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The Golden Era Dec 23, 1893

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VOL. III.   NO 21.
are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
nei'vours, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free on receipt of price
3.>  Cents   Per  Box.
A chinook struck us on Thursday, | that sovdi-al of the audience did not
whioh made tho roads rather soft but know who he was and thought a new
at the sumo time took oft* considerable i "coon" had struck the town. He then
of the beautiful, gu.ve an imitation of  cars in motion,
The C.P.R. have issued cheap rates which wits very cleverly executed:
for the Xrnas holidays. rBin^lo fare The next number ou the programme
return from any point between Modi- J was a comic song hy Mr. Sherratt)
cine Hut and the const, ''Their a Job   Lot."     Mr.   Sherratt
Mr. Wm, Alexander, jeweller. Don- MVtalnly excelled himself ou this occa-
ald, will   he in town  ou   Christmas j sio1* atid ��'��*" loudly applauded.   Aftei'
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware,  Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Sabsqrlptlons takon for all Canadian, American, British cr
Foreign ftfewspapors and Periodicals.
Golden, B.C.
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Etc,  Etc.
Prices i|uott!(l und samples sup| lied on
"The Last Rose of Summer," by Mr.
(Hover, had faded away, Mr. Owen
rendered a sealariug song, which wnS
followed by a humorous reading by the
| chairman, "Mr, O'Hoolihau's Mistake,'*
Lciiiy; an illustration of '��� Irish Home
Rule." Mr. Glover then rendered
'���Little Annie Rooney," and the first
part of the programme was brought to
a close by the singing ot " A Hash
House Sot;-,'" by Mr, Gil man,
After a few minutes interval dancing was begu i and from that time till
midnight the lnltSieilliis were kept
hard at work, when the assembly
broke up to meet again ou Thursday ul
next week.
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Has lieen newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. Pcfieish, - Prop.
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Coy, Calgary, or
In a wholesale and retail
druggist and can supply
AT llKHI'l..Ill I'ltlOEIIi
morning, and will be pleased to attend
to the wants of his customers.
Work on tho Vermont Creek sleigh
road has been completed.     A number
of men  who had  heen at work there I
came in the latter end of last week.
The school closed on Friday fcr the
Christinas holidays, which hist for
two weeks. The scholars underwent
an examination that day before the
school trustees,
Mr. W. J, Harbor, job printer of
Vernon, B C, has recently purchased
an interest iu the Vernon News, combining his job business in the new
firm. The other partners are Messrs.
,J. A. McKelvie and G. (!. Henderson. I
Messrs.   Carlin  &  Lake   have had
,   . ,    ,      , .   i  ,     \- Nos*��lliil Kiil>��('-'l���ti���:iv.
their store nicely  decorated lor Xnias,
the public are invited to call and in- 'Ihe following  additions have been
spect the  same.     Tltey   have moved made to Mr.  Harry Coiinacher's list:
their offices into the hank room ill the  W. R. Hull   .$*.-*> 00
Alexander Block this week,    Attention  Manuel & Ruttan, Doilllld     10 00
is called to their advertisement in ibis
The Curling Itlllll.
Tho tent scheme, which was at first
spoken of, having been abandoned,
the promoters of the curling club have
J. H. Laidlaw   10 00
Geo. Stott  ii 00
C, E. Wells  li 00
N. H. Redmond  0 00
S. 0. Matthews, Memrual .... ii 00
It. McLennan, Winnipeg  ii CO
Ed. .Murphy, Golden  2 00
'one   to   work   and   ha 1
wooden i c. 11. Pildes
1 00
structure erected, which  will no doubt I j. j. Derail  1 00
prove  more   serviceable.     Although j \, s. Uitins  1 00
there is nothing very handsome in its 	
appearance, still it  will meet there!
quircments of  the enthusiasts for this !     T||   ,.,lj|tiou ,0 tl,e
winter.    Eight pairs of stones arrivid ; p.
Golden, en the iiiniii line ol' llie Ciinndinii
   *T.*> C>0
above tho World
.Publishing Co., and 'he News-Adver-
on Tuesday from Calgary, and with, tIgM ,,ul) Co (if Vlii,--o(.vei*. have
two or throe nights of good hard frost v0l.y g011t,rously Mlaoed tlie Golden
everything will be in readiness for a Ho8pitlll on their flee lists and copies
start. I0f t|,ose Well-kiiowll daily papers iire"
' now rogllliil-ly received at the hospital,
riicCliri-tlliax Tier.
The  annual  Christmas Tree enter-: '
tiiiiuneiit  for the school children will
r.'ilSiiry'a  I-iiks  in Full St'.-eli'-s (lain,
Pacific ih.iltt-iiv. at hi eoiuiuctioii with the j be held on Friday evening next.     Al-      We are very pleased to chronicle the
ri^i'imfe^teley^ though the dale fixed upon is two or j arrival of Mr. Alex. H. Watson, a gen,
Hiiti-.lt l oliinibin: iioiiilqiuirtera ot th t Gold*' three days past Christmas, still it was  tloinun H nil  known west of Winnipeg
en Smelling  works,  the   I'piier   L'olllluliiii I ,    .,   , .   .        . ... , . , .    .,
Navigation Co., anil lumber Industry; the I decided upon ns being the most suit- nnd congratulate the people of lort
outlet I'm Hie widely known mm! far a|j|0. Something over 880 has been Steele on the select company that they
faiiied iigrleidliir.'il nmi grazing haul of tlie j    ,,,,,, , ,      *��� ���   . I . ,   .       .,
Columbia A Kootoiuiy Vi.lleva;  iinriviilleil collected, which ought to be sutllctent ,.,re  going   to   have   in   their midst.
teoMLl'S                                                 scholar a handsome pre- Rumo���,.  says   that be is going after
continent.                                                  sent.     .V   short   programme  will bo "Big Horns,"   but  if   tlie horns are
gono  through  by   the  scholars and ",a|f as large as we saw here, the result
refreshments will be served dining the ; mav |>e easily  explained.      No double
evening, all of which  is open to the entendre meant.- Tioitliv.
public.    Tlie entertainment will commence at 8 o'clock sharp.
General Merchants, Alexander Block,
Wish you a Merry Xrnas,
And a
Prosperous New Year.
R. A. Kimpton left for Windermere
on Sunday.
Mr. John McKay left on Friday for
his ranch.
Thursday of this week was lho
shortest day of I he j ear.
Mr. Dave  Dickie came iu from Car
boiiate on Wednesday,
Mr. Geo. Hogarth came iu from
Port Steele on Thursday.
Sheriff Redgrave nnd Mr. A. II. M.
Sjiraggo of Donald, paid us a visit on
I'ri-ali.vtprlnn Church.
'    Service will be held in the Alexander1
���-���"���������" "  ������������"������ Hull to-morrow   niorniugnt 10 o'clock
Monday being   Christmas   Day the oonduoU!d by .|)e Bev. W, -ft, Bogs,
stores will Ir' closed.      Tbe post oliiee,
as usual on   public holidays, will only i
l��e open for a short time at the arrival ; How I'i Jlufce v��l l,n��f.
of each train, (provided they are on;    "A year or so ago," said n young
time.) for the distribution of lllllll. ' mn��� lo ��� rrteii        I spent a few weeks
. in South Coast watering iilaces.     One
The Aaaoiiilily. day' saw a machine which bore the
The weekly assembly in the Alexan-   inscription :      'Drop a  penny   in the
ler   Hull  on     Thursday    night  was  slot and leai-H bow to make your trous-
largely   Hltet.ded.      Mr.  .1.   P.  Arm- ers last."    As I hadn't a great deal of
The C.P.R. employees at Field intend  strong occu; ied tho chair.      The even- \ money I thought  nil investment   of  a
giving a ball in the C.P.R,  Ho el ou ' hig's enlerlainiiiciit was commenced hy  penny to show me   how  to  save the
Wednesday, Dec. 87. la few pianoforte selections by Mr. Hoy ' purchase of a pair of trousers would
i-of the i Oilman, a   new   couur,   which   were be small capital put  to good use, so I
executed in  grand style and heartily dropped the required coin in and a card
applauded by the audience.    This was appeared.     What do you  suppose it
followed   by  au   exhibition   of   step ! recommended ns tho way to make your
Next   Monday   is   Christmas Day.  (1nncitig by Mr. Fred Puhlman, other- trousers last ?"
Mr. Jas   Stoddart, proprietor
Windermere Hotel, was iu town for a!
few days this week.
Wo take the opportunity of   wishing
our loaders u Merry Christinas.
Mr. Dan MeRiie is lying iu the hospital with typhoid fever The Doctor
reports hiDi to be doing favorably.
wise known ns " Spokane.*'   This was
probably the chief feature of the enter-
Don't wear 'cm, I suppose.'
tainment.     Ho lirst treated iho audi-1     " What did it say r"
euoe to a representation of the "Mobile     "Make your ooat  and  waist.***
j lluek."    His costume was so complete f first."
I   . iK'.x�� (QjlNeit i&va
Tlio (i ILIIEX ERA is pulilisheil every
Saturday morning iu timo to catch the east
anl went mull trains, also the until for the
uppor cm iiitry, Wluilerinero, Kurt Steele etc
It. is the Duly advertising medium in thoKent
Kootenay district.
S ihticriptiou Rati'H
Alvni-tisniunnls and cliangoa must lie hi
'hi olhce nut later than \- a.m, on Thursday
so insure insertion
Advertisement rates made known on nppli-
cntioi' -,o
Til. Uh Eia Publishing Company.
get the proper churning, not too much
and not too little. The machine is
capable of handling lo tons of sand
per day.
i The particular liar to where the expedition is bound was discovered the
past summer by somo members of the
crews of the schooners Alcedo and
es; Sii.OO per annum in Osprev, who were ashore, and thoy
gave such glowing accounts of it that
the Felitz expedition is the result.
So much confidence was entertained
iu thageilllitiessot' the find that Toinale
!dt Wilcox towed their bont building
establishment   from   tlie water   front
i and anchored it on a place of safety in
All cn-ei In bn nail tn tho Mnuai-ur, from   ,. . , , , .    ,
..   ��� ,        . .   .���,    . '.    ,   Iluwainish   river, and   spent  a lot of
Wiln ll the U'lmpniiy'.sl'lH'Cipt will liniilitiiilieil. '
money rigging up the Felilz ainl provisioning her for the winter's work,
besides having the machine for saving
the goid made at great expense. With
this machine they expect to save ninety
per cent of the gold passing through,
while with the old-fashioned rockers
but one-seventh or one-eighth can be
secured. The exact, location of tho bar
is ou the extreme northwestern corner
of Vancouver Island, but the Felitz
took tlie inside passage to reach her
SATURDAY. DEC. 28,  1893.
I'll   Ill-NT   I'llll    Kl.OIlt   (Kll.ll.
Seattle Telegraph : The secret mission of the yacht Oracle Felitz has
been told. After several weeks of
mysterious preparation the pennant
yacht of the Seattle Yacht Club heaved
anchor a few days ago and laid her
course to tho North, on what was
given out at the time to be a hunting
trip to tlie wooded shores of the Georgian gulf and the Southern Alaskan
coast. As the yacht is now fairly on
her journey nnd safe from inquisitive
questioning, the story is given away,
and proves to be no hunting expedition
at all, at least not one after animal
game. The five members of the expedition are Hushed with the expectation
that when thev return the Grade
Felitz will have aboard gold galore.
On the liars of the north*!' i end of
Vancouver Island (lour gold was lately
discovered in such quantities that it is
believe! by these men will pay for
working. \\ itli this idea in view the
expedition sailed away and its members are prepared to put in two or
three of tho hardest months'work of
their live-i if the returns give en con r-
agoiueut for continuing. They are
well equipped for the work, not alone
iu having a fat larder with plenty (if
camping paraphernalia, but with newfangled machinery, which was so carefully and secretly guarded by its
members here that but one or two out
side of those interested knew of its
existence at all. Iu addition the expedition carried lit pound* of quicksilver,
with which to take up the infinitesimal
but multitudinous grains of yellow ore.
The members of the party ara: A. M.
Towle, Eugene Peters. William Newman and sou and James Holcom, an
old beach miner, who gathered bar
gold on California's bars and ocean
beach for 17 years.
The Kold which the expedition is
after at present is the kind found ill
black sand and is extremely bard to
gather. The old miner, however, has
a new invention which he is hoping
will catch every mite of gold in the
bars of British Columbia. This machine has nerer lieen tried, but the old
miller has faith in his theory mid says
it is bound to work. It consists of the
regulation sluice with quicksilver as
the detaining medium for the gold,
and besides some indescribable maclinn-
ism, through which the sand is firs'
run, there is at intervals along the
sluice a number of buckets or receptacles, into which the sand falls in its
career through tbe long box. Iu these
buckets is placed the quicksilver, and
the action of tho water which rushes
through the sluice churns the sand
and quicksilver together and allows
tho gold particles to come readily under the influence of tho quicksilver,
while the sand is carried on along tho
The Alltcriii Mines.
J. Hennessy, one of tho original
locators of the China Creek mines, re-
fumed on the Maude, ami will leave
for the east to-night, He did not visit
the workings, but the latest news
down was to the effect that all three
tunnels were under way, and that the
ledge was increasing in width as the
work advanced. Tho representatives
of the owners, however, were very
Frank McQuillan lias bi'gnu work
on a Luiuiel on his claim over the
divide from the China Creek group.
Ore from this mine wont 8150 lo the
An extensive deprsit of copper ore
carrying silver has been discovered on
tho shore of Alberni canal. Assu;,.-,
show seventeen per cent, copper and
eight ounces of silver per ton.
The Discoverer nl* the Silver Kins Is
At Colville, Washington, Inst week,
died the boy that discovered the great
Silver King mine, for the honor of its
discovery belongs to "Billy" White.
Like many another discoverer of liiin-
ern' voalth, he lived not to enjoy the
fruits of his discovery. Little did he
dream on that October day in lKKI,
that the piece of copper pyrites he
picked up on Toad mountain, that
looked so much like native gold,
would cause him and his friends so
much worry and trouble. Little did
he imagine that its finding would
cause thousands of men to change
their abiding places only to make
fruitless search for that which he
stumbled against. For he was but an
unlettered half-breed boy. Iu the
seven years that have since elapsed he
at no time by wor I OV aorion made it
appear that his suddenly-acquired
wealth place I him above those with
whom no came in contact; and no one
ot the thirteen original owners worked
more fail li fully at'he mine or offered
less complaint when vexatious lawsuits eiuliiiigc ed their property rights.
For more than a year he has suffered
from consumption, but when in Nelson
last he expected lo recover. He was
aged 24 years. ���Nelson Tribune.
1'opo la Quite III.
Brussels, Dec. I'i.���A correspondent
at Rome to tho Independence Beige
says tbe Pope is ill. The daily audiences given by His i-.liness have been
The theory is that what gold I suspended, and Cardinal Rampolla,
particles nre not absorbed In the firs',, political secretary of state, alone re-
bticket will bo gather*! in those hip- | ceives visitors. The promenades that
titer along until tliere is no more left i the Po|>e has lieen accustomed to take
in tho sand. The old minor has it all' in tho garden of the Vatican have been
figured out and has his machine rogu-1 stopped. Ho is now carried on a
lateil to permit water enough through j litter through the galleries of tho
'lie il.iice nn.l   wilh  such power as to' Vatican.
What Is Iieing Done to Open Up the
Silver Kln-r.
Matters appear to be jogging along
very well up at the Silver King, Tliere
are at present some twenty-five or
thirty miners at work, in addition to
tlie surface gang. All of the underground work hns so far been done by
contract, and judging by the reports,
those who have taken the work up
have done very well. The contracts
which are nearly a'l along the line of
development work, are let by tlie foot,
and can be terminated at any time the
manager considers a sufficient amount
hns been done ill that particular direction.
Tlie work up to date has given most
satisfactory results. The main lead
has been uncovered at various points
for 2000 feet, and so far the greatest
part of work has been in ore. Nothing
in the nature of a well defined wall has
as yei been located,though it is expected that these will come as depth is
gained. Thi work has opened the
mine in excellent shape, and several
hundred miners could lie put to work
at any time in the future that the
company may think best.
Drifting has been done each way
from the winze which connects the
upper and lower levels. These drifts
are about 4,i feot long, and are in solid
ore. Two new contracts have been let
to carry on this drifting to some fur-
thor extent. Tliere is a tunnel in
about 00 feet, near the line between the
Silver King and the Kootenay Bonanza, wh'ch shows good ore, as does the
50 foot shaft sunk on the Bonanza.
About thirty l'eor lower down than
the mouth ol the lower level, a shaft
has been sunk from which ore is being
taken o>it. Of the old levels tho upper
ono is in 240 feet, and the lower one
must lis iu nearly 70U feet. Tliere is
an incline connecting tlie upper level
with tlie surface, and a winze connecting tlie rwo levels. The greatest depth
is gained in about 300 feet lielow the
surface. A portion of the work will
include tbe stoping out of ore between
the two main levels. The surface
gang is busy cribbing up an ore dump,
in which this output will be put until
sorted for shipment. At present the
ore is being sorted quite closely as it is
broken down and will require but little
more handling before being sacked.
From present indications the desire
is to get the mine in. shape (or tbe
working a heavy forco of men when
the tramway is constructed.���Nelson
Hut Cap*. Crawford   Took Him into
Dinner und iimile 11 Im out It.
Tlie Chicago Post says: Captain
Jack Crawford, the poet of the plains,
tells u story of himself that will bear
repeating. The Captain, it may bo
stated for the information of those
who never saw him; is a tall, muscular
fellow, who wears his coal-black hair
down over his shoulders a la Joaquin
Miller and Buffalo Bill and presents a
striking appearance. He is as mild a
mail as ever drew breath, with a heart
as tender as a woman's, but to a person who does not know him he looks
as though he might eat a giant raw
every day for breakfast. His tout ensemble is that of the hero of a yellow-
backed romance. Well, the Captain
was on his way to lunch ono day
when n seedy specimen accosted him
with a request for a quarter to buy a
"Indeed, mister, I haven't had a
bito to eat for twenty-four hours," he
put iu nppealingly -iz he saw the longhaired Westerner hesitated.
"I am here on expense, and can't
right well spare a quarter, but I am
going to get something to eat myself,
and if you will come along with me I
will give yon a square meal."
The man followod sulkily and entered a cheap restaurant, whore the cap
tain ordered two big boiled dinners.
Being hungry he soon despatched his
own dinner, when he chanced to look
over at the mendicant, and was surprised to see the latter nibbling bin
food daintily, not nt all like a hungry
"Look here," said the host, leaning
over and speaking in i low tone to his
guest. "I brought you iu here because
I believed yon were starving. You
lied to me. Now I wart to say to yon
if yon don't eat every bite of that
boiled dinner and polish the platter I'll
give you the cussedest lickiu' a white
man ever got.    Now get to work."
The man olieyed with terror inspired
alacrity and swallowed his corned beef
and cabbage like a starving harvest
hand. The waiter, who bau overheard
tho Captain's threat, told the proprietor of the restaurant and he shook his
fat sides as he watched the gastronomic performance of the frightened tra:np.
When the meal" was despatched the
captain called for pudding and ice
cream for two.
The fraud gave a great gasp, and
throwing up both hands turned beseechingly to tbo poet with this supplication : " Say, cunnel, let me off
this time, won't you? I just got up
from a square meal when I met you,
It wasn't something to eat I wanted,
but something to drink. Please cunnel, have pity on a feller, won't you?"
The "cunnel" told the fellow to go
and be quick about it or he would kick
iim through every street in town. No
second invitation was needed. The
gorged beggar "seated."
. Whun tbe charitablo Captain tried to
pay his bill the jolly Teutonic proprie-
is unknown. It is stated that the
attacking force of Peixoto's men suffered heavy losses, as did also the island
garrison, but accurate figures cannot
be procured.
The British Minister has informed
all persons of his nationality in Rio
that in his opinion it is dangerous for
them to remain in the city and has
ordered all the British ships in the
harbor to be towed higher up the bay.
The excitement in Rio in view of these
preparations for bombardment, is intense. In the abortive attempt made
by Peixoto's men to capture Fort
Villegaignon, formerly reported, about
20 men were killed.
The Italian steamer Nnpoli has just
been reported a total wreck near Victoria, a maritime town of Brazil, capital of the Province of Espereto Sauco,
270 miles northeast of Rio. Tlie Do-
gali has gone to aid the crew, none of
whom are it ported lost.
Rtond'a Viiftitrlea.
London. Dec. ll. ���The indications
are that Editor Stead's vagaries in
Chicago will result iu his being called
upon to face considerable music on his
return home. Almost without exception the metropolitan papers have adhered to the decision arrived at some
time since to t.-eat bis movements
with silent contempt, but copious reports of his sayings and doings in
Chicago have been forwarded to numerous trade organizations an I some of
these are likely to give him a decidedly
warm reception on his return home.
It is ,'ontcnded by his opponents that
f   he is slncot i"��   in   earnest in his
tor refused to let him liquidate lor the egmtBi0 HllleMor.lte ,������ coll(iitioll of
" Why not't"'asked tho astonished
gentleman from the far West.
"I pays half dollar for a good
laugh any dime. You have gif me a
good laugh."
Joliette, Quebec, Die. l!i.���The grand
jury last night returned a true bill
against J. R. Hooper, the alleged wife
poisoner. The prisoner was place! in
the dock and pleaded not guilty. The
trial begins on January 11 and will
probably last a week. Over 100 witnesses have lieen summoned from all
parts of Quebec and Ontario.
.Ins. Kennedy Shot.
Vancouver, Dec. 1(5. ��� Jas. Kennedy,
doing a life sentence at Westminster
jail for manslaughter at Golden, B.C.,
attempted to escape yesterday morning.
The guards were taking a squad of
prisoners from thu ravine to their
quarters, when three prisoners broke
for the open. The guards called them
to halt, two halted and Kennedy went
on. The guard fired, striking Kennedy in the abdomen and inflicting a
fatal wound.
Poured Into tho Streets of the City of
Rio Janeiro, Dec. 1(1.- On the night
of Dec. 10th the city was thrown into
a panic by a storm of shot and shell
which lasted for 50 minutes. The
missiles came, from tho rifles and rapid
firing guns on Cobras Island nnd fell
all over the city, but especially in Ca-
noca and Travessa streets, and on
other points where the theatres are
situated. The play-houses were just
being emptied of their throngs of
patrons and the effect was tremendous.
Scared women fled, shrieking along
the street. Runaway carriage horses
ran among the pedestrians, and above
the screaming of shells, and the rattling of rifles caused great confusion.
This wns the result of an attack made
from the shore upon the Island by
Peixoto's troops, to which De Camas
island butteries- were not slow in responding. Houses on the water front
wore much damaged by the leaden
shower, but the number of casualit.es
the unemployed be could find an infinitely better field iu this and other
cities oi his own country than in Chicago or any other part of the United
States, and that iiis spectacular advent
and course in America savors decidedly
of the charlatan and demagogue. It, is
probable that several of the- labor organization'; thai hold meetings tomorrow will ado;*, -.solutions repudiating Stead and his solf-iissntDed
interest in behalf of the unemployed of
the United States.
Murdcrera Hun-fed. .
Princess Anne, Md., Dec. 14.���
Courtney and Taylor, colored, were
hanged here this morning for the murder of Capt. Cooper last Jur.e. Both
men belonged to lho crew of their
victim's boat.
Sedalia, Mo., Dec. 15.���Dick Robinson, colored, wus hanged here this
morning for the murder of Johanna
Schellmnn, a white woman.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
$1.55, (2.65, $3.70" former prices $5, $7,
$10. Qualty remain! the same���10 different styles* dry battery and acid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than half
the price of any other company and moro
home testimonials than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAER & CO. Wit dsor, Onfe
Metnl Report.
We are indebted to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York  for
the following quotations :���
New Yobk. Dec. 8, 1893.
Silver. Eastern buyers have wuited
till repeal was an accomplished
fact, and during tho past few
days have bought liberally for
China and Japan. Large a-
mounts have been placed to the
satisfaction of the parties in
interest. London price, 32 7-hid
New York, 6'Jcts.
Copper. There has been a slightly
better demand from consumers.
G.M.B.'s London, at ��42 5s.
Lead, Lower prices have been accepted. Prices 3.45 to 3.50c. per lb.
Spanish nt ��9 15s. Od. to ��9
lGs. 3d. per ton f English' lead
2s. Gd. higher.
j. A
In Choosing- n Wife.
There is an old Gaelic proverb full
of force: "Choose a good mother's
daughter, though her father were tho
devil." And another, quite as good :
"Choose your wifo as you wish your
children to be."
An Irishman on being told to greaso
the wagon, returned in an hour afterwards, and said, "I've greased every
part of the wagon but them sticks the
wheels hang ou !"
Appllci-ticn for License to Cut liml-er
NOTICE is lieroby given that '10 ilnys after
ditto I intend applying to tho Hon. tlio Chief
(. onimissioiier ut Lands anil Works for a license to cut and enrry nwny tiuil or from tho
following tract of land : Commencinir nt a
sti.ku planted on the North nml East side of
the North fork of Michel Creek about 10
chains below the canon, thence due East 20
chains, thence due South V0 chains, thence
duo West. 140 chains, thence due North 70
chains,thence due East ltflchainsto tho place
of beginning containing by admeasurement
(ISO acres..
Toronto, Out., 18th Sept. 18113.
$tt��tm?0�� ffiitvbe.
Hon. J, A. LoumiGEn, Q,C.
G. S. McOarter.
li-tngliec-l   A   MeCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hunk of'Montreal.
C'AI.fiARV, - N.W.T.
A Sittlngof the County Court of Kootenay
will bo hidden at the Town nf Donald, on
Tuesday, the lltb dnj of January, IBM.
Ily Command.
Provinciid Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
14th llecemlier, 18113.
Application for License to (Jut Tlmbuf
NOTICE is hereby given that,HO days after
(Into I intend applying to the Hon, the thief
Commissioner of Lands and Works tbr a license to cut and carry away timber from tho
following tract of lands Commencing ut a
stake planted on the North and East side of
lho,North fork of .Michel Creek about 10
chains below the cimoil, iheuce due East ��0
chains, thence due North 'ill chains, thence
duo West 14 i chains, thence due South 70
chains, thence duo East '���JO chains to the
place of beginning containing by admeasurement OSOueres.
Bolleville, Out., 18th, Sept. 1803.
.TEPHSO*"-* nnd Wltl'ICLKR
Members Assocn.lD.L.S. & P.L.8, for ll.C,
SURVEYORS, civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc- Calgary nail New Westminster, Correspondence solicited..
R..).,llil'lisiix, D.L.S.,I'.L.S. of B.C. &Ont.
A. O. Wheeler, n.l...s. & I'.L.S. of ll.C.
Nuiw Westminster B.C.
McCarthy   A   Hni-vcj*.
Iliirristers, Advocates, Notaries, Sc.   Solicitors tor t���
Tho Imperial Hunk of Ciinndil,
The Canada Periiiniieiit Loan A Pavings Co,
The Yorkshire I ,onn A Socuritic'iCorpiiritlJon
The Miissoy-llnrris I o. (Ltd), etc., etc.
Ollices   Stephen Avein.e, Cnigin-y.
P. McCarthy, q.C.
Horace Haiivev, B.A., L.L.B.
To Our faithful the Members elected to serve
in the l.c_-idative Assembly of Our Province of British Colvmbia at Our City of
\ ictoria���(iliijEi'l.Nil.
Theodore Davie, (WHEREAS Wo are
Attomey-Getieriil. ( desirous and resolved, us soon us may be, to meet Our people
uf Our Province of I'litish Columbia, and to
have their nil (ice in our Legislature:
NOW KNOW YE, that tor divers causes
and considerations, und Inking into consider
..tioii the ease uud convenience of Our loving
subjects, We have thought lit, by und with
tlie advice of Our Executive Council of the
Province of British Columbia, to hereby con
vnkii. and by these presents enjoin you, und
each of you, that on Tiuiisd.iv, the Eighteenth ''ay of tlio inia Ml of January. one
thout-uiid eight hundred uud niijety-foui', you
inec Us i.i Our s..id Legislature or t'ufll.v
 nt of Our .-aid  Province, ul  Oiu city of
v'iclorin.FOICIilE DISPAT'l ll OP lit .'-'
NESS, to treat, do, act, and conclude upon
those tilings wliich in Our Legislature of tlio
Province of British Cohunbhi, by the Coiu-
uioii Council nl' Oar said Province may, by
tlio favour of (ind, lie ordained,
In Testimony Whereof. We have
caused these Our Letiers to bo uiutle
I ate. t and lho ,iro.it Seal of tho said
I rovlnce to lie lieriuiiitniiftised : Wli'-
,<i.��i, the HonorableLiMaR Dmwu-
NiiY, Lieuteiiaiit-iiovernor of Our slid
1'roviucouf luitlsli Columbia, in our
I ity uf Victoria, iu ��� 'ur said Province,
this Foin'tei'iiili d,,y of Jiecember, hi
the year of Our Lord one thousand
eiglu hundred and ninety-ilireu, and in
the Hfty-sevontli year of Our reign.
By toiiiinaiid.
Provincial Secretary.
A Sitting of tho County Court will be held
Court House, Donald, nt 10 o'clock a.m. ou
Tuesday the 9th day of January; 18111.
By order
Donald, B.C.,
Dec. 7th, 1893.
Assoc. Mem. Inst, C.E.
Mi'KIK��   E*S��I3*"EEB,
CoaiiBANB, AijiiA.���Ft. Steele, B.C
(Uradunto of Laval and McGIII.)
MIXI.\��;    MKH-ilKEilR.
Head Office, Quebec ; Branch Offices
SllEBliltOOKB, & 17 Place d'Armes
Analytical Chomist "��� Asoayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
NOTICE is hereby -riven that the ll.C.
Southern Railway I oinpany will apply to the
Legislature of the Province of llritish Columbia, ur its next session, for an act to consolidate and amend the several Acts relating to
the Company j also for power to construct a
brunch mio, commencing at a point ou the
1 main lineal or near the forks of Michel ( reek
' thence !���>  wa> of Michel Crook lo Martin
| Crook.
Doted this 7th December, 1891.
Solicitors I'oi iho Applicants,
18112      AS3AYEU I'd THE        8(12
British Columbia Government
of all spsciraotn sent ."rr.a tlie Province to
In the Supremo Court of British Columbia,
in the matter of the " \\ hiding I p Act "
nml Amending Acts, and in the matter of
the Thunder Hill .Miuing Ciini|uiiiy
By an order nuulo in tho above mutters by
the Honorable Mr. Justice M. W. Tyrwhitt
Drake, dated the 'i'.-uil oav of November,
1893, IT \\ AS ORDEUEIl that tho said
Thunder Hill .Mining Company. Limited, lie
wound up by the Court miner ihe provisions
of tho "Winding Up Act" nml Amending
Acts as from tho 8th day of November. Willi,
and that Harvey ton iho, Deputy Registrar
of this Honorable Court lie constituted Provisional Liquidator of the afti.irs of the Com-
iAuy, without security, AND 11' WAS FUR*
TIER IIRDKRED that notice he given by
circular tu the creditors, coiitributories, mid
Shareholders of n meeting to be held on the
lillli February, 1891, at aft o'clock iu the
afternoon at the Court House, Bastion Square
Victoria. B.C., for tho appointment of a permanent liquidator of the said Compriiy.
Dated the 14th day of Dccoinbor, 1893.
Five Sisters' Block, UovornillOllt Street,
Victoria, B.C.,
Solicitor fur tho Petitioner.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between
C. A: Watts und Thos. F, Pirie, of
Crandview, doing business as farmers,
is this day by mutual consent and
agreement dissolved. All debts owing
to the above linn lire to be paid to T.
F. Pirie, by whom all accounts are to
be paid. In witness we have set out
seals and signatures.
C, A. Watt,
Tikis. F. Piiiie.
AV. G. Bott, witness.
Upper Columbia, Nov, 27, 1893.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from tho undersigned or any member of the
PRICE -Ton Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Is ho'-eby given, that in pursuance of the
Act, a Map or Plan bus this day heen tiled iu
the Department of Lands and Works setting
forth the lauds to he taken by Ihe said Railway for right of way purposes between Station 3148 to Station 4204, on the east, side of
llie Elk River to the uonftlionco of Michel
Creek, thence up the left side of tlie valley of
Michel Creek to the crossing of sumo, and
thence idling its right bunk, nil in tie Ills*
rid of East Kootcuiiy, B.C., it distance oi -id
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. ORAVELEY. Manager.
Livery & Foed S"tabl9s,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
(.(ML-H-I'-V.       -       B.O.
Whole;-;"-"!'nnd Koftiil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
G0LD3N.   B.C.
ining I Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embalmers,     j
Culgary     -     -     Alhn.    *
...-'-'***'**���". llBvi*-*. 3&-1
: -' ���"��� ��� ."-' '
H. Connacher, Proprietor
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. .Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Iteaibiiinrtors for mining men and
miners. Conveniens to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
October Sill, 1893.
Managing Director.
For information and f roe Handbook write to
Oldest bureau for -emirlnp patents In America.
Fv-ery patent taken out by us Is brtiutrlu befoi-e
toe public by a notice given free of cuu-i-e in tbo
Jfctesttftf ��me*fam
!.an*o��t emulation of any soteotlllo paper In the
world. Splendidly illustrated. No Intelllinrat
man should be wlttiout It. Weakly. M.OII a
tear) tl."0-|x months. Address MliNN & CO,
i'i; tuaHKlui, 301 Broadway, Now York City.
If you want your house Painted. Papered
or C'alsouiiucd, or any Kind ot nsi**ti I'uiitted j'
write to,). II. MILLWARD. Calhahy, tlio
IjOnding Paint Shop iu the west, for guod |
Work and prices thai are right. I,
Job    Department
_:0:_ OF ���:o:���
QjajJPI CO I willlunild'UHi;)on receipt |
rllslrLLv). of a 2 stump, n roeolpefor it
simple VEGETABLE HALM tliut will re*
move 'I'mi, l''i'i'cl(lcH. I'D,ijili".. Illotclies.
Illarklieiuls. etc., leaving the skin soft,
clear und bountiful. Address A. D, STEM-1
PEL, 00 Ann St,, New York.
. "It la worth tlie pHi** tn ever-* person
wlm even reads a uewapaiHr."���Darllugion
inn journal refers to
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Primer for the use nf Reporters,
Correspondents and Copy Choppers.
Stunt, simple and practical ruled for
making and editing; newspaper copy,
ana nf ->nutl value tn all who wlah to
write correct Enaileh.
Sent on receipt of prlre. Price. 10 rents
per copy. ALLAN TURVTAN, Publlahet
117 Nassau Street, New York.
Box 7, Donald, B.C.,
Ll K3
| Watches,  Clocks  and  JaWellery. |
��*j'J.'J.^3.Juj',..uW3.J^ LIKTCN BRCS.,
Stationers, Baokssllers,
CALGARY       -       ALBA.
killed at the hands of Paul Brunonu, a
half breed, and that the latter was
! under the influence of liquor at the
time. Both bore bad reputations.
Snake Child last year served six
months in jail for the attempted murder of another Indian, while Bruneau
is said to h.ivc a short time ago attacked his brother with an axe.
Mr. A. MuLean has returned from a
short holiday at the coast. While
away hu was MoSlmmolid's best man
and tells us that the presents received
by the bride wero niauy, showing her
The snow service crew's for tlie
Sclkiiks arc bo'ng made up and everything is being put in shape for the
slides that are sure to follow tho heavy
snow fall of the past week.
All those mentioned last week as
being in the hands of La Grippe are
around but some others are down.
But then the druggist has the benefit,
The subscription idea in connection
with your hospital is a good one and
will meet with a hearty response in
this section.
Ou Tuesday, V)x. 2 Ith, it is proposed
to have a Christmas Tree in the school
house and the town is being canvassed
for subscriptions. No doubt tliere will
be a good time -.pent and Santa Clans
will do his duty all the better for having had one day's rest.
We believe that another of the
young ladies who help'd to make
things lively for us here this fall,
intends tu leave us this week. Miss
Purvis iias announced her/intention of
going home on Friday.
The attendance at the concert in the
hall last Friday was very poor owing
to the heavy snowstorm. It seems
too bad that the ladies of the Presbyterian Church always have bad
weather for their entertainments.
Mr. Walter Ross, jr., is coniiuod to
his bed with the effects of au attack ot
la grippe, which has left him very
weak. We hope soon to see him round
Mr. Jas. Foster has arrive 1 from
Vancouver to take charge of the rotary
plough this winter. His friends ou
i his division will be glad to see him
back again.
House   "iVm-mlll**
Mr. Richard Copelaud, Donald, formerly ol K linliro, au employee of the
C.P.R. Co, has finished his house and
the occas on was a " bouse warming," He has pushed il to completion
with a few friends and he is now possessed of a nice cottage, nicely built
and artistically finished. Great credit
is given to Mr. Copelaud for his energy and push. For night and day he
has been busy, after his daily business,
in erecting a residence which is a
credit to himself and to Donald, and
on Friday evening a gathering of his
friends took place at his new house and
a very enjoyaldo time was spent by
nil present.
Hurled Down a Hill.
Louisville, Ky. Dec, IS.���A freight
train bound for this city on the Chesapeake and Ohio and Southwestern
railway was hurled 135 fuet down the
side of Miildruugh's hill, twenty-live
miles south of this city, yesterday
morning, Three men wore killed four
injured and thirteen cars wero wrecked
Five of these cars contained live hogs,
400 head of which were killed, and five
carried cattle, of which 100 were killed
outright. Tlio Io.it to tho railroad in
rolling stock will amount to $10,000
|or $12,000, and the value of the live
stock will largely increase this.
The men killed were Thomas ICeegan,
engineer of Louisville; John Downes,
fireman of Louisville; and a unknown
man. The latter boarded the train a',
a station or two back. Ia his pockets j
were found a card with the name, C.
A. Tallen, and a woman's letter addressed to "Steve." The man was
well dressed and about 35 years oil
The injured are two unknown tram. -
who were not badly hurt, and two
colored brakemnn, Albert Church and
John Hodges o! this city.
Ti iii of I'rentlui'jrnat.
Chicago, Dec. IS.���A sensation was
sprung at the adjournment of the
morning session of the Prendergast
trial to-day, lawyers for the prosouil-
tion boldly charging that they had
been betrayed, '"The state has, lieen
tricked," mid A. ;>. Trude, "and some
of the doclors who will take the stand
for the defense are the very doctors
who wero called together by the state, I
along with others, to formulate a line
ot prosecution. Some of theso men
attended the conferences, gave their
opinions to the representatives of the
state, learned the policy of the prosecution, and now t hey are to take the
stand for the other side, armed with
every particle of data that the prosecution has gathered. You can s.iy for
me that certain organizations have
raised money for tho defense of the
n.urde.'tr of Carter Harrison, and I
wouldn't hesitate to say that money
luis been freely used bv the defense in
this case in securing testimony."
Most prominent among the witnesses
examined this afternoon were llr.
Archibald Church and Dr. 1). R.
Brewer. Or. Church said this morning : " I was employed hy States Attorney Kern tu make an examination
of Prondergast, and to report to hiin
as to bis mental condition und whether
he was mentally responsible for the
crime. Since that time I have been
subpiunned for the defense. Of course
I had to obey the law und come. I
have told what I think of the man
and that I consider hiin crazy."
Muile n Haul of Jewels.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Austin,  Tex., Dec.   IS.- It has dc-
  ; veloped lhat the express company was
A Murder nt Calgary. ia heavy loser  by last Sunday night's
Calgary, Dec. 17. -A brutal murder "'Bill robbery ou the International road
was committed here early this mom-1"t *>"-'',li "wire so than utliistesti-
iugby a half-breed, who, in �� drunken I'"��lo*l- There wero $2,000,000 in
carousal, crushed an Indian's head in J diamonds stolen that have not yot heen
with a tent pole and otherwise bruised recovered, and it is claimed they are
his body. A number of Indians of tho': '"ttrieil near the scene of the robbery.
Sarece band are camped on tho Elbow These diamonds were shipped a week
river, close to the Catholic mission, previous to lho robbery by a St. Louis
and it was there 'he killing lectured, ������������ni '�� ������ jewelry linn in Tyler. Tex.
The mounted police wero soon aware of They were nut properly transferred on
the affair nnd tlie lnnrtlarei- was arrest- the down trip and sent to Tyler but
el and placed iu the barracks, where
tho body of bis victim HOW lies mvuit-
ing nn iiiiiuest-. to-'tnorrow.*
Calgary, N.W i'.. I ������     '���    Tiie coroner's jury -ni ;:-. i ��� ���- ��� ���' ���������    !<   Chil
1 'in Indian, who yvi .  killn    oi  5a  iv
duy'bi'glii   last, brought  i" ���'  verdict
worn carried on through to Laredo,
and were being sent back when stolon.
It in also known that SLIM) was
ak'-: from the express safe by the
He Wanted Sliarlng; Cross.
One afternoon I jumped upon a 'bus
in the Seven Sisters road.
An elderly Frenchman was the only
other occupant of tho vehicle.
" You vil not forget me," the
Frenchman was saying as I entered.
"I desire Sharing Cross."
'��� I won't forget yer," answered the
conductor ; ' you shall 'ave yer Sharing Cross. Don't make a fuss about
it. That's the third time 'ee's 'arst me
not to forget 'im," he remarked to me
in a stentorian aside. ���' 'Ee don't giv'
yer much chance of doin' it, does 'ee."
At the corner of Holloway road wo
drew up, and the conductor began to
shout after the manner of his species.
"Charing Cross -Charing Cross���
'ere you are, lady -Charing Cross."
The little Frenchman jumped up
and prepared to alight; the conductor
pushed him back.
"Sit down, and don't he silly," he
said, "this ain't Charing Cross."
The Frenchman looked puzzled, but
collapsed meekly.
We picked up a few passengers and
proceeded ou onr way. At tiie Angel
we, of course, stopped.
'���Charing Cross," shouted the conductor, and up sprung the Frenchman.
The conductor collared him as he was
getting olf.
���'Cnrn't yer keep still a minute," he
cried, indignantly. "Blessed if you
don't want looking after like a bloom-
in' kid."
" I vont to be put down at Sharing
Cross," answered the little Frenchman
'��� Y'ou vont to be put down at.Sharing Cross," repeated the other bitterly,
as be led him back to his scat, "I
shall put you down in the middle of
the road if I 'ave much more of yer.
Yer stop there until I come and sling
yer out. . I ain't likely to let you go
much past yer Sharing Cross. I shall
be too jolly glad to get rid o' yer."
The poor Frenchman subsided, and
we joltod on. At the top of Chancery
lane the same scene took place, and
the little Frenchman became exasperated.
'��� He keep on saying Sharing Cross
-Sharing Cross," he exclaimed, turning to tho other passengers, "and it
is not Sharing Cross.    He is a fool."
'���Carat yer understand," retorted
the conductor, equallj indignant; "of
course I say Sharing Cross-I mean
Charing Cross-but that don't mean
tliut it is Charing Cross.    That means
that "' and then |��irceiving from tlie
blank look in the Frenchman's face
the utter impossibility of ever making
the matter clear to hiin, he turned to
to us with au appealing gesture nnd
"Does any gentleman know the
French for bloomin' idiot V"
A day or two afterwards I happened
to enter his omnibus again.
'��� Well," I asked, "did you get your
French friend to Charing Cross ull
right ?"
������No, sir," ho replied; "you'll
'ardly believe it, but I'd a bit of a row
with a policeman just before I'd got to
the corner, and it put 'im clean out o'
my 'end. Blest if I didn't run 'im on
to Victoria."
Upper ColumMa N;S:yCo.
Royal Mail Line.
Stage,, will leave Golden on the following
December 12aml2(>; January 9, and 23;
Feby. �� and 20; March 6 and 20;
April 3 and 17.
Returning will leave Fort Steele on the
Intermediate Tuesdays.
Fars $18;   Way Fare lOcts. per mile.
Express. Golden to Fort Steele 10 coats per lb., the com*"]
pany's liability is limited to $2.00 per lb., unless one percent
extra ;
laid on mai'lci:
Members of the Royal Irish Constabulary, when appointed, must be
between nineteen nnd twenty-live years
of age, unmarried, aud nre not allowed
to serve iu a county where they have
A special rate on ore of $9 per ton of
2,000 lbs., has been made from Kaslo,
B.C., to Everett, Wash., and the
Northern Belle is to commence shipment at once.
\i.mj At Oolden, B.C., on the 21st
inst., the wife of Mr  Charles A.
Paine, Hector, of a son.
During' eeasoii of r<;
every Tuusday.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President,
ition a steamer loaves Golcbn
F. P. ARM3rRD.l3, Manager.
:m.  b.  lang;
PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
H. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop,
Golden, B.C.,
XT AVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con*
���**��� sisting- of Short Nipples, Bushings, Union Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
this afternoon, that deceased had been , him?   Because it is (h) armless.
  I    Carlin & Lake hate receiVed a good
! supply of line Malaga grapes, English
Why can a mans vest never hurt j ghestuuts, fresh select oysters, oranges,
I and lemons for Xmas trado.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and .Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on ftU
kinds of buildings.


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