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The Kootenay Star Sep 27, 1890

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Array VOL- II-
H     Ti     t"   '��
I    I   ll
Mwncggniimi Mfaitwirwr taw
Ko. Ir
Notice is hereby given Hint, in pursu
nnce of the provisions of section 3, of tho
('Columbia k Kootonny Railway Subsidy
Act, 1890," the unoccupied and unrecorded Crown lands situated within tho following described blocks of land, havo
been reserved from louse, sale or settlement, viz.:
Block 111, Commencing at a point on
the west bnnk of the Columbia Rivor, two
piiles south of the mouth of Trail Creek ;
thi nee two miles due west; thenco four
miles north ; thenee four miles oust, crossing Ihe Columbia River; thenco four
miles south ; thence two miles west to
the point of commencement.
lliook 14. Commencing at n point on
the south sido of the mouth of Toby
Creek, on the west side of tbo Columbia
River, nt the north end of the Lower Columbia Lake, thenee due west four miles ;
thence north four miles ; thenee east four
miles; thenee squib four milos to the
place of commencement.
Flock 15. Four miles square, situated
jit the south end of Lower Columbia Lake,
on the west side.
Block 16. Pour miles s pare, situated
At the mouths of Sheep nnd Skookum
Chuck Creeks.
Blocks 17 and 18. Each four miles
square and siti at 'd south of Fort Steele.
Block 19. I our miles square, situated
on Elk River, and including Elk River
Provided that this reservation shall not
affect any lauds which are included in
i in' grant, lease, agreoment for sale, or
p^her alienation from the Crown, or which
jitive ba-u set apart for any special purpose prior to the date of this notieo,
26 Surveyor-General.
L.mds aud Work   Department,
Victoria, B. C. Sept. 18th, 1880.
The following reduction of Fees for
Assaying, M fftiiu the ls| proximo, has
been ordered by the Hon. Minister of
Mines :
Tests for single samples, for gold, silver,
|ead, or copper, to be made
for S1.50 each.
Two or more samples,     "    $1.00 each.
For nil other tests a proportioate reduction has been ordered,
61 St A~ayer,
Notice is heroby given that sixty (60)
days after date, I intend to mane application to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands
and, WprKS, for permission to lease the
following described tract of laud, for
lumbering purposes -.
Commeuciug nt about one mile below
the junction of tho West or North Font;
of the Salmon River, running southerly
to a point ono-half (|) milo above the
South or East Fore of Salmon River,
thence easterly one.half (j) mile, theuce
northerly to, a pjint one-half [1] mile
east of tbe starting point, thence westerly one-half [J] mile to tho point of beginning, containing about 10,000 acres.
Also, commeuciug at a point nt Bolder
CreeK, about pne-half [ij mile from Salmon River, and running south about
three miles, thence one-half [ .V] mile east,
thence north threo milos, tbouce west
three-fourths of a mile to point of begin-
jlig, containing about 1000 acres,
17 W. 1'. SAYWARD.
HTC,   ETC.   ETC.
And Post Office Store N ELSON'
Notieo is hereby given that a Public
Auction Side of'Lots in the Town of
Nelson, West Kootenny District, will be
held at the Government Office, Nelson,
on the 30th day of September. 1890,
Each lot will be sold subject to the
erection of a building of not less than
S"i00 value within li months from the date
of sale. Any purohaser failing to erect
Ruoh building within the stipulated pori-
od shall forfeit his deposit, nud the salo
will be cancelled.
Terms 20 per cent, cash, nnd the bul-
nnco in 12 months with interest at the
rate of 6 jier cent, per annum.
24 Surveyor-General.
Lnnds and Works Department,
Victoria, B, C, 12th September, 1890,
The sale of Lots at Nelson appointed
for tho 30th September, iu the above notice, will not take place ns advertised,
but will occur later, of whioh due notice
will be given,
A Court of Revision and Appeal under the Assessment Act will be held at
tho Government Office, at Nelson, on the
18th day of October, at 10 o'clock, a, m,,
aud at the Court Houso in Revelstoke,
on the 4th day of November, at 10 a, in.
25 Chairman Court ot Revision
and Appeal,
Revelstoke, Sept. 18th, 1890.
Notice is hereby given that sixty day,
after date, I intend applying to the Chie
Commissioner of Lands and Works, for
permission to leaso for lumbering purposes, tbe following lots of land situate
hi tbe District of East Kootenny, viz. :
Lot No, 1. Beginning at the stako s(
mile from bridge on North Pork of Spill-
amashene River, thence east two miles,
thence south one mile, thence west two
miles, thenee to initial stake, containing
1280 acres, more or less.
Lot No. 2. Beginning at a slake half
mile from bridge on Middle Fork, Spill���
amashene River, thence west oue mile,
thence north one mile, thence east three
miles, thence south half milo, thenee cast
two miles, theuce south one mile, thence
east two miles, thence south one mile,
thence tu initial stako, containing 3200
acres, moro or less.
Lot No. 3. Beginning at a stake alongside of last mentioned stake, thenco east
half mile, theuce south two miles, theuce
west two miles, thence Lorth two miles,
theuce to initial stake, containing 2500
acres, more or less.
Lot No. -1. Beginning at n stako on
west bank of South Fork of Spillama-
chene lliver, on S. W. comer of the "Big
Slide," thenee north half mile, theuce
east one mile, thence south six and one
half miles, thenco west two miles, thence
uorth two miles, thence east one mile,
thence north two miles, theuce west one
mile, thence north two miles, thence to
initial stake, containing 0720 acres, more
or less. T. B. H. COCHRANE.
Golden, B. C, 26th July, 1890, 5
��� MINING   UROKEIt,���
And General Commission Merchant,
Insurance   ��n-J   Real   Estate
Agent, Notary Public, Etc.
Go Lb en ', B. C
tEIie Ilooicnaij Star
SATURDAY,  SEPT. 27 , 1890.
C. & K, S. N. CO.
The Steamer Lytton wiil leave Revelstoke Mondays and Thursdays for
Revelstoke. Aug, 9,1890.
Referring to tho letter of Mr. Ayl-
mer, discussing the "Last Land Policy" of the Government, wo are not
sufficiently familiar with tho facts
concerning Col. Baker's holdings of
hind or applications to purchase the
same, to discuss properly that portion of his letter. Wo do not think
however that the present limitation
to pre-emptors and homesteaders of
tho privilege of acquiring land, is in
all respects the best that can be devised , As an example,���under tho
present order, the same rule applies
to all grades of land, whether farming, pastoral or mountain, and it
strikes us that these differences in
quality should bo represented by
similur differences in administration.
We cannot conceive why so small a
tract as 320 acres ef pastoral land
could be wanted by any one for
purely pastoral purposes. The idea
that we wished more especially to
convey in the article criticized by
Mr, Aylmer, was that the Hon. Premier had made one step forward in
behalf of the people; and we also
added our belief that during his four
years' lease of power, taking this order as an indication of policy, he
would redress mauy errors of past
It does not appear that the present
Government is altogether wrong in
not reaching this stage in its land
policy before. Tho old order of pro.
cedure had become woven into the
governmental system, and was handed down as a legacy from previous
administrations, The present status
of British Columbia has been gained
by slow growth. Ir. is not many
yeai b ago when the lands in the interior were considered to be almost
valueless. The people were few aud
widely scattered ; there was no way
of getting into the country except
through canyons and chasms along
difficult water courses; tho cost of
transportation, over trails by man or
beast was more than any profit to be
gained ; when mining could not be
carried ou for the same reaf on ; when
there was no iuducement to cultivate
the rich lands of the valleys because
there were no non-producing people
to buy and consume the product :.
when it was thought to be a wise
measure to give a strip of territory
forty milos wide across the Provinoe
for a railroad, which should break
the barren isolation of its mountains
aud eud the long slumbering solitudo
of its valleys. Thus the rich lauds
aud mining fields became accessible
and therefore valuable, and tbe foundation for a change in the land policy of the Province was laid.
Errors may havo crept in, and
possibly Government officials have
obtained advance knowledge of pro'
posed measures and derived benefit
therefrom, in which tho poople did
not eharo. Such things we utterly
condemn. But our position is that
when wo sec a wise policy inaugura'
tod, we commond it, and bespeak its
continuance on tho same lines,
A woman named Eliza Trico was
arrested by Sheriff Redgrave on
Tuesday, 23rd, for selling liquor
without liconse at Field, On some
technical point the oas" was postponed till 25th. Her reputed ,hus-
band vamosed the ranch as Boon as
a summons was served on him, upon
which he also is to appear on Monday.
An Indian lad was brought down
from Fort Steele by officer O. G,
Dennis, charged and committed before J. P.'s Phillips and Goldio of
feloniously breaking into the houso
of Edward Kelly. It seems a littlo
strange that this boy, who is under
16 years, should bo brought down
so far and nt such an expense, and
as it seems on such a small charge,
when a litlle common senso used by
tho J. P.'siu giving the boy a month
or so under tho Juveuile Act would
have mot tho bill. But now ho must
remain in tho lockup at Donald until delivered by oourse of law.
On Friday, 19th, a young man
well-known and lately living at Gol-
deu, named John Heonan, went
crazy, and became very dangerous.
Ho was brought to Donald and oon-
fined. At times ho became unn.aiiago-
ablo, nearly succeeding in strangling
hinisolf with his shoostriug, and
then with a seam of his shirt which
ho rippod up for the occasion. Onco
he managed to run and seize an axe,
and it took tho oonstuble, sheriff, and
two other prisoners who happenod to
bo close by, to master him without
hurting him. He was examiued.nud
Iho doctors finally gave their certificate of insanity, and he was sent in
charge of officer H. Redgrave ou
Thursday to the lunatio asylum at
New Westminster.
I am sorry to report that there
has been, and still coutinuos at different camps along the line, a considerable amount of sickness, and
two or three deaths have occurred.
But I hope a change will take plaoo
for tho bettor, as might be expected
from the fine weather we aro uow
Weather fine. Grouso and other
game are plentiful here. H. E.
Foster and guido, of the Pelican
Club, havo boen enjoying a week
fishing and hunting hero, Salmon
have started to como up. Frank
Reid has gone to the ooast for a trip,
L. H. Langley claims to have the
finest dog in town. Roadmaster
Kelly was in town thia week. Mr.
Jones of Calgary is in town. Mrs.
W. H. Pulsifor has gone to New
Westminster to visit her son. Three
bears were seen west of here last
week. Pilgrims are wending their
way west aud say walking is good,
P. Genelle, of GenoUe Bros., Notch
Hill was in town this week.
Laforme's pack train came in
Wednosdoy evening, and took out
nine loads, starting yesterday on
the return to Big Bend,
Work has been stopped on the
Ophir Bed Rook Flume Co., Capt.
McCallum having obtained an injunction against the Gray Brothers
to prevent their keeping on. This
was taken up and served on them by
Mr. Haig as agent for McCallum.
The unfortunate litigation among
thoowner3of this proporty kteps
back the whole camp..
James and John Gray arrived
Monday on a raft from Downie
Creek, iu company with Mr. Haig
and Andy Parks, and wont immediately on to Victoria.
Nothing now has transpired at the
Last Chance,
Sol Holdon is working away all by
himself as usual. He has put in a
wing dam on a small Btroam near
Smith's Creek, and is doing something but has inuoh bettor expectations.
Tho Columbia Rivor Hydraulic
Co. aro doing well and have ordered
out a stock of fall and winter supplies.
At the Consolation Co. on Fronch
Crook, Hunker k Co, have got their
drainage syitsm almost finished, and
are takiug out some gold whilo
deeponiug tho drains, and a good report is expoeted from them when
the next train coraos in,
Mr, Book is at Game's Creek, putting the camp in readinoss forJowett
k Haig, who will havo work dono
thero later on,
So far this yoar there are no
Chinamen on tho Columbia between
Itovelsttke and Gold Stream.
Tho Go.vovnrapnt's "Last
Land Policy."   ^	
Editor ol Kootenay Star:
In your issno of 23d ult. you say
"Tlio reversal of the land policy of
the government, by which tho vacant laudB are to bo hold for pre
emption and home steading and
withdrawn from the grasp of speculators and monopolists, is another of
those measures inaugurated by Ihu
premier iu huhulf of the people."
Since when did the above come into effect? A notieo was issued by the
government to tho effect that all
public lands were closed to purchasers ponding future legislation. Why
jump to tbe conclusion this was issued in tho iutorests of intending
pro-emplors, bomo-stenlers, and .iu
behalf of the people?
Throughout East Kootenay the
very opposite obtains, as I shall eu-
deavor to show you. In the early
part of summer some gentlemen came
into our valley with tbo intention of
pre-empting and purchasing sufficient land on which to run a couple
of thousand sheop. Tho "laud act
prevented them pre-empting moro
than 320 acros each, and the last
"measure inaugurated by the premier in behalf of the people," pro-
vented them purchasing the balance
required. This much to the detriment of the settler!
Prior to the appearance of tho
government notice for what yeu may
choose to call il) Colonel Baker, an
out-aud-ont speculator, secured by
purohase, iu the vicinity of Fort
Steele, about 20,000 acres���and for
speculative purposes���as can be
proved. Shortly after the appearance of this inaugurated boon to the
pro-omptor, homesteader and tho
people, Mr. Fletcher, an employee
of the C. P. IL, spent about three
weeks in the valley between Golden
and Elk Rivor, solecting lauds to
complete the subsidy granted by
Mr. Robsou's government to the O.
P. R. for constructing the "Nelson
k Sproat" railway. Close in tha
foot-steps of the C,P. R. representative followed the agent of tho "Kootenay Valleys Co." Mr. W. A. Baillie
Grobman, and, needless to say, ho
took a good big Jslieo of what land
was left, "just to keep his band in.',
How the pre-emptor, homesteadir
and tho poople are benefitted by
withdrawing the public lands from
sale and leuving them open to the C.
P. R. and the Kootonay Valleys Co.
to gobble, passeth my poor understanding. As to the lauds secured
by Col. Baker prior to tho issue oi
notiiie something very similar to this
occurred before,
To sum up.���The intending settler
who tried to purchase laud for legitimate purposes, ns prevented doing so by the means inaugurated by
the premier. The C. P. R-, for constructing a road absolutely without
value to our valley, gets first choice
of the vacant lands, and second gees
to tho K, V,C, to complete a subsidy
granted them for constructing a canal the government has admitted to
be utterly useless; nnd this, notwithstanding the fact that tho time
for selecting and surveying theso
lauds camo to au eud about last November.
East Kootonay may bi an exception, but if what is termed the land
policy of tho government has been
pursued, as here, iu other parts of
the provinco during the last two or
three yours, it does not surprise mo
to learn "a largo area of good farui-
iug liiuds await settlement."
Let nn ever-so-niuch intending
settler come to tho southeastern portion of Kootenay, and tbe chances
aro ten to one ho will pull out disgusted,--for what will he find? Nearly all the bottom lauds owned by au
English Company; a large area staked by the Oi P. R.J Eomo thirty-
thousand acres "set aside for a government park, (I would substitute
snap for park); a number of Indiau
reserves; from twenty to thirty thousand acres in the hands of Col. Baker & Co.; the whole of Elk River
valley reserved in tho interests of
Col. Baker's Coal Co,���and to wind
up with, "The Land Act," tho
higg'ie-de-piggle-de, incomprehensible amplification, called [through
courtesy, I take it | "The Laud
Branch is preparing t�� g-'v-G his
newcottagu an outside finish of plas
tor, paataamam
I.JII Hi ..t.1.1 JUl I..   II..
wu I ha'-i-.jih mumnmm m
CLbc Uootencuj Star
A lo- pi ge iweiiu'-cciliiiiiii news
p pei ;s issued Iroin the office of
i ''emion, IJcvelsto'e, 15. C,
i- "O'c.'ipiion price 82 per yonr,
. of lU'.voii sip.g giyen ou
PubHsuei ������' ii,)' oprictor
Si-7URDA7:   SEPT,
A DC- li EOFMOIN:      \
]l wood     ee-n  we  lave been
enough ofibe�� ��ad,   R.itwuit. We
leach a broad flow' ���% I iver coraijg
1 mi 'be no  i.    It is we;ie wiili
iie. I lis;,��� oi id i on Miee'ei'iial libs
i..' e..  h by ibe .   es -lible mu cu of
f,iu i *.   it iso. - ow'j Ov .'mb'a.
when iias I. oj. i.."   i, lie Muje Iv's
A me :Caii lii'jii a  no t\ -It bcloie it
sweeps wi'.'.i m.jei- v iuiia ir< iue IV
c-.fio.   We e o.   In'-, u���d e. cr apou
a iveri.j olmoao,luij nceuei'-, w.i'. n
be':'   es what we have p..  eu uioiijjii
|iioi\,'i wei-'oj^'jt 'i..o i.e.   H'���ii
to the i ijht I'l'ts a aiona-ch cu >peii
vihsnow.   High lo our let is a
huge pa 'of lwii��, the doable be.i.i
ofamo'i.e-,    Our j on be *e p.-,.'->
a oig a ii'sh'ng live." ouiliog w  u
lounr'Dg lo r.eutlb O'jU clusuis vJ
i a, ow teat the f.t tier of on: lu ���(
tioul. have leaped ac oss iliem ' i (im
Hi,''.-,   ue of h1, m(r-"j0O'.   Up, vo
we eli jib. 2.600 leei io le^-s than .-0
p.i'e .    Tbe    'vec a'oe^ wli.cii we
i   .ii j '& . wavs In liiag i' ,e'l    i o
i     aiv .oj ii. now ii ?b'hi,ig.   viiie, i
(ten in a taeeesbioa of leaps oue i
a e,'.ne ouer, as if ia  nia'i folic;
pow almost ;lirowing  jig spisy jato
on.' faces, then two ortlneebuodied
feet down! i .-ocky canons aod  in
ime place oa'p Ueujy-five feet atlue
top,   Mouu'aius lower over us, pile
Upon pile, thickly tee-clad below,
but lo a larger extent g ay w h ihe
Ju'tyi nuts all dead and b.i e . ooi
fo,e.,t tires.   I do not know but 'bat
these fi.es have been a frieiul lo Ihe
toui st.    lor lue vision is wideueu.
W�� 'ook ulo.t aud see g eai saow-
iiehls, glimmering throq^d oieciojs
beiwecj ihe mouslei" ne.ife>t us,
We put our glass's  up and ca!ch
Ihej'cea liuis ia furrowed fuow-
liilus wuich tell ns we aie looking st
glacier*,   Dp! Up!   'J iie mon,alalia
become higher   e id tbe precipices
bolder, ftD'i (ue to   eat at  o' r  feet
nioie fierce aeu foum'eg.    A'i-r a
���v*LiiIo we bee another iailioad com-
ieg uowii (he mounbiia tide pu'n'lel
(ooni's, aud a couple of i i lined
feet above .is. A wlue o.e sai'cs soil
���i.'i's us     is our own   o.i.l which
inn', .-a a letter "S"���a loop almost
doubling  epon I -c'f, and, a h j
pa tof it on ��:ai|i-is I ostles, Tiese
c u.kanil gio.mbeae.aii is, b.tt we
be.'ia.u   id aud'bock  i.po.i lUen,
pnd soon our wbi&ile ri.cv:.-.   A
i|n''-k'M   j fu or.-u a   pur i area's a
Iro-ee alream Oea-jidjorer  a  lof ���
morniai.i blow,  like  a en .ii ci
whi.e witu ii'.-e^otafs eaks of na'e
groeu, uuu sen.:ag  iii foot ni-oc .
don u lo our le.el.    E,nt be   i
h"ad back. Par op o.e.- us, pie c'ug
th/ sky, a bua.p-poiuieu, ib cc a e.i
lock lifts over  11,5011 feei
whose shadow i e w' . i li u   i icier
w., u, wh le iios.j lo iho west link
iu'og .rnc-i,, a id ihenaJlHlelafe ,
i." the duyl _.il si'.,',,.-, ij'o i.\,|i_Lt
and all becomes fi nt a niellow gray,
oo'd aud ropttl'aat, e.^uc..t ov���  iho
.low. ��i,;. li seems i emit a li^ht
all i" on ��� - ij 'nus ono seos a
piotuie ei; nl'e , in fev: spots of t' e
wo ii. Tne e ie soeueis 'joIonm
bv moDuaij,, us in a g e..t oblo c,
pit w'th eoineis roe < e,i ,���>'. It
ii'oil.i be seen just be'o o au.i a" e,
s.'Jiet ajd u.it:i Ihe le.se.ing t��i-
l.jht is swallowed up, aud titea i-i
ue mo.iili'g, whc'i tho ^ a.-.iess
ij ,gh above bcems cr'sla'bV.ed, 'J no
vervjighi i.jciicllng tlio poi'as bee us
ii'o;:eu nuiila 6uii.iv k'.s^oij hi
Dounld's peak. 'J ue cold i ock i he i
c.�� ches a yellow g'ow a.'il the s lows
below o.e lojg a -e ,i ilel wi-'i -ii 11..
. i. eo jea .-. a^o I looV'd at it eve.i-
iug a..d mo'ui.ig for th eo da-s a ii
on VaL'ip que mo ui.ig und eve j-
'Jha d op dowu lo 'ho euslwa u
fi'Oui Ihe snuuiit   of ilia Si'Li It
mou iluiiis io ihe weslera eu^e o? tbo
Reel, e-iis ,,|i vey j; a ul,  Yi'o aj.iiii
i o j l' e Coin rib .i, which, rn ijiug
no. 'u, ski s tbe l.iciii'tk ,ui^e  an i
Hows u^aia  ouluwai'd n.'st ihe p.net
Ci osbeu bv us two d.ivs lie'o e uivl
seveuly miles back.   Thea, for some
miles we look upcjthe'-etiio mighl'
laiises, one oa our right a-'i  iue
ome.'oa o .��� lei'.    Boih a'fljo-y.
biQuPj ajii  p inac'eil,  n.id   bjow
eiolbesmaj" somrailsof each, vet,
they are siraogelv unliLe eac'i oiber
as much so us if belong ig io winelv
cLs'.mt legions.    As we lau up tho
Columbia the day ^row hot, uu'i1 ut
Golueii ii; was absololelv swelte, uj.
We h.ia fe I uoihijg lite it lor uea.-
]v a mo ith.     We wee ',laa lo q lit
the Con in oi fieJ enter a  tu'g'ih'
jjor^e oooloil dowa by the   pin.'-
from tho Kiel ing Borse, a wij.,ly
rushing river coaiiag do in from the
summit of the Rockies.    Up  in'-
foaming   Iq ei,   hotweui   Jofl��
mojol., 'is, alo.i3[ goi'uOi,. ie i '���'.. b-
D wiie e.ioii.h'o pemi'i   .'6   i.e-
t ilejp between, bo,road Ci'i? 'i ��� w.,y
ia ga leiies of locks;tbron, i liieuels
row o.l ona tide of lee r.vei-, llio.i
on Ihe ciier, sad wiods biih   up  a
b'Oad vn''ey  leUeeu ;. eat mouu-
'al 'S siretchiug no .h aud sooth.   It
weiiliiooem tbec'rnb was eaded,bit
not so.     Wo have lo mako sorrjo lif-
'eea or mo.e mi'es arunoj; iue 'o,��� le t
mou da'is of tho gre.it b.Cabj.0 o'
:ieeo ii'iej'. looking  up  e?ei-  ut
:: av , jc'.s nie ciag tbo b���v oOOO io
SOill  feet a'mo.t bbeer abo.-o ns;
looaiiigdowa  iato  nn  ow   \al'e.-
lO.i I a io 2000 feet below us. Abxo t
overwhelmed by lia.n.e's j,iajueii ,     Di���u Boucieault, Ibe celebrated
we climb, vvlide a -u eat ee.iae puuo Uolor andplayright aud ac'or, d'e.l
uu,i_ i .)���> b.-'o a ns, and auo hur| at his home in Now York last wet.
pnrjia a -d wheejes O'lsliiug LoL iad.! after a lingBi log i11 ie?^.
Even, w' i .besotwog-eat i.'oa  ho;-
,-..  ...'. a ni before, mo
i mo e ipodd   ti. i   a
. i co i' i .\ i'I; we ��� li:
We  u i  c ira'i- :g a
it'alies apples of real gold   o win a
wcxa.i, at least  umoug  llio  foa'
hiiid ed.   But my eye;.! a shower of
such f nit can tw'uo her urnis about I
the Devil's neck e-.ea when blue
hia ,e, ore iio.ii og i.oai h . boo. no
d'b.'ll'jji lo 1)33.   Ij. t, p ins! Wbut|
adi.posi oi  u  pious   ffi.ii  Lus lo,
p\uen.   1 must ipiil it,
Jt is l|a u to deld.aj'ce wb;ch af-,
fo.ds (ho g.ii.idesl soejo y,   ibe Kei-
1,' Ls or the Eo kies.   Oiali .t im
oituisro.,1 o.obablv uiue  out of
,eu won 11 -iav thu former,  but a
aOCOJ.i Ol tili'd WOiilll (lilt   t'JO lll'-t'l-
liii'vup, Thev a e of asd'ffeio'tit
I ?pes ui ,( Sepai aieu Uv a coil' 'eut.
il,;. j ii e b o'.ea, no'obed and peahen, yet !heraheol, lbe hehelder dif.
'iiiCiilly, Tho Selli'ds aro grand
i.ju ter-ible, tho Rockies majesli1)
and gloomy, loo Illecillewaet (11-
di-.i.i n. mo for ranid wa'er) aud .he
lilc'..'.ig r{oi'3e, tho Iwoiivds which
i-iishfiom the summil-. of iho two
., i;-c- woslwaiil���iue fo iner jato
iho Col I tibia nt llsvelsloke, the
oHjei i rn bio suaie . iver a hiiiidred
a in 0. u m '.- above at Goldeu���. .e
���.ome'liOvvd''iio eat tvpes of lo eut
i.e s. 1 i.e Kichiug Dorse on Ihe
the snmm;t at Heclq.- ��priu38 from a
deep, da L, lint oaim Lie a m'le a-
bo.e i he boa. A ml'e o-. so thi-j way
a.idabaL'do.-.ei feet Irgber at the
aiioal summit, is a shallow little
lu'ie, or i-i.ner a sys'em of 8i.-o.-t,
oeep mo asi.es,   A wit. wLul I om
I ue west woal 'al.e tuese waters iii-
��� 0 ihe Bow river, wb'tcn Howd iulo
HidiiaS,.. ehewai, inau Ihieu ,'j luke
ff. uipp;;'aadoa lo Badsoa's B..v,
while a b.ee e ' on tbe east c ries
a .t t 0' ihei ca.-.en's L ' i tbe
lvrk'i:gH..ieaad 01 (hou^h he
[ ., id Co'anioia iilo lbe mi-jh'y P:��-
eiic, Ro.v'i ,e Ihe file of men' A
shoiverqr u eloaii of dust seat a
m gaiy one la niie 01 a bleak ible ia
f,i -off se... aid m.ide ttootber inoeo
..omaa ue 1 ol of a uu lo 1 ami
ii' ohoseu Nevor. Aa i ivisbile lias
iv' iu aa im .io waled the bit tbplliOBl
of two men. Thi* simile so-n a!:oo
maiie oao the 'e.iuer ol a los' cause
bat the idol 0" m'llon-. aul i.:e
olher ihe victorious be a whon liis-
fury mav Oall the sa/ioroi a  n; '-od,
II ou.- evei-v-day life ia modest p'.��-
ces ������� see the most I ;.'ial c' onm
siljaees, me-o Straws, la.'i' iaj me ior
t .oc of near!'' all nhon we have
k lown ia!imatelv. It woe1 . p'oliu-
bl" :i ua ;e most people io II j , how
sni ill tlio Ihioi vias which so it theia
'0 biji fo tn ie or leu their "eet io 0
na lis of mi.lioji'itv or oi ihe 'oad
'0 adversity,
and Trading
Sv l.)'C -TE
Is now Prepared ti If :��� '.-qp" ''oil,    ; tv & Li  lore,
li        1 who ll'iro 9 :<i O.T' 1.3  1;'iii)      ��� ���-,  .-     ji:S".V.l  "in;' ->-'���. 0   '1   "'   1
ni  1   era RiveVoIe, B, 1    rlio s n-'ep ��� i '0 nvii-h eve"" f--ji'   j
i ��� mi.iois 0'. snali mi limited m��/ina lo ship Iheir ore.
R. HOWSON and 00.
General  Contractors    and    BuiIIbm
Ma ir- "ii.
and all
Sfisii. MoiiIiIIh
t> 'e "s onil Depiers I ���   Doors,
inds o" Bnihling Malarial,    Oiliee i'linu'ire and 1'ix" o
��r.noci-'i ���-.   l'ni'-jing.Sural! Sawing and J'ictuie j'rames, eto
mai.e <o order
, 01 mil
Coal, Hay and Corn.
eutire sale of Ihe celebrated Canmore herd, lump nnd nntooaj, suitable for
I'u 8'btirners ami other stoves.   GRSAT HUATING POWlDit.   MIJCH
CB 7-A PEB THAN WOOD.    Deliverod ai Revelstoke. auy part
ot lown, fe!l 90; Kamloops !/\90; Donald &8.B0.    Speeiul
quotations for car lot?.    Coal stoves sold at
wholesale cost Hay, oats and bran Bold
by carlo-id or smaller quantities
Yards at Kamloops and
DonoM.   Apply;
L.J. KIMYAHDS      >
rr ita not n
. . I'd ������ ���'
u i ibe level,
i '0 . .' Kb '
i: .    ��� :
IcDonald & Co.
AM ol issos of Lnmbor on haul forsilo.    Oonlisoflns nnd baildin��.
3 O
r'-inii 'okb
B. 0.
; ������ o 1.. j   m ieet.4 a
, e di
bt <t.. .>
I   '"
feet i
. ' eo."   nbefbn,
a -1   '������ idii
l- jOt    I .
0      . 1 ....   ��� v   '.        ��� Ig ���--
b 16 lU.dO? Xl      . '    |  ;��� a.    A
pi ..       CO    .
c ���. wa      .,... ',,  li -
aq -i          .   . ''' B
re   o s c   ;      ... ���    l'i-
sd ��� .   - ���   ��� ��� ledge o!
V ���   r,   ���      , alii    ��� ��� .. Veil
Hon e, over 1000 feet above tbe -c
"������bile the poiuteu peak above. b, a
$  k, blunds aboal ami ��� -.. a ball  n.
,. ;her, and so clu lat one w 1
ii.'. a man ou its pinnacle con
most li -ow a vuiio lo lbe p'��i a ui
on whicli stoniia lie pie / hoti'.
We stop a day bete, I spent > se
or luiir davsthe.o u ee jo., s a'jO
and would never pass it wMiout a
few hours' pauso, E'ew ono , a
eiii.h afloi'ds a sub' mcr p en e , >aa
is ,een 1,'om the tllacior Hon .e i.
(heSelkirks, It is a vast auo'to tun);
si n^e aon tfooieuce ball, not a l.'f-
nrlo wine, wiili lof;y moo . is
t. e'ehiog aiorg e Iher sine si, oi
icve i m les all cove od win noble
( ee.-, below a.ni snotr-sheeted above;
;>'.��� Doiiaiu, coin aaii rool/, on one
sloe, glaoiered he' .h's on the other,
A ui'.'.h:.',' gaoler Mugs i-uwa aye.
the ear ol 'I.e an lilorium,  while a
r , ;i' ,,li   JI '10    of    lllO.'u'al 1    hoi   h S
c ...liusiiio hiafeo, This .loo is jag.
,, d nud toothed on l.s c cut witl
Li )��� glaciers g'isteniog coder i.e
pinnacle.-, S.'.l' igo-i die phi'."... n
in frnutof lbe pre'iy sta, |oi l,o,"|
j iii before sunset, watoblng hos,in-
lighl cimb lbe ;ocly heigblo ci1'.-
ot v. \.
. .,.   . a,
1.1 e   ���'���     ������  ie a "
i.r. ���!
In t     ,'
I ri iij  ia I
ip b      .    I
J"hn D. llochiel'e, has jus-' ,''vei
��1 100,000 more to ihe now B.i ..
I. .ivesiiy, Chicafjo, i.i aduitioi o
.-.oOb.OUJ which he OQatiibnfBii ������ e-
viouslv, This moailicent offjr wa-
I .i.i before Ihe board of 'rus'ei's oi
heiastilulioaaud was qu' ku ac
cep eu. Tne tius'eci t dav eleced
!' of ssor Harper, of Yale Co/'e^e,
���     "it of  the   aew  iustitui'oe,
Ha ie,- h��'' nctyot sigu'tied i is ao
i" tao e, but it is hO'i^i'* he ��   '.
Jo ���''.
.".   ���', C '���    )f'i;,v'i-. '���
iug   Ilovelstoko. B, C
-K 431 LOOPS -
- and��� Saddle ��� Emporium
i    "3 nnd B!i"i!tet8, Curry com'is, Hfli'Dess;
o'1, Horse brashes, Whips, Spurs mid   ;
Bif.s iu greet yn-vioty.
i   0
' -. i   -
i in ,    -('������'   o
es ol  (,   ���
lbe ��� e ���.'���'
ie   vo of (tail,     i
in      .i   ��'.'i   I  hi
���    .   ;.. thev llo i l
.1     . il  ' 10    I
0..' try i  e<
la it    a ,i 1
. i ��� .   ,i
ll  ������:...     I    -.  .
I ...   'I     111.'.
���Ml   '       II I    UO I ���
!'.  ,1       '..('. i ,
,.,'f     ��� i'o of ii "o 'i al dev I in'-
. 'in i .'   in i.i i  nn ���  i,  iii i'
bow ilo.vi il i 1 b. ,  ���   ii    '��� ii" , 0 i -
" i a eu i. ���     ihei ��� . ce be
'l.tiov fi'-S   jiovvo lei-.S     .li''    li   r.
f.n Iii i-'s .)i ���'i> bii i i ��������� n' , lo
lib,; ie lie l)ov'l cut I / m ite - o ii '-.
lh !....��� so e, it has bee i <b. o for
ooa' les' ii /'.'���, ii ri to i'." soma
i I n bo o'ii 1; -mo bus i'" m it'll
i iiv.H us w'.m i ho p-ie-Uii swi et '"i
on , ,o Mo hef I,ui's 'eo ai .;
b   s,     I'll,.'  n jg '     li io  WO i  not
C'icu lo app'os, end a fjoldeq pippin
wai enip"ii.';,   I.i hose la >.\ dai t
ED. 8. VI    rJ0", Agent nt Revelstoke.
51 \IL   f.    G
i^  0
M��- o  k
i i 'i.'
Sil   igs of  he Oqv ' v Cou Lo11 Koot-
my w ll be bo'il,
At I'V n.-i'.oi Wi.(''ii"<('iv, 30. h.ln'v,
AlDo' 'i- oi IWi'ir, 1ht An,..1800.
At.Ni- on oo 1' I'V,'-' "I'Aii'r.lHOO.
II  li
At]*   ni-'1. iii .'lo  !rv, C ti Novoni-
1 t  ���
'-    ��� 0 , ! ,
1 .<-   1800,
At It,,'. V oi W'"1 ""'ili'v, li u No-
1 ll
:  0J
.;, Wi    -
.'l.c-. 1890.
A i \e' i ��� ii i 'I ei'  '  v, Lib Nove.il-
!      '/'II.
0 'a
0   -         i'.
I.vl',,. ,'   .���'.
.' mi. ri": on,
i ,
(it Co.,
Pun net, I   ' t.'o'ary.
r.oi "i' 'l'"'.- iry'sOll.-e,
A ;i    i
en, D 0.
K, hJu'Vi 189.0,                   olot
Sealed sutlers endorsed " Tcn/lew for
Cove.n.iient Building," will bo receivod
by lie undoisigned at Ihe Court House,
Dinii'lil B, C��� unUl noon, ou October I lie.
Is'. 181)0, for the const rue! ion of a Gov-
e n^eiitBibhiiig nt Donnld, B.C., in
accordance with plans md s'lec'licnUoua
wlreh osn be examined at iho govern-
ii'0"t nra'pt's ollico DftQald.
An accepted cheipie to '.ho amount of
fl por ceu'.,oI 'he amount of .ender must
i'' o niicny ic io be fo felted,on deol'uing
) ea iii- in.o con act.
Neither I bo lowest nor liny tender will
necessrj -K- beeooepled,
"���" Govt, Agen,tv
Donr'd, It, C, Sept, VHh 1800, Blitukety Illiuik Vt-.'se.
Tho man who lugs a melon homa
And finds it isn't ripe
Ts very npt to think some words
That look like these i'���:
 **���ti ��� i in typo.
The pa who carries babe at night
All through the houso and back
Is apt to speak Ibis souleuco**	
ft * t  wheu
He steps on a lack,
A lady who is goiug out
Has callers come and stay;
She tries to lightly ch.d, but this
Is what B'.ie'a liLo lo say.
Upon a smooth banana peel
A deacon chanoed to tread,
Aud here's  !'.���f���'���*	
���I���I���I a brief sho-tlmud report
Of what Ihe deucon mid.
A lady with her pa-asol
A passer's oplio oan&hi���
He said: Pray, do not ineniiou it,
11���II is what he 'bought.
Pn'C-Devil  Rldiiis' W.'us i\
New Yo-fc, Sip'ejiber IB.-���A
weddicg wbieh look -ilnce ia this
oil-'lasteveaiogis the o'D'jution
of a story so romautio iu i!i de.iiis
that it might well sa-'vaas 'he plot
ofa p!av o-note!. Tbe bite bju
gioom are both porsojs o" wealth
and goods'.idir;, theformsr be' j
Mrs Ile'oi Do.iu, daughter ol u:
l'boaw Dodd.ofE.'il.'ii. sad 'he
ln'e: Geo ��e W. Campbell, soi o'J,
H, Camobe1'.. who k a Cb'o;. o
m ro.'ii: a ca'l o dealer, aod au
brai o' ibe jnmes It. i an' ibeli Co,,
Of CblCagO.    &t. Loilis, LlinSa'a  Ci ������
and Omaha.
Young  Mr. Campbell's ca-eer has
1 eec
������>>.; 00"
He  is  now
115 years old, with a physique the-
c.-'Jil1-tia'ae.t bv iho exposure ol
on door e:;* -..��� e of a life on tbo
plains. .1115 ho lan away from home
iiini wi-at ioTe.ws, wue.e belived on
iu.ii-he i u among cu lemen for
i.eveia yeiii's, L.ter h i lelalives
diioove ou u'swhereabou's and 'ieo
lo iuilr Bi''ii'o:e'j j boon. F.ve
y, a b e'upsed bt-.'o.e be did so, however, 'Lion uoeo'ered ihe employ
of Irs ;n -er's liiui, which was lu-'ge-
1    ii i e:- ���". i i ' o bin eg of oatlle,
Th ee .ve.. s i,, o ihe n m sent biui
(o ll.-. laud o l���l;e clia ;,o of a number ol tin e which we-e be 'g bent
tbcje, and it wa'while oiii's mission Ibat men.e-es' ngoventawb'jh
ied np'e the wedding of jeste,uii-
lookpla'p. After Iransacling the
busiaeos o! i ae ii oi ho t'ouait h u
seli' io j.i.e pool with nolh ug todo.
At 'lut ime Mexicuo Joe's Will
West show wa- ieiuipue..r L voi ���
pool,aa fof aniiouient Camobel.
veutoi'i lo see it. He found among
uie cowbov employeeo aeieral of bis
fo aie',' oonpa^iois on lae plains,
Dlbe' iov ..i ou be soeat a we-ik
Ju i ae \Vil.�� Weni ��� oui 'ajy ant. ia a
hp: it of-ai iooK pari j 'be da ly
e-ainiiions o(r'o!iig, lasso-a:',and
- tu c? Aie.'et ue', posses--
;._a jco i 'aii^J oiaat woalu at-
; eta e. ouajywbeie, bewasaa
oojeoc of i i.e jj*to all who alieaded
i,ioshow. 0.ieday, ti ercoaipleHag
b': L\o iepe to raaaoe of piokiig
up a r,,.v,r dollar from no m ���
wniid living bis uo ,��at full y^'op,
yoeo? Campbell eoeiteo, ����� usual,
i:(u.o.iiloua ap-i'aiiie.
Nouu a. p'auin'd so vigo oesly,
however, ub a young ti I who, with
her .hiue.', oeoii i eu oue of Ue p> ,���
in o boxes, Wbile waving her
b.iadhe.o.ief'o Ihe gallant I idee a
fe.: ; oi w.ud . .iiilciieu U from ��<e
li ad lji. cu- ioiiiioutioibeceii.il-
of ibe i ack, where ic fell iu Ibedu&l,
Campbell was oouiiag dowu ibe
oor se ou iue iall ini nnd saw the
I'tof'acefs'l, Without chscL'ug
l-'.i ho so aa bent low i.i Ihe s���oVie,
aiiu a: bo swept pact, p'ot��-i it uo.
lie was cbee ed lo the echo as he
turned his poavaud lidleg np >o iie
hoi reia iie.i (he luioAe chief to
its fuir ovuoer. Tho acomxiu's of tne
bo.tpioied 'o be tJc Thomas Dou'd,
of Derby, lien- Live pool, sad bis
18-year-old daughter, lleleii,
Between .he yoooif people it was a
oase of love at fi - >t signt. Au introduction was brought uhout ia some
way uud Mr. Campbell, - iste.at ol
riding at pi'ifoiuiaoct'B of Hie sUOW,
devoted himself to social eujoi menl ���.
It ivaslint a short I mo bo'o e iue
younji; couple weie OJgagod, bin
when Ihe pnrculrs of bolh hui. .i ol i
objections were raised that threaten-
ed to prevent any union, It wus
finally decided that young Campbell
should return home, aud il, iu 'ho
coarso of a your or so, their love remained unchanged, no further ob-
jeclions woeld be laineu. Mr. Campbell returned lo Chicago, where he
has beeu ever since, until his an ival
iu this city yesterday, Ili-> betrothed
decided thut, as he oould not get
away from business at Ibis season of
the year, she woulu come to America and get married here. Her fa'h-
8,'s advanced age prevented bis
accompanying her, so sho came with
Capt. John It. Denar, Sunt, of tho
Gnioa Line Sleamship Company.
A Ton lljle ILiiDo-.d Accident.
Reading,   Pa.,   Sapt,   lO.-Tha
worst wreck has ooourved in tb's
section in tbe history of tne Reading Railway Go. The Irniu which
met with tho disaster left ibis c!'v at
0,10 p. m., len minutes late. It is
knowu as the Potlsville express and
wus running at the rale of at least 15
miles an boii'. It bad ou bouid
possibly 125 to luO pass"0geis, aed
.Qin-isiedof aa eugiae, mail and express cars and 3 passenger coaches.
Above Shoemakeiville, about lo
miles from this city, ihere is a curve
where the railroad is about 13 or 20
leet higher than the Scbnlkill river.
Shoitly before 6 o'clock a frei0ht
train ran into a coal train, throwing
several cars of ihe latter ou ihe opposite tract. Befoie Iho tiain bauds
iud rime lo go back ami warn the
aoiioacbiag train of the dauger, the
Toiisville express came around the
cu ve and ran iulo ihe wrecke. coal
^ 3 on its (rack. The engine weat
down the embankment, followed by
the eutii-8 tiain with hs human
freight. Tha rushing of the s'eam
from the engine, the grouns of the
injured, the fries of tue pauio-striok-
eu passengers male up uu awful
sight, while those of the passengers
woo eacaoed unhurt, gazed in ho ��..-
veon Iue scene. Tbey saw four of
he cars splinteied ioto thousands
of pieces. The to rifle c ash of lbe
ivreek summoned hundreds of )e'i-
den's of (hat scclion, who ho ed fo
'be scene as the shades of night were
qai' lily closing npou Iho never-io-be
forgotten pictoieof death and desolation, One by oae the silently ia-
jn eel weie tukeu and assisted out of
the car that slood on end upon lie
tne bank. Then the rescuing n y
made their way further up to he
suhmeiged cars and the sigh'" tbey
saw weie horrifying iu the erireme,
The injured passengers were piled
one ou lop oi'Ibe olLer amid spliu-
te,ednlanks, irou-woik, aud glass,
U - to leu o'clock last night over iO
dead and iajuied had beeu taken
IVig it lo ibe Death,
Miles City, Moat., Sept. 17.--The
most iur:'!'iDg fight 'iuowu 'o Indian
wa' .'me in ihe West was that which
esabed iu the death of Head Chief
a id Youug Mule ut IheTongue River
Uioucv yesterday afternoon, brief
meatioa to whioh was made ia last
ijht's dispatches, Ou Sunday the
.aiaer of Heau Cbief camo to Agent
Cooper and eudeavored 'o negotiate
ihe s,i' eiiiltr ol Ihe iugilives aud secure immuoilv Irom puaishmeat by
giving up n na ubcr of pouies. He
���aid iiicv were in iho bills andcouh,
not be laken, 'Ihe agent relused to
negoiialo, saying tha goverument
di i uot t'cat murJereis Ij iUUo way,
1' ii'lag b's efl'ortB li'iii'less, I Ue
fa.her Bale- the two savages would
Cuino into the agency ami make -.
lij-bi; that be wo.ilil go oat aau help
them pat on their war bonnets and
tie up their ponies' tails, a p.ocedure
incident lo goiug iulo battle, aau
thai the soldie. s ba I better look out
as the bovB woahl fight to Iue death.
A place wus indieaied from whioh
they wouldcome, aud troops ana Indian police were drawn up to await
luem. Sure enough, iu about half
uu hour ��� to two leuegades wo.e seca
cum ag at i.-'l s.,eed iu wa paint and
fealbe a. Thev chageu along the
toll leng h of the liae occupied bv
uopa and police, shooting and yelling li!,e demons. The soluiers fired
a volley or two in leturu, hut failed
to do any ilaa-age. As soon as the
hiiiuiis were out of laogo thoy turn-
ed and roue back u;,aiu l'Lo a whirlwind, and, as before, escaped without Injury,    Then thev started lo
; climb tho bill in front of the troops,
i and wlien half way up a chance shot
. fiom the military hit Yonug Mule's
! ponv,    leaviug    him  dismounts.!.
I Head Chief then turned and  rode
down tbe hdl at a terrific pace, miking directly for 'he troops and police
meanwhile fi.iug his revolver n" ra-
; pidly as possible. It is reported thut
the I'no of battle wavered anu broke,
but just before Head Chief peuotrat-
eu it ho fell, shot through Ibe forehead aud month, being killed instantly,    Young Mule, no'inj? the
fate of his companion, prepared to
follow.   Chanting a death song, be
staged bown the hill afoot, and was
cuaig'.'g directly  into the  line of
'roops when he was hit iu the side
and killed,
Ciucheir.s Dcfeiiro.
Woodstock, Sept. 21.���The oase of
Kesmald Burcheil for the murder of
EeiiC. Beuwell iu Fein nary last
will he ca'led Monday morirug.
From all that oan be leuraed, iue
de'ence will be an alibi, aud (hut
Eenwell was alive after'ue daooa
wu'eh the murder was supposed to
have been commiUed. Detective
Eenuet, who has been uooeabing ia
his eiioits to complete Bi'roholl's
defence, ba' secured two men, who,
)t is saiii, will (eslifv that ihey saw
Eeuwe'l a'ive after the l"'h Feb.,
the date of the murder. Wilnesbes
will be b,ought from B a.ilio u who,
it is said, will lesui'v to iho same
en'ect. The pvoseentiou of ihe ��� use
is somewl'ut weakened by ihe tact
that it ;8 reported IL at Nevile A.
]' ckthuil. whose name was conuee -
eu with too mn.'iiei atono <:mo as a
siibpect, aud l.ber as i��j i-nno .ot
wi jo's, has disappeued, aud that
ue will notaonear at ihe I ial. Lj ���
chill oonlijnes as confident as ever,
and shows tbe least concei a of ell
connected with'he oase. Tbe'i'.al
will pio'oably labt tlioeni re week.
Ibe to mibI ilea show that 305, GS8
people paid for admission lo the To-
'onlo exhibi'ion,
Tbe Dominion Government has
appointed Ttiu'sday, November nib,
as a day of general tbaalsg v'eg
tbrouguout Caoada.
Mr. George Dixou, a well-know j
Winnipeg painte1', was tb'Ow'j " om
a buggy oa Sncitav iud ki'leu.
The flist 8800,000 for tho sope-Ve
system of seweiageofVaacouver Wai
voted I aiiaf bv a In rge majority.
FUR i^li:
A portable eagiae and comple'e
saw-roi!: oi Ut. The who'e iu good
IV: pa   celais apply to
15 Sprout's Lauding.
!>  0 L.W-.O.N.M.A.T'.i. D��� F.
G. S.A.
ij     ��� ���' iho Geologiial Survey of
Canada )
Co ��� ' "Geologist, W'.ic'-i, q.'n-���
i' i ������ mino al fi 'os ,s o' all
'. ' ��� ��� i ���' ������ ift.i i"id re-vo el on,
E o i' :'''' .'I'oi'S iavts ,1,'uilna.'
' ' . '. i , '' bed. Wlietham
j . ic    Vi;i Oi vei, B C.
K :,���M'ootul si)oci'j)eessent lo
I 1 ��� "i w lbe ' e i oa public
e o-'. LO
F. 0. Address, Nelson, -d. C,
Ci" c' v S0,CQO feet per day, Planer
��) ��� le mi'.e'ii.io, o'o. All kinds of
1 .ruber on haul. During the season
o' 1800 lumber will be delivered at
ii..v of lbe landings ou the lake at
greatly retinoid prices,
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
Sraniie  wuro, and   Lump   Cods.       Tin,   Copper nod   'Sheet Iron
Waco made to order.    First class work guaranteed.     Odors promptly
iUteudcd lo.
is, c;
\11 O'desby mail or
expr, s promptly
Ml   d"   .Ipl'ous of
eo'c! cud silverware
General Merchants,
B. C.
J. Fred. Hume & Co.,
u ��
.     B.C.
(Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry Goofo Groceries,' Provisions,
CmMiGtJ')iii Hardware Eto.
Tie Slock in every Department is Full mid Co'> >!e\- nnd i, ,o Public will
find it to tboiv ac'vt.., ago to cull ..nJ
Inspect   Goods   and   Compare   Prices.
(ClaoloC. P. II. Deooij
Revelstoke      -      -     B. C.
Importers of tho Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
Wo carry a Bcleot and comploto stock of jjent's fureisbings, ladios, gonts^
and children's boots, shoos and lioso, staiionury, patent tnedioioes toilut
requisites and loudy-mado clolliin^'.   A   largo  assiTtmeut of iiijK-s,
tobacco, cijjai'cltcii, imported and douioatio cigars, fruits, nandy, clc.
Btove pipes, tinware, crockery, rnu^h ami dressod lumbor,and oilier joada
loo numerous io montlon, atmodcrato prices.
Telephone rmmunicaUon, ,qertlalj��*,<*UG4wJ*FAl f j-. J.
. OO FDonald  B G
ja.uju.u^-^u' v.nto.v-l?-jk~-i(St.*w:r**>>~'*.'
Regular Meeting Thursday i>f each
week :it 8 p. in.   AH visiting broth
;t.- nre cordially invited.
! J.McLeod, ���   ���'��� II. Matbesox,
N. G U.S.
Dox.m n, B. C.
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, nud last 2 Wednesdays encb month.
Master,   .1. S. Babbitt.
Seo'y,   W, I-'. Opilvic. ���
I'ini-'r.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ay l. E. A. Chesley, Ram-
loops, B, 0,
Dosald, B.C.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays, nnd 3rd nnd
���1th Sundays, in Firemen's Hull,
Muster,   Arthur Rimdnll,
Secretary,   Joseph Oidlin.
Collector,   Geo b Govett, Box 49.
Rooeiver,   James   Falconer, Can-
more, N W T.
; Magazine Agent,   H J MoSorloy.
twnen the elbow and shoulder. He
objects lo amputation and the doctors
expreos the opiniou that mortification
may set in and end bis existence,
Rev. Mr. Kemin, I'lmreh of Eng.
land clergyuinu, will bold services
ou Sunday (tomorrow) morning at
11 o'clock at tbo Sohool House.
Mr. Jobu Valentine makes tho foi'
lowing statement with request that
wa should publish : It having been
rumored among the friends oi Messrs.
Ilowson and landmark, that they
tendered a price for tho limber limit
on Greely Creek to oust mo out of it,
I beg to exonerate them from all
blame for having made each tender,
the fact of my having loft lbe town
led them to think I had givm np all
thought:) ol taking up said limit,
Wa are requested by J, L, Hid-
dell, D. S. 0. R��� to state that there
will be;' meeting iu tho school hcuse
at 8 o'clock this evening, for the purpose of organizing a Court of Forresters, All who ii isk will please attend.
Divine Servioe will bo conducted
in the church on Sunday (tomorrow)
evening, at 7.30, by J. A. Sinclair,
M. A., Presbyterian Missionary,
The finest social event wbioh has
ever occurred in Revelstoke took
place on Tuesday o?ening at tbe residence of J, Fred Hume, as a fain-
well to his mother and sister, Mrs.
Humo and Miss Nellie, on tho occasion of their leaving for their home
at Froderiokton, N. B, The party
was large and was entertained with
music, etc,, and was iu the Ligliest
degree enjoyable. Mr. Hume, Mrs.
'T.uuie, aud Misses Lulu nnd Nellie,
started on Wednesday evening for
Victoria, and will visit other coast
cities before their final departure for
tho east, The homo trip will be
made by way ol Winnipeg, Chicago
aud Hoston.
Messrs. Wm, Kirkup k Co, have
One of Hull Bros, nice beef steers, douided lo build a store toaccommo-
iu the storm last week, was hit by a dato their hardware business, on the
falling tree and injured so badly that ground next to Teotzel's drug store,
he had tons killed. His carcase was The build n. will le 25x30, two
left where tbo accidont happened, as stories, with a rear extension for tbe
food for wild beasts, storage of goods.    This firm have
1 Mr. Hume's store has had a new done a large business this summer,
roof pu:t on this week, taking advan; supplying Sproat, Trail Creek and
tugo of this Indirn summer weather, ] the U. P. 11. construction camps
thus esoaping the rains which at an with stoves and hardware, in addi-
earlier time might havo drenohed tion to the regular run of looal trade,
his stock of goods. Mr. F. G, Christie, Steamer Ageut
Abiuhnmsou Bros, aro fitting up | *: bee it aunonuced for the infor-
the Central Hotel iu a way that will nation of shippers by steamboat.
make it a warn nnd comfortable that if notified ou tlie evening pro-
ace for winter.    They have given | vious, the Lytton will come up lo
Divine Service will bo held iu tho
Revelstoke (Ihuroh every Sunday ovo-
niug nt 7',30, conducted alternately
by Methodist, Presbyterian, and English Church .Ministers. Speceial announcement will bo made each week
in the Star.
Sunday Sohool and Bible Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:110. All
lire cordially invited to attend.
he saw them ir. tbe clear atmosphere
that there is r, good pass for r. railroad from the headwaters of St.
Mary's river northwesterly, connect
ing with a tributary of Duncan river
and reaching the Lardeau near its
junction with Kootenay lake. This
pass when loouted will bo the shortest possible connection with Crow's
Nost Pass, and will, without doubt,
be the one selected for uniting that
pass with Kootenay Lake, and the
present line of tbe C. P, Ii. at Revelstoke.
Ihe old roof a new covering of boards
.md shingles, and have removed the
old coating of thin cedar and repine
ed it with a sheathing of paper and
oruiimentnl boards, When painted
its outward appearance will bo equal
to tbe well known hospitality which
people always find at this h itel.
' Tho steamer Lytton reaohed Rev
elstoke yesterday Even ng about nine
o'clock, having made tho trip to
Sproat and return iu two d lys, Ti.
I'llicers report water rising in upper
river, but gradually d iclihiug below
Sproat Some excitement wascaus
ou the up trip yesp rday in the cap
the old landing and take freight for
the south, iu oaso the quantity for
sbipni -nt should be sufiicient to
warrant i .
iV'un C hong, who has been kno��n
,o travellers at the Glaci r Hotel as
'Charley," b is b mght out the store
buildingand Btock of Kwong Fook
i.", r.f Revi Istoke, and will run it as
i Unit-class China store,
The Sl    ���' i  Lytt in  did  n I
below Sproat for the last  two trips',
;     i  .   ip|   intment to i
gers an I shippers  1. is been  g   it,
'hure wei   15 pa    ogers tof      itl
rom Sproat, and       i      > . .
,   .   Dalles t   o me north.    Trail
are  about  75
fure of a large  cariboo   which   wB
crossing the Sarrow.    Iho carcase '   �� th��e
Weighed about401 pounds ....  ....     '       "  '     '       off from ob-
give tbo crew substantial chewing   ' '::   ' "    " - -      :     '
for a few days.    Second enginei ��� '   I J'J��"�� Kelly
Wilson died the shot that killed the ! darted from Sproatf
Capt. Sanderson has discontinued
wuVk at "snagging" and is fittingtho
i'.-i it ih with  t  pile drlvi \
fill put iu wing dams in ooi
di -, in order 11 deep a the n.
throwing it into   ic oh i
The n iti   in ' o river has risen
agiin from  n ��� ! i Iw i lei t, and il
this w irm '���'��� ,th ir  should   h
borl time le    ������   ! ������   L tton  will
likely i-..'.-!  :. fi i    i    - ��� trips to
Little Dalles,    I. a ly evenl
11 uu expects t) ran to   Iproa!   it
into N ,'. ml  ..
A lew th  .... 1 dollars ex]     I
on the liver above Re re] toke wonld
dnabl ��� a ��� nail, stroi or, with
plenty of powi.,  I i i n -.:o . i
iibout thi' b mil i bi   md D iwnie
Creek.    At pre -:.' th ire is neither
n road nor a goi I Irai    md a piece
of heavy raaeliue y b .ul I not bo ta
ken to yjg Beud,   Thero is plenty
of gold there  but not in sui
quantities to pay exorbitant freight
charges, and whore improvi d moth'
ods of mining for tho reasons Btatod
cannot bo omployod,
Ah Hung, Ihe No, 1 Chin ima
employed at tho sawmill, had his
right arm caught ir. the machinery east, and is fully satisfied from tha
^nd fractured iu Bovoral places be'j lay of tho mountains and valleys, as
a .'iDuli boat
for Trail Creek with Sl)    i .  ,  ol
iods, 1 of ii ��� tenay
...   nnk .'i
- . . |  be
:. ii
 ��� the " al
il.-        ikin sin tin i. irilcnu
Pan .
Mr, J, W  Haskins has 1 sn ab
���   months in the Lardeau
tiona with a fav i ibl   i a re   i i
i r, ite,    Hn hu
��� ivoral ol dm i  whioh  tun
ild ao   lead,
I    has no doubt I its fon ibility
lil v -.;,'   from   the
N irtu Arm to K iol may  Lalte,  but
' the  'i
aro rjuite wi mg in  i iny  re pi
11" n treams
 -.ion '   ���
I!    , pro) aring a mup   howi
n        of his ob - -vatio        He }hh-
oen led many hi   i ,-      , which en
allied him to [ ���' u i\ broad i isw of
the oountry, cap   i il - I -.: -. i outl
More About the Kiver.
It is exceedingly unfortunate that
tbe new route to Littlo Dalles which
had opened so auspiciously, and
from which so much had been expected by tho people of Spokane
Falls as their means of reaching tho
Kootonay mines and interior British
Culumbia should bo so suddenly terminated by low water in the Colnm'
bin. But Captain Odin, who must
be the sole judge, decides that he
will not take tbe risk of running,and
thus endangering his boat and im'
perilling the lives of his passengers
and the safety of freight entrustud
to his caro, In Kootenay rapids
there is a very strong current, whero
a speed of 25 to 30 miles an hour
must be forced, in a channel flanked
by rocks on both aides, with barely
room for the steamer to pass, and at
the same time where a sharp turn
must be made. Also at a point below the boundary, called Steamboat
Riffle, is a place where the steamer
takes a sheer dangerously near to
An appropriation of 80000 was
made last winter by tbe Dominion
Government for the river below
Sproat, which is now available, and
just as soon as tbe stags of wafc"r
will allow tbe work to proceed, the
rocks which interfere with navigation [will be blasted out and re
m ved.
Information Wanted.
The Star is in receipt of a letter
from G. T, Farris. dated at Phoenix
Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky, iu
which he says: "I saw from a clipping of your paper a notice of the
death of Thomas Isa;o Stevens. I
am his only nephew living and I
havo four sisters, and Undo Tom's
mother is yet living, ia uow 83 years
old, and I write you for information
in regard to his death, and if ho left
any property���if so. how much. I
am satisfied ',|'.o man spoken of in
your paper is my uncle, ns he loft
Crab Orchard about 18J.il and went
to California in 1819. An early reply, care of tbe above botol, will
greatly oblige my old grandmother
and myself," We have no information in regard to the death of Mr.
Stevens in addition to what was published in tho Star whou tbe eveut
took place. And we do not know
about bis business affairs, Mr. R.
E. Lemon, merchant of Revelstoke,
who bud dealings with him, has
been appointed administrator of Mr,
Stevens' esta:e,
Hi    :. HOUSE,
'Notice is hereby given that sixty (00)
days after dato 1 intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and WorKs
for permission to lease the following described tract of land, for lumbering purposes :
Commenoing at a point two milos up
lbe Salmon lliver from Holder CreeK, and
half a mile west of tho Salmon lliver,
running S. W. one mile, thonco S, 11. one
and one-half mile, thenoe north two ami
Olio-half miles, thence S. W. three-fourths
of a mile in starting point, containing
about 10.00 acres. 10
W. P. SAY W A 111).
Notary Public.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills ot Salo,
Mining Bonds, etc., drawn up; Routs
and Accounts Collected; Mining   Clninia  Bought nnd
cold; Assessment work
pn Mining Claims
Attended to;
Patents  Applied  for,  Etc,,  Etc, Etc,
Lots on Townsite of Revelstoke for Silo,
aud Wanted,     Agents for Mining
Maohinery, Eto,
REVELSTOKE   -'  -    -   -   -   B.C.
Tenders for a License to Cut
Timber ou Dominion Lands
iu tbe Province of British Columbia.
Sealed tenders, addressed to tho undersigned, and marked "Tender for a License to oht Timber," will bo rooeived at
this Department until noon on Monday,
the 101 li day of November next, for a license to cut timber ou a Berth of 2,080
acres, moro or Iobs, being comprised of
tho North-east quarter of Section 17, nil
of Section 20, all of Section 10, tho South
half of Section 80, and the South-half
of Section 20, m Township 21, Range 10'
West of tho (lib Meridian, in the said
The regulations under which a lioense
will bo issued, together with a sketch
showing the position of the berth in question, may be obtained at this Department
or at the ollico of the Crown Timber A-
geut at Now Westminster,
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered Hank,
in favour of tbo Deputy of the Minister
of tho Interior, for tho amount of the
bonus which tho applicant is prepared to
pav for tho license,
No tender bv telegraph will bo entertained. '  JOHN li, HALL,
27 Secretary.
Departmont of the Interior,
Ottawa, Sept. 10th, 1890.
TiTBf, ������E,   ETC,
f m [era fi r the a n :i ioti< n of o
School House ol Revels! ike, ad
i 'i to :     md     ;ned, will be rec iv-
I li li day of ' lotob ir, at
10 a, in.
'I he . iwi        o y ten Eer not  nee
I,   Plan i and ifl.
di    i n ni the (I ivern
���' ' ifll ie, where forms i f  ten ler
. ��� obtained,
fi. C. Tl      l ILL,
-. ' ier Lands k Works,
Efevel imber 26th, I (00,
Rare Opportunity It
Offered to tno ptoiile oi tlio
Biilt In penton the hen j ot tlm
lurgeet ami oldest luntltutlon
1      In OuDiiila .(or tlio
Manufacture of Appliances for
the Relief and Oure of Rupture
and Deformities
flnoh aa Lateral and Posterior Cnrvatnn
of the Spine, Bow Legs, Club rout, Par-
ilyais and Won.lt Legs, and all other Deformities of the Human Baoe.
! I haTi f'l Into inmlii nomo valiml'lii timirimimMiti In Trowel
m,,i ,i.,;.!liii,n,i, ��:���.>! ..i" PATENTKD BY ME, unl
I wlilull r'lrili'it I." nuil'in'i.'l 111
Practloabilitv, Lightness, Strength, Bliu-
plloity ana Finish by any Maker on
the Continent of America.
I iln net cumo t'i you nn pntlro ntttncir, ai I am wall and
bv     ,J;'ii"wn I'Vilm Uwtlcat Profalloll 111 nrnrtlio Ilnmln.
Ipn nf I'lmmia ami Tilto n number in your I'mvltioea wbom I
Hhvii hii|i|i11o<1 wiiu my gou.li fur ynaru, and will liitlly tu my
ikUl and ability,
Made Natural in 6 Months,
without operation.
(Instruments Patented).
0, J, Branch
Brick and Stono Mason, Plnstoror
and   Kaluominor.   All  work  dono
promptly and to satisfaction.   Con
tract work eolicitod. 35
998��ff 4. USSVWi,
GOLDEN - -. - B. O.
Mining Broker, Commission A^t.
Notary Public, ko. ko,
In Stook.���Mining Powders, Kneo and
Cups, Minor's Tools, Stool aud Cii'nu,
Outfits. 3tf
CENTIUL  110. ru~
Cornor Front and Hanson Sts.
B. C,
First, ciiiss in evory respeot; Nearest
hotel to C P ll depot and stennboa
landing, between post olfioe aud so7,
buildings. Coaoh to and from dopott
and steamboat. Fire proof Sjifa for thn
nuconiniodation of its customers.
Ue Jr. ll. Aui jUu
F. McOautiiy   ......    PnoF,
First class Temperanoa House.
IIO.UID    AXI)    LDDUINU,   ��3   PKH   WHEBj
ME.viiS, 2oc.    nuns 25c.
This hotel is situated convenient to tha
station, is  comfortably   furnished  aud
ilVoids first class noaommodatiou.
reuelstok:   ���    -    B.c;
W. Cowan, Prop.   II. Hohert,Clerk,
l-tooms woll attended; tables unox.
colled. Wines and liquors guai'nn-
toed of a high quality. Firp i^
sample room, Telophono communication with 0. P. H. depot. Fire
proot vault for the convenience of,
guests.   Buss moots all trains,
TRANSIENT RATES    -    -    ���    $2 PER DAT/.
-THE -
Aa my Minn H limited nnil ciinniit uo hrolojlffBd. all jmrtlna
wI.IiIiik In imiaiill inn ilxmlil Im In llinn, 1 Mill In al Hit
f"]]nwln|f nuoi n oa time, anil tu tliu Luat train leaving fur my
next Plan of rlalt,
I will be nt tne following places on whioh
you ran fully aepentl I
PORT ARTHUR, Northern Hotel, Saturday, Hoplombor 20th.
WINNIPEG, Grand Central, Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday, September
annd. aard and 24th:
Thursday, September atHh,
BRANDON, Cornell's Houee, Friday,
Beptember 36th,
R EG IN A, Palmer Houso, Saturday, Sep-
trmbor 87 lh.
.   ,  ehi -I- n thai "ll nl
legnlly held in tho We I
, ���. in in it, mil be laid over
ol October to the 1st
!n    if June i n 'i in',
ii, i    ll ''.   I \LI���
(I'lld Commissioner,
CINE   HAT, American HousOi
iy, Hojitomlior 20th.
"���."I ,i i] "
.-'��� '|i'e||lll 11'
ill !
, 1300,
CALGARY, Hotel Royal, Tuesday, September ,'ioth. '
V A N C 0 U V E R, Hot ol Vane.ouvor, Ratur-
day, Muiiilny anil Tuoeday, (Jotober
ith oi ii and 7i.ii.
VICTORIA. The Driard House, Wodnne-
day and Thursday, Oetobor bill aud
Onll C,,ri,. Oon't Wait Until the Laet Haul
rim filiy prnpar.il Ina.ii.i yen, to reller. jou, and a bar.
aonal examination ofyoureaee will w I'ly'inadTanUigQ.
HrlnK your phyilelan witii you,  Ynun tmi/,
aUHCllOA;   M.-.. lnNUT
Tho largest and most central Hotol iu
tho city ; good iiccninmod'ition j everything now ; tabic well supplied ; barauii
billiard room attaohed; Are proof s:d'o,
Stockholm, Honsd
Tho dining room is furnished   with  th��,
best the market affords.
Tlio bur is supplied with a choice stock.
of wines, liipiors and cigars,
Jas. Liberty.


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