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The Ladysmith Chronicle Jun 30, 1909

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Array 3 I-'llA.Vi-ii, ■( i, li
& » With
Which Is Amalgafiiated the Lady$mith
a n iii iii   i   a  j     h ... .ii ■   1  ....   . I"  t m i ;-»-
Ladysmith, B. C, Vegnesday, June 30, 1909.
_ ■-"••■fift i«-*if I      t>»    'm*jf      &\f\ 8
•IM <   ,' > I I I i
Wsrk>H Begin-
at Once on Sewers
Phwe -j
resent:  Mayor Nichol-
innffll, MittfelsoiVDier,
l. i'fji.., i i .' '■ i   ij'/l Mi
The greater portion of the time ol
the Council' Monday evening was ta-
lWrtt»i#ll;h..tJ)ft^ead4n^ ot.A.l.d. ,.%•
theson's by-la* tp^ regulate wiring
buildings for electric light. It took
the city clei
read the
Brown,; Roberts, and Campbell.
Thd minutes ot the previous meeting weri «*fifBt»-*ed OAfaiVl,,-,
A telegram from Wm. 'B"rent was
read to the effect that the debentures bad bccn_ expressed to Ladysmith
.t asjjeoon fm
returned 4n(l
Mcessjlf;y'*''iie*clfiralfbn received the
money wo«bJ>l>e latwaslfjii.
Tbe .telegram was received and fil-
ed;;.. ;..:Lt'.::'.::: : ;  _.
- A number of electrical... dealers
wrote asking' tor an extension ol
MrAPm'watch «te prepare tenders
The mayor explained that he had
instructed the electrical engineer' to
communicate|;~t$}e information to the
aloMAj iSaSjon fcarnimj- ^t  .all
Ti 'iff^S "tjfl «?5fsPt*1 *h(
eofffpalies that the 'time 'would   be
extended one week.
This was confirmed by resolution of
the council. ■-■   ■ n?c
F. L. Lolghton, of the Vancouver
Hdgfneerlng -Works; 'wrote* -to the effect that on account of pressure of
other works his firm would be unable
submit a tender.
cr    rn iv.«o... > i /. j
Tomorrow tbe citizens of Ladysmith with the stranijers within their
gates .will celebrate the forty-third
anniversary p( Confederation, ffo
Canadians'the day means a great
deal, and as one celebration 'follows
another they realize more (orcibly
tho signiacancei.,pf a.jroper robseyv-
ance of. the day. And this, is as it
should i be. The man wh'S Is) truly
loyal to his cpuntry cannot be a bad
citizen.! ^t'-^B *\yeU, too. that, {the rising geiefattpn, ^p^dv.leatln? something of | the ■ stru(*|i|. thatj Resulted
in a confpSSatioli^^^fe.' Etrkggljng
British! tglgnics^iKith a responsible
governijiefejfcaha&l fejay;!. ie fully
realizing !^||hajfii|*as |jAiciip1ted "by
tho fathers';.pif t^afedejation It. is
the   hojnte otW^nteh^ *n(i pros-
} to
-Tlio letter was received and filed.
Accounts-afglfE<t|J>g, Jf,222.0? fety
received ^n*d * referteh \x{. the finance
,4 -1. -, I
One account.of $9.20 was for fighting fh|(rjre,orJ the R & N. property
' and it was  ''held that It should   be
sent to the   contractor for clearing
>'€hd lifnuV Id- the;rheanttittf ttfe'ilre*-
men will.   be. paid put   of the   city
--The cemetery   oommitteo reported
that they had not yet had time   to
The committee was granted another week to Investigate.     , ' , j
Aid. MaMeW'asked'permission''M
introduce hla by-law with regard to
wiring buildings for electric.jKghtj
which was granted. >     '
The by-law was read a first and
second time and will be considered
in' committee of the whole next Monday evening.
The mayor drew* the attention of
the council to the carelessness" 61
many people In starting fires. There
was a clause in the fire by-law that
no one should start a fire without
permission f»m, the^ major. (;/rhls
clause should Jie- enforced.-"'
- Aid. Campbell would like to see all
permits withheld for the next three
months*       \.   _ p . /'y  %
:,lsVW. Brown Wife** that'll TPdlild
not be right to prevent people who
were building "W&m burning Kip P the
stumps. It would keep them three
months back In their building.
.^Ald. Campbell did not think that
the privilege should be granted to
"'^crfVufldeis, because the safety of
the citizens should be menaced. Soml
time ago a fire was started IS one of
the back yards of tbe city, and  he
yards, if permission Is granted to
burn stump; tbey will go further.
Aid, Dier thought the present bylaw, if enforced, should be satisfactory.
Ald.„Matheuqn referred to the prac-
er jlkTthllr&fcves. The b1r(| jfoplt
after it escaped'the flue fell oh the
ground, and there was constant danger of lt falling on a dry root and
thus causing serious fire. He had
known of two or three cases ol this
ktafa■•in Wclllngtnii in-fonnel* years.
i It was moved by Aid. Campbell,
Beconded'^lry Aid. Matheson; that'no
permission bengranted tor lighting
Area In yards within tWVlty limits
tor three,, months. f
*te tnotI6tf'*as*' plit anil loB't;:onfy
the mover .and •. acconijer^vptlug ay*.
Tha matter, therefore, stands as it
did, the mayor and fire chief hating
it in their discretion to grant permits.
There was only one tender tor tha
cement sidewalk, and It was decided
not to accept the. tender, the beltet
Jielng that ft was too excessive.
1   [• Wi    :   i       1'■
perons! ppople and it iff^ddubtful if
the condition of tij'e,, iniiiyldua'l isi so
desirable in any other place in   the
world.   Generally speaking the people
are law-abiding^ and while ,the^i do
not yield to any other portion of the-
Empire in devotion and   respect, for
.British institutions, they are serious-
ly,-. intereHte^ ftn the^deatinylof tieir
|oin^eo«fntr^    I   |!        ;
»if-iajdefati'gablc werk-oii the   part
of a  celebration   committee   insures
success,    tomorrow's   observance,  of
.Dominion- Day. slieiUd bo one.of the
most   gratifying   character.    Nearly.
every member of the general committee" has attended the meetings regularly and | are yet prepared to contrfj
bute  generously of   their  time /to-:
wards making the celebration a "sue-
.cess.   At. the. risk of,, rnaking itvvid-.
it/is   iompartfojiis, i st>'e$Ul   mention
must   be   made   oi the   painstaking
wdfli of the secretary, Mr. Theodore
Bryant.  Thc position of .secretary of
a celebration' -ocimmittJftlW twit Conducive to thc development of   good
t^ipneV'. There. a/Q man.y.^ufrje-i.'.an
perbnps the niost exasperating is tho
criticisms of the curbstone debaters.
They will not do anything themsek'
es, but they nre ever ready to prjint'
out the, alleged faults of those   (lis
p'&eJF §i ^akeJB *p*f$iglninfjflupt   in;
unij- udfleftakifig. ■* FoVtunflteiy, : no
fault has been found with Mr.   ijry-
.tpt.^He.bas/lQmj.bip.wort well, and
has teen patient under the most trying circumstances.   He has been first
4n ■nttooiianeo-at every meeting  and
lias trought order out of cbaos. Winn
tho success of tomorrow's celebration
ia •clir«intc!ed, the name of Mr. Theodore - Bryant must   be coupled with
that gratifying result.  If lt were per
missablo to specially mention another   name   in   this   connection,   the
Chronicle would refer to Mr.   Hugh
Thornley.   Mr. Thornley knows   jiow
celebrations should be conducted, jand
ibis iafounatioiiililiiii'ecn almost) indispensable.   But   why    purticularizc
further when all wero so attentive to
the duties assigned to them.
<. VJe,' »a|it» meiiilngk pojcj, ia|t\nlkht,
was well attended.   Mr. H, Thor|iley
occupied.,.Uie.chair,    and   after the
adoption ot the minutes, the varioi:l
committees presented their final ' reports.
Mr.' Bryant, on behalf o! tho spores
committee, ropoited the purchase^  of
prizes, and allotment for each etent,
The prizes will be placed at a <co»-
venient place   cn tho   grouiKls,«;and
.dj«ttlputed before lWrtljlPt tl
{  $ .«'.iV..f..i,"
Mr. J. Bcauchamp reported t
regatta   committee   that every
would be in readiness this event]
The grounds committee also re:
ed completion of their work
For the   music committee  Mi
Thornlev pjitl Weaylne,, repotted
all Apbappf I0!!9™ Wrl'
Mr. Watson Ha« prepared ly T»lai
the   band,   and   lt   was decide
make the necessary arrangemcnti
tho grounds for thc musicians.
dance would begin at 8.30 in tin
cnlnp, and nn admission cf 76
per couple-would be charged,
jycents'fof each additional 1hd;
The general committee expresi
wisii that all parents would ,sce to~it
that their, children should.be at.,tne
ech'oqrat.8.30 in the, morniBi*:, when
the parade will take place.
Tho secretary reported' thai, Lieutenant-Governor: Dunsmuir had' forwarded a 'CheojUe tor ?150 to help out
thevfinancial .end of .the celebration.
It, was announced tbr.t Mr. _k. Mc-
Murtrle woulil present a gold Watch
nnd chain to the winner or a girls'
race, ""100" yards.' The contestants
mustbeunder 14-years ofage.
One of the. great events jot the day-
Will be the regatta, and it is a difficult part of the programme to carry
out successfully. However, this year
thc U'9mmJttee«Bas made safAtal arrangements tbat should simplify mat^
ters'cmsie*er»bly,>-ang» the-spectators
are again reminded to observe the
following -regulations;- The- only tn;
trance to tbe spit is through the
g-ate between Mr. Watson's House anff
the   wharf.   There   will   be no   en-:
uc-   $16.00,  special „given by
.fcoot; 2nd prize, value $5.00.
Bishop Macdonald
mUi> ■ ■
■Gj     Parents ot children who aro to take
CoiifflrittiTC-il 'they would sec to it
that tho* little'Ones arc nt the school
housvjtttkjty T|o •JiHurUjlfiU stajrt
sharp on time
good one.
been   p'ractTcing regularly,' dh'd
franca ;fr.pni .the? beaph,. and. ^hfe pojice
'are 'instVi'elteil *to preHttV Ttiaytliif Action of this regulation.
After arranging Abe last details of
the celebration' the''committee adjourned to meet again Friday night,
' When aU 'accounts •must' -be presented.'
It will-be well tor-those haying, accounts , against - tiie.celsbr.atfpR. £a. re-.
.ro,ernt)si|,.t.hat '_then^pe6ting^:Frida^
night will be the last hold of this
ycav's'committee-. !-  .'"J '"i"-.'"i '
13 *:'    •.,::•"".*^i_ki'; -,--ff.--i    ; .
"* *r"OFFldBRS .OF' •jHB-DA¥j^;..'
"■'' Chkirntsn-- * Mhyor* JJioholsphi
•T%ei{su*er-' Ald-.-.W-.f 8,j Brown.-: .
Secnetarji-riiTheftdpro 8^'n.tpj';'" i
H.'Tnctrti'l.Dy, Goo! Ross, Jas. Deeming, P. #. •Noot, ■H...Wnrd, S. Weaving, Job. Smith, J. A. Ryan and C.
JPaatUick, U-t^'anl & Bgapchamp.,
Win. tlnwortl), P.  G.  Noot, Dr.   ft.
B. Dier, and W. H. DonaldBon.
.,;JaH.|Dceijijng, W. G." Simpson and
John Sutherland.'.' .•'
l/i '•  .'MUSICCOMMITTBB;--"
4„.H,.Tho{nlcj;,,^.  Wright   and A.
F. Thick, W. Haworth and J.
D. M. Carley and 8. Weaving.
Starter— iJarnis Deeming. ,
Refo»ee»- Mayar>Michqlijoi».'''' <
Judges at Regatta— F. Thick and
Harry Ward. ,
•9.20 n. m.—l".—Girls' raco, 10 years
and under—1st prize, value JS.00; 2nd
prize,  value,$2.00;  3rd  prlzo,  value
$1,00. ;:':
9.30 a. m.—2—Boys' race, 10 years
and under—1st prize, value $3.00;
2nd prize, value $2.00; 3rd prize,
value $1.00.
9,40 a. m.—3—Three-legged race for
boys lG/ygbra/' and iuijclef. J0O .yards
—1st prize, value $3.00; 2nd prize,
value $2.00; - 3rd prize, value $1.00.
9.50 a. m.—4—Girls' race, 14 years
and under, 100 yards—1st prize, value $3.00; - 2nd prlzo; $2.00; 3rd prize,
$1.00. ,
10 a. m,--^—Boys'   race,   14 jears
ue, $3.00; 2nd, prize, ffcffl}
*... (On Firs,t Ayenuej
10.25 a.; m.—Wheelbarrow race,,; 100
yards—1st  prize,   value    $6.50; * 2nd
prize, $3.25.
'      '    BEGATTA,   .   -   •
Will Start at the Spit at 4.3D sharp,
4.30 p. in.—1—2-Mile amateur douj
ble scull race for men— 1st prize;
value $20.00; 2nd .prize, .value $1000;
3rd prize, value $5.00.
4.45 p. m.—2—100-yards swimming*
race for boys, 16 years and under-j
1st prize, value $5.00; 2nd prize, vntj
ue", $2.50. * '   " ■ -,
4:50 p. • m.—3—11-paddle Indian, caj
noe race-rlst prize, $5.00. pert paddle;
2nd prize, $2.50" per' paddle. ' j
'5.10 p: m.—4—100 yards swimming
•race for men—1st prize, value $10.00|
2nd prize, value $5.00. :
5.20 p. m.—5—Single Bcull race, one;
mile, for men-r-lst prize, value $10,003
2nd prize, value $5.00; 3rd prize, vol|
ue, 52.50. --•--.    .   .   i
'5.30 "p. m.-r6—Peterborough can?}
race, double—1st Prize,, value $10.01;
2nd prize, value $5^00.
'5.45 p.' m.—V—440-yards ' swimming
race for-men—1st prize, value 5,10.,O0j
2nd prjze, value $10.00!   . |;:
6.10 p.   m.—8—Giuncii- race,    local
boats.   Three classes.
. 1st, 18 foot and.under, -.iize $10.00
2nd, .21 toot and under, prize Jl'0.00
3rd, 30 foot and under, prize $10.00
6.45'p.-m.—9-rUpset-canoe race, Indians—1st prize, $5.00; 2nd prize,
$2.50. " I    City of Ladysmith    .$40.00
6.50 p. mi*-10—Lig-rolling contest I Hepple. & Smith, Grand Hotel. 15.00
the lit. Rev. Alexander McDonald
ndn*inii*tci-eil ikfe j5accanicuc.i<3fc Con-
iiiniiition   to   eigiity-slx candidates.
His Lordship
cal pastor; J!
Urban Fisher,
y.-.trifiHi'*    -tirtiA-i'ioJiiiii
The   baseball match   should be   a „.    .      , ,     ,.
Tbe Ladysmith team hU' ^tVT^^lST
*a#,Hiisisti-d by thc lo-
NTcolayc, 'and thc Rev.
of Mount Ansel, Ore.,
Chemainus    people claim they   hajvc
the best aggregation on the Island;
* •       9
-,,-- -,-..-.., I I    „„-,!,     4...;■;!        I
All that is noW-heeded to make! a
success of"Htfie"* telEb^attan'Ts'' gopd
weather.   That   was   one   thing that
the-rormmttec- could not--settle dellu-j
itely-   ' ,   |
• a a
.The contest ior medals between f
lacl-osse teams of Ladysmlt*' and Na-
Dftir ,will attract, a large.,crowd.
Nanaimo has a good team and Laqy-
imttU .will .'g'vi^.pa tt 'field stronger
tlu.n at.any time this season.
The following is a J}st oi the   subscribers to the celebration  fund   up
1 to  date--
value $15.00;  ?nd prl?*,
-Greasy- pole—'■■ Plize
P. Winch, Grand Duke, cash I
G. Cavin, pair boots  .-.. ...
Mcrfelvie Bros '..."	
T. Lewis, barber ..•.......;.
Mrs.. T. X. Jones, cigars 	
D. Matheson, tailor, value
—1st prize,
valuo $7.50.
' TOO p. m.-ll
value $5.00.--  .,■■-■■
. ..  RULE3.   .
In any ot the above events   where ptrcy Noot,   watch
three prizes are oflerer"., there   uia8t,.j)>, Dier, value  ..
be five to start,or no.third, prize will \.$; Leiser ft Co. value	
he given.   All boats   eateiing   must' C. E. Jeffs, value 	
not exceed slxteer feet.   r<oeal-boats.''Waltora.'ft.--Akwhead.  value
*   ™   Palmer, value	
cesetul mission to thc Slavonian pop-
ulntlon of Ladysmith.
"After" ftie enthlng'service"lhc' congregation gathered ln the Y. M. 1.
,hall. Mr. Thomas O'Connell; presida
ed as clisjlrnmn, , and, Mr. f ltohcn
White reiitl;- an uddre33 ol welcome tCj
his lordship iu behalf of the Young
JMeh's; Institute n'n* the .Congregation
of St; Mary's church. (-js,  .c
.vlif-'iitaiilf- .hie;itudnlup, iu»ik.'.iVebmii
KfM'il ttuObii %tUm"M'M&itf'tir){v k^'
lent-'ntfiHr-bf-'the-'l'piigreta'tsoi, • a(nd
Hie great future of the rising city oi
Ladysmith. . • ..,       ;, ..     ,,
is the.Klght Bev...Alexander Miillsu-
May it please your lorduhip—
With gicut joy we, Lumbers of the
If, M. 1. and oi  St. Mary's i. hurcii,
hasten to welcome your lordship as
our bishop, sent to i s by our Holy
Father Pius X.   Out of pDediencc ana,
love we greet you with all affection.
,     , in welcoming your lordship we   are
j'qq ' pleat.V-1 to ren3eitfBer"th'e"'grea? *w<lrK
accomplished   in    Novu
you   we have a   prelate
who is a believer in the great future
of the church based- upon the   rellg-
tne opera, bouse at 8.30,
value  16.001 you   havo
'M» tstotia,  In
.7. L. Ca'iter, cigars-
~X. A'.'Knight;-'valuo
-Latlysmith Hdws-;, Co
O.  IcsRup, x -.lite
1 pTlze,
' : 10 .Singles. ■:     . ..*.-
lot   prize,    $8,00   cash; 2nd prize,'
$6.00 cash; 3rd prize, $4.00 cash", 4t)i
prize,'   hut  value $3.50;. Walters   -U
Akenhcad; 5th prize, $2.00.
■:    V, Singles.  '
1st   prize,    $8.00 cash; 2nd priz:,
$6.00.cash; 3rd prize, pair shoes, *• il-
uo,  $5.00, Blair ft Adam; 4Ui pt'i c,
$4.00 cash; 5th prize, hat, vnlue T3-,
John Blckic; 6th, $i!0C cash,  ,
Tcnm Shoot of Six Men, 15 Stugi'S.
If more than three teams compio
socond prizo given. I
lBt prize, $30.00; 2nd priz-,  $12.|i'l
■ FOURTH EVENT.       .       '
10 Singles.
1st prlzo, $7.00; 2nd prize, pair: of
shoes, $5.00, Geo. Cavin; • 3rd prize,
$4.00; 4th    prize,    pipe, value $3.50^
Harry Hughes; 5th prlzo, cigar holder, $2.50,    Grant Jessup;  6th prim-,
15 Singles.
,. 1st   prize,. $7.00;   2nd prize,. $6.00
3rd prize, $5.00 value, P. G. Noot;
4th prize, set of military brushes, Wi
E. Morrison; 5th prize,   $4.00;    6th
prize, hat, value $3.00, C. Ei Jeffs.
10 Singles..
1st prize, $7.00;   2nd prize, $6.00;
3rd prize, $5.00; 4th prize, $4.00; 5th
prize, pants length, value $3.50,   W
G. Fraser.
Silverware, Valuo $7.00, Ladysmitli
Hardware Co,i $5.00 value, given  by
R. B. Dier;  Simon Leiser Company,
$5.00 value. . .   ■■
, in
H "P.  '.Vollt-
Mu. Jaivenan   ..
J. Tcuz,  Columbia liotol 	
Buclay o. Conlln    ..:....
i \V.  Siler	
i irl. Wright, smelter boss ....
Al. Malilo,  New Western  ....
X a: Rynn ,....■.;,,, .......... ....
Blair1}: Adiim, value	
A. C.- Krost ..;...'... ..'.:.....' ....
A. G; Carpenter,: Hotel Cecil
W. E. Morriopii,.valuo 	
Novelty Opera House  .-.:. ..
C. Petcrsoii.  .':• ._	
Hop Leo  ■,..■ ■■■■■:■■,     500
Mis:, Unrdazona  	
Wright, black-mrth 	
Sid Glllord  , .'	
G. Boss, tailor, value .........
Ben Woods, tailor, value ...
B. Pnnncll ,	
Jones Hotel	
Extension. Hotel;   	
Year's subscription Colonist.
Frank Hotel       :    5.00
5.00-- lous education ef • youth.   You .como
....... .......   3.00110 v;sto'.beour tencber and pur ruler
' T)i-ize 500'in  t!lc rh'Tcb; .to-direct us in   tbe
;..-. -,., ;..   3.50  cniiso of Christi nity, to instruct us
Mfs.  Urcn. .Te*rniieiani!o House,   2 00 ip our duty to Ood, our neighbor aud'
Bick!r„.value ,,. ,.,    ^] qut-jcivcs'i   Wo feel that'wc havebcea
2.00   ' '..-"-'Hij    blessed   in   thc coming   ol
20.001 your lordship, experienced as jou'ft.ro
2"ni» '" *'lc Wt,lli *' educationvand nilniln-
jj'fcjl istcatlotti   This cxpccleiu'c will bo, ot
15.00 great value,In the iUo«;se to, .which
11.001 vim now come and to which wc   so
welcome you,
I you now
12.30—Baseball, Cbemainus vs,
,2 4>.a*--Mrv. J!WflS .,00^rfl(
tent-^Flrst prize, value *$10.(M;
prize, value,,$5.00, ..„.,,,,. •• f
115 p. m.—Lacrosse match, Nanaimo* ts. Ladysmith (First hall).   •
,3(.6.0,p, m,-Ha,lf.-inUelf90t,race, am
ate'iir—1st pflz'c,  value $15".00;   2nd,
AWjRvi.~iA(o\4- (Second half).
3,45 p. m.—Relay   race,   amateur,
450   yards  (threo    men   in team)—
Prizes, value $30.00.       -jm
tifS f**!?™*"^^ #<f <0V'
mmm r
0" p? m^CJimr'tiir-iiille^ foot -race";
amateur—1st,prize, gold watoh,-vol-
• T ',*' * * ir i '•• *' -- '■' <• .'lit t
Geo. Roberts, value
Jos.  Cartnrlgbt	
ill' Hughes,' value	
J. Stewart, value 	
D. J. Johnson 	
W. Sneddon '.;....... 	
Canadian Bank ol Commerce
D. Conway, customc ..'....',.. ....
H. Thornley     2.50,
John Tha n •   .' .....10.00
V. B. Harrison     2.50
Nicholson * Weaving     5.00
W. Alllster.     ■ 100
T. Waskett  ,    5.00
R. Gear, value     ...  2.50
J.: Russell  ....:......;  ...,..:..       2.00
W. Porter, milkman     2.00
Vancouver   Island   Cigar Company, value      6.50
Fred Fisher    2.50
F. S. Clark     2.5C
Louis^Grpfluel, milkmnn ............   2.00
S. Roeading, prize' •......:;.;...
R. W. Williamson    2.50
Tlie  Gun  Club  will  have a ..stage I Mclntyre. Foundry Co.    2.00
running from thc Grand Hotel to the  Ca'fley &^ Carley ...:;;o!;i'...L........   5.00
range during tho forenoon,'at'9 o'-JTyic Smelter'..'.:
Wc prnisc God for His kindness to
us   aud    tlinnli.'  the    Holy 'Pontiff
thPiUgh your lordihip for the   fond
care   nnd lovo' for us demonstrated
••001 in ,.vout   ivppolntiucut.   (Jur   pra-yfrs
^[JJf|wjll lc ever offered up for.the.   suc-
4 HO 1 cess of your episcopacy.
4,0 j    Asklu-i j-oiii  Iqrilnliip's iblessillg, wo
all r.ay "Ad iiiultos aniibs."'    -,J
Chairman of Committee.
. Secretary.
For and   on behalf of the Y. M. I.
and congregation of St. Mary's.
Ladysmith, B. C, June £7, 1909.
Mrs. Gould,-bo*-elgars,<f/...ftiiISi
Percy Winch, extra pride, cigars
clock, 9.45 and 10.30.
•"'*' • ■
The usual-dance under the auspices,
of   the -celebration   committee   Will   , Nanaimo
take place at 8.30 p. m. ln the opera Mahrer-ft ,Co.-....-..„,
house.  The admission will be   75c.
a couple, and extra lady 25c.   :"
..........  .♦,•.«•..• a ,M.?       ■
It is important that the   various
events   stwuW^ln* '«*> $iiic. Jon-
stasn|il afttfcjt
tostants, therefore, should be
to start on scheduled time.
ins| MP PoriSnui
ctfAntf getferany ari
decoration features.
. I'
Thero wero   throe tenders for,
papering and painting of the In
ol[,*ho,''Clty 'hlall.   H.  l?ay;tcni
$96;   S,   Roeddlng, , .$97;   ap*l
Smith, $li5.5o'.'
On motion tho tender of H
wns accepted,
Tho mayor referred to the
tion of the sewer debentures.
'*as no doubt about tho' moiioy lo'rth-
(■oininK,.--""'!--.isurk.iibouU  boglUfrPU
thc sewers ot once.
It was decided to send for Mr."
Macdonald, wlio^had sent i,n a tendej
tor rl!ilrti1fiif;"t1ib sewers''kud jjr,
Morlcy, who had appllod for tho position of engineer. They wlU bo in
Irfftdf *tr^fjieej?<h(l Council next Mon
day evening,
Tho council then adjourned.
Wilkinson ft Graham,   Central
Hotel :h:,....^....:::tfh......u.....i
Joe Fox,. Windsor Hotql,,....«...„
Wilson Hotel, value	
Union Brewery, ..
Rummlng-Brqs; ........	
J. Bootlj, value  	
LAflysmith Lumber Cb,
; Enterprise Cigar., Co., value ,„
Nanaimo   Herald   (one   year's
s"ub«criptioh) Vain* ..;,.>...,;...;
Nanaimo Free Tress ,(one year's
subscription, value''	
Mr'.' Gould; bottle ot chamtiafcnc
. 6.1
Mr. A. Robinson, of the local Ban>
of. Commerce staff, had rather a
■thrilling experience in tho- cooling
waters of tho harbor on Saturday
night. Returning from a visit-' to
some friends viho are camping a
short . distance from, Busaell's | old
whart ut ubout 1.0 p. m., Mr. Robinson thought lt udvautugt-ous, to
shut ballast in bis canoe and in
the attempt an unseen enemy in the
shape of a large wave gave him ono
broad-sido on, not without disastrous effect, tor occupant and ballast
found themselves unceremoniously in
the broad waters with the'cralt ln
an Inverted position. ' Leaving* 'the
ballast to look out for itself, Mr.
Robinson hastened to mount tbo
broad back of the canoe and navigate to shore abput hall a mile
away.  Being  very dark   and  some-
V,   .,       BA,3E,B<V,L(, Jji
The following will piny In the ■ use,-
ball match tomorrow nt 12.30:  ''
Ladysmith- S.   Kerr,   J. Sol def-
oylui.flVV ICorf |).l*olcfliiit
orrlBmi, M.
Kerr nnd D. AitW
i. Ken
Chomajnus-j- p.fiahol-L 'I'. G'
J. Devltf*(l'"iVie, W. -.to'etloo
jBfb, H. Catheart, V. Booth, R.-tad
_..,.,.    „   ..--_    -     ic-ir-i-noa.
what rough this was no oasy matter
and he found himself several tikes
dismounted, and "• finally' conJinB
across h pile projecting abp.vo-.the
water decided to tie up for-tpa.. night/
By ..this . time his coat, and^ paddle
haVstn'rW on another journey, and
captain, mate, cook and'aW started ndht in pursuit, Captain ilonliison
alone being flucecssful in making'the
  rapture,, and   having   tueW:these
•^•-.■■■-j   .'••   W j'it. ! M.aa..-.  i carefully under the Canoe and scoured
KnmloAps linn ofgnriizcil a Clthioti s'
Moral, aiid'tfoernT'-HMorili Ltmtiic.
The object Is tij cl-buti! .nvhciiHhy j
itibrnt' tone In eivic"hlTnfrB, to dlrf-'
'coiiragu ubuiies at- finy -kind In1 the
by the scat ho hnsllly mndo for tho
Government wharf where a •succoss-
(ilV lnnillng vms made iift'eV hit hour
anil a half's contest. Kindly |B«ndB
nt lhe S'lmrf ofllco nwsiutcd in reator- .
enjoyment bf privileges granted by ing Mr, Robinson to his usual,, con-
■the jijly; Uj promote.social anil In; dltlon, and tound him little wofse for<
sltiietlvo gnthcrlnga fc* both thoi IiIb encounter. No doubt Mr. Ilobln-
olil and tho young, nt which ,papers{ Kin would prove a successful'contest-
'wli'f bo read and 'diociisB'ed"ch vo^l-  ant in the upset canoe races toinor-
,.rKf._ '. O' l-l'-ai.!!-' •'* ■.•'...   *-...'
ouu topics of fnlcrcst.
And $200 at $10
Per Month
$500 CASH
Por a First Class House on a Good Corner,
did Soil, Good Stables, Etc.
This Is a  Bargain.
Notary Public Conveyancer
Kead Office  • • Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,900,000
Dank Money Orders
$S aud under - • 3   cents
Over t"> and not exceeding $10,    6      "
"   flO      "      " »30, 10'    "
'■   |30      "      " *5b, 15     "
These orders are payable at par at any office in
Canada of a Chartered Bank, except In the Yukon
and at the prlncip. J' anking points in tho United
They are negotiable at $4:90 to the £ sterling in
Great Britain and Ireland. They form an excellent method of remitting small euma of money
v ten eafetv and at email cost and may be obtained without delay at any office of the Bank.
LA DYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex. Manager
Publinhed by Carley & Carley at LadyBm.th,'B.C.,
avery Wednesday and Saturday.
& McAdie
Undertaking Company
First class Hearse supplied in Ladysmith.
Telephone No. 262 and 180
P. O. Box 73S    •      -    Nanaimo
$1.50 a Year in Advance, 25c Per Month
Advertising Rates on application.
It Is now torty-three years Blnce
Canada became a self-governing nation. There will be some who perhaps may take exception to tbe
claim ot nationality on thc part ol
Canada. Except in name we are a
nation, ln the same sense' that Great
Tlritain is to all intents and purposes governed under republican Institutions. Thc institutions ot republican France are no freer than, if even
they are liberal as, «,-iose ol the Mother Country, which leave us ln Canada to manage our own affairs, a
British viceroy, the Qovernor-Qener-
1.1, being the nominal head of our Institutions; his functions, however,
except under somewhat remote possibilities being of a passive, ornamental rather than of an active restraining character.
♦ e a '
Canada has prospered under the
wise and comprehensive system
planned by the greatest ot all Cana-
disns-the Right. Hon. Sir John A.
Macdonald. During the forty-three
years which have elapsed since the
eld provinces ot Canada Btnrted off
on their own account and united to
them sister dependencies, and have
since acquired the territories that
nre now a portion ot the Dominion,
substantial progress has been made,
trade has materially increased as nas
also population. Particularly has
this been the case since the inauguration of the National Policy in 187.8.
e a a
Previous to that time our neighbors across the border had,made the
Dominion a slaughter market (or
their shoddy goeds. For five years
practically unrestrained, they had
engaged ln war on our Industrial in
slitutions. Mills were idle, and Can.
adians had to seek torelgn countries
to find a market for their labor. It
needed a strong arm to stem the
tide that was flowing against us, and
threatened   to engulf   the Industrial
life of the young country.
Tne man was found in the person
of the genius who laid the foundation
stone of Confederation. The Liberal
party, led by Hon. Alexander Mackenzie and dominated by Hon. Veorge
Brown and his powerful newspaper,
preached free trade or submission to
the. Invaders of our industrial instl- j
tutions, but Sir John Macdonald wa)
returned to power an the 17th ol
September, 1878, and he met the invaders at the border with a fiscal
policy that adequately protected the
Canadian manufacturer. Then Canada took on new life, and shortly
afterwards thc construction of Canada's national hlghwny was-begun.
* • •
The three striking events in Canada's national life were Confederation ln 1867, protection to her Industries, which was inaugurated in
1878, and the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1886. To
whom was Canada indebted for these])
The answer Is written in the records
of our country—Canada's patriot
statesman,  Sir John A. Macdonald.
a   a   •
The corner-stone ol Confederation
was well and truly laid by Sir John
A. Macdonald .and the patriotic
statesmen who surrounded htm, and
the temple is still in process of construction. Will it realize all .that
was hoped for by the master builder?
That wtIK depend upon Canadians
themselves. They have now learned
the lesson of faith in themselves, .and
all they will have to do Is to continue the work. Patriotism to country and high ideals must be tbe
guiding star. In building up a great
nation on this side ot the Atlantic,
Canadians are not wenkenlug the tie
that hinds them to the Mother Country. Rather are tbey strengthening
tho power of the greatest empire that
the world hus ever known, and on
this forty-third anniversary of Confederation, when joining in the chorus of "The Maple Loaf Forever" let
us not forget we are loyal subjects
of the greatest king who ever sat
upon thc British throne.
chest.   In another miuuto I waB   on  pore trial,  has done much to stem
the tldo of discontent iu India than
could possibly have been cflccted by
rigorous punishment on insufficient
evidence.. That the outrages which
aroused indignation throughout the
civilized world should have provoked
bitter feeling in India itself was Inevitable, and that, under cicumstan-*-
es, a sedition hunt should .have been
marked by some curious features,
either as a result of thc mad zeal
of the hunters or the craft and sub-
tlllty of the hunted, ,wns. perhaps 'unavoidable; hut the high court, in Its
decision, cannot have failed to impress the natlvcB of India with the
fact thnt the course of British jus
tiee is high and pure, and Is not to
be deflected by any feeling, however
natural; that righteous horror and
Indignation must find a victim. Let
us hope, also that before many
months have passed, justice will have
pro.ye.d itself full-armed, and will
have added to this proof that thc
innocent are safe, the equally necessary testimony that thc guilty cannot hope to remain unpunished.
the gun, and the Russian's grey
horse, shot, foil across my horse,
dragging lt over with him and. pinning me in (between the gun and himself. A Russian gunner came on foot
and covered me with bis carbine, tic
was just within reach, and I struck
him across the neck. At the same
timo a mounted gunner struck my
horse, with his sabre on tho forehead.
Spurring 'Sir Brlggs,' be half jumped, half blundered over the fallen
horses, and bolted with me. I only
remember finding myself alone
amongst tbe Russians, trying to got
out as best I could." In spite ot all,
both Lord Tredegar nnd his horse
camo out nlive, Sir Brlggs to die
many years afterwards in the calm
seclusion ot Tredegar Park.
John W.  Coburn,
President and Managing Director.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath ±
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Ladysmith Waterworks
On and after this date
water consumers must not
sprinkle streets or roads.
The following rules will
govern gardens and lawns:
Below 3rd Avenue—In the
morning from 7 to 10 o'clock
Above 3rd Avenue—In the
evening from 5 to 8 o'clock
Dated June 9th 1909.
J.J. Blend,
Superintendent of Waterworks
Lord Tredegar, who has recently
come In for some publicity in the
English papers because of his promise ol a site tor a sanatorium an
Penrhlwdarven Mountain, near Aber-
corn, Is one of the most notable survivors of the Balaclava charge. As
a young officer he rode with the
Light Brigade, and on Its return
found himself, then a lieutenant ln
the Seventeenth Lancers, ln command, all his senior officers having
been killed or wounded. Some time
ago he was induced to put on record
whnt he did and saw. on .that memorable day. A hundred timet, says M.
A.P., he waa aa near -death aa a man
can possibly be. "I appeared," he
said in the narrative, "to be riding
straight on to the muzzle of one ot
the guns, and I distinctly saw one ot
the gunners apply the fuse. I shut
my eyes then, for I thought that
settled the question so far as I waa
"But tbe shot lust missed me and
una' lc to induce any of the railway
There is good reaBon for Britishers
everywhere to feel proud ot the purity and strength of British justice as
revealed in   the   proceedings   which
havo followed tho convictions which
were   the Immediate   sequel   to the
outrages  ol a   lew months  ago.   Oi
these the most recent was thc,quashing of the Midnapur convictions. Tlaj
police evidence was to the eSect that
a bomb had been found in the house
of  the prisoners.   The police alleged
that the bomb had been tound on a
certain   date.   The house   in   which
the find was made was small,   and
the owner had been under suspicion
for some .time.   After innumerable rer
mands and delays three of the twenty-seven Individuals who were arrcsj*
ed in September last were convicted.
'Ihcn   the   convictions went   to the
High Court at Calcutta, on appeal.
Sifting of the police evidence showed
that the house in   which the   bomb
waB   found     had   teen   thoroughly
searched, and a tight . cordon    bad
been drawn round. it/ for several days
before   tbe    bomb    was discovered.
How the bomb came to be there   is
problematical.   If it was there when
the police-made their search and they
failed to ilnd it, the police were to
blame.   It It was placed in the building—and   it   is easy to conceive of
reasons why it might have been put
there—by the malcontents after   the
cordon   had been   drawn the police
were   to   blame.   If, as   the defence
suggested, it had been put there   by
the police themselves in order to be
used in securing a   conviction,   the
police were still more to blame. The
high court, as has been said, quashed the convictions,   and   commented
upon the conduct and methods of the
prosecution in such scathing   terms
that   the   Lleutcnart-Oovcrnor   was
left with no alternative to suspending the leave of all thc officers concerned nnd ordering a rigorous   in
qulry into the affair.
When regard is had to the extent
to which thc Indians themselves arc
admitted to participation in the governing of the country, how largely
Indian officialdom is drawn from native sources, the credit which belongs to British administration ol
Justice in India is all the greater.
Tho police is largely native, and thc
motives which impelled the prosecution to secure a conviction were not
greatly different from those which
are active among white men in similar circumstances—a desire to please
the "powers that be." But the high
court vindicated justice. The collapse of the Midnapur convictions,
following so closely upon the aaqult-
tal of a large majority of the accus-
ed ln the still more drawn out All-1 '$><,K0<N>^-H,'H"$>$3>M>^<§><^&'
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Hens for Sale
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Leave orders at Robert's
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A tull line of, Paints and Varnishes
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Pit-lure Framing done on shortest
notice. Bring your pictures and lock
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Painter and Papethanger.
Ladysmitli   Pharmacy
R. G. JESSUP, Prop.
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New Programme
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Admission: IOc and 15c
Matinee Prices 5c and IOc
Lands for Sale
Agricultural, Timber and Suburban Lands for sale.
For prices and location apply to the Land Agent at
Victoria or the District Land Agent at Duncan.
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for small money. This enables us to pla;tour
foods before our customers at a price to match
most incomes.
Furniture Store
Sea Cure for White Plague
'echoes of tbo outside world disturb
nis calm. It would be luxury merely
to exist for a few months on board
the Ship of Health, which in its slow
cruise around tho islands would enable its passengers to make rapid
progress towards the port   of  Com-
Medical science with tho aid oi
philanthropic capitalists has studded
the continent with sanatoria for tho
cure of consumption, writes W. T.
Stead in the London Daily Mail.
They arc to be found everywhere, in
the Black Forest, on tho High Alps,  	
on the sen shore, and  on the  con- j plete Recovery.
lines of the African desert.   There lire    In olden days  along sea  voyage
more  thnn olio hundred   of them in! despite all thc disadvantage ot con-
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
I Sell T. J. Trapp & Go's
Celebrated Wagons
During the Bea-ion we havo sold a large numbei
of wagons, implements and logging trucks.
Everything carries a guarantee.
Boiler Street
Germany alone. Yet to this day the
best site in the whole world for sanatoria for the cure of tuberculosis
remains unoccupied. What is still
more strange, this superb site is to
bo found in our own special domain,
which is free for occupation without
rent, ratea or. taxes. I refer, of
coumo, to the ocean. We hear much
of ths blue-water school of imperial
defenee? but no one speaks of tbe
'Jiluo-water cure for the Great Whito
Yet, if the most eminent medical
authorities, of the modern world are
right, the possibility that a consumptive patient will be cured ln an
ocean sanatorium la at least twice f.s
great as if he were sent to the best
sanatorium on land. Dr. Achille Ed-
om, whose classic work on "Tuberculosis et sanatoriums flottants," has
never received the attention it deserved in this country, commands
the enthusiastic support of Dr. Van
Leyden, the most distinguished professor of medicine in the university
of Berlin, who, on this subject, is in
entire accord with the most eminent
members of the medical profession or.1/
the continent. Our own doctors arej
professionally reluctant to commit
themselves on such subjects, but the
editor of the British Medical Journal declared, in an article expounding:
the system, that its working will bo
watched with sympathetic interest by,
the medical profession, and that
there would be no lack of patients it
the terms were not absolutely prohibitive. Winn such a consensus of
approval on the part of the most
distlnguisned medical authorities ln
favor of the blue water cure, how
comes it that at this time of day- a
properly euuipped floating sanatorium is still sought In vain on any of
tbe seven seas?
Tho answer is that what is everybody's business is nobody's business.
Everyone agrees that the scheme is
excellent, but no ono man lias cither
tin! personal  interest  or the inward
fined -f-uartcrs, chance of bad weather
and constant change of climate, was
often prescribed with success when
nil other remedies had failed to effect
tho cure ot consumptives. How much
greater the prospect ol success when
all the disadvantages ol such a voy
age are eliminated and thc patient is
enabled to enjoy all the advantages
of the best sanatoria on land with
life on the deep blue seal It is .proposed to purchase a roomy sailing
ship ot some two thousand tons burden and to refit her completely as a
first-class sanatorium for fifty, consumptive patients, each of whom
would have a separate large and well
ventilated cabin. The deck would be
fitted np for verandah treatment.
{very convenience of the most perfectly equipped land sanatorium, including swimming baths, recreation
rooms, etc., could be provided. The
ship, besides her captain and crow,
would carry a complete hospital
staff of doctors and nurses. She
would be stationed in the neignbor
hood of the Canaries, where Bhe
would be able to obtain a constant
supply of fresh food, milk and fruit,
and whenever the wind blew und the
during which period all oflicials
ordered to employ measures to
quaint the lower classes with
luw's provisions.
Oil thc coast of Norway is a small
island called Aarlund, which for almost two years boasted thc peculiar
distinction of being peopled exclus-i
ively by widows. The circumstances
under which this state of affairs was
brought about aro no less curious
than distressing. One spring in thc
early 90's a man arrived on the" island from Haugesund, on thc mainland, with his wife and family to
participate in thc egg gathering. As
he was testing bis ropes on a cliff,
preparatory to commencing a search
for eggs, he happened to make a
false step forward over tbe cliff. He
was instantly killed.
As there had not been a death on
the island since II years before
when a boy was killed by a boulder
from the same cliff, falling on him,
the occurrence naturally cast a
gloom over the small community established there. This consisted ol
some 30 fishermen with their families. As a mark of sympathy anl
respect, all the men determined to
attend the funeral, of thc unforturjite
which was to take place at the cemetery at Haugerund. Durin**- the
proceedings at the burial ground a
tremendous gale arose and when the
men returned to their smack the
storm was at its height.
After carefully considering the sit-
Another "Sunshine" Feature
This is an entirely new idea, and will especially interest people who reside in natural
gas districts. The gas ring takes the place
of the lower Sunshine fire-pot, thus making
if possible to burn gas in your furnace without
inconvenience. Such is not possible in a
furnace where the ordinary gas log is inserted;
for, should the gas give out) a coal or wood
fire could not be started until the gas pipes
were disconnected.
To provide against sweating in tbe summer
time, Sunshine Furnace is equipped with a
nickelled steel radiator and dome. All
bolts and rivets are nickelled, all rods
ccpper-plated. This special treatment) besides meaning quicker and greater radiation
from the radiator and dome than cold chill
iron could possibly give, acta as protection
for the bolts, rivets and rods from inroads of
gas. When cast iron comes in contact with
our nickelled steel it is coated with our special
Anti-Rust treatment, which prevents the
slightest possibility of rust commencing
anywhere in Sunshine Furnace.
The Gas Ring
.    McOary&
For Sale By Ladysmith Hardware Co., Ltd., Ladysmith
sea threatened to become boist-rous; uat-oni the 30 fishermen determined
sne would take shelter in some con-j to sail for Aarlund, anf having tak-
venlent roadstead. Patients would j en advantage of the opportunity to
have gained their sea legs in the replenish their household supplies the
steamer bringing them out, and tho boat wns rather heavily laden. The
soft low swell of the tranqdil sea progress through the angry sea was
would he   but as the cradle lulling most anxiqusly watched by the peo-
them to sleep. "        	
From a business point of view the
Paperhanger and Art Decorator.
High Street.
U. B. C.
Ice Cream
Carter's Store
Ice Cream lOo a plate.
Express and Teaming
Wood for Sale.
D J. Jenkins successor to A.E. Hiltwrt
1,3 and S,Bastion St.,Nanaimo
Phone 124    P. 0. Box 1
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. C.
A. Litt
Charge*, moderate.
call that compels blm to devote him- -1
self to the conferring of this great
benefit upon mankind. It is not as
If there were any great sum of money wanted. The requisite capital
for establishing an experimental ocean sanatorium is only thirty thousand pounds, and it would pay five
per cent, from the first. Philanthropy and five pcr cent, nre usually sup-
Posed to be forces potent enough to
do anything, but they need to he
yoked together before they can bring
Into existence the most beneflclent of
The case' for the establishment ol
an ocean sanatorium lies in a nutshell. To cure consumption lt is necessary above all things to shut out
from the destroying bacilli within the
Injured living the constant reinforce
meat of deleterious bacteria which
arrive in battalions in every breath
of Impure air. Lord Lister's invaluable discovery of the importance of]
antiseptic treatment in surgery is
baaed on this principle. It pure air
Is the first desideratum, the second
is that the temperature should be
eoual without extremes of heat and
of cold, so) that the jjiiont can without inconvenience live ln the open air
by day and by night. The third in
that the patient should be removed
as far as possible from all the Worries and distraction! of the rushing
whirlpool of modern life and placed
in a lotus eater's paradise, where be
can breathe it all tlie time. Otven
these three desiderata, and thc distinguished medical authorities above
refesfed tp consider that a cure ot
any consumptive patient whose malady has not reached its final stage
can be confidently anticipated in two
or throe months. . ,
All of these essentials for the sue
ecssful treatment of tuberculosis can
bo found to perfection in a floating
sanatorium properly equipped, stationed, let us eay, ln tha neighborhood of the Canary Island*. The
medicine which alone cures consumption Is pure air, and no air on land
Is so pure or bo rostoratlvo as the
salt-laden breath ot the soft
wind. Oxygen and saline matter are
nowhere else so deftly Intermingled.
In a sea sanatorium In the latitude
of these summer Isles ot Eden set In
nn azure sen, whore thero Is not live
degrees Fahrenheit ot difference In
the temperature between midnight and
scheme, so far from offering any difficulties, offers positive temptation
to the capitalist. Skin for skin, all
that a man hns he will give for his
life. To buy a suitable vessel and to
fit her up as a superb floating hospital would not coBt more than twenty thousand pounds ut the very outside. Fifty putlcnts ut thirty shillings a day would not only defray
thc working expenses, but would
leave an ample margin for lii-srul ad-;
Vcrtislng",   ample intercut,   adequate
pie on the mainland who when the
boat had gone about 1 j' miles from
shore, saw that the vessel was in
great distress. Efforts were at once
made to go to its assistance, but the
heavy sea beat back every .boat that
was launched. A few moments afterwards the smack plunged forward
into the trough of thc foaming waves and forever disappourcd from
view. Every ono aboard was drowned, and the following morning their
bodies wero found along tho bench.
News of the disaster was as speedily;
as possible convoyed to the island.
Every wife in thc place had by the
a fence or a house, if so consult me
as I can save you money on.lumber.
Having purchased a low truck. I
am prepared to move furniture and
For any teaming consult
■LADYSMITH     -     -     PHONE 6.
Portland Hotel
Double Train
3 1 2        4
10.00 9.00    VICTORIA 12.05 18.5S
18.43 1157 LADYSMITH 8.00 16.58
19.25 12.35    NAXAIMO 8.15 15.15
Dist. Pass. Agt.
Victoria, D. C.
sinking fund, und still leave   provi-: ,„   „ ,
slon ovcr that might bo used lo iva-1"'   ?"' >CC" "md° »   wldow'
slat less wealthy patients to  ibtaln !* °f"\th r ,y *"W» *. tj*
I ty-clghl were left without any mcunu
tho nccossary treatment. It is c imputed that to cure a patient on
these terms would not average more
than one hundred pounds for a life,
Tho Occam Sanatorium is coming,
Tho Germans are already thinking
ovcr tho problem, and if wc arc not
prompt they will get in ahead of us,
aud that ought not to be. For the
sea is our own domain, and it would
never do for Britannia to allow the
healing potency of tho waves which
she rules to be the first practically
demonstrated by any but herself.
ot support.
Barclay  &  Conlin,
Through the opium prohibition
laws, just promulgated, the Imperial
government of China has established
A governmental precedent Ip making
tho common people a privileged
class, which exceeds thc dreams of
the world's most radical democrats,
Under the provisions of the Imperial edict, the official classes become
amenable to the prohibitory laws at
once, and any official found guilty of
"hitting the pipo," is subject to punishment ranging trom two year's imprisonment to strangulation.
Within one year the gentry come
under the laws designed to freo the
empire from the opium curse, but not
until the third yoar of Hsuan Tung,
which is three years hence, can tbe
prohibitory laws, except In the employment of restraint in aggravated
cases, be Invoked against the coolie
In explanation of tho graduated
provisions of tho law, It Is set forth
that the ofllclul classes arc supposed
to be of superior intelligence and
should obey all laws in letter and 14
spirit so as to create respoct for
government through their example
No excuse, it Is set forth, exists lor
official disobedience of the law. The
gentry bolng removed ln n measure
Irom active participation in the gov-1
crnment aro given a year in which
to ncqunint themselves with tho now
law, uftcr which they will bo as vigorously prosecuted as the offending
officials.  The coolld classes, it Is uct'L^i
All work Ml".? McCallum's 2nd'mU1<lay' tl10 pallent would ncvcr to
•venue, near Fire Hall, will receive | tempted to break the bounds to dis-
prompt ateention. obey his   doctor's orders, while   no
forth, are composed ol Ignorant pi'o?j
pie and are recommendod to thoi
law's patience, bo lt 1b, ordered that
they shall not bo amenable to tho
prohibitory   laws   tor, three years,'
Winnipeg, June 28—Because he was
struck, the man on my left full in the
systems to build a line north and
south through Saskatchewan, ."Farm! Shoes,
it" Hincs, of Hannah, N. D., has decided to do the work himself. Ho
now has his arrangements practically
complete and promises that actual
construction will be commenced with/
in a lew weeks. For several months
past he> has been selling stock in the
company, each tarmer within, ten
miles ol the route to be taken by
the railway being allowed a (100
share (or every quarter section he
owns. This may be paid (or either
in cash or work. The bonds ot the
:<mpany have been guaranteed by
the Saskatchewan Government so
this energetic American hns all tho
capital required to build the first
section of the lino.
That he intends to tap the richest
wheat raising country in Saskatchewan is apparent by the plans which
have already been filed with tho Department of Railways and Canals at.
Ottawa. The initial construction
will be between Regina and Meltort,
and from there the line runs through
Watrous and trom thence to Prince
Albert, the country around Watrous
being a veritable Garden of Eden.
The line will pass along the side of
the wonderful mineral lake near
Watrous, giving a direct line from
North Dakota to these medicinal
waters. Prince Albert and Regina
Will not be tho terminals of this lino
if "Farmer" Hlnos' plans aro fulfilled for it is his Intention to extend from Rcglua southwards to Du-
luth and Irom Prince Albert to Hudson's Bay.
He intends this line to be a railroad (or the benefit of the farmers
and owned entirely by them and ln
order to provide against any controlling intcrost ho has made the
stipulation regarding the,purchase ,-of
stock. Ho Is most sanguine ovcr the
result ol his canvas for stock and
fi-clu assured a portion nl the line
will be In alteration during tho prru-
ycar.  When   tbo    main lino  is
Shoe Repairing
I am ready to repair Boots   and
Satisfaction  Guaranteed.
Corner Third ave. and High street,
near Queen's Hotel.
Ladysmith Bakery
Cal.cs trl every! description, tana
and plain. Candies of all kinds
Fruit of all lands. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and se
our lines and leave your orders. W
give careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
Excellent Boarding
Pure Ice Cream
On Hand
This is to notify tbe public that
I, James Rowe, will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my
wife, on and;after this date, without
my written permission. An; accounts against me should he sent ln
at once.
Ladysmith, June. 16, 1808.
Tobaccos, Cigars,  Etc.
Bestquality of Confectionery
Miss Bardozona
Get Ready for the Summer by
Best materials only used.
Big stock of wall paper on
J. E. Smith
Ladysmith, B. C.
Roberts St,
Lot 4, Block 29 (Map 703   A)
tn the matter of an application tori
a Duplicate Certificate of Title to |
Town ot Ladysmith.
Notice Is hereby given that lt Is
my intention at tbe expiration ot
one month Irom the dnto ot the flrst
publication hereof to issue a Dupll-
cate Certificate ol Title to snld land ^ ^ R(X,
issued    to   William Beverldge   and     ,.,_    „ ....^ UnWi^M
Henry Roltol on th. 3rd day ot No- 'mt^Me yrlcw,
vember, 190!, andg numbered^ C.    ^m Watcnes a SpcciaItyi
Ratlstrar-Ueneral  of Titles. f     n      E'^-jV^v*.
Land   Registry   Office, Victoria, B J.    K.    liaSlOn
a. the Ath daw o- AarU. WM. *'    ...   . T~7   ,
.   Pract-"».l Watchmaker.
AH »f»»«r I'" nt M. MimhaM' q*.
will RCslve P*»   l atwiMnav
completed several branches will be
built and trom ono end of tbe Bys-
tcm to tho other tho company will
own and oporate Its own elevator
Notice is herohy given that ll Is
my Intention to make application to
tho Board of Commissioners ol the
City of Ladysmith at their next regular meeting for a transfer of the
retail liquor license now held by me
in rcspeet 'to the premises known as
the Pilot Hotel, situate on Lot 9,
Block 126, In the City of I,ady»mlth,
Irom myscll to Alexander Thomas.
(Lad-Biuith, 25th May, 1909.
Chong Kee
nipt I y attended
Wsshing and Ironing p.
I. Bulk
Trees and Fruits
In Farm Garden
In laying out a new garden, space
should bo provided alwayB lor trees
aud snrubs. While thc trees arc voryi
small tlu-y will occupy no more
p.round than ordinary vegetables.
Other crops may be planted to within one foot of a row of seediiyg trees,
nnd no injury will be done to either.
But In a few years the trees will
take the moisture from a larger
space. They will also shade the
pround, and this alone will prevent,]
most vegetables from attaining to
perfection of growth. At least eight
fit-t ot extra space should be allow-
i il Inside n windbreak ot trese. At
firpt this space may be filled with vegetables, but later on It Bhould be
merely kept free from weeds.
For the windbreak I would strongly recommend the various willows,
i.nd ash-leaved maple. They both
trow bushy and thick near the
ground, and if the ends oi the branch
is are clipped off, allowing them to
ixtend from two to three feet beyond,
the trunks ot the trees, then an almost solid wall of green will be produced, with a small amount of work.
The clipping should be done in June,
so as to allow the wounded branches
to heal ^before winter sets in. If done
much earlier than June, some trees
afe liable to bleed profusely. Bleeding is to be avoided when possible,
is it materially weakens the tree.
Another reason for recommending the
maple and willow for planting around
the farm garden is the tact that
neither of them send out suckeru.
Trees that grow many suckers
Bhould not tie planted close to a garden, as they will come up like weeds
and give trouble.
Tho common lilac, planted about
one foot apart, will make as tight a
hedge as any. If it is seldom pruned, it will grow very close at the
bottom. This inside is not really
necessary.; Either the willows or the
maples will be sufficient protection
for the garden.
Poplars should bo kept at a respectable dlstanco from tho garden^
They will send out their suckers to a
dlstanco of twenty or thirty feet,
from the main trunk. The suckers
run quite close to the surface of the
ground, drawing sustenance therefrom.
For a largo garden, where grounds
can be laid out for appearance as
wtll as use there are dozens of hardy
trees and shrubs that may be worked
in with good effect. There is a great'
variety to be held in foliugo colors;
and ior winter eflects there is such
variation in the color of bark and
young growth that it is quite possible to make the winter garden pleasing to the eye. Roally beautiful effects may be produced by the introduction of the white spruce, Scotch
pine, blue spruce and some other ev-
ergroen trees that have been tested
and found hardy at the experimental
farms. These take longer to grow
than the deciduous trees, but even]
when they are quite small they add
greatly to the appenrance of tho
garden ioth winter and summer.
Each year a few rows of tree* may
he planted next to the garden. If
the trees are planted three feet
apart each way, they will soon
branch and shade the ground so that
they will need no cultivation. Whilo
they do need it, they can bo cultivated with the garden. It is a good
plan to start tree seeds ln the garden proper, transplanting them to
the wood lots as soon as they are
large enough. Tree seeds are best
planted in the late fall, while cuttings should bo planted very early
in the spring. The cuttings should
be cut from tbe new wood. They
Ehould be eight inches long, and
nearly one-quarter of an inch thick.
Both ends should be cut evenly and
the slip set deeply in the ground,
leaving only one or two buds exposed. Most kinds of poplars and willows grow readily from cuttings.
Strawberries should be grown more
than they are. To be sure somo ot
the plants may winter-kill at times,
but as a rule a good supply can be
easily grown in every garden. Tbe
ground for strawberries should be
prepared much as for raspberries.
My experience has been that they
stand exposure in winter better when
planted on clay soil, than they do
on sandy soil. If the slope of the
ground is towards tho north, the
spring sunshine does not thaw the
plants out bo quickly, and they are
less likely to be injured by heavy
froEts. Strawberries need clean cultivation, and should be well covered
with clean wheat straw In winter.
Thc covering should be left on until
the ground is thawed out under it.
Then it should foe removed gradually.
Hardy apples ure grown now   suc
cessfully. Much disappointment may'
be met with unless great care Is taki
en to procure the right Btock. Mucls
eastern and southern grown Btock is
sent out by salesmen. It may not
always be thc fault of tho salesmen.
I know of one caso where tho company lor which a salesman worked
promised to supply good Manitoba
grown npplo tieos. Tho company in
turn bought the stock   irom a
Troubles of an
Amorous Jap
Tho Victoria Post   has the folloiy-
Ing in last Saturday's issue: ,,
"A Jap and his absurd, but nono
for   a'
Livery, Peed and Sole
well- tho less passionate, adoration
known and suppcse-to*e-relia*jle nur^ prominent society lady,  has   caused
scry.   The apple trees sent out to the^ m,lch excitement among tne residents
farmers could not have been grown
of a little town on the B. & N. line,
at tho nursery where they wero orig, between Victoria .and Nanaimo,   and
inally ordered. Few af them grew
the first season, fewer survivod tiic
winter.—Farmer's Advocate.
been one of the principal topics
among the gossiis for several weeks)
"It waB some time al-o that the lady in question first be-ame cognizant
of tho devotion of thn Oriental, who
was thon in her employ as a  domes-
         tie.  For upwards of a year he   kept
It in   not often   that   an historic' his c^crct, only allowing his regard
mansion of the importance ot Holme to show itself in liis.'nssiduoua attcn-
Lacy, the earl of Chesterfield's coun-jtion to tho    wlahos af his mistress.
try scat In the, most pictureWie part1 Did ehe cx',ress the S»ghtost | desire
,„,,,, j       ' i within    tho power of    hcr  Jap em-
of Hercsfordshire, is oflered for sale   , i,'t ,        Tt
'"   -     ' "!"»•« tn irmt-.ifv.  lt was done.   Hor
by public auction. On July 29 Mes
Ers. Kniglit, Frank .&. Rutley will sell
at the Mart, Tokcnhouse Yard, this
magnificent property of 5542 acres,
which has a rent roll of ovcr ?35,-
000, says a   London despatch.
It has passed from generation to
generation of the same family ever
since Walter de Lacy settled there in
the days of William the Conqueror,
and since, in the reign of Edward
III, Thomas Scudamorc obtained the
Ee Lacy   estates with the hand   of
| ployce to gratify, lt was done.
I vaguest order was law to the obsequious native of tho Land ot tho
Chrysanthemum. From early dawn
unt 1 eventime he devoted his energies to please the lady. His reward
was a smile and the knowledge that
he was considered a gem of a domestic and a love of a cook.
"Not for long did the radiance of
her smile prove sufficiently satisfying. The (Jap couldn't restrain hk
ardent affection, and in the most
humble tone he avowed himscll
through the medium of a letter. It
was   couched in that peculiarly flow-
First Avenue.
Pbona St.
First Class,  Photos.
<»"llm-*» nn First Avi>ni>«.
Clarice de Lacy.   One of thc Scuda-
mores, Sir James, was immortalized1 wy Phraseology .characteri-itic^of thc
by Spencer in "Faerie Queene,"   and
his son, John, was created baronet
and viscount and entertained Charles
I. at Holme Lacy atter Marston
Moor and Naseby, for which act he
had to suffer severe consciences.
Alexander Pope wrote his "Man of
Ross" at Holme Lacy, and Grinling
Git-bons decorated tho principal
rooms of tbe mansion with magnificent wood carvings which rival his
wonderful work at Petworth and
The catalogue of thc sale issue by
thc auctioneers Is a sumptuous folioi
publication, beautifully printed on
hand-made paper and illustratq.l with
numerous views reproduced by the
best photogravure process. It is unquestionably one of the most artistic examples ot the printer's craft
that has ever served a commercial
purpose, and the plates alone form an
album Illustrating the unique charm
and distinction which are attached
to old Ensfllsb country seats.
poetic mind of the Oriental. The ob
jeet of his undying love was astounded at j,he disclosure, and hcr indignation knew no bounds. Peremptorily
I tho unfortunate swain was, dismissed,
and, hardly able to control his grief,
thrawn out on thc cold, unsympathetic world.
"One rebuff wasn't enough, however
to quell the ardor of the fire v.hich
consumed his soul. He wrote again,
and yet again. He haunted tile
streets, of the little town, and if he
descried the familiar figure of his
: loved one, near or far, he gave chas,j
I and, catching up, bowed respectfully
and humbly, though Insistently, requesting thc pleasure of performing
tho duties of escort.
"So painful did theso emlmrassing
attentions become that the perplexed lady, as a last resource, informed
tlie police. They took him in hand.
First he was warned. But that., wak*
no good. Ho still waited at tho
door of the lady's homo, and, when
she   ventured   forth there   was  Id
sweetest   smile,   most   statajy bow,
and stereotyped   request.   This   was'.. t/-v/c\tx  0/-vr»  CATC
too much.   Tho Jap waB arrested, land  W*L/C/D  T UK'; oAL/E<
imprisoned.   The   constable informed | 	
Superintendent Hussey of the circumstances and, under tho lattor's dlroc-
tiens the lover was brought to Victoria.
"On his arrival the superintendent
gave him some advice, and, incidentally, a warning. He waa sent to
Vancouver with instructions to stay
there or anywhere else on tho mainland but never again to venture to
the little Vancouver Maud town.
That, it was thought, was the end cf
tho ono-sldod romance. But it wasn't.
The next day there came from up the
line n message from tlie constable,
" Map is here. Lady alarmed. VVUi.
ahall I do?'
" 'Arrest him and have him pent
to Victoria by the next train,1 was
the equally direct reply.
"It seems that the enamored Jap,
alone in the crowded Vancouver
streets, was beset by an irresistible
desire to return to the scene ot his
romance. The thought was the prelude to action. He took the outgoing steamer back to Nanaimo and
was in the busy little town before
the constable in whose custody he
came to Victoria had arrived.
"The Oriental was up for another
impromptu hearing this morning and
has been liberated again, a number
of his- countrymen here having promised to see that he forgets the past
and acts reasonable in the future."
The irate parent presented himself
before the culprits. "Young man,"
demand he, with tho utmost sternness, "have I causht you kiBsing my
It by this he expected to plunge
the young visitor into contuBlon, it
must be confessed that the old gentleman was greatly mistaken, inasmuch as the young visitor evinced
the greatest calmness.
"I hope, sir," he said, "there Is
no mistake about it. Tho lights are
none too bright, and I would be much
mortified to learn that, aftor all, I
was kissing the housemaid."
T. E. Sullivan  i
Plumbing, Gas and Stiamfittihi.
Prices Raasoiaili.
First Avenue, near Now West jcii hotel
Singer and Wheeler & Wilson
If you are thinking of buying a sewing machine cal)
and see wm stock cf chc;
soiled machines at reduced
prices to clear.
F. C. Fisher
Studio ia Williams' Block.
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Terms spply to
0. HINE, Plasterer, etc., Ladysmith, P. 0.
Cement Siiewalks a specialty.
The Canadian National Holiday Will Be Celebrated at
Field Sports,  Lacrosse, Baseball, Regatta,
Indian  Canoe Races, Trap Shooting, Etc.
GRAND 4|   AAA     IN
ATTRACTIONS     •$ I jUUU    111
Come and Join in the Greatest Dominion Day Celebration Ever Held on Vancouver Island
Boots and
The Celebrated
Every Pair Guaranteed or will be
replaced with another pair. In Men's
Boy's and Girl's. The Best School
Shoes ln Town. Also Children's Wash
Ing Suits and Sailor Blouses, and
Btrachan Hats.
J. J. Thomas
Made to Order
I sell the
Semi-Ready Clothing
Every piece is guaranteed
to fit, and the price no
higher than ready made
First Avenue
For Meats
Geo, Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberts Street.
For the Holiday
White Underskirts,  95c,
$1.00, $1.25 to $2.85.
Black Underskirts, $1.35,
$1.50 to $3.50.
A few Blouses left, going
Miss UreiVs
B. B. WELLS, Proprietor
Hack, Express, Livtry and Feed  Stable
Phone 62
First Avenue        -       Ladysmith, B. C
Fresh Vegetables
Grown by White Labor
Green Onions, Spinach,
Lettuce, Rhubarb.
E. Pannell
We carry a large Btock of   Fancy
Lord Milner on
Empire Defence
London, June 26.—The Imperial defence conference opens on Monday
noxt, and Lord Milner, speaking on
tho subject at thc Compatriots' club
dinner Thursday night observed that
the dominions overseas meant business and thc more courageous and
morq comprehensive thc , proposals
made by tho home government the
more likely they would be to succeed. To each dominion overseas
must be assigned some vitally important benefit and function in a general scheme of defence.
Lieut-Colonel Denison, ot Toronto
speaking as the guest of the club,
in responding to the toast of his
health, spoke of imperial defence,
and said that Canada felt that tliq>;
time had come for something to be
done. He thought Canada Bhould be
represented In the front lino of battle with thc finest ships that could
be built. If Canada could not build
Dreadnaughts now, she could pay for
them. She could better afford to
double her debt than to run the risk
of seeing the Euipiro go under. Canada Bhould also train a naval reserve of ten thousand men. Canadians were far in advance of their
politicians who were afraid of their
own shadow. Thc Canadian navy
would be popular with professional
politicians, for it would give them
great patronage control.
Lord Milner said: If the conference
ends in a fizzle, as other conferences
have done, or though resulting in
practical proposals yet nothing pracj
tical Is done, it will not be because',
the people are not willing and earnest, but because their rulers are incapable of devising or agreeing on
means to give effect to this popular
desire. It is for tbe statesmen of
tho Motherland to show the way.
The problem requires very sympathetic and well instructed handling,
for behiod the unanimity of spirit of
the dominions, which is so impressive, Uo many local differences anil
different attitudes, and above all is
the supreme necessity of remembering that this problem concerns a
number of independent states, controlling, their own destiny, Any
scheme to be successful must be devised on lines not only acceptable to
them now, but airing which we can
continue to march together in fu-j
ture; but no scheme will be adequate
to thc circumstances of the time, or
worthy of the spirit shown by the
dominions unless it assigns to each
of them important and substantial
functions in a general plan of imperial defence.
The time has come ior comprehensive and courageous proposals from
tho imperial government. It is not
as it wc were asking thc dominions
to take up a part of the imperial
burden. It is n part of thc imperial
burden. It is they who aro ottering
to do lt. The initiative is entirely
theirs, lt is not for thc relief oi
British burdens. Wc are prepared tq
carry our present burden, and an even heavier one. It is tor tho greater
security and dignity of the empire as
a wholo which Is their concern, Just
as much as ours. They must fed
that they arc doing something worth
doing and rendering a service to thc
empire us a whole, 'this is thc dc-
circ of the dominions themselves,
and the Inst thing,that would meet
their approval would be to suggest
though it might be only out ot con
sideration fov them, that they, undertake so petty und altogether trifling
duties and be treated as childron to
tc amused with mere show, whilo all
the real work is left to the United
Kingdom. Discussion may modify
any proposals bo that tberc would
be no vestigo of dictation. In pro
posing them nobody dreams of Imposing—indeed it would be quite impossible to impose any -duty upon
the dominions from, without. Nothing can be exacted from any of them
unless it commends itself to tbe free
judgment of its people. Some of
the dominions may not accept the
role proposed to them in any common scheme ot imperial defence,
though I think it unlikely, but the
British government will have done
its duty by giving a clear and unmistakable lead. It must be left to
those men in each dominion who are
in sympathy with the imperial idea
to see to it that no petty objections,
no narrow particularism or anti^-iat-
ed prejudice, above all no local party bickerings, are allowed to prevent
their country from taking an honorable part in upholding the security
of and prestige of tho British empire.
Lord Milncr's speech attracts much
attention. The feeling here Is widespread that Lord Milner was right
when he said that the movement in
the British dominions was no passing ctiullition of patriotic sentiment,
but a popular movement of unmis-
takeable earnostneas in favor of such
a combination throughout the empire ns would remove any foreign
menace to the nation,
when the housewife visits our Btoro and scca tlie array of delicacioi fur hor
table that ihecan procure for xuuh a smalt amount of money at one store,
Fresh canned fruits, vcgeta.es, and toothsome hums, bacon aud everything in
fancy and staple groceries at priees to suit the economical.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
Special Excursions
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
Round Trip Tickets will be issued to Victoria June 16,
return limit June 20th.   July 4, return limit 7th, rate
l. d. chetham,
d; p. a.
What is the Weight
Of the Large Cake of White Swan Soap Shown
in the Ladysmith Hardware Co's Window? f|
Valuable Prizes Given Away FREE
In order to further introduce WHITE SWAN SOAP and WHITE SWAN WASHING POWDER into every home we have planned a most interesting contest. All that
is necessary for you to do is put the weight of the large cake of White Swan Soap down
on a piece of paper, attach a White Swan Soap or Washing Powder Coupon to it, and
send or mail it to the White Swan Soap Contest, care of Ladysmith Hardware Company.
To Solve this problem, the best way to do it is to take an ordinary bar of White
Swan Soap, measure its size, and get its weight; The size of the large cake is 4 ft.
2 and $ in. long; 2 feet 10 in. high by 1 foot' 1 in. wide. How much does it weigh?
In order to get the correct weight we have arranged to have the large cake cut up
in slabs in the window and weighed before the public.  Should any person desire to
come in and superintend the weighing, they are at liberty to do so, as the prizes will bS*
awarded to the persons whose answers come nearest to the weight as shown by the
scaie3, this being considered correct.
Remember all answers must be accompanied by a White Swan Soap or Washing
Powder Coupon.
Should there be more than one correct answer, or nearest correct answer, they will
be put in a box and drawn for, the first one out being considered the winner, and so on.
Here is the List of Prizes:
For Prizes we will give a Ladies' Handsome Fifteen-Jeweled Gold Watch, valued at $20.00
To the Second, a Beautiful Eight-Day Clock, valued at  10.00
To the Third, a Lovely Silver Baking Dish, valued at     5.00
And to the Next 5 we will give a Genuine 14 Karat Gold Point Fountain Pen, value   3.00
. Remember that the decision of the manufacturers of WHITE SWAN SOAP, (B. C.
SOAP WORKS, Victoria), will be final and binding; contestants entering this contest
do so on this understanding. The closing date will De in about two weeks, and will be
announced in the papers.   Put your answer in early.
Prizes on View at Ladysmith Hardware Company
■ W pER W0HD I ll
Improvement in
Mining Industry
Rossland's mining interests arc
agaio looking up in a most encour-
again looking up in a most encour-
cidedly better times is considerably
Ono of thc most encouraging   features is thc announcement made   by
tho directors oi thc Lo Hoi Mining
Co.   that thc   (unds needed   (or (he
carrying on the plan of development
of tho lower Icvols of the mino  have
been raised, and it is further stated
(hut work will be resumed on July
1st.   With   this   undoubtedly    great j
mine once more In operation,   there i
will bo an increase in thc number af |
men   employed und a betterment   ol
conditions generally.   The Lo Rol   tu
an important factor in our prosporii'
ty   and tho   absence   of its payroll;
since thc mine closed down tn March;
bus been seriously felt. '
Another mutter that will aid the
camp materially Is thc promised resumption of won't on tho Mascot.
Thc announcement is mado in a lead'
ing oastern paper tn Its flnuuclul columns that thc(Oranby interests havtj
secured tho Mascot claim and that
development will bo Immediately com
inenced. If the results of tho Initial
work warrant it, aB much ns $350,000
is avallablo for development. Thc
Mascot is located on the south-easterly slope of Columbia and Kootonay mountain and has .been extensively developed. Values of as high as
$40 were tound in tho ore. On the
surface the vein Is from six to ton
feet wide. It is thought that the
Mascot c an be made to pay now
with the cost of freight and treatment rates lowered considerably from
what they wero when the Mascot was
being operated ten years ago. It is
very probable that the development
of the Mascot will result ln adding
another large producing mine to  the
list'in the Rossland camp.
Thc Centre Star group of the Consolidated Co. is steadily increasing
thc area of its development. The explorations are being efltended on the
Enterprise to a point nearly 4,000
feet east of. the main shaft,' There is
a million dollar ore shoot on thc
ninth level of the War Eagle and the
downward continuation of the same
shoot has been found on thc tenth
level. On the surface of the Centre
Star there has been found a new
ledge three hundred feet In length
carrying ore of a high grade. The
sixteenth levci is looking remarkably,
well, From thc manner in which tho
ore shoots arc being found and the
incroascd area that is being operated
it is palpable that the Centre Star
group wilt from lime to time in
crease its working forces, and it is
within the range of pwHiWlltlcs thai,
within a reasonable period It will b*o
giving employment to 1,000 mon —
Rossland Miner.
Advertisements under this head
one cent per word per issue, payable in advance.
NURSE BROWN is prepared for Maternity or general engagements. Ap*
ply at Mr. E. Wilson's Second av-
ttsjie, betweep Roberts and Gatacre.
FOR RENT-Cheap to Suitable Tenant—3 Bedrooms and Large L ving
Room and Pantry. Apply ut 'lelc-
phone office.
Tea rooms tor Indies nr gentlemen. Short order ar. sandwlchen
alwayB ready at Hoppio'j. *
l i mcet your friends and be right
ut home, while iu Victoria, stay at
the Rainier Hotel, Ocorge ilurggy
proprietor. •
Finest Ice Cream tn the city at
Hooper's, the most ecle*t \mioi
on the Island. Everything ot the
best quality  in Oonfccu.mciy.        *
T.i meet your frlenas and be right
at homo, whilo in Victoria, stay at
tho Rainier Hotel, Oeorge H,'~
proprietor. •
Corn Beef
Chicken and Veal at all times
J. A.  Ryan
FOUND—A .Uol Cillie Dog. Owner
can hr.vo same by applying to
Frank Torcst, Gatacre'street, aud
paving tor thin advertlr->m«nt.
LOST — Between Koberts street,
Third avenue and High. street,
book, entitled "Fun Doctor."
Please roturn to Mrs. Kwart, High
Rtroct.   $1.00 Reward.
FOR SALE-Bmwn and White Rabbits. Fifty c.iti each. SApply Mm
John Stewart.
FOR BALE—White Leghorn eggs for
letting. Buf! Leghorns and Black
Mlnorcas. $2.50 a setting. Apply
Mrs.  Laird.
FOR SALE—Express wagon ln perfect order and harness. Apply Arthur Howe, Chemainus.
FOR SALE—Four roomed house in
good locality in Extension, B.
C.   Apply Ike Storey.
PIANO FOR SALE.-tTprlght Grand
Dominion Piano in first class condition. In use only a short time.
Apply Mrs. Bernard, Union Brewery, Ladysmith.
FOR SALE-My South Alrlcnu Veteran Bounty Land Certificate issued
by the Department of the Interior,
Ottawa; good for 320 acres of any
Dominion Land open for entry in
Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba. Any person over the ngc ot 18
years, Man or Woman, can ncijuirc
this land with this certificate.
Write or wire, L. E. Telford, 181
Shutet Street, Toronto, Ontario.
WANTED-A girl to assist in light
housework. Apply Mrs. Mulholland, First avenue, Ladysmith. 3 i-iii,tr,qi,i>i ii | ii,; j,f| 8 I r-,;i j
9* !4<aH«^?>«K«<«&#«><!
k«*e* • ••••••••••*•
Dominion Day!
1 & |j|r Annual M^^ || will be |e§,»§>4
I,^2fiWitmiiiders. | | a ff f ® $ «:*s|
we o/fef.
... •!♦,«
•5        REMEMBlht WE  KEEP  OPEN TILL 10 O'CLOCK TO-NIGHT        *t*
•Ja X
4     We carry Tooke'sJWash Shirts nnd this year are showing exclusive patterns ft
4 and styles.    Our range of Shirts is the largest in the city und prices range from ,1,
., £. Sue to^l.OQ., 0 Toukt'a .Collars, all styles) Afor'28c*.j p   -.) \ ,, i ,;;   ,,., .,.&
• <•     SeeourHats.CanvafrStrawtnd-Feltsi'onlytlieireweststylesaiii the lowest. A
**Kfe > ,-,;.-■;;■'.. .,„v. ^.;,.i:..;,',, •...'„;...., -,.- ■...%
•J*  ..Summer Vests, made of fast waaling material, light iji-l.dB.rkv detectable .',
V Buttons at $1.50 to $4.00 each.      .    ' •,'
*     Fancy Sox, 20 different pairs and CO diffiarent pattsrns ot lflc, 20o, 25c,   35c, .j.
,j* 40c, 65c and 76c a pair. V
< ..*t* H Balbriggani Underwoair 32 toi44i iJ-.OO a suit.-■'• Elastic Rib U,inlir.wearT very.>j>
i'v;i*fine$l.5p »suit.;' I(   ., _1.'      ,,   I ?.■*"       , V
^       -. .,-■   ■',.■■'.       .. ..  .!'-.■.   .... i    .   l(.-i ,,   ■.   •   ' "■ :^     ,.'r     •/-
i..   Shoes, soioetbjug.classy, entirely,wb*»vfor everybody,. JVhjte. .Prey .apd Tin;«
fy Canvas, all siV.es, Fancy Patents New Tans, in fact We have just'a nice range of y
Shoes and Slippers as is bhowii in the, town,
B»f)»(t« Suits and,Tigli^iare.strong with,u?,   \Vf^an.gjve,you ai.Gent;8 full y,'
it for 50c Boys for 35c, Tights at 10, 15c andS5c each. •   '       *t.
.;.     If you are going picnioing remeiubfrwe have your wantB, Fruits of all Kinds, V
' '.J. SummerDHiika'.'Bonetalam',' Ca'nhc'd Meats, Fiffi
cWBailfiifi) "Etc.'.'Elc.*
t i
blair & mm
uits for Misses:
and Ladies
White Waists, Parasols    Underskirts I
'SI:   Laces
■ ■     i-iti I.    .. n     I        .      |     , |        ,j     jiiwai..
::   We carry in stock the leading sizes f
:: suitable for Camping;  I ^t f;' I: ff
! Simon Leiser &Co.y Ltttl
• .......
.• ■ •.
Our stock Is well ^sorted in alfi:he::
: leading lines suitable- for -these m-f
::ters, etc.:",, We^eTo"	
;: values in Fishing Rods.
Ladysmith Hardware Co., m
li M-
The Vancouver island Cigar
q ,A. jijcQ,,Asso?J;rne)itiei:.,.,
Formerly {Sold &j Johnston, ,'of.'Vic-
tbfla,.-'ar'(f Ihtrodiiclhg' oirne'w" Brotid
forOigare'.to-be fcnojwr.tw-thie" -■■•
,   "V. I",
"'•'.'.' "J',.Wyr'1'Bcin.-    ■"> ::w'"
! -m-gaBak j._mJ-jj-U_j' .-U'-uns
« m ': « * • * i k *
The very thing for persons
taking a trip to the fair.
jl E We haye. ifl^hi in vl&lid
Leather, Steel Frame, Can-
. yasand Jap- Matting, with
leather binding, all .spring-
locks.   Prices from $2.25 up.'
. Also a nice line of trunks,
, all prices with or. without
For Holiday Goods
News Notes
The High School wainlnations take
Place .in- a Jew. daya...
finest Ice Cream in' the city at
Hooper's) the most* select fjiffor
on the Island. Everything of the
best'fquality in Confectionery;'
A Handsome Premium of White and Goi Cblnawai^
:   ; Will 3e Found in Every, Package of'", ~
ASK YOl/ROKOClaR-'IIe will'tell you about it and show, yon samples,'^
As for the FLAKES—there is nothing fiuer-mamifactured anywhere,..  They are
'li. & K." goods aud this is aiiUiciiut to prove the quality. '-
The Brackman-Ker Milling Go., Ltd.
,,LeiihibftfQa in,.l?li(i;. «V> Adam':
IV^KtCnniihnm Is 25 ■
a   win->
cents c.
One of tne .men impjicnted in the
holdrup oil tlio .6,  P.  R.   shot, and   fa:r*
killed Constable Ike Decker at Ash- ——
croft lust konday.  Thc"murderer  in!    Scho0*8 closc toi^  Ior thc Bum
stllT al Var^e;'   '     "'    '       '   '      i me.r bolidayn,  to reopen again
last Monday in XflgUtiti
•T.i meet your friends and be right+;
nt hojnp, while in, Victoria, stay'at
the Rainier Hotel, Ocorge Ju'llw
proprietor. •
Oranges,,: 25c. per doz,; bananas,
35c per do**.; peaches, 15c. per lb.;
apripots, 15c. per lb-;. Strawberries,
2 lbs. for 25c; cherries, 20c lb, threo
for 50; cantelopes, 2 for 25c; lemons,
2Ec' pet doz. •      ! ■
Mr. D. Campbell, who wns recently,
injured at Kxtcusion mines, Is now
HO far recovered as to be nblo to
walk around the house. .        .       £
The new principal and assistant foj
the public school have written tltt
school'board, accepting thc positions, ■ duties to begin thc lnet Monday'in August.. .;.'].....    I
The many triends of Miss Delfroj
are plcaBed to sec her back\ln the B-.
& N. telegraph ' office.   Miss Belfrey
At the last, .meeting of, the school
board Mr. Thomas Jackson sent in
his resignation ns, trustee. A trustee to take his. place will be elected
in due time.
I >. meet jour friends, and, be right
at .ho.me, while ln Victoria, stay at
the Rainier Hotel, George ilurggy
proprietor. ,•
* ^Sovcn'tecir pupTIb" afe'lielng 'Siatfirt''
cd fcr the High School entrance cx-
m,,. There is one from South
It is- Good
f ■
Whew^^ht^t reM good «uit.
buy Soverefgrt Brand.   It pleases old,
friends and keeps^maRIn
• -mm a*.*vs.*
TDe (ip ta-ifate Men's WearStstv* • - ^
new ones.
ii it. »
I  t,rtf   fr.~i.-~,4' \
^elHtigteJrJIioneifroijj   Coburn, i and
t ipjilcBt ifribm ilpjdysiaiith. M<    j
t-.Vhe most prolific source
divorce; 'is' thai disagreeable habit
snoflng^lh sltip with wbich    we
le. aH thad more or less experienae..
^"-(nyenfot* Has on vjihll^ltion it the
has been absent three months,  ,the   l^y.ip.-'a snore /ilcncer; wbtilPworks
timo being.spent at Vancouver and ^tWi«m siorrfge prlncipli #n^ can
Crecnwood. a  ,,„ eWptied every ,!morntng ot ,tlio ac-
cumuUtciJlsn'ores, ready 'for, use next
n.'»;ht.   Wonder If this invoiitof'would
., I turn Mb attention to a contrivance
Borne of the committees, lt is alleged, I (o_   warm,ng   f__t     Kqulpped   wlth
Get a souyeneirof Lai
See our display—Souvenm'SpDonSv.Belt Buc):)eS(nSash
Pins, Blouse Sets, Hat Pins, Pin Trays, Ash^Tray^' fiuff
Pins, Watch Fobs, Maple Leaves, Etc., Etc;''
C AT|f CREC8 WKJ •: j
The meeting of thc hospital   coij-
mittec   was  not  very   satislnctorff
havo   not   been attending   to   tin
dates, and last night there, wcro
reports.   If the hospital is to be bu
it is about time some definite plan
was   presented,   and   the cnmmlttes)
sbolild   perform thc   duties assign^
them, fi ■ a v ...       ,?
night the two audiences were dellgnt
cd' with thc show. Thero. will be
another, good programme tor tomorrow and, Saturday. '
snore silencers and foot heaters there
must be a great decrease in family
jars nnd divorcee. We live in a wonderful age.
.The Novelty Theatre has unothljj:
good'programme this week. The pictures are1 rill' good, and the openirM^   "i1"^^""'" ^° ^™"""*1
_-.k. at,;; a. n«-„n„ „»„ ,i„i.„nTT MmMmMM piav.i%*i»imti mi
Tho^fttbhl. ^at.* J«st Sajuj^
wub scarcely Interesting (rom aepecyl
tator's   point ..pf,.view.  Westminetei1
outclassed from the beginning,
The score ended 1  to
uninteresting work even when scoring. Tbe forwards held back and re
tused scopng£
the visitors/The
0, McGuire scoring twice and McLeod
and Adam one each.
isvnq? on
Knight's Book Store
The Ittcrocae team has been prac
tlelnc WAhlW^ Bon».;)nS^
row and lastulgW tho llne-ftp vtae
rUlKil. It Is an follows; Goal,
Q.OW1J point.,, Lupkcy; cover point,
Monlfloh; Ht dofeiico,' Sauridlrs; 2nd
defenee, (ll'liesple; Dill ilcWncot Aflar^;
centre, Taylor, 3rd home, Carley;
2u"d' hbJhe,"Daket«; 1st homo, Howay;
cratside home, Htlbert; Inside home,
Morris, spnro men, Lont and Hewlett,
> .)& 'ft* a; a 1 £P     t
ft     A    I 3   ■    i ii   i <      , g.
Fancy i
^eckwea^     |
^Wasllioifirs, !
Sash Belts,   j
Lisle Tan Gloves,
4 an<§ Li3e Hose,
Just in by
ft(m { -  n
-..,.;. J., jarr    ...   ,.!.(..   r
For Flags and Bunting
r"-lM.'"ll»IU    '■■/iiitftUi


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