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Industrial World Nov 24, 1900

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Array w*        ■ /
Vol.   2,   No.**$r
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.   Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
♦ tltt tt $11$$$$ $1* I tlfltt-T**"****'-*'^ -m-m.-mM.mm.  j-   .   ... ..,._;
Our Display
of Warm
for men, women and
children, from
60 cents
Up to $5.00
W. F. McNeill
►♦♦ '**>*>**>** 1
► »♦♦»♦♦♦->»»»♦♦♦ >• ******** ...
The Foley fleeting:
The Speeches
Cure Headache Caused by Powder Smoke.
Sold only by
The Druggist.
<■-• - —• • ;*'-: <•-•■•	
■ *
<> to  the  corner of Oueeu
11 street and Columbia Ave.
! I W. K. P. & L. Co's. old
I stand.
; |l Rossland Drug
:       : Company :
_,«.;_ -;••-« — —-1
. ....
T" xirrrrorr»tttr«Tt»trrrrrt-5T*jv«rrrrr»»i"»T*;tTi r
It is now thc time oi year when the Z
weather   is  uncertain.     Sometimes a
damp,   sometimes    dry,   sometimes J
warm, sometimes cold.    Be guarded I
against colds and wear suitable foot- *
wear.    Wc have just thc article you •
want.    Prices are always right. I
« : Choicest Liquors £ Cigars |
•»■»•>■»»»♦■» >♦>->♦**»*■ *»*»***<
The Strand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Har in Canada. : : :
A Fine I nn* ol the
j  Fancy Biscuits andJellies  I
> ******
Quality Tell, and nring. Incrraalng Trade
That'* How oi.. Trada I* Alwayi (Irowlag laiiger.
a* ol It. Toronto
* W.   har.    IS**, ttar.l.rat  a large   .lllpaifnt di.f.1   Imai   lh.   Ia.lm» ..I ll. Toronto
'   ai«m. .n.1 ittalslMnr   Oa    >lae  Ill»n,lla   Jan.. aad   |.UI»*  iaki.li at weald br   '
'   piaaM t" lav* p-ota i*ll and i.amtnr.
ml in   it,,,!,,      "W. Ala. I. Ke««« th* He* CwlMWl Tr**a art
•UK MOTTO:-- nwp lkt om o«.*."
124 East, Columbia Avenue
'   Yon*;want ■ t aib*' " — * lo<l ro.. w»nl
lln l-.l '   ...£!. it fo. try ihii
Union CJgaas
ii ■ ■
..    lvim*-llr f»ton L«t«-ICtt«t'>; t^i-Ktord-r *,
Vrnntn, t.a Mm   de Cut*.  Kl  Colonial j ,
,.   hm mi*■•*■'OiN»n t'tiioii t.itwlt. iriii-  Mr- *, ,
, „   range M Cut una, AlTumi-4 Ihiilra.Oalelet , *
; The Queen Cigar Store
.»••■»■ ft   M..KK1S   Imp..
Cotuintiia  Ar.!...
Then is now nn il.iultt tlmt thi* metuliers
nt tin. l«iln.r party in Roaaland navgitha
cnthusm-tll l'.»r which icliirtucl** in noU'il.
W'riliu-il.ty night Ui«*y, in tha l.itt.-r cold
ami siiuii. to tht number oi lout* huiuiiisi,
iKu*uili*il tha principal streets tor an
liuur. When tJi.-y arrived ut t'ne hull,
about S o'clock, tin big Minera' I nion luul
waa peaked ealid, .un! man] oould nol even
Und atanding room, li waa u notionbie
im*t that they weit ..ii, or nearly all, *ym-
pathiaari with ..nil luitportert ol tht platform ami ..1u1U1l.it,* ut tin- Independent I.n
nm party, llic mtt'ting wan iiL-w proline
Uie moat mi.ii—«liil political rally ever I..-I.I
111 Koaaland. While there i- eveij reaaon
t.. believe tlmt .t lm* won many rotaa br
tin- l.i.l..pendent oanddate, Chris. Foley.
Throughout Iha meeting the ipeaktra ware
Iktcnad ti> null tin* gwotcel attention. On
mv introduction >.i (,'hria. Koley, the house
tn*,* and gave Inm three cheer-, und from
t'ne verj .-ut**.! In* -. i-iuril to be uhle to
control the large .iiuliciiec, movin| tlii-tn
to laughter, ehten or grave .>mi atten
nve, ju-t .- he willed. Then wai not a
min* taiaed in proteat ti.rougl.out tlie entire irmcn, which wo. thoroughly ordirly
llii-uughout. Mr. Alex. Dick wus h-tcned
In H-i-.tliilly and I 1- greeted witli a
good deal ot apitfausc. Mr. Foley .|uke
1.1.mill along labor line! and recount, d
an....* ntiiv-titm ~t.iti-ti.i. a.* t.i lhe cotidi*
nm.* 1 Ubor in ti.* luwiiiiv and the need
there egtted lor Uie uhoruig iiuui nuking
hi. inllucnii- du. ell)' lelt 111 |H.|i*.ti*.
Kui-: t Bulmer p, added, uud opened the
meeting  with s  short .perch,  Ud  oa
..ii .mi ..: Iha ici.iiil- 01 M.|.|*oiti*ra of the
oppoaing ...n.ii.i.it.s t.» .i.m.. to tin- platform.   None   •*...•     He then called ui-*..
.la.  Devine, Uk- ii.-t ipeaher,
Mr. DlVUM ts-g.ui l.j -ijiiig'tluit during
hi. i.. 1.1 u.|> .Mill lor lhe put-poM.- ul
patting Mi .'bn.. rulcy in miiiiiimlion lie
ti... agr.'t*..!-!y -mi-i i.,*,l to hud tual not
only the I.**..-r |.u1>. tml ii..-...i**<i * oi the
ii.iiiiiiunily ..! all ita.s.*i! belonging to the
old paitiea wan at/W ... luvoi- of Mi. Foley.
Mr. Il.*\.'.,* ttoi. w.irt ..11 t.. ill-bate Uu-
proceeding-* 11 ilu- nuininiitiug ulhivr at
Kivilst.iki,   Mi    Un U,11.1 Itl,  by   wiin It  .1
determined itl.n .... made t.. iciuw- tba
..... 1 .t.iii.- .*: tin 11..iniiiutiun of the l^ibur
At tin- is.1.1 uuoou i-l Mt. I).*!.ne'a *d-
.tii-*. th.- .•«*■ liiiau 111t11.lti1.sl .tir Ali\
and.r Dull.
Mr. Diik. on iiuiung forward, wa« greet*
i-I with a|.|>laur< llc l-a-gan a s|.-ei'h ol
.lo*— »n an Is.urs duration by Mymg that
!l this gtow.r.g tjtni* ti. our lii.*t..ii. wlieu
pence nml proaperity raigned, he behered
ll   should   be   tin*  liumi-t   endeavor  of  ull
t*lil>**i*s ol tile i*ollUlllllllty It. sri'k the gt-i'ilt-
est good nt the graateet numbar, uml ilms
is-ris-tuute the buii»y oonditiona wtolth ex*
UUU in w-ug.-. during ilu* yisir. Of thi. one-
i|ii,u*tt*r wns s|s-nt in the country, bul
tin* l.al.iine wai -cut nut of tin- country,
lint then- ivcrv '.'l,l„l Moiigoluiiu in ]•*.
lishi'm*..   nuni>.   -.iiumll*.   etc.,   .11   tin-
ist.     (Applutuie.)   If  the  woi-king  cIusm-sj,.„ulllrj.   „h   ,mvn-  taking  out  gS.tKIO.OUO
)iii|i|>ii..w und proaperity solidly btUll there
wu- no danger to the HipiNtniotun.   II.*
ilnl not believe l it.il ut* should lunt- a
.l.i*-! in this i-ttllllliy win, tlli.ught that the
liutuls of ull  men  were uguiust llu-11- t.-l
to  t'hina.     Ibis "nun   tin-   population  nt
the   .i.llntr-,'   to  the .Aleut   of  ItlU.UUO  poo-
pie.   It hurt the buiincaa people ot Ui*
I-i*... in.*.*   to   tlie  extent   ul   v..... ...1   |»r
aiinuin.    In   \aiitttuit*r the  Uulor  ..l.-.i-
low,.    He then-fon- ootid not *cc whi  in   w,.ro workwl by atdta |H-ople 111 Ibe -Jiop
tins eleetlun Mr. Fole>  tdlould beoppoald.
'I'I.. *iH*iik.*r .li**.*...-..*.! tin- i-M-41.h Irom n
i*.ut, but Uu* bulk oi the order. Irom the
l'.i-t  Wtn . v-s in. .1 In  .1 .1..|*iu* ~   ,-.:., 1,
labor  sluniliHiinl   thoroughly,  as   well  as   |,,uim.ni, ,n nlc inu*,    .\jl thi, tended to
il.'iiiitli-'iietl every argument Uiiugnt Iiy the
laiberal and (on-creative **|Hsikcrs against
alter  the  condition  of  Uie  laboring  man
l..r Ihe  won.*.    It  «... to the beuriit  ..I
tin* latum of Mr. Foley. Tltt- Hpecfh miis h,,. Uading .Ins., or rather Uu- manuUr-
a telling one. trciiucntly puii.-lii.iti .1 with taring ela««, but it .mild hurt Ihat rlasa
.In.]'*  an.)  appimal.    Mr  link   linii.lu-1   111 the king iuu ju-t a. uiuth aa the labue-
lu* -i-t.*.Ii I.y 11 strong .ti'i-ai to the el.-.    ,ng man.
torate to return Mr. Foley, in the out-ant w'liich he said:
Too mu. I. land wa- ..-cupied by a low
tuonojioliala wbo would (H tlie bcnetil by
"All tlie nigns of the time* point unmia- '.nd by ol lhe imr-raamg |t.«|.-iily 01 Urn
taknbly to 11 ]x*rusl wIkii Ui.* ideal- ..1 lh. mining ItfiOtt near by and a»ll hi* Und
ladVUCld thinker, ul tin* |>.u*t .liall !«■ mote („r  ||„.  un.t.itt.tl  iii.i.it*.<mrlll.
(nil* robmi.   Wi  conetantly a.lian. I    m,*. i*,,.,* KUaoo, .1. t)«- okanugan ttl*
in.-, .uul tin- ifii.i.ii. 1 is onward ami op. 1,1, |>.,<| hneed m a itrlpoi Und «) uni-a
j ward. 1 A|.|.laiiM*.) TboM wm. uen* ...n*;.|    1,. .,x or «i.n. .un | n..m tne Uke to
and   daogeroui   --ttiinlist.   a   aboil   tin..- the l.mn.lao' line. Nn l.Mn.-ler ilii-r walrr
'ago   an*   now     ,.|.|.... l.ite.1     at   Uiell   Hue hlsliopa-s.it  the lake. 1.0 prl-nou dale ll-ll
.....I.  ...  I.ueiactori of tbe human **i ihool in th-*-warming watera altra with
1 Hear, hear.)  laonk lor a nsinuiil at  th. ...I. ind .••i.ir.l with disks     || 11,1, Uml
,ui|.i..t.*l   iittiiti. i|*.|   ^..i.iiilitelit   111  elite- ».,.* .IiihI.iI  uf.   ,.  i*  lb. fur  in  f«ri»
iik.< (.I.tagow   .....I  Itmniughain.  wheiv l.i /.-.1I1.1.1,  titrtr  itonUI lie a Urge  popoia-
Hu*  j.t... 11.nl  application  >-f Su'taluen all tion   hen,    Tbmo   .l..mnr*  night  worm
tin- public ii.ii.elns.-s line I.eii taken over M.ialt.li..  but  than Wen b4m ..I  thing-,
by tltt' itiuiiii'i|Nilities and tin* -ani.,-* in. tlm atim.  tn.-  (.-^lulls..  raiiaaia. ti-ant-
|.i-i!.s| .....I the .*.*a*t* l****.-iir*l. Still grt.ter .11.. light.ng. -.lusd.. altnb *trr -m.'mI*
advancca havt Is**1., made   .. ObnUMBtal istic.   A. iur the U.k 1.1 educaium th.t
Kuru|s.,  .11  the Cltlc- ,*!   I'all. ami   llrthlt
Ami. Mr. Chairman, when properly under
stood,  t'ne   tern.  Ns lali-iu  stands  tu.   ,|,*
*i,'.i*..| coal  ol  hung, l-ettci   I.......11!  I'M
..... I.IB*, but   it  ua* Hue ul  .\|«- l.innlli.
It •*»». Uur ul  ||..|...   i.,.<i. 1, il  au |n«.
e ot 1I1,' 1,,1,'si |.*.|4. in the ...uuu*).
.AppUiiM   .   Mi   (UU.lM-r lud Mill that Un
til,, poori and a greatly nslu.-.l death late   a|*rak.*r ei.tiM not go into good »>.nty at
among u.<* pool ami ulortanate.  UocaU   otu«a    1 l-uushi.-r 11 in- h*d nu«.l trou-
.-in  111  it. higher -.lis.   should appeal lo  hie ill In. domrik ..nie. and if the audi-
run   DM  .-I  you, and I  Bak  fot  n*4  to
c-.u.ietiui any om*. bowe-ref uuuii yot am]
tlisagns- "ill. ...m. who is l.om.l ami 	
-. leiit.ttiw 111 iiis advocacy of inca-wr.--.
Uiat mil i-tiilel su. li l.l.-s.intr* »n mat.
k.ml     (Loud . Iii-ra.)
Mr.   I..ley   WB! ns.-.ietl  with  thrre  pro-
Fro m $1 per Suit to
$10 .00 per Suit	
.. EMPEY S..
If you will chose your
From the largest and best assorted JEWELRY
stock in the Kootenay's give us a call.
Our premises have been enlarged and show
to advantage our much larger stock. Wc are
always ready to show goods and talk of tlieir
The   I t.i.lin.- Jeweler.
• me ,1.1 n„t want a aamUl Ihry had better vote (or him on It* 0 daughter and
Aa for the .law  iigisiation ol a  ta.
.1.... y to ahiih the -t*ral>r had urrn  \e
..■•..I, Mr. I*.**! d..laird tltat ,| a a. no.
true. He aount in. n  1.tmnisl. lo legu-
lunged ami heart] i*lu*l*. and pr-eia.-i*d hi.   late   for all.    'll.e   *|.ak*r  then   m*ul«  A
remark! b] api| that 1..* wwieon-ed Mi grave and 1 appeal t« uk- is*.,*'
link back ...ta. the |*.I1! <ii law ami „i.|. 1. II.-  -I...»,*|  tne  tuttl.tt.  tin   inuwr)   anil
ami  bad tome out  ul  tin- lank* ol  the an ll.j.lstkv   of   -Ink.**   ami   lt-.ii.gla.      Ihry
an in-1.  .iml  .-.-ul.-,.  alio  acre  ap|Hi did not sink.  „i  nH  ,,.. ,,' lXw ,
rutly tunning the .-I.l paittea in uu. .am It «.' m.i-~«i)  t.i .itrmpt  |„ ,|.,
l-llgll. thltlg nn legi.lalt,.* In,.*,     Hr Ir* ...iiieen.l
Mr.   Fuh'.v   ll,...   daaeribed   Ul  1*1  "I  (he union,  to talk  i-.Uk-. ui'trad ot
lounler wilh liun. (hll..nl >tt-.ii at t.i ...I lian.ng  the  ..d.*.**-      | ,„   .(u,p,   ,^  ^^
lurk.    Ile luul aido-i lln! *t nil.man al.> nuinic pn*l.l,*ni. wg«M  i.a.I t.. i.milunir
ll.» ..luu I*.I«..  I..w luul not In-en aajfaretd H,(h Hn* aul.^-l    aad *s...d,| do mot* W
ami   had   btt   a.Lswiiitl   that   the   num.* BetltT lal.-r .midil..,,. IU,. ___M
ha.l i,..| , miipljiiiisl alswil tl.-matter   It.        Mi    I ..l.i   **ai.|  that   In-  had  ***.«  |niI|
I..l.i.   Iioatl.l.   . lauissl   IJ.at   it   a.,   a. tl    !'>"• h  attention   lo  tit.   I ..|>**rn.l,t.. ,1„
known Utal ttHtWItd • *-ii.|.la.nl. Im.I beat   '"* '"» 1"'h. Lul  .1 «*• not bmiitae be
.'lit   to  Htla.a -|U.*ll   a. to  tin*  III,. 1.      I**l*"i   thim       III-   did   no.   I,,,.   Uirtn   I.
lal   1mu1.glal.111   li.ul   Is. u   11.1   anl,   Ui-   "■—! ha tad beU I—lag toWtt tht lib
IhM tl."   |.'.|au    .I tin   lal nad |>. In-    "mim      Ttr a..„|,|  ^|k „«^, fa   ,—
adtBtttd, - > *-*•*....
In I ranl.na.k  tne |s,-u.U nl  .,| tin   M. *'•   * "■> ■••...lu.l.-l l„. .,r.,h .., pnnu
. b.,ll|. .'   uni..li   i.ui   Is.*li   allt.nl   to   hii**   4    "'HI >l  ik-l-Ml  to tight   , ta).,,,     ,, a  |,l.
ball  •*!  lull   tin*   I"'Hi      lii-lanl   gaariaaal    ""    ""'  '" hght  again.,   it.   ,m,n.gnUn.
-taii.i hm, hi tin* ta.t    In tatma ti..   i•'*',''•       lh . „(„.
...v aas even at.-*    i.il ..- 7..I .11... UB   '*'* ti -II     Hi   lilt thai thr tao .   I pal*
st,   I 1 iioiii.ti..  who a.,,   ii*.1   ,11  '"■* had aa ».*!. la  l.. ...i(*n      ,■ ,}„.
men and  wl... a. rr   itiai.l  t.. -gati* anal n»',,*■»     H list I  UlethOW
align,   th.)    am*   ..rii.nu      And   ll»-   n* '"•" "•''  lir,*** lhal  Ur'   .....|  -. .    I.*,
..wui-lei u.-ii* Isiiu ms.ltsi ..tit    Ib.-miiH* *■"'    It   '-i-.i   oi   |,,<*   aiiat.Hia.t    to   tj..
itr., tilled   with  similar |s..ple.  .hose tin ..-•ll"!  t.l Ihr demo, is, 1      l_|, i   ,n  f,,^,
nngraboi.    Ni    VTilituI    l.t.irur   bragg.-l aaamad two *l.«m*l.,|. ,.„,p.,,,<* |,..| ,,,,„.
.ilstut      Now   rilll.i.d   Hifloa   S...-I   h-    .*«' ''""I   '"   '»!•»   the   nl»   t.,   l.nnl-.n      l.|
.ia.tailu.lnsl  thai  .. ld...lil.g man tiWald tb> ""*  >"UHlrT  Ihr  |tr.^ui   would  l*air ln.11
)rv\   to   ...iliiigrutioli       Tl.e   a|sak.r   wd "kl Uiat tne .,. nth. 1 ill n.t
that he hud  Be ol.*-- l.-.n l„ immigration "ilhoul h.irtinr that nltle g,.|. tin. „mrH,
K'lti'in.sl i.y natrictitaa .* t*. ptaptran  'utmn, .ml ... 1. ,..,.„. -.h-mIwIk or *n
and   iitl.llis tunlilv.     |AppUuM*.| . ,relii*i*.     Hut   in   S..   /..la.sl  thr  r"
At   (oihla-ii   (he   l.il-eral. luul  spread  1   einmenl |..|,| that .. .i.l.-r..- to g<t d.nra or
r. |«,rt  that     ll»n    I    M.nni-    IVa|>    luul   it   would   |.nil.wr  a  d...rn   -teamrr.   m
luoiight hun out.    Al  l\»inks>f» In  (.iiuui    Knglanil and run a line itarlf
in- ('I'll, inul iwt  l«.r  int.. |M| ™,       Mr   '"'"  *■"'' ' bt nBtd
ployees  so  tliat   th.v  .luuil.l   ten   rv
a aortl «•auM hght .long thrm-
- a. 1, r'ltilig Ind In
Uieir ngl.l. ..« ( anadian uti/en. Al A.h the t tlitld Natr. tl,. .t,te ..I thmw, i,,.|
CToft   be   l.niml   lhal   thr   te.m»t.ra   had    tr>'*n   *••  mmh  sta.li-t   lite  |,nrs „t   I,I.n
ban su|.|-iaiit..i i*i t*iin*aa    1... i*igr  ""', """ 'h','■ "•"-' """' "'"• *        ■    ■
_.._.       i    i  _   i  .      .        ,    ""e'.i'r  !'!..luli'«i  in  that   e..ii,ti.   than
..m„«n„* had mad. .„ «s«„,,i with ,,„, ,,, ,...,.„_, HI„.„,,.    ,,„xym „,;
the   *|..!.. nimilit   t..  enipl.,)   wluta-  ne*n     ll    I ...  .,,,.  ,!i,t,,„,    ,.
return for ei-rtain pii.iii-gn* a ..-.,1- I tin .11    M°t '' 1 ta.iar ... ,„,t mi...
|-.,e .|..k.r ..amludrd br tlmnliing the
As .1 itiatia .  of I.tal   i|s*n* a.u. mg a single
ah.tr man  .1nl.lnv.al     Tn»* aa- the  tault
...In..... ' ,r Ita .'t.-nnlion ami in. m.«*l-
ing hi uke up wiih the inltnr s .
..t lis* l-r.n.n. nil gi.»iTnnw-nt     Ft,.-ti,...,.    t,.,n/tl Aalhm tad Uae,        *
.111.11 hints,  |gaot't initirni liwk nut fl-Mi,     t late |..|.y THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
The Industrial World
Beuii-.vro.sli.ly   Edition.
rubliihed at the Miner"! Union llall,
KoMliiiul, in tho intereit of organiied
labor  ia  iiritiah  (JolumbU.
Ltered at the lloaiiand, ll. U, post*
otiioe for tniinuiiiifum through the
maile, November, 1S0», u aeoond-claai
reading matter.
A. C. Thompion,  IMitor   and  M»n!ger.
Office   at  Miner'!   Union   Uall.
Payable Invariably  iu Advance.
Oa. year       t «>
bn  month!          l '**-
Uline  mouthi           ■"
Addrcw all communication! to the In-
dwtii.il World, I'oBtottice Hox 868,
Boaalund,   11.  C.
Tha InduBtrinl World      for sale at the
following   neve,   .li'i"'   ■
bimpaon'!   New.  oiand.
H.  8.   Wallace'!  Stationery   Slon.
Lin'.on ltroi.
P. 0.   New! Stand.
Bmt"!  Cigar  Bton.
t'antila   Book  -   Drug  Ston.
Moitae  Brae.
Kiag k Co.
becreUriei oi all union, are authoni-
ed to nceivo lubecriptioni for tlm
wink of tin* new purty hns Iss-n uceonv
pliMlied, for, with very few* exceptions,
lbeiii> ileiiiiiiuls huvt' lu*cn granted. Whore
I'ncy were not grunted the new party Iuih
finally triumpfotd ami the old party hns
pitted OUt of existence, 'lhe t'huil party
iilwuy. inns, even when tippuivully ib-
A  Uonwrvativi  worker intonntd  the
World yttttrdty Unit lite loot] l onaerv-
luiu* bud ut  lust decided to lupporl   .Me
Kiiiii-. Ji would appear trom hi* ramaria
t'nut Kusslund ConservatlVH were not con*
suited in rcgi.rd to In* c.iiiitidiii'y, und
Unit they ilnl not i'onsiil.-i* him thl fundi
duto ol the party. Kviitently t'ne Tories
iux- hating tlu-ir trouble* n* well ..- tin*
*ica,  in  many  re.ia.-la  Mr.   I'olei   ts a
nun h lielter Lila.-i.il than Ualliher.    Any
libit, who is mi bound t>>  parly ties a* u>
Dr.  i. iLiiier cannot  la- a  true  liberal,
lie is tauuply a | an  .*■  a tnai-hiiii*, without Uie right tu hue >«' express .... ..pm
lou of lib. own. ami Who w.ll Wllllllt tin
interval, ol In- i-uu-titueul- at the 1m*iu-*i
of lua l»urty leu.le.s ini* |.ui> aavutaaa
'Jlait is tlie kind ol a Liberal Mr. tiallttirr
I*. Nu*. t-ok-y, on Uu* other hand, la a
iaibetal in cv.-ry sense ot tlio <wnrii. lb* i.
aia*..lute.y in.let* ntlent ut paiti iu*. and
ViU ba III a ]a*.-ili.»lt to serve tin. Is-t
utterrai- uf hi- i-oiistilurniy Without n-
gald to the etl-el ll Will hale on any
party in .uiy pari "I the 1s.ut.l17. Which
kind ul a Liberal do yuu prate-, III I *
Caking  thu old   party  ha-tars at tlieir
wiuxi. than doaa nol **.i**ar to is- any
pia.Tl.lily ,,! Foley's dtfttt, liberal lisld
rr-. and Mr. (Jail,in*, himneli, vliuiii that
.it.I .Ml Qtliibtt hltllsell, claim ltl.il
extent tliat it cu is- iiig.nl. and ihat
tin* fight is lietw'een Inky and QalUhtf,
wlu.i* Mr. I) 11, im, MitlCane'. agent, on
In. return iiom the np|tw country, ftccly
Mated lhal 1.,11:...*.*'. Iwo-factd attitude
tnttai-i- labor hid loal 1.tn much of hi.
•support, that be aaa i'i la.t a political
n.i..ii'ili. and that ill. light  was l.lwccli
Mqi tad lit Ki   If l*..l.*y hi- the la.t
end of it wiln Mr. .lalliher. as Mr. Dirk-
Ma claim-, ami will llao bad MeKaiii'. a-
Gall.her! Iri. ml* claim, there 1. no doubl
ot the -.ut a.iitt-. Tin- World is very much
u.1 ned to agree* Willi Is.th -l.it,*.....it.,
end ii tliey .re right, 11 .ill In- . walk
ewr for Foley.
enntiition!. Ilu" Shorn* Inw is n stop in
tlmt direction, iuid I shall lieiirtily on-
1..is** auy legislation h.iking to rlmi  eml.
3. (iovertiniont itflpootion of in.In.I. i.s,
Und.-r modem economic i-onditionn the
inututgonicuL nf in.lu it :tl oOllOtnil figure
im i-cMiihi., not the i.i.-iI.ihU by ,-rtiiieli
they an tai hi- nliUint-d. An over .tip-
piled labor uuirket enejbiei them to im-
|s*wi- nu i-iiiploy.-s uuy ...uditioiiH they may
deeni nect-HNury, Ki-utent us a rule inenna
ilisniis-al (rom service nnd pi'.-tuble wimt
to their lillle ..u.a. In ilu*.... in-g I.lu* strung
arm  of  the Inw aliti.it   thi.se  children of
ralnfortunt you art .imply following the
lea* Inm*.. of the iiiis-k nml lowly   .tonus,
who nld: "Suffer tba little ones to come
in.!.. Me, for of sii.1i ia the kingdom of
4. Abolition of eontlnct   H>*Htetn.
Tlie  abuses t.iht   hnve gi-ttivu  up iin.lt'1*
the   is.ult-.u-t   i>y.ti'ln   as   uutlinotl   ill   the
lirst taaua ol tin* Dominipn   Imbm   Qt<
rette shniild convinc even tin- liidt-lMi.lml
l*tl-tl/.an nl' the neet-aisily of the MOMtity
nl'  the  eii.ii liiu'til   nl   siit-h  a  law.
.1.    I'lllibe it!vm»l*slu-i  of  fninel'isi-..
1 inr expertotm in tlm onntrol  ol the
wen ..1 ..11 itimnge In mi ordi'|hlgbwaya, municipal  lighting plant! ind
Si.nie  stiipi-ise  .**  expnMld   that    -Sergeant Major Kdwtrda, ol ihe Royal Anil*
leiy,  Halifax, committed luioida .... tin
morning ol Wa wedding .i.n.     lt would |poatal department, pul.!.** aoh.
nut   haw
mu y  1111.11
*ll..|llil    lie
li..1. her.
;; ..Electric Laundry..
s   -
' ' 	
• a
.; You do not have to patronize
Chinete Laundries.
Oood Work,
Reasonable Prices.
::T. W. GRAHAM, Proprietor.
bul   ,
hi* 1 Vt*
f.iii*     lln
ll *s reported that several 1.1.1 time gi.t*
an- becoming .bald, thai their hair 1* turn'
in*.- gra) ami tailing fin The World would
niggeet thai tin- ifoiuaid gm* an, prob*
ably in their .Ic-i-m*. yanking ii imt in
glv.it   big  h.inilliill*.
WI...1. -:il, ami K.I.
Paint.. (III., Varnishes, ll,usl.es. Wall
finish and P.lntt .*' Supplies, tii.l. .*
1.1k. 11 Iur I-.ie. 11...in*.in* and It.......lin* .
Office ntut Sinn*      liuiiir-a .*** Clur.'lie-**'
nitH'k. itColmabta Ave uiuler Dominion
ttapremOo '! nunc.  Telephoa! No. is,.
Tin-   lie,o.d  olaimi  that   the grit! tire
breathing ih.uik* lar Bifton'a depattun.
It i* probaUe dial tl..* Reoord .* right.
\. *  -    ."I.l    lie,III.*l*    lol    It .ih   grit,
and   toiii*s. Tin.  i'-tiiatl*  is  not tuigiii.il.
T   Ladies' Store.
I itmt'iim..' a 1 ■!■ .11   i»iv. nu ni nn I i.ii.*%'
■ml v liihii. ii     1 utli'i »< hi and Hosiery,
Ilr*t.t Omnia and  Drcaa Trimming*.
Sumpril i ii.ii.l-, k'jl.l>ona and Ukcs.
nix,- nu* a call and >ou will Und PriOM
Way Down.
Mrs. M   Heard
We Know
Uf no other way to indoru our cloth-
ini than to put our name and trade mark
01 11. Ifa j"-t ma il »c mid "We warrant thi! garment to be ell wooi, .cwed
with silk, made of better materials, and
in better itylc than you can get anywhere
else at the aame pdioe." Taylor k hie-
A vote for Oalblirr in a vote for Mae
Cigar, aod Cigan.   •%
When roil ask fnr a rigar why don't
you insist on a good one * Sine ease,
out of t.-n yon will lie offered a cheap,
s ah nude cigar unlca yon name the
kind wanted. Tliey all eort you tho
nunc money, good it bed. Now why not
get a good one Adc for the heat Crowd
Gtav ... Vi 11, You will then ' .* en-
ceirif'ng a home indi.fv, i*-. flunk
of   thi, the nent Ume vou !'k foi    "a
U.-H ihlm
\\. ghft.
Inr   Mr,   at    llut.tend   A
FOR SAUC-Thc buildini and flvlnrc*
Ml Spokane atreet known as Han 1-eahry'i
lid place. Inquire at J. C. Spetlnun'i.
Kni^wy'. f.ir rb.thtna.
Kintay*. for < I..11.ing
I lie argument i*li an.-.| l.v the Literals
Uuit it 1- iiist-v.ii! lor 1 aii-'K.niten.] t>.
ls< ItpNItOttd st (Ml..tia hy a I.Hietal to
|tiev.*iit it* i.i,*-.-*,**-.,-. tn.m -iitleniiii. .. nne
of t.a* -strong,*-*-, argument*, against tits*
lihtltll them-elle* all! algain* the lab
mil gt.v.-n.m.-ut At.) government whirl,
will  punish  .  ...ii.l.i,H*n.)   f.ti   rrluining   ,|       ,
PI    I'luhil.tinn nt |ta.»in lalmr in com
<•( the lu,leprn,|rnt  laj.ir I'arly of lint*
i-di Colunilua.
following .« Hm- pi.itf.wn, adopted by
the Xel~.ll t-'livntl'.n o' tl,..  In.I.■;..*,, I.„l
trial wai-. and lend a -a^iinty to all bran
<1h--s of l.i-.ne*. ..irh aa i« im|io«silile
undor <-\.-ling rs.nd.t.oiis. an.l a. Hwh re*
....v.*** inv heaitv apiworal.
pi     All elect JOB .lay- ta, l-e mnale pill.ln*
Ubor Vaitj ct BrittA Obhtehia oa which | h^tya.
i*,.,.1, 1 ,   i-i.     l- 1 . I would aba. fav.ir the iM.sagr of a law
. ,11..I..tale I hns rulev ...laielv .lau.I* ,   ,     .       ,.
making Iht e..Ti-..e of the franchise com
1. Ins- .*.n.|.ul.oiv e.|„, „,,„, ,.„'«.n*  f..r tin. following  reiv-ms:   Find
2. la-gnl woiking ilay ..( e.gl.( I1.1.11-. M-nev .an and il'irm pafdbaat the rote,
.t (...i.*,i,i,H t,i iii.pe.i,„n .4 all iiflu* '■' the drunkard, tl -a,-r bog and criminal.    Ihe vote of the intclliircnt Iml in.l.f
ti.tiet'ivuiks i* siiiii.ient  ground for tin-
e\t|.|lis|..ll ul   lilt- ...lu.' sislum  to lilills.Jl.ls,
le'tgntph, te'.'i hone and expts***. buaUieaa.
l'he experience ol people In New /.calami,
Ausii-.iliu, Germany ud olaewhen hn-s
ilt-m.iusii ite.l tiun then function! ou I*
performed by Hn gowrnment with ■ rorj *
gri-nt  advantage to tl..*   people,   and 1
in,.*! ht'.illily en.l.u-M- lagltltHnn In.'lung
t..   thai  eml
.1.   Prohibition   ol   Aaiatic   emigration
and .•iliit-.itinli.il tosl
The pnatoce here in large nnmls-m of
tin- nun assintiliiiitu rtct ...ti* Otntdlu
labor of iu birthright. Mercy Mongol
landing uis.n our .hon-a leswiis rather
than tncpcaaea our popuhitioii. The white
latent whi'h ho ri'id.iet-* would ns a rule
marry nnd nellle among in*, iiu censing the
population by ■.' leael Ihraa. 'Iliis m.s.n*
to the meivlutnt h*s. nioiilhs to feed, nnd
less tuu-ks to elotli.*: to the d.s-lor h-ss
demand fur In* nrrico; to the irnnsimrtn-
tion eompanla, Ian bnAe, tt. the diatiat
le*i teeth t-i fill; l<> the inisbnnic less
builtliiigs lo et-is-t: tn the real i-atnte iliiil-
er lea. deinnud Inr property, ,...1ml.t..: haa
force for lhe *,.iu.*. to the farmer loH
.ale for produce! to the n.-wHimprr mnn
Ii*sh pal.»rs to be sold, t.. tl.e pntflbtT
small eongngatloOB, nml to tla* Iki..U*I.u'U
fewer sh.H-s tt. -diiin-. 'lli.ir preaencc wnrk*
iniury In nil brandies of the erotHmui-
syatein. I opises- lli. ir coming here on the
name grounds I WOnM opisise the t.ilong
nf more paj-**engers int.. nn open Imat al-
readr kwded Ui ilm -inking line in urn!
Pacific. l-Vr-tr I'liuuinuin rusupying a DO-
«.lia,n in domltthl -a-rcico ic'eiiferes with
the natural lawn n. n|<.|i..ig t.i tin- indus
trial body, nd.lnng our wmmen of employment naturally lie'onging to them Ui
Iha extant Ihat for evory Uhiiuunan an
employe.1 muueaHu*'. sister or daughter i«
dnviii to pnatitntion, evolving a race
icntilcm .Icslinisl to l.ii*,.l sixu. of blood,
an.l that will some day 111*11 '
ad.an >".s-k with a bltiali for his t.un
try', nhnme.
7.   AboUtloo of riiild lals.r
An economic iretem thai   drive,   the
child   tiom the cradle  to
coni|*ete will. u« ■ .11*11 fallier
the  legitin.at,* child  of an  ndii.lri.il  sv-
tem  having greed for it- li.iir prim-idc.
Isv.sli-.ii.u   alo.u:  lines     iip|sised   tu   thu.
will receive my I.cam rapport.
Abolition of tl.e *li.l d I"'* I
I nder .-.million* where nil arc tnicii'
able lo the Inw ami aaaumi llu- re~poo_-
la.i t. ..i defending the ...imrv's tl.g an.1
..isi.tutimi* all ihonld ba entitled alike
to ..pie.. 10 the higbaal poaitloo .n Iha
gtt, ..f their tstuntrvmen wiihout biiiuj ..,.....,.,..„,•,„•„,•,•,•,•.•,•,
ta\e<| tor tin- privih-ge of n    doing.     Ija .
would lv|*eal thai law. | J
t.   t ..in|s.!•«>.!*   a.bitritinn. I.
t'omiail-iry nrl"tr»t..«i a. applied In | •
N.«* Kaahtad hsum up on the hnriaon of jj
pngna! m.i a* a dream, lint w. a fwac- j a
tical nielli.nl of reconciling thn conflicting •
ntei.-t- >>f MpRal anal later, anil ia de- j <•*,
-Unci. I think, in lhe near hiture (if •
appbe.ll to prevent tho-a. immliral in.bm*   •
to, Look Here!
You need not loose a shift
to get your check cashed
during banking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hours at
The Hoffman House
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, [Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
KETAII. MARKKTK-Uonlend, Trail, Mellon, Ymir, Kanlo, Handoo,
New Denver, Silverton, Ouotdt City, Oranii Fork!, (ire-nwood,
a. Phoenix, Midway, Camp McKinney, Revelitoke,
X Fergmon and Vancouver.
X  Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds £
X WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
4+++++++++4444++++++++++++ *****4 *+4++++++ 4 +*+*+**4+4
+++++* **** *** 4***** +4+ 4*r*4******
Canned Vegetables
And   rn-.ti-1 n and   California
Canned Fruits	
;; Also shipments of New   Water White Honney, Figs,
:; Da'es, Walnuts, Almonds, |Ete.
Finest Jine of Fresh Frmits and Vegetables Ji*haaa.
*   v..Intnl.,
C.KOHI'.K HfNK. Manage!
nt    nnves    ine   ±
the factory to | A
her i* isiin'tily   T
The Only Trannfer or Kxpren
Companv in KoMliml that will
Deliver your Trunk! lor 2.". cts.
..».''.     Three day! ntorage Iree.
on ick :
Queen Cljfar Store.
Tklki-iionk 39.
O. M. FOX St CO..
4*******************4 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■i-H"»*»*f*f*|.'>-t*K*»*»-»-ft*
65  and   10
^^•>»t«y?V«'(P>*>'^^ ^"l®(iVa\iXi\rt a..,.,...,..... .
Each occasion has some
special style of clothing
appropriate for that time.
Those who have a desire
for dressy effects and yet
do not care to go so far
as thc Prince Albert or
Frock Coat will find our
Cutaways just the thing.
They have a d^sy appearance, fit perfectl) and
wear with satisfaction.
The Clothier. Mailer and I urnlahtr
i.....^*^^**.*-.., ..,..   IM)- , t ,iffMifiiTrr,TiiTiTiTiTiTiiaatiaaaiaiMii(iiii»ii
I M..litem of io.itr.ct ayaieiii on all
iniblie work..
.1   Public ownership of all fraathieta,
II. Prohibitum ,.1 A^iat.* ninni-t.Ii.ui
nnd the n-gulnli«n of all imnugiaimn fay
an e<lu.ntitinnl tn>t a. to immigrant', lit*
nnaa, and the aladitmn .. al -i— .al .11
ducemeiita and pmik-ae. to |.,n igtt imm.
giants to tactile in the Dominion.
7      Mail.ts.n of child Ld.ir muler 12.
I    Ahohimn  ta(  the t£tn    .|.*f.*.|    re*
• p. u-i In all . ■tmlulal.a f.,r the Dominion
l-ute.. cuiwfyp/mf
(1    Oompolaorj   -ul.lrad.in of all lals.r
an  upi....enI   I.t   mglee.ng ...   is>i....ng
gravida i..r Iti naada .- nal  worthy aai
the mpporl ut any I.iht H.l.ik.ng man
lla.   the   ga.veriin.eii!   tlcg!'iiiT.t,-<t   int..   1
■achiaa tn l«* .. .*i lar tt,.- puipoa ...
n*»arl*.ig trn-mtlv uuaallllMOlIti and |.n.
fegUag those not litemlly* Ihat is what i.ig
lalwr.1 Iriends would have us Im-Iiih.. .nd
ll thrir .1.1,*.neiii. .an In* rt*li. .1 gpoa tin
country .s-itainli* made ., huge mistake when ii returned it.< Liberal isirty
to power two week. ago.
Th«. World is thocsiiilily oonvtmi'il that
Mr. Foley will I.' our nrrt Mpnatntatltl
ui r.iriainei.t. and ll is wiling to l**k its
jwlgment with moot] * worth. The World
wdl ataapl from note until |mllnu day
autwTi[d.t«n. for nne y,nr, |«yaMe when
Foley .s ele.te.1. if Im> ,s ,l.f. ,•,-1 the
ant^<ril*e.r will get in* |Nptr ..ne year
tree- , I
I  I     ll'.    ....11,111     ,1,    l|,e     w„,*u|     ,,„,,.    !(,,.
mwaaas. MtWtd m.'ilisl i..f.,nn« withoul
llie lnrmnti..ii. ... lis* Ihnattatd iniiii.i
twn, ol a thud piUy Wlun U.e nld |«r
tin. s.e Ihut the .....*<■. gat |>rv*|.n.,1 to
Imak   away   from   tlieir  r.uitrul   ,t   yn,*v
l*eiiti.in witli free I.l.w.
II.    All elr.tu.11 day. to It*, nia.l- |.ib
lit      hol.l.ia
If,    Alsdilion »f I a.mm...it aenate.
Is busy all day and ev- J
ery day making prompt J
delivery of
Groceries I
ferent  riti.a'ii w.nil.l a a.uilTcr laalanl-e this
cin. and I la-lime it is a- mm b the du'v
of evcty eili.en t,» jstll 1... vote aa it in
ta. pay h.s talc-   I,, making thia a mm*
pulaory   du'v  m.i  are •riml.ly  compelling I 5
him to do In the ballot that which he 11   •
alrmdy compelled to do ler the bullet—de-   J
fend thr instiliiti.ms of hi. country.
11     At.dilinn   nf   the   senate.
I Inok ii|«.11 thn U|iprr house aa a use*
lewi and cvm-incly .i..n.v...g i-nhtical lux
ury, aa a .tninl.liini Uoch (■> political Int-
i.lali'.n. as a Ittiine I.a* {.dil.-iil imbis-ile*,
who .rem to have re*a.,lr.s| thannn-lvcs into
a t*ii,iii-al in.piwil.on, wl... fmun.c gpon
rvrry progres.ive ni.-vme thnt jasM-s tlie
l,.a, r h.Hise. brand it a. henw)- and pro*
.ser-l to ias.n-aiu.ee the sentence of political
damnation ti|..n all nc.,plii,glv, and if any
little eflurt I nan make can naai.t in exterminating tlmt ansi.s*n»cy in polHha I
can aa-niir* ymi tt will la, « xen is.*.l with
the grenlesl of pleaaqira.
'I'nisling U.at n.y .lea. on the seeeml
•ill.jeri. will meet y.sir news, and U.at
I w.ll reeeive your nup|mrt. I remain.
CllltlS  WH.KY.
to wise people     Do you
bny  here?    If you have
uot been  doing so here
arc a few things that will
tempt  you  to our doors,
a or to your telephone, and
a will help  you  in prepar-
S ing breakfast:
Germia, Breakfast Pood,
Self Rising Buchwheat
l;lour, Shredded Whole
Wheat Biscuits.
|.i»,r,n-f,?,.i. ... ..... . • .,tvt.irtitiii...'.   ^v
W*S0A^r*Xr*,VtVt%*.t%« _'^%.^-V%^^%^-%^^^%%.-,
To ll.e  Klctotl. of   -,";.!.* t 'atilt.si
In it.pioslmg ynu! mgipnrt to my ran
dtdaey for tl.e Dominion Ibume of Ohm-
iisiiis. it 1. due to cu that I gire |.iI>Im
■11 to my new. on the several
pkinl. of tlir plalfi.m. .4 the lnde|s-n
dent 1aI.it Part)
1 1'-.1111.111-* .iv ednanlinn has l«-i..nic ,1
reengnijte.1 netsawity in la-at rsountriea,
nnd a. su. h fagg my heartr en.lona-m.s.t
2 laval Work .I.e. algfal ho.nw.
Mi.lemte inwill,,.n hn* enormously in-
ir.*n.e.| the pr.-lu.tivc j.n,*er of man thnl
his want* ran l«- -a.i pli.sl w.Ui a fnv-t on
of tin time nml ellort luw*eta.f,,re nccra*
•■ni / lm tint purpose,    ladmr a* well aa
Mce. are not remedied, th.--. much ol U„    oaoilat ihould liroeht b yUMn   el.a.^.,1
Men's Colored Cambric
Starched nnd Soft Bosoiun.
Cuffs Attnclted and Dctnclicd.
All Sizes   Renular $1.50 and $1.75
Choice  for  95c.
:lrst Ave. and
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial World
Average Weekly Circulation for October,
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
up by  allowing  advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
Thk World's advertising columns arc liber-
llyp   atroni/.ed by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself. Ask for Rates.	
, *?*?V*trTr99>itrr9M!^t^s^M^V999l9v9^9v
j TlhoSa EmWetoii,
I The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
iEverylhilmig the niilimer
- = Wants to Eat - -
I Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest
Prices.     Gocds delivered to any part of the City.
J SATURDAY November M, 1900.
IliMdes Council Agent hinislics Hi- Work.
His Report ti. tin.* Uommlmlon.
,1.   It.  Ilanil, tiic ngent selected by tlie
lh...i.     und   Labor Council to investigate
thi- subject ol Chinese linmigrntion uml cin-
Biiloymcnt II it allivts thin city, completed
|his labor Monday, und in now preparing
his nport In he forwurded to the iiiininin-
lion uppointd hy the government to inves-
ftigiltl- till- Qimtlon.
-ilr. Hand stntcs thnt he wn* greatly
anted iu his labttl by tin- .'niplnyi-rs of Clu-
themselves, ns in nliuost every case
li!.. *    were  Hilling  and  picuta'd  to give  all
I'd*' Information naeind n* tu tin* number
tl driciilals employed,  the nitc ut  wnges
|| I   litem, etc.    'Che twu exceptions  were
busim-s*  man   whn iitlimtti-.l  tluit  in*
|*iiii*l..!.*il i Itiueae, but deolined In inlonit
|i.e agent i.i ih.* ti ign paid; nml the other,
well known broker, who nfttard to pari
-itI. any information whatever, and irenl
il   tilt'   IgOlll   lllusl   ills.s.ill lenuslt ,   III   I.u I
|.i'i. i in*,- linn I., leave In- ofllcet
Within a nn tin. \tr. HamI will have
11-. nptiii iu proper shai** tn pment to
[he 'limit'* council, .md imni thai bod*  it
till ut  nine I.e  forwarded  tn  ilu i
\    -null    t.l    lln     I. .nil-   ..I    lm*   ag. nt -
iiveMtiMtiiin provea !-•.> intending irom
l.i i. i.il ptnlit. nl new. nuti uliiiie lltt-i    in*
i.,   weighty   aigillui'llt   ugaiti-l   the  ciiiplu!
. ni a*, well a* immigration of the Chink.
'Che agent tnun.l employed within the cit)
I ,ux Chineac, ami state- mat ii i- i able
llh.it   he  tailed In InnI  1*.,—il.lv   BO   'the   lus
liiiieui.il* me .innI..1 a- follow.among tin*
|*. i .tal .... u|stiitin* opu tu th.-.u:
Laundry uurkn-s  llll
• lardenen     .'•"
Woodcutttn *     76
l'hil.i-.e I.u-. - men and Unplo)
eea  .11
Hotel .uul ii-slaur.nt cmpl..!•*.- *.'.'.
Hamblen      -i*
llatll-O -I ll.tltt- l"l   vv lul.   I.l...llu - I.T
Total       V*
It u> leali.ed Unit the wage, paid hotel
nul restaurant employees range Irom .Ml
inn i»t day for diahwaahme lo II i»'i
liny for good Chloeaa ....'- ll..- wag.
In. iml. - in.**.l- It in.gl.t I..- Internal ing ...
|lnle U.at Ircpicntly the I Inner .din lo
he work lor i.uing fell.ut- who al,
[Im. . nng" Iur aa small a sum aa fi I*.
Htm-.* ~ i Hint* an* |unl Imm 11* to HI.'.
er mouth. wiUtout room. After hii.-h.ug
ItM'.r iiiuk the men erow-tl ...to tl.e tilth)
|>.lg.ug h....*.-. with wtiiii. Chinatown .-
The ihkmIiutt.1- receive ISctaU fo, -.«
Illg a  tnl.l   ut   w.aa.1,  ami  th.-i   t annul   nil
|....|v than une cord i • i it!)
'lh.. gardener* lai-a- pnubi.e beloa   the
| it. and p.-l.tlc it ...it around tha loam
The t'ltincs.- LtiimIty men do laitmlii
...rk for lioiel. and tauiil..-- al tin- ....*...*;
l-.ilr of .'C. cent. (.-I dorell pus*.-., ll eOUld
|n.t Is- learned what the pmpnttOH ..'
llu**.- loiiudries jtasl tb. ir en.i.uy.'e.
1 lln (h.s wnrk. wl... I. hat Iss-n vc.i tlmt
[ugh. the Trad.-* counts! and Mr. Hand
Ire la he congratulated. If l.l-.i urgani/a*
jons in oilier ntir* w.mii.I take the same
Inn. to aeomtain tl..* tact. Ibaul i tie a-
luplol ll.ellt.   .....I   to   -what   CVt.l.t   .1    ...111*
[•le. with white lals.r, then- would lie
.ia|..Hi-lung atray ol Imt* t.. lay baton
* ...tiuiussion. ,__d_t
Kn-iii tin- dormant Workers.
Irhe secretary of Ue* hs-al Miner*' union
^m nsept id Uh> following k-tter from
It'iirinrnl  Workers of Winnipeg:
iPtor tin:—I   rcc iv.d your   litter   o'
,*. nilsr 2nd ami rend it at our misting
light. We aie glad to hear of the ...*
-.*•*:  you have taken  in our u.irk. and
. nre sure y.ni will be eat.sti.sl with tin-
trail we tiiiike, ns Ou* girls in our union
do tlieir la-st U> givo entire nlilflo-
on tli. i. work,
l'he H-savcr Majudacturing company, for
u-h wc work. lia. wont out its truvch-T
snmpli-H of U.e good* wt luu.llc and
feel sure of your supis.rt to help m.
us*.     1 am i. ms Internally,
lA'.ui.ii'ig. Mann .  Nuvemlicr 1.1, 1000.
Mi., n:*  a  .•short Out—Mtmbtn Ansiiou!
tn Hear Caiiiliiliilc Foley.
Weiliusilay night,s meeting of the Minora
I'liiuii mm a dlmrt .uie. Immediately after
Llu- meeting wtt * -ilt.-*l to order it Wd!
niOVtd thai all buihtm ItVt allowing bill*
uml Initiating oudldatlt Is- laid over
until MX) mteting, This carried and after
nllowiiig scn-niJ cluiiiw for tuck beiiifitH
uu.l initiating a large 1-I.1.-M of a.iittliilatcn
tlie im-King ilowd to nloiv the ineinlicrs
to attend   tht  Koh-y  meeting  upatain.
l! Just Arrived
die  llulletin.
'l'he Itiillcliu, according to it* salutatory,
is published iu neponaa to tl..* impnatin
tleiuiind ol t'ne capitalist. It* fortctal ol
on* tonntgl iur the bouthern ...Icnor ul
tin p...! .ms-.  |..a*t  .....I  \\'.'-i   Kootenay
ami  I.lie, giving the VolUmo nl nl'i- proline
tiun i nlie 000,000 torn i.i gnld copper ..ml
arguntiforotta lead nre, valued ..t 110,000.000
for 1000, Ami ti..*. u.e llulletin -..-. a
a i.n couacrvative eatinutts. It gtvea a
-i**■* i.il nummary ol Ihe mineral output ..I
llritish I uliiiiilii.i muu*- by tlivi-uiu*. iiniii
iiliiili iii* I.aiu iu.it ii utiie total oi on
producid Hum K.t.l ami IMii Kootenay
ami the tli-li'it't . t  i il.  ...I the lour visum
it   istw I..   iv.;. amounted  to  137,480
tone, i ilu.'.l ai gS4.IT/.417.
The llulletin is au eigiitpage journal li
i* devoted to the mining tntereata ..t thi
province, In the Soul hern interim peciaJ
ly, nml i ,.....- in give on pr.sti.riinn und
record t'ne nrognaaol il.r mining i-auatiy
generally, in lact. u oullctin nl Hn mimng
par., in ilu* province.    Ueane, i ulli. &
Cu.   .( tilumlu.i   avenue   weat,  mv   the  put.*
h-.ii.is    \\    Hence I*, hvana i   ihc ed*
I '****************^******** +i*«+*>P+&t>$*.*9***t*****9**
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
♦*t*****M>»»**t**»*»»»M«M>a »•*-»'**»♦ ♦■fr*^^
The Miners* Magazine,
Bncampn i (Minn*
At a regular meeting ..f Bamaritu Bn-
rampment  So,  s,  |. o. o. y., hdd on
Tu.-.l*.! night Nov 20, the following pa-
Irhutha w>n* rjerted a.Hiiv.r- for the ensuing term: Chief patriarch, K. E. Ptaaa;
high priacti .1 K. I'n mining!.; senior
a .mini, llu..   Kntbleton; -a-ribe, WiCiam
sii.tng. . i>, i.uier. S. I,, Enlough; jinii-.r
waideu, Alex Ki-n-cr.
Union Printing
SpecUl facilities for producing thr
Wat Printing for Tradea Unioni and
Secret Societies. Engravings procured.
Seals and Rubber Stamps.
_V.   H.  JONES
a6 I!. Columbia Av., Roasland, B.C.
Price $1.00 per Year.
Published by Hie W. f-\ M., Denver, Col.
.Subscriptions Received at the office of the Industrial World, or at
The Office of the Secretary of Rosslrnd riinrs' Union.
Special attention Given to Mall Orders
Stunden Printing 60.
134 Columbia avenue
Rosaland, B. e.
Hoard: John O. William*, Oraaa Walkay,
Idaho; Jame. It. Vuray, Butte', Haa-
tana; W. N. Burna, Ouny, Oolorad.;
Uhaa. H. Moyer, Lead Oily, Hoath
lh.k,.ta; (_n. Foley, Roaaland, Britiah
Juine. Wllkaa, preiidtnt, Nelaoa;
Jamea llevine, voe-preadeat, Roenlaad;
Alfred l'arr, ..fi-eUry treasurer, Vanw.
ill.—Meeta every fHday evening ia
Ihacty'a UtU, 1). U t'-onkley, preaidmU,
W.  W. Uoty, iKcretnry.
.    . Union-Made |
;';.. i.i...... . .— .......;.i.i.:.i.i.:.i-i.i.i-i
.Nice .-state of Alln.rs.
(Then- have Is.ii several intunc*. of i*an*
lUt.ol.   of  is'i'iil.le  III   the (is-lir   ll Ahju*
l-entlv. held li>  mi'iubcn* nf the Min.-n.
fii,,,.   aur   mt   is.li-l...1.iry   fvpiilnuiit'inu
been given    It nnw appaan that lit
Kran.i* li.t* the Industrial World on his
Ink 11-l.   and   lhe   melpt   uf   a   i up!    nl
fm pnp.i .- .1.*.* I siitbnriit g niinds fur
w itlulrawal ..I a miner's p, i.ot A
Jttcr from an ..Id render nf the M'nrld.
lit.si Si*.kaue, says: "Don't sen I me nny
lion* ptptn. I an. going into the I't.-ur
l'Alenc*., nnd tliey would put my permit
|n the bum at nnre if t'ney cHy-tnl in* atth
copy nl Ihc World."
LaolcOUl  at  West   lVlmnn.
i dhicagii. Nnv. 11**—_bot (nmbles that
lave beat imoaldtring for H<m.c time at
|he Plnnn Harvester Miitiufiu'tiiring Cu.'a
llant nl W.-st l'ullinan cubninntisl t.sl.iy
In a loeknut nf (!,i tvnrkmeti. Nolii-rs Imve
teen  posted  .innoitiiiing a  siisiM-nsion   of
rork tot an in<|.-Unite  pariod.   llu* plant
iron nl.nl down last aluy, but work was
[resumed  a.-aiii the ilay afler election.
Oreatest variety of wall pijxT iu llnta
h*h O'hitnliin. Daniels 4 C!hnnilicr«, nelt
Ito Kmpey'«.
ltillk (l|s*n.tig.
Thl   f.innil   opening  nf   the   link   wdl
I it..*  p|.ue  tonight,   "h.'ii   the  Innd  will
l«* tu attendance. The ...* «•*. in raadinaai
ll.ur-il v.   ...ul   for   tl.e  la-t  two   nights
tin  i i.i. in. ban crowded.
Not*r to  Mine Su-vi-inteiuleile
When yon arc In need ot a compitent
•ngincei. ilukauiiili, pi|*'in.in or machinist, U.e Mcelmnio.' I'nion will be
i*l..i«cl to furoiah you competent men
Iddrca. W. W. Duty, Secretary.
The World la Ihoniughly convinced (hat cum.*- HOLEY will he the net M. P.
I..r l.lr-v'.nl a..,l  I.  willing to  lul money '.* worth on II.   I.lberala and Conaerva-
Uvaa do not agree with the World and here (.. an uppnrtaulty lar them to back their
luilKiiir.it.   The World will accept aubacrlpllona lor one year, pay.bla
When Foley Is Elected.
II t'olry I. nol rlrclrd   the paper  will be sent to those -accepting thla olfer one year
Ire*,   pill In the order blank below  antl mall II lo Ihc W orld.
MAN .UGH "in-Ill   Wu*. I.ut.l. H. B.
l-l, ...* acnJ me Ihe INIIUSTKI »L WORLD, (or one year, (or whlchI agree to pay
Ta o Dollar, un the dale ol Chris Boley'a election to the House ol Common..
U*..*.!..i.l    II    C.1 NOV. 34.  I'M..".
t Grand Union I
! --Hotel-- i
Nelaon <_ Ft. Slteppard Ry.
fisn mountain Railway.
The   only   all rail   route    between    all
pointa cat, weat and south te ttoaal&ad,
I Nelaon and ill intermediate po ul. con-
| net ting   al   Hpokane     with    the    Ureal
Northern,   Northern   Fa- if c   ud   .1   B.
I ft N   Co.
|    Connect, tt Nelaon  with eteemera lar
Kaalo and all Kootenay lake pointa.
j    Connect!   at   Myer'e   falla  with   itaaa
| daily   for   Kepublie,    and    connecta   at
Itnishurg  with    stage    daily  for  Uraaet
Forka mul Greenwood.
Ktl.vtive Iht. JI,  11100.
Leave. Day Cniin. Arrive.
10:38 a, m, Simkan,* 7:10 p.m.
UK* ii. iii. Roadud. 8:t«)p. m.
'.'::tu ... in. X.lwin. H:00 p. m.
Xl_bt   (rain.
10:48 p.m. -s|K.kalu.. ":08 a.«.
Hi"1 p. m. Koaalud. 7:80 a.m.
Kin.trln.-u sliii.-r. on nighl tram
II.  A   ,IAl hStlN.
1,'rnend I'..monger Ag>-nt.
II   P. HKdWN. .\i:,*„i.
Itoaslatid, ll.C.
NI'.TrHKI'IKI.O IlkOS., Pro..
Tha K>.i.'*. of Wine!, Liqunra and
11 sin* nml Imported Cigari.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
II..n. .1 Kied Hume, eviiiiin-lcr nf
in ..... will Is- * .'.imlul.it.' for Mayor thia
Wot-d ha* been rc-ened f.om Ottawa
that the government is als.it to commence the em-tinn of a (91.1110 public
building. It in looked n«n hete na a Ll.
end hid for role!.
Henri Itcrtram. a miner from the Molly
(illaa.Ul   mine.   Was   .ultll tt«-l   to  ll.e  Ken.T-ll
hospital Witlii,*- lav siitleiing fn.m tyidiold
fen i   Hr Ho-e i -in attendance.
Al. viml-r Ihu.... a Kn-n.liman who hns
liccn engaged nt Uie Molly (lilt-son mine
for smiic tune past, died nt 5 o'clock
Monday morning nt Uie (ieneml Hospital.
Ihe cause of death w*a* tvpliod fever.
Mr. Ikaio wna IS years of ngi* nml single.
II me fn.m  oMntnsil «<>nv time ngo.
Ilia nlain.. nt Miinun-al linw l»eeii wired
concerning In. death, nml no urratiu.-inentfl
f.-r interment will I.* made until an answer is n,i*ivi*d  fnim tlu-in.
Tm Cliff Dining Parlor
'll-—I ■*   WOODS* a   sin I ll    l-it.tri. i.ur... .
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week $5
Single Meals 25c.
Cotamhla Avenue. Weal.    Near the Cily   Hal
Porcelain Batlis
;; Bridgford & Herring, |
21 Cohin.t.1. Aw . ileal to I nl.-a.lr*.
a * "  o „ » -. .......
Linton Bros
Hmoke   Clown     Orut     Cigan.     Hlue
'Iwo nundrcd .wd one su.inr.lin r. iiiumi*
failed to hold an ehs*ti..u lor tht- puris.se
of allowing their mi-mlicr* to vote on thl
ninendmeiits recently submitted. S.me
nu in*, should lie ndopte.l to oom|s*l tlicse
union* to comply with the law in tlm
n**i>ect. A heavy line ur suspension would
In* just about right.
Workmen nr,* mm* engag..! ,n <*\. IVating
uuilementli the Miners' I nion hall |tre
Iti ii.ii  t„ in-tnlhng a hot Cr litmare.
Arnvi-I   .ar if 1001 wall |aiper. Dim. I*
ft (h.n.lerv. licit to Rmiwy'n.
Have you -.en thc ne* \\ KM. bnttOOal
S-rn-tarv V\ iHttlta.de now* h.i. n s.i|*^gy on
hnntl.    Yog ahould hnve one.
ll.e liil.iiniti.ili.il  lyp... I nion.
All the amendments recently submitted
to the referendum hy the Intrrnitiomu
'ly|sigrnplucnl union wen- carried cxrrpt
t'tm ninth proposition, which provided for
n further increase in the (s-r capita lax.
All the big Kn.st.-m unions vot d solidly
ngninst It, while Ihc smaller tmrnt lo-
vnre.1 it, but thc big vote of Nca 1 ork.
Chirngo nnd I'hiladclphin Inmns won out.
Thn funeral latirlit wns ihcntat' luit hv
t'ne  defent   of   the  other  propod'ldt   nn
provWon >. mtdi f..r i.aiu.K thi it n iw
The iiivrslignlinn int.. tl.h "li.-' • of in-
compclency nnd iicghg.-n. e preferred
nga.nsl Supt. lit 1...11 nf t.l,.- Bom, Lv -n
eral ol be inmnles resiillcd in the com*
Plata vindication of that, officer, It n
hebei-rd, however, that t'nere ar- nhllses
with regard to thc mnnngcnie,. of the
Home, thnugh Ihe investignlion fjiled to
show them.
Their  I/uig  K.gl.t   Again*!   Uu*  lli*i.m-*y
Meniiniiii- Oompanjr.
UM Ilia-lit of tne tlul It- lltiions igaiii-l
lhe l|.-.n...*sey Mel. ..utile ci.U!|K!liy |,i I'titll*
|sd it to .smlnnil to the nih-s ol the Retail
t'lerks'  aaaoeiatiofl  haa'been  itlooaadut
1'ia* etunpalll eaplllll.ttlllg last. wis*k. 'l'he
stniggle 1 ..nun..11.ml 1.ine im.litli. agti with
a strike ....  tl.e  pari   ot   tl l.'rk*  to  ell
tone the earl!' elusinu agl-eeinelll. '1 hi-
clergy,   li.itiiii.il   -ss-lellea,   labor  oiKani/ll*
(uni* and every reform el-...ent gin their
nminiiiiu.I samtmn to the movement to
compel then. In come inlo line, What
prncticnlly aniu.int.st to a Istyeott Wtt instituted, and a few- tnnnhs mure would
have jiut the big linn oul of bumm(*-.
llereatter tin- big store mill cloac promptly
nt 0 o'clock.
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. .'Ill Columbia Avenue.
Qualifications For Voters   For
Municipal Elections For
Year 1901.
l-t Any male or female, licing a llrit-
isii subjivt of the full age i.l '.>l nil*.
I.e for tvlu.il im nut lc-et than live titular-.
municipality    lor    tin    twain   ......hi.*
Immediately   preceding   the   l-i   ..t No
venil.er,    looo.    is    i    llruab    subject,
f..' fur which .* nol  lr*s I'niiii tw'i-titv ti..*
ilolltrs, or,
3nl. Who w ■ b ii*. h'Mer within the
tnelie iitot|..l'K iniiiitiLatety vrei-sling thc
1st of Nnveuil.r. l!!KI. i. n llritish subje.-l.
nnd has p.,1,1 nil muniei|sd nites, and that
the rent or n-nt*. or n-nt valuca tlu-ns.f
is not less than si\ty dulkv! per annum
each, nud has mi or baton the
l'KKsiiN'Al.l.v DBUVSBBD
til the meaeor nr . l.-rk .. *tatll|..M .|>-
clnrntiun. made and s.ilis*iilssl before n
' jutik*-. .stiEM-ndniiv. or p .lice uu.gistt.it..
justice of the pecct, or m.tair pultlic.
J-'onns t.t .hi i.tratiun mn bo obtained
at the City (Iiii..-. ami the file Clerk
will be in In. otliia* from ~ I . I' p in.
on I'rit'ay. 33rd; Tut'sdui. '.Trh; Knday.
mnli ins;*., ami Haturdty, 1st Dtcenmtr,
1900,  for tin*  purpcae of receiving   mid
d.-i l.il-.it.ull*. '
''iti Clark,
Canadian Pacific
Kirit Hani Ncepem en All 'I'riini Kron
Aim nu ihm   CAIUS paaa-
mg Ilunmnre Junction daily Irom -M.
I'aul, I -ai ii.ia>. lor Montreal and Hoaton,
Nt...■....- and Thurndnya for luront..
Koine car, paa. Kevultloke one day
A I in M i "
lor your Ka.lrrn Ir.p u to lee " .i your
ticket lead* via
Cram* De|«rt*—
H 1,1 for Nelwin, Kaalo, ('•*.,I,. f.raaat
u.Sun.   I*..r,'j>, tireenwood, Midway, ate.
18:00   For Nrlnon, Baudot ami  .-uocaa
Ha.ly.      l-lilit*.     II.-, tat..ke.    Mam    Line
Neat  Hum.- fnr all r/utern |..int..
For tunc t.ihlr.. rat*-., ami all tnlonaa-
tion, call on or addrraa nrarct kieal
agent, or
A.   II.   MrKeniue.   C.ty   Agent,
A. V.   McArthur,  |le|«.t   Agent.
I!..--  .ml.   IIC.
W. t. Anderaon, ft, .1 foyle.
T. P. A.. V 0. I'. A..
Welmo,  I'1'• Vancouver.  II.-B
: Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
Unite  Carpenters  Yutoritm*.
Tlie rAriientem of Unite hnve lung en
joy.sl | mm* hour day, out tin* Amalgamated Oopptr comptny was not mtintied
ami s.-uulil to OOmptl tin* nil |.ellli-rs to
work tin full ten hours lor thc pay they
lunuerly riscive.l t..r nine. 'Ihis the onr*
|a*iitu*H nfuaed t ..lo, nnd a strike ri-s.died. Tim rnnptny liunily found that th*,v
could tiuL se. nn* oompetent ctrptnttn t..
work ten hour**, uml nnnlly agreed to al
Ihe *l.■iii.iii.l*. ol thc ttflton, the men g.iltlg
back to work la.it week.
; Jerry Spellman. Proprietor j
a a
a Cul. Spokane sntl Ctttt.ml.l. Ave. *
a a
A Carful Fitter.
aiakee     a     stylish     garment.
The cutting uid lining nre
quite aa important aa tue material.
(Jet your clothei made her*?
and all three ttcmi will be
til right.
Our price, ire not too high
for you, but they'i just high
enough to inaure you be beat
workmanship   and   material.
Taylor & McQuarrie,
P. 0. Box 3. 18 COLUMBIA AVK
Labor U ion Directory,
Offioen ind Meeting!.
Meata every aecond and fourth . uea
day in aach month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:30 pm. in Minen'
Union Hall. C. Hohalm, Ueo.; A.
Kerria,   I'm.
Meeta every Friday of each weak at
7:30 p.m. in Minen" Union llall.
A. Kerri., I're- ; Knmk llraifcihaw,
MINER.' UNION No. St. Weetei-a
l e.iei.,1,,,,1 of Alinen— Meeta every
Wedneaday evening at 7:30 a'alock in
Miners' Union llnll. Frank Woodaido,
Ns-te-aiy;   Wm.   O'Brien,   I'r aident
Meeta on the lait Sunday ot cacti
month nt the Miners' Union llall. .1
P.  llarkdoll, 8ec.; W. Poole, Pna.
No. 252—Meeta the tint and third
Im-slny ol each month at 8 p.m. in
Beatty'i Hall. P. 0. Hox III. W.'
Mcleod, I'rra ; J. M*.man, Hec.
Kxecutive Hoard: E. 0. rYaarr, Ron-
land; W. Diridaon, Sandon; It, Kane,
l.'rernwood;   If.  II. Dimock, Moyte.
PAINTERS' UNION, No. 40, Painter,
and Deeontnn of America—Meet, in
llrntty'a llnll on necoid ind fourth
'Tneadny Wedneaday of each month.
W. b. hinrphy, prea.; Oeo. W. Shinn,
NKW8HOY8' UNION No. »-MeeU la
Miner. Union Hill on thi tint ind
tlur.l Hatm-dnya of each month, at (
a.m. Mike Onydotti, Pna.; Jay Har
ton. Bee.
—Meet* set-on.I Snnday in each month.
J. H.  Flci'her, neeretiry.
— Kdwnrd Iloyee, president, Huttc, Montana; John F. McDonnell, vicepreai-
drnt, Virginia City Nevada; Jamei
MsImt. aerretnry.trrai.in-r, nntte, Mon-
R-iom 12, Owaley block. Executive
tani ,P.  0.    Box    307,   keedquarten,
None Better.    Solid V,-- :.d . ed
Traina,    Palace   Dining  and
Observation Cart  Meals
• La  Carte.
Il.r.et conneitioa at Ht. Paul, without
change of depot, wilh ill tf-nna tor
Ubicago,   lurouto.   Montreal,   New    \nt*.
'and all pomu weat and aouth.
I Uloae roonrcUoa eaat ud weat bouaa
traina at Spokane wth traim of tha
.*-!*.kane  Kail* 4 Northern lUilway.
I Leavca Spokane daly lor haat IIU
Loavea Spokane daily far Weet 7 30
Weat bound traina mala dlreol aaa-
nection lor Victoria, Vucouver, I'aat-
land,   Su   lrm. in.   ud   all   point!   *o
i the Sound.
I    During th. inion of  nivtgition   i-«
! bound train* connect at Ihiluth with
the   magndlcent   ateamMip,   NnrthWeet
: ud North land, *t tha Northn
Steamahip compiny lm. opentod ia earn-
nection  witb  Iha Gnat  Northera  *-**■
1    Tot   further   Information,   mape.   Ml
1 en, etc., apply to any agent ot tbe   tip**
kaii*   Kail!  4   Northern   Hallway,   heal*
k  Sio...   ... 'w.v.   Kootenay  llailwaf ft
Navigation  Oxopany,   or  to
f.  I.  WHITNEY.
Venenl   I'uwengOT   and   Tiahet
Agent, St.   Paul.  Mian.
H.   A.   JACKSON,
Commercial Agent, Spokane,   -fta-rik.
Tne Fast Line.
,'"t>  ALL   POINTS.
HU.   HIN I.Mi   CAB   Km   it*.   VIA
Bafant and  Bait.
Solid   Vmtlbuled   Train*..     Meetne
Lighted.     KqtapfMd   with
Obeerration lare,
Pullman   I'alac.   Can,
_egut  I*ining  Can,
Modem   Day  CoaelM,
Tnuriat   Rleepiag   Can.
Ihroagh   '.■•i-i.  ta  all  point! ia   tho
United   Statei  and  Canada.
'Except   I'i."''.        Try  our   r**atn.
N0Rl*fll  COAST  UMITPri).
K.  W. Kilt.
Agt.  R   M.  Ky., Romland,  BA
J.   W.   llll.I
Oenenl   lt.nl,  Spokane,  W*^
Ant. On. Pam. Age«t,
SATURDAY November it, 1000
The Campaign
(Continued from Kinit l'agc.)
That  W,  A.  Cullilua*  Signed  Anti-Kight
Hour Law Petition.
There is mnaidunih'.* latWtli being
laJu-n just nlw in tlie work of tlio com-
nuttwe apisiait.'d to investigate the chuj-ge
brought   ngninst   Mr.   (lallihcr,  uiu.liilatt-
of the i.ib.raj party for tl.e Dominion
hoiioe, of signing . petition agtinat the
paaaogi or tnfotMemenl ol thc right lu.inlaw. At tins writing it *.** nut known when
tlu- ciniiiuiti.e will meet, :i ut n the mean*
tunc these interested in proving tho wr-
rcctnem m un* .*l...ig. s claim that tiu-v
nn iiirni.-li uiuplt* proof, and that Qalli'
her tittered a delib. rate filaahood wbtn
he denied signing .uiii a petition, li thii
can lie dune it wi.l eiTWui y place .Mr.
llallitK-r in an luii-uvinlili* t.isiiioii. His
itpposit.... to the law night pu-sibly be
overlooked, but las net inn hi ilcnying vhut
lie mgucd the pttitioU when pIMuf t-i.isl.-tl
on file at Victoria will 1** hard to amount
lor, and it will t dn, in otaa tho ehanjM
are iirovcd, mon argument than lu*
lricmht and suii[K*a*ti*r*i .ire capable of to
convince tl.e eleft.irate tluit tliey have a
cant—data wfcoea word may i« relied on,
or tlmt ho did nut tealue Un* importance
of hie action in aiguing the petition, lu
relation to (hia matter Mr. fTaaalmir Duk
..Ul, Ml. Mi-Kallc's .igclit, handed the lo'i-
lOWitlg    to    till*    (.less    :tn     j.illilK-.itl-'ll    Ol.
Ibaslutnl, -Nov. 22, 10U0.
Kdiruir World I have rend thu letter
of Mr. J. 11. McArtiuu*) chainnaii of Mr.
W. A. (ialbhci s . ..iiiiiultiv. iu yotrr.lay'a
tin Itchnlf of CMr. John MtK.ine, Uie
Guneervatiic cm.lid..le. 1 .1.1*1311. the eluil-
ienge iiuide and plan iiiya-lf at tlie dm*
lioaal uf thc .on.niitlis. winch Mr. Melt
tJiur tin. named, 1 w.ll turni-h i.-in with
thc m-cesaary IthltUM to su!-st a i.t ate
the chnrge nude by .Mr. McKiuic.
Campaign S-asrciary  01  iLU-ial-lonsen ,
live Party.
It up).-.us that the petition in .pi-*.
tinn wa* print.il in a leturit lavughl
down to tin* hoiw on .laniuiry JUli of Uu*
year, and that it buie date of April 1,
mil, and in signisl by W. A. liall.her and
■bout 'JU other*. Tie ui gin.il 1 ,py i- mi
Hie in tin* mine, (kfaul—out 111 VicU.na,
a .su tilled copy ol wlm-.. Mi. Mt Kane'.
Irienda my Uuy w.ll p.i.lu .- li ms-iii.
thai Mr. tialiilier is not .1 all anxious
to meet Mr. M. Kane's Challenge, though
still denying tl..- • 1 aigc, and f ,d«*d to a|>*
prur at Kamha.p- \\ 1sln.11.lay night tu
m.-el li. opponent on the plan, rut.
tl lule Uicrv in little doubt that All. t.al*
ldl.-l* slgtlid the ].-tltloll as . l.algi-1. Vit
MrKanc certainly -lluu..I DOt I.ling tluit
lact against I..in lli.I Mi. MiKauc ban
iu It..viand during the eight h.air agi.a
lion then- is no iloubt 11.1t he, too, wuunt
have signed la* .uiti eight lu-u* l.w pet]
tion, eii*n il it a a* a part of his platform
in the rleitioua of 1818. for it I* a w
known (act that Mr. McKanc wa. not at
.11 111 s)inpathy with the law. and Unit
be furnished aid and cumlorl tu thuae
who led in the tight against it. Ile wa*
al*.. very much ititer.-st.sl it. sanding that
■ipk-iEttmn to \n lona last January, uiu, I.
attempted to n-oi-.li thc light aud -.sun*
tbm ii.|.wl ol the law. Mr. MrKanc
charges against Mr. I.all.hrt. while DO
doubt inn*, ami win.h plan- Uiat genii.*
iiita.*! in at. tmailTlallla lufut l-twanl. Ihk
labor people, will nut imp In* miiae «t all,
Iur it .. uni*, .1 gan id the |sit tailing the
kettle black. It will, however, make uuiiy
vote* for Foley.
made secretory ol tho Mongolian Oom-
iin . i*.ii at a large -tliuy, jsihl by lhe in
piyttt of the I ."inui...11. i'ic.s.'j*vtsl a *.,s*.i.
ing regard for'jnjilio dtOtaoy Mid rctiuun-
ad iiuiesuciit. Now* tluit hi* jnu-ty is as*
Blind ui anuther turui of olliw, ku thrown
titr lu* iti-etcnisi ;uul is u[a-mly and actively
cuiia-s.-ung for Liie party I'and.date. Thin
is nut u lieinous oriuic; but lie ilisa.l iuid
butler of the couiiiii-tnton is as much Oon-
aiu-valive an Libertl, and a sensitive nuui
would nmembcr the fact and got cm llilll*
si If uivordiiigly.-- Nelson S__*.
Slfton'i Meeting,
't'l.u-e were about half a hundred faithful Jiiin-raU iniii cin-iuiis labor man ami
l on*, liat. von at the matting held at tlie
I.ilu nil hetitl.pi.ir.ei * W'eiluc-Ntl.iy night to
.1*1.11 to llic lluu. I lilt.il'.l .-Siitm., .Senator Ti-ni)*.cutaii and other l-ala-i-al opcU*
hinders. Mr. tsittoii ii.in the lirsi ipnlur,
aud he delivered a straight Libend mm-
aign -ishtIi, which waa tvall received by
the gmall uudiriuc plv.seiil. aV 11.1 lol* Tem*
pl.-lll.tll tollowi-tl  il*.Ill all addll-a* oil  I . al
issues. A. 1.. Sifton, s. s. Taylor and
J. II. Mi-Arthur followed with gtiurl ail*
Insatu. .Mr. Silton ami party Kit "ii ..
•pedal train (ur the coast at 10 o'clock.
Ball I
Will Be Given By
Rossland Miners' Union No. 38
VV. F. of M
On Monday, December 31, 1900.
II...1   It.   Wait.
I letter 111.111 I iu.iTcs M.icK.ii. iiui
brook, stair* ttial llc nml two i-itui|aui
luu* t.iiuc inlo town Iiuui sum. di.-t.tui
■nines tu vutc br l-'ol*.. believing Uiat
the election would he hekl on the .
 1 une greatl] airpnaeu on their arrival
to luul that t!,e> ROtUd leu.* I" uul lul
mole  i.1.111 two weeks l"l   p..Mills till.   III*-.
decided, however, to wait, ami win. on IM
cembtr n. vote i.u- the Labor candidate.
Mr. W. It. McKarland ..... been appointed
t" ad ti Mr. rniev * agent it tnat ii"
.111.1   hi*   l.  lining   .nine   lelt   ,-lie, live   11 "I I.
iur the pnii!. .Mi Mi Kay report! thai
K.dey will nctive a i-i* large cote ...
i .it ..*i ia i.n- Meeting!,
A Well Itttlldtd I. n.'lal I "Ium'I! ttne
nusiiig wai held ..I K,tilth...p. un \* -dm-
day evening. 'Ihc I oit-crvalivc -in-agrr. |
wen- Hon. K. ll. I'luu md l.i • Men
..in.* . .minI..I. Mi. lohn MrK".. Mr
Call.her, wlm had la-en minted to apeak at
tins mr.-l.ng, tint lu.l   i|-l *
l.i.l night ltd. P..... ami Mt I.Katie |
sis.kv in A-h.i-.ll. I..gel.in .. , Hon.
t'laike Wallas, lotitgnt ileair. I' ... and
.McK.ne s|.'nk in \ e. . in
•111 LABOR.
Shall you .mill lain who feed  tbe world 1
Who clut lie the world,
Mho house the world?
Shall  you tompltin   who are  the world?
in' what tlit' world tuny do?
A* from  tin* hour
You lis- your power,
The world mum follow you.
The world's life hangs on yoiu- right htu.d,
Yntir strung light hniul.
Your  sk.llo-l   right   hand;
V'ou hold the whole World in your hand—
Bn t.t it tlmt ynu do!
in* dark or light.
tir lining or right.
The world is made by you!
Then riae ... you ne'er t-sa> before.
Nor  hoped befon*,
N..r dared befon,
show, as nc or u is shown baton,
'flu- power thai In-s In you!
Stand  nil  a*  «>»<-
Till rgl.t  is dune!
Help vc and .hue and do!
Oiiir.ulti*  lVrkuui Stelw.n.
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second iicar Washington.
V. & N.Thone 68.
dint-i-l iviils.lv, Imt cut Uie a-a-arila.
. poor
'T * ns hanl fr . rich mnn to
th' K.og.l..i.i iv His in a* it .a ft
man to g>t 001 iv Purgatory.      H	
Miracle* ne laughed at he a nation
that rrea.U tlurti ....'Jinn ne«**pn|*eiii a
'     an' wipts.rts Wall »thrc*l.
Ail men in* Itr rave iu i .miimny an'
ttiw'nl- alone, but anme allow it dealer
thin others.
Photabt Mnettng.
Repoita (lo.n llu en \ tell of an nn
inen-e nns*iiii< their l.i-t nwht Tlie i.n*
didata* wa. al lu* ls*.i iml hi. aildtesa
pnalinssl   nu   ev.ellei.l    ..ii|eva*H!n   and
eosvinotd every d.i.ii.t.ng rottr who hr.nl
Inm. Thi* meeting haa made I'lnam.v
aobj (or the labor ^^^^^^^^^^^
of ihat town will Is* east -athdlv for 1 nu
■ ke|d   lamy.
like ......   i   th' 5-twiaa bell-ringers.
■*Mi»*» »»♦♦♦■»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»»»>♦»♦
Waahiugtoa It.
Jehu   Ha.-t.   Proprieler.
At', iur Dkuciviu or ihi s.asos.
I'.l Ike to'ie bean ai touial in th'
time, th" hirtorkml aenlinla write, about
I.ui I wutl.bi.'t like t.. le in th' life in-
*uwv >• business.
An aut'.Tat's tiller tluit does wrh.it th'
I*.*,pi,* want- an* take* th* 1-laroe To it.
n__ ._, .v   «_   .1  oiistJlontioiiAl   iMcnliie.   Hinnia-y.   i*
an.l.daU'. ami the vote   ^ riJrr ^ (| ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ _.
blame, th" ptopla.
Watching (hu  (lid IVamds.
lalitie- liidu«tr.al World I»nr Sir—
CajmsaliTabk- ■mrt'Tw' I* tnamfi-ated lo'
laborer* hete at the .lei.mi.nrd stand
taken agnin-t th. I*d*w canibdate by our
.-.natma- fnen.b-. the Iocs! M I' 1''*,
et.-., iuul s>,nu* «l them wire not bad |rl
lows, cither, althoiinh now Umj- -as-m a,*r*
.ying over an rxpLiiiaUoii tint will Mlwfy
Ue* piiba.* and .it tl.e same tune defeat
llu- lait.* nadMatt. Wi 11, Uie great tmu
Irl. m tin- I.Jsir . and.Ule is Uking the
place that th«-i. |.-rh_iH. enmnt, but cer
lainJv sill not till, and tiy d< ing an thry
an thwatene.1 a th poHtka) extinctaon.
If till* lula.r tatl -oh.Idles Ul llntiah t o*
iumbw, Uien- will 1.- no pulilicl i-.-e-diib*
Uu, but l.il..r -.null.Litis, jut the -nnu
as there wimld Is* none but farmer * in
tlidaUa in ihe .as'.-n. ]r><vit.rm if the
faruuT. winild unite; and it is this k nil
•ii ..|*vuution th.it sipped the iii-iv.'tisnt
laat Hpruig  ju*t   prior to the   pp.vin.ial
tlactioni   Indaptndem  actkm,   however,
was only delayed, and was It-oiitid to oirne
soonu* or Liter. Ihe nm.. naiioti of Ohlii
K.ilcy ia only one iml.-i ol the determination ol the i-s>ple to m U.e ballot box
-.....•fully in wijiuig mil a hmg bat of
grievance.. gOM of wlneJi jm- enuiiHTated
in tlie labor plat:onu ll . ,l,sii..n m assured, .sit .un if be I the laibor oamlu
date) waa defewlisl. tl,.* mini obje-t l.
alr.si.ly gained; the platl.rm ,. f..niiulated,
the j.irty is form, d, and will eontinue in
autin i'iLsta*i..e until the iw.. i Id lurty
machinie ar.* gone out of I.lsihi'w Y'ouri,
ote, J. A. lOUR.
' ,*+sn Ur) ' Deane.
Por ,
in   U.e
short  time l.-f.-r.. the elections
ca-t   Mr.   Uennr,   who  haa  hen
Ch-.t   (hand   PWk*   M.sting
A Mat..I report "I NU".. • (iiun.l K.al*-
lne.-ti.Ml iraihi.l the \\ ol+l I.-"da-Ma)
wlui-h goes to J...S tliil the nierling tllete
was unaii.iimau«|i* in fi.-'ur of E.ley, and
would lmla-.te that Mr -
no rhiTy a nve,m*«i llu.1 .t p oImH.
largely inlliienonl him in leaving lhe -1 .
tr.4 •»■ lur.i.dy, aitli a icy lane ex
it,nh to the llonndary.
1'iiiiirt*.' unmns contributed MOISTS
tn rapport thr (J.li-cion Mood auflerera of
their .rait.
l"pliol*trn*t« hair s.<-urel the eight*
hour .lay with a minimum wage of B in
an 1'nn.va... *,
Liundry aa.rkris n.ei in cnvenlion it
Tn.y. V > N.i.mi.r I'.ll, wiUi a view
of "Hgwliring a   luituuial  un.ili.
lleilo. un.....s .• N-a Y-«k ire agitating
f..r the lnt|.«lii.1ton ..( tla- ten-lanir day.
Al im-sciit all l..nu-s are the rule.
*|.*$*4><SoW-<$>*8^><Ss$><S>^>^^><sx.^^ •»
JOHN CA5SADY. Amusement Manager.
PROP. IlKliVPllS. rtuslcal lllreclur.
Week of ...
..Nov. 28th.
THE   HOMlliKl l |.
Boer War Views, British Naval Brigade, President Kroger. DrlHen
Away Under British BtCOit. Iniini*. hurd'e Jumping, The l-'lrst
Canadian Contingent Leaving Quebec for the I unit
'—'- Anil tlie ll.su.I Con.l.  l-llms Inl.r.speraril
Thr Hilarious Comedies by n'Uii.n .** k'c.ar      _______
"Magee's Pic Nie" and "Buffalj bill's Battle."
Till:   PAVOHITI;   ALL   STAK   VAUIIIVIl.l.l!  CO.   O'BHl
Miiitiie  I. lam.    l-cnil ami Cn-*ttly,   l.nsl wee. ol Rees
The Kraitu-r*.
i   leaning! .....I o-n...
...ul gwan, ami
Admission Cnly 15 and 25 Cents. X
^♦^"S^-^-SseNS-ssSsJ-js'-asj-.'* --*■■ '-t-^'****Q*&**<****4>***$~t 9444449) %
Hot and Cold Lunches
Q. W. ricBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
J IIMIIIIMtMIIIMlJ-r ■ •l-i-s-J'-isSi-i-M-f-»-*-«-»s.-*-«-r-is$**«-»** *
The liar, lo get Ihc Bnt Mr.l.. the City
I'lompt ftrivke.
Mealr SU Oenla and Up.
i and Up. *
The Collies.
I ... n,.hr . th* Ileal .11,ana.  ol
Winks, Liyt'ORS and Cigars!
I'lgar maker, have tun down a counter-
Piw tla- next  wv,k  Mr   Kolev wll le
m tl.e lloun.lary cnintry. leaving It-**, laammmtmmammamm************......^.
ii     _*.,,    „_i, 'fnler .4 liw blur lalal in laancstcr. Pa.
.ami yrsUI-day m.wn.ng   lie    will    «|«S   TKi.ly |hnu.,m, ,„__, Mni. m r_,„ur.
inglitly  until lhal    di.ir.el i! th.itnualily ; ,j,
iovne.1.    Ile adrinwd t l»ne «'"l -Wtm 	
-i*suc   narting  at   llwrmx   laM.  ngtht.      The New Albany, Iml. ntv eouneil ha!
uid frnmlit he adl Na*ak al Ot-OWOod   Mf_« '   " "•'«" »'•• Pf"V>din«  thM the
wu     ..**.. mm, a—   . unnm KM  shall be traced on all aty
Bul  K.s.lrn.v   Ml  h .hi
!    l*him1«*r->'. Otl and Menm FVtterw' on-
tu in-.  ''""" **'" *"' *'r|.c* >lunng the pa*t_ year
and h*A  I.T    Ti*   .-egnnntafon    is" in a
a,,f 1 flourishing toadRloa.
■ , . .. ,1        ~""  I'diee «-f  Waraaw  hns  taaue.1    an
'  edict imler.ng that all <I«\mI S-*ci.il.*«l* must
and   (trslon   I .!«    an.l   (eel.  -uie   ,_ ,__._,   >A  ^^   ^ ^^^ ..   Wu
Iha.l K.dey aid have an .,..,.nclming m*    „w „„ („;( „f SnrialiM.. and nol only
workmen aie imprisoned. I.ui
Nrall,    lural.h-rd   rooms   In ...Dnr.Wii.   hr.Ir.l I
a llh hot air
I'.IIU'V.! *   C.    I'n i*.   .   « a.hln,l..n   Si    {
Windsor Hotel
First Class Accommodation
Pricks  Mddkratk.
W. G. Merrymathe, Prop.
Your   Photographers        mv
Do nothing but the Very Best Work Every Time]
We carry a large line of
at Eastern List Prices.
A member -d It->——*-»«..g Mn-i.
anting (nun Kaal K.s>. ■ u ...,.'
,.(  No\    It, %!)«
"I ha.e vmr.1 Kiai'i' .' .'"(
j..nti   in all tla-a- |da.*e«
IH.  I flag  I.".'*'
nm aie impris-aied. but aim pw^ilc
■rh.ng.ng le the m.hl.e eUrma who aie
ttanuiht t«. la- la favor of rv-fwm
MakeR a *p*ctattv nt
Cilumhla   A»rn.if
Cannin^bam & McDowell, Props}
I*'.rmrr'*   Iur. I:.change.
vnl I MHI* AVE.
Best Meals in Town 35 Cents
ins. La none. I'...1 .,.,„„.,
f..ji,*»  ,,|   '' I Iw 1 onnng  lon.l.'   aim h
•iila.ii* a h.«t..iv .it to cumuli! induMry '
a-l   llrrti*h  I iMimlni.   UM   aim .1   1. ia-.
(lla.lv    .'lla.tl.li-l     .an    Ih-   ..histoid    llolu
Mr   J.   It. Omaha,  at   tl.r   Mu...   ,.il...
Pme. SI.0O.
It.ii, ... tue  ll"*illel..ii
Nanaimo, N..v il J II ilawthornth
waite has born nominated to. Ihe |ww*
viiH'ial house as the laib-r -and.dale in
pi ice of Ralph 8.1,1th
^EBOB ■ ■  I mmmUmmm    '
105-107 Columbia Avenue ROSSLAND, B. C.
V. dc N. Telephone No. 90
In   N.-w Bnltlld   (hen- is a tnnimum .
.«> rale lor child  W.ir ratabbahnl I17
laa-.  Boys under 11 years cannot la- em* ,
ployed  for ha, tii-ui tl._ per   week   ta
s*h.»|.s or fa* (-.i.e., ami girls o;' same age
mrt to receive li-m than tl.
W. B. Correct Form Corset
Three large mm smcR.tig idants at
S.silh IViltnlo have ••rMi-jHlate.l. witli a
. ap!!..l of II.JUO.WO. More a»s(e climinal
• ■I .1 e.p.lal jaasli. tion. and another
aaiiMh.1 adiled Oi (he army .4 the unnm
Another unhai KM ha. Iwen ;ll<.*ed
npmi the mniket. krwar a. lhe (oatami
Clothing Makers' I'nion Ubel    It ia plac-
r-*l   »-n   lhe   IT-Mltirl   nt   tailor.   WA   el-a/jIHe
lo the Journeymen Tailors' I'nion or the
I'niled Garment Worken.
We  rarry   1(1 styles  of  thia  now |.>ptdar corset in high law',    low   buxt,
m.-l um List. lon« ami ahort waiatcl       The pricen aie gl"», tl.SO, 12.00,
Sl.1i and CIO' per pair.
We Iwive nghl style, of thi! high da... cornel;  the price-!. nre   tB.SO, 18 M,
sio m .ml traro;
"La Vlda" Straight Form Corset
I , . .,srf.( ,lei*ar1nH-nt is tnehnrge of a ooi!rja*teiit filler who will be
idmsed to >lem«iv*rnte tn yam the ain^nor lilting quajjle-s of our nor*
seta: every pur ia guaranteed to weat; every w.i.nT is gu.imnt-ne.1 a per-
fis-t fit. I
We Are Noted for Having Good Things.
descent Dry -Goods d .,111
Gent's Furntshinfc Department.
New Clothing
All-Wool Uerge and Wonted euite in
Navy lllue, Mack and Mixed, glO.OO to
lAi.lio. All Wool Tweed smta, nobby
patten!, gU.OO to f'.-u.UO. Oood Knock*
!beut I weed euit!, 15.00 to glO.OO. All-
Wool Panta, r; Ml to UMJ. Working
Panta, ll.oo to t-'.to.
New Overcoats
Is Whipcord '1-wge.la, Hilton! and
lle.rrra,   glO-90,   H-' Ml,   »U.U0,   »10 00.
Shoes, Shoes,   m
We are aelllng Bes'a ahoea below one]
Men'a Split Leashar Mmea, |1 to tl J
Men'a Orained Uather Hboea. tlM, llj"
1 H T.i. Men'i Utained Mailed bbo
K2.00, r-' M' Maa'a Oil Utained Na.l-J
Hboei, tSOO. IU! Walking
trom $l.(iu n». j.
Hats, Hats.
Men'a Fedora Hat.. II Mi to $4 (,i Uea]
Ouano H»t«, $200 to f\:o.   Men'a I
i Hat*. 12*00 to tt.t0. atcteon'i Han
t».00.     All itylM. „ .   __«||
Men'i   Kibbed   Cotton,   per   iuit   $1 nn.    Cwpntpri:
Men.   Kibbed    Wool,    per  iuit 11.00.   -J WEat-ci»
Men'i   Heavy   Wool,    per   iuit   $1 Mi. ' Men'i Nivy  Blue,  T.V.  to I2.0H.    Men
Man's Tn, and Btriped, per auit firm.      Kancy   Mixed,    111"   to   I'.'.mi.    Men I
t3.00.    Men'i  Wool  Fleeced, per iuit,     Self Colore, Flney Collar! and WriH 1
12.00. t-'Ml to 1300. .______.
Ir.i Strawa and n..«. olpht K..a.i:nt. t«n* ao.1
Jumper., at coat. . ..     —
Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery and Glassware.
Third and Washington.
Telephone 19.


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