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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-01-17

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Full Text

Has a larger ciu-u
lation than iuiv
Ncwupapur in N
Kootenay. Best ad-
vcitit-irg ii.idhn
....    t  	
VOL. 8
n-'our lake cii v, u.e. dan.
i/A-Niftfei-jfinn ■   i
The rvjrrtwM&tf v*
any aJaieie for $.'
t>rr an. in advance, i
No. U
IMiTj. ). -jo iii.iAgiiiNT royv.Ni n
;,* !! , VI i.'.t* rrr. or  tl «vh i .. I ii *.*•■
ho      mav  I.Ji-'  H'.i ' 'cirri   Ilia    In
tcr.-at ia t'.c i:.,iii*ri ire un.l llrook'yi.
| un n r."l .n.i. a, ■
2'ake notice ibat I, tfio uinlvrsignetl
to o.viat v.llll m.u in ti.e I iil'trinri.-
klirt       lu ' .»!,' ;        n.ir.-'i.l claim."
Fhi'i.n, «li nils 0 i H -rth 1.,- V of Lardeau
iiv, r ik i nl :• I Ferguson
fn the Trout '...* :;■.■...■ Dtvlslonof
Wn.-. Kopt.iay, have pt-rlormed the
lieccasar j irt.rl. . nd ma \ • ;!." n •■• .Mart
the  nb.,
Notice is hereby given lint gO
days after tho first pi1. iiution oil
tills not'ee in t'.r* British Colum
bfu (.ur. tie I inl end ic apply i„
'.'..' II m, Chiel pomniissionoi
of Lends and Works for r fpeoiaj
lloenqo io ent ami carry away tim
bet from the following .1.* i-..-*h ■ il
!..i.di> situated iu ,\Ve»t Kootonay
C ,nine*ic:iig  st  a post plttrtfetj
bet weep Qlen Creek nud Uou'-Jat
Creek, j mile from tho Tr.itil Lak.
wagon   roid,    marked   "Mali   .
lie,,;  .'■ Booth easl  rorm-i  post'
thence tiotth 8j   chains,   llienc
wu-i t*0 cl.ujra,   ibence   south  h.
cbaine    ibence e >•-.! 80 ch iini   i
p . nt * f commencement.
!.   .i • 1 Dec. ■ il   i .'■''■ 1908
If yo,i vote th.* Liberal ticket
Jaiifl    t r   ihe )•   i      1 il 0 H in
ruder i' hold the l8Ut*» ttli.lcr ..*.'.: > ': I
lithe Mineral Act, odd i!.<* yi*ra for
I Inch tei 1 rtoft n»i.."n'i'*i, *lnr I.M
lioUitum msile Loving eis-iie.1, I here-
i.y givf ;ou m lice thai il althinflO day*
|*,*'.*n the firsl publication l.r.-if you
I or rtiutt . ■   mtril ito j    r j top ir-
ii.il■111' sll.f'i      I    I I    '..   SX| I     llll   .        .1
Imv the Ci "its cl 11 • • . lv "■•••ir. -nl ;.  ur
[merest in lbs sal I iral el *> n '..ill
Beraioe thj propettj   I tlie lalotslgne.l
mder aai by virtue ol i-.*.imi I ol the
jdiue-.il Act A-i.it. Irtniiit .' ?t,l(KW,
Date-' sl Trout I ike this tth .'.    of
lid ember. 19 '*
THO-UPd »>' and' IV v'"-' LER.
. i-i   ■     »
',o II. >,' Csrtn ot '' " h .* i ■  er li<
may bave Uaosfarr*! hli Iwtireet In
\\,r IVirra'ijnj Vadv .... 1  .... - .
Tske notice tbat *-*'*.', theu J.irsia *.*.!
la owner* allb you In the   PanSDoro
Vittly       arid    the      ('.ii.....-;     Boy
[ri.tnerel claim, alius ts i-i ueih eee*
(side ol I arJean creek, i SS. Bevrn Mil i.
1 ti ilie Trout  1 a!>i*. miainj diviaioo of
IV. Ktioivr.-.iy, have |*erJofta*il the n
i-era.y work ,ir.d ms ic il *.* .,. •• ->..: ves
i.-ytlitiiiv on  »1it-..*-i.ieti!!i"* I claim
firtlie icM-tino. *A1"*M, lu ordei l>. hold
lhe same under seCtii U H o\ the Mineral Act, nml lbs wt: for altleh ta).|
lotk wa? lcifurnii-d having aspire I, we
.leti-bv give vn, ru'i.c lhat !t v ii.i.i'JO
Jovt i-(in Oio Bret paWleaiion ttc-re0
i oii 'ail of 'entire locontributi your prn
Jtioiiiaiia'e aUsre of   mb ,x,...■.'.:•.*.f,
Ltml pay ti       •' "f Ibis advertiaei   ■
eionr ii.'.   .  •     ■' •• • ii I  ui* eral I
rill h tome lhe pr pern ci  *.'.e'..■•l-rt"'
,       ; .nn i ittd bv virtue n< section*'        r   ■ ..■       ng   si i poal planted
.   :.   st.] a-i Amendmeni   it ..yrtr G\tn c,,,,k   v ■<   |ln»ki«i
Ua    '
Rocll nil' every
f.:t.cr«i party now
■ iioyi-d.-
■i.nrl date ij t io
;n   '.'..'.   ii 'ii  is
i i.*n
<-'-' tm\
D  vitJ
tTolest Countersigned by.
W. \Y. 1;. MelMNIS,
Who—will out     (jucstlon-^-hel.l
up iin* T'tnb r Lioenses of the de.
ftir.cl Cni'.'.di.".! rimbi    Baw Mjl'p
Uo. end  ibir.ai  Ihem  lo pav th*
tbioo   ii:(.-:i'.hr   .... . . •  wage* —:n
■ ■
,     |    . , ,    ,  , , ,   , .. t ■
■ ".,'.. monih - from ih fi.- ii
i-.uli.ri-. o - hereol 1,1 the  liritisl
.L,ia UaMtlc. I men i In ..p
,,)-, lo Ihe Ho i (.hi.-! Coinan't i'**n
.  r.f Lands snd AVuils ft*.' a t; vc-
■(■ : .;*, hy s-*Ccinl meHjDgsr, at*.J
cur.....i ihrough io Ilevolstoke,
Hence ;he d-ji:iy.)
0* naid- -if ti'A tbs laraeet '.own
.an certai>r>iy— after war   Yeara'
.    • •-!.>•   (iaim   11 I avinj; tjie
M.I ri is favg. "^o ''i.ttt'i terms
Until .*.ou pal on tiw yolie, anJ
...■•.*' t in Bruuh Columbia a Ltbov*'
i* ivernineni
lly   forget5
i. i a >--r
amateur  laws,
that iu
iciori in ibe Laido dit'.iict.
i h i.!: ■ lo tho kind efforts cf tbs; t't'io, w .ii ;r
Ladies, a very bouotifol 'ipreiid'j trbea iho mat
Wlin-sfttt   pr'oi' BOvi*rr.i,ic*nsinil, K.v. „, ;,r,j thelav- and sp.ic- gain,
tail been apfilad to in win,   ! >': ';,,,,. jf,.:  Wae ri    :    . . • :t. i.i- '
, fire proof tjinl! for r c  ;      »oi-   |ffl ( , .
on of tha re-:*,    0U0 .1  new]    After supper   o«  fnUrtainment
bat A CHANCE is I-l" 1 - at Ot-
I  thi   ] rnbAiUties ur*?
I.;i Tal   admiuistr Uion
I ,'.vc mucb t * say
. 10 in .ogbl up a-
Write «3 a Poat Card My.
hig ynu saw thia advert-
iaemaat, un-l wc v*/81 mail
yoa FPsEK,   fl 30 pato
• rb'inl building.
Stilt .in Bssion, Lc .* .
ellm solowl  and   -.. v  aieay |fiuen(.P (i,lt jpuWl be br"n«i>f  to
in.* ■ from th«following -Jesorib  \hw> v,nth fm.ii-ei..1 nrd ■■ litic ,1,
**! iiinds sitnated in Wen Kooton   Laei(j«*] t'.vt t,.-. tt re 01 ii'b ;  to
•v' i the Tim'rr  Limits   whioh    were
,'cove'eil hy o f»rel^n r*ompany
woe   Riven   by   the   H'-'al   tiUt-nt
i niii ii ni ul'l put 1 * t'l.o'i c many
Who-wl (-ii ' ir *.••"".- oiU'.ence 0f n-u fnaous ■■■ t rs
tvsaat R'r.V.o,* -v.'.ii'is*.  all   Mi* in..     Justice could-not be ilr.ncir.de-
■ c;i 1.1 ion witiiout t-ikinft up too
r.. .1 rp.o., but rp,-i.ii! ui-nii >n
iv.-.i.t .1 made of ''Thoroaa-eli-*
tal   .ilay-totnorrow"   nlus   John
Th • blocan Rev rw tay*.;
Jo'm Koj.i hit o3i'.\;i hi uitit ht
acrific-3 in   opposing   N'.il licKaji
n 1 hc K-fi- H* ■;• ^ '
Notice is hereby given that-§0     ,.   , 1
,    „     • b... .1    :, ,1.    (onimemi g nt n p et
.l,iv*>.iit«r the firs   j, ",i.;:.'i". ■•'.  off ,       ,   . ,        , .        I
i    !   .,    r> -.  1   « 1 planutl s    *;i-J,fatn viorthery.
ina not'ee in'.lie  hiitii-li Voltini .    .      ..
from 8 li ki ifoiise,    Fieli   River, whose leader,   J   A.    M-iodo
bia GfisulU, I tiit*"-] lo  appiy   t-        . . ,
lh, ti., _M_ nnrmmltmtZer m'^"    K*«»«*»nay.  oarktH A. One,  ,c,i,i..,vhl,ntl,e appvopnaUon  ft-
il. .       n  Ir*  11 i'.i.in war-dsnoolaeed to be pt trtted bv  Iron
11 > 1. Ciioi Cotnmisiioner oi
Lands u d W.irlt-t fo* a nptcial li-
ccn'fi lo cul snd ranv .iway ti-n
i• *r f i.m the folbwing il to .
hind situated In Weat Kootenay
iiikt'a   ><'.''1    Witt   cirrur    1*03'.
thenre norlh    u,»   cl line;  1
eit«t 31 chains;   t • *. *.*   soul
'.luir.s;   thenee weal BO cbaina lo
>!   i' .1 .'    .       *.... ■   *   .
Riv. 1 prot' - tion was up,    tb.-tt   ll
•wis '*.1,' ,-.-.•  fn   to  u-c-il   -•'.;-
nin ey fnr th" protection "*  **; "
ifo inter*:*--'.."
and tputi.r*iy so*;    r.leo tiio 0 og
* .r.c. i 1 Cov. tv.vs BostutS« by Ja.**.
After t'<e    entertainment    tbo
",;;.• fiptnsti*.*' was tripped until
';. 1 irs,   thus cit.liiig tiie
.   *.*.: 1 n , -• * -Ver
■ ne to Ua
1., A 1
held  in
long re-
<'Mi;:s ..ii.-" ,- nt
Who?'- ci I'd •'*.'• .    Jnl "     ■"*
-    - ,*  11    . ,  .j ,..ve -it, t'i ' .- *
. 11..
1.1.       ..
riio "I'l.ii'.ii 1  .'ii'lii'ti   .-.-! t'.t-.i.-
'11 I-—; ii*^ tl**..*  LiLc   f>i>*>n   ly   -i..»;
C.l'.U, nuaindsow of tbe nor,'' ■
l* Id bv lbeMAikai saw TravalUr.'
In iur* auaiaer, :h» i.argo  dotil i
in^, a ri in lite wfnter it csani t ml
'1 ih* 'Ar'.mi-.'iM * . ileal 11 ' - \.'
will bv remembered—»flead tl.cl
l'l mm why ho did not mend biej
.oof., r> e rcplv waei— 'vl.cn it]
invd it ka><oo wot, and wheu]
it di \ ;*. .1 .-.;., Ii did pot need
in u Hi i* "
^emm. BOO I.LEI
Bbowi/ig  :i:,..j   :
of Interest to every
MAN who wears
J.Leckie Co
(■lanteil about j of a u.il* r*.i.!.e 'y 19'ii,     «•,*    tl-*,-.    advoeVe
i.o;n S.i-.   . K in •      !'.-.  Mv-r <*..-,.,,].,.,) i*f..ve,"   nf   the   *
r il *. 1 neervali' e A i sec
I I  .1   ii.c'iiiip   Saturday
No'.:.   '-.' I •   '-'■'••■i  ■' »t   Wi
|dayl aftei  ti "•-' f'
I'i r *.. .lite in t' e   British   C"ili:'ii-
lliia Oarttlv,  I ijffeud '.« apply  to
t le   Uu;.. Chief  •"-.'  ml i" "1
h.aiiila 10 1 V irlc«f .   ''   •
11...,*.' .    .*  > ni-
in r -fron  llie f ii *•*;..■   '
•*j v-i»? of co utnei
I , rv  : P       ■   | V-tM VJ'.i,-
)'. liliiiin..'., Lu .I*.
, it c
!.: *...! JaMjary If. h, :'>"
A  ri "•'■ ..*.'' ! ■'•' • ur
nf  the   T'- tl.
T.>*T—.-i--*, I-*-!-.v'-i   f r the e'k"
fa fen •   ■ •*' '• •' " ira-^fitrrrf
I O-.c r   •   '      a' rho hsd  "-
• •    .,.-.-...    .....  ,-n
Notice • • • -    I *.   • ,ini hi n.
day*   after thu   .pah] . \
\\   ra. I -.•'----.T. A. M i-'t
.-!*■ *.
•*.-1 hr-'c* 11 *. ii Goo. W
Wo  have a f.iv   orlci.l  copies  i«as«3S«-_S_5Q5a3i«eRaE«t&
o:.heKa.enI,!nr.di,,v,.*.1£„,jnn    |      Local and Ceneral.     *M
Any i-.trsoi! can have a copy, and ffi
:-.;-. thoroughly going ow  It-  "t*****"*^ aS3_3rj_5aa«
'■'■'■ ■■ :* •''■'. g J^li >'.  on  ti.e '
I  '   ■■-..■■ ., they wiil bo pter-ent-
ed w lh n  BOX OP CIGARS.
■ I..*.- ai'.ui
West K
Koike is hereby given that
No. 1    Cutnn       ng st  a  -,*-■•  h. tw
M l.nieJ ou ■' 0 1. r 1. ..■ <-    '   i   ;    licstioi     sttof lo I
Jar Creel   -  1 it I .1 1 ■  :..       * •■ Be| tie, I ii *>i l>1j
J.*,!.i   1   ..       ..:.,!':.** ell r .1.1 thi ii      ' ■■     - . iter ol
{•]  B, i-oroi * •• ea       1*11    I ti   . v I Wniks for specisl lieen-
it'll 4Q aea to ott» ai.d carry away timber
*i 1 nce-MSt ! •) eh ms; t"      ■- nor- fi »m ihe I .llowingdescribed ia-.-ds
lth40c>.aiM  b- -*•   : cjm   s-itua'.cd ir. Wett K.-otensi.
N.,   1       1- ir.nir. ii
plant I ou Um wart ■*ido of Ct ni
Creak,   «)»• t hiif mile Irom lu
mouth, mrirk'ii ' Arthur (">  •■
Nortii  Eaal coruei
..-   .;  *.> in [--'"i hns    •
iliai.i"    ■'*'" f*
•     *
I , ■. ■.'
. 1 ;. iVorks I        s. Ut'lve nf  Iho pe*n»1e,   ■' •* : *
-  ■       • ' 1        Iv   p   claimo 1    lhal     ids
.   ra the following de wV*. - -v..        •:
'-i-i iVl  m     w'wtL- _ .. ,     .,.
Kootou.iy Pi sBrideg-tvcrnmentOttt.
A. M. Craig,  d G Graham,   F. C
'.  J. Kiizini-n ms   mhJ  C. I.
■ ;■   o-mstituto the exec-iiivc.
1 ■ .vi .v.... 'i>*i, 19:6
N  rrri*,„ M   ; r','.. ,. Agent.
N? 2    .   - * *      in-j       .   ] ■.'
; 1,1. ii *in 1.' t 111 rtii a iu > f  Pup-
.   given ti.u1
■ •.     her th     fir?'-   puhicoii- i.j n g
hero f i-i   the   Bntia'i   Coluatbia
On -ue, I inteo i lo ■'.•>. lv to tho
1     -r-vnl
r)6 a '' ■ i-i e.s *,.
iii   Mturdavi
Tht MAtqueraie B'.lloj J\n. 21,
I will be the event of the sasson
A LadiM H-'Ca-iv match will be
=   p'-ay.-il in the alien.o*-n.
;    Don't omit ta ho k thie double
■ etci.l in vur InleHigeocc department. *<iMASQDEBADE BALL,
oa JANUARY  80th.   at TP'^t
W  rk". for .1 Bpec'ltl   l*        I
eat and .'any nwaf  limWr fr*itn
.... ■ ,   ■  ing i. * ril ed landa situ-
.*..•,   i
Rev.  F.tib**-.- Jeinf.*'*  contract-
1 '.e ice -• u in splendid jpd * bad coll in the purfuil 01 his
cortdiiiop,   snd   tbe   teroperaturo j duties t«» h|a scattered flock,  and
t iu*.*f 0>:iMis-i..nerof I snci*  '-'    idea! f;sr the bracinf; esareise.   nosessitatlid his beeoming an in-
'I be t •! omes were fariod,   nnd ', um'r af the Mino-s"  Uoioe hospi-
Ko   I   -t" .-    '   ■ ptm     Whosoptrtvlias *-i!,.**'l i" th
weai^aldeoffhctiorj..jnf:,mo08 Bitty MelnnV   (pai tvnaydiatrkt
C :.*.-• icr.c;n,<! at t  (net  !*!.i.itrd
jj*. .ii.ii..ti wentriiss'tK ..   top- (M§(  so Dha»nf.rlh,nc<) MU«h30
Ur Creek abntit 5u.ili-s fnim   Lur ,,,A„.„     ,-, eci'-i-,,,-•■ •
, ,.,,...,      ,,     ..  P chsins      tii-i.'oe-    .*At   3Ut*
io r ver marked U.K. Hev.-.l * > V,
■ ;..i (; *.•  I ben 1 wi ; 160 > haioi
|th -.HV   fl'tllil   -iO   . i • *'.i.-,    '-
i    • 190 ohaina;  ibencs u nli 40
let aina bai k t* j le ■•   : *
then e  n .*
thj80 c'„ .;. 9.    t-j  thc
point of rotaioenaoaaej t.
Located Dec mbei r.-'i   IfW
•j Anbur ■). ■ kij,   1 •'• its
Lftcatid Nov,  28t    19 d No  2     dMnmeno4n| m t pos
j,.. j     .( . •,. I    ■ the wit ri:    ol Cimr
,    it hill  wile ir m it»
!>' •rina*. V
No 8.   Co*nmencln| «t  n jo»t
plantwt on tho north side of Pop- '•"•''••  •''••'!;,(1 "Arthur Oowing*
lar Cmk aboil200feet from tho bout1. Ban) comai pow'    ihenee
it-.- eh and ab '.r M»en miles Irom  "oal M rl tl ■   c< n«» 80
I..nl.. ,*....  marked G L Hnv?!i'- chain-;   ihenee aati    BO «
N  K. -uie  iot", ihenee   •* -« W thence south BO  ehaini     loll
chuti-.;  ihritre   south  *0 chains;  ,*-. it *l     ' •*»«''•',
Ith  c e.*v. BO chalnsj  ih   ee    1
tn 8-1 chillis hack tophioeol coai-
Locatoii K..v Uth  1908
Jforftan M:L: i in,
... I ]t c-mbrr 13 h   1908
Arlb : Oowi"»|i   L*.
lh fork of r. i'.i*i'.i Creek, aboul lj .]„*,••,,. «■■:•!  i fam us, hut we
m Ice fr. r... f'.-r:* u ••■!,.  mark il "U - ic i*   f - o   t  ■•   1 Glob"
i    A     . ... -                           .   1- ;- t)v. L.r,-.a>. .*, 1 ,.'         ]     •   • 1 ipers
•icr p it"  ' SO     di   ; in   .'...*.'     -  *     might
 MM '   - (i|    Sn*.: !i    '   '  i*S— the
1 h 80 chain-; tin JO    iai . ral of ths Inte*i r.—
to tlie \  ' il   I    • •   ■ iciii.-ii*. .  v *i
thnn Mini •, C ing a I    tteali
*   •   .   ■ : c 'ii-
(..].,    -it   1;. *.'. 11   ; ml inipos*
No 'i    C .. ' si.•'.*•)   lo help win the elections,
planted on 1 1 •■*• •        •   f the not
Loeatod l1 cem'oei 7th. '.'■
0 W  Ahrahamaon, [. • ai •:
ih 'ork of Loi    ii' reck, aboul \\
mills from Ferguson, marked "0.
\V AbrahstnsVin's anuth weal cor
■.: 1 -   ." thai ■.., n 'i h S c   .
K) chains; tin  0. w ni SOcbi
ihe po nt .: snl
Located D e  nhci 7lh ;
0, VV  .'.i.*a aoison, Locator
\V    ..«• ;.-.  ty W )llld •". • l'l ■
intcror-t- of tho Pr.vviiic.-.   relative
tn ' hi-Hci torms,"
,.!   ■ ;   S.i.mon oreek
: •   '■
ibout I mile fr r.i its ii-i-i
tun'., d     A   Gowing'a  S   I
,* po-".." lh .1 •'. 3 ' ."hlin
■jO cha ns,    thence
litis      th I   ith   SO
h tii 1 to the I'oin- oi coir.u.ence-
m  it
Ko i    l ■ -ajmenoins at n poai
■ j c.i the * ' •' ■ "i Salmon
ereek. a A tf»oiit i :l mi'n ,r0,n
. r ek 11 d iboai 1 uiiU fr'*m »-
*,, ■ •       -,*.nk.rl    ' A,    GowJnfr>
a: at ^isudoii
dj.-i.'e*.r.-J inganuitr ind Inventive-
neat  — ■   ■ —
' A pleitaingfeature waa -i.e  eos.j    Dj,  j^y,,^ mtli  Fr,j  Elliott
lomea   «c;n bv 1. butrfa bf '1^ ,,,,,,,. ,i,c rl.st part-,f tbe week at
smaller pirls,   »i -t represented the ■ t**atj0
f; o wii* *..  •■  - |
Altbough  11 n    adverti-a I,    r'r.e
• • i the Ifi'.k,
Mr   .Toliffe,
of Seattle—brother
North-weal  Born t  poi .    thene.
Whffei    •v--hroijf-hii.il! '■■ , 80«haio«,   th-i.ct . a-t Sol
H chains,  ihenee   nortii BO el 1
hence Wm\ 8'> cl .in- '   Uw p int
otnunct meu*.
Located De   ■    «* Mt|>, 1908
.V . 1. ioal 0 r
. Brit! hi
l rignl
:. -ui     .■•.':•    .
inti. it I*.   .    ■
1 rotniDt,
■  donated four valuihle prii's ..f Mr*. J. D. Kennedy, i
for cmpetlt'on.      Three inrlgcsj Trout Lake
'■ ■*   appointed—ine   each from
V- 1 ton  Fergi ion u;.'\ r.-uut Lake.
I he recipients were:     UissSf.
Beaton,   Min Wi'eoo   .in.!   Mijt
-•.'.   I lis it. 1*.;      Hri,   Chi -
snd W   Jacobs of Trout Lake
Tho suece-s r.f tbe nflur hoa
-tinted an igilation for a r.^-ilii
- lul r Carnival lasting over 0
a • ouplo of dtyt-
Thtrc ii no u.if, ii why—:( a
C luniiltee   of   c'tijeiir*    l...*k     tie
Robert MeCord earns otot <>f the
h"spital on Tuesday,   I ut hit con--*
dition Ixscame - > t-eri.ii> as to 1 .*-
ceasitats his almost immediate
Mr* A.M.Craig and chU<ir.*t>
roiurncJ from Krvoistf>ke on Moa.
Inin'ter    up-
i roold 11 1 I.
-a    brilliant
**■"..•• nj.,:
The ordinary   annual   gie.til
Ucaletl D ocmiicr 13th, IWO
;>, l C, tiiM-i':.'.'*; |l ■■
;;-,r. *. 1 •■ . il - ■" »Hh 1 mV ■'
Cr'Mii    rtl 9   -1 ■ -■ !:
trv-.ttl., iiMt.-.ti "Ar'...' r 3 ' Bg*
Btiutb easl - *">• P«»'i" Ul*,cr
north 50 i';..i 1; Iheuee west BO
,*'..,;*.f; tiui'ic- botuh 80 chaius;
meeting nf th-j Oil CM Q1"1'4 u,,at, ^,lt ^0 ch.iinj, to tiv p'ii'.t
nnd Placet Mining Company, ltd- , c'onitD,.„c .uicnt.
1-i.ili, will bj li- !J st the cflliv o|
the (.'empaoy,   Tiout   LnV,  B. C.
00 Friday, 1st  ilay of February,; Arlbtjr GflWlOf.   L«cutor.
1007. st 8 o'clock, p Bl. for tho pflr |
po«» of el'-ctiuR director* for the | No. 2. Commencing «t» r«|
enpuirg year and such other bUal< 1 knlcJon the noiih bunk <f Ion
n « as miy properly come bcfciroTJr.uk, about 3 milM I <->™ '['
the i;',o riicg. Bcolti will be closed nl0Uth. m«rk,-d "Arthur Gowing t
for trBtisfers from Jun* *'l»t* 1907. South wost cor-d' pe«l|' i««»g
until after the meeting. Vrth 80 ch-tlns;   theno- N»t 80
M. F„CHESTNLT,    |„,ww„,»$0ohqloti In jwlot of
Dntfd nt Trout Lnke,, B.C.,   8fd Qomme'opsminl -
i a nun ry, 1907 Loottsd Dscsmhw 18th, IBM-
Art"., j: Qowittg.   Lccator    ;
1 '■ 1". bi : ra' -. 1 Association
htvj re I,,; .iiia ! the >*ff eea in
lhe Oddft llowi bi. ok (or em viae
fin Ing the rami sigu,
J. A Oriffith hss screpted a
position*Kith thi» lii'.kiT l"*c,p'e, at,
';r%- -
Toov Lindgren bn j;onc to Bra-
[tOi| where he will ive chef for Billy
Cents Furriishings
a__S_l_W. 'mVSfCCT-'itm.
John Ht i, ihe Libewl rindj 1
se Kerguson  -md Trom     >Xhs report in latt weeks Iskus
Lake the latter part of last weak.    eoMgratnlaii'R   Bob   MaJiIci*. on
the _TrivmI ■ I Iwo boys, ivns an er-
JIo:i   R    F,   Green   e-id   >*••!  ■'■'i-J' "•"  *»* of tho leV-^raph
Ntackavaresspetel iters Moudavl",'"M':    Ma,,eM «M*otao   sn-
md lhe eatnna'gu will mh1.;,*v*'»«"i- reporled,   but  Bob
tl e  con -
. -.ci   ■ &t :sft.
u t'-iiiv tntitls I  In
1. ra'.'ihii ■ - I.' gc
A    I     ',.    ),'. 1.: •*    „' .', I     ta J J   tt'f
ss made on C» .• .Ip (..rel* .*b<>iu
.1 week is - l>y C . ',.- "* 1 j*
- 1 1 in tiiar,
lliivsral I'Vi wore tntdn by lhe
b >ys,' md tic 3 nni ,..- .-• * 1 'o
itnvt 1>.,: wu I.i ng vu|
A| (."...   • '   .-ii   ! i.«  o.rr
,   ' i   0 :.'.      i.  J  c;v»
.Mt 'S.I 1 Ui jffatly lo tits
vttloa of the gronnd »' GoW HM
rivii G'.,-'.^'  3*.ai-l u epewttaf,
Lird'i. January 18,
Uie. W. -Sleadltt\ for Ponlsr.d
.... ihs lVh- f V 1 f'.iort business
Jack Cody c.-m-j in a few .lay-*
ago with « gcod bniu'h of ii'.iirtip,
'juit V-i WSSISI rkii.-t.
, Psltlie* a\a M*i<;'.*i- «v>rrer
isvety dsr. Tiji v*ai tv «-ow st IL j
'..o'tt «-»e'ji im h.i -o t'j-- mm.U. ire-'W MM ■■■■
G3Q        __F
■**'<•       .'.
rm -LA^m/iv mwmg
I»J*ii   .*.!.' (..i'T,.-iit r.'.;U.t:v, «'icrPitt>;t«li<x>
*trVtfttM i .    J ' ...uiUbii* XsiU**U?
' "In- E 1*1 ■■• i ■■■ ' ,•'.,•.'.! 1.'ta>i*lt't'.'w.i-
,!,.,..■:'.■.*• i* ,**. i1 » i' yi r*ri.-i,i.f'.\*.ci*vi, *>'-
j.:•.»,«*.. Ill 1M ,*.**.n.r.a
Ailtw.tU w-HlM «.'iiitift.l tt (;:■• ..-nv ..*'• ! *
.tr...*  pi   .•'*.,•. '.Irs- irsc.r..*.. -.U'. .'.i'i.* .>*- •■•■*   ;
.It,.. •■■ i. i ra .-:.•! !:). :r:,..ii. j
|»r r-ratiMtnl ainl ml.tr r.lv.. ■** * '■
is*ill 1 '.j.* .■.*...■'. .it..,i,i.r...'ii.tt*.'i* ■
di.j',.-11i.i*,..1»-. ..; .i m..i. ii. utlvftttev.
''.'." ii;, i!i «ii*id tbut Clove io-|
body ii.', go.<!", md we mnn
fnii-li.v uiln it ihnt nhehW.nlt wi><l&!
■which i i'.ve blown over this pn.r' !
of the Psovint'e .during ih-.- we-*
),:tr i-ct b'i,v.) *..-..*, <■! ua iTittclij
gO-nl —ei:e--|.*t ;.-.-*.:..i; S,   t'-.-.i'.in.'   hs
to "shut .'•;.'.•'' ii lit earlier   - ui o!
Abe * av,
-.1*^. *tlr^iiAi^i*^.-jj
Fneig hit nig
■" ■ t -'v**_
Coatmrtaenlci 1   'te f.-r pucWnpof Mlolnp PuppUes, see,
IO ii*," |tni.it rr, * :■-  ll*. •    t
l,. ,,;'., I.i   .ili|.t   , ■: .!. .     ...*■   .*...   Utirli ll.l.l,.r\aSan *,'.,»• a.,!<*,',I
ant la In I
Lejr&l iioiioes.
* •'..VtiZm5mmjmmlm
i a... ii.in ailiieral rlalnii tlliiafs In the
rrout  La leu mining   divlalon of  Weit
I KiK.i.'iia.* illstl iel.
Wliem located!  n.i 'v.vn Mile creek
Ucitl, ;* '.-."   .i
I'nlco ii..t ice I.I.U t. O.ll ,N     WitliiO I
v    *     ■ ■    agent fur  Dsvld    •'* «n i
I      l*i,'      . ,        IHI A3     i.i. l.l..'in    IL
. nj kn I'-   M ■   •'*             ',°
,, ., . , a*i I, put]    .Iii-  *1"'"   ""'
,!„.,. ] ..,.-..,      lo     ..| i ly     i -      i. "
llll in; :         . '' r*   *   :*    n   I      I I   Hi"'   "I
lm Is,  fnr  llll    , ■":      lOfotl-
. ,  .M, Granl uf n s above
,\v\  i irlher lake nollcn -l.tii action, ]
.,,,,;   ,   .     ■■. ,[,   ,.;,   in*, .'.     |f< . tlmil..'ll,"C.l
I,    . ,. ... ■ :■ .i i ., i ..: i . i lilicale i.i Im* |
I p *.,Willi".
Pull. I ,... ■ 30th .'." ci Au<(.i .vn* lOOC
i% iV.V->-"i- ■**. .vWKvi* ■*%*$,
\j"y"* *.   .*   •'■ •
WW   t
ft *• •■ •' ■•
i •' .    Ai-        •■*      ' '.,**'
K "•**-• -u.-t'r',**
.   ' *   .£»;-
ni"V4»'*  fA, m.   ina.a.
E. ft. VlPONl
• n
Trout* La!-o Liv   v
A Hi']   :   i   .''
St-riles at Troit L v
S. DANEY, Prop.    Ferguson.
TIlOl !  UKE? B.C.
nitre,"   is .1    'f .ii v tale'    v «•   I ..• ■•
hear I lotnewhcro
Now *'.'je &>*' p-rt >■< th's i- > i-
ii.-iit-.nr'.y to bod-bot .t isu bit ;Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
d.fficali {uot low to set up to t..- j     Urg< Coinr„r,ftbl( Rrtr>uir,   Vxccllcnt Cuisine and Attondsi.ce.
e'cnd,  mi.eKr, tf cunise, it ie Iln- . ^ „ .
peiative to J .   te,    -ti-iiBciaiai y
whenyongetuninthe inrk .uidj^OBT.   MADDSN       -      •      •        PrOp. !
Iiiiii tie tnjM f.'oten. the pipe*  coi
,ofgoir,na  Icindtltig oa'—and   to-j— . •—* |
.oomplete ths lat   o'   c.llarr»iti*j*.*- - {
,,„v ,„ M ...„, „ LAKEVIEW HOTEL Crout Xafte t«fw»
*..■.., .yn,     . By using Water supplied by ibe
miakee-amanhcalU.y.Heult  i iill" i - M* /» Company vou are eesiircd of abso-
^'v y. lute purity.   GovernmentAnalysii
Supply? Oo. • "'^^^ u'-;;:c::;
rr    ■ Hugh McPherson - - Sapt.
Ut- e     JTSe    ^-liil-V-f. WARE CO* L" Tl*
wheu you finally Etfteced in etart-1
in;; il.e fir-*.   v's"i I'ttcU it up  with*
. extn fuel with the r* Kilt that   iIk-
■.chlmrjej takes fi ro,  und I.y 1 jcik-:
fust lime \ou ar • "iod up.''
P-rn-.i' of s f«v ii stmnaly eoun-
eclie.l by leading scientist*,   " I'he !
£0.uitJ.2r onir sleeps the ho>.i;i-r   oni.:
Willie*, md sleep duii-.fj :l*.n firrti
hums is in.ari.b;>* thc soundest
Ii b botes us to remember thei , *■ ' "*
to g'-t to b'jd betiuiv?,   ani l.i'i;'  f    P O*- *»
, Ihere, to ble ■> hs |g . M po?, ble "I JOfilH   dllilpSOIli
Excellent   Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   __
! Mil    Bin lere,    Fine   Jol.
Hardware, Miners' Ri   plies, Stove
sod Rsdkcs,
|\4£l_SON. ac
Trout  Lftke  City Trap:
• ■'tmmmmm*                                            ''...,
-_■»..< -*•—.«.. .***-» *... .tm xmetwm,  sMaMawaA
and Stage IJno.
J Ferguson    I
i *~ Pi
1 Trout Lake 1
1 Beaton
I ij
Daily Stacv
lenve  Ft'i^.
T a.m.
Trout J,akect6
Ir. ccnneclicn.
Vm\'fc'o*l *l*HtWl WV
m.^ , x rS **** i.T.;:ii.vi    ,'i.r    ' 	
♦'>-tir"it*hr\^    ,x    ((">:* i-'.i." ••'"■' t-;"" ; '"'
; ,«o'wett law j^      wV     ^vV. ;;. (i i .,:    ..t i, ...   . • ■
lt pat-' to use tho T, !■>•>! i ne.     A
lengthy I   ;• csi ol '   ["'4
;..   l-',*r .*.oil's'  i-i,nc ;  Troul       JfJ
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawfori
WHOf ESAI.B DEAl EWf in Baiter,
Pro i.'.s'.i   aiui   Fruit i
Then »•  r-^HRrds  the  "healthy,;
utui wealthy*' pan of the lu.-in.---*,!
we sck iowlud;w tha former, t> 11 i
snny  wi, nr-.*  to   o»nfoes   that—1
individually speakh y—our cxi i.,
uer !:u«  ucit materially  intrea e>.
in 'i.uil; ol'JiouRb «•« h.vt* beeu   ui
• wi'h ilii luik' for rears.
-'     i—esa—s—ss—s——* ,
lisreel sr.il whuleeomc b.-crd is giiiri,*.
ifi-J by usinS Rising Sun Flour
Notice ie hereby given  i'at  Co;
, days frem dato hereof I   intelid   t"j
apply lo tbe Chief Coramiaioner oil
LanJs A Worj't br  a  fpeci-ji   li-
.cense   . ii   *t  <1<*     y Btvay  tuni
ber from  the   (olio tviqg described j
Timber .•'••.im Ha I. CoQimcns
, eln^ a' u post planted on t':c nortii'
aido off., plur creek, .'id feet, fruoi
the c.'occ baiik, ab-mt 8 uiilv?! *. in
Popl.tr iru'kel llciny Ma^iittson'*
M.E. c .r.it-r poflj tiionoo wa'- B'J
c'.mlnr, the-'cs north 80 chalne,
thenco esrt 80 ohnina, thenc! tout' ;
:S0ohaini b.ioi< t.. poiol nf eommen- \
Looated N'ov 18'.h.l9..6.
Best Hotel in Tcwsi,
Mplrn fer MialBj wi Comaercial Bea.
Accowir/ioDATiONy Af-«t.c r;nsT class
Km,   Oias..*.    P.--'.l.-.ce   ami   l*i ..-    /^       m^n       "VK j^i    f
ftooston Bk„Josephine St.XelMn,B.C. VJU     I »»       *   v/fi****^
1 .   JEWKLL1.U,
L€!2I10XVlIIe     I Watch-repairing,   eto.    All vrorli
E. MOBBS. PROP. '—--.-i:^- =___= 1
Hotel and
Cor.sral Store
Imperial Bank of Canadi
li.ir.i Office
C1PITAL AiJTHonizrn   t;.O00,000
CAPITAL! '. r.cte.
1     F.CBT *.<IC,0-.0
ORANCHCS   lu Ins  I i .vi    ••< ol   '*. Iierta Be
' 'ill .-■„. »:.
ru r re r. t rs t e I
No. 89,
13   C
Pi\er      A 1'   & A M
. v .    .li.l    1 hur ■: •
'   x> ainiith.
iK Bo Wells •
D. ft. f^cLENNAN,   PHOP
Sandy Laughton
\\ A J \ ill'iN1 »i«iiin(j Fergnson you
'   i Jl  {    rh.-iiiii |tav nt lhe Lttidt-au
jj U-^--"-.'    H"lol     Here  the   •   i
I   Iv/1>M1     W'"   ^'   F ir'**..i d  •!   wiih
•Q>'.jP'    bimf comf.'rts,    Excclleiil
IbImIj     fir*...:i,i,       V,   I     \.*.'.:!a'el
iiii 1 rt i.rni rooms, « 11'.
-: ,.:.-, ; hrir, and eviryihlng which
lei d • tii-mr.Ih iihi'mii:: \..-ii* • i ..
pl. .ic.nr! nml iii. moral.), i i *.
Ratea fi .n. $i ua\  itpwsi Ir-.
We strive t.> please u..r j i.t   ns.
1 .   Caoi •   . ,W.M
1   LAKE   I.01H5K   I. O.O.F
SO. ll
• m*-
in, n t; i      r *: I, ntt. i'
I • rl.r.   . f   , i. li*   *       . i «. ,     .
I .'    i fit,* \rorl<l
.   ,i .il'ri.t mi  *;lrtn It SOttoeUOBI k
Review Job Dept>.
For High-Claei \\ orl
.   ■     .-
An - ■.'.'
■   ; A —
ii SfCRs PAibJPiBHrns&Cofw»»amschn«».
as     MCLCS
* Eissavnng *
ym «_f
Ki   er a   : Lead:.
. . .
| i'iIU-	
V ••■
• ■_ ii
Uoo-J Shave or Hair Cat
— I'M.I. ON 	
<   ; IIANNON, AsteytT
Troul Lako. B C.
Dealers in a!! Itln-le of Fresh Mitt
Hotai  IG  Id Bi 'hs*
.1. J    A. Il.n..,
.i   U  P1SKH lm
*:.! II ITOI       .....
.... .   •
Tot Good IU.
thavli "
1 ... I  i r  •
n-..i-« tSm*l •W'.-.t--S3^rfc-PKt -O ". ttWI C -t>» V«M» «M> 31 I
Henry M .;■ .n*- ■ *, Loeator, j m
XLhc tiotcl :S6caton  ...
_r_r:    BEA TON.   B.C.    —
■ nttmmmmmmimmmmrim^^
Eric Straud.  Anent.
No. '2.    Comnioneint; Ht n pnei   v
plauie-J <>n the north tide of P. pUr
-Creek, 30 feat from llie cr*ok b..»k
mui nd) IningNb. 1  post,   Hb.mi b
mite* from Popl.ir. ^ark>-d H-nr> I eitil '^K-a',*;   IVir. i.n! supervision is plven to the/equirernenta ol
YISJTOPfi arriving al V.cn'or. (th.> thrcsliotil ol the fjinles-t)
via Arrowhead, will find 'l.ia Hole) tu b: fully eqiilpjipd
for blyh-cUas ttade.   Bicelleut acr.imtiiodatian.    A trell
appointed and apsclona riinln-i iiii.    Tiie Lent r.f lV|nes,Sphiis
W. BOYD -:- -:- Prop \
*"*?&     y^m2tr*t^USy.tl^-tt<*-i»<&&-0--X&*y^t ,tt-m?^^        CAmZirn-
ti it'll I '   I     1
il       patrons. Vlallorsto the fsrdenuean relroa comfort st tbis hotel
lUagntii-on s    N. h.   corner   po-.t;   £
thenoe so-.iil.80 ch-iiii*. thenee run-! .!j      " ■•■"■—-"     "T  •'"—■*—— ■    ■■   —■
lh 80 c'.wins, thonce wust 80 chin..*; g
tbeo.«e   north   SO chaina,   t'lci.c,
eaet 80 oh aloe, bsik lo point  ol
Located Nov. 18th IW*}.
Henry Mngtinsjo    L'CJijr.
Kric Strnud   Ag-.n'
No. 3. Cnoitnt-nclng et » poet
p'aiitedon tbo Jnorth sldo of Poplar Cor!:, 600 feet from \)ho cteck
h ink, and cb-mt 8 tnilrs from P>.p-
lar, nunke-i Henry Megnu>*ooi N
v.*. c >i cer posi; tbeuOefaaiohoins
.Ih'-.jco   a-intii fO   ohaitif,   Hence
.we-1 80 ..'liaiiia,  fionco   north  .0
.el-iii.-is, baikto poin! ol lO'tiinvn
-^-...*..... ..«..«. ^
No I, roiiimciicing nt e post Ft.
it bon t 20 rhsiiiii v,,rl ff m the N.
\V rotn.r of Lot 6116;  tbence eaat
N.itioe ia hereby «ivcu t a' 80
days mfirr d.it-*, I Inten i t - epply
lo thu H ui. Cliief Gommiss'oner o1
L.inda snd Wurki  for u  a;c?i*.|li.
ui rner in cut.
Loci'..'I  Nov,-1-8th 10061
Hen-ry M.it'r.uti.n, Locator,
i-"i '-.  Sirei.rJ, Agoct.
jCO chains, thence south 40 chains ««>»• U) cut lin«i esrry swoy lim*
ih.ncc treat 160 -jlmins, ibence h*r fr'"m lha '"'lowing 'l.-cnhed
north 40 ohaina lo point of com-> r'r"J'1 Bi,"';e »" WeBL  Kootenai
di»t ic I-
Nit, 1. C"inrr,*;nci-i» at n p.-Ft
planted in (he sottth-tast corner r.!
It, Beaton's pr».- eraptIon, marl <■'
A;E livnii tt South.west crner p"B'.
IhcilOO '■ni*lh   160  c'*aliif;    t  .:  CO
east 40 chains;  thonon  inuth lt>0
No. 2.   Co'nmon-i-ig   st  a   poa:
p'/iiiled on tho 8. W. corn-ir of No.
2,   the,ico east 100 chnins,   lh ncu
•outh 40 chains, tlv-no •   «eut 160 chii-r: ihenoo went 40 chains toj
. hains, thence norlh 40 chaina In i pnlut of comr.ifincsmant.
the point of eonfn.eiieen.-eut,
Notice is hwrebv giv.n thnl Sf)f
.dsysafter thc first publjcnlion  of
this notice in the B. C. Gszctio; I      No. 3.  CommcncinR al a   post
Date', December 12 h. 1006.
A. E. Evans.
No. 2      rommnnciiijj n' n rost!
ntend lo npyly to the  Hon. Chief! pluii'ed on the 8. W. comer of No.lf,"DJfd "u U,,w """, "l?0?1   I'"aa'-
-Comoiissioncrof Lsodsaml Workt
<for "s Fpecinl Llccnnc to rut and
.enrry away timborfrnm Ibe follcw-
lnp deBoribc-l Lands siiuatcd In
Vest Koo'onsy Diflricton Bal"
iaon R:vor, about 1 mile from Ro
f'1>,i'.inirl      acst    colli ni-]
2;  thence eaat 160 chains,   thenco
lion No. 1. mul marked A.  E.  Ev-
south 40 chain-., th ncu west 160
oh*ins, thence noilh 40 c'* lit.a ti
point of commencement,
n'l Souih*c.!Bi o'rti^r poiti lh die
orl :i IJ) oiiainfi    11 unco iitiei 40
haiu-j    tu ncu  sinitli   160 cli linn,
li.'.ic. ivtu' 4 > chuius to point of.
Located December 27.1,, lO-'e.jooamiencoioeflt.
W.Ogllvi., Lpettbr.    |      D-lod,Do0o,„borJ3ih. 100«
A. JrJ Evans.
THERE   '..i-   I..* i,   r.irlonea
widf i.i  judieioua  Invest*
im*.*!  in  Re..  I.-- ■.*, nu.i
in< re  i : i. • - will li * i,...... ij*,,),
ever the n xt two m .! >. .• i n-.
Tho i ne wit*.   • ii r-1 it   <
t   K n.tl  In  •  ■'••, in. ||<
his li, * r   .  o    t ■ .    .....  \ .
Now lei us p. ;r:- ont i.t \o*i that
I'., ro j, n*. hell  .   |..' ...i [he C>.n-
l«n«   I r.i   it ,i:  Katats than
Trout l.ake Is the grottiest arml
:     ihe  Ko.tt. r.. y  ; ,rs ,i p|) satire
i"* " it i :i- nu ..|.r..i.    B ittiing
rn I fi-ihli ;• mny I n I nd ti land it,
t'." y«*ar i. i.n '■ j while I.i- game
In  a'.*ii .1.    e is to the  fo nni on
•lie  hi la.     lis dim i *.■•',
there   b'|  ■*  uo ftrent exl ....
I ■ " ll . Wn '. r and ...  In
mm nu r. Ii ,*. I, -*** , ,,f ;. ,,„c , f
'li- tin*- i s and I'RKle.iii    |
B   .'I-l    I  'i'.lr.'..* ..      ..*     ■ -.    ,
:i- d i til  nn I | radii,    'J'*' etc
r    • •    •       : re] Htorie,
and n ,:     •   m * .    i    tn-,.,, »
i" t      .j *' rm I Mill -i*o *. tl !,
It'C   I -ii y v..  1  r  pi-tut  d.
Wij...! wllh eonfl Ifiim i, ,\t: . ih.
H. McPherson
* ■ ■ \t
Trouk !-^ko, B.C.
■' i • ■
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Gaboriau  ||
(Continued i
llTR foil..wins Is the statement
as he wrote it out for the ben
tiit of the jut!:.'.- i.f instruo
tii.u. knowing ihnt it ivniii.l
doubtless secure nn Indictment ngnlnat
the accused; • ■
"Two leagues from T Rcon, on il *
loft bank of tbe Rhone, stood the t'lm
tonu of Qlameran,   Here llved'tti '   II
iin* nlil marquis nml bis i«.. -.ms. Ona
ton nml Louis,    A near ut'igh .1   ivna
Uu- Countess de Is V'erberl.*, with nni-
daughter,  Valentine, n  lovt-ij   girl of
eighteen,    M.  de Clamernii  detested,
tin- countess, sod Mine, de In Verberl.    foreln
execrated tbe niiir.iiiis.   11 wns sn ni
tlmt under the reign of Henry IV, n i.n
Verberle had betrayed the nnv.'ti.>ii of
n fnlr daughter of tbe Clniuerana,   1 ii
misdeed led ... s duel, which In turn led
t..   hitter   hatred   between   tbe   two
"Gaston de i'Iiiiiii'*i':iii met Valentine
de in Verberle sl sn evening eutertnln*
ment, snd tbe two fell desperately in
love. Gaston would often plunge Into
the Rliiiin- st Clameran nnd ris.- out of
tbe water sl Verberle, wberc be would
bave n secret meeting with Valentine,
in order to facilitate these meetings
Gaston would place ii light in his window Immediately before starting which
,'.>iiiil be seen by Valentine at her bome,
Tbe two lovers, despairing of permission to marry, kepi up n secret Intimacy, which led to Valentine's becoming
n wife wiih..nt iiu* s.iiiitinii of tin*
church or lh.' law,
••iin.' evening Gaston went Into a
cafe for a cup ..f coffee, Later, while
playing iiiiiirinls. henrlng Valentine's
niiine coupled with Ins oti 11 to her .lis
i * ir, In* demanded a retraction, be
en mo embroiled.nnd killed two men
He iled tn tbe cha ten 11, where he con
fessed to his father his Intimacy with
Valentine, declaring thai be wished in
marry her. His father urged him to
By from Ihe consequences of the mnr
ders in- inni committed nnd, having uo
money to give blm, aupplled blm with
tbe fnmil.i jewels. Meanwhile the |.n
lice were coming to srreel lilm, nn.l ll
was arranged that the gates should be
suddenly opened, a servant shoe
in one direction, 1.....is in another ami
thus misleading 1 • ■ police give - -
nn opportunity lo escape. Gaston
would hnve n*.t nil rn lind not Loula
purposely tripped and fallen. Tbe no
lice, Urns discover ng the ruse, pushed
on after Gaston, who. to save himsell
Jumped in... tin. Rhone,    II urreiu
..ns at tbe time to awoH-fi thi I '
pursui 11 np aa iii-eiwn.-ii.
"Escaping almosl certain death, G ■
ton. who bet itt leni: .. 1 ..- . bateau
bad placed tbe signal for Valentine li
his window, reached 1..1 Verberle and
hnd nn Interview «ii!i bla beloved, sin*
inf..lined him tbat -i.. would soon be
come a mother. Before parting hi
left with Inr the lewels i_-i-.,*n li m bj
his fnther. then fled tin* countrj .
to Smith America. That nighl tl
marquis died, Louis, assuming thai bla
ti.ler brother had 1 n drowned, took
the title and the estate il.* * 11 . 'In
moran Immediately nnd begun .1 'ir,
full ..f Ignominy.
Vah • confessed h.*r condition
to Ber mother, wbo took ber t,, Kng
land, where sbe provided for bei
daughter's secret accouchement undei
the rnre of 11   physician nnd   11   mn il
Mlbonne.   a -.. ■ born, -> bl. 1 1 ■
countess Immediately sent nwaj to tit
adopted Tiy a farmer, Subsequently
.Mnn*. de 1.1 Verberle pursunded hei
daughter to nttcmpl to forge) tbe past
to consider ii burled in oblivion snd to
innn*. a young engineer, M. Andrt
rnm.i. ipeol aome time sl Benin 1 n
where thpj II -• .1. snd Ml in love with
Valentine, wbo, urged by h.*r mother
accepted bla attentions snd Bnallj mar
lied him. M. Pnuvel afterward be
came tb. fni ona Paris banker. The
eountesa dleil In 1850,
"i.niiis dc . inn..inn. after an sl
from bome .... teen yeai -. returned
nini from Mlbonne, tbe maid wbo had
been with I alentlne sl the time >.f ber
confinement, learned thai his brothel
inni imt been dron ned, thai Valentine
lind hn.l 11 s.in it\ Gaston mnl thai sh.
inni subsequently married M. Pnnvel
Impoverished bj his excesses sud nn
«.t-l. to lin.l :. Ill Ing honestly, 1...1
termlned to use tills Information foi
th.* purpose ol extorting monej from
Mme. Fan vi 1 Going ... Paris, he call
ed upon bei nmi gave ber to under
stand thai be knew .,f her past it
order in better icn a Iili purpose hi
told her iimi her son i.v Gaston waa
^iiim.'. tbsl in* i.n.1 i.een brougbl up il
London, lhat bla i.n 1.. 1 bad beea then
nml found lilm. Hint Gaston bad died In
|...r. 1*1.1 and bod asked blm (Loi
spply tn ber for menna for tbe ms •
nance ..f their son Raoul!   Mme  1
vei nt once gave 1 Is tbe Jewels Gas
ton bad left with h.*r st tbelr lost In
'■ 11 len rn be used for Raoul. Louli
soon Introduced s young man to bei
who personated ber son nmi received
from h.*r large sums, n bleb ibe i«.*
Villains divided.    All this Mine. I'nm.l
kepi n secret from ber litiaband, Fl
iniii.v Clameran, m order to facilitate
Ms iih.iis, demanded lhal sin* receive
Raoul Into her bouse. Mme. Fauvel
im,1 n cousin living at st. Romy or the
min... of Lagors, and Clameran, partly
by persuasion, partly by Intlmldatlbn,
Induced Mine Fsuvel to announce bei
supposed son ss her nephew, Rnoul de
i.n*.-i..*s.*   'ihis wns done.fSpd  Itaoul,
lllll ill*.* OOlUtnOl   I ess tO  Mine.   Inn
tei.  toon extorted  a small  fortune,
Which In* S'jiiinnl, red.
"Louis .1.* (innnniii now conceived
the IdeSj "f mriir.vins lfade|elne, wiHi
win,ni in* iiiiii fallen violently dn lore
To fores her le i.ivnk will) Prosper br'
used tin* power 1... possessed pver Mme.
Fniivei.    Madeleine    dlae-oVered    ber
SOOt's alliiiitli.il uml  In order to 11v.it
11  cgtastropbi ns, niiii 10 give up
Prosper, whom she loved, nml msrry
Clameran, h bom *:*. deti »ted,   Br. ;.i.
Ing her engagement wllb Prosper, she
secured his promise 1.. take upon himself the sole rcspousil lllty of lhe rupture.
"Mennu hile (liisjnn 11 .* 1 <I made a for-
lime in Souih \iiifi'i.n nud leini'jii'.i ta
France. To* still the memory ..1 his
youthful iiiisi.iiiinies he resolved 10
engage In business nml bought on iron
mill nt 0loin.it.   I...uis. henrlng «.f hit
nri'Ivnl, won!  to OI01  nnd gi-eeted
him wiih* ei.ny pretenac ..r affection.
Louis look up his quarters with ble
brother, win. soon sickened uml di.-u
under very ansplcloha clrciimatnneea,
leaving his fortune to Luiiia,
"I.niiis now lui'lieil in*- attention to
Madeleine lu iniiiri  blui     He
ngreed to aettle n Inrge Income upon
i;nnnl If he would extort nioiie)  from
Mine.   FlIUVOl  in  Sllllirlelll   ipmiitlty  to
einlinrrnsa her. Rnoul ronai-iited and
lived recklessl) on the menna furnished
by the woman who supposed ahe »us
bis mother. Finally, billing no more
tu ji.,* Iiiiii. she ivim persuaded lo am--
render her dlnnioiiils, n proaeni from
her biiahmiil on u.e dny he became
worth n million. When Mine. FaOvel's
jewels were gone, Madeleine's were
given np. All were pawned i.y Raoul.
"Umis dc Clameran waa 1101 sniis:ie,i
to tunny Madeleine while her heart
uns given to another. He determined
t.i ruin Prosper, II .1 ahe mlghi lose ber
reaped nnd h.i' love for him. "ne
ulgbt nt n Btipper nl which Itaoul nud
Prosper   were   present   Itaoul   beard
l'i..s|,er.    ler  Ihe  iiillueine of   wine,
inline ihe imi.1 i.iii.si. that would unlock Uie sni'e iii M. Fauvel's bank.
This in- communicated to Clameran,
also telling lilm Hint when m. Fauvel
went OUI he always left the key to the
safe in il..* drawer of hi*, secretary in
ii;- chamber.
"Clameran ihen arranged thnt 800,-
mm  franca BhOUllI   In*  kept  111  the  l.illlli
over nir-'hi ready for him 0. draw In
ihe morning. That night Raoul, having 1..en coached for tbe part hy Cla-
mernn. went 1.1 Mine, i'liui.l. L.l.I bei
Unit   he* was ruined  nml  must   hnve n
large sum of money nt oni.*. threatening Unit If he ditl not get It hv would
blow oul his I.rains, lie told her Uml
she must give him the key to the safe,
wblcb lie would open, take what be
iiiiiini nn.l restore it mi tin- morrow.
Mm.*. Fauvel, in terror lesl he should
commit suicide nml thinking thai lie
.!i.I nut know Un- word wblcb, wilh the
key. iiii- accessary to open the safe,
in order i" gain time, gave him u.e key.
Raoul ...nt down 'lie stairway, Mine.
I'mii el follow lug blm in agony.   Raoul
morning.    Mnn*    Fauvel,   astonished
thnt he hnd succeeded, begged him lo
shut tin* snl.. . Ilnglng  In I is ni in nini
endeavoring lo pull him sway. The
key wns dragged from lbs lock and,
slipping along tbe glossy varnish, mads
n  long, deep -.Intel..
"The in \t dny. afler the robbery was
discovered and Clameran had been paid
th,* amount due blm, be weni to Mme
Fauvel aud to Madeleine nn.l told tbem
thai  Rl I Inni seemed lhe word nec-
essarj t.t open tbe safe from Prosper,
11 in. -.'. - i" abi re In the plunder. <'in
mernn. effecting to mnke a noble sacrl
flee for tbe two women, offered to rs
tbe Btolen mon. y through tbem to
M. Fnuvel, imt Madeleine, suspecting
soc e hidden motive, declined the offer
"Madeleine, i.eiiei im.* Hint sin* and
lime,   l'nlliel   WOUld  elelllllnllv  net   rill
nf the extortionists nml vindicate Pros
per. asked liei uncle fnr I0.0U0 francs,
to i" hmhI 1..1 n charitable purpose,
nmi siii ihe iiiii..nut t,, Prosper, with
n letter made ■ ij • of words .111 oul <>f r
I mi. ■ i* 1 1,.
"Min.*. Fnuvel and Madeleine, owing
10 ihe extori s 1.1 which tbey  had
1 1. subjected became urgently press
e.l I.y tradesmen ami others 10 whom
thej owed monej ami had nothing 00
Which in keep up iheii- position in society. Tiny 1, limine,! secluded for n
time, but were a I Inai obliged lo appeal
in public ni tbe .1 1 Idler ball   Made
lelne went to Veslnet to ask Raoul t-
return some ol n •■ monej nii'i Jewell
lhe) bad given him. Ou thia occasion
sl.e i. ns followed i.y M Verduret an.)
I'lti'i'ir Madeleine's effort was fruitless, though si,,. Anally forced Raoul
by inn ms of exposure i" aurrendei
■ "i the |..iu 1, ii, kets,
"Ai inst 1 in,1,1  n -ind Rsoul found
.1. II (own nl   ll.c   liin.li.her IiiiiI nn
enemy   «be 1 -•    • *.!   ihe secret oi
tbelr  villainies ami  t
he    C
e.l lu murder
tinned i
Whet Is a rm.*.. .. an I Itt boot, n lurk,
|s a question commonli beard mnoiig
11 *   not  familiar  wuh yachts und
technical  isclng terms,    a  rater  is
thirty elgh) feel long nml curries tho
double snils ijoop ns iiiiii jib. Tbo
half rater Is tlnrly iwo feel long, cur-
li.s ihe nuns style sails us the rater
nn.l usually sets s live mlnots hundi-
en|i Iii ruler rltces. The saihil.oiit carries 11 single large s«ii umi is hunt on
graceful hues, wiih rounded sldee nn.l
ends, whlls tba lark bas square sides
Snd ends ami enrries the tingle snil.
Few lurks are I.nill now.    Most of tho
y. 1. .Ms recently buill imve tin* double
..niii i.i.niii.    Th ntertMs.nl   pre-
v. 1.1 drifting aidewise, snd ihe single
board is often entirely out of wstei
during heavy w nds; lu-nce lhe use of
the th..ihi.* I ward.
Sell Deteasa.
"I'm surprised "' you." ani.i Jl-gley,
"Irylns  to 'borrow  0  dollar from  Hint
feii..u Horduppe. You're rarely not In
kIu-ii awful in-ill of money."
"\o." replied Bbrude, "but 1 f.Ti sure
Horduppe was, Anticipated Inm. that'f
all.'     . iilb.ilie ISIifudiiiil'iiiid .Times.
Afrul.t t.»  r«»»l«- -HrtfK.
"How .rin Slifiin  afford to atny al
ions in Europe?"
"it's u good deal cheaper tban V
would be to come back here and pny
bla debts."  Detroit free Press,
Canada's Most Northerly Ci*7 Has Nov
a   Population   of   1.1,000—■ Grew
From 1,200 In Fiv; Ytsra,
Tha building permits of Rdmnni "
this year are over* mi.- million dollar,
in value,
Five years mr.. th* oily had i Jl '
a population; a conservative astimnt.
mnv plaoea tha population ut 13,000, ..:"i
in great ootifldenca llie goid people
of the most nor: ern eily expeot to
have in another live years 88,000 Inhabitants,
The   eily   mvns    Iln   pnblle   utilities
aleotrlc light, water works nml telephone systems. For n thousand miles
north wheat eun he grown, Government Statlttloa on tin. ,1.111   .f 1908 shn.v
ihe average yield of aprlng whe-jtt 'n
u.e BSdmonton district to huve b"*n
14.18 bushels, un.l winter wheal 84.51
lo lhe nine.
Sub-    ves Enormous District.
The eily subaervea nn enormous district  tn  the  north.      In   thai   vast   ter-
iiuiry the inhabit .: - sleep iu blankets
ma.le In Edmnn'on ol Central Alberta
WOOl, und en In. . ... 1 • ,i.-n 1. bneon and
butter mil.. .1: Edmonton, the latter
being enoloaed in tuba of Edmonton
manufacture. Tin* doora and windows
in the fur northern residences aro sent
from Edmonton faotorles; and the
olgara amoksd ure the profluol of .*ne
nf lis flourishing Industries Every
package of merchandlaa thai goea Into
that country bears ihe brand nf some
Edmonton bouse.
It is essentially a modern town, with
yel a fund of historic associations I'
wee scarcely 1 village *'M yeara nso
and nearly three-quarters nf 11 have
heen built during the lost f.mr yeara
The city is ..ue of ihe graatcat primary
markets for fur on the continent. Ii
is rapidly becoming also a milling en,-
tre, there being nnv in tho city ani
near-by territory, flee Hour mills nnd
a cereal mill, with a flour mill of 23ii
barrel capacity under course f construction. .
Enormous Sir ■ -'•• of Coal.
Another obvious   factor bis,Edmonton's development ta the enormoua sup
ply of easily-mined eoal of high grade,
which underlies tha city and aurround"
ing district,    This coal   is   s.,   easily
mined lhat It can be sold retail, and
delivered into the cellars Of citizens at
a. cost of $.1.0.. a ton. Coal of good
steaming quality IS delivered to mills
and factories al a c st of nm less than
J1.B0 per ton.
The buildings thnt are seen along Ihe
streets are not of the light,  cheaply
built class more or less temporary so
ofien noticeable I    .1 new town In the
Wesl. Tin-y nre solid, missive, permanent structures. The water wor'.is
and sewerage systems, together with
the electric lighting, were taken ov»r
In 190:'. The water Is taken from the
Saskatchewan,    a    glacier-fed    stream
which is absolutely free from organic
matter.    On electric  lighting ilu* city
is making a good profit notwithstanding that rates are lower than In olher .
Western cities, the revenue thia year
exceeding $00,000.    The  tervlca  is  beyond   Briticism,   and   no   town   111  r.iri- '
ada   Is   better   lluhled   Hum    the    new
capital.    There ni ■ now about li.'iO tei**- I
phones   on   Ihe   Edmonton   exchange
lalso a municipal enterprise),     There
Is  a  farmers'   line  going   through  tha
Clover Bar an.l Afrieola Battlements
A Mile of Cement Walkt.
Notwithstanding the  endrmoua   cosl
of  cement   at   such   a   distance     from
.   MSAOA<.»e lAAOlOthl/O*  Ctto%Ttr**\riON..
\DnZl*>mrS£ SALLO*V   COMfLt: A/CW«.
From LheUHtxif Hilt an* both rich
ami poor Ar« erorj day MotflUa-f.
Oiih mr■MponrteiiL ham*: "I lmd to
do Irtuntlry work to trot the money
for * rouroe, hut tht*j tfnv* n"1
htutlth " Aj » oontram to thin. -Sir
rharlt-M CUftou BrownOt of Dow
(Kentl. hhvm: "HIIoau-. rnrn) me of
mltouitlOM Hnd billow lwadiwht**.
1 l Intik tht-T ftrf « reollv kihhI
rtMiii'il v " So** Fm*Htmilp noi for
KOiue of thu Mll11ifli1.11 HiIwhih OQPO.
Of all drtKiriotii >«t flOa h box, or
post fn*-H froni the Hilnui Co,
Tm oino.  upon   rflCfllpt   of   prico  (tl
I   ;il|t'l   M.IHIUIII^   llllll   III   il^l'IM.       ItilllUI "   -.-...
„|..*i,,,| tl.e safe and to.,1.,the inoiiei  ,„-  eX^Wj.*.*^**** ,ast >"" ■»»"•
,   ,   , ,    ., ■ ,     .,   '■*" ▼enTe.'it walks was put down, four-
tended  io h,.  paid  Clameran  in  tho   it,n fP(.t w!i,„
S .me of   Kdmonton's   public   school
buildings ure structures which would do
crodlt to any city in Canada.   Alh.na
College, completed about a year and a ,
half ago,  has built an  addition  a
doubles the capacity of the building.
With the coinlnc of the new the old
passes away. Recently the Old Inn of
Edmonton was torn .1 wn. a place
around which life centred forty or flfry
years ag-o. They still tell the tal. thai
when any traveler complained of tha
fare provided at tha hotel he was gravely advis. 1 to go ' ' the n-xt. which was
only 750 miles on. Portage 1.1 Prairie
being ih- lirst s- p after BdmontOO
that boasr-d an Inn.
A curious fact Ls mentioned In connection with the auicl.le of James Hoyle,
a Preston publican. A painter was engaged in painting the sign outside and
had iiin.-ii.-il Ihe last letter ol lluyle's
lame when he heard tbe report of a
pistol and found that the landlord had
■omnrlttt-d suicide.
Ill t.   br  Huir  Colors.
To understand the value of whnt aci-
enlili.* men call protective coloration In
animals one need only look ut the common ruffed grotise, or partridge, of
Norlh America un.l consider bow hard
it la to nee him In the woods, even
where Dotting intervenoa lo bide him
from view, iiis colors agree so well
with the background ngninst Which lie
stands (but the eye Is alow to mnke
him out. Mr. On-gory, in bis volume
of Afri.un travel. "Tin- Qreal Itift Valley." mentions several striking in-
siiin.es of animals thus protected
smong which tlmt of 11 certain nlonkey,
Oolobua oivi.ienta'is, is perhapa tbs
most |us*iiliar. This monkey is covered with 11 long, silky fur. arranged la
nllernate stripes of black iiiiiI while,
su handsome that the akin la ii.ih'i
prized by the natives for Disking bead
ornaments, Tbe contrast of black nnd
rblte is so marked tbsl sl lirst algbl
a would seem in preclude concealment
but iis value is ut on.*.* evident when
Ilu- niiimril Is seen  at   home.     It lives
in high forests, where tbs tiws Imve
black trunks and I.run.■lies, draped
Willi long gray masses of beard moss
or Helton.    As Ibe moiikeya hung from
tho branches they resemble ihe lichen
ao closely  Ilmt  Mr. Gregory  found It
Impossible to recognise Ihem, even nta
abort distiinee.
English   Distance   French   Savants   In
the Building of the Greatest  Dictionary—Race Contested 30 Y»ara.
All unknown to the public a great
race has heen iu progreaa for BOItte lime
111 the MtorriM world between Bngland
and Prance. Bnglnnd Itna practically
won. It Is said, .....l will walk In about
-00 years ahead of Prance,
This coniesi has been between tha
Oxford Cnlversity Clarendon press nml
(he Academy of Prance. Bach is oom-
plllns a dictionary, which Is t . be absolutely the latest and mdat up-to-date
b#ok -in exlatenoe. Already six dictionaries are extant which are i-eokonM
g»od and apparently supply nil wants,
tntt the French Academy and Oxfoi 1
University declared In favor of some
thing later.   S.. mon* tli.111 SO years :.*,'.
Oxford start.si in gigantic task.
This gave the "in'., .rtala" ..f Prance
a chance to huetle. Thej did. Before*
year was out Ihey also wen* at work
on their dictionary,
Official reports from both aides show
thai the Oxford oorepllera have finish-
• I A to K. L to "niesuiiliy." O t*. "p p-
er." all of Q. ainl K down * 1 "reserve."
The volume oontalnlng N will'be
next  month.
Hut the report trom France Is not so
gOOd.   Oxford expects tO have lis whole
.mpleted by if 14. Tho tuauortala
hai ■ "iriy reached the letter C and do
11 • expeot t" complete lha-1 imr 11 190-1.
S. me flgurea of the Oxford dictionary a'** Inter, atln 1 In 11 the '■
a.s compared with prevl iui dictionaries
are.* Oxford, 1(1.013 words; Johnaon'a,
l.SSJi CaaseH'e, S.S8S: Century, SttsO;
Funk's Standard;  I
From the beginning of volume I. to
the v.nr.1 "Infer," excluding from
"graded" t> the end of ''.. there
an*    16,516    column-.,    each    of    10 1-t
i"iij,'   and   . 1 .'   lachea wide.
11     theae     were       tood     on      eni
ihey \v..ii!d be fourteen  rim-    n. high
Ifel tower   There are tj milea of
oontalnlng U.811.181 »*.r.is cx.-n-
; *     ; 1 70,161,88-1 :• ttera.
Tii.' Porta ' ii.un.•.•!.. s* v.ill have to
aai amount of woi k ever to
up n ihis record, a; the preeenl rate
of progress the academy dlctl -nary will
I. * completed in !80 year»—or, perhaps.
n,*w "tlh lal spelling* of the
. Stat  - is Ignore.!.
The tir*-* •■■! ; "*. ol thee a le ny dictionary was b,'KUn ln 1S8G and ll'i.-h**d
In  1881    Th- laat -»dirl"*i up to the one
n **.. In progress occupied 41 years, and
b gun in 1185,
The -I w progress of lh ■ "Immortals^
:.. m.n.i th.* story of Button, the
n    iirahat,  and  lhe er.il..      The  wlae-
acree of Ills day pussled h"»- to define
.1    *.iii in ih.i. tl ctlon iry,    They tin-
a'lv  v.»ie.i   to  describe   i.   ns  **.i   11   1
which   walks   si>i**wa*. -- *'   Buffon   a .-*
for tnd bia opinl ... asked.    Th *
furry" were much dlecomflted    whe 1
the natural la" ..-plied:
"Well, except for the facl that th»
■" lb ls n •( u li - li and does not wi"l!<
aid. ways, it Is a «•.,>.,  "eaerlptlon."
Witchcraft   In   London  as Told  at  tha
Clerkenwell   Sessions.
The London r>allv Orapi I   - "      v''
sxti-sordln iry atoi y 01 w
told   ui   lhe  Clerk, nwell   ■'•     ' "-   ""
Saturday, «'l  Ruaatan .1 *•- nam-
ed Rsohel N uhana, s*»d l"   ":*" ln-
dieted for hat n*r obi lined C5 14a hy
false preten ■ from Mra, Ann ■ Bam-
11,.is ami j.'*-'". from Bosla Pllberb rg,
Ann!.* Sam in Is, a charwoman, nl
Brunswick aireei, 81, Osirgae   gMng
her evlden n  VIddlah,  tlwough  tht
ini. rnreter, aald her hui 1 1 d   ern !
her Jl months Hgo   Beoi n ly ihe P '
.rner oalled on her and ask *d her  I
would Ilka her fortune told for ih	
pohoe, She laid oul torn • rai .1- and,
apparently reading ihem, -.,.l.l 'Your
husband has ties.-r ed v.ni. 1 have ,
power io i.r rm him baok s *. n Give
me Js n.i 1 en rail ... yon of all your
tr ui.1. s ami restore your huabnnd so
that you »'ii hav • to woi k hn .1 nn
longer." She be'i vet) i'n: ind paid
the mon. y   The nexi dnj  <'■'■■ p 1- ••> n
aske.l for Is 6d foi dies, »■ 1 >h h -
Ing burned in .. pecuiuu- « iy, wkh pint
stuck uii 1 nl th'in. w.uii.1 .ui act the
husband to his home .main    On sn
oilier  oooaalon   she   mule   myeterioua
paaaea  wiih  h.-r hands over  the  hra
"ii which  the  hod  oar. fully di posl! .1 ,
a red In* ck    The husband did nor  re- j
turn,  an.l   ihe  pr aoner  expl lined    "1
must have more money.   Th I more vol
give me the quicker I shall brtns him
'1 im  "  She paid fit 1 It In all,    Thi n
the prisoner Ins st.-.i ou having s n'.t it- .
dress,  some  tl ta  and  p.Uow  ens.*.
She was going to prepare these
secret   process,   so   that  one  ntglr   t'i
ultncsH   would   wake   up   and   linl   hot
husband  by her side    lie would  '».
wearing th. Snd  Hi ■ pill *w
.■.is, -t which lmd iie.n treated with
something which hud the iroitderftil
p..wer of preventing her husband ovei
running iiniiv again. (Loud laughtei 1
Her husband ,11,1 nol e >ma b 10k
In answer to N'r \V II Smdi d*-
femliiig. Mrs. Samuels aald ahe believed the prisoner to l.e it nnod ulich « h 1
could perform maglo. The wltneoa pro.
due.-,] a eapacloua lug ...it **f whi *
she brought a medlolna bottle eon a .
lug a magic 1 quid fnr eprtnklmg aboul
the room, a paper paokel containing
sniie clippings trom the buck of a b ick
eat,  and   some   pins   whloh  sh •   had   to
sew  Into her .*':.*.nis,..     All tiles- llllnuJ
were auppoeed 10 be neee-saary t- restore h.r husband,   (Loud laughter 1
Mr Ches'ei J..n.*s .laughing h,-ar:i.vi
—-This is the funniest ..-as,. 1 have ever
had  before  tne
Fanny San la, the witness* daughter, aald tha: ihe prts.,n.*r provided
powders snd uttered mysterious wordt
to .*. i  her father b:u'k.
Mr Cheater Jones—A sort of Incan
tution   1  aupp ■-*
Mr    Bands    tci-oas-examlnlnc)   Did
you s* „ the pai formance «Ith thi b
oat *
The witness Ves. and she threw
something Inlo the dr.. it came oul
with 1 squeak 1 hod a fiighi un.l 1
ra n away   I Ln u
i' 1  she pul  the oat In the nr.*'" a.
1 can'l  say what she did with tin- .-at
I wea put on the tli*,*
Did the black cat frighten y.ni? A.
The squeak .1  1
Vou   thoughi   the   prleoner  a   g.nid
wlteh?   A.   v.*s.   ih,   showed  u
miracles tha ul.  «> b"He\e lo-r
sne produced a loi of Ruaalon gold
•*! ,'i.lfn's    fr m her bosom, and -.ild
"I don't wmi your money.   Bee, I have
plenty "f my own.    All will
ed when I have Itnlehed my work, bui
' you .i" n 11 (ive me whal 1 wont I
have rir*' power to stop youi  husband
frun   SV rring   tinek "
Deieotlve Serg run Leeeon said that
during ihe hie m mine the prisoner h.t.i
been ln L ndou she had accumulated a
large mm -.f rn ,ney by these pr.t
She waa aentenced to nine months'
Imprisonment and oertWed for deports tion.
The Aral, War llianl.
fapiaiii von lloi'lieil describes ho*
„„. „cred ehunl wiia - 1 by Osmstl |
raabn'a fore* ... thill I.i 1 di-einlfiil   or
h,. ,,.,,„ l'leinii.    lie I.n.i«-. 1"   ;l- l"'
,nyi    us 11 voimusier of aeventeen  be
lug ihen in ih.. Turi.i 1. service, 1 took
part in tbo charge."   11 Is « - ""'
four purl cbniit for dee nle m",-,-*,
with lutervola, lhe inelodj  recurring
again   and   Ognln,   "f    rlial 011   bet
,,1,11.,,-s hiiiiiinetl alin.el  plllUlaallllO,  L>
tin*  words "Alls   Abhor."  a ken
l8 rising "to 11 ere 1 outbiiwl mi tbe
flfih noi.-."    lh.-''.' is  '.- thnn a aug.
ge.siii.ti of ptnln aoiig, thai -"...,' wi.i.h
drifted   wesiwar.l   lion,  the  V-SSl     PaB
ttiaii Qasettn
The   Of tti.eli.
Among iln* outesl "'   BngHitt wl1,1
birds nro greenOnches, «hi.ii frequent
old   buildings   and  old   WSllS   tot  the
aiiko of freshly caughl Insects end
spiders lo cobwebs, personal exertion
being thereby saved. '1 key ore well
aware of stores In iho lurders of spiders' webs.	
Tokyo's I'H.iiir Dates,
Tokyo  bus Hihi  public  l.utlis.   which
are used by 800.01X1 peoplo dully
The World's Dlrtha,
The world's l.liths DlmiUUt to nlmut
87.»aH).lKi.i eiery year. lul.aTl) eicry
day, 4,'."-'l every hour, i.r one 11 ml S
fraction every second.
A   linn I.    >.,.e   . ,uli,»!!y.
A bank note lhal passed through the
Chicago lire Is one ..I ll.e cuius |.|e
aervc.l In tin- Bank of Bngland, Tlie
paper was consumed, but lhe ..she-
held together, nnd ilu* printing Is quite
legible, and it is kept under glass
The bunk paid ths note.
En. sod Nou. Ran Water     .'   Q.  .trehrr.
nl   metier.   -Miliar, nays       1   have  hail  tal
iitrii inr aovsraj yeara Water wimiu run
11*1111 in, area una nose for daya at a
nun* auoiii lour moal ha m.-.* 1 •>-.- ...
...i.t-.l to try I.r. Aaui-w . t'a.nrrhu. How.
uei, nini niui-.i using the wtinitt-rtiil rem
tilv I iiiite .i.t. hail mi aitai-K li ra
in,f. iu  it-n  iiiniutee.''  ui aenta   1.
Operation Advocated Savef*
by Pe-ru-na.
English papers commend Bon   K<>-
dolphe  l.einieiix's  pro) I to towei
postage "ii Hiiii-li newspapers
Mrs. I.ouls I.aeon.I.. II. .ird, |
wt net
"I   hsve   followed     your
eloeely a» I . eoid ami am 1  « n
"Wa had two do.torn and on,
that I would have to ha.i* «n ,
ation performed before I could
e.io.  my health.
"We th.*.. .1.. nh*.I ... writ, v.„i 1
11 i    .*,.minion.   11-   I    had    .. ..
n-arly  a year    with    stven
bradat'ttes    at    tutiei    ...    -t,H-    j
e, nt. t,l,  stand up
"Now I lesl so well .ti.,, , ,
treatment with your remedy, and
ao grateful thst I do not know he
express my tl.ml   .
I thank roe inanv .mi,, t ■ -jj,
advise I  bare had froni you
For Family Colds
A reliable cough and cold cure ihould
-be atway-s in thc hom* ready (or uie th*
moment the firit lymptomi appear.
It u always eaiiert cheaper and I *tt«
to check a cold in Uie veiy beginning.
It it ufer, too.
Shiloh's Comumption Cure, the Lung
Tonic, hai been tested int thirty-three
yeart, nnd teni of thouiandi ol homeiin
Canada and lhe United btatei to-day are
never without it.
A dealer writen " Sliiloti'i CoflMmptton Cur*
tl without dtubt 1K0 beet retMdy lor Cutifh« and
CkMe-on tbw fnark-i <f )nce uewl. mr ctiitomeii
will buy nu other.    L. l.lsky, NaaMfaweye.'»nl '
If it were anything but the beat would
lliii be in } Try it in your own family
If rt doe 1 not rure, vou get back all it coil
you. We take all the chances. Neither
vou nor your dealer can lose. Isn't thai
lair } 23c. is the price. All dealeri in
•   medicine iel! «,]
The Lord Msyor's Show.
The election of a new lord mayor to
the civic throne, who tha ensuing year
Is to be Sir William Tereioar naturally
turns ihe thoughts of Londoner*! to
their annual raree show on Nov. 9. the
day 11 which they are permitted hy
ancient law to Indulge In many ex- !
travairances which would not -be per- :
milled them on any other day In tho
year. It Ir, a day on Which a lx.inl..n r
eannot be locked up for anything short
of theft or violent asnauli He can do
ulmo.it what he pleases, mIiIi a policeman looking smilingly on.
It Isn't the magnlllcetu■>• of the lord
mayor's show wbleb Londoners enjsy.
for truly of late years It ha« seemed to
have tost nil its original splendor,   it
Is lhe fun Ihey r.-i   ,ut of It.
The dlllleully In aecurliiK Some fresh
Idea with wh'leh to-make the lord mayor's show .liiTereiit In Its main featur.**.
fn.111 Its  pt-edscessors ln.-r«ises as the
i-t.*. roll by. i*'.,r s-me time post Intereal has been created hy the rum.ir
lhat thl-H year's piMjeant will dllTer from
those of recent years.
It Is now definitely stated the show
will contain n.> ears or floats, hut that
their plaos iilll be taken by an entirely
new feature, whloh abOold prove one
of lhe moat Interesllng, as It Ls the m i.-rt
original, that has b«o-n seen in reoent
It will consist of representation In
Ooatume Of seven centuries of eily clvl r
life, ths representation  being   sorriod
OUt by groups Illustrative ,.f ihe lord
mayors of each century, wiih tbelr
sheriffs and hlg-h olllcera. Kach group
will b* dressed in lhe correct costume
of the period nnd will consist of ten
pei ona, to Uin the total   number of
pei—.ii*. In lhe seven irroiir*. will be 70.
Suell historic lord mayors   aa   Pits
Alyn and 1)1. k Whlttlngton will he Included,  nml   thia  f.wture   undoubtedly
v. ill overshadow sll others in the pr.j- ,
loq,  which   otherwise   will   follow
ii.i.llriinnl lines.
A   Tort's  I ur.otia   . nmpllme-at.
It was Hie hal.it i,r  Khhiird Henry
Stoddard, the poet, to slways speak
well of every one. No matter how Lad
th,* character of a .person, the (,'nod
gray po.-t luvsiiably found some truit
lo praise. One .lay iu his olhYe on
Park row some friend entered ami
usked Inn. whether ho knew ho and so
iiml. If so, whnt was the Hum's repiitu
tion.   it happened thnt ths map bad a
■ li.nly 11 |.ui..I ind  WSS Well knuwij
us u "gold brick" operator. The a^eii
1 net iighti-d his pip.* iiiiii answered:
"Vi-s, 1  know   li.m.     lie  is the  must
 r::cti.'.   progressive,    Irrepressible,
I >.! uiilure.l. artistic kin.I of uii 1111*
mitigated liis.-ui that 1  ever met"—
Heart rail.I In an hour. A lady in New
York State, writing of her cure by lir.
At.-l.en a Cure for the Henri, nnya I feel
like one hrought linrk from the dead, so
great mo. inv sulTerlm; from heiirl irouhle
and so iiim,.st mlriifitltiuH my rei-oMTv
throtiith .he agent v of Ihis |...*.*rfui treat-
ment     I  owe   my   life  lo  it."    19
kiisi.i ma-take.
"Walter,    what    does    this    mean?
Twenty-flee frinc* f • two bard boiled
"Very sorry, sir. Sllclit mistake, sir
I've niven yon the bill Intended for the
Ainerl.-iiii ut the next table." Pels
The   Oil   Spot.
In the cuif of Mexico ten milea southwest of Saliliie pass is 1. liilm stri-feb
of water two mill's long uud three-
quartern of o mils wide. 11 is known
as tin* un spot iimi is always placid,
niieiiiiiiiiism may often be cured 1.1
adding n little ..11 ..r turpentine to the
warm or hot both. Again, n little of
the  mixture   formed   by   using  ilfly
grams of green soup un.l thirty (.'ruins
of oil ..r turpentine poured Into the
Llllll   Will  Im- effective.     It   should   he
uacil  nt  once  ufler  mixing,  when  the
lit|iii.l becomes s foaming fmtb
Novel Honeymoon Trip.
Flfl'-en months Immured within ths
rocky fastnesses of tha headwaters of
tho McMillan River, In the far away
Yukon, 22G miles from the nearest of
their own sex and ruco—Buoli nu the
exprtlencr, of two women, both aoous- |
totried to culture nn.l relliiennnt, but
who fou«ht bravely against the ole-
m.-nls while out of civilisation. Ths
Iwo women aro Mrs. Armstrong, an
Englishwoman, and Mrs. George height,
Canadian. Tbs laller made her honny-
rnoon trip Into Hie wild country and
shared Iho dangers and hardships of
her miner husband. ln a frail canoe
they navigated the McMillan, Pelly and
Yukon Rivers, nnd they returned .0
1 ivillziiilon bronzed and In perfest
health, having endured privations with
iui.ro.1.jiliilnli.g good nature. I
The Mark
That Tells
11. I* mu I'.I thu, in a
variety nlttylei, labti- land
[trie, l«r w„m'ti, tie-i and
, lillrle-f,. I ...in I ,*.- I
l.r.l.,,    nr   aull,on;rd In
,.lJ..     in-l.tillv   . ■   I   -l   OU,
oat, any I'en-Annltr a.i
meal I..illy in inalrrial
or    m a k . n s. -"U
Pen-An^le trademark (in red) on
every 1'cn-Angla.
garment, t.-lla y..u
it will (Hand won't
shrink, your
own   d S a 1 er   bo
guarantees it.
Underwear thus
trade marked is
softer, warmer,
Dl 0 r e flexible,
better  wearing.
Hsve  You   Inturtd  Your Skin?   ~*»
\ North-Weal (armei died recenUj
Irom blood poisoning   loiiowing   il*
prick of .. rusty nail.   A tm lack
which lie trod, penetrated s .
bo;     toe, and lie   died   latei    ironi
i.i       Both  these deaths  could
nave been averted il a bos tfl Zam
link Iiinl I.  Iiiilulv       I lie nn  i~ lull
1 poisonous germ snd mi. 1
which nettle on wo-onns and snd
tali it it left io g>> 1..en own aaj
lhe) et up [eatering, auppuratiun nml
fiequently blood poiaon Ii Zam-Buk
1 applied these hsi mini get uta ate
1 illetl nini the «'...iul 1- healed
One oi the greatei I living ch. miab.
haa proved lhal Zam-Buk h mi n
1 .-net to kill liaimliil microbes in
iiiiinul- tii.ni crude • aib. lie ... Id, snd '
1   11   )>.<iul.— I•.      \  mil.■  /.um link
apple.1 t,, a cut, -i   ore   ..  I,..1 n rn  a
which Ineiik- the   4m.   pre-
nni-  the  wound   from    taking   tlie
wrong  nun.  and  tliee ii
M        III irlil.   ..I   J-.lni-i     N    II .
1 got mi   lim.*,*.   poisoned   bj
Ihi  pi ick Irom *i  lie, and aa
t.iil I sef*|»li-saf sums nlil IssM   -
remedies     li continued lo i-'**t worse
and I linn tried Zam-Buk    This both
I the wound and healed il and
sm,11 nil trace "i tin* injur) waa gone
In 1 ii-. > nt cuts, I.n 11- hi ui-.- iiml
othei ir iui n- /.run-Hill    1     ■ .
"insurance."   It  1- equall)   i* I  loi
eczema, chronic ulceration   ringworm
scaling     ores,    abs. 1 --. -.    inflsnfed
patches,  ..iniiiiu* aorea   bad leg, old
wounds, • t,     Also foi chapped h
of all druggista sl  hfiy . ■ *
...  posl  ii.*e from Un* Zam-Buk Po
■ 1,  upon  1* ■■■ ip-  nl  pi - •       .»'■ \
boxes loi   %. •"
\ white deei   .
W illiuni Marshall ol Saull Ste   si,...
,1'  Hsyden, on Ifie line    1 Ihe   Mv.
mn t'entral
When rhaumati.m dnuhlat a man un
pin-i. inn and sutTerer alike loss heart
and   nflen   deapsir  of   «   * are    be!   here «
111.'  BSOSDtiOn      Wllll.'im   Peeir    ...   N
...il . s»y« I *nii nearly doiilth-d up mih
1 lleilii.it'i-tn      I   nut   Ihree   DOttlei   "f   r^niilli
American Rheumatic .'ore uml thei cured
me Ir - ih*- quleasal acting tasolelrae I
ever saw."  16
Morale of Nature Study.
A   contemporary   a  Itei     ...»   thst
under th.* pretence if nature study the
fields ,i,,i  u )j ,,!,. robbed of th.-ir
ir*... - 1  floweri b* inn taken stray bj
the  armful   where  .1   tew   ipeolmsna
would lufflce, The thlnxs look best, he
i.iv. where pstu e hss eel them R.-a-
aonobl) Inleri 1 1 this is sound ethics nni a 1 aenae    Bome iiiIuks na-
ture -* itt. r . in auch profusion   duis-
le«. lupine,  golden ro,i. f r inm..
thai in. \* *..*m nu,* a horveel of tt.iiu-
iv a iii.ii 11 u.nii.i I..- 11 sin not to   ■ ip
In due sens,in    itm it |a a food rule In
the school "f nature aoi i** take gr 1*
lly more in.in is wanted, snd nol ruth-
lessly to deatroy, moralises The Toronto
'ri.,* good sportsman la opposed  to
extermination, and to ths destruction
of s,,„K hints and Insectivorous birds,
Tl se of tin. comers marks a further slim., in ihe progress of humanity, nn.l of true appreciation of nature Some of ih- aidgaalnes iu.v«
published wonderful pictures Illustrating the  hniiiis  ,,f  birds  and  be-asta
1 k nt 11 likeness or .1 squirrel lak-
Ing his breakfast on his table of pine.
end compare it wllh the wretched
ii.iiiuie turning *. treadmill iu a
can'', and y..u will think thai centuries
musl ii.ne elapsed between this, i,ji-
hiirlsin un.l lha1 civilisation,
A Wonderful Machine.
Th- Tn.vior Construction Co. hw a
new exoavator whloh 11 is intended
win make rapid work on ihe trenching
.... the Edmonton olty sewer work, and
do the work of 100 men. The tnschltia
works on an entirely new principle, at
I. .1 ii ... fin* us Edmontonlan experience
is concerned   11 weighs close 10 twenty
Ions,   iin.]   II   hns   a   capacity,   In   go ..I
ground, ..f one hundred feel a dny of
II. 11 eh    '.'2    feel    deep,      ||    |)   moved    by
iu own power i.n four large wheels
siniiiur in a steam ahoveT, but n has
tin* advantage over n slenm shovel thai
ih.. work is ti .ne behind tin* machine
Instead of In front, so that the *.vhe.>||
are always on sollti taonnd. A larg's
leg, With n cliiiln hell nod steel Inn.*!
eis revolving like atraw-carrlara on a
threshing machine, does ths axoaval
Ing, and a oarrler .nni.". the earth orr
in ons aide of the trench nu,] dear of
ihe 111 niiine.   ii will dear Hie trench j
oul eight f.*e't wide, suiiiei,.iit for every- !
thin*,' ex,-, pt ti,,. larger part of tht main
trunk sewi r.
The tlm     ..f  free Coal '
I -1 ,-\ .11,  nn-  practical) > Hm
rftel    Ilei,I   1-   [rsdustl) 'J3
The 1 ".iun.il in I'.i. in   I;
..I.IK   11   SSI I, "I    VlTlllel    1   ■
ivei   .n.'i   Victoi..
g i .tun,>n- in Mum'  - .
* - enu 1   intolei abi. i
I. mn •     Corn    ' lure
trouble    T ii it. and   ■■•
..r pain ii    ...'*.1
fhe     ll'**!!     lefl-ll.t	
-ll    III,-el     Sl     li'  I
Mil linlli-    lilt . k    in-.. ..
itut* ..ll buildings
Minard's   Liniment   Cii"*.
-Ii..nin.11   hai
ml   11..    at    1 ■
I     •
IIhiIiik   traent.
'I lie   p.   I    * . -
common smong imaoania
' llistl*|t t-       of       I I
I ranee.    Tbe)  claim 11
enables ihem to ssorod
«   1 li.tiit   elj.fl   ■ n.-ine   iiiii
mm 1
You DO NOT have to know •»!-• )i»r I
goods sre made of when te     >e      H
I-...H..U   ll   On.
"That man < irelsaa I
geralr.  Bas be n 1
"No    That's  tin*  1, 1
awaggsi sir "   i.,*tr,,.t Free 1
?lft"«7y¥S Home Dye ^
A Surprise In Biscuits
Every Imx ol Moooey'i Pei'1
Crrjin Soils, you oytcn    you e
find   t  new  delight  in these dJinr.
I.i*. Ilits. .
When you want to surprise vourscll.
give your apjKrtite a treat wilh
Mooney's     •-
Perfection Cream Sodas
'..iti,-. Baroness capttat.
Rt. Petersburg Is, tba coyest oapltsl
in Dorope, the.temperature In winter
sometimes reaching.'no degrees below
THt 510N OP nc risn
haa ilorA for tht BEST
during   seventy ytnn of
* lncreannij Milt,
RmiUhbjr this whtn/ou vwit water
proof oiled coat*. aulU hats, or bout
oooii for all Ki.-tds of wat work,
w WAiANTtt rirtsr CA«MIST ill
T0*t» UHWIAN C0.l_ui ToiONfO CAN.
W    N    U    No.    613 LARDEAU MI \ I \< i REVIEW, TROI "I' LAKE CITY. ti. C
i-Many Dwellers on the Prairie Have Learned
^'M        to Depend Almost Entirely on
Dr. Chase's Medicines.
Living   in.*iiii i«..   u.ile    in.m   a
lll'Ug   StOI'e    'le       ll I Hei      "I      llie      I'  IL  I
quoted bei""  ' *
tllitlt'il    from    llie    11   .       nl      III        I   Hi   .*'
Medicine*, m hm.-. >.i    iri.ii,*       mei
Ill       th.ni '-III.I •        "I        l'l  ell ll.'llie
itlirOllgholU    III"   ll- l lime   '    *:..'    I.- ■ I n i. ■
depends ■
(Tiaae'a M. .li.*.n.*    „.. :   ri,.
,k'oiitaiii,-.l   m    I'.     i l.u I it ■ .-.pi
1 Hunk   as  <'      '-   .ii
'[jlie..lth ninI  ■ ""'  ."
|  Mrs. Tin     >!..■ 1 . .-!■...i'i,i ui
Bwiitea: "We  l.u.*  n e.l  iiiuirrj   all  ol
'■Dr.  Chase      \letli. i*i .
'with  Hpleii Inl   ..    ■ uu.I I   .Inert
t.i   VOU   fin       liiln       I..*.* ... ...        |l' e
lui'iity-tn" nn!.'    ii ."ii   . -I'i*     I..*.-
"Ill  Dr.   'To. ■*'     Kiln. *   Iili    I'lll
we found a eii." I... siipiiii.ui, Inl-
uuusneaa ..   i  . * .  ■
"I used   • leinl I. ..v.- ..i Hi. Chase's
Nerve   F.""l   '"'    i"*1 '■ *"' '■•       Irom
which I In..I l.e.ii ii yieiii    iilfeier nn.l
it limit  nn* up mul strengthen!
lliillilelllllll .
"Some yeara ago I lm.1 an ulcer on
llll     ..in   I.*    mill     lli'illl'li     I     I I le.i    III,111*.
Iieiiiiiieii. ■   ol   one   km.I   ami   inioiiiei
could ect nothing to heal II until I
used lh i 'im.-e',- Ointment, «bich I
li.iie also [ound un excellent oure loi
Itching pilea. We would tiercel)
liiii.ii in.ii to gel along tt Ithoul Hi
i i.n .*     Medicine
T lu* . ..nn lonco Hliicli  people have
in In   . I Medicines inn only be
nee..unl".I    [ol    by    the   lliel    llllll    lin.l
never ilinappoinl lot nearly ball a
. • mui *. they have been before the
public iiml hnd a rei ....1 ol cures un
piiiiill.Te.1 iii tiie hiator) nl medicine
T li.**.* family medicinea are sent In
p.ml postpaid on n Ipt ol pi Ice   I li
.   hi.   ■ Kl.lllel-I.ller     I'lll-.    US    ".'Ills
ii l. .\. Hi   Chase's   Nei ve   I* I   BO
ci ni.. n box, Hi   i lhase'i i linl nt 60
■  bos     M nil dealers   ...    K-l
1111111-..11. Iinti's a* Co., Toronto.
Tram Profit, lor Concerta.
Over  a:'-'i.'.fi.i   *ui   of the profits nf
the Sheflle'1 .''-rimi-iilon Tminways l>
being comr.lulled In relief ..f r> 11v'-
rates thin  y-ar,  ln-lnir  e.iuni  I.. ..lm ii   ',
ceots In  in.*  piiuii.i     'i'i..
municipal   .nt.iprise  ni...   pi
special fund     * ii  of  whi. li grants are
modetevi*.   n objects n..t • upportobli
OUt of tb'       i it".  Sll.il  n<   the   luelnten
once of '.. ... * ip ii wim. *■
Uis J. sttinliiarv expenses of an Hcetrl
cal exUblrlon which Is h-Jiur  Dioittot.
by Um oo.*..t,ratijn
The Wi"'    •I."-- la'.'i.'H   il.*' !■.'•' i
)i Sesloi ■■
' n.anufaci      a
-telpleSS   and   Bc.t   will.   Hlieiio.iil is...
••Cured   I.y   Dr.   William*,'
Pink   Pills.
"I      WO- I       !e*l|.!.    ■-       •   ll|.pl. I        *■■   11  *
>ent lafl*l""n "ml cul.I m.i itraighten
||j. Cl     *    he-    net,"    inv    onlv    ,
.1 movii     iiioiii     I tried man) med-
cines, t. i'  'I..      ill i nl. ii ■■■       i
;sr. uaii.;   Hi   VVillimit-' I'ink  Pills
hey  ci..* i   in.       ..
?hortv»n.*ii. N 8 . made the shove nl-
nost st»'' i.ug -iiiiiin.'iii t.. ii reportei
I lew dr. M.     B. hun   I     now   :.
vcll-bui     ruin..    -tioiig    snd
Mould.' I.lke   tin.il iilnI-   ol
<OVa 8.    '    HI-,   lie   Is   .1   ll-liellli.ili.   llllil
s  COIlSt       '<l    .'X p..-e.l   to   llll   kiln Is   i.
gather fuel tl..* i-.inim..i>s ;., .,
,he rhe -.tie |...i-hii in tl.e I.L..»i it
fork. *•!• SiTiiih mills "It i- in.
xaaibte to overrate lhe severity o
he agin* i-    Tl.** trouble
ek ..ml right hip    I had U
Di k   .-tinl   nn-    inostli     in.l
is ii tim,. when I .*\
. stand en un   I      '   ;
Pink Pill.
. nol onl)   nmi
the -ii, nr.   heart)  in ... )...
•"I.. I       I   ....      !,.    .  . i.    -.    I  |l..
1 pain  I  sup..I.-.i    I,; .
e   pills        I    t I I.-. I    I.enn     meil
.1 lm.1 treatment Irom aevei
. l.ut I., no ni sii     Mi  lev-
it —11ff tlmt in ord. i '*• ini.it
i.el   tt.   ii-.•   .1 i|l<-li, -        |  llllllll
i- decided thai I waa incm
.ml fold me the) oould rendei
i -iiiiit t* I t .'.itin>■•-<i ti
la) and nighl. end lh. n cam.
una- poinl "I nu In.*   \ Iriend
■ii-litr.  .
>>.iii Iiiiii  I  learned 'Inn   I'i
-'  I'i it k   Till-  wen
rheumatism     tt one   I gol
nml began to uae thei      i
ication iimi  thei   ilu* help
«n- when the pain grea  lesi
111   a   lew      Meek-      III
in mv legt and hips bagai
Wllliln  lie  clty'a ilin ami .Int.
li- Inni and lull and friction.
1 dwelt, .1- in....I in..ii.iis must,
*.. uttii. Hon
1  , uli. .1    .   .! ■   I   I.     On.    I   liliew
'i.. bs n   i.n'... i• ll.   ■
Of im.. - Id    ■   "Blr, you
A..-   in- i.. .i wim has i'.i
Ti..*.i io ..  i ret ■■>! I I'. •!
As SOOn  its   Iiiiii*  won".I  Iel  m.
And  f. II  all il.:   '  in  li* .'I  aad head
I'niii n. w to I* i i • • ■ t ....
Ble   I. ..   *.*. , !■ *-i    oil,  IU. ll Klu.e!
How . in i ■   *. I. . ■ ■■ !■.*. '
a i .1        . - *    '   -    it'll caael
. in, ■■ ir,,ir-* I hava hai  levari
-Niv  ri    v. ,i  nn,n    in    Woman's   Horn*
"I'm surprised "t you." said Jlgley,
"iryinK to borrow n dollar from Hint
fellow lliii'.liipi.e Vou're surely-not In
such awful need of money,"
••No." replied Bhrudc, "bul I r.*it sure
iiiir.iuppe Ivan. Anticipated blm, that'*
Sll."—Catholic i-iiuii.lm.1 nml Times.
-iitni,. to Coats .im i.
"How can Bkinnom afford t" stay s<
long iu Europe?"
"It's ll good deal cln-Hpor llum It
WOUld DO to . •mi! Illicit  her:- and pay
lllS delltS."     !.elltill   I'tei. I'roaa
In Niitme's Storehouse There sre
Curss. Medical experiments Imve
ahown oonoluslvely that there ore
medicinal virtues in even ordinary
plants growing up around us whicii
give iinun H value tlmt oannot be ssti*
mated. It is hold hy some thui nature provides a cure (or every disease
iiimii ii.'fleet aii.I Ignorance havs visited   upon   mull.    However,   Ihi-   mui
ite, ii I- well known that Parmolee
i ogetable  Pills, <ii-t i11,-<i from    rool
inni herbs, are a sovereign remedy in
curing all disorders ol tiit* digestion.
t was
-ure f.
i au|
ti   laai *       litell    III,     nnills    -eel|l.-,l    l<
up,   nil*I   Ihsn   il   uu     ie.I   l.'.t
|ii\  crutches were thrown said.
■mild  straighten  up     I hen   I
tO   go   ..lll.l...,. .    unl   soon   nn
resume   nn    .imk   sa   well   u*
since iimi  time I  have ril v.
..ul.le.i     w Hli     11>. niniili-m    ni
buck    I can toll l.ui my neigh-
all astoniahed .,t im  > ure
|11 thought I would nl wn \ - l.e a
Williams1 I'mk fill- cun
inn in l.v going straight to th.
the trouble in tin* blood  The)
■ii rich hi I iimi sweep- out
►i-"iiniis inni iiiiiI   soothes   tin*
nerves  Thai la hoa they cun
(ii I ties root,.,I ii. the blood, such
ii.'min, indigestion, neuralgia
us dance, general wenkneaa and
eeini ailments thai only girla
in.*n f,,lk kiu.w Bold by all
ne   dsalsrs   01   by mail al 60
ii   I.ox   or   six   boxes   (ol      1- BO
the Dr  Williams' Medlcins Co ,
ullt.. lint
They  Found  tht  Man.
A p nl  S  recent  IsSUC
of Wllhsltp'a Magoslne,   if Hon   p. w.
Avlni.T. ,.f .ide i ii .'. relating to
the ea.iy daya when Wr. Aylm*r came
to lha Pa.        We Mn    tiarge of a body
ra  of I he  '' tnadlan   P
Rollroa i  and  ■ i    *   . -ly know n
* II    *    Prank    \J       ■ "   One •! .y  while
en wi      it dlt  .t**r. •  ".I i*.*
t*.tin;,    fnr ■ • 1 .       -
, .in.- • i the camp ind asked to aee the
man In charge.   Being told tl  il l.e was
"u.e Hon   i rank m ■*,- r." I  • . a.
verv n i  * .inn.iin..*   **i*i ink
ii  ■      bisFra      \ ■ tnerl
the long.   I    na In I;.   M .    ilmed
In a meeting tone of void, "t ,.* n .n r-
shie I*' ank Aylmi Po I lm oul te
me thai I ..." gel n good look .* in!
v,', . mis He r* ml -,- mer " A
gcnllem .'i of h pr portlona
.*   the  tah'e
and   fr '       I   are   v   ii**"
ths i • ■ ad. "I a       ii  Hoi ibis
Frank    \ ■- and   th. n
proc eded   In  l idian        en
f them     Ml
•nr  * ed then
, - tha three
if then Mr. A) m -i* to-
•i i I- one of tn.
■ I  and  i sspe. I. I
fi I, ■: i- by the
It  r.
Croquet Standi    - blgb In favor to-
lay  ii-  it  .Inl  when   l.eo.l.  immortal
rel u.e game In Ibe Punches of the
nni  net i ni es of the lust ion-
my    . roquet I. i layed lu London and
1 n.i.i   ni Itnuelagb and at Hnr
era I i iea i*inl women in
ni.trt sv .■ i imve become experts,
iiii   inreh   I i. I.   betting   takes   place
iireii n .ii.ii h i- iu progress   i.ondsn
U. A.  P.
I  w... cured   ol   n   .evert   cold   In
\ll\ -KI. 8  UNIMEX I
Oxford, \ - l:  I    III WSON
I wn- cured oi a lei i ible »pi sin b-i
\IIN \i;|. -   I IMMI.N I
iKl-n nill -UN.
V ni.    \'   > V \ \r
I was cured ..l Black Er)*aipeliui hi
ill*, tun -   I IMMI.N I
inn. uii,*       .i vv RrrnoLRS
Traininn lor Sunday School  Workers.
The Committee in charge ol the
Filth International Sunday Bchool
District proposes holding tm* Triennial Conference in Minneapolis aome*
inn., between ihe 16th January nml
the emI "i February next Tits dla-
imi iiitl.nl.'- iln- stales i.f Wisconsin,
Minnesota,  South ami   North   link..in.
inul the Province di Manitoba, Canada. This Conference will iasi (oi
three daya All members ol State,
Provincial, County, Township an.I ull
'tuxiliary associations srs inembera ol
the conference and are Invited to attend
Following the Conference, there will
lie held u three days' School of Methods for all pastors inni workers, in
every department ol   Sunday   School
work.    Tills  will  bs Ii  week  of ilispii-
ation   ami   education   nevei    i
equalled in ths north-west.   Th  in
charge oi this wink are -8, B. Harding, Waukesha, Wis.; A, M. Locker,
Wnuloiii. Minn i Kev. F. P [.each,
Smux Falls. S. I) *. K.-v J. Orchard,
Fargo, N I) . ami VV II liwin. chairman, Winnipeg, Man. Particulars in
regard to >■>....*t .lutes, the place ol
meeting in Minneapolis, entertainment, speakers, etc . will he announced later, F..i lull information, address ihe chairman, or nnv mem bei
ol the committee.
Every mother who uses Baby's Own
Tablets f*.i  hei little ones has u »ol-l
emu guarantee thai this medici I	
nol contain any ol ilu* poisonoua opiates in um I in so-called "soothing"
medicinea   and   liquid   preparation
These Tablets  alwayi   do  R I   the)
.•iuiinii po aiblt *lo lutiin The) cure
indigestion,  colic, constipation, tliai-
.1 il    1111*1    -llllple      levels.       I,leak      Up
...Ms. prevent croup, expel worm*, nn.l
iiinke teething easy Baby's Own
I ableta Imve done more t.. bi in;
health, happiness and contentment to
little one- than any othei medicine
V..11 can gel Babj - I la n
1 I.let- from any dealei in medicine,
oi i*i mail ai i'i cents a l..>x by w.it-
itii.' th.* Hi Williams' Medicine <'...
Brockville, Ont
li i- estimated that the water-work
,.   ..t  Hamilton will amount  to
1825.000  nexl   year,  on   increase    ..i
tig 000
When a Horse Gets Hurt
But don't wait until an animal is
injured.   GKT IT Now   tnd yoa
ban* the remedy •' at CURBS all
laiiirnesfi in hots, s.
If your dealer (]o»-s   not   nan.lis
it, seu.i .'.Oc. to
National Drug & Chamiral Co., Limited,
Practically all makers of good
clothes in ''nna.la use HewSOn
Tweeds. Look for the tag
that guarantees PURE WOOL.
That's (oo bsd I We had noticed it was looking pretty
thin and faded of late, but
naturally did not like to speak
of it. By the way, Ayer's
Hair Vigor is a regular hair
grower, s perfect hair restorer, it keeps the scalp
clean and healthy.
■ 1 am w,'l ac,|*3»l,tle<l Willi Aj«r'» Httl
Viaor anil I lm- it »„t« it . "*l 1 would e»p«
cI-mK tttoniti »ntl It ai an tirtlleot droant.*
for the hair. '- —; I II ■t'lt ate. Iluootb, aol
r-rt.-nMt r the ..air from •tetiuaa at the
end. " - Mir, Ml I k rr Vaodum, Mica.
mUAwbyJ.C   iy*rCo,Le*«ll,lUM.
A .M  oea:iuf*-ctur*»i-» mt
>       &AKAPOILU.
ln   bunc!ie«
Th.* Dei    Dyspepsia.   In   olden
tune- it waa ii populai beliel iimi tle-
n.on- moved mvisilil, through
nn bienl tail aeekins to enter into
men ami trouble them Ai the present day the demon, dyspepsia, ia al
large In the aome wav, seeking habitation in those nin' l.v cnrele-s or un-
wise livmc invite Iiiiii Ami once he
enters s man it i- difficult to .li-*-
lnili:,* him    ll.* thai liii'l- himsell bo
i I nhould kiu.w  that a valiant
hiend in do battle tor him wuh the
unseen loe ie Parmelee'a Veeetable
fills, winch are ever  readv   toi   Ihe
*ie< i'i*.11mr  to .*■   Berlin  correspondent of the Dail)   M . .  Denmark and
Gei mniii   have entered  into a treat)
Baltic   to  ti.-. t -
...:■!' * ..|     11.11
The liainewell company'i lire alarm
i-stem lm- been decided upon !••  Rd
monton and "ill be immediately Installed
Tli- i    kle's    \iiii-r..ii-
sumptive Syrup in curing coughs snd
colda   and nftainmation  oi
iln* 1 im.'-. can b . --■■ "I bt hun-
dieda   ..f   testimonial*   from nil aorta
and conditions of men    It ia a
'-ine.il :ir these uiinieiit- and aJJ
affectiona ol the throat :'iul lunga    I-
i- highly recommended by   i licine
v. ndoi -.  be. au *.* the)   ko h   ami  ap-
i curative    I. i
Th.. fiahei men  nl   \l n blethoi i
Lincolnshire,   sre   greatly   i ertui bed
hi the proapeel *.i ni * being allowed
t« use whelks aa  bait,  which  have
Minard's  Liniment  Cura$   Diphtheria.
it .-ni..k    lt„„in„er.
Ill'    (selitllliel.lillll . The   eye-.,    yOH
know, are tbe Windows of tbS soul.
she (flippantly) 1 suppose that ae-
.■..unl*. for ihen frequent glassy stare.—
Baltimore amencuu.
The Btrathcona council have nlae*'.I
nn   order   with   a   Vain-..river   firm   t..v
I portable cottase r, juired »- a nurses' home lor th.* hospital
$100 REWARD $100.
Tha net l-r. ..f tli . paper w.ll ba pleeMd to lean
thai there ie at laa.t one tlreeileJ dieeaae tbat IB ratal
haa beea ahla to euro ia all  ila etagee, aud that I,
< alar rt..     Hall'a   i -lartl.  t'i te  la the OBl.  poa.Ill,
-.   n, w .in-i, in i h.   me.1 ,-al  iitt-'n l,.   Calartb
l.u , . ..n.i tui.oi.al .t.aea-e.   remittee a c.,,,-1 t.i
* ..ual ireatttieni.    Hall*. . aiatiti l lira la tal.t-n la
ternell,,  a.t,og   '. -e.ti.,   „,i  the 1,1,mm!  and   Qiui-on,
|    .nrtfU-ae Of the .'.te,,.. Ihetel.v  d—t nn   ha llie tumid
j   at..,a of tlie il -ea-e. nn.l  g , na ll.e patient .1,-nrlh
ij l.uiidma up the ron-l'lulinn an-t aaai.)ina hatui*.
■ n do'ng  ita  •",.     Tie   pmpr'e.nra ha.e »o n ' <*h
:   ■■ ll.   ii   t. . ...el,.-   power, lhal the'   offer .'t.e ''■ tl
i   <!ra.l Iti.liar* fur an, ,*a-e that it fade to ,-ure.   Send
'   for I -i.r teetimon al
l   a...— i   ..  . lii \i i t i ..    i..:, i    .
Hold 1,, drugg .1. '.I...
1.1.  11.11 .   1 ...   1-   Pllla fnr  , .....t |.ali..u.
Di     1 hsrdl'a    Hem-Boid   curea
nni form ol files. Internal, External,
Bleeding, Blind, licliuit;. Suppurating,
■■ii*.. are aimpl) names ol the atagea
through which every ease will pasa n
it continues
files are caused b) congestion   ol
1 1 in in.  i .■ er bowel, snd it inke.-
u,i internal rem d) iq remove Uie
en use
Di Leonhardt'* Hem-Bold is a table) inkeii internally, snd no .*.i-.* ..t
filea lm.- eiei been (ound n failed to
cue     Money  lnnk  if it does tail.
-i on ni an) ■!* ilei . oi The Wilson-
I\ le Co . Limited, Niagara l-Ull*
mm   prop..re.I   111   Selllollh   lo
he ttftwii'.s sail Industry.
I'S  Liniment  Curut  Cold*,   i-tr
CorncohB as Fuel.
..I has gone up in price to $v a
Pul   San   Ani..iii...   T'ex.i- I hj
nought  on  the  luegestion   lliat
• pie lull  i ii   .P.- fill   fuel, -nice
me quoted on the market al $n
..I It is  i id thai corn-
snake god fuel    The w I deal
laim* Hie mil...inI- l"i the i sre
iinoil.   line dealer Bald thai loi ■
Iln.* .inys in* lm.1 been appealing
mU''   Bililr.uul   V im-suiii   uml   In
■Bull..u.I I.n cms. nml wilh.ml    "'
\ dealer was appealed  to loi
.1 ..f W.....I. in..I he declined  to
(hnl mu.Ti to ..ne customei. -uy
 ul.l nol sell  re thnn e nol
worth    N   Y. Tribune.
N  / I  . •       ,   ,
!...».    I.i.lr  ..Uvea  Are   .',r|.,,,r,t
our consul nt Hevllla reports that to
prepare olives In Ibe most palatable
manner lb-ay musl be gathered unripe
lifter the tirst nullum! shower-.,    l'rop-
eriy assorted according to si/.e nnd
.iiiuiiu ihey un- Hre I washed iu fresh
water lo remove particles of earth and
le.ives which iir-lliilly .linn 10 lhe fruit.
Later  Ihey   nre  allowed   l» souk   lu  a
solution of aoda snd potash, concentrated lo between two degrees nn.l -ix decrees of iiu- ituiiine aerometer,   It tin*
solution  Le very . oii.eiilruleU eight  to
ten hours or soaking suffice; if diluted,
iiu* operation mny continue for three
OT  four  .lays,   .\rter  the  solution  has
penetrated very nearly t.> the stone of
iiu* fruit, fresh water is substituted
iiiiii renewed every two hours until it
remains clean s ft^n thai the fruit baa
lost the onusiic flavor wblcb the s..iu-
iiun iiml Imported lo it. Next ihe fruit
is pickled according tp processes varying in conformity to tbs custom of each
locality, Boms use brine, others admix
fennel nml thyme, while iiiii infrequent-
iy uiso suit inni vinegar ars employed.
Iii   Ihis   ivuy   whole  olives are pickled.
Whenever ii is desired, on ibe other
llllllll,   thut   lhe   fl'llil   shoill.I   lllll.il>.-   ll
stronger savor i>r ihe pickle Into which
ii in steeped iiui-ions penetrating to
III.-   Stbne    lire    llin.le.    I'llile.1    Slnles
Consular Reports,
Tree* in Slcllr,
The snclenl poota ur-.-ii to sine or tin
dense   foreata  of  Blclly.    Today   tin*
! mountains are bare.   The question of
! reforesting is n difficult one. Attempts
nt starting new growth are frustrated
! by the pensnifts, who tear down feucee
nini drive In their Routs,    Unly nnder
i military protection could new forest
. trees be a..."n.
1 r,,,,»   Sour   lu   Svrmri.
A plum in tropical Africa bus a fruit
wblcb .un change tbe  flavor of tbe
most in iti substance into a delicious
sweet ness. It is sel.loin found iieur the
Coast. The fruit resembles n sinnll
Iiimii wllh lhe seetl Invested lu ll thin
son   pulp,   wherein   lies   the   peculiar
sweetening property.
Itch, Mange, P-airie Scratches and
every lorm of contagious Itch on hum-
Sn or animals cured in 30 minutes by
Woltord's Sanitary Lotion.
The..* is mlk ..I an electric road
in.in  Seiiioiili  to  Brussels.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   in
Sunken Tresturs Search.
SalviiiK operation! for the recovery
of tne jr..000,000 treasure ..n the sunken
East in.iir.man Qroavenor, wrecked ..n
l'oiitloli.inl. Cspe i*ol my. In 17s:-. will
shortly bealn. The Cape Qovernmeni
will receive 115 per ceni. on aiiyiliina
T,,„ it,i.t Thea.
"How fur ill,I de mule kick y.ui?"
"Don't S3 iu.    Think 1 Inul time ter
measure de dlatar,ceT"- Atlanta Too
it! ration
1 .,al,,,..I   line   l.nrseat   .uae
"Lim .*ii|.s ui.* bigger in New York
Ihiil. uu.vm here else in the World except
ICnglnii.1," -,iiti a globe trotter. "I
can't say tbe -.inn* for Ibe eggs, al-
, tbougb ih.* bens In ihis country per-
irn ni their duty of helping to teed ths
I.iiiuiiu r:ii*e pretty creditably, sun.
tiny i.un...i come up io the English
hens.    Their contribution lo tbe food
1 products nre extraordinary in size;
hi'iiec iin* corresponding capaciousness
I of tl..- .-un cupa The further south
you go on ilu- continent the smaller
II gg   cups   urnn       In   Egypt   Ihey
. dwindle away to the else of the aver
age lluilil.le Their iii lllllllll in* pn,
p.minus are coniinensiinile with tht
size  of  the ceils.  In.«ever,   which   in*.
tlie smallest laid l>> aelf respectlm
hens any place on enrth, ITnec nu ...
ilinnry Egyptian .■-• ■• In tbe llriii-l. eti
lllll   il    is   illi-ollllell    lost."  -NOW    V"i
All Sorts snd Conditions of Men MsKt
Tracks In Qutst of Their
Now In Ihe advent of fee laomeseek-
• r In lhe Western pr vinces. tlie woods
—rather the praltlos-ar» (alt of the-n.
and ih*> streets of a ..erialn large town
In Alber'u, Calgary, write* a Toronto
Telogro.m correspondent, are dally patrolled hy aqdads of young fellows,
nnsi noticeably Bngllah, out to aeili
their fortunes It. the alluring 'West.
Hut the crowds or visiters are not confined to ..no nations ity, and they are
of nil ranks millionaires who might
buy a llllle piece of hind, say 10.000
acres en passant, :t- ■ speculation—
level-headed boya from g-nod old Ont.
"lust out '.. lool sr ind nnd perhaps
to locate," If it looked Bond to ihem-
lucky fellows on a *. Ip around tha
•"■ rt i ... .ins- i r I.."in-, and i". u
' for ai *-•   ' it'• v  can
■   V .nl,. r Snim
the   Am- ri    in   mid '■ ■■   ne 'I.   li   "make  . r
be I" land aeeker from "I.may," m
the look ml for cheap wheat lamK
Bays he sold his farm "down home in
•; d't country' for t'.o an acre.
Born snd bred in • West, the Canadian prairie la lo i.t*.. only a repetition
of ills own 'nnd. with the Improvements
of n iifrr-r Government un,] decent
An  Innate  Gimbler.
He is a gambler from ihe word go,
this mnn rp.m "Ioway," ready to lake a
chance ,,n a possible fr -st or drought,
trnsrlng to luck and his own common-
sense lo pull lilm through, which it Invariably seems  to do,
"We come from  Bruca and  we mn*<t
ba  respected."     You   gather  this  from
the   conversation   of   S   armip ot
half a dozen big f :   iw    -"Hiding at the
street   oorner.    The •*   shrewd,   hard
ie* i led eon t of th. - penlnaula,
n i: ... inn-.i.-s wer. ienl .1 In boy
hood** days, putHng oui    roexs   umi
stumpa on tbe .i.i taim, .an now Iti
their energy  to  Hi.-  clean   Boll  ..r  the
pruliie uiih marvellous results.   They.
■ .mark, formers, lire building up the
"Thought you'd hit the trail wesl
Stain," said a vo
I turned and confronted an old cattleman  from   I.iitle   How.
"Ixits of new settlera
"They're «ure c min'
Them Ann ■ in ' ■ :.'-rs
know It all.   Wl .ith, places
p   ,       woulilnt  grow,  then   dry   yea.-.
I'll be ir them "Ioway" and Kansas
farmers haven't  14: iwed  III
wheat; plougbln' h.*t* up right ..11 gravel
beds,  slappin'  In   the  seed,  and  gettln'
forty  and  tUty   buahela    lo   the   acre
We've had 1 . *r- r.r .1 while.
but just wait ti'l . lhe,11
dr**.' s. II k**i*''i It   Bei ■ •■
r.ir up lhe range an.l
spoilin' ranchln*. Mo, sir, cattle is good
enougli fm* me—aln'l I ■ .1 ■.- ■ , . -
back > - *
Irrigation  Wanted.
• If -h.y had '■•   ter on ' ie I ind   Ir-
rlgotlonl  .; 1 - . em* of th.  C  P  11
to get rid of s..ine    f th-lr old *1
tracts between h-*re and lh- 'Hat,   I    .
bei.    Quest   they   can   ra.-e     h,nanus
wi*h irrigation "
H'*i*e In- gave a wink and pointed lo
a group of new arrivals, a In:    -f i\ •
dressed young   Englishmen   In
brc chea -.nil ; ta
-.V,.. 1 .,..,...
cker-board 1
u **il t>. he ;i ranchln' count ry, bul 1
gettln'  •• be   1 regular museum
ll'      1!
I'toin'   run :i 1  th. Qa
over  the plain-  ori  a  bron.     ■  and   s
that sort  of I    ig.   I    • ae them
hunii* ll   on  the  b
prairie, wind blow In' and 20 below. In
that   outlli      T . dr .p
nawnchln'  tor ra 1   put   on
ov. roll* la 1
catch "11 i" the f..**i ih.it th
forkln' manure ti.'i horse-bock 1
to   'lie  e iw  bualncaa   * hes*  do- -
_   r   ..n
"i-iii . ranchln'1 ':    ■■ -
aln'l plaj  i  iui yet. No, 1
young fell, r -   ■
Premium   Pupils  Pay.
"N 1. he ain't no h .bo    He'* one of
;. 111 1100 .. year to Bl ■
I. ut .ui Mud Creek fm* the privilege
of doln' iir- '■ h.s spore
■im.. ivin' round town lickin' up bo-.z
I'at lim's f.n* Bill, bul 11 only lasts 1
year, for the pupil's oleuloted to hav
learned ll a by then. Bill says he's
glad be'a lo git when bis ye-ar'a up
\\ iv .ini hav* blm round th* place no
longer. Why lost summer him and another   feller  Just     bust     Bill's   mOWtn'
machine and r-ake ail to pieces, r.i iln'
In from ihe hay field with teams ot
* Hud one of them kind workln feme once. Mel him In town when 1
was loOkln' f'.r a man. Said he knew*
It all—could ride anything — forgot ' I
sny he couldn't  ride a  horse.   The ot
woman ketched him one day standln'
In a tub when he was  Ohoppln'  wood;
-iiiti be didn't warn to cm his feet with
ihe axe.  Thai tub leaked afterward*
Forgot  tht  Steers.
"Awful    forge! ful    young    fellow    he
WOS,    One day  1  -.111  him across to a
neighbor    to    gel    aome    two-year-ol.l
steera out of his pasture,  Now would
you believe It, bUI he'd clean forgot
What I told him. and when he stopped
hla i-ayuse ot my neighbor's after 11.1-
111' through his garden patch and four
p..nei* beds, he said he didn't know If
It    was   eleven    tv   .-mm:   Old*,   01     Iwo
eleven-year-olds lhal b* wonted,
"Price ••! i.e.f'.'    \«.iy down out of
slglii. I.lke 1" hold my steers if 1
could, but guess I'll Iniie lo sell. Re.
tween    th*   I"" I   buj    It   cillehill     a    f.-1 -
low up ..n th.- pn.*.* iin.I ih,* mosabacka
in"  In  ..inl   fi ueiif   up  llie  country, the poor old rancher is up against
"Tes. this lust r.un has Insured s
crop, but ihings sine looked bad before
we got it.   The country wa* sa dry us
n bone, with the ,1 list lyin thick *'ii
ihe trails, (ill plum choked up with
,1 usi every time t hli thia town. Thanks,
dou't mind  if  I do."
Is Being Exploited by Us on Account of Its
Vast Superiority Over Japans.
40c, 50c and 60c Per Pound.
W    Hlnii   Iiiii, .    ii.   ."■    -ill .iiiilli.ii.
i   dead  at   81 -   eden
\  schedule ni pi i. •    foi   citj   laboi
 n .Inni n up i.*   the Edmonton
. rly   i	
That Cutting Ariu iimi arise, from ths
stomach  iniii  almost   strangles   Is caused
in  letin.n'ltti i  fo,,,t in rin- stomach.
.. foretaste <.r Indigestion and dya
pepala Take one "I Dl Vou Stan's Pint
apple Tablets I amedloteli oftei .-nting.
and .* n ill pre ienl rin ii -t,, . nmi ;,i,j
digestion    60  In  i.  boa,  i'i cent
rhe Ca I'ncitlc U
Miiriiiiii-    theii   annual  excursion
l-j'-tei ii . 'anada fi  Manitoba
iit.liewnii uii'l Alberta, Un* ticketa being mi -ul" Novembei !Mth to Decem-
I* :   31st   and  | I  I tin n  a ithin
thi.-.- month
The  -up,., i.n in   ol   Moili.*.   Graves'
Worm   KMi'IHiiiiiiIoi   Is   -ii.tiin   le.   its
good  effect -  on    ll.c    i hiidreii     I'm
bottle in..I *."." ii u ii iai,
. .,.-   1.anile.to,,.
A goo.1 time to . Ite lhe dau
delloo is in tin* autumn, li cannot ll
done by dlgglns ",. the plant, '■*• it |.
Impossible la extracl ull of the rooi.
and later on twice ..s many plants will
spring np.    'i I.. i  way  is to pour
gas.il.ue ull urtu'ii un.I into llie center of the plan'., aud in u few daya 11
«:,'! slnl-.fl up anJ die.
I'i iiiee Rupert,tl    i',■ i i irand Trunk
1 terminal,  la  no  place  for a
ingman n- yet    oj officials, and
they linve i- en wai ned against tr.tiny
•    .1
There i   Only One Eclectric Oil
\\ hen  uu  article,  be  ll   i lici	
anything else, becomes popular, imitations invariably spring np to derive
mil antnges trom ,: • ot igin il, u liicli
they themselves could nevei win on
theii om. men'- Imitations ol In.
Th..m:     i Oil hnve b ien miiu-
bul   net .*.   lucceaalul      'I hi -••
*." . the genuine ore not put ofl
titule    .* ii   demand   Hn*
real tiling
Wiil*. i   l;.-i,I.  un expert  advisei   ol
tli.-  Aero  . lull  ..i   'rn*   United 'Kingdom, lnnk,*   the statement in on od-
thai   the   latest   prediction   or-
■  i     ■.:   travel   level    it
tlmt tl lie able lo iiui.*l from
I.t,iiilnii  in  New   *. o.k  in  twenty foui
l.t.oUlltg   Unci.,, nr,l.
Iio you ,- k .mr your e.irj
ind thii * * - you huve
mods a   fool  of youi ••!!".•    We do.—
Uaiicua  1 nne-  11 I,nne.
Cut the Great Consumptive Preventative brought Health and Happiness to his Home
"Our doctor 'aid there was no cure for
■7 wife as both ber lung* wer-l affected,"
i»yi Mr. L. H. Walter, of Fearl Street,
Brockville, Ont. "lt wag a v-d disappointment to us both, just fc'.artirg out ia
life, only married a ihort time, hut befora
•be had £ni-ihed thc Ar*.t b-oiil* of i'ly^h.nm
(be pain in her lungs quickly wen; iwa/i
and after taking six bo:t!e_ Mrs. Walter
was a new cieature and perte-tiy *ell
That is just one of the many families
into which Psychine has brought hope,
health and happiness. It is a living proof
that Psychine cures Consumption. But
don't wait for Consumption. Cure your
LaCrippe, your Cough, your Bronchitis,
four Catarrh, or your Pneun*on;a with the
remedy that never ta .»
(Franoume-i S   k;-t«!
50c. Per Bottle
Lorgot ilm   S. and Sl    all druai.-X*.
DR.  T.  A.  8L0CUM. Limited, Toronto.
of Red
Cures Coughs
CRAY'S PYRUP dn<n that one thing,
and .l.M-r. it well, It "m no ". nreull," but
ii CURB for all tlitii.it ..ml lung troubles.
GUM ttops the irritntin« tickle —takes
away the soreness—sooths an.l heal* the
throat and CURUS COUGHS to stay
None the less effective because it is
pleasant to take.
25 cts. bottle.
Sunlight Causes a Fir*.
Tl.e sun S-Ctlni up n .. powerful n-nd-
in,! tlasi In lhe shop window »f Nor**
man Woodoook, chemist, ..f nini. road,
Woodsreen, set Are to four packets of
towels. The ownsr bslng oul al Ihs
time a policeman climb*-,l iiu-nuni. a
back Window nm! extinguished thi firs
bnft.re  ll  had   time  to  Spread.
Mipr.-lntloi.   ,,r   l.lfr.
According to lbs English table of ,-x
pOftatil.il   .if   lit.-.   OUl   nf   I..»-.'..""I   .Ilii-
dri'ii born tiro survivors ill Iln- ni;.' of
sixty would lis 182.B50 males snd 187,
•177 femSlSS, Of m uom  ten yenrs Inter
there wonld is- 111:17.1 males snd 138,.
Wi" females, ,»• :i lotui ..f 237,977,
The Footwear Question
Answered —
Dmj and Main.
Ity  n simple nil.- the lfiiis'lli  ..f the
d«y mid n'ljht nt nny lime ..,' tlie yeur
mny be sscertsloed, ity doubling tin-
time of the sun's rising the ItBftb "f
the 1,n;lil in i.btiilue.l, ..nil by doubling
tho time of Ihe s.-lllni; the I.-i.kIIi of
the tinv ig tlveu.
y    \Comfort'
in rr;
Does it strike you ss ' almost
too good to be true"? It ii
only one instance of the price-
attractiveness of Diamond Hall's
stock — backed by its half -
century reputation  for quality.
This Brooch (Catalogue No.
31683) consists of a I i inch
crescent of solid 14 k. gold,
supporting a lily-of-valley spray
set with 16 pearls.
It is sent post dee in dainty
satin lined case.
ti'e ,r:.i ufy>.rmq.rn'f^t 1 • ■'?.
ru. tmrgwiilttwrotmt....   . ..
Tbionto. Out.
The Man Who Thinks
He Must Pay Big Prices
in   order   to    -get   satisfactory
Underwear, has never enjoyed
the eo.-e and comfort of
ll is made by Canadian
foi Canadians— in sizes lo fit all
figuies and weights to suit all
Canadian climates.
And il does Dot cost much,
ju« uk your dealer lo ihow you
STANHICLO'S    tht  U<ula-.t-
cinl  -t.oo'1 nKrink.    Every
gairarol  guataoteevl
The Woman Who Knows
Slocking Valors
Is the w.u.mii « ho most appreciates
■ I-.I.111I1UII1 iu.inii' fttoeaingSi
Tbe silkv v.irn.s—their typical
British strength llie «.iimtii aud
comfort of every pair make U.ciu a
tlelipht to every wi.tn.iii.
"Dominion Brand"
"las laal Is.:s *
UiH   Mill.
A.Bumn ICu
h.i' BIISISIllSSM This
label it you.- p.otrc-
tion against ill-
Biting, cheaply made
W    N    11    No.    611 .mWmmm-+ *MB HWllW ■!-<■ Wl-liil -l»ie
SmWlr ntlwmt*-".  tm .MMfttH,^ .■  ,v.i ->.       „
R&VIfcW j
■fsP.-Vl litdkl '."i- ai ' *.'*. * • ■ " •■..\Si;"i-.- j
p.    .,..i-... .*      .  * .. '' ■.   ■ I i ....*.♦...,., i- j
Tan P. Ill* rr ,',   ■        ■ ;  ...*! I   :i>j,,,n '*
i-    '   ■ '.* *..',...   ( ,;■,-, I. ,.* tl tt tf)   I
,* in-  - : - .  li*  i . •  m:   .
...I   ■      i.i, i     . ...an***'.'.   .''.   i ■*■•' ;.'.*.■'      I
,ii   rt*   i1*..'   .      '   *....' ii,i .. *. ., tftjA f . j
(ll|,;A',.,       .i.l-is   I) ill).) I    1   ...    ll    i.
! • r „s ..,1 • |*..j. .„,.i:| t|.(t   ,jl»r clifi'l.l*     1
will 11* ,m. it* . >»!iwu i.i . i i i.r li i'ii. .'ii i.'n i I
■a.i.itci*. Iiiii, (.'. ..' o \i.... i.i Bilvai.os
wesan WO  ;**-.■.*-*■  * am-»cvl#-*=M«*«--.-«w**r,«»*
■  • y-
Thu   i'r*l..'.i!.iC'   !. !)     open   Cliltlr i
Mr. Jftli-ain W^iiii.-i* Jim i M.
ItlllM    '.i i'Catih*2t*0l  mul il lint,"—
J-iit    Ml    •'.. li.l.'.l   :**lt ,,i*s il.r    lllnllti  iff
res;.. .,:ivi ■ lor inviting thisctii>!t-
foul 11 llie I.i- i*i*il mneii'iiu in o
lhe realm >,f Brii sh '.* Uiiiihin pt i-
Oojir*.,  . i
It sn* imj'i
1* ihi!; imnt.pl
ii.iliniu,,    ,
in dl li;'-1 .i.i '.*■ ljtli.liift  Vtsl'    !*>•*♦/". tM-T-MK      ;'•     _ V*> -  _
vi.-.i:,'.:.; im. iu- rpo-| j S. DANEY, Prop.    Fergus&n.
Legal ! Fotioes. I
lift il , laim, lil mt. '" llie
i I nl ,* n iiii.., ili.i. K.n nl \\eJ.
CUM   ilistl    t,
.... * eron Milu creek
D.ll. .N     Williio
ni hsfi.)   <'.">n'l
ki.    nn I .Iiiiin II.
i     .' !*•'>.
ile,*. Irn-n Ilii
mii.lv     In ll'"
!     .. i|n,   fur   ii  I'e iiii'*iiii*   ol
•.   ; ,| I1..-  | ...*'   ., ■." ni"
■ . . i,i i.   i i   ■•*   iln*   iiln.ve
iHer i»l>'- nniii n tl i.t srlinn,
■   it,  .*.,, musl   ! i ■ i.  'I
.1, ■'.    i   . 11* ol t'l-rllti. ...■ i>l Im
ii  '.■■■I.,
," I ii     30th tiny "I An?., ' D, l&CO
■    -»>-,„..,»,   J—.t^^vs-
r-.ta-.unr   .*s.T,r.t.-iss.'
-""*     * *;*; :    •iMim-Ld.j
■ _^	
fir ■".'.       J ii.-    whole   ri.in|i.*iif;
nr.*.-..:..-i   ih>   M.i-r.i'ilc  i;; v*.-riiii*.etH .-■
JlSi U.'.-r.   I i ;i..*tH   I   :i   i'liqi.*;; 	
whetn rajttltidt ebae   itiat iwiun-* ?       A   K/ F-*-"5   r •» *••—« «  i;   r       v   u .*--■■-. ,-*--y«i ■»—.. .,                                                                                                .  _ *.. _i- . I
,„:. „.,,„,.,:,*. i.»«:LAKEVIEW   . iO i L.'..: irrontXahc ww*m^W:
: .,.:.j.*.*ii«a1.,.* i. i*■■ ,        Jly. urn* Water supplied  by ibo
" TItQl' i' I. \K*:* [i.e.              ,                                 CiiUltCV           O   Company yott'ft'ro n»«ured oi   *    •
F.i.  > iji^i.d Lh?   iteiirncd   1 g- *.-   lute purity,   Qovemment Analt In
^itm . pul.ilwns nJ  l'-vp'ur for i e ~""*    "'""  .   »♦"'» 1 H")5*>^'')     (■"") ") -t.i back upstatetncnU ;:::;:•..:
  .. ,.  .......                                              .....                     ^•l^i'lvMvV.ft'.rriftiflvlVh
Trout Lfii'e I
StcMcs ot Trout Lik,
■.euir.s tv his ouifit, nn*l  is imw   i>,        Large Cm ......
ii   position   to es.t.*,.i'. lil» uuer.i- j  -•
l0,e:   - -.—        jROBT. MADDEN
ir.ivk Jtt'knis  uin!   | rirtiH-"  :••'
dt ing p. rr.c gccil ivo-.t; i n tl... yv.y-.  —	
,i.::y  i..v»nid j-ainii) hy Ed.  Molba
ti-.J  tl.cn-.si'r'vt',   ftt    the   fuot   ofj**
the Lak !  ,
*-»«-»re«-**r*ai--^. ■■■■<■» ta - _. (A^tmtAt^te.t.'.A,*aj0 mr   $mmm-myemtt ■
•-i- .-, ^. ( ia:c; sljwts isck a!    j
'"Rising San" Fip-?.
Tif- tiinii*.*' ..rt tl.e   fl.ec . ii   i.
y. g ''|,s.si.j*i'' Lv a danils ■•:• *
U    JmI. »': itm wh.. h,!.-   »*h-ii',:i- >■,
Xhc  work   piediets .i  Rieni  futti/.i'|
or fln|'ic! Cretl;
i.i Cuisin-9 ami Altcndance.
;W. H, Jones,,wo:" flv^nAnc;-nHARP'
  i WARE CO* L   D*
II:l.*lwr,r.  ,   Mill! rs'   ft     Jil;i: ,   ! . IV.
i ■ .;   !;.,,-,   i ne  .' b
NEl^ON. B. C
\ Excellent    Ac. ommodation
iiSt Liouc *      I
ltd Very finest Cigars   s_
i i, * *
,-*i>4, _ .,Y. ^,.        ,-4       ,-■»        lenglliv trip can olle
x———— .'.   r   .* '. ••.
tVHOfEBAf.E DF.AI EllS In Bi *
i   It pays tn uio tiio Telephoi
lenytl)V trip can otten lu Office-)
nt Kefansoti: Cnminlus1 t;i,.te ;  i onl
, I' il .. ■,iii
an.i A. roul
Trout  Lake  Pity Tra.__„|
•—**- ---.tea »*a^
and Stage Line.
w T«'OutL?.ke
1 Beaton
I i
'   '.'.ti-t-.^fiA'-^V. •    '
I Raify Slf-g,. yyg
leave  Pcrru0D
? a.m.
I Trottt Lokestjj
ki      la ccnaeoiiss,
. ,   .. produce sm. m.'|^  ^   y. th a j    ' XmpeiJal Ban^ of Canada
.. i.i:..I i'e  : rm ct  Nti"    I: C.   %>"e     k   _•    .   i»   \/ HOarfAmf \   C,PITA,_ authorized s.ooo.OOO.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Cimrfo
Xin* .(-'.ii'iiii'sui P.u'i'!*' Fiuilin!
.C.i.lii*.*' tcignpo'arily closed do*,v..*
i.ieir mU: ut Giir.-.t.'.
A I'tiKil! .'l-"tV <1 lri-1, lllii be:.
t'.iii-.'i t^ ketjy Lhin|p in phapi.
'"Ri-ilnj Sun" FlourJinakei i.o-.. '
lu;T*' I   8  (."*!'.:, A*:c
-v-Mto rr~r  —    - t-  —      - n   "■ »■ i ■   si ii ■*■!■ i
SjmB$o-n,      Proprietor^e5tl    "^3?® ;"'"'"':     i -, A'"""k,
 - :      -—.Motei,     |       mim wi
_. MOBBS- PROP-  rr r^ == '
WINDSOE HOTEL   '     ~~ """
H-sJ Office:
"lOKONlO.   ONl'Ui'IO.
TROUT  LAKE!.  f3   C.
t     m
Hotel and
General Store
CAPITAL P* '3 VP. .'. 28.CCC
j    R18T I alB.CtO ^^^mm——mm——m—m
D K  «ll K* • 'I in   ROHEHT JAFKU
3F1ANCHES   In lhe I'. i Albert*,8    * iir'ie..ui.,
M..'iu*'i...  Onlnrlo a I I *.  ■
'SAVINCSJ DEPARTMrNT.- ' ' *,i, I in! •
' I'.iir, i.t .-y.o in n,  ;  •   . I. | of S
Best Motel io Town,
Mprte I Sliiisi asi I   • .'4 la. ;
TUSCAN   :....' i'.U'
N**. 80.
.   letters ',f in,lit. intic.i ,v.   ,
B   C
,\f      A K. & AM
rii-.l   'Ilmrnl •.;■ fiuli
IF; B. Welisi^
i.m: I!..
• ri    «■  I    ^^^^^^^^^^^^
■   .       •    • if.i . . i- ' .        •   ■
Aiio.vIk.i.I ':, i
.- .
llirei       '    '   ■
■   ' :
Review Job Dept».
1 or *r> V.'otk
' :   •    '■■■     :    :   " O.y.   i
KO   11
i    ,
J.   '.I.t--J.4t.k-t  >-l ll^B   ' Finns
Caoiiellstlna Act. lu&a."
at. 1
ln ttte in»ti-i ,.   •.'•.', ..
Jioi. of :■ AMi:s WI I.SON THOM P-
60!." tn esncsl ol-.'-'tlou (.? riau
T/.lt  tiki!   in  llie    l.ni.J   ki;;iir*ry
Cffi-r-: sl tfa« ill)' cf Nelscn
H ■ . ii i. ii- give , t al .f:-;
sr th. , -. ' *.*. cl 8 wtmkj Iv -ml
:!,. :i-j; pul)] ition bete '. i :-•
"I...r'ic.-;u Mi.iT.e. Review'1 an sp-j
ji.'mtion .vit b*: tnn.de to His Hcrt*
prlfodfjo Forin, fnr nn rrdrr !>*••
the cancrila*i.).i t.f nil that   i   i
I T t
tiin of P!nn T&C tilrd in lh'* LuJ;
Registry Ofllct' al the City of  Kvi-j	
fen, eovetinjf Bljoclta 8, snuth hn'f'
of Bock T),  Id, 14. 13. 13, II, 10 9 j KA*»*mmtmr4A »«H» ^^^^^^^
17,18,1». 21,82,   23. 26 un.l  VT   .' ^-r ,r.     ^    T    ••"• 4,
MihesueeisMdelleVsoontlgu-   8       ...       C!)C    fOOiCl   JUC5ltO)1       ...
otis thereto, '■)
1   '       '   -     *-r    BEATON.   B.C.     —r ■.    -
Dated, January 10th., 1807.
"i   ,,.-:.-; ti. '.
Hull   - .
■ .
Sandy Laughtcm
Propriet <r.
lA/iUEN  vi-i'l*"-  Fortjm  M\J\J.§,;1. i
}' W* j                             :    * 	
/——   n,'^v   u'"  ,;'r ' ■ CASH   PRICES   l>Ain
'■^'■'J.                 ' i   '•'■    Exrrlli   '■ "            ~" '	
tZr,-L.    ■     >  .    iveii   vrutila-ei .;      - "■'•'VOflhl    s:
■ I bar, ■■■?, 1 - v. rj            11 ".. ;                 	
:.               .      ' .   i,. ''. .      \ i 1.1-  i ... t  -. _,..-.
RAW FOBS   . /I^S Barber Sbop
mm I
J. Imo  ■
I   ."    '
' * I bar,   ..n 1   i r. rr
I.   ri - in .: ' -   it. il| r..  \. nr i i.-ii a !      ■<!       :■"-•
II..!**. Ir* in  5!   .;.*•.•.   ii|.w.:i
Wi   Strive tn j.!i     u our I lit    i .
Tine .,
.   -
-      1      t Lal     i; . .
1. A	
«jr: id SI
or II..ir Cut
■ • •
' •
[WHO A   '     P.F.T.UE ; Hoi ami Cold Hatha
Merchants   lium ii
Uttt, H. M.i ..tar. I    \     i   .   . ,
I iN'Ml IV.
1 Barber
:     -     : .!-, *iti
C. A CHIe  .. ;I
ti ota i
Hot,  rr !   I
Deal vr* in ..ii kn*:* nf I*"i,*-!i Jfn-I
raoi i i '.!.::.! i
Stii : bit.
REVr:L'.   I'OKL   B.  c
. .111..
i IJKD ('   L'LMOTT       j  *
Solicitor lor avjl'vi-.. I    I
■ ....•• —,—, :—siiJLU—: ","' "'     'jiLl'Ilii :
t^rW^AWmh.    AtWtLh.  *Dm    *_»_<!____       tea /t\      tm mm mne,      .     mw~  mm —
.••Ar,-i.' ■	
'   t   ■<.. I'onnisir. |  ,
It«gi*-.-nr ii thi Ooanty Ci-n.t
VISITORS arriving st Bee!     -      -   f the hsr.lea.O
'     vin  Arrowhead, will !:i*'i 'ha Hn'fl '.o '■ ■
for hi*/li-elsn *. . .
sppomtetl :.nr'. || Tbe licet of V
SnuCMjars     l'..-rsc.pi.! sn: ".lim. ri- tin r ■ !*■> tir» ttq.. • ■ :
f:       ij.trun- Vfsiton !•:.*'•.•••      • rl etcl
geasao-.-g _ur.ia. ,-g.u ge.»j
iW. BOID-:^  -:-Prop;
ti-««.'sn-l wlicjesomo br,iJ ii g.isri.-. j J ——  	
teed b.v using Rising Bun Flour       *«> ty^X»g|->» OW >l awariMXw        -   I   *
A:*\ person having io their |
beiongitigto the KIRE
MENT,  uii.  rep. ".?«t'.:
N'.jiice iii  hereby «iven  I
N.,1 Commencing a. 8 i>o«t so. \tU'-3 il{[°1 d^'  I int.n.i . * ,,.,lv !
Ar.y nenou ha«in| in thetr |-..v , (boa, jq (,h4JI;f ,,M ,,., m  llie |f. Ito the H -n. CnielC 'mm. »
e-rsion LADDERU or BUCKETSjW r,   ,.M (j! |.„. 6116;  thonceuai   "imjs an'1 wp:'ks fo       '        ' I;>
fcelon«i*.iEti3 the FIRE  DBPABT-    Mchsin», thenoeeottth.0chains\*aM ,0«l «0,! "!,:*v »*»y «hn-
MENT, ..to rsqusstfd u rstoro tj,,„co „.,., ]6o  -hains,  ihehce bor,W01    '   '•    M      :      1'rJ
th-.* IMMEDIATELY. ... .      ,„,,,„,,,       -'•■ \*   West  Koileuav
A. M  C,*i.,i,.       mencesaent '   "':
.V*   1.      C-IPmoneMo     Infer..!
JhU tAAtttt m;cud np\ ho net-
•  *■ corner < f
M. Bi ',  :* - • ,i |.li'in,    nr *
I M, Bi , :   ■■. mptinn,    i*: *
leeKeiinweetfflrq,   t'»'« »\    Jfag,   Comment •«   at a po« U.E Evans 8i>tilh.w,slcrntf.
C____fflL£Sl*lL       "'"I panted on the 8. W. corner of N„   Ihmi th  160 ,
io.end»t-fflc»«n.ter>.cc. j"   th9!(C1! ean 1(JQ chajn,.   lU.r,r,',.,., 40 ,h . ,-;   H.-.-r      . , i, ir.O
.'-ou'.h 40chiiins. thenc  vtMt  160 --!''     •'   '■ nce^osl 40 cli . n tu
.NOTICE i.alns, tli<*iK-e .n.rtii 40 ohftini to |»*>iiit of commennsment,
Ths   ordinary   r.antlal •;«,,„«] I tb« poinl of como,i-nceno..t. i  "   pate<l, Dicembef 12 h. lOOfl.  I
mneiiic of thr 1'iiiuroBC GuiJ Min- a  r t-
i     n      ■ *.j . ■ , A' E. Evans.
ing Cimpauy,   Ltd. r.iab., Will bi-•
hild.ttheonice.ifthoConnm.ii I Ko. 3. Cornt,ienci.,« ->< n post' ,*0'9 ^mmcncl.igV aliostj
Tr .01 Utl, B. C , on Friday, Kc.,| ,)!(IH,ed on lho 8. W, coinu. „/ No. ?**»* '" ^ Cfts; ,l;"°A'f J'^'Tl
ruaryjst. 1P07. M 3 30 j* m , for U. tbinc est 160 chain,, Ibence &»»«.-1. •n^.rktd f. E. R f
the purppss of •l.'ding direc-or, M)uh4(,Bj|tin#j ibrao.w«frt 160 n'81S""'h-c s1 °"rn"!' Pon; !l Ci,"'i
for jhm er.Ming von.-nnd eoch ch jn?i ,|,ence imrih 40 oi aina to!fr'h luJ ''"""' ^'^\ *fi
0thsr-jjuii..tr»| tfm»y bo properly point o/oommencwient. i1"1""   l" i,Cu 3""1"   re0d""1!,'l
kouulit borore iht- rmfscting. '. * »ves 4>chai.e .o point of
J. M. MILLER. Hcc.-Tfta*. i        Locat.-d December 27 h, 19 6.lConiUlt.ncomi.llt,.
HEBE   li .\i*   [/>•■ ii
* ii* d *  I*.   ,!; li
ne. i  In  j!.*..  !     r*, nini
•>'-r'*  f"i u ii .-* «ili l. • ..in.l' Mi in
•    • •   •       nl
I he i
tlm   .i (jiu.ll  in ■ ••■■..  for li*   L.ik
Now '"I '•:- I*  ii.l onl In \mt tbut
• . i* h|Kll .-r. .f-.   (' , i -
R      iCstitc t  in
\    TfiOl 1-LMvi
■ ,   ,
Tpou' Lake i* the jncii      ■  '
qm i      i.
e* imii ..* .i in
l'l  *     l> ,11*     I*    Iill   I  J    '■> ,      Is" II.II
I •       .    unl .*.l
til •   111 ! '.      i's   ci *i;» t b,
lli* i                         * I        11*61
i.* i.;* i     I in "•'      ;  and *
i* I *   ..       I 4 'ino . f
' i.lencca in
i,i c! .nl nn ! ..i.itl*ij.   'j'
. I * • | * .*   * l.il   Hli
aii.f ii .'    -    ai H n nli' itir..*itn n|s
i i t. j.mri   ! w if! t-i o«' ti.i.i ii I i
Iriid -      v «' I r [it .-nli dt
Wil v» ri ii coiili leiii'fl t.i A^,' 'nis.
Me McPherson
Trout, Laks, 3.C.
i. *•_
Lots con be
obtained on
Make yo-ur j
selection at
._     ee      ae
em9     ee       to
Then call on
or   wriio tj
*M'V 1ms i eyrr lin.l n   ' 1. on;
.i a -I, I..-. In ■ ii ei. erlj*. ll Is
* |! " i*'iwl . f t IV'RSli ir, »i .1
lie !•! inii al ' I 'I* lai''". l.!i>--*h
-r U.e t'.P.R. All l-i.Ii (ii l'ie
I.t .<n'i) !. mi to Ti.i.t L'ike. Ii
•'1s ihi.- c. i> ii • i'inl c. nne c/ the
ti.li. M I. IfiSial Jiflrifl rn the
i*. .. iii, ii I, ai il litis I in i i< | .in ill-
lice proviil< 'I by ill.. I.. |. i "I
I .:..', o' Cnni'ils ; Hiel i Ins? t.! t '
..' <- ii in* >'i.i * n III ifol ile . ir ..*•
i k.i . I H. Shai i.n. ]! A.j e go .1
«-..i'i'ili r ii m ; pv< nji 11 i . fi;.*.►;
('. I, Hi   Courl   »ltfil-£-->:j   Alrlh* slitsL
I '   -0|/.l  «' il An; Ins.. <h. i
end collage i ori ii-jl,
Il.cr.* ..rr* valuable fauch  lni.de
.tii ihe unit,) Iili  h* r*:' i r • rllli-ff,
J       |    I- ll t    !•••!'    ■      I -ll*    llft^liifl
•< nl, ai.' .. i •■ i.r' in«' n.iil i> >l «
ciipuri'.i offlO.OOOfi, |er iVy >s at
t' c- I end if th** !ale. 'i'i o ti.'' .<*
till ll!n*y t-u> | r. *ii|,g . 'il hi^^d
|, i c.in i-\ pij* yar, v'vb * < *
J. r *|iil   i i . |*l|.g Up I job kodlfl " f
O  P.
I I CM*    will    I ('    N    hit*   Ijull   Ij, f
yrer, k.. if you w.i.l.l kit*
nioif, iviili' «i once ti. ijiln i.f
tbi in.1'ni--nt the fridrierrs U'loff,
paltd ct Trout Luke, B.C. 3rd:
'      .i ny, fi)?.
W. Ogilvie, Locator.
'"""*'■ i -   - i ma
>■ /!AJy* vV* v,
F. B. Wells
Central Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
V * ted. Docwiiber 12.h.   1206,'    'f?
,;:zr'< immmwi:       , ......„..,^z
■SfSMS— ■  wm t I "." ■ ....
**V -eV-S VsFm vv , . v.- . v j /^ >..> « .  . -o : •t. V, ** V* W 4S» muV „m>. A IT,
\ft ■ ■
■1 -waa, **Ai4M*ajM*fc. ■ , -


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