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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-07-11

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Ergor i
in 'i
[per  i.
a v. Bu
1 ad-
Hi-'     IM
iii n
^rislative AoW*V
—mm.—- V/^ *^
^JL 151907
an. Mining Revie
The   r.**:*!. .-. ')-..: .
'   ' '   \ i
any ...
..Ii,   ill   iill*. iill'      •
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C.  July llth.   I907.
N 1   I '*
'i .  *
L ■ - *   .> --■ ■
It '   '
}*.* ■
1 ^
RKVEI 8TOKK   I.ash   DISTltll I.
1 ; rnioi 01 Vt 11 1. 1.1*1 *. \*..
TAK i: notice   lhat Arthur Gow,
.1    tilnb. i'    I -     uur ii,,
Couii it a post 1 lanled
about I mile from Troul Lal
Ui ii'i'i, in   *,i luiitl .in   •
line of A. I b< r limit,
'i..nl 1 ii "A, Uowing'i N'oi lh   I
■ "
*    -
linn.   ■
.! and ' ■ i"  acres,
more or li
11. lower workings of the Siiv-
ei Cup is  proving  up the ore In
shape and  about  fifty  men
re employ, d.   Tbe shipments re-l
ibont ihi* ■* , iiul.
District of West Kootenay.
. .  jA^-.Am-a  ■    *m*
1MTJE2 •-"li- .
; 1 ko\, DISTRICT
I Wi -1 i*.
•hat B. F.  Reamy,
1 1:   ( .    I'i
ippl) f.ir a  sj
.1    •: *    I
.' *' ■  i' •'  I
I < ninth Irom the di-
|iv*ii Poplar and l
.'• 1 1 tlu rly
. r. th* in
. *   1 orth   *
1 in t..-.* -nii-
tn point ofi   mi
H  F. Seamy.
*-TOKE I AND I'lsi'Lli r
Cl  "f  Wid   |\,...tiMil
•:  ||  II     I'.   R .
1   C   Pi   pector,
il tim-
1 the  following  il-
.• iit 11 poal  planted
I norlh from 111 * -   .li-
Poplar a ii-1 Cascade
,,   iii.ii*-
1   rin River, ihenoo weal
ii, ►outh 10 cl
. •   160   * I .:ti-     ihonce
to  poinl  "*■ coin-
1  nnd   ooptaiiiing   ■'i-°
n "i
1901 II  V  Kraniv
I       *.i. 1 ash pi-•' 1
I Weal Ko nay.
A i'.i. 1.1 Gowiag.
Dated Kay 27th 1967
:   1
r.l.\ ;. 1.-mi. I   LAND   DISTBIOT.
TAKE notioe lhal Arthur G iw-
f Trout Lake,  00 upation
r—int. nds    lo   a] |  y   '     ;<
,il   timber   li.-.   ■ ■■ ,- tb •
following deaci ihe.I lai
Commencing al s  pi sl   plant. 1!
about 1} mi.1*- frotn Hraii.il   .
mile from .        '        ■**
maiked "A. Gowing'i South-weal
■     ■    ;
chains;   ihenc*   t iai   SO  ehains;
Ibence south 80   chains;   Ibence
.*..   : -      ! iiins to   point   i-l   *
t    and oon tabling ol
Ar'hur '■
Dated Mm 27th. ll
,*.i >. R| •-..■■.. 1 ; IND l'l' rmcT.
.   ! West K   ■' ,a,i
Taki notice ll ai B.  F   Reamy,
..f Poplai i'n*'-. B C . Prog|
intends t" apply foi a special
ber ii llowing de-
~•*r 11.—.i lai   •
. at a post 1
on the side ol -.-uth the r'.*ht  fork
0/ I'oplar Or-eok,  about   .",  -
ab 1   the first south fork .if  Po|>-
:i.' n.i- north   40  rbaim    1
• south 40
- 1.1 poinl * 1 ••«-:,.ii  .
ami contai       . e . *   .■ r- -   u I rs
June Bti    !.- J Ii T. Reamy
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that U. F   Reamy,
ol Poplai Creek,  H. 0., 1
intends to apply I■ 1 ■■ litn-
■   mt 1 the folloa in
scribi d lai
Commencing al a j-"i<t planted
--ii thet-outh hunk of I'oplar '   •
ah 'in I; miles above the 1,r-1 south '"ii. "f   P i|
a * i Iti" chains; thi ith   -in
ohains;   thence   easl    10  .'huins;
thence nortii 160 1 to  poinl
of .oiniiii'iiceiiii'iit and   containing
- 10 acrea, more or Ii
Take notice that Otto William
Abrabamaon of Tronl Lake, Ji. C,
1 srpenter,   intends to apply for a
('. T.   I'mier,   of  tho Wagner special timber license   over   the
■ . came up from 8] lowing <le-ril.etl landa:
t nfgbt.   lie    inti Commencing at a poat planted
have the water take* oul   ol tin* on Abrabamaon Creek aboul  half
ibaft n .1 few days with a view to;a mile from tbe lake, marked   "O
resuming operations, W.    Abrahamaon's   No.th    East
-corner   post"'     thence   aojutli   80
TIMBER NOTICES. cbainB;   thence   east  -10  chaina;
REVELSTOKE    I.AM.   DIHTB1CT. I thenee aoutb   40   cbaina;    thence
District or Wss-r Kootsxav, weat 80 chains; thence  north   120
  j chains; thenee east  40 chains   to
point of c >mtneucemcnt ami eon.
TAKE notice that Arthur flow,  ''lining 0-10 acrea more or lei
ing. of Trout Lake,  occupation     Juno 8th. 1907.    Otto William A.
;       -i, intends  to   apply   for   a b'ahanison.
special   timber   licence  over tbe JJ
following desorib
• nnn ncii g al a posl planted
almut 1 mile f:.*ii Boa ton, on
Fi.«h  River on  Ka»t Boundary 1 f
1.1.. S686, iinirkeil   "Arthur Gow- Tuke notice that li. V. Reamy,  cl
ng'i   North-west   eornei    poal," Poplar   tuck.  B.C., Intends  to
thence south 40  riuin«;     thtnee  apply for a Fpecial timber  license
00 cbaina; tbence  nor.h  40 over tbe following described landa:
chaina; thenoe wi I 1G0 chains  to     No. 1,   Commencing at a  post
I commencem i.i. ai I     ..-  planted on the  wa.-t bank of Rns-
taining 640 ncrcs, mora or . Iy Creek, about 3 miles south of
Lardo   River,   thence   weal
chaina; thenoe north 40   chains:
thence eaat   160  ehains;   thence
aouth 40 cbaii t of com*
• '        menl  ami  containing  t!40
'June 19th. 1007.       B. F, Reamy
District of Weat Kootenay.
Arthur (io-sir.;.'.
Dated June 17li>.   l'J.'T.
ll.uaiiin" Mint-nil Claim.
Bitaate in the Ti n- take Mining
...( Wait Kootenay ilisirii't
"The Broadview mine hnn been m,n* Noma haa been shipped,
operated einoe last September by hul ,ot »onth tn examination
Cincinnati capital. was made by three engineera, who
"Ali.it $1 28,000 wai spent on roPort*d •j2>000.°00 worth of ore
th ia property in 1896-7byan Fn-in :lc!";i1 F1rht.   "'hich it would:
gliafa  company,     Jn   1897,   thlaF08* ,b<M,t *8,000,000 to Heat and
eoiiipat-y threw up   tbe  property market,  having a  net  profit   In
ami it lay idle until   1906,    when ''     '*  ;  '  eight  months  work,   of
ten of the local  tiien acquired itfW.000,000.    A working ledge 22j
on a bond of fliM.in».   Ol this a-feet w"'e WM  '""nd,   which   lhe
mount $1,000 waa paid down, mnl '••'-■•-•■l people said was no good.
Ief.,re the bond was sold,    i'i 000    "A concentrator with acapacity !
more.     On acquiring lhe'bond  in "f 5"° u"16 of roc;k liaB boe" start-
November, the   new owners began''li' wWoh wiJ1  Rive about 90 tonal
work at once, and during the win- of ,hlPP'n* orc » l|a>'-   The com- j
teref 1906, with four to six row PMT do not propoae shipping for
employed thoy   shipped  32!>  tons'*0  •vtar°'    l,ut  intend  going  a-j
of ort of the average value of   $40 ,"'a,1 wilh ,he -development.
a ton.   In September l'.'...;.   after    "The atock, 11,000,000. ia held •
a vi ry rigid examination,    they l'-v uxt*J"-ei8'>* owners, and is not
sold the property to thc Cincinati f"r *alt'-''
people for $35,000.    Mace tbat.    Th Irntor apoken of haa
tbi  . velopmeot has been carried!"0' foi itarted,   hut wc un
.on by an average f.*rce u.' twenty
I E.S.I. MH.
The ...'ie trill be hone-it
an.l reliable. The otlier
questionable. Ko with
boots. .All Coots that
look in ll nr.) not honest.
LecHe'i Uo"'- an* oil
leather and n.n.l.; to meet
wi-ttein require in end.
The i'-t-'jir, the prospector
ami the miner am dc*
on ili't'i « ' si ii tlie
'i-uint" o! imii.
.\-k   vuiir n c ii I • t
"Leckie Boots" itnl tiu.i!
no sntntittite.
\\ *.te i'ii." s Catalogue.
J. Leckie Co.,   Ltd.
Vancouver      -     -     B. C.
. i-r-t t:il will b I at an ".*ir!y d.iU*.
Where  '      'i        "'   '
N .' Commencing at a poBt
p'stuedon tbeweatjbank ol Pais.
ty ('- -ok,an Is. -   -1 uth
of the Lar 11  Kiver,   tbeuoe  *, ■(
•',; '   i-ii-..:■■•:     th»nce    south   4J
,:"' ' ' .      ina; thenee   east 160    chaina;
Lar !   •    ltiver) , . ,    , .
thence north 40.chains I   point of
TAKI*: NOTICE that I.     0. B comm at    and   curtaining
Jf. Wilkie, acting as agei - more or les-.
ward . V M.   C   I SSS85,
  J«M 19th. 1907.      B. P. Ream,
J.D, M  Dona          B8I
...  I     No. 8,    Commencing at a post
intend    * i                                 i planted on the weat bank of Rus-
■ f. toapply to the Miniug Record- l7 Creek, alKuit 3 miles south of
erfor a  Oertil          oi   Improve- the TArdo River,  tbence east 100
loi       purj oae ol »rth  40 ohafhs;
aine thenee south
claim, 1" chains to pi inl '< f conin
And further I                     al ""'nl' aml «»t»iniiig -
action, u.'i'l' r - 7.   musl be
ni ore or lers.
ll. ¥. Reamy
. ,i !,. (ore I nice ol June 19th. 1:
sucb t'i rtilir.it. of II nts.  I
baled this 22nd day of May     •N'1* '•    Commencing al a  poat
\|i '      ted on tin* weal bank of Bus
0  I'* N   Wn kik        '' ' mi'eaaoutb-
iof tbe Lardo Biver, I hi
i uth  80 chains;
» west 80 chains; thenco nor
hains lo poinl of commenc-
containing 640
niot'i* or ii   -
Jun.* I9tb, 1907.      ll. ¥.  Reamy.
TIMBER NOT TO A Tribute toPre-
BETAKENOFF       .     .. n ..
MARKET. mler MeBrlde'
...   Local and General.    .
can   have same  by applying   ..t
■•Review" Office.
HON.  R.   G. TATLOW   SAYS)    ***.  Geo. Lawrence,    M. L A.
THE  GOVERNMENT HAS  A-   for Killarney  Man.  in   an   inter-j
DOPTED   NO   TOLICY   FOR   "ew with lha Vanoouver Province
RESERVATION OF LIMITS-   ! l"il1 •' >»»■»•»» compliment to British
Columbia's Premier.   He -said:
"Mr. McBride  is  looked   upon
Victoria.    July  «. -There   bav,|w,th *rmt favor.   Mr. Boblia 1
been rumors lately that the   Gov   1(,J:i '1^'*l-'« vour Premier'acouraal
erame t • taking all   the d«ri°* *** * t pravii   -
tfnhcr off  the market owing to' a[ ''fvimer*. wa.- the „.,!>■ one I tct aerviwa al   the Anglican
the flurp demand for limits:   the,1'""   ,ot»kl'*   Had  be accepted Chm-ah on Sunday next, both mor,
fact  that  Britiah Golumbia  has:""'   H,«n*t«>-™   •■'   ^:r Wilfrid ning and evening.
I     beat timber on  the continent  Ull™r'    hv woow  undoubtedly
and tbat speculation in limit-  it "»ve aacrificed the province'! In-
rampart all ovei ibis province. "  h'Jt h" full?-:," n,,t,i->\  ""'I
A trial ol Rising Sun Flour
ia nil that is neoeesary.    Afler
that you'll  use no other.
Ven.    Archdeacon    Beer   v. ill
.lime 8tb. 1907.
JL !•'. Krtimi.
Dlstrlol of Well Kootenay,
Tiik.* nolle i lhal l* F Reamy,
of I'oplar Crock, B. C, Prospector,
intend-. I" npply for u l|iecial tim-
l,.-r license over the following tlo-
scibed l»n It-
Commencing at a post  planted
on tl.e south bunk "f Poplnr Creek
: • ln.vi' !!..• flrst sou-1
th fork of   Poi'lar  Cre< k,   tbenoe
ill. !,   ,*    llllllll      I"
cliainsi thenco iteit  ICO t hains;
o that  ll.   F lh aim.
:.   l: ( . Pro pi • loi
'•) apply for a Ipecial tlm-
over the following .l>-
i laud
.! iit ii po||  planted
- ' side .-( tl..' second soii-
P* ' i Poplar Creek, about  I
'" the fork,   'h " '.•.•   iv.**i
thenca south IflO chains
' l" ohaini. il I n«r
»in  I., point of colum' n-i ihem   nortii 40 chains to point of
! containing 840 Itcrei  .    mniencsment   ond   conlaii
'r ''"'''• j'l.'i item. in.   * "i
1'"1'  l'*'"7.       It. F. Reamy | I mie 8lb, 1007* B- F* Beamy.
In.   (iu
nuns unte i .it.''..
mi;   \vii\i   i-i    ah.
I '   l I N - •
ft 8HIRT8, HOSE, CAl 8, j
ft BELTS   KB'.
ft > -—. — __w____Q
t,\ choice  line   of  LADIES
i \\ IIITl-  WAISTS at prlceaj
that will Mir- iv
- , w , * *■ * * fWVfl'l  » ■• w VW^
D  trict of <A e.-t Kootenay,
Take notice that Jas. W. Living
Hon, of Ferguson, Prospector, in-
l ' apply for   a  Ipl ( .-!   titn-
lier lici      over the  f Uowin - d -
il    i   -Ih:
C tu   encing al a  p >il  planted
..ii in*ni, bank of Lardeau ''reel:.
aboul a quarter oi a mile eaat ol
,r. mile mill and  marked ".I.  \V.
Living i n'- [North West rorntr
post"    il ence south 80   ch
ilu noo eaal 80 ch tint. thi noa nor
th   80 ehaina,     thenco a-eat  80
ehainato poinl nf  commcncemenl
and containing 640 acrea more or
July 8th   10 '7.  ,1. W, Livingston.
Ii is hei-l l.v some, particularly I
lncmi'cn-i of the Opposition, tint
the Government ia felling iis Hints for ah.-ui'il Bgurei and tbal
«-hat remain! should be retained
and i-o!.l in blocks, at auction.
II m. ('apt. Tatlow, when
this morning, stated that th< G v
eminent bas adopted no poli
f.ir with reference I -trva-
tii'ii. except in a few instances.
One of ■ is * on the south
fi rk of the Fraser River, «eff*ari*
fri'in Yoliowhend Paaa, where 125
Bqusre miles of timber haa b en
nl. the Government boing
isformed that .: 1   and   iv-
applications have been made for
One or hvo other imall reservations have been oiedo but no general Bcbeme has been considered
by the council, sceoiding to Till-
i-. much admired from
tic in the Paciflc.'and, personally,
Rev. Stevenson and Mra.   B
enson came In, the   lutler  end   of
Ir at week to a-.i«n,e the p
I anticipate a great future for Pre-' *mP "f l'-" Metliodiat Church,
mier McBride."
Nei! 11' Inn nel 1 resumed work
this week rn the Wiuslow property.
"Rising Sun fl ur i- the BEST
of all good things.   |! ia a I
flour, it is a cake flour, and ii is a
pastry flour.
See Andy Criiiu* abi ul a hi k
News from Lardo.
The Gerrard   boya   ' sii
f i.'I :i!l when up on July Ifi
Any per«*.ii knowing iti wl
-.ii not fy th. '"Roview."
Os** .i!il   Wo ■•!     c.'inie   in
fr-ni   Wetastawin,    A
■ be holds a responsible ;
lion in I fori most flnai i U
al institution -ll o linjirriiil Funk.
' Igwald sl.ir1.' .I .v •■ rung
and i.s now well on Lis way up,
which in a source of i-r.,'.;i.'a;:,.u
■ii bia Troul Lal
Geo. Stead has boon ha\
trouble all -summer through in- r, o. Donogh, K. P. F.H-
abUity to cut timber to build the smith, R. A. Blackwd A. W.
dredge,   but   everything looks Miahew, of Cincinnati, Ohio, ao
A party of Eastern shareholders
favorable now it is al! settled,
He left on Monday for Kaslo.
The Land-clearing expedition
at lb.user, Duncan City, is do-
ing Kowl business clearing off
, ,., ..     ,, •■■*-•      ;-."\/vj      ui.ii'iin,i-.i     in-i"!
... the Silm Dollar property were (he Dunt.an rity to       |t
in. this Week.   J   K. Hot'orff, see-
retary of tho company, bad  them
in oharge.
From what il Review"   canj    Ij0U VVilliams   came   up this
learn, thoy were all highly plena.\wmA to start operatioiu on the
i-l with the property,
John -Pullman informs us that
lu- has al hia ranch a one-year-
old strawberry plant that will
hear 200 this year.
Good, John.   Send us u few
III I samples along when ready, for
*vP being very  pan iai  to tha "red
y   'hum" wa are excellent judges.
M.mv people fu*s and
fume ami Irct over  the
'I ne others use   "Rising
:-un'' Flour.
Andy Qraig   has it for
Great Britain group at Cooper
(reek. Ho is l.usy packing up
companied by E. A. Haggen, of
Istoke are making an   inspection of the Croat  Nmi
Mill properl
Jack Moore and   Andrew A-
l.rahamson   arc   measuring  up
and making an  estimate of lhe
■st of the proposed new road
through Ferguson up U th
Ben  Lawson and John  Ostinl    Tht flour of our ftirefathera waa
have finished their contract for ; „„-,,,.  ■* |n *t, day, but iaJ
:■   * l i nough in ..iti-fy t' *.* people
cuttinK ties at Goldhill,  und are
leaving for Nelson
Jas. Cronan has started building a camp on his copper property at Cooper' reek,
nf the Lardeau.
"Rlaitig Bun" Fl* ar s| owe the
f th'* country,    ll i^ in-
variab'y <-f a oni form i-uulity.
1 by  Andy Craig,
The Two Vanrevels
«*       *
Author af "Tb* Cciiilcmao From Indiana" and "Miiunur IriiKiln*
(Cnutinufd From  l.aHt Week.)
Miss Betty exhibited not precisely a
burning Int rest In the adventure of
the damsel fair, wandering out of (ho
room during the second rendition, wandering buck i ifuin iiiiii once more away.
She had mo.ed nlwut the house lu
thia fashion s. ico early morning, wearing what llaui.u described us a "peak-
ad look." W.dto faced and restless,
with dlstrisseu eye?, to which no sleep
hnd come In C*e night, she could not
read. Sho coul.l no more (hun touch
her harp. Sho could uot sleep. She
could not remain quiet for three nilu-
utes together. Often she sank Into a
chair wilh an al.* of languor and weariness, ouly to start Immediately out of
It and ic-eU s.uiio other putt of tho
house or to fo and puce tbe garden.
Here lu thu If heavy w th loses and
tremulous witi June a* shs ivnlk.il
rapidly up and down hit. In the afternoon, at the t'.mo whei the faraway
farm hulls were call'"" meu from the
news to supper, the ("Umax of her rest-
lossuess iiiine. Thut anguiah and desperation, bo old lu her sex, the rebellion ugalnst the law (hat iii.ictinii must
be her part, bad faUeu upou her for
the first t'me. She came to au ubrupt
stop and struck her bauds together despairingly snd spoke aloud.
"What shall I do? What shall I do?"
"Ma'am?" asked a surprised voice
Just behind ber.
She wheeled quickly sbout to behold
s shock beaded urchin of teu iu the
path near the little clearing. Ile was
ragged, tauned. dusty, neither shoes nor
coat trammeling bis ludepeudeuce, aud
he had evidently entered the garden
through the gap lu thc bodge.
"I thought you spoke to me," he said
"I didn't see you," sbs returned.
"What Is 117"
"You Misa Carewe?" he asked, but
before ahe could answer be ssld reassuringly: "Why, of course you ere; I
remember you perfect, now I glt the
light on you, so to speak. Don't you
remember me?"
"Xo. I dou't thluk I do."
"Lord I" be respouded wonderlngly.
"I was one of the boys with you on
them boxes the night of you pa's tire!"
Mingled with the surprise In bis tone
was s respectful unction which Intimated kew greatly he honored her father for hsvlug heen the owner of so
satisfactory a conflagration.
"Were you? Perhaps I'll remember
you If you give me time."
But st tbis point tho youth recalled
the fact that he had an errand to discharge, snd, assuming an expression of
businesslike baste too pi.asing to permit further parlay, sought In his pocket
snd produced a sealed envelope with
which he advanced upon her.
"Here. There's an answer, ne told
me not to tell anybody who sent lt. and
not to give It to nobody on earth but
you. and how to slip In through tho
hedge and try an.l find you Iu the garden when nobody was lookln', and he
give a pencil for you to answer ou the
buck ot It, and a dollar."
Miss Betty took the note, glancing
once over her shoulder at tbe house,
but Mrs. Tanberry waa still occupied
wltb tbe maiden, and no one was In
sight.   She rend tbe message hastily:
I ti.iv,. c'..-i'd you and shall alwave.
Tou havs not nut fnr ma. Perhaps that
waa h. auee mere «u no tlma when you
thourht It eafe. P«rhapa you hava atlU
felt there would ba a lass of dignity.
Does that weigh with you aralnst »ood-
by? Tall me. If you ran. that you have
It In your heart to Itt m» go without easing you onca mora—without coodby—for
lha laat tlma. Or wtt It untrua that you
wrote me what you did? Waa that dear
letter hut a tittle fjlry dream of mine*
Ah. will yoti aee nie again, thla onca—thia
uii. e lei me look at you. let ma talk with
you. hear your voice?  Tha laat tlma!
There wus no signature.
Miss Betty quickly wrote s few lines
upon the tame sheet:
Yea-yea! I mutt aee you—must talk
wllh you beforo you go. Coma at duak.
Tha larden-ntar tha gap In tha hedge.
It will bt safe for a Utile while. He will
not bo here.
She replaced the paper In Its envelope, drew a line through her own
Careu-e seized the missive.
name on  tho  letter and  wrote "Mr.
Vanrevel" underneath.
"Do you know tbe gentleman wbo
sent you?" she naked.
"No'm; but he'll bo waltln' nt bis office, (Jray & Vanrevel, ou Main street,
for U,e answer."
"Tbeu hurry!" said Betty.
He needed no second bidding, but,
wltb wings on bis bsrc heels, made off
through Ibe gap ln the hedge. At the
corner of the street he encountered an
adventure—a gentleman's legs aud s
besvy hand st the same time. Tbs
band fsll on his shoulder, arresting his
scamper wltb a vicious Jerk, nml the
boy was too awed to attempt un es-
cspe, for be knew his captor well by
sight, although never before bad hs
found himself so directly in the com-
psuy o/ Rouen's richesl l'l.'linen.    Tba
note aropped rrom the small trembling
fingers, yet (hose fingers did not shnks
us did the man's wheu, like a flush, Carewe solzed upon the uilsslvo with his
disengaged baud and saw what two
names were on the envelope.
"You were stealing, were you?" ho
cried  savagely.    "I  saw  you sneak
through my hedge!"
"I didn't either!"
Mr. Carewe ground his teeth.  "What
were you doing there?"
"Nothing!" mocked Carewe. "Nothing! You didn't carry thia to ths
young lady in thero and get her answer?"
"No, sir!" answered tbe captive ear
nestly. "Cross my heart I didn't. I
found It!"
Slowly the corrugations of anger
were leveled from the magnate's face,
the white beat cooled, aud tbe prisoner
marveled to find himself In the presence of au urbane gentleman whose
placidity made the si-eue of a niomeut
ago appear souls trick of distorted vision. And yet. curious to behold, Mr.
Carewe's fingers shook even nioro violently than before as bo released the
boy's shoulder aud gave hlin a friendly
tap on tbe head, at the same time smiling benevolently.
"Tbere, there," he said, bestowing u
wink upou tbe youngster. "It's aii
right. It doesn't matter; ouly I think
I see the chance of a Jest in this. You
wait while 1 rend this little note, this
message thut you fouud!" He ended
by winking again with the friendliest
He turned his back to tbe boy and
opened the note, continuing to staud In
that position while be read tbe two
messages. It struck the messenger that
after this tbere need be no great
shame ln his own lack of this much
vaunted art of reading, since lt took
so famous a in.ui a. Mr. Carewe such
length ef time to peruse a little note.
But perhaps tlie great gentleman was
111, for it appeared to tbe boy that be
lurched several times, once so far thut
he would have goue over If he had not
saved himself by a lucky stagger. And
once, except for the fact that the face
that bad turned invsj bad worn an expression of such genial humor, the boy
would have believed that from It Issued a sound like tbe gnashing of
But when lt was turned to blm ngaln
It bore tbe same amiable Jocosity of
mouth ami eye, and nothing seemed
to be the matter, except that those Augers still shook so wildly—too wildly,
indeed—to restore the note to its envelope.
"There," said Mr. Carewe, "put fl
back, laddie; put it buck yourself.
Take it to the geutlemau who seut
you. I see he's evei* disguised bis hand
a trifle—ha, bal—and I suppose lie nniy
uot have expected the young lady to
write his name quite so boldly oil the
envelope!  What do you suppose?"
"I d'kuow," returued the boy. "I
reckon 1 dou't hardly understand."
"No, of course not," said Mr. Carewe, laughing raUier madly. "Ila,
ba. h.i! Of course yuu wouldn't. And
how much did he give you?"
"Yay!"    cried   the   otber   Joyously.
"Didu't he go and baud uie u dollar!"
"How much will you take uot to tell
blm that I stopped you and read it?
How much uot to speuk of uie at ull V"
"It's s foolish kind of Joke, nothing
more. I'll give you ♦"• never tu tell
any one that you suw me today."
"Don't shoot, colonel!" exclaimed the
youth, with a rin.mis illng uf bare feet
In iho air.   "I'll cnuie down!"
"You'll do It?"
"l'lve!" he shouted, dancing upon the
boards. "Five! I'll cross my heart to
die I never heur tell of you or ever
kuew they was sich a man ln the
Carewe bent over him. "No! Say,
■i;.)il strike me dead aud condemn me
eternally to the everlasting flames of
hell lt I ever tell!' "
This entailed quick sobriety, though
only henevoleuce wus In the face above
blm. The Jig step stopped, aud the
boy pondered, fi.glii.-n.il.
"Have 1 got lo suy that?"
Mr. Oerewe produced a bank bill
sbout which llie boy beheld a halo.
Clearly this was his dsy. Heaven
showed Its approval of his couduot by
an outpouring of Imperishable riches.
And yet the oath ulallksd him. There
was u savor of tlie demoulacal contract. Still that wus tu be borno aud
the plunge taken, fur there fluttered
the huge sum before bis duzxled eyes.
He touk u deep breath. " 'Uod strike
me dead,'" bu began slowly, " 'If I
ever' "—
"No.   'Aud condemn mo to tho everlasting flames of hell' "—
"Have I gut lo?"
" And condemn ine to—to the everlasting flames of—of hell If I evef
tell I*"
Ho ran off, pale wltb the fear that be
might grow up, take to drink and sume
day tell in bis cups, but so resolved
not to coquet with temptation that be
went round a block lo uvold thc door
of the Itniieii House bur. Nevertheless
tin- note was lu his baud and (be for
tuue lu bis pocket.
And Mr. (arewe was safe. He knew
Unit the hoy would never tell, nnd he
knew another thing, for he hud read tbe
Journal, though It came no more to
In*, house—be knew that Tom Vanrevel
wore his uulform thut evening and |
that, even in tbe dusk, the brass buttons on an officer's lircust make u good
mark for a gun steadied along the
ledgo of ii window. As he entered the
gates and went toward the houae be
glanced tip ut the wludow which overlooked his garden from the cupolu.
f___tl n's t() "luiseir "" day'flint
IH'V'ii each accustomed Ihlng lie did
was done for Iho lasl lime. .Muny of
his comrades went about with "farewell, old friend," lu their hem-Is, uot
only for the people, but for the usual
things of life nnd lhe actions of habit,
now become unexpectedly dear nnd
swee( to know or to perforin. So Tom
Vanrevel, relieved of Ills hot uniform,
loose a.s to collar, wearing u big dress-
lug gown and stretched In a chair,
watched the sunset from the western
win.low of the dusty olllce, where ho
had dreamed through many sunsets iu
Summers past, und now took his leave
of this old hai.it ..f his in alienee, wllb
a long cigar, considering the cbancea
largely against his evei* seeing the sun
go down behind tbe long wooden bridge
at (he fool Of Miiln street ligalu.
The ruins of the IVUrohoUses hud been
removed, (ind tlie river was laid clear
to his sight.   It ran between brown
banks  like a   river ..f rubles, ami  nt
, tlie wharf iln- siunll evening steamboat ugly ii'ni tr-'bn enougb to behold
I from near by, lay pink and lovely in
1 Unit Iiim   ' ■   k   i > .'imr Imminent do-
• porture, sltl-fi'i-th an bour.mlgbt elapse
i before li would buck Into thu current.
Tbe sou  widened,  , lung briefly  to
I the horlsou ami dropped behind the
Ion* hills beyond tbe bottom lauds; the
Stream grew purple, ilieu took ou f
luster of peril*! as the stars dime out.
while rosy distances changed to misty
blue;  the chatter of the  birds In the
Main street maples became quieter
.•inii. through lessening little choruses
of twittering, fell gradually to siieuce.
And uow the blue dusk crept on the
towu, nnd the corner drug store window lights threw mottled colors on
the pavement. From the hall, outside
I tbe closed olllce doar. came the sound
of quick, light footsteps.   It was Cral-
Pe-m-ne Strikes at the Root of ths
Mr. 8, .,.  Mesaey, form, rly u real-
of Toi into,    and a  well know n
bualness  man, writes  From    -iv  Qu)
street,  Montreal,  Quebec:
"I   wish   i sin.   to   the  good   re
suits I   have derived  from   the   use  of
lim inn boon troubled for several
years with catarrh of the head, I de-
. Ided to give P( runs a fair trial, and
i can null say l havs received gro.it
benefit from it- Use
"it evidently   strikes   al  the very
mot of the trouble umi g i results
are soon noticeable.
"I nave abra found Peruna a very
valuable remedy for stomach trouble
and   indigestion.
"I have nn hesitancy whatever in
recommending Peruna aa a reliable
catarrh  remedy."
There are several kinds nf Indigestion.
Tbo troul.lo min I.o due I" slugglah-
ness of the liver, derangements ot
the bowels, enlargement of the pancreas, or it may bo d|IS tn the stoma, i
In nearly nil cases of stomach Imil -
Ki-siion catarrh Is the i-fliise. Tho onl)
permanent cure is to removo the catarrh.
I'erunn hns become well known the
world over as a remedy in such cases
It u*ii» the twin .lfumte.
ley going out, but Tom only sighed to
himself nnd did not hall blui. So these
light footsteps of Cralley Cray echoed
but a moment lu the stairway and
•wcfe.hitJuril.iio more.
(T-.   Re i'ontiniii-d )
Flax seed may be sown from ths
wheat sowing season un until tbe
middle of June. All things considered,
May is tbe best month in wliiili to
BOW. A Well worked ami dm* seed I-*'l
ahould be mil. by using disk and liar
row and sometimes roller also. Not
making a seed bed is one of the com
monest mistakes of tlax growers. The
seed i- best sown usually with a press
drill and to the depth of 1 1*2 to 2 1 2
inches ordinarily, acoording to the na
ture of the land. About three pecks
of seed per acre are enough, a larger
quantity being sown on worn land than
uu laud in good condition.
The Wonderful Ability of Swine to Live
Without Food.
Very few people have any Idea of
how long swine enu live without food,
although much bus been said ubout Uie
quautlty tbey can consume. But, believe me. plggle Is a record breaker
when It comes to living without anything at ull to ent.
The incident that I am about to re
Inte occurred In Michigan nnd very
well Illustrates wbat I bave above
A farmer wbo bod driven a large
number of bogs luto a settlement to
sell after reaching his destination missed a Que black sow. Search was made
bi every conceivable place without discovering anything of the misting porker.
Weeks passed by, nnd the farmer bsd
given up all hope of ever recovering
bis lost or stolen property wben to bis
surprise It wns found In the cellar of
sn old abandoned bouse.
As tbe bouse wns sltunted at tbe edge
of the rood over which be bad driven
the bogs. It Is supposed tbat she fell
through Uie rotten flooring npon wblcb
sbe had stepped at some moment wben
the fanner's eyes had wandered ln another direction.
Wben brought np sbe was a pitiable
sight Tbe skin hung In folds upon her
poor, unpadded bones.
Food wan given her ln small quantities at first, and It was not long before
sho entirely recovered from ber loug
On referring to the hooks recording
tbe sale of the rest of the stock It wns
learned that three mouths lucking five
days hnd elnpned, showing that she
bad sustained life without nourishment for as long a period as the accredited  hibernating  annual*.
By Dr. Williams' Pink Pills After Six
Doctors Had Failed to be of Benefit
That gnawing pain In the stomach,
sometimes shooting up intu lha chest,
oi tan producing u choking sensutiun
in the mroat; tn.ru pains around (he
heart; a fooling of urowaln<«a und u
uiaiaste for toon—mat's Indigestion.
lis vKiiius aro numbered by toe thousands, in them life Is a burden. Dr.
Wllliama' i'mk Pllla bave dona mors
;uivur,is relieving this suffering (ban
my other medicine, utten they have
.-tired uiior uii utiur hoip bad tailed,
is in the case of .Mr. Willis Herman,
jf st Catharines, out., who says: -**i
aad b.on alTliotcd with liidlgestiuii ami
stomavd trouble for yours. At tin. *
n.i suffering was almost Indescribable,
■Sometimes lor whole days 1 was unable
in touch food. I dieted ami .it dlS< r. ni
ilines was treated by six doctors but
Uioy did not help me; I only grew
worse, i "i u time I was living in New
fork and while there consulted u specialist but he was unable to give me
any relief. I thun decided to try Vr.
\\ illiama' Pink l'illa and In less than a
month 1 f. ll some relief. I continued
their use for a couple of months longer
inni gained In weight; my uppetltelui-
proved; the pains lefi me and I now
feel better (nun I have at any time
.luring the past twenty-live years. 1
will always gladly recommend Dr. Williams- I'lnk Fills to other sufferers believing that they Will surely do fur
others whut they have done for mo."
When ynu use lir. Williams' i'lnk
Pills as a blood builder uml nerve tonic
you are not experimenting—they have
1 i.   tried and  proved  successful     In
thousutids of cases. It Is their puwer
to actually make new, rich, red blood
that enables tbem to cure such troubles
as anaemia. Indigestion, rheumatism,
kidney trouble, .St. Vitus dance, partial paralysis nn.l those special uil-
ments of girlhood end womanhood that
causes so much misery. <For sal.* by
all iiiiillilno dealers or by inall at CO
* onlv a box or six boxes for 12.50 from
th** lir Williams' Medicine Co., llro.k-
vllie, Ont.
The  Expert Angler  Explains Why
Is a humane Sport.
"Well," suld Chichester, "If It comes
to suffering I doubt whether tba flab
are conscious of uuy such Ihlng as we
uieiins by It. Bat eveu If they ure they
iiifi'er twice ns much and u thousand
(linos us long shut up In this hut. misty
pool as tbey would lu being caught In
proper style."
"llut ililim "I* the hook!"
"Hurls about as much us a pin
"Hut think of the fearful struggle
and the long, gasping agony on tbe
"There's no fear In the struggle. It's
Just a trial of strength and skill, like
a game of football.    A fish Isn't afraid
nf death, be doesn't know anything
about It. And there Is no gasping on
the shore, imt ii quick rap on tho
henil wltli n stick, nn.l It's all over."
"Hut why should he l.e killed ut nil?"
"Well." sai.l lie, smiling, "there nro
reasons or taste. You eat b'nlnion,
don't youV"
"Vo i* es,"     she    litisivi-n-il     II     little
doubtfully, then with more assurance,
-but remember whal Wilbur Short
■ays iii thai lonely chapter on 'Coui-
mi'niloii Willi lhe I'lilllsh'-I want them
brought In (he (able In the simplest
ind moal pa tn leas way."
•*.ind nini is angling wltb the tiy,"
said be, still mors decidedly,    "the
lly Is unl swallowed like s ball. It
sticks la tbe sl.iu of the lip, where
there hi least fooling. There Is no
torture iu the play of a salmon. It's
Just ii fair fight with an unknown opponent Compare it with tbe other
ways of bringing a tlsh to the table.
If he's caught In a net, he hangs there
for hours, slowly strangled. If he's
speared, half the time the spear slips,
and he struggles off badly wounded,
and If the spear goes through hlin he
Is Hung out on the bank to bleed tu
death. Kven if be eacapoa he la sure
to come to u pitiful end some day—
perish by starvation when he gets too
old iu iiiiiti bis I'khI or ne torn to
pieces by a seal, au olter or a fish-
hawk.   Fly fishing really offers hlm"-
"Never uilud thut," said F.thel
"What does It offer yoa?"
"A gentleman's sjiort, I suppose," be
answered rather slowly.—Henry van
Uvke lu Scrlt.ner'i.
How to Make Smutty Seed Produce a
Clean Crop.
Along nith   id,.   Increased   Interest
i.null i- being manlteated in scientific
com culture nnd  tha propei  saving
and  testing of seed greater  attention
L-  also beinf given  to the  mutter of
tin-   treatment   ot  the  different   grain
seeds,   srlth   a   view   ol   .-Locking   the
damage  of van*.us   fimj;->ii.-   diseases
Tbe   loss   from   smut   alone   lias     increase.) greatly in recent years and is
widespread, the por rout   nf loss running  from  a  to  SO  por cent.   Treatment   with   formalin   solution   is  entirely effective in preventing this loss,
nn.l the treatment r.f the seed is not
difficult      Within   the past  year sev-
rrnl good machines bave been put on
the  market  at about %Xi.  which   will
treat any kind of small grain effect-
I tially  nt  the   rate of Km  bushels  pel I
j day.   Such a machine could lie bought I
i on   shares   by   several   neighbors,   sn |
I Ihnt tlie individual expense would not
be large   whore sued nn arrangement
I is   nol   practical   a  simple  an.l   inex- I
I pensive yet effective method is to fill I
I s vinecnr or kerosene barrel two-thirds :
! full   of  water,  add  n  pint  of 40 per \
I cent, formalin (obtainable at any drug
. store),   put   onts  in   a   gunny   sack. I
I Immerse till  wet through, take out. •
. allow  to drain   back  into barrel and
I then spread on granary' or barn door.
j This treatment should Is* given about
I 21 hours before sowing    Smutty seed
treated iu the above manner will pro-
i duee n perfectly smut clean crop nnd
will result in increasing the yield from
six  to eighteen  bushels  per acre.
Broken tha  Record.
fn a co-day test, a Holstein-Frieeaa
cow, owned by W J. (iill.tt, nf Fond
du I.nc, Wis , has broken the world's
butter record by 40 lbs. The official
test shows .VC'il I lbs. of milk and
260 5 lbs. of butter.
The teat was continued 64 days,
during which period every milking
was watched, tbe quantity of milk
weighed nn.l samples taken and tested. Thc pl.oni.iHona! yield wns such
tbat two separate twits were ordered—
the first of 24 hours and the second
48 hours—during which time addition.
sl representatives were sent from the
experiment station.
The cow was under constant supervision dny nnd night The best day
in milk was 106 lbs. The best day in
5.74 lbs.
Cold on Chest Would Yield to no Tre
Until We Used
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and iu J
'    "I  oould   not  Imn'  b, lievnl   lhat   any
uu. it, mo . .mi i do ma so nni''. good,'
•writei (his Is'ly, whose old was so bud
[her fri I-i feared for l.«*r life.
Mrs. 8. M. Moore, Sliuiii.nl, Hr,
writei; "I wish i" slate my gratitude
im Dr. Cbsse'i Syrup uf Unseed and
Turpentine, which oared ma ol a oold
I whloh a friend ssld would loon pul me
I.i my grave I had aol slspl foi ihris
nignta uml would oough until I almost
I strangled to death, the very flrst
ui mt it Mssd ths oough, and Instead
of ooughina snd irritating my thrust
tnd  lun i  i  had  u good  night's rm.
I ji i hs i tmi had ths * spew ni •■ my
i uf l mniii nol bi*..' believed ilmi any
medicine oould do so tnuoh good as
t, ns ii.i- dons in"-
r.ii.iit-i who make a praotlos of keep
in; in. i lm . > .-.imp ni  Liusesd sad
('.npi iiiine  iu  ths  loiii-i*  Imve ul  liuiul
t is   mosl    oartain   mi aui   ul   i ui in*
Doughs,   onlils,   iiroup    and    Iiiiiui inn-.
 '"It una
and positively  in
lllll IIHO. || ,
thai   few  lulu,,.i *
billtlos uf .In.I;*, i
Dr.  tlhsse'i Sj
Turpentine   «.
fOI    (In.    olillili, i,
■killed  ami  no
has ever prsi tin
■ 0.IIU   of    tbo   -i
vegetable kin  I
it ioi iloil   Iii  a
I'.. . baae't jyi       [ ■
pontine as  to i. ■
H      llll    I*    |    ■
il.rlully   i t
Dr.   i Iiu-
Turpoiiiiio .
dealers.   ■.,    I I
Toronto.    Tha
oi   Hi.  A.  W, <•
ilpl book amino
* niii],
•f £
■ "";u» *J|
! "•* id
l'"*lllCt| i
. I
■ |j
■ 'I*
"   "i  li,,,
'. till
Oh. Innocent bystander, tfiiae al (lie autel
TW« ta vur glorious time »./ Ihe year.
Look at the auto, the ftial wlilolng aula
Why  .lo  you  irvmlile"    Yuu ve nothing
lo ti-.w
s* ....I mnl ailmlre:
LOOS al Uie lire;
NoUee   tho   epnrk    plus,    the   wonderful
i. *.-•■ tf you will;
The thing's »i.iiiilliii* Still.
De not alarmed!  There's null.in*.* (0 fa-arl
Gaxe ut the auto, the wonderful auto,
ll.*r.-  In  a  plnce   thai   frnm  danger  Is
Harmless the auto, the gasoline auto.
Yes, air; the armor) a aafe aa can be
Stand and behold
The cooler tn cold.
Thla la a two cycle engine, you one.
Ile not alarmed;
You cannot be harmed.
The englne'a  nol going.    You're aa Attn
aa can be.
Hvsi.in.lrrs   hurry: come look at the auto.
Here Is a chance to aea what It la
When It's In in ilm you get but an odor;
If lt goes tiy you It goea with a whla.
('..me; sii.no and admire;
Kxamlne the tlrv;
Look at the auto and ».** what It ta.
Look at the -gear.
You've not!.li k to foar.
If s on exhibition, not tending to bit.
•-Detroit Free Pi
Rlnn.l children may believe I'S witches, but imt in twltebea.
It Is bloodless but not pnluless mir-
gerjr when tin. doctor o|ierutes on the
patient's pocketbook.
Whit To-
"Oh. deur lm
I ililnli (roll
An.l To.mui   f.,„i..|   ,.,, ,..|W_|
ills r.iiti.i  ■ ,
Go pick up wh il .      dmpmt^
Before yoa
And Tommy qulrkl) ran lo
Hut m.i n tliiiu,* i
"Thnt'a   atranaje."   quoth (it*-.
Two boya wllh  f.
WlM lulk.-,! |..i-. Ihi i
iii manner meat
I heard a voice tp.   k ; ..,ttnl),
Till on (he pon*(. ;i Mopped
And so I ihouaiii your mtr.tm
Ou tilde tha dour you'll dru-jn-l
—Pauline Frances r«mti lo UtiaS
I'ui not your fnltli In iwlitlenl
Hei Hotter Invest lu the trust
runs tbem,
Often when |.o ,|,|,. mnrry It Is n mis
tuke of the bear! nud not of dm bead
Not a droi
Doctors prescribe very I
any, alcohol these divs.
prefer strong ionics iodi
lives. This is all in k«
with modern medical sde
If explains why Ayer's j
sapanlla is now made eari
free from alcohol. Ask t
doctor.   Follow his idvis.1
Wa .pa
distreit after eating, dirrinest, that
heavy feeling, wind and paint in
the stomach and furred tongue, take
m     Pi,,S
before you retire to rest. They
•tart the gastric juices, assist (he
stomach to dispose nf the food, encourage good sppetitr oun(- jj.
gestion and make you leel life is
worth living.
Sold Everywhere.     In hoses M centa.
Unless there is daily mioi
els, poisonous produui trr im
causing headache, hiliotisntu,!
dyspepsia. We wish vou eoeWs
docior ihoutcorrccnnr loutceae
by lating laxative doses uf Arrr'i|
—M«u by iu. J. c. */■>. Co   U-»~ I
Wlndom alone ia a science of "(hew
■jetencofi nml uf Itself.—Plata
An Odd Will.
In the will of Is.ilali Tbomas of Wor-
-Bter. Mnsa.. drssra up Is 1820, be
gars to tlie town certain tracts of land,
but stipulated tbat tbe town would
hnve to buy drinks for the poor people
of Worcester every Thanksgiving day.
Tile atlpnlatlon, however, wss omitted
In a codicil
Yes, but Not Avowedly.
"Slinll  I," nske.1  llltle Bessie, "ever
is- ns old as grandmaf
"Ves, dear, If you live." replied her
ancle, "bul you'll never admit It*'—
I'bleiigo Kt-.-i.ril I lorn Id.
The Feminine Aim,
"If  women got  Into politics,  would
Ihey throw mod I
"M.iyU-.   Hut they wouldn't bit any
Cleveland U-nder.
Wtrrtnlod lo Cl„ Sttlttmotlon.  t
Caustic Balsam
•Oh! What a U
'» oa e-aa-ur pi is :* iat
(ilrnll'l'll  ON  SI'IIR.
Il'a ua.uk for laurml ■■ io.tHS
•"I for M -. . : .• !»*" 1,"
eoogt,., .roup, cruml* II
21 Mm!  Wl reelt      At •       -* *'»
I   S   J.iH.Vsn-K .V I' >-
Hit Imitators Bot Ns Compititors.
A Safe, Bpwly ani Positive Cure for
Cut, Splint tmeny, Cirjm* Heck,
Btnlnrf] Ttndoea, reusrier, WinJ
Puff,, .ni ell lkmrntM fron Spavie,
aiftftaee end other tone tuition.
Ourri oil ikin t .,i„, or T*.i,.n ,
Tbruih, Di|.lnberia. SemoTM aU
Bum hn from Hour, er Cattle.
, Si
.Set lie of Cauatie a
«arro.,lad lo aire aatl.fae.|,.nrTrl
per bottle.  8
nreea. rbanr.
Ilo  u~*    I prtaeax
Uallraonuta. ale.   adJreea *"•
The U« iniir. William. Co., Toronto. Ont.
• *".* ttimn Pemetm f..r ShaomaUum
Sprain., Sora Throat, tn . It I. l„.XfuaH5:
jfiJ_H "' Caeatio Balaam a,.-1 la
—*•■*! lo ,t., aall»l»e.|,.n.Trtr« Sl IB
la K..I.I br dniaaUU, or a.,,1 br at-
..nr-. paid, oils lull dlrwllnni f..r
f rtntut for daeeripllra lirvulat.
Those who use it get well.
A certain cure for all run down conditions and wasting diseases.
Highly recommended for Insomnia
n»int mar be deeo'iti *
.•" .tiimt go* lane »■"
«le»a.li..     a raj... o'l.i-l ■•
•e~ci "<"* lhat »ill lal any ••* '
ntrmoniM with ,„, turnlihirui
£i_J____■_'rf'-V-MMa H-.t*|
?_?____£ 55 ■*_»**'' -
m**m 'Ot In, d.lTOral,on ml yoot *-*■«•   I
■IM'!*- I' told br hardware and ran I
aaaan wsijSi . 5 ,»«*! o.,.u. J
lor SO cents
•*•** roul dealer f..r lint rard.
atvca sold m bolu
163    WIULOW  »TftBKT, PAR *
BAILGT iviis not the only mnn
!">U.'."'r.> "ho balJbmtu say-
The following ts •
sample of thousand!
or teitlinonlas to (he
wonderful merits of
rSrCKINK Id the most
Slfflciilt cases. Doctor > are pretcrlblne
practice wllb the most
satisfactory reaulla.
"Several years ago
my wife wan ao seri-
,ously ill nf lung trouble as for months to
be mublr- lo walk, at
v In. li time a noted
physician told me
that tha next dress
tbel I would buy for
har would be •
ahri.,,,1. She uaed
Hour reaaonabJy well
•Rev. C. E. BusaiLL,
"Baptiet Minister,
Foreat, Out.'
For Coughs and Colds take PSYCHINE.
For Throat and Lung trouble take PSYCHINE.
For Catarrh and Consumption take PSYCHINE.
For after-effects of La Grippe, Pneumonia and
Pleurisy take PSYCHINE.
"Vaaia a|(o I was almosl a pbvsical w
and was su(l<ring with lunij trouble.   lr«
and neighbors thought  I  would i."«
beder.    I began to despair mysell.   lm
faiih in my physician, I procured «iu-i'i"*i
who recommended Ihe use of I'Mi HDJ
It  was -.urprising beyond description »
effect it had.    I seemed lo gain niili "**
dose.    Inside of Iwo weeks I WSI .***
attend to my housework again.    J her"
eo symptoms of consumption aboul nw •
"MKS. HENDERSON, St.Jotin,"1
For Loss of Appetite take PSYCHINE.
For Indigestion and Dyspepsia take PSYCHINE
For Chills or Fevers take PSYCHINE.
For Run-Down System take PSYCHINE.
To Feel Young and Keep Young take PSYCHINE.
tim     rPf^^-mxm    —■- — •»»•■« «,iu n.ccp young taKe ^SYCHINI
AnR?.nfMinI Cure f0r "" Throat' Lun* ** Stomach Troubles,
"enable Remedy for diseases caused by exposure to cold or wet
Per eal« mt *aii druggist'. *^f
»nd ai.oo, or Dr. T. A. 8looii«
Limited. 17t King M. W., Tor**"" >«i*<
ne inuBlins, dainty lin-
rie, iron easier, look
tter, last longer if tlie
andresa uses the only
Id-water (no boiling)
arch that really
tves work and really
Dn't stick. Try it. Get
lli  I wns   . lift.' boy,
fli tangled yellow curls,
kissed like 1 uaed to be
[nil tlm pretty alrle.
used rn irrtili me from my ma
often raise a row
whieh mie would kiss me firsts.
naves do It now.
hiif.- ('. Ko wliero'er I choose;
..   no iii.'ililcn Sinn
lli.  swoops 'l.iwn and gratis ma,
mu lovely, JarlliiK thine!"
'mt used to liko It;
kl> k.'.l uml relsed a row.
.   would only Iry uicaln,
ui.1 in.t '.iiuriii.  now.
tl" i.st i ill Post.
"Too Hasty.
■Barker was in „ nsroa humor tin.
"""■'' <""">'***. when ths front door
"l"-'""1 *** •» walked „ stranger on-
"' '" "    -»BM tbe stranger taking
nil bla coat und roiling ,,*., h*„ iloevagi
"Whiitv" thundered Barker    "You
'J;'!"'1 ' • ■» »'*"* hi start nhythlng,
did your
"l did," replied the striiiiKt-r coolly.
Hui ba got uo further, win, » M,
in-*,* whoop Barker grabbed tbe intrnd
i-r un.nmi the waist ami deposited him
un the sidewalk. Two iiiuiiu later
hla wife returned.
"William," sin* snid, "wan there uny
una hers during my absenceT
"Vi-.." snorted iinrki-r; "there waa
some lunatic ben wbo aald ba cams t.
atari  something, but I just  bundled
hb ii >.ii tin* sidewalk before be ha i
linn* i.. make a move."
"William, yuu are the blgci-nt gooae
in town I"
"in what ivn.v?"
"Why, tin- man came to start tin*
* loci tbat hasn't been running for :i
week, lie li n clockamith."—8t Lout!
I'i mt Dispatch.
Zam-Buk u niapeuedad from j.ure
herbal eitracta, n highly antiaeptiii and
applied to a wound or «ore k ilia all bacilli
and diaeaie gormi which otherwise aet up
feitering, lilnml poison, etc. It heals rata,
burnt, eoal.la, hi nisei; and curea oczenin,
prairie Itcb.ai^Jt rheum, poi.oneu woiimli,
uloen, etc.   All itoVee and driig|(i«t» tell
at SOo. per box, or pott free from Ztm-
Bnk Co., Toronto, for price.    A buses
for 12.80.   Send Ic. itamp for trial box.
Does fit
•   Daisy,   When,    through    da
digestive organs,  poison  Bndi
uiti. the bl I, tlu* prime con
*,  i-  t" gel   iin*   poison  mn  iiii-, 11,-'iiiii-.    Delaj   in.l.
t ii melee's    i agi table    Pilli
. m.i u most  valuable ami el
edioine iu email  iln*  tiitrii.t. i
hey  never  (ml.    The)    go    .ii
th,   -'ni   uf   iln-  trouble snd
iicriuaiieiit lure.
Going  Him  One Better.
- 'i American was telling a i*'r<*n.*ii
C| ": mn w leri n( tin. forty-eight
■Ig scrapers in New Vurk.
"V ut should aee ..ur new botel in
Ibe Km' di* Bepubllque," said tha
"Why, what ii there i>,-ciiiiar nhout
"Tin' two top stories are mi binges,
»*i thst they run be lowered tu let the
u n go iiy"   Pels \li*ti*.
Not a Crime.
heen   aolemi ly   mul   iillli i.tll.i
hi   i.i   ii   Nrw   Vork courl  llmi   il
crime to bag u nin uu the
St. pa.
flsaiidl nf young iHHiple who live
vi -in i. things win in* pirn sad tu
,.■   ii.ivh.  although   K   Hill  Ink-.'
I.itt uf iin* pleasure in know
. im of iiu* land bi not in uuy
■i*.* fractured,
Hires   nu   ndi I   young   lad..
ike iu inni* tin* multitude stand
■..iiinl ii*- witnesses, imt in a place
• i \ink. where the .Ine covered
iu which nil experts agree bag
|i.ii.mid in* llum* un* nut plentiful,
p .• betweeu bugging wltb
.!.* publicity ur iuuu* nl nil.
Inclined ,•• think thai tin
i '.. i." .ini tin' arresting we*
Barely im officer «if-'- ii* ii ■
!• ■ _*!ii place .. ..ui.1 inm* beei
. ilu* other «:iv
Mother   ...in.-   u,„,„   K\i.-rM,ii,;,,!„
h.i   ,,.. l.rge.1 sals ol nnv ilmilai pn
I""'-*"-"'   -■■   In   ..iua.I*,',    l,    alwayi
",i'-n    by    restoring  In
11 il..' Imii* inii.,.
Button! In England.
Hut tuns  appear  to have  flrst come
Into nee in England In the reign of
Kdwnrd  I.    The  tirst   were made  of
The Yuma Desert.
The great Vumn desert was formerly
a aall »*j    Baaahella nnd oysters four-
tiiMi tncbea lu diameter bats frequent-
I.i bean found at tmut ti-u liulii-s to
tvu fwt lu Hit- saud In inrluua parte
uf dial di-sert.
Tha Sutpenslon Bridge.
Rlr RnmiK-l Drown Invnnti-il the suspension bridge through watching il spider Hpbi a web. He was amased at
the weight this mnsH of crossed threads
would bear. 8o he built a brldga on
tlie smile lines of Iron ropes and ehiiins.
.   has tl,o  soft
warm     feel
the skin  enjoys.
— Doesn't    itch.
Mado   for   men,   women  and   llttl'i    folks
a    variety   of   styles,
abrica     and      prices.
IV authorize every dealer in Pen-Angk
Underwear to replace, al cur y>A, got
(anneal faulty in cneicrial n mtkiug
"llicpe-fourths of the Inventions used
Iii bookbinding are due to tbe Ingenuity of American trindera
I:.Liini wns n dueby until 11". when
it became n grumi duchy of Wladlmlr,
remaining audi until 1828, wben it was
.■nihil the grand flocby "f Moscow The
ItiiHHinn rulers began tn call I'.•ill-
selves csara in iw.'. Peter the (!*eat
iissnuiiil (In- title of eniperor In 1681
Long and Short Arms.
A full likxuled southern Afrlinii ne-
gto Is remarkable fur bla extraordinary
length of nnn. the A.viuiim Indian ol
Peru for the aurprialng shortness of
tlie corri-npoiMliug member.
A Medicine cheat In Itself. Only the
well-to-do can afford to posaeai a
rn.* li. in.- chest, but Dr. Thomas Be
li trio Oil, -aIiIi-Ii i.i a msdioins oheai
in iuelf, biinn a  remedy f'.r rheums
tlam, bniiliaxu, nnrc throat, rnldl,
coughs, oatarrh, a*iln,ia and a potent
healer for wounds, outs, bruises,
«iirai*ii, cti-.. i. vmi,in ti,,. reach oi
the po'itest, owing to ita obtapneas.
tl ahould bs In every Imuie.
R-luru ol Pomance.
Tin- niiiiiii* ear. says ttdltb Wharton,
hns real ned tbe ryuianes of truvellng
We iiinii'i say yea What can '■•
more romantic than to aee nn u
■lied man In great goggles snd a
leather coat v. bo *•• bands bave nevei
I.e.ui tolled by anything but perfnmed
Ink slowly pushing n touring car
through the sand to the nearest n
Shop   while   the   golden   glow   of   the
glorious sunset is tlngelng tbe ti tops,
bringing out their gorgeous autumn
tints in u picture tlmt no artist c mid
reproduce, while a sweet 200 pound
lady sits complacently In tba enr and
wonders if tba neighboring farmhouse
would produce nn evening menl of
chicken und pumpkin pie in eschunge
for coin of lhe renlin!
Or, if that isn't romantic enough to
suit the most exacting, we might turn
to the pietttrt of u pulr of legs waving
In the nir while the owner wus dowu
under  the  machine  busy  regretting
thnt he hnd not learned to sweur In
youth. Oh, there ls plenty of romance
If one Just goes about It right.
Reason Enough.
"I did not know that you were so
fond of athletics. Why did you Join
thut club?"
"Oh, Its uniform Is immensely becoming to me."
nn   inul i   im
na   ii'ti.    oni -    ii     Bab) ■
i        *     	
■ i"  dun  do  nol Kt.p*   ii ■
inn,  ami  cun. all  the  minor  Ilia
■1   ye utig . Ii i li r. ti
* i t-i ink.-, prompt iii tii.*.i
U,ni,  unlike  "aootbine
da harm, and  the mothei
in.t f  .i   Oovernmenl
■   ii   the]   ■ .'ui.iii Irugi
• ven    ths    >..m*.
moth, i- gtve lh.-ir little
•   1 11.\ II   I .It.
constlpel   - mu' i
Indlgeatlon,    . orau
or when the dn
Iln   Jos   Hot
ly I
'■.mi Tablets tin
' '      'I'll.   Tul.
i      all    ilruk-Ki-i-   i.r   I.
■ ■ •- .i  hoi  fi . ii in.- it
Ut dl, In.   Co,     Him kvllb
Minard's  Liniment  Uurei  Disteriper.
Pertan  Rugs.
"Anthiue I'erslnu rugn." said the nis
aaJeaman, "nre dyed "ith regetsbls
dyes; (In. n, w ones are dyed erlth ani
line dy.*s Hutu's a grent difference
Vegetable dyes nre flfty or sixty times
mora azpeoalVe tban nniiiues. and they
give s .-..ior thnt Is llterullj*  Imiierlsh
aiiii-. a color ihut keepa growing richer
ind richer till (he nig fulls (o pieces
Anilines, mude mil uf coal tar. look
well aooogh nt flrst. hut thej fade.
When n vegetable red or blue aroold be
at Ita beet nn aniline red or blue would
be nearly white    We civilised people
banned tin* Chinese by Introducing our
ibonp opium among (hem. and now we
hnve squally banned the Pandas rug
by Introducing our cheap auilines
anion*.- the ru*,' iieuvera."
For a Sty In ths Eye.
When you feel that priding pain and
see (be fatal little spot u' red on the
eyelid which surely foretells the coin
Ing of a sty put Into a mniMI bug n tea
sinioiif.il of blu.-k tea. on which pour
enough boiling whut to **ootsten. as
soon as cool enough put If on the eye
nnd let It remain uutll innilii: Tba
sty will In all probability be p.t.e. if
Dot "ne mon- application sill be WT-
tain to remove It.
Surer Test.
"Do you think that fellow Is au Englishman'/"
"I know be Is."
"Iiid be drop a hlntT
"No, an II."
Trampi  In  HollaSd.
A tramp applying for nlins or food
In Holland ls sent t.. the st ite farm of
r..iK«i m-res fn tarn bla Uvtarg.   if he
won't work there he la son' to n Inlmr
colony where he hns t.i work.
Need Postponing.
We would br* hnppler If we
Some niiiirlc could apply
And have uur January thaws
In June or tn jiilv.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures   Diphtheria
The  original   tribe  of   lndia.i-1   from
Which   tin*   «..r.l   Missouri   «;.-   tuken
wns "tmuni.I'uiriif." wbub meant in
Indian   language   "duellers   nt   the
DlOUtb of ivnters." ns the Ir.lie lived
iietir llie nu.ntli uf (lie Missouri rner
A iiiii.il.et of histories stnte that Mis
■u.nrl menus "init.l.ly." winch Is erroneous.
I trouble   tinging   lhe    cab*.
|           I to,    re.   >ou,   fa,   sol,   lb
III- papa   said:
• in, nut  you.  Jack."    Jack   in
■ "ii.  papa."
af Ohio. City a» Tolaaew
i.urae Counly.
fan»   J     I'heney    makee oath the,  he
■ni.,r    lailiur    of    the    Sim  of   r.   J.
I   r> i ii    dnlns  buatneaa In lhe oily
i.li,    County   and   State   atore-aajd.
"..I   aald   nrm  *lll   pay   Ihe eum  o-f
l(i'Mi|(<KU   POI.I.ARB for eaih and
-ear    of    Calarrh   thai  oannol   be
I  ty lhe  uae of Hall's I'slar"   Cur*.
in   to  before   me   on*   eubaerlhed   IB
■'e. u<»  Ikla   Sth   day   ot  D»r»n.t>ec.
H A..  **    Ol.aAH'.N.
.nl ) Notary   Pul.lla
\.  a i*alarrh Pure la taken Internally
.  ta dlrritlr  on  the   blood and  muo-
«u-f»rea   of   the   ai»i"in Bend   fov
!** nolale feee
k j rHirvnv * co., Teieej. o.
•"   l.v   all   lirugalata.   T-l
► *  i.... a Family Pllla for oonatlpallaa
I   know, oi iiiiiui',  iimi old
.-tt. naively   poetllva   and
•■••isui, but rail)   right,
Blame   blm,   yesl    That'a
ff. naive.
The Frigate Bird.
The Mgate linl can Boat in midnlr
nn.l go In sleep without the risk "f
rnlling Its dinracter Is not very high.
It : .ll .-is li-h eating birds thnt hnve
pn ki -1 up a menl from the water uml
compela them to pun with It
Japanese Thaatera.
Japanese theaters bave t iclr Imies
•o nrrangeil thnt the Indies ran Change
dreaw-s. na It is nut comlflaiVd slyllsh
for a lady to appear nn enli *e evening
lu one drens nnd with the "inn- ornament*
Hyde  Park'i  Original  "Xey.
Among the lieesuies preaareM nt the
realdcin-c of the Karl of Clarendon ls
tlie orlglnnl gilt key of Hyde park, sent
b.v yiiii-n Anne tu I^ml Chancellor
riarendun. to glee bim nt nil times admission to the parka of l.midon-s relic
of singular historical inten at
tjigiiiils uf Danger.—Have y.ni lost
y.ii. appetite I Have yuu a ooeted
Have yuu an mil 1*
iu llie iti*.nil. .* lines youi
*.*he and have you I'** ■-- I: - .
yuir stomach is oul oi ordur mi'l vou
need    medi ine.    Bui you   I" nol  like
i licine.    Hi* t It nt  prefen  ■   ....ess to
medi ti. ■     must    suffer,    bul     uml. i
■u»e man  ■
ire a box "t  Parmelee'i  Vegel
1-ilN  and    speedily    yet    inm^t if    In
i.  and   slttvi*   to  k* ep   -
Violates the Rule.
They any a woman's no means yes.
And that is alwayi so
In every Instance, too, unless
Thc woman's no means no.
Recognized It.
"Whnt  Is  this  cull of tbe wild  we
near ebont J"
Must be thut cowboy that's calllug
ou your Aunt Lucy."
On a Tombstone.
In n French churchyard Is a monument  Irenrlng an  inscrlpti.ui  of which
the  following  Is  n  translation: "Here
ilea Jean Pinto, tba Bpanlab vocalist.
When lie r--achod heaven be united hia
voice with the voices of the nrclinngels.
As soon ns be beard him tbe Deity
erled. 'Keep ,pilet, all you fellows, and
let us bear alone the illustrious .ii.ru; ■
Jean l'iuto.'"
It Is only necessary to read !' •   ■* -
Hmonlsll I** l ■ •'*." in. .''I iimi Hollo
wave . om ' nn* is unequalled foi the
renin .ii ol i trus, wan - • It Is •
oomplete • itingulsber.
it    In.,
i l    nirk      Willi
would     alrangle.
N lilies
ui e.l
st wdlliiuii   it
Yours grateft
MltS. ('
II.   1-ltlM   1
"11 k' e vv il
■ I., Oak iii-t.
r" imi nr
'■' ll for
By Proxy.
a you doing for yotn* end?"
My   friends   are   looking
me."—Chlcnuo Inter Oceau
f. DODDS '
'Twas Eeer Thus.
What u nt ol bargalna
Stare >"u Iii ll.e fuee,
Js.n . ttl.te  mul  notions,
Hi.vl.ii   mnl   Iin.'.
They fiom aven counter
Cry with nil their inliilit.
Hui there's nothing doing
\l I.i :i   im,!   p.use Is light.
Juat the thlnus youve wanted,
Sean-hed for m-ur and far
For a mouth ..i lonavr.
And now here thay sre.
(liin,ilnK nt vou ileiiil-llke.
And the price I" right
Uut Ihn. a iiiitlilna doing
Wbtn >eur puree Is light
W.    N.    U.,    No.    634
A Small Flock of Sbaip.
It in surprising how lew- fnrmers
keep aheap. If they knew bow little
it costs to maintain a small Hock, nl-
rnoul every ceneral fanner wuuld have
ono. Further than thia. a small flock
always supplies wool, wliicli cm ba
sold at a tune when there i- little
ready money coming in. This income
ll exceedingly convenient and should
always be considered. Wool and mitt
Ion cnn be produced at almost no cost
and with very little trouble. With
most (ariii.Tii it is dimply n matter of
getting started, llegin with eiL'ht or
ten sheep, nn.l if the farm is i-mall .1"
not let the flock exceed thirty (hie ol
this Bi»e can bo eanily maintained
ami will bring in more ready money
ami bo a source of greater BiiUsfnrluin
than nny live slock that can tie kept
- Orange Jmld Fanner.
Whst Tuberculin li.
Tuberculin is the result ol many experiments to obtain a eurntive antitoxin, or serum, for tuls-rculusis. It is
a product of the growth ol tho tuber-
clo organism in artificial cultures,
but it in » perfectly harmless product
wbon properly usitl It *'ll neither
core nor cniise Uu- disease to nprend
in nn elected animal| neither will it
Injure n bealtby ona in any way. Ill
skilled hands it is nlmost infallible,
ami with ordinary judgment the errors aro only a lew per cent. In I'enn-
Hvlv.'min 4 ono animals thnt had given
characteristic renctions were slaughtered aud examined, aud the presence
ol tho disease was domoiutartod in
ill but eight    Fanning.
Itch, Mvige. P-airie Scratihei and
every lorni ol contagious It*-!! on hjm-
an or animals cured in 30 minutes hi
Wollord's Sanitary Lniinn
Tha Hot Blait  Furnace.
The  itirention of Ibe hot  blust fur
in.*.* us at present used ia credited tu
Neilsoii.  a  Booteh engineer,  who pat  ,
tiled his Invention In 1-CS.
I'bll.lreii   nn*   In urloiisly   lufluencod
both by the bone that ther win beena*
ble.1 tu live w Lb mt Inls.r nn.l b) I'i*
(.illlllii'i-til "f that bul>e. Tin-re ran ba
tm iriilv lienllliftil life If bensOts nr.*
illss.iclnte.1 from elTorto.--'Ier|iert S|n»n
Biakle'a     Ann i onsumptivs      Byrup
ini   ie iineuilalloii.    T"  all   win
an*   familiar   with   it.   il   ipeaka   I-T   it
self.   Yearn i.f use in tin* treatment "1
i nl Is   and   niiighi   and     all    affeCtloni
ui  iiu*  tiimai  ha.-   umiuestionsblj
lablished    ns    plsoa    among  ths  verj
bast  medicinal tnr   luoh   dissaase.    li
you rive n a trial ynu will  nol  regret
it.     Yin   will   Iiinl   it   "5  iiiiii   will   iu
A swift tongue lu nn argument often
milts Itself coming back.
Don't wait for anybody. If there's
waiting to be done, let tbe other fel
low do It
Lota of peoplo Just seem to worry
to give an air of Importance to their
pam-nail ty.
lt«vi>!os himself there's only one other created thing that Is In love with ii
man, uud that's some woman.
aII most men need to show people is
fust io be a few years yoeuger.
There's always Homebody to be surprised when anybody geta married.
If you don't look after your business.
It doesn't tnke you long to get the
short end of it
Sume people like to play the fool If
they cnn lit* stage manage* and st.tr
perf.ii met* to a picked audience.
When you get six wi-eks behind, dont
try to catch even. Juat Jump accounts
with rather Time aud tell blm you arc
Minerd's  Liniment  Curei  Colds,  &e.
It Is aometlmes stated that ultra violet ruya of the sunlight will cun- bald-
new. Tbe Scientific American saya
thnt tlie best und eaaleet way to try!
the violet ray treatment Is to go nbout
In the sunshine without any form of
covering for tlie head. That authority
bokls that If nil persona did this there
would lie little or no baldness.
Rest at Last.
Mi.rrell It Is tru«, as haa been snld
that «e .lu ii"t npprectate our blessing
uuiii Uny take their flight
1'i.pl.y iif course. They keep u;
suit] u racket daring the day Hint w,*
enjoy (liein most when Oie nurse lur
tucked tbem In tb-elr little lx*ils.    I'lilln
<i<-iI .liin Preoa,
Kvery |>niind nf cochineal contains
"ii.dKl inaectn boiled to death, snd from
000,000 to 700.000 pounds are annually
brought to Europe for acarlet and crimson dyes.
Tha Largeat Animal.
Ijirgest of all animals that ever lived
mi this planet la tho greet sulphur Is.t
torn whale of tho Peclflc ocenn. one
specimen which was measured was
ninety-Bra feet tn length nnd thirty
dn* feet Iii girth. Its estimated weight
wuSM,000 pounds.
A World of Dangers.
"Spirituous   beverages,"   says    Mrs
Cuinrox.  "have wrecked many  bappj
"Yes." answered her husband. "iiiiiI
so huve nnlHd, Ice cronm nud colTee
Inken nfter 10 o'clock at nlght."-
Waahlngton Btar.
Such Impudencel
Mrs. Ncwi'il The cook ls on linpii
dent thing, so sp.. |a!
NeWad    Wluit's thu troiltrte, dent ?
Mrs. Neivod Why, 1 discharged her
(bis morning and she refused to go.—
Chicago Neap,
Nonsuch House.
Nonsuch House, erected on London
bridge In IMC, was built entirely of
wihhI. no Iron being employed in Its
construction even for framework. II
wus four Btories high.
' Bott'le'WiTK'Hawk.
Aftei ii .1.** pi-rnte battle, in which
he narrowly escaped losing his eyesight, Jii.il. C Smith, an old farmer whose home li In North Bsbylon,
suooseded In killitit' a large snd hunger-erased chicken (law k, «hich el n -
ed hi- clilcl sn Into tha chicken *
mul then followed them In to least
upon lit.'in ut leisure Time nnd again
the feathered marauder flew at the
syoi "f Smith, who hnd hurried into
(lie chicken house In snve liis pels
and dosed the door after him t« pre-
V tit the hawl flying OUl nnd esenp.
ing. It was only by covering his fnco
nnd   eyes   with   hli   arms   nnd   letting
tlu* beak and lalona ol tip* Infuriated
bird sink Into hia forearm and hands
that tha doughty old farmer saved his
light and killed lhe hawk. It. was
measured the ..ther day. The stretch
of Ita w111trb from tip to tip wns three
feet It" Beak nnd talons were long
ind  almost  ,*ih hard as steel.
3 Strong Points »#
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c,  60c,  and      60c     Per     Lb.     At    All     Grocers.
"Sue her"," cried tbe eat, ".ire yo.
determined to dro-s n me?"
■*i uii." replied tbe man,   "You killed
mary  snd I believe in n life for
■ life.'"
Dut  .•. .1 upon  taking nine
res   for s   life"  Catholic   Standard
- ■
"Did   I   understand yuu  to  say  that
my  sppearanot  bai  Impru-vedl
"No;   J   -..nl   y..u   looked    nirAe    like
Minard's   Liniment Cures Garget in
Then     srs    seven     thousand    relief
■   iiti'.ii   in   ths   fainiiii*
Stricken   .iisincls  oi   buuiIichi   Ruseia.
Teething Babies^
are saved  auffrring—and mothera
given reat—when one uses
Nnrses'and Mothers' Treasure
Quickly  relieves—regulates   the
boweli — prevents    convulsions,
Uaed 50 ytars.    Absolutely safe.
At rlrui'-t'lnree. Sto.   6 holllei, tl 16.
Natlunil Drug A Chemirnl Co , 'Utnitetl,
Sole Proprietor!, Montreal.        41
Lightning has no effect nn them. They aro absolutely fireproof. Rain antl snow—beat
and col,1—can't rust, crack or warp them. The perfect fitting side lock (exclusively
Kii.stlaki.-j makes the roof absolutely leak-proof, and cost of putting on much less.
our guarantee:
We guarantee Eastlake Metallic Shingles to be made of better msterial, more scientifically and
accurately constructed, to be more easily applied, and will last longer than any other M;tal
Sbingle on the market    Our guarantee is absolute.    Our Shingles have been made since 1885.
Eastlake metallic Shingles are made either galvanized or painted.    Tbey are     _ —
handsome in design, attractive on tho house and last a lifetime.   Our
cheapest   grade   will   last   longer  and   cost9   less than the best
wooden shingles.    Our best Metallic Shingles make as superior ,'aquaprobo'
a roofing to wooden shingles, tin, siaie, etc., as the*e were pak*
to sod roofs.    Let us send you ths proof.   Write ua.
Complete information free.
COMPANY, Limited.
Toronto and
You cannot possibly hsv«
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
food. Fragrant, nutritious and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains tlie system In robust
health, and enables It to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold bv Grocers and Storekeepers
in j-lb. and -j-lb Tint.
It is a muarla-prodw-inff,
brim - building, bona-
niaking (ood. Suppliea
nutritive qutliiiri n«ce<-
ury to the health and
comfort nt growing bojra
and   girls.
BI9CUIT for Breakfait;  TRIBCriT for   Luncheon.
All   Qrocer*—13c   a carton,  or 2 for 25c.
Put them on with no tools but a
hammer and tinner's shears,—can't
go wrong. They lock on all four
sides, are self-draining and water-
shedding on any roof with three or
more inches pitch to the foot Make
buildings fire-proof, weatherproof
and proof against lightning. Cost
least in the long run. Made of 28-
gauge toughened sheet steel—only
one quality used and that the best-
bent eold and double-galvanized.
Last longer with no painting than %
any other metal shingles heavily**
painted. Guaranteed in every way
until 1932. Ought to last a century.
Cheap as wood shingles in flrst
cost; far cheaper in uie long run.
"Oshawa" Galvanized Steel Shingles cost only $4.60 a square,
10 ft x 10 ft Tell us the
area of any roof and hear our
tempting offer for covering it
with the cheapest roof you
can really afford   to  buy.     Let
us send you FREE booklet
t  about this roofing question—tells
some things you may not know.
Oshawa   Galvanized     Steel
Shingles are GUARANTEED in
every way for Twenty-Five Years
Ought to Last  a Century
Send for TtXA Book   "looting Right"
Get Oor Offer before Too Roof a Thing
Address our
Nearest Warehouse:      Ml -3 Cratf 8t W.   11 Colborne Bl.       «*B Snwai at
iondon       wmnno       Vancouver
• imnd-u St.       TA Lombard Pt. suiYndarSL
■     ■ mt
Made of Illith C'nrhon Wlre.-well provo II lo roil. COILKD not rrlmped. Tlili
malti-s 1; will! ntrnnger tn NFTlae, 'I stays ln.it. I'mkIwI W1IITK over l..*uiy
(Tidviinlrlnij—runt pront.   Frprlpiirwl denli-m toen-i't It   Lea.ti nil In unles
»ou   —nt In inorlt.    Get llliwrato.1 li.mkl.1   un.l  111*7  |irli*es   liofuro biij-lu^
Walkervllle,  Toronto.   Montreal.    **t.   John.   Wmnlwa
X.'' ■  I '■ ■•:
■I Prtn'rfd st Trout l.akei'11}', ana Biibllshed
.1 f-.:..a|en'andT(*oiil 1-nkeevilrvTliiirsili;;
i rr I'.iilor *n«t set hold himsellrs'pon-
mi o,111111 ms ql cim*i'*i|iiiiiiU'ii.' .. \-
' iu Ita oelypgf
All l.'Cala will be cluifgyd nt t)ii-inln of l.'i
••■ line. first Insertlmi, nnd lu I't'iii*. pOj
: i nessch fui>ii,'..'i<ii'iil lllm'rlloii.
■ii -'oi Train-lent and ojher ntlvr rdiliii;
iii.ii* li ""uii ijn npp lir.il Inii n i ii.'ll.*
i*i. iiii.n lit.miR rssr* I" advanoe.
Silrer "5 opiiIr
Gold,Lead, Copper fl eaph
Hold-Silver fl 61).
8 Ivor-Lead gl 50
Kim- ftf.OO
Silver, uitb peed or
Cppper f 2 50
5■-.« for other mi-tnit nn application
Kamplei arriving b.v express oi niuii
eive prompt attention,   P.O. Dfniici
. i ■»-"■   I---   i...„•..-
■Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mlnin g Supplies   Etc
to any Point in the District.
| Gprompt |   S. DANEY, Prop.
|      servicer FERGUSON.
m Any Work ®
&8 Undertaken $}
Ki Guaranteed «3
PQ Satisfactory,  n
I!.. I wn:<--. Mquoi'a (tnd Cigars.
Kates $1 :i .Inv.
„ B W
Revelstoke, B C
Fir8t-cl»M iii'.' iiiimi.il.ition for traveller.*
Rates $1 and $i  50 per day*
Gbc Dotd Beaton
BEATON, u.e.
VISITORS arriving it Bealqn (tlm threshold ol u
iiu  Arruiilii'ilil, mil Iiinl till!  Hotel In In. (,||,    '"''"I
forbiyli clam trade,   iSxcetlenl afli*omnioi|aiiQJ'
appointed and «|,acioiia (llnliiB Imil.    Toe bsst of Wj.     l"':'
ami Olgara.   Personal iii|irrvifiinn It miyei) lu iln* rcmilrel  pl'1!
patrons. Vllltori t« tbe lanleaii can n-lv nn comfort »| t| "'■"'"'
W. BOYD -:-  ■:- Vm
(l.nle ol Forgptwii .Miiir-.',  J.1.1.5
- — .mm m
iaaayi of nl| orp*;. 'IVim*. jnoih-rnle.
A iliiccs":
B"x m,   KAJ-I.P,   n. 0.
FREfl C.  b'LLIUI'r,
Barrister. Notary Public Etc.,
O.  B, N.   WILKIE,
P. L. S.
LAKEVIEW HOTEL!   Central Hotel
Bar wall Supplied with Liquors &, Cigars
Lar{« Comfortable ln.ni    Excellent Cuisine and Attendance.
<?•*—- REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Fir**.! Class in every respect. AH modern convepjenci ■
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1  50 per Day- Special Weekly Rates
Vineral Claims Surveyed  and
Crown prantbs Obtained.
Resilience—Xf.it Ret-ord Oh i.i
TFJQUjT   LAKE.   S    C.
Notice i? jii-rclij* given that 30
days after the first publication of
thia notice in 1 lie lliili.-li t'olutn
bia (inzette. I intenil to apply to
the ILiii. (..'Iiirf (.'oiii|iiis>i(iiicr of
I.:ind.-i iit- H'orks for irpecial iipem*.
M to out and carry a-any timber
fmm ihe fallowing dcacrlhed landa
Bi'luate In West Kn Hi nay.
No. I. ( Lininencinn atn posl
planted 2| mile* up Thompson
Creek on the aoufh tank <.f U.e
creek, inn iked ".A (-Sowing's S.W.
corner pust1' tlionco n.irlli SO
chain-; ihcnce ensl B0 chnins:
thence SOljth £'•* chain.-: Ihvuci
we .I 80 i*';:ii i*. Iii point ut (.•-.in-
V... 2. Commencing al a poal
planted 2{ mill t up Thorn; - m
Crook mi tin* south bank of the
Break, marked ''A Oowing'aN.W.
porner J...-I." thenee Bouth 80
rliiiino; thence eaal 8Q clmini;
thenoa nciih 80 chains; i;, nee
Mist 80 - ii.iiii*. in poinl   of   c in
Ko. 1.    f'liliimiiliein*' i,i   ,i
planlcd "i miles up rhompson
Creek, nn the south hank of tin
creek, marked "A   (J ming'ri S.W
Corner | .»'   ilionce   nortii    '"
phains;   ilu*i   - can   B0  chaina;
thence aonlli ;..i ohains;    ll
west 80 chaina i-i poinl of i qui men*
No.   I      (..|..:     | , ,:   „    pnfi|
plant.d   ,'J^  miiea  :,|i   .
Creek) pn tin- t-outh bAnk ..f lhe
|rr. eli, parked "A, Qoirii .■    N \
corn, r ppal,"    Ihenee
phainaj   Ihpnce  eaal 10    '.ni:  •
(henna horlli 30 chnii
weft Ml cli(iii,» in  poinl   ni   cnn.
Lotkled ./one (iih. ,
Aj c iiiiii, ;,.,,*,•
UEVl'.I.HTOKi: l.\SI>  (•:   . I
I'isirict of Weal )., olenay.
Tuke notice Iiml CllBllfl L esllp
Copp, of rrout l.ak- ,1, <',, J'ri)--.
pector,   intenJi   to apply ,,„- .,
apeeinl tilnlici- lieei)*j(. „ve,. ||.(.
following ilcscrilictl Inn.Is:
Commencing al a po« plnntedj
pn th" .emus Bi(l«i 'i Canyon Creek
aboul 7  mill •  from  ita m
marked "('  I,   Copp'a aotKh
porner p...-t"    tl,.,,,*,.  ,„.,|,   M),'
chain."; (hflife ,.,.; ff) v],.,,,,. .
thenc-   smith   80 rlniii,-;    llieiico]
wmi '-''ih.iin-s in ji ict - fc	
i,•ii" ni iiml roniaIning (M0 acreej
more m i,*,ss,
J'V" -<l it IW"    Clmr!ei I
Excellent   Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   A
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Bes. HqteHn Town,
fidplers for lilt ani Cominercial M.
tTrout Xafec
Mi      i |!v us: ri ir W uicr supplied  hy the
£*|[£^*           (gj Companv you are assured of abso-
• • lute purity.   Government Analysis
SliypIP    (50. »o >ack up statements. :::.*: ::
m.r .^ Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
it paya to uae the Telephone.    A
lengthy trip rim often be saved.  I
ni  I*i*ii_-iis.ui: Cummin-.' Store j Trout
l.nk.'. I'ngi Office : nl-n ut 1;. aton, i
ajilix uml Arrowliead,
Starfte? & Go.
Kjt««,   Oheeje,    Proilure   ami   Fruit
ll.iustoii Bk.,/aaapbiae8t. Mel.-on,B.C.
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
IE. A.   Haggei!,!,
I Rovelstokw',
8 I
fj -'n '; ->'i ir • ill I mn" n.- ike  ra
District ..f Went Kpotonay.
Real Ritate, li * trance   ■ I
General Coniiniatioii .lit
St i mi: i: i: AN d m inks ra
ra h
\$         Boli Representative for W
DNon-Tariff Inatimncfl Btiainera in m
m   Tr*mi i.nk-i* Keiynaon Ueaton S
2 an 1 i :ini',
iCorrcaponiien n fnaurance mat*
J   ten will havepronipl attention.
Ta!;o notice tliat I!. !'. Beamy,
rn' I'oplar Creek, II. C , Prospector, intends to apply for a special
limber license over (lie following
described land?:
(otiiiiieiiciticiit a post planted
on the nortii side of Poplar Cn ek,
about 20p feet from the creek and
about 1 in:!** above tin- Iii il south
fork of Poplar O.-.-k. thei  \v<s,
SO chains; tbence south 80 chains;
thence east HI chains; thence nortii 80 chains lo point ,,f cominenci
nit-tit and containing M0 aces,
more or lera.
.Inm.* 8th. 1007. II. p. Reamy.
V'li., ,*.'.,;.v ,iv,„ BBVKL8TOKB MffD DtSTRICT,
■■■iy-"!!,-, ,(,„. | infond to apply
'""•• Jl'.n. C'iricfCommisslonei of
'•""l- nnd W'.ik-* forn ipooinl li-
'""-' to eutnndearrv ami lim-       ",". '•"'"• ""< ';- *   Roamy,
ber from   il,.- following described        "|,,ai    "'''k' ,:' ('- VnBV*xtw\
ilmUe ii  West Kootenay      inten«i''t0 apply'or h special tiro-l
v    ,      , bor license over tbo follnuinff di -
'      ' iw '   icribed land..:
• «''-"1-«-'—»"....  A,      C ,„*,„.i„, a, a   pn„,  H-.W
k* l««_.|-W. on Sal. on tbe «oe,|„id« of'Poplar Creek.
;keU   'Vo '■ •'-'"'  - tl}00 feet from .lie creek .nd
""■'■••': ■''  " -.bouil mile al-ove the first sootl.
--  SO  foikof Poplar Creek, il,,,,,,*  «•„,
in ouceaim to point of commence-
ment nnd cnlaining  040 ncres,
•MinCrqft,  i,-„*;,-„i- f»«>Worless.
N'o. 2, «'„i„, „.;,,,,  ;,A ,',„,.(   hl"-'!'  [3 ■• B F. Ri    ny,
I abobl 2 miles south of .\   ' ] *:.n: hai i > m lAipiii    ,.'.ii*:.-.'i
Mrl ,,;""'-       ■ ■ tnpti n on 8al-
B  C
F. B. Wells
Watch-repairing,   etc.    All work
ImsBIoct IrrtlLatn.B.C
^Mf     AI''   * A.M.
/\*"v/\   •,nl   Thursday eacl
'led   Thursday each
Sojourning Rrethrtd conliiilly invited.
I.. Forddred,8ec P.C.Campbell.W.M
rROUT  LAKE   LODGE   1. 0.0 t
NO. -11
.   /WLtrtmm   .     Itecolarmeeunnbeldla
X7^_>>U?      n*l if-ll.'Wi   Hull   r»rr»
ti%.     .y9hf     -"-.i»*""=i.i «i i
^m9gffr7yji^    •r«corliall.» ■•ii-i.nu
■tr' va
-on. H  (l.;       i>. |f, SlKiihtrd, vf,..
Trout  Lake   City Transft
and Stage Line.
I Ferguson   1 if I DaiJy st«gt win I
Trout Lake
leave  Ferguson l
7 a.m.
Trout Lake at fl I
Andrew M. Craig.
Imperial Bank of Canada.
It* •.! (,(fl. .
CAPITAL PAlB iim. A.t.t.ca
nc*t tAMt.tee
I' i: H'fi.KIK,Praaidaat.        lion. ROBBRTJAFrRAY.P'ict-Pt-a,
BRANCHES   in tbi i*riiTmri»d of A!!*iru. flaakatehawaa, British I   ■    I
■Manitoba, Oataria ami Qoeiiee.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.   -Daj oaitJ racaivM in,I intarMt allowed »: i , -J
curreiit iAtu from il^le nl opealog ol ».-i*oiiiit.
UttAI*   of   ITf.lll. IWIItlt A'allAhlt in    «ut~
lul    i.flliO m.rlil
Mi-tcAi «iitiu:on c>-"-■ i« uliaallaai eot
Alii.i.ij Jtuiiils.
Arrowhead Branch—
!•', A.  P'     II HI
Review Job Dept.
For llijih-Cla.'.s Work,
ml AJ. Ai m\ . .   - 1
P.Barns &Co
Dealers is all kiinla ..( I'l-aih Mci.t
I3ai't»ct- Shop •
f —      —'— s
 Fdlt A - -
(Jood Shave or Hair Cut
  (All    .IN fi
i William Schnell, '
HotandCoid Baths
i . .u* -s> e £
J   A. i.«  * ■
Oaf, s. Mc(»rtrr.
A.M. Pursuant
Collolton (»r (Oiperlal It*nk •(Om.iL.
Barber Shop.
Per -.••■! Ma..   Htia| ai I
* • -•    i   -j le
Tlinl'l Mil' IIT
Het Ant  C»W latKa.
' ''''■'■<■ '"'I*' i "No, 2, Jiilui
ft's Sniiiii   .*,;-;  unrnoi-  ,,
" ■-' ihcnce
nnrlh 80 i     .    .   *.     .
'■ll.'liliS    Iii* I      ■ Hill)I
point -1 .*.*
1    -' : •inn- 20ih   r.inr.
•Ji'lin ('ii.fi. i ocnlor.
V"'.    *'t.    COnil|II.|,(*i„g ;it   ;|      pncl
'■"I alwUI •' mill* weal nfjfn. 2
'    A   M.c.niii. I.'-  No, 8(
• »»ili ciiai corner" ihi nco wesl SO
' *       *      11 III |]      i*ll       l'|;   lil,-*
Iln i.i   cn.-t yo chnli   ■ :i ,.,,.
Ill   In poilll    ..l'l . llillll ||i*.
. h   1007
NOTil K.
''Index.*' "Red cii.'f." - i.'.viii
li ' i.n.l "Hidden Trenanre"   Mineral clnlma,   ailuale in ihe 'irom
I...i.i* Mil.in * Divleinti uf \V'.*.*-i Kool
limy IMi-irii l.
Win ic located:   On Gold 'inl-
rli. (laIner Crock,
T.\Ki: NOTICK Dial I,   Krneil A.
Cleveland, acllng at nRc-nl  for;
•'■"".■"   W«on,      I'. Jf. C. No. 112(188.
0. M.ih.Ii* Wi.*li.*,i,|, I,      )-.*,.,,
and i . 0, Wiiki'inlm    ,,     ,,     |i
iiitotid.flO dn..- from Ibodnto hereof, to
lo Ilia Mining Beconlor   fur Cer
HUcfltci oflinnrnvemenla for llio imr.
,•'".* nf nbtaialng Crown Urania of the
above cli Bl
tnd further lake n.itico thai action
under Motion37. itiimi Iw cnminenccd
before ibe i-.-u.ii,., of -mi, Certiilcatoa
' f tmi invameuta
'      'il Iln-  Illli ilm*.,f Mm*   a   n  *
THERE li*»a lieen f.'rtiines
niiiilc br jtidicloua Invoat-
menl in Heal KmIiii,-, and
more fortunes will In made than
ever the n--xt t-.ro nr three jeara.
The um- wh" reapa the hnrveat ii
tb** original Investor, fur ha haa
lii> iii'.ii.'v iiii ,i icriaintjr.
No* let n-i point out In von that
tliric in n.i I'elfer nyul ,,„ •),,. Con-
tic-,it (ii I, iv  Real  K-tiit,* (ban
TROUT i.' ki*:.
Trout Lake ia the prettiest spot
in ihe K"ottjnuya; n.s n pleasure
result it ran no equal. Boating
aivl Qahitig maj l-n indulged in
the year round ; while big game
in -abundance ia to iln- round on
tho hills. In cliumtn it superb,
tlii'ii, being ii" ..-I'.'iit extremes, It
being mild In winter ami cool In
mi ni nice, li can bnasi of some of
th'.- fJnnst l.ot'-ls ami residencei In
Britiaii Columbia. Its streets are
•adi laid "lit ami graded, There
ar» twn excellent general stores,
and a pliince ai ile advertisements
iu tbi*. jmiriial nill show that nil
trath • are fairly well represented.
Wiite with confidence to Agshts,
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.  ;:  :;
Thea call on
or  writ-* to
IT haa nsver bad a ' bo«M " - iu
growtii hai heia ilrady. li ia
tbe head ,f n»Tigatii,», and
lha terminal (f :k, I,»r,|0 branek
f II a C.F.R. in r„«|, n, iU
Urdetu) lead t« Tmai l.ika. Il
i» the eoapercial etatrs ef ihs
nclii-et Mineral district •» tk*
continent, an,! haa bankiag f,„|,.
IIW provided I.r th* Inij#,i,|
Jiank ..fctutd* , tint elasa ictieel
*" nmmodalion under i!,« t|jrr#.
Il"" ol 8, lltannon, lu.; « g#0*j
wiilc, system ; r<.vartinienl offioel •
Copnly Court i/tlingi* kf.th.„liat
Episcopal scd Anglican chnroliea
anil cotlsge hiik/iiinl.
There are ralnabj. r«nck landi
on ihaonuklrli nviilitif Hlilen
HS liiinl.er rcA,,u,cte nre mngnifi
«"t, ami i |,yn,| laff „jj| wjl|) t
■""I'KCii.T ofCO.OOO/t. per day la >i
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producers ever; rear, wiik n.w
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tli* ag.ale *t th. sddrtsaes below
F. B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
■     I '     fo      I   iieil A, Cleveland,


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