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The Kootenay Star Dec 5, 1891

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Array I >
��� ���
vol. in.
Nn. 25.
Renin and Debts Collected,
3JJ .
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily,
Pacific        " "     16.5?   "
Passengers arriving Sundays and
Wednesdays will connect with steamers for Robson, Nelson, aud points
in Southern Kootonay.
ChenpoHt, most reliablo and snfo
route to Montreal, Toronto, Sl. Paul,
Chioago, Now York and Boston,
Hates ��5 to $10 lower than any othor
othor route,
Passengers leaving Rovelstoke on
.Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
will connect with the magnifioent C.
P. 11. Steamers'at Port William, during navigation.
Specially fitted Colonist Curs, in
charge of a Porter, for the accommodation of Passengers holding second
clnss tickets. Passengers booked to
and from all European points at
Lowest Hates.
Lqw Freight Rates. Quick despatch Merchants will save money
by haviug their freight routed via
theC.P. R.
Full and loliable information giveu
by apply iug to
��� D.E.BROWN,
Asst, Gon'l Freight Ag't, Vnoouver,
or to J. HAMILTON,
Ag't 0. P. R. Depot, Revelstoke,
P. O, Address, Nelson, B. C,
Capaoity 20,000 feot per dny. Planer
shingle machine, etc. All kinds of
lumber on bind. During the season
Of 1801 lumber will be delivered at
3ny of the landings on tho lake at
greatly reduced prices.
Ocean Time to Europe
Allan White Star
Dominion Cunard
Beaver Anchor
and all other lines sailing from Hali-
: fax, Portland, Boston, New York
Baltimore  are  on  sale at
C. P. R.  stations, at
very low rates.
Ask for sailing lists and rotes o
fare. Great advantages secured by
taking oceau tickets from your local
Great 6aving effected by takirg
round trip tickets.
Berths in any steamer engaged
without charge.
Prepaid passage arranged from
any point iu Europe.
Apply to your nearest ageut; to J.
Hamilton, DsToUtnlie ; or lt>
Houeiit Keiiu,
Gen. Pass. Agt., Winnipeg.
G. Tl.l.KYlii.KRY.
Wagons and all kinds of
Vehicles Repaired.
Shoring a Specialty.
if 11 wp typ ft wc vu
U xiMh iff I Alkhm
Coffins, Caekets Shrouds, &c.
carried in Stock.
Fir, Hepiloek & Cedar,
��A��t ssmtsn
Tu all Parts at Kijrlit Prices.
(Two Doors West of Post-office).
[a C Q SB 8 S> S fi��l����l
Divine Service will be held in the
Revelstoke' Church every Sunday evening at 7.30, conducted alternately
Sunday School aud Bible Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
are cordially invited to attend.
Church of Kuclard services
will be held ip Iievelstoke by lbe
Kev J. 0. C. Kemm every iounh
Sundnv in ench month.
' Newspaper Regulations.
1. Any person wbo takes a paper
regularly from the Post UtlKo,
whether ho has subscribed or uot, is
responsible for the payment.
2. If a person ordors his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrears'
or the publis.hrs may continue to
send it until payment is made, aud
then collect the whole amount
whether the papor is taken from tbe
office or Dot.
3. Iu suits for subscriptions, tbe
suit moy be instituted whero the
papor is published.
4. The courts havo decided tbat
refusing to tako a newspaper or
periodicals from tbo Tost Ollioo, or
removing and leaving them uncalled
or, while unpaid for, is piniu faoie
\"'.iniioo of iutoutioual fraud.
- SelkU^MS"*-502
0i OOP Donnld BC
Rofl,il��r Meeting Thursday A each
week at 8 p. m.   All visitiug brothers are cordially invited.
J. McLbod,     J- H. Matm-son,
N.O. R.S,
Cauada's Fast Ocean Mail.
The finance department at
Ottawa bus issued advertisements
culling for teiidei's for the eslub-
li.-hmi ui ul a lino of lust steamer*
between Canada and Europe, tho
conditions generully ure lho same
us those published early in the
year. The minimum speod required being nn average ruto of 18
knots per hour; port to port.
iNpt less than 6,500 tons building.
P|\inoutj> or any othor port de��
cided on us ihp English terminus.
Cherburg is mentioned as the
probable port of departure in
France. Canadian ports designated are Quebec in summer,
Halifax and St. John iu winter.
Tenders will be received up to
January 11, It is the intention of
the Government to huve tho service established and in running
order in lime to participate in tbe
tide of travel in 1898, The indi-
cations are thai lbe proposals
will receive no response at pre.,
sent. No contract exists with
any line for tbe conveyunco of
Canadian mails to England, and
while tbo mails are being seut to
lho United Slates ports on ac
count, of refusal of the Allans to
allow Iheir steamers to call at
Hulifux the services aro paid for
on poundage rutes.
Lynching a Corporal.
Il would appear that the mania
for lynching has spread to tho
British Army if the following
account be true:���A corporal ot
the Second Buttalion ol the Prince
of Wales' Leiustcr Regiment
(Royal Canadians), at present
doing duty at Aldorshot, bad, by
his petty tyranniep, rendored
himself an object of aversion to
the meu. Complaints were made
in the usuul military form against
tbe obnoxious corporal, but they
seem to have had no effect.
Finally tho men, convinced they
would find no relief by complaining, determined to rid themselves
of the corporal, Ae the corporal
was going his rounds, he was
seized by lho men, uud attempted
to call for assistance; but ' his
cries were speedily silenced by a
gag. He wus then iuformed of
the fute in store for bim, and, de-
spile his struggles, was dragged
without ceremony to a convenient
spot.   Uorc a noose was thrown
around  his   neck. i>-*H   -**,"V."'
iiuiiub suuii uuu oim suspended in
lbe air,    The  freo  end of the
rope was made fuel, aud the solf*
uppointed executioners decarapod.
The corporal Wufl dicovored and
cut down  before the rope had
dono its fatul work.
Doxalo, B, 0
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd und
4th Sundays, iu Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Caliin.
Collector,   Geo il Govett, Box iO
Receiver,   James  Falconer, Can
more, N. W. T.
Magazine Ageut    H J McSorley
Donald, B. C.
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, aud last 2 Wednesdays eiieb month.
Master,   J, S. Babbitt.
Seo'y,   W, P. Ogilvie.
I'iiu-'r.   At-gus McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A. Oheslevj Kam-
loopB, B.C.
Prairie .Schooners Bringing
Buck Canadians.
Hardly a d 'ypussos bui two or
throe prairie scboonors pass
through Windsor, Ont,, loaded
with persons who yours ago sold
iheir Canadian farms und struck
out lor tbe West, only to return
sadder and wiser; Yesterday
Thomas Keuly cumo through
Windsor on his way to Learning-
ton, having during the past ten
weeks travelled noarly 1,000
milos. Ho left Essox county six
years ago, settling in Nobrnsku,
and bis story of having harvested
ouly two crops during his stay
there is not vory enoouraging,
He says there is no place liko
Canada, and was overjoyed at
being only thirty miles from his
destination.���Toronto Mail.
Investing in Montana Rubies
and Sapphires.
Amongst the passengers of tbo
Cunard steamship Eiruria, leaving
Liverpool to-morrow (Nov. 14th)
for New York, are Mr. E. VV.
Stroeler and another director of
the newly-tormed Supphiro and
Ruby Mining Company, of Montana, Tbey are going out to
report on the prqperty, and until
tbeir report has been received
the vendors of thai company are
not to get aoy money, It lliey
report adversely the money will
be roturned lo the subscribers, if
otherwise, ot course, lhe vendui'b
will be paid In tho meanwhile
the very large H.um pf money
which was subscribed remains
with the bankers. ���Dovonpori
(ling.) Independent.
Goiug   Home  to   Spend
II. M. S, Pheasant and Chams
pion left Esquimalt harbor, at
day-break Wednesday morning
tor Vanoouvci", whore thoir crows
350 marines and sailors, started
for their homes in England by
special train ovor the C. P. R.lo
day. The men of war will remain
at tho Terminal City until fresh
crews are rocoivod via the C. P.
R,; they are expoctod to siart
westward from Halifiix on the
12th or 13lb. Until tho new men
come, the ships will be iu charge
of the oflicers and a small party
Another Boundary Dispute.
There is likely to be a serious
dispute over ihe boundary between the United States and
British Columbia. A sirip ot 30
miles, forming a portion of tbe
State of Washington, and in which
is situated a large portion of the
town ol Blaine, is claimed by tbe
Dominion. The treaty provides
that the line shall follow tbe 49th
parallel,and iu 1860 lhe boundary
was marked out by commissioners
ot both countries. When they
reached the point of difference
lbe British commissioners found
a line and tbe Americans found
another further south, The latter
yielded, and tho present line wus
established. The British commissioners afterwards claimed
that their instrument had become
^.itfuttiiTWreck at Toled..
Ohio. ��'
A passenger train on the Flint
& Fere Mai quollo railroad crashed
iuto the tear oi the L. S. extra iii
Toledo, Ohio.Suuday nighi, causing tlie dculh or injury ol u score
ol persons. Tlie collision occurod
about 40rods i'roin the Union do-
pot at live o'olook, and  by 11
o'clock lour dead aud lb' terribly
mauglod and scaldod pooplo hud
boen taken from the wreck.   Besides theso a gustly hand without
a body lies iu tho  superintendent's "office in tho Union depot
aud nobody without a bund bun
yet been fouud.  A babo scalded
to an unrecognizable mass and a
woman cooked beyond recognition
add to the horrors.  Ambuluuees
and the putrol wugous conveyed
the dead and wouuded either to
St. Vinoout's hospital or different
houses and it wus with tho great*
est difficulty lhat uainos could bo
The C. P. K. as a Military
The new cars provided by tho
Canadian Puoifio Railway for the
triuBportaliou of tmops from tho
Alluiiiic to tbe Pacific und vice
Versa havo iust been placed on
tbo loud. Tbey have boen euilt
specially lor ibis purpose, and
lbe following dencriplim will be
Interesting :���
The principal objeot of interest U
tbo kiloheu cur, which is a novelty
in arrangement. The car is exterior-
ally mnoh iu the tuunuor of (be usual
baggage cur, having four sliding
doors for tbe entrar.ee of supplies.
Tbe centre iu occupied hy two ini-
mouse cooking stoves, each heiited
by two fires and oontaiuing four
largo ovous. They aro specially designed, and their cookiug cupaoity
can be imagined, when it is stated
that five men cooks are needed for
their attendance. At one end of ibe
car is found tbe storo room, containing uii tho requisites for th'i culinary
art; at the other tho com part meu ts
set aside for tho attendants, aud
arranged in npat oriier; around are
ull tlm shining brass pans and cauldrons neceismy for tbe preparation of
the great qua.ititiej of food required.
Tbis huge kitchen npou wheels is to
be responsible for the complete
"moss" arrangouieuts for tbo troops,
which will tax its capacity to the utmost. The usuul colonist sleeping
oars will be occupied by the men
during their long jouruey. There
ure beveru) marked improvements in
tho fittings of these cars, tbe most
noticeuide of which is a convenient
detachable bracket table, to be fixed
between the seats at meal time, aud
support the plates aud dishes. The
bedding aocommodutiun is both good
aud ample. It oousisti oi a good
hair pillow, inattress und warm gray
blauket rug for each man, This
unique train of oars is to reach Vancouver in time to take ou b ard a
party of two hundred and fifty time
expired marines, accompanied by
twenty five ofiic<-ri>, wbo return to
the Old Country. This company
leave Vancouver on December 5tb,
and ,.i'o expected to arrive in Halifax
on the 15th prox., when they will embark for Liverpool. The Canadian
l'acitic Railway will then have the
transport of a much larger body of
troops on their way to repluce their
comrades whom they relieve, These
will number 400 men and 50 office,/,
and will leave Halifax for Vaucouver
witho,!. delay, about December 18th.
Tbe company are exerting themselves to the utmost for the successful performance of this their initial
experiment in tbe transport of large
bodies of troops across the country,
Jim Corhett not much of a
Jim Corbelt, tbe pugilist, never
walked iuto such a dangerous
ring us thut which circled round
his bead a lew nights ago. He
spent the day wiih som* .rieods at
Burlington, N f, ��od in the even-
and accidintafirg^^^slip
bouid. Ilo made a strong fight
lor life, but bis pugilistic skill
was of littlo avail against his
liquid opponent, and ho would
undoubtedly huvo been drowned
had not James McC'onnell ftahed
bim out, bul not before Corbett
bad been thoroughly frightened.
Capitalists keep Dropping In
Tueeday morning, by tho train
going west, Mr. R. N. Teujuro, of
Loudon, England, a big investor
iu real estate in the Western and
Southern Slalos, passed through
on his way to the Coast. He
said if he found conditions as
good in Vancouver and Victoria
us ho was given to boliove thoy
woro he. v*ould put some money;
in them.. lie intends returning
this wuy, and will stop ovor u few
days to soo what the country oexr��
is like,-Calgary Tribune Cfy? ftootenay Star
B.C.   LF.AD,
In tho coming coufereuce ou reciprocity between the United States
'aul Canada, to bo held at Washing
ton, lbe Canadiun oommissiouers will
hold a trump cni'ii us regards the i
interchange of metals, uud it is to bo i
hoped lboy will kuow how to use il, j
so that the miner's dream of linre-
Restricted reoiprooity iu his particular
commodity may bo realized.    It is
'this: Canada owns the i ieliosl nickel
deposits in the world.   The United
States Government is badly in want
bf this metal for tho manufacture of
'irmoi pluioH, it haviug been demonstrated that nickel is superior to anything yet  used   for  thut purpose,
American  syudioutes,   probably on
behalf of the i'.ti. Government, made
strenuous efforts to get possession of
the working of tbe nickel mines at
Sudbury, but the sohome of exporting
tbo ii etal in n raw slide was put a
stop to by the passage of tbe Ontario
Miuiug Act.   Lot tho Canadian oommissiouers muke an offer something
after this manner : If tho American
its wi igni and its buoyaucy to be '>- Oi;
uicely udjusted  tli.it  it  tnu'e,, .,;.
orbit yea;' after ; eur wiih uo devia
Hon noticeable Biuoe first astronomy
discovered its true motion. Bill nn n
are now hastening 'heir own und tlie
world's destruction   by   extracting
thin bnovaiiev from the interior of
earth, aud thus i,.cruising its density
in conipaiisou to its bulk.   It has
been appropriately n  nod "natural
gas," .ii-.d its withdrawal from its
primitive bed will tend to increase
I the density of this planet, and by
land by wo shall bo founij receding!
| from thesuu until at last, perhaps,
We muy full  foul  of  our  outsido
ueighbutir, lho planet Mars.   Ami
then- exit 1-nth I
:   M08
oiyaii -*m.j*iJ>ii^f'*^Miu^t\iBirmi.m)cr���y-*^
r>- ��� **-' '   ���    '.*i-ilka, "ft   '     "-nC"--,
'-   I'loUS Ill'.'i',*.'';'el(
There oan be no doubt that tbe
Rovelstoke Water Supply.
The sohemefor supplying this town
with water, which bus been for somo
time before our citizens, may uow br
said to bo n well iiSHiireil fuct, A
London (England) Oompanj buvini;
agreed lo iay mums, erect hydrants,
and bring water into tho town from
a storage reservoir which is to bo j
built about half wuy up tho mountain on tbo north-;,isl Bidi!,(wh'-re
thoro is a never failiug stream) in
consideration of the sum nf ��100 per
mouth being guaranteed by the inhabitants, nearly the whole of that
Government will admit lend free of amount has been subscribed, tvith a
duty (boy shall be permitted to ti.l.e I few more citizens to hear from. The
nickel from tbo Sudbury mines free I pipes will bp brought down the
of export duty. But perhaps this j mountain side, passing under th"
Would   be  too   much   li'e   British
Columbia coming iu a winner ou
Ontai io's horse, Still, a clause might
lie inserted iu the treaty that all I
METALS, unmanufactured, shall enter'
either country free of duty, This
would admit American pig jron iuto
panada aud Canadian pig lead into
ihe States,
Fooling  with Nature's
Our cuusius" over tbe border have
jot lost thoir national ambitiou of
being ahead "f the rest of the world.
The intest project tbey have been
discussing   in   Washington   is   a
0. P. It. track, and entering the town
at tho foot of tbe hill known as tho
toboggan slide ; traversing the whole
length of Front and iM-in Streets to
the railway track ut the bridge.
Hydrants will bo placed at about 100
yards' distanco, ond housfiholdors
will have to connect with the main
at their own e.vr.ense. Mr. W.
Cowan, who has be'en working energetically in tlie mutter lor some time
past wiil forward u letter to the company iu u uuy or two, uud early in
the Bpriug work will iu all oioba-
bility be oommenced, There are a
f.-w minor conditions which will
speedily be seottled now thut the
{?rent desideratum���th"  guaranteed
soberm lor boring into !he ceutre of, inoume���is assured.   Following is a
the eurtb and extracting therefrom | fuc sirailo  of the document to bo
I forwarded to the company;���
Eevelstoke, B.O.,
October 81st, 1891.
C. E. L'jon, Esq., Loi.don.
Sin,���We, the undersigned inbabi-
| turns of Iievelstoke, ugreo to take
i water fioui any company formed by
iuul tout | you to bring the same water to onr
,veight  houses, and also lo pay the sums
the metals which it is believed
settled thoro when this planet wus
cooling off ;���
"Geologists are agrcd that tho
interior of tho earth is largely o-.m-
posed of motuis. Whei'euo lire sur
face matter of the plsnpl weighs only
about two cud due-half ns much ae
v/tttor, it is kuowu ai u
toward tbe center (heaven
of things is eloveu times tlmt of pittCed opposite our names per month
water,   Ibis is due to tUc circuin-- . . ,
itauoes that while thu subluuuiy  -".ft minimum charge,
orb was cooling uud cond- nsing thi- ���    All other conditions shad be mu-
heuvier particles Hutif'lit tho miihlle.   tually agreed npon.
Therefore  it is probable thai ihe i \y0 ftr0i 3jr
sre��;  Uaass of the sphere is iron. ,'.'   ' ,   ,
But   there aro   other metals more I ��� lours triuy,
i.'uvy tuun iron, anal  ihu.* would nam*-:. i*er mouth
naturally form .... a cumulation im   Brown k Clark 810 00
mediately abpnt the eiutsr of tbe  Tohn Stone       8 00
globe.    Geologist  Uilbert, ol   iue J. Fr��d Hume    7 00
geobgicul survey, said iue other da}   Gilker &-Wells    5 00
thut he would rather expect to fi: d i  Peter Pcti rson    2 00
vast accumulation  of gold at tbat 9, Ballegoord    2 00
point than anywhere eloe, his :������ ioi   Abrnbamaon Bros    0 00
being thut suoh of the yellow meial  fi PicarJ     . .    2 00
as is found ou ths surface of the Jon t' k Haig    7 00
earth is Only an accidental detritus   Sin Hi g        BOO
However, there arc two or thru.; suo-  R E. Lemon ...   7 Ou
statu es known even m re weighty
thuu gold, and one of them is platinum, which hus uuubie i in mars il
va'.us within, the last y��jr or two,
owing fo the increased cost of production."
greatest obstacle to "be growth of
Ei-velstoko is tlie unsatisfactory conditions under wbiob owners of lots
have bc-u. and still aro, obliged to
conti-'t th��mselvos. O.iing to a
difficulty between the Dominion and
Provincial Governments tbe right of
registering their tilb-s have boon denied tbem by the latter. As far as
regards the Ottawa Government, the
trouble muv bo said to bo ut an eud,
if the property owners will forward
the sum of $11,65 for eaoh lot, -$10
for u patent ice aud $1,55 for cost of
survey, us the following letter, just
received by a prominent citizon will
Dkpai'tmknt of the Intemob,
28th November, 1801.
Sin,���With reference to your letter
of tho llth ultimo in the matter of
.your title to lots Nus. 7, 8 and 9 in
block 1 i'i die townsite nf llevolstnko,
T a-, directed to inform you that the
deeds  filed  here by you   are  considered   satisfactory as  vesting ic
you thn title to these lots, but it kw)
boon  decided   by the  Department
Ibat   litlus  to lots at  Revelstoke
secured under deeds from Farwell
are not to 'is confirmed by patent
until a patent feo of $10.00 for each
lot  is  poll,    Therefore please be
good ennnuli to remit hero tbe sum
of $30,00 in payment of patent fees
j und $1 05 as the proportion of lbe
[cost of survey, beinc $1.55 per lot,
.liking a tola! of $11-1.05, on receipt
of which patents will issue to you
for tho lots in ojiiosiion,
I am, Sir,
Yonr obedient servant,
Assist. Secretary.
It is a hardship, to suy thn least,
that rose who bought tbeir lund
from Farwell years upo, and received deeds from him, should now
bo mulcted in a further sum of $11.-
bo per lot. .But this is uot tbe
greatest injustice, nor ouo that lot-
oivners will complain of to any
great extent. Thn trouble is that
the Provincial Government nt Victoria   WILL   NOT    IlEOlSTEB    THOSE
titles I We want to know the reason
why, Will the Provincial :��� eoretary
bo {���ood enough to explain? Will Mr.
J. M. Ki Hie put in u little time on
this affair und thresh tha thing out,
so that Revelstoke may know what
to expeLt from tho present administration? The lime has come uow for
this laud question to be settled, us
wo are desirous of goiug ahead a
little; but with this incubus bearing
ao heavily npon lis, it is impossible
to make the improvements which ure
only awaiting its removal to be commenced. Owners of lots can get
thoir title from the Dominion
Government by paying the extra
fees demanded; but the holder ol a
titlo which hus uot beeu placed on
record is, iu a must unenviable position, being precluded from silliug,
as no ono would buy. This injustioe
must be remedied, and soon.
aid h Co.
Carry large hues of plain, medium, nmd high grade furniture.   Parlor und
Bed-room sets ranging iu price from $8.50 to S.r>0().    Hotels fur.
nished throughout. Ollico and bar-room okoirs.   Spriug
mattresses made to ordor, nud woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses in btoek.    Mail    '
orders from Kootenay latiko
poiuts will receive early
uud   prompt  tit-
Millinery, Dress and Mantle Making",
.MER 3
or the
And a large variety of the most rocoul novelties iu
Togeihor with u fine solection ol the
Revelstoke   Toboggan    a*nd
Snowslioe Clubs.
On Thursday night a meeting of
the newly - formed Toboggan and
Snowshoe Club was held at lhe Post'
In all probability the ulterior of
die earth is still in a molicu state,
uud allow iug that the American
scientist succeed iu tueir visiunar.
H. .V. (    rsier  2 00 .,        ,   ,.. ,     , .
\ jj ��� 5 oo I ofneu, lho president (J, Kirkup) in
.   Earner 8 00 tll(l  olmir,  for tho purpose of re-
i       long  .'! 00 eiving tenders for the construction
R Howson.    ... 2 2�� of a new toboggan slide.   Five ten-
k t  ;,.  in Lneg  2 on ,                              , .,         ,     .
j m  '. o CO wore "I'6"���, and tbo contract
srton 2 <") aras awarded to tho lowest, that of
T. M Hamilton     	
i li Icher  	
V.   F.Ti -tzel        	
-Ml, I ��� ��� ���
Bpdert��kiug-8nai       .-^.... [on    v,    j_.i.-'-v	
ngeit-i^.rSlo-'i,, -|. -'' m ',     .[.,...    \]]\\"
tapping this liquid mass ?   ft might  Bu   Bro   & Co..	
turn out to be o white elephant uol "'            I '""' ���     ���������
oul, for themselves,  bnt for '   \ JJ
entire contiuent, own if it did n-.t s. Needham  ,2 DO
bring uoout ihe fleatruotion ol   he    ���   ten     2 (X
tar    2 0''
:, 00
2 60
B 00
6 i in
Mr. I;. Howson for $95.00, tbo work
to be oompleted within lilteou days,
lho slido, wl.ieh will be made of the
'-    owan .
i   - rosor
world, ua foretold ages ngo ; ai i ioi
the moiteii liquid started, internal
forcf-.. of whioh we know an little,
���woul force the stream through this
vont hole in the earth's crust, with
ever-inor a.-ung flow, and man's
Jjuuy efforts tu nt,uu it wonld '
little uvuil.
Some day astronomers will begin needed to make the
to d.teel a duviaHon in the earth's guaranteed, Phi ( ovorhment should
path aloug her orbit, and they will be  approached  i    regard to  the
also begin to -vpnderwhut oan be the Courl Hoi t, and tin p.RB.shonld
pause of it,   Probably many theories bouskedto'oi   tribal,  i   oral     i
will  bn advanoed us the plauet's on account of the ioor med   oo    I
ciauni, becomes more erratic,   The 0f tlifir prnri rfy with  firs extin
gicat Creator, ip orduiniiig ��� ,e in- gniahing appliances in tl,., town
jjredieuts of whioh this wdlld should  notably lhe bridge.   Wo shall also
le oompooeu knew the part it would offer a few sugg, stions u< a wees re
Save .o ..ijet id thu grtfttnolarays- garding thu future worki
to to ffJuoh 'I belongs, and wo find, johomi
tnel, will be 215 foot long and the
Aidih, and when finished will
'���' d to none in tho provinoe,
At the lame moeting it was decided
lo a lopt Ihe name of "The Solkirk
Toboggan and Snowshoe Olub." The
'������    im  actively oanvassing tho
"a, and new members are joining
-��� .'i.- day,  The membership foe is
'" for the bi i.'in.   There is be a
furn-oat on Thursdaj night on tho
"I oe , whin leveral novices will no
��� md       " ''���>��� doubt, tt novices usually do, come
!    absoribiog w     do   ���    it to griei P) sudeavormg to walk on
���'   a re  their ear, bul it is io be hoped no
mount to be necks wm be broken,
Not to on behind, the hoys at tho
All orders by mail or
express promptly
All descriptions ot
gold and silver.
(Close to 0. P. R, DepoDjj,
Revelstoke      -      ,      BC
Importers of the Choicest Qvayyies and Provisions.
We carry a select and complete stook of gent's furnishings, ladios' toilet,
aud children's boots, shoes aud hose, stationery, patent medicines, eto.,'
requisites uud ready-made clothing.   A   largo  assortment of pipes,
tohucco, cigarettes, imported and domestic cigars, iruils, candy, eto. a
Stove pipes, tinvvuro, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, and othergoode
loo numerous lo mention, al modern to prices.
Telephone vommuniealioo.
king of lho
Station huve beon stirring themselves
in the lame direction, nnd lust Mmi-
- ���* ' ighl n ti i mi': win oallml fur
the purpoio of forming g U be ;':ui
I ""��� |hoo clil). und llm (otjoiv-
ili|. ollieei-simn, eleeled:    I 'lei.lile'll,,
Loco, Poroman Templa; F. Bourne,'
ni'i'itiiry tri-iiHiiriir; managing committee, ll. Bourne, U. Drubule uud
I', Mcii.lui'.sou
J, Fred. Hume & Co,
Kevelstoke and Nelson, B. C.
 DEALEHS  1^���--
Dry Goods,  Provisions and Hardware.
The Public will hud il to their advantage to call and
Inspect  Goods and Compare   Prices.
Any ordors placed wiih   Mr. Chari.es Lindmark   will have oo,
careful attention  und  prompt delivery to any part ol Revelstoke. '���'
lit (IV
Rev. Mr. Ladner will preucb tomorrow in the Methodist Church ;
morning nt 10.30, evening ut 7.3U.
All are cordially invited.
Mrs, Clark, of Clinton, B. 0��� *vho
hus been stopping nt the Columbia
House since lbe funeral of ber
daughter (Mrs. Beavo) I. ft fci her
L'>me on Tuesday evening's express.
Mr. A. D. Emory, travelling for
N. N. Colo k Co., trieroliant in;.',;rs
of Winnipeg, culled on us Ihis week.
Ilo reports u vory suocjssfui business trip in thq pyqvinoe.
Mr, C. Donald Ne;:/lhiini, of Toronto, professor of music, it: stopping ut the Viotoria fiotal, where he
Will remain for u few lays. Any one
desiring his pr-'fossionol services
v/ill do well to cull,
Dr. Puner bus reoeived thu appointment of pliywia-iftn and atlpgoun
from the Canadian Pacific Railway
fur the Kumloops division, extend-
iug from Iievelstoke to North lleud,
With headquarters at Kumloops,
He entered upou his duties ou the
1st of December,
Thero have bam two alarms of
fire iu Eevelpfolto fbis week, both on
Maiu Street, but fortunately little
dumuge wus dons iu either case, a
few pails of water just in the uiek
o'tiuie extinguishing the flames. Next
timo it may be more serious, There
fore let's hurry up and get the water
mains laid beforo cur doors. Those
who huvo not subscribed should do
so ut once.
Next Thursday night, in the
Methodist Church, the Eev. Mr.
Ladner will deliver a most interest
jug lecture ou "The Sovereignty of
Mai," when a largo gathering mny
!'���- looked for, as tbe rev. gentleman's
masterly bundling of his theme is
bediming WS|1 known here. Pul't of
the night s programme wiil be musical und a collection will be t..iiou up
in aid of th: (hurch Hinds. Commeuciug sharp at eight o'olook.
At the open meeting of the Columbia Lodge I.O.G.T. last Tuesday
nin"bt there was a full houso, but
owing to sickness aud other unavoidable oausi s several of the per
formers who hud promised to contribute to the progriiumu did uot
iippi-ar. Mrs. Cieemun guve u song
in her iisn.,1 style, una Mis.-. Adair u
recitation which was well rendered.
Mr. Ladner then gave u very aide
a.idress concerning tbe evils of m-
We have received from Messrs.
De�� aiais k Co., Montreal, their
speo-'men booh of photogravure, and
it contuins the most magnificat nt uud
artistic work we have yet seen, One
woul��i imugiuu in looking ut those
engravings that art oould go no
further, that the acme of its work
had been reached. The portraits
are almost living, breathing beings,
and the picture of still life true luc
similes. Any one desiring a specimen book can be supplied by sending
10 cents to Messrs, Deaharats k Co.,
73 St. James Street, Montreal. The
plates themselves are for book and
newspaper printing.
K'-fr'ffrq^if'-'-v^ -I, i ,1,   ���    mmvmgm��m*mjmgmg& -j dr-.,.
QEA LEI) TENDEiiS addressed
Ij   to lite PiiBlm.i-.ter  (ieneral
will bo received nt Ottawa until Noos'
ou I'l.'l DAY, the Clu Miii'.-li next, for ���
the convey mice of   Her  Majesty's'
Mails, un a proposed contract for]
four years, fortnightly iu Summer and
monthly i.i winter, between
from tho 1st May next.
Printed notices, containing further
inforiiintion as to conditions of proposed oontroot, may bo Been aud
i lank forms of tender muy be obtained at the Post-offices of Golden,
Galena, Windermere, Fort Steele,
Purimont Springs nud Craubrook,
ami at tins ollice.
li. H. JfJjJSTUHllilt,
Post-office Inspector.
Post-office Inspector's Cilice, Victoria, B.C., 20th November, 1891.
I have  this  day purchased   tho
Business oarried on by Yee Lee as
��t:,,;;';J.   iJi'.-.-J.oi.!^ :_���,;���  Hevektoke,
Uritish Columbia, '
Revelstoke, Nov. 21st, 1891.
Is hereby given, that application
will be made to tho Legislative Assembly of tbe Province of British
Columbia, at its uext session, for an
Aet for the pnrpose of constructing,
mamtniiiiug, equipping, and operating Water Works in the lown of
Nelsou, iu the Kootonny District, in
said Province, and for the purposes
thereof, grant iug to the Company tbe
privilege of takiug water from the
Cottonwood-Smith Greek, tbe Ward
Creek, and other suitablo points ;
with power to tbe Company to build
PlUmes and Aqueducts, lay pipes,
erect Dams, acquire Lands, uud do
till things necessary for tbo purposes
Solicitors for the Applicants.
November 19th, 1891.
Is hereby given, thai 60 days after
dat-- I intend to npply to the ^H-f
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permiss'on to purohuse the follow-
in," desoribed land iu the district of
West Kootenny :
Commenoing at a post marked
"PeterGenello, South-west Corner,"
on the east shore of the Upper Arrow
Lake, about ono mile liQrtli of Nakusp
Creek ; thenco east SO chains, thenco
north HQ ohains, ihence west nn chains,
thenco south 80 chains to the place of
beginning, containing 010 acres,
BovelbloU, U.G., Oiil.-lUlh, 1891.
Gilker & Wells,
fancy & toilet goods, patent medicines
VSO-STX SmBB��    <��� ftATff9fr-l*9M*a 9,-9
Notary Public
Notary Tublio
Milling, Timber and   Real   Estate  Brokers und  General
Commission Agents.
thct at the uext session of the Legislative Assembly application will be
made for a Private Bill authorizing
tbo applicants to construct, operate
nud maintain a system of Electric
Lighting in and about tbe present
town of Nelson nnd its vioinity, and
for that purpose to take so much of
too waters of toe Cottpnwood-Bmith
Crook ut- muy be necessary for gene-
ratiug Liectricity for ihe supply of
tbe sjid system ; with power also to
erect, lay, and string such Poles,
Pipi s and \7ir.-s through, along, over
and under the streets aud highways
of the said towu aud its vicinity as
may be necessury.
Solicitors for tbe Applicants,
'   '   -     a''-' ���
At the Victoiiia���A. F. Stewurt,
Vancouver; Thos. Ardiel, Chas. Hol-
ten, Down River- W. M. llouald)
L. Oedbolt, Geo. R. Gregg, h!
Mulholland k wife, Winnipeg; J, A.
Brown, Minueopuiis; W. li. Cump-
bell, Rev. J. C. C, Kemm, Donald;
A. F. McKinuon, Illecillewaet; Wm.
C. Muthews, Montreal; Ii. Moose,
A. A. Shaw, Viotoriu; J. Serson, W.
B. Campbell, Douald; 13.  Stewart,
A. P. Stowart, Hamilton; A. D.
Emory, Chas.  Wishart, Winnipeg;
C. D. Needham, Toronto; J. J.
Doran, Montreal.
At the Columbia House-J, C.
Duggan, Oulgary; Junies Kirby,
Revelstoke; Wm. McKeuzie, Big
Bend; J. Moxley, Arrow Ruocl ;
P. M, Walker, Dave Ferguson, Down
River; J. White, A. W. CossaD, N.
Tegeault, Revelstoke; A. C. Somer-
ton, Beaver.
At the Central.���A. Jeffreys,
G. B. Nugle, J. McDonald, Nelson,
B. O.j John Fisher, Salmon Arm;
W. Edgor, Johu Hnctor, John Hall-
strom, Arrow Lake; John Valentine,
Greoly Creek.
that at the next session of the Legis-
luture of British Columbia application will bo made for tbe passage of
a Private Bill authorizing the applicants to construct, operate aud maintain Tramways for the purpose of
couveying passengers,  freight  and
ores from some convenient point near
Nelson to any point or points within
8 radius of 25 miles from Nelson ;
also to take aud use from tbe Kootenay lliver, in the vicinity of the Fulls
of lhe said river, so much of tbe
waters as may be necessary to obtain
therefrom 5,000 horse-power for tbe
purposes of generating electricity to
be used either as a motive power for
the said Tramway or other works of
the applicants or to be supplied by
the  applicants  to  consumers as a
motive power for luuiliug, pumping,
lighting, smelting, drilling or for auy
oth'-r purposes for which it may bo
applied or be required, with power to
the applicants tp construct and maintain Buildings, Erections, Raoeways
j or other works iu connection therewith for improving  nud increasing
, the water privilege, and also to enter
1 upon nnd expropriate lands for n site
| for power houses- and for dams, raee-
: ways or such other works as shall be
j necessary ;   also to erect, lay, oon-
, struct  uud   maintain  ull uect-bsury
i Works,   Buildings,    Pipes,   Poles,
J Wires, Appliances  or Conveniences
j necessary or proper for the genera-
; ting nnd transmitting of Electricity
or power withiu the urea above described.
Dated this 12th November, 1801,
There is great talk pf lbe N.P,
II, branching out Into Kooteuuy
licxl spriia'.   American capital is
ftlrendy largely invested u.oro.
IW     ,     ,   ; ��� ���
' A patty ot nearly 100 German
imiuigrunts arrived on Suturday
mon ing. Tbe German immigra-
tion to Canada this yCar exceeds
that of all other non-English
speaking nationalities. Reports
reoeived by tbe companies inter-
estcd in directing emigration to
ihuNoiiliWcHBlu.e that hundreds
ol Gorman farmers in Southern
Russia arc prep ring to leave lor
the liuniiiiiou.��� Hluiiipcg Free
Is hereby given, that GO days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works
for permission to purchase the following described laud iu the district of
West Kooteuay:
Commencing at a post marked " F.
J. Fulton, North-west Comer," on the
east shore of the Upper Arrow Lake,
about oue milo uorth of the Nukusp
Green ; theuce oast 10 chaius, theuce
south 80 chains, thence west 40 chaius
to the shore of the Arrow Lake, aud
theuce uorth following the shore of
the la. e to Lhe place of begojuiug,
contaiuiug 320 acres, more or 1- ,js.
Kamloops, B.C., Oct, 10th, 1891.
Is hereby given, that 60 days after
date I inteud to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds uud Works
for permission to purchase the following described land in the district of
West Kootenay:
-Commencing at a post marked "J.
O. Orahume, North-west Comer," on
the east shore of the Upper Arrow
Lake, south of the Nakusp Creek;
thence east 40 chaius, thence south
40 chains to tbe shore of the Arrow
Lakei aud thence north, following tbo
shore of tbo luke to the poiut of beginning, containing 160 acres, more
or less.
Kamloops, B.C., Oct. 10th, 1891.
Is hereby given, that CO days after
date I intent! to apply to the Ohief
Commissioner of Lands nud Works
for permissiou to purchase the following described land in the dislrict of
West Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked "A.
Wells, South-east Corner," on the
east shore of the Upper Arrow Lake,
about ouo mile north of the Nukusp
Creek ; thonco north 40 chaius, thenoe
west 12U chains to the shoro of the
lake, and theuce soulh following lhe
shore of tho luko to the pluce of beginning, containing 640 ucros.
Revelstoke, B.C., Oct. 10th, 1891.
Is heroby given, tbnt application
will be mado at tho uoxt session of
the Lifcislutivo Assembly of tho Province of Britisli Columbia for au
Act to incorporate a Company to
construct, equip, mnintiiiu aud operate a line of Railway from some
point on Kooteuuy Luke, by wuy of
Kuslo or other puss, up the North
Fork of Kuslo Creek, to some poiul ul
or neur tbe summit between Kooteuuy
and Slocan Lakes or the vicinity of
the recently discovered niiuos in that
section, with powers of extending said
Railway in auy directiou as may hereafter be deemed requisite for the
transportation of ores and other products, with powers of bnildiug aud
operutiug Branch Linos from said
Railway to such miuos as may now
be or hereafter lo be discovered iu the
vicinity of said Railway.
Solicitors for Applicants,
Dated 20th October, A,D. 1891,
Conveyances, Agreomonts, Bills of Sale, Mining Bonds, etc., drawn up,
Rents and Aoootmts Colleoted ; Mining Claims Boughl and gold ; Assess-
,ent work-on Mining Claims Attended to ; Patents Applied for, Etc, Etc.,
Lots on Townsite of Revelstoke for Sale and Wanted. Agents for Miuing
Is hereby given, that 60 days after
date I iutend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works
for permissiou to purohase tho following described laud iu the district of
West Kootenny:
Commenoing at a post marked " P. Machinery, Elo
G. C. South-east Comer," planted at
the north-east corner of tbe land
chained by A. Wells on the Upper
Arrow Lake, about one mile uorth of
Nakusp Creek ; thenoe north 40
chains; thence west 120 chains to
the shore of Arrow Luke; theuce
south iiloug the shore of Arrow Lako FINEST FINISH, FINEST TONED. EASY TOTTflH
40 chains j nnd thenee oust 120 chains iwuutj,
to tho poiut of commencement, con-
tuiuing 640 acres more or less.
Reveletoke, B.C., Nov. 2ui], 1891.
Evans Bros.' Pianos
r. wilum bs Lauuk ���*.I.
If you think of buying au Organ or  Piano, send for Catalogue an-j
Price Lists.
jas Mcdonald & c��.,
Smelting and Trading
Are   Prepared to  Sample   aud   Purchase   all   Kinds   of
Prices uud all information furnished on application.
ED. P1CAM), Proprietor.
Boots & Shoes of all kinds made to order on short
T|.gs. Broact Straps, Ames Buckles, and Snaps, ol all kinds
nh.; sizes, kept in stock.
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to the BUSINESS,   LUMBERING,   nnd AGRICULTURAL, and especially to tho
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District,
V \ ) ',) to; and evented '.���*. lho best u-.yk   Qomi-Ua-uykl Work ���
Hllltllllall.V J       ��� a     ..   .... ^ - .;, ���.    .   o. :.  S
specialty GENERAL  NEWS.
The Royal Humane Society
ol Grout liritaiii bus awarded four
bronze medals lo Canadians ior
��� living life.
There is groat talk of tho N.P,
11, bra. filing out into Kootenay
next spring. American oapiial is
already largely invoked there.
Aimy, the murderer ol Christie
_'tTS---T��.'-'-'&7:-;---~ r-
A prominent Indian tributary
prince, the Maharuj-ih llolkur of
ltidurc, h ii juJ given a striking
pivof of bis loyally to tbo Uritish
Empire by undertaking to equip,
at bis 0'.."., oost, U.o tine cavalry
regiments and add thom to the
Imperial forces in India.
People who have just come
down are joyfully announcing
that the glorious days ol golden
Chinese Barbarities'a
Wurdeu, near Plymouth, Now |Cui'iboo fire about to return, re-
Hampshire, bus been seulenccd
to be haiigod in Dccombor, 1892.
A man on the mainland near
tbo bridge, North Arm, cut 22
cords uf wood out of oue I roe,
and ho did not "so up all tho tree
oitbor.        '   u
John M. Tinsley, aged 108
years, led in prayer ut tho cole-
brulion ol ihe jubilee ol ibo Queen
Slreof, Toronto, Daplist  Church
(colored) on Sunday night.
Tho County Council oi Essex.
Out,, in spite of tbo fact that tho
warden is an annexationist, has
passed a resolution unanimously
declaring for .British connection.
Tho crop bulletin of the Manitoba Government, just issued,
shows tho estimated wheat yield
in Manitoba alono to bo considerably over thirty millions of
bushels.   " '''
' il is reported at .Montreal that
tho Montreal Herald is about to
como into the control oi Sir
Richard Cartwright, and lhat il
will be continued under now and
vigorous management.
Charles Phillips, who broke
jail at K;".*'*loops and stole a rifle
and ammunition from an Indian
at the head of the Like, pleaded
guilty, and was seiiteneod to five
years iu tho penitentiary.
cent developments having warranted tbo embarkation of vtry
large amounts of labor and capital in mineral development.
During his visit tu Australia
John L, Sullivan reooived i-onio
handsome presents, Tbo lineal
of the lol wus a watch churin con-
luiuiUj* fou; gold nugjiots, representing the four colonics. This
would seem to oontrndlot .Sullivan's stories of ill-treatment.
William Stephen, father ot Lord
Mountstophon, is dcud, He wus
born iii Banffshire, Soolland, in
181)0, uiid c;.Mie lo Canada forty-
seven years later, He cuviicd on
llio busines of a bui.dcr for some
timo. Mrs. Stephen suryives him.
Lord Mounlslophou is in Europe.
A shark nearly twenty-four
feot in length WfjB recently caught
in the'harbor of Painiinii. Tne
skin was about bail an meb Ibick.
It was captured by a harpoon
llirowu Irom a steamer, and the
vessel was turned completely
round by tbo powerful flsh when
first made fast.
The steamer Gaelic sailed from
Sun Francisco for Yokohama aud
Hongkong to-day, Sutuid ,y, Ovci
1,000 Chiucso look thoir departure in her for the purpose uf
sponding the New Yuur iu China.
This is  the  largest number oi
Throo   tons of gi;,-it powder
were found buried under ono of | C-.lc-.iiaU ever leaving that port
the principal strccls of Taeoniti.
It was loft there  iwelvo years
ago by N. P. R. coniiuctors, who
forgot about its oxistotico.
Peter Jackson, the pugilist, has
recoived word that lho articles ol
agrcomont for bis fight with
Frank Slavii> has boen mailed.
Thoy provide that ��200 shall bu
deposited before January 15th,
Tho C.P.R, land department isl
ou one ship
The Hematite shaft of iho Lake
Superior iron Jkliu'o al ish-jouiiug,
Mich , ouugbt tiiu ut midnight on
Saturday. All the men escaped
ly another opening, The fire
department managed to prevent
the , piead ol the flames, which
were'in the fifth and sixth levels
ja..d the shaft.
It bus transpired tbat Daniel
Horrible details have beon received of tho massacres of Belgian   missionaries   and   native
Christians nl Tayou and Sanchi
by the Chinese.   Tho Christians
wero attacked  without Warning
and had no  chance   to escape-
I'he rioters' first seized the nuns,
all of whom  were subjected to
indignities uud   outrage   before
being rolioved by death.   A liel-
uian priest was brained at a blow,
Tho Bonds then  seized his body
und tore out the tongue and heart
and   burned  thom.    Tbe native
Christians'were treated even moro
horribly.    Thoy wore not permitted to die a swill death,   Tho
niisoreants  seized  tho converts
who had lied in vain fo the mission, and subjected tbem lo fearful tortures.   The children were
seized and some bucked to pieces
and others roasted itlivo bolero
the eyes of their agonised parents,
Then tho parents wero taken and
Heated   with  a   refinement   of
cruelly thai only Chinese understand.    Afior suffering  various
tortures, such as still lived woro
slaughtered,      Tbo    mandarins
seomed oithor to havofavorod tlie
rioters or lo have been overcome
with fear,   Instead of attempting
lo suppress their violence, or protesting against it, they welcomed
lbe murderers, rod banded from
lbe slaughter, and spread a 'least
and held it icto in iheir honor.
It would be b.ii'd  to depict tbo
feelings   oi- tlm   Europeans   in
Shanghai and other placoi. at tbo
rolutious of these horrors.   Tbey
are not angry simply, they are
furious, and thero is a loud and
universal demand from all foreigners for a punishment  tbat
will bring tbe Chineso to their
senses and impress a never to be
forgotten leason.
Sale of Chinese Girls in
Tbo Victoria Colonist has boen
ferreting out some terrible f-icts
in regard lo tho sale of Chinese
girls for immoral purposes in lhat
city.   Several of these (.iris, mere
ohildren of I'd or 1-1, have been
recently brought ovor from China
by a Chinese procuress named Ah
Moy, aud sold lo wealthy China,
men iu Viotoria at sums ranging
from V00 to 1,500 dollars, The
police havo taken a hand in tho
manor, und the guilty parties will
bo punished.
���-There's Millions in it."
Tho Canadian Pacific earning:
for Ootober wore $2,012,502, und
working expenses 81,038,839���a
not profit nl'SU78,55G. In Ootober
last year the net profits woro
��820,403. For tbo ton months
ending October 31st, 1891, tho
gross earnings wero 810,295,202;
working expenses, ��10,153,750;
net profitB, $6,141,452. For ton
months ending October 31st last
yoar net 'profits wero 85,079,700,
B U T C 11 E K S
BEEF,    oi;k, ETC.
Corner Front aud Hanson Sis.
AllliAIlAMsON EllOS.       -      PUOI'HIETORS
First class iu every respect; Nearest
hotel to 0 I' ll depot and steamboat
landing, between post, ollice uud gov-
buildings, ('ouch to and from ...pol
und steamboat. Fire proof Safe for tbC
iccoininoilation of its customers.
jc1. R..
���'? T
F. MoOAiiTiir   -
ondeavoriug to promolo emigru-l Whale, tlio ex-Toronto hotel
tion to Manitoba und tho Western j keeper, wbo is uow serving a lite
territories from tbo maritime pro-: sentence for  the murder of his
Vinces, a huge proportion of
which has in past years drifted
iuto tbe States.
In the action of Publisher Os-
go dly against the Toronto Street j
Railway J'ocpany, claiming 820- i
wife at Mitchell, confessed to u
friend about '.Ir time of the coroner's incju '.t'thui be cribbed her
skull in wilb a beer bet Ic, which
iias since been found.
A lot of extra warm olothine
000 for injuries received by being! was reoeived at Vancouver from
run iuto by a oar, judgment was England for the bluejackets who
given on Friday for the plaintiff, go home over the OP,P. to-day.
awarding bim 80,U00. 1 i.   big coats will be worn until
The   Department   of  Finance Halifax i- reached, when ibey
follows the u:lIetiD on poultry by *'"  be given   to the new crews
one on the agg business, giving which arc- coming out to join tbe
Naturalizing'   English
Foreign gold has been actually
"dumped" into San Fruneiseodur-
ing iho cast few months. It bus
arrived in the form ol English
sovereigns from the Australian
bunks. Records show tlmt during the lust few mouths over ��7,-
000,000 worth of sovereigns has
arrived from tho Sydney and
Auckland banks. The Mariposa,
which arrived Irom Australia on
Thanksgiving L.iy,brougbl nearly
83,000,000 worth of sovereigns,
and yesterday tbo bulk of Ibom
wore received at tho United
States .Mint on Fifih street. The
sovereigns aro recoined into
twenty dollar gold pieces, and go
into circulation here.
Lost His Wager and His Life,
A despatch from Waynesbuu**,
Pa,, sayp: John Dougherty, an
oil-well  drillor, died   lust night
from pneumonia,   Mr. Dougherty
was a Democrat, and ho mado u
bet with a Hcpublican that Campbell would defeat M"oKinley for
Governor   of  Ohio.     Tho loser
was to climb to tbo top of an oil
derrick", seventy-two feet  high,
aud remain therefrom six in tho
morning unlil six in tho evening.
Dougherty mounted the derrick
last Saturday morning, aud, although the rain poured down all
day, ho did nut flinch.   When he
came   down   at  night   ho   wus
On  the
First-class Ten.pei 111.0,0 House.
liOAUD  AND  LoDOINO   $5   Plili   IVeEK.
MEALS) 25c.      lil'DS 250.
Tbis hotel is situated convenient to the
station, is comfortably furnished, and
iffords first class accommodation.
Tho largest und most central Hotel in
the city ; good accommodation ; everything new ; table well supplied ; bar aud
billiard room attached ; lire proof safe, '
cramped    and   wool
following day violent
ecl in, brought on by tho e
posui'O, and bis  le. lh 1'CeuiUd.
an idea ef the progress of lb" trade
with England, Last year the
business increased satisfactorily
aud it is now on a permanent
sbi  .'.:. the P -. tic coast.
ft is announced that a syndicate oi English capilolists, which
tained control of the
nion   Brewing Co., oi To-
The Ii issiar Minister of War ponto, have got  bold ol  three
has ordered 16,000,000 poQnds ol other   Toronto   brewing   uom-
soldiers'bisouits to  be delivered panies, which are to be consoli-
by January Lst, Ths order, dated under one head, They an Rosebory waa six years old, and
whioh is altogether anpreoe- Daniel's Brewing and Malting jD his young days had drawn a
dented since t B jqo-Tnrkish Co., Cosgrave k Co., ond lhe haok belonging to a livery stable
war, his created a decided sen- Ontario Browing IMalting Co
Death of Rosebery the High
Rosebery, th., horse with tbo
high jump record, is dead. Ho
was being ridden by Tim Illong
and bad cleared tbo bar at 7 ft.
.'.I in. when it was raised two
inches higher, In attempting
this lho gallant horse foil, receiving infernal injuries from
which bo died tho samo night.
He was owned by Mr. Popper,
wh  bad refused 810,000 for him.
It was just 87 years ago last y^n.,,.,,, shooting Practice
Friday thai the first party of
immigrants, brought out by the
Hudson's Bay Company in the
ship Princess Royal to open tho
coal mines on Vancouver Island,
arrived nt what is now the city
of Nasalmc
A direct parcel popt has been
cistabli i'lcij, between Canada and
Jamaica. I'he limit of woighl
vrili be 7 lbs. and tho ralo per lb,
37 cents. The limit Of weigbl for
Of   II    GllllllO.'lt.
A naval ioi rl of inqm'ry has ac��
qui    I I.. titon u I Pi mantle, ol
II M S Plucky, ol any negligence 7l'--:-!"-
in linking two I
Plymouth, Oot. 20tb, while the
Plucky was  engaged in  I
in London, Out, and had been in
lafts of a milk wagon before
that, being sold for SOO, Mr.
Pepper paid --107 for the horse
an i trained bim to jump. He hud
bi ' ��� f. tbe bigh jumper Ontario,
and  held the world's .record of
Vancouver's Clutioae Leper.
Tho  Chinese  Icpor  who bus
been conliucd in a shack near ibe
0. P, R station, waa conveyed lo
Daroy Island, which he will make
hia future homo, in the steamer
Clyde.   Health Inspector ll.unl-
ley and Mr. A. Larvvcll, ono of llio
guards, went up with him.   It is
expectod I hut lhe caipenlors will
have   finished putting   up   tho
house   on Dure:* Island by tbo
time thoy roach there, so thut tho
Clyde will roturn with tho mon
immediately after hor  arrival,
Tho shack ie still guarded, so that
no ono can get in it, and in a few
days it will bo burned to tbo
ground,   Tbe Chinaman does not
liko the idea of going to Darcy
Island to pass tbo remainder of
his days, but if thoy put him
thero to stay, ho says ho will die
si.on,   He has a mot hor in China,
perhaps 80 years old, and if ho
only know that sho was dead,
lliey could put him where thoy
liked, ho  would  not cure;   he
would havo nothing to live for
then.   He has  aluo   a wife  in
China, aud would liko to soo her,
but his mothor gives him  tbo
chief coucorn.   Ue denies tb.il bo
has leprosy, and says bo knows
a friend of bis now in China who
was cured  in .Now York by a
Chinese  decor of the discaso
from which ho is now sulloring.
Stockholm Mouse
Tbo Dining-room is furnished with tbe
host tno market affords.
Tbo bar is supplied with a ohoico stock
of wines, liquors aud cigars,
W. F. Teetzel
Revelstoki* & Nil s< \,
���ia'' ice,   One man was d
ul the time,    Lieutenant Fn
mantle's father, Sir K. R, Fro
m i ij Ll o. K. 0 I!, atiendod the
po'rools between Can id a and N w- sesions of the oourtoi i <| ifrj and
foandland, and also for parcels the 11������toiiarit'H aequiitul Is
exchanged with oilier countries gctioraffy attributed to what on
viu Great Britain bus been in-iAmorioan would call a "strong
-���roused to ^ lbs. I political pull,"
Origin oi lhc Valparaiso
Spooial corn spondooeo ol the
\   '���' ate I Press from V dparulso
rling llm assault on
lm i can sailors that the trouble
oommonoed In a trivial quarrel
b : '"en   Un  Am   I'iuilU an I  tWO
Chillai sailors, One of the latter
Anally spal in '' q laoo of one of
the imoricans, who retaliated by
striking bis insulier,
A Full and Complete Line of
Toilet Articles, Wall Paper, &o.
W Cigars at Wholesale. jH
RATMOND Sewing Machines kept
in stook.
E. Fletcher,
Contractor & Builder
A now oxplosivo, called forlis,
is being tested by the J'elgiun
(iovernmont, and is reported to
have given startling results, Tbo
Bubstanoo is believed to havo a
force of from 30 to 40 per cent,
greater than that of any oxplo-
Hive known. A hole 18 foot deep
was drilled in tbo solid rock and
obargod with a relatively small
quantity of fortis, It detached
a mass 200 feot high, breaking it
into pieces of 50 lb, or 60 lb, and
projecting thon lo it dislunce ol
!'-fi0 yards.
All kiuds of Turned and Scroll work
done neatly and promptly,
and at right prices.
Jobbing Work a Specialty,
REVELSTOKE   -    -    B.C.
The subscriber would intimato
to tho public generally that he is'
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,'
Glass, uud till Building Material,'
Picture Framing, ko,
Collins, Caskets, Shrouds, &c��� oar,
ried in Utock.
at ���   .,   .-.!���


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