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The Kootenay Star Aug 16, 1890

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Array V"*
No. e-
Tenders for fv License to Cut
Timber on Dominion Lands
in the Province of British Columbia.
Sealed Tenders, addressed to the undersigned, nnd marked "Teutlor for a License to Cut Timber," will be received at
this Department until noon on Monday,
the 6th day of October next, for a license
to cut timber on Section 82 and tho west
half of Section 88, Township 20, Range
19, West of Ihe 5th Meridian,in the said
Tbe regulations iindor which a license
will bo issued may bo obtained at this
1 lepnrtnieut, or at the ollico of the Crown
Timber Agept at New Westminster.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a charterod bank,
in favor of the Deputy of the Minister
pf tho Interior, for the amount of the bonus which the applicant is prepared to
pay fpr the lioenso.
No tender by telegraph will be entertained. JOHN IL HALL,
8 Secretary.
Department of tho Interior,
Ottawa, 28th July, 1890,
Sittings of the County Court of Kootenay will be held,
At Farwell, on Wednesday, 30th July,
At Donald, on Friday, 1st Aug., 1890.
At Nelson, on Friday, 22nd Aug., 1890.
At Farwell, on Monday, 3rd November, 1890,
At Donald, on Wednesday, 5th November, 1890.
At Nelson, on Thursday, 13th November, 1890.
By Command,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Ollico,
10th July, 1890, 515t
Notieo ie hereby given that the Pacific
Mining Co,, by their agent, H. Anderson,
bus fyled the necessary papers for a
Crown Grnut in favor of tho Spokane
mineral olaira,situated at tho Hot Springs,
Kootenay Luko.
Adverse claimants, if any, are requested to fylo their objections with me within
(10 days from date.
1 Govt. Agent,
" Revelstoke, July 15,1890.
A Court of Assize, Nisi Prius, Oyer
and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery
will bo held at Nelson, iu tho County of
Kooteuuy, on Friday, the 22nd proximo.
By Command,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial, Secretary's Office,
lOtii July, 1890. 55t
Tho following reduction of Fees for
Assaying, as from the 1st proximo, has
been ordered by the Hon. Minister of
Minos :
Teste for single samples, for gold, silver,
' lend, or cupper, to bo mado
for $1,50 each.
Two or more samples,     "    $1.00 each.
For all other tests a proportioate re-
dilution bus been ordered.
Ipt Aasayer.
Notice is hereby given that thirty (30)
days after date we intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to lease the following described traot of land for timber purposes:
Commencing ut a stake about 30 chains
south of Pilot Hay, directly oppos|to the
Outlet of Kooteuuy lake on tho east Bide
of the niniii bike, thenoe south lo ohains,
thenco east 80 chains, thonco north 40
plminR, thenco west 80 chains, to. the initial poet, containing 3'20 acres, moro or
8- PER Geo. T, Kane.
' Kootenny Lake, B, C��� July 8th, 181-0,
Notice is hereby given tbat James
Gray is uo longer the Superintendent or
Foreman of the above Company, nor authorized to incur debts ou behalf of the
Company, and neither he nor John Gray
have any authority to manage or interfere in any way with the Company's property. ' U
Secretary Ophir Bed-Hock Flume Co.
Victoria, B. C, Aug. 12th, 1890,
Tenders for a License to Cut
Timber on Dominion Lands
in the Province of Brit.
isli Columbia.
Scnled Tenders addressed to the undersigned aud marked " Tender for a License to cut 'Timber," will bo received at
this Department until noon ou Monday,
the 13th day of October next, for a license to cut timber on a berth of 2500
acres, more or less, situated two milos
east of Notch Hill Station, on the lino of
the Canadian Pacific Railway, in the Province of British Columbia. Tenders will
also be received at the same timo for a
license to cut timber on a berth containing an area of 3200 acres, moro or less,
situated on Canoe River, in the said Province.
The regulations under which a license
will be issued, together with a sketch
showing approximately tho position of
tho berths in question, may be obtained
at this Depurtmeut, or at the office of the
Crown Timber Agent at New Westminster,
Eseh tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank
in favor of the Deputy of the Minister
of the Interior, for the amount of the
bonus which the applicant is prepared to
pav for the license.
No tender by telegraph will be entertained. JOHN R, HALL,
7 Secretary,
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, 28th July, 1890,
Notice is hereby given that James E.
Dolan and Andrew B. Hendryx have
fyled the necessary papers and mado application for a Crown Grant in favor of
the mineral claim known as the Tough
Nut, situated iu the Toad Mountain Subdivision, District of West Kootenay.
Adverse claimants, if any. are notified
to fyle their objections with mo within
sixty days from dato.
2-60d Govt. Agent.
Revelstoke, Juno 21, 1890.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
nfter date, I intend applying to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lauds aud Works, for
permission to lease for lumbering purposes, the following lots of hind situate
iu the District of East Kootenay, viz,:
Lot No, 1, Beginning at the stake |
milo from bridge on North Fork of Spill-
nmasheno River, thence east two miles,
thence south ono mile, thence west two
miles, theuce to initial stake, containing
1280 acres, more or less.
Lot No. 2, Beginning at a stake half
mile from bridge on Middle Fork, Spill���
munshene River, thence west one mile,
thence north one mile, thence east three
miles, thence south half mile, thenco east
two miles, theuce south one mile, thence
east two miles, thence south one mile,
thenco to initial stake, containing 3200
acres, more or less.
Lot No. 3. Beginning at n stake alongside of last mentioned stake, thence east
half mile, thence south two. mdes, theuce
west two miles, thence north two miles,
thenco to initial 6tuke, containing 2560
acres, more or less.
Lot No. i. Beginning at a stake on
west bank of South Fo;k of Spillama-
cheno River, on S. W. corner of tho "Big
Slide," thence north half milo, thenoe
east one mile, thenco south six and oue
half miles, theuce west two milos, thence
uorth two miles, thenco east oue mile,
thence north two miles, thonco west ono
mile, theuce north two miles, thonco to
Initial stako, containing 0720 acres, more
or less.       T. li. H. COCHRANE.
Golden, B. 0, 20th July, 1890, 5
��f|e ftootenay Star
C. & K. S. N. CO.
The Steamer Lytton will leave Revelstoke Mondoy and Thursday at 1 a, m.
Leave Sproat for Littlo Dalles Tuos-
day and Friday at 4 a. m,, returning the
same day to Sproat.
Leave Sproat for Revelsteko Wednesday and Suturdav. 3 a. m,
Revelstoke, Aug, 9,1890,
By the advertisement of the steam-
bout Co., in this paper, it will be seen
that the steamer Lytton will make
two trips a week to Little Dalles,
Washington. It will connect there
with train for Spokane Falls, which
city will be reached in 30 hours from
Revelstoke. A delay of 12 hours at
Sproat where steamer lays overnight,
reduces the running timo to 21 hours.
Whenever it becomes important to do
so, in order to accommodate travol,
tbe Bteaincr cun leave Revelstoke in
the evening and reach Spokane Falls
the uext evening, hi timo to luko trains
for the east, south and west.
Trains on tbe Northoru Pacific railway leave Spokane Falls for the west
at 5;05 p, m- and 5:10 a, m., and for
the east at 6:35 a, m. and 11:18 p,
m., making quick time to Portland,
Oregon, und it is the most direct line,
and several days the quickest, to all
points in Montana, in northern Idaho, nnd tho western parts of Dakota.
Trains on the Union Pacific leave
at 6 ;00 a. m. and 7;80 p.m. for points
in Eastern Oregon, Soutbom Idaho,
Wyoming and Colorado, and also
mako direct concoction with Portland.
The route down the Columbia is
the most direct line from the interior
of British Columbia to all the Mountain States of the Union,
A very large emigration has been
moving westward since early in the
spring, estimated by Mr. D. E.
Brown, General Passenger Agent of
the C. P. R.,to be COO per week
bound for Puget Sound, and likely
to continue for six months. Large
numbers of these people drift back
from, the coast to interior and eastern
Washington aad Oregon, and as seon
as tbe new route down the Columbia
becomes known, it should draw a
largo share of this travel, particularly of ihoso destined to eastern Oregon and Washington. If Colville,
Spokane Falls, and other cities on
the line south of here will unite with
the transportation lines in exertions
to attract summer emigration info
their territory, a large portion of it
will be kept there, and will settle on
their vacant lands, and fill up their
cities. Tourists will neod only to be
told that the unequalled scenery of
tbe Columbia River will be here re-
vealod to them, in order to draw
Tbe mails whioh now have to go
from interior and eastern British Columbia, by the way of Victoria for
points in the Western States as far
east as Colorado, can go over this
new route, and save two to three
days time in reaching destination,
We trust that P. O. Insp'r Fletoher
will at once consider the advisability
of establishing a regular mail service over this route, ft would need
only to be an extension of tlio present service to Sproat. and eonld take
in the now oo,mp at Trail Creek..
Townsite Meeting,
On Saturday, August 9th, tbe
claimants of lots in Rovelstoko held
a meeting for the purpose of discussing tho land question in the disputed
Mr. W. M, Brown was eleoted
ohaiiman and J. W. Thomson Secretary.
Tbe obairman made a short speech,
thanking the audienoe for the honor
oonferred, and giving an acoount of
tho interview ho and Mr. Cowan bad
with tbo Minister of the Interior,
which wbb to the effect that the
townsito would bo on the market in
a few days and that tbo Milliliter of
tbo Interior suggested that all par-
tics holding Farwell titlos should
apply in a body. Mossri. Frazer,
Jowett and llnig made short speechos
on the land question and with, re
gard to tbo steps necessary to supply
tbe town with water,
Considerable discussion took placo
over the advisability of appointing a
committee to collect and forwrrd in
moss applications fromthoso holding
ing Farwell titles and those claiming
Bquaiter's rights,
Ou motion, Messrs, Brown, Cowan
and Teetzol were appointed a committee to collect from those holding
Farwell titles, and Messrs. Bourne,
Wells ami Hamilton from those
holding under squatter's rights,
A resolution was carried asking
Mr. Mara to use his inlluenco with
tbe Dominion Government iu order
that the price charged bona lido
residents for their lots be not exorbitant.
A vote of thanks was givon the
committee appointed to interview tho
Minister of the Interior.
A vote of thanks was then tendered tbe chairman, and the meeting
own worship, and who attended tbe
Episcopal church at Donald and
conducted themselves outwardly Ihe
same as white men, but who still
practice their devilish pagan tortnre.
No wonder Mr, Duncan refused to
administer the sacrament to these
tribes of peo-.de, for be knows after
30 years sojourn among them at
Metluhatla, that they are not worthy
of it, But Bishop Bidley, after a
few years experience with them, anl
perhaps bettor knowledge of their
qualities, admits them to the Bacred
Publio School Meeting.
A publio meeting was held in the
Bohool house on Aug. 13, at 8, p. m.
for the purpose of selecting a site
for the new School House.
On motion, Mr, Jowott was appointed Chairman, and Mr. W. Lee,
Mr. Robson and Mr. Creelman,
School Trustees, stated the objects
of the meeting.
Mr. Mara, M. P��� who attended
explained the telegrams which had
passed on the subject between tbe
Government and himself, and said
that he expected tbe plans to reach
him on Sunday or Monday next, and
did not think there would be auy delay in the acceptauoo of the plans by
the Surveyor General.
Mr, Mara, who had to leave, was
thanked by the chairman for his
kinduesa in attending the meeting.
Moved and seconded that Block 3,
on tbe plan produced, bo asked for
as a school, site,
Moved and seconded in amond-
racnt tbat the meeting be postponod
until the plans arrive.
After considerable discussion in
which Messrs. Frasor, Brown, Rob-
son, Liberty, Creolman, Thomson,
Foley and Lewis took part, the a-
mendmeut was lost by a vote of 12 to
9, The original motion was then put
nnd carried,
The meeting thon adjourned.
The man, William Gray, who was
arrested by Sheriff '.Redgrave and
Officer Londrum. on lat August at
Donald, for bringing stolen money
into Canada, and when searched the
sum of $2,127.30 found upon him,
was discharged from custody and tho
money returned to him. He at once
handed tho money over to Sheriff
MatBon, of Hurloy, Wisconsin and
agreed t�� go with him to the States
to stand trial for stealing tho sum of
83000 from an Express Co. Sheriff
Mataon banded over to Sheriff Redgrave $350, the proportionate amount
of tbe reward of $500 on tho money
INDIAN  brutaliti.
A number of Stony Indians havo
been iu and around Donald for some
time. Boforo thoy left on Monday
thoy threw one of their best horses
down, then piled wood upon it and
burned it alivo. It was reported to
Sheriff Redgrave about 7 o'clock on
Tuesday morning. Tbe Sheriff and
officer II. Bodgravo proceeded to
thoir camp, about two, milos from
Donald and found the poor oroature
standing up, burned from Bhouldera
to beaJ, flosh all charred and skin
burnt and eyes blind, and in a horribly suffering state. Other Indians
| the Kootonays | woro camping tboro
and tho sheriff insisted thoy Bhould
Bboottbe animal, whioh they did,
tho olficor finishing its misery by his
rovolvor. Later tho sheriff found
out that tho cause of thoir burning
tho bores was that ono of their children was very sick, and to mnko it
well thoy placed the horso ir. misery,
These aro the  Indians who  aro
Mining developments aro  beiug
vigorously pushed iu this section of
Kootonny, and prospeols look promising throughout the distriot, A
well-organized pack-train is steadily
engaged iu transporting oro from tho
Wells k Aylmer Co.'s claim, Vermont, situated on South Fork of tha
Spillemacheue, to Carbonate Laud-
ing on Columbia river, whilst another ia engaged iu the same lino
from the Maggie McRae ou Jubilee
Lowe k Dainard, after completing
assessment work on Jubilee Mountain, have returned to their locations
on S. Fork. It will uot surprise us
much to see some more of the promising locations on that creek shipping an ore output .within a few
M. Kerber started for his bonanza
on Crystal Creek last Tuesday. He
has 22 inches of galena on the sin -
face, whatever lies below.
Capt. Armstrong and H. Cutu-
mings started to look over a timber
limit on S, Fork last Tuesday, The.
Captain is a pushing and energetio
business man und didn't get left iu
the staking of that valuable tract.
Bob Malloy hasn't beeu in town
for somo time, aud it is not known
whether he baa struck it biff or not.
What Bob don't know about pros*
pecting and bannock baking isn't,
worth learning.
The 8treaai8 Bungalow, Horso
Thief, and Toby, are crowded with
prospectors, and new strikes are
daily reported from up around tho
lako country, This augurs well for
the comiug sports st Windeimere on
tbe 20th of tbe present month,
The crops up the valLy aro reported as looking spleudiJ aud a large
yield is anticipated, A number ol
prominent capitalists and mining
men went up on tho Duchess on her
last trip. They aro reported aa being in eostacies with the varied expressions of our sconic grandeur and
indications of mineral wealth. We
might generously throw the forum'
ina8 a "pot-latch" if they furnish ns
with the where-with to devolop the
A few of our prospectora misse I
last Monday's boat by going into caucus dnring the morning to a-
mend the act of poker dice. This is
nothing nnusnal, as Keno Jack is
amongst us. Jack is a genial companion with the boys.
The smelter ia nearly completed.
A slight delay in forwarding aup-
pliea has retarded tho erection. Mr.
Fowler is reported as contracting for
tho output of tlio Vorraont,
Fish arc very plentiful in the Columbia at prei-eut and or.r tonBorial
artist takos recreation [while not
taking standoffs]'in capturing tho
finny tribe. He netted threo boanti-
ful squaw fish lately, which ho palmed off on us as white fish. Wo
would suggest that hereafter be runs
them through a concentrator or
Blake crusher to rodnco them of tho
surplus bun', unless he moditatos
poisoning the fiugors of our laundry-
man. 'This hint is offered in good
N. L, M.
August 8.
Mr. Wm, Leo, yardman at tho station, is about to take n well-earned
vacation, after throe yearB of uninterrupted perfermnnco of duty. He
will go to Winnipeg whero he has.
relatives aud some property inter
laid to bo Christians, who have their I eats. Clfe Hootmay Star
A four page twenty-column news
paper, is issued from tho ollico o
publication, Revelstoke, li. 0,
Subscription price 82peyyoar,
Rates of advertising given on
Publisher and Proprietor
Mr, W, D. Buchanan, oue of tho
editotial staff of Ihe Winnipeg Commercial, who mado a dip through
British Columbia a few weeks ago,
makes an interesting repoat in a late
issue, from whioh we take tho sub-
joined extracts,relating toRevelstoke
und surrounding localities:
From the summit the railway follows a stream whioh rises here and
dasheB down the western slope until
it is mergod iu the Columbia river.
This stream and thu pass through
which it runs are commonly kuown
by the uncouth name of Kicking
Horse. After a run through the
wildest scenery for something liko
50 miles, Ihe Columbia river valley
is reached at Golden, Hero a little
town has grown up which promises
to become a mining centre. A.
smelter is beiug established heie
this summer, nt.d will be ready for
operation iu a few months, 'The
i'ountry south of Golden, which can
be reached by navigation on tho Columbia river for a distance of 100
luiltiS, is supposed to contain gnat
mineral wealth, Jinny claims have
been taken up, and somo aro being
developed. As soon as the smelter
is completed miners will be able to
send their ores in for treatment, and
this is expected to encourage and
hasten the development of the mineral resources of the region.
From Gulden ihe railway turns
ami follows Ihe Columbia valley to
Douald, whue the rivor is crossed
and the railway continues dowu on
the opposiln sole. Donald is tho
terminus of Iho Western Division
and the beginning of ihe Pacific
Division of tbe railway. It is an
important supply point for tho railway. Travelers going westward will
here turn their watches o o hour
back to keep track with tho railway
time. Leaving Donald Iho railway
follows the Columbia through canyons and along precipices until the
Selkirk range of mountains i- end t-
$d by tho Beaver valley and lor
about twenty miles the ascont of the
ranges is made throngb turn
snow-sheds iunnn i riibli Tl
heavily timbi red ci nutry, the fir
ami cedar tides attaining largo she.
mines on lvoolonay lalic to Ihe smelter at Iievelstoke. The railway will
be completed this fall. The Columbia valley is heavily timbered. There
is a good opening for a lumbering
interest here. The slopes of the
mountains both eastward and west-
through it, ifhieh can be roach ed
from the railway, At Big Bend in
West Kootenay, seme placer mining
is being done, with varying results.
In EttBt Kootenny placer mining ie
carried on at n number of points,
��i!h fair returns.    In the Yule Dis-
wardfrptn loo   Columbia  are also j trict a number of quartz claims have
well timbered, ^^^^^^^^
The railway again crosses the Columbia at Revelstoke by a bridge
abr.-.t half a mile long, and ut once
strikes into the Gold range of mountains. Thiq range is crossed through
the Eaglo pass, which provides an
excellent and easy route for the railway. The highest point on the railway in this pass is only 525 feet
above the Columbia river, The pass
ia narrow, fairly straight nud deep
been developed to some extent, particularly at tbo Nicola mines, and
some rieh assays of gold aul silver
have been made.
SILVER uikino,
Tbo Kootenny district ia being
looked to as a future great silver
mining region. At Illecillewaet
considerable development work has
been dono, and somo valuable galena ore has been taken out. Several
lompaniea   nro  operating  at this
Smelting and Trading
out, aud would appear to have been | place,    At Fish Creek a valuable
prond"! by nature purposely ,for n
railway,   The Gold range is heavily
galena vein ha3 been struck, assay-
I ing SO to 150 ounces of silver to llio
timbered   with  cedar,  fir,  spruce, ; ton.   On tbo norlh arm of tho Upper
hemlock, balsam, black pine and
oilier varieties of timber, some of
of them attaining very largo size.
Tho hist spike iu the great railway
was driven at Oiaigellaohie, on Nov,
7,1885, construction from the east
and west having met at this point.
Emerging from the puss theSkuswap
Lakes are leached, a famous region
for tlio sportsman. Waterfowl are
plentiful, and the deer family is represented by several varieties, including cariboo. Fishing is also
good. Sicamona station ia Ihe dis-
tribuliug point for the Okunagon
ami Spttllumoheen districts, whioh
lie to tbo south of tho railway-
'Theso settlements are reached by
steamer from Sicamous aul by wagon
roads which have been constructed
by the provincial government of
British Columbia. This region is
ono of ihe mod noted farming regions of Ihe province. A roller flotir
mill, the only oue iu British Columbia, is in operation at Euderby,
ubout thirty miles south of Sicamous, and great cups of wheat are
grown in the region. Apples and
other fruits also do remarkably well
Work has been commenced on a
railway, called tho Shnswap aud
Ukuiiagon, to extend from Sicamous
lo Okanogan l.'kc, a disl ce of
about 50 miles, The railway is intended to open up tbo region and
conncet with Okanngon Lake , which
affords a considerable Biretch of nn-
v igable water.
There is a great wealth of timber
in tbe interior of British Columbia
which coiinot be made tributary to
tbe coast mills,     Since   the coir I
. ti uc i n t f Ibe railway sei eral mills j
i,���;-. s b 'i n establii hod at pointsalong j
the railway iu tbe interior. At Kam-
I i os  ������ in   s M Tntosh operates a
a in u.i 1   planing n ill,   cutti ig fir
ci dar, whi    ...    vol    v pine, etc,
Cbe. 1   '���  are   hr  igbt   d wn  the
.... ;    .
At   Rei    '   .    ' imall
mill     it this |   a I  I        i a g    .
Arrow Lake, a number of claims
have been located and eomo good
samples of ore taken out. The
Toad Mountain section is another
division ol Western Kootenay,about
which a great deal has been heard.
A good deal of work has beeu done
on some of the claims in this region
and somo very rich ore has been
taken out. This district is the
centre of attraction at present. Home
of the claims show a considerable
yield of gold. In the Nelson district some to-es showing good assays
of gold and diver have beec found,
while wonderful discoveries of copper have been made. The Hendrix
mines are among Iho most noted of
the Nelson region. They contain
very valuable galena ores.
All theso claims are in West Kootenay. In Eastern Kootenay a large
number of claims havo been located
all over the district, aud some vieli
gold, silver, galena and copper ores
have been discovered, besides other
minerals. The principal districts of
East Koitenay arc JiihileeMonntaiii,
McMurdo, Windermere, Findlay
Creek, Toby Creek, Spillemcboen,
The most hopeful indications for
the Kootenay country are the establishing  of  smelters    at  accessible
points.      At  T.evelstoke  in  West
Kootenay, the   Kootenay Smelling
and  Trndiug Syndicate havo this
spring completed a smelter with a
a capacity of 01 tons per day,  nnd a
sampling works of 120 tons per day,
I the company is prepared to pur-
I chase all the ores offered.    Ibis has
I stimulated    v oil;    throughout the
| country tributary    lo Rovelstoko.
i Revelstoke is situated on the Colum-
'. hia ri'.-f -, at a point where it is cros-
. sedby the  C, P. R.    Tho  river is
��� navigal le    from   Iievelstoke clear
dowu into the  State of Washington.
i The C. P H, is now bnildiug a short
hue of railway to connect the Columbia river with Kootenny Lake, nnd
as soon as this is completed, which
will bo some time this fall, tho valuable mines in the Nelson district and
arnind Kootenay Lake will be placed
in oommnnication by rail and water
with the smelter at Revelstoke,
Al Golden, in Lust Kootenay, the
Go   eu Mining and Smelling Company is erecting a smelter with a
ity of fo i,y tons per tiny,    In
- 'ion with this smelter, roast-
ling furnaces are bring established
greatest test in :' for treatiog RnlphuronB ores; also
route for the railwoy,    ��� igwoikB.    Tbia smelter will
of one of thi       real other' be completed   this fall,    Golden is
ice of  lh" Canadian
I    i     ���   I !'��������� ii r. insiderablestretch
^B    ��� 'er tributary l,<i it, on
nndertake   adventures   among ,   . bis   rivor,  along
inrn un ling   l             '*;  tlb'cilh t of which a        ... many riob mines,
wait a nnmber '                  is in various stages of development,
being developed and the ] 'infiti
Ihe Sclkirks     I
ley, the Coin
re   ..   I ..
town has |
peels of becoi
Is now Prepared to Receive all'Gold. Silver & Lead or*,
Miners who havo any ores to sell aro requested to oomnvinieate at onoo with the
manager at Rivelstoko, B, !��� rbo is prepared to furnish ovory facility
to minors of small or limited means to ship their oro.
R HOWSON and 00.
General  Contractors    and    Builders,
Manufacturers and Dealers in   Doors, Sash, Mouldings, Glass,
aud all  kinds  of Bnildiug Material.     Oilloe Furniture aud  Fixtures p.
a specialty.    Turning, Scroll Sawing and 1'icture Frames, etc
made to order
ames McDonald & Co,
Ubout   the   summit   of the i -      ���
through tbe Selkirk* Ihe di I   ;,"a-   Tl'�� ""'-* ,f tbo Columbia
grandeur   is
.   :hed
glaciers are lure seen  in  ..
lions���vast masses of  ; i
liver is heavily tin.
1 ���: -
which have endured  for ages, ''��� '"'  lb��
beside whi-:. the    lacier  bia river to
Alps are said to  1 e small
Here the engin vf-i' Lumber Co.
railway c mi in
pome   little
may rem tin foi
.. i It:.
i see   3ii, Mr,
it you  a young
A smeller ba
plelod here, an I is ren pern
tion ni Boon as tin mi ics i
rounding country can b
uevelopi d to .      .    district
ore required,    '! he      lutnbi   ,. ?er
is navigable    il i     ��� ti m   love]
Stoke away down into tho  State  of
; tss]   	
Saw, pi month   ago.
I last,   11 im as a bnsth r.
of 0 fool
I < r ii        '. '���-.  11,3 you how bo
���    ��� iat, in I I        hit.I dabs judgment
on ... I ;:.        follow him and
i        ..,..'
I. J. < Co, li '   i       ere ri      in this case.
10,000 feet  capaeily. |    Then bo is a bu-tier?
All classos of Lumber on haul for sale.    Coiili'ite'in,' aud bail lintf.
REVELSTOKE ..... . , 110.
Harness ��� and ��� Saddle ��� Emporium
ig    ���   I   LADIES AND QENTSf,
Robes and Blankets, Curry combs,  Harness
oil, Homo brushes,  Whips, Spurs and
Bits in great variety.
BD. S, WILSON, Agent at Rovolstolte.
Washington, and ia also navigable I Thi csh bed last year      Indeed ho is     .V'hon ho had been
about CO c Ilea              - '     ���         3 ���' .......   monlha ho ran away
velnloke    A sb rt  lino of railway     Tho Kootenny to . my  il1 ighb i      I   ���',-,!.   them
isbeinc'b ii!! in llio 1             from nod deal . ���   ' n li        'bin   log, and |
Sproat on Ilia   i ol imbia   rivei   to
Nelson on Ko itena.y Uke, tbnscon-
Heeling two large Blretoln i ol  uui
gable water.   This railway will por
m|tof the shipment of oi os trom the
nl it is hero that tho greateal nn - bo li i   gone    Lh my wife and
I n          ....    i made d    ag the 10,001 in on h,    Von made no mis-
last year or two.    This   region   ia hike in your man, sir,    ffo  ie at
mo    :e no .i'll", as It has Bevnral prosoi                [9 ,-.- good deiec
Ircl  . i of i a ig lib water running live
The Kootenay Star,
Unvoted   to    (he   LUMRERING,   BUSINESS,  and AGRlG'ULi.
TURAL, and especially to the
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District.
y \J.'..) cd to, and exocutod in the best etylo, Commercial wo:!;
aipceialty,  Ord��ri br nail earifullr filled. To the Editor of (ho Stau:
It has long been my dream to
v rite an essay or lengthy receipt
which might Hud a resting pluce in
the archives of the Bod and Gun
Club and furnish a clue to tbe tenderfoot historian somo centuries
hence, of the manner in wbieh ���their
sucostora on the Upper Columbia
uttttckod these fleet-winged pilgrims
���and betimes escaped the rolling-
pin arguments of tho leader of the
opposition iu tbe legislation of domestic government. As anything so
vital to future genaology should be
compiled from an nutheutio basis I
have hitherto refrained from touching upon tho theme until I bad gained Borne personal experience iu bringing home tho spoils of the chase,
cither iu a game bag or elso in au
improvised sling; and because,
though sportsmen ns a rule are above
reproach for truth and integrity, we
occasionally meet with an exception
who baa no very keen perception
where Ihe line of credulity is drawn
in a grocery store audience.
With the aforementioned ond in
view, I determined n few weeks ago
on starting upon a mission to hunt
for research and goosc-nosls among
tbe succulent slough-grass which
attains a vigorous altitude along the
mud flats of tbe Columbia, and on
ousting around for a companion
whose temperament would sympathise with my billiousnoss and ivhis-
k��y sour state of my own mind, by
one of of thoBo lucky "floods in the
affairs of man" I approached Bert
Bert, besides being an all-round
prospector and hnnter, ia a bachelor
nud plays on interesting and instructive game of draw poker, an
accomplishment which makes bookkeeping unn.cessnry in declaring
dividends on tbo profits accruing
from the hunt. He is nluo gifted
in being an early riser and is not
above getting up aud building a fire
whilst the while boar frost still
bangs in crystals from the vegetation
cud cooking paraphernalia surround
ing the tepee of llio white man. I
gave Bert carte blanche in Btocking
Ihe commissary as I slightly sua
pected him to bu a commissar in
ordering those tootUome luxuries
for luucbeon by the trail and during
our mid day bait, whilst admiring
the estbetio grundenr of mountain
scene and abandoned tomato cans
near the 9-mile camp from Golden
we pio.luced from hia saddle-bags,
besides other sundries, tome soda
crackers, a flask of "Scotland's nose
i-.aint," and a tin of devilled turkey.
The turkey's remains o\ineed that
during life he was a veritable Her-
cnles and must have caused quite a
flutter among the frequenters of tho
poultry arena before be received bis
a ;ietii8 and became embalmed iu
tne tin cavque of our modern preserver. Still it made 'a very palatable dish which belied tbe looks as
it greatly losembled the deasicated
fringe of n Turkish towel submerged
in a sea of pearly bucd cornstarch.
It could be cut with a spoon, which
was a boon to me, as my teeth havo
become blunted of late in searching
far reciprocal tendernoss in the affections of Eastern Kooteuuy's beefsteak, After reaching our destination we selected aud pitched our
1 dge near a point where tho bull fly
and mosquito reach an able-bodied
maturity during tho summor months,
and here on retiring for the night
our partner illustrated tbo best trait
in tbe whole code of human affect-
ioiiB, i, e., brotherly love in tbe
woolly west, by making an equal division of tho blankets,
To hunt the goose successfully
one must be gifted with a moro or
less amount of patience and coolness.
It will also be greatly to hia benefit
if he has acquired a smattering of
mathematics, as bo may then be
able to compute by the problems of
geometry or trigonometry what lines
of space tbe oontents of his gnu isgo-
ing to navigate in quest of a target.
Cooluesa I lind is a, great heirloom
iu that respect, as I've noticed when
tbo hunter sits up burning the inid-
uight oil poring over receipts for
browing milk punch, or awakes from
his wind-swept couch with nerves
unstrung from getting bluffed out of
a jack-pot, ho is not lilted to make
much of a killing during Ihe day, as
l'vo noticed on sin h occasions the
ijontentH i f my gun have failed to
^,ak,o tho mark 1 intended, but have
bloodless resting place.
Strategy is another gift required
by tbe men or women who  ebonse !
this field to build   up  nn undying
name, which can be let fall with the!
usual amount of pride and animation
from the lips of their sad-eyed de-1
scendanls during those sttrmy pas-;
Bages, when foreclosure is threatened j
on the movtengo of  the ancestral j
farm.   Strategy is required as for at
least 14 hours per iliem  [to borrow
an expression] tbe geese are always
on the qui vive, and it would be j
foolidi to try and gain a victory by !
what aome might term a coup de
grace, for instance if   the invaders
are bivouacked in a spot where their
flanks are onlv visible through the
unoccupied lots iu a straggling^vil-
luge of musk-rat houses, surrounded
by a deep meat of stagnant waters, it
is nlwaj'B best to uso strategy,  when
with tho r.id of a pair of long gum
boots it is possible to wade iu and I
steal a march.
Again if the quarry are resting
their over-worked pinions on some
upheaving sand-bar, aud the intervening space is a stretch of undulating juicy turf and adhesive mud,
we may again use strategy by np-
proachiug in what is known as snake
fashiou, This style of locomotien is
a great strain on the nervous tension
aud ono must havo great command
over tho language to keep from
alarming the piety of their intended
victims by an explosion of mirth-
provoking ciissedness. A good antidote for this is to avoid tho use of
chewing tobacco and occasionally
mop the perspiration from the forehead on suoh perilous marches.
I have found by personal experience that the biggest killing wa3
always made by robbing the nesta.
This avoids a useless spilling of
blood aud ono can carry more in a
gunny sack. The feathers aro not
quite so valuable but the game are
more easily got, and when boiled
are a great deal tenderer. The hunter should always be clad in a deep
mud colored suit of canvas, they are
more easily laundried by hanging
up aud belaboring them with a stout
club. He should also provide himself with a wide-sweeping, open-
faced, leather-bound sombrero���!t
gives a more formidable appearance
to the hunter, and be bus always the
uhiiuee of getting mistaken for a
cowboy out of his orbit by somo of
these combative pilgrims.
Any other bunts that the reader
can furnish will be thankfully received and put oa file ut headquarters of tho club.
N, L. Mobbibos.
Golden, B C,
blundered. After they had pronounced the man dead, life was found to
exi.-t iu the body, and an extra current bad to be put on, which smothered a groan on his lips. Tho plea
put forward in favor of execution by
electricity, that it was moro merciful than death by banging, does uot
seem to have been borne out by fact,
and it is very unlikely another electrocution will take place iu New
York State.
New York, Aug. 10.-A strike of
tbe employees on the New York
central & Hudson Liver railway was
begun at 7.30 thia evening. Not a
train ban left tbe depot nt 12nd si
since that hour. Grand Union hotel
is crowded with people who 'expected to leave the city and had eugaged
passage for various points, At 8.30
a gentleman reached tho hold and
nnnouueed that tho engineer aud the
men employed in running llio incoming train bad deserted their posts
in I lie tunnel at 80th street nnd left
the train standing there, He, as
well as tho other passengers, hod to
got out and make their way to the
station as best tbey could. J, J.
Hollnnd. member of the execnlive of
tbe Knights of Labor, made three
attempts to have a conference with
Vice-Pres. Webb, of the railroad
company, for the purposs of effeot-
a peaceful solution of the difficulty.
Hume's Building, Eevelstcko. B. C
Liverpool, N. S., Aug, 8,���A terrible explosion occurred bore thia
moruiug. James Wurman, clerk in
Colin Campbell's hardware store,set
tiro to somo powder which had been
spilt on the floor, and it ran quickly
to a kog which was close by and
caught at once, and in a second the
building was a complete wreck, the
front and sido being blown into the
street. A fire started but was soon
put out. Warman lies in a very
serious condition, but tho doctor
thinks ho will re-cover. Another lad
who was in tho store at the time was
badly burned,
Constantinople, Aug, 11.���alum-
phre Bengloin, the Armenian Bishop
of Alashguerd, baa arrived at Constantinople by way of Trebizond,
nuder guard as a criminal, The
obarge against him b that ho advis
ed bis fleck to leave Armenia and
seek refuge iu Persia. Tho bishop
was arrested and subjected to the
most outrageous indiguities, insulted, spit upon, .flogged and thrown
into a dnngeoa aud there confined
i for somo timo before being sent to
| Constantinople. Owing to remons-
i trances by tho British ambassador
be liaa been givea his freedom, A
letter from Alashguerd says: "We
can neither dopart or stay, aud no
other courBO left us but to perish
where we are,
According to the telegrams, tbe
execution of Kemmler at Auburn
Prison was one of the most horrible
sights ever witnessed at an execution, Kemmler was tortured to
death, aud although ho bore up
bravely through the trying ordeal of
Using tbe apparatus, and even as-
BUted the officials in their work,
what his thoughts mast havo been
By the Columbia River Lumber
Co., at Beaver, B. C, to work iu
their mills and iu tho woods.
Stbamebb Duchess, Marios k Pert,
Str. Duchess leaves Golden for
Windermere and way points every
Monday at noon, (and ou Thursdays
when sufficient inducements offer) ;
returning arrive at Golden Wednesday, i p. m.,
Tourist tickets $6 for round trip.
Agents, Golden, B. C.
A. C. LAWSON, M. A. Ph. D., F.
G. S.A.
(Late of the Geological Survey of
Consulting Geologist, Minca, quarries, and mineral deposits of all
kinds examined and reported on.
Economic problems investigated nnd
information furnished, Whetham
Block, Vancouver, B. C.
Note.���Mineral specimenssont to
Dr. Lawson will bo placed on publio
exhibition. 50
One Billiard Table, complete and
in good repair.   Address
Koottniy House, Gulden, B. C.
Tne Keveisto&e Tin SAop.
wm. kirkup & CO,
ji'iinitc  ware,  and    Lamp   Goods.       Tin,   Copper  and    Sheet Iron
Ware made to order.    I'li'sI class work guaranteed.     Orders promptly
pltendod to.
?, ,>
���     ��
111 orders by mail ot<
express promptly
:0m, a
V... ;������',*
���-��� A     SPECIALTY.
��     __
'    !#
��� $ :f     All   descriptions of
gold and silverware
General Merchants.
B. O.
HAVING OUR OWN PACK '"' ' '<:''- '<
TRAIN, WE ARE IN   A l'O- p ; V:-v:,
... yji
J, Fred. Hume & ����.,
Revelstoke B. C��
(Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer ,in Dry Goods Groceries,' Provisions,
Canned Goads, Hardware Etc
The Stock in evory Department is Full and Complete and the Public wilt
find it to their advantage to call nnd
Inspect   Goods   and   Compare   Prices,
(Clone to C. P. II. Hi pot)
Revels toke
I.   V.
Importers ol'tho Choioosl QrooorioB uud Provisions.
Wo carry n select and complete stock of gent's furnishings, In lie, gents,
and children's Boots, shoes uiul hose, Btnltonory, patent, medicines toilut
Requisites and ready-made 'clothing.   A   largo ass rtmont of pipes,
tobucco, olgaroiloii, imported and domestio cigars, fruits, candy, oto.
Stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumbor, and olhorgoodft
too numerous to mention, a.tmodornto pricos,
Telephone communication, jgmUk. SELKIRK LODGE NO. 12,
WWW     IOCi Donald. B 0.
->��,*��><" ���' -   ���
Regular Mating Thursday of each
week at 8 p. m.   All Mailing both
era are cordially invited.
J. McI.Koii,     J. 11. Maxheson,
K. (I. B- H.
Do.HAIDj B. C.
Meets lat 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,   .1, S. Babbitt.
Heo'y,   W. 1?. Ogilviel-
Fino'r.   Aligns .McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A, Chesley, Kamloops, B, C.
Donald, 1>. 0.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays and 8rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hull,
Master,   Arthur Randall,
Seoretary,   Joseph Oallin.
Collector,   Geo 11 Govett, Box 19.
Receiver,   Junius  Fulooner, Can-
more, N W T.
Magazine Agent,   H J MoSjorley
Divine Service will be held in tho
Revelstoke Church every Sunday evening at 7;B0,' conducted alternately
by Methodist, Presbyterian, and English Church Ministers. Speceial announcement will be made each weok
iu the Star.
Sunday School and Biblo Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
iire cordially invited to attend.
east r, fev; days age by way of (liu-
pago, nnd vas induced by a Tribune
reporter to lull; about developments
iu British Columbia. Be has thia to
say about Illecillewaet: "This
station, near Glacier, is tho best
mineral point on llio whole line of
the Canadian I'acilic road. Silver-
lead mires completely surround tho
place. There will be a marvellous
boom in the ppjt four months." We
hope, however,that tho claim-holders
of Illecillewaet will not, on the
strength of this prediction, put the
pneos of their prospects beyond the
reach of buyers.
Mr. D. Wookoy has this week
been gathering in 6peciaiena of ore
at Illecillewaet for tho Toronto exhibit. He ia securing a line of samples there which will sustain the
credit of this old camp. Tho ores
obtained ut Kootenay lako came up
Wednesday on tho steamer and aro
now stored at tho government ofliec.
Tho entire collection will bo forwarded to Vancouver next week,
Ihe trail near Illecillewaet has
boen completed from tho railroad to
Cold Hill, a distance of four and
one-half miles, and ouly needs acceptance by Judge Tunstall and the
disbursement of tho cost, to be entirely rounded up.
Mr. John Hepburn made a trip to
the Gold Hill claims last Tuesday,
with Robert Greou, of Illecillewaet.
on the Lowe; Kootenay virer. and
lake. But in a couple of long summers camping on the lako I saw
enough to make me f-nlbnsinsticover
the prospects of Kootenay and I
could fill half a column with the
names of journals, books, maga
zincs ami reviews in which I have
been at pains to Imake its resources
known to tho investing aud traveling publio at home and in theUuited
To como to the settlers, of whose
future lot you speak in such a hopeless tone, I would like lo point out
to you that np to now there has
been only one settler, Mr. T. Davies,
on these swamp lands, and he has
Lkatiierboeovgu���At Rovelstoko on
Wednesday morning, August 13th,
lolly, aged 0 years, daughter of
Mr. C. S. Leatherborough.
The Groliinan Reclamation
Judge Tunstall went down to Nelson last week on official business, for
a stay of about two weeks.
Miss Lydia J. Irvine opened tbe
fall term of Iho Revelstoke school on
Monday of this week.
' Mr. J. C. Devlin, C. T. R. Detective, went down the river on Thursday.
Mr, 0. H. Cody, a mining expert,
has gone down to Trail creek, supposed to be in the interests of
the Vancouver Smelting Co,
Divine Service will bo oonductod
in the church on Sunday (tomorrow)
evening.'at 7,80, by J, A, Sinoji j,
M. A. Presbyterian Missionary,
' Mr. J. Serson, Bridge Inspector,
has fixed his residence at Donald,
finding it the most convenient point
for overlooking the divisions o! read
of which he has charge.
Mr. F. y. Bradford is cultivating
a beautiful flower garden near thi \
Bk'.'on, which those who have taste
iu flowers would be pleased to see.
Mr. G, B. Wright, of Ainsworth,
and Mr. Albert ��ntl.;n, of Tdcoieu,
arrived from the west this morning,
and intend to go south on Monday's
E. R Elphitstone and Mike
Grady hare yielded to the attractions
of Trail Creek and left for that locality on the last steamer.
Mr. J. Tied Hume, Mr?. Hume
and Miss Nellie Hume took passage
on tho Lytton, and will be among
the first to make .the rouud trip to
the Little Dalles."
Mr. 0, B. Hume,the Misses Hume,
Miss Kirkup, Miss Mabel Clothier,
Albert gtone, 'diss Stone, aud perhaps others, have planned to start
next Monday for a few days camping
at Deer Park.
We are requested to annoui
Church of England service will bo
beldii. Beaver r.n the morning ol
Sunday, Augnst ill, at 11 o'olook,
Tho Bev, I'. E, Wright will officiate,
Messrs, Indies and Jehu Cray and
E. M. Jobusan arrived from Victoria
last Saturday. The Gray brothers
started at once for Big Bend, and
Mr. Johnson, after seeing thorn off,
returned to the coast,
Messrs 0, 11. Allen k Co. are
ready for Mr. Wm. MoGill, Inspector ol Inland Revenue, who will bo
here on Monday to inspect their now
brewery and put his seal of approval
upon it. Tho malt, ordered froi
Banl-'raucisco, is exported to arrive
any day; and then beer of tin better
aid liner qualities, as well as ihe demand from tho territories will be
supplied by their establishment.
Sir James Grant, of Ottawa, who
hud nn option on the Maple Loaf at
jmocillewaet till August  1st,  wont
.-ecently come to terms with my company concerning the 210 acres he
desires to acquire and  whioh termB
appear to be quite satisfactory tohim
At present the whole tract of laud
under reserve for us, ip, with the
exception of a comparatively Bmall
corner of rolling land, perfectly useless swampland, fit for nothing but
an occasional crop of eoarse swamp
hay, and even-tbat is not obtainable
in high water years.     When the
widening of the outlet end dyking
of the land has reclaimed these verdant expanses o\ clear and exceedingly fertile bottom land,  they will
form an important addition to tbe
resources of the country, and tbey
will supply the mining population
on the lake with everything in the
shape of feed supplies they oan possibly need, and that  free of duty,
As we only receive title to the land
upon its settlement, it goes without
saying that we shall welcome settlers
and shaB hold out to them every inducement,    The price we propose
to ask for the land will be in proportion to the cost of reclaiming it,
and if the price we ask is too high
uo settlers would come on to it and
we would notobtnin our crowngrante
for it, which, I think, is self-evident-
ly a protection against an unfair land
monopoly on our part, and shows
how well the government has, in
spite of what you  insinuate, protected the settler's interests.
And now to tho question of the
general benefit of my scheme to the
country at large. By our agreement
we havi to pay, and have already
paid part of, ��1 per acre, which
means 817,000 or 818,000. Now I
ask any fairmiuded resident of Koot-
euay which of the two alternatives
wiil do the country more good, on
the one hand the reclamation of these
tracts, the above number of dollars
in tho country's treasury and au
equal or perhaps larger amount of
Notice iu hereby givon that, pursuant
to an Order in Council, approved by His
Honour, ihe Lieutenant-Governor on the
30th July instant, tha alienation of nny
and all Crown hiralii by private 6i',lo will
be discontinued from and after this date,
until further notice, pending contemplated legislation.
This notice Bhall not nffeot or prevent
the right to completo the purchase or
salo of any lands hi reBpeot of which notices of intention to make application to
purohase havo been published in the
British Colninbin Uazotte prior to tho
first day of August next.
Chief Commissioner ot Lands ft Work s
Lands nnd Works Department,
Victoria, B. (1, July 31st, 1890.
l\ . A. ilOWElT, I. u. !.���������,
Nuliiry Public-.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Salo,
Mining Bonds, etc,, drawn up; Bents
nnd Accounts Collected; Mining   Claims  Bought and
sold; Assessment work
ou Mining Claims
Attended to;
Patents  Applied  for,   Etc.,  Etc, Etc,
FIllS,     1.11-n   AMI   ACCIOENT   INSURANCE
Lots on Townsite of Iievelstoke for Snlo
and Wanted,     Agents for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
C. J. Branch
Brick and Stono Mason, Plasterer,
and   Kalsoniinor.   All   work  done
promptly and to satisfaction.  Con
tract work Bolicited. 35.
@. &. E- ��i VJL8&8.
Going East,
No. 2
Going West.
No. 1
Mil 0. BJkYASi
Mining   Broker,  Commission   Agt,
Notary Public, ko. ko,
In Stock.���Mining Powders, [Awe and
Caps, Minor's Tools, Stool uud Camp
Outfits. 8tf
13:00 Leave   Vanoouver   Arrive 11:25
North Bond
Bpence's Bridge
Arrive    Glacier
Donald   Depart   11:15
Corner Front and Hanson Sts.
Abrahamson niws.     -     PiiopitiuroRj
First class in every respooii, Nearest
hotel to C P R dopot mil steamboa
landing, betweeu post ollico uud gov,
buildings. Couoh to and from dopotfc
und steamboat. Biro proof Safe for tl��i>.
aooommodation of its oiistoiners.
To the Editor o; the Stab:
In reply to the leading article and
tbe "historical" eccount with whioh
you honor mo in your issue of Aug.
2nd, I would like to draw your attention to tho following iunccut'BJoies
which go far to give the schemo an
aspect which is very much at variance with actuality,
In tbo first instance, to refer to
the point most important to the public, our works, of widening the outlet will in no way interfere with navigation. Before concluding the
present arrangement with me the
Provincial government obliged me
to obtain the permission of the Dp-
minion government. This I did by
an order of the privy council passed
25  August, 1886, which gives me
permission to widen the outlet only i them expended in the district itself
iu such maimer as will not at any | on the works, or oa the other band,
j season of the year or at any point, | as tbe certain  alternative,  to have
lower ihe Kootenay below the pre-; these tracts included in the 20^,000
sent low  water level, so that your ! aore3 0[ free grants  the C.'ft K,'
fears of international troubles and | Railway Co.   receive for building
interference with tho navigation of   their line, without any obligation to
West Arm of the lake are, I think,   reclaim,or settle these tracts?   It
shown to   he perfectly groundless. : wonid ai30) I think,  increase Ihe
As to the "lowering  of  the lake," l value of criticism if only facts were
this phrase at once proves that the   given, thus the  time limit within
writer has not grasped the most vital   which we have to carry out the work
point of the scheme,    No lowering   is not "several years after the pre-
of the .j^e is intended, what we pro-   sent century" but, as  can be Been
posadoing ia to prevent the lake   from the agreement, it expires on 30th
from rising 12 or 15 feet, which it   October, 1896.
does almost annually,    Tbe land to     In conclusion let me express my
be reclaimed is overflowed to a depth   thanks for the  paternal solioitude
of from one to four feet,  tbe latter   you and  others  exhibit,  all  of  a
being the  highest ever known, bo   sudden, concerning the squandering
that ihe problem aesnmei very mnch   0f my enmpany's  capital upon what
simpler dim--:, ions 'ban your arti    you call an "uncertain and destruo-
ole leads one to suppose,    Thai it is' tive scheme."   There is no uncer-
possibletoa i what we pro-   tainty whatever about the under-
pose to do we have   taken   pains   to   taking, for if tho widening of the
assure of, by having the  outlet shosld not euffloe the dyhlng
whole scheme thoroughly examined   of tbe flats oannot possibly fail to
bythree competent engineers.thefirst   reolaim them    As to our capital be-
ig made in 1881 by   iog wasted, that is, so far as  I  can
One of the steamers of the C. ft K, S.
N. Co., (Lytton or Kootenai) loaves
Rovelstoko for Sprout overy Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 1 n, m. Returning will leave Sproat for Revelstoke
every 'l'uccdiiy, Thursday and Saturday
ut I a. m.
The steamer Duchess leaves Goldou
for Windermere every Monday at noon,
nnd returning arrives at Goldou at 4 p,
m, on Wednesday.
Steamboats loavo Sioamoua for Ender-
by Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday,
and return Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Pack trains from Rovolstoke for Big
Bend on tbo Columbia.
F. McCarthy   -    -    -
First class Temperanoe House.
HOAIll)    AMU    1.01)01X11,   ��5    PER    WEEK;,
MEALS, 25c.      BEDS 25o.
Tliis hotel is Bltuated oonvouient to the,
station, is comfortably furnished uudi
uilords Iirst cIiisb aooominodatiou.
ETC,   ETC.   ETC.
And Test OflicoStoro NELSON'
REVZLSTOKi:      -
W. Cowan, Prop.   11, flobort, Ho
Rooms well intended; tabl & iioex.,
celled. Winoa and liquors giiir intend of u high quality ifir ��� in
sample room. Telephone communication with O. P. II. dUpilt, l'Vi:
proof vault lor iho OOuvoniuiuo d
uiioHis.   Bubs moots all trains
-wu -
a well kn ir, L. C.  Hill,
II. I, i   ,  .     i"-. i tent oul from
Von poinl out tbat wben the gov
eminent entered into the agreement
with me in 1883   I, the conditions
in Lower   Kootenay   were   entirely
different to what they are now, Von
ir i, erfeotly right in this and had I
thought that Ihe then conditions
would always prevail and had I not
bad��great faith in tho Intent, re lour
ces of the Kootenay oonntry, yon
can bo quite iure that I would never
have troubled mj elf about reclaiming an isolated tract of iwamp I ad
situate in what was then perhaps tho
most  in.ev... ible corner  of   North
Amei-'ca (] rode in from Montana,
where now lhe���Norl,horn I'ncilin ity,
runs; -iie.1 whore till Iho fi-.l1 of 1882
thorn was no white resilient within a
hundred miles,
and Dick Fry
j idge, our funeral and nobody elses.
igizing for   the length of my
Yours truly,
Wm, A, Haii.i.ik Oi.oh.uan.
G.O.BUCHANAN       ....P'ROP.
P, 0, Address, Nelson, J. 0,
Oapaoity 20,000 feet per day! Planer
Bbingle maouine, etc. All kinds of
lumber on hand. During theseason
of 1800 lumber will be delivered at
Dave McLaughlin |imy  <>' Iho landings on the  lake at
leing the only ncttlei's  greally reduced prices.
��� MININd'illUOKEIl,���
And (ieiinra! (Jammlsslon Morobant,
loHili'iiiieo    nnd    Real    Estuto
Agent, Notary Public^Klc.
Tho largest and most central Hotol in
tho city ; good aooommodation ; everything now j table well supplied ; bar ami
billiard room attached ; lire proof safe,
Golden   .
li. C.
tiff, rOKK, ETC,
Stockholm Housa
Tho dining room is furnishod with tb��,
host tho market iillords.
''^Iio bar is supplied with a choice etook.
of wines, Iii] norE. ar.u cigars,
Jas. Liberty.


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