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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-07-04

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tcRislatve /.-.,'
JUL -9.100?
^ LZ/^V-^      ■^-^/•>^^^^r^'    ^/~
ja» a larger eiri*u
Ition Iinni nny
lewspaper in N
looteiiny. Beet ii'l-
|citit-ii|.'   n i<*. i< n
I in' i*i*;i|* ".*i*it*.il|i-e
id ti.r i i"!i l.'i,-'!-'iiu
couritr\*. Si*t-t I .
any addreai! Mr *-'
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C. July 4th.   I907.
'flMBEH N'O! •*..-.
|ii>tiie! nl Weal Ki ..Li.ay
Tak.; Notice that B. I' Beamy,
..I Poplar Ctnek, B I Prospects. Intends io apply for a speolal
limber Ik ■ the following
11. -Cribed  liiinl-
Cofntnentfiug at a poFt planted
t 1600 i* 1 north from the divide between I'uplai and 1 .
Crocks, about 8 miles southerly
iniiii Lardo River, Iheuce east 80
chains; tl.enee north 80 chains;
liietne west HOcllilinaj thctli'l SOU-
i i SO chain* t" i  int of commence"
nn nl and   *  mtailtlng   Gin   net'-.
ni..re or le ■
.lima llth. 1007.        II   V. He.UliV.
ItllVII-TOKK I AM' lilSlltli T.
District ..f Wesl Kootenay.
Take BOtlCf (bat I!    t.   Unainy.
ul poplar i reek   if! <    Pro-»|iector,
Intends t-i apply ' * i-• ■•»• *'m'
hor lien se   n*r ll.e  following  ile-
■oilied lm*
Commencing nl .. i • • planted
about 1000 t' '•! BOTth tf>*»t lhe divide belli, en Poplar and Ca
Creak, abottl t miles southerly
from the Lsrdo Rlvor, lhen«iwi*sl
i ,11 ih. iin - -mtli lOchalns
thenee enst K.<» chains) ihenee
nnrlh -hi chaina t" |»lhl "' *°m'
iiicno.tii.-iit uud containing 640
acres, more I P IctiS.
June Uin 1907.       li I' Reamv,
lll.VKI.sniM. I.ASP I'l'-II.K I
Dislrlol nf Wesl Ki.*.i''"iiv.
Take n«Hce thit  R   I   Ri-amy,
of Poplar Creek, ll.C, Pr ispeel
inteinl-. in apply i"i' n Bpeoi^l tlm-
ber li'-i-nt*" ..mt the following '&*'•
scsribed land*.
C.mmu li-in ; al n l> |t  l'l inlod
un tho CJst Side i'i 'he s> i-'i.'d mil-
Ill loil; ..I Poplar en-1., aboul   ■
ml In iiii-.v the fork, Hi • ion wns
•hi chains; theno* south 1-fKI chain*.
thenoe u isl in ohnina; Hume • nor
ih liiOc'.iain-i 10 I'oint "f rotnint i
. i ment, nu 1 containing 840 acn
mora br lciv.
•inr.c null r.i■•;.     i*. ''. R<
i.isi'iikt ok WBST k..i.ti:nav.
TAKI-; notice lhat Arthur Uow.
Ing ol Ti-iiiit Lako, occupation—
i [ger—intends to Apply (hr a
ii timber licence over the
tallowing described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted
about *J mile from I'rout l.nke to
Ueaton wagon road nu the wesl
linaol A. Qoylug's Timber limit,
.ii.ul.iil "A. Mowing's North East
Comer post," Ihenee West SO
chaina; thonoo south HO chains;
thence east .SO chains; thence north 80 chains; to point of common.
nt nnd containing cm acres,
more or less,
Arthur Qowlog.
Dated  May 27th 1807.
ri.\ i-'.i.sinKi: i.\Sii   DtRTRIOT.
iil-'llill'T l'l' Wli-T   InOTKNAY.
TAKE notice that Arthur Gowing, of Trout I/ike, occupation—
Logg-or—-intends to apply for «
ipeolal timber liconco over lhe
follow-in*.' described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
iihi.it 1-j inlloeuotn Reaton and ).
mi!e In.in Tr..ni Like wagon road
maiked "A. Qowing's Bouth-wesl
corner post,'' thence north SO
chains; thence enst -SO chaina;
thenee.aouth 80 chnins; thenci'
wesl SO chains to "point if i
mcncciueiit and containing OH
teres, more or leaa,
Arthur Gowing.
It Will repay anyone to tske a
I rip to Ueaton and examine into
the Cmit raising. Feaohei, pill mi
ami small fruit* are looking magnificent,   and   *Jom.nBtrHting the
adaptability of the soil and clitn- dayg ftg0     Work on.the
aio for that pur|ruse>
J. M. Lodwig, of the Silver Dollar property, visited town   a   few
KliVl'.m'iiki;    l.ami   DISTRICT.
lii-'Tiuci nr I'm KoorasAY.
is being pushed ulieud wilh a Clew
..f 1'J men. Three machines will
ho -atarted in a thy or two, which
have lain idle owing lu n bicak in
the uir pipe.
The norlh diift is now in i-bout
190 feet and in good milling
carrying considerable quantity of
TAKE notice lhat Arthur Gow- gray cupper,
ing, of Tiout Lake,   occupation-'-      In tho south drift, now in  about
ir, Intends  to   apply   for   a 3u0 feet,   there   ir-   three   leet of
Bpeclnl   timber   lieenco   over thej good ore.    There is ali-o  good ore
following described lands: jshowingin two cross-cuts  which
Commencing ai a post   planted: aro being   made   to   counsel the
about   1   mile froai Beaton,    i." drifts.
Fish ltiver on East lioundary of The mill aad tramway aie cx-
T.L. 8585, marked "Artliur Gow- peeled to btsii viihiu the next
ing's   North-west   corner    post,"! week.   When rum.,     at full cap-
thence -fui.ith 40 ehains; thence
east 160 chains; thenee w-rdi 40
chains; thenee westJoO chains to
paint of commencement, and containing G40 .icres, more or less.
Arthur Gowing.
Dated Jims 17th.  1907,
acity the mill will treat llio tons
of ore daily. A wagon road to
ihe mill will be built -.his summer
which will crpatly facilitate operations.
L E Beck is succeeding Mr.
Henry as foreman ol ibe mine.
During his term of office, Mr. Hen
ry has proved himself lo be a
thorough miner, and has Hone
lirst class work.
Dated May 27th. 1907.
I)i--.riet of A'sst  Koo'cuav.
Take notice that B. F. Keamv.
,.f Poplar Creek, lt. ('. Prospector,
intends to apply for a special tim-
Iter license ovei the following de-
seiil>.-.| lauds:
Commencing at a post planted
on th   -si<l. oi - uih the right fork
nl' 1'..[dut* Creek, about   .r> iniU
ah -.. the* first south folk of  Poplar 1'ioek.   liieln••■ east 160 cli i*i.-.
tin nee north   10  chains; t
weat 100 ohaina; theuce aoutb 4"
chains to point of eoinlileliceliieul
and containing 640 acres more oi
June sth. 1907,       11. K. Roam;
IM.vki -i.iK! i isn DIRTRICT.
District ol We I Ki oti nay
Take notica that II. V   Keamv
..j Pi , lm Creek,  B. 0., Pro p
Intends to apply f**i' n c|M*ei.iI i.n.
owing di-
I I.m-ls:
.tl a ; ..sl planted
..n the son tli I.ink nf Pop iii Creek
.ili'tit IJ mlleS above the lir.-t sou*
tli h.rk of   Po| lar   t'nek,   t;
iG1'. bait s; thence south   40
cbaina;   thenco cist   |o  eh i
ihenoo north 100 chains lo point
mmeneeinenl add  i outoiuing;
iiiii b.t'-s, more or I-
"Miir.ama" Mineral Claim,
siln-ite in the Tnntl Lake Mining
Division of West Kootenay district
Wbete located:      On dii.
tween B Mile Creek 'lr..itt Lake)
an*l Urown   Croek    -•■ nh Fork  ..I
l.ai*l*'ati River)
TAKI-: NOTICE lhat I, O. B
N. Wiikie, iieiing as agent for Kd-
i-..inl Baillie,      1'. M.   t'. B88SS5,
James lli.-iop     B| -jTTC.
J.D. McDonald     B»
Gordon Logan.,, ,, ,,
intend, sixly days fiom date |.(-re
of, to apply to lhe Mining Recorder fi*r n Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant of the abovel^* mat),. (|urlng 'tho ,,a!!t two
claim. yoara,
And further take  notice that      The   management   propose   t>*
Action, tin.hr section :i7,  musl linue work with lucreated vig-
commenced 1« fori the issuance oi our during the rammer,
such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated thia 22nd. day of May
A. I). 1907.
0   1*. N.   Wll.KlF.
Trout Lake,   B, C
288 07
J. R, Verschoyle cane oil r from
tbi  Matiiiii*.,ih a few dajs ago.
Mr. Verschoyle haa had charge
.ft.- e- rk .:'   Iiiii   f-moiir   •
grade property  during   the
year and  during  the  winter  had
three men di ing development.
Tke work dr>ii»* consists of drifting on the lead securing n depth
of over 250 feet.
The ore produced by this property is high grade galena and grev
copper, surpassing ia silver values any ever produced in the
camp.    Several shipmoats   have
At Camborne the co.nmittee
had raised $G00 to be distributed
amontc the contestants for the
different events.
The crowd started eomin;-; in
early from thc neighlwring towns
mining and lumber camps, and
receiving a welcome typical of
tho denizens of the Fish Creek
Horse races; foot races; events
for the "lumber-jacks" and Caledonian sports, were all in evidence.
The event of the day was the
drilling contest between McDon-
ald-Lundin vs. Mills—Nelson.
The latter team put down 38 inches in 15 minutes The former
drilled 6 miuutes, and split the
rock with 20 inches to their cred
it. By mutual agreement the
money, $70 was divided. It was
also agreed to decide who were
the best men at the Labor Day
sports at Trout Lake.
The tug-of-war between the
"lumber-jacks" of Fish' Creek
and Swedes from Beaton, created great enthusiasm. The Swedes were captained by Billy Boyd-
son, who won out.
A very pleasant dance in tiie
evening finished the day's fun,
and all went home tired,   but
hippy and contented.
80   SAYS   A   RECENT    D
ei *j-cs* f>« iB-C-V-
At Trout Lake, owing to some
deubt as to the sports coming off
at Cambormmnd the non-arrival
of any advertising of it, a challenge was accepted from the
boys at Gerrard to play a foot-
bail match.
A special trip of the "Proctor'
brought thc whole population of
Gerrard up, and from Sunday
afternoon until Monday morning
the "Lumberopolis" people owned tho town.
A match was also arranged
with tne Ferguson team, which
was pulled off on Sunday night,
the boys from Gerrard winning
by 2 to 0.
There i-i nothing that Indicates
lhe progress and prosperity of a
town more surely than to poo all
sorts of improvements under wav,
and during tlm lasl few months a
L'oid deal of improvement La-s
been carried oul, hoth in iho town
and on the various properties contiguous thereto.
Another Improvement, and one
that will lu highly appreciated by
everybody i< the lighting up of
...ir burg b.V electricity, which
im v li -ing arianged for by the
Spokane Fal's Placer Mining Co .
whieh owns large placer gnnm-l--
.it the. month of Lanhau Creek.
The company has filed  a   water
right,   and ii arranging  to put   in
a power plant to supply   the  city
nf Trout I.ake and also tbo neathv
I with light and [imir.
'Ihe Broadview mine is lo build
.iit electric road from i's property
and it probably will   ho  su; ;
with pe/itet hy   the   Placer  company.
Tho new light and power plant
will cost ahout IIO.IM'O.
■i'i   lie  l.nne-H
and   reliable.    Tl.e oilier
questlenabl        So   wiih
-. "   .Ml   BAOts Umt
look well nro not honest.
Leckle's  Boots  an.* aU
leather and made to meet
tem require Meats.
i !•■ I -".it', Ibe prospector
Hii'l lite miner can depend
■ii . hem *.\!i"ii f.ir from the
basy li-i'.ints ol men.
A-k  your de a I s r (or
**l eckic Dools" sod Mfca
V. rtl
s On tul ni:ue.
is j j J. Leckie Co.,
B. C
S Vancouver
^sgagg___git_ii«_5g___B:■:•■- - *
.    Local and General.
•■■  ■- sUsl:-fa--'-
The Trout Lake and   Fcrguaon
>]s cloiid last Friday for the
holidai -.
The closing exercises were al-
tendxd hy a number of parents and
lhe children acquitted themselves
in a satisfactory manner.
The Hulls of Honor wen* secured oy the following scholars:
Tr .ut Lake .School.
Ochoral 1'roficieney, Alice Murray
Depot tiueiit Zella Johnson,
New   Library cominf ii
• >!d vuhinies must be retun
The line-up wasasfollows.be to***timf Uod. McLennan.
ing practically tlie same for both
.lime sth. |9o7,
IJ. V, l'e.iiii-i
Dial riot of West koolchay,
Tni;. notice tbal li    V. Reartiy,
, f Poplar i'ru-k. B. ('. Pnapeotor,
inlc. ds tu apply for a special limber license over ilie fi.Honing de-
ili. il Ian Is:
Commencing nt fl poll   (ilanlad
louth hunk "f I'liplir (a- k
iiiuiili  It  iiiileHahoVi-tlit-lirslsi.il
ih fork ol  Poplar ('red., ihenon
eaat IWO cjinlnsi  Ihoncfl soul i   l '
chains; tl  nd   »> *i   H'-n chnins;
ilieuci ' i rlli 40 chains Ij | ..mt pf j
* ni n-i nu ul   and   containing
110 air. s, more or less.
lu    . i   * !'•• I'* R«
im.. ji.. •
llll*yi'i'i" '
I'ry UI-.MI-. ttlllrh »lll ' ..•
niili* inn lu .av.* J'iui i*v
pandllalS "it initiii tmiil < *•
I .-llllllll-il, in,,I ul Hi'*
miuti*- lliiif IlialllS ymi lo
-I I.     W II VI    Y..1     Altrl
mt-w ■m-mmrm-nt-m,
(K   LINKS   IN    MENS.'
PA   chi.ice   line   "f   IAI'IKS •
Uml will Miiviv j
Work lias been resumed ' n Ihe ^
No. 4 level which has heen shut
down for -nine time owing to s-ur-
face drainage and non-arrival of
rails The work on this level li
being i-huVed ahead  with  double
On the No. 3 level the drift ir
I being continued lo get under thei Stanton
.shaft snd* made at difl-jRosworm
oreiit point*.     No, » crwss-eut i
-in (6feat from lha vein  an I,    fur
the time being, lUSpettdi •
In numban 8 .v 7, the pi
showing up line and - ol the
Isamecharaotel us that found in
I other crosa-culs. * No. S et}a
was srarted a few da;
Trout Lake
and Ferguson.
Ferguson Sth.'..!.
General I'mticieiu-v.. 11. Hawkins,
Deportment Clarence  Garrett,
Uegulaiity Ernie McKituii'ii.
Trinder  Goal...
r^'nl  Graham  and   lh rt  Fowhi
up at the Cromwell doing as-
8 -usuH-nl work,
\ McLaren!
j Z, j KiSii^k ST1UKK    ON   THE   SILVER
j '
Gtij Johnson and John.c'
Gar-^tt.An.ighavo made ™J™1
E-JlUn* Deane,   of  the
Ne.vs. paid Tiout  Lake a
i i-it on Wednesday.
This was Mr. Dearie'-i fn-
to lhe I/irdeau, uud he ol
himself as heii g delighn
Trout Lake City. He pi
Uie "Review'1 hs would c •; uu
and tako a trip through tie
.ml propertiis.
A trial ol Rising Sun r
is all I list is ueccicary. .'
that you'll use noothe*
l.alnr  Day   si^jrta   a»
Lake-Sept. SM.    1'ul ■*
>our I ook.
strike* on the Silver L..11 tfroup[j-liUll|#«J.
Domestic troubles and
ai.   unknown iu  the In*
USSS bread  male  from  "ll
\. M.  Ciaig about
troubles come.
Th- heal   I* dge  cl 0
1 inl   an inslallatlou h
ai night.
Iho    follosrlliD  breiI
Summing up, the   fl im
proving in value wuh every fool
id Work dotu*.
A wiro was received during lh<
wesl; statin" thai llie bond officials
of the company would bo here
about lh.* ituh ilist. lo j,'o >.vn
the property.
while doing their annual assess- N ,
Intent work.   The ore  shut'* is \*  (i
Tin-ff.v: •• u.is .'-island fin.* .rrying galena and ■*/ ^
from the first toeA of the « ni -Ale my copper which will kIvo good i
Work h:.^ hieii resumed on the
Beatrics which is now controlled
by |tcoplc from  l-'org...  N. D,    1'
i,      isod in pul on 40 in.'ii ilir. ■
The question if a tramway i-
now under consideration and ii i--
a ipl.. lion who thi r it w ill I
tho Ferguson slope with terminal
nl Tront Lake, m* on ths Flab
Cr. < 1; slope, with  l( rmitial i 0«I
llie (  lliTi.ll,
and tho referee,  JimCreig. had values.
. ».
I. O.
his hands full, making docuuonsj   Samples have been tent for () (i
and staying with them. usay and as soon as returns St'(.
t win another vic-jKave been received, the boy.-* In-  llilr
tory for the Gerrariti   I   0.       {tend toputas much as poasibk*!
At nigi.t a dance w.-is gl*f«n by; on the hike shore for shipment.  |
which Wtt tersely at-     The claims are well situated1   fhe youngsters wert
t :..l.il. ami thoroughly  enjoyed*for   transportation,    7   dollar   rhuisday afternoon tl.
 N. U
..*■'. It. ••
l».  It, I
 Alel       '
 A.   M   .      .
N    A!
by all present.
Ths   Etfft  Is winking steadily
tinning out gold bricks regularly.
The innnaaoment intend Ine
ing the Ollpaoitj ol ill)  mill   t "   10
■ i1"-
Kdward Moblu left ti ri-nr-l fut
■i on   Moii.iit;,   I-.
up ii deal f t      im   ltfl|i -
'.   pin] i rlies  on   which
'piMpo   1 to put up a stiiroj ni ii
per ton being the outside cost of i„ ing the holding ol Iht
putting the oro to the lake. races which hud been
fio'll lloi day.
Jim Oonimerford who ha    1*   t       livery child, no mil i*
doing   hla ..-    iHnenl    •   -k   in they competed or n.i,
elaitns lyiiit: l. io.v the Uroadviuw. uoney priie, a proeci
-.1 up a ni'" *-li-.\\inj5 ol .!.   -avegroat satisfaeiioti, ,
..in i.   iln  wick.    Jl'u I.   ',*• .hit    (,, ilie "kiddies," who,
i r his pr
N   ' FOR IN-
A'm: -     ""
L .
i racing was ov> r,   rab -
i  I ^u-rcs,  and candi     i««l
M   .*  *       .:.-»ed for ll
dir of the day.
Rd   llii'mi.n.   Mak
"^iiii   Alee McKay    ue.
a     I  n
Authar at "Tin Csntle-msn from Indiana" .nt "M.iulaur B-asutalre"
(Continued From Last Week.)
Tin!?" was not ths Inst song of the
night. General Trumble and Mr. Cheu-
owedi bad Invited tbelr young friends
to attend, after the bull, a collation
wbleb tliev chose to cull a supper, but
which, to ueeord with the hour, might
more aptly huve been designated u
breakfast To afford u private retreat
for the scene of this celebration they
bad borrowed the offices of Oruy St
Vanrevel, aud Crulley hospitably an
nouuoed thnt nny guest wua welcome
to stay for a year or two, since probably neither of the firm would have
need of an ..Hire for ut least that leugtli
of time. Mie- men gathered ubout tbe
tnl'le which replueeU Tom'i workaday
old desk—the two Cheuoivetbs, Eugene
Muili-illoa, Marsh, Jefferson Bureuud,
the atout geueral, Tom Vuurevel, Cralley and Will I'utuuiiugs —the editor
coming In a little lute, but rubbing bla
hands cheerfully over what he declared
waa to be the last column from bis pen
to reur Its length ou tbe Journal's
front page for muny u long day—a description of the presentation of tbe
This convivial party made merry and
tried to forget that most of them had
"been mighty tenry," as Marsb said,
sn hour earlier, while Mr. Cbenoweth
sat with his band on bis aon's shoulder,
unconsciously most of tbe time, apolo-
getleiilly removing It when he observed
lt. Many wero the witticisms concerning tbe difference ln rank henceforth
to be observed between the young
men, as Tom wus now u major, Marsh
a captain, Will Cummlugs a second
lieutenant and the rest mere privates,
except Cralley, who wus a corporal.
Nevertheless, though the board was
festive, lt was aoinewbat subdued and
absent until they came to tbe toasts.
It wna Tapplngbam who proposed
Miss Betty Carewe. "I know Tom
Vaurevel will uuderstand—nuy, I know
he's mun enough to join us," ssld
Marsh as be rose. "Why ahouldn't I
say that we mny hull ourselves as patriots, Indeed, since st the cull of our
country we depart from ths towu
which ia this ludy's bome and at tba
trumpet's sound resign the gracious
blessing of seeing her day by day, und
why shouldn't we admit loyally and
openly tbat lt is her lniuge iiloue which
shines ln tbe hearts of most of us
And no mun arose to contradict that
speech, which sppeara to bar* rung
true, seeing tbst fsur sf title pi-Meat
bad proposed ts her again that aama
area ing.
"Bo I give you," cried Tapplagham
gallaatly, "the health ef Mlas Betty
Carewe, the lorelleat rose of aur bouquet! May sbs remember ua wkea ws
come home!"
They rose snd drank It wltb a sheut.
But Tem Vaurevel, net aettlng down
bis cup, went to the wladow and threw
wide tbe shutters, letting In a ruddy
shaft of ths morning aun, ae tbat aa bs
stood In the strong glow he looked like
a man carved sut of red gold. Hs lifted his glass uot nn. mil the table and
"T. Mitt Deity Carttee."
hla  companions  while they stared  at
lilm. surprised, l.ut toward the locum
of Carewe street
"To Miss Iletly Carewe." be ssld.
"thr fluent Boner of them sill Muy she
i.'ii.initii'i those who never come
Ami without punning he lifted bla
rli ti baritone lu uu old aong tbat bad
been vastly popular with tbs young
Uieu of lloufii ever slu.e the night of
Mlas Betty's debut. 'Ihey had bummed
It aa they went about tbelr dally werk,
they hud whittled II on the streets.
they bnd drifted luto dreamt at night
wltb Ihn sound of It atlll cbluilug In
their ours, and uow wltb one accord
as tbey stood gathered together for
the last time In Roueu they Jellied Tom
Vanrevel and sang It again. And tbe
eyes of crulley (iray rested very gently upon bis I.o*.! friend as tbey sang:
"Believe BM, If all those endearing yeung
Which I gam on so fondly today,
Were to change by tomorrow and fleet
from my arms
Like fairy girts failing away,
Thou woulSat still be adored aa thia moment thou art.
Let thy loveliness fade aa It will,
Aad around the daur ruin eu.*'. wish of
my heart
Would Intwlne Itself verdantly atllL"
^T waa the misfortune of Mr.
Cummluga' Dual literary offering Io annoy one of tbs ed
. Itor'a friends. The Journal
was brought to the new corporal st
noon, while he waa considering whether bs should rise from hla couch or
sleep another hour. Ksellnlug among
bis pillows, bs glani*|d through Cummluga' dsscrlptlon with tbs subdued
giggle he alwaya bad for the good William's style, but ss his eys fsll upon
oas psrngraph be started, aat upright j
and Drocceded to rend tie passage sev
eral tliuea with snxious attention:
"Only two or three sources of regret
occurred to mar the delight (In which
youug ond old participated! of that festal and diiMliug eceiie. One wus the
absence of Miss Fanchon Bareuud, one
of tbe donors; unother, that of Corporal Gray; a third waa tbs excessive
modesty of Major Vaurevel, who, although preaeut at the time, refused to
receive the ludles' sumptuous offering
and Insisted that Captnlu Marsh wus
(ho proper person to do the honors, to
which tbe latter reluctantly, though
gracefully, conaeuted. Alao. we were
aorry thut the major appeured iu citizen's dreas, us all were anxious to witness him lu his uniform. However, In
our bumble Judgment he will be compelled by etiquette to don It this niter
uooa to receive tbe officers of tbe regular tinny, who will arrive b.v tbe stage
about 5 o'clock, It ls expected, to Inspect tbe company and swear them luto the aervlce of the federal government at tbe courthouse. We, for one,
bave little doubt that, owing to the
major'a well known talent In mutters
of apparel, hla appearance will far
eclipse In brilliancy that of bis fellow
Crulley dressed slowly, returning to
tbe paper now and tben wltb a perturbed countenance. Row would Mlas
Betty explain this paragraph to herself, and how account for tbe fact that
sbs bad not seen Cralley, how for ths
fsct that sbe had seen Tom ? It seemed unlikely that ahe could hare overlooked the latter —Tom was one of
those whom everybody ssw wherever
be weut. And whst Inquiries would
she make? For Crailey bad no means
of knowing thnt sbe would not see tbe
Journal. Tomorrow be would be gone
-lt would sll be over—but he wanted
thta last dsy to run smoothly. What
wild hopes be had of things that ahould
happen wben tbey all came marching
homs no one can say; even tf It were
not to bs doubted that Cralley ever en-
tertslusd hopes of any kind wbutever,
•lnce to hope Is to bestow thought up-
sn the future.
But, however affairs rsn wltb him
ao fur as hope was concerned, be seldom lacked an Idea, aud one came to
htm presently, a notion that put lbs
frown   to rout aud   btwugbt  the old
•mile to bis lips, bis smile of the world-
worn und tolerant prelate.  He flicked
tbs puper lightly from blm, and It sped
across the room like a big bird In awkward flight   For he kuew how to tire-
erve bis last day aa be wished and to
muke all smooth.
He finished bla toilet with purticulsr
*r% took a flower from u vase ou bla
(able, placed It In his coat and weut
lown to the dusty street, wbere every-
'nng was warm and bright with sum-
jsr. It wss Joy te be all-re; tbere was
rlns enough ln  tbe air, and Crailey
nade up hla mind uot ta take a drink
bat day-the last day!  The last day!
The th.-ee words kept ringing through
his head like a minor phrase from a
song.   Tomorrow at  noon  they  would
be churning down the river, and this
waa the last day-the last day!
'Still not too late to make another
frleud at home." be said, atopplug to
pat tha bead of a mangy atreet cur
that in uie crouching aud wabbling toward him like u atuveless little keg
worried by acurries of wlud. Dogs und
children always fell in lore with Crulley at drat sight, and bs nsver fulled
to receive tbeu In tbe spirit of tbelr
approach. Now tbe mongrel, at bis
touch, Immediately turned himself over
and lay upon the paremeut with all
pawa lo air, to aiy: "Great lord, mag-
altlosut la tbs graclousneas which
dslgaa to cast a gilmpae upen tbla object clueier of rlba. I perceive that
yeur heart ts too gentle to kick me In
my present helplossnesa. 1st do with
ms as yeu will."
"I dsubt if you'vs breakfasted, broth
sr," Cralley reapouded aloud, rubbing
the dog's bead aoftly wltb the tip of hla
boot. "Will you share the meager fure
of one who Is s poet, ahould be a lawyer, but Is about to become a soldier?
Eh, but a corporal! Hlae, my friend.
Up sod be in your own hhii.ii aelf a
whole corporal's guard! Aud If your
corporal doesn't come home from the
wars, perhaps you'll remember blm
kludly.  Thluk?"
He made a viva.ions gesture, the
small animal sprung Into the sir, convoluted with gratitude and uew love,
while Cralley, laughing softly, led tbe
way to tbe botel. Ihere. while he ate
sparsely himself, be provided uiunifl-
cently fer bla new aiyuelutaure and
ri-. .nnmended Mm, with uii uccoinpanl-
uieut ef al.ver, to Ihe good oOleea of
the llmieii House kitchen. After thnt
out luto the auushliii. again he weut
wltb elastic step ami u merry word
aud a hiiii.ii for every one he met. At
the old Rngllah gardener's he bought
four or Ave bouquets and carried them
ou a round of visits of farewell to sa
many old ladlea who had been kind to
blm. Thla done, leaving hia laughter
snd bla flowers behind blm, he weut to
Function and apeut part of the afternoon bringing forth cunning srgu-
menis cheerily to prove to her tbat
Oeneral Taylor would he lu the Mexican capital before ths volunteers
reached New Orleans and urglug upon
bur bia belief tbat they would all bs
back lu It..inn before ths summer was
But Faiubon could ouly sob snd
whisper, "Hush, hush!" In the dim
room Wben they nt, tbe windows
darkened ao that after he bud gouu he
should not remember bow red her eyes
were and the purple depths under
them and thus forget how pretty sbs
bud beeu sl ber beat. After s lime,
finding that tbe more be trlod lo cheer
her ths more brokenly sbe wept, hs
groiv silent, only stroking her head,
while the summer hounds cnnie la
through Ihe window, the mill whir of
locusts, the siuutl monotone of distant
furin bells, (he laughter of children In
the street and the guy urlas of a mock-
lug bird aivlnglug lu the open window
oi uie next douse. Bo tney snt together
through the loug, still afternoon of the
lust day.
No one In Rouen found Unit afternoon particularly enlivening. Kven
Mrs. Tuuberry gave wuy to tbe common depression, ond, once more her
doctrine Of cheerfulness relegated to
the giostly ruuks of tho purely theo-
retlcnl, she bowed under the burden
of her woo so lat* us to slug "Mothouglit
I Mel n Uiiinsel Fnlr" (her of the burst-
lug Bighsi ut the piano. Whenever snd-
uesa I.y upon her soul she had acquired the habit of resorting to thla unhappy bnllnil; today sin* sung It four
I times. Mr. Carewe was uot_ ot home
' nini hnd uuiioiiiieed that, though he In
tended fl honor the evening nieul by
his attenlance, be should be away for
the even, -g Itself, as comment upon
which am euieut Mrs. Taiiheny had
offered an blguously the one word,
"Amen." ilo wus stung (o no reply,
uud she hn. noted the circumstance us
unusual un.   also that lie hud appeared
to labor wits the suppression of ii keen
excitement which mads him anxious
to escape fri m her aliurp  little eyes;
an agitation ior tvhlch she easily accounted wben she recalled tlnu he hud
seen Vain-eve! on the previous evening.
Mr. Carewe bad kept his promise to
preserve the peace, us he always kept
It when the two met on neutral ground.
Imt she ba I observed that his face
showed a k nd of him! leashed vlo-
, ieme wlieiii.v *r he had been forced to
j bre.ithe the n. • of the some room wltb
bis enemy, un I that Ihe thing grew ou
l'l"* „    ,.    .,
(To  Be  Continued )
How  a  Clever  Engineer Conquered   a
Mechanical Difficulty.
Almost every  boy  has  built dozens
I of dums in vurious ways, constructing
i them  across tbe bed of thu channel,
| wide or narrow, to be dammed.   But
did any boy ever think of building n
iinni ou end uud then tipping it over?
An luventl ,e American engineer, lshuiu
Kuinliiiph, who became famous by his
work ou the Chicago drainage canal,
has tried this Idea ou the Niagara river
2DO yards above tbe Horseshoe fall and
mude a remurkable success of it.
Of course au ordluury dam could OOt
easily be built lu lhe fiercely racing
currents of Niagara hurrying to plunge
over tbe fall. So Mr. Uandolph decided
to build his dam ou end ou the very
edge of the river. It was not meant to
do more than raise the wuter level a
few Inches, so ua to prevent wuter
scarcity lu winter for the Canadinu
toivu of Niagara Fulls when the lee
Jam comes ou. A dam seven feet or so
high was enough und fifty feet long.
Turned ou end, tbla meant a coluniu
fifty feet high und seven feet four
Inches square. The clever engineer
used concrete as the cheujtest, easiest
aud least corrosive material. Hut any
column of uuy material wus certain to
break In the shock of fulliug. How
was that to be provided for?
liuslly enough, the Invcutlre builder
argued. Up the middle of the concrete
column, like a huge backbone, he run
s strong Iron chain weighing ubout *-mi
pounds. The whole column weighed
some 200 tons. At Intervals eight feet
apart oil the way tip It along the landward face wooden wedges were Inserted, so tbut In breuklng It would follow
these llnea mid break Into regular
blocks, held together by the chain. Tho
plan wns audacious, but entirely prne-
tl.nl a true "Tanked notion." On Nov.
8. 1U05. the finished dam wus sent Hying over by threo hydraulic Jucks.
Amid the breathless Interest of n tarns
crowd of spectators tbe concrete column fell, splashed and settled. Wheu
splash aud spray subsided ihere it
stretched, broken ut tbe destined
points, tilted a trifle Irregularly In tho
middle, where the river bed was higher, but quite effectual. The depth of
water Increased teu Inches ot onco.
The "obelisk dum" wus u success.—
William Rlttenhouse lu Forward.
Attributes    Her   Excellent   Health   to
Mrs. W, II. Blmmons, till E
si.. Kansas city„ Ho„ member of ti.-*
National Annultj association, writes
"Mj health uas excellent nnili aboul
.. vaar ago, when l had a complete
collapse from overdoing socially, i"1'
getting Hie proper rist. ami too man)
late suppers. My stomach waa In a
lit'.-iiiiiiii condition, and mj nerves all
"I ua- .ell ised by ii friend i i trj
Peruna, and eventually 1 1"..ikIh a
botl . I took ii and ihen another,
mnl kept using ii for three months.
"At the em] n( that iiim* mi health
was restored, my nerves no longer
troubled me, snd I fell myaelf once
more and able  t * assume my social
position.    I  iiTtainlv   feel  that  Peruna
is  dese.ving  of praise."
There are many reasons why society women break down, why ttielr
nervous systems fall, why iin*. hav.
-*.-i.'iiih* or pelvic catarrh. Inde .1
i'i..y ar.* especially liable to these ail-
menta. No wonder they require the
protection of Peruna. it Is their shield
■mi safeguard.
A bride who finds a spider ou ber
wedding dress muy consider herself
The bride wbo dreams of fairies tbe
night before ber marriage will be
tbriee blessed.
If the bridegroom carries a miniature
horseshoe In his pocket be will always
have good luck.
No bride or bridegroom should bs
given a telegram on the way to church.
It la positively a sign of evil.
If the wedding ring Is dropped during tho ceremony the bride may as well
wish herself unborn, for she will always huve ill luck.
Kiss o bride right after the ceremony
and before the neivly mnda husband,
has n chance to do so, and you will
huve excellent luck throughout the
Should a bride perchance see n eoflla-j
while being driven to the railway nlaA
tion prior to departure upon h.*r wed-,
ding tour she should order the drive*
lo turn back and start over again, or
slss she will surely meet with bud luck.
Made For Fst Men.
One of the narrow arches In the gal
lery of the chapel at Columbia unl ver
sity is not exactly symmetrical, al
though the defect la not noticeable I..
the casual observer. The reasou for
the Widening Of the arch after Ita orlg
inni construction had rise In a aonn-
Wbat humorous occurrence. One ol
the early visitors was a remarkably fit
man. who found himself wedged Into
the arch when he tried to squeese
through nml eras extricated with some
difficulty. The builders, recognlsloa
the possibility of other fat people l>"
Ing numbered iimong the future vis
Itors, decided to widen the nrch, sac
rlfieing symmetry and harmony to
practical need, as Ihe pier was so con
strneted as to bear uo loss of width
on one of its sides.
Mr. Wm. Wilson, ..f Cralgle Villi
I. n ' a " hi ... the invi i.t". "I Un
Wii i K.uii Case, mm* adopted by
ih Canadian Clovernmeuti tells si
interesting expeiienoa which showi
th» i i* ding nil antiseptic value ••
7.un link, ihe herbal l.iiiiii. He aaya
"l   had  i«"  polaoned   wounds on  mi
IS:.    .*. hi. ii     i.ie    , ■ i'.    -..,.    nn.t   .nil*.
t-.i. They caused ms much pain ainl
suffering, ainl uIiI.o.ik). 1 tried sevseel
is * iln-.. i. in-.-.i r.. heal, /.nm Hull
wn recommended, mnl i applied -"tm
I at. <l apl ii lull ii.nl In a vi rj sln.it
it tie  ileal..I  iiu   wounds
"At another tune I sustained a nasi)
eat. /..uiuu*. took swiii tin -i.ii-i.t--
slmoal loatantly nml aoon closed nmi
bealad Ilu* wimnd. s have also ui
Zaiii link lor n hei Injuries, and I liun
in. hesitation in ixpressiug my bigl
o ani ni of its value. It is, without
do ii.i, a iplandld household balm!
/am H ik ouras lilnml poison, ouli
bruises, old Hounds, running SOrei
u si -. bolls, spring eruptions, scal|
t.irnt, ecssma, ii.ii, barber's rash,
burns, seal.Is nml nil skin Injuries and
diseases. All druggists ami stores
n*ll  ut  fifty cents a box, or from Zulu
II ik i .... Toronto, Ioi pries. B< mi m
h i.  il   is  purely  herhai I
It Impresaed Her.
"I saw something In the paper the
other dny thut pleuaed me. I cut It out
und took It limne and read lt to my
wife. It was simple and direct, one
of tlu.au fugitive little bits that are
evolved by some sunny minded philosopher."
"What was Itr
"'It Is better to have a smile snd s
kind word for breukfast than mutton
"What did your wife think of Itr
"It seemed to Impress her. All shs
gave me for l.ri-ukfast the next morning was a smile, a kind word and a
cop of coffee."   Cleveland Plain Denier
The Pipe.
The tobacco pipe lu lis present form
is said to bun. been In-ranted by Dr
Vlllurlii.s In noi
Settle of Hanging Rock.
The buttle   of   dunging   Itoek   wna
fought neur n natural feature of seen
cry of that name In louth Carolina,
Aug. 1), 17H(l. The Ilrlllsh wen; defeated by Sumter. This ivus llut first buttle In which Andrew .lu.ksoii took pact.
Ancient War Fleets.
a Soman iioet ii-d by Regains ngninst
Carthage couslMtcd of li.'ln vessels with
Ho.noo [imn. The Carthaginian fleet
numbered 350 vessels with 180,00 men,
Railway*  of  Canada.
The total  number nf milea of rail
way in operation in Canada in 11106 is
piaeed  nt  81.389,   sa   compared   will
UO.-W Ior I0O5   Hut seventy-four mile
I of iron rails now reninin tut a roll,
of former dnys. Aa indicative of the
expansion in transportation facilities
it may be pointed out tbat ,1 071 mile-
of railway were tinder construction or.
June 30 laat, aa compared with  LOW
j on tlie same date of the precedinr
>ear.    The   total   numlier   of  locomn
I lives ia placed at 2,ft.1l; flra^clus
curs, 1.2HI); BecoriH-clu.sa ours, 71(1
cattle aid box cars, 61."2*1 The prnnd
tolnl ol cars ol all cluam-a in use it
99,874. Ot theno 91.01.1 are litti-d will
automatic couplers and Hfi.616 with nn
Statistics of traffir* show 27.9a!) 7 _
passenger* carried last yenr, an.l .r.7
906.71.1 loi.a of freight. The numb"1
of passengers increased by over Iw*
and one-hnlf million, nnd llie iiuinlie*
ol tons of freight by over seven mil
liona, ns compared with the preeeu
ing year. The total earnings ot mil
wnys for thc last yenr were -?12.-) "*.*2
MS, n- -jumpered with I108.487.lltf le
1908 'lhe .-apilnl invested in Cans
'linn railways tins readied the lure
sum of 11,833 49H.704. The records o
(ntnl accidents Inat yenr shows n dent
hat of 16 passenirera, 139 employes nn
ion others killed in various ways,
totaf of 881, as compared wilh JO*, j
1906. Onlv one passenger In 1749 ,-ir.
woa fntnlly injured. In respect (
passenger   trnlllc earnings   the   Wpol
shown total earnings of   $33 .-ina k*
for a total train milenge of V 'i7l 1lJ
•riving earnings pel "nl<* (ll $1 IW
Klectric rnilwnvs show n l"*nl -nil*
age at tlie end nl lone Inst of S|
milea Ontario lm* 441 miles, nm*
QonlK-r cornea next mth l"Q tnil*.<t Nei
eamln-rs for the yeai totalled $4 901.
6S4. Twelve passengers were killed
as  compared  with  SO  in   19(16.
Alone   In   Hla   Glory.
The man who snugly states that he
la  "clothed  in   rlghtonuaness"
liein-...-   himself sole  patentee
Ol (dial p**ruli», drms
An ache hi the back and a palu In ths
That's the grtpl
A choke ln the throat and a yearning for
Thafa the grip!
A river of heat, then a ahlver of cold.
A  feeling of being  throe  hundred yours
ok-1. .     .1.
A willingness even to do aa you ro tolU-
Tlull's Hm grip!
An arrow of pain, now In thla place, now
Thnt's tho grip!
A feeling of doubt oa lo whera you are
Thiit'n the grip!
A    stupid    sciisiitlon -of   course,    wholly
now!— ,
A foolish depression-why should you feel
A Joubl us to whether this really Is you-
Tlwifs tho grip!
Struntre visions nt night that deprive you
of rest—
Thills tho (trip!
A taste In your mouth an.l a weight on
your chest—
Tluil's (ho grip!
A tired -.onsiitlun that runs through your
A   queer   combination   of   aches   and   of
A Vapid iiiUnlsslun of absence of brnlna—
Thiil'a tho grip!
A   marvelous   w"n!'ness,   como   on   In   a
That's tho grip'
a petulant  wonder.  "How ions win 11
ThuCs (h« grip!
A season Of fever, n season of freere.
A quivering weakness that's fell nt th»
Sny, If ever there was a ru-i-i-cil disease.
It's the grip'
-Bomervflls Journal.
"Bt t ire  1   gol   Baby's  . iwn  T
my lulu  uu- troubled with colic and
vomiting    anil    cried   nleni  an I
in.l 1 was almost worn out.   itut after
giving him the Tablets for a ren days
the    trouble    disappeared    and    you
would nor know it was the aame child,
in* is so healthy   and    kh.'.i naturi d
now."   Thi*. la tin* gnu. r.i testimonial
"t   Mr--   Oeorge  Howe 1. Sand)   Ben. ti.
Que. and 11  tella other mothers who
If.. It   . l-fll Kilt I.lll*lll» t. >U .._.  ..I.t.  I..
The Old Tired, Listless Feelings, the 8b
lessness, and  Nervousness tyera
Driven Away by
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food!
Tin* experience di ■ irlbed  In thla let
I,*, , irreaj I ■ to thst ol thousands ..i
Wt n ii no have nol ytl  l< si ill ol Ilia
marvelous   " atorstlve and  Iui rating
pOWSI    nl    III.   I h.i It I   *.el le   i .... I,
Mi ,.    II. ni i    ll like,   Port    Hope,   lllll..
st.it. -     "I iiine uai'I ai i-'ini I."Mn ni
Hi    i base's   Nsi ra   I I   im   in i itous
ii  .- and   a   * uhiplefl lv   run dos u
le...   sud   * an   in iiiHly     n < uin I     11
a*i ii WOlldei full) i IP i 'i. i* in* iiim m
ll fore usin * thii rented] l had bsai
in   imi   i ..ii   Innlih  lor  some  in..iiiiii
i     i  in inm*  in* energy or ambl
tt hi, I. n tired mul list). i " tl "i il.e
ti ii.   ,iu i  in ii.t   losrt • I.,   drag  *
lib 'III    the    bOUSS,      I    K.i -    lleil ,   llllllll.li
and nervous, oould nol  alseu mil uinl
i. li .ti k "in ii • ■! about  mj   ."'.iii!"   in
\ i .   ini    ni-    '.ik' n  mill}
I t i*iih nml glvi .. I..n k till
.i.n il health snd *■■*.•"'. ooi isqusutlji 1
• ii lo ae it  lulli.
».. .  i oas,   llgblhi sdsdness,   dl
at  ii ling  i ■  ■        il  tba oi rtalu  ladh a
tlona "i  ti'i'i  hi"".i" nrf* -i.'i. i ih■
OOn llll" i   nl   ih,.  bud*.
Tin*   111 ll,.,,    . I    ,.,„  j
K"*""" t*    tal    I, tK"\lf
org.lis pel |,,*„,     n„„       ""I
|i *• l.-.-il ,   hi   Ini    tm,
t.*i*ii iga of   fatiglll    .,„, '■
111,1111.1   ll
"""i I   us*, n.-li
oi   Hi.  I hss.   I N.
prove of sum,  h<
Naturally  uml
e I     -HI, in     |a     M ,.   I
gui    ii    given
strsngUi nmi  vigu     ii, ,
,, th,   .. I
h .ii *i .in,i i it,
pull  and  dis
Hr.    i bss   -    '■
bloo I i.iiii.ii i
a bot, ti I..   ■
'i     K Iii_ii*i .n.   1.
I'h *   purtriiil   nn t
i\    i *, i.-.   th.
author, sn* on  <
King Carl PoHu    I la abort I j to
pi    i vi- ■ .., Brsul,
III   fitting    t niii   .unl -i, ..
 -.    Hollows) -    ' "in Curs  in  lhe
iu is t"  u -*.    ....   i  i.. iii.-   nt   mu a
and i ur.   ..'mr . •
"If   i i i-   I. ji,   .*   .ii-   (..   l"*f .ii.,
i:i  a  wllili . '   laid   I in Is   l.l'i : .     uatiiie
wouldn't   waats  tints  tumiu   uui
ihlnj  daya an' Sabln' storms.'    W-wb
iii^iiui Star.
Little ni*.-. I
Cautaln Dmli
Captain   »•• in i *   Whal •■
Little nlk'n ii
am i"*. in tin  tl
Minard's Linlmanl Uirei I
Japan i.«» opsin i
Turkey,   Willi   .
1'iiibaisles   **      t i ■     la
iln ii   resjH
of il
'    '    '"""*-   '*. *"•:.■   l 'I.'    l a ''lit.  ,ir ■    .|
s"' i   hj   nil   medicine  dealers   nr i*-.
a i.i.v rr   T      I"
" '■,:*:,!"<'    Medlcli     Bi • kvllle
< .nf.
Ile   la   a   "I'mif   sinner"   II.. ■■..   lie
Wanted   In t.rl   lu  Hlrep.
"Yes, dear."
"Iild you loek (he basement door?"
"Are you sure the gas Is turned off
In the kitehen rangef
"lh huh."
"1 don't believe you looked at the
dining room windows "
"Yes.   I   did.     Now   keep   quiet.     I
want to go to Khvp."
"It SOSIUS to u.e I smell gas. I'm
:.f: il.l you ilhlii't open the dumper la
UM furnace pl|ie."
"The luiiiii.e Is nil right. I flued It
the last thing"
"Well. I have n ipieer feeling that
something Is the mutter Are iuu sure
fhe front .huir Is boiled?"
"Yea, yes. yeai Confound It. give
ine n elin nee to go lo a.'rep: 1 need
"John, nre you asleep?"
"John, wake up and answer me. You
forgot to lock the library window. The
girl was dusting today and had It
"John, stop that pretending and get
up. I can't go to sleep tonlgbt unless
you co and link thut window."
"Oh, Lord, why can't j on let n fellow
alone? I fixed nil the windows. All
of tbem—every window In Ihe house -
kitehen. dining room, llbrnry-all of
'em: All of 'i-iii. eun you understand
that? The doors nre nil bolted. The
fnrnnce Is ns It should bo. The gas Is
turned off In thi* kitehen. Now let me
slona, will you?"
"John, wnke up snd listen to whnt
I say."
"(•■rent heavens, nre you talking yet
or again?"
"John Worthlngton, did you wster
the ruliber plant?"
"_• •—• • • I II ft o . . ..
"Oh. our heavenly fnther. Imve mercy on this poor sinner and give me patience to"—
"Shut un!"-Chlcngn Record HeraM.
Firat English Iron  Furnsces.
The first Knirllsli |r.,n fornacai were
erected on tbs tops or hiiiN ko ns to gel
Uie greatest pOSSlMa blast of wind.
For Strains
—of Shoulder
—of Hough
—of Knee
—of Coffin Joint
—of Hack
—of Stifle
—of Whirh lione
—of I'ctloek
—of 1'.. ...i u
and all
neaa in
Two or three tetupoon
fids in a little Rum or Brandy,
rnrra Sprains, Bruises and
Lameness In 24 hours—takes
out nil the aoreneas—and puta
horses "on their feet again."
50c. a bottle.    If your drug,
gist doea not have it, aeud to
Nallsnal Drag t CbeaJcal Ce.
Hailed, MsalrcaL    17
•Wi'l wu!' I'"rn. ... amm«i..ii»
! i IS***! '"•»«.» In ,,.,..,
• noteUMt rattle. I.,.,,,,,,, ,|,„„
1'laSI/ ana -III, 111,h, ,,,i„ „,,!. 4
ill ovnr InllrilnilUa. S..tal.a,.h
•a.lteia. !»..«. a.l.«, rlaano'il.
'"." fl-"> mora nun,, .l.a,. mafca
toiler tm.1. -Moil rorlraaheoklal.
I  S.SltMM. ndM. Oal.ii,, (,»
W.    N.    U.    No.   633
Company uumd
Good Reasons!
Corrugated I roil
Is Preferred
by Those Who Kaos   I :,,',„,
ths ■
Ws use only belt Apeda vl
English ehMls.
Tha corrugal.oni srs p-ta*|
ons al a time not rolled fitai|l
pmrftclly, both at so :a tnd Us|
without waste.
No seals, pin holaa or 1
defect!   ara  svsr found  in w|
The galvanizsd ahead I'll
coated on both aidaa with ill NS
galvanliing materia! that .1 ul
hare to them.
Tha painted sheets are tonal
on both aidea with beat qu*-*|
We furnish any alas or pttfi
required — aithsr curved *\
If you desire durable quaMtl
and certain economical aatiifc-l
tion, aend us your epeclAcatio-sl
•r writ* for further lnformaWa|
Tbe Honr mans Friend
—Sale ud Sore.
tf r<M ><••* a lame hor»e, g,i Kni.lalla •...,, H c»r»    If »oo
hiva . h.uae 1'ial yniir.ii'lwoikouaei-.-aiiili.l, Hpi.10 Strata er
Brula,, gtl KruJ.ll . N|,.vln Curt.    If rnu hot . hniM  tint eten Ihr
■rsasfti&.'iScS? °' 8"""-~ "' *»« »-""<•« or »-<iii..*.-«"
JMtSm V'.u art K BND ALL'S,    Twoiencraliout-tliroiifhmil Cauaii. .od Ot.
U11i1.1l si.i.,   im. uM-.i ,t mmi proved il.
....        . TaavaLBBs- ami. P K I, Dec. 15. *os.
I h««e (wm iialtif Kemlall a slK.,u, Cme for Ui» Ual a) VMra.
•" * .l.a.. Ilmlll aale.nJ aura.*- IIII.I'KTI*   McKKIIJ-
II • txitlle-SforH Willa for a ropv
of <mr a«al IkoB "Tltallar On Tlie
Horse." Ill a mine of Information for
fatmrreatn! hoiaemen. who want tukeep
II1-11 .n-t. In ii uur 1 i.iiiiiii. „
Maiir.i lire. 25
Inoeauao Valla.     .     Vlaai.t. U.a.S.
Miserable AU The Time 7
I'till hriuliu'hrs I .in k aches— low apirltrd-MI
the sIkIU of food—<loa't alerp well—all tite.l ouli
the uioruiiiK- no heart for work f
will mohe you well
Vour kidurra are affected—elUier thmiiKh omfl
work, exjiosure or disesae. It is the Kl.lnrri tM|
are maklnjf you feel so wretched. Gin l'illa ruVsndl
kidneys— yiake you well and atrong-ifive voodl
your old tune energy and vitality. Cheer ui'.-««l
take (,in l'illa. <oc. a lwx-6 for lj.50. Srnt-Sl
receipt of price If your dealer doea not handle tbrol
BOLE DRUQ CO.      -      WINNIPIQ, UAH.   *\
Contains more mnaols-
making.       brain building
material Hi,in rnrn or
oats, and Ih mora "uilly
digested,   being   made *ii
K' "III.It*     Iiy    Btuiini    000k.
'ua,  alneilill
ling    and    I .nli
Alwaya |,ure.    IIIHIJl/IT for  Dn-akfaat; THIHCIJIT for tunobaO"
All  Grocers—13c  a carton, or 2 for 25c.
■■Wi   Bi
mmm .'■<.. .
6 %
lli 11" HI Sturch in -n I.;
[cooking just
water and  'tis
By. "Pwon'tstick,
gives   a   botter
J|8. with leas iron-
bbi.ii;,   than   any
Trcn you know.
price  ia   little.
ur dealer sells il.
- lt this week,   tn
I., {j
IliMisv ■   REPLY
Bi.*    liiiin" i    Tsgsblstl    lm.-
n ',   "Mil
^■lll'li       I.. I llll.IV        I.        lllllllll
*nd  v-
c __-' '    ' ' '
, %   v i 11
It of ' il nn h   gnnn,
at ajainat i ■ -  . Ight   i
tha  il.*.....in   vessel   will
heavily   u * , t i i
tni tbe i
wi.i.li (wo  ■"  **    it. .1,   md
|^^B»<'t iioun
■fill alao
mates thai for the Oi r
mau  navy
With au.
ui  beat,    ii in I -"ii that tin* B
idmirally t ..in. ulai -
if the nev. u ita
■ «nt  i'     fdei   Al   iln*  in-i  -*. in;
^■i.ii ..:l   disorder,   Psrmeltei
■    lablr   i'ili*. -I.iiiii.I  be resorti i  *
.ftttary Isllsts,  taken  befon   going ii
Hl\." oi three nights in luocas
, erve as s preventive ol sl
ii       pels snd sll tin* dis. oni
I IWI  in   Iln*   11 a it,   ,,(   il,,,,
i.     Iln'   means   an   slmpli
^B  way   ti  known.
?oit> § i
}-•" •*• *  :    PASTB    l\    timi rili l-
I    I
An..ii. in.  ii,.i nloi    ii .    i' .
ith   a   beautiful   Swiss  wsti li
Dpi no   a i. null.    -... i- ti       I in,*
■i. i- i'ii'. ,i magnified * tm •
me- laa                'i IK" 1    fi.nn    It.   inln.
-    a2.700.     Afi.r     ■ ■    Iimi*
i*. gan . i. inn ,  i . i    i
.at. l>   was   giving   -n,
Si rug ition brought  i" light  Ihi
1   Hi    I..li-.ni   makes   little  usi
gin.    Instead  he buys
■ ostlng .i dnlla
sl -   the   * limn  . nn.* ..it. and
„   in   l.l-  linii-i i -   [hM k.r.     K   ii
■ . lugged   with   dirt   bs   aqulrti
bil  Into it by wn>    *
lit  ii   it  proves obetitiate sfli *
Itiiti-iii   in*   stnashee   it vu...   a
I  iiinl    l"i| -    i    ' .-ii    QUI       I'll11aa
I'H   or
' CWiIa. City of Tol«4*
LttC-U   Oninljr.
J      Ch-MMf    nifa-M****  nnth   ft-iat   h«
Miitner   of   ib*   Ann of   F   J,
|* Co.    <liiin«  foufin-ta tn  th#
t    -County   and   Stat*   afi
ht   Mi-1   nrm   will   pay   thr ruin
flTNORCO DOLLAR! t..* N(*h .n-t
me*     of     Catarrh   t    «f   ronn>'(   1*9
ly th*  mm of Hi is Ctt-irrti ' .i «
FRA.SK   J    lllRNKY
to   bmfott   mm   11.6   BUbMrlb*4   '»
•■-.oo   UU  *th   dstr   ot   :j*-rpi.'»-.r, ,
|f>*« A.   VV    (il.KAfl »N
Notary    fnlillo.
''atorrh Our_  lo  tahe-n tnte-maltf \
»llr-»«tty  on  Iho  hl«Kid a'id muo- '
■eat   r.t   tho   o>tai^m.       S'-nH   fat
-sis   'rm*.
Y J  CHICNVT   m  OOm T->lMo   O
Itiv   o<l    Pmiticloto
|oil 0   Fan.Il»   Plllo   for   oonvrlpntloM ■
Thsy    Should    ■."simple,    Dur.bl.,
8anitary and Artiatic.
Do not acton the auppoeition that
everything oi,i |a beautiful "Yoni
grandfather1! taste may have been
worm, ii,,,,, yours," observes su ex
pert Do not buy many thingI, i,0
uot make a museum of your bouse
Tlm furnishings should be adapted to
the nm- io which the family wishes to
put them. The life for which the white
nud gull) cbalr wua deelgued is elaborately nmi distantly formal. Convea-
tiouniiiy umi ceremony rather than
cozy comfort ur« HUggest-xl by the
while uud gold room.    Tin; urn.- of tl„,
room nmi tbs purpose of tho article
ahould be kept In mind In the seleuuou
of furniture.
Furnishing! should he simple, dura-
blO, .-iiillnr.,* nnd iii'llNtl,*.    color Is one
ur tbe most Important elements In the
selection ..r furnishings. Do we realise that (in- Indefinable difference bo-
tween tbe reatful room nnd tha iuhnr-
uiouioua room iH largely u matter of
color) A room requires Its color to he
Iii unison If it Is to soothe nnd rest.
•Frequently tbe householder muy re-
cull Morris' words, "Hare nothing in
your li imea tbat you do not know tu
ba useful or bailors to be beauUful"
And those from Henderson: "Oas most
surround oneself with wholssomeneea
und beauty. Tbis parallellam between
CODClseneea and uuture makes this lu
ststence upon convenience of arrangement iiiii! respect fnr form uml color
moro ihiin u mi-re matter of tuste.    ;t
makes it a matter of moral obligation.
a mini's surroundings art- aot accidental.  Tbey are a part or hlmeelf and
must likewise bo chastened und purified.     An   unly   room,   hudly   lighted,
poorly ventilated, Inadequately heated,
must ba regarded ua morally reprehensible, whether provided for oneself
or for somebody else. It Is the projection of an evil thought and, euteriug
Into consciousness, lowers the level of
human life."   Boeton Traveler.
The Mark
That Tells
Tia.l- mailed (hui Id a
»aiie.)' '.1.1,1,... I.I „„|
WHrfl fur women, men .ml
eh.li.-ii. Foils Filled.
Uealei, aia aiiihocued lo
raiJa. r iii.t.n.ly and al can
e«l. any I'.n AnaU lar
Blaol laullv io 11..W1.I
"     Ul a It id a. 1"*.I
Pen-Angle trademark (In red) oil
every Pen-Angle
garment, tells ynu
it will lit and Won't
shrink,— your
own dealer so
guarantees it,
Underwear thua
trademarked ia
softer, warmer,
more flexible,
batter  wearing.
■ ti-iii islanding   lu   shadoa ol
\      l      don'4     know,     ma'am.
< il  w lift I.. i   nol
Od  look  iii  ye.     I|  i.   In**
Manga, Prairie Scratchu anrt
lorni ol contagious lt*-h on hjm
lani.Tiala cured in 30 minutes \
>d t Sanitary Lotion.
did      l"M v      mSWWy     ilm iv
•   the  too i-li   young   mar
^ing an it  twined  it-   ui. -
. busband,
"ii   ,  ii. il  i" sn  going to
iniii* a a ioi.*.   Mabel, ami you
i*.in i" mi tin-  mi.     So  I  dt
B'   ua.   the   "illy   »ii,\    I   .unlit   gel
Iill I ...11   lll'l .
■* Imi*.-.'.
i^—Y  tin.   Parmer's   Friend,       The
'-'*■  mil   lind   Dr.    II       I
<-'!'• I    'ni   remedy    loi    sn u
■ i i  iln*  body "i   (oi
■•■ i antl   f"i   house
^••* gan.rallv,    ll,   ivlll  also Bi d
ti i. ml  iii  traattng  In
cattle,   •'      "•   rslh i Ing
•li    Iltt.la te.l    I"     , "til-,    i "ll|/li-
^—\ kindred  all m.n ta  I*, u'lmli  iini
iii-^Bi  .
HI   WA.-   Iill,II I
H<.   Don'l    nn.    know    that
■ i    i    'In   I      .1-      llllll   ll      t"     pUlll     '
!   ■**   i'
■ V..-.  i,in   l ii  bet  lhe nelghbori
m V..-,   i,in   | ii  bet   Ihs  nelghbori
■ it. f  it.    I I. ii i.i   I In *
' i
 i.m   preval.i  In   Burops
>n     Bull in    Of    M"i    »iM   "-11
il Pranoe'a demands.
members   of   the    Hetht rlandi
u'Jin Iiml offered  thi li   resigns
^K  have  agt I   in   reoall  them ai
K< of Queen Wllhelinlna.
yree from
bee May, 1906, Ayer's Sar-
parills has been entirely free
Dm alcohol.   If you are In
r health, weak, pale, nerv-
j ask your doctor about tak-
! this non-alcoholic tonic end
erative.   If he has a better
dicine, take his. Get the best
■/ays.   This Is our advice.
Wa inibli.il our formula!
.     Wa banlah atroho)
*     fi in. our uiailloluaa
Wa mi* ye. lo
..on.nit your
|u*)f>ish liver means s costed tongue,
lad bresth, and conttlpsted bowels.
I queation Is, " What Is the beattbini
|o under auch circumstances ? " Ask
|r doctor if this is not s good snswer:
»•"• laxative doses of Ayer's Pills."
"  ''llUal.lJ. BjarOo., LowaU.
Hew to Sweep Larg. Oim. and t. Du-tt
Small Ones.
Some housekeepers hnve concluded
that they prefer two or three small
ruga in a room to one large oue which
la too heavy for a woman to handle
aud beat A great alngle rug covering
the center of the room looka well, even
If of no lx-tter i|iiallty thun a good
Smyrna. Hut smaller rues must be of
(letter quality to prove aatlafuctory.
l'rovlded tlu-rv ia a larKi- rug dowu
and uo man willing or to be hired to
beat lt, by care ll nin be kept 111 fair
condition for several weeks, uf .-..urae
It must be swept where It la. Ilariug
doited the movable ornaments and
cliaim   and   carried   thein   to   mini!.cr
ro»ui and dusted an.l covered other
things  thnt   are  conveniently   moved.
sweep the rui; in thc direction of the
warp In abort atrokra and take up tbe
dirt along the eilKi-8 ou the flour. Now
sweep the rug apiln lu the opposite
•llnilli.li afler Scattsriag over It bits
of il:iin|»-iied DOWapapef presaed us
dry as ikwkIIiIc. Turn the e<I(rt-a up
nnd  brush  out   underneath for a   few
Inches  Now sweep tbe ban (i"-.r wltb
a dust brush, and after the dust has
nettled « 1jm* Iln* Boor with n sllghtlj
damp cheesecloth mnl the rug with mi
other i Ini l"lli  dampened  In   water
in wblcb ii few drops of ammonia have
Inch lidded, ln this wny the rug will
li-i!. bright uud lie quite free from
Tea leaves when used to take up
dust  an* apt  to stain delicate  h.Iitv
The abora method of cleaning a rug
may si-cm troobleoome to oue »in-
would prefer to anack l( with u broom
an.l k'lie it a rigorous digging, but It
would be ii" - leaner by her treatment
ami tbe avails nnd furniture would be
I.m.led   Willi   iln-t.   to   Say    Ili'tlllllK   of
discomfort t.i tba sweeper In breathing
the d.l*-l
If small rii(;s are used, d" not allow
them !•• is* inu ui and shaken by
"iiu end or, Iii fill t. shaken at all. for
this 1- lhe wa.*. lo lire.ik lliein Inl" rni;s.
iiimii! the edges at least. Bang "ler a
line and Is-at Wltb a raitnn. or, lietler
yet.   have   the  tug.   la i.i   "ii  the  unisa
an.l beaten oa the srrong aide nrst and
then turned    Chicago It.t.r llccan
Cenaua Shows Remarkable Progress In
Manitoba   and   tha   Northwest.
A oensua blue book, |iring the pop.
ulation "f Manitoba and tne Northweat   I'rovinces  by bi-x.-s. mnl n sittii-
innry "I slaUstloa ol Beld orope and
lira stook lor 1901, ss oompared with
II SnsUS   "I   1901,   ban  just   In-eii  is-
vued ni Ottawa
In Manitoba ths senaus nf lasl year
showed 900,183 males mil  I0040S le-
mules        Winnipeg   has   .'S..4..I   mules
ami :i!i«'.rj femiiiis Brandon B,TM
mules iiml 4,059 females    Baekatche-
biiii lias 181,799 mules mnl im.1170 fi>-
itiiile,     AIL.ttii has  K1H.2H1  males and
77,i.'H leiiiiil'**-    In all three provinces
there are 4i*iii.*i.'.7 males nn.l M9,600|
feinules.   leaving   a   prepon.ler.il    ol
113,081 males
In nam there were iii the three pro
vinces 190,439 farina, nn oompared
with M.838 In 1901, an Inemaa ol (if..-
SU     Manitoba now  has  ".YMI   farms,
Baakatohewan 54,787, nnd Alberta 30,-
211.   Tin* Increase In the number ..I,
farms over 1 IHI I were: Manitoba, 3,099;
Saskatchewan. 41.407;  Alberta, 90,778.
In   IIKXI ther.* wen* fiH2,Ulil horses in
the three provlnoes, uh compared witb I
340..'Kd in  1001, .'M.OOfl milch cows, in
oompared with *J44.'.'ifii 1490,999 ..ih.-r
horned cattle as compared with OfW.-
The area of wheal under cultivation
last year uns 'i.KiM'.t acres for Manitoba" l 881 991 lor Saskatchewan, nnd
147.nill for Alberta, a t'.tnl ol 8,988,181
acres, as againat 2.405.407 in Mill
"Whnt do you understand by B non-
entity y
"A mini who Is a iiieinl.i-i* of a family containing five women."
J3 E TTE _
Living Room Take. th. Place of Old
Tim. Parlor.
'If I had my way," remarki-d the
motherly looking woman, wltb i-onvic-
iioii. "I should eliminate the word 'parlor' from (he dictionary.   Why, I know
ever so many wood women, well iuten
Honed, hardworking ami aeif saoiflc*
lag,  who run this purlor idea Into the
Kroinid nnd are so uncomfortable to
live wltli thut their children aud liua-
liauila go out to spend tlie evenings to
Kct nway from tlie stiffiieas and discomfort nf their own homes.
"I have a family In tnliid right now
i who onl) beat their parlor on Sundays.
The furniture la too good for everyday
uae. The daughter can't practice on
the piano because the glorloua sunahlne
would fade the euqiet, even supposing
she wouldn't take her death of cold.
Why, If they have evening callers, they
have to take them Into tbe dining room
until the parlor's heated.
"I have another friend with a genius
for creating the true home spirit. Her
hlc front room la warm and comfortable all the time. A large table In the
center, around which the family sit. Is
provided with a drop light, soft and
brilliant. Magazines In abundance are
ready to the hand, and a soft couch
with innumerable pillows—not very or
namentat, but, oh. ao comfortable—occupies a cozy corner. Everything la
gracious und homelike, and the faces
SN all so happy and contented.
"The average household In moderate
circumstances la sufficiently limited for
room Without reserving the largest and
airiest apartment for company use.
"Nothing too good for the family la
uiy motto," tlnlahed the comfortable
looking woman.
IX   I
Rf pi "iln. e.l above, la a portrait of the late
Mi. C, H. Record, tho founder and original
bead of tln> Record Foundry it Machine
Co., of Moncton, N.H., and Montreal,
Previoua (o Mr. Record going uilo the
rnaniil.ilim.! of atovea, ihoae uied in
Canada were almost wholly of American
iiiBiiul.il inm. The character ofthawoik
turned out by the Record Foundry St
Manhiiio Co., at once gave their atovea a
Standing, and as a result a very large
business soon graw up, largely owing .o
M . Kavcord'a untiring industry and perseverance against many obstacles.
Although Mr. Record retired from at*.:v,
business as far back aa 1879, the aolld
basis on which h. had established the industry, haa resulted in Ita growth from a
aim il v pioneer Into on. of the largeat stove
manufacturing planta on the northern half
of Ihe American continent. With two
large planta, one In Moncton and on. In
Montreal, the Record Foundry It Mac-hip -
Co. are known from Halifax to Vancouver,
and their " Caloriflo " and "Admiral"
fumacea and " Penn Bather" rangrs
recognized aa th. standard ef Canadian
Sugar Taken   by Canada.
One of the features of ilm gathering
of Colonial Ministers in London next
month will li,. the mutual congratulations OVei (In* ever-incren.-mc bonds
"f preferential trading between colony
and   ciilmiy.    The   Weet    Indies,   nere
they repreeented, oould Join with Can
adn 111 Miti-fiirlii'ii over tin* result, of
inter-oolonlal preference, for it ta announced thut out of a P.tnl it*i|."it
of (90,000,000 pounds of raw suir.ir Into
Canada laat year. 393.000,000 poundi
wars from the West Indies and Bril
iab (inn.na
Dr.   Williams'   Pink   P.lis   Make    Rich.
Red,   Health-giving   Blood
Cold wln-tar ui'iuiiis, enbrclns
"iiuiieii.ini in i.ver-ii..nni. l.iiii,. ven-
1 la , 1 rooms ;.. the bome, In 'he show
.m.i in the school sap the vitality ol
even the strongeet The Momi in*-
. "iin a clogged with luiptiritii-s, th,*
liver sluggish, tha kidneys weaKened,
sleep la nol r.-.-uui -you .i.i.ik.* jusi
.is ure.1 a.s when >"u went t" bed;
. . |ou spirited, perhaps have
In .nin. In* and blotchy skin—ttiat la the
■ ...11 of thouaanda ui people everj
spring 11 comes to all unleas ths
. is enriched i" u gnmi tonlt b)
Ur. Wllliama' Pink Pllla. These puis
not ..nli banish tins feeling, inn thej
Kuard against the inure serious all-
in. i,ts mat usually follow—rheumatism, nervous debility, anaemia, indi-
gi -imn and kidnej trouble. Dr. wil-
Ihuna' Pink Pills are an Ideal spring
medicine      Bverj    dose   in.ik.*.-   new,
rich, red bi 1.   Every   drop   ■
ni 1 helps i" strengthen    u ver-
worked nerves; overcomes weakness
,ii,,i drives iin* germs ..f disease lr.nn
ihe body, A thorough treatment gives
m .unl snerg] i*- reelsl the torrid
11.nt "( the coining summer, Mrs.
.i.is McDonald, Sugar Camp, Ont,
aaya 1 waa badls run down, tell
vi rj weak and had ao appetite 1
could scarcelj drag mis* 11 aboul and
fell that my condition mi. growing
worse. 1 'I" Ided !•• try Dr Willi.mis
l-lnk Pills and before I had used s
boxes   I   uns   aa   strung   as   ever.
Mi npp. tt,   returned   and   1 am ao-a
(bis to ii" ml  houaework without feeling worn-out   I   think Dr. Williams'
i-ink I'liis tim best tonic there Is."
it is ii mistake t" ink.- purgatives In
spring    Nature • a 11« for a  Heine tu
inni.1 up tin wasted force purgatives
onlv ui'iik. 11 it Is 11 on iiii Ins 10 mi
on ths blood, whirti is noceeaarj i>r
Wllliama' I'lnk I'llls are a blood mjdl
, ins   thay nuike pun*, rli h, -ie.1 bl 1.
 1 -strengthen  everj   organ   ot    the
body. Bee that the full name "Dr
Williams' Pink Mils f*-r Pals People,"
Is printed nn the wrapper around each
bos all other ao-called pink pllla are
fraudulent imitations. Sold by tne,11-
, ine dealers or by mall nt fid renls 11
bos  ..r  six   lioxes  for  »3.r.0.   from   The
nr Wllliama' Medicine Co., Brockville.
Little   Olgs   is   your   wound   tore,
Csptstn limit.11
I'apiiiiu   Woundl    What  woundl
Little -Hg'i   Why, mamms   aays   sin
ent you »t the dinner party hast night
Minard's  Liniment  Cures   Diphtheria
If you  siilT.'i*  from  plmplea  ent   lib-
ernllv Of Water cross,    There Is no bet-
ter bioo.i imriiii-r.  Water cress la rich
In Iron nnd so Is very good  for llmse
who are Inclined to be iiniK-mlc.
Ilm n w
till   I
a vv nt-
ahf a
Coram (standing   In   ihadow ol
mi    ls   vour   nilslnss   ill   hOUMl
ani 1 ' don's know, ma am.
tell whether she's home or nol
git ■ good lo-'k st ye. If ye hoi
(   oil   thS  side  0'   vei   OOSe,  ma lllll.
The Chain Cable.
The lirst man who SUGCSSdSd lu muk:
Ing 11   useful  chain  cable  wua  Uobert
I'iinii, who experimented with it in
lsns. Ills cubic waa made of very
short link-;, with 110 stay pins or studSj
but It served the puipii.se
The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is aj.
iir.'iiii/.alinii   of   men    In    thu.  Angina.
00 uiiiiiuion, the sole purpose "f whiol
is. in the words of th. constitution
"tin* spread ..I Christ's kingdom
among men, espeoially young m. n.'
Tin* -unpin Ity i.f ih. object and thi
slm-pli illy nf the rules hava alwaj
been tlie sttengtn ol the order. 1 Ln
i»" ml. s ol ihe Brotherhood are, Aral
ly, ni Prayer, namely, "Tn pray daili
fm ilu* spread ol ' hn.-i - king""!!
am ni.* men, especially young men, snd
for   Clod's   blessing   upon   tl"    Id"*  -   "
the   Broth, rbood' :   aeoondly,    "t    Bei
1 i.*e, namely, "To make at least out
■ 11 asi etfoi en I, wi 1 k i.i lead aomi
in 1 1 ii- .in. to 1 Imst through lli-
T'ie Brotherhood *...- formed tu
reion.itii.il ..I the faei ilmt even
Chriatian man 1- pledged to devote hu
lil*  i"  tha extensl (  tbe  king I'm
"f    I IliriSt     "il     e ., i I, It     I- pn-.  ,|     ,1
;n 11 .iln. ni,- 1,1, lerstood la navi
kuii.li-i'.. 1 im- responsibllitj 1- rest
i.n mi themselves, snd who sre ieadv
1 * strive, like St. Andrew, lo bring
their lii"t)i"r in the knowledge <*i
1 ma - "i.n- . li.i- 1- the fundami ntal
principle upon whloh tbe Brotl 1
ha-  been  sstabludied  and developed.
The grii.ii!i nf tin* Brotherhood haa
been ph. 11 imenal. Prom « small ba
ginning In St. James ehuroh, < bl
s.iiu.. tn. i.tv yi ais ago, it 1
t" nearly evi ry land In whii li thi
Anglican communion 1- represented
Canada, tha United Btates, the West
Indies, Bnglsnd, Scotland, Ireland snd
Japan  and iiiiii r    places    lia.e  strong
oentrea   "t   Brothern I   activities,   tl"
I'liiieil   si.it,t*   tiiiineli   alone  eoti.t
15,000 members, ami employing tin
travelling secretaries.
II       Brotherhood    in   Canada   haa   at
:est nt  time   two   travelling  aecre
,11  iln   Beld,    "ne    i"i   tin* wi -.
an I   tl ther    working    iu   ths    1 1 I
tppoinl •   men
the   Brotherl 1   !..•-   grown   from   ll-
ohapters In l'-0*. aritfa a member_hip ol
880. to 1 present ix obsptera with .1
memberehlp of 5/100. Ths object ia
hi: 10 mu h i" n.. reasa Its mi
ship »s it I. to surround each ol th.
clargj with a band "i ten "r I
men pledged to i*.....-i  mill service loi
tension ol ' hi isl - kingdom.
A    Dominion    eonventi. n  ol  th	
ganizaiimi  1-  to  be  held  In  Winnlp«g
l.l .     U,  24, ES and  26.  1907.     1*
will   In*   in   alien.Inm e   trom   all   poinll
frnni  Hilif;i\ to Vsneouver, ss well si
the United gtal 1   manj    1
apeak, is  will a;.* 1 1 1  tin
ul Ireeses. a itroi g 1 . grsmine l.a.
I. . :i   prepared,   snd   oonventlon   liieia
(ill.    may    lie    nl.tallied     upou   applies
tion t" ths secretary tin* Dominion
oonventlon Brotherh I "i Bt Andrew,
Byi    "I     Hlin es.     \\ innlpeg.       I>, le
gates from parishes when no Brolhn
hood .1 iptei   exists   will  b.   * -1 sciallj
w.     nn     lull  iiiii. uian in iy  I	
tain   1  upon application.
Tins Is ths Bret time thst tha Do
mini 11 conveni Ion has 1" sn b( 1*1 In
ii.. «. -i. and 1- should prow a greal
iiii".'tii- to the Brotherh"" I
hiir-h work generally In this part 01
I 'llll.lll.l.
New  Methods   In an  Art  That  la  Old
A Pittaburg  Romanoe.
One    of    the    musical    Instruments
whose popularity never seems to dimln
ish Is the vlollu, alius the Uddle,  There
Is a story to the effect that one of the
ploueei* settlors of western Penusylva
ma   gave   l.ttOO   union  ot  land   lu   ex
cliunge    for    11    beautiful    Instrument
uinde by Kleiner,  the successor of the
renowned   Ktruillvnrlua,   aud   the   land
thua   given   Is   the   site   of   Pittsburg
Then  there la the atory of the vlollu 1
maker In New York who bought up old
rafters to turn Into Instruments, some '
of bis choicest productions being curv- i
ed  out  of  the   wood  taken  from   St. I
Matthew's,  a downtown church  razed
sbout half a century ago.
In tlie country district* the flddlei
who presides ut dnticea In barua 01
town halls Is aa prominent a figure aa
ever, aud In the schools of music Um
student of the violin Is lu a fair wuy
to become the nucleua of the fill lira
American orchestra, which today Is
largely made up of Europeana. In Itus
ton Oeorge W. Chadwlck, Uie well
known composer, haa Introduce*! the
practice of ualng members of Uie big
Symphony Orchestra to alt alongside
the pupils composing Uie Conservatory
orchestra and "speed up" the perform
snese, All advanced pupils are required
to attend the reln-nrsnls regularly, mi*
t'ie performances nre under the dlrw
tion of Mr. Chad wick himself There
la a good deal of public splrtt I
this undertitklng, for ns Uie Sympliui.
Orchestra has Uie support of a banker
Major Henry U Hlgglnson, so Uie
Conservatory, where this amateur or
chestra Is training, has a magnificent
concert hall, the gift of a llostou mer
chant, nmi I>. .Iu.■•In;.
Every player In this nmaieur orsaiii
tatioa  la provided wl,h a  Hue lnstru
ment. If not his own. tben one loaned
to   blm.     One   of   the   leading   man
ufacturers of  vlolina la authority   for
the   statement   that   the   Instruments
made  In  thla  country  are  worthy  of
comparison with any ever made of old [
and that It la a mistake to assume that
the art of manufacturing fine violins;
paased away  wltb the school of Cre j
monn; hence the assurance that DUStC
students lu the United States have a* I
many If uot more advantage* at theii
disposal than those who study abroad
In some parts of the country expert*
ness wltb the violin ls a feature of
hou.e Ualnlng,  but nowadays  Amerl
flic tnualc schools, particularly schools j
In cities wbere there are flrst class pro
Tliis is the Paramount Feature of
Free from Artificial Coloring, Dust, and  all  Foreign
Lead     Packeta    Only,    40c,   60c,   and      60c     Per    Lb.    At     All     Grocers.
In  Chili.
There are si Iditlea in   Chili
connected with iln- sphere ol woman
One Is that women act as condi
"ti tha -ii* ■' ■• Ever] a here the
sngei meet - the woman conduct-
■iiii'il with in*r bag and, ■ Mars
T« nn had It, "the blue -tup slip for
a five-cent tare," collecting th ins
fully as well a- hei masculine oom-
'•■I   and  much  more  politely,   In
the -ii      ' *■    all the "salesmen" are
girls and  women,  and In  the    tele-
*.'ii.|ili  offices   >:i  city    an.1    country
young women are Invariably foui I
operator!     and   the)   d    their  »ml<
well,  - ■ ■     But   i" offi et  thia,  In n
''li.liaii hotel nr boarding house and
.11 many reeidenoea, men -I" the work
nl the chambermaid. American women
are always shocked to timi that a man
ervant  "take-  care"  of the  bleeping
oom.   111 lhe liul-da ol Club.
Be There a WUI  w Isdom  Pointi ths
Way.— The   sick   man    pirns    for   relief,
li it In*   ii-: _■ inr the doctor,
whieh   iiii ans   bottles    "t    drugs
1 .nsurn. d.    lie  has  nol   ths  r. solution
* 1  1 1.ei   hla    toi   "!.    .*• Lib   oomp   inda
Which      smell      villain* .     ,      ta-**
wars..   But II in* bave the trill tc
himself with Ins ailment, wisdom mil
direct    iiis    attention    in    Pai n
Vegetable   Pills,   which,   as   a   ap.
I ii    Indigestion    ami    disorders    "1   ihi
digestive organs,  h iual.
Horriblo Suspicion.
Marjorie-Well   and whut docs Aunt
lane think of her photo:
Reggle—Bhl     Oh,   Bhe's   Jolly   ivlld
about It.
Marjorlo-Why?    Doesn't  she  think
ts like berl
Reggie-Well, I thluk she's afraid It
la-Ally (Sluper.
Long  Distance.
"Where arc you going, old chnpV
aaked the tirst youth.
"lining to M'iid Myrtllla a kiss
through   the   telephone,"   replied   thc |
aeeend youth.
•Why, you are slow. Don't you ku*.w
.i kiss through Uie telephone loses is
"Just why I au using Uie telephone,
old iuuu.   1 have been eaUng 011i.u1-."
Houston I'11st.
Tha Truant Angel.
Willie   looked   up   Into  the   sky   and
saw  an airship  for  the  tirst  time.    It
was   1 Cry   high   up   and   looked   very
small.    After   watching   Uie   wings   ou
ihe machine Happing up uud down, he
"Sny, nin, look up Into Uie aky!
Phone's au angel playing truuut."-
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in
Hard   I imea  For  Dogs.
More Uian H.IKKI lost iiiiiI stray dogs
were admitted   lo  the   Hogs'  H"ine  nt
Battersea   ilurini.*   the   lirst  six   weeks
of thla year   Thi   number is nearlj
lu   |H-r   cent,   higher   liiiin   the   inlinis
-imis   for   the     corresponding     period
of Inst year
The majority Ol them have nl ready
paaaed through the lethal chamber to
the sreinatornim, hut there are In the
i.onii* nt the present time fully i.ihio
rtogi  of 1 very imaginable breed, nnd
the kennel ae nmodatioo is severely
taxed in spit.* ...' the re-sent extension ■
Although the number ..f admission*!
has itii-i,'ii.'.i -11 largely, tin- number
oi persona visiting the in.me to search
for  lost  dogs or tn  buy  new  |m*(..  h.i
fallen "ff   a oomblnation of drcum-
lianoeS winch suggests that ninny dog
oh tiers have lieen cluiry of assuming
Uie responsibilities which the new net
Imposes  011   Ihem
The excessive immigration, however, is noting very detrimentally mi
the liniinees of the home, which del-ends entirely 1.11 stibdcriptioiia and
thu sale of uucUiLied does.
fltesliinsl orcheatrus, are devoting mon
atteutlon than ever to Uie development
of players gifted with an aptitude for
the art of Paganlnl.
One Sided Girl.
**Shp has pretty hair," the athletic
girl admitted, "but It la never dre-^i I
evenly. The right side always Is.U-
much U'ttcr than tbe left."
"Tbut ia because ahe never moves
her bureau," said tbe wise girl. "Her
room is so small tbat ahe can't haul
things around, ao month in and month
out her looking glasa stands Ic the
same corner b.v the window, and month
lu and month out n',.o ;-esaes with her
right tide to the light and the left In
sh- tow.
•nsc-quently one half of her face
sun hair ls well groomed, while the
other half gets only a lick ami a prom
Ise. Any girl who would avoid looking
one sided must drpss one week wltb
her right side to the window, the next
week with ber left side to tbe light."
How the Sweet Liquid Is Stored In ths
Tr_ —Warmth Makes It Flow.
There la much difference of opiuloo
as to where the sap hi a sugar tree
e.ni.es from. It does not come from
the ground by the roota, but Is In Uie
tree and has been all winter iu the
form of starch deposited ln the cells
of the soft wood under the bark.
When the weather becomes warm
enough In the spring to set tn action
the vital processes of the tree, this
starch ls changed Into sugar nn.l the
cells become so full of the sweet sap
aa to exert a great pressure on Uiem.
The warmth of the spring sun starts
thla vital action, and the sup circulates
through the cells on the way to the
buds, which soon swell out and burst
hito leaf. When the tree la tapped by
the sugar maker, the pressure of the
sap on the cclla forces It out of the
opening made There ls no special
current up from the roots or down to
them; the treo ls simply flHed with
sap all through tho soft won.1 and
mostly at that part of It Immediately
under the bark. Here new wood Is
formed of thc matter held In solution
In the sap.
The sap will flow while the ground Is
still frown, for It Is warmth In the nlr
that causes the flow and not the action
of the roota In the solL Therefore It Is
ipilte uaelras. ns some people do. to
spread any little or other notusindiict-
Ing matter under tho tree for the pur
poso of keeping the ground frown to
delay thc budding. If this effect be desired, the whole tree must he covered
In ami kept lu a dormant condition by
a low temperature all over.—Chicago
I  have  used   UINABD'8  I.IMMKN i
i*i   my  -'.l'l. a foi        Bl tr.  and 1 "ii
s d. r it the VERY BR8T (01 unsi
Besh 1 can get, and \\"i.l.l strongly rs
oemmend  ii  lo sll  horaemen.
Livery  Stables,  Quebec,  95 t..  103  Am.
Bl t.
An Interrogation.
While dining with friends In Cam
bridge. Blahop Phillips Brooks de
scribed with much enthusiasm a col
lege service he bad recently attended
"lt was an inspiration to see all tbOOS
young ui-ii sing.iig so heartily.    Bs
pceially liny seemed to throw tbelr
whole souls luto the hymn:
"Am I a soldier of the cross.
▲ follower of the I sunt?
Even Dr. X., the president of tbe col
lege, sang as If he felt the contagion
of Inspiration." "Dr. X. sang that'**"
broke in an Incredulous listener. "Does
Dr. X. believe UiatT' "Ob, tin." r.*
plied Bishop Brooks quickly, "He wus
merely asking for Information."
The raw horsehair used In tho mann.
facturo of haircloth for upholstering
purpose* la Just now high priced tn
thla country because of thu Situation
which during and since the Russo Japanese war has prevailed In liusaH,
whence mosl of the hair cornea. The
best of such cloth must have a certain
width of weave, which depends upon
the length of the hairs, and In t'.ils respect the Russian horses are siiyerlor,
hnvlng tails which ti.iei.p the ground.
Much of the weaving Is dons in thii
country. Kor the narrower weaves 06
the cloth, used by tailors lu Ilidn-J
coats, the hair from American horses
on the western, plains Js need.
H  ynn* ohlldren   an    troubled  *ith
give     them     Uothet    i.raves'
A I    let iiiii.ii"! : • 1
il,    11.   it,  ami   inaik   iln   Improvement  in  j"iir child.
London's   Rainfall.
Tf  all  the   ri.tii   the!   tails   in    London in a year i*"u'il be gathered and
collected,  tl"* supply   mould  amount
W 4H tops of ttat.-r lot.'n^   ;    *-"i.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Colds, 8tc.
To Try an  Ec*.
to fir an egg so that it will be particularly tempting to the eye as well
ss Uie palate first separate the white
from the yolk, then bent the white
Into a froth, drop It Into the pan, make
a bole In the center with a spoon and
drop the yolk Into the hole. It will
cook lt Into a veiy   U ntv hit
pel - sre more sueeeptible
I., e.iids than (itlivts, contracting derangements ol ihe pulmonary organs
fr  in      li,.      alia ss.      These
hand   1   bottle
.1    Biekh -    Antl Consumptive
tha  present   day  sovereign   remedy  fnr
-.   catarrh n   nf
lh*. lungs. It will effect a 1 ure no
iu itler lio'A* se\ ere th.* eold may be.
V.i cannot afford to be -*nh"iit a
remedy like Biekle'a, f..r it is the beet
Don't wait for Dame Fortune te
kn*x*k ft your d"or. She may he kidnaped tiy some one wbo ls willing ts
meet ber halfway.
99.90* Pure
—That's what makes
St. George's
Baking Powder
ao satisfsctory. It is Uie purest
Cream of Tartar Baking Powder
tbat Science can make.
Send for our free Cook-Book-
full of choice new recipes.
Katlooal Dni| a CBcmlcBl Co.
ai    of Cicada. Umlte.l   MoutitaL
Dr. Slocum's Great Toole
ood Disease Doitroyor
Used in Thousands
of Homes in Canada
THOSE WHO don't know what Psychlna
ls and what it does are asking about lt
THOSK WHO do know what Psychine
ls and what it doea sre ustn, it They
regard It ss their best physician and
THOSE WHO use It are being quickly
and permanently cured ol all forms of
throat, chest, ning and stomach
troubles, lt is a scientific prepara*
Uon. destroying all disease germs In the
blood and system. It is a wonderful
tonic and system building remedy, and
is a certain cure for
Bronchial Coughs,
Chills and Fever,
Difficult Breathing,
V.cto-ia's Crewn.
Thc lightest of European crowns Is
the state crown of (Ireat Britain, which
was made for Queen Victoria. Al-
thoiiirh It weighs only two pounds and
seven ounces, Its value Is {1X00,000
One enormoua sapphire came from the
signet of Edward the Oonfeasor.
A Princeaa ef Six.
For a nlftht. for a -Say,
In a land far away,
Ruled a aweet little princess of six.
What she did In thoae hours
ln Iter faraway  bowrrs
Who can aay union maybe 'twas tricks!
There Is one thins ahe did
That can never bo hM
Bhe mixed mustard wllh sugar and aploe
When her subjects so fay
Came to dine on lhat il.iy
They made facra that weran't verr nice.
Then ahe went out to walk
With A dull that could talk,
And the dull tnlke.1 ao loud and ao lo-ag
That the awoet little maid
Bald. "I'm very much   fralil
Then   la   anineihlna    Inaldu   you   than*
Than abe pulled pussy's tall.
And poor puas gave a wall
And scratched her a ecratchety soratalk.
If you don't bctleve me
Toil can go there and see
Through the little red door wllh the I
- Waaldnst-as. f~
1' Man' I'.:.'. '!•*•'   <l
When "sweets"
lose their sweetness—
and " substantial*,"
their charm—there arc
always MOONEY'S
coax back
thc appetite.
know how
good   they
Pneumonia, ' Ceneral Weakness
Bronchitis, Female Trouble*,
Catarrh, Fickle Appetite,
Weak Telce, Hemorrhages,
Sleeplesiness, Night Sweats,
NervoBSness, Consumption,
Malaria, Catarrh ef the
Anaemia, Stomach.
AU these diseases are serions n themselves, and if not promptly cured in the
early stages are the certain forerunners of
Consumption in its most terrible forms.
Psychine conquers and cures Consumption, but it is much easier and safer to
prevent its development by using Paychlne. Here ls a sample of thouaanda of
voluntary and unsolicited statements from
all over ('anada 1
Dr. T 1. Slocum. Unites
OeoUenan.-I lasl 11 mr amy ta bStIm m
at Ibe raaarkabla cuia aa-xtad br your ISyehlne
aad Osomulat'iD. which hava oome uadar my
ponottl okasrvaUoa Thrve man. well known to
m. Albert TuwiiMn V HbhI Hl-paon aad Joha
McKay, all ol Stn<lburati Couoiy. wars pro*
Bouncad by tha bast medtna! into lo hire
•onmimpUoo. and to b« Inrurabli. and baynnd tha
reach of maSlral aid. Thu-/ omd Piriolna aad
Oxomulilon and ibcy ara now In food health.
I feel It a duty 1 owa lo ludertng humanity Is
•ata thaaa (a.-ia (or lha banaSt ol o'Jur raSai-eie
trom ihia larrlbla dlaaaae. -«
Yean vary truly. ,
Uti.NDtfB MoITUIZIt. ].*..
• Qraea Harbor, M.A
Psychine, pronounced Bl-keen, ls lor
sale at all up-to-date dealers. If your
druggist or general store cannot supply
you, write Dr. T. A. Slocum, limited, ITS
King Street Wast, Toronto.
Th. AHNOI r METHOD ia tha
only logical method lor tne cure
ot Stammering. It treats ths
CAUSE, not marsly tha HABIT,
and insure* natural apeech.
Pamphlet, particular and rafar-
ancsa sent on request.
Berlin,  Ont.,   Can.
W.    N.    U.    No.    633
IB I»w'<*«■  ■■■»  IU-***— IS 1
3* PilttUd »tTr.u,ut lAk-flClty, a:ia.lMitiKstir.'i
a i eiuion aud Tnjut l.ukj»-_v*vrv itiur*-<l:*.:
it Rdl'lor 4f t* net m*> ! -I hlnufli re^i'oi:-
lil ,., ,'.»r tu* o|iiuiiius uf Cvnc'tpiititUiiU- ex*
- Mill] JU   iUi   0U1LM1U1S
■    ■ ■
a • .net-UK will be elmr^oU at ih-*'nm* «ftf
■iv,*t.i-* p#rlttut. ilrfct Insertion, kd(I iu*vui: {.-■ •
;     i" •■sU'li iiiijhi'tju-fiii li.st TUtm,
■ii ii)' I i.'tiMsMit and t»ll it nivovllKin^
ba iiicU-s kimwu on ftppllchtfou u i oili?
cnuiu'U »ja«i u ?•*•. in itdvam't'.
NtLSON,   B  C
fiilver 75 cen'a
.I,Lead, Copper |1 i:  h
(.■.id-Silver $1 50.
.silver-Lead $15-0
Ilhc fi. 00
('old-Silver, with Lead or
Copper fi 50
'':lMrge.« for Olhet metsis on spplicaliim
Samples arriving by express oi  mail
. '.sivo prompt nlti-iitioii,   P.O. Draiui
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mlnfn g Supplies  Etc
to any Point in tho District.
REVILSTOKE,   ti    C.
i'.   I Wiiii-., l,ii|iii"'.*i and i   _,itr.
Kates $1 a dav.
| J. A. STONE   -   - Prop.
Sbe ftytel Jficatoii
■"EATON.  i,.c
$    GOOD,
Sffl      *_..   aai      .
|   'prompt £   S. DANEY, Prop.   | ftttJ
rrD-^iieAM Kg    Guaranteed   f-9
1$ Satisfactory.  fj§
% a
q       SERVICE U
Flevelstokc, B C*
Pirst-clsii .ice■-. .ii * Istion i-i travollers
Rates Sl and $1* 50 per day-
I* I'lOnfl arriving al Beaton (tin, ulr,.,, ,
nit   \inm iieitd, wi|| I'm,| ||,iH n, ""I  nf t
( i IiHi-cIsm ttinlo.    Kxcelleni ,,,*,        ' '"Uf
spi-oii'l. 'i and sp.-icinii- .liuin*.  1*„||,     •)•*    .""■ tatiou
and ri,'!!!-.   Personal Nii|iervlslon iiniv,.,, u,\ "' w'i»
patrons. \ Isltors to the 1 a'deau can mh oi '     /'"I*
W. BOYD -:- -:-l
'AS.    A.   McFARLANE
(luteotFerguson Mini's,   I.i.I.'
ASSefS Ol Sli nl VU.   TellllS ,'llf.lll*lil',.-.
'iilili'i s*-:
linx   4:t'i,  .KAirlO,   D. (\
FHEl)  C.   1-LLlOll,
Barrister, Notary I'ubtic Etc,,
FsttOUBOS. l.'lVII.Mi.Ki:, II, C
         — ■■in.
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Room*.   Excellent Cuisine and Attendance.
Central Hotel
and Stage Line
First Class in every respect.
Largo Sample
Rates Sl  50 par Day
All modern conveniences.
Special Weekly Rates
P. L. S.
r  '        Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Grout Xahe    mmmmmim
'!•/«    j lly usini; Water supplied by U.e*
-i^i-VllCL ©    Cuiiipniiy you urr aaaured of abao«
■_• - luti* liuritv.   Government Analysis
lev      .    .   ' .
Mineral Claim*. Sur*. eyed   and
Crown Qrants Obtained.
Kcsiilenoe—Kkxt Rkcqsd Oh i.i
TS-O-JT   l-AKE,   SI.  C.
Excellent   Accommodation i
Best Liquors
J And Very finest Cigars   £S
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
Luke, I'nct Office; also at Ueaton, Oui
aplin und Arrowhead.
N I-.*■- i- !:i,l,y BiVen that ."•• .
/Iiv^iif'.i iinni,**., • nhli,--,,!,,,, ,,fi
<lii"ii..iiivi„ il,,. UUitish Colum i
''■•" dx-Mle. I Intend to apply toi
Hm Ilm.. t hirf Colnqiissiiincr of]
Lands* Works for special licona-
'"'■• ■■••lanil  carry owny iiml..*i j fi-iSBWaBSBaaeaBaa^aB^g
from Hit* fnllowirtp ili-rril,,.,] ]ttlkl,- ■ - -*s~»«3__g
siltdte in West  k.i'ton-IV.
Besl Hotel in Town,
HeaflQDarfers for Mining and Carol Mei.
It pays to nsu the Telephone.    A   (T* \\R      "\rV T IT If   ff
lenirtlir trip wn often be saved. Offlccsl \Jm l-mt      J  V/II^W
.it  Kursnson i Cnmaiins1 Hiors ; Trout I
Imke, Post Office: a_o at li«inn i\...- ItTVl/ri I ED
Watch-repairing,   etc.    All work
No. l.   i.'iiiiiiiifiiring ntn |h.-i
|i!:lll!e.l '2\    lililpK    Up    Tin.Iii|i	
t'r.--i-k on ii.** --.nili   bank   ol   llie
creek, marked HA   Clowing's S.W
Starfteg & Co.
WHOLESALE PI*:.u,i:n? in '
KEii!.,   CIiocjc,   Prod ace   snd   Proit
Houston l:k.,Iii<e|iiiint* St. N.*!.-on, B.C
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Andrew M. Craig,
Imperial  Bank of Cana
Head Oftks
capital ptia up,        s,ata.see.
ReeT tAi*.*tm
0 R. WILCIB, President. Uon. S08KRT
BRANCHES   in t'ie Pi.ivn.iia ul Alberta, Rsskat.   i»»..  B
UanJloba, Oatarie and Qti •
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.-!'.'l--->itS r-»,-eivel an !
earrenl rai.* from data <d o|K*iiinc *•(
i. uauad available in  gov
i  ••• la a*. Milan ai .1
B  C
R*V«Ut0ke, DiMtiet of Wait Kootenay,       t» .    Oe     Vf  611
4      TUSCAN   LODGE,    '
No. 30 •*'
*f      AF.  & A.M. ^_m_mmmm
■ *Z  n i   ,,.i i -    -
/\^x\   3rd   Thursday cacul—       .
/ \y >      „,.,.,...      Review Job Dept.
! i-r Sigh-Cla-ia Work.
>d«>CHGH31> t>nr m>€* 04M
© K       f
Arrowh, ,
^^^^^^^^    niniith
Sojourning llrethrett eordialtr luviti t.
(.. Ki rddred, See. r.C Camp! ell.W M
TROUT   LAKK   LMI'i.K   i. O.O.F
KO. 41
tingi in itt ii
Barber Shop I
Oood Sha\c or Hair Cut
IL f
i ,1 i i.
corner   i.
thenee   n..nli SO I
iimi i;   ilu'iiiv   east   SO   o!
thence *• titli  Hii ohaint.,
w   il si cbaiua to puint   i-l
im -iici-iiicnt,
■ in-
N... 2. Commencing al a posl
planted 2*| milwi np Thompson
Cr.vl; mi l'u* u.'iiili bank of tin*
creek, marked "A. '■ urine's N".\\'.
corner poat," thonce aouth 80
clniii s- thence rn -1 su chains;
then.*!- north 80 cbaii}»| i!.. in.
west 80 chains Io point of crnn-
M •    Tako notice Ihnt IL F.  Reamy,
M  of I'oplar t'ifk.   JL C-,   Prosjieo-
Realr,.,,.....,.*,.• mi', i hr*,fn,f^fl *A*.\?~!* RAW FURS
,  . M    liinhir lico'isc t'Vi-r  lhe f'lliowiite   •■«•■■     ■   "» « ■ wot
General Coinniistioii Agent      ra ....
  M   described In nils:
1 U li i: II  AN 1) M I N ES ^ ;    C-"'"0"cinu.'.t a  p.-st plantod
Kj   mi I ho north aide ol VoyAet ( reck,
  kj   about 2' 0 feet from the creek and
Rota i:..|iiiM'iii:ii ive lor       u  about I inilu ubovo tbo fi i st soiiUi
Ni.ii-Iniiff liiaiiranei*  lln«i a  in M    f, rk cf i'uplar CH*i*k.  tlli'ni'"   Ureal
M  80 chains; Uionce south 80 cbalnl;
di?  thence oast SO cliains*^thenco nor-
( ..it.'-i|«ii!.|.*ii.'*>,.;, In-'.ir.iiirv in-,!  .'.
tors .sill line |iruoi|i| attontlon
uoouMiatc or Hair Cut     t
'PiBttmS&CO,   WilliamSchnell, |
Trout i.ake Ferguson IJ. ., on
mid r-inili
. wt
Meat 1        „	
^^^^^^        KEIIi.l n„*      ^^^^^^
Hot and Cold Baths
use * Hai tttn -. . „
J    A. Haltr)
Barber Sll
For t.oi- i
Hat and CoM
l>euli-rsl.i4llk.n.la„n.',*tn, M.j.t
ratorlaparfal QukarCaawte.
^^^^^^^^^^^^ ti. SO chains to point. ( c.'iniiiencc
lone Jih. 18Q7. H. I-. Beamy.
No, '!    Commencing *,i  i
plai :•••! ii Ui'ilft a ■ 'i ■ | n
'reel.*, on il... south bank "f Ihe
.. inni! ed "A *■ '•' ing'-i S.\V
11.*ni i pas'.*-' ili'iiio imttii tu
ihalm : ih* •••• lint 80 ( hainsi
llicne**  sonlh   K'l  cli.ii.a;    tinl'*
-'H-hiiillS t'i lioillt ol i ll    ;        I'''"'1
ll III. lit.
j   i:i;vi:lsto!-;i: i.ANr»iM**Ti;i*r
District of Wcsi Kootcnav.
pl'Ve is hereby  .jv,.,,   tUn~     (.   .
i'::r>1''" ' int-ndtoapplvl
""'•"••«• ''I'i.'ff.iiii.i.i-i,,.^ ;,f|
^nd"»nd Works  U., „„},,„;I
'      '   to«l*i«I«irr» ««-.,v ,;.„.  ,.
H|   ,l'"  Mlo'lH  .l«-',,-il,.,|   "n'oplarCrcMk, ILC.,   Proapeelor!
'■•»«• "Hunle i» w,.-: Ki, i* |U11       ii:' '^-- '« appljr for » special tin,-
ber I'wino «rrr the following dc.
I ake notice
that l:   9   Beamy.
•Vi, i.
('•.., >,..
t,.L.        m -j.      '-'i.i.iiiii.*.,,,,,,, n   ,„,,  ,.,;)|)(f(,
" „i...!-V.   ,,;,:"? """""■'""''-■■» I'oplar Cr,..*li.
.. —     I"    ill.lull.1|     ,.|,    <..   . '        -    I   ""
'•      '     ? ■          ,   ., .*            '■  '   .   .„„i...!,-V.   ,   .,„;,(•"; "«•;»"•'""'-» l-..plarCr,..*li.
Pl«med   : .          , ''"'-"" h"! fr,.,„ Ih,.,a.ek ni;l!
^k. on Ibe                 :    ,,    ,f ,,      ■,-:.-■ ■■'"""  I  ll,.- ,1„veti,,.||r»l   M,„.i,
.-•r-il;, n,iiil,t*.l    A.  (iotti
corner  post,"    lai
chains;   th.u.e   <.. i   -
H .-I.* o noflh 80 -
wi-st 80 chaina lo
llK'l.ri mi Ml,
L* -■ tied -'..ii- 8th. Ii
A. tioivinj*. I
■a .N W ,'
• •'-"'I hi..til  I in i" nl nvi* tin-lirtt  filial
•   *•  SU ■ ■    nf I'oplar I'rei'k. ihenea  a eat
weal   Ml ■   . il.enc- norlh HI <*l.i.iii.-i
'.    "' cIimiiis  i.i. .   , ,-i -,) chaina; iheiiou sun-
ore. nn inn i i.i. j,*, si), o.ti i,« to ji.iini ofonminence-
■r c.
ment .in.l containing  r,<o acrMi
inure or less.
In.,- Sth. Ifl(»7. D  |
l.ociil.'i Jun.- I'.i lh ! i '7.
John ! 'i nc    I, i .i vr,
Xo. 2,   C  III in.•!ii-il.i»   ,il   ii   | osl
".I iil.,,l.i 2 inii'- ".'mh "I A.  ''' ■,M" "• *\» ,*>..,.'l'.'Ml
i mloVs i'ii-* nipt ion .in .^.li-
iii .n Cli •*•;,   n  il.i i  "No, 2,   Ji.Iiii
Croft's Sojih
Notici;. ■
•'Index." "I.'eilfliir,'' ' I.'...ml
It" (Hid   "Hidden 'I'i'eii-.ire"   Minimi'  post,"!   eral clalme,   siluale in (lie Iroat
I ll.cni'i-    w •       .in.-;      Ihenea      ' ' ''       "" "' Wesl    .    •
. ,i irth NO chain*   lliend rnsl mi'   e0« OmtrUi.
IVhi-ri-1, in.: i*i I.■   On tiold llnl-
th.'iin-:   lliuncc snillli 80 Ch.Ulld lo        ,     ,.  . ,
.!.,   (..i'n.-, ( reck.
1 "">*,:" i"''i'i",l. I \ki; NOTICE tbal I.   Rmeet A.'
I,'it',il.'i  .In..i* ^li.li    1 * g aa sgi nl  d,i ,
in (Voft,   * -   . ..I-   i,     I. M. r. He. Ii»
[('. M.iu.K* \Vj,'b*ii,le:i       It-jaw, *
1,  Con.in   'i L|; ut id i   (i. Wiclii'iiili'i,    ,.     ,,     115579,
i)|i lays fn in lift? 'ii.i.' I,ei,*.,f, in,
•'. llio Miiiiiiii I .                       i ■ •
lii.p :      ni   -;	
('iiiuiiu■;. ing /il a   posl  j ;,i. (• ii
nl t in- north   tu*.«!  corn r ■ i   \
diciv    rt-l('r»(iiiH   |iii-ciii|,.ii,ii    in
the 'J r*■ ui l.nk" Mi"ing   Divii .o.  '6. _   ,       ,
Mini marked August Olson - .• rtiU-d ob ul '• miJe ii *
•(est oorner poai,   Iheuf   . i-m   I        .i;i-l    A '    \'n, if,
u',;.iiis. ihenea noiih   20 obeii  . fjoulh cast corner" 11 ,  oWfl,„i,1(l
thence weal 40 chaina. thenn ins; llienc* i..nii >»■ chali laims
Hi _1 chains lo lbs imini -.f. on.-, ij.   ce ea«t 80 chains' thci-i I fartherJ
indice.iiuil. coinj.rising 80 acres    til. 80 * l.iiii.- hi )• i.it - I
' ' ii Mi" i
j in en i. ^^^
locnii'd Mnv 6'h, I0O7
itii-jtii-t Oln'ii, t.ce.ilor.
THERE have hen fortonea
miiile hy ju.iieioii-* Itiraat-
no-lit in Reul Estat**, itti'l
ni'i.-o f"iiu„'-s wiii bo made than
ever the n.-.u two or ihree jreara.
The om, ivh" leaps On* h.-ir
the original ineoalor, for he haa
his money on a etrtainty.
No*' h"' ni point out lo ton tint
tbere i< :i   !. iir  , nl   •■ fii
tinent  t . ' ,iv  R.-ul   iCatate than
Trout Lake It lha prettiestspoi
in lhe K"i •■ <<. nn v.- ; or a pleasure
resort it has no eqnnl, Boating
si, I flshing in.iv Lo imlttlged in
tii- \<ar ii.nnd ; H'hile hi*.' game
In abundance is to tho foiindon
tlm bills. Ih ollmale Ii snperb,
there b-im; liogreat rtttreinea.it
belnK mild  in wn.l'-r nini cool i"
On ■■^mmtm-"'
1' 1.-IIII I,* asi .f «„,
1     | Ji
l      ta
a. mt* nini  .!. i ,„,.-,,     ,
*. i	
Grants of tha
• il ir
1 ■iii.tnem-i ,1
. CeitiQcate
''At*.   A. I»,
lummer.    . , ,..*-. u, *onienj
ibe lim-'t h.iiels inul rcshlcncea iii
Brlilab Columbia, ftsatreels his
well laid out and graded. Tins
sr.< tiro excellent ganernl stores,
a'l.J a glance at the ndveriieenu n:s
in tlii journal oil! show timi nI.
trades tire fairly well repieseuted.
Wiit"  will, f'.iiliilence t-> A«"(its.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
•a        ..
••        a.
Then call on
o-r   wiitt to
II hs. ,„Trr ,.mU   ,b(       ,
''«   b*wd   •!  ...v!f„i„.,   9mi
• lb* ^■■•rcial seat,. ct ,.,
,(i'^   toineral  district ..   ,k#
J'     P.ov,,,,,     hy    ,k.   A~i,
;* *f\^<'*:fi'itc!.as.e|.,l
•""".ii.Mlai.,,, ui.lec i!,# ,iiri|
"""  'I > SI,.*,,,,,,.,,, Ju .     "\
, ' ' :- "Uiingifj Mrih.l'.i
llTiX*, nlil A"8lJ«M.«l,arcl..i
•-••<l'tiling,. hoai.iiMl.
ihen* an» valuablo rami, lamli
■*'«P«'toklrU ■wthlw atillers.
J KlLinler reegorcea ore mngmfi
'l'1":""i"   lanilsnivinill   «i,|,»
•    «"•' •! ihMaU.   Ha ml, si
;'"'""> -rt i-rnv.lni ...,. blgcir
ro.!„(HH ,.,,,,.,   V1(,»   wil() ^
r^-i*cu<iii i,,K ,-,,-n.*, t,„;,'„,f
',i,",   «:"   ba  a  Li*,,  ,,.|, Mill
,U1"'   ""   "   .'on   would   ki-ow
mote, write ,u  0I:,,, *,„ ,,*„.„ ,.,
meageiiiaat the addre»ra below.
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
A. (


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