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The Golden Era Jul 8, 1893

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 e/<S /7.,&.'''(���<-'
VOL. II    NO  49
82 Per Yeah
INSTANT    -     HEADACHE     -     WAFERS
are tt positive cure for all cases of heudnclie. whether
uorvours, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent pustt
free on receipt of price
&*   iY-nts    Per   Kox.
Mr.   Sun    Jackson,    representing the number of prizes to lis taken by
Messrs.  Moore & Mo.vat, drapers and any one competitor  to  two firsts and
tailors, Brockvillo,   Out., will   ha   in two seconds,     This  was a very good
I own in a few days. idea but   It failed   to   satisfy the coin-
Mrs.   Caldwell, Mrs.  Hopgood, nnd mitee win  won', we  presume, afraid
V/a �� JLi '    '     iAAli ^LjL-J,^.  1 5 Low that the  trail up. I,
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Dry Goods,_ (��roccrles,_ Boots   and  Shoes, dry goods
Miss Campbell, of Donald, passed
through on Tuesday. They will spend
tlio summer in the Enst,
Mr.    David   Jinnios if   Donald,
wns in town this week  on business in
iilding   of   n
nt Donald.
I from Hurt
Hardware,  Etc., Etc,
California Giant Fovrder Go,
Of which a Full Stock   is  Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken far all  Canadian,  American, British  or
Foroig-n Newspapers and Periodicals.
that  oven then  some outsiders would
come iu  and carry oil the prizes, and
oousepiently   on   Friday   night they
decided  to confine the sports to resi-
d nits of 1> maid,    We do not intend to
criticize this action of the committee,
but we think they  might have shown
their generosity  a little by leaving a
few of the events open.
ii tin.1 north fork ,    ,���,      f ,,
..  ,     .   ,,.      . .,, . i   , 'ne   following   is   tbo   programme
ol the SplIIiniaclieeno will bo ready lor     . ,      ,.      .   .
,,. ,,,,,, I with n list of llie winners :   ���
it'iilltc ou the LUth ul .lu v. ,,,,   , ,        ,,,    ,, ,,
ICOyds.   race.    1st,   W.   Caldwell,
Mr. Dan   Kimpton and  Mr. James  0|���|  r   Bailies, Ilrd. McNeill,
Hamilton   returned fro,..   Calgary on      Rimuill(, Lo.,g Jinn...  -1st. Bailies,
Tuesday   last with   tho  race  horses.
2nd. McNeill.
They report having had a good time, i    100uU  *Uirjie race.-1st.   Daines,
und certainly  look  nono the worse of |2n(l RosSi ������,.,���. Beasley.
I tlieir 11-1 j
Mr.  ll.iiiii li on   left again
Putting the stone.-1st. Eraser, 2nd
Etc.  Etc.  copy of the petition from the residents i Haines.
of East   Kootenay, tu His Honor the     Girls'race, No. 1.���1st, S. Mitchell,
Lieutenant    Governor,   drawing   his 2nl. D. Fcrest, ilrd. F. Forrest,
attention to "the laxity displayed In ,    Girls* Race No. 2,���1st.   F. Palmer.
| on'Thursday for Calgary. ICbughlin.
In another column  will  be found a      Hop. step aud jump.���1st Ross, 2nd.
Prices tpioted und samples sup, l!e<l on
tiie Crown  authorities in the management of  tho lute  (rial held nt   Donald
special   attention given   to in the mM 0l R ina VB- Ltt,
Boys'   Race, Xo.   l.-lst. N. Uosh,
2nd, C. Palmer.
\Q & \KT A  PPITPI     fecial    attention  gUOH    tohn  the 1!!1SU ���,  ,,_ill:l vs. Lal,nour."      Boys'Race, No. 2,-lst. J. Corson,
O* Ii.9 VV  i*ll\ Jl!\JLaf'I\ 9   MAIL   ORDERS.     Write   US. The petition is being numerously signed  ���>��� I. W. Forrest, i)rd. J. Urquhui'i..
and will bo forwarded to His Honor at      Standing High Jump. ���1st. S. Fra-
1   Golden, B C. iririrpoQ r-iMrRfi^'^ kAY Victoria'inafe"'d"iS" kM'\���'    ,  D1
riUUICOO    ll J fat) llO ��>Mi      Constable Harold Redgrave returned ]    Running High  Jump,���1st. R. Ur-
Coy, iaigar/, or
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
from  the   Upper   Country on Sunday Unhurt, 2nd. S. Fraser.
witli Jim  McKay, whom  he arrested |    Sack Race,    1st, W. Craige, 2nd. J.
McLachlan, ord. W, Caldwell.
Novelty   Unci'.    R,   Drquhart, 2nd,
W. McNeill, ilrd. W. Craige.
ou ii charge ol perjury iu connection
with tie.' late case Rogiuavs, Larmour.
McKay  was liberated ou  $2t00 bail,
ITTTDSOlWS    R \Y    Co    ro H-Ppeai- in  court at Gulden, ou July      Obstacle Race.    J. Lappen, 2nd W.
,". .x "   7tl,   at 2 p.m. I Citblwell, ilrd. Godfrey.
n���w ,-,,, iv :������,- im.-.i-K',,!;,   i i .i-vi, i,.;;,    "Startling- Facts"
I For men only. SENT FREE to anyone
and newlv furnished.    1 he tabic is first ciass.     I lie oar ��� addressim
s stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Wo McJNeisn,  -   rropneto
'CL'lJI 7 <w I i. iU'.. (wOo
"Ontario    E��riiy;s;ii-i(."
< nlgiiry.
un; TOWS.
Giilden, on tho iiinili line nf the Canmliiin
i'.'.i'itit' lii.ihv.'iv. .-ir its couuectitin wilh the
stemiihoul niivigiiliuii ot'tho i uliiuibiii river;
tin- iiiinoi'.'il mill 'u orei'.l centre ot'Eiistern
llritish ( ni..I.,I in; lioiitlqtua-torv i.flh ��� (inlil-
cliiug  works,  the   1'iipor   L'ohuiiliiii
Johnson   who   had   threatened   to      Vaulting.-  1st.    ,J.   l.uppen,   2nd.
shoot McKay, was arrested  this week   Godfrey,
and bound over to keep the peace, Tossing   the   caber, -W. Caldwell,
The   case   of   Connors vs.   R-hsoii   -ml T. Cougbliii,
also   came upon   Friday, iu   which      Three logged race-1st. R. Uriiuhart
Mr, Connors charged Mr. Ribson with . andT. Coughlin, 2nd S. Fraser and F.
shooting cattle, ' Woodhnise, ord,  W. Ross and J. Mc-
Steeplechase   -1st Ross. 2nd Coughlin, ilrd. McNeill.
ltiilinns' Race, - 1st.  I.i. Louro, 2nd.
,        .   ���   i i   . i,     ii   !''��� Cobancb, Slrtl. Jim Ham.
1 spirts nelil nt Djnttlil
, | The   closing   event  wns the  tug of
on Saturday lust were n lingo success.
ii* picnic anil sp-
The day was all that  could have been
wished for nnd  the   u; inner in which
war, between  two scratch teams, captained  respectively by Mr. Freomantlo
I'll -'.nci'lili-   wiil'i,-,    lilt'    i   plil't'    1 nllillllil.l  v.. ....	
Navigation fo., ...id  hi ii-'iiiiliiHtry; the a*| the arrangements  had  been made uml Ml"' **��� &������ Manuel, which resulted
oullui   fur   th,'  unci;.-   known    .mil   fur      , , in a victory for Mr. Manuel's team,
liiinod agrii'iiltiiriil mid grie/ing b.nd of the reflects great credit  on the committee,
��� J AVINO secured the Agency of the famous i-oh������i.i., & Keni-.,,.,,. v,,W��i'>,irivi,iie.i wIl-cll WM 00mpose,i of the following    Atte1' "lid ''"' crowd i��-<-kMi��-
n     McKee & Harrington baby Carria.o-aS. I teg?!.^ gentlemen :-A. G. M. Spragge, chair- i*�����i. !1"   ��rn���>'  �������   ^   had
.un prepared to furnish a superior article at I���-oiitiiiout-
very low prices.   These gooes arc the best, local jottings
and arc guaranteed to give satisfaction.!
Call and see photos and get prices.
Watciimaker & Jeweller,
M 19       Tili'l Orr!��r-"i nrnmftitltJ rvr��: 'c*<
ll,u.      iviciil uiuelu LHulllJJUjf LACoUlGU.
man j J, Lappen, C. Baines, S. Ruttau,
spent   un   enjoyable   afternoon,    Mr.
Mr. Owen returned  from his trip to
Albortu .ui Monday.
Mr. A. P. Cummins, Gold  Cominis-
sioner. wns iu town tins week.
Darnoy   O'Rourko   uud  Archie Mc-:
Miirdo enmu in on Sunday,
Hon. F. Lascollos returned from the
1.11. Watson, H. E.   Beaslev, and  S. Goo. Sutherland and  Mr. Forrest were
Hammond, Soc.-Ti-eas.     The sum col- ��n hand with   refres cuts, and were
,      , .       . , ,  i well pnti'iiiizeil during the dav.
lectO'l lor prize money, etc., nmounte.1 '
to 512,), which, considering  ill- short
notice given  of   thu   affair, certainly Specnlitttonaon Atljouritmont,
shows  that   when  the  DjiiiiM people      London,   July   fith.    John  Morlev
take hold of a tiling, they  are  bottud chief secretui',j   for  Ireland, aud Mr.
to make a success of it. Balfour, leader of tlie Opposition,  in-
The first  event of  the day   was the traduced jointly in the  House of Com-
football   in itch, which was  played on nions  yesterday  n   hill  to enable tho
the grounds no i r the statioi.    A 1111:11- congested districts in f.fin ml tuiictinire
ber of   the boys  who   were  to have land to lie accepted by   inigratitig  ten-
I'pper Country this week
Mr,   I,'.  Jennings, from the  North I taken  part in  the game (ailed'to put  ants.     It is calculated on the Goven
��� Star, arrlvod on Tliursdiiy's boat. lu an  appearance, intuuiliiig  to   save ment sido of the House that the session
���rK    UfANTPD Constable M lie returned from the themselves for the sports in the after-   will  be ndjour I  the first  week In
.IIO    l.J/i'U 1 LU.       i Countrv 011 Thnrs lav noon, in oousoiuoni  ivhiclt a seven- September nnd thai the autumn session
Ohoico Fresh Butter, Baled Hay,  Foci arel
Seed Gram, Vegetables of all Kinds
|AT| _       SEALED TENDERS lor tho ereo. I "T"  u 1i ni       mi- i a-sido match was  playod between two  will be called to begin  ahoul  the last
N���,_ -   ���    ���   ���.-���    ������ 1 1     (������* #"%          ���   I *��� ��� 1' l' l'    l I ��� ���' 1 ' * ��� l�� ���      1' 'i     1 ll'     1'I it     '         I .| c      tiiniii s -iin    ( . 1:1 '11    \l c !\ ii v  i" 11 lie
r^          D    aTa    I     j          . 1       .         k*                                                                                                                                                                          ,/,|>i.il. i'^ll,^ilMtl\'llMll.t|t|\,l\iilllil . . , li\.l
SnAHl" LLoMiou of n I'ri'sli.vteriiin Jlimseai Douald|.    . ,      .- ... ,  I tean      ��� ���< ��� ���      " "        L,    1 "       ���
WllllI.HSAI.i:  llBAI.EK   IN
(A-roi>ei'lo*i, Vfi!��vlaii)ii-i. I'loui1
ami Feed.
will In. received by the undersigned up
in from the Upper Country
Laurenson and   W. Alexuudor,     Tlio
llOltllllSIMINIlKNi:!';   BOI.ICITBD,
Tlio C. P. It. excursion which was
held up the Columbia river lust your
was such 11 success that rumor says it
will bo repeated this year. We hope
this is so, and firmly believe that it
would be heartily supported by tho
game   wns  a fnsl   one   from atari   lo Acolilent  Near Sciirolbcr.
Messrs.  Sprag 0,   Manuel. Granger I lllliahi      piie teuina  wero very evenly Montreal, July 6,    A   F.*anoh paper
A1HFRTA    1   ^'InandiTl;��"iCS.ti0'!fr '^y bS T��"  :""'  Al"xa!"1"1'' "f  Po,"lW-wer0 visi" matched, and s e very H ,0 play was publishes n   letter   from   one of   the
AL.iil.HifV.   liy   Bailing nl the   ollneof   the   under-   tni-a this week                                                 .                ,11          ,,i       1        , , ,,        ,   ,,       ,.
signed, or a copy of tlio spec! ficat ions                       ' .         .                     ,   shown on both sulos.    Play lasted for French Cumuli an tourists who aooom.
will bo forwrdeti to any tenderer,              Messrs. A.   \\.  Mc\ni ml .I. E. !,���,,.  hour, at Hie  end of   whieh  the paniod Abbe  Morriu to the Northwest
Humphreys left on Tuesday's boal for team captained  by  Laurenson retired for   the  purpose of   looking up land
tho Upper Country.                              | victors by one goal to nothing, . there,    The letter is dated from Schrel-
Mr. N.  N.  Cole, of Cole, Emory &\    Immediately after dinner people be- nel't Ont,i June 20,     It statod that 20
Co., merchant  tailors, Winnipeg was gnn to wend their way to tho'ploniu Finlandnrs  working on  the Canadian
in town this week.                                 | grounds, at the junction of the Coltim- Pacific  Railway were  killed 20 miles
liia ami Wait-a-bit   rivers, to view tho wf' "f Sc.1,l'ieb��1'-     A le��er from 1111-
ili.'i' tourist snys thai the Finlanders
lOOi   ,5i-Iv.   lHi,',i.
j. c. piTrs,
Chainnnii Building Coinmiltee,
llonnl.l. ll.C.
Ultnrelt of EJn'tlitntl.
July IIIh.    II a.m. Morning serviceI    Messrs.   Smyth   Bros,,    Hemmant
ami Holy Communion. ami   Brown,   lately   from    England,
7:110 p.in, 10teuing service, 'weill up the river oivPtiesdayi
sports  which  were to cominenco at I:,,.,,,.,,   ..-...-i-t..,,- L   ,.
1 weio   wonting on  an   excavation tin
o't'loek sharp,   The coiumittue limited  side of which tumbled iu on thorn, tTlu* ��.ilben CEvti
Tho (I H.HKN BRA is published evory
Saturday morning in thno to catch the east
ittitl wait mail trains, aiso tin. inail for the
upper country, Wiudoriuoi'e, Furl Steele etc
It is the only advortising inediuin iu tho Kent
K.iiitetiny tlislrirl.
S ilisi't'ipti.in Rates i Sil.'Kl per anniuii in
A Ivi.i-ti.so'iiouts .-ml changes must Ite hi
the oliee unt later than I2ii.ni, on Thursday
tu Insure insertion.
Advertisement rates iniiilo known on Itppli-
oiitlon to
notary public, was at Golden in 18K4,  ohouiist.     He made all the assays for averaging  $!1.">  to  the  ton   in gold,
and says that it got that name during the   Provincial    Government   of   tho There is a lag body of quartz, which
Tho town nf Golden can already
boast of several business places. The
fiist I will make mention of is the
Kootenay house, conducted liy II. Cou-
nucher. Close by is theQuoeu's hotel,
J. C, Greoue, proprietor. Both are
large and tlio accommodation is all
that could he expected. Gordon
Sutherland, cont nut or was at work
putting on an additional story to meet
the requirements of tlie trade. W.
McNeish has just o|iened out business
in the  Columbia   House,  which   wits
mineral exhibit sent to llie World's
Fair, and can bo relied on as a thoroughly competent man. He is well
postetl ou mining' matters in East.
Kootenay, and I am indebted to him
for valuable information.
Taking     into     consilient ion    that
Golden is vet iu its  infancy, ami that
is ferruginous or iron-hearing, containing this metal as pyrites, and also
at times various quantities of arsenical
pyrites. Last year Askwith worked
the mill, but the results were rather
unsatisfactory on account of mismanagement rather than lack of paying ore.    Surrounding this claim  and
East Kootenay is rapidly coming io in the McMurdo basin, are several
the front, and the desirableness of the other very promising gold claims,
location, its   continued   prosperity   is   "^".vs   from    which,   from    samples
taken by intending purchasers, averaged from $!).i'0 to SlU.oO per ton, and
in u few instances $20 to S2.'l. These
claims  which were owned by J. I Ion -
(In   May Ihe HOih I   started up tlie
Columbia from (lol.len.      Au obsorva-
All cash to be pull to tho Manager, fi i Lbout   completed.      The   building   is ' tio��� ear drawn by one  horse takes llie
who,,itheCo���ii��aysroceiptw.llboobt.inied. L am,   wel|   finWlMi     Ail three pIWeugers from   the  station   to the derso"' Win. Smith, and W. ('. 8'ade,
hostclries have a profitable liquor LeutnUout lauding. It was the first l"��e been bonded by O.ven & Cannan.
trade. Chas. A. Warren and M. II. ! ,n|, ���, the season for the Duchess, A��other claim in this section, which
Lung are both doing a llourishlng Unnng Hiv lav up she was ihorougbly i l,as ,','CL'iv0'1 a ��00<1 *"���> ot attention
business in the In,, of general mei- i overhauled, painted and carpeted nicely jfrom capitalists, wns originally known
chaudise.     The  post-oflicu is kept by  1UU| ,u uvel.y way is a very comfortable tts "�� Chief of  ���'"-' Shirks, but now
Th: Gulden En Publishing (J impany.
(Coiitinueil from last week.)
But I must away toGoldeu, a pretty
little town just west of Ihe Rockies,
locate I on a level Hal ; through which
Hows llie Kicking Horse, near ils
j motion with the Columbia. Between
Golden ami Revelstoke the Columbia
mikes a detour northward through
tin. Ilig Bond gold yielding country,
llowing southward from Revelstoke,
tlie head of navigation fo>' West Kootenay. Golden is the bub of East
Kootenay, and for a few miles to the
west there are well cultivated fields
aud comfortable looking houses, the
homes of some 10 farmers, who have
not large places. 1 should judge in
all there are iil.O acres cultivated. 1
went out to the best farms, one half a
mile away. It. Love has li'O acres,
2.*i acres cultivated ; he has also leasutl
(I. E. Manuel's place which adjoins
his, 150 acres, of which one-third is
cultivated. Mr. Love says ihiit his
hay averages 1A tons to the acre ; oats
have yielded (10 bushels ]ier acre;
potatoes, seven tons to the acre ; vegetables generally very good. He lias
no fruit trees. The hind is clay loam,
und not far from the Columbia, on tin-
south side of the railway. It is lower
than the laud on the north side and
requires very little irrigation. Uu tlie
north side thu latter is necessary.
Opposite Mr. Love's place .1. W. Con
Mr. Warren.     Mr. Campbell, the harness maker, and   Byrnes, the  barber,
are iu a good   location   and their busi-
e>s   is  increasing.      Hull Bros., the
enterprising   butchers, have  it branch
store here.       Houston & Wilson run a
machine   shop   and   manufacture  all
ki.nU of  sash, doors, mouldings,  etc,
Mr. Houston has charge ol the former
ami Mr. Wilson of Ihe latter.    Mttuuol
Daiiittl'd and  ll. Kimpton   have livery
i stables, where   Hyers   may   be  had ut
| any lime.      II. It. Moodio  is the mill-
I hi;; recorder  .stationed at Golden, and.
.       ...      .,    , n       i     ,    on record ns the International.      It is
vessel.      Tne llyuk, a  smaller   liout,
,    ,, i ���    .i   .  ;       situated at the head of   tho McMurdo
had Inii'ii limiting the trip since naviga-
,       ,. .,      ,  I.......  I valley, but'has not  been developed as
yet to any gi nt extent, on account of
the   siirroiiuiiii,.,    glaciers.     Several
nig C, W. Mi'Rae was building a
drudge to lie us.'il in straightening the
channel and ileopOllillg it, in places. It
was nearly completed, and will be run I
all sunnier. This has long been
needed, and will meet with general
Flags wore floating gaily to the
breezes as we steamed up river, which
for some distune; winds through a
dense wood or undergrowth.   Captain
I les'eil iu
- ol
like a  few   Government   men  that   IU*. p. Armstrong, the manager of   the
have met, is as close as an oyster to
get any information from. Owen &
Caiman are real estate and mining
brokers. Tliere is a neat English
chinch and quite a number of dwellings. Tho Golden Towiis.te Co. own
a line block, which is, lo be used ns a
hull, store ami bank. Tho Upper
Columbia Navigation & Tramway Co.
have a .sawmill at the Columbia, one
mile n,slant, that hits a capacity of
Iill,ICO per day. It is now lenseil to
M. Carl.n. The foreman of the mill is
C. W. Bulrar. Mr. Carlin hud received
a car load of buggies, wagons anil
agricultural implements, which were
disposed of iu a few days. A train
line reus to the in,11 from the station,
over which Betsey, not unlike Stephen-
son's lir.-t engine, noli vers ihe linubei
at the C.P.R. iiau makes more racket
than it freight train and tho sawmill
combined. Between Betsey and Peter
Sobaslian, u somewhat lioied minor,
mil a quail/, expert, judging from u
cart load or more of ore that he il.s
plays at   bis   residence, they iu turn
per lb , two yen's ago, at Pierce A,
Llo.'s, London. Out He will not
plant any other kind now. A little
farther imd the company's old sawmill, now idle, is passed.
Carbouatu landing wns next reached I presided, mid of the gallant colonel
20 miles up. From here it Government i said : "We have also with us the
trail is built, about 25 miles, to Vtr- Provincial Secretary of llie Province
mout creek, where is situated the of British Columbia, Col. Baker, an
$1,500 worth of cabbages off three j The Golden smelter, of which Mr. j Vermont claim, which was developed English gentleman who found the
acres of land. They were shipped to I H. B. Alexander is managing director, I considerably hist year by a Toronto ""tractions of the Pacific Province too
Ihe Northwest, principally going lo *s Ht present idle. The capital stock |syndicate The owners, Messrs. Wells great lo be resisted, and who, lo the
Calgary.    Ho hail a local order (or 210 | is NOO.000.     S. S. Fowler is su'ieriu-1 & Pollock, look out. as an experiment, I advantage of that Province, has taken
i in- or lioib  together, are   always heard,
nor   has  8I> acres, halt   iu   crop, very I "        '
.   ,,. , ��� .' i " I The town would be rather quiet with-
well iuiprnvt.il, on winch   is an unpos- t *
�� '        i , ii,   out them,
ing fai ui   house.      List   year lie -'lil I
Upper Columbia Navigation it Tramway Co , was at the wheel. Ho is one
of I he most energetic little men I ever
mot. He is the pioneer steamboat man
on this route. He built the steamers
himself, uud operated them until a
year or two ago, when a company was
formed. The steamboats and out tit
owned by the company are valued at
Our first stop was four and it half
miles out where J. C. Stacey has
squatted on 1'jO acres of land. Tliey
look on wood here, and I had time to
run over to Mr. Stacey's house. He
bus If) acres   cleared.      I was  struck
,���     go ,i ���- iv
of    fro;.     $li , ,    nut. twi.
thirds of which will be free milling,
the balance sulphiirots. The Flying
Dutchman is nn extension ol this
claim, and no doubt will he worked as
soon as the International operations
are complete.
Carbonate mountain and McMurdo
district have received attention from
time to time fr in well known syndicates. I.i the Cariboo basin of this
district Rand Bros., of Vancouver
have arranged for a big amount of
work to lie done. Hut the fact remains
that capital, unless utilized systematically and with a certain amount
of mining knowledge, will not make
its owliei8 wealthy. Assays from this
section have been very rich, the record
assay from one mine, tlie Ellen D.,
Iieing 1,755 oz. iu silver, with S2C
gold, to the ton.
In my next, besides mining news. I
have something io Bay about the East
.young Province of tho Dominion, but
we Hatler ourselves that we are living
now in tlie lusty infancy of what will
be a giant manhood. Already we
return to the Dominion of Canada 1:[
million dollars a yenr from customs
and other sources. I may also join
with Mr. Hall, Provincial Secretary of
Quebec, in saying that, far removed as
wo are, still we boast in British Columbia of being ns loyal to the Dominion and to tho Mother Country as any
other Province.    (Cheers.) ���World.
A momentous question bus been
sell led by the Duke of York cabling to
the Countess of Derby that bo and tho
Princess May regard a sleigh as it
suitable wedding present from the
women uf Canada. The original suggestion of the sleigh will be jubilant.
over this justification of her choice,
while of course nobody else can now
offer any objection. Still there will
he some natural curiosity to know
what the royal pair will do wilh their
A gentleman nameil II. Hickman, of
Bndgewiiter, Somersetshire, England,
writes to the Manitoba Free Press to
tell farmers in thai Province wanting
help during tlie coming harvest, that
he can supply them with almost any
luimlur of experienced hands, sons ot
Western English tenant fanners, used
to work ou the land. Mr. Hickmnu
describes England's agricultural situation us simply deplorable, '-There,"
ho suvs, '*thousands of tenant farmers' sous are wishing to emigrate at
this moment." Such settlers are of
be right sort for Manitoba, being of
quite different stock from the clerks
who too frequently make for the Province wilh an idea lhat farm life in
Manitoba is a kind of long picnic with
plenty of shooting at frequent intervals.
with some remarkably nice potatoes I! Kootenay fann.ug ami grazing lands,
saw, and   learned that  they were the! and   how   they  aie locked   up   from
Green   Mountain  and Rosetlnle vavie-  settlement.
lies, of which   IT bushels   were grown
on o'i square feet.      The seed cost 2.V.. j ,o1* ""Ite* l�� London.
At a meeting of llie Canada Club
held ut the Albion Hotel, London, on
the 8th hist., the Hon. James Baker
was. among those who replied to the
toast of Our Guests.      Sir C. Topper
lbs. which ho filled with six cabbages. teudettt. I wonder if they glory in one carload of silver lead ore last year.
There can be no mistake about vege-ltheir positions, for it has never run a' It was shipped to tho Tiicoma smelter,
table growing being a success. He [day- The rein>on assigned lor this was nnd ttfler allowing for packing expen-
h;is some fruit trees set out, but not I thai the high rates on ore made it im- I ses, iintv, sacks and oilier incidentals,
yet in bearing. Joining Love's is a possible for thetn to compete with tho they inudett net profit of $J5o on the
farm   belonging   to   Rand   Bros.,  of price paid for wet   ores by Aiaericau 20*. tons of ore.     On the other creeks
up his niimle in  it, and now  fills one
of  the most  important  offices in the
cabinet of British Columbia.     W
Hot. Mr. Il.ivic nt Ottnvrn.
A despatch of the 2'ith iust. from
Ottawa says: Premier Davie and Mrs.
Davie are here. Hon. Mr. Davie saul
ho had not seen the British Columbia
papers since he left ami spent the day
in the Parliament library looking over
them. The Premier ami Mrs. Davie
were at the World's Fair, and will be
here for a few days. The Premier
expects to lowe for borne at the end of
the week, by which time he expects
the negotiations to which tbo Government is a party under the Railway
Aiil act, passed lust st-sion, will be
concluded between the Nitkusp and
Slocan Company mid C.P.R., for the
construction of a railway opening up
communication between the Slocan
mines and the Upper Arrow Luke.
('aiiHillitii Ip'luuiirt-.
Montreal,   June   211.���The  annual
'meetings of   most of  the larger bunks
come him witli ihe more satisfaction
because we believe that no Province of
tlie Dominion   has a  brighter   future
Col. Baker, so the Canada Gazette
informs us, returned thanks for the
honor done to  him and  the Province
in Canada have Ken held, and the
different managers in their reports
unanimously agree in stating that, the
general business of I he country is on a
round and conservative basis, ami
that tliere is no weak, inflated Spot
anywhere. The bank statements show
tbo   banks to  lie carrying very  largo
Vancouver, 100 acres or more, UO acres smelters. They have now made ar- 'surrounding this, and on the adjacent | before it than British Columbia."
under cultivation. T. H. li >bson has | rttngeiueiits with the C.P.R. for such ) mountain, a good deal of development
it rente I, which costs him *2U0 per j nuts "* wlU enable thein to give the has been done, bin us t'*e most of it
year. Hi- raises excellent full and ' S,U,IC P"06 asoHutvtl by the Americans, j |ms lx-en entirely coildltcied by pros-
spring wheat ami goes largely 'ni0[ Tney propose running this fall. Thelpectors with little capital, progress
poultry   utisiiig. keeping  200   birds,  smelter is said to be first class in every I has been slow.
He has now about 200 chickeus aud is respect, with a capacity of .40 tons per Jubilee landing is 4>. miles up. To cidence that my neighbor here. Mr.
trying an experiment by setting two day. It is to be hoped that they will Ithe right are Jubilee and Spillima-1 Justice Townsend, sliould represent a
hens on wild geese eggs. I will feel m-llte " move, (ur it is well known .eheeno mountains, which contain maritime Province of Canada on the
interested to know what success lie they are not as enterprisiug as they eh-ims well-known for iheir richness i eastern coast, while 1 represent a
has   with    tbein.      Opposite   Rand's' "-'������ !*��� in  roppvr ores.      They are found as I maritime   Province   oil    Ihe   western tinSio COiiMputa.'
place Alex. Campbell has Tu acres, SiO It is very probable that an hospital carbonates, oxides and grey copper, j coast, three thousand miles apart,
cleared. He set out 24 trees, half of will he completed iu Golden by the 1st .Several samples were sent to the What better illustration could one
which have died. Wheat, oats, notu-' of September. The Government have j Work's Fair, which no doubt will be; have of Die magnitude of the Dominion
toes, timothy ami vegetables oomprise granted ��2,000 towards the erection ot [ considered by the visitors there, us the of Canada? (Hear, bear.) British
his crop. Buck of Cauipl.-H's clearing i Hie building, ami it remained with the j best copper samples contributed by tho' Columbia occupies it position in regard
Robert   Wild  bus   11*0 acres, a very ; residents to raise another *l,000.     Of ��� Province.     Carloads of ibis ore have to the Pacific, similar to lhat of Great j ��end l��y|��W Bt��e'��l ��-��ve passed into
good rami.   Hi acres iu crop and 121 this 8400  has  been   raised, aud the been sent to Swansea to   be smelted, Britain in regard to the Atlin .with luvwtors  hands  nnd are difficult to
He raises balance will most surely be forthoom-1 and were   highly  ibought of   by tho| this difference   that   although Great | V*nto*. ��*<**�� ��< advancing prices.
he represented.     It is, be said, a coin-  ea8n reserves, and  nil speak hopefully
of the coining year. There is a very
huge export produce movement just
starling to Great Britain and the continent, and ocean freights arc advanc -
Luge quantities
of last year's hay are Iieing imrcliasiil
for export, and contracts are being
made for this season's crop. Liquidation on the local stock markets seems
to have run its courso und good divi-
i.iulting companies I here. i Britain in her early history bad a very I
One of the most important sections | sparse  population   un   the American |
Not   Ui-poi'toil.
more ready for the plough.
about the same crops as his neighbors,  iug-   It is also fortunate f ir Goblet
Between    OampbuU's   ami   Connor's having tv swoy weekly newspaper-
places John Gibsou, J.P., has 1 JO Golden iSltA, which is the only news-1is the McMurdo district, where Hie side, i.e., to the west, we in British I London, Juno 29.- No official report
news, I", in mop. Mr. Gibson was 'paper published iu Hast'lCooteutty. It I Bobbie Burns claim aud inuuy others Columbia have a poptilatiou of between of Ihe Alleged l rouble in the British
the first nutti lo tako'ip html in ihe is edited and managed by W. Pellew tare located. The Bobbie Burns was j two ��u line hundred millions in I commission at the World's Fair has so
vtt-iittiy ot Uolden in IttW.. He hits Iritirvey, who started It two .vetus ago. bought last year by J. E. Aslswith, of Chinn an fnpnn, to which countries far ritacbod I ho council that was
taen in Hit-hotel   basiness for some Besitles beluga itewspai>ei- matt, Mr.  Ottawa.     It  is a big  quiuiz  ledge ��velook i ling  future markets. |charged with the duty of   organizing
lime, but bus new sold out.     He is a' Harvey is au ussayer aud  analytical, carry lug from % 3 lo *���!���  por ton, but' Ot courat, _��..:sh Columbia is bnt s, the llritish  display, but a prominent vo
member of the council is authority for
the statement that Sir Henry Ti'iieiuiin
AVood h:is the entire confidence of the
body, ami that unv statement lie may
make will have much more weight
than the complaints of Commissioners
Dredge and Harris. Sir Henry Wood
has been identified with the British
department of every international exhibition since the lute Prince Consort
organized the Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1851, anil has received decora-
Notice to taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
, i-nomcc--.. (!L*n*b9.
NOTICE IS lll'.IM'IIIYdlVKX, iiiiircni'il-
,'ini'i. with tlie statutes., lhat Provhichil Uov
Hon. J, A. Louoiieed, Q,C.
(i. S.  MdCAltTETl.
l.'Hi��!i<>esl   A-   M--<'nrt��-r.
il.ii'risters, Advocates. Solicitors, Notation
hie., Etc.
Solicitors for lltiuk uf Mnntrocl.
Cai.iiauv, N.YV.T
Menihers Associ
SURVEY!Ills,  (
tions from  France anil other countries  011110 Tax ouil iill'i'iims levied under tho As-  men, Vidliatnrs.oti-   ( ,'.lgi,ryi.iul Now West
.       . ���      .1 sossiiiout. Aof are now duo for the yoiir IMU.    later.   Utirrosponiloiiiesiilii.iteil..
for his services in  promoting the sueL,, ||f (,|(, (|||0v(j m ., ,,,.ix(s ,,ol,01.tl,,|0 U.J.Jtii-ii-so.s, IJ.t..S..lM..y. of ll.u. &ollt.
cess of the Britisn exhibits at. World's L.it,lin lh(, -.:.,st,,,��� |,ivisinlli ���,��� ,i���. uiHtrlut ! a. (i. WiiiobIjIHH, D.L.S. & Pjj'.ls! uf'ltti.
fairs.      It is broadly hinted that con-  of Kootenay, iiro payable at niv nllico, C'oiirl i Ni'iW Wis.si'.Mi.s'sri'.lt ll.C.
siderable wire   pulling   was done by | House, noniild.    Asso, I Tuxos i.ro collect-        JlcCartliV    &     llniviv.
Messrs.   Dredge ami   Harris to secure  'hie lit tho following ri.tos, viz.: Ilnrristors, Advoci'itos, Notaries, &c  "sidici
If paid on or before June 110th, 1898 l turn tur i
.    . , , . Ihi' Imperial llnnk.il'C'iiinil.'i.
I'l'iivuiri..! Iferonnn, 3:1.00 nor riipirii. 1 ho t'iui..iiii Periiiimoiil Loan & SnvhigsCo.
Due-half ol* ono per coul mi l?e..l I'roporty, '1 li. Vorkshiro Lai.n & Secnriiiost orporiuiuu
Two por cent ou iissosso.1  vi.hio of Wild      '''"' ���''���'������-���-'���y l.l-l'i'i-1 ������.' Ltd note, utc,
ill Mining | Smelting
i"   I ;.Iiti,rvi.iiiI NeilWf.ii N��-' V��^
I heir own iippoilituieut as coiuinission-
ors, and that tlio present trouble in the
commission is largely due to the fact
that they realize that Sir Henry Wood
-jiuphen Avein
lias done the lion's share of the work <)no-thlrd ol
in connection will, the British depart- Property,
ment, and  is   consequently   likely to '''"' ''���''' "''
reap the bulk of the glory.
ono  per  cont  ou   I'ersou;;!
P. M.K'Aiii'iiv, I./.C.
London, June 29. Two auiii'clilsts
have boon nrrestetl for placing placards
calling a inoetillg to denounce tlio
lavish expenditure for tbeconiing tVeil-
ditig of the Duke of York and Princess
May, "while thousands are starving j
iu London." and characterising the
wedding couple as "royal vermin.''
i' rent I'll nii'iin f,
If pni I lifter June JOth, 18118:
Two-thirds nf uno per colli mi  liei.l Prop
Two nil 1 one h���lf por coul on assossoil value
nf Uiltl Limit.
Ono-hiilf of one per cent mi Porsoiu.l Property.
Three f'ourllis of ono per rent mi incoino.
Assessor anil L'olloctor.
Dnii.'.Iil Jim. Illli. Willi.
CO (Limited)
A despatch frein Beirut says :     Tlie
Camperdown and Victoria were locked | , ,      ,. ,    ,,
!    Se.'.lt'.l ten li'l's Im-tin'snpplv .,! Ir  100-
eight minutes.     Two   minutes   afier omru 1,000,000 feet, H..M., I ino Liimlier. ml
thev were unlocked tlio forepart of the i 'h'es-o.ll.. Ihe i,iiilei*ipoil, will le recoiietl j
' j.t tho otfico ol tlio clerk ot coiiiiiiirtee up to
Victoria wns  submerged.     The order 8 o.i-hx-k p.m. ou'I lini'sdiiy, ��iiui of Juno,
,,.,,. , 'flu'  hiiiihei' sliiill In' nt s t.l |iiui., free
to abandon the  ship wns given only a   .      |  M1MMMI| jjn0(H S���VV1I,,' i.nuven
minute before she turned over.    Chap-  thickness i.nd whhoul w-.ve.        ,    ,   ,   .
,,-��.., , ���    i i-        , -, 'I hi'si/i's re'.itiii'il ui I In- ���_'nun pl.lllk, ill
lain   Morris lost  Ins life  while trying I widths of from tiinclios to i*2 mclios i.uil in
to save the sick.     Tlie coast near Tri-  lengths fr 12to til'l ii.lsna tin.aitity, mil nx-
I ceeillllg Klpi'l' relit nl  lite wl.nl   ,.-.,,..1.1
poli   is  strewn   with   debris   for  five pl..in\
liOllAUlt! llAItVKV, 11.A., L.I..11.
ii. i-. vi nmxs.
Cor.iiBx     - -    ii.c.
iw. !���:..   v.��'. s.
Reports ou Mines it Mineral Properties
20'i Al.UBItl' Si'., OiiAWA.
Assoc Mem, I nsr. (!, II.
niririxn  mxmxI'Ikr.
COCHRANE,   Al.l'.A.     Ft. Si'EBi.B, B.f1.
Gold, Silver I Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Poor Children'* Innings.
Chicago, June '29- Under proclamation of the mayor, fo-day is " Poor
Children's Day," ami tlie thousands of
little ones who battle manfully from
year's end to year's end in the capacity
nl' newsboys, bootblacks and at such
i. her work as they can Hud lo do in
their stru'tgle for existence are enjoying uu outing ami picnic nt the World's
Fair. Previous tu ihe jollification the
little ones paraded through the streets
of the city, the procession being nearly
a mile hi length.
I'enilors in: y be by fur In; il lots, delivered
F.ll.ll. Winnipeg. ll subject to i.ccoptauce
by llie City Liigineer.
Elicit tender must be accompanied by mi
ncceplel cheque, in..(le p,,y..l,le I" ihe oi'i.ui' I
of tlio i-ity rreaSiii-or, for tho s.im of 84JJ,
villi, ll will be iiirti ileil   by  lie  |.riy ivllu.'i'j
tt ii or is ..I't't'i'ieil shiiuln he i���il in enter iutu
;, Ul'iilelt eiilltr.it't, ivi ll nppl'.n I'll.-.,re ie>.
'I lie lowest ur any leaner 11-.t iiucoss..i'ily
0. II. WEST,
( li..ii"ii,',n Coiiiluittco on Works. (
Winnipeg, .M.-.y -"���', IHM.
:il<.-��i\��-!     KAHalKKftJltt.
, ij-nieh I HeaU Ollice, yuBliia:;  Brunch  Oliiees
SiiBiiuiiooKB, ot 17 Place d'Armes
Hill, Mux i-kbaIj.
Thos. Fry,
paLEw harvey | Practical   Watchmaker,
Stephen Ave., Calvary, Alba.
��� WATCH CL^lliilNG, $1.00.
Aaalytical Obemist & Assayer,
Golden, British Columbia,
����'i IVII'M ERG
('iiM;:s'i'it.'T.:ii Sll ; v 11,510 li nos strong-
th.iiisugar, C'iu| I'M'i'y epiii! in *i.'l is. in
vosl pocltot, feoiiil 8-i.Oi) tn a. I'.. i-iJdun
Lo., ilholosaln  llruggist, Ci.lgary, .'.mi .-.
Down With Eisjh Prices For ����i>p>.v uy mall will bofor.v��r,io.i.
Electric Belts.
$1.55,8-65, S3.70* ibrimr -.rices So, $7, I TJ1f>'iJ| jTC I ��illiiiiiil'i'ltBB)oiirocoipl
$10. Qualty remains tho same���10 ilit- j rl��lr LtO. ,,f ,���; 2stinnp,ii rocoipo for a
forent styles; dry battery antlnoid belts Liaijilo \TSQETAHLE HALM th i will re-
���mild or strong current. L-ss than null    v(. ,.������, irreoklun. i Illo'c	
the prise of any other compimyiir.il more -*-������-,-,������-.���,,*,., l,,.,!,,^ tl���. skin snft.
home testimonials than all the rest to- ,,��� r .,,���, belmtlm|, MlU.,.fs A D, s'l'K.M-
pether. Full list Iree. Mention tlua
paper. W. T. BAEB &. CO. Wu dsor, Ont.
isiii     ASSAVBIt TO IIIK     INK
British Columbia Government
I    ofall >ipe;iiii9ai si'itfijiiit'.'.c Province ti      Worli tn:i n*>lii p   <J n't ill n <��'<:!   Srcoiil   to   Xottf   ill the \ortll
Bank Of Moriireal.
Interest al Current rales.
W. II. GRAVELEY.  Maxaiii:h.
paNUEL umm,
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses lor Hire.
West Territories.
PEL, UO Ami St., Now York,
II. I'.
MjI.iI lloport.
We aro in lobtod to the Engineering
an I Miiiin...'Journal of New York for
the following quotations ; -
NEW Yoit:<. Juno :!0, 1893.
Silver. Tim London prices advanced
sharply, owing lo the expectations that tlie Herscliel! committee will recommend the
government to adopt measures
unfavorable to lutnre iinuortn-
tions of silver. Prices, New
York 82Jo. per oz. London,
lIHJd   per oz.
Copper. Continues lo he llui in from
lii^ to (Ogo. for electiolvtio,
(I.M.I). 14,1 17s. (id. to III
7s. (id. per ton.
Lead.     This market  has   been very-
weak and is  considerably lower
than last week at 8.75 to 8.80o. :
per lb.
To HiillilerH ��&   Coutra: tort.
I'litsr class
In carload lots or bv tie bushel.
MrVKK Jt     lllill-
*' It is worth tbo tirVp to pvprv pprsnn
who evrn reads a aenspaia r.1*���Darllagieti
Tin: .lOi'nxAi. iiefkus to
Slue Huh Rules.
A Pocket Primer for tbo iipc of Reportprn,
('orrtmponilt'iiiM aiitl (opy C'lmpporn.
Hhort, Htmplo ^nd prftcm-n] ruicn for
niKkinif aad HiitiiiK hcm-i hv r copy,
mhI nf '-(juil VHlae to all ��i.<> Wish io
wr.to cnrre''t Knuiich.
Sent nnrecfiof, of pHrp    P ire. 10 rents
p��p cony.   ALLAN FORM>N, PubHahrt
117 aNflhShU Btrflflt. New Ycrk.
\i'liol<>-:tl(. iiiitl Itetnil
Cattle, Sheep and
ilor.se Dealers.
GOLDclN.   B. ll.
Job    II c p art m e i^| t
_:0:_OF -:o:���
Scientific American
Agency for
For Infnrmatliin nmi free llainllHuili write to
mi'x.\ a co.. Bui iiii.iAiiw.iv. xkw yourt,
OldaBt inireau for BOctirinu patenti tn Amerira.
fiaury patent talion out by ns in brourltl boforo
the I'litiin.. by �� uiiiiitu mvi'll fico ul duir'nu in thu
fticuttfic ^wewMi
I.ar-JCdt rireiilnlinn nf nn��*!,cientilin paper in t,hc
wttrlii. :-iiknili(1lv Illusintoti. So Inti'IllvniL
iMiu�� shotiiii be without if.  Weakly, r*;i (t�� a
vi.,,|-: tL.Viflx niutnhs    AuilrenK Mi'NN ,V CO*.
I'lULisuLUtf, J,ii Bi'uainvtty, Now Vorlt City,
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embalmers,
Cnlftniw Allni.
'II.I.I.i.i: \I'll   nltUBIlS   I'luiui'i'i.v
llll.MiKli    lo.
Llaja-iino At Thunder Hill
No. I. 00 pel' eeiil: Nil -, I" por cenl,
fur Hoop Work ,'iuil Moving I'p Stiunps
T.riiK -"iiiillv Cath.
THUNDER UU.I. M'(f. Co., (LUI.)
A-jfiit.  lilMiir IJilhet Co.
i-34��vi:i:t{ iMivr shop.  I
ll v.ie. uniit your liouao 1'iiinieil. I'lipeiTtl |
or tiolnoitiiiietf, or any knul nl aai-fn I'aiutoil
ui'iteii.,1. II. MM LWAKD. CAUiAllV,tho
l.omlinK Pnjnl SI  in ihn wojl.tfor gooil
wink ami pricoa that are rbht. I
"ijtj'-is.wis*   .    -���"^""'-IL ���feilf-"1'''
H. Connaciier, Proprietor.
\eulv reliile.l ami furnished.    Strictlv ITRST
CLASS   in   every   respect.     Sample   Rooms    for
Con >rcial men,     Plre-proof safe for convenience
of 'tuests. Hoi'lqtiarter.i for minim,- men and
miner.--. Conveniotll to Station and Steamboat
Lnn'ding, Direct Importer ami wholesale and
retail dealer iii Wines, Liquors, nnd Cigars.
Special iiimntion given in orders from it,, tho
Columbia River.
Wo ih, not hold ourselves responsible for the
opinions oxpros.iod by our correspondents,
Editor Oot.lii'lN Km :
The l.ariiiiitii* Gitac.
With reference to this case and yo r
expressed surprise as to "How 14 apparently well-educated men came to the
conclusion that the prisoner committed
rape without indecently assaulting the
jjjettttoit   itom   ike   Itei^-mte   of
May it please Your Honor: --
Columbia KSlCo.
& TramWay
Tlie residents of East Kootenay District beg respect fully to
draw your attention to the laxity displayed by iho Crown authorities in the
management of the late trial bold at, Donald iu the ease of Reginavs. Larmour,
woman, is best known to themselves," , the result of which has created a great deal of uneasiness, and a general feeling
I wish to point out to you that in vour ��- insecurity in the residents of this locality.   The Deputy of the Attorney
own report iu the " Era," of the address , H"'"?,1' U '"' I'"'1 '''/'"i^'' "'' this caS��� 0,"U'h/11' of lhl', C"��v"i onlyitrrived in
Uomilil a few hours hefore it was culled in Court j nnd we feel justified in say-
of His Lordship to ihe (.rand Jury, ������,,, ,,,.,, n K... im|)0Ssib|e -,���. |lim ,��� ,lmke hin,M,|- r,nnll|ar witii all the cil-
thene words are used :" He,t he.I uilge. j cuinsi aiic.es, and consequently lo bring mil lint strong points nf the evidence
would not like to enter into either case and thoroughly sift tho ease which was presented on behull of ihe prisoner
having just stepped Iron, the train to  ["irmour, iu this short time.
the bench, bin would minimi thorn, tho It, is the opinion of your petitioners that the Government are
fury, thai It they threw out the first  deserving of  strong censure  iu not  sending nl  a much earlier date, proper
representatives to work up ihe ease ami draw out ils strong features, which
would have thrown nn entirely different light ou the question, and, we feel
satisfied, would have resulted in an entirely different verdict.
indictment against Larmour,they inns'.
then proceed lo the minor charge
against him of indecent  ass.mil ;   al
though Hthev return a true bill against ,. , , In ���noInsion we might add that ill consequence of thecareless-
,. , a" i , i ties' displayed bv the Government in looking nfter the peoples interests, the
him on the first charge they need not residents of this sparsely settled District, reel that they am insecure andi tin-
trouble about  the  second one, which protected from any crime ntt-,1 immorality which may lie perpetrated, and which
would not be proceeded with if he were I may cull for the intervention of the Crown,
found  guilty   on   ihe graver charge." We ,lU]K.,, t(, t])is petition ,|ipllil],,s -,.om ������, i,GoUon Era ..
This is exactly what the Jury did - which give a report of the evidence and voidiot  in thiscase, nnd  an editorial
they   returned   a   true    hill    ou   tho from the same paper commenting thereon,
first   charge,    which    included    tli
second as the indictment following
shows: "The Jurors for Our Lady
the Queen, upon their oath present lhat
David Larmour on 1 lilt .March, is|i;!,
in and upon one Maria Christina Johnston,violently and feloniously did make
an assault, and her. Ihe said Maria
Christina Johnston then violently and
against her will, feloniously did ravish
and carnally know, against tlie
form of the Statute in such oases,made
and provided, and against the peace of
Our Ladv etc.''
Clause IS.'! of the "Procedure in
Criminal Cases'' says: "If, on the
trial of any person charge! with felony,
it appears to the jury, upon the evidence, that the defendant did not complete the offence charged, but that he
wns guilty of an attempt to commit
the same, such person shall not, by
reason thereof, be entitled to bo acquitted, but the jury shall he at liberty to
return as their verdict, thai, the defendant is not guilty of the felony
charged but is guilty of an attempt to
commit the sumo, and therefore such
person shall be liable to punishment
Clause UU reals: "If, upon the
trial of any person for any felony
whatever, the crime ct'ill'geJ includes
an ussaiili against the person, although
the assault is not charged in terms,the
jury may acquit of ihe felony and find
a verdict of guilty of assault against
the person indicted, il tlie evidence
warrants such finding, and the person
so convicted shall be liable to live years
According to tbo above quotod clauses
the petit jury were quite at
liberty to bring in a verdict
of guilty of indecent assault, if the evidence wnrrnnted it, but the defendant'.?
counsel   having   adinitted   counectii u
And your Petitioners will ever pray.
the 1st. duly.      The :3:!0,000 was paid
! promptly, and the deal closed.    It bus
���v.    .. n       i        m caused a Hotter of excitement   among
MHllOnSfS,     pOOXSB'IBrS,  the prospectors, and will lend to more
important discoveries.    .Mr. Attwood's
A3 �� Na-.WS.MBAI.EltS.     Lenol.t ,lml 0|,inio��� uhlacs the " Worth
_ ^w���m. Star" one of the besl  properties, either
in East  or   West   ICootoiuty, ana  will
TOYS,   FANCY   GOODS   A   WALL Live us a gonuine mining boom.
Tr.vjiw.iy -r".*3 C.?.U. Gj'.lsn U Oolxnbia River.
Strs. DUCHESS &HYAK on Columbia River
Tramway between Hud Luke and Upper Cdumbia Lake.
" PERT on'Upper Columbia Lake.
Ptoight Wagons between Upper Columbia La'.ie aad Kootenay Eiver.
" G WEN DOLIN E on Upper Kootenay Riv.
BtagO Lino fron Upper Columbia Lake to Fort Steele,
Tuesday & Friday 7a.in.
Golden liy steamer Duelu
Thursday "i Monday.
Wednesday & Saturday.
Tramway between Lakes
Thunder HIll&l'iuinlFlatss Pert 111!)
Omul Fhit,& Fort Slcclo.stngo l:(i
17 *V* I'    CT*. - t T
I J..1    OlJSaLl
Fout Steele, July 1st.
Our weekly mail commenced to-day,
a great boon.
Leslie Hill returned from Golden,
this weelc.
Mr. Hogg, C.E., has just returned
from Goat river, lie has staked iiomc
mineral claims on the Moyea, the
character of the mineral is cube
Claims continue to be taken up in
the vicinity of the Nor :i Mar, and tin
Sullivan claim, the Hope.
David Griffith   who has just return-
The late discovery on the Moyoa by
Messrs. Hogg and Houghton bus caused
quite an excitement. Four or five claims
have already been taken up, and prospectors are going daily in that direction.
The discovery is on the proposed line
of the Crow's Nesl railway. L. Hill
has gouo to examine and report upon
the discovery.
]{. Dove has discovered rich ore on
Wild Horse creek and will likely ship
'luring the coining summer.
Mr. Robert Jennings, formerly of
Winnipeg anl Ragilin ami who has
been foroman and manager al the
������ North Star," has applied for one mile
und n hall of mining ground on the
Wild Horse Greek. He has raised a
strong company, and will tunnel ami
drift near ihe Victoria Gulch, where
good   prospects   have   been   obtained.
Freight Rateo to Fo:-t Stes'o, Canadian Freight Classification.
A    Class 1&2    S11.C0
II       ������    11, 4, 5, &G  $2.25
('       "    7, S. H, A 10  Sl.iiO
Express Rales, Golden to Fort Steele -4 cents per lb. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
" Golden to Canal Flat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
cloth r\(
ed from the North Star, reports a won- -p|lia is one oft be most, legitimate eti-
derflll showing, and says the property terpriuea I hnl bus been started ; ami it is
is cheap ai SloU.lUO. more tliim likely that the undertaking
Mr. Jennings, consulting engineer to | will pay wilh Mr.Jennings' well-known
B.C.S R.li. is expected next steamer,.energy and careful management. The
from T... into via Great Northern,        I Wild   Horse   and    Victoria   gulches
The latest arrivals fromPiucher creek | were among the best paying ground in
via Crow's Nesl. are Mr. and Mrs I8G4; and oh! miners and others will
Reotilittlo and ehilil, Messrs. Connolly j W(,ll remember the large amount of dust
Bros., Sneitlor, Redmond  und  a mini-''hat wns ink ut.of the creek.     Ai
her of others. | present n London syndicate are busy at
The d.nw'bridge is progressing nicely : vvol*k "" ''"' Griffll !l *TOL""-- ,""1 llftv(J
PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
tnd   D.  Hole will   shortly  commence
(with consent) but denied rape.the jury   '"le ,lnvl"-
Settlers are  coining  in from Washington and Idaho looking for land.
It   is reported   that   owing  to the
were brought face to face with the fact
that their finding must, he us to " consent "on th. part of the plaint ill; if
she consented there could he neither
rape nor assault, anil on the ovidenco
the petii jury considered there hud
been "consent." and gave there verdict
accordingly " not guilty."
It will thus In. seen that the action
of the grand jury wns in \ il-y respe. t
correct, ami iu order, and lhat
your strictures were based on a misapprehension of bulb the law and facts,
apart altogether from what seems to
i' to be the moro than doubtful propriety of tbo tone of your paragraph as
quoted in the beginning of this letter.  ^ (| ,'ri||mi,���|  ,,,���
I uin. Sir,
Your obedient servant,
Kootenay East.
June .''0th, 1898.
recently purchased all the Chinese
grounds through Messrs. Galbraith
nnd Griffith and intend working
it. thoroughly. This ground is
iu Ihe same neighborhood as the
round  proposed  to  be  taken up by
rme Groceries a Specialty,
Golden, B.C.
Mr. Pierce, from Palonso, bus just
reached here with a band of horses on
his way to Edmonton, He goes via
Crow's Nest.
numerous  ���pi ations   for   building ; Ml., jenuings,    We wish him every
bus R. L. T. Galbraith has decided to
place his   townsiie  at Fort   Steele on
Ihe   market, some   time   in   July  or;
August.      It   is   the   most   centrally:
situated point in East Kootenay and
will he eagerly bought up.
li will be placed ill the bands of
real estate agents iu Victoria. Vancouver. Spokane, Winnipeg  anil Toronto.
Mr. A. W. .McVittie has gone to
Golden on business.
Mr. Harry McVittie lias just return-
We hope  to ho  able  lo report some
important mining news per next mail.
on Mill and Mining Machinery, Boilers, Engines and
Agricultural Implements. A good general blacksmith
shop in connection with thu Machine Shop.
Winnipeg -bon voyage.
Milwaukee, in 1867 produced 82,680 j    July Hnl. - Sold !   The "North Star"
barrels of licer ; in 1892, 2,2811,000 bar-1 mine wns taken over by L, Hill, acting
|s for Mr. Dan Maim   and   associates, ou
the County Court will be held nn Thursday,
E,   Kelly,  J. P.,   leaves to-day for | tlio 27th day of July, 18011, at 10 o'clock, a.m.,
at the Court House, Donald.
Registrar County Court.
Donald, Bast Kootenay,
Jui��atith, ffliW.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Mi'i'K -ii i- inn .-I.; .'..-i-en nmt'i-ittiii^if Work.   Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds ol' building's.
Houston & Wilson,


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