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Keremeos Trumpet Jun 26, 1908

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(".- L
Kefemeos Trumpet
Vol. I.
No. 14
Teacher of Pianoforte ami Accompanist
(certificated Royal College of Music, London) gives lessons In Keremeos Station
Town Hal1 everv Kridav and Saturdav,
and is open lo engagement for accompaniments.    Terms on application.
Hkhlky, B.C.
Notary Public.
Agent for :
London it Lancashire Fire Ins.  Co.
Ocean Accident and Cm.'iranloo Co.
Kkrkmkos, B. C
Contractor and Builder,
Construction Work in the Valley   Musical Concert
On Tuesday last the editor of the
Tkimpkt formed one of a party of
Keremeosites who were driven hy
Innis'  special to Hedley to attend a
he thought of, and Uncle Jim's airy
bout tbout the good people of
Princeton being able to being in
their Christmas turkeys by G. N.
express need no longer be taken
Nearing Hedley, a rattler was
noticed basking in the dusty road,
and though, so far from making any
by the comedian from Keremeos
breaking his shillclah in an exceptionally acute spasm in the third
verse of " Killaloo." The program
consisted of pianoforte selections
hy Miss Lowndes and the Misses
Smith, solos by Mrs. J. A. Brown
of Keremeos and Mr. Dickinson of
Hedley, violin   selections  by   Wm.
Residence at  Old Townsite,  or  Inquire
at this office.
B-^^.* ^t                __a.
wEX>*__%                 ____%_, ***_. '/__                        ___________
made   Daly,   and   character
Estimales Furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed
musical    concert    given    by   Miss hostile    demonstration,    he    made   Paly,   and   character   sketches   by
Lowndes in   Fraternity   Hall.     For frantic   efforts   to   escape,   he   was  tieorge Kirby of Keremeos.    In the
the   greater   portion   of the trip  up quickly   and   ruthlessly   dispatched  curse of the program  Mrs.   Brown
the  party   was   accompanied   by   a and his rattles retained as a trophv. l was made the recipient of  a   hand-
   cloud of dust which,   carried  by an       Kntering the town about 7 o'clock,   *-*W* shower bouquet of roses.
SIMILKAMEEN   0;,s,orl.v     -****->    n,m!sr    persistently wo   f0(llK|   every   able-bodied   male j     Through the kindness of the ladies
L.O. L. No. 1770 *****-■ ***- "*-•' **** de,racted greatly citizen clad in   baseball   gloves and ' -*- Hedley, refreshments were served
Meets Tuesday on or before   {rv"   *y***t   ******   otherwise   have doing a practise stunt on the street,   to those assisting at the concert and
the full moon in each month   been   a   delightful   journey,   as the Kvidentlv thev   have   longing   eves  t0 others from Keremeos  who were
in   Keremeos School House.   va||ev has now donned   jts   summer turned towards that hundred plunks \-W attendance.    We understand that
linery and is looking its best. to be nut up at   Princeton   on  Do-  •'   -*m******   Lowndes'   intention   to
Visiting members cordially invited.
D. J.  Insis,  W. M
D. McCvmov.R. s.
Stage Lines.
The river, which a week ago was
a turbid, swollen torrent, has subsided about four feet   and is begin-
miniofl  Hav. ffi** * concert in   Keremeos  before
-r   ,,        .     .. __,_.-■ --.  -.   -.-  ' long, and   with   the   splendid   local
I o the nerve-racked traveler look-1    ~"
Fun Stack.
Leaves Keremeos d. i il v. exeepl Sunday,
al inu'ii, arrives at lleillev  3 p.m. ^M	
Leaves  lledlev   daily,   exeepl   Sunday,   t|,lvs as a j> |un clouded hv the tail
at 8 a.m., arrives al Keremeos It a.m
ing for quiet  hotel accommodation,
ing  to  assume  that limpidity for | where he can escape the "madding
which   it
remarkable    on   such
talent available it  will  be an  event
to look forward to.
As   thev   were   on   the
crowd" and still enjov such  metro- j     -vs  lne-v  were  *»   lne   Pllint   *
politan conveniences as electric light  lcavinK  for  ******   '"<   Keremeo-
Only through connecting stag., between   mgs Irom the Paly Reduction plant. ■ an_ waterworks, we CM   commend  contingent were started  hy a hide
Penticton, KtrmtM^H-mSef fc Pr**********   Fishing should soon   be  at its best I mme host Atherton of the Similka- -***  *■   *****  ***-w*t*ty  ****  ***
J. F. RovKR, Proprietor.
Kkrkmkos Hkiiii v \IviiStack.
(In eftn-t nn and alter April I. I90R. I
Loaves Keremeos daily, except Sunday,
at  I  p.m.; arrives in lleillev at a p.m.
Leaves lledlev daily, except Sunday, al
7 a.m., arrives In Keremeos at It a.m.
D. J. Innis, Proprietor.
both in the .Similkameen and tribut- meen at lledlev.     The   table is ex-  browned out the monotonous thump,
ary streams. cellent, (there is an obscure   rumor
Work   on   the   Land   Company's to the efTect that  the   bar   is   also),
big irrigation   ditch   is  progressing the rooms comfortable, and the soli-
steadily.     'The camp is now located tude sublime.     After an  appetizing
  at   a   picturesque spot   about seven dinner  and   a   baseball   chat    with
Kkrkmkos Pknticion Mail Stack.       mi'es up the valley, and though it is Fred   Revoly,   the   magnate   ofthe
Leaves Keremeos for Penticton on Men-   slow    work    constructing   the   ditch lledlev    team,     we    took     the    first
'''i.;:,!:!::!:1::!!1'^;:'!;.  ******   -***   *»  rf  *■   *»******* " ^Avenue car up to Fraternity
days and Saturdav s ai 6 a. m., arriving m   where they are   now engaged, they Hall,  where  all   the   concert-going
**"""*" WAL WHIT. Ttwm,lltli       are steadiiy Hearing Ihe point where people   of   Hedley    had    assembled
 the pipe will cross the river.    As we punctually    at    N...0   to   hear    the
Where tO Celebrate. passed the men were laboring away, musical festival   provided   by   Miss
apparently with little or no thought Lowndes.
Come   tfl  Oroville  July 3rd   and  0, .hoi, comrade, of Ihe day before,       jUs, here we might sav  that re-
4th tO   celebrate.      And when hun-   w|u, ;lt faa vorv   monK.llt   Wils ,H.. ^^ mv_M |W,ft„,M(,w j, |U„
gry go   toS.gnst   Hall   where   the   iMlr interred in the cemetery at Ker- our long suit,   and   that   we   think
L.-idies Aid ol the Nle.hod.st^pisco-   i>moos niidsummer    concerts    in    general   thump of  the   stamp   mill.     For   a
pal I. huren \m    serve   a goo     nua |     fonstr„ction work   on the  V. V. should be prohibited,   if  necessary   moment  consternation  reigned,  for
it K.   is   progressing   with   painful by statute.     In the present instance   it was thought   that   nothing could
Strawberries oa J, J. Armstrong's Let.
for 50 cents; also coffee, tea, lemonade, ice cream and cake. Proceeds
for new church hui'ding fund.
tiospel sei vices will be held each
afternoon at 1 o'clock; and open air
service at 7.30 p.m.
II. R. Pickup, the sweet singer,
of'Toronto, will have charge ofthe
Rest Room will he provided for
women and children.
slowness. The steam shovel is there appears to have been some create such a blood-curdling racket
now engaged (when it is not shut special reason, however, for the but a band of Siwashes on the war-
down) cutting along a bench about holding of the concert before sum- path. It was soon explained, how -
a mile this side of Hradsh.tw's and mer vacation, and as everybody ever, that the archaic Hedleyites
depositing the earth in an   immense joined   in   hearty   accord   with   the  ■'""<■' Mil1 addicted to the  moth-eaten
custom known as a charivari,  and
as their antics were meant as a sort
fill which remains   to be   closed be- idea and lent  what  assistance they
hind it.     A great deal of work still could, it proved an unqualified sue- <■             .           „                t     ^.
,«m..:.. ...   u    a         u .            .                               .    r ot uncouth compliment to the ohiect
remains   o   he   done   between   here cess    though   for   a    moment    the of their attentions, no one made anv
and Hedley before track-laying can peace ol the evening was threatened objection. Do   not   accept   a  substitute   for
Five Rose* Flour.   F, Richter & Co.
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed "Tender lor
SchooUiouse,''will be received In the Honour,
ible theChief Commissioner up to aooa at T
One   Shipper's   Experience   in
Getting to Keremeos.
One of the besetting sins of everv
great railway system is   the  neglect
ot branch lines while devoting great
attention   to   perfecting  the service
and equipment on   the   trunk lines. ,
.... . dav. theMtli Julv. mw. for the erection aad eomple-
I llus   win le-   the   latter   are   served   liiwi is** a two iuhii nairni wlsiul liouee al Kwwisi.
.  . . ... S.milkameen Electoral District, B.C
with trains svvilt, lrec|uenl   and lux-     Plan, specifications, contract and forms of easier
. tool nt seen oa aad altar the 22nd day of Juna, WOs,
urtOUS   enough    to satisfy    the most   at thvofluv ol tlu- UoM-rnmeat Agent,  Pairvie'   ;
... ' .      I of D. J. lank, Esq., Secretary of the School Boaid,
I.lstklious,      every     Crippled     eniritie i Keremeos; and al the   Lauds  and   Works   Depart.
. , ,      • •       """'• Victoria, B.C
Bnd superannuated  coach   finds   its     Bach proposal must ba accompanied H> aa accepted li.mk dsssus  or esrtftlcaie  ol' deposit   on   a
way to Ine branches, and all branch  chartered hank of Canada, mule payeaie to lha
Hon. the Chief Commissioner, for a sum i.|inv.i!.nt
time-tables are framed tor  the   con-  lotaa per cent of the amount of th,- lender, uhi.h
. shall be forfeited if the parti   tendering decline  to
veiuence   ol   the   operatives    rather   enter lato contract when called upoo to do so, or If
. , . . he fail to eomplete  llie   uork   contracted   for.    The
than   that ol the   public.      for   this   d^uee or certificates of deposit  of oaauooaaaM
... .     . , tiiuUrirs will (h- retunu'd t,» lileni   upon   thi   ,'\,vu-
state Ot affairs the   duel   reason  is,   tion of the contract
. Tenders sriB not be considered unless madi Jul on
ol course,   that    the mam   lines are  lha forma supplied, signed with the actual signature
of the tenderer, and aadoaad in the envalopee fius
as a rule subject to competition and   aished
,       , , , The lowest or an] tender not IV
lhe branches   are   not.     It is  justi
fiable, too, to a certain extent, to
give the best service where there
are most people to be  served.     Hut
in administering those parts ol their
systems where they have a   monop
ii ii\
f. c. I'.AMIU.i:.
Puhhc W orks Baajinaar,
Lands aad Works Department,
Victoria, ll.C.. 16th June. IsrjH.
Osoyoos Division of Yale Land
District.   District of Yale.
Take notice thai I,  K. G. Hankinson,
oly, many   railway   officials   are  so  °r  Kseemuos,   ll.C,   occupation   hook-
serenely indifferent to the rights and
keeper, intend to apply for permission  lo
purchase ihe following described lamls :
interests  of  their  customers  as to Commencing at a post   planted al   tii
, south-east corner of  Lot   100,   thence   10
warrant a sharp rap   on   the k nick- ehains   south,   thenee   .'0   ehains   west,
les from the   Railway   Commission, *ence20 chains north, thenee 30 chaina
..  . . " i-asi lo point of commencement.   Sooth of
it that   ponderous   body   could ever Lot 100, west of Lot 43, north and east of
be   spurred   into   some   kind  of ac- Osoyoos Lake.    Containing twenty acres
more ,>r less.
April 29, 1'WS. 14
Similkameen Land District.
nisi KM I  Of \ai.i .
Take   notice   that   I,   I'ercv   Marks,   of
Kereineos, holel keeper,  inlend   lo   apply
for permission to   purchase   the   following
A typical branch line in the manner ot its administration is the Similkameen branch of the Great
Northern, and a typical instance of
the treatment meted out to its customers   is   the   experience of O   II    d,^"l"'d  "usda I     Eighty acres.    C
1 mencing ai a posi  planted al  lhe north-
Carle, who arrived   in Keremeos on   east eorner of lot 2993,  tbence south  40
chains, tIn-nee east 20 chains,llioneo norih
40 chains, thence ivesl   20 chains   lo poinl
from   of conmu ncement.
1'lKCV   M.VKKS,
Dated June 17th, l'K)8. JO
Uie Jaw   to   Nelson,   a   distance   of Notice of Forfeiture.
/08 miles, which was covered in 3'.   ■,•„ «. ,i. ti tea aad am mttm ,.r persons,., who,,,
days: the speed on this section was
not   sufficient   to   make   one di//v.
effects   uhi h    h
Moose Jaw.      The first part   of   the
journey was over the   C.P.R., from
ic   m.I.    li.i\(    t- i'   .1   tit.I   ,ui\    iuliitsl   In    tin
"Black Diamond iniiur.il cufo, ■ttuatad in
OLill.i Camp, in tin 0-.-\tK>s Division ti| Vala
of    \rC*a' art- lurol.y   mulnd   to   take   BOtiot   ili.il   I
h.tvv . \|vinUiJ tor UMMOMUl .iiii! for r. t Wiling
\* certificate oi work oa tlu- ■horn nmimd cl.iim $10..'. .si,
bring iln   expenditure neenaari  to mahle nu- to
Nelson  Mr.   Carle   Switched    tO   tho   ll,,|li vtit! -'■••■--•• ***** >°" ■*■ ■■•--■^  required to
contribute your ehare or proportion off such expendi-
Ciroiit    Northern,     with     whom     liis   'ur5» t*'**"**' with §iiVoatttm otadverting*,    it >,.,i
l.sil c*r n-lusc-to contribute ■ucli amount, including
first experience WU a Wait Of a little ■V!**1|'V',»'">r. within ninct) t^M dayi ,.| fin. publication nf this, notice in the Keremeoa I ri mpi i. your
bill still was will.in   the   bottlU
tolerance  fov   heavv   freight
n   nn-.   \tKir   t
more than a day lor a train.     Leav-  ■•••-ri"-x yfflhMiyw miyl
under   tlu-   provision!  "i   tin-   "Mineral   Ait   .uui
ing   Nelson  at   II   a.   in. on Thurs-   a,,,.-„.ii„k v,i,.
IViUsI ins I hi, daj ol -VI.n
day, his progress   wttt   as  follows
M     I.ION
Notice of Forfeiture.
I'll ik I >s Ku HTM aad .mi j* rson or persona to
wlioni he in.i> have transt read In. one third la-
Israel in tin- "Eldorado" aslneral claim, situated
in the Olalla Camp, in the Osoyoos linision ,»l
v. ale District
Nelson to Norlhport, <>') miles, \3
boars; wait el Norlhporl, II hours;
Norlhport to Marcus, 2') miles, 4
hours;   wail   at    Marcus,   IK hours;
Marcus to Grand   l-'orks,  42 miles, y0,1' m''"",'" '
»                  .v., .    have espetweu for assi-Hsmisit and for i
3 hours; wait at  Grand   l-'orks,  45 ;"    ,"• "' sh.™enamedd 'Sioj._ft
' ht-inii the t \p. n.l.im, nisvss.ui to enable me to hold
hours; leaving Grand Forks at 9 a.  -''•I'1:""' ■■■ "      i;-*, •"'■< ""t""*
r* (riHir share or proportion of such etnendtture, "In n
ill.  Monday,   Oroville   was   reached   ___)' '?kd*n* 'i."?1'."" U*ara (WAOB) t*
K1'Mil  « itli .ill i osls ot  .i.h , ihsmy.     II   ion  l.ol  or
before   nighl,   and   Keremeos   the ;•'"•'";■•"'"'»", -;"1'■■" *,_^-*_t *-■<_
" Using', within ntnrt) (W) days of nm(  publication ai
next dav, Tuesday,     Thus the time   ''"-""''• '  K- ■■",- — rai-Mrrr, roui n.i.i.st
Groceries, Hardware,
Men's Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes.
Oranges, Lemons, and all kinds of
Fresh Groceries constantly in stock.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS     -     -      PROPRIETOR.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
D raying
of all kinds
Prompt attention to all customers.
Laiul-seekers and  Tourists invited to krive us a trial.
When in
stop at tho
Central Hotel
I.. M   l.ves
will Is...tn.   \.   I  .! in in, ,   sour i.'-i'wmr.   iin.l.T Iht-
bet vv cell reachili"  Ne'son and reach.   P'y'"*"'" '-1 i1" ' Wlm ral V.i .1,1,1 AmeinHna Acta."
DsT.wsTvn rvastiiing r.eison ana reacn-      |»«t«j this Uth _«> of May. IWS,
ing Keremeos s/as a little  mer six
diivs ibis fov a distance of 2ti2
miles. In the time 111 ide (or wasted), and even in the chaises impos-
llie Imported Percheron Stallion
Il.tIS     |.SS'I(7|
ed, such railway service as this is Will make Un- fellowinK' siatuls in tin-
is not much ol an   improvement   on  ^U«*nwen Uiis sessoa 1
VI Km,', s si.iMe, Kereineos, afternoon
the old freight-WafronS. ami evening, Mav 21, 30, Juiw >>, tS, 27,
  Julv 7, l(>, 21
\i Oi.illa. nlarht,  Mav 22, 31, June  10,
Do not be taken by surprise.    Buy   '''^i,,-1."'-' *','/• *
a screen door and be ready for them.
\\'e have different design*. F.
Richter it C*
i-iins.     tn iiisuri',  $20;  seasen,   $IS;
■ingtc leap, $10.
lloKsl     \ss,n I ATION.
16 J.   1. Tialher, t'.n„>ui.
Tweddle & Reith,
Special atlrnlien lo
Commercial Men,
sad Land sssksrs.
lleaiU|ii.tili-is for all
SUsgS KeuU-s.
I.ivcrv Stable
in connection.
Oood talile.
l..'11'K1'. ai'V   aiul
comfortable rooms.
Kree 'btis to aiul IVoni
all trains.
Will be Held at  Keremeoa on
Thursday July 16.
D. P. Jelly, secretary of the
Fruit Growers' Association, has received a letter from J. R. Anderson, Deputy Minister eif Agriculture, stating that a series of meetings under the auspices of the Department will be held in the Osoyoos District, in which Keremeos is
situated, during July. The dates
are : I'eachland the 11th, Summer-
land the 13th, Penticton the t4th,
and Keremeos Thursday the 16th.
The speakers will arrive in Keremeos on Wednesday and leave on
Thursday in time to reach Penticton that day, so that the evening
meeting will he held on Wednesday
and the daylight demonstration on
Thursday morning.
For these meetings the Department has secured the services of
Prof. W. S. Thornber, Horticulturist of the Washington Agricultural
College, Pullman, and one of the
highest authorities in America on
the cultivation of fruits; also of M.
11. Dobie of Victoria, who is well
known as an able exponent of fertilizers and soil conditions. It is
expected that the magic lantern
will be sent along to illustrate the
subjects to be brought up at the
evening meeting.
The daylight demonstration, however, from its direct and practical j
character, will be the most valuable!
feature of the day's proceedings.
"Daylight demonstrations in the
field," says the Deputy Minister, "I
consider absolutely necessary in the
present state of horticulture in the
province," meaning that such a
large proportion of our fruit-growers are beginners in the business,
that the greatest need of the day,
from an educational standpoint, is
practical rather than theoretical
teaching. The theory and philosophy of horticulture can be learned
outside of the orchard, but it is
only by experience in actual work
that they can he properly applied.
About   two   years   ago a demonstration   such  as   is here   proposed
was held at Frank   Ixichter's place,
and was a decided success, combin-!
ing a most useful lesson   with what
was also a picnic party   for the par-'
tieipants.       It   is   not   yet    decided I
where this summer's out-door meeting is to be held, but the   place will
be announced In due   time, and   we
have IM doubt that every one of our j
fruit-growers who can   possibly   ar- j
range it will make it a   point to  at- |
tend, (with   his  family   if  he is the
proud   proprietor   of  one)  both the
evening and morning meetings.
It is said that Japanese merchants
have offered the Chinese Ai Jai (lit
Fa, or Boycott Society, $400,000 if
they will lift the boycott on Japanese
goods, from which the traders of
the Sunrise Kingdom are suffering
severely. It is the opinion of Chinese in this country that the offer
will be refused.
Sudden Death.
The summons of death came with
startling suddenness to Louis Kleep,
a member of the irrigation ditch
gang, on Monday. He started to
work in the morning as usual, and
at about 11 o'clock laid aside his
tools and went down the river bank.
It was noticed that he did not return, but nothing was thought of
his absence, as it is not unusual fora
man to drop off and go to the camp
to rest when he is not feeling well—
and Kleep was not in robust health,
When he did not make his appearance at 1 o'clock, however, a search
was made for him, and he was
found lying dead on the bank, where
he had pitched forward on his face.
Dr. McEwen was summoned at
once, and found that death was due
to an apoplectic fit, aggravated by
the fall. He decided that an inquest
was unnecessary Deceased had
long been subject to such fits. He
was about 45 years of age, and was
of Dutch or German origin.    Of a
very quiet and agreeable disposition, he was well liked among his
associates. So far as is known he
had no relatives in Canada, but has
been heard to mention that he has
a brother somewhere in   the United
States.     He   had   been    in    British
Columbia  for  eight  or  ten years,
known   of   his   antecedents.       The
funeral was held on 'Tuesday at the
Carriage Building, Repairing and Painting
Opposite the Central Hotel.
The Imported French Coach Stallion
Prize-winner al the Great Central Show
at  Paris,   1906,
\*3'<i hands bight weight 13U0. Dark
hav, slar, snip, both hind feel while.
Fo'.dcd May _<>. I«X).1. Hied hv M. Louis
Hosnard, Department of La Manche.
Sireil hv the Government slallion Taver-
ny, dam Brunette hv Colporteur, 2nd dam
l.iselte hv Otphee, 3d dam hy Nicanor.
Roule for season of I'HIS :
Monday Noon al Win. Manery's, nighl
at Kichier's Lower  Ranch.
Tuesday Noon al Kinip, nikjhl at Fair-
Wednesday Noon nt Travers', Myers'
Flal, ni^lii al Okanagan Falls.
Thursday     Nit;hi al Hiram Ingle's.
Friday Afternoon and evening at D. J.
Innis' harn, Keremeos.
Saturday Noon at Charlie Allison's,
nielli al D. J. Innis's barn, Hedley. Hack
le headipiarlers, D. J. Innis' barn, Keremeos, Sunday ni^lu.
TERMS. To iiiMir.-. $J0 ($5 at lime of st-rii'iv).
Si-.ih.iii $12 ($5 ilown. halam-r al riul nf -_.is.tnl
Sink*li* trap SHcash. Season ami itisiinitn-- in.in■
niusl Is- ri'liirmsl rrifnlarb JtirinK lilt' hc.ihou or
they sill Iv i-hnrifisl full lot whether in foal or not.
Mare* at owners' risk.
Similkameen Valley
French Coach Horse Association.
Martin Cans-alien, C.ns.m.
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J.  SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
hut beyond this little or   nothing is   town cemetery.
Builders and Contractors
Lime, Cement, Cement Blocks and Brick for sale.
Plastering   Masonry   Painting    Paper-Hanging
Estimates g-iven for all and everv kind of Cement Work
and Building generally.
Write us for prices. Distance no object.
The Big Store.
The Keremeos Commercial Co. announce to the
people of Keremeos and the Valley generally that they have now
got their stock in place and are ready for business.
Believing that the development of the Valley now demands a
more complete and up-to-date mercantile service than has yet
been available, we are putting in a stock so complete, so varied
and of such quality as to satisfy the most exacting.
This stock comprises the following departments :
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Agricultural Implements of all kinds.
Our Price* are strictly moderate.. With adequate resources, and buying in large quantities, we are able to get goods
on the most favorable terms. Our customers will get the full
benefit of these terms, for we are not here to make a stake in a
hurry, but to establish a large and permanent business.
" Royal Household " Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat.
Look over our stock ami get prices.
Keremeos Commercial Go The Keremeos Trumpet\__^^^____^r^\^_a_z\    M^«r nMrtM fV*™ Du_._Ma^
 / .T-d and all, when ,t   might eas.ly N AW     Ml)011      t()P     KUSMGSS
_. _ESa_e_a.i.& have  been   retained   by reasonable J 11V f f      Wf/Vll     1V1       1# UkPl IIV. klkj
Subscription $J.OO a year.  $1.00 lor nix  months, '
in ailviiiKv.
Ailieilialag Rain. Lfsl t,.,ii.x-s, tv per line
lirst insertion, 10c per Haa aach auhaasiuant insertion.
I.anil notice! Certiflcatee of improvement.etc., $8,110
far fifcjav notices, $5.00 lor .Xutay notices. Contract
Jispl.ii .i.UiTtisi,,^. We. pot itii'li par week. Transient advertisements, such .is Lost. !'\>i„,J,  Wanted,
etc.. sot eseasdfas|neeuach, $i.*x) hrst insertion, or
three insertions  tor $2.00.    Loral  rsasttuj nodosa,
25c. par lino.
J. A. BROWN, Publisher.
Notes and Comments.
After long- delay and much negotiation, the Keremeos Land Co. hits
secured the right of way for its
irrigation canal across the Ashnola
Indian Reserve, in spite of the determined opposition of Chief Ashnola John. John's attitude has been
hostile from the first, but the authorities at Ottawa, in accordance
with their wise policy of Consulting
the wishes of their aboriginal wards
rather than apply coercion, have
attempted repeatedly, through Indian Agent Irwin, to convince them
of the propriety of allowing the
work to go through. Most of them
are amenable to reason. They
realise that the white man's march
of progress is irresistible, and that
the proposed work will do them no
harm. John, however, is irreconcilable. He has no use for the
paleface or his works. Dl Milling
of the brave days of three score ' suitable character of the soil at the
years ago, when by industry and' old one. Since that article was
strict attention to business he was pUt jn type some new light has
accumulating a fine collection of J been thrown on the subject by the
scalps for the comfort of his old funeral of the late Louis Kleep. It
Bge, he now beholds with sorrow Was found that the soil where his
the swift and sure lading away of grays was dug, though only a few
his race before the relentless march ' feet from some of the other graves,
of the hated whites. Once, not I Was quite easy to handle and free
long ago, he went so far as to give , fr0m boulders. It would be worth
his consent to the company's opera- while, before abandoning the old
tions on condition that the King ground, to test it by boring post-
should give his approval to the pro-. holes or otherwise and ascertain
posed terms. Accordingly His | how much of it is of this character.
Majesty's approval was sought and
obtained, through his ministers at
Ottawa. But when the letter from
Ottawa was laid before John his old
aversion had returned in   full  force,
treatment. Similarly the local
market for fruit has been held up
by unduly high prices, and also,
in the case of small fruits, by the
unjustifiable practise of using false-
bottom short-weight boxes of U. S.
make, such as have long since been
discarded in up-to-date communities. Growers in Eastern Canada,
and to a still greater extent in the
United States, have lost enormously by spoiling their markets through
improper sorting and packing, and
it is to be hoped that in the Similkameen the lesson will be taken to
heart and every care exercised to
make and maintain that most valuable asset—a good name. Also it
would be no more than fair for our
local growers who are so fortunate
as to be first in the field to supply
the home market at the same rate,
at most, as they get for shipments
to the outside. It would pay them
in the long run to do so rather than
to attempt to make gain from their
temporary advantage of being first
in the field.
Reference is made on another
page of this issue to the proposal of
locating a new cemetery at Upper
Keremeos  on  account  of the   un-
ValUr OlOTG is now ready for action, and we are
"at home" to visitors. You are cordially invited to
call and see our new goods whether you have present
need of purchases or not.
UUr STOCK includes Groceries, Boots and Shoes,
Overalls, Caps, Shirts, Stationery, Fruit and Confectionery, Flour, etc.      Doors and Windows (cedar).
\allir raGS LclU reinX is now open. For a good
wholesome meal give us a call.
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. KEELER.
(Opposite the Keremeos Land Company's Office.)
No one with time and money to
spare should fail to attend the Quebec tercentenary celebration   to   be
i   u.  —■    *l—   «       .      .t.   I held next month.     If it  is   properly
and   he   threw    the   letter   to   the *—-*--**
_ __, I   .,., ■   ...a. -.       ,    ,       , ' conducted it will   be it   unique   and
ground   and    vehementlv   declared I , '
',.,,,    ... , i .• I most attractive  event.     "World's
that he would never  give   his  con-I _
sent.     However, the consent of the
younger generation and the approv
Fairs" are comparatively   frequent,
but an occasion such as the Quebec
*.. ./It., 'tr*. . _ ..... . t«    '.'.   ,   I pageant has never  occurred   before
al ol the King must prevail.   John s   ■   ■
futile   obstinacy   merely   loses   him
and may not occur again  for   many
ssssasssssssssssssssssssssssssassssasss^H to
prestige with his tribe.     It  is  even      • ...
.,        , .  .,   .   . .       , ,, reproduce as realistically as possible
thought  that   he   may   be   deposed I   _r..        .    . ™^ *        r
from his chieftaincy by some young-
er spirit nunc in accord with modem
the historical scenes  of  three   hun
drcd   years   ago.     The   first   scene
will be C'haniplain's   ship   the   Don
Builders and Others.
We have recently placed in stock a consignment of
"Flintkote" Roofing,
the most easily and quickly laid, most durable, and altogether the most desirable roofing material to be had.
The price is low for the value.
A full line of "ISDOtllx" Paints and Oils—none better.
Cooking Stoves—the kind that   behave  well   in   hot
Tinsmithing in all its branches a specialty.
First-Class Harness.
Easiest of Saddles.
ideas.    That would  be   a   pity,  fori
John  is  a   picturesque   old    SSVagS   ** Dto- ******* *** *****- *********
and should be allowed lo spend  his   " ** •*** *** ;l Mr d;l> "< Um'> but
few  remaining   days   in   peace and   *■ P*T ■*  *hiP  ***   ***   in   fu"
sight ol tens ol   thousands   through
an avenue of more than 20 warships
honoring the lonely voyager of ll>08
by a salute in the name of five
different nations. Following this
will be 13 tableaux representing
scenes at different times down to
the conquest, and finally a grouping
A lesson that our local fruit
growers seem to be slow in learning is that it pays in the long run
|0 treat customers well even if one
is not compelled by competition to
do so.    Last   year  there   appeared
to  be a  chance   to  extort   several | of all the tableaux on the   Plains of
prices for vegetables from the railway builders, and the attempt was
made,    with    the    result    that    the
Abraham.     It should be one of the
most   interesting-   spectacles    ever
m    A
Harnessmaker and Shoemaker.
Largest stock In the Valley.        Everything. In the Harneea Line. 1*
Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
7th & 8th Ave.
$250.00 each
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Among those from Keremeos who
attended the concert at Hedley on
Tuesday evening were noticed Mr.
and Mrs. B. M. Crooker, Mrs. Daly,
Miss Innis, C. V. Prosser, D. Innis
and Dan Rogers.
F. Schneider mourns the loss of
"the very best cow in the valley."
Minnie was eating turnips on Saturday and got a piece of one lodged
in her vocal mechanism. Sunday-
morning she was beef.
Arthur Keyfitz of Winnipeg,
western business representative of
the Toronto Globe, was in town
from Saturdav to Monday for the
purpose of arranging for a descnp-,
tive write-up and advertisement of
this district.
Gilbert McEachern, electrician of j
Hedley, passed through Keremeos
on Tuesday on his way to Regina. ,
Rumor says that he will not return
alone. During his absence his
place is filled by Mr. Anderson,
who formerly had charge of the
plant at Hedley.
On Tuesday afternoon two workmen,   an   Italian   and   a   German, I
from the construction camps up the
valley were brought in town by Dr.
Whillans   of    Hedley   and   placed
aboard the V. V. & K.   train   to be I
taken to the   Spokane   hospital   for j
treatment.    The Italian,   who   was'
suffering   from   tonsilitis,   died   at
Midway   en   route.      His   name   is
given as John IVrone.
Major Megraw, who has been attending Grand Lodge of A. F. &
A. M. at Victoria, passed through
Keremeos on Wednesday on his
return to Hedley, and while here
paid the Tkimi-kt a friendly call.
We note with pleasure that the ■
Major was appointed D. D.G.M.,
and feel confident that during his
regime the lodges in District No. '
9 will take a long step forward.
An impression hav ing gone abroad
that the basket picnic to be held on
the Fairview road on Dominion
Day is to be an invitation affair, we
are asked to correct that impression
and let it be known that all are
welcome. Those going from this
part of the v alley are requested to
assemble at J. K. Coulter's at JS
o'clock a. m. so as to meet parties
from the Lower Siniilkameen at the
junction of the road at ''a. m.
"Royal Household" Hour, Ogil-
vie's best brand, for sale at right
prices. The Keremeos Commercial
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen
for Commercial Travelers and
Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
The Murray Comedy Co., which
had such a successful three-days'
run in Keremeos a short time ago,
has since then been touring- the
Okanagan, and on Monday went to
Oroville to fill an engagement there.
In the Okanagan they had the misfortune to follow closely after a
couple of highly boomed but poor-
quality shows that had left the
people sour on entertainments in
general, so that they did not meet
with the success they deserved.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Druggists and Stationers
c. a Mcdonald
of a
Lifetime !
Once in a lifetime— sometimes more than once -Opportunity knocks at nearly every man's door, and if he is wise
he loses not an instant in opening the door, for Opportunity
never lingers and trever returns with the same gift. What
she is offering to-day in the Similkameen is an ideal home
easily secured.    We are her agents.
And buy to the best advantage. We will be pleased to
furnish you with full particulars, description, and general
information on application.
Beautiful Valley Land Go.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for Cured   Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Billiard Parlor in Connection.
At the Trumpet Office
every kind of
is done promptly and properly.
Lumber & Builders' Supplies
* In dealing In Building Llimbtr aiul all kinds of Building Material we
have the advantage of gutting onr supplies direct from the mills, and
can therefore retail at most favorable prices.
•i.       ,.
Fstimates of cost cheerfully furnished to intending huildcrs.
Contracts for all kinds of building* in  town and  country promptly-
Oontractor and Builder,
Denore mine is shipping 500 tons
of ore a day to the smelter.
Navigation on the Yukon opened
on  June   19,    the    latest   in   many
Joseph Bishop, secretary of the
Panama Canal Commission, says
the big ditch will he completed in
five years from now.
immigration into Canada from
the United States shows an increase
of 61.2 per cent, in the first four
months of this year over a similar
period for last year.
Prince Rupert is growing. To- I
day it has 56 places of business.
On January 1st it had 12. Within
a month it will have hotel and lodg-
ing house accommodation for 1,000
Joseph Hutchison, aged 65, an
inmate of Leamington (Ont.) house
of rufugt, has fallen heir hy the
death of an uncle to an estate in
Manchester (Bug.) worth $1,000,-
000.     Ue has left for Kngland.
From the altar to the cell in 36
hours was the step taken hy Mrs.
Alhert Saunders of Toronto. She
had heen a domestic servant in I
Stratford and had stolen a gold
watch from her mistress hefore her
For two years Prince Pupert had
an unbroken record of no deaths
and no   sickness,   although   during
the t i in j as many  as 603 men, women  and   children   had lived  there.
The   fir-n   death  occurred  on May j
27th,   a man  who  had   arrived   to
work on the railway.
Miss Mary Tweedie, daughter of
Lieut.•Governor Tweedie, of New-
Brunswick, has e'oped with Dav id
McKeown, a JTOUUg Scotchman who
came   out   ■ year   ago,   and   for   a
time acted as the governor's groom.
The couple are  believed   to be   on
their way lo the OI tl Country.
As an instance of the price of fruit
lands in Washington, Osborne Rus-
sel of Yakaiina recc il'v sold his 32-
acn ranch, one half of it for $20,-
000, or $1,250 an acre, and the'
other half for $12,000. The part of
it planted in Spitsbergen* yielded
last year an income of $4,000 to the
Sidney Kidman, the cattle king of
Australia, has 32 runs, and owns
over 100,000 cattle and 10,000
lioi-.es, besides sheep, mules, tfoats
and camels. He controls 50,000
square miles of territory. At 14
years of Sge Mr. Kidman was earning KK. a week ; now he pays ^,'24,-
(XX) a year in wajfes.
Anderson, the school inspector
who was sentenced to seven years
in Kingston penitentiary for bigamy,
is set tO work to teach the penilen-
tiary school. The penitentiary inmates have not totalled so hijfh for
■OOM years. The prison population is fifty or sixty in excess of anytime during the past two years. It
is overrun with excellent clerks.
The New School.
Plans and specifications for tin-
new school have been received from
the Department of Lands and
Works by D. J. Innis, secretary of
the School Hoard, and tenders called for bv the Department, as may-
he seen by advertisement in another column of the Tbummct. According to the engineer's drawings the
building will be a handsome one,
similar in design to those at Hedley and Princeton, and according to
the specifications it will be well and
solidly built of the very best materials. The outside finishing is to be
of 1x8 rustic, horizontal above the
plinth and vertical below it. The
two main rooms are to be 36x27
feet and 14 feet high in the clear,
with large windows properly huntf
for ventilation. Full provision is
made for cloak-rooms, outhouses,
blackboards, map-frames, and all
other accessories of a modern school.
The date when it is to he completed is not staied in the specifications.
The New Cemetery.
Some misunderstanding having
arisen owing tothe change of tlu
hour of meet in;,'from that original.
ly announced, the meeting called for
Saturday evening to discuss th;
question of acquiring a new site for
a cemetery was adjourned to Monday, June 2')th, at 7 o'clock p. tn.,
when it is hoped there will be a full
attendance of citizens ol Keremeos
and the surrounding country.
The site of the prese.it cemetery,
which is located   on   Government
land and was presented to the
town free of cost, is admirable in
every way except that the ground is
unsuitable for di^iii},'. On the occasions when graves have been dug
there it has been found that the
ground is simply a mass of boulders and loose earth, necessitating
several times as much labor as it it
wa--clear soil. This being the case,
it is thought best to use it no longer, but to secure a plot elsewhere.
The Kereme3d Land Co. has offered
to set aside a lot of two acres on its
property half a mile or so above the
Centre, at the very low price of $50
an acre, and the oiler wi I probably
be accepted. It is a matter of providing for the future for all time to
come, anil every citi/en should take
an interest in it, give it his best
consideration, aiul attend the mect-
ing on Monday vvlu-ii it is to be decided.
Rev.   L. I..   Benedict,  of Green
Lake, Wash., M. II. church, was
roused from bed at 4 a. in. In a
lunatic and commanded lo accompany him to the church. He obeyed, first contriving to telephone to
the police. lhe madman compelled him lo pray, sinj,' and exhort for
three hours, when the police arrived and found the minister exhausted but the troubled spirit of the
"congregation" great!) SOJthod.
Bnn, shorts and vvhcit al the
ritflit price.     F. Richter it Co. LOCAL NOTES.
A carload of lumber for the church
building arrived yesterday.
R. H. Carmichael   left on  Friday
on a trip to Grand Forks, returning
P. J. McCrohan, dairy, fruit and
produce dealer of Calgary, was in
town on Wednesday.
C. A. Crawford, auditor for the
Daly Reduction Co., went to lledlev on Friday's stage.
11. W.  Maynard of Vancouver,
representing the  Hamilton   Powder
Co., was in Keremeos on Monday.
Indian Agent Irwin of Kamloops
is spending the week in the valley
adjusting several matters concerning the Indians here.
If you are planning a trip to the
mountains this summer be sure and
take a sack of Five Roses Flour and
you will be happy.    F. Richter A Co.
A. Robertson returned on Saturday from his trip to Medicine Hat,
bringing with him a car-load of
effects including a number of cattle.
Get our prices for flour, rolled
oats, bran, shorts, etc. We buy in
carload lots and our customers gel
the benefit. Keremeos Commercial
J. H. Kennedy drove to Princeton on Wednesday in connection
with the ri^ht of way for the V. V.
& E. track through some property
near that town.
Mr. and Mis. Fdward Hurt and
family, and Mr. and Mrs. O. H.
Carle, of Moose Jaw, arrived last
week and are taking up their residence in Keremeos.
F. H. French of Shatford's Ltd.,
Hedley, and his bride, were registered at the Central Hotel on Tuesday. Thev were returning from
their honeymoon trip to take up
their residence in lledlev.
T. A. Shaw of Winnipeg has
purchased a block of 80 acres of I
land from McDonald & Lawrence
ofthe Beautiful Valley I.ami Co.
and we understand intends locating
here in the near future with his
On Sunday July 5th the kev.
Mr. CamerOII anil Rev. T. Conn
exchange pulpits, Mr. Cameron
taking the services at Princeton and
Mr. Conn Conducting service in the
Keremeos Town Hall at II a. in.
and 7. p. ni.
The funeral of Mrs. Dowding,
one of lhe pioneer women of the
Osoyoos Distriet, and recently a
resident ol Midway and Vancouver,
took place at Osoyoos on Wednesday afternoon, Rev. A. II. Cameron officiating
We acknowledge with thanks a
beautiful bouquet of roses from the
garden of Mr. and Mrs. F. Richter.
Mrs. Richter is an authority on
these, the most beautiful of all
lowering shrubs, and we doubt if
any roscry in the province surpasses her garden in respect to variety
and magnificence of bloom.
The Misses Dorothy and Violet
Scbonu of Princeton passed through
Keremeos yesterday on their way-
home from Spokane for the summer
vacation. The former has graduated and the latter passed her first
year's exam, at St. Luke's Hospital.
Several prominent citizens, who
good-naturedly and innocently enough consented to act as (mis)stake
holders for that notorious horse race
on the 25th, have recently received
lawyers' letters requesting them to
pony up the money they paid over
on the judges' decision. Well-a-
well-a-well !    What next ?
On Friday last J. Lane, contractor, appeared before magistrate Coleman on a charge of having taken
timber for construction work which
belonged to Indians at the Ashnola
reserve. The bearing was adjourned till Monday and then further adjourned for several days to permit
of evidence bring seemed.
As a result of an accident on
Saturday last, two men on the
steam shovel gang were injured,
one having his hand badly mutilated and the other sustaining rather
serious internal injuries. The accident resulted from a portion of
trestle at one ofthe fills giving way,
and   allowing   the   loaded   cars    to
drop through.
Do not wait until baying time
starts before buying machine extras.
Tell us your wants and we can supply you.     F. Richter & Co.
Citizens of Keremeos are responding cheerfully to the request
ofthe baseball team for financial
aid and by the time the hat has
completed ils round the boys hope
to have enough to pay the balance
due on their uniforms and defray
their livery bill to Piinceton on the
First. They are practising faithfully with the expectation of heiii};
in at the finish at the tournay on'
If you use Five Roses Flour you
will always have good bread. 1-'.
Richter & Co.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Hbad Oiiicii,
Capital and Reserve,
Shbmsooks, Qusasc.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received,  subject to no delay in withdrawal of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch. J. A. R. ROME, Manager.
Frank Richter & Co.
Dealers in General Merchandise.
We have the most complete stock in Keremeos, and are able to supply your wants at bed-rock prices.
Dry Goods,
Miners' Supplies
Coppley, Noyes & Randall's Clothing,
The Leading Brand of Clothing in Canada.
n*T~   It is less than a month since we received our  last  car  of
„*T  Five Roses FlOUr, and we will have another car on
order due to arrive about the  first  of July.    This speaks
for itself.     Five  Roses   leads all others.
When in Penticton you are
invited lo call and see our
stock, ll is lirst-clnss and
up   to  date   in   every   line.
Watches, Ckalas, Brsecfcss, Tins, Clocks,
RagagaaMtn KinN>, Wt*Mlm_ Rin^s,
Diamond-., Bracelets, Cut Glass,
Mceisi li.ium Pipes,Silverware,
Sterling Silver Toilcl Sets,
anil General Jewelry.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Optical Work In the latest appli-
Saees known to the profession.
Wstfk isfcksf;. Jewelry Work and Repairing B specialty.
1 solicit your patronage.
nMrcmo    P.„ticton.
Registrar of Marriasja Licenses.
Hay and drain Store in connection. Seed Wheat and Parley foi  sale.
J. F. ROYER, Proprietor.
Workmanship and fit guaranteed.
Spring samples just arrived.
See us before placing your order for a Spring Suit.


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