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The Golden Era Jun 23, 1899

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r��Y Pe^t^cX h* .-���     f
The Oolden Bra;
Has been appointed tbe fa-atte
for Horth East Kootonay foi
Dominion and Provincial Government notices and advertisements. Published by
Tn Ooldbm SlA Co., Ltd., Ir.,
���OLDIK, B.C.
Tlio Golden Era
Is tbo most widely oirculaetd aal
best advertising; medium in Kast
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is read by tbe miners, tbo ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, 92.00 per Annum
in Advance	
VOLi   VIII NO. 47.
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE 23.    1899.
$2 Per Yeae
H/G. Parson,
Has  a
Quality High.   Prices Low.
Of All Kinds.
Map   of    The    I^oute.
Upper Columbia
Navigation^ Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Go.
Connecting witli CPU. at Golden, B.C.
Drect Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
.    and surrounding Mining District.
S teaniers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
morning-p at 4 a,m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will bo stationed."
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
i agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
|. C.   H.   PARSON,   Onager.
|    YOU   CAN   BUY
I Groceries, Stationery, Tinware,   Boots   & Shoes,
Glasswaro, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
goles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gehts-Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
The following iii a sketch map of tlio route between Golden titi'l Tate Jaune Cache, and shown clearly the advantages of the route
both as to shortness of distance and convenience of travel. Wo have to thank Ur. Griffith, Government Agent, for the sketch plan from
which the following engraving hns been made, nnd Mr. H. G. Parson, President of the Golden Board of Trade for hit liberal contribution
towards the oost of prepuring and publishing this map.
fat/fat fJ^OAf QoL/>��fr*
���5 Wiff CVtytpti/j- Ca\E��a(.
OtaTANCK   ASOI/r   1*0   MILES   SJtOAt   OONALO-
" ���>���      -*���>���     ������     co    ooieua
*"*��� �����      a*o     *��      oo    xAM.ooaa,
������       tao       ��        ����     eOMOHTON.
*w rout* tt**o oat.
\   \  \
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
JMW Gold Baths.
Ullock Sc Barry,
HOlt I'r.pil.l.r..
pop a pine Suit
anda Perfect pit
. .. Patronize . ..
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia Home,     mtc
With tha new and enlarged plant
and premises tl.e sawmill owned bv
W. C. Wells, M.P.P., at Palllaor, has
come to the front as one of Ihe most
Important and successful enterprise** at
present conducted in British Columbia,
A run over tbe premises impresses the
visitor with I ho excellent organism tun
and business methods on which tin
industry la conducted. The new mill
has a capacity of 40,000 to 60,000 feet
a day, Iu the boiler room we find a
massive boiler built by the Hamilton
Manufacturing Company and subatan
tially net iti brick-work, on atone basement. The main plant nf the mill is
driven by a large engine by the same
makers, aud of 80 horse-power capacity. A smaller engine is installed
for driving the planing machinery. The
largi ateauipipeg are being covered witk
asbestos pocking as a means of increasing the economy and efficiency of the
bolter service, Tbe saw benches and
planing and wood-working machinery
���re of a most efficient character
throughout. A combined planer,
matcher aud aurfacer ot the most ap*
proved pattern baa been installed for
turning out tbe fin 'st of dressed lumber, and this machine is in charge of
an expert from the east. The carriage la run by means of a Chin
ningham twin engine witb steam feed,
and which is found to be most
efficient. The mill buildings include
a drying-shed of 160 feet In length,
board-room, sleeping quarters for employees, boarding house witb wash
room aud water iardon aud in charge of
a good cook.
A first-class set of platform scales of
I tons capacity for the weighing ol
loaded oars bas just been added and is
set in substantial stone aud brick
foundation. A building ia about to be
erected overhead to protect these sou lea
from the weather. An overhead tank
for supplying water to tbe boilers and
for fire protection has been put in. So
far as fire protection is concerned the
arrangements are most complete, two
steam force-pumps being provided
with 400 feet of hose, and stand pipea
filed so thai water can be turned on
immediately to any part of tbe premises
as required. Great improvements
have also been tinted at the boom, A
curb of driven piling.Iilled with atone,
has been tun up the Ktcklnghorsa for a
distance of 1500 feet, malting a sub
slant ial piece of work, equally effective for securing tho logs as they come
down the stream and fur withstanding
damage to tbe boom from high water.
This crib work ends in a pou I from
which theloga aro taken directly to the
mill, and at the end of this pond a
sluice-gate has bean put in hy which
the height of water in the boom can be
regulated and trouble avoided from
high water. A refuse conveyor 180 feet
tu length,has been built, anda furnace
will be constructed at the end of it for
burning wasto und sawdust.
lietween40 aud 50 bands find regular
employment about tbe mill. J. D.
Williams is foreman. S. A. Fetherson
libs returned lo resume bis old place as
sawyer, H. McLaughlin is camp foreman, and J. I) Wells and J. L.
Johnston     conduct the        busi
ness office which is connected direct
by telegraph with the C. P. K. telegraph offico, A. E.Rounds takes charge
of the planers. T..e entire buslueift is
under the direct, supervision of Mr.
Wells himself, but in view of the increase cf the business, uud tbe timn
whioh the public demand from him as
member for thediatrict in the Provincial Legislature, he has arranged with
hu eldest son Mr.George Wells,of New
York, to join him at an early date iu
the active management of thebusiucrs.
The new machinery wus put in by A.
Maguire, of Vancouver and ho hus
made a thoroughly guod job of it.
It is some 14 years since Mr. Wells
started tho lumbering industry in a
small way at Palliser, aud by steady
perseverance, and continued att anion
to bis business be has built up what is
today ono of the most suocessful and
prosperous  enterprises   in'the   west,
\o Right to Ugliness. *
The woman who is lovely In face
form and temper will always have
friends bat one who would bo attractive
must keep hor health. If she is weak
sickly and all run down she will be
nervous and irritable. If sbe has constipation or kidney trouble, her impure
blood will cause pimples,blotches, skin
eruptions and a wretched complexion.
Electric Bitters is the best medicine in
tbe world .to regulate stomach, liver
and kidneys and to purify the blood.
It gives strong nerves, brlgnt eyes,
smooth, velvety skin, rich complexion,
It will make a good-looking) oharming
woman of a run down Invalid. Only
60 cents at any Drug Store.       3
By the Duchess on Wednesday there
arrived the first shipment of ore from
the Windermere district���the tors runner of tbe many millions of tons which
tbat district will produce in tbo near
future. The ore Is a h igh-grade gafena
and the shipment consisted of about
350 flanks makiug a carload. The shipment bas gone lo the C.P.R. smelter
at Trail. The ore was loaded at Athalmer. The Delphine has thus the
record of being tbe lirst shipper in the
Windermere district. As showing tbe
enterprise of the proprietors the ore
had to be pitched all the way from the
mine to the lauding. Rome 26 miles.
Messrs. Kimpton, Stark aud Harrison
were tbe first mine owners In North
East Kootcuay to systematically develop their property and place it on
record as a shipper, and that they succeeded in doing so iu the face of tho
many difficulties has beeu most credit-
able to their enterprise.
Returned Prospectors.
Messrs. Barnes nnd Patmore. wbo
went in from Donald with Aruhdoacon
McKay, on his trip to Tete Jnuno
1'uche, havo returned, and give anything Liu favurablo accounts of tiie
new field. Tho Archdeacon hee also
written to Mr. Pitts saying that he
could not find anything on Swift Current, but he uot good prospects on
Baptists Creek and vicinity, and
would remain to thoroughly prospect
tbat section of oountry. If favorable
he would locate claims for his Donald
friends. The Archdeacon is expected
out daily.
himself. Tbe woman, wbo was young
and beautiful, formerly lived iu Minneapolis, where her husband was on-
gaged iu business on Lako Calhoun.
There sho met Brunt, who owned a
pleasure launch on the lake, and became infatuated with him. Afterwards he left and came to Ferine,
where he secured work as musician in
a house of prostitutiuu and she followed him. Two weeks ago they came to
Cranbrook and rented rooms for house
keeping. Ou Friday thoy quarrelled
nnd he left the house for Nelson, while
she entered a bouse of prostitution
here. Yesterday morning ho returned
and soon after noon called on her.
There was no quarrelling, but on tho
contrary ho seemed in tho Lest of,
humor. When rising to go he suddenly pulled bis revolver and shot her
throe times, causing instant death.
Turning he stayed a moment, thon
went back into the house and fired the
shot that euded bis own career.
Hurdor and Suicide Ends Two
Cranbrook, B.C., June 21.���Mis.
Lillian At wood waa shot aud instantly
killed yesterday afternoon In a house
of prostitution bv Harry Brant, a
piano player, who immediately killed
New Locations on Quartz Croek
Some woeks ego, when Mr. Graves,
U.E., was on a visit to tbe Poicupiuo
creek group of claims ou behalf of the
B. C. Alliance, be wan so impressed
with the placer prospects of Quartz
creek that he Instructed Sam Yuill tu
prospect a certain locality with a view
to finding the old channel. This Mr.
Graves was almost certain sho'ild give
good let urns in placer gold from its
analogy to the old channels of California. Tho prospecting since pursued
has confirmed Mr. Graves's opinion
and four claims havo b>en located on
Nigger creok, a tributary of tho Porcupine. This ground will be thoroughly
tested and if sufficiently good projects
are found a hydraulic plant will bo
To Whom It May Concern
The public are hereby warned wit to fur"
nisli any lubor, supplies or material of any
description whatsoever to or on account of
the Kootenay Consolidated Mining Oompany
of Everett, Wash,, except upon a 'written order bearing the signature of lhe undersigned.
In all other cases payment will bo ton totted
iu ili�� law courts.
Kootonay Consolidated Mining Company.
Great improvements have been effected by the C. P. K. at Field aud this
well-known mountain resort was never
so attractive for tourists ns it is this
sonsoa, A flue water supply has been
put iu throughout the railway premises
with stand-pipes for watering the cars
and engines. Th�� present supply is
about to be added to by tbe laying of
another 2000 feet of 0-inch main. A
splendid trail, almost level, has been
run along the bank of tbe Kickinghorse
were it commands a fine view of Field,
ns far as the Natural Bridge and rustic seats will be placed in the most
pleasing spots. A trail bas be-m made
to a favorite resort of berry-pickers on
Field Mountain. Excellent trails have
also been made to tbe Fossil Beds and
the Crystal Cave* The trail to the
grand scenery at Eraeinld Lake has
been put in good shape and a boat built
to place on the lake. A bridge has
been erected over the Kickinghorse to
bring these beauteous resorts of nature
withlu safe and easy reach of the station grounds. Horses will be kept: at
Field this season for the accommodation of tourists. Mr. Killeen has
carried out all these arrangements so
well that they are a credit both to him
and to the Company.
In retard to railway accommodation
proper two new side tracks are to be
put in. The big icehouse at Donald
has been fitted up at Field and filled
with ice, Anew baggage-room is now
being built, and tbe platform is to be
Mr, Killeen bas arranged to put in a
bicycle track for tbe use of tho Company's employes.
The business portion of Field has
shown considerable extension. A year
ago Meiers. Carlin & Durick were
the only business firm in the town,
and the fine stock which they held bas
made their premises a boon to the people ibere. Then came A. W. Palmer,
of Canmore, who opened a cigar store
and fancy goods business, putting in a
nice stock. Hull Bros, built a fine
butcher's shop nnd opened a branch
business here, under tbe management
of Mr. Leigh, formerly of Calgary.
Then the big C.P.R. boarding house
was removed from Donald, to Field,
und was re-built in excellent style. IX
Alton, one of the roost popular and
well known of the C.P.E. employees,
took over this establishment under the
impression tbat he was to be permitted
te obtain a license as well, but this
has so tar been refused by the head
officials at. Winnipeg. Mr. Alton deserves tho highest credit for thoexcol*
lout accommodation which he has
provided, having furnished.his house
throughout in excellent style and provided good sample rooms for travellers.
Xo more comfortable hotel is to be
found iu the west, meals being provided for passengers by all trains. Just
aa Mr. Alton got everything right,
however, orders enmo to run the train
crews, for whom this accommodation
had been specially provided, through
to Laggan, resulting iu much loss to
Mr, Alton and tho otlier business people of Field. There is a very strong
feeling over this Action on the part of
the western authorities and it is to
some extent a repetition of the Donald
business, as Mr. Alton took over and
titled up his hotel iu its present admirable style simply to meet the convenience of the Company in regard to ihe
proper accommodation required for
their employees.
Tho residential pnrt of Field Is gradually assuming a flourishing aspect.
The tine residences erected by Mr. Ames
and by Mr. J. Ormision, who has
built two pretty cottnpts, are import-
nut auditions to tho buildings <..[ Fi Id.
F. Fietds has one of the best and neatest buildings iu the upper part of the
town and J. Sands is erectin-j au addition to his restaurant.
At a meeting held at tho Columbia
River Lumber Company's mill yesterday to form a football club, the following officers were elected: President,
8. G. RobhlDS, fiect.-Troas. J, Grady,
Captain. W. Brock, Directors, W. Sin-
clair, Wes, Bookout, E. Pearce,
W Coo-gas, W.FIynn. The mill olub
want to challenge -he foot bailers of the
towu to a match for July  1st.
A Passenger Drowned.
On Tuesday morning, about two
miles above Carbonate, a man named
Dan Kearney wa observed to drop off
tho D.ioliess, Tho alarm was raised,
engines rovoit-ed. and Capt. Bacon hurried hack to tho fccene of ibe mishap
with a view to attempting to rescun
the man, but too late, as be sank and
disappeared before tho steamer could
reach him. Though the Captain waited about, and made every effort to find
tho body, his efforts were insuccessful
snd the Duchess resinned her trip.
Kearney was ou board with soms
mates, and tho party were on their
way to Athalmer. Ho worked for
some months for W. C. Wells, of
WaRKBR-GVANS On the 92nd inst. at
Donald, by Rrv. U. B. Turner,
Mr. L. Warner, of RovclstoKe, to
Miss Louisa May S.uclair Evans,
youngest daughter of Mr, Thomas
Evans, Now Hampshire, formerly
of Donald.
iota -JL
To Advertisers and Subscribers.
Tho GOLDEN ERA Is pulillsheil i-vit.v l-'rl*
duv rn-iili'ir. 11 la IIioIksi mterrti'itg ui.iliiiiii
tilth*. Kasi Kootenay district. _    ,
Bubaorf.lion B>tc : WJUpcc .imam II Alt'
"WEU aU n-umalile core will lie lukeu. Ihe
proprietor, will nd tc mipoimlil. lor ��nj
ouiUslon or error In hiiv odveniti.-i*iciii.
All nccolint. to le paid 10 lhe ��""if1"*
Director, or hi, aolhiirii-iil egaf', mini n nom
the compuiiv'8 recci|it will *������ ulilnijiea.
AdverllKihB rale��: I>i.|l.v fdi*. Il-M nw
colllillii 1ii.Ii; Legal ada.W "'"ul', ... If.-i"
ills! llucrllon.il. cent, lur eaeli sil.lllli-nal iirn-r-
lion; Reading nollew. 13 eenu l��-r line i-ncli
lain*. Lantl and mineral 1 Ci.iivu l.ront I
nol Ices some aa Government i'**"*"'*.,.''-* '��� ���,,
All liu-ln'-- cuunniniie.illi.n- *li"illil w ml-
dn-w-d to Ibe Minririi it I'***"���<'���< "".l; ,,',''*''"
ary comnilliileallonE. I rs l;,r Pii'*lli-i   "    "I
new! Items .holllil be acl.bvs-.-l I- ihe M'.')"<:
Oorresnoiiil���.-.- I- im it.-il ...11 i-.nii"*i*�� '' '"lUc
hilerenl.lnil lu aeeure pull ii-Ml'-n'�� * ��� I rs
unlet la* brief. In Ihe caw .if aia-M* "" '�� '" "
tholiouic un.la.l.li.-*��..l ibe an er nnal I e e I-
eloseil, n..1 lur pnldicatl  Ian '"' Ml* prlvlit.
intorlnutlui] ul lb liu.r .....I a�� �� **,' 'i''*'"'.'*:*".
gooii fallb. Any Idler ree.iv.al Idel II1.111 n ed-
neaiiay will have lu Bland over IIU the lull".' Ii.lt
The Golden Era Co, Limited Liability.
Threo ears ol Hie Clilrano, Rock Is-
luail uu-ti Pacific express were demolish-
ed at Genoaoe,   Wit.
A terrible cyclone struck New Richmond, Wis., (it-Hi.ilishfil the town anil
killed bunOreds ot people.
Agnes Glendeiuilng wan conunitted for
trhil at itramloii on a charge ot imir-
derillg ber infant -daughter.
Sir William Van tlorni- roaltfufitl tl.e
presidency ot tbe Oi r. li. and was sue-
ceded by Mr. T, U. Slmugluiesti.v.
The French ministry headed hy M. Dupuy, have reslgnod and President tou.
bet tias accepted  their retirement.
Q. T, R. employees at London wired
Manager Hayes that he might look for
trouhio la the west it the trackmen's
grievances were not Nettled.
The eight hour mining law has come
Into  Force   iu     HrltlHli    Columbia    and
trikes iu the Kelson and Blciean districts are being couductet] i�� an order,
ly nmnneri*
Friday, .1 ";-
MoroC. P.K. oftichtl ehmig'.'s tiretvn-
liouuco.1 from Montreal.
Famine U prevailing "��� *Jirnuu
Kast Afrlcn po&oossloiio*.
Cuimrta contributed uvor $.i,000 to
the Gordon memorial college rumi.
The Canada Northorn mil way mny
extoml from Lako Superior to inkoni
A number ol cbatlgex I
electoral tUvUlons hive boen out
During arnrch -*?S,DU-MUtJ worth ol
gold dust was taken from Pr.-msv-riJ
TJio now C. P. U. time c-trl will
brine liosslnnti within :������'��� hoursotToronto.
A itntliwcll, Man., farmer hns in*
wiital a machine ti> prevent smut In
Tim third yacht rare at Lak.' St.
Louis resulted In Hi.' defeat or Hi.
Tbe Pnubyterlnn assembly on-
ilorsed tbe 20tli century million Sal
Jar lund.
Tlte London street cars are runnltif!
regularly, lint the public aro no
patroniting the lines.
Tho Ontario gralnmon aro satlwfletl
with tiie chargos made in tiie western
gtaln liiBi'-rctlon bill.
Several lives were Inst by a Tcxir
cloudburst near Spoffcrl .funutloii
Many nun-lies lost animal*.
Dawson City la Items rapidly rebuilt, und the boring olonn-up ti fai
iilicnil ol minors' expectations.
After duly 1st tho Northern I'.tcii'le
rnilway will reduce its h>:-;il p.iss'Jii-
gor r.-ifs hi Manitoba from l to ��� ���
cents a. mile.
President Shunglmessy, or the C. V.
R��� saiil bis company would build l;>
miles uf tht- (i. N. W, C U.v .exteu
k'.oii this season.
P.. Parrott, ol Hamilton, Unt, will
bo hanged on tiie 28rd fust., the minister of justice refusing to fhterfer-r
in the oase.
Tliui-siliiy. .Iiuif lo.
Fears of a fraser river flood or
Thn ponnlatlniL of     Rat   I'ortrigo   is
now O.UOft,
die 11v
Toronto natic'o may clu
iOS on .Sunday,
Ilollnnd and Trelicnic lied la theh
laero��8(! mairh.  *-���������-
The Wiiniliw-z Uauki-r>-' HaBolinll lengie
lias been formed),
The M. and X. \V, Masonic gv&Xd lodgi
opened  at  Keginn,
M. Polncare lias been appointed prlnji
m In Is tot* c��f  France.
The X, O. V, W. hu jut i ne grand lodgi
Jkin i.i.|.|ii'i| at [iiiIInnapnllB.
Tlimisiuids nt Milliliter einidoyees ii
Colorado mines are on Htriko.
A pre! I mi nary meeting of the Venetno
Ian. arbitrators was held at Paris.
Thirty persons are hu If firing from Icecream polHoniag ul   Detroit,   Mlclt,
Tho 'amine In the east European pro-
vlnces of  ItiiHslu is   worse Duin
Work hns started in Wlniilpo-a; on the
city's new pumping and electric il��ht
D, McXIcol 1 has lieen appointed
ant ueiii'i'.'ti manager of the o. r. It. at
Ueo, Peart and Frank Powse'r, t
Vancouver young men, were drowned
a   srpiall.
Russia line leased thi' lee.frce porls on
the const of Corea, ami .In  will itlft
serious lilijeotlon.
.Mr. Jos, Chamberlain hclloves there
still na opportunity to eompr<imlsu i
Trans Van) trouhics.
A temporary but satisfactory nrraiiR
ment Iiiim been arrived ai In rnmiectli
wiiii the Alaskan bmmtlary,
IlctnllH have lieen received of the In
of the steamship l.orh.sioy, nf Olnsgo
near Australia.     Thirty lives were lout
M ur kendo and Maun will reconstruct
the .llil II. It. line and extend it to l,:il*.-
Mnnltoha. A siiuiiner renoi'1 mi tiie laU*
will oIdo he opened.
U>diiesd��.v, .Mine   II.
The Mnnilohii legislature will re
assemble this aflornoon.
The Argonaut rowing ert'w have lef
for the Henley regatta.
It Is rumored that (Jenornl Lana, o
the l-'illpiuo forces,  \mn hceu assassin
Uraiidoii borticuHurlBta offered prliet
for wild flo-nera and received 1011 en
The V. h, troops had Homo hard fight
big near the Sinpote river, m the Philip
The .\seot  raees,  tbe inusl   rasltlonalll'
raelng event in England, acre held will
ureal Bliccess.
The It. lt.  IIpall.V de'lineil a   dlvideni
OI ills. Tor liiKt year :il its 2"J'.Mh an
nnal  meet inn.
The Dap 11st ron vent I r   Mftnltaln
nml     the   XortInvest     npeiied    at    I'or
tflgo la Prairie.
The Methodist eonfereme for Maul
tQbtl and Hie X. \V, T. will meet uex
year In   llrandon.
The O. I'. II, III tend lo |iiish the con
sli-iielion ���t u hi-am:hli Mile from llelor
nine  Without delay.
Tliu Buffalo dock slrlko is Roreading
nnd tlm coal Ilea vein ami Anchor 11m
house men   hnve Joined in,
W. F, McCrenry. Immlgratlnu cnmmls
"1 r-  denies   inn   letter    thnt   sieelu
prlvllPKos are given to foreigners,
sir William Van fJortif has given lib
reasons for resigning tin* (_. p, g. ]ir��
sideuey nnd paid ii   tribute to his sue
Xew mall services bavu been arranged
on tho new O.  P.  u. transcontinental
trains, and  bolween  Hal  l'orta��o   i
Fort   Frances.
TllMdHV.  J011(1   Hi.
The new Spanish consul-general for
'   Canada lias arrived.
A IL o. cannery on Lulu (eland was
burned; loss ?7o,(KWi.
W, chapman, a Y. M. r. ,\. secretary
ul Montreal, is dead.
Threo Inlanders at Whlleinniilh, Man.,
were struck hy tigbtnliig.
Tugs hnve arrived ot Fort William
t" dredgo  Ibe   Kamlnisthpia   river. .
Ilennle Hlmrper, a Mnnltolm bred horse,
is winning races  hi New York state.
Two railway laborers were killed on
the Crow's Nest Pass line near Moyelle,
The Catholic church at Ila Iconic wai.
dim-It by lightning nml grealiy dtimagc-d.
The eblldren Jacket-makers of New
Vork, numbering u.oon persons, wont out
on sirlkei   ,
Or. Ikdt, of Iho geological survey, Ottawa, will make a survey of (treat
Miavi'  lake
Mr. Tarle, minister of public worki.
Is in lltiffalo, looking over tbe harbor
und breakwater,
blacksmith in usually
considered the type
. of   good   health.
'** Even be sickens and
dies   frequently   iu
early youth.     No
man, not   even   the
"\ most robust, can af-
) ford to neglect his
iv- health, which is his
,?./. most precious endowment.     The
man who docs so
will  sooner or
later   pay  t b e
penally   in   some
serious  or   fatal
malady. When a
man finds lhat he-
is losing his appetite, that be
passes   restless
nights, lhat he
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without ambition or mental or bodily vigor,
when he is troubled wilh headaches, nervousness or biliousness, it is time for him to
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Co.. Va.. wriles : "When t was married I
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which uiv doctor snid was ecm-uin. I fell away
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Constipation often causes sickness. Dr.
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nothing else "just as good." They regulate file Stomach, I.ivcr and Bowels.
Tliey Kx press Tii Pin selves hi Regard In
lhe CIi'himI Trunk Strike.
Brookvlllo," Juno Hi.���'lho grand
jury is making their presentment to
County Judge Macdoiuililyrslnriay commented on the .strike nt some length, ill
the course of their remarks the jurymen said: "Tho desire to inorcnEO
tlm dividends of tho shareholders iu au
institution is hut a poor answer to u
man, who having worked faithfully
for years finds the remuneration offered
li 1111 i-untlot|nn*to l*"v tba uu ni'iirt nf tii oi-
self and hia family. If there ho ?io law
compelling large corporations, especially railway compuiiie>. to deal eqnlt-
ably with Iheir employees legislation
should ho introduced and carried
through having that purposse in view.
The grand jury sincerely hope lhe Do
million government will bring abont a
jnst settlement between tho employees
and employers in tho matter of the
Grand Trunk strike, nud will tnlie
such measures us will preclude the possibility of Ihe recurrence of aujthiug
which is so oalonlnted to shako the con-
liileiiire of (he public in their means of
transport throughout tho country.
Urulnl Lynching.
New Orleans, La., June Hi.��� Edward Gray, a negro, arrested in St.
John parish about a year ago, with
Chas. Marrellc, another negro, charged
with a series of burglaries, wns lynched
yesterday, after huviug been released
by tho authorities because there was
uo evidence against him. Since his
confinement Gray has been very sick.
When released he started for the home
of his friends in lho parish of St.
Peler. Hi- made his way as fur as tlm
reserve, where his strong ill gave out
Chas. Thibodeanx gave the negro u
blanker and allowed him to sleep ou
the porch of nn outhouse. During the
night a mob crossed Dm river und taking Gray from where he rested, hanged
him to it treo. The lynching is bitterly denoiiuoed, and today Judge Ross in-
styuoted the grand jury of tho parish
to make overy effort lo bring tho guilty
pirties to justice.. Marrello was
lynched lust November
1'romlncnt People Head.
Lebanon, Mo., Juue III.���Hon. H. V.
Bluud died nt 4.S0 this morning a I'd r a
sleep of thirty-two hours.
New. York June 1.���Mrs. Julia
Evelyn Oupeu Woodford, wife of General Stewart f. Woodford, former U S
minister to Spain, died lufct uight iu
Brooklyn of Bright's disease
Kenosha, Wis., June lit.���Mrs. Maria Ramsay Bacot, who lived at the
French court daring tlm time of Napoleon III uud u literary woman of note,
died at her homo here yesterday, aged
Milwaukee, Wis., Juno HI���Frederick S. Perkins, the well l.nown arch-
aeologist, artist and collector, died nt
his home in Burlington, Wis., yesterday.
Berlin, June III.���Prof. Locke Richardson, elccuitoiiist, who underwent
nn abdominnl operation on May ill at
the hands of Prof. Dirginnii as a last
resort lo save his life, died hero this
morning. The remains will be
Sutton, Ont, Jnuo If).���Walter Fnir-
Imirn, sou of John Fsirbuiru, wus killed by lightning this afternoon,* cn J.
U Howards farm, a mile from this
placo. The deceased and Howard were
pnttiug posts under lho barn nt the
time nnd Howard was knocked down
by the shock nnd stunned.
Boston, Mass. Juuo J 0.���John
Tronch, who wns nrrsted here two
weeks ago charped with aiding in the
robbery of the Dominion Bank nt Nap-
��, Ont, iu 1807, as brought before
a United States commissioner yesterday, and held in $5,000 bonds. He
will hi taken to .Canada hor the necessary extradition papers hnvo been
passed npou by tho secretary   of  statu,
C. P. It. TO It (J 11.11 TWKNTV MILKS
.11. Will Ittdnt-e Local Passenger
Kates From Four to three
Cents Per Mile Jnly 1.
Ottawa,Jnuo n;.���Prosidout Sbnugti
uessy, of tho C. P. R., was hero today.
Dr. Douglas, M.P. for Eastern Asslui-
boiu, hnd a talk with him iu regard to
tho Great North West Central railway.
impressing upon him, (Shaughuessy j
tlm necessity of going ahead with the
work of construction as early ns possible.
"You can take my word and rely
upon it," said Mr. Shaughnessy, "that
we will have twenty miles of tho road
built this season."
This is live miles moro than Mr.
Shaughuessy agreed to do. When Dr
Douglas informed thu other western
members what Mr. Shaughuessy bud
said, they wore particular];*' well
Major Swinford, general ngonfc of
the Nor I hem Pad Ho railway 111 Manitoba, mado an announcement of much
importanco to the west last evening.
He states that; nfter July 1st tbo Northern Pacific will reduce local passenger
rales iu Manitoba Irom four to three
ceutj per nillo.
This red notion is purely voluntary
on tho part of tho railway and places
Manitoba nn the siiiuo footing as the
east regarding local passenger rates.
Tho new tmitV will go into effect on
Dominion day, S.'tturdny, July 1st.
Major Swinford is absent from lhe
city and authorized tho announcement
to be made through his ofllco here.
Cleveland  Cm-   ISmployevH  Attack   Soil:
Union Men nml Throe Are lt'Jlirml.
Gluvfliiud, Jnuo 1(1. ��� Whilo the
sixth dny of lho street: railway men'
strike started peacefully enough, there
was serious rioting before night ami-
three non-union men wero taken to the
hospitals in consequence. The trouble
begnu shortly after noon, near the
Lakeview car barns on Euclid nvonne.
A crowd gathered uml attacked ;i ear
on which several non-union men were
riding without police protection. A
volley of stones nnd bricks was hurled
at the car and tho conductor wus hauled from tho pliilf-r-i, when ho fired a
revolver into llieair and took to his
heels. The mob then nssiiulled somo
of the other non-union men on the car,
injuring Ihcni quite severely, lint the
rioters bad disappeared when the police
Soon afterwards another cur was attacked, nml a ltltlo Intern third car
wns slopped by a crowd of men whicli
bud been couceuled in bushes at the
side of the street. Fifteen or twenty
men boarded the ear and a desperate
fight ensued between them aud Iho conductor and motorman, lioth of whom
came frotn Buffalo. Both men were
chased from the car. About 5.SO a cur
was slopped by a crowd or men who
begnu tu hurl bricks and stones. Bolh
the conductor and inotcnnan wero disabled. 	
Algomn Excursionists.
Toronto, June Hi.���Tho Algnma excursion part j, iuclnding about sixty
members of tho legislature, representing both parties and a do/en newspaper
men, left the city this morning for Col
lingwood, where they will tako boat
for tho Sault. The government is represented by Hou. Messrs. Ross and
Davis. Many ladies are iu Iho parly.
.Tunics Coniiiee. M.P.P. for West Al-
gonio, is chief Cicerone of the party.
The excursion, will lust about two
weeks and will lake iu Ihe chief poiuts
in Western Ontario and probably go as
far as Winnipeg before returning,
A Texas Cloudburst.
St. oLnis, M*. Juno Itf.���A special
fr.nu Han Autonia stiys: A cloudbnist
o'curred in tbo mountains north of
Spofford junction on Tuesday at mid-
bight, an immense volume of water
rnsbed down the mountain side, sweeping everything before it aud converting
the dry arroyos and small creeks OLd
rivers into raging torrents uud completely Hooding the tv.illpy and level
oountry below. At tWilie-ap ranch of
M. L. Bntler -prery V^Hig^was swept
away, and tlm entire BWier family,
consisting of lather, mother and two
children, are reporteil,ig(fya.yj. perished.
Henry Carver, oil a cnTlTn ranch lower
down, was drowned. The Southern
Pacillc (rack was wft*liM'rni-rifv iu hall
a dozen places aud two ' large hrtf got-
At one o'clock on Wednesday 'morning tho bridge over the Pinto river was
swrpl away The water is Mowing fon:
foet dcop over tho (rack iu places,
The distance between tho two main
washouts is about 20 miles nml it is
impossible to gain any idea of tho ex
tent of the damuge.
Thero aro many rumors of loss of
life, but it is impossible to get purlieu-
iurs until tho water subsides. Great
damage wns dime to the cattle uud
sheep ranches.
Sh Paul. Juno ill,���Joseph A. Richardson was bronght before Judgo Hun-
born in the United States circnit.. court
today ou a writ of habeas corpus but
tho case wus continued until tomorrow.
Richardson is wanted nt Winnipeg on
a charge of embezzlement nud hu was
held by United Stntes Commissioner
Spencer for extradition.
London, Out., Jnuo 16.���Tho Loudon street Railway hns resumed almost
complete day service on all Hue's, but
the public show no disposition to pnf-
rouizo tho cars.
3,500 ARE OUT.
ore   ititiitlii-i-*-   on   tho Mtnuafotn   Dock
Were I'livtl ou Last NtgUt.
Buffalo, Juuo 15.���Fully S.500 men
are on strike or have quit work along
Ibe docks for various reasons und outside of the elevatlug of grain uo work
is being douo. The freight handlers
held a big meeting tonight nnd deoided
to remain out until the demand of the
Kite housemen for tiu increase of one
cent nn hour more iu wages is granted.
The ore handlers on the Minnesota dock
wbo wero fired ou last night did not go
to work today, declaring thnt they
were afraid to do so. Tbo ore handlers on the other docks have also refused to continue to work until they are
guaranteed protection by the police.
Committees wero appointed lo wait on
Mayor Diehl and Superintendent of
Police Bull and demand this protection.
At the freight hamUeis meeting lo-
night, Organizer Michael Joyce advised
tho men to carry revolvers when they
returned to work. He said it was absolutely necessary for their own protection. President MoMahon of the
Scoopers' union ,1ms promised the active support of the Snoopers' tn Iho
Freight handlers. McMalmn says that
the present trouble is beyond bis control and he is urging President- Kcefe,
of iho Long Shoremen's association, to
como to Buffalo at once. Lust night's
shooting is expected to precipitate a
light by tlm Longshoremen's association as a whole against tlm railways,
steamboat lilies and contractors,
A Swimmer's Sacrifice,
Montreal, June 15.���Henry Richmond, of Bishop's college, Lennoxville,
was drowned lust night whilo trying lo
save a fellow si 11 dent. Half a dozen
students went to within a few yards of
tlm Canadian Pnoiflo bridge on the
Massawipui river for a swim. There
is a bad hole near tlio spot. McGui-
gun, son of K. II. McUuigtin, the gen-
oral superintendent of ihe Grand
Trunk, ventured too fur into tbo deep
wufer. Tho instant ho wns perceived
in distress Henry Richmond sprang to
bis rescue and Micceedod in reaching
him before he sunk for tho third lime,
Afier battling his way for some time, a
Student liy the name of Balfour passed
and he gave his burden to him Balfour succeeded in gaining tho shore
with MoCnigiin iu safely. Henry
Richmond was thus left to swim
ashore, nud being a good swimmer,
Balfour believing he could do this,
gave his entire attention to tiie cure of
MoGnignn. When ho turned to where
he hnd last seen Richmond ho found he
had disappeared, having sunk in the
deepest part ot the hole. Ho was a son
of Kev. It. G. Richmond, of Goflpo.
New Richmond, Wis., June 16.���
Thirty-two new graves wero made lo-
day in lhe two littlo cemeteries of the
town, n constant succession of funerals
threading a passage through the littered streets all dny long. There is still
a largo number of iiiibiiried dead and
save for the fact that a largo number of
coffins failed to arrive today, it is likely the number of ftmerais would have
been ulose to fifty.
Old Not Want War, but Wonld Not
Relinquish Anything���Conclusion
of the British Officers' Trial.
Pretoria, Juue 16.���The volksraad
has resolved to accept President Krn-
ger'n franchise proposals and refer
them to the people before putting thorn
into operation. President Kruger in
thanking tho rami, said that iu these
troublesome times they could uot know
what wns going to happen. England
had uot made even ouo little concession
and he could uot give more. He reminded the ruad that Germany had always stood by them. War, ho asserted,
ho did uot want, hut be would not relinquish anything more.
Tbo trial of alleged former British
officers who wero arrested at Johannesburg on May It! last 011 the charge of
high treusou iu having attempted to
enroll men with a view to u rebellious
outbreak which began here on Juue 0,
terminated today, Tho prisoners were
re man (led.
Brussels, Juuo 15.���Dr. Loyds, the
representative iu Europe of (bo Trans-
vunl republic received today the following conciliatory dispatch from Pretoria: "Tho government does uot make
arbitration n condition of tho concessions. It Will loutlnuo to make concessions oven as regards the franchise
independently of Great Britain's acceptance or non-acceptance of tho arbitration."
London, June 15.���Though sensational papers aro making much of the
blue book on the Transvaal negotiations
issued last night, in which tho British
high commissioner nt South Africa, Sir
Alfred Milner, practically declared it
beyond doubt a case for British Intervention iu the Transvaal. Tho reply
of tho secretary of state for the colonics, Mr. J. Chamberlain, to tho petition
of tho Uitlnuders, removes many apprehensions. Tho text shows it did
not contain threats concerning which
many rumors were afloat and demonstrates Hint there is, therefore, still
timo for the disputants to nr range a
compromise of which signs are not
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Be sure you get I   DAVIS & LAWRENCE
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Snlih-'.th Desecration,
Toronto, .lnno Iii.���A deputation representing tho Sabbath Observance association, waited on tho police commissioners yestcrduy afternoon and presented them with A memorial deploring the
increasing desecration of tho Sabbath
consequent ou Sunday street cars aud
other innovations. They asked, however, for no new laws, but nsked the
police lo euforce tlio present laws prohibiting the hiring of bicycles on Sunday aud selling of soft drinks aud the
opening of refreshment booths-
'ir.uU'llO o) 1 .miimmns uooq 0A1il|
lilt]!(WOK pilM A'u.wima.if) *sj8.-:ojv *lloj|
'Ud]  H.H  Jilj-ll]     11   .IOJJ1I   *[|10   -.Cjllf*   |]*|!lll
poiMnofpn 94n?np|*BO| nqoipiniv ei|x
Siivcral  .InniiiiiIh   iti-Jitlff   III   Hie   llii|if
Thai  M. Dnpfly Will Never
lliilil otticf Again,
Paris,   .lnno 10.���President Lotiuet
received M Poinccare this morning for
tho purpose of intrusting him with the
task of forming a new cabinet.    M.
Poiucaro asked for timo to deliberate,
nud will givo the president   11 definite
reply nt 0 o'clock.
M. Polncare had a consultation this
afternoon wi*h llibot, Sarrieu, Moline,
Pytrnl and Brisson.
I Not a single important journal this
i morning even pretends to regret the
; disnppeurnnc of M. Dupuy, while several rejoice in tho hope that ho will
never hold oflice again. Such unanimity is almost nnprecedented. This
unpopularity, however, does not extend
to any of his colleagues, several of
j whom, it is hoped, will have Rents lu
tho now ministry.
McMioll. Appointed.
Montreal, Juue 15.��� Tho lirst cir-
cnlnr issued over tho signature of T.
G. Shaughuessy, president ef Ihe
O.P.B., is to this eflTeot: "David Mc
Nieoll is appointed assistant 'general
manager. His oflice will be nt Montreal." C. P. H, stock dropped to lift
7-8 iu the loeul stook market today
Tho drop is nscribed to the selling
started in Berlin, which benided the
London market. Berliners are believed to have taken tho resignation of Sir
William Van Home to heart.
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ay fever, loss of smell, deafness nnd *.ll similar diseases.
Mr. C. G. Archer, of Brewer, Maine, wrlies as follows:���"I have had catarrh for
several ycort. Water would run from my eyes and nose for days at a time. About four !
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sm*��ii. 330. f .
SO LE>   B-V   O. A.   WABBSN
A Plantation Robbed.
Havana, June 15.���Particulars hnve
been received here of an outrage by
outlaws on a plantation nt San Francisco, near Gnaujay. On Snuday night
ten mon mounted and well armed.
surrounded the house of Frauoisco and
Muuuel Montelougo, brothel's aud owners of the plantation, aud demanded entrance. The Montelongos opened Are,
whioh the thieves returned, killing
Francisco. They then fored an entrance aud carried away all the valuables, leaving Manuel bound. Last
night n band, persumably the same
party, attacked farms at Pepilla a* d
Serflua, where the Ouban guards drove
them off, killing a negro named Antonio Mirnles. Major Geueral Lee and
Senor Dolz, tho eivil governor of Piiiar
del Rio, havo beeu notified of the outrages nud asked to seud troops to a
mini ber of small towns.
Venezuela Commission.
Paris, Juue 15.���The preliminnr informal meeting of the counsel engaged
in tho Venezuelan arbitration took
place at the ministry of foreign affairs
this morning. Tho meetings of the
Venezuelan commission will lie held in
tlm apartment placed at the disposal of
tbe Spaniih���American pence commission. The first formnl meeting ofthe
commission will take placeitt 11 o'elonk
Thursday morning.
Owen Sound, June 15. ��� Tho**,
Yonng, fireman, employed by tlm
Owen Sound Dredge Oo , fell from the
tug Bover nud was drowned in the
Georginu Buy.
�����-pi��nnlw tint Hint
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Bonn of Imluilca.
Atlantic il Itt
"Will be inaugui-.ted on
The Quiokeit Time Between
CONTINENT���       ���
Expres. Service via Grow.
Neat Route to the
Oolden, B. O., lo Toronto in 71 honra
Oolden, B. O., to Montreal iu 76 "
(lolilcii. B. 0., to New York in 811 "
Oolden, B.C., to Coast iu DU "
Oolden, B. 0., to Nelson lu 14 "
Oolden, B. 0., to Calgary iu 17    "
Golden to the East via
Lake Route in 90 hours.
Improved Bervice on all local lines.
Excursion Tickets to all points.
Arbitration Still Pomlble.
Loudou, Jnne 15.���-All Ihe special
dispatches lo the Ijonilou morulng pap.
ers from tho Hague discuss the attitude
of Geruiuu.v uud the correspondents gen
t-rully agree thnt it is still pos&ilbe that
the arbitration scheme may be adopted.
The correspondent of the Timfs says:
"There is such u conciliatory spirit ou
all sidos tliat it is uot easy to believe in
uu untoward issne Irom uuy differeuce
of opinion between oue or more powers
uud lhe rest.
The correspondent of Iho Standard
���ays: "Tho work of t.-.o arbitration
committee is procieding in a smooth
uud frieudly manner that warrants thi-
expectation of a fuvorable result.
The HiiBiie, Jrue IS.���Tbe Red
Crass subcommittee of the peace conference has reported in favor ot applying tho Ooueral cooveutiou to naval
warfare. This is regarded as n highly
ituporlaut advance.
J. W. Welllrand Head.
Medicine Hat, June 15.���Mr. J. W.
Wellborn), oue of the earliest settlers in
Muuitoba aud tbe Northwest died this
morning. Mr. Wellband canio to Winnipeg iu ISIII, retnrniug tho next year
to Orillia for his family. He was well
kuowu by the boot and shoo trade of
Winnipeg in the early day., removing
to Medicine Hat iu 1884. Ho leaves a
wife aud fonr children all of whom reside in Medicine Hat, being Mrs. P. 0.
Potts, Mrs. J. n. Parker, Miss Kilitli
and Harry Wellbaud. Mr. Wellband
was hlglhy esteomed by all iu this com*
Alaskan Boundary.
Loudon, Jnne 16.-���The IT S. ambassador has jnst received from the foreign
oflice a communication on the Alaska
question which it is understood Is n
satisfactory temporary arrangement of
the affair.
Officials of tho foreign offico while
unwilling lo discuss Ihe details, assure
the Associated Press that Alaska din*.
cullies have been praciicully smoothed
over uutil the meeting of the high com
mission iu August.
���  A. 0. V. W. Supreme Lodge.
Indianapolis, Ind., June IB.���The
opening session ol ine sufr-me lodge
A. O. U. W. wos held yesterday.
Supremo Master Workman Sessions, of
Sioux Falls, N.D., read his report. He
reviewed the work of tbe. organisation
during the (lost year aud reconiuieuded
tliat aftei August 1st. 1800 uo person
be admitted to the order as n beneficiary member whose occupation Is extra hazardous.
Ai Siilix, Iowa, live meinliel-. nl a tnrin.
Of', family wero killed liy ii cyclone.
Steamers leave Fort William:
Manitoba, every Tuesday;
Alberta, every Friday;
Athabasca, ever; Sunday:
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neare.1 uuent. or .ddren
Traffic M.n>s��r.
HULL   BROS &   CO.,.
���Wh-iloBjlo nml Retail���
Cattle, Sheep aod Horse Dealers.
..Mining Engineer..
M. Am'll lint. H. E,
AK.nt for obtaining; Crown Ornnt., dolus
annual nMeuinenl work, etc.
Aililrw.:   QOLDEN,   B.C.
Rubber Stamps,
Orders for Rabtier BUmm nnd Beit) will be
reeelVM at t' e Golden Em Office nnd executed
witli |>r<mi(itllilde.
The Golden Ern Company.
Limited Llaitlllty
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public, Mining, Financial
and Commission Agent.
Deeds attested. Partiei represented in
Police court, Small Debts court end
County court. Accounts collected and
disputed claims adjusted.
Working end Dividend Paying Mines
in various parts of British Columbia.
Gold Quartz, Copper, Gold, and Silver-
Lead I'rcspccti and Develojied Properties
on Bond.
Reports snd information furnished
regarding mining properties.
Stocks in British Columbia mines
bought and sold.
Haggeu's Assay Oflice is now fitted up.
Assays made promptly and osrefully.
Itates on application.
Cable Address :   KANAflAN, Oolden.
Codes in use: Moiemg ft Neal, and
Bedford McNeill.
Li very and Feed Stables
flood Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates
Teaming of all kinds a specialty,
A.   0.   HAMILTON,
flOLDRN, il. 0.
A supply of Bulldlns Lima lor ���>!..
Han. prepared.  Prompt attention
given to onlen.
.   HOTEL.
Oood   arcommotUtlt-n   foi   lirnapcotol-l  end
Freighter*.  Plrat-flu. meiils.
*^|WE   PRINT^*sg*<|
I11L1,  HEADH,
RECEIPT and  '
Send us yonr orders.
That is what we are here for.
Tie Golden-Ira Coipany,
Address:   UOLDEN, U. C.
Headquarters for CommertM.1 Men,  Two Commodious Sam
p)e Rooms,    Baggage Transferred Free.    Hot
and Cold Baths.
Bates 12.00 Par Say.
Choice Wines, "Uiuors and Cigars. 0-or.DEJsr Eka.
Fwlhart Ware U-a-uModly   Human   nnd It
The early fathers went very htiiuan,
and differed from one another In many
belle U and opinions. None of them would
hare escaped tbe stake as a herello In ths
12th century, had he then ad moated ona
or more of his peculiar view* But In tht
primitive ages they spoke freely and with
wonderful bolilne.w, deiiounr-lng the evils
of paganism, and exhorting their brethren
to lead Ihe higher life according to a
purely Christian standard. Jt in strange,
at u time when questions of ritual are
fiercely argued among us, that ao little
reference is to be found, to the known
customs and teachings of the primitive
The ohurch had two distinctive surra*
inents, that of eonimunlon and that of
baptism. Pliny reported, in 113 A.I)..
that In Pontus the Christians met before
dawn and sang hymns to Christ, "as
thcilgh to God." They gathewd afterward
at an "Innocent meal." and they taught
the simplest human duties, swearing to
observe moral law, against which there It
no condemnation. Their crime lay in
refusing to incense to the deified Caesar,
u scruple leading to suspicions of treason.
Their met'tlng.H were held on a "stated
day," and were apparently secret, bcoause
the Christian toe hales were not enrolled
mining tie Hotuml clubs of  the  empire.
In Palestine the brethren met on Hun-
day, to read the Prophet* nnd tho teaching of Apostles, bt sing hymns and offer
prayer, and to join In theagapae or social
meals, during the conr.-w of whioh wine
mingled with-water and bread, wero set
before the pro-dill tig brother, who gave
thanks to God "through" Christ and the
Spirit, for these blfsslngs; and all the
people answer ml Amen. This ceremony
* they called Kncharljitor "thanksgiving,1'
antl the president ollWi-.i rhe.su prayers
"as well us he could," In mem try of that
last supper coiumn-id-ml by Him who
spake while yet tn the flesh and while
his bl-xtil wai yet unshed.���BI.i.ikwJ."i:i's.
fllnird's Liniment Curen Dipt he Ha.
A      fit j-      Nn led     for     11*     Ni'W**i>jt|iM**l,
I.lliriiila-1  mtd  Neltitn ��,
Munlerldni Is noted for its lutelrl^e.icu.
Tt Is a dry of nowsp-ipars, libruiim nnd
mhtuh There Is u iiiil-lnnul library which
contains gsj.OUO v.ilumes. It has a n.itlonal
iiiusuum, in which theru am Hrt,0OU
object.*, Ic is the center of intelligence
for the country, and the leading dailies,
week!lei and monthlies are published
here Must of the dailies are in Spanish,
but theru are two daily Kngllsli newspapers and an Italian newspaper, and
also one In French.
As to the school Fystem, this Is steadily
Improving, There are MM) more schools
In Uruguay now than there were In
|S7ii, although as yet orly nine pur cent,
of thu population at-t.-nd them, nad the
majority of the com mon people cannot
read and wilte. There are now In the
neighborhood of "J, 000 school teachers, of
whom more than two-thirds aro women.
Teachers are well paid, the average being
about $:<�� a month. Most of the teacher*
are foreigners, there being only UOlt native
teaohers in the l.HW) In servlna. Normal
schools have, however, been established,
and thero will be nn Increased number of
native teacher* In the future.
Montevideo has a university with 85
professors and 649 students. Tho course
in this Is very complete, law, medioiun,
engineering and the ordinary college
studies being taught. It Is supported by
the Government. The Government also
supports an Industrial school, which has
218 pupils, and a military col leg.., which
has 4H pupilt.
Tha country has u goad postal and
telegraph system in well.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Ucaan Minuter*.
The Oceanic, recently launched at Belfast, Is the biggest vessel afloat. The first
steamer that crossed the Atlantlo was the
Savannah. Her displacement was 850
tons. Thu voyage wus effected In 2d days
and the ship herself -was regarded as a
wonder. That Is 80 years ago. Forty
years biter the wonder of the Hitvannah
was lost In the marvel of the Great Kast-
ern. Like the Savannah, the Great Kast-
trn was a poddiewheeler. Subsequently
come the Persia. The old packets which
took forover to cross the ocean vanished.
I'or the rich and opulent there was the
opportunity to go to Europe In less than
two weeks. Twenty-five years Ago ten
days was a fast trip. The first to do better wai the Servlu. Then from their
kennels one nfter the other the greyhounds emerged. La-:t year enme tha
Kaiser Wil helm, with a speed of about 88
knots and a displacement of 30.000 tons.
- In a recent announcement It was stated
that If this ship were set ou her stern nt
tbe side of the 87-storey Ht. Paul building on Broadway she would be mare than
twice as high. Were the same operation
performed with the Oceanic she would
soar AO feet higher. How fait sho goes
we are uninformed. But for the moment
the detail Is unimportant. Asanmlng thnt
���be makes the trip tn six days, and re-
meniberlng .that the Huvannali made It
In 3d, tho question at once arises how
iraiiy years will It lie hofnrn ooean travel
time*Is sequestrated ail space abolishedf
-Kdgur Haltus In Collier's Weekly.
Jllnanls I Inlment Cared(Jar-getItiCowi
Tb* ProflUbU Ag* for Whiter I-uraia.
"At what age tl tt moat profitable to
keep hens for winter layers*" The wise
ones tell ni that pullets of any of the
better varieties that are hatched early
enough In the season to reach maturity,
nnd begin laying In the fall, will continue throughout tbe winter with short
periods of Intermission, provided, of
course, that they ere fed and cared for
tn suoh a manner as to promote tbe egg*
making process. We are also told that
hens of the heavier varieties nre as their
best when two years old, and that a
larger per oent, of their eggs are fertile,
nnd produce finer, healthier chicks than
those hatched frotn pullets' e^gs. Of the
imallec and more active, the n n-slttlng
breeds, hens oan he ke^twltl p-oflt until
, flr�� ypsrs old ��� The Cable.
Safe Hall Insurance.
Tbe Manitoba Farmers' Mutual Hail
Insurance Oompany, with its head of
floe at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Is an organisation every farmer should investigate, as every farmer needs safe and
reliable protection to his crops from
tbe destructive bail storms. This oorn*
pany is incorporated under tbe laws of
. tbe Provinoe of Manitoba by some of
the leading farmers and business men
of tbe Province, The Oompany issues
to its members a five-year policy with
protection of f 800 on a quarter aeotion.
Every policy bolder ia a member ef the
Oompany and eligible to tbe election of
( offloe at the annual meeting. For
further Information apply to B. A.
- Taylor, 808 Melutjre Block, Winnipeg,
J". ID. O'Bhien,
148 Princess St., Winnipeg.
Private wlMvonncction with all markati.
Grain bought and carried on margin.
Correspondence Solicited.
Wheat prioes have declined considerably iu all markets during the past
week. The condition of Ihe winter
wheat crop has not improved and there
have beeu very unfavorable reports
from Russia and Ronmauia, where the
drought still continues, and the crops
are said t*j be in very bad condition.
The principal cause of the drop in
prices has been the very large movement of wheat if the northwest aud Ihe
perfect condition ot tbe growing spring
wheat crop. Tbere baa beeu a, decided
improvement in the export demand and
a verv considerable business bas been
done thia week. It ie usually a diM-
oult matter to advance prices in June
when all vegetation looks at its best,
but the fact remains that supplies will
be only moderate and prines are now
on an export basis. A recovery from
the depression is likely and an unfavorable change iu the spring wheat prospect would result iu a good advance.
That the farmers benefit directly
from the fair it may be pointed out tbat
laat year 112,000 waa paid out in hard
cash as prises. It is clearly evident
that* society that gives away this
muoh every year to encourage agriculture, stock raising, horticulture, manufactures, the fine arts, etc, is no
small factor in building up the industries of the country. Ever since it
started over 71! per cent, of the prize
money in each year has been paid out
to the people of Manitoba and tbe
northwest living outside the city of
Winnipeg. Nothing m ore is needed to
prove this is what it claims to be���a
great industrial exbibitlou for the benefit of the wboie oountry and not a sideshow for the benefit ot any one part or
class of the province.
One of the features of the Winnipeg
fair that never fails to impress visitors
from a distance ia the grand parade of
magnificent live stook. This is a feature tliat it advertised at a good many
fairs but the management are not able
to get the stook out as is the custom In
Winnipeg for a grand parade through
the grounds and around tbe speeding
ring. People who have never seen this
feature cannot form a good conception
ot the high grade stook and number of
pure bred horses in Iho province.
Though Manitoba is but a young provinoe it contains a large number of
men who go in for high class stock, and
the consequence ia that when these
animals are all gathered together they
never fail to create a most favorable
impression on tbe visitor whether from
the east or south.
In addition to the number of herds
of high class cattle entered for prizea.
tbe herd of Premier Greenway, which
haa taken a number of prizea in the
past, will be on the ground, but not
entered for prizea. The fame of this
herd haa reached all parts of the con
tinent, and it is among the possibilities
that it will be seen at some of the big
American nr eastern shows during the
coming season. The cattle show has
always beeu a great feature of the fair,
and those who take an interest in stook
cannot afford to miss the snow that
will he made this year.
Til. Ilii��ucct>.aful Author.
"In one respect." snid Uie mistii-cesH-
ful author. "Kipling ought to be �� very
hupp)* num. I understand he has hnd
10.000 callers during his illness. Now,
in my own case it was different. I re*
member once ��� 1 was laid up for six
weeks, and when 1 heard who had
called to pay their respects I tried hard
lo diel Of 40 who left their cards S3
wero bill collectors, who hoped I would
pull through! As 1 said, I tried hard to
dlsuppplnt them, bnt I got well in spite
of all 1 could do, witb the it-isistuuce of
the doctors, snd they were the first to
congratulate me on my recovery; actually said tliey hud been praying for
The following testimonial Is only one nf the
hundreds daily received by the Proprietors oi
Japanese Catarrh Cure. Couiiii-g from British
Columbia* where, owlntr tu extreme dampness
of the I'Uimite, uiitarrh u more prevalent anil
more difficult to cure than in other part*, makes
ft more valuable. Mr. James Parr, of the well-
known firm of J. k E. A. Parr, Clillllwliick. U.
C, writes: "I have lieen very builly troubled
wilh catarrh for year*, und tried all lhe advertised remed'es and many doctors, but in every
wis;- the cntarrh came luu-lt. One year u\tu 1
purchased nz boxes of -Japanese Catarrh Cure,
and since liiiinliiiitr the jteHtment with tliln
remedy, have not tell thu least m'kh of cntarrh.
Holding Ont Hope,
Yes. the slender girl with the pale.
serious face was confident she conld net.
"Can yon sing und pin; the month
organ ut the same time?" asked the
manager of the theater, not unkindly
"No, sir." faltered the girl.
"Then," said the manager, "go ond
learn to do tht?se and come back here,
and I may be able to give yon u job
washing windows."
For he conld not And It in bis heart
to discourage the aspirations of one so
Great Industrial Fair
July 10 to 15
Monday���lllflyc I* Day
Tuesday-till lldreir* Day
Wednanday-Farinai-a' Hay
TbarwIajr-CltlMiii' Day
Friday���American Day
Saturday���Ladle*' Pay
ALL Canada should nee the marvellom prod*
nets of the Wmn and lhe wonderful capabilities It afford* ns a grain-growing and stock"
railing country.
CO*K to lha  Winnipeg Industrial.   ��16,000
offered In prises.   Competition open to the
TO those of tbe Wait a never-to-be-forgotten
object lesson ef the country's advancement
and a stimulus to greater effort.   .      ".'���,*
WINNIPEG will welcome all.  The railroad
companies offer greatly reduced  passenger
rate*. Lire stock and other exhibits carried
FAIR���The great holiday carnival of the year.
Grand Bland acoommodMion for Ji,ouo. Attractions most brilliant and entertaining that
ever appealed In the West.  One day as good
K another.  Avoid the crush by coming early
the week,
Prise lists, programme*, nnd all other Information can be obtained an application to
Wm. DRVDON.        V. W. BK1IBACH,
President,        General Manager.
Winnipeg.   .      Winnipeg, Man.
STT Hherbourne Street, Toronto.
My nephew, WilHani Beutlev, wn�� also Hit l ml
ith catarrh that It wns unpleasant to -	
Jm; he hiw also   been   cured   by
Catnrrh Cure.   We keen il for sale in inii'Mur
nnd know of many other* similarly iilllieted
who have been cured. Japanese < 'utarrli Cure
is guaranteed to cure nny case nf catarrh, Sold
by all Druggists. A five wimtile will be dent to
nnv person huITciIiik wilh thin disease. Em-lorn.'
live rent slump. Aililress Tliu liritlltbs &
Macpherson Ci., Toronto.
The Othcra Snickered.
The Lund hi ily���la tbere any fault
with thnt beefsteak, Mr. Grimsby?
Grimsby���Oh. no; the fault iB with
my teeth. They are too dull to go
through anything much stronger than
A   Wife   Who   Fancies   Henelf   to   He  a
Must Artful Ilustiand .Manager.
"I maniigB my husband; I manage
that man su beautifully ho never dreams
he Isn't having his own Bweet will. He Is
a regular donkey. His mother told mo
before wo wore mnrrlod thut Iiu wus thn
.most mulish hoy nny mother uvor hud to
contend with, that nmny's the time she
spunked him up n whole flight of steps,
one step at u time, boouuso the little
rascal wouldn't walk up. You think I
was brave to marry him after suoh a
warning? Well, I always did have little
ways of getting around people, and I
knew I could get along with Ned. He
does some really haul kicking, If you
will pardon the vulgarity, but If I wult
loug enough he comes around as docile
as a lamb.
"Wu wanted a rug for our sitting
room. Thu shabby thing lu lt made my
eyes ache. 1 raised a tempest lu a teapot
bv suggesting u new one. I let Mr. Ned
growl until he grew tired, then 1 wit
down and figured thut |6 a week wived
from my house money would give mo
tho rug I wanted In just five weeks.
"I began with baked beans. You know
We have a hot supper at our house, not
dinner. I followed up thu beans with
cold corn boef, sliced, and tho next night
I had lt hashed. Than wo hud veal stew.
This dish started Ned's lm
" 'Come, Kit, whut nre you up to?
Havo you lost your house money .that we
aro being fed du such truck}1'
" 'Truck! Why, Ned Carter, you are
out of your mind. We huve the most
WholosoTUe food going, and I repeated
the bra In build Ing qualities of some of the
things we were eating. He snorted nud
then I unfolded to him my plan for getting the rug. He looked black, but didn't
say muoh.
"Not long after this my husband usked
If I would like to go to the theater. 1
nipped that plan right In the bud   with:
" 'Like lt? Of course I would like lt,
hut we can't afford theater tickets. And
besides, I haven't a decent pair of gloves,
and I am pretty sure I urn not going to
buy u pair.'
"And when Aunt him sent for me to
como to her silver wedding I sat right
down on the proposition and wrote her
wu were too poor to travel. One day homo
came thu rug, the very rug 1 hud want
ed, nnd ut night uli my husband said
" 'Well, Katherlne, I trust now you
havo thut rug you will be able to spend
a dollar without feeling us If you were
on your way to tho poorhousu.'
" 'Wasn't It all clever of mo?* And
tho woman who had heard the story went
straightway to another woman and  said
"That poor Ned Carter, if he Isn't a
tJWlgervii hunbnini; r ntnitllU tfilUk he
would hate lt, She thinks she is an
angel of goodness. She Is a regular
shrew." Then was told the tale of the
rug, and the woman who heard It exclaimed:
"Managing! Sho rails that managing,
does she? 1 call It browbeating of the
worst sort."
At  Hymen'*  Altiir.
While the wedding service Is proceeding
In Japan, the bride kindles a torch, and
the bridegroom lights a Are from It and
burns the wife's playthings.
The Swedish bride fills her pockets
with bread, which sho dispenses to everyone she meets on her way to church,
evory piece she disposes of averting, us
sbe believes, a misfortune.
Miners marry at an earlier age than
any other class uf society, Following
them. In due order, come artisans, laborers, clerks, shopkeepers and farmers.
The Independent classes show the smallest percentages of any.
A curious law exists in the Bermuda
Islands. If a woman born and roared In
Bermuda and holding Inherited property
in the colony falls in love with an alien
of any nation and marries him, all real
estate hold by her at the time of such
marriage becomes tliu property of the
Colonial Government.
When one receives nu invitation to a
wedding in Cairo, Kgypt, it Is an important ovent, because, Instead of being asked
for a ten minutes' church ceremony or u
brief evening reception, the Invitation
reads for three days, There Is feasting
during all this timo and the house and
streets are liberally decorated with flags
and lanterns.
Providing marriage portions for the
young girls ts the object of a Government
fund In Italy. It would be almost Impossible for a girl of that country to Im
married without a dowry, and this form
of charity Is said to be most highly appreciated by the recipients. The annual
sum subscribed for this purpose and distributed every year Is 18,600,000. The
recipient has to prove a good character
and reputation by many witnesses, to
show that she bas no means available and
that tho young man who wishes to
marry her haa a trade.
Huuiely OtiMrvMttou-a.
The proud father Is always anxious to
give his first baby a-wolgh.
The success of the man who falls for a
million Is something phcuomenal.
A fisherman has plenty of leisure time
In wblob to think out scaly stories.
Some men are of no more consequence
than a thermometer on a pleasant day.
There are times when the almighty
dollar will not go as far as a little politeness.
Go to tha aunt, thon sluggard���consider her ways, and keep away from
your ."uncle."
After a woman reaches tho age of SO
It Is Impossible to convince her that the
good all die young, .
The undoing of the work that Satan
finds for idle hands to do furnishes employment for a lot of other people.
A Sermon un Money.
A colored exhorter said recently, In the
course of a sermon on "Money, tho Great
"My brotherln', money cause mo*
trouble In dis worl' dun nnyt'lng I
knows on. Kuo' is, de debll am In du
dollah t When I see a man wld a pocket
full of money, I say to myse'f, 'Dars a
man what needs a guardeen,' an' I feel*
des like takin' him home an' lockln' up
dat money fo' him. Kf enny of you, tn
de hearln1 ob my voice, Is got money on
to' pusson, bring It right heah, and lay
it on de altar, an' go yo' ways, an'
lemrne pray oberlt, tlllablessln' come to
It Doan wait to count It; des como fa'-
ward an' unload!"
Jipes���Well, zur, I come ag'in tf
thank ye fer savin my boy from drownin
this mam in, at tho risk of yer own loife
The Sqnire���Oh, that will do, my
man���that will do.
Jipes���Then���maybe yer honor baint
got 'arf a crown to 'elp a poor man to
drink yer 'ealtb. siur.��� Ally Sloper.
Dear Sirs,���I cannot sp?tik too
strongly of the exoelleucu of MIN'
edy in my household for bur as, sprains
etc., and we would not be wifbont it.
It is truly n wonderful medioine.
Publisher Arnprior Chronicle.
llloekltiK Ilia (inmt*.
"When I mn telling a man a story.
1 atop short if I sec u peculiar gleam in
his eyes."
"Does it mean that he hns heard it
"Nn; it means thnt he isn't listening
because he ia thinking np the one ho intends to tell me."
He Waa a Stranger.
Mnriar���Did them new friends o'
yonrn tis ye went down to Vork to visit
take ye out much, Eben?
Eben (darkly)���Nut much, Matiar,
not much, bnt tliey took me in a whole
The great demand for a pleasant, safe
and reliable antidote for all affections of
the throat and lungs is fully met with in
Illckle's Antl-Consumptive Syrup It Is
a purely Vegetable Compound, and acts
promptly antl magically In subduing all
coughs, colds, bronchitis, Inflammation
of the limits, et-*?. It Is bo palatable that
a child will not refuse lt, and Is pat at a
price that will not exclude the poor from
its benefits.
The Provocation.
"Now," said Mrs. Cninrox, "we
mnst have a few hundfuls of rice on
liund for the bridal couple."
"A few hundfnls of rlcel" echoed
her husband. "Ncnsensel Find out
when*) tbey ore going to Bet up honse-
keeping aud send 'em nromid n few
hums and a barrel of Hour. "
Which is why Mr. Cnmrox got another of ti*e*m fitUoring looks. ��� Wllflll-
iugton Star.
A llnabund'a Vlllalnona Snaweatlon.
"Here's nn awfnl thing in this paper, "said Mrs. Henpeck; "about burglars out west binding and gagging n
woman while her husband stood by
without offering the slightest assistance."
"He certainly took chances, didn't
he?" returned Henpeck, 'but then may-
he he thought they were capable of doing it unaided.'*
THEY ARE A POWERFUL NERVINE.���Dyspepsia causes derangement of
the nervous system, end nervous debility
once engendered Is dlfllcult to deal with.
There ure many testimonials as to the
oltloaoy of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills in
treating this disorder, showing that they
never fall to produce good results. By
giving proper tone to the digestive organs
tbey restore equilibrium to the nerve
Payment With Tbanka.
Crlnisonbenk���When I visit my old
town. I always pay a visit to my old
Yeast���Well, I suppose it'fl only
right that yon should pay her something, old man.���Yonkers Statesman,
The Uame In Saiuon,
"Do yon feet like a king nt last)'
asked the devoted friend of Mataafu.
"I do," was the answer. "I feel like
a king who is liable to be trumped any
Cure of
Salt Rheum.
The permanent cure after permanent cure that is being published
week by week has placed Burdock
Blood Bitters far above all other
remedies in the estimation of the
sick and suffering.
Even the sevei est and most chronic diseases that other remedies
fail to relieve yield to the blood
purifying, blood enriching properties of B.B.B.
Salt Rheum or Eczema���that
most stubborn of skin diseases,
which causes such torture and is so
difficult to cure with ordinary remedies���cannot withstand B. B. B.'s
healing, soothing power.
The case of Mrs. Jas. Sanderson,
Emerson, Man., shows how effective B.B.B. is in curing Salt Rheum
at its worst, and curing it to stay
cured. .
This is what she wrote:
" Burdock Blood Bitters cured me of a
bad attack of Salt Klieum three year. ago.
It was so severe that my finger nails erne
ofT. I can truly say lhat 1 know of no
more valuable medicine in the world than
B.B.B. ll our.d m. completely and
permanently, at I have never had a touch
of Salt Rheum since."
Women Need
Not Suffer
From those terrible side
aches, back aches, headaches aud the thousand and
one other ills which make
lLe full of misery.
Most of theso troubles are
due to Impure, imperfectly
filtered blood���the Kidneys
are not acting right and in
cotisot^ieuce the systom is
being poisoned with iuipuri-
are  daily proving themselves woman's
greatest friend uud 'benefactor.
Here is uu instance:
firs. Hurry Fleming, St. Mary's, N.B.,
says: "The uso of Dunn's Kidney Pilla
restored me to complete health. The
first Byniptoins I noticed in my case were
severe pains in the small of my buck
and around the loins, together with
general weakness and loss of appetite.
I gradually became worse, until,
hearing of Dunn's Kidney Pills, I got a
box from our druggist.
I am pleased to testify to their effectiveness in correcting tbe troubles from
which I suffered.
Its Use.
"What's tho use of a pence conference i" inquired tho skeptic.
"A great deal of use!" answered the
diplomat indignantly. "It's a barometer. If we can get through u peace conference without a fight it will be u
pretty good sign tliat we can get
through several years without a general
Sllt-ncf Ih tjuld-eu.
"How did yon get home from the
club the other night"/"
"Oh, all right: only my wife wns so
angry with uie that she wouldn't apeak
to niel"
"You always were lucky I My wife
did speak!"���Heitere Welt.
Dr. Thomas' Kolectrlo Uli should be used
by persons troubled with affeotions of the
throat or lungs, sores upon the ekin,
rheumatic pain, corns, bunions, or external injuries. The reasons are, tbat it
Is speedy, pure and unobjectionable,
whether taken internally or applied outwardly.
���Imillee In Freaky.
"A Kentucky paper came ont BO"ie
time ago and said it had found ue
meanest mult in tho nation."
"It said he lived in a certain sect' n
of tiie state, and a man at once got np
uud said he was the fellow."
"That was funny I"
"Oh. 1 don't know about that. He
sued the paper nnd got $fi(l0damages."
���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Overexerting Himself,
"Of course,' said Mr. Meek ton'a
wife,'"a man nnd his wife are one."
"Not in our case, Henrietta," lie
answered with superabundant polite
ness. "In our case a mun and his wife
are at least eight and a half I'm the
half "
An 1'iiiiniml OftVr.
If you are at all skeptical about trying
Griffiths' Menthol Mnlment your druggist will sell lt with the understanding
tbat If not entirely satisfactory your
-aaoBojr ix.ok. vao it for rheuiuatlum,
neuralgia, sprains, bruises, muscular
soreness, and all forms of swelling and
Inflammation.   All druggists, 95 cents.
How 11 Neemed.
"Remember," said tiie impressive
moralist, "that a man in oflice owes
something to the public "
"That seems to be the impression in
my community," answered the politician gloomily. "Since my election every man, woman and child seems to
think I am in debt to him. "���Washington Star   __^_____
An I'liiirnure-iHlve Settlement.
"Hill writes home," said the old citizen, "thrtt he's only been in New Vork
six weeks, an he's had appendicitis
twice. An yon moot live tt lifetime in
this here dnrned ole settlement an
hont all you conld hope to have would
be plain mumps or measles or slow
fever I'*
MILD IN THEIR AOTION.-Parmelee's Vegetable HIM nre very mild in
their action. They do not cause griping
lu the ftomach or oautt- disturbances
there as so many pills do. Therefore the
most delicate can take them without fear
of unpleasant results Tbey can, too, be
administered to children wltnout Imposing the penalties which foil iw the ubc uf
Dills not bu carefully prepared.
Decline of Art.
The moment art became mercenary
Pegasus balked-
"I'm no livery stable horsel" lie exclaimed, nnd vanished.
Some think the fabled steed of Apollo
is gone forever, while others are inclined to the moro hopeful opinion thut
he is hauling a milk wagon for ids
board somewhere and will be seen nyaiu
when times pick up.
Where  Hit* Trouble Mm.
Tliey were discussing the household
expenses of the future, as young people
will do under snch circumstances.
"In .Iapan,"shu said, with a sigh, as
she thonglit of his Income, "a man can
pay fur u house, food and two servants
on $1100 U year."
"But think of the cost nf getting
thero." he answered.- _
There never was, and never will be, a
universal panacea, In one remedy, for all
lis to which flesh Is heir���the very nature
<>t many curatives being suoh tbat were
the germs of other and differently seated
iiscales rooted iu tbe system of the patient���what would relieve one 111 In turn
fl-ould aggravate the other. We have,
lowever, In Quinine Wine, when obtnln-
ible In a sound, unadulterated state, a
-einedy for many and grlovous Ills. By Its
radual nnd judicious use the frailest sys-
ems nre led Into convalescence and
trength bv the Influence whioh Quinine
ixerts on Nature's own restoratives. Il
���vlleves the drooping spirits of those with
vhom a chronic state of morbid despond-
noy and lack of Interest In life Is u disuse, and, by tranquillzing the nerves,
iliposes to sound and refreshing sleep���
imparts vigor u> the notion of the blood,
*hich, being stimulated, courses through
out the veins, strengthening the healthy
unhnal functions of tbe system, thereby
making activity a necessary result,
strengthening tbe frame, and giving life
to tbo digestive organs, whioh naturally
demand Increased substance--result, Improved appetite. Northrop and Lyman, of
Toronto, nave given to tbe publio their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
and, gauged by the opinion of scientists,
this wine approaches nearest perfection
of any in the market.    AU drugglstB sell
E. Gartly Parker
I am offtorlug wine attractive money ntukiii�� stocks Juit now.   It will pay you to
keep tu touch with me.     COPES:    Bedford .11. -Wills. Cloutfir*. Morefuir A- Neall.
^s r Td.i' Soap inllieWod^
llllBiMAoetvliil WM
4*>I^!&-i!��i!fiJk^!-iiT^T'��.*TiiT��iT> sli **> *T* jt-iil* M*i!*4^!iMii!4^!*i*J!-t^!'ii
FIRST in 1851.   -X-   FOREMOST in 1899
for the Least Money.
4 ?�����
>��v*<->**->.'-'.V-v'*��**iAV*,.-.'>}V\_- .,/.">*?.^Tij.Ti>!4^!i^!4i!4i!v!4^!4*^
&i&$ffi>ni?Sl?*l?'ii*liik*'k*'t*%i --.wi*. .,?.-.* *.v *,�� #,-. ..v .-.*. /,. .-���-. -���.*.. .
It's no Trick
Steamers Kecnora, Edna Brydgcs, City of
The steamer Kecnora will leave Rut Portoge
���very Monday, Wednesday nnd Saturday nt 0
p. in. for Fort France**- Mina Centre, and all
points on Knlnv River and Kninv Luke. For
rates, etc., apply to any Cnnadlnn Pacific Hy.
agent or to��� . ���
OEO. A. GRAHAM, Manager,
Rat Purtagu, Ont.
Lnrge catalogue frt>e.
THE REin RItOS., 1ST King West, ToronH
HccntiBD the roof wai rorcred wit li an American paper feltlntf, Instead uf the celebrated
Which has never been known to crarlc, being
Paper becomes bridle anil cannot stand the
frost ni min.
Send for Sample.     Send stump.
7 0S   M.ln   HI.,  -tVilHillH'K.
Importer- of Oroc.rl.a ���������� * J'-!?'"'".
-..,..-. I..S.4 II.Unmet.
Write DS. Hamilton,Out. L.S.& Il.S|ii.e.
LhitImkun, Uiikoiih. Hhi rii-v-., Wliiaiulll.'
*c.   IIICKSIUTT PLOW CO., ��'luiili>.(.
BRITANNIA, BEAVER and BUFFALO are the finest India and
Ceylon TEAS packed. Put up by
MacKENZIE k MILLS, Winnipef
(All matin tills -rtisou from Pure Mnniln Hemp)
Ank fin Price, nml Bampt.*..   Sptrrlnl In-
(liii'i'iiii'iitH lo cttrlimil iln'-i'i-ri.
(Limited)) Toronto.
Mun it fiirt ii tits of Maul In and Sinai
llliuli'i- Tivli.ii and Hope ��*f overy il��-
script Ion.
Kiari'j Unintent Cares Colli, etc.
Greatest Boom
Daring mon tin of Juue nud July wo
will offer for Rale, both retail nnd
wholesale, oar entire stock at Wiuuipeg
of 50,000 rolls of Wall Puper.
We purpose clcsing ont this hruuoh
of our business, and to (hie end wc
shall offer even more than special inducements during tho Fair week nt
Also n beautiful lino of framed pictures included iu sale.
If unable to oall on us, Eend for  MAWttJA Bitot, im Priaww St., Wlattow
samples.    Mention price* and rooms to        &��&$'SotatKOT?&"**
be papered. ,     WB MAKE Fubnaobs too
Instimi Its tnombor, ii|r.ilu*l los, or .Inning.
from lir.il. uml irivi'R prompt adjustment anil
pay. .11 los*ii<8 tn full.   Adill-UH.
K. A. TATl.Olt. -Unniwr,
J ��k them ul
11 M dellibt.l
(Min.   If art
-ro. W1UI....
witli rmlt..	
Women always strongly object to be tickled, but
when tickled the proper way they like it.
Men are never so grateful as whe you tickle their
palates with some choice edible.
McDERMOT has gone into the Tickling business.
Husbands if you want to tickle your wives bring them
heme a
ONLY   $3.00
or a 3 lb caddy of MeDermot's -"Golden Tips"
Ceylon Tea, our own direct importation only $1.00
per caddy, as good or better than Ram Lai's,
Wives if you. care to tickle your husbands get somo
from McDERMOT'S and make your meals appetising,
CROSSE & BLACKWELL'S Jams, Jellies, Manna
lades, Pickles and Sauces, Condiments, Vinegars, Table
Salt, Potted Meats, Anchovies, MARSHALL'S Herring,
Mackerel, Scotch Herrings, Labrapor Herrings, Digby
Chickens, Bombay Ducks, Olives,Mango-melon, Mango
Chutney, China Soy, Sayer's Relish, lllue-label Catsup,
Snider Catsup, Patterson's Sauce, Oneida community,
Table delicacies���Strawberries, Pineapples, Peaches,
Try a package of our Flaked Rice.
New Buckwheat Flour Pancakes with pnre home
made Maple Syrup is good truck for breakfast.
Pirie's Butter, Government Creamery Butter in one
pound bloeks, pure and as yellow as virgin gold, and
as hard as blocks of ice can make it.
Fresh Eggs 20cts. per dozen.
Sugar Pickled, Rolled, Spiced Bacon only 12c. per lb
The finest family sugar cured bacon and hams ever
sold in Golden.
G. B. MeDeraiot
Tickler to Her Majesty, or any one else who
has tho coin.
LAKE &   CO.,
have opened as
ATHALMER,    (Salmon Beds)'
Full   Stock of Miners'  Supplies, General
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Kirqptori     &     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining Supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
nnd it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere,  Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
McMillan Fur &WoolCo.
Hlfjficft Prlcet Pali
No Commission Charged
immediate IUtut��n��
200-214 rintT Aim. i
Shipments 6oUclUd. ��������� ���.. Write for Circular.
H. Estell shot a fine silver tip bear
on Canvou Creek the other day.
It ie Intended to a hold a strawberry
festival at the Hospital on Jnly let.    '
Col. Millidue returned by the Duch-
vs on Wednesday from bis bonr-huot-
ng eipedition.
Service at St Paul's Church, Golden,
on Sunday next, June 25th  will be at
30 p.m., evensong nnd sermon.
Tbe police have been ei)<-|uirin�� for a
man who has been workiinr nt Palliser
during the winter, mid who s vianted
on a charge of murder.
T. O'Brien, formerly of Cnlgary, is
arranging to uiifU-rgo ivh -rxunflnttlion
In British Columbia lair with a view
to coimusiicitiL: |*raciee in (Jolifun.
Mr. Welle M. P. P. has t^ken stops
to have the trails in the Windermere
district put in bund at once so as to
have thein cleared and opened for
K B. Bruce, the will known mining;
mnn, returned to WitirierinerB this
wt-ok and will prosecute waive development work ou the properties which
be has taken up there.
Mr. Lenmcii, of New Urunswirk,
anivad in Golden on Wednesday, and
left by thn Dur.heM this morning to
visit the ranch and other Interests
which he has in the Columbia River
0. D. Hoar, tho well-known mining
man of Rovelstoke end the Lurdeati,
arrived in Golden this week with a
view to inspecting tho MuLmu property on behalf of his coitfpsiiy. Mr
Honr Is so pleased with Golden, and
the excellent mineral prospects of tbe
surrounding country, tbat he propesos
to mako bis home here, aud will re*
move his family Irom Revelstoke.
Mr. I\ Kutcham of Piko City, Cal.,
says: "During my brother's late sickness from sciatic rheumatism, Chamberlain's Pain Balm wns tbe only
remody that gave him any relief."
Many others have testified to the
prompt relief from pain which the liniment affords. For sale by all druggists.
Henderson Bros., wholesale ageuts,
Victoria and Vancouver.
The 1S\x Family gave two of their
excellent performances in the Columbia Hall on Monday and Tuesday evenings. The audiences were small but
appreciative. Ou Tuesday evening a
dance was to have taken place at the
conclusion of the performance, but the
disagreeable weather which prevailed
on that evening prevented many from
attending and the danee bad to be
given up. This wns unfortunate as
tho music furnished by lho Nix Family
is of a kind which Goldenites seldom
have tbe privilege of taking advantage
of, No doubt when ibis talonted company return in the fall tbey will be
greeted with bumper houses.
I was seriously afflicted with a
cough -for several years, and last fall
had. a more severe cough than over
before. I have used many rowe-tlre
without receiving much relief, and
being recommended to try a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, by a
friend, who, knowm* m�� to **<��� n *jwt
widow, gave it to me, I tried it, and
with the most gratifying results. The
first bottle relieved me very much and
the second bottle has absolutely cured
me. I have not hud as good health
for 20 years. Respectfully, Mrs. Mary
A. Beard, Cl.iremore.Ark. Sold by all
druggists. Henderson Bros., wholesale agents, Victoria and Vancouver.
Bad management keeps more people
In poor circumstances than any other
oue cause, To be successful one must
look ahead and plan ahead so that
when a favorable opportunity presents
itself he It ready to tako advantage of
it. A little fotethought will also save
much expense and valuable time. A
prudent and careful man will keep a
bottle er Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy in the honse,
the sh if less follow will wait nntil ne-
cessit.y compels it and then ruin his
best honse goine for a doe* or and have
a big doctor bill to pny. besides; one
pays out 25 news, the other is out s
hundred dollursand then wonders why
bis neighbor is getting richer while he
is petting poorer. For sale by nil
druggists, Henderson Bros., whole-""
sale agents, Victoria aud Vancouver.
Hydraullcing. atSurprise Baplds
Mr. Seatfe, Manager of the French
Creek Company, who are operating in
ihe Big Bund, wns in Golden this week
in connection with starting work on
tbe claims which he has locatod nt
Surprise Rapids, on the Columbia river, about 20 miles north of Beaver,
Tho company intend prosecuting ao
the prospecting work, and a small
hydraulic plant will be iustituttd thia
stmson, to bo enlarged ifoircumstanoes
warrant. This is the ground formerly
held by H. E. Foster.
1119 Ufe Was Saved*
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonderful deliverance from a frightful death.
Iu telling it he says; "i was taken
with Tyhoid Fever, that ran into Pneumonia. My lungs became hardened I
was so weak I couldn't sit up iu bed.
Nothing helped me. Iexpected to soon
die of Consumption, when I heard of
Dr, King's New Discovery. One bottle
gave great relief. I continued to use
it, and now am well and strong, I can't
say toe much ia its praise." This marvellous medicine is the surest quickest
cure in the world for all Throat and
Lung Trouble. 50 cents and $1.00. at
any Drug Store: every bottle guaranteed. 2
A. Martin has been getting good
gold lately on his placer property at
the mouth of  Quartz creek at Beaver.
The following claims have been recorded :��� May 23rd, Trinidad, hy J. P.
Peterson, aud Black Prince, by John
Henderson, en the south fork of tho
The annual meeting of the Alberta
and Kootonay Development Company
was held at Golden on Thursday, the
President, Mr. Wells M. P. P. in the
chair, Tbe bjsiuess was merely formal, the directors and officers being
re elected.
Two claims have been located by Jno.
Henderson on the south fork of tbe
Spillimachene on an extension of tbe
lead wbieh was looated on Vermont
Creek two years ago as a coppsr pro
position. Mr. Henderson reports the
lead as widening to 15 feet on the
south fork.
John Henderson and J, P. Peterson
of Rossland, brought Into Oolden thie
week some magnificent ���je;hnnnH of
copper ore from locations which they
have made on Spruce Mountain, on the
middle fork of the Spillimachene. Mr
Peterson says if they had properly like
that at Rossland they could readily
get $100,000 for it.
Governor Mackintosh's latest ven
tii re is the flhwinrd Exploration Company, eapital $7,000,000. The principal assest of the oompany is am option
on Barsnoff Island, an Island in the
Pacific, uortwoMt. of British Columbia.
After discounting the Average assays
mentioned In the engineers' report by
te much as 00 per cant., a gold bearing
deposit to the value of at least $130,000'
000 is leftl
The pain that sometimes strikes a
man at tbe most inopportune moment
Is due to Indigestion. It may come In
the midst of a dinner snd make the
feast e\ mockery. It ia a reminder
thst hs may not eat what be chooses,
nor when he chooses. He Is a slave to
ths weakness of his stomach. A man's
health and strength depend upon what
fas gets out of his food. This depends
on his digestion. Remove the obstruction by taking Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets. Tbey srs s positive oure for
constipation snd Its attendant ills ���
headaches, sour stomach, flatulence,
dixzinoss, biliousness aod "heartburn.*
The "Pellets" are very gentle in tbeir
aerion. They simply assist nature.
Thsy give ao violent wrench to ths
system. Thsy cause no pain, nor
Send 81 one-osnt stamps to cover
cost of mailing only, snd receive hss s
copy of Dr. Pierce1! Medioal Adviser.
Address, World's Dispensary Medical
Association, Buffals, N.T.
Report of W. F. Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist.
This group is owned by Jas. Brady
et al.. and uoosists of four locations in
one block, li miles from Upper Celurn-
Lake and the stage road, and is at an
elavation of 3.&00 feet Or 800 feet above
the lake. The general occurrence of
the ledge is 'here the same as.in the
Sun Lake group, two or three parallel
quwvrra loJrt** Oil    A     ritlgS    2BO     IO   000
feet above tha surrounding country.
Tbe out-crops vary from 20 to 60 feet
iu width aud maintain a general N.
and S. directian, showing on three of
the claims   '
West Ledge.--On ths Jupiter claim
an o|ieu cut, lfiO feet loug, has been
run and the ledge cross-cut some 25ft.
From this open cut an Inclined shaft
has been sunk for UO feet near tbe
hanging wall.
Eust Ledge.���The east Isdge is large
And has been exposed on tbe Jupiter
aad North Jupiter in a series of opeu
Ou the west ledge the quarti contains a certain amount of galena in
places, together with iron pyrites, but
neither as yet exposed in very appreciable quantities. The mineralisation,
however, is stronger thau on Sun Lake
or Thunder Hill. Should subsequent
development reveal ore iu sufficient
quantities to be worked, the properties
are so situated as to be cheaply operated and the oro could be readily transported to tbe Thunder Hill concentrator whioh, however, would have to be
remodelled to suit the ore.
This group, owned by Jas. Brady,
tt al., consists of four claims, one of
which Is Crown-granted, the others
being locations. A largo amount of
work bas beeu done on these properties
sai-i to aggregate $12,000, inclusive of
tho mine buildings, and this not taking into account a tramway of almost
two miles in length connecting the
mine witb the miilsiteon the lake, to
be noticeii later.
Iu a general wny tbe conditions Are
the same as irevail In the two groups
already described. At tbe point where
the main workings are, thero it .a
quarts ledge about 100 feet wide which
has here been faulted snd thrown to
the west about 50 feet and nearly st
right angles to tbe ledge. For about
50 fast on tbe line of thie fault, where
where the two ends of the ledge corns
together, there appears to have been
s rather considerable deposit of galena,
whioh min lit bo described at a chimney
of ore, This has now been taken out
to a depth ol about 60 feet, sod was
tbs deposit on which ths property was
starrsd, and to trsat whioh ths concentrator was erected on the lake shore?
Small quantities of galena srs to be
found elsewhere in the ledge, but fn no
place do they give promise of such ore
In quantity. Iron pyrites carrying
gold occur scattered through the lodge,
but, so far as waa visible, only to s
small percentage, seemingly less than
in the Sun Lake.
A tunnel has been Jrlven through
75 feet of tbe solid ledge, ths rock
from whioh lay ou the dump, This
rock I sampled as being representative
of the general ledge, Mr, Brsdy, who
was present, agreeing with me as to
its representative character. The
sample I turned over to the Provinclsl
Assayef, who reports to me thst It
doee not carry more than a trace ot
(To bs Continusd)
The Pangs of Sciatica.
���ra. Palmer, or Fenlon Falls,
Tells How She Suffered.
Confined to HuBri for W..k.-H.r
Ltm'ti.Tbeoan.e ��o Numb that ��� Mod
Hot Iron Could bo Mooed Upon It
Wlthont Ber Knowledge.
Only thou who bajrf felt the agonizing   pains of   Rciatica can form any
conception  or th.  torture which tbe
victim owler-toes.     The case of Mr..
Job Palmer, of Fenlon Fulls, we. one
ol unusual obstinacy and severity, and
.ho makes th.  following  affidavit in
rufei-euoe to h.r   oure. for  thn good of
humanity.   "I mn 29 years of age and
hnve lived in this vicinity all my life.
I had always enjoyed the bent of health
until  November  1897, when 1 took a
stinging pain  in my right hip which
tee-nod to be in my very marrow aa It
affected every muscle and joiut.
I kept up for several weeks although
suffering tbe most intense pain, freely
using liniments and many other internal and external preparation, that
sympathl.lng friends would suggest.
I was thou compelled to slay in bed a.
I got .ow.uk and run down tbat I
could .It up no longer. I received
several course, of medical treatment
snob as electric batteries, poulticing,
���to., but got no ease from the etcrti-
ciating pains whioh would .hoot down
Ihiough my leg into my very heel
where it caused a bursting feeling.
Often I prayed that my heel would
buret thinking this might give relief,
The limb at last became to numb the!
a hot iron could be placed upon It
without my baring any knowledge of
it. The dosing or opening of a door
anyone entering or moving about In
ray room, seeme-l to increase the pain.
For week's I could not mov* any part
of my body and had to lie in one position all the time. My brother wan
cured of rheumatism nfter every other
remedy bed failed, by taking Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, so I thought as
a last resort I wonld try them. At
the,directions said that In severe oase.
three pills Oould be safely taken at a
dose, I took this number three time, a
day for about a week although 1 got
tbe relief 1 so long had prayed for in
three days after taking the lirst dose.
Then I kept on taking the pills two at
a do,e. In a week after commencing
tbe pills I ws. able to get out of bed
and dress myself and a few week, later
when I bad gained strength enough, I
was able to attend to all my household
duties and I have ever slue, enjoyed
tbe beet of health. Friends and neighbors wbo were conversant with my
cane can al.o tell you of my terrible
suffering nnd tbe remarkable cure
effected by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
Mrs. Susie Palmer.
Taken and declared before me. at
Fenlon Falls, in ths County of Viotoria, this 11th day of May, A.D. 1898.
James Dickson, J.P.
Heed of navigation on Columbia Elver.
Tht most central point In Wipdermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report of Minister of Mine, ter 1898:    "A waggon net.
oould be built from tbt ���Salmon Bed.'   ATHALMER-at t natoiablt coet,
and will bt ao built tt toon tt it U justified by tht mining development."
Dry climate, oharming tctnery, perfect betting on lake tad rlvtr, tai
good fishing ud shooting ia immediate vicinity.
Level surface with gravel tub-toll to build upon; told, clear water tbt
year round for household purposes, tud eplendid wtter power clot, te town.
Large and complete saw-mill (10 M. daily capacity) on tbt ground assent
cheap lumber.
Terms easy, particularly to to investors wishing to build.
C. D. hang," Agent.
Advertise in
lhe Flans Beady.
Mr. Griffith, Government Agent, Is
in receipt of the plans of the bridge
over tl.e Columbia ri .er Rt Athalmer
anil the work of eou.lrnc'itui will be
put in hand as soon tie possible. The
bridge will oonsist of three spans of 20
feet, one of 15 feet, and there will be t
centre swing for the passege of the
boat, giving clear spaces of 40 feet ou
each side of tbe ewing pier. J. Lake
will be pined in charge of the bridge,
on behalf of the Provincial Government, aa soon as It is opened for traffic.
Hlamitrk'a Iran "Serve
Was the result of hi. splendid health.
Indomitable will and tremendous energy are not found where Stomach,
Liver. Kidneys and Bowls art out of
order. If .you won't these qualities
tud the success they bring, use Dr.
King's New Life Pillt. They dtvtlop
every power of brain and body. Only
25 cents at any Drug Store.        1
How Old People Hay
Be Healthy and
Paine'sCelery Compound
Will Surely Banish Their
Ailments and Troubles.
It Preserves Health
and Prolongs Life.
The moat tuccee.ful tnd popular
phytioian. of our times art thos. who
ctn banitb the ailment, tnd distresses
of men tnd women ia old tgt.
Three-fourths of til the aches tnd
pains that makt old age miserable
tries from retarded circulation. The
alow blood is choked with accumulation, of watte matter, that produce
rheumati.m, neuralgia, eolation aad
lumbago. Sluggish circulation speedily produces digestive dlaturbanoes,
tnd nnlooked for complication, trill
thit in tht majority of oust prove
fetal to old people.
Paiue'i Celery Compound ll t precious boon to those advanced in years.
Soon after iti use ie commenced tbere
is Dotloed tn Increase ia tbe blood
supply, whioh is pure, ruddy tnd to-
tive iu it. coursing through th. body.
Tbe brain becomes clear, digestion is
����.y tnd natural, tht heart doe. Its.
work with regularity, nerve forct it
acquired tnd flesh it built op.
If old people desire health tnd
strength to meet tbt eoervtting tnd
trying weather of midtumiutr, they
���hould build up tt once by lhe ue. of
Paine'. Celery Compound. * Mr* Joh.i
Holdsworth, Clareiuout etreet.Toronto,
"I wai taken sick lest summer, tud
wai In bed for five weeks or more, tnd
my physician was attending mi til the
time. My can wet prooounoed to be,
weakness of lhe heart and old age, for
I uo now .evenly eight yean old.
"I kept getting worse until my re.
oovsry was considered hopeless. Ont
of my relatives recommended roe to
use Pnite'i Celery Compound, which I
did witb good results. After the first
dote I felt relieved, end after a few
days I was able to leave my bed tnd
walk nronnd. I need four bottle., tnd
found your medioine to be a most excellent remedy,ai I mn now quite well.
I hope other sufferers will receive tt
much benefit tl I received."
Copper...  tM
HoHand Bilver  UD
Oold or Silver and Copper.... IN
Gold, Silver snd Lead .*T... a��
Gold, Sllrsr, Lead nnd Copper IM
Prompt Attention to Sample, by m.U.
Cash must nccempsuy tbe Sample.
Pulp kept for throe
Duohess Passenger List.
June 17th. Windermere to Athalmer
���H. Mitchell-Inn..; to Flrbank., il.
Martin; Firbanks to Golden, H. E,
Foster; Windermere to Carbonate, H.
G. Lowe; to Goldon, E. A. Haggen; IB-
Mile creek to Golden, D. McDougal.
Junt 21st-Goldeo to Athalmer, S.
Craig, W. Fender, J. Nicklnson, W.
Hunter; to Wlndertnere, A. Arson, B.
R. Bruce, W. G. Mitchell Innes; to
Csrbonnte, John Hendenon; to 10-
Mile cfeok, D. McDougal; to Firbanks,
H. E. Potter.
Return trip-Windtrmeri to Athalmer, W. G. Mitchell-Innes, R. R.
Bruce, A. Green, tnd Ave others; to
Golden, 0. A. Brown, W. B. Abel, J.
Gird, W. A. Magor; from Flrbaukt to
Goldm, J. A. Bangs, Mil. MacKay;
from Carbonate, 0. Ctrtwrlgbt, Col.
Draggl.t. tor tie a ��oi of tt Takltts
Thty Cart
I.  Food that remain, la tin stomach
i.   Fermenting food cease, tour stom-
nch. heart burn, shk hetdaebss, asm
And the gam mum pain tad dlalreu.
I.  Dr. Von 8Uo% Pineapple Tsblett
-neutralise fermenUitioi, tnd,. after clear
lag the .tomnchof Its;-	
tbey proceed to cure Ih. canst
V..D HUln'. rtsWHploTsI
fectdlgeitloa. Theyal
i-elleffiom the start, f-
IK burden,
of indigos*
Dootor Vea Ilia's FIata����Ie Tablets
Should Utaktn by those who faeldislmooJ
nndcpprMHd^teretthf- Thty ilUtvt ia
ulasUntnndconMtt. Mute which had
to dyspepsia.
(Edmonton  Bulletin.)
Jot. Hoityn, of Edmonton, wrilttto
R. Matt from Sttrvation Creek, under
dale of May 16th, corroborating tht
���tory of returned prospectors tl to
gold on Swift Current crock. Hostyn,
S. Derr tnd E. Novel, Jr., Ml bin in
the early spring for tbe Ytllowheid,
with ptok horses. Tbey were 80 days
on Ihe wty io, travelling solwly In
ordsr to get their hoi-Ms through in
good ihtpe. On arriving on tht 11th
of Mty thty met MttLughlln, Jeok*
taa tnd Nell tnd fonnd thtt thtlr itory
of ttrleklng coarse gold wil true.
They then link t sb.lt 85 feet, bat
found no color tt all, tnd hnd not
rtschsd bed took ytt. It il a hard
creek to work on account of big boul-
ners tnd high wattr. Hoityn says:
"Ws weat up tin creek tnd itw tht
work done Then til t number ef
thncki built around tht omk. Tiny
do oot knew any mora now of tht rloh-
nut of tht week than their did whin
thiy itirted. Stewart of "Edmonton
who wu In, had lift 10 dtyi btfon
Wt got bet*. Stewart's party It going
to Golden the firit of next month. A
number cams In here from Ooldtn tnd
took ap claim, tud wtnt right back.
Tbty mi 82 days oa tht road with
���nowihoti. Wi an now on tht plaoe
Derr wa. spooking about last wintor.
Wt tit now preepeoting tht emk."
Ia a lntir poaticrlpt Hoityn ityt his
companions, who wtrt prospecting tht
creek Din spoke of, had returned without finding any colon, and thit thty
would leave toon for tht Whirlpool
In mother letter written on thtUr-i
Mty from Titi Jiunt Cube, Hoityn
states: Wt art leaving to-day for tht
Whirlpool oountry. Soma of ths party
who win prttpMtiag itruok good
prospect! thin tndwt will link a
���htft to hid rook."
Btfon ntnrning tht party Intended
miking a trip into tht mountain tltar
mica.  Thty tn all In good health
o> ..
Y.lesale Hiaatlea*
An graad, hat Shin Eruptions rob
libel Joy. Jaekleu's Artie. Salt*,
cant UM, tlt�� $**. Raaaluaad
Fever Sent, THmn, Mia. r
Oorni, Wtrta. One, Mwl
Scalds, Chtftel Baafc, OhUI
Best Pllt Can tn earth. Mm Ml
Palm aal Aahat. Oaly tt otat a b*<
T. U. Plckard,
O.U, Silver or Lend
Front Street, Revelstoke, B.O.
Columbia Valley
First-class Farm lands
28T torn tt Windermere, frontage t.
lake, good agricultural lead; well
watered.   Extmiive range.
642 nans, prnirlt tnd mot-lew, -Ml
watered. Oood hiy ltad. Bench
gnu range,   Apply te
E. A. Haggen, Golden.
���lning Broker, Real Batata,
Notary Public, eonveyaneer,
and General Agent,
CoMtaSFOHDnxcn Solicited.
opened ap hy the DIA- 'I
oneasytermebycontraet, ���*
tr ptrt payment received ,,
io shares if dtslnd. Apply to
���.  A. HAGbEX.
���lning Agent. -Heldea, B.C. |
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist * Druggist*]
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, notaries, j
Hevelstoke, B.C.
Will attend all County Court, at Geldm.B.t *
W. Wain, Q.C. J.M.E(ciit,BA.,1L.1 ,
For Sale by Private, j
M DrMgkt Hones.
M Drawf M HbIm.
11 Pack Hales.
13 Pack H.r-ten.
The tbove stook is In di-st clsas conditio. .*]
nnd perfectly broken. Tke vendor eta taf''
nkh, if dealred,eompl.lo rigging for nick/
suimsls, sloe harness and wagon, for bum. n
of stock. Apply lo
Waverley line, )%
Albert Canyon, B.oJlf
For Sale I
One Gramaphone ft 52
Indestructible Records,
Mtnofwtond by tbt National OitW V,
phtntft. of Ntw fork. US.A. tie.||
neordt of band muslt played by See-* A
ta's fimoai Bead, Comlt BoeM*-*?'
Comic Recitation, Instruments! aav ,
Vocal 8tltetloni, Mo., etc <1
Original  valus 170, will tootpt ujifl
rtttouablt offir.   Apply i* /''
Chas. B. Seddon,
Beavermouth,   B. Gi.
r. cABWoirt**,
CMsffiiai liilini'0-ILii-t.tWei


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