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Ladysmith Standard Nov 21, 1908

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•WW. . -M"H"» "M "1 ". ■. ■H-H-M -i +'MH^W'+'M^'M-HH-M^-M-t+
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Boarders, private hoarding houss.
First Glass table. Baden Powell St.
First Avenue,
TO-LET.. A Furnished bad room. Ap
ply Km. Hsniy Pollard, 2nd At*.
Now is (he time to lay in your
stock of winter fuel. Order
your wood right away..,^
H. Thornley
The "Chronicle" is having all the
luck, nnd its olllce promises to be-
. come a regular bureau of complaints
It began with a fond mother und
,1ms now beon nicely rounded off with
u young Indy. How young the lady
was wo ure. not told, und the editor,
with nn nmu/.iiig neglect of details,
doos not tell us whbthor sho was
married or single, nor utior a -word
about her uppeurnnce.   She mny iuive
3011 bountiful, or she mny' have been
lain, witty or dull, gracoful or awkward—the 'Chronicle leaves its readers guessing. Thoro is not u hint
evon nhout tho color ot her hair;
not a lino about her eyes, not a
word about her complexion.
This is nil tho moro remarkable in
thut tho-young lady wus complaining of having licen forced off tho
sidewalk by somo ignorant streot
loafers. Surely the young lady must
havc reflected something of tho agitation sho must have felt nt such
oafish unguliant conduct in hor eyes
and in her bearing. Now without
roubling tho young lady at all tho
'Standard"  would  like to Join   its
ro'tost to thut of tho "Chronicle."
Quite a number of our young men
forget themsolves on the streets. It
is nonsense to tnlk of hayseeds, and
nn insult ns well to a class of mon
who aro in the town overy day. It
is our own young mon tlio' Sta'ndnrd
is addressing, and it must lie said
thnt It is a mighty surprising thing
to find friend Carley raising thnt old
bogey of city superiority merely to
register a protest ngainst n Imd nnd
thoughtless habit which our youth
hns fallen into.
The Standard wouldn't have touched upon the matter at all hnd it
iot been for a lusty young gentleman who cutlet! to protest against
friend Curley's gratuitous insults and
uncalled for aspersions. Tho oditor1
himself wus speedily convinced that
the Chronicle man didn't have a log
to stand on, nnd, to save his wool,
parley's; not mine), refused to
give his euller friend Curley's nd-
ilress. There is not enough of liny
about for a single seed to flnd lodgment iu the hair, nnd our caller wus
unkind onough to suggest thnt friend
turlcy hnd invented the lady merely
in ordor to make a pretext on
which to pin his insults.
Of course, it was the editor's duty
to maintain a strictly opon mind
and ho always does his duty. But
no sooner hnd ho got rid of his caller than a second popped in. "Have
.vou scon tho Chronicle?" he liegnn
and—but no, this is for family por-
usnl, and really such remarkable language had never before been used in
a nowspnpor office. "Yes, we've rend
it," wo replied. "What's the matter? And how did you see It? Wo
thought you took the Standard, and
didn't you toll us "    Novor mind
thnt. Thnt, paragraph about tho hay
seeds is n lick at Old Country peoplo, nnd lot inc   toll    ybu "   but
no we cannot give nil that wns said.
The burden of it wjis that Old Coun
try pooplo had seen as many sido-
vnlks ns friend Carlo}' and know ns
much about cities as ho will over
know. And really we must risk the
Chronicle to be moro careful! Wo nro
rural, distinctly rural, ourselves,
and inclined to bo touchy on tho
point ton. More thnn thnt, and
worse than that, the Chronicle office
is appropriating all thc young ladies, Carley is surely laying up lots
'f trouble for himself.
It is a long timo since tlio town
wns visited by such u gale us blew
011 Thursday night. Tho wind seemed to roach it's highest volocity
about 12 o'clock nt midnight, ufter
■which its violence gradually abated.
At the time of writing the Standard
man hus heard oG no casualties except a few pots und tins uud puns
which hnd not been lashed tight on
the buck verandah, Two or three
dogs In tho neighborhood of Third
Avenue, nlso wore very plainly disgusted with their quarters und howled oven above the roaring of tho
wind to bo reieused. Some of tho
houses also were guilty of very improper rocking and shaking but in
this latter respect their shaking wns
nothing to that of some of the inmates. Howevor, it was quite a
relief ut duybreuk to rise-und flnd
the town whoro it wns tho night before nnd a matter for profound
thankfulness thnt nono of tho boys
wore on the transfer. Mad us things
over nro there is always room to be
thankful they wore not worse.  '
Don't forgot the football game tomorrow aftornoon. Two strong
teams hnve been picked and a good
game should bo seen. The committee has it In hands to see that two
full teams are on thc fluid nnd a
start will bo made promptly at thc
advertised time. Tho admission ns
stated Inst week will bo 25 cents,
and ns the game bus been got up
for tho benefit of two injured plnyors, this small sum will not be begrudged. It Is to lie hoped that the
weather will bo fine and there will
no doubt be a good turn out.
«,*    KINGSTON, Ont., Nov. 20.- "■
4 Discussing   the possibility    of
jj retiring H, L. Borden from the
4 leadership of the Conservative
the   Daily   Standard ■
* Pgrty,
< comes   out strongly, In  event
* of such withdrawal, for Sir
James Whitney as leader, with
riomier   Mcliride  of    British
$ Columbia, as his associate.       s
Mnyor Nicholson was button-holed
nt the depot on Thursday morning,
nnd trented to nn exhaustive nnd
spirited dissertation on the virtues
nnd merits of gas ns a medium for
light, hent, uud fuel. His Interlocutor wns Mr, Wm. Thomas, gns engineer of Vancouver. Mr. Thomas
hus been noting in the capacity or
advisory engineer to the Royal City
Ons Improvement Co., Ltd. This
company hus been organized in New
Westminster, hns boon granted n wide
charter thore, nnd is seeking fresh
fields In the Prov •
Mr. Thomas made some vorjv attractive offers to Mayor Nicholson.
His company would come in and
manufacture gas with which in turn
thoy would generate electricity, They
would put both on the market at
thc very lowest rales—rates which
would compare with any In the province. Tho coke pruduced in the
manufacture of tho gas could be
supplied to the smelters nnd so with
the other residual products.
Of, course Mnyor Nicholson could
make Mr. Thomns no olTer. Thc ratepayers decided for n city owned
plnnt and the Council is trying to
raise the necessary funds. If it is
found impossible to borrow the money, then nn offer might bo made to
Mr. Thomns. However, tho city is
hardly likely to be faced with that
alternative although, of courso, it is
just as well to be prepared for all
BOSTON, Mass.; Nov. 20,—Tho JO
leading tenms in thc six-day bicyclo
race nt the Park Square Coliseum!
woro tied at 888 miles nnd 2 'ops
at the conclusion of thc day's rue
ing Inst night. The eleventh team
ln the raco, the Devonovitch- ulli-
gan combination aro now ono lap
behind the loaders.
Don't Delay       Prepare A Costume       Reserve Your Skates
Moonlight Masquerade
Skating Carnival
On MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd, 1908
Reserved Seats Front Row In Balcony, 25c
Admission 25_. Skates, 50c
Wm. G. McTARNAHAN, Manager and Proprietor
A (JruuU    Moonlight    Masquerade
■As early as 10:30 tomorrow morning Moore's chowders will bo on the
field to pluy tho wutor waggon mon   ., ,,      . ,
for un oyster    supper.     Up to   tho  Costumes fo.' Dig Nunuimo Carnival
time of writing tlio match has   not!     May bo Rented in Nunaimo To-
aroused the amount of attention its' ... , ,.     ,
importance  warrants and    there   Is Night or on Monday,
not as yot, very much money up. I
Still, Moore is pretty chirpy about
tho chances of his team nnd ho is Skating Carnival will bo held in tho
not above helping himself to some Princess Holler Rink in Nunaimo on
fresh water monoy. The game is Monday night, the 23rd inst. Eleven
called for 10:30 a.m. Don't forgot.    'good pri„os wi„ b_ nwiirded lhu dif.
forent characters who are picked out
! by the judges.    The moonlight oll'ect
* is very beautiful     to the spectators
as well as the skaters,
j    The doors will open  at 8   o'clock,
and close at .112.    The (irand March
takes place at     9:30 and will    lust
! about  twenty minutes,   after   which
~~" tho prizes will be awarded nnd thon
the masks will bo removed nnd   ov
Tho Board of School Trustees wish orybody can skate whether In    cos-
it to bo announced thnt the schools tume or not.
One  hundred' costumes  have
wiU be opened on Monday. Of courso
brought from Vancouver and all   for
only such children will he allowed to nlr0 to anyone wishing to nttond
at/tend as are ablo to produce certi- They are on exhibition at Siddall's
flcntes of vaccination. This latter old store, next to lho Crown theatre
is an order of the Boar, of Health, ^~cl^t *_T"e*£t
and tho School Trustees must see served scuts in the flrst rows qf tho
that it is enforced. balconv, 25 cents extra.
The German Emperor
MEW YOHK, Nov. 21.—What purports to lie nn absolutely ac- •
curate and authentic synopsis of the interview obtained from Em- *
peror William of Germany by Ur. Win. Jtayurd Hale, and subte- *
(|uontly withdrawn just us it was about to appear in the Century *
magazine, is printed in tlie World today. The Work! declares that *
that the article, as originally written was submitted to Dr. Halo •
and that it appears us changed by Ur. Hale. Tho, interview is said *
to have taken placo on the Imperial yacht liohenzollern. ofl Bergen, *
Norway, while llr. Hale was the Emperor's guest. The World •
summarizes tho main points of tho Emperor's Interview as follows:   *
Though King Edward of Great  Britain    had    boon humiliating *
him for more than two yoars and  that he was exasperated,     that *
Germany was thc paramount power in all Dm'ope, uud that    Eng- *
lund was trying to neutralize that power, though he hold Franco in *
tho hollow of his hand, and that   Ilussia was of no account since *
thc disastrous wnr she had waged  with .fapun. •
Tlmt is the pan-European war, which had been so much talked *
about, wus Inevitable, the sooner  it came tho better it would    lie *
for hlm becauso he was ready and was tired of suspense. *
That Great Britain had been a   decadent nation ever since     her *
victory over tho Transvaal and the Orange Freo State, because it *
was nn unrighteous; ungodly cause, and Divine judgment wus   oven- *
tunlly bound to overtake the poworful  which waged such a   war. *
That the Anglo-Japanese alliance was iniquitous, working again- •
st all the white races, England proving absolutely faithless     as     a *
Christian nation.     That Japan was honeycombing India with sodi- *
tion and flooding it with spies, while professing openly to bo Eng- *
land's friend and ally. *
That the only way to oounteruct this allianco was for Germany •
antl America to net together nt an early date, or America     would *
have to fight tho -lapam'se in ten   months.    That in the event of a *
groat war England would lose many of her large colonies, especially *
those in the   Pacific    ocean,     and that    all   taken     for Germany *
would  be Egypt,  though ho would 1 derate tho holyland from     the *
yoke of the infidel, presumably meaning tho Sultan. *
That the perfecting of Zeppelin's dirigiblo balloon would give •
Germany a powerful advantage in war, and she was ready to make *
use of It to the fullest extent. *
Lunch Counter
Pickled Pigs' Feet
Clam Chowder
Mulligan Stew;
On Tip for Pay Day and after
Pay Day
W.t. MOORE. Proprietor
Public Notice.
Notice is hereby given tbat all Churches, Lodges.
Schools and Public gatherings will be permitted on
and after 21st November next upon all parties
wishing to attend the same producing a certificate
of successful vaccination.
D. Nicholson, Chairman
A. C. Frost, M.D., Health Officer
Ladysmith, BC, November 17th, 1908.
The    World declares that Emperor
Standard  Correspondent at tho Gap
Tolls How tho Aocident
The Standard special correspondent at Cowichan (Jap sends the fol-
luwiug account ol' the sinking of the
tug Owen. Tlie Owen wus on her
way from Ladysmith to Vancouver
with a scow load of coal and something went wrong about one mile
outside of the hell Buoy, The tug
must ha\e been holed by a derelict.
log, At any rate it is hardly likely that, as was reported, she had
struck a reef. The Owen was a
wooden tug, and it is conceivable
that a large log would easily punch
a hole in her bows. This apparently is what happened.
Writing at noon on the day on
which thc accident occurred, the
Standard  special  correspondent says:
It seems thc Owen had giot n holo
punched in her hows, and sho began
to fill with water. Tho captain immediately ordered the scow to be
cut adrift, and turned the tug for
the beach at the lijrht house. It was
a perilous passage, and was faced
with true British pluck. The captain stuck to the wheel house until
ho got into shallow water. Down
below the entrinoer and his assistant
stood by engine and boiler until the
water drowned out the fires.
Meantime the mate and his deck
hand, with the cook, had got the
ship's boat cleared and out, so that
they could nil leave the sinking steamer at a  moment's notice.
At this stage the PS. Burrard
passed about a mile away, but e\i-
deijitlj" did not hoar the distress wliis
ties from the Owen, ns she kept on
her courso. The lighthouse keeper
hailed the passing Eagle, and the
latter got to thc scene just as the
doomed Owen heeled over and sank
In about twenty feet of water.
The captain and his crew had put
i|i a struggle to got the Owen to
the bench. Even after the engines
had stopped and the decks wcre flush
with the water, ihey hooked on with
their boat and labored at the oars,
tn their efforts to save the boat
Ihey lost aW their own effects, and
were left with nothing but what thoy
stood up in. H is pleasant to be
able to st. *te that in a large nie-ns-
uro their efforts were rewarded. The
boat is lying just a few yards from
the residence of F. Allison, the lierht-
houso keeper, and it will be an easy
matter to raise her. Sho is left
partly dry at low tide, and the hole
can be patched up, tho water pump-
odout, and she will float acorn nt
high tide. It was fortunate thot
the accident occurred so near to the
bench, as otherwise the tug would inevitably have been Inst.
t   t   *
Since the above wns writton the
Owen has been refloated nnd is now
in Turpel's docks for repairs at Victoria. Tho cause of the accident
was ono of the flukes of tho tug's
anchor being driven through her
how by a   bump from the scow.
tho wholo world into the most   disastrous war of all time.
"The attitude of theso ofllcials  is
William knew when he mado    these sa(d to haV(J }mn thflt th_ Fjmperor
statements that Dr. Hale was on wnS jrregpons_hle when he gave way
American newspaper man and maga- (0 BUcn (fa 0f temper."
zine writer, but thot nevertheless tho it js snid that Dr. Hale obeyed tho
statements were made without rcscr- instructions of the foreign office in
votion and that no 8001*005' had been the preparation of his interview, but
imposed. The interview had been inter wj,on ^hc manuscript was sub-
formally arranged through thc Ger- mitted to tho high German officials,
man foreign office, it is said, nnd at ti10v aro ^[^ t0 |mY0 so butchered
tho conclusion of the interview, Dr.'jt that littio which was worthwhile
Halo returned to Berlin and told the was jvft. it wns in this final form.
high officials of the foreign office of nccord ng to lho World, that the nr-
tho success ho had met with. ,'tlo wns accepted by the Century.
It was practicnlly ready for publl-
FORBID PUBLICATION. 1^ Kbm ^ ^^ ^   ,_.__
"Thoy forbade hhn to publish It," Berlin thnt even the interview in its
the World continues, "then they ex- lwiscd form must !» suppressed,
plained to him nt somo length thnt Then the electrotypes and copies of
even a hint at possibilities so Bori- tho interview woro destroyed beforo
o\is coming from ono who had boon the public nnnouncoment that the
tho     Emperor'e   guost would throw in'erviow Imd     been withdrawn   was
where    they lent news of the wreck
of the tugi boat.    Particular! of the
VICTORIA, Nov. 17.—The tug'the disaster are meagre. Tho Owen
Owen, of this city, owned by Greer struck a rock Bt Cowichan Gap and
and Newton, wal sunk yesterday at filled quickly and sank. Tbe scow
Cowlchan Gap while towing a scow and the load of coal were saved and
load of coal from Ladysmith to Van-]moored at the Gap. J. H. Greer
couver, according to advices received feft for the scono last night on the
by J. H. Greer, of the Greer, Oour- ] steamer Maude, of the B.C. Salvage
taoy and Skene company. Co., whloh wal dispatched to endea-
The Owen wal In command of Cap- vor to recover the lunken tug.
tain McKillop, who, with his crewofi The Owen, which had just come off 'molishcd and nil on hoard were kill-
five men, escaped in the tug's boat Turpel's ways in this city, after an- ed, and one man on the Marion wal
and landed    it Cowichan Gap, from dsrgolng    overhaul ind Ihlpptng    a killed by a  flying splinter.
Famous   Interview  With the K»iser
is Likely to be Published After
all in the United States.
NEW VORK, Nov. 18.-A special
cable to tho Times from London says
that reports arc curront in London
that the suppressed interview with
Elmperor William, nftor nil will bo
publisl «l shortly, of courso without
the concurrence of Wm. B. Hale, who
wrote the interview, by the Century
Magazine, or tho Now York Times.
It is said that copies of article in
the form in which it was tohavo ap-
peared In tho Century, are In tho
hands of other parties who are not
likely to lie deterred by a senso of
responsibility or other scruples.
new propellor, was formerly the tug
Marion. She was bought at Ketchikan by Mr. Greer last summer,
and brought to Victoria and regliter
ed at this port. Owing to the ruling of tho Dominion government that
no vessel be placed on the register
with a name held by a vessel already rogisterd in Canadian shipping
it was necessary to change the name
of the tug and sho was christened
the Owen.
The Owen is a wooden steam tug,
S6.5 feet long and 17.8 feet lisom,
formerly owned in Seattle. Shs was
used in the general towage business
at Ketchikan, and under the name of
the Marion wns engaged in towing
the barge Japan whon that vessel
was blown up whon carrying dynamite between Ketchikan and the
Hadley smelter.    The Japan was de- If Vou Require Any
Or If  You  Requir* Auy
Ul   II You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Hell One;   or II You   Want
Notary Public,
IrpfM porting Causepic   &a&M?alta
■ ..Si ^" ^****aw
It seems that my account of how, came to me becauso they couldn't
it happened wns entirely wrong. It understand tho poor showing of their
was more than that. It wus n piece team in the Ilrst half. The typo is
of deliberate faking, mm'ni to deceive to be found anywhere, Thoro uie
my readers and to cover up my own always a few who cannot seo thnt
treaohery to tho town nnd to the both sides cannot win or that ono
club. You will perceive that I am side cannot win nil tho time, ri'up.
bnck again to tho game,  tlie ilisas-  posing we  bout  Nnnnimo  ri»xt    I rip
.inornate,   in tbe rm* campaign,  gBWWWWSW^^
certainly cannot  be truly characterized as one of loyalty to British institutions."
The Ilrst thing to be said concerning this is that If this is 'the kind of
twaddle that takes back east the different results of the election there
und here need no further explanation. It has never been admitted
that the Japanese iuimiigrution policy had been dictated In the interests of the British Empire. It is
untrue to say that it was followed
either at tho express desire or under
the direction of the Imperial authorities, Exactly tho reverse of this
has been stated on the floor of the
British House of Commons, nnd the
Hon. .Walter Scott should roally have)
better manners than to make of
Winston Churchill a liar, and bettor
senso than to confess himself either
fakir or an ignoramus. Apart
from manners and good sense altogether, surely it is not furthering
the cause of imperial unity or displaying much loyalty to tho empire
to gratuitously saddle upon tho Im-
iMilyHin Ibh    Standard
I'lll'IIKliUd    Ol
Wednesdays anu .-
Afternoons liy the
itoht.  ll   Hindmarch,
One \eer   J1.50
,-sia  JU.uti.s       76
.u.mrtlbllnj   Rules   oil   Application.
Thc action of the people of British
Columbia in retiring five Liberals
candidates at the recent election lias
naturally been a matter of much
comment and provoked not a littio
adverse criticism.     The work bogan|the. into™g»nce of the electorate,
porial    authorities .     	
wliioh Ihoy havo specifically repud ..
tod on the'fioor of tho Imperial Par
Moment, This first point boing untenable, tho charge of disloyalty fulls
to tho giround. After nil it is nothing more thun a piece of political
twaddle at tho host, and muy be properly dismissed ns tho empty vapor-
ings of a vain nnd disappointed poll-
There is one other point. Liberal
newspnpers ln the provinco generally
hnvo made a point of splashing
these news items. It would be curious and more thnn interesting to
know why. The attitude taken up
liy some of the nowspnpers implies
hnt the electorate had no right to
voto other thnn for Courier, Tho
fuct that there is manhood suffrage
in the Dominion is a   recognition of
by tho Times is being criticized by
other quarters. Our Victoria con
temporary wns so mightily nstonish-
od uad bitterly disappointed at the
defeat of Templeman that nothing,
was too se\oro or too vitriolic to
express its boiling wrath and deep
disgust of tho voters nnd of the city.
Tho attitude of mind is common enough and nil too human; hut botter
things ure expected of the editor of
c big city daily. Tho Times playod the game, a spirited game, none
too clean nor too scrupulous, nnd
should hnvo accol tod tlie rosult with
at least a good face ,even if at
heart there wero the iiangs of humiliation and the angry passions of
disappointment. Tho mistake thnt
it mad© hns boen re[ieated by tho
premier of Saskatchewan, thc Hon.
Walter Scott.
We wcro told day after day     that
our premier of ministers were spending tho money of the province fighting Dominion elections.     They were
neglecting thc     work thov were paid
to do' in ordor to tnko part in     an
election, which did not concern them.
Those and a   whole lot of the same
kind of things wo wioro told day often;
day.        No person took any   notice
of them,     of course.     Hnd Richard
■McBride and     his ministry heen     of
the other     political color the Times
would simply have hounded thom'in
to     the light.       Still, nt hiB worst
sinning, our premier kept in his own
province,     Not so the Hon.  Walter
Scott, the premier of Saskatchewan,
He went     into Vate-Carlboo country
lor two weeks to help' out the candidature of Duncan Ross.     Tho Right
Honorable    gentleman     .tooted   his
right honorable horn, and spread fnr
and near    his right honorable views
on the questions nt issue.     And tho
electors in STalo-Cariboo havo heedod
right honorable one    from
ivun,     and paid no attention to    his right honorable words.
Whereat tho right honorable one was
wroth, very wroth indeed, and journeying direct to Winnipeg,  both   accused tho jieople of British Columbia
of disloyalty to the British Empire,
—■*    lese majesto to his Right Hon-
well ns of its right to express its
own judgunent in the ballot box. Are
the people of Urltish Columbia to
le railed nt and traduced because
thoy havo put the province
before part"", and declared themselves dissatisfied with the treatment
they hn'0 received from Laurier.
Like tho other provinces, British Cot
umbia is seeking to protect and
promote its interests by every available means,, and it Is justified in doing so, tho -Hon. Wnlter Scoit and
the other twaddle-turners, political
soro-hends nnd provincial knockers
not tho
orable self.   ______________________________\___\
Hore is what Hon. Walter Scott
says, and it is certainly not meant
for a joke: "The verdict" (of U.
C.) "condemns lhe policy on
Japanese immigration
it was admitted has
in tho interests of
pi re,
question which
bcon dictated
tho British Em-
and which was followed nt tho
express desire, if not tho direction or
thc Imperial authorities. The verdict in addition condemns Sir Wilfrid Laurier for acting upon the recommendation of tho provincial con-!
fcrence in settling the provincial sub
sklics question. « • « p|g.
loyalty is not a term to be used
lightly, but tho Conservative leader's position is taken by himself in
British Columbia in 1907, nnd as
presented    by his    British Columbia
■  ♦   '
$ Billiards a_d Pool $
Best Liquou and Cigars.
COLOGNE, Nov. 18,-The Kol-
niclie Zeitung says: The declaration that the emperor gave to Chancellor Von Buelow will satisfy the
demand for the moment and it removes great apprehension. Whether
the results now achieved should bo
given legislative formulation is a
matter which can be left for later
calm consideration. What the I
Chancellor was unable to say in tlio
Reichstag, pertly owing to the fact
that he was not in close touch with
the Emperor.
Berlin, Nov. 18.—The Conservative
Tuglichc Rundschau, with pan-Gorman leanings, approves the Emperor's declaration fully, but doea not
believe that it will complete banish
the anxiety of the people whose lost
confidence can be only gradually to-
The Deutsche Taglicho Zeitung, an
Agrorian organ, says that anxiety
cannot be wholly aatisSed. I'he conservative utterances are overflowing
with gratitude to the Emperor and
satisfaction that his declaration
took a form which saved the dignity of tho crown. 'ITiey repudiate
the efforts of the Liberal partlea to
make capital out of tho event in the
direction of making the Chancellor
rcsjm'nsible to ths Reichstag instead
of the crown. All the radical organs again argue strongly in favor
ot this. Tha Vosslche 'Zeitung wants
binding constitutional guarantee for
■quiet and steady movement in
Berlin, Nov. 18,—All the London
morning papers have editorials upon
what somo of them call Von Bue-
low's triumph and the Emperor's
submission. The Daily Telegraph,
tho most progressive of the dallies,
says: "A very remarkable and exciting page of contemporary history
has been definitely turned. The Emperor has known how to yield manfully and royally. To yield in such
a cose shows finer courage than to
Ths Dally Mall says: Since the
barons of Kngbmd presented thcir
ultimatum to King John, history
has oflered few spectacles moro dramatic. Ths Hall thinks that though
Europe will bo freed front alarm and
anxiety, Germany will not be satisfied until tha Emperor's pledge has
been incorporated in legislation.
The Standard says: Tho Emperor
never has been greater thon he Is
today at the moment ol surrendering some of hls personal power at
the popular bidding.
The other papers comment in a
similar strata, ond all speculate   as]
trous game of Sunday. Of course
I mount to como back to it in any
caso, but I have boon furnished with
reasons which make it impossible for
nielto pass it over oven If I felt like
And first n fow explanatory words.
I fully realizo that anyone who,accepts a responsible position must bo
prepared to put up with n certain
amount of harsh or vindictive criticism from certain irresponsible soreheads. Finr criticism is a help to
anyone, and gonoral ly this other
kind of snarling und fault-finding und
worse can bo ignored. Thero ure
times, however, when It is unwise to
let statements go unchallenged, and
ono of these times have now arrived.
responsibility | Tho loss of the game on Sunday
wns not duo either to woak baok
pluy or ineffective forward work.
Thc gnne wus never played for. Tho
game was sold. Three men sold tho
game and I was ono of tho three.
That ls tho broad charge 'which a
few natural born crooks are not
ashamed to make behind the bucks
of the throo mon concerned,
Hero is their story as it hus boon
told to me, and, mind you, the
wholo mutter is being publicly discussed, it seems thnt I was soon
to go across tho field on Sunday,
and spouk to Shorty Graham', after
which I wont on to Adam. Thon wo
all talked together und a few words
hore und thoro of the conversation,
wore overheurod und huve boen woven into tho Avnrp of this contemptible canard. 'Papers' also wore seen
to change hands and there is u chain
of evidence which would throw suspicion on any man.
Well, I did speak to 'Shorty Gra-
ham and T don't seo that I um culled upon to givo nny explanation for
thnt. Graham and I havo alway
been good sporting friends and I can
say tho samo of others on the teum
I may say even that I lent another
Nanaimo player my foottjall |>ants for
tho game, and I also spoke to Mitchell, Hooper, Hewitt and HUrren.
That I didn't spoak to more of then*
was only becauso I didn't havo tho
opportunity und all that I need say
hore is that I will continue to
spenk to whom I please.
mattor of faot there was
referee on Sunday. The man we expected, missed the boat, it appears'.
I went to Graham to see if he luul
seen the referee and to ask him what
wns to be done. Naturally 1 sought
Adum, and vye agreed upon the gentleman who "o The
papers that changed hands wore only
the names of the plnyors competing
on each team, an exchange which tho
rules of the League culls for. Thoro,
in a fow words, is the story of Sun-
dny's confnbulntion.
Now I can understand thnt thore
are men In the town calling their-
selves sports, who nre menn antl contemptible nnd dirty enough to inuko
up a charge such ns this. Tho
crookedness of their own miserable
scurvy souls conies out In their suspicions of others. They can smell
fnko in u olean dollar bill, and
scent a sell in nn honest nllter of
help or a deoth grapple. They are
really not desirable in print, and, ns
I said,  I can understand nil that.
What I can't understand is that
they should make such out nnd out
fools of themselves. If I had n, gnmo
to sell am I going out on to the
opon field before a thousand spectators, to mako the deal? Is Adam
coining into it under the somo circumstances? As u matter of /act,
these men havo allowed suspicions to
squeeze overy vestige of cominon-
sonse out of their composition. Not
that they ever had much of tho latter commodity. Your mcun snook
has never much more sense thun
courage, and the latter generally
needs to be prefaced by a sign.
There is just another point. Hindmarch, it seems, has always been a
Nanaimo man and will shortly bo
back thoro again. Lot us deal with
tho past   first.     The Stundard   has
it is a certainty thut wo shnll hoar
that the game has boon st hi Who':
a pity it is those same sc in l.il mongers and hiuckrakers could not themselves bo sold—sold somewhere unoi'e
they could nevor Im heard,
LONDON, Nov. 18.-The mammoth
balloon ownod by tho Daily Graphic
ascended from hore this morning and
will attempt to roach Siberia and
break the long distnnco record. Tho
aeronauts on bonrd aro Messrs Gaud-
son and Capt. Maitland, and they
aro accompanied by a newspaper
mon named C. T. Turner.
They expect to roach Belgium this
afternoon and Russia Thursday. Tho
plan is to descend in 'Siberia
Friday. Tlio succoss of thc voyage
depends upon tho air surronts ovcr
Europo continuing in tlio direction
they are blowing nt presont.
An International riflo match of unusual interest will bo shot this winter undor tbo auspices of tho Society
of Miniature Riflo Clubs of Groat
■Britain and the National Rifle Association of America, snys a Washington, D.C., exchange.
Each country will bo represented
by fifty men, who will shoot ton
shots each at twenty-five 'yards with
a miniature riflo. Tbe Americans
will doubtless uso lho .22 coliber as
undor tho terms of tho challenge the
calibre of tho rifles is limited to .28,
which is comparatively unknown in
this country. Then ten shots aro to
bo fired on what is known as a double docimal target, which is really
two targets joined together, each
with an inch sighting bull and an
inner half-inch bull counting ton.
Ten eccentric circles one-quarter of
an inch apart divide tho count from
ono to ten. Fivo shots nre to be
fired on each target, thc ton shots
constituting the string allowed each
competitor. One hundred targets
will be sent to the National Riflo
Association by the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs, bearing the signn-
turc of the lottor. Tho endorsement
of tho American Association will be
added nnd fifty of the targets returned to Groat Britain. Aftor tlio
shooting tho two sots of targets will
bo collected and exchanged to verify
tho scores, which will bo sent by cable.
It is possiblo that - this unique
match will be a three-cornered affair
and that Australii' will be drawn
into it. Tho Uritish socioty hns
provided a handsome trophy to bo
held for ono year by the winning
country and each participant will
receive n commomorativo modal,
Considerable prOpnrntiori will bo nocossary for tho mutch which will
likely not take placo until mid-winter.
Tho HT/utionul Riflo Association will
shortly begin selecting the fifty
shots to roprosont this country, and
as it is dosii'od to secure the best
it is probable that all the riflo clubs
ufllliuted with lho association will bo
invited to compotp for thy honor of
supplying members of thc tonm.
After the "ti-.vouts" n team will lie
selected, and whon the match is shot
the men choson will shoot thoir
strings on tlio range belonging to
tholr own clubs. If possible the
dates will bo arranged so that tho
shooting will In' done in both countries, or nil throo, if Australia comos
in, on the same dnto. though necessarily thore will bo somo difference
in nctunl  timo.
American protest was a  direct     in-
si.lt  to tho American organization.
'.litlioiigh the protest wns Ignorod
in Uieat Britain's athletic circlos,"
said Mr, Sullivan, "tho British organization evidently desire and ox-
pect the American Amateur Athletic
■Union to recognize its disqualification of Mr. Carpenter."
Mr. Sullivan was re elected president of tho A. A. U. for his third
How Now York Critic Figures—Englishman and Indian Outclass
Dorando and Hayes.
Chicago, Nov. 17.—Baseball is not
a modern gome. It was played by
the mound-builders, and all credit for
been running ovor a year, and   dur-litl invention should go to them, ac-
ing all that    time I have been con-1 cordinir tn
nected with thc football club. Thoro'
aro lots .of men who could have done
more, perhaps, but I havo always
dono what I could. On this point I
am content to let my rocord decido
for me. Only I will say this. I
have dono more for the club for nothing than those same detractors of
mine would or could do for any sum
of money for anybody
As for tho futuro wo wdll lot that
tuke care of itself. Ludysmith has
not bought me. If a hotter Job offers in Nannimo or anywhere elso, I
will take it. That is my own business ond doos not affect tho point In
dlsputo. Just a word to iny frionds.
Nunaimo, nor no other city or club,
wants any mnn whom they know
cun be bought. Othonvlso I havo
no doubt thnt my frionds would havo
licen in Nunuimo long ago.
As regards the team, ns I have already said, thr-r< 'reo of us
responsible. I had ono voto and
used It. Tho toam was not as I
anted It, nnd if I had to voto tonight under thc same circumstances,
I would vote again as I did then. I
don't pretend to ise any groat authority. Whnt I know I loornod on
tho Held and from the press box of
a First Division enclosure nt Newcastle. If course, I bow to the mon
who huve nover been nearer the ball
than the side-line permits, among
whom I recognize sovoral of my
Now, I havo writton nt greater
length about this than I intended or
than It deserved. Still lt is well
that these kind of sports should
know that thoy cannot mako such
charges as' theso against a man
without being takon to task, I
would not like to think that thoro
are many of them and I don't believe there are. A half dozen ls as
many as the town can assimilate
without blackening and souring, and
really   thoy aro    moro to bo pi tied
Prof. Starr, of the University of Chicago, in a lecture to
his class on prehistoric archaeology.
Prof. Starr declares he has found
geometrically perfect mounds or enclosures closely resembling the modern basoball diamond in the southern
parts of Ohio and Indiana. These
are generally believed to havo been
for purposes of protection, but Prof.
Starr says:
"They are nothing more nor less
than tho old ball Holds of tho mound
builders. The gamo as played by
theso old pooplo resembles our modern game closely. A ball mado of
wood or stone and Inclosed in skins
was used, and it was batted with
il s, ns In the present game. Tbs
most essential difference Ib that our
game calls for only nino players,
whilo in prehistoric tlmos ns many
as one hundred mon participated."
Says Valentine, ol tho New York
"If Longboat takes port ln tho
proposed Madison Square Garden
race it will bo a great struggle botweon him and Shrubb. Tho others
do not figure with the Indian nnd
Alf. in a race ovor a smooth track.
Shrubb would go out all tho way,
und beforo ten miles had been covor-
ed he would be half a mile ahead of
Longboat and miles ahead of Dorando and Hayes. The renl race would
como from the 15-milo point to tho
finish. After fifteen Shrubb's powers might stnrt to ebb, as he Is not
used to going so far. Here, too,
thelnditin would como faster at ovory stride, and it would be a great
struggle between the two through
those lust eleven miles,
"Longboat has proven repeatedly
thut he can run the full 26 miles,
and in rattling time, too. His Boston Marathon victory of 1907—20i
miles through first dust, then snow
then rnin, in 2 hours 24 jmlmites and
24 soconds, is the greatest Marathon
performance on record. To bent
this brand of running Shrubb would
need all his great Speed.
Dorando and Hayes have proved
themselves groat performers at the
Marathon distance, but neither has
ever shown well ln a track race,
Running 28{ miles over rough roads
in tho broiling sun, or through rain
and sleet, is a very different stunt
from running) a like distance on
nice smooth track under perfect conditions. Half the battle in a Mora-
Ihon is contending with cobblestones, heat, dust, hills and a hundred
things tlmt tho runnor does not moot
a track race. To run a dis
tnnco of this sort it takes a man
with logs like iron, a heart that
knows no exhaustion, and courage
le.yond nil expression. This sumo
sort of man might fall miserably In
n track rnco nt tlio same distance,
In which speed was more of a factor. That is why Longboat
Shrubb would outclass Hayes
Dorando lu such a rnco as is
Range  ^
How a Sask-alta
earns its money.
By indicating when oven is ready for
baking. By cutting out the "peeping"
into oven. By showing on its face what
is going on in the oven. By saving
"door-opening" heat. By substituting
certainty for chance
in baking results.
"Sask-alta" range
thermometer was
tested for six months
before one range was
sold. "Sask-alta"
thermometer is to
the housewife what
the compass is to the
ship captain.
I that a thorough fumigation, ovon   if
suffocation doos onsuo.
to how     much    nearer the Incident I than anything else.   What thoy'want
brings    Germany   towards co_rtdtu-l£ three weeks^   isolation and   nftor
I        _^^^^_~^^^__^_______«^_^_
The annual meeting of tho Nation-1 Just to evon out things nnd show
•_.'«• *. * nnnriM/iiim ' A,ll,noi of "I" Posters and Bill- how those things go thoro woro Na.
JOc ■    CARTWRIGHT  enl w'"   ta n»M ta Brooilyn    nixt nalm0 supporters who thought tholr
game had been sold.   Some of thom
New York, Nov. 17.—The Anmtour
Athletic Union today declined to recognize the disqualification of Jamos
Carpenter by the Amateur Athletic
Association of Great Britain, which
occurred after the Olympic games
Ths union also declared that undeletes registered with the union shall
not be allowed to compete ln international competitions unless the
management of the event is approved by the Amateur Athletic lUnion of
President Sullivan said that the
most serious mistake made liy the
British Committee ln charge of the
Olympic games was ln accepting the
entry of Tom Longboat, the Canadian Marathon runner, who, he said
was openly known to be professional. He declared that tho acceptance of Longboat's entry over    the
Following is,the only renl story,
according to the Toronto Telegram,
of how Tom Longboat, tho noted ln-
dinn runner, turned professional:
"Flnnngati was worried. Ono could
tell that us he loaned against tho
room rack nnd gnzed pensively towards tho door of the Grand Central Hotol. "Sure, 1 don't know
whnt to' do at all, nt nil. gentlemen," said Tom, addressing J. .).
Ward nnd Rov. J. II. Morrow. Theso
two had come down to implore Flanagan to allow Longboat to turn
professional, nnd thus gather in a
littio butter nhd egg monoy for his
old age.
It's nil very woll for you gentlemen to sny let him got the chnnge,
but whon I think of Tom Longboat
running professional races, mc stout
hoart heats with emotion. Sure I've
bean a mother to the, boy, carrying
him around tho country on mo buck,
like a papoose," continued tlio Slm-
coo stroot honiface, as he ondonvored
to stop tho floodgates of tours that
welled his eyos.
"Why, ho'd bo nn outcast," said
Flanagan, "We'd no longer bo on-
tertninod by tho reovo nnd town
council, and me tho bost uftor-dlunor
humorist linrrin' Ohnuncey M. Do-
pow; did you get thnt? Oh, dear
no, I don't, want the sociul semaphore turned ngnjnst thc boy just
"May wo mako so hold ns to nsk
if you are suffering from n malady
known ns cold foot'?" ventured tho
controller, a smile scintillating
through his sldo whiskers. "Oan you
In nny flight of fnncy imagine Dorando or Shrubb boating tlris runnor
from tho reserve';" Whereupon Flanagan almost swooned. "Bent Mr.
Shrubb," said ho, at the snmo time
giving Mr. Ward a withering look.
"Say, John, enn aces boat doueos?"
"I've soon it dono," replied tho latter.
"Well, Just for thut, nnd to show
you that Longboat can Tieat nnythlng outside a motor enr or nn ox-
press train, I'll givo me consent if
you'll appoint a committoo to look
nftor tho 'cash.' " And so saying
ho dospatched n. native runnor to tho
resorvo with tho following message :
"Como back to papa; all will bo
'Twas a sad day In tho lifo nnd
tlmos of Th omns Flanagan.
iMriM Twonto, Montreal, Winnipeg Vancouver, St. John, Hamilton, Calgary
Ladysmith Hardware Co.
botweon. Rhodes ■ nnd his wlfo for
somo timo nnd whilo undor the influence of liquor lie wont homo and
was refused admittance.
Wm. T. Lewis, of Columbus, O.,
who wos appointed state labor commissioner of Ohio, is a brother of
Tom L. Lewis, president of tho United Mino Workors.
SPRINGFIELD, 111., Nov. 191—All
nrrangomonts aro practically complete for the groat Corn Show to bo
held in this city during tiio coming
wook. The exhibition will occupy
three buildings and is designed to
be the largest afl'air of its kind ovor
given in this country. Tho chiof
purposo of the promoters of tho
show is to interest tho corn growers throughout tho country in modern, scientific ways of raising corn,
so thut tlio yield and the quality |
mny bo increased and improved.
Besides tlio corn itself,  thore  will   ^^^^^^^^
bo exhibits of kindred cereals and , horoby _,,,„ notlci) t,|at j ,ntond,
grasses, food and farm machinery to ,„„ko OI,p„catlon to tnB Uoard o(
nnd displays of most of tho 107 by- Licensing Commissioners of tho City
products, showing tbo process from 0f Lndysmith nt thoir next rogula'r
the raw material to tho market ar- meeting, for a transfer of tho rotail
tiolo. Tho com kitchen will show liquor llcenso hold by mo In respect
tho mnny ways corn is used ns a to tho promisos known as tho Ex-
food, and thoro will bo n course of tension Hotel
lectures by men high in I Iio ngricul- frnm
tural world on the scientific raising
of corn. The agricultural department of tho University of Illinois
will have charge of the educational
features of tho exhibition. |
 1          .  ...
Transfer Notices
I horoby give notico that I intend
to mukc application to tho Board
of Licensing Commissioners of tho
City of Ludysmith, at thcir next
regular meeting, for a transfer of
tlio retail liquor liconso now hold by
mo in respoct tho Queen's notol,
Lndysmith, from myself to Bernard
Ladysmith, B. C, Oct. 1, 1908.
Lndysmith, B. C,
myself to James Senini    and
Pnsln Berto.
Ladysmith, B. C, Octobor 7, 1908
NEW YORK, Nov. 10, — Consider- |
ablo public   interest is boing   manifested in the cuso of Enrique De Lara,  tlio lfl-yoar-old Dominican   who
will bo placed   on     trial noxt week
for the murder of Arturo Asceucio, a   ___   	
priest from Santo Domingo, who required oVcoui'iIaJiior, Vancouver"
wus found wounded in Contral Park Province of British Columbia:—
on September 14, nnd died two days Tenders will not lo considered un-
lutor. Do Lara, who confessed his less mado on tho form supplied, and
crlmo to tho polico, is ono of tho signed with tho nctnnl signatures of
youngest pers >ns over placed on trial tenderers.
in this city for murdor and also ono | Specification nnd form of tondor
educated. Ho speaks can bo obtained on application to
several languages fluently and spends G. A. Kcefor, Esq, Rosldont Engl-
most of his time in rending. His In- neer, Now Westminstor, and at the
thor is said to. bo a wealthy wholo- Dopartment of Public Works, Otta-
salo morchnnt of Snnto Domingo, wu. Tenders must included tho tow-
owning branch stores in Franco, Ger-1 ing of tho plant to nnd from the
many and England. | works. Only dredges can bo employed
Tho killing    of the priest wus   at which   nro   registered In Canada at
first thought to  bo a caso of   sul-, tho timo of filing of tenders.     Con-
SEALED TENDERS addressed tO'
tho undersigned and endorsed "Tender for Dredging Coal Harbor," will
bo received until Friday, 30th Octobor, 1008, at 4.30 p.m., for dredging
cide. Do Lara wns his protegee nnd
had como with hlm to Now York on
a pleasure trip. When questioned
by tho polico he confessed tho crlmo
and said ho had killed the priest
becauso ol tho luttor's depravity. Aftor shooting him through tho back
of tho head tho boy rifled tho
priest's clothes, lighted a cigarette,
and walked out of the park, Recontly he mndo nn unsuccessful attempt
at sulcldo ln tho Tombs.
PUYALLUP, Wn., Nov. 17,-Elmor
Rhodos was shot In tho head and fatally wounded by his cousin, a lad
by the nnmo ot Busbell, lust night,
whilo ongagod In trying to break
into his own heme 'cl' ho had
been forbidden to cntor. Two doctors oro attending tho wounded man
and thoy fear ho will not live. A
bullot from a .38-callbro rovolvor entered his nose nnd plowed Its way
through tho eyo, finding lodgment In
tho brain.    Thoro has been   troublo
SAN FRANCISCO,   Nov. 17.- In
n ellort to establish more clearly
the motive of Morris Haas who shot
Prosecutor Heney, tho polico have
renewed thoir examination of Mrs.
Mirriam Cohen, tho neighbor whom
Haas confided his intention of killing the oillcor who had exposed his
criminal record. Mrs. Cohen stated
that Huas had several times threatened suicldo and announced that he
would take unothor life when he klllod himself. On one occasion he declared, she said, that he was going
to kill his wife and thoir four children, Asked whether Hnus was evor
advised by anybody to kill Mr. Heney, she replied "No, not In thl
least. He had laid ln an off-hand
manner, howover, 'People say they
are sorry for me, and they fnel that
he ought to be fixed, and all that.
The.vdon't say lt In plain words, but
actions speak plainer than words.
They mean If they wero I, they
would take the law In their own
Early today Mr. Honey wai resting easily. During the night ho
slumbered easily nnd hls pulse, respiration nnd temperature were about
tractors must be rondy to begin
work within twenty days nftor the
dnto thoy have b)on notified of tho
acceptance of their tondor.
An accepted cheque on a chnrtorod
bank, pnyuble to the order of tho
Honournblo the Minister of Public
Works, for ono thousand dollars (tl- i
000.00,) must bo dopositod ns socur-
ity. Tho chequo will bo returned In
cuso of non-noeeplnnce of tender,
Tho Department doos not bind Itself to accept the lowest or any tondor.
By Order,
Dopartment ol Public Wnrkp,
Ottawa, October 7, 1008.
Nowspnpers will not bo paid for
this ndvorllRomont If they Insort It
without authority from tho Dopartment.
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, air
or foreign substance fused wllh
carbon. .Carbon gives toughness
slength, kceness and life.    > %
Thirty year's study of the razor
situation has shown a way to '
add the highest per cent of,
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
razor blade throng a secret
INQ living It a uniform diamond ■ like hardness-something absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered - razors,
land they arc Hamburg ground \
home-or have your barber use I
It on you-for thirty days WITH, f
BO' |i) Af
o. Telegraph News ofthe
World in General,
-> ♦-
*   O   tt   0   o
, * tt * *
Quebec, Nov. 18.—Premier
Gouin bus received the following telegram from Hon. R. McBride, premier of British Columbia:
Victoria, Nov. 17.—My colleagues of exccutivo council
and myself desire to express for
the imople ot this province our
deepest regret of tho doath of
Sir Henri Joly do Lothblnlerc,
who so long and wisely filled
position of Lieutenant-Governor.
tt « *
CHICAGO. III.. Nov. 17.—Ilolinnt
Billlk, convicted of tbe murdor of
five members of the V/.rul fa.mil, ,
was sentenced by Judge Barnes I
day to hang on Dec. 1.1. Tlio flgi i
of Blllik and his friends for Itbuiv
which carried tlie case before tl,c
Unltod Stales supremo ooui't, has attracted wddo attontion.
VANCOUVER, Nov. 18, —A Jap-
nnosu .anchor named Hagao was
shooting rats undor his houso at
North Vancouver this morning. His
wlfo appeared suddenly in tbo doorway and a bullet (lying wlv'.e wont
through hor honrt killing hor instantly.
LONDON, Ont., Nov. 18.— A. J.
Judgo, Dominion secret servico officer, was sentenced yosterdny to one
yeur nt hnrd labor in Toronto prison because of failures to pay fines
of $100 and 150 for having sold liquor to Indians, has been released
by ordor of tho Justice Department
at Ottawa,
Kenora, Ont., Nov. 19.—Oeo.
Frederic Johnson wus today
found guilty of tho murdor of
Mrs. Ella Ackcrmun on July 28,
and was sontencod by .Tustico
Burton to bo ltnngod on January *
20, noxt.
OSSTNING, N.Y., Nov. 10.—That
David Rothschild, the formor Now
York banker, who died in Sing Sing
prison lust Tuesday night came to
his doath through natural eausos,
was tho verdict announced by Coroner Squires at tho conclusion of inquest toduy. Tho inquest ovor tho
body hnd boon ordered after an autopsy had disclosed indications that
donth might huve have beon caused
by poison.
poi'tant of thoso undertakings iu that
at the Mill Stream, a point about
half a mile beyond -Nanaimo. Tbe
old wooden ,work hus been removed,
nnd in its place is seventy thousand
yards of gravel    und a   twenty-foot
is the deserter,  who decided  to risk
his life on tho trackless wastes     oi'
the Arctic regions in November, last
Morand    left tho ship nt Herschel,
and started    over tho ice floes     toward Dawson with n   sack of stolon arch-soinothing that will practically
■ provisions, which he hnd secured be- llist fo1' »" tl,n0-
ioro he loft tho ship.     How far    ho1   Among tlie other reciiiiin.on.l  inc.',
wns ablo to go in tho  northern coun, °'   the    oillciais o» the -roid
try will novor bo    known.     Soveral' nave been carried out nro „   ,     in
days later    his body wns found    In
a   floating hummock of ice by throe
natives who notified the inhabitants
of Ilerschol lslnnd.     Whon n   searching party found tho body next   day
there was nothing loft but tho torso.
BREST, France, Nov. 18.— The
police here havo arrested William
Von llrnum, a lieutenant reserve In
tho German imperial Guard who occupies a judiciary position in Berlin, on the charge of Immoral practices. From a cursory examination of voluminous correspondence
found ln Von Braum's room ln ono
of the best hotels hero, the pollco
atnte thnt in their opinion he Is also engaged In espionage.
! PEKIN, Nov. 19;—Thoro Is abso-
; lutely no truth in tho report tele
I graphed hero from Singapore and
elsawhero to the elYoct thut. l'okin
tn flames, and in thc llano's of a
mob and thut Prince Ching, president of tho foreign board is doad.
Nor is tho Dowager Empress Yeho-
nala ill. Ofllciul denial to these various rumors wore given todny and
telegraphed by the government
A 8700,000 EMBlir.'JLER.
CHICAGO, Nov. 19.-Poter Vlls n-
gen, a prominent real estate dealer,
and self-confessed forger to the a
mount of moro thnn §700,000, was
taken to the state penitentiary at
Jolietto today undor guard of Sheriff Strasshoin. Fear that the • disgraced  financier  migiht attempt sul-
SEATTLE, Nov. 19.—B. R. Reed,
formerly employed by R. T. Burnett
owner of the Dome Creek mine noar
Fairbanks, Alaska, arrested last
month on the chnrgo of stealing giold
from his employer, yesterday confessed his guilt and implicated other _n__777d
laborers in the stealing from mine
owners. In his confession Reed
"I gathered lho gold and sand in
hnndfulls out of tho rilllos, hid It in
my handkerchief or gloves or boots,
curried it home and washed it out.
My cleanings were from fifty conts
to four hundred dollars u day, and
I brought home the $'100 nugget. It
scared my wlfo, it was so large. Altogether I must have cleaned up
818,000 worth of gold. I havo
spent it all except tho 8800 dug up
in my front yard. What I havo
taken from Burnett's mine is not a
drop in the bucket compared with
the .stealings that have been going
on in tho Tanana district all summer, and are even going on now. I
know ono man who has $30,000
worth ,,f gold salted down."
Aftor Rood had agreed to testify
against other gold thieves when taken back to Alaska, he was released
on parole.
BOSTON, Nov. 18.-Before the six
day bicycle riders started upon the
third days' circling of Sauce track
today, there was some uncertainty
as to whether the field of twelve
teams will be reduced by one on account of Injuries to Don Walker, the
Australian, who was taken tn the
city hospital last night after a fall
Walker sustained only painful bruiser >'n». them wcre looked upon ns
likely to force his withdrawal..-.-..
At the conclusion of last night's j
ridlngi the dozen teams were still on
even terms. All having 442 miles
to their credit.
Los Angeles, Nov. 17.—A report
from the Needles, Cal., at 2.30 this
morning reports that the balloon
"United States" passed over that
city going, east over tho desert at a
'good rate of speed. The altitude of
the balloon was not high. At 2.25
p.m. Lai Vegas, Nsv„ sighted the
Laid   Out 45    Patients and Entire
Staff of    86 Nurses   With
Ptomaine Poisoning.
NEW YORK, Nov. 18,-The World
today lays: Forty-five private patients and practically the entire stall
of thirty-six nurses at the New York
eye and ear Infirmary are suffering
Irom ptomaine poisoning. It was
chicken irlcasM and chicken hash
served with a piquant sauce at dinner Monday night that caused the
.      AND  CROWN.
BERLIN, Nov. 11).—Two days havo
passed since Emperor William made
his statement to Chancollor Von Buelow regarding his obsorvancc in tho
futuro of the constitutional requirements of tho empire in the matter of
cide was given as tho reason for his inter, Ting in tlie foreign relations of
removal from the county jail at nn the stale and the German pcoplo nro
enrlior date thun had been expected,  oven less satisfied with the imperial
 p  : assurances than in tho beginning.
C_|AR  WILL  WA«C THROUGH    j   Thoro is throughout tho country an
STREEiS. !almost univorsnl    tendency to doubt
st.   PF/nwsiiuno.  Nov. ib. -Ith0 sincerity of the Kmtwor'fl Prom-
Tfio funeral in St. Petersburg, of «ses- J» fact the people seem to be
Gram) Duko Alexis, who died in Pur- thoroughly dissatisfied with the im-
is Nov. 14, will bo attended by Km- ,,e,.ini nsaurances as conveyod by the
peror Nicholas In person. His Ma- HoiBl.ha|17j Tho does not
Jcsty will follow tho casket on foot b *
through tho streets of tlie city. This hesitate lo intimate that tho Em-
will be tho first timo tho Emperor j eror cannot fulfill his implied obli-
haa boen scon on thu streets of St. g^tion to leave the conduct of the
Petersburg since MMM und tbe fact ... _ . '- .,.
is a striking testimonial of the pro- nat,0n s    nffalrs     fcP the responsible
deserving of specLI m'.iei.-O, . ■ *"\
which is the eonstr. cliun if
bridge at Ladysmith. WW J
was not an undertaking or t.■■ ni;i_i-
nitudo of that at Nanaimo, it was
by no means a sinecure, a gang of
men being employed almost the entire summer in order that it might
be finished before the rainy season.
Here also has been installed a ten-
foot arch, while the remainder of the
ravine along the route of the line
has been filled with 21,000 yards of
In addition to those enumerated,
soveral projects have been partially
The foundations for
new bridges have beon laid at the
Chemainus, Nanaimo end Cowichan
rivers. All that remains is to put
in position the new and modern
steel structures which have been ordered. The latter will be taken
from some of the eastern roads
whore it lias been found necessary
owing to remarkable expansion of
business, to provide more conuiui
dious bridges. Whilo they wiil not
be new, having left the factories
some years ago, they will be fur-
warded west in perfect shape, uny
repairs being needed being made in
the east before shipment. It is not
expected that they will reach the
coast until the spring at tho earlie3t
when no time will be lost in installation.
it is understood that the manage
ment of the E. & N. railway have
asked for the appropriation of a considerable sum for works of improvement and extension to take place
next year. Whether the money will
be available, howevor, cannot be definitely asserted. The contemplated
expenditure will have first to be
sanctioned by the C.P.R. directors
and it is believed that their verdict
will be made known somewhere
bout Christmas. If it is favorabli
and it is thought that tho adoption
of such a policy is more thnn Ukely
—marked advances in the railway facilities at present enjoyed by Vancouver Island are anticipated
natives had eaten tho body uf his
fattier, who bad died n few days before.
"They havo oaten it all themselves
without giving a single piece tu my
family or even to me, who am his
son," ho said and lie usked for redress because he considered himself
The wars botweon different villages
. • undertaken mostly with tho ob-
l! i iif procuring human flesh; hence
,n oners a|*0 never exchanged, but
. t ■   y*.    fattened    and    slaughtered.
 itiui.s nover complain,  in fact
naiiy consider it a treat to lie eat-
tn, owing to thu fact that boforo bong killed thuy spend two or three
ridnths in idleness and aro well fed,
while others are obliged to work.
Women aro not allowed to eat human flesh, at least none is givon to
them, but they.like it as much as
the men do, says Dr. Baccarl, and
generally manage to steal it. Tlio
favorite way of cooking human flesh
is in a sauce of pili-pili, that is rod
peppers, but often it is smoked to
be eaten when food is scarce.
CEO. i:   PICKARD;       m
President and M;
naging Director.
grass mado in appetising tin; people.
words nrt
nnd in some quarters
almost classified as
•   •
* Lot Angeles, Nov.  18.— AU
* Kaullinan ami Jim Barry were
* matched  last night to light 45
* rounds at the Jeffries club   on
* the night of Dee. 81.    The re-
* suit of the light, lt ls said here
* will eliminate one aspirant for
* heavyweight championship hon-
* ore.
.,-■ .        ,     Nov.  10— Publlo feeling
I.EMANS.  Nov. 10.-WI.bur Wright hpro „ m,t „__ _,„, ^   .^
the aeroplanist, had a narrow escape yestorday Irom serious injury
in an accident similar to that which
happened to his brother Orville at
Fort Moyer somo weeks ago. The
chain attached to. ono of tho propollors broko when ho was making
his second flight yestorday afternoon
and the machine began to turn ovcr.
Wright, with marvellous presence of
mind, re-estubllshod the balance of
tho aeroplane by leaning to one side
and cutting ofl the motor, descondod
ln safety.
Now Westminster, Nov. 18.— Remorse following the shame of being
arrested for drunkenness, is believed
to be the cause of suicide of Ah Say,
a  Chinaman.
Ho was brought up in the pollco
court last 'week charged with being
drunk. He pleaded gniilty and appeared to feel his position veenly.
Saturday he bolted nnd barricaded
the door of his shuck, on Mclnnes
street, and cut his throat with a
razor, also mutilating other parts of
hls body.
WINNIPEG, Man.. Nov. 19.—Hugh
Armstrong, member for Portage La
Pruirlo, was sworn In as Provincial
Treasurer in thc Itoblin Government
succeeding J.  II. Agnew, deceased.
Fernie,   Nov.     18.—The continued
of the interview Inst Tuesday
tween Chancellor Von Ituelow and
Emperor William. This meeting is
regarded as a practical failure because nothing clear and dofinite has
followed it.     The chancellor may lie
* Strassburg,     Nov.  19.— Tho  *
* Volsboto, a   clerical organ own *
* cd by two members of tho lleis- *
* chstag, Nicolaus     Deslor     and .*
* Karl     Hauss,    says   that tho *
* Chancellor     has   received     no *
* guarantees     that   the emperor *
* will unconditionally observe the *
* needful reserve, and it is deslr- •
* able that tho furthor anxiety of *
* the    pooplo be quieted.       Tho •
* licischstag soon will busy     it- *
* self with this subject again, it *
* continues, ond a   moro dofinite *
* announcement     thnn that con- *
* tained in tho Relcunzer must he *
* mado. •
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9 a. in.
Wednesday, Saturday and Sun
at 9:00, and 18:58.
For Victoria.
Trains l\tnm at !.3tlysmith
Daily at 11:57.
Wednesday, Saturday and  Sundn
At 11:57 and 17:55
From Victoria.
D. L. Ohetham
District Passenger Agent.
GREAT FALLS, Mont., Nov. 19-
Fourtecn men, charged with murder
iu Vulley county yesterday, pleaded
guilty to manslaughter, and were
sentenced to various terms ol im
prisonmont. The crime to which
these fourteen mon pleaded guilty
was an attack upon the cabin of
John Hayes and his family, which
resulted in the death of Hayes and
liis daughter. Hayes had Jumped n
claim which Walter Long had taken
up, and the settlers decided to rid
the country ol claim jumpers. They
joined Long in warning Hayes to
leave the country, and when he did
not go they went to the cabin at
night, shot through it, and attempted to set lire to it.
ln all sixteen persons were arrested for the crime. The Ilrst trial
wos that of Walter Long. It was
long and expensive and resulted in
his conviction to 35 years in prison.
Then followed the trial of hie brother Milo, who was sentenced to 13 J
years in prison. Two oi the men
turned statos evidence and they got
oil with a  jail sentence.
VANCOUVER, Nov. 18— Twenty-
four years and six months was the
aggregate sentence todny meted out
to Harry Field, allan Morgan Boser,
who twa weeks ago victimized Vancouvor merchants out of sixteen
hundred dollars' worth of diamonds.
Portions of the sentence, howevor,
will run concurrently, so that all
Field will serve will be six yean.
convinced, it is argued horo, thnt tho
Emperor will bo careful in tho future, liut the public men of llavnria
and the Bavarian press are awaiting
the months to como In ordor to soo
(or thoiusolvcs to what extent tlio
impcrinl pracllco will bo changed.
The Dayorlschor Kuricr exprosses
tbo hope that tho ilundesrath will
oPPoso strongly tlio personal policy
in foreign allairs, and tho Zeltungi
says tlie audience was disappointing
Tho Nousto Nnchrichten snys: "We
can only hope that thu lm|»rlal promises will bo kopt an urgent obllga-
hcavy rain, wlllch has lusted three tion rests upon the Roichstng.
days, shows no signs of abating and The matter will not be allowed to
il causing considerable damage. Dur- rest by tho Reichstag If tho Indira-
Ing last night a heavy galo prevail- tions of today nro fulfilled and there
ed, carrying away tho roof of the is reason', 'to lolieve that tho con
new .opera houso, now under con- test between tho crown and the peo
structlon. Tho heavy rain causod a pie has only begun.
cave-In of tho cellar wall of the new
Waldorf Hotel. A delay of some 12
hours to traffic today waa causod by
a bridge being made Impassable by
heavy timbers being washed against
the bents, three miles west of Mor-
rissey. ' j
PEKIN, Nov.     19.—Prince   Ching,
president     of the Board of Foreign
Affairs, has forwarded direct to all
powers friendly to Cbiuu a  personal
letter in the name of Fu Yi, tho infant emperor of China, sotting forth
the crisis through which the throne
hus passod during tlie last week.
These communications make a pica
for the now rulers of China who aro
unaccustomed    to Chinese procedure,
and     emphasize the odiciency     with
which    the events of the past week
have been conducted.
Several of    tho   foreign legations
here   have    expressed thoir surprise
aud gratification at the manner     in
which the    government is managing
the situation,     lt had been expected
up to    the present   time that    the
death ol tho Dowager Empress would
precipitate trouble, but the way   in
which tho new government bas assumed its responsibility has created
conlidence among tho diplomats aud
many foreign observers declare today that China has done well under 1102 Government St.
the trying circumstances. i	
The provinces still are quiet aud
ths   governmental machinery contin-    At    fj\      fT_0_?GRM
ues to work well.    The autumn man- * *           *
ouevres of the Chinese army have
been curtailed, but otherwise tbey
ure being carried out according to
original program.
Shanghai, Nov. 19.—The recent events at Pekin have been fully reported here and it is felt in Shanghai
that the future ot the Empire is
safe, providing* that the regent,
Prince Chun, retains the services and
the support of Yuan Shi Kal and
Chang Chi Tung,     the two members
of the Grund Council, who are    tlio     	
strongest of the presont day states- .. — ,,
men   of    China.    There is no fear    EXCelleilt   BO&FCllllg
here that the revolutionary societies (
will make trouble, and no troops
havo been sent from Shanghai or its
vicinity to Pekin. The Prince -Regent is regarded here as a good
man, but inexperienced in affairs of
the government and is weak, The
fact that ho is In dally consultation
with Chang Chi Tung is regarded as
good indication.
The valedictory of the late emperor issued in the form of an Imperial
decree at Pekin extols Ching's virtues and accords him praise for the
reform he introduced in the matter
of schools and industries, railroad
construction, mining development,
but particularly the promise to put
the empire on a basis of constitutional government within nine years.
This decree is considered as preserving the policy of the new government.
Yuan Shi Kal ls superintending tho
funeral obsequies    of the lats    em- HfliL
lhe Jones Hotel
Gatacre titreet.
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 4*
Dealer in All KindB of
Meats Delivered free uf charge on tbe
Shortest Notice.
Teacher ol Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard Office.
Union Brewing Co.
Liberal Govornmont    of Littio Provinco Oolnos Near  To
—Klcetinn roturn
tlvo tfains    in
loss in the oast.
P. E. I.,  Nov. 18.
■i Indicate Conserva-
tho wost and   some
Tho Liberals i-U.ini
isvil ami
>\v*\ pret-
Thousands of Dollars Spent in Post
Eight Months—More Improve
monts to be Mudo.
a majority of four.    Tlio t'onso
lives think ll  aboul nn even rtiv
Roth   loaders     arc  eleeled.
Hnssard'fl m doi '■■\   In Incro;
louder Muthioson's is out •!■
ty close.
OansorVfltivp9 row claim six members from Prince, ono from Quoom
and Glght from Kings, Pretty fill
returns give sixteen government um
fourteen opposition.
Elcctod by counties:
Kings —Liberals: McDonald, Co.\,
Mclnnis. ConservnUves: McDonald,
Mcl/'un, Morson, McKinnon, Prjwsd
Mutliieson. McDonnld.
Prince-Liberals: Gallant, Agnew
McWillinms, Richards'. Conservn
tives: Dobie, Ar.sennult, .1. Kennedy
Deluney, MeN'oil, Wyatt.
Quoens-Lihoruls: Smith, McMillan,
Laird, Oumrniskoy, palmer, iiussnrd,
Irving.  Hughes.  Wuiburton.
Wm. Roid, commissioner of rgrl-
culturo, and J. Road, of tunnel fame
uro umong tho defeated Liberals, tho
latter losing by a  few votes.
Tho lost houso stood 21 Liberals.
9 Ponsorvntivcs.
Lndybmitb, D. C.
! HI
Hotel Cecil
Best Liquors and Cigars.
Full Stock of Minors' Tools.
,    Ship  Repairing Work
A Specialty
All  kinds  o.   lllacksmithing
bone at Short Notlcs.
* Fskin, Nov. 19,-An official ol *
* Uu foreign   hoard    ol govern- *
* mint in reply to a  direct   re- *
* quelt today, gave formal    a*- *
* surance that tho new adnmiis- *
" trutlou   would promote    with *
* vigor the   reforms inaugurated *
* by tho lato Emperor.     A num- •
* her of edicts   with a  political *
* hearing have l>een promulgated *
* since Nov. IA, and all show *
' that n  progressive and modern *
* Chinese   empire     is   intended. *
* several spccillc reforms have al- *
* ready beon    entailed for fulllll- •
* ment upon tho regency of Prince •
* Chun. •
paror, and thero is no indication
here that ho has lost any of his influence or power. The temporary
suspension of a number of native
banks In Pekin has had no effect upon the linuni'ial conditions at large
Ths difficulties of these Institutions
resulted from the fact that thoy
were the local depositors of imperial
Barclay & Conlin,
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Studio in Williams' Blocks
On the 1 Jiplanmie.
Ladysmitli,   B. O.
Now York, Nov. 17,-The date of
the trial of Broughton Branenburg,
tho writer, who In undor Indictment
on a charge of grand larceny, growing nut of tho snlo of an article,
purporting to hnvo heen written by
the late Grover Cleveland, was today fixed for Nov. 80.
Branenburg was arraigned In riuit' -.7 —,'*    1' iL~ ,       ...
and pleaded not guilty     A request ,t"rvcd to d«"th' WBS l*0"***
of tho defendant to inspect the minutes of the grand Jury waa denied.
VICTORIA,     Nov. lU.-Thousands
  of dollars havo beon oxponded    dur-
—— ing tlio past    eight months ln    1m-
SAN FItANCISGO,  Nov,  18.—The provemonts     to the roadbed ol the
news of the tragic fate of a desert- 13, & N. railway.    The result of lho
cr who was lost on a  floating    Ice- season's work is that soveral of tho
berg and eaten by animals of     tho longest trust lu structures on tho nor
Arctic region, after he had    slowly them part of tho line have beon   ul
to iminutod, being replacod by penuan
LONDON, Nov. 17,-An Italian naval surgeon, Dr, Baccal'li who sjamt
four years In tho Congo Free Stato
on a scientific mission, has just pub
llshcd n book about his expedition,
which contains some Interesting
tails about tho customs of tho
j Will be in Lndysmith every Wednesday at the Abbotsford Hotel, Room
0,    Readings and treatments wlll be
WASHINGTON, l).t'„ Nov.  18.-A  given.     Bost of references glvon as
woman has some rights   and thoy in-  t0 work „       ,„ Nalla|„10.
elude tho soorching of hot- husband s j
pockets, according to a decision   of i	
Judge Mullowncy of tlio District   of 1
Frankfoit Sausage, Head
Cheese Pickled Tripe
I       Earn Sausage
flPSWaofto Liver Sausage, Blood Pudding
Brown  Bologna, Corn Beef,
Pickled Pork Hams and Bacon
Chicken aud Veal and Lard.
Always on Tap at
Ryan's Butcher Shop
Dr.   Uaccnr! says that tho natives | him.    You havt
nro cannibals    simply because   thoy enough to know
liko human (lush, and they oat tholr somo rights,
follow-creiitiiros with the same indif-
fei'cnco as wo   do animal food.    Al
native who had boen brought up by
Columbia polloo court'
"Tt shows   tho   interest a woman
has In you,"     the court hold.     "It
de-1 shows that sho loves you.  A.  woman
na- \ who does not go through the pock-
ots of hor   husband   does not   lovo
boon htarrlod   long
that a woman   has
snid they sometimes got along line,
nml sometimes scrapped,
"Tho wny with all regulated families," declared thc court, "Go buy
your wife somo chrysanthemums,'"
Ridgeway wns put under bond to
koop tho poaco.
______________________________________    „,,  , Europeans   and    taught to   abstain
this port todny by the whalot   Knr- ont bridges or completely filled     ln from. human flesh complained ono day
hik.    Fred    Morand, a  Frenchman, by gravol.     Perhaps tlie most    lm-  to tho local   magistrate that some
Tho defendant. Geo. 'Mdirway was
arivsted yesterday on bis wlfo's complaint that he threatened to knock
her hend oil, nnd he objected to his
wife's taking liberties with his pockets whilo ho slept. Tho defendant
 J  ..
TORONTO. Out., Nov. 19.— Prof.
'A. R. Rain, reglslrar of Victoria Col
lege, died today, agod 00.
i botographer
rirst Class Photos,
Cnllor.v on  Find  Avohua
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Sabbath Services.
Morning.—11 a.in,.
■Rvening—7 p.m.
Sabbath School-2:30 p,m.
Evening Sunject—"The Man
Had Knowledge, but Lacked
A cordial  invitation  to  theso advices is given to all.
R. WILKINSON,   Pastor.
I_r. F. C. Fishor and son went up
to Nanaimo this morning.
Mr.    J.  W.  Coburn,  of Nanaimo,
wns in town this morning.
Mr.  Clinton,  of Cumberland,
town yesterday morning.  ■
I The Young Men's Club meets tonight in tho Methodist Church at 7
p.m. All mombors urged to nttond.
R. Wilkinson,  pre r o   .
Miss Hosie Lewis left town yesterday morning for n holiday in Victoria.
Miss McLeod, of Wellington, went
down to Victoria yesterday morn
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Mr.  J. M. Morgan
to Victoria yesterday
returned home
Mr.  Fletcher, of Victoria,
short   visit to    Nanaimo,
home yesterday morning.
after   a
Mayor Nicholson
Victoria yesterday
went    down to
morning on oity
A meeting of the W.C.T.U. will be
held on Monday    evening nt   seven
, o'olock. Tho executive will meet
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• which is long for our great and
only Martin. Thoy aro installed In
J. E.  Smith's shop.
Dr. and Mrs. Frost paid a   visit to
Nnnalmo this morning.
Capt. Cutler, of the SS. Wellington, camo up from Victoria this morning, to take charge of his ship.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ward wont up to
Nanaimo this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Charlior took tho
train to Wellington this morning.
Mr.' Ralph Smith, M.P., was a passenger on tho Victoria train yesterday morning.
Mr. Alex. Forrester, of Nanaimo,
wus aboard the Victoria train yosterday morning.
Mr. Jns. McKinnoll, of Stovely was
in town lust week.
Mr. and Mrs. .las. Adam went up
to Nanaimo Thursday afternoon.
Mr. Wm. Thomas, of tho Royal
City Gas Improvement Co., Ltd.,
passed through town Thursday morning.
FOR SALE—Cheap; Small Steol
Rango. Apply W. H. Smith, Contractor. nll-3t
Mr. C. M. Richmond, of San Francisco, is in town. Mr. Richmond is
the representative of the White Sowing machine for which Mr. R. G.
lessup is tho local agent. Mr. Richmond will givo demonstrations on
the machines on dates to be announced.
* BERLIN, Nov. 18.—'The results *
* of representations mado to Em- *
* poror William yesterday by Chan *
* cellor von Buelow and thc conso *
* quent Imperial    pledge to   keep *
* both the speeches and the   acts *
* of his majesty within close con- *
* stitutronnl bounds,  are measur- *
* ed in colder mood by the people *
* of -Germany today.    The Emper- *
* or is still    much isolated from *
* the sympathies of both tho upper *
* and lower levels of society. *
* The talk among the friends of •
* the Chancellor and the Ministor
* is that they must wait to   seo
* how the Emperor acts when tho
* next keenly    interesting   public *
question comes up. *
Doubt exists as to whether at *
the age of 50, tho Emperor's im- *
pulsive and candid disposition *
can be so deeply modified by the *
events of tho post fortnight that *
he will depart from a praotloo *
he has followed during the twen- *
ty years of his reign. *
Princo Von Buelow and his *
party will pursue an opportun- *
1st policy, affirming resalutoly •
that the imperial conduct will *
faithfully follow the Imperial *
words. *
Miss Barbara Jackson left town
this morning for Victoria where she
will  in future reside.
Mrs. Richard Ivoy was a passenger
on the Victoria train this morning.
Mr. John Bland and daughter wont
down to Victoria this morning.
You may hare your own opinion
about the worth and value of a real
live Grand Duke; but Winch's Grand
Ibike Cigar is class all over and
rlght'through. It is the best smoke
In town, Is made in town and haa
[first call In town. XX
A cash trade is a sure trado and
therefore a good trade. For cash
down tho business man can always
afford a reduction, and Genr has decided to make this a rule at his Ideal Grocery. With some few exceptions a 2j por cent, on nil cash purchases nt his storo. Call and seo
him. It is a genuine offer to cash
The S.S. Wellington, nfter a long
absonco from port, is iu for a cargo of coal. Thc Titania will clenr
shortly for 'Frisco.
S. Leiser & Co. Wide Taffeta Ribbon at 2 yards for 25c. Can't be
beat. ' X
There will be no services in
John's Church tomorrow. Rev
Heath's successor has not yet arrivod, but he is on his way and is
expected to ho here in the course of
tho noxt week. Services will be
held next Sundny und will afterwards lie continued as usual.
Wt cannot say who will bt eleeted
on the 20th; but there la any amount of money to bet that the
Grand Duke Cigar wlll beat the combined vote of all its rivals In the
constituency. Smoke ths winning
cigar even if you do bank on the
losing candidate. XX
The sacrifices that a newspaperman
is called upon to make to minister
to tho needs nnd humors of his renders are at any time better imagined thnn described. Hero is friend-
Carley poring and pondoring o'er
matters of state, scratching and
scrawling after ond nbout the oltr
slve local item and all with n singlo
eye to the glory and edification of
Chronicle readers.
Penman's Elastic
All Wool Under-
wear heavy ribbed
Regular 13.00 a
suit selling for
$2.00 a suit.
JSee Our Window
Ladies' Black Llama Hose — the
There It out good thing to bt got
in Victoria. That is Wineh's Grand
Duka Cigar which is on sale at Wes
temdale Railway Cigar Store, oppo
site the E. & N. Station, at the
James' Bay Cigar Store, opposite
the C. P. R. Hotol, and at the Hub
Cigar Store on Government Street,
run   by   Dave Lewis and Jesse Ev-
a°"' . XX
According to both tho Hornld and
tho Free Press, Messrs. Colo &l Kll-
Hck oro going to open up a moving
picture show here on tho 80th of tho
month. Of courso, as has already
boon moro thnn onco stated in tho
Standard, Mayor Nicholson hns boon
contemplating this step for weeks
Howovor, the engine hns not yot
Iwon Installed, and it will all depend
upon what condition His Worship's
lcaso Is renewed whether it ovor goos
Mr. II. Hughes paid a visit to Nanaimo yosterday in his official capacity as District Deputy Grand Mas-
tor of the order of Mosons. He accompanied Mr, W. K. Houston, of
Victoria, tho Grand Master, who visited a Joint meoting of tho two Nannimo Lodges, Ashlar and Doric. Aftor tho session, a banquet Was served at thc Windsor Motel, ut which
about ono hundred of tho brethren
sat down, and toasts and responses
with tho good choer while away
fow most pleasant hours.
Now that the embargo against
public meetings has beon removed it
wlll bo possible for the Extension
people to got into town to trans'
act thoir business. Tho prohibition
against using the local train has
been a great hardship to Extension
families and a sorlous loss .to tho
buslnoss men horo, now that we havo
got back to status quo ante or
whoro   wo wero   beforo tho prohlbl-
A BY-LAW to authorize the borrowing of a sum of $50,000 upon tho
security of Sewer Rates and Sower
Rentals, with the Guaranteo of tho
Oity of Ladysmith.
-Whereas it is expedient to install
a sewerage system within the City
of Ludysmith, British Columbia.'
AND WHEREAS It is intended to
borrow tho sum of $50,000 upon the
security of tho sowor rates und sower rentals which shall be imposed,
levied and collectable on the sowers
installed in the said sewcrugo system by tho Corporation of tho City
of Ladysmitli (either bv way of
frontage rents or taxes and sewor
connections ,. rental or ns tho caso
may bo) according to tho tenor of a
by-law or by-laws to Iio passed for
that purpose by the snid Corporation after tho duo passage of the
within contained by-law.
AND WHEREAS it is proposed to
givo the guarantee of the Corporation of tho said City for .securing
tho sum of money intended to bo
AND WHEREAS the amount of
said sewor rates and sower rentals as
aforesaid which wlll bo imposed, lov-
led and collectable after thc installation of the said sewerage system,
is estimated at $4800.
AND WHEREAS the said amount
of monoy Intended to be borrowed
pursuant to this by-law, will bo
primarily charged and secured upon
the sower rentals and sewor rates to
bo assessed and levied collectable annually undor tho authority of a bylaw or by-laws to bo passed as
AND WHEREAS tho computed amount to be collected annually as
aforesaid from, the sewor rentals and
sewor rates to pay tho interest at 6
por centum por annum upon tho said
sum of $50,000 is $3,000, and tho
amount required to bo sot aside an
nunlly to boar interest at 3 por
centum por annum to repay tho said
sum of $50,000 In 25 yoars is estimated at $1,871.40 and it Is estimated that there will not bo any
AND WHEREAS it is proposod to
borrow tho  said sum of $50,000 up-
Therefore the Municipal Council of
the Corporation of the City of Ladysmith, enacts as follows :
1. The moneys l-1ist-.i under 'this
by-law shall be expended in the construction of sewers ami for the purposes generally mentioned in this
by-lnw, and for no othor purposes.
2. It shnll bo lawful for the Mayor of the Corporat, on of the City of
-Ladysmith to borrow oir^tho security, primarily, of the said sewer
rates and sewer rentals to be imposed, levied and collectable by a bylaw or by-laws to lie passed as
aforesaid (and by either or by any
of the ways as aforesaid or hy any
of the ways mentioned In tho Municipal Clauses Act) and by wny of
guarantee upon » r-lit of the
said Corporation by way of the do- j
bonturos hereinafter mentioned, from
any person or persons, or body or,
bodios corporate, who may be willing to advanco tho same as a loon, j
a sum of money not exceeding In!
the wholo tho sum of $50,000 cur-j
rency. and to cause all such sums so
raised or received to bo paid Into
the hands of the Treasurer for person acting as such) for the Corporation for the purpose and with the
object hereinbefore referred to. The
snld deboiiturcs shnll contain tho
gunrantoo of tho said City of -Ladysmith, in the following terms, or ns
near thereto ns may lie:
"Tho payment of the principal
" moneys and interest thereon un-
" dor this debenture at the respec-
" tive dates when the same fall due
" under tho terms of this debenture,
" is hereby guaranteed by tho Cor-
" porntion of thc City of Lady-
" smith.
3. Tt shall be lawful for the said
Mayor to cause any numbor of debentures to be made, executed nnd
Issued for such sums as may be required, not exceeding, however, the
sum of $50,000 currency each of tho
said debentures buing of tho amount
of not less than S1,000 currency and
all such debentures shnll ho sonlod
with the seal of the said Corporation and signed by the Mnyor thereof and countersigned by the City
4. , Tho Debentures shall boar thc
dnto of tho day after the final passing of this by-law and shall be payable in 25 years from the said date
at thc office of the Corporation of
tho said City of Ladysmith (or at
such other ploce as may lie designated thereon) and shall have attached to thom coupons for the payment of interest and the signatures
to the interest coupons may bo either written, stamped, printed, 'or
The said Debentures shall boar
interest nt the rote of   6   per   centum per nnnum from the date thereof,
payable half yearly on thc lust   duy
of June and   December in encli   and
overy year until thc redemption   of j
the said debentures at the office   ofj
tho clerk of the Municipal Corporation of the suid City of Lndysmith, j
or at such other plnco ns   may   bo I
oxpressed   n the   debenture   or   cou-1
poii. i
6. It shall he lawful for the Mayor of the said Corporation to dls-i
poso of the snid debentures at a
rate below par, and to tho Treasurer to pay out of the sums so rais-1
ed by tho sale nt the Said delten-1
tures all expenses connected with
tho preparation and lithographing of
the dobontures and coupons or any |
discount or commission ot- other j
charges incidental to the sale of tho,
snid debenture:,.
7. -So much of tho moneys col-1
lected for nnd received liy tho City,
Treasurer under the provisions of
tho by-lnw or by-laws to be passod
aftor the passage of this by-law us
aforementioned as shall bo sufficient to provide tho annunl interest
on tho moneys borrowed on tho security of th,' said debentures nnd
tho nnnunl sinking fund for tho repayment of the principal moneys duo
upon the said debentures shall, immediately on receipt thereof, bo sut
asldo by the sa >' l':ty Treasurer
and placed by him to a separate account with the Bankers of the Corporation of the City of Lndysmith,
and thoreout shall bo paid the coupons or interest upon the said debentures or borrowed moneys us , tho
same shall from time to time fall
duo, nnd the moneys to provide tho
said annual sinking fund shall bo
placod on deposit and with tho interest thereon shnll be allowed to accumulate, nml thoreout shall be paid
the principal moneys borrotfed, as
tho said debentures shall from timo
to timo become duo.
8. This By-Law shall, beforo tho
final passing thereof, rocolvo the assent of tho Electors of the suid Corporation in the mnnnor provided for
in tho Municipal Clauses Act, and
shall take effect on tho day after tho
final passing thereof.
9. This By-tLnw may not bo altered or repealed save with tho consent of tho 'Lioutcnnnt-Govoriior-in-
10. This By-Law shall bo cited os
"The Sowers By-Law, 1008."
Passed tho Municipal Council tho
10th Day of November, 1008.
We havo blankets in Whito,
Grey, Rod or Dlack, Single,
Three-quarters or Double, from
(i, lbs. up to IO lbs. Wo carry
Canadian. English or Scotch
makes so it is no trouble for
us to suit, you in Hlonketa.
See our Sr'e'Uq! White Blankets nt S3.7-5 a pair.
Right from the Cotton   But-
tin filled up ■   real down.
Prices from SI.75 up.
All Work Guaranteed.
Tho Last Week
Entire Stock to Go.
For bargains In watches,chains,
brooches, pins and rings, you
have a choico of a life timo.
For tho noxt 30 days you can
get tho highest quality Jewelry
at your own price—as everything
must go.
Come, and
my Stock of Latest Styles In
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
High Street.
and Oilcloth
with   llown   nnd    Fon-
From 50c to
For Linoleums  and   Squares.
Jewelry Storo
lst Avenue
B.   C.
Il Is Time To Buy
Xmas  Cards
Call in and look over our stock
H. HUGHES, 1st Avenue
Wall Papers
Ocme and Make Tour
Selection—new stock
fresh in.
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Street
Pay Day
Head Office - - Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000   :   REST $5,000,000
Bank Money Orders
li nnd under      -      -      - 3 conts
Over |5 and not exceeding $10, (I   "
"   $10      " " $80, 10   "
"   $30      " " $60, 15   "
These orders Are pnyalile nt par ut any omco Iti
Gana_cf a t'harterel Dank, except in the Vitkon,
and at thc principal Innk ng point* in tlie United
Tlie.v ars nctfotlible nt $4.00 to tlie - ,1,-rlinj.' ill
(treat Britain und Ireland. They hnn an excellent
method ot rinittdmr small funis ot tnone..- with safety
and at small rort and It-uy be obtaii.cd without delay
as any ottloe of thc 11 ink
LADYSMITH 11KAN01I    1!   I,. II, DlOnx, Mummer
Hamilton, Nov. 20—Vlole Norton,
12 years old, who lives In Dundas,
wns run ovcr and killed today by a
car while crossing the track of tho
Hamilton & Dundns railway. Her
foot caught in a  frog.
Children's Clothitfg
and Gents Furnishings
All At Bargain Prices
John Thomas
How can we afford to be
without'one of those lprge
roomy Chester' Drawers
or Chiffoniers when we
can get them right here'
in our oity for $12.00, <
$15.50 and $20.00, with
or without Mirror at
Furniture Store
Phone l-i
first -Avonue.
/House Repairing or noise
House, miMing sod Oeitril
Cari*ii."r vm.____tc-
%   i% O'BRIAN   )K I
Tho Rov. H. A. Heath is leaving
town, antl is soiling oil his household odecta. No roasonablo oiler
will ho refused nnd tho furniture and
goods can be Inspected at any time.
Blocks of land,    near Ladysmith,
from S to 10 acres.   For particulars
apply to O. Gardner. slB-lin
FOR SALE—A houso on tho cornor
of Methuoo and Third Ave, Six
rooms and pantry, half a lot, cultivated, with fruit trees. Apply or
Tako notice that tho above ls a
truo copy of tho proposod By-law,
upon which tho voto of tho Municipality will he taken at the City Hall
Ladysmith, on Saturday, 28th November, 1908, nl 8 a.m.
tlon, It ls understood,
has been re-
For those who wish them early'
Gome and see our assortment of DOLLS.
Beat for Value
Can't be
THE HOLT ORDER, By Marie Oorelli
And other latest books on sale
Knight's Book Store
FOR SALE-A kitchen stove, either coal or wood. Apply Rev. Job.
McMillan, Third avonue.
Come In
And See
Samples Of
That Oar Celebrated
Whole Stook English
Kip fit Boots are
made out of.
We have also made
from tbe Stook a
Special Smelter Shoe
for Gharge-Wheelers
that ought to give
We have a side of
leather so as to show
you exactly what
these shoes are made
Just Arrived
Gall and Se_ Them
Terms to Suit all Buyers
Leiysiri (_ Piiarr
E. STASIEV Mino-, A'.'ltm,
Have you scon those two
Pumpkins in our window?
Do you think you can guess
how many seeds thoro aro ln
each *?
Wo nro going to glvo a prizo
of S10 worth of Grocorlos to
tho one guessing tho nearest
numbor of, Seods In tho larger
ono, und SS worth to the ono
guessing tho nearest to tho
numbor In the smaller ono.
Every Dollar spont with us
from now until Now Yoars Evo
entitles you to a guess.
iYou might win both prizos
If you nre a gootl guossor.
Just Arrived
A New Line of
Novelties and
Fancy Goods at
Kioht   Pitrciiu,
KjcKelvia Bros.
Tolophono, 4.      P.O. llox 805
|    Assortment Of
i!  GOODS   j:
Suitable for Christmas ;;
• • Gifts: . ;;
Handkerchief Cases     !.
Baby Ribbon Cases
Mending Bags
Calenders, etc
iMiss Uren*


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