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U'-m i ll ilil IIHIIiITII
^ $"V -V ���% 41 w Jul
No. 19<
Notice is hereby given that, in pursu
nnce of tbe provisions of section 3, of the
'���Columbia k Kootenay Railway Subsidy
Act. 1890," the unocopied and unrecorded Crown lnnds situated within the following described blocks of land, have
been reserved from lease, snlo or settlement, viz.;
Block 13, Commencing at a point on
the west bank of the I lolumbin lliver, two
miles south of the moUtb of Trail (.'reek ;
thence two miles due west; thence four
miles north ; thence four miles oast, oross-
ilig tbe Columbia River; thence four
miles south ; thenco two miles west to
the point of commencement.
Block 14. Commencing at a point on
the south side of the mouth of Toby
Creek, on the west side of the Columbia
Fiver, nt the north end of the Lower Co-
b.mbia Lake, thence due west, four miles ;
theuce north four miles ; thenco east four
miles; thenoe south four miles to the
place of commencement,
Block 15. Four miles square, situated
et the south end of Lower Columbia Lake,
on tbe west side,
Block 16. Four miles square, situated
nt tbe mouths of Sheep and Skooknm
t'huck Creeks.
Blooks 17 nr.d 18. Each four miles
square and situated south of Fort Steele.
Block 10. Four miles Square, situated
on Elk River, and including Elk lliver
Provided that this reservation shall not
affect any lands which are included in
sny grant, lease, agreement, for sale, or
other alienation from the Crown, or which
have been set apart for any special pur-
poi-e prior to the date of tins notice.
20 Surveyor-General.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B. 0��� Sept. 18th, 1890.
Notice is hereby givin that, sixty (B0)
days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands nud Worns
for permission to lease the following tles-
cribtd tract of laud, for lumbering purposes :
Commencing nt a point two niii&s up
the Salmon River from Holder Cresil, and
half n mile west of the Salmon River,
tunning S. W. oue mile, thenee S, E. oue
nud one-half mile, theuce uorth two and
one-half miles, theuce S. W, three-fourths
of a mile to starting point, containing
about 1000 acres. 16
Going East,
No. 2
13:00 Leavo   Vancouver
12:15 Arrive
North Bend
bpence's Bridge
Dunald    Dopart
Going West.
No. 1
Arrive 14:25
Cf)e ifochmay Star
TEA.MBOAT,     AND    TRAIL    i'0n;:::ct   IO
The steBmer Lytton, of tbo C. k K.
S. N. Co., leaves Revelstoke for Little
Dalles, Washington, every Monday and
Thursday, at 4 a, in., connecting with
trains for Spokane Palls, Ret timing,
leaves Little Dalles every Tuesday and
Friday, stopping nt Sproat each way,
The steamer Duchess leaves Golden
for Windermere every Monday at noon,
and returning arrives nt Golden at 4 p,
m, on Wednesday.
Steamboats leave Sicamous for Enderby Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
aud return Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Pack trains from Rovelstoko for Big
Bend ou the Columbia.
Notice is hereby given that sixty (60)
days after date, I intend to mane application to the Chief Commissioner of Lnnds
arcl Wotks, for permission to lease the
following described tract of land, for
lumbering purposes :
Commencing at about ono mile below
Iho junction of the West or North Foik
of Ihe Salmon River, running southerly
fo a point one-half {\) mile above the
South or Etist Fori of Salmon River,
tionce easterly one-half (i) mile, thence
northerly to u point one-half [A] mile
east of the starting point, thence westerly one-half [i ] mile to the point of beginning, containing about 10,000 acres.
Also, commenoing nt a point at Bonier
CreeK, about one-half [1] mile from Salmon River, and ruuuiug south about
throe mile0, thence one-half | \ | mile east,
thence north three miles, theuce west
three-fourths of a mile to point of beginning, containing about 1000 acres,
Notice is hereby given that all alluvial
claims legally held in tho West Kootenay
District, will be laid over from the 1st of
October to the 1st day of June ensuing,
29 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, September 26th, 1890,
Tn be known as a " Silver Lunatic" ia not quite ho great a reproach
as it was a few nonius ago, Silver
has advanced in valno from 92 cents
loSI.-Oan ounce, although it has
declined from the extreme figure to
7:40 I about $1,10, The principal cause of
8:48 |he advance was the legislation of
nn'.en i the United Slates Congress, requiring the Treasui-ro' to bur 4,500,000
ounces of silrur monthly, and io pay
for it iu a specially prepared currency based upon the uietal itself as security. As a natural result under
Ihe circumstances, speculators suw
the opportunity, aud purchased immense quantities on speculation, carrying the prioo up to $1,20, bnt a
sharp spasm of tight aaeney compelled soma holders to realize, and caused the reaction,
There appears to ba a disposition,
on the part of some Canadian papers
to belittle and discredit this advance
in the value of silver, It seems to
us, withent arguing the qnestiou
from a financial standpoint, that it is
of as much importance to British
Columbia that direr should inareaae
iu value, as that the fish of its riven
and coasts, its grain and live stock,
and the lumber of its forests, should
bear a high pi-ice, because it is a
proJuetien of its mines, and likely
to increase largely with their development. Because silver is mado a
financial outlaw by the Old Lady of
Tbreadueeille Street, aud the holders
of British Consols are paid their interest in gold, ie not a good reason
<thy the men who delve for it in Ike
mountains of B. Columbia, should
condtinu it. The people of this Pro-
���,ince, and especially of Kootenay
Diotriut, ahou'i.l mnko common causo
with every effort, uo matter whero
emanating, to elevate tho value of
A Court of Revision and Appeal under the Assessment Aoi will be held at
tho Government Ollico, at Melsou, on tho
10th day of Novem., at 10 o'clock, a, rn,,
and at the Court House iu Revelstoke,
on the loth day of November, at 10a. m.
25 Chairman Court of Revision
and Appeal.
Revelstoke, Sept, 18th, WO.
And General Commission Merchant,
Ihsur.inco   and   Real    Estate
Agent, Notury Public, Etc.
B. C
��� Dt.Al.BKS IN-
i>a\ GOODS,
ETC,   ETO.   ETC.
*vi Post Office Store IN EiSON
C. & K. 8. N. CO.
The Steamer Lytton will leave Revel-
steke Mondays and Thursdays for
Bevehtole, Aug, 9, ld90,
i.vu wnoi.L5ALF. an'ji retail bkai.eks iu
Three of fho merchants of Revelstoke havo branch stores in the
southern part of the district, and
ono Illecillewaet firm, Green Bros.,
has a branch at Sproat. J. Fred.
Hums has his locution at Nelson,
and E. S. Wilson k Co., at Airs-
worth. These are evidenoas of ei -
terprise much to the credit of the
firms named. To soma extent however, iu a new and mining country,
where the population shifts with the
demand for labor on publio improvements, or from the excitements which
are proverbial among miuers when
new discoveries are made, it is necessary that merchants should keep
pace with their customers. The
trend of business has beeu for this
season to a large extent southward,
owing to iho construction ef Ihe
Columbia k Kootonay Railway, the
continued prosperity of the niiuos at
Hot Spriugs, and the establishment
of a new camp at Trail Creek.
Theso are good reasons why tbe merchants of Revelstoke maiutain stores
j in those, localities, and why the parent stores hero become the sources
which are largely drawn upon to replenish etooka. Tho reason why
some purchaaes are made on the
���tber aide of tho boundary can he
readily explained by the fact that
transportation from Sproat to Nelson has so far been by pack trail and
very expensive. This obstacle is
soon to be surmounted by Ihe completion of the Columbia it Kootenay
Railway, and when spring opous
again tho question will bo thoroughly
tested whether the 0. P. R and the
Steamboat Co., will regulate freight
charges so that it will be pessiblfl
for the merchants of Canada to supply Southern Koctinay with ils
goods, provisions and mining supplies. If they do this, Iievelstoke
will more than ever become tbo place
where wholesale stocks will be carried, whioh will be promptly within
call, and nearer than Spokane Falls.
Meantime, ii session of thu Dominion Parliament will bo held, and if
ula are necessary to mike tbe business of Southorn Kootenay more
secure to Canadian merchants lha.-i it
ia at present, a very liroad hint from
Washington has been recently given
to our Finance Minister ns to how
bueh euda c*n be uri!im:pli".hel.
���'  ii.��i.,a'����
Glacier House.
From Our Own Correspondent.
The Earl and C>unfess of Aberdeen arrived hers on the 101b inst.
Thoy were accompanied by Prof.
Drumtnond, of Glasgow, Scotland,
who is on bis way home froas a trip
around the world,
.Limes Brady, of Victoria, came In
from Goldou ou Thursday last, arid
left the following day for the Lanark
Mine, Illecillewaet, where he reports
work progressing favorably.
J. Serson, bridge inspector, was
here on the 18th oua tour of inspso-
Lady Raid, wife of Sir John Raid,
K. 0. B��� and Miss Reid, of Bath,
England, aro here on thoir way to
the coast,
It would seem that winter had
fairly set in around here, as tho
auow does not disappear very faat,
Kootonny Lake News.
The Bi'St Snelter, reoontly constructed at Hot Springs, failed on
its Iirst, trial, it is believed not for
reasons that condemn the principle
on whioh it was bnilt, but from
"faulty construction." Complete
siico��8s should prove the value of
these new-fangled schemes, before
money is invested iu them by any
mining eanip.
Dr. Uampboll, for fho Revelstoke
Mining Ce.,is making preparations
for carrying on work at the United
aud No. 1 during Ilia winter. Tho
wagon road will bo exleuded from
the Kraa to tho Uuited, bo that ore
can be hauled to tha landing. On
the Uiiitod a station will bo put in
at a depth it 50 feet, and a drift run
on tho ledge in tw'b dii'sotio'ns;
ThosF, Burns and John Sandon
are said to have baea drowned near
Ainsworth last week Wednesday.
The boats they were iu had been
fouud but tho bodies had not been
recovered at last accounts.
Ore worth 810,000 has been packed
out from theSilver King by Jo�� Wilson's train, aud will be shipped to
some American Smelter for reduction.
At the Government sale tf Ir.'., in
Nelson, aqont 00 lots were disposed
of, nt figUMS ranging from 8101 to
,$200 each, No parlies from tbe
outside attended the salo.
W. A. Baillie-Groh����'n is calling
for tonders for tao removal of loose
rock and gravel at the "Narrews,"
near the Kootenny hike.
W. R, Hill, one of Iho firm of Hill
Bros., has gene to Corinth, Ontario,
to visit bis sick father.���Gleaned
from The Miner,
Tratl   Creek.
(From Our Own Correspondent.)
Tim latest advUea from thia camp
arc of a very chert ing anil) remising'
nature, nnd claim holders are in high
spirits accordingly, American capital ia being largely invested, and
present indications are that thi=, the
youngest camp in Kootenay district,
will fur outstrip any of the older olss
as a permanent paying investment.
One Canadian and two American
experts, working in the interest of
solid capitalist*, went iu on '.he sir.
Lyltou this week, and as one of them
Mr. E. F. Dyer, of Spokane Falls,
baa already reported favorably of
the camp, Ihe chances are the parties
whom he represents will aacir.e one
or mere claims'.
Mr. Jawr.lt, of Revelstoke, ie also
inspecting the camp, the other expert beiug a Mr. Wintermcir,
The latest assay from  Mr,   G.   P,'
Topping's claim ^ivea  $401   to the
ton, the proportions being $398 in
gold and 3 oz. of silver.    In addition
thu ere carries a fair  peicentag* o
copper.     Another   assey   from tlie
same claim gives ��210 in gold, in addition to silver  and copper.   From
this claim assays  have  been  mae'e
ranging from HO to ��100 to the ton.
Tne Lily  May  owned    by   \V.
Hoover, is changing to a rich galena
at a few feet from the eurfaco.   Assays from this ere give 110 oz. of
silver $18 in gold and 10 per cent
laad.   It is the general opini in that
the whole laad will change to a galena as depth is reaohed.   Should
thia turn out to be the caae, the auc-
cui.'i of the camp is  more  than  as-
MtBsrs. Hoover and Topping are
each preparing to ship an experimental car loaj of ore from their
claims to tha smelter at Butte, Mon-
tanua, and if the returns are as satisfactory as anticiputad, work will be
continued on theolsrms ail winter.
Sprout   Items.
P3 us, ir-;
Business al (ho Smelter.
Last week was au active ono at the
smelter. Eighty-six tons of ore
wore received from various souross,
aud they were ruu through the
sampling woil.a, assayod by Mr,
Reeser, and will be paid for ou the
basis of thiir assay value.
Of tbe toial quantity, 1H lonsjoama
from McKiunon's Maple Leaf,
shipped iu by Green Bros., of Illooil-
Messrs. B.iin, Boyd .fe C��,, sem iu
tea and ono-balf tons of Duuvegan
Ore. This in the balance of the lot
packed out to tho track by doe Wilson hiHt winter.
Murk Hyatt allies in ono-balf ten
from Mike Grady's claim, which he
hud iVnderboud,
From the Monarch mine at Field,
57 tons of ore were received,
This week ono oar load of ove bus
been received from Gulden containing 10 tons. Of this lot, 14 tous
were shipped by Walls k Pollook,
and five tons by Es II. 1'ercy ; and
advices are received lhat Messrs,
Welle, k Pollook will forward
anoll.nr car load, reported to be
something of  very    high    grade.
^_^^^^_^^__^^^_      'I'hesu lots from Golden, are from the
anv change iu tho tariff laws of Can-' mines on the Uppis Columbia,'
(From Our Own Correspondent,)
A few lines from Sproat may not
be amies, Since last writing tie C:
P. R, have crossed the "Sloaan"
bridge aud are now laying track ou a
seven mile grodud stretch and hope
ts> be at the crossing of the Koote^av
by 12th or 15th November. The
tracklayers left here on the loth
inst., for their new camp at Slooan
whore they will have comfortable
quarters for the cold weather Their
abaouee rakes the plaee very dull.
MoGillivray's men return hare in
a day or two from tha Slooan, and
will begin framing the Kootenai
bridge. This will bo a large structure, four trusses, the longest being
nearly 19Q feet,
Work ia progressing moBt favorably all along the grade, ao should
nounforsceu aocidant happen lh*
Ifavelatoke Smelter will receive Kooteuuy Lake ore before the close of
Flagar is about to commence clearing a lib aero towa site for the (',
K, E. Co,, at th* west end of ihe:" {
wiles lately surf eyed from here.
There are great speculations as to
th* meaning of this townsite, but
tim* will tell. Itiawa.l chosen, a
good lauding and plenty of wo'od
aud water.
At'J-riril Ofeek matters m-a q,,iot)
not much work doing, it ie ixpeoted
not more thai) 2o er 25 men will
winter iu the camp, bnt a big rush
is expected in spring, Should the
ore pay, thero is an unlimited
Wo hear after this week we aro to
have only one boat a weak from
Revelstoke, reducing our mails to
nearly wiaior deliveries and I fear if
the river falls aa last as it is now
lulling, oven thaae trips will ���*on
ceas*. We are haviug regular fall
weather, rain and the snow is grai u-
ally creeping down th* mountains
but w* ciiuiiot complain.
A man fell off tho Slocan bridge
about OH feot a f.w daya ago, but la
in a fair way to roc*ver, and a Cains-
man who would ba as smart as a
"Uidil.an man" broke his hand try ���'
iug to conple a eery (Lbe fkootmaxj Star
Afonr pagetwciity-column news
paper, is issued from theoffico Ol
publication, lleyelstokc. li. C.
Subscription price $2 per year
Rates of advertising given oi
Publisher and Proprictoi
Uncle Bill's   Bet.
'So there has beeu some more
stealing down to lbe Comer, has
there?' remarked Uncle Bill Perkins
to me, as I dropped in the otlier
evening, to make the old couplo a
'Yes,' I replied,, 'Foster's store
has been htoken open (.gain, and he
says thero is lots of goods gone,
Two or threo bonsec have been eu-
tercd when the folks were away, and
each of them lost something. There
is a thief hanging around in these
parts, aud he is growiug bolder every
'Ain't they got no track of who it
'No, there aiu't any clue yet?'
���Do thoy mistrust anybody around
these parts?'
'No I haven't heard that they do?'
'Our'ns. aiu't it? Now, if eld
Harry Tuffts was a-living, I should
feel aura that it was him. He was
th. master old thief that ever lived
in ,bese parts. He was so cunning
(hat although you were sure he had
do. e a thing, it was hard work   o
faste.itontohim.   They used to
nv that he was the Evil One hisself,
un,l il he wasn't, ho must be a near
relation.   Re would make a bet that ^^
be would steal something right afore j clu((j to (llB jjOU8i6|   ^e was on her
tour face and eyes, and in spite of f(jut) gD(j j sta,,teJ  for tba  kitchen
vou he'd do it.   Bat the master game | artw my gl.n/
I ever  knowed  him to play was ou j    .j}ut j hadu't taken two steps afore
Nancy here?' I the old goose give a terrible aqnaw k.
'Bill l'erkiusl' she disgustedly ex-1 'i'i10 f���x had got hold on her and no
mistake, and 1 see that if we wonld
save her life thar wasn't no iimo to
get the gun.
She hid laid  and  sot  rite nnder
''All the a^eo r,tt cp a shout, for
tbey thought Harry was corners 1.
'I'll have it,' he said ; 'and yon
may tell the old woman about the
bet, if yon want to, in th* bargain.'
'Of course 1 shall tell bar.' said I,
'so that she will look out that you
don't get yer bunds cu ii.'
'When I got home i told Nancy
about the bet, and alio was mad as a
broke-lip aettiug hen. She said I
ought to ba ashamed of myself for
talking about her before a whole
store lull of men, and that nobody
but a fool would have done it. As
for old Harry Tufl'ts, she said tbat if
he come round whore she wbb she
wonld scald him, if there was a drop
of hot water in tbe teakettle.'
'For some day:) wu sees nothing
of him, bnt the story got round, nnd
all the women in the neighborhood
plagued bancy about it. This made
her madder und madder, and she
kept mo iu hot water from morning
till night.
'It was about three weeks after
ward when, one night, after Naney
and I had turned in, and I was
brought to my seuses by Nancy's elbows a-digging into my ribs. 1
started up, thinking the house was
aliro. She was a-icreehing at tho
top of her voice, and seemed in a
terrible fit about somelhiug.
'What is it, old woman?' I asked
rubbing mj eyas. 'Can't ye let a
fellow alone when bo's tired and
sleepy ?
'Don't you hear that, Bill Perkins?
There's a foi close to the bouse.
Thar! can't you hear him bark? He's
arter the old goose who's a-settiug
here under tha winder on eleven
eggs, and nigh sboui ready to hatch.
Get yer gun, Bill, and shoot him il
you can. If you cant hit him���and
nobody expects you will, for you
ean't take aim anv better than a
sheep���perhaps you may scare him
off. Hurry up, or he'll have tbe
goose afore ye get out of bod.
T could hear the fox bark, and
Nancy was right in saying bo was
' -What do ye want, old woman,
���1 want yer ter hold  yer  tongue
you pesky old fool!" ^ 	
'Can't think of doing that, Nancy. ��� tlie 1)e(, room winjer) anj ju a jiffy
Tt alwus gets her dander up when I jjan0y wttH |0 jt| anii throwing up
L get speaking about that Borape,' t]jB gnah, stuck.ber head but, yelling
he resumed. 'I don't wonder at it j llca.-- at t],0 t()[l 0[ |,ar TOioe',
���getting fooled arter she bad boen: >jt,sttbrfn thar was a blaok shadow
warned about what that old BOftnap riz nj, a-tween us and tho moon,
had but he'd do. ' I which was shining as bright as day,
���You see, oue day in planting time fba old goose stopped squawking on
it chanced to be rainy, aud I went |,sr nMt, but another one took it up.
lown to The Corner ou an errand to '^aUCy felt aomothing grab her by
jhe store after driblets, the top-knot of h*r nightcap,  and
' 'She c*n never tbiuk of on'y one fot a M00nj ;; seemed as though she
thiug at a tra>e,but it's always 30ms- ffon]j |,��� p'ulied through tbo winder,
thing. I ��seJ t0 tel1 'jer tlKlt '"r Tneu tue atnll2' si��� ffaJi im-' a
memory waa as short as our brindle man went logging it out into the
cow's tail, which Major Hail's dog road, a swinging it above his head,
Ljjoff, jeat lor all the world like an  login
���There was half a do^sn men sit ffho haa jest taken a scalp.
ting around, aud arter talking about 'Cmfound yon, Nancy Perkins!'
the weather aud any news tbat might Si;d 1, 'can't yi u tell a man from a
lie stirring, we got to speaking of <oxj for nigbtoap is gone, ard I've
Harry Tuffts and his habit of taking lost m7 fi0]\���, Xhat's old lurry
things, which ha did in such a quiet Tuffts flying down thar like a - '.
easy way;   and jest aa we  were   -t  ., ,r ,it   .. ttoeverbody
fairly at' the suhjeet, who should in fown I only hop* it's a little bit
come iu but Harry him:: I. leaner than co
'\V* was jeat a-talking about vou,      'j^aney was as mad a-. �� bed   ig a
.... she crawled in a-tween  the  sheet*
������ iev*r    I   ar  head  till
oorniog, ��� ight.'
Tlie  Eugincer's   Story.
A dozen railroad engineers and
conductors mel by chance '.ho other
day aud an eld, grayhairod v*t*rau
of the cab told a story, He bad
beeu an engihcerwitli a big reputation
as a runner in tbe years gone by.
but, en account of failing corves ami
eyesight, waa now enjoying an easv
berth around the uhops.   He said:
'It was when the old f. M. & B
was first opened up,' he b��gau.   '1
wai pnlliu' pass*nger, and toek the
firat coach over tbe road.   I  got a
good run, all  day work,  and  was
holdiu' her dewn as a good  thing.
'Bout a year after we'd got to doin' a
good  business I  had  somo extra
runnin' and lost my turn fur a while
and run nights all the time.   It waa
mv last'trip before I'd get back my
own run and I was feeling  glad to
get on to the day trick again.   W��'d
had aoiue mighty bad  weather and
lots of water fell.   Our track was iu
pretty good shape, though, and we
'.',idti'l lunch   four   niaabuuW, no   wo
kept up with the card  pietty  well.
The night I spoke about I  was ou
No, 2.   We had a heavy train, but
the maohine I had was able to  get
there, and 1  was on  time till ''wo
struck a freight that couldn't take
the aiding.   They swung us down
and we side tracked until tbe freight
got away,   I was pretty W'a.m over
losing the timo, and when we lit out
of there I pulled her right up to the
notch and she went for all the was
worth.   We were making nbout it>
miles an hour, and when w�� reached
the fill'east of  Wildcat I  worked
steam all the way down.   We wore
about half-way  to the  creek  when
tho bell rang.     I worked mighty
quick, but it was down hill and the
rails   wero wet,  and  I didn't get
stopped until the pilot was almost
over the bridge���or where the bridge
ought to be���because when I stopped
the headlight  who' shining over a
chasm.    The  bridge was   washed
away.   Gad! You can tell just about
how I felt,    My fireman nearly
fainted aud I wasn't far behind him.
Well, after we stopped, tha conductor, a smart chap, with a fiincy lamp
and rubber collar, oaine a running
up  and  wauted  to   k^ow  why  I
atopped.       .,
Cause the bell rang. What did
yon pull the rope for? I says.
I didn't, says he.
.   Vlfell,'who did?   jsays,
No one, says he, hut like.
Well, now* oue pulled it, or 1
wouldn't have stopped, aays I,
Tho conductor looked at me a minute, and just then the brakeman
came up.
Did you pull the rope,  Joe? said
No, saya Joe
Just a sadden thought Btruck m;
im! I told the brakeman to ask the
porter. Tue conductor hadn't pulled ihe b��li, and tbe passongers in
hia oar ware asleep  until  I  jerked
Smelting and Trading
Is HOW Prepare!) to ljeceivo all Gold. Silver at Lend ore.
Miners who havo any ores to sell are requested to communicate at once wilb tht
manager at Revelstoke, B. 1., t ho is prepared to furnish every facility
fo minors of small or limited means to ship their ore.
R. H0WS0N and CO.
General Contractors    anl    Builders
niaiiufactiirers nnd Deal��'t,s in   Doors, S-isli, rltimldln?,?, Glass,
and all  kinds of Building Matui'inl.     Olllue Furniture and  Fixtures  a   '
a specialty.   Turning, Scroll Sawing and 1'icture frames, *tc
miwla Ij, m'.l.tp
made to order
Coal, Hay and Corn.
have enlire sale of the celebnafed Canmore hard, lump and nut coal, suitable fo
base'burners and other atnves.   GREAT HEATING POWEIt,   MUCH  '
CHEAPER THAN WOOD.     Delivered a', Rev.dstnlie, any part
of town, $9.1)0; Kardloops $9,00; Donald $8.50,    Special
quotations for car lots.     Coal  stoves sold  at
wholesale cost  Hay, oats aud bran sold
by carload or smaller quantities
Yards ut Kiuuloojisand' "
Douald.   Apply   '
McDonald & Cos
9.VMSvai At am s^v ma roa a i *a s* s i
Ail classes of Lumber ou band for s ilo.
Conti'io'in'iui'1 b.uillin^.
B. 0,
them endways with tbe air.   I took I
tbeconductoraround  to the front ij| wm ft _   g^JU   _.   EinporilMV
end and showed him the bridge. He  UHU"/00I % ' " �� >
said I'diHii Taaker, who was sitting on
a baa; of menl chewing a stick as be
was always doing.
'Keep rite uu,' said Harry, as ho
bitchod up on tho counter,' I'll
warrant it wan't any good yer were
saying of me; but, like tht Old Enemy, I ain't
ail', ten
Too Mneli  Annie Rooney,
it doesn't matter where you go
ija.it* ao  -lack  as  Ida  I . youresr I    og
- ta'a my iv-". in her ��� p"
I don't know about that: said Thi Rooney businoss.dontyou know
Eben    V.rn know they say tbst yon   [hftt everybody's singing,
can best him picking up thiugs that  ..very body knows the thing ,
vt find laying round loos*.' Everybody' spooney
' -Harry didn't seem to mind thia Save the small majority
1 it at ail    He wus used to have bis That's being driven luny
evil doings flung at him, nnd hind ol Organs grind it io the streel
took pride to hav*   people  think Mr. Dennis Moonoy
how light lingered be was. Keeps awake upon bis hi il
Tl like to have ye coming ronnd To whistle "Annie Room
m�� house trying to pick  np any-1 In the woods the phebe birds
thing ' said 1.   'Thar ain't a thing ��� Sing the song without, Ihe words ;
tli.it you can carry off from thar.'      (lats npon tbe garden fence
���I can carry tlT anything from thar  K���n,cr it with stro ��� ntense.
that I want.' Even jopg Babbooney
' Til bet you 81 thar's one thing Now i nd thin removes his tan*
jouosn't steal.1 From his mouth, adjust* hls.b;ain,
' 'Doui' said lUrry,   'Put up your ��� And, in accents full of pain,
money.  Here's mine.1 H ^ '% - Awnnis Wooney."
T'Tlio store keeper took it and put TwmSiIUD^
it,,'i,iHi,ot,'tt,i,1n,;;;!hat'fi1; ^m,iZ,>^^<^
���What i. there up thar that I cau tl        m| 0fl���p  u,. hll��� ������.���,
I8'!'.      .  .:..,. ......u. op
'Nancy's mg
iiigbi .can.'said
him by listening al keyholes
was scared to death, aud we went
back together through the train to
s-a who pulled the '; eU :cpe, but
every msthor'jj son of them swore it
wasn't  touched.     I   begin  to get
Beared ag&u and   told  thuui  about
' the bri'lgt and everybody came out
t' look at it.   We couldn't tiud any
\ one who gave the  signal, and  after
we'd flanged luck to tne station 1
. .- ���   thinking more and more, and
camo to the opinion that'tha bull was'
rung by Providence,     Tnere waa
: i -1 eople on the train, and if that
bell hadn't a rung I'd took thstu all
over into tbe Wildcat, and dropped
.hum IW) feet inti the water,   Lhure
v. ildn ��� I "ii anybody left to tell it,
Tl e   Huperintonde'ii   looked   into
iho thing after I  reporttit, and  had
mound Joe up on the carpet twict,but
^e beard the bell an I swore tu it.
Siims chap got np a long etpliua
ion tl at tha   bell   ropt   was  tight
itretohtd, and we struck a low joint
joining down the hill, when ono end
of tbe ooach aigged", and th* rope be-   Di yoked to
ing tight it rnngthe bell4 hot 1 don't j
believe it,   It was Providence that
did it, and I know it, and I.ve never
aworo an oath since, an I  novel will.
rtsnsas City Star.
Did'nt yon have your rovolvtr in
yonr baud when you saw  the  bar
Tom   Oh, yea I
Jack   Well, why didnt yon   shoot
at him?
Tom   l didnt know ike oonfouod-
ed thing was Ion-lad.
���JU3F- ARRIVED ���
Robes and Blankets, Curry comlis, Harness:
Oil, floi��o biiishos, Whips, Spurs and   I
Hits in great varioty. '���
LIGHT AND HEAVY HARNEY,,      :,   ';-
Ki>. S. WILSON, Agent at Rovelstoke.
The Kootenay Star,
Tl HAL, nud especially to the
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay Distriot.
J \ ) |">ed bn, and ojeouted In tho best stylo. Co nmsnn1 woilt;
kifHllltj.  Orjjinbj mi) wrs/n'lv illH.
,1 I ,  I
n,p .       , n.,,       .,,      .        !   Rube Burrows, Ibe train robber, I    New  Or'eius,  Oct.   >9.-Mayor
O'Brien and Iiiliou will receive an i     ., , RI...L-......    .   i
���. . ,     , ,   ���       v   i    .,     ��"''��w ��nd murderer, waa urmt nn.i i ��u������speara to-day  6ent  a special
cfii 11 we i-i'iiui  o New   lork,   the,,.,, ,   . _.", ���, .��� ���,.  ,,     ,. .,     '      '
it.ni...i..i t.  ,      ., ...  ,        missageto ho ci yeonnol officially
board of aldermen having on Tuesday appointed a committee of seven
to receive the fugitives.
_ Judge Miller, of to Supreme court! attempt to  reeain   bin
judges, having been   apppointed by
killu.i at Liudeu, Ala., on   Wedliea-
lay morning, October 8th.   Ho died | '"forming them of tho assassination
ith a pistol in each  hand, Meeting j o! ^n'8' of Wlto Hennessy by the
bis doom in a reckless  and   during ] mfilu,|ers of au Ilaliau secret society
a ^^^^^^
bis bosom companion, Abraham Lincoln iu 18(52. Ho was regarded as
ono of the fathers of Aueiican constitutional law.
Novar, Oct. 1?.���Samuel Slater,
of Hamilton, manager of the Landed
Loan Banking Company, was instant
lv killed at a hunting camp near here
t is morning. A man named Uc-
Donagh, of tjiis place, whs testing
Mater's riflu when the bullet grass-id
a sapling, glanced aud struck Slater
in the forehead.
It'ginn.J Oct, 18.���Another outfit
cf tho demi-monde arrived hero
Iron) the east this morning and it
was their iidrMion to take up quarters in the lliver bouse, which the
i iher bard characters l��ft on a
twenty-four hours notice a few weeks
ago. When morning dawned, how-
i vcr, only the ashes of the shanty
rem lined. It had been burned ilur-
the night.
Akron, Ohio, Oct. 11. -There was
a terrible tragedy ut Orrville lust
Light. Officer Boydaton had arrested
Jidm Sweeney, and had him ill cus-
tudy on the depot platform. Just as
an engine was coining along a pal
nf Sweeney's stepped np from behind and poshed Boydston iu treat of
it, 'I he officer was tei'l'ihjy mangled
nnd niu.it havo died instantly. He
V tnined his grip on Sneeneyas he
went down, and Ihe prisoner was fatally injured,
Toronto, Oct. 15.���Two officers of
the Uuted States nuvy have just
completed an inspection on behall
of tbe navy department of ths nickel
minis in the Sudbury district iu
(his proviuee. The object of tbe inspection was to ascertaiu if these
mines are capable of furnishing the
nmiuut cf nickel that will be re-
(jiilved to manufacture the steel for
tun now American ships of war. It
is understood thut the efficers will
X> commend llie use of tbe Sudburj
nickel fur the purpose indicated. Iu
thut case the ��1,000,000 authorized
by congress may bn expended in the
Sudbury district the purchase of
l.h kel ore.
Ottawa, October IB.��� Acoordiog
to the Government official*, iutelli
gnuee from the various provinces in-
drciitis Ihal there is a strong fieling
among business men in tbe country
in 'aver of Canada adopting a higher
thrift in order to pruotiouHy exclude
American products, both raw and
manufactured. The Dominion last
year imported meats, grain, flour
and other food from the liTnited
SUtex at a cost of over eleven millions of dollars. By adopting pro
bibitory duties, Oiiuada,, leading
Conservatives assort, will create a
homo market for her own farmers.
Tho cabinet ministers will not talk,
but the utterances of Hun. Mr, Fos
iter at St- John, N. B., indicate that
the duties on manufactured articles
will if necessary, bo further increased, in order to protect tho Canadian manufacturer. Sir John
MacDonald is tho author of the epigram that if there cannot bo reciprocity in natural and manufactured
prod nets, there must bo reciprocity
in tariff.
British Columbia Mines.
Ottawa, October 15,-Eon McKeuzie Bowel has decided to allow
of tho importation duty free of
emelliug machinery to bo set up al
Eevelstoke, B, C. lie expresses
liinisi If as surprised, not.alone at tbe
great mining development in thut
province, but likewise at the recent
appreciation of value iu lands suitable for agricultural purposes, One
nstanoo lis founl iu tho del la of the
Eraser River, where tho lafid was
formerly $1 an Hero. Thousands of
acres have been reclaimed from the
rjver nud it has boen sold at $75 and
$80 per aero.
Many people spend their time trie-
ing to Hud the lio'o whore sin got into the world. If two msn. brs.uk
UptoUfcb lbe iuj into a mil! poil'l,
tbey had better hmit for ni.uie good
hole tew gitoul, riiUioi' than git iuto
H long argument alont the hole they
tnm lew. fojljulo.
^^^^^ ibeitv, but
when he foi! (wo men bad already
gone down before his never failing
aim. The incidents attending his
mad dash for liberty and his death
are thrilling in the extreme. It was
a grand climax to his career of crime
and adventure.
Burrows was captnred late yesterday in a negro cabin eight Miles
south of Linden. His captors wore
J, C. Carter, a country merchant,
uud Juhn McBuffie, a farmer, and 2
negro farm hands. The four men
carried their captive to Linden, and
placed him iu theconnty jail for safe
keopiiig last night. They plaoed
handcuffs oi: his wrists and tied his
feot together with a rope, and then
McDuffio and ono of the negros, Jno.
Marshall, remained to watch him.
Carter look charge of tho money
found on him, ��178, and securing a
room near the jail went to sleep, A
well worn leather satchel was carried
by Burrows when captured, which
h' said contained some food and
clothing. Tb)s was thrown in one
corner of the room where be was
confined without being examined.
Manacled as ha was, Burrows slept,
soundly on a cot until i this morning, when the two guards watched
over him with pistols in their bauds.
When Burrows awoke, ho said :
I am hungry. Get me something
to eat,
I cannot get yon anything to eat
at this hour, answered McDuffie,
Well, hand me my satchel over
there, I have a few crackers in that.
McDuffio handed him the Batchel,
and with his hands manacled, Uur-
rows opened it and took out some
crackers which ho handed to his
guards. They put down their pistols
aud took the proffered food. Again
the manacled hands went down iuto
tho iatchel,acd when they reappear-
e 1 again each hold a revolver. With
a pi;tol pointed at each of his astonished captors, Burrows ordered the
negro to untie his feet and unlock
tbe handcuffs.   The negro obeyed.
Now put those cuffs on tbat man,
ordered tbe outlaw, pointing to McDuffio with a revolver. Again the
negro obeyed, aud the captor became
the bound and helpless prisoner.
Unbar tho door, was the next order, aud tho door was promptly
iwung open. Then Burrows pocketed oue of his pistols, and with his
free baud secured tbe key to the
door. Matching the negro out iu
front of him, ho locked tbe door on
the outside, leajiog Mc.Dullie.a help-
loss prisoner within.
Now, then, lead tho way to the
man who has my money, ordered th,e
outlaw, and the trembling negro
conducted him to tbo door of tho
room whoie Carter was Bleeping,
Burrows knocked, ami in response
to Carter's question, Who is there?
he ordered the negro in a whisper
to say that McDuffie wanted him at
the jail. Carter recognized the ne
gro'S voice and came to the door. As
he opened it Burrows thrust a pistol
in his face and demanded :
Where is my money ? Give it to
Carter recognized Burrows, and at
once comprehended the situation,
Ho sprang in the bed where his pistol was lying, flu grasped it, and
taming quickly, .'.red almost at the
same instant that Burrows fired.
Carter was shot through the breast
above Ihe heart, but tbe bullet passed entirely through the body of Burrows, 'lbe outlaw staggered back
from thu dour to tho street, and a
second shot Irom his revolver crashed through the shoulder of Marshall,
iullictiug a painful but not danger-
ens wound. Badly wounded as he
was, Carter ran out into the street
and bred four more shots at Burrows
who was still backing away. Burrows emptied oue of his pistols, but
as he reached the opposite side of
the stl'll t he suuk dewo with a groan
and after one cuuvulsivo shudder,
was dead, Carter fell about the same
tine, Ilia- wound is a dangerous ono,
but it is thought ho will reoover.
and reciting  the  fact ibat  puprrs
have been found by the police which
go io show that (he Italians have n
strongly organizod societc :.��'' have
been active in opposition to tbe Maria.
The council at once passed a resolution suggesting the mayor appoint
a special committee ef fifty to meet
and advise with the mayor and council.   The mayor  ha�� appointed  a
committee which comprises the leading business mes  of  New   Orleans
and Ibe trailer will be taken in baud
immediately.    This afternoon  the
mayor  received   a communication
from the Mafia notifying him ho will
be uext victim.   Shakespeare is determined that the vsndetl.il  shall  be
wiped out of eixstence.   ThecitiznnB
tu-egrcatly oxuitod mnl reeling against
the Italians is exceeding bitter.   A
bloody race riot is threatuned.   Hennessy wus only  thirty-two years of
age, but bad won a high reputation
as perhaps the best chief ef police
New Orleans ever had.   It  was  bn
who some years ago captured  the
famous Italian brigand and bandit
GiuMoppe Espositn, and   delivered
him to the Italian authorities.   It is
thought that among the murderers
may have been some of Esposita's
band, which ws,s for years a terror
to Naples and Sicily.
If yon must chaw terbauker, young
man, for heaven's sake chaw old
plug ; it iz Ihe uastyest!
Sranile  ware, and
Ware made to order.
, first class work guarantee,
attended to,
Goods,      Tin,  Copper and   Sheet I
Hume's Burbling, Revelstoke. B. C.
Stbamebs Duchess, Marion k 1'ert
Str.  Duchess leaves Golden for
Windermere and way points every
Monday at noon, (and on Thursdays
when sufficient inducements offer) ;
returning arrive at Golden Wednea
day, 4 p. ra.,
Tourist tickets 8G for round trip.
A. B. H, COCHRANE & Co.,
Agents, Golden, B. C.
Orders promptly
^^^     (.'.
Ul orders by mni] or
exprtfs promptly
ulI. inled
Icscri] (iens of
gold and silverware.
General Merchant
 .  _..     ������.
IJ. C.
Johnny, why are you so silent?
I. didn't eat etiougb.
What I Why, you young glutton ���
I my I didn't,   1 bavn't got  the
tttiyu.icU ache yet,
A. C. LAWSON, M. A. Pn-.  D., F.
a. &l
(Late of tho Geological Survey of
Consulting Geologist. Mines, quarries, and mineral deposits of al
kinds examined and reported on.
Economic problems investigated and
information furnishod. Whetham
Block, Vancouver, B. C. I
Note.���Mineral epecimccssont to
Dr. Lawson will be placed on publie
exhibition, DO
P. O, AddroBB, Nelson, J. C,
Capacity 20,000 feot por day. Pinner
shingle machine, eto, All Iliads of
lumber on hand. During tbe season
of 18110 lumber will bo delivered at
any of tho landings on the laqe
Sreatly reduce! prices,
(Close to C. P. R. Depot J;
Revelstoke      -      -      BC
Importers of tho Choioost Gruoerios and Provisions.
We cany a select and comploto stock of gent's furnishings, ladios, gents,
aiid children's hoots, shoos nnd hoso, stationery, patent uuediuines, tuilui,4
requisites und ready-made clothing,  A   lui'gu  assortment of pipes,
tobacco, cigai'ottcn, imported uud domestio oigit's, fruits, fuudy, etc.
Stove pipes, tin ware, crockery, rough and dressed lumbor,.and otlior 3'0oJ*
too numerous to mention, at moderate prions,
Telephone ���"���mmunioution.
Fred. Hume & Co.,
li   C
(Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry 'roods Groceries,' Provisions,
Canned Goods, Hardw-ira ��;
The Stock in evory Dep u'tment is Fiill m: 1 Oomplota n i
linl it lo their advantage to call an I
Inspect   (aootls   und   Compare
tlio I'
ihlio wil
aaQS ..v^^atlLKIEK LODGE NO. 12,
^ajp*      1 OOFDonakl; B. 0.
egnlar Mietin g Thursday of each
week at 8 ]i. m.   All visiting broth
Crs are cordiiilly invited.
J. McLeodi     .J. If. Matiiksox,
N. 0. R, S,
Donaui, ft C.
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays each month,
Master,   J, S. Babbitt,
Sec'y,   VV. F. Ogilvie.
Finer.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ag't, E. A. Chesley, Knm-
oopB, B, 0,
Donald, 11. C,
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays, ami 8rd and
���lib Sundays, in Firemen's Hull,
Muster,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Cullin.
Collector,-   Geo B Govett, Box 40.
Receiver,   James  Falconer, Can-
more, N W T.
Magazine Agent,   11 J McSorley.
Divine Service will be held in tho
Eevelstoke Church every Sunday evening nl 7 ;3(J, conducted alternately
by Methodist, Presbyterian, and English Church Ministers. Speceial announcement will bo mado each week
in the Star,-
Sunday School nnd Biblo Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
are cordially invited to attend.
The Iievelstoke Lumber Co., are
nssy filling orders for the Government building at Donahl, nnd the
school house at Eevelstoke.
The Lyltou wont south again Friday morning, soonor than expected,
in order to bring up Hupt. Mat-pole.
She is expected back on Sunday
Tbo Steamboat Company are hav
ing a roomy aud convenient office
built at Iho oh! steamboat landing, This doubtless meaus that tin
Bteamora will run to it more reguUr
ly than tbey havo heretofore done.
The contract for building tho hotel of the Steamer Co.,has been let te
KiM'.oop.- parties, and it is understood that construction will be commenced within a fow days. The material will be mostly brought in from
Kamloops and the coast
Judge Tunstall will go dowo to
Kcoter.ay Lake by tin next -tinier,
aid will visit all the camps of the'
districts including Ti ail Creek and
Goat Eiver, ai tho final "round up"
iu preparation for bis anneal re| orl
to the Minister of Mines.
Tho  Davenports, fafher a-. I
have gone ..ut to Spokane Fal i,   ..
iau passage on the Lyttoi
Dalles this week.   Thoy h r .
down the stamp mill oi thi
Mien for tho winter, en sec.
low water.
The people of Trail i Iroek a .
a-irens of receiving a visil fr im J U
Kellie, M. P. P., before ho rt'vut
north, It wss his intention to visit
Uiui mmp, ai.ii ���� | , ,1 be ".ill
respond cheerfully to the invitation,
Thu lt-���'i.- ath n, improvomonl i md
appropriations required for thai
c;im|i will furnish subjects for consultation.
Tho steamer Lytton made lis trip
to Little lUiles this w��ok without,
accident or unusual detention by the
low wat��r. Bhs brought from the
south lo Trail (.'reek about 2D tons
of freight, Capt, flora believes io-
can run f.-.iin the moHtkof Kootonay
River���whioh is heluw Kv,- ��� ���.,,
Rapids -to Little Dallea all the win '
tor. lint io Kootenay Rapids, as the
water gets lower, ihe big bonldei
(hit underlie tho eiianuel, becomo
igort exposed, and the wheel of the
Steamer ll in dangar of getting bro-
Hen, When the rocks are removed
from the rapids, !hc steamer can ��on-
ttfttte isgnlar trips to the l>��|i?
We are indebted to Mr. McMorris,
Purser of tho steamer Lytton, for
kindly furnishing ns tho Trail Creek
Mr, J. Cinnei, ono of the stockholders iu the Last Chance Co. came
out from McCnlloch Crock witn La-
forme's train last Monday to spend
Ihe winter.
Mr, Christie is authority for the
statement that the Lvtton will make
trips to Sproat until tho first of
hloosMber���at least, svery effort will
be made to do so,
Mr. J. Fred Home has gone down
to Nelson to look over bis business
for two or three weeks, when he
will rsturu to Eevelstoke for the
To morrow, Sunday, October 26,
Church of England Servioes will ho
held by the Eev. J. C. 0. Kemm.
At 11 o'clock, .Matins, Sermon and
llolj Comtouaiou ; 7:30, Evensong
and Sermon,
Wm. liaaibury has aot boen seen
at tho Stockholm House, whero he
boards, since yesterday noon at dinner, neilher does his partner Mr.
lloweon, know of his whereabouts.
Those who know him best, however,
beliavo that he will mnko his appearance 'ii duo timo.
Tho largo scow is being loaded at
the steamboat dock to day with all
tho freight on baud, about 100 tons,
destined for Sproat, mostly for the
C. <fe K. Railway. It will be taken
dowu by lbe Lj tton next Monday.
Wo have not tasted of a duck nor
any kind of game aiuco the close
season ended, and the wonder is what
has become of it all. A good deal
was aaid about the open season, anil
much eager anxiety was manifested
by sportsmen waiting for it. If there
is uo game now, where has it gone?
Would it uot pay tho Government
officials to institute an inquiry ou
Ibe subject, and if there has been
any surreptitious and illegal shooting and eating of ducks, find oat
who it was that "got away with
them ?."
An innocent couple who could not
talk or understand English, presented themselves to the minister to be
married, each one iu the proud possession of a miner's license. Tbe
minister of course had lo call a halt
ou such papers, but having already
raised a family tho conrdo were not
ruite ho ranch embarrassed by the
situation as younger people would
have heen, It will be a qutier entry
iu the accounts goicg down to Victoria with those candied mining li-
eenso-i," Iasued as a. marriage license
by mistake of officer ,"
Harvest Festival Services were ht-ld
.it St, Peters'  Chorch, Dotald, last
Snoday, October 10.   Tho Services
throughout the day wero well atton-
led, and the otTortory amounted to
��9.23, The Churoh was vi ry pro-:.,;
lecoi ted, and  ri fleeted credit  on
(bossladies and gentlemen whoso
willingh came and helped beaufify
it for tho occafi .u. Offerings of fruit
and vegetables were given by several
a. -, and   sheaves  both   of
wheat, barley ard oats were oontrib
ated by a kin from Golden.
. ..-.. ' ill and ��� eg -'..'��� les will
ei rJl ff which ar*
tfray ing tie debt it.
i   i erei lion of cbumh
���'in the Rooteuai."
.). M, Buckley, of Spokane, and
George Herb, of Medioa! Lake, returned from a we��k's trip to the
Eootenai mines, where both have extensive interests. They report that
tha famous Hot Springs camp is getting bettor evorv day.
On tho Little Donald, John Davenport's mine, a steam pump and
hoisting works havo been placed in
position and the shaft waa pnmpoil
dry last Friday, and tho mon who
have the contract to sink an extra
50 feet aro now engaged in that op-
oration. In tbe bottom of tlio shall
tho property looks bettor than at any
point upwards.
One day lutt week while tha workmen of tha Skyliuo were leading
ground for an aibiitioual building on
tho eourse of tho vein, thoy uncovered h deposit of very rich soft ore,
and iu one day two luou sacked   fit
000 worth of the stuff,
Iu tho Due of now discoveries the
south extension of tho Eden is the
most important. Tho ledge was
struck near Coffee oreek, and csiub-
lishos the fact that the vein extends
southward to that stream, which
places it in the rauk of one of the
longest- traced ledges in the camp
and probably tho strongest. The
main locations on this lead are Krao
und Ciow Fledging, owned, by A.
D. Wheeler aud some Salt Lake
parties ; tho Now Then owned by
Captuiu Haywsrd, of tho steamer
Galena, ami tho Cresoeut and Eden,
owned by tho Columbia Mining Co.,
01 Spokane Fulls. Recant development work on the Crescent has
placed that claim with the six Lest
properties in the camp,
On the United and Number One
work goes on with tho most gratifying results. On tho former chum
tbo double compartment shafts ia
dowu now fifty leet, nnd in going
that distauce 1,000 tons of ore havo
heen taking out, whose average
value does uot full below $60 per
Dr. Hondryx keeps up his liok at
the Blue Bull, and up to dato the
tunnels, shafts and diifts oombined-
ly measure 1.CU0 feet, placing iu
slight nnd incredible tonnage of ore,
The doctor stales that in addition to
other improvements ho will put b
fast passenger steamer ou the lake
and river for neit summer, and as
soon a.s a railroad touches navigable
water a mammnth smelter will be
erooted near his property.
Professor Parks, a graduate of Co
lumbis college, asd now iu the em
ploynient of the Northern Pacific as
reining engineer al a salary uf $1,000
por month, is now in the camp ihor
oughly examining tho capabilities of
��� the oonntry as a producer ol tonnage
j ard upon his report will depend the
: construction in the spring of the
Northern Pacifio line from Kootenai
stulion '.0 aoms pcint tn the Kootenay river. He appears highly
pleased and will, beyond ft doubt
make a favorable report, lie is the
Cist bona ii-1e onginooer sent in thero
hy tho company inr that purpose.
Thia [net ii mentioned because ol
the large herd of Northorn Pacific
"experts" who havo so represented
themselves in the past six months iu
the camp, a majority of whom, no
doubt, wero grubstaked b.v some
I'-'.niiin of the road. ��� Spokane
aWSMSSSOJSSSBSal ll"-" '.'". IgggB
.    .
. ',' '   .,
-     io I   went   out   ae;.iiri  on
ids  I
'   "   their
I      I)  i
-.'..-,    '.-���  ..   e   '   ���    os       |   .
... ced. i '��� '.''' ih��  '���*���<
' .er has
���   ... muddy
a Co    have
their  I    '.-:   i"   1 050 fi
'  ���  '     ;eiathepros
They will  conl qui  work    ..
the wint r.
'lie  Consolation   Co., Hunker k
��� ,    ..<���', oom| led 'I Ihsir rlrainsgi
��� , Swo weeks ago, i sd just be
ia / say Btrisk, wil ���   li
rate pro' pectS, '��� hey are all right.
for wm .       ��� sinter.
The Oolnra   i      'it  Hydraulic
.,   ire   il   work
as usual, iin'1 Sol, Fioldea  is  there
Tho above de or   is all lbs woi k
at pre .< ;i. go tig i  Iho Big B n .1
couutry. The outlook for next
spring depends very much ��u the
success which Iho Lust CllSgCO Co.,
missis with during the winter
saled addressed to the
! "Tenders
:   Houso,   i an    Cook
:      " mrters,
, li
bo ri ll ���:.
ier, 1   10,
ii   d in thi
' : ii'hQuiii
-: ho si ��� o al
orke, Ottu
'   i. noble,
1    on mid aftei
obar, 1
���    i ...    SB
| n .,
of I '
accflpt* [in. pay il lo
..i '- ..
i, equal to I
i oo
I I      ' turned
i ' i...
. not bind il
- ".' ii'i f  ���' n
Bfj ,   (joijj
,   '..   .
Notice is hereby given that tlm Partnership heretofore existing between O.
11. Aden and Thomas Righton, 113 Brewers, in tho lown of Kevclsloico, oarried
on under the firm name of 0.11, Allen
k Co., has this day boen dissolved by
mutual consent. Thomas Righton continues tho business, pays all liabilities,
aud collects all accounts duo tho said
li.in, O, II, AtLBN,
Witness -J, W. Thomson.
PvovelstoKO, Oct. 17th, 1800.
at     dtt ~,.R'.
The following reduction of Fees for
Assaying, as from tho Lit proximo, has
been ordered by tho lion. Minister of
Mines :
Tents for single samples, for gold, silver,
lead, or copper, to bo mado
for *' $1,(50 each,
Two or moro samples,     "    $1,00 each.
For all other tests a proportioate reduction has bora ordered,
w. f. Mcculloch,
Slot Aosnyor.
ft # n
In accordance with tlio provisions 0
the Assessment Act, 16156, a Court of Ho-
vision and Appeal will bo held in this
Distriot, lit aud on tho following places
and dates respectively :
The Government Office, Fort Steele, on
Thursday, the ilOih of October next, at
1 o'clock j). m.
'The Government Ollico, Donald, on
Monday, tho 17ih day of November next,
tit 11 o'clock, a. in-
Judge of Court oi' Revision
nud Appeal,
Donald, Sept, 20th, 1890.
W. A.oWrr. T.L.Haio,
Notary Public,
Conveyances,- Agreements, Bills of Sale,
Mining Bonds, etc.t drawn up; Rants
ami Accounts Collected; Mining   Claims   Bought  mil
sold; Assessment work
on Mining Claims
Attended to;
Patents  Applied  for,   Etc, Etc., Eto;
Lots 011 Townsito of Rovelstoke for Silo
and Wanted,     Agents for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
. Branch
11. C,
Briok and Stone Miibou, Plusterer
and   Kalsiiniinci',    All   work  done
promptly and to satisfaction   Con
tract work solicited. 35
99M9 A. &.V?34,
GOLDEN - . . b. 0.
Mining Broker, .'oinmiisiou Vi.
Notary Publics, ko, ko,
In Stock,���Mining Powders, Fuse and
Caps, Miner's Tools, Stool and Camp
Outfits. :���!, r
ob\tr \i  nr ,t,
Corner Front aud Hanson Sts,
AmUIUMSON BROS.       -       I'illl'lt'lt'iiH
First class in every raspoot; Nearest
hotel to (1 P ||, da'pot and stBamboa
lnudiug, between post ollico nu 1 gov,
buildings. Coach to and from itopjtt
and stuiimboat. Fire proof Sal's Cor tha
accommodation of its customers,
<J�� Ji ��� X\o viX u x u ,u
F. McCaui'iiy    -    .    .   .    pllot/
First olasa Temperance Hoiho;
HOARD    AND    LODGING,   $J   t'H.t   iv;t��.
MEALS, 25o.     BKns25o.
'1 Ma hotel io situntod oonvcuient to tin*
I station, ia  comfortubly  furnished uadj
affords first class accommodation.
(.yy \%&i��&��f
Sittings of tho County Court of Kootenay will beheld,
At Farwoll, ou Wodnesdav, 30th July,
At Donald, on Friday, 1st Aug., 1890.
At Xelson, on Friday, '22nd Aug., 1890.
At Farwell, ou Monday, 8rct November, 1890,
At Donnld, on Wednesday, bth November, 1800.
At Nelson, ou Thursday, 13th November, 1800.
By Commend,
Provincial Secretary,
Provincial Secretary's Ollico,
10th July, 1800, 5151
bTltlCTIiY KJll��l- CLASS.
REVEl.STOK'Z     -      -      s. C
W. Cowan, frop,   li, Hubert,deii
Looms well uttendoO; tables iincx.-
oelled. Which and liquors guui'ua
toed of ii hi-ii quality, r'irc iu-
Hiaiijilo room. Telephone communication with C. P. If, depot. Fire
prool vault for the convenience ol
guests.   Buss meets all trains.
���THE -
Thelargosl and mosl central Eotol in.
the city ; good nooon idntion; everything now; tabic well supplied; barawJ
billiard room attaohod : lire proof safe,
ilug Cla'ms, other thiiu Mjueral   FltlUB  Ill's'   A,'  .vim   L'tiALNd
Localions, legally held in this liintri !,
under tho Mineral Act, 1881 and Amen I-
11.' nl . may be laid over from 15th da^ of
, till lh.. IbI day of .Iii...' 1 tl,
1 Dill, i.'.'j ol Lo the provisions ol   hoi aid
: uud Ainoiidmi nta.
Hold Commissioner,
Donald, East Kool mny,
. ��� ptui J. r 29th, 1890,
S'nti -" i. hen by .-urn thai the Rovel
iki   Mining (' pnuy  bus fyled tho
'[, 1 i| 1 ri, nud ....': ��� 1 pplioation
I      ' '...uu . Irani in fiivi.r ..I in., iiiiiii'i-.
dm I town an tl Number 1 li 0"
situntod nl  tho Uol  ! | dug i,  ! imij
I, ako
.��� 1 " clniniaub. If any, nro 1  jui I
od i" forward their 0        mo to me vi h
.1 v days from -      il 1 ublication,
38 lioliK.'.'iii'r.
ftsvelstoks, Qet, 8th, 1890
Stockholm dms't
Thodining room is furnished  with ilm
best the markot affords.
The bar iB supplied witn a ohoioe stock
of vinos, liquors and oigurs.
/'a l/��v r
aS, L


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