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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Feb 22, 1902

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Array the people that save t
money trade with      t
•£"t"t"f.'}> -j« -J" rj« 'Ji (Js rji sJ.-J. .J.«|> sj'4" *fr '[" *1* "l"!' "J" ■1"4' *fr
Ladysmith Leader
. . , . i i»i t.i t , m.s ,., , , m ....
1 For I
I Bickli
ind Shoes i
Is the store
JirJisHirlaiLalsil. J.-LJnliJ. J, .1, J,
VOL. I. NO. 48.
At those extra heavy,- snag-
proof Gum Boots with leather
soles and Hungarian nails.
They are offered at factory
prices by
ILeiser & Hamburger!
§ Esplanade and Oatacre Street. 9
Whan Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi  ck  W
Thil new hotel bai been completely
furnished with all modern conveniences.
Excellent table, white cooking, Tbe
bar is supplied witb the finest wines,
liquors end elgui. An experienced bartender.
D. H. DAVIS, Prop.,
Flnt Avenue,     ■     Ladysmith, B.0.
One [act ia better than a Dozen
Hearsays, lt you -want the
choicest meati go to
Ladysmith, B, 0.,
R. Williamson, Prop.
A Ireeh supply   ol   Vegetablei
always on hind.
Special attention given to ihipi'
Win. Beverldge, Prop.
Thil new hotel hat been comfortably turnlahcd ltd Ihe bir li np lo dstc.
Beit accommodation lor traneient and permanent boarder! and lodger..
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Tho Esplanade, Ladysmith, B. 0.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescription! carefully ditpeneed.
day and night.
Ba.-rlJler, Solklrfj!
Attorney. Notary Public, Ktc.
Money to Loan.
Member Can. Society of Civil ICagineers
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed p. O. Box S57
Fred  Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer Ueadn Mounted and
for Bale.   Furs made, altered, cleaned and stored
3410 Johnson it.,       •        Victoria, B
Delegation to Wait on the Government at Once.
News Agent,
Agt For San Francisco Eiaminor,
Ye Olde Corner,
Govemment St., Viotoria, B. 0,
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. Gases and pastries ol .11 descriptions. Fruits in
David    Murray,
Buller Street, -       Udysmlth
Shop will be open every Thurtday,
Friday snd Saturday.
McAdie and Son
UmUrlakert and Hinbalmers.
Telegraph Orders promptly attended.
Ptrlon,    Albert   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent.  Telephone No. 142.
NANAIMO,      -     -     •     B. C.
Conveyancer, Notary Public, Besl Estate,
Fire end Lile Insurance Agent.
Ships' piperi a specially.   Forty years'
The Esplanade,     -     Ladysmith, B.O.
ARE  YOU  INSURED?    » ««"
get insured at once, for It may be
too lit. tomorrow. I represent several
OLD and 1SKI.1AHLE Companies and
can Insure you et a moment'! notice at
the loweit possible rates. All leading
oompiniei charge tbe same ratei. Don't
be milled into insuring with a cheap
company-it might be dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 33, Nanaimo. B. 0.
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Manufacture,, -
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUMniNQ,        - Proprietor,   £*.**.«*
un m I
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C. i
Agent, lor
J. J. Taylor
Fir. Proof Salts
-Kodaks, Films, Etc. I
Ladyimith Dairy
N.w Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Eggi and Freih Vegetable! supplied
Daily,  Lesvs orden et the pott office
Successors to Hilbert ft Sons.
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
Open day and night.
Orders by Telegraph  promptly   attended o	
Bastion St., Nsnalmo.
Telephone la,. P- 0. Ilorjes.
* ********************** *******
Ladysmith Teaming Depot,!
All kinds ot heavy teeming done
Wholsssls and Retail Desleri In Meiti.
Poultry   and Vegetable!.  Girne in
eaioa.  Shipping orderi sttsaded to on
hort aetlee.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Ilepple, proprietor,
Fiilt'Olsit accommodations lor miner,
and trsmlenti.  Nona tat
The Best Wines and Liquors
served it tho liar.   Give as s call.'
Cor. Victoria Rd & Comroirclil St.
NANAIMO.     -     -     B.C.
Seeds, Plants, Shrubs.
B. H. Johniton, Victoria, Ins tbo
finest Micelles in the province. See
Mtnplti st Lcliir cV Hamburger'i storeJ
Prion sad ettlmitei cheerfully given     '
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Offices -
The Esplanade, •  Udysmlth, B. C,
Nmh ana. ml Frank Hotel..
Messrs. J. W. Coburn, A. J. Me
Murtrie end William Beverldge were
elected at s pablie meeting Wednesday
night as s committee to collect the
necessary date and proceed to Victoria
to lay the needs ot Ladysmith before the
Government. The meeting, which wae
tbe largest and moat representative
ever held in this town, took place in tbe
Abboteford hotel.
Mr. Coburn wae appointed chairman,
and Mr. T, L. Grabame secretary. The
chairman briefly outlinod.the objects of
the meeting, explaining that it was considered by many of the citizens time that
Borne steps should be taken toward getting aBBifltance from tbe Government.
The intention was to appoint a delegation to wait on tbe premier, and ii he
should be unable to do anything, to see
tbe Lands & Works department regarding appropriations lor tbe streets.
An interesting general discussion then
took place si to the advisability of going
direct to the Government, Mr. John
Bickle pointing out that the committee
would not approach Mr. Dunsmuir aa
premier, but as the member for this constituency.
Mr, Walter Jones urged tbe construction of a trail from Ladysmith to the
logging camps near this town, It would
mean much business to the merchants
here. II a good trail were built from the
pretent location ol the lumber camp to
waterworks line, accefls Irom the camps
to town would be easy. The Liberals at
the convention in Vancouver adopted
a plank in tbeir platform calling for tbe
building of e railway from Atberui to
the cast coast of the island. At most of
them knew that district abounded in
mineral wealth. Ii that linn were built
from Ladysmith it would bs a great
thing tor this part of tbe Island. Mr.
Duntmuir hud baen very favorably impressed with ire mineral showings, and
it was hia intention to. build a trail
ni", riisttmu .back iuto the hills. The
body of ore disclosed nt eome of those
claims waa second only to tbat shown at
the Britannia on Howe Sound, at Nob
Hill and tbe Ironside, Ladysmith was
by all odds the best place to put up a
smelter; ore from all parts of the Coast,
even from South America could be
brought here for smelting.
Mr. Jones then moved, seconded by
Capt. Dillon, lhat a committee of throe
ppolnted to find out the amount of
revenue collected in town, to look over
the streets, etc., and see what was required ; proceed to Victoria and lay the
matter before tho government. The
committee to have power to add to
tbeir number, and to report to a general
meeting to be held at the call oi the
chairman, Curried unanimously. The
three gentlemen named were then
In the discussion on the motloo much
interesting testimony to tbt growing
importance ol Ladysmith was advanced.
Mr. John Bickle brought up again the
high freight rates from Victoria to Ladysmith ; the same, he alleged being higher
than to Nanalmo, Bixteen miles farther,
up the Hue, Ladysmith only wanted
Capt. Dillon laid Ihe queition ol
freight reus wot for tha Board ol Trade.
He strongly approved of Mr. Walter
Jones's million.
Mr, A. J. McMurtrie submitted two
bills for freight, showing great disparity
in charges.
Mr, Jonei laid he had looked carefully
into thli matter and lound that the rates
were higher from Victoria to Ladysmith
than to Nanaimo.
Mr. T, L, Grahame said that probably
no one io that room was aware of the
Importance ol Ladysmitli ns a seaport.
He bad obtained a lew figures which in
view ot tbe disparaging remark! made
in certain quarter!, about this harbor,
had aitonished bim. Would the meet.
ing believe that since the flnt ol July,
1901, seven months ago, leven hundnd
vessels hail entered and cleared sttbli
port? 01 these 470 were coastwise, and
218 foreign, and this did not include the
dally trips ol the Transfer to Vancouver,
He had had a conversation with two of
the mott experienced mirlnen on the
enst and they had ateured him that
Ladytmlth harbor was one ol the finest
in the world. The entrance was safe,
bnt ought in juitice to be provided with
proper lights. He hoped the Dominion
government would ice lo thli at once,
He alio pointed ont tbe urgiat necenity
ol ileamboat communication with Van*
couver, and ol a public whirl and proper
appioachea theieto,
Mr. A. J, McMurtrie laid th. lotd
between Lidyimlth and Oliemtlnua
ihould receive Immediate attention. It
wai in a shocking Hate, The lettleii
[along th.t rosd   bsd tuffered much
owing to that bad road, and there wu
very strong talk amongst them on tbo
matter. If the road could be put
through those eeltlere would trade at
Mr. W. W. Southin said thia wn the
worst road in B. C.; irom Ladysmith to
Blaney'e crossiug it was practically impassable.
The chairman Bald repairs to tbii rosd
bad been positively promised, and Mr.
Grahame said Mr. Dunsmuir had lilted
that thie would be the first thing to be
done this spring. Mr, Wm, Beverldge
laid tho government agent bad already
put a considerable enm in the estimate!
for this purpose. Mr, A. J. McMurtrie
said it would be well to support Mr.
Dunsmuir in this matter and show that
It was for the benefit of the whole
The chairman said the thing! to press
lor first were appropriations tor the
streets in town. All other matters were
comparatively side issues.
Mr. W. Jones igain made a strong
plea for the trail to the logging camps
and claims contiguous to Ladytmlth.
Anybody wbo knew mytbing about the
proposed line to' Albernl and the topography ol tbe country lying between
that place and the east coast ol the
island, would know perfectly well th.t
the railway would neyer he built from
Nanaimo. Not only wae tbe distance
much greater from that point, bnt tbe
physical obstacles were such at to pnt
that route out of the queition. The lini
must run Irom tbe bead of 'Cornelian
lake. He gave many interesting details
of the route, and impressed hii bearen
with the belief that the railway could
never go from Nanaimo, especially SB
that route took the line far away from
all the richest mines and prospects, Mr.
bickle said Ladyimith ihould be msde
the terminnt in any event.
Mr. Southin strongly advocated the
opening ol a mining recorder'! office
here, and was lupported by leveral
tpeakert. Mr, Jones pointed out tbat
all this district was tributary to Ladysmith, but the miners and prospectors
bad to go to Viotoria, which wai not
Mr, Southin laid a cemetery wu
badly wanted here, It wai very stringe
that one should have to go to Nanaimo
to be hurled. (Laughter.) He for one
objected to that.   (Laughter.)
Mr. Grahame hoped the committee
would urge npon the government tbe
neceBBity ol establishing a hospital here
as Boon sb possible. Messrs. Jonel and
McMurtrie lupported the suggestion and
Bald that this had bun promised,
Captain Dillon thought the cititem
themielves and the local benevolent
■ocletiei could render material assist'
Alter lomo farther dlicnssion Capt,
Dillon proposed a vote of thanki to the
chairman, which wai passed, and the
meeting terminated.
Meeting Called to Completo Organization.
At the request ol leading business
men ol thil city The Leader hereby announce! that a meeting oi merchant! and
citizen, will be held in the Abbotiford
Hotel at 8 o'clock on Monday evening,
fox the purpoie ol completing the organ'
izatlon ol the Ladyemith Bond ot
Trade. It il hoped that all interested
will attend and assist with luggeitiom,
There Beems to be a prevailing opinion
that time has come for Ladysmith to
declare Itself boldly, anil thil cannot be
better done than through s Board ol
Large Sum For Mineral
Near Ladysmith.
This week the owner ol five undevel
oped claims In the range s little to tbe
the touth ot Lidyimlth wu offered by
responsible people, the snm of Twenty
Thousand dollars lor hii intereit, One
third wai to be paid down, the balance
ta six and twelve month. Al thowlng
the quality ol thote claimt snd the cob.
fldence felt In this district as a mineral
country, it may be listed that tbe offer
'■■wu promptly declined, Thil ii by no
meant tbs only offer tbst hat been made
Ior mineral olaimi in thil diitrict let ly j
but it msde be Mid that the offerers
will have to come np a little on their
bidi il t'hey expect to get auy claims now
held in the direction in which the five
relerred lo are situated.
Tale of a Railway Pass That Is
Passing Strange.
The following very interesting letter
has been received by tbe editor from,
merchant of Nanaimo, who f.ll asleep
and law visions:
Sir,—Sitting! by the fire tbe other
night after a bard day's work, wlths
newspaper in my hands, my eye caught
this advertisement:
" Lost, stolen or etrsyed, s politician's
free pass on the 0. P, By. to end Irom
Ottawa. The finder will be rewsrded
with profuse thanks on returning it to
the owner. Balph Smith, Houm ol Commons, Ottawa, P. S.—If tbii pan cannot be found, Mr. Smith will be obliged
to ubb put ol hii mileage allowance of
islBto pay hii lire home, which he
would much dislike."
Then I thought It ttrange that Mr.
Smith ihould have loet inch a treatnre,
as lt il not hii wiy to low hit grip on
snything which miy benefit himself
Jut st thil point, my little girl gsvs
me a poke in the ribs, My ing: "Paps,
wake up." In response to each a
pointed request I woke np. I then
found I had been dreaming. Bat, lir,
Ibil dream caused me to do a little
A lew weeki igo, in the course of hii
remarkiintbe opera house, Nanalmo,
Mr. Bilph Smith admitted hii poi-
bsbiIoo ol. pisi on the 0. P. By. sad
justified his action in thli matter by
tbst peculiar process ol reasoning:
"Everybody else sccepted one," sad
also from the fact tbst the little local
minen'union hsd given him, ai pnti-
deat ol tho Tndei and Labor Oongren,
perminion to accept end un It, My
opinion i, thst neither Mr. Smith nor
•ny other politician can Juttily tb. acceptance of a pan from th. 0. P. By.
Co., or iny other,.i in iti presentation
there il implied a desire on the pirt ot
tbe railway company tor favori in return
These paases are only issued to toot,
who ar. in . position to influence either
legislation or persons in favor oi tech
corporations, to th.t Mr. Smith'! argument! with reference to reduced r.tc
to delegatel to T. A I„ Oongren .nd to
minen on eiconioni to Victoria have
ao foundation.
Mr. Smith may be honeit tn bliss-
Nrtlon that he cannot be caught by a
mere pan, bat Hill be ihoold "avoid the
appearance ol evil," otherwiM ha mast
lie under the luspicim which attachw
to .nyone in hit position lecepting
fsvon from e monopolistic corporation,
especially when he never advocates anything detrimentil to their monopoly.
I ihould alto like to know, if it is
right to accept a pus from a railway
company, why Mr. Smith alto accept!
the mileige allowance ol 20 Mats
a mill, amounting to 1562 lor tha
member Ior thli comtitnency, which the
people ol Canada pay him Ior bliex-
pens.ito.nd Irom Ottawa? Wouldn't
it look better il he objected to receive
thli inm Irom Ihe government, on the
ground thit hii travelling exptnni
were alreidy provided lor by the C, P.
By. Co., snd thai relieve taxes to thit
Ponlbly lis accepti thli allowance to
■how how hi appreciate! the contributions ol the dor working men, who
"doei not piy > dollar more" oa scconnt
oltbepitm issued by railroad oompanlet to legislators. II I, si a ballon,
man, incur certain expense, la connection with my buslnen, I do M with
the expedition ol getting thomxpenn.
repsid by my customers, with intinat
sdded. Tbe 0. P. By. Co., not being la
business exactly lor its health, dOM the
eime, ind iti coitomen .long thst line
ot railway, st plicel where there li oo
competition, pay lor Mr. Smith's sad
other legliliton' ps.se. ia incisasod
Irslght snd piuenger r.tci,
I hsvi no doubt thst Mr. Smith, bow
that thli little matter ol mileage has
bean brought to hii notice, will do his
best to rectify It end will bring belore
the House s bill to omit the payment ol
the mileage allowanc, to member! so-
ceptlng pines.
Nanaimo, B.O, Feb. 20th, 1102.
Lively, the leading jeweler, hai a lan-
Itarium lor invalid clocki and watches,
Skilled doctoring makei hiaithy tine*
Whin yon want anything In liiver-
wsrs, look ln st Lively'i the Flnt Ave.
jeweler; he bses great itock, and tha
prion are right.
Several families moved Into Iowa this
week, lome Irom Exteniion, others bora
NsDSlmo, It li learned thst msny mora
ere shout to move here,;
Now is the time to get yoar Job printing done. Tbe Leader can quote yon
the lotint ntei oa all sorts ol bill Beads
letter hesdi, csrdi, clrculan, tickets,
atstemiati, stt.
,   IrWva.gJM.^.ub..   ■ ..-£fJWT**s"»HPlfci»
'■'■iiiffi.ii; to
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
rte Leader Building, comer of First Ave. aud
■"tench Street, Ladysmith, British Columbia.
T. I. GRAHAME, Editor akd Pkopriktoh,
By Mail in Canada and Unitkd States.
Oat year (strictly in advance) P °°
Uc months (strictly in advance)    i -S
TRANSIENT— First insertion toe, a line; each
subsequent Insertion 5c, a line.
Rates on application, No wood cuts used,
Oats Tor regular use should be all metal.
Marriage1, Birth, Death aud Funeral notices,
•tch insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered to he discontinued.
THE LEADER may be obtained from the
loving Agents:
Ladysmltb-The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanalmo—E. Pimbury St Co.
Viotoria — George Marsdeti;   Victoria Book'&
Stationery Co.; Pope Stationery Co.
Victoria News Co.;| Public Libroiy;
Provincial Library.
Vancouver—Public Library.
New Westminster-Public Library,
AU changes in advertisements must be received
at this office before 12 noon the day before
Subscribers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.,
All job work strictly cpsh on delivery.
Transient advertisements cash in advance.
perity which ie bound to be enjoyed in' \v% you that at the repular annual in >«'
the very near future.   Ladyimith   ie i'lKuMheOhemataua Uaueml IIoHpitat
goln, to be the met imporlsnt towa on j j* "in. ™'1°S, P"*"4- b'
Vancouver Island with ths solitary exception ol Victoria, which will probably
alwayi bs tbe principal city of tbe
When Ladyimith'! imelter il blown
in about August 1st, and the repair
■hopi are fairly settled ln the town, snd
a marine wsyi and dry dock are in lull
operation, Ladyimith will rink .ion.
of B. C.'i leading cities,
Mr. T. lt. Elliott, iBoouded by Mr- Jno,
Measles, waa carried unanimously with
great applause:
That the mem hers of this corporation
hereby express their blgli appreciation
ol tbesorvice ttiat you have rendered
the hospital since you came among us,
and to tender yon (aa you have ri'slgoul
yonr position here) their heal, wishes for
your euccosB in whatever Hold you may
in future work."
Youra truly,
(Signed)   LEWIS 0, HILL,
Fine weather favored the opening cl
the Legislature on Thunday afternoon,
Of course tbe opening ia only so much
lorm and ceremony, snd needs fine
weather or it might turn into a moist
farce. When tbe real business ol-tbe
House begins buty folk snd teniible
will take an interest.
Flooding Will Be Complete Sunday
LordRoiebery leoms to be farther
than ever Irom the leaderthip ol the
Liberal party. The total failure of hii
speech st Chesterfield and bis subsequent utterances and actions have done
anything hut conciliate the Radical
branch of the pirty. Many good judgei
believe tbst Sir Henry Csmpbell-Ban-
nerman will yet win tbe Icaderahip,
Very few penoni who hive not psid
some sttention to the nutter would be
likely to come inywhere nesr the right
number if asked to ny how manyves-
nil, la their opinion, had called at thli
port lince the lit ol July, last yeir, thst
il liven montbi ego, the beginning ol
the Dominion fiscal year, Even witb
aome knowledge ol tbe Urge amount ol
traffic dons st this port The Leider wsi
"swsy oat" in its guen.
That Ladyimith ii a seaport of no
■mill Importance msy be gsthered from
the Isct thst no fewer then 479 cositwln
vassals hsve cilled here for coal, daring
thst psriod, snd no fewer than 218
lorilgn veueli. Thii takes no reckoning ol the dsily trips of the Trsniler
from the 0. P. R. terminal to Lsdy-
smith. Were thst counted in, the total
would bs very luge,
. The foregoing flgurei demonstrate thst
Ladyimith ii tbe third port la Britiih
Oolumbli, being exceeded ln tonnsge
only by Victoria and Vancouver. Not
only so, bnt this little town stands vsry
high ln ths lilt ol issports in ths whole
Dominion, Viotoria coming next to
Montreal. When it is remembered tbst
thssatumnol tut yssr wsi s pirtic
alarly aalortunste one lor the Welling-
too Colliery Compiny, and thst in consequence ol the troubles atthemlnei
not newly tbe amount ol cost wai
Shipped thst, under normel conditions,
wonld hsvs bnn sent out, ths foregoing
figures srs to bo tsken si mott con-
■irvstive. When the mines ire sll in
working order end the coal is coming
down freely, the vessels visiting thil
port wonld be greatly in excels even ol
ths numbers just quoted.
Ai ws ssy, how msoy people hive sny
MM of ths fact! we hive cited? Apd
yet then are the herd fscti. II this is
not., enough to convince the moit
soapticsltbsttliii pltce lias not only a
fatareol great promise, bat li actually
enjoying a very tolerable pretent, facts
aad figure, srs futile to convince. Thli
il tne place for the enterprising eettler
to corns to snd ihsrs in the lerger pros
We congratulate the citiieni upon the
action they hsve taken to urge upon the
government the necessity ol doing some,
thing tor thil place. No doubt the excellent committee ohosen to represent
tbe people will place the matter before
the government as well as it conld be
done. Let us all hope that their journey
to the capital will not be without bene'
ficial results.
Last Wednesday the prcssuro on tho
stopping in ExteiiBiou tunnel was SO
pounds to the iquare inch. Tho stop
ping under this prcssnro had jielded
three-quarters ol an inch. Allowance
was made for the etopping yielding two
inches. With abundance of wr.lerllie
mine was being filled then et the rate of
about seven million gallonB a day.
The maximum pressure on the stopping was calculated to reach 110 pounds
to the square inch belore tho mine
would be filled to tne point desired.
The leakage amounts to about 000 gallons s minute. All being well the waler
will be turned iff tomorrow night, and
it is expected that alter the water l-as
remained in the mino a few days the
outlet ia tbe tunnel will be opened.
Work In the upper levels Is expected
to start at the end of next week.
In advertising the advantage! nl Can
ids si a dnirsble place for setllemrnt,
why do not the luthorilies place con-
ipicuously tbe lict that Canada spent
two bundred thousand dollars to capture
s murderer in the Yukon Territory
caught him and slter lair trial convicted
sndhsnged him? No fact more con-
cluiively prove! that Canada ii well
S a
Dr. Telford's Hralaliollo,,.
Editor Lcsdsr,—I im it stated In today's issue ol your paper tbit I have
resigned my position as physician to
Cbemilnui General Hospital owing to .
difference between myielf sad the
Now this II entirely wrong and
would like you to make the necenary
corrections in your negt Inue. The
Board of Director! snd I are working in
perfect .coord snd there il no no.
pleasantness whstever between ui. I
rnigned, my reilgnstion to take place st
the end of Jane, for thi parpoie ol
taking np ipeoisl woik Ior s year in
Chicago and Nsw York,
Will you plesss publish the lollowing
inolution which wu passed at the
annul meeting ol the Corporation oi
Ohemainni General Hospital one week
ago? I might add that thia rssoiution
wai movid and nconded by two
member! ol the Hoipltal Board,
Chimalnui, B.C., Feb. ll)th, 1002.
(TheLesder'i inlormstion csmelrom
a source usually to very truitworthy
thit we hid no doubt si to iti correct-
nen. We publish Dr. Telloid'i explan
stionwithplesture.—ED, LEADER]
Ohemiinui, B.C., Feb. 12,1902.
Robt. Telford Eiq., M.D.
Deer Sir,—I bsvs pleamre io inform
On getting First-Class Groceries and
Provisions at the Lowest Prices if
you buy from
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Esplaaadssnd datscre Street, . ■ • Ladysmitli
TI,o WroiiK Crop.
Visiting rin out of tho way English
parish whoa tho incumbent Iwppouod
to ho nwiiy, n former nrclidoaeon of
Suffolk wns, it Is related, iiliown round
by tlio clerk. On arriving ut tlio church*
J'nrd bo found n lino crop of wheat
growing in it.
"Dear, doiirl" snld tlio nrehilcncon.
"I can't approve of tills, 1 really did
not think Mr. — would havo planted
wheat In tho churchyard."
"That's Just what I told pitrson,"
said tbo clerk. "I says." says I, ",vu
didn't ought to linvo whculed it; }'u
ought to havo tutored It!"
Volunteer  Company Formed
Among the Citizens,
At the close oi the public meeting iu
tbe Abbotiford Hotel Wednesday nit lit
s meeting to form a volunteer flro bii
gade for LailvEinl'-li was held. Mr. J.
W. Coburn presided, and niter anno ih-
terettlng discussion, in which all prst
ent were agreed upni tbo impjrtnnco of
inch protection iu caso of fire, tlio fol
lowing cilizem were enrolled.
OfflcerBi President, J. \V. Coburn:
chief, W, G. Fraeer; first assistant chief,
Walter Jouee; second assistant chief, J'
E, Smith; secretary, Robert Alius
treasurer, D. Nicholson. Volunteers:
C, Stevens, W. Beverldge, J. McLennan
W. W. Southin, W. G. Mills, H. Kay,
T, M. Brown, J. Bickle, E. Iiolelon, A.
J. McMurtrie, Capt. Dillon, Frank Baby,
A. Kerr, W. P. llovce, C. B, Robslee,
P. Johnson, T. Cowan, R. Weaver, T, L,
Until Ihe purchase of, apparatus, and
the arrival ol the waterworks, the brig
sds will operate with buckets. It Is
expected (list many more volunteers
will hand their pamei to the secretary
st once. i
I.adysnillh  Shipping.
Str, Otter called on the 10th, and took
s load ot coal to New Westminster for
theO.P. N.Oo.
Btr, Thlstlcjalled yeoleiday for coal
on her way north,
Barque Santa Clsrs arrived In port
Tunday evening from Victolia where
ihe underwent rep tin alter having
stranded in tin recent tlorm,
Sir, Farallon cilled yesterdiy for coal
on her way from Seattle to Ketchikan,
Tug Tieoma brought the barque Santa
Clsrs Irom Victoria.
Str. Tellui wlll complete cargo tonight and leave lor San Francisco.
Ship Edward Siwall has taken 40,000
iMtol lumber aboard for use lu loading
hir tugir cargo at Honolulu, Ths
Ladyimith Lumber Co,, mpplied the
Ship Antlope hid not reported from
Kiluiupto the hour of going to preti
yesterday afternoon.
The Ons Occupation I.cl'l.
The one occupation left nnorowde.il
(liyi the Saturday Review) Is that ol
our firm-laborer, Wagei are low, it is
true, but living In cheap; and manll-
nen and Intelligence would have the re*
salt ol drawing mots out ol the land-
thegrestett sourci ol wealth-and ol
forcing the landlord to pay higher wages.
Llfs II sny in the country, snd, Intelli-
gently lived, It il beslthy; there ere
iklci snd woodi mil Held, snd watera;
snd thoie who desire leisure would find
plenty ol It. Thoresnsnd otheri tried
the "three acre! and a cow" experiment
prlvstely, snd It succeeded, It Is poBsi-
bis lor hundreds, thousands, to gain a
better livelihood by iirvlng the landlord
orlsrmerthsn by serving ths minu-
lecturer, the contriotor, the builder, the
merohant, the ttockbroker, sad binker.
When Vivos Wcro Solil,
A century or so ugo wife selling was
not an uncommon event In England,
ns tlio following Item, which appeared
lu tho London News ot Nov. 21, ISOl,
would sAr: '
"On Friday a coal porter exhibited
his wife In Sinltliflolil, with n halter
round ber neck, for sale. lie demanded a guinea for her, but she hung on
hand for sonic time, until a man ot
good nppeni'nuce ninde tho pnrchase,
nnd packing tier, halter and all. Into a
hackney conch drove for Blaclifrla'rs
bridge, amid the huzzas of tho mob."
The Left Over Itnlij".
A woman went into n big department
store and cheeked her baby while she
shopped. When she went to get her
baby, she fouud she had lost Uot* check,
Tho manager said she would havo to
wait and when all the other babies
wero taken out she could have the ono
that was left, but tho bnliy left over
was a colored baby. This was all
right, however, as tho woman was colored.
;?     Place    your    order    for    a    spring    suit    with
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreatho,
qijeta in evnry l-!v)o
attended to.
e., WfJilini* Bon-
Orilera prouiotly
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v. - Copyrights &c.
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imWinll  IV- |>rii!il!)i)v |i;lli'iil:ilili'.    '  lniltitr.i.
Iltiimiilridivrinitl.li'iitlii!. II.i!u.I»1i-..<iii l\iH'iu.:i
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Suarlcrly Ruvluw, [Kacl.wuud'ti
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We aro not overcnthuslnetlc on the
shredded corn fodder, question so fur
aB sheep feeding is concerned, says
Wool Markets nud Sheep. Tho shredding process Is very npt to mix up dust,
grit, mold, smut nnd other objection-
nblo matter with tho really good matter that Is iu corn fodder, thus proving
Injury rnthcr than u benefit to sheep.
Especially Is this true ln tlio case of
' the pregnant ewes, whose very sensitive natures and tastes during the pe.
rlod of gestation should have freedom
of choice la the selection of such food
as is relished by them. A breeding
ewe should never taste or smell of mold
or smut during this period.
Tho popular notion that shredding Is
economy as applied to com fodder, for
sheep is a false one. Nothing will lead
a sheep to cat what its tastes do not
relish except sheer starvation, lt IB
nonsense to suppose a sheep will cat
and thrive on tho naked, hard, pithy
stalk of the corn simply because It Is
reduced to fineness by shredding. Tbe
blades and husks of corn fodder nre nil
Hint Is edible to sheep, nnd you cunuot
fool tbem Into eating nud thriving on
the worthless parts of shredded fodder.
Sou couldn't dci-nnge und destroy a
sheep's stomach quicker than to stuff
it with' the hard, flinty, indigestible
rind of n cornstalk.
Keep Drinking Tronjrb. Clean.
Keep tbe drinking troughs scrupulously clean. No mutter how carefully
you feed your sheep, If the water Is not
puro you wlll notice that they do not
thrive. Puro water Is just as Important as pure food. Disease Is bound to
bo ln evidence where Impure water Is
Feed For Pregnant Ewes.
Cottonseed meal should be carefully
excluded from the food rations of ewes
from this time oa while carrying a
Iamb, says American Sheep Breeder.
The root of the cotton plant has tin especially Ul effect on pregnant animals
of all kinds and is tbe special Ingredient In medicines given to avoid or destroy pregnancy. An a rule every port
ot a medicinal plant has a similar character to tbo root or the fruit, henco
this kind of oil meal should never bo
fed to breeding iiiiliniils at such times
ns this ill influence might be disastrous. Corn Is tho best standard food
for la lamb ewes, nud lt is not In any
way injurious. Ewes carrying lambs
nro In no dnngcr from n good, robust,
thrifty condition, for tho lamb Is nil
tho tlmo acquiring its future character
from Its dam.
Slse of Flocks.
Fifty sheep nre tho most that should
ran In ono band. A large flock may
thus bo sorted out Iuto divisions, ns to
ago or/ condition, says American Sheep
Breeder. Old owes inhy go together;
young ewes, early breeders, Into nnother lot; cwo lambs, by themselves,
and young wethers nnd rnm Ininbs
In nnother flock nnd yard. All weak
eheep should bo sorted out and kept
ln a separate flock. This division of a
large flock is of the greatest importance to the successful wintering ot
sheep, and of course a successful wintering means a good summering.
Tnrnlps For Sheep,
The turnip or rye Is so watery tbat It
Is not worth Intrinsically half of Its
approved value tn practice. It is a tonic. It loosens tbo juices of tho body.
It supplies a lubricant for the bowels.
Sheep are as hungry for this poor, watery browse as tbey aro for salt when
long denied.
Alfalfa a. a Sheep Feed,
Dry alfalfa hay never bloats animals.
Alfalfa Is excellent pnsture for sheep,
but care is necessnry to prevent bloating while they arc becoming accustomed to it, says Kansas Farmer. A good
plan is to feed the sheep well on alfalfa hay for a few days before they go
Into tbe alfalfa pasture. Bcforo they
are turned in they should bo completely satisfied with some food that they
like. Do not turn them In when tkcro
ii dew on tbo alfalfa. Whea the proper
precautions are not taken, severe bloating and loss are to bo expected.
Tannine Wool Skins,
First scrape oft tbe fst. Take equal
parts of alum and salt, add water and
cook to a paste, says Now England
Homestead. Spread the skin out carefully to keep the wool clean and rub
the pasto thickly over tbe flesh side.
Hold together, roll up for a day and
next day rub over It mors of tho paste.
Itepest this a third time. After It
dries out ecrape oft the silt and alum
and rub It soft TJse.no oil on the skin.
It may then be colored any shado desired end will make prptty mats for
Ihe floor, carriage or baby's gocort.
Shearlna Fattening Lambs.
At the Ontario txperlmcut station
ten lambs sheared ia Jaauary mado
practically the same gain tn weight as
ten others not shorn and similarly fed,
At ths Wisconsin station no advantage
has been found from sbearing in December, Those shorn yielded a total of
two pounds less washed wool than the
others and msde a total gain of 2.7
pounds less than tbo wethers that were
not shorn, snd the colt of 100 pounds
ef gain was $4.70 for the shorn aud
14.40 for the unshorn lots.
Preparing Sheep For Winter.
Sheep should be dipped before going
Into winter quarters If tbey have ticks-'
or bays beea exposed to scab la aay
way. It Is difficult and unsafe to dip
tbem In midwinter.
Flavor ot Marlon.
The peculiar flavor of mutton is due
largely to the food of sheep, tbe locality In which It has been raised, Its
treatment and the manner tbe carcass
bus been dressed.
.    For Pile, la Sheep,
Feed rations only of a mild laxative
nature. Wssh protuslon with warm
alum water twice a day before replacing,        ,, , .    1-WJl   ,, ■ I
HI. Mission to Supply Mohair and 01.1.
Land ot llru.li-Huck Whloh
llrouaht aitOSO.
Unlike that of tbo Bolgian    hares
tho Angora goat business cannot be
called a fad, for tho reason     that
the animal ln question    Is and has
. been for    long, long years an    unl-
I mat of utility,  still  is an    animal
j of utility and will continue to    be
: tin tinlinnl     of utility just ns long
as mohair in Imported    Into      tills
country or Is exported    from      it,
us it is most assuredly bound to be
somo day,     says    Shepherd Boy in
Wool Markets und Sheep.     As       a
meat producing animal ho wlll     no
doubt tako his stand with    cattle,
sheep and hogs In feeding tho over
growing meat-eating population     of
j the world, but ho is novor intended
! or destined to    kill either the beet,
J mutton or pork trade of this or any
I other country.     When venison      la
f scarcer and consequently dearer than
it is to-day, Angora meat will toko
its placo and givo to  both the rich
and poor epicure a taste of     meat
which to tho writer is indistinguishable from that of tbe deer,
Tho Angara, is not dostlned to kill
tho wool industry of tlio world, for
tbo warmth of the sheep's fleece
will bo always sought by all manner
of peoplo In the temperate and
frigid zones. His mission Is to
supply mohair for tho manufacturer
of delicate fabrics and to clear the
brush front oil large and small tract,
of land extending more or less all
over North America.
At tho second annual sale of Angora goats recently held at Kansas
City the chumplon buck of the show
was bought by Mrs. M. Armer 'of
Kingston, N.M., for tlio record
breaking price of $1,050. He is
a notably line animal, and expert,
consider that be Is worth tho price.
ll.luiicml nations.
A prominent writer in one of our
English exchanges says: "Bran is not
u profitable food. As It is a food
everyone has to buy, better buy the
Tho claim has never been made
that bran was u rich food, or even a
profitable ono to teed by itself. But
i bo conclusions reached by tlio majority of feeders and by all exporl-
niont stations where testa have beea
curried out regarding lt, nro that it
is not only a dcsirublo, but also a
profitable food when fed in conjunction with other grain mixtures. All
grain rations should have some
wheat bran added; it gives bulk to
tho ration, thus reducing tho danger
of indigestion.
Tho Kansas Experiment Station
found certain manufactured stock
foods unprolltablo as compared with
grain und hay raised on the form.
In tho same wuy bran or milk is unprolltablo to feed alone, but are
found to bo profitable when fed witb
other foods just an are the concentrated stock foods.
In Europe for many years fcoders
have used these special stock foods,
and now all manufacturers are, by
tho aid of sclontlflc analysis, prepar-j
ing special horso food and special
foods for dairy cows, for fattening
stock, for calves, etc., that large
feeders and all classes of stock breeders find profitable und desirablo to
feed, as cheaper than alt grain and
liny, and supplying tho elcmonts necessary to tho production of
strength and vigor to the horse,'
for bettor yields of milk to tho cow,'
for tho more rapid fattening ot tho
beef, pork and mutton animals for
market, and for tho host growth of
tlio calves and young stock, whore a
full supply of milk Is not available
Thus scleutifle Investigation for the I
balanced ration louds tho way of
progress in feeding. Just as wo uso
special fertilizers for special crops,
wo uso special food tor our stock according to tho results desired. AU
our products are valuable In the)
economy of nature, when wo learn
how best to uso them. Formerly our
neighbors to tho Bouth sold all their
oil-mcnl nnd burned up tllolr cottonseed; now thoy And the rich chemical
food vnluo of these rich foods ere
importnnt in tho best balanced rations.
Tho more we learn of tho science of
foodlng, tho more profitable will our
farm stock become; and so tt is ln
brecdlng-as wo adopt tho Improved
broods of stock wo get batter results.
Lot us, therefore go hand in hand
with our improvements of breeding
and feeding for tho higher success of
modorn stock growing, to got tho
host results in tho world's beet markets.
.Warn Stables, Balanced nations and
Par. Water Necessary.
The rules for taking care of cows aro
so few snd simple tbat we wonder why
We ihould repeat them each year, but
each year we see eo many who do not
practice tbem that we cannot refrain,
hoping tbst we may reform somo of
them, seys American Cultivator. One
of the first requisites Is a warm barn,
not only for tbo comfort of the cows,
but for tbe profit of the owuers. Whcu
We think of some ot the barns we knew
when a boy, where tho snow blew lu
through the cracks behind the animals
and their tells were perhaps frozen
down into the msnure, we do not wonder thst farmers thought tbey were
"tail sick" in tbe spring or bad a
"wolf In tlie tail. Luckily there are
not many such barns now, for the
farmers have horned that lt took good
oornmeal to keep up the best of the
system, aud that was more expensive
than shingle, nnd as the cold grew Inside the turn the milk yield decreased.
If those bsrus remain tho cracks have
been covered, and perhaps our modern
barns now err lu the other extreme ot
being bo tightly closed as to lack sufficient ventilation, a fault tbat can be
remedied by tbe use of ventilating
tubes from nenr tho floor behind the
animals to some point where they can
carry out tbe foul air above the hay.
Another point Is a comfortable bed
to protect them from cold, the bard and
of ti n cold floors.
Of courso good food and enough of it
Is necessary, but that is not nil. Tho
food should bo varied ln such proportions as to make what is called a balanced ration, enough grain so mixed
with the rough fodder as to keep tbe
reitSEX GAZELLE'S FAWN 93,704.
[IHghert testing daughter of King ol St. Lambert-SB. pound. ,!. ounces butter and BBS
pound. 1 ounce milk ia seven day.; owned by
Cherry farm.]
proportions of protein to carbohydrates
at about ono to five, but much depends
upon the breed nnd more upon tho animal and Its condition, and there can bo
no exact rule given as to the best mixtures or the exact amount Any farmer can get from the experiment stations bulletins giving tables ot the value of feeding stuffs and figure out rations for hii animals to suit himself,
watching tbe results and varying thorn
as ho finds It necessary.
After food naturally comes water.
Thli should be always pure and clean,
aud we would wish lt could bo always
warm. There should be some cheap device for quickly warming tho water ln
the trough, In fact, we think there
has been such patented, but have not
seen them In use. We have eecn water
warmed by steam at a low pressure
conveyed to the trough ln pipes and
were told that for a berd of twenty
cows the milk product was increased
enough to make lt very profitable.
A Saaecssfnll Dairy Cow Breeder.
T. A. Bormsn of Topeka will teach
judging of dairy cattle at tho Kansas
State Agricultural college March 3 to
8, says Kansas Farmer.
Mr. Bormsn started In Dickinson
county with a common herd and
through hii knowledge of what a dairy
cow ihould be bred his herd up until
he secured an average of $81 per cow a
year selling milk to a creamery. Re
started with common mixed cows and
by careful selection and breeding In
six years developed a grade cow that
produced 12,000 pounds ot milk and
470 pounds of butter ln n year with
Kansas grown feeds. The nverago
scrub tow gives seventy pounds ot butter in t yesr. Many ot tho cows from
his breeding refuse to become dry.
Shredding Corn Fodder.
Nearly one-half ot the feeding value
of the corn plant Is ln tho stalk, and If
fed to the cows ln the usual manaer a
largo part of thli food value Is wasted
In the stalks left uneaten, says
Hoard's Dairyman, Shredding puts
tbls food ln a shape to bo used by tbo
cows. Under no condition would wo
allow the corn fodder to remain standing In the fields. The loss from rain,
wind and frost li too great to bo allowed. Twenty-five per cent ii the
usual and 40 per cent a not uncommon
loss of feeding value when tbe fodder
Is left ln tbe fields.
rucking cows f.r Shipping,
'Bcforo packing and shipping, poultry should be thoroughly dry and
cold, but not frozen. The animal
hoat should bo ontiroly out of the
body. Pack in boxes or barrels ■
boxos holding 100 to 800 pounds are
proforablo. Pack aniigly, Btralghtcn
out' tho body and legs ao that they
will not arrive very much bont or
twisted out of shape, fill the packages ns full as poHslbln to prevent moving about on tho way.
Barrels answer better tor chickens
and ducks than for turkeya and
geeso. When convenient avoid put- ,
ting mora than ono kind in a package, mark kind and weight of each
description on tho Package and mark
■hipping directions plainly on th. I
cover. |
Winter Cat. al Cows.
Cows should never be left out of
doors when tbe weather Is uncomfortable. Tbey may be turned out In a
yard well sheltered from tho cold on
pleasant, sunshiny days In the winter
for two or three hours, but when tho
weather Is very cold or stormy, It they
are not watered In the stable, which li
the best way, they should be out only
long enough to drink from a tank a
few feet sway from the barn and then
Immediately allowed to go back,
Yo.ng Dairy Stock.
' Ths rising generation of the dairy Is
often overlooked In the fall, remarks
W. F. McSparrnn In National Stock-
man. Tbe young things van get little
growth or good from grass that has
stopped In Its own growing, nnd a little
extra feed and sttentlon now may snvs
a lot of them both later and save also
the Irreparable damage lustslncd by
tbe future cow, caused by arrested dt>
velopment. Don't let tho milk machine
slip a cog.      '...
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers ex
ceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
...   needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith
j Tlie Cheapside!
No Fire! No Smoke! No Water!
We are offering the Ladyimith pnblic snd lurrouadingi
bigger reductions then have ever been offered before. We
ere giving the stock s thorough ont cleaning end everything must go at a big reduction, owing that we need sll
the room for our spring stock. Remember we offer you
ell new goodi right from the wholesale houses. We believe
that Ladyimith is entitled to flnt choice. We hive a
large itook of Dry Qoodi, Boots and Shoei, Olooki,
Jewelry, Etc:
I Weinrobe's \
I General Store, 1
$     High St.. Ladysmith Extension Tunnel    I
Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanalmo, B. C.
When in Nanalmo don't lorget to call et
J. Sampson'!, Commercial Street, and
tee the new llnei in
wu held at the home ol the preiident.
There wsi a large attendance, and the
paper ol the evening, " From Ethics to
Uschatology," was deeply enjoyed.
j i tin
Sheriff Draks ol Nanaimo visited Ladyimith yeiterdiy on official business.
Farther addition! srs being to the
Portlsnd Hotel, Flnt Avenue.
Itpsyito get a good alarm dock,
Lively the lesding jeweler, Fint Avenue
will no other, and at reasonable prices,
Excellent progrui it being msde with
Mr. Wlllism Ruinll'i reiidence, the
Mr. M. 3. Booth of ths Cubsn Cigir
Factory, Nanaimo, visited Ladyimith on
builness thli week.
Fancy pins, sleeve-links, cuff-buttonB,
chains, brooches, rings, bracelets, great
variety in gold end silver at Lively'! tbe
Fint Avenue jeweler.
Mettn. Hemsni & Walmtiey, ot Naniimo, sie to be congrstulsted upon tbe
splendid photo-engraving oi the Legls
istlve Building! at Victoria, which thsy
are distributing amongst their custom
en, It ii s work ol srt snd wonld sdorn
any  room,
Successful Concert, Dramatic Performance, Dance and Supper.
Wednesday evening in O.lufellowB'
ball tbe concert, dramatic entertainment, dauue and supper advertised lo
be given under tbe auspices of Laurel
Kebekah Lodge, took place. Tlie hall
waa packed to the doure, and tlio iiiTair
waa a financial aucceBB. Mr. T. Cowan
presided, Those taking part in tbe
concert were MiBtj Herd, wbo played two
instrumental solos; Mre. \V. Jonea,
Bong; MIbb Thomas,Bonir, witb mandolin
accompaniment; Misa Johnston, Nanaimo, recitation; Miss Johnston, Nan*
aimo, a song; Mr. \V, II, Lively, comic
longs; aud Mr. Joe Saundemon,
eong, Tbe farce waa very auccesEfiil.
It waa arranged by Mrs, Hunter, who
deserves much credit. Those who took
part were Mrs. Hunter, MIsb Uren, Mira
Haworlh, MeeBrs. Fulton, W. H. Lively,
Jos. Sandereon and Dunn, It was very
tunny, and waa excellently acted; the
audience en joyed the play immensely.
The sapper was also a treat, and the
dance waa well patronised, Mr. Sam
Bhouldice acting as floor manager. Tbe
decorations of the stage were greatly
MILLS-On Wednesday, Feb. 19th, the
wife of W. G. Mills of ft daughter.
Contagious Diseases—Animals—
Certificate of Ssispssiion.
I have this day examined tl o following
described tnlloli cows belonging to Wm.
Ward, of LRd.ysn.lth, nnd consider them
to bo free of disease, via:—
1 purii bred Ayrshire.
1 grade Ayrshire.
1 red nnd white Jersev grade.
1 black.
!i fawn .Toreoy grade.
1 red.
Tho dairy premised are BHunted at
Lidy-smith, and tlio condition of them ie
Dated at Victoria, thin 31st day of
Dec, 1001.
S. F. TOLMIE, V,    .
Inspector ol Contagious I)it.ea::«a (Animal a.)
v<-*i&#ik#\w-*i-vi< WmmkmmWk* t9m9imtmm\m%m1mV9i%m\x-«mWmK^ a
£ Lsiser
Direct Inprtera and Wholesale Dealers In
Liquors  and  Cigars.
All the leading brands kept by us. None
but the best imported. We solicit your
G. H. Munnn's Extra Dry Champagne,
Kilmarnock Scotch, Lemp's Extra Pale Ale,
St. Louis Beer.
Playing Cards, all leading brands including
No. 31,
I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'ctuck,
Viskois i-uidiiillv imited.
Maple Lodge, No, 61,1. 0. 0. X.
Meets every WodneFday_ evening in
Nicholson's Hall. Viaiting members
are cordially iuvited.
E. NIMMO, 0. T.
I 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C. j
I Telephone No. i48. »?
WANTED to purchase on or below
Fint Avenue, a loll ilied lot. Address
with lull particular! si to improvement!
or building!, etc., to X, Y, Z„ Lesder
Attention ii drswn to the entertainment being prepsred by the ladies ol the
Lidytmith Anglican chnrch lor April
lit. On the evening ol thet day a fancy
dren carnival, dance and auppir will be
given, in aid of the building fund ol the
church, It goei without aaying that
the affair will be ai brilliant success at
all the other entertainments arranged by
the ladies of tbo English ohurob.
Fancy    Dress   Carnival
Ball and Supper
To be held ia Social Hall, Oddfellows'
Building, Ladyimith, on
Easter Tuesday, April ist.
Ticket! to dsnee end sapper for lady
and gentleman, 1)1.50; el ogle tickets,
$1.00; spectator, 26c, No masks. Proceeds in eld ol the Church of England
building lund, Ladyemith,
Mr. Henry Eellel, manager oi the
Union Brewing Company, wss here this
week'ona business trip,
The latest styles in biir catting snd
oeird trimming st the Lidyimlth Shaving Fsrlor, High ttreet.
Rae. W. A. Rie returned on Than*
day from his vilit to Niniimo, where he
wai attending the meeting of Victoria
All kind! ol repairing done at Lively's, ths Fint Avenue jeweler, nut
work, prompt delivery, correct prlcet.
Mr. George Oitildy expecli to move
Into hii new reiidence on the ilopei ol
Spion Kop today. The house commands
a Una vliw of the harbor.
Do yon believe in year own goodi?
Then don't conceal tbe hot from the
pablie.  Advertiie.
Encounged by the wcceii ol "My
wils'i ucond floor" Lidyimlth Drsms-
e Society srs now preparing "Robert
laoslre" for s performance in about a
Oa Tussdsy avsning a meeting of the
tdytmith    Philosophies!   Institution
Johniton Block,     •     Nsnaimo, B. 0.
P. 0. Box, 3/, Tel. 145.
Sunday Services.
Methodist church — Servicei ere
held st 11 o'clock Sundsy morning snd
7 o'clock in the evening. Sunday school
•t 2.30. Prayer meeting on Wedneiday
evening st 7.30 o'eloek,
Bsptiit Church—Commencing with
tomorrow1! meeting in Nicholson's Hell
monthly lervicei will be held in Lady,
imlth. Honr ol meeting 7 p. m. Fsitor
Mr. Tompkini.
Presbyterian Church—Tomorrow Rev,
W. A. Res exchange, pulpits with Rev.
Q. Morton, ol Wellington. Mr, Morton
ii not long oat from Edinburgh t
venity, Scotland, snd ii s young man
ol eiceptlonsl sttsinments, Hii minis,
trstlon in Wellington has proved eminently tstiifsotory.
Church of England—Sunday, Feb. 23,
2nd Sunday in Lent. 11 s, m., morning
prayer; 2.30 p.m., Sunday School; 7 p.
m., evening prayer. Wedneiday, Feb.
20,11 s.m„ litany. Friday, Feb. 28,
lis.m., litany; 7,30 p.m., evening
prayer and address followed by choir
practice, A. Scriven, miiilonery.in.
Kitchener,. On, Eye.
Few people are aware that Lord Kit
chener shires one notable psculisrity
with the greatest ol Britiih naval heroes.
Like Nelson, tbe present Commander-in
Chief in South Africa bsa only ons sye,
It wai characteristic ol his undaunted
plock and forttight thit as loon al he
realized tbat he wai fated to lote one of
hii evei he learnt Brsile, snd did every-
thing to make himself independent of
light, This wsi msny yein sgo, snd
Lord Kitchener hii lines provid thst
for sll purponi hii light il ss keen si
Heating by
Hot Water,
Hot Air,
Steam, Etc.
Estimates given on all kinds of iron pipe work and sanitary
;      plumbing..
All work strictly first-class.
Hardware Merchant,        -        Ladysmith, B. C.
Neither the Owners, Agents or Matter
will be responsible for any debts connected by the officers or crew uf tlie
Am. Ship "Edward Sewall" while
laying in this port.
R. QUICK, Master,
Udysmlth, Feb. 10th, 1002.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.  Between the B. C. Jobbing
and Confectionery Company, plaintiff; and Hugh Tbornley, defendant.
By virtue of. writ ol fieri faciaa issued
out of the above named court, and to me
directed, I will sell by public miction on
Saturday, the 1st day of March, 1002, at
10.30 o'clock a.m., st the store lately
occupied by thedefendantat Ladyemith,
the following named goods of tbe defendant, thst is to ssy cigars, tobacco,
candy, show cases, pipes, Ice cream
churn, paper bags, stove, etc., etc.
Terms—Goods to be delivered at fall
of hammer, cash on delivery.
Ladysmith, B.C., 21st Feb. 1002.
Painting, Paper-hanging anil
Mattress Makissg,
Leave orders for mattress making nt Mr.
I, Gould's store, where sumplea can be
Guy H, Gavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
General Jobber.
Corner First Avenue and Oatacre Street.
Cabinet work of all kiude.
All kinds of soft wood furniture made
and repaired.
Tiie Vttklf Po$t=lili?fifj
Seattle, Wash.
Nobody can afTonl to l>e without it. All Iho
telegraphic news of Hie week, l-'arm, field, garden, sport, society, Ik-nutiful illiislrnlions ami
half toilet..   Sample copy un application.
All For One Dollar a Year.
Seattle Daily Times
Ths liveliest paper in tho Northwest.
Weekly edition a complete record ol
the world's news to date. Sport,
polities, society, women's, interests,
young folk's department, literature,
science, art, muiic,
- TONY innipes Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship • Service
China,   Hawaii,
First-class Sleepers on all
Miners! Attention!
Hind Msde Pit Shoe! at tbe same price
ai cheap iaotory made. Come in anil tee.
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done.
A. S. Christie,
IIOSTON, Thursdays.
TORONTO, Tuesdays and Saturdays,
ST. PAUL'. Tuesdays, Thursdays and
For pamphlets and allinlarmatloa apply
to any O.P.R. agent.
H. H. ABBOTT.      W. MoGIRR,
Agent, Victoria.      Agent, Nanaimo.
Aest. Genl. l'iu:n. Agent, Vancouver,
Speed, Promptitude, Accuracy, No Delays, You Get Your
Answer Instantaneously.
Do yon went to avoid that business trip and thus save time and money?
Do yon west to order goods, and bs sure ol shipment to-day?
Do yon wsat to talk with trtsndt at home?
Do you with lor sny reaion, a personal interview with parties at a distance?
Then uie
The Long Distance Telephone.
Tariff from Ladysmith for Two Minutes Conversailon
To Nanaimo IS cents
ToChemilnus 10 "
ToDuncsn 20 "
To Shswnlgan Lake (Koenlg'i) 26 "
To Shawnlgan Lake (Stratbcona) ...25 "
Jo Booke Lake 80 "
To Golditresm 85 "  ,
ToVlotorls 40 "
To Sosnlcbton CO "
To Sydney 50 "
You Can Easily Transmit 30 Words In a 1-4 of a Minute.
(Equal to 210 wordi In two minutes.)
Try the following 80 wordi I—" I did not telegraph, fearing you were out of town,
Could not ipsre the time to go up on train, Mult have your deoleion now,
io cilled yon by telephone,"
H. W> KENT, General Superintendent.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Time Table No. 43.
Trains leave Lulyimith south-bound, dslly it 0,10 s. m., and on Saturday! ind
Sunday! st 8,52 p. m.
Trains leave Ladysmith north-bound, daily at 11,57 », m  ud on Saturday! and
Sundayiat 6.67 p.m. '
Trsinl leave Lidyimlth for Exteniion dslly except Sunday st 6,00 s. m„ 2,00 snd
10 p.m., and oa Sundsyi st 10 p.m.
Excursion Rates to all Points, Good Saturday and Sunday
Geo, L. Courtney,     -     Traffic Manager
'■"'';l ■ **' -'


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