his in
dependence In writing be mny lie call
rsl finished, so fnr as any career ll In
l|IU'Stion.—Julin i l|Mxr. ""'■h.-s.
the Chest
Ask your doctor the medical
name for • cold on the chest.
He will tay, "Bronchitis."
Ask him if it is ever serious.
Lastly, ssk him It he prescribes Ayer's Cherry Pectoral for this disease. Keep
in close touch with your
family physician.
Wn fOIUfc »mr fnrnvlM
Wa ...... aleekel
fl.a eer aeSleleee
Wa erfa re* **e
eeaaalt yeur
▼ben you tell yeur doctor about the bid
taiie in roar mouth, Ion of appetite far
breikfnl, ind frequent beidicaei, ind
when he leei your coiled tongue, be will
aay, " You ire bilioui." Ayer'a Pills
work well ia auch esses.
.Itbot.O.AtuOo., LemUi.lt	
A Dorse with a
Strained Shoulder
is aound oa a dollar in 14 hours
after you rub the lore spot with
Fellows' Leaning's Kstence.
it gives instant relief in all
coses of Strains, Humes and
Swellinga — drawa tl.e pain
right out — strengthens the
weak back, shoulder or knee.
Whether you bave one horse
or twenty, accidents are liable
to happen any tune.    Keep a
bottle of
bandy ao you can bave It when
50c. a bottle.    At dealers.
All   Provinor.   ot   Canada   Share   In
Sixty   Million   Dollar   Development
—Thousands ot Miles ot Steel.
The yeai  Hsu; mil go on record un
ouo  ol   extraordinary   expansion  in
railroad   building.      Without  taking
electric rouds i.'.lo account, it ia estimated -.Iini 3,31-1 miles of new tuil-
way ure unde. construction in Canada, ui uii approximate coat of tu millions, 'lhe actual construction of
these lines will probably est forty*
loin millions, the other eighteen millions being spent in equipment
lllllles    J.    Hill    1-    bUltding    lilies    ill
liiitish (.'oh,mini, in connection with
the (ileal Northern system, aggregating 419 miles, uiel tit he is building
in a mountainous country liis operations are likely to coat a round ten
The ne* linea "( the 1'huh.Imn Pacific, including a hundred milet "[
do.ih!e tracking between Winniiu-c
snd   K..11   William,   total   *<6n  milea
lhe T.Vl miles of extensions will cost
fifU-en millions, and tl.e incren-e i„
rolling block will amount to eight
The CauadiHii Northern ip building
06(1 milea of lieu road at a cost this
year of ten millions, and is sending
Ave   millions  on   equipment,
Another five millions for rolling
stock will be sjient by the (irand
Trunk in Ontario. The "(irand Trunk
Pacific has 990 miles under construction in the west, the expenditure on
Hie work this year totalling six millions. The eastern section of this
transcontinental line, which the Dominion Government is building, will
cost a million dollars this year, ther.*
being under construction 395 miles in
two sections
The expenditure on new track nnd
rolling stock on the Teinisknining and
Northern Ontario Railway this year
will total up in the neighborhood of
two million-.
These great railway strides are not
confined lo the more recently settled
parta ol Canada Ontario has a generous share and the Boston Province-
have not been forgotten. Hall a rvn-
tury ago they were leaa thun GO miles
of  railwny  in  British  America.
HU Oo*d llrlurn. Kor l.o.Ml   Peed  and
It Is too often tbe case wltb many
furmeri or dairymen that tbey keep
tbelr cows, regardless of their producing capacity, till tbey are old before
they replace tbem with others. A cow
should be, as lt were, a trial. Aud her
owner should be exuctlng enough to demand lurge returns from good feed und
treatment. Every generation of cows
cun for many years yet be made un
Improvement on lheir dums.   Then the
more rupldlj e t-eneratlon of cows Is
miule to replin r another the more rap-
Idly will the heril Improve In producing
capacity If the proper cure Is exercised
lu breeding. It Is possible to bave al)
cows lu the herd approach und even
e.|uul the best COW in the umuuut uud
ijuullty or milk given A little umhltloii
sud enterprise on the purt of dHlryuieu
should souu bring tills 1.1.0.it.
Hi-dnelo*   Hie   Herd.
Our pasture fields und feed supply
should be used to their full capuclly.
When s cow on account of some accident or for some other unforeseen
<-nuae does not give sufficient milk lo
make It profitable to keep her, there
should be heifers roudy to take her
piece. It Is n good plan to ruise a certain number 0( heifers eucb year, und
If no vacancies should occur In the
ranks of the oldl-r cows then create
some vacnncies by seiling the least productive ones. A runner must see to It
thut his herd ls reduced In numbers.
With Improvements lu methods, of
prowlng and bundling the farm crops,
the farmer ls easily enabled also to en-
lurgc his dairy herd. To renew tbe
herd Is the ouly way to keep It possessed of vitality and thrift witb capability or capacity for 1.. *ge productions.
We ah.iiilil make a s .it of cli II lerv-
*• examination of oar herds, suys the
ee •• ami Dairy Journal. Thut is the
only way to be np with the times.   It
ls the only wny to get the profit.
Canalian Artist Abroad.
Ono of the best known ol Canadian
artists is Mr. Henrj Snndhuin. who
although he has lived foi the past lb
years in Knglaud. uud previous tu thut
for some time in Boston, is still proud
to cull hlim-elf u son "I I'mimls Mi
-tin.ilhuiii was bom ul Montreal in
1MJ From his euilie.-t years he aai
(ond ol drawing, und did such excellent work lit tbe studio ol the lute
William Notiiiaii thnt he wu- given
a partnership in the firm Hi- first
artistic tuition wan received from Mr.
J A Fraser, who has since won «11—-
tinclioii as an original painter. Vugt.
Way and Jucobi nlso gave persomil
instruction, ami all joined in advising the young man to purSUS his -Indies in Burop* He took their advice,
ami spent aome tune in study, reluming to Csnsds in 1800, when he
WOS I -boson as one of the eight charter
members of tbe Koyul Canadian Academy      In    Boston,    when*   he   nettled.
he quickly won a reputation as one of
the foremost artist* on the continent.
heirs nis widely known aa a msgsiln*
Illustrator.    Hi- -ketches  in The (V11-
tuiv representing Canadian iport nre
still mmambered
III Sniidliuin's must taRtOUl work
is   Ihe   histories]    piece,   "The    lluwn
..I Liberty," or "The HHttle ol 1 >-.x-
ingtoii "   This   occupied   hi-   time   for
four years, and is n model ol cure and
axactnssa In detail    in Csnsds Mi
fiondhsm'a b<>si known painting I*the
p.ot.sii  ol  Sn   John   \    Msedonsld
which  hangs  in the  Senate Chamber
ut Ottawa, and which has been i"..-
I,ounce.i  the best  IlkenMI  cvi-ling  of
the famous itatemon Hut tins versatile artist does not eontiiie himself
Ic historic pieces and poitrmt-pnint
ing He is at boms in almost any
line, and lias lone excellent work if
landscape painting, tn oil and color,
in etching, Snd In Mack and white illustrating At pic-cut he has paintings   011  exhibition at   several   of  the
Leading centres In Britain.
A Lucky Chanc*.
A family luing in Fju-ex County
found   il   something  of a  strain  upon
t In-11 ulcus ut hospitality to Ik- obliged
.very dny to entertain ■ tedious wo-
mun of M     The fnvotite book or the
neeeesai) pises of work had to be put
nside in order to shout bits ol com
vcr-iiiion  in  her ear.
At lust tin* (ether, in deepen!	
planned to go Into .. indden fit oi tem-1
|ior  111 the  presence ol the obnoxious I
culler in  the  hops  ol  convincing  her
that they were nol plciisnnl people to
Icco.d.i.gly, one evening, when he
returned from builnssa nn.l (ound ths
..hi lit.lv present lis usual, be begun
10 talk loudly uml in no Irritated
voice Then, gn.wing mora excited
he stumped uliout tbe room, knocking
furniture  right  ami  left, nml ended
by going out mid banging thu door
iiliei him.
lhe old lady knitted nway quietly
through tl.e confusion, and when the
mun was gone she turned to the I11111-
ily, and snid in a comforting voice 1
"1 reck..11 it wns mighty lucky I
was here, or you'd bud to tuke it
llut you needn't be frightened, I'll
atay right here with you till he gets
ov*r it." .    .
Too Frequent These Oays—Prevented by use
off the Great Restorative
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
'Ilu* keen competition of life is mnv
I fell in nil grade* ol society, mnl iis
f the  result   prostration,   paralysis  and
Inaanity  am    becoming    more    nnd
i more Common uu the natural outcome
uf exhausted  nerves.
Sleepleesness,  Irritability,   indiges-
| tion, headache and a general lack ol
energy and ambition are among the
j early Indication! of nsrvooa troubles,
; uml with women th" result is not infrequently derangements  snd  irregularities oi the [eminine organiam
If a committee ol exp.-its on dis-
•as.s ol the nerves were to preacrib*
Ioi you iin*> would i- ire you J net iuch
a formula us thai oi Dr. Chose'i
Nerve Pood, foi tins medicine ii com-
po-.-'l of Uie mo-t powerful restora-
i'.e- kiii.nn iu medical science,
Thia is iu, idle boast, us ws ahsll
be pleased to prove to you 11 youwjU
have imn pn.i -iciiin cull sl tbees "i*
ij..-   un.l examine the formula
\\ imi ».■ iiiiisiiiei it- bettet ptoof
of what Iii. Chaae'a Nerve Food will
1 dn  for  vou   Is   tO   be  loillul   111   the   lets
Iters   oi    recommendation    published
trom time to lime in In   Chaae'a Almanac uml iu tin- newspaper* ol thia
Mi. Albert Saunier, Willow  Bunch.
A lllSrr.ni<* 1* Bulla.
Rut few men appreciate the wonderful difference lu bulls, nnd probably
one of the greatest hindrances to the
development ..r a ..-ond dairy herd Is
Ihe Indifference which is paid to the
selection nf u sire There Is e..~. surer
»r quicker way of l.nildiiu, ,.p a dairy
herd thnn the use cf n strong, vigorous
and preiKitent bull which comes rrom
a family of good milking cows. Good
animals cost more than scrubs, and
conseiiueutly farmers do uot think
tbere Is enough difference In bulls to
pay the extra cost for a good sire, but
here Is an expression, says Hoard's
Imlrimsn. rrom a practical breeder:
W. J. Olllett of Itosedale. Wis., a
prominent Holsteln breeder, says
about tbe purchase of a high priced
bull: "The hardest battle I ever fought
was years ago to lead myself to pay
tbe aura of $300 for a bull calf for use
on our pure bred herd, but I can now
say I..nl I paid ?:t.Oai for this same
sire the sum would not bave equaled
bis worth or been commensurate In
value to the grant dairy characteristic*
be stamped upon his offr-pring."
Give thr Cows Exerrtae.
Cow* ln milk will consume and digest more food ami give more milk
wltb moderate opeu air exercise than
If kept lu closed quarter*.
The cow appropriates a certain
amount of food to sustalu life. Wbut
you give ber uluve this Is clear profit
Quick futteulug makes teuder tucut.
l.et It help out wltb tbe old cons.
Kouud up all tbe poor cow* tor tbe
Tbe cow that teat* leaa than 3 per
cent butter fut bad better be sold.
Deliver tbe cream before It become*
too old. Cool It promptly and use great
care in uiilklug and cleaning tbe separator. Then your creanierytnan will
have no objection to tbe band separator.
Buru tbe rag you uaed to wash tb*
milk utensils with.   Then uae a brush.
There la mucb lu breed, but mor* lu
cure and feeding.
To make your dairy pay better study
how to produce milk at le** cost.
Sllaged fed cows winter better, give
more milk and do better wheu put on
pasture than others.
If the silage molds and decays ou the
top do not begin to worry. This sells
up fhe rest uud keeps nil tbat ti uuder
It in prime coudltlou.
Pack the silage well at the side*.
The middle will settle of Its owu
weight, but tbe contact wltb the side*
nf the silo keep* It from settling arouud
the outer edge, says Kimball's Dairy
I'ii irner.
The grent principle to be ol-served ill
wiuter dairying Is to teed economically
ns tegards cosl so us lo secure tbe nest
Dutch Belted cuttle may be regarded
as strictly dairy cattle, but I huve
found that tbey make good beef owlug
to their size and eaay keeping qualities    f. It. Sanders, New Hampablre.
A good hardworking cow should have
sixty days' rest before starting the
fresh period. Many cows will keep up
a good flow until a very few day* before calving, but It Is a poor pluu to
Iel them do tbis. The most peralatcut
milkers are the ones who will do this,
and tbey are Just the cow* which need
n good long rest. They will more than
make   up   for   lost   tlm*   when   Ihey
Ropy or strlugy milk Is caused some
times by stagnuut wuter. The i*nws
nre permitted to stand In water holes
nud tbis gets the old water nn.l mud
011 tbelr hind legs. When tbey II*
down   their  udders  come   In   contact
wllb tbli iu»d and (ronlile 'olloiv*.
li.. I., •   liar Msner.
"Ia your husband putting hy anything for I rainy duy?" asked the prudent rclutlve.
"I thluk ao," aiisv .-red young Mr*.
Torkins. "I heard hlin mention several
horses yesterduy thut he suld alwayg
run best on a ninthly track."-
Soak., writei 1 "I received the two
boxes  "'   Dr.   Chose'i   Nerve    Pood
wliicli I onler..I Irom you un.l hnve
found it t<. be 1111 excellent medicine.
It has proven a splendid treatment
Ior headache and t run down bvs-
lem ami I hnve recommended il In
many people."
Mr.     Alexander    Honabnrger,   in
Mooie street, Bt,  Caiharinea,   Ont.,
writes:    "Km   some year-  I  waa much
afflioted with nervonantss, which
area on me snd developed into para*
hs.- oi iiu. limbs so ihnt  I becama
helpless.     The   best   efforts     of   ll	
doctori fuilisi to neu relieve me,
and, though I tried a Buffalo, specisl.
I-l. he. loo. was buill. d in nil case
I > uiulil   1'ie.i    WORM  and   was   111
such a Inul condition tliut I deapalr-
ed ol being sell again.
After taking  teveral  i-oxea "t  in
Chaae'a Nerve Pood I waa able to re**
rume woik and am now  feeling bet-
iei  Uian  I did foi  twenty yeara      I
I'oii-nlei   111.  I Tia-e's  Nerve   Kood  the
king oi all medicinea, 101 through ns
u-e 1 recovered health after long mil-
Dr. Chase's Nei v.* I'-si. m cents t
box, (i boxen 101   $2 oil. ul  all  .1.- .
01   laliiiaii-on,  Bules A  Co., Toronto,
Beware   the   Man   Who   Bloi-ra   ttunikl
Il.ruuKi,  HU  Xuatrlla.
A popular practice of mauy smoker*
couslsts lu discharging tbe smoke in
haled, especially from cigurettei,
through the nostril.-. This is even
considered by some to be essential to
the full enjoyment of the flavor of th*
Thc London l.nncet. while acknowledging that perhaps nnder ordinary
circumstances no harm Is .lone to the
■smoker save to his sense of smell, bal
aounded n note of warning against th*
habit ns 11 po-sihle dissemluator of disease. Iluy fever and other annoying
eon.plaints have been spread through
unsuspecting households I.y tbe unthinking visitor who habitually blew
smoke through his nose.
Tbe surface traversed hy tbe tobacco
smoke before issuing from tbe uosat it
Is remarked by tlie Lancet, is mms
teued with tbe natural secretion of Um
mucous uietnbruuc lining tt, and tbll:
secretion is mingled with tbe fluid dis
churged from the conjunctival sac pro
te.tlug the eyes. It therefore coutaiui
numerous micro organisms, which
floating Iu the air. have Is-come attach-
cl to the moist uud stick surface ol
the conjunctiva, us well us those uliicb
pass over the surface of tbe nasal
uicmbraiic. As Tyudall loug ago show
etl. germs are completely filtered od
from the air inhaled by tbe extenaivi
and Irregular surfaces presented by
tbe turbiual hones. These germs an
curried Into (be air by tbe mau wbc
blows smoke through bis uostrlls.
Her  llc.l   \V«»  Hui.
Lady Dorothy NevlII iu her rem!
nloeOBCOS tells this story of tbe L-w
Hisses Wulpole. her cousins: "On one
oecaBiou, wheu both of the two weit
well over ninety, Miss Kouuy. tb(
younger, who hud that .Ihj U-eu rathet
III. only joined her sister In the sitting
room just Is-fore dinner. Ou ber or
rival downstairs the bitter (Miss Charlotte by name, remarked: 'Penny. I
am going to l>e ill loo. I feel 10 bol
about tbe bead. It must be u|ioplexy.'
'Notbiug of the sort" exclaimed M.s«
Peony, making a dash il her »ister'i
beud. 'Your cup's ou fire, and I'm go
Ing to put it out.' Aud so the brav*
old thlug did." .
■dinard's   Linimant Cures Colds,  etc.
The Greek -ieai„.*i Oration Ci.up-
rhieh haa arrived in Barcelona,
•-   having taken    la  tow   the
H -uiiei    Baltoo   Hall,   which
hnd  lost  hei   propeller.
1   Bound  Stomach  Mean-   \
Heed    Ths high pressor*   "I a nei-
roua life which bosineaa men nt the
prasenl  day sre c ii.-tiaiir.-ii to   live
make    droughts    upon their    vitality
higbli deti m ntol to theii health. It
ia only !>;■ the im-si careful treatment
that tbe] ine aUo ... keep themselves alert and active in then various
calling* Many' of them know the
value it  Pai melee 'a Vegetable  Pills
ill regulating the stomach and I "ii-
■equentl]   k- ping the bend  clear.
Th*   Prime   Krqalille   lor   Makl-a.  a
I rlir    U.."il.iiii..
A sense of direction I ibould uaun
■s tbe prime rei)Ul»lte for blm wbc
would bocOBM a true ivoudsmnn. de
pending ou himself rather tbuu or
guides. The faculty Is largely devel
oped or course l.v much practice, bul
It must in- iui...111 Some meu isjsteil
It: others do uot — Just a* some met
have a mutbemuthul bent, while tt
others figure* ure ulwuys a despair, ll
I* a sort ot extra, lining nothing tc
do witb criterion* or intelligence ai
mental development, like tbe repeutet
movement lu a watch. A bigbly edu
• ■ated, cultured muu may lack It; th»
roughest possess It. Some wbo buvi
never been lu tbe woods or mounts.111
ii.'liiiie iu tbe space of a vncatlou •
lim* facility at picking a way. uud 1
tune met a few who have speut thell
Uvea on the prospect trutl und "hi
were still aud always would be ai
helpless as Ibe newest city dweller
It Is u gift, a taleut. if i.m line .1,
tiniest germ ion can become n trav
pier of the wide and lonely place*
If you haie .1 not \oo n.u;. u« wel
resign youi self to guides.—Btewarl Kd
ward White Ul On.ing IJggS   U*
I*  i. 1- aaeerted   in well Informed
circles   thai   the   |s[s*   bod   made   his
!..-!  locrifleea  in the matter ot th*
uiih  Prance
Dr Aincw'i Ointment Curei Pllat —
Itching. Illt-ciiinc and Blind Pilar* '■.'tn
fort in .'lie applu-ati'.n lt *-ar*a In tbrr*
ic .11 iiitfiit- 1. cure, all -sin disease*
in ...una and uld. A retur't* h.yo.S
.-umiiare. aud 11 neiei fails is tunis
\ 1  I* -ci.i   ■ the audi
torium "I the Royal iiie.itic in the
losefatadt, lustria, during a 1*^1-
loiinaii.e and caused a neat deolof
Worms derange the whole -- -
Sfothei  Grave*'  Worm  Bxtenninatoi
le.i.nee-   wim-  and  give-  reel   lothe
lufferei      li   onl] : ■  cent-  t..
try  ...nl  is* convinced
It'leii.e and   -llorallly.
The true sunlei.t ol  :'ie professional
01 in iiniciii school becomes heir in a
compreheualva and clear anJerstaud
lllg of his dull** nud ii'spoi.sibilil|es il
Ills relation* in ins fellow men .md tc
lhe community     Those dallss nnd re
spiiislhilllics present Ihen,sell ek to Ilii
trained in.n.I in tbelr real proportion
He   - 1.1*1 iini iioiiileieh ped uor lualdo
iciopeii 111 ins lodgment ufnav.rn. uii
is iy [milling, especially in tin
tochulcal scum has taught bim nccu
.1.1 a ni penetration in the auaiysi* oi
n.i   proposition confronting him uud
(hat    truth   and   know ledge   must   In
sought wiih tin- directness of a plumb
line. Deleave yields nothing but con
fusion to 1 :ie lbtfty, devious and dl*
I c-t Inquirer.    The fundamentals ol
morality are the very steppiug atoi-et
1.1 technical lOCCesS ur irrofesslonal at
In,Mill.    ,
The s.d.i:.
Early On-eks an.l Itomulia rod*
hor*>es bsrebsek Tbey r.-girded It ai
etfemlnvte to 'idc u >i saddle. 1'tta
modem saddle, w-.'h pommel, cruppti
ami stlmipa. was 11ui.11 iwe to the an
dents, Nam gave out fancy coverlngi
to bil cavalry, und tb* bareback rtdert
if tbe uerniun foreita used to laugh al
Ihem. Saddle* With trees c*ni* luti
use ln th* fourth ceutury. atlrrupi
three centurle* later.
stat.au.*    «»H   Mt.lm
David Sloirpay-I shall bring yol
back Ibme dark trousers to he rmeat
rd. Mr. Snip Vou know I ilt ■ goo-1
.leal. Mr. Buip ,lailun-AM right, ani
tr you'll bring Ibe bill I lent you all
months ago i will be pleased to r*
celpt tbat also. You kuow I'n stood •
good deil.-LouSou 'lit lllta.
I'repetl.    Itlu.lrd
"They may aay what they llki
against blm," said tb* couricted ooa'i
defender, "but hla beart K In tb* rtg£
"Ves." assented tbe other, "and ao ti
tbe rest of hlin tot n.few ye*r*."
Nninrl    -I Mini.
"Young man, there are two questions
In life—-Will it pay?' nud 'Is It right'*"
Which shall you choose'/"
"U0II1. I'll use the first up to fifty,
and tbeu I eun probably afford tj
adopt th* second."
Th*  llellbeaSer.
"There's 110 reason why tbe bell
bonder shouldn't be good to eat," said
a scientist. "Its principal food la thi
crayfish, the same 11s tbo principal
■ food fur baas. Tbo bellbluder belong!
tu the same family of amphfblana ai
the frog and li very closely related
Itotli rue hitched from lb* egg, aud
both puss through th* tadpole atagl
before reaching maturity. Tbe bell
bender Is a mighty fine fish, a* auy out
eun prove to himself If he will conquei
hla iiutiiriil uverstou." Tb* bellbendei
ia found principally In stre«iu» ithoul
thc foothills of tba Alleghany umuo
Kacapln. lb* itraau OrlaSer*.
lteslde close lo a dentist'* If you art
not foud of street music, ltlueraut
organ men carefully avoid pluylug
; uuywhere neur (l.e bouse of a prac
iitlniier iiim cun effectually atop 01
remove ull troublesome grinder*. Lou
don I'm,, li
Crosses £
Mn t<ti\m fr.un » strain liiuiUgu ktd-
M« tr-wutx* or 1 ik I if »••( um Wb*ls>mr
Iti* . fti|*e. tlii> ft. Imitf istl.rii' B -dull.
ftll'l.'JM* « I'll." ■ m f hin-1. Uiat UUU-M
* ,»ii   ii»   .'Ul »ltb  pMO.    TO mn UM
IM totnm om bol It* your l».-« wltb bot
wolor. Kip* Iry tl.-n ftM-l*? fif-alf tba
tn'MlyiM* ruhg-wnllr Thu-i MM fou
-M'ft-tn I mir-M-at ftt»l •leiilili* th-**-*lt*rt
li .-enu, tlirp* URiM -ma uiim h W wbU.
I. i  JOllNMt)N m\ CO , IVMlott, Mam.
No.       623. MM t.
Is PrtnWtl al Troul ha III'It <•  a«a PubllltoH
r l . ■ i t.rs.ui mi-i 1 roil. I lAlm .. ur\ 1 but. ia.v
,- KJiMr >1  sol nuld  bimaall ranpon-
til le i-i' I'ii ■•!'.:.i'n*. of Ourre*i^"UJ«i,u SI*
i raaaiKl in IK iruiuuitu
All locals will lie cl.arrtd al  tbt-r»l« ofl6
. • nt. ,»• nne. first liiierlion. mi J lOtiluU pe.
n.rui.1. suUseqiianl luaaiituu.
Terms for Tranalfnl anil i.;ier alv*rllt.lii.|
will Iw nta.te luiimu on H(i|.ln,al.'i.. al urtlctr
Subterictlou M.UIa Mar. lu atlvauoe.
fOflt    (Bffto
Patent Medicines
School Supplies
Dry   Goods,
Tobaccos. Pipe!
A iini!**) far Oritur lap plana.
Publishing Office of lhe
rLardeau    Mining
Job Printing
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mlnin g Supplies  Etc.
to any Point in the District..
1 Prompt |   S. DANEY, Prop.
M      serviced        FERGUSON.
Any Work
Deal Wmi;-. Liquors and Cigar*.
liati-s  il  :i dav.
J. A. STONE   -   -  Prop.
Revelstoke, B C
Poplar Livery.
-  mem *
Freighting,    -      -     -   Packing
Rawhi ding
A Speciality
Stables at Poplrr.
J-'irs' claiB nr -Ollimodstion for travel Ur I
Rates $1 and$i* 50 per day
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Kooios.   Excellent Cuiiine and Attendance.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   __
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
Best Hotel in Town,
Headqoarters for Mining anil Coiiercial files.
Sandy Laughton
WIIKN -rifiling  Ferguson vou
should ptnv Ht tin* Lniiicau
II."tul.     Here   tlm   viBitor
will   lie   surrounded   willi
home comforts.   Excellent
ouiaitie,     well    ventilated
antl    warm   room*,    will
stocked bar,  and   everything wLicli
tei-di-i  towards  milking yoor liait a
jil.-iimii.t iiml memorable one.
Kate* from $1  .lay upwards.
We strive to please our patrons.
We have fwmo hire line**
••' rilk*, in i.imr.-:'
SHIRT WAIST length*,
■od insertions fti,d
Wo u!kd bare « t**)
ready-made WAISTS.
I o*uu^o^o-ooockki
{KKt-S 4_ O r* C!
XLhc Tfootel Seaton
    BEATON.  B.C.	
VISITORS irrifinc il Beaton (tlie threeholil nf tl.e Ur.le<«l
vi» Arrowhead, will fin.l thin Hotel lu he folly erjnifi(ifrl
for .'litfli-eliM tmle.    Kicc-llent ncroiitiiitiilatinh.     A well
•ppoinleil ami iparioiiB ilitiitiif hall.     Tbe hail of tt'lnes, Spiiill
and Cigars.    IVrfoml Itlperrtaion is jriven lo tl.e requirement! of
patrom. Viriion to tha lardeau ran rel vou comfort at thi* hotel.
> W. BOYD -:- •:- Prop
*«* •cfr«fr»o«iwc>o**'t>_t*_i «•«<>•« ^-sj«*jj qhe»o-i
land  Miner:.
Provincial J.iuid Survcur.
Alinercl Claims 5firveytnU
and Crown Grants Obtained
tmliimtOe -Milt tt' " il J '■['.•re.
Tioi.l Uk<. B C
Notion ie hereby given that CO Notion i-lit*rchv given that r-ixt
dayi after dale, [intend to make daya aft-y dale, I intend lo nnilt.
■affiJicut ■<>■• to the (Ji* if t'ciiiniii— application to the Chief Cmn mil
itoncr of Landa A Work* for permis lionei of )<audi 4c Works f..r r«i
sion to |iurciin.i* the following de- iniuioo io |iun*baee the following
st-nhnd land.-, siin.viil in Wett deecribed land iituate at •".,*>,
Kootenay diatrict, ou the ea»t aide Horn, Upper Arrow Lake, \\.-r
..f Flab River: i Kootenay Dlnriet.
Comm"nc'iig at a poat planted j Commencing at a jm-i planted
it tiie 8. W. oorner of A.D. Maeknyslal the North East oorner nf J...t
Pre-emption; thenee eaat SO ohaina j 7958, n.ark<-d "A R. Whitehead'.
th-ancetouth40chaina; (henceweet 8. E. Comer'' thence norlh 40
40chaini; thenee sooth 20chain*; jchaitw; thenee win SO chain*--;
tlience weit 20chain*.; thence cotiih |Ihenc south 40 chaini-; thence
20cJiains; we-t 20 chaini, thenle east 80 cliaim to point of coinmen-
»©uth 20 chnii]-; thenee weat lojcemenl, and containing 320 acres.
■Inmcn Burhridga'a end line: thence j
orih lo Fish River; (hencefollow
ing r|v«r hauls to point of commenc-
PnUd. Fehi ua ry 18th, tf07.
Alex   D Marks v.   Loraltir.
Located this 18th. day of March
A  R  WbiUbread.
Central Hotel
First Class in every reapeet. Aii moJorn conveniencea.
Large Sample Roomi
Rates $1  50p*rD.,y Special Weekly Rates
Grout Xahc w<mwwwww
tji./t**     a      t By uiing \Vatcr lupplied  by the
ilvlniCt*            © Company you ara assured of abao-
^ lute purity.   Government Analyaii
•^1JV\1^[y)      (150 to hack up itateiiieiits. :
£ ^           ' Hugh McPherson - • Supt.
Trout   Lake   City  Transfer
and Stage Line.
I Ferguson    i
Trout Lake |
'' Daily Stage will j
leave  Ferguton |
7 a.m.
Trout Lake at 8
in connection.       8
Andrew M. Craig.
It pave to uee the Telephone. A
lengthy trip eaii often l.e saved. Offlcel
it Feranson: Coinmlm' Store; 'I'rout
Lake, Post Office; tin ut Ueaton, Com-
il'lis and Arruii liriiii.
Starftc? & Co.
WllOf E.SAI.K IlK.U.KKS in Hutter,
l''.*,if,    Cliceje,    I'roJuce    and    Kruit
Houston Bk.,/oseptiine St. Nelion, ll.C.
Watch-repairing,   etc.    All work
is Block. Tront Lake, B.O
.v.i. an.
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
F. B. Wells
* / (•   • ?    A '''■ lS; AM'
,\ "H/'.    "rd   Thur.-iJi*.v i*i
' X'/ x mouth.
Hu tliren rurilialli* inviti ll,
Por.   " d.See. F.C. Csmpbell.tV.JJ
riliifT   LAKE   LODGK   1. O.O. I
Mi. 41
. nti
...... iir.iih-
•rirurtlially ntlruni*
O. Jsonbvua, .N  ti.:
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
CAPITAL  AUTHORIZED   8 000 OOO. II. atl Office
REST 4426.OM
D i:  «'li KM-   ' H       RORERT 'im:.iv   '
BRANCHES   in tin'  l'i-ivii • •■- "f   i -l>«lrlieirsri    I
■:u end i^uii-«c.
.       ml.
I .tor. . ,    ,   tor . tit, 1
Arronhead iir.iih-h—
- . c ji r.i'.fi r  .1.  ( ••« tr e.  •rt.*ii •»-.
"'"  I '
Review Job Dept.
! nr High-Clan \\
*** tVmntAinXi m* im* ****i^*X» -U»
Barber Sbop
P. JI.Sh«|*licril. trr.
Dealers iu all kinds of l-'resl* M..I
— r       i
Uood Mian* or Hair Cut
William Schnell, .
I I  i.'.i   -'i.V.
and Com Baths
. > AJrbX U*M. Ai.
Barber Shop. I
I ot  1,'jO-I   III.       l.l
Ti OUI  '.Ai. r  .11.
HmV wmi   Cold  B*tl>*.
liou  a i    ■ J   A. Su'i)
*nolMlh.r> lorlmpsftel Lank c'i «n«J«
THERE have hr»n fortunes
tmide by jlldiclous inrost-
ment in j{enl Eatate, and
ni'-re fortniies will be made thnn
ever the n<*u two or I brie years,
Tht* ..in- wh" roaj.H Iho lniri'est is
the original Investor, for he has
hU money on a eeriainty.
Now let uh poinl ont to \on that
there i* no better spnl nn Ihe Con-*
tiir-ni In Imv Ri-al Katate than
Trout Lake in the prcttleal tym
in ihe K.'.iit'iiiiy-; aa a pleasure
refiri il l.:i.- in. .i|iiitl. J{iiHtin(,'
iiii-l liHlijng may he Indulged in
tho year round ; while Bis KHiiie
in ahtitidaiire i.i to iho loiind on
thu hills. lis cliiiintf) in superb,
there being no itnut extremes, ft
being mild in winter and cool in
MiMiini.-r. Ji caii I" as| of gojne '.f
liin finneChritela and r< gidi-iiecs ill
British.Columbia. it-.Pli.eiK are
well hi'd out and graded. There
arr* two I'xc.lh'iii general slori-f,
and a glance nt thoadvertiaetneuti
in this journal will aliow that al!
trades are fairly well represented.
Wiilo wilh conlidi'iite tu Agents.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
••  ••
••  ••
Then call on
or   write to
JT hss i.et»r had a ' b» om " -its
growth hsi heen tlfsdr. Il is
ll.e bead .f nr (inns, snd
His tern.ii al of the Lardo brssrh
of H.s C.P.R. All roadi (is ths
Laideau) Irsd u, Tr..ut Uks. It
i» the cm men jsl eentra cf Ihi
rn h'.H iniiiiral district es ths
wi lineut, ii ii has Uttiking faeili-
Hm provided hv ibe |n | nil
lank ui't'sniuia ; fiut rlasi sel eel
ai eiiiiiiii. dn'. ii under the dine-
lion if 8. Bhauimn, B.A.j * pood
wall r ij Mi in ; government i ffim ;
Count) Courl sittings) Mnh* dist
KphropaJ aid Anglican-churahea
ami i i.llngt* hoiI [tal,
1 bar* in.' liiiiial'li* ibmI. hmdi
on i lie ii uiulil I* awaiting aei tiers,
[tl litmher ir*-.riirei*i un* n spt.ifi
N I I, ■'*' " ■' I and caw eifil with a
eapflfii,*, ,,i 00.000 fi. per dty i at
t' e I end .f ibe laU. The inii.es
tributary sie | roving out lippir
I roducers n.n voir, wiih e. w
ptospeeti opening uj» uch bodisf. nf
Here will he n |,{g ,,,•,(, ||,;,
vi'. io |f you would 1.1 i «■
more, write m once to ijil n of
the ae'iiin nt On. Bfldreaiea l,*low.
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
*~mr~ i


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