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Ladysmith Standard May 16, 1908

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Girls' Vlcl Kid Shoes, Patent Toes, sizes 11 to 2  S1..-10 i
Oirls' All-wool Double Knee Stockings, O.J to 8 in. por pair       25c ,
LadloB' Cnshmoro Hose, per pair       2.V: i
Boys' Straw Huts to clear, oach       150 [
Children's Straw Sailor Hots,  ouch       2fic .
Hoys' Sorgo and Tweod (Jups, each      -15c '
Heavy ltib Pit, Sox. 5 pair lor Si 00 ,
You will find theso'SNAPS In tlio Baskets nt tho door.    Don't .
be afraid to look them over. -
Full Size, Whito lloil Spreads, at   11.60 each ■
2     Specials on the Grocery Side    2       ;
14 Ib. Boxes, Host Oroamory Butter  $4.50 •
Folgors'  linking Powder, per tin       85c '
BLAIR & ADAM.        f
try oiik a-sh('j'ofj' potatoes, x
Lest Ye Forget
1 hog to remind you that you oan always count on
havlnff,tlid very article you Rood, nnd at Trices that suit.
yityiyif up ifif if i-yiyiyiTlT'^*Vl'SPWf JV<T'<r»T'ir'V'y''rw-yw.
Good Tackle
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+ Cut Glass In tho Hlghost Do. T
T greo of   Perfection   and   most I
T boaullful Designs.                     4.
I Sugar and Oroam    Sots,   NutT
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T Decanters,  Vases, Etc., Etc.     I
♦ Silver Pinto, tho production of J
T tlie best Sliver    Plato Factory 4
TT In  Canada,  fully gynrantood.   f
Tea Sots, Cako Bdskots, llultor-t
4- Dishes,  Cruets,    te„ etc.,     al-f
T ways on hnnd.                             t
T      Watchmaker and Jowolor.     •
OMAHA, Neb., May 1S.-AI least
live persons killed, two fatally injured and a scoro moro badly hurt,
and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property, wore destroy
ed by a tornado which lato yesterday afternoon passod over portions
of Snrpy Case and Nepla counties.
Telegraph and phono wires aro down
so thut full details aro not obtainable, and it Ib foared thut thero may
bo moro mimes tu add to tho doath
list whon nil ls known.
Besides the damago dono by wind,
lho heavy rainfall cnused floods that
badly demoralized tho railways In
the district mentioned. Tho honv-
iest property losses so far as heard
. from were sustained by the Unitod
States Army post at Fort Crook,
and tho Presbyterian college at Belle
vuo. .
Dallas, Tex., May 18.—Ono person
is known to havo boon klllod, several others sustained serious injuries and considerable property dam-
ago resulted from a tornado which
swept through tho northern section
ot the state yestorday.
At I.oford, Tex., Mrs. Bowley lost
hor life, and hor husband was Injured when tholr homo, a two story
structure, was demolished. At this
place a mimlor of burns and small
building! were deatruyed.
At Orandall about 60 houses wcro
destroyed. Among the buildings destroyed ore the Christian Church and
shelter home.
In the vicinity ol Qalnesvlllo a
number of small buildings woro demolished.
Both telegraph and phone communication with the storm.swopt lection are Interrupted and only the
most meagre roports are al yot obtained.      Ib
NO B. 0. CUP
'LAl'ORTE, Ind., May 18,-Coi'o-
nur Mack lias inude public tho results of his investigation on all the
known bodies o.vcopt that supposed
to huvo Ijoou OIo lluddstiorg, of loin,
His., In the tluiness murder farm
case, lt is expected that tho mystery surrounding tho bodies yet un-
Identiliod will nover Lo fully solved.
Tho decomposed stato of tho frag-
mciit.iry masses of llesli and bonos
makes lilentlllcatlon pructlcally Impossible.
What developments aro to como
probably will bo ln tbo direction ol
establishing tho idontity of moro of
lho mysterious mou seen to enter tlio
farm houso but nover to loavo it.
Yesterday lliroo such persons wore
connoctofl with tbo Uulnoss woman,
the ovldonco regarding John Moo ol
Elbow l.uko, Minn., and Hy. floor-
holt, of Scandinavia, Wis., being almost conclusive The fate of Geo.
Brady of Tjiskulu, ill., Is less certain. Moo was traced to tho farm
house by moans of tho actions that
preceded his visit, and which were
startllngly slmllur to thoso brought
to light In tho cases of Olo Budds-
borg and Andrew Holgeloh*. Each
of tho mon enshod a chock, draft or
note fur a considerable amount at
one or the othor of lho local banks,
and at tho doslis of tbo cashiers all
trails ond,
It Is conslilorcd probnblo thnt    on
Inspection of books ol the banks will
rovoul further ovldonco of a similar
Wlnnli'OK, May 15.—ln the Northern League I asolmll sorlos hero and
at Brandon yesterday, the Winnipeg
Maroons defeated lho Duluth Whlto-
sox by 5 to 0, whilo Brandon defeated Fardo, N.D., by 6 to 1.
Thoro is, according to tho Herald
to be no competition for tho B. 0,
Challenge Cup this year. At a
meeting- on April 21), held in tho
Grand Hotel, Nanaimo, it was decided that in caso only Ladysmith
ontered for tbe competition tho lirst
gamo would bo playod hero, and the
final In Nnnnimo. In the event of
a tio, the venue of the extra gamo
was to lie decided by drawing from
tho hat. At that mooting thoro
wero present .Messrs. II. Yates and
W. Graham for Nanaimo, and Messrs. ,1ns. Adam and R. R. Hind-
lnarch for ladysmith. Mr. R. Adam
prosified and Mr. Bergeron noted as
secretary. The motion carried by
lho casting vote of the chair.
It was also, agreed to oxtond the
time for receiving entries up to Wednesday, May 14, tho noxt mooting
boing llxed for tho evening of that
Messrs. Adam and Hindmarch
found it impossible to attend this
mooting, and indeed they did not see
very much necessity for putting
themselves to such inconvenience.
Thero had beon no news of outside
entries, aud it was safe to assume
that only the two local teams would
bo competing. Tlio conditions in
that cuso had already been agreed
upon nnd recorded on the minutes of
tho Association, so that thero was
nothing really to do but enter tho
team. That business ulso Messrs.
Adam nnd Hindmarch regarded as a
mere formality; Thoy hud given
practical assurance at the meeting
on tho 2Uth of April that their team
would compete, arid botwoon two
clubs, where sportsmanship rather
than technicalities is tho determining (actor In action, this ought to
huvo sulllced.
However, thoy decidod to wrilo the
president, Mr. Robt. Adam, and formally enter the team. They entered tho team upon the conditions o-
greed upon, and only upon thoso
conditions. Thoy also thought of
sending the S10, but decidod thnt it
was hardly necessary as botweon tho
two clubs. lino could always trust
tho other to pay Its foes.
Here is tho sequel ns told in Thursday morning's Herald:
"Thero will bo no competition for
tho B.C. Challenge Cup this year, ns
whon tho timo for receiving entrios
expired lust evening no teams had
declared tholr intention of pliryin?
Nanaimo for tho cup, which tho locals won lust year Irom Ladysmith,
Last evening a communication
was rocoivod from tlio Ladysmith'
Football Club stilting thoy would enter n teum provided that In cnso of
a tie. the place whero tho final
should be ployed would bo decided
by tho (lip .of a. coin, nnd on no
condition would thoy ontor a tonm
if tho final wns to bo ployod In Nanaimo.
The cup referred to In tlio opening
paragraph of this articlo was sub-
scribed by citizens of Nnnalmo, and
ono of the conditions under which
tho cup was glvon wos that In caso
of a tio tho final gamo must bo-
played In Nanaimo.
These were the some conditions undor which Ladysmith played last
your and mado no objection to, but
this yoar they think otherwise, nnd
so have not entered u team, which
nrlion loaves the cup la Nnnnimo for
.mother your at loast."
How Iho real facts stand with ro-
"iird to tbo string of misroproscnlu-
Llona contained in this articlo Standard readors can compare for thorn-
solves. Hero thoy nro in order:
Firsl, Ludysmith entered a   team.
Second, The conditions nskod for
by tho malinger were tho conditions
reguittrry adopted at tho previous
meoting of tlio Association.
Third, Tho manager nevor stnted
his loom would not play If tho final
were played In Nannimo. Tho llnal
might havo fallen to bo played there,
evon with tho draw. All that tho
local club wanted was that thoy
should havo an ouuul chance with
Nannimo as to whero lira gumo wus
Thore is another story aback of
all theso misrepresentations. Thoro
was no meoting 0n Wednesday night,
Tho chairman nnd Mr. Votes were
tho only two who put In nn uppoiir-
nnco. Tho president later vlsitod
the Herald ollico whero ho was Joln-
od by Mr, Ohns. Graham, who wus
representing the Nnnnimo club. Mr.
Grnhnin's lirst point wns to enquire
If Lndysmith had forwarded the en-
trunco monoy. Hero you have a
truo sporting query! Clearly tho
ladysmith club woro to bo tripped
till on a technicality. Thoro Is no
othor possiblo explanntlon to this
question. Mr. Qrnhnm had no right
to put It. Tho mooting, hnd thero
boon one, could havo tnken up Lhc
mutter, nnd tho lottor addressed to
the president would, with nny body
of sports, hnvo boon accepted as a
guarantee of our good faith In entering. As a mnttor of fact, Mr.
Onihum wonted to got awny from
the uncomfortablo and unsportsman
like ground of repudiating tho decision of a properly convened and
constituted meeting. He fnilod in
bis point.
Mr. Robt. Adam had our written
entrance in his pocket. He put
down ?10 to back it up. We wero
now entered, not only in tho nnmo
nnd spirit of sport, but in the letter
of tbe law nnd constitution.
Mr. Graham was forced ou to rotten, crumbling gi'Li'nd, Into a corner which must ha- i been ttie death
of overy true sporting sentiment.
Whnt wcre tbo conditions ol thoir
ontry, iio nskod, and was referred to
tho minutes of the last, meeting.
Thon he declared Nnnnimo would not
pluy on those conditions.
On a former occasion Mr. Graham's action ns a delegate
wns blankly ropucuatotl by his club.
Cn this occasion Mr. Graham, as
tho agent of his club, deliberately
sets aside tho decls ;i ,.f a meeting
at which Ills club was fully represented. What kind of sport is this?
What kind of reflection, wo may ask
tho Freo Press! does this cast upon
the Nunaimo Club? It is a sorry,
and a pitiable exhibition for any
club to mako.
Ladysmith merely asked for a
square deal, a spurting chance. Any
thing short of fairness is poor sport.
That much is admitted, and further,
the conditions governing a cun competition can always be altered. As
a matter of uict thc conditions governing the competition fur the B.
C. cup have already been altered,
and surely it Is not nsking much to
ropiest that they bo brought into
accordance with tho most rudimentary ideas of fair sport.. Indeed,
there ought never to havo been any
necessity for mnking such a rojihost.
if Nnnalmo had been the sports they
nro constantly exhorting us to bo.
The dual fact in tho whole argument is thot Lndysmith was the
only le.im thnt wns entered, Tbo
tonm hns been turned down, nnd nn-
other broach mndo in the ..sporting
fooling between tho two tciw-i-s. Tho
cop mny     stay in Nnnnimo forever.
Wynn Matched to JBox Brady, of Vancouver, for
Ono Hundred Dollars Aside.
Shamrocks and Centralias   Meet   In
Final for   Wusson Cup.
Thoro is to be a big boxing con
test in the Opera House on 'SaLur-j nuito a ring record besides having
day evening, May 33rd. The boxers
are E, Wynn, the popular right half
of the football team, and .Jimmy
Brady, a colored pugilist, of Vancouver. The contest has bocn frulu-
od up for. 15" rounds, for ono hundred dollars a  side.
Wynn has been several times in tho
ring as an amateur and has a good
record oround Seattle. He is fast,
clever and tricky, und gumo to the
lioiio. lie may be depended upon to
put up  a fast,and plucky exhibit inn.
Brady is a kind of a dark   horse.
The final game in the City League
will be played in the Sports ground
tomorrow afternoon. The two finalists are the Shamrocks and Centralias, the former having a point tho
— -— '■' —'■ ■- best of it.    Tims a draw will    givo
_    ,    , ,, i the result to tho  Shamrocks, and to
Ho looks n capablo boxer and claims  them will go the Wusson Cup.
. However, tho Centralias are never
had the experience of sparring part- I thinking of draws. They arc going
nor to some oi tho top notchers. i oUt fur a win. and certainly they
There is no weight stipulation audFiiavo u Btroilg team. h. any case,
the men will enter tho ring   in    tlio ] whichever way the result   may   go,
the game ought    tp be well   worth
best uf condition.
Good preliminaries are boing ar-'
ranged and a good evening's sport
is promised. U'ynn himself should
prove a good drawing card, und his
many admirers of tho open playing
field wilt look for him to show the
same loftiness, with, his hands.
Tho admission charges wilt be
$1.50 and §1.00 and tho doors will
open  at 8 o'clock.
; timed for 3:30
H. Fulton will re-
The teams will lino
ill-] T1U10.D.
Nanaimo, May 15.—
A caso   of domestic    disagreement
culminated    in tho arrest at Ladysmith    this     morning by Constable
cassidy of Airs. liuloison, wife oi C.
ll,   IVUlOIHOU,.   01   Vllib   (JiLjjt-j     OU      Lite
Nanaimo United Team Goes to Vancouver Tomorrow to Play the
Vancouver Thistles.
Tlio kick-oft
o'clock, and   Mr
fereo the game,
up as  follows:
■Goal— UelcoUH.
Backs—Morrison and O'Connell.
Halves—Leahy,  1).   O'Connell   and
Forwards—Cosier, Hughes,   Irving,
M. O'Connell and Provins.
Bucks—Parsons and Jackson.
Halves—McMillan, Clegg, McKinley
Forwards — T. McMillan,    Michie,
Wynne, Kerr and Simpson.
Nanaimo, May 15,-
lt would take n  Philadelphia law-
cbartie of    kidnapping.    The events yer to    follow the football schedule
leading    up to the arrest commence fur   tho     British Columbia Leagues.
with     the arrival in Nanaimo     on According to a   letter received     to-     ^ ux ulu Iul.cut wmi
Wednesday on the noon train of tho ,jay Lhe Nanaimo United are expect- 0wls t„ tu„ jjjuif-lw   for   a  football
woman in Lho caso from Seattle.        ed in     Vancouver tomorrow to play matcu   hfts   T0WU a  suggestion fa-
Auvanu   Mrs. liuioison, according the final game with the Thistles for lhfl^* by y^clont ililoert of     Ue
r championship or British j^g^ anti    members of    the Owla,
The Nanaimo team, al- ,,,„,    m„„    _.-,.,*.    ir, a  hifr
Nanaimo, May 15.—
Out of the receni challenge of the
to the story so far as can bo learn- the     scnio.
ed today were married about   eight Columbiu.
years     ago and have two children,  though it has been repeatedly stated
agod about four and two years, They Lhat tlio Thistles would default the
raU'Li   some years ugu owing to gume, are taking no chances,     and
some domestic     disagreement,     and according    to arrangements at pres-
since then Mr. liuioison says neither ent will     go to Vancouver in     tlio
have seen each other ior two years,  morning to meet the Thistles.    The
Both rotalned possession oi a child, first gamo for Lhe senior champion-
Mrs, ltulofson arrived in the    city ship    that     was to have been held
ou Wednesday and at once appealed here,  the Thistles defaulted to   Na-
to Ohiel Crossan for possession     of naimo.
the   , child   living with her husband     The following team represents Na-
here.     There was no police     court naimo:
proceeding- ,    but as a  result of the    Goal—Walker.
meeting    Chief Crossan took posses-    Backs— Hewitt and Graham.
faicra of the child until 3 o'clock. [ Hal\es— Harley, Farmer and Saw-
Mis. Kuloi'si.n seemed satisfied with yer.
,the understanding made with her hus    Might wing—Tsherwood and Crulck-
As n  sporting trophy It is a; farce, [uan(t at the meeting and stated that shank.
a   disagreeable farce,   reflecting more she was desirous of returning     that     Left wing— Blundell and Hurren.
of discredit .that of credit  on     the same    day to Seattle und expressed     Centre— Hooper.
LONDON, May 15.-C. W. ilower-
nian, who represents the meatiharket
district in the Houso of Commons,
has notified Winston Churchill, president of tho Board of Trade, of his
intention   to question him    in    the
country retail stores for the purpose
or supplying meat direct to the consumer.
This query is based on tho statement thnt tho    Armours uro calling
that may result in a big benefit
mutch for the hospitul, making one
of the most interesting competitions
of the football season this year.
The suggestion is that the Owls
and Eagles of both Ladysmith and
Nanaimo take part in the match.
The idea is that the Eagles ot Na-
nuimo play the Owls ot Ladysmith,
und the o'wls of Nanaimo play the
Euglcs of Ladysmith, the winners
playing off. The matches are all
to be played on the cricket grounds,
proceeds to go to the hospital. Ladysmith, in return for sending tho
teams here would likewise be given
tho same contest in thoir city, the
O'.ls and Eagles teams from Nanaimo going down there some day.
In order to run all the matches oil
the siune afternoon it is proposed
that the halves be ot but 15 minutes
each way, and in the event of a
draw,play be continued until the flrat
score is made. H>
the further desire to .got away    on    Reserve— Snowden.
the afternoon train.     She did     not     Bradshaw has been ill lately,
leave, however,     although she    had is unablo to make the trip,
plenty of time to do so, and remain-     Despite tho letter received here tood over night at the Wilson hotel.,   day tho Vancouver Province of yes= ■
In the    morning sho met her hus- terdoy says;
band at tho Nanaimo hotel, and begged    him to let her take the little pious'dp
boy out for a  walk, the child  hav- Football Association.     Tho Thistles '
ing    subsequently   passed    into   his defaulted last'Saturday's game     in
keeping.     He     consented, and    the Nanaimo and the return game    set
Pnuse    Mitt.  IS   tf-D-itWltnir «.»,■>+ 0f .m, 'two   loft  for  th°  WtUk'   but   tttltad  t0   f°r  n0Xt   S,aturdav   wU1  llot  lje PlftV"
h*&  fi •    *i'n?:  1 nB1w.hatflttfPat return.". In  the -meantime Mrs.   IU- ed.     Tho      	
\Ti ita ?o pre onTwS  ■nnmirs   o   ™*™> *MiW a   wnl.k on the Lady- last erbhftft and a f*-r discussing the
Hiicago    frou     estuUsMng       this *&* «a*. ■** Theodore Barnard, situation nt length  decided to     '
manager of the Union' Brewery Co., tlio final game go  unplayod.     Any-
nt Ladysinith and persuaded him to way there wns no ground available      ;- -.   fch" t fMfl ^ors cannot put
drive hor to Ladysmith. hero for the game, ns both Brockton (Vialw ,»fltB intn thft wnti„. tjl an tn
Rulofson's   suspicions navlng   beon  Point nnd .Rpcrentlcn  Park nro   en-
aroused, he secured a   warrant    for gngod for Saturday.'''
up 15,000,000 ofnow^apftal for'thelM ""'est, and had her located'   at1   The local tonnr will go over, how-
purposo of dotting London and  the I-adysmith,     where the arrest     was ever   In    ho morning to meet     tho
provinces    with their     retail stores, made.     She     was brought to     the Thistles ,f thoy show up.    .
the idea being to avoid tho tolls and citv .th>     afternoon, together with;
Tho suggestion is as yet fn its cm
"Nanaimo gets    the senior   cham- *>yro   •t»if'b»t lt, w*? ?Jf°"fiS
of     the    British Columbia "P iu both lo*S" to tho Mxt    ,#w
J3hI»tl0Brf held a  meeting An mknov/n   thwe-mosted schooner,
, J apparently    water logged and flying
signals of    distress, is lying several
miles oil Sea Isle city.    The sea is
charges levied at tlio Smithlicld mar
Mr. Bowerman claims that thc put
ting into efioct of this scheme will
destroy tho business of tho English
butchers nnd ment salesmen who will
not bo able to compote if tho American packers uro permitted to trade
on such terms.
tlie child,
There may  be  other details     tliat
will come out in tho case which   ls|
NEW YORK, May L5.-Threc men
are dead nnd another is~ lying in a
stuto of coma at Bellevud hospital as
a result, thu police say., of drinking
wood alcohol. The four men, Russians, wero celebrating the departure
tor his native hind of a fellow countryman In a house on East Twelfth
streot. Tho jnnltor of tho houso
last night found them in a serious
state und causod their removal to
tho hospital. Max GloBCO nnd Jacob Konoskuk died In thnt institution not long after being taken to
it. Simon Kuk, the third victim of
tho affair died shortly after midnight.
SHREVEPORT, La., May 15.-
Thirty dead und two hundred injured is a conservative ostlinato of the
totalities caused by the tornado that
BWopt through the northwestern part
of Louisiana Wednesday evening, destroying threo Binall towns and leaving wrecked hoitues and ruined crops
In u paieh a mile wide and forty
miles long.
The dead at Gilliam, which has
about 200 inhabitants, number lit,
whilo at Bollngor the known dead
list Is six. These two towns are
about fifteen miles apart and nothing lias been learned uf tho storm
between theiu.
At Elmore, a Small town near
Gilliam, several houses woro destroyed und it is not known how
many people perished. Several of
tho dond wero brought to Shroves-
port on tho return train from Gilliam this morning and the hospitals
and sanitariums are crowded with
injured, several ot whom will die,
Only two housos wero loft stunding
at Gilliam.
their boats into the water to go to
her assistance.
The distressed schooner is the Wm.
McGee,     Capt. ITesle,    from     Weet
Point, Va., for New York, with     a
load of pine boards.
|   In response to signals of distress,
the crew of the Sea Isle life saving
what station went out in a  lite boat and
.     .       ,  , ,.,,,*■      .,   tMCHlCAGO,    May 15.—Just     ......	
lo bo heard here, but that Is    tho Lh     avancc ta (ro^ht rateB brought the crow of ftye men ashore.
wuy tho matter now stands, 1^ b     th        t       railroads within The schooner is pounding on Town-
Mrs   Rulofson, who is a churn.ing,       &rritory oi   the oflteial olftSBlfl- sends'    Inlet bar and will be a to-
brunotte quietly and well costumed, * ^.^   com, w wwek#
was iutorvlewotl at Lhe police    *ta-;    .       h       tf t   f ^   Mis8ia.    ^ Wm. McGee was built in 1865
tion by a Frco Press represenatio I ^ ^ m>fth   of ^ 0ni0i iand U ol les8 lhan one hundred tens
;""1 h"   M l    '-*" mean increased cost of living, is burden.
this aflenioo1
story heard.
Sho states
thot she was deserted
set forth in a table- ot statistics
by net husUaiul about ono '■ monthf «?P»«1 f .0»0 Illinois Manulactur-
botoro tho birth of her stolid shlld *"? Association. The table, togeth-
Tlic-y woro living in San Francisco st{« ,»' h legal oplmons and recom-
tho tllm. hnd shs enys hor husband l'1'™*1"1™8 , ■"» be presented today
staled that Iio was going to Seattle " "» conference of representatives
to work for tho nowVcoWny, he- o( f °' lho '"ft industrial or-
Ing an onglnoor, but In reality that g»ei»tione of the east and middle
lie went to Santa    Cruz where   ho
mot anothor woman boui-lug tho name
of Ulnnche English. From Santa
Cruz ho went to Seattle with the
woman, writing his wife that ho was
going to China on a sleamer ns engineer.
However, she says, that ho was
living lu Soattlo all Ihe I Into with
this woman, ns she subsequently
found mil.   l-'ui-Uiei-moiv she says he am
nevor made any ntt enu.it to support
the Infant child which she provided
for hoi-self. She says lhat he hns
pleaded on several occasions to gn
back and live with her but she
would have nothing further to do
with hlm. Another neeusntion Sirs.
Kulotson makes. Is that she gave
him tho money. SHO. to go to Seattle, where he stated he was going
to work,    'lhe child in dispute went
"The railroads proposo to tax every man and Roman and child in
tho country SI.75 a head," is tho
lirst contention set forth. The increase contemplated will raise the
present gross freight revenue ol tho
roads on . the olllclal clantsilication
tcrrltoi-v from approximately $1,000
OUO.OOti to 81,110,000,000! Thero
elchty  l million   liooplo in the
country so ench will he called to con
trlbuta 8175 per annum to tho coffers of the rnllrond companies.
Illll   QUAKE   YKS'l'KUIlAV.
WASII1XCITON, 1). ('.. May 11. -
Au earthquoko Unit lusted one hour
and of considerable intensity was
recorded on I Ini weather bureau seismograph onrly  today.     The   origin.
with lho father when he went to according to a statement of Chief
Snntn CruJ. She says that she hns'Willis, of tho llurcuu, is npproxiniat
beon doing detective work ovor since 10ly 3,200    inllos    from Washington
following him from place to   placo,
until Infilling him.
"II It is dirty linen ho wants
washed," says Mrs. ltulofson. "Alliin
glvo him lots of It."
-Spooking of tho brewery wagon In-'
cidont yesterday, when she wont   to t,|,js (,|t,.,.t could bo mndo.
Ladysinith,     she    jokliigl.v remarked j   'pii0 quake  begun  at  8.80.52
that this wns the second trip    that, morning,    7.*i(h    meridian time,
sho hnd had on a    brewery   wagon, J dle strongest motion which sot
having lelt San Frnncisco    nt      '
timo of the oarthtpioko on ono.
but whilo it is pointed out lhat
Central Amoi'icii on tho Pacific Ocean, and west of Central America,
full within.this distance, and might
.possibly bo tho location of tho disturbance,  no   definite   statoment   to
Jfiojat H:5.i,   lasted  ton niinutos.      The
first preliminary tremors which woro
Flll-'.XCII TllllOPS  IN
sharply defined,   occupied six   mtn.
A l-'ll-'UC'l-I    utes and lorly seconds.
SEATTLE, May 18.—News of one
of one of the greatest disasters that
China has over known, a sudden tidal bore in the Yang Tso Kiang,
which involved tho loss of nearly 10-
ni'U lues at llangkow, was brought
by the steamer Titan, which arrived
last    night.      A bore 28 feot high,
owed without warning down the
rivor, overturning thouands ol Junks
sampuns and small bouts, and wreck
ing somo largo river steamers.    The
iddon tidal bore referred to in the
above dosi/utch hns variously been
reported by cublu. A despatch from
Shanghai dated April 13, said   that
lisiistroiis Hoods had occurred at
llangkow. on tho Yang Tso Kiang
In which two thousand parsons lost
thoir lives.
POUT HENKV, N.Y., May 18.-
Dynomltors uttempted to wreck the
residence ui tleo. lb Sherman, near
horo yesterday. A heavy charge of
the explosive was placed near the
front of tho dwelling, nnd tore of!
the piazza and broko all the windows on that side of tho house. The
explosion started a lire which was
checlcd beforo it hnd gained much
The dynamiters gave warning of
their Intended outrage In a note received by Mr. Sherman. The "Idle
Hours", where tho Shermans live,
Ib considered one of the most beautiful    residences In this part of the
AL0IE11S.   Msy   16.—Tho Fronoh
forco undor Vlgy, lost thirteen men
killed and sixty-live wounded during London, May 15.—The bye-oleotlon
AN'OTIIBI! APPLICATION.         a  fierce engagement yestorday with In tho north division of Shropshire,
Ottawa, Mny 15.--'l'ho department tho   fanatical Arabs.     Tho engago- to Ull tho vacancy in the House    of
of labor    hns   received   application mont lusted tlie greator part of the Commons caused by tho death     of i
from President Moffntt, of tho FroTdny, und Uoudouia, the stronghold of W. S. Delnny, has rosultod In thoro- state.
vlnclnl    Workman's Association    of Jlulai-1 lusson was bombarded. Threo (urn of tho Unionist candidate,    B.I                             * T,—_"
Nova Scotia for a  board of concill- officers ore among the French killed, stonier hy a  majority of 0,551. Tho              KILLED IN WBMCK,
ation, nnd In.ostlgntlon undor     tho Tho Arab.losses are Said to bo boa- Unionists have hold   this soat    for                           -~~
I.omloux Act to adjust mntters     at »jr. nearly twenty-five years.                       Muskege,  Okla., May 15.— Eleven
Issuo    between 1,750 employees     of ■ This engagement-was preceded    on  « persons    are   reported killed In     a
tho Nova Scotia Steel company   and May lil by a  battle In the vicinity London. May l!>.-Tho government wreck of the Missouri, Kansas   and
tho mnnngomont.    The woge question of 'lllnloslnn, which also lasted    all has   decided    lo replace the cruiser Texas pnsscnger trnln No. 5, known
Is tho principal point In dispute. Tho dny.    The Froneh force was    com- (llndlntor,  nnd the destroyer Tiger, as   the Flyer,    which loft St. Louis
mon havo appointed .T. W. Mnddln,  posed of Infantry, cavalry and artil- which recently were sunk, hy     tho Inst nlcnt for Texas points.       The
of Sydnov as Ihoir representative on 1ery, and drovo the Arabs In the dl- purchoso of two warships from prl- train collided hoad on, one mile east
tho board.                                         rectlon of Boudlen. vale firms.                                        of Muskege today with a freight, -CONSULT ME
ft You Require Any
Or If You Require Any
Or II You Wont to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Want
Metal** Psbllc, Conveyancer.
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays anu Saturdays Afternoons by the
Holit. 11. Hindmarch,
One Year  11.50
Ml  SKiall.s       T5
Advertising Rates on Application.
The Hon, James Dunsmuir is
director of the Canadian Pacilic
Railway Company. The news came
early in the week from Montreal that*
he had been elevated to the directorate. The announcement - came
rather as a surprise locally. Even
those who profess to know all . ar
bout Mr. Dunsmuir's business bad
somehow not beon informed that he
held much C.P.R. stock.
It hus to be said that the deal
between Mr. Dunsmuir and the C.P,
R. company wus kept morvelously
secret. The most that ever appeared in the local press was a feeble
guess at the ultimate ilgure of exchange. Moreover Mr. Dunsmuir'
himself has always discountenanced
tho idea that he retained any inter
On the morning of June 14, 1777,
Mrs. Elizabeth Ross, or "Aunt Betsy Ross," as she Was known ln the
neighborhood, sat In the front room
of her modest brick house on Arch
street, Philadelphia. Time was
when this room had served as -' a
parlor and had boasted a haircloth
soi'u4 a pier glass, silver sconces for
candles, a mahogany table,
perhaps a Scotch carpet. Ilut Mrs.
Moss was now a widow, Her par-
lor had been converted into a store
room for the display of upholstering
goods, hags, bunting, gold braids,
and fringes, and materials for military and church embroideries. The
room back ol it was a workshop.
Aunt Betsy herslf had removed her
belongings to the second floor of,
her dwelling.
It did not look like a plac* ot
business, this modest brick house, ih
dune, 1777. It was set back Irom
the street, and its many paned windows were shaded by buttonwood
and willow trees. Lilac and show-
ball shrubs bordered the narrow
brick walk that led to the Iront
door. They had dons blooming but
the climbing roses were gay with
blossoms, while morning glory and
gourd vines almost hid the sun dial
that was painted on the wall.
The New Flag.
It was near noon when she saw
four -gentlemen , leave Independence
Hall. They .wer* well known to her
—Gen. Washington, Dr. . Franklin,
Robert Morris and her kinsman. Col.
Ross. Thsy walked slowly and
were in earnest conversation over a
paper which Gen. Washington carried. To Aunt Betsy's surprise they
turned into her own brick walk. Dr.
Franklin stopped to pick a love
pink for his button hole, but Ben.
Washington strode into the store
room and spoke' to ' the courtesying
Mrs,, Ross, Congress has adopted
United States flag and' has commissioned us to have a banner made
after the approved design."
A United States flag; oh, sir;
that is good news."
'Yes, it is a year since our independence was declared, but we aril
still lighting under the British Union.    With this banner we throw ofl
old archieves and dispqv«r«d the pari
Betsy Row had taken in mailing the
flrst American flag. An association
was formed to purchase the house,
and to turn it Into a, flag museum.
More than one million school children of America have contributed to
this fund. On the 14th of.next
June, 129 years alter tl»-historic
Incident, described above,., took place
Betsy Ross Flag house will be dedicated by President Roosevelt.
*•       -  »	
Drab is to be the color of the Territorial Army uniforms.
Thoro was a groat scare in Nana!
trouble wns    tho Immediate effect of 7
a bitter, unthinking demonstration. I	
  Of courso, thore are always u,num-'jolln Di Mak-olm, °ne of the City's
mo on Monday and Tuesday because bor of club followers whoso only id- f
of a rumor up thoro that tho  Lady- oas of sport uro to cheer tholr own
smith football    club did not   intend '1*5?™ ana hoot th° dangers.  Ev-
to koop their engagement   on    May
erythlng done by their own mon,
25th.    Just how much value is plac d'Yld<m»y <-n<1     collectively is r|ght
Oldest Pioneers Passed Away
At Old Men's Home.
The death has
., , ., .""Kit   T~ '" l""" "and worthy of being cheered to   tho Provincial Home, Kamloops. of John
A-farmer who cut his finger   has od upon tho visit of\the local   club, vji._ vlwra_   „„,„,, „„Jt.    ., i" .. .   .       "' "nmtouj™, oi «™
died   ln St.    Helen's hospital   from and how much it is expected M °
taken place at the
Kamloops, of John
who entered the homo
Sirs, Guiness, High Priestess of Murder Was. Attractive in Appearance, but Actions Spoke
of Low Origin,
      Vice versa, every action   of ID. Malcolm,
lock-jaw.     """"" t^iTYT " '" T?tt '"VT" th° othor toam mU8t be boood   a*1 "on* Nanaimo In 1807. - .1   BALTIMORE, May 13._Dr. B A-
The    Franco-British exhibition   at . ° success-oj tho   Leie- hootod_     ,t TOUld ^ unfair to hold I   The deceased is    worthy of    moro ScIllj11'  °t Laporte,  Ind., ln talking
Shepherd's    Bush    will occupy   140 blat!011' «nyf be gophered irom    tho _   dub __ &  ^^ re8pon9ib]o     (or ^an palt_iag    notice,     Ho waB om again today about the Guiness farm
aC™ •   a       a ..th   v „.   qe„   £"<Tn? "tiC'° J'hl,-h aW2M°*   "'the action and conduct of such     a of that almost extant band of hardy tlasedy, denied that he said     that
Miss Anna Swan, "the Nova   Seo- Tuesday's Free Press,  under   heavy ,    ,       „ . .. .   :     ,     . , „      . ,    ,   ,    Ttnv iI1n„i,~.'    imin„.i .„ un
t|an giantess"     has    made her ap- blnck cnpt|ons cl0«wl «' "P011 9Ports •"* tbese> »ut adventurous spirits who arrived   in «»> Lamphere    helped to kill
pearance In London. I    ,,_,   n ...    ',.      ,,       ,,.     ,   ,       all tho same, to uso tho phrase    of Nanaimo in 1852, and who woro lho,'Guineas
In the British Isles alone there aro'.   'The Celebration Committee is toco ..    _.n.     ...
nearly 80,000 motor cars and motor to face with    a very bci-Ious   sltua- the Frco    Press' there te » certain lirst white
■ tlon.
Up to to-day everything
Mr. James Oliver, of Dodmin, who nm.„„,„ '   '.',  "?■  "**"-'*","i<
has died at the age of 08, was the JSi    ,°   "5-'*   Much
reflection upon both town and eh* 'up their residence in this city
From this point of view tho Freo I   The late John D
children, but had no part
mon to arrive and tako ]in flla,,lnS" any    man except Helege-
Malcolm, in com1-
oldest corporation    official'  in    the „'„   "."i , tho, ,<iotl">11   match that Pra~ 'n the minds of many persons pony with tho late James Stovo. tho
country llXeei   LdvamllL    »„'? ■'v P',yUd d0W" he''°'    has c°ntribut«l »<*    a'late    Mr. Isbister, and others,     ar-
'•The coins found In Liverpool tram- 5™, ^fSlni. .anl_N,tt,",llm0' <"■*.'•    to    produce this feeling     in'rived on the Paolilc oniaf nil  "_
it wt\rm\^jht/z^^ t last 'rzr,".'3?*!z.tr
olson he declared that be had no " Cr0WD- ™a " t0 *'' ™T'
llniincial interest In tlio town, and teen striPes alternating red and
that the C.P.R. authorities were the w-hlto; the union to be thirteen star*
proper people to seo. Well, Mr,
Dunsmuir is a C.P.R. authority him
self now, und ho can be approached
either as the heud of the coal company or a   railroad magnate.
-Altogether, Ladysmith should be
able now to obtain readier attention
to any request she may prefer. Mr.
Dunamuir, in spite of all his business disclaimers, is vitally interested
in the fate and fortunes of the city,
and could not escape using the influence of his new nosition to further
nnd improve its interests.
He is, it seems-the only director
who resides west of tho Rockies, and
as everyone knows, his interests are
all on tho island. Taking the appointment in conjunction with the
visit to London of Mr. Marpole, it
is safe to prophesy that British Columbia and Vancouver Island are to
receive particular atlontion from the
great railway company. Ladyamlth should reap its full share of
whatever prosperity is coining. With
its founder a director, its claims for
consideration in whatever developments are [projected will never
overlooked. It need occasion no
surprise, if in the next-few years
great developments tako place In the
west and particularly on the Island.
What the people and the Council of
Lndysmith have to do is to neglect
no opportunity of improvement and
to use to tho full the advantages
which may be reasonably expected to
accrue to thou, from tho new
polntment of Mr, Dunsmuir,
representing a' Bjsw
In a year amount to 12,195,
Including the sums contained in 1,-
480 purses. —
Captain Prince-Alexander of Teck,
Royal Horse Guards, has qualified as
Instructor after a course at the
School of Musketry.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer
has a surplus of nearly four millions
sterling with which to start the new
financial year. ,
- the bequests of the late Sir Wm,
Pearce to''Trinity''College, Cambridge, amounting to about $2,000,-
000,. have now become payable.
The British Isles comprise as many,
as 1,000 islands and islets, and this
number does not include,-Insignificant
Jutting rocks and, pinnacles.
The united servico of three broth
ers named Wrigloy for one -Rochdale
firm extended oyer 160 yoars, the
eldest having worked at the mill 07
A codfish caught on the Haddingtonshire const was found to contain
a pair ol worsted gloves, a dorrie
sh and a whole herring.
During their visit to Lord Rose-
hory at the Burdens, Epsom, recontly, both .the .Queen and. the Dowager
Empress of Russia planted lime
trees pn the lawn.
Adam, Noah, Elijah and anconeus
are the Christian    names    of  four
Icondidates   who are seeking election
to the.   district council of 'a   small
village In East Norfolk.
Having injured his arm and dreading the operation of'dressing by i
doctor, a Workingham led named
George Mason has, been missing from
his home since March 2c*.
Eleven motorists, fined at Wokilig
tor exceeding' the speed limit, were
fined in 'all' Mis. .One fine of $50
was for driving through a villogo nt
the rate of"'40 .miles -aiThour.
The mrbdr JVtist platelayers'' and
general laborers' strike at Swansea,
-a faithful, re-
Just, of    im-
blue field,
constellation." '^^^^^^^^^^^
Together    they bent over a rough
drawing—the hard-pressed command-  -■ ...      .,•-,---.- -., -   -—.
er of the American forces and    th*' 1^ 5P ftw omployers'agi'*
. .a       ,, _', ..      .a '"« to.,provide t\.    mon    with bil
liard-working patriotic widow. . skins, for wot woothor In future.
Changed the Star. Trying to tip a sack of malt Into
"Perhaps    Mrs, Ross can Improve " vat °\ holllng beer, a stonemason
the design," suggested Dr. Franklin.
I would arrange the Mars in    a
circle    to indicate ths never-ending
named, Hubert Bigger, at  Worcester,
overbalanced, ahd foiling  .into    thi)
liquid, was scolded to death.
A woman charged recently at Wil-
un.' leaden with   t>egglng   from men  in
dlgnaiitV dfAleif" i£''decia'rlng' that1
 „     ..hub    w    produce this feeling     In '"•'vod on the Pacilic coast after   _..
This was admittedly a good draw- Nanaimo spectators. .The sporting exerting voyage around the Horn, to
Ing card end a liberal amount of man hn8 kept a BpecM sheet (or to Vmi Kuport to op|Jn up tho
rto^seeurft atoX" foftt Jimmy Adam in every match he coal mines, and some two years
winners of this match. Tho seer-*- has seen him play. Usually he afterwards arrived in Nanaimo, in
tary was in receipt of an official started out with a general roast, November, 1852. Tho deceased
communication from tho manager uf ^ ^ag^ ia particular digs and made the long trip via the Horn in
tho0u.L;Xv'on «S ran^dtcotdSharges ail through the piece. It be- the Norman Morrison,
lngly all arrangements ' woro made gan with the flrst match in Nanal- In after years he was salesman at
with that ond In view. :mo, and only ended with the     last the Company's store-
"Today comos  the startling lntlm-lgmne iB Vancouver.     Of course it 18 liable man, inflexibly
Ino^Vtre'^vlSrmembr'l'i'fi-t to be thought that the Freo passive countenan^ He remained
the team stated on Sunday whilo Pr«ss reporter ever contemplated at the store until 1864, and thon
horo, according to popular hearsay, producing such demonstrations we'was given charge of the powder ma-
thnt they would not bo here for   tho are considering, but quite a  lot    Isjgazlne in the New Douglas pit.    He
celebration.    Tho mnnagor   of    tho "^ uaconaciOUsiv   and tho™ lath"!.'-'-    -     -	
Ladysmith toam was telephoned this
morning and partly confirms the rumor that tho toam will not play
hore. Ho promises an official statement in writing tomorrow as to
whnt the toam will do.
oputtlhg everything togethor, tho
statements of Ladysmith players;
whilo here Sunday, and tho lottor of
the manager, it is apparent that
Ladysmiih will back out of tho Victoria pay'engagement. At any rate
the timo is. getting too near now for
further dolay, and an emergency
meeting of tho Celebration Committoo is called for eight o'clock tonight in tho'Council Chambers to
discuss tho situation and see what
can be dono towards securing another attraction in tho event of Ladysmith not coming.
"In the meantime a telegram   was
sont to    Ladysmith this   afternoon,
and tho mnnagor of the team will be
communicated with by 0, o'clock by
telephone to recoivo a definite   nns-
wcr. Should Lndysmith throw Nnnalmo down    at this late day,   now
that tho match has boon advertised,
and it Is almost too lato to   secure
another   attraction,   it, to say  tho
least, will bo a serious menace   to
the success of tho celebration   horo,
not to mention tho reflection that It
casts on tho action of tho Ladysmith
team.    However,  comment  nn    tjie
jnre considering, but quite a lot  ,„ vu„ „„„       ^^^^^^^
done unconsciously, and there ls the: left   for Wellington ln 1877 and ro-
less oxcuse for It when apparently It, mnlned thero as long as ho was able.
Ho built the small houso which stood
on the ground where part of tho Union Brewery is erected, and sold to
the late Samdel Brlghtman. His
latter years ho spent ns an Inmate
of tho old men's home nt Kamloops,
broken down by tho I- ' -dties of
ago, and blind. He v :is ono who
discovered a home of his own but lp
the hurry and bustle of lifo all cannot be successful.
Montreal May 12.—There were further developments in connection with
the operatives' strike today when
840 employees of Stnnnes Mill, at
Hochehtga went on strike in sympathy with the wool spinners, and
employees of Morohant's cotton mill
of the Dominion Textile Company.
About the same time the Magog
mills of the same company closed
down because of the strike Inaugurated there yestorday.
STRATHROY. Ont., May 13. -T,
Bode, a prominent farmer of Illdor-.
ton,    was   thrown    from his rig at|
struggle for  liberty,    and ths
broken lealty of the colonies,"   •jM|iB, na'd^'iq««nti6^8"ohJe«l6n7io.t
Mrs. Ross. J men,'Snd certainly would   not    beg
"A good idea," exclaimed the gen-(from thom.
tlemen. I   John Harvey, a 'well-known*'Sand-
•'.Ann •■ nnniin..nA a..„. n«.„, -iti. Iwlch   'Icensod victualler, cdmmlttcrl
And,    continued Aunt Betsy with Julcl(1(, ,„ » Remarkable manner. He
inrhteiied .oln,      »™„ m.n-    ~iua ^drowhiSd' hlihielf In 'a tub' of water1;
heightened color, "you hav*',
Ui* six-pointed star used by England
but I would emphasise the severance
of political bonds tnd the alliance
with France hy employing the five-
pointed star of France and Holland."
"Excellent, but is not ths five
pointed star difficult to cut accurately?" asked on*.
Mrs. Row took it sooare of whH*
cloth, folded ' it deftly after a certain fashion, cut across it once and
there waa the nveipotnted star.       «
"Well," said General Washington,
"hav* a banner ready this evening
and an orderly will call for It ...and,.
bring It to me in camp near Brandy
Three Other Flag*.
Thu* was the flrst Stars and
Stripes mads by Betsy Ross in her
little house in Arch street, Phlladel
phlo. The banner was unfurled «.
few days later on the battlefield and!
was carried in tho slow retreat hack
to Valley Forge. Another ilk* it
waa hastily mad* out ol a whit*
shirt, a red petticoat snd blue Jacket by Gen. Gates' soldiers at Saratoga and was saluted by Oan. Bur-
Th* third flag was made in Portsmouth, N.H., for Paul Jonas, and
waa carried away to b* saluted    in
in his stable yard, placing the Wat-'
er pipe lh his mouth.
' Mr. Thomas .Wilkinson, a Bolton
magistrate, has presented his residence to the town as a convalescent
home and sanitarium for consumptives, with $225,000 for endowment
and alterations.
     ..,,,   uu  uuiurrcn    Untfl
definite word is recolved from Ladysmith."
The facts aro protty nearly as they
aro recorded In the Free Press. Tne
writer of this column is also the
manager of tho Football Club, and
he is not going to deny that the
engagement ho gave tho Colcbratl
Committee in Nanaimo that his
team would play there on tho 25th
came within an ace of. being broken. It would have boon a pity,
and, ns tho Freo Press says, some
J sort of reflection on the -Lndysmith
I toam. But Nanaimo sports would
have had themselves to blamo for.
It, nnd, ovon ns It Is, tho tenm will
not bo tho sumo as fought out with
•BERLIN, May 11.—Agents for several American coin collectors were
presont at Frankfort today at the
opening of the widely discussed sale
of tho coin* and medals of North
Central, and South America, belonging to George F. Ulex, of Hamburg,
one of the greatest of European coin
collectors,' Among the pieces to be
sold at auction is what is supposed
to have been the first coin Issued in
America, which Is ascribed to Sir
Walter Raleigh's unsuccessful attempt In 1(184 to establish a colony
on the coast of North Carolina.
The collection to be sold embraces
more than 4,000 lots of coins and
medals, many ol which have not
'been offered for sale ln recent years,
and lt ls particularly complete tn
the early Spanish coins which from
I time to time supplied toe need for a
■circulation medium throughout the
greater part of th* New World.
United the question of supremacy on
tho wind-swept Oak Bay grounds or
on tho mud-puddles of Recreation
The writer   can    claim to bo ono
thnt has always .striven to establish
good sporting relations botweon   tho
'—- ' Evon if wo nro   noigh-
renson    why we
two towns,    .
bors thoro is
Plncombes hill yesterday after which    ,™ch    hatkm.    Bs« patnth* Inter
ho was kicked In tho face and nhn„t the     .
. ... tho fnco and about.the
tho head by ono of tho horses.   His'dark,
foco bone was fractured and ho received an ugly gash In tho back   of
the head and    several flesh -wounds.
American cause again looked
Betty Rosa was earning money from the orders of tha British,
then in possession of Philadelphia,
but many a red, white and blue banner was made for nothing In tha little shop and smuggled out to   Val-
He underwent a sorles of operations
from which he gradually sank and
never rallied.
MANILA, May 18.—Card, governor,,     _        . —      ~" "    —f
of Llanao, Is dead as the result of "^ Form* *» cheer "» «un»rhig Ml-
bullet   wounds   inflicted by Morros. dlers.
*        ' Widow Wa* Forgotten.
For many years'Mr*; Rom ,_™,,
I military and merchant flag*, uphoU
stand chairs and hung draperies for
I the finest houses in Philadelphia. No
[ono knows where *he died or whsre
she wa* buried.' A generation iatsr
|f*w knew why th* brick house In
Arch street enm called th* "Old Flag
| The city grew up around lt;
buttonwood and willow tree*
or were cut down, the flow*r garden
disappeared under ptvtng Stone*; lit-
dependence Halt wa* hkMen by tall
buildings aad could no longer be
seen from the many paned window*.
But somehow the house itself .stood
unchanged, unmolested. '  ',,
Than, after a century had
$ Billiards and Pool *
Best Liquori and Cigirg.
CartwrifhtA Barclay
PARIS, May 13.-A despatch from
Monsell, ob Lak* Constance, says
that Count Zeppelin's airship. No.
4, ia now completed sad ready lor
it* flrst trial. Th* new airship la
ths largest of 1U kind yet cos-,
itruet*d. It measures 185 metres
in length and thirteen metres lndla-
ineter. Between the two hug* baskets attaehed to tho air ship the
Count has had two rooms, a study
aad a bedroom, eosstrneted hi bamboo*, for himself Had his friend*. Be-
thls novelty, hammocks will
bo swung between the basket* and,
ths study for ths accommodation of
th* engineers and the workmen during a long voyag*.
Tb* count announces that his first
voyag* , after a few preliminary
trials over Lak* Constance will ' be
to' Frapkiort and back, and if this
trip proves, a success hs will pay
"Sfflytog   visit" ts the Kaiser .ttnl
 '•*■    ' "■!«,'
       .,«    musou    w-n
should he chewing tho head oil' each
other for tho profit and gratification
of othor towns nnd communities. Accordingly whon tho 24th -was mentioned, and I wus approached by a
member of tho Sports Committoo, I
replied that I would endeavor to get
a team for tho Celebration and that
I did not anticipate much difficulty.
When I made this reply .1 was conscious that I was taking a
moro upon my shoulders thun .
any right to do. I was aware of
tho sore feelings loft in tho hearts of
somo of    tho members of the   Club
springs from some sort ct personal
feud. **m_™_
However, the bous took the:
ground that the Celebration Commit
too, no more than tbe Football club,
were responsible for Sunday's exhibition and decided to keep their engagement. That was tho proper,
and perhaps the sportsmanlike courso
to pursue, and it is to lie hoped that
Nanaimo will return it in the future. They have not dono so in
the past. Ladysmith players were
pelted with stones on the Caledonian grounds a yoar ago. Nanaimo
players turned down club and *o\vn
on the First of July. Then camo
the Shiold business and the rather
tricky attempt to shut Lndysmith
out of it. The boys ore again prov
ing thoir sportsmanship by going up
on the 25th, and, as we have sold,
it is to be hoped their action will
be properly appreciated and tho com
plimont fittingly returned.
i* f
Northwestern League Standing.
Wn.    Lst. pet.
Tacoma  18
Seattlo , 11
Aberdeen  .10
ROME, May IS.—Tho Duko of ab-
ruzzi arrived hero this morning from
Naplos. Ho wont at onco to tho
Quirinal and had a long conference
with King Mango Victor Emanuol
regarding his mnrriago to Miss Katherine Elkins, daughter of Sonator
Elklns of West Virginia. It is announced thnt an agreement was
reaehod on ' this subject with thc
duke's brothors during a rccont conference with thom on board thobat-
tteship Region Elena. The duko had
luncheon with tho King nnd Queen.
Later ho visltod tho Queen mother,
und Princess Lotizia. Hc will loavo
home tonight for Spozia.
I had
..„ ,..« .viuaai ui tne Nnnalmo boys
to como down hero on tho First of
July. Hero also I may add I did
all I could to got tho Nanaimo boys
to como down hero on that occasion
for tho same reason thnt I undor
took to sond our own boys up this
tho promotion of
botweon    tho    two
*,    ■■ ■.imam mines.       '-*
• i. A meeting of the stockholders *
• of the Jubilee Mining Company, *
• will be held in the -tabor Party *
•.Booms, VletorlaGreseent on 8ntr* 	
• urday, May lflth, at -7'80 p.m. * -j ■<■■■ mm.    many of thom    sworo
• AU stockholders 'including ithose*.* off their engagement and -very Justl--
•-.srho have not had stock Issued » flably,too,_and were only Induced to
•are requested to attend. * ~      '"'"'
time, namely,
frlondly sport
Well, tho mnttor camo ull    right,
There* was, of courso, still somo sore
ness remaining for tno wny In Which
tho homo club was turnod  down   by
Nanaimo on July lst.      But us    a
matter of fnct tho two teams   hayo
learned to hnvo a honrty nispect for
each othor and botweon them, strong
as Is tholr rivalry, thoro aro no hard
feelings.   Accordingly oven thoso who
at flrst kicked against tho idea consented to go,    and up to   Sunday,
their engagement was loyally acknowledged and wns fntondod to bo kept.
After the exhibition of Sunday afternoon no one making any pretension to boing a sport could   blame
Adam   If ho absolutely refused ovor
to play   again on a Nanaimo   field.
Such an egregious example of    bad
sportsmanship the writer has   novor
before   come across-    No man    will
stand to bo tho victim of such   rabidly hostile demonstrations.    More
.than that It is tho only tribute
er Nanaimo   spectators   pay to  his
ability, and of late it has not been
coBfinod to the football Held.     Not
ev*n ' the   presence of the player's*
mother, while In a public  place   of
amusement, could restrain these rowdy spoil-alls from a similar contemptible exhibition of ill-feeling.
Moro than those things, Adam is
the captain of the team. St> -h a
demonstration directed against him,
cannot escape being- hotly resented
by his mon.    Many of thom
Butte ,  ...,,
Spokane  g
Vancouver ,  5
There is little probability of a Canadian football tenm competing in the
Olympic gumes at London this season. 'A Vancouver paper publishes
tho following from the Toronto
Globe: "George A. -Parker, nn Englishman, not unknown to Toronto
soccer followers, has bcon in Vancouvor for some days talking football. According to dispntches from
that elty Parker hns been -(electing
pluyers for tho Canadian Olympic
committee. He hns evon gono so far
as to say thut fl teen players nnd a
manager will be taken, and has nam
cd six British Columbia mon as mom
bors of tho team. Parker has no authority In the matter whatever,
is not a member
of tho Olympic
nor yot a representative
nnd will not be considered or consulted.
This paragraph appeared under the
heading, "Parker Only a .Toko, As
Admitted Before," and thore you
have tho secret of Its publication.
Con | Jones is no joko. His proposition was a good Idea, feasible, and
worthy of support. Farkor it seems
has no oarthly right to speak, the|
moro particularly as Con Jonos had
already spoken. Tho gravamen of the
Globe's complaint seems to be that
he Is an Englishman. .The Vancouvor objection probably arises from'
the fact that Parker was man enough to say that tho expenses incurred by Jones in entertaining tho
Caledonians should have been borne
by Jonos, Out of Vancouver
othor sport snld tho same.
As a matter of fact Parker does
know something about the, gamo.' He
is an old English player and his
travelling in connection with tho
"Shiold" has given him a uniquo opportunity of getting a lino on tho
form of Canadian football. In Vancouvor he made the mlstako of bucking Jonos, and he would havo booh
a spineless sport If ho had not. In
tho East he made a second mistake
of showing too much preference for
Western players. The whole scheme,
of course, has always been very much
In tho air; but, as between Parker
and Jones, the former will got my
vote and that of every other Island
Mob of Disorderly    Students   Stone
Lecturer and   Endeavor to
Bleak up Meeting.
BELFAST, Mass., May 13.-Edw.
Kimball, of Boston, a Christian
Scientist, lectured here last night.
A howling mob waa present, largely
composed of Queen's College students who rushed the doors. By thu
use of drums, tin horns and toy
trumpets thsy did tholr utmost to
prevent tbe lecture. On being ex
polled from the building they indulged in throwing stones. Windows
wore (mashed and the platform littered with missies. Eventually order was restored nnd the lecture delivered.
—: a   -
MAXWELL, Out., May 13. - Win
Spencor, agod 77 yonrs, n resident
of this township, dropped dead while
walking up a hill.
TORONTO, Ont., May IH.-Rov. ,1.
Diskcon, ot Gait, was last night elected moderator of tho Presbyterian
synod of Toronto and Kingston.
MALILA, May 12.-Th* wholesale
shooting ot soldier* yesterday at
Camp Stotesberg appears to hay*
been the result of a dispute between privat* Hearhnm aad Ssrgt.
Hooey. Pt*. Wilson and S*rgt.
Hooey wer* endeavoring to induce p
young soldier from chumming with
Usaeham oa to* ground that he wa*
an Impropsr character. TWarlum
brooded over the njatter, and orated,,
with drink, attacked *mt killed Wil-j
son and Hooey. Th* shooting of
the other I*   reported to hav* been
■J.; "are requested to attend. U reconsider their decision on the dlr-       u    _a -.   t, _,, -:___. •
gentleman' dug It* history ootof'f ** *••••••*« eet remonstrance of Adam. The whole ~_~ ore"*** *o Walla today    for
_____       sftal
•hlpmsnt to America,
thrs*  bodies
Cuts Her in a  Dozen Places With a
Razor and Then Cuts His
Own Throat.
VANCOUVER, May 13,-Lola Ha-
dre, a Portuguese, this morning cut
up a Portuguese woman named San-
da. Radre used a razor and cut
the woman In a  dozen places.
Screaming and with blood .from
head to foot, she ran from hor houso
Before the police arrlvod Radre had
cut his own throat and .will proba-
My die.    The woman will recover.
—— e-	
The laying of the corner stone of
St. Phillip's church. Cedar District,
■will take place on Tuesday, May 10.
Th* Venerable Archdeacon Scrlven,
M.A., will officiate at the ceremonies.
Afterwards will bs held the annual vestry meeting In the Cedar
Institute Hall, for the purpose of receiving and passing the year's accounts, nnd of electing officers for
the ensuing year.
"I havo mado no statoment regarding this or any detail of my interview with Lamphere, except to say
thnt Lnmphere's communication to
mo wero wholly privileged, and unless he shall himself make the statements to prosecuting attorney Smith
will bo maintained as an lnvoluble
Mr, SchcH added that, like many
others, ho bolioved Mrs. Outness was
nllvo, but he had no knowledge of
tho foct, It was merely his personal opinion. Speaking further concerning tho case and of some of the
'persons connected therewith, Mr.
Scholl said:
"Mrs. Guiness, as I sold yesterday, was an attractive woman ln
her ways. She was always dressed
richly, In good taste, but her manner of talking, her speech Itself, her
vagaries of grammar, betrayed a low
origin. She could be described as
Mrs. Newrlch,"
"Lamphere    Is a man who drinks
hard, and    ho has borne an unpleas-
int reputation.     He ls to be pitted
because of his training, or lack   ot
it.     On one or moro occasions   recently ho hns come into town with a
if bills   v.hlch he has generally
o -ot rid of over night.
go I  constituted myself
i 11 league and went af-
snloon keepers In    the
who wcro violating the law,
found a  slot machine running
in ono of    them in which Lamphere
lost $50 a  night     or    two before.
Thoy say he lost it playing the slot
machine, liut tho supposition is that
ho got drunk and was relieved     of
his money.
"Lnmphero sent for me and told
me his stor.v, ond that is how I
mixed up ln tho case Despite the
advice of his lawyers I believe he
will toll tho whole truth when ho
goos on tho witnoss stand. I did
not know personnlly any of the vie- '
tims of Mrs, Outness. Jennie Olson, I am told, enme to our Sunday school once or twice, but I nevor mot her. I had seen Hotgololn,
he was a big strapping fellow, but
I did not know him personnlly. Of
courso I know very well all the lawyers connected with tho caso. Prosecutor N. 11. Smith is a member
of my church, ond lender of a large
Bible clnss. Sheriff Smutzer Is also
an attendant at my church, he and
his family."
Somu lime i
soiI  of t
ter certain
and I
Now York, Moy 15.—Director* of
tho Standard Oil Company today declared a quarterly dividend ot $9
per sharo. This is the same a-
mount paid In the corresponding
quarter Inst year.
 = a-      ..... -
London, May 15.—Mrs. Barnes of
William street, while crossing ths
kitchen In tho dark, wnlked Into a
trnp door lending to tho cellar, and
sustained injuries which may cause
No Honing—
No Grinding
You know from daily experience, at home or in the borber
shop, that the question is—
"Why doesn't a razor hold
its edge uniformly from heel
to head without honing and j
grinding?"   Whether It Is a
safety, with the certain tax of     ,
new blades, or the ordinary   lu
open-blndcd  razor docs not    7*
alter the question.  Vou want .
thc comfort and satisfaction of ,
a clean, smooth shave every
motning with thc confident >
knowledge thut  your razor
will-be ready for instant use
the next time needed.
The Carbo Magnetic ratorli
the'only rasor unoondltlon.
ally guaranteed to do this.
Thirty years of study on tha ,
razor situation has perfected I
s new secret-process of
pesitivcly merges every por-
ticle of carbon (the lite of steel) I
into the metal—giving a die-   .
j mond-like hardness uniformly,, \
.throughout the blade—some- J
thing absolutely   impossible
with fire tempered steel—used
In making alt other razors.
But test this razor tn your
own home—or if you prefer,
nave your barber uae It on you.
Give ue your name.
or call and see the "Carbo
Magnetic" razor, and we will
slate our proposition tor testing these razors without"
obligation on your pari fa -'
puroh-m, together with our |
free booklet" Hints on Sbsv-:.
Ing."   This book Illustrates
the correct rasor position for
\.\.A..l—.         l.'    A.. .
LAPORTE,     Ind., May IS.— Mrs.
Guineas' hired man    Boy Lamphore,
vigorously denied today that ho had
any confession to make, or promised ^having every part oVthafact
sny fo the Rev. T. A1. Schell, or'
ahyono else. Lamphere Is undor arrest charged-1 with complicity In tho
wholesale mimlors at the Oulnosi
i irrjri-  i ,'   t, <\.
If Bryan Receives Nomination   His
Daughter Will   Tour   Country ..
Speaking on His Behalf.
CHICAGO, III., May lit.—A des
patch to tho Rocord Herald from
Omaha, Nob., says: "In case W.J,
Bryan receives the Democratic nomination his daughter Mrs, Ruth llry
an Leavitt will take the stump in
Colorado, Wyo., and several other
Western states In her father's interests. This information was given
out In Omaha yesterday by Mayor
Dahlman, who has just returned
Irom Denver whoro ho has beon with
other Democratic committee men
completing arrangements for the con
vontjon. ...Mrs. Loavitt will confine
her efforts to women and will only
stump thoso states which have woman suffrage laws."
WASHINGTON, D. 0„ May 14.
Presldont Roosoyelt has accepted tho
presidency of the international conferences on tuberculosis which will
be held in this city in tho autumn.
The president's tetter of acceptance
was received by Dr. Lawrence Flick
of Philadelphia, chairman of tho
committee on arrangement for the
conference, who made the announcement at a meoting of the commiti-
teo lost night at the Cosmos club.
12.— Bids     SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I., May 12.-,
DAYTON, 0., May 14.-"Warnlng;
this means you. You sell your tobacco tor loss than 100 cents per
pound. You will seo what you will
get.   Try and see."
.This warning, written in Reading,
placed in the rural delivery boxes
of Ephraim Long and Jesse Murray,
ot Trotwood, Ohio, two of the most
prominent Arms in that community,
and now all tho Dinners are ln mortal fear that "Night Riders" will
burn the tobacco barns of those who
sell their crop at the prevailing
i prico which has been offered.
Nanaimo, May 14.—
Handle-Dykes    Nuptials Took   Fhico
At St. Paul's Church This
Morning at 0:15.
A very pretty wedding took placo
thiB morning at St. Paul's Church
at 0:15 o'clock, tho contracting parties boing Watson Dykes, M.D., C.
M., of Duncan, eldest son of Mr!
and Mrs Joseph Dykes, ol Kennedy
Street, and Miss Olive Handle, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rnndlo, of* the Five-Acre Lots
The Rev. Silva White performed the
ceremony. Mr. Isaac Dykes v
best man for his brother, while Miss
Florence Randlo wus bridesmaid to
her sister. Mr. Randlo gave Ills
daughter away.
Following tho marriage tho wedding party were driven to tho
homo of the bride's parents where
breakfast was served, after which
the bridal couple took passugo on
tho morning train for Victoria on
route to California on their honeymoon trip. Mnny friends nnd much
sunshine was in evidence at the do-
pot as tho young couple loft on
tholr life's journey followed by tho
good wishes of nil.
On tholr return from California,
they will tako up tholr rcsldenco at
Duncan where Dr. Dykes onjoys
large practice.
VICTORIA, May 18.—Tho Maelen-
zio steamship coinpuny of Vancouver
hns completed nrrnngements with thc
Corporation of tho town of Juneau,
Altiskn, whereby tho Attiskan city Is
to go Into iho coal business ant1
control Its own fuel market, und the
Mackenzie sloamsh'.p ■ ,iiii|-.iay ls to
carry the cont north from Niiiin'mo
Tho coal has b°on carried to Juv.cni:
ln tho phst by tho Alaska Steamship Company whlci has boon charging 812 por ton. T:i.» Mackenzie
steamship company has agreed li.
carry tho coal ut such u rite thai
lt can bo sold nt Juneau for rS by
the corporation. A civic bureau is
lining organized to mni-ket tho  conl.
In tho past tno Alaska St-.niiii-l-. p
company and the I'.iclilc Coast
steamship compunv have Loon supplying Junenu with coal, tho vessels
of thoso companion taking on ini'i;,-
at oithor of tho Vancouvor Island
coaling stations. In some instances
tho Pacific Const Steamship company supplied tho town with cool
from Japan.
"Wo sold tho coal mt pi nctlonllj
what It cost us," said Fruit B.
Burns, of tho Alaska Stoamship company. "All thero wns in It for us
was the freights. I don't' see how
anyone olso can sell conl for loss
than we-did and mako monoy.'
MONTREAL, May 14.—With undor
standing that ho rotund manoy taken from Foreigners on promise of
scouring them employment, Judge
Chowquet, today dismissed tho case
against Samuel Lafhowtzey, who
was arrested on Tuesday on complaint ot about eighty Polos nnd
(liiliciuns that ho had exacted a lee
ol $3 promising to secure them work
but on thoir roturn on appointed
morning Lafhowtzey and his clerk
had called In tho police to disperse
TORONTO, Ont., May 14. — The
Ontario Railway honrd will not allow the street railway company to
carry passengers on tile front vestibule of th* ears.
were opened at the treasury depart- °ne ot the most sensational murders     There nre dilloront sorts ol "hock-
mont today for the construction   ot ,<•>>»■»    ever   exercised   this   almost iers;
lhe new assay ofllco building in Now, crimeless   province, occurred Sunday tho
York city, which, it is said, will bo j night at Mlscouche,
ono of the most remarkable buildings11™ m_Ul» from hero,
in the metropolis, The structure
will stand on tho site of tho old assay olllco near tho corner of .Nassau
und Wall strcots, in the honrt of the
linnncial district. It will bo constructed of reinforced concrete, nnd
will cost about half n million dollars.
The most striking feature of the
structure will bt its chimney, which
is to overtop by muny foot any
building in the vicinity nnd any
building yet completed in Now York,
excepting tho Sinner buildingi, From
the sidewalk tho stack will tower
over -100 feot, this height being considered necessary to carry tlio poi-
soni-ns fumes of tho furnace above
any qlnccs in tlie neighborhood.
a  small village
The victim is
■ Washington, ..May 13.—Tho Whito
House was tho scono today of tho
assemblage of many of tho most distinguished figures in tho political
and Industrial life of tho United
3tntes. The occasion, tho conference by President Roosevelt with the
governors of nearly all the statos
tlon of conservation of the country's
natural resources. The conference
will continue until Friday ovenlng.
but tbey are all animated by
same    desire—to. "corner"   the
candidate if possiblo.    Thero is tho
man who 'submits his questions    ou
puper and pationtly waits to    havo
Joseph    McMillan, 25 years old,    a them answored, and thero is the man
prominent    farmer,     and his slayer who prefers to put thom catogorlca-
Alonso Dougherty, aged 21. i'1*' alld ln as defiant a tone as-
On Sunday afternoon, McMillan, ac
can command. Then there is tlie
man who has u pet subject regui-d-
oonipnnlod by Stella McDonald and j„s wnich ho putB a question on" ov
sister, walked from Miskoche, walk- ory available occasion, aiid tlie oa
ing along the railway track, When tu,'° of which, is known to ovory-
,,   „, ,       ,   ,,        ., body, so ofton has it boen repented
nboul   ono nnd a  half    miles from Tho',.0 l8 tllo socialist, who  is an i„-
their destination they mot Dougherty voterato "heckler"; and, lastly there
ls tho man who always tries to put
questions,    but cannot make himself
•. Ho had
"Hold   oi
LAPORTS, Ind., Mny M.-Tlio*pos-
siblo determination that tho globules
■if molloid found by tho mining opor-
itions on tho Guiness farm yesterday wore hits of gold used by_u
dentist for fillings in, or crowns on
the woman's teeth, is likely to bo a
levelopment of importance in tlio
enso today. Tho speclmons were
turned uvorHo a local jeweler last
light and it is expected that he will
report on thom soon.
The mystery 1ms reached a stage' province,
whoro tho dotoi'niination of such
facts is of major inipoi-tunco. The
discovery of additional bodies is e
i-omoto possibility and the itlentifleiv
tlon of any of the siivon cadavers
remained unmarked are distinctly to
iio expected. Yostorday's developments did little to olucidnto any o!
tho unsolved problems. Tho nttor.
noys for tho defense nro sold to bo
looking lor David Havons, who Is
reported to have aided in uncovering tho bodies of the persons whom
Lnmphoro is accused of murdering.
According to tho Information current here, thoy claim that Havons
wns declared an undesirnblo cltizon
by 'Sheriff Smut/or and ordered away
from Lnporto shortly alter the lire.
The attorneys also claim thnt Hnv-
iiis has declared thnt when tho bodes woro found in tho collnr of ttio
Guiness homo on April .28th, tliey
woro lying on tho floor and thoro
was no debris undor theni. Ho assorts that tho testimony to this effect, at tho trial will do. much to
iour thoir client of tho charges ag-
-linsthim, arguing that tho circumstances show that tho bodies had
been nlncod lu tho cellar previous to
tho beginning of the lire, which destroyed tho farm houso. Tlio testimony ol other men who helped Sheriff .Smutzer uncover tho corpses howovor, Is ngainst this supposition
coming towards them
revolver in his hand,
ho said.
"Is that a revolver you have?"
asked McMillan.
"Yes," replied Dougherty, and he
pulled tho trigger, and a 42-callbro
bullet pierced McMillan's heart.
Ab ho lay on the ground, Dougherty put two more bullets into tho
head of the victim then dragged tho
body into tho woodB and accompanied the horror stricken girls to tholr
Tho murderer Inter drovo to Mlscouche, awaited tho arrival of the
police from Summorsldo, and gavo
himself up.
In his statement Dougherty said
ho had no quarrel with McMillan, ho
was ono of his bost frionds in Mis-
coucho. The deed was not prompted by jealousy. Ho was in tho habit of carrying a revolver through
tho woods, and had placod one in
his pooket Sunday. Some uncon-
trolable impulse seized him when ho
met McMillan and Stella. He had
kept company with her lor three
At the inquest today the Jury
brought in a verdict holding Dougherty responsible. He was remanded
till Thursday. The affair has croat-
jed intense'excitement all ovor    the
• —A *
OTTAWA, ONT., Mny 14.—Tho
Dopartmont of. Labor today rocoivod
throe applications for hoards under
Lemieux Act. The employes of
Acadia Cool Co., of Ingorlo Coal Co
and of Westvill Mill, 800 in numbor,
respectively nominated Chns. M.
Tanner, M.P.P., as tholr representative. Station freight clerks of thc Intercolonial Hallway at Halifax and
St. John   havo"   also   applied    for
Nunaimo, Mav 14.—
lov. John Robson,   of Wallaco St.
Church ls Appointed President of 1).  0. Methodist
Distinguished honor hns beon paid
tho Rov. John Robson, of the Wallace Street Methodist Church, by
the Methodist Conference now sitting
in Vancouvor. At this morning's
session of tho conference Mr. Robson
was olected Presldont of tho Conference.
This makes tho socond Nanaimo
pastor to recoivo high olllco during
tho pnst two weeks. Last wcok Rov
I.M. Millar of St. Andrew's church
hnd tho honor tc ho elected moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of
D. C.
Soldier Who Killed Sergeant in London Barracks Caught Near
Ontario Town.
ARTHUR, Ont., May 18.-Molr,
the London murderer, was caught by
P. J. Farrel, chief of pollcs at Arthur, about ten miles In the country from Arthur, tn Nicol township.
Moir was in a stable whon Ohlot
Farrel captured him. He put up a
desperate fight, but with th* assistance of Stophen Coughltn of Arthur,
he. wos finally overpowered. Chief
Farrel searched hlm and tound he
wns nnnod with a 32 calibre revolver, fully landed, which he had concealed under hls bslt,        /
After the arrest he naked Chief
Farrel who he wns, when he wa* Informed hy whom ho wa* arrested, he
pleaded drunkenness and that he did
not know, lie had killed the sergeant
PAISLEY, Ont., May 14.- Richard McGregor, 27 years old committed suicide I.y hanging himself ln a
barn noar here. Ho has boon ailing
and despondent for some time.
All Home Cured
Robt its St. Butcher
"ltube" Kroh of tho Johnstown
Tri-Stato League team recently shut
out Wilmington, pitching a no-run-
no-hit game.
Bridgeport, Conn., hos a ballplayer numed Beaumont. Mny he become as reliable and ns famous as
good old "Bo" of Boston.
TJie San Francisco team nearly
won the Pacific Coast League pennant the first two weeks of the season, Sinco then, however, they havo
rotun.ed and are now cn speaking
terms with tho other clubs of tho
Noarly all tho young pitchers who
invented wonderful foolers during
tho spring practice, such as tho
Double Ka/.zle, Morry Widow, Broak-
Your Back, etc., have now been
turned over to tho minor leagues.
Major league managers wero afraid
the fans might tire of seeing a pitcher whom no batsman could hit.
In a recent Texas league game the
players did not take kindly to the
rulings of a substitute umpire and
In the melee that followed "umpy"
list most of his shoes and part of
his pnnts. It is expected that trousers will he mutUlatcd at sucn^times
hut when they ruin his shoes, it's
going too far,
COURTItl, Belgium, May 18.—Almost tho whole population of tho
village of Beloghain, a short distance from Courlri, armed with
clubs and stones, s'.a on a -win who
was caught in thc net of burglarizing tho famous chapel of tho Virgin
yesterday. The villagers had heen
highly incensed at previous church
robberies, notably that of tho church
of Notre Dame in this city last December whon Von Pykos' masterpiece "The Elevntlon of Cross" wns
A doctor who made an examination
of tho body, found 27 knife wounds.
Sovon of thoso implicated In tho
killing of lho burglar wore arrested.
TORT ARTHUR, Ont., May U.Geo. Mooring, a formor partner of
Mayor Onrrlck, tho Conservative can
didato for tho Ontario legislature
was last night nominated nt a big
meeting of labor men, and will run
ns nn indopondont. Tho Liberals
also hnvo acted in tho field.
understood.      He is regarded as
bore and is treated as such.      But
tho man who is    a good "hecklor"
and a    humorist    besides is always
suro to get a hearing.
Sir Henry Cujiiphell-lluiuiernuin,
was an adopt at handling tho "heckler" in the Stirling Burghs, which
lie hus represented for so many years
As a rulo tho ex-Premier, with hls
good.humored repartee,*Hcui'C(l ovor
the man who tried to "put" him,
and, needless to sny, Sir Honry novor answered any question incautiously.
"Would you 'mislippen' your constituency if appointed to olllco?" wns
a question which was put to him on
one occasion when there wus a prospect of a new government being
formed. Assuming that the inquisitive elector desired to know If ho
was likely to be Ijniier-Secretary for
War. Sir Henry slyly answered :
"It will'depend first of all upon the
constituencies of the country whether
they return a political majority and
thon upon her majesty tho Queen
whether 'sho will nsk tho Liberal
loaders to form a government; thon
upon* tho Liberal leaders whothcr
thoy will consider mc worthy of being taken into the government, and
then upon myself whether I will consider it worth whilo to go In."
No member of Parliament ever faced tho Scottish "heckler" with so
much equanimity as did Mr. Bryco,
(now tho British Embassador at
Washington) when ho was representative for South Aberdeen. He was
equal to every assault; no matter
whether it wnB a frontal attack or
a flank movement, ho was always
ready with tho soft answer which
turned away wrath, with the reply
which was no answer to thc quos-
tioner, or with thu sally which covered his interrogator with confusion.
A former Speaker -of tho House of
Commons onco described Mr, liryce
as a walking encyclopaedia and that
epigram was never so woll illustrated os whon he was undor Uio Are
of tho northern "heckler." Uo always know n great deal more than
tho man who had tho temerity to
put a "poser" to him. Tho Social-1
ists woro especially fond of harrying* Altoona,
Mr, Bryco on socinl and economic
problems. Ho was nover discomfited
and they wcre novor satisfied, except, porhaps onco. On that occasion a solf-posscssod youth of tho reil
tio order soriously and pointedly put
this question: "Is Maistor Bryco—in
favor — o' the aholutlon—of povor-
ty?" Mr. Bryco was quickly on hisithreo companions, met the policeman
feot. nnd with a gesture as if ho hud about three a.m. and were ordered
boen paying homage to tlio King ho several times to go to their  homes
Fine Trip to California, Mexico and
Numerous Side Trips—Twenty-
One Bays of Pleasure.
A Vanccuver week-end paper is
planning a free trip to California
for twenty British Columbia ladies.
As they are anxious to have representatives from Nanaimo, eno or
moro of the many bright girls in
this city will undoubtedly take advantage of tho opportunity thus afforded. A threo thousand mile trip
is being planned, San Francisco, Los
Angeles, San Diego and Mexico arc
the prospective points in view, whilo
side trips will bo arranged for. The
intention is to start on or about
Aug. 1, after that, twenty-one days
of solid pleasure, without a care or
a cost, is what this trip means. A
competent person will be in charge
with complete plans, scheduled, and
It will not Cost the ladies who are for
tunate enough to be among the 20
one cent for transportation, eating,
sleeping or transfer of baggage, from
the time they leavo hero till . they
return, and the party will be
cellently chaperoned. These lucky
girls' only thought for the trip will
to be for the packing of sun-
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
B. E. WALKER, President.
ALEX LAIRD, General Ma*oger
A. E. IRELAND, Superintendent
of Branches.
rati!* will $10000.000
Rest     5,000,000
TOM Assets.. 113,000,000
Bra? e\_. throughout Canada and in the United States and England
Farmers'  Paper  Discounted.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed at
current rates. Tlie depositor is t-ubject to no'delay whatever in
the will dniwal of the who'e or any part of the deposit
utnysMi'ii) branch	
D.'.W a. m., to 12.    4 p.m., to 5 p.
m.    P p.m., to 8:110 p.m.
 It, M. DeOEX, MuUffO
President aud Managing Director.
dry articles into their suit cases and
making suro not to miss the train on
tho day appointed; after that will
commence a twenty-one Hay pleasure trip, sccondto none for interest,
scenery, comfort and hosts of new
things. This delightful outing may
practically be hnd for the asking,
and a post card or line to the B.C.
Saturday . Sunset, Vancouver, will
bring full particulars. A word to
wise girls and those who want
glorious holiday Is sufficient,
Pa., May 12.-Chester
Helghard, of this city, a nephew of
Di P. Keighard, a millionaire of
Pittsburg, was shot and killed at
the station early today by R. J.
Werner, a policeman, with whom he
had     quarrelled.      Helghard,    with
solemnly but   laconically   answered, by Werner
"Yes!"   Tho   auillolico   roared,    '
Mr. Bryco sat down beaming.
A London   barber   ai'vertisos
A rough and tumble
fight followed, but Reighard and
hla companions broke away and ran,
Wornor called to them to stop, and
fired os ho claims, to frighten them,
Tho ball struok Reighard in the splno
200 men to bo slmvod In   a music ""d nG d|ed ™ the sidewalk tn two
hall   exhibition   and   snys "cnlinion or three minutes,
preforrcil." |	
Ireland maintains nuui-ly 400 egg-
distributing stations for tho purpose of bottoi-ing tho poultry of tho
Tho Rothschilds of London will
take un issue of S-10,000,000 of 10-
yoar -1 per cent, bonds of the Pennsylvania railroad.
An old trench hns beon found at
Sandy Hook containing tho bones it
Ib believed of 30 or -10 British sol-
Tho Now York World, after conducting nn investigation nnnoutu-es
that Oothiim women are gambling
A Norwegian inventor hns patented
a fabric which applioil to a suit us
lining will support tlio wonrer in wator.
All tho chief engineers on tho
freight steamors out of Buffalo havo
signed individual ugt'eements with
their nuiniigors.
Four king i-oliras, oach 12 feot in
length, havo boen recolvod at the
Bronx Zoo, New Y'ork, from South
Alitor! ca,
Coroa. with the aid of Japan, is
taking stops to protect Its forests
and replant denuded ti-ucts on important wator sheds.
A mino strike lias been settled at
Toledo. Ohio, by it- two-year agreement at old wages boing adopted by
Joint conference.
Thomas Nelson l'ngo. tho literary
Virginian, always iiddrossos the Presldont of tho United Statos as "His
Of 700 church edifices Inspected by
order of the Chicago Bro marshal 10
wero found to violate safety laws
and ordinances
Washington, May 12.—The Senate
committee on finance today voted
unanimously to report the bill already passed by the house providing
for tho permanent restoration of tho
words, "In Ood Wo Trust," to the
gold and silver coins of the United
Ottawa, May 12.—Washington  authorities ore said to be agreeable to
submit to arbitration the case    of
confessed he shot tho sergeant,   but proposed diversion of St. Mary's rl
tn the
Milk river,
affile nf Montana Into
ro that Justice may he
until he saw It In the Stratford pa-1'lone to settlers on lioth sides of tho
Per*. boundary.
 ,--i ., - I.,, ii   . ; i, :'.-!■) ,i   ni ,;.!'FSB'H WHIHM "'■
(Vancouver World.)
Totem Polo Square, Wnsh.— Having hnd it pointed out to mo that
there Is a suspicion that I had
something to do with the bungling
hold-up on tho train botweon horo
nnd your city I wish you to stnto
that I hnd nothing to do with It.
I feol that I am on pnrolo, and I
havo not handed out anything but
advice sinco I havo beon horo.
Thero is no ono here thnt I
would go enhoots In in n hold-up
anywny. Besides, you enn got money here without taking any risks.
Business Is business- nnd I want to
bo left alono. You can toll tho provincial bulls thnt I can prove an
alibi In this cnso ond tell them not
to go stirring up tho Ynnkeo marshals to look mo up. I always
worked tn the opon and novor bashed a man's hoad to got tho cash
from tho Adnm's express strong box
In my life.
Yours truly,
LONDON, Out., Mny 18. - Frank
Roberts, a young Englishmnn, who
has beon robbing lmtels nnd private
houses horo for some time has boon
sontoncod to tho pon for throe years.
Montreal,   May    12.—Samuel Sov-
A big movement Is under way   to pau| M 1(lbor        fc
save    tho non-cliurchgoliig    Protost-1 .t.7. -i
ants of Now York city on an undo-.wero arrested today on a charge of
aominational basis. (swindling foreigners.    The complain
Owing to tho Increasing number of nntB nearly eighty In number, who
automobile accidents la J*')8 J»°™ „, mcstly Austrlans, declane'they
rigid regulations havo boen mado to ' • r~   X
govorn this traffic. |e»v« ttCCU«d *-*™ aolu>n »Ploce    on
Manufactures imported in 1907 in Friday last, and that they promised
tho Unltod States aggrogato in val-'t0 get j0DB for them on Monday
uo WOOOOOOO »j»tat approxima-- construction camp,
tely $700,000,000 value cxportod.      I     '     *v - ■
Tho tourist in Madagascar may but whsn thsy went around on the
travol by tho fluusana, which Is appointed morning accused called on
mndo fron two polos bIx foot long th8 |10nM to dfcporse them, becauso
and with a sont and foot roat.      Jt)      hod e6l|gwg|ltod around    their
Tho   mountaineers   on tho Persian       ■' » ~»  .
frontlor nro flocking to. tho aid of tho offices.	
KurdB,  who nre monocod by a Rus-' •
Blan punltlvo expedition. MINE WORKERS DIE IN GAR EX-
John Post, of Catsklll. N.Y..   who. PLOSION,
died recontly, agod 98, .spent his llfo -—
within n radius of four mllos from Sovon Mon Killed nnd Mnny Injured
whoro ho was born. I In Ponneylvanla Colliery.
Tho Control Union Oas Cdmpany, 	
of Now York must pny $15,000 to WTLKES-BARRE, Pn„ Mny 18.-
tho husband of a woman who was Seven mine workers wore Instantly
accidentally asphyxiated April 5, klllod nnd moro than a dozen Injur-
jQOfl od this nftornoon In an oxploslon in
The Sovon Stnrs hotol ot Village tlio Mount Lookout colliery of thc
Oroon, Pa., has bcon a public house Tomplc Conl & Iron Company,1 nenr
for 1-tfl   yenrs.      It was tho  hoad- hore.
quarters of   donoral    Cornwallls   in * 	
Tlio value of ull kinds of flsh land' 	
cd In England and Wnlns In ono yenr COBALT, Ont., May 18,-Jno. An
Is ovor JRR.flOo.non, and tlio number drew Tlurk wns bndly Injuron by nil
of mon nnd boys employed, ovor oxploelon In tho nllno at Rlbhle
40,000. lake.
ui Lh*! r n 1 ' ■'.. i T'-Ti..,.,.;.i . .......     ,
Set r eta TV-Treasurer.
Notice to Architects.—Competitive
Tho Government of British Columbia invito tho Architects oi British
Columbia to submit competitive designs ol a Public Hospital for tho
Insane, which it is proposed to erect
at Coquitlam. situated near New
Westminster, B.C.
Tho designs, accompanied by spe'
cifications, reports and estimates of
cost, and superscribed, "Design, Public Hospital for the Insane,"- and addressed to tlie Hon. tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, will
bo rocoivod up to noon of Tuesday,
thc 30th Juno, 1D08.
Tho designs, specifications, reports
and estimates of cost shall have no
distinguishing mark or motto, tho
author's name being enclosed in a
blank envelope securely attached to
the design submitted.
The design shall bo adjudicated up.
on by'an Architect practising outside the Province, to be selected by
tho Government, atter tho 30th June'
The design placed first by the Adjudicator shall receive a premium of
$700, and the one placed second, u
premium of 5500.
Tho Government is not bound to
e.'ect tho building; from any of tlie
designs submit cod.
If tlie design awarded first place is
accepted, the premium referred to
above shall be included in the professional foe paid to tho architect.
Printed conditions governing tho
competition can lie obtained by bona
fide competitors upon application to
the undorsigned.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 7th May, 1008. td.
The Jones Hotel
Oatacre Street.
P.O. Box 54 'Bhons U
Dealer In All Kinds ol
Vent, Delivered free of charge on tha
Shortest Notice.
due -
Regulations for the Docking , or
Mooring of All Vessels Arriving at
Britleh Columbia Ports from Plague-Infected Forts.
(Approved by Ordor of His Honour
the  Admlnistrator-in-Council,   dated
8th April, 1908).
1. All vessels arriving at British
Columbia ports from ports infected
or suspected of being infected with
Bubonic Plague shall conform to lho
following regulations:—
(a.) Vessels shall be moored or
docked at a dlstanco not loss than
six feot from wharf or land:
(b.) Ropes or chains connecting
a vessel with wharf or land shall
be protec*t*d by funnels of sine and
shape satisfactory to Local and
Provincial Boards of Health:
(c:) All gangways shall be lilted
whon not in uso, Gangways when
in use shall bo guardod against ths
oxlt of rats by a person specially
detailed for this purpose:
(d.) All vessels changing route
to sololy British Columbia ports
shall give satisfactory evidence of
disinfection and extermination of
vermin to Provincial Board of
2. Evory owner, agent, or captain
of any vessel, and evory other person violating or Instructing, authorizing, ordering, permitting, or otherwise suffering any person to violate
any of tho foregoing regulations
shall bo linblo, upon summary conviction beloro any two Justices of
the Ponce, for evory such offence to
a flno not oxceedlng one hundred
dollars, with or without costs, or to
Imprisonment, with or without hard
labour, for a term not exceeding six
months, or to both flno nnd imprisonment in tho discretion ot tho convicting maglBti tftos.
Dated at Viotoria, 0th April, 1908.
(Bv Command).
Provincial Secretary.
Charles J. Fagan, M.D.,
Secretary Provincial Board of Health.
LONDON, Ont., May 18.-It la cur
rontly reported hero thnt tho Em
»lro Accident and Surety Company
of this city hns bcon absorbed by
tho Imperial Accident Oo.
Union Brewing Co.;
Lndysmith, B. O.
aqd Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding ond Party Cakes Hade to
Fruits and Candles nf All Kinds
Prices are    very   reasonable.    AU
Customors treated silks.
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
Ml Stock ol Mtasrs' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
'•*•      A Spselaltjr
All kinds ov' Blacksalthlig X'
nv m utm\. m mm.
1. Irving famous {pit Shoos,
for two days we offer these at
$2.95 por pair.
2. Childs' Pebble Button
Boots, rogular values ?1.25.
Special two days' price, 75c.
per pair.
3. The McOready Pit Shoo,
double Sole, strong outside
counter,  heavily  nailed.     Spe
cial two days' prico §2
Men's     Patont     Oxford
Special    price   $3.05
per pair.
5. Men's Canvas Boots, Leather Too Cap, and 'Leather
Bor across front. Good strong
Solo. Special prico $1.85 por
G. Slater's Patent leather
Boots, latest cut, splendid fitting, guaranteed to give satisfaction. Special two days'
price, §1.95.
1. Wild Flower Toilet Soap.
Special prico 15c per box of 8
or 7 boxes for $1.00.
2. Violet Soap. Regular 35c
Special price 30c per box.
3. Pendray's Mechanics Medicated Pine Tar Soap. Four
cakes for 25c, or 17 for $1.00.
4. Pondrny's Pearl Soap.—
Special 4 for 25c, or 17 for $1
1. Men's Negligee Shirts,
detachable Collars, all good
patterns. Just the latest for
Summer, only $1.00 oach.
2. Boys' White Shirts, soft
make with Collars attached.
All sizes. Only 65c, and 75c
8. Ladies' Raincoats. 12
only of these, bought at a
great sacrifice, rei"Tr f 12 to
H4 Coats, ti Ue cleared at
14.95 oach.
.'»' lit tUni^f'g
1. 18 Pairs Lace Curtains,
regular 11.25 per pair, 60 inches wide, 3} yards long. Special price 05c per pair.
5. Ladies' Summer Skirts,
Crash, splendid wearing and
washing, only 95c each.
RIBBONS. A very large selection of all the Newest and
Prettiest Shades of Ribbons.
Work on tho new Post Office is
making satisfactory progress. Tho
concrete foundations have been put
in nnd building will bo commenced
Tho Tyee Gun -Club held its sixth
medal snoot on Thursday evening.
Hepple, who hos been rather out of
it so far this season, had a wonderful revival of form, and got 22 out
of 25. Tom Whito and Tom MeGarrigle came next with 19 each.
Tho Big Store is offering Pay-Day
Snaps in Milk nnd Fruit. First-
class quality of milk is offered nt
10 cents a can and Bananas can be
got at 25 cents the dozen. There is
only a limited quantity of either
nrticle.    First come, first served.
The bowling alley has taken so
well in town that Mr. -Parrott
promptly decided to put up another
building. The carpenters started to
work yesterday, and In a fow days
there will bo four instead of two al-
Mr. Parrot ia putting up a silver
cup for competition at thc bowling
alley. The cup will bo won by tho
bowler who first makes tho three
highest scores over a weok's bowling. It is not nocessary to mako
the scores thrice in succession. Tho
man who first get top pluco three
times lifts tho trophy.
Tho feature of tho week at tho
bowling alley will be ladies' day
Wednosdny. From the hours of two
till five in tho afternoon, the alloys
will be reserved exclusively for tho
use of tho ladles, and Mr. Parrott
will give a handsome prize to    tho
highest scorer.   Don't forget Wednes
day ls ladles day.
All those who favor on out-of-door
event will not forget the lawn social which is to be hold nt the Gilchrist residence on Fourth Avenuo,
on Tuesday, Mny 19th, Tho social
has been organized liy thc members
of the Laurel Robeknh Lodge, and
can be depended on to be a successful affair. There will be a ten-cent
drawing and ico cream will be
sale. Only 25 conts will bo charged
for admission.
MEN'S SUSPENDERS. Regular 05c and 76c. Special... 85c
Regular 11.25.   Special — 75c
drey and Black. Reg. 12.50
and 13.00.   Special   11.00
ar 75c.    Spoclal   25c
60c to $1.25.   Special   26c
Whut's in a name, asked the first
of British poets, and the question
may well bo asked, what's In a color? One of the pillar's of the Nanaimo team's defence was seen the
other day decked out in as pretty a
rod and white tie as was ever seen
in Ladysmith. It would easily havo
fetched a dollar threo weeks ago.
The third elocutionary contest held
under the ftUBplces of the W.C.T.U.,
will be brought off at the Presbyterian Church on Friday night, May
22. Miss Ingham has the contest
ants in training, and, in addition to
the recitations there -will be a musical programme. The Idea of the
contest is commendable in every
way, and the object ought to ensure
it hearty support.
The Tyee Gun Club has been presented with another trophy for competition. Messrs. Robert Ward 4.
Co., Ltd., of Victoria, the B.C. agents of the "Amberite" shell have
put up a handsome silver cup, lacquered so that it won't tarnish by
being exposed to the smelter smoke.
The cup will be competed for in ten
handicap shoots, the winner of the
best In ten to take the trophy. The
cup is now on exhibition in the
Hardware Store.
Work has gone merrily on on Oatacre street all tho week. The street
has now been graded and the town
has something like a decent approach. In addition to tho grading,
tho sidewalks are boing put down to
the proper levol. The alteration has
entailed considerable inconvenience
to the Big Store, tho Jonos Hotel,
nnd Walters & Akenhead, during the
week; but thoy are all more than
compensated by the result. The Coun
ell is to be congratulated on-its wisdom on making a finished Job of i
vory necessary piece of street work.
A loyal supporter of tho football
boys had u most unwelcome visitor
on Wednesday in the person of a
Nanaimo Philistine. The latter gentleman waB down to collect, nnd
wore the smile that won't como off,
It was an old bet, too, dating as
far back as tho Oak Bay match.
Thc local man had forgotton all about it, or hod tried to, but he was
up against n bird with a longer
memory than a stork's leg whore
collections is concorncd. Ho caught
the train, too, still wearing tho samo
smile, and with tho great bulk of
tho bot in his pocket. Ooi, darn
the luck anyway.
MONTREAL, Que., May 18.- The
following nominations took place in
Ontario yesterday: Toronto South,
seat' "A" J. J. Foy; seat "B" O.H.
Gooderham, Conservatives,
Toronto North, seat "A" W. K
McNaught; seat "B" Ex-Mayor Jno
Shaw, Conservatives.
West Lambton, Robt. I. Towers,
Brockville, W. J. Bust, Lib.
Centre Huron, W. Proudfoot, Lib.
North Waterloo, D. Rate, Lib.
West Hastings, W. J. Johnson,
Hotel Cecil
Clean Lodging and Hearty Boarding
White Cooking and White Service.
Notice of Examinations.
NOTICE is hereby given that examinations   will   be Held for lst, 2nd,
and 3rd   Class   Certificates of Competency   under the provisions of the
"Coal    Mines Regulation Act,"    at
Nanaimo, -Fernie'and Cumberland, on
the 16th,    17th and   18th days    of
June,    1908,   and for 2nd and 3rd
Class Certificates of Competency, at
Ooutlee, on the loth and 17th days
of June, 1908,   commencing at nine
o'clock In the forenoon.
Tho Subjects will be ns follows:—
First Class Candidates—
Mining Act and Special Rules.
Mine Gases.
General Work.
Mine Machinery.
Second Class Candidates-
Mining Act and Special Rules.
Mine Gases.
General Work.
Third Class Candidates—
Mining Act and Special Hulos
Mine Gases and General Work.
Application must be mndo   to  tho
underslgnod   not   Inter than Friday,
June 5th, 1908, accompanied  by tho
statutory foo, as follows :—
By an applicant   for   First    Class
Examination $10.00
By an applicant   for Socond Class
Examination  $10.00
By   an applicant for  Third   Class
Examinationr... $5.00
The applications must be accompanied by testimonials and evidence
stating that :—
(a). If a candidate for First Class
that ho is a British subject and has
had at loast five years' experience in
or about tho practical working of a
coal mine, and is at least twenty-
five years of age :
(b). If a candidate for Socond
Class, that he has had at least Ave
years' experience in or about tha
practical working of a coal mine.
(c). If a candidate for Third Class
that he has had at least three yoars'
experience in or about the practical
working of a coal mine :
(d). A candidate for a Certificate
of Competency as Manager, Ovonnan
Shiftboss, Flroboss or Shotllghter,
shall produce a certificate from a
duly qualified medical practitioner
showing that ho has taken a courso
In ambulance work fitting him, the
said candidate, to givo first aid to
persons injured in coal mining operations.
By order ofthe Board.
Nanaimo.B.C,April 4th, 1908.
i f
The Bowling j
Alley and
iCavin's Shoe!
Are the Two New
Features at
We are making a Specialty
of the SHOE BUSINESS and
probably you will get a little
better satisfaction for your
money than you have been getting elsewhere.
First Avenue.
Rogular 85c.    50c
Special £5c.
15 cents
85c a pair
$1.00 a pair
MEN'S SUITS, ThroO'Hoco,
Price $10,00.
Under the Auspices of the
Laurel Bebeksh Lodge
today, MaylItV08
On Fourth Avenue.
Prizo Drawing,    Ice Cream on Sale.
Admission. 25 cenls.;
■j.  gas  i m -'■ ~~m\
Call in and
my Stock of Latest Styles ln
Wall Papers
Picture   Framing   a Specialty.
High Street. )
*v I
m %&
All Work Guaranteed.
Tho -Rev., Mr. Wilkinson is attending tho Methodist conference at Vancouver.
Mr. John Blair   returned   from
business   trip   to Vancouver yesterday.
Mr. T. Mowatt
was   in town yes-
ys.a> »/»,«,ay»«>aya,«ja>»fc»a>% aO^f
Telephone, 1 2-4.
Nanainn B C.
First Class Photos.
Mr. Al. Davis passed through town
Miss Urquhart, of Oourtonav spent
couple of days as tho guest of
-Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Adam. Tho up-
Island lady was very favorably Impressed with our city, and thore is a
rumor current that a popular young
business man has so won upon her
sympathies by his stories of aching
heads that she has consented to take
up permanent residence here. The affair is flxod, so thoy say, for a short
A very complete selection of "The
Whitney" make now In Stock.
Superior to any other Go-Cart in
Style, Comfort and ]"-r-'-illty.
•Collapsible Go-Cart -.r'tli Adiusl-
Ible Tops, 10, 12 an: 1 in. Rubber Tires can bo supplied.
G. Peterson
Pods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
'Phone 18.
Flrat Avenue
!Your Last
The Committee of ths Ladysmith
Football Club request that all ac-
counts against the Club be rendered
on or before Wednesday, May 20th,
In order that the Club's books may
be audited for the season.
The Ice
' Hooper's Parlors'
Ars ths Host Select, tbs  Roomlsst,
and tht Most Comfortable.
Prlvste Boom (or Ladies or for
By coming   to ths   Foundry
you save commission, express-
age,   and package, and   make
1 you/own choice.
Wt challenge comparison, either In •Pries or Quality of
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
fHI I H-.-l.il:. H-l-H-H II
, >
Also Now Lot of MISSES    \ \
In Black, Tan and White.
Miss Uren!
FANCY 00OD9 STORE.      \\
Post Cards
VANCOUVER, May 12.—The programme of the light which the North
American Transportation & Trading
Company ls waging against the combine of companies operating steamships on the Nome route has been
altered and instead of sailing from
Victoria for Nome on June 1 the
steamer Transit will sail from Vancouver on or about that date. In
all probability the Transit, now lying at Nanaimo, will be brought to
Vancouver this week and fitted out
for the northern voyage and take on
freight, some ot which ls already
here awaiting her.
Schubach & Hamilton, of Seattle,
agents for the big Alaska trading
company, at first planned to have
the Transit sail from Victoria, 'bat
Capt. S. F. MucKonzIo, agent for
the owners of the Transit, stated
today that arrangements had been
made to load hor lu Vancouver and
have her sail direct from here to
As appears on a dispatch from Seattle, tho North American Transportation It Trading Company Ib out
to fight the No.-no steamship combine to a standstill. This company
declares the combine is trying to
hold it up on freight rates and will
ship eight thousand tons of general
merchandise from Vancouver to St.
Michael and Nome on the Transit,
and just to give tho comblno oTrun
for Its money will slaughter the passenger rates, giving first-class transportation for half tho combine rates
and cutting the steerage accommodation down to a song, probably $16.
It is expected that approximately
six hundred passongers -will leave
Vancouver on the Transit whon sho
sails about June 1. Tho fitting out
of the steamer for this largo number
of peoplo and for the freight sho
will take out will moan tho expen
dlturo of about $10,000 in Vancouvor.
Whon tho Transit completes tho
Nome voyage sho will be maintained
ln service, taking tho run between
Seattle, Vancouvor and Prlnco Ru-
port, and making threo trips per
month. It Is even possible that hor
run may bo extended to take In
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally at 9 a. m.
Wednesday,   Saturday " and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 16:68.
For Victoria.
Trains Arrive at Ladysmith
Dally at 11:57.
Wednesday,   Saturday   nnd   Sunday,
At 11:67 and 17.56.
From Victoria.
OEO. l."GOUllTrffA4V
District Passenger Agent.
108 Government St., Victoria
, First Avenue
Ladysmith, B.0,
--------- 1* i-i-»-issiSj
dome and Make Tonr
Selection—new stock
fresh in.
J. li Smith,
-l  4 ...
Roberts Street
Ice Cream
10 Cents a Dish
Cigars   Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
♦   ■'
Special Meal Tickets for
the Week
Mrs, S. Decker,
Setting Eggs
Full Setting for $1.00
Leave Orders at G. Roberts' Butcher
Shop, First Avenue.
David T. Davie3
The attention of tbe Lands mul
Works Donartmont having beon directed to tho fact that town lots in
a townsite named Prince Rupert,
being a subdivision of Lot (111!,
Range 5, Coast District, situated ou
the mainland between tho mouth of
the Skocnii River and Kalon Island,
are being offered for sulo, it hus
been deemed necessary to warn the
public that the said townsite is not
situated at the terminus of tho
Grand Trunk Pncific Hallway, and Is
not the townsite which Is owned
jointly by the Government of British Columbia and tho Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway Company.
Chief   Commissioner    of Lands   nnd
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., May 1st, 1908. Ira
THAN WOOD. . . ,
J. m. mof?GAH,
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may bo left at tho
Standard Office.
H. Thornley
I Black Minorca and Plymouth Rock
eggs.   Full setting of eggs for S1.00.
-All eggs guaranteed. Leavo orders
at O. Roberts Butcher Store, First
1 Avenut.
Every lOonvtnlenct.^jnd Brsrythlng    j^ tg,nt for Uwrpool *
London A Globe Ins. Oo. (Flro). Only
those who can secure a share of bu-
Jos. Hankivell. Prop. ^WbaW m^r
Box 899, Vancouvtr.
Notice is horoby given that we intend to apply to the Liconslng Commissioners of the Oity of Ladysmith
at their next regular meeting for  a
transfer of the Retail Liquor Licence
now   hold   by us fur tho    premises
known as the Now Western Bar, Ladysmith, D. C, trom ourselves   to
John Pausche and John Uunbar.
Ladysmith, B.C., March 81, 1908.
Notice Ib hereby given that.I shall
make application to the Board of
Licensing Commissioners of the Olty
of Ladysmith at their noxt regular
meeting for a transfor of the retail
liquor llcenso now held by me for
tho promises known as the Columbia Hotel, situate, on Lot 9, Block
80, Ladysinith, from myself to dement Tobo.
Ladysmith. B.C., UoJ 6, 1918.


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