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Ladysmith Leader Oct 15, 1902

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mm\l ill iti if I ill iflift alt iff ll ifl ill ■**- ■*■ ■*■ -*■ Jt. _L_L_t_I_t__.-___
The people that save f
money trade with      |
Ladysmith Leader
j£***********************i *
I For Boots and Shoes f
I Sickle's fs the store f
VOL. II. NO. 118.
We have just received n carload of Furniture direct from
the Eastern factories, comprising
Bedroom Suites oafE»&ter'
Sideboards, Extension    and Centre  Tables, Chairs,
Book Cases, Kitchen Tables, Lounges, &c.
Come and see what will suit you and we will supply it.'
Also a full Hue of Family Groceries alway fresh and
at Lowest Prices.
Wholesale aud Retail Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street, - • Udysmlth
'■KsxKt*m**Vir.'r?:*i\-%«r??.-'.*r.*.', t
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
H, &W.
We Carry a Full Line
Of High-Class Groceries, Provisions,
Flour, Feed, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Etc.
AR Johnston & Co,
Odd/Fellows' Block,
Wholesale   and   Retail.
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thli new hotel hai been comfortably furnlihed and Iht bir it np lo ditt.
Bnt accommodation for transient and permanent boarder! ind lodgers.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade,
Ladyimllh, B. C
The Best are
none too good
» marm	
Some Lines that have stood the test:
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
ARE  VOU  INSURED?    If not
get insured at once lor It may be
too l.t. tomorrow. I represent several
OLD md RELIABLE Companies and
ff,. oan Iniure yon at a moment', notice at
the loweit ponible rates, All leading
oompaniei charge tlie eame ratea, Dou't
be milled into inturing with • cheap
company—it might be dear in the end.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
;P.*0. Drawer 113, Nanaimo. B. 0.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescription* carefully dispensed. Open
day and night.
Member Can. Society of Civil  Knglneem
Member Institution of Ktectricnl Hngtaeern
Electrical engineer
CorrenpomU'iice Solicited
Work Giiiimiiteed   . P. O. Sox mj
B-.rrlf.Ur, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary Public, Htc.
Monty lo Un.
Nannimo, • B. C.
Provinctat Mce iiHetl Aruayer, Ute aruwyer
Van Audit Smelter. Reliable analyala of
oreH, cohIh,etc. Shlpmrntgan-JMmplltiff
at smelters superintended. Weights mid
ri'iniiH L-het-lted. Next tothe I,atw Courts
P. O. IloJt 89.
16 Langley Street, VICTORIA,
U ATC "Christy," Loudon.
Hn 1 *W "Saekrille,"    "
"Wilkinson,"  "
bw *k
Z* 1
SHOES ■^■j's*
"Slater," Canadian.
■"1.25 and JS1.50.     .
Your bosom friend in white W. G. & R.
"Wolsey,". English. Every garment
guaranteed unshrinkable.
"Staiifield" inistirinkable, two qual-
, ities, made from Nova Scotia wool
i ► This will give you au idea of the class of goods you will find   i i
when calling on
j; ftasonic Block,   Ladysmith
Absolutely tlm tines1 tea mill in B.O, If yoa do not know
tbiH ask our customers. Or better elill try one pound 51V,
Imported directly from Deekajnlie Ten Gardens. Only
ourselves between the grower and you. Your second order
Will be 5 pound?, price $2.25.
W. T. Heddle A Co.
Free Press Block,      a°°,t _*.-*ii*f J*"
Yon .moke gennine tobacco
when you imoke
The Province
Berime It hta the full Havana filler
Ask for It.
The Province Cigar Co. Victoria, B. C.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and finny bread, (lakes and pastries ot III descriptions, fruits in
Loll In block! 29, .'III and 31,   Also
Hotel Site, 120,120 feel.  Also lots 1 and
2 block 48, |06O tho two.
Applv to
Barristers, Solictors and
Officii Oddfellows' llulldlnii, Roberts SI.
P.O. BOX 243
This old- Kstnlilislieil, First-Ota and
Fopnlar Hotel li most comfortably furnlihed, centrally situated. Bus meed
tralni. Excellent Cuisine. Bar stocked
With th. flneBt wlnei, liquori and olgan.
JOB. FOX,     ■     •       Proprietor,
Get the Best Work
Estimate, cheerfully furnished on anything you may need iu the line of paint-
inn, paperiimitrlng, wall and ceiling decorating. The Star Paint Shop, High
Head Office, Toronto, Ont.
Capital Puld U| $8,000,000
BobI 2.000,000
Hon. Gbo. A. Cox, Preiident.
B, K.VY.ii.Kiiit, General Manager.
A Branch of this Bank has
been opened at
Savings Bank Dspartmiitt.
Intereit allowed on d.poelti of one dollar l*lMi and upward!. The depositor
Iseulij.cttono delay in depositing or
withdrawing fundi.
Current Account! Opened.
Loan! Negotiated,
Drafti issued payable in ill pirta of
tho world.
For Ihe convenience ol cnitomtri and
otiieri this bank will bo open on tbe
evening of Pay Day from 7 o'clock until
8 o'clock.
i Boxy IIBI
Fighting in Turkey-Disaster on
Lake Erie—Smallpox in
(Associatetl Press.)
Wiping out Boxers.
In a letter dated Oheneu, Szec, China
Auk. 13.-Rev, Dr. Kil borne reports to
the Me'hodist mission rooms here that
tbe aspect affair in that province in much
better, and tbat the Gov't troopa are
pursuing tbe Ii >xere with success.
Fighting In Turkey.
Constantinople, Oct. 14—The Salrnii-
ka*Mouaetier railroad hm- been ordered
to hold cars in readiness for tbe ..rans*
portalion of troops and militia stores. A
detachment of 2.,150 soldiers left Saloni-
ka Sunday for Dedehagatch, a senpirt
of tbe A (■ean Sm, 21 miles from Adrfoh-
ople. A Bulgarian band haa been dispersed near Floran, 7 miles from Mona-
Btler.  Seven were killed.
Lake Erie Disaster.
(Bulletin?—Ashtabula, O., Out. 14-
The wooden steamer 0. B Lock wood
foundered in a storm about 15 miles oil
thie port last night. The captain and
crew launched two boat, juet Mure the
steamer sank. One containing the captain was picked up near the harbour
this morning. The otber boat with ten
men has not yet been heard from, Tags
and Hfe savers are searching for it.
Smallpox In Ontario.
The first caeeof smallpox wae reported
from Wahnifita lumber camp, Northern
Ontario yesterday. Authorise- do not
fear an outbreak aa vigorous quarantine
regulations are in force,
New Ontario Settlers.
F. H. Olergue, of Sault Ste Marie, Out
says hiu syndicate ivili lulfill its con Irani
with the Ontario Gov't to have 10 000
settlers on its lands in 5 years.
Pious Fund Case.
Paris, Oct. 14—Aiuerican officials
here bave been advised tbat the Hague
tribunal at Willsmatadt had reached a
decision in the arbitration of the pious
fund rase between the United States
and Mexico this afternoon.
Against Foreign Interlopers.
Toronto, Oct. 14—C*tuition iin-umfao*,,
Mirers bave nuked the D-Whinion Govern-"
ment to reinforce the duty on silver tub*
ing, removed some time ago. Alrio that
the Customs Department .consider the
present regulations under which patterns, dies and other articles used in
numerous manufacturing concerns are
brought into the Dominion fnr llie use
of American firms wiih branches to the
detriment of Canadian firms.
More Trouble hi China.
Tacoma, Wn., Oct. 14—Hongkong advices say that the posting of ami-foreign
placards at Canton haa prevented the
engaging of Chinese laborers to work on
tbe Canton end of the Great Canton*
Hankow railroad. The American Consul at Canton has asked tbe Viceroy
there to take steps to discover wbo are
posting the anti-foreign placards. A
number of arrests have been made and
every officer in Canton has been instructed to stamp out Ihie method of iuciting
the natives against foreigners.
Ingleslde Will Open Wide.
San Francisco.O-'t. 14—Mayor Schmitz
bag apprcved the bill permitting tbe re*
opening of Ingleslde race track in this
Thunderbolt at a Funeral.
Beamont, Texas Oct. 14-Lightning
tore through tbe roof of a negro church
on Wall street yesterday while a funeral
was in progress and killed one man and
injured five others. The steeple was
completely demolished and in the panic
tbat ensued tbe mourners who were at
the bier of thu dead man, deserted the
corpse, leaving it to the elements,
Thursday, October 16.
Trains will double the road, running on the same time as Wednesday's trains. Excursion rates to
and from all points, good for the
day only.
Traffic Manager.
A. I,. C. M„
Teacher of Piano and Harmony, is now funning
classes In Lndysmilti for tuition once n week.
Intending imuils please call nt
VV, H, Lively's Store, First Avenue
AHlchell Reticent.
Wilkeibarre, Pa., Oct. 14-When
Preside™ Mitchell came down to break-
last today lie was questioner! by re-
porterfl, but refused to sav anvthitig ex-
iii-i.| i lis i lie had 1101 read the operalora'
views uf arbitration propoBiiioo. not
haying been officially placed before him.
It is evident ilie proposition Is not to hie
liking. If he followi the usual form in
union matters lie ..-ill send for the three
district presidents for discussion, and it
i not unlikely the whole plan will be
laid bnfortiti convention of mini- workers. If the mineie accept Ihere caonot
be a general resumption ol mining for
at least, two weeks.
Morgan not Talking.
(Bulletin)—Washington, D.O; Oct. 14
-Messrs. J. Picrpont Mmgnii and Bobt.
S. Bacon, liiB,"partuer breakfasted at the
Arlington this morning with Secretary
Kool. Alton o'clock Mr. Morgan and
Mr. Bacon left by i-pr-Hal train oo the
O. ti. O Q , for New V nk. ll'beu asked
liy a reporter of the A. P. wliether he
had anything to my Mr. Morgan replied:
"I think you.have enough for one day,"
He declined to make any further elate-
merit. Secretary Hoot and Mr. Bacon
also refused to talk.
Probable Conference.
Wilkesbarre, Oct. 14—Ibe three dli-
trict presideots are on their way here.
VVhenihey arrive a conference will be
hold, perhaps u j.iint confirmation of the
three antlirociie districts eo that the
wliola matter may bo laid before tbe
miners IbemBelves. The eiiualion Ib
eiill mixed, but an early end of the
Btrike ie regarded as probable.
Support for Strikers.
Chicago, III., Oul. 14-The Chicago
miners' relief coiumillee hae just forwarded fS,000, making a total of 111,000
sent time lar to support the strikers.
The huiil contributions received are
Scarifies the Operators.
New York, Oct. 11—Governor Benjamin Ii. Oilell, speaking at the Btrike
conference said regarding tbe actione and
titU'ranccs of tbe operators:
"I believe that yonr position from a
public view is absolutely untenable. If
coal oj.eraio.B, railroad men and otber
l.usinesB men can combine for mutual
profit and protection, there is no reason
why laboring men should not.
Yon are not acting fairly toward tbe
people, 1 believe I Bhall find eome
Ladysmitli Service Opens Tomorrow.
Viotoria, B.C., Oct.. 14—(Special)—
Oomnienoing Thursday lhe 16 h, the ing
Pilot will oe on the LadvBinith-Van-
ii'.nvor route, relieving the tug Czar. Tbe
Pilot has a passt-nger licenle lor 22 ner-
sons. The fares will be lhe lame as between Nanaimo ami Vanconver.
Reported Discovery of Immensely
Rich Iron Deposit.
According to rumor prevalent in Ladysmith the trip of Hon. Mr. Duuemuir to
a point north of Comox to Inspect certain iron prospects resulted in a discovery of tbe highest importance. It is said
that a vast b >dy of high-grade iron ore,
estimated by one expert at five million
tons, was found in a spot which makes
the work of getting it out very easy.
Report further alleges lhat this great ore
body Ib not. situated within tbe E. *k N,
railway belt, but that Hon. Mr. Dunsmuir and bis colJe-tgues have been fortunate ennnirh to secure the property,
McBsrs. Huuter, Little and Sutton, who
uccoiupauied the premier on tbe trip,
Beemed to be very well pleased with tbe
re-nits of the visit when they passed
ihroniili Ladysmith on Sunday, If the
report, is correct the discovpry will revolutionize ('oiulitions on Vancouver Island, and in ike Ladysmith a great centre of imin-try, as there is no doubt the
iron smelting and manufacture would be
established here,
Must Have More Room
S.-e tmr elegant SofaB for onlv.
Ill) each.
Parlor Suites of live pieces for
Fniic Rocking CbairB in quartered Oik lor only Id each.
Roller Top Dusks, only (118each.
12 good Hardw. od Bedroom
Hnitie Willi ll. - II. II. Glass, -ISIS x 20.   Only 116 a Set.
200 regular 50.. Blinds, mil. 35 .
SOCurutin I'olea, coiniilete 25:
8 doien Cocoa Door Mats. Regular price 11.26. Take'Km. Onli
80 cunts each.
60 Good Feather Pillows, $1.60
a pair.
Bliinki-lH and Bedspreads ad
mm kail down to bedrock pricei,
Your inspection freely inviled.
We sell only for CASH.
Freight Paid to Ladysmith
! The Great Cash Furniture'.ion LADYSMITH   LEADER OCTOBER 15 .190..
Ladysmith Leader
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
Che "deader Building, comer or Hirst Ave. and
. c*teuch Street, I.adysmith, British Columbia.
T. t,. GRAHAME. Editor and Proi'HUvtoh.
Bv Mail ih Canada and United Btatbb.
Oue year (utilctly lu advance)  $-* oo
Sir months (strictly fn advance)    i *S
TRANSIENT — Including btisines-5 notices,
calls for tenders/application.1-, for and transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., ioc. a line first insertion; 5c. a Hue eaclt -subsequent insertion; 12
luel measure to the inch.
Rates ou application.    No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use Bhould be all metal.
Martiage, Birth, Death aud Funeral notices,
each Insertion 50c,
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
lime will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
TUB LEADER will be found at the following
I-adysmlth—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
•Manaimo—E. Plmbury & Co,
Victoria—Public Libraiy; Provincial Library; aud
Vancouver—Public Library, and Hotels. ,
New Westminster—Public Library.
AU changes In advertisements must be received
at this office before ia noon the day before
S<-bscttbers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
AU lob wor*-. strictly cash on delivery-
rnuslent advertisements cash iu advauce.
Subscribers not receiving The
Leader regularly will confer a
favor by reporting promptly to
tbla office.
When the effects of a great industrial
sttnggle are felt In one's own borne, one
takes an interest in tbat struggle far
different from the mere academic inter
eite which might be felt in the matter
ai an example ol the varying operations
of capital and labour.
In onr previous issue appeared a telegraphic deipatch to the effect tbat the
WeiAn-n-^'ijo-eiftion of Miuera might
mcceedin doling every coal mine in
North America in order to put an end to
the struggle by compelling the coal maa-
ten, or operators as they are called in
the Eastern States, to come to terms.
This wonld be a strike witb a vengeance, tnd coming on tbe verge of win'
ter wonld certainly rouse tbe mass of the
people to some very determined action,
It il difficult ont here to learn the ex<
act ground of quarrel betwten musters
tnd men in Pennsylvania, but broadly
ipeakingit il a dispute about wages,
Ihe Pennsylvania coal miner is a serf
compared with tbe miners of the West,
We hear of able-bodied men, fathers of
families, and passing aa skilled workmen receiving seven dollars a week for
thtir lit dayi' toil underground. Many
a Western coal miner receives ai much
for one day's work.
Then, in contrast to that fact is the
other that tbe "operators" have made
tnd are making millions untold out of
those properties. Tbe contrast is not
pleasant to contemplate, and was bound
to engender feelings of bitterness
amongst the ill.paid toilers.
Nor have tbe remarks dropped by
Preiident Baer oi the Beading Railway
been ol a character to turn away wrath,
They have been contemptuous and truculent, showing a chocking want of
human lympatby with brother man-
bat we mmt beg Mr. Baer'B pardon; of
course he doeB not recognize those slaves
t.t teven dollars a week as of tbe same
olay as himself, but as dumb driven
cattle to be worked as cheaply as may
What a brilliant contrast do the col
liery owners of Vancouver Island present
to those hard taskmasters of Pennsylvania. Here a man is treated as a man
ud honoursd for bis manhood; labour
here has a dignity totally absent ftom it
in the mining legions of Pennsylvania |
the highest scale of wagea paid on the
North American continent for thia class
of work is paid here, and the licet of
feeling exiiti between masters and men.
We hope that some better solution to
the preient trouble in the East will be
fonndthan a itrike ol all the ooal miners
ol Canada and the United Stales. That
wonld be a disaster that would check
America's progress for at least ten years,
Every English-speaking workingman
lias heard ol tbe celebrated Tom Mann,
one ol the chiefs of the British Labor
party, and a champion of all that Labor
is demanding as ita righti today. Mr,
Mann recently paid a vilit ol inipection
to New Zealand, to look into the condition! of labor in tbat renowned Socialistic paradise. His viewi are embodied
n a line article in the September number of the Nineteenth Century and After
Review. Like most of Mr, Mann's utterances those opinions go itraight to
the point, aud do not spare New Zealand
where it ie necessary to criticise.
He went all throngh the two island!
and seemingly saw everything that ,vas
worth observing, touching labor'a interests. We bave not room Ior tbe whole
article, which we ihould very much like
to publish entire, and which some ol the
larger newspapers of thil province'certainly should publish, if they have the
interests of labor as much at heart ts
The Leader has, onr critica to the contrary notwithstanding.
We take pleasure in printing t few of
Mr. Mann's mors important findings,
and hope that they will be of some service to our workingmen in helping them
to form correct conclusions regarding the
actual conditions of life and labor in the
antipodean colony.
New Zealand's climate is far from
what it is "cracked up" to be. Fog,
rain, and tha "Barber," a wind tbat
more tban literally shaves tbe skin off,
are common conditions in Wellington.
Married men have tbe preference on all
Government work. The Government
inakea an annual subsidy ol £750 a year
to the Salvation Army, which looks
ailer many who cannot get work irom
tbe Government, Honse rent is very
high, but wages are good, irom the old
country standard, bnt not Irom that ol
British Columbia. Mechanics gei 12 SO
and labourers $2 a day. Stoppages oi
work irom Industrial dispute! arealmoat
unknown. The parliamentary franchise
is adult suffrage; ont person, one vote
and all elections on one day, Hence the
people oi New Zealand can make their
influence (elt in the legislature more
strongly than the people oi any other
The railways are almost exclusively
slate-controlled. Two coal mines have
been taken over and are being prepared
by Government lor Government work,
Thn Government bae power to take over
or establish shipping necessary to carry
and distribute coal.
The Factories Act, ior the first time
in any country, regulates the working
tiorirB of adult males, and fixes tnem at
IS hours a week, and the working hours
ol women at 45 a week. The Act pro*
vides that no boy or girl Bhall be employe! in a factory at Isbs than five
shillings a week. Tbe Shops and Shop
Assistants Act provides that all assistant! muit have a half-holiday on one
working day of eacb wetk.
The moit discussed ol all tht Act! of
the Colonv is undoubtedly the Concilia*
tion and Arbitration Aot. It providei
for the formation of induitrial nnioni;
in the case of employer! uy two, in the
case ot workers any leven penoni can
form a union and register under the Act.
To prevent multiplication of nnioni the
registrar may reluse to register more
than one union connected with tbe lime
trade in the same locality. The Colony
is divided into seven diitricti, each with
ite Board oi Conciliation, ol five persons,
inclu ling the chairman, elected by the
members ot the board, themselves elected by the unioni oi worker! ud employers In equal number. Regulation
fees are paid for each sitting.
Umatisiactory recommendation! of
Ibe Board are referred by mutual consent ol tbe partiea to the Arbitration
Court, consisting of three member! appointed by the Governor; a Judge of the
supreme court, a reprenntitive ol the
employers and one lor tbe workmen,
The workers have made much uwoi the
Act, and employers-not so nineti. -'It
does not work altogether ideally, in-
some cases wages have bean reduced aa
a direct reBult oi the awardt, The working ol the Act call! lor cautioui handling
on tbe part ol Ihe rank and file, especially officers ol unions.
New Zealandera have not been successful in carrying an eight-hour bill,
except in tbe case ol miners, bnt the
carrying of the 48 hour working week
has caused little objection. The Britiih
Factory and Workihop Act, 1901, lection
24, providei that the houn of women
ehall be from 6 to 9,7 to 7, or 8 to 8, including meal timei, The New Zealand
Act forbida the employment of women
between the houn of 6 p.m. and 8 t.m,
The age when boyi or girli may Hart
work ie 14 yean. Every luoh boy or
girl working in whatever capacity, If
under 10 yean muit receive not leu
tban three shillings weekly, with an
annual increase ol not leu thu three
■hilling! weekly till twenty yetri of agt.
Bat employer! tnd manager! have
shown muoh ingenuity lu nullifying the
intended good results, and there ii t
contlnnal "dodging" of the provliioni of
tbe Act, by employers tnd employed,
the latter otten accepting lower wages
than called for by tbe Aot.
New Westminster, according to tht
Colonist, Ib a place whore people nevtr
die of anything but old Ige or ennui.
Seems to us, though, that Weitmlmter
has shown more enterprise thu either
Victoria or Vtnconver, not only In tht
diiection of municipal Improvement, be*
Ing a bold originator In thit lint, bnt
also In the matter of iport, ud the
managing of considerable enterprises,
The affectation by Victoria ud Vanconver people ol metropolitan tin ii vtry
amusing to psople who live in real citiei.
Both place! are citiei ln dimenilons
only, being populated principally by
country iolk.
According to inspired obBervarsol current lilt a considerable number ol tart
remark! are passing in the Laurier cabinet. Note tbe glee of the Tory press.
Not often tt cots a bono to gnaw now.
Nanalmo is bracing itself for a pro*
vincial election in November. Really
remarkable where our friends up there
get hold of the exclusive information.
The Nanaimo papers seein to bo tlie exclusive mark lor the Victoria romancers
at present. ____________
Bre'r Lowery of the Now Denver
Ledge holds that the B.O, ranchers oru
probably more lazy than any other people in the province, because they make
a living apparently without any effort,
Apparently, yes, but did the sage oi B.
C.'s Lucerne ever tackle a ten-acre patch
ol B.C. bush in tho endeavour to hew
out a home for himself and chickens?
That is what makes so many permanently ti«d.    __________
BritiBh mercantile bouscB have actually come to tbe conclusion that if they
would survive in the race tbey must
make a radical change in the style ol
man they Bend out to take-orders at
home ud abro d. ""They now want
bright, intelligent, -wide-awako young
men whose knowledge oi the business is
thorough,and wbo if .tbey,,be sent to
foreign countries can speak the language
and calculate in the money and measurement! ol thoie countries. There li to
be no more ramming of English langu
age, monetary lystem or manner! down
cuitomeri' lliro.its.
Vanconver World, the clown of British
Columbia journalism, takes the article
Irom the Leader regarding tbe proposed
government buildings, plasters it over a
large area of its front page, with tbe
date line Ladysmith, as if it wore a de<
Bpatch from thia place, sticks one ol
those hideous nightmare headings over
it, for which the World and Province
are notorious, and thus attempts to build
np a sensation. The Vancouver journalist! should reBign and take billets on
country papers where tbey might learn
something about newspaper work, II it
was only kindling the office Btove In the
morning or greneing the Washington
handpreeB.       ';
When the Mohammedan soldiers who
attended the coionation were leaving
England on their return to India, thoy
spoke Ireely on tbe subject of women.
One tall Bengalee assured a Loudon reporter that nothing struck the Indian
troops more than the contrast between
the condition ol English and Indian
women. "In my couotry," said the
soldier, "the Gosha system has been
accepted and we distrust women. Our
proverbs lay to ui t "Trust tbe worsl oi
poisons, trust the rogue elephant, trust
the thieves and those who walk wicked
ly, but women trust Ihou not, Trust
women and yon will become as a beggar
in the Btreet. Listen not to woman's
word." Horribly iingnllant. Wonder
it there.ie uy truth in it.
'-111*, of connt, only natural (says the
tHrapliic) tint the merchant skipper
should have changed Bomewhat with the
timet from hit old quid-loving pride
oeiior, Bnt that nautical language still
retains, on occasion, much of its pristine
flavour, waa recently brought home to
some missionary passengers on a China
coasting steamer, who, hearing that the
captain owned a famous talking parrot,
asked to Bee the bird, "Well," said tbe
skipper on their return forward, "did
bttalk well, gentlemen?" "No, cap
tain," they sorrowfully replied, "we
can't exactly lay he talked well; but he
talked very distinctly."
Splendid Samples of Finished Ore
Right In Ladysmith.
Come in and see the specimens at
my store,
I have it made up into all sorts of
ingenious things, just what you
need. Axes, Saws, Chisels, Tools,
to no end. Pots and Pans, Stoves,
Buckets, Knives, Guns, Rings, Anchors, and needles. Even my store
is iron. The famous Cash Store on
First Avenue.
Cory S. Ryder
San Mateo Departs—The Macsy Loading—Alaska Liners Call,
Str. Lorttn called for coal supplies on
Mon day,
Str. Sadie wan In port on Monday lo
HU buakore.
Str. Senator loaded sack coal Ior the
North here yesterday.
Str, Transfer took a full cargo of con*
to Vancouver last Sunday.
Str. Champion called in Sunday for a
bcow load of coal for Victoria.
Str. Wyefleld, one of the LadyHmith-
FriBCo colliers, Ib going into the China
Str. Tellus ia atill in San Francisco,
but ia expected to leave in a day or two
for Ladysmith for coal.
Str. Robert Dunamuir called at Ladysmith wharves yesterday with prodnce
from New Weatminater,
Str, Selkirk called Sunday wiih 170
tons of Marble Bay ore for the Tacoma
smelter and departed thither after taking coal here.
Str. San Mateo, Captain Fletcher,
sailed for San Francisco on Saturday
night with 4,310 tone of Wellington coal.
Pilot Captain Yates took ber to aea.
Str. Farrallon of the Paget Sound-
Alaska line called Sunday to fill her
bunkerB. She had 200 tons of freight in
tranelt and ten passengers bound for the
Ship Kinross, Captain Murray, arrived in port Monday night from Victoria where she underwent repairs. She
loads Wellington coal for Kalni, Hawaii-
an Islands.
After two or three daye of quietnesB
around the wharfs the steamers came
In a bunch Inst Saturday and Sunday,
nnd there waa a resumption of tbe customary bustle.
Barque Antiope, Captain Geo. Murray, ia on Bullen'a Waja, Victoria, receiving tltivation, She will come to
Lady-smith when the repairers complete
their job, to load coal for Hawaiian ports.
A number of the Amn, ship Macey'.
crew w nt to be paid off here, having
come with the ship from Capetown, but
Captain Qroth wishes them to accompany tiie vessel to San Francisco, where
the pay-off ia to take place.
Str. Thistle arrived early Sunday
morning Irom a point north of Comox,
with the Hon. James Dunsmuir, Superintendent F. D. Little, Wellington Colliery Co., Superintendent Joseph Hunter, E. & X. Railway, and Mr. Sutton,
mineralogist. Tbey were returning to
Victoria alter inspecting some very
promising iron pruf-nectB In the north.
The party left for Victoria ou the Sunday morning train.
Amn. ship Macey Ib now under the
chutes, loading a full cargo of Wellington coal for San Francisco. The Macey
ia one of the moat interesting vcfsoIb
that have called at the port of Lady
Bmtth lately. She Ib one of tbe famouB
American clipper fleet created by tbe
genfua of Donald Mai-Kay of New England, and her speed in a fair wind is etir-
priaing. The Macey has run, day after
day, for many daye, at the rate of 370
miles a day, has made some record passaged on tbe ocean, and haa been in
every important port in the world* Her
ruu from South Africa to tbe Western
American coast wae done in steamer
time, in fact tbe Macey can tail rings
round most of tbe big tramp steamers
when the wind serves. She presents
noble sight at sea with all sail eet and
moving along like a thing of life. One
of the curiosities aboard the Macey is an
auchor which belonged to the notorious
Alabama, the celebrated pirate which
waa built to prey on the Federal shipping during the American civil war, and
was battered to pieces and sunk off the
French coast by the U. S. S. Kearnnrge.
Tbe Macey's interior fittings are sump-
tuoup, the cabin resembling that of a
tnillionair-j's yacht. Tho accommodation for tbe crew Ib also spacious and
comfortable. Captain II. B. Groth, her
master, is naturally enough proud of his
vessel. The Macey will probably he
ready for her voyag- to San Francisco
about the end of the week.
"[•JOTICK Is hereby given tlmt nn Hx run i nation
^ for Certificates uiCutn'-ct-ncy nn Mnitagers
of Mines will be lield on the 15II1 dny uf October,
loo., nt the Court House, Nuiiiiiino, It, (*., mid
nlso nt fertile, II. C, mi llie same ttntc,
CnnillilfitCH, not iiixlcr *-,■ yearn of ngc, (It-xiroiiri
of presenting them-Helve1*. fur cx-tini nation imisi
deflvci in Mr. '1'hos, Morgnn, Chnlriunu of thc
Ilonnl ofHJcnuilnerii, Nnnnlnio.ou nr lieforc Hit;
5H1 dny of October, 190". notice of stit-h intention,
In writing, together with n certificate or .service
front their former or preient cm ploy cm, tcsllfy.
inn to nt "icnsl two yearn1 cx-icrfciice muter-
The exhtniiintfon will he (11 writing, nnd wilt
Include the following sttlilcclH.
t. Mining Acts nnd Kiik-h.
7, Mine gases,
3. General Work.
4. Vent II nl ion.
5. Mining mnchlncry.
li. Survey lug nnd levelling.
Any further pnriiculnrB rctjiiircd mny he oh-
tniiiedonnhnlicatlontoMr. Morgnn, Chiiirtnnn
of llonrd ofHxnuilncrH, Niinntino, II. C.
Mttii.-iler of Mine**..
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Wallpaper, Curtains,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc., Btc.
There It Comfort In Our floods
i'lverylbln-t to furnish t home in
modest or elaborate style. Write
for onr large catalogue (freo) Ulna-
tratod and priced (a store In Hull).
Coal!   -   Coal!
; Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Coal   Best household coal on the Pacific
Comox Coal-Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith.
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
[ Head Office
Victoria, B. C
San  Francisco Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
I ******** ***** ftTm-H-t-*-^T+-m^-m+m **********
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Royal Italian Band
At the Nanalmo Opera House
Wednesday, Oct. 22,
In order to afford the residents of Ladyemith an opportunity to hear thil ci
brated Band a special train will leave Nanalmo Ior Udyifflth it 11 p. m"
Wednesday, Oct. 22nd. Passengers leaving Udysmlth tvitgahrtnlaMyilOp,
Fare for the Round Trip 50 centi.
Geo, L. Courtney,
Traffic Managi
I have them In great varietv, all sizes
and at reaionable pricei. Call tnd in-
ipect the etock.
J. McDonald, High St., Ladysmith
To thejoblic.
Notice is hereby given that a portion
ol tbe near public school building was
opened on Monday morning, September
loth, 1002, lor the use ol senior tnd
junior third class, and itnior and junior
fourth clan, who are hereby notified to
attend Irom thii dale forward.
For the Truiteei.
fjadyimlth, B.C., Bapt, 9th, 1002,
For the finest Butti
and Fresh Eggs
Made and repaired.   Allwi
Guaranteed.   IntptoUon
Itaraeii Repalrla, a Specialty.
: r*"t"m+-m-WT4»-maH+-m-r
Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. C„ .Ill9.pt-. "jot
Mnmifnctnrcni of nil kinds *ol
; "Oii{li iind Dressed lumber j
Mouldings. Laths, Shingles. Etc.  •
, A Inrgc stock of thoroughly scnBoned
lumlier—int nnd and duns constantly on
- >   hitud,   All  orders Hlrlctly nlteudcd  to.
■*■  Jjuotntlons cheerfully given.
:: John W. Coburn,::
Manaciino Director.
tm»m*m+*m»tmttmt' J
Bread and Pastr
22 Loam
for Ono boltar
The best in town anj d,ll_ted to roar 4
dally.  II will pay you „ dral with
Lidyimlf h likiry,      Et-pli-,1
Choicest Lawr, Ales, Beer
and Porter.
! COLO 8T0RAQE-Flrst clan facilities
. 1 for ttie stores;, of meat., erg., poultry,
I J vegetables, etc., etc.
♦iiiiiiiiiuinmf LADYSMITH LEADER. OCTOBER 15. 1902.
Sale of lands for Unpaid Taxes.
In the South Nanaimo Assessment District, Province
of British Columbia.
I hereby give notice that on Saturday the iSth day of October, A.D., tgoi, at the hour of
ten o'clock, forenoon, at Ladysmith, B.C.
I shall sell at Public Auction the lands in the list hereinafter set out, of the persons in said
list hereinafter set out, for the taxes remaining unpaid by said persons -on the thirty-first day of
December, A.D., 1901, and for the costs and expenses of Salei
Nanalmo District,
Greenway, John	
Keiit, VV. J	
Fielding Richard	
Fielding, Fred. J	
Fielding, Joe. A	
Perry, John	
Texada Island.
Shannon, E. L	
Stalnlord, J. L	
Abrams, John	
Atwell, VV.D	
Brelster, Geo	
Brett, Samuel	
Bushong Ivan	
Cochrane, A. R	
Davis, Leonard	
Ellii, Ida Leslie	
Foley, T. B	
Fraier, J, D	
Johnson, E. A	
Jones, David	
Kiddie, Thomas	
Kirk Lake Mining Oo	
Le Roy, Minnie	
Menzles, Jno. A	
Meningbam, H	
McKelvie, Alex	
McLean, M. A	
MSLeod, W. H	
McNeil, A	
Nightingale, Jas	
Pllat, M	
Battery, W. J	
Eorlion, W. D.'.'AA
Sarnies, S. D	
Smith, Geo. G	
Upton, G	
Woodhue, W.A	
Oanledeldi, Dorothy...
Ohow, Dan.....	
Cochrane, A. R	
Doering A Marstranil..
Gilchrist, Jos	
Lyons, Root.....	
Nichols, Geo, E	
Stromberg, Wm	
Sommeri, Jaa	
Summon A McLeod.
Thompson, 'Joseph...
Thompson, Samuel ...
Urquhart, H. A	
McGoun, Dart	
Wilson, William	
Short Description tf land
Douglas District.
Prentice, Wm. T	
Bates, H. L	
Djnoghue, D. P	
Gogo, John	
Bright District.
Keen, Jos. and John	
Mason, Robt	
Maaon, Robt	
Cabriole Island.
McKenale, 0. 0. Est. of.	
Nition, John	
Riven, Robt	
Hanien, Alice	
McGullle, Geo	
Wyllie, John Mrs...
Riven, Robt	
Small Island, near Kuper Island.
Jamei, Ed	
Sangtter blind.
Moss, Morris, Est. of	
Latquetl Island.
Mon, Monti, Ett, ol	
Stubbingi, Robt., Kit. of.....	
Wither, Thomas	
Jtffrty, Bobt.	
Btmom, W. B	
Anderson, Stephen,.
Bun, Walter	
Jtffrty, Alfred	
Jeffrey, Abraham	
Stevens, John	
Thttls Island.
Foster, Robt. Eat. ol	
Lot 6, 5 acres
Seo. 1*2, lot! 20,21,02 5
Sec. 2, lot A 47 acres
Seo. 2, lot B, 2 acrei
" 2, lot 0,3 acrst
Lots Pt 4 and 7
Lot 23,124 acres
Seo. 4, 8 F.ii, 10 acres
Lot 17,160 acres
Block 3, lot 11
12,lot 10
. 7, lot 3D
Seo. 22,100 acres
Block 4 and 22, lots 8,12
Lot 5, towsite Bit,
Block 8, lot 35
-   38,lot 18
32,lot 1
4,lot 10
40, lot 8
13, lot 5
21,lot 4
Part lot 10,20 acrei
Block 7, lot 1
"   11, lot 2
40, lot 3
Block 22, lot, 1
Sec. 21. 1(10 acrei
Block 12, loll 4,5,6
**     (Kl, lot 10
7, lot 84
47,lot 2
3, lot 4
Sec. 22.120 acrei
Block 7, loll 17,19,21
" 7,|lotilO,U,12,13,14
"   37, lot 8
"  41,lot 11
"    8, lot 3
Lot 39,138 acrei
Block 38, lot 10
"   11,lot 10
"   40, lot 5
"   12, lot 1,2
"   18. lot 14
"    5, lot 3
"   13,lot 1
"   47, lot 3
Sec. 22,160 acres
Block 4, lot 3
"    7, lot 7
"   18, lot 18
"   33, lot 8
Lot 23, 220 acrei
Block 8, lot! 31. 33
Sec. 3, S.W. ii, 147 torsi
"5, N.W. Ji, lOOli
Lot 4, 80 tcret
Hotel building
Lot 1,160 acrea
Lot 2,160 acrei
Lot 13,160 tertt
Lot 3,00 acrei
Lot 10,20 tortt
Seo. 7,160 teres
■Sec, 17, S.W.14 158acrei
8eo, lli.N.W.-.'ol N.W,
H 40 acre!
Am. 12, N.I* ii. 100acres
Sec. 0 S.W H, 162 tores
Sec. 28, N.W i(, Hacres
Sec. Ill, A.V.ii, 160 acre,
10 acres, Sec. 22, W.JsJS.
II. H, 80 acrei
Lol 29,40 acrei
Sec. 18, S.E ii ud 8.W
'4. 115 tertt
Seo. 3,8*4 of NW*-,* 80a.
Sec. 8, S U of NE KMa,
Seo. Vt>, NE H 82 acrai,
Sec. 26, WJ,olE«76a.
Sec. 18, NW H100 acre.
Sec. 28, NE H, 150 acre.
Seo. 211, BW Ji, 139 tertt
1to.8a, NWJi89acret
Sec. 21, BE H. 160 ten.
Sec. 22, NE H, 160 acres
Sec. 36.N % oi SWJ-,,77.
Lot 1,123t
35 00
6 40
38 66
8 40
60 78
6 M
9 60
1 76
6 66
2 24
1 20
3 60
4 80
2 00
8 80
6 40
8 00
2 40
8 Ot
12 80
7 20
6 60
2 16
8 60
8 00
8 84
2 401
8 20
6 40
2 80
16 00
3 SO
1 20
1 Oil
3 60
10 26
2 86
1 40
8 36
14 40
12 00
13 60
3 26
23 04
10 32
2 40
10 82
19 26
1 60
10 3i
7 26
4 00
9 12
9 18
10 26
8 80
5 60
4 40
1 20
6 70
5 12
1 20
2 40
I Per.
(SO 62
46 60
70 00
16 H
42 lt
48 Ot
49 76
86 38
86 00
6 40
S3 60
5 40
9 60
71 40
46 60
7 26
70 00
6 DO
9 60
10 88
4 80
5 60
8 24
1 21
5 60
t 80
2 00
8 80
6 40
6 00
8 00
2 40
8 00
12 80
10 81
7 20
5 60
2 10
8 60
8 00
5 84
6 60
8 40
8 20
1 4ij
2 _
16 60
1 60
10 a
2 80
S «
1 40
16 80
S 86
42 16
48 06
14 40
12 00
9 66
11 6!
13 60
S 20
10 Sll
10 tii
10 32
19 aO
1 60
7 20
4 00
49 76
9 11
9 IS
10 26
5 80
4 40
1 20
I 70
6 11
1 20
2 40
66 38
4 00
4 00
4 60
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
.4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
,4 00
4 08
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
•i 00
6 60
.4 00
4 00
llttl Ant
89 00
10 40
37 60
12 40
12 60
76 40
80 60
11 25
74 00
10 00
13 60
6 76
14 88
8 80
9 60
6 24
5 20
7 80
.8 80
6 00
19 80
10 80
10 00
12 00
6 40
, 4 88
19 00
16 80
14 88
11 20
9 60
6 16
J 60
12 00
- 7 84
4 80
9 60
4 28
.I r 20
4 80
6 80
20 00
7 86
6 SO
6 92
14 28
6 80
4 48
7 60
8 40
20 60
46 10
62 00
18 40
16 00
IS 60
18 82
17 60
7 40
4 96
27 84
14 82
« «0
14 82
23 26
I 60
14 82
11 20
8 OO
U 76
IS 11
14 82
14 26
14 SO
;o 86
:t 40
8 20
8 76
9 19
6 89
6 48
89 88
Nine tf penon
Newcastle Towntite.
Field, W. H	
Rtwllmon, Cnai	
Btrlow, Gto	
Parlib, Henry, En, ol,.
Durrtnt, O. W	
Phllpott. W. H„	
Oanian. Thomai	
Dowler, Jamei	
Harper, Jos	
Htrrli, John Mn	
Lawrence, Louis.....	
Lowtn, 0. J	
Lowen, O. Mrs	
Perry, John '.	
Durrtnt, O.W	
Phlloott, W, H	
Harper, Jot	
Lot 8 io lot 4 sab. d
14 in sub. lot 17
1 In sub. lot 16
16110 Newcastle
sub, lott.
Lot 8 in inb. lot 15
Silt, 1901.
Shift Deicrlptlia
of urn.
1. lfl ■■
.. 4 ..
"   3*5"
"  4 "
••  9 11
"   1 "
1.  g ,.
„   q .<
" 15 "
.(     1 !■
" 18 "
,1 13 „
..   .,
.(   ((
letll-rnt.    (JJJ
6 12
85 20
-Katun u*l
6 12
4 96
85 20
4 CD
4 co
tail* AM.
16 88
4 88
4 98
Km if Fermi.
Cranberry Diitrict.
Bolton, Jane	
Orilchley, Sith..
Ellii, William	
Gll.on, Thomsr.	
Harria hue.....	
Nicholion, Iliac	
. Patton, Albert	
Rooht, Frank..	
Smith, Michael	
Bunchimn, Robt	
Bateman, Jaa,...	
Campbell, Kenneth	
Htnderton, R.8	
godson, Wm., En. ol. 
Laild, Bobl	
Minn, Robt	
MoOlniky, Htrry	
McKtnile, J, A	
McMUIin, Bury	
McMIlltn, Hugh	
Petri, Frank	
Puree, William	
. Richardson, J. D	
Ryder, Cory 8..	
Splno, Frank..	
Cedtr Diitrict.
Wiktmtn, Ju	
. -tub, John...	
Short Description of
Range 8, lot 10,1 acre
Block 1, lot 8
Itauge 7, lol .'I
1, lot S
e, lot 2
0, lot 1
Lot, South Wellington
Sec. 0, lot 2
-   1, lots
6, lot 5
3, lol 4
"   8,^0(3
"   2, lot 1
"   6, lot 8
"   3, ii of lot 2
Block 2, lots 4, 5
Range 7,pt. sec. 1,10
" 7, iee. I, 50 a
Block 7. lots 1 and 2
Block 6, part lot 1
"    1, lot 6
Sec. 12, block 0, 0
Lot,Strath Wellington
Block 0, lot 8
8, lot8
10, lot! 13,14,2,1
2, lots 11,12
6, lots 1, 2
Sec. 12, range 2
Real     Wild
Prop,   land
Sttvtnt, Geo...;.1	
' York, Obit. Eli. of.....	
"     *•
Otvln, 0., it ll ,,'.,	
Civlo,0., tt il.....	
Oyster District.
Divii,G. £.....,.	
Bag!, Lorenia	
Oarrnthen. Arthur	
Obureblll, Nathaniel	
Or***, Edgar	
Hirper, Erne.1	
Keeet. Ohai. E	
KlttJ-H. J...i	
Merlin, Robt „..,
Mclntoih ctOreiH	
Soitheombt, Hy	
Goffaio, Jot...,.	
Wateon. James	
Wain, Harry	
C!iv, Samuel.... „,..
MounUIn District.
Holland, John..	
Bideoek, Wm..:,...
Bedcock, ffiatlwU	
''. '   J-Mldhh Itlinds.
Thompton, Philip N,
Wllll.mi, Bldnir	
Willlimi, J, T.	
Range C.iec. 4,5a.Epl
" 0, iee. 400 acres
6, tec 8, ll. Ola,
fl, sec 8, 40 atres
4, Bee. 5, Epl (10
R. l.leo.16, lfl. 17.250a
R.8,itc.l5,I6 232i.,b
R. a, sec. 14, Ept 37a
R. It.sec. ill, C. 14,45u
R. 3,sec. 16,16,17,253
Sec. 64,48 acres
Seo. 65,18 acres
Bk. 0. lota 1,2
Bk. 27, lot 20
Bk. 8, lot 6
Bk. 27, lot 13     •
Bk. 95, lot! 15,10
Bk. 6. loll 5,0
Bk. 27, lot 14
See. 48,160 acrei
Bk. 12, lot 8
Bk. 9, lot 8
Bk. 97, lot 4
Bk. 24, lot 7
Seo, 13,100 acres'
Bk. 12, pt. lots 4.1 5
Bk. 93, lot 4
Bk. 8, lots 13, 14, 15
R. 6, pt. sen.1.1,10a.
R. 6, tee. 13, E.
R. 6, ite. 18, pt.
10 8!
1 41
4 llll
2 4(1
II llll
111 Sll
■2 411
3 84
2 40
II 40
2 811
2 80
3 20
4 80
1 00
24 00
4 oo:
0 (III
1 44
3 20
1 20
11 (10
1 40
2 40
81 i
a 40
2 80
8 00
2 40
4 OO!
18 00
12 40
5 "(I
4 80
64 Si)
20 Oil
2 00
2 40,
16 48
7 52
1 32
C 40
2 80
4 00
2 80
1 00
6 00
2 80
0 40
24 40
5 1)2
0 40
1 40
5 84
8 40
(1 40
1 20
12 80
Tolal Taxes
and Costs.
11  2li
5 00
3 84
3 75
223 70
10 81
i 4-1
4 00
2 40
10 8111
■1 40
:; 84
2 40
3 40
2 SO
2 80 ,
3 20 ,
4 SO'
1 (ill
24 1)0
4 00
5 00:
1 44:|
3 21) j
1 20
(I 00'
1 40,
2 40'
0 40
2 SO1
8 (>0 I
2 40'|
4 001
18 Oil!
12 40:!
5 70
4 80'|
711 0(11
20 00:
2 00
2 41)! I
10 48,
7 62
1 32!
0 40
2 80!
4 00
2 80
1 00
5 00
2 80
0 40;
24 40
5 02
6 40:
1 40!
5 Si!
8 40:
U 40
1 20
10 55
5 (10
3 84
9 00
4 00
4 00
4 (Kl
4 00
4 Oil
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
7 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
i 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 no
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
Total Ami.
14 81
5 44
8 00
II 40
13 110
14 80
0 40
7 84
6 40
7 40
0 SO
(I 80
8 80
28 llll
0 (10
5 44
7 20
5 20
13 III)
5 40
II 40
4 80
10 40
6 80
12 00
(I 40
22 00
10 40
t) 78
8 80
80 06
24 00
(I 40
20 48
5 32
10 40
fl 80
0 80
6 60
0 80
10 40
28 40
0 92
10 40
5 40
0 84
12 40
10 40
5 20
20 55
7 84
13 00
232 20
South Nanaimo Assessment District,
,  ;   ■ Ladysmith P.O,
Alarmlnc licldut at tha Harbor
Saniay Aftarnaan.
Abont kill put (oar ot Sundiy liter-
bow 11 Captain Andnwi et Ihe barge J,
O. Poller: wu ilu-Hug tt) Iht whtrf
with I number ef Iritndt, 4 rifle pnllet
whlaud betwun two mtmbtit tt lhe
parly an! knocked Iha ipllnUn «ylog
from the woodwork babied thim. Tht
bill nut tram thi direction et 1 lint
fliblBB boat over nier Ihe mill iiltnd
directly of tbe wharf it wbieb Iht Pot'
Ur wai lying.	
Information wuimmtdlatilv convey
ad la Provlaeltl OonMblt Outldy, who
aotletd the bMl betdtn| for Iht Hit it
a rapid rata. Ett harried eft It Inter-
etpt Iht otcoptili, Ml hetoie hi could
rtaoh tht .pit Ikt bolt hid discharged
lis of hir craw, the remaining two pnll-
lag off in thi dlrtetloa ef tbt Page home
Mi. Outldy procurer! 8' belt from
Harrap'ienditlrtid In par.all. Tbt
cb.»led him through a aamber of tbe
ebuatlt tetweu the Island!, Iht men
la' Iha attaint boat jntlfng vtry bud
wbrtlbtyuw Ibiywtrtpotintd. Finally tbay gtvt op thi chut oprjoalte Iht
bnnktri, rhirwtrt Ilthim, tnd at-
phlntd lhat tbt dlRfatrgt df tht rifle.
wuutidulsl, tht wuprn going off u
euol Iht pirty wm raiting it. Tbt
mu win laktaortrto Iht wharf whirl
Otptilo A-ditwt ltd hit Itlndi win
andlhartlbtyipolotlttd far Ibt mli-
hap, OtutibltOu-dy thaadtnalwtd
Ihtmflthtetttlon. ■■'   im'i
II miy ba MUd thit uvarll com-
phlalr htvt kata lodttd1 lauly abont
Iht nekliM wtyte which tots of tbt
huunoa lhe bty htndli ttiir Art-
uw li oat out 1 mu timid at 1
dick which wu flylaf lew on lit far
■Ida tl 1 bott qolU iur htm, alttily rt-
Hut et. Iha uattaawNt Maud
awty tl Iht bird. Laeklly hr Mai hit
ita wu M dtMaat at hii common
ftlSlilfWik.*' "***»,»." ■*■*•
Je*ta.      ____________ -
A mirritd wmaia wu rtetivlng tbt
toadolUMtol' • tympMbttlc ltighbonr,
uUMfted-Ua wat lyta| ding-m>nily
III. "Wul,*hi;''r*_arttJ thi wife,
■■IlllbUhi iAti'r*m to tut iwty ou
Arckia, I htvt my mind Bade np hoo to
an. I'll |att lit to the toontry and
mill doea laa Ml oottiu wl' 1 wu
bnrnlt ilania' back aad forrit fernenit
tht doei."	
Seaman on the Maciy Seriously In-
.   jured Saturday Night,
Lait Saturday afternoon as J. Jackson,
A.B., on board the American ship William Macey waa proceeding along the
deck! be itombled and fell through the
main hatch, which was open, to the
lower deek, sustaining very serious injuries.
Tht unfortunate sailor was at once
carried on deck and Dr, Wesson was
summoned. It wai found that the injuries were of • very painful character,
•ad Dr. Wesson ordered lhe man removed immediately to Chemainus General Hospital lor treatment, Jackson
wu taken there on Saturday night's
train, ind it litest accounts is making
eatiilaotory progreis.
Otpttln H, B. Groth of the Macey,
wtnl down on Monday morning to visit
the unfortunate man. It is expected
tbat Jacaaon will be 10 far recovered as
to be able io go to Sau Francisco with
his Ihip wben she sails.
Successful Song Service.
Lut Sunday evening another very
large congregation tiled lhe First Presbyterian church, wben an interesting
ud incceisful long lervice waa given by
Ihe choir. Tbe choice of tbe hymns for
tht general praise wis inch na to enable
kit'to Join in tbe lervice, being well-
known iavoritei. 80I01 were mng by
Hit. Thomu, "I'll wait outilde the
gate," ber pleasing soprano being heard
to much advantage; and Messrs. Jesee
Evan, ud David Roberta. Mr. Evani
certainly scored a triumph in hii ling-
Ing oi "The Holy City 1" it was a decided treat ind made 1 itrong Impression
on all preient. Very fiw linger! in
Britiih Columbia could do tbe famous
tong gruter juitice tbin Mr. Kvani did
ea Sunday night. Mr. David Roberta
In "Jean, lover of my loul," also created
• mott frvuratile imprmilon hy his ex-
oellent ilogtng. Mr. Lot Lake sang
"Tht bid, old itory," ln a finished manner that did him credit. MI.e Herd
played the accompaniments. Mr. T. J.
Barron nad 1 portion ol Scripture, and
•t the close tnnnuneed tbit probably
the following Sundiy the new missionary appointed lor the Ladyimith Prei-
byterlan ohurch would have arrived and
be mdy to take oharge of the services
Lively repairs ill kin.is ol English,
BwiH Ud Amerioin witohei, „
Cocoanut Shell Fuel.
New York, Oit. 11—East Side confectionery manuittcturero are Biv-plyinjt co-
eoamitB.ipll.-i to tenement dwellero for
fuel. Tne ehella are sold in bageof 50 to
60 pounds for 10 or 15 cents a bag. Tbe
material furnishes more beat tban ooal,
and, while it doeB not barn as long ao
ooal, its hstiug qualities are much better tban wood.
Schwab Yachting.
New York, Out. U—Charles M. Schwab, president of the United StatesSteel
Corporation, has chartered Anthony J.
Drexel's steam yacht, The Marguerite,
mul will Bpend part of the winter crnis-
ing In the Mediterranean, cables the
London correspondent of the Herald.
Jumped to Death.
Seattle, Oct. ll-George S. Smeetb,
the sou of a wealthy Chicago foundry-
inan.comii.itled suicide thi-* afternoon
by jumping from a fire-escape on the
seventh etnry in the rear ot the Arlington Holel, He was ii.-tartly killed by
the frill, hia ekull being fractured and
every large bone in his body broken.
No Connection.
Halifax, Out. 11—The consensus ol
opinion in Nova Scotia and Gape Breton
in coal circles ie tbat should tbe soft coal
miners of the Untied States be called
out on strike in sympathy with tbe anthracite miners now on Btrike in Pennsylvania, that the Eastern Canadian
miners would not be affected, being entirely under control of the Provincial
Miners' Association, which has no connection, ae the name implies, with United States unions.
A London paper hae unearthed a re-
markahle example of tbe polite letter
writer. He wab in the period of extreme youth, and was taken into an office
aB a junior clerk. Oue day, he was ask-
ed to write a letter to a client who was
long in Arrears, euggetiting paymnnt of
Hn account. A ctifqun arrived hy return of post. The princinal asked to see
the letter which had brought Mich a
prompt rejoinder, and this wbb what be
said:—"Dear Sir,—If you do not at onco
remit payment of tbe amount which you
owe ns, we wlll take steps which will
amaze you." The young man ought to
get on.   Hie pen is a thunderbolt.
to do the beet, and we do the best w«
know i-Udysmitb Leader. T
A New Tie
If you're getting a new suit you'll want
a new tk', of course. If not, you'll want
one all the more—tourighleu up the old
The Ne*V Colors and Designs nre l>e-
wilderiiigly Ijemitfful, vicing iu artistic
shading with au Autumn sunset.
Ties lu all the new Kail shapes are here.
Wheu you're tie limiting, come, see ours.
25c. to $1.00
g. d. scon CO.,
Miis Florence LsFenvre, A.L.O.M.,
Nanalmo, returned home on Saturday's
train, She has tuoceeding in iormlng i
large clus in music hire.
Rod Tolmie lias been appointed deputy mlniiter of mines.
Two drnnki in a double-team wagon
drove down Pint Avenue Sunday night
at a iurioui gate and endangered tbe
lives of a number of people by their
Clearing work for the Hippy Home
hotel, which Is to be erected nut door
to P. Malone's residence, First Avenue,
was commenced Monday morning. , The
hotel is being brought from Extension.
Rapid progren ii being made toward
finishing the handsome residence being
erected for Mr. Thomu Kiddle on Ihe
waterlront. When completed thil will
bo one of the moit betntiful residences
in this part of the country.
Rev. Gordon Tanner, ti. A., oi Ladysmith, preached in Nanaimo last Sunday
Mr. R. Harriip has the contract ior
clearing the lot for the Happy Home
Hotel, Firet Avenue,
Joseph Bandolini, on Italian pusher
in Protection mine, Nanaimo, was killed
there on Saturday morning while at
Pay Day Thursday, Oct. lOlh. from
SP. M, to 6 P. M. Friday, Oct. 17th.
from 9 A, M, to 12 noon, and from 1
P.M. to 6 P.M.
Late Saturday night it wu rumored
around town that tbo Fernie mines had
been closed by the miners ont of lycc
pathy for the Pennsylvania strikers, and
in accordance with the wish of the West,
ern Federation of Minora. The newi
caueed quite a stir here.
Salmon and seal seem to divide the
waters ol the harbor between them.
The seal are hunting in couples, whilst
tbe salmon may be teen leaping everywhere. A'good many trailer! are trying their luck, but witb indifferent sue-
Dances, parties and other forms of
festivity are already being arranged tu
tike place on Hallowe'en, October 61st
Ladysmith will be gay that night.
There is, it ie alleged, no truth in the
report that Ralph Smith, M. 1',, will resign hii seat in the House of Commons
and run as the Socialist candidate.
It was mentioned in the Leader last
week that Mr. J. McNeil; waa formerly
manager of tbe Van Anda Smelter, this
wu I Blip as.Mr, Tlioe. Kiddie was manager irom its foundation.
Mr. 6. Weston Wrigley, tbe Victoria
Socialist, was expected to address a public meeting here on Tuesdiy evening,
tbe 14th instant, on the subject oi Socialism, He was in Nanaimo on Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Wrigley it agent
Ior Socialist literature In Victoria.
I Mr. L. J. Seymour, stenographer to
the Royal Commission, spent Sunday in
II yon want to get a nice ring remember we can make anything you want.
W. H. Lively, Jeweler.
Pretoria Hotel, Extension, is being
moved to Ladysmith this week, and will
be re-erected as quickly as possible.
If it is a nice clock you aro looking for
we have them from .f 1.00 to 1/18.00. W.
H. Lively, Ladysmith's leading jeweler.
A meeting of the Board of Management of First Presbyterian church wat
held in the church on Tuesday evening,
tbe 14th instant.
Mary had a little ring;
It ehon with beauty rare.
She said it was ber engagement ring
And was bought at Lively's store,
Sunday evening's train Irom Victoria
was one of tbe heaviest thit ever passed
through Ladysmith, Most of the Ladyemith contingent to the exhibition returned on tbat train. All report that
tbe Victoria fair this year wu far ahead
of anything oi the kind ever attempted
in the capital.
Nanaimo Silver Cornet Bind played i
few eeleotioni at Ladyemith station on
their way to Victorii Exhibition on Saturday morning. Under the skilful training given by Bandmaster Hilverson
this band is improving wonderfully,
The music was mnch enjoyed by a large
gathering of tbe disengaged citlieni,
To-morrow il Dominion Thanksgiving,
•nd I public holiday. Several social
function! hsve been arranged locally,
including the Conius Club dance in
Gould's hail.
FOR SALE—A good paying bnainesB
on High street, cheap. Also house and
lot, good well. Occupants leaving on
icconnt of ill health. Apply lo T. O.
McKenelly, High street restaurant,
Mr, Ralph Smith, M, P., conducted
divine worship in Wallace Street lietho-
diit Church, Nanaimo, Sunday night.
A previous engagement prevented Tbe
Lesder being present.
Efforts are being made to tlirt a literary and debating club in Ladyimith. It
should he a great success, for there ll
plenty ol flrit-olaii talent in town ind
not a few good oritici. It wonld be •
distinct boon to many young men dnrlng
the coming winter. The Leader will do
everything in ill power to lurther lucb a
laudable project.
Sir John Bourinot, clerk of the Dominion House of Commons, died Monday
night, aged 66. He was a native of
Sydney, N. 8., and the lending Canadian
anthority on constitutional law.
Mr. Chris Stephens' now block, cor.
ner of First Avenue and Qatacre Street,
is going'to be ope oi the most imposing
stiuctures in town, and one of the most
substantial. The contractor is doing
speedy work,   	
Daniel Livingstone, miner, testified
before the Royal Commission at Nana!
mo on Saturday that Qovornmont coal
mines inspectors do not do their duty,
thit they nre not independent, and that
they ihould be elected by the miners,
Ladysmith Fish Market is meeting
with the support that such a much-
needed addition to the town's institutions deserved, Mrs. Truuiper is building np a nice business, and kcepB always
i Iresb stock oi cboicoand delicious fish.
On the evening of pay day the Ladyimith branch of tbe Canadian Bank of
Commerce will.be open for ono hour,
7 to 8 o'clock, for the convienonce of tlie
publio, Tbla is n stroke of enterprise
that will be appreciated by the Ladytmlth people.
Nanaimo Miners' Union, nt their regular meeting on Saturday night voted
$500 for the relief uf the Pennsylvania
strikers. In two weeks the Nuniiinio
miners will decide whether they will
join the Western Federation of Miners
(United States) or not.
Dr, T, Olendon Moody, Dentist, will
return to Ladysmith Friday, Saturday
and Sunday ol this week, Dr. Moody
will make regular visits to Ladvsmitb.
Office at Nicholson's Hall. Victoria
office, Old Postoflico building.
For tbe information of msny wbo bave
made anxious enquiries it may be stated
that work on tbe waterworks is going on
steadily, ind that there is at present
every prospect that they will be com
pitted before tbe winter Bets in. All the
pipe hu arrived in Ladyimith,
The gentlemen having in hind tht
resuioitating of tho Ladyamiih A'.hletlc
Association are meeting with success. It
is retorted that tbt club miy be itarted
early in November, with the pavilion, it
is whispered, u • ata npiog ground.
Ladyimith hu a number oi good box*
ers, swordsmen tnd gymnasts, wbo
should get together in thii wiy for winter practice, ind hold I tourntment in
tbe ipring.     _____
On Monday night a merry pirty ol
shivaree boyi called ironnd it tbe rail-
dence oi Mr, David Wilion, Splon Kop,
and treated bim to lome mootio of
wild and original kind, Mr. Mackenaie,
Ladysmith's champion piper, hid the
pipes along ind played "Hey Johnnie
Cope are ye wankin' yet?" in grind
style nnder the windowi. Mr. Wilton
responded in hit usual hippy manner,
and the incident wu not considered
closed until quite late.
Ladyemith and Nanaimo Socialists are
seriously considering the'advisability nf
putting a candidate in the field for the
next general election. They declare
tbit the Socialist party in these districts is much stronger than tbe general
public think,   	
One of the most industrious men in
tbit oity is Mr. Davis of tht Great Western boarding house, First Avenue. lie
It laying out the front of the premises in
flnt ttyle, conquering the tough and
gnarled itumpi single-handed and making fall portion of tho neighborhood to
blossom u the roie,
Agitation over the proposal to place
tbe ntw Government building! at tbe
touth end of town seems to have sub-
tided, for the time being, It is understood thit the structure will not bs very
large, bnt will include the Government
Agent'! office, the town lock-up, witb
police court and one or two other necei-
tary offices.
A party of young ftllowt who wire
enjoying themsel.es ont in a but on
Sunday afternoon, begin ikylarking, ss
a consequence of which ono oi thtm took
a header out of the boat in hit belt Sunday bib and tucker. Thil happened
opposite an Indian illahle, ind the bucki
and squaws let np a mighty icreeching
and laughter at the luckleii wight wu
Allied out of tbe water dripping and dli-
coneolate. He wu rowed uhort ud
hung up on tbt rocks to dry in the fierce
October sunshine, whliit hit chumi chilled iim unmercifully.
Rev. O, H. M. Sutherland of Vancouver, (late of Wellington) well known lo
many of the townspeople, ii to preach at
thi Harveit Thanksgiving services In
the Methodist Cburcb on Sumlay next,
both morning anil evening. The church
will be 'specially decorated with frulli
ind flowers for the occasion.
We are just unpacking the
latest in Oriental Goods.
Vases, Tea, Coffee
and Dinner Sets,
Toilet Sets,
Hanging Lamps
Silver Breakfast and Tea Sets
Ladysmith,       • B. C.
Tlusmith, Plumber, Hardware and
Stoves, Etc.
Few papers ln Britiih Oolumbli ire
freer from typographical errori thu Tht
Leader, but annoying blnndtrt wlll
creep in ud be detected by the fooli
who make e specialty of spying out other
people's ibortcomings. One of these
errors related to improvements to Dr,
Wesson's grounds. The paragraph read
in the "copy" that "the gronndi in
front of Dr. Wasion'i reiiJence wire
being levelled and rolled preparatory to
the laying out ol I fine liwn next
soring." Tbe compositor left, ont, tbe
words "the gronndi," whloh made
nonsense of the kind that il not rtlithed
by the wisest men; the par. appuring
the Iront of the borne wu bt*
ing levelled," etc. Nuaimo Henld,
oueoltheoriiict described ibove seised
the item and mule tbe mult of It, The
Leader does not publlih the Herald's
blunders In proof reading, grammar ud
general knowledge because Thi Leader
not being a sixteen-pagt piptr mmt reserve a little ipace (or tha newt of tbe
Mr. George Kiddle, youngest son of
Mr. ind Mn, Thomai Kiddie, ol this
oity,' hai secured a position on the artist
staff of Ihe San Francisco Examiner,
where his undoubted abilities wlll receive both scope and cordial recognition.
Mr. Kiddie and his brother John, of Cot-
neit University, spent the summer voce
lion in Ladysmith with their parent.'.
Mr. Geo; llttrtliolme, of Nanalmo, was
In lown Tuesday.
Mr, Henry Rcilel was in Lidysmiih
on business Tuesday.
Mr. Win. Russell relumed to Lad)-
suillh oil Tuesday's train,
Mrs, Dr. Wnsson lelt on Monday
morning for a visit to Victoria.
Mrs. H, T. Porter went down to Victoria on Monday morning's train,
Capt. McLeod returned liame yesterday from a short visit to Tacoma.
Mr. Plercy Craig of Nanaimo Clarion,
spent Siitiiiilny visiting Ladysmith.
Mr. Gerald II. Cross, of Nanaimo,
paid Ladysmith a visit on Saturday forenoon.
Mr. E. M. Yarwood, of Nanaimo, passed down to Victoria on Saturday morn
ing's train.
Mr. Walter Jones, of the Junes Hotel,
made a short business trip up the new
trail Tuesday.
Mrs. T. D. Conway relumed to Chemainus Monday morning niter a short
visit to Ladvsiuith,
Mr. G. II. Cross of Nanalmo visited
Latlyamith yesterday and reported bui-
iness very good.
Mr. Bassett, representing the B, O.
Jobbing Co., ol Victoria was here on
business yesterday.
Mrs. Serano, Vancouver, after spend,
ing a few days here with friends went
home yesterday via Nanalmo,
Mr. and Mrs. T. Kiddie returned on
Monday from Victoria, where tbey bad
been yisilini tbe exhibition.
Rev. Elliott S. Rowe, of Victoria, returned home on Monday's train after
spending a lew days in Nanaimo,
Mr. Alt. Morrie, ol Victoria, arrived in
town lost Monday to have a look at Ihe
mineral prospects around the city.
Airs. Stewart, wife of the iocs! man,
agei' of the Canadian Bank of Commerce
arrived from Northfield on Monday,
Mr. W. A.-Anbln and wife returned
from Vancouver Tuesday. They are
going to take up their residence Iters.
Capt. Murray of the barque Kinross
brightened up affaire considerable
around town with his jovial presence
Mrs. Griffiths and daughter returned
tills week irom their extended lour of
the Eastern cities, and Idaho, They
Bpent some time in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. David Wilson returned
from their honeymoon trip last Monday,
and took up Iheir residence in their
pretty home on Spion Kop.   .
Mr. Ai J. Kit lo, bin rister, Victoria,
arrived from the capital on Monday's
trnin. Ho returned (o Victoria on Wednesday evening, the loth.
Mr. A. Unnlop, lute of the Oriental,
Nanaimo, was in Ladyimith Monday,
He drove down end back in hii pneu-
inailcllred buggy, behind his 2)25 colt.
Aid. Plants of Nanaimo was here on
business last Saturday, He Is going to
make a regular Saturday trip brie from
thisdale forward. Aid. Plants reporla
business good in LadyBiuitb. [
Mr, Sberbourne, who ie in obargt ol
the erention of tbe Tyee smelter build-
luge, is leaving eoon for Quatsino Sonnd
to superintend the building Ihe Yreka
Mining Co's imeller.
Mr, Hugh Aitken,''managing director
of tbe Nannlmo Herald Printing and
I'uUllsliing Company, ls to wed Mils
Craig, oi Nanalmo, thie week. The
Leader extends best wishes.
Mr. li. M, Walker arrived yesterday
from Glasgow, Scotland, to take charge
of tbe Presbyterian Chnrch. Mr. Walker
spent t few diya at Winnipeg wilb hie
cousin, Mr, Gavin Morton,
Mrs, Howitt, ol Seattle, and Mlsi M.
ltenwick, of Nanaimo, wbo have been
spending a few diya here as the guests
ul Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Thompson, left
yesterday for Seattle. Mils McKay of
tills city also accompanied them.
m gjigar
Mr-fui fiic* urrrH or Hii Kit mono
N,ii.ii hut Union Labor employed.
M. J
That's nut- kind,   A curd will bring full
information mi-l prjwB.   Muke a panicl
of nny dot hi rig to itli-an, Hvi> or repair,
nnd t'di'reflp to
Maple Lodge, No. 6a, 1.0.0. r. I
Meeti tvery Wednetdiy evening lnl]
Nlobolion'i Hall. Viilllng mtmbtn f
are cordially Invited.
M. MoKINLEY, 8m.
No. *x,
I. O, O, P.
Meets every Wednesday evening It 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially Invited.
Freight paid one way.
Funeral Director.
Prompt attention given to ail call,, night
or day. Long Distance telephone No. 124
Bastion St,, Nanaimo, B.C.
ALL SIZES.   6 it;, 63,95; 4 ft., Ja,a_,   l,auce
tooth saws, 3 ft.; -ij-j ft,; .j ft., nml 5 ft. Also ammunition .imt ul) size* or ileal liros' Miners,
Drivers' Camps nml Caps to lie had at
Opp. ]•;. & N. Station, Nanalmo, II, C.
Ship's Work a Specialty.
ITorse-shoeintr in all its branches.   I-'iinu Implement repaired.    Miners'   Tools   catefally
iliarpencd and tempered.
Buller Street,
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. or f.
Mreti every Friday in I. 0. 0. F. hill at
7:80 p.m.
J. W. LEWIS, Sec.
Ladysmith Orange ltig*,Mo, I76S
meeta in Nicholson's Hall, Firat Avtnne,
every alternate Saturday in each month,
commencing firat Saturday In October.
■Visiting Brethren Ire Invited to attend.
Johnston Block,      -     Nanaimo, B. 0
P. 0. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Visits   Ladysmith   every  Saturday.
[fours from !) it. in. till 5 p. in,
Abboiefim! Hotel.
Ind Soo Pacific
Trnnicontinentil Putenger Train rant
daily, equipped with Standard and
Tourilt Bleeping Cir,.
Day Coachoi and Colonial Can
Lowest Rates
Fastest Time
To and from Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Boston, New York,
Otitcago and St. Paul, and all Saltern and Old Country points.
Gmtliliue of Philadelphia Dental College ami
Hospital ol Drill Surgery.
Old Po't Ofllcc Hulfdlnjr.
*    Oiivci-iiim-nt St., (Upstair*)
Phone .180A, Ofilce,
"    37SA, ReaMc-ice,
Dr. Mooily visits Wily-Smith every l-'riday, Saturday nntl Sunday, office, Nicholson's Halt.
Victoria, B,C,
For pamphlet! ud 111 information apply
lo any O.P.R. agent.
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. MoGIBR,
Agent, Victorii.     Agtnt, Nanalmo.
Ant. Ganl. Pais. Agtnt, Vinoonver.
Mmi>ir mul I'.iitnit-.- Monuments,
Tatili'lH, Crosses, Hie, Hsttmiilc-*
uml Designs given on Application
A. HENDERSON,     Proprietor.
For   First Class- work
Shaving Parlors
High  Street.
Hnir cutting nnd Heard
trimming a Specially,
1. 0. WINSTON.
ViMt-im from Ludyamitli and diitrict
will find In thin wel I* an pointed house all
the home com lor te. Lunches for lady
ehonpere a specialty, Terms atrictly
moderate. Serviuj and cuisine first
MISS B. KEITH, Prop, and Mgr.
Is the name that stands for
the Best Piano manufactured to-day. Beautiful to look
at; exquisite in tone. Perfection in Pianos. Don't
buy till you see and hear it.
Nanalmo. B. C.
Tender! are hereby Invited up to 0
o'clock ji. in., on Monday, October Still,,
Inr Hie jimilorsiiip of Woodmeu's Hall,
Ladysmith,   Apply to
In tn old Rate Book tht Rev, J. T.
Middlemleiof Sunderland, hai brought to
light Ihe following quaint entry;—"Paid
a Scotchman to go away, 10s Ci," It ii
a tribute to that unknown of old that
they hid to pay him to go away, instead
ot chucking him out penniless. But
that tbe old spirit Is not extinct peepi
out in tbe rev. gent's comment that
"one li staggered to think how wealthy
the nitlvu might hive become, ii only
Ibey hid transported straightway at 10s
Od I head all the atray Scots who have
■inoeut foot onMonkwearraouth Shore,"
••M FOR..*
 For Sale by JOHN BIOKLE	
Not Responsible.
Nolice li hereby given that tbe master)
agent! or owners ol tbe ship Kinross,
now in this port, will not be responsible
lor any debts contracted by the crew of
said vessel.
Mailer, Ship Klnrcn,
. AUB1N    .
One second-hand horizontal boiler,
witb stock, Injector and fittings complete, all In good order. Site ol boiler 2
tt. 11 dia. by 11 It. 8 In. long; dome 2 It.
dia. by 21 In. high, with 34 tnbei, 2%
In. dia. Reason for selling, using gas
Instead of steam. Price f'.'OO If taken at
once.   Apply lo
Nannlmo Steam Carriage Works.
P.O. Hoi 183, .Nanalmo, B.O.
Tilt Mi Po5l-Wli{eii(ff
Suttltr, Wish,
Nobody can afford to he without It. Alt tbe
telegraphic news of the week. Farm, field, nr-
ilen, spurt, society, Beautiful illustrations and
half tones,   Sample copy on application.
All For Ont Cellar a Year.
Inventor of tbt new tyittm of ur
hide for acetylene lighting the
20th century light. Far cheaper
than old tyittm, muniOcltnt remit!; no waste of g«. | 100 per cent,
pure white toft light it trifling oott.
Plumbing ud metal working In ill
Iti branchti. Gun repiin. Oor-
ntpondtnoe lolioited.
=____     NANAIMO
Smelting Works
Is now prepared logtve lessons on the plaiio and
violin.  All applications for tuition can lie left at
W. H.  Lively's Jewelry  Store
The ladysmith Market is ready to
supply the public with fresh fish.
Salmon, Codfish, Herring, Hiillbut
always on liana.
Corner Roberts and First Avenue
LOT on corner ol Eiplanadt ind llullei
Apply on Premises,
I Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
I Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.
I   -
*1tH '.'('--I **%<« W*<w **M*-M


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