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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Feb 15, 1902

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Array 1 \A&Xst^
!4f if^^twwff ^f N'tirf f ft
The people that save |
money trade with      |
Ladysmith Leader
For Boots and Shoes f
Bickle's is the storo f
VOL. 1. NO. 46.
J It Is a Question |
|      Of Quality nil Quantity fit pi nous).      |
tS             We are offering high goods for low class prices, which ean 5
fbe proved il purchasers will compare goada bought else- j
where at same prices. •
For Rubber Gooda, all No. 1 quality bought in the Atn-
j              erlcan markets, which must be sold.          , 9
I              See our Gent's sporting Gum Hoots—they are solid com- %
i                    lort. J
J              Ladies', Genre, Children's- Rubber Sheen at Bargains. j
Leiser & Hamburger!
Esplanade and. Oatacre Street. 5
' Bairlaler, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary public, Etc.
Money to Loon.
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
H. &W
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. Cakes and pastries ol all deecriptioni. r'ruiti in
Thli new hotel hai been completely
(urniihed with all modern convenience!.
Excellent table, white cooking. The
bull supplied with the finest wines,
liquon snd clgan. An experienced bartender.
,D. H. DAVI8, Prop,,
Fint Avenue,     •     Ladysmith, B. 0.
I One fact is better than a Dona
X Hearsayi.    If   you   want   the
I choicest meats go to
X Ladyimith, B,0„
I        R. Williamson, Prop.
I A ireih supply   ol   Vegetablei
*.       alwayi on hand.
t Special attention given to ihipi'
X       suppliei.    ,
u*** **************
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Tbls new hotel has been comfortably lurn lihcd ond tbe bar il np to dale.
Beit accommodation for transient and permanent boarders anil lodgan.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Thi Esplanade
Ladysmith, B. C
Savoy    Theatrics
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling: Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages ol all kinds.
W. E. RUlttniNQ,        - Proprietor,  *■**»'«
********************************* t Hit >»»«♦♦♦
John Barnsley & Co.,
Agents tor
J. J. Tsylor
Fire Proof Ssfts.
Victoria, B. C. i
Kodaka, Films, Bte.   '■
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions csrefnlly diepenied. Open
day and night.
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineer.
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
P.O.BOX357„ „
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed
Fred   Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer Heads Mounted and
for sale.   Fur* nude, altered, cleaned and stored
Victoria, B. C.
Km Agent,
Agt For San Francisco Examiner.
0 Ye Onto Corner,
Governments.., Victoria, B. 0.
David    Murray,
Butler Street,        ■       Ladyemith
Shop wlll be open every Thurtday,
Friday and Satarday.
McAdie and Son
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Telegraph Orders promptly attended.
Parlors,    Albert   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent.  Telephone No. 143.
NANAIMO,     -     ■     ■     B.C.
Conveyancer, Notary Public, Real Eitite,
Fin and Life Inturinca Agent,
Sblpi' papers a specialty.  Forty yean'
The Esplanade,     -     Ladysmith, B.C.
get inmnd at once, lor it may be
too late tomorrow. I represent nveral
OLD and RELIABLE Companies nnd
ean Insure yon at a moment'! notice at
the loweit possible rate,. All leading
companies charge the same rates. Don't
ba milled Into (murine with a cheap
company—It might be dear in tbe end
Wm.   K
P.O. Drawers
9, Nanaimo. B. 0.
Ladyemith Dairy
N.w Milk, Creamery Butler, New Laid
Eggl and Freih Vegetablei supplied
Dally.  Le.v. orden at tb. post office,
Successor, to Hubert ft Sons.
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
Open day and night.
Order, by telegraph  promptly  attend'
ed lo	
Bastion St,, Nanalmo,
TelepMie IM,
P.O. Boa h&
Ladysmith Teaming Depot,
All kind! ol heavy teaming done
Wholnal. and Retail Dealen Inalesta.
Poultry   and Vegetablei.   Game 1 n
eaeon.  Shipping orden attended to c n
hort aotloe.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Hepple.propnetor. i
Flnt-olan aimommodallonilor miner,
and ttanelentK.  None but
Tha But WlnaiaBdUoaari
■lived at tbe bar.   l»iv» as a call,
Cor. Victoria Rd A Oimroerolel 8t.
NANAIMO.     ■ B. C,
Ladysmith's Long Lost Literature
to Roach Town Today,
Laat Wednesday The Leader received
from Provincial Librarian E. 0. S.
Scboleileld, Viotoria, a letter to tbe following effect!
"I have much pleasure in stating in
nply to your favour of tbe 81b. instant,
that a travelling library wlll be forwarded to your address by the 0 o'clock train
on Saturday next (today). A library
would have been forwarded some days
ago only for the fact that certain book,
which were to be placed therein were
not received Irom the bindery until today. I regret exceedingly that there
has been bo mnch delay, bat It has been
unavoidable. Trusting that the books
will be appreciated by the residents ot
Ladysmith, I beg to remain, yours very
aincenly,—E. 0. S. Soholefield.
The Leader can assure the people of
Ladysmith that the selection of book, in
this library, which will arrive today, is
splendid, and is calculated to appeal to
every taste. Students ol all kinds ol
sciences and arts will find something in
those libraries to help them In their studies; fiotlon, history, biography, travel,
works ol reference, ail find a place in tbe
library. Mr. Jenupol the Ladyemith
Pharmacy haa prepared a convenient
itand in hia itore, where all patrone of
the library may look ovsr and c boose the
books they wish.
A meeting of the library board will be
held in The Leader office on Monday
evening at eight o'clock. All signers of
the application are cordially invited to
he present. The business will consist
of drawing up a set ot rules suitable for
the local condition!, and arranging all
other matter! for the proper management ol the library,
Oould's Hall,
Tonight, February is, ioos,
when a variety ot Fietnrn will b. Exhibited, mob ai De Long'i Antic Ex.
••The Life ol Oenersl Uordon"
••Little Jim"
Two famous Photographers and a
number of Comics that never fail to
annua both old and young.
Admission age.     Children toe.
By J. Newberry.
Messrs. Taylor and Haggart, Old
, Residents Here, Oolng Well.
Laal Wednesday a representative ol
The Leader paid a visit to the establish-
ment ol Messrs Taylor and Hagiart,
YatcB Street, Viotoria, to inspect the
process ol manufacturing iron bedsteads.
Thia il the only establishment of the
kind in Western Canada, and la therefore, worthy ol a ihort description.
Mr. Higgart, who formerly retided
here, courteously showed the Leader
man around the premleea, which are
very extensive, and yet, at tbe rate of
growth being experienced by tbe firm's
business, witl soon be too email lor their
purpose!. With the exception oi tbe
ornamental bran-woik used in the
more expensive designs, Messrs. Haggart & Taylor manufacture every part of
the beds sold by them. It is their Intention to pnt in a brass founding plant
at an early date eo that they will be
entirely independent ol Eastern firms
for their supplies.
Tbey have a cupola furnace which ia
in daily use, the only one in Viotoria eo
employed. All the matrices requited
for the fancy ironwork about the beds li
made by tbe film. Tbey have a very
elaborate outfit and a etrong force of
ikllled mechanics under their personal
direction. The enamelling lurnace is
on the belt modern plane, Tbe firm
make all their own designs, Mr, Taylor
being an expert in this deparlmeut, ai
well ai ln the mechanical. He hai
leveral very clever and ingenious
patent! to hii credit already, and his
rare talenta in thli line nre bound to
redound to tbe advantage ol the firm,
The ihow loom ia filled with the
specimen! ol tbe firm's product, and nn
bitter are to b> found ln Canada. They
have jnet filled an important order for
the Protestant Orphanage in Victoria,
and orden for their goodi aie commencing to come in from ail parti ol
the province. The firm had a hard
fight against difficulties and drawbacks
at Ant, but they are now fairly round
the corner and making entirely satisfactory progress. Mr. William Hagtarl
ll expected In Ladyimith shortly.
The Ladysmith Bhaving Parlor High
St. has received quite a nice touch of
Mr. B, Rhoddtng'i decorative Kt.
Mr. Gny H. Gavin makei an Interest
g announcement*to the public ol
Ladyimith aad neighborhood in thia
Inue. Mr. Cavin haa had a long experience with the belt flrmi In Victoria, and
1. known al a thoroughly competent
mad at hia trade. The manufacture ol
mattresses ihould prove a thriving industry In tbii dlirrlot.   -
Reported That Ladysmith May Be
Put In Direct Communication,
It ie learned that the Board of Trade
of Vancouver have laid a request beioie
the E, & N. Railway Company that the
steamer Joan may be allowed to vialt
Ladysmith twice a week. The propoial
is that tbe Joan continue to call at
Nanaimo four times a week, but to arrive aud depart from thil port on two
days, to be specified, each week, carry-
ing the mails, passengers and freight.
Tbii wonld mean much to Ladyimith,
and would certainly be tbe forerunner
of regular daily communication with the
Terminal City. The deoiiion of the
Company is awaited with much interest.
It ia eaid in some quarters that some
rearrangement of the train lervice
might be made to meet tha altered
conditions. The Company it is expected
will be prepared to return an answer to
the Vancouver Board of Trade in the
course oi a few dayi.
At No* 2 Extension.
With a plentiful supply of water and
an uninterrupted flow into the elope the
work of Hooding No. 2 Ib proceeding as
rapidly as can be expected. The stopping in the tunnel is holding well, and
the leakage is not enough to affect tbe
calculated results.
Provided that no .interruption takes
place the mine should he filled as high
as Ib necessary belore tbe end of the
present month. When it baa been al-
lowed to remain in a few days the work
of letting it away through the tunnel
wlll begin, and this operation is expected
to be completed in three or four days.
Work on the upper levels of No. 2 la
then to be started, and continued as the
water recedes, and nntil the mine is
once mora empty.
The Btory in Nanaimo Herald about a
narrow escape of some men near tbe
stopping was published merely ior the
sake of sensation. Tbe yarn bad no
foundation at all in fact, bnt was told
to tbe Herald just to sse what it would
do with it.  As usual tho Herald " bit.''
Extension and Protection Disasters.
Strange to eay neither of the Namiimo
papers, which made so very much of tbe
Extension disasters, has a single word
to say about the unfortunate affair at
Protection Island mine. This Ib the
Nanalmo papers' Idea of fair play, no
doubt; it ia something like their Intelligence^ negligible quantity. Tbe Herald,
particularly, at the time ol tun Extension calamities, surpassed even its own
ruffianly record, and published us fusts
mere idle rumors without examination;
it blackguarded Mr. Dunsmuir aud all
the officials as if it were being paid
handsomely out of some secret fund for
Its abuse; it cited the Ooal Mines Regulation Aot, and bowled like a madman
for a thorongh enquiry into the causes
leading up to the explosion and fire in
No. 2.
But this pattern newspaper baa not a
syllable to say about a disaster which
may have the must serious consequences
for Nanaimo. One of the Herald's mtiit
rabid supporters remarked yesterday
that he hoped "that damned, infernal
Lidyemltb paper would not get hold ol
thelacta concerning the fire in Protection and No. 1." Did the fellow
think The Leader was like tbe Herald
aud Free Press, sound asleep and dead
to tbe world? The Leader lias its faults,
every blockhead in the country thinks
he can name tbem on his ten Ihnmbs,
but gloating over the misfortunes und
troubles of its neighbors is not amongst
Tbe Leader's faults.
Sunday Services.
Methodist church — Services are
held at 11 o'cleck Sunday morning and
7 o'clock in the evening. Sunday echool
at 2.80, Prayer meeting on Wedneiday
evening at 7.30 o'clock.
The Baptlit congregation meeta every
Sunday afternoon In Nicholson's hall,
Preaoher, Rev. W. Tompkini. Everyone le heartily invited.
Fint Pieslijterian Church—Regnlar
services,morning 11 o'clock; evening 7
o'clock. Suuday echool 2.80 p. m,
Rev, W, A. Rae, patter.
Church of England— Services at thi
nsnal houn, Oddfellows' Hall. Ven.
Archdeacon Soriven in charge.
No Place On Vancouver Island Has
Any Better,
If the people oi this towu will only
h ive a little patience, and not pay too
much attontiuu to the blue ruin talk of
certain ieint-hcarted ones amongst
tbem, they will soon see Ladvimith
advance iu a manner to satisfy the mott
sanguine of those wbo have never faltered in their faith that it is destined to be
one of tbe most important places on Ibe
East Coast of Vancouver Island.
But lor tho unfortunate disasters at
Extension last fall this town would even
now be attracting tbe attention of tbe
whole province, by its activity and expansion. The people must remember
tbat while it was unfortunate for tbem,
each in bis small way, it was limply
terrible for tbo Company. If those who
ire inclined to give way to despondency
would only stop a moment to think of
the Iobi sustained by Mr. Dunsmuir,
aud tbe splendid example nf cheerful
courage which he ia displaying under
such a trying ordeal, they would be
rather inclined to leel ashamed of them-
The Leader has authority to say this
much, that Ladysmith's prospects an
well assured, and tbat within the
present year the fulfilment of a great
deal tbat hai bean promised will be
■een. But ior the trouble! at Extension
the ehort line would undoubtedly have
been in operation; the repair ahopa
would have been by this time established here, and there wonld not have been
an idle man in the camp. The intentions of the Company were all that
tbo most exacting could have desired,
and it ihould be known to all tbat the
Company have not in tbe slightest
abandoned any of thoie intentioni to
make Ladyimith a place of importance.
All thoie thingt will be carried out In
proper time, to there la no use in giving
way to the bluea. No place on thil
Island hat a brighter future in itore for
it. The Tyee smelter will aseuredly be
built. This The Leader states on the
direct assurance of lb. manager of tbe
Mining.Company. To besure tbat company are not making such , noise ubont
tbe matter as tbeir rivals are, bnt the
render can remember instance! where
great thing, have been dons withont a
great deal of fose.
None of Ladysmith's citisens want to
see a boom here. Steady, healthy
growth, a reasonable increase in
businns, population and prosperity an
tbe things desired.
Serious Disaster ai the Island
The peaple of Ladysmith have
learned with very deep regret that
on Tuesday morning a great -fall of
rock took place In Protection Island
workings, Nanaimo, and tbis disaster
was followed by an outburntof fire whloh
spread with ijarming rapidity. Water
was immediately turned into the burning mine, and r!1 tiny Tuesday It wai
pumped in steadily and in enormous
quantities, It was expected that the
fire would bo put out. before Wednesday
night The pumping out of the water
will occupy n crnBiderable time, and
will hinder work in the mine for a
while. The origin of the fire is difficult
to ascertain. Oa Wednesday a number
ol miners trying to erect stoppings were
brought to the surface nnconsciouB. The
fire wai then making alaimlng headway.
All woik in tbe min. hai been impended.
A strong smell ol fire was noticed in
all the No 1 workingi yesterday, and
smoke li rising from Protection ihaft.
The men find It very hard to get for-
wird with th. stopping* .1 then ar.
cavai and falla ol rook around th. gobs
that are burning. The white camp is
is reported veiy bad, and tt drivel bick
the gangi wbo are trying to pnt in stoppings. Kvery effort il being made to
check the ipiead ol the fire.
Grand Concert, Supper & Dance under
the auspice! ol tbe Rebecca Lodge in aid
of the Oddfellows' home. Will be the
great event of the season. Don't forget
the 10 Inst, Is the date; everyone come.
Now is tbe time to«et your job printing done. Tbe Leader ran quote you
tbe lowest rates ou all sorts ol bill heads
letter heads, oardt, circular!, ticketi,
itatement., eto.
Lnai'smlit. Nhlnpina.
Ship Anllopo hid not arrived in Ltdy-
itnlth np to the hour of going to pren,
bnt wai expected to arrive at any hour,
Sir. Victoria completed ber load el
Wellington cool and lelt lor Sin Frin-
clico yeiterday.
Shin T»o Brothers Is nearly loaded
with her coal cargo for San Fraro'ico.
Ship Edward Bewail !■ to eome along-
■ids today for bir coal cargo for Hone-
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
The Leader Building, corner of Hirst Ave. and
Freuch Street, Ladysmitli, British Columbia.
T. L. GRAHAMS, Editor and PiioritirroR.
Bv Mail is Canada and Unitbd Statks
One year (strictly ln advance) }i
It mouths (strictly lu advance)    i
TRANSIENT—First insertion loc. n line; each
subsequent in ItrUon 5c. a line,
Rates on application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts Tor regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
tine will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THE LEADER way be obtained from the following Agents:
Ladysmith—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
rsTanaimo—E. rimbury & Co.
Victoria —George Marsden;   Victoria Bool: &
Stationery Co.; Pope Stationery Co.;
Victoria News Co.;  public  Librory:
Provincial Library.
Vancouver—Public Library.
New Westminster—Public Library.
AU changes in advertisements mint be received
at this office before it noon, the day before
Subscribers uot receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertise men.s cash In advance   ■
much moru carefully than in the put i
we are to have 11 healthy town and arc
to earn the good opinion cf onriioighborp,
who are only loo happy, many of them,
tobbieiruitKh blemishes.
Then, Iho deadly open newer, wiih ith falicltor Ihe navle
fatal gatheilngeuf rank and fetid matter
must ho abolished immediately (hi
waterworks reach thi3 place. Other
wiaafha rerr.o.cry board will havoio
open tbeir book a and net to buaiiiesp.
But Lailj'FniUI.'rf eitfaens aro full of lly
right spirit, in theeq mallcro, aud will do
anylhing to advance their town.
We hope to Et'O a tidy, cleat', wtll-
built, beautiful Ladytmlth rising on the
shoresof this mn«niflcent harbor, Bui
it all reels with the people U.emeelvef.
error of jii lament ou the part of a Do- -LWo'peoplo know hB
minion t tibial.
Ths entrance to I.a.'yamith harbor is
broad and deep enough to 11 .-at the
tJeltinj and tbo   harbor   itself could
Great  Britain,
Ladyemith has well passed the rough*
and-ready stage of he history and 1*
beginning to cmevge. Somo of those
fine days It will arrive, probably to be
known as one of Britiih Golumbia'e
liveliest towns. It behooves the citizens
Of this place to begin now to do some*
thing to add to tbe natural attractive
nesB of the place. Some of our citizens
have, with commendable spirit, worked
hard to make their lota and dwellings as
pretty as possible, and witb marked
■uocess. It la wonderful what a little
gardening will do for the appearance of
a home. Ladysmith has, especially on
the level portions of the city, a soil that
will grow anything, so that tbe coming
aummer should Bee great advances made
in local horticnlture.
This, of course, is excellent, but it is
not all. To be sure, the brightening up
of the surroundings of many homes must
produce a fine general effect, but there
must be something done with the streets.
Why should notthecltixens get together
and take some steps to clear off the unsightly boulders and stumps which still
disfigure many of those thoroughfares?
We would advocate the planting of
shade trees along the principal streets.
Those trees are to be bad very cheaply; fifty cents a ten-foot sapling, we
understand, in Victoria. If every citizen
undertook to plant even a couple op*
potlte his dwelling, just outside the line
of tbe sidewalk (he effect would soon ba
floe. In the course of a few years this
city would not only be noted for its
beautiful, well-shaded s'reets, but also
for Its excellent taste and common
seme. We commend this suggestion to
the earnest cons'.deiation of our fellow-
cit;t'usand bone to pee it acted upon
this summer.
Another thing, aid plain Bpeakleg
will be pardoned fur the sincerity of the
motive—the best lutereat of L-ulyamltb
li onr motto. The unsightly aud
dangerous accumulation.* from the stable
which are not so cart-fully locked after
as m'gbt be even in tho very heart of
the town will  have  to  he. attended to Channel, and   waa  wholly
For some time back The L?aderl.as
been quietly investigating nil f-be facte
connected with the barb ir of LadyBnlitb,
Very serious charges againBt tho harbor
havo been industriously circulated by
persons who seemed to have an object in
doing so. A<nerl.ioiiB of a very pr;ive
character reflecting upon (ho navigability oi Ladysmith harb;tr have/gone
abroad, and as in only too frequently (he
case in Eiich matt err, they have been
accepted ae true by persona who should
know better, or wbo at least should have
taken the trouble to (1ml out tha truth
or falsity ol tbo reports,
From the long and careful enquiries
we have been able to. make wo are now
iu a position to cbiilfej go anyoco lo
make those etutementB and support
tbem. What we havo found in con-
vocation with mariners who have visited this harbor times out of number, and
are thoroughly familiar with every part
of it, men wbo aro best able to give nn
opinion that is worth respect, is this.
Ladysmith Harbor is not only tbe
finest harbor on tho Paid 6c Coaot, but,
we quote the language of tlie master? ot
vessels, it is ono of tbo world's beat
harbors. Tbe only harbors iu the world
that can bo compared with i. for
capacity, eufuty oi entianca and anchorage aro the harbor of Sydney, X. S, W„
and the harbor of Malta, In the Mediterranean. Ol course, (here ara news-
papers and people tbat will laugh con-
sumedly at this statement, but milling
ib so foolish as the laughter (f tooU, and
BensclebB laughter alius no sound
Wo are quoting, a? we havo said, the
opinions if scuuicn who know wtll
whereof (hey (.'peak, und -vital is perhaps
more imp-riant, the foregoing comparison WU3 q die unsolicited. Wa have
already, in thtse columns, stated tbe
opinion regarding thin barb ir,( xpietsiul
by Captuin Ilautdon of the mammoth
steamer Algoa, ono of the world'*
largest freighter!, lie declared that be
w mid not wish lo enter a finer harbor
t inn that ol Luivmiitb, at any hour ol
ninht or day. Surely the maslerofn
vessel like the Algos'Is entitled to credence when be la talking of amatleroi
which ho must have do intimate a
Tbo disaster lo the steam r Miami is
often brought tip a° proof that tlie entrance toLtilysmiib harbor iBdani,on.m\
Anyone '"-'ho bus ever conveiFed with
tho p||ot who was in charge of Ho
Miami wben mn went upon the rocks
will not hold that cpiiim lung, Tbe
disaster to ihe Miami ib mi mora to be
charged to T.idyumith harbor lhati it is
to Chemainus harbor. Il was au accl*
dent wbieh would bave'happehed in anj
channel, for It was (en miles outt-idti the
barbpr o( LadystblHi, in TiincoraaletrJ
life  tn Ki);
would beguile,
Daslrpua of. (bo yoojde'i) pood,
Uum'oved.by fear'or favor,
Not quailed •hy:e!ftnibi'lattii(iry Hood,
Secure In firm endeavor.
Mighty in ^t-Jneiuleaof right
"Uulik-,- poUionng whoehiw (he light
I'lanee, Japan, Itiiesia and the Uuiud In actiuus bold bb fliucs thPtihive
States, and m var crowd any ship of tl.o' Resolved to win the peopit'a love.
ennined fleets.   An average depth of	
seven  Uhoms is found all over tbo     *-ttLXrijt[vnio Ai*i, M
■« IF
barlor, aud tbe Quest of anchorage.
_ . WiLh h Mojiiiiptfiiiln:.-:
ihe nerriou or llto nowepttper that eay a '■ l(,«.
L.tdyemitb harbor is dangoroiit. to enter
ir Midi,
loan frown:
(loa't, there's
em's u fin	
     I tho boat;
anchorage   is either j I'm afraid that, we must go down.'
Said Sailor McB. to Sailor MeK:'
"-Should- Bunamuii*' bang at\ tj tbo
And tha boat nhonld be rotle..', and we
,       goto the bottom
without delay the injustice whldi 1)ob jltia ^ oomtorttoknpVwe4»iirBt Brown
and  unsafe  for
densely  igoora.it of    (ho facta or ie
actuated by sheer malice.
It ia to be hoped that tbe Department
of Marine nud  Fisheries will remedy
Everything in stock Is imported   jtf
40 jeara in our business means   £
torn etii ing, ^
direct from manufacturersormade
at our own factory,
been done to this magnificent harbor in
uot properly lighting it, and lhat before
thany weeks are over bcacouo will bo
placed at tbo proper points.
Said blulF .Fack Tar Harry, wbo tried to
.  .bDmyry:     ..
"No doubt 'twas a glqrioua feat;
Let us now ohhiigo unr larlati titi'd join
Joseph Martin
And the incoinlcg tide wo will meat."
We desire to esprota tim deepest
lympatliy for tbo people of Nanaimoin
tne calamity which bus overtaken tho
great establishment upon whose opar>
ationa oo much of Nanalmd's prosperity
depends. And in doing so we fetlsure
that we express tb6 hearty sympathy of
tbe peopleo( Ladysmitli, amongBt whom
aro to Lo tieard only the siucereBt regrets
at ihd misfortune. Tbo Leader hopes
that the damage to Iho mines may i.ut
be t-o extensive as is reported; that the
woik of the slopping parties nuy beiuttc
A. C.-Wilson,.
FtinaraJ W^atSs, etc., Wedding Bon
q'te!B in everv utylo. O'dorft prdmnth
utlendod to.'    '   -NANAIMO, B. C
Soaills, WaslL
Nobody can afford to be without It.   All the
jropltlc rie-vjl of the week.   Kami. Held/gar-
..v... Bjiovt, BOeiety.   Ucaiitlftll illustrations and
very   way   fcUcceBflfiil,  and  that   the j half toucs.  8uint>le.copy;on application.
mlijes may be opened up sgaih with the
I.-i-.hi positiblo delay.
Toroiilo   Evenlug   Telegram   has a
pretty wit—to wit;
Victoria, B. C, has overgrown Me
till For Q.iq Dollar a  Voai'.
| Lager and Poilor i
„  .    .      ., ,   ,   , . |.'-.     Li iinvn nl the hotels ia munn*
I'lei-ai Illy acceut when it supplants his A . , ,     .
Mtjttjd  Own  Colonel I'nor  with a j?
! BI Hi CO.
bluumiug colonist, a mere native Canadian, tu wit, ono 0. Riley, M. P."
Vancouver merohanls, with their ac-
customed energy, are seeking cuatomuis
Vancouver Island. It Ladysuillh
had ;i sleamer service to Ibe mainland it
woti'd Ln au enormous aid to buslhesa
bo e. Tbe Leader would like t> >>ee a
cmfc'ieuco bL-twaeii reprefienlatlve Va:*
c -iivtT iii.d LadyBiuitli mercbair.-.
Cdiinot this bo arraogud for au early
To tho ditgruuihd, nnd those who
seek anarchy in thia province the
election of JoBBpb Marlio to the leader-
ship of tba B. 0, Liberal parly, tne co.t-
Lrolling power throughoui the province
today, was as gali uud wormwood.
Nelson T.ibuue is correct wben it enye: i
" In the i election of Joseph Mai tin, us.
leader, the Liberals! of the province have
a ma,i wbo can li-tj-l, not it , fautiou, but
a great balk of tbe parly."
Ntjlson Ttibune gives expression to
the views of most of iho intelligent
people in British Columbia In the following "slraight-flu.ig words and leu:''
"I( the report-from O.Uwa, respect*
Icg't Im Taking of Senator Templenian
into tlie cabinet, la autheulli!, it will up-
ptjar Hint Ho federal goVHrnincnt Uut
taken tim« by the fortdi-ck. If tho de-
claim, of the federal authorities' wr.aar*
rived at before the Liberaliol tbo province iixpr<-K-t'd their preference for Mas-
I Ii ia to iblaolrcijmstance alone that
the senator owm i.m elevation, time the
minibters would scarcely like to negative
tbo choke of a duly called convention,
even it it were dominated by Joseph
-> Nanaimo, 13. C,
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
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lkiii!i:.:rU'th-i'"tiil(li-iillM. Il'imlljuokoit I'lUcillJ
Dt-iii tn-. t'l-ic-'i i>: -'in-'.- ft,i-r-i'i'iiriinrimtL'iiu.
l'ui-.'nt,-t laii.'ii Miniiii'h .Mutiti &, Co. rccelro
Ipfritil HiiftCi!, wIMitiutcimrcii, llltliO_
A hnitilsrimol)* UHlBtrnt-od wfoltly.   T,iirscit rlr.
l hnitilsnmcty Hhialrnl
IllllT leill (if llliypflulltl
.tvir; f,itirtii'inf!ia,(*l» „..__,„,. 1,u„„„™,„,ri
Ursncn Ollleo, IKS c St., WsiMnKton, D. C.
.sj V...«l-.t.i«-;f.<l-a-.4Jff.'«-».'.
The Leading **'
Nim-tcenih Century nnd After,
Cojifetnporai'.v Ituview, F«rt-
nltthily Review, Weitmlnsicr
Hl-vIcw, F.Jinl.tirph knvlfW,
Qti-iritily Review. Blackwooa*-.
LuinuiTsih Atiiiriizliic
-. tiniflv, siifrirefitIve
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rld'i doings; exactly
to luiowt ntidlohl
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The above coals are mined only by the Wei- I
♦ lington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith, f
t Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baylies Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C  ii
Ban  Francisco Agency,
$ R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
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340 Steuart St.
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Namdiuo Free Press's statement that
Tbo Leader copied from its report of ihe
Sinltb-UawthomwuMu meeting ia ub'
nnd falsehood. The Leader has no w isli
i.j i:;.o» any refleOtloiiD, but may tav Uiat
the Fiee Piess'a report wan about m
near tbe fads as tlie ILltinh Ooltitnbja
UH.VI-paper report of public moeiinp;-)
uniially ie. Tbo Loader publialiud tbe
only correct report of tbat meeting {'both
the Nanaimo papers publinhfcd garbled:
and incorrect reports, Tbo Leader received from Nanaimo a uombar of let
tars complimenting it upon ita report of
that mealing and saying It was impossible to get the truth from tho Nanaimo paperc Longhand "reporters" lake
terrible chances.
I !Btt
I !,?&
pi twtrpri,
M bookfet" „ .... „„,„s. j,
1-V  1 lie I.eoi'arJ ^cnlt Publication Co.,   »'':
9,z,        Wiirrtnflt. New Yofk City.
K«rKt '.-!,.■•., HII r», '■ «'.r»S'tVR\'.V»!'Vft»'«-is!
va^M-'.-i.'a'...-ii-.'W,;..i«'.'iM'.?.«'s.W,.' —
t ntimit
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The Leader Job Room
gorms of disease may not be purified
by filtration through a uil.le ot solid
earth (a niter so Jlno as to arrest
particles of wheat flour.)
Tho moral to be drawn from the
foregoing; ia that tbo greatest euro
should bo exercised in the disposal of
wasto matters, and that under no
circumstances should they be buried
deeply under tho surface of the earth.
The question will bo usked, ''how
is decaying mutter to ' be disposed
of at the surfuce of the earth with-'
out creating u nuisance?" In , answer to this question it may be
said, that us far as it applies to
human excreta, two methods have
been found to work'successfully, viz
—tho dry earth closet, the contents
of which are dug into shallow
trenches at regular intervals, and the
septic tank system, the latter being
j ire feral ih: for the reasons that while
it performs all tho work of tho dry
earth closet it will also take care of
nil tho liquid wastes from the bouse,
and it requires littlo attention, while
the former dopeuds for its success
upon unremitting card.
A brief explanation of the. construction and operation of the Septic tank
system will be of value to those
who are anxious to have their premises in the best possible condition,
31V. J. Quliiii,»e*,urtiii»Nt of Public Works,
Toronto,  Givos Simple Method   of
nisiioilncof- Hours Sown';'}.
In these days of popular education
When the people throughout the province* have the boiielit of free lectures in dairying, fruit growing, domestic science, etc., it is noteworthy
that tho knowledge of so important
a subject and one so closely allied to
tho physical and moral wolf ure of
tho people as sanitary science is confined to a limited number.
True, tho principles of the sclcnco
is an open book to tho medical profession, und is freely discussed at
medical conventions, but these discussions are mainly reported in professional journals and do not reach
tho great mass of Iho people at all.
In tho matter of public sanitation
tho question of effectually disposing
of sewerage in small towns and villages, is one of the most important
problems that has'' engaged tho attention of scientific men- The
great cost of a system of sewerage
as used in large places bus rendered
this courso impracticable while tho
uso of privy pits nnd " cess-pools
has been found objectionable and dangerous.   That there is a desiro    on
tho part of those living in towns and and who ar0 willing to go to a corn-
villages, ns well as in less populated
districts for what aro known us tho
"Modern Convenience" of the city,
is evidcricod by the thousands of
cess-pools in existence or being built
for tho purposo of hiding away far
beneath tho surface of tho earth tho
various organic mid liquid wastes
from tho private residence, public
house or institution as tho case may
Tboso in authority labor under
the dangerous yet common delusion
that "so long ns the stud is put
down deep enough there is no danger," und herein lies ono of
greatest causes of many of the diseases which at times are epidemic
in whole communities, viz.: tbo pollution of tho water supply.
How is tho water supply polluted
h'y decaying organic matte! buried
deep under tho surface-of tho earth?
In answer to this question a
hrief explanation of tho existing physical conditions nmy be more convincing than bold assertions without tho reasons being given therefor.
Over the whole surfneo of the
earth where vegetation-is possiblo
nature bus provided a most wonderful scavenger system composed of
millions of little workers to the cubic
foot; these little workers aro known
as microbes, other species are also
found iu vast numbers lu the water
nnd air.
Tho natural functions of many of
these microbes, tend to produce one
result, viz., purification, und when
ono comprehends that both the sun
nnd air aro essential to tho life of
tho various species of microbes which
nro necessary to tho proper decomposition of wasto matter, it will   be
unnecessary to state that in tho
deep sub-soil where both are impossible, microbe life cannot exist, und
hence it, is that instead of being converted into life producing matter at
the surface of tho earth, with its
clangorous properties destroyed, organic matter is allowed to decay and
putrify in tho dcepTdead earth until
it is washed into somo ncur-by well
or stream, there to cause tho innumerable ills produced by 'drinking impure water.
' It may bo said that wells nro too
far removed from ccss-pools to be in
any danger from this source, but tho
experience of the village of Lawson,
near Itiislc, in Switzerland, will bo
sufficient to controvert any assertion
to that effect. In the village referred
to, which had not within tbo memory
of man been visited by%epidemio typhoid, aud in which not a single case
had occurred for many years, there
broke out in tho year 1882 nn epidemic which simultaneously attacked
a. largo.portion of tho inhabitants.
About a mile from Lawson and
separated from it by tho mountainous ridgo of tho Stockhnlden, which
was probably an old mornlnc of tho
glacial epoch, lies a small parallel
valloy, the Furlclhal. In a. small
Isolated houso situated in tho valley, j
n. farmer Who hud just returned from
u long journey, wns attacked by typhoid and within the next two
months three other members of tbo
family contracted the disease; the
dejecta from tho patients together j
with all the house slops having been
emptied into a small brook which j
flowed past the door.
Ten years previously II had been'
proven that direct connection existed between this brook and the
springs on the mountain sido, which
supplied tho village with water; and-
as the discaso had not occurred in a
single houso supplied with welt water, tho authorities suspected that tho
water supply derived from tho „
springs was infected with tho tdlscuso
germs, and ou investigating found
conditions existing ns related above.
In order that tho connection between tho brook mid the springs
might be proven beyond doubt, tho
following ingenious experiment was
made: eighteen hundred weight of
salt was dissolved, in water and then
emptied into tho brook, with tho result that within a few hours tho
water coming from tho springs was
of a decidedly salty flavor; a similar
experiment with two and one half i
tuns of flour produced no result, '
showing that while the earth was
capablo of filtering tho water so well
that even such minute particles as
wheat    flour were prevented     from
paratively small amount of trouble
to produce tbo desired results.
Hofcrrlng to the accompany ing cuts
it will bo seen that a tank (lijj„l)-
constritctod preferably with bricks
or stone well bedded in "cement to
the ' prevent leakage; is Imilt it such a
level as to allow the discharge pipe
"D" which is of glazed tiles to leave
it at a depth of not more than
twelve inches beneath tho surface of
tho cart hi Where the surrounding
land is level this tank may be located quite closo'to the building where,
if covered with earth (and sodded
over if desired) it will not cause
any inconvenience. If more convenient it may be placed at any distance
from the house and the inlet pipe
"E" laid along a mound or ridge of
earth, and covered with earth to protect it from the frost; this pipe
must tinder any circumstances have
n slight continuous fall from Iho
building too, and must ontor the
tank at the top as shown. If, however, there is a considerable slope to
tho land the tank may be buried beneath tho surface, it being borne in
mind that pipe "It", with its
brandies, must not be moro than
twelve inches beneath the surface and
must bo perfectly level. From pipe
"D" about every two feet (ordinary
"T" fitting will just give the desired
length) are run branches of field
tiles, (fig. 2) the total contents of
which should be equal to tho
amount of water which will bo discharged at each operation of the
valve. Tho bohd connecting the tank
to tho system of sub-surfneo tilea
should be of iron, solidly cemented
into tho bottom of tbo tank to allow of tho caulking in of tho valvo
with lead.
Tho valve described in this article
is a comparatively recent invention,
and is tho only thing of its kind
which can ho set at nny level, will
open and close-automatically and, as
it needs no adjusting, it can be put
in by almost any person. It overcomes Hie.only objection ever mndo
to the Septic tank system, viz., that
wberi tho emptying of the tank depended upon a servant or somo member of tho family to pull a plug at
regular intervals, replacing it when
all tho liquid had escaped, it was
sometimes forgotten and the tank
over (lowing caused' Ihe pipe between
it nnd tho houso to nil up, thereby
causing a great deal of annoynnco
and expense.... * .
It will he noticed that a dividing
wall is built in tho centre of tho
tnnk to a height of about, two inches
from tho top, tho latter space being
left for the free passage of |resh air,
and a sub-dividing partition of
planks with small spaces loft between to allow" tho liquid to pass
through is built in compartment
No. 1. The object of tba latter partition is (o.keep tho bulk of the
solids from ovorflow "F." Pipe
".I" the mouth of which is turned
down permits tho entry of fresh air
which pusses over tho sewerage
and up through tho soil pipe "E" to
tho roof. Manholes "CJ" "O" provide access to both tanks.
The operation of tho tank is as follows: All the sewerage from tho
building enters the tank through pipe
"Ii." filling compartment No, 1, the
solids being compelled to float by
the gases generated underneath.
When this compartment is filled the
liquid overflows through "F" into
compartment No. 2, the valve "0,"
of which is closed. When, however,
tho liquid rises to the level at which
(tout "K" is set tho valvo opens,
discharging tho whole .contents of
compartment No. 2, be it fifty or
live thousand gallons into tho system of sub-surface tiles through
which it soaks into tho earth there
to bo taken enr« of by nature as already explained.
As tho valve closes automatically,
when tho tank is. nearly empty, It
will he scon that sufficient time will
he given for that which has just
been discharged to souk away before
the tank fills again and the operation is repeated. 	
Rngurdliig tho slzo of the'tank necessary, it nmy bo said that for an
ordinary family a tank four foot
long by three feet wide .and from
thirty to thirty-six Inches high
would bo sufficient, while for hotels
passing    through it was impossible-   m. institutions ono largo enough   to
without tho prosonco   of   ntr     and   tiut«l about eight gallons for each anaerobes to proporly purify and oxl- t n,,^ WOuld be amplo,
dlzn it.
This remarkable caso shows:
1st. That the power of. mischief
possessed iky sewerage placed beyond the action of bacteria is enormous.
2nd. That tho divisibility of typhoid poison In water is practically
Virtue In Paint.
Faint applied now to farm Implements will have staying quality and
saving virtue.	
To rreMrvt Vitality.
The seed potatoes should be i,
'     SOFT PORK. 1
Indinn torn m the Cauie-Skluiinllk the ,
Great Corrector-Mr. l-'rnnk T. Miutt'e
Experiments Sumiimilxetl, I
Many theories have been ndvnnccd
tp account for a softness in pork.
Some have ascribed it to the character of the food, others to undue
forcing of the pig in the curlier
stages of growth, to killing while
still immature, to the breed of tho
pig, to the locality in which it is
grown, and even tho phase of tho
'moon whon the pig is slaughtered
has been assigned as a cause. Mr.
F. T. Shutt, chemist, of
the central experimental farms
of Canada, has made a
study    of the   character and causes
Calef   Chemist,  Dominion   .Experimental
of Soft pork. Mr. Shutt finds that
softness (slight resistance to pressure) is nearly always uccompunied
by oiliness, and lie draws tlie following conclusions from a series of
experiments in feeding:
That the ono great controlling
factor in the quality of the pork
of finished pigs lies in the character of the food employed.
That Indian corn and beans tend
to softness—i.e., to increase the percentage of olein in tho fat. If these
grains are used, they must bo fed
judiciously if first class pork js to
be produced. If fed in conjunction
with skhmnilk, it has been shown
that a considerable proportion of
Indian corn may be used in tbe grain
ration without injuring the quality
of the pork.
That a grain ration consisting of
a mixture of oats, peas and barley
in equal parts gives a firm pork
of excellent quality.
That skimmilk not only tends to
thriftiness aud rapid growth,     but
counteracts in a very marked manner any tendency to softness.
That rapo, pumpkins, artichokes,
sugar beets, turnips and mangels
can be fed in conjunction with a
good ration without Injuring tha
quality of tho pork.
That the fat of very young pigs
and animals of unthrifty growth is
softer than that of finished pigs
that havo Increased steadily to the
finishing weight.
F«t Walking Horn*
Horse breeders and trainers almost entirely overlook or noglect ono
ot tbo most valuable features in a
horse, and that is fast walking in
draft and road horses, writes Dr.
Union Wilson in Practical Farmer.
This seems never to bo bred for, and
as to training for it, I, for one,
have never seen it done but once.
If the breeder will select a fust
walking mare and stallion, the colt
will likely be a fast walker, but no
attention is now paid to this point.
Other things being equal, if a team
will walk 60 per cent, faster than
another lt will be worth 50 per cent,
more. Once let tho public become
interested in fast walkers and tho
breeding of farm and draft horses
would bo conducted, with that end
In view, to the groat benefit of all
concerned In such stock,
3rd. That   water   containing   the  |rost cannot ranch then*
Milk Abtorh* Dud udan.
You cannot feed moldy hay, bad
silage, musty corn fodder that has
been put into the mow when it was
not in shape to go there, aud got
good milk. Tho uso of any such
materials will get you into troublo
and will of itself prevent you from
making high grade milk. No feed
Abut has an odor should bo permit-
led to remain about the stables. You
may sot a vessel Ailed with milk in
a silq tor an hour; then, if you take
it. out and heat it, you can tell by
the nose it has been in the silo. At
the Vermont station wo could heat
the milk up to 110 degrees and by
tho smell tell whether it had been
near a hog pen or not.—XL II. Curler, before the Illinois Dairymen's
mm^~m~*Tht. Tall of Hie lion* V.   *""'
To cause hair ta grow in the tall
of a horse moisten the tail with
coal oil and next day shampoo it
out welt with hot water, soap and
sal soda, and afterward moisten it
well with one dram of bichloride of
mercury Und formaldehyde and one
quart of water. Tho mercury should
be dissolved in alcohol before mi*-
J Ing with tbe .water*
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal  shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plafit about to be installed.
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith
No Fire! No Smoke! No Water!
We are offering: the Ladysmith pablie and surrounding.
Digger reductions thin hire ever been offered before. We
are giving the stock a thorough oat cleaning and everything must go at. big reduction, owing that we need all
the room for our spring stock. Remember we offer you
all new goodi right (rem the wholesale houset. We believe
that Lidyimltb li entitled to first choice. We have a
large itook ol Dry Goods, Boot! and Shoes, Clocks,
Jewelry, Etc.
| Weinrobe's |
General Store,
High St., Ladysmith
Extension Tunnel
Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanaimo, B. C.
Whin in Nanaimo don't forget to call at
3. Simpson's, Commercial Street, .nd
tw tb. n.w linn in
Probably next week the promoter! ol
the Ladyimith Opera Hoaie will be able
to lay an elaborate plan ol the projected
building before the people ol tbe town,
Ior their opinion, and it is hoped, approval.
Don't forget the Rebecca concert rap-
per and dince, Oddfellows' Hall, 19th.
Bn. Mr. Campbell ol Vancouver
paid a Ti.lt to hia friend Rev. W. A.
Rielut Wedneiday.
Two prominent officer! of th. Salvation Army puled up to Nimiino Irom
Viotoria oa Thund.T'i train.
Captain R. Quick, of the big American four-misted ihip, Edwud Bewail,
hai bii family aboard with  him.
Do yon believe in year own goodi?
Then don't conceal th. fact irom' th.
pablie.  Advertlie.
It ii understood tbat the eraetloa o
the new brewery oa Fint Avenue will be
■tailed within the month.
Ripnientativei ol •.viral important
Viotoria and Vaaooomr houses visited
Ladyimllh tbii weak and did good
Frolmor Newbury glvei hii intereit'
lag magic lantern exhibition in Gould's
Hall tonight. He alio hai a matinee Ior
children in tbe afternoon.
Work on the erection of Ur. William
Rnnell't ie.ld.Bce began thil week. It
it to be litn.ted on the elope north of
th. pay office. Mr. D. Nicholson has
the contract.
The Leader'i statement that Con-
•table Hodgion hai arretted a man at
Eitenitoa li not a "bawlen fabrication"
(whatever that may he), ai Nanaimo
Herald deelarei. It wm founded on
very labetantial bull.
Hr. and Mrs. George Wilkinson ol
Nanaimo arrived th'li week in Lady,
imith to take up their residence here,
It il learned that several other Nanaimo
finillH an about to remove to Ladyimith.
Johniton Block,     -    Nanaimo, B, 0,
P.O. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Be sure to lee the sidesplitting farce
-'My wife'a second floor." Oddfellows
Hall, Feb 10th.
The lateit rumor regarding new industries Ior Ladytniith ia to the effect tbat
a cigar factory will shortly opin Ior
business in thli town, wnioh teemi to be
attracting a deal of attention all over the
Local Chinamen have done their
share of tearing away tbe devil thli
season. Numerous rockete have been
nightly fired Into tbe brunette bide ol
the evil one, and he haa had no real for
firecracker, and finsiri.
The mild and dry weather is there-
mark Ol everybody. Ladysmith's oldest
inhabitant (the city has one ol thote
modern improvements) saya he never
remember, inch a to-called winter,
Look ont lor mow itormi and deluges
/ellow-countrymen prepared ths ear*
arise party.
Contagious Diseases—Animals—
A little way to walk with you, my own-
Only a little way.
Chen one of m must weep and, walk
Until God'l day.
A little way 1   It Uso street to live
Together, thit I know
Lite would not hive one withered rose
to give
If one of ua should go.
And if those lips shoold ever learn
to imile,
With your heart lar Irom mine,
Tvrould be lor joy that in t little
They would be kissed by thine.
—Frank li. Stanton,
Successlul Advertisers.
Wm.E. Ourtia, writing for the Chicago Record, layt: "A bullets man ol
Philadelphia told me that Mr. Wanna'
maker'! profit! Irom hii Philadelphia
store laet year wen over (1,760,000, and
tbat thote Irom bii New Yolk establishment will run dose to tbat figure,
The New York itore hai paid a profit
Irom the very day lt opened, although
two firma whioh occupied the establish,
ment lince A, T. Stewirt'i death hav.
failed. The reaion lor Mr. Wanna,
maker'! great luccesi, both in New
York and Philadelphia, is hii ikilful
and extensive advertising. It hai been
hii rnl. to confine Ills advertising to
newspipen and magailnea."
It 14 1895.
Certificate of Inspection.
I havethiaday examined the following
described milch cowi belonging to Wm.
Ward, of Ladysmith, and consider tbem
to oo free of diioaae, via :—
1 pure bred Ayrshire.
1 grade Ayrshire.
1 red and white Jersey grade.
1 black.
2 fawn Jersey grade,
The dairy premises are limited «t
Ladyimith, and the condition ol them is
Dated at Victoria, this Slit diyol
Deo, 1001.
8. F. TOLMIE, V.S.,
Inspector of Contagious Diseases (Animals.)
Ho. 31,
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Wednesday evening tt 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially Invited.
HUOH fWON, set,
KfctVUrWIMWre-'fea-**'^^ *
Attthe leading brands kept by us. None
but the best imparted.' We solicit your
G.H: Mumm's Extra Dry Champagne,
Kilmarnock Scotch, Letup's Extra Pale Ale,
St Louis Beer.  '',',,'
& Leiser
Direct Importers and Wholesale Dealers In
Liquors  and  Cigars.
Playing Cards, all leading brands including
113 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C.
.... , ;,:      „ Telepjiene No. H8.
Neither the Ownen, Agenti or Muter
will be responsible for any debii contracted by the officers or crew ol the
Am. Ship "Edward 8ew.ll" while
laying in thli port.
R. QUICK, Muter.
Ladyimith, Feb. 10th, 1002.
Crolton, the new ie ttlcment at Oa
borne Bay, ii to have a newspaper loon.
The guiding iplrit will be Mr. Newell,
formerly of the SUIT of the Pall Mell
Giaette, London, England. The Leader will duly welcome the Crolton paper.
Aa loon .1 the weather lettlei teveral
pirtieB 0! prospectors will leave Ladyimith tor the neighboring hills.intent on
exploring the mineral wealth ol that region. The erection ol th. Tyee imelter
her. la giving a great impttui to prospecting.
The lateet itylei in bur cutting end
oeard trimming at the Ladyimith Shav
ng Parlor, High itreet.
The pleat lor Mr. W. E, Rumming'i
■oda water aad aerated beverage lactory
will be here ihortly, direct Irom England. And it ii the intention ol the en-
tirpriilng proprietor ol the Pioneer
Bottling Worki to put the Ladyimith
brinch ol hia business in lull running
order at the earliest pos#le date,
Ai showing the need ol direct commn-
nicatii n with Vancouver The Leader
may lay that innumerable enquiries
have been received at tbii office ai to
whether passengers are allowed to travel
on the O. P. R. trantler (10m tbii port.
No pmtengeri ere allowed to travel tbat
way, not even newspaper repreaentitivei.
Lung Kee, preiident ol the Nanaimo
(Chineie) Board ol Trade, wis awikened
Irom slumber Mondly morning by being
bolited ont ol bed by dynamite, An
enemy had placed thli novel alarm
clock under Mr, Kee'a bed, and iti
going off wrecked the home. Nobody
wia hurt aeriouily, although Mn. Kee
wai insensible (or in honr. Lung li
now trying to find out which ol hii
<m vm*r.*m~*«r COPPER AND
Heating by
Hot Water,
Hot Air,
Steam, Etc.
Estimates, given on all kinds of iron pipe work and sanitary
plumbing.      - ■■ <-
All worlc strictly'first-class.   '
Hardware Merchant,        . Ladysmith, B. C.
Painting, Paperhanglng and
Mattress Making.
Leave orden lor mittren making at Mr.
I. Gonld'i itore, where samples can be
Buy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Qeneral Jobber.
Corn.. Pint Av.nu. sad Ostscr. 5tr*at.
Cabinet work ol .11 klndi.
All kinds ol lolt wood furniture made
•nd repaired.
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Pit Shot, at the same price
•1 cheip factory mid.. Oome in snd see,
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done.
A. S. Christie,
Maple Lodge, No. 61,1.0.0. T.
Meet! every Wedneiday evening in
Nicholson's Hall. Vi.iting rn.mb.ri
are cordially Invited.
Seattle Daily Times
The livelieit paper in the N.rthweil,
Weekly edition a complete record of
the world's newi to date.' Sport,
politics, society, women's, interetti,
yonng folk's d.partm.nt, litintun,
science, irt, mniic.
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship -
Japan, China,  Hawaii,
B. 0.
First-class Sleepers on all
BOSTON, f hnndayt.
TORONTO, Tumlayi and Saturday!,
ST. PAUL, Tueidayi, Thnndayi and
For pamphlet! ud all information ..ply
to any O.P.R. .gent.
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. MpGIRR.
Agent, Viotoria,     Agent, Nanalmo.
Aist, Gsnl, Pan. Agent, Vancouver,
X i'.'.'.'T ..,.,.. V S S"."."B'
80c    ALARM CLOCKS    80c
!   We have received • large ihipment ol Alarm Clocks whloh we now off.r at
Eighty Cents Each
1   And guarantee them lor one year.     All onr other goodi ln ou; lug. +
|   itook will be told tt gnat reduction! belore moving into our new premltet.
i   Now li yonr time to secure bargaini.
; The First Jeweller,       -       -       Ladysmith.
Speed, Promptitude, Accuracy, Ne Dslayi, You Get Your
Aniwer Initmtiniously.
Do you want to avoid that buiinm trip ud thui live time ud money T
Do you want to order goodi, and be inn ol ihipment to-diy t
Do you want to talk with friendi at home!
Do yon wiih lor uy niton, a pirsonal Interview with partial at a diitucif
Th.n aw    ,
The Long Distance Telephone.
Tariff from Ladysmith for Two Mlnutoa Conversation
To Nuaimo lg eeati
ToChemiinui 10 "
To Duncan ....20 "
To Shawnlgan Lake (Koenlg'i) B5 "
To Shawnlgan Lake (Str.thcona) 25 "
To Book. Lake , 30 "
To GolditniB 88 "
Td Viotoria 40 "
,     To Siulcbton 00 "
To Sydney ......BO "
You Can Easily Transmit 30 Words In • 1-4 of • Minute.
lEquil to M0 wordi In two minutM,)
Try th. following SO wordi:—" I did not telegraph, fearing you were out ol town.
Could not .pin the time to go up on train, Men here your decliion now,
to called you by telephone."
Mi newspaper for the
^people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence,
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
N. WIEN  T, General Soperlatand.il.
uimalt &  Nanaimo  Railway
Time Talis He. 43.
Tralni leave Lertriaith louth.bound, dally at 0.10 e. m„ and on Satordayi ud
Sunday! at 8,51 p. a,
Trelai lean Ladyimith aerth-bonad, dally at 11.87 a. m., ud oa Baturdsyi and
Sunday, it 8,67 P.m. ;
Tralni leave Ladyimith hr Elttwtlon dally eie.pt Sund.y at 0,00 e, m„ 2.00 end
10 p.m., md on Snndayi at 10 p.m.
Excursion Rates lull Poind, Sood Saturday and Sunday
0M, L foirtiiy,     -     Traffic iaaager


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